Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 8989. ' MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-SATUkDAY, APRIL 20, 1863. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR Highly Important Hews from Baltimore. The Ma?*aehii*ettfl Volunteers Opposed tm Their Passage Through the City. Bloody Fight Between the Sol diers and the Hob. Two Soldiers and Seven Citizens Silled. The Volunteers Succeed in Forcing their Way Through. Total Destruction of the Arsenal at Har per's Ferry l?y the Federal Troops. Seizure of Northern Vessel* 1 in Virginia. Delaware Assumes the Position of Armed Neutrality. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. PROCLAMATION OF THE PRESIDENT. BLOCKADE OF THE SOUTHERN PORTS. fcjiarture of the Rhode Island, .Massachusetts am) New York Tr^opn for Washington. The Seventh Regiment, Nearly . One Thousand Strong, En Route for the CapitaL Innense Turn oat ef Ladies and Citizens to See Then Oft Pathetic Leave Takings at the SLailroaA Depot. Great Rush of Volunteers in the Metropolis. Liberal Subscriptions in Aid of the Troops. MOVEMENTS OF MAJOR ANDER80N. Arrangements for the Monster Mass Meeting This Afternoon, Ac., 4c., it IMPORTANT FROM MARYLAND* riOHT IN BALTIMORE BETWEEN THE TROOi'8 AND THE MOB? TWO SOLDIERS AND SEVEN CITIZENS KILLED. Baitimorf April 19, 1M1. A terrible scene Is now going on In Trait street. The track has been torn np. The troops attempt* i to march through, when they were attacked by a mob with stone* and brick* , an<t then tired upon. The troops returned the fire. Two of the uth regiment of Massachusetts w erf killed. The tight is still going on. There is Intense excitement hete. The soldiets nre now forcing 'heir way through. They fired on the mob, killing ten. It is tmposublc to ?*y what portion of the troops have b?rn attacked. They bore a white flag as they nuiribed up Pratt street, and were greeted with show ers of paving stones. The Mayor of the citjr went ?bead of ihrm, with the police. An Immense crowd blocke-t up the streets The soldiers Cnally turned and fired on the mob. Several of the wounded have just goto up the street in oarts. At the Washington depot an immense crowd assem bled. The rioters attacked the soldiers, who fired on the rr<jb Several weic wounded, and sonje fitally. H Is said that four of the military and four rioters are klUno. 1 he city is in great excitement Martial law has be-n proclaimed The miliWtry are rustling to the armories Ofvl) war has cca'nen.;cd. The railroad track it rtld to be torn up onlstde of the city. Parties threaten to destroy the Baltimore street bridge. As the troop? pi???e<l aloog Pratt street a perfect shower of pat ing stones rained on their h-a-is. The cars have left tor Washington, an J were stoned at the' left. It was the Seventh regiment of Massachusetts which broke through the mob. Three of the mob arc known to be dead, and three soldiett. Many were wounded. Stores are ciositg, and the military rapidly forming. The Min iite Mtn are turning out. Bai Tinman, April 10?2 30 P. M APalrs are gettlrg serious Before all the cars got thiougb great crowds .vcemM?l at various points and commerced obstructing the road K'jxirts are now at riving that the mjb are tearing ap the track It is understood the principal portion of the troops " luit' got through. Batiimi'SS, April 10 ? 4 P. M. A ten n meeting Us* been called for four o'clock. H it raid there htv> been twelve lives lost. Peveral are mortal1 y wounded. P?rt es of men, hnif frantic, arc roasting the streets, armed with gnus, pistols and moske's. The stores ate closed ?nd bus new It suspended. A general state of dread preva'ls. I 'arte*, a rhott time ago, rushed into the telegraph oil or. armed with hatchets, and cut the wires. Not ?Li) .h damage was dene Bf t Tiwotis, April lo? ft P. M. ? W I'avis.of the firm of Pegnam, I'.iyMer it Darin, was e)ie>t dead during the riot near Cimden sU' ion f-oir of the ItesMChnsetto troopa were killed aa1 neve- I rsl ww-rvded. but It Is ivpoe.ible l . lean, their n*m.? It It reported that the PhHadeiptttans arc now at the ,*it*r dr pet. The I resident of the r?,ad has ordst ed tiie tr.Vr ? a.k at the i 'gent rr?jite.f of the Mayor and Oev^Qcr. Itff are a'redy or. J?? I mt "to w.-e nortiily w.irdet ao John p ki . f drill l, (I. Hk.?dh*nt. r?: ;*ir ? As l> 19 ? 