Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1861 Page 1
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.T'-tar ! ili'J: ; - f , _ '! , ' - I ' t I THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8938. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1SG1.-TRIPLE (SHEET. PRlVE TWO CENTS IT At't TIO*. CCllON HOTIuE.- $18 CQ) WOMfii OF BEALTltni, > Msbvt'OOD FUHhrTURE, i"-ennut Mar 'do Q oup Bronzes raiii'liigs >-i.t Pta-Worte, mip' rh jtoge vixxtf Parlor iults, Btt.i- :uiar ana lt.uis China, Silverware, Ac Ac . AT i*o BLU Ai/OTION, n,^ day. it) r. M. USSELL W WMTOijfT, aaoU n^er, would invite tua n'l ?. of c.oua-kt-1-er* ???t. pat'.ies In wait of el j^.ut ?ehotfi J uinilure u'ud Uome rurulohlug ?. *>ds of ev >ry *rtpil.m, embracing maujf i*.'d ^h* bttuuful wnr|t ol art, be la >? to be made thl* day (Frldsy* cennneuc'ng at 2 *h ?n the afternoon pr?els< ly. ?( the d*<?lllu2 limine IU aflt?t e*iwet, t>et?eeu t-even'b and Eighth avenues, iug the entire handrome Parlor, Cliaieb-r, D nlni; m and Library furniture of the house. ull ol which 1? and Ir. perf?ct order having t een made to ord?r vtthia ?Kontbs. Ttr wbole *l'.l be sold ?trt"tly without re ?e, and to V* removed tm-nidiale'.v I rom the house Th t mlvrb consists in part of one richly carved suit of s>lld wcod Parlor Furniture. eov#-ed lu crliuron iod rnarnn cut full Milt, I Icily upholstered u (reen aid g >ld ?ada ; both of there su' s are w irthy of speda' att'iti iu; Stilt Ma'-k wa'ntit, cohered In haircloth; superb r ip?*try, um aau ingaln Carpets, two statuary marble top Kte awtth plate door*; rosewood Centra an,l IfrWilm, ?L l/WM, lu velvet ai d rleh damask, with Voltaire Ire to match; i Ilk and La.* CuHains, Bronze Clocks, Superb nosewood Heien Octave 4NOPCRTE. bT(K/L AND EMBROIDERED COVE* a large Mac el ard Pier Mirrors, elegant Bronze*, marble np?, bisque Figure- Painiingt and beautiful rarlor Orna te rosewowl Cumber Furniture ol every description, ten K-ge liair 4 at resses, Bed*. Ac. ; dressing aid plain ettu Frcucli m.d Elizabethan Bedsteads, oak Kiteaaion It, oak Bufet, halri, *< , with an elegant variety of Cut Gla??, stiver ware, D i.^er and let Herri ^e. Caste?, ?n*. Forks, Crt-, French < hltia, *<? Also a large variety fcan.ber and ?'srlor Furniture not here mentioned. Bale Uve, rain or shine. ooinuieocing at i| precisely ? W. FORTES A CO .AUCTIONEERS. AUCTION SALE Of elegant and oostly Uuu -eliold Furniture, Made to otder. aud new ou the 1st day of May last will eell without reserve. at auction, on Friday. April 19, 1, all the elegant, fashionable rosewood Furn'tnre lined lit the private, residence 218 We?t Fourteenth street, ween >.igblli and Nln.h avenues, iu this city. The Hale I be pi hi tire and peremptory, without regard to weather. are now ready, and can be had at our office or the M. Magtifioont Roaewood Pianoforte, Royal Velvet Carpets, Bosewood fcul a of Drawing Room Furniture, r ABd Mar tel W lrror*. CHOICE OfL PAINTINGS, *0., AC. orom? ncing In the dining room ?Oak Extend >n Dining Ta eak bullet with plate gla?a doors and btek; solid Htlver 1 sllvtr 1 la'ed Ware, faaters, Liquor Btands, silver Wa'er chers. solid Ivory bslanoe handled knives and Forks, sll tabie and Tea spoooa. silver Cake and Fruit B iskats. er Napkin Rings French china gold band Dinner Set of plecfS, decorated china Tea S?it, English cut Olassware, raved , chlr.a Crockery Dining room? Sronce Clo lc, of 7 ray a Juecantera, Tumblera, Ooblets, Champagnes, 'rrlea. Ruby Wsn: In the drawing room? Pianoforte, d ro-.ewood frame, round comers, carved lngt Inlatl with tber of pearl tnblet , Ivory keys, full iron frami, mo lern pr -mnents. overstrung bags; rosewood Music Canterbury, bro'.dtrfcd cloth Covet, hlgb back rose wo xl Stool; three tsParlrr Furniture, all oovered In satin maroon gre?n, e and goid ; Pier Minors Oil Paintlnua, Engravings, Ax aster Carpet, Mosaic Rugs, roaewood Elegeres, Kacretoli vs, lr ea j f.mingea ami dial's, Divan, Converaatlon Chairs, ntel klrtors, real "ronze. Parian and B'sque Figures; Ro n Vases. Lace and Brr?ktel Curtains, Q >ld Bands. Tassel t, Tier Vthat Nots, Louis XIV stvle heavily caived Bei st?s, marble top Dreaslng Bureaus, Wasnstands, Com dee, lablea de Nult, Amour a-Glaee. Lace Curtains, ungts ?nd Eas^f Cbairs; Chsmber Suit of Furniture, six cea; sofa, arm and four n.-al back Chairs; Hrusaels (Carpet, lr M^ttreaaes, Spring Bed, Blankets, Quilts, Sheets, Pil /'edeprsaos, Bar, Toilet Sets, Oil Paintings. French mmrdea, aad In tM third and fourth stotlcs walnut and ?y Bedsteads, Bureaus, Bedding, Carpeting in every rrors, Clocks. Chairs, Rockers, Sofas, Stair Carpet, clntb. Rod>t, ball liats'And. Ac. Also, all the basement mitt re, kitchen Utensils, Ac. Sale commences at eleven 1 rk. DCTION NOTICE. MORTIMER 'JRIFT1N A CO., Auotioneers. Magolficcut lloueehold Furniture, Drawing Room bults Roaewood 7 octave Pianoforte, Ol; I'ainttnfs, Watutry, Bronzes, Vsxes, Mlrrora, Velvet Carpeta. Bronze Chandeliers, Bookcase, Ktegere, Buffel,lExtension Table. To be p. i-^nptorily sold at auction, on tnladay (?ridaj ), April ltt, the elegant private residence. No. 48 Weat Sixteenth street, between Fi'th and Sixth avenues, the Property of a family rallnnulshlnjt housekeeping. Pale commences at lt>s O'clock. I e caiaJogue eomprlsea the largest aad rlcheofassortmeu'. Household Furniture offered at auction this aeasun, the roi'ure all made to order by city makers, and is of the best ?crtptl'in. Catalogues at the bouse this m ining, yli:? ?woodToctave Pianoforte by city makers, btool^and Covsr; niifre, solid oak JBuffet Bxtaaatan Table, Ohioa, Olssa J tt;l- t r ? are I able Cutlery, Hat Stand, Bureaus, Bed ads. Waotastaiids, 0airst.d Nnrlng Mattresses, Wardrobes, uik'ts. Count? rpanes, ( liclotb, stair Cantata, Clocks. Ac.; In a langr as -"litrtent of Hwemrnt and Kit Aon Furniture, lepoaltlve ruin or shine. , UCTION NOTICE? A ORNERAL ASSORTMENT OF l L yery elegant raaewnod Parlor Furniture, superbly earved * wood Chamber Sots, Mattresses, Reds. Ac. ; also Velvet d ftruneeis Garrets, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rich Window aoe-y, kantel Olook and Deorrattons, choioe OU Paintings, k IXnuig Hoom Suit, Sns Cut G laas China and Dinner and a ?eU, Ivory Outlery.Jke., Ae. Can bo had at private sale a Uu?e da>s at one-half its value tot ossb, at IS Clinton iCff In f lgbth street, nev Uroadwav Dowi open from 7 Tl te7 V r - * II And it iwrlwr a great sacrifice SSIQNEEH SA1.K OF A FIRST CLASS CABINET MAN U FACTO RER'S STOCK. M OOl'OIilY, AC/CTIONEEE. III sell, th's dny (Frilayl, April 19 and to-merrow fSatnr y), April M at 10', o'clock each day, at the spactons sa'es om. W Kasnu fr?et, Conalstlng of s< lid mahogany and rosewood Parlor fluits, vt r-d it lialieloth and liroeatei, viz : Tate a-Tetes, P?rlor, ?m and Sewing Cbalr?, Secretary and Library Bookcases, ?. wood and mahogany marble top Centre Tables, Mirrors, x'en?lon lining tables. Hnffeta, Dining Chairs, marble top rostlrg Bureaus, Waalistanda, Be lstc.ids, hair msttresaeo, B) otder JAMES ST1LLMAN, Assignee. Also ?' 'he same time, a quantity of second b ind Furni ro. Of a family dvcliumg liotisekeeptng ; Carpets, Oilcloths. _rcr.CN NOTICE.? A FAMILY DECLINING) HOUSE 1. keeping wM dl"po?e of, at private sale, all their Parlor, liambtr and Dicing Room Furniture at a great aacrlBoe, i:? Parvwl meewotal seven octave Pianoforte, In excellent "dor, ooat ?AOO'orSWO. including stool and cover; Parlor 'Mt cost two for $110; one, $'0U; Etegerea, Centra Table*, trestie Ntdslearia. Washstands. solid rosewood, cut {UU, M at tr eases, Ae The furniture was all made to or _he present owner; has beeo In use but five months i d is in comp'rte order. Inquire at 70 Wast Tweitty-slxth 'eet, ei sr Sixth avenue k CCTI2!nwN* * NICHOLS, AU<TtOKBER?, a. BR w,u tell to morrow (Saturday), At JO'. o'clock, mtSSl'SR8fG&S&* A B*tokEEB' RALE OF HATS, CAP*, TORS AND \ Straw Good* ?A. U. CRIh r^LAll. auctioneer, will (ell, hi* AIT, April M*. at W . o'clock, at 47 Day aireat, the ea rn rt -ck or a wholeaale Uuuae, conaiatlng ta part of a 1 trm ncrmrnt or toft and fait Hat*, of various i(ualltl*a; cloth, alret and pliuh Cap*, la great variety; Panama and various liacrip' loiu of Straw Hat*. Trgether with a large and valuable variety of made up 'uhl cooalailng of Mlak, iRuaalaa and Uudaon Bay Sable :%!???. Victor" n??. Cuff a. Muffa. Ac. T. nether with GOet Furniture, future*. Iron Safe, Ac. by r id SAML'BL HTBRN t and , AMlgnnar BIVON clOODMAN, ) a t ollON NOTICE -BT WM. \r. 8HIBLBY, A DC A. tkmeer, Friday, April 19, at 10 o'clock, at Hi! Bowery i*ar Br? om* airno, rich China, Olaaa and Crockery of all (Iraa. Mlvei pla ed and Britannia Ware. A po* tire clearing >ut caah aale of all tbe Kock. in lota for ratallera, hotel*, wmu dint hnoM and famlliaa Moat be aold. Store to bagtvoa ip /> pril 22. Auction sale this da v, at 10 ocloue a. m.71 i f 8H*> Pe\r Tree*, R'flU Apple, Pea 'h, cherrr. Plum, Jtiloe* and other fruit Trr*i; o'n*m*nial and (lowering ttriiba, Trf ea, Plant*. Ac., at the Naraerymen'* depot. No. <u Mmu atrert. New fork ACCTION NOTICE -BtJItNHAMS FITRNITIKB E\ prr.a and Packing ExtabUohment. Ill and 113 We*t Hevent'.i *lreet, betweei- Fifth and Sl*th aventi**. H ?.up hold Furniture to*ed ard *htppe<l to all ptrta of the world Lar?