Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1861 Page 2
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BOA ROTO tw> Lppano. a ruiuir anr or reuigiiKD 01 trBFtJB A ntshed Mas as ?o Is- ?l?t duard. on MO>ad floor Al?v from H?u Homo. ?>n ear- > ad Mid third Boor*, for ? fl gentieokea. Turin. med*.-w LjkaU'.ii uasnrpaoed. Re Immm uekuH OsU *t IM Waal Forty aeoond street A PBTV .TB KAMI LI WILL UR A FARLOB AMD A twa c<mt| tiig Uom*. on a*c>??d flo^r, all hand?om?l| f uratah. ,1 u# a party of gaaUenaee, with or without paniij *2* ?? r*"? ? Kefereuoes ?v.julred Ap p?y ?i Ufti Waal twenty sxwnd Street. near dlxth svsnus SMALL PBIVATB FAMILY WILL UtT A H AMD | soa>?* nam, cm tho floor, to mnUfm?o wlUl or ?at ByJ. hsnsnhr < all the modem improvements In- 1 at Ml tenU street between W ??exU>y plsea u< iwtoh aveoae wnow last, owbimo tub housb hhb uw . -? to tiro or ti U |H lO kreferennes between imimo* -fine larob booms to i^bt, with L tarilohnlilMiir d?k gentlemen: the house ha* I the in4arTi Improvements rerms moderate; referenoes rsn aad required Nix 4M Fourth stmt. Mo. 1 albion PBITATB FAMILY ? LIYIMG IB 1 MODBBN STONE front house, ?U1 let tho seooad floor Parlor and two Mai with Board, to gentlea on or a small family The ) la pWsantly situated, on Murray hill Befsrence ra d Inquire at 381 .Lexington avenuA A rUASAMT 8QUABB FBONT BOOM TO LET. with Board to one or two g< a Heme*, ta the modem iotaeTbou-e U\ West Kifteeuth street. Dinner at 6 ? act Beferenoea esahangad. ? - PBITATB FAMILT WIPH TO LET, WITH BOABD, ? Second flow, ?nfurnlshed, threA rooau. clwats, to a respecgjfc family, d Miring a comfortrbl* ?e a T' urth room An be had. Dinner *t ? F. M. ap r at 68 Bast Twtuty eighth street, near fourth aveoae ?urr of ftjrmishkd rooms on tab fibs* Boor to let? 10 one or tire gentleman, with bre*kfaat If app'y at S7i *nurth atroet. A PBITATB FAMILT, 194 WEHT FOBTIBTH 8TBBBT, near Kevents Avenue. wish to IM a aolt of Rooms an ?eennd or third floor, with Hourd- Houae contains all the modern improvements. Dinner al 6. Reference.* exchanged. Term* moderate. Apply aa above. A TITO M BAR KUTBBMTH STRBRT, BBTWBMM A Onion and BMun? n> sqmarea? To let, wRh Bsard. WMlMtoMi whale <w geutleaaeA and their Mtn er gentlemen. A PBIT aTB FAMILY V1U iiBT TO A MNTUWAN A aad bla wtfe a large Room, newt* famished, art h 60a rd. Hoaa* Orat atass, deeirabto looaUna far aanamr; Mar Twenty ihtrd atreet and Eighth aranaa. Dinner at alx ?'Meek Adrira? he? l.BM Foat offlaa A FUBMIRHBD BOOM TO LET? TO TWO OBNTLB A men, with M-c*kfaat and Tea, la a private family; no ?nail ohlldreo . mora* front, on a>?ond floor, with fju, Ac Beferrnoe exchanged Call at 88 Went Twenty ninth aireet iLLIRi PABT or A HBOOMD FLOOR MAT BB n had, wiJi Hoard, and alro Booms on third (l')or, in a prtraU bouw and in a flr?t rate location Befrrenoea ex " V ail for two daya at 119 West Twenty aecond atreet. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY 18 DBHIBOUB OF letting aotne nicelv furninbed Booms to single genUe men. would also acooamoda'^ a few ladle*. Also, Letter Writing. Amannensu, Ac., at the shortest notice. Apply at 177 Greene atreeu A FBOMT BOOM, WITH BEDROOM ATTACHED. ON the seeond floor, to let, with Board, furnished or unfur mlahed. The houae ha* all the modern improvements Ap ply at 2MI taut lenih ?tre?t near Moond avenue. A FBW VEB? DBnIBaBIJB BOOMS, FCRNISHBD, FOB A fam'lle* and single gentlemen, to rent, with Board, at reasonable pnoea. for the summer The home la Aral olaaa, and there will be no moving in May. Apply at No. X Wast Twelfth street, near Fifth avonue. AOBMTLBMAB AMD WIFE OR TWO 8IN0LK OEM Uemro can have superior aocommodatlona and Board, with a private family, in a first claaa bouse. Apply At 128 f eat twenty-fifth atreet ANHTSLT FUBNIUHBO THIRD 8TOBT LABOE Room to 1st, with partial Board, to two single gentlemen. In a private family ; heal on on wentieth street, naar nixth avenue. Address J O., Herald ollloe A FEW DB8IBABLE ROOMH FOR GENTUCMEN TO let. ta a central location, and near the New 1 ork Hotel, w ith or without breakfast at any hour. Apply At 390 Fourth a'.ieel, near Broadway. A FBW VEBT BBAl'TirUL ROOMS, FOR PABTIEH A of gen'lemen or famine*, the entire second and part of third and four h flonra furnished nr m. furnished, with very beat Mew England Board, at 68 West Nineteenth street, oor ner of Sixth avenue A PBITATB FAMILT, LI VINO IN THEIR OWN houne. would like to ef a few newly farntahed Booms to WDg e gentlemen, with or without Rosrd, now or At the 1st of May ; house has all the improvements and Is ocavsaieut to cars and stage*. Reference given and required. Call At Si Ring street 36 EAST TWENTIETH STREET, MEAB BROAD" way.? A verv desirable and tandaomely furnished *all was. with smple clone t*. may be obtained by a gentle" and his wife, with Board ~ - ? ? " K }B AND I furnish 1 or oesUe (ED BOOMS, peraona House hood dwlrable 1 moderate Also a a physician's idles. 1 Seventh snd Eighth THBBK BOOMS ON THB SB Dinner 6 o'clck. No. 83 Olin 1 avenue. A PBIVATB FAMILT. ? A tIK.VTLBMAN ?BTwne or two or three singie gentlemen can have . ,r, 7'airy ?r l 1 ? Room*, witii go<A B.>a'd, a' UWern Twenty ninth SUeet, on reautonabia term*, stages and eara oonvenieat. A LADT AND GENTLEMAN OR yUIF.T LADY A can hare * front Parlor o- senood eto'y bock 1'arlor, ntwlj furnished. v??*d for lady; no Startling b?i?; ?II modem impro. emeu's. Apply al 166 Omene sirael, Mar Houston rtni 1 A private English Family, at k> lai jut street. near ft .'oho * park, would let a front Room on serxid floor, unfuratehed. to a g< iriemsn and hla wife, or aiagle (nUrmui. ?llh hoard llouse modern. AmrWl FCRNIHHED KBONT ROOM, WITH (IAD and pantrr, to lei, with go- d Hoard and ilia comforts of ? borne; also loallur terma moderate. Apply at (iT Downing Itrwt. near Vartafc. A PBTSlOIaK-fl OFFICE, WITH HBDBOOM AT Ji. tacked- alao furnished or unfurnlsbed Rooms, with Board, ta a d*?irvble location, to be had at moderate terms, ?I 148 fait 'I hlrtaenth street SOABD-A OB>TLEMAN AND WIFB. OR TWO STN gl* g?ntlewi?n. can otHaln piestant Room* In a modern lae * lili all ike mprjreiuair-', at 1X1 Ninth street, a few door* west rf Mrnadway. Board.? a Larob back fabloe; also two ether lam* B?*t. snliaMe for 'am'llee or single gen tlrmsa, who would like to ? peart Out summer muoUia In the ?ty, will be vaaatod April 18 at ID West Tweatr math street ?>OABD A OEXTLEM AB AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN ? Hoard in Harem on reasonable terms Hesse plemmns situated, sad only thr?s M?cks from the t eek slip ?ta Third avenue ears rasa the do>r. For particulars ad Area A. W. Harlem Poet noloa. SOAR? 'sTO BR V AC ? TKD IN A FEW DATS. A H17IT of front Rooms is the second floor, al No (W Weal Four nth street between Fifth and emk seenuea OARD? A ORWTLEM AN AND HII WIFE. OR TWO ingle geatlemeu, ran ba? oommodau-d with handsome niebad tt< |MAI jjFurnieheS Koorns, where lb* < mforts of a hiroe o*n be finmL st tft Htureeeani street, i<aalliiiiaU>n of Astor plaoe. aemM new Kngliah baaemeat house ea?t of Tattd arenue. 1IOARD. ? TO LET, WITH BOAKll, AT 1S7 RBOOND > srenwe between l.'gb b snd Ninth s'rnets, about let ay, nx-eiy tnmnhed Bc nn on eecond and ttiird floors, suit able for ([en Mem- n snd tbelr Wrea oi r'UUemea. *efe ieir.h?'g.d. BOARn.-Kr>KH10B ACCOMMODATIONS FOB A FA rally or ntnukverern , In the flrst o ase noiiae, 1* fcaat Twenty etguthm between BmIi wo and Fifth ev?B-<AA Prtc** maderate K<??? can l>e wen 'root 3 to 8 n r'ock P. ? Per aou ol" religious or sirtcilt model hablir pre; erred "QOABD -HMHIhA Hi. p. |tf?OM* HAN NOW BE OATAtN X> ad. With go. d IW-a-d in a modem built llouee, newly Awllhid In a rwis l tsmlly Ter-as modarste No. SO feat TWrt; -strti street, Aral hause * est of Mroadsray. BOABD-A AN AND 11TB WIFE AND TWO a Ingle gentlemen ran obtain Hoaid In a pr rate family hjr in^nlnng at (? Hints street, between Fifth nd nltth BO A BO WAETBD-FoR A LU)( ABD obwtlbman r III si < *r U?e lady ealn. ? where there ar t no qveetMMB a?W MpaJM ^.0.^1 ..hie psrtlaa need aa gwar la A?B**. ataitoa D, B. T rim , .moe Boabd wakted-a widow ladt d?hibe? Board for ha. self and mm, flrs rears old la th- neigh toorhood nt Uee rtioreh of RV Fwia Xarter, suteenth street; a f renafe faaillj praferr?d. Add. ess Mm U>.d-*f, lork etna, B. T. | B~ OARO WAN?BI>-B? A obwtlbikh AND WIFE, IB s pHeste fsmtl* 'wSere there are 50 hos rders. a par 1 . ar 1 b?dro<na adj i'n?ag oa Ibi second or t^ird 'W. |jn ..... ,WM * -Aiteettlh an 1 rVIrt* *!