Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1861 Page 2
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Mm. U^t ortrr pnifonn hat* man tn 11, Md Ibit *s regtmoot would certainly go to Waohlagton by rmlL THB LAB QOOIOKM., At tfcrse o'clock a ooupie of dr ummeis marched over Mm kaJMu f sounding the reveille, and the men began to Ml into rank iu the rooms of their companies, and the fluK good If tie were said. The order was promulgated that the b*U m>st be c eareil, and with the exception of I ?bout h hundred |iei6ons who went into the drill room, up sta.r? , the relative? and friends of the members let the bcllt'tng. It waa no pleasant sight to wltnwa these bet leavw-tal-infis, when one considered that the galiant rsgiaaect upon no child's play parade cr reoamixnent, but to tho terrors and the horrors cf actual war Mothers and father , wires, Asters, bro ther* and dear friendH said farewell, for, perhap- , ths taot time on < arih No one could look ui>on tho poir , ?Otaet. who, feeling solitary oven lu such a crowd, clung , eagerly to tbeir loved ones, but bravely repreMel the | tears which cx-minaly would come in Hpite of them. ' Ifce naeu shook baads loog and silently, with thoae e a<*- | oeet looks and that Ann pressure which says that hcarU , are da?|'ed t-s well as bauds. Children? mercifully there 1 were but few c*s<r<? bade good bye to i>apa with sweet, infantile voices, sot reailrin* why pap* looked so badly | and sail -? Utile, a' d ww not to pleased a < they were at his tine . nlfortn. It was a relief te all when the {artiugs were over, and the men, strl ring to think 110 longer of fcome, fell into line at the command of the order ser Hearts. THE H10 men having bean briefly addressed by their eaotakM. marched out of their rooms and took up pod tuns either in the large hall oi* the armory or in the drill room, up s'alrs, whioh wits decoy. ted with red whits and blue bunting. Cheers groetrd the eighth com 1 puny, which mustered untuunll strong, and the baud, , whfch came out in good force, avhed with instruments j to nuke ncsie for their rcgiineng utd with revolvers to soake music for the enemy. P*fc cheers were re echoed, with splendid effect, from tl?? crowd which now surge 1 about the building 00 eyfei y side. Then th? sergeants called the rolls >f their oCmpanit-n and prepare 1 to roport to ths Ad.utant. The Veglruont mustered us follows ? (iret company, sixty rour men, three commissioned cfBeots and tour sergeants. becotd company , one hundred men, three commis sioned ofTxereanJ live perge&uts. Third company, sixty-eight men, three officers and live ?srpssnU. Four)a company, eighty two men, thros olllcers sad five o?rgeante. llfti: company, fifty four men, throe officers and four srigeant.*. Sixth company, forty-one men, three olticers and live MrgtMlB Seventh company, si.\ty men, one officer and lire B?r geants. KigLth c< mpany, eighty men, three officers and llvo , BcrgecttlB i'uRlatet'^, fifty 'our men. two oiticer? live sergeant*. j Troop, twenty live men. two officers, five sergeants. Uecrutth one hudrod and -evenly tire men. tt-.ud 'curt; four men. FtcM i'lllceis, tso. staff' cf'it ore, fourteen. Com<ni.s-loned ' Ulcers. oipht. Besides these, a?ut liltj men joined the regiment itp"o the ferry boit and i<t the cars at Jersey Cl ?y, having boeu 4ciaj ed from reportirg at the armory in time Tho total u".:i'.u-r of men in 1U0 regiment whou it started w*f therefore nine hundred and lorty-flve. That. under the olret.metacoea as ! with ho short a notice, such a rogi ment, so full, bo well armod and equipped, mil 40 nnani moii t, certiinl* justifies everything which has been cr , ran bo wiJ in eulogy of our cimI. lavorile regiment the , National f.uard. i;h-ov>tci. Avn EfjrtFjrexrs. Tti ? p. 'wmel it the Seventh wof. all that one could wish, lira oi &?cli bowing and preeerce, of srrh physique an<l ev'.'