Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 11
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HOtliES, ROOMS. 4^TO LET. A* nwetaroii, new am*. n. J., one mius ran* Reason Ball and 1;, miles Sooth Orange d'tvt, amiable 'or m gee, a House, it ? xna and TUr.-ta, -. U use, wiib a variety of fruit, will be let a*. ? mod< ra'-sreni? $dril tor aoo..n? apply to J. 8 MIMFSijn la ?teMi, or I MALL, adjoint; g the ana WICK HIGH taehMENT Kit TAILOR, 4\; aLRO A an up.air 11 or Utrt btge Rtxrn*: ; m .? $lO aAd $? ; bmaecentral; loca^ou respite!.,a >o. 173 K*et Tenth at. AWv.Hl, *>\HJ FEET, OS ?EA< EH STREET, nearly .pposltc How rd street. Hed $l,UtO, Juply W l>. AfFLESOf. A t O., Ill and ?A5 flr, ad'Iy! ALAllOB ROOM, ?0Xlj7 PjiET. ON TBE iBCOND ?cry of building Noa is and 17 Mercer street, near Howard it ,-et. ren; *<k*l Ala. a doom, IMxST, tbord ?ior> of ?be name buidlng, "-in $ji>) HE IDKNCB IO LET?Af vyGODBAIDGE, tew Jtr't.v, ,iu the Hound opposite Blaveh s-ltod I'j aoara' sail from ork. F -my ?' Irult Term* mode rata Appvto GEO BaKWbTEii, ?n the pr.m.?e?, m m B. MJbBHll >, IV ibird avenue. parol Hrtriir.i *>k>r u<d bbdivx a a ttaobed, , W) let, tj a k.iikH gentleman: (jou-a ubsse and pri |M?; a tina summer r- idt.. a; breakfast if nquired. a; MO. 1 Grain, rcy pi ace, In Twentieth a.real. A MODERN BUILT TUBtE BTORY Ba.- "t HOUSE, ? * P will J\ cuDtamiLg eigute. u room*, to a responsible tenant, ke let for $475 a year. For further parti..ulars apply on tl.e Ire mm* a. .4* Haft hlrty fir t sL-e-.t, nevr ? oooud ateoud. cioesaior lr me,"lately. R A COUNTRY BEAT AT ASTORIA IO LET?FAGVI". log < u tb? East mar; oonluaseliven rd ins lot 1? Irent by neany fit) p, Apply to H. TV 11. ITEMORE, AS'orlik, or If Ulx rty s'ree.t. AFAltT OK BOU8E ttti EtC-lND aVtfU'F. T ? L- T aoo-'ud -lory, oons sinig of three fine to .rn*, for $?J, itni 1 hird M r>, four noon.-., for (121 p?r un.iuin g.*. bith, not and col ?a?ar .tidal- be m,.dern tnproveu. n ?. Apply ?cr a week e? doc'.r's o.'li :e, d'l .Second uv> nuc ?H ' NTRY h'OUHB 70 -?T?XttAtLY 4?3 FCT.Lt fnrniehsd, nvetyth ugo.rape.te for h insekeep ug except , whs garden attach-d, in 'he beautiful idler r and l.ou?e linen, _ I ape hrshby V,1 ag< Of Fat. ..e'd, Oocne.ctleut, t? > b ere' rule ?n *be ?ew to k -end ?i? v Us'eu Hatlrt-ai r'ree,'or i!,r^? ? r 8ve m. u h?, AMI, f..r '-bo year, i'eC pay ioie miu'.hy. bn,|uire at rrowr. s Fneneh -evaurant, i3 Bix A nrc-t, cr dr. HbSKV sfl HtlEH, F?.rtl-,1 Je,,ot JSIinLiie Alll.IHTlit d UHY'KlilII0 HT .HE f<"> LET? t\ ib rtork and bixt ires for nl-, at 227 Fl"*t srenue, dmng a po> d buslnea. at prefer t An hn.'uhu -<tt"?n ow ruiRrY sucrij >-rfiEEy to let- J<>w, for sl\ ra-iuihs or longer, Vh *e?n F.ftn and a ni tvir i-'H live sPnlea, Fcs!>b ban -mrnt. br era stone, first -ls.-s 2''?es, ?l'b F-irnl tire, ?legaDtand cj-r.[ 'cte Ap piy to !>in(?EJ. & II 'LDBN, flo. ? Bine stroc. and ; 241 Broad A t-0" r GB HOISF. T'ETArHLP, TO LET-TEN Sk. r'M'tns, high stoop, sbmoery fr ut and rea*; situated r.,?i r'. le eedfor1 evn'.r, lll'th h iu?e eouta of ?\rtli aveauit Lent $3p ' Alar. ti,ud?o- e rurrtturti for sal*, app p at the boew, or a< *) N rre.n r<?,"t N<, 7, New York Ahamim me re'Ro fLoos, k:ye bosmh, to let ba'.b and feptra-o g*s. :n a >;uiet bouse to a ima l inn y without ch'idi-m, rent A dl per year, which Tt ..d be Itk.n in board if suited 'ddress B. H, stitlon G, Bro kd *?. n1-*' i Mr v tecond street A rlHK JOL'sfc Tt7 LET?NO 24 M kRKET S'REEP. belw k. n Uf nry and Wadlson; House two itorles sud atCc, m go, d repair, with gne and ??? rr, oewhb i. hood flrsl "*rs; will : c'af9, wflj ne rented t i a p,rtv for $#lW. Apply to N. k PlsH it-, ill Broadway, stire floor. ABMALI. r HNTHHEO HOUSE TO LET-IN 8ROOK Yyr, a't -ated IKS Adam* s.reet, containing ten rooms, gar, water, Ac ; Urge raid, b grapevines ant flower'; Irs a ple-jfau' aelgbbaihood tenic nutea' w a a from Fn'ton terr, . rent A'%> per year. Injnire on th ? premises, or a: No O.'ay street, N.l, Afartkenis, enfable ior a small qen<eel aznny oi j-ivb pepsonr, w let. a the three ?'ory and has meat bo-: edf *,-t fi '?-nth areot. ne-r Kighth ave au., o n-bt ng of rhiee large rooms , n tbo upp?:r floor, with closet'. ?n?, a?n, water and otter Ckmrexienoee; Urge yard sad --f'.lar >?)ra a tTi?r.K to -er-r\ crohbt strbbt, betr ben it B1- - ?er and Hius'oa itreota; w ould tr ak ? a go^,d club "tabb, ha?ing loom. If -equlreo, lor twelve horses and as rn. ny wag, n* A .ear o.-u:i-nicn hiring the above could have their r a'.'-n l-d to bv an evp. rtenced g'oom at a ?heap< r rate than ?t live-.. Apply a' 'A Bl-eoker street. Al hlVeTE F! MILY IS BEAK TI OF A FIRST c'ass furt 1'hed Mou?e, with aJl the vr- dern itnpnve mrnt-i: [--easantly 'Ituatcd far IVasnington s.(iiftre, with ?U the requli-n for a genileuiar-'s 'anitly, -an hetr of the ~??e, at a very low rent by adiroselng Kountaln, Broadway Foet oflic Apart ok a house to let?on nineteenth ?-.'est: *:* I! . m?. with g*s ana wah r; rent $775; also, f.lx Ro. m> fblr ! a-, rrme, netr Iwenty .htrd stree', $?5j; ado, a numb rof ,.ti-e 1 iwer i*-s, JA*W and apartment* at $IMJ hJNSlilllis* <k iVILCuJ, Jll Frurth Aveme. ^ YKR\ FI>K OPrOSTLMITT Foil TH'lSE <Y80 are in nors-ut ot a c mpl-tcly furnished Soaruing o, a** w itb two yearn' lease, and well filled w ith boarders. Beat loca'P n ,n the city for making m ifiev. Between t an il and <"h imber* ?ire,-t* Immediate ro*te6iioa given. Address box lb I H t-ral d < thee. F'hbTj : ASS BROWN STONE BOI hE TO LET? . V N--. 71 W e>.t F .rty-scv .*ntU stree', be*. v<*ca Broadway at d Htx-h ak.-nue; throe storh-s and high b??eni-at, with a flee subeel'ar IU? all the modern inpror- mcnts, end Is in ?ontp/ete order Now va-int. Apply at tae house, or to ED A.lttk, f GLAHKh, 1. criadway. ^FARIWERTI TO RENT?TO A SVAI L FAMILT; J\ large rrnnt R, om, with Bedroom connecting, on third Soar, It.en .11 s'tlc and oick Ba-cment; $.2 per month. In ujj - <? at '27 - ,< .-nd street, nea<- Attorney, private door. I'll/ GLASS Ft'RMBHED HOUrE TO LET.?A A private family, having occasion l leav e the -Ity, would raattfietrrr Jeoccto a le?ir'tble t<nant during thetcrmnf their klix.i e Location ihirty-l'ourtb street, near Broad way; por'eaatcn immediately. Address >14 West Thirty, fourth ft'11 BO?'K HI NT BRS' LUFT.H TO T.KT.-TGE RENT WILL le tski-n 11 work Out work amounts to more than ihe r at it ? ne h fl Apply to t'OMBTOCK A BRflTHEK, 5-J Limnrd s net. a BEAK RENT-COTTAGE TO LET, CONTAINING " - e'gbt rooms, situated In Weft Hohoken, on the hill, oppo site Fourteenth su-tet. N>-w ? ork , 1 toation un*u-pa*-ed for b,-. Ho >ml beauty, overlooking the city <tudh*-barof New Tork, kn<xk.jt, and cut leu island. The Furniture will be So i cb??p (TOTTAGE H'JI >E IN BROOKLYN?WITH FOUR J or eight lots of ground, to let, corner Quin. y street, east rrmer of i>. dtord avenue and extending to Gates ave ?ne a 7.' f'oni t'ottage house, able extension gas and water, with t or.-r eight lo:s of ground. Foe-e??Ion immellately. Rent t *AI ?CNTRY -SEAT AT ASTORIA TO I.ET?FURNISHED V or i'n' nrnlsbed; e >ni*lne > leven Rooms go*. furnte ia t r irg- il?'?? sUuatodon Pcrrot evenno; 1 10lby 40) fret Ajply '.3 II. Wti! (TeKORE, Astoria, Or 98 Liberty ? reel DBSIKtSLE HOUSE TO LET?AT NO ISO TENTH street, bet* con I bird and Fourth avenues. Apply at 60 Warn n Mint IVHMeHKD CoTTAOB TO LET?IN WB8TU HESTER county, ten miles on the Harlem Railroad, the house Is iy lumtshed and pleasantly locate3, with plenty of fruit, Apply to J. 44. HaRRIOT, 139 ffeot Twenty Ar Kent $ fifth street. TiV RNlrHEO fjOTTAOE TO LET FOR BIN MONTHS, I? on Brooklyn Hcignts: conta n? ten room*, modem 1m p >iT m?nti, nmely turn rh'd, and a most ???>mtortahie house. Meat k>w to a good tenant; payable quarterly in advance. Apply at No 1 Harden ?tne', bet veen State and Joraleraon, fire minutes' wx.k fiotn Wa 1 street ferry. lfl'RNIaHKD HOl'HE IN TWENTY-THIRD STREET TO JP let, for six months, or longer, at a very low rent to a small purine fan ily In go id order, furniture first class and evrnptcte; puiwsalon May I. DIN'.Eh A HOLDER, No. s Pine street and 1,214 H road way IjtURNI4HKD HOUSE I* BROOKLYN?IN A HOOD ' location, near the ferrlei; haniDomely furnished and cheap to a good tenant. Possession at once. Inquire at 290 fendge meet, Brooklyn. TfOUflK TO LET-ONE HUNDRED FEET EAST OF XI Broadway, In Houston street; three story, baseinrnt and atPe, in good repair; parlors and house Is ret; and commodi ous. hent low. apply within, or at toe c trner ad joining, of Mr LONtliE. H OU SB TO LET-AT 60 MACDOUiiAL STREET, BE twren Houston and Blee< k- r streets, Furniture for satp. flood neighiiorhisid: llonse hoi all the modern Im plore mrnU. Apply at 96 Maud lugsl street, between 11 and 3 ? clock. ?nofIhE TO LE'-ANJi THE WHOLE OR PART XI of the Furniture lor sale. The house U In cumole e or der. having been recently decorated. oalntel. Ac , and Is ele gantly i urnlsbcd und In complete order. Rent of house 11,910; located in Twenty llrsi atrrtv, b -twrvu Sixth and Seventh ave noes; or the House would be let, fnroudied, to a sstlsiVtorr tenant. For further particular* inquire of II. B. BKOWN, IA1 Hroadwsy. HOUSE TO LET, AND RENT TAKEN IN BOARD.? A house, with modern Improvement*. In a genteel neighborhood, will he let to an atreeable family, with jut child--n for the Hoa-d of a gentleman and wife. Apply at "U t\ i ?t F.