Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1861 Page 1
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THE \ K W -Y OKK II E It A I, I). WHOLE NO. 8S86. MORNING EDITION- WEDNESDAY. APRIL 17, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR. iportant News from Washington. ie Military Programme of the Government. rtraordinary Enthusiasm Throughout the ttmntr y. :rity in Obeying the President's Call to Arms. rite Metropolitans Militia Vol nnteering for the War. ie Governor of Maryland Loyal to the Union. THE NEWS FROM CHARLESTON. irty Men Killed at Fonrt Moultrie Daring the Battle. [Departure of the Federal Fleet for New York. | Major Anderson and Bis Command on Board the Baltic. | The Southern Ports Not Yet Blockaded. How the Kebel Cabinet Received ihe President's Proclamation. EXPECTED SECESSION OF VIRGINIA. Preparations for the Defence of the Capital, hen IBB CALL ON TBS STATES FOB Ti,0*0 1 BOOrs W a* Drr^mncrr, Wakhisgto*, April ? ,1861. Sn>-? tfiMlnr the act of Congress "for calling forth the Militift to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insnr rections, repel invasions,"' *c. , approved February 28, 1TN, I have the honor to request your ExooUency to cause to be Immediately detached from the militia of your State the quota designated In the table below, to serve as Infantry or riflemen for the period of three months, unlees sooner discharged. Your Excellency 'will pletse communicate to me the Ume at or about which your quota will be expected at its rendezvous, as it will be met us soon as practicable by an officer or officers to muster it into the Rervice ani p*y of the United State*. At the sa*ne time the oath of fidelity to the United States will be administered to every officer and man. The mustering officer will be instructed to roceive no man under the rank of comms tunel olllcer who Is in years apparently over forty-five or under oighteen. or who is not in physical strength and vigor. TABLK or QUOTAS. staff orru ua. Sictc*. Maine New Hampshire Vermont. Massachusetts . .. Rhode Iciand ? Connecticut New York Pennsylvania ? N?w Jersey Delaware ? Mary land Virginia North Carolina ... Tennessee Arkannaa Kentucky Mlsfouri JlllTlOlU Indiana Ohio Michigan W Uroasln Iowa Minnesota Total. 4*S? f! if? * * ? rSN 58 I* T-, ft comtiMioincn omcin Main* New Hampshire. . Vermont Marstchnaetts. Mhnde bland Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey De a*?re Maryland Virginia North Carolina... Tennessee . Arkansas Kentucky Missouri Illinois Indiana Ohio Michigan ? iae<inain Iowa Minnesota - ToUl . 4 e| si 6 ?l 1.1! IS . I ? II ll 1 II 1| I 1 I ' 1 17 17 Tf i1 1 s ?i .i 2 2 2 2| a J V iii|i 4 4 4 <1 <1 6| ?| f.| ? 1 1 ?l 13113) H 111 II" l| ll 1 I 1 I 111 1 141 1 I I i J Li Li j 1 i l II 2 I 1 i i 17117 16! 16 4 ' 1 4 i W 10 10 201 111 1791 :??> VI I ii * in 10 10 20 10 10 170 I'jl) 40 10 4" !0 20 ?J) 10 40 40 HO! 60 60 SO l.Vi.1 m 101 ill lo; io mi 10 io, i<* , ??' U 1.11 1 Itl 1, ID It 111 I 10 M|MO|MO|9W won -co* *if?*toii*n orrir r ** -tot* i.s. StntfA, N. Hampshire. Vermont MaMsrbtuetta. Kbrde Tnlnnd . Connecticut.. New Tiirk..^, Pennsylvania . New ,l?r*ey. . Delaware Mai viand. Ylrslnla Norn t arollna Tennessee. .... Arkanoaa. Kentucky. ... Missouri flllrwla Indiana. Ohio IM ihlgsn Wisconsin. ... low a Minnesota To' at 40 40 40 HO 4? 40 flN> 640 160 SO Hi* IS) *0 an 40 160 1?> 240 ! 140 1 \760i 160 1?> 24" 24' >| 620 40 40 40 40 .1,7*1 ir io 101 20! IU| in. 6W 17tr tO,W*i 160: in, M0 2,560 64 tli 2 19 jo 1,2*0 1,3*0 640 610 610 64" 1,?1 64>i 411 2,600 2 .'?) ?UJ40 :i 84* 8,:?i 640 6 Ml Ml) tMO|fiO,l?? 3,ft4?|6?,?42i 7J,?1 The rendezvous for your State will be at New Vnrir Albany and Elm Ira. York? I hare the honor to bp, very respectfully, your ohe dicnt scrvsnt, SIMON CAMFTfON, lerreUrV of War To hto KaceUency K. D. Mokoa*, Governor or N?w York. RESPONSES TO CAIXKHl -X)OP8. Governor r .,r>).nlp WiSmwnx, April 16. 18C1 regimen' . * VwbkuI, respunia thai one ,, 4t>l tire,-'D. Mountain boys will be immediate y ??ed. <.overnor F.ccklngham, of Counts tic at, t?l*gruphti to the Secretly Qj waj) "Your rtqul*iiioii will have lmnao di.te at ,001)00." /Or Ballier, of the First Rifle battalion, tenders his ?cv.uond to the SecrtUiy of War, consisting of two tua dred and fifty men. Governor Dennison nays to the .Secretary of War, "Your despatch calling on Ohio for thirteen regiments i s just re oetvtd, and will be promptly responded to. Governor Randall, of Wisconsin, telegraphs, "The call for one regiment will be promptly responded to, and fur tber calls when made." Governor Sprsgue's tender of himself and one thousand men from Rhode island is accepted, bat that State is not gequirftd to send more than one regiment. Governor Washburn?, or Milne, telegraphs the Secre tary of War as follows: ? "Your der, pitch is received, and your call will be promptly responded to The people of Maine, ef all parties, will rally wita alacrity to the main tenance of the government and tha Mvlon." A despatch from a distinguished citizen of Cincinnati to the President, this morning, says:? "Men of all grades are enrolling. The utmost enthusiasm prevails. There is no sympathy with treason. God speed yon!" The President has received an addrees, signed by many ef the leading citizens of Philadelphia, expressing their readiness to make any sacrifices in sustaining the government. It is understood that the government has determined to renew the oath to all persons connected with the admin istration here ? not only to the army and navy officers, but to all the clerks In the departments. It was com menced in the Navy and War Departments yesterdiy. Never was there a greater delusion, than the common belief in the South that it would be impossible to rouse a sweeping war spirit in the free States. In lees than thirty days two hundred and fifty tbousaud raeu will be found In arms, from Maine to Kansas, to prove tho Lope of a divided North a grievous hallucination. Every North ern State