Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1861 Page 8
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OK LATER HOI EUROPE, j ARRIVAL OF THE KEDAR AT HALIFAX. What the English Think of the Southern Confederacy. Extensive Warlike Agitation Throughout Europe. Important Council of War Held in Fari*. The Cession of Venetia to Italy Supported toy France# COMMERCIAL 1NTILLIBENCE, ao?j *e. Haotji, April 18, 1861. The screw steamship Kedar, from Liverpool on the ssorning or the 7th inst. , arrived here at ten A. M. to day. She it bound hence to Mew York. The steamship Niagara left Liverpool at eight A. If. of the Aih inFt , and would sail from (jueenstown on the ?vexing of the 7th. The steamship Palestine, from Portland, arrived at Li verpool at noon of the 6th. The steamship Jura leaves Liverpool under charter to the Canadian line, on the Uth April, for Quebec. The political news is unimportant. Parliament was not to session. It was reported that an English Naval Division had left Malta for the Ionian Islands, where the agitation in creases. The London Timet, in an editorial on the position of aflkim in America, says the prohibition of the African Slave trade by the Southern confederacy Is put forward Merely to conciliate Kngl 'sh prejudices, and believes such ? piece of supertluous self demal will not be long a lhered to. The Tivui in the same article paints to English re sistance in tne ilrst revolution as a warning against forci ble resistance to disruption, which it appears is in evitable. The London Globe, in reviewing the political position, mj* Europe has never been more agitated since 1847. All the French Marshals had been summoned to attend ?? extraordinary Counoil of War at Paris on the 8th of April. The Niagara has not yet been heard of. She Use ?36,000 in specie. GREAT BRITAIN. The London limtt points out that both the American tariffs are hostile to English commerce. In cotton Eng land will have to pay a duty to the Southern States, and ?b the chief exports increased duties, while to the northern States the duties are assuming a positively hostile character England must consider bow she deals with a State which begins with a flagrant departure from the rule of amity. FRANCE. It was expected at Paris that the Bank of France Would soon turther reduce ttie rate of discount. Very warlike rumors continued to prevail in Parii. 9m army is being drilled for war and provided with ?aggage and wagons. i/:tllcuity had arisen in the conclusion of a commercial treaty between Franoe and Belgium. The Paris I'at'ie says the Emperor has written to Prince Murat. disapproving his recent manifesto relative 4* the Neapolitan crown. The Sunday Purls journals are calling for a dissolution ?af the Cor)* I<egislatif, owing to the large number of legi timistx and ultra montanists in the body. The Bourse on the 6th was firmer . Rentes, 67f. 76c. ITALY. ft wa? rumored that Napoleon bas given assurances to the I'cpe that tho Frtnch troops will not quit Rome. AUSTRIA. The Austrian Diet would open at Vienna on the 6th. Confidential interviews were repot .ed to have oc curred between Count Rechber? and the French Ambas sador at Yieuna, relative to a uew settlement with re sent to Vienna. trance oflei a to support the cession of Venetia to Itily tm consideration of territorial compensation. GERM A XT. Tb? 8<i manic Diet had provisionally voted a million florins for arming the forces with rilled cannon. POLAND. Disturbance* continued at Kalisch. It wa? said that tlx1 ? Hilary have been instructed to suppress maorders. if if?ew?ry. Increased sgititicn prevailed at Warsaw. INDIA. The Brmbay mail of March 12 had arrived. The Ulsfcop cf Madras w?s dead. Hir JKoOerl Sap cr had been tcriou^ly injured by a fall from hi." ho/se. The ( ulnmn of tho Rombay ma. kei f jr cott >a tfOola had iDceaKc1. The Ameri-an Beat Is M d to he**a en'od considerable * xci.eiceut in't piotniKed i<> give great impctua to the at turn frowera of itotnbiy. fhe liuiiiie account* cont.r.ue very aerlO'ia. FINANCIAL AND COMMFIPf \ L. UTKBTOOL cotton market. '<* e uave nothing later than tii ? a iv oca by tho North Briton. LIVERPOOL BBEAl'STIEKS MARKET. Vraarti KiCharJe n, rfp*r.ce & 1J0. i?'i*>rt llo.r lull anil ?aeiar lapurchaee, but quot> in n* utHhacgad: 1U0 qoota ? I on* a re k!>s a 32u M , the iattar for conioe W h?-at du'l b~t tt ad.. r>. : WVi-urn, 11a &1. a 12*. 3d ; rod Soalten>,12a fld. a 13a , white W'Mlen, 13f. a 1.1a. .'<1 white Souther!, its 6d a lie 81. Con quiet; hoi lo-a cUir frae!> , but allow no dtepoxitioa t?> pr??.! s. l.-a; mix ad ;t7i . T? il"W 3*-< . whiti? 3^:. 6 I. a 3li^ Mee?ri! Ruk'Mll't, Naab h Co. ropirt a derllae of dl. an w'erlor qtulit < e. of Hour, anl a aeoilne of id. 21. on ?wheat. LIVERPOOL ntOTtClOK MARKET. Tin imm .nithi rii ea re, >art be. ?? dull. I'ork ?* '? BmuI qo?'l, b?l : Wog tuidiMtB, 4tf*. >v 61 In! frm:lari< aalca at ?6 a Ml' Od fo? g *?1 r , uu l S3 . ? be-. .'or cl'iloe. ?llow? All fUulit <.i,!niy *?.< lined: toutibera , ' 1. a 6&c til. Ll\ KKrOOL J'KOPI CTI M MM K r. Th<- brt'kT?' Cirru'ar rtportj pol **hea at ady r.t 2??\ M a 31s . prar i ?t" >dy a. 30k. :i 32* K m.u at cat. v (?Bin i'ti. 4-. W.wifli *m*ll iil? at 4i M.; r>i imtn, ad. a 6a. > I. s'j irile turpentire oliai 81ft a 30s 8u^?r t.m C#?eof?iiei, llco liulei; CSroltM, 21a. dd. a 2ip ?i Lift* ? 1 ? ik aallgMI? >.?? iiti#i for American Kuh ? In? Saiea unimportant I .In ced oil s teady a', i&i. 6d. LOM'ON MAKKHT4. l>lt?nugR c'rcul .r n jh rtg I read?tulld 'lull, but gtfady. Iron dnil at iib a t5 21 <Vi. t.,r both r.? i'? and (?r*. Suftar Urm, t" t .n'-t ' off' t quiet !Va 4tm; c mm i:i > ?: fiu,l* 1". h l? 1>;J. Spirits twjwntliM h avy at 3l? ? 31a. 3d. Tallow r'.oiuU at ????. ?d. Btco urm. ??1U 4<i*t ?v>rm, tlOl a ?10 >; cod, ?8T a Jt37 10?. ; liaiee 1 atari e at fcM a &be 3d HATKE MARKET. Foil Thk W ?> , I.iaiirN>. .M'K' ; r>. ? Ootton? N-w (>r Vmiii trex orU.oairt, 30 41. I a*. UJi ma'lut dub, b it ?to .<It; aal?a of tho u. ik, 4,Mitl OaiM, Hot > , 277,000 1?U? Bm MOiil dull, but tlrm tahi* dull CoifM firm Oils u^minal. Hlce du'l ar.d quote t?> u-i barely ?lalnUincl. Bugar Qrm. I.vd Urm AMfti'M Nkriuri*#. Ba'lr?r Brother* report the market flinr' Tor American aerorlvie* nircA the Ktna'fl news. They quote ? ( cited Stat< t 0 f> >>1 a 93 VamacbuiettB i f. 90 a Hi *ene?ylv?nia 6> V) a 8i Vr>txN l"i77 81 a 81 **|h . 70 a 72 %irtiida !%,*??? '****** ?? M a M J mol Ontni T$ i. ?? * J* ^ Vo. Ikarw ? 84 ? fl Ve* fork (*' - . * ?? ?tie lrt Kior|k|[* ** " ' Do ebar-r fl . F?ocri'.v\i..a (e>otr*l 0 J. MlMrtprt s- a 87 TBE LArnr MA?Kr<-9. 1/tvmrogi \jwll 0 , Cotton? "al ii < ?0"00 bal ?, includlor 7 "OObal^ ^a r a us ; nyaHwa Jain * liaaUt On. ? i.i.rt tho to irket V ' ">yant and ad ?war". ok. and pt.riu.iy , | hUHar. Hr< ?detufls q?l-'t i ut a|My, iTOTletofcf. at< auy. April 0, 1801. Con ?cla clwe at 91 a to , for trumey and ne.-o :nt. Ill .i.o a Cent, al Plan I are quoted 2' \ a 24 <; rtlncour,'. trie aharca. 28 a 29. Arrltali and Depart urea. AURIVAt.H. Sioam^:il,'? In kn Sehiatrei, n Oordvi IktkiUn Coidta, Ci' ia< ulioe Hahlakel, HeitU* Oordti, Jasob ??d tool Mii'i" r e^n^r ji <j Meyer, w Bn-hia, t'aro ttorHaUar ?'"ke E t'* ren<lr, Anna ftiphia fleti-i. Maty au?i Ilenrj Au*h'jy I* J (lourta. . KKPARTl'RKS. .!**!&*}? ?* ' 9? ?io*>_- learner Amerl. a, Irom H<?? ' I ll' . ? foferby, Mr* A Matthew. M W m!T J^Jp ?'?? fi liey. Mr and jp^fr i. K " ^''v. K.-vi: I- kol(bl, K i raf^ M M isr // i' """'b'T, J Mute, Mr and Kr? it A iS'on M?iS/ If'.."!? "f 1. and A ?-*??!, ,>f IBwS?lne* afi * u2 3 PhllMok. and M!m frtena of " a-|, ?a. h K JLi h,i> rtl < Utoajfo. |y n H?, ki i . , V v"*n(,i, "J v Hurl UiUr .an of A ( i.^n .^vMSLAJm&^O aea i a Hanvr, r n Mowa" ' VI" f'f'i" Hm A i! nker. q* m John, JIB; Mr V'eft a^l!l u Vi of London. X CarraUo. K l iaierv f| ma! i?i.^ 7?