-rty sixth street HOUSES TO RF.NT.-S7 FURNISHED AND 41 UN furnished Houss- to rent, st different prices nnd l<*M Uons. Parties desirous to rent will tie furnished with a list by applying to B. U. LUDLoW A CO , No. 3 1'lne street. -rymEL TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR AhLF..?THE si Madirun Home, coriter of Madlaun arettue and rrrentv et?e,.th s re? t House Wrll ffRed with good paying boarders sbs would like to remain, laoulresttbecff oeof the hotel. Hobo* en ?to let, two labor rooms on tb e Stroud H ST ? tillable for s small family, at on'v three mir stes'wa'k fro-n ihe ferry, and at moderate terms. No. Ft Washington terrace. fQHT BOOKS J AND STEADY POWER AT LOW BATES, By JOHN OAUDU, 101 Walker street. T OWEn PART OK THE HOUSE NO. 36 MAODOUUAL I i street, near Prince, to let? Fr ml and back Parlor, baek Basement, and one or more Rooms on the second floor, balh, gas, Ac.; ta a de? rable tenant will be let low. Apply on the iraaiwx NO. 1 WB?T TTIIRTT BIUIIIH STREET?TO LET, fornt> bed or unfttrntthed, brown stone. Ave story, Rng I*h ban meet and nH-tsllar House, I7xl(li, wi'h side lajt 17* 4; hue "f the moat pcrfn i hou-ee In the cRy D XfRK A, No 8 Plneair-ei and 1,144 NnAdway OFFICER ?o LET-IN THE MOFFAT BUILOINd, Broad ws/^omcr or Worth street. Apply on the pre ?ea, room NnJ* 0KV.liL? TO J'ET-IN THE BUILDINO NO 23 Llbtwty street, near Wtr.lnm, also Dascment. trail adap V<V,TTT business. Apply as above HI? - - - _ . gudubon House, No, 461 Broome etieet, will Ire let to a responsible party o? very easy terms Thin house la newly opened, and hit from thirty to forty boarders, but the pix> wis la l noa (it est HP Iwf'fnff f fl A rptlnil lent to - - _ J ' i _ ?TAT RANT TO LET -THE RESTAURANT IN THE prt-tors prefer let'lng the reefsumnt to some g'tnd man who can devo e his whole s'tsnSoo to It, It la all fitted ud with ? sung '-outlier, tablet, A8. R BNT ftl PEE MONTH.?TO LET, IN A BEAUTIFUL avenue In Wlillainebtirg, nsutt of six Hooms, oimaiuintf ^ water, kitchen,, all on one ||<>,r p ,rJ roe retiuh pari the door. 462 (frand street, tYl'liamshnrg DOOMS TO LNT.-THH UPPER PART OF HOURR 20 A Band street will be Ft In whole or In part. Oapll tlnlaoe Redhntlet, merahm.t tailor, mhllnery, ao, Fgawew m ba " ely. loqaire on the premises. _ HOI SK?. nuontl, Af.. TO 1JBT. _ C'Bi.^ ?OWL<ii, WITH WBLL LIGHTED aoOMd, ?> to let? x? 22 aad -1 Frankfort ? trcel E-ut low. apo'y < d tie pr?m t>es, vr w * Lb FN Est I'd, 92 deokuxat. n cei, UP ??sir* ST. .RB8 TO Lft.-Wi BROADWAY HA.4 HESS 0000 pled as to book store, possession immediately. \ St >r In lw. 11 T s.uwnd street, rtbeost earner d! Broudw-,y \u piv ait'fJ broaduay, from 9t i2 il J. M Daigi* s T kft 9. >TORE TO LET?Jd BOWERY, CORNER Of BAYa&D ~ - ialoe lor Iqupr and e/ar, whole.-al- .nd re;?.l fee- iy, urritu"-, re-tiuronl taiuuari or uny o.aer o-is. resa St' io'( on 1 .'o at on in thcB jwerv. Kenllow. In quire n .he pri n ts-s QTOKK To LET.?FINE STORE AND TWO ROOMS, 0 MHiblf ! r aty ctO'i bo duces. occuu.u-1 as a rtmaxtiiq k oie; po-M ai i n 1st ol w?): lease of Ave yeim w It b-? gi> -n ; t In in !be new bouk- ?< L.> .u n street. Apply at Do Uixtxinn strret. cn BE ro IET ? R LEASE?393 TENTH STREET, ' ? near avenue i ;om- f the best locations on the eostai'-o >f t|r -ity. I ngul r-* at jttft leetb s reel, iu the timing itiooii. <<jl TH B-t-> KLYN ? A riiREK S'OKY BRICK MOUSE > t let, fcigix bm? men , aLe 6*x46, ux end in stern, with ill V'? fork improvement; in a first elms nelgb>irht viand nit:.lent !? furies; rant Jita to U!>osE A il ;l DEM, No ? flue i,tr?i-t tiiii !,M4 BraJwey 'IVi U- fill! i'I'I KB I*ART, tltl ONE BOBRMKNT, I of HMMr* nib td- r. ?? street Inquire of E. H. KITE- E8, 6!> Ponnv slrtet, or (it 197 v oter street, N V. TOLhr?A TWO STOBA AND aITIO H'jUS8 AND ab uttbiee ores of Land, half a mil-ea?l of Witllams bridge H iriem nsilrutd Xnomre at Id Chambers street. TO LET?tl.lfO AND $l,2Urt?THREE AROWN 8TOKK front foui -toiy Houses: the seo nd, tilth and seventh houses weft if Firib aV'tsuo, on ?o'im side of Forty-ait to street, t o v hcing richly freeeoed and papered in gold pap. -?? Inquire ..,n tbe pre ribs a. 1'? LET?TWO 9TOl'.B? IN NEW HO*'.TELLE. CHEAP. H st stand n tbe > iiisge adjoining the if'pu. Itv;u re of F. A. Pl/ITBR, No. 1 Hanover .troet, urol J 0 !* RiiE EER, on tbe preinisi'g. rO L?I?THE 1 WO 8TORY Bnl> K Hi l'-E. i I Wa TPS street, 11 food order; Croton and gas; rent f ibd .apply ? 97 W?!ur street. r LET?Tim FODR STORY BROWN STONE EVOLlxH Betoineii'. House 2a) Wert Thirty eecou t stmet. Oontntos all the' it, a at'-lorn unprr i m-nu. Lorutlon unetoeppon -ble Bent A72h y?r antium Apply to nOBllti,' VdHEiL Jr., 1^2 West thirty fourth street. O *tfB-THE FIRST FLOOR OF NO 19 BEEtfRAN sirtet, a few d<vtre from N& ?au, at tv - >esy tow rant if 1 Ot; also, a Stop, with large ihow wind ? , l.vt WlUbuB street, f t | .n Apply t*> A IJ1YINO8TON, t'J ? s r.u-. ?' rO i.RT-AT PL AIM FIELD, N t IU HOCKS diOB from New York, und wtthm five minntes' walk from tbe >)? pot; a ple&Mtnl country realilenee, with from one to llfy acres of and. Terms moderate. Apply to MILLER BdOd., 206 Eighth avenue. rpo LKT-HOUBE NO. 105 EART THIBTY-EIORTH I street, near Leiingtnn avenue;'ot 27x100, home I7v60; ci .itiilns tbii'een humi, and all modern improvemvuts; gas fixtures remain In tbe hou-e, rent $(iV) one year, with prfvV ege ot two more at Ilk0. inquire on die premisva TO LET-A MOnr.RN BROWN STONB HOCSB NO. ISO Pacific Street, Brooklyn; oilcloth on the bafs, earpota 01 ;he falN, earr?-?s on parlor*, gas fixtures oil anil liters, a'.! iu good order; will tv let low Pi a guod tenant. Powesslou !in mrdiauly. Apply to ?OuN K. OaKIiEi' A t o , IC >urt -treet, Brocklyn, or to J Af. I'ERtiUfiON, lj R all strest. New York. TO LET -NO., 12/OROMflS BTREET, NEAR GRAND, tl.reo siory'iamtAasenifnt Bouse, in good repi.r, w itb gi:s, cuandelie"-jbam r.inpo; hot and cold w iter to seo ud tloors gooi jardg)kc. ^appiy on tbe premises. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH B.VEVfiNT; al-p. ibe ?ec ud Floor, in that fine t-UUln1; in tbe r.ortb west cj.rner of ''orty flith street and nix'b avenue, the roirau ?.re a'.l well Itghvid rn i airy, range gva, bath, speaking tube, Ac , fire large yard with fear entrance. Rent satisf x t >ry to a good tenant Apply Pi 0. BIN UK, 26 e eel Fifty fourth sheet, near *l\th avenue. TO LET?TO A ?M xLL FA MILY, TEE CPFBB 1'ART Ol' a deilrable tnree story House, ?ith the modem .incr~ve. menta oonsistingof tbe second tlo r, t'Xim un the third H or and trout ban ntent; houue !a pleasantly altuated. Apply at 216 West Twentieth stri ot. TO LET?THE WHOLE OR FABT OF HOC8E NO. 14 Leroy p'.