will not only furnish the aid asked by the Presi dent In his proclamation, but have a large reservo rea-'y , so as to be able to make a prompt response to a second call, that everybody hero expects to become necessary long before Congress meets. There can be no doubt on this subject. Official information has been received by the Presi dent, from which It appears that New York will hive fifty thousand men in arms by the 1st of June, Pennsyl vania forty thousand, Ohio thirty-flvo thousand, and Indiana, Illinois and Massachusetts oach about twenty five thousand, and the other States In proportion. < The employment of this immense force wHI depead mainly upon the course the border slave States will pur sue In reference to the secession issue. As matters arc situated now, it is tho Intention of the government to use the seventy five thousand men called Into service, together with the regular army, formicg an aggregate of about one hundred thousand men, as follows: ? Urit ? A ccrpi d'armtc of thirty live th , mni men will be coHectid in and about this point, for the purpose of defending ttg> seat of government, protecting the mili tary posts, contrUliog the Potomw: an I Choaapoaice tuy, and keeping open the communloitlon between tho Vorth and the capita). Wsshingtm will serve for Its po'nt il'ap jru while Its line of operations will extend all along tho left bauk of the right shore of the bay. fkcvni ? Aseooed corps, twenty fire tbonsanl Hli-ong, will be formed in and about St. Louis. A portion of it will be employed In protecting the Union men and fed < ? ral property in that State from tbo violsioe of *er,*s?ion sympathisers, an-1 the rest in holding Cairo, at th? jura tion of tho Ohio und Mississippi, tho must important stra tegical pjint in the West. Third?Of the remaining forty thousand, five thousand are expected to be thrown into R'estern Texas, to form a nucleus around which the I'nionist* of that Sta'o will gather. Fourth? Twenty-five thousand will be employed in a dem' nslrntloa for the relief of Fort 1'lckens, and the ro capture of the other fortlPcnt'ons about Pen wcola bay. Fifth? Ten thousand men will be kept hovering in fcieaai transports between Charleston and Savannah, lo worr> *he rebels by necessitating the presence of a largo defensive force in both places, and effect a Undlng when ever opportunity sh?M oiler. The army operations will be seconded by a strict blockade of the mouths of the Mississippi acd all the routl ern forts Orders for a general blockade have not, se repoited already, been issued, but will doubt It s?ly be given as soon as the stown frigates now fitting out will be ready for seu. This programme reflicla cxactly what the government has dtc!dcd to do, but will of course be materially changed in case Virginia toil the other border slave Stater should Bwde. Washington, however will be de fended . nod Fort Tickeua relieved at any cost of blood nud treasure. Governor Curtin has left for Harrisburg. Ma* i nchuactla has requested to ha to hsr quota of troops doubled, and the Secretary of War hat Increased his requisition to four regiments, instead of two. It Is said that the orders for the Rhode Island and Mxs sarhu?etts legimtnts, under the recent levy, to imtne (1 lately proceed to this city, have boon countermanded, lor the reason that arrangements are not yet nude for their accommodation. Colonel F.ilsworth lias had strong inducements offered him to proceol to New York cHy and organize a regiment of '/<cuaves. He probably left this morning, to be joined there by a number of the members of his old co'ps, who will take an active part in the organisUlon and instruc tion of the regiment If he doei not go thlthor he will repair to Illinois for a similar purpose. Be last night de clined the commission in the army which has been a* his dispoial for some weeks. Several additional companies of volunteer* were mus tered into sei vice to day. The greab st activity is going <>n in the War m l Navy departments, all othor business being laid aside for the detail woi k of the increase of the army aad navy . and the prosecution of the policy of the administration aga'ust the rebels. There la no truth in the rumor tnat the order railing troops from the North to the capital has boon counter ( nianded. The commands' tct,dered were merely advised to act under the direction of the Governors of their States J*"ew York. Boston, Philadelphia and Rhode Island troips will certainly be here in the course of the next thrwe da) a, to the number of thousands. Borne Ohio volunteers ari al*o expected bef re tlie end of this week. A military caip;>, on the heights commanding Wash ington, will dcubtlnaly be organized. IDE BOBDUl SLAYS BrATE*. WAflllfforo*, April lfl, 1441 The prcgresa of evt nts In Virginia is watched with feverub anxiety The administration expects the pas sage of the ?cension ordinance, and Is preparing for t*ie necessary consequences of auch an emergency. The moat c. mpieheneive and effective nieiauros for the protect. >n of the federal property In that State will be taken. Advices from Western Virginia state that the Union men are over) where organizing military companion to reals t ?occasion * Intelligence received hsre this erring from Richmond, from reliable sources, leaves little doubt that the SUta Convention will certainly. p*s?, by a |doclded majority, the secersioti ordinance. f Despatches were sent fiom this city this morning to Richmond, >tatlng that th? administration had coun termanded the order accepting | the services of soveral regimanta from the North. Those despatches were iiflended to ?j?erate on the Convention now in ses ?ion. and prevent hasty action on the port of the C m^ ventlon. ? A despatch iust received from Richmond states that a body of twenty five hundred men will leave this evening for the purpose of seizing Harper s Ferry. The I'olon feeling In Maryland la strengthening. No doubt of the loyalty of the majority of her olt liens pre valla