^ rerun, ^er ,,, Anlw_|| f?t llaMfi* - P ? !! Weteon a?d L> Mr Arthur, of K.,,fon iVand lr. hj'SK", " ?Ull?r.i ? ii rhildten, M Hal- b, Nr IM In IfZJ ?>%!; 2r*'/<:' 1 hHh - of /?V?rk,A < atliale nf'n Y.drtnh.^ VI '' '?{??/ m ralaf, W 4lh n Vr !i P? J, ' TP?W H JO>"" M"J"r '?? NEW* FROM MEXICO. D??U1? ?/ Lerdo do T-Jm^o, Z* men Sir, ot Ur- w,u,r W'"??rM.rco?J?Uo- or Captal* ttd iiam-Urgc gl?lpni??t of Specie, Ae., At' I from the New Orleans l'icayure, Apr" 13 J The United States mail steamship Tennessee, Cuptaio Foib*s, before reported below, reached her wharf at au early bour yesterday evening .-the left Vera Cruz on the 9Ui Inst., and brings the following named passengers ? Mrs Rabin, daughter and child; Nr. T Amor, 4ife. three children and two servants; Mr. J. A. Arsac, 6 Ga niio, it oUmendi, T. 81m>n, V Gallet, lira Collins, Ur. Uayman, P. Boureret, I. Gurnet, A. Camanna, M Kami rrz, J Ramirez, Mrs. Gourgues, daughter and child; Mrs Sumhi and son, <>. Bohn and wife, Mr*. Merriei and son, H Wallace and wife, Mies J. Stevenson, Mrs Norton and child, Hon. K. W Church wells, J. Hal , G. W. B lines H. J. Stevens, M. Sturbide, S. Wallace, A. A messy and ?on, B. Topiete, T. Cordova, Mr. Sans, Mr. Palmers, O Goelbrkh, G Frank, G. Gibbon, A Hodman V. Pina, A. Barrel)!, G. Westerndors ? and eleven in the steerage. Alio $102,196 31 in Mexican specie? part of the late two million conducts. Vera Csrz, April 9, 1861. The leading items of Mexican news, Uken out by the steamship Tennessee, which sails this morning, are as follows ? lK>ath of Lerdo do Tejada, on the 22d of March, at Tacubaya, of typhus fever. The deceased was one of the most prominent candidates for the Presidency , and known hroughout the republic for bis industry, historical ac quirements, and groit skill in finances. Reported death of Gen. l'artearroyo, former Minister of War In the constitutional Cabinet. Mlramon's ex Premier, 0. Isidore Diaz is said to have been condemned to be shot at Mexico, Friday last. But this Is not generally credited. Mr. Weilor, the United States Minister, it reported to have awl In his resignation. _ Arrival of a specie conducts of three millions, th~ greater portion of which was taken, and shipped by the British packet. I Stnor Mattt, late Minister to Washington, has been ap | pointed Minister to Knghuid Gen. Uragagoes Minister to Washington. Benor Mora goes Minister to Prussia. Senor Gomez Farias has been appointed Minister to Belgium. General Robles' title of ?'Citizen of Vera Cruz'' his been withdrawn by the Legislature of the Stale. The reason assigned is his participation in the bombardment of the city. All titles of Fxcellentissimo, Sonoria, &c , have been abolished and the address of "Honorable'' adopted in '? their place. Permission has been given by Juarez to the Protestants of the city of Mexico and Matamoroe, to open churches in those cities, for religious services according to their faith. Streets coatinued to be cut through convents at the capital. Since the death of Mr. Lerdo, whoso family has bean, in a laudable manner, taken oare of by the goverament, Juarez's i-Lances for the election of President have naturally greatly increased, and there is little or no doubt now that bo will he or is elected. I am assured from a very excellent quarter that the government gets along very well; the only drawback is want of money. In consequence, it is rumored, that the appointed Min isters abroad have declined acceptance, as the treasury is empty and the government cannot afford to pay six months' salary in advance . 1 leajn also that no Minister will go out to the United States for the present. Mr. Welle r Is said to be very popular at the city, and has more Influence and sympathy than all the other fo reign Ministers together. His retirement from this coun try will be by none more sincerely regretted than by the President and his Cabinet at the capital. Seourity of the roads between this city and Mexico has been re-establish ed, and measures for peace, &c. , are vigorously prosecut ed by thegovernment. Yours, &c. B P. S. ? Thegovernment is said to be busy establishing a new and much reduced tariff, which will soon go into effect. The Flash leaves for New York on thelStb. Vkka Cm/., April 0, 1861. While I penned my lapt, of the 22d ult., auniuncing to you the death of Mr. Minuel Gutierez Zamora, constitu tional Governor of this State, another of our great men was breathing his last. Mr. Miguel Lerdo de Tejada died at precisely the same hour at which our late Governor wat departing from this world's scene, and precisely on the very night and at the very same hour at which Miramon tired his list shell upon the city a year ago. The liberal party has lost two of its most active and honest members, when loss is irreparable. The whole country is mourning the loan of these two well deserving citizens, while the priesthood and Its fol lowers are rejoicing. Vera Cruz already swarms with friends of Miramon, | who, on finding our late Governor out of the way, sjw the reed or discord again. Former aids and officers un der Miramon, and thoso very men who directed the guns and mortars upon our city, are piradiDg the streets of Vera Crux. The only example of energy shown by the general government of Mexico tun been the execution of I)ou Antstasio Trejo, who was found conspiring in the city of Mexico, and consequently caught and shot ten hours afterwards. This TTejo belonged onco to the liberal party, and be haved bravely in the defence of the Castle of i'erote wlitn besieged l>y Echeagaray some two or three year* ago. On evacuatirg the Castle, Trej i came w ah about 100 men . forming the parrleon to Vera Cruz, and hid a prince ly leception. The general government, then established here, con ferred m h:m the title of Gene.'al. and ordered him to the neighborhood of Orizaba against Negrete, at oriztha There this Trejo turned traitor, was bought over by Ne grete through a womw. woo was ssnrinoed for thai pur pose, and since theu traitor TreJ.) has hern a devHed officer in the ranks of Miramon and the church part/. lately he was conspiring with Negri to at the capl'tl, and Kidnapped in time, while Negrete made good liu ?scape. Ir President Juarez follows up nal acts vigorously, take my word eoliing will he b iar4 again of pronuru ii mitvt - 1 and rtvehuii n It <s paid that !"on leidro r>l*z, former M'uiitcr of Mira mon, is also condemned tj bo shot. pfJaf being against him sufficient to deserve a bun?tr?il deaths. lie cert \ nly had an active bind In the robbery of th Brit; ih I *gv tlon. Mono/ I edo and Robiee are still under th" roif of the Fr> cch Legation. The two brothers of Mirarn rm I ;.vo bte'.y or^a'ko l on bivird the Knglifh steamer t j )in tae cx Trey 1 ;..t a*. Cuba. Captain Aldhun is still l'r ger'.cg, In a danftarons nndi tion, at Cordoba. Ills aro tj e< tract the fragments of tae scattered lime tro-q the wound in bif leg : ix of the bandit." have been ca'ight and or i in prison. Eight more are still tt large, but the Gov.?rno. assures ;hj British Consul that all will be bco ight to jn itlce. Ci boK, one of MiramoB'sgecera'.a, was seen abo it Ihe of the att-wk i n t'apt. AMbasn in the n^'ghb'irb ? ?l, and i' Is presumed that the robkers or a*f u- on w re hU hirelings rlie Governor of 0\ac v has excited e ght highway roblx is, who were cauxht in theai:tbf killing - ? ? t lor, and robbing Uls freight. A condi < ts or speeie train, with iiV>oa? * t COl foO, ar rived here on the;>otb of 1-ift n.oo'h, of whl i | ' r)00 000 w i ,?? t * j > Tied .n the royal Trail steame f' I d_<i .u I, and ft50 COt) gt cs out ? tl e .- t. a-iifchip .'or your j, rt. ilie raiirosd to Medellin, loui.d i ny our late Govern, is m at if l ompleted, at a c ?et ?