* copied wagona for rrmorfng furniture of famlllea. Furniture ate re^ A?rCTrON SAI.E ? E. 0. ABRAMA. auctioneer. wil< aril, tlila day and on Saturday, all the Dry <lnod< In atorr 28.' ftlxtb avenue near Mahteeoth atreet, remaining orrr from Mnnday'* aale. rial.' p <*ltive; great chance I or bargain* To commence at 11 o'clock each day. A CCTION N01ICE OF HOI SKHOLD FPRNTTl RE A BENHV H LEEDS A OO..J3 Naaaau atreet, will alve Heir priaoral attention a* uaual to aalca of Bouaehoid Fur niture. Ac , at 'he r< *lilene** of famillea. Will alao hold regu lar nalea at their ? notion roima as above. AHtM TlON BALE -a O. LEIGH, CHINA HALL, Ml Sroeilway H' rangers will plc**c to obeerve that the ? uperb atock oif China. Ulai R'lver Plated Ware, Dinner t< ta, Ac , are !>elng aold at an imrnenee aacrlfic*. on fueklar ard Friday Meat* provided (or ladle*. < treat hargalna of i < rod at private aulr. Browne * ntcholb, aucttonbbrb, m Nassau atreet ? 1 hi* da;. April 19 at l(J>4 o'clock, at the private rat Idence No. 2 Tompkln* place, between Harriaon and De fraw atreeta, Brooklyn, large aale of rich Houaahold Furni ture, made by Rout and other*, o.nntatlna of aolld roaewood I' Hnr Knrnitnre, elegantty oarred tn Lonla X IT. and Bll/a betban aty lea, ? verrd in heavy ailk broeatel; rich Rngluih Veiret C?rpeta, Hrncatel and Laee Window Curtalna, aVIn ftalancea and heavy gilt eorntoaa; Prrneh plate Oval and l'ler Minora, eupeib 'ramea; magnllleent roaewood Bacratolre, Inlaid wi'b rare wood; ebony Ann and Reception Chair-*, rich Ontre 'falila* and BUweree, elegant rove wo. ?i Parkir Organ, e.gbt roeeworA round cornorM Plaaofort<*Htool and <?< ver; fine eolleetlo* of Oil Pabitlnga and oolored Rngravinga, rMh French chlnft Taee*. ormolu ?nd marble Clo-k, very flne; rich Dining R?om FumMure, In a.dl.1 oak; Buffet, K? tension Tab a. marSle Cl.?-k, rnna on* year; toaawood aad black walnut lied mom l'nrnlture. curled hair Katti?*ae* l>ath?r Bada, Bolster*, Pll'owa, Ao,; Bruvaela and S ply ??????>*, Enff lrh WWotha. Stair Oarneta aad rnm ?iW Hall Furniture. Matr R<><lvAo Alio Refri?eratora ami Rliehen Ktirn"ure with wh'ch the aale will oommeaoe. N. t -The Greenwood eara, via Court Mrcet, PWM within one Mook of the aale. -XIBOWNB A NIC HOGS, AUCTIONEERS -mi* DAT. Jl> Atrll 19. at .tie o c ock at ?*lc*r-om 96 Navaau atreet, a f^.e Black Hoi *e, 16', hand* high very *tyllah and a r<.xJ ttftvMler ahm a Cotered Bilbtt, In perfect onler, made by i^wrcncc; alao Wlver Plated Ha nee*, city mad*. PHBHAMRTi H. Bt'RDRTT, At'CTToNKBR.? WARaLB Mantel* ? BI'BliliTT, .OM H * CO. will aell llila dav, Pr dar at 12 < 'clock tn frutil of atora 109 Wall atreet. tor av eramtof wbear l? m*v coneem, Marble Mantel*. 11 a*na rail, c nt*iringiine He tU Man dof HUte "granite " tilen tm hla'k *nd ?bUe .l?*i ? ??. Ae at In *ood ?W, and wonM ">? attra'.ioa of ibe trad* aud otMr*. G'ata>ug>i?a HM.I.S AT MCTIOK. BY BAMBl * M*THEW? A CO , ACCnC'NEtP.S '.'li*day, FttUUV. at 12 "'c'i -i.. Il front of the* ra 79 * iMWl Uoa, Coi-stai It ? ?h p? 1 K' Trei Mart . 15-, tw l> hljU arti.vb taiL . _ I bl) Uum 16 hrtiids hi<li mrttchtail I Mmu Wsgon and I let Single f mrm. By order rt? ? L iDD, OunsliMe. 1st DM C< rt Ii'DVaED 0t:flK?CE, Atcri >KKEK ? JF. ?rbCL. IU..J.V bold 1 iruHu'e ? B> I 4 I' (J *'HCf>^ff ca J??t4,'U>j. *Otb i> ,? , at U'? n'cli-d ,po-tp .oe< Irr.m the l#ta on ecaoutit o' ii m > tnrm), at T> East hevaa'b stivei, IwitMu First ?ad i ??<>' ii h \ ? niief, at) the 1 t;miti:r* eunialik>"1 in th-* above boo w to- i.ipttrig In pirt of rosewood ?nd un?fir.ji Parlor tui'* ,> it-<- class *r.'1 Cornic-s, BrnaseU and Ingratu CarieU, *Siv.ut ro<e?-T<id Wardr?l<e Centre and ? * *r Tll'lu, iral ,.ghHj and walnut bedstea<V Burn m t.u 1 Withstands; uile.otha, Carj.?ta. Ac A.l-0 the aiAlcteo Furiittuie, with v h'xh the sale will i.mmcf* Edward bchenck, AConaNKw. GREAT K*Li" < F THE MlX'g l>F THOROUGH BRBO AND flOTTlS't ? CH'K OP MES8RS. WM. IJ. UIBHON8 AND FliANK LATHROP, By E k F. B. SHENt'K, od Tuesday aurtl2*. Mill V., at the "Barney Carter" faim, M-ullnoa, N. J., the following celuVaUd etock. viz:? NaM ME LF WJh, bylmeor>ed niebcoe, ovt cf Motto, by imported Barefoot Also Colt by tier aide i~A8TA, by Revenue, out or tuny Thorn >?. Alio Coll by b er Ude, bv Two Han. CONSUELO, by Comm"dore, nut of Rosebud. AlDEBiRAJC. by Commoiore, out of Nannie Le*la. M M aKOFI', 'rott'tig stallion, bv eter nor?au Also several ot'upr very valuable Thorough ired an 1 Trot Mdr Unrsep, both single and in palm, Patting u ??, with ftit! parilrui&ra. are now ready, and can be had ait our office 141 Broadway. Tlu? Morris and Essex Rrallroad train leavre foot of Cort Ian It nr et it H: v A. M. , and returns, lrarltg Madison at 3 and t; o'clock P M. Edward sohenck, auctioneer ELE'ANT HOITHEUOLD PD8KITURK, By t k W. H. kchenOK. t'u<s day, 19th Inn at 10^ o'clock at Vo. 39 Wnt Elgfateeoth street, n??ir Fi'tU aveous a'l of th? elegant Furniture, made tD onler by Daikolr, cjo mistlus In part? DINING ROOM. Bruwela Carpet, carved oak BTtenslan Dining Tabi*. cvrred oak Dining Oliairs to matoli; auporb oarved oak BulTaV, Li? bon marble top; niHgnitioeat French China Dinner rfet, ele gant ut Olaw, Cutlery, Ac., Broca' el Curtains, bronze and marble Clock and Statuettes, Ac , Ac. DR4WIHO B?H)M. Medallion Carpets, rosewood Piano, by Ntinua A Clark; elegant suit o' rosewood Parlor Furniture, of 14 pieoea; su perb rosewood Etegere, Card Tables, So.a, and supi'-b Centre Table, elrgant Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Brony.e blocks and Ktatuettea. el>g?nt Procatel and I.a? CuiUins, AO., Ac. A. so several superb Paintings by lirlng ariists. RBDROOMd. Elegant rosewood Bed?t?ada, Bureaus Amour.a GMee. La dys' rosevu od Cylinder Secretary, vlrrora, Curtains. Turkish at-d Easy CUalrs, Erucaela Carpets, Ac , Ac. Elf.iMit ro>ewood Hatstaod. Hlair Carpet# Ruga, Ma'?. A?. Aim the kite) en and baaem'".t Furniture, with which the sale will comment..!. : . : In H. LDDI.OW, AUfHIONF.F.R. J. VALCAULK COUNTRY hEAT AT NFW BAMBT7EG. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will *e'!. at auction, on Friday, April 26. lf61, a' 12 o'c'ock at the Merchants' Exchange, H. Y New Hamburg, on Hudnon river? The Farm of the late George van<1erbilt, containing 1(10 acres, near VUlton l erry depot, Hudson K vor Railroad, in good condltiou, plenty o'' I nut and ornamental trees; good atone Hons* and otbnr bulldincs lher.* Is a dock on 'he premises, stone qu?n-y, clnv l>ed Ac Further particulars and maps at the auction eera' ofllee. No S fine streM. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. . HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. wiil sell, at auction, on Friday. April 19, Ififil, at lO'j o'closk. at No 60 Earn Twenty geenni afreet, southwest corner of Fourth arenne, the cutire Furu< ture contained In sVd house. con<lstin<r of mahogany Parlor and Bedroom Furniture. Ko'a 1 ha'ra, Ao if- haircloth and brocatel; mahogany Kreuch Bedaieads, Dressing Table*, Bu reaus Ac.. Brussels and lagra'n Carpets, oilcloths, Ac , to gether with an assortment 01 Kitchen Furniture, with which tbe sale will commence EH. 1 UDLOW. AUCTIONEER HAND' OWE HOCHEHOLD FURNITURE B. n LUDLOW A CO will sell at nuetlou, 011 Monday, April 22, 1W1, at 11 o'elock, at No. 8 Hamilton place, Clymar rtier.t, * .U'emaburg, Handrome Fnrrilnre. The entire Furniture contalu*d in raid houxe, conststlnp of rosewood and matogany Parlor Furniture, black walnut Eitenaion Table, black walnut Din irg ro" m Chairs, Bruwls and tbreaplv Carpets, Oilcloth, Pier Olssres. fcdr<Kim furniture. Ac. Also a lot of iUlchun Furniiure, with whli b the sale will commence. I? Ct'LTON, ArCTlONEER ? GBNTBEL HOUSEHOLD 1 . Fuiniture, Pianoforte, mahogany and roeewo^d Furni ture. Mirrors, Ac , A'., removed rmm Brooklyn ? F. COU Tt<N will sell this day Friday, April 19, at 10^ o'elock, at M Btekmsn strret. a very lar e and general aasortmnnt of goiri mahogany, rosewood and oak Furniture, one or two Piano forte*. two sulU of rosewood Parlor Furniture, in velvet and brooade; Wardrobes, Bookosiea, marble top Dresg and other Bureaus, Extension Dining rabies, Tap -a try, Hrusiela and Three ply Carpets, Oilcloths, French plate Mirrors, Hair Maitrrrse*. leather Beds. hofa>, &e , *c Tlinre are in thU sale some very superior articles of rosewood Furniture, whioh must be sold belor>- the latof May, cona-uuen'-ly they will be offered this day Bale peremptory. FUBNrrURE AT PRIVATE RALE ? CONSIST! HO IV part of a (tuit of tlrst class rueeir.xNl Parlor Furniture, a a first rate maker; Piano, carved Chairs, Carpets, Ac, at Amity street after S P. M. HKNRY n. LBED4, AUCTIONEER -VALUABLE AND rare col'ectlon cf O'l Paintings ? HEWKY tl LERDB A CO. will sell at auction, on I'rldsw, April 19, at 11 o'clock In the gallery over the salesroom, 2> Nassau street, an ex'*ed lngly rieh and valuable collection of l'ic'ureaby the first tiv ng artists. Water Color Drawings, Aquarelles, Ac , tbe property of Mr. J P. Beaumont, comprising spec1 own a selecved per eotially by blm from the atudlua of Krere, Verbwkhoven, Btlgnsc "Rocbkock, Stroebel of tha Hague, Bldaerm\n of Duareldorf, Krnseman, De Rrakeleer, O. Woutera, flbervli, Notemian Lanfont de Metz, Leyckert, De v?s. Herring, J B Pyre. Boddlngton. Shaver, Williams, and other anists of the highest distinction. Also Drawings and Water Color Paint ing, by Crulkshank, Fisher. Kremer, De 8enezc rnrt, Meyer, Ouwater, Groei>wrgen, Yan Devon Ver, Ten Cite, Ac., Ac. Al*o a Portfolio, containing about fifty Pencil 8ketches by Moitsieur Eckhotit. lat<> Director of the Royal Academy of tbe Bsgue and Painter to the Court of Bollani The above will be found eepecia'ly worthy the attention of lovers of the fine ana. They may be viowed with catalogues in our gallories, 2 ; Naaaau atreet, four daya preceding the aaie. Henry h. Leeds, auctioneer? henry h. LEEDS A CO. will aell. at auction, on Friday, April 19, at WW o'clock, at 188 Weat Twenty Aral street, genteel House hold furniture, the property of a gentleman leaving for Eu rope, consisting of velvet < 'arpets, rosewood Suits, in green silk velvet; marble ton Centre Table, oil Paintings, very tine Engravings, rosev. o<sl Etegere. real Br mz?s and Clocks, Lace Curtains, Illustrated Books, oak Extension Table, oak Huffet, Dinner Bet. Plated Ware. Ac. : mahogany and black walnut Bedroom Suits, mahogany Secretary and Bookcase, Chain, Cottage Enamelled Suits, mahogany Sofa Bedsteads. Mirrors, black walnut Bookcase, Spring Mat'resscs, China, Ulass and Table Ware, with other Furniture, commencing with Kitchen Ware. H TTENRf H fliEKD", AUCTION EBR.?UENRV H LEEDS Jrl A CO. will ii-ll, at auction, on Saturday, April 1H, at 10' . o'r'.Tk, at tie salesroom, Ho H Nassau street, Household Furniture, i cmovcd for convenience otsalo, oonslsllng or Bruaael |and Ingrain Carpet*, rosewood gulL rosewood and mahogany I'teaelng Bureau*, rosewood mantle top Waih Htandp, rosewood Beadsteads, mahogany marble top DrcMia^ Bureau*. Qilt Frame Pier Mirrors, Mantel do. ; mahogany Bookers and Chalra, covered in hair cloth: manoganr Ami Chain, 8ofaa and Tate a-tetea, mahogany Hide and Pier Ta ble*. roeewood Bill lard Table, oak Refrigerator* oak marble top Ridebnwrd. mahogany Bedttead*. Drextaf Bureau a, Plated Hare; alao, aa assortment of Kitchen Furniture. ENRY B. HERTf. 39., AUCTIONEER. PEREMPTORY SaX.K OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HLEIOI18. H ARNES8, Ac . On FRIDAT, April 14. at 10 o'clock. At 'he Viable* No. 103 West Thirty second atraet, between Sixth ?rd Bevcn'h arenuea. being the entire orivate establish ment o' a gentleman who ta leaving for Europe, aad to ba ?old without any reserve. Con ?l?tlng of 1 sp'endld bay oarrla|? Horses, about 16>," hnnd* high, between 6 and ? year* old. Warranted sound M Und. 1 One bay Horse, 16 hand* hlgb, aonnd and kind. I Cm**, made to order by Wood Brothers, In good order 1 dotilie neat Top Wagon, made to order by Dosnnbury A Van purr* with pole, 1 Light T. ji Wagon, made to order by R winner! en, with poll an I ?hafia. 1 larga Hielgh, Small Sleigh*, Bell*, Robe*, Ac. I *et* double Hai neM, *lirer mounted, nearly new. 3 *et* alngle Ilarnej*, Blanket", Ac., Ac. 1 he above may be aoen any day, from 8 to 13 A. M , at the ?tab'e, aa above. HEKBT b. iiertb. jr. AUCTIONEER. PEREMPTORY 8/lLE Of the entire balance *tock of WATCHES. JEWELRY. DIAMONDS, SILVERWARE. Ac, belonging to Mr lewis An rich, who 1* retiring from business, To be *old at auetlon at hi* atom No in BROADW/T, Under the New York Hotel. On Friday, April 19, at 11 o'clock. The pale will p.>*ltlvelv be without any reserve whatever, and will be well worthy the attention of dealer*. 1 1'f'ltp will *e|| at auction, on Saturday, April M), Wii, at |Jt", o'clock *1 their *ale?mnm, 37 Nassau street, elegant h'tuii hold Furniture, removed for convenience of sale, cm ?ir.tioa of. In part, a* fol'nw*:? Carved roeew'iod Parlor Suit*, In brocatel; oak and black walnut Library and Dining Boost do.. In r*pa; carved nisewool Ktegere*. Centre and 8We Table*, oak Htiffet, roeewood and oak nttfttanls. velvet, Bnnwel* and lugrain Carpet*, roaewood and maBnganv Bed room Furniture, mshngany hofaa, Tete a tete* and Chair*, mahog* ny Pe< retarv Bookc?*e?, Hair M?tlre**ee, Rol*t?r and Pillows: Oilcloth*. Stair Carpel*. Ac Also a roaewood *?ven octave I'lann, of itiperior tone and Dnlsh, by a dty mann tadttrer. BRNRT ORPBK. AUCTIONEER -OROCBRIBS. LI <juor\ Hegar*. Ac.? Saturday. April 30, at 10' . o'clock, at the auction ?toie 194 William street, Oroeeiiea, Liquor*, 3U b.iif" !- < up. I ' k. ;'* I'rnne., 2.1 kit* Salmon, 18.000 Betiar*, 10 boie* Window Ola**. 3.000 lb*. White Lead, Ac. SKNRY NlhEEE, AUCTIONEER ? S VLE8ROOM 194 William dreet, attend* personally to sale* at private red om.? ( hart; oa moderate. Good price* insured, and all rTa'n* se'tled *ame day. t p. nrwcAJi a 00.. AUcnomwRs, so ann *1 . *tinet J. P. DUNCAN will sell on Tuesday, Anil ?, at 10 o'> 'oek at stole l;? Third avenne, astoekof fttovo*. . t?i. M,a KMr^ near Hempstead. L. I .advertised br WILBI R P. RUSH ORR for the IMh In.t, wm portpooed to Saturday the aoth. If utonrv will take pia e the following Tuesday, Kir par LtsMlf tOjW. ?. RUSHMORB. Hem.mtead.or Court street, hrooklyn. T HAZBLL, AUCTIONEER. . WHITTLMdRE A HA/.ELLwill sell at auction this day, FRIDAT, April 19, At 10 o'clock, at their salesroom. 1IW Brnadwar. llardu are. OuU*ry, Ac in lots to suit. An lavolre tf Hand, Panel and Alp Saw *. Hold by order of Re?iefvrT grnse Sheffield Table CaUerf; 100 doMn Pocket Kairss. f caek* <<M Bnu'twu ?!> ??.??, 30 bask e<a Chatfp^ria, K,iCV t''a*n, 1 1 asks and ZQ d^mijokag R hAl.K* AT A*MT1<>\. t c ? j?. *11 nr of man. aivtiokriX ?' TL'? day, fUIT?s.t, Apnl V. /? , 5 o cl.*k A . hi a; ft 1 bv TJw WillC" (fkbjr I at:J *? rtle avenue Ciajimt Furniture, lr. ncei'ert order -lorwcind s'arl >r b itt id i brocatei . walnut bull Is hair I stamir, irait>.> l< p Centre h. >a, lw> iHirtalns. oak n?'bl? top Ha', ??ard, cau and wainit ina ?>)e ?op ChainU-r Pn ^allure, ok Ot-J-mN-r eet Hpri'gai.d talr Vattre?e- fraih^r ll-vit, <ak Iiinlu? ? (om FumUu;e. a?.irt>te top Huffei Kxl-wsl'ti liibif Lou iP, ? r* vrn, A : Brussels f arpe'.e oilcloths, Win ship's Befrlge'V.or, Ac SAMP. D'T, At 1: o'clock M , at :Kt? Sr'dfe street. between Fulton avenue and * l.loughby at. pet Iwo OFandellers, Brackets. r. neworsl P'sno. msh*g?nv Far'r rnl'ure lu batTPlcth; marble top Table* mahogany nasrbie t-i> Chamber Furnt'ure, Hair Mnltitsses, Feather B?