here. The call for volunteers will be readily re spondfd to. The government has already the offer of <>ne regiment. IrformaMon has be?n received here that the T'n(oo*sU in Tennessee, Virginia and Missouri will attempt to raise the quota of these States, ?4en though their Go vernors should re'use to act under the President'! requl ait ton. ANTICIPATED COLLISION AT FO ST PlCKENS. WiMD^i.TDl, Apri) 16 1W1. A eoUiHion is anticipated at any m itnent at Kurt Pi -k ? ens. The administration have no tn*ins of aaieriaiuiog the moveme nta of tbe vesseis off tor harbor or tho troops in that fort. If reinforcements have been lauded, tbe pre lent commander, Opt Sleramer, has b?cu superseded. I Tho administration is not entirely a.tiaOol ?iu? that I officer's loyalty. Ihey have no detlnite information oo that subject, but th^iy strongly suspect, sinoe he refused to obey tbe orders which were sent him. to a.'.o# sup plies and men to be landed, that ho is not the proper man to command that Important position. No doubt ia entertained at the War Departmen o' the reinforcement of Foit Fickena. Orders hire hwu te: to IJeutenant Sienna er to put a stop to the orec'ion o! b*fe ricB by tbe besiegi rs. ? The government l aw no doubt that ?v.o report that Fort Pirkens has been reinforcedis troo it was the inU ntion not only to put provisions Into tbe pi .ee, bat men, additional powerful guns and ammunition. When tho rebels attack | Fort Pickens they wlrt ttnd it a very diflferent affair from the blcodlots act to recently played at Charleston There is u report to-night that an attack tiu boon made upon that fort , but It la not credited. The government ia about notifying the foreign P>wers of its intention to blockade the Southern p?rts. The ex portatim of ootton will not be obstructed. The Ki'gHth, French and Russian Ministers are in con stant communication with the Secretary of State, and manlf< Rt tbe greatest anxiety and solicitude respecting eur poHtical troubles. They despatch special caeHseogera from this city, wtth despatches to their respective governments, at the departure of every foreign mail. 8ecre''iry Fcward has completnd his Instructions for Mr. Adams, Minister to England; Mr. D^ton, Minister to France, end Mr. Burlmgame, Mintstef to Austria, arl is now engaged upon Mr. Pay's, Minister to Russia, and Mr. Schurz for Spain. The Ministers Are ustructed to protest promptly against the attempt, by aoy of ihe great Powers to recognize the So.ihern movement in this country as anything more th%t> a wlckcd itteirpt to perpetuate human slavery upon th x continent ag liist the actual wishes of nine-tenths of the free white penpl# of the seceded State b. It is reported that George Ashmun has been sect to Canada as a conttdentlal agent of the admin istratwa to explain our politic*} position under the present state of affairs. The imputations which are constantly being thrown out, here and ekewhere, reipecting the course of Major Anderson in suirenderitg Fo:t Bumter, and more espo cially because be did not kill every man, woman and cl ild in the city of Chnrleston, are unjust. Major Anderson. as far as it was !n his power, carried out bis instructions to tbe letter. There are several gentleir-.en cow in this city who witnessed the bombardment Tom tho com" mencement to the close. They a'.l a^iee that, under the circumstances, he mai'eamoft gaiiant tlpbt. One gen tleman here said he wss one of the party who accompanied General Beauregard to Fcrt Sumter when the surrender took place, and that Major Andtrton's conduct and hearing was tbat of a true and loyal officer and soldier; that all tho reports that any understanding or complicity existed be tween Major Anderson and Gen. Beauregard were utterly unfounded. ITe maintained his position as big as it was post-ib'e to do so, and then yielded maufu'lr to (he n*ces s ties of the cafe. The men who have made the ctatcni ?nts and cant the unwarran table imputations upon hit) charac ter, will be called to an account. They must either sub stantiate them or take them ba-k. There are quite a number of Senators now here, who have come, il is understood, at the suggestion of the ad miniitratim, for the purpose of con*iltation ??ntors I Dixon, of Connecticut, and Johnson, of Tsnnesseo, have had repeated interviews with the I'resideut r^ our po'.iticil troubles. The former pledges bVt State 10 sustaining the government and maintaining the la we. Nothing baa as yet be<ta done towarda discontinuing the Houthcin mail service. Twi rty tons of shell and grapeshot were removed from the Waf-hicgtoD Navj Vard to Georgetown today, In view of a posa.b.o at'ack on Washington from Hat dins tion. Tbe govfrnment has directed that no more ooplss of the Coatt Survey Report be Bent to tbe seceded States. Ihe report that s large number of federal war vemels pre ofl Charleston is not true. It is very like y that two or three may beinthit vicinity. Tho fait is, that the fleet recently fitted out proceeded to Penta:ola, the mouth of the Mississippi and to Texas it is clearly shown that tho federal government not only have tli- w.U, hut the power, ti put an end forever to tbe rebellion, and reec 'e the b"nost people of those States WAR MOVEMENTS IN THE METROPOLIS. THE CRISIS IN VHE CITY. WHAT 111 TUOVOIIT OF THK WAll. M WOK MAJOR ANDE11SON AND BKCK85ION. In tbe whole catalogue of ways and w jui- there i? no flrgle ifi'niy more potent in re pre Mop a d a-.d enthu siasm lb to n good old fa?hlonod rain s'-nm Ye*?crday aflorded a good lllust/atirin of ibid truth. he nitir'U consequtnce was a very evident falling off in lue >ut d?r exciU 'merit respecting th" alarming condition of the coun try and th? ]>rei?ratiQCF. for the inevitable strife coming Theic wet c no groups to be seen at tho Btreet corner* discussltg the policy of the North or tho policy of the Sooth 110 enthusiastic gatherings visible Id the i'?rk and other public sq mres declaiming against secession, or, as on the two previous days, urging