.rucirg such spirit, pluck aud determination are the delight of nrmy officers an-l the admiration of tho pcbiic. Hie membero of tho regiment who went to-duy wtro, almost without exception jotirg men, full of life and vii, r, appreciating and determined to maintain thc-ir high r*>i tation as citizen soldier?. They go disturbed *7 no can n in roaard to the support of the families tlicy leave tnii ind. Moat of then ore mm of means ui pro perty, the very croini of our birt 8<cicty. of the other*. Almost all Iiitc by aomo menns or other tho siip.ioit of their families fmrantecd , and in sonic ciWi three month-' salary a Ivanced to meet present exper.Bia. 8uch mto en n always light woU, fci their au.biiic n and their repute: on reader thmi invincible Vhero much i; proetiMii by and "\?ictoJ or :s Impossible for 'hi in to faiL And th?v will n?.t. Now York cltv sonde her ut i t-^iitient first into (he fl M Mf upon it tney wi.i Im> lir.' t and beet in tho flffht, nlso. The were liressid In the gruy uulform, with ttlm mitgsof fciaek tb" gray cap anil" the lou.; blue army overcoat, so familiar to bur rtvtdorn. Etch m>tn carried a kra(fr? k. U|?'U the top of uliii li ww rolled h heavy blanket, aLd ,.i which whs conveyed under dothirg, an | *xtm p?v < kjoti or s'uo*, i knife , fork, epooa, tin cup, l>ls*e. wtth a l>odr ? ><slt anl cip pocch. Ail were pro v:ded v. i" ? dc day ? rtUons, and twenty tounds of ball | cittrMgni V >? dntt to osek nu at the armory or dur U'f: the tV*), t)be used during tho journey. if the ' Ro't.iuOTMca make :t necessary . 'I lie corps of engineers i were am < a vfh riven an1 snbro biyor.ote , the troops I vi i , mid heavy swords and the ci,"ht companies j w!ttini;t >el legation mulcts aid bayonets. Be fcidts ibis almost every man -wis armed with . a r?vo or. carried in n iK-ucb In the front j *>i h'U . r ' t ? and wiw with heavy dirk? and knives, tor hstiA to liand tigV.itip'. Abccit half n dozen ot ih ? re- ; or\ ts *ere not in unli'orni, b' t were amply nrmed. their it. .form* h-v<? b on or. '.??red and w U be ,-cct on to Vubirgtca I'm h ?: okor ha l hificit'ars orlii" pipe stu< k in tils ?.<:?. Hie musicians and t- :rvanU were arine i Willi rerclvciH. Iho t";M ni won" pt'-.iiled with Cisesof metflcfncs and inK'r m< i ts. <? ;t?.- Chaplain was tin pror ie.< ? itli we?p-"i?, but frt-m lit* conversation be ap l>csr?u I i>o a ? eriuMe lighting par. -a in. iml re uly to m I* o citr.or spltitu il or oth< r wcijnn Willi elTect. Alto gett- t a ''(tier e.jjijjpfd aiid p ovidid lx' \y of men ' never t* 'i Kew York t ) enter the porviee, or on.' more ?*l ? ble to rse it*? w ids. Foi their crcalure cm orts, Ui' mcc. ?* provide J th>se pocket plfioli which injure only acr, ar. r;?ny bo\?a. bukels md ndie?. r1\ irj Mnj 'cpronije of gool chwr, were le;t f r tliom at ti e cr. ??, c>r h 'inH! thrmgli ti e car \* in. Ion ? by care ful !>n I vgbtfol friends IKAPSCTION AT Ul'ir?:m PI. VCK. All pr? ii >.i rios b-vving been arianped, the eompanirs filed dow.i the arr, .ry gfa rs, passed thre sh the cl? cr Inp, eu' i .<iu>-Uc ore1 ?U, and, sitcniied by tltoi siada <?!' ( peep'*, t<.o . upp.:f-:t. n tipoo I.if.tyctte pls?-e, o cupying, iniiu',.; Lt;i j extentfroin locrth to !.l,'hth atrocts. The p '? was ttrc-j'-d with people, who crowded rv<r> ? if ^ b*k >ny ?nd ti.nd'?*-, perctetl up?n e\ery :? r* and ral,t' #n,l bouied sul wtved tian1- . i r Jly un i ur< c?j!ngly. Thi street r si gay wif. 1. 1 .aid tin entire s'-ene wai as ai>. m?;rd . i.J brili'.mt as v arl coloNd buatuur, so'. oiery.j'i r m i 'j?- the blue c-ated tr.a brirrht - slue'. it?l ;; i'c, tb'? br <<ht!y drewed adiivt Wild niak it. 'h i bright run and ucv.u ?ty t<? ,<ta;its. Tber-'ir a'.-1 bv. f?rr.ed. M.r \- . ?.fbl ? vivid tin reports of the -ergevitt, in j>cicj tho recr Its and j to. -d t?i :n 'ito t:f" sr i- al c"'n|.iim ?< ;nt 1 thev were e ,i r I or Tirchlug. H.e reu-airii or if .lie recruit* forw I ?' ? feme I Ft of the line, the utlllcrv 'tr.x p> w?n?? t?..;: : tfc - rt"hv Th"fce ni'!vea,enU cccap'cd aomo ' turn- a; "... r.t rlr. wa . i;'r< ablj rr! -vd by watch ing t ?> i of t; > j >li < tol.c p he ' ne, by notlaln;; ( the V i t, th wht"b the blue ? > t- ? pj^-d iuto ? ju.?b b! s w:th the pjp'ila e and flovrl?b< d thoir clubs, and at 'aeir artt"r:ty , with gr >. .. t unction and fitMil ; ic ' by conv ? s.iioii between the f. ? an; tir r fricn.ta. The ftrft lleuiei.unt *>f ? Hk' d ' ?r.? ?aa i;r<.rt i n nd "tdiea'" etl Ihe event. <? > (tattle Port J'?n.t< ? w .th ,;rc?t gusto and inter' s' He hop >1 to m'< l thi Seventh ag:..n. as tho Ht? 'et t..r.e ws? s*-,"' *ed t < Mimpwhore, within twriit) fiji'r ho 'rs >? i ?>? atendent >\etipe<iv itteatlvely I wdeh-d lb' ra-nemii ? 'if the Ir ??. aud teerr.od to l>< st'i<<' ? p f?' * ii' * ei of police tactles ( eaeral Ha l ? i ta. l a vdf ? t?ntlou, fro? tt?e f:ict th-.t i -i .i >. l'h ?? . i ? Uitho!*ercn Ii re no nt, Mb. i i r ? . . t i tl ;; ni? ,.t i eu.j?e 1- frati'l r <1? * r , tad ?