Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1861 Page 5
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avenue, -'i are.b tw- 1 Sixth streets, for dr.Wiug purfMss j. i , in r., m shall be nos'aiiiel ?nd tlu? I'ijUju ? t ->?? >r rv . Apply at above rifc)vl V .i1 k SON. TUK 8EVKNTH BMJJMK.N* FT' Gur amkuU sua other eitixwaa iu r>epou< i i <;>'> most liberal winner to th ? apjv al for ' a >1* 'n aid <-/ re ciuiticg ni"i fittijjg out tho gallant dveu'h rs^flm ut The folkwing is a list of the utest subseftptUM, soak of a grand total of $0,140 thus far ooutriliuU-d:? Win. B. Duoou....... ?K0 August Hslmont flOO Andrew Foster 100 Jao. Bridge 10" Henry CbarnKvy ICO Clark k <*os?ly 1?" Jas. S. Wadsworth. . . . loo Benj. F Br??>den "mi Ben Nathan 100 A'raon W Ortswotd. . 100 P. St. Forbes 100 N. Y. Strvk Kxohinge.l,00n W. W. De Forest 100 Rnfus Prime 30 Cbas. Pavls ICO WashingtoaOostar.... M Isaac Bell 100 Ay mar k Co 110 Frederic Run?en 100 Bleeeker Oolhout 100 Nowell 8. Williams. ... 100 Left Morton 100 B. H. Hut von 100 RECRUITING FOR THE ARMY. BualneM in Cedar street la looking up. Ten recruits were "put tkroogb tbe mill" to-day, as one of the men phrased It. The dragoons had on* man only. The recruiting regulations appear to be carried out with greater stringency at the Hudson street rendezvous than at either Cedar or Chatham streets, lien are fre quently passed at the two last mentioned offices who have keen rejected in Hudion street. Chatham street was again crowded. About twenty five men were sent to the doctor, who pawed seventeen or eighteen of them. To any one In the habit of visiting recruiting offices, 't is evident that, dnrlng the last six or eight days, applicants have been enlisted who would not have been looked at a month ago. Among other things, a fair knowledge of the English language was indispensable, and many a stalwart Teuton, "free, able and willing," was rejected, because he could not answer the questions put to recruits pron ptly, in passable English. Now, bowover, "thews ant! sinews" will pass a man, little more being required ft om him, in the way of talking, than "yes'' and '-no." As the majority of Germans have hod more or lees military experience in . their "vaterland," it is fair to presume that thoy will be more easily converted into passable soldiers than mere raw resrulta. Some of the best drill sergeants on Governor's Island are Germans. It would, therefore, be no difficult matter to have efficient companies of German recruits, even if they could not speak one word of English. THE WAR FEELING IN BROOKLYN. The enthusiasm In Brooklyn is on the increase. Offices are being opened In all parts of both districts of the city for the enrolment or volunteers. The following aro some of the patriotic movements that are on foot:? Under tbe marsalship of Sergeant Reynolds, who served throughout the Mexican campaign, a soldier of tried expe rience, and E. Gage, a member of the Thirteenth regi ment, a movement was made last night to organize a volunteer compsny , to be offered to the service of the government and the perpetuation of the Union. Already tbe call has received a number of signatures. The roll may be signed at the Niagara House, York street, near the Navy Yard, or at the Ericsson House, corner of Bridge and Prospect streets, Brooklyn. The Metamora Guards are notified by Oaptain William Dowd that the place appointed for the rendezvous for all who Intend to volunteer ii the house of Mr. John Rlor dan, Orderly Sergeant, No. 109 Hamilton avenue. The place appointed by Lieut. Thomas W. Davis, of Oompany I, Second regiment, for receiving recruits, is Ifaehlngton Hall, corner of South Seventh street, Wll iamsborg. The office hours are from ten o'clock A . M. 0 four P. M. The movement In Williamsburg is not confined to Meut. Jsvis' company. Oaptain William R. Knapp, an old and xperlenced officer, for many years attached to the First llvision of the New York State Militia, is now rganising a volunteer battalion In Kings county, whero te has recently become a resident, to sustain the federal overnment and our national flag All able bodied pcr ons who are desirous of showing their devotion to their ountry will have an opportunity of doing so by signing he roll and joining Captain Knapp's corps. It has been I etermined not to choose officers till tho number required I y law bave been enrolled. A meeting of the citizens of I 'illlamsburg will be held to night at tho Kings County I ctel, corner of South Seventh and First streets, which 111 lovers of tho Union are requested to attend. I The painters of Brooklyn have caught the flame. Tho ?Winters' Seedy of Brooklyn have held a meeting, at I hi<h tie following resolutions were unanimously car I sd:? I Resolved, That we, the painters of Brook^fb, W w?'b I gret the crisis which h?.s been brought upon the todfl' by the extremists ?<" tbe taH aol the fariatic-i or the ? '[IN Injurirg our business, and leaving us littlo or I .thlrg to do; and bo il fuither I Resolved, th?t wo, each and every one of up, de lire ourpplves >n favor of tho Union, and to I hi, If need be, for tbe maintenanc e of tbe fla^ of o\<r I untry. I Mr. Ttcmas K. Chichester, who has smell powder, h.i3 ? Ised ene hundred picked men who?o wricks, 'og^tber I th his own, he intend- to oiler to Governor Morgan I s will be rendy to march at any min-its ho say bo re I ired, and is willing to undertake any service to wh ;h I nry he a, pointed. I On Wednesday night Capla'n Tufts' Company of Dun I o 1, > lit Artillery, form a,; the left * .n*r or tho Sjvec I ilb reg'Oicnt, and consisting of sixty moil, had a dri.l I the l'a k, on tho corner ol Fourth and South Second l-sota. It it understood that in a few ri?ya' time the Brvices of the comjany will ho tendered to the govern I :Ht. Bc<r.mpany F, F'>.irte>ntl> icglmcnt, are receiving ra ? iits ftr active service, and a call is mi I" on tho yonr.g In of Erocklyn, and being rcspondoJ to, to mako up ? f> company to the reviired strength. ? \noiher for enrolment has been oneaed at the Htgwnm, on ? lossoo, near i'c Kalb avenue. B:\ery evening the several companies already org* I id are lieiog drillod at tho City Armory, corner of 1 nrv and Cranberry streets , at tho State Armory, and ? ler places. I\ great deal of tbo popular enthusiasm 1 1 taken tho form of raising the Ami ? an flap. The scholars of tho rolytcchnlc To Itute, in l.lvingston street, fftider tbe charge of Profes I Raymond, signed a petition addressed to tbe trusts I Tuesday, requesting them to furnish a liag, with staff II bal;ari.s. for the building. Tho petition, It lasaid, Bi been granted. The Citizens' Gas l.ight Company in I d to rais? a liag to morrow afternoon The polico of I' Flr.^t predict have purchased a dig by subscription, ?i will mis*- it as soon aft possible. Ife have been requested to state ttiat the reported ? mrg of an oiiice for volunteers by Mr. Israel Oolyer I Mr. C. F. Blakeny, at the corner of Myrtle and Frank la venues, Is a hoax, supposed to luve been perpetrated la person who recently annoyed Mr Colyer by advnr lig that that gentleman wanted to purchase dogs, and Ii subjected Inm to considerable trouble. Such hoart Ijests, in Ibis crisis, are unpardonable I is understood that a grand Voioo maw nieitldf ^U1 I V at Fort green on Tuesday afternoon. 1* recruitinn 8tUlun for tI,e Life Guard has been led In Brooklyn, 1* ('"rntr of Fulton and Concord ?ts, tU sU-a-rgo of Captain Pailsen. The Brooklyn I are entering their names upon rolls in a manner I Indicates their patriotism in ?