the necessity of rally ing to the *npi>ort of "Old Abo" in bis vigoroui < fTort to maintain the Talon Inviolate, and to bring back to their ancient fidelity the truant members of this glorious re public. But let It not for an Instant be supposed . from anything written abov*. that the Impression is intended to be conveyed that there was any decrea e In the patri otic ardor cf the people. The eamo deep feeling wis evinced, but the scene for Its exhibition was nooeasarlly fhiftcd. If the apprehension of wet jackeU and soiled beavers repressed the outdoor ebullitions, It only helped to make the indoor displays more animated. The bar rooms. hotels, restaurants, railroad cars, stages and public oflices presented a lively picture of excited ha manlty in all Its unnumbered varieties and odd phases. Men sipped their hot steaming toldlea and uttered confused thoughts about knocking Jeff. Davis and

his Cabinet into that somewhat obsolete article of attire commonly known by the euphonious name of a 'cocked hat;" hungry patriots discussed savory ?lands and talked of pounding South Carolina into minceme*t, genuine Ilavanas were puffed at, while misty allusioQs were made to tho smoko of battle and the conilagratlon of Sumter; the sound of popping corks from ch*npagne bottle* somehow or other got mixed up with exclamations concerning peppering shots, explosive sheila and bursting grenades, while the conversation of all classes of the community, from the clergyman and editor down to the Alderman, wis most strongly seasoned with allusions to gunpowder, Mi nie rllles, marching battalions cannonades, 4c. It Is not a little singular, too, that the feeling appeared to be all one sided, that is, on fhe side of the heaviest artillery, Considering the numbers which acknowledged allegiance to the peace party a few weeks, even days ago, this revo. lutlon in public opinion Is something of an enigma, unlee* It Is to be explained by the settled conviction at which people have arrived tbat pacciflc propositions have t>een exhausted, and the only alternative now left Is an appeal , to arms. This Is undoubtedly the true solution. The President's proclamation, Mayor Wood's pro? lama, tion and the proclamation from Governor Morgan , relative to the calling out of the militia, were extensively can vassed by the people. Everything about the city indicates that a aeep war * spirit has been evoked. The Stars an! Stripes are sees floating over all the pub He buildings, and an extraordina ry demand for Union flags has all at once made itself per ceptible. Aimln k Co. can scarcely supply the numer ous calts made upon them for the national colors. Wo understand that Mr. A. T. Stewart Is to display an Im niense flag, thirty feet In length, from his bnlldlng this day Many other buildings are to hoist tbe Stars and "til pes also. BKCRUITHfG FOR THE ARMY. Notwithstanding the very wet weather? for rvon re cruiting appears to be subject to atmospheric Influence? business to day In Chatham street was very brink, thlr teen men belrg enlisted and transfnrrel to t;ov mor s Island ? a number very much above tbe ordlnart daily average. Applicant* were not aa numerous as of late, j hut those who did present themselves wers of a superior ' class. Id Ceoar street only two men were eclated. fhe dra goons. in Hudson &tre?t had three. A recruiting office w ill shortly be opened ia Philadel phia, and It w more than probable thU the br inch offices in Chevy and South etrceta in this city, which were closed in December last, will be re- opened. THE METROPOLITAN MILITIA. ACTIVITT AMONO THE VOLUNTEERS TU1 MILITIA fRRPARIha. The feeling of supporting the government <s gaining upon the minds of the peopie with a rapidity that ie tur prung. Xhe newe tad hardly reached thia city of the want of men to upho.d and support the federal govern ment, when there at onoe sprung into existence several wdULteer c ? m panics, and the zeal acd industry that they ?heir to the r jo-'cveranoe to perftel them.o'vos in milt tar j ?nv*ledue pi es t&at they we sincere in what tbey ire doing, aud ;lut t;ty will cheerfully lay down their lives, If it be i.. - ?r.-a?y) fur esainUming the stiengihef the existing gCTC"iin?r.t. We eont<cne our reports of th< Volunteer joaspviies at preaent t<g*tizlng in this cuty, J J. 8>!pk> Hurler has ? called a meeting tha evening *" ilia c.retr ol* Broome andlicrctr streets, U orgm k- a ev? volunteer regi ment. Ex-Adjutant Wt.iiam I.'. Aile. (ijn t poaed an o(tl*e in the orieual corncr of Km and for tbe enrolment of a volunteer company, having ;i, . le of "First Regi ment National Guard." tmp..|? .. to one thou sand men, and to divito then eight companies. As ea<h company is forir.ed tu* v ? * r.<t scut duwa to lledloe's Isla d, this service bfitg hoen accepted by (Joverncr iiorgar. fhlcetn uetLbo.-s wire en rolled jmterday, anl it >e ? > i^oiol tha*. but a short timn wll! be occupied n completing tho numb r re quired. He office ax tnc *rse:ial will be op?n for thj re ception vciutUers every day until further notice frnt" ttn A M till Ave P. II. They have another office a 16 Centre street, which will be open from :wo tilt tan P. M. In a few days an election for officers will be V 1. Ihe following order has been issued:? Officers and members of the police departtr i . ? r.? quotedto direct persecs desirous to enro' . -.'e-jra in ihe First regiment, National Guard to '? annual, corner of Elm and White streets. W. H aIJJEN. By permission of John A. Kennedr. v><j . ?> jjornlendent. The New York Zouaves, a oou.p*ny firmed after the pattern of tbe Chicago '/cuavee, mee* each evening tor drill at the corner or F< rth and rhon ?on streets. This corps was organized last July, and have been working hard ever since to porfect themselves in tho famous Zouave drill. Tb<>.