Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1861 Page 3
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A ??eon and lot to urr, uun ob fob ?m.i ? 163 Moll ? reel, between Biumsc and Oraad. Urn rooms nk-o-Uu. gas. Oown u4 bati At win be libera*) toall with. & r. WB8T, ] A HOT* u TO EBT-IN want TWBMT1BTH BTBBBT, & sear Ninth ?mor, with ail the modern improvements; NBtfilO Inquire ol f. TEBFB, 9t4 ureenwichstreet. A TBlED OB KuUKTH FLOOR TO LET? IB A BB J\ avertable neighborhood, toe unaU quiet family; the ro ?MnMr of ifc# house la oco.pad bjr a fasstiy of Ira grows fxnoua, and coal aim (u, water, it. Apply at 11} East rhlr t|UU4 atresi. AT 1**1*010*. NEW ABE, *. J . 0*B BILB FRoB tfuiion Hall and one and a Lai/ nWia I rum oouth Orange a* wot, suitable lor a gentleman, a House, Garden and Car . nage tfoiuc. with a vaile y ol iruit, will bo let at a moderate rtnl? f3U0 per aiuium. Apply to J7B BIB PdO*?, B Ohstham ?tract, or aljoinutg tha farm. AN ExKOANT La?(JE? FURNISHED HOUSE AND IX. four aoriw of ground, t?-autli ally laid out, on Stolen Island, to let, within ten minutes walk of the landing: alao, tao fine DweJhkgm oa nerfon Hill, near the horse railroad. Aypijr to P. tj V OUGHT, ft". 4 Pine a treat A |TA?rBB*TM TO LBT? WITH MODfeRN IMPROVE A nienta, In a moat healthy and respec>able tonality, In a private family; una Parkir, t. cuud Floor, back dae>uieiit, aii4ehotim ou third B'.ur, rent $?iu. Inquire el 4*7 tVaat Thirty- 0?\h a re*it. Ah MK <iBbFD not-his? oKTiimiT sixth stmbt. to t?t losr, for ais month* or longer, bat seen Klftn and fit'h avenue* , tlv? unity r.ngluh basement, brown atone, ?rat < toes a?x6S, with Furniture elegant and eomplet*. ap Uy w> LUftua? 4 MoLi??*, Ao. a <"toe street and 1.241 ?/?ad way. AMI uat>S BOaRDING HoUeE, NEaR Va.NDER ? but landing, auw-a Island. to lot for Aral class boarders, lu huuke u ully I cated oa high ground, overlooking th. ba> . and surrounded by a delightful grove ro a reeuoa aii-ls tenant tha triaw will low. inquire of ?C. BaII ri^ fr, to4 a road ? ay, or XV ^aekett street, Brooklyn. t*9 BA BBMXNt __ , Jondi street, to let 0Hf. ? hodae is now beinjH a wr ?mt BLB0| aalattaJ an/i I I eat chance for^H ?s ?r*v mufPUTeaxM^, aad will be let low to a gpod t am AriNB CQaNCB IB NOW OFFEBBl> TO HIBB A f urniabed ktouae, at a reduoed rent, located In Irving tilaae, urvadwa.v, iwenty-fourth street, near Firth Avenue kotel , Mth atrret, 2td street, lath street, 12th atreet and ZJd street; rent tl,UUi to $2,&0U. A WtLOOX, 34S Fourth avenoa. ABOUHB TO LBT IN LBXINtiTON AVBMOB. 'lhree atory brown rtonr, $700; a douse to let la Forty Ifth strvet, and lust boarded ant, by a gentleman and his ?i a, also a doe llou*e In t wenty-seventh street; low rent; ? number at C4W and |MJ BiNblliMBB A WILCOX, Stt Fourth avenue. At rbducbd kuntb? hbvbral first class brawn stoae Houses to let, la fine locations, f urniabed and unfurnished; alao five neat Houses at 9810 each. A. BBBBB, St Broadway. Afar* of a fibs* class bouse first ob seeood Boor, and kitchen, f uraiahad or partially fumlsh e?, aentral location, below Fourteenth atraat: rent $301) to fAUOi Addresa fluladelphlaa, cars o* Lock A flttman, 30 Bond street. A PRIVATE family in search of a first claas furnished Houaa, with all the modern Improve ments, pleasantly situated near Washington square, may Bear of the same, at a very low rent, by addressing fountain, Broadway Post oUlee. Possession Immediately. Afu?nisubd k >ur story bmqli$h basement brick House to let, with all tha modern lmprovementa, attuated la VS e*t Twentieth street, trantlnfe a large park. PI j it class neighborhood. To let for the summer montna or by, or would let the house and sell the furniture at a reasonable price. Rent, furnished, $100 per month. Apply ta or address O. W. *., ihH H roadway In basement. AN ENULISH VILLA besiobncb to let-new Brighton landing, ataten Island; 12 rooms, with Im provements, stables, conch and fowl houses, large fruit and kltchun garcens, aeverai acrea of lawn, woodlands, Ac. Bent ^1,Uj0. Alao a Ural tslaas four story English basement, hand m mely furntahdd, all Improvement*, a caaiUung location on fitlbenth ttreei, within a lew minutes ol Union square. Bant Bl,bQ0. BRAliLEi, UUTCHlNd A CO., 43 Eaat Fourteenth street. B81LD1NO TO LBT-a FINE BRICE BUILOIftG, NO. 7 West Lleventh atreet, ns ar Broadway, suitable for a Every stable, carpenter s shop, or any mechanical pur i>o*e; or alii be altered Into stores to suit a tenant. For par Bcaiars apply at Bacne's ooal offioe, adjoining. BaBBIUi-NT TO LBT? WITH FINE B! ITBANCB AND good light, fit for any business, aout tweet corner of fortieth street and Ninth avenue; rent i fUU per annum. Also, Store <34 Washington atreet; real : <S75 per annum. App y to BE1XT A MoCABB. X* Washington street. BBIWERY TO LBT OR LBASE-WBLL LOCATED IN this city, now In fnll operation capable of doing ffty or sixty barrels a day . 1 his Is a first rate chance for any person who wlahes to engage In the business. Apply to or address M. Allen, 340 West Forty ninth stroet. CtOONTRY BEAT at AtrrOBIA TO LET-FURNISHED > or nnfurn<shed; enatains eleven Booms, gu, f urn toe sad range pleasantly situated on Perrot avenue tfl )t 10U by ?00 feet Apply to 11. WttlTTAMOBH, Astoria, or VS Liberty Delight* ul country residence at extreme lyfclow rent, at Flushing, L. I ; 41x40. la rooma, II clo sets. wide piazzas large garden, plentv of fruit, three fourths ?f a mile from depot; stable. If desired. Kent very low to a g 00 u nant. WE It PRINZE, Flushing. FUaMlBHED HOUHB To LBT? Tt# A BMaLL GKN teel family, on * e?t Thirteenth street, between fclxthand ftevt nth avenues, loeatlou the vary beet; house nkwly fur nished ihmiigbo"t, poa>essioa given on the ?th of Apru; rent ?1% a month, payable monthly. Eel ersnoe required. Apply to J. alOCEBBlUOB, 14 Broadway. L'URNISUBD ROOMS? PROM BAT L TO LBT TO r gent (men, in a private family, or wonld be suitable for beusrkeeptiig fcr a small family, at 173 Thompeon street, l>e pau place, a few doors below Blsecksr street. FtiBNISHBD HO USB IB tEOOBLYB? IB A GOOD location, near the fss I Ian ; handsomely furnished and sheat> to a good tenant, rossssslon atoboe, Inqalre at DM Bridge ^?e*. Brooklyn. fllUT FLOT-B AND BASBBBNT TO LBT AT 301 WES toy ptoee iBulberrv street), near Houston street. All the ??<srm Improvements in tha house, range, gas, hot and cold water; uaeltoat and quiet neighborhood Bent $3U FHLBNIBHBD OB I NFURMISHED.? TO LET, ???? ? a mall r amity, the Flrat Floor, constating of two parlo-s. ^^^?tmaburmunt, range, bath and gaa. Apply at :1m Fourth avenue T?UBNISHKD HOUSE IN TWBNTY-THIBD STREET J to let? For six months or longsr, at a very low lent, to a ?mall private family , In good order; f umiture first class aad complete. Possession May 1. DtBGEB A HOLDBN, Be 1 Fine street and 1,144 Broadway. FHCRNISIIBD HOUSE ani WEST TWENTY SEoOSD ? Street to let.