Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1861 Page 4
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?n hJU rerj iMi pS*M I tttf. b t*"1 11 pad people strained i.?i? ? ! ?kiaaf the ?lu> i? ? > MaftrlMW**1 * ww *??? am,'.*1 Ml gicn of the f?i * ?' r* ,Q *? f lsewhore oeuilcd. After c*m> tig n> Ui.o, Major Anderson, accompanied o - another ofliC' r ?** very unostentatiously trawi* ? rreA to carriage wb eb in w?l^uj?, and with all possible ti* rtrlven .o tb* voa.i 80 qutetly and e? giMlliioust; war- <h ? movement execuu-u "**' v r'1 1 * ixraoos knew anything about the matter. As th- O* . riage rattled op Hrvl way it was discovered accidentally, end the lii?Jor"waj- loudly cheercd. Such a display ?' 11a: c as was seen In this city yester <tiay may well he called "aa evott." O11 twative occi eious. caUing f"r the or- .imentati ?n of ihe oliy, therij liave been HiDiiuie,-ai>le fl?<a of all naiiuua d'aolayd Rloag Broadway and tin. numerous avenues of thecny The public have bt tin delimited at (he va'ieiv of nation alities wbicb fcavi b is beau acc isionally represented. Hut yeetcrdoj t? o > wer^ no foreign II -gn to 00 seen With | the eiceptiou o< o e <.?usuia;e? of the city, tho Amencm fbg and (bis aK c? Heated lr>m ovry roof uud bittlement Every < no who be a flag Uaa to bang it out, aud those , who had cot had t-j uivost m one without delay. E/on ; the obdurate l>a\l AV *? was out with a i>r>ad bannor 1 glittering In the i nil apiondor of thirty four stars. All the city ncw?p <|? i> had tb .r colors (.aile l to the mast, j {woum, wuv g<n a y vu'ooee everybody, had a whole ?ring Of flafa, reocluqg l<am his Hummm to iho Astor Bouse acrow uroa'tway Whoreve- the eyo ?raa turner t: on- it was suio to bo sat.kJed y:th. a vww ut th" unalterable B'ara Tbero w s in* a c 1,4 l T wagt.u that was not ad n mod with tit dug tw,np"bllc' *n(' l,1B hacknoycd hors 8 3enmj l to march along ? ,"""e l"lonl dl?nl1' fo'r lh'x flwioai rmWcrne tt>at ad' rt((? beads. Tho trad'f la H igi Dai have bf/! . v- ry ?-x<enEivC correspond lnglj 'u rratlve, for our r- K"tcr did tot mMt w'.th .aa7 oae wtl0 j lim'Bibcwl hn li^ ?>ver paw bo many Aroerlcad j fLirpJaytd te thw oil , ''iasingie oroual hi Of course it 1 ?i nc4 to b?* ? rjKctP "iHi all the hoj?^ that uufurled | can be i^er.M n<?rt, but wu supply a few 00 tho prtn ) flple, er t tui >f ? w ? ?<??'.' ? llie Eqiiia^e I ??? ".c:tur?rc 1 Scriet-/ of IhC United fliitoti display (v a '?< nt. 'i.l natini a' (lag *'om tlielr fCo. 02 nroartw it rooms of tbh sw ot s h*vo loflt; I" on dittingulslie *-y t life p!z? brooze stfctne of 15m, |a- ] luio FrsnkltD od * 1 ? c nil of ?be!'1 conlrui window. Tto .can i-ns-gs 1 * rJ If-pln* td itt arTinjod so as to p'o (Lent the ap^i & <v>< > .if being unfurled and lom3 l)y I'ranklin. This rotopaoy la sound fortb?Un on. Pre^?ratiocn- we <? ? ."o bolug nsadn at >.'10 Ve* "i^rk life Insura' ce * 'ooi; uy, Nos 112 and 1.14 Broadway, to Lnfurl a la g? an b' antiful Aronrlcttn llig Tnts a? o nation c*n>pi !?? ?- ? ?< a lis members rou. of (ha olu.^Pt fend weal hiext ?*f tho city, and it wouli bo strangn i. tbeir Dm m? I liu iding was not dccc"\i,.\l with tb? ?utijcaJ fl g It ii> gr tifylcg to Dnd aooictlcs Of si much Ctatos ral!j'Lg t > the fipport of tb<* cohslitution Xht ilarii'n Hc>?s?>, Id Wen Rroidwny, ?was dpcvatert ?v'.ta a flnis (l>g nt about four o clpclt yesterday SJtercon. r?)e present proprietors have rec-ntly r"n<i 1lU> tbe occupation of the bull ing and withiu tho psat .few t!a>s have run up a flue C>>g Etaff, which was yestor tlay adorned tr ?ho mapuer etated. TUe boy h of Ward frcbool No 44 yoet?jrday m%'.lo an ?x tcni ve paraiie of thi city, carrjiLg innumerable Amor. Can Huge In ?h"lr procebsion. Wh'Mi near Taiamauy Ha'! they halted, ana cheerfully Ssng tho "Star Spao&lcd Cw ?er," m-'cli !t tlie d' light of ??.?? popu'^co. In th? Post Office Derailment the cle ksvied with Me another in ? ec?ratiLg their desks and forms with ?he star spang 'e.' b*nner. In seme purts of tho office Miere were cot. ^t <ws ouiubcs of tuiniatuto editiors cf ththf Hags. N>a- tie front of the building was a full ?ized ens'gn. with a sprsad tsgle and tho wHtD:?' "''?ur Cag? we ktow no f4ber " At the cftaiilipeiuent of Mr. A J. Post, ia Eighth avo tew, a large American tl?g waa hotetcd at cooa, and was tic occasion of a most enthusiastic outburst of applause Stem th" i*'pul*<'e, ? ho had gathorcd towitno?s it, and ? ho vented their patriotic focliugB in beazty nud long continued bnzz?s The hide and leather manufacturers, to manifest their ?y mpatby for the cause of the Union and tlie conntllu ti ?, st-bjcrlbed Ubi-Tally on Wednesday last for a splen did American llag, which wan yesterday, at twelve to clock, hung acromGold street, between Spruco and lorry streets Tbc ceremony attracted a large number Of spectators aud great enthusiasm waa manifested by th people. Throe hearty chocra were given for the government, and several aa hearty groans lor all li.ittor 1 fto the constitution. The employes of I. II. Singar & Cj. also ho stel a 3tir t-pangled Banner at noon yesterday over their larje and fenautiful factory. The occasion was very interostin r, ?nd drew together an enthusiastic crotrd. As the old dag floated out It waa lustily cheered. From everj ide the moat cheering intelligence lor tho raiiss of the Uulan and the government comes in. The toUuslasm of the people has reached such 11 fitch now that they are prepared to mike fmy sftcritice that d ity and patriotlun can deaaarf |n fact the Slag of the ooantry wared everywhere. For the whole length of Broadway and the Bjwery there w. tto other Bik floating on the wind but this time honored liarne.-. The very children seemed to hare caught tho Infection ofenthutlssm. ant! readily invested their pen. Bin in lltde (lags abnegating the more tempting mor t- a, 1 o<" apples a- d candies. Tbero was bnt one senti n,ent current among the i^eople, manifested in every Conceivable v ay, that the Union must and Shall be pre served. The }>arade of the Fifth regiment in Croat Jones s'.roct, near the lAfart;? Houie, drew together a large concourse Cf people, who patiently wait- d for hours UvHhor to wit B?sl. th' evolutions of the regiment. At about h"M-ji?tt two tl.ey formed into line and, prece lej by thv,r biue t-iarehed tp troa Iway , foil' wot by an immense crow 1. We leom .otu Mr noey, the Hi pe'intendeni Of Adg'.is Expreu Company, that sluoe the pro inulgation o*' President Lincoln's proclaooatloc, the company has uot curled any aims or am ?r Lit ion for the Confelerate 8t:?;et. The fact ;? conehavcbcon ottorod for transprrtatien.and if there had teon the company would bare rcf'iacd to transport thorn B? the nec.saary, p ohlb.tlon ha? been taanod. Previous to the President's proclamation, tno Adams Express, as Common carriers, bad no right to refuie artieb- far t<aarporta'ion for the Ounfedei ?to States, tho D.-.triet flttirney did not see lit to stop th m. DIVOTION OF THS LAW*S. Nor is the warrutb of genuine lovo of country conliued to the men who are preparing to fight the battles of liberty. The ladies arc putting forth their energ ?