>ehalf of Bxs. TTTE BROOKLYN NAYY YARD. twithetandtng the an propitious state of the weat her e Navy Yard yoetarday the wort went on as briskly er. TV upper maata of the Wabaah wero holaM id ^portion of her armament, coosiatlngof nalil gun* of heavy calibre, pbwed on board. RIkiw? bury reeving the shronda, and there waa every In Ion tb?t many daya will not elapae ere this fin le will be ready for sea. 1 he machine ebope wcra with tne machinery of tbta vessel and the Roanolr* i the totalling ton* hea are being given to the batte n the ordnance department. TV work la propre*8 i wmal on the other v esei?. flarvln, the new Chief Engineer, baa reported for and relieved Mr. King. Mr. Garvla will personally Intend the machinery of the Wabaah. He |r a nv f Pennsylvania, and waa appointed from the Die of Columbia In 1MT umber of men have b*en i c.iivol oa board 'Ue i Carolina. They oovalat of bi lb seamen and land* and they are belag tra r 3 to th* duties they will l>*d upon to perform, particular.; the landmen, have been no men received at the marine barrack*. THE INDIANA MH-TTIA. * AiwfTAsrr Gb'?kiu!.,? Omtt, 1 IBMAFAFOIP, April 1ft, IM1. ) oiai i,rt\?rt So u AUiullon la called to the n?|. ^Pfcniaiiorp adopted for the organisation of the i of fndhaa: ? Vmpaniea must nrrmber eghty four rank and file. jach c2B>|MUU|^|ec( ifie ?eelor 1 ll<Mitpr.*nl *nd one Third l.i- >il? oMt Fben formed and onr%nt7<Hl by the election of ofB he captain must report Immediately to thia offlc r / ? t: e ? ; ,c? loc Ui'j ^ ?? .. . , /: i ? ?? o li?- urm"l iDOy k. t><lv - <'f, ''A-*, Hrltilnry Of 4. V?. ? ' ???' ' icwpt ??????> will gtvea t i.t' ...j r ?? : >?.i i.'kt i< ?- iti ?? manner, an I ?v ,? ? <v:jiP II -?i ti"l?l b V. tb^Ji 'U.-t \U v-.o ?? ss !< < '? >>t ? i&n li 1 1 Iha t?l?oe f rnndeavn is. h i.i M ill, ?< i.m>? - ro.m, i.o firmed of o m ? r.t?s ? row tb? sate-'-sv n*l ^?gtrot. If tiu? will Lot Utiw it, flump-int** wi t no i?: gwl to reg.asy.ts *? to it'' d/.t? <>!' 'b< t u-cort i-1 above Jm.k sai'jJ. e ??;> ftitft '??r Uk* <i*e ".man -eoi fp ni lo nauato T o U* viCHii war, and avoirianre .if h gl nka) OJBfuaiMl b. rca f r rerjnirn ?! .t r><gin-.>i?a should be oumLciei ia crdT, beginn'ng with the -ixth 7. Ccn?p%.'.tf not air iily uui < m.ed wi.l take no steps ?bout urlfor-nl intl they know tha regiments they are attache 1 i.) b. Am.? '*i 1 be distributed to accepted companies as SOon hf potsib.e. If Hot J .ill ibutttd UotOfO marching to the p'aee of rendezvous, patience must be exercised. 8 If practicable, an insneeti"u oflleer will be Rent to such companies, notice being given of the time o; his coming. 10. Accepted companies muet not vra.t for arms, but begin tbeir drilling immediately. 11. All eoromunicafon* touching arma, place of rendez vous aaU organization, must be addressed to this ottlce. 12. Notice of time aid pla;e of general ren lezvous will be given In futuro orders. LEWIS WAU.ACE, Adjutant General ind.aoa Militui. TIIE BMMD UPON THE llfI0X\L TROUBLES advice to teTiTuovernmknt unheeded [From the Nkw York Ukraui, January 1.] Frery thing proves that the ultra men at the South are heurly getting mure and more desperate; and there will bo bo lack ol volunteers from tbe other shve states ? from N'orib Caiollua and *>uth (iirolina? to aid Maryland and Virginia u th s busieem. There la nothing to prevent them rri'm essembitng in Washington, and, wbeu the in auguration oay arr.ves, :akitiK pyssession.of the depart ments, and thus covering up the frauds in which so many are involved. The object ia broadly hlotod at by some of tbeVuginla papers Two full months yet remain ia which t> orgauze this revolutionary conspiracy, and tho inactivity o? Congres* and tlie Executive Is hastening it on, ao that before the 4th of March arrives there ia greut danger that we mav fee the Capitol of theonntrv seized, Mr. Lincoln driven out, and the government entirely broken up. In the midst of all the prosperity and wealth in which tbe country stands to day , what a terrible fatuity it seems that things should come to this, while there ia a remedy at band. Now. what ia tbe remedy? It la the combined action of coercion and conciliation. Congrejs should, without fin ho it's nesitatlon.pass an act empowering tho Presiileut to order ten ' huuband of the militia fr<<m each of the six border States? alave an J free? from Mainland, Virginia and Kentucky; from Ohio, Pennsylvania ind New York ? to proceed to Washington ? put theee bI^ thousand men under command of (ieneral Scott, to protcct tho departmecta, and see that Mr. IJn coin be peaceably inaugurated on the 4th of March. Tho fourteenth article of the eighth section of the constitu tion gives Congreaa that power, iu d? lining its authority, in theae worda ? "To provide for calling out the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress Inaurrection and repel invasion " There is no doubt that if the present do-nothing policy is to continue In Washington, the Sou hern States will be diawn, and rapidly, too, into tho vortex with So".th Caro lina, and that an attempt will be made to prevent the in auguration of l.ineoln and Dull down tbe whole fabric of government. But with sixty thousand armed militia In Washington, under the orders of Genoral Scott, no such attempt will be made; and with such a conciliatory mea sure proposed by Congress, the South will have no ciuse for further exasperation, and no pretext for hostility. Tbia is the remedy f >r the present disastrous condition of tflairs, and ir it Is not adopted nothing cm avert tbe anarchy which ia being precipitated upon us. [From the New York Hkhald, January 3 ] But while it ia the bounden duty of Congress to adopt auch measures of conciliation, its most pressing, immedi ate responsibility relates to the District of Columbia, anil its defeice against the attacks with which it la threaten ed. No abler, more patriotic or hi#b minded commander iivea in tbe world than General 'tccit. I*a the President be empowered to put a militia force of from aixty to eighty thousand men unler bis cimmand, summoned from tbe States adjoining tho national capital, and the country will have perfect contiJenco In bis ability and wisdom to secure us from danger there This is tb" first necessity. As other evils arise they may be provided for; but If such a step ft not takon the terrible odium will jnatly reat upon Congress for not having adopted the only measure which ean no ? avert the horrors of civil war. But a measure which we lately Indicated will baffle this design. We stated on Tuesday that sixty thousand troops could easily be obtained from the militia o' the three bor der free and three border sl.ivo States ? "en thousand from each, viz ?Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland, Pennsylva nia, Ohio and New York. We might, indeed, increase the number to one hundred thousand If necessary. Tbe l*rcaident has full powar to call out the militia of those States to austaln the constitution and to "suppress inaur rcctlon," and there can be no ''ouol that plenty of con servative troops < an be found tho militia of the border States on either side of Mason and IHxon's line to respond to the call of Mr. Buchanan, and to maintain law and order at Washington [Fi orn tbe Naw York Hckald, January 16.] Governor Hicks Is an old line whig American, and goes for "the I'nl.m, the constitution and the enforcement of the laws." The enterprise, thero'ore, of methodically carrying the St?te of Maryland outof the l uion, ta se??