-Tbree fuU stories and baeemnjt, with sub eellar. has gas, hot and 00 Id water, bath, Aa, and Is 00m pletely rnrnished, convenient to bums and ears: neighbor hood pleasant and highly respecsable. Apply MHO. WaLEEB, 78 liberty atreet. FHUBN1BHBD HOUSE TO LET.? A LABGE, FOUR ? story, high stoop, brown stone front House, with spacious parlors aid extension rooms, bathing rooms, gas fixtures, Ac., eiesnatly fitted en, and with all the medart Improvements, gTTC^ersu msnlhs, or the snsalog year. Ad trees M. V. 8,, Bibocbbi STOEB to LET-STOCE and FIXTUBEB ?T for ante. Apply at K? Tenth street, between avenuea ^mndC IrwUBB TO LBT? ONB HUNDBBD FBBT EAST OF | Broadway, in Boasteo street; tluee story, bessment and ?tomtMMkMMgMi laigs and eommodl adjeinlag. le, In good ropnir; narioee and honee^^^^^^^^^H t-^Bewtow. App^ within, or at the FOUSBB d$ ?AND H LIBPBBABS STREET, BBAB L Broadway; Jfcslrshlt IssnMnn for any Ught ooslness; nontytMk Apply to A. JOOBNBAt, Jr., S7S Broad way. XTQUBBS TO LBT OB LB ABE? NO 114* WEST XI Twenty -eighth atreet, four stories, English oaeement, rent $g0U; alao 14* Wast t hirty ninth street, ret t $S&0; also, throe story high stoop Boose MO Wast Forty- third street, near Brand way, rant $?0 All the snodera imprrvemente are In these honsea. Apply to WILLIAM R. STaFFOED, <2 Wll Unmafceet, or Ul ffset Fifteenth street. ^Botbltolet, AND FUBNTTUBB BOB SALB-THB aMadlson House, corner of Madiaon avenue and twenty I H rants strest. House now doing a good buniaesa, an excel. ?t shines for a man with a HMall capital Inquire at tha Ilea of the hotel. B otbl to let. -the hotel, ? orebnwich Street, between Duane and Jay, o#iTenleot to ike Hud Rlrer Railroad and Brie Railroad depota, known aa the Atlaatle, fornrly m Ike Wyoming Hotel; tt lain good order And tn aeaomnodale oomfortahiy one huadred gueata In quire of IMKailL OUOK, IM leade street, mm tfresawleh. Lmht ROOMS AND STEADT POWH AT LOW RATES, By JOHN QAUDU, ltB Walter street LBFTB TO LBT-THE F1RRT FLOOR AND BASEMENT ?f IS Oeaaevoort auwt, each 30x49 feet, suitable for MtifaMlM or storage purpoeea. Bent fl& Inquire of Mw BaJTUH, <48 Hudson atreSt. T OFTB, OFFICBB AN? BASEMENT* TO LKT? WITH XJ OV without Mtnam Power. Apply at Oak Ball, M Kulton tiaet. KBW BBIUHTON.-A f URN Ik HBO HOUSE TO LBT for three month a. with garden attached; alao the uae of a ww. and henknuee well etockfd. Apply at M Pine street, or at the hooae, aril building to the Brighton nhureh. Kicb apabtbentb to lit-i omnnNa ow fear Konaia, wMh foar eioseta en the aaonnd floor of No. ad the third ? ?r ef Mo. SI uana^T.iori, eomar of llndaoa atreet. rent $1L Inquire ef Mru. BASroM, U6 Hudson at. mCB8 TO LET-IN THE MO FT AT BVILDING, S3 BroadwjK jrner of Berth street. Apply oa the pre OrriCBS TO IBT-IN BUILDINt) BO. M LIBERTT ?Mat, near William, aiaoBaasaaaat. Rent lodaraia Apply aa abtira, to BaBE LBTt. f\WVl CES TO LBT? IN WEW BCILDIMG ON NBW U Chambers atreet, faring Chatham atreet. Inquire of A C. rOiLLON, Bo. ? Chafcuers atrem ft ART OV A HOUSE TO REM r? WIT 8 MODERN IB* prorwaenta. Apply oa the pretnlaea, for three daya, at Wet forty third atreet, between riftii and Slith arenuna. POOMS TO LBT.? THE UFPBB PAET OF HOUSE M X\ _ Boad street, will oe let la wholear la part. C*rftai plaaa J* meirhaat tailor, millinery, Aa. PoeeessUwi im mediately. Inqalo on the premlam. XtOOBB TO LBT -OOOD FOB A DENTIST, DRESS mQllaar or march ant tailor Apply at Ma I Amity atreet, flrst marble stoop frrm Broadway. STi!if -T?_ ??*V?0 m WEST TWENPT -BIOHTH P "tr*?> * .****# With H italla, m? for (I carriage* , T*"y I street. CTosk to lbt-hs nowur, ooeneb op unto U Mm(, nlkkw fir llq(iirti< N^r, wholesale and ratal! groeery, furnlu ut, ihuumI. haraware or any other bosl naas Beet .toes ud location la ths Bowery. lal low. In fBlww the ptsniMss OV> LET-THE TBBBE 8TOBY AND BASEMENT DRAB X Mmm ft ont llouua Not. 09, 71 and 7S Wsst rortj fifth street, la good order and wtlh all modern improvements rent $760 a I ?pi 7 to A1JBRT HORN. U Beaver tret. r LET-THE THIRD FLOOR OP THE HIV HODII Ka. U4 Baat Fifty third Unrt; it eoatatns five Rooms; baa hot and oo d water and gaa la, with privilege af bath room ; rented to a amall family only. TO LRT.-YO DRUGU18TB. A FIRST RATE HtAND TO let cheap. a "tore Inquire on the preaa aaa, Pourvh are nue, between Forty drat and Forty second streets. rLkT-TBt METRO. O LIT AN QYMNA.?IUM, 93 AND 96 filth avenue, near Eighth street, In complete order. ?lth all tba iitocatary Appcaratua, Hsiurea, 4c ; also aaeoad and tLrd ? to rim, rach fret, suitable for a school, ':hi/rcb or lecture room. apply at 168 tWarerlpy plaea. TO LLT?ON MUKhAi BILL, THE FOUR HTOBY bru .u ?> toon front Uuum 64 fraai Thirty eighth atreet; all the modri t Improvemenia, chat driicrs, Ac Can tie aeen be ween *nd 4 o ?'oek r. M Rant Vow, furnished or uaftv nltbnd apply to T L ROSM 4 CO., 84 Pearl street pO L> T? FOC* SIuRY ?T0KE, 613 WaSHING WIN I utrvet, *ti0, >wo try fcths and, In w*Ukar t*>et hooms and Floofe, cheap, DO aad 146 Franklin ?t'f t, and 34 A alltfr street, 67 aonio- street. 26 Greene i 'reel, i*9 Market street. 444 and '46 Oreenwieh street, 29 62 fsst Broadway, in ? atharlne auvet, Rc ; dhopa, Storea and aiuona Inquire at 22 and first flo>r of 33 Ea?t Broadway, oi la the baacjneat of VI talker street TO LKT-TPRKE Lt m\ 26X175 FBBT, HANDBOMHLY Ideated, suitable for every k nd of bus^esa Bant ex tremely low. Light manufacturing bualoaaa aritl be prefera ble. App .j en the premises la TOCH, 3* dowery. rpo LBT-TUP UPPBB PART, with onb B ABBMRNT, 1 af Hoaas 106 Kuam* (treat Inquire of B. H. KBEFBS, 8?W it wwet, oratMft *ater street. N. fT IK) T? PRaNELIN BE I r?J atreet; also lhn? Upper Lai'te h? treet; recite *<ry V?w to i LEBttUN A TnoBPflOlT, T1 Fraa! ro LEX? AT PLC Bill: O, L X. A 1 dloei Mansion, on Broadway. with stable, garde* aad grouidofabontthreeaenp, on which are frmt tree*. Two of the family desire to ft taiu a part ut Mw buna* tat live ?nk the ooetlptnta. , ? 1 JOhKFH P. DARLJNU, 34 Liberty ati*et,New ? T O LET? A PAR* OP A SMALL HOt't Vieman and wife; rent will be taken out I it 132 npiiug street, between the boura of 7 P. M rpo LK1? AT WB8T KND, HUDHOM UI^X RAILROAD I depot, a two Story aod baaameat llovatL with three quant- re < f an acre of ground, trult aad well of good water ; tw<; mllea from few York by New Jerary Batlroad InqtRre at Mr. ACKBuMaN'S, opposite the depot. TO LET? IN hODTH BROOKLYN, A THREE 8 TOBY Uoase, with basement ana attle, with all the modern tm (WW menu, p eaaartly situated; No 114 Congreaa street, ttrat bouse eaavof Henry atreet; lain eompto order and will be rented low to a good tenanL Apply to iOBI OOX, 81 Henry, eorner of A Bitty atreet, Bouth tsro?klyn. or at 691 bmaaway. New York. About live ?Inntea' Walk frawt South ferry. j r LET? NO. IS MILL BTBPKT, PATEBBON, B. J., one henr'a ride from Mew York, In a qiiet and reapee table natahborbood. a two aad a half a tort frame House, lane yara grape Tinea, Ac., five minutes' walk freaa Paaeale Fan a; rant 1 1A0 per annum. If desirable will be aold cheap for eaah. Apply WoMn. B. BEBKBAN, IS Bill street, Fa te; eon, N. J. j rfVj LET? ON MURRAY HILL, THE THREE 8TOBY, X high atoop brick Dwelling House, No f3 Bast Fortieth street, with a>l the modem laapioi aaanala eomplete, gaa fix tuna included. Can be seen ffruaa I to 4 P. M. For tenaa and partkulaaa apply to C. A. DOW NINO, BB Lexington avenue. I r" " LET? BOND MTRREf, NBAJR BROAD WAT; THB large House, No 13 Bond street, will fe let lew to * good tenant, the flrat floor fnrntahed If reiuircd. Apply to B. C. RoriT, ANTHONY A PP., 1? Nassau a.raip TO LBT? HOUSE NO N ABITT 8TBB0; CHE At' TO a good tenant; House la 26 by 60 f set, la perfeet eMar, with hot and oola water. Inquire ol W. BlajtOKBTOBB, Laurens atreet , r LET? THB UPPER PART AND BASBMBVT OP boeae No. 137 frioce street, furnished or unfurnished: contains Hbt and oold water batk and gaa. lb a good tenant will be let low. TtO LET? AT ROHST1LLE, STATE N ISLAND, A DBSL 1 rable t ottafie, auitable for a amall family; altaatlon per fectly healthy ; la within live minutes' walk of the ateamboat landing; will be let cheap to a g> od tenant. Inquire ot HEN B LHTBBOR, No 6 Wall atreet. TO LET-HOUSE 839 HOUbTON SI REST, EITHER IN parts or who'e; alao btore 341 West street ; both plaoes in (rood order: will be let at low rents to good tenants. Ap ply io MARTIN WaTERR, lit Charlton a&e>t TO LET.? TO BABBERB. A FIRST RATE STAND TO let cheap, a store. Inquire en the premise*, Fourth ave nue, between l'orty- flrat and Foitr-aeeond atteeta. fo 