Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1861 Page 2
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TIC r ill OF TOKT SU1TEK. rxiid Graphic Description of the Bora iardmenf, Defence and Surrender. Hall ant Ty of Anderson and His Garrison. KMfco</astJe Admiration of His Bravery in Charleston* Tremrndous Fire frem tlie ' At tacking Batteries. HO MfT?S vm AMONG THE SECESSIONISTS. feudenta in Charleston Scenes Among the Bystanders. m. PICKENS' SPEECH AFTER THE BATTLE, a*, a*, a* Special Charkifon Correspondence. Cii '.r.iMar>ix, Aorll 13, 1801. Itil Burnt' r has fkll*D. The war has begun. Words fcawe given place to blown. Tho Uordian knot his Daea ssndered, and tho I'almetto Stale taken tho fiial step vltih separates ber from the old <"<mfeilorocy. Startm* n her career of oppositioa to iho old Cal.-u u % tsne wheo she had hirdly pjw lor enough to tire a na <s?"i *a' itc? for, !t will be remembered, that i\ hen tho ?a of the >VcEt was fired upon, only thirty a ve pouala ci powder remained, r.nd r.ot a cartridge thit would nt Mm guna? South Carolina has continued hor p rep irat Ions mill in tie sh^rt period of th- ec months she has brought teto tho field in army of ten thousand of tho best fighting Men the world ever produced, well equipped, oiticered aod disciplined, an aiupic supply of .iniminition, and an woV. of military ardor unsurpassed. The train of caures wli ch have cu'.m'natod in this ?veal tre too familiar to reqalre rej&pitulatlon. It M, thcrcfjre, only necessary t? barely refer to th-? iuci *>??* of tho last wo**k, in whi-h is embraced the tea) a:tlon of tho Southern conf'>d>racy in cuttiuj off the ?wpplies or I ort Suntsr, refusing to permit dcspitclios to wach Ma-or Anderson by tb0 oi)i;:il bearer, and in nvi k tog .* formal Jemaud for t*io evacuation of tho strcngbjld. IWls Ia?t Mt took place pe. th'? 1 1th instant, a portion of % heicg in tho foil )^itg word _ H youwl'l ftf.aU> tbo time at which you will e ran. ate wrt -"umu r, aid r.^re ? in the ojein-iro that yo.i will not jae j ear s-a>? against is, m >ss ours ?hm bo employe! ag?in-t 1 ort Sumter, wu w.d abstiln from o,ouiog lire ?pen >ou. Ibis Issue Ma, or Anderson declined to accept on the I gsaund thai euch a course would he inconsistent with the aM^unce which, as an ciUoer, wis due to his govern- , ?tel. Destruua of sparing the unnecepMry oif ision of fclert tnd actuated by sjmpithy for a brother officer atatatissd by circumttan-'vi hoyocd h!s control, G-norivl Shear* gar d te-ographed these facli to President Jefli Davis at Monty imery. Tie latter at once responded, requesting Beauregard to tender to l^ier Anaoru'-n the pro]oeition th?t if ho would ewniate when bis supplies were exb->sted heetliitios should be de-'e-Tei:. Trie Major Anderson also tedtoed? dopon ling, of courie, upon reuiforc omenta, which ?e-o even tfcen o?' tho hirfor, lying idly cpju tho Mde. This occurred fn the niDriilng of threo ?*a!oek ard twenty ro'.uotes, when tb Us: communica Msb before tb<- battle reared with the follow ing not! from (MmcIb Choic-.t ..nd Cnteb ;m,ani Cnjtiin Lee, aids of flM Genera. In Chief ? fcTlit ie of Brigadier General tWaregard's command wehave tho hocirto b i.fy you that bo will open tb" Me of hla battcric- on l\>rt S .inter .u one hour from tais the aids then ecpuW, and in one hour after>\arda the fcftMle cummer, ctd . M k> proper to sta e li.ire tbut tbo persons relations be tveen Major /Uidersan uBi all of the ofleuls of tho Sute Md ars.y have been o* Uie kiedoFt and most 8>cltblo rtnrscte- and in one or his last lottord he ttkes ptrticu Mr ecraslon to exrrcis his that; let for the courteous and Vsnercas treatment bo bas received. SCENES IX CBiRLESTOX. M a city i.ko this, where tbo sooi*Mo qnalltlM of tbo leeple are a prominent character itic, news iljs npon tho stktgs cf the wind, and as early as Thurediy n>> in It 1: ? I ?eenme a rcttkd fact .n the otnn. unify that the b.'.Ulo venhj commence by e Lt o cI;ck .n the evening. (tVf.y Mdid not is already inanif 'tl.) Tlie .jtmsst u-Hiv.ty w is M once everywhere visible Aid de camps, couri rs, ?Mcers and golJierp uii/nt be ten hurrying tbr > h tho ?arrets in all directions. Steamers phel ijdustrtojsly between the city and fort iiica* ions, boaring troops and wderr; cannon rumble ! through tho city on tb. .r way to fotat? of embarkation; romp?nies of urinary hastily SaUiered by telegraph tbo day before ? v .duatoets rough, ?ot ready? po .re 1 iuto the cttv by li indro . nd were 4eej?:ob< a at once to their rrerective qniri -?: pe!p!e ! Mem the jaterior and from neighboring -ut'.ei arrived bv ?Tery train, some to ligb' and o'.bcrs to looir on knots of ?Mteens gatberod npon the corarra to diacuss the flylag Mntors and speculate upon the npp-oa liing contest, uD 1 at every turn was to be ?ten bustle, excitemont, energy and earnestness of purpose. Miny w ended their way to tlie antery? a beautiful ptemenatir ground ou tlie river fronr. whsro th'y gtojd u?M the nf?on of nlt-bt, strain ng !be'r eyes over the dark expanse of water waiting to see the fiisk and hear boom of the lirnt gun. Jlearts appeared to throb **b 'be hol;rst r'to'ves; men and women spoke of their ??s. brotbera or relative* a f they were willing tbst all akeuld b. sarrifloeJ If c. r--?sary for the go?<l of iheir oe Mred sutr and c.r ,:e. b it the purest p-.'rlotlem ?vtdent y actuated the entire community ? ?x patriotism th?t has Induced citizens in ever} station of life? rich 1 and po^-r, old and young, uier lunt and clerk, tbe nucter j a?d sieve? to yield everything of s private n ituro to tho *mi" v of lh? emergency urged jprai iu.,m An ex I ?amvo Of this was given on Thursday n xht. Three tun ' *?' d volunte.-r* were railed upm for a spcoiai porpo^e to ?io service on horsrb\ck. Over one tbou seal rfsponi.rt, and awmbled at eight ocloek in OUt' J tq urc urmed to the teeth. Many of the in were "?en over Oi t> years of sro, while ons or two were mere k"ys who ferce?l tberns-Ivea into tne ranks io spite 0f the object i 'tis of the commanding ofi'mr, Ihle eaciled state of affairs CMtti.ued oi,l about tweve ? clork <>n Friday r.igfct when, we ry and w..rn with con. slant watching, the city, for a time, wa.sbu?bel in g| hs?e Four hours or more eUpaU. rue mounted ard had d ne tb- ir ? .g,l,nt duty, and, with the Urtt faint Mraeks 'f (be, were preparing to retire Few were thit k log of tho crisis ttwt was impend n? and aho^.t to be developed. Sudden:;, at half past four odotk, the sullen berni of ? grin eoboed through the city wiih a doleful om, rums IU*t' In tbr' ? seconds nn-.ther succeeded It was tbe npening se ne in the drama of civil war. Th-. ?rrt of the e di-< Images was a .hell from the howitzer ?attery on Jamca Island, and was llred by Capt. a.orire S- lame., who foliowe.l the banner of the Palmetto ZZVt'SZ*"* *?rl 1,JlU<?tly resjnnded with three g ms fr.,m zrzL i^mTth^, ,beu i"ok "" thc 1 ?? " ln 1WH llme ,h? 1 nm writing ? the ?J3 ^ oncoming. Point, Btaveaa iron battery, 5s ,1m Mg battery and Mount Pleasant p.ured a r. a of nr\ tha stronghold, which continued almost without intern J Bkm until tha flog of truce floated from the *Al's From that moment until daylight the tceno w.n ,rill, j beyond deacription. The dark embaukm nt ?r ,?j ' which friugod tbe horizon formed a sombre backgroon, " against which the graceful curves or the lw>mb*, the ' pWlng tiaah and the thick white ball of smoke ariain* Mt'jn burst shells formed a picture which caa never b M* got ten To describe the scenes In (he city, or even at onc a "ofi at the rommencrment of tbe light, would bo im Wble. Notwithstanding tbe aolemnlty of th ? oc i I swnjt was laughable to see people ruahlng-?wotle..s ??IT* /?*tle"S' and *1,no#l totHbto-rrom their' ' ?