>! ab"Ui t .fO.OOO. oil, i-rs ard rr w on bjnr<l the United States sblp Mt -.' d in ian s"' all well. i* tj. ? The steamer bos been >' lxjel on wjconnt of aortli -rn giles | ?rt venting discharge. Hms to-da/. Notblf g <?f lnte:e#t li>is occurred 1 1 add. There 'H ? protitUitT taat Gen Igav;lo Ia I.'ave witi be our r.i \t Govt rti r, as th** p ople intend to make In n t ,i rc indldate the next cli c' MS. Conrt of Before * Full Uoncb . ll'Tntr et al. n. Woo- 1 tt a'. ? Two enact* between the cane lames, involving tin: same i|tn atioun, and arg ied Ugether. At>out the 1st or April, ISM, tbe plaint iflfe entered into a contra H with the agent of the K'.ate prtaon at ?mp 8itg fcr t*e labor of frcm fifty to one hundred convict*, to tic empliy<vl a' tnikirg snae, for a purloj of three yearr from tbe in of Way, 1451, with the privilege of eatending it to flvt yia'* (>n tbe 16tb of April, before the i: ntraot went into cll< ct. Jbe plaii>tiff< fold o'lt tbe contract to the de fen lenu i or < bonus of #l,utO ? year, payabio on tb? 1st of N'. vernier of ?*?' b y? at (Jurirg the c ntlnu toco of tl * coulrtct Tl;c *?vp brot,'?tt$ to 1 ecover t vo of I Uiecc annual inptalmen'p, wh;cU re'ued I ti|?y. Tbf (J.f mJanff m'Vj.' th? orl-'na. "'ntnet | wa? contrary to ibe l-?w .^..Utirg thfl WnV.; ? vktofe raqntrw tbm mtoh cwirttU ^.Tii ? * Mte and, both in V J u " 1 berof convict* to boctrplorei ,. 10 ard that tlie c>i tract I* .. -*? "><* rw'r; ? ?f 4 ' !T?o , -?? C. Wo^ lU C- '..UVontl '3 O I t?c rtatme *.M roll luo> ;.lro con Vend that tbo ai:igu nuit 01 i be cm'rftci by the origin! contractors In kfa'.nM P'<hlic policy, and therefore degai and void, and they did r,o'. coa'tltiitc a I era l c.TOtde ra'.ion for the promise to jay the boon* of 91 COO ?. jetr. Tbe Supreme Court ;tvc J'iditniett for the p*lnllfTs. u d dcfondtuts apjwi'ed. The >'<fecdanttt' oo??;*ol argued (ail ttto prutoners In 'hi? btatf pr.son* ?>r< the wards ol tin- -It K> thai thoug i their r'vtl r 'f. l> * w are ?'>?pend?d dvnvg their imprU?oora< nt, ft it rnly tl'C more inijierative du'.y rf tbe ofrl ;er? to whom ?he govf rut.O'at Of the pt eon t 11 entrusted to bo careful in ttM> Mo tion of tbe j<er6> nn to wlmm t'.io/ giv* con touts tur the labor 01 cocviou, that the beiKd'.ont rihcme of primn discipline, which lo >k< aa w#!l to ttieir moral training i^d rr fortiation a* to Uieir awful emploj n-.'nt, may not lie tuwarled That these ooiitracUi are like ii ?-..tufej of ?!p; that a personal troit If rej* ried In tlx I'otit: actora whi h they hive m anth'Tlty to deli k ate to another, ar it that it i* agiiojit public p"! ? y to permit jiereong to make tb?ne cjntractf with the view lo apeciilal on hv Kliitg tuem to o hera. He ? "i argred, to ?na!'.>ry to thn welf known doctrii e that an imu-ntura ?f appr nticeablp oanaot bo a><?!g'i-d, I nit ;bt ?ei'i^Lmint af the contract for th" j ?r ?on*l <i -v v r< * of priMinwa wm I'l. x j' aad v, i 1. *rd tint no ri-'ht of action could arme \ t,ui a. luliwful 'Viuaidi ration. Mr. Unaiel K SiekW c?>uo*< I tor d. fci. anC' Mr. Klward Well* coumcI for ib? p!aiiitt(T?, In (ted Staff* Ctrmtt (Unrf. B?for? Hou. .indgo iinipmvi. ACT ION Fon Ri.ANPKR. Vofjlll I IVfftl rl. Plftfff H Gi l'.tt ? Tli f wiim an a( lion bio'igbt by the ^laintiil for wor,.? apoken by the <l-ri>p in'., Injuring the reputaiioo ainl^redll of the pl?in t IT .a buaineea tranaacti'mi. The partus to the above suit ?.cfe fi rnv ri) p*rtnota in bueitios* lutbwcity. Ver diet iot the pUintlff $1 ,2(V>. ftealftnatton of the Norfolk Navy Agiaf. Noar>n.a, Ve , ApiiJ IS, ISfll, Ceorge Nary Afeot of ttua city, mm ruugoed. SEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Anlrtl of (Ike Overland Kxprciii Ton Kkakmy, April 17, 1M1. The pony express, with San Francisco dates to the fltb ?est. , passed here at half past three o'clock this a' tor - uoon, with the following Intelligence for the press ? Sam Kramcwco, April ?. 1881. Arrived on the <Hh Inst., the steamship Cortes, from Panama. Sailed, ship Ocean Telegraph, for New York. Accounts from the interior of tne State represent tho roads in such bad condition that It will require considera ble time before goods cad be transported to the prin cipal mining districts. Not much activity In trade is anticipated before the close of the month, unless operations take place la antici pation of the country demand. Crashed sugar has advanced '?c. Pork declined? mar ket doll. Coal slightly improved. OoQ'ee active and to good demand for all descriptions. Grain market dull Since the election of Senator, Boundary Commissioner and officers for the State institutions, the Legislature tin commenced to work industriously. Throe railway com panies have been granted franchisee for laying horse rail ways through principal streets In San Francisco, being re stricted to five cent prices of passage. Senator McDougal departs for Washington on th? 11th One reason assigned for his departure forthwith Is tho purpose of endeavoring to influence some of the Calif >r nia appointments, about which there is unspeakable anxiety among republUan politicians at the p-ejent time The bill appropriating money for the survey of the btr bor of San Franclico, under the direction of a eorps of United States engineers, to ascertain the necessity of constructing a bulkhead, passed both houses of the L?gis lature. The last Eastern bound stage on Butterfleld's overland mail route has left Han Francisco, and the pony express now furnishes overland communication with the East. Accounts of the damage in the mining regions, result ing from the late storm, represent the loesee far greater than was at first anticipated. The dam supplying water for the principal quartz mines of Colonel Fremont and the Mariposa Company were partially carried off, and cannot be repaired before September, thus reducing the yield of gold one-third or more. Meantime It 1b thought that the damage by the Tuolumne Company amounts to one million of dollars. The Spring Valley Water Works Company introdu o 1 water in their reservoir on the hills near the southern borders of San Francisco on the 4th, from whenco they expect to supply water to the greater portion of the city , in opposition to the Bonsley Company. The United Slates District Court hoe rendered a decision giving to Robeit Morrison $25,000 damages against the Pacific Mall Steamship Company, because the company sold Morrison a ticket and entire stateroom for himself and wife, from California, and then compelled tlAm to give up their room at Panama and each make the balance of the imssage in a room where there were two other passengers. The Breckinridge State Central Committee have not agreed to propose a fusion with the Douglasitee, there being no chanco. except by adopting the Douglas plat form. They have adopted an address acknowledging all as democrats who favor the Crittenden Compromise reso lutions and oppose coercing the seceded States, and have called a State Convention for the 11th of June. The steamer Panama on the 4th brought Oregon dates to the 29th ult. , and British Columbia to the 28d George K. Shield and A. J. Thayer, contestants for the successor ship of Mr. Stout in Congress, arc among the pjissecgers who arrived, on their way to Washington. Also lady Frtnkiln and her niece. Molggs' sawmill, on the Columbia river, had been bhwn up, killing nine men. The Portland papers allege that silver mines have been discovered in rock on Gray's river, at Astoria. The whole of Vancouver's Island, together with the small islands which form the dependencies of tho colony, is now thrown open to pre-emption By a proclamation of Governor Douglass, a large num ber of negroes have been struck from the voters' list in Victoria. A project Is before the British h"me government for a complete exploration of Vancouver's Island. Die plan, says the Othmitt, 1b simply to form two exploring parties each party to be divided into a land and a water party; one exploring the west coast in one of her Majesty's steamships, and the other, with one of her Majesty's gun boat I, to pass up the east or Gulf of Georgia side of the it land. Marine Disasters. Btji'AN, April 18, 1H41. Ti e schooner Slnepuxant, of Rnew Mil, Md , Captalu Scarborough, with a cargo of cirn to Anhor K. Havens, New York, and schooner J. P. Burrows, of tfoow 11.. I, Md., with a cargo of wood for New Tork, aie ash?re hero and will probably be saved. V Schooner Mary P. Willets, from Egg Harbor, wltn.a cargo of charcoal for New York, al?'