9 P M /# u M UvtrUiMd J" j two til 1 1?? hi h-Hs THE DEPARTURE OF THE SEVENTH REGIMENT. The Scene at the New Jersey Bailxoad Pepot. BoWiers were killed, belonging to Compary C. Their bodies are cow nt the police station. At the satce "tatioo are tfce follow log wounded ? Sergeant Amw, of the Lowell City Guard, wounded in the head slightly. Private Colura, of the same place, thot In the head, not fcrioue. Private Michael Green, of I awrence, MaBeiohu?ctta, wounded in the head by stones. H. W. Dsnfortfc, Company C, Sixth regiment, Massachu setts, slightly wounded. So far as Luown nt p.-oeent seven citizens were killed, including Mr. Davis before mentioned and Jan;ic Clark. Half a dozen or so arc seriously wounded, though it is believed not fatally. Comparative quiet now prevails. The military are un der arm?, and the police are out in full force. There in a large mars meeting hereto night, addressed by the JUyor. The Governor ?'?* present. B.utimors, April 18? 10 P.M. There *as a towu meeting at Monument square this afternoon. An immenoe crowd ? cs present. The state tlag was hoisted. Mtyor Brown said he was Of pose! to the call of th<- President in spirit and object, but as Mary ] lai d was still in the I'nion he had exerted himself to bis utmost ability to protect the troops in their passage through the city. He, however, felt that this should not be. and said that be Lad telegraphed the Pre? Idem, urging that no more troops be sent through. t>overnor Hicks was sent for. He said be was opposed to secemlon but the right of revolution could not be dis puted. it was folly to attempt to subjugate the South, and tie hoped the North and the administration would see the imprai tic .bility of doing so. He was sttU devoted to the Union, and hoped to see a reconstruction of it. (r^houts of "No. never.") The Governor leplled that he should bow to the decision of the people of Maryland. Several epeeihes were made by 8 Keakle Wallia, <V. P: Prestman, and others, justifying the determination of the people of Baltimore that no more Northern troops should invade her soil to subjugate and make war on hor bretb ren of the South. The speakers counselled pen e and urged that the law* should be respected and obeyed. The Mayor announced at the meeting that the President of the roads had promise ! that they would bring no more troops this way. THE LATEST. B/ inM R*, April 19 ? Midnight. A ia quiet to night. The military aud policc are oom bin id guarding tbe city. The atreeta are compara tin ly deeerted . here and there. however email knot* of people are tii^cuKaing the erenta of tbe day. i mi: mi i?n Ann *ovsn?o, The follow ink, ? a correct liat of tlic klllrd aud wm tid ed aa far aa known at thia hour ? llie military wounded are ? Sergeant Amee.of the Lowell City Guard, ahgbtly. IT hate Collum, of the "kmc piace, ?lio( In tbe head, but not fatal. Private Michael tireen, of Uwrence, Tory > lightly, s. H. Veedham,of Mae**' liceoti ? . *k ,,irr*rtur< ' .til now at ihe iniirmary Another, wboae name >? uuknown, la at the indrmary badly wounded. Sergeant A me* and private Collum were to a ghi liken te a private houee, anil will re< eire the beat atian .>11 H. W. I 'anferth and F.d Ux>p>t, of the aaaae rrg.m<oi were shot in tbe thigh The fame* of the two Ma a"h i?etu men, dtai an I be 1 fore mentioned, ha^e not been a?carU n?d ' ' The citizen* killed *r< >bn MiUhaa, 9eba?"?? (. ? , 1'atrick Clark, I' Ibomaa Miiea, Km. C Kil<*ejr H . I!> .<1 ' ird Mr. I lav it? In all Dine di'ad, include tw.i an. i.eea Patrick tii. Bin was fatally in. undo i otneri a< t -1 attach oy nr. rMtiann iut? Tumii. The rhilidelpbian*, who were unr<tu , pe-. ?;.u >..? ; ed, remained in the laat cara a U?- atet.-n, wb 1 1? wcre aaeaultrd with ator,r* nd >tl?er u. ** ? ...te wire ?light)y woutded Th? tr . u ?**% Wke.i b?c . .? quite a number ereap?vl to the city . aa t bit .tig i? forn." were not r'Txgnited Ihe rrport or the liflicuM't oa the r ?d b< i? ' n . e and W*kbington pr >?ea to Ik incorrect. It i* uwJeratooii that all -ea< Nad fr?<hing'n<t e? ci'|>t ihe I'lulndtlplu >na, who were ta*?-i. Iw . MDTici un or n?a i.wnm (?bo follow 11 g Ik the ben: a co .nt I c te y f ? , Hot:? At thi IVcai en> atrtet > p<* c the fh lvifi .u ? ?? , rctd a ?-ge crow. I trembled iu air... 'pi' n uf the I aiiivsl of a large number of trwpo fiom .Vew Wk nod Mi< ?utbur?-tt? Wiortly * ter . i.-v-t o'clock the tr*'n from fhiiadelpba ,i.. , , j iweat) <i*ii<e wra, .irrived at ine d< po. with- .1 i> kikiif lb'' roldiora from lb" train. n<- ?e . ?.