**?s, frantic with excitement. r'W Bl llUlM bef0'e h,indr^;' ? t h0US0S i, "r al,xl0,,? oocupiots, the living Pour, a, through all tbe streets to the J?d Battery. As day appro^h.,, tbis wfcU a sa Mr "s!a .J"*" ?f 'I>ncUu>r': M th* *y?5 "OUM re.;h OB e,tber ???, ararjr spot that affords-: a favorable (ooUtold far ob. r (VTfttiro ?M bfcok wfj* bumam n-v numaa teings. Who ctutell or ?be feelings that ware ragtag ?? than baaoms be '**' "? l"v*' ?* **** Kniroo aid tbe love of the J fair taflJ, in wh'-se causa they were imprrttltag uietr lives. * f lb* wt re ahtaau^ tears, but there was a calmness and earne?tn< sa about the mijority thu besT-lc^e n \ar i d. term! a' ion ? t .elr hearts. One of then interested spectators * 9 aa oia gentle Z ?n* Tm feV"Dty y0ar8 of *??? L"* ?>eforo diyligh'. ' teredti I la ?.po of observation, to witch the K as <f tfc(, bat Is. Aa I iaased hiui ho wm? remark tog to ? fried; .,slr> l Uye flve ^ on Morris L :;anJ J ?"> havo ^en ncfiflced while I am diking to you. They ire dear to mo aa the applo of my eye, and J wouh not utter ono murmur while s;>tnd 11 fc ov er th- ,ravos, ir they died Ughtlnc for the State of ri U V. fZ' na' 1 b04/j n >0UDK '*lJr whoso "little clench.* ban*, and dark st?ki;ng cy08 a,omcd to cn ilortotven word 8he rpoko, say, '<110* I wlah 1 a njuil I -jowidt't slay <* thm place one m'n.ite; my . ^ 1 "&? ' Abother incident : ? As soon as tho alarm was thus ^ven, a little boy, twclvo v<ura 0.' a.-e ho could And, by 80*2 moiun pui died hln'?oif to Sullivan's Island, three mile, or mor distan , a. a , r.lorcd Fort Moultrie. He waatel to tight The officers, of course, hk that he was t >0 small to bo u e ful and kept him eat of danger; but tho Utile loll jw i, *;W %h blf,-c'u5d',r *?is 1 est rain' liko 1 ye ? ti??.? h^mottWrC^wr?hl,0'nc,at',er h". r-M ,rX? Is cw ihl: w*y wn'P ?<?'. '?"? I dia't care. I have h-en in 1 urt Moultrie, ,.ud when I ret 10 intho b^fuiowh' 1,c*n'el,?> children tnai I wist a-, I?-!!'! bjttIoJ "b'ch to ik 1 ort ?iumter ' ihii<? .ir ? ou'v b. <H,.ixi,;ns of tho cnosual feellu< which n" 1 n, 1 1, ^^8" ^multipjiel by hundreds ' U *' Al>cmt dayl'ght a dirk cloud oriTed over the ct? dri pplDg a hotvy showur of r .ln, and drivioe tii?av or the po?pio fo ser>k shelter; but an hour if'^rward^fTr^i o rTh^mv. if thuf' rK?,d "IWHI0U Hid ii JESS# not have L i- h?1Tfi*Dla ",lk,S <* ' 'Id i? i nave hi j,o\ ? J but tho uavlv dresan I ??.i ',uh , . , "il? "?? K^ercd for I Wita rived from the no'gbboriDc: towns ami ^ covered w ith foam and Jrlv. ra w th d?,?t .'L^ ,Q,r308 ^S. orlv -.vb?ti tb?-v h..l r?./?f,-7n ?i es"i'P '<l- Pint oar, ^ th m m! wer6a.nto^hP?"rCrrUl ^ isliilps smssgmm THE BATTERIES. Before ,,IJud.?v to the deU ia of the engagement It will bo nec. s?vy, to ihe p-epcr underttaadlng of tbe subio" by the reader, to briefly desert tho reUive location of baUl^V"ra f',rl"catiJ,la' Md ">? ^rcos brought ,nto Thi*, it sLould be remembered, doosuot in:lud. th3 ?! hmo in Cttso m approach should be attempted by the w lost in the ? ."J' 2W?i trasjra Dowinl un.t e u-ig situated near the ^un. ? ii.^ and d'il most ellective service "*eM At Kort Johnson on Jianea- Island? which fa Van ?> ,? , nphf of rur view. bu'. nearer The Tv. .7r.. , ."f ? ^ battf ries, containing two ten inch motors each and'?' tw. nt> lour (HHjndor. ? l^ooktag to the left on the opposite side of For- vj Sullivan a Inland la visible. Hero ?tandn Fort J Sit'"" Provid^l ihi-ty ei?ht K-!BS of varow ctliliw ? terted by well omtructed merlo.ia. and .aa rwrfn-t',, ,m coxiOition ,<s ? . h .he materials at h^d M ^ i Two hutdred yar. uc frooi thu fort a briery o?*wo ten ,uch n.ortai ? w erected, :md tin euUUdo hrtt. rr^' t-veuty -our aoo two thirty two pounders 1 1, .7.,,. in areft to K-rt Mmtw. In aid.iion t? th?n , Jl ' ' n^ of war v, as the l lou ,,nS liatteri , a n<n J'""' nation (1 palmetto log* and iron Jacmga, which wm imt' oa , a fhort dlstMico from Fort Moultrie' a J no^VTtto city. Tlim was r'g.nally intciiici to bo carrWd wittm n iir hjwlrtil y irciM ot the iurt, trom which no t - it could brcucli tho Wis, but ihe pl*n was a " ored ar,d it was aw.sned itl pM8e^ position ^ Tu Ii.ti.ry t.?i.?i vd of two thirty. two and iwo fjrtv wo poutideis, and moat v:i!u%ble uerric-^ dil it potior m, nit w -hstao'iiiiff the ridicule which VJ b"Ud"i, ;0.i aga.n*t b,tL It and !ta projectors bv 1 HrrTlin n V?- wl> ' ,a* in 'tn .Ibmg o^re 1, r h !? than a ating Sircopiiagu,. ' farthora^e I on rbe we.?f, jn a bond 01 the barhor. was ? bu to/r of ibree mortars, ere -ted near Moui t Fleaauit I ntil wtthtn a fow da?? p an tbo trcooa acor,tin? I 1 1. gooi.H, the whole under tbo command or Br Kadier ..encrai onn .xant on Morr ? lrWd, ih rteon hundred ,Km ,MeB- ??n?'? rg of artillery and Infant? jr,der the : tr.mand . f C lo .el M utcy GrogL- u iwt Johnson, one bondred . nlist. d men, under Cu.uin .la n? ai;u oie hutidicd and loriy !>tx men, cotnpisel of arttl' !er, and infantry, under Capu n I'op^at lOTalme^l making in all thousand and twenty seven men Wtt1 P'?ce:' ?nd?r tho command of Rri?adi"; (..n*ral iVauregard.of tho army or tho Confederal '?a ^ tel of Am^nca. llw lie. <n\ ; reinforcement have greatly added to u,[B mm ?hr;h? ^ army now on duty ia prob ibiy no; i", between C?o ana six thousand men. "WAllATIOSa F3R THE B irTLE. It was not less evident on rhur<i?y aftornoon timonc Ihe army :han in the city tha' tho bng antic ;Pi tod mo mrnt ws- at hand when they were to put In pwetlct Uio inhtrnetknof wb4. b they have had tbo Ntaiit durlw !k' V ,ree t"on'l'? of '"'ill ana oeUnttm in tho sorva-o ot the State. It w an ge .orally known that tlx- letnaud for r?eveV#!i rt S"m,er *n fruitlejs rroon fro?h and inexperienced, wt:h tho dust of Iravnl yet u,L thf in, had Been ,oin ng them hourly for the KevTis thrtedayr Saodlwgg w. re pulled down or pll-d up as the rat* might he; <he works wore lit up w.ib latnern^ the gr.ns loaded, .hotted and lighted, and tho men kont' at their puts ??,g ,jter ibo usual hour of duty ia 'i ?t-. d matters until after eight oV.Iork In the exemn' y B. n orders were roee>ved to Teturn .0 .(uarter-," .?,! drum beat the uttoo iho soldiers fll?d awa? to tb. -'r c.o vass h?m?s and fience br?>del over the sceno THE COVMEKCICMKNT OK WMTtLITIIM. I h ire already referred to Uhe ne?oti itioca durlog the inglit with regard to tlx) ovaouatioii of tbo fori and the failure to aiy-onipliab the d-aired result. ImTfvlia'oly after lear ng M?.wr Aiid'TMi, Ool >nel Qieanut, C >lom'| t'hltlinlin and ?lai?>r I/*, tho \i da or General Iteau'egartl, by wh MB tbe spoliations had bsen conduced, proceed < d to Fort .!< hn >n, where, agreetbly 10 th# oWjUI n d. tuati' n, at preciasl/ thir:y minutes p -at four o'clock tho botnbirdnentnl Ko?ttf'imu>f wa*com.r.oncol by thelrlcg of a shell. A eoct.d quickly followed from the su'tie batte ry ?na in n moment all ihe camps were astir n?? drum.' In all the t'orti'lcitloas at once beat tboircill and tho woil tra'Led ao'dt?rs fl?w to their fSapecttre ;>oB!a with i?n,t\ which mdlcitel their hearts wore in tho work Tlio light mijty rain which hid beeu f tiling tn t< rniittcnil/ caaaed i -r the time and theeitirc bctrma woie un ?fpo 't of nwroreoeas tnu couaortod well witu the fierce cont'- t winch mimed laU-W c->tnmeuc*l. Ftfs W(l SOW o{ 'M d fram the throe batteries hearing npio Fort Sumter on Morris Ultod, and Fort Moaitsic, Momt Ileus* tit ai I the Kioattn* Battery Uking u.i the warlike t train Joined n th" rhwua of exploding cduan.-e. Hi > ipecta :e wn* ote of t-rribio lubltmltr I>tytto?k w.m not yet at bind, and tho aoaiirc looking mas* at un<t whii-.h all this <tntniDa'imthm wu direct m wnM l? up>4i th ? gMrfat.f of tfco * iter |tk'? tone hug> tnmsfer in r?-v*e. H hud spoken twice at tho beg inning of ths coa diet, a* If i hiding touae aroind fur ao ru oiy disturbing the ijuiet^f itl r?*t, and then r?