-s to meet tb < cvistiLg r ner(reneles. A lady of this city hi cr.etfd her valuable st r vices to tho country In th ; foil >w 1 commiinicatioii addressed to use? A lady r^sidlnf in tl>U city oilers her service* t<-? tho C vtrnn -idty at la-ge t? ni'vnufartnre n all its varieties the glO' looa llag c>t the Mvs and stripes. In times of ro t>el.:oc .uid t'r:r? wheo our g-mrnaienial laws are ru 'c ty button, our |>rojcrty In danger of fahmg into tf? tiaodf of a ret^ 1 f>K, it Is i:ie?>t and right thst the inspir ing and taerod Htr Spangled itauner, under which our foiotathcia fought, fcled and conq acred, should lout from ?v?r> Mil' rioaii ua? t,aud wave ?%er every inch of Ami. ri'aoaoi! fbe e urr us trno hearts now and as warn l? <"Ki as that which niored the w >rnen of 70 to noble m I intriotic dc la. ihiae boarts b.?t roryou, my couu tr^rr.en, an our biool, if :(<|uired, 'diall How with yours, tiod ?-p 1 d tho '? gbi, thou^'i ovory Ism fall M M.'KR T'AR4TUli Oidott addresaei* toE A , and left at your ofllcc, will *? c.-irc prompt attcn'.ion AN AMI Kit AN FtOKtNCB Kin HTlNOJU *. Tl. ame spirit of pa'.ri' tism and loyalty which has ?Ued our recruiting cfllr.rt with volunteer! e*g'.r to odor tlx .r k?r vices for tho defesco 0' the Union, la now In* ftuccctog the thoughts and actions of tho fairer and veaker pottum ot our popiilstloo, who aie eager to show their de otum to our glunoita Union by protests of roioiato oar citizen s. Hiery, while others aro anxious ?o render ov< a mote important aid to our troops. Of the latter class s M.tis Susacnati K Dwyer a pitri Otic and spirited young laiy of th.s city, who is anxious to give bar services to her couutry as nurse and hospital ? 'loodaat on U>e sick and wounded soldiers of tbofoderal MlBf, Any communicatl- cs for this young lady may bj for warded to our ofllco. THE BOARD OF COUNCILMIN. Qbc Hospitalities of tb? City Tcnderi-il In thr (ialliat Major Andfr?oa-Lrtvr or Alitmro (<rtnt?il to th? AtfiM-bra of the t it y Govetaraent to RnUln the *t?M i> tul Mtrlptt? The Fnmlllri of th< \olutilrers to be C?r<d for la tbcli Al/M Ml, ?VC , lV( . T1 )' m> of ( '. .i .imen met lwt ev< mng, President 9 'K Over the Prwtueoi ? <lo?k ?u sat. > ' ? ?**? lit*. which wm purchiwod by > '?>?? * ii i b- 1 ? oC Ik* Bovil. Tli?re tu 'bf I'nU'O upon mu.1i of the ? ' ?' 1 ' * . .inn; of dtti/Uja to tlii I ? rn +*??' m mt> II. rn ? u A? *.? JU ft.** utf. ti. ,. -..iOJ W?.? | I Lull iou , pj.rcvtd, the subjoined Met as of resolutions ff |. e??ntH:? V ' 1K> k>*>i> offered tbe folic winj $ tun tut 'lyw ft Variety of c*ua??, wkiob IV is unneafl* i>u U> enuxreiao, the two section* of our belnet , mr> i n ?nw g?g**d in open and ?vowed ho^lli' ?<?, n?J * < vu wtr with all It* at-eedaiit evil* ii now raiting m our :i?i . und wtitriti*. the Slate of South Carolina. ?L'> i* the piweiit of tbis rebellion agitiiwl ttiogcuerai f. .v> ?> iiu-iit ha* fceen B in lug the seeds of discord and dii-ull'oiioi! ever cinc? the 'days of buUiilcaliob," but -ill lit r el i "i i' proving al>orttve until recently , that oth?r of , 'ut' ??o:e 3"<u'b"rn State*, acting on ta>*8lni*}' {piovno-f, hnvojo.i ui **.'* hW and have attempted to M>t op for n? it - . b a novertmcni l,w1?oeu<lent or and directly op |k? . ? i in' ft coral governm< niot those U-l'.ed ^tat- a.aad *!.!? i?.?, Hie Baid Hate-*, lu (attempting to seco-io, *ud, i? iiinuaeiven itn independent government lisvo, witHmi ci-li.r o authority, and in direct violation o! ths I ' gn ;il c in, -set, frtolcn and appropriated to thoir oun use thv pr jierty of the (oneral government, anJ C">ra in tid other numeri iih uc's of aggre?*lon an I insult :.g:i u-t its authority, until dually all their arts of rebel I 'Ob and ireauou have culminated in raising an army, and i^-tiigtii'at'iig an aggressive war agsiiist the governm'Ut the* were imm to defend, theretofe, Resolved . l'hit in view of all the facts and oircun staiice* '.hut tin w surrount us, no man hav ing the iiiood of an Ame-r>c*n clt'/en running in his veins can remain any limber either pnusive or nmitral, but Is by the force of tl'me very circiinis?auc< s called ujton to deline his po *<tioi. by arraying himself with those who stand pledged 10 6 pvort tho constitution and laws as they aro, und maintain the hoiior in dignity or ths American n*g Hn>olv>ii , Th tt this Board, as a co ordinate branch or the i omtni n Council of the city of New \ork, without distinction of p?riy, and lor the time bsing lsylng aside K'l t'Srty ties and party obligation*, pledgs themselves inn' vl^i'Hlly and collectively to do a'l in their power t> biifttiin and del'tnd the constitution and laws un.ler wbiob i ?e live, tnd undet which wo have attained, e* a city, as a Statu and an a nat t>n, a oegroe of prosperity (\-Vogolher in j.?rui:t Kd in Mi* htdtory of Vh? olviliied wo-ld. KAi lved, That Inatmucb ?* many of|our felow-citieens rUi v luDti er, ar.d tike an act it e part in tho lm,wn'1'n? ondlot, who have families depending ilpOJJ them Tor tnoir cady *up|Hirt, and whiie It is mauifestly IM t"tf or tne ( uv, whose batth* at ica?t In ptrt they will b? engagad in iiglitirg.toseo that thefe families are pro, ?orljr t?lien caro of d'.irinft tbei' abtenco. R. n< lrr d Tlitt in v<ew ?f these facta we wou! 1 earnest ly alul resiiectfnlly request our fbl'ow citis.-us who have the al.ility, to Uke such ac' ou as will g'lirtuitee to All who O.UT voluntfer daring ths pending war, th it lb-Mr ftm'l es i Lull be take-t proper cue of during thoir ab?etoe. Tho rrpcluiims were unanimously adopted, Mr. Barnsv obfiervli'g that if th ' Common Council h?.i the power, ho v. .il ! vote for ai appropriation of a million of dollars tj guppoit thefamilie? of the volunteers. JUrm v prcsrnte l the subjoinc<l preamble and reso WhercaF, poversl of the States of this confederacy sro now Ir ^"icn j-ebelllou ngilimt the government of these I iiited Mates, and the integrity ci the 8re#\ c'J1f 0 tku formed by our forefathers and ccmrutc ljn ttor 1 1. k>u is threatened to be dttrupiod by the machinations o drsigntliK ?.d unprincipled' polltloi tns, whose perar clous doctrines have led aetray <r overruled the bolter iu.iiitnent of rrany or our Southern brethren and wherLM tbc Toyal c.'v cf New York, wboee people >?? l.eeu ieidy to ofler up tbolr Uvea ; rnd . their for t .* dcs upon the sacred shrine or thoir coun t.? ?-< honor, see in the present crl'iial posi Hon of alUUrs but one lssuo thit or ,tbe r^,tl!!l11M^nr or destruction of the general government, which calU for the sinking or all jarty principles and party strife amont ^'whereas, The' President of thn United Bt?t*s has oalle'l i for voluntters to uphold the honor of the Union, which i has for nearly a contury been the home of tho opprw^il ^NVhercas, The Governor of this State ha*, by his pro clamation , requested ?he enrollment i' seventeen regi ment!, in obcdicnce to thQ c&". of the President; there ^?Resolvc<l, That the Common Council of the city of New Yo'k feeling the neceesity of prompt action In sastiin Ins the povemment. do cheerfully endorse the proclam ticin of hi* Excellency the Governor, and request a cordial co ow'ratlon from ynr citizens in response to the call. XlVed Thatth* MT?U bead, of departments and bureaus conrected with the city govomment be and thev ure hereby authorised and directed to continue upon their ray rolls every attache belonging to any organized ml'itia cor'.nnv who may be ordered on duty, or who n'?v enlist for tne protection or the cocstltut">n and tho u'lholding or the honor of hi* country- v?rah? 