* to assert by the 4th of Ma-ch her right and title to the city of Wattiiugtoa, as purt of btr ongiual territory, re verting to her )>os session with her secession fVom the I'nton, will most pro^abiy ail. from the refusal of Gover nor Hicks to put the ba'l In motion. B'Jt stll'.among tie disunlot ists of Maryland and Virginia, the de- gd of se'l log up. u the ci!j Qr Washington, at I of prcviulinp, by force of krtns, the inauguration of the President cle ' t . is not av?n<ion<d. Tho Hi< bmoDd Fa utuii>r h"S been lioHlly advocating tho enterprire for some time nnd tn-oe is r-as..n to be lieve tb it it is supported by an ex-Sov. rnor or so o" V r gini* and J'ary latid, an eT member or two, or ^ore, of ;be Cabinet, and by members Aid ex membesa of Con gress. even bv an organize i band of four or fH*e bondred mer of tho iivh'ing r evelut ior.a-y elemnnts! of Waihii gton city itsi if Hie tcnatHu'.iort newsptper editor is .?,:?! s. vpccted of being among thew CMsp'ra tore Tlie ff?. rant dleunlon course of thit paper, at all ? vents, tas at let gth fo far disgusted Mr. B inhuaa that | Lo bws withdrawn .Ul the government advertialng patroo eg.; wbi< h be has hitherto bestowed upon it Of ciurse I tins proceeding hi* not improved the tempsr of th'- nn foi tunnte editor, Riown; but as the I'ss of tUis patron go will sow reJuec him to a low diet, ho ma;' j ct b3 c n vliiced of the error of his ways. At present Brown is very indigcant !>t iho dei'ensive measures undertaken by Gen**ral "'co't ior the ma'n' e nanc- of law and rrder in ,VashiUi|U.n. But the wQ ^'e rcoBtiy i? new Kx-knig to him aa too r Jto hand rcuior li e Prf sldent in upholding the consti'ntional a'tthcri y of the federal goTcrnment, t<S|>eciaPy in Wash njtton. ' >t a'l thinfs, in order to avoid a o.vii *ar of er.<lleus jt ;s nift important top vvi-^ agam??. ?nv treaSonald or revolatioi Arv r ovOmmns upfiii Washington, designed to ove'itrow the established gove.niuent there. We date sny, however that th? Pr> sident. and liis now f'a!d net, ?uuis:< U by the couase s and eo operation of General fcott, w i1! p;o\ lie for the iinaeoib'.e iaaoguratlon of the PlOstdeat elect, id pursuanre of the constitution. 1 the nieent ime, governor Hicks, iu '?*'iif;ns t> provide for a recession ^tate Convention ia Marylnid, has dene. >ve deubt not, tbe most aiii stanti'il service Inhefcalfof tbe I'nicc eaese an 1 in behalf of praCt.'. [Prom the Nsw Yosk Hrttm. Jani'?ry 2C 1 It w Mr. Buchanan's bonudeu ilutv to hind o. or tbe federal projierty, Intact, to bif S'icc< ?*<ir. ar.d bo should use every effort to do so If the difflonlty betweer the North ard the South Is to be a rucikbly settled, 01 we hope snd t'ust it may be, the ren 1 1ti 'i of the f ^rt^ wonld In no way eitbarrass conciliatory o?'(retiations. tin tha con trary,it would materially facilitate the ir nrogTe^s. In any event, the Fxecut've should trr# all prudent and pro per means to recl uin the federal property , which lias lieer seizod without any olor of' or l"g?l authority whatever. [From the Nrw York Tit rami. February 6 ] Mr. Lincoln lias been constitutionally electoil President of tbe I'niied States. ?ni he should be coostiiuti inallv in angr rati d at Washington, t 1 capital of the icpu'tlic. The President, the Secretary el" War and General Scott, the nctiDg Commander in Chief of th" aimy.aro nerfeotly right, of course, in resolving that ho shall b.' so inaugurat ed. Any attempt lo prevent it by an a*n.ed mob, or any othce body, we have no rlo ibt wo ild be rrownod ilowo by the conservative people of the South and the Kwth alike; but if there be any fears that such an outrage m iy be committed, it is clearly the dutv of the Meeutive tbe War I epatftnent and General Seott to bo pr<-pa* "1 to re sist It, by the addition of a?iy number at men that may be deemed ntH-efsary, and if live thousand men arc not snWii'ent, by all means let them b ive ten thousand. WAll FHUCLAMATION8, ! j PROCLAMATION OF THE OOVERNOB OF HEW YORK. Anus r, April IS. ISfH. Prcchmsttor by Edwin P. Margin, Governor of the State of New York ? The Pre?i'1r&t of the Halted Statea, byjirodamatlon end through the P^crotiry of War by format requisition, has railed upon this Plate for a quota of seventeen regl meet* of 78? men each, to be immediately detached from the militia of this State, to serve an Infantry or riflemen for a period of three month* unWa sooner discharged. Now, in conformity with the aforci<al<l daman 1, and by virtue of the act of the Leg si* lure of thla State, paused on the 16th day of Apr ) list, entitled;? ^ An act to authorise the embodying and eqnlrniont of ft volunteer militia and to provide' for the public defend, and the power veiled in me by the const. lotion and the law*. I do call for the aforesaid quota, consisting of six hundred and forty nine olllcer* and twelve thousand all hundred and thirty one men, tormlPg MB nggregnte force pf thirteen IboomiMl two bundrod and eighty men. The organlratlon of this force ta to be In conformity with arti cle eleven, section two of the eorstltntton of tht* suite, with the rules nnd regulat'ens embrace! In general order number thirteen promulgated tuis day. Tbe ren dfzvors for ibis State will be at New York, Albany and l .mi.a, ami headquarters at Aloany. In witnis? whereor I hate hereunto afllxed the privy sea) rf the State, this eighteenth day of April. In the vear of our Lord one tbouiand otght hundred and sixty ire. EDWIN D. Morgan. By order of the (Joverror? Lockwoon L. Dorr, Private Secretary. PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MAINE. AcufSTA, Me., April It, 1M1. STAT* or MAtKX ? A fROCLAMATIOW BY THE GO TUMOR. The fart that tile law* of the United State* have been, wgfA ro* are. oppeaed, and tbeir execution ebatracted in OTfe V-tates of flout h Carolina. Georgia, Alabima, Florida, 1 Misaieelppt, l^nMana ?*?1 ">>*** by * eomhlraMon too | powerful to bo suppressed by the ordinary course of ,|n I dlcial proceedings or by the pow?n Tested is the kar . M il* ?? "tv 1." 'a, lire n i").: f . . >' n "U.M U|XU UI1 6V 'b' "ri-S'Ptvi "* h- Hf 1 ?* 1.' ? ijrrtt-n ot the mi" i o? l" ? -ii'n ??> .it1 'ij (t ?> rh C' mh'n.- ? - avt - ?? -ivli^s ??# ? <J 'I> 'IV' , >D' t' .1 II'il tw I 1 * 'i i-.i( i;' a of Uw lo on b o me to ; n a i tv? o'o ili?- ru v <??' the rn>? mj ar- < in . en' i > 1 i j l?r B'onwott* of 'b Kit' .if or ? :< > l ?> s 0 it' ? it "I in ?h?? < ctiufntion 'or cuvM'ttif the l-eg *'??.'???? Tn r->n i tl (.'"-''lor w^-r'eo', I, Kv-l va^hhurn, lr , '!ne ,i >r of Bp late of Jlalno, ib virt;.c of t a powrr v ' 1 mO by the conrtlt'itlf u, do mdk-uo tae !>?* Ut.ire f tHo ' State, here'w inquiring the ^eoatnrs and r(V>?