Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Nisan 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Nisan 1861 Page 2
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B?u? ?( a?.|??r?laora. A mwtms of ihw H-?rd *> * place y?twU j a'fir ?Ml, Bupi rv utJT -????" pas-JlBf. Ifca w 1,1 ? oomtn 'intention lo'ie-uing the Bnard (hat tnei? w ere $69 730 ST in the c mnly trea sury oe Un> 0 b <?'?!>*; thai the r acetyls hid ? thai d.n have !><-?? M> *?" the payment* $1,025 66, ajJ the beJ*ao? at p'ea ul i? $l?8,7s8 56 ^uperv jK>r liuisr mured Uiu tbe OommHrioaers ap pointed lot the "moral or obatr.iciintia iron 'larinn rirer w. 'b- c >ug r mcinn of a tree bridge at ?? xliomd'a daai t>* req m'l'd to repnt If tne briii^'- ia tmiah*<|a ui 1 Ma cool i" ib'* oouuiy, au if Wen cbtw rr c uui; ban umu <1 ni.y bouda, *? ttiat oouun boa ik- n 4itb ? Hrf i by tMu l*inni*mrr id re'ereuoe to ihia ?ubj<ct. S.iporvi* Btaai niMM ttiMl tbm bridge waa ijruimailj t j ooai $^0 <H?0, o/ wbi? b Wrwuthaaiur ??*? to (?9 flu 000 how. rer, an act had btwo paaped ?d itb; flo 000 morx, au<l titiU m re r>- ?t u< it oilier iidumg Pl(> O K) mo n u<f ia ? ft 1'iirtu ahr-l All lb xlr? sums coiue trvtr Ihia OMiiitv he reeoiuiiou ?a< ail 'pie t Af w ''cp^ng o' a number of ruuiiue pap*ra, lae TVm'd tdjOMWd tit! TtlPBdajr FlMAWC'AL AlMO COMMfR CI A L ? TuissnAY, April 1G ? G P. M. The following is a comparative statement of ex |W>rt* (exoluMve of Bpecie) from New York to for eign porta for tijn; week etjjllng April 15, 13G1:? - - 18W 1M0. iwj? *w Us* reek ..$1 460 067 2.166 2:17 2.0W 772 PrivioUei> 1. p Ud.. 18 304 0>6 22 437,280 35 074 3o? SifltM Jauua'f 1.... $17. 704 112 24 698 MS 8M1TJTT The increase over the corresponding last 3 ear U ?uihU; in comparison with tlUt s&ijgfn by precwus rt?? omenta; but there ^njBcrcadfc. Cot- | is a lOvj1# forward quite a!o$y?of tha, aggro- ' *-xport n^OTO given, folly ona-third was ! brea.^Uiff- shipped u. EllSlttn<J. These shipments j of food willincrease as *w>u 48 navigation opens, * though the present rate of CX;,\hang6 operates ? agninst the profH bf shipper*. By ihe arrival <.f the steamer at Pt/rv 1and we re' .Cffve the importaul news that the Bank of j 1b id lias reuueed the rate of interest to a. Per . c ni. t onsols were KtouUy; cotton lirm at au tt'*' i xance; breadstuff's steady. 1 he iu>>nev markut exhibits no change; the f?3- ^ lures c< minne to be abuudance of m'>ney aud dul- ' Hons in paper. Foreign ? x< hange closed qui?e dull for the Bos ton steamer. Bankers ask 107^ a but this is mere'y a nominal rate, which very few people are ?willing to give. There is some business doing in Mercantile bills; bankers at e buying at 10G a %. ' i r&ncn are dull at aoout 6.2S?4 a for bankers' names There was a marked rally in the stock market this morning on the speculative list, while State ?tock- were uniformly lower. The prospect that Yirginiu and other border slave States may secede, ana the comparative certainty, if they do, that they will not be able to pay the interest on their f?oads, cause b dders to realize at any price; aud, at the i?iuue time, the weeding out of the weak i>anlu? in Illinois and Wiscousin keeps the market Pver-ntipjilied with Misaouris, Tennessces and Vir #&? '.iM? A difference of opinion exists as to | ^rketber Virginia will pay the July interest ot her bonds. Her credit heretofore has been good, and one of her public officers states that the ia. icrest will be paid ia any event; but if -he Recedes, with the prospect of inevitable war, nsatiy believe that she will not use her S< aritr mi&u* in payment of creditors..., It was di ubtleni the influence of these apprehensions which cauM d Virginias to decline tiiid morning p*r cent, and ihi? afternoon 5 per cent more, making tne u>tal decline of the day < 1 ? per ceut. Burrly, tf the material interests of Virginia are of any coweqnence at all to her people, the effect of menaces of secession upon her crodit and the ^ j?riee of h> r .-tato stock ought to awaken her people to the monstrous mistake her politicians . Hre coiumi'.tmg. All the other htatc stocks shared | lh<* downward movement, from the same cause. North Carolinfts fell 5 per cent, Miasouris 4 an l Tennesnees 'l\'% at the morning board; Missouri* were a fra 'tli'D better in the afteruoon. Lnited States Hteek declined on the prospect of more loans coming on the market; the fall to-da is equal to 1 per cent. All lite speculative stocks advanced to-day, especially Ke*d>ng and wne i>f the Western shares. The rise 5n Illiuois Cvntral is equal to \x/% per cent; in guaranteed to in Galena to 1}<; in Toledo to ; in Ret.ilng to 1*4. Central, Hudson, Erie, llailem, Ac., were all a fraction higher. The afternoon market was rather higher than that of the morning; but after the second board the mar ket gave way suddenly, and closed tame. The following were the last quotations: ? United States 6>, 1874, 81 a 67; Tennessee 6's, 65 a GG: Virginia C a, 57 a yt; Mi sour, G'a, a 9^; Canton, 11 a 32; Cumberland Coal preferred, j a 7; Delaware and Bud?nn lunal, 68 a Y%\ Pennsylvania Coal, 77 n 78, Pacific Mall, "oV, a 76; New York Central, Vi a yn\ Brie, 22?; a V%\ Hudson River, 38 a y%; Ha I'-m 13 a1., do. preferred, 34 a y%\ Reading, ;.4 a )?; M-'higMi Central, 47 a Michigan Bouth cro and Northern Indiana, 1334 a 14; do. guaraa teed, h Pan una, 107 a 108; JUinois Cen tral, 65^4 a Y%\ Galena and Chicago, 67}>j a %; Clevelai- 1 and Toledo, 27*^ a 2*; Chicago aid Rock Island, 4> a />? <Tii ago, Uurlmgton ant Quincy, *?