Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 3
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?S, vM hot few Mllora, M [WrtWd qaot-.UWM. tre at>*iy ?t full ralaa. Yiow ua- iUral O-imi'b fur in jim/ lire it 91V, a si , and for asoouut aft MM fti'ie ikvix ?T a SB Railway ihiroe general) j are flat THE WAR. Important News from Washington. Vigorous Action of the Administration. Extensive Preparations for the Defence of the Capital. THE NORTH AROUSED FOR WAR. Prompt Response to the Presi dent's Call for Troops. The Old "Bay State" First in the Field. Thirty Thousand Men and Three Million Dollars Voted ill New York. Liberal Offers of Men and Money tr> Sustain the Union and the Laws. VOLUNTEERS OFFERING IN AIL DIRECTIONS Maryland Still True to the Constitution. PA0CLAMAT1CR OF MAYOR WOOD. Law and Order to be Main tained in the Metropolis. Popular Uuion Demonstrations in Philadelphia. Additional Particulars of the Bom bardment of Fort Sumter. Effect of the War News Through out the Country, u.. a*? a?. OUR WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WiSHmorow, April 16,1861. The war enthusiasm is at a high pitch here. Five hun dred volunteers en I if ted this morning. General Hiott hoisted his Dag as Commander In-Cli'ef error the War De partment to day. Dm following is the form of the call on the respective Bute Governors for troops, issued through the War De partment |p day ? Sis?Under the act of Congress for calling out the mlli tin to execute the laws or the Uol?n to suppress Insur rection, repel invasion. &c , approved February 28, 1786, I have the h in or to request your Kxoellency to cause to be immediately detailed frcm the militia of your State the quota designated In the UMe below, to serve as in entry or riflemen, for a period of three months, unlew sooner disci arged. Your Kxoellnncy will please communicate to me the time at about which {our quota will be exported at Its rendezvous, as it will ? met as soon as practlrnhie by sn officer or officers to muster It Into the service and pay of the United Slates. At the sumn time the oath of (ldelity to the United S't ite will be snmlnistereJ to over? olUcur and man. Tho muR taring officers will be instructed to receive no man under the rank of commissioned officer vrbo is In years appa rently over forty hve or uuder eighteen, or who 1s not in physical strength and vigor. The quota for each ntate Is as follows:? Stale. Regiment*. State. Rfriinenti. Maine 1 Nor h Carolina.. 2 New Hampshire 1 Teunewee " Vermont 1 New York 8 Rhode Island 1 Pennsylvania... 17 Coi.nfct.cut 1 Ohio 18 Delaware 1 New Je- 13 Aikanroa 1 M*" * |p\. ?.? wi s?"- 1 .ylaud 4 Mieh'gkn....' ???? . Kentucky 4 Wisconsin v. 1 Missouri 4 Iowa 1 Illinois 6 > M(nn<-s<.la ? ; J Indiana 1 WaasscbwseMs 2 Virginia 8 The folk>wing table shows the quota of the several Stales e.nd places of rendezvous:? Mr). Hmdrznrut. Reg U New York Now York, Albany. Klmtra IT Pennsylvania ... Philadelphia, XarrUliurg 18 f.iow Jersey Trenton 4 Delaware Wilmington 1 Maryland Frederick, Baltimore 4 North Carolina.. Raleigh 2 Virginia Maunn.n, Wboeliug 8 Tenner re j. KnozvlUe, Gorilotn ille, Nashville... 1 Arkansas LiUto ltuok 1 Kentucky. Lcxtogtui 4 Missouri 9t louts 4 Illinois Springilolrt, Chicago. 6 i Indiana Indinnapo'is 6 Ohio Columbus, Cleveland 18 Michigan Dot roll. 1 Wisconsin Milwaukee 1 Iowa He Auk \ Miunenotn Si Paul i Maine Portlaod ? I New Hampshire. Portsmouth \ Vermont Burllogt-ip j Massachusetts... Rprltigfleld j Rhode Island.... Providence 1 Connecticut .... Now Haven 1 N'.nety-four regiments, of seven hundred and nighty men each, will bo raised unoer the call for eevonty five thousand \ oluntoers It Ik orelorcd that each regiment shall conelrt on so ag. gregate of officers and men of 780. The total thug to he called out la 78,381. Ihe remuiuJer to constitute the 76 000 meu under the President s proclamation will be composed of treojts In tho Dlstrtcl of Columbia. WARHiworojr, April 16, 1881. Massachusetts is the first Btato to rospocd to the re quisition of tho President. Wlthenf waiting the official requisition Kr troops, hut artbig upon the riporl ueut to the press of tho country last night. Andrew to day tele,ed to the President v follows ? T7*e quem of troops required of Massachusetts Is ready, flow will you have Ihetn proceed/ Tho Secretary of War responded ? ftrnd them by rail. Another despatch states that they aro under arms, awaiting orders te march and will probably leave tonight This prompters* and gallantry on the part of Massachusetts has w? for her the heartiest xaconlums from the PfrMdent and Cabinet and people. Governor Ramsey, of Minnesota, offered the President ens thonesud volunteers from his State, yesterday, and lesvro fr.r bf me todsylo raise the single reglioent of *?vm hundred asked for. Qiverner Cnriin has dospatrhed tMs afternoon to bis td .fttent to forthwith establish two oamps, one m rewtern .aid tho other >n western Pennsylvania, for tkemustering of tho tinrter-ii Mim.i -.nd o. J required from that State, oi i bs baa also authorised his Adpitaat to mm orders to the djfcrent d ivies* offioarl to act promptly. Governor Curtis received the following despatch rrom rnmburg this *n?r?oca ? 6*v. Gnmw?The companies oommar led by the un dcr-gned are orepa'iog 'or the defenc, of the govern ment. It U < vseutiaiiy ntwujary that they ghiutd ho provided a trlaoe for drill Will y?u request the ecreUry st War to ark the we of Alleghany Arsenal fur that pur pose? DaVID CaMFBKU.. Captain bugueene Greys. THOMAR 4. ROWLEY, Washlogtoo infaatry. R BEDLOE ROBERTS, U. S. Inuave Cadets. Mr. Roberta is United States District Attorney for Western Pennsylvania. Another despatch, dated Harrishurg, April 15, r:ys:? Governor Clans?Teudcrs of companies for immediate service axe canrtanUy ootmeg in by telegraph, as well as by mail. They require prompt replies. What shall be doll o? Tho t?overnor responded, to accept ail that offer. Ho nlso receh e l the following from Phlladelnhi*.? Gov dart*?The Farmers' and Mechuuice' Bank offers its services to the government to tho fall extent of its abdffy. A- ui RCER, ITtsiaent. Several New York regiment*. are expected to be here in a few days. It is the intention to throw twenty-I've thousand men into this city as soon as possible. in, said .are mnsterlDg in Western Virginia, aua will be ready to move, upon the call of Gov. I/etcher, in support or tbe government. Hon. John Co vole has offered Governor Ourtln $50,000 of the loan authorized by Pennsylvania to arm and equip the troops ordered rrom that rtate. A elcgation of Pittsburg merchants have made a eimi lar tender. The War Department, by telegraph to-day, accepted tho offer of Governor bprague, of Rhode Island, of aregi-ient. Ho was requested by the Secretary to send them to Washington without delay. The First and Second regime'-is of the Districtof Orlum bia have tendered the r services to the govern meat. W.