-l?pst\i again into silcnco. Mcanwhtfs "diot and shell raitlcJ thick aa bail up >a It* aidea. Tbe air ??? (Uiei w th bombs, * i> >a? gricefu' circlts tru :etl by their uwu basing tire toriniuated In ih* ptcturi sque nlciitn ?l tles-.y snukc which follnwol the r esploska and then rn led a?ny. while tho fluaeiili do fended on thi'ir trratid of destruction tf??Ty g u < vomited forth 'heir lire ant saok* with spiteful fore , their rouilled thuadsrs e< bolng for mils* % oun I, whil* the jLr'.'l wh-sving >'f th? balls rlJIltd m tny t boart witli Tb? th"'igbt that thev mtjht hi n)i>?>'bgitni of d>uth to aomo of the loved onee the u la the neuof battle The ffltsci of the s'd'.il ?bot waa o'ton p?ny||Ui to tho n?ked eye. At oach dleebargo of th? gnu* either tho wi'er iirtja-mt to the fort would t> l up tn ?re?t ?h?tta of apray or it* d?n?e bro*rn cloud of rrunoilng buck ani mot tar w >md m-i?k tho ?pot hit np m th'j r*m parte A large t omb'-r of abn'ta fell the tor'.. b'it bundrc ik esp'< d?d in the air imno 'ia eiy <b)ve without doing any great execution. Tbe nrlng wai by no m mm a? during the morning \a In the afternoon. #uen the mob had becomr ni ire fauilliir with thwlr auhjo t With ibe sxMpttoa o' Ins (Iret two guna from th ? pua pel, m ir to algnlfy that he rfCogui*?d ihoc)mm n:i"n?nt tif the bail, Major Anloraon did not op-n agaia natil wtm o rKii k, tne cau?? of but remaining (pt'et h?lni{ the want of oil wi<h wb<'h to llgbt up hn c**?nnt<?. Hurmg ini MP two hours K?rt Sumter r'Colved an indls rr ni.intp po<,tniuig upon evaiy portion of its aurvai^o which apv?"i" d to b i In the degree p'egu?i>in While it d (l no hatm. fortunately, it Mtjor Aniieta m to wlti.eee the flkct and efficiency of ev?ry bailor* ?';d to guide himself accordingly. Il waa tlia t* blCTi induced bltn to bi?i * ( attun'lou upou both the Iron and Floating iKttery, ahioi he did ?ith h a lirstrboia. l or a time his ei' .ru to di'?tror toa iroa Battery were wait ned wh gr?a*. intereat, but *ft?>r a ; few mlnutiw nritig it bsosoM <?TMe?t th it he coiid nuke ' no impr< saion up- u the iron osatd roof ?.ul atl?r oail I rtboundeti fr?,m the okM hjnn ?t railroad iron ao l pa fotl lot) the marsh beyond. Many o hla eht)ta wore a.uiod too h>h an.l whiw-d over the battery without strik.og it IVse went rkio- i rhettlnr orer the annate of the water, teiring np van ! maews of the *?? w??d, and g vlng a t?rnhi? frigh ti j hundreda of tbe sea fowl, which r.wm !u every dire Uo i fyotn the rnarah To those within the t>atu>-y tvi e,irt?!f, of thsabot was not fweepMMs, except at regird* tbo expected fh? 00lKne*mi was uot so much m wu H work his barbotte guns a'xmt aJelCd tZ?V*??*' bQl lh" c*?** exploelot of the i onem -iti u 11 ba"**>n every side drove him :i<a o to ? llerw&i ni. a *? blB ?e" remained tn<*t of the im? ih.' tuLrutJt ^r".00' any future attempt to rlro f -oaa .?ouJl'loani1 'hj I Joanna Bi Vnry The resulf i'k. th*^r*l'a to the gun* thomael '??. walls wuh Li *5 ' Friday oveniog ? ver/ gun oa the aud thins* a ? H ?.v?r' lbo K"" carriagi* apllnte-ad, ?olf ??W}*' ttroun" '"*??" Vodersoo bin' crnr?! i!t Jhfl liring wiw of a remark .b y accur ;te thev k!,u i t 0 w#8 compellod to acicaowledgis l- ? t Moi.iii^ih r,'??ll,'otk'0fi ,ar u,ur0 P"?aanwr of roil Moultrie than of Fort Wuiutor. Bh"t an'' 8hoU continued to po>i t. ... *J ?? v? ,<>r.' uii til near nightfall. when tin h..*? ?^n ' J"ror'l'K all day found vent tn i ,? ,r.uil1 Order* h,id beu issued to tbo f >r ? J?, throw a shell at Sumter once < very twenty minutes, which was accordingly done, but without re Anderson, it being impossible for him to ob win tho proper ran go of tiro j;P to fbi8 t'"? o?mparatively no hirm hi- 1 resulted on r.?nM. de'.? ^ oos Battery received a shot m th trn'u!. ? . tr"P lllrough a hie! i ono of hi r pro *f. '"r moment ruudenvl it comptraCively Hontfn? nU?. reP?lr*d duriug tlie nigtit rhe ^r' received eighteen shots, but "? -rig to ita peculiar conBtruetWm th-iy m'tfht, as far as injmy isr/>n torufd. ha- bo. n tired In tho air Fort Vloultr!", o-c of ' 'uaiksof Major Anderson, Biill'erod linmue 1U)",y M was done >y repaired i> r"euu9 at comm.-ind A valua jle horao, ? ^ ? 5 ? 1 ? v ? K'P'ey, ih? Oiii!m rd<nt hce. i. 3 ,b" d?y? tbo oo iy iifo lief n ttio Oght. ln If 'sai<J 'uat in at) th?.go l'ortui -itio s tao ii.en mere ih ??nUiuataf.iic, that war. enrygun flrud r >. , l' tipo? ":e Wnpifts to v...'ch its ell'mjt, ih ^ ? ?10^ b?l:s that were wb /zmg around ' n> frra? tbo f af port S'miitir. it ;.u v> derth i.t ! S - ,'1'se oafclevilj were not m-.r.^-d in grort *" i . r#,.'or l,,ov nPP:iri'n .'. cared no uu re "' r a pais i g ofty tw > fxuinder tbau >h"v would liuvo done ior a ?? tlfr < . '!l7til1' ' a" <)n" of tiiom "aid, "it >vas an ncomm eut thicg to stop ' and of (oirso there was 'If, i /? 0,1 n!l f: le? Tbo iBoixTit pni' So m!.n' , K.?1.K0rt S"?" r? ,|5A" *?ul 1 R'> 'bo ' k of the fhnv? fhi^r I raiMl)? whidtlo 1 birai .HSly by , four foot r?maikf!f r t,lfi *"rrt,D'J^ Sla.ior .Uldorson lie ^r\h?. WM l?P"?tero..B to :.(!U ruoh a |v>. ttiBh h/r nL^'!" unoonqiicrabl<' , an I thoojli f.ney H was ??P> *?red by f <ro? of numbers, miSr Sr u p/ 2 "* lkc tho;n :u^ " i Qe rtiiiirhiv rf?i 1 ^ thrown during tho day its thousand in at f'ow eighteen hina.-o l to t^-o inK KXCtTTMBNr IN TIT): CITT ?lid not .bate up to a late hour of tho l:^:, being kept lnabla/o by tbo bulletins which arrired at intirvils w li h lntoliKence from tho fortl licaM ,n?. 1 upjrend a copy or these, th?t ,0u may o an ldoa of the style of epipt-'uary composition men employ m hen ud- r fi,o. p a u J'uunvoIUneav, April 12-0 A. M lh.f? r p,rW ,ro " v-uiN l.H iud H 1 """"verjthinp 13 11 g >.?4 oner at l ort w' l' Th'n i' , r ,1 ,lurt ' . rh,> ombraaiiroc hi- o mood rltt"'y hw bc"-1 "'"?'?k d'voa times, . rf at.t i ' PCQ.-traio Miior Aulcrsm :scio t rn ft l. 0n lho I l0?tin n Ltuiteiv aud tho l?ml v k, 3" ' 'r of Lieutetun: J. R riamil % \ .n3?, "S? 0U fl,6? >*3 rum n .? J A uu nber - 1 . h is fr> ta J>ort MonUrie hu\ o druim 1 i ito l urt -' im A et^jrlifr barbei te gu,, ?? !, on disimt! ?. aLi njt ^trh'i ,0 00 tho Va.slivnio.hova insight aoaut eight o coiV, but upon htvmg lho drlng put baok All tuki k . f'UUTLNd 11 41TWY, 10V O CkjCk. fcas ^wlrL110 ia min 7"u",l ,d? '??"???-'? Anaert jn j 9uu,?SnTt^i a hoavjr ur? u^s:v.,;%5?fry v? , , . , t l'MriSCJ RATO-ki, il o'cloiSc. Ono ball strii'k an th ? h'lur Tll'?" C'Jas aio working. ? ,k ^ n ,he or aDK(o of the roof, aul nor ,h K . wb?n a ball strikes th a biiterv tho bhock w not perceptible. ? r?%4,> BuMAR>8nTi\.tVs Icir.AKn ? 1 P. M. No , o t in o:^ht jet. Sum tor b idly iu oara or? fi*?? *uJ i001. *"? ^"ttnanw Hhett and Ml'.cfcol aro at Sloultrlo In omiuand of tho b atury oearla" on i Hl /'i ClP: iln Hamilton his a Hah'grr-u gun a? th" iiiTfL l"' at and go.,, w-th uu; l ioit iu ^mIv M??^c?.bJ,UeVooai!i Ytt"e? an<1 awlw''?" or ^ixpurtd attention. No ono killed yet on our nJ' nrrm; fRow 0! , i. KB im , ohm.o.d of thr st strrw ?;t*s os ruKT Morrr?m , ^ ar. all unhurt, and if tXz^to us troubi? ^ u'??" i ffwrsar to Col *RmiSla "i,^e ha8 b"cn 1,1,0 11 satisfactory h^t-Li ? y ^ m w then wh:ls*. 1 wrlto, seated ' inTL r " 01 Colombians, a shot Horn Major .Ui ior son pa -?? <- a close u!?ovo my bead. thlh ^'H'v.lJt ,Mlt?h01, un"er mr comaiant, belons* the h' ni>r c? baling ilrtjt dmmimii'.4k tw > "una for in dei son at ono ih ,t. ? ,or xn _ Fonr Moi-i-.uik. ji i> \r M ^d0h^LC",.C'l,'KUl18 m,,n h ' f pas. four V jl., ai d htro cutm#?.l a ??ouly lirj until tno ;)r?^i ut atd aro still flrinp The balHfr ?n Vort "um'cr artdo' The M >rr'iB '^I^TV'i', ' P'ri" rf ho>'1n? injured. . . *] rn* island OatU'rlrs nnp -i^o b<> doin ? ?.?rn ? deal of in jury to their tUo jf8iim3Wk -- - >*' Major Anderson ha.T ono h-,in bearlnJ on Fort Johnaon one on ,a:h of ?ho lower bait, ries ..B i?is |/an,, aodT?' on l ort Moultrie. At p'e cot th re, are ihrM r'nitl? .state - war versels off tbo b.r'V ill Ve gunTbea ?J on them ato loadc l nw, manned, rcid) for action ? , tfoRkii i&i ? g a. M The battels are doa.g great execution, and bivorc I celvtd no miury. ' u>\orc ur,?uf^^;gz?zzig*Jltk I 5t.ST2.rSiK!' I J.Z7, sr,s" ?, ?:,:t ""'SS'iir w. ,b? vjggs srsfss. M", ?? from the ^'^ral^u and bitlo lejVtlTlS sswrasas ,h" u ana in the earlier part of the Jay. for prudential reasons, no pr.r,|rs were altowed to 8,?