'llteolvcd, ltmt the Comptroller be, and he Is hereby authorized ar d dirt cted to pay to the famil'ee, If Ugal reprcBtntotives of such clerks or other Cltv government an may bo embraced " itlnn the pro visions of tbe fo: eg Jlng resolution all salary or salar ies thlt maj a - t > f tld ntlacUos or '"-orks upon the proj^r voti'hcrB of their auth ority to rocoive thestme By Mr. B\rnft: ? Whi rras the i i'.v of N-w York, in Its corporate capi citv b.'kr.K t\vRiroiiS ot rccn^itizicp Uio loyalty and devo tion to ili? corM\tut\on and tho Untoa exh.^?^L^rT Unhprt An<1crcf,n und b*8 ^illint c, vn\oT?fl In their cu K of F<Jrt Sumter, hereby greet with feettn** i ?jf gratitude and pride tho patriots recently arr ved ^ln tai4 City, who have rendered their nitm-s im mortal in the alB l? Resolved'1 That '^n' view of the unlve-sal approbation which tho chlvalrou* conduct of Major Anderson has r^d in thr r'blic mind, that th; Governor's won * I Tendered to him ani hii oncers for the recea^n of MquesuSTto R trAA t? l)0 vfi nor's roon>, in the City Ha.'. . . . annnht i ReaolTcd. That the Chairman be requeued to ?ppomt a coroutttee to carry into efTect the foregoing rr*m?>le an \ resolution By Mr. Ctivmrp:? ^ acr- M,Ct-i 1 tin cOinMnatlocb In theBUUa of South tU/ o'.ira f! corgis. Florida, Alabama, Iioulalina, Mlsilislppi .'ino TciaJ have, k ithoi.t any reasonable exruse or provocation , Hrrd upou th ? Hag of ths nation ard rebelled against tlio a itboritiee of th" rederal government; und wh"re*s; by such acts poaceru! rccone'llatlon, tinder the form or our constitution. If repelled and corncd; and wher ias, i ?oces t|,,n means boUi ti?ason and war against our country an.l KwSived^Tllt in rescinding to the ?' the 1 'resident of the l n'tod States, we hereby deenre cue vnalteraMo detcrm^rat'en to sustala tho government in its effort to mslatain tbo honor, the Int grity an^l t exlstcLce of our National Union ami the perpetuity of tho IH.pular government, and to redtess the wrongs oug Sol redU?That no difference of pol.tlcM optokm. no name or badge of diversity upon points or party dieting tleDsJphail restrain us in the devotion of all wo have or can command lo the Vindication of the coMlitntion, t . n alotenaiue or the livts, and tho delence of the tlag or ? 'h<?o1 veJu That by way or eTprtssIng our love or coi'ntrj and f pport of the ',>nlon of onr fathers, the na^ tlo- a! nag be and the bame Is hereby directed to he hntated iioon the C"v Hall, and there to remain until our u^btoK aTc" ndciaJj the'honor of said fl* '?? *?? die* ted. TVhich was adopted. A resolution va? adopt id giving permission to CharleJ T McCienaehan, Eao ., Clerk o* the Board to accompany b's regiment (the gallaut Seventh) to Washington The Board then a<l urned ti l Monday next. Borore the niembers left the chamber they rang tho "Star Spangled Banner," the lobby joining heartily in the chorus. Fu tbusiastic cheers were given for the I'nlon and Major An dcrton. ______ UNION DEMONSTRATION IN THE P1XTH WARD. The arrival of Major Anderson caused quite ?n <rrltc ment in the filth v,-?ru yestcrduy. In tho evening ?. new and oplcndld l ag was hoisted nt the Evergreens in Kim street, and during the evening the crowd? wbicb was a very large one? was addressed by Mr. John Clancy ?"-d p->v*ral other gentlemen In short Union speeches, after ,.uich ICO guc* were fired in horor of hero of Fort Sunrer. THE MASS MEETING IN UNION SQUARE. .Major AnAenon, his OHIrcti and Hfn la vilcd to be Present. At a meeting on Monday, April 18, of the fctacatlT9 Committee of Citizen* , to make nrrai.^tments for a m?m meeting on Saturday next, V'Oih toot., to express their sentiment* In tbe present crista and to ripp rt the gov urnraont, It wns Resolved, That the Committee of Arr ryonenta for the umm mectis* recomroi nd that all citi/i tis aui societlee be requested to refrain I rum display inr xuj other banner or motto except our rational tlsg on Saturday next. It was also P.onolved, That tho Hon John A. Dtx lie roq nested to act m prtsidlnK oiilcer at the meeting on Saturday next. <?n motion of Captain C H Miwiau, It was unanl mou ly Pesolvod, That Maior Robert Andcr<*?>n, T o'ted otates Army, bla rftic?rs and meu, he Invi'ed 'out tend the mtss meeting on Saturdr 7 next, aad that a committee of flvo genilcmen he uppoihteJ by the Ch..rman to w\l t upon them to mako arrangements for their public reception TUc chairman named tbe following a* the committee ? Charles II. Marshall, John C. Hamilton, Pamael B. Rug glen, 3. It. Chittenden, Punning Diier, an I the Exocotive O mmlitce a?IJourncd to Friday, at oWen o'clock A. M., at the rooms of the Chamber of Onmmeree. R II M'CCllDV, Chairman Kxcoutlvo Committee. J tanu, Pocretary. Tlin ?t derslgncd invite tholr fellow citi/fts of New York and Iti vicinity, regard to yvsrtmis i"Oli*' cal o|.in lone or associations, to meet at such time and place as may be arranged hereafter, to express th<Mr sentiments in the prevent crisis In our national sltlrs, and their determination to iipMd the government of their country, and maintain the aathorlty of th? ooostl tuticn and its laws N** Ym :, April 19, l-flt John A. Pit, t'elatlah Per It, H'm K. Hav.imyer. Charli s H. Marflui , .Tames Ftoorman. .'ohn A King, W illiam II As'or, M< seo Ta'lor. Alex T !*tewart, A' cT' tt H*'w. n? Kiaull'l frjsfc ?. Putty, Hamilt/m n?h. ? ieorge Haacrot", l,n her Bre4t?l>. C"eneC Hronson, im C. Nabsrt i st'ittt H*?nuel . >iu, to*g. (?,. |. .1 'in I i ? nn.> 'n A. -tfriaM li M lUnifTk, It *fm K? be i P Vintu-n, C ? "4 Ko,<?wv<?itl 1*6' .1 H W'Btbrop, Mcris Ktli'h'jm. AY ft. li, (?'e rf c I'oUom, w iiiixii) K. .lobe J. CImso, .Imivh W. ite'k'BuiJ, \V 1 1 k h n 0. Hunt, Hibe't n MoCuHy, I' K llorg >a, ( 1 in let- Kiug, K S Wicf?fcm, Alexanntr Itnrcao, Wyr*b TT CUik, Strwu't Uiowd, Hinn on Braper, Shepheid hnaop, William T Coleman , Jorrph B Kr.ra Nye, John David Wolfe, J<Ao J, Phelps, Richard Sell ell, A. A. l*w, WiHIhib V Hr*dr, K. A WiMhi. Ihe vtori Ifc-bcu, A. V.r n. idfor-t. Vliis H Aipletoa, rbi>ma? 11 .si, William A P*nr O >op*r, F. A Ow.kl'0*, lF"aC P?'ap' Una, Chirlus A liui-Sdll, o I) P Grout, David Hi*, for, Jfjara Ca luttn, Wm. M Defurrest , Wm M. Eva.tfl W Buil'T UuuoM, Win Whilewrlgbl If. Jnnors M Wslsw^rth, Wm A. Booth, Amos P. Edo, Simeon lialiltvln, auo eev eralhun<lred n'hsrs. The following list comprises the names of tb? Commit tee on Resolutions and Speaker* for the ^it'irday mw meet'Eg. It embraces all shades of political opinion ? Jrhn A. Pi*. Chairman. William II. Evarts, Daniel Lord, Jonathan Kiurgis, John Cochrane, Ira B. Davis, Wm. Curtis Noyes, A. A. Ixxr, Wosna Tttvlor, Elijah F. I'urdy, Gilbert (L Hcribner, Henry Nicoll. This committee met at the house of John A. Dix last evening, and sent Invitations te prominent speakers of all the political parties, and adjournod to meet at the same place this evening, to adopt appropriate resolution* far the occasion. TO THB BDITOB OF THE NEW YOKK HKB1I.D. It Is suggested that the residents on Unicn square d's play flagi from the windows of their dwellings while the great Union meeting Is being held on Saturday next. Naw York, April 18, 1861. I'VIOX. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. The Seventh Regiment to Leave for W?ihlV|lon To-tlcy?The Troop* of the Ra It lc? Activity at Governor'^ anil Iled loc'a Islands? Eitemlve Kermltl&g of Volunteers? The Mllltla Drilling? Tar get Com pan lex Volunteering, Ac., Ac. The cry 1b Btill thoy come Our volunteer regiments continue to enroll new members almost momentarily, end the rooks are swelling with a rapidity that will Boon place many thousands of men nt the disposal or the government. There are in-iny new regiments being organize! In our city, in addition to thone wo have al^es-ly alluded to. It will be seen that our Gorman fellow citizens aro coming forward with a zoal to support the federal govenmout, aLd that a Polish regiment Is aUo beiog formed Tula ppenks well for the safety of tha tTnion, as many of those o.giinizatlons have drowned all political feeling in the enc desire to kocp inTiolate the "stars and stripes" of their adopted country. Man y of tbo regiments to which wo have devoted space in our columns aro maktng largo n Jditlong to their number, and aro drilling so as to make tLcmselvcs perfect In tbo art of war. No doubt the In tense Union spirit that pervades our city at tho present time, and which prompts nearly every ono to display or carry tho Aug of our Union, has had ita effect, and added hundreds to the already well filled list of our volunteer regiments. There was a largo assemblage around Oolot el Wilson's headquarters, No. 618 Broadway, last nlgiit. Tho side walk, stairways and large room where the enrolment of volunteers was going on, were crowded. St i ring speeches wero mude by Colonel Wilson, Captain John Croighton ana others. Great enthusiasm prevailed. The cheering wes long and leud. Four companies reported complete, and a large number signed the roll. A meeting will bo held to night to organize into companies and elect officers by thc?c who signed at headquarters. A recruiting ollioo will be opened at Alex. Mason's, corner of Barrow and Hudson streets, to raise a company. Tho Colonel wants all companies to organize and elect olQoera at ouoe, so as to be mustered into service by Monday next. THE SEVENTH REGIMENT OROERKI) TO WASHINGTON. GFN*JUL IlKAT>QlMR7HM, STATIC OK N?W YoRK,) A\>jcta>t GiCMCRAI *8 Omi'Vi, V Aiiiant, April 17, 1801. ) GENERAL ORDERS? NO. 4*. In pursuance of a requisition from the President or tho United Statos, Major Uoneral Sandford is b"rehy directed tt> detail one regiment of eight hundred men .or two regiments amounting to the same number, for lrarcliste bervioe to berejwtcd forthwith to thfl ffCBl-'feii ,( ^mied States, and to servo ?fttl' -r#li0Ted by '0^jr\ y " lOgimwt r'r rojiments of the vluuU? militia, to bo under an act of the Legislature of this State, parsed April 18, 1S61. By order oi the Commander in Chief. J. MEKElHfH READ, Jn , Adjutant General Ujudui artkrs, FIK.-T Diviaox N. Y. 3. M I Vr w York, April 17, 1401 ' / srscnt audep1?? no. H. In pursuance of tho foregoing special orders No. 43. (Vm general headquarters, the Seventh regiment N. Y. P M., under the command of Colonel Uffe.-ts, is hereby detailed for immediate service at the national capital. Colonel lom-rts will direet his Quartermaster to report, at noon to morrow, to tho Major General, for orders for tho transportation of the regiment, its camp equipage and biggsgs, nnd for a requisition for a somc'-nt quanti ty of ammunition to furnish e.ich man with Arenty-four rounds. Colonel I*ffcrt* will order his regiment to n-emble at their armory, on Friday, at three o'clcok P. M , armed anJ equipped for embarkation, ?acb man suppliea wi'l provisions for twentv four hours. r 'onel I -e flirts, upon his arrival at ?.Vasblngton^ will rrjiort for orders U> Lieutenant (Jeneial Snoit. The Major General congratulate' the Seventh regiment upon being the flrst corps detailed from this .-'tate, ia re 'poui-e to tbo call of the constituted authorities of our country , to support the Cn'on and the constitution, and to vindicate, th.> honor of that glorious ilig which was consce rated by the blood of our fathers. Brigadier t;en?ral Hall will promulgate this order im mediately. B.v orv'er of CHARLF.S W SANDFORD, M<\ior General Command iug GKOR^E W. MUNFJ.L, | Div. Log., Acting Div. Inspector. a rrr.NTiaN, se\kntii regiment, national ot arp. The honorary members and members of this regiment who, from circomstscees, are prevent? I from accompany lng the leglment to Washington, nre requested to S'"ad ovcrcoats and krap--nckr to the am ry, cere of fiergoa it Pcott, armorer, before twelve o'clock today. II' Ai'^rASrsa.' Sn K>rn , \_ y ?>. M ) Natioiui Giaiii>. Naw Vors, April 18, 1S01. ' , (iENF.RAT, ORPKHS NO. 5. Id compliance with orders frnm bn I'^sllenry th (?overnor, and division orders of tb.s date, t'll.t rr v. - 1, | will assemble at hoa iqu n., .... p, , . , . i three o clock P. M in full fa.guo a,<l 4W,".,:t', with knapsack, to ' mbs'k fe i V. h %,? iJf|iv TT.e men wlii each W.W one bla-jko, t0 t>o rolW on top ofknainack. n.ubl- under cloUing, ?, e*tra pair of b'ots (She,-!, ate better), ktife, fork, .pK.n, tin . up, plate, body belt and cap pouch will be earned in toe ki ap ark. Tbo men will provide thenuolves with ono day's rations. There will be allow d three tervants to ea-sh company, who niu.'t report to the yuartermnster at twelve o'clook M , and receive their "pass " Urh offlcw will be allow | erf ono small trun?, which must be distietly marked and left at th* armory befoie twelve U , loth Inntant All uniformed men. whether rccrults or not will report , for duty. Recruits who Uvo just .joioct w,? alf0 repir, and will l>e assigned a post In column. Commissary Patten will receive Instructions Trom the Colot j|, and leave fOr Washington this P M A, ointmf nts? J. c. Pa! ton, Tr , M D., Surgeon's Mate. Ticc t smer- n, rrslgtied. By order of j Colonel MAR8BAI I. IFTFERTJ, J- H I.IEBENAC, AdjuUnt. B. C. RATTomim, Sergeant Mi\jor.