-da, Brussels Carpets, Oi. cloths, Ac. t'hof Hay. A*. I1, o'clock P. M . at 261 Cumb# rland str.^et between La favette and CcKalb avenues. Good Fumi ur?, nearly w~ -Oval Mirror*, "air, '.togs Lie* C "Hair, a, u uli .gtuv Trio ft Trips. Turkish, e%>y and I'ari r Chain, marble Up Centre 1 able', Kiag'r*, oik Hatstand. mahog*n> tuid walnut marble top Dressing Itu e*u?, d.\ ? a*l at-uda, I'odn^adt. hair a attressea, Feather e in. o?k fcxtenalou Table, oak Chair* I'in'.er and Ts* -.eta, Cut ?' u ?a'? Tspesiry, Brussels and three ply Carpela, Oilcloths, Ac , Ac PAtrkDAY. April 30, At 9 o'clock A * . at 139 Jnru>roon. near Court strest. A general assortment Of Household Furniture -Brusaelv Oi'te-pti ard Ingrain Carpets, Ouelrfha, mahogany ~o(a?, Cta!r?, Cpntrr "tables. mwble top bureaus, di. Washitandi, n>ahog*r y and iron lied teads, Hedding, FpathPr Beds, Ha'r Mait'tTM*. ? alnut Extension 'table, Crockery, Ac SOLOMON DINOKE. AUCTION* RK. By ltlNGRE A HOLDS*, Otllra, No 8 Fine Htreet. Auction aale ?t \ Ocotlomrn'a Ktirnlahio^ Ooo A?, LekkP and Ftituraa, At the atore No. 8ii Hroad way, Thla day at 10 A. M Peremptory aa'.e of retail etock of OpoUemeo'a Pamlahlnc 0(-<?V, which will be (ffeied in imt.l lot* t >auttth<? retail trade and ffpntltmeti wanting fine goods for their own uf?. 1 lie atoca c nipriiea Eentlemen'a voau and Pauta, fcobca dp Cbumbre, 811k. Mprfnn and Llale Thread Olorea, H"?i> ?ul Palf Hoae Shirts. tv?jl*j? and a'moat crery thing iianally kept In a (irat < .asa Broadway furnUhlaji store Bale po?tti\ e and without reserve. g| A J. BOO AST, AUCTI0NFSB8, WILL HELL, OB 1. the prcmleee, 60 Bayard street, comer of feUztheth, oa oeday. April tl, at 11 o'clock, by order of the admlnletra lira O' the estate of Frederick Hara'elt deceased, the entire B^uckaud Fixtures of a Grocery and LlqMr Store. N H ? All will be s<'ld In one 1st For parti, ultra Inquire on the pre mises. OUAKLE- QBOSsKLANd, i CaJtBTEW F CIARUbH, < Aomlnlstratora. SA J BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS -THIS DAT, AT 10} . . o'clock, at the auc'lon room>. Bo. I North William street, constable's sale of ? lot of Watchmakers' Tools, Jewclltr's Lathe, Show Cases, two Hewing Machines, Ac. -a HEN It V Wksf, Constable. SA J. BOPART, AUCTIONEERS ? SATURDAY. ? April 20, at 101 , o'c'ock, at the aiirtlon rooms. No. 1 North VSi'J:am s<rept, Household Furniture, ran dating of Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Brussels. Crtc-ply and Ingrain Cat pelf, tiilclo.h, Bureaus, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. CHEnil K 8 8ALB.? LIQrjOBS, AC C> 1H ABBERB A I aIRCHILD. Auctiouesra, Oflice No. llo Niissau street , will sell, tuts day, April 19, at 10 < cl .-;k, at the corner of Nin'h avenue and Forty sixth .street, u quantity of Liquors In casks, Ac. JOHN KE?LY, 8hcria. SHERIFF'S 8 ALE. cUAMRnBS A FAIRCTIILD, Auctioneers, 113 Nassau a rep', Will sell on 8nturday, April 20, at 11 o'clock, st the foot ef F-igbtoenth street, Fast rtrer, one smrll Bthooner. the Frank, and one Planing Machine. Also, same day, at 12 o i l x'k, at t he <orn?r of Twenty fifth street and Fourth aveuue, three. Uorse^ JOHN KELLY, tlierift. W*. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER -ON TUESDAY, THE Wf 23d Inst , wlUheaold, at auction, the entire stock of Hardware, Plumber*1 Materials, Stoves, Tools, A: , Ac , cm talr.e<l in the sU res 308 Canal, 69 LI ipenard and 41 Qreene streets I'articulaps in future advertisement. By order of JONATHAN OIL BERT, Assignee TI'ILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER? OFHCE NO. 4 ft F aat Broadway, will sell on Saturday, at II o'clock, at 1<7 Market street the entire Furniture of the tipper part of said house, consisting of Bedsteads, Bedding. Waahstands, Oilcloth, Carpets, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. TXTM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL THIS IT day, at 2 o clock, at 4fti Cunul street, by vlrttte of a chattel mortgage, the entire Furniture, t'arpets, Beds Bod ding. Ac , of a large couae. Pier Glasses, c oras, t 'hairs, t en trc. Side and other tables. OilcUiths, Ac. By order of .IAMBS WINSTON, Attorney for Mortgagee. ?n.'-M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL ?HM TV day. At t o'clock, at IM canal street, all the Sue Housa hold Furniture, Ac_. of a larj? ' ? ? room and kl" " ~ MMnn. . Oilclntba, French and Oottaga Feather Beds. Bedding, Dr-s?ing Bureaus, Wardrobes. Book Cuses, dining room end kitchen Furniture, Ac the whole eom pi labia* ?na lot for lamllf use. Ttrm, WTTTERB. AUOTIOWBRR, WILL SRLL ON TT Mouday, at 101,, o'clock, al dwelling house In Hudson street, near Beach, all the Furniture Ae , in the al? >ve bou e, rosewood Piano, do. Bookrase do. mahogany do , Tamt tt Carpels, Parlor bull^ Pier Glass; Dining Room, Chamber arid Kltrhcn Furniture \Y M. WITTERS, AUt'TIONEEIl WILL SK1.T,, ON . . ' Moidav, at 10, o'clock. ?t No. ? Wont street, n .ar t:hamber?, all the Furniture and Fixtures of the a >e\ ? est ing, drinking and dining saloon. ?Steam Tab'es, Hlat *d Warp, Copi-er Bi. U rs, Chairs, Rack. Bar Fixtures, Cu'lery, Kinsea, Cooking t. tensils ; also, the Furnituie, Ac., o! fifty wen rooms:? Iron Bedsteads, Ilair Mattresses, Mhuets. .pr. ids and other Furniture ; aU\ one of flerrtne's Iron Hafes, <x*t %W\ The whole I or positive sale in one or more lota M ISCKVil* A X KOt'tt . A liquid polish i ob ( leaking metal ?1 II ?*< lirman, sliver, copper, *<?., containing no adds, polaona or lampblack. Hint bottles 25 cents. Manufactured and 1 or sale only by HOJftR A UKAHaM, metal sign ma kern, 97 Dnane street. or At the paint (tore, corner nt Third avenue and Twenty third street. BETTER AND CHfeBKK STORE FOR KALE ? CHEAP for cash; three years' lease, atcck and fixture*. Oood apart ment* for a family. betlalaawn reasons given tor selling Applr on the premise*. 4M7 Ninth avenue. EOR THE SUPERIOR ROOFING fLATEH OK THE Fagle Slate Company, apply nt their yard, corner of clfth street and Tenth avenue, or to G. FURMAN, Ag. rt, 17 Con lai idt street, Mew \ orlL, VLAG POLEB OK ALL SIZES AT THE OBl.Y CAR F penter shop, under the Hun, 123 Fulton street. FLAG STAFl'S OF ALL SIZES FURNISHED CHEAP at No 2M Mouth ?trf ct, b? H. BARTLK1T. i AH AMU WATER. ' B. X. JOHNSON. OAS FITTEB, PLUMBER AND MANUFACTURER Ol' ALL KIM>1 Oft _ OAI FilTURES ABD PLUMBER'S BRASS WOBK, ^ WHOLESALE AND RET ML. Ill and 1C9 baat Eighteenth street. Italian hbeb fob saij?. IIatIiik lrap<jl J per ateamnr Hew York a lot of Ren" id* Italian Feea, anlch arrl.ed In ? remarkable good state, I shall be *l>le to furnish auiaieara with pure genuine Italian Queens wltliln a short .line for price and other Inform*:. .in sppW to C. WM. B< >SE. til Exchange place Aifnn wanted. TV ST ARRIVED PROM FAB18.-ME8SR8. PRLORHE (I A <'0., Inform* lnuicg and gentlemen of Now York that they have antved In this olty with a choleo collection of French Plants, the finest ci lluctloa of Roaci, am! a largo collection of new Bulbous Plants, drape Vines, fruit Trees and Kliruba of the Uncst description 740 Broadway. LABOE TBT.ES AT HALF PRICl? TBI O ROUND wanted foi streets; Norway Sprue and other Kver rrreiin. Maples, Lindens Home Cheatmita, Abel?, Cypress, Mountain A?h, Larch, Ac Large Apples, I'oars, CUerrie?. Peaches, Quincoa. WM. R PRINCE it CO., Flmhini: Mn. M 'DAMELH, AG3NT FOB BEW1N 1 MACHINE*, will plcaae call at .'i? Raltle street, Brooklyn, fo? lure I t longing to bim, before the 23d last., or it "will bo aold to pay eirenae*. PUMPS.? NEW ABD SECOND HAND WOBTIUNG tons' Guild A (iarrisun'a, and Foslar A Holmes Pumps; Df dgo a Jeffilea' and Stlrem' -la ?> I Pump*. Cor ?ale Votf low by WM. D. ANDBEWH * BBO., 414 Water s'mt. PELLHAM SEEDLIBO POTATOES POK KALH 'I hey are the carlleat known, white, m" ily aad in sea son throughout the year also relln^I Cider and Vinegar, very cln'ico Apply at tho agency. Bo. 4 Erie B"i!d1n*s, Luatie street. M A. J. LYBCIL OUCOND BAND MACH1NBBT AND TOOLS, LATHE*. O Planer*. Drills, Boiler*. Vkgtnea, I'uns-ia. Bcatera, Yaivea, Oooka, ConntetioM, Shafting. Belting. I'i'Jsm, Haago.a, AnvllaT vla?a, BalM*.