^mjruTow, April II, 1S01. The administration is preparing with extraurduary energy to carry out tho policy indicated in the Pros: dential proclamation. All its members are fully pervaded with tho conviction that the rrganizauon of tho govom mcnt depends upon tho result of tbe struggle inaugurated with the bombardment of Fort Sumter, aud that te honor and dignity demands the crushing out or the Southern rebellion. Hence avwry nerve is being stretched to strike effective blows. The revolutionists will have quite as much war as they can possibly desire. The enthusiastic rally of tb" freo .States in support of war measures has imparted, both to tho President aud his constitutional advisors, ilm strong- st possible coo fldsnoe in a final triumph of law and order over anarchy and revolution It lias relieved them of ail apprehensions aa to the end of the present bloody beginning, and gives vigor and promptness to their action. Tbe bead of the War Depart in on t and the Onmmwider in Chief have entered upon he gigantic task of organiz ing an army of nearly a hundred thousand men with re markable zeal They expect to have tl'ty thousani me' in fighting trim In thirty days. An immense amount of preliminary work was done by them and their assistants during the last foitj eight hours Washington is rapidly wuming tbe aspect of avast military camp. Tho streets are crowded with regulars aud vdunteers, and warlike din resounds in t\ try di roctlon No moie resignations of army or naval officers will be v copied after ibis. Recusants will bo iguomiaiouslj stTickcr from the roil, or court martialled, m occasion may require. Ample measures will he forthwith taken by the govern ment for tbe protection of tho federal forts, arsenals and armories in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and Mis souri. fia-sius M Clay arrived from Kentucky thic evening. He thinks the Union party ascendant in his State, but fears any cotiliot between the Unionists and Ki'SIS. ihe a.mir.islrat'oc ha? received assurances from em: nent financiers in ''ennsyivania, New York and New England that it will be reallJe furnished with all tbe meats liter !y t. bo wanted m the present crisis. The attituue of the border slave States is watched wit peinfi ? anxiety by rbe adminirtration. W.vsunratow, April 15.1851. Ttie issuing of tbe President's proclamation will, it is said, he followed by declaring martial law iu the District ol' Columbia. Those c ppogod to such a step on tbe part of the President deny bis right to do so. They assert that without tbe consent of Congress he has -0 power or au thority, and that he will be liable to fine and in>i>each ment, as In cose of Gen. Jackson. The President will take tho reepoLSlbility, however, regardless of consequeoces. JTe says ho has Indubitable ev idenee that there are a lar?A secessionists In the city, and that every precautionary measure must be adopt ed to resist their lnliueuoo and crush them out. Tho Impression is very general that there are sixty or seventy spies, who make it their business to loiter about in crowds for the purpose or ascertaining who among the army and navy officers, and citizens also, are dlaloyal to the government. ' The time has, therefore, arrived when tho people of tLia District must show their hands. There is no doubt that a largo majority of the old reeidenta of the city are with the South, and will Join with thim in their struggle with the North. Many have already taken thoir position; others will fol low, and we shall soon know how the matter stands. The administration la determined to draw the lineg closely. Will the bonier slave Stages respond to the call of the 1 "resident, and oidor out the militia? This question is asked on all sides. Advices received here this evening from Richmond, states that Virginia will refuse to re spond. (lovernor Letcher la, and has been all along, a strong Union man. Whether the events of the last few days 1ms changed him 14 upt *rom Mwyknd, fcontradiotory reports are received. ITio impressf j j, ih*i Bhe will respond, although the ef forts v l( probably be made to prevent her doing to. It said that there are several thousand men in Halt I more, already armed and equipped, and that large accessions are daily being madt, to prevent troops orosslng ber borders. These reports come well authenticated. In Baltimore the Collector and Postmaster, and, In fact, all the Important offices, have been given to out and (hit Union men. Nothing reliable has been rcootvrd to-day from Tort Pickens. The government believe that reinforcement* have been thrown Into that fort, although no official la teiMgesoe has been received to that efleet. Ac vices received to-day from Charleston, states that a portion of tho force now In that city will be at once despatched to PmsaooLa. There will, however, be a large torce retained at Charleston, In the event of any attempt by the government to force an entrance into the harbor. l'bere aepmn to be little doubt, 00 the part of Gen. Bragg ar.d tho confederate troops, on their being able to take Fort Pickens in much shorter time than was requir ed to take Fort Sumter. The loss of Hie will be fearful oh both sides. WjHIIlvktov, April 18, 1861. Recruiting is going on bore rapidly. There are about two thousand eight hunorod men already ourulled In this city. Several new companies of regulars have arrived within twenty-four hours Maryland responds promptly, It is said, to the requtal tioo upon ber for three thousand troupe. Governor Curttn being here, received himself the re quisition of the Prosidcol upon Pennsylvania lor thirteen thousand men, aud hss this morning telegraphed an order for mustering two rcgtmouU of one thousand men nach into the service foithwtin As Governor Curtln passed through Philadelphia, ho was waited upon by several gentlemen, rt prison ting the pi incipal banks in Kmtern sail Western Pennsylvania, tendering their entire Limn clal euppurt to the diate in He pledges to sustain the government. There Is no want, of means or men. It w said that Vlrifliua will respect to the I'reejiicnt's call for live thousand men Some duubl this, but there Is evidently a loyal spirit springing up In the old Do minion against inn site rpt to coerce the federal govern meat, a part of which Vt.glnia still claim* to be. Tue has l>oeu th session \tl :ho morning, and Gen. Scott has been present during the who's time. Major Haskln, ic coinraaad of a llg'it Intsntry romga tij of regulars, prooee-ft 1 this mo. ring 'rem Una oily to Fort Wai hiogioti. III cons atic-a below here, on the Pe torwac Wxsmvrrrirv, April 1*, taut. The war fever is up' A mrss meeting was h?id to rront of WtUard s Hotel to-a'gbt, aitr idea br over one tbou sand pe >ple. It was u, otherwise it wotJd have been wu u larger. ? The new Senators from Kur-os?Messrs Pomrroy sad Lane?were tb> rat spedwi*. Mr Vang-- an, a nam? of South ?'arolina, hot a cltliSB of Kaunas. dcnouMed tho cu''rso of .nth Carolina as treow cable o? the part of the political mtnagori of th it I \ Stdte against the people. I ChasiuaM. Clay faltowad la a pa trio lie speech, snowing thai thia I* a ??' v* |e* oligarahal slave power again*' the people Of thia country. lie had do doubt of the reavlt. Gen. Nye, of New York ?now Governor of Nevada Territory?made the concluding speech, reese^ting ?bo doctrines of ?