-me, Bletcker etreef, only one blooA west of Broadway; tbe low?r part has beeu e* tupied by . df.cusl for n.x tears A lease can he bad for a r, tore If J : ured fpO LET?SINGLE OR TCGETHB3. TBE TWO in REE J story basement and at tie Houses dots 25x<00 feet each,! iO.ind 52 Franklin street. If desired will be R.seJ vlth alti rations to suit A gply o M B. TaTLOR, in the store of Meier Bios , 93 Walker street. rtvO I ET?TO (WALL FAMILIES, FLOO tS IN HOUSE J. 164 Thlriy fifth stree*. between Second sod third ave nues, with all t'ro modern Itnrrovcments. inquire un the premises, or of TUOMEY A ELDER, 212 Grand s .rust TIO LET-A FINE FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND Bedrnum. or a single fui nisbed Room on tbe first tlooe. to one or two gentlemen In a tine private house, by a small private family. Price moderate. Apply at 70 Greene street, mo LET?WORKSHOPS, WELL LIGHTED, SIZE 26 Bf A 31) fset, In building r, ar of 149 Spring street TO LET?tTPPER PART OF A HOHHB, COwgntrNO Oi two Parluiv, tbr?e Bedrooms and txu k Uasement; gas, bath, hot and cold wat?r ; rent $130 Inquire on the pre uils<-?, loo Bast Twenty first 1 treet tro LF.T?AT YONKERR, N. Y , WITHia 15 SfrNCTEH' w Ik of railroad and steamboat statloos, a ue* llnuse. wt b 1'2 moms, gixs and water, well situated in couth firoad wsy; grod view of the riyer- one atr*> of tiipd nncltv-ed, and more if required. Apply lot. W. Ll'DLO'iV, Jr., Hiierdale av? nue, A inkers TO LET-TO A RESPECTABLE SMALL FAMILY, THE upper Part of an hng'lau basement house with all the modem imorovementa 117 Bast rhtrty ninth ttrees between JLtungtoo and Tfrd svenue (Murray IlitU. Inquire on tbe premises or at 163 Bro? dwav. rO LET-THE HOUSE 12 ni'.NBY STREET, CONTAIN lug fifteen rooms, ltree pantries, large yard: gas and Or.i ton wa'er tbioughout the bouse, will be let wholly or dtnded between twogrntenl families: rent modi-rate apply for fur ?her information on the premises, or at 2d ffost Washington pLxoe, or to Z BARNES, sgent, 1ft Lldrldge street, New Vorlt. TO LBT? HOUSE S39 HOUSTON BTTlEUpT, EITHER TN parts or whole: al-i KiotohU West street; bothpla- a In good order; will be lit! at low rente to g?>d .eaanta Ap ply tj MARTIN WATH&.u, 1X2 Choilton streeL r, O I.ET?12ft MERCEK STUB I C ??4TORB HUIT4HL8 1 for Saloon, Oris >ry, Ac. Apply at 2fi Courtiandt street, up stairs. Kent lew to a good tcn -n;. TO LET?THE LARGE THREE FTOBY AMD ATTI3 Hmum, eaeb having twenty io< m?, Rns. M Wea'. Wash ington | laoe ?ud Uii Waverley place. near tilth avenue; eleo the large new store and Lot ui No. 97 ' t?U? avenue near Jef terron Market. Apply at 136 Wave -ley place TO LET-OR Ml KRAI HILL, THE FOUR STORY brown stone front House <W Rast Thtrty-eighth eireet; all the modern improvements, chandeliers, 4c Oau be seen ba - wen 2 and 4 o ? lock F. M Rent low; furniahed or unfur nished. Apply to T. L. ROS.d 4 CO., W 1'earl it reel TO LET.?LARGE AND COMMODIOUS I.0FT8, I* the five atory brink lulldlng Not 49 and .11 Kllz.'teth itreet mutable fur manufacturing Purposes; alio the first ?tory of atfld building: rent moderate. Apply to JAMBS H. TLORRE, :I4 Elizabeth itreet. T3 LET-TUB LARGE FIRST CI.A'S, FOlR STORY, English baarment House Mo. 47 W "it Twenty-ninth itreet, ne?f Broadway, cnnialnlr.g all the mndern improve ment!; snltabl# for a first clasa boarding house, or for a rbysictan Apply to the own r, SB Weat Thirty second atreet rl.ET?UrhNIhllEf'. ON HTATKN ISLAND, A Bf hilek Cottage, bread p'USt: view neighborhood on , surpass- d; house conUlus all the modern Improvement: 1 e teen to bo appreciated, eight mlnutea from first andlng. Addresa W. A. V , ho* A.888 l'oat otlice. TO IET-AT WENT UOBOKER, TWO FMALL, NEAT nridlwell situated Houtee, oh eh having aultable areomm via tlon tor a res|iectablc family, bent $l.i |>er month. Apply to WILLIAM mmCLaIKE, Palisadeavenue TO LET?COTTAGE AT HULL'S FERRY. W. J ; FINE view iif the Hudson, Rent $130; or will be leased to a gi ud let.ant. Apply at the t>>ok store, Roa. 5 and 7 Mercer Street, New York. TO LET?THE RECORD FLOOR 'CONSISTING or three rooms- and Berk H?e- merit Ro 4it7 Fourth ->veii i?, come- ot Twi nty ninth street; en i l gtble opsnlng for a dea tlet. Rrrt $2/a Inquire In the drug store. TO LRT?IN FIFTY FIRST STFKK r. BETWEEN LEY lrcton and Third a\ enutg. the four si ?y and ba*em'-nt brown at- ne front House, with nil the nviderr ttnprov men'.*. Rent Irw to a good tenant, i he three atory anil b urem-nt House ion Fe'ona avenue. Inijutre on the premises, or ?t 49 Ihlrd avenue. TO LET?OR 8T\TRR INLAW), A VBAY i OMFORTA ble rttaldenee, in a beautiful and healthy ilmauon, within three miuuteeot Vande-biIt a landing; five throughout and fixture*; 8gordsired garden attached Rent moderate in quire ot ROBIRnuR a MULFOMD. Builders, near the lending TO LRT?A LARt.E FRONT BOOM, WlTll BEDROOM rrnneettng, fnrniahed or nnforniihed, luttabla for one or two pent'emen, or for h mrke jurg. situated on the lower part <>f Second avenue, In an fcng I ah basement house, use of bath. Inquire at 238 C'hrjsle street, near Uctiaton ?tieet. TO LET?THE QBMTBFL THREE HTORT BRoWR stone high stoop H'uae llnWea: Uoftv a-venth street, between Mxtb and Seventhaveeues; will bo rented furnished or with gas fixtures, shades, oi'elotba, c unices, 4* Tha biuiee is very handsome, the location first rlahs, and for a r.tnrmer resldrnc psrllruia'ly desirable Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply at the house or at 3b Dry street TO LET?TO A SMALL ()BMTEEL FAMILY, iRO others need apple.) the see md Do ir i.f the house Ro 81 Ilenty street, with all the modern Improvements Inquire of w II. WOMAIN, M Bowery, icnith floor, or at Ro. tl Eliza beth atrert. r LET?TilE I IRTT CLAM SEW) FOUR STORY Brown stone House N'o .'U west Forty fifth atrsat, near Mi th avenue itirat elms street) ImmedPife p-aneedon. Ap ply on the pr< mlsea, between Sand 11 a. IT TO LRT?FOUR HTORY FTOUF, All WASHINGTON strrel, $?<0. twor'ory siMa ar.d huecmcnt. In W ukrr stmt $450; Rooms and Moors, cheap, 9Jand ltd Franklin st-ert, ard 34 Walker r1r?et, Ii7 Monroe atreet, 2h Greene f'rrot, M Market ttrwMt. 4?t and 44rt Greenwich street 39 and L3 East Broadway, In Cfiihsrtne street, 4" ; Shops, Stores and ? alone*. Inquire nt 23 and first floor ot .15 East Broaiway, or la the basement of 87 Walker street. rrio LET?A MEDIUM, FASHIONABLE BROWN spore I Hons*: has fcurtt < n r oms, 3$ tart drwp. good T*nJ, gas flxlurei, liath. 4c., at KB1, Eighth street, Ft Marks place; r. nt low to a i?vtx etaJBk tenant lAd'Sli ln iul-e at 107 St, Maik'e place; since* paefMUo house rvcry Ove mlnutea f|H LET-PART OF THE HOURE 113 1IENRT RTREET, 1 r< nslsting of sivond atory and pa?l of third, to a small ismlly. Creton, gas and modern Improvements. Apply on the pii mlaee from 10 to t o'chck. rLBT-TWO TIOU'F.F; J.Ml ARD 153 BA8T THIRTT ninth street; both three story and basement, w ith all (he modem Improvement* suitable for large families; rrn every low and very desirable location; between two rlty rallroida. O LET?A 1IIRBK NTOBY ARD BA8EMKMT situated iW East Bnnadway. In good order, with a.l tl>? modern Iniprortwif ui Ajfly J. KRNNRDi VCEI^urt, No 7 BeefctniB street, Xat I and t% nrof Mm. tnrlong, 79 Clinton ploen, Kighth fttrepia wmt ?id? of Rrmdway. T T? LET? _ _ LARGE FOUR STORY STORAGE STORE Mo M Marketl.eld ? timet In tulre of W. 4a CARTER, K Cortl4BB street. UOOpHH, RWIMH, *C? TO UBT. rT*0 UfjTHKLi: LOVTB, 2SXm FEET, HANDSJMKLY 1 1. rated, suitable for every k D(j 0f &aoi us titmc.ylow. 1 lgut m.inu'a luring bu*lne-s w. I be | raiera We. App y en tbe premuea io TO H, a bowcy. ft'U LKT?ONE ( V THE NEATEST LITTLE OOfTAOES i inthecuy; has ? b ar-i of thr.e years, a pleasant Not Imw, being iu Twenty > k \ th rlreet in .r ^ixth iv'D'm; fine yard ard ;Untyot sbrobberv and grape vi ? s, and nil 'h mod ru tuuiov. mint* ti-ent Pot*, s'ou lat of May. Aiply ai fc4 Es ?baiii.e Jjlaco. Torn 10 to 3 o'clock. rro LKT-TO A GENTLI-MlN AND WIVE, T IK 8K 1 con.1 Hoon-f hoUM No. lu East highteoutu, Fifth avenue, with i-uitabio conveniences for housekeeping. Reference required Apply a* above on he piemiwea TO I.KT (>n Ml'RE at IlILL-IIOrsE SO. 62 KAN1" I Thirty eight i siren; hrosu stone English basement, wd b newt'tn improvements rant cheap, to suit tin times; on tummit ol Mu-ray dilL For partk-ulua m.;ulr. >n ihe pre tuleaa. TO LET-A VPIT OP THHKV ROOMS, ON s?oOVL ltoor, to a small faintly of adults; has g.i tud Jrolon water i nqu i e at 27 Mai kei street. TO LKT-IN PTAMP >RD. COVN, A HKA V.L OOr t g?", lighu d with g. a, omUlniBc nine r i. ige g .r den w t h seme ten knots of ttult, ten minute* w ,>k fe im de pot, w here all train* atop Office hours 16 till t > si- -h a. PitKLrB, di "me Bireet fpO LET?THE 8KCO??D FLOOR OP T-D", UKSTEEL J. 'hr* e story House Vfi Fifth "tree', near o?d avenue, t.jmi'rls'i g thrie Rooms anu one 'lark itoo-u m ??.l; gas. bath, Ai\, In the bouse; rrnltBh. Apply between 2 and a V v. I et to s small faml y only. TO LET-SEAR TaRHV TOWN. WESTniBRTKR CO"N i}, a large, conimodl"*s and beautiful laanstoa, jil*t finished, lo'menhly adapted Ifor a teniale sem n iry ft .? situated ab ut two miles from Ithe Tu-rylown stalon, on the Hudson nn> r railroad in high g*o in t, lo a healttiv 1 icadty. n irniat ding n view of the Mil river Tne h loss 1* ti tv fe-* square I as t wofy six nxnutiid umunda aliaohed Tor particulars .nqulre ol GEO) IB p. SfirT, WJ tiro&lway, N. w Voih TO 1 >T?AT LOW M M'*. HIE TWO UM1I Ar>0u ibree s'.ov and atui M. usee, ltd and Us Waverlev t'lsce near Sixth avenue, twenty rooms oa li with modem Imp-ciemeu s, ou' in complete order and repair to rol quanta. A-ply lo LAMBERT 81DAM, Jr, 108 Wavtrley plsoe. TO LET?STORES NO. Td VHASKI.IN RTRSEI' AND No. 12 Ley st-oei, alto th-co leper Lifla in store 78 Prankiln street; rei.ta very low to good tenant*. Inquired! LV hRUN A THOMPSON, 71 Prank .t? Hreet. TO LfT-AT FLESIII* O, I. I . A Lett IK <:OKtfO dlous Vaeslon, < n Bro olwHV. with etahio, g irden and grout d of aU.ut '.hire acre*, m who !i are fruit ire-V r?oof the tain ly de.irc to retain a part of the house and Live w.