Portable l- urge with a gmat rartoty of o'bar Maofclaoty aad Bmall Toois, Alt>?, Oaa Plpo, Steam Pipe, Tanks, -lans, Pat terns, Ac . Ac., for fala by VM. D. ANwREWB * BBO., 414 Wator stroet. 8 E7TN0 MACHINE NEEDLRB.? filNORB'H, WH HELFR "m'*?nd all (other kind* of Machine Noedies lor sale or n ade to order cheaper and better than any In m? -ket. Ihn 1 wde nr plied on liberal tnnaa, at CEMBOl: BBO.'M, ltd Canal sir- et cornor Ellrahoh. $10(1 _ fitencll tool*.? Por circular eip'altitng the buslnna addresaJohn MtlllBOa, I<a?retioe, Mas-? or St. iioii'a, Ma fcl QR nnn WOBTH O* BRCRBKS of ALL KIBDS, iPliW.vuU manufarturwl by neem, at Lanaingbur^. and Trny f s., for sale at war nrtoaa, iesa thut ever ufferetl ?>erore by any one. Fine ground Paint 1rua)ie? (Wt,0Ui)). pi W j>rr dozen cash, warranted all brlatloj, full aUe and full weight, bound with twireor wlro. DAVID Mi MDBRT, Jr , 371 Pearl strtDt. S T. WPOHTim Ifc)R SA1.B-THE CPNTBK HO ABD nL<K)P YACHT 1 RDOAR. of about tw nty tomj la very fs?t, hand <ome|y fumUheil. find warranted In perf ect co-n'r Ion , will In sold cluap. Addrcsa C. W. T., boi 423 l'cjt ofllc?, Newark, New Jersey. rB BALI? A RUSSIAN BLOODHOUND, 9 MONTHS old, well trained and a good watch dog. Just im mrted from ftmsla. For sale at No SCariltie street, between Omen wli h st.d \\ ssklngton. Price $2U ? OB KAtE? A FINE LA RIB WATril DOO, FUBE en m ( ' tween a Newfoundland aad Mount St. Sera* d; aultshle for a atoee, farm or stable. Apply at 194 un'oi atreet, between llenrr and Clinton, Smith Brooklyn. Tacht ?xbbcca fob hal&-?iik cab be mien at Oreenpclat. WINFK A?H? I.IHV'Onn. AT (tlD TABIFF I'BK'IM PwB CABil-tHJiN* A ,'ui a Kobliina Martf, Armagnse, Kumsay a Se ,tcli rti Maf tu. JLumcm |><a, tt k.e- Crid Tomi 4n?. ?S Lro?daay. djBO^HOllVtl *XD LOOUINb. AAt.vsant fni op r. a#Tf.^8D okTnptk D'*tW to I*' W'tl S'W". or, ?*-C tjd flo?r fCv . fro;>t Mali l"1 hi c." a. -f c ii ' V or\ for <Ut i grtlnnec. Til* i-VO -uia>n urt?tsrra?eMl R ,rvcc-s exroaoged *? t n> JPesc Fort; * t&ood a reel 4 private f&MSM? Living zji * mgdijb* stjnb > front hi une v 'U M' lb? ncon.1 bur PurltM aad tw. bedroom*. "lib *<o?r ti^g* -i-n ?r. or t rrr<*l. < v.%th > fc* ?onse I* pMuantly ? luat?<t ?# Murray a'\ Re-icM-r.e* re qul'ed imuIvm IS* l*' :m?* 3 aienus a I'l.JWA.-'t MJUaRU KHOiS'T BOOM TO LK*. A "??*?> K*"" d to one or Uw gvauemei^ it, ti.e tnuierc flml tea*- b< 11 ??# S4' ?Mt a (reel D.casf at &?, O'clock pefereaci 3 eic' snged. Am is!sh5I> boom to i.wr? to two?*ntxb n eti, with * K..J lea ,n a qiIvmc f?t?Uf , ?.o ?m?Jl ihiklf n rumiftnti or ?-i<rd Mocir witli i?s, Ai ..efernet ??cba:*cd \ a?i ?.th< V e?t lietit? niutb a Hi)?T B. <-V, V'U>? Bi" r'K< ' A !1' HKO. ? N t\ thr eecofol floor, to I t olth Boa'd . art. i?lie.i or oaf ..r nfbed The hcu*e b*k a'l th. lowlcn ii*M>rovein?3t* Ap u'j ?" 2'->S P ??i ">n'h?Uft ne. r peoou^ a.etiue 4 FEV D<t?IRAHJP. BOOMS FOR GP.NTLEMEN TO i\ let, It ? central l< om'im. aad near the h-'w kurkHoei, *<th i.r without brtakfa.t at at; hour ?pp-7 at ;U0 Kuurth it.wt, near 8'oadwaj. a FEW mV REM TIFUL BOOMS, FOR PARTIES *i po'lMMii or riain?> the entire aeertvd' und part o' ??;jd and four Ii flonra <T:rttiHli?"a < r untarnished with vei f *ut New lngla:.d B^rd, at KJ West Mai'.eeath wrest, cur un o' Blxtb avenue A private family, living in thrik own hou**. would like lo diap<?r at a few n"wly fcrnt?hfil Kotiou to wfgiP ?iih or aiihout Po^rd. do ? or ?t Ibe '?t of fcitji hmiiip ht.g all th? Improve ?nn.ta and Is imiUv HOiatit l? rare and Ktages. Wi n nrt- g vrn aaJ reijuired. l all at M King ?tuft 4 LAF.GB, HaNDHC MK FRONT BOOM. WITH iY Board, ttiltaMe lor a grnUemati|iiiii1 hl? ?tlfn; al-o t^o -lnglt< Rooms A fe * day O iardrr* c*o al#'1 b>- acc^iaiB'i latfd at W t'hrlstopher Hrrft, comer of Blt?nkrr Avbkt pleasant front and back room on the third ttorj tola*, together or sepvate, to a gpi)(l>? iitax aod ladv , ?aoh room oonlalni una, h i Kt<d c W ?rater <tp'\ at2<( *Mt Flaeenth Blreet between McvsntU aad t> igh?L a?enoea PBITATK IaMILY, CCOL'rVlN'i A LaRiSK *no airy bou?e. In* picacant loi atlnn, have ?e?eral 'urm*h d Rrmma to di'i one 01 , either to Mettle, aeutlem^n or gei tin ?eu nod tbetr ?lv?a. Picase addveitK &. B 0 , Bt-rald odico A SMALL FAMILY WOULD BR NT A PABLOR AND i\ two Betlrooma lo gciu'etnan or a ger tl?man aud wlte, ?ith or without moai* Hoiwh delightfully toca'ed lor (he 'tin raor Apply at 33 Stuyvvwot client, first new house east of 1 bird avenue, and between Mnili aad Tenth streets A BOOM, PLEASANTLY SITUATED, TO RENT Fl'R A. iitHt.fd or unfurnished, w ith or wl bnut Board, lnqulrt at 38A clith avenue. n?ar Twntj third street. AHANDHOMELY I I BNISHED FBOWT PARLOR AND Perirooin ?d.j< Ining, on aeeond llo^r; a'? > t?o Bedroom* *rrK' n? men, to let. lu n llrst cIhm < houtie, ooeupl>-d bv a pri vatr tiim ly. Term* moderate. He1 erentes exchanged. Ap ply at 15'.' warerley pVc near ? lith a?enue. AHaNDsOMK FCRN1M1EO LAROB ROOM, WITH Ftrdn om attarhed, to let, to a man and hit wl.e for houM^ieepIng, lent $3 M) per wetlc, vith gis and water; al*> Hlog'e koetni. for$i >5 per week. >pply at No. 5Slitb ?t. A SPLENDID FUBNI8BED FltORT PARLOR, WITrr laige Bedroom at.actefl, to 1st, to one or two aingle gcntlemc u or gentleman an?l bis wife; a!*o sing e Room', In a private house, with all the modern improvement*. Apply at 1K1 Frlnee atmit, a lew doors w?t of tiroadway. ATM EAST TWBNIIBiH 8TREET, NEAR BROAD f\_ way. ? A very desirable and liand?>mely furnished suit of Rooms, with ample cloects, may now be secured by a gi-n t'.eman and his wife, with Boaid. Posaesslou given on or be fore 1st ot M?y. A 1'RRNCH FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD 8TTLE. I\. would accommodate a small family of adult* or a fe?r single |entleni< n with an elegantly furnished Ho?m, with bedroom communication and with a tint class French table. Applv at 47 West twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* A SMALL FAMILY WHO OWN A HOOKB WITH the modern improvement*, wl?h to let, with Board, to gentlemen two Urire and two small rojms, neatly aid gen t<*lv turnlahcd, at M2 Madison itreet, between .Ieffer*on and < Union atreeta No mot lug in Mav. A NICE FBONT BOOM ON THE THIRD KLOOR, with full hoard, for $.H 75 a week Also a room * or two rerpcctalile yeuug i.?on ; bath and all the modern improve mente; dinner Jtl" w or t? o'clock. 110 ihompaon street, near I filnso. No a.ovl 'Jiln May. 4 OEMTLEMAM AMD WIPE AND TWO OR THREE <\. tingle gentlemen, can be a> nommodat?4l with Board at At (ike street, 011 reasonable termx. wtth pl-asant rooms. a 1ADY AMD AfcNTLSMAN OR QUIET LADY CAN \ have a plrueU r?wl\ furulcheil Room. Board for lady; tertn- rutr. Ji mrniern Impri vtment*. Apply At 1*1 1boa>:>son klrc e(^t>- ftr llouiton A GENTLEMAN AND WIKE and a few hinglb gentlemen r?n Iv *cooitimi <l*ted with pleiissnt Rooidh, itieniflied orunfurnUheil, with good Board Dinner at ?ix. Apply at l.'i3 blceckcr hticet. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF SECOND 8TOKY FRONT Rooms to let, with full fonra In the fleet el**e house No 5 Went Twenty tourtti ?tioet, op|K.?tte the Fil th Avenue Ii< lei Possession 1st of M?y A flTIT OF FfJUE BOOMH, TOfiETIIER i>R BETA flL rnte h? ndsomeiy 'umtahed, lo let from May 1, with Board, in the flr-t t 'aae houae No. 10 Weet Ninth street, sear Fifth avenue a small family in weit twenty-sixth J\ street laving moie room than they reipilre. would ac ? .m noxfute li gentleman an I wile or *tn*le gentlemen with pariial B ard; larce and plnaitant Room? on second floor. Please si'dress ALB., Herald ollioe, for three day*. ? N TIiBGANT BOIt OK BOOM* AND SEVERAL SI* A. K1'' Rootnl tu I t, with Heard, from May I, In a tirst cla >s b.iiJM? Id Fourteenth street, between Br?ad?ey and *j'th avenue. E. L?W HfcuCE t CO., 61 East Fourteenth at. BOARD.? A LA ROE BACK PARLOR; ALSO TWO other lar-s lUoms, suitable for families or mngle em ilcmen, wbo would like to npend the summer months In the Idty, will be Treated April 18 at ? West Twenty ninth street. B HOARD -TO BE VAC ATKD IN A FEW DAYS. A SUIT of I ront R ooms on the second floor, at No 6?i We?t Four centh s<reet, between Fifth and Hiiih ayrnuee Board.? superior accommodations for k f\ milr or slngl?