^4 n V%< Milwaukee and Mississippi, 8 a 9; l.a C'rosfre anJ Milwaukee 'and graut bonds, 5 a 10; Illinois Central bonds, 03 a yv To morrow. April 17, in the day fixed by \fr. 11 luni pcei. Secre'ary of ;ho Treasury of the ' Conft j< rare ''tatff," fir the award of $5,t)(j0,uv0 uf tho $i " ,(MK ,k loan authorized by the "Con (rrc^ of tie Co-ift derate states of America. '' The bond' a e to be i'i amount* ranging from f">0to ?500, hty are to ? ar < igUtper tent intercut, pay ablefccral-uniHijUly. and the procced* cf the export duty of y? tent j.ur lb. on cotton arc apccially pledged for i he paymont ?>f the interest and prin cipil. Wr have 11 o doubt the $3,000,000 will be tendered. There in money enough auj pride enouph in the (?u f dta'csto secure this. Hut we rither thirk t^at this amount will be all the n oncj "Confederate government" will ever rui-e nub i the act of Feb. 28, 1861. For there nre a ?? w lla?H in the "Confederate bonds" which, *.Lib reflection returns, will operate to deter all l ut the moat ret k'e?s patriot* from investing their money in thtm. In th?- first placc, the body call ing itM-lf a "Congress of the Confederate f">tu'e?" 1 \ no right whaW ,er to i-?nie bonds, or to ?nenr bts *o a*. to bind the , eopie of the (Julf H a' body was not elected by the people ??f Vie r.ulf f taies f?r nny purpose wluit 'ver. It coi.ists of individuals who were ehoscn by the va rious sec. '?ion contentions. These conventions were elected by the people for the purpose of (severing the cont>? ction between the States and the ieierai government . That act performed, so far a? an nnranie convention could perform it, the fi notions of tho Convention# ceased, and they hiid no longer any power to perform any other uct bind lug the people of th"ir re pectlve Rates. THry hud no more power to bind their people for the payment of bonds than a meeting of ladle- round h tea table. Much less could they, of their own n.rri- motion, en ate out of themselves n new body ?which they were not authorizod by the peo ple to establish? anl confer upon thnt body the rigl.t of reating n public debt. On theseground'*, tt-MMMt as common Bense revives ia the Oolf fit?te?, ti e Conft derate bonds will be pronounced iilejia' by the courts, and will be repudiated J?y tie people, Mississippi repudiated her I'luntcr Ikt nk bonds on grounds fur less ?iear a'd , out ut. Hut again, if, under " f l,rr ,,r< "f patriotic Icoling. the court* of the ? ? i '-Vfea should overlook the fatal illegality vM'11 i;' i 'r'pt.ion Of the "Confederate *? ? ?? ' '?u i;1 the constitution of the "Coo 1 " B<' '* seenrlnt to ?aeh State " m valnelesa nntll 1, il? ?.McTM,lbyth, s.( .l(,,8ttUMlI I'I * M I.) t ? , ? A A- j *? ? t., - ? , -jukmto pi * ^4 *]# iUi ( Act, provides fur its own disintegration. To whom could the creditor look for payment in ths event o/ the secession of two, throe or m >re of lUe State* now constituting the '?Confederate Siatt*.'" No? to the remaining members of th" oonf ? .lera 'y, for tbejr would bo entitled to pay rheir" refer him to their late associates for the bilauce. I hot yet to the seceded States, firth y would as sure him that they had nothing more t> '*o with | the confederacy. What safety wonld ther. be in holding such a security as thi?? Agai?, ?' is Muted, in the act of the so-called "Congrc** of the Confederate States," that the proceeds o( the export duty on cotton are pledged for the puy ?meut of principal and interest. A mortgage on improved city property in Timlnictoo would be n sub^t-wtial security in comparison with this pledge of an export duty on cotton. Rf the 1st August, when the export du'y begins t<> be levied, there will hardly lie a p irt in the Gulf States from which a bale of cotton can b'? shipped. W) atever shipments are maoe during the ensuing year ur thereafter from any of these ports will probably be under the United Slates flag, in a vessel sailing with a United State* clearance, signed by a United States Collector, and sent to sea under United States guns. An at tempt to levy export dutiJH on such goods would approximate so closely to tho legal understanding of piracy that it would not be likely to be made more than once. Similar difficulties will exist if the insurgent communities at the South attempt to levy toll on cotton coming