> " irruprcwiblo conflict.'1 He said the Northern lion was shaking bis maue and was getting no, and when ralrly upon his legs the secessionists would he scarce. The grcateet enthusiasm prevaile whenever the l a on and' e atianul ii.if was alluded to. Only one secessionist man feaui.i his pri iecc >, anj h? was quickly hustled l rom the crowd, and made tits escape to aavt his 1 e. Tau - at Tn usurer 0r Fennsyl-onia telegraphed to Gov. Curtin this afternoon that lie na. ?s of that Slate ha e ottf red all th*< money the State author tv*? d? s> re H 'ays there is but one feeling tn I'ehnsylvauia. and that is for the Union The Secretary of -tits of Penney Ivan a telegraphed 0>v. Utirtin tu f. llows ? Three regiments, ci listing uf thirty nine single cm panitw, have tendered Ih or rviciw mid have rxjon ue Ocpttd. The military fev?r is high. There is a report liore to n'ght, hi tuy Sewtrd, that Iho Nov York Wi . .t ..^v>-.d three millions of money ami tuirty Mum ami troi|M A despatch has been received from i.ovcrnor Morton, of lnd-ana, tendering ten thou-iaud men. Governor Lennisou teiugraptiH tliat Olno will furnish her quota of twelve thousand men and more tf needed. The i ewe from '! pur's of the North and West ex hibits the greater I jMn-ible manifestations of patriotism oo the per' the people. The IT- em and Cabinet arc a unit .tt p' seeming the war lb** li?? commenced. The ? 'mli.i?traiiou view of the wh e mi ;j' ct is, that iho war com xi-iuced by Uic S'Hve i> wer ,s intended to ceny Wviry tuto every free State npd Territory in the ooont-i , bnd as such propose to tei' tie quest,on whether the Stales 01? this L'nioii chall be uli j i ee or oil slave Uem ra! inner I as been ordered to 'Jallf-qnm to com maud i <i> orce ttore. Govemor Letcher, in a private letter to a friend in Wnshtrtf ton, 1 :st wet k, says ho adheres to the opint'iu* formerly ox pressed in favor of a central cottf-tdoraoy. If, hjwever. there shall he further disruption. '.If! riii o* Virginia, if she act Other?lie, shu 1 b-- <.b-: rule of bis c m duct. Any sacrincQ s'jo r .quires w i no made by h n, und If troubios cine, b?> wi'l l*k" bis i i e o' thiai The New Orleans ice- V> ila says the' strenuous elP'ts havo for somo time been i, ~rto ?hen ny th. o,v. . rw of rendezvous, offering a'ge jpuctlcn, kr , to iadcc mm to enlist, and tjuth and canuor oempeis tb? adn. ??. ,n tliat a single regimont ivimi?t be ootamcd in this *v.,r. HIGHLY IMP0RTANT_FR0M ALBANY. The Kielteincnt Over the News frost Charleston?The .Military Committee He port a Three Million Out?Thirty Thousand Vuluulrtii to he iHarnlisU? The debate in the tetembiy Chauthex? Message front Uov. rt.or Mwrgsn on the Cslslt? She War Fdii Patent it ti tth, &c>, &c,, A-. Ai: :>T April 16, 1861. The on'v thing ta'.ked -f .* th-.< cows from the South. Hundreds w?ie seeu btncog av.-i*. the h-ieisatid teio graph officos until it late hour U>U, await ng pa ttenlly for the news that might otme over tb? wires. The I'elevau Home was a scene or great o-miuo'kui throughout the evening. l'her- bad been a strong feel trig ail day agaaist Major Anderson, but soon after ten o olovk when more full despatches came over the wires, showing that Anderson had really rondo a pallor'. flgtit in defence of Lis position, and only gave up when bis men wern h?exhausted tba tb?y could nu longer return the Are, there was a change in sentiment, and th ise wu > hal In the earlier part of tbe day dunouucod A-idoraon, chatted their curses to praise. One man tn the crowd at tbd Dele van, commenced a bitter harangue ?gains' tho North and in favor of the South; tbe cond mu.tlon of bis sction was bitter in the extreme, and at one time it looked as though be would be severely dealt w ,ttj by the excited crowd. Every public place was crowded thia morning at an oarly hour, some person reading tbe morning papers o?n tainirg the latest news fiom the seat of war There is no deny log the fact that a war spirit was ntai ..'eeted oo all sides. The offers to volunteer are numerous. The regular proceedings of tbe Legislature are lost sight of, and all other matter* sink into Inslgnlffcanco whon on pared with this universal topic In all circles. It la the last subject at night, the first in the morning, at the breakfast table; and, In fact, in every quarter where two men get together, nothing else la thought or talked of. The rotunda at the Oapltol buildings crowded with excited people this morning, discussing the news and commenting upon tbe servtoe done for bis country by iaiwm, TLe bill drawn by the committee appointed at the meeting yesterdsy, In tbe Executive chamber, wax printed durlig the nlgnt and laid upon the denes or the members at an early hour this morning, and that became the theme of conversation amongst the members. Snmo of the democrats endeavored to get a caucus of their party to decide what they should do in regard to the bill; but they were unable to get them together, an no action as party representatives was taken. It, however, waa plainly to he seen that, a cumber wonld go aga-ust tbe bill. Yet, on the otner hand, tome of the warmest advocate* of the measure were among tbe democratic member* of tho Legislature, who declared thtt their country called, and they should not let party or tayiict oalltlee stand in the way of responding. The Assembly Committee on Military .ifftfrs w ro called together, who consulted over tho b>'!, whilst each member of tbe House had one in big band, carefully examining Its provisions. the House commerced on tfee fVder of third reading of flfll and completed all tltipn that were on Saturday crderod to a third read*?. As soon ae thtt order had been completed Mr, fierce, Chairman of the stand ing Committee on Military Affairs, slated tha. tbe ocmmltw*, had had under consderation the exigencies of the times, nod hod come to tbe coiM.itWth that the peril that threatened our cauntrr dc MUM some further legislation. They hat, thertrfnro, decided unanimously to report by bill. The bill rep irted was almost word for word as that upon the desxa of the members. The title of the bill was read, when Mr. Pierce rose and moved as a privileged question that the Hoisc go !nu Committee of tbo Whole on that bill. The Hpeaker decided that he shoe id at tbe proper time decide that this motion was a privileged question, but they were not In that order ef business then All orders down to general orders were then laid on the table, when Mr. Pteroe moved that the House go Into the Com si It tee of tbe Whole on this blM. Mr. Odour rose to a point of order, that tbe bill bad not been presented to the House In accord uioo with the rule, which required that the bill should be Ant Intro duced and referred to a committee before they con report upon It. Tbe Speafrw decided the point not well taken, the rule gtvitig 'he committee power to report nay WH relat ng !