%. ? >r? had hoiuf attajl'd, and a-> 1! 'rawna1 I'ratt afreet, t.i Camden tU: .1. 1I1* h? tin th .? 1 ? paling any mi'fkwt obj< < > '. ? .? n ? ? ti.e l.ori'ra'tii hi'l to ? l?o i ... ?. w?r* Ukcti o.'t from tlie ci< ?< t tli?- ' r.. r ? . ji> ?. <ij. ?nd tli" ear nio*?N| w .nil.... i|. k . 1 m? : I nl' nn 1 "I. r '"'I > ' -I . ? K" e'e .. r r. b. r ? e -?e ?? , "v ' ? ? ? tie *!j?i t( n d |i*?t at t' ?. >ae?l?!. a U csr / ;ac?ic<! (j&y street, were cn^a^d in removing cobble e'onoe from Die principal | ortkin of the street. Some Unity or forty men assembled lit this point, hiv ing followed I lie car from the depot, and with cheers for Davis and the Southern confederacy, hurled bitter taunts *.t Northern black republicans, as they termed .them Tliiu continued for several minutes, when, as the boreo*. were r tair attachd! and the car moved off, it was j ru pesed to f.tcne it. Pefore the cur bad gono twenty yards a'moat every window therein was broken to pieces, ai d a porti >n of tiia cr. wd followed a coneid rable distan t hnrllng paving stones, Those persons not in un.forae wtujwfre B'-andln , 00 the platform li.ijtliy juiu;>e>; 01' u avoid the shewer of stones. The eighth car was treated in the sitne n am er, u .1 tin; ninth car, apparently being\ ,or at I' ast no pet. son beint \isible, escaped with only one stone. The crowd, exulted iu their w.-rk, (xcUlmlog that the bla? k republicans should not pass through ifarylaud. .'i top*e of five minutes succeeded. A number of re gpcetable persons in the mean* bile urging the crowd to tear up the track. After the first tiaiu bud pasaed, one was observed on Pratt street bridge, when anchors were dragged on the track at the corner of Gay street and a part of the track was taken up. < ivserviog this, the cars were turned bark to the Presi dent street depot, and th; men di^embsj'k'xl and pre pared to march through the city. Mayor Brown, with a number of police, appjirod nt their head and led the way. They came along at a brisk pace, and when they reached centre market space an immense concourse of pcoph closed in behind them and commenced stoning them. When they reached Gay street, where the track had been taken up, a large crowd of men armed wltb paving stonei showered them on their heads with such force Mat seve ral of them were k ocked down in the rank*. Al ter lay Ing ? few m nutes they crowded into stores on J'rilt street. At the corner of South and Pratt stre .ts a tnin Bred a pistol Into the ranks of the militia, when thos ? in the rear ranks immediately wheeled and tired up ju their assailants and several were wounded The gunner the soldiers that had fallen wounded were seized ar.d Qred upon the rank* with fatal effect in two or three Inst""'*'- After they reached Calvert street tb?y succeeded in chicking the r pursuers by a rapid lire, which brought down two or three, and were not much molested until they reached H >ward street, where another Urge crowd was assembled. Some si iocs wc.e thrown at tbem, but their gum* were not loide 1, ard tbey passed 01 through tte dense crowd down Ilu?.i J street low an is the depot. The icece on I'ratt street was of the moet startling character. The wounded soldiers, three in number, were taken up cuefu'ly aud carried to places of safety by the citizens along the street. At Camdan sUtion, where the trains leave {? - IVa-U ingt< n, wan assembled a largo detaehment o' | o ic s, un der the dlrectkra of Marshal Kane. It neon appeared that orders were glve i to e'eir tuo irack? near tbe main <>pot building. This was done, and eo<? altar a large passenger car of the Philadc'.paia and Baltimore Kailroad Company cam* up at a rapid rate, filled With the soldiers. The ear was scon followed by about sixteen move, all of which were also occ .piod by tie military. Upon inquiry it was ascertained that they cvi.n.sled --f a regiment of M???. huscttg infantry, tlio j?nth oo?m?n4ed by Colons) K K. Jones and Lieutenant Colene' ^h .tt k n ail rk v< n companies, with an .1 jgre gat- ef Ml saeti. As ?'"?oa the train arrive i feme of the troops wore < ?mpeiied toe >oge eat when they * ere hoit?..| at l<y toe i io*d, l> it to ov r it ?.??, committed. Pe\oral yt .S ??? ? pi- ared at ne e' the nr? and displayed re x i i ? .lure* i->n tli e ; at of the e mi pan I ; ui ? . 111.1'' ' ?:??;!? .o-.ld piot'et Iih men. h. ?? slt'f t' iram w.n re?djr to *>tvt, under ehtrgo vi ? 