Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 4
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THE SURRENDER Uf F0RT SUMTER. ObIdImi af >h? <*?w Vwk Pltu of Yee t< ?n tor BarrtBfw of Fort Nimitr ' (From the .Tibvme ] Km t tkimter is hit, but Irf edom u> navel. There ia no mire iln-i-ahi "r bribing or c tuuug the traitors who Dave i;nreo to a.ui he r exu-uun bsl s tl the I'ag of the Union and those who g?ve thru- live* to de'ecd it It see urn bm >t?u>rd*> iltal at tea'I two third* of lb* journals of this -try were the virtual alllc* or the siceesiuouiie, iheir apolcgill, their chauipiuna rhe roar of the great cir cle ot battcri-e pouring tbulr ires hail ut?>u devoted Sum- ; tor, bh? strut k theni all dumb. It is ax If one had male a brilliant ami ell-olivu rprech setting forth the unocecco of murdtr, aid, ha vug just bidden adieu to the cheers I ami the gui-1 ghi were to be confronted by the gory lor in auu blaring e>ue of u victim oi a-maMlnation, i Uie lirst fruit of but oratorical sueeose. for mouths before the '-mo President! 1 election a majority of our journals proOkrtel forcible resist unoe to the 'govsrstnaul as tlio natural aud nat es tar/ j consequence <d a republican Uiniupt lor mouths since, they have been c.hoiijbiBg ouJ sncjuriagsg the slave holders'rebiilion as if it wore a very ratural and pro par prooueding l'hsir object w.ts purB.y partisan? i they wntijed hi bully the republican admin islrutiou lalo , xlmiuolul reorauticy to republican principle. and then cull upon the people to tvpei from power a party so pro lligale *nd oowarely. They did not succeed in this; they I ante succeeded m eutloiug tl.i tr southern piotcgos and j seine lin o al.'ise Into fi-tgrutii treason Tbose cannot be a rutioual dsubt that every man who aidea or sheeted the stuck ou Fort Sumter is involved in til" guilt oi treasou. Ihe federal constitution (Art. 3, Sec 3)|says:? Tnsstuu agalusl the Cnllel Fta'cs sball consist only In le vying war against tb< in. or on adUertng to ihtb ouemtea, giv ing term aid and comtort. That all the oesit geis of Forts Sumter and l'ickens hive tncurred the ixnalty of t teas on? which is death?is indis putable; hut h>w m' Ch on tuose oorne sboitof it who still persist to pettifogging tho cause of the traitors'' Witness the follow lug horn Mayor Wood's personal or gan:? The gn al fart is niton us Civil war ho* I* en commenced. Where It will end Ulcnowu onlv to that Higher Power "that shapes t-ur e^d?, roupa hew thein a-> wo will ' Of one thing, bow ever, we are thor -ughly oonvinjed?the loath c?n ueviM he subjugat-d by ibe Aorin, bur can auy maiked suixess be achieved r-galntt tbem. Tlicy bavo ua at evoi-v odvan age They fight upon I heir own aoll In behalf of thuir dnaroat righto?lor their'public lnetltutl ns, their homes and ihnli property. 'J hey aie abundantly supplied with i iu means and Appliances foi the Colile. I, are c..iomui;d J by -Olivers woo have tr.ught and wen battles hy the side . l IB ise against whom they ari tew array id, wi'li ranks lillel by in u as In tel.igr tit, patriotic tnd brave a. e'er taced a 1 oe, and a delor nnnalu.u never to be drb a'oib " # ? ? Ue Hi uih, In salfpie-ei vutlon, has been driver, to the wall, xndlnrctd to p orl-lm ila indnj-endeiiua. A servile lasurree lion and the wholesale a augliier ct' the whi-i swill alone satin fy ibe murderous de.-fim- of the ax aDoUtiomaU The a-ln Into nation, egged on by the hallo <if the bluet repuhl.ean jour nals ot thu> city, has sent units merueoaiy foroes to ;>u'k a quarrel and initiate the ac rk of desolation and ruin A r*U to made for an a mv of v iiumeers, under the pratcune that an itivonou U ap; rehunded ot ibe federal eapttul. and the nrit step will he to kuuouon the slave population to revolt and B auaore. If any journal issued within the 11m.vs of the Jeff. IVvis confederacy wire to putillvb anything like the nbovo on tho side of iho North, its editor and ail his ebettors wntild at core bo strung up to the handiest lamp post or toine couteniiiu limb of a t oe l\o rqjoioe tint .so ltvo in a rogtou who;e every ollouco ia loit to thecogni/aineo of the tribunals aud to tho punishment pro-.ciibcd by tho laws of tho land. Most of our join-mils lately parading ilie prar.fcs of the pecfssiti.if-ts with scarcely disguised exultation have been suddenly sobered ay the cu lion nation of tho slave holding conspiracy, fhey would eviicntly like to Juuti"y and encourage the trailers further, but (hey dan- nut; so tho amen sti ks in (heir throat. Tlio aspect of the peo ple appal* Ih-tn. air- well .-to republicao, dcaeervalive an i rsdicoi, instlce lively feel that the guns fired at Sumter were a Lined at the heart of the Ami re an republic. Not even in tho lowu-t gropgery of our city would it be Bale to proiioei) ct.eers for Ik aitrec ird aid Oov. Pickens Ibe titles of the revoiuticn were rela tively ten line s as numerous licto us are the upon sym palh.aoni witn tt.e I'a motto reuels. The niauiiootati ns ul tho Stock Kxihange on Saturday were symptomalie. of tho feeling everywhere. Ilisb-trd to I030 Surausr; it la a consolation to know that In it wo have ga.uoii a united people, bence'otth tho loyal Statea are a no It In (tneompromisit-g hostility to troamcn, whevctcr platted, however justified. Fort Sumter is temporarily lout, bit khe country is raved. IuVO the republic' ? . . I From tLe Time*. | o- '1 br? ,n' ,ai,( impassible, after all, that what ""?? ? flrrt i? bo a national calaaitv^nd wbicb rendered yesterday a memorably dark da* hi tt?o ex-... ? ZZ?Z"yrmUIOt ^lic.pal^d and prove,od lor in the SH-SKit'.SK-uJ'JKK.tS'SSIX Wij^S&iK, bi'iW^Ka;,) ? :r''?-?"?sss r srssaarct tempted rccaptarc or any comparatively valueless pw; I , ta w,el i?d by that Illustrious chief nod iwtrtot, whose forty years of active acrvwo lutv-o never known ditbooor or .' who, in iho (llsvpaearanco of > our goaf leaders, is providentially left to u-iund undar I!, ef?''lM,C<V thou*b wn nt* f?-r the time ho Mvh^tf hi* plans, we me always sure of i.xi io *ibeu?r:tial succ **. fe It in all either probable that Fort Sumter could not , ?!IT reasonable cost, have boon relieved .fte.r Mr' laac"Ui Mfcumed th? runs o( government lUl bo ho t coIUlU'.. the a my and navy, dUperstxi by Mr. Floyd m order to render H ashing urn and the foi to .m i mag c.u. ? atl' '*?/ "toy, and could avome something lnt? vigo-ona offensive action. It w.i important the. I i ort .-5JIOI ,r Phouid be retained, a., a point upon * nich to cocrentrate ?,? tnd.ury etrength or ,h. robe?, !." ,ri0a ' lo lum preciouB hours tu which to roocentrai" bw i,,-c.--' upon mr*e impoitdct and menaced oojnte. To abuul ? 1"^'J ^bue;!/relieve a largo force to operate agamat i Wtt?niagtcn an t Jon I'iekocs To h-m.J tbi? ronv in active till ibry could be reinforced n a luaunor to doi v attack was a master strokeof pol cy. ana uxt credit ' recti lo ueccral's military repute' on. ' This sdvsMage being gviaed, tue a"j-.tnietn.Mon win ' u?n |>repu? J u> teat Ui?< qutation whovimr ibo iXitu ilc rate States would allow the neuiimg i f eupnti.-'s t i a handful of finished soldier.-. cooped uplln Fork Sumter, lo r* liKve tbetr war.t- wax an act of mercy a- w ?.! as peace. To prevent It would bo &q a-.t of war. fir.a w ar uip relx la here inaugurated. Mator Anders -n a orders wore to act as Uo rttl al Fort Moultrie?lo c mauli the . UJ. > o ' if "ocea-ary. t - mporlor tor- ? Ibr ll.ct did not r. ad r vst'tau :c at it r :,d not w.tb out the risk of bung dwablol, ju.d, per Up,, d.-stroywl Covet oment was too wrag ;n i?? navd arm to . oc > intor mi, 72':^" U with it [ c>m niand of the er, and with 'le pirns. lo r/ ium uicc at. un Mdwie oatorcefnu,t of U.e revenue laws at tho p*u of tbo rebel uto,. II?t planter, a. a . .c t'f.nt, i-i 0 d aortr f iolw qp > ise. H w?, roti.iimctf i anlait fi> defence agaibst foreiim lavasion, which t* conuun piabal b> the guverLinnui. Ihe port of Charleetow, wo by way or Montgmne- i ry, i? bloi, Kvory vowed cnl-rlng or'.'