>? the-questt<>n which would oumo under ibo>r on tbet they nigst romMrter m oessary. Tie motion to go imoCommitteo of the whole wax then adopted, nsd the llcune resolved itself OimnttMof the W bo-i? Mr. Mi ore, of,Hro- klyt, lu the chair Tbe fist auction being read, Mr B'ngbam moved to strike out the Lieutenant Governor, Peuretary of -torts, Comptroller ltd Attorney General, and !?av? It in tbe tan s of tbo ti->vernor, the Cemmuoer in-Chief of tbe militia of toe Slate Una motion was opposed by Messrs Pierce aod Little John, and Isvored hy Premtergast aod Morgan He foes the question was token, the irrlvate"serr.-i?ry .?e the ft) vein or was amount**! with a message from his Hxesl leni y the Governor (The met sage Is given tn the report of the legislative proceedings.] Tbe reault g or the BMHgi caused a profound sensa tion In the chamber atd the ga'lorlee A vote was Born after token on the amendment of Mr. BltghHin, and I. was l-st Mr Her-re let then moved a sobst tut* for the ArsA s*C thro, pro elding 'hat the Oovern ir shal call for vulmi litis who never the President shall tssne his requisition Several mrmbsra opposed It Mr. Hohlnson said that he wanted tbe hrtl to be mode a# efWmal as p ?ssihlo. hint did not flerlre to ere any thtbg done that would in the leaK mpatr the execution of the bill It was their doty, be tor r they-took iravn of sachfother an I eg slaters, to provide means to re pond to the call that iiad Ton made npoo ihi-m. They knew not what dny ar what hoar It would be found necessary to nan imwpe in our own State. Mr. QMSS said that be had beard it stated a number of 11asra on the door of this Moure that ihere was danger of an attack or Insnrrecikm.aml he desired te snow what they had te Justify tucb on assertion. Mr MblBSOB salt tuaf ad thev bad was s threatened attack; tu did not haveary fesrsof that ralure, out b. hi Id that to times like thereto prepare for the worst. Mr Benedict arsln far red h's arnsndment and wanted tbe quer tten left so thtt wli-B the victory was wou it wi old not he wholly a party afnr. Mr. Arcotnrms wanted to know If s rletory was won MM r a btotWer hy shedding his hit I, tha' It would be ft \ leuirjv Mr Pi nedtct raid that if m id be a rletory If Mir hreihor hart raised his binds Sfalrst bin fW i r> s.di'ad tried to uke bis life In JitS'-'lbrMi i <s.i>y our off*' (t tmlaure from th" gallc'ies.) fh? smendment was Iota, A tnbsutute *u oBere 1 to the second section by Mr. Wfbuo, which woe adopted. The second section woo real through and amended in several particulars. Mr Taher moved to strike out thirty end insert ftfteeu thousand. er .-axe nvnru.l to umend by inserting flfty thousand. Tho ui ithui ?? .'ppikUilrii lu the g?her.?e, Ihowiug thai 'h- sent meut here was in favor of the largest force possible ibv bill * as Anally ordered to a thirl reading. It hen tlr fierce moved that the Dill do now have Its th ro reading Mr. Ccxacs raised a po.nt of order that iht btli tifcvuig been introduced after in* 16tb of March, 11 could not be read until a'ler all other bills introduced previous *o mat should bave their third reading Thi <? ftkir Ucci'.ed thn pom-, of order not woll taken, on the g'?i n" thai the report fr< m a oommittee was not nn ;i tr >< uctu n of a hih, and, second, thtue was no other bill in reauiltoss for a Uiiitl riadiitg. V!r. Pkrcc withdrew his rnjtloa as he saw there wouki be at nn dlsi uiaivh <or the purpose of taking a recess Thus ended an excited cession, rhe war lneliag Is mi!? a' 'ever h. at, md ibe excitement about thn mgis lutive halls ir mteuao, and should It continue no power CO real- hiu it. and we bo to the hand that stanns In lie way Ibu pri v lliog op-.ulm stems to be that their ooumry calls and .ill m em e*ger to respond ai once. t be ,r.g officer of tho Nc-gara and t)riean* conn'} regiment. Heu. E. t? shuier, a democrat, has writ ten bote 10 the -Jena tor from that district asking him In see tbut h.s aigimert is put down as tho tlrst 10 be collua Into service rhis is hut a sample of the result of the uiidtr current tL?t ;? setting u this Hrec'i n. Appli cants sie a teaoy m.m? ruus here, ready to die their ap P .. to r.a the motueol thai iho mdilia bill snail pars o. - retary of the Kreckirr.rig" Stale Central Oom j. i? ? ???. r ">'r'y expecting a letter from John A. Green, n..i i f a U|m ovnt/>n One thing is certain, It is a burn tti.r., hat '?> < vvt'l ho soon issued aKr>Hi>oi>*r iss-uon The lYigrusmit; ' . ?uiu u-e. immediately after the fiuure huo convened,* bul par1 ibree, reported the bill as btdig corncily pngrosb. i lu? House ordered, by an slimel onai.ini<u>s vole, U a> the )i 11 bave lis third read - lug. The ii'lo hi tug ri-iui, dr. Cos n's moved to rocotn. luii'he 1 .ti. viih lustruciiou ui ri> ike out the euaotiug caiu e, -i; d urocerur.u to g m nis ica. ons at much length li.i m kit g tils million Mr < i 'pn?an lolioweoia favor ..f ir.n bill, lie wo* sorry to tee ilie young man In m New Yo a. rhoui . place h tnseif nn rec id ac he bid "one iti lb - ? rv. ;'bi? wasa measure to preserve the country, .m-l it -?-s <ae duty of all to nhe} 'be onU i f iDtir conti*ry 11 protect it from thoee who MUUio iiufctroj He i opoa tr.a' t'.u patriotism of iho people would not uie out lu one , etu-ru< on of the founders ot Mis republic. Mr. llutcbmgs, detnocra*, of New Vo-k, next spoke in favor o: ins bid. He sum prusan'} tr ?? time would never . oisf when be would be i Mum t ?. al so important a vote. Ho should vine tor ih ? lull not .is ? dsm-icrat, hut in hie individual capsci'y as ? lovnr of his country. AbilM di iag that lio rut i.nt tor a moment en dorre me reeuhlid. u tiirly, no was now as hs ^v?r hud n-eu opposed to It, neither did he sumost lbs v*c.listing policy of the President anl his auvisits. IVhot u few weeks since, tn iy wore debating 5 ti .ml i|UtrS'K'nv, the oily Cry he beard on the par1 of ini ripuincsns was ibo creed of the party and th? Chica go : isuurm Be now condemned that as much as on i ."osr occasions; he denounced lbs no ioiuprom'?e no 1 . > of iha repi b'icitne, that brought us to tbl' p -1

? op; lint that was the past, and there let It "-t ''.a ??animal capital was ui danger, and it wait <lui noor tor eveiy true invar of bit country to rahy t-> a- i .iauoe i .i t by gone* be bygones; the present is wir.t ? have t ) deal w lb. and let n? meet the ie?'ie ?