<wttt'?iM ' to VKi-u-tilf id tl cir rn-|). ct'.vo cti'i-nlii'rn at tbu tUni'ol, | in Augufa. ok Vondav. the ?'Jd day n' *pril in j htant, a. tf id o'clock, cooa, an) th ?n hi\'1 | tt ere "ousider and determine on such mraturti ?a | tV coi ..od of tbo country and the oh Icitioro of iho , State ii, av g?rn> to demaud. In testimony whereof, 1 . have bweuotn cet my baa. I, and caused the soil of the { State to bo atttied . Pone at Augusta, this lflth day of April. in the ye*r of our I f ri one thousand eight hundred and giity one, aad of the Independence of the I'nlted *Utee eiglitv-tluh.. ISRAEL WAfcHBl RN, Jr. By the Governor. Josktb B. Hall, SecreUry of Bute. K. K. "mart, late democratic candidate for Governor, and Major Moore, of the Custom House, are emphatic In their determination to support the laws. PROCLAMATION OP THB GOVERNOR OP NEW HAMPSHIRE. OoNCDKn, N. H., April 10, 1801. Tbo Governor of New Hampshire to day issued the fol. lowing proclamation to Jas. C. Abbott, Adjutant and In epector General of the New Hampshire militia ? Sir ? Iho I'resldent of the United States having, In pur s' ince of tbe act of Congress approved February 28, 17V5, called upon the State of New Hampshire for a regi ment of militia, consittlng of ten companies of in fantry, to be held In readiness to bo mustered into tbo service of the United States, for the pur pone of quelling an insurrection and snpport ing th<- government. I, Ichabod Goodwin, Governor of New H<mpsblre, command you to make a proclamation calllrg for volunteers from the enrolled militia of this State to the number required, and to lsaue from time to t'iro all necessary orders and instructions for enrolling tnd holding In readiness to be mustered Into aervloo said volunteer corps' agreeable to the aforesaid requisition epscifled. ICHABOD GOODWIN, Governor and Commander in Chief. There s no doubt that the regiment will be filled up in less than a week. PROCLAMATION OP THE (JOVERNOR OP CONNECTICUT. Whereas, the l*reeideut ot the United State* , by a proc lamation, declares thfl laws are now opposed, and the execution thereof obstructed by combinations too power ful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, and has called forth the militia of tho seve ral States, to the aggregate number of seventy rive thou ?and men, and, Whereas, the Secretary of War has mad* a call upon the Executive of this State for one regiment of militia for immediate service, there' ore I, William A Buckingham, Commander in Chief of the militia or the Mate of Connecticut, call upon the patriotic citizens of this State to volunteer their services, and ren dezvous Immediately at the city of Hartford, reporting themselves to the Adjutant General. Given under my band, and the real of the State, at the city of Norwich, this the sixteenth day of April, in the year of our fx>rd one thousand eight hundred and sixty - me. and of the independence of the United States the eighty fifth. Wll. A. BUCKINGHAM. Tho details of the plan of organization will be imme diately iasned from the ofilce of the Adjutant Genera! PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OP KENTUCKY. Ix?risvnj*, Ky., April 18, 1801. Governor Magoffin baa issued a proclamation, convening the Kentucky Legislature on the 27th instant. MOVEMENTS IN OHIO. HE88AOE AND TWO PROCLAMATIONS IKOil TUB GOVERNOR ? MILITARY ORDKRH. The Governor transmitted the following message to both houaea T? re* Cimwui. AwnofRiy of Om<>? It cannot bo loneer disguised that the Southern States which now warn war on the government of the United State, . bog^Tn The ? Datlooa* fortresses, arsenate, ships mm** and other property and culminating in armol resistance to the gorernment furnishing supplies to tho famishing wnose instrumentality brought about that Issue, con aiantly conspiring against the integrity and pcace of tho ^ ^ dissolving the compacts and long established precedents which settled tho righta of the government ?8 !?erriit0,!ff8' *nJ tbus contriving to nub/act thom to . tote domination. In both aspects, It is a war of c>n qaest on the part of the malcontents in Uho South to Moh^btiM k? !ni,?D *f ,lavery *here it had been piohibltad by law. sanctioned by tha common consent of aU sections of tha country dufto? TEFTZT ?ctr\^n8 10 tnia, even mith the aid of faith brought under tfcr* control in the several <lepart!??to of tfee g ne/u t,rp4 ?hr>?Et , whe could net d.-fcr-t Hie Ida r ofnaiure, these dangerous oonfederatt-s, afaicst a^I con stitutional government, have taten the swwdt? handl? conquer and jiartuion the country. Aided br the trea r h? n m ? P?0'*5" ,n lLe administration of Mr. B.i , , , ',e.y have already seized ronav of the' rn"9t im Iv, bulwarks eree'ed by tbo I nlted --ta-ee to secure tbe res ard p otect tho shores an J the whole In terior or the country "rem irva-ion This arnaed frontier, wblcli cost the uaton more since the establishment of its Independence than the w.r which achieved it, <s n.ceseary alike to every portion of the repubhe. Charleston aal tho harlnr n >w oat mnrded by ice forts b'jiil by tho Unite I ?tit- ? *as twice conquered by the w.feder^cy from the while ?? lt" h*?*,81 ?r ? fcreign p^.wcr It was 'he ba is of taili U?r operations af iln*t the Northern Su'es. affectinc ever the lemo'egf Oan th?i government of the United Slates relinquish this p-alt'on ti ihe p.tty njwer now as? imitg a mock sover- ?cty ever It .vid the adjacent se<;s wUhuut mojecting its c< m meTce and the whole interior of the Oiiii 'try to the mercy of asv formidable enemy It misht Introduce as ar. rvily Hg, Est the Union, or which miz'.it acquires mastery there in any otliur mode? Must tbe < ther (usees of strength alorg ti e coast from th.llioa pesko Bay to the Rio Grande which the Pnl'e.j Stat"* has made to frown with its fortresses and bristle with its cannon to repel ?nva?;ot and affright pirate.., at.l has Illuminated with liglithiusen to point out tho paths to commerce? must all thrse places i,o surrendero.1 to the seceding Mutes, to paps into the hind? of any fore nn im tun wh'ch may supplant their powoj;- if M the rla\a Hat-* ,n commanding the awiiw of lomwre- from J vast from :]*? Jforlh and -f?t to o? 'Cesn 111 ust subjet I them as cornered ptovinces Wh t is to be tbo condition of Oh o and ail h. r -ister States jn the Mississippi valley, if tho slave Mates are tocive law on the I/?wcr M|i stsstppi" The P<y?^,.,n and ap-^op-lft'Vn or al' that be!oC;: t0 tile I UiU'il *n the HCC-Mlu y -ti'CM, ituI thT r?- r\)\. ti. n of all soter. ign right", ever tb? *-1 , *nt sr. m , .,d the i av gable atrehtn^ an ! otber avcLuea or o minerce :ti Miat bn ion of iiie Lh.'.b, U'aki a u>t quest which striu.- tbe mtor er of ?s ir.dervi an.1 tbn g?\ -nm-r . tne > n tee tat oi me national aitribut' a o n' -'red bv th - orstltuf Ion to maintain It and all the interests of th? <V n> nrnt ccmmttted to ite chargc I rejoice to he able to assure you that the'a piwer InsUlled at the <?piial n i. . Ivcd torepol thl* aitimp. col ? will assert ail rights rooferred bv tha c nstltatlon I ? ad the pewf r w ith whi? b it invests the government. The n est vlgortcs measurts will he taw. n to resume the au tfcority of the I pited Sta;r over the \ laccs from which it *1 " m"n *7'. 1 CWWft duuht but thai tha M.tavn whi.n floors tbe commerce of |?M9 regions between the Rocky Mouatoina and the AUeghwto. wU* ??>m?oi ?lr?rri g^mnment from the ssson.ed sovereignty wh'ch the t tnUH purchased fro? > no* assert ever It, but as he contcst may grow t > greater dimensions than Is now nntleipated, I deem it my duty to re,: n men.' to the Genera' Assembly of this .tate to make provision proportioned to its means, to as. sist lbs i r ational am/ioritleB in res'orirp the in'e- Itv vid f recgih ol the In on m all lu amplitude as the 'onir means of res->rvicg the rights of all the Stale., m l ,n !'Pt''Por|ly Of the whole to. ntry. I earnestly rucommen 1 alro that an apor.ji.ria [a'rs ?beUOmm^i,?a|n ,0'lr,,,,'IK"f"1 ??*?'? fifty thousand dr.1 : , " '^mediately made for tbo purcha?o of arms and equipments for the use of tie volunteer mill la of tha Tromin,1,0U of 1,10 pressing axlganey forced ' K- il - . ?r**.nt'*tlon *"?! arming tbo mi,ita-y *?' 1 * . 1 v.ite. Accompiin) ing thla counnunication yo'i will find a statement of the Qviartermaster trennrsl re.ativo to Ihc condition of tha public arma. W. i)E\.\'IJ0\. PROCLAMATION. Fj* rVM (.?>.? r, Com Hurt, April 15, lm?l. To tub P?OM* or Oiiki V"n are railed upon to ."Wt the gravest rf sponslblll tles, and It may be facriilcea, W prtservo youj free luall tuito' and jour national indent n^sce. Tbe attempt of yonr government to aupply a l>eleagr.rad (arrleon with pro visions baa been met hy oovu war, aal Ihe ren'ietlon of the gnrrlion by force of arrt* vour na tf'tsl ffsg has been Inselted, and the co'aatituti.An?l authorities of the Inka trcssnnatjly defied. At such an hour, rltlng aliove all party names and party Mas, restitute to maintain tho freedom so dtiarly purchased hy our fathers, and to transmit it unimpaired to f ur posterity let the people a*S'-rt their power.