*b tbe oeeuu' nts. JOeEPH P. DARI.INO, o* Liberty street,Ww York. TO LET?THE THREE SrORY PRIOR nort-'E NO. Jiil Madi'on H'reet, onnttlnina nine rooms: b.tdi r mm with Lot and cold water, and g*a '.Lro. Kbout tbe houae. Real $?'d. TO LET, AND EHKNlf'HHK V >R SALE-A BARGAIN.? I ? -mall l imlly wialileg to go to housekeeping reip' Ctabiy nndeeor nil nl'y. ran rent the nest and comforta le Cot'age ol Viiiv flfin street, the Uist east of Eighth aveuue, ft r gci a month, a. a buy .lie Furniture, ebeap for cash. Apply on the P'f mines 180 LET-LOWER r.iRT OF ROUOI it BBTBCNE sin et Hirst street below Twelfth', near Abingdon si|tiare. i wo Parlors, "front r.nd !? it? 1 as- mrnt with several sleeping rooms: range, hot and e >lil so^r. gas, good yard; rent, A'tan per arimui. rf) LET-PART OF THE THREE STORY HIGH 8*SK, nient Pwelllng con?i?tlr g f s-eond floor five rooms) b'sk to emeiif aid ore or tvv i rooms on third tloir, if da ?dred, with a sinsll r- no"l feml'y Water, bath nnd gts; rent Inqu-re at "oil Hudson street, from 2 too F. M. 'I'll IJ'T-A PART OF A SMALL 11 >r?E T<7 A Or5N 1 tlen nn nnd wife; r-nt w ill ba t iken out in 1> >*rd Apply it Ku -prirg street, between tie hours of 2 and dor band 7 P. M pO L*T?AT WIB8T L*>I>, lll'DSDN CITT RAILROAD I depot a two sujry and buaemaat House wthtareo quarters uf an aere oi ground, trult aed well ol go al water; twe mib? from Vew York by sew dersey ltailronl InuuPo at Mr. AtlKEHMAN'S, eppoaiie .be depot ro LET?TO A SMALL OrNfEKL FAMILY, FART OK II use >o.l i Mam field I U-e, H ty-first street, wuhlna block of jf tghth ATsnue Radri ad the Dalancu will be oecu ptrd by a emaH American family. rpo LET aTaMODERATK RENT THE BASEMMNT I ol v i 4U1 Bro.ime street, having als > an entrance .,u Centra urcrt; ruitubit tor a d ti'ng or billiard kalom. Ap ply to w Ija/IaA No t.'j Matlon Atreat. pO JLRT-TIiK IIOI HE AND .-TORE NO 4', MtSdlN I nra-t, near ? en ire [market; ostabkrhed ls.t; Oaeanid Hituref complete; rent J n o. Apply on the premises fl'0 IE1"?IN BROOKLYN TITE THREE 8T0RT AND I la enient brow n stiiuo House, IIti dchiemeiluu n a'J'est lib house has all tbe modern iuiprovementa and is In a de sirable neighborhood; gas fixtures will be let with the house Apply on tbe preinjsra rO I.ET-TO A f MALL. OENTKKL "AMII.V, THE SK o lid hi I part m tbo i'htrd Klour of a tirst -lass and in v ileru bni't houre 170 West TwePth street, between slvthand t e\,i ih avenues. To ba seen from 8 to 5 o'elork P M fro LET-8F. OND LI.' .OR OfROM 2lS HM.OB A >;reet. Front and h*. k Kooma one bed-ooni, with privl lrge of bath r.i"u. Willi hot and L-jld water, gau and fiviuros Unit $175 1 xtra be droom J'COu. Referenre reuutrad TO LET?TO A sMAah FAMILY. THIRD FLOOR AND Room In atll", if require.!, with gas and Croton v ate-, at. 2a On en with avenue, tan bo men from 9 to 12 A. M. and 2 tub P. V. TO LET-IN HO PRE NO. 47 KINO 8TKBKT, NdAJt \ sriek, the first thsir, o msla'lng if fioni and back Par lors, lsfo Hedroonu and bach Baaement, with or without at tic Bcdioum. TO LE -rtTn SMALL OEN7KEL HO08EN, IN 8P1.KN did order, with every m- d*rn Improvemen', In a uloa lo cation, with caa fixtures and dirge yard lteiit$4g0to $501 Apply t'l KlNdlllMKH A WILt 'lJf, 343 Fourtn avenue. ri-O LEI?IN SOOTH BROOKLYN, A TUHEB 8"u8 1 Boti-e, with ha cment ana attic, with all ;bo n.idern Im pr. vimints; p nasat tly sltueted; No 114 ungn-es street tirst bouse ess of Henry street; is In cotuple order and wd. he rented low .? a gooil tenant. Apply to IilTn i d.! 2.H llenrv, corner of wmdy ctrse*, South Bro< k!yn, or at AM Hr. an way, New Tork. Ab->ut five tainute*' watk from 3 m.h ferty ** TO LET-A VIRhT OLASK i OKNKB HOtlHK, hiDNb front, 27 tlxAl. handsome,v 'rosoued. hat ros-wood doirs two rtsin atrs simaied e. rner cf Vouith street and"Aash Ington square, late residence of V A. Pa', Ekm. Inquire ol T. A. KhOrh. 72 l ast twenty sixth street, or of A J MilSELI', R.5 lourth street. TO LET?VtoBh MIOPN.-THRF.E WKt.L LT'lHTEO 8b< i? in hulldt c 81 ami K"l t hry.sua sticel. i'te *)x&1; ?ill be let together or so: wttg Fen: low Apply on the premises. Cu|> nters or cshta? t malint need not Apply TO LEI?AT 119 CHARLES STREET HEAR HCD.S'lN .1 lour story bMek Untldlcg, %xis feet, tor sto-ago or manufacturing purposes. oppty to s R. JaCObH, no I >e? street, ootuer of Wall, or to JNO. KUr'R, 40 Elgb'h irtDtt. TO LET?NO. It MILL RTR1ET, PATEKSON. R I . one boor's rl<le from Now York, In ? quiet ab<1 ?espa: tabic neighborhood. a two and a half stor? frtmo House large yard grape vlnea, Ac., Ave minutes'wilk'rom Passaic Fails; rent 8unp?*r annum. If desirable will beaodchosu forraab. Apply to Mrs M llahKUR. 13 MiU street, l'? tat SOB, If. J. T O l.fcT-rHli MODEMN ,IIR*l! RTOR* AMD AlMC large House, to W- at Washington place; the do , Its *a A large llouse, to w . st w asmngton place; ine no , its?i verify plaor, twenty rooms: the. tew st ire 07 Math arenita plate siat* large h >w wlndo? s; the Metropol tan <4ymn?-i'im. wi'h fixtures 'ompldte. next dmir; two la ge Floors, a *>ut til by 90 feet: Lectors Rooms, .va., at moderate rates App.y at lb* \t averley | lsce. TO LET?ON VERY MEASURABLE TEKvIR, a Ml fi" of handromc fjfliees, wl'li lire proof Soles, on the first Moor of the *.a? Budding. H2 Nassau street, suitable tor a backing house, Insurance oflioe wholesale jeweller's s'o e or sny other respectable *uslnn.s. Apply on the premises. i? m No. A TO LET AT A IIAKOaIN?HOITRE NO. W7 EA T Fcxrntirnlh street, opposite -tuyvesent square. The house I* a largo, enmnv itlnu* four story and basement ami contain* evety convenience, '"an be wen by a ca-d nun D I. MA-- FaRLAN No. IM'j Tenth street, near .'bird avenue TO LET IN BROOKLYN?NO. .170 HENRY STREET. A midein browp stone House, containing hot snd mid water, as* futures , bath will be. put lu If required. Inquire of II. fl SILVERMAN, 188 Broadway. TO I.BT IN BROOKLYN-FOCR OR FH FS RlCtffl In s brick bouse, with all modern ImprovenvLt* Ave minute* walk from Pulton or Month ferry, apply at IN Idam* s.reet. rLET OB FOB RALR-A BASEMENT TiVO story Attle House, with six Lota, A)minutes rrlofrom i hlrty first arirrt on the Hudson ass and water throughout; share \i"W of the rlrer Apply to w. H MfLLiSaN TW . ^tblrdar' r ' Ms lit uvsnuo, between Forty third and RVrty fourth *ls rpO LIT OB FOR SALE?THE MODERN THRfKsMRV 1 hnaltsh basement House, brown si ne front, Nt-t. 1VI Fast Eighteenth street near Beeond av nue, Ina highly rn ?pectahle neighborhood: the hou e noma us all them dern Improvements, wads-ml milling* bands tm?Iy painted, vault . .a.tAM t Va aa .. lb aaaal all 4 ?> ai.w. .Tata .a 11* I 1 1 I.., ?. .1.1 I .. ew under the walk, and all In complete order VVfll be sold t ry n', txitn low and "n leaeonable terms or to let at a moderate rent raa littiirt s to a good Ic nant \oply to ./ ?? t Ot'Ad, IE/ Past Seventeenth street, near Second ayenue r) LET, OR FOB RALE CHEAP THREF. OF F'lAI handsome row of three story an1 ba*emetit fc -own ?t >ne llr uses on Islington avenue and Fifty P>nr:b street, tillt by day's work under the superlutendente of the owr er, nnl lilrhd y * wlib all the new Improvements Apply to I rnEFH Mi i.l iBF, 777 Ihlrd avenue, near Fifty see nd street, or at Mt; .? I vepth st tret TO LET, FOR RALE or EXCIIaNOR, IN BROOK Ijn?A three story, baremcnt tut sub cellar brick If cue. No b9 t ean strrv. with th.'modern Improvement* Inqubo at;M,' Hletvker street, New kork. TO LKT OE LP.ABE?TIIB BSRhMLNT (il? "d*: deep) of and several wall lighted olllevs tn tie" new flrt? proof building No At, on the west aide if Nassau stcteK b? [wr. n TlllM and .Inhn streeta. New York Apply te FKANt 1 ? BYRNE, l.'U Niuwsu street. T) LET OB LKAKE?THE FOUR NTOKY BUlLDIN't In front and four story hrlek Bntldtngln caaro' lot No 47 Ann street, well adapted for printing oftrcs, beokbtnder es, or for workshops grn< rally , sire of lot ahoot 2M f^et front by Mi fc t in depth Apply to KJBRaJI, M Wltllam street, fmm U till .1 o'ciusk r) I,FT OR LEA BE?THE TWO NEW 1IVB TToRY white marble front Htores L4I and 111 <? and street, corner of (trophy stmt, rery nesr Emalwsy; the hnlldloBi ??e flfty feet front on (Irsnd sweat, by elghfy feet 'n 4-pih, and built In the most substantial manner, vnd baring ah the arrsrgements of llrst class stores; ha property wonld be rented as a whale or separate. Immediate p*i ? stem g ven, the rent would be low to a g 'oR tenant: parties dsdrtug "ices of thle class are Invited ui examine these pcem'xe* oeto-e mgkllig other arrangemenla Apply to IJaHDMAN A 08 BOKN, 1SU ('Anal street, corner Bowery, rLET OEt I, KANE -THE AMERICAN HOTEL, *1)