* 'wnn-i patriots Mr. Mcisirniuit,iluniocrat, of Wiwu-.h wiur county. then gave bis ream us why he sboul i g > lor this bill, a-i follows:--A demociat of the slrx'ert aort, mid believing that the jardiual priuclp'e of d- UiOcrn y Is hive of coun try, J shall vote tor this to '. I deeply deplore the exi gency of the hour, t i. tl ibat members of our common imuiiy have jcbcllu r^n list tho permit authority, con stitulionally appoii.tei' and that, as a democrat and a lovsr ot -r.y oouptr-, * cons'i'. iti n 1 was eworn to when 1 look iny seat in this House I am bounl lu uoly and in honor Pi sustaiu the government. It is not u"W for me to say whether the ualiuual admtnislra |MS b" right or wrong. My country forever, fhe re pi est ntalive of the blooil stained soil of Westchester can bull vote to sustain the government. Mr. Hardy. c.smocrai, of New York, next said that ho was opposed to the bill. Mr. Benedict said that hn was sorrv to bps members dodge ihc responsibility of iQcir votes by santoriuge. How nmcb blooit and bow mini foil- ? bail be taken be lore they will become saticaea to sustain the govern ment. It Is not a ((ues'ion of peace or war that tbey have now been caued upon to decide, but wbetber tbey wotnd sustain a c un tutionaili eie- ted 1'rssident. Mr Tuwnsend. deinocrit, of Queens said, in recording bis vote in favor or this lull he wanted it understood that nothing in God's name but the great necessities of the ears, and whilst voting tor the bin bo wish, d to do It dec'aring bit "t'er sbb 'rrenre 'o tbe pric iples of the republican party ibat bad brought the country to this condition of sOairs. Mr Wr'gbt, r? publican, of (fenesoo, favored the bill, followed by Mr. Gecans, dcmoc.ra', agn n in oppns.tion to tb> bill. Mr. Fulton, (dim j,of Saratoga, said that be would he re* >iant to bis duty lo his party and country If he failed to vote lor this bill He should be a 'a d to return o his own county if be voted against this bill, tor fear the old patriots who are bar led thsrs would rise up against him Mr Uorgeu, (dem ) of SufloLk county, said that ho knew of no party la this issue; he only looked to his country, and that alone and he considered It bin duty to vote for una measuie. Mr. Barry (dem.) said that he should vote for this m* asure, because ho considoiod our Southern brethren very nnr, sWtul Is having tbe democracy of the North to tho mercy of tbe republicans. Mr. So*", democrat, then said that he felt that he could not do yiborwise than vote for this bill. He read from the money article of to day's Hcrami to show to the House the feeling with tho merchants of New York. Mr. frovost, democrat, said that ho held thai It wan b<s Aral duty to uphold his guvernmeut No person present aid felt more sad than he did on this occasion, but he could pot taller when called upon to sustain that government which his forefathers had forwarded, and tbould vote for tbe bill. 1hf motion to recommit wbr lost, and the hill read (he thlid time,and passed. Yeai, 102, nays, S. The announcement of ihe vote wu grootod with cheers from the galleries lhnee voting In the negative were Messrs. Cizvne, Har dv. Kent y. Yarlan, Walsh and Young, all from Ibo city Of New York. The alteration session waa probably the most solemn of any thai bae been held here for years. Members felt that they had been called upon to discharge a patnfnl doty, yet out: that the exigencies of the times demanded that tbey should discharge fearlessly and without regard to the C( nreq'it II CUTS. This has been en eventful day, and one that will liave an imp runt ett'ect upon the future of our country, either for weal or woe. The fro-nds of the a:ministration rely * gieet Jea' ityhn the moral eflbci c* (he prompt ragpoajf ou IhA |iart of the State of New Yoik Ihe Art-em Lily epeui Bonn: two hyurit in third reading of bills before they look up U?e war bid Mir t of tho bilis read w?re some private uluitne for canal damages. Tots !,tgitiature has ruebrd through on enormous number of tb.? r;as? of billr flir b.l! to yrgulat'e the freight on milk on the Harlem Radical coming Vp fur third reading, Mr. Catlin, of Waeh inrton. moved t > recommit the bill, with in?tru3ttona to st i ike out the euauiibg clause aud prooretied, iu a regular "harem scan-in" ano bait c.azy speech, nctod for its duuihuwuf words which no out y con d understand Mr C.inp opposed the mot on end p?<h"d Into the radiunda In general tss grindmg moiMpoiloe,charging that the texson lo? Toll b 'i lid m t pass the House wit bo cadMthe railroais had toe legislature in their grasp fh ? bill wna'hen,0!' mo lot o its fr'nr.ds, In'.d on the table, s utuh is, n- doa >t the etid ?f it this yo?r. The ??r Me pis0* d anuojbei of hills: among them was tb< on! relative to the j,r> -eenitj - agetust tnaolveat m s-.r?: CO ei rop'-rle*, wbie'o bos Owen ruso, d through this ", g ?? ature und'T the lea that it .a the peopb sect auiu, when, In fact, it in the very reverie, and will. In the end. prove to be the loophole thai will allow ihe swindlil'g liisuntnce c impauios ui nsoapn the pumsh meut that the.r a-tion Justly oeterves This M another one of th?e h!)le the* Rollnrou'i relief r-tolutlou* will lorce npi n the public, tor that is the way mat it was galvaniztd in hi li'e in the Uooau. U .1 to be hoped that the tinvernor w II put his tool in it A: soju as the three million 'oil pisesd the ly It ws" mdered to be tasen ?o ihe rtennte. It was there m?oo the spe: let order for thm evening The Senate resolved ,ts If Into tnu Qnmmltl"i> of the Wbtre an toon as that boilv convened lu the evening. Th-- bill wee r"ed through wc'ods, a few verba! atr,eo' mrnts mad* ,?d toe Treasurer and Slate Kng.ueer added to be commission. ?o naior Hamm<md u ok the nonasiow to evrrely do iriimce ftovernor Morgan lor hm Inactivity up*, this greatoccasion, etalnig tna'. be would not hare muted lu this matter uaWns urged on by ih- other Mate trtleor* Senater Kiero said that he hougut the Senator had done ihe (lov< rnor an igjMtue and said that the tlovor iiur had freqiii utiy eonaul'ed wi h him in regard ?o the irtner Mil before ib? teguuatiiro He on tnt* evening tianotd him a despatch frtim the War Depa tanm'. at WshIoi gton to read In the Senate this ev> n ug, calling for Poops. Tb? bl I wae favored by Senators than, Truman and Sf-ipola at m,n> b length The latter thought thai war In nsv stiape wae aoa amity, out more s? wh-n it easniMd the shape of a i ray lug brother sgainot lu other. Ihe other s de had Invited the <tem,,n aia ui vher fold. < hey wantrn no encb lovuation, ano would ar lent not ' from ibe rrpobncstis. ll>stoiy metro* ib ir l'Va'ty to the eea iiiry. ami historv would gi?- their deeds n defending it The repobiioan paity l? reepetistbfe for toe present state of aftinrs. but u is no tune for biuulying word*. W'ar M upon us. The American tla/.'or thr h it lime, HBO beep torn down, and it remained for lh?m to say whether it shoulo be allowed to trail or agvn wave to triuniph. Tb' rnpobucans, by failing to agree i.oon a fair c- roproenlee, brought th>s upon us, but now tha" it i here the dom'-csatr are nudy to (lvht the battle#, and light en ntng at it la uec isaioy Ho believed thai, unieee tho r*qu- at 'hat had come iron t?as'dii'g"'ii was prduptir rroponiied to, the Pr.sideat and bis t alunet would not o, e,llti> their po ition in t|"s"b itgvnobtht Poirthof July. Kron? tti.a time onword tin", would i ot 1 ? ar him Bay about parly bill hit ? n-ter It would an hie uowdtyy. an ?, |?iii mg out i>om his i esk tb< ntura sod ntrifiv, he d-Hareil 'hat (litre was his ehioh tie ehouut folkiw. (Applause. | (Waaler Iluru <y Ills lavorod the hdl by s short and |iatrl' tie speech, bat ci.srgr o the whole trouble upon the blstecl Souif UtdlliA (S'nator Ctiria (MM) '(pdlt'l that any of tbefVu.v tors bad .ndnigc' <n romark* a'>out par'/ whilst no Una subject. 