*?' s-re w. and . r M"' ereaties * Ureas "tat g lo?*ti a an I , , * i)i iictsl I 0 '.Jk Board wanted -by a qbntlbm an ah? hiii ?Iff, la s private family Addreaa, stall eg terau, whloh muai be moderate, W. L. box 173 Herald oHloe BOARD WANTRD.-A LADY AND UK NT LB MA* WISH to obtain iwo wall rurnlahed kooma, with miaera tm prorrmcata. Board for th? lad/ oaly. Addrees, giving prloe and full paruoulara, Ac , boi 110 Herald oflloe. |>OARLINO -AH KNT1U SUIT OF HANDSOMELY [> furnished ttuoms oa the second ar third floor of a flrit claae fouaa, and In a amall private family, to lei, with Board. Ibe houae la pleasantly located la Weal Fourteenth alreet. Addreer J , bo i 113 Herald office. BOARDINO ? MRVRRaL PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS oau be let, with Hoard, at 48 Kant Sixteenth alreet. next to rvlngplaoe: the houaats finely located , has gas, bsth, Ac. L Inner at Afc o'clock. Re erenoes exchanged. T)OAHDlNO ? BAMDM.MKLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO JL> gentlemen, with partial Boar u, in a first claaa house in Twenty eighth street. two or three doors from Fourth ave nue, can be secured for the lat of May tor partloolam aad to aee them apply at 148 Lexington avenue. Beit of reference* given and required. "t aw vur r un iu tou itbii buwi i rrricw, ference lequlred. Apply at It) Clinton street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn ?two la rub second story rooms; alao, a single Room in third story, all handsomely fur nished, to let, at MS Blcks street, two minutes fr<m either ferry : view of bay; bath, gaa, furnace, Ac Dinner at six o cluck Brooklyn ? to rbnt, with board, a soif of Rooms on the seooni floor; also two Ilall Rooms for *irg'e gentlemen. Apply ?t 06 Uliatoo street Dinner at half past six. ? ? Board in Brooklyn.? two gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms nod partial Board, In a private family. References exchanged. Apply at No. 30 Court atreet. Board in Brooklyn.? a laruk room on thb second floor, wit a Bedroom connecting; alao one on the ttilrd floor, hot and cold water In cash. Can tm had with full or partial board at 121 Pacific alreet, between Clinton and Henry, Brooklyn. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A OBNTLBMAN and wifb and two single gentlemen can be ancommodated with furnished Rooms aad Board five to sevtn minutes1 walk to Kouth and Wall street terries. Apply at 1U) Clinton street. Reference* exchanged. BOAKD IN BROOKLYN-i-WITHIN FIVE MINUTB8' walk of Wall street ferry.? A gentleman and his wife can b? accommodated with a larga and pieaaaut front far lor and Bedroom attached, on the secoud floor, ntoely f urn lull ed. Apply at No. 130 Henry alreat, between I'lerrepont and Clark streets. Board in Brooklyn -at lae amity street, between Court and Clinton streets, a g? ntleuian and his wife can obtain Board with a pleasant Room or Room and Bedroom . other Rooms also; the houae Is modern and con venient to the cars and ferries. Board in william^burg.? a okvtlbman and wife, and two or throe single gentlemen, can obtain <oard and large airy Rnomt, In a Douse containing gai and bath, and pleasantly located, rear the ferries. Apply at 47 bo nth Mxth street, corner of Third. Brooklyn hbiobth ? a plbahant suit of Rooir.a to let, with Board, suitable for a family or gen tlemen. Apply at 87 Henry street, tteferenres exchanged. Brooklyn heights. -a gentleman and wwm and two sing!* gentlemen ean obtal o dxstra'ile Rooms, In a tlrst class haasa, with all the Improvements, by applying at No 11 Willow street References exchanged, fie moving in May. _ Brooklyn heightb.-pabtlal board for gen tlamen at No. .17 Cranberry atreet, between Willow and Colambia; a double front Room oa second floor, neatly fur nished; waur and gas; situation very pleasant, sonvsntent to Wall itreat and Kaltuu ferrlea Board on Brooklyn hf.tohtb.-a of.n tleban and wife or two s'ngle gentlf men can be accommodated with Board and a dealra le furnished Room at Irl Willow street, three minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. References exchanged. No moving in May. Board on Brooklyn heights. ? handsomslt furnished Rooms to let, with Hoard, at 102 Henry street; the situation Is very desirable, being within flv? minutes' of Wall or Fulton ferry. Board and booms to rent-in a vert drsi*. able location; two full snlta of Rooms on soaaad ant third floors, alaa one or two slnale ho. >ou, all of which are elegantly fumlahed and have all the Improvements of a mo dern built house, unexceptionable rtoard will he given. References exchanged. Inquire at 26 West Nineteenth ? treat, a few doors west from Fifth avenae. CHEAP FURNISHED ROOMS AT THE FRANKFORT Bouse, corner of Frankfort aad William streets. Good booms from SI to $3 per weak. Lodgings from *6 oents to 37 cents per tUsht ; open all night. Good restaarant attached. Desirable and handsomely furnished Rooms to let, with Board, at 104 Last Twenty-flrst street, tiramercy Park. No moving In May. References required FRENCH BOARD.-A FRENCH FAMILY WOUL? AC GENTI.E Itooms ad avenue. BID ROOMS, IN "venty third street, Uaexoaptloaable For further partlsulara lafflce. WITHOUT BlIAK^r Rootni In a prlvVtsi ' M Twelfth (Irani, hetwaBH LBT IN BROADWAT.-RLE l on flrit and third floor*, mutable ndent, permanent and *upor1or location unaurpaaaad. No. 833 (?If lb street. f()OM8 TO LET IN HOBOKEN.? NO. 214 Tatreet ED ROOMS-TWO OR TUEE3K PLAINLY _ Room* to let, lo single ip bWwd or gnntle helr wive* with or without Board, at No. 137 West Turret- far* and stage* convenient. IIPHED ROOM TO LT? WITHOUT BOARD; nd ivory, front; In a private family. No, luK Ninth raat of Broadway. Ho moving in May. Suitable for i gentleman. URNIHHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM AND SINGLE _ Room to let? With or without Board, to gentlemen only. In a flrat rlaaa modern house, with all the modern eon venlenoe*, gaa. bath, Ac. No moving In May. Apply at 176 kaat Fourteenth street, near Second avenue. Fl RNISHKD ROOMS TO LET-TO BINGLE GENTLE met:. with Board, In a houae with ail the modern Im provements, tn a pleaaant location; terma moderate No. 71 Weet Twenty dxih street. EURBIBIIED ROOMS OB BPIT8 O F ROOMS-FOR gentlemen, In a first c'naa house, 33 Bond street, break t J required Reference* exchanged I^URNIBHXD ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD. IN A r flrtt rlaaa houae. with all modern Improvement*. plev ?ant front Room*, with large pantrlea, on second and third floor*, to (Ingle gentlemen or gentleman ami wife. App'y for three daya at 1IK West Twenty flrat ?treet. FHJRNIBHED ROOMS TO LET. -A LAROE, COMFORT ably furbished Room on But floor, with closet, to one or tw? get tlemen. very reasonable, alao a large Koom on second ?m r No removal at May Apply ait 2N Greene itreet. Gentlemen and turir wives, or single gen tlemen, will flal handsomely furnished Room*, with Board, on second or third floor; all aroommodstlen* for a flret class hou*- Dinner at all o'clock 119 Waverley pi*. a, near WaahmgTon Kiuare. / 'Entubmkn and thkir wives or a raw hin \T g'e gvntlsmen, ran obtain pleasant Rooms, furnished or nnfnmlaned, ?l<h Hoard, bv applying at 3lft Clinton street, near llenry, on aecoutl Uovr, and froat rooma. No moving tn Mar. Reference* en banged. Handsomely kirniuied room*, with board< warned, for a gentleman and wife *nd slnf le gantle rraa. in a private family; location between Eighth and lwentl?th *treets, I'll th and felxth avenuea. Address A. 0., I Man ?q>i*re I'ost HOBOK ? N.? FURNISHED ROOMS, COMMUNICATING, having a Nne view of the river, with partial Board, may be bad In a retired and best part of the city; bathroom itnd ga* Apply at No 6 River tenraee. Hotel iodginjb -clean and comportahlk single Booms I rom II to $2 a woe*, or 36 oent* a single nlglit. at ihe Manhatun House. 29 Centre street, one block I run t?e City llail l'ark. stranger* will tlnd this a quiet piace to stop ak New nm;BR, hating all thk modbrn im prOTsnenuard nww.y . umlahed, with pl-asant Koomi and good Hoard. t<> let to gent e?.?n and wive* or single gen tlemen Can be mdJ|| 1 111 A k M Apply at til hael Feu rteenth *? reel eoi W* ?eond a -etiue. rRRMa?R?T tf? AhU, ?%I1H TUfRR ROOM* ON SB cond floor repair* t for* filial 'araMv, e.