%t>ersoiis. la th? firm cam bouse, 18 ba?) T wrnty-elghth *t. , between Msdl?on aud Filth avenue* Prices moderate Rooms c%n be seen from 2 to 5 O'clock P. M IVr sens of religious or strictly model hablta preferred BOAKD.-DBNIBARLB BOOMS OAV NOW BE OATAIN ed. with good Beard, In a modern built House, aewly fnlsbrd. In a nnall family. Terms moderate. No. 80 West 1 blrtv-altth street, first house west of 11 road way. Board ?clinton pla':b -tu mt, with board a furnished Parlor and Bedroom, ..u soennd floor. Alio two very pleasant i looms on third Boor. Bsfsrance required >pply st No CI Clinton plarc, two doori e?st of Fifth avenoc Board-desirable lakof. r<oms, suitable lor two persona, from ti to ter week. Room* I >r (fntlrm-'n at $.1 .K> to f < per we?k Location pi' '?*n' ant' c?nvt nient Apply Hudson sipwt , c >ruer of M >rton Hoard? will be vacated ArrER april h a furnished > at lor and Bedroom on the wpmd floor, at 17s West Fourteenth street. Vsoone single Ro'>m for two <i.ntl v men. References given ai.d required Dinner at ti. Boabp ? a scrr of thbee PLBAStNr and well furnished Room*, on the seemid tl >oe, with Board, ao f r inned aa not to he let separately. Dinner at 6 o'clock. 8J Cllr.lon place, near Flftli aveuue Board-two unfurniswkd front rooms to let, with Board. In Thirty fourth at- e?t, near Hrtt'l v ay 1 lie house It (list elans and the rooms (Parlor and Ke.l mom) ? r<* large and spacious, with every modem convenience that could be desired. Address Boar I, n >1 45 1 Post ulja Board?with second stort ob more or mo-sk 217 Dean street, between Bond and Nevins, to a family of ailttUa. House in e<>od order. K*c?llent location, t*o rquares frron > tlantic street hf rse railroad, Brooklyn, ltefe >et,res esebargvd. BOVRD-A OENTLBMAN AND WIIE, OR ONE OR two ingle K?ot)riiien, r;<n be accommodated uaprhate Isml'y with a desirable front Boom, second floor. larm: '>?n try, with or without hall room attached Apply at 127 toe w numbei > West Hfittrnlh strrct 1JOARD? IN A HEN1KBL HOU?B, WHERE ALL TIIF. I> comforts of a homo can be enjoyed, Rooms on seeon.l t!i or, suitable for a party of Kenllem<>n or families; also two k*nj|le rtooms St Clinton place. ne?r Broadway. Board near madibon sqcabe.-partibb skkk. leg for Boaid e*n probably be suited at .?> West Twenty lourth street Table or a superior order. A detlrable Ouies for a physician U> let. Apply as above. Board waj?tbi*-for a la dt and oentlhmak (meal* for the lady only), la % house where there ar i no ires' ions aaked. None bnt respeeUbl* parties need aa ?wer to Argus, station D, N. V. Post office. QOABD wanted? in bbooklin, ?ao i br monw, O for ? jreutleman and wife, inriud'ng breskfast, dlntf r, It. ask or supper, and gas, on or almut the 1st of May. Bent n' references given and required. Addrets k. K , box I 'W* fWt ofllre. UOAKD WANTBD-FOR a t'BILD, SIN YEARS OF "Re, * short distance In the country None bit' Ameri can f.-millea need apply. References g*ven snd rentilred Ad dress Hit WMltai, Madison square Post i lltea. BO.SRD WANTKO? BT TWO c?EBTLEMENar AND tlelr wrvea, In Urook'yn, on the heights. In a itrl^Uy prlrit'e family, with no other boardirs; two rurnUhe^ ^ootae. with gas, batb, Ae. , convenient t-i Fulton <nd Wall street fer res 1 be lieat references glTen and nciulrnd. Address Mer chant, 1)01 1,(MI N< w Vork Postoffloe. BOARD WANTBD? BY A MAN AND WIFE, BELOW Tt nth street, between Second and Fifth sveDiies. Ad flrf??, staUng terms, which must be moderate. C. M. L? Herald r 31c". Ji?ARDtSo At, _ PI? w S BKOOKLVN? ONE nR i\ro fONdU ORNTtlMBB may ot>tatn a la ? f* 1'i-fwn, with fianKl r??srd, lu a prt??t? ' C<l'< , . .. ' ? >-Si t ' ' <? .,nd ??- *? ' " ?? HC (irr?Dt .fT'-rad, Jt.ty at b C!?n; .<? t,u?rv ?rc Aijw. I _ tu iipino Biti* Ai P.? * OVILI M \> a.x'r 'rTfgOK ? r 'f i g < ? rman uf! fi.'.i Ia nil sun |i id ' 1-1 In ? flv<? rai -K-rti fnik ? ?! v ,, ,rrw? ww'. Mu.h f e-r:. *. f in' i ".| t,i 'J?> III. k? stie^t. BOAiH IN H-hM.Xl.yfi _TW( ? rtV flTLh.UKN I'tu UK ?? occsu4ai J with pfaastut a oto? i.'4 p? 'lal f*>vd In a prlvst* tam'.y. Leferecrcs exc'.HrYri d Apply at We: :.# i ou t * ire' 0 r>tj??Ti I.V ?JBOOKi.TX ? AT Ifi? A*.TTT 8TRKHV, *' 1'Hse- D I uurt sud 'Ixtor st'ee.v, e * ali s/nan ami wr ? eu f>< '.,;n hosrd wt b a i>ha-? .t iVr in o." ltoom nr. V ?ewreoni. 1 1? ? Kt m? tltn, the house lit modem andc.n rr 'n * t !?,? cxti ?iij |i>rri< s 1>?aRI IN BEQOKIYW ? A PRIVATE K A MILT WORLD J * MP'S 'nwla'e ? ?!? r.t>ennt ? cifl w?iV or tw?Mn?'?K?Irtl?'' Ill''n wt'b {ilranftM i i<im? and ikmuI; t. n m'nutes' vra'k from t fwt D . r Wal' Mreet ferry. Teim? mrd^rute. Refa :yi ; ej e.-ban^tf. AdOn m> t). M., HeraiJ otlire J>f AHP Iff FRCOKLTN.-ROOMS. VrjVli'V&OR "A* JT?lfi?>. t?!ef, with' W ard, t > gen' ;?vm ?. and tb?lr wtrns, or Inr^-ni'iurr \> Wl?Mj to ro 11 Irp-tner Houiv haiallihe n cVrn rovftnrnm and t !easnr,tl? located; move lent to the f> T.v I-.e/t rentes eichau^ed. Apply at 5i I'oneo-d it HOARD IN BftfOKLTN.? A LADY HAVI<? AN KL.E isnlly lunched brus*, about die nMntite?' walk firwn Putt/ n ferry, wonld dke tr> let f -ur Rooms to single ger.ile tneu or carried oovples; tae lsdr attend* p?r*onsltj to her roektn* and 10 the order of hrr house fan ten willing to j>%i n f air pile* for what thfj hive nrny learn particulars by div-r.n* .Mrs. Gray, Biaok'yn Poat otlire. Board in rrooklw ? drhirablk rooms on we. rd door In n f>r'v%te f'ar.illr, suitable for gent'einan ai d wife or elr^Je getiKnueu convenient to H.iuta or Wall st'ee' ?errv tinner at tt o'clook. Apply at 137 Amiti si BUARD IS BRi/OKLYN. ? A NK'K. I.WtiJI! KKt.NT iioom suitable for ? gentleman and wife, with Hoard, at 125 Morrepont atree'. ; Qr?'. cla?, with all mudern lm piiTrmrnts BOARD IN BROOKLYN? !G SANDR PTRKRT. NEAR Adams ?Two *mtlf m -n ?? d the'r ?tr(n or a tew single rent'.emeii can ob'aln lurgo, alrj iloomi. with fine pintr es, luruli-hrj! i r unlnrnlahtd, on ?c.-j aind>*r-vte frui*. Board in br^ oklyn -hanpsomfxy FfiRNTSti bd Pocbh r.n the wc>rd floor, <nnth Board, are offere<l t>*a j i iva'f taml'v lloui-e la pieaa?m).v situated, am) has all the m Jera lniDrorementa. Kel rrem-es rc>iiihed. Appiy at 3S1 CVnt'?n itren Board in brooem'n-w clinton rtrrkt a miM of Hooooh ; posiMslon given Immediately If re oui>ed lertos modi-rate Board in williamsruro ? a an and wife, and two Of three IM| Keulle'neii, oan obtain Roard and large airy It< ?m?, In a U"Um? corUlnlon gm ?nd bath, and pleasantly loc?'ed, near the ferrl s. Apply at *! bouth Ullb ltrei:t. corner of Third. Brooklyn hbiiiits? a plearant rttit Rooici to let. with Board, snltab'e lor a family or Kin emen. Andy at H7 Henry Btreet. heferences exchanged. Hoard <n bkooklvn heiohth.? handsomsly luriilshea Roou.? to let, with Hoard, ai i(U Ueury street; the kitiiatlon is v< ry desirable, being wUhln II vt miautefi ol W?Uor Kultoa BOAHD ON BROOKLYN UFIHUrH FOR THE StT* mer ?Pleasant front Rooms on lirst and aecocd Know, now vanint, at C.1 and OS ColnmbU strnet; also, two single Rooms ; tliiee mlnut< h lrmn KuIu-ti f e ,-ry . Board and hoomb to rbnt-in a vkry dksir aMe location; two full salts of ltootnH on a^c >"d hii I third floors, felao one or two single Booms, all of which are elegantly furnished and have all the Improvements of a m > dern built bouse; unexoepttonsble Hoard will bo rclvm Baferenees eichancod Inquire at 25 West Nineteenth street, a few doors west iroin Klt th avenue. CHEAP FURNISHED ROOMS ATTH", KKANKFOR1 Hi uae corner of Krankl on and William streets. Oo<*t from $1 to $?'< per week Lodging* from 'S rents Ui St cents per nlirht ; open all night, tlood reata<irant attarh-'d. DERIRABLB AND H \NDHOMfcLY FI RMdHBD Rooms to let wltb Hoard, at IIU Past Tv*i?-?tv il'st a'.r?et, (iramercy Pirk. No inorlcg in itay Referen. ts required Desirararle and uandsomei.v ki'rnis i :i> Rooms to let, with Hoard, at 123 t?st Twenty-Ul'th slreet; lorat.on pleasant and neighborhood firs', olsss EGRMdHED ROOMS TO LET IN BROADWAY -RLE gnnt Furnished Ro<>ms on fli <t and third Ho irs, suitable ger'lemeo icklng Inlenendent, permanent and sujiertor quarters Ilous. first c'an location unsurpassed. No. (VI Broadway, above Twelfth street. If I HMttllED I: OMBTO LLT IN UOHOKfcN.