.nvmil h ^ I" PMS the survetUan. o of r -h.poi war V? wonder that "the iStarientonU'in r?-arced with <:*eo aiion the Heel ihat reluacd to came to the rt-soue of the ge'lant Atdtreon.'' U wan not the plan oi the adm niairatiou thai ih>.y should go to l is r.wcuc at r o treat a peril It , woe from the start deet:ni<d to ?n ectireli diilen nt Oc d ' Noil tier the t. tout,, n nor surrenier ' of I ort Sumter could have any.bearing oa iho nobcv :b.. : Covernnitnt had markod out M ilwdf, Tl.ta w.u an' mo uiial case, that rtr-d solely ou u.i 4.?n nn-iin. Govern n.ent cou,d oet a.low Its llai; to lie disgraced ' y rptrent It is MrrngtheBed in every j%rt by t:1(. , jr ,,,r of tb* fort. It m?v not attempt, al present, Its r oture bm wi i notify the Ooofhrlcale st..'ce in?', till it ' o?i/,r, ,i" a ehqiorwar0 tlualt'Hto0 m,|sl I*?* ore, cue do It of TIic Orel act In the dram* wb'cli h;,a t.-rn r.ate,| n the intrri-nder of f ort Sumter, iimcee i of hur r s d. -a. . is, wtuHi wocoino to loot ai itn lecut, a cum , ,ut ' auocsee. u b*a th'own upon iho C-itoedura.i.'s t> ro rifporwiiulitj <>r commenclBg :ho war. It b is ?riven ua time to arm lor offoustvn operaliwu and to ce|. ci'' nt1'n ,1l*ceb*'for" "v"^^r> b.rither:.a u -et s >:,. eont t, enioioe the revenue lews, u.i to protect .ur ?Ofltinerre from Souther- [tlrhto, w- i hol.l .? polkl in Iho (,. ir- Kort l iekmo, h..y Woot '-nd Wtugar. We turn the (ordedor to. u ., ?elves V,o bold tho i >mmand or tb ? s-o upn, ?t th<-y cannot even float Alder man lV?h> - MOi? ' armu s wbb h lb. > nave roilectist sod arme.1 a , a Z? V.^rrB,*VUni , "twh 'dhe,, to hem p> Uul, the UiUe freedom of tho .gbt -w oxpieseion that may jet * Itley are liarmbas og-Unet ua. rbe ntt.e ,-om "tl" 'h?r mtat anbtnit to our All tbts the oonlodi rates at V/ntgomery may, m tf?,P imiadent THgn, oootemplAte with U i ern e nt.vwatton t '.at tbe t*-ople cf (rh.vleeton did tli? tie-? tbm r?( m i u> .c is?*e tin.-If to lire Water is tot ih-ir eleineet Wc u .m trand the evuntte up, n whkh tb?ir existenoe -lep. nda They have conim?nc?yl the war Wo now pro,*** t V(. th-jn n taste of our power with., it etp-Mug oursat, ? u> thetr attacks. Mr. . I. i;-rs n Ihtr'e hul goal cuute [o: boh g sick In bed at tho reception of the new, rbe mig'd the ad vantage, nr. icd at Waabugton, the titter inability of the cvntederaie forces to cope with is in tn? arena we hsvs <Immni in which in carry oo the c.'"U?t, accounts fcr the low ie<1 lone mlootod at Mont jr-tuery and the fiwblo salvo ol eev.m guus at to ir ?k!TkPi cTa n,,w tor ? content m a flel l it, wrntcb we bold their tltet in our hands, on 1 on wh oh they ianilot lurm ue to the extent or u balr. W? arc natieltwL 10 l(,Ut'W upiri'? ? """?*' ttu they arc entirely . [From the World 1 >? .te"TrThdC/?,f '"V *"nuu ?^??f^had berokutHy ' '' "rn 'w*n -leflanc- for two da a a r>.>tv to a bearr yf'h l| ,rutn to'iltitudlnosu. i, itior.ea, n remit tul r.elp "' k'* ''?>,tJ lu,-n. but the ptln 3be satsw.iV U ""'i'ffttet hJt humiliation ? be etds wlmb'iZ U " "? #?.. of ; a,^hTTni?lr *rV""r/ iU-" lb" rua Urn mv'ntibW tugTgr ^t ra ut^KT J1T*.p ,U in the *OT?r?m .uY -el wb?r In'L^ ?n ^ ? provlsioDiog the fort i? Tus t ttcuelM odda. The m^t r^* ?f anil.'tary snnale of tb- imld wM .t, a Z* test It was as cyptnot befor. band that n, ' ?"?py'm oou'd not be held, a, ,, ? 1 bit there was a 1 military n.axMiily' fir ( if pu,D I""*"1' Sumter. Put U> the heroic I. -onidn* ,i,, dea of retiring fiom Thermopybr, bei ome p 0 odd tut Vaser he defended, was Intolerable The high eoulod ? l'?rtftQ killrf HfM^d uol );8U*D to tho kItIco givoo him by j'Mirti I,t officers among his associates and scan don a im. anion lhat hud luwotne untenable With bis imm rul these buna.ed Sautaiis he made Therne.pyl . ,4 ?r,i?u i ' . ''betIr and an Inc ntlve to berolo daring t< re '" '"*t v?luntar,ly encountored Is the prolific seed of i rs victories, Just is the kernel of wheat which por i, T ,* Pa,ll) "???e'Jia-a <he v.tallty which oroat.w ?i.,.. .cii.mis aii.l Platca vtndlontod the wis Srime^,''his sublime horoisra inm, iri rnehnesa. Xei 'mliT'^} !*!** 10 *"PPOMd military vt,Thil'i r * r" 'wUry ewcution of Burater, the ?quipped fortrrrs listuld^*TlST"'' 'L,'* * ,,r"n't *?"? ?ii'ikebe?,,m.r 'tetrad of the burned and batterer and point oT view, ud wt bavs lost neither more nor lam then tf Sumter bed been voluntarily surrendered W tlu-m . Tbe government couiu not voluntarily five U up wltt out dishonor, because U would thereby be re as ertit d to Its own ?ubve*vion. It has now loet tbe fort, but under circumstances which here demonstrated its li . m dotei mtaaticn to maintain its author It jr. The ques tion is no longer whe her the government has tbe spirit, the ooursge end the energy of purpose which this grave emergency requires, but only whether the military and naval risouri es of the loyal dittos are sn oveiuiatch ior those of tbe rebels. That Andeson and a handful of men could not sustain them el. re, iiaatded, agaiiiat the elaborate preparation? which have teen making for many months uoi< r some of no most skilful oltlrers and acco uph. hod engt ix ers in ibe country, Is nothing; but It is much, it is oveiy thing, that wo bavo a government fiat <h dtuuted by no dUlicultiis that quaUs In the prescn >e 01 nu dan g rs, that U resolved to do its whole duty to itself and tl e country. Toe free States have never for a uiouieul i oub'eo the suiilcunoy of their military resmrcos; tbo only misgiving has been as to whetber the lulmioletrs tlcn bad enough vigor and determination lo use them. Happily, this doubt is now resolved, and as It ?ae a fore gone conclusion?a 11 military necessity,'' if you will that we weie to lose Sumter anyhow, the country rejoto ss that it hot not been y eld?d up uy pusillanimity, but wrested tr<m snerget c resistance. We have ro-euauted, in spirit, the famous rtpiy of tho Spartans at Thcrmopy li when summoned to give up their arnm:?"Come and bike tbem.'' Civil war is, no doubt, an evil; but it is not the part of moniiuess to cbauni jeremiads over it when It Is ac tually upon us It baa been certain, from the beginning, that ihc seetfslou of several states Irom the Union could not be consxiumatod peaceably, the government has ioiborno while It could; but acts of war perpotrinted against It by the rebels render longer forbearance impos sible. The people of this couutry cannot allord to live under a government which may at any time oe dissolved at tbo caprice or any State or combination of states. We live under a constant . sense of Insecurity so 1 Icrg as wo are without any adequate assurance that Uie government will survive tho noxt lTeeidontial nice tion If tlii'so seven statue can go out because a Piesident bus been elected against their wishes, the Now Kngbnd Stales, or ihe Northwestern i Slatrs, may withdraw for any frlvoltus pretext it may ' suit tlx m to set up, and tbe I nicn has no more coherence | than a rope of *ond. Tho principle on which the South ! em rebels are acting cannot bo admitted without opening llio door to general disruption and universal anarchy. If . tbo re belli bavo aullicieiil military strength to accomplish ' a successful revolution, wo shall ul last acknowledge j tholr lndefiendence; but they cannot be allowed to have I It on too easy terms, lest States that remain should bo tempted, in a Ul of transient disaffection, to follow an ex ampie thai would have in it more of Invitation than of i warning. Tho only course now left lot the government i is to make IU power felt. The public voice demanls I Unit, since we .ire ia a stale of war. llio contest shall be sburp aud terrible, in order that it may be short. (From the Sun.] The bombardment of Fort Sumter Is certainly a battle by itself, and tbe whole affair u transaction without a piriiPel. Kxcept the gl-ri ius career of Anderson in Cbiulcston harbor, now sadly but to him houorably tor in mated, we