|i?l to thme adult* gtsd <an|e aad at'eadvnen indl*pwus?iile Term* not to e tees ?' $9*1 par annum Adore** Alpha, box 244 Poet oAca. PL?A?ANT R >0*S 1MB *K0 >ND STOAT. F')R nisbed or ntifurn'*h"d. In a Hret Has* house, r m be ? a t with Hoard, tv app'y ng at 107 ?mitv street, tlr*< do r fn n Henry. Bus lijn aao witbla live minute* walk fr>m the Booth terry D>nnnrat*l*. ORIVAT* BtMRD IN ?Ri?OKL>N? a L a Ri I K, I richly forrtsh-d fr>at Roein. la a very flrsi alas house, pleasnnt location goo<1 n< ighb rh od, lo let, with 'toard, on moderate terms No 1*4 union street, oonve dent to car* and ferrlre. FAmTIAL BOaUD ?* ? I I) IN BOORLVM-IN NIB vVinlty of Katie.* and Otlaton streets; teems oust n it exceed |t per week. Addrea* X. A, box .143 Brook y a Puat oihcm. Rooms to l*t? with bo?>d, r r?hhh*i><?i4UN furti'shed. st IW ?f>?t ?ourtee?ib street to tgentlemen and their wlv?* or stwgle *entlew?en. Malen ueea txchai ged. btnner at *lx. ho moving la May. Kt>t>M*? IN FIFTH AVKNIE. IN Til e \i -vnv of Hfth Avenue Hotel, to let, ?lth B ard; Franolt and rpanlsh Mcken; dinner at *tx o cloek. Addreea f T., box 144 Her?ld office THB?R OB FOUR SINULR URNTI.RMRN CAN BE Ac commodated with rlnaaant Room* anil Hoard (dinner at 6H o'rlock. gas and bath la the house), upon mod-rate terms, by spt lying at hi Sands atreet, Hronklyn, in th? Immediate vl Olnil* or thtee ferrlee. BeferetieM exchanged TO LRT? A SUIT OF ROOMS ON TUB SBCOND floor, handeomely fnmlshed, t^slngle gentlemen nr a gen 'leman and hi* wlfa, with Beaid If re.)U'ivd. ha* all the mo il< rn Imtwovemi nts Ap: i? at i t smlty street. r) REBT, WITH B4)aRD. A FLRABANT PRON1 K?>tn, with Bedroom attached, n the timnh floor; alv eolae others with or without furniture House ha* all the ur dern improvement*, and la near Mtxth avenue- 71 ?eei Twrnty eaventh street f'rtoea m.>derai? 4 g ?wt lanle The hrcond floor of a wri>l n*KN(MiiEt> h owee m fine of the beet Wieatl'>fl? In the city, will be let to geutlcmsM aad their elves or to singe g ntleiaea. The rtsxn* will he let se|>ara!< If lr ileal re<l Dinner at (IV o'clock.* ra-i?ire? Address a. T., hM 1?J H*ral<loflte*. \I"-ANTRD-BT A (JKsTLEMaN, IN A *TRfCfLT vv private 'amilv, a furel>h*d Room, with g?a; I e*ilwi b?lcw Sotui'.a fkr. ct. e*st of Bvwei) Ad4 fa*, nrllh , ar tlnlWS W ? , Herald of ea WHumo-HT TWO OBXTUMBI, TWO OB TtUI ? hiiteM Rooms. furnished or uafuralsfeML ea the aeoond foor, above a aUre rnftml vkan there ?re no other oooupanta; must tarfiHtadMU; ?oirjfy h? t*ND Broom and Fourth atrao (a. AMmW. V. W., kl 1? Herald oflioe. TXT ANTED. ? A TOUNQ OEJTTLKMAN WUHU ? 81* ff gle Furnished Boom, on aeooad or third alary, wttk full Board, In a firat claae house imertou fMtttea, ootnpnaert of young, soCable people, are only requaated to reply. Im Uon from Fifth to here nth avenues and Fourth to Twenty thud streets. Anawere not staling Us ana, with full parties larm, and not In accordance with the above, will positively not be noticed. Addrcaa tamertlaialy Ensslaa. alalfcn ft WAKTED-AN U NFU BN1HHSD BOOM. WITM BOARD, m in the vidnity of Broadway, from Bleecknr to Ninth afreets, by a lady who will be from home all M. M. N, Broadway Post oOoe, stating looatloa and term*, which muat be very moderate. Unexceptionable refe given and required. 8 11 19 WANTED? IN WILLI AMSBUBO, BOOTH 81 DB OF Orand street, by a young man, a Bedroom, with or without Breakfast, aa may be agreed upon; alao the privilege of alttlng room; would have no objectlim to room with a re sectable young man Addreaa W. i H , Herald oflloo, for three day*, elating terms. which must be moderate. 2 ABINGDON BOUABB, COBNER OF HUDSON AND Bank at reels, Rooms to let, with or without Board; oars and stagaa pasa. WIST BliBVBNTH STREET, THBBB DOORS FROM Broadway ? FunUshad Booms to 1st, with or without par tial fcoaid. TU STREET? 18S WJHT ELEVENTH -A NIOB PAB lor, new carpels, furnished or unfurnished, nearly i ainted and papered, lams closets, hot and c >td water; ? Hcx m for one or lata gaatlaassu, permanent party preferred, dinner at 0; relerenoea eio 1 Q CLINTON PL AOB.? FLEAiAN T FWBffBBHD 1 ?t BoeaM for families, or single gentleman, with Beard. Llnner at six. Bafereuaes required. FIFTH AVENUE. ? A HM ALL PARLOB AND _ Bedroom, w*U furnlaaed on drst floor, wtth saansl eners of water, Ac. Alao several other Mo ML single or In suit, to lat to gen II amen. Breahfaat If dsahrad. ?>7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BBOAD O I way and Fifth avenue. ? One or two select families and three or four gentieaaen oan now be aooommodalad with f ult* of Rooms on tbe first and aeoond floors, t eguiUy fur nished; table first class. References exchanged. A I TENTH HTREBT BETWEEN FIFTH ABB MRS tI avaauea.? Very desirable soils o t Booma saw be da talnad an the first and aeeood fioora hp gentleman aad Mr wires, or nlngl* gentlemen ; alee a few single Bum. Yha house eon tains sll the modern Improvement*. A A FIFTH STREET -TO LET, WITH FULL OR tT: partial Board, two Ko-jm*; the rooms are vary plea nan t ; terms moderate to respectable parties. A A WEST TWELFTH STREET? BOABD-DB8IBA TT ble Rooms to let, with Hoard, at 44 West twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveauea; suitable for gentle men and theli wives, or single gentlemen. No moving In May. References exchanged ro WK8T SIXTEENTH STREET.? A DB8IBABLE tJt) suit of front Rooms to let, with Hoard, to a gentleman and wife, on tbe 1st of May. Also a suit of Booaaa now va cant Relerenoea required 79 CP KaBT TWELFTH STBBBT, FIRST DOOB FBOM UU Broadway.? A suit of Furnished Rooms to let, on the pau-ior Door, oonsistlng of four rooma, with use of kftohenUf required. Also the third and fourth Fioora. furnished. ffQ WB8T TWBNTT SECOND STREET, NEAB SIXTH I ju avenue ? A private family would let two nicely fur nished front Parlors, with Bedroom attached, to a genueman aud wife, or single gentlemen House has all the modern Im provement*. Dinner at 0 o'clock. SPBINO STREET, THBBB DOORS PROM Broadway ?To let, several (handsomely furnished Rooms to single gentlemen. The location Is near all the Oral siass hotels and piaoee of amassment; r sailing root fraa. In quire ef AN HON HOUSE. QQ UBEBNB STREET, ABOVE SPRINO? ALSTON t/O House? Elegantly famished aatts ef Booma; gas, Croton and ovary convenience for housekeeping eoonoml callj; particular^ anltahle for small, reapeotable famdtea or aia#e gentlemen. Bent low to permanent tenants If A MAODOUOAL STBBET? RKJHMON^ ???**? I 1 U Particular attention to reapeetf uUv sollpWod Is ths aoove house, whtoh la now opened aa a l"Ww. for the reeeptlen of single gout*, or amaU families enc tf them^SoUy of <* can And ovary at Bm above eetai> meet __________________ 1 OO WEST twENTT THIRD STREET, NRAR HIHTH I ,),) avenu*-? Seoond Floor to let, furnished or unfur nished- ??* -'***? bath In same floor. Every facility Is af forded ' to 'vprove In Prsnch language. References ex THOMPSON 8TREBT. ? OOOD BOABD AND large airy Rooms for a fow respeetabie young rue a, with privilege of bath and gas; aad a comfortable single room. Dinner at ? If required. yarma raaaonabln. 1TD PRINCE STREET.? ST. OLAIB HOUSE.? BLE luu aantly furnished Kooma, with Bedrooms attached, wtth all the oonvenlences for housekeeping complete. Includ ing gaa and Croton water, to let to respeetabie families or sin gle gentlemen. ??? IOC BLEECEBR STREET, OPPOSITE DBPAU ROW?, IDu Furnished R Mima, suitable for f ami Ilea and singled gentlemen to let, with Board; house first class; reference*" hnd single^' ? *na w?an eownu... "rtth nna bP^?:cT:aiZ 2011 406 ^UWTHir^BOAKO. C1HEAP AND DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCES AT STRAW J berry Karma, Monmouth onunty, N J.. adjoinl' a the fa mil* hotel, with ur without Board ; also furnished and uufur olaliml Hmmi In the hotel, with Board. Apply to W. Mil, Li, 678 Broadway. COUNTRY BOARD IN RIGHT OF THH OTTT? distant *) minutes by boat or cars. An expertenwd lady hs vin? takes a desirable private residence on the opnoelto bank ol the Hudson, de?lres a family or a party of KonUemeg far th# rammi r. In a first claaa h.iuee. Apply for partteular* at M Ureenwlch street, or to the secretary of the WashawUa Ferry Company, foot Forty see. .mi street. (COUNTRY BOARD WANTED IMMBDtATELY-FOR A J gentleman, wile and little boy live, within 24 mile* of City Hall; family mu?t be private and situation good State all particular* and lowest terms for all three, ?r for wife and boy and gentleman on Monday. Address N. 0. Bishop, lit Broailwsy (COUNTRY BOARD WILL BE GIVEN IN EXCHANGE J for the ui>e or puichase of household furniture, consist ing chleliy of beds, bedding, dining room and parlor furnl ture suiiicient for a family of 30 b >ardi n, the loc ation li one of the most desirable In Westeheeter county ; the s?aclons houae and picturesque surrounding* also offer a rare oppor tunity to families now In search for country board Forrur tUer particulars adrftea*, or call upon. Dr. MUler, 191 Hiitli avenue, between in and &. HOTELS. STRAWBBRRT FARMH HOTEL, MONMOUTH COPHTT. N. J.? This pleasant retreat, forty minutes' ride from Red Bank, offers unexampled at.ractlon* to summer visiters, at very small expense. Delightful grounds, shady wood?, a ?mall lake, with boats and JMWMqne drives, are am in* the many attractions of the place Large halls, with music, al ways available for siclal purposes, without extra charge Prf e to |7 per week. Apply to W. MIULS. 