> went ashore nice miles north of BarnegU Inlet, und with her c.irga is <i total less. Fires In New York. FIRE IS DUAXK 8TRKET ? LOSS A BO IT f2"i,000. fhortly after ono o'clock yesterday morninp a fire was d scovered In the basement of the building No. 101 Duane street, hi the i art occupied by John King, dea'er la shie threads. The firemen extinguished the fl.-o bo'iro U et tenle l iiryond the basement, but not uot.l considerable dam Imd be- ii done by water and smok*' to t!<0 g "ids on the upper iloors. Mr King's ions w II rrotiahlv amount to $8,000 or jlO, 000 Insured for $2:> 700. in tho Allowing companies: ? Park fVOOO Kings Oonuty $5,000 Commerce 5 0<irt Fxi . TOO Rutgers 6 too ? ? ? New Amstrouni 6 W O }ii5,7GO The (irst tliv'r and jurt of tho third llonr are occupied by George W. Issaeks, dealer ti miilloery ???.ds. ^t'?k damaged by water and r.inoke about $15 00%, Insured for 1 16.0U), as follows, viz ? ?uity $2 500 St. Nicholw $r> 000 St. ilsrk'u '1 too Kx.irlslor 5 000 Fast IU\er 5.000 < ity 'J WO Northern, of Phila. . .000 Rutgers 2.500 nrorVjt 2 500 Moatauk 5,000 Ktllcf 2 600 Llvi rpuol & I/>udou 6,000 T?l* I $ 15,000 I'n-t <? the !'? < md II v>r ir occnp el by \v j.iraoc Smith, des'er in woollen goods; lo ?-o it f ?? ? j ,r ? ; or ;-(j,750 in the Son Mutual tasuranco C iiipaa/. The lmlidir* be'ongs ti an eaiatr r i. dan ved , bIkhi' $2to smd to l e intured City Intelligent ??, R; ?!?!? Co-.m i Imhwi.y Kiu.on.? M*. J I)e Sa:t beck, ihe Russian (imsnl General, met with i O >d ci iTt yestrrcay moralng, which terminated la h'.Vc'b While di ivr g up Broadway in a brggy, In c urmv w th his wife, hs horse slipped suddenly, and I n<d the In. Cg In s""h a v. ay an to threw Mf. He Ns'tb^ck fnrel blj upon the rosd, bis hea I striking a iol"i >.K , in 1 i > P'lvenn iit. When piekid up life was entirely ex ,n t FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thuhspat, April 1H? o p. JJ. The street has again been convulsed nil iUy by conflicting ruoiors from Virginia , whisk ettlod down at last to a pretty general belief that that State had receded or wan about to gftnede, an l that Hftrper'a Ferry Arsenal and nart of the Nary Yard a' Norfolk liad been noised. I nder thin alarming intelvcnce *11 olaaaaa of securitle- d cliwril, mil At V#f (uuo UiCft eveiy appearance of a panic. Now Vork Central fei! 1V- a* ** w?r",li? ' IT Eric l, Hudson y%% Harlem preferred 1'4, R, ' 2\, Pacific Hail Illinois Central 2, JW ' _ U*.,ral 2V guaranteed 1*^, Galena 51" n . Island l'\, Furling* ? ?nd Quincy 1 \'v Tennng ree-i declined 3%j tither Htatc atocka wore Htealy. The new federal sixes foil one per cent -making a fall ?( fi per cent since the recent award. lie tween tho boarda the market wa? dull; In the afternoon everything was considerably tower ajain. New ^ ork Central fell off I per oont, Illinois Central 1 %. <>alena2, Erie '4, and ot! r stock in proportion. The market was heavy at tho clo-o, the followit gbeing the last quotation* U id ted States t'l, 1874, S3 a 84; Tennc!?oc r.'s, ,v> a S2; Virginia 6'a, 45 a 47; Missouri 6'a, 17 a t"\; Canton, 9 a 10. Cumberland Coal preferred, ,r? a (5; Pwlawsie and Hudson Canal. 85 ft 88; Pennsylvania Coal, 77 a 7*; Pacific lf?ll, a 7<v New Turk Central, 70 l/t a 70%;: Erie, 21 a 21)4; Hudson River, 3<> , t .17; H .iluro, 12^ a 1? ,; do. prefcr red, 31%* 31 Beading, 31 a 31; MJotdgftn Central, 44 ]/% a 4.r>; Miokli<an boutbern and Northern In diana, 1 %yt a 14; do. guaranteed 28% a J 9' pa. nema, 107 a 109; Illinois Cent*?l, ?, ' a ?>'2 ' 4 , Q*i >na and Chicago, C0}{ft 61; Cievelatc nd Toledo, 21 a 2 Cbi( fagoand Hook Island. 40V{ a to ???_ "i.j cago. Burlington and Qnlncy, C'iJ^s it; Milwau kee nn<l Miasiaaippi, ft a 9; la Crosse and Milwau kee land grant bonds, 6 ft 9; Illitota GtBtrll bondi, 90 ft 01. 1 here is lothing doing in exchange or money. Btislneia is stagnant, and tho attempt of capital tot* to create an improved inquiry for money falh fton: the scarcity of paper On call the brokers continue well supplied at 4 a 5 per cent. For vterling bill* banker* ask about 10"ff , and 3.30 fur r ir. ? , but we Lear of uo transact iouu of cousg qnence. The proclamation of Mr. Davis, 0f the S<>u'b-rn confederacy, calling for privateers to prey on < rt trn commerce, baa crea ed onsid?-rtble commotion in mercantile circle*. Not that, any 2 ? ' .ah,e "ni?ber of people apprehend tint Mr. a-w will find many Bailors willing to run their neck* into a baiter by accepting his letters ..f .canine, but becausc the spirit of the proclama tion foreshows a seizure of Northern vessels in Hon, hern ports. There are many Northern ships in almost every large Southern port. It 13 feared that many of these will be Be, zed before they can get to sea. Pro per prudence, after the seizure of the New York ships by Governor Brown, of Georgia, ought to have warned onr shipowners to keep their craft out of Southern waters. It has not done so, it perms, and it now remains to be seen how severe a penalty may be exacted by the South. At any rate no time should now be lost in ordering every Northern *hip now in Southern ports to set sail without a moment s delay. The following was the business of the Sub-Trea sury to-day:? IWoiOt* ? F>r customs 7.7.77 HZ P?*ireijta .. ??????? 78,e 00 00 llalarce ,, D ' 81 The Board of Brokers resolved this morning to hold no second session on Saturday afternoon, on account of the Union meeting which is to assem ble that day. They also voted $2.">0 towards pay ing the expenses of the meeting, and $1,000 to the Seventh regiment. The Merchants' Insurance Company of Boston bas declared a dividend of six per cent. The following are earnings of Western railroads the second week of April:? lfwio. mj Catena and Chicago ?2i 268 12 isi i ia* ttlcogo and Rock Island.. 1?,572 15 618 2 954 fee Miih'gan fentral 35 772 36 928 Cleveland and Toledo 18|706 20 974 2,269 inc! The following statement of the debt of Virginia! compiled from the most recent sources, is pub lished: ? bonds;;:::::::::::;::; $3]M Due library fund iffiS? Contingent (goaruiteed ) .'.7.' . ^l 'l3s'fioo Subscriptions to railroads S*, Subscription* to Internal improvement 'earn- ^ Ap^atloM- W000 Jobn Brown raid om nnn To arm the State? total 1 mo'ooo Expenses of legislature and Convention 1J0 000 ^'""1 *il(nn orirt? aPPr<?P"-iatod to railroads the sum of fl8 ( 00,000. H?r annual income from beriateront inthmA rottdB is only $160,000. she hut appropriated to cinals the ?J, V,5 ?05C>00? Not one *?? she receive In the way of dividend or interest, or Is ever likely to re nikoa' canal stock. She has Invested intura pikes, plank roads snd bridges, $1017.092 The amount received annually from this souroe Is $3 098, or 7 1 000 of 1 per cent on the whole amount invested. ' In the United States District Court of Kentucky this week a verdict of $t!30 40 was returned in fa vor of Marcus Donnison, in a suit bronght against the city of Covington. The Cincinnati Gazette fur nishes the following report of the case:? The action was brought to the Cnited States Circuit ?wmia t0 rCKC0V?: *5'160 of Interest due on dfty bonds of $1 000 each, dated September 1, 1852. and duo September 1, 1872, with interest, payable semi an ? 