need not remark that we have no single point el satisfaction to dwell upon as American citizens, j 'lhe wli le conduct of nlluirs at that point, ou the part of the I mted states, is oue tissue of unmitigated morlttlca i tiou und disgrace. As if it were not enough for us to { smart under Uie pity of tho world and the hum illation of ; our ow n reductions, we mast be subjected to the scorn of [?oriurod traitors, who, if they have neither truth nor b inor, nor love of country, bate mettle. audacity aud foice of arm to redeem even them from pure con tempt. To think that a petty State, interior to one of our considerable towns, revolted for purposes that I poor lllllllSBtlT itself abhors, has advanced in three nx uUib to swollen und menacing success, nud with swift and uncfcsokndptrids, conquering auu to onspHriinr the dishonored constilutlou and laws, the o >v.od govern 1 ment .uid iho ovnpowo eu forces of tun once glorious I arid great Amoncan republic. To think of five thousand ; "coul odor ate'' felons, without on<- gun. or shot, or ounce ! of iKiwdcr, whk h ,hey ha; not stolon with trea horv nod ! violence from tho United SUtca in of profound , peace, deliberately getting reauy nuirto u treuiendous 1 batteries of our own urst guns, :uid pouring a forty hours' ! storm ot shot and shell upon a faithful United States otli : oer mid sixty men, while a United Stales ilea, loaded ' down with land and sea artillery, lay quietly in tho ' biting, looking on at the horrid battur. Every true Aroo 1 runtil heart U th 6 day sick w itb shaina i It wuuld be a pn mature judguiuut w consul e un ;mdl ' tU ually, at pres. nt udv ices the conduct of itix ollic th of ! the expedition, whoseeool Inaction In >-tgbt of Insdespe ! ret* extremity. told upon Uio noble h"a-ted Anderson i more he avils than all the guns of tbo uic r.iy andforced i ?w< n Uio bold outlaw* who uoteagurcd him ? > r'uui caeoni ot aumulng sympathy mingled Willi Wen snot, and to voi't cuisu) and grout!* for th? p.mlllonlniity ? i the mm raots wh > Miou'd have succored him or fjl'cn wii'i bun lo u man. We cannot help thinking thero was an oppor tunity for an act of daring heroism, ?1ih b might or ai'uiji not liavo bom succ ssful, but which the world would have admired forever. Instead ol this, it. a the impression freni present sppt-a anted, tl-at whoever h. id tbe responsibility at tea on tatorday halt earned perhaps trie reputation or a dir eieot and prudent officer." Ibesluguiar ooBc.nption, "a bloodies* victorywhich the can'oder*! are enabled to ,,pply u> this Kiiair. is a scathing sarcasm upon the c-ffl ciet y of our boar ted ?relict uoet." It is Ktie enough U> fay there U blame and disgrace l.Hitie auicewber?. If the force was no ocutdl that any itu-mpt to talse lUe slogo would hive been eh or mat er ?? w hy was It scut, with notice two or turn ,.iy? uh. ??i of it* arrtv al, of the Intention to provlti >11 the 1 m t peaceably. or failing that, to relmorcc i by arm-? fcilir'u the govurntDCUt or da ?moors appoar to hive mode an imbed* botch .1 it We cm only uoih; thai ofUcjal cr ratdas am* (how that efllc.hmt If 'TValk.uB and sol . ? riike nuri? t-0H were thwarted by the dom-nts or .a. rr causes lievood human foresight or control. ;! u lerling of vhe confederates lUenii elves oa the ml i ,., t ought to be a i< e? >o?if a lesson could be ol any "Lt to those who think mild caution the right way to d... J whh una'm :md met lusnrrocuouary war. M..Jr Au<U rtou is almost as i-.puiar for hM iter a ilddityaraong ib i. namy ?s wnocg hie loyai crieutrymon. ruoiiabo ?cl tv and cowardice, ou the other hvtsl. wli ."V Uiosd j liidtratloD of the government has herefot .re sa .ered | u be Ur. puled to it with oat contra, hot ion. oxen on y , contempt and cruelty iusuad of hind ?miai^rai.oaam^i* j th, .osmshis with wli..ui it temporizes. 11 Hi* K>v r,i ment bad made ueeir rtvpacMW and ? ored it w?mt b*\c b.-en obeyed?or at least, not b-nrced, insult. U, p. im . dorett, oifled and trampiod In tie <lu*t by a hindml o. ( brrvtarts Virginia herself will stand by tb, uidb, if it all. not as h?'i rouvontionlhU threaten on ind.liou or j Its huiti nder, but on condition that I nukes itself r>- ( *' uut there wUl be no more tamprrlzing Tim blool is \ cr ana both side* know Hut ihe?e run b ? no ipiartor. . The nation was awakened by 'he guns or tne lith or aiwil, and will ftard uo more nous"t.s at wainingiwi. rncr to trhuy last there were tv 'lies, but no two i crtics can now bejound. Tb .e coufed??fctes know snrt anticl|Mtte. anr tlierrfore, eTtn thou b it were not tine, their own desperate advance wiu so..n niite it mi I resMtcnl lure-da a .11 have to debt for the npltv., un'esa II has Ulty thoi sand "peace maK'bs ' tu rowuto >un<W, md ready for its UeiVoce, within a lew diva. 1'ic.ou* will follow itio faVi of ?'uniter, if not sp-s- ij r<- alorced. W ihoul an efloctivt hsaskaoe of tlie reb, i i?jrl?, Uie ii ,t.-iry and even naval armament of the greet c w rpiracy will be rapidly rawed to a formula do force : Ine mote poster ami energy the goveinaient put* forth r. w , tlie lers't will need usreatter. (from the .lourtial of Commerce We are enabled to lay before our read *rs. <pittc In acta 1. the important Intelligence from Chmleatmi, coo c-rnlta the attack upon, and surrender of, fort Sumter, and aiMi jiformath*, apparently authentic, tr< in t\ ash, r.gton, inalc.itinthe policy which Ui ? l^ .Untwiil pursue, in tne present ooodiUm of the << "ntry- 1 ueed not say ih^t uever during our counrct.en with the . m ?g have we b en called upon to chronicle news so aiartnlag, or Involving auch vital coBaequc- i.we to the r ,? ntry and prohably non*-, In which the j> ?ple on tula j ivmilcMit onu ihrtHiglumt the world, are to pro,oundly , ''WTH'^ve neither apis e nor incltnallon to comment ? ?>n ti c dotaik o accounts of the asaaelt upon Kort Muu.tur iiv the f ?rc<w of the (im/cderatc HuttM, 'te wur r>-n<ler alter i hotly coutested but nearly iciug-'.e.and tbe retirvineut ot Jiivor Andisrson and hi* men l.-em a tortrces which they have gaQautly held In the face of thisiitened aeeeuit, until ita further 'Kxujra ttoirbecame Impractt'able. are matters of which the reatfirwill n<?*i only tte facta pree-n-ed in our 1 coluiuns and resjs eiirg wbi.'h there * very little oc I raeion ior dJic Won or argument. Our privin.* is j i ather U> deal Willi the great question whl-b now agt 1 t it. e Ih.'country, and wbmh, ar iwon a inlelligeBer of ill* tr .enactions In CUi lesUar lutrlsir thai I lie undor 1 d, will prounoe the pnrfo?Bdeet sensstioe throughout the civiluwd W>rlh- . , Civil wtr now ev.ste n formidable proportions, m l rn | uwti ,i fell iptrit shall be speedily ortcated, th" i/ ui.try w ? eoeu be delug vl With bl ast Tils ?pe< Ch ot I'rorW ul I itellverci to the tkmimtttee of tbe Virginia ?>>? vett.oii on satur lay, taken in connection with t.v<s other faets ar,d circomstanoas by which w? are at tuts t me i -iirraon. cO, opens up, in the rawi alarm'ng maguli le, ' ilie lAiiH's of tlie g<AerMie ut at Waehin^tou, and gives oa 1 'm u.c' ht .nio Ut" purposes which have lb s for centrol o,l lb* i.ew a<lminiatratl<,n. The ITHMmI s ?wn biter preuuoa of toe uiauguial M? Tully ss.-uins the uo oersundiug wbw.h we h.ul of It at th" t me of its i rst fub.icaUoo, and pr v<w that at no time b.u the i?-.tcy L.*n one of ixee-.. he now doclarca thvt In malting kn wn fcrf mrioee to "occupy i*n>t i?wae * proprrty and p.-cor beio rill Ul the govcrnment.' be tnu-nded, so for ,s lro eou.d to retake those whicb had b.en a-1/.-d bofore tne vernm. nt came into his ban is, and he still aub-r. * u> ih, Uh "ry that the 1 nion la ucbrog-n, and thit Uio milt tar" I*uta and pwhllc property bemng to th" f,deal go "rnment as much as .hey did bef.are theeec > on tue Hlatee now cnmpoelng the BouthJfn oonfederimy If this of the President s wan fo.iy ? .-n ' rs. ? niioniie.kl, it I* mu'ners now, when tie : tercli. nl of ih" (V.tifedersie -imee is thoroughly OTv ino. ' 'I'd to oo.T.tii n end all the mtlfUry !?