17; I Broadway, New lork ?AL?? AT AUtTIUS. AH LCTION NOI ICE ? AiL THE FURNITURE OF A I private fsmlly, removed for the 0. nrenlenoe of sale lo my store, 73 Sixth avenue, one door below Waverley place, will he sold at private sale this day, at a grnat sacrifice for cash, oon*l<tlng of one solid rosewood Parlor suit, two Te<e-e totea, one Arm, one heeepUon and four Medallion Back ' Chairs, covered with the Onest French satin bronaiel. cost 9*0, will he sold for 9140: one single rosewood Parlor Suit, ? seven piece#, oost $'^>K, will be sold gor$12A; oue do., cover ? ? : I . . for |7S, and In re|>s for $*Ji 01 ' <k H"ffpt cost 91% *?1J for *'?" * !,,t Ot I'h' lor, Bed and Dining Ra m Furniture. All of this furniture can be stored until the lit or 16th of May next, and will be sent tree to any place in this city, Brooklyn or Williams burg. E. UtiT H. AIM M. MERWIN, AUCTIONEER. . By BANGH. MERWIN A CO., Irving Buildings, .MM and M>6 Rroaiway. FRIDAT EVENING, April 18, at 71, o dock, valuable prlvaie Library of fine copies of the works of staa dard authors In History, Biography, Travels, Poetry, Drama, Fiction. Arts and riencee. Including several valuable works on 'rmtnology among them Wilson's American (irnlihnlo?T, OMttilete In V vols . larg- quarto, colored plate*; aiso a variety of elegantly Illustrated Books, In rich binding, Ac., Ac Aim m riohahds, auctioneer- At-Hta?EB * hale H . of Hoots, "hoes, Wrogans, Gaiters and Finding at auc-lon, by ki^HAKDS A WHlTlltO. on Thursday, April 1H. at Ul o click, at store 30 Dry street, being the enure stock nt s 1 hhlns house, ir good order sod valued at 940(100 In rJiidi-d In this sa,e Is lO.UOO palrsof Men a, Women s, Misses and Children's ripper nailed Shoea, fre*h from the factory Tne Whole t? be sold without reeerve, by order of J. N Tirrt, | a?ignee. Auction noyic?._ household furhiti rk at P*1'eie sale, a octave. Pianoforte, prloe f?i. Bm*. eels n>ah faaj Chairs and Tables, Window shad** arwi uru.iiia, Nofa aatl other Bedsteads, Stair < arpets and H. ds, also a lichen I araiture. Inquire at 7tJJ Eighth av. ArcTION NOTICM.-BY WM W. SHIRLEY, AUC Uofieer, Friday, April 19, at 10 o'clrvck, at lft? riowery near Bnume sireet, rich China, olass ami Crockery of ali k' silv. r piated and Hrltannla Ware. A posi.ive cl anng out caeh sale of all the stock, in lots for retailers, hotels (martin* h'?aee and familiaa Most be sold. Store to bexiven up April M. AK' low NOTICH. ? THH DAV, AT I! O'CLOCK will be sold, at HKLL A JNOKAHAM S aalesowms, it, new Rfiwery, the valuable Household and Hotel Furniture, H first rate ('mmters hhow Cases, Ac , no.tumed fn,m l ues day, on account of the storm Sale rain er shine, by mort gsgec Pawnbroker s sale Monday, beet sale, by order of oTaNIoN A CO., 83 new Canal street, who are giving ud I the business. AUCTION NOTICE.? A FAMILY DECLINING IMt aR. keeplo*. will d epose at at private sa'eall their rl'>r, namNv sad Dining Room Furnltnra. at a great a? rlflcei, vli Carved roeewood seven octave Pianoforte, fu'lvgua ran teed, cost 980), for 9,J?. Indudlnf stool and cover; t'arlor sill's, coat 9?li, for 91 M'. ??* ?,W: Ktegeres. Centre fa-l-a, Bureaus, He<iste?<ia, Waehstand*. solid r -eewootl, < f mi for 9li*i; Bedding, Ae Fumltn-eall made to order; been hi use but seven month* ano in c >mplcte order Inquire at No. 70 West Twen'y slith street, near Hllh avenue A C<rriON NOTICE ? A ?m?*?AL A ^S<)RtmE*T OF /\ verv elegant roeewood Psrlnr Fumltute, ?operh y carved rosewood chamber Seta, d attr??"s h?dv Ac ; also Vei?et and Bruseeis t;arp?ts. Pier and Mantel Mirror*, r!?h ?ind>w Drspery, Mantel Hoea and Oeewratlwna choi w (Ml Paiitlngs, oak pining woom .Milt, flse Cut G'iss China sod I?in? rand Tia teu, lvor? CuJety^Ae., Ac. Can be had at prlrste sale for tbreedavs ataae hal' lU salna- fcr dssh, at U Cllatoa ?laee in Bight h atreel naar Tmad?-ay D> >rs op^n frorn 7 A M Wv7P M Keren** deelrlng an* th'n? fir houseieeplng ? ill find It 10 tbclr paeiintary bep' fl' to ""if before purcWIog Jacwhere. N. R ? Oee ?uparti raaewod *v-n uautve rtr js, ?t ? great eeoriCoa. ?AXJiB AT AVOTIOI. j^poTiow MonoB.-FosrnTa iii At the elegant residence] No. M WmI fourteenth atiwt, I OK THbVwArT^Pkll. ia emprises the 1 . e catalogue comprises Largest >nit rtcha* l**lHwis| of H naashoid Furniturs ud Work* of Art Offered at auction ttu* season. Superb seven octave Pianoforte, Blaganl Drawing Room dulls. Artistic Brooxea. Statuary, Oil Palatlags, by eminent artist*. Bronze and Onaoln (Thandailcra. Iter and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade Ana L&oe OurtAtai. Ac. Commencing at 10* o'cloek predasiy? the entire elegant V ur i Mure and >>eauUf ul Works of Aft contained In tie above large dwelling, all of which Mill be sold without reserve, and must be removed temadiately, oonslaling of every thiag to bo lound In a Aral olasa residence; Parlor, Library, Dialog Room and Chamber furniture Catalogues ready by 8 o'olook this morning, when the whole eaa be exaaainad Parlors oontaln superior Velvet Carpets, three magnificent solid rotewood Suits covered In maroon, bine and gold, and crimson and gold satin. of the most expensive description; Gothic and ? urklsh Basy Chair*, la moquet and aatln bro cade ; ladies' aolid roeewoed Reception and Arm Chairs, cove red In gold, bine, crimson aad maroon satin; three solid rosewood Centre Tables, with rioh statuary narble tops; expewdvely oarved roeewood Pier, Sofa aad Mda Tables, with marble tope: three costly roeewoed Btogerea, with marble tope, plate glass doers, Ac , imported expressly for the owner; ladfia' roeewood Work rabies, twenty < ne dav Bronze aad Ormolu Cloaks, Blegant china Vases, with the most charts aad expensive landscape paint edtoo-deriaFiunas; magtlflceot French plate Pter Qlaaa. with rioh aad heavy geld frame: Man lei Mirror to match, of 6 eel square; heavy embroidered laee Wladow Curtains aad Cornice*, large and extensive variety of OU Paintings, by tlve artlstn, a u oh as Landscapes. Winter Scenes, Marine VI Landscapes, Winter Hoenea, Marine Views, s riptm-al Pteocs, 4c., the whole forming a very pleasing col Tbe mont elegant Instrument ever offered at publlo auction; rich suoilop bottoeo, splend'd carved leg*, overstrung baas, with all the lateettmpravesaeDU, SMisksfl bask, rtmnd cor ner*, name board richly Inlaid with pearl and soUd pearl key*- a perfect gem, and la really one of the most beautiful! icHtrumeots to bo found ; rosewood Piano Stool, In crimson as tin , rich emboaeed Piano Cover. Lining Boom? Mich velvet Carpet. In good order; solid oak Ex'ension Table, all polished in the beet manner; marble lop Fancy Tables. Mirrors, Sofa Beds, Chairs in hair oloth, to with all the ruby and crystal cut Class Ware, Wines, ^^?pagnes, Tu nblers, Qoblets and Oecaaten to match: rich china Tea aad Dinner nets, costly Silver Ware, Tea and Dinner Servtoe, twenty-four inch Salvers, Cake Baskets, I Casters, Coffee and Tea (Jrns, Spoon*, Porks, Llqnor b tends, superior Table Cutlery, marble Pitchers, Ac, Coaml>?ra? Costly aol.d roeewood and mahogany Bed ?lead*, mutuary marble top Bureaux, WaHhutandu aQ(j Coin modxe to match ; over twenty pure hair Mai trea'iea. from forty Ui elity pounds, made to order and in excellent condition; in CHn oarpeta Bedroom Mirrors. Clocks Toilet Tables, rowel Hli, Toilet Vets of Cloths, htair Carpets and Rod*, mabtoga Couch Beds, with a large Utensil*, Ac , with which the aale will commence. The sale of tbe above Furniture will positively take plaoo without regard to weather. A respoasl jle person will be in attendance to pack and Hblp articles goiug out of the city, at a reasonable charge Deposits satisfactory to the auctioneer will be required from all purchasers. Terms cash. AMUCHON NOTtOB.

