Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 8
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ayw?i wifflp-nii' pi. ^ | roarctkKT (? mta wow mi whhes a -U'ita ( tu>B IB a small private fsmllv a* oook, weaker sod Pfir of BBMBt IB lit *a*kiaa and iroufng: .'.*n <lo nil kind* toft iof to?K?*0 retwanar Own Bo- last plaoa. (Ml at I 7th of for twadaye, -"-oad 8. or. Treat room ? OKKBdB PKR-sON, HIO ?I??AK8 INOUW, A aWrftftiHftftit* io tile -h>.ige of children; If wanted, to tforo ""B> IB U?B wratl langwage and fnoft. emtir ol ds 17. MiH .saa slreas and eathrhMaser: the best of city Hfima?e APP J N# 3HH B.ivrtfT, in ia? bjoUtoro. ? young 01 el Wants a situati ?n n> do 1 g. ??*'housework in a small ugl ale Oimuy; 1* willing j*i?P stairs ?<?>*, 'he berl 1 iltWefrrence 0*11 ?t 7'J MLiJ *t.. ' rook I) n hi si floor, buck rix.m. AHTI'aTION It 4 NTBD?bV A BEffKlTAtlS young w< man, a? chambermaid and flDe vraeliiug, in a prfrtu- f aml'y , food ro f r-'i'oo from bar 1ml employer. Call n| 6S W rtfi 30ib si . U p floor. ? khHPBCTAhi E YOUNt* WOMAN WaNTH A SITO JA atioa M fond plain cook and rloe'leut wasberard lroner; ton I of fdj ief?r 1 M from he last pl.e- 0* 1 ror two days at the oakery floT 3d ay., between tut and did ats A P1TUAYION W * NTeD?BY A Vdl Nil WOUaN, AS J\ uaiuess who thor-iug' .'y understand* her bus.una* and aaB tobjo *eM recommendru fiom her last pine-; none but pi 1?ate tamtlias u?ed apply. Call at 132 West _'uih St., be ivaMtn 7tb a DO Mh >tl a Ult'K KS'HISH OfaL WaNTs A SITUATION A to do th# housework of a small family; is a good plain 0B?k, vraeb-r und Irouor; beat of Oily reference Call at 1M B?-: Hit at near lat ay. . YOUNG Ull'ti >A I'AOf HVTaNTi WIhIIER a A Mtuauen as ? h*nibcr? and waitress; can do plain x wtBi no objection to go a short distance in tbeoouutry. ?tty reference given from he- last time Can he seen two cot'a from t.-atrU'on av , lienrv at , Ilrat floor, orookiyn. a lOl hO WOMaN WlMHhR A MTUATION AH A stosnsurss, l uderaunds all ktnda of family ne-iug ami fBtt'Tif; wotlld he wi I ng U> aistst in the eare of cliUdron; 1 a-1 of city ivl ert-ncca. Can be aeen tor two days at lid Weal Jffl at, near 7tli av. A situation wanted-bt a respectable woman, at cook In a private family. la a good cook and a Out ate washer and srouer; oextot ehy reference. ? '.*? be aen for two days at Ml 6th ar., bet*?en7un and 2'ith -ts. ARITUaTION WANTED?BY A RERl'KiTfcB.,* jeung girl, as chambermaid an i waitress. il wl our re ftreree fiem her las', place. Can ho aeen at 110 East rid at, h>Awe. n 2d and 3d avs J EESV'F 'TABIE 1 ilYHIKO WON iJI, PERFECTLY L hea'tby, wishes a si .ua i.-n as et uu-w, aouid take a he at b< me It 11-14 ired Inquire in ?~,xiiii er at., aecond hoiow south from K ,>hing xvr.. Sr-oftlyn, lor three rays. A 8ITI ATIO.V W.1MED-- BV A BESPEOTaBLE A young v tuau who luorr ughiy understands the baslnoas, to or ok uah and Iron In a private family; Is a Aral rate 01 ok, an em- 'ont w aaber and lroner; bar Aral class city refe remes. CaU at 16h Enlist, between " .b and 8th aves , thla 4 BITUATIOB WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRIs, A. as cook, goud washer and lroner ; nan give good recom msiidxuons. Call for two days at 111 PaclAc it, ttoulh Eroaklya. A SITUATION WaNTED?AH A A1TRKH8, BY A BE " epec'aolr young woman: good city reference. Inquire at St West 19th st, first tlo >r, in the ie*r. A LADY WITH TWO CHILDREN WISHES TO GET a houeekneoiT's plaoa No objection to city oroonntry. Can be seen st 298 West 19th st, or at any place convenient, hjr addressing aa above, Mrs A., second door, front room TA YOUNG WuMAW WANTS A NUTaTION AS WAI tress or to do waiting and chamber-work. Can have a recommend*.lor fr .m her last plaoe Inquire at No. 92 ity st, ourner of Sullivan. JOfKL W-IO Has FIVE YEaHS' KEi.'OMMBNDA Hon from her last place, is desirous of o italnlng a ?tu ailon as cbHmberm 3(1 and s--amsiress, or as waitress and chainbermal l In 1 small famll-. Can be srr-11 for two divg at 147 7th av , between Eltb and 21st sts., Crat floor. ? LADY WISHES TO GET A HIPCaTION rOB A norae who has lived vitb her four years, In New Yori m Brooklyn; she is capable of taking care of an Infant from ha birth, can do ula-u seeing ana assist In ohamberwork. Can be aeen for two days at 41& PadAo at, Brooklyn A BI-UaTION WANTnD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AH A. good ci ok, Vj do light washing ai d Inning: la a good etombe-mald; has go <lcdy r? Terence from her last place lmiulre at 7b tldrr.lge st, tirst floor. froLt room ABIIUATION WaNTBD-BY a BCOTOil PROTBS tant woman, us tun se and seamniresa, or chamb 'i maid ?u) sesmstress. S j objection to the to mtrj or 11 travel. Beat of city re'-renc 1'an be soon for two d-.ys at 109 West 2Mb st, between fi'.h and lib avi. AV AMERICAN OIHL DRdfEES A BITUA ITO.Y TO travel with a lady; she Is a good s-iimstp'ss and bas 110 cBJertion 10 the care 0'one child. or as any 1 maid Wood ?fly referan -e from h?r last p srs Arp y ror two days at 210 1st a? , near 17th si., tblro floor, fmui room. A COMPETENT YOUNG WotfAN WANTS A Sf?*UA lion as lady's maid and stums rues; understands dress ?taking and balr drrrs ng; noobf-eicn to take care uf gruw Mgnhlllrin; very o?"ieity referenoe. Can be seen for two dpys ?t UTi w est 231 St., near 6th av , drat Hoot, fro it. a YOUNG Glttl. WlwIJKS A nITUATION AS NURSE A and to do pNia scwlr g Is silling to make h<-r.rli' gene ra ly n-efm; ban ro ?<! ci'y rete-enoe. Call at 29t Rar.kett st., Math A YOUNG WOMAN WITHER A vITl'ATIUN A8 SKAM A ttreMs m a pllvato fatn It is a good wa-nttiesa and oao Au al' kind-of s-uing; weuld do I. ,hi *h*u:berw>rk, wan giv gore dtj reference i'nx be seen on-ileng-utko at her present place West tVHh *t., betweei 'KB ana Kith avs. A LADY ABOUT LF tVING T1IE CITY BERT HER A JHl sltuatkn for her coos, ehaasor.raia d crl wsmsreo and little girl Wages fR, ?7 Mid ft Apply at ?6 Eas ;Ud st A YOUNG WOMAN WANVH A HIT TATION AH A wa'.ticse in ap-vkie family. C?n he seen at her pre as nt i mp oyer s. flu a est Sflt a st , for two dayr. ADREHBMaKKK WISHER TO OO OtT RY THE day, cau cu' an l iadlva' and mts-?.i d-e-s-s can op-: rate en vfhei ;cr .v Wliaos's so ringtna.-hineA Und at ?UcI lea's, 418 7ihay , between 3?h an-> Wth sta. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RESPECTk ALU WO A man. in a sui.ll onva e family she is a good plain ooot| anderetands, and is an cu* lent ? e-h>-r ?rd irmcr Best of city relerenoe. Call at UU #e?t 33d si., near 8tb av. AYOUNU LADY WISHER TO TRaVKI. W'TH A RE spe-lablo family t-> ? ?hi ore's, has go: bar owtisewlng ?saahm--. soul is a g rid ve?l maker-<un d? sll kinds 01 plain ?awing Call all thu were at 276 Weat :'?!?> of. A COOK, WASHER AND IKONfcR DESIRES A J\ ftauatl jd Id the country A; j1> a: Hi H a* ? .Wih *L, on Wedn-aday, from II t > 3 o'clock. A SITUATION * ANTED?BT A RESPECT. K1.E wonuu of vleadj habits, u cook or It onir-ms; U c un patent of either; or will take care of a too* for the aom nse-r. she has don..- ao tor many ymrs; o??t of rlt; reference. Vail for two day a. at III ^ ?? omut st, between' Spring and Tnnoe, 10 tar thread ana nor die a tare. * WOUAN WISHES A SITUATION AH LACNDRRS1 A la iy or country; Is fully cmpeteat to aopennp'nd SoesrkxpiDR dutlaa; con writ ? and kacp a< usotta lit a house ml business; ha- no objec ion to 900k, wit h and lion; oan produor good referent*. Call at ttl lat av., in tna shoe store. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A KITUAT1JN AS ? 'ian-.bcrmald and plain Hewing, or as children's nnw aitd piain hcv Lug; has the boat city reference. Call at 130 Waat Jtxh it , In the basmifni A RBfiTBCTaBLR WOMAN WOrLD LIKE SOME A a ashing or would lake a family a aaahing baa the besi of a ty refereooe. call at 111'., Weal 34th at., second O tor. in the rear. A Bill ATION WANTED ?AS MRrtT RATE POOR) J%. can do all kin da of baking. Can give god reference from iter laat place. Call at 13b W'ual kdlh at, between 7Ui ?d Stb are. AEBrrECTABLE I'ROTRHTANT WIDOW WOMAN, wishes a situation as nurse; would hare no objections to trarrl, or go a short distance In the eounin ; beat of city /erenee given. Can be seen for two days at No. 300 East ST A SITUATION WANTED-A8 COOK. WASHER AND A. Ironer. In a una!I private family; la wllllngand obliging; but of reference. Call at No. 142 West 1Mb at A BRaPt'TABLE OIBL WIAHEB A SITUATION AB A plain cook, waaber and Ironer, or w <nld do general housework in a small family, baa good reference. Can be aaaa at No. 31k Hlekset.. Brooklyn, front baeement. A^m SITUATION WANTED ?BY A TIDY, KMaBT IJTTLK gvl, 13 years of age. In u small private lamllv, to take aare of children and make beraelf generally inefdl; net to great an object as a good home Can oe teen day. at K>.l Eaat Lnli at , between 1st av. and av. A. AN LADV8 MAID-A PBOTEBANT: UNDERSTANDS balrdreselng. Franca Untttig and tusking up embroid atea; la a good trimmer and sewer, and ran pr dure its; class ?My reference; no objeeuon to travel Addreae for two day* A- K? H4 haftimi nd at, corner or Hleerker. A tor NO WoMaN WANTS A SITUATION TO OOO C, J\. ivaau and Iron lor a small private family, or a* laun draaa; no oojecuons to the country. 1'Ity reference CaUa! 27V 3d are., near KM si., Urai floor, back room. AM YOUNG <11 RL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO <?BNE ral housework. Hest referenda. -Call a? No. 2 Walke- st A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN WANTH A HIT.'A A tlon aa good plain 00 k. washer and Itonei . I* a goal Maker, honest, cl<an end Industrious In her habits, os?i csiv ?fereaee. Call lor lau (lay* at its 2d avr , between JVln and 4Vih aia. 4 SITUATION WANTED-IIY \ .HKALTHT YOUNG A man i"d rro'eatant woman, as wtt nurae, with a freak Mreaat of milk. Apply at Har.Miam ? otllve, 14V (.rand st. A^m FIRST RATE DREHBMAKBR WISIIRN 1MPLOT mem by tb* da; or took. Ulcaee ca'l al 22n East 1Kb **-. batwren 1st av. and a*. A. w-esino lluor, froir. ro >m a MM'RCTABLK WOMAN WIHIIK* TO TAKE IN JX WH-hinv, ia a u'-sal waalier and lionsr and ow, go all Ms of tki.e washing, or will go out by the,day to do bou*<^ . leanlngorjsasli ( all st .**) "th ar., third Boor, AM RRBI'ECTABtJS young GIRL WISHES a situa Hon ?a chambermaid and to assist in the flim waanlug and Ironing Call fur two dayvatiVh h\at llth .sec0id Boer, back room. City relerenee given If rwjulryd. A^m WIDOW WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION AB WBT nurse, her own bvbyhut eloH mouths old; ua* no ob ? is tin to go 10 the country. Can be seen fur two <u * at Sill R liberty st , first floor, buck room. A (UNO oIRL WIHIIKR A SITUATION ! I l><. house*o h or el.ambcrwork; has go id ally no.. *' k>t Aid st, near Mb are , for 1W( day* AM SITUATION WANTED?BT AN AMERICAN WO man of middle age, a* hou ekoeper; aouid ban; noon. ?ciloaa to do the hou.ework of a small family; is an eieel nt la una owe. would have no objection to go a sho 'Us laace in the country; bee* of reference giren If re>|ulred. Gad f'ir two days at lil ft'tu at . one do-ir *e*( of rih at ? 10CN4J GIRL W ANTS A hi N'ATION AB LAUN drsasor ss > hairtti' ruutld and fine washer and Ironer; ? A wndeistan's frei eb tinting thoroughly; iiiderstanila her bu hist city relerenot; fiorn ber last pi see. tan leaven for two dgya at lc? V. est ahil; st. Am RE -.PRt'TA BLR TOUN0 WOMAN WISHEB A SITU aihm as ahamb. , maio and (laals'ant washer and lutier, ar would go a* child * ?u re can gita good City relec noe. Apply tor two days at 1T.?, ast .(Mb st COMPBTENT TBI rt WORTH! SKAM41HKSR wants s etteauon sh<-1 ?n 1 n; and flt ladies' and chli dren'adresa e, Sud do all kmda of family sewing; would aut ?e sdy* maid or we togrviwn op hildren; baa the beat. f c tyrteretpoe Osa be nen f y t\ u d sa s'Ve'J.b at , n st Man s., flrtt tt-ior. NTVATIOKfl W/limBD?rKMAIOBS. A in CATION WANTED -BY A REMPMCTaHLB GIRL, aa- hamhenual'1 tod seam-tress; w 'utd not objert to take care of n cMid or to go ft short dls'auee Id the country. I nexceDtkinable references can be given Onll at UK) Ka,i 1Mb el _ ACTUATION ftKKD-jT A widow, as <? >ok, washer srid lron?r; beat of ottv refe rence. Can bu aean fer three d?j? at 167 t mltb nL, be*.aeon Wari eu and Wycoff, Brooklyn. AKEPPBCTABLB YOUNG WOMaN WANTS A Si tuation aa |>'aln. ?le?dy oook; beat of reference trom bar Ukt place, t an be seen at her present place tor t wo days, 16 7th nr. 4 SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND J\ waller, and to aasiat in the washing and ironing' beat Call tor two daya at 147 haat Ulb at., be twern ltl av. and ?r. A. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG girl *?* nur?e. and *<* *1110 trim, or would go .is chamber maid; haa good city reference. tlan be wan at 192 7tb ar , be. weou 2'd and 2Kb sta. third door back room. A EES PRC TABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook or to do general homework in a small family; good ?My referent*) given. Call at 153 Smith at. near Wyekoff. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, ar aeatnatreta; baa got a sewing inaeolne of her own; or wuu'd liave bo objection t/> travelling or woulddo light eham berwork. Can be aeen at 612 2d avenue, between dirt and :tid tree! a APBO.EBTANT YOUNG WOMAN WisllK.S A 8ITUA tion a? waoer or to trkecareof children. Can get g rid Ircm her laat employer. Call at 2S0 Ooluinbi* at., between Rta'r and .loraltmon. A WOMAN Wit LIES EMPLOYMENT AT WASHING and ironing or going out to day'a vvmW or house clean tg Liar good dereference. Call at i2lWest 27t* Ht., ae oud floor, back room. A situation wanted?by a first class oook; ut lenatande her btwluaee in all lis branchoa, The best ( *ily tele.cnoe from her last place. Can be seen for two rya If not engaged at tS ISth at., between Mh and tith ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPBCl a HUE OIRU to do general housework. In a small private family: ocd reference. Call at I'JH Baal Ulb at, third floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa llrat class cook. In a private tamily; no objeetl mi to go in the country; the best of city rrfeienoe. Call at 3t7 AAh st , rorn< r of Merer r, for two daya A 811 CATION IVANTED?18 A F1R8T RATE COOK aim an cvaellent baker, and understands pastry; Is will ing to assist with tbo washing, in a small family. heat of city reference. Can be seen for two days at No. 91 West ltftb at , front room, top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECT O. uble, experlenied woman, as nurse and seamstress; has been in one piaee for the last nine years; baa reterenoe from some of the highest ladies In the el .y. Can be seen for two daya at No. 29b nasi Utb at., third floor, front room. Call or address. A RESPECTABLE PROTEBTANT GIRL WANTS A m'nation aa seamstress; can cut and lit Jadh a' dresses; also children's clothm; can do all kinds of faintly Hewing; would have no objection to take care of one child, the best or reference from her last place. Can be seen for two daya at (12 West 31st at. A FRENCH LADY WHO CAN GIVE GOOD CITY RE tereuce, wishes a situation to mind uhildren in a re spectable family to travel in Europe. Apply to J. Weeser, Ltd 1 luaue at., third floor A SITUATION WANTED?TO lO PLAIN OOOBI.NG; is a good washer ami Ironer; lias no objection to <11 up ataira work and wait on table. Call at her preaent employer's, 110 HontagM st, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT CHAM bermald, In a prlva'e family; no objection to do line washing or us-ist with the oare or children: (irsi cla-ui ol'.y >? fereaae. Can be seen fsr two days at 3HI eth av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation as chambermaid and waitress, or to assist In washing and ironing, Go >d e/iy reference from her List plane. Call at I'17 6tn st., between North 1st and North 2d ata., Williamsburg, for two days. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A j'V pr vato family: la a good plain cook, washer and in ner. Good city reference. Can bo aeen lor two daya at 104 West 24ih Hi , In the rear A COMPETENT PERSON WISI1E8 A SITUATION A3 nurse and grauistn sh; understands all kinds of family sowing and die-su.aklug* has no object! >n to assist witli chamber*ork; wiligi a snort distance in the country; b?s: city rife ence. Call at 424 6th av., between 26tb and 2ti'.h ata , in the bakery, for two diya. RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS laundri Ha and chambermaid; has the very best city re A A. frienoe; no objection to go la the country for the gummtr. Call for two days at 114 M Jl?t st AfclTUATION WANfED?BY A RK.Si'RcTAdLE yourx woman, aa cook, ?ache.- and Ironer, In a small private i siiitly; good oitv reference. Call for two daya at 96 W est 2f,tb st, between eu and 7tb ara, In the milk depot. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8>TUA tioo; in a good cook, washer aud Ir.mer; bas lived thres years In ber Ian' plaee; no objection 'o go a short dutanoo in theoountry. Coll at 118 7ib av , between lbth and I Dili eta, third floor, front for two days Ah E ? PRCTA RLE GIRL WAN T? A SITU ATI AN AS chambermaid and ??ltrr??, or as chamber na'd and io aisUt in washing and Ironing: no ohjeoMon io go in ihe no m try for the summer months, ha? th> best of city re'ermce Call at 75 Prospect ?t., between Jay and Pearl ata , Brooklyn. A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION JV us chambermaid; she is also willing io do g ti.eral house woik lu a small laiudy. Cau he tcea a. No. 4.- uraml *,111 Ihe ieer house. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SlTUaUON to do lb-- genecd housework of a small family; has g i di\ reieienre. t'allat lUtbarkctt St., Bicoklyn. APR' IK8VANT Gf KL WANTS A BITUATIGN TO do general house*o k: good city reference. Call at 1#' Atlantic si.. Brooklyn, lor two day a. _ AEBBPCfTAB'-B GIRL WANTS A SITUATION Ad chambermaid and to do dne * v hing and Irootug or waiting, in a nopicajle private family Has excellent refc rvric. a ( an be aeen lor two on. a at 122 Atlantic ft., Li ook yn. a \t)l NU WOMAN WlbdBS A SITUATION ASCHaM A barmaid and waitress, o as chambermaid and t i a*?tai In wasuiiig and iioning Has the best of eby rcfe an* from r last place. lla? no objection to g ? to the noun i> Ca.i be He* u lor two daya at lift Ikith at, eornei of 8th av. A SITUATION WANTED-AH NURSE AND SEAM aires* Call at 17a Lexington av. Urn of en; rote rtnWi A RESPECTABLE (URL WaNTB A SITUATION AS chamtiennaid Call tor two dtva at W? 2d ave , be twe'n 3l?t and 32d "ta , nrat door. AHITUAYION WANTED- BY A RESPECT ABLE yi.ueg gli 1, to do chain berwnrk or light h tuaework. Call Mor two davt at ill Congrvr,* at , South Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG (URL W ANTS A AITL'A. vlon to do cbam'-erwork or waiting, or would lain rare [of children, no objection to tho country for tin anmnnr. Oood reterem e. i'all at tM Want loth at , In the rear a PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A sltl'ATION AS A ' h.ntbernnld and wailrera. Good reference. Call at 211 Heel BE at. AT01N0 I tDY, ?ITIl A WHF.E1.ER .t WILM)N aew log machine. wlalie* work by tho day or ? *ek. Call at or addreaa J. C , 2U Pacific at., Brooklyn. VYOURG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, TO COOK, waah and iron, In a email family. Baal of Rlrrance. tail at 23 t- tale at. Brooklyn, for ihraedaya. A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A xltnation ax chambermaid and waiter; ao objeruoa to a>ai*1 with the wa?hlng and Ironing. Beat >f city refaronoe from hex laid place. Call for two days at 29>d at, between 2d av. and Bowery. A Rl-PECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS A goodoook, undrMtanda bar hoelneaa perierily; would be willing to aaalat In the waahlng and Ironing; boat of city reference, no ohjection to lire In New York. Can be saou for two day a at 238 Brhlge at., Brooklyn, trat Hoar. AHITUATION WANTED?-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO loatant young woman, to do chaaaberw >rk and assist In nnewaealng haa no objection to go a abort olatanoe In the country Well rer< inineoded from her laet plaoe. Can tie won for two day a at 187 West liltb at, between 7th and Hth acenuea. AKKSI Bl TABI.K YOUNG GIRL WANTK A 8ITUA Uon In do general houeeworft ; la a good plain oiok, washer anJ lroner. Haa tbe beat ei , reference f run h< r laet pace. Call id Itai k*at W arren eh, Brooklyn, aecnu* floor, front room, fcr two days A SITUATION WANTED BY A RBRPBCrCfEJf youi g girl, to do general were In a prrau- family. Caa Ih Hern tor two <lay? at 128 East ?<! at., te (ween 2d ai.e ,d are., la the grocery store. A^m TOLNO GIRL WMI1EM A A ITU AT ION AS CHAW betn ald and to'ttke care of thlidren; toe he?' o: refe r-ni-oe sin o Can be Mtrti at her last place. No. (2 Dong ?--? HtM-et, Miv i yr, i>-?r butldlag GERMAN WOMAN W1HHKS A SI Tt Afot AS WET burw. In an Amrrtraa family at ?'j West Muadwey. A^BEITCATION WANTKIi-HY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman as waltroes. or would do the chaiiiberwork and waiting uf a email private family. The very bee1 of city re- I lerence from her laet employer. Call at 2UI East 11 h su AHITUATION WANTAll-BY A GERMAN OIRL. Ml rb'.Idren or general hjnteworf. Tn.iulre at C-i- lib ?t., fourth M air. front room, of Mtaa rinnel ASITUATION WANTED?Al WATTREfls, bt A highly renpoetable girl; ba?th* betf of city -efcrania, ml penrvtly undri claims bor sum: > tut- trig lived a* wa t eae tor the last seven year*, wot.Id like t g to the country or the ?umnirr la willing at 4 obliging v'all at 111 West 1Kb at., between dth and 7th irt, lor two day*. SITUATION WANTED ltV A I IRAT < LaSh COOE, who understands b> r li'iatlm* ? th. r ttighly a il 1* a good baker; no oVjenJone to the city or country Reel of o.ty re faience. Call at 7*2 dth av . in the etarro, for two <Uye a FRENCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION U ' J\ *o;,ni*tieae, or to w ?tt on children. She wilt b? found iTWMH, ARKSPECTaRLB OIRI WaMS a HJl AM"N an fine irkniHlreee; und' i"aO'l* n'J ItbiU of ft.n y sewing; [woula Im- intra*, or a.mat In 11,> Wa-tli an '. Iron'ng; an ?.i prrtetKyd -hlrt maker, nod can do al' kino.- of em ?mtd-ry; oea ol city refcrtnee Call from ll to *> clerk at 7 If Broad way A REaPhCl ABLE YOUNG GiRL WANTS A srri'A 2% Uou aaei,am' > i ma! t and waitress, lias n objection tr take care oi ehudren and mukr l. t wit generally tianful; ny objection '? go m the onuutiy; tne bert o. air rr'Vreore Can be giwn. i ail at30)7'h av., hutweei 33-1 and N'td *t\ Abu uation san ted?by a htgilv reoo*. mend*d wrvant girl, to d.i oouktni, waanlnu and Irtinirig, or general buuaornwk. l* Beat, en mm rtnr and truviy. no rbjeAUWi ho the country, catl a 'jH atlanti' at . Br tOklyn. ARBBPECTA BLE YOUNG OIRI WANTS A MTU A lien to to grnerai hou*?w ,tk or hamh-rwork ? l< a g xl wash- r and tr m-r. and wllili.g io make bwtrlf eaacrally uw ful C all at >u7 12t i hi ? t?,en lat a . aatieTk. AS hBAMflTRPSA -A 1'RtttF.STANT YOUNG GIRL eat ta a eltuallon aa wacnetre**, raa do all kinde of fa ml'e ?ewlng an-l embrridrry, underHtend-i dolny up mn?llne I lui-1 Pr r ti Anting; would *??' t n obambaroirk; <?? w ull trav>l and welt, upon a lady. Can be seen a; be. l i-h-u'. - I watian, 112rthaw. 1 A SfTTJATHm* OTAWTKD?rtWAfjR*. AK MMIiUk MAAKISD WOKi VBrSKS - situation i< wet r.orve: lost heroin b?i B?.- ve-ks >ld Can V* '*<m for two days *? 1?, uapoelte the fcuoprtn Hotel, UrU tloor, fn>Qt r 4PR(iTKr-T*NT GIRL-WaNTH A (bwbrniithliid wsltrvas, or mmti for twod?y* hi Utti we?t Jmt, h> , nxer nth no-ut; do objection to go In the country TUATION, as lousxwo'k Oat is lite o ne HITl ATION W ATED?B A R PP "TABLE UlA'-, can cut and flt child,'v. jwtton to go In the eouutry for the luuinu ; good city rci> truce. t'tl'at2lilHwtWth? A LAD! WjSllEB TO OBTAIN A HT . \ respectable young girl, as chain hern, f an f? Men tit bcr preaeut employer's for addrees No 11 East 13th at.; < an bejtern f - A SITUATION WANTED-BV A KKSI' ICTABLK GIRL, an nurxe and seamstress; no objrctlol to so in the oo in try for be 1.UII u,er. Call at ZtO 2oll) at ; gtrd city r. I eren v TABLE YOUNU A HT AVON WANTED -BY AREHTI?1 t\ a on."ii to cook, wu*h and Iron, or a old do eh rm it work and assist Id the washing; baa good cl y lefereac ? Can be aeen for two days at 127 M eat 19th at do.Bra; moils AVION K )i A 1 and waitress. odiyt i all, or i a h> o'clock. A' REBPEGTABM YOUNG GIRL ?liUB8 A 8ITUA lion to take sttsu of cbtldien and Co tai.n sowing, or to do chainberwort and sewing, bar. no okje tion to g i (n the c'luntry for thes'immer. FJasgncd c ty riferenoc. t'ai a*. 1211 aat 37tb at, beta (ten 2d and ltd ava a BITUaTION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG A. woman, aa chambermaid and xeotnairMH; can drexa la die* ba'r, text of city reference Ivan, ttail at 84 Gl'nttm place, bt tweeu tth ana 6th ava , Ullio.gaged. A RESPECT ABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO thec?k1n(r, w.txhlDgS'id Irorjug of alarolly, r It efe reucex of the highest character. A;ply for two clave a AH tsst 20tb at. RESPECTABLE UI1U. Wiaililu A SITUATION AS V plain eook, wuoier and L ouer, * to do general bouse irk Good city references. Coll at 239 Jtub errj at, u,i >talr?, front room. AKITUAIION >VaNTKD-BY A N8AT TiDY YG; Nil girl, ax chambermaid and waltreaa arwouid lake cure of i rown up children. Good re'er? noes. Ca| for two days ai 27 West IsVlh at., bet v.. c n 8'h and '.)? Ii ava. AN bX"ERIENCED OIBL W'SHEH A BITUATION ax nurse can lake charge of a baby; or would d i chain berwork and plain sewing tTan be seenat her l*<t eiupl ' er's, No. 6 Weal llth at , to-day und Wednesday, bef r? II o'clock A RKG'KCTaBIE GIllL WANTS A ROTATION AS cook; understand* her husl-.exi th oughly, and la a superior waitier and ironer. Ilaa the b. it o city reference 1 rom her last place Wishes to lire with a private family Call lor two da a at 206 Columbia at., between Atlantic and State a-s , Brooklyn. A BITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL ex chambermaid and wal resa. or Pi taae care ol chti dren. Best of city reference If re<('itrnd. Can tx. seen for two daya at 192 7tb av., fourth floor, front loom. A RESPECTABLE 8COTCH WOMAN WAN TK TO GO hi me to Europe as nurse with a rexp ctable family. Ap ply at 22 4th av. Can be seen for the week a s CHILD'S nurse -wanted, a situation, by a A. steady and experienced Hootch woman; .an taka ch<age of an inlam from It* birth, and brtrrg it up by the b Atle i> required. Tbo lest of city reference. Can he seen to-day t her present employer's, IdU West'ddd at , b*'t seen bib aud Tin aveauea A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN a situation In a private family as plain xerunArssa. .an cut and lit children's ec tboa and oo light rhamnerwork h ;s no objection to do a little flus w ixhing and irooiuit; can an : on a lady. He-t of relvrence. ''an tie seen for twjd.i>s at 214 haat 2*>tb at., beiweeu lit'nv. and av A. A SMART, TIOl YO NO G1KL WANTS A BT"ATI0N A as chambermaid and ivattnr; la wllllni; ? i a> sl?> in run ii)K and liunlug: bax the beat of t ty references fr >in h r teal place. Cat! at Hi 1'aclHo st, pear Henry, sou h bps klvn. A EITIAIION WANTED ?BY A REdPSOTABLB young tvi plain oook, g iod waalier aad uvunr In a small private faunlv. or to do general hounea u k; good eiti refennoe; haa no objection t.) go In the country < *1. at 1117 lath st, between let and 2d avs., first Hour, b.i ?* i oo n. A YOUNG PaOTEBTANT GIRL WIdHBB A BIT!"A tion in > hamlx rmodd and waitress ,.nd to assist If the wanblngand ironing. Also by a cook, and to a-islxt in the washing and lronine; have the Deal of reference Call a*. ItD Wext 27th st. * one but a private fauii'y reed apply. A respectable young woman wants a httua . tlcn ar plain cook, nether and ironer; I* willing to do generalhoniewark; no objection to uk" care of oildi n, wages no ob je t tovard- a comfortable home. Call at. 3u West 26<h st", for two ?V?.vs APROTKr TeNT GIRL WANTS V KITUA TIHN TO DJ general hcuae vork; gord wash r aad Btof cl y reference. ? all at J3 Bocrum sv, three Ooor* from Pohormer horn, Brooklyn a YOUNG WOMAN WI-HfcS A BUI ATI ON AH CILM Si bcrmaid end v.?iu*r, ur wuu'd do the houievjr k in a U. i? i iiiu'ti au.< r? ??? via ?j M" via . it .'tar t ?* ji a iu w x.n.ill I'anilly, Cull a.3l< fcaxt '.dth at, Ix taeou aieuucx B and C, room Na 6. SITUATION WaNTBO?AS LAUNORKhEL FIVE yrars' reference. < ail al RH West .llth at , I or two daya ARRof EC1ABLK YOUNG Wt. MaN WfBURH A SITU at ion as chambermaid nm' x am . cess, or chamber me'd ar d y.iitircas. No object I > to m in th c -untrjr for th> urn mer nu.n ba H?x the bext of a, ty reieNBM. Call a; 273 \4 est Id h x.t., -i e nd floor, front fun - llBHPECTAllLB YOUNG HOK." i WANTS A SltUl' tion its et. k, vaxher and ... .. r iter, of tit. ici'e c. Caa be seen for two ilayx at Zi'Jj "th av , corner i7'h at' Are?rt'.ctabt.e ycuno woman wtnhei Mtuatlon to do general liuesew k Goo<l refer' Cnn lie seen :or two (lays at 427 West .Itth at, between St and l>Ah avs. AllBsrM.lArt r Iilitli, ?v ri ? ubui'sm >>us inr. . e ire of children perfectly, vix.liex aaituat'on wl(a one ntc lfamtiy going > t'ail'orula; would go tor m>('-ate w?g(.(. apply at IX' West 1Mb ?t, iblrd Hour, f.r two ??ye, IT not engagt a. a HITI ATION WANTBD-Bf A KEHI'ki fA8LK A. rontch girl, aa good plain O"ok and rf xjd waxber ami Ironer; is willing and oh'.igfog City refer u i'roin her last pace. t W i ?t '.ftth xt, >? vacn Hth and 9ts avs YOUNG GIRL WISIIEM A nrU?l!(iV TO DO gi ru rui h'naework In a ?mail pnvmto family, or to do p'srwo k. Apply at No 7 Ldbfuau ft, lathe rear, A COMPETENT TOl NO AMERICAN OIRL, 17 TEAS'* old, who thoroughly uwk"il?ml|t h.-r businc <, wants u situation u> no light chambcrwoik ajol .salting. <-. weuld'Aki tare hi a child and sew; h?M no obi. ?? ijni to ? i j of country; bas the t>-t of city referent* fr> u ?? lh-i j '. iv. Can f-e tern f.>r two day* at fin I'l *r?i tilth *t., Uurd floor, front A pit ATjoN wanted?hv a KBdPKt tah'.k mid (II. sg.-d woman, aag?<d plain auok A-umii .oner in astnall family; ?b* l? atoo capable of akhtgcl , ral usa if remind, best of city rrfeict" ? c?n be gir.:n. apply at No al West Nan-en M , huuih be only n Ai.BbPLCTABLE TOl'NO ol"?L WISHES A SITUA lion as chambermaid 01 waities*; thebdstol city rele retire. ('au tie ae>-n at No 72 VandarbiH Ave , Hr klyn A SITUATION WaNTED-AS CH.o.MKHMaID AND . v <iitress, le ft good pi tin f(.*cr no objection to assist In t' washing ano ironing. Can ben-en until suited at No. 100 mange at. Brooklyn \BWhfT\HLE TlMINC. NOkC' ITWIjH \ nirr Allnn us nurae and seamstress; r un en: and fit children's clothing understand* all kind* of fsn.ny s.-irtng (it. -1 refe rent* Iiuut Unit place. Call at tvi ifnh at., between <tU and 7tn ava. f" SITiTatIoN^ ANTES -BY A N~~R VPP.KI A N C i-O A jonn^ woman, a* waltreas, no ohycni ,n to <lj l.gbi < hantbciwork 'n a boardiog botuie or hotel. -icet of city 'e fcrc nee. Can If aoec at M'2 o<l av., brtween 'Attli a id UlLb'aU., o-er the shoe atoie ASITOAHON WANTED- BY AN EXPERIENCED " -.mat, u cook, un<lcr*Ui ds her he.iim* | riecfly, meat* and All klnda of lamlly Itsting- would assist In washing In a a mall private familv or a ra.v ???: able hoarding haure, would go a aoort dia.ane In the CO..1 dry, best of city reference f-nU at 392 3d at , between2'iJt a-id joct rig., over 'he ahoe i-tom. A SITUATION WANTED BY a.N IMi SiKIOCA Wl __ dow, to keep home tor an euterly genii, man, or to'.ate rhat|r (i( a bnllrtlog In which there are o w ?**?. Doau own prenrred. Addicts Mr a. C. Dovett, tier*.! l;-e A RESPECTABLE OIK1. WIHtlP.S TO Oil PAIS A Situation Hi ehanbrrnmjil and waitress ?, ltd t?ge rare of children, do plain ?cwtug or aaaiat with washing: wonM go In the country nrtravel with n ley ia kind and obliging Bee o< city "efeietices can be obtained. ?i?o *n oieellei.t e .ok, t?a*herand ironer; undcr-dan's r, .ok tug 'n all iu binaches, a email prlrate fnniUy pre'erred; would go ** laundress and hou i-mald or plain a ?win-.', la kind and Ob. Ilglng bt "t referon *? Iron higheat fa ncies m ?ty and eotiniry Call at 317 We*t 2mh at , cottage In tear. a BMABf OIKL WaNTB A 8ITUATK N . I UENB f\ ral ho-.aework In a imall private lamtiy, or ehamber erorl.; nndetataeda botb: hea n" objection to ?j % abort dl? lan ? -.111117. Can beaemtor tare days at 111 A"lb a , Km! Ifl Id and 3d av. a , in rear ? 'I.sir. a HfcaPEC TABLE YOPNO fit EL WtNTSA srii'A A Hi n to do cbamberwtn-k and wa ' ng snarlnp and ni tdlttj ..hildren. Call a' 317 West lt;>h ?t, in iba ?t >r>- f.?r two days ? No oh,e-i|on to 'be cooo'ry or to iravr A^m BKAPBOl oBI.E M t Rill I D WOMAN WANrS A eh.Id ne orlwnyeaia old to tak" rjren'at her own botiae. will he taken good care of Call at Utatt'h a;, be ta een id and .*! *vr?., in the r ar, ion ll.a.r. 6IT1TATION WANTED-A" NCRHE AND AKAM 'troaa. would Uke to go to the ronntry; h aeveral ja.ira'nity referenCA Call at 1<M Eaat23d I., herwaen Le* ,agton and 3d ar**. A^m BEHPhCTABLK OIKL WA.STa A HfTl'A'TDN AH nur-e and aeatnstreas. or to do eh.mbar ? k and tin* washing and Imnliu;. goo! city refcren -o :r .m 'c m' , lane. Can b" s. en tor two cava a' ,22 I'rtnee n , Hr sjklyt EKOTEdTANT ttlKL 1IAV1N , a HKWIY. 1 MA ehtneeapabe of d >lt.? a" 1 kinds of k-.*uig, w ahea a situation as s..arn?"-i>.? Is wllong t - bo its I in a nice fami ly. Call at 144 Kh*? 21?l at, II, for two d*ya AHlTl A'-IOh WtNTP.D-iX) DO tip NKR tL f*'}C6K work la a sin* 1 nrlva'i family, y .1 e. } r, fnrsn rg? be given, t all al No. 8 iMwrenee st , hro. klyn, for *.wn day* \REPPPt*rAHr E SCOTCH PROTKIfhT WOMAN wn"t? atltua'Jon aa nue*eand eham'/ernmli Has r uir years rv'erenoe f rem Iter ia>t 11! 1 s. Calls le'Jdth av., N? (weeii 1I<|| SB.I Ulb ?la, III tbobs. ery si jr>'. A SITUATION Wa NTP'D?I!Y A PHOTKKI aNT (HRIs, aa nurse ottd saimatress lias go...! tuy refei?ne>. Non? need *pplv hut ibao --.bigti.- go'duadra. Call at 114 Atlauiie st., Itr.oklyn, fi rtwodtya. AFBRPE' TABI.H OIBL WI4HI.S t PiTITaTION to do rbaTherwnrk and w.altir.g, or to do tl ml-erwork and asslat in Ike wssiting an I ironing Hss th* ' esiofclty rclerenee f ail at li t *??' >4th si., in ilia p ?r, between Bin and j-nates furlw*days A SITUATION WANTED-HT A BEM'p(TABLK you*g girl, a? rood rook; Is an t> yellen- l?rash?rand Ironcr. in a xnail prlist. I imily, ?(no.ibj- 'lootogo* short d.staiv e In the country. Ila* v.ssi, i y re.. -sn.?s Call at Li Awl 13lb sL, b-it*(ten 7th ani Hi atfa, froiil bsar ment. (SALT NO IN IA ?A PERSON ?JcTN(| Tt CALIFORNIA, ) wli.t le n-ed to ibe ea;-e of child e-t and t > irav al. w .u'(l like to atv mus.i.i1 aora> l( or ladv ynlng Iber- Is willing pay or make e, gag m-n? to suit the parties Ad.lrws Mrs. Predlund stal" n A, Spring it.

t tOOK fl SITUATION WaNTKD-AY A WOMAN WHO V thoroughly undc'stan ,s all kiwi* .f .sokl-g, t -u>s. m*at?, poultry game, pastry and d- ?-en?; no gu* the best city rtfereneee. Vnp'y a l-T P ast )y h *t. MTlATMiW* WifTBO_KKB\t,KH. I tiiui's SITUATION WiNrdD HI A IVuKlS WHO 1 ! tb< rwuably n ciders ends a'l kind* of Booking; souou, MM IM ' iy, game, paairv and d?iiv'i. Can g ?e tb? bed cUv r?fu<neo Apply at Ml 24 av , near 224 at., nana 13, till milted. F1AM7LY fcKWJWtl a YOUNG WOMAN, lIAVINi A 1 Wnecler A Wilsoa sewing machine, would take In work at brr uvin houae, or go out by the day or work. Cad at i. ii ill vi it oorotr of Broadway and 46tb at, for Mia* Potts. /NERMAN GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION ro DO vT g>ceraJ housewoit. Inquire lu roar building, room 1(1, 67 Kerry m at. HOUSEKEEPER.?AN AMERICAN LADY. OF THE respectaniiliy, desire* to make arriageineiila a family or widower us housekeeper; she la competent In take cb.uge of "mall children; wou'd not object to go otr of the city. Reference* given. Address la T. U , Brooklyn Boat office. OCr'EKEEPKR-A WIDOW L4DY, OB PRACTICAL H eipsrlence, done* a situation to superintend a house ; a widower's family prelrrrel she la Hold; a widower's family prelrrrel she la eflu'Mled. agreea ble and a g'ud wauistress; can give instruct >u? la music. Bef? rriu*p eicnuuged Addiesi, slating where to call, Era. y Morton, atiiliou I> Boat olfco. IAi jtnntsH ?a KiKt-r class 'ndrrss is J desirous of obtaining a sltna'lun can do Bren'.h Quling; or would do tha bourn work of a private family. Call at 28J hlvlngtnu a'reel. LADY'S MAID AND BKAMSTRBSH' BITOATI JN * anted? By a competent woman; la a good dressmaker; ut deratanda betrdreaslug and Breach fluting; reliable r fe rn ?* can be given. Apply at 246 Weat 16th at., flrat floor, rent room. \TURfE.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISUttS A j.\ altuation an nurse. woul i prefer a young baby; do ob union to travelling; the beat of referene. a front bar la't ituatlon. Can be seen for two daya at 3d. Eaat 10th at., i rvond floor. SEAMStRE8&-A TOl'NO WOMAN WANTS A BITUA non aa fceamstrear; understands cut tug and tilling ladur and children ? clothes, would see to grown cttUdreo, or wait upon a lady; has no objection to travel; g.iod city reference. Act'ly at 120 Weal 2Uth st, between bib and 7lh avs. OlfUATION WANTED?BY A RKdBE37ABLB WELSH J woman, aa chambermaid, mid would be willing to do some fine washing or plain sewtng- Can be aeon tar two daya at Ml Allen at., In the rear. OITUATION WANTED?HT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ?! w oman, a-cook, waahcr and ironer; no objection to do general bourework. <?ood city reference If requ'red. Can be ?oi n lor two daya at 637 Maablugioo at, flrst floor, up supra. SITUATIONS WANTED-Bt TWO R"SBE0TATILN young girls; one aa nurae; is willing to assist In the waa." ? lug sdU ironing; baa Ihe beat or alty rerereooe. the other as bam bet maid and waiter: has the beat of c.ty reference. Can be seen for two uays at til East 17th at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS 0 nurse or chambermaid; la a good plain suwvr and a first ia'e embroiderer, no objections to the oountry; good refe rence given. Apply at 3b7 <J h at, bet ween avs. 0 and D. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RRHPE4 TABLE lOUNG <5 girl, as chambermaid and nnrse; has no obj.-ctlon lu go in me country lor the summer; has good city rei'erenaee. 1 'all lor two daya at 1 oil 6th at., between 1st and 3d ava, third SITUATION WANTED?AS LAUNDRESS, BT A 8TEA O dy and willing girl; has no objection to go a short dli tauve In the country; has* j d reference tront h-r last place, where abe has lived for three yearn. Apply for two daya at 471) '.Rh av , second floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECT ABLE IRISH j girl, just landed; the Is willing to take instructions and make heiseif generally uaefnl Inquire at 704 Washington ? ?.met, basement, for two or three daya. OITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENG 4J ilsh girl, as children's nurse; Is capable of taking the entire charge of a >aby from lta Infancy; can bring ft up ? liber by band or bottle, or lake the place or lady's mala; has no < bteetlou to travel with a fam'ly to any pact of tbe world Can he icon for two days at ltd East l2tn St., between let uud 2d ava QTTUAUON WA"TED-BT A YjUNG WOMAN, WHO t' tborougliiy understands her business, as cook, washer am! ironer. Call at 121 Weat 26th at, between 7'?h and 3th avs., from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. CO NATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O woman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or chamber maid and waiier; is thoroughly competent fi r her business. Ires', of city reference giv en Can be seen for two days at 52 West 20th at., front basement. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O girls; one as cook; has lived with tha best famines, the other as chambermaid and waitress. Both hare t?e beat of el yr.-tcrcnce. Call at 128H Eaat 13th st , between 2d and 3d ava. CltViim WANTED-A BKraCTAUl WOMAN O wishes a situation to do general housework In a private family.; la a first mass p'ain cook, also a first class wusher and in nrr; no objection to a boarding house. Call for two days at 2'J Monroe st. best city rclereuce. OlTUATlONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O young * omen: one as rock, washer and Ironer; the other a Chambermaid and wal cr; have no objection to go In the c iiniry. Best of city reference Call at 214 Weat 2< th eg 0 citation wanted by a respectable young pi woman to cook, wash and Iron In a moe niivate fami'y; good city r> ferencn If required. Can be seen for two days at hS bih av , In the store. SITUATION WA.NTBD-BY A bMAKT YOUNrl 1 - girl, to dochainburwork and taWa care of children; or assist lu v a lilng. no onjcctlon to go In the country, call ut No 5bh 2d ave. itntranc: In 36th st), second floor, for two days. fjvwti YOUNti WOMEN Wa?t hiTDaTIONB'. ONE AS X cook, washer and ironer; the other as chambermaid and waiter, or chambermaid and to take eare of children, no ob ectlon to g ) a sliort .lstanco In the c? uutry. csu l>? mm lor Wo cats it 37h B!eeekor at. fllWO IOUNU OlRIsB WIHO HITUAHONS?ONE IS i co.d cook, and undeistandi ail kinds of taovly cooking; i be oilier at chambermaid mid waitress; for city or com. ry; the test of nty reference. Call st'No. 201 "Wnt 2bth k, lie' seen bih and 9lh avs , for two d?ys |lWO GIPlift W/BI! -SITUATIONS; ONE A- CHAM i h iroald and to assist In the washing and Ironing, tbe oil', as plain . ink, washer and ironer .'an both be -car. to a wet k at I lib West 34th at.; their lost place I'O RESPECTABLE TOUNO OTHLS W ANT.S StTUA tions together; one as cook, ? a first rate washer an.l tbe other as chamberni iid and waller; both under T M .nd their bua'ness i>orfe. tly, with the best city reference Oad a' 521 8th av , between 3Lt and 3'2d at*., top floor, back room. WANTED?BY A MIDDLK AHED WOMAN, A BITCA tlnn to Uke ease of rtnidren, or make herself useful; got*1 rri?renc?. Apply at No i Ibieru:n ?t.t near Fulton a*., ISrooklyn, on Monday and Tue?d.iy. arANTKD-BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A SITUATION TT a* monthly s'ck nunc, bant of reference given. In<|uLe at 16 ivrwuwich ave. YVaNTND-A SITU \TION, BY a KH8P?CTAU1,B If young gn i, an waitress and chamb"tmaid, or wmilri as sist In washing ana ironing. App.y at ike store, lite 7in a? , near Sid at. CI/ ANTED? A HTUATION, BY A TOCNG GIRL, Elf. If teen year* old, t<) attend children or make herself generally nwtnl beat ctiy reference given. luiyolie of Mr* Tflople, >o. 0 Htate HI WANTED- A *iTl AllON, KY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT as -eamH'.resj; no ubl-v ion to travel. Call at ISO Meat 40th Ht , rwai No '.) WA.MKD BV a RKH'BOTAHLE OB R.MAS OIRL, A aitiiailoD a* rAamberma'd and waltr taa; would be m'lLng to n"o?t in the Washing and Ironing Call at 101 West lllAt at, second ttior. tM/ ANTED?BY A RKBPECTARLK YOUNG WOMAN, A IT tliiudlon a* lady * maid an 1 seiimsticsn; understands hair dreHH.uR and can rut and fit children's cloth"*, aid un der-su'-m * an klnda ol family sowing, or would do chamber W"fk and ae-.vltg, or would travel with a family; go?J city rotennre from her last place, where ah.- Heed three year" Call tor two days at 00 Dean street, Brooklyn. 14/ANTED?BV TWO RESPECT VBLK GIRLt, WITH4 TT Huts. one U * g >..d ci ok, washer and lrrmer, the other a* eb. mtwunalo -nd waitress. Can bo *vu at their la*t place '.'IS Sth at, for two days. WANTED?A 8ITV ATION, BY 4 YOUNG WOMAN, f| 10 roi k, ft *?h and Iron, or would do boo tework , no oh ir. Iloa to the cou ..ry, best city refi r n^e. Call at 1ZJ Mul berry at. W VNT^ BY A RKSMKI TaHLE protbstast II girl, a aittiatlon to take care of children ind do rmorotd eruiR or to Jo g n> tat boas. work, tan be von at AM Wad ret a it n/AMED-BI A COMPETENT WOMAN, A HIT1A II uojantiirw; baa been in thaloapaclty . or many rears, sud can take the enil-e charge of an Infant troia itablr.i; beet city re'er* nr ? Can be seen itr two days at 76 t.b av? coi to r of mtb st, In the fsncy Core. WANVP.D?FT A PROTESTANT (MIL, A SITUATION i i do rhauib'rwork and wsittrg: no objections to do general be aewurk; frod rei irtnuogpcn. Can at *77 Broad - way. UTANTI O?BY A GOOD FAMILY SKAMsTifK*?t, A itluslion In some resper'sble lamll) In city ot Country . would like to w rit on a lady or do light chuni'trivork if re quire; nfe not so inueh an objati as a I'loa, ree|*rtabi? home. Good city referet 'e can lis given. Also a young wo man wteb"* a situation as ch >ml ernri dc and val rets, or as t.oi*c and chambermaid, or as num" aloae; no ohyaetiea <o the country to. I city ir.ercncesean bo given. f'?tl or semi lor two day* at 210 rTc?t 161b St., between etb and }il. avs. WANTED?IlY A RESPRl TABLE GIRL. A STTUA tlOb as ehambormoM and assist wUb ths Washlug had boning or do housework lorwsmsll family, '"ar. be seen til etituged al I Si West Stub at., between 7th and ui ava 11/A.N1III--A blTUATION, BY A Kf.?PP,?T%BI K II ctrl to do g<wi?re' b ufewor* ic t <i>: U fnepl; . t? t. good plain e ok, wwher and Ininor. tan be -ear f ir t?i> day s st :ttl 2d av? ec rn'cr ot 22d ?t YlfANIPll?A SITUATION, BY A VERY KA.-TBCfV If hi" ?i ung woman, as f..*t c! i?* cook, pcpieetlr under itanfa oooV rg in all Its bmtKhiH aoups, paaltl's ?nd le.'l?s; ha* no objection to the country ; the boat of cfy reference can lie given, tau Ire aecti for two days at I'd East 1711 at., room No ft, . T\' tNTVD A SITUATION. BY A WIDOW WPMtN. If n ve e old ? s good rook, and I* willing to . i any kind of woik. . Call for IWi days at 2td tnh rt, MwonA floor, bnek room. VV'ANTT D A HIT1 All tN, M" \ YuUNn UlRL, AS If ilo.iri mal l and wall- s or to t ke vareoi ahlldrea. Calt u! T ? av nun. W'tMlD-t BlTUATION, HY A YOUNG UIR1, AS If co A hav no objection 1o elp witb tho washing and Ironing, l as lived five years In b"r last pla n, and can be well ie onmemii d Abo a f'i'iatlon aswoliraaa; have lived to fetter end would like lo live ViKetber again. Can bo seen for iwndnye ai ft't'l Id svenue. 11/amhd by a young \MEntc*N raoTRirr*vt tI gill afl'iialion as nuras; uncei ?land* Wheeo'r 4 WL eon's eowlng macblne ( r lo irwwwl wlih % family M"?i?ity r?-. ??I'-uc? gi?er ' all for two days ht l.Mt East Mth st. ANTED-BV A YODNfi WOMAN, A S1IUYVION AS rook; tin' erstano baking ?nd pa*iiyin all Its branrue* has no Objection to hS'lst In wsshinc and I'onlng 1/ required; no objecu i> to g" In rdrywiih a family for the sum mer. t all fer two days at tin r.ast Mtb ?t /ANTED?A Mtl AT1UN, BY A ItBS>'ROTABLE I younr women, to do chsmberwork sod waiting, >r rbamb) rwotk and to srsist In tbo fine washing and Ir ru'oa; bar the lie*! of c ly ref'-rcn ?? from brr las pla o. (>'i bn wen lor two dayi s-. m W# Jt 2*tb ft, he'wcgD 111; aui Bb are , first door, ir?i . r - tn. w w ?iTiAno?s itArrapurMAUM. WANTED?BT A YOUNG GIRL, A H TUATION to An ehainber work or housework m a small fam' v for low wagea. Call for two days a. 149 rtcbermerhoro street, Brookl; u. "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A YY situation to do th? pla n eooktug, washing ?nd Ironing of a small oii\ai? family; 10 nbjeotioa to go a abort dialsti A tn the o unity; go d <dty reference can bo given. Call at 197 laat 13th at, between lat and 2d ava _____ 1ATABTED?BY A KKHPECTABLE MARRIED WOUA*, if to'??b in wanking and Ironing at her own reitdence, or to go out to wo> k hy the day. Cal > at 142 A < at AJ h at WAMkD? BY A SEAT, TIDY YOUNG GIRL, A SITU anon aa ' hainberinaid and waitress Hal go *1 city C'au be seen for two ilaya at ;66 6tli a\ , balwoea 22d and i'td ata . VirASTtD-A SITUATION. B* a respectable it Prco-ataiit young girl, to do cbtmleraork and waiting or of amber* ork and sewing, The boat of oily reference, fall at 12? Beat 27 ih at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation aa ebaaal>ermald aud ui do washing aud iron ing In a private family. Good city reference given. Call for ta o daya at So. 2 as or piaoe. WA.MEd-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG UNMAR rted German ladv, In a respectable family, to attend tbe education of the children and auuerintend the houaehjld; ia willing to make berielf generally useful. Address for three d ys l.V> t.hrystle st, second lloor, front room. Waste D-A SITUATION, BY a RESPECTABLE Protestant girl 'o do gene-al Bouse wet k in * small pri vate family ; in a good ceo - washer and It }n-r; g aid city ivl'e ence; no objec Ion <o go In the country. Call at 113 Adams at. Brooklyn, in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WoMaN, to do plain corking, wasbing and ironing; no objection o general bouwwork; giod references. Call at lid 36lh at, b. tween tilh aild 7th ava, lop 11 tor, front room TIT A NT? D?A HTUA'ION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young woman, a* chambermaid and waitress; has the belt or city references and Is wl ling and obliging. Call for wo days at 131 7th av , between lVth and 20th sta. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Ti aa clilidren'a nurse; is a good plain sewer and willing U: mike herself generally useful No objection to go a abort dlstaure In tbe country. Good city references given, in quire at IKt Eaat 12th at, for three daya WANTTD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YT young woman, as good plain cook; Is an excellent buh l', baa oesl of city rei ereu ?? from her last tbice, la will lug to <lo part u! the washing and Ironing or tbe whole in a email lamhy, and wou'd go a sho't distance <n the country for the summer. Cs.! or address for two day s at 193 East 26 th at WANTED-A SPUaTION, BY A PBOTBSTANT hootch girl, as seainatresB Can cut and at chl'dren'a dreaiea. and do all kinds of family sewing No objection to the country, and well recommended from ner last place. Call at 111 Eaat 28th at TITANTED-A BITCATION, BT A RESPECTABLE YY young w oman, as plain cook, good washer and troin r. The best of diy reference given. Call at 296 Molt at, one door from Houston WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook, washer and troner. Good city reference. Call at 131 Var'ck st WANTED-A 8ITUA1 ION, lit A YOUNG WOMAN, A8 Ti good 'sundress, no objection to do general housework In a small family. Call at 14018th st, between 7th and 8tn a vs. WANTED?A SlTl! ATION, AS FIRST CLASS L.UJN dresw, by a young woman; can do French timing, aud has the bett of city reference, no objection to go In the coun try. Call at 299 Moti st., four doors from Houston, room So. 1. "WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION if as chambermaid aud waitress; but no objectioa to tra vel; baa the best of city reft reuoe. Call for two daya at 69 Piesident at., houth Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa cook, washer and ironer. Good city reference. Call at lib St. Mark's place, Eighth at., one pair of stairs up, front room WANTED-A SITUATION, Bk A BEol'BCTAliLB young girl aa waitress and chambermaid, or would as sist in washing and ironing; would go in the country for the Hummer. Cad at 63 West 9th at. for two daya "WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TV man. an Urat rate conk; no obj?0ilou to help with the waihlng ami ir mug; no objection to go In tbe country Ca 1 at HJ V?t 27th at, lirat lloor, back room, for two daya Good city it fcicnoe. WAN* ED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A attention aa laundress and chambermaid, or to do hnns*work for a small family. Good reo .mmeuduion from her laat place, where she has lived for the laat two yetrs and a half. Can be aeen for two daja at 166 Mmlth st., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION to cook, wash and iron, or would do general bona - work in u small private family: city reference given, If required Call at 77 Henry at, third.floor, back room, lor two days. ?WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RE8FECTABLE IT young woman, an chambermaid and aeatnstren, or to do newlng and mind children; has lived six ycari in her laat place. Gall at 17P Went IMA st, between 7th and Hth ava WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK AND TO ASSIST in na lung, by a young woman who thoroughly under standi* lier business; best Jty reJervuce. Call at 212 7tb av., lor.two daya. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa rhuuiliermuid aud aeamntreag; good city rei en-nce Call a< 209 Laat 21st st., belweeu 1st and 2d ava , second floor, front m m. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to ilo conking, washing and Ironing la a genth man s tamlly; baa the beat of relcrciioe one block 1 torn her residence: wage* not no much an ubj-ct as a home; has no o' Je. tl n to housework In the country. Call at 147 doth st., between 2d and 3d ava. "WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE YT gt'l aa cook in a small family, or 11 do general hone work in a email private tawuly; the best or city refereuiu given, call lor taro days at No. 242 Hudson av., east aide, ? rennet do r fr-.ra Johnson at., Brooklyn ViMM 81 fUATION, AS KEAMSTKESh AND YY nurse; understand* all kinds of family sewing, has the beat o: rufe-aaas. Can be seen until suited at 12(1 East 2tnh st, between 2d and 3d ava, 11' A.NTED-8Y A RESPECTABLE WUMAN, FAMILY, YY ledies', or gentlemen's washing, at tier own reald noe; has been five years in the same employment, i*?peetable cliy lefeien. i ean be given. can lie seen for the season. Call at 128 11th st , near 1st av top floor, b*ck room. w I)?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE it young woman; i on to co .k, wash and Iron, and iae other ax experienced ntttee, la a neat p a n seamstress Beat city relViecue Can be aeon fur two days at 1U f leet si., Brooklyn. \i/anted~bv a MMMUR woman. a srtUA i" tiinlnarniall private fami'y as rook; la a Urn rate eook and understands baking B?at city mien-nee from her last plaor. c all at 212 Waverley p. son, third flour. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOCM ??OttAN, TO Ouok, wash and Iron, or to do general house s ort Best city reference Apply for two days at 132 West 1.1th st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Irlestant girl, as waitress or chambermaid and to takeearcof cbildien. B< st city reference from her last em ployer. Call at 134 Meet 18th at., No. t> While a plaoe. AN TED-A SITUATION. BT A RE8PE 'TAKLK young girl, as waitress, or to take cure of children and do plain sewing, unoxoept unable city reference from her last plate. Call at 72 w eat 19th st, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RK PSCTABLE girl, as nurse and chambermaid; la willing to go to the rouatry; has the bent of city reference. Call for two tays at (A West w ashlngton place "11'ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO YY do general boiuew >rk In a small plain family; la a moot excellent washer and Ironer; h?a the nest ?.T elty reference fiom her lust place, t aa be set n for two days If aot engaged, at IAS East 11th st , corner of av A. -|\'ANTRIJ-A WTUATION. B* A YOl NG WOMAN. it as nurse and seaoiatreaa, or aa chaiubcrmsJd and seam stress; Is fully competent to take charge In any of ike ah rra capacities, baa the beat ally reference from tne highest fami lies where shb has lived Can be seen for two dtya if not en gaged, at 136 East 11th at , corner of av. A WAITED-A SITUATION B* A YOUNG WOMAN, It as chambermaid and waitress or seamatreas; can sew on Wilton's machines; has city relercncel'rem her laat plane, where she dvsd a number of years. Call at 116 Bast da,tic street, Brooklyn, In the rear. X\7 ANT ED?A SITUArlON BY A YOUNG 6IRU YY aa chsmhermald and waiting; haa no oojectlena to general houscwo'k of a small private family; haa good elty re erenee. i all at 231 Keat isth st. second floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION IT A TOUNG WOMAN, in a private family as nock and to asal-t with the wash ing ami ironing, haa the best of city raferenow from her laat place. Call at ibe Tear of 116 East Baltic su, rtrotkiyn. WANTED?BY A HIGHLY RKAPK tTA TLB MID die aged iTerson of education and of ranch experien-e In ? ieknsss, a sHnatlon as housekeeper and teanber to growing children; or as sick BOM to sn invalid Isdy; would read and write for her and menage ? very thing; wood like to go south with a family; references of si si wen years' standing ran he given; would give lessons In the ep*nlsh language !x required. Gall on <>r address Mr*. 0 , at her preetnt employ er's, 17 Weal 17th ft, until suited WET BURSE -WANTED, BT A RESECTABLE MA li ned woman, a situation aa w et nurse In s une respects Me family, her l<ahy la two months old. inquire at 2U Cherry it 'W ANTRD?BY A BESl'ti TABLE YOU NO WUMAN, A YY situation to take care or ohildn-n and sew or to do rhaBi'-'crwork and sewing; goon elty referenoes given Call at .''21 Alb a?., between :tl?t and SM stA 11/ ANTED?BY A ItMrlOTABLB ENGLISH GIRL, A YY Miration as plain rook, or chambermaid, or weakl do general homework In a small family. Apply at 174 Witt nth st. for two day*. \l"ANTBD? by TWO RESPECTABLE VOTING WO I YY man, SIinations; one as eook, Is willing to assist with thr washing and Ironing, the othrr as laundress or chamber i maid and laundress. the bast of City reference from their last i liaise. Call tar two days at 3M 3d av , cornyr ot 30th ai, i top floor, Wanted- a situation, by a young woman, to dogrneral housework In a small family; good city re | ference. Call at JU W sst ^Gtti st, between *th and Mb av*. Wanted?a situation, by a young woman, a* chumiieinald and waitress or chambermaid aud to assist In the washing and Ironing. Call at 246 Brest ldtb st. I bnween 7lh and 8tb ait 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. 1 "? lu h pi lvnto family; tsndcraUnda all fclnda of family Mwlng Call at ?0 Baat .Go at, Aim floor, bank. J MIT ANTRD?SITUATIONS, BY IWO BESPBGTaNLB YY young women. one as first class ooofc, who fully under , stands her business, and the other aa chambermaid and to ' iT'llil with the washing, or as waitress; loth hare the boat ef t oy i r rr< diss, Gan l>c seen for twu days at 37A3d av., near Win't. Inquire in the tailor's store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE glil, aa fba uberuiaid ana waitress, or nurse and mam sue s, no ob|ectlon( to the tountry. Gan be men for two da i at bi r present im; Myer s. 16 ?Warren et-, near uourt, hio' klyn. WANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A IIBSPBGTABLB young girl, as laundress In a Bret rises P't' ale family; would ttol object to go to the country for a few months; cat he well rr roti?oded as to her obliging disposition, bar h nefty snd mildness she ttan be teeu for Sv# days at 461 2d at., third floor, lack room. WTBATIOm "WAJITJD? BY two OIKLH. SITUATIONS, ORB Ax o> ok washer and minor the other an chuob- rmakf udMuueM Inquire at Mo. M Went Ath at, aroond door, WA^T*?rA SITUATION. BT A COMPETENT TOVNG " M Ihtwough HimUmior ladyi maid; alio Uiorougbiy iindemtaoda her ualnees; ine best of city ret e iwt. Oai^at No. 7 Ilk et, near ike Howerr. WA?h\^fvrrt,?iT?AlTI0N! BT A *OUN(i WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waiter, or would ureter waitine si1 no 1 hr boit of dty reference If required. Can be aeeia at 18 Hail 13th at oe aeua WAN TED?BV A VBEY BBSPBCTaBUI TOUNfl Wo man a Mtuallon aa aeamstrnsi anr chambermaid er M ? norae and seamstress. out* and flu childrea'sc otbiag aeatly - ahe >? uiw- a beautiful seamatieas and oana.hU nfVi.. Si' kind* of embroideries Good e'ty reference t' ill) gthavl WANTED?A SITUATION, Bf A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework: la a good waaher and ironer and a good breed maker; baa tee bast refe rence from ber laet place; ban no objection to go * abort dis tance in the country. Call at 1116 M*di?on at., third fl<>ar. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A COMPETENT GIRI. aa chambermaid and waltieaa: beat oily reference aa to character and capability. Call al 22o West Iflu at, ua lbs back baacment, for iwo days Q7 A NT ED?A SITUATION, Bf A bK-iPEC TABLE ? girl, aa cbambannald ind wallreaa, or would do eham berwork and aaaiat In washing and ironing, or would do the housework In a arnall private family; has good at# reference from her last place. Can be tern at Mi lioth at., near 8tk ar. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE; young girl, to do the work of a small family, or do ehamberwork and take care of an Infant: aba has never lived out: she wants a good home with a family that will lake an interest in ber. Can be sen, for one week at 11 Park sr., between Hudson av, and Navy ,t WET NURSE'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNU, healthy married woman with a fresh breast of milk, la a respectable family; no objections to traveL Call for two days at 262 North 7tb ?t, Wi llamsburg. In the fancy 1 WANTED--BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 81TUA tlon aa chamberaaald: la willing to assist In washing and Ironing; a private family preferred; beet of ctty refe rence, if required. Call at Uo Crosby at, rear, third floor, back room. ? WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RK8PBCTABLK kuglish woman, as g-md c.sik and an excellent bakar; also wishes a uluia'l -n for ber daughter, to do ehamberwork; and waiting, can be seen tl 1 eLgaged at 177 East 33d st WANTED?WASHING AND IRONING, AND GOING out to day's work; bert of dty reference. Can be stem for two days at 230 West ttth st, between 8th and 8th a vs. WANTED-A SITUATION, RT A HUH PEC TABLE PRO K1 tact woman, as nurse and plain lewer; had several years' experience; lived alx years In ber Uat place. Can bo seen for two days at 6(0 3d av. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA 11 tion aa first class cook, can ogok meats, soups and pas tiy of all kinds; is an excellent baker: no objection to go la the country; beat of reference. Can be seen for two days at 183 West 38th St., near 8th av. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND lrouer; good relerenoe. Call for two days at 333 West 28th it. _ WANTED?SITUATIONS, BT TWO RESPECTABLE girls; outs to cook, wash and Iron; the other to do eham berwork or waiting; one, an American g,rl, has no objection to itavel; go< d dty relerenoe. Call at 143 1st av., between 8tla and loth ots , In the bakery, WANTED-A SITUATION Ad GOOD COOK IN A PRI vaUWIamlly; no objection to assist with the washing; understands bakkg Call at 240 7th av , corner of 26 th at, thlid fioor, back room. 4 WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion as chambermaid and to do plain sewing, or assist with washing and Ironing; good reference given. Call at 33 West 12th <t. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GIRL. AS CHAM berm nld and waiter or pla n sewer flood city refe rence. Can be seen for two days at 174 East 24th st, aeooud floor, back room "TTTANTED?A PITUATION, BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS Tf chambermaid and child's nurse. Good city reference. Apply at 127 Fail I61I1 at. WANTED?BT A RBNPEOTsBLB YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa good plain 000k, waaher and ironer, or ?o do general homework, In a small family: la a good bread, baker. Beat city rc erence inquire at HO West 18th at, be tween 6th and 7th avs , In the rear WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman; la a good cook, waaher and ironer; would go a short distance In the eoui.try Heat of city refe rence Call at 81 We*i 18th at, between 6th and 7th ava, first flcor. T\r-*JITEI>-A SITUATION, Bf a YOUNG WOMAJI, TO Tl souk,wan andiron, or to do general housework Call at 162 WSSlSlBI place. In the roar jAVThb?BY A YOUNG GlttL, A SITUATION fO 1 do general housework in a small private famflyt M a good plain cook, waaher and Ironer; cau give gsod mDmfe renx frum her last plsoe. Gall at 641 Al av , betvmeHdQgand 241 h eta., top Door, lit nt room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tloa ,ia aeamntresa; baa no objection to do ehamjei work or aew ing and nurae; good relerenoe given Call at No. 2 Hupeiye St., rtunh Brooklyn WANTED-BY A RBBPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation aa waitreis, or would do chaxiberwoik and flue waabiDg; can give exonlient refereoee address ?o 81 Wi-hi 28th at., first fioor, tront room, no objection toge in the country WANTPD-BY A YOUNG HCOTOH WOMAN, A TT situation aa aeamatieea in a private UkrWtUn lamllv; no objection to am-tut in chamber* uk; has go id city refe rence. car. be seen for two cava at 162 bridge at, Brook - Y" WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPRCTALE joung w, man, as oook, waaher a d Ironer. to do thw brunt work ol a small family; god diy reiereuee. Call at 8M East X d st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A HERrBCTABLE TT young w oman, u* waitress md chambermaid or would salat In tbs washing and Ironing, bc?t of ci'v reference. C ail at 44 W est SUtb st WAN I ED?B V A YOl'NO ONE FIFTEEN YKARm OP age, a situation to take care of children or to maks herseli generally um'uI Can be seen for two days at 647 Pet-ri st, near Broadway, thirl floor. w T17ANTED?BY A RESPECTABcK WOMAN, IK A TT private f iml'y, a atttuatlon aa Aral rate o>ok, no objn tion to a pilvatu boaiding houee; would do the ouarae waah ing II' required. Hem city reference trrm her laat place. Call for iwo day* at 122 Amity ?t WANTED?BY A YOUBO WOMAN, A HITOATION A3 chambermaid and waiireM or aa chambermaid and to aaeiet wlih the waablmg; la wtlltns and otalgia*. Beet city reference. Can be Men <cr two daya at 147 7th are., between 20th and llat ate., third ttoor, front t WJ WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TuUNG WOMAN, TO do plain cooking, waahing and ironing or to do houan work. tit "a city reference apply at 61 Uouaton it AN1KD-A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT QIRl, aa chambermaid and a?amatreea; und?r*tanda all klnda of aewlng and embroidery Call for two daya at 40 Mm tie mm, Brooklyn, third Hoor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBBPRTTABLK flirt, to do rham berwork and waiting. The beat of dt; reference given. Call for two daya at 1M naat 37th *L WANTED-A MTUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE PRO teataDi girl, to do gannral houeeeark la a amall private family-, la aa excellent wa> her and Iruner and a good plain cook; bna lived eight year* In her laat piece; ha* the boat of City reference t all at 232 3d eve , between 2Mb and flat ata. WAN1F.L-BY A RKSPRCTaSLC PBOTBBTANT young woman, a altnauon aa experienced uurae, eham barmaid or laondteae; no object.on to go a aaort dlalaaaa In the country; good city refer enoe. Appiy far two daya at M >niton at , Btooklyn, third floor. W ANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A TOl'NO WOMAN, AM aeawstreoa: would anaim arltb ohaanetwork; ha* no ab Jectiwn to go a abort, dlatanee In Uie country; good ally refe rence given. Apply at 2U8 Atlaniic at., nrooklyn, far two WANTED-A BTTl'ATIQN, TO DO CMAMR1RWOBK ar d walling, and to aaaial In the care of eoildron. goad dty reference call at 3UB Weat xflth at, for two daya TV ANTBD?A SITUATION, BY A RB8PBCTABIJB TT young girl, aa chambermaid, or to do light houaawerh; haa net er lived out, but Is willing to learn. Call at IN laat Uhh at., between lat and M ara TITANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE TOUKO HRALTMY TT married woman, a Mtuatloo aa Wet nurae Can !m aeen far two daya at MWTih ar , bei. eea 17th and ISth ita. WANTED-A HTUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid and laundreaa or to do ganaral b ueework; haa no objection to gr> In tbe country; ean give thr beat nt reference. Call at 2*6 Weal Hiueton at TV ANTKD-A SITUATIcN TO DO OBNBBAb HOUSE TT work in a am all family. Van be aeen for two daya at lit York tt, Jtrooklya. WANfRD-A SITUATION. BT A RBSPBCTABLU young g'rl. a? | Iain 000k . la a good ? wthrr aal Irowet, or to do g. neral booaework in a email family; haa good city *-renew. (an be aeen for two daya at <317th ar , between and 2<th ata , third floor, front room ANTBE-BT A RESPECTABLE MAR* BO WOMAN, TT young girl, aa | lain nook, la a good waaber aa or to do g> neral booaework in a email family; haa | reference, (an be aeen for two daya at <SI7ta ar , 16th and Jftb ata , third Boor, front room w. baby to wet nurae at her owe reaidt noe; haa loot her Orel baby; good reference required. Call thle weak at *M Ba?t?3d at. VeTANTBD-BY A HASPBCTaRLE OWL, A SITtfA TT tlcn aa chambermaid and waiir>ae, or would do Hoe waahirg or aa reambeimald and do plain aewlng; haa good tefeience Can be eecn until autted at ?? Deabn VVAN1KD -BY A RRBPBCTABLB WOMAN, A*tUA TT tlcn \a do general houaework; baa no oNj-aton to thr fount ry, bi at ot city teftrri ne. can be aeen for two daya at 314 Moit atreet, Ural fit or, bar* room IVAMBD?BY a touao woman. A baby to nursk TT athrroen fvaWenee. haa loat bar own bnby; --an dr row ail her tkMtolta care. Inquire at 334 lat av., aaeond oar. t'ANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA tton aa ecob and to eaa at with the waahing and ironing, raa laundreaa; no oMJertk n to go a abort dDiam-cln the ountry; enn give good rtty reference OaJ for two daya at 7 W# at 2f?th at.. letween tlth and Tth are TITANTBB?BT A RERPkOTa BIJt StlM*?, A SITU A TT tton aa rook, cr aa cock, waaher and Ironer In a private fnmllv; gr.od> Itv trferenor. t all tor tan daya at AW Baa 1 1Mb at., near ar B,w nd floor, fit nt ro.,ot. -tk'ANIED-BY A RB8PBCTAB1.K f AO? EBTANT TT young wnwan, a altuatlon to nook, waah and Iron; the beat Of etty reference given, call for two day* at Mo. 1)4 Corgreea at , N. T. ANTED ? A STtPaTION, B. a TAHl.K young girl, aa chambernmld and waltnaa, or to <lo gene ral homework In a atnali private lamtly. i?4 re eeeooe from laat place app'y at A". .1*1 h at, between flth and d h av* WANTKE-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RB8PBCT able young aa rhamb rstaid and waltreea: nn dwttnJp tnmtnens p?rf?*ti> ; b# ?t of from b?T Uat i.liPB, ran b* *m*n until engagf* at Hirarj at, rorr*r hroofc'ya .. _ WANTEP-A SITUATION TO Dt) CIIAMBBRMOBK and plain ?e?lr g. or aa wa'treaa- ff ut year* c.ty re.4 renct. Oafi at 3J.Wcat 12lh ?t, nenr flth av.