?W voicp will be h?ard, your action* bring hope to the 0\ ernwed and oppi . *>ecd In the rebellious districts, a ill slr< nglhen the hands and animate the hear to of the lojal thousands In the border States, and will bring hack f.fftfO and Ordtr tv Ibf nation with anea assurance of the I rrpetnlty of its priceless b!e? sli'fra. Thfl Gotierai hly, by soil just pi^ed, opens tg jou the method of te? tlrylnff, of your devotion to our beloved ut it?, to tue ?" Ibnse free Institutions whkh have be. n alike the foutdatioc and pledcc of our national and indi vidual prosperity. ' 7 he fen. ral orders irsuod through the proper depart ment assart that method and invites your reamnFe. 1/ 1 u . nil be thankful to Almighty (ie^l for past mercies, lmplor -fth ?, J*.'. ! ar?r.?Iir m,*ny ?hort.omings, and trusting with Mm tbe dc it'nies of our country, for trot All but the prr *1 ing duty . to cast aside the d 1st incll^s that ha ve haeS basis of transient dliferanccs, and demonstrate to the nor .J 'Lat w>: are worthy sons of great ancestors fit to he ei trusted with the liberties we Inherit. ' tV. DEXNI30V. BKCCVT) I HOC LAtlATION. Kiset iivh tfH'A?Tmam, 0>ir?Rn>, April IS isai The rres.dent rf the 1 nlted states has bv lii? nrtr'u matlon of tbe date of the nth tosT'o^^J^i?, 101 'be se vara! States of the Union, to tha^agr.. "i rH i .1 to suppress certain combinations in save ral of the Htstes whfeb are too powerful to be aunor#!^ in the ordinary way. and sa erakle him to axeX ?^ laws, he earnestly appeaU to all loyal citizens ^to facilT tate and aid his e (torts to maintain the laws tbe tnu irri'r of the national l ? Km, and the perpetuity^ mX? errments and to redrea. wror* tV.t have longP WM. T"'*'1 that the people of Ohio will promptly respond to his call, and will lurnls ft IMt- W> M , II,,. J t ,r, 0 tbvV bfl Will r* 0 n' b - ' li*vn ?? -*j?? 'reuse of my fcnow'edge of I ? cvr ? * -I ' *o it*' I r.M ii anil your di'vuhiu >o the frea \ j.ftitii- tj. i ( ut by flar fatbe'H. 1|? ? 1 1 1 . !?? ' ?iU ? ~ ' ' i'r (t.lj inxleiid lo their < T t) fr -ig i|| O'elrjast r i^b'-s a >d th? full I ll. IH III <?' ? 1 ? I'll ill i tin ?!(? W-l'Urtf I'm i. > >j '? " (u, l< ? of ib- ( mm aid the . <1 ,L.u i >h Ba'." nal tivniii.' Now, n\ virtue of m v ?)!Tf, a? ?>.'*' 'OT I lh' i'tjof Uliio, I ?*|1 U0A# y U ' lo ft g'.i ize y .n f. V.'. h ii!. ? and no' fv ma thereof Ovv, nine nt (fin * II be ia?ued 'rim the po.pi r . ..t .i.iu. uin,(f you -II the <leU (b re la'i'e I ' rp?r and the m iRte ir>n in o servie.9 Tlw requiM'loii up n Ohio is for thirteen egttuetim for Imtne <la<o 1 i> v i ? Wd,- in n0^ wttril ag.iuiHt your g >v e'n'eent by the insu-g n? <?tves of the ?*on?h Vtual hostilities Nm oommf-nc*! Amcd resiMance "d'n successfully made by 'he r?be * of South to the efloi t? of the frovetntrent lo l'urmsb supplies to the faroishipg gen isoii ( f K> rt "iimur The national Uag h.w been iosnlteit and the safety of km national capital is threatened Yotr pa. rot inn polnte to von the path of duty in this crisis. Yua rood no ap^'il from m i to teatl fy your loyally to the nfDiriil government. rho conatl tut io d must be maintained, the Union must be preservod, and the lawn uuit be enforce. W. DENNWON. MIl.lTAKY OKPEKS. tllASrivKHASTSK 'iKNKRAI s Omr?, 1 Coujmius, April 16, 1861. f To H* ftf*ujpirr Willi a* Dknmso.n, Qovkkrok asd Com MjimiMi ra-Omss: ? ? I have the hoi;or herewith to submit ? sOmites for arm ing troops as per your dire tiers predicated upon an ex- I peudtture of four hundred and tlfty thousand dollars, j vl*: ? Kfrt'mate of rest ol arming 1,000 cavalry , 9'20 artil- I lery and 1 700 Infantry , allowing for the serviceable arms owned by the Plato At for- trcops, on a war footing for 1,000 r*T*lry. 1.000 Sharp'* carbines at f30 25?9910 260; 1 COO Colt's holi'ter pistol* at fJB? $'i5,000, 796 regular | cavalry ?abreg at |R 60? $757 60; 794 si-ts cavalry equip ment* at ffl 40 ? $4 288; ] fOO sets horse equip*ao at I $39-13!) 0(0. Total, $106, S96 60. For 920 artillery, for repairs on 48 cannons and car riages. $1 000; 20 caisons at $380? $7,720: 8 battery wagons at $774 ? $8,100 SO, 8 travelling forces at $447 76? $3 582 ; 64 setB wheel harness at $67 26? $4 304; 172 seta lead barm 88 ?t $66 25? $0,675 620 horse artli lerv Hftbri'S at $6 20- $4,377 Total, $36,854 80 For 17,000 Infantry, 16 100 rifle muskets at $13 (?3? $224,273; 10,100 sets of infantry equipments at $! 02? $64,722 , 2,221 non commissioned olUcora' and musicians' swords, $13 936 30- $302,931 80 Total, $146,081 60. The above estimates are predicated upon the pr'<cen fur nished by the Ordnance Oepartment at Washington. To place this number of troops In the Held, to mount tho cavalry, provide horses for the artillery and baggage trains, to furnish camp equipage, ho., would require a sum at least equal to the ahove. I). 1.. WOOD, Quartermaster General. UENSRAL ORDER, NO. 13. Adjutant G??kal'b 0?n<i, 1 Got rmii'H. April 16, 1861. ( The General Assembly of Ohio direct the constitutional element of all white male citizens between the ages of eighteen and forty live years, and that the militia reserve be organized, additional to the regular militia. Any citt zrn who shall propose to organize such comp>ny will ail drees thl? department, when, If his application heap proved, be will receive a blank for the signatures of his company. When the roll Is returned to this office, and accepted, an order will Issue for the election of ollloers. Such officers will be duly eomm'saioned, but will not bo required to wear the uniform or perform the duties of the regular militia, unlets an emergency should require. An increase of the latter force will be mode by the trans fer of companies of tho reserves whenever such transfer shall become necessary. Gommlislons of r.fTlcerfl of the militia of reserve will be exchangedjfor commissions in the regular mtliiu, and rank of such transferred officers and companies will he assigned In accordance with priority of organization It Is expedient, from the urgent applications oo HI* and manifest resolution of the people to maintain the g ivnrn ment of the United States in It* integrity , that tne people will promptly organize and report to this department. H. B. CAHHlNUtOV, Adjutant General. ? [MBIHULomiKB NO. 14 ] With no uncertain confldenco In the people tbey ore called upon to furnlrh forthwith tho c implement of uni formed troops, which will Increase tbe force of Ohio tr> six thousand etllo ent and disciplined men. Application for the organization or new companies will bo mtdo to the department In case no general officer resides In the district within which the pro|>osel comptnv in organized. Such general olilcer must havo Informed himself and compllod with the laws and