1 v ' k0' , Interest coupons wore attached to the bonds. An act of tbo Legislature of Ken tucky authorized the Covington and Lexington Railroad Company to borrow $2fO 000 on its . redit, and also au thorised the city of Covington "to endorse said bonds, or to lean Its credit to the railroad company In any other mannerthe city might determine, provided the ?nalid?<t voters of the city consent thereto by petition or voting " The constitutional question was considered by the Court ns thoroughly settM against the defendants by a greit rnmbrr of authorities. (?n the twi list points it was lb? b?n'1* h*TinK Passed into the hands ol inno cent holde-s, it whs too late for the city to question the regularity of the a ,ts of itn offlcori; that tho bonis n >r port id to be issued in conformity with the provision^ ,.f' the act, and that the purchasers were Dot required to bejond tbe.r race and tho leuisUtive act for tho au thor Ity to issue the fame, but had a right to nrmmma t'lat the requisites of the .,' t hid bo2n wuh -I-ircotat'or Uon,lB hil'1 bo?n and put in Annexed is the statement of tho Bunk of the State of Indiana, made on the :<0tb of March:? ,, AsfHf. ' Notes and bills discounted ?. .a7 a,0 Remittances and other items 17 Biinn e between branches. . ;? '!,* asking houses and other real estate. '?<i .>,? < h nir.inH? On deposit in Vow Vork ci ?oo <,?? Other br-.nk t>a?*nc.?, ft40 sto Ko?r8 of other banks ... .. m ? KM .8.,^ . .T.'Zi' tumii ?'????? Pap tal stork , ,,, Surplus fund uiVkiin Profit and Ins, .7. 7. . . .7.7.7. 0? P.F Hce ether banks |W5? 072 6. u rrxlaimed dividends and ot'bw iiim?7.7.'.'. .7. 45 'su Individual deposits. . , , .? '?14 Circulation. . T. . .. 7.'.' " "4' VsVioi Lets notes in branches ; ? 87 086-4,701,113 T.0t'1' Annexed is the statement of tho Pittsburg banks for the la*t week- - &z*Bs Bt "HIT H as #as ff Ah. ght'ny . . . i.^4,6i6 20'?,s8'i 400 5b0 ll(vl4 IsYwu'k ?'W6'Ml0 3~C^ W((k... t> 1,741,515 3,l.'0,2.a 1,9,0 975 Tccrowie . Co-ftaac. ? 47,060 *67,388 ? 74 810 20,728 *5000 U 8 ?'?, 'Si reg 10008 tlo 2:>ooo <io 1000.7 <tO 10(00 do M 28080 U f 6'a. '81 cm ,r>t0 Tres 12 p c n<t< rrc <? Kentucky ?>, , fOO Tewi 6't, SO. 10000 d" IIS 10000 Virginia C ? *30 6048 do 6( 00 <J0 2C00 do |0<0 V O'ollm 6V CO(H) Mlsw urlO * <*0 Stick Emhange^ Tmi*Hai>at , April 18. 185; If*' rIb Ku ? RR. 700 (!?)..., ICO do 76 do *:o do i'OO I?u.T=">-> Hi r?r RR SO do 320 Harlan RR 18 89 *8^ Ml)' 87% *8 87 100 90 66 63 V ?7

43 47^, 41 U 69 49 X 48 40 49 V do do.... 1'ijf 100 UMMNIgMalk if i o Oitlf- rnla 7'* 70 loco N Y 6'S, 1K4 98 - ni\ 6'a, 1876 . loo % "nib* 81 2 21 ai 21', 21^ 37-; 37).,' 280 do 100 do .... bflO 60 Jarlcm RRpf sio 100 vlo ato 2>0 do 60 do. ISO Reading KR ? 12V 13 82 V 32 V 82 k 32 V 6*0-0 stto fOOO 21 :< 0 II to d >. do. do .MO .?10 100 do. JO Ml h On RR..el8 180 do SO do *10 100 Mich .V N I BR i"v? . <u<() l'thi b low 81 1{ 48 40 16 U _ _ .81 1'25 do 30 V 100 do ao>4 60 do hIO 30 1378 IU Can IB acnp 03 *,>,(10 M rh f?0 R f ?>? 1000 III Octi RK bf?.. SCOO do 3 .00 <'.0 POCO M.IAWRR tm r< ?>o -uipr laKRlm. fthb? BW Sew York 10 Vorrhnnta' Bark 81 !>2 w V PI 98 40 PI 97 86 ro 70 250 mo 25 do. *30 do. do (10. do. >...s? 6 B*6k ?f Amattaft 104 V 100 Cum'i Co?1 Pf' f ;,0 PaUfle Ji si Co. io do 1*>0 do....... 20 do , mo ?to 2C0N YCea KR ... r>o 400 1260 00 AO 460 460 8E0 do. d? do do. do. do. ?o. do. . blO . .> 5 . :!0 r80 (I V v 73 V 73 73 \ 72 '< 78 V 7SV 7a v 72 72 71V 71V "V 71 28 Clor. Col Ac C KR 5 Irftl A till RR. . . . 11 do 300 do CO do ICO do IOO do 1(,0 Cl?v l ot RR . . 200 do 463 Chi ft Rk r RR . . 160 do 250 (10 60 do *10 60 Ohl ,Burft( "*R lift 66 60 do 25 Pel, Lit W RR.. 80 13 NJ??racf Can RR. lio 10 (feraay RH 119 02 V e'v 81V 63 V ni 95 65 64 6?V 63 63', 63% an V 27 42 4a v 42% 4 2 SgC'nND BO ART?. l.'.OOCO wn, '81 .r'd. ?3 VO ih* NY Coo RR. ?000 l-VO'a.'Hl.c'B. 86 60 do *10 !< CO 1*H 6'8,'74,C'n. 84 roco rr'\12pc notes 100 3M 0 10? V fix 0 Tern 6'a, '90.. 62 61 *?.V 62 47 47 47V 46V 6000 do 2<* ( 0 do ?,.(00 do ?3 io&f Virginia . K-000 do *10 (to.. t(/00 do aio iOOO ?'af8i'0 48 ffOC do 48% 2WH0 do ? 48 ?."iOOO Rrk'n c w* In. ICO ?OCO X Cate na M 4000 ?*o ?10 67 100 "b* Canton Ob ... 10 uoivim m f<Oo... 70 mmroinu "iv UO d'> iM 71 200 do. 71V 100 Krlo HR. 100 do K'rt Budaon Riv RR. 110 do 100 nnrlrm RR .'MO M?r|. m UK pref.. 71V 70;, tiv 21 '< r,7 ?7V 12', 32 900 RrHdiag RR 81 V 350 Mich < cm KR "0 Mi S.<i V ind RR. 100 Mi H X Ind g #k. 100 111 Oaii RK acrip . 100 do 3J0 dl 60 do ftSO 326 <ial ftOliic RR... fi"J d ?> 2ml do.,,, 60 do 1 10 Uto ft Tol RR 400 do ion (%| ft RklRR. .. 160 (l?l. Bur ftiyr RR, 46 m MM 29V ?8 03 V 02 <j 62 02 ?U| 01 4 80 V 26 a?v 41 0? CITY COMJMCACIU HEPORT. Tn-HODiy, April IS? a P. V. Asma.? The market wii quie: and Mlea confined u ! small lota at old prieea. Bnuwm mi ? Flour? The market *u lees active and . p?ice? were without change of moment. The sales em brared about 10,000 bbls., cloaing within the following : range of prlcea ? Knperflne State 90 05 a 6 15 1-xt'a state, g od to choice 6 20 a 6 40 So perdue Wei tern 6 06 a 6 15 Common to choice Western extra 6 26 a 7 20 Mixed *o straight Southern 6 "2* a 5 ?0 Straight to good extra do 6 10 a T 25 Choice extra family and bakers' brand*.. . 7 25 a 8 00 Rye flour 3 30 a 4 05 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandywlne 2 46 a 3 15 ? runaotun Hour was in better request, with sales of atiout 600 bblg at $5 25 a $7 60 for extra. Southern j lt"or wss steady, snd cbo?c? extra brands were held with I Urmiets The gales embraced about 950 bbls. , closing ! Within the 'sngi' of the above figures Rye Hour wai in fair requfit. with sales of 400 bbls at our quotations. Corn meal was quiot and prices were unchanged while mien were small. Wheat was dull and heavy, and , I for some grades about 2c per bushel lower, while choice ; ? white lots were firmly held. The sales embraoed about ' ' 60 .000 bushels, including Chicago spring. No. 1, at $1 20; $1 46 ? $1 06 for white Western; $1 36 a $1 3d for red i Western, (1 36 for red .State, and $1 20 a $1 26 for Cui C?go Sj>r)i g Corn w an steady, with sales or 50,000 hugh e's Western mixed at 62<- for new and 87c. for old. Rye I was in request at 68c. a 69c. Barley was quiet. Utts i wt.-e dull. Con** was quiet and s ilea were limited. 200 bags of Jamaica were made at p. t. Corfu* ? The market was firm and active. Thn sales embraced about 350 bale*, closing on the basis of 12jl{c- a 12;?c for middling uplands. nmnt ? To Liverpool 20,000 bushels of wheat were engaged, in hulk,p%rt at9>?d ; 3 OOObbls flour at 2s. 9d., and some larJ at 27-* 6d. To Glasgow 1,000 Ubld. flour were engaged at 3s. 9d. There was nothing new reported for London. 11a* was quiet snd sales light, at 75c. * 80c. for ship ment, which is likely to bo suspended to Southern pcrtfi Mot ashks ? Same 76 a 100 hhds. wore sold in small lota, icc'udibg Porto Rico at 31ft. and Cuba at 19c. Naval Storks ? The sales embraced about 8,000 bbls. a' $1 36 afloat, and 700 do. at $1 40 from yard. Some sales of Southern straght and shipping lots were reported at 36c. a 36 jac. .while New York barrels were sold at 38c. Provisions ?Pork was firmer and in speculative de mand. with sales rf 3,200 bbls., at $18 a $18 50 for moss, and at $13 25 a $13 60 for prime Beef was Arm, with ?ales of 260 bbls., at $8 76 a $10 26 for repacked mess, and $10 60a$lt 60 for extra. Beef hams were firm, with sales of 200 bbls at $15 a $16 50 Cut meats were better and in rair demand, at 7c. a 7}+o. for stnulders, and at 8%c. a Be. for bams. Lard was active, with sales of 400 a 600 bbls at 9^c. a lO'.o. Butter and cheese were steady and in fair demand. Rim. ? There was a speculative movement, with tales of 2,600 casks, all on privato terms. Srtuns. ? The market was steady and in fair demand, with sales of 1 500 hhds , at unchanged prices, included in which was a small lot or New Orleans at 5*?c. Whbskt waa firm, with sales of 400 a 600bbla. at lfiV- a 20c. SHIPPING NEWS. 8PICIAL NOTICE. d I ?mltd. At! pork" ft and letUm i utendal for the Nkw York IlSRALD )wuld bt ?