> bAve sent their President, Ur. Haw kins, to Albuiij to tender their services to tbe Governor, and ate preparing to make up a regi ment of volunteers. They at present number sixty men, and are receiving fresh members every day. Their drill last nigbt was witnessed by a hrye number of per sons, and several new men s.gned the roll. They .ro all hardy young men, endowed with just such a spirit w is needed in the volunteer regiments. The l ight wing of tho Seventh reg acnt, c^inposei of oompanles 1, 0, 7 and 8, had a pubMc drill yesterday evening at the armory over Tompkins m irk?t. Tbe Iirge ha'l was crowded witn la lies and gentleman , an i the drill was spoken of in tbe highest terms. Lieu 'en oit Colonel Pond commanded them during tbe tirst h itf hour, and then gave way to Colonel Leflerts Want of room compels us to defer speaking further for the present of the drill of the right wing. This evening the left wing go through their drill. A large attendance is expected. Immediately after tbe drill, tho officers held a private meeting, bat nothing had transpired up to a late hour last night. It is rumored that the Seventh will bo ordered to Fort McT enry, In tbe Chesapeake Biy, so a? to be near the elty of Washington in ease they are needed. IV members all express a wiUinguesH to go South, or w lerever they may be ordered. There is no doubt whatever that they are true to the Union to a man At a meeting of the Sixth regiment, held last evening, the following resolution was unanimoutly adopted: ? Re*ol' r 'J rLat the Sixth regiment is now. hs ever, .r favor if sustaining the Union and tbe constitution of the United SlatUm, and that we are r? a !y to perform our duty wlf- ? oal'ed opon by the constituted authorities of the PUt.e >6 1 nation. At a meeting of the Seott Life Guard, 1 >*t evening, tbe corps resolved to immediately tender their service*, as a regiment, to Governor Mo g&n, by him to be tendered to th- foderal government to suppress Insurrection. The pawage of the resolution called forth the greaU-st enthusiasm, and the veterans ol tho battle 1e!di of Mexi oo seemed to he once more in their element, avowing their determination to hold up and del end wi'h their lives the (tars and stripes, without rega'd to whi-re '.hey may br carried The officers of the regiment are all gentlemen who have been tried nnder fire, and will give uub >i uded con di'enre and fatisffcctn.n to those who enll?t und?rth?m A distinguished engineer and infantry oflker of the L'ui ted States Army b?s ixpressed his willingft'S-! to assume the cosnmand. A committer will proceed to Albany to day to tender tbe regiment for Immediate service. An Executive Committee of twenty oDlo? rs ? !l u range the recruiting stations at d bead quart* rs of tbe rogl mart. A recruiting r> ndi/soup. will be opened this morning at 442 Tiro* d way. Others will be established immediately , of which due noti< e will be given. About 400 men have already been enrolled. A meeting will be held this evening, at the Meroer House, for the purpsee of organizing a volunteer regi ment, un^er the auspices of Mr. Hassler and others. Another meeting will be held at 594 '.roadway. bbZ i.rand street and 22 White hlrcet for the. pur,v ?s<- of forming volunteer regiments. A meeting will also be held by the I ' virion Board of Olllcers of tho State Militia at tbe ar* senul tui* evening. MCETINd or THK 9KVKVTY-NI NTH RBOIMENT ? THE ?SCOTCH Ilf(i IILANTKRS YOUNTEER? THEY ADVKK TISK FOR KF.t Rl'tTS. A meeting of the otlloers and non commissioned olllcers of tbe Seventy ninth regiment (Highland Guard), was held at their headquarters, tho Merer House, lMt eve nlDg, Colonel Thomas VY. tocLeay presiding The objoct of the meeting, as stated by the Olonel, was to hear the statement of the views from the otlloers and non-com mifMoned officers, In resect to tho tendering of the ser vices of the regiment to the Governor of the State, in ac oordanco with tbe President's proclamation Captain Memson said be bad not bad an opportunity of consulting his company on the subject, but from his knowledge of his command and the confidence be folt in his men, he waH convinced tbey wore ready to do their duty to the country. Captain Barclay observed that he was in the nam 9 po sition as Captain Mention, hot judging from tho feeling manifested by the men at drill on the previous evening he waa curtain they would be ready when called upon. Lieutenant Brown reported that eight men belonging to bis company were ready. Captain." Christie, Morrison and Rod reported favora- " bly of their respective companies. Serjeant Clerke said It was his belief that the regiment was ready, to a man, to go wherever the Htars and Stripes led tbem It was moved by Lieutenant Colonel Elliott, seemed by Lieutenant McNIe, and unanlmou4y Ilesoived, That we tender our services to the (Governor, to be at the disposal of the federal governmffht, to go anywhere wo may lie ordered. Moved by Lieutenant McNle, seconded and unanimously Resolved, That two non commissioned ofllcers be sta tioned at one of the city arsenals to receive recruits for the regiment, snd that due notice thereof lie published in the city newspapers Tor at least off* week. The meeting then adjourned tt ibis evening, with a re quest that there be a full att'ndan*eof officers, non. commissioned otlloers and prlt ?tes. BBVKKTY-FIMT RKdlKF.NT PRII.I. -AITNION DEMON STRATI C?W ? ADPRERH OF I'OMIJOft. VOBSl'KO. Tbe regular battalion drill ot the Seventy firs' regl ment, Colonel Yoshnrg command i?g, took place last eve nlng at the Arsenal, comer of Thirty fifth street and Seventh avenue. In spite of ihe rain tho drill w?s w,t needed by a crowded and brilliant assemblage and bun d reds of ladles were present About one h'indrel and eighty members of tbs regiment were on (My Wh?n at the opening of the drill, th" American (lag was be night in, the regimental band struck up the -?p?ng'el Banner," Ihe soldiers cheered, and the entiM s??