(J any ,)w,pilch,, {rom ^ city relating to the b.ttle. Th, Ca^s wore a!so prove-, ted from leaving at ?he!r t me but before night thc*? restrk'.t|nc>s were remore i nud the usual communication in all re?pe;ta was rosume I Croat rred't in du? to th , branch 01 Ihe teiecrat hlr I n.-e ?r . ? SH-Elig! and oScW. ol ?h..^im,VPPr0b*,i0n ?f CUU"^ TUB BROOK D HAY. Toward* morning the etorm whl.L had raging ourtng tho n'ght broke up tin "nu uilcently atorn or ray,'' anil a bou'iti'ul balm., ami refreshing ilsy wai ish ored into cxironce. Tho life, which hid bocn Bla:kon eil, waF resumod w Ith vigor at sunrise. The ?llcctaof the t;r*t <U\ * bnmbirdriiont cinU now tie easily te?n without the aid of a gU?-\ rho * >uth an 1 oaat faon 'os of l'ort -> :nt"r wero completely pitted by Italia, and, from ? <i had in-in of the lira from Sutli vut1 a Island and the Cove, it wax no' probable that th northern be in i in>:i ub-ttor condition. Tb-* cgoof tbe [wajx't ?w m nutiy imcpi <*nt off, a num ber <4 the guna wort ui-m imiti . una ttio rmbruiure? or iho caaeinutea we? c so battered that the regularity or their outline t htrrily be iIWIiiikiiIkUoJ. Tho chim ne>* and rtn f of 'ho btirratka ?cr? amo perforated in n iitiv place* fho guru of Kurt Sumter d.dootreipea flre until seven o ckkI when tnu flint* began lo to qui. k iucc? f*fcn from the cuu-ina.e* pointing toward? Fort Moultrie. Klple>'s men n turned Knot for shot, ao l at iwh discharge Iron Still van'* Island, we could see fragments of the parapet of Suinter toppling over Into iho water. Four himtf.r on rmi. At eight o'clock the cry arose from tho Biitary and rolled through the city, '-Kurt Sumter la on lire:" A rtnl hot shot from Korl Moultrie had poaotrated the woo<l Tvork within the stronghold. avl in a few moncnt* volume* of imoke and INmo a .iug above iu para pet. Humor immoii lately c-irar:ioii? it her Buay w >rk " Au< eie< n l? ttgii.Htrinrf th" I ??? t,' s*,d ir.e. "No, ho la heatlrg shot,'' rope*t. ii aoother Bit before long it l>? i mho ? vldont to i very one that tho douse elo-ids were ?om< tking more than inero i Ifi. lU. Iho flro of the fort, heretofore loi g, fierce aid rajud, ah.,to.j. oceisl 'ually an ? *piiWion could be In in, whl !i aftei w*ri a proved to &e the pile* of sheila I) ing irounu and a aubernct came over ibe crowd of spe- taror* whi i( toi l ttjat tb?lr heirM were in ?)nipathy v:ih tho bravo man wh i wi* tliua lighting, in addition to biaoihe. ??ncmioe, the do-ttroylng ekii.eutif nature At nute o'clock t le flre appeared to be aomewhat sub dued. but at ten a column of white smoie roae high In iho air, and In a lew minutes uioio f-e entire fort waa onn unbnkfi. body of liiime, *hi h Miemod ta if It were tu be ihv witioing i boot of the b'avo men whom It enrl roted Hllil lloaling above wa* tin banner of tho stirs aii n strip* s. It bad been k)?ored t.v i or three tim as a ?|nal of clatroia to the i nip* In the oiling, but not a soul moved t<i the rescue from that ous'ter. rhesus penre was pnlr.lul lairpipsiblu that : r.e federal at'-am era could th'M cave Abderstm to tua fate, without even an attempt at asalatain u f It wna even so Ituring th s trying period Amlerson would oc casioiially dlicbarga <ne of hia guns, and every time he did S(?? ?o much do rtolitb Cbroltnlana appii cuitc true ganar ? tbat tho snliilera l?s|>od upon the [*r*t?'t ' and chitted him 'on* and, ahakiug their I lata at tb? atewmem ouUide, dnd \enting their utdlgaa tirn tn groana. It wae left to <iene-al Tteaurogard to tender the aid which hvl been dei?li?l \ndor?on bj hta biotber ofll-ers; std this be did as eooii a* ho could ccmmunkiite with Noma lelaiid and fort .^u.rter, Odonol Cheanat biing defpati bed under a t'ag of tru. u to otbir aucb saalataoce In (be shape of etiginea or anything else aa might be ra qairad by bim. By thia time a portion of the wall* of the oflfio^ra' quartera bad fallen lb, and the lira appoarod to be akiwly burning out. Suddenly a shot was flrt?a, whlsh carried j away hia t'ag and l.agstafl, and the Stars and mnp<M 1 came tt mbltng to the ground. Soon, however, a single gun from him sbownd the Oon I fefleraio roi-|? that bo old not moa-i to surrend<>r, and i to prove the ma ter still m-/re conclusively he mida a Jury meat > ut of a gun spouge, from wbich be again dla- . play d Ma (lef. I In the meantime the aids of 'iener?l Beauregard were neat in * ii tie b At from the ctv to the fort, oat ftfter th*se gentlemen h*d Dnarly reached thoir deutiaatioa it ?n nia'to on.) out that Anderson <**s determined tj on tuiue tbo bjtht. They therefore uwuntiy t i'ael b-tok and cam" half wfty to the city. To the t?'irpria? of ernry one a white llag wag directly seen to wave from Bom Mr. J'i?t then Col. Louis T. WlgfVl, < x l"nited Ptitei ?ionv tor from fexas, an ltd of Gen Ueauregaru, left Oim ij.iii(rH Point in an open boat, with his handkerchief on the end of bis sword in lieu of a d ig or truce roe b it teries, however, from S'Uie inM?pf>r?-heD.-fioo. warmly continued Or log Wigt ill's p-wition ?u, tbttreforo, ra tber dangerous, but still he kept on, and m*><e !us wi y tuccet-stully , UDperct ivod, to the ledge of rocks ex '-en-img about tl vo feet from the walla of tho fortreae. Ltuding, be (talked quickly and alone up to a po-t Lole, ivBore he attt tnpted to onter. A soldier who mjv him, a#ked? >' W hat do >ou vantV Wk.kaix ? To aee the commandant. Amursom appeared at the moment, and said ? " Hro lam " Wnrui ? I roe, Major, that you have a whit) t'ag up. Do jou tturrend?r? A.- nai?? ? Yea, I have "p a dag of truce, bat you still continue your lite. W'i.;k> ix?And that they will continue to do io long aa jou fc< fp tip ibe Untied ^Ut *s flag. A.triKP^>? ? I cccllne a p-irloy. Vu;wu? That la no use. Wo will help put oil', your Are, but hero must be do delay; we shall bocoitont with nothing but unconditional tturreiiior AiiMOi?o> ? fhea I must surrender. I havo no other manor c. My men will shortly suffocate. We are all In tlamea. The brave commander of Sumter th?n agreed that ha woulo, unconditionally . surrender ? subject to tho terms of General Heaurtgarn Tht-Ho terms are thi. atte as those submitted on the Utli inat , and are to iho effect tbat all proper t'acUtlea would bo afforded hm of transferring mm and his citn mand, togotbor with company, arms and property and all private piopcrty to auy post in the United State*. THE SCENE AT POST Sf MNtK. An officer who visited tho firt soon after the terms of evacuation wore made, slates that the sceno there pre sented is boj ond conception. Without, the walls h ive the appearance, at a distance, of having been coverod with an in mense number of brick poultices ? pattore<l In every di rection. This Is the shatter ing effect of the shot. Within,