N'orth by rail. The case wou'd fall dire<f!y under the cognizance of the District Attorneys, and would be governed by very simple principles of law. In a word, in a Tory fettT months from this time the theory of an export duty on cotton will be laid side by aide with the schemes for line* of ocean steamers between Charleston aud Europe which arC ?C cou" stantly on the eve of realization, yot are nev\jr actually realized. These remarks are intended for the information of our readers iu the Southern States. Here in the ^ ">rth it would be treason to buy or to daal in C0jU "e(h rate bonds, and if patriotism did not re strain neoP'e, the Grand Jury miglrt. Abroad, tbe histn v Mr. Jefferson l>av is and the Missis sippi bonds. ^as rendered further caution needless. 15 at it is du? .t0 the moneyed men at the South, who may desir? to assist their government at this juncture, that th# wort3ble?s character of the new "Confederate bond*'' should be explained. The following was the business of the Sub-Trea pi:Ty to-day:? Receipts...* $2Rfl,027 50 89,000 00 Payments 63,883 19 BsJm.c" W, 724 ,288 07 The following is a statement of the movements of cotton for the put week and siuco 1st Septem ber last, compared with the live preceding years: ? , Recti]* ? r-RrporU far Pcui W retk.-\ Since 71' CVrea; To OlKrr Pastwk. 8'pt. 1. Jiri'ain. P.nnM. F. P 1S60-61.. 41 ,000 3 290,000 42,000 16 000 8,000 18; 9-60.. 64 000 4,12'.?O00 87.000 11,000 15,000 1858 9.. 60.000 3,370,000 9^,000 2,000 ll, 000 1857-8.. 68 000 2,584,000 96 000 19,000 11,000 1856-7 .. 29 0C0 2,707.000 46,000 2 000 14,000 1S65-6... 69 000 3.067 000 69,000 12,000 10,000 , -ExporJ 8inr<e Sei*- 1.? ? > T> Great 7b Tf otk>T flri'ain. F ant F P- M<tf. Sh*lt. I?fl0-Pl .1 H43 000 N'6,000 ?04.000 2,?5<t,000 3 75,000 ISriiMO i'OK'.'OOO 609,000 37.T OfO 2,951.000 7l>S,000 )Sf, 8-9 1 873 COO 348 COO 441 OCO 2.161 000 707 000 IH^-S 1183 000 297 000 Itat 000 1,714,000 890,000 lHffl-7 1J09 000 asiiooo oi6,000 1,766,000 4','t.OOO lb65-6 ;.1348 000 387 COO 887 000 2.122.000 637,000 Thus tlie receipts show a decrease 0f 8:59,000 bales from those of last year, fti'.-f, a decrease of 80,000 from 1858-9, and the ejf'orts exhibit the fol lowing results:? O Hrilain, P anrf. OHirr f P. InUil. Comi'it VlM />??. Dtr Dec. Of l*e" Uat >oar. ...KoOOO 2 000 0'J,000 298 000 4*7,000 Inc.. Inc. Inr. 1858-? 471 000 16-i, COO 137,000 492,000 360,000 I With regard to crop, Ac., Messrs. Neill Hros. any:? The crop question ha." cea?el to have any material In fluence with tbc public, nod then* in nothing now t > note regarding It. The weekly re elpti continue to dhow ? eU ad y filling oil camparei with the two preceding years, which, topetner with the great reduction of stocn a', all the iuterlor points, strengthens the opinion that tho ulti ma!!' rteuit may fall nearly a ?Ulio;i kales bchw iht of last year Th" eupply of cotton now In our i!Wk<>t<3 is greatly rcduc? cl boih in quint *y arid qua'ity, the dim u irhtd Bto. k* consisting chi-tly of the Wwor gra tes, while good ttupiid cott' \a . f tlifl medium and hlgaer grades can ooly be found in quantities. The dcQcion.n- of thin y tr's growth becomes still more impo-tant in view of ttfc threatening proeitcU for next year's production. JTli p liticjki troubl'a of tho punt fe# month* havo cul minate! in the outbreak of civil *??, the etV'Cta of which It if impofF-bli- to ireaxnrc upon the *rea' *U[>1* p ?nl no tion cf tho Pcutta. Much wi'l depend up^u the propor t.ons which tbe war may uMume; but the c iminonco mwit oriontilltie - |iint at the s<>4<v)ti of pUnting for a new c op ie a motu unfavorable f<*a ure A larger breadth of lan l has ai-cady ben put under grain this year, to tfce neglect of cotvn, and we have n"w the spread of a wat feeling, thin which nothing can be mr? d-'tructivi1 to Iho regular pursuit? or agriculture It hai bo?'!i Mid that the sy stem o' save labor w mid obviate i any w rious interruption to th<i cul'.ure of cot'.on in H'lnli a.. mor>.pLcj na the pr etr.t, b'it to what extent this will pri/ve corr ct icmulns to be guen. I! i-ine-u" has nevn brought almost to a stai.U by ti e <!<iretopemcnUi of tho I p.u<i week, and at the price", h.vo become nominu. , ibr cotton crop ?>( the pr. ?<>nt tear ns? fortunately left | the couuliy, aii.' fo. eign bushels for tlits senhon mty I tberefoto bi) corii'!",t,i at a cl se. The exchanges at the liunk Clearing Iluuse tLii morning were $21,141,000 75, an?l the balances, $1,700,471 17. The wc ekly st tt< inert of the Phila<l?-lphi& ba.'k- , m.ule up Monday afternoon, presents the following aggregates, a* compared with thone of Hi e previ ous week: ? Jj n'1 8 April j,r> Capital stock $11,800, f>?6 11 ,?? 8,5?5..1lK5 f '? "CO L*is 26,411,1*0 M4?,4M IM. liW t-fxt u> r, 4?2 >YM fl T2 J Inn 223 O'iiJ I) i* f om o b 1. ka 1 ???,?!? V 0J0.15J Inc 110 *M I u<' t<> . tber \ i*kK 3.1&'. itt 3.641, l.W. . Inc.. 407,419 : ixp-n-u. 18, 008.116 10,458, 9*1.. 