* .. T!i cosrd rr( \ iug i aili ia.>-ti.i, Mik- I i : .? *ii>li t ?, .iil"l p. -I*1 lit < ti <rl . ??e< r tout*, i in (m- ibht nf t^' "^Mr *paigV-d BuiiiMr." r*eo t.oiiat ? <"!.? * v?.i ??, r. .ni'j?iit'i fijki men, uudcr rbsr^e 1 . p'a ip p' c ; and '"u'l ?* md Sri t;eanti yt- l?e iod V er. r ? irve : l' nwelvr?. - d rtmn gnej ?I.Uio<:S ; ,|J work. i.v> It * <"? I . by llir> wtcdrennf l! . : .... : rd l! a I e, mi' II f I leu ?; 1 cfltrt f'.ifi <?< u> ' i' ' of Hi ' ne. the Adiutant 1 i*. Sr d ? vi r t' ? ommmrt "f the r' v nierttn the CMc?el, tie drum m , r wheole ?: hl? into line- the rtlr;itj; ua!r "f U.s S.i't air ' cited the ta'intial elieer-i t'i? ? n in . I ' ) ? vc w ?* *h< ted from < ncer lo c<t.cer i: ' nmld jv.c?."'ar, < rics of ! bb? voi," th- wav'us f ! a-T. hi. ik' rcli r ..,d the li'-j.hi f lie m ?' :rUetise i:c * >vatx the^cvei.lh stortei t.pou TUT. JLiBCK n >?S ;:ia>M?Wj|* With th* band c .sy ni,* ihe niHoo-.l airs and the rffrl- < wioot's .1 ksteps; tie ;k>!1 i Kdlcvlnp esc'i ntliM ?/ la'i.s, te f-antic <ri:t- to clears way for Ibe K'l ' iv wlib tts line br n by the cro.vd, . ?ib'rh i. :el b1 **ar-Js and forwards like an Oinati, tl Oj r> h brgft). Thro 'g'i a crowd ; dense itit it s> em;d ta block ip ibe way unaoelbl*. Thrw-eh r .tils of humar i .nfs,Ci?*et? mpa^hrlnk ion, as if .iii |?diC' , 1 mi m ?i> r a M<?' s, ha 1 parted the f?- "o itii 1 ..I,; val.s ? ii cr a p- r1 ?< t caoopr ?il ft*v ' ' ? I ny th" Mun wttli a ifl >ry a '>.-tgbt a? lusf ?l i< Ii \u\'> ?'?? y? wou and di ?erve?J. Withebeers i roi' m ? jj kij nk tl.unuers. i*?t lnilldiDgf %rt<* ' i t.w wer>:oovered With it 's, and nl??ve d ^rs, win o> < CV saxdtt otii't .*ei iinm-'d w tti pm<ple With lau ik ?chiilc, waved U? fair luuids and as buoio rous uo th" e*? iei,?iia wtikli tl, ? nils r' Ktle. saluting ihe (?*;'? >i I voi uiiti ? ??*'. VU.ur Ander-'a, who re viewed the .egimen: .'fom tbe balcony oT Itall, Black k Cb.'s b'iild1nf , an bv b.< pn - n.-e r d ih in o> war's flaafer* and of ile gioriis Iwi an eiiigy ?.f ?.ie?i. i?vis an le would ho ? Uniig ? aoo *ith the nv. tUv *4 ?? ****** ********** ** $*?** r* H 0* 1*1*** g> ^ "Je1! I'ar's, Je2 Dt'. le, beware of Ibe day, ; i * *1 eu i'jc Seventh sLa.1 inct't tin* in battle array," ; Past i letloee more <M>??m<n:',sble and In better tai-te, UnJvtti , ha*, the "VHtonttl Guard wa? for tV t'nion,' ?son 'iiat Its members should imitate "iheNslionnKtc.srd Of 1776 " With bayorvjto' brl^h !y pVicctnf !e the ?i:n , with etep firm, with b wring pro' 1 nod erect, ns l?clittcil <he mru end the ??oaiflon. the Keveoth rrniineot merihed lows ftrixul-.vay. .Vever was a popular demOf.f I ration mi're br.iijii.t and mri -i entn isli.-itc New \ ork city U "e'.ebr'xW !c>r her ovfct. ns, but cv eu th t to the l'rince ^Wal*nti? d not conriare wlUi th1'. in IUi hnirtiner', its j ?P?*ilai ty cud Its scttusJisin T\? trcet, from l yi.rt'i to Oeertliuf't. was br'.Ut with the c. I'TS o' our ra il i ?>eaiitlf"l PvM on.l iho i u?^trs were remUtfl All "? throrgM 1 1 pky l, nor to the men . .*ent to dcbiid (h>,in, ltd lln.nK tho struts, i rrowdlnf tlv 1'arV , ' 1 . lending up rbatliain htruc.1 )Mt ClnaUr'tig ever the M ,s- tj?, t'.cy lorkel, shouted ! end olieered as they hive aeldom done before. 1 hs crowd ! yerle<i for the soldiery to twse, but before and bthind 1 fen* ajr|s*rod a donee, ?olid, iraficnetrable Kire | Oflnes *tfc broiifcbt to the street corners nod ^ar^led ' tU'r Mb u Mm larwtb (titei ft" bulMlcg* aloag hT<ncwVf are tliemsetvre a dcioraticc. to varied f oeau- A Uftil totbeir a.-cbit<cturtr, and to t. a# Ifcceet tU#ir rro< portion bultti- ancustusei to bee onJ> the ?wyi'.ay broad ws? CMi "J? oo ul*aef it u it appeared yeeter oaj , Oauztirg with flags and parked with tier Bpoo liar of people , fum eidewalk to kouEeroc-f. AT OCIP l AM'T ? 1RFKT. The procession swerved around from Bioadway; Ha further progress beiiig barred by a throng cf poepe, and prcceeCcd dirtet'gr to the ferry. Co/tl*-idt struet was a perlert bower of Union ?a?s. Kags floated, waved aad hung from every possible point, in all manner of shapes asd sizes. Here, as* oa Broadway, an irutcee? crow j thronged the street. and only with the greatest ? ier Hers the police were able to a.alie u pa-sage for th > troops. Iiaatcrs hui:4 out from the etorei, inscrioei with saottoes bidding the soldiers to /// // // W///// AlVW////// //?