tho entire fort wore an t?t ec* r?s if tbehanlcf tho ?le stioying argel had s < uj>'. ruthlessly by and left nat a solitary object lo relievo the guneral desolation. The blackened walla or the ouicers' and soliliers' quarters wero yet smoking, ashes and embers mot thooyoat every turn, whilo tho ahot and shell which had been rained upon the Btronghold lay In great quant itioa upon all portions of the parade ground Ihe appen ranee oi" bctu M?jor Anderson his officers and tho men indicated the tei riblo natu'o of tho orue&l fr.uj which they had Juat em?-r,;od. Deprived of sl#ep for many hours, fatigued with thoir tabor* at the goon, and P'oetratoa by tbeir battle with an olemont which wogod boy on i control, they lo> ked worn, haggard and roady to drop with sheer exh .us'.lon KJE8 When the tiro was at Its greatest height Mijir Ander son stated that the oniy mannor In which thoy coull brcatbo was by lying flat upon tho ground within the oafiorrafcs, with t.b"ir fao>s to the oarth while, added to the danger, was the < ccasional explosion of the piles of shells collected lor service at dlflorent points within tho fort. It is to {ho fact tbat so few men were ia the PirtlGov tif n that 1a duo tho preservation of life. Major Anderson himself slated that had ther ; been two hundred more not less than one half of lh-)ai must bavo been killed, owing to the absence of aufileiaot room. under the circum stances. for (b> ir protection. As it was, tbotr piovislons would h?\ a given out in two oajs more, when au unconditional surrender would have necefsarilj resulted. Ko also rtmaikcd thU y?stordav was one o* tho proud est da> s of his life, for while ho Lid en icarore 1 to do lil? d uty at an oilier, he had not taken tho life of a fellow being. the interview between Major Anderson and my inrorm ant was not a l"Dg one, and < orae<|Kntly m?nv interest trg rooioontfl connected with I-Y?r t .Sumter, which belong to ibe memorable occasion, must for tno present remcn unknown During tbo evenitiR a boat arrived at Morris Tslanl fr> m one of tho No? thorn veseoli ic the oll'ug, beaiiog a lieutenant and a ting of truce, his object being to arrange for tho evacuation to' tho soldiers with their property. Ho also a'S'irtd tbo coinmindlnp oft) ler at tbat potn'. (General Minions), th it b.?tiliUoa would not tiko plaie during <bo night. Tho matter was referred to General Beauregard. Ucanwbtle Major Anderson had hituwlf ftddresFft.1 a letter to tbo latter officer, reifcsrang tbat the s*?tm*liip Isabel should beat the whari of Fort Sumter on iond-.v niorn:ng. TtlB EVACUATION. At half- paFt twelve o'clock Irs Excellency Governor Pickens, with hie Alda, and Mocsrs Jumleon and Uagrath, of his Kxocutlve Council, and tJtceral Beauregarl, wllh bin Aids, Mossrg. Miles, Pryor, Manning, Cheanut an 1 j ones, and many distinguished gentlemen, invited to be present at the evont, took their depart ire In a steim^r i rum Southern wharf, and were bo?ne in the dircct'on of the fort. Ah wo advanced, however. It wis apparent that tbo evacuation was not completed. Thangh tue bUaicci icatx'l, at tho request of Major ttntVorajn, krfl born prefent from nine o'clock, aud the expectation had boeu occasioned that very Boon theroafter his command wculd bo under way. still causes of dcUy had Intervened. To avoid the cmharru?smontj cf a premature arrival, and with a delicacy of feeling honorable to all, the party was landed np>n Milltvin's Island Ava'llng themselves of the oppirtoni ties thua allorcVd they visited the Floating Battery, the Bahlgrt n battery, tbo entlladlng battery, and wore as cending tbo mortar battery, when the booming of tue nuns opon the parapets of Fort Sumter aruiouncod th.' 1< w or dig of tho ' stars and stripes.'' n the terms of ci pitalatlon it was allowed to Major Anderson to salute his ilag, and it wait perhaps expected that ho would flr* tho nttial complement of twenty one gun*: but reaching thi*. immter he st 11 went on to Ore, and the apprehension ?ub that he might exhibit th? dlfjot'rtesy of numbering thirty-four But he continued still t * tire up to Ofty,and then, tlowly lowering his !lag, tbo shoots of assembled thousands uj>on the shores and tho steainorn and every species of watsr craft, annjunced tint tho authority or tho iatc I'nHeii Sttw-g upon the but foot o.' Carolina ?a soil was tinslly withdrawn It hau been i otir.ed, that at the tiring of the ajventeenth gun, there wus the soand ns of two reports, an* tho im predion was that two guns bad hern fired together: but, as the party re <miatktng wrro on their way to F -rt Amtcr. they were met Dy a boat, which announced that one if the caaona had exploded, and rnaJe tl.c ?aruo?l re ?pistil that tho bout would ret'irn to Sullivan's Island for a liie etgmo, from the apprehension that tho magazine m!f bt be in danger. Two men had also l>oen killed and live wounded. The Me mrj thus describes the scene* within ? It were \ am to a tempt a detailed dear: iptlon of the * -''U9. Even point and every r.hjjct In the iutertnr of the i'or; to whieh tho e?e was turned, except tho outer wall.* and casemates which are still strong, h ire the impress of ruin It were as if tho 'Jeniua <>r Destruction had tiskod If energies to tnakojthe thing omplote, oroodel o\ or by the denotation of agvs. It could scarce hive been de veloped to a more full maturlt* of ruin. The walls of the internal structure, rootless, bare. blackened aud perforated by shot and shell, hung It. tragmeuta, aod *< fined Ui Inntai.t readings to toticr down. Near tho ecntre of the p?*ude ground wns the hurr'.od grave of ouo who lad Talien 'rom the recent casually To tbo loft of .be was a man who soeund to bo at tho verge of death. lu th* ruins to the r >k - ' > liiQrO was another, the (.battered tlsgitiU! p'-nrc I '<y I ur bi!;s, lay sprawl Ing on the groutd The para- Jo i:r<>'id waa a r.-wu with tiagmccta of shell and of tho ditapuirtod tnltdlnga. At least foir guns were dismounted ? n the r tuipirts, and at every step the way w.n im|>ed .1 by p->r.tot>- of tho broken structure. And so u wiw thtt too aurhoritit a, 0< mpt lleo to yield the fortrn?. in I .a i.ast Uie satlafac. tlon of leaving It In a condition culcu'.'.ted to Inspire tho liaat possible plosa'ire to lis captor. <. Of nil tins, however, the feoling .\ j !wit , whoa . ascend ing to the rvuapet. tho brillUnt puiorama of ttie lay *p pen red ? when from this Ley t > the barb >r the view ex landed to the waving cutlice of main nod isUud, anl when iij*n thla key tho Hag of lliu oocfe.leracr, together with th< Palmetto d ig, wero both expanded to the broews And when tho deafening snouts arrum f'om the rats-cs elus't r**j u,h.n b< tis snd upon the sb< n<* and when tbo batteries around the entire cticnlt s?i. ->k the fortress with the thunders of their habitation, the that the victory Whs indeed oomplcte, that th- triumph ?ist tact ac< omplisbed, that liberty had mooed been vindicated, and tl>at the M*te bat enaMnh^t hercliim to ilte^tKlli and courage n? ceenary to tho. nausc she had tho mtoiloc tual intrepidity to avow, thrilled In th.i breast of every one of Carolina's to. s, as sel iom iiw ?'ich feeling thrilled in the breasts of any men before. t-hortly ulcr the arrival of tbo party the gtrrHm marched out and were received on b <ard the Isaoei, which, however, troin the c >ndltu.n of the t'de * w un ?>.|c lo move otr. and It *an a somewhat uopleiMtut cir cnti stam e that Ma)or Anderson -no b ? ouim^nd s'vuill bi.vo be?'ii uiftdo ui.w l.uig spo ;ta'ors of tbti cxulta.ious implies by their dtfent. ? he occasion w?a not without the . Iiartn atnl Intorejt jiff, rdetl bv the rre?' nee of th^ fair, rho wl'o of hi? r'x eel!* ucy t?ov I'lckotis and the al<e a-jd da-igbter of At toinej tloceral llaync, witnoaae.l the ceremony from the (<i>ul and Mr*, rleniv ItoiiiiS'he* ! h?a tO?i distinction of being the tlret in the fcrt under the lUg of tho r m fi deraey ^he was t own to attoml the sister of Ueut. i'ftvts. her gmst dnrlng the j*r?od of hor brother's con finer. cut to the fot, and with th* eye aod gealus of an was doiivt'ovg with a feu ing of csp^ pl?a aure i bat she was favored w ith tho opportunities or this oocartoa. i olt.i.el Ripley was put Id command. Tlie d 'pnrtmen's of Ihe serv lee neiTFsaiy to bring tho forttoorucr were i.MtilbuUd. The nun were pre,iarlt g auch rude appll slices for o< infort as the dreary plac id ml: ted of; and as, at twilight, we Fk nmed on tor the dtty, of tb <ee sfi-ndli g ii|iOt. 'M Udgo aiound the ha- < of tlie for'., tbo to l>c ..iiv',, tho venoiaide lUimuMl U .tlln, of V|f (ilriia, who. with eanleen und blanket Rtrappe<l upon h s ?Ik utter H?