7>ic.4f>2, 818 Clrcclallon 3,070 :tO 2 *2T) 813. P-v.2t!',407 One of the most cheering signs of tha times i? the activity of the comincree of tlie port. Yea ferday there were entered at the Custom Honv; ninety-one foreign veascla, which i? the largest number in any one day since the establishment of the goverrnnent. TIjc earning* of the Erie Railroad for the month of Mnrrb, 18M, were ?4"><J.2*,7 fir. March, 1800 4SS.470 03 Increaae. *?<-', 707 OA The followinc is a statement of the earnin g of the New York Central Railroad f>r the montlia of January, February and March, 1M1, eompar*-! with the earnings of the corresponding month* of the previous year:? January, 1801 *4*9.064 04 ?? loco. t.. . 887 .I'M 14 InrrcaM $ mi .use co Fc >rt*ry, 1861 $r2o,:<j p<t <? lew 4W mo n?4 Incim e * l <? .?? co M< rcb , 1'W fOBI.'.'W 20 ?? l-oo r,oi o;* 4'i Increwe $70,211 71 Tbe following xtnt<*n-ent show* the bu-.inetw of the Heading Kailroad during Ihe mon'h of March, lv.1, compared with Iho wime mouth of lSi-0: ? ltM Rect)W*l from coal |12^ 40 "0 10'.' >oi js " Bie'chndlfe. . . 37 271 .'Ml IT .tUM (J ?? t?avol, &c M.MIW mmw T?'?l $181,280 26 'J67 40-? 51 Trill*!* Tint ton, rnadwny , i un<i<*?r<%, rtOvwal fun.' w.t oil i Large* 108 933 ?f 114 048 71 Nat profit for the Ir.'mtb, .. $82,332 18 ' 36# *6 ?' prev li.nvi-.ouib' j/>7 ovo 69 2-'> o2? 80 Totil n< 1 proUfor f?.\ r mn> } !?,P63 47 344 094 IV, The ngpregato* of tie <-tat<ruont of the South Carolina banks for March urc a - follow*: ? /(?touvcr*. n?plbd $14 ft62 4t>8 S8 Vt# 91 .182,402 OS Circulation . 7,fK).1?4 4a H?wi ????*'*. . . . .f.wti as I rcflioon lia'd S.OfcO.OMi H ? k not ^ UC 47 1 ue ?iiuika. . 4,471 407 71 ri'io nn bat* r. 3^ 662M '?opopit* 4. Ml, 141 PI l>i?r rtinia .. 11 ?>I4,:.2<W6 JVe MaU ... 11,748 .W? ?'o Umuun-in rm-b 0 U0.' '7 10 Other ilo<UH. . l.*iQW ioi yne*c?>.. ? 2->s HftM* 1 1X'<1? iniJ ? i> WW 444 .18 Sl*,ifii'l??l<le.>l 2 'It sf>3 so Qf -|? f|j?? 1 .'.'*'1 Hit 111 stit,. r-,C W rnh<ril<n? . l* W ...... u .??'#. . AW Tv .ill .tui .1 10 lliij cUtea-.a*, #!? coiupar'-4 TlU Uu*i vf U?c preceding month, shows an increase In circolAtU* of $46,36f 42; in upecie of $<>0,668 48; in for-ign exchange of $192, K83, and a decrease in domestic exchange of $/".13,731, in discounts of $227,664 19, and m depobtt* of $118,019. Annexed in the report for February of H. J. J( wett, receiver of the Central Ohio lUilroad:? KterxfU To baUiici1 w jwr last repjft $6,446 0) lr;?> (MU-Mi-ger biu>>uei? $17 827 01 Wljtht 80 871 ?2 KipiwH 1.8W V7 M ( D '-Hra 176 07 (:tfc<r source# lUft 01 Hail $ 894 76 ? (7 9? 06 TiUii from, f'eb: nary. Irow p-tssengers $14.*19 49 rets 1 .4*41 ?8 $?3 MsU. 2 1)4 40 gl?t .v.',..'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'..'. 30.1'j# 40 Total $17,975 77 Brpcnta. TrtrgporUtlon (.'apartment $g 7#.l us M* I lUiry do * 7W? ?T Wood ?)o 6 HU 06 ltom do 7 :t?6 tr? General erpoosae ... 1 ,741 ?t Total worktop erpewej $3", 5.(6 25 aocoujit 1 7M m? Total expenses $8t,MA l? To balance on baud. February 28 lit >m The earnings of the kew Orleans, Jacl{<on ami Great Northern Railroad for the year ending Feb* inary '28, lbcl, were:? Freight.......,,., $At0.690 04 Passengers 6 >0 ?J? *0 MuiU <IJ 400 00 Total f . fit Cost of ipeiatiflg load;.. . f 7,1 .# "0 Net famines $05*43)94 ?Or 45 per ci ot of the gross earnings. The New Or! tana Picayune of Tuesday night notes lie rumor of coining war, and givc.i u ic suit, that: ? rue turn which for a few week 8 past baa t oods t ia ui7?r of the lierrowir suddenly eban? d, auJ m ru '. tinea Cr ?M"'r Hut even up to ycMcrdav were pass* * ?t 9 jwr cent, "iOilld u'.'t hu j.Wced under pi; Vr>r?...c r, the of bnsis#*? Ira* and tbi-? ?ve v. denecB of a general oifpattion oO the pvt 01" e,i|0t J; to hold i ll aii'i await the develop'-'oentu oi ill j next IV, ? dajc. ftock* have bron unfavorably influ' n'vd, thu <? i>e csi.-es lnuoctig bujtrs to iofrn!n from op -ration . f< w lots lint 1 r I-.*? og on toe market could li? ?>?>? ig'i' at a decline ot i '4' a 4 p.>r Cent on ttt? bigU. 1 1 .? .... t t< n '?? h :>ko A!tog. 'h( T tbeie was a ft.uling o' si'.n tii.n aii uncertainty lr the public mln wbch tntuf r d materially *ntj tlie 'rc? prosocition of biusiaoss. li.o foreign escbai ge market k in*eitli< l, ar, 1 bilu. *<*> ..cru Uaizeit witli peculiar c*utiou. Pterllrg i? difficult or ?i!e, and the rates for clear tulh fi ll oil' to lOft'i n 107 i* m draits. v. itli JocunicDtarv, were pw-od "? 101 al06,V Kari.v Ml ti>e day a round Mia of flnit ?sla? fiain'8 was ejected ut 6f 26, bat liter tho same c ot b'lU dropped 10 6'"'_'7t; c'oeing at an Pitreuio ririj (> 6'.3ri'.i a &t 27 '? A few small amounts of i> \ty rnir bill; oi; New YorlC were done at lal'i aurt 1,!.; p ?r r a' ditwint. but there la no 1 fe in ill.' mai-kot .