'o f U . assisted by Ricl ard Armstrong. Many ex. |h. < ? l b' rati tail iataedlateljr, >ut II did Mt BM>ee nail' a*> .t bah' pea: Ikp'", the dels? be. tig kt* >t.e I by t f?r t a I'r ?J?*it OirrMt had re cahed tnfermattaa tba' a arg ? MMMl af etched men liad detita'ted t' tear < the ir*ek and b'o?v tip the J In ?' 1 i ' *''? U" P??* ?e of the tram la a lew aamute* after tbe t<*ia le't, a di.t' of ii,e?ia ?< tw- the attaniiot. of U? cr iwd to th cor isr <4 Piatt atii If war J atr. ts, wuers a b > Iv <>[ in Uatry fr<?< na of the N rtharn States, about 10<? sw-ig, ?as seta r*t>i Uj appro h.-n the depot and no ?oubt ai-iln s to ruaek tba att (. .'he e*i it?ci -at n /w ??? 1 >)imi d?sc?;|?t. : a m >n d'spU> og tbe f!tg of t)MC*r< lerst? "Mates, seemet m b? Uk rallying point if tbe 9> ep^ feme assaw .. 1 1 . ommatid wltb stones, wbeaa a wibere'tb# IgtWr AMcfctrged ihstr lauaieta. At irast Iwewty >b-<U ware u4 h .< > a* a' we could leair to i?rw i waa tt>.srad. Tbere ?oi iaM ts be but IU ? d? |i*r? a'o If t'aa t, r e?j? dally as th?y r> ?t??4 ?^4g )?tl? .l W his t'r? v( re aa taring tbe earsacrawdsC j>ia* nra >vs ibetu erveial vdllrs of br tabs aa i s. . ?, s> me u I ? t b dawuWabsl tbe wlad^ws ef Ubs e -rs * bare paa Hire* <r (sdntad thr r nitis betatbrw iMbeaai wt?t- *? Brs4. Tbey am?dde liber vay at Ifcerro* 1. b.t iw s was lajorwd WV-t tba a as !??'?? use ? -a??.er of rratl and P ?ee strN-rts. t* r 1 1 ls<a a i wltb tbeesewd, nvd t t* * f < l' >,?, aoaird Robblna of a .-on ( ?y from Ftoriu^ton. Cudu., iaauf poaed to t? mortaU. Ka iuf wolbUc i n Uie back fwt ' the frtl |j th? ft oad. the Ira.n ?!?) i'ie r- < i <' >tet i< hb.rnt I-ft n*. :i <, iartf>r pMt m*. Th*r?> a/f r>ivw < ?n .Mnu'ed aftf'trk Oil V. rt Mc mmj. A rr wd l ;(.? wir?t- :aa of ftMHWa & Wul f*r4, Mi 1 ??( l? k , 'li 1 rren n. , aid t^->tl therefrom mm fv i ' i r?fta? mJ ???*>!? fq ..?!* uf mm t tig IIM MMrta f \* ?a<4. a* Iter lona out for the mil) IU"B> i? i ? ar? a?|m< '.?<? to arrtva t" ntflil. HfMi '? | i ? iw . i jr '.ha ral'.roul bfklgta *r? l? t* ? ?r -t% u (**- .-*< iba pat* If. ?? tia'.it At' ?. ?- ?T .?'i ?r*w<ai ?i .1 i irj> ?kiblc t> I ' yM '? il u* *? ?? < . r ?. ac , Aprtt X~1 A. M. ?' tor ' ? ?#> . aa* ?<?! r, ?aj th? ?t'lU, if f t i rf *r? Varfc <*? !ti?irf I f?ar th?re W.ll ? *} ? "r? I nvi t, April 30 f 1 M 'i i* iafM tM Ui# am rj an a All Ui> cltf HMan bate beea or* c4 to bmx i m Mci v?i? ut h?M?, a at. *ra am ahlia^. All> WASTOD Ity fHI. UHIoJIIhfH or BAI. f I 111, A firlTat* d'?ja'rh (Mi Mtnow ufl ? '?Tl?e ixfi lion of our lo}al < itlaaM la brooaicf r>rjr critic*!. We I i>po l bat ttia North wil xtacd by u? a*l .a tb? furor .1 pa rage tf hr trorpe to U.o cap.ul ?tU rwiomber that BNVM man> trua tut a ber* our police force and fr.niv mtlitars cen.jau are of<ml) afuiuat Uxrnrru moot." PROCLAMATION OF THE OOVEttNOR OF MARYLAND. TO TUB PKOri.E OF MART I, A VP. ILc unfortunate state of affairs bow existing 10 'lie ro> iilry ha? j>riatly ex< it?d the p<x>pif of Maryland. Ii. ci nttqtM cro of our peculiar p<*ition . it is nol to be ptjk rii il that lite people of the State can unanimously ?(, r i c upon t be best mode o' preserving the honor and ItW grity or the State. anil of maintaining within her litnitfi that peace to earnestly desired by all good citi zens. The emergency is great. The coMequeaoe of a rssli step will be fearful. It is the imperat ve duty of every

true pod of Mar>land to do all that he ran to arrest the threatened evil. I therefore counsel the pooj !e. in all turnealni^s. lo withhold their ImLd? from wliit?ver may terd to prccipltate us Into the gulf of discord and ruin gaping to receive us. I counsel the people to abstain from sU heated nntro versy upon the subject. to avoid all things that tend to crimination and recrimination, to believe thit the "rigin of our evil day may well be forgotten now by ever/ patriot in the earnest desire to avert from us Its fruit All powers vested lu the Governor of the ?taH Will he strenuously exerted to preserve the peace and maintain invi>latc honor and the integrity of Maryland. 