TlIK Vr.TBR\NS OF THK NATIONAL Ot*ARI) ? TBE ABMOHY PLACFI) IN THBtH IKFPINO, KTC. . ETC. Purscant to a printed call, issaed and signed by Asher Taylor, Ad jutant of the veterans or ex membere of tho National Guard, s meeting wss held at elpht o'clock i*t evening in tho r.K>? of the Board of officers of tho Beaenth regiment, Tompkina' market, Tor Iho purpose of adopting measures ror the pro tcetion of the Armory during tho abeonce ?f that reulment, who am to sail for Washington this afternoou to join with their military brethren In defend Irg tbr constitution snd the Union. Poiiceoen wore p. need at ihe entranjo to the building on Sixth street a couple of hour* before the time specllled for the pro ceedings to commence, but all their exertions could not keep back a large crowd of persons wbo SWTTonndcd the door stru?gllng |o gain ad iji|witr>T>. 7hc buili'mg insiiie w i?|<;rowdcd to e*ce?s by boi' *< tv?TTfn?- of whom manifested the grouUu' rsc'%* f Tcrt nil thi prf paratlons In progress, ard "*? *' *?" t-"" '? ...v, ?? .vti.l. wt ioit* Uw f u?i>?r | ii-e TV- re?n: la wh.'ch thf ueetiag wm UeU wss I evoked .s aoro as eight o'clock arrive! bv <v i ,n,n with gray I'c a-di, Ud youug out* o t more a(i*:aW ? j 01.61 ?|>p? <>rai ce At eitht o '? lock Colonel U. L H*ttb to * th. lOu.-, .Bd *" "W>I?U4 br ?ajor .!??,?, ]? WilMo ** V. oiw : dint '.lie Cuaiiuja* called th? luoeiiug i? or lor, u'?i ?x ,Uin cd the object for which they hart KucrhlM He ?ud tlut at ail ,.f their ordinaiy meetioga the veterans would lu ?*clw?*3. but he was extremely happy to aee *0 i^ny of them there that Qi?ht to participate la that bieetsng. A committee had w*itod on .,ol<>o?l bufferta tj get hta views ui the matter, and the f>d?uei er^i"e*a-<d h a pleasuae at having tne Armory placed in the h.a^ of tho Vetoi no Guard. (Cheers ) Col f/.-iicrU) here entered and was rapturously ohe?r*d lip suid that Le took it for granted all the g?oilem >0 within the rarge or his view were e* members of ti?e : National Guard (Cheers.) They keew a, well aa him- ' ?cir that the ae'ive guard woe w. Iviv* to mo-?ow for Washington. (loud chetm ) TLey To n1 it ne-?wv to leave the building in tho hate's or some inrsom who would ako caro or it, aad the f.rat per sona into whose arm they most cheerfully ! threw tbemrelvec wire the cx members of their own ' cor*" (Applause. ) He felt, thoiefore, that th" hnlldlug ' would be entirely sure in their hands Tfrmorro* the regiment would muster there at thro> o'clock and dopai t at four. From that time onttl tftwr the* returned (ail be trusted in Go?? tbey would all return) the building would be In their handa. Ho now bid thorn Tare well. A Voice? Three choeis for the COionvl Three rousing cheers were given, whiA rang loudly throughout the building. Amitiikk Voice- ? Colonel, ir you don't give us a good ac. count ?r the Seventh we will diwwn you ("hears ) Captain Koam then offered tho following resolution, which was carried:? Resolved, Tba* the Veteran Corps accept tbecha-ge of the aimory during the absence of the regiment, aid that Iho details bo referred to the Bo*rd or Otlicers, with power. Captain II. Meeks hoped every man weuM come Torwarl and enrol Hrnwdf for the utxfcrt Jt'ng they L.d In hand. There had been bi me t iik ubiut gettiog up in this city a stronj; military force, and he b->p?' 1 they would bo able to meot tho emergency, and that fve'y & an would come forward und volunteer (Choers.) Ho was a democrat, and had boon from his youth, aud he thought the principles or democrnry were m*t likely to preserve this glorious Union. ( Applause. } The charter grorited by the Legislature in Ma'ch !sst, ronrerly incorportatlng the veteran*, waa then read by Mr. Koam , who stated that the veteran*, ie,w r. auioerid between 8.C00 and 10.GC0 He Bald they were sending rorth their children to the battlo field, anil if t?iov were not strong enough thi re were tbounan's more roaiy to follow them to Wacbinplon. or ? h <revee else tho coun Irv demanded thcro. (Ureat ch? eriu? ) lucre was not a mm living who loved lit3 country moro or v ho would make greater .acrifices for her th in he the) sptsker); and he was ready to tike elth r democrat or republlou by the hand if they were ready to fight ror their country, and would not countenance a traitor. (.?;, j plauee ) On motion cr Cokncl Vermj le a roll was 'bcu op ncd lor the Vcteraos wid other-! to aign. Those preei-iit ruehed l'ora aid eagerly aad Signed t!ie mil to the aornU^r of aboat three hundred. Colonel Map?s bating aaado a f^w {> >t.c retO'ti k?, and some routine burlncss having been transacted, the proceedings closed. J3WRLLEI) KOSKTTE TO QP ARTE K II A STElt WIS' CBF.SrEH. At the Fifth Avenii'j Hotel last evening, (t?nrie. tuaster General Winchester, of the ,s< vonth regimet.t, was pro sei.ted by the ladies stay ir.g at the hotel with a beautiful jewelled rosette and pin. Ur. nult hins in dell ver n it en the p irt of the Lidiet, mado a very feeling aad elo quent *| ee b, in which he Baid that this gilt was a pledue that Kot thorn hearts bent true to the cmse in which the pallaLt Colonel was abr.ut to embark, perhaps never to return. Colonel Winchester replied in graceful, earnest and touehli g terms, which affected soiue or the fair audience with visible emotion. All felt the momotitous nature of the conilict in which in all probability he and biF brave troop* will ehortly be called u{?n to take part. governor's island. The island is again Oiled with soldiers, and the Lmtlj of the war preparation in almost everywhere dlocerutfylu. There arc two large ?chooners loading at tUo dock? one with (juns and'lfiges, the other with gunpowder, ' oartrldcep, tjvsesf Vc. Rome ef fbe coanon %K\am?Jl, but 1 there aro some of tho famous ten inch columbiads being j slipped. Their destination to supposed to bo ?ortPic''Cons> I The pier Is lined with she'I, balls, jrrnpeshot and oth.r ffeadly mUsiles all reidy for ahipmeui The proi ell.T .Tames traig is tilled with pjwder, and is tranaferrin.T It t?. a schooner. Die schooner J. N\ fiouin Ins left. THE POLDlKRS FKOM THE BALTIC. Olc of the companies or recruits that left this city in tho steamer llalth; hai mow, upor. her arri al hare, b?-cn rr turned to their quarters on the l.?!aad. The ilrst com pany lauded at Hve o'cltick fri.m tho steamtug Cat liu. They locked a little the worse for thoir contlnenieut on board ship, but were in excellent spirit?, on I many of them expref-sed a;K)intment atnothiv mp had a fight. Alter lauding they ware formed into line ond the roll culled, after which they were marched | on to their quarters. As the Catlin approached the Island looded to tho water's olge with her livitg frei-ht, she was recoived with eheeis, which were warmly returned from tho little steamer. All the soldiers on the island pattered to meet and welcome b vk their comrades This addition of men sdd greatly to tl-e force on tho island, nuking over sh hundred men staii.ined there now. The other company or recruits w is Pent to Bedlor's Island Major Anderton't men were to have remained e,n board the ship untd tbi;! morning. Several of the laborers that were at Fort Sumter went to the Inland, nn l ewr reporter saw and oon 1 versed with fomo e,r them. They appeared to think that the fort would never ha;e been given up ir it were not re*, the flro breaking ont. They spoke also of the shortness of provisions in tie fort. The otlj fear they had waa tl,at when the fire breko out that it would oomm in lea te with tho powder magazine, whish to them would have been wonio than all the PcutheT battories. Thej- apoko in the h'^heat terms of their able ce inmander, U^|or Anders >n, and of the oOleera under blm. F1R?T RIG I XV. NT NATIONAL OFARD. Tlie recruiting oT the Flret regiment, Natimal Guard, r"1 William H Allen, la progresilng with unusual rapidi ty. The men ate ru, lteriog at the rendezvous by hun ?IretN. ibri aioiilx .,jng men and .i.-tirous to bo mua f t 1 ,M<> tlsc 1 v: "he regiment aid bo entirely 1 I. d l)? a - 11 to <l?y. Ti e company rolls will bo seal to 1 , ,.