-i;<bt w.i' In good c* -1, and considerable sales of banker*' iritui and bai k ch* >.s were tr.ade at ^ a per (*ui p'cai n -n For smalt am nlsover thn counter the bank ?bt%iaed Three day i r Ut wau sold in a round lump at pretnuim '10 firwwo r 9fl'a,'8l,o. Tfra 6'?, :90.. 6C(.0 do fKK.O Vt.')'tliit C'8.. 1(XK) do 70CO N" far S'B . . -CO 4COO do JO?(V) do. ... ?10 ilOCO Misf-uorl 6 s.. 2t0 0 to.. 7000 do 27000 do.. 1UOOO do. . 6000 do 7U0 do 1000 N \ Con 6's.. fOOO HudRlvRR2m. 101 40(0 Hud Riva f b. 99 1000 Hod Rhr$mb 86 1000 Harl"Ui 1 m b. 100 8000 Mil h S 2 mbJs 62 1000 111 tVct KUi-ds 94 6000 HanlHURKbii ,19 16 cliB Merchants' Bit 98 10 Bk of O;inmorcn. 92 10 Am Kxchtuige Uk. 02 '^0 1 ut n Coal Co.... 7H 110 l'#CtliO M 8800.. 76 ftO do i'15 75 124 N V CVutrrJ UB Stock Kxchange. Tciwoay, April 16. 18dl. 90 100 ahs Had Kiv RR. 3< 80* 300 Harlem RR li C6 100 lUrlom RU prof. . 3 63 60 do b30 OiX 100 do 70 60 RwwHok RR 71 60 Mich 'vn IJlt . . . . 70 60 do .... , 62^ ?0 do.... 62 y; .r>o (?o 61 76 do.... f-OJi 270 Mich S ,v S 1 ' 0 150 M.S ,v N la g fl.opg U: so do oj>g 50?X 36 ('snama RR 107 95 >4 100 01 Cos RR torip. ?15 .^A) . RR :3 83 46 40'. <0 Ifl J(tV? 1?', :;l ii ? j 50 250 100 200 50 200 .til j .S'5 ,f15 .*15 750 100 60 RO 2l'0 to do. dO. . i!i>. . do., uo. . *15 ujr. .#.10 .9f>0 .a so do. 200 Ertfc ilailroad .... 150 do 10 do too do h30 10 Hui Sit RR ? ? 72, Si 72* '*h 72 71 % ? ? ?Jit* i-b lo do do. do. do, do 200 Gal 4" Chi RR DCO Oo r.o do ?.0 do. ... . .*30 ICOCItTil RR..I00 ;?60 do r.o do blO 100 do 600 do loo <io bl6 400 ? 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Cut?,ui al4?4'c. u (i'/o . and fO boxer at 6c , acd 60 bhds. M"i'td'i at p I. N iuoro ? rhere IB bard I ? udviIjlk uorng Nile- 33 bal'v H.n-.iua ut 37 ) . 114 cas'-a sewi It-air at 4 :. a 4 )?'?? Wnisinr.? Tb?> ira>ket ?s> S-tt?r and wore active, aaio# of 1,200 bl>u. at l^Hr ?* of R??l Rat at* By A .t iPeecker, -on U Co. Privk Uoune at'd lot, 1:6 *?wt Muudmi st, 26x100. . $T,G00 lu J iini'.i M Uiiior. ll(?.f.? a< <1 'tit d f 4bth Ht 117 ft 6K h f. 7th ?v. 6,K00 Iiit 11 s 64lb st .200 "t *. Oitt nvcuuu 1300 Liu b Titlli at , 2^6Tt w. Oi'j avi-uue 1,"Q0 t?Ai.jut? at auction. ALCTION NOTl'-K.-f?2fft) WORTH OK BLAI'TIK. I. 1 (f.hwoou KIIKMTURE, Plegaot Mh-'iIb <?roup Hmnc?a, J'aiiiltnRH Maifiiifl:*>iil )*lar>'?'ori^, Mi|n-rb I'ail ir <uita, J'.i'ii- tnlan ai d InoU i litaa, Wlverwa 1', rtc , Ac . Ai I'l Ml l(! 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I'Klnlln fi and Iw-autii'n ? arW ru . n>?i)t? r<'-fc* <xxl Cimrn'-i-r < u.-nltun' ?>t av> i jr d< icription f tvi< < n la/KC 1 rt.r Ma! r. -HI.' lJ-'di Ar ; drpj 4"(Bf an I nlain Bureau;-, rrr-nrb and 1 1 zabftfcan Hods. ex!-', oak l'.*'?n?l >n lal'h'. ouk hiillr', halrj Au , with uii tsli'gaot variety ot rlcb Cut (.la*'., Mherwaiv, Oini'W and tea I'-rrise Caatera Si <m>iim, f'rrk L' rn?. Krrncti < biua ico ,Vl>io a larg? variety < f Clianibei and "afU.r ' umitui-n :< ? hnre nur ionwL Bale t oalUve, rain or i?hln?. coinraeucii'X at 1 pfrclseljr. 4 COIION WOTIOK -MOBTIMBB OtIPKIK A CO., n L Auctioneers? Magnlflcrnt HonaelK)!'! Furniture, i'AlMIMIf. "TATl'aKV, HBUNZfcfc AND WuIIKBOKART To b* wn'mplorv ro'.rt at auction, On tki? i'a\ c-\ l DM-.oUAV). Aprti>7, At the private re> Idence ;,n 4s ?e?t Sixteenth street, be tween Vitth uid Hlxth avinu?a 8?le at UV? o'e'ock? tbe property of a family reUcjulihlng pp'tlg. T>t ea??'f>P '? rotiinr1nitiR iIip Urgent anil rteb??t assortment of Pim*ehi ld Knrolture, Ac , oU 'ivd at auction thin bmmoO Fornlt"re hli "jar * ti> order bv cltv maker*, and n of the re?t deecrfpUon ? *iHlot;un? at the homo on morning of nale, vii: ? ke.en octave rosewood I'll? forte, Drawing Room rolu. M?j.*ere?, lleokra'c, Mirror#, Laoe Cnrtatne, Va-es (.11 I alr.tinc*. HUtuary. velv t *D>1 Hruaeeta Oarpe'a, Buffet, Ksteofttr ? Taa'e. I hlna, Nl?"aand Silver ?*????. Table ? ' ?itl??r> , Knreeoa, Waertro*>ea hair ami upring Mattr.-eeee, B?4ete*4e, Cozxinio^lf a, li a It lands, lie oil-, 'nir Corw-is, Ac. Al?0, large aatorttnent of Haaetaent ai.d Kitchen Furniture. Hale peremptory raw or ehiue A tOTJON ROT i"K. /a M. (' KDET, Auotloncr. I'ORtl... vfAUON.S. I1AKNESK, A3. E7.RA MilHOW, Jr., w<l! tell, this day, at 12 O'clock, In front of mfcfcrvotoaQIGMaretreet, opposite the ''out office, a tine bluak Hnree. ten y ar? old, fl'tecm handi and one inch fcii;h, go' it traveller, kind an i gentle In all harnera: can trot It. :t' , ml) utea ; l? ? liret ra.e roadater Alao a 1;ie aorrel How, j. 'oe >ear? old, fonrfen hatula high, ntvlU'i driver, kind and (lev tie In all barnee*. ran trot m 3s mlnulitaiy. Alto two iw, If spilt? no top fignt Waguoe, Doeeubury, maker, In uooil oi iVt. Ai?o two eet? ?ln?le nllver p'aUd llarn -a*. T> be ?old tki'.houi i?i v?, as t. e owjjr liu uo furih. t use for then. AUK), Af the above a lg t iirnbuf of an! *?eond ham! ^ t' ick* ranpil?.Tfi* liocknways '"or '< nr a-?J ?t j? taona. top V' 1 41U* I'aht ?