1ST? A THREE BTOBY AND BASBBENT HOUSE, with all lmprovementa, gaa flxiurea let with House, No. 100 East Thirty second street rant $0UU alao, flrat clasa douse No 96 West Eleventh street, three suuiea. basement and coun ter eellar, has all improvements and la fine order, rant *910 also, a two and a half atory House, with aiabto and two lota of ground, altuatno on the north side of 126th street, 1 Klfth and Uitb avenues, annual rent $260; alao a six story alore, ho MB V-'aahingtou sueet. four story and baaeoaant House No. 12 &btngdon sipiara, sol for a boarding Mum or torn private famt ; , r?i* alao Fleora, four rdfeia each, with wMer and ?Ol auljable for small 'aaalltns la brown stone fronrhoti<w^, Foe ?, 8, 10, 12 and 14 Hank atreel; alao Store and four haok Rooms, Nos 13# and 138 West Tenth street; also a four alorv English basement House, No 3U West Twenty second street, in fine order, has all Improve ment*. can be aeea from 10 A. B. to t P. B. ; alao Houses aad Tarts of Houses in all parts of the city. Inquire tf E L. A B. T. BURN HAM, ?U Hadeon atreet. rmm LET? FAR* Of tb? VHBBB RTOBY-BROW* stone front House, with the modern Improvements, attnated In Baat Forty -ninth street, between Second and Third avenuea Inquire of O. UNDER WOOL, 170 Baat Fot ty ninth street, or 84 Ola slip. rpo LB* -BOARDINO HOUSE DOWN TOWN AND J. Ftirnlture for sale; a large three story and attic House, with high basement, on south side o' Bt John's park. Haa water and gas A very desirable location Most of present hoarders desire to remain. Preeent teeant desires to gu into the sountry. Inquire at l< Beaeb street. r LET? THB THREE STORY HIOB BABE BENT House ,148 Weet Thirty fifth street, between Eighth and [Ninth avenues, with all the modern improvements; good neighborhood; gas flxturaa throughout, fine vines, yard, Ac. Inquire at 442 Eighth avenue. rpo LET? CAN All, CORNER CP W008TEB 8TBEBT. i the third floor, marble building; thoroughfare equal, aad In some respects saperor to Broadway for business purposes, lighted by eWen windows; a fine, ahrwy entrance on Canal I tree t, has gas, Croton water and hols i way oa rear entrance. Rent $360 per annum. Apply oa the | * ? fTO LET? 126 BBBCBB STRRET. ? HTOEB BUIfABLB X for Saloon, Orooerv. Ac. Apply at II Odurtlaadt street, up stain. Beat low to a good teaaat. rLBT.? LARUE AND OOBBOBIOOB LOPTS, IN the five story brisk bolldlng Noa 49 aad 61 Elisabeth street, suitable fur maaufastartng pwrpoass ; alao the flrat story of said building: real moderate. Apply to JAJCBB H. TBORBB, 14 EUaabeth street. rpo LET-TO A SMALL PABILY, O^^ABLB APART VP meats In bouse M Ninth aveaue, i^Htlng of flrat floor and basement, D^^ABLB A1 e, e^^Blng or fln mo LET-THREE MEDIUM SIZED THREE 8TOBY, 1 modern built Heusss, with modem ImprovemenU. t* Ora te street, between Ipring and t ilaee jfeata Apply Ut P. A. BILLER, 4W Broadway, re? Nft E j LET? FURNMHBD, A BEAUTIFX'LLY BITUATED ? stone villa, with magnificent lawn of several acres. In eledlng garden, fruit, foreet and shade trees, atabie Ac., at Elliott vum^ north ah ore of Btaten Island; perfeMly healthy, dJlgbtf ul aetghborbood , half an hour from the otty, by Inug Harbor larding, fare three seats; rent l?0 Inquire at Dr ELLIOTT h ofliea, No. 7 Aator plase (Eighth street), or of BaRRBTT, BR1N8BADB A BAltBETT, T* Wall street H udann River Railroad, on high ground, in a healthy looaUty, commanding a view of the Bad son river. The heuse Is fifty feet square, has twenty six rooms and grounds attached For gtrttndars inquire af OBOEOB B. bTITT, 1M Broadway, r LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FINK TERES BTOBT brlrk B?uee, 117 Aduu atreet; tra mliutM' walk from Fulton terry; rem tWtt. A 1*0 a aplendld throe atory brick Houae on Haltle atrnt>t; rent 9400 For parBculara oaD oa or addreea D. H. Ooold. *i mm atrMi. rl LET? TO A MM A . I. FAMILY . WITHOUT OHIL dr?nf tta? Booor* wry o' a modera built h<*ee, In an ei ee'U ot neighborly od, .am el>? ground* of th* Blind laatltute; convenient to car. tii.i ? um?w h'il and ooH water, gaa, Ac., and u> every waj eulUMa for h>.)i<-k>vping. Apply at 11 Boornmn pier* , * n?i rt'i ty third fcnn, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea ^gSmSSSl *?totod * City HalL a^22?,tt'**. ffrrBlini ~ ? ~~ "!nf BKV ownji^^ ator* mnl J* HA LF A "I mo LET ? A MEDIUM. FAMHIOBABUR BROWN HTONB X Boom, haa lourteeu rooma. 06 fee. J nop, ??d yard, gai fliturea, bath, Ac , at llltj* Eighth atreet. it. Mart a plane, rent low to a rr?pectable tenant ((Ml) lnqatre at 1UT St. Mark |j)laee; ?W? pea* the bouae erery Are talnutaa. r LBT? FURNISHED HOUBE, FUR $aao FOB BIX monika. fArai In: of May, elegantly famuhed , located In Thirteenth atreet, near "tub araoun Inquire of WOOil HtBV A HMITH, 14 Water atreet. or at tne bouae. TO LBT? TO A OBNTEBL FAMILY, TWO PABLO BM, wltb one or two Kooma on third it .try and bask H teamen!; houae contain* all m "darn impr ovemrnta . good neighborhood. Apply on the premuMa, 223 thirty Aral atreet, between Eighth ana Ninth awwn mo LET? THE RBf'OND FLOOR OF A OBNTBBL J. Houae la Fourth atreet, with all the modern lac fore men u. Apply at U Leroy i treat rpo LBT? TO SMALL, MENTBBL FAMILIBR, THK X Beoand and Third Floor* of the three atory and haanaanl brick Dwalltaii Houae, with amlav aallar, id Weal rhlrty aeonnd atreet, between Blith aad Hareath areanea with all modem Imutiwaaienta, water, gaa, bathroom, pantrtaa and water cloaeta In the hoeee; real to be paid In adranoe. eeeond floor $1*, third floor $1 J per twfcth. Apply to B. B. II ABE. MMith avenue, between Twenty aaeoad and Twenty UUrt atieata. rUW TRI LABOB THaKK BTOtV AND ATTIC Houae. eon lamina twenty rooam aad all the modera lm proremenia, Bo. 1M Warerley nlaoe, near Hlith arenue; fbe whole Hou*a to be painted aad pat la fine order next week ; real |*4L Apply at Ne. If*. rpo urr-m bbookltb, a thbbb otost, babb X meal and tinder eellar brink Uouae. to a nlr*anl and healthy neighbor*?*, orraer of Fraaklta and Putnam afw nnee. Qaa aad Kidgewonf water m Ike houae. Rent tSM to a Road lea tit A ly to J. B. RlDUWA l , No. 01 William ?w?i Itow Vol* i , rro lbt-thb two hocks* m ABgf htot JL HMt itniw SMI* ul Baiitow). Baeakiy^reat low Appl) te J K BOBA, 1* rul'sn rtiwO"*'**- or t) HBNb * WBIN FIELD, room ho 7 <tn tae rear), $0 Xmm ?uwL WW be rested for MOO ?!> iHl recently far $7W. rpo LBT-1N SEVENTY SBCOND X Big hth avenue ud Broadway, a pieesaat ptose, story double House, Bare, fruit, *e., mw westerly gate ?f Central Part IKkUimsMwi ui Broadway In quire of X. YAM A KEN. 30 West Tweatysighta etreeL rro LBT-THB UPPBB PABT OP A HOUSE, COM X sisttag ut four Rooms, wttt raw u4 |u to a small fa mily. inquire at M heooiul street, near Hoath Ninth, WU Uasasburg rURT-THK BA8EMBNT AND PABLOB OB BBOOH9 and third story ? of house to Third street. Boat $84 0. rro let-in boube ho. 47 kimo stbbbt. neab a Vnrwk, the. fl ret floor, consisting of front and back Par- i lerr, two Bedrooms aad back Basement, with or without attie ; Brdro m { rpo LET? A TWO BTOBY AND ATTIO HOUiB AND 1 a boat thro* mw of Land, half a mile east of WlllUma- I bridje, llnrlru Kali read. Inquire at 18 Chambers street. ?pO Us.T-$l,U0 AMD $1,200- TUBBB BBOWW STONE X front four story Houses; the x-oood, aixth aad seventh buusea west of Filth avenue, on south side ol' Forty-sixth k<r? t, now being ? lcli)y frescoed and papered la gold papers, inquire on the ixemisoa. TO LBT-THB TWO 8TOBS BK1CK HOUSE, 80 WATTS nil mi, in good order; Croton and gas; rant $4fiU Apply at 97 B aier street. rLBT ? HOl'SB NO. 106 EAST THIRTY EIGHTH streit, near Leiington avetiue; lotY7it00, houae i7k?i, o. ntslna thirteen roc; ma, sad all moacta improvements; gss n?tuna remain In the nous*; rent Ball) one