'Ins wes ?o time <o Ulk o. (Mrt> He sh mid not stop pi coueid r wh> bet tb'e of tb it |*irty was pi blame. The country Is In a crisis, imi fa who falters is a traitor pi blr country, 'he seven S'-oeditg ttaiii# h re made ar untottlflable atUok upon th< pi op rty ol the government; out tb* Hig muei be eg.- u uniu' led aid the property re stored -ir, ii-cesai' a la rei^lli a, an i u<it permitted hy ihe recetltutii'ti. The eroedlnt, APitea are all wrong Tbev it m .ided pol t ed rig>its and protactloo, and were m .tlr i io It r.r or the "iii.rtilotl iii 'mt wlien thuy at puked 'he piuneriy of ibe goyerruieut ttu v Made tbiri-dvea traitors ui P'teir rouiitry, and l'r*S"le*i Ubcoip aed l.ld tabiuet ?*< ro right n their pus Von. Trie govornBe nt firoperty mi 't h* defended if it ercr Be ? n n, hoadrod thtusaiid wra. Ihe got erom .ut at JtvHt (emery la revolutionary. Whatever m ? be the result, there la but one courae t j be pursued, and uu ia to maintain the Hag of our country everywhere. Be bad re It a great depression upon the coodltkin of our country. How nutty heoria straggling for liberty Is Europe would bleed on receiving the newa of the surrender of Fort Sumter. He wu for oonceesioe?he waa for peace, but tbi? ia no time to halt. This conilmt hae commenced, and it will never end uutil the wh?le country in freo The war hae begun, and in this war he waa for his oouutry fitst, hia country laat, and bia country forever The speech of the Senator was a feeling one, and sent a thrill through the crow ted Sena'o chamber After a few remarks from senators P. p Murphy and Hamuiond, the bill was ordered to a third reading The rules were suspended, tho bill load the third limn and passed, yes. 'Jit. nays 3? 'en itor * l.twrerco and tiardloer In the negative Senator I'onnolty made a patriotic speech in giving hia reason why bo thoula vote in tho lU'.innauvo fhey worn well timed and applauded by tho crow h.d galleries. The State of Now York, through Its Iogtslalure, lias spoken In a tone not to bo mistaken, and in a manner that the world will set- that she is In earnest. The dome c-ais were far more bitter than the republicans upon tho South 1 hero is a general rejoicing over the result The Stars and i'trlpes are waving everywhere. Several parties were serenaded at the IVlavuu'lo-D'ght. Tho inaar-.s ore wild with enthusiasm. The Metropolitan Health bill was finally taken up in the Committee of the Whole in the Senate The opponents of tho bill, not being sharp enough to apply the rules which would pre vent its being tukun up. it look< very much as though this memter would yet be forced upon New York. It cer tainly will, aniens there is a more spirted opposition than there has been thus far. It ia to bo hopcvl mat the mnnar cbtal power given to the Commlsan nerajln the bill will be stricken out, or It will not tall to arouse a spirit of indig nation that will rea<-t upon toe author of the bill and the Legifi.ature that has enacted it IEW l'OHK LRUIRIiATVKB. Senate. Auunr, April 16,1881. The Senate mot this morning with apparently a new leave of life, and went briskly at work. A number of local bills of Interest were moved forw ard. Mr. Wii-tuns reported favorably the Assembly bill re lative to tho premium notes of tho mutual insurance companies. Mr. SriN'oiA moved to recommit, and a long debate en sued, iuvolviig the merits of the bill. Mr. grmom opposed it, as a measure grots!) unjust to those who hua insured in such companies, and whoso only recur! y was the premium notes which formed the capital or the companies. Tho bill sought to destroy this security. The motion to recommit the bill was lost?3 to 31. There vting In the atlirmaiive were Messrs. Koicham, Mriirnw anu f-pinola. The bill to ci ect Highland county wu amended from the Assembly and referred to the st tnding committee on the eirrtlon ot towns and ouunties. Mr fb'iojONON gave n itlce of amotion to suspend the ruler, so as to go into executive session on the Military appropriation bill by a majority vote at any timo. The bill Is being pushed stoadtly through the com ml'.tre. Only nne aovndment is adopted, giving tho i lie?ion of officers to the men. Amcmbly. Alha.vt, April 15,18(1. On the of the Huuse this morning tho hill to authorize the embodyiug and equipment of volunteer miliM.a, to provielo for I he public defence, was taken up for consideintion. TIlR WAR BILL. The bill Is as follows:? AN ACT To authorise the embodying and equipment of a volunteer n.lMtia and leprotic* for the public detenus;? the people ot the Utah- o* New tork, ispreHeoted In Senate ana Assembly, dn enact as follows:? rocii' iil. ihe tiuveruxr 1m hereby authorized and empow ered to accept th* service and cause to be enrolled ana mustend into the rervlon of the Htaie for two j er? unless sooner discharged bj order of the Uovernor, Llt-u'etiani Iiovert)or, Secretary of Htute, Comptroller, Attorney orueiul, or a majority of tnvm, voltinuer*, In hU discretion k* to nuuilnr. not to exceed Ml.OH) men. to be oil;, cercd. uic-iuizi it anil c |itlp i d iu suult manner em tho (lover ti if o uy ruder ana direct, to be tormeuanil organ I.. 0 without regard to cjrlstpg inl'Haiy district1. the rail lore* h-reiy autbwlzt-d being in addition to the p'es-ut imi'ury orgatn/a liott of the mate, ana part or the mlii'ls thereof. t-ec i! The ofl.cers of inch organization of Volunteers shall be elected anr apcntr.trd lc tnn manner procuheri by section two ot ar ticle eleven of the const! utlvn of the Klate, and ccmiBlsrloii-d by the Uovernor; uud he '* hereby str horizcj ? nd emp werrd to prewrtbe ennh ttilc??nd regulation, as 'i gar deem propr I to carry out the provisions oi nreli artlolo ot the coustlliiliuti relstlre o election-'and uppo.mmenis; provided, however, win n any vacancy sliall oc.jur among such volunteers while they areab.-eal trout the into, tin: Uo vernor l? bereny aiitho;lr.K) and crop .wercd to appoint and con.rr l.-aioi, the rc<|iilal'? ofilcers to ti'l suih i ucancie*. He. .8 1 be ctliorra and nun of ku.1 1 force '.n ill receive the same ray and rations while In eervlre, uudrrth* provisions of ibl.a act, an the olhcera a:.U men o' the same rank and inn of the ft ivloc In llie ?ttny o' the t'ntted Ha'os, and nh:ill be I la blc at ail time* to be turr.i d over to the acrrlce of tbe t'ntted Hales on the older of tbe (lo\ erunr un a part 'if the tniliila of ihis t-t?te, upon the requisition of the President of the United h teles. Sco. 4. The ofliorr* and men of ihcaald force, except when in actual service, shall be paid only for tho time, actually spent In tbelr organization, drilling and InHtructton Arc. b. The captains ot the respective companies organize d by virtue of thia act shall make monthly returns of the ser vice perl ormed by ah the member* thereof to the oolonel of tho regiment, and wild colonel shall make Ukr returns of the ser vice of the regiment, based upon said company returns, and service of regtmenial otlioera to tbe Adjutant General ;i ? ?. ? .and tbe Cotiiptruller. on the or-Ufluile o the Paymaster Ornrrnl, shall draw his warrant upon the Tras'irer In favor of the respective n glmental ptymsn'ers therefor, and lbs paymasters of _ the resp-itlve _ regiments he. fi-ie en bring upon tbs duties