<w?J alkumo roa mew to**? this rat. sow una 6 161 moor sets mora 1 67 Bin bits 6 42 1 mob *itm morn 2 49 Port or New York, April 18, 1801. raiiBtn Ship Wild Pigeon, May hew, Valparaiso? Fabri k Chauncey. Shio Loudon, Hurlbut, London? Otlnnell, Mlnturn A Co. Bark Advance (Hr\ Cann, Bristol? Boyd A Hincken. Bark Oabriele ( llal), CoUora. Newcastle ? F Bertboud. Bark E J Mead, Leparl, Oonoa? Brett, Hon A Co. Bark Hyperion, (Mbson, Barbados? T T Dwlgbt. Brig Jeanette (Dan1, Funk, Londonderry? Fancb St Melncke. Brig Ocean Spray, Atwood, Buenos Ayres, Ac? R P Rack A Co. 8c 3 r Ransom (Br), McVeilly, Rt Johns ? D R Dewolf. Bebr Nurragansett, Hall, K?y West? Benner A Bcbr Oraresbot, , Norfolk? Bturgea, Clearman k Co. Bchr Vorkiown. Woglan, Alexandria? F Dodge, Jr. Schr J CrandalL, Gage. Aleiand.ta? B F Small. Bi br Angel. a, Lee. Baltimore ? Merrill A Abbott Srhr Thoe Jefferson, , Salem? R W Ropes k Co. Mtesaner Jersey Blue. Chadaey, Newport. ARRIVED U 8 revenue steamer Harriet Lane, Capt John Faunce, Charleston Bar. Steamship Bavaria main), Meter, Hamburg, April 1, via Southampton 4th, with mase and passengers, to Kunhardt k Co Steairsblp Baltic, Fletcher, Obarteiton Bar, with Major An derson and men from Fort Sumter. Bhlp Cyn- sure, Robinson, Liverpool, Feb 8, via Mobile April I, with salt, to John A McUaw: 11th inst. ofl Oarysfort reef was In company with ships John albert, of Boston, and Atlantic, of Batli both bound out of the Oulf. 12th lnat, at 11 AM, oft Martaniila reef, saw steamship Atlantic steering South, her decks full of men. Ship (lov Merton. Donbar, London, March 2, the Downs 13th mid the l.lzardH 23d, In ballast, tottmT Coleman. Has eitiprlenc^ heavy gales In the channel; carried away cross. jn< kvard. spilt sails, Ac March 16, at 3 aM, staudlng in for the <"u>*, with starlieard tacks aboard, saw a vessel on the opposite tack, the helm was immediately put hard a port to a. old a collision, wten struck us on the port quarter, carrying away niizz- n rising and the backstays, cutting the ra.l snrt plans shear down, ilama^ng sails and m<zz?uuiast. Slid stove lu the port quarter. What d.mau" the other vessel icctiml m no', knoun lllh it??t, iat :<fl 06, long 67 21). spoke Br hark Marengo, hence for Hlgo. 14th Inst. Iat 69 SO, long 1 9 On, raw ship Daniel lloadli v. hence Kkb, Island B 30 mi) m, a ship's mi7 zemnatt, with upp;r and lower /opsal'yard atiaiii'd. Ship Ro'-ert Treat (Br, of Varmouth, NS), Flint, Cardiff, V.irch 14, with Iron Ac, to Thomas James. From March 14 to i 6th had sir. tig W gates; passed t ape Clear 24th; the pre vtiiliug winds during theremiind'Tot the pa isage were N and t, ?lth fltie weather; aith, .-.nmuel iiarber K'sher, ordinary tan.' n, ?as li st ovorboai I from the fore toosailyard. i-btj KtCamazno. Taylor, Rotterdam, left ITelv ft Feb 26, snchi u<l In the Downs Ki rch i, with me.ze, to order. hi peilenc. d a S'ii:< i ssion of KW and tester * gales dining the pa ?f .gr, split -alls, carried aviy s ings, topsail sheets, An. 4tn Mairh weighed anchor from tre Downs, and only made lie Mlcilli Islands Iiltli Marrh. '2th inst, Charles Jones, te'Mird, i. f Baltimore .'led if consumpt'on. fehlp Vioore's Fort iBn, (o iihurst, iVniartra via Now Or haus, April 1, in btillast, (o Williams <1 Onion. Bark rb?vi\Ul?, Anderson, Rio Janei o, I eh 20, with coffee to U iklhiid A V . n fachs. lias experienced very heavy wea ther Ha ik Old Dominion Johnson Carden.v, 7 days, with sugar to Robert A V,'llliatn.?. Has had very serere weather. Hark a .ib A Niuki Is f Koarsp. rt!, Nickels, Cardenas, 7 davs, with fiinai <tr to K I' Buck A Co. Bri^j .1 Hnrrte, lor >e* \i rk, sld s >me day. Bs'k Ca.vo., Trinidad, 17 days, with sugar Ac, to Ceo S ; tepbenson 1 art ? i.: etc lei' "el'ast), Rtaple^, 7.aza, March .11, with su g:?r Ac to (I J) Ilr^okrntn. '2th lns?, Iat Si 4" Ion 77 40, spoke ship D L Choate, from Ne? Orleans for Liverpool, 13 diysout 16lh, oB Cape M?y, spoke ship Lancaster, from rhlladelpbte, >"-?rrlng ^E. K?rk Pi 'or l.emi'i, Hoey, Bavannah. 8 d?ys, with eotton Ac t ' Demtli A Co. llrig Loch Li niond (oi St", klon.i, Black, Cardenas, 7 days, v, th sugar, to Dia>t?i . rftlg (<e ? ge Darrlj (i f B.>st"m>. Htowi rs, Cardenas, 8 days, with M'ypr- i'\ 'o I: P Bm-it A *o Prig TTlumpli (Hr of Hall's*), Fui'tvan, Cardenas, 7 days, ai'.r sng- r Ac, to Whitman Br a A . !':ig a- ',a. Pliimm?r, K?ti vitas, Jddajs, with sug.i - Ac, to Ui.ii> r "? Ilk.! vert tieavy v e . |,er Brtg Csnsda (of Porilan4>, Fettingilk N- ivltas, April fi, \.|ih n'i;ar Ac, to "liomp on A linuier. Had some ne ?.y wMther. Brig R?,b? t a I iik'r, 1' ir-tow, New Orleans, 11 days, with hlii Ae, to .1 A N ^ m'lh. Brig Jul a ? A?e%, Ryder, -i IfgfcethpoH for <i.ilem Silir Hannibal (<>; llangor), vv. nt> orth, ( ardenaa, 11 dtys, yi it u nn : s ea, t. ni? ?ier. 7t'i Inst, Otirinr a heavy ij.tle frt'm K I'. ? hlpioi: a Saa, |. st part of deck h M, split sails, sprung aleak, Ac. t i liT h lei" i il? a well (of PMVlllCetowa), Latins m.Orand < 'i.vnisii, April ft, .nth h i. . taiiv, to master eth iust, off CraSd i a;, it ?n ? k-- 6r;g I.i v. is, of Orlnnii, ??ieao; satri- t.n i . i w m V?rtln, f Culan I. .ii) b:>l*0ii, OrM<l, or i rovio, 1 1.. , i.,i Srbr ? ????, ^Dn (B^, Faulkner, Cornwallls, N8, with jo'atiH ? t ii K i . wolie. ? clir fin ry Ysj bee, Collins, Mo'ite, 2tdsys, with ootton, A\ to in i?ter l-rhr (llj v?t,.ien oort, w a'ker, Smyrna, FI#, 9 days. Bchr Tu.s?ii JarksoiiVllia, 0 u?js. if rSJ bating, Sml'h, (iavanttaii (Wdiys. .??clir B -u llli kui'in, W llmtagton, N< . S ilays Pchr A M Bdwards, Kd wards, >ewb' rn. NC, 3 days. fihr lione iy. Bent; d. Newborn, 11 dftys. fchr.l Wei.b, Kldridge, Nev^m. K days. "?ebr H.-r /on, Davis, Newl ern, 8 days frhr Unna M Edwards, Slmmors, Newbant, NC, 4 days. Schr ilemdoa. (lisklll Weshlngton, Nr.ftiiays. Fchr P Boloe, Boi..- '?Va?hliii!!on, BC. ii Jays. Kc h i Occan Wave. V^aiuer, Washington, NC, 4 lays. hrhr ? L Par, til !in-.m, Plymouth, BC, II days. ^<?llr At n. Cola, Fftei'burg, (.days fWhr f w 0 lover. Thowfi, Norfolk, 4 dsys. RfhrCha* Alstnim, tMnn, 1 days. fchr Senator, Patien, "oifilk. 7 d.i*'S Schr VnU i is, Wllie\ , Alexandria, ilays. H<hr Island C'ty, Conklin, ilexandria.- I s. hr.'ns House. Sprague, Aleianot4*. 10 d iva. tchr l'a!i stlne, Csmj i>? II, Aleiandrla, 4 days. Jrchr*nn Ltiis, lien lett, t'lrgiu a Sdsys. firbr J b CnnntMham, Hsr 'y, Virginia, Sdayti, ^rl.rT HAFT' " ' * Fchrt/ PchrJc ___ ?-'clir AlHisnder, I jiw. Wood, VirgTiil*. 4 da?? Fihr Mury Lmma, Henderson, Virginia, 4 days. Kch- F. iv k|r?, fciaridRe Virglu'a, Sdays. Kehr f-chr. .... iehr T I' t'.a per, Taylor, Vligtnls, 4 days. Schr i.< .e it Feoor. t.yw h Virglnhs 4 daya schr .iohn i oh ina, J'lei'tnor*, Virginia, 3 days. Sdir \\m Paeon, Tyler, Virjlnla 4 days. Schr Etna. V oofl, \ Irginla, 4 davs. BelirJ T Brudf. Ha'e, Virginia. 4 dayi. Mir D Davidson, Ketch nn, ? Irpinls, 4 dsys. Kcbi N S line, W right, Virginia, .1 da>s. Fc'ir A <'ooper, Ru?n, Virginia. Schr W Bacon, Tyler, Virginia. Schr Jo'it Ml a k? r. Farren, V Ii clnla. Srhr / Downing, hire, Virginia tor Wew Haven. Ilrhr M Collins, shourda, o^irgetowu, DO, 7 dap. f clir 8 N Smith, lJ?cum. Baltimore, 6 day*, tiperieneed heavy weather. Frill Three BrOlh?r?, I Isev. Balllnio-e, 4 dsra. Schr Rlebaril l ane, salterly, Baiilnioro, 4 days. Frhr Wrh gin, Marshall, FIlMfiethoort for Bast Boston, Schr J H Deruty, l<ewl?, Vllygbethpott for FroTidenee. 8cht Florence,, l,ll*ah< thuori lor Norwich. SrbrT"ins. Ckamrlia, Fllzatmthport for Norwich. Sr'ir D a 'em. l udlatn, EUnl.ethPort for Bridgeport. Schr ue'den (isle. Hnmml?. Illinhsihpoli for Babylon, Ml. Sebr A lennlnji*, De?