>ired to be submitting with exemplary com I'lMMCf to the rtjierlonce of ? voiuntter. lie i^ag of ttio Oorfederate Sratca and the Palnetto, weia laised Mi Kort Sutnter ei nuiUooouaij ? the formor by fi I Jcnes. f/hlef of (ion. Honor gnrd's'rtt\(r, and OjI. ft if i. sin 1 he ilig of the Confedeiato itatw wu menu itcMrd n this city. It eras tbo intention lo have made if the Ilig that was first hoisted on the Capitol at M. rip' mety, hot unfortunately It hat neon mislaid. fhi Cat . ?*?rj itboiit feet high and wore lashed to wo oi ihr b'g gut a by Oommo<k>re Haristene. Four Uun )rrd and aeven ?b"ts war* flrrd from the float inr ?>at'ery and one hundred from the l??htgren battery, nolh are oncer the command of Oapt J. K Hamilton a* th* n clojca I have net tin* to add mora at tbt? Moment, but there a n ft variety of pleasart UvuUou OMcectad with tho oeciMa which may well be reamed for another commuotcaiioo. I most Dot forget to express obliga' i?ni to the editor ^ or botb the Meri ury and Otntricr 01 thH cl .y fir ftcUHles afforded la the collection of the above information. THE SERENADE-GOV. TICKENS' SPEECH. In tho evonh)jr about tea o'clock, a large crowd of clti ut is, with a One band of music, formed in procession and marched to tho Charleston Hotel, to acieoado his Excel lency Governor l'ick<na. After tho band had pUyed several patriotic tunes the crowd made ioog and repeated calls for Governor l'tckens. Tbe Governor at length appeared on the baleony, accom panied by his aids, Ools. V. J. Moses, Jr. and It. 8. Dur j ea, and was greeted with deafentng applause. Whon the applause had somewhat aub. idod the Governor spoke in sob?tance as follows <;r>TUMM : ? I am in very poor condition for speaking In lir.s op< n air, in such a noisy place, with the pitting of vehicles borore as. But I thai k you, gentlemen, for the very kind manner in which you have been pit asod to welcome me. It la Indeed a glirlous and exultiug oc casion that has called you together. It is an occasion well ca culatea to awaken the proudest and moat gloriMB toeimgs that can belong to any free people. The events of the last day or two aro well caloulatod to fill the heart with gratitude to a super. ntending Proviuenco for hit kindness Ui protecting so many bravo and good men from minfortuues incident to all. Although, fellow citizens, 1 do not pretend to say that tho triumphant and vlcto .ous results aro In iiny deg-oe scarcely attributable to any skill ol mine, yet I will say that tliere has boen no clti /, u iu this wide spread land, who lor tho last throe months has felt such a deep and Intense anxiet; as I have, there has not been a s'nglc day, nor a single night, wbl 'h has passed iver me that has not filled my Uourl with tho ooepost anxiety for my beloved country. When I redacted that so many brave and patriotic young men, who, called to the rescue or the State, wore placed somo what uncer my caro and that they compoaod the llowor , and tho hope and tho pride of South Carolina, 1 c n ftss to jou that often, often at niglit, my heart has sunk under me with tho deep responsibilities undor whlsh I labored. I know I have i>fton boen blamed by tho impetuous and tho zealous bccauso I have not boon quick eiough to attempt au atta k upou Sumter, and to bring these young men under her raking flro. But, follow citi zobs. believe mo when I tell you I abstained bocuuso I clearly saw that tho day was coming when wo would trl umi'h bey cud the p- wer of man to put us down. (Ap pUuro.) When 1 was callod upon to prcsidoovcr the dos unieao this State, after an absence of three or four yean ?fen home, 1 felt that the heaviest and most pain ful fUnKiVn ol my life had come But so far as I was concerned, as lorg as I was Chief Magistrate of South Carolina, I was determined to maintain our separate inde pendenco and freedom at any and at every hazard. f(jr. at applause. ) I felt that the State was in a peculiar pa-itian that we wero Immediately and at tho tirst thrown upon the most scientific andexpensivo branches or modem warfare. Wo were th- n but ill-prepared to meet tho sud den issues that might bo forced upon us, so that our cause bad to prow at firmness and decision on tho otosido, with gnat caution aud forbearance. Wo wero, in fact, walking al ne ovw a dangerous gulf. Tho least misstep or want of coolness might have procipitatcd our great cause into endless ruin. With tho heavy ordnance we had to procure, and the heavy battriod that we wero compellwl toercct, I felt under those circumstances it required time, exact calculation and high science, and it would have been madness, it would have been fol.y, to have rushed the brave and patriotic men Iu my charge upi n a work that was pronounced the Gibraltar of tne South But when the proper timo had come, when 1 khew w? were ptcp&red, there was not a moment that I was not prepared and ready to striUo tho blow lor my S ?to and tho mdejiondenco or my country , let It lead to what it m>kht, even if It led to blood and ruin. (<ireat applause ) Thank God, tUo day is c >mc-; thank Uo-1, the war is open, and wo will conquer or perish (Renewed applause ) They have vauntingly arrayed their twenty millions of mon against us; they nave uxultlngly also ar rayed their navy, and thoy h ?\ o called us but a handful of men, a weak and Isolated State, full of pride and what they call chivalry, and w'.th the hated Institution of slavery , as they sup posed a source of weakness, too, but which. In fact, Is a source of sU^ngth In war, aud they have dellod us. But wo have raiiieu; we uavo mot them, and met them in the issues they have tendered In their stroagbold, by which they eipccud t? subjugate our country. We havo met them and wo haro couriered. (Croat ap plause ) We havo dcleatel their twenty millions, and we havo made the proud l lag of tho stara and stripes, that never was lowered bo'ore to any nation on this earth, we ha\e lowerod It in humility before tha Pal metto aod the Confederate tlage, an<i wo have com,>ollod ibem to i ai-e bv their si Jo tho white dag, and ask for an honorable . urrendor. (I/>ng continued applaiso.) Ibey have surrendered, and this proud fortress that was attempted to be a fortress for despotism, bas now bccome, aa its namo Indicate*, a fortress for our independence. (Continued applause ) Be tide*, one of their most sciontliic oillcors on tho 2Cih of lant Pecomoer, escapca from what he called a weak fo?t and untenable, and went over to this strung and powerful position because ho could maintain himself, aid became it was pronounced tho key of our harbor, ile left T'ort Moultrio because it was untenable and at the mercy of Sumter. Bo chose Sumter as his fortress We tovk the one ho bad d< serted. and with it whipped him to his he Jits content. (Kuthuslastic clworlug.) Aod tbls proud fo't of ours, so consecrated in tho history of our country, has aga>n , on this 13th <l?y of April, achlevad our udepeuilonco aa it did in the memorable days of the rUvelut 'U . Rtn< wed applause ) Yes, It *raf exnlUnjjly proclaimed that wo had not the p'jwur to do it. We were ridiculed, and wo wero held up as tho chivalry of this counir) ,anti they attempted to throw upen us even jcorn aud contempt I'oUow citizens, the dangor may not yot be over, nud 1 wouUl be the last man to counscl any premature or exlii'ite measures I novor would couo Be I my fellow cltlzons in tho day of proud victory to aDylhirg else but a nob'e frbcaranco and a noble generosity. ]?