? BfcAUTIFUL HO SB WOOD FOBMITCkR. BLKliANT MAKULK OROUPH, UlUMiaBH, PaINTWO*. MAUNIFIOMNT PIAHOFOUTB, SUPERB BOHBWOOD PABLOB SUITS, . BOHEMIAN AMD INDIA CBBNA, SILVER WARE, *0.. 4TU., Public Auotlon, This (Thareday I afternoon, at > o'clock P. M. BDBSKLl. W. WBHTCOTT, Auctioneer, would invite the attention of housekeepers and parties in want at elegant Household Furniture and House Farntohkisaeods of every da Isrrtmlon? embractog many rare aad bsaaafal works of art? I to the sale to be nude this day (Monday), oommsaeing at I [o'clock in the afternoon precisely, at the dwelling house 1M ? Twenty first street, between Seventh and Mlgbth avouues, cur. prising the entire handsome Parlor, Chamber, Dfelng Koom and Li ovary Furniture of the hoase, aU of which Is sew and in perfoet order, hairing been made to order within three months. The whole wiU be sold, strictly without reserve and to be rammed Immediately from the housa. The furniture oonrteta la part of one rioh oarved Butt ** ? Hd roeewood farior Furniftwe, covered la crimse* ?ad maroon brocade , one fall null richly upholstered ie green aad gsld brocade: both of theee suits are worthy of spwdal aUenttna; ouk AiH Jl'aok W?a?L o-.nmi im hair oloth, saasrb Tnpeetvy, W llton and lngnrlB Oarpeta, two statuazy marble tea Bte gerea, with plate doors; leseweinl Coatreaad ?*W? Tables, l srkish Lounges, la valval aad rioh damask, with Voltaire Chairs to match ; Hi Ik and Laee CastalaA Bronse Clocks, t) CPU MM MOSBWOOD aSvBl OCT ATM PLAMOVOBTB, STOOL AMD BMBBOIDBBMD COTKB: fine large Maatal ead Pier Mirrors, elegant ftroates. Marble Sroupo; Bisque Figures, Palatini and Beau Ufa! Parlor Orua meaia; res * wood (naaW rarultara. of every dbecriptlon ; slxteea large Hair Mattresses, Beda As. ; Dressing vd Plata Bureaus, rreach and BUaabothaa Bodsteada, oak Bxtenaiqn , Table, oak. Buffet Chair a, Ac., with aa elegant variety of rlA Cat Olasa, Bllverwara, Dinner and tea ila^mmiiH|MM BlKxau, Forka One, French Chiaa, Ac., Aa Celshgns* at houea A OCT IOW NOTiaB.-Sia.OM WOMTH OF BEAUTIFUL BOHBWOOD FUBNITURH, Blegant Marble Group Bronze*, Paintings, Magniflsent Piaaororte, Superb Rosewood Pallor Suits, Bohemian aad India China, Silverware. Ac.. Ac., AT POBUC AUCTION, ThU day, at* P. M. RCS8BLL W. WBHTCOfT, auctioneer, would lavlte the attention of k^eekeepers and part lea la wait of elegant Household KfP~ore and House Furnishing Ocods of every description, ?er ?VDg many rare and beautiful work" of art. to the sale to"v?*<lt? this day (Wednesday), commenotaR at t" o clock '.n tla at the dwelling house 162 Twenty first beven'h and Rights avenues. i I wouijr U'? P?rlor, Chamber, Dlnlag of tin house all of which u | new and In perfect order, having been made to order within | three months. The whole will be sold strictly without re L serve, and to be removed Immediately from the house. The \ Furniture oonrists in part of one richly carved suit of solid rosewood Parlor Furniture, covered in crimson and maroon brocade; one full Suit, richly upholstered la green and gold broosde; both of these sul .* are worthy of speotal attention; one Hult black walnut, ooverea In haircloth: superb Tapestry, Wilton and ingrain Carpet*, two ata'uary marble ton Ete seres, with plate doors; roeewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Lounges, in velvet end rich damask, with Voltaire Chairs to match ; ? ilk and Lace Curtain* Bronze Clocks, Superb Mosagood rievea Octave PIANOFOBTE, HTOOLWd EMHROIDBRED COVE*. Fine large Mantel and Pter Blrmin, elegant Broosee, marble Oroupa, bisque Figures. Painilngi and beautiful Parlor Orna ments, rosewood Chamber Furniture of every description, sixteen large Hair Matin seen, B"d?, An. ; drawing aail plain Bureaus, French and Elizabethan Bedsteads, oak Kxteoslon Table, oak Buffet, Clialr*, Ac., with an elegant variety a( rich Cut Olasa, Hllrerwara, Dinner and Tea gnrvlen, Caafr* 8poon*. Forks, Crai>. French Chlua, Ae Also a large variety or Chamber and Parlsr Furniture not here mentioned. Sale positive, rain or ahine, commencing at S precisely. A LBBBT H. NICOLAT, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, A tbt* dm j (Thurtulay ), April 18, at US o'clock, at the dtuck Salesroom, 02 William ?trert. KKutl LARS ALB. 40 lb* But A Diov Bk %lt> 2&shi Fnlton In* $2^ SO Hank of Republic ...lot) It Hnmuriii B. t I. Co. 10 40 Chatham Bank 25 HO Flreme?>'s fond Ins.. 10 16t)boe A Leather Bank. ltU .'WOoi Marino la* 1UU l.*0 Marine Bank fill It Merchant'* Ina 00 26 Am. Exchange Bank. 100 9H Mercantile fire In*. . 100 20 Home Insurance .... 1UQ 50 Brooklyn Cent. KB. SO an Washington Mar. In*. WO 26 Knlton In? IB 20 Gallatin In* 100 100 Heeurlty lna 00 11*1 Hr'klyn.Aea. of Music 0(1 JO Oermanla In* 60 40 Befkman In* 26 100 diiequehanna A Wyo. 20 Mercantile Mutual In* 1U0 mtng Valley Coal Co. 100 401mpnrt'a ATrad. Ina. 60 60 Mremana' Trait In*. 10 10 commerce In* . . 10" (*' Knickerbocker loeCo^ 100 911,1100 MeniphlaClty ai* percent floods. H.1N41 Sciots and Hocking Valley KK l*t mortgage bond* .'LOUO Brooklyn City six per cent Water Bond*. Next regular sale on Monday, April U ALBKHT H. NICOLAT A CO, Auctioneers und su>ck Broker*, No 03 William afreet. Auction notice.? arthcr b. chapman a do., auctioneers. MAamriCENT HOU8BHOLD FUBNirUKB, Painting*, Statuary. Bronxes nod Worn of Art, To be peremptorily sold at auciiou. On thl* day (rhur?layi, April 18, At the private residence No 62 West siiteenth atreet, between fifth and Sixth avenue*. 8 tie oommencln* at two o'clock i* M I*he property of a family relinquishing housekeeping. The catalogue comprises the largeat and richest assortment of Household furniture, Ac , offered at auction thin ?a? in. Furniture all madti to order by oity maker* and M at the beet description. Cataltwu a at the bonne on morning of sale, vli:? Seven octave Pianoforte, Drawlnsroom Suits, Etcgerca, H .okcaae. Mirror*. Lace Curtain*, VascH, OH rainling<, Mutual*, velvet ana Brtusel* Carpets. Buffet, Riiennlon rable, China, 01*as, KHrerware, lable Cutlery, Bureau*, Warorobea, Hair, spring Matt retises, Bedstead*. Cotnmodw, Hat stand.) Hl cHi h, Stair Carpets, Ac Alai, a large assortment of baae ment and kitchen furniture, Aa Hale poeitlve at two o'clook P. It __ A SSTGNKK*' SALS Of HATH, CA 1*8, f 17 RH AND A. Straw (Mods? A. M. CBISTaLaK, auctioneer, will sell, on Friday, April 18. at 10', o clock, at4T L?ey u re-t, lit* ea tire stock ef a wholeaaie house, cnnmating in part of a Urge assortment of soft and felt Uata, of various qualities; nloth, velvet and pln*h Caps, In great variety, Panama and various d. script lo?s of straw Hats. Together with a lane and valuable variety of made tip furs, consisting of Mink, it Russian and Hudson Bay Sable Capes, Victor! nt *, Cuffs, Muff*. Ac. T wether with OfUss furniture. flxtnrea, In* Safe, Aa by order of SAMUEL RTBBN ? and ' Assignee*. SIMON GOODMAN, t Auction halb.-b. o. absams auctioneer, will sell, tlit* day and on frlday and Saturday, all the Lry Uooda la store 285 sixth avenue near Eighteenth street, remaining over from Monday's sale. dale p sitive; great chance (or bargain* To commence at 11 o'clook each day. Auction sale this dat, at 10 oolojk a. m? of 6 000 >*e*r Treee, 8,001) Apple, Pea 'h, Cherry, Plum, Onlnr* end other fruit Trees; o-namenul *nd flowering Shrub*, Trves, Plants. An., at the Nenwrymea's d*pot, Ho. 90 Nassau street, New Tork TJROWNB A NICHOIjH, AUCTIONEERS. .1* NANnaO J > utreet ?Friday. April 19 at 10X o'clock, at the private residence No 2 Tompkins place, between Harrison and Do g-aw street*, Brooklyn, large aale of rich Household Furni ture made by Koiix and others, consisting of solid rosewood Parlor Furniture, elegan Up aarved In Louis XIT. and Slim bethan styles, oiTcnsi In heavv silk br.matel, rich Rngltah \ elvet Carpets, Hrticatel and Lace Window Curtains, satin valances and heavy gilt c trainee; Frvnch plate Oval and I'ler Mirrors, superb frames, mngn'fln.