1 call upon the people to obey the laws, and to aid the couetituted authorities in their endeavoia to preserve the i fair ferae of our Ptate untarnished { 1 assuie the people that no troops will be seut from Maiylatid, unlets il may be for the defence of the ls'.I n al capital. It 's my intention in the future, as it has been my en 1 deader in the past, to preserve the people of Miry land from civil war; and I invoke the assist aire oi every true and loyal citizen to aid me to this end. Ihe people of this State will In a short tiwhsvethe opportunity a (lorded them, in a special election for Mem bers of the Congress of the United States to cxprees their devotion to the Union, or tln,!r desire to see It broken up. Tft. H. lUCK*. Governor of Maryland. Baitworx, 18th April, 1801. PROCLAMATION OF THE MAYOR OK RALTI MORE. Mavor'I OffKT, April IS. 1881. I heartily orncur in tie dctermumtion of the Governor to prir< ive tbe peace atd mn'nta'n in violate the hjn?r red mt< grlty r f Mnrj la> d, as set forth in the above pro olamation, aud will earnestly co operate with his ef jrti lo tn^ihUin peai e and order in the city of Baltimore. i And I rai nnt withhold my expressien of sa'.ifa'-t'on st his rc solution that no troop* shall be sent from ?fsry!aml to tLe roil of any other Hiatc. The greut questions st j isiut n.r.*l, n tte last tesort, be settled by the people of J the City nrd Mate for themselves at the ba'lot bo\ , and so oj ro; tunity fcir a free exprefsion of tle'r opinions will speedily bo afforded at the approaching Congrettjiontl slecticn If the counsels of the < <ov*Lor shall be LeMed w* may . rrst sr< ore in the cor ddcnce thU the storni of Civil war i which now threatens thecoitntry will at I'sst p?? over cur h'-Ioved Fuuc and leave il uolU'tned; but if they ' fha i be disregarded, a fearful and fratricidal strife way at one? b'i?st forth in our midst. I'nder Huc.h (.iicumttances, can aiiy good citizen do '>t fi r a moment the course which duty *rd hoor,r si ke t tnlre him to pursue? 0F0. WM BR^WW, Hajoi. IMPORTANT FROM DELAWARE. ANTICIPATED RfOT AT WILMTWOTON. j Wii.*i?? rojr, Del., April 19. 1M1 i There is great evcltoment here and a Hot is hourly ex pei ted in the street*, to ir.tke |ie.iple aurpccte.l show their colots. Great. numbets are secretly armed. A great 1'nton meeting was held at Old Fellows Hall to night. Dr. II. F. \sken acted aa President. The meeting wa a.idreeeed by Mr. 1'attersoQ. I? K. Wales and others' Pi ^oluvions were passed unanimously for He immsd.ate enmUment of voianteeit for the protection of " home," ami to restore the L'nuu by amis, if necceasry, ami that th. y dOB't bilong to the North or Snu'h, Iml toUn> 1'nion. Great enthusiasm prevailed. The enrollment has com ?word. THE TROOPS IN PHILADELPHIA. I m. At K i wa, April JO?3 A. If. H la net u i, own whether the t'orpe have "ts-rtel for Washington noth! ?g hnv ric been seen ef tt.'m *'re# ll' r atrlvsl at the t nl.i < ti'al II ie:. BLOCKADE OF THE SOUTHERN PORTS. rn?'< I AMOTION t'ROM i'ltF-'SlDK.VT MX OOL>. Washington, April 10, 1861. The I'rtfiiient 1i?m issued a proclamation stating tha', an Insurrection a;, ninst Die government of the I nite<l State* h*s brjkon out iu tbo hutes or Soutli liia, toorgla, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Io?ibt?ria, anil Texas, atnl tbe law or tlie 1 t.ited Stales lor the collec.llixi of the revenue cannot l>e effectually executed therein < wnfortoably to tb it pr>v islon of the const lint Ion whi^h roq'tlrea duties to be uoilorri throcghout the United States, and farther that a combination of (tersons ongageri in fiirh insurrec tion lui \ e threatened to grant pretended lottors of marque to authorize the bearer* thereof to commit arsauits on the lives, vessels and property of go>dciti . 'nr of the country lawfully > ngi/.ed In commerce on the higb seas and in the water" of the Tolled tftatos ; and whereas, tbe President says an ex< cative proclamation lias already been issued requlr ng the persons engaged in these disorderly pro i:eedlngs to desist , therefore calling out a militia fo-co for the purpose of reproving the same and conrcn Irg Congress In extraordinary session to dcliborato and determine thereon. The President with a view to tbe ramc purposes heft re mentioned, and to the pi election of the public jiea:e, and the l.vesand pro perty of its orderly citizen? pursuing their lawful occupatiors, until Congress shall have assemble 1 and deliberated on the taid unlivvful proceed ings. or until tbe rame shall have cease I, has further d' e nned it advisable to set on foot a bloc ide of the porta vv Ihin the states aforeiaid in pursuance of the laws of the United States and the law of natUns in sunt) esses provided. For this purpose a competent force will be