// // r* I I m?r ik GOf> z : i AHli Iil?' FOUR i'OWI'IK I IT, [ j / w >//// / m// 9 j acd to | I I *11!" TON AJTB OMTOOBD, i aiui as if to call the attect'.oa of the Revim-st to tut -? admoalt'.ons, the crowd cheered more vociferously than < ever na the mottoes appeared. The open epuce in front of tho Jerry buildings wan lammed with people, j The wbarve?, the buildings and the vessels lying at Ue docks were decorated with flags and crowded with 1 liics and gentlemen. lb" crowd was to (treat thrit a pas^ro could rot be opened for the sold .era, and they were obliged to pi'bh their way through as best they might to j tho grateful shelter of the ferry depot. ON THE I ERRY BOAT A company of the New York Zouaves, unlsr com mand of Sergeant Graham, awaited the arrival of tho regiment, which came on board with its invinci ble, resistless double quick step. Officers aud mon sei/.cd the opportunity to rest after their fatiguing much through the crowd, aad remarked that they were ut last out of the Untied States. As tho boat steadied across the river it was sal ted with cheers from the crowded wliorvca and buildings, and by the ringing be! Is and the foundii? of whisttee from tho craft on the river, to which the bard resposted by playing the '-^tar Spaugied liatiner" and "ilie Girl I .'eft Behind Me." A taomeu t?r.y sensation v us called by a man falling overboard frrm the wharl, the beat ,\aa slowed, again started, uud without another Interruption disembarked tUe troo]>B ut tin Jarscy C it j ferry, there to meet a re option as eniliu siai-tic ns'the ovation in New York, to biu tho last fare wfl'rf to tho fe fraafs Vllt had followed them so far, au<i t^ Mart for Washington and the wars, with the seV ting sua tlluminatiug tho w udowsof even house, and hanging 'be tky in ?? igbt, iteming clouds, us If in their h< nor, and with thi ii ling bla/.irg richly in the rosy ii*ht its motto, that of evtrytruo soldier? "/'ro Pa'.ria >t aUrxn" (for our country and for glory ) T1IKIR ARRIV AL AT .IKK8EY CITY AND OWABTrRF!? IMF. RA1LKOM' DEPOT CROW LED WITH lKOI'M; ? OV?R TEN THOt'S \N1> T'FRSON'8 WITHIN TUE BlILD ING? SCENES A I. UNO THE STKKKT8 AS Tllli TRAIN" PASSED. Sorer wa u the city of Jersey the scene of so mu? U ex rit mcnt aa 011 the departure of tho Seventh regiment far Washington. Lorg before the hour for the troops to cnua the river, the railroad depot, ferry landing and the sur rounding neighborhood was crowded with men, women and children, anxiously aw siting the arrival of the time when the regiment would arrive. The depot watt tu*te- j fully decorated v ith the Stars and Stripes. Sevan Urge flags hupg frcm the b.iiccuy on the front of the depot, and surroundirg the balcony were about thirty small Hags, arranged by Mr. J. B. Woodruff, Assistant Superintendent of the road. The train in which the troops were to em bark eonsisteu of seventeen ears, two baggage cam, cue for the cannon belonging to the artillery, and the locomo tive '? Walcott," named after ex Governor Walcott, of MuxHar.busottE, and the same one that took on the Maw* " chusotts troops. The Chief of of Jersey City, with forty mor., marolieo into the i<o pel about Uv* o'clock and rendered mo t cillcIcBt service in keeping back the crowd during the embarkation of the troops. Lon? before the hour * for their arriv al, the platform leading to the cor* wa. elearod of al! bnt a fbw distinguished individuals, among whomuQS Mayor tan Vorst, of Jersey City, Marshal Mis, cx Mayor 1 on Riper, of Hudson City. General r. 1'.. V. Wright, and a number of the members of the , Common OruncIL .About half pest four o'clock two largo bnpgnae cars, beni eg two American 11?s*, drove into tho ccjiot, which brought cut three hearty cheers from tho crowd. Following the beggsge was a banner upon which was the follow'.nK inscription >" "" " "" tuk'g' oRioi'a' aEVENM r'ti' "f NO XOr.TH, SO KiS'IB, So FART, NO yflat. i x AHar.iCAS eeiHl'AXY. { 5 wWTiorr, ih>od a co. 5 j Ana lfi Utt. * ? //////// **+++-* *j /////#//#///?) This was ploc'-n at tho head or front of tho depot, =;,s pecdoei frrm the bu'eony. UfKiR .ABJtlv Al? About a qtinjtT liefoic . 