*" "lthul 1 "l"' w^ili two or three ev options, in their t?"w ? wn .v- ? r. mar bid 'o comm. Btinf upou th.- In. .g iwl ., it * M.-tmg up the theory of an unbroken ImoO iga.ust tlie nraidi." i !?? ? ef a divided esd dlswor. <?!?-.- ?l Ull0{t, gov arownt upon athemetc*! ...sump !*^ alter ibauup n ?he proew.i '< - ?? b.u. . He .4 I rem e* ..?? What we d?m m , >? tup., pie ul theln-i.d Mates and the M-ntiavut o. i.- sm. d I d.m,u,d-do. Mr. I.l.ic-?-?? ? u,.' "h "a^ t . tm L ru. ri Ui I' Hi. ftOtl ^ U I "? * leal, red urn any thsordtlcal ideas ?M'"the siab d the ?. intry. lt.stewi of this. Im Marte.1 with a gorerr..... a' .1 theory, and attempted to make ?he fa. w ;uid ! ." ' nis'ratlre poilry conlorm Uereto. head lbs r ad he is- ntid Ui ibe ?nsequehr' a of such sUte?m*nsh.p n | I eld It >n ? nation mvtlved In civil w cr?broth, r lit'og sgainst brotiter, .-dato agatnet -'tate, aeCtKHj agonet .<>:? ii -r,, rm.l at Ible m imeut an hundred thousand .'nee i>r? l?r dot io otigeg" in aravage and destructive wvr. Tfj" a "Hon 11 the '.?keith'-rn people has been mSb aad rrerlptlaf II ben rn.l been marked by 'bat pru em 1 and paiteuco which wo bwl bop-d 10 wllces.. 1'iev hare ?s.iune<t that th? rights which have been denied ihem will ooutinne to be withheld, and that their o,ilv remedy wae to be found In a separstiou. We, oo .lie contrary, hoped for advantages to ibem, for jostl've and equal right*, fiom delay and an app?ai to the people, and we urged np.m them that policy They these the direct road to a sop?i ate ciiateuwe through c ocmWb, tad loflh rswsui k EIM the war bu> he?Jr~?fiJ??*?lr *?<! upoathla rfeg hat o the iwp^bST^ ^n? ^??7 rtipumtbilli t. however inu?& fr.1"*.**? flf,t ?un~* Uw of tb* President to tKTviSKfti ' . deolwra fully indicate hi. purpnaeYo JJ?i"r*.C?nunllUs<; wb"* guin pom, rtioo o| lh, p?blhJ 10 ?n*muuu ? "??? the fault In thl? unhapot rental* i. . .. ?II in one BK.e. Bo'h DertuTht^ U 1101 by "V nt'iuui rora, through which the^^ h? ?*nltN ptm w , war, the extent or P1'111'"1 mlu * ft'rsee. but which, at the which no una ran trout, to en ^ r^|,ilc,T r^i', P??m0* the bteteiui tits (ouUcVuIh ?or*[ ?Qd material ioteaeu. 1'ffton.Troin AlC, "?? **?"?? aotue <fegt?,, tho kmd aTVS SomU? 1ij(Ji?,,u>- la wgage Hutk!rec? or thcmn^d "of mm 7a tf? a ^ ttUKwa of money ' Bu<! hun'lr,'<lb ?r called upon for .u of thoTCfi ,*?d e"rr JfS a-e to be fiiimn.1, r. a .? .v ,, Wood and truaatne wh ch ol unwilling member* of iho wlllUl3 oul main aeajnat tw?iii L U?K??to compel mea to ro ??Z'lZ?L"?'??r^,r>>*'r;?a'' K tt of the governed. ' 11 eshit b' *? 000 i*.w sy ?? ?cSri,aufs "o nvsigzL'?""'?- ??' Tho United buie* 7m oTweot if, d?T,m'lr waul ww> the >Uhi ^ , T l Wlir T^o former Ciiltu tPn of ^hiahie. Pol,?'a? exercised In tue rtvolu tiw-xr" ?i? leTrn r^n, iifn ,?7, ^'P1"?*^ be aubHtuuUd I?t ua and If co^Ntlt ^ Pute* "bet the, demand, them iro in r^e 7? e na ual honor, grunt It an I let ^ 8?PP.*om,?Hr ': Ml^t *^Te wwtod Mm war Stuu k back Into the iC/'m" 10 (L?'"X0 tb ' Bec<Klia? can be i Hi iv..,! t? 7k .' much satisfaction then prSvVr .rSt humiliation, if tun snail alblSfKwi^'bow ?uK2Pte tl,ro";"' lh* the hcai'incJ of 11,7 ?Jho Pro?r **r.ty, the glory or nioted by nny v'ctor oe whkJh' ??th'lllCr l'r" the other r vlcwr'? which either may achieve ever i sss^SSSSffasr5 i coii'aent. t ^i,i K?. .K now demamlod in not the tb ' war Lnrt i n'.^ ' k" f0""** whn'n ?rrc8t | of our bbel t ^ 8 U0W tDrMUn lh? detraction I From the Courier and Kooulror 1 I s^tA? ^i^-wyrssns i 5 - m?n.?^rB atVd and ^ritn^tS1 and mnuitiobs r.f war of course III Ti' prov'8'OD8 pri'ptred for uea.Cim the P7iu,, m! "Z1 Q0,1 publications have re- entiv been mn,ia .7 un,t J01 pilHsii Sum..r.L'rVV0; rjlte,pftt?^ ucU; in hia honor, IIui'mSi ?-LLhK ^ loelii g which they IniHclim i i.! *! highly the cblvalrlo rollerod. h"1 "k,0K he ? "tMimnil of honor or ,lutr It *,at hl" '',st ,,'?"1 tlmt he did oot abandon it u ? ? k Uk> t:v, ; '' then have pl/icen .f oat of his'oowrrw ^'""T b" ' and rebels will, -hom he ,b? tr<l" ,rrt ' his country and hi. <a>untrv , 1 K u w,a I infamy, y p "ig tbts ^P disgrace and : SHS,?3:sk! that battery and 1\',. Mootu m s'imlcrkl"1W ?Ul bi"> CJU!AlreKl trool's 'he relioi In huawvT to thifl, frl^rwl shortlv nn^ hwtnai>? !o".r?':r:"r"",,b ?V^W'.^s'Wi.S.ff jste Sr tcauinets aod the men at their rswt.s but the fcremptorlly rctunsi to In me hre on tile rim u, a J',Z 1" IS-'K-JSES"'*1 ? JZi aa.^'s.m's s'U"ss,-f iui4 h? (lOuhJcsjjjy) bclJevod ho woui.l disckars** it hew! ! norubly ,e the oijntry, alth mgb he could not jastlfr hM the Pt.r'f'tfm'weit!,,*l!ll,n u g>ro pret s-lirm to . , "'r or t,u " '-3t. lie puH all Major .iaderson'asvm 7 '.t i J b0'8' ai"1 tJl^' no bv. tuicn four in til i j br ,l1" r> ?S",W ^ 'he Uto ?on. Clinch were ,V'?r arn,T; ?"'?that th.. Mu.ior did net conceal the Sen yi 'i nrV'^nV,W"U1ld hc- onc? rrlorsc'1^reru hi? iiikj awl.Ward position, boar a'ms ugalust the Sautn but would cither resign or U lor a lurkugh to vLf.i ?^H be's-rnelnmmd thai we speak net from h-wr k . i (" , t #n,J the letter which we de scrHx.anu beyond al <|Uention, It |g now In exlstcnn* and will bo fotthcotnibg when nuvsearr The effect of tho letter upon M - party to w.V m it w J mldrcs^T was favcrablo U> Major An iirsoa, and wx contam th^l J? wi re tavoiubly Inferred wlt'l, H,7nt^S2f ^ ,.7h T? lUt lf ?"nTlrwt*T itti ^:?x\ wz^^nUar Ui^rn I >ou I, It day ,n coillakm with New then, let US look at the Carta ?r iki. -? ftn ier aapibll.Le.1 in .he Br'"ar^rd"l<!fdnpthe " rrft pou"-"ce betw -on (feneral ? c.c;, we r,. z ,s?g?:r ?*?= Ui:M>RA( M TO TWK *YA Rl.TAI'Y OK WAT i'l! U?Lk.?TO*, A pill U, Tu 1.. P. W vi.m a. ?o cret.iry of *ar wait Anderson replie fhaveOie honor to a<-kiio?lri!te he receipt of your own n.inlcalton demttUoing He evacuaik n cf this fori, and to "*T 11. reply Ui?<? .0 thai 11 In n ('ems' 0 ? 1 :i whl-li I rffiret tost tr y itiue of )>.>'or acl utj oh. (pukim. [ n.> g>vrji.racut pre riDt my nttnp.'lAi <*. Ho aeds ? Probably I vlU await '.he tirnt alioi. ind ii' yon do not botusr n.e h) mec. s we will Ik- turned out in a few day* r. u. t. iie?uBROAao. Now, we venluro the awe-1|. n, that not alt lntol!l|C"rt p< r>on In ruiy part of the coutti y read this remark of 10P Atdwstb'a, without beui|| shock* 1 at its purport. Hole ??? Uai i-i nim n. Iw.tJ I a 1-e ou^uM-d fortroM, threatened with 'lut.o'.luito n.ty. k, jr. turf private ?titelll citicetuibtinrmy of bu w? ktMt, ami Hhowing how e.wi.y too could ho captured by star \ at I m. M<.-t erSLredly, ?h< m''it iry.. an alii ,:f no natloa oyer < u? L. red melt un exhibit' ti of imbecility, uud tbo mind of rimj loaWr wim Alurtl d ?t ih" aim.-t irrcaletlble con ctueicn that tl denoted treachery. It waa not intended for the public eve Next look ut the tekyrnph In tbo Ni:w York Ifimitn of Bjturday, headed "our detpatcbfi tram Chnrlee Lit.,' there, In italic* and with double knulrf, Just as we give It, occur! the following panirfruph ? rtr h.'1r*"il "'"I i'/. '<*ul i "i ,V'i/.'r lo.ferarm vywiA* fin' I'' ?' '* '' Ht'iu k liift/y f/. "r't at thu Af*i t/l Ml n hi- fhitruet* 1 omt i*t(< Can any retronao'e min doubt but the Author of tbi* pararraph knew of ? r lusorcteU Atidcre o a troeeon, Aim wna tori stalling the pubhe, mind iu Dm behalf T And so with every upecud dcxpatoh. The grcete*' peir* are taken to Uu'l nnd pralre Mvjor Aaderaon. The ptibik. ?ru loid tn advance, '? Major Anderson to nobly dottp bat duty," "tbo gallant Anderson Ih lighting brn-e Iv m?o linked the Kc.trst prooantlcfl* Are taker. In All the ih eput. hva published h?f. 10 the aurrcn.ter to proluje a i ivrifHi te impieaAiun in invor of Anderson. Why wan tloer I'id the writers touw wi ?t an tn emtio And the no ci sen y 1 f u?er?l. a fn m h m the Coodrmr.atkH] 'tain to f. ihvv And in k wt nil the despatches Ulncc he sur f 1r>< ?r ?? the fort. I " they nut invariably l?ud Andor HI) atd reek to throw censure n|> n onr Hoot* Mul what ??i Oio plain and obvious dnty of MAt",r W drrson or any h"tu fl nu n In bl? p?.