-nt rosewood Rarnt.rtra, Inlaid wl h ra?e wood; ebony Arm and lt?oeptlon Chairs, rich Centre Tables and Btegerea, elegant roiawood I'arior Organ, right Stops; roeewond round cornered Pianoforte, Stoel and < Vver flne collect ion of Oil I'alntlng* and colored Engraving*, rich French I :blos Vn*??, ormolu and marble Clock, verv fine; rick Diving Room Furniture, la solid oak; Buffet, Kiwwat'ie Table, Sofa, Chairs, Ac ; also marble Clock, run* one year rosewood M>l black walnut Bedroom Furniture, curled hair Mattresses, Feather nods, HolMera, PUiows, Aa.; Hruasels and !t ply oarpe s, Bngllah Oilcloths. Sta'r ('a -pets and roae wood Ball Furniture, italr Rod*, Aa Alan Refrigerators and Kitchen furniture, with which the sale will oomaseaoe. N. p . The i>recn?ood ears, via Court Hreet, pass within one b!osk of Ue sale. BKDWNR A NHTBOLS, AUCTION KB**. -TBt? dat, Tharaday. April U, at 11 o'eiock. at the residence of arthnr Kendall, Km, at Statea (aland, In htchmond street. >n the I'? of the hill, midway between gnantnUne and stapletoa landings, the house formerly oorupled by Captain VanderMrt all the ele gant Furniture contained In said h mae c "xiatlng of ele gant carved ?osewood Parlor and Bettnum furniture, splen did carved oak Lining Keom In Til tore one Danker a Billiard Table, with Pfcelaa'a ociWdnatlen sushlona. ami flttures eom plele UrtimeU and Ingrain Carprta, Otlclolhs, feather Be Is, ? attrevee. Bolatera, < hlna. ula?e. cutlery, Ae also a choice eeleetlon of Wlaea, conrisMng of old l. t tied Ports, Sherries Madelrae. Ae. Also iw ? ?e?( extension Top *sgon. ?Nh pole and ahafte, built hv Wood, Tomunaon A Cat, and in oompteta order; ale ? two seat Depot B'agoa. Beownf. a NICHOLS, auctTon>7rT^ -miner, Arr*l 19. at one n < lock, at aa'ear om St Nat?%n street, a fine "tlaek Home, If, hand* high verj tyliah and a go -1 traveller; also % tV rer rttjgr la p?rrect order made ly La 1 1 nee , aU? HDver Plated Ba^acM, Ctj m vie ?ALU AT AVOTlHa BMBOWVE * MIOHOLB, APCTIOMMBBB? THIBDAT ? (Thursday), April 18, at oaeoeioek, ?mi ilrat, t Im Bey Horse, U MM? 7 imi h| tail. s?lsadt< dmor, Mual and > 0 etook, at salesroom 36 Nav ~ rears old, loag How la; will trot tasida of UiwmImim. BW. TILTOM, AUCTIONEER. . T1LTON. WORRALL A MAOT. Will Mil *' ? " ? THURSDAY, AprUMTiae, At 10^ o'clock AT M., at Utlr fc AI.K8BOOM. 460 BHOaDWAI, N. Y.. OARBIAOB8. BUGGIES AMD U ABM BBS. A large and desirable assortment of Superior wortmsnshlp, style aad finish. A rare opportunity for buyers. Oataloguss ready oa Well Alio, one seoond hand Coach and m top PI II LEVY, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 107 MAODOUGAL v? street -JC. M. LEVY will seU tklsday at I60ilatea pl?<*, near Broadway, at 10* o'olook, elegant Household Furniture made te order and warranted, *li slogan yoarved roeewood Hulls, covered In very rtoh satin brooaiel ; carved rosewood Oentre Tables, elegant' y and elabora'-ely carved ; roeesvood Bteaare, glass back, and worthy Of auentlen : rose wood ?lde and Bora Tables, rosewood aad brocatel Beoep tlon Chairs, rloh lace and satin brocatel Curtains, rosewxid seven octave Pianoforte, made by J. A (J. Flaeher, aad war ranted a perfect Instrusseat; elegant Mantel aad Pier Glasses, rich gilt frame*, costly OU Paintings, by eminent artists; rich Bronzes, elegant 11 aad 60 day 10 looks, costly Parian and bieque Figures, rich ehina Vases ladles' Bsare. toires, Work tables, rosewood Bookcases, do. Armour*, do magnificently carved high headboard aad round edges Bedsteads, with a richly carved rosewood Bureau, with high glass; rosewood Wash stand and Ooeuaode. oom do magnificently carved high headboard aad raaH ^tes Bsdslssds, with a richly carved rosewood Bureau, high glass; roeewood Wash stand and Oommode. oom-s prising one of the handsomest On amber Hulls ever offered. I A l/o rich Brussels Carpets. a variety ef patterns; mtboganyl 1 Bedstead, bureau, Washttand, Ac. ; black walnut Suit#, Boa.1 melled Suits, Easy Chairs, Lounges, rosewood i>aae deal Obalrs, heavv Feather Beds, Bolsters, PUlovs, Ac. : Hair Mat tresses. boring Beds, itsh oak Din lag Table capable of seat ing*) lo V) pamons ; richly carved oak Buffet, Dining Boom Chairs, with an attractive and varied assortment or rtehly engraved. Glassware, viz: Tumblers Champagnes, Wine*. Ac ; rich Out Glass, Cellery Bowls, Pre?rve Olibus, Decan i ten. Fruit Dishes, rtoh China Dinner Seta, eleganMMmmd elegant Silver plated tea Sel SUverpUted Table Porks, Deeaert Forks, 8U verplated Spoons, Gravy Spoons, Liquor Case rosewood, with engraved botilee; Silverplated Castors, Ivory Handle Katves ana Porks, < ervers, Ac. This sale Is oeHainly worthy the attention of thoce desirous of refurnishing their houses at a moderate price with articles of a first rate manufacture. CALVIN T. HAZBN, AUCTIONEER. ? CARPHTfNG At auction.? J W Dlmick's oarpet store. 288 iud 27U Canal street, near Broadway, on Thursday, April lrt, at U o'olook, the entire wholesale stock of American and Kngllsh Carpeting, Oil cloths. Bugs, Ac. Any quantity of yards cut that pur chasers require. Daniel a mathews, auctioneer. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF SUPBttB FURNITUBE, Being the entire stock of one of our first olass Broadway manufacturers, to be sold at auotion on THIS DAY (THURSDAY), Al'BIL 18, AT 11 O'CLOCK, BY DANIBL A. MATHEWS A 00.. AT THKIR NEW AND SPACIOUS SALESROOM. NO 79 NASSAU STREET, (NBAR PULTON STREET). By order o> the assignee, embracing a large assortment of the most elegant Puralt ire offered at auction this season, viz ?uperb solid carved rosewood Parlor Suits, In striped watered silk, satin and brocatel; splendid roeewood Amour a glare , superb rosewood round cornered Beditt-ads and Bu reeux; do la black walnut, varnished and In oil; elegant Cabinets, Centre and Work tables, rosewood and walnut Secretaries and Library Rookciiaes: super!) rosewood hte seres; carved oak and walnut Buffets Extension Table* aad Dining Boom Chairs; oak and walnut Sail .tands and Chairs Also an assortment of t-uperior mahoga' y * urnlture The above superb Furniture Is all <>r the very best manu facture and will be peremptorily sold by order of the as signee. It Is now on exhibition, we would respectfully oall the attentl >n of those in waat of elegant Furniture to this sale, as It is unquestionably the finest sale of first olass Furni ture that has ever been offered at anntlon In this city JOHN C. FaLCoNER, Assignee. Edward bchence, auctioneer OBEAT SALE op TUB BTOCK OF THOROUGH BRED AND TROTTING BTOCK OF MESSRS. WM. H GIBSONS a.ND FRANK LATHROF, By H. A F. H. 8HENCE, on Tuesday April 23. at 11 a. M., at the "Barney Carter'' farm, Madison, N. J., the following oel rated stook, vis:? NaNME LEWIS, by imported Gleacoe, out of Motto, by imported Barefoot Also Coil Oy her side: l AMTA. br Revenue, out of Emily Thomas. Also Colt by h (ur ?i<ts^ bj Wwr Hits. CONSUBLO, by Commodore, out or Rosebud. ALDEBARAN. by Coounodore. out or Maaale Lew la, MaLAKOFF, trotting stallion, bv -eter Dorian. Also several other very valuable Thorougn a red Hit Trot ting Hones, both single and in pairs. Cetal'wu,* with full particulars, are now ready, and can be had at our oflloe, 141 Broadway. The Morris and Essex R railroad train leave* foot of Con lan it stivet at M :90 A. M., and returns, leaving Madison at 3 and ? o'clock P^M. Edward bchenck, auctioneer. ? grtteel Household Furniture.? By E A F H 3HCHENCK, on Saturday. 10th last., at ll)>; o'clock ( postponed from the itttb on account of ths storm), at 71 Bast seventh street, between First aad second avenues, all the Furniture contained in the above hoosa, cor sis ling In part of roeewood and mahogany Parlor Suits, Pier Glass aad Oomloe*, Brussels and Ingrala Carpets, elegant rosewood Wardrobe, Centre and llsr Tables, mahogany and walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus and W substantia; Oilcloths. Carpets, Ac. Also the Kitchen Furniture, with whioh the sale will oommettoa _____ | Edward kohence, adctionbbb. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FUBNITUBE, By E. A F. H. hCHENCK, on Friday, 19th Inst, at 10^ o'clock at Na 20 West Blghteenth street, near Fifth avenue, a'lef the elegant Furniture, made to order by Dessolr, con in part? DINING ROOM. Brussels Carpet, carved oak Extension Dining Table, ewed oak Dining Oh airs to match : superb earved oak Buffet, Lis bon marbte top; magnificent French China Dinner Set, ele gant >ut Glass, Cutlery, Ac., Briwa'el Curtains, bronze aad .marble CtQclftend Statuettes, Ac., Ao. DRAWING BOOM. Medallion Carpets, rOsMsaod Piano, by Ntinns ft Clark; elegant ?ult of rosewood Parlor Furniture, of M pieces; su perb rosewood K leg ere. Card Tables, no re, aod superb Centre Table, elegant Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Bronze Jlocks and Statuettes elegant Brocatel and Lace Curtains, Ac., Ac. Also several superb Palntlng^^ nvhi^sjJsta. Elegant rosewood Bedsteads, Sureana, Amour-a Glace, La dya' rosewood Cylinder Secretary, Mirrors, Curtains. Turkish aad Easy Chairs, Brussels Carpets, Ac, Aa Elegant rosewood Hatstand, Stair Carpets Rugs, Mats, Ac. Also the kitchen and basement Furniture, with which the sale will commence. EBW ARD SCHBNCE, AUCTIONEER. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OP BUPEBB HOUSEHOLD FUBNITirRB. BTK A P. II. SCHBNCE, this day. 18th Inat . at eleven o'ckck, ai their salesroom, HI Broadway, the ?t<>ck of one of tlx- first cabinet maker* of this ci y, eonatetinK la part of ele gant solid carved and plain roaewood Mil In satin and bro cntel ;supei b roeewood Amour a Oleee; magnificent roee? ox> round corner Bedsteads and Bureau*; do. In black walnut, varnished and In oil; black and Catilneta, Centre ana W >rk Tablea, rosewood and walnut Secretary and Library Bookcaars. elegant roaewood ??. lege res, carved walnut ana cutk Buffets, Extension Tablea ana Dining Room Chairs. ele gantly curved oak Dining Boom Sofas, oak and walnut Li brary htalr Chairs, oak md walnut Hall Stands and Chairs. Also a large assortment u elegant mahogany Parlor, Cham ber and Dining Room Furniture The above elegant furni ture is all ot the very bent manufacture, and will De positive ly sold by order of tne a-? ignee. It will be on exhibition at out saleareoms on WadaeaoM, The particular attention of those In wsnt of elegant furniture la respectfully requested to this eale as It Is u. loubtedly the fin sat aale of first class furniture that haa taken plaoe in thla city. J B FKEBMAN, Assignee. 17 H. LUDLOW, AWjTKWBH. JBj. handbom'e houbbhold WM1WHB B. B. LUDLOW * OO. wfllselLat auction, an Tharaday, April 18, 1*1, at 11 o'claek, atKa. 09 Bast Twenty-thiH ?treat, near Fourth avenue. Handsome HoaaahaU Fm-nrtuse, all the Furniture. consisting V large French plate KinonL with slabs; eitra heavy gilt Comloee. green and gold brsyiteJ < -plains, with tassils and loop* Martin Window Bhadss rrflrwooa Secretary Mookoase, rosewood tide board, one roee wood Piano, elegant aavred rosewood Halt in green sHk damask ; two rosewood Tables, oarvad roaewood Wt In mim son and gold damask, lam Cnrtalns, gilt and bronia Oh an da lien, roaewood Wardrobe, with Mirror; mahogany OhMDa, nam ? od Bedsteads, PalUaaaea and Mattrraasa. ?elvel(Tapaa try, Brusasis and Aimtnrtsr Carpets OOoloths, one aat of Moreen Cartalna. catalogues at the auetioaeers' offlea. Bh. i,upix>w, auctioneer. . valuable ooubtry beat at new hambtteo B. H LUDLOW k OO. will se l. at auction, on Friday, April 28. 1P6I, at 12 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchauge, N Y New Hamburg, on Hudson river ? Tbe Farm of the late i George - underbill, containing Ml acres, near Milton Ferry depot, Hudson Hirer Railroad, In good condition , plenty or trait and ornamental teeea; good (tone House and other buildings then Is a dock on the premises, stone qnarry, clay bed. Ac Further particulars and maps at tbe auction eera' odlre, Mo. 3 Pine street. Ijl H LUDLOW, AUCTION EKB. !i. HOUSEHOLD FiRNITl RE AT AUCTION K H L DLOW A CO. will sell at auction, on Friday. Apr lI9. 1*61, at 10>( o'clock, at No M East Twenty second street, southwest corner of Fourth avenue, the entire Furni ture contained In said bouse oonsnting of mahogsny Parlor and i'edrota 1 urnlture. Sofa chairs, Ac In hair cloth and broratrl; mabouKny French Hrosieade, Dressing Table*, li i reaus Ac , Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Ae , to Ether with an assortment of Klteheu Furniture, with whloh e sale will ?ommanoe. F ELEVENTH BPRINU TRADB S A LE-II A KU A ARK 'j Auction Nolle*? JOHN VAN ANTWERP.* BON. Ml tloneer. will eelL, thin dar, April H, at 10 o'clock, at the store 7* William street. WO lots assorted Knsiish, <ierman and American hardware, < utlery, Ac., comprising pa t of l#? st-ck of tbe late Arm of Edward Corning A Co.. tnge her with tbe balance of doodsof the stock of M*v>rs. Richard A Flenryi also, a large lot of the tterndorf Metal Ware Factory Plated M>oons and forks, warranted In every 1. sped , also, Eye Ward A Co 'a calibrated Table Cutlery; also, H Taylor A Bene. Pattern Cards ol' One Pocket Knives, Ac., Ac Terms oath. FOOLTMN. AU TIONEBB-OBNTEBL HOUSEHOLD ? Furnitare removed fnm Brooklyn ? F CoLfoN will ?Ml, to morrow (""rlday). April t9, at I04 o'clock, at the store M Heekman street, a very large and general assortment of good furniture. rem ved from Brooklyn. In this sale you son And almost any kind and description of gold I'ar flr, Dining Koom, Bed i?om and Basement Furniture; also, two roaewood Pianofortes, two or three "arlor suits, all kinds of Carpets and Oilcloths, Feather Beds and Hair Mattresses, marble top Fu> allure. Wardrobes, Bookcases Dressing Hn reaus, Ruenslon Tablea, Sofaa, and er?ry article appertaining to housekeeping Sale positive FURN11UHM AT PRIVATE 8 ALB? CONSISTING T? part o' annltof first elaas eoaewd Parlor furniture, by a first rate maker Piano, nerved chalra. Carpets, Ac , at 106 Amity street, after I PTm /"" IIRAT rat? CP BAKB AND ?AL"A.HLK PLAHTU. VT The satire stoek o' the lata J B. R issh wlU be offered for ?seal ssMtlon. on Tharseav IBte I est, at H *lwk at lila si tenstea (WenKous-s, on the sornsr af TflN aveaoe and htghth street, Brooklyn, constating of several bund -ad Hams IkM, of the meat nhotes rartetlea- many of them of lsrv> si mi atoo a large vsriety of AiaUaa, emonteing sJ ike n jw varia Haa; also a mnet e?teaet?s aasnrlnent nf " *hi??e ''lanta, IncinSlag a large ontlerMne of Orchids. Imported at bl|h prteee. at o a variety erf Plants suited ror bead lag All p?r sons deetooos in setmrea vainahle sollerU- a will find this s most dedrableopportua<ty, sa w?U as those eonn?cted with tbe ttade baleiier mptory, to rtuee the eetat?, under Ue tftrertkm of the Bteeuiere i ke entire Orannhoasee. Dwell mg Sf?l .16 Lote ? III be Isaeed tor five rears "era" made known on e.rflicaUoo 10 Mm J B. BAi'CH. oa tbe pra mleen. HENBT H HERD*, AUCTIOBRBfi -T ALU A BLR AID rare col ectlon of O'l I'alnllnge? HERBV tl LBKD4 A 0<\ will sell at auction, on Friday, April 19, at II o'clock In the gallery over the salesroom, Ft Nassau street, an ei ?ed Ingly rich and valuable collection of Pla ares by the fiist Iv ng 5V* Ufa wings, ar|uarellee, Ae., the pr>p-?rt? ,r, . " 8saiunont, oomi 'ldint spedmsni sele< ed per tonally by him f>nm the studios ef Frere, Terboanklwran, Beignao. Roehkock. Stroe!>el of the Hague, H idler mta of D^iseeldorf, Kruseman, De Prak?leer, t1" Wout?rs, uneradl, hutennam l.anfont de Mett, l^eyckart, De Voa, Herring. J H ryee, Holding' on. Shaker, Williams, and other a'tlds of the highest dlstlnctloa. Also I rawing* and Water '*olor Pang lugs, by Cnilkshank, Usher. Kramer . De s*ne?e art. Mayer. 0"?ster. (ltwnw?g?n Vso Deraoter, Ten 0?t', Ac., A"1 AKa a Pert o|lo.c.*uu?,tag_al?oiit dfty Pencti Hket^ Monslenr Rckbout lateTdreetor of the Horal *cadeoiy ifl>.e l>?r" and >-alnte'to the Cour or Pollanl The abors erlll b? found eepsei* w worthy tbe stt?ntlon of lovers of th? fl?e s-ts rhe> tiiaJT he V|| wed *'th -at- Iojjiim In o trgs'l' lies, 11 >? ?>u ttrc t, fewdv p *? d*i : 'h? ?ALU AT AVOnW. IJ**I un*, iuimonm- hbnbi 7, ard ^KN*f m. tt? Mendlcsat Olrl. by MwwMmu; thollylngflaiS brocse, by OoBultri llMhuM, by PradE r; fciSuTc A. do Dna, Brochart, Bonuiaguin, Upou, Hd, u~f3 llano's smiecOon, mi tni <ifcalr of Napoleon I ; gisid acista I Piano by 1'lovcl, with a very floe collection of ?>?H?|i3 Drawing* ^1)1 tin rrslj fr ? ti'" (-'l1- Til-m? In Mfd of sdmMoe only, to be obtained fro* tbe imSbwi teaturda^lia, and until days of sale. Will als; boont? ?NBT & UMM, ADOllOim-HUlT * PLeBDS A 00. will at auction on Thursday, AM Htl 10H o'clock, at II Amity street, geoleei Household rur foituro. consisting of velvet aad Brussels Carpeta, mthagssy and black walnut ranltan, Pier OImiii, Bi^Macita, *t> teeus, Washstaads, fe ; Olsss OhuMMm, Mantel Glasasc, Hair MaUreasss and Beddiag, solid mah-fMir Dining csmohorwood Secretary sevenl ptaMnt, Orsoksry mm Glasswsra, and a general assortment of Kitaheo Fun>Ul% with wbiob the sale will oommeom. HHKNKT H LEEDS, AUOTIONBBR ? HENRY ?. I LkEDS A Co. will mII. at auction, am Friday, April IS, I at IMj> O'clock, at 188 Weel Twenty first street. gen tool uouaft. bold furniture, tbe property of a gentleman loafing for St rope, consisting of velvet carpets, rosewood SalKin (Net nii velvet; marble top Centre Table, OH Palatini* vary Baa Engravings. rosewood Etegere, real ?roas'e aad Clicks Uaoa Curtains, Illustrated looks, oak Biteaston Tjfts, oak Buffet. Dinner Bet. PIMted Wire if.. ; mahogany and blank walnut U hairs, I [Mirror*, [Hassan! Bedronn Soita. mahogany -*ecr*tarv and Boik -ase, u hairs, tfglMiiMMMMUafeBMVjofaMdsteada. Minors, I China, OtSM and Cottage TTBNBT GUBX, AUOTIONBBR.? THIS PAT, A XI o'clock, at tbe auction store It Wflllsaa si tact, I Ha'ifai talmon, Starch. Halibut, tnmg. Axle UrMLsal Plug l ohaeoo, t-pioM, Coffee. Champagne. Molasses, ll assorted Wines aad Liquors, fln.odo Imp trtcd aad doc Hegars, one flreproof t-afe. Also, Mil o'clock, a lot sf OUST B UBRTB. JR., AUCTIONEER, WILL ? P on Tfcorsdav, April M, at 10* o'clock st 171 Wasfl teenth etrerd, the entire elegant Farnilore, fine Oil ? lags, Anltyjiiessolid Silver Ware, As., belonging to bcoc ?