-n blsge, rising <?? miissr, shouted, waved hats an' bind kerchiefs snd hnrrabed wl'h Ihe greatest entbnxi n>tn. This scene wts repeated at Ihe conclusion of tbe drill; and when the bttialtoa lalutsd the ootora the spectatore nicmnl The drill was proceeded ? iti regularly, and was fre quently applauded. That p<*?on which comprised the tiring by company , wing and f atoen, was'cul*rty excellent and peculiarly imjrewtve. Both solders and spectators seemed to realize the fact that th's harmless snapp.ngof cape may soon be exchangnd for ren' r rnrr that this barm lees aim at vacant space may soon sue. ceeded by battles In which brother's breasts are tne tar gets, that all lh it march. ng and, mr tanuvring and Bring may soon bo required in tho faco of ?u tut my, mst-ad of before admiring frienk, w ith tho thunder of cannon and the whistling of bi le* fur music, instead of the sweet strains of the band. ' Just before the conclusion of the drill, Sol. Vosburg ? banked the spectators for the'.- presence and asten'ion, .ir.d then, assembling his soldiers closely around him briefly addressed them. He said that tbey had doubt less lead the Preeident's proclamation; but if any fur ther at lien in regard to the militia of tlx; Stele h > knew both teg, except by newspaper reports. No requisition bad yet arrived from Governor Morgan, and he did tot know as yet what form that reqmau.on would take. The reports ^that be bid volunteered the services of the regiment were untrue, aud cno could scarcely My what report to believo Tlie whole matte was at present In the hands of tbe men themselves. If tbey deckled to go, h: would lead them, as far as Mt. \ ti non , at least. (Cheers ) He knew that they would be always ready to do their duly when called upon. (Oncers.) The Division Board would meet to-morrow , and then he hnd no doubt tint some conclusion would be arrived at, and ho would immediately announce It to the regiment. (Cheers.) I ike most of the rcg.ments in this city, tho numbers of the Seventy-first reproicnt all shades of political sentl ment, bat they all declare that the question Is now nar. rowed down to a government or no government, a coun try or no country, and that they will support tho Union forever. Several members informed ua that the regl xt ent won .d turn out its fuH force, if required to go South. All of the members are of American birth, foreigners be ing rigidly excluded, and thia, our New York national re g'men! , tho American (iuard, ought to bo the foremost In the field and in the fight. THE ARRAN<iEMBNTS FOR THE UNION MEETING. The committee of gentlemen who met on Hon day at Mr .Simeon Draper's oliico to mako arrangements for a public Un.on meeting, reassembled yesterday morning in tfcc Chamber of Commerce. Mr. C. II. Marshall took the chair. A large number of applications were received trom persons desirous of hav ing their nan:es annexed to tbe call. <>n motion, the following call for another p'ollmlnary ranting was adopted, after which the meeting adjourn ed:? The several committees representing the organizations rm. P'"'!*** of frtving proper form ?ud expres sic n to the sentiment so unmistakably manifested bv tho c tizens of New York ?nl I s vicinity** fTvoftf s?Um 11 i, .tie authority of the constitution and tho laws of the country, are .cviicd to me:t at the rooms of the Chun ber el Commerce, on the corner of William anl Codar I streets, on Wednesday, at eleven o'clock A. U to make the necessary arrangements tor a general rmai; of a. I friends of cur government r Irrespective of former politl i uul opinions ororganiianons MEETING OP THE RlSPdJiLICAN CENTRAL COMMIT rEE A laige and enthusiastic meeting of the m- inbers of this club was held at their rooms In tho Cooper last! tu to at eight o'clock last evening, S.meon Draper, Ksq., pre siding. The Ci.'airii/n opened tlie proceeilings with a speeoh In favor ol tho Union and the constitution, endorsing tbe action of the federal government In the recent levy of troops, and generally sustaining the action of President Lincoln. Tbe announcement tliat General J. W. Nye. the recently appointed Governor of Nevada Territory, would aldress the meeting tended to swell the number of tho audience, n.any of whom wsre greatly disappointed on ascertaining that he would not be present. Speeches were delivered by B. Franklin .lonos, law as nociateof (Jen. Nye, Messrs. Briggs, Oliver, Speacer and others, and several reiolutions were unanimously passed, ?>f which we give tho most Important. Whereas, It Is affirmed In a Hartford de?p Uch of the 16th inst. , thai Colt's works are running night and day turning out large quantities of pistols for the Southern' relx Is. and that a large number o' cises were forwarded that day by Adams Company to I'eter WillUtnis & Co , ol Kichmond, Virginia, and Whereas, tbero in roaw-n to believe thai ?ho Southern rebels are now being supplied with arms through their ??Id' m- lorateil in the border Slave Slates therefore, bo it K< solved, That this practice, so preposterous as well as Mi.cical to the government, should not be tolerated an e tlur day. ai.d we hereby call upon the propor authorl liet to put a slop to tbe further parage, citing by laud <>r water, o! guns or o'her war material, Into any State or Territory south of Masr.n and Hixon s line, until first proved t<> be for tbe supp<rt of tho general government. Resolved, That those who voted against tho hHl to arm our ,-tite showed most conclusively that their love of part; is superior to their love of country, and bv their votes prove-' ihemroivet- unworthy of public confidence Keroived. That this club hails with |oyful satisfaction wbi.