mtrably located on the Hudeon. In the village of Haver straw, New York, aw hours'ride fr-m New xor* by any of three steamboats, that laara f, r and rnturn every asv from New York; lendlrg two mlnuies' wslk fnm the houil. lie location snd sdstrtstlon for die bu?lnees Is not excelled any where hetwerm New York and Albany Possession given 1st of May. Apply immrdlalaly to JAiftR ORENKT, on the prend*e?L rpl RENT-FUK MANl FACTIfREBR. MAvlHINlBTR. DY leeehers, rarrlaws makers or pork packers, the large 44 h? A), 1* feel Mgh, at 897 and .Hg rwelfth street, m Power If desired, alsv, the two st-res, on Bis I floor, with rear eilanaten, well adapted for a groeery Apply ; at Ml Hadeon street, or at No It Broadway, np shift*. | HOD8EI, KOO.ns, AC'., TO J,KT. "ik K?l,R story tenbmeht i T??i<l auto t> u^^t ?7,? h'K l'VR,:K I' IBi'.B STORY I l.ino 16 rooi,7 ?ot? .7 Mulb, rrv .,,?. ft. near Broome; <y,n. clou* :<>; but high b^VS|m-rt'an,l%'uh"dif Welll!,iPD'IW,W'ih , 0 in?jnir?. u iIih p,viiiii?H ",h" ,lry ?u6'-v"?r: rent i I ? *i!4'~rl.T'|,!* *,# A*? *''' ?< irCve?tP?^euly "J"U,|" a? No. nHr.t dux r. , K? ? .rh.!!,?,,,:1!':;ho^ *r* ?<? 1'.',^ 8TJwh,r"Vr111 "rr? 1?",lv?"i^1 ?T?lVd'.1' " I'aiLm fi Hi Ci, fa Hu'1 Sa^mect In it,, white tn*rhi., I .1to*does'?,re r.h, a" '8; a r c<lr'*',rt *'?>"<1 tor .? U 1vJiSVnpLKEft " wa,u2"'?1-' '? Apply t? D. A. l?en"y flr>t.i^ Nlmh ' ?ooo Twentieth and T? LEASE?FOR FlVB V K a Hi, SKPimreiT OH To if warar ,vh\t r^lCV,0U"" *?>? l. Apply to 0. O. I ,N" MrttiH.-.f ? ,uows-Vo!,' .Mh ,"^7 .Uu l;ln/ "Ppoaite ?>>.1 Hroihviy a jv,Aei VH ? bmo-df ?urth avenue nppl, at U l Jinth .Wt, or1*1ZTu ***"*"? TOiE FIR'1' t !, / y o^EH HTOPE VI 144 OPRT lot- -Pulf tuKor!. 1 1' ,'?"J,,'l r|a" ura y- ??? W: "** " wRfad ?r?<. RE?,ru.T,,B SilWud'? ??"? I f":'ra ;?fW ??!? -Xpii 1 hY-rt Itppo""" o?D,'r'n,>lt}' H'O'l lo 0 " , ? *\,t roTi't/' ubiiVt; ?' 81 'Jr,ec* fh " '"f " "'7 m9'l ajfcT, THE SEW A.VO ('OtVFVfflvr D???? J. three ,t?ry brick Sou > ,15 , V ? ,?,i ? tree'. uo.,; bird uven ,. ' , n n , .TT t?r ,h. ov*let'ff -'oj; ub.lbae., ? ,10 1,,,rH0 ?|? ro ium ? T:J | with maibluiSLP In, ..uundjH ,i, , mrd t^nu^noJ f./tv second -tiee Apply ., Juot. 'i X|v - i i.f 7.7 to./ij ?v>L"Q, near f.Uy ilrot wrest, and -w ovti-li rtro?: -*o lrt.tbr ram?B htort ,m, .... i? 1 vW, nient rioute. No Wpst Vrpntv I'o.inh tSt' TVSTar *\*bth av,J' '*? : al>0 hrowa ?oimi Mou^-i iq ,r t, FMjjbth. tMiri) jnntt, ) ti?it, | |lf> u t d Ktftv'o-irih I'WJ* ?' V" ' ?"-;S?7.kl - ,,p|y t JtMLl-ll ?. .'< >; ? ,7, Tbird ?v, nuo and *; Se\ *mli ?tree!. mc' 4^1 7 o ~*?' BEST.?TO LET. IF TaICi S I\l <f ' d,a,^,,y? SUtrv t.ricV K-i'ine oil Nfurray ?III, c Mttiu r? ? iuv n0,?IM Wlij,a;j :oo itokloru ' ty * rnouw; f?% ilxtur , la ib.. bou-e. 1 0 ,D7,, ,,'?,!^ forl/.'ft, h 3t'0li"' ncxt "? h61taf-<3a Hvonue. 'V.n ?oii $r>()0~Nor'-oVVtT.UR.^'',T^nV Iti B ?>?. ..9 V?. Ml Forty fourih tlroot, to lot ? ,ti, , . uitvMMli tow?Om:. modern hieh .Uiop rttlh ill oiito: >1/0 2Js It; pro.. $7 51KI \p?ty t0 DlNOEK M h>, r.i 8 Hue Ftitet, and l.dtt Br olivay ?Isfif () ,yT: rilE HTKl l R,'.rj \ \F1 (TU? Hoyv, >... <) Mari.u tur.yy E t r ir.loih -?r?ot, T"t'tA'uina all ibo mprov-m >ui? iuc'udiua tv"r [ ??vPMlb.t/2t TI"r(J av'-nu':- -i ^Qfin -VI L-T- ors.rable Pir.ATP ?!' D?7UU *>d< B< a 218 Vt at Kit I jonili llro. ?, aoir -eronti, -vouuo 26?6ft*l,u thr.?Mon?a l,l?h bwni-n'*ud ?u? 00 b pt"1 flogantly fn a ,,wi. ,ln,i e,ery mo,lern OINGfcB .\ HoLDE.X, Xn 8 Pine?tfc?t, ucdl,lit ,jr01 [w _y HOTELS. IlfFERTAL BOTHL, ril'S, rKELAVD?TKIH WlNr eoUhllrhod au<l well kn.,?u lloiol <? on.Hlti.ned-in U ?Ml appp vort extern a iar?? >.ml olegnnt ( otrw w,.m, >? ?ot apart Utr t),e u?? oi famliloe a ho p o,?r living a la * ,an ^ ,1. " U"y '* '? ft4*' o*loct Th, ,iui.|bur **aoa ihnariita' *Ld d? anttrt) af Imki bot, cold and abnwor lutlb. a! ivaye ready Nlahtnar tor IB attouilauqo A. CO.TON * tto.X. fivprteioS. rfRV'S IJUTBL OliLLEOB -irilKN DU8LIS.?rtllf tJ llolei .j renr antral, ^1#?hd ard mtvrmo?iloi:? ilv^rv ai ?IJi^auP*. K5. Tm!?* 'i *?*-U I'fivaie ..W ag ^ al)J? d fiof^e hot Alid 0? ivl r>EihUl ,1? WILL.' IM n-RT, KripriMaP HlMELLAWEtlt >, AHT01..1.1NO IT.It'ES FOR CHINA. GLASS A ? K'lA ' _ , . EXan:xb this list Front!, hina Rrcakfaat ?1 tp'?'orrS oopt. per d .ro,p j SroDOhCb 1 Lining errtct, 2/Hl i/ltc"*, for. tig ,1 Fren-'h ? b'lM /?a ??rvio>t4 Di** ?oj, or .... 4 I rri??:h D* corutea T*\k - ?rvlc??<, u nVn?M. ''or a j . o Jck?<iAlkT D?r< H ?TRi. in ? > ? .< kE tii'lVyfy Huff, bilie, puipio, elm on t.ndgr. n '.and tr-oo.1 wiita g'.ildT Lli)U(;i Srnirrs 167 pio^ov $7 i; .Mial |)riC5 $12^. And ai utBar (aodtt .'n itr.tpo, lion ? Jver Plated lea et... a ptooe. tor aia a, silver > Utted Caatera, A bt>ule*,'cut sitae , Silver r.'afod < uka rat,k?'s .... -1 XI Jlvti Plated Ooas-rl Knigt^ ^j. d .zar. ^ !!v'r Table spooiit, rer dozen 27, Mlve? llai, d T. a putm-, por .lo/.n 1 ,. Krei ch I hlna S up I tirrrona. aeh ' , , 1 Ktoncb ( hlna I'ovorod Luaboo, ..nob i,J, Out uUaa ..obleta. tbo <y>Zen in ivory liandlo.1 IV* Knlv..?, the do.-'n , ^ voiy II ndled Llniwr r t.ivea the d -btn ". 4 m Ivoiy llaitdU..! Tea anlvaa, fair 1111.II,y FtV"do , hU,a l?'in"-r > iaie?, aupe'rtir'.VuaUty, Irr '>?' .no rpioa Toilet ?otit, ij pl.tsei 1 2. All 1,'iTo ?oil??A,.7.V,r"V'f'" "Per'or QtiALt/i 'be Wen " ? J?r?ey c'ly 01 0 "'8* '' ??* 'ork and ovr.vonv H TOTtfESS . , _ Impo'tex and I >bben?, ,1 Jfr and liO full ,n air.-et, dro-iklvn, | a ir?u!u.'?Vfw iij"* *'"1 e,8e*n^"?rrw?th?ji wrrf.'srrssi! r'^asi/sss1 f''/"1* Tes St ib, 11 peces .uD'td tr qua-lty Hon Stone Coff, e/tupa ted Saucers, bandied large aim ?ulienor 'ilift 11*4 pjpo/'g ? , a 'i.T,,'',11 "> tbad-y or country, inclosing ,b? ca.h. will be promptly attended to. " k Liquid folmh kor clrahiaq ?i.r,L ~ "f!1 ?'lT,,r r"PP, r. Ae., ountaiulug no ved* ^r , ? ^ nl 2*. cents Menu'aeturod t"? ' by I 'Urn A Ol.'AllAM, uieui sign aw *! *U,'se,."r.4t **8 store, corner of Tbirl ? and Tw?niy third etroet. Bfe.Ki.lN k JONEB, IS4 WIU'AH BTRKKT. ?MAN0 fecturer?o> Envelope# of every ?ue quality and kind known In thotrade, ae ouainca* tcgd, portfolio, dwim-nt Vector, >a cty, cmboaaed, opaque filt ered, snture vwYdina men ntng, drug, enMtolary, pay. aluth lined, bu-dneta u ludrat. d or t ntrd hand rut government Port oiDoe, rum n>? c?a) t turn. (uper, nuperilne and ' lira (uperflue. a larg. ?u? ? of the above kit da .m hand In IM following colon. f >t the Inspection of Ihri>: ? <* hltc worn and la'tL light huff dark buff, canary, amber, straw, phik, blua, Mhu% ? .Id and ?range. Wo waran' the prices sullcc oily low to be at Indue rai?t to tbe closet beer Sample* fumiahed th< ra. " gratia Commercial, cut. from ?) uenta, upward*: Poe> .ltico, cut, from 76 cent* uuwarda govc-nment, cut, "mm ? ti|wrardr B?'"L1N k /d<LS, Manufao urrrr I'M William atreet, New Vork BAK'iht * aNlfe t>-WeNTFD, FOUR LAKH* fea/gtr, mil'able f r carrying ico Awily ?t the office oi the It'.-kland I ako Ice ..mpaoy, IA .lay"preot. tWIO.Ub FAMILY Ha MS.?A Ffe.W TIERCE* Ml it A A la / i hired llama of Dniiield : celebrated brand, eatAbHshod In 1837, and put up e?pr*e?ly lor family uae, for talc by COBB, MaaTIN a. ''O . A3 Hmad (tract /YOUNTRB*?blX HIIORT COUNTERS, K"TTA SLR I'OK \ ' laboring or dry oodr trade. Agplv to WVkaN A Oft. Allt> fen tdway. l"ih tub irnnot mqbumi latE4 of ma " I agle (Hate , ompany, apply at their yard, corner of 1 wC fib rtro. t and Tenth ..venne, ar to tl KOaktS, Agent, t7 t or landt duet. New \ ork. ITALIAN HKKm MM r>ALB, 1 Having Impnrtad per a,earner New t ork a lot at genuine Italian Fee*, which a rived In a remarkable good ma..' ih .11 be able b> furnKh auiateura with pure g.-oolne I'.i i.u Qncena within a abort time For price aad oUiet Inform vi* apply to C WJM RO<E, 611 Bichange nlaan Agenta wantcj JUST ARRIVED FROM PA HIS.?MESSRS. VELORsE k t O.. tnforma ladies and gentlemen of Ne? Y..rt that they have arrived in this city with a choice collection ot French t lantr, the tineai collection of Korea, and n large ? ol|c, tion of new Bulbous Plao'r, tlr.tpe Vtner. Fruit fr.