|t ,t uday me> i.iog. The rcgimont will doubt ' ?' red intoservice by the flrst ofneit weik, If 1 't this week. Col. Allea is deairooa of so:ttrlng thot.?r vices ot ten drummers and ten firers. Apply nt 15 Centre street, from two ui.til tea oikck P.M. "dally time or ?ervlee three months. j Tlie com |mu ics will be told oft on Saturday morning, and will lmmellatel) proceed l? elect their offlc?rs KtWDTB REilIMEXT Two or three w mpsntes were drilling yestorday otm Irgst thtlr Armory, preparing, no doabt, for artlon. The drill rooms wero crowded. It is rather singular that tho chief practice appeared to be in loading and firing. Colonel I. yens lias Issuod a general order to the mem bers of the regimen, to moot at tho Armory, corner of Seventh avenue and Thirty llftli street Tor battalion drill en Weduoiday t\ cuing, April 24, at o.gbt P. M. vivrn jtMnoMY. This regiment I* now being recruited on a war fooling with the Intention of offering thotr acrvloes to sustain ttio government; they hare now cevcn compute*, and are one of the beet drilled regiments In tho Flint dlrlskM. A suberlptlon haa been started among the merchants to In defrylng the eipfnue of uniforming resrnltp. 0?mi*ny K, Captain Rutherford have recruit drills every morning (it thotr Armory. Mercer House, eornor Broome amlMcirer streeta. second floor, from eight o dork to half- past nine 1 'clock, and also every Tuesday and &ttur ?lay evening, for the purpose of securing applications of membership. TITK TWTJLFTtT KKOIMF.VT. Tha tacrnlling In tlila raglnant M projaadlag with great actUMy. Company A (Cnptaln Wa. H. Mc< ir ?task and 1 ieutai.ants Dawson ard Vance), Is almost full, and par on? desiring t? join are requested to apply immadiatrly, at the drlllroom. In Eighth avenue, east side, between Forty first and Forty second streets lqul|ments will ba furnished gratis to recruit* Company K of this regiment have n<ldf,<l fortv recnilti to their number and Captain Ryder, -"sslatol by a ser if vat ,ind enrper il, wa? instructing il>em In the first elc bun's of mlHlarv tact'e* at tbe drill room last cvenlnp. T>' er.ty more nte to be add^l hi n short time, making tl ri;t1rc nuMiOi < f tbr <-< mpany nue hundred. Obtain Rj ilor I' tend ','Ip *w *'y pro?fr tin ? tli?* drill of recruits Ul'tl ?**?? iiUaV a VI kU v. XJ>? N*tWaa> ttriys, formylf of tie Tw?tX third, hat ? ocw attached f> ?lvTr ii ? *?'? b- d ? at their room* iu He k" *" 8*<uJ's. a'. which they d Cid<<! !? ? - . , i? ' or :r'j.uio.. j in thi? ev?i. t of u * km k-: . C"' ? W' ci', f.> . active tMtrvtoe. Tho ou^ct ?.:<;/? ??u, uujM | COttlCM! J or Rre?rt rvj-.^ir! Hit) Hf Al*>?it forty recruits li??e i> ? .. u-i .???? iottWPPW" f, which row ou?*o?->a ran nn n r:h<- V ;.. .f tu? ue v uwai ? fcrm will oommf ecu ol Ti, , ^ :og r it. A rom&prurtcot wriWa;? Cocipatty F, Twelfth r<-gtae it, ( >' Jai??s Orof'e In frp- cted e<?ni? fifty o.p> on n v\ ? ?tt - eq -oit.g i* he.' f ili'oi'Oi(i) that their b>-\\ ? wine v .'.t> by g.-v;iru * W nt. ihe scene baflLc dM lut on . -y ui- miii'i p*e fcffit vcluiiteer. tl hi4 M ' nil L?i . Ut-ui* u?li.M were i Dinar <1 ( I l> a- di d t ? ? ro'l J'.pcmvH ;<v th 1 Uvorue Oorn|u?fiV Will b . . ... iu i <! gV-.n *?e- ! Hit, and 494 Niutii HP. II- i r l-vt( Ur?. Hlr-vi TBK KIXTV-Niv::< ? sr. 'fills ! egiiner.t ha* .iecl* ? '1 I v. fvnh-'v. (TiiImi ?eiM- ! m utc, nud hol ie in r< ?? < ?> t> i;mr-d npuu ibi , crctr of the Governor <ri ?r t #?'T? ttweti h>a i iemed ?rdt r? for the Olioig up o* Ut ? 'if'--?(it ? nmpaot"*, j and t recruiting eiation b eli >'?' >' t at HIMmi;?b . Hall, 42 Priice at'eei, wiiore tho< '? ? mi u> |r>'n Mm i tcgJinent mo irqow'td to im C u...'u,- & drdla'tbla C'l't-irgat the upper ?r?" U ?? c. lui*e * 'h toe fol low Ir^': ? cf wv i>.i. C< WiMr A.Fixty m.tjiKi' ? i ? \ > V nK Mn.i iia ? Tti ci o>.ioi|<any in lur? 'if . i it,. ??. ? )<? in fat'K'ia drem. *iih atnix, io tbi> -j: l >? m ot iua A msnal Ilulld- 1 ii>(5, 0<>?n?r of Pav.-|i'l? ?ver i ?. " ' 'j Itf' b klreet, .hi P-- 1. av e?eci i>c, tto lfttb :i>- t 1 ?)' jv.^t ?<??? a o'cl'n k 7bo arrrf; w ll be take?i - r/., a. V ? .i-fcl.i M> ttjii <li!U i rotrni prcrioaF tocjairii tc - i f!yo'j?r 4AMK ?' K n t:. (femauud'ag. * * SEVENTY -KtKi-'T HROTM VI . HeTt ial oou?:>arieB of ib- ?-wo Htvlneut met at tlu'r (irjsorj o?< r On.r'' - W > e ren>nj(, for tfrUJ. The follawtOK -i Uv ?-umn?t: ? SETOTT-TOST B1-GIHK-T I.! it r l? KAHTKY KEW YOK/i STaTK H:i.i!.H ilKi'Kt 7 nKM<(i ,\Si?T: , Nl.v Ap il It, l8Gi. Ibe trcm^p.s ','f tt:a rorn e: iv>; h?reny ord - 0 to o?B<ii)t'!e in >?tifue ?ift s- o?. i -o i ? without cat*, on Tuffdiiy erf. irg, tpfilvj ??> . t.n <he light iufmsiy Bt/W t T1.I f'lu;0 Bivt-rto to thia ptlTp 80 Will : b') hCOiiliCi I I ion t.qii!i-.l lhe r<d(iini n.n' lit ?? ?ri|| b 1- ,i <1 in frort of i ? 1-1 v rott Hook* . ? v< nu* i;?h H < * ? i r jht it fin ? ! m o, at elf- 1 o'rlxk I' M pwn'i Ti e btnil. Cel.. iuu?;o ar.U in". ? ..uii" ioun?l ?? ni'l loi.siitt'i th? Ariji 'it <h> tie k1<'i ?!. hi ta; tn dut.-a be jo-r e;(ib?. o'clo ! Tie- *-it ;?tt" will rcjX'ft to ttif' C !oo I -t 'he I>erett IIojW, e* ?>gbt oVI ck A!.' ii .em*;"* < t? l-'ave i ' ati.'PU'- o<- furlough, will re- t |.or'. to tiit-Jr It*} ( Ctivv (oir. ? <i in ii' rl ?? ih A ? V < HI lt< H, talooe'. 0nr..ji?r.7 V. or the ?o? Tt- ti ? ' ? iro i-^a-i ; it the 'ol- j low ir.c -- VihsMii.:, iTTKMto^ ? Voi . 'enl-o-m #' cn j tollii ;! tbi mr- Wi ?" in th- "ni ? ? ini'itK, ! -r tb'P'.ir j p<>fe el nistaiu'Oj; the pOvVr. <w> i p^o d nst 'ho Lor or ??l the stb'a aai '?'ilpfB, hi ????.? mv"M m < ou Lict thi mrolvif- with C>n>pu> B s*f?'nty-flr(?t riglon lit A rfll is cove ready at Sert'< "nt '?a/.n'B <J murium, C'.-rl>ci ot I'igbty sixth btreet *? i' -o th ?voiiue 1< I KWKOHfl. CiptVn. A r<c?uit!ng f Hire 1' 3 alf-o ti-'ep opeu'vl ut Ferguson's Gjtnntsium, lf>9 nud 161 Cr .t-tj, atreot. Siio^rlptidna w!ll bo rcceierd at cither pUee, for tl.e ^urpote of Qttia^ oat the voluntccirp fooTT tiFr or*iti>. lit1" corps ha? tri 'o pri nt proc?ess In recruiting for tto latt few (lay g Thry huro alretty bo^iked RoOanph cantf, and they lt?t "ml to p?-nde 1.200 ro- mbora'to join tto T't ion in?i? nieetirg tc fc- hold at I'llo- equaro on Paturday text. The Guard ha? al?o mad > nrrarigotaon'a for rftiil band of luuilc und suitable devc F, which tiiejr will wear on tho rcaeion. TUK WAPIUVOTON CONTINENTAL OCART). Tto Firft cirapsny of the "afhlngton Continental Guard, Captain Yes.inco, will celebrate the anniversary of tbe liittle of Lexington by a moonlight parade thia evening. GERMAN RIFLE REGIMENT. A regiment of Cerm&ua bavo boen formed In tltis city to tender tbeir cervices to the gov nment as volunteers. Thc> arc all rilloraen and nearly all have aeon service. They will be commanded by ColoLal I?wia Blonker, for merly commander In the famous German revolution of 1848. They baro been only a few days in existence and yet they number over five hundred men, and expect to make tho regiment entire In a *ew days. Colonel PUnkcr will proceed to Albany thU evening to hold an interview with Governor Morgan. They have Ave rccruiting stations, ono at Humbolt Hill. In Forsyth street, and other* at 174 Grand street, 1?