year, with prfv. icgeof two More at $IMt. Inquire on the premmea TO LBT? A MODERN BBOWN STONE HOC HE, NO 384 i'aclflc street, Brooklyn; oUoloth on the halla carpets on tae baDa,earyets on parlors; gas fixturaa, chaadeJere, all la good order; will ha let law to a good tenant. Poaaasaton Im mediately Apply to JOHB KTOaKLB Y 4 CO., 1ft Court Jtreeij Krooslju, or to JAB. PBROurtON, IS WB& street, rLBT- THE WHOLB OB PART OP HOUBB MO 14 tte#igrvxb xs&ftt&i six years. A lease can be uaft-lor a store U desired. Cu slid to franklin street if desired wUl Be leased with al terations to ?utL Apply to M. B. TaV1.uK, la the atare or Bayer Bros., 93 Walker atreet rLBT? WOBBr HOPH, KEU. LIGHTED, bIZB it BY 50 1 ret. In building rear of U9 ijprlng streeL rpo LBT? THE THIRD FLOOR US BAST TWENTY." X drat in ret, to aa American family, without children Rent $14. Water and waJte pipe. r LET-TO A FAMILY OP ADULTS, THE LOWER or unper p* t of houae 113 Uamincnd atreet, eontalna all modern ?pm> ^mentr. bu rooma eaoh apartmeat. in quire on pruiitsea. No children In houae. TO LET-ON TWENTY SEVENTH STREET. WEST OP aad near Sixth avenue, the three atory high stoop anl baa* mem House all to let but one oi the upper floor*, to be oocnpi*d by the oweer. Has all modurn lmproreatents Lot 9U by 100. and will oe pnt In order to suit, l urnaoe, range. Ox tuna *c,. In. la a private responsible family $600 to $M0. inquire or L. E. DUKNKKu, architect, 9W Broadway. rLBT? IN BROOKLVB, B. D., THE SECOND FLOOR of a new houae. convenient to three railroads. Rent moderate to a am nil family of grown persona For particu lars apply at 57 Bangln atrset. New York. rLBT? ON BBOO&L1N HEIGHTS, THAT PIBST claaa four story high atoop honae No. WS Hicks street, corner of btate. lain the most parfeci oider, obtains hot and ooM water, gass. csandellors, ttxtuiea, Ac. inquire on the premises, or at MS avenue A, New tork. T3 LBT? HALP OF HODBB NO. 61 POOBTH STREET, between Hssuuaad and Bank streets. Bent low to a desirable tenant; one small family of adults occupy the rLBT? THE OOTTA1B HOUSE, BO. 211 EAST Twenty- third street, inquire on the premises. Bent lew to a small family. rLBT- IN BMOLIBH BAKHMENT HOUSE NO SS Bast Thlrty-seeoad street, the Orst floor oontalnlnr two reeau and pantrlee; also back room aad front bedroom on Mm third floor; all the modern Improvements; part of the rea* taken In board If agreeable. Rent $ua Inquire on the JIMH Ao LET- \ DEBIBABLB RUMHBB AbsIDENCE, A ?. twe story wf?ie House with garden, a table and ear ?age room, between ninety -fourth and Mnetv-alxih streets, Bhwmlngdale road. Iaqu'eeaf A0OUBT MEVBR, Ninety. fifth street, Broadway. rLET-A BBW THRBB ofOBT BRICK HOUSE with all the modem improvements, la Plfty-flfth atreet, aeoond houae east of Third avenue on nert. side of the street. Bent $380 per year. Apply at the Offloe of French's Hotel TO LBT? A SVPEBB Li BOB FOUB STOBV BTONK House, with a 40 too> extenaion, euntalnlng W rrxima and every modem improvement, near Madison aqnare, on the avenue. Bent *0 per cent lees than any other roserty of iu class, inquire of B1NBH 1MBB A CO. . 3*3 Foorthav^nue rLBT? THE SPLENDID RrOBB, BENT $24 PEE month, also the Par'^r and Second Floors aad the large Baaement, or bouse 2M , b avenue; also the Second Kloor of bouse 4W West Thtrtt h street, rent $10 per month; also a floor of five Boooe. Jt 201 West Pll tleth at Bills np. rLBT-THB FOUB STORY, HIUH ?TOOP, atone front Housee on Forty first street, near ' nue, wtth all tae modern lmpruvemente. WBl be low to suit the timea. Apply to LOoMIB B Broadway, or No. 6 Pine atreet. r LET? HALP OF A SMALL. THRKB 8TOB\ Mfc-V aelpbla brick Houae to s amall family only; r ajuu. Apply at 10 Weat flfty-fourh street, or lit \ 'J mo LET- THE WHOLE CSiWBR PART X Bast Tenth atreet, opposite r- m,hi?r toe modern improvements, to a small res Bent $?W. Inquire st 16P? road way, room " I O LET-NO 8 BKACll STKBBT, A LA^K aKD J convenient tirtrk rtnruae, three story and wUt all modern Improvement, In pwfwit oruaraud aMreduoed rent, inquire of BklXOlJlJ A > aN hcHaiOKf ^ Nassau streeL TO LIT-A NICE LARGE BASBMENV for a barber's bathing aaloon or a reAsurant and billiard aaloou. Appiy at M2 Hudson streeL r LET? THE SECOND FLOOH OF THE PBIVaTE Uouhc Bu 1*. Baal Broadway, to a amall fdmily; ail modern Improvements. Rent $2U0. TO LBT? IN WALKEB STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, ae viral snail Stores, Basements, Ofll'-ee and Upper Knoms, favorably situated for merebant tailors, book dealer* or any kind of business. Rents low u good tenants. Apply at K> Walker streeL TO LLT? THE 01' PEE PART OP HO USB 10$ OABAL street, corner of Renwlek; newly papered and painted, - water and gas; suitable for a boarding Bouse. Reat $<00. . . r LET-IN A FIRST CLASS I'RIVATB UOUSB. NEAR the Fifth Avenue Hotel, a suit of handtomelv fnrnlshed Rooms on aecond floor; also, a large Room on third floor, suit able for one or two gentlemen. Inquire at KM Broadway, cor ner of Twelfth street. TO LET? A SMALL THRBB BTOBY BRICK HOUSE IB Bank SL, containing 4 rooms, Crotoe water sad gas, suit able for a small family, In a respectable nelgbborMVxi. Rent $240. Inquire at 474 Hudson street, oorner of Hammond. LET ? A 811 ALL 8 TORE OR BROADWAY. SUIT A ? ble for any light bualneae, now oeoupfed ae a rial mum office Furniture tor (ale aheap. Bent only $280 per annum Or a Partner wanted to take an latere* Apply to P. P 111 B OO , ?SU Broadway. LET-RENT fOOO-HOURK MO. DM BUST TENTH |wreet, near Second avenue, four etory, baaemmt and cellar, with all modem tmprwemente; no yard .dry tafroom lu fourth etory. ? be owner and lady ?nU Vai? with a mall family of three or fow pereona. Apply on the pra TO LET? THE SBOOMD FLOOR, OOMTAINIEO TWO parlor* and two bedroom*, a front liaaeaieut, one rooan on third Boor, large p*ntrV? and other prlvllegee, of the house u ^karltou (treat. Beat fm Inquire at 10 Vam flUtt ; r LET-TO A SHALL FAMILY, THB UPPBE PART ? of the bouae IB Weet Forty second elreet. Bent $SQQ )?r annum. Apply on the pruntma rLBT? TWO LA ROE HIOH BA8EMBMT BOOMS, well lighted, fronting -n Mercer atreet, three door* above 8prtng,*wlu> an eatraaoe on ' flruaiway. M by ISO feet dam. If ntffiui Apply to Mr. ObElMETBat or Mr. uuuuiui), bJt and Ml Hroadwvy. rLBT? A PLAIN OOUWTBT BO USB, WITH STABLE, healthily located cm the Morrla aad haaea Ballroad, a lit tie beyond Heuth orange, abaot half a Mile f rem Rteoeheaae depot one hear to the city. Apply at *7 Fourth afreet, noar the Bowery. mo LBT-A OOTTAOB SOCHB IN SIXTY FIFTH A atreet, between eeeoad and Flret aveauee, with all the modern Improvement*? root $380. Alao, a Dwelling, eou etatteg ef eight reome. la rourth atreet, near the flowerv reat$43>. Apply at Wl Fourth atreet rl LET? PART OF,BO('SK MO Mil WEST PIPTEBNTH atreet, eeoaUtlnf of two lane room* with fnltln* doora two liedienma and heth room en the aerond floor.oae bedroom on the third floor, aad baek baaemeat, loaamall famllv Beat $376 Apply between 1 1 and & o cItcA. rpO LBT? HOtJHB MS BLUABETB STBBT, IN FIMB X ardor, haehUrtoe* reoma, (a* la all of them, ?autoe water will be pet la the henee alter the Itf of May. It I* fnor doora from feleeeker atreet Iaqufre at M EleeMker atreet, of t. MeEMlOUT. Rent MM Apply for oae waafc r LET-RENT $1,3(10 (LFSH $8U0, I# PREFERRED for twelve montha' Hoard of the landlord aad wife), for the leaoo <>f one year of a richly I urolehed Houee, on full lot. ten rooma In ail. aub eellar a?d all Uae modern improve! mrnte; young children, other boarder* aad to relet 1* not allowed: pcmaml-n at oaoe. the neighborhood la ploMaMaad quiet L?k In at .IV tirure atreet, near Mloeeker, from ton o clock A. M. to irti P. M ' LET ? FROM MAY 1. FURNIHHED OB UMPtJE nlebed, part of Bona* <1 Baal Thirteenth atreet, *-'T" a mo-ly foralahed Room, now ready, for (Ingle gentleman Reference required. Apply aa abova. mo LBT-A SB lOMD FLOOR, OON8IMTINO OP TWO X large Room a, two Bodrocma, froat Haeoment aad one or two Attic Room*, bath, hoi aadaold water ana gaa . will be let to one or two email famine*. Inquire at Ma 106 Hull Iran atreet, between Spring aad Prtaoa. r LBT-A FURRIHHED HOUHB, RTABLB AMD MINK Lot* of Ground, at Clifton, Htataa Uhmd. ?ai water and furnace In the bona*; Ave mlnutee' from 'Vaiderbilt landing. Apply at <7 Mtrchaata Exchange ZO LET? TWO SHALL OBNTBBL HOUSES, WITH ALL