general regulations heretofore promulgated, and all officers, of whatever grade, will be held responsible for the fami harity with their several duties, genora) and special, and for discipline, moral conduct and pe feotion of their cemmard The bonis of Infantry organization will be twenty live regiments, Ihe companies making up tho six thousand men to he noiigncd by tho general W t > be tailed forthwith. Until further orders, now com panles will consist of not lees titan forty nor more than Hit} unifoimed men, including two musicians, who will be mlfsted the ssme as privates. Com|?iiics already equipped and disciplined which Hie with this depn m?nt the claim to hi held subject to order, will furnish therewith a complete roll of names to he relied upon, that in any emergency the order may be Issued with the practical assurance of the force at command. The promptness with which such a tender has heen made heretofore, V accepted as good evldonce that the Ohio V?)' 3l?o > VMItia, already organized, is worthy tho conlU Ve ait* 'tupport of the General Assembly, the people sad the country at large, and that the official en dorsement of thin department to the State authorities *r the condition of snob mllltla Is entitled to fall credit. H. H. CAKKINGTON, Adjutant General of Oliio. | PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OP NEW JERSEY. The Governor Of New Jersey has issued the following proclamation ? Whoress, Tin" rroeldent of the United States has re quested me Ui caurc to bo immediately detached from the ml'.ltia of this State four rcgimentis, consisting of seven hundred nn<l eighty men each, to serve m infantry or rliiemeu (or a period of three months, unless sooner discharged The mastering officers wil be instructed to receive no ma', under tbo rank of commisniom*l officer* who Is in years over forty-five or under oiglilecs, and who is not in physical ktreugt'n and vigor. In compliance with the requisition. orders have been Usued to the several generals of division to furnish one regiment, and that they fill tbe regiments severally required to he furn'shed, as far as practicable, with volLCti ei?? the reg'mentu to be completed by dra't fr.>m the reserved militia. It iB therefore directed tba' a'l in dlviduais or organizatiors willing to respond to the ' all thus made repnrt themselves, within twenty days from the date hereof, to the Major General's ofllro in the re rp ctive divisions within the bounds of which thoy re jMe. The captalrs of i impiuileR as Miept the In vitatloD will, with the oiler of service, trar.smit a ro I of tbtlr respective companies. CllAllUvJ A OLliLN . PROCLAMATION OP TT1E MAYOR OP I'll il.ADBLl'Ill k. Tbo fo'lowirg Important proclamation was issued by Ms << r fl< nry , this afternoon: ? i i rno4Da.iii u: ? Treason agnirnt the State of I't til,!;; <V!>nia, or sgallist tbo United Htatei, wili u >*. bo suffered within this city; nor will violence to the persons or pn 'pertjr of its inhabitants he to'eratod. 1 di> hereby require all good citizens to di-'eV*e and make krr.wn to the lawful authorities every person rendcirg in tbii city aid to enemies "n o?>en war against this e and the United Suites, by enlisting or procuring cili?n to c ii 1st for that purpose, or by furnishing suc:i eteij ;ep witu aria.-, ammunition, profusions or other HMfrtfllKV. 1 <"o hereby require and command that all persons . hi!l refn'n from nsfemhliog in the highways of this c.ty, nil lawfully. rlot<,oaly or tr.m'iltu<ualy,warLiiJgtbem that the fffino will ho at their peril. Tbo laws o! our *tato and fibers' government must be obeyed ? the peace and cre<l|t of Philadelphia shall be preserved. May God ?avo oar Vr Ion Giv*n ur.d< r the seal of the city ' f I*h I' j ' Ipbla, this 10th day of April, In ?ne year or our I/>rd 1*8' ALkXANlikR HKNR'i , Mayor of rbi a >ulpli>A. THE WARJTEEUINQ IN THE NORTH. NEW YORK, Auuirr, April 17, 1W1. Hie Governor received about fifty letters this morning tendering services In defence of tbe country Among the cumber were the resolutions passed by six co-op ?nt? s volunteering to start at once. They are from thu cities alorg the line of tbe Central Railroad. Some of tbo loiters were from mothers, asking for places In the army for their sons. This class of letters Is exceedingly patriotic. A committee from the Pcott l.lfo Guar! waited upon the Governor this af icrnoon and volunteered. Dc has ac ccpted their services Tbe recrmtirg in this city is going on rapidly. Tho fife and drim is heard at all hours. OMnt;o. April 17, 1181. Tlis citizens of Oswego, without distinction of party, gvrmMed in immense numbers at Roolittle Ifill la?t ?vf''T 00 fcur ho"?' notice Mayor Fltzhugli presid ed, sssirtei? PJ ?i?'f ?n vice presidents. Resolutions approving of the action of the Pieei lent ?nd the Mate I<egi *'?ture in reference to tbe pressot cri sis, denoucclrg the Irea*. table rob; lion of tLo Houihsrn confederacy, declaring that nil pvty lin's should l>e obliterated, and that Ibc pcopio V-sWffl. wlelher rlertibrrals or r*jmMI<sans, would rally unitedly under the flag of our country in support af tbe Union, the constitution and laws, were adopted unani mously. speeches were made by Mayor Filzbugh.Hon Henry A. Foster, of Rome Ira f*. Brown, editor of the limt I>. Farllng, editor of the Patkidium Colonel ft R. Benrds Tey, lev! Beardsley, Lieutenant Colonel Doyle, I?r. Rey nolds snd others. Great enthusiasm prevailed. The united sentiment of the people is that the Union must be sustained. A volunteer company is forming to tender its services to tbe government, and the Hfty fifth regiment will be ready to respond to a call from head quarters. Ot.omarau, N. V., April 17, 1181. Efforts are making to ralsa 1 000 volunteers in 8t. Iawrence county. Patriotism Is every .vhero apparent The Stari snd ftrlpes are floating from various staff*. A large crowd Is now parading the streets with mualo sod tba national flag at its head. A Union meeting will ha held to night. Kuroeros, April IS, 1881. A large meeting w%s held here at two o'cloak P. M. to <Jtt" erowdiss the Coi.rt U>a?e n cxi-''-#. (lu urosw o I t ki-n fo."1 tmhO-'iaie f*c' >*??? . au-1 ro-d! i o - '*?)? ?? : acopl' .. V>rUndby the furs and Strip. * a'. ?!'. v I' '* All partl'S ysrttelpated, and fl.SH 4<?, . i* ?\t TJ htm, Wiudt'o# Mill h*?.|iy. 4,||| b IH) <!? l'g, *"'i the aiMttl tuiltusUtin prevails Osw*5)t AtiI 'Hflt. At a me< ling of the Forty cigliih 'ii<.m?int, C ... 