^ ^ dridge street, 63 Greenwich street and 294 Br^me street . Atji^early period we will devote ?or$ tpace to thia vo litaJSr re^imeiit. * I A rotlSTI fOtrNTKEB LKOldtf. Steps bavo been Ukcn by Mr. Julian Allen, a prominent Polish merchant of this city, for the org inizatlon of a eirjm of his countrymen to do service for the federal government In the coming 'aggie, and he lntonds to risi' Albany to-day, and have an Interview with (Jovcr noi Morgan for the purpor.o of placing the corpa on a war footirg. This movement on the part of our rollfch .cllow cltisens, Is eminently patriotic, and tbo people for whoso freedom Ko8clti3ko and Pulaski bled In tho Revolu tlcn, will not hesitate to receive with open arms the bravo desror-lants of those heroes, when they flock to the standard which has secured to them tnose blowings of liberty denied them in their native land. There are some four liuuJrod Piles in thin city and its im mediate vicinity who express willingooes to become members of tho organization Some, in.lcid. are already metntors of the State militia, but they will all transfer themselves to the Legion when II has been instituted Mr. Allen it tends, alto, to recruit Poles from every part of the United H?atos, so that tli?v may all, side by side, march to tho field of operations. The effectiveness of this body of *o;oIts will at once l>e seen wbrn it is underMcod that many who arc to cam poi?c It hare already exp^ieocd a I ibt terrors and nardsbtp* of war, and have td in all tiio dread reali ties of deadly engagoroeuui. rho rolL' for recruiting are to be opened in a day or two at the oetaM'shroent of Ur All<B, No. UK) Water at re?' 1 , win ro lie has also net apart 0 loft for merling and drlllieg purposes, ^nd "or tho trans telloB of other business, feveriiof our prominent mor chmts have eTpresw! tli&ir whhngueea 'o su Ascribe do nations fo? tho outfit n< lUo Legwu, in the event of no provision i f tUii kti d being made by tuc government. Mr. Alleii, in accordance with th -so views aud sen'.l ment-t, bas itsned thi following:? tv ah. run m rriH r.vtran htatjw N?w \ i'KK, Ap?il 18, 1861 Tin* proclsrr&tirn of tlio President of the United States of An e'!ea !s ;> call to every m'in who 1 'vea liberty, acd ?s i ur cf.ui.ii j mea have at 'ail thm-s b*cn ready to flf>ck tc tie btaneard of freedom, now is the timo for action aoi' not for words The moot influential American fellow citi/rnn bare pruflercd their aid luwa'da forming a Polish leg tor l"hc liberty of America, .a the liber y,of ev*ty 1 olo. Vou are thccfo'o invited to repyrt yourselves, cither In person or by let'er, at No 130 Water atreot, New \ork, white a. prraent is locatot tbn headq.iarterg tor our meotir ga. The American and t'oiich ilags, with tho nottee under it, "He iHdieh Legion." i? the :'?nal for organisation. JCI.IAN ALLEN. I'NION VOLCOTRKRS. The reeruiting f r Computy (! or this regiment went on brinkly yesterd ?y at the com .cy * li?vl<iaa-tera, No. 22 White street, the renowned Hat? Jennings'. No loss tbun thirty int*dlig?nt and patriae young fellows en rolled their ics yesterday, on I the reci uiting will go on till ooe I. tured men have signed 'ho roll. The num ber la expectcd to be c mpletert on Saturday nezt, when the company wi'l elf t Its offl s and complete its ar rangements fbr starting to Wathing on They expect to be ready to leave on Monday next, lhw company be longs to W llaoo ' -? en* pa. W *<| '? t-NION VOt-fVTK.ERB Will meet a heir beadipw ters, No 018 Broadway, Second floor, foi.iOi ro>ro, tola evmiing. at aeven o'clock Kvery man who I s sigrd th" rob lirrqnrtHl to attend promptly. (>>m panics foimed, with their otlicers elocted, will ?lsi report thronch the day and evening mid hand in their rolls, with tho names "r r.fllcors an ? men. All young men who ha\ e eoroh.-d th raerivwi as volnn teora will at once organi.e and elect ttie.r otllcers and re port to Col WU. WILSON. XINTn WAltn VOLVN rRKHP. An ent< rprlsiu? citisen of tbn Ninth ward, n itneil K..t gero McOrath, bar. ot>ene 1 a recruiting stat'On for volan teere at No. ?47 Umlsim streot, where a i ready quite a number have b?en At Itleecker Building a dopot waa opened yes tcrday afternoon, an J a uumbei of roluotecrs presented themselves for enrolment. romnirvrn warh cniok hattamom. Thl^ompany Is now organising at Broekna' R.xmn No. .Tft^troome street. They bad a very spirited meeting last evening. The enrolment waa very brisk. Tho oom rany intend holding meetings every evening, tmttl f'ir. ther notice Thi roll will be at Hunt's Kxcbange, un ler Brookes' Assembly I'.ooms, every day. JOHN ftARRT Mt'KKKTKKHa. Tlio licneflta of on> of New York's peculiar in-tltn. Hon*? tbe target companlea? are we'l evidenced In th following patriotic tendor of sevtccs to tho goverximont by an organization otlgiually fimoded in ono of thoat (i ml social, aemi ?1UW?/ gaiUwiinga denominated a target excutslnu ? to nu. i:m* ?< i Tt- nr.u I Wwr Y.iuk, April 18. 1M1 | At a m*et!ng "f 11;- J"la Putv Hack. ?t | thi Fro?u.Un i, , ..4-. (i.-.;alaif. April ( ) lip i'.J'o* o*c.iii? .'/ij *.-ro usu j?ur.; > adovt ca>? W n??i e?u?, it b<if b/ "O)'' An treat Uu*l oui cjuntry It at *n 'in rt tHIiW; 9 coiiO ?l ion, ap<l Uik'. u t i 'i'imi^hi r < -'?J" bj> the e?o*t:tul iai trd tho rci'tc, Kw? vW. Xb?* *0 fe'M'or <r sen ic. j to IhogoVera rr.-Dt, te ?I3 }'? ^ ! ippret-#h ( th* revolution ani um* C*f Jhe -ixitb ha- k to tbwr MaUy. R' lit Tbr. (h ire W # committee of tbteo appolnt ?<? ?' ftcrv't fere tn'mlwii, <? c?sist of ?eveu hundred ir a thousand e.. l. ( c tbe adoption t?f the r?"?il ittffljs tho fo.; iwing inmeg pr >; ik*: to oompose such iX/^atnitlce:? I'atrisk I ri' , C1 -hii'* G-w oi, ilcijitl MciUrtf *hJ ware duly t'.-c "d Ml JhaJI, HEFKERN, <J?pt?ia. *?< Giutii, Pwrmarv . PiitiOK F. Bcrke, Treawrer. J. Kmoa, Order I jr Sergeant. MKTROVOLITAN BATTALION. AB OTi/HU za n o ftew :ag thi* unique dwi^i atiou if r k erutt hti M No 6> Hfoadray. The rolls were ope > -i U*t eveataf, ano Mignnd by about t'.'.y volunteers. A dt*>tiri;u:?hed c> rumandset of the Tompkhia Rlues, w?i? r??r wrvue duritg ib.1 Mexican war is to take cammsui of the battalion. FIRST HfUlMENT NKW fftKi ZOUAYI9. Tbia onrpa a.imws already 400 members, aM it to be styled the Flm? (Lightning) regiment New York Zouave*. Mr R 0 Haws ion, tbeir leader aui tV Ural organiser of a Zouave composy in this city, has jual returned fro-a Albany, where be went for the purpoee of tuuderlng tua serviced of his co'pa to the Governor. This offer, we be lieve, baa been anoeptnd, and 11 is understood tb?t tua Adjutant General -?f the Sta'e stands ready to supply tha Zouave* with i t .equtH'M muskets and outlit (on lov?> LBti! auill' lent funds are raised awongst themselves t > tvppiy tbeir n uits. In the war u. . psaned by the Ug1* iatu/e no provision ta made for volunteers uotll their eer viece aie tornriily aceeptifl. The groat bulk of the e*? I?n*? if iuou I'd in the outUt ol tbe vi?lun'.eers, and per ots liave to be paid fur insiiuctin^ in drill, Ac. Motej rd ?ken ougbt tber?fo'c to cons forward and beip Hie voiuu tens b> c<'?trib jt.oa? in ban) caab. Aay vzvaey lb t catritutcd can be scat to Mr. flwvkias, at ha offlr*. No. S Wall rtri-el , Tbe follow ii-^f cj mtinlcatlou is to tho B^ra^ point: ? SUMSCttlPTlONS TO WN1FOBM VOLUNTKKK Mil. IT I V J1K.N ? AN AI*1'KAL TO THIS UKNKKOC3. TO n;K SDlTOK Of THS HBRAUI. New Yobk, April 17, t8fll. Allow mo to lay before you a cuygeatlon wbioh I le?