Improvement*, In (pleaded order; au ltable for a email ? nlly only; teatBMU to SMS. Canbeeeea by applying to RiNwHiMER A WiLOofTifa ?*? Pounh aveaaa. fTO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, TOE UPPB* PART 1 of a deelrable three *tory Houee, wIMi the modern Im Bremen)*, mnelating o I the aeoood floor, mom oa the third r and front baaemeet; houee le pioaaanUy altuated Ad ply at lid Weet Twontloth?troot. _ rM LET? BOOMS OM THE FIRST FLOOR. SUITABLE for aay light baalaeea, having bean onrtptad by a dmaa maker for eevetal ream Alao alawle Rooma for rea demon Aoplj at Ma 1H Cllatua place, Eighth atreet, waet of Blind TIMM A. A. B 11 HOP, Afnt, *14 RtgMh ?niM ? Ut-i NUT Alio rr? urr J wiki NICELY FURNlBHi.U Rou* all tke m???n tafrowwow, mm nicely furnished Bodraw, for a gentleman. $1 v*t week. Apply M No. n DlllMUM, near ttfaveriey place. fro LIT? T US THIRD FLOOR, OF B?VBR ROOMS i with ?iln ltd cm If nouM, No Ht Twent) uutiu ?tr*et, tttwwi Lexington and Third avenue* for particu lars ?ppl; on the iireattm. rro LBT- A THREB BTORT AMD BA-BMENT HOUSE* J. (ilualedat No. 23d Baal Broadway; in g-+4 order, wl.h ail the modern ImproventA Apply to J. IdNNHUi I* * LONt>. No. j Baekntan itnwt, otiieee Noa. i and 2, er of Mm. FPRXQNQ, No. 29 CUnton place, Kwihthstreet. rpo LIT? A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BR.">WN 1 atone front Houm, high stoop, repiete wilh the mxi-rn improvements, situated at Bo. 110 Rant Thirty fourth street, Mar Lexington avenue. Inquire of JAMBd uWKSa, Buil der, 1U2 East thirty fourth atreet. rro LET? SECOND STORY O* 3?4 BL8B0K KR A street, two parlor*, two bedrooms, five pnu trice, Ua buKwiu; haa all modern improvements, nut $343; will e divided; alao second Kkior, ?;? Hro*dw?y, reat very low. la quire of J. aiLBItK, 43W Broadway. rro lb:? a modbkn three btori, shown stunk 1 lJwelUog U'liiw, la Thirtieth street, rent $6M. al.o a Urea story trick House Id Thirty aoooad mreet, ne?r Hlxth avenue, rent $676 Apply tod. A. K.ISBAM, .U flue street, or BATES A JUNES, 682 Sixth avenue. rpo LET-ON TUB KRCONO FLOOB, A rLAND-<?*K A suit of Rooms, unfurnuhed, for gentleman and wit for a party of sin fie gentlemen, with BranL Terms moderate. Apply at A) J tea utreet, bslween Bleeeker and Fourth ?in eU. Small American 1 amily without children rpo LBT- SECOND floor ADD AN AT I to SEU ' X ro< m, to a am all, genteel t amily. Jtent moderate. A^ply at Afr Deaalaiek street. | NORTH BHOHB, BCATeN IRLaMD. elk of the (,'a*tlet ft or Factor. > vUlo eoMsutisic eleven rooaa, uUiar. bhore Foal ofyte. Factory viue. * f -v > ? : ndWril mTl# T) LKT-THB THREE STORY BRICK , East 1 hi rty. third a. reel, one dour from L4iuigb>it uvunue; 1* In good order, contain* the modern improvement*, and to a good tanas t will be let at alow rem. Poa.edatou immediate ly. Inquire at 101 name ?tr?et. rbET IN BROOKLYN- TUB HOUSE NO U TOMP klcspuace, be ween Harneou and |l>egraw streets; II la one of the b< at locations in the city Ken. hm Inquire of F. BL.ANcH.tT, 1V4 Sixth avenue, Irom 7 til ill o'clock A M, and 4 to 1> F. M. rpo LET IN BROOKL1 N? TWO THKEB-STOBY BRICK JL Houses, high stoop, haaement, under orllar, U rooms each, 38 to 43 Hmlth atreet, with waler and ga< Uxtures o implxu-, and In a good neighborhood, one block from culton avenue oars and two block* from oily liaU; will be let low. Apply to H. HMlTtl, corner of Smith and Bcbermerboro atreeta, or at >47 Pearl street. New York rrtO LBT AT A BARUAIN? HOUSE NO. U7 EA'-T X Seventeenth street, ouposlte ^tuj vawnt square. The house la a large, eommodioua four story and basement, and Outilalns avery convenience. Can be sr en By a card from D. T. BAOFaKAAN, No. ISO Tenth street, near Thud avenue. rLBT OB FOB HALB? A BAHBMttNT TWO story attto Bouse, with six Lota, 20 minutes' ride from thirty Srst sueet, on the Ilndaon; gaa aud water thruuglioul: ahado view of the river. Apply to W H BVLl.lMaN, VJ8 Sixth avenue, between Forty-third and Forty fourth sta. rLBT OB LEABB-THE HABKMENT 008 FRET deep) of and several well lighted office* in the new lire proof building No 83, on tke west side of ftassau street, be tween Fultou and John streets, New York. Aupiy to FBANOIB BYBBB, 138 Neasau street. rLBT OR LB ABB FOR FIVE Y BARB? A SMALL three etory brick House, <7 West Twenty- ninth street. Rent $4<JQ. Inquire on the premiers at all hours. rLBT OR LEA BE? THE SUBSTANTIAL STORB AND Basement, well lighted, US Walker street, UxMU 18 Inch walla and flrmly supported by girder and Iron neliimne. Suitable for ataie or manufaeUuliig purpoeea. Power can be had. If wanted, l ram the adjoining premises. , LET OR LEA8B-FROM MAY 1. WITH PRIVTLBOB jl to alter for buster s* pnrpoMw, liouae No. 7 Oarroii place, Bleerker street. Inquire of JOHN ATTRIitOB A aON, A01 Fourth street, from 8 A. M. to 1 f ^M. TO RBNT-ON FORTY HBCOND STREET, NBAB NINTH aveno*.? Noa. 916 and tlB Aest Forty saeond street; each three stcrlee. bilck, high sloop, 17x80 feel Reat$MiU Ap ply to B. H. LUPLO* 4 CO., No. i Fine street rRBNT? AT 140 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET, Apartments Wtdl nU medern improvements. TO KBNT, FURNISHED ? KATONaH WOODS, AT BBD> ford, Westchester oouuty, the late residence of John Jay, and adjoining the bomrstead, containing SO acre', with large s'one bouse, fine garden, pienty of Ice, Ac. Apply loK.ll. LULLuW A CO., No. 3 Fine street. TO LEASE FOR FIVE YEARB-HEPARATELY OR To gether, four Lota on Attorney and Ridge streets, between Ilelancey and brcome inow occupied aa an iron foundry by John R. Piatt), to be vacant on May 1. Apply to 0. C. FIBCk NRY, No. 78 Wall street. mwo HOCSEB, NO. ll CLARE STREET? DEBIRABIiS X location for manufacturing purposes; rent only $ttU0. Apply to A. JOURNBAY, Jt , 373 Broadway. LTUB LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, M6TB/4TH STRHBT, consisting of fiont and back pariom, *uli utr;;? exteimlm (MMM 1 rojil baarment. Iwtte Alao, the ae.?nd Kiinir, conaistlng of t our line rooms; rent $180. Has all mo'leru im provement*. rpllE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE IN SIXTIETH X street, hetaeen Fust and Herord avenues, oonta nlog six rooms, all in tirst rale order, with a garden to ral>e vegetables. Item per month Bit or B18U per yea r, within balr a block of the Hecood avenue ears, and at block and a ball' of the Third avenue asm. inquire of Y. McKMiOUT, Jo Bleeoker street, for* T?. U' TUB LOWER PART or BOUSE NO ll? FIFTH sueet to let, coneleUng or two parlo:*, two rooms on third atory and iront basement, rent $37 X [ Pl'itR FAR* OF HOCSB TI9 MADISON BTBBBT TO I let, with aacx Baaement; h<iuae three story brlok, with Urge, w mi oi tabie iu?, <n a pleaaant and healthy loaalltf. Inquire on the premises, fiw m o'clock a. M to ? F. M. Ul'PBR PART OF A HOUSE IN HAMMOND BTBBBT to let? four Rooms on aeound atory aod two on third ; nod neighborhood, water aud gas : rent $S0R Apply at UK VV averley place, corner of West Tenth street. U/IHT TWENTY -THIRD STREET -TO BENT, THE TT very desirable Houses No*. 