< n?, ifi'itot Wagons. Barotu.hea, I'hai trim, I'reltr. Ac. Alio a In Grocery Aigon. A ho aofile ? tid d'.utile I'm nee Art view Norton ?a <iKirr*4t. AftS0RT?p.vr ok veiv elcpti.t rfl^? iood t'Riloi niriiHtire, nuperbiy caiTed m< v.ood Obamber Set*, oattre.'caa, Bed*. Ac ; ?!a.? A'e'-?>t and l'rttfsetat'aitet* rVr and ftonM Wlrrort, rich Win ? Drapery, tmntel rioct 1 i.d liaenrau m?;, c'lolce Oil PlllltA oak Idntrg M-jm a nit, Moe ut 1 lias* Oh'na ?nd DnieraoJ Te 1 .-e? , lvo>\ Ci"1h ) ?r. X,r. Can be had at private ?ale for thrve deya at one S 'lr li? value Irr c*?h, at lij '"llnton ( in !? iBbvh Hifc't ae ' '"laft^ay iV)^r* open fro.n 7 A ? ? 7 I M I'er ?ra dratum ur.ytbmj for hoiiMkMplrig will tird It lo tbrlr ;??' ui.lar vti to ?'*!'. pur f t?ti.^ ? '*<" * liti r y B- one *ui?ih mam, 1 od wvr.u octave rtano. M a irnet fi&c* 1 flee. A ICTIOS KOTICB? DAX1SL s IIOCQCL Al'.' C*. ti(M eor. * in hell 'bi' dav tKodnPiOvy', Aorll 17. nt fiiij o'clock, at ho. UOUn'.m pace, near B.oa.way, a sup>rb tiBMH ton at of elegant i taewi od, pa-Un- et'am >or K?irT?t tore velvet and Itrnaaela Oa' to i? plet and mant .) 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Ore tonr mmUd Om CoMord Wt|i>D 1 wo Ught Trotting W aoona. i four aeat oo top BuggK*. 1 hive top Bumtl ???_ Doubte mi aEgle Hhmeaa ta great rttV "? BfcOWW A NIOHOLa. AU?lK*W?^*^S?l?Sfc day, April 17 at JOK o'clock at the prmMv*?11^ ?*> Atlantic Ktrert. Dear cfinton. l r mklyu, Ho. ***?"? SiJ turf, ooualHtiog of Br?asela and Ingrain tV*!"^ JSPt Bedding, Ualr itattrraaea and INUm*. Ohaa/b*r . *??J turn, har>or and Dining R& m do , Ollotutha, StaL* VftHS t C.urtrlna. hhadea, Window bhadea, Hefrigerator and t1"1"?11 KuruKure. _____ BBOWNK A NIOHOLR. AOOnONF.BR8.-THTR8Ul *? April 18 at II o'clock, at the renidenie of Arthur Ken-' dull. I m it Kta'en M*nd, in Mirhnoad street, on toe t"p of the li'.'l nJd? ay bet > een <,>uaranUne and Htip etoa landing*, tie bouoi* formerly acaplM* by Oaptam Vanderbi t *11 the ?letant Furniture ooo'ained In sale b >u?e, o insisting of ele Sai.t carved rosewood f*arlor and Redriotu Furniture. aDleu id raivrd oak Lining Koom Farol'.ure. oue Deoker's Bl'liard Table, nlth hbrlan's e< raolna'len cusbl >ns, and UitiirM com plete, Hmeseliai d Tt'tri In 4'arp*ta, UllHuth* Keathcr lie is, V Attn- Bolster*. i Uia. vilar*, Cutlery, Ac al?> a . choice selection of Wines, constating of old b ittlnd furta, 1 fehi rrleit Madeiras, Ac Alsotwj teat extension Top <Yaf<n. ; wit li pole and shafts, built by Wood, lomlinaon A Co., m? n cciinp' -ia order; also tiro neat Depot Wagon. Br jo.sjsru Hfc(a han. Tbw&oay, April 18, At 9 o'clock A.M.. at *13 *a?tangt >u street, near TUlary ? ?tr*et, A general assortment of Household Furniture, Carpet*, j Ac., Ac. | Earned*/, ! At 11 o'clock, at 306 J)e<paw a?reet between Smith and Court, Mahog<iny and wall ul Hnrlor Chamber and Dining lloiin Furniture. Ilslr MHttre*?e , Festhcr Bods, Brussels, Throe p'y i.nd 1 ngraln tar (>?>?, Utioloitm, Ac. | tWIDr <<av. At IK o'c'nclr, at Mti t*arkett, n?ar Bleka steet, Hoiifeboiu Furniture; I'ler t;ia*s iiia'ioeauy ?iof*s. o'haire, Outiwlalces h"ere?ary Ked:>te*d, mftto top Hure^us, do. V abstains, Keatber iteds, Mattresaea, Curoets, fee j B* VTu-TCK < F A 01) A/! 81. Mo.fHUUB, T?B UN iU i i tvsii?-?* v- -U nil, r at ucbllcoali- on ^ednnsdiy the 17th <Jayo< >prl' >'<51, ?t 10 j. If , at N<>. 71 Kraiktln aircM one ruar )e bed fctilt'ird Tb- ia. K. W VKhi* )oTT, Auot'r ?'(>( oro n A rtifCH, Attorneys for Hortgagaai By lock wood 1JKOH , Slcre r> Mtir-ny jfeet, Till- J aY. Af 11 O CL lflK. I ; rjr ai d att'i ctlv a aalr of HTPA 'V uoorw, hlBlKho AMO Ml Li.IN4.RT OOOLM. #1 M UiVl, A. ! TTONRuK -BtE ?A"T O.VRVaD \ It i nt.vrc(A u'liHorf 4c ? O V 1<J?VY, *a"'!oii(?r, will tell .? mum ? Cl'm??u*y;, April 18, at 10<-, ?? cl' ?ck. sub mit ttterf n 1 the plfjp > t r urtu tire contained n tim bftuitn JW ? ii" n?- >? ii h?i ;iti'i n pl.or, vix : ? Sulu of carved n, <???(><>?!, < < > ? ? ? >i in i ?- ????n n-Mw ?i d litmger s Ccntri and i' >d T^olca, ; "li N?nt>l* i ?-le p ni Hn /'? urnb!)>en!* (.'locks, <vo ? m.-d cbKa \ n?u. Hue i oil Paint i "h. t lwuibt-t i ai e t urumhed wiih 4c b o*rved roMt v\. nd Till iB'l?. vi i. ,i.,. ? 0mn:0()e?, OiMi?ncH, ^pdn|| Jntu, fm'lier iMltt*/* Mid l'tll< ?'?, b -t hair st- A file public <?? ii KifDi no Ul?i i ibe i in f y d nuiin i my cm atlrtu n c : ?)a Oix 1 ?:** n. ti H-- "i?c slid lrJ ^r?iu i!?r r.?iF, bl? li walnut Utlrrc * h*lr? >?ril ?hiM ctiu* OlasuT rrlH. KuapS, lerl> i, .vp>?o? Ac. Damu. a mathjjww. Ai;?rni; vskb.? tfnw saI4w rcoin. No 71) ' ias?u . ."*f t, ne?r 1- ult >u TH1H 1>a Y 1 WEI>Mi*r?Wl A prtl 17 ?t MJ4 o'click, at ILc pil?>li ) i nldi-Niw, l?> 1IM LroitrdttmiL !;>*? Br<wd*i ij. liAMIL VUTl! ! v? s k CO vrlll *11 *t nuc; on, m fcb< ?e, ihe "nilrr Kunii"ii Id oald hm-v., co"3lrtlng in oart o* ayk><fti>) I'arlor nnn 1 ba r intli, \'ivirc <?ud iVork Tatiirx, >Hnor?, Bruas. 1* ai d '..lgraln a pets. Ho>k?r?, >a*y ( haii* ni il orki j firni'U ?