1* o clock the steamboat bear ing the troops Had MiU. uaced aa approaeiiiap the dock, and cheer alter cheer rarg tlirough tho indUllng. It was not long before the gatce loading into the de|>ot were thrown oi ?n,cu>d the trcops marched in, the band piavlng tho '? -'tar.splacgled banner, " and the wlioio house wilding forth unbounded applause. A s.iuad of Metropolitan Vo lice beaded the login, out, under command of Inei>ector i);inifl Carpenter, and accompanied by Captain Hopkins, .lottersoo , 1 'owning and Sllvey, who rendered n gr?i?t j of aatisl.aiee to the Jerse y City Police. A s noon as the troop hailed, Mr. Woodruff, Superintendent, with tho assistance of M? or Alexander Shaier, ot the Poventh, prore>eded to pi?j,o tho several companies in tl^otr re spective carp. < mr -ketch of the foece in the depot, which we p*iblL-h e'towbcie. is tlie production of the New York U raphe tv j>e Kngravin Coio|>aiiy , tlie photog.-aph engraving and si- rcoiypitg bcoig all accomplished in the space of h few sin :i t hours. S~n:e twenty minutes wax taken up In ? mbarking, and every few moment) the bnildaig re founded with appUwe. Tho scone at this time was, indeed, alir.ct beyond dcscripttr,n. Ths ladies stood wa\ ing their handkerchiefs, many bathed In tears, r.nd wcepiaj as IT their h arts would altm at br< tk. Several could be hoard fr< u one end of the dep >t to tho other, and Baity w< re thr s.'ent teus that could be ee-en dropping down tho cb> <.Lii of a n uaborof g utlcuen wio stood by the si 'e of the cars. W hile the soldiers wore getting CD b> ifd tlie cars, several females, appa rently under great excite?. nt ond bathed in tears, were running up and don tLo platform , inqnlrin for this mpany snd that comjuu* . bopirg to UWo one more farewell of sooio ?!? ir iclat.v?. Hueh a wue as took place at that depot \ ill long 1>? reii.embor d by tho mem i>eis of our glorious Heventh. At the ri-[U -t(i t'olone' I< .'eits, leterlivos Sl?n*eyan1 King arc iitpnuied the rogimont to Washington ; an Optiiln Turnbull, of tho si- untecoth preunct, for nuuy yi?r a m< m' > r vX the regime tit. Is to go on early next week. Attwuit\ minuti to ?> ?en o'< toes*, ail tu, trooi* being haf' ly on board . Ma oi Slialer informed M r. Wood ruff that all was iu rem! in ?* and the p-pnal w?? -ri ven for tbe engine to start. As the train beg?n to move nlowly a' ng, and M It i 'i dc<l out on its loumey, tho <-heerse>f tt>* crowd followed till tbe\ bad ;wid etit of view All tloti the Htr < ts of Jersey ? Ity, a* tho train passed, the P< oi>!e, who Ivid coc.'rregai- >t u, '-rowds, cheorcd tto u on their journey. - luon as tho MtM hid l^ft the d. pot, the peeplo t :.n to dpper. o but .<s th> y pa ?ed out mai.y could be *> n with hnndkerehiers to th( r e^e*. lami ntmgover tho depnilureof smo one of the < i;ird. As tlie >fetio|w>U tan rolioo left tho Jersey City Poli .> g-.\ e them a parting ?alute, which v. as erk.inwlodged by thruj lu>.irty rliM-rs. rnr.E i.ettiits- ini? parcels r<> iwte HfcVKKTH RF.Q1ME.NT. We are rcques'od by ijuart- rTr.:.t,ier WibChest'MT, of thu Site nth rrgimeut, Katloi.a' Guards, to mention that Mr. R.ey, Superintendent of Adstafl* l *pr n Oowpans, wil' rr< l ive aud forward, frr.j of harge, parkag' a or loiters .n ;,-'i\ornmont stamp- J envt lepes addro*se<d to 'utMnboi. e>f the Guard while on '..ty in Wellington liiroetciro of L D. Winchester, Quarter mtstor, ; ilei r t to Ad ma ldtpref - Company prevl' tui to half past foeir F. M THE SEVENTH REGIMENT \T XI :W URUJfg WIC'K. Nr.v> natJis* ? < V. J-,Api 1 10, The SovepHi r?'iinont of New York, numbertBf ntno h"i red and ninety ono men by actual count, reached v w Hrunswloi. at S 46 I*. M. The route thii.t far li*i b< en 'no continual ovation, and at every stitkie on thoir tOBte they hove been greeted with Hw b'i?n?!ngof cm Ma and tlie shouts of tho- .-amis of tbe patriotic -'Iti 'ens otNfis JoiS'j, uho hi ? almest lined tho r< id, and houses at a distance "i |v?ji s mi.** from the rojd ?>re to < sen bo 11 luminal' 1 I'REPA RATIONS I "H Til W II RECE1TION AT run \ on, rui Twk'vvmif, \prll It r *. Tbo Seventh regiment lint net rtvei yet. th<n>Mhe? ptctod more than an hour since. Jt is reported that tb?y WiB go abcard the Ko>st< nc Plate, and be taken to Wash iegton via the Totcmac. The streets we tlironfedto witness thorn mnrch. ffcejrwero at New rirunswickat t m< o'clock, but it will Ik ?