posted so as to prevent the entrance and exit of ves sels from tbe |iort? aforesaid. If, therefore, with a view to violate tbe blockaie, a vessel shall attempt to leave any of tbo said ports, she will be duly warned by the ommauder -of one of the said blcckadlttg voxels, who will endorse on U^r register tbe fact and dale of such warning, and If ttc ?ame vessel still again attempt to enter or leave l he blockaded she will be captured an<l tent to the nearest i onvtnlent |?rt for such proceedings against lier and h*r cargo as may be deemed advisable NO CLEARANCES to be granted. WasHMiiru*, April 19fclH61 ToHmiM B/rm.t, Collator ? (.lai.t d? rUanmoi- lor toy touih of Maryland till otherwise otd<r. d. 9. P. CHAtE, Secretary Treasury. CIKAIJANCRS To THK RkBKI, 8TATK8-FR0M T1IE CO 1. 1 IX ToR. ft ktmm Uui as , Ni? York, t ''?>!Lf<Tnn'9 Oft* -a, Apri' IfHb, 1M?1. > ft' In reply m your favor of thia date, I have to say I Urn l owing to the \ try exigrncie* under ?li li iIk. revenue aad ouvignt ?.?. Un or the Unit f?t."??i are row compered to be oooatr.iod and exemited, I ?m not kt pri rent pr?per?l to grant any rlenr\nr-ea to ?efts of the tinted hutes wbnrt- lb* fun:tion? of 11k> federal ultioera ha*r Ken u#urpr-d by Mate authorities, and where the kutbt rlty of the reneral fn-rrnwat hat been rebelled a#.itn?t . and rep", dialed uud more part ten huly ?iiic" a bfUi*e.aut proclamation irom the owWr itfeired to lndlcal< ? thia ll.? aciaure or capt'trs of your \ <re. :r would at oik" *il< aid and <rafbrt to thwe new ncrupytig a lioitlk attitudi' li.ward* the government and people of lb"' I n.tipd SUtsa I Mil, very reapoetf illy, tour ob?di'nt letvant, If I H a VI HARVEY, Collector. Vrtiir II. B. (><mwe!l A Co., New Y<rt. i'ROCLAMATloX OF THE MAYOR Oi W vWI ! IXGTON. M*U<* ? Ol l KT,*, Apr ll 'JO, lv; I In the present unhappy roadi.oa of oar nation*1 . ?flair*, IV la hoped, and believe.l that the citl?e-,s , at Washington <oust?Dlly fe?l and rontiou.-ialy | rt?pe;t tl.e t bligaliou*. o.' public or-hr, winch are in an c?| fecial maniier Uic unbent on thorn The p. ?? nee of Urge b< d u of lr.<|"* though It lot* give* to th ' ity an uu*c;uatoa>od a?ptct, 1 u oo n> inner mpeiaeds* or inter. ruf*s th?- regular aa<l orderly a im nl?tratmn of the mu Dtcipal goveri ment It ia not appreiisnded that any <ii* t.irbai." e wil' occur, unlwa through he?t- 1 anJ vto In t politic*! dlscuM mis m<1 h*. negus* in public placet open topicg, tfc< ?frit*t.on of which, at ibia time, wjiI In th'8 emit miiy, ??t i-c pnaluctlv# of Br.thmg but t emitlg\t?i! hurrn tbi r fore, I, .t.i?ne* ti. lv.rr tt, Mayor of N??l fton, do hereby earn. ? t i y f.hor. al' g.?.>a Citizen* in d "journei * to be i areful *0 ic con lu 2t th* a, gelv* u nrltLer by ? n or deo.! tog ir?occ?*i < i Tor suy breach of tba peace Olten "inler my b?rtl. at the t'ity Rail, th>a iOth .lay ot .<prll, X D. 1W1. J*M h i <i HKRUirr. Kayor. L1KK !N>I P ANCV. ON TIIOBK KN<. VOKH IN THE AKMY AND NAVY. At ? n-eeting of delegates from ail (sen 1 fs eompaaiee ti< irt bu?ifct?a it tbi? c.ty and Osswbers, held this day. Aptll 19, 1VW, the foHnwicg re olutinn was pissed fur the < on1- 'deration ar'l fnal declften of the Hssrds of l?i?ec ton <f the I?\era1 c r petlrr ? fWiulvWf, t ;* U e op n'oa of th'J ? ' i1?* that ?he ? xeral ""<? rr nr e , imjur ?bo? l , ? tliM" (flint .? ti. t- Msnrd ? jr then. V) ? > "? It it t,. m. \ ' * ' <>r t... Ii s jtr : sr. : f-t I cb ?? i : H'** ' OFF FOB THE WARS. ItHrtwt 9f III Seventh lagfc? 4 fa 8? ? ? at the inMnf-lbl fcr (be War? fcrii Nvn Br?a4??i-TlM Baku* kadw at JcfMf CHy, IkCif lift) lie* Yesterday afternoon, in obedience to ft requielWon frrni tto President and orders from Gov ernor Morgan and Msjor ceneral 8u*dford, tbe Seventh regimett, Nn tional Guard, left New York for Washington, u Phila delphia aril Biltimoie. TUB CKuWD OETfillil THE ARMORT. The ?recrs issued r(im headquarter* uotiiied tM men to be on duty at the armory, over Tompfcine marko'., at three o'clock 1'. M. , but kJkq before noou the meoaoers ? C tbe regiment began to assemble in their (MM, nod by one o'clock a v owd of orcr three thousand people gathered in <^tbe square upon which the market fronts, watching \^ih intense iilMt everything connected w ltb the departurG-^or the wart of the ceiebiated and favorite ioj;lm>Lt of JiC^r York. By two o'clock the crowd, bJth within auJ without tbe ar mory, became 00 gi eat thit policemen