-NO. 21* ' Bloomflild stieet. Furbished rooms.? two t>R thrre plainly furnished K&.ma to let, to ilugle gmllam?n or oeni!? ?aen and their wives with or without Board, at No. 1X7 We-<t Eleventh strret Cars and Stages eonvenlent. FLRNISHUD ROOMR TO LET? TO P1N0I.E OKNTLP men, with Board, In a house with all the modern i;n prrivements, In a pleasant location; tsrnu moderate No. 71 wts. rwenty-Hliih ureec JjlCRWTSHED BOOMS OR P'TII'51 OF ROOMH? FOR r gentlemen, in a flrtt chins house, : 12 Bond street; break fsst tf required. References exchange. I Furnished rooms to let? larok airv room 4 to let, well furt?b"d. to sautieinen only, withou' Rmird also two koom?, suitable for a p.'iysioiaii ord nust, loit lion desirtble. Apply at 30 Bond street. Furnished parlor and bkdroom and sinolr Room to let ? Wfih or without Boird, to pntlnv n omv, mi a first ciae* mi>dern house, '.itli all tr.o modern cou venleneea, gas hath, Ac. No moving In May. Apply at 17d Aaat Fourteenth street, near flvcond avenue. FURriRllED ROOMS TO LF.T-IN A FI4ST f LVSJ house, in 1'enlh street, not frr from Hroadvar; bath, gaa, fire, Ac ; family pmall and rri*si.' lotatlon nn?x- o ton able Ternu> m'slcrate. Apply to F. PLLT A ' u.. No. b-J Biradwsy. Gentlemen abd their wives or a fev sm g'e gentleman, ran ohiala pleasant Rooms, . urnlahed or unfurrlahed, wlih Board, by applying; at 2l > < liu ou Mieet, near Henrjr, on second floor, luck and fi lat rooma No morlng In May. References e*' hanged KNTLEMEN REQUIRING FUltNIHHKO ROOMS \I with or ?ltbo?t parMal Hoard, m*y And All tb?\y ???? ! u a private family, at 90 Clinton placj. ftefereno ?* required CI OOD BOARD AND PLE A 8 A N T ROOMS. WITH 4 PBI T vate family end In a qul?' neighborhood, ma> bo found at 99* t*t Tenth atm t, near Blecck<T. Term* Moderate. Re I'rfiKH eirhtngnd. New bouse, having all thk modern ik proi emeDla and newly ftirntabed. with pleanant Roouu and good Foard, to 1*1 to gent'emen and wive* or jdiiglo gen tlemen. Can l>e aeeai from 2 tlU 6 1*. M. Apply at U1 r.*<* Fourteenth aVrect oorncr Second avenue. NO. 106 WOO.-TER STREET? A I'EW SINGLE (i?JV tlm>n*i and gentlemen and tti ?? i r wire*, can he anoomm > dated with Hoard And plea**i:t Knotn?; Ran and ba'ba in the h<,uao; do moving on the flu. of May. ONE OR TWO OENTLKMBN OR AGENTLEWVN \ND ife r?n lie acrutrmoda'ed with Hoard and nicely fur Mated Ro' m?, in a rmall private .fen i?h family, wwldmg in a fine neighborhood up town, on the w ?t aide; convenient to acvcral 'iiiea of atagca and rara. Fionas flrat cla?tt. *ddren* A. B . I'atloD E Port oU'CC, Mgbth tret u?. PLEAMaNT BOOBh-OB THE HECOND HTOBV, Kim nHibed or utfnm *h?d. In a ir t > I im hwi", r tn hi* k & l with Hoard. by applying at 107 Amity "fee*, firm, loir fro* llenry, Brooklyn, rod within Ave minutea walk fr>m ib< Bouth ferry, Pinner at an. PLEASANT FOtNISHSD ROOMS, W'TH BOARD CAN be had by applying at W Fourth Htreet. Beferetio** WltMgl d. Private board in hrooslyn -a kkw single gentlemen and a faml ? nan be MfO-nmodated with a front I'ar'or on woond flcor and Bedroom on lUlrd floofj fur nished to wit, wltli llonrd, at 221 4l|M atreet, between Hmith and noj t_ Term* low ; plea?*nt location pARI.OR TO LET CHEAP.? A II 4N itftOMEI.Y FOR M n!?hed front 1'arlor to let, to one or two gontle-nen, .u MD Grand atreet, nrar Mott. PARTIES DEBIBING SOARI> iROCMfl KN St? ITS OH singly) are retpectfo'ly Ul formed that ib< ajdc.jlld build lug No*. A and M Ka*t ? ? oi teemb street. lato'y ocsupled by Mrs. .tank* will !>?? readv for OT'ipacT on H?v 1. I' tihii wishing a preference of room* will pl?'**e call and aclec f.>r lire (lav* fr.m thla date, bet wen the hour* at )| an.! :i o'cl.-ek P M. IlOOBH, WITH BEDROOMB COBNBCTINU. TO L'.'.T II to gentlemen ?nd tfcelr wive*, with Board. furntuh-d jf unfornJahed. Only a few boarder* taken: dinner at Ha O'clock. A Bonn for *:rgle ifeotl m-n. M Moving In May No ?l 9t Matk ? 1 lace, Eighth atreet SINGLE OEhTLEMEN ( AN FIND A ^ RRV DE.SIR \ nle and hardaoaely fnrnlahed front j'arl <r and adjoining Bedrc to (on Broadway t, with l>r"akt*?t If de^lrrd, In the houae of ? Kret ch lady wttbout family ?n1 <rw? oo otber Ixiarder* are Uken. Apply at i9' ? K>mt Tweli la atraet, north west cor n?r rf Hr> iadway. TWO NEATLV FCENIiHED PLEASANT IIOOMH? MAT he ubUlned with g'x4l Board, In a r??|>e'i\ble 'amlly, at Mo. .itil Ml eat Twenty Hi at atreet, Chel? i* a i 'tare ) LET? A FCBNIfHBD BOOW TO A MINGLE UKS tleman, hi a auvall family. Apply at Slitli avenue. T TO LET-OB TUB BBC ON D FLOOR A HANIHOUK ault of Korinia, on(uitiiahe<l. 'or gen'.k.rnaa and alia or a party of at ng'e gentlemen, with lo>?rd. Term^ ra derat* Appl? atNtoWIIIM. between ^leerkcrand Fri'irthat t- mal 1 American family wlibfit rhddren vela. fpo I.BT-WITn 10 ABA A HPIT OF BOONE nt SB J eond flour, alio a amall R^mm on third floor, In a flrat '-law houae, containing all the modern convent* nee* and nle??'?ntly loeat'^d. Apply at 4t Eaat Twenty fourth alreeL R fereric** exchanged. "tXf ANTED? BO ABD, FOR TWO SINGLE GBNTLBBRy ff wlthlti ten minuir* walk of f r*nd ?treet and Bowery; private family i rwertetl. Addreae, atatlng term*, J, A B., -t ?MM ?tr-e'l U^V'ANTED- IN BlfOGKLT V BOtltU FOB A GKVTLB man, wife and rhlld. In the vlcln iyof Fort Gimn; r tenn* nut to ciceedtlO pt-r week. Including fuel and ga* Ad drtaa C B. A. , 71 Weet Thirty eighth at , N?w Tor*. TIT ANTED? FI'RNIKIIKD APARTMENTS, WITH CE*. TT mancnt Board, for a phyahlan, wife and child re qitliw front parlor for an ofltee; term* mint be moderate itMt r , ? i ereme given and rei|tiired, App'y t,i L. Lawrenr ,l Co., H3 Ka*t Konrteenth street MM' ANTED -THE ADVERTISER WIS l^STO OBTAIN Board for a fa 'illy of four pcreom In a p'ettnant neljh. b..rb od: ligation preferred Iwtween ''hlrd and Fl ft k ave nue* aodlblr : an<l r? entj -l*'h *tieete. A note addre*<?l to Boarder*, F nlon aqtiare I'oat uBot, will receive prompt a'teiition. TJLT ANTED? BOABD, FlOM 1ST OF MIT, FOB A TT tingle man, In a rl>M4nt Incal'y, h*low Twelfth 't r M AVre.,. wtt'i MKIenUr*. aUtll 'I I te*e?i trra> Woedaloek, Kri~*s ? j a vii I VO 1 1 ,i Mr N, A C'o^I OKVaIUJi I ?*> ft.r., 0 r< .... t!. ? iir.,i dual ft ^b^u/JKS ! H *. < LV' V d: , ' : 'J lL( "" r?Blh T?oni^t!2S than i > .i . * ?. *<h a> nuea i cr?? aot t. (*, ntn 1 flSuv ' " ,wo' AlKrfss U, l>o? 170 Herat* Y\ -V^11 \ AVr v^' WBU. FUSICIHHML -w f! , Vr 1 ''?'?<? ?" imptf'tvmrtita, for * qui* nmpie: 1 1 .< .Se, * iVa'dtttw.'' A(W"""' ???"?# ?R nrtlCUlM*. ?Oah*R OF MCUSOM J??? 5ST A ? h or "** ?' ELE "FN! 1 ? 8TH trrr, three doors ffmi Hi (????? rnlt>b< i K own to le'., with or without pv tial fun. it A ?TNiVERSIi 7PLA<Tt, CoKRER N'fMTli rfTKRBT? (JT Hai-tWrnnelv P-itra'she^ IparCtaeot*. es aul'.e. with ran HlVd, to l,*t; location otnveitVat to a* tbe ?t*?e routes U? ????< ptfcnai' *ieferfr<fr reqalred lyttner at tlx o'clock. *?f?. UNION BQl'Ah* ? VEP.Y FLEOANl ROOMS OK ? #".* sec-nd ,tmw. hai-4eoa>ely furni?L?d, will It-ard, ?oav l>e olelii'd on !?t of K?\ , also Xo uni for m nulc gentleman. ?' .it. corn ?r of SI itoenth street I'creoas ta wart <A seneticr aocomsMdattona c*u otlalu paKicnlara hgr appiv.^jf at the b "it-e. <>7 I.AMT bTKHET ? PHEASANT ItOOMS ON SEi'OMft ' I I, !?< let, v1th Hnaid. H?u?? large and weli locate^, uear hh eml slsgt routes jnd Eigi'.tli aven-ie car* Oaa, bath, Ac 1:7 WT3T THIRTIETH street, bktwbth BROA? O I mfmi KIM nvemie ? One ?-< two we" act ItnMm nti>l (hrc** itt lour geu/*msn c*n now be a< emu modeled wMb itiimof R *nn r n thr fkrrt and aeooad floors, eegaatly fur itlrlicd; tatiie first clsss. Kefcrmrfa pxehvagnd. ??Q T.rxcfl ^TTPEKT JOHN S PAPK -FaR.fTMta? OO Fount* to let, with Heard, to n*utl??>^n ?n<l th?ir wive* or en Kir iren'./m^n> The booae Laa all the modern lmpraw metiW. Tein.? rote 1 ?> fNiTrattrrv l'f.xrE -to lkt. a b?tit or ' tZj handsomely f?rrl*hwt Roi>mn, on ?? ond rtoor, wMh htinerior Hcird. Alio one or two Bedroomt. A A WK8T WA^niNOTON PI.ACB -ItOOMH TO LKT, 1 I with H.?rl, in a bnuw dextraMy twitted, r nulal^c nil thq model n norovc inmtH, ?nd ? hern hut few h?nr<oa Hre Ihken. NefeTPiires exebatixed. Apply al t4 Weat Waalt in^toi) place. w A A KIKTH STREET -TO LBT, WITH FPU. OK XT partlitl K nrd, two lUnxis. the roomaara rerj plea Hint ; terms moderate to retpeeiable parties rr b' Ah 1 TxvfA.rru tiiket. first p<i ,r fs iow t)l) Hroadway.? A suit of rurnlshed Rooms to 1st, om tftta p Tior floor, cunsisttr# 01 lour room*, wltb u?n of kitabestf le jiilred. AIsk the third and fourth Moors. furnMhnd. 