*clve <it they roaoh here. ARRIVAL OF THE MARINE ARTILLERY FKOM RHOT>E ?nils body of treois, m hkh were expected on Ttoux: <lay 1 night by the cist eu o'ckck New liuvec train, but which | left l*ro\ Idt nee u the Empire Htutc, arrived jester J'?y moiiiisg at the Jor?ey Ciiy docks, ut half past iovtn o'clock. (>u their arrival 1-avirg been bum"? known, Ccmmotlore Wroleev Colonel Gregory uud a vu' ranltUud" were : sooni ?pot; and a< they left the Baptre P '.ate to j refrct-h themselves (together with tbeir horses) with | breakfast, the large concourse of people divided into Hue on either side, and cheered them vcciferouplv :?? the/ parsed through During the time thoy were at trfcakfast the auimunl tion guua, ba^age, &e , were trarsf erred from tte I'm pire f-tate to the Kit von Hull, which had boeu chartered to convey tliem by water to kli/Abeth City, whero special trains were in realiac?a to bear tlietu to Washington forthwith. Tte lihcde Island Maries Art!!!ery are a fine bod/ i*f , mot. After breah'ut and "brushing** of therrie) vls, U.oy stated that they were ruuiy to inks the UtM at a ( moment * notice in defence of the Union. The;, are oilUored bj the following . CotijiuEiidins ( ittker, Colonef Tomkioe. Lleuterant Colonel, Ceor(re C ?trkacM, Captain, ItecjBTuia 1' R< rajngton. Lieutenant, A M. Tower L'eutcLant, Henry It H-natow. Eur^cou, Nathaniel tdiltar. The men numhar lt't, and carry with them l'u horses, eight guns of very heavy caiibi e, and the other requisite arms asd amunltioa. The horses are fine, Epiritod loe!; kig animals, and appeared to be in that condition which will enable them to austain a food deal of field hardship. After partaking of broakfast they wero drawu up io rank and hie, and marched to the Kll von Mill amdst Uie outbuiats of enthusiasm of the <lenae assemblage which surrounded them, and left the Jersey C ity pier at tiAlX-past ten o'clock, carry ing w ith thorn the hearty ap plause and greetings uf the thousands who had ns scmbled. MEPARTl'KK (M' TUB EIGHTH KKfltMSNT MAS8ACHUSKT IS VOLUN" TFEBH. This regircett took their depai I uto from Jersey City at twelve o'clock A large eiowd numbering r.etriy three thousand petstns were at the depot to see them off, and the most cnthuslnstx feelltg prevailed. Jfr. Wood rut, at the road, hud sixteen cars in waitlo^ at the Ui i?t, and the troops were no', long embarking on board. (Several of the military of Jertey City ? ei e at tlie depot, and hid them God &p?ed. As the regiment left the depot they were loudly ehtered by the crowd. 1'itii tmnrA, April 10, 1 The I ighth Massachusetts regie ehi hat arrlvtd here, und has just paft-ed up the street to the Ho tel. It Is supposed that tbi troo;* w'.U go via fTtrrisburg aad the Northern Central Kaliroad to IMtiar.ore. THE MASSACHC8KTTS TROOPS IN" WA9H i INOTOJf. l'n i t -.niwi, April IP, 1^61. A special despatch frun Washington says that the Mas sachusetts regiment, except ere hundred and twenty | meD, arrived there at five o'clock. They report tlat , three of their members w ere killed. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. The Sixth, Twelfth and Seventy-first Regiments to Leave To-morrow? Activity Among the Volun teer Regiments and Battalions- The Fire De partment Zouavea? Vigorous Recruiting, &c , Ac. We continue our rccords of the vol -ntcer movements IB thecitjr, and the dotails will befonnd iater-atirg. Al though thr re are now but few organizations forming, those Already in the fleid are recraitiug a* lost a? jmeslble. and with exUucrdlDMTy sueecss. There are, In fact, ogini.-atlons eati gh air ady formed to give to the government more tuac the quota required from New York, if thoy are tilled up raid jnrccted properh ; and therefore iu> more are at present needed. Besides the movements of volunteer' we notic? that Be; oral rogmeutfl of the nilllt.a are bring raptdly placed upon a war footing, and cn Sunday morning the Sc\ enty flrst, Twelfth anu Sixth ngtoeata s tf\rt f.r Washington. TliU movement ol our Citizen k Idlc-r la admirably sup ported by our mercbimts au?l bitukors, v.bohavo given their oleics l"ave to (.'o with the rctiiments ( some ha . e alriady gone with the Seventh), and will pay thetn tall aivlarios duiicg their iibw cce, aal reser ve th?>ir sltua for them until their rctvrrf. Ae pei e?a liave U-on deterred frcm volunteertEg u ,?*?he grounk that they would U ave their families u-*ipror! 'e<i for, we may expert this movement to result In a large acceealou to the forces. TWELFTH KK?< I M KN Tlie various companies of this re?lt n -nt w?re busily en- , K?ge<l at their < rooms lat>i ereang recruiting, acd .the full cumber of oach has cow bi n very nearly oh- j tallied. Company f has beei. very bully ergaged drill ! ir.g and recruiting under Cafta n utherford during the pustweek. Meetings for drill pu p wh ur? h^ld e\ ry . mcrniuj; from Lair past elghi to leu o'clock At a late hour last even- eg (.