- ;(ion.' fle koew that a large flee with tro-'p- aid pro .? 113 for his relief wae a 1 hard, sod that all liu rf n nm.eul .teked of hIra wah to tdilo liie time Aid not aurieti nr. lie tor what h s toes, or how . nh nnble itunter became, h s only w?e to bold it until tie enemy captured It. With this" ktowlriigo of li s po^fon and bis duty, be colli weo d hia r< sn-Liiire l> tlw attack of the rebate, and ail r thirty hours nt 1 oi bnrnt iept, ad of havlnrf hia ? aiv bresih.Hl aid ihr.e fourtbH of his command Me 1 nhtcrrd or rendered A. r? rf.i, ,n,bat, as It was r.'asoo able to snpfese wouk he tbo ni'-, bs hold be tttnls lilm n If |i.?t a? eatable ef eontinnihg his netetanse an he wv? wlen he commenced U-having only live of his roei w i nded rot etie OenJ, and his walls uninjured exuopt ? hat their sur'are had been ve'a> ed And yet tn thin po sAk n ho ToiuiLiruy runt up the white tl** . trail! is the (inn the t-Urs and sirijHw, ignemliiKiurly lurrendern Irs | <?t, aril vtrP sHy priclaims tiimseir a traitor to hia country, and fa be to hie honor ar.d his t.od. And this too, with a fleet (S 1 nlted -t'a'es viire.aor war ab<I transporte wi'h tnsi|si with n s ght ot him iTne, his bairiwks were on lire Tbo woodwork of Fort

Sumter wan hnming!' It* pnrlew and h<* ceope and oiflcer?'quartern were in flamee I! And what If they wre' what tad they to do with hie defeo.eV Nay, why <M M attpvul tticai down * burn them before the attack n?mrriiiT Ha bmr, m mm kin.. (kM I hoy ctalrlkuHi m part of his ????? of 4 of coca, ?ix) at haul were <? y In am war. He bed dm euaanoi tux) his mounted gui? in thorn, hi* magazine* untouched and unharmed, bU a hot aud ?be;U> and pow or aud nil bis tun to uee thorn. M(? Ova who bed buffered scratches i,. in the rebels. Even Lie watu, fur nil the purpurea of lit* colotce <aud they were never doaignea for orna ment) . won- aa perfect as ever, although somewhat da loiec ec4 ba'b red, ei?i their paint rubbed off by the ? ? bete well Soived artillery. And yet he ruua up the white.'lag and strikes to rebele the stais and strip-si Why did he go into the doi.iiee of Kurt Huiator If bin ln> touts iinMbi bui render It while his ability n rue let woe unimpaired? llkd be been true?had be been h-meet?had be not been a traitor; even If a brooch bad been made In his mulls, bit ainmuu iitoi capeuilid, mad every man of liu i ouini.iid eub.r killed or wounded, bin duty would hove bee ij to hnvo tola wbo eurvived to get uuder cover' iu d pu'iemly wait until relieved by hw f -loo is or luken pi sh'm i n of by bis em-mi-n. And yet he surrendered? ignobly. fully and licocherously surroudored?In order to pi 01 Kit the gullani soldiers of the Union g'tting poraiFeloo of and defending this important publlo lorueM. A* lo the burning of bis woodwork?his henooops and quar'o-r?making It mi*ewtry to surreodir the piet H i.ii uoiuli to the intelligence of the country; sol what is mote, It approi? by our despatch that tun terrtblo are was estlnituhhel by his own oomaouid Immediately alter the surtenuor ano before al<l com 1 reach Una Why was not ibe surrender delayed until alter the lire was ex UsaiilMt ?<1 grout we may act do bim injustice, but ss the frets now Mined we hoi 1 li m io be tbe vilest traitor tbe world ever raw, ami such wo doubt not will no the jud; mi 11 of the c.'Urt martial thai true bi n. W e i enact but mourn over thiagieat national disgrace; but tno ' blood ol the martyrs won the seed at the chinch:'aLd so will it be now. The country will uow put on 'is armor in eainest: and traitors and robots will mi on meet with tbejurilco tbey so nobly merit. By the bv where Is the "blood of the martyrs" 1a this caocf thirty hcurs of torrible and trommlou-i tiring from Sum ter by "the gallant andeison," ami not a re.iel killed? nay, not one wounded even to enable liirn hereafter to boubt that he wax one of KalotaiTs valiant troop! What a bl.HXilifir vx-iory I How precious in tne sight of Audor trm w?s the blood of inn o chlvaric re bo! a who Urud upr n his men when exposed on a raft ui gutting wh at to pot out the Ure. Weil may be say that tbe wonderful iri 'ipeot the lib- Is from Itjury of any kind was l'rovl det tial. We do not agree with bim, however. 1'rovl Jccie does net couutcnonce iebettion and perjury; but man may so direct bis guns as not to uo injury to those at win ui they aio apparently pointed. It im not wonder ful that And ibou'a command worn uniujiiie 1. They would have been htumed 'or a week to; but the escape of the rebels is ui least curious. (Prom the Evening bust.) It is evident .nalticneral fccoit boa once more biat-ui tho Atomies of bin cuntrv by n or A fore of hw admirable btrntr gical genius To do no he has, as was neo.esnvy, aullertxl not omy traitors, but loyal meu, to rest under a mcutppribi iisi n Iboflu whd remember the Impatience wi'h which the American pub 'c watched hit apparent maction at oue psriod of tbe Mexican war, will eoibaie forgotten the shout of actnlraticn which went up from th pi. pie whon it was it 1181 discovered that the suppuaed toacliou bud beru in teailty tbe wisot uud shrewdest action, and that by the meet masterly dixp ay ol muiwy strategy lie ban outwitted the enemy, and obtained a splendid victory when out-girt but defeat aud oMaxtor stared our army in tbe face. He wh<i reads and compares can fully tho doapatrhSs flom Charleston, Montgomery uud Waab-ngl >n iu this morning's journaip, cannot uvo'.d the gr I'irylng conelu sum that thai wmcb 1-oks a;. t1r?t b' like a disaster to the government, is in reality but the sue osstul-carry lng out of an admirable pb-a of mlhUry operations. lie foie ibis the traitor.- n o thorns' Ivex caught lu tbe toils. In (act it seem8 to have sickened the chief traitor, Iiavis, already, ior Montgomery despatches relate that r.h- ii tto nevs froei Charkst n came, and tho mob 80 renaoru I'avis aid Walk'-r. < the former wn not well and did not appearaid evi u his aec'Gtasy wax cod live cf wot (is, aud "(ieclli-ed to tnoko a speoch." The facts which tend to the conclusion we have point ed net may he summed up as follows:? Gcneiai dcctthas been averse to tho attempt to rein force Icrt Sumter. He saw that it would cost meu and vessels wh'ch the governniont could not spirejuflt now. As n able general, he saw that -hunter and Ob ?r .ox ton were poinie of no military importance, and would only need valuable uien to hold, il we took tliem?with no rub ricate a tvantage gained Ile/nw that the two kevs if the position wero Kurt Pickens in tbe Uu f, and Washington, >n< knew what Davis had not generalship l<> perceive, that on the 4th of Match, and tor.simn weeks a terw-irds, It would have been airorst impossible for tho federal government to ddend Washington agaiust such a force r.s the trail i? bud already collected before '.Sutn'.er, and which could be marched at aoy time on a capital not yet prepuie'i for defence? not yoi even purged of traitors, his plans, based on there fads, were ut onco Ma W liWf means la his power bo concen trated the aitcntiou of traitors uud loyal men on Sumter. He must Uavc seen with miiulto satisfaction the daily in cresi ng lbrr? Ki'bcred at I barleKton, while the govern mi nt a 8t uo timo in strengthening tbe capital. Evory hour the traitors six-nt before Humter gave then only more suri iy iuto the bunts of their ruastor. to make usHur-tuce doubly sure, he pretended to leave Kurt 1'Kk-1? in tbo lurch It was cud to be in no dan gi r, when !SC'-ll knew that a formldatiic force was iovext liig it. Men feoreu that all would b- lout by the inaction ol Uie guveiuou at, when It wax nevermore shrewdly energetic. At i.tht Vf ir-hlriglon vvat r. tvu.nably safe, forces wre gaibored imce aooie cur bruvo old geuerai xaw himself with mtoib .n hw hands. Tliou come the oiinamenl po I puUny believed to bo destined for .Sumter. Ine goveru tne&t said rot a word?only ask-.d of the traitors tho op p'-riunlty to send its own garrison a needed supply of cod. liji v rt (used, and Icarirg the arrival of tho fede ral fleet, u-Ti'.k ari l besotted with treason, and Impatient to sh< d iho h'oisl of loyal soldiers, they made the attiik. Me ice bgd litey beg -n wiicn they saw, with evidout t.i-riu t-bipx hineriug aonut the bu'hor's mouth; they p'ie iboir ear.ui'ti in dep. .aie bast-r, but no ship come in to Arde.iron's help What wis tbe matter" Maiie bold by the furious thirst for i-loid, tboy dared the sb-pu to come in. But no ship oilurod lis uealstoni <t to Aciboeon. Mure, the g-ins of i-uret-r were only r?l ai Ibo w rks of tho traitors, Aud Wmor Audersonevi ileuily tr - 11 > tire in Hu-'h a manner a* not to kill men. He -lid not even try s few bjmbt ou tho city, though It 'B CerU-n, from n letti r of ore of his own nthoe.