-h words canuot express, tbe course so promptly adopted by President Lincoln and his Cabinet, In oill'nc 0*1 * the cit.zen soldiers of the Union to suppress treason and lebelilon, and to pre-servc, protect and defend the ? oLstltutk n of tl* United States. and the rights an I lib-r tu t ol all the peace loving inhabitants of this republic. K? solved, That jus exuit in tho assurance that we have a President and a Kbinot tlmt . an keepth-ir own secrets in spite ol traitorous spies, who can, by their acts show the performance of ttelr duties, ,ind fir the support or such an administration In such a courso, with a tlrm re I la nee on Divine Providence, wo pledge our liven our fcrtum s and our sscred honor Kesolved, That we heartily approve of tho President's proclamation and th determination of the federal govern ii" nt to maintain the law. and uphold the flair of our fathers. A resolution, complimentary to the Ilsjum, was also pt ijom-.i by n gentlemen who showed some acquaintance with Wesley 's hymns It was carried by acclamation The Ciuikbaa announced that a despatch liad been re reived statu g that the iroopfl for Washington rrom Mas SKcbusetta would arrive In the city by the last Boston 'ra n. (Cheers ) The Rhode Island troops had procoeded to ihe capital by water. (Ijoud applause.) It was proposed that the club In a body ahould go np to the depot to await the arrival of the military. It wus also moved, and unanimously adopted, that the club be reedy to respond to any call for a public mass meeting expressive of devotion to the 1 nion, and ror the support ol the national administration of the federal go vernment. The Republican Glee Club then favored tbe company with some of their choi-e harmonic *b ! with warm I cheers for the President, the Union and' the constitution | tbe luvctiiig a?ijourue<l THE WAR FEELING IN BROOKLYN. The popular feeling Id the sister cltjr, Ihou h <|<i i?tljr manifested, continues strong for the government, ud 'he military are up and doing, makinf preparations for i of j?>ridlt;g to the inquisition of the l'rosldent. Tbo Seventieth regiment* commanded ?>y Col. Samuel Or* ham, and computed mostly of adopted citizens and demo cruts. are In favor, to a man, of fighting for the inalnto nance of the Union. The Seventieth are determined to sink party politic* in their duty to the whole country. Col. Abel Smith baa tendered the acr vices of the Thir teenth regiment Among other sign* of the popular reeling i? the move ment which la on foot to raise a volunteer battalion, to be f>ty led the I'nlon Volunteers. A list has been opoiiad for enlistment at the present headquarters, N'o. 3H}{ Atlantic atreet, where communications from other volun Uer organizations may be addressed. Recruitment lists have been also of>ened at various points of tbo city. We have received the following note from Brigadier (?' nor a I Crook e ? . TO TIIK 1 TUTOR or TIIK HKKAI.P. FTvrii Bkk- <or N. V. H. KlUIU. 1 Bkooki.vk. A^rll 19, '/ In the Hrdaiji of this morning, in an article headed War Keeling in Brooklyn, " I find these words ? 1 folonel Bennett, of the Twenty eighth Regiment, In formed Brigadier (ienersl Crooke, yesterdav morning, that Ins command would support the govorment." It is ttiange tnai such largnage ibould have been used Id tbi? connection, for there is no more reliable ofllcflr ib?n ? olone! Reonett. nor any more unquestionable aud hearty supporters of the government than the Twenty (l^hlU regiment. The Fifth brigade haa never bad any shades ol difference about Its duty or allegiance PHILLIP S CIHHrKK. Brigadier Geueral, Fifth Brigade THE BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. 1 in re were no visiters to the Navy Yard y eater. lay, l be ruin storm and strong northeast wind effectually re -lau niog the prevalent curiosity in that direction K.u the same ressoe nearly all oatd<?>r work wa* suspended Operations col tinned in the several workshop* and fac lot les with unabated vijor, however, and a g x>d deal of inside work was done on l>oard the Wabash, the Roanoke, ai d the Savftnnah. Nothing, however, was dons to tb? lower rigging of the ?/iit uum?d v?!e?l; but with ^ appearance of fine weu.ler the shru .ia % a, b.t and U.e upper ni&elfl alid rigging uiijiiatul. 11 **s i e|K): led at ihu yard yeeturday the* officers ha\o I tea ordered to I tie Wabash, hut their n.imei have* not Iran, p ted, as none bud repirted to the Uiminandant. Intended resignations urn l'rrely talked of, but % Kreat rtf i.) of what Is rumoied mutt be received cum grant tali*. TIIE TRANSPORT SKRYICK. For eome Uino past it hM been rumored that govere mtul Wat !u\tieaty for the purchaac of tbe Kricaaoo. It would appear there is aom? truth Id Um matter, aid that tbe negotiations will toon be completed, if they are not closed already. She is now lying alongside the Greenpoint firry, Long It laud. On Monday a esMkU force of men was eet to work on the ship, clearing np tbe decks, erecting gangways and patting ib iu'B in order generally. Yesterday operations were retewed,|but in consequence of the heavy rain and etrcng gaie the wot k was confined between decks, when a great deal la necessary to be done to fly her for eM,aa the its been tail up fgr the last two years. IsMDg otter things done, steam 4rsfc got up for the purpose eC testing Her boilers. flt is obvfwus that all these sigae mcau gelling readier stop and there Is every reaesat believe that the wf* l?e "qtiplojcd"* In the service of the government. ? Tbe Kr lessen Id's cilewfceel .steamer, which, it may be remembered, was br.ilt' in 1862 for the purpose at testing the c*lor!c engine, invented by Captain tttcssnii, .from which tbe steamer derives her name The is cow fitted with two inclined engines. She Is otMh structcd very strongly of oik, is 1,902 tons burthen, hM t thri e-< ecki, with a draft of water of sixteen feet. Her dimtnsiors are 260 feet in length, forty feet in breadth, with a depth of hold of twenty seven feet. There oan be eo doubt that she would make a good transport, though it is said her engines are not sufficiently powerful to giv ' hi r the speed of which she la capuble. The Y underbill remains at the foot of Tenth street, Kast river, the had steam up yesterday, and has been apparently put in good order, and very little remains to make her ready for eea. The Philadelphia was again engaged yesterday taking in a quantity of hay and oats, lumber, sappers and miners' Implements, and other articles necessary for military operations In the