wore siaNancd at the doors, and lDgrcsn refuged to all perming not in this uniform of the regiment. lly this means the oroed In side the building was restricted to ininagenb'e propor tions, but that outside continued to iniroiu > ..nt>! the streets weie blocked up, aud it wis the greatest difllctiHy that way was mv!e for the porssgc of vehicles and Tor the Third and Fourth avenue cats. Orderly and easily manag* d as most Am?"toan crowds are, the people occupied tbemselvos ? tit shout ing and cheeriug for the Seventh, aud with v.v. cing the airiva' imd reception ol|the ofHcers baggage, w.i:fc was I tacked upon one of .Whites Kx press Compury s r\ xtcmjth wagons. The wagon and the eight h ir^es (of tie t'.za of 8tn:> ' i elephants), which were to draw it, were donated with American flags, and the drivor, like L>rgfeik:N'? Youth, bore aloft ? banner with a strange device," which, a'ter sorao difficulty, was ucje'?!ool to, mean that "our glorious .Seventh knew no N'orth, no South, no Fist, n> Went, but only the whole Union ' In looking at the* 1 o'jje-.ts, and in cheering until ihey wore boat so. tUe people out side kepi tbeirtelvoa employed until, a* tbe h .r c' r?n de/.vous approached, carriages began to drive up convey iLg luemueiH of the regiment and their families Teen came the briof, half spoken adieus, the saiUe? which lightened only the faco, the tears which <ve'.ied from tho heart, tbe omotion whlah choked all attcn .' e; and then the carriage drove oil', leaving the ehcrisfe ' sen or tlio b? loved brother behind, pc h.ips fotev r /.s v. . cry new arrival left hi* carri?goho was cheered w.!h ? jo great est enthusiasm, aud tbeto scenes, varied byocosonal outbursts of the police, fully occupied the crovd outage until the regiment marched out of the build ng. INSIDE TtJK ARMORY The crowd wae a Imtst as great as that outside. Tho com - piii) s rooms were tilled with members of the regiment and their f> lends, and the large hall upon the lover lit or of the rrtriory resembled the voiitlbulo of ono 01' our most popular hotels. Gentlemen in unifoim and out of uni form pushed and crowded each other abo it. Tbe mem bers of tbe regiment busied tbdOHclves in ttao last pre parations for the journey. Tho otlicers journeyed from room to room, arranging detain and obtaining instructions as to their movements. In tho ciliceis' room Major titer 1 11s and o'.her no'cd military nxnbrld a sort of Informal reception. A fee, determined to bo with their enlisted friends cntil tho very lai-l, moved about with tho crowd, or whispered tin ir farewell words to the lovud ones, whoee future dangers they , more than *u> ono else, fully rea../ed. l'eis'iis who belonged la the legiment, but were un able for one cause or tho other, to go with it, b-ci.gbt in ihoir substitute*, an.! made and remade their half a.-harutd apologies to th"ir comrades. Oil's. aers, woo felt nn Interest in ea< b soldier only second t o lU-i. o~ h a more immediate friends, gathered to gratify their curiosity and g'vo vent to thoir enthu flssm. Friends and pals of tho boys swarmod about, shaking bands with every one, smoking .'u/.-ooaly ami as full of ardoi and tight as' if they had seen gcinc to Wsflilrgton al*o; memheisof tho Sew York /ouave cor p?, in the ir loose blue uniforms red shirts, fe^ and hatukin knapsacks, dotted the throng here and there, liiiltiLg the g (id by<B, giving the (Jod speo Is and regret ting that they, too, weie not to he so aeon cn roult; now rremits pr?oii?ieK a little extra drill, or trying to Bt tberorelves into uniform; too large or too smil for ibem. Altogether a motley, varied assemblage, but all with one purport and ono sentiment to express their sympathy with the Nat'onal <;uard and tho cause it weiit to defend, and to show that sympa-'hy by their pn ierce, by tbeir woid* and by their very faces. FKKI' All(N<i TO MOVE. Presently, at about a quarter to three o'clock, a genera hurry and movement throughout the rooms iodic Mad that the time for munler wns near at hand. The otflzers moved fatter, mid seemed more preoccupied. ObJ. I ef fette bluntly declined ths oll'cr of an escort from the Zou ave cords, on the gTound that it tluuld have been made bofoie, and that he hnd now no time to arrange for it. Pecruits were told that U too lata to consider tbelr cafe* new. and that thev must report at gome volunteer (Utioii. The members began lo lite oil into their compa ny room*, from