*e , lOdeyS. seiirTrvon. Ptro'H, IIsrr'nglM. ^chr II (?mlih, Keny, Fortlsnd, 7 days. Schr Ringgold, Sliirg'-s, Dennis, 4 dais. Bchr J (! Calhoun, Singes. Boston for A . I any. Srhr Vintage, Cole, Bo ion for Albany. Bchr E A sten ns, Hammond, Boston for Albany. Schr CI. alter Oak, Kellr, Boston fcr Albany. Schr F.tnc'.lr? Rickey. Dee, Nantucket. Kchr Mary IVce, Bl jzan), New IJaten. Fefir Alfred Barrett, ('orol'h, Albany. F'i op F. I'ost, FetU, ' Irginla, 4 deya." H'r.op Pointer, Nichols, rrovlpeoi*, a dnyt. Steamer Vulean, Morrison. Philadelphia. Htesioerlaconv Ely. fhllad?'lphta Hieamer Hatnsoua Arnv. New Bedford. Bt earner Petrel, Voutig, l'rovldenoe. HFIiOW. Btlg.l Harris, from Cerdeni.s, Brig D Mnlone, from Bavannah. Wind at suasst s. ' B A F L I'svX ? \ irginla, S d ive. },ivfn* e?als. HifcU, .liginta ' ? los J rr?*,w,l_ ** .. .m, s>t'anetV i irginla, 4 iUys. Aleiandar, I .aw. Wood, Virginia, 4 dr" Mury I min i, Henderson, Viru^nia, 4 111 F. Pei kins, Eloridge Vlijin!% :iday? Hr 8 A 'ey'ioi, Huki a, ' Irginla. I ?aya. ir J Bird sail, Hardv. Virginia. .1 day*. MlirrliaaHinf. fair Wrrcnoaarr-We have seen and ronreraail with Mr Thonas Biles, una of the men n board this ship at the time she was lost. u? ?UUa that the 1'gUta <a Hfipras and Body Island were both in sight? the ship bea/tlng NW, the wind from the HE. By an ebtfrvaMon of a ???' had nm? time be fere, the captain judged biniaeil N of the pl*e where Me ?".niek. it waa 4 AM, and the watches had been sailed to tack ? IK and. were Lauliog up the mainsail at ihe tUnu; In hair '" J* pjeee., havlre l'Mtexl off shore, and lb *1"'' ?T**rh on k-r. <>ur start* I UJyiJKa mrzsrsst ^raD?rr Uo^Tt5^ OMhcZe^o-VrX^.?^,^. V^nLH*adTM child, late or the Br ship Jolt" PhillliM who had sold bis ship Id A UMlntlie to he delivered |D ^dtin iTJli II Hill 1 hi. wile had a father In ihu dl, ? ^iTrtler ^ ? Cass, aeoond mate Wm CaSih. .tewart^tJSSS, wk'. BSi Mr?r,r mllb' 'euumD of ">e M aolasing eaawwerekilL ed by falling tpar 1 ^Tavhcii? From the shipyard [of Mr Edward Lapton, foot of North Bccond atreet, Wllliamaburg, on Saturday, at 4 PM will be launched the screw steamship Meraedita, design <?{ and built by Mr Lupton for the Havana and New York Rteam Na vigation Company, of which James C Jewett k Co, <3 Boutb street are the agents. This ship is the tlrsi of foor first class ateamahlpe Intended to run between porta in Texas, Havana and New lark, and la constructed with a view to attain great strength, speed and light draft of water? which, by nautlca gentlemen, la judged to be fully reached. She is 190 fee^ long, 30 feet 8% Inches wide, and 10 feet deep meaauring 107 ? one: draft of water, with boilers filled and It days' fuel, 9 eet;. deep loaded, 10 feet. Sbe la bull* of live oak eheetnut nd hackmetac, ranked with oak, oeilcd with yellow pine, nd has been built in the most thorough manner She is to te three masted? siiuare rigged forward: baa all the modern mprovements in tue way ot capstau. Independent fire and bilge pumps, water tight comrartmeno, and In every respect is first claaa Inatead of being braced with Iron on the frame*, this vessel lias every 4 fee t over her ceiling diagonal oak braces 9 by Jl< Inches, making 6 Inch-* In thickness, running from upper deck clamp to 15 inches below door heads, eaca Intereectinn being bolted with iron, and all the treenails oass ing through the ship and wedging In these braces? thos form ing, It is said, a greater strength lhaa has ever been before at ?alned in the construction of steamships of wood. The ship will be taken to the fooi of Beach street. NR, to receive her machinery, which fa ready to he ptac il on board, and oonalits t 2 inverted direct acting engines, with 3 horizontal return ubnlar boll?rs of the very best description, and capable of performing 90 rfvolvtion* per minute, maintaining this v lo city with ease The propeller Is 4 bladerf, 10 feet To Inches In dismetei and of the moat approved construction. The en gine < were designed by Mr Jacob 8 Warden, of the houae of Messrs Murphy, Mc^urdy A Warden who are alsofthe build ers. No expense has been spared either in the construction of the hull or engines She will cost when completed $90,000. Brio D Mai-onkv, 8 teaman from Savannah for New Ha ven, put Into Norfolk 16th Inst with loss of jibboom, fore mast, sails, riggin g, Ac, having been struck by a squall on tha 13th insi. Schr (iREKNLAHn, Carver, at Philadelphia from Baa Bias, reports 9th lost, oil' Uatteras, experienced a very heavy gala from SB, duifng whl'-h lost part of deck load, ap it foresail, jib. and badly sirainnd the mainsai'; let a 1 both anchor* la 13 fathoms water. Same night, Ocraoock Light bearing W by 8, loet stern boat, sprung both tra'ta. strained the mr, and she commenced leaking, lost both anchor stocks, bat rodi cut the gale. Ben* Wavk? Oapt Crindle. o' schr H 8 1?ynton, at Btonlng ton, report*:? 12th Inst. off Halt eras, picked up Capt Barrett, and crew of schr Wave, of Great Egg Harbor, from fhiladel phla for Savannah, with a cargo or slate, which vessel had founderel the same morning, having had a succession of galea and sprung aleak. Schr Narcissi, Woodbury, from Norfolk for New York, got ashore 10th inst on Pig I'olnt Bar. and had to discharge her cargo of oysters. Stkaktou Usclb Bk.n, Greenwood, hence for W liming' on, NC (so reported), put into Norfolk IMh inst f or coal ana pro visions, having experienced vejy heavy weather. Squaw, April 19- The three vessels reported a*hore last evening near Bamegat, prove to be the senr Blaepuxaat, of Snow Hill, Md, with 1900 bushels com. for New York, with part of cargo washed out of forward hatnh; the schr James J Burroughs, of Snow Hill, Md. with a cargo of woadforNe* York? will probab'y be saved; and the ?chr Mair P Willets. from Bgg Harbor with cargo or charcoal for few York.? vessel and cargo a total loss. All three vessels lie near each o her, 9 miles N of Barnegat ? (By tel to Ell wood Walter, Esq, Secre tary Board of Underwriters.) The wrecking schr Ringgold, Capt Merritt, has (one to tho assistance of tlie schrs ashore near Barnegat the steamihip Fire Dart, henoe for China, waa at Caps Town, CQH, Jan 26, all well. Lacjchkd ? At Kennebunkport April 12, from Ward's yard, a first class ttsbing schooner of 96 tens. A few d*ya since wis launched a schooner of about 40 tons, named the laady Lin coln. At East Hsmpden. 13th Inst, a centreboard schooner, caU'tf the Dahlia, of about 127 tons, the la to be oommanded by Capt Jcceph Kent Notice to Bartasri. ATLJirtic: srAtu, son n west coast? nxED a.xd rusand LIUUT AT CAKTAYA Official information has been reoetved at this offloe that on and after the lrt day of April, 1861, a light will be exhibited from a lighthouse recently erected at a place called Kompldo de rartaya, on the left bank at the entrance of the rlvei La* Picdras, on the southwest coast of Andalucta "i be light Is a fixed white light, varied hv a flask every 4 mi nutes. It is placed at an elevation of 79 reet above the mean level of the sea, snd should be seen In clear weather from lh? deck of a ship a' a distance of 14 miles. The Illuminating apparatus is dioptric, or by lenses, of the third order The tower Is circular, 3d feet high, and of a yellow color' it Is surmounted l y a lnr.t<-rn painted grsen. It atands in the centre of the southern face of the keeper's tower, which lat ter is smiare The position of the tower is In lat 37 11 6 N, Ion 0 68 26 W of Greenwich BY eftar o t lb* ?jghBtr-in BeaeC raOBNT ON A JENKINS, Secretary. LIGHT AT KORRO UK 8T JACO DE CORA. Official information lug been received at this office, througM the Department of State that In the llgnthome on the Morro de Bt .'ago de Cuba, lat 19 57 29, lin 69 13 12 W of Cadiz, thfl light that formerly existed there has been rep'aoed by a fourth order lens of the system of Kresnel, showing a revolving whito light with flashes at Inter-als or 2 minutes. 