2 Ml and 'Ml. five storiee: al ?o. 136 Wnat Twenty- fourth street, FarUes of r?epee>ablmy will dad thi* an engl ale qpponanity. Apply lo P. HABMO |} 'S NBPliBWS A CO., U Oreen*?R St. , or A. LSMMB, 217 Weet Twenty-third St. */i PA ONLY BBBT FOB A MODERN TBREB STOBT H^UOU brick House, 26xh>, three rooms m a floor in three etorlea, all the modern improvements, six minutes from Wan street and ten from rolton femes. Imjulre at Utt Washington street, Brooklyn. n CO B BO AD WAY? ROOMS TO LET; REST FABHION I tiO able buslneee location la the city; peculiarly suitable for mm light bus! no**, dresamakmg, nillce, or for aleeping. Inquire of Mrs. LOVRTT, Paris Mtlilnory eetabllshment. ?????IcMTmiraH A LABGBOBDBB FOB 18,800 OAST OFF ^^H**a<>Tt?oad you wfll be dealt with to roar I WiilaiM to by II r* Mint*. Ma 70 NUth I linn Blikik mmntM W???toy ptea* A OMIT DBMAMD FOB CLOTHING.? LAD1B8 AMD I A fMll? ' CMt ?* Ctothtog. rural turn, <W_ pet* 5Td Jewatry ? w3! mNU; hi?he.t prU bylWfc Sr?ddm**iMA hania, MB Thtrt tobf Mia H, fc-sti wfct*ss;"s ESHsfcsatisr dtfia to bj lit Barm Aw 211 BBTBMTH AVKNUF. LADTBII AMD OBffTLB ? men can dUpoae of their Out Off Olothlnt Knitutnpn. TTVt. and .Uwrlr, at th? higheet priori, MlW xtvwtliar l?W> ? large orde* m ? eend Mmm to Wlaoonata. By calling on or eddreedng B. H. yoa wUl bo aomrtaaMLladiaa ud MBiiimm to your *aU*fa<nloa. Uadie* attended by Mm B rfT 111 Barents ituh, aeoond door atxrre Twenty fourth A LAMB OKPBB BB< BIVBD -M.UOO WOBTH OP A ?Mt off Clothlag wanted, for the weeftrn Btataa U die* and genflenwn ? tailing to dUipoee of any of the wine cm obtain a higher price than erer waa paid before, although the crtoea are not tprelded In tUi* advert ianaanl; bat br oatl III on or add reaaln^ H H IBBIH, 963 Bowery, fW wlfl Had, laZiee and gentlemen. that you will reeelre the rail ralae for roar arUr.Ua Aiao Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry benight. Ladle* attended by Mra. Ham*, at Mi Bowery, oppoalta fourth and Great Job* atreato. A BBTTBR OBAMOB BTTLL- LADIBH AMD OBMTLE A mra, I bar* a great demand for ea*t off (nothing, Furnl In re, Oarpeta, Jewelry, Ac., for the weatern market. I will pay lha follow lac arieea - For Hllk Ureaaea, from M ta?M; for Coat*. from ?1 to ?18 : for Panu, from $1 to $? PUaaa call on or addreM J. Anhali, 1M i-eranlh avenue, between Twentieth and Iwentr flrat atreato. runetualljr allen+ed. Lad tea attended to by Bra Aahalt. aua, between Ba-ajajiaaTK teoaad to by Bra. B. Ojww io rna Pdii.ic ? Thar# no aoDaaatlon with any other peraon to the **m? fcurtanaa ALm OBBAT DBBAMD FOB CLOTBIBO, LADIBB' AMD Mitlemen'*.? WaaMd, a lot V Caat off nothing, furnl. Hire, iJarpeu aad .Jewelry. I {wan tee to nay the Ittjrtn In the city by aal lng oa_or addrt-atng II Abraham*, rftto TOBth arcane, betweea Twenty fifth itod Twanty *iith Mraeta. Ladle* attended to by Bra. A. A BABB CBAMCB.- LADIBB AMD OBMTLMBBN. I A hare Jn*t reeelrtd fA.nm* to pumhaee eaet off (Tlothtag, Carpet*. Krfralture, for tie California market I promtae 8 par the htohaM prtea for them, by ealftng oa or ilfiw^i B. KLLIH. ? Herenth araaue, near fterenwenlh rnreat. Ladl a* attend, d by Br*. BUI* AM LA BOB QUANTITY OP CABT OFF OLOTHIMB waated to Ml up order* from the W?*t Pint rate prtoea will be man, aad eaah paid to aoirent money Amy to JaMBB BOBOBBT. 481 Paarl atreet, nail bloek to Chatham. "If I LJT ART OLOTHIMO ?TWO BaLKH M HCABLBT JVI <;ioth, aarae a* n*ed ><y the w.ldlern .f thi> <4ntl*h armr, arx'f nvsiT'a'r^rs^?** 5.000 pet*. A* I hare lately retornad ( rem toe Weal, 1 grnn^liiii \U> pay tha fMll Iralua for the abore artWga. CalfoTarad dreaa O. Blah, MB aoranth ereoua. btowaaa Twety alalh mi Itotott Mrveta. Ladle* AttntoH lb by MM **'-* ?iii? or Mai, ?ktatb. A>ocnt?? rjwid-nob run hali,? skou? oir? hour's rid* by the Harlem nal roxl stymied oiitb^ east ?id* of RnMwit. tn ihM vlligeof * bite i*l-4 ja, in tb-. must ?ivaat part of tie Hrat rt>? dwatu n; la a two tory *u<m? H M front. wlU *-xsa the waoie i~nflB; a nal nuu?' .g Ibrtifh ikt mire, A fruat ftud o?ok imn<jr ki .?u*i *id* *o i gltUt M ixv m dialog room bedwrn *i*4 kttcii^a ?*? t*?? oui r ?ton an the tower Moor, aud two la?g?t rmuaian* five b*.lw?-ns nf> ? Mr? These is a fmm and bails yard, Urge ???"*??? . frail trees aud tlowerl"g throb*; a i>a?-u aUab* *u<? oarrl?ip< ( bni; idsism Id the kt-chcn and a **11 of good water *"??' | tbrdaor. 14 ta a very boaith) li>.atton, wvh go >d ??J"1'1? ""i, sboreAes at varum* rtrnoanlnaltoaa Inqulrv of .1 N. rL?N LBKaU, on aw prvuilwa. A part ol the tuunry may remain w msrtgsge if dmlmt * TR40T t F LAUD, 160 A' HK <, ON TUB DAL A A vara l-aekawana* aad Western Railroad, m a ?? ! eounty, Pennsylvania, and iuom oa*\ U> sxi-.hai ^e i or llruiji, Manon-rj or tancvGooda; alao : mil Fnun Uu Werehanga J,r)J^ou? bale. Apply fur two daya W. 11. BBLiiJK, 107 AVfcB* UHOlt K TKNKMEN f PROPERTY, A* WBLL seated *? nan be for lac- woe and for improvement at mo junction of live slieeta. is iu peiiect order, yield* il pe/ erftt aiiiiiim u it d* ./ su?t d*, and h?? Tat'?n' gr'Uaa kf 7 7sbB admirably adapted f ir utacturln^ or oilier usea Will sell ogether or In | arcrls rur ixtrt.i9u.ara apply M C. ' O. PBaTT, 10 Pine strut t, room 11. AFIEKT CLsBn Th>K*E,Nr PhOrr.HTY IN EA-.T HHy-tbud airert, near Fourth avmu>v ? In In perect order, ana bun tb.- bent of k-nanta. A ill rout 4>J,i 0U about one irlm cash Will make you a gxid home, aud pay for itatlf In about all yearn. C. G. PRATT, 10 Viae utreet, room II. AVlkY GOOD AND ELIGIBLE PROPERTY VOft ?a>, onioer of Pourlh and Twelfth itroeta: 2jiOOx 90. l a* bouae. (tore, ahop, Ac ; la well eiuiusb ilk It la, tnd <a?li? improved 1 rice JiU.UU R?nt (1,1011, anil terma about aa yon wlnh. C G PttaTf, 10 Pine ?tre?l, r jom 12. A MIXED PROPERTY IN BLKBl'KER HT <t?RP (houa^ and i-hop) ? Pour ? wiry brick building 2U56I7.V thorough bu.U and g >od property; well loea?'l and well adapu a to alaiokt any klud cl bunlueia Prlae $y,000 Rent (1,1.00. O. u PkLarr, 10 Fine atreet, room U. KARGAIN IN BHOOKI.YN -TWO THOUSAND DOL ' lAra far 'be we I buiK two atary basement ?ub c Uar ' high ?>oop bttck Uoumi >Q. 3 aapalyeavtreet, near Van tlruut, I lire bl<c*? from Clamlliou terry; alDe rooflM, aUdlng doora, gratra, dry eeMar. i?rmnaaay> . 1 /1H>AOErt iojl v.A U*. LNV^Bfyrr >Utv&Wtat.NTH ?> V with stabMa, ft (X)?? ?>reei, f roua ioto??tl()u O, (J. ' RaV T, '0 flag atrcv.t, room 1A DURV rem, Bp IM AT mum* IAMNS -THE UNDER r *l*ntS,*52&3i'3L i*i5Ed?J^Scra qukar. deoaaaod, will neii at public aucrfoE aRBa dVetling h ua- of late \lai- i ander MoKaruubar in White Plaina, ..a the l?t day uf Mar, i 1WI, at 14 o'rh c.k M , the farm formerly owned by John d. i U< duey, o>>nialn iik about lOO a rea of land. The rarm la in I exeeUrnt condition, well fenoed, urlixtf pally with tuooe wall. I The Dwe'ilng Hi.uae haa been built wl hln a tew year*, and la large and comnuidloua ; all <ht oatbaLdlngK are nearly now, and are in gnuo eondluon. All the laud, exempt ten aoren or woodland, In tillable It la situated one mile and a half i rum tolilte flail*, on the New iork and klarlmn Hallroad a larfte part of the purcliaae money ran remain on the plaje for a term of yeara. LboNaaa HILXKh, i MONTOOMhAl UEDNKY, \ lilecuto,s' Aran. 10, 1H61. FOR BAl-B? ON Gt'ILFI. RD PLaCR, PORTT-P1PTU atraet, between Lexington and i hird aTeuuen, drat nlau brown atone frost Boose's with all tha modem Impri'va nta, priea, 18,160; also one la PUtleth stra-t, betwxen ->s id and Third srrnuaa Apply on the promises. Forty ftfth street. Terms ?a*y. L">OR HAUE-A FOUR HIHJRY HIUII B AHEMbKT r brown sU.n' front Uooae, between Third and Lo-xln^ on avenuea. In Fifty brat atrort, or to 1st cheap. Inquire on the premises VALENTINE. Also the three story House U6 Mo eond avonue for sale. fi>OB halb ? a farm of iu achbh, with jood ' bulldtcgn, about forty mllos on the Long l?l?od Railroad, In a good state of cultivation, with a good variety of appl-a, pearn and pearhea. also Lawton black berries, cranberries, Ac. Also a Farm of 10 acres, with now and onnvsnlent Muldingn; more land may be had at BW per acre If wanted. A ten a imw modern built Hooso. two stones, with one quarter of aa a-re of Laad, In a good village For farther pariioiara auply to ISAAC VaRPBNTRR* BOM. 7k Allen street, Mow York. LIOB BALE ? A THBEE I- TORT BRICK HOUBB WITH r store mnd cellar, situated in a good location, known as Obi Water a treat For further partlculara apply on the pra mlsea. ? IpOB BALE? IN BBOOBLYM, A THR'JB BTORY AND 1 basement b irk House, corner of Fort Green plaoo and Hanson place, also cue Brown htone, In Portland avenue, near Washington park, r rice low. Apply to I B. JaOK BON, on the premise a. r>R BA1.B OR BXCHANGB? VALUABLB REAL r state W estern lands and a good mortgage will bo ex changed for all kinds or merchandise and Mltaouri and Vir ginia bond a, at an advance. Address A Bee man, 77 oedar street, New York If OR BALE OB fO LET? TnE NEAT AND CON 1 venlent three story Hq <se, 309 West Thirtieth street; I rice $3,260, rent fci26 House on west idCe ol Eleventh avenne, AU leot south from Furty-Tourth street, thirty seven r oins and two stores; rcula tor S7M, price (6,000. CUBRk, ?y West fhlrty third street. t,i()R BALE OB TO LBT? WITH A LB ABB, A MEAT P and Provision Btore, It's Fultoa avi-noe. Brooklyn, do ing a good business, one of the best locations in the city ; will be euldivery cbeap If applied for immediately. JIOR BaLE OB TO LET-AT TUBBY HOOK, ONE HOUR from Chambers sirret. a first class Oottago, with eight lota of ground, within three minutes' walk from the depot, lor particulars apply to A L, W aLT.iN, Tubby Hook. For bale or to let-at btonv brook, l. i , a Kami, c iutaining about 10 acrea of good land, with a comnioalouK Dwel lug H'luse, suitable lor summ^i' b >arding or a private residence. The House to let without the Land, or i the w bole tor suie or leaie communication with New V. irk by steamboat or Long Island Kailroad. Kor particular-, in- I quire on Ixjard the stesmer Ocean vvave, footot Oliver street, ? lrom 1 o'clock P. B. Ibnrsdsy till 11 A. M Haturday. j FOR GROCERIES LR? GOODS OB LIQUORS? j dame House and four vacant Lota adjiilnlog; well I situated on a g'ud street In Jeisey City, in exchange t or j iirurpss, Llqui rs or JLirv O-ods; value SP.nB tor the whok, eiirumbrsnoe about $1,700. App!y early to aLBX. UaR kk'f'l , agent. Ho 4 How, in* Green Houhe and two and a half city lotb for sain at les?i limn r.igk, price $1,300; ten minutee' walk from liarlem bridge Applyte the owner sn iha premi ses, ME1>mOml, third bouse IrunLCortlsudl avanue. HOl'BE AND TEN aBRBH (W LAND FOR HAt.R OR to Let, on Hta'en Island, on' line of Btaten Island Kail, road, hlchmond Valley elation. Apply te A. JOUAMEaY, Jr., 373 Broadway. Notice to fabbebb. Now la your time to procure a cheap and durable Farm lmp!em< nt. Can select from an extenalve stock at manufao turera eoat, If taken lrom ibe store before the 1st of May. ALSO, IS tona of a reliable Super Pbos. Lime, value $19 per Ion, ail, be closed out at $37. TEED WELL A I'BLL, 46 Pulton street. TWO FAKMM FOR MALE ? HITUA.T1QN IN BNOLI8H Neighborhood. K. J.; eocene bv N. R Railroad; ton mtnulee walk (ran ike depot, and three mile* from Wee hawken ferr>; will be *>14 In parte of 1ft acre*. Inquire of G. 1IH?AIJ? MB n ashlagton street, or of R. C. DAT, on the prsmieea. TO CARTMEN AMD OTHERS ? A TWO STORT FRAME Uouic, with (liable, in Thirty seventh at reel, near Tenth avenue, elze UlXilOO, ta wall built, haa ten roomJ, and Rood ??nvrmen<ee Price $3, SOB, term* easy. Also other similar places, well located, for aale on favorable term*, by 0. U. PRA1 T. to Fine street, room IS. KX( IIAH (IE ? FIRRT CLAB8 NRW YORK CITY ? lxt? tor improved city property. AppJv to JOHN Mc I LAVL. 1,241 Broadway, between '.I and 11 o'clock A. M. FOB 8 ALB CHEAP? I FtfllkML Tl# itoro tii mw. I ^^^Kit^iel^rTthMlCrfull else, together with wMaJjl ?icp. blacksmith sbor, aheda, and one acre of Laad>d all m complete order, 3% mi!t'? from Long I aland Railroad I d?pot and >4 mile from (Jreat Houth bay, where veaeela are | running to and (rom New York. For particular* apply If J. I B. VaLLNTINK, II James alip, or B. M)l) U V BA, fi&p, LI. I 8TBRN LAND OR GOODS WANTED- IN EX ehanfe tor a valuable Patent for the tflataeof New "* ?tock of the article W' . York and New Jersey, together with a patented, which haa a rapid sale. Apply soon to C. H. BA CON, No. ? Pine Street, room 21. FINE FARMS AT A BARGAIN ?TWO SPLENDID located at Small Lota, within throe and a half aterson, M. J. ; one containing one hundred aad 3 Farms, ss al Pi ftfly, and the ether fcrty aerea of thokoe land. Another of I H scire, itftuaied on line or New \ o.k and Erie Railroad, a ahort dliiaaoo from the above mentioned; bulldlnga, out housca, Ac, all La capital condition , well stucled with fruit aad ether troes. Klther or all of tbn above win be eishanastf tor dty property Agents need not apply. Above muet bo dle|?ia)-d of >v May! Inquire ol rt a M ('RL PGPB N.J , or KOBKKT BLLNDEL1., -7 l>ey itrflii r street, N. Y onn nr proved parmb, oocnyry ceatr, OuU aad Lote for sale or to exchange. Alee HmJVMH of everv deoartpOon for sale If yea wish la narehase al SgMj|3g5gM5jr Ac onn -*0E BALE, IB BROOKLYB, ON FORT JO.OUM. Green place, between r ulton and Dekalb avranoK, east aide, two of thoermacnMrentiy tlalahed Houaee, with all modam Improvements $.1,001: on boad and moncaoe Terms easy. Must be sold. Apply to FAGAJH A ULaFFY, on tha premises. fl2.000.iSp Fulton atenue, free tr ? BROOKLYN LOTS TO EXCHANGE ? lota, desirably located, near the ileo of Fulton avenue, free trom tacumbraace, will be exchanged for cftothlag or aay deeirable merchandise. M. L BHBLOON, 84 Naaeau street. BAILEOADt, elDBON RIVER RAILROAD-FOB ALBANY AND Tr 7, connecting with trataa North sad West.? Tralas leave >? raos ciuae*** svscrr. reos THianrra stbbst. Eipress, 7 at d 11 A.M., aad 7*. I1JB A. It, 3.0* aad 1*1 and 6 PM. 6 M P. M. Troy and Albaav (with deep 10:4* P. M. (Btmdays Indu ing earitf, lu 1ft P M. ded > Pouglikeepeie train, tA M., ?:2? a. M., 12 40 and 4 2* P. 12 16 and 4 F. M. M. Peekekni rain, 6-JO P. M. SWF M. Bine Mng train. ?:? A. M? 10 U'A. M., 4 10 aad44t P. .W# and 4 10 r M. M. _ MUUM.IML t RMtTH, Superintendent. \TBW lORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. PI Rprieg arrangMaent, oommeaelag Monday. April U, 1ML For 4 Saa/.aafTroy, oonneeting with u>e New fork Oea tral Railroad for all potnta Weet, North woet aad Boathwaef alsawiththe Northern RaUroad for HevatogCltaUanA Bur 7 vd u i'JSi juemJI *h?m' For WluIasMbridge, White Plains. Dover Plains, aad all local trains see >taao taMe. An ezpraes train will leave Albany evei? Sunday morning st 9 A * /OBN bUHCHILL, 1 1 an 1 1 Bnperlntoadeak H^HIJDKON rivrb railroad RXCt'RmoNTICKirPR - ? To aad from Now York, aad all st*>ion* south of aad including Hudson, sold at greatly rodoced rates Tickets to and from PeeksklU, aad stetioas north to Hudson, gsod far two days. Bold at Uekst oMee only A F. BMIPH, Bupaftalondoai MttTMMtMUL n iwtnowmnfr to A ed 4A nmbhss. ami man of undoubted f arrets and leteres with Ostrl?, KaS nl VOU. (AUB. Juquoi nou pob nu aur rrnru wr In Aral olataa style with three yam -jum I mm lb* tat bi will aa D ti>" Lwe and Flitarae with or witti mji ike mk( Ingntoe AM)** avanna A. aorner ut Twentieth itreet. All old%ctarlimwed DINING ?l?ON-TO l| ?014 st rn MM b*r?in. To A p*m vthltii to ?fi in the buaineaa tnv la a oitanoe aeldom "ITA?.|. fur paritcu Ivi apply to E. B. WUiNSOM, *70 t'.aaal atreet, entrance oc Cortlandi place ._a - A GREAT BafcUAlB.