which outsiders wore now excluded. lar dy ai rivals Wfregreet* d enthusiastically, Id therms spirit that the biblical ; hepbet d rcj >l<cd morn over the one ?b<ep be imagined l<>nt than over the (lock he had tafeiy ,i(w,i(l "Why. here* I'otc " '{thought yoj wain t inuiirj;." "Bully (or you, old b-U^r," were the rough wei( r mr a shouted to o< w comer*. V wider are a pirtjr of IViem's, m toe of whom are to go with the regiment while tie ethos flay at home, arid *ou may hear the request, "Kill one of the scoundrel* for me. BIHy;'' the advice "take care of yourself, <Jd f? 1'oa. ana I'll sue t'j things at home," the protni e 111 come btck promoted, father, or I won't come at nil," and, then, in a womi.n a vokte, "fiod bless yon t fh. il thii k of you and pray for you all the lime It's very hard to. but-?' and then a few tears, low wtu?pi riot* and u Wi s. the most thoughtless begin to giow touts now, and the ui<jst frivuioM be Cftnc eirne*t and anxious. CIRCf MftTANCM OF THK STARr. Thin, as the scUMers hc^-m to engage more in ciever ml, on with eacn other, va1 tons intsres'ir.g ctrcttBB Ktam cs ir. enntukm with their departure b- ^an to be mention-. I. Here were several Post twice ?:,?.-*? who , had l.ctn granted leave of absencc, with .''ill p?.y, for (he 1 war. clerks In various mot canti'e ho ists hnd the same kave, with the same conditions. A Mr U.rpfcy bad tent two sens and two rmploj'M with the Seventh, sn.1 arrroit them with Hue revolvers. Other soid era bad btt>u pn setite d with revolver* also, and a gentra) dis play of five and six shooters enitied. This Iran hud been msrrted only two day* bc'ore but bis wife ta d "Oo," and be tame Another was rng-tged to be ciar t ie<i on lunda) , but the wedditg * 8 pott rr n? d three month-', tha he m'gbt nerve h;? eeutilry "I may die a batt belor, yet, yo-? know,'* be lightly i ' marked, tut ho t >id of the u.rcum'".ance. ? 1 haven't had tlmu to ai ratge my buslr.ese, for I only received notice that we should move at ten o'oJ Kit to day, ' remarked another, ? but I'm b< re, my heart >??.'' ? 1 wot d? r will all the bovs turn out,' ' said a rorgeaot 'a day and a haf Is khort work, eh?'' ' By George,'' 1? gh< unother , adJuKtita hi* sword belt, "I came up her. to bid you m> > ln> but 1 couldn't * tarn I it, sol jumptd nio these thing-', and will go along Ihdn t havs much lime lo bid the to'ks farewell. you bet." "What d? va^th nk the Governor said to meVaaksd a young r/.tott "why, he tali. 'ren.c:ut>er r*umter,' rod said he'd like to * ? too. " fHt * tike Kan ," shouted another , "the raid the '<1 go If -he v,?.re a mtn. IK> yo<- thick I'd b?? k out afier ll.?tf" "How are yon, my boy 1 You didn't hs<k out, did you''" Then a loog shake hnuds, and th<) rtf|> n'e "Nor I A Jo't went to." 'Bait's a bei.'iuet Uollio tent, l.xik at that, 'May peace bi.rk to Tie "Mother give to" this little flu tfod blr? ? lier. I'll nsver c isgrace it," "What do "U tli.r.k of tint lot n badge" (dmplayir.g a beantl f tt&t'v woikfd roStUe) , "that goes over my bear!" Wr* akitjg up these oonvorsstiooe there came, every on :e m a whl't ebeers u^>n cheers for the Seventh and for the I nk'U, ki.U anal hi s of natioMkl ><?ogs sb jgted with be?riy, uutrnnulous fitters. THE SliWR IKOK B ? LTHfOSr. TL- n osme the h?i ft< m tttiumore, hurried up lawn by enthusiastic friends 1? exclU?l and ?oiu,..?ed tb? soMlett vastly. The rumor spread that Ooloocl I efltrt had rece.vsd a det-putib ioetiucting him tocjme ihrougl Bait .more at a'l htxuds, and everjr one seem* t0 t, that it mi^hi be true. "TChy sboub we shirk wound is the lUltic," remarked a Mrgeaat ?<if wi? i sn't rsi'-oad it, can't we m:trch." "fU)tlmor< mav serve st a Itttle preliminary practice,' said an eg (pittite, stalling a pa r of white kids Into his knapsack. < W' bnve a character, and will s>uta'n It, If It kys in our power." oV*e?vrd another. The members of the lre<1'> sot be?tg able to taks thoir horsss w'tb them, and rot expecting to get others at Washington, wtrs or d< red lo art a artdlei t?t?, and lowered the t to light iMiwttfrt, which th<>y were to tnke with them, aref'tlly down the rtalrs " These are ft* Btllimore, lr wo need them, et1 served the esptsin, tnperinteBdirg the rs irov^l > very one seeme ? ti?sj !-ed w ith a mC"t martial ?pl?U. rtrnHt were obliged to he refti'ed, and ??>* b?a?i> ch?ere an I s tige.- mote b'ti'd rg tremble ?ber it w?s aiiM>ut>' I thu every m ??el wsb