-et and ehruba of the fine ,t deeAtlplbn 7t<> Broad* iy. MAlI.LAJt DH CBUtHKATFD CHOCOLATE. family choo<>laias a c.-nu (JHOOOI.aTB ih hANih I'KRFE 3TiONH. CHOOllLalR A LA VANH.La CHOOlIATh DUUnLt V.WILL A. CHOJoLATE PaR AXtKLI, ANi'E. Oht-K.tll.A fa KBaM DMOt's CtiO'XiLATh, CaRaMRI.S. All the above Oh' colatei are made from the heal material, and waiian'. d pure r?iu oalk wholes; lb \nd RKTaIL by HENRY MllI.I.AItt), 611 Broadway and 1 jC and lfid Meroer (tree.. NhW rtl'MINO BUTTBM. ?BMUltlVBD OAILT BY ItX press from the ehoteeat dairies of Cortland, Chenango dhen.nng and Hiootna owutlea, new 3utt-r, In pafla and tuba for wale hj VI MJtn k ? aha. 17 Pearl at roe t New York. SBWTN.e MACHINE NEfe DLfea ?dlDUBR e, WHEEL** k Wlbon'a and all other klnda of Machine Need ea for ?ale or made to , ?der rhoapvr and betuyr than any In ni vrk?t i he trade (applied on liberal trim*, PBKNOP BAO.'B, 16' (lanal dreet, oornar of Kit7 abet v CkrtlNL HAND MAtlHINRJIY AND TOOLS, LATUHB, O Plancra Dnlla, Better*, Knglnea, Pump* I aatera, Vavea, : ork a, C' nttri tjona, Rhaltfng, Belling, Pulleya, llat.gera, Ativlla, "fwea, Bellowa fortable Forge, with a great variety of other Machinery and small Took Alao, Oaa I Ipe. turn Pipe. iank(, ' ana. Pat :rfii(, Ar , Ac,, for aale by WM D ANuRE W8 k BBO., 4)1 water (treat. The nbw vork dt&iku and pbintinu rbtab liabmrnt workh on btatbn inland. No w Duai.e (trc l (late 4B .I?ho atraoki Branch offieea 7? Rroadwav and 1.16 'Icrrepoiil ?treat Brooklyn ' TO LaWYBPS LITERARY <>RNTLFMAN WISHES to W'tttmi noe reading law In thaoffleeof MBM reapcet aole lawyer; would pr?fcr PhlladclpjK or Mav terk. hut would net nbjaet to go elaawanrt. ? artlea may addraae for two work* ? B. B. Yiamg. Naw Trt dly. *J( | ORr* Br| *T HRB1. ?h. Mt.NBUSk k D'PaRQl'BT t>" Pfvaiwh r<?k Y?g and Wanatng apparatus Mann fa hi rera In order m a>e mora room to (httlr fabrlcatlin <N Range? and ?u,ra? for br.tela, reataurart and rrtyaae tami l>?e; eoT^eetlenrre par try enok and dlatlllara^ ? and Aptwra'na, flann Iron, (taet and aheet I rat, and add to N br?.( kit. hen utanal*. ttave traaaferri'l tbatr (hop from No. A) to *u l> f.raene atreet 4:111(1 ,,RR MONTH MADB BY ANY ONI WTTH Clin ' Nteiwll uw>l(.?Far ehcular ei plain trig the butlae?( adoreea .loha MHUkea lAwrenan, Mae* . or Si Loula Mo. 4-1 tin f)f]f\ WORTH or BRCSHIMOF ALL BINDS, ?T 1 ? ?? '?Y/\y\y manufactured l>y *tejun, at Lauaingliurn and Toy N Y , for aale at war nr.i ee, l??a than eyeroffere<i be a e I y anyone Fine ground Paint Bmahe* (09i,fiOR. MM l#r ca?h warranted a'l brim tea, full (l?e and full weight, bound a ;th or wire. David m, murky, ir, in i'?wi gticet, N, T. IALCI OK RIAL ??TAT*. AtOUMMT BKBTDKNOK FOE >NP H or * ride by the Harlem Raihvtn) ??HfA?<rf,ol>?9 ?'Be of tvroadw ay, In the x I'I age of w Uto fW? ttt the mm ple?.-aut nan of lac street lh?t dwui'ing I" 41 fret front, with plaxaa the wole length; ? h*l nyimxg Hoot.ill. the r. ntrc, a front and back parlor in one .iilo anJ slt'lrg ro-m, dining room, bedru m a-J kitchen ou foe otn r fide in 'lie lower, ar.d two larg?< room* ?n?l Qvd b-iroouM up s airs There la a Trout tu><l ba-1 yard, iarj!" g -7"an'_Jf fruit Ireta and t)? wertng shrub''; a horn sUsbfli kM oarnsga a< u e; wen Id lite klclu-0 and a art o/ g r>\ ?J"'. n"*T the door. It 11 a very Healthy io- alion, art" a go "d aott'ioW and sborvbea of various-ten-.tntoaUon* Inquire of J ? rLaix 1 PltAD, on 'he premises A part ol tho money may rcuiatr on mortgage If desired. A SMALL T.VO OR TIIKEB 8TORY HO* MB, FRO* *n,tlt> to *ii 000, modern intpro *vm nt-t, gvnel a<rt DJf b>" d, wanted to purchase ir tra. a for a gt*vd "t rtgvce and (i. 1 .' .ah Addiesa, stating | .trUculan. liuildera, 00* loo ? <rald oil ?" AN KIKdsltT FRENCH B tdl-MKNT HOT"SB OS Ibir'y ifghib street, near Seventh avenue, well built, in good orde>, c- uvenlent, oommodt j ia an l gen teel; will make you a nice h"i?e >r bring you a ne .? ... 1 rlo $7,(A.), and ts much luortf-ue as you cU.m O. O. PRATT, 10 Fine street, "-m 12 ANBIRGAkT F1\"K H10RY BROWN STONB FN A. lish biisement, ta'l and > toper, close to Fifth avenuo hss the beat material and workni.nt?blt>, 'he amplest oonve plenoes and most tb?o mato apt> si.intents: ta well bujt, we ' U n.i 1 " ** flnulrd, well located rBU well n ortgAged. Apply ' O. u. . A1T. I.) Pine a roet, r<- -m 12 ATHHEE STORY ENOLIVI1 BASEMENT HR1 ' Pong.->u Forty-seventh alreal, n?ar 1'hlrd avenue?A good and v. nitor'sble home; price gtijto; terms re -an. tb A large variety of low houses for sale 01 the must tavorubl" tcrma In other location-'. O. tl PR. TT, 10 Pine stroll, ivwi IT A SUEBFIOR 'lltiT I'LaSS TIJHEE STORY HI'VI brow n House In Thirty ninth street, it ar Icxlug'o 1 ave nue, 22x1.11 >i?0, nearly new. In perfett order and condition, Pilot* *11..01 A vary g nte I ?nd d.snuh'e r-'s'denje. A few other choice Hou-m in the same vicinity f:r a-v o by 1.' 0. PKaTT, 10 Pine g'reet, room 12. A POOR STORY AND HIGH HAH'.MF.'T 11 ROW 1 Po.-fo 21 6xSixO0, on West Forty fourth street near broadway: superior llrs' rbtss w id a very desirable red denre. Price *12,0 0 Temt# rat -.oaL C O P It AT r, lti Pino street, roc a 12. 4 ROOD THREE 8TORT, ATTIC! A.ND1 B AHKMUNT . V brick House In Varl-'k street, near Char't in, pr- jl.MXI tint *7fi and -sally niatle to pay mom; s.lso Shojw att-1 J 1)ouers at low priro* in Chariton, Bleecker, Fourth Laser, *-le, llettry, k rank lit. ami oth-ir streets, by C. O. PRAi . 1 > Pine stri et, room No. 12 All ANDSOME THllBE i'Tu" Y AMI H'tTTI R 4 r E. irert brown at ute Heuie In Kit loth -treet, near Eighth avenue,'TOvfl xlKl, pti*e *7 000 and war anU-.l ebosp; w.ll take *i,00O down and trust y>u for the lemalnder. ti. o Pit \VT, I.) PlM street, r arm 12. CHEAP HO SB-IM 'lllTCY vEC,V)M) HTRHBT, near Lexington avenue, (f. bOu and one new lir ulway, *4OM, xtlth many Other b w pr e'd Houses m ait.tost ev.-iy i>art of the city lor sale, on tint 11.n-1 favorable t.-rtus p. j I'IiaTt, No 10 Pino itret, room No. 1J Athrj-k story Base*est iiioh brown norsu. In West ?n<v-iottrth sl. ?-?(. near H'th avenue 21 x.'-Oilt-o Pr.ce *l.i,.X)-t tvetii *1 0) v g-wit lnve.'.tn- n sid a genteel restdeD -o Also simitar Houses'In - arious o.ber 11'atl-ms. O. O. i'MA .T, 10 I'ltte a.reot, room 12. . N ELEGANT ASI> STRICTLY KlithT -1 ASS POCR \ S' v-v Slid U.?b basement br.1 -v 11 ..-tse, ..a Thirty clgh'h | str?e?. near fifth avenve ''lx.MxW, built with the 1 iuoat ere and with av*-y conveutenee and lit.prov -ute-i-, t-r sa'e about twenty prrcer.t below the relative ml Int.'.n-.e value. O U. PRat'T, 1(J Pino street r cm 11. a O'tt.o and handsome three sroRv and t\ big), basen eet brown l-ouse tit Elchteenlh sime', 'tea **?ceno av- nuo AUSOx'.O, sullt lit the ip"st substumUl ma per trom ti e |w?t n atertals "rce *7,701; vould rent qui. lt for 0. \V J11 mat y?>u for SO U 011 von wish. O O PRATT, 10 Pin ? s-reet, ro-int 12 t I IlKEil M'.UY HIGH, IIRuWV UOl wR. IV THtKrY .1 fl'at street, near nroudwuy WxMx'24: price *A.0ry) real Jstifl, and warri.Dtsd . aIs -, o.anv other H-.-.s-'s of - h-; lass tit ihe tame neighborhood stt.l In various - 'Iter ulttn s, C. <*. PRaTT, No. 10 Pine street, re on N li'ARM K?- It 8AX.E AT?H1TK PI.aINS?THR t VDER c "la.ued. evecutora of a-cxander McPti |uvtir, deoea- >.J, will i ell at public auction, at the dwelling h tiasofla'e vi<*t r YcE'.rqv.bsr In Wh'te lu.iit.s. on tha 1st day of May, at U o v fork M , the farm t'oimei ly owned by John H ..y oonialn'ng about i<*T acres of Wn-1. The faun is .11 ilent 001 illut-n, well fenced, brinelpaltv wi.h s' vim wall l-v e'llng M' uw? ha? --*v built wt hi it a few roars, ami go snd-:i mm d' ur s.11 hi ouibul-dlnqs aro n-'a'ly n<:?, neiug <1 condition. AT th>* lan-l, ex.scpi ten acres 0' Hand, Is tillable It Is situated one tnlle ao-lah-..' rrtrn 1l-v e'llng Mi use ha? . .-u built wf hln a few 'ears, and lr large lt d si. v. -elland, v* l.l.e ' Uins, on he New .ork ?nd ltarl-m Kaltmad large part r f .he pure a?e troney can remain ou the pla e for a trim of yeats LLUbartA MILLER u ? 11'NTt.O.MhRY (iLDNBY. 1 '' r*~ A i rk. 10, Ddll. L-Oh BdLE -A'N tiriLPf-RD PI.A'JE, F'lMTV -if 1FTII F atrevi, la-tw.