8 R Deari'glef , held 10 th'S Cltf lost evening, th?lr ser 'C ) were unanimously tendered to the Governor. PENNSYLVANIA. PiiutDmi iiu, ipril it The patriotic declaration of Gov. Hick* for the l!n!ou has enkindled great enthusiasm. Masses nro now con stantly engaged watching the bulletin boards for new-*. The enlistment for volunteers is progressing Hteadlly. Five thousand bare already been enrolled, wnich is more than the quota required from Philadelphia, while the ex empt volunkers by age are forming reserve guards for ? the protection of the city. I Intelligence from Harrlsburg states that more than 10,000 have already volunteered. i Senator Bigler has pronounced in favor of sustaining the government at all hazards. The recruiting parties are parading the streets. Philadkli'HIa , April 17, 1861. Salutes are to be flred here in honor of Gov. Hicks, of Maryland. The excitement here Is incresstog evdty bout, and re cruitlng parties are parading all sections of the city. The lacies of this city have resolved to wear a rosette ef red, white and blue. Dr. Riser, one of the Philadelphia physicians, who ren dered such valuable service at Norfolk during the yellow fever panic, has enrolled among the volunteers. The rumor of Ave hundred men storting in a special train for Washington to-night lias proved to be un founded. Philadelphia , April 18, 1801. Bishop Wood raised to day the American flag over the dome of the new Catholic cathedral In lx>gan square, the height being ?30 feet. BcrjlHton, Pa. , April 17, 1801. Brigadier General Meylort's requisition for 1,000 men from I.uzerne county has been complied with, although orders were not received here till yesterday noon. His oommand commences moving to the rendezvous at Har rlsburg to morrow morning. The greatest enthusiasm pervades all classes, and no difficulty would be experienced in raising twice the num ber allotted to,Luzerne county. | A large crowd, composed of the best citizens, assem bled In front of the Luxerno I'nion office, at Wilkesbarre, to-day, in consequesco of an article in its Issue of to-day, denouncing the government and endeavoring to discou rage the military from going to its relief. The excitement subsided when the Stars and Stripes were displayed from the building. A Union meeting Is called for to-night, at which Judge Jessup, of kontroeo, Col. Wright, of Wilkesbarre, J.tbn Briebine and other prominent men of the county will speak. Hoimpayrhtku, Pa., April 10, 1801. The whole country appears to bo In commotion on ac count of the war news from the southward. Agreeably to tbe requisition of Governor Curtin, our two com panies? the Hollldsysburg Fencibles, Captain Miner, and ' Juniata Rifles, Captain IJoyd? will leave with full ranks by tbe Pennsylvania Railroad to-morrow morning, on tbeir way to Washington city, via Uarrisburg. The volunteers west of the Alleghnnlcs from the State are ordered toj*eport u> Brigadier Goneral Reg ley , at Pitts burg, Pa., without delay. All parties here appear to be united In sustaining the government and the honor of our llag. IIarkisiii'ro, April 17, 1801. Governor Curtin has appointed Major General K. M. Piddle, of Carlisle, Adjutant General; General Reuben C. Hale, of Philadelphia, Quartermaster General, and Gene ral John W. McCIain, of Erie county, Commissary Ge neral. It Is rumored that the President is about to order a fiesh levy on the militia of this State. lUHRisBUUti, Pa. , April 18, 1801. Governor Curtin Is to reconvene the rennsyivanU Legislature to morrow, which was then to adjourn. Trains are leaving with troops ss fast as they can bo prepared. Lewis W. Hall, of Blair county, was uiecte I Sprn t r of the Houce this forenoon. Bautnm, April 18, 1881. Tbe Wyoming Artillerists, Capt. Kmley, loft here for Harrisliurg this morning. This company wi " "> A! si can war. The Wycming Light Dragoons, Cfept, Br - i their rcrvices as dragooLs, and were re , ,n thirty minutes reported for duty as light tafan'ry, and wi re accepted, to march to-morrow. The whole of the Luzerne county apportionment will be in Harrlsburg by Men lay. Judge Jescup will have three hundred an<l iif.j volun eerf ft em Sufquehanca county by Saturday. Attbet?ni<n meetlog hero toft night addresses were mede by Colonel Wr'ght snrtC. E. Wright, of W;\kes >arre, tnd non. Jehn Hrlsbln, of Scraotoa. At the cocUi'.sion of Colonel Wr:gt.t's address tlforsfi r itilislmeut were numerous. Hahjuswin;, Apr!! II, 1W1, The Governor's w?r proelamatlcn will net bo issjod before to-morrow. five hundred volunteers loft via the Xorihern Ce"> tr..l Kalr<)d for Wathir.pton *hlB morning. Seven h undred mm a:rlv- d to day and were rent forth with. Tbe Governor baa oidere I out General Patterson's di vision. tix thousand ctar.d ef arms ire cipsctad here to day. Both bouFus of tha 1a g stature met in convention at the hall of H c Pcise tbi- morulng, to boar tho '-'panglsd Pan r' sung, Tho refrain was j< inod In by all tho mctnb rs and galleries amid 'ho wi!d< it cheering arid [enthusiasm, The sccg nftcrnorls *<iag in the J-a Yte, and in tot'> CS3< ? the rntmfce h and spectators seemed mad with patriotic devotion. houses have aljourned u'rw <llt. OUTO. OtsmNATj, Apr ii 10, mil Tic c. i *eos' meeting last night wue an immense aifur. W< i cf a 1 p^rtu . ar:ici >ated, nnd one foo log w?j mani fested? to rsUin th ' :;tars and Stripes ??- all b iz ird.i There is cent activity iimocg tho m liUry. All com pinies art r?st filling tLeir tanks. The Home uuard, f^r t':e defeneo of tho clt;. . will cor.slst of ter thousand me i Merchants h.ivo stopped shipping goods to the .South. Chief of I't'lice Dudley tU>.-i e. ming m /el thirty boxes of guts on the slc-rr-r Ohio So. 3 T*rent> tbroe of thsm were marked 0 T W,li"le R^'lr, A-k uwi?, and seven I.. R , Memphis. Be also seize I Ave boxes for Memphis on the steamer GModale, which were reehdpp'l from the steamer Faony Mc Barbie on Monday I. at. There was a great crow ?! at tho lMUlinfr and the excite ment rail very high. The g ikk w r" ship; e l at Parkers burg, Virginia, and it Is supposed tkey casno from liar pet's Ferry. A heavy shipment of pow>;er has also been stopped All stesmcis have bieu pr.>hlhiUd fiom taking provi sions to tbe '.iouth. Two steamers have boss chtrter<d by the city au tborltus to set as police. The botts a-e thoroughly armed, and will step and seareh all i?ssii>g steamers. Thrte ootnpeeles ef troops leave to Bight for ths rendez vous at Columbus. The n< mo Guard Is rapidly fllllrg up Its ranks. The enlistment for tho N'ewpor' . Ky, barra:ks is very activc. Over fCO are now In garrison. A large consignment of bacon for Chains tea, via N'^sh vlile, wss taken olT the Glenwoo<l this morning The exci'cment throughout the city is on the a rn*c. The volunteer companies are all full. Mete men are offering than "an bo aoceptod. MTPHIOAtf. Dvnorr, April 18. 1*W1. At ah Into Dial moot ng of eltlaena to day, at which Tor. Blair wan present, It wsa resolved, In order to e? jedite the equipment of troops required from Michigan, to raise by private subscription. A Urge por tion of tbo amount *? subscribed on tbe spot, awl the balance will be ra'.fed immediately. lieneral Can re sponded liberally. Pmotr, Mich., April 17, ism. fieneral Cass nmde a speech bore thta morning on the wraalen of tbe Board or Trade unfurling tbe national flag ever their rooms He waa strongly la favor of aup portlng the t'nion, the constitution and tbe country's flag under all circumstances like tbo present. It waa the duty of every cit'zen to atand by tbo government. Oakland county alone has offered to raiae a regiment of troops, which Is at that It required by the federal government from tb? entire stale. ILLIHOtfl. Cnioifio, April 10, 1M1. Covfrrof TM?, of Ul.noto, and Governor Ha&dall, o I n'ltof for ?M (f.Cn u k?" f? b- !. . rnm.nt ? L. Vest. rw ntacoaatao ,.o.i lows can *9 r?v-v ' / t-" 'ir>h. ri preieil \l <? if < cry , - . h' vJnunlHtra tv p in Its cr?-if to t-nfoiro ?_ : i'j>b ? ':?? power of tha li? C*g j%t ? b? ? I- n to <ft* t!ifl s~?'.te '.Might r?p.-.b!iClB ticket w is eK till by m- ir* mAk>r tv jfl 600. Tli ?? fir it ''n??cho" nt of toll -"iws troops ('root Minnesota p<-o.d through ?(.!?.? I" iaxt evening, m rputd fcr Washington It nr'i b r? I Nvn't flwinon, undo* comnn-nd ?.f Hijitr PcnNrton. "be trato bearing them wan i on ivt't at tho ^ y ?