<?? thI Nnt. 'forrl changed I the orders for their departure to 80: day raornirg next at 1 Rmo o'clock, when the) will depart for" Wnahuigtcn. Till 1WKLFT1I REC.lMtNi >I9C<>KT. . ' Hma u QvAMcna, Oi ? Gi aiih, t ? ,.i n I'.u.uu vr, } ?94 Broapwat, April 110, 1861. / Tlia members of the Old i. iata, xt-o all the exempt m?! ibersof th' rwi if Ih regiment are * queried tD meet iu cll'/ec?' ?lrc jh at 694 Brcat'.way, this (vit?r(Jaj) after - ucoa at half pa: t two o'clock for ? purpose i>l acting art a guard ot encor* tome Twelfth regiment, on their dep trture fr< m th:n ciiy. Fft' DKt.tOK I. YC1.TKK, President. 0'?i. It. Cnrnnr'i, Secretary. umii run itKitiMrxy. Seventy flrst Is pr< puit g for ? r The member* m< t at thoir Armoty, over Centie Market, yesterday c. cnlp,-, for the purpose of henrir. ; orcers and recele ing volunteers. The cBtb:.hia: ra ef the men she wed that they did ne t dread the coaicg <aa?' let. ,\:t,.r the office' a had m??t, Uie order wt-sgivin t< the solemn to h'ld them eehus In r?-ailii < 'ts to dtpait in ? 'any morning for VS a.-b.ngtui. The news vas ioci ve 1 with evidence of approbation, and the nitn tiln r-cd U? tako.or the fu lure. Comiiar, II will hoi I a ni? tire ti. monlnf, at nine o'eiot k . fe>r the purpi ce ? f r ing n ???.,( ; is for their de|wrtur<\ 1he loifciwiog orivt has bee:. ! by Coloaei Vos horgh ? t.Oti! o*: in no g, ami i::' ?-? ( rARD, ) Si.v knt\ i-nrKu <??; I xni.r . \ ITBATKjBavi . kh, Si V01. April SO, 186I j In compl -irce wl'h on ei - freni n v Ooo, mender In (htcf acd division '< ? -sof tL >? ? tit a ? . e nieet will Meemi le at the ir MVe'ai nrmcrliB .a iw tr.otrow (^un <Jay>. a', seveno'ekek \ 11 , a. ' . I ; 1 v. ? , "atigue cap, and w.tto ov reoat sad kasj . i ?mbaik for Washlti-iton ctv Hie itkiireiital I'te wi'l It ,( -me.i ; 1 itrie't, right tn Ittcadway, at eight o'clock prceit y . The men each take e>no bltuk*! ? 1 .-d en top of knap aark, a !rtllolenc> ef tUJrter eleih ? _ - q pair of l.>x>ta or shoes, knife, foil. , -p-v-a t.i. c.i< and plate, b(4y bolt, a. d will alro provide tbemxehes th cap pm< he 1 T1-e mt n will be carelul to pw?io th 1 . |-, as with 01:0 it iv 's rations. Thrr ? K-i vantK will be aliowrvl to ;?t h c.^mrany, wh>> mu.-t npert tmho <;- aMi'f matter at t . Araory, Csatro MarUet . on Sat'in'ay , at tve o'clock I' .1, Bach ofllwr Will be s'lowed cue xuia 1 lr'i?-,,, with his n imi> marked on. and s ent to the .Umtrj by five o eloek Raturtfay atternftn. t^iarteimnster 'io?eveIt will r^-T.rt t > th. Ma|or Oena ral. at htH ttuee, Try< n iow, for crtk 'i for transportation anil Hn.mnnition. Tie hand, Oeld n iu-'.i orid non lomm .1 ataff will report to the (Moael. at the \rmry, ( .|r. at ee\t n o'eloek en iMiPdnj mornag. A H. 1'HIIK, Aiijutal-t. A i V'^iU KSH, OWO?Sl. Wo are rrqu<atcd to atr?i U>?t voiuntoei for the ?-venty flr^t leftmost, to k>-.\e for W:.?hiigt(,n on Ban day morn rg, will N received at the Arei- r Centre Maik"t, (01 ay .<:\turdr.y. 81JTT MS . it KMt m rvr. Recruiting c ficts fer those dcs.; itg to j >u this regi ment Imivo be n rata! isUJ it t\e folio* 1 4 places'? ! Company A, ( apt II .f,ertf , 4'i I rluce street R, Capt. ? lyarh, 7 lai tr. n; (upt. Csvatai r' , 10? Odir itr<Mit P.Capt < larke, l'? C! -?tlintn trect Ou.t I*. Kelly, ?l Pe.cnth ..treot, I c-.irt DrrMia, corner Ninth 1 tr<ot and It 0,Capt u ??. ?> Albany ?lree' ? n.Gipt .las. nitily , 1MB aven .ci 8 an>l u.$ -eavcey ,.trcet' 1, Uout. John Coon-.a. tlercer H ?e. HIXTM ItT f-IMf *?T. This rsim-nt, t;n'cr crmr-x.ntlor Col. I'lncknojr, has hovn a tlToly rcer ntlc;.' on a ^ar ?? ?t r.g, iu.-l will leave with th Twelith and .-<? ,oLly 1 .at 1 e ? ^1.- 00 Sunday m< THU OKRXAX KIt LK", The enrolmett of the Oer ,an Hi 9 regiment (Ol. ' Mocker) '**oli!g on vory vl.'.oronaly an ' the rolls i ro fcably will bo clcffsl (tAy, M(>r? thftn seven ?olurtcfrs fitvo bfen r omtc^d !n ihar two *Ut? Alt ilitfc vi hiBtwn aTo p.cStrf! men, film* st wptj ono bav? ing 5*ccn arUuil uar i^rvico A number mftg .n he f ctrocs leg, on a? theMaftToiherf !? tbc Btmprtea TW, ln?.rCl,- ?n n r H-bleswig Bol atom, in tr.