* dntcad.1, rtaim< Buronui, Viik bn'n-dit, Vil'ot C iioki rj-, Lcuugen, i"one? mmi SoukeM**, ( i1 l'hinMtim and Ergr?vn<jn, Okcii, <ilrand<il>>?, mohogany Dlnliig Table*, balr and h i-h M). tireaafw Pali'.Ajkwa, Book ri'iks, Curtnlok, Oortiloea, ilaii ot>e? A"., tognt^ar wtth 'be Kltclifir Furn'uire. with ufciuL tb? sale wl I Oala li'gues now ready at the lioune yr at our *a enrooai, 79 Na*?tu street. DAN1KL, A MATIIfc, Vs, AVCTIONKKH. A^IOhKK^ -AIJK OK HIT f'KHll F'.TBNITCAa Helna >lx- entire Hick of "ts ?(' our tirat clau Broad way in*iii*clurci?, to bp void Ht an -t. on on Ttu RHIiav, a] .1 lit, at 11 o'clock, Kv biMfcli A i.iTUKWS A CO., At their ih:w snd Hp* ;l u< aalnfroom, No. 79 >t?wa airest, nopr Fulton *.troet. II) orderof the amlgufj euiiiraning a l*ri;e ?awrtiu"iit of tiir aiuil rl<*K>?iv Kurnitunt yOn-d at au'tlnn thu ae.i?i>n. vix:? Mireib roiidoar\?d noaeaood rtwl ?r hum, In airlpea w* tared ailk, ?aiin au>l hroratel ; ?pH'nrtid Wo<ewnul Artnotr w a 1 ace ; aupern >ime?i*)<l round c--rn? r*d Hodatcad'" nad Bu rerun; no in black valnui, va?at?bedarirt la oil etagant (Ja bineta. ( Vntie and Work "nMua ro?e?ooJ and waiaut Mee let trie* and Library IJook sum:*; fuiMrb ro?e?ood Itte?ere?. ran i d > ak and wa'nut Bui' tn Kxienalon ' iNm a d Dtafcij 1<< oiii < li ?'? oak and Walnut 1 :ill Maud" ana 'lialra. Mho Mil HAHrr'o rut O' Milniior Mahogany Furniture. Thx Hb vi- superb Kurnlture In allot i liu very ;DMi rianu fae'ure, fct'd wlI be p. reui^nrilv ?o!d by urdrroune a ??. nguoe It lan^w on exh h 'lnn ?> wou.d rea- eWniily call tli?' atU-llt'OII Of IhOMll W iiIjI Of Cleglkt f lKolt'l'r u tlua ??lie, unit 1* nn<i!.*i'Krmb!f -'ir f;' c?. ?*le flr?t da/t? Kur D It u re thai baa ev. r !?en oS v ed at auction*! n tua -ity JHH5 C. Pi bCoKEB, AMuigaet. 1* B. LtfDLOW.Al'OT iOMUEBa 'J. HAJNUMIMR HOVMPIIOLD FURWmJRK. K. H. WiPI,0? Jk Co. will 'nl1 at aii.rtJoo, oo Tlmred/if. April 1R, lb6I. at 11 0'c??efc a Na W fcaat Tw?*uythlr4 Mtreei, rv'?i Fourth avntiua, fcU.udt*'me Il.Hndbold Furniture, ail t In* VoiTiHik-p <?' naMing >yt lur^o Krwnob nUUi Mr-ror... With il?*is; r>?? h*?vj ;:l't Cornices ffreeu and gold br <!???) Ourtaina v itb tawnl* and loop* miurtln Window nha4 a rooPW'Mxl ? or 1?ry Vo.iX'a?% rrmwood Hdebo&rd. one row wood Plw.o, ( tenant p-aired ro fwiwd Suit. In trr-wo Mlk danwn*, two rrne#ood abVa/wved roanwood Hull lm Or.rn sou m.d k,o d lUnmalL, Uaoe OUKalaa, jillt and brooM Ohanda Hera, roMMwood \V?rarohe, ?itt Mirror; uialioouiy tlhafra, ruaewoad H<yle cada. pal '? <bi'k and ?fi'ttre?a<'?. Vol??>,.f*'ape? iiy. Bnu- H em! Aid natei Ca pnta Oilcloth*. <>b? ??< ot Mcn ci. ' ii' s.ri i. ntal p':ea at the aur iano rn' o'Jloa. I:i r. i.i.TUL< w, k.v<,Tip#,>ieK. y . llANlfHO.HC rVEXlTtTBB, CUJN4 A?? 1U1I. * 3. B. H ).i' l>Li A OO * II #<'11 at ^.action ou JFedr.eadar, Aj rti 17 a* III,1. o'ol'Vk, ?l *?<. tw flaat K nuriewciih air#* (Jin et'j o| >o? -<l i niiaf pln? -wh?-a tia* nani? h?? Q?mi *<? ?.i<>vk1 fr.i oiu vi)ni(n?> ni m h'*'" "*ma Purniiura, (Muajai >.i4 In part of bk.-u-a.nne n arlt r I u- nluira. In da Maek loaiwcd and n -h'ttany ll-d itu F* -ntture, 0>rt'-a?a l tuniture. -oe<? ?o-?l >od oak Cxwnatttn Ta'ilaa, otk BAok mirhle top TaWaa, Ktcjowa, ro-e > o ^ I'abUieU, litvU BtcdldH. "eJvot ?-id Hrii?ee'.? t'.inma, OIUAatln, hanik?igi? Cblnali a c?tn, Uobemlan HaKiwtu-e, At, he 1|>1'WARD bCI'IiNOK, \t,t;ri NKfclt !i GIUSAT PALE ?'K THE uTOt'K (?? T':OR33QH BRKD AND tUOTTlXO BTOCK i)K MKBBRfi. VVV H DIBtOHS AND I'KANI LATHBO''. Hi E. A K. n. KHKNt'K, ouTnmday Aprilt'.Atll A. v., at tbe "ilari ^v > " larm, ? vU?on, S. J , the following c? If 'irtkifd nock, viz- ? NANNIF iu"or ?>d (Heo oe, out of Motto, by :.refoot a. ?? I ? r hM" t aST> . by lldveiiu", nut of 1 uil y lhienw Alao Oolt by htr Fide, 1 j Two lilt*. CON si KLO, b? Ot-mT Jir?, out of Ro ebit I ALIjK KAKAW.'by OoiBuiot'orA out of Nhiuh- Leal*. VAl^K, 1 , trotiing ai it'llon Sy ' f.ter t urtan /l?( i r. ; ,il i n-iy v. v le Tbomi-.h .ired ant T m< ting H' rw ?, bo h id?flo au?l .n pa r.? t'a ?! 'gu -s, *ritf? rjll pir'ir>i arn K f now tc ndy. at.d iAu be had nto.iro ?<V 1*! finntdway. Tli? 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Aoorio.Nj-hjt, Kal*.<k a, 87 Na<uuu trivt t-vponitG 'oat afflaa. 1 MJWKH A TBORi will be J a< auction, on WedaMdw 4_e *7i 1W; alll\nc(fck. at thrir ?ale*r?>ro if ' <1 (p ^poni-d fioui W?iUii)*? a pit 13), ?-l?n?nt MhmMi ?v nitL^ ?* ** 01 *?<! fl u> ? t-nvatM rt*:d?i-oe to the cur for ?ee venb.V0 'ft**1 u.o?4 o <*fci-h wm inadr- to -dar by iht best Mi * "laker* ?' d but )!t ! ? e.od, cumi/ la imK u fat loan J c V. ? d rjve? tAii butt uf nl ? di?.*i<, (a ortoa. ?or n!k br VadK, with slip e vi-ra crwd iuwdikk) L tnifCra liii.-guu.r W uhi- ft?aj?d, uaft and b a-k walnut irtn'^ Ma . hctii oatvt<d niArble top Huffet. ?.'ah andblmk v.unui t xteutl n Tat.l >?. niahi-Kaay 1 ro. ? I try Houkoa?f, block art nut *?rdivl>e-. L>*j;"t<a''y Bureau#, \tu hi.tai.da, ii?d>t>*^l* Clialra, te . eie a -Teu* a*id riiw wood it?jr wioi unc Bureau* r??f?cod ' >*ntro table, oval Kriucb platr pier ac Maiaiel M Irr ??, ?ru? v^? i hree-pl,* and lujr.iu ?... ri . u. ? .