-*, that Ilia guiiH would reach bey - nd the centre of Charleston. It bat was the matter ll- auregard must tunc tho tghl tho government oifiix rs '-oth foots aud cowards. When his i *n beats were railing unhirtned about the har bor, between dumt- r and Moul'.rio, bearing his orders, W-.H it pi- ribie that the forces outsulo could stand apti tb-.-iic whi e a bravo g irruu-n was being done to deathr W b- n ;hc battle wax to tbe death, would a shrewd otti ccr ni-etect io divert his enemy's Mtontrnn by tiring his city f If ,t f -ernod mystertvus t) us, wai'iug on Saturday with b?- athlcre s- .-jieuso, it must bavo seemed incompro lu r,? b;e U> ai y cool beau in the traitor camp. 2-??il no ships come in, aud iu fact the reports .state that only lbn-o or four sTuall vivs la remained In tho etlu g. After lorty hours c uinona.e. In which not one mail ;s killed. Major Andersou. an odlcar oi undoub ed cou- age and honor, runs up a wldto rlig, sii-renduis the foil ami hi-cumes the (pe st of <;en?r*l Hivmregard. Lot do i-iun iuusliiv cry ti.iilor He only obsyod hut orders, lie made an honurablo celonce. Ho took cure to sbed no blood, "o "gave oi dors not to sight men, but to ailouco bal'-Ties." M-uniime. while the rciwls are ignorantly glorify log the victory of live Urouavu.' ui- n over uigbiy, wuat tie as cotoi-s from Monlgcmcry? Thu leiog-ijib, in the bauds ol' the rebel*, says ? 1 cri 1'icken* wd* rein<orced Hut n'*ht li 11 ure'ersw od iliat (Harlcston larborl* blockadi-d. 1 ipa:< hi i from 1 louterant Slimmer, captured by the rob- gave cavis the fbst intimation of b.s dofoat' Mo winder lbe rebel chief whs --sick." and wuot to bed? No wonder dun his Secretary, Woiker, declined to make a s].' "ch I And wbst from Washlrgtenf Tlieao s gnlUcaat para grsphsj? tfd ivpor* that And?rson has surrendsred, an 11* the gu"st of Mural Beauregard, hrif twin commnnlcat"d I<> the i renu l wn(> Ibelatter was not miri.riiwd, lull, mi tlir ci.nlrwj, n mm k"d, ' fhe supply vesu l? could out r.-acli liltn, and ho itld I rlgl.t When ho was told that the repert ?*s that noboly was In rireu in tort Sumter in-??emi o very nmrh ano n jrarkrd that he regrr't d thai wsjcr andenmn oo In | n"t be ?? *t" all #" nr d''*t | 11-.? neii ?. tin ihe play will represent a aoetn al fori I'lra I rnr, hi itmii la htitior. Th> po-itlon of til'alrs in th'-a- Chftriastoo In block ado J. Kort I'tokens It- relnfor. ml by troop,-. which the traitors foolishly bOllevod wore destined lor bumtor. Waehiug ton >s secure beyond pcradvciiture. Tu? traitors Usre, #11.i.mi ine slightest cause, opened the war 'bey have bj Ump ihrmi'mod. the country in roused to ?..t .t< i< Ntiu'd liber in.*, and gather* enUn.n.-ticalij about the mmiMiij aid Rmm 1ms boee chore maiod the (list blow It struck. I at th? m keep Purotrr a futr w.wlc*. | I et t,o cry 11 j- mo- u, ?, or MMM Mi do man ? four for the energy of the adniniHir.itIon. I^t us thank I (lot) that bravo old Genera) Scott rem nu8 to Rtv? bin t loja heart rfl-l wise head to bin c mntry'n Pervitin. [from tho Oommerctal A lvortiner | It u. Willi me i preen Ibid pain tba1 wo notice tn a c>ti ten ,.orary the t h irge of treurhery made against Me.jr Am craon, and that, *<#>, on the strength or telegraiiUic iWr|?nt.b<s notoriously doctored bt the rebel* Ihcuutelvoa, hoc rviJntitiy untrue .n many pa'tleulari It Is not our province to defend that gal1 ant culcer> eonduot, but wo tun. not a doubt that w ben his official report to the com nnue'er In-chief le ro.uio public, it will be neon that ho ha/ faithfully carried out in tho iot'er and la tho spirit air/' bis oidt r? from Washington At any raut, an officer /who hM conducted htraeult so worthily htthorl) in the moft trying circumstances, ar t his won the confidence ol tils coven merit whell be ejot have b.-eo keenly Used upon uli his notions, ni ght not to f p con lemuod without * In 1'ii.g This i cruel and unjuat a;. I l< calculatod to dk ) c#rb a and aim ? UTage r very Uy.l? officer, a fge pro. I portion of who* ? vi.ii ui j ui is.* in in u s b lief tout but country mm appreciate his fidelity an<l ?>fTlCca, iu>d will | not rn.'bty assail hltn with eusptoipne. 1> sidfg in tb" care or Major Andersen thoro nro some thli *u quite IMotu'Ui' rt with the tlieory of treachery on his p it, while everything of which we have authentic ki'owh go 1* rec n< limbic with hie Idelify. The sorron dor iir u vera a ncce* ity. H had bef-re been prtlpoaed by the oid*r? of his government, an.l we* only n >t made bscettsc M?J' r Anderson deemed the terms offered hmn'li ntinp and derogatorv. He bud tlien tne jiower of rurren dor. Bin' had he been (liejsipoil to t" wctiery wan! 1 hove gurrencrrpd. so that the rebtle might have hil easy pott ? nelcn of an undemaged fortress And tf his tloal tiurrrbccr was trattoimie, is It proliabie thU he would Iwve come to New Y< rk' Would bo not ra'her bare ado wed hitneclf to bo duleinod at Charloe ton Hut be ie rep irted to have said that he did not sight his guns at m'<o, but sought to "demolish the bat teries or dii-mount tbe gnus of the rebels " Was it iii-rn' -aiy that he rhoui'l adopt the m<s t slaughteroua mi do of wariarsf kur overr man he f lew there were a hunured to repute him, for the force aseitliing. un chivalrnus us ft may sound, was a hundred to one against htm; while every gun that he dlsnbled rendered us. I >hm all the m< h wh.> s. rve.1 It, m cfltalually as if they had b< en slain. Hcsi.lee, tbere can be no doubt thtl Major Aodei huh wis well aware that however gallant hie de fpoce, Iff meat ultimately snrrendee to the orerwhetm lB|(otc? hnugbt gfau?it hit UHM baad ?Ad ayii'vy tOrirtm, ud thai useless elw^bter could da a* ps*tt>i? lord 10 the cants be ?** mMi?io? And sgsiu, if Major Aodoreoa ?rb > dr fended hl<a??Ii for bouts against aticb frirfu! flddl, ll to MMNIitd d treecbury, ?t bat shall tx'Htiin of tbe comraandenj of the fleet retorted to have been tint to provision aad rota force olanr lha tei>g<a(>U says Use Jet l V> al aoobur a the otbtfg, and took oopart wnaterbr in tbu ngbt. Wo b < Itsve that when all the laots booms known it will be seen that both Major Aix eraon and tbey n-.led a rtatijr under orders front Washington, aad that iho traitors have been most admirably and effectually out nianu-uvred. And Una is our theory. 11 was never Intended that the flert should enter the harbor, for then, in all probahli'ty, It would have fallen into the hands of the rebels, but it ?rua intended tint the rebels should believe that such was its dedlln>'i >u, and should muster their utmost forces there in order to accomplish its capture. And tiny wore led into thia belief In order that they iniaht be induced to |M?t|> ce au attack upon the city or Washington, wn.cli was in im mediate cnnn mplatiou, ai d for wh c i (jjuexil Boot* was not yet prepared. While the corooiuader of the rebel U'my wss concentrating his forces for taa cap ture of Fort Burn tor, and the fleet supposed to be sunt for Its relief, the constitutional sovarnmeat was eanrg< ticaNy j> itiirp Washington in a state of defence, and reioforn 'ig Fort Pickens, while at the same tune it got iu hindi'ui of men unharmed from Fort Sumter and uixdo ""fliaiksuin a blockaded harbor. Seeing boor oouip'cioly th y hare been outmana-u rred we do not wonder thai Jeflbrwo bavw was too sick to appear on Saturday r ight, tj-vt ODly seven guns were tired at M mlgomory '' >n nouor of the victory," and that the detpatches fr m Montgomery, where the ruse Lad bweo comp-ehend'd, are so mu'.h quieter and turner tlwn those from Charleston, where iho excited people had not looked further than Fort Burnt r. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Monday, April 15?6 P. M. The bank statement of to-day compares as fol lows with that of last week:? Wttk emding. L'Kim. Sped*. Oiinlalvm Deposit. April a. .$122 113,400 41,fft 668 80MOJ41 94 850 x;0 April 13.. 1x3 108,886 41.104,148 8 801,428 1)8.024,078 Increase.. $IV6 880 i>!t,i0O ? 1,700,208 Decrease ? ? 128,712 ? The changes arc not very heavy. The increase of loans is due to the negotiation of government bonds and Treasury notes; but for these negotia tions the loans column would probably have shown a decrease. A decrease in the specie average was confidently expected, as the government has received something like $0,000,000 in gold from the banks within the past fortnight; but it seems that the receipts from Europe, California aud the Mint keep the reserve full, notwithstanding the deplt tion. The deposits increase rapidly, owing to tie general stagnation in business, and the diffi culty which is found in using money safely aud profitably. We may now expect a further mo derate increase in the specie reserve for some weeks to come. Tlie money and exchange markets are extremely dull. There is absolutely nothing doing at the exchange brokers, aud the banks are very ill sup plied with paper. On call, the supply of money at 4 per cent continues quite large. Bankers are asking 107% a % lor their sterling bills, and 6.27% 0 for francs, but are selling little or nothing. Commercial bills are offered at 108 a %. The stock market opened this morning at a considerable decline, and with considerable ac tivity. The actual commencement of war seems to he \ e frightened a good many holders into sell ing, and tho bears offer their options with con siderable freedom. At the close of the morning session, however, a rally took place, and stocks all rose. They remained steady throughout the afternoon, closing rather unsettled, after a very large business. Governments declined about 1 per cent this morning, on the proopect of new loans being required. The board hisses any mem ber who tries to take any advantage of the prospect to sell thgni short. State stocks continue to decline. Missouri* fell off 3 per cent, Virginias 2%, and Tennessoes 2. At the morning board the heaviest decline was in Illinois Central, which dropped 1 per cent with out cause: Heading also fell 4 per cent. Perhaps this stampede among holders was after all to be expected. New Vork Central declined 1; Erie, 1%: Hudson, 1; Harlem, 1%; guaranteed, 2; Ga'o r,a, 2; Toledo, 3; Panama, 2; Pacific Mail, 1%; Koek Island, 8; Burlington, 2%. The afternoon prices showed an average rally of % a % from th depression of the morning. The closing quota tions of the day were o.s follows:?United States 5's, ls74, 64 a 86; Tennessee's, 68 a 68%; Virginia 0's, 01% a 65; Missouri 0's, 54% a %; Cauton, 11% a 12; Cumborlaud Coal preferred, 5 a 7; I Via ware and Hudson Canal, 88 a 89; Pennsylva nia Coal, 77 a 7l>; Pacific Moil, 7"> a 75%; New York Central, 72% a 72%; Erie, 21 % a 22%; Hud son River, 37% a 37%; Harlem, 12%aP2%; do. preferred, 33% a 33%; Heading, 32 a 32%; Michi gan Central, 45% a 40% ; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 13%; do. guaranteed, 30% a 30%; Panama, 106% a 108; Illinois Cen tral, 64%' a 64%; Galena and Chicago, 06% a 0G%; Cleveland and Toledo, 26% a 27; Chicago and Hock Island, 45 a 45%; Chicago, Burlington and Quiney, 66% a 67; Milwaukee and Mississippi bail road, 8 u 9; Ua Cross? and Milwaukee land grant bonds, 5 a 10; Illinois Csutral bonds, 83% u 94%. The war feeling cjren more apparent to-day in financial and commercial circlea than on Satur day. A hearty unanimity pervades the public mind, which has been so slow to kindle to the flgh'ing point. Kvery one -democrat and repub lican, conservative and radical agrees that the govi rnment must be supported with money and nun. and the old Union of tiilrty-f.iur States must be preserved at all hazards, and at any ex pense of life or means. And. tho closer the s ib ject is examined, the clearer people see that the evil- of the war which is now forced npon the Nonh will fall, not upon thlp section, but upon the rebel States. It is not New York and Boston? lint Charleston. Savannnh, Apalaehicoto, Mobilo, New Orleuna and Galveston which will lose their trade in consequence of the war. it is not in our streets, but iu theirs, that grass will grow this sum mer. It is not here, but there, that ciowis of idle, hungry men arc likely to besiege the govern ment with menaces and riots. For while here at the North abundant supplies of food will pour regularly every day from the great productive re gion of the Northwest, and the military and naval prep-rations of the gov rnntcut will allord employ ment to all the idlo mechanic s and laborers of this section of the country, in the .South tne i losing of the ports will nccc-sarily throw out of employment hundreds of thousands of men, and the interruption of commercial intercourse with the West will deprive the Gulf States of the sup plies of food which are necessary for their subsis tence. it is fast becoming apparent to the more foresighted among our financiers that, so far as Now York city is concerned, the business pro duced by tho war will he greater in amouut than the business destroyed by it; that tho progress of hostilities must drive capita! to this city in search of safe employment; and that, notwithstanding the losa of the Southern market, New York will do a better business thw summer and next fall t'an any one has anticipated. It is hopod that the President will lose no time in closing the Southern ports. If we must have war. lei it be vigorously prosecuted, ami let its evils bo made so palpably felt ihat the value of loyalty end peace shall here after he appreciated. We understand that the Galway Steamship Com pany are considering the propriety of purchasing the steamship Yandu hilt. On behalf of the marl time inten st of the notion, wo protest against tho tran.-h r of this line ship to foreigners. It is enough that the Adriatic new* carries the British flag. Purely, when the government needs a navy so badly, it would not be a bad operation for Mr. Welles to secure the fastest steamer in the world aa a transport vessel. The business of the Bub-Treasury was as follows to-day. f?4.080 61 ?For customs,, 68.000 00 I'syrr.snU 2*4,000 00 Rslnnce . 10,408,188 78 The flurry in Southern bank notes is increased by the developemenU of the past twenty-four hours. W*1 *11OWMJ of the Confederate ftutca to discount of 50 per cent. Boritr BMUnlii "re quoted at 10 ? 15 per cent By the Fulton, arrived this morning, we knee ad vices front England to the 3d im?t The London Times of that date thus notice* the money mar k<* of the previous day : *?" weather, awl the doub ? aa to y,'.** ralaMaaa im wwo Denmark and t'ruaate, hi otubt ah * that a collision mtr yot ba nun?? 1U8lr,? an Im'y, by a >a? of th? l?b futda "P n ltui1 otyeot, caused the Kog ?>1 Nrtmday, ?? t*.?'. '1^?'^''' ''V"" ^7* *? experience a further ds * buata?T '??? b?"d*7?, the amount crtef chtuaciwrtaiia U* IJSi1* fcDd inactivity was the money were ?? *** ???pu'taesat. Consols foe , " were mat quoted Hva u urtoir stiiv a * lor money and 9.* for & UMhTTutemt rhi new account is bxed tor ibe io n of "-- r"" me new for th? dole were 91H a X H'Si,1*! to,be Hatik.andih* to eiorctao ao luttuem* toward EUrf the market India sua* etamd *?