\ e t<? your ({ooo ju Kment to lay before thi. public. You are aware that the qu< ta of meo In our oity re^iraeuts la Irons being lull, aim that many excellent youug men tr? kept fiom jolnii g iUcm merely on account of tlse flrtt ci - peoso attonning ihe uniforms, which ranges from $50 to $70, whet. coi)'pie*e. The I : ee and duoa are a tacre trifle tV'OLld you cot eUrt a subscription mid or^e upoaour mer ? chbats to Co tbe tarr.e lu these lamentable tin. t f Tbey U%ve aiwtijs b< eu prompt t'- respond to foroicn dcmauls, mbitL have been b?tnir<g ai ooinparison to this. Why sLouid the) Lot )? oi proud to see our glorious city of New York rear.y at any tuonu ut to answer to any cail m<tde oa it V A trusiwi rthy |ieia'U might bo appointed to soe that the monej thus raiee>i was snent rightly, and etch com pau) might l>* mad-* rtfiponlble for tho uniforms thai a.? iiuiied A MEMBER OK THK FIR^T DrVStON. NATIONAL ZOUAVES. Coptntn MoCliesney, of the National Zouaves, arrived from Albany l*?t ev.uiog. He had an interview with tho Governor, who aoccpted tho tender o5 their services, and th? corps ia to form psrt of a Zouave regiment. It U expected that Captain MorgMr ol Company O, Thirteenth regiment, will be choeen colonel, Cupialn McChesney, lieutenant coloael, and A? T. Dodge, major. A recruiting office Is at present eetftlk llshed in the Mercer Houte, and two aaore are W be opetcd ' no in New Vork and another in Brooklyn, Some ote hundred and fifty new nv^mbors sigasd th* roD li?at evening, and the drill master bad a Vuay Usa.? t. scblng ? hern ibe flrst rudimenta. rho eotapauy ncctl f?r dill j ? n Snturdsy evenlrg at the Murcrjf llou>o. A ^^.W UNION' MOVBMjfNT. Ad oigamzation he* b?fc start'jd in tb'e Twentie'l Wnrd.uLaei the title of the " ktnericTa Union Politics statistic A?so:lation." 1U f?\>jec* being to crcsto i stronger l'n>o? party. It 4ti i,o tnrned to rise li emergency an a snilltsvy organixuion for the benefit o the government, s^^jj pjirtlee not pledged to any politl cal paity are iiVvi * 0<1 to eeud in tlieir camee, addressed t I t;., Statior They meet every Tueiday er?ulug a I t^'.'ine Hall, corner of Tirtnty ninth street and Eight! avenue. RHODE ISLAND CONTINGENT. The Rhode Island regiment expected here last nigh cn r>iUe to the feaeral copltrl, did not arrive. Jflny h." proceeded to their deetiuation by water, on boari PttMr? State ( ^'re was R 8raad ParaJo and Pub" demonstration on etreet. Providence, a fow hou, prevltn. to the . departure. W ao **thtriD lost night at the depot. . FIK8T REGIMENT NEW YORK UNION VOLtfNPEBRS; This organ iziit Ion met at the Merer House l?s evi t p? Mr. Hauler in the chair. On motion, Mr. Addiso IioiiKberty was chosen > errrianent President and Mesi :i Haesler and Newmsn adued to the executlvo eoumitte of five. Tho drill sergeant swore in some one husdrc and fifty members for active service. Reiwrts have bee received from tho other rociultlng stations, from whic it was evident that about four hundred persons hare not expressed their wllllngniss to join. SIXTH REGIlfENT TOI.UNTKER8. A volunteer regtment has beon founded by members c the Sixth regiment, In connexion with others, for th purpose of volunteering for the war. They are to be le by the Colonel of thi Sixth, Joseph C. Plnckney. The at preeent bumber one hundred rxnd sixty men, and ar rapidly increasing. An ofllcor will be In readiness eac day to recelvo ro-rults at the armory or the Sixth reg ment, over Center Market. t Tn^ 11 RK DEPAUTMPNT ZOUAVF9. One of the proaaicent features of the expedition to b sent from th'F city, for the defence of the federal gov en treat, will bo th" m iliary cirps organi/od rrom th brave flrur.iti of Ntw York. Colonel Fltaworth, of th Chlrsgo Zousvss, bas deeply Interested hlmrolf in thi movement, and has, In connection with the prlncipi offijerp of tho I 're Department of this city, Issued th following circular ? FmST IUi imsm N'sw York Zotavbs, 1 I'Kiivi ahtkiw, K.itu AvKiniK Hirrai. f To mi Fibbms.ii, emcMix, Amvx aud Kxmit Mxmii*' jji'Fsikmhof iiwFirk nsi'ARTwa^T ? GrsnitMEv ? Ve aro entering upm a strunglo Tor tli m kintonsuce of our govercmetit, our instituiiona and ou national Honor. The compliment has been paid jo of apply irg for s full regiment of your own mei The Art men of Now York mast give an account ( tb?Risel\ es in tnia ronteit. We appeal to you to t' o oi and five Vnwoith ajd Kambam . who aro both yoi frisofis. n regiment of Bremen wbo can suetain the naa ot tbe New Vo k Tire Pepartmont undo* auy .md all ci cumatancet.. Your friends JC V DKCKKR, Chief of Fire Dejiartment. WM. HACKKiT, * ?Urtant K?gineer. rVjFR 0>RNWKtJ? AsriHtant Kogineer. G JO*FPH R' t'K, Assistant Uigincer. o\\ r;N n. bp?'n w, 1<IHN SIOKY and others The unlforiu will be the Zouave diess with a red ii shirt. . . Two meetings or tho leading mooibers ol the Fire n parti??nt were held at the Astor Uoua. > ester day. T! ib tails of ih' p'an for cgaul/a'.l ro were agreed upm, si the lo:low,ng gentlemen arc provided with rocrultli l*t Kirst IHstrict, corner of Third avenue and Thirty (If stre-t ? J G. Whltaey, G J. Rueh. bccond Pisnlct, Milliman's, comer of Seventh even and Twentv sixth strert ? Peier Carroll. Third District, 12# West Broadway? Robert C. Mcl tj re, John J. Hllicoek. Fourth Mrtrlct, Grey s house, near Mercer street C^rvlDe and Geo. i*<ker. ... Firth Dist-ict, (.otham, SM Broadway? ujrerldge. Sixth li'slriet. Fewe?se?, corner >???* ""t Gra street*? t'r. Uahody , Peter Cornwell. J R. Davis Mventb district, Hhalupere Hotel? A. J. Fuller* ward IlAlrjn dtstrbt*. corner ViVh street and Third avenue Pvmo KMtrt, William !?mith (Veneral Headquarters, at Fifth tveaue Museum Hov Hours from 10 A M. to 1J* ,2^ * L,* '? ' ^ the evening. Rolls open at all the pieces COMMUNICATIONS. . f m ,*m MMM, 1 F?r*nrrrni mnwrr ftrrw *vj sr*. > ? Nsw Yornr, April 1*. 1M1. ) Ki<rron or tits (louui ? Sir? Allow me, thro ^h yi coluinx to otftr the free mo of Palace Oardcnj ror ? patriotic parp *e for II may bo required. 1 L'?Tclriu? and Uallx are larje enough to icfomnindiUt I thousand person*. Yours, truly, C. V. IIEFUKESr TO THE inirOH OP THF. UI RAI.T). Ab the time baa orrlnwi fo: n* all to show our patrl Km In one *h*pe or another. we hare ounoelred the U of a w??tly *ul>sr.rlptlon for tl?e families of Utoxe n who hare volunteered ihoir services to the f eminent la view of this tho omplopees Messrs Tiffany * Co bare agreed to raise subscription for the abova purpose as km* an the ci paifD may (act, for It must be a great o??eolat ion totb to kr.ow tbat those thny lave left bakind will be tal rtre of. U s responsible committee ran i?e sp|*ln for snrh i? purpose, our snbarrlptlewi are at their ssrv lio[ inn th ?> may stimiiaW mwri is the saoie. direct I remain, for tho sbovo. _ V. V. MI ME*, MO itroa I * . < OFFfB or A TTRfT.f. HOOM. Iimiim' ,Hr*niss. No. <v>n ???m enth r.r -n e ' Nv- V' Hn. \prll is, V-4i; to rut SWIIPS or tw* nan 41b. Ws borewiih^ad?#llie ran ?< s?t!Mi la tb* Oity U? \m of ?ur ban, No. wo Mti