* n-owd of not lew than 10 ( no The reriaisder of 'be troops from Kort RMg?ley? compi.Kfd i>f Ui^jor Morris' cinnatnd and Sherman's bat." tery, arc expected to arr've here to-morrow. The war feeling c< ritlnues unabated, and 1M Governor's proclamation for vdunteers is being promptly responded to. Several companies have already tendered tbeir services At a meeting of the directors of tbe Borl'rgton branclfe of the state Tlunlc of Iowa this morning it was resolved that the cashiers of tit's bank bo direct* <1 to advance M tbe Governor of too State such a prna of money as be IMJt require for the equipment anl preparation of the regi ment of troops called for by tbe President of the United^ States. INDIANA. Inihahapous, April 17, 1891. The Bank of the State of Indiana has tendered the Go vernor ail the money he wants in furni*hlnj; Indiana ^ quo'a of troops to sustain the government. The First regiment of tho Indiana volunteers leave to morrow for Washington. The Governor of Indiana has issued a proclamation con vening the legislature en the 24th inst. WISCONSIN. Wis , 4p*il 17, 1861. The Legislature adjourned to- dav tint die. The Governor's Guard bavo tend?red their services and have been accepted. Volunteer oompjines are forming In all parts of the State. Tbe excitement rims high. MINNESOTA. *T Pint,, April IT, 1871. Gov. Rattray, of this Territory, to-day istned a pro clamation for one regiment of volunteers In response to the call from the War Department. NEW JERSEY. Tnwrow, April 17, 1861. The Governor haa issued orders to the four Ma|o* Generals of the State to raise in their divisions seven hundred and eighty men each. They are to aeeepf volunteer services; if it should not be sufficient, then to draft from tho reserved militia, and all to report te tho Adjutant General's office In twenty days. Oar city is quiet, all demonstra' ions of a belligerent character have ceased against the 7Vtt? American office, and Judge Naar, at the rtquest of his pvrty friends, hoiata the American flap to morrow over his uffioe. Tbe Grand Jury of the county have directed the Sheriff to snppresa ail mobs and to preserve the peace. Senator Thomson waa here to day to purchase a flag to display from his residence. He expressed himself strong, ly in favor of sustaining the government and enforcing the laws Our If il.Ury Board have been in session ail tbe morning, ard orders have been issue* to tbe sevorag Majors for four regiments. Captain Jfnlford and Joseptl A. Yard are both racing oompan es. Nbwirk, N J., April 18,1861. The national ilig has been profusely disp.ayed here to? day on the public buildings and by the citizens generally. The Ertning Journal, a democratic paper, displays tho flag, with the mottoes "free Speech" and "Free Press.'' Tbe VUfsachuhelts volunteers were received here witlt a salute, and patriotic demonstrations wero abundant. Mo violation of tbe law is now feared. Long Branch, N. J. , April 18, 1861. Tbe patriotic sentiment of tbe people of this vicinity i4 fairly aroused to respond heartily to the cttuee of the go vernment of this State for men and aid. A meeting will be held here on Monday night to form a company. Tho Stars and Stripts are gallantly floating from our liberty pole. Trexto:*, April 18, 180!. The Trenton Rank and thcJV- chanics' Rink hivoeicfi tendered to Governor Olden the loan of $25 OCO to aid i* raiting the four regiments of soldiers for tho war. This directors of the Mechanics' i)??k each subscribed $100 to bid the families of ihoeo who volunteer in thus city. Massachusetts. B'>ht<?ii, Ap-,1 17, 1M!. A large meeting of Irieli citir.pns wan he.d last night, a$ the Jaokion Club room, and pitrio;lc resolution* wora unanimously aaopted, expressing unflinching devotion Us the federal government. A proposition wag made to ralin ?n Irish regiment and lender It to the President The V, bb?t< r Baok lias tendered a loan of $10,000 to tht State, a.jd the oto< r Bouton bank* agree to increase thj enonnt to *1 000,000 for the dereuce of the government. Boston h.'is foeou ihc* tn> aire of extraordinary mil iary excit<mict during >esterday and to day. Companion from the inter! >r town* havo been constantly arriving, takltg the ju i'teia provided for tli?m ia Faueu I (fa!1, the hall of the Old Co'ony de|iot, Boylir. u flail and othec place*. The citizens generally vied wl'h <-ach o'-lier id f xten 'irg hospitalities to then. There h*?< b<>en groaS activity at the A'tjutatt Oeteral'a ofllce in supplying out fit? including a sulittantlnl military overcoat, blanacfc and knip<?irk to each soldier. The Third, Fourth, Sixth and Ktgbth regiments are r x p<ctid lo leave dur ng the night, a p jruon via u??> Fall Hirer, hr shorn t.'ie rtiamcr State cf lkiiio b&? hceu ihorteied. L'UacliXfits by way of neater aud New Har-ii and < co rigiu<Li ly the Ucau.a d. II. Scalding f?r Fort M' urte dircct. A aais cf t> !< cra; h:c despatches come In from tho cttiei and tow u* throughout New F.i rlund, show eg thfl urlvenal i -,iinetv. of the population. Porty 'iff ure entirely obiiwrod, and the et ujtgle ton s ,'ir.s to be as to who ctiu be forfinr*t .ti n. nuio ?>g in its lnt?grlty th? best and gre-teist government tfett tba ?orl i ? vi-r poaaeaeed. The :<un a .Haak to day tendered flfcO OOO to the :'itef atd th . ?a?:o r.r>.ouut to tha luitea States, to be bailed for wlr? Btedcd. A ! ke spirit to furnish men and moc.y pervades I ba ent r? community. Fail. Rivm April 16, 1MI. The fteamer Kmplre tate, of the t all llrer liw, h.?a born chartered by the govcrnmi lit t?> coaTey the Rhodo l.'Ucd troops to Washington, She will leave Proy?detc< Thursday next. Th r Pvcanet R?nk big tendered a loan of 000 to ti>4 Covernor of Rhode bland for military purpose*. Bono*, *pri? 17, IWI. rhostftmrrtt. R. gpaulding, wOloli leaves th.s after noon for Norfolk, will lake 810 tro pi. Tholr destination Is raid to be Fortress Monroo. Tno romainder will star* orcrliLd to-nigh' by special train. I**?. April 18, IWI. Rot thrre roplrm-nts of the Maasaehueetta ooola off treops left lait night, comprising tbe Third, Fourth an<l Sixth Ibe Kighth regiment, CoL Timothy Uunroe, hi ?x pectud to le?ve this afternoon. As a rpe;imen of th<j war frelii g dominant, eigiity men enrolled tbemiMlvee aa voluntetra at a ai recruiting sUt.on between eigbfc and ten o'clock thli morning. Tbe veteran and raepecte<t manager cf tbe Boston theatre, Th' 'trios Barry , V*q , bM? voluntccrrd. Wr Barry is an Kng'.ishman, and served with distttction In the Peninsular war of Great Rrltain. Tbe Merrlmac River Rank, of UaBch??ter, N. It. , effera the State f to ,000 for military purposes, and tbe Ports mouth Rank f-'iO OCO. Rnllating is gotng on rapidiy in tha lirunite ftute. A mcotlng of tbr bank officers, representing ail the Bos ton batiks, a as bald here this m'>rnisg, wfcwn a resolution was adopted to loan the Stale of Wasaachiis?,Us tan pep tent on tb< ir entire capital, for the doftnee of the govsrn ment, Tl^e rapitnl or the Ro?u.n bunks amounts to tliirty-et||h? and a half milllomi. RHOPE 191- ANT). Paovir>?<w, April 17, IWI. The legislature has passed the bill th? raising of a regiment. It is understood that $W0,0?X1 will be spproprlsted. P*ovn>Mca, April 17, 1D61. Tbe Legislature to day unanimous'.? appropriated (B00, 000 for military purjioses. The State gives tha Rhode Island volunteers each |V2 a month In advance. The banks have om>red to the fate 9250,000, and Messrs. A. A W. Ppragoe have offered $100,000 V ohm terra are coming In rapidly from all part# of tbd Watt. The greatest enthusiasm prevaila. STtaVKit CMF1RI STAT* CRAHTVR1D TO CAE1IT TB? HHOUK ISLAND COHTIHOKNT. It is Mated that the Sou ad sUwmsr been cfcartwed by tha Rhode lata* suMx ritles W Uka CVNTINI FJ) ON TV MTH PAttj