*. scrip, 100 a X> ana rupee paper, 93V and Mk Sdia bonde wore and at 36a dtaouunt, a further if t? but exclAquer Mi.s wee ratber Ism wtek at Ma a t? ?m?m. We waa a full demand fbr dtacouat at tba har k today, and H aaema to be doubled If there will kI any farther roouctl.? of the rale uuti after the paynHmt cfJ'he olridende,'which wul commenae on Tuesday tne 9th. In the dtook Exchange short loans hare t>?eo ii ra? qutet at #X a T per cent, but tne charge until the Kw account la tot higher than 6X per out. the traoaitotloti in foreign at a ka have been uuimportant, and la Hume cms a a oeolii'e baa tvketi place fna last prior frout Pari* ' I fveoiBg was an. TOc., ah"w ng a decline o' aoartr ft quo I lor per c* ui In thi foreign BxuhftBirfi (bis afiar* noon the ran* on Paris and Holland woe lower. Ahout ?140 000 in gold, chHlv Australian, waa nought by the Hack tn-oay. lhs aconin r of the tth inst wll lake 1.41,449 for India, and ?60 167 for Chiou and the geid'1*' 0t lh" *?,ount *">7 b* allver, ami ?14 449 The following were the quotations of Atnerioaa stocks in l.oudou on April".!: United Putos 6 a, red 1874 no a ge Tugin a dtato 5'a 70 a Do. 6'a g . 72 Illinois Central 6'a, tel. 1875 ic 82 a U Jo. 7' 1876 85 a 87 to (100 sbaroa, f.'O paid 27 X* 26M J^- do. ail paid 71 a T? Michigan Central 8'a, con., 186s 84 a M l'o Hiking lund,8|swct 1st tntgo,-82... 86 a 88 1 ?o | ( 0 ah tree gq a gg M ch so k N. Indiana 7 s (sink'g fundi! '86 68 a 70 bo flOO shaies ; 15 . New York central C's (aipktng fund), '83 ... 86 a 87 lm 7 s, 1861., p| g pg Do. 7's (suking fund), 1876....?.,..!!'.!! 91 a 98 Jac. 7'a o n. b< nua, 1876 92 a 04 0o. *100 share*.... . ..." S a 71 New York aLd Erie 1st moil. 7's, 1867 ! 92 a 04 Do. 2d mort, do , lrlt... gp a l'o. 8*1 mart., do , ibgli, assented 78 a 80 l)o bonus, do , 1867,'71,'76, 00 . 66 a 66 Do shares, assented 27 a 28 Durum Kailrosd 1st mort. 7's, 1866.... 99 a lul Do 2d mort. 7's, 1874 97 a 99 Petit sylvaaia Central bonds. 1st m ,con!', 6'a! 86 a 87 Do. 2d mort., 6'a ... ..xo 86 a U Do. *60 ?bares g$ g gg l hiladi 'pbla and Heading bonus, 6'a, 1870 !.' 76 a 86 Do. *60 ahares gg a 26 The Fulton Laa $41,616 r>0 in specie on bo?rd, consigned as follows:? J' -*1 ,C00 50 Wm Tyson $11,781 00 W. W. Do barest A Wheelwright. 2 014 CO 5,200 00 j. v. Freeman k Ileirj M. Weed... 1,0C0 00 Co 2 600 00 I. Von Hctltnan U _J Uo 17,020 00 Total $41,616 66 The interest due May], 1861, 011 the sinking fund bonds of the Michigan Southern and North ern Indiana Railroad Company will be paid on presentation of the coupons at the Bank of North America, 44 Wall street. The interest duo May 1, 1861, on such of the Michigan Southern first mort gage bonds as are not converted into sinking fttndl bonds will be paid on presentation of the bonds at the oftice of the company, and the payment thereof will be endorsed npon the bond. The interest due May 1. 1861, en such of the second mortgage bonds of this company us are issued for the lunded cou pons (if this class of bonds will be paid on presen tation of the coupons at the company's office. The New Orleans bank statement for the last week 9hows the following changes aa compared with the previous return:? ?Ware* 30. April 6 Diffmmor Fbort loans *14 264.746 14.I20 6H Doo $144 lli ^1*?* 17,6x0 859 17,089 630 Dec. 431 801 Circulation 8,4i0,746 8,776 616 Inc 280 870 ftp-sua 23 026 182 22 291 464 Dec. 738 711 Exchange 10 420,483 9.972 206 Dec 464.281 T>bUm balances. 2 100 694 1,704,?12 Dec .160 061 Isng louns 8 039,022 6,674 431 In-, 633.40t fho 1 auk movement >hows a fin taer increase of half a Hit lion 1 . tour.- . wbicb bring* tb<* aggrcg>jto of Jong i bur' i ) within a DuuUod of twenty .,n? millions an 1 IrciilatKiD bu* run up to nearly nine miliums Tne othM Ik; lut ii. (or ILC week are a reducti' n of about half 1 ro 'lion en< h in cp-cle and ejchnrge, and a ta'liag otf ? ibree loui tha ot a nuilicn in the iu in of ilcposiUi 1 he New Orleans JU'lii7 of Thursday thus nw tices the money market of that city:? Strl. tly tli?t clars paper wiw in moderate requoat a< but oOericgs contiuued very light, and nnat outsi t kpiianeta apt - ared to bo indisivised to inc.rotse their in vestmSnU In tho present ue. etii.U sttto of political affawa he exchange maikct waa depressed fmm tt.e opening U lie c' -fe ot burinesa, and tranaac'bms werv b it little bet cr than n?mtoai In any Uiscriptton exoep'. Now Yorl igbt, shich vts in nrrxl irate dem iuJ, b un .n uad out o b.nV. Ollorlngs of all clnases aro still ample to moot or Ciiiury n (juiri rucbta but ba movement 1* almost ax ia shsij (Otii'.ucd toaiuail sales of A1 names for direct ra mittsiioe. dub.u .icul aro tno ruling quotattona.?Cloa slcrlicg bills, 6'i a 7 p<r cent pr.>aa,um, bill of ladiit ilrafta. 6 a 6X per ceui. premium, franca, * 27X a 6 87 sixty day bills on Now Voik Ac ; 1a IW po' ct nt euiCoLiit; sight a X s"d X pur cent premiuat. The earnings of the Erie Railroad for the mont of March, JS61, were 9459 337 * Daroug* March, taoO !...!. 426,470 6 Inc'ea* $32,767 0 Hie earning- of the i'liiv'ago, Burlington aa Vuini y Ruiiroad line in the first week of Apri were:? I860 1881, Fjrigbt I2H.UI6 (tO 21,894 00 Dec..$6311 0 I'aesengers.... 11,378 44 10,619 63 Dec. 763 9 Total *39.678 44 32*13^3 7f*4~a The Tob do and Wabash earned tho first wee of A/ril, 1861: First -uCk, 1861 $17 396 6 1 "? lN<0 17,964 4 ,,ecri1*' $487 7 Stack Exchaaite. Mommy, April 16. 1861 ?eooomi pfttiou*.. m ioo *h*iMrrmKtt (>io is 10?W '.hioO'a, >6 .. 10* 100 Harlem 11K pfa . 34 8000 IMS ti'f, '90.. 67% 300 do 34 1100 Virjitela 0 a .. 66,%" 50 do 1)30 34 PCOO 00 60% '200 Reading RR 38 25000 <lo .*30 85 . 80 do 33 3000 do 86 i '46 do.. 34 200C N Carolina It's. 76 .'0 do 31 9000 Murrmrt 6 * .. 66 100 do 30 8000 d> 66'4' 50 do 30 5000 do 58 60 Mich SfcNI* KR 18 5000 do clO 55 50 do 13 1000 do *10 56 % M> do 18 6dno do 65i,' 28'> Hlchtj**ii ceo RR. 46 3*000 d>? 65% 860 do 4') 40ih) Okllfomt* 7 *.. *0 l.'O MlchdftX Ii g s?k 30 3000 Rrock 'B City WI l0t)( 600 do 29 1000 Harlem 1 m tin. loo% 50 lanamaRR lot* 3000 M'cli !7 1 m be. 83 50 do 107 10001 b \ N*?i f M HO 710 HIc?& RR scrip.. 66 10001*1 UAWKRlm 07 2J5 do 01 3000 CM At Cblc lstm !'H 160 do 64 5 6b* Ni.) Trau? On. 2% TOO do -01 260 I i 'die Mail ?*Oo. 76 lOfiO OMft ijiic UR.. 06 50.' do 75% 300 do *4 66 60 do e30 75 % lOOCleTft Tol RK.. 27 150 do 751, 750 do 28 50 do 030 76 9"0 do 26 50 do il5 75% 250 do 28 450 X V Cent RR . .. 72 100 do *10 26 360 do *80 72 6< oChtc ft Rock I RR 46 582 do 72% 13* do 46 ?*50 do 72',' *60 do 46 50 .o 500 72% 10O do *10 45 M) do b.'iO 72 >4 700 Chic Bur * g RR 66 860 RR. 22 100 (lo Hi 06 200 .to 22% 100Hit ft Mum RR 9 12,1 <)o 22 t 22 No* J On R R... U< 2!0 Hnd Kit RR 30 10 Now Jersey It R. llN 125 tUrieci RH 13 BKCONI* lOAtll*. *2VxioUH? ?'81oo" 00 % 160 Ms? Bar RR pref. ? m,tO do 116 90 100 R-v1,..k UR 3 linoo tT S 0'i'Sl rsg. P2% 10 Mich fVr.t RR... 4f 5000 nee 12 y ciw. 102% 50 no 4( 8W,>rtO*lifornM? Ts. NO 100 do... b30 44 24C0'I N C 6-e... MO 74% 400 d? b3 44 ??K00 Tenn fl p 90*10 67 326 Mich So ft N? KR. 11 .?,ono VnglnlaC relO 68 210 Chi.BurfcUul KR. 0" 7000 do 66 50 Mica So ft jfrgntk. at 4(,oc<i MiUHviri 0 h . 56 I.'hi do 3d tfOO do 54% 28 Panama UK 10f vfH>i M)ch '-,n2mbfi. 81 1 in Jl font RR scrip. 61 cbl ft XWsfbo SO -25 do *.? ?4 lliOOOChi ft NWInu 37 300 do. 6< 7'K) Hh* l ac Ml 8.7 <10 . 76 400 do 04 100 do *10 74% 150 do MO 64 150 K Y Cent KR.... 72 60 do ?16 61 IPO do 72% 5 ('ley,Col ftCIn RK 94 U*> do 530 72% 00 UMcna ft CHI RR. #' 160 do 74% 10 do *15 01 200 do M 72% 100 do *10 6t 100 Erie RR 22% 60 do. 61 150 Hudson Rit RR . 3? 60 4k> *ao 6 300 do 87 x 100 Cler A rol KR. 2 100 Iliu'cm RR 12 % 700 do ? ?,_*>? ? 1*0 'in , 12% 480CH1 ft Rk I RR... 4. 200 Horletn Kit pref. 83 100 do 4 CITY COMURHAIj RRPtlRT. Mohpat, April 16?0 P. M A -air* ?Tins tnarVH was stead s * flegAseivire?Ftoor-lbf Mi Mi WM eenaewlurt m