^^^!si?hnSTi3 Hob Preach pUtc PleraadT and Ornaments, solid M ^^^^^^^^^^Mginal Dnteh and Flemish! Centre Tables, Hlaaof tel Mirrors, real Ckte KKBT B. HERTS, JB , AUCTIONEER. 'KKEWPTORT SALE Of tbe entire balance Mock of Ware, ssrwal valuable original Paintings, valuable aaoleat Hebrew, Greek aad othsr China, Olios sad Plated Ware; Carpels. Oilcloths, Cha Purnlinre, Bads, Bedding Ac.; also Iron Safe, fire-i Plate Cheat, valuable aneient Colas, As ; together with ffte usual assortaseat of Bitebcn Parnlture aad Utensils, wS which the sale will commence Oatalcgoes may be but sd tbe oboe of tbe auctioneer Ha BK Pi*' street, or at ttm house oa mora tag of sals TTBNBT B. HERt?, J? , AUCTIONEER. H PBBBtlPTORY maLE OP H0R8BS, CARBIAOB8, bLBIOHb. HIMM, As.. On FRIDaT, April IB sTld o'clock. At tbe P tables No. lus West i birty seonnd street, fcstwap Birth aid beven b avenues li nlmg iln nsllii mini nliklMh meat of a genttemna who Is leaving for Burops. and to ha ?old without my reeerve, I Cooflftitinc of S splendid bay carriage H^nes, about 18^ hands UBk between 6 and ? years old. Warranted sound mM kind. 1 fins bay Hons, !? hands high, sound and kind. 1 Coupe, maoe to order by Wood Brothers, la good order I double coat Top Wagon, made to order by Duseabnry A Van Iluzer. with poln. 1 LightTop Wagon, made to order by 8 winner! en, with p4M 1 large etleigh, 2 small BMghs, Bells, Robes, Ac. f sets doable Barn?ws, Mlver monatod, nearly now. S seta stagle Harness, BtawksK Ac., Ac. Ike above may bo soea aay day, frost 8 to 13 A. V., at Ma stab'a, as abova o WATCHBS. JBW&.?., niAMi Mv> . xn.VER Wj?K Jte , bei'-ninn to m.- Lewis *\iiich.wbu u retiring froatbu^neci^ To bo sold at auction at his store Mo Its BR. AOWAT, Under tlw Now York Hotel. On PrtdM, April it, at 11 o'clock. Tbe sale will positively be without any reeerve whatever. and will be well worthy the attention of asalers. HBBRT GMKBN, a L'CTTOIfEEB ? 8TORB 19* WILLI AH street ? Bbardlng Hooae Furniture, Butcher's Block, Bench, Pickling Tuba Hausage Hulling and Cutting Vsohiaa (new),? On Kriaay, April IV, at 10K <> clock, on the premise^ 10 Greenwich street, the whole of the Furniture, SO Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bedding, Dining Tab las. Chairs, Ac., of a hoarding housa. _____ Henry obeen, auctionbbr.-thib day, at io% o'clock, at the auction star*, 1M William street, apiiisi sale, 11 rosewood ( hairs, In criasoon plush; 1 mahogany Pianoforte, Dry aad Fancy Goods, Shawls. Dreas Goods Em broideries, Clothing, Coats, Pants, Vesta, Piece Goods, lot of Crockery Ac. Handsome household furniturb at auotio*. Wc would call attention to the sale of handsome Puml tura to be made at auction this day by B H LUDLOW A CO , at 11 o'clock A. M , at W Bast Twenty third Strsot Cata logues at tbe auctioneer's office. No. 8 Pino street - ARDWaBB AUCTION NOTICE JNO. B. VAX ANTWERP'S BOM, Aoetloassr, Will induce In hll Elegant spring trade sale of HAfiDWARB, THIN DAT, At his store. Mo. 73 William street. Part of the stook of the late Arm of Edward Corning A Co. Terms csah. JOSEPH HECEMAN, AUCTIONEER. THUB8LA Y, APBIL 18. At nine o'clock A. M. , at 113 Waahlngtoa street, mm Ttllary street, A general assortment of Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac. SAUK DAT, At 11 o'ekMk, at 300 Degraw street, between Smith aad Court stree a. Mahogany and walnut Parlor, Chamber and Dining Boom Furniture, Hair Mattresses. Feather Beds, Brussels, Three ply and ingrain Carpets, oilcloths, Ac. SAME DAT, At 1 yi o'clock, at 146 Ssckett street. near Hides s'reet, Household Fnrnlture? Pier Glass, mahogany Sofas, Chairs, Centre Tables, Secretary Bedaiead, marble top Bureaus, do. Washitanda, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Carpets, A e JOBM K. OAKLET, AUOTIONBBE -JOHN K. OAK LEY A ">0. will sell by auction, on ftiuraday , April UK 1*1. at 1)i o'clock P M , at 2S3 Court streeiTBrooklyn, a large and general aseor>ment of China, cut Ulasa. plain Do , Crockery, Earthenware, splendid TsUet (tela, "ase*. *blaa Ornamanta at splendid variety, Dinner and "ea Beta, Ac By order of A. W a LUIS, Administrator. TAMES crSHINO, aOCTIONBBR, WILL BELL, OW .1 ? ? --- ? ? ? -? k>i^ e'olock A. M , aU the iJ Thursday, April 18, at _,J( JB , JH Parlor, Chamber aad Kitahen Furniture contained taSL 318 Bleacher street, corner Christopher street. Bofaa Be reaus, Beds and Bedding, Mirrors, Curtains, Chairs, rabies, Pianoforte. Knives and Forks, Stoves, Crock wy, Carpets, Oilcloth, Ac bale positive. TOUN H BUBLY, AUCTION EBB? WILL HELL THIE . cl day, at i o'clock, at 444 Canal sttaet near varick. mar ble top and other Bureaus, Sofa Bede, Sofas Extension, Cen tre and other Table*, Wardrobes, I'ler and her <?l?4*?a, rose wood ard oak Hat Stands, Hair and other Mattresses, Feather Beds, Pillows and Bolsters, Bedding. Oaa Chaodelten, Bulla to llalr t,l<>tb. Brusaels. Three Ply. velvet and other ? arpsta. Oilcloths, mahogany and other Bedsteads, Hnamelled Suite, together with everything 1 or housekeeping to ha sold rata or shine. MDOCQHTT, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL THIS . day (Thursday), April 18, at lb>{ ? 'slues, at salesroom 86 Nassau street, House1 old Furniture. nnaMsMni at Braa sels. Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, maangaay sofas, Chairs, leteate'as, Book eases, Mirrors, Brtenaion Olslng TaMea, Buff' to. Dining 'ha'rs, ma'ble top Drsasing tu-etus. Wash stands, Beoateada, Hair Mattresses, Lounge Beds, Lounges, W ardrobe-. Tarirsh Easy Chairs, Oas ohiandellers An , As. The whole to ba perempt >rtly said to the hlgheat bidder for oaah, ta pa* advances PHILIP B WILKIN B, AUCTIONEER HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD TUENITTTEE. I'HILIF R. W1LKINS will sell at aeotism on Tharsdafc Aprtl IS 1*4. at MM o'clock, at No. TlWaat Twanty^ftm street, the satire Furniture contained In said house, Beasiat Irg Ir part of rosewood co' as. ? hairs, Divaaa and Voltage Chairs, In broratel , mahogany Sofas and Cba'rs, In hair sloth . marble top. Pier aad Oeatre Tables . Tea Pojrs. ConaMB < hairs, mahegasy Booknssss, Pier Glasses, brums CaadSU bras. Uamaak aad La>* < dttalas, ana nana; Frea?ih Bed ?t?-ads, Bn'eaus, Dressing Hnreaaa with Olasese, Louagea m brocaieL. Chandeliers, (.as Flituras, flair Mattreasea, Feathes Beds bed dies. Valval Brussels aad Ingram Oarpata: OM dotha. Chins, t.lsas Ware to , together with an aaaurttsMI of Kitchen Furniture, with wh ch the sale will eomiaonea. pOSTPOBEMBN- -THE 4l Cfl ?B SALE OF FARMS. 1 uear llempetr ad. L. L, advertised by W1LBU* F R> SU NOS* for the I6th lost , w?s rms'ooned to Batnrdar the Mth. If stormy, will take place the foil >wtog Tticada Forp?r tl? mere apply to,W. F. Ki StiMOMA, Hempstea ,or 13 Court street, Brooklyn. T) AW NRBOKKB'R PALE ?a. M OBjSTAL- It, AOO X tlonecr, will sell this day, April 18. at A Bow. r 400 ot? ;f Men's and Women s AppaM. Oresar a, Shaw s. eata, Pasta, Ac. ; Boots and Shoes and C\-pet*. My order of I'sanW A Co . IW7 Orand street PAWNBROKER'S SALE -A M OMHtfAbAB, AOO tlooeer, Z1 Bowery, will sell this day. a' li'H o el eS a large ass * men t of ro.-n's and w >m n n We?r? ng *on*rel. Boots and ^boea, l'mbrellaa, /-ara-eia, -Fk Uraem* Bhawi^ Capes, Mantillas, Ac By order of Hi ura. PBCajIE A -O., licensed 1'awobMkers SI A J. BOOAKT. AnCTIOBEEBB, WILL HELL, OH 5 the premlaea, ? Bayardstre-t, corner^ <w Blts.'hesfc. aB M oadaj Aprrt CI, at 11 o olsggL by order of the a^'m ni.'na ters of th- estate of FredertckHeni'sIt, deee ? ed. Us -n-wa St. ok and Fixture* of a wmeery a d Liquor it * ? AH will mlses U' lU be s. Id In oae let For par ?r?lars laqa<rsaa thapra CliARLE OAOAOTfLANS, { . CaRH.EN F OA BUSH, i *??"""?? wr? SA 7, BOOAKT, ACCTfO"EBB <.? THIS DAT, AT W . o'clock, st Bos IM aid IM B e? Twent. eeveat* street, m rltag.- ?a!e of . a* ? earn Pnglne and Holler JoHM W. SuMBR.WOVCr. Attorney for Mortgagee. A FAIECHtLD, Atjotleoeeri, Salear^om 113 Nassau s reet. 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