<> itsoYn revolution of 1<M8 or in the 1'ruftan, Ravsriu and /uatrlsn armies Colonel I.o'iia Kilter, the Obtnauider of th a regi mint, 1.1 a gentleman well known abroad and hkhW respected a?d 6#on?Tted In tl aeitr. He Is a scholar of the IVIytechnioal Inatttution at Mucich, ai.ii left (ism) his Dative oourtrj with numbers of ether mthimiaatic 1 yoi n^ men, to take i>ert in tLs war for the UUeimdoiiCQ or Qwoe. Re fought u officer of the nutans Hi Wt? Ma u (More*) and in the Ramelian r tmpaigm. la I9M be returned to Ceraniiy and wont into commercial bc<d wm, like Garliiuldi tn etateu ibiai.d. la the CMMB re volutk u of lfc4b he erected, partly to tut own expen e, a i volectee* corpe, and was, by the provisional gorons ni' M, appointed General of the Second division (aevcu or I < gbt thousand men). After the defeat of tLo revolu tionary ajn.y (18iU) he returned to fcwit'eriand. ami coiigiated (18C0) to America, wliero he mil bis family tewed cd a laraa in IuxkUuiu county, New 1'ork. M* YORK V0J.CNTIBt NAV'Al. HKlOift. A roll Lae been Iseutd to organic* In the city of New ) oik a volunteer i.avul brigade, in uhkh seamen of ?U grades may lave an opjiortaaity of dlspia. it ? their potriotlfm. It is to be entin'y voluntary, afid wiU

plate but little aebiruint on its members. All -eameu , are invited to attend the meeting to be held to day ut the Wad of Franklin square, aid they wi.l march irctn there to the (mat I'nien ini eticp at I'nion square, to be beld at three P.M. The arms provided for the brigade will be Ion./ range Minnie riflee, twelve jioun t howitzers, aid lb< -{.'teat gung of our torts 'Ihe call in signed by YSafhingtcn A. ilartiott, late of the United ritetc.1 Vavy. 1VK47K 01' THE WASHINGTON CONTTNKN'TAI.0. Ibst n'gUt the pa>.ido of th> gallant corps came off, in the t-evtutb and Tbliteenth wards, aid was well at tfoded. The result whs that they added seventy more tine soldier like fellows to their number, ubich no-.v averages 150 go?d meu, who expect that not later thftn Wednesday next tliey will march Into the Held of action. Hie Continentals ?ud American Volunteers being uow a united betdy. thev meet at their roerna regularly, in ?T3 <./ and street. "Iho ofl'cers named are ? Captain, John I'. I aiK j ; First lieutenant* Thug. Shnudley ; Second Lieu, tenant. 1'etcr Morris; IhTrd 1 t (iecrge Ogden. W ben they Lad returned from parade they adjourned to tbfcti rendezvous and epout a very pleasant evening, their band playing appropriate tunea. Another parade will come off to morrow, in which they have agre-d to march in a body to the mensler m;i?B meeting, and thus testify their loyal adhesion to the Union of tho country. IIB8T HEOJMEKT NATION" A I, OFARD. ( iffloers and members of the First regiment National (ifn d, a' e requested to assemble at the City Arsenal, corner of White and !Tm streets, at nine o clock A. M. this uay, April ?0, for muster and 1'ormatlou of tiie regi meLt. liy order, W. H. AIJJKN, Cdonel ccmmanding. TOU NTEKB STATK /Ol'AVKB. Tills tine body of young volunteers had thlr second weekly parude Inst nlph* , id Third avonue, i'ifty eighth street, which did them infinite credit. They have b'wn OLly a few weeks enrolled: and go assiduously have they at plied themselves to the drill that it reflects much cre d.i not only on themselves, bat the officer* who or ti/mand them . Tho c.tlccrs' names arc:? i *ptain Alex B. Klder; Fust Llcnt . Thomas 8 Louthe: 8 cond l.lout Albert Sieanvray; Third I.ient . Wilbi.r K. Hudson. The volunteers went through their evolutions iu a very sol c!er ike manner. and with an aptness and prcisloa v hich wou (I rot oiagrnce even thtir ;i niors m armn. lboir tir.llormed numlxo is forty, and they have all una nimotibly tendeied their KervlC' H to the government at any memtnt they are ca'lcd on to sup{>ort the I'nion ;.nd eocptitutlon of the country. Agre .t many ol the Itadb g rr;-p<ctable pe rons in that locality of tu " city witbipees of their picking and j?atisl,i.ctoi y mul tat > ptiformaLces. Hir I I It K PEPAltTMKET %01'ATZt. This regimc-ut oi veduutetrs, to be composed ol' mem bers of the New York Jlro Department and to be com manded by Colonel Elavil rth (lite of Chicago Zouaves, id now actively progressing, and the citi/.eiiH of New York are earnestly requestca to aid them by advancing the iitce?:iry fntJs to compute the arrangements and to i roTico the Be ct gaary uniforms, equipments, .Vc. Suliijcripticns will bo received by an> of the following nan od gentlemen ? .U'hri DtcLar, Chief ICnglncer Fire IW-partment, 51 Eliza both street. Wb. H Wlