Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1861 Page 9
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UfANTfcD?BY A BhefJl TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a situation to do general housework, or as plain c xtk tn -a private femfly. Has gi>od idty referenoe. Apply M 436 nth 111 , III the rrU. bel wb- u Ai-l and .tuti aw "UfAi TBD-BY A kBiHiC CABLE PROTKbTaNT ulRL. W ? situation a a god plain 010k, wa?h?. and t, ooer. 3a? uuod city reference Can be aoeu at 1M iVest anh ?t., from tiaawi WANlRD-tilfUATlON* BT TITO YOUNG WOMEN; oua aa cook, wsaber ami Irooer, aad toa other aa ctuos bermaut *au to sssut Id ihe washing aud iroulug; no objec tion to iba oouutry. Ca.1 at 72 3d au. berween av. A and 1st ar. X|7'AN-'BI?-W*KHI^G. BY A COMPETENT LA17N TT dr-sa, ladl-s' or g<uill?ara's washing by tue doaea or by iba mouth; fluting auo fine washing; every rkie win be taken; the Deal cf city reference. Apply aiiwkaat lAtb at., brat boar. "Tlf AN'i ED-B? A BB3PEOTA BLM TOl NO AMERICAN Tl gii-l, a MiuaUnn as chambermaid or waitress la a atnall /amity: baa lived four yeair lo her laat place. Apply for two days at Ml Ith av . tup"floor, back room WANTED?IT A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN, A Bttu.Uon aa ebarabermatd and seamstress, or aa eham bermaM and to aaatat la ?aahmg and Ironing, beat of city re feraoe can be given Call at or addreaa 111 Went 25th at. Tl/ANTED?A hlTU ATION, BT A KKril'BCT ABwK Tf Oeiuiao girl, to do geueial houaework and pU.n no >k log, la a good washer and iroaer. Apply at No 290 Carlton eve, near ntvoklyn. WANTBD-A MTUATIOM AH Nl'RSR BT A MID die aged woman who la oaoabla of -taking the endre charge o* an infant from tts birth; can bring K up by hand; la a good plain sewer and baa tae beat of eity n ! rieuoe Call inr two day a at lift Mb eve, in the millinery atore WABTBT ?BT A YOUNG LADY, 4 SITUATION aa cutter or forewoman In a cloak and mautiua eaiab Ushmeot, beat of reference given. Addreaa M. C. L, 673 (What WANTED?A SITU ATION, BT A COMPETENT younp girl, aa nnr?r and team at re-?. Apply few two days at No. w c eg raw hi., ooulh Brooklyn. "MrANTED-BY A KEHPKCTABLK YOUNG GIRL. A TT aituation to do chain be work and wr tiling or chamber woikand .skr oa-t of cbliurca; or at seamstress; good city xefernace if required. call at 17# Button ave., aecond door, Brooklyn ^ WANTED?A NITU ATION, BT A RESPECTABLE youi t; woman, aa waiter aad chambermaid, or lo take care or cbi'uren and d i plain tewing: good city reference fiom her i*at place, where aha lived four y-tare Call at Si West 27tk at., between Mh and 7tb area, tor two day*. WANTuD?A SKOaT'ON, BT A YOUNG GIRL, AB waitreM and cbambe maid In a private lanliy; la -Willing to main In Uie wa.nlug and ironing: no object-mo to wo a abort ctaienue It the -ouiitrr Can be seen for two daya at her pie. ?nt emrploment, 71 West 21at at, between Mb aud 7th era. WANT/D-A H1TUA "ION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, A3 aoa/muics#. can cut and fit dreaaea aul cbldren'a elothea, no objection to do clivmberwork Can be aenu for two days ai 17u Meat 4ttn at, but wain 8th av. aud Broad way. _ Wanted?a hituaTIon bt an experienced woman, aa cook; uoil. ratanda all kinds of cooking; the beat of city refeienne nan be given. Can be seen for two daya n hoi Mb av , one door trom 18th at., In the dry goods ktorw WAKTbD-BY A PL41N. TIDY GIRL, WITH EXCEL lent city referenoea a alliia.ion as nurse and aeun wtreas, would be willing to go in the country o: to travel wl'Aalady , als < a plain oo >k; washes and lions well. Call Tor two daya at 210 West 26ta at, first floor, front room. -M/AN'KD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A fT situ .tlon to co k, wiish and Iron, or do general h->use WOI k lo a .iun.1 private family; good referenoe from her pre at-nl [employer, where she can be seen for two dava Call at .3116 Bridge sc., batwrsn vuiloughby au andKu-ton ay., Brook ? . WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa laundress; nnd'-rsianda French fluting; or to do chain "berwork and take care of cuiidrun; gool reference from ner last place Call at 74 West 2Uth au, In tho roar. ?M7ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Prou-siant girl aa rook and to assist in the wathlng and Ironing; la a good baker: can give tho beat of dty reference. Call for two days at 34# 7th ave WaNTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to uo cham>?-rwork and waiting; no ubiec. tlon lo go a ahort diaianoe la the country. Best reference, from laat p'are Call for two days at 221 West 2uth su, between bth and <Hh an ANTPD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT i BLR vou-g Pruteatant airl, as onambermaid and waitress, Or as plain sewnr; want* to go to the country; good reference from ner list place Call at 116S2d st. corner of 7th av , over the liiiuor atore, aide abor, front room, top floor w w ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TOUNG WOMAN, TO do gsreral housework; no objection lo go a sho t d's tance iu the> ; beat of city refereaue. t al at 67 ttobm WD it., firs' floor, ba k. WANT* D?BY A R8 TPECTABLK PROTESTaNT TT ycuug woman, a situation aa chambermaid and .vaitn>s, baa the best of city ref-renee. Can be seen il:l aultwl at 2.0 West 26th -u , mar sth a*. WANTED?BY A NEAT COMPETENT YOUNG W<>. man a situation aao ok and assist with the washing Ai d Iromi-g in a small reapect.bie family; thoroughly uuder Stands bet busine-a la an excellent chambermaid and waitress, hsa the beat of city re'erenoe Apply at 4Sd nth Are , accord floor, room No. 7 a comfortable home wanted "VITANTT D?BY A REHPKOTARLR WOMAN, A SITU TT atii-n as wet nurse Inquire at 63 Cannou st., third floor front room. T17 ANTED?A BITUaTIdN, TO. DO HOUSEWORK BY TT ? Protrii-.nt girl; Is a good washer and iron -a and plain ?"ok. Call at 6b nidge st WABTED-BY A KKPPBCTA RLE YOUNG WOMAN. A altua'lon aa r nrae and seamstress; no objection to go In the country Beet references given at 77 Weet ARh at. WANTRD-A niUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teat art girl, to do the rooking, waahing and Ironing, In a aroail private family. Call for two daya at 111 fleet st, .Brooklyn WANTED?A BITUaTION, BY A MIDDLE AGED Wo man. to do general hou-ewerk In a small family or tu <lo chamb- i work and aee M> children. Call at 3>7 rilrks St., between iiongress and Amity sta., Brooklyn, first floor. ANTED?A BP U AT ION "TO DO UP BTAIR3 WtiRK. G""d re'? renoe. tall at 160 Bmlth at., between Bergeu Wye tl, Brooklyn. w UK LP WAMTED-MALim. A( UEN'ia \? AMID EVERY *H*KE?'TO HELL PRKH roti ? Pr1x? Ravelone* and Puki^Mi They surpass everything "< rr ottered w Um pu lie, as ibav contain eipeu Wre good* for a little mon. y and sell rapidly Liberal In duosmeals to all HnWCOfT A CU. ?*9 Breadway. A QRH"H WANTED?THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY, ?A to sell an entirely new article, paying 2IU percent; ?aire warranted Men out of employ ment, with small meant, can be aore to doub e t*eir money reudlly; no risk. Apply at 71 Nassau atreet, room .No 0 HERTS WANTED- IN EVERY TOWN AND CIW IN _ the Union, to ?ell .*berman A do a new Utft Jewelry nrcloves. M ith from 91 to $'0 oarital our agonts are msk 1ng from 97 to 912 tier day. On* new style* oi envelope are now ready, which,'In number nf articles and real Intrinsic tralne, amp*** anything o' t'.a kind ever before offered Re member that In pr<ce and quality we defy oomy titio.r. Call on or adilreaa, emioelng stamp for circular, Hhennan k Co., 229 Broad nay, New lork. A OBNT8 AND PRDlKRB, WHO WISH TO MAKE _lV money fast should cat) at 121 Broadway, TO Illdwell A Co., wbtrc groat Indiiueminta will be offered. Men with Ml rat'ttal can be partner* In a rery profitable busies* Agents wanted?to sell bick ardr' prize Jewelry Envelope*, the eoc tenu of which far exoeed In Juantlty and quality all other* advertised. For beauty of ewelry. eicellent stationery, and liberal Urm* to agent*, w* oh alienee fompirl'i*. Our agent* are making from 93 ti Sib pet day. hend stamp" for circular KICK Aiibs A CO., 101 Nassau sreet. OT WANTED?FIPTEBN OR SINTBKN TEARS OF age Apply at 822 Broadway, In the basement B Boy wantbd-in a hardware stork onb who reside" with hia parent* In the uoper part of the city. Apply at art! Broadway, corner of 19th at. ?CIARMPR WANTED-SfNOT.B MAN. ONE WHO UN. JT d.rsi >nd? tarming to a'l It* hranshe* may apply to J. J. X., Aid t-ri enwtch *t, u*?r Duane Good reference required. *TOAlrKB-A FIR*T R*TB MAN, WITHOUT UNCI M V V brsnec. I* wanted a* waiter In a pirate "smlly; wage* accord in? to r. nderud. Addresi, wliu reference*, Mr. M. fc.Uwell, Herald offint \JLrA> BD IMMEDIATELY ?A TUOKOrilH FARMER TT MM ? I'e socuslomed to the dairy. to Jik* charge Of A farm of 209 ace* or on sharea, Noae need apply without reference* of the highest ebara-Ur. Aditie** Farmer, No. 1 Vestry at WANT CD-A AM ART BOT TO ATTEND IN A OBO eery; must under .1 tad the bn*!ne*a and be we I rccotn mrvdtd I rem his last place. Ncae other* ne?d apply at 717 Id ay. WANTED?AN AbslATANl IN A TEA HTcRR: MUBT hare a hn >wledge of the business Apply at 73 Fulton ?t., Brooklyn WANTED?A FEW YOUNG MEN, AS BALES MEN A eery email espi al required Call on ar adilreaa J, F. Duncan k Co . 19 and ?1 Ann street. Wanted?a utout boy, who can comb well recommended to *o on errands. Apply to A. Keudsll, Xgtt Broadway, above 17th st, be'ore 9 A. M. and after ? P. M NAT ANTED-A TOI'N<? MNOLK M AN WHO FULLY TV tindeia: tnd* the retell tea trade, must furnish cttr re Terence* In regard It ability. An, salary |IT a month sad Itoerd. An hngllahmaa preferred. adders! Teas, Herald oflre WANTED?A MAN FAMILIAR WITH THE BUTTFI! and egg business. Apply by letter to J. O , National Hotel, and give references. "!VrANTED?A OKNTLKMAN Tf? BELL AN ARTICIR TV of general ronsruni'A'in :o growers by (ample, on either r mmlax,on or salary: one h??lng been similarly employ?s1 will be preferred Addresa Who'eeale Dealer, Herald oflioe TO ANTPD-A CLERE IN AN IE8UBANCB OFFICE; . V two dry good* salesmen and a youag man In a ho tel. Apply at IB Wall st , .Ve-chan'*' Clerk*' Registry oflicyt Hltuatton* procured; so commissi n in advanm. Rstsblixhed #1 Ohtl. RaWI.INS, Huperi iten.tcuu H?RT APR ANT*." XT YFRT ONB IB IN . DOUBT AM TO THE TRUTH OF XJ reports from Charleston Hpeneer ? ne??age* i rom W -pec al oorrespondsnt are alone reliable, and will be freely sho wn M reortved with a glass of Msssey, Collins k Cn a Ale for three c*ts oer glass. Not 2 Cwtlandt Mrret, north v est corner of Broadway. BCBNCSR Ii"'RT -l MTBB.-THF. ATTACK ON FOSTERS FRKK JP Inm h on Fatnrdsy wa* terrtfle; It was all demolished. Tat no ooe horl, but let the be llgerents renew tie attack on 'tassday, at 11 A. E . and tbey xhsll meet a warm mention ofbskerf shad, which will be dealt to them freely at the Mm Man House,MEleeoMr street.corner Croaby. '? and A toe "nf*1 .""* ' alw?y* ready. aim >a?l "uSuoL^fw^hap U>S EU.?enth atreel, comer of JEth , uiauuimjw*^ y in theerrnteg >vtt ue. ... u._. rHn.M!?KRMAID*. SEAMSTRESSES, NURSES, C ?ttin u^" n" a* When- howe-oArr. N. B 1 Vim? but usw, tidy, aobcr. Uoneal, onuabb ?ad irlm^ Gamed apply ?l ?? 't:- *? . ?? utdv go .5 fam'liea SStiSAISwfurpUbed.' 6. RUMORS ._ CTiToK -WANTED IMMBDIaTELT, A PRBNOH, OBR I ?nr I iltMvd peraon. to fOt'k for o tlnu elaaa pnrale ?ruuiK bouae. none but liioae wh? undoraund their buab tS^V&lSSS^ apply Alto . good ^lunttn o-i. 0*11 lo'111 u'?t 19 6th i?.| trrm MANULLA MAKERS WANTS? -WANTED, 1'IFTY mantilla maker, Not? but eiperleneed handa u.ed ?p ply at *19 4>h av. NURSE W AFTKD.?AN EXPBHlBBCWI BITJWK wauted, by an American family mauling In Uie Ldaud jr Cuba; good rc'trenM renairrd. Apply at 179 lU*i laiti ?treat, from 6 to 7 1*. unUl further uotkoe. __ SBBV4*VT8?tBB EMPUOTIfKNT BOOICTT At OUK ton Hall, on AMor pl*? and 8th at, arar ftiotdwty, lor marl) BiM* House, ha^o ou head a 1*tk* a^ir'jnoat or uor **d. French. bonus*, WoUfa and oth*r atrvanu. tioruu?a Hi?d Kidiich l*ififii-y ipohom a lady ?a ^tannauoo, 417AWTBD?A FIRST BATE FMIl OOOK, GOOD VV v. saber and ironer, and on, willing to do general down .tain work la a private tamlly; undoubted city rafarenne n gnind. Onll at *73 Jay at., Brooklyn TXT ANTED?TO GO TO NEWPORT, R I, A PRQTB9 W taut w.mac a chambermaid and eeamatree*. App y to-'av. between ? and b o clock, at 97 9tb *1 ,Matte tnecorner of l'nl?er?lty jdare. __ ,*7 AN TED?A I'lBASANT, TBUBTY, NBAT AMD W i'm el ul Prole, ant nirl to tab. oar, of a old. ai d do plain aewing m a clergyman ? 21 M averiey plvw, corner -?f lireene irL tlood ,mWd Call t. day and to mariow fr m U to 12 A. M. and from It to 6 F *. WA*TRc77a PROtK.TANT WOMAN, Al COOK AND \\ to aaai.t lu tie waablug and ironing Apply at 71 , Mtnllaon av , second door above >th at., betwi-su 10 and l. o clock ? nrANTKD? A OoMl'BTRKT WOMAN, NOT UNDER 25 VV yean of age, -o on tnc *> oen.1 boua-work of a amaH private family. Call ibi* day, between 2 and 4 P. M , al Ml A ?Uir at., up .tain. ^ \Af AN-iBD? IN a private ? AMILY, A FIBET OLASR VV leMdrew pro-wtaiit preferred Best ?iy nfennoea i reqnirrrl. Apply at 115 kait link at, between the bourn of 9 | and 11 a. M. llfANTBI)?AW IjbThLldUKWT AND OUMPKTKNT VV Proui.Uiivt young peraoi, a. nuiae and a.? Etialirh imfwu, wlio ba. bad eii? rienoe, preterrnd. Apply br lore 12 or after t) at At Out 241b ?t Wanted tmmbdiatelt?a good milliner go int.. the coui) iy uoo.1 refemi* re iuired. 1 u^nlra at 'be inlema'lonal Hotel, rooin 20, bit* can 2 aud 9 1 . M. WANTBD 1MMEDLATIU.Y?AN HONBST, INDUflTRI tu? clil who ciu CHik,, Iron woll and make her wlf useful, t<> go a nhort dtstanoe alarm, a 1'iotc.tant prel'trrtd. Inqaire at ol Wyckoff at, lliooklyn. ? nr akti n A iiFUVliN tilRL, ONE WHO IB A GOOD W A^nV^ndR^.k, h-r \angujge Iro^et'y. N'.ue rind anrily Wltb u the b-at relerecea aa to bone.ty and ea paclt* Addieaa box J.trJS host ollice, atating dimeUou an l name. TirASlED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD MILLINER TO VV oo into the rx tin rv Oo d referenoe re<iuire<l Apply for tWodaya aA the International Hotel, ro.m iu, from i to 9 o'C CAP. M. \1T A NT ED?\N EXPERIENCED tHHL, AS CHAM L1HR VV mam in a private boarding house. One with goo I refe rences may apply At 429 4th at., near 2d av. 11'AJIB.C?TWO GIRLS, TO C.O A SHORT DISTANCE VV BfWf enontry; ore muat be a good cook, waaber and lroner: Uie other to do ohamberwtwk and taae care of chil droit. Appli at 2B1 Weat 22d at, near ihh av. lAfANTBD?A YOUNG UIUL TO ATTEND A CHILD. VV Must onrne well reooiuntrnded. Apply after 10 o clock | AM N 1U W?al2otb at. , H'AMED Hi A KMALL PAMILY, A GERMAN, VV Sc t h or Bualwi' gl'L. lor general bouwiwork; muat be a Prot^f; CaU from 10 UU 7 o clock at 67 * cat I'otb at. TT' VNTED?A GOOD OOOK, A CHAMBERMAID AND VV a girl for general housework; uiual have good infe rence from laat employer*. Apply alter 1U o dock, W Walaou h roibera, 412 liroadway. - A\rA?C'ED?A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE VV work of a family of four persona; must be a good plalu e, ok washer nr d ironer, and ooune well recommended. Ap ply ut 1*.) West 5. id at. near Sic a v. w7mk7Za~<hkL to attend a baikhv at ? YV the corner cf Lafayette av. and Cumberland at, Brook lyn. Reference required wranted? a first rate cook, washer and W lroner; must bo a good bake, and understand nw bu^ nee, thorouohlv A'tii a good wait.e-w and aeamatnsw, in a private family on Clinton at., northi-aat corner of Carroll, Sirnth Bnaiklyj^ Reference required irum la.i place. T1rANTED?A ITEJLTHT WET NUR8K. ONE WHO VV ^'iiTukec ue of a baby only a few day. old. at her own re-id. nee, wag' a t> t to exc ?d $.4 per uiontb. Inquire at IM Waatiugum at., Brooklyn. nriMKT?A YOl Ni; GIRL to ATTEND ON a SMALL W eblld: one who can be lecommended lor boneaty. Ap piy at N<>- 6 Allen at. IIMVTVIUA SMART Ol RL, KRi. M 12 TO 14 YEARS W old u, run eirandi. and make beraeit grmrallj useful. Apply at'ti9 BReciter at, up atalra ?nr aTTtKiT?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK \\ ,'or ,, tniH.ll t xir dy; must ?? a gooil plain ooolc waaher and ironer. and bring good rrfurence. Apply at 2db Car.ton av . Bn? klyn. r aWTKD?A SMART. ACTIVB GIRL, TO ASSIST IN y?rs2* ytssTwif rw sssrifsas Brooklyn ... ? atFD?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO GENERAL W hoi^eworklna am .-ill private family; ahe moaiunder atand plate Took togan d be a 'r'mer' App'T at vl ..barium atVnetween 10 and 6 o clock. i.ravTRD-ACllAMBKKMAID AND WAITRESS; ALSO \Y u ?tvTTtieea llt tb uiu t be capable and have aatia fjwy eltv reference. Apply between 9 and 11 o clock al 09 t a?t &th >u _____ ?? 777aVTLI.-A K1R9T CLASH LAUNDRESS APPLY AT VV 69 Vt est 19th at., bctweeu Sth aud 6ih :>va, from 9 to 11 o'c och A. JA ' ??? ?r.vivn_l GOOD LAUNDRESS AND THRKK W girla'to do kitchen and house aork. Apply at .??>. 4th av .C'tnerof 26ll> at. WA VIEP?TWO GIBI.8, IN A SMALL PRIVATE family; one mhok, washer ami imuer, ihe other m ? ham h i io*i><l iu.d Those with good city refe rs dm nvav apply at 114 Kwt lith at. near 3d av , at the oasc mot t d kit, a: tar V o'clock. Wages $7 and $>> per mouth. W'TmI D?A Kl RST KA1K 1'JtAlN COOK. GOOD It v.. aner and, ana >vllling u> do down stairs work, lu a small tulraie family; good refcreocc required. Call af lt>i Duturldat. Brooklyn. IA/ANTED?A WET NDKmF, WITS A FREBH HRRABT *? of iniik. None ncd apply without good city refer-a*, ?t 2S3 Klflh a* . from 10 to I o'clock. f\TaNTt IV- b hVERAr7KkPEKIB.VilED OI'ERATiTftH Tl on Wboeler A ** limin a sawing machine. None but tie ! cut baud* nc> if apply. with sanuiles of wort, at Mmc De more*''? Magnsln ft* Modes, 473 Broad way, after 10 a. M. ANTED-A iotJNO OIRL~ FOR I'HAMBVItWORK and waiting, at 101 Wast lgth at., Drat dour from 6th Call between 10 and 4 o'cli ck. vv MTUATKWI WARTBD-MALEII. 4 OKRVaN Man AND WIKK want SITUATION*; j\ the wife to wusta and clean, or aacook; has II?.si four \ cara in England; the tr %u as porter n a ho'.'l,or lo a* house, would traW> himself generally useful: speaaa good English. Apply at 74 .Madiaon at., corner of Ua'uarina, first floor. A MAN AND nis WTKB WANT SITUATIONS, TUB A roan to work on a farm and to sen to horse* the wo mae to cook, wash and lr. n, or do general housework llave tin best or reference from tiieii laat pU e. 1' call for Wodajrehi iAlt I I.'(T at , second floor. a HT17ATION WA.N'tKD-BY A TOCNO MAW. AH /V coachman and groom; thoroughly understands his bu stndgp; lea good groom and nareful drtrer; heat of dty refe rence can be given from his lae' place as to aobrt*ty, hones y ?nd Industry. Can be seen thla day at 74 3d a?. A BOY, WTXBTBIW VEARfi OF AfJK, WIS,IBS A fll situation a* Ugbt porter la a wh-d..e%i? stor*. or wo ilrt drlre a cart for the sant". Good reference gl.en, Addre-* with p<rti iilnrs, N. I), station A P?et offlcc, spring at A \Ol'Kti MAW, FULLY COMPKTBWT PRIM KXPK JY rlenc# to teach school, would go to the country or so cept->' a clerkship where a good knowledge of tae subject wi old Is* appreciated; beat of city relercnon. A.ldr aa Bch ol r -acher. bof 144 Herald otfloe. < A GR*TLEMAN, ABOUT TO LBAVB FO* EUBOPR, f\. Wishes to procure a gltnat.on for hi* ooachman b?for? c.<r*ng; ban the bast of reference, ilall at IIP tin ro apian At or wo maw wants a situation ab coach mai-and gloom. h*? the t>e?l dty rderenoe Can be v,. n si his last employ* r'a, .712 fitb are., from 10 A. M. lilt ^ r m. KtRri TO MKKOnANTW -A YOUNO MAW WANTS AN k suoail-n aa night wa cbman, .roe w ho ta n it atr*t.l > stand at his post ran come well recommended, and giv* go, d security If required. AdAiraa A. B. C., boa I1B Hsraid dice sJTTUATTON WANTBD?BITHBB 1W AW OFFICE OB O acti7f bostn.-s, by a lad Kyears old; be wrrea a rood hand and will make b ins. If (rumally useful, salary MBB JMdreaa box < ? Poet omi r LIQUOR PnALBRB?WANTED A SITUATION A8 bartender, by a ,ieady man, n-. lerstaods the aalno.i business, lias noobjeellon to the noun ry. Addisu* U. P., Herald fifllen W ANTKD? HT A YOUWO MAN. WUO 18 ABOUT It making a v'slt pi 8' Lenta and ' ileago, soma nob- 'on* or other busiueaa to transact in ai d near tune elites Ibyshlch t ? defray etjirnsaa, uncceptinnal reference*. Address T, ?aft I> F Tiemaun * 41? WANTED A BfTOATIf'W, *Y A TOtiNG MAN. A3 entry clerk , has imd nearly six months' Instruction in lw>k keeping, asms not w> much an objeat m a prawn nl situation. Andres* T. B. 8 . Herald nflloe NA'AirBB?WANTED,"A 81Fl'ATToN IN A PBITATB t T t amlly, by a reepectahle man whn nan rtee the beg' of elty relersnce for honewy, adouety nnd c?pat>Plty; he r*n reter to hi* las* employer. Call at No. 13 I nlwrai y placu between ctb and 'uh aia, for two data *17 ANTED?A 8ITUATMN. BY A (X)W PETE NT MAN Tf to takr charye of an oil factory for N flnlng thel>t-ol run till of Per,nayhaula Addreea a. 8 , 271 A.wt l.Ath w T ANTEtk?A RITl'ATIOW, lit A YOUNG MAN. IV A . / Ira or lire! rles* grocery ei .re, MoeL aatlefaeuiry refc reticrs gtv'tl, both aa to character and ah>Uty. Address, Win Hoghsw, l? Worth 3d ?t. Willlamaburg, N T. It* tNTBD?A 8ITUATIOW. BY A RRBI'WrTABLB yI mnna man ss gardener: understand* plant* and grope r-owlng; g.Kd ri tsienee, either dty or ocuatry. Apply to p. K . Thorburn * seed *t, re, 1# lohn at Arn _i wit.L orvK ta* t<> any maw that wiu, _WBl get me on lb* Brooklyn Toll e Address L i? . | gtatlou It.. Eighth area tie, New York. THE TRAOK9. Abot, w teaks or auk wants to mask a tr tdr. either cooper or macMnlal. Can be ones f w ? weak a( St) Oliver at. C1AKVBR WANTSD-ONR WHO UN DER8TANOS BIS I business thoroughly. and can come well reooutdke iu si Irtrn hi* lastrmploytir. none others u?ed apuly. Call ca. iy at Uia Merchant* Llaing Boom, 1US1 Duare at. SITUATION WANTED?AH G.YKDKM U ok FARMER; > uudoralaiids the care ol ho .1 o ml.i1 ilrn uij, would like U? take chartm of a ?audi pluoe iu me uiuii ry; ?I?o, a adetstand* the caie or hct beda Address A. O. Gardener, at lie. Har ris'. No. 80? 2d are. SITUATION Wanted?AS GAKDKnBK OK FARMER; uaileriuaocD the ta t of bunoi ?uil dm lug If required; would liAo to take charge of a euail p.aoe .or a gcu Is owc Oan give uine year*' n I irtuco front Ma lad oU.o Adilivse M. K., tox 188 Btrald otilce TO HO*H I'AINTERH.-A PRACTICAL PATNTBR WHO tinderstaiica Ma butiunw and the rotors in g-i.eral, and who would take a deep luteitxiiii hut employer's welfare, would 1 *? a yearly rLgsgeuient with any rcsipestable lirm. Can Ret the be1 ? of referenon lor ability nud 1 tbllity uud aobi loty Addrt oi I'aluter, llerald ollioe, for thr. e day a Trunk maker wanted?must be a mion general workman, good aaleawaii, on leratanil cu'llng out stock, and produce good releret.oes; a prrmsueM aitoation. Apoly to W. O Jaquea. rit nib ar. TO CUSTOM TAILORS, AC-AH KN11.IS1IM AN, OF good addi era and ability, la opinio an engagement at cutler. Good references. Ad lrrsa A 11, 93 Amity street, N. *. TIT ANTRIM -TBN ORTWRLVK BKUaK MAKSIM, TO IT go to Buffalo; none but gm>d work te n wanted Apply to C 0. Livings 18 Frankfort aliem. Urlwi an 1U And U A M er to S. V. WUnur A Co., oorner of ??(chow1 and Tenth atreet* Buffalo. N. T. Itr ANTED?A hlTUATION, AS PElCTH'tG WATCH. Vr maker alto a rompe'ent repairer of jewelry. under stands tbo German and Bimlikh language well. Applv a< 88 fcumhi st, Brooklyn, or dt> Nai-au ak, New Vork, at'Rosro bu'gh'A WANTED?A SITUATION AS QARDRNBB AND FAR ff mrr, by an experienced, steady mau; good ralewnoe lrotn 111* iaat employer. Addiu?a U. l , 81 We*'. 3s.h at. 'ANTED?A FIRST CLASH OR A! NEK AND MAR blei Apply to Barney A Htylna, t(lHudson at. \\T AVT&D?A UCrOD BB ASH WORKER; ONE U9KD TO ?t woikiDK on lamps and turning br.iaa Apply to .Tobu h. Ulatiraii. 1&) Br, ad - ay. w /"ANTED?GOOD UTRAVY BONNET PRES.iEtkS, aT 11 Leroy place Blee, kpr atreet. MFKtHAE NOTB'KH. /"10NFKCT10NKKB.?IHKCONFRgTTONRHH1 SOCIETY. \,i eatabltshed for rau'uai be nab t uud rn' tpent ?, I* enabled to furnirh employera with the be?i of woikmen K nnloyera In want of workmen, aa alao workmen out of ? mpluy trill lind It to be to their advantage to applet to Mr Fisher, S3S Hou?ton atreet. 1*. HOBiultUUlL Preudent. b. Marks, heeietary Hbirb of hkamen who hervrd en board the United Statia ahtp leooi please call on THOMAS la BRAT HARD, 81 Wall street. IRISHMEN, HAI.T '?AN EDITORIAL IN T IE IRISH 1 New*. jurt publlahed, call* on lri-hiu"n. realdt ut la the North, cot tovoluntrt i until they bear from r Ttaiu reliable and wiae 1 litud* and leader* In u b?m they deservedly conlitle. Read it. j^OTIOE TO INBORAJKCB COMPANIES ? AN* III _ nuranee Coiupnny which has i vmeo any oollcy. or take any rlak upon the buildings it rued on tau uigbt of April I, lout.on tne premlte* known as the BnKim, or Cle" plane, attuated on the Hyne I'ark road, about four miles north of iNfugbkoepaie, will confer a lav or by eomnvuiii'tattiia notkr. thereof to LUTJtJRK B. MAJtRH, Attorney for kbc lielps, No ti Pine atreet. Dated New York, April S, 1881. rTNION CARPENTERS A BOUSE.?A REGULAR MHKT j lug of the Union Carpenters of the cftv uud rouuty .if New \trk. will lie held at CjovenUon itall, 179 vy,waiter street, on tomorrow evening, Wedneadav. April 17. A (,annual attendance U re jubo d aa bu^uiro. of gr-al Impor tance vvtll be brought brf?ie the Union for artiou. Come one,v a me alL By order of the Uni m, WM. E. ROBBMAN, President. .Toon Poser, Ree. Bee-/. Hl'llOAL. AMAUNlFrCENT 7 OCTAVE ROHKWOOD MANO 1 orle for sale; ricMy carvnd legs and ejae, lound r.or. tier a. fit 1 Iron plate, iulaul with anltnwood, overall ung bass, in aid with pern! keya, niade to order for tli? pieai ut"owner by u'.ty makers, fully guaranteed fur three ycuir been in uso but five months, coat fhUO and will be Hold for t-M. ineliidlug Ptonl ai d Cover Also elegant Drawing Room halt, coat$Kld, or AIR.'. Inquire at No. 7o A ea Tu tuty sixth mri el, near hlT'n avenue. B EoT AND CUJSA 'BBT PIANOS ANI> MFf/lDLONR.. At $4f. $ftl. $78, $180, $128, $130, ?' ,Vu Carved Pianos at $17A 8A>> and $2l?&, Ac -$iif) Mas t ?ua >iHaal - " by T. H. warranted by T. H. CBAMbEBi), Bible Houee, tlgUtnutrmit comer of Fourth ivcoae c 3HICKKR1NO A SON'S GRAND BQUARp AmTUPRIGHT PIAHOH. I'M Broadway, Hew York. Depot of the alrxandbk obqah ror Ckurcties, t'hapelf, Schools and in awing Rnoma, RI8 fvmadwav. SOLE MKDAL OF HoaCK at tbfi Universal lUbibliiim of ISM This maimiBornt Insfmment t pal mi tad In the Unhed States May 3, lb,'#), which the brldianl perlormanceof THALRtRG. VILA NOVA. M 1.0K. WELLIB, have rendered a* (lapular 111 Amcrlna aa la fcurojw has beea ado;,wd by the greatest artists and composers of hotu i'cmtl n. ut*. GOTTRCHALK, URTK. RGPTNI, MSI F.RUBER, Ac , Ait The Alersiid'i' Organ Is cuebraUA for t r. Solidity and pro eta ton of its mechanism, aa well as for the fulloeua and |?wer of lis lone and the remarkable quality of keeping per .eouy In tone In all climates. Prices al the depot, $48 $8U, $108, $160, $188, $X3o $ Juf $VC. $3441. |W A descriptive circular sent to any addeeas on ap|>lleatloa Is BEBNARD A FAUKBQOB'T'fc," maiuiu, ?> KR, dr.. Aft hroadMuiy, Imporier* of Bumou Acvudeons, Vjollaa Vlolla Htriugt. Ac, Lights a bradburvs' New Reals, Overstrung Baas, Fsient Insulated, Full Iron Frame, CRaHD ANDNUUARK H vNOrcilTKN, UJ Broome aire-1 What evcrybodv aais must be true, everybody .my* .bug are Die best; 1 herefons they must bo the best. Musical?t. nuko, rromatly arrived, wjli give Winging Laasr ns tili the end of n?it Jnae. Spptj at Mr. fcreualng'a rnuale store, 701 Bri.vuway. Otto mullba, TKAciiER of the fiandeorth sr.d ringing. 911 Broadway, mrwr of Twenty-ilrstsirest, second lioor. f artk nlsr suention giveu to beginner*, term* moderate. Call In the foreiwy n ORGANIST.?A FIRST CLASH ORGANIST r?ES'RE9 an engag' merit from the 1st of Say, to this city ui Brooklyn. Addreae Organist llerald olline PIANOB, MElA?[)kONa, ALEXAMDRS OlUiWd Ajftt all kind* of Musical iMtrmMti, Sheet Untie, MnaU Book# aud ail kind* of Musical Mirchsndlae, m the lewua! Wlblr prices. Recvnd hand Pianos at great hnrgi'.la*, fr.ea to )ISO. One seven octave second Itand front 'Ot>nil<y?b ners. fancy legs, fretwork desk ant ovurwtranr, for ?17l Piano* and Melodnon* k> rent, and rant slurred If par <i.seed Monllilv nayiufuta receh-rd for the s.enn.;* WATBHH. Agent, SU Broadway, New Xwk. PIANOS KOR UALF PRICK AT FISOffFK'B I'tANO wareronrr, K>6 H adwsy ? In oonnetpienoe of removal and the time* a largo nevonmcnt of Piano's and Mel sienna *111 1*> sold at ektremeiv low prt' T*-$<i? Piano* for !>?'; one upright Piano $/(I; twoscond hand I'lanos fvinri I $:>.' these Hupoilor matrumsnta are acknowledged to b? the b*?t fiance ma le. Are fully warranted and mutt be sold by the ?Jth ot April. flfANTPP -A FIRST CI A BR RKOOM) HARD PIANO, TT foresail. Itmiret be of the host of city makers, hav Ink been but little used; Iron frame, overalrting base, aoreu i?ta?e,Ac Addraan, giving lull particulars, tor on' \.oeh, li. B. t box i.Vi ft llllaiusluug l'os olilco, la I ?FOR 1II1H KXTRAOKDIN ART LO V MI'S >*WU. can be bad a very good rosewood l'im-. ana Mod, host olty makers Plea*: call at IS See vnd avenue ,^MTlilJC;T10M; 4 Tfino, WRITING, fft I.EHSGNR; HOOKKRltl'i V) $10, A lesarna unlimited writing and arllhiirulc *11) per - 1 li*r, 78 lee?"r.* i arb. 6! Howry and I'll Sii'lon Street Br -'.k lyn Ah a-plendid petucn and skilful teach*-Col I'aine use no aupe< i?r.?r i ? | ort News A 1.\DV IH DBKIROUH OK PLACING lIK't IITTI.K ,\ laughter, **< 1 * yen yeaia with a widow ucly or small pilraic taan.v, far the maimer, la the oountry, where she mold nwelve In* ruction and good care. Address A M , lleraid oflioe, for two day A ^ YCl'NQ LADY- RXPBRIBNCrn IN TBACHIMO, 11h!i ar.d Kr? u n as ar e., for h writ Best of re iene l A|tly from twenty Of n street. B desires a position In u Dimity, Pi instruct In mode, K >* nr.d Fr? ri-n a* an e>|ulvgli of for hoard. B"*t of re e irnri A | r iy from y li.l IS fc two days at Nu, IdU Asst r.ty flf h si Academy of pbnm*wbhip and RfwiKKKBPiNo. ?Ail Hroadcay, continued hv W U. IIO')t'l<aND, f'?r m?ny years w'tb (diver h leudrnlth. H\.ruordlns-y feellU <ies are cFrred to students tor Ute v ynintti.n of a ihrriu ,ft buelrwM education. Opeu d.iy and even'ng. EACTIKl'L WRITING IN TWRLVT! LE- K1NB?BY Prcfemeir new and peerless systain ( py pUres snd heokn are ignored. Bookkeeping, gran.mar. ronw slUta, Ac Apply to rrofiweor Kill), s4 his Institution, i?n -tilth itrmia hrpsrmt* rooms for ladies Ci'AM -', ANDPRJJNrH | LAMiUAOKd TsGGMTIW 0 Brook lya?Private lesson* anil classes, by iw, ns'lve teacher*, professor* at the best -c-his Is or the r4?y Bo .rdlng lor two centiemou, with faduthw for pranloa, at tie teach e.r?' reside lew, 76 Pulton sv nun, two blocks frun the t f Hall, Hrocklyp rpBACITER ?A ORADI'ATB OF A NEW ENILAND I universliv. and who has been principal of an a admf four years, destres one or more private pupils, OI IB te?r? a 1 irtof the cay in a school In the eltjr. Best of re'ercn. ?? SBni Terms inasonable A<k>ie.<s or tAU on J. W I j hoootd s iw t. HAIMUIIDH. N HCDRON RITTIt RAlUiOAl>-rOR ALBANY Af9 Iruy, oonn.ting with train* No- th and Wert?Trains IMM>. rw i ctAWRSHv stiost. mow rwtaty-rtRat *tii?*t. Efptrss, 7scd II A. M , and 7 ?\ ll:d? A. M. .1 M and A'< and ft P. M b:? P. M. Tr.iy and Albany iwlth .sleep lo tft P. * fRundayil Inrln ing earai, I0:I.A F. M. ded ) Poughleepsle tmln, 0A.M., It -ft A X., 12 tOand4 7jP. U;i?snd 4 P. M M. Peeksklll trsln, ft 11 P. M ? -,1 P. M. Ring Mtu; fain v t*J A * , 10 1ft A. M ,4;? and 4.J6 P. M. ' *? and li P k. KMiklll train, 7 P K. 7 75 P. M. A. F. RMITH Bupeidn ten dent. BW YORK RARIeBM AND ALBANY R* ILlflAD. Hi rlmr arrangement, tyunmeneing M> nday. Ap"l iu, IBOt. For Albany sou iroy, oonnn, tjng with the New Vork Gen ual Railroad for all pdnfs West, Norihwest and BonlBWOSti also with the NortNern Kali roar for narst .ps, Kniiand, Ba lington. Plattaburg, Rouse's' Osdenshtirg sn I MontrywL THKRK KaRr BXPRHmH TltAlNd Da' LV Lrtva city ii?ul i.iiry TWtwrr tnw ^trsst 7 and II A. M . and ft P. ML 7 an, u MA U .and . IhP M. lor Willlamsbrldga, White Plains, Crrdori Kails, and all lo cal train* anr time table An eypreas trains will leave Alba bany every Runday monuag at 9 a. M.

JOHN IvIOSlU* v sslstant Bnperintetidenl BDDRON BIVM RAILROAD DXOUBRION TICKBTH Tn and from Few York, and all staU voa sosth of sad tiding Hudson sold at y watly reduced rams TV* "a to sad from Paek.klll and s?atlone north to Hudson. r*d f'W two dark ?utd at Uoast odtosa owty. A* f . MITE. Bypuummt. ?4IJm AT. AUCTW. Auction wmoi ? BfALTiri'L BOHBWOOD tflTRKITU*B| ELKuO<T MailBLE GHOUPR BBONZM. rAlNTI?U?. MAUNiriOBWr FlaJWrOBf*, BCIERH BObAWoOD fABLOB dUiTS, BuHBMIaK aND INDIA CHINA, SILVER ?A?B AC . AC.. >? Public auction, _ w This Tuesdav i nfternxuD. At 2 o'clock F. ?. KUKSELe. W. V> IsmUAiT', Aucueuecr, would WflM V nUtutKin ot housekeepers and parlies to want of e>ejatit Household Furniture and House Furnishing do idaof every de bCiiiHloti?iiultriunng many rare and beauufui worki or art to the to be n ude th.s diy (Monday), comsaenauf at j i. eb ok In the a. tsrtoou prense'y, al tUo dwellliu house toz Tamil tout street, betwe-u Hereuth and Klgb'h aveuue* ccn.uristng tho nr.liiA handsome Parlor, fTiatubsr, Uming 1U* m auu Liomy r'uruliurv of the house, all of wtolok U re a aud in Liaiitet order, having been made to order within thre" mm tn?. The whole wilt be Hold, strictly without reserve and to be rem?v-d inuaedl *U*ly front Ine , >Ul^*, The furniture const*'* in |>arl of one rich carred dull of eo to ion wi ?d t ailoi Knrnttuie, eovered lu enmaon and inarieui ?,rt ? adi one 1 ull utt m-hly upbols-Jed in greou 4 id gold triH ade. ' <> 6 it' the*,- gulls are worthy of soeclal atietui -n; one cult Hat-v w'a'uut, ?? ivered in hair clo-h ; tupaeh Tapestry, Wilton and lrg'Sln Carrot*, two statuary liisrble ton K'e gerev with pia'e dooea; rosewood Ceutre and Pie" TalHea, laikish Lounges, in vo vet aod datnaak, with > ollalre Ah*.is to in'ttel.. bilk and Lace i urtalne Bnuro Clocka, hUPKltb ttOnlkWOOD bhVitN OClatK FIANOFuIITE MlAiL AND EMRKolDAnt O loYER. fine larie Maa'rl and Pier Mirror*, elegant ?/?*/?* Marole (truiio*, Hteoue Figure*, Paintingsand beautiful Parlor Jrua uiente, rosewood t li,m *'i' rurtt'lute ol ever} dewrtpilon; sixteen lerae Hair Wat res*e?, rteda, Ac.; UnswltiR aud r l?iu Burvaua: rreni li and fclixabetisau bedsteads, oak Kiteualon Table, oak, nutlet < hair., An, ettb an elegant variety of rlih Cut (Hans. Nlivertvoie, I Inner ane lea Herrlc*. altera, >,n okh. Korka, Viua P-ioch China, Ac , Ac. ALo? I* g* va il'It it! t liamt-ee . td v*rlor Kurnttnie not here m*uU Hied. Sale (Hie live, rain or thine. Commencing at two precisely. Ca'a ogum ai Irusc Auction notice. m 0. ?LEY, ACCTIONRKt IILKOaNT IKK hi1 HOLD FURMTCttF.. EZRA LcOUOt, lr , will sell on TlkSDA*. A PHIL Id. _ At 10^? o'clock, at Ui? el*if*nt private paeidence. No. 3a? wee Truet) aiioet, Uu vein Broiadwa/ and ? S!*?havenut\ Handtoinn Hniwhold Furniture, boiu* the ent re oatonta or *a.d a LI uaaJe to oiiior lor iirosnut ov\uer, oou.dMUug lu i?n*t of rich cai \?;d r H*ewood Tarlor ^ulte, to greeo brooatel, ? .fiiaDt heav- plate PW vlaaaea; rich bll* UrocA el CuruiitM, ronewuod marble top ( eutre TtMoH, Kte BOi - Ar..: ilrU VoirK Tapin tn OarpeU iuperh oriu dn and Liouznflt and 21 day Clocka, chlua vaaau, Aa Al# >, an ele van, carved rosewi od l'ianolorta, nuide by Ifunus A c.ark, a Ene ineirtimen'. /Oho, uandenuo Chamber Suits. Bnia^ta and VinosUi >"a.pco.. linokisaoa Wsrdr'Usa, WilUiig Desks, Bicreta'lis, Ac au<, si.jj rtor Mstlied^ .s and other Bed dtoK, Mirrors, Kary 0T.airs, Ac. a o, J.'tnUig Xihih b'ornliure?R.ogant large Kateuaten msbncsnv Lt"inc lable, Hulfet, l'abirt*, Ac. A ht, a large nmintity of rich Cut t.lassv are, Crnokcry, cutlerv, Ac., kitchen h umlture, wt'.U which the able will corn Catalogues ready at tbeotlioeof tlie auctioneer, dti Cedar ?treat, opposite the Post odice Auction sale op Rich aiulowtly Iioueehoid burnlture. Blegant ro-ewo>xl Pianoforte, K.^-wnod Parlor Sulta, in brucatM, Vahtabhi Paiuilng.s, artistic dronrca. Marble Orotipa. Ac. Tuet day, Apill l?a at I he elegant prtva e riwld. uce, "20 West hourveenth ?tr,-c;, a few d. or* from Eighth avenue, commencing at 2 o'clock 1* M The rale romprv es the entire content* of the bouse. The elsasut i'aiTur r uitdiurc wsa made to ofAej, and ts In k>''4 rosewood aid ratio b ocateL Toe tvholii wl'l be sMdto the 1,reheat bidder for cash, rain or ahlne oMvriMjl {'s to purehaa rw, ?s the en Ire furniture of house is no"', baring al' bivn made within four montha Llegau' ri'scw.-od J>, oetave Pianoforte, with solid peml keys. Music Cabinet, Stool and embroidered Cwer. Three elegant [ui Suits of rosew ood Parlor K.u?}.l",fr rLij brocade.acd velvet; rosewood EtegereH. splen'lld Bronr.ea, FatutlPg*. rich Vaiss murblo Pedestal* bilk aud Lace L ir talna, TnrVUh Uumge. with Arm Che rs to tuatoh; Cmtrvs bol a and pier Tables, ^1 nnitine MantH md, rterMKrurs, 1 trubcan nud i*v+ riMiuwoo?t | nU'sd.K, t liuinlier bulla suoerb Mattieasca. deds and Bedding. ( Tseinges broeie ami raarbk Clocks, rosewood and Oe-tage CklilWvo Sofa ltedsmad*., P xU-u*ion ^ble, PUvcrwaoe, niih China Ivory ard Silver i utlery Forta, Spootti, Willi eifffai t BqW OIajb of ???my doHcrtptlon, forming n ?alumMe cnliectl in o! Houscbo'd rorue ore sod unlace and oochen lie Works of Ait The goods are now on evMbfunn by oataiog'ts. ha'e to cOBMBCiioe In dining roam, at ll''? !* **.?? itellable mu,:i will be at the saio to remove the goods for pur [ ehaaeis. - A' mrcTION NOTICE.?HENRY H. LEEDS A OO, Al'O t^neers.?Executor's sale of acntwl Household Fonii [ fire, valuable l U w'tli'^U <5f?rof Mectivon.-HhSHI H. LKlspB ? iAJ., wu* ami 1 hv iiirtlen ou Tuesday. Aord lu. at 10, / 0 clock, at No 4H Hoed street, *11 the Furniture in said bouse, made U> order. , Sfn.irtSVuf \elret and Brmn le Oarred., large Jsntel ani Pier Mintirs Parlor hull* of rosewood, covered with silk browti I Psrbii-Ohal's, uiv- ted repe; hue maltogauy iurnt i lure covered w'th "air cloth; a ra uable rosewood l lano Uso'r, 1 e- lay Chairs, Mattresm s. Carpets, Ac. also K* tension Dining" Table. China, (ila*. w J^J^lutk' ! tK; a!"", oir;:: ^ XSKJffilSS. mmb by nlbson. Tba above will bo on eibibitlou one day i tbosalr. ?^ TTirrioN notice - a hknfral ahaoiitmfnt of A Wiv elegant roscv ood Parlor l nndture, euperbiy oarved I I)r?iiM?T4 **nt*l Ol'irV and licwmtkui** rhoJoo Oil PalntinK'*. 'z '""I",XHt'J'-." SSiw1 SESk" S HSiT I Peraoni i-string anvthlng for housekwertng | ? It to the?r |>a unlarv benefit to call before purc.haslny 1 ei*?'wh*;ie. h. It - One ru;s-rb rosewood seven oeuve I tano, I Ht a gwai ?acarttl?y5 j "a UC'IO* NOTICE-MOETIMRB t .RlFFIN A CO. 4"ia'"^ Magnificent IIou .'bold Tuimllnre Fainting, mutuary, Brnniw in workam Att, j g 'lo he peremptorily aold at, aunticn, / <m thH day (TufsdiiV). April 1G. At (be Private., sidence. flo. 62 WV.l Pub-ruth street, be P iweeD Flftb and Slvth sveniioa, 1 Sale coTuneucIr a al l?\. p-cl.rk, the property of a Irmlly re llnf|Ui*hlr>g bTWkwoInK Ti e mt?iotrrp> romprl^i tlw Uri^Hi and riclwit aaaortmant Of Douse bold i urnlture, Ac . ottered at auction this [ ? urnlture all Wide to order by oily maker* and I# of the best deL rtcUoi. thdal'iguee a the house on m-ruing of sale, r 1 iOetave Pluiioforte.Drawlngroom Stiltt, Rwmja, Book v4 mint, l ate (birtalna, \ uses, oil Palutlng-. AUtnary, Velvet 1 ud Hinssol* Cartels. HutlflC, Extension lable, 1..bins s,iverivare I able ' lutleiw, Bineans, Watdrobea. .lair o 7s,o V'""" ss" It.d-1 3. Commode#, llatstand, Otl rloih Vtsir l arpeta, Ac Also, a large s sortment ol Base I I tent and kitcbno Kuniltur", Au. ba-e pailiv.t, rain or shire. J BLEBCKRK, AUtrrlONBRB. I PDUHKIIOLD FlMt.NlTl KB. A J BLFEChRH, BON A CO , will set! or. W?luewUy. Aiiril 17 at id', o , mck A. M , at No. 50 ttcst T.vouly stoma street, between Fifth and Sixth avanu-i#, all the Kuinltut-e ce 'aim,sl ilirrrln cousUtlng of Mlrtwe,CurtalneCarp^fa, rolawood aud bromtHI Holu fine nuvhogany lb-dawds, (-hairs. Am niailiV 'ni, f abler, Mattreaeea and other Bed dlsg, cottage bad'room Hn!t?. Of Ch oido bv* and Bmrketa. UUdg hha. ee K..U hen Ware. Ac , Ac. tasmlug'ieii_on day of aale. * M W5RWIN, *crTtoJ?BK*. A . By BANCS, XBR'.ViN A CO., Trrlms Buildings, 184 and i.% Broadway. WKD.hKWDA* BVKNIKO, April !7, ?? 7 \ n slock, ?prMhIi and Xmerirtn Books, compiltlng a ejproi, ,n of tha bet library e I.tlcus of valuable worts in n.'*i 1 y all depart ments, Including a variety of superbly rtuslrs'-si K.iok* and Ml* ellaueooa Ularalm, Ac. ?No, to bo aold at it o'clock, a | ?urTior Pianoforte. In a fine Rosewood cuss; two rich Black ! Walnotaod Mahogany Bookcase*, elegant French OtM* Otto ? m .na and Qtaxteahery Choir*. Now on| c hibiuon a) the I salesroom. A R. RICH AKiib", dt'i'TIOlfSKR.?(lOOCABKB BOOTS, 1 f\ . hh'r* anil Br rang .a' auction, by hK'iiARDs A Will': :v I. on Wcduriwliiy, April i7, at I"1 o'clock, at atom llCoet uidl street compelling nlm eit en. j kiril of *i>e|ng I good*. rcct 'rum tat tnsiiulanturrra and adapted both to , city a 1 country trade t I hi IIARDB, Ani'TJOJfEBR.?AhHKIfRB'll KAI.K XT. of Boot*, kh??, Bri'SUt, Caller* and Finding* at auction, by Ri"M X Rim ,t xv ;l rrlNO. on Thursday, April W, I a' 10 oVlo. k, ?t stone 30 llov st eel being .he entire aloe* or I p j obbli x bo'iv In good order and vaiuod at (IJOUO In i iuried In this sale lajo.wx iwiraof Ken'I, women's, Ml area i *rd Child/en's ,upper nalh d fhoes. fresh from the factory. IbewaoM to be aold without reserve, by order tf .'. N. Tint, j assignee. s DRIA* H. M "L1.KR, AUCTIONKKR. % f.x. raior ? .utle i bar.'ay, A ;>rl! 15, a'1T< o'cloea at V I IVi'landt aim.!, a lot ??! Oraekmf, two Ir.a, Dceka, '. haws, Lvungo, Irua Ra*l.'ix, kniaAii fa* neaaiao/ L.u rati. Aa i _ Catalogue a at K Wall utmet. ________ \UCT1CN MOTICH?ffOrHKHOU> FI'RNtTIRN AT private sale, a f> octave. I'laaoftcte, pi1 e %it); Bruv tela Can et, mah gany Chair* and Tablaa, window Fbadej and Otni ,li... pofa at d otter Adatrida, stair Carpetaantt IP d i. al?o Kitcbru Kami ore. Inquire at 7n7 Klgktli st. AUCTION NOT I R?AALK f?r ItiJOTt RB.-TtIIB A day. at II # clock, by Bt'.i.t, * INORA1UM, Aac I I oneerr., will h- an d 'n thcfriati tmooi*, 2d New Noeery, the ! Pantantf IMI'Im rano ing Abo Hotel and Barroom v i niiure, anTea vplendld Coup .-r<, Oaac-r ipattoi, Cbandc pcfa, tort H-in,.Pk i.n-Ht, .-how ?? .. .tc I'awnbro i b. r ??le. ?.?ila, at 1 11 n'cl "l by nrd. r of HTAN ON 4 CO , rvl new Canal strrc . Fu'l parte Para day of sale. iicnoR Nori'K-F rmnKHONN. auction A cer, once 19 Centre aticet, c ornof of < Ualibera, notlclta ^dr* of Household r irnluirr tb- reslder. e? of families, *l?n t,rii*ni"?. Hardware lm li- 'la A. IrnBI m ibrale Prompt returns T ?ro ful. *i *?oonii band billiard fable* wan tad a OCriON N'tTICB A .Titled rj'i:NIT" RB dAI.KN A* prteale ro^tdi-n ?? BT IIKNHi QHKBN. AUCrlONMW i+alcamom I'll WI!Uam atri al. Onod prXrt a ob'ili ed; i.-rma mod'iwtc ]>rarnai altamtmn. (leataicn. en n my and regnlarliy. At pi r at once AU sales tidtlod r .m ilav 4 1 TfONHALN? K. Q. W IJ,IAHb, All TIONKRB, ;i ?:ll awl!, tbla day and Wiylncrday, all the ftry iPxnla In i..rc B.ith atenue, naar Rlutncroti nlre<-p remaining nrrr fn in Won lay a -ale Kalr i dtl e and without rnacrva. 'Io e at I) "'clock ACltlnf OK HONIIlOUt KCPVITTBR UHRKT il MUCIN A C(f, No TX N. -ami atrc-t, mil {Ire ibelr pwrwinalatMntloa, aa u?n*l, toialMof nMneboid KurTiinn, 1MIwMniM Of f?nBlf> Will aim bold regular aaloaat their auction looms aa ?bo>. ,11 HON NCTICJB OANIRl. N. IICIJICI. All' * time r, will sell to morrow (Wadaooday), April 17, at 10' o'rloi k, et No, I* Clin ton pirtca, near Broadway, a superb aaenrtniei.t oi elccant roarwood, parloraad chamber Komi t i f. ie vet end Hruaeela I'ar ..'Ha uler and mantel Mirrors, rirh a- ed .k dinln* roem f nrni iire, . iina aaanrtment or x ! in* and Hllter aable Ware, i uttery, do : alxo .i en perl >r I or .J 7 or<a-aro?nwi?id I'laro. b. evil cmbr ii*red lace Wl.?. dow Drapers nmn ??*. China Xaaea, I anan Klgurca, Ao. I hla *ale emnrsow a xery large areor'mcnt of m'?t oncel icnt gooda in fine mdi r and to be aold wlthoul r i?er*ct ( stai.iguea at the house en minting of kaIs. AI'I TTfXN RAIN OF CT.tRR AND HA RtVnNW AF.R~1 MfcNlil U IIx*ANN vrlll sell. In Iota :o ault, o? Tncaoay Apr'l Wx a< li)o'?!'? t a* v* - lane . 'i'|S IMk mantof flown Bnlherry. White nranne and common ware, i.'aea acd China. Pels positive, ami goode oarefully repagfeM for aetpplpg A- MlO?JKmuf-i AXN'K BKV. uLAdOr.lHWAiJI I'aaay (#o?rla-By .1 H. M. BARTDVTT, anetlo<ecr. 1 ..eartar, April Id, at 10 o clock, at Ml Peart street, a large and general a" " f ed stork, la lota to salt ally ami oouniry retailer*. Must he sold for cash. A~6cTK?~Vwuf; Bf MjlhllMUKI COLR, en Wedneaday at 10', o r'rich, at .143 Fulton at,. Piooklya, ornata Ing of a large and geneial asaortmentof mahogany and rcaeeood I'ar'or and Chamber Fiirnllnrs. Cur l<eta. Illmvra, N?di1tog, Oa* future*, bgUtg ;b? toUrt faritl lure of a large kouia. p AT IPgnoi. THURSDAY, April 18, at II e'elack. mP11' new ""J spacious sal> arooai, Damn * J9fJP*!?"1?*1 *uho? tto^hV^.-^ *00 Will Mil At auction, M eiTAAAt rJhiiS ?s^A*-B25!'? [tJt" ?^>rt?!???' of iu?t ? iafint in Av n,'ii!re :,,<f'"*d *' this anion, e m In atHi*d Mt!JL2I,p?l? "tf41 atf*11* roacwood Parloi Suit*, KSrt'SSBiffia j r,&.?je:r!J^.?5KSiKs??ES ??.iKwSr ';?"1'.",M,'*"rl "*k knd i"Jn"1 ffiS ?'i;>XgeS :t?CTvVri r^r"-do c,,"nf other ricli at d eleiTKiii , a, J*??. u**'r. "V"1 ISSW? ^npS&aT^uP<)?,'*el''m?',d ',h'?" WednJdLy^h??3? 79 **WU ,tr*el- ?? Tuesday aad ?>OilN C. J^ALC'ONRR, igHiKQeo, A MCBOIjfl, AUC flOJikKkh > vi or K?u Ailwlr a1*'/"' '?* pn*,? Miito'nn |-t) *.,, .aga T.uzs-J:r^ssi PttSiiv"" ^ 'feaKK.fiBS fu^Iu^Uh*Je"1 WlnJuw ?? lKK& ABM M. ( U?RI, l/origagee BRifuiitk AV('ll?" K *??? "Tlrt DAY, *' ' 0 1 loc*i_fn 1 root of xalexro^m, ^6 Namku *tr?*>t -U""l"l? * """ """ ?i-o One four seated Rocksw it One t'01 roid H a|io l*o In lit Trolling Wagona. 1 ?>ur do top Buggiea. Tbr*e top K'li'^ifH Double and single Harness'n great variety, 1)R'>WN? A NICHOLS, ALKlTIONSEit* TT 11 -i w . ... Thursday, April IK, V ', , ? ?' 'h<' iwMeeoe of Arthur Kendall Kan at iP ?,u Bli'htnoad street, no the ton of the bilL mid way between Quarantine and t-Upli-tou laudma the\??. Iiwuk. hold furniture made bv Meek*) contained house consisting of solid rrsewi,od Parlor and lied room fMe ultui-H, oak Lining Kooni f urniture, Billiard Table aud fix ?u3 contents beat, -"ln^ rta-e t'b'ni. illLa hiHh d Porta M , Ch ?C*a "ilOCk "f NS ,V"H- OOU?l?tlUg Of old |iSS-Ss ktlll pattlculara lrt to morrow's iidrrrtlarmani 1^ W. T1LTON, AUdTlOHERK. A'* TXL*2,'f/1 WOHEALL t MAI T. Will S<?n at auction x. ^ooKH"PVi APrl' H 1861. ?? W*K T.. hupnrlor Wortmanablp, atjrle and anish Catalogue, roadj^on 9SSS3&. ^ bU> ert BV JOSEPH IIEGKMAN, ~~ o ? 1 . . ?. WfcDNESbAT, April 17, ^o??WkA.K...,h?_Hor^ between State and hrfL"W'T .l''*D?.row,w'od p?rl rH?u. In blue and silrer SI^ki^T: Ac W W*r"' lwo CbanoSlira lit ai,i ' L u u BAMK DAV, o clock 1. M , at No loo Pa< lUc street, between Clintou . and flenry sticeta Catalogue at aali ariainis. B Y DAMKL A MA fTHKWs A CO.. ACCTlONBEltS. -?. T lii. day i Tuesday i, at 12 o'ctuck , Cr,n? , "ur ?Alcaroom, 79 Ssxiau ne*r t'ultun street run stable r sale of one Sornd Man, long tall, nine vram old' ,,,,? J'or."'f..1-^*a.d8 '""8 Si: one Htisini A Wagi n By order WM TJY VIRTVE OP A CHATTEL NORTHAOB TRH ITS day of??rtl IS#/ ?JmhA P"bl'?on *cducadiy. the I7tb niarolo bcd MilU. M Tatuc." * iV W WF ^ Woonroun A fftTi H, Attorneys for Mortgagee. D Al'CTIONBER?OFPIOK 107 M VCD )tIO t L [ \ * H,?eo,V~ LKVV will sell this day, the 16th ilset, at half post ten o'clock, without reserve, a'l the first fcliia to boose No 6 Moth streeL near Mith aicnue, vi/:?Elegant rasowood Hull, in rich ttrimam brocalei. elegant ro.ew.iod I'tano, Mantel and t'lsr fllaases rosewood ( entie lables. elegant mabogaur Kiteasloti I'ahle' I rVm-Mfr''-"1 fn't I" liaJrofotb; rich Brussoli ( arp<t, afew choloe Engravings, Lace Curtains, Brou/ea Wa'?b taud?' ?'*cw?i*X ?ud l?^Kof?ny bedstoads. Bureau., >v? h lands, An, Ao. Pure ftamer and llalr I Inner and l eaflels, Olassware, Crockery, Knive- Porks' Hpoihis, An . A-' ; OUrloths, Kitchen lu-nslls, 4c, All must be removed oil day nt sale ' mast ( / A?w' v- T ,!IA/EN. AUrT.ONfcER-RY .1. W~1~M n T l,t4,re an<4 270 I anKl Hlr*?t near W?mWUirl"'o *T' A1"" 111 11 ? '-k. at U'a st.ire .1 W nl?mu will ? ntIIue the sale of bis wbolesrie stock of BogUsb and American OarpetlngH, oUclutna, Hugs Mats A< crs^rriinire. ALJ l1""111' of >Klllrt *'b be cui tuat purehaV | ? '? ? ? I TAANlhl, A. NI VT1IEW8. AUCTIONRRU.-XEM SVLI- -t ! 10,, o'clock, at i ^b^b?AHiiy'1 pirlor'aults ""i!" ".'r cloth,' Ceot m^u.V'Work I ChaJra' !>r*' Brussels ar.d Ingtaln Carpet,. Hookers Easy I ;?jr?s2 ' aKKKa -tskistsss^it1 v'^o.'n" ;V^u sr,riec',B ,h" or ?l B^h dlF8^7' A^^TIOWBKR. ?HANDAOMR HO0812 * tauJd Kuii Jtura ? H. H LMtLOW AduS Ziti iT . auction on liufuUv, ApiH itt, i.VJL%| 11 u clock at 17 fli*?ili*" wSowonJYn/lr t1?' tha on,lp* r mtUitBa nf 'Tl".^r5b*3Swl Urn ?ssssrt?^?g-te& 'fHa f banc, nuewood Pl? r and Centre Ta"lek Window fhfriTm. Window hbatles, Bur. sua, Kr-uch Ks4?, MatSSIei ?rivi y* fpcatry CyiH-tn, Oiialothti, Rockiiuf Ch*'rp lliifniH ft Kwrat" -^-JSnA 1? H- LUDLOW, AUcnONHP.R, J. HANDm'OMR HOPBBHOI D PURNTURB ADriMA" l*llA'2 ft UO',w,1,11 ^v*1 ?? ''loo, on niuiv.tov, April IK, IHHl, at 11 o c?o#k, at >o. t>9 fcii-n Twcf.tY.ihn J SrikM Crr ?our^ **e*?uc\ HamW-mc Mounabi>M Fm nlturr all Uko oonaliUng rt Iatc*j Francfi MtrMn.ri* with slabs; extra heavy giit CoruwS"aiw ^.o,??^i ar^? l ? I"' ?J'd WtXJf tzx? njrjr^lh rent try Pfxkcav, rr$rwi>o<t Md^boird one rop^' wood Piano flrgant carved roarwood Halt In /men ? Ik; two rosewood Tiblff.'cJirvftl row*wool Huit in pnl* *Jh.And grud dJimaffk, Lxcc Cn-talna, gilt and bronr* Ohund* r^isi-rTme , ' wllU Mirror; mahogany chaos, f. w 5ed* ':ad*' Milaascs and Mauns es, Vclv'eJTaww try, Mriaael. ?od AimlnnU-r Ca-pets, OUriotks.^?1a?^?f Moreen tncslns Chtal?goe, ,t tCa^cdcmecrs Xe. I' I!. ICDT.OW, ATTOTIOMBttR. J. IIAMWO.MF HOUSfcUOLD PL KNifCR*. CHINA AMD <JEA"<HW*.KB. &<\ 1. n I.PDTlOW A CO will aell at auction. on Wn>lnra<lay, . April 17. IMl, ?'*- 1"). i ol<* k,?t No. "i Bail Nmr'n-j b *trae<. ' directly "ppoal'e Tnl.ig placa \>her# the nmr ha* t"?ui re I mewed foi o iiveni'tie of ia.'"?hniul?ioTne furniture, ouxUl | ing In part of bandaome nwwood Parlor K.inili.irr, In ii? mn?tk . ruar*o< d md mah"gany Hedrn m Furniture, Cottage | KornUurr rtwwnod and oak Rxleneloa Table*. oak Book 1 r?*e ni*rl_>l'* top Tablea Rlugerm, i 'rw? ood Cubtnata, Rod* ' II. ddlng. Velvet and Carpeta, (MM th?, hand*ion Kabeu, Biib.' ?) aaeware. \ a , ia IJIDW'.Fli lllilllBI ACOITONKFR. J (lentecl llniuclioid Fumi'.um Bj T .IF II PCHBM'K- Thl? day, Aprl ]&, at 10'{ u' -lock, ai No 77 Rn?t Seventh ? met, between rlr ' and 8neond avenue#, all the Furniture contalnad in the a*' ?n honar, eomdtlinglrt part of n.^v. ood and trial ogany Potior Hull*, I'lar Claal ?ana Cornicea, Brtimela awl Ingrain Carpeli, ilgai.t toaewuod Wardrobe. tdsntm uid H> r latlrn. nva ti?L'Tij and ri'nnl Bedstead*. R'ire*'t? and Waahatanga, fill. ?? ill.. Car) nla, A -_ Alan the hi ehcn furniture, wl'h * hlcii ihi- ?ali will commence Tjl Cdl.TuN, At'# ri()NBBB.-LA?gS S VLB op A? Ilouaeh.ld P unitu. ? of evry dr*? Ho'lon, i.a'tnr and Hair Matiraata, farp'a and (iilcl.uba, Dmtnfcrovn;. Bedroom aid H**em<n' flonda, A'. On ??ntnlarl Ab*n 17, at 101 .o'elwlt, at Ml William . rwi, hm Be. Icman. 'ho rntlra Fi'rnliu'e of the h.,u?- tvuiprlmng In part the f unit litre of about W mom* fartlaular* to m?.rr w (1 KBAT PAIR op BASH AMP VA DTI a BI.R Pl.ab VR ~ P the entire stock of Up lair ' K. Ranch wll' he offered 'or *? e at a???-t'.?i' on Tbur-dap, UKh lea'., at ll .Volo It at Me m leri?tve <lr?rntif.n???, on the corner of Third amnio: and Eighth utrect. Brooklyn, ronelxllnf o' eernral hnn |-ed '.?? of the moat choice varlctiea? many of them of large aiaa; Man a large vaitety of Aralae, embracing all the new aria tie*, aleo a mo*t eitemdve aMOrtmell* of Both MM* Plan's, Imltidtog a torye rollec't' n id Orrhlda, lap-iiiad ai Mgb prlnee Men a vai leiy of I'lanta iinlted for bean lag All p?r ?una de?<r. na to wa nre a ealuabla colbi-tt- a will lad thla a mo?t dndratne opportunity, ae well ae tbuee mniter.teil wl-h the trade Bale pen mptory, to cloee the eetate, under the d'nrtl n of the Frerutora. the entire f>n- nboueee. Dw?U Ing and <i lota ? ill be i.aard for Urn y. are Term* made I nown on a; pl latU o to Mre. J. K. BaUCH. on tue pra rnleea. R'n f.ftlPh', F1 XTt RF.S h"IcThbT pRKI>~WAflOB, A~ nt aue'on, to morn,*, at If)1, o otorl. at i.TOti hioadeay. romer of Foil- lir?l irtreet. elaple 'Irorerle?, Ketrar* UgOOHh 7,.haere. Ntai .|. neke. (^n.ntere Shelving. C?*ea. fteei-purnri ealform and roo' ter brataa. eleo a biown Home, f. o<| and p Wavdte, llclihr, h?rne??. Ae. Depoe'te re?|iilre<l. A KI.IilNnTi >n A CaKTBK, Aiirtl. nerr. HIMRT iM._ LRWr?a. AIM'TIOMRRR ?HRMHT H IA Co wtli ?ell *l u. on Wmlneeday, April 17 and Tneredav, April 1A at o'clock A M. and 7>a ,'r.l?..k P. M eacli c\enino. at th? nmldcoee of Mr Ieeila B'.rg, Ho ;,l tai l TwantMUl eltert rpleiidld C'tbtn-1 Purnl. tar*, ar*l?t|r naarbld ami hrinie Statuary, flue original tn nlern up I'alnilnga, by aalahrated eilteta; Uae Dcawinge and Water Col ira, At. biaga, valnahle Il'uetrateil Boot*. Ob ycte r.t fin and Ti.rla. being the eaUm a.lieeu 41 a< Mr. Lonlo torg. In tnc ? ,|r (Ion will be f.mnd the aelehrated pt*?e o' eiatuary. the lleudl,"int ijlrl, bp Profeanor Btra/ ??; Ike Dying Itero'n, bien"e hv Corrtolem Raochanlee, bf I'm dier; rainilnfm by A da Dre?? Hroonart HonnrngUm, Dig ront, llal', U Verboeiklarren, Tannler feron, Van Reaai, Hemwhr drr, Daand, l>el???ard. Hunter RanMun ana ? Hl era I'lnetrated w- rka !.?? Pentrna Odwl -or, hy Ckaa Blane Pal I auto I'sttl. the Ptnar .tea* of Bo' gra; v<ii tm lb atratid Mew* from ISBB c.mnlete An'h|ne f%thlae*. P eeew frcim the Kmtiof H. Hand ? e .Bemum; an Ann ? batr of da pnleon I.; grand aeih.a Plane, hp Pleynl, with tieTflm colic How or Bo hlage and Drawlnga. WIU lie made for exblbltl II .With . atelogiieei hy aard of adnt mii,m only, to be obtained fremiti* am n.meere on Satiinlay, tilth, and nuUl dav ? of rale will alio be on exhibition on Tueaday erenlng. I 1 ?? I I.BEDS, AC rnONBBB^EMRY B. JH^tSroBI A OO Will M\\ at ana.ion. on Wednewiar April 1,, at IJo'vlnefc. In front of atore Ro. iS nawau atrcct, ahaodacroe and nyilah lady a nay aaddle Hnrae; perfectly hind ai d gentle; can either trot or c nter If deatrrd. witl g> in elag'e cr double harre^ and warranted eo iad. D aNrot 15 D?iio? Mun, yfmm oML *nd prov>?MMl a i^rfAal aa \ aaddle aorae; alari a beantil ul light Wagon, male to order and nearly new. Henryori tr n t tionber?wRDNRdDAT.APRiu 17, a Id', o' In k, at the auction at. re. 104 WIMJam atreet, a large let Of llr^erlan, Wine*, LklttOI*, Jeg'ra, While Eetd. aieo at It o Clock. Clothing, farp aad rancy Oooda, htma OoodA to. ?*!-?! AT Al'CTIWS. n?" " LIKD* AUCT11'*??? try -?-?? 'or aaa. near hewbite* <? rrS* wl'b tboui U ?tic# Of LaiL tf 1L ygEi?a 4 q^ wf Uelkt a .nlc*i. .?fc Tbur*4*f? Apitf \T !5j? Uu 'tt H^Jej. nivtiiurii; >u IUCUT Ol .M' 1 ixr, n-? "? otdt'Dce ol D * Ctikaon i:*q . together of Onwrd, actuated ebnut I , to ilea atwi rlew of ibe bi.rth .Iyer Itr |lrjlit.e **? MKirD Wewbur*. U ?h saw AOtlally asms. Marble hal. anj raattbi. e the .bora up ? U?l etory are ao'id btaok ?alnut %: a u?k wm>ntr.' eellari un the entire' '' dm 4 T h> heat. ?: - '?" .7C. t e.rlnidv of A ' ? ? on nap a/r* fronting the ri-r; .be gm.m<t? A.? beaullfully MM out with fot.iti.ln. grave !ed \,.dk? Av .Wei* ? fine itrdB of <?trr *lth take and waterfall, with tryee tM ahrubbery Uuthouare ar? ot bH. k r .nprietng atable, abed, mid hehotue Blled With '?? Almost trrry An .rtpttow ?f fruit Including lb* cfcoleeat w:.rkl ea of i<tirj,it't.kunMk A? *11 iu thrifty 1 .earing Tvtothlrdpcf il.r purrbaae toooey ~ r,r'n xfcktrzrs ftrsKgisOT KTttof pAlou. to the tnm the auctioneer BKm*? ?'t?? *??*} '"*? Hm P POP. omoB. 4 MINKB A THORP vOUte'lat "S-TJ^J-iJ!^ W11 oo^k .t'Jolr !s?ars^^jw=^*HiS4asa? Chair., t~.. >et? a Ten* aod MofO. Bureau* roaewond Centre-Table. oval f^ncl. '.T^Vv vaT Man ft Mirror* Rruae-la three ply **-1 1M.',' " ' k ., , da b* en-led fair Ylattre?A*a. K',UI "anVMn'i, tiroameall tain* and Corolcej, tuiah gany 1 ?*V ^"ar'L. ^ . vSL Mlvrr Haiti W*rt. Jai-afe^i i*j?M.,btMi.OM?.y Etutnp -t'l tJeoroom t roekcrj, Kltcbt^ . Ors ,. Ao at l? o'clock ?n cl*?*nt pcvrn . ct?vc H?not^, tut tow rorr.arp, tlpi?liwl b?ck ant ctirvrd l?p*, of ?u ?crtor i?. m* tivlrb, m?< c by MciJoaald, of Vbia city: codt fr>!k'. FBNR' n M1NBR, Al'CTIONKKB. ? . ppl'aroom :tT t?K*?au p.rfol, < pp.wile iho Po't VINIb A TBOKP'?'M wll *1 nuul'on, "? r uT,-IT J BbiiKv 1<jth ?nd H*t"tday At', al lOVj o ol -c* rich day. id lb? WaHhtngtoi. Hotel, corner of BroadwayMtdj all the Knrntlure, Mar'ea, Km hen 1 enrta .Bhlt ?"? out cinrn. Cptfkary. Ac. pop alnod In tn? aboeB boaao, o?n*la'tVd of iiiur,M la and lt ?r.u) wiji'??. O l\i"lUa^an& nt PBiiof Pm uMure, to tiafr cloth, Unw 11wr ana aano? Mlrrorp mahrgttpy (ottaflp icda'eada, oiihoaany *arh O-J rurd and Hide Ttjle^t rurtdl Mattreaeea ?e*ther Beda, Moleter. and t uoaa. ? bogany lrame Ml mora tHaokew. 0..morb ra ^PU< fiuuiH 11 >eela. 1 able Clotka ind bapKUa. inree mantjw? Piano'r mailt by bur,n? A flark Alao a #n? aMekd*?? KiMiidlia t-biT'iee. Porta 11a.lerlaa, ClareU and otsar W trier, \l?<> never* ihouaend flue llaraoa regard. Tbd whole 10 be Mold without reserve. - Hetnathe entire Klook of Ml'. Lttbl-t aNBIOU. On TV BBI) A T April t?, at }}?c'<^rHH m AT TltE HV-UK "^^BK^UOTbU Oomprl 'tng a larR'- awortmervt of HrKm. ThKHb Of HALF. UAH If. Ootalopuea vrtH lie eorty early on morning of aate HKNllk M HERTS, J?, At'CTIOMFKR PereB)ptory rale of the entire atock of the uabli et Mak?r?; aaa^Mltm f n Vt edneaday, apDl 11, a. 11 o clock. At Mo Mt H roadway. - rfruit M. (i hair cli th ; r<??AWOod, w*nttfg*jy ?uu S?Sd? llamaua, ?* aiheUnda. Amoura. Wardrobea. C?<rj her KuHa r<?ewo a), mabog.ny. walnut I Abrwy . (? Q, , .' nui'.na l balra, (Itt.ce lmrntlure, Deaka, vnai e, Houcbee! Ac , to be -old, ponU.Wy wubou.^y r^^ cloat tl.e oon. t rn. Py or<fer of tte aas.gneea, leama ??? Cataloguee ready earl* on ntornlng of aala TlliMtT L'. llBH^..>A.Ai;(JTIO?Ba * *? y?.'i Hroulwiif u ad or lb 0 H**w \ork BotoL ^,ya^,T?,opener of"bu retiring from t.-jOe Tenria ra.b-PaUl'^i.. - ready early on attrfclng of H. SE??.d rsx,?.?? ul'nal ?aa<jranent"o( goelien Kurnttnm and l ienetU wlth abia..^ rale vt 111 ..omruanee. fatal% tmbi the office or the auctloi eer, Ma O}., 11* -irett, or at it" hi nee on ntornlng 01 eale - H. s. y k 111*.Rft. .IB , A1 ' 1IONERR. per4mHorv male ok IIURBEP, rARRIAHES. bl.EIOHM HAHNEBS, Ac,. ,11 I It 11AV April ??? at .(5 0'C.OCk, K.,_(l_ At .ho Plat.', h No 1U1 VYeat IblrL. aeoond alreet, oe.we? ' , ."nh?' t a being .t en. Ire prleate H.Yluk ntento agentom- n ?h> ta tor Europe, and tab* without anB mat "k^ingof ?i ap'et.dld b,.y earrui.e Horeen, about Id', h^rul*. Ui'Vcu 6 a.d tt yean od Wa-.-aned s.u-.d and 1 Lue bay Mor.e, 1C bauda high, armed end klad 1 Coup', rne.e to order by Wood Hrother*. In gso* ltteeeat To, Wagoa, n.ade to order by OuaeohurT A 1 LMhM^ Wagvn, Md* to order by Swrtnnertoo, wttb p<d? 1 Hrge s"-'f.h, rrnall SUIgba, Pe'la, Rob.'-, Ao. 1 m m doubl* If m u**? Mh??r mouMed, Q^r.y now. 2 Mw:b* ll?rnr**, HI? koi , ^ .? . ^ ^ -y 1 to nbovr m *y l e uny uiV, from 8 lo 12 A. n., w ft fib e, ao ?b< vo - _____ X r. DliMCAM A to. A CfluNEKKS M AND U J . Ann an. . .-'h ?? t uojdaj. April 2t at 1? oYI'1'k at at".?* N<> I VI lldrd avenue Stovea and 1 MMo* ? Pooka, with an ?.rtluant . I KOORE. AtCfKOEhR.' NEW BoyMttT AMD ?). tr.lver ftree ?, wlf, ibl. day, et ?J? ;l?*. V^^IS eu'.eena. OU aud M','aa,. a tAUA dwr Mm, t la^atma* otherbenb''??Intios, M'rror" R-dr'.-ada, Meddlng, <Tbafc% Saloon Table*. Tool ch. et, Re/rtgemlors, Uaa rutorOB, Da guerreotyie: future* ___ VT- u J r.l.l Y. At. lln.NMEK?WILL HKLI. THIM M , ,u?"ai 12 <-to<-k, tn t orit of Ha'eeroooi. No S2N?"5*" -Ml, one Kay Mare, Wag. in*, Blanket and Whip, p. be- | ??.en.ptory ?< id to thihUbnobtoder. MHLUU ,.!? MA LP IOUN .1. BtJaLK/. AOCJOW I eer ? tfl aell tht- day, at ? o'eloek at ?M Caral atrry*. ?r. i; b.r lop and other oun au*. *lf* f^la5?K*l52 and other Hedateada P.", Mat.t? l and other i?l*"-ea, M*tac tion Centir and otb?r lablee m*bo?any working and otbor Chaiia aeoond b.nd 1 tano, Ha. t band, '.ta Hair and other M..I r% VVe"ber Bed, Ptl oaa, Bo n-n, t dta In bair iloth. a aohatanda. Yeltet. Mn.*a*ta 1 bre*plj ??nd other Ca.peu, Clktotbr. Kl.cben Kurulture. Ac. pst H* P^O* *E?1 OLl? Ft*RN1TTJ Rj^ a-' ret o e ent'r.-Purnttureeonta'iied In wtd ho??e, Ajj*| trg tn p?.u.t r. w vood rotaa, thalrA Dl?*aa and Volulre <'bairn. In br.a-au-1. mahogany OMMB rloth marbU- tofs Vter %nd i^ntrwTnbKw, Tj* I W j w ip Chair*, inahogan* Bru.koaatw, Ptercila-e., brweOa***. I?av UTuk and Ire t uitalna. tn*ti<**ay Kreneh wefl ytade Bit'eana, I r>"*lni! Boreaite with t.latoaa, l-ooar-' lu Cb?ndHhua. t.a. PUturea, ..air MaUreMaB, >B*t*y Pell* Mei'.tlrc Velvet Broewla and Ingeatn I arpeta OK T.rfJua China Ulaaa Ware Ao , t??geiher with an aaarranewt of Kib'hffi Ktimlt'irta with which tU0 will commrnoe. Rt, llV.'.LLl., AUCTiOKABK VT III iTKMl.KK A UA7KU, Will ieU thi* ilay ;Ti?e?ilay), ?? ll)>, o clock, at their ? tin* rom, I Ah Hr'-kf.var, TIaRT)* aRh a-in Ol!TI*BY Inv ito * of hra- j and at.elf Hard *%??-, lu'tle Deaacrt and P i k?t Cotlnry; sample cards bf rtkrdltUl I' icket, I able au4 Duaeert hh.vre; SoMoOni, Ac Also Inrole*k of Dvy flood*, Fancy flood*. Plated Ware, Ac. Alao :m,rctj Seyare, 4 raeka Brandy, 10 rat*'* Catawba Bitter*, Jfl.OO?Cfc*r ?!*, 10 bivra lohacon, 31 bt*a*t* champ*'ue, 'SU -laaca AJimpp a Kent India Ale, 40 demijohn* ll-andy. By -ird-r of ih? lie ?,?Ivor>. An 'n; j!c* of l'iud, Panel, Rip, Hutoher and Other few*. <j~~ r.i. hi).7art ai:otT?7n pkrh.TTtSir nif tr O, Id , o'clock, at tbe auciiu*. room* Dn I Noi*k Wt'llan* at ? et, in irtyaae aale of llouaeo?ld ?urniture, ?in*l? mahogany ) <>f.i*. 1 hair* Rrirker*. ?plendM m*hnw*Br rata* *lon I it m Table*, Hookt-aaea, K'lraua * aOo'.aim*, Hrua ?. ?. I h>? ? Ply an 1 Intrratn < arnct?, <ill.itoth?, Coitafc B~1 knar larii'ty of Pair Jb *H ?*<??** bedding, * 1?run, (.11 I almlr AH, A'm Chair*. Young.'a, din In* tihiui Chair*. Kin hen Fiirtillu**, lot Lrugurt*, brrn ra. and alao lot patun* leather flatter Top*, An f>. H ? A deposit will be reuirtd fn m ell purchaaer*. SA J Hoc \nl, At' ? H'RKMRd ? WkDRBMHAT, . April I7, at l'1, 0 <?.,*?*, at the auction room* fC? I N'r'h William ??r?et a*.i*nee> rata the < nt're ? c.,k and Plxturaaof e whole tala li'iunr atore. conxldtag of about M rn*k*of Whtaker, Port t*na, French Wine,I?le -giir, Brandy, (In, Hum, Alcohol, rt'tghw Oil. na-keu I'hamiMWne. twite* Claret, 40, <?> hegar*. On.ea knri.i.ure, Ibak.i, > ab e*, Chalre, Clock. DUullIng AHoratuk, eklda, Future*, 1%'ge lot at empty Caak*. Ae . Ac. UbUlHOI IrlRUKK. Al'tlTlORkKK. D BY ItlPilliK A UoUhiRN. Otllee No rt l ine atreei, AUCTION S\1*B OF OINTLEMBN - KliRNTSHIN'C, OOODB, Ft dar, April IP. at II' A * , At the atrtia ail llroadway PflaM atork of 0' nllemeo a Formal- In* Ootid* artll be offered In antall In*, ?ni'kb'e fur the retail trade and gen' m*n wanting line g *iafo? Iberian ure I he Mock n.m nnea (lant'en ? n'? v, *ta and t *iita allk, merino and l,la|e t'r >ad Okt???, in*) and Half hnae; stnrt*, Collar*. and ainio*) rvrryihira n*t al.y kept In a flrnl cl tea Broailera) Kornii<hliig rttr re. Aleo Leaae eitd Pltturra. Said poaitlrr and with el r?*ei va Cala.uguta ready on the day of aale at the ?tore. (M Bread war h *aL* HhWINi* MACHIijllgtIf <3 k? Pr^Ni mu Irrm S%|m, FAtHCHlib, AnvXUme^rn, otlirvi 14.1 itr?vta 11 Mil thin* -ij (tutwd>%) i at It o'' |.ici nt "If <*%r??l J I If?, ** nrt ?V?rr, l2o' Urof'r Jk HJilrr'i Itllloik two Pr.nttnu ?f ? *+n. two of HMi'or ? Iron s?! a or nV,,^r.,l,n ,, *** ** t?i? uie ; aUoUUioe D?%k, UMW . c "SIf1* JOtlS kKUdl, Hnortfl V^RMI A MM 41. SAL* * O ACClION ROflC*. N'.d nhoea ami Bmgana H WlT-Sf.F, Auctioneer, will aell aN'it l,fT? caaea at tb? late ?lore of A. I>. dele, ?? tier atrett, on luraitay. ap-tl IA at ill o Nick A * Ibeeatahyrne ?ntain?elarge .ad vartnJ ???onmeat for ?pr!r| trade, aid inuat be aolil to eloae a* tnroleea ___ Wkfi'M AHltCIT A POTIOR I IB*. OFFiilB NO 4 KAHT Broedway, will ?ell the bt'anee ol th- at wk of Clntbiag at Ro. 1 lame?allp. (??rneyef i berry atreet. on <w edit cede;, at l"H o'e'ork. f> nelat'ng ol Rualneaa and Km k CoeiA, Deer coat*. Pant* and lirteer*. Ae ; at'O Oc*k. Onaniera, rta'e, Surra and Pipe, Ao. N B?All go via *>id ou Monday *1 Ire d*llrered to day WM. WITT BBS, Ai CriONltBlA, WlLtTattuU THIf * * day, at I01, OMlook, at At atreet, ah Ike (enteel FufMlturr la the above hooae, Parlor dnlta. Piano. Hardly mahogany Bed*t?ada Bed* and Bc'dlng. Ureeaina Bareaa^ W* 'bataad*. Waidrohe*. DihiJut room and Xilahen Faraitu%