< el# ha, en led eatr M*' tre*a*. 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Pli>X Ttr'atc , pid", Coffe- ''bin" van" HrlMirt l!< iitor MMirtrd A ibi'H and ljtq'i->r*, fc '.U 'J imp ct-i and do:n"w <e h<*(:a>? i-o?- (u^tonf eal? tlw> *t 12 o .Jofk a lot <>r <><-?> rv, J>r> und I'marj Ooodi "tnwtK, U~rai (looli. flnUi tt>R rieee i .x/dit Ac Ai'frtoatKLS t'a??Bipt >rr wOe 0?" ? wrtuafcV ktix k < >r * atuuee, lewclrr, Qtaraon^a te , (,u v r- CfxdAy, april I/, at 11 rvljck ht No /Vi llro-iiMur tuidf r ;bt- Net* York iloiel Cotcfilrli ? gi<lJ and ?rfl?^r ?mntiri; t sj* and .ip-a 1 Me Wnleb-*, IMajD' ivl Jatrtry, Itieeold Setf, .si'v???ar-, t:| ^-k--. filvcr >*ted Ware Vaocy A ~ , being the ?at<r* of -iuick t>f Mr. anri h. 13 -je fold xiUnmi anj i>wrv ?, in ?!r?v*e< |'ieii(v ?/ h-fc lo'Jri.'fl from uuniunsa, ItiuiM iai>L? *'aia-''iuf? read;* carl) ou a.< riiii? n t nmla Hi<m? i u iiht;!-*, Jit, AWvrriOHKtH. wiut Mhi.i? I on 1 butida}, \t'U 1H, at li'-J o loch.. _t ! VI '*'eat I bif : im-illi ?iie i, tlic mart ?? rtjar'? furniture. Tno Oil Pilot i IPff. Ai/t *<tt.lm ??<>?? Mllv-f *1 Ac , belonging to ItDtt# GukltuA ' .... wli- ;?? l?*vlMt for MtoH, taoriiiUai ll fi4 ol !"? il ra"*e ? rrv>- w -wt lt.r'o? Anlu, Ho<>kr ?w, I- tfger?% ! I M'lrp Tihim, M?t rl*b Miicli plat-e rwraml *aa ?? I Ailrijir*. ti?:. I'hli-eatr V a*w au? Ornament*, ailltl biivet War*, several . a.u*tji?i ori^tna- it-jt'.b and :'V/...<h lit 1 I ?'r. i i-m", valui'.fc- ?o<a<r?i ?- 1? ew, Ore k ?od t.'.hor U oka, , r.lfcH* in.1 ; lalMl Ware; Ca . ?i*. oUe o?bJ, rli*roh?r fiint ii b, od etldli ??. |c ; a > tr?o **'??. Hit'jww I'laie t>i*? v.*i> <Me ai...<int t'oit>s, An.; I ne"1 f w'Ux th? o in> i> axorLOW-nt of Kl'.clvn Kurn'tjre an<l > teostUt, wttfc u I i h thf, k?Ik i" I cororncurc i- maj be g-4 %i t)>f ? li;<? ft' t!ie ? > itr ao. i!d Mov ?tre?:t, or at lhft b u>e on v< h?io HJtfNKV H HPKT*., JB . AUCTION ?8R. iHRfcMl'I'Mt* iaLK OK HOKHI 3, ? AKHU(JE?. MLBUKIN, HAHWE98, 4? , ' 'D r ii:l>A* AjrV |0 at It) < 'CIO"k, h' tVe FiabUt N >. 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M., at (kft stable, km arx'Vr JAME8 ?UKT'INa AUOTfONSKK, WILL SELL, OH Ibartday, .aprii )$, ?t lo.'j cvjock a M , .tilth* tlugant I'arlur, Chamber auk Kitohen r' -roltur" coiilnmed In home 31H j,)<e'kx rtivct, corner < brialopher a.reei. soft* Ma reaua. Bi d* anil Bed l?r 1, Mir oas >.'urU;n?, t'haLra, 1'ablea y atofore, Knivct hhJ "o k ., btorea, Crockery. Oupe U. uttelotb, Ac Mile 1 jtuiiv c 7' ^ ^ Mnorrii/y, a uctiovebk, 'rrtL SBM, this .Jay Wi.!n.?.ij, ;it ln>, .>c.j/k ?t a tli Mrooin oft Mum Mreet, iii>UK'in l a ''uinltiire c in tiari of ?<>Hd ma hopwiiy and r. ?.)wocd farlor Hunt, jovomf in broeatel aud h-trc.oth : \ u, Trie a-Teto^. lailor, Arm and Hcmng Chain ; K<-iin<-nla, 'apmlry and .'ngtan < a-peta oil clou, Cant* Matting, m.i bin top Cent.-?j . ?>>! ??, itvumkm Lining lablea, '< aatt, ItlniDg t'halrs. i>resi!:ijj Bureau*. V _ at-hatai 1 h, hed'eadi, Hair MaUre tea, Uiungta, Mirror*. Ennm- lira 4 t tinltr tt< jU Ac i bt> ivbojo to be irarmnuUwiir wild to tbe blghtMl Mdde. for en ah. 1>lht,lr R WlUviitfH. AUCTIONKEK UA.HDSCMK HOOHEUOLD KWKJOTUKB. PHILIP K. ? ) LKIK8 will se.l Ht auction, on Thiiradt?. A|>n 18 l?l. at 10', o'c! *k, :?t No 7i W?at Twenty tital Btreet, the e.nftr? * uaiitrio ?.nt<vtied In a?1<i ho fie, o>.naiiA lt R I', part of << tewood ho'aa. l.halra, Hlv^im and -'olt?Ir? Chair*. In bmra>eij mahofany Kit At and Oha'rtt, in hair cloth; ir.Kib.e tup, Pier acd u> ntreTahlw; Tea lv?ya Coua? Chaire, neihagtuiv B"<>ke?*e?, I'lar G.asiwa, br.,n*.? Cai.dtAa bi as, i arumji and U* ? ui'ouoa, mali^ti; Freooh Bad Hurfr..!^ lire ,-Jtijr llnrviw .' i 1 h (iliiyi?*?( Iioiib^h) It hroratei, <*haiitlellerti uM fllMrw, ilalr Vnureaaea, realtor Be l* Bedell i?, \ civet, Bnutf'* an'1 Jiurafn Caipeta OB elotas. Chit *, i-lma A"?r? Aa , to^lh*r tvith iui ***>r.iwwt ol KiCcheti f timliur.', with wli'cta ir e tula will p-imneno*. I>A?BM?OKB*R ISHKA3A*' W^r. ?e.l. tlilt day, at 10S, o'clock at their uieilou ronnn 25 Bi ? tdWHi MM/ lots of r4< n?n niid woinr:i . ('lotlilni;, vlir Coat". P.i?t?, \e*t?, ^|1V liprs-e? QuiVH HinnketH, rthw?t?, Ac ; alt), a larpe lot of OflM and stiver A^n-be#, Klnjp, clni, >????. I- iitirg, Ao Br<?nltr ol IiTaMTOM A OO./ol New ( anil itm OOLJJIOB DTVGIE, jf'TIoy^Kit D BV "I1NOEE A flULOEK, Oillw No. a Pine atroet. tUCTION sai.K OF fit XTLhMKN'S Kl UMnHINti GOODS LKASK A FIX fUaKS, At tiia atore, 823 Broadway. Tfieinptory -.a!e of re'all f took r.f cmtlemen't FnrnUnlae Oo da, ?U' b will be offered In smill I ts, to autt the retail tiade ?nd rentN rn?n Kuiiti' s -io Roodt rortbelroan n?e. ; he stM k . 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