of their ofilcs shall rnicr Into bond to the jieoplo of the Stale In task Hint As iud (iori nn-r shail direct, with such tureUes as bo shall approve, 10 be evidenced by his endorsing approval on such bouu, con dl'Ktted 'Or the ifutufUi Application according to taw of 'all ?tone; s thf) ab-.11 receive hy virtue of their office. and which bond 'sha'l be filed In the olliee oi the Comntrnller. and In rase of breach r.f trust, they shall ne prosecuted under his 41 reilion by iIn All' rnov General tesfi All eip.noiiiires for arms, supplies and equipments necessary for the said 'oree shah lie made under the direction of the (Invenior, l.leotenant tloveruor. Secretary o' State, t'omptr ller sod Att'iruev (leneral era majority of them, anil tie moneys thernfori shad on certltlrr.te of the Oov.rnor, be drawn from tue treasury, on th* wanantot the Comp troller. In favor or sum person or persons as shall from lime to time be designated liy the (iovenior He 7, 1 be force hereby creat*d. when called Into actual service, shall he subket. to all the rules end srllclee ap plicable to troops In the service of the United HUtes. bc '.no volr.teer* under this art shall be discharged front service any where e>i?| t In the county where they were organized, un less by hi? or thyir ivqueat, Ho u J L{ kum 6? IDree millioudollari, or so raurh thcrSof II iT.ay ne m-oeasary, ls heifby sppropya'ed out of any moneys In the tieaaury. not otherwise appro priated, to defray the expenditures authorized by this act, or ar.r other et|iensea of mustering the mllltlaof the fllate, or any part thereof. Into tbr service of the United Htatos. ere ? There shsli be Imposed for the llsoal year, commene ing Ibe first day of October, one tbuurand eight hundred and siity one ablate tax fnrsiichsnm as tbe (Comptroller shall dte.m rere.vary In inrei the expenses h reby an'horlzed. riot to etceed twe mills on each dollar of tie valuation of real or per a nsl properly In the Htale, to be awwtul raised, levied, col id raid In " lected and paid In the same manner a? other Slate taxes are le.vird, tuaetHCd, n.lleried and patd Into the Ife-.-ury. Sec 10. This act shall >ak? ell eel lmicedtshdy. The Assembly commented the regular order of bu*l rrfu this morning, bat a deep feeling wan evident in the Bouw. Mr. Yot go reported complete the bill to amend tbe T'&fafe Bulbing act lu New York, and It wan ordered to a third reading. The hill lo provide for the n*lo of tbe irnarantlne land of Stalou Blend curau up on It* third rrndeig, and on mo tion of Mr. Variau It wan recommitted, with inntructlona to tig ike out the enacting claure. Hum rsanm. To Incorporate the New York Navigation and Coloniza tion Society; to amend the art relating to the public health of New York: to revive and extend tbe act ronpocting the iipprnpr tat'on of the water* of block river for canal pur pom a. At twelve o'clock Mr. PrrHm, from tbe Committee on Militia and Public Defence, reported the Three Milli-m Volunteer Mil end moved to go into Committee of the Whole to the I ill. "h?t ctloui toinc mode, tbe Srtui.i R ru'od tho bill a privileged (jutttion. Tho ordrr* of bimlnem were then laid on tbe table, ond the hill taken up In Committee or tho Whole. M*. Bbx.HAni movtd to strike out of the first seetivn ad the names but tbe Goveraor'i it wan tho Oovorrmr who war to organize tho militia; let not other* have tho power to dlaoigumzo. While the Committee of tho Whole wan In Houston it waa xtidderdy dlMolved to receive a message rrom Co ver nor hi or gar, aa follow* ? MIBvxjMJK fROM TTtS noVKJIVOR To t?k Me aar ax or tn* AaaaaiiLT?'Tbe proclamation of ihe President of the Unind nuica, which ibo'elefrtuh lirlr>?? to M ? hie morning calling forth lb* militia of the ae vrol rlater of the h'nlon. In erder to repress p iwerful oom *Mm l..n? and to rauae the lawa, now aet at dellaDce, to be duly executed, ahowe ihe Itrnonence of our no'lonal rarger It la not doubled that Mow fork wit] lie at once called Spos for a large quota of militia It would rc< m therefore n.oat clearly to be ihe p?rt Of wtadom, no leiw thm the dleta'r or pat'fotlrm, 1 bat a military tome he an hor tard wMrlrltly large to meet the preaetit and proap-etiva de uiandr of the general government, anf to place mob torat a', the Jt?| oaal or tbe fefera astbofltea I would, therefore re specifai'.j <bough eari.eaU urge that the Lagtalsture, without delay, ? nnfsr larger diacrrtlorary p->w? r lb.?n Is now p<m rented toewihodj aud equip a voltin'wr irlh'le f"r the public ? eftpee, and to en iIde tbe Marass'y mean* therefor let not t rw Tor* falie- In tbe hour of the eo'intry'g pfrll. but lei h< r meke all petdful preparstluna to RipotM Id the natlo, a nail with that prnmptnen which <ntnports wlih ficr pa d I iatory and with hi.r present poait on In *ho rl?t The .d of Stab s K U MOHUAft. The Military bill was ;wared through the Committee of 'bo W hole and ordered to a thiro fca ling. Tim NEW YOtfK MILITIA. At.i. yr, April 1*, lsdl. Tbe Gov 'tuer tn* received the following d": patch:? AVan iwpAtmmvt,) W? nrni.1 >m, April 15, ibfll. i To rTmhxc*t?wtir, K I>. Monot.v?A call a made on vou b> Ui night'* ma' for act- ntren rogioi mta of m,litis for immediate tsrvlcc. MMoN CAMHION, Sewcury of War. Captan Jol i Y. Uwlcas, with a company of vol on leers, i\ .u>'?ting of reme 260 of the Snott reeol it* ni.wi in tbe city, Jrst pan>od up state n'-cat on the way to the RiMnttT* chamber, to tender lilg *orrh to ti ? (.overnor. They were loudly cheered aa the/ pawed along. "Hio racrnllliig rfllow wtpo opened to ni :h? In the Museum building and in Church street, and one I Mho opened by Captain I. Owen M oore oppcelt* .h ? If. jVsii Bo ire to morrow. captain John McDuiTle hag .i company of seventy mui orgtaiccd W?M even tug, THE FEELING IN THE CITY. rroetamatten of Mayor Wn< ?*?* ?f War Rtawti ?! Um MaiaMra' Uob Preliminary lccllO|tl Hwtahi tbe CioierDmcDt, MAYOR WOOD'H IROCi,WUTION. HiTfll'lOffin, N'kw York. Apr'l 16 To m* Punni; of thk Cmr or Nkw Y.i?k As chief magistrate, representing tha wv-ie t^,p P j feel compelled at this cr'sts to call upon them u> avo ?! excitement and turbulence. Uhv lever at; m or wr have beon individual poai'ions or opinions on quwiigoaut public polity, lot us rcmemior tbat our country now tremble* upon tbo brink of a precipice, ax.: that 't re quires a patriotic and bonert aflbrt to prevent .? final destruction. us ignore the past rising superior to partisan considerations, aud roily to the restoration cf the constitution and the Union as they exist ed in the days and Is the spirit of cue fathers. Whether this Is to bo accomp!