>? ntan u>\o drfen<l"l cat fort Aas nmj of th> <utnl'u>* of a t'raif soldier. Let us not only aho* that wo aro a bravo people, but a generous and a m igoani mous people, and that we would ml uso any extreme or oxult'Pg language calculated as i'iim "rthy of a high-toned Oiid chivalrous raco. (Apflauae ) P.i member that rhe danger Is not >et over. Wo, perhaps, may have Just cimnonced tho opening of events that may not end in our day and generation Hememoer that thoro Is now a hostile fleot of rcven sa l ofl jour harbor, directed by bit-, Ur and malignant foes. They have come here p <>udly\ scorning an i jour |s>sltloti. rhoy nny at u>n>pt to enter, but I say to them <hia n. ut In dctianco^ ' let then como, let them como. IX they do, although wo may not wr?p 'hern in llames, as wo have Sumter, ?ro will wrnp ilum in the vaves and sink them too deep over to be rb<vi by pity or mercy, ((ireut applause ) But t! > <? n hs ago I was ridiculed for attempt ing to Tn ^ tho channel on Morris Islaud, and [ whs ridicules lor attsmptlng to hold Fort Moultrie under the Ore of Sumter. I was ridiculed for attempting to k* op out what they call the In I ted states N?vy. Uany men, although our best men, thought It was a fruitless undertaking. Uut In the short period of throo moo lis we have the channel fortified so that at this moment It aeliea the proud navy or tho I'nlted States. We have had a great marv delicate and peculiar relation since iho 20th of Pccember l&?t. We took tbo load In coming out of the old Union, and in forming this uow corned eracy. We, therefore, had certain relations to those who wtro to ccme out and stand by our side Wo owed a fT< at deal to thoco who were expictod to come with us. Wn were bound to consult thotr feelings and their in ter one, and It was due that we >hould be forbearing as well as free. We aie now one of the Oonfelcrate Stutes, and they have sent us a brave and scicutiBc ofllccr, to whom the credit of this day's triumph is due Be has led you to victory, aud will lead you to more If occasion offers (Croat applause.) I hope on to morrow, Sabbath though It be, that ar dor the p.-otectlon of Providence, and under the ordets of Genernl Beauregard, commander of our forces from the Oonfedorate Hairs, you thatl lave t to proud graillli'Ation of feeing the Palmetto Hag raised upon that fortr?HS, and the Conledcrato llsg of these free tnd inde pructnt States aide by side with It; and there th-y ?h.Ul Host l'orever, in defiance of any p>wer that man can biing agMnst them, (.tpplau-e.) We have humbled tho (l?g ol lb" I niUd States, and a.- ie>ug ss I havo the honor to i? as jour Chief Magistrate, so help tne God, there is no posrer en this earth slull ever lower from that for tn ft lu?*o flags, unless they bo low? rod and trailed In a sea of blood. (Vociferous applause ) I c in here say to jou It is the first time in the l.ifi ry of this coun'rv that the stars and stripes havo been humbled. It has trl umpb'Ml lor seveuty years, bul, to day , <m the 13Ui day of April, t has been humbled, and bumbisd before the glorious little Slate of South Carolina (\p plans" ) The stars and stripes have be"n lowerod buioie your eyes this day, bat there are no ilumi a that tall ever lower the lUg of South Carolina while I ha?e the hoaer to pre?ide as yemr chief magis trnte. .Mid 1 pronounce here, before the civ 1 11 x >d world, joui itidepenteuce Is baptized la bload, your indep.<n cencc is won upen a glorious battle field, and yo i are rr?e tow and forev?r, in deflao e of a world in arms. We have rooo through, under the guidance of Providence, ro far "ni ceeslully and triumphantly. Wo have met tho dnngcr and tbo fierll amid the Sturm and tho b.niming of cannon, and yet, wenderfnl to srxy, triumphant and glo x lots as the result has be< n. there has noi boen a single human being sacnilced In th * cause so much identified with the liberty atid Ibe independeuoe of our c^iutry. This must be the Oi ger of 1'iovi lence. We at tirst stood, but we are now In a now emfoderasy of States, calculated to protect the peace and lnde|?<adenco of our country , and at the same turn to exercise a wise forbear ?nee and generous and man ly conduct toward- all other nations All we ask is piatr Justice, liberality, honor at d truth from others, and all we ever shall submit to is, and. 1 trust, we everihnll extend to all others, the liberality , the juitlce, the forbearance and m vlc'atlon which beo me an enlightened and a great peop.t in ibe ? vents which have developed themselves in tho last row days wo are at |le**t without blame. This fort wa< bel 1 i.ii no the fortress by wh>ch v e were to be snlfugaied uiid kept rermnn.ntJy ut?der the con'.rel of a govemmont we bed repudiated and that was odious tn us We mide every 8>lvat>ce that reosonab e mencoald make to ask for Its po?re(slon and there w.ta not lung but the desire to aiibjuj ate that could at all make it an objec*. of suoh Im portance to be pesswsed by a governnuut frun which we bad withdrawn. It was peremptorily ref?is?d an I I was Inlormel from the highest quar ter* that it w as to lie supplied, and that th tee supplies ifcould be sustaloed, If necessary, by foroe l't,der time circumstances, tber" wse no altor rati\ e but to make the last sad ap>*al to arms and the God of HaUlee, and this day lua trln? i I witlv fhown that we were right and our opponents wrtrg Now. fellow c'li/ens, go to your homes. Bo n i duate, ni d abstain from o\?ry ait and evory nntl n>int < f extreme language or nnworthv violence Show that you are no, onlyVally free, tie tne keep cool, keep Arm, kaep united. A brave iii i,1e are si ways generous and always magsanlm>ut. U V.n 1ml nur f <es lad in steel and make them feel \\e can m metal upen any field o( battle, but at Ik * ? - . we OAT treat them with that liberality and h? '"maiinan'mfiythaUUt'ey* bekn. to a generous and hL. .r^wwile I said on the 17th of I?eeemoer,on an A a? to ttW, that true. South Carolina stood ?I'r? K?t m this there wis nothing to Tear, for she had atoae, bstl?W?.^ ^ to the ftarkratlen of ocDce Itself, steed alone aad fought the ball .o of iwPxouM*. wlxr* ?Mha4 iuak U? sbipaof one of . the proodast BtttlJM of the earth. (<rral appii And I said to you that m the bio >dy bailie Held at rubusco our noble regiment hud marched serosa tield under a fiery storm such as baa seldom boon and that if need be fche could n ?w stood alono agai Ogbt alt no (or her independence and her liberty. *'ow i fe low citizens, on this, tbo Bib day of April, *bo baa again fought alone and defeated an an poyrer , and the baa gloriously triumphed alone, ajy again Fort Moultrio, which was so dear in our pendence of 177#, baa again answered, and is < crated and baptised over again In our indepeodenci freedom of 18?1. ( 1 Btudl ?w?ly deelUM ceivlng volunteers, who bo nobly and bo gallon. iy u t berc*'#ves, from other States, because we had so among ourselves wbo desired a place of danger a peril, and demandod it as a right. I besides deslr* we bad begun It first and alone without consultant as some i-aid rashly, 1 desired under IhiT" cii etrnces. that if we bad to fight for oar lna< ;-en< ujiam that the battle ahould be fought and wo South Carolina alone, upon the same bloody He J wbei had lought for her Independence In the days ut her rev? lution. f Ureal applause.) True, true, wo owe to sen m e and to the gallantry of GenosaJ Bo.uirs who was sent to ub bj the President of tbo Oonfed 8 talcs. We do owe to him all honor and all rrat.tu his high &n<t| manly bearing and noble conduct; t far as our own companies, our battalions, our reg'.i and our men wore concerned, the triumph/* of thl have boon due literally to South Carolina troops i (The applaui-o was so groat at this time thai tt was m< meets before Governor Pickens could pro wed.) not mean to say this (said the Governor) by wav o ultatton, but as due to the truth of history, and I because South Carolina has been peculiarly stagta and abused, and traduced, and sueeredat ai beln wmk, anil t do email to defend heraeu', and was a? of arrogance and presumption. Bat this day shosri weak as wo were supposed to be, we hare dalle power of our enemies, and defied them their fought and chosen battle field. And here, In