7Q 8fRI>U BTltEET, THREE DOOS.J FBO*i I tJ Urofidv.-'iy ? Tr? Itit, MfVnnl ?h?nd?orwly fitntiahafl Kooais to sln?l? senile nen. The toaMloa 1>> near all tfce flrs* iSiue. hotels end itlaren of amuseinent; raadlug rjuaa fraa. *a qnlreof ANSON Hlll'SX. 00 OREKNE STREET, ABOVE SFKINO-AUVOH rIO House. ? Ele^nnlly furnished suits of Kooma; gaa. <'r<tion and everv oonvi nieure foe hotuMtknnpIng eroruMBi 'villy; particularly ndii?bl? for small, resp-o-tamaTa untile tft ntlemen Kent low to permanent tenants. MACDOUOAL HTAEET? RIOUMOND HOC t'arlleular attention Is respectfully aoddtad no \bove hmise, w Inch Is now opened as a private family kaML Tor the reerrtlon of slntln ten' V or small fata! I'M tM of the monot'.ny of ?? ai ding. I'artles desirous of (replug can Had rvo-y c?nvenlnnoe at the aboTd n.eal 1QO MADISON AVENUE? A GENTLEMAN AN? lOll wlte can llnd at ihelr dlcp sal it Huit o' i'.ooma: al*? a ?l nglt- ball honii lor a g. nileiii.u , unexeaptionible refe remea rennlred. 1 A r TWELFTH HTRJi ET, NEAK SECOND AVENUE.? I 7U Hoorn on second liter, fr iiil, for single ?ent!-men or u gentlemso nnd wife; Sill per we?k .or two: ball Knom rom munieailiia If din'red; fiin;l?btd or iinfnrnlslied; family pri vate; Joratton pleHtsut. no transient l> tardara laitea. 1 Ztt fRINPE STREET.? ST. ('LAIR UOCBE. ItJTI aaiitly furn'shnd Rooms, with Hed rooms alt ivlth till ire coin eitleners for bonsrkrepina eoinplete, I lr? k?s and <"r >tou water, to let to me imo table families g'e nenUemen. ion BLF.V.CKFR SI RKET, NEAR MAODOl'OAL ? J ? rartl.H applying earlv Ran covr ba aer tram tdat^4 wuii Knoms nicely inrnl^beij. suitable l< r fu mil Ira aad atagte aentle.mea, by the near or otherwise Dinner at 6. Wo mar inn la May. Apply after 1 F. M. OTA BLR STREET. REAR BFRINn. ? FOI ?. 1\S Apartmems for Immediate orvapancy. The lowwt rants In the ?lty, considering the conveulrace of eooaotnletfl hnusekeeplng. Best beddinj, tnd fnrnltnra with raa^a. iwkli.g utensils and linen eompletn; gas and Crotnm. " " IHI ?ROADWAT. ? APARTMENTS, FURNISQBD OB I I untarnished, for families, and alngle Room* for r'i 'lemeu A good Raata.irant la attached to tha " ' ' rm a moderate. M'liniKU ItKSOHTS. Be lVont HALL, HEW BRKiHTON, S. I ? TliOB bouaewl'lbe opened on the 1st of Mat. Apply oatha premlees. Boats leave at freiiuent Intervals from pier No I kaat river and |.?er No. 31 North >lv>r p 1 CARVTOOA SPBINCW-TflB LURdK FRTTAim O Hoaidltig honae, Washington Hall, oa H road war ba twien Congress and Empire hortnrs, will be open 1st of lUr It s ample snd well shaded grounds render it attractive fur fantillea and others wishing a quiet resort. Ad lrsaa. Mrs J. W. Maaoa. KPKCIAL MITICKs. Anew field batteri.? \vb have tbis dab received a new field llaltery, wh'eh we thlak the moat destructive war Implement ever inventeil. ft-r the army or iiHvy. The public are Invited to examine It, at the Inventor*' I'lebange, 10'.' William street, wiiern it c?.n be seen and Is for hale. ri. A. UttAfH A CO. C1AI TION ? A NOTE DATED BOSTON. MARCH 3, 1M . at eight months, drawn by Plimpton, Stephenson 6 C*. frr '.htce hundred and four |i.' 10) dollata (>*M 4''*, payable la beir own order snd endorsed i>y tliem, milled In HoxtoaAnrB ii did not reach its drhtinstbui. 1 lie public la hereby cantba ?'d against Defoliating tbemme ?a uaymcat haa been atopnaC H. At'KKRM ANN, .H Warren street. Tiif. scBff ri bers to the of thb City M?e ing to b> held in t'nlor square, In relation to thn ir.ns la our national affairs, are re.(u'stea to send tha amount of their suiw rlptlou (o L. O. II. t'ANN3N, Trea^ surer, at Oisnt .* Sons olt)'*, #2 Wall sireet. Ml LIT A a 1 Flou HALE 4 I'AW N BROKER'S TICKET FOR A Seventy f i rat l!e?i?i-ntal Coat, altnoHt Prloe Bjl Ortftaal co?t $17. A'l 'r A. T boi i;i4 Herald oMefc IlEl.'T. COU DYt KKAN A HI LK7IMRTEBH FO* J Flral 1 1 lini'ut, N?il .nn| Ou?H, New York Cltr Yolua ?wre fcnliit at (Vniral lull, 171 Orand atreet. \T? lt< K.-IIIF, PF.fUMRNT FORMED UNDER JOHN ii T. Beaiy i>* i.'ol' n"i au<l John L llan*on a* Major wilt at * pHrrUe, cotmi "I Br <ome and Undeon atrmt, to r drdl. and t< r all who with (<> kIrd th? roil, thin evemlBC. ?k d o'clwk By order .IaMK'< BROWN, < >rder.y SerJL A V"OTH R.? THIS OAIX FOR THE MBETINO AT \tl M?diitn alreet, for Friday evening, April 19, by UN undersigned, It for Use prewnt pot'rnncd. Jon* U. h?Ki.v, Ltam. W H ALLEN, Colonel. Portable field coo* ma btotb, adaptkd f r ibe nte of tnion* In campaign, h?ving all nocneiiaj j uliraiia for fifty men. the nn<jie eaMO.-ed in a watrr Uiu ca^k, lar tale by .ion.H < R' MLEV Ar?nt, I s BraadwajT mo HIF. RMCt E.-YOINO MEN. Ot'R COU.v TBY Ul JL In dancer. Come one, r me all In our glork>n? roO nil We are tilling up our rankt with a determination. MetropoU tan BttiiaM .n, ii2? Broadway. IfETEIUNM OF 1*12.-1* PCBBIANOK O t' HRIiiADC * OiM-'rp, ihe Vetorant of tbii and adjiv ? notiet wbo a.e In favor ol tupportlng trie nrtrompr t an, n llitalM Ike K1*m dI our I moo, will axi?mhle at the Mit* r i 'uiiae, la TuN nnllorm. on Hatnrday, at I ?? o'clock P. M , I . at'en.l the man meeting called by the Chamber at i Niramen-e. Hy order. II RAY MONO, Brigadier Oen -rat. ABRAHAM DALLl , Colonel. I. M. Prytk, Adjutant. CUlMKTyKWUlllP ttOTICKM. AI'AnCBH WAKIED-WiTH BETWEEN $1,401) AN Ik $3 to join the wtvertiaer In a limine** already eetab llnled and In whl-h ?l(Mi" bave been expended la elgfe tmm m .nth* In adreritflng. None but prlnci|>ala need apply. Ad* Jwii H. Ji. P.. !>?)? a> Po?t ntlloa, it. T. RARE CHAR ?E.?tTflk? WANTED, A PAItTNBN, with thla amount, to take half Internet In a real eatato offlre, on Broadway, d' log a good bualneM, a? the tcnlor Mft n<T l? gi itx Ui California. '<eai of olllce very low. Apply to F. l-Ekr A CD., *?) Broadway. COPARTNERSHIP ? A MAX OF FAIR BfBINRtH OA / w?'r _v would like to tuperlnteriil imme light btwlnaaa (M?> cbanlrnl pt i ferri il and lean lux ? ni|ilo> r*.- $.'A), or would laltw an Intrrot, It tattalantory. Addrea- . wl:h parUculara. D. M. 0 , boi 1M Hrruld otlice. WAMTBD -RRBWIBO AND MALTIWQ. The niwrrher, wlehl'.g to cxteud bla bualaeaa, to M J on < to aet.ure a good man a? partner, with $4,1*1) to $&,0(JU I? < aab. The Brewery la well eatabllahwl and doing a (todhoal t o" , ati I baa all tue I acid Uea for doing a large trad*. 1UI1 r adt diverting In all dlrcrtioiia. R. B Hatlnfectonr refer fm? rwin i red. Addr??? S. T. Oamer, Hterllag Brewery. W bixwlao county. lUlnota. 4tl ANTED, A OOOD AOTITE MAN. TO TARN I'lOv) full ?kara? ol a butter and provision ttorr, a* Pari il- r: low rem and ajiar?ment? for a family. I carry oit 'he hiiaineae, abOkaaK do vn I ?n, aad nanpot attend to thlt, an I ? ant a man immediately. Apply on the preWt*, No. 1 1*) av?nne f>, near I'lghth etreet. Aflnfl ? PABTN1D WAVTEP, IN A FBOf ITAHLB em*r|>rl'C. %'iH) ?Partner wanted In a UeWIW^ $? WO.?Partner want-'d la a bt:il^ aad llonor aaloOB. W ISiil'H s ' 'Vt| g?2 Bread" ay, corner of Fulton ttreei, room IUL d.O"n -PARTM R WANTBD.? I WART A I'ABTNB* ?bfli )". with 'he above amount, in a and t roAto i ble futlneaa, and will give him perannal prooerty dt.nble tkn amount. No further capital required. Apply at SM Broad way, room 41^ AiAA FAKTNKR WANTED. IN \ CABH MANW facltrrln* hutlneaa (Mrmanently MMMt with iinllmlied eiteotk.u, paying ?ol per real; farfe order* front wh .le^le honkea en**??d : Ihe party having entire rnntrol cai' hit capital. Apyly in T. N LIvrW?WroN7 ?? UNrtfUito. AHA -Wkirren. ab vartnbr. in a vebt aupenor, aubt aad pteaeaat maattiaeteriac nuh bv.stneaa, an article of untTmal neoeaalty, alfordloa ej_ c-e<lirflf larve pmflta. and ha* no enaap?tl'.k)n. Apply it Mi i and b roadway, third door, n <oa* > I lllllt -WANTED. A (1EXTLKMAV WITH B?.IW I caeh eapttol, to tote M latar^it la M 1 lit lit d r,.fa lu-ine??. Murtlf $tv*n, If rejnlrefcfl I av>d errw-trare rent # A , Herald n<iee we ? aaeerv. ??d wu dw nana^ frtO Ml