-en Lailnstou and 'hud avenues, first ..lass brown stone front floume, with all the modern improve, m ni? price, 9&2.W; alt? one In Fiftieth s're-t, bit ween .we eon* and Third avenue* Aptdy on tbe prentT os, Forty lift 1. reel Terms >aey L'Oll PAiK-ANEW FOUR HT.vUV, FIItBT 'T-St' " b . wn atone front tiotve, 20x8* feet, milt In the 111 .at substantial manner, and now ne.trlv cr>mpipt-d. For psritc . ara Imitiire on the premtaCA do 8 West twentletb str.ct, t. ar [ ts avenue. IPUH RM.B-eONE NEW E1RNT t LASS FOCR StiVHf ? hn-w tt stone irunt Huuvc, with all the madnrn moots, tltdsl-ed n 'he tx-st a'yie sltuativl on M-irrav Hill be w-en Park-.lid 1 ux'ttqUtn avvnui-H No. tb has tulry eeventh s'reet In-iivlre on the premi 't". J.VJH MLI1-A FOCR STORY UIGH RV*Kvlk?r P brown r--.n-front House, lavtwion T'.ird and le*' Inyoo avenues in s-iftv first gtrc-t or to lot "hoi.D In-julro 11 :bc piemlsee \ Al.ltN ITNE. Also tb--three story Urua-321 go ? 01.1 sren'-e fur aalo. Lturt NAi f.-s IH.IGDTFDLLY SITE A < KU OttT a., 7 r llunee, on Franklin trexas near Myrtle, Brooklyn, lu per ? ct "rier, n lib grapery, <te , a very ran- cfait n for a b >au 'tr 11I and ob> n|. hon:->; fl (**t, *1 ,8>ilcau remain fn<|ntre I Nasi tu street, room No V Fx. h -AlF, t?R EX.'HANllF FtyR I.-rTrt IN NEW vt> n or - rook yn or a g.vd grorx-ry or liquor -.tore, a Farm of too ?-ros ot Jam! in Ponro !> o/.ia, Etko ounty Ad dr.). a , I'OX 17.1 t-ers -I ofl CO, for two l..ys. FtOR da LB OH TO LBT-TWO OF THK Five .xg'V three story Uooses ->n Kirty ll'lh street, just east .f T' 1 d svenue H-.usea ropielo with evo.y mrd.-rn eortretiN-u 'nt very <vv H> giKwl tenants Th" stree' -s to Is paved with ll. 'gjaa pavonient, unvl other irjprovom-vi'-? so >u t > h< made, lneulrc of CHAe. FOX, 70 and 72 )! .w n r, 1 mm 7' 012. ITHlR SALB OR TO LRT-DWFLLINI IN WB-tv FIT r t-v nth street: old Ko 1 DOW No. ti*. Apply ?4)'!'. I. BKtDA N, No. riK Br Ntdway. t|10R NaU OR TO LBT.- PI TR.ufSHBD O't DN r furnlaied, the three rtnry tir! k h..<1 ?r- wu atone !.???.. tot1 Houaeend i.ot, No 348 *eat Twenty meou I -<tr-??; the I ii l? ?'l by'JSlrut. iL.ijw bo feel d< '-p a.rl in eioelle.oi or rter, a portion of the b?r< hare no no, out reman on ni r ?e ii dMlrtd. thn Furniture will tie add In whole or 'n put bo rented with the Ho no. Applya*abofo.or:oU. 1)11 .KJJ Mill], 57 William .-treet. rOH 8 a LB OR TO LFT-A BHT'"IL HOUSE IN SKVLN 'te'b ulrwt, hatween Third ana Fourth ave.nuea wi-h t.v adjoining Lot* rroton water, ba'h and *os >n '.tut bona?. Ii ?mriannyaf ' ? tflne view of the cl*>. Oral al AarLaoil urn It g country. Aptily at Seventy aeroud a-real an < Tblol av? ana. JOHN JvLLmIII ia Alto Lota In HeTentp MAond aims l or ?ake or ri dan#* fo tvnp-oved Property or a Farm near tbo rait water. App'j a* ab??A V?R 9ALF. OR TO LET-WITH A L*A->K, 4 UK AT and Hrovlrton S'ore. jnct Fnlbm avenue Hrrikl n iF< lug a ? od burlnoaa. or e of iho 1* ?l k^nti-.nt in the city; will In aold'vei ' " " I very ehenp if applied tor Initio dia'.ely HOItU. FOR SALJt ?a LABOR. COMMODIOUS RlilOK Br?' elara Hotel known aa Slaorw'a Hotel in the vinasr of Medina, < -rkrana annaty.Rew V.rk, Bi'h,.rd l utile* ami Llvny Stabler ?ttaebec! I lite Hotel la eer??r .|ly I x>itrd and doli,a a good biielDiwa Oher buatnea ro<|n<rin'( thn ait"n linn of lie iwrprlnor, obligee blm u> offer U for aalo houaa wfll ftirnlan a. Verme ea^. For further la iwuiatten bi rofTu outio vf 1>. lleucl, at thn ?omptoo liouar, oornnr o' T wan tj foortb street and Third srruuo, or no tlie iremlrea HOt'NE E\f"HANOE.?THE I fRHT 0LA81 HBOWN atone fti ir a'ory Sonra h '. IS Went Fortyftrth atrwet nrar Fifth avenue (first elate elonei for r.i'e m e*-hvy ? for loreainabb ptniert* In Ihle city or vk'iiilty; prleo $li',,udO Apply lietween * and II A. ? |>WO FARMS ?OR SALB?BIFUATION IN KNOU8II I .Neighborhi od. N J.; acrea- bv N It Railroad; ten mlnutee walk from the dope', and three miles 'root Woe baakrn ferry, will be wild In parta of dft acrei Inquire of C F lie all, 166 naalilnpt-m street, or of Ft. t . DaY, on tb" prrmlaea "\1T ANTED?TO BIT A WELL I)TILT, THREE STORY, Tr brvwn atone, bleb fcaaemeat H nan. frmn a>io2 i t front; loenMon tub prime, beiwi-en Le-ilnpt n and Eighth avenneaand Twenty llrat and Fiftieth at'er a No', l.iciat over $t,fXV. Addreaal) II boj 11.1 Herald ?llle \ WANTED to BXCIIANOE-KoR A H OOR OP D*1 Her,da Boela and Knoea, oi Yanae,- Notlnne, one IJouae and Lot in thn eity of Ohtaawo, worth 60.(00, An aorea of land In P bronaln, and eaah 84. IU) Add man A M. M., boi 4,516 New t ork Foat Office n K II AVE A LA ROE I.InT OF REAL EMTA"R T? v hleh we will eirbar *e for property to null the ow n era I't reona hailnK pr>TOeri) to eicbanice are re<|U"Mad to rail iiui r b. hoes A (It) , No. 8 Naanao atr,reL w* " AVB SOUS FINE OOl'NfRT SEATS FOR SALE M or eirhanye, worth from 8\biW to 870,DWi, aftuated In healthy and convenlrnt locallio-a I' B. Ito HI CO., No 9 Naaaan aliwt 3 FINE FARMS at A BAROAIN?TWO SI'LENiilD Farm*, loe?t?4 et Small Lola, wdihtn three and A half mile'ol Fateieon, N 1 ; one containing one biiadn-d and fllty, ard the other forty arrre of ch< ice land. Another of IMi acrea, rttonud ou line of New Ian imd Brie Rat road, a eliort distance from the above uteidlonrd; bulldltira, oui hi-naee Ae . all In ' atelal nondltton; well aoicked with tnilt I ea. Either hi d olber trtca. hlifier or all of the above will be einhann" j fi r city proie-ny A*eina n'-'-d not apply Ai?,ve mnai. !?? dlep?a of liy May 1 Impilm el s* M ' EL I'OI'B Paler on. N J , or IIOPKHi BLi NlrELL, 67 Hey a'.rcet, N. Y. &14I f\ ?POR HALH OR ETCIIAN'IK. A THREE ?TnO\lV? yeare'leaei of 20 aer?e ol I and with fBOd IrvlhT l?ii? and fruit, ne-r tbla dtp. Horae and wagoaa, live mi, pier, ponltiy. nlenalla and rnan>ir< H cnnnetuie work Rani paid lor fii'I term Of leM'' fi'ti eaeb halonee to n ma'n one tear or a 111 trade tor merrhirdt?e or a bualneaa. Apyly p> FARMER, 439 Broadway, room IS. MIlilTAIlT. O ARMY HfRt.KONH-IVANIED. RY A MEN TLE mail (Bnir'lafe). haunc had t-eiiaMeiable eip, r((.(,w p, trie military boepnalaol India dnrlou the Mkh cimpa'en lliear I oln'mer t ol Hot eiinbmdeut of a Field Uoeidtad In thn Aim. rlean Army. Ad'lreaa Eaat India, Herald nluoe. Tf ETBRAN CORI'H OF 1S12 -N03ICR TO THE FIT ALTO \ No peraon le autborited to oillect money by ?oWrlptlon oroiherwtoe.. for the beuetH of the oorpa, evoept under the rlgneture of the Colonel, Trowanr.-r eel ,-e reiarr ABRAHAM r?ALLT, ('..lone! RILLIARD8. A HNB ASRORTWF.NT Of | uRf?i;||, RNilLTStl AND ? Amerlean Bll'lerd Tnbli-e. with Fhelaa'? CoahlnaUon Cuahima, now on hand, an I v mlee# t . r il tt?' thnea. I'HrLaN .* COI LKVHBH, Ah AA 67 and W? nr,'?hy at/net, N T Hilliaros ?For 8alb, a Hfi.eriiin im ?? of new and aeernd harel Tabtea, for ?'?, III)", flAl, 82ni| ?Mid 8l'0ll; rveryihlng c. mplnie aod of toe b'-?t ^'tillly. (Jj. der? by mall hitenib-d to W. II. 9BIFF1TH, ltd Fulton etroet. TOK IAUi A u2,?M-^!la4IK-*0* SALE, AN OLD KHTAE builn?, , Ale "id Chop House in um of be teat wiling out i^tT. ?t?2.clllr *attat'nctqry ram ina given for M.Jrt K l^WhHSrv 4 ,-o., Cfbil Fourteenth A S?-R "heap, fitted CP win "cii ih? t^ufl 1f"I* '**** 'rom ctM *?/; Inquire >t autel,t0ci A TIM ei cr m.d well Mocked; >n unu?u?iTm^ * V* T1?" ^.'?eMr?.,|)plyt0 Mr E- ?^^0S^171C?SS A? OL ESTABLISHED DINIM M^L'KJS-TO BE 1\ *old a a great barga-,. loa p. rsor. wishing U> ergajM In ; e hind, ess this Is a en.ince seldom offer.-.] i w ?JS?, la apply o E. E. JOHNBON, 270 Canal street. . ut-^* on C land. taee ?-sjuu BaKEKV FOR HaLE?KWKriiKR with tub house atid l<ot; terms rasy and title India putibla Apai* to T LFOL>, Mo. ti City Mall ; aoe, fr m i2 to 1 o clock. B ILLIARD SALOONS FOR PALE?MOST MAOWIFI cent n> rns rxreilenl loration*, faro-able leasee, ibe very u ? 1. r p polarity and money making; offered great bargain* and inducements on very il oral V rtua SOUTirwiCK A W(>OD, B2 Nassau street. BOWI.INU ALLKY, 3\R COUNTER,BaCK FIXTURES und Seer Pump, tor sale cheap. Apply at 479 fearl ?treot or 75 hibinson street. > -_?? < BaRPOOM FTXTFRPS FOR SALE-CONSIST!NO OF < uunter, C'h.ur-, Glassware, Pictures, Ac Apply at Harlem 11 ill, 1 hint avenue, a!) re 128th street BAR FIXTChKS FOR SALE-OOEHI*HMO OP A splendid Counter, Mirror, and ail rest? >a urv i"can^en?iit;e i or a lirsi class 1st Inquire a: 029 Grand street DhtO STOKE FOR S ILK?A WELL FI "TE D STORE, iolt>g a go >d business; -no of I'letnoo e> gib'a up tova ? cut.ens in Mew > o> k r rl",e $l,i00. Address, with real ame, A 1)., box Lilly Post oflloe. Drug store for sajle-lono established, looa'iou excellent, business good, rent . iw i'he present, rmprleler Wl'hoeto leave the ci*. Non>- but a each custo mer nevo apply Inquire Til L. BILLINOE, at 0 baa. W. ' ai df. re ?, ho ft Trynn ro>v DRL'O MdUE FOB FALB?ESTA R I.ICHFD TEN Xear*, well slocked and In a good ueighbirh vrf. Will lie g Id low a* the proprietor has another to look alter. Ap ply at 2iki Seventh avenue, N V. DlilO BUSINESS FOR SALE.?A CHANCE 18 MT offend, an d a customer wanted, to pu-chose a atoek off 1'rng. ?mounting to abou' $2fi,000, In one of the mogt door i hit g ernes in (Vus'ern Canada, with one of the best estab lished but Ineeses in that province Full particular* an to terms. Ac., given on appllca'ton to Messrs If WARD, C? (i.-E A CO , I28and ljll W11'lam street. |?OR HALK-A Liri'LK FANCY SPORE, DOING A I gi?,d busir.ess ana well adapted for souupeof ladle*; w ill be sold cheap f.ircaah; rent $10 a mouth Apply at 6Bq 1 hud avenue near Forty * .venth street. , OR SALK-A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH Hll iDBH ALU* House, two doors from Broadway, wl'h three yearn ? use frcin ihe l?t of May. inquire at SI sp-ing street L-'OB KALE- A PI TUT CLASH RE-irACR ANT ANN I Lln'ng Fjih on don n town, established over twenty vear?, in a good locution and d' ing an exce'Ient and profluu blc bu-lnes* Apply at ? IS -lohu street. "IAOK SALE?A WII LEeALE AND RETAIL I. QCIOH r t re, nutated In a leading thoroughfare, and flt.e.d p in the beet possible manner .r.pply to t BLEB O. JCLLV, 18 I rarkfort street. L OB BALE?IN BBOOliLYN, THS Mi'OCE, LEASES r and Fixtures uf a wholesale and retail ccrn?r Lljtnr Kton , It cati d n a matiuf.otu log dl-trlci, near one of lie feir'es, u iix il 'and f r b'is)n>?>, will be sold cheap, app y at bo 7 ? natham si;uare, N. Y L'Oft SALE?ONE DENTIST'S t'HAIR La THE AND r oomui-ii'>et of Tools, alrt, a miliutanv secretary, CaU lor live tl .ys at 5li dlxih avenue FOR SALE.-A FIRST LASS DINING FaLOONFCK tule, n w doing a good bnsiu.'ss It as be bought cheap, i, iihe ? tiers have more than they can attend to. '.'aliattJl lhoads ay IAoh 8?LI'?SMALL BOAT STAND. wrt.RK p,\ rl'RRS, 4 lieaiM. tariio r ioat and two years'leave of More and bneh r tfrn, rero $l( pei month, oppoaite the Little ?;, e, Har lem, foot of 14ih ?tre t, on i.ventie a ; price ' all fSftt) in quue on ibe promises or OEtlRiiE C. NjsW.YLYN, or f BTf 1 11KN KOHhR'tn, No. !li3 houth itreet. IiVjR f ALE?A KIRSP CLASS DOWN TO IN DINING, 1 Oyster and Drinking Stlion, with a good bar trale I be owner I* g-dng to leave the nty. For pri st and puil'.cu 1..I* Inqiiliooi trtr N|. BLtING, .'>'1 Ann s.reei, eeaimd door F70B 9ALE CUBAP-ON THE EIGHTS A'.'KN'.E A commodious akery and ,ce Cream.saloon ?#the owner bss got another business to attend to. Inqu're *? 2ft j ElghHx ? venue. Sa'.K CHEAP?AN OLD ' ANAL BCHOOmtR; will carry J rift toe* oosl, brl 'k or lumber; xaila, routing rigging, Ac.. will run tw o s, asou*. she will oc sold neap, l > clove toe eotcerr. inquire of WE A. ROiB, a'. Port Rich nu t il, r luteti island. FH)H balk JA)W? a NEW 8TEAM FfRB ENGINE, OP Wleby, Uynderse A Co's man n' act ore, entirely new ; never In en used except for trial, and vlmila- to the una now n toe by Lexington Engine Lompauv so 7 of his city. For urthorp- itn iiai* apply to o' addrcs* A. J. DELAIOUR. ft>4 Wnil street, New ork / tHOt fcRT As D LIili LR TDOHE FOR HALE ? iR V.T would L.k-!:i a partner; tnc who would uly 'hartoo I lie I isine**, is the t ies -litn s noi has o her bu n-is :o aiten t to; a in?i rule cti ? y lor a g-y.d busineae iii-il Addrcsi ID, Di r .Id oRtce HOBIKn . AND GEN I LE VKN H FCHNIRF TNi) STORE for rale wRb Fixtures md l.evse s'u -k ehont $i,flj ', cmtrvl) in w. anv party with a ?mail naplld .viu hnd tblv . am oppoiluuit) 'orc immniiirng bax'rmof. a !!?~ts e hov 1711 Herald ofllce * HOItl. FOR SAl.P --LKt.-K sND F KNU'UKK Ol A lirsi tins* llolel, evtabllsheil Over ttren'y v ira; t ia Hon vx ell i,t bnsln n targe acd profitable, and every h.n in com pie'c ord' r. BTOHft A R YSSE fEjt, 7.y h).,,,, street. HATSTOKL F. R SALE.-THB LEA-K, JTOCE AND FiXlurr- of tbi old ' slabii* bed ttalid Mo 212 rreenwich utci it, ily s bite's has bscn oec'l'iled as a bat rtrr > lor ov?r twe ,e tcari A; ply ? ii the p'em ?r? 1 ItillT MAN: I'm I ,iRIm; BUMINEBS FOR SAT L? I j *ei|?si slip*di'd,?vclutl " ldi'ht, goo-ls in great w.' iu in.i loi.i iv, and tinia c .pi- <,i??i , ck r.n h i or will take uiciu um ? i??! pr q-ert* !u or near the cite ' hCJUTHM I. h A WOOD, 82 Nassau iu . jL PHILADELPHIA IIOl'BE ONCE MnRE ? FVRNITT7RE A mo Fixture# for tab-, will be sold .'or $2,000le Dado or cK?h: worth dnut.le; men m told within ten div* Osll cn L. It (;Khit, l.i.11,n't 11" -"ourtii stree*, R'" .m-rurg PBflOlifUl'H \Nl> f/HVmi'E OaLLERY !\>R nlfr n ? ihrtvisg \in I'm Bute and ?? t-y popul ? tirir.iu ding nunn ; all roe, In go d w> king ondi, an i mnkti ; m<nn.v. Al*oa , V eg. ne*'. p cavaM l.-n-? kill TilWI'M- A ffnuO, ? atriet. /\U/H1Z RO? K VM.IA? A > l'*TEM I OR 8A.I.K? 1:1 iiinMtl lb? mini- ? .?rv b -t f r ro t'iting nek in,I mln' hint -tiliMai' <i Initial pa vie pit' ler, wan har <li ncd eli 1 ling grladlng mn fa ? a "Daily . h inged bOI I dWIt > ,t WOuD, ii Naii* i ttrcet. yTEAMBOAT JOBK ll '? t A I,! Ad COS?iDEKCB, *5 FOK a<U CdEaP. Unit IE" feet h-rig, ?l' -el 'j ? us. Cig fee; hold Engt> .< HI incheyliiidLr, 9 ler.tatri.k-; n g a, I or.otti n 'r, taa* r iu nuiif. Apply to ill's w. >'01'BWND, No. 1J1 Broadway, New Tovk. OIFAM ENOINkd FOR SALE ? ONE NEW TTdNTT m h"r?e Morl/onlil knglno, or. lion b"d p'nte irnple'o. ? lib ad modern improvement*; pri - t'**' Aim ont wooH bard upright kngine. right home ?,)? ? /?, o mplr'..: and In p??,il * oikln* order, pre ? $3?) Alio one hraaa at Homi,, three Inch Pore ami tlx l'ih t r,lie; ainrgcd u work by PuW cr or by band, price $:vi app y at Dc'rl A i.Bkl lN't'H machine thop, Mil rt nl-r ur?et, N. 1. d'l OK -LIQUOR STOKE KOR KaI.E - FOR HALfc. vl^i). the flitnrra and in J w, 1 of ?'.ore jf.> Ad Rhlge atreet, between hlviiiglcu and .c'an-oj stroma. DANC1KU ACADENMM.^ _ At mapawk saevaoea ? dan, in,j academy, , 45 Broad a ay-* 11 the faihlonable dan,.,-* taught In t> ., a'< ?MiO*. (?|en Monday. Wedneadi y acii KrlAiy eyen ii i t-e-io te In; Tueaday I huraday aud Hw'urdty *'i?r nan* 't v tn 1 to 6; a me evenlnga for general pra,. J-* from Still 11 o'cl ck. Soiree to nlgkt. BROOKES' CLOPINO BOIRRKd KOR THE SEAHON, At hi? Academy, No .*1 Broome *'r;et, wkpnehdai Err.vrwo, a''?iM7. WKDNESDVT EVENING, Al'KUu.2?. HEW PtBUC ATKIIKS. 1776 ?lsu.-mu THE PART. THE I'KKHENT AND THE ruTlaJt or TUB CNITED HTATKM OF AMERICA. The highly Imporiant Prophec'ea of Ike oelebrated Madame LKNoKMANR. of Fr.ince, The fortune teller of .Nap'leon Ronapar'e, Will be puhlKhii! In two or three oaya. h? < hid mil A orTT MANN. and will be tor aale at QveoenU by all bookacl'ierean 1 new* >? rente tn the I'nlted Wtai?e. Artire |>erer,M and new* agent* wanted In the wkoienale depot All, Pearl i.reet. flRTITURB. AEIDimOM Ht'IT of BNAMELI.ED FDBNTTUHI feiglA. la all eolora. of warran'ed manufact ire AIM ?elld eheatnnt (liamtier ? nit A plain and ornamental, at H. F. FAKRINOION'B. m t'auai atreet, opposite WooMr. Betab Uebed in IdlK. AFIRHT FKF*IC? RNAMELt.ED OB ORATNED Inltof flbambrr Fuinllure for ?25, at B. C. WIXiD^ BRIDGE H, Kng 4 ard A eulUean atreet two d eifi from ( anal atreet. Alan, Bedding of every deecrtptlun. Htery article wainaeted a* reprcaen-.-d IANaMM.LKH OltAMHER UClTd OK FOENTTt'RC, IS J all color* and atylea. at wholeaale and retail. At f2.'iaml upeaxla Ale, Ma'tr-ama and I alHagap* WaRRI.S WtKll. 277 <1?na' ?tr^ Four door< ca?t ?f dr >adwar. T.-'IR^T OUN KN^MBLEED Fl RaTl RF. I'l t v. F deroratrd and grained; aoiti walnut tiwi oak -t-'.A Mat trcaaea, Spring eed*. Ac ; hulta frmn $24 and upwa-dt J. W. FihHbR A no, mantifaeturwe, ??> Broadway, be.w *en lileecker and Bnr.d atrec a LM HWITi HE BotrnMT-TMB HTOHEdT "BICE PAID F la raali for all klodeof Mmiaekold Furniture, vtrpeta. Mirror, I'lanoe He</a Heddlmt, A ? , at 479 > bit J avenie, near Thirty fourth aireel cr by nme, wldreeeed Kurnitere, ae abote. N. B ?A ge.ei Hiaortinent alwayw on hand for aale CtTRNITI BE BOCfillT FOR RKtPT MONEY.?A F UK Root a, Ac aireeta lue given in ready moner for Korniture, r?-pete, I, at 12M tllith avenue, between Ninth and tenth FUBBT (11AHU EVAMSLIF.D FrilNITVPB, PLAIN, deooraud ami grai'.ril; a hid ualant and oib rela, V?t. treoea, Ki ring Hi da A- I. W 'l-IIHtA ('?>., manofac. turera. hrti Brtanlway iwtacen 1t1e?..kcr and Bond Mreeu Foil BALE -A OOI PLP, BREAKING OP HOI IE kecplog, will k*H 1 iirnlt'ire ehaop for mih, almo't now, and kmkI beat Kngltah Itruae-l* I'arpvtlng in>|ulre at t'BJ Waal Kor'ietb a4rcct, nee' * Whth e-cnuc W AMIh.'l RB APVEHTHr.R Wnl't.o L'KK Tf| ?? | uiehare tl.e ftirnllurw of u "id o? ? ng '..arili tg hm.M'mo rent the prermtaea an. |II-I> ? ug au.'T tidle' per! i f will find am. b en-1< mer ne I nt?l kj ?' ja I ng to F. I, M'iBiu ,<iw*y, lorn No. A