the uomu of South Carolina urn the gratitude of the State to those g and intelligent oiticera wbo hare ootne forward ai generously served their State In this her day of And they are too numerous even to mention in c and I return the thanks and tbo gratitude of the 4ta those brave and true and patriotic young men wbo left their business, who have sacrificed their greats terests to come forward and to seek eagerly to d their oouctry when it was supposed that peril, d and even death wore lno\ itable. It Is indeed to not only a glorious day of triumph, but I, too, feelings of deep gratitude, an enabled to return back to tholr food homos iud kindred unlay: re J, and tho proud consciousness that the honor or their Stat been unitaiiiod, and that their gallantry has been*! by the noblo u.anner In whloh they have manned th< tones for their country e independence. It Is to men and those oiticers that wo owe everything; and not pretend to claim anything myself, except thai heart has boon tilled with doep anxiety, and that I spent my nights In painful and constant examination the details and all tno points that might bo neoossar only to suvo the lives of our bravo men but to d the independence of my country; and when the da; come at tbo proper time to strike, and to strike for independence, at any and at every hazard, let th< Bcquenccs be what they may. (Prolonged applause, have now taught a great lesson to this confederacy is now clear that lor all purposes of Justice, of ?qi and of common liberty, our American inst.tutloi as strong as any that have ever been offered fc government of man. But when they are perverted t purposes of Injustice and fanaticism, of insult and w that those same institutions aro powerless; and that they lose that power which comes from right, th far as tho American peOplo are concerned ibey ai potent and imbecile, becauso the heart, the Loart of tho American people in reality, boats for is r'ght. (Immense cheering ) We then stand tho right. We stand upon the Inalienable right people to chooso tboir own institutions, and thi just government rests upon the consent of the gove and that any government that attempts tj en power without this consent not only Is unjust to a b true and patriotic people, but that people can defy power, and they can conquer, and they can trlu (Applause ) But let mo say again, fellow citizens, t am In rather a poor conditK n to speak at this tic nipht, under the confusion that cunes from a noisy si and I return you my thanks. and hope that there mi no events to saddon the future, but that the present rious day will over be remembered and sink so dee| the hearts of a grateful peoplo ai to shew th*t by \ and firmness they not only can be free, but prove t world that they deserve to be free. (Loud and profc applause ) The Governor then retired. Loud calls were mado for General Beauregard others, but those gentlemen wore not t > be founl, o duties requiring their presence elsewhere. THE MASSACHUSETTS TROOP*. Seem* at the Hew Havel Depot Troops a 1 hosiaad Strong? rite Sis Alosg Broadway to the Hotels? The thulaitlc CoBdsct of the People AI the Rwmte? The Depart are from Cltp*?lmcldemte, Ac , 4fc. The volunteers from llass i^ueotts arrived In thii yesterday, m route to Washington. The ad-, aaee of arrived by 11 :10 train on the evening previous, an mediately set about making preparations for the b fasting of the main boJy when they should arrivt providing for the transportation of the saroe ove New Jersey Railroad. The I'lfty-fiftb regiment, tha arrived at tke depot ? having voluntarily offered services as escort? hear leg that the troops wuult be likely to be in the city before, at the earnest, o clock, marched back to tho armory, leaving sentlo keep witch In tho ovent of an earlier arrival. Th< zens that had assembled quietly withdrew to their h to take a quiet cap for thrco or four boars. Some o representatives of the military companies of city kopt on tho ground, as did also I of the fire companies. These young omured themselves w ith singing tho "Star Spai Banner," "Red, White and Blue," and other pati f< ngs, var> u g tho outer tainmont with danoing to tt sir omental mueic of one cf the party. This was d< less done to keep off the "fleets of the ehiUy air, wl frcm two o'clock until sunrise, was anything but a| ble to the lounger on ibe street. They next obtained hoisted a flag of the I'r.lon upon the depot building across Twontj seventh street. They next visited se' hotels In the neighborhood, and requested the owne! display their bnnting. Thus in a harmless way passed the time. FIFTY FIFTH REGIYENT. At f ur o'el<>< , with m iliary punctuality, the U> roll of the drome of tho I'lTtj tilth regiment waa be* the dlptance, and the yo'ing men formed a double flh advanced to mtet them, giving them a cheer aa came uear. In a short time tho regiment arrived at station, aod were greeted with three cheara aa<Jt foi I nlon, constitution and the Fifty flfth regiment. Ai Its stolT ofllrcra tho pt>ruanu and spirited nmntiierit, her parti colored, yet nat lonal cir?n, could be obaarved usual, rhe was the pet and the orl 10 of the regtmaat company of their Zouave* in their characteristic anil was also present. At this tine- there were at the depot repre.'-eaUtir the i-uth, Seventh, Ninth, Twelfth, Sixty ninth aad ds ty first regiments, of New York, the Inspector of ttecond brigade, also mnnb< rs of the Twenty elf hth glnc, Twenty-ninth and Sixty-first Hose companies. SHOW YOt'B COLORS. After a short time the Fifty flfth regiment ware tei rarity dispersed, and ono of Ita members. nvnel , \ <>lk , \ isited a Dutch lager bier saloon in th? neigfc hood with lit* f in in his hand and bayonet fixed, and tlmatcl that It would be better for the owner to a blacoorr "Yaw," said Mynheer of the saloon, gr? excited I -hall get It oop, yaw,' and be kept his w by not only shewing one II ig but three. The crowA by this time greatly Increased . Nothing vtry parti ilar occurred after this until I arrival of tho express train at i M News no* rlvod by the baggage matter and express agent that ears in which the troopa were htd been passed at Spr field, and cou:d not positively arrive before i#ht o'clt The crowd therefore soon dispersed again, and Lb* C nel of tbo Fifty fifth, being doubtful whether the rarhti!>olts regiment would even reach the city hy | time, thought it better to nmrr.h his commuid haol the simory atd there dlcmlas them, much to the dk poiritnirnt of msny of the men, who wished to do h?i to the oxpec'.od voluntocts. t /bout seven o'ekek the people began lo reasaem with, perhaps, more comfort, for It was decidonljr **. er than it had been a few h >urs previously. Am >nf lb who wtre about the dopot was one who Dad a ia-gi < risgo blni ket thrown over big slwuMe ??, the devkx \v hiph wa* the stars and stripes ? .is the portrait paint would siy-life size. At about hilf ntst aoveno'olec deta<-hrr'nt of the rwei,ty flist Ward NM, nuder 0* F. C. i*|ielgbt, maruhtd up to the <l?p>t. THE ARKIVAT.. fbortly before fight . i ol<Tk the long wiah*d for tf atrlved. The first, or hagctg* car, got atfnly int> cirpot ? the bafgsge hi lr.(: taken rjiarge of by *udle txprefM. The next rar unlor' inataly g?R off tlw tra Whfit ttss to be ?lor,e nowf Nothing m ?re n?r leas t' lor the troopp to get oat of their cars white on tt??ave? snd in u few Irttanoes tie road would have bn*a ail better for the super vision of our Htreet Oomm**l"o?r Hercules Hack ley. When tho lift sompany n-tde th sppenrnnca from the cais, they were greeted wi(h thmUstlc cheers for the "Old IHy .*aM, |ao'4 each of tbe others left their resting p?i of tho previous nights, and maroheJ up to form on Ttt ty seventh street, Utay w< re m a like manner graetad. TRK MARCH. Having all formed in doable line, an order was given march, the drum cor}* giving the ntommrj military