<ehod ty fratricidal warfare, or by ooccession, conci; atioa and sa crihre, men may ditfbr, but all will admit tbtt hero at lum-l Uuruiony and peace gbould pro rail, ft us, may we, under the guidance of Ulvmo Provi leuce, sot an example of pence and good will throuohout. onr extended country. In this sprit, and with this view, I call upon the perpie, irrt: pective of all othur considerations cr prnji: lices, to unite in ehed'cooe to tho laws, In support of the pubikJ por re, in the preservation of or or and n tbe protection 3f property. EERNaYDu WOOD, tUyor. THK PRESIDENT'S PROCLAMATION AND HOW IT 18 REGARDED BY THE PE0PL1. As the calm succeeds the storm so the public mind has now become In a measure set'lod af or the wild outburst of feell: g wh'ch the etirrlrg events of Friday and Saturday evoked. The white heat of excitement a over, and nice are calmly consider!! g axil weighing those events, and endeavoring to divine the r results, tbat they may not terminate :n civil strife and fraternal bloodshed. Conversation on the all absorbing tepid of the day is no bnger carried on In a vehement, impul sive manner, but in subdued 'ones and with gloomy looks* Even those who have been the warmest upholders of acd sympathizers with the South declare, m spite of their feelings, that the action of tho 8outnern confederacy .a attacking Kurt Sumter has b-eu hasty and rash, and that tho digu ty of the federal government should be upheld by a prompt resentment. To ihiH feeling the proclamation of the President has given a splittof enthusiasm, and mec, heretofore apa thetic and Indifferent, do not hesitate to boldly proclaim the necessity of tbe measures contained In that document. The news from the South has been verified, scueb to the regre. of many who would have pre ferred it untrue, and tho sober suoond thought of tbe people has led tbem to tbe opinion that the proclamation of tbe President was i nly just, in v -w of the emergency which celled It forth, acd that ..'-a military movement to be set on foot by it throws tho responsibilities of war and bloodshed upon the Suuth for having inaugurated extrtme measures. Yesterday our citizens were somewhat surprised to see tho national ensign floating over the public buildings, hotels and the City Hall, wbere, in aIdition, the munici pal Hag was Hying. Over tho Hkkxld establishment, and the offices of the other newspaoers the American oolora were displayed, and tbo gala appearance of the cKy created no little surprise in view of the oocditijn of affairs. It transpired that tbe d splay took place in ac cordance with a request telegraphed oy Governor Mor gan to the police authorities. MEETING IN FAVOR OF THE ADMINISTRA TION. A meeting of citizens in favor of sustaining the a imln.s trution In repressing the Houtnern revolution was held at two o'clock, yesterday afternoon, at So. 3d Pine street. Tho object or tbr arsi rohlage was to make preparations for a grand mans meeting to bo bo. 1 at an early day. Mr. Ubnstlsn R. Robert was called to the chair, and Mr. S. It. Chittenden was appo.nte.1 to act as secretary. Amongst the prominent individuals present were Messrs. Wm. M. Evarta, yime in Draper, George Kolsom.Chas B. Marshall, G. W, lJlunt, L. B. Jaanon, K. H. MeCuty and .lames M. Halstcd. Resolutions were adopted urging tho necess tv of plac ing tho State militia en a war footing, and making <iis adequate appropriations for that purpoae. On motion, a committee was appointed to make all tha arrangements for the public mooting. UNION DEMONSTRATION AT THE HALL OF RECORDS. A meeting was held last evening, at about haf-past seven o'clock, in front of tbe H?ll ?f Records n the City Hall Park. About two hundrel person* were present, tbe smallnees of the numbers doubtless xrrietng from tbe state of the weather. The assembly was address* d by Mr. Walker, who elated thai the meet ng was but tbe preliminary of a much larger ono to be held in a few days. Home allusions were made relative to tha present state of affairs, the patriotic remarks being rs cehed with loud cheers. The sta'ement that toe Secreta ry of W-ur of tbe Southern Confederacy bad thrrateaed ta have the Confederate Hag Hying over Washington by tha 1st of May, was received with groans and cries of ?'Never, never." In conclusion the moetxg gave three hearty cheers for the U mon. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN THE CITY. Governor's Island and Iks Recraiting OIBrrt-lH* Peeling amongst tb? Mi litia?Volunteers Preparing for Aotfton, &C>, Ac., die. OOFKRbOR'R IRI.AND still remains in a stale.'of "masterly inactivity." Tkern is nothing going on, with tbs except on of what litU# business we have before referred to. The forts ia tha bay are in the same rendition, nothing is doilf but the ut<ual rout ine duties. Whatever occurs ef importance to Urn public will of oourse appear in our columns at the earliest moment. THS RECRUT1NO OFFICES presented a ratber bustling scene yesterday, a number of persons being drawn to '.bam by curiosity. At the principal office, in Chatham street, thirty men wets re ceived, but it d supposed that some few of the number will not be able to pass the necessary examination. After the office was closed a group stood outside the doer, reeding the posted thereon, and as to tha'nnmber of men they weuld be;able to get. As we before remarked, there will he very little chaage in the number of men enlisted for the t'eited States Army <>nee the volunteer system A ootnmeneed, it will drew nil tbe people swsy from the regular government enl st. ing offices, as there Is more boner attached to n reiac * teer, who takes up arms to defend tbe honor of his coun try, aad to see her rights vindicated, than to the regular soldier who - nters the army for a stated number of years and with poouola'y motives, not knowwg *Mn and where he may be called Into act on. OCR MILITIA. Tbe President having In his proclamation stated the nece?fityof raising at once seventy live thoiswod men, It bar. of course, set military men of all grades talking end thinking of who will go and who will stay. Our militia, numbering M it does so many thousand abli bedK. men, la at once turned to to know what tbey will do, end for this reason we bare taken csp-cisl peine to arrive at n enfe coo clue inn as to the feeling diet exists In the minds of the men etttipcaii g the d'nerent reg ments of the Mate militia that are a'.nttoned In this city, and after dUig-'ot icq-.line , we ttrd that bat one sentiment exists, namely, to j-'fenu tbe ??tf* uad etripes, and t>bey tbe lews ant ordure of tl-? gnveici ,cr.t. Th're a--- Uumea ids of j nog m< " wh>, for tbe glory of the thing, will vol iDteor, and as they ,-?-e ell p'aottcs sold.era, 'fc, ir ?#. would be MlfudT valuable. | A rumor was In fireuiaii'n the ugh tbe oily yesterday that two cr three r-'gln-rn'e h*d vo'unteored. aad that n batul-on bad be.ii dril eg in ot r neighboring city of IVoeklyn. for lb# purpose of asskting the government; but we ns i'farl tliel "ar regiments, with a becoming difaitr are held' g hack until 'bey rece ve the proper orders. end U>">j tbey wlh prove themselves fully equs) t, ?l . trust reo ? n >n ?h> at Tbe Sevfnth, K'gbtb, gcvcn'v test, Six y, tud tbe mher prcmi svrtt wvtiUi-hts of tbe c :y, a"o, with^vtrg low ex c piions, i ?l<-n men, end will obey, m for as pumrfhle vUiowr Old - * t|< j may rc< ,v ir l( those to .ml I i y. Omt reporter veiled ai d ex rotsed wMh several of 'be lea-itrg roes m mr militia, and t?.yall appen-M ?? lb i k tn it tb" tut n c. .rupoeinc the Tor ous regimmts of ON I AO ON TUN IB f AOR J *