-Kurt. KALE, All OLD UTil llabd Bngli h A>e and M>"P R""*". Id ooe of the bee buMneaa locations In Ua ct?J. ?*!*?) *fao tor* leumn <l?en fm aalling out. E. LAWRENCE h CO , 63 R**t Fourteratl atriet. A STAND FOR 8ALB-1N Wn*T *A4HINOTO< market Terma easy and to a paratt. wVung to engag In market bu*in-*>a It la a arldum offered. Apply i 42 and U Veaay at r set, pier. 1 A MONET MAKING SALOON AMD BB8TAI7RAWT POl ?ale cheap toritaah Situated ua Broadway, ele?aatl fitted op, wlta Billiard rabies, Ac and now colag a pay la baalneaa. Addreaa J. B. i' , HorelS ullloe Bab fiitubj-h k?.m ^aL8-?oi??htii?(J op splendid Counter, Mlnw^aud aU?? arranpnamnl for a first eiaaa bar Inquire at (tZBOltft J itreet BaKKRY FOB HaLE t;UBAP? <LK A.<E vND FIXTURE uf a very de-lraf U nakery, doles k go d oaah buainea all over the voui.Uir 8?**u* 'or sellliu, ?be proprietor ha more buaineaa than he oau attend to App y to Mr. TOUNU of the fim of Weekea, uongiaa A Co., earner of Broad an> Front street*, New n-rfc. BAKART FUR tALE-A WELL BSTaBLIHHEM BA I kery, with Horses and Wagon Inquire at 233 Thin MM DRCU BUr-lMSrH FOB HAUL ?A CBaNCB IB ??1 offered. at>d a customer wanted, ?? pur^haaa a atoak 'e l>rug? amounting to about $W,0IJO, tn one of &e Mat ttenr lrhing cittea In ftea'em O anada, with one ef the beat eatafc llahed buhlnf i?ea la that province Villi partleulara aa t Urma, Ac., given en application to Imik ML WAJU CLOt-B A CO , '? and ISO wu bam aMM. T lIMkU HALoOn FOu BA1JS.? dAMaFAtJTOKT BJU U af given for selling. Apply at lj| Mg?*en m?e Fob ? ?aik-oios hTKAM bnbU*,m Of nm u 151 L" orootive ft?W.ia parfeat er Apply a tiff and r7?.J*ntr# atreet, nml w be aqra i Stfif ^ . . . , . I rn>B KAiiF ? a T Htort ?old low to XF? A CORMOk GftttUBBT A*? LM0O1 situted to the <* part %l the dij ; WM h a o%ab cualomer laqufre ?l W.-? FHOR HAlE.-9.m-A BtWLlXl * K LOON O* BROAD I way, with two lUltee, In cer- c. : o'd ir. with h?r a*|ti tures A ; > a lirst ctaaa uilhaia .- |B n, n?w riuMg a|M lualneaa Ariily IoaNuhEmu, UOJLJV&R A TBKabtB >aaaau itreet, room 13. u CR NA1.E? A GROCE IY ANO UQOOB BTO] ? with thrto jeaf.' leaaeof the houae; a Aral rate Ml for bua Deaa. hatui/aCiOry reaion given tor aelllag For pai llcalara inquire In the aton\ ho. 137 Will Twenty eveat atr-el FtOB SALE? TUB SHIP CARPENTER' 8 TABU with lea?e of two yearn, altuated In Com tnerclai atreel near Atlantic docka, Brooklyn, U I Thw yard ooaaleU a blackaml'b a ahop, blodimaker'a abop, timber abed, oUlot An. For fuitber partluulara apply or addre EL H. Drl0l l'M,ade!ph.a Uou'l, JairMf City, near the ferry. I OR HALE? A FIRHT CLASH DOWN TOWN DINTNC Oyater and l)i lnklr^{ Saloon, wUh a good bar trad* he owner la going to leave the elty. For price and partial Lara Inquire of W M. BLT1NO, 03 Ann atreat^ aoeond Beor. FOB 8ALB-A 1EA STORK IN OMB OP THB PRCT elple avonnee In Brooklyn. Raaaon for aelllnx out o account of bad healta. Addreaa B , Brooklyn Poat odloe. FOR HALE ? $120 WILL BUT THE LBaHK AND PT1 turea of a neatly fitted up Liquor glare In the aevent ward. *02 Water a tree t. li^OR KALE? THE STOCK AND FTXTURB8 OP i r nicely fitted up Bar, Billiard and oyater Saloon, mi dolrg a Brit rate buaineaa; will be gold with or without th bllllaid table; good reaaon given for aelllng Apply la tk atore KM Union atreet, near Colombia, noatb Br<ok>yn. OR BALE? A BMALL STOCK OP NEW AND Pi V ablonable Milltnerr Oooda. tn a verv deairable looatlod the owner being obllg?a to sell out on aeeount of a Htore and back Room to let. Apply at IBM Kourth a' For rale? a firktclakh re-tadrantanddi| lng ealoon; eataMlahed over SO yean; la a good loeatM down 'own; doing an etoellent and profit* Me buaineaa. J ply to B. b. ualORRE, (B7 i earl atreet. corner of Cedar. Fob sale? the stock and fixtobi Orccery and Liquor Store; la a goof aund, dt buaineaa, five ytara' leate For partlcalara avwyl Mad Iron atreet FHOK HALE-1UE OOOD WILL, LEAHE FIX TUB and oonlenta of the Orocery Istore 2M {< nth avenue. < ner of twenty -ninth itreet. Apply to JACoB EL.LIM aaslgnee, l^S Water atreet. FHOR FALE-A DRUO STORE, IK A GOOD BfHIVl nelgboorbood; will be aold reaaoDablo, aa the prop tor, a pbyalrUn, wiabra to devote hta eittre time to pract Apply to W M. fUlM/, Ml William atreet, corner of t ton atreet JiOR SALE? A FIBST CLASS BILLIARD AND CHI Room, on Broadway, with five eienllent lablea. I doing a ?o?'d buaineaa, with atock of llqttora, 1-aae, A3 ; be B<>ld cheap, aa the uwner la going r outb. Inquire at frprltigat. UEttKUK anDKKWJ C<OR SALE-THE MBBOHANT TAILOA1N4 BST1 r llahment, over twenty yeara' atanding, and doing a ll an<> firat claaa buaineaa, eonalt ting of the atoca an >fl?i^ with a reaaon able leaae o' the atore, located central. y. M corner and near Broadway Reapunalble appileanu, ? real name only, will plnaaa addreaa Retirement, boifl Iterald olli*, lor three daya A r-OR SALB? ATOCK AND PIXrUHEl OF 4 SAbI " bhop in the city, advan'acnoualy altuaUx , and p-rfl WW "? In the el'y, bavln? a good cli,?of c lator* d ouk a go * ? .. II. J l.tirope. Addrvaa 0. P., UaraMTWr^^ T710B 8 A LB CHBAP-COMPLBT* BKT OF PIXtM JC Shelving, Ac., nearly new. Apply at ? CI ff 'treet-B ?VIB 8ALR OHBAP-AN <)l.I> 1'ANAT^ hi'IK).,* ' will carry lti6 tona enal, brick or luiuber , aeila. ru'H rlfgltg, A", will run two aeaaona. She will oe aold chofl clime the oonoem. Inquire of Wk. A BOtS, at Port H mond, Hta ten Jaland. ? HAT8TORB PUR SAL&- THB LEASE, STOCK ? Fixtures of tbu old eatabllahed ataad Ne Ml <iree^| ?treet (formerly White'*); baa bean oeeugtud aa a lull for over twelve yeara Apply cn the premlaea. I1QUOR HTOltB FOB SALB ? POB SA1aTtHKI^| J and Plxturea, or without atock, of a Urge alaad corner uf avenue a and Eighteenth atreet. Inquire^! atore, lou'h'aat corner. F ?aiding grinding UTTBSvMj T 1QUOR HI oRE FOR SALE.? TUB t TOOK AX] JLi Ium of a wholeaale and ratal) Liquor Htora. or Ud Uue, without ?'.ock. Apply la IM Mora, r70 1 tN-oth atreet. Liquor stoke, known as tub wbbhai i- hades, for aale? with Future* Id jutr? at tl Fortyexocd Birr**, iw dour from the anrner of leaH IQCOR STOKE TO tRUi OR TRADE-OB A 0<?| on H?y nd avenue. with Fixture*, fire mn' U1 n ne? na avenue. with flxturee, Ova veers' Uu if warned at a beraala; MI bulldlaA low real, i hochI butineea, good locality. R BLAKB, M Ohambera i Liquor store -for sale, ihb lbasb ad turra, with or without atock, of a wall loeauxL flurd up oo-nar Liquor More la tha HUth ward, oral Bn taken aa partner; tha re at UV Eadlson <Ueet. food working order: prto* |Ml Tkrm Inch r*>r? *n<4 tU ? i",1" :? '"BBW Z?OBK IHSrOBBD~OF CHBAP-THB FUToH E&su:" C&"-"S3SC?K i] Third atreet, near araaM D. aaeomd (Mr I THHB STOCK AND FIXTHftM OP A FUMf] ? <1 nicer J. Id a leading avenue, ao? lotng a goodj alneea. for (artkulare Inquire of M M l<RC| Chambers itreet, Maw York, far ate w?k. ? rpn i a 1 1 I ill i lil|i loaatad h BtoeCw uTim^H not, with or without a MM alack of Up ? pant fining into other bnaliieaa Aililiaaa tai llaj Tn facte BE SOLO- THE LKAHB ABDFIX1 ? II rut . laae Liquor morn, in factory r?a* >o will be given for relllng oat flirrald ofllre. bo agenta need mftf. '-illH l0"* I'RO^kLLBR" Foi" bTTlB^ OvU ataunah, heavy timbered. and perfaoOy I bolter la nearly new. ahe la in |uM ?i ear, and wain read j for aea: will be aold at a baraala. Inquire i P. TOWNBRMB, 14 rtna atreet, la diSbaaMwnt. jftURNTTURB BOOOHT ? fHB BIOHKHtH ? ,B T* fo' W k,,Mta "* Haoaebold Fnrfl *"?*?. Bedding, K, at 47tH aear Thirty lomth atreet. or by not* eddreeaB ** a^?Ta. B. H. ? A good aaaontoeat alwtyaon ? ?TWO ?cm or ro?bwood rrBntrul A pleeea aaah, ftrat quality , for <ale tr eteban?<J mwwr and Light Witeao, Tint Mr '.iMebrr U at fair prtcaa. inquire at. 9' l? M