1 he ligbt is elevated at 222 feet above the mean level of thl sea, and should be seen under ordinary circumstances of wea ? her at a distance of about 21 nautical miles. B> order of the Lighthouse Board. TUOXMTON A JENKINS, Secretary Wkaltam. See ptirt antes)* above Arr at Sag Harbor lfiih, ahlp Jefferson, Hunting, with l&i ap 7tf) ? li and AoO lbs boue? 1W0 whVdO ap and 17,000 lbs bone #1.1 told. Air at New London Hth, ship TSen lam in Morgan, Turcr, Eeao'atinn la'ar.d Jan 16, with 1200 lib?* elephant oil. Re r>rt? ship* Ifaac Hick*. Belles. NL. full; Almlra, Smith, I dgsi town. 600 bbls sp, 4f0 do with oil; bark* Dove, 8mi h. NL, 900 bbls: Alert, Parlous, do, 330 bbla (no oil on boird); fbm Silver Cloud, Hillit'ss, N L, : (ill bbl?; -acitla, Smith, uo, 00 do; Charles Colga'e, Nafh. do. 4<u) bb>; Franklin, Churoh, ull, to sail for New X.ondon about Feb 1 Ait 16fh, aciir Paelflc, Smith (t'nder to ship Tsaac HtckO, llurd'a Isbmd, via St Helena Feb 28, with * f ull cargo of oil. I.eft at latter, ahlp Itaac Ulcks Holies, of NL, from Hurd's Island, full, bound home fund probably other*). Arrat Holmes' Hole Kith Inst , biuk Ain'rlcan, Pfiie. from ? Cchotsk roa, Honolulu Dec f., of and fur Kdgartown, with 0)0 -?h; sent home Sj Hp 4(i0wh; has on fgt 2i2 wh from baric Pau'liia. of NB. Keporta spoke a few days slu*, anip <,<, mulfiee, Greene, Fdgartown, having taken ISO sp off River Mate. Air at NBcdford Hth Inst, ship Rebecca Rimms, Haw.-, Arctic Coean snd Oehotak Sea, Honolulu "or 17, .Jarvt* Island ?9tb, Wvtontscke Dec 16, with 90 bbla so rtaken off B' ver of Plate), lM'fl do wh oil and 11, 0<t) lbs bone on board. Sett home Sft bbls sp. 310 do wh oil and NW lbs bone. Jaa 2n, lat tO B. len !00 \Y, experienced a h>avy gale, and shippe.1 a rea wh;cli carried awav the three lirb-iard bna.s and all aU tusked Reports Feb I, lat 39 8, Ion S3 W, spoke ship Orn t at. *org?n, m, 96 sp 406 wh, bone ? shtpo?d so o'l and hi nc as above: off ? ivf r of l'late Feb 14, ship George 4 8u | s?n .(ones, NB. had taken 2 ap whs which made 1(0 bb a, an 1 at tcrwards saw her heare to for anothsr whale; lifth, ships Ocmulgee, Oreea F.dgarto?n, and American, Pease, do, uu. till' a since leaving Sandwich Irlanda Aire arr Htb, shin Lewi* (of Ktonfon, late of NBedfortt. E enter, liono'ulp Nov 11. abocr Hth, gbip Ultra * Msso". Smith, <"?chotsk ???, Honolulu Nov t < forotfri? ? Pee (I wtth I7?l bbla wh oil ami 'K<i lbs bone i n noa*d, ten' home l(W bbls sp. t?0 d > wh oil aid ltn?J lb? bone Reuorts, erulaed off Kivor of Plate ? ir. rtb- wet' ergiod. btrt saw i.o r hVes; April 9 l(10mti?? H by ?? from Ha't^rss, was at rift bv a s<|itall fiom **?', vi hi "h ofrrl 'd awry main-nsst t'oreti- sail, split malntoosatf anil r. alnt( p^a'lant rail, bnt did not part any of the standing liggtrg CM 16th, brig Kate Cory (of Westport), Flanders, Atlautla Orein Atr at St Helena Ft h 20, Almlra, Smith Filaartown, 1I<V) sp, 2W1 wh ull tolii (took M4 rp off I t Hi lent); 2S h, achr Parl t c. Smith, NL nom i emulation, 9t*? bhl* el- ph ?ut oil? Sound home Tm Ahnira report hark Pameiia, si .cum, fIB, off kadae^car, fcavirc taken 175 Rp since leaving Mauritius; "chs Susan. K'ti.r, N f., had tsWen 143 ap off t?t Helena. The sh'p Isaac Hi 'kn, ot' New i.onrton !?< hourly etpcct?l. At Fan '.'neotlt, Feb 9, ba. ki Emerald, Petrce, and PaclSs, Rowland, of do At Tahl'a, feb 9, Ocfio, Oifford, o' NB, 17 months ont, 6'X) be k i II, to mil on a crul?e. .s aydallra Bay. 1 eh fi t.SGi ? Bark Alice, Brsbe, 5 wh, 209 hb> ship Janus, "-mi h, 1 wh (sailed on lh* 1st to ortlse utbi . ship i'haiille' I'ricn, Woleomb, and bark Monmouth, t " msbv, m ?i, lij wh, <? as aliont StO bbls: Oeorge H->wland, [ Vompn y, and (Jen 8oolt, Hunting, mw ed, 7 wh. about 3OT b> is; L 0 R'chmond, Hathaway, and . liver t'rook T, Cotb ra- , irnt"1''. 1 1 wh, about WOT bills. Heard from the Kar mony. Ke'ly, ir the Lag'sin, IS wh, 700 bbla and ihn ?saMa int', t . i sh 1 1 . . it . h, iii her easka I u I Shl.i onwatd, I in Wa-ta Hay 31st .Ian, 2l< wh. 710 bbls It was reported that tb< tchr .Maria, K-.i t- no, bad matrd alth ti e. Muua. it. .'sn f5, the b-.rg Monaouth, of t?old f-prlng, in end"av irin* to go u? to the Margarifv Hay la?o<m, stni. k on a aand baik; l?'l fffui fee' *ater under her stem aid waa afloat forward; white n this fltuatlOT her frame wa?. rale d about 12 or 15 ln< 1 ?a nildshlps hut on sliding off into deep water, whleti kite did shortly after. It resumed Its proper plae.\ snd ihe b*rk n-ns found to have storied a leak Hea"rt from the bar*: VsMiieoit, ot Ma<tapoisett, with ? whs and all her caaka full. 11 erobr Maria, Capt Molleno, Is stated to h*ve mated with her I be r.n rersnrd crew ( f bark Deiawa?e, of New London. arrived at Margarita Bay, n-portlng the loss of tb?t vessel in Pellm-a Bay, by go<ng a?hore on the reef ne'em'' ^ " t)# n ' ??#?? of ?*"* * ^ ' ' r* *!TBrtT>S- ? ' uu-iano. or New Redfwf, by nsr infc i ? Ul ?li? was hauled off lour days afterwards ami laHched a survey was hald on ber by Capt Whelden and *r Met ;,ec; her tal-e and true keel wers knocked off, ahe leaked badly and hi r injuries were s.> great that she was iv.iMlemned and sold at suction, with all n< r appui tenances, i?'.r, Ae, for ('to sum of $Wfi. her oil saved about 600 bbls), 1-1 ing rg a like ftitn. Caot Mort in, of the sclir Kate, of tan Kr.Di'lMO, and ?r Mnl'Uie wero the purchasers. CapiK o werlbv am! the balao< e of the crew went on board of tho John lion land . __ In Ve. 'iatena Pay FtbB, ship Oeoe? Washmgtwt. Bright man, Ware ham. anil l>ark 'Jen Kontt, Hunttlnt, fH, mated I whs. about 'Mt bbls- t-hardler Prise, Holromh, NB, and bark M iiinouth, llftrisbee, Colli hu lng. mated 111 whs. 300 bbls; L O ht< fcn.ond, ard t lirer t rocker, NB, mated 14 wlia, abo ut ?M The Torgresslil Caut Ktramburg. left Margarita Bay Feb ; bail strung KK wlndi >nd ringed weather toe whole pas age and arr at Honolulu Keb 22 k? davs* pasMge. (lot her II. iiU. bbla. In Mau .r War Uay, at the moutlt or Ms?dalcna ' V letter from t'apt Stranibnrg. of ship Congress Jd NB. ra t list, rs! Honolulu I eb *4, having U ken .'tao bbla oil in Mbsdaleia Bsf, fitting for another Mason. (Hits oil would |.e eblpi ed hv the l ankee via Ban Pranrison to New Brdford. t lias 111 en laki n at h rents per gallon through to Mew Ht J ntd and home at tV.) A letter from ('apt Cochran, of ship Oliver Crocker. NB, ir p<ii Is l er In Martinique Bav March 4, ha-lng taken bdA oil-* bound i ? t Ssnuwleh Islands, In ssll that day. A letter fr<>m Oapt Hathaway, of ahlpLC Rlchmcnd, N B, iep irts ber In Margardla Buy March 4, having taken **) oil? Mm bbls sll told? would aall for home m 4 or A day*. A letter fii m the Orst ollioor of bark Atlantic Sherman, of I'M, n I oits neroff Rieer Plate Feb 14 wl h 170 sp all told. Itei.'Tis that bark Sunbeam, Cromwell, of NB, had taken X Abtterfrr.m rapt Smith, of ahlp ( bat W Morgan, of NB, r< !>? rta her In Kcav.mon * Lagoon Feb 7, having taken 200 bbla nil then . A letter few ''"pt Keilev, of ahlp Hcnrv Kneel ind, of NB, ret oris her In reammoa'a Lag -on Fe!)7i having taken <Kl| bi'is oil. A letter frr m Cant Morgan, of ahlp Contest, NB, report? bar at tr* Jaa tl, ? tth Iflii bbls ap and :i6ndo wh all, all lol4? A letter from ('apt Cochran, of rhln Oliver ('rocker, NB. repoils ber In Margaretta Bav March 1 4. having taken 59| bbl* oil; bound ( , Kaudwich lafncda, to aatl .hat day. A letter 'mm ('apt Hathaw ay, of ahlp L 0 Richmond. NB, isporta her at Margaretla Bay flareh 4, having taken <110 bbla o f? 2tK0 bbls all told; would tall lor home In four or flr? days. spoken? March W>, lat 18 5C, Ion WW, achr Emporlnm. oP Provlncetown? had taken a w^ale on the f!? ; aame time brtu Amelia, of Mattapsiactt, and ?chr Quickstep, of Provinoe town, no report. Peb 16, lat 4 19 P. Ion Wo |0 W, ship LoulaMuia, Keller. NB. W0 ap? SC# bbls ainoa leaving Palt*.