field and In fortified works. In consequence of the severe weather, however, the work did not go on very briskly. Steam was up, but there was no indication of an early start, as mrtSh mere i i'ii iiimeil to b.' done. The schooner Mary P. Hudson, which, a few weens ago, took on beard at Governor's Island a quantity of heavy ordnance, is shortly expected back here. The pr.ncipal irunltiors carried by her were some eight and ten-.nali columblads, of (rem five to eight tons oach, several thir teen inch mortars, and a large supply of shot, hollow and charged shell. She als o took out a lar?e store of pro visions and ambulances for the Wounded. The orJnance was mounted on tbe battery at the Tortugaa. THE WAR FEELING. NEW YURK. Antra*, N. Y., April 19, 1801. . An artillery company Is rapidly Ailing up in this'city. Tim forty ninth regimedt, under Colonel Richardisoo, will be immediately filled up to its full complement of tea companies of one hundrod men each. The war spirit to fully aroused Id this city. The Stars and Stripes are fly ing in all directions, and all parties are in favor of sustain i k the government. At ranv, April lfl, 1801. The cxcitement about war continues to day, although a heavy rain atorm prevails. Tact night Senators Spinola, Connolly ana others were serenaded by democrats and republicans for their votes on the war hill. Tkov, N. Y., April 10, 1801. At the immense demonstration in this city last even ing in favor of tlie Stars and Stripes, a motion was made to adjourn in a body to tbe residence of General Wool. <>n behalf of tbe citizens, General Wool was addrestod by Martin J. Townsend, to whieb he remarked that bis heart was rejoiced at the glorioa demonstration of patriotism Never, by any former compliment bestowed upon him, had he been thrilled by such a measure of joy. It in true that he had fought under the old flag, but he had done no more thai ''H duty towards tbe best government that ever existed. He had fought under the Stars ami Stripes that were carried in triumph by Wash ington, and under which Jackson closed the second war for independence at New Orleans in a halo of glory. Will ; <>u permit that Hat- to be desecrated and trampled in tuc duct by traitors now t Will you permit oar noble government to be destroyed by rebeU, In ordei that they may their schemes of political ambition sud extend the area of slavery? No, indeef, it -aunot be dons, the spirit of the age forbids It, humanity and manhood forbid, and the sentiment of the civllzed world forbti b It My trimcs, that flag must be lifted np from the dust into w hicb it has been trampled, placed in Its proper position, and again set floating in triumph to tbe breeze I pledge you my heart, my hand , all my ener gies to the cause The Union shall be maintained. 1 am p'ep.ifcd to devote my life to the work aed to lead you <n the struggle. (Iwafenlng applause, cheers for the Union and General Wool.) I'ociiiiK kwhik, April 10, 1M1. .x meeting of tbe military of this city will be held the evening. PENNSYLVANIA. I'Hll AUBIJ'HU, April 10 1881. I*. G. Watroougb and L. P. Axba<-<ui, formerly lieote nsuts in I be United States Nary, who resigned yean ?go < ti account of mtoriiig into otber avooaliona, thou h ii' w wealthy Jhare tendered tbelr services to ths e r t .r < i the Navy, prompted by lore for ibe Un jh. Mr) or Henry baa issued a proclamation, declaring that tr?vo against the Union wtU not be permitted, nor violence to persous or property of the inhabitants be tow- rated . He requires all good citizens to make known ?very 1*1* n aidii.g the eneaiy by enlisting men or fur tiithiDg munltiona of war or ptovlsloos. Tho laws of Um ^-inte abtl federal government must be obeyed, and the p ate a i.<l credit of tb city shall be preserved. May God save the I'nton. The Stat" legislature haa ?n.?eted a law making any cenruvaase with tbe enemies of the government p inlab abie with $6,080 One anJ ten yews imprisonment. Ihe Second regiment of tbe Second brigade, Colonel Cut r >? c mmandiDg, tendered their services to the go verr.mir.t this evening. Th. y are one thousand strong. This regiment comprises the Irish companies of tbe city, ?nil Its prrcnpt response to tbe call shows tbe mjustloe of ili< suspicions created against Its commander. Tbess m ^. r ons sgainst prominent officers of the gtate milltln lave bf err shown to be unfounded, as well as many ittn tost . no* rime the President's proclamation, all seenlsg to cheerfully r ^pond 1 1 the hour of dangsr. There was a luge and enthusiastic government nesting nt Tyi'tie Blair county, to night. Speec&oa were entba sl i^tcslly reccivd. Ex Senator Bigler arrived after tb? adjournal nt. and e*pre#sed himself unequlvoeably for the government, add he wss determined to sustain It to the latt. Two military companies from Tyrone, two from A ltd on, and two from Hollidayabarg will leave to-mor row for Hnrrlaburg. Knm, Pn., April 10, 1881. A large meeting of cltlions irrespective of party was held In re u<st evening. Resolutions were adopted pledg ing hearts nml bands of Me city and county to maintain the integrity of tbe government and tbe honor of Ibe flag, Ihe Wajne Ouard of Krle, and other companies, will offer their ?ei * icex to tbe Governor. Pimmui, Pern. , April 16, 1881. Eleven ( mpanlee have responded to the President'* prerlamsttot A company ot light infantry and the Wasbti gt n Artillery Isave to morrow for Hamsbnrg and WashlD^Vir Ibe ctt w n* are pri partrg to raise rands to aid tbe fa milies of volunteers Wk?t CHwrnnt, Pa. April 18, 1881. A large meeting w? held here laat night, in reapmee to aoall for military. The meeting was addreeaed by John Hickman and other promiaont men. Major Wyck offered to mite a ? onifanv . The nils for enlistment received numeron- signature*. oral money was collected for tnew equipment Rtuntso, April 18, 1981 The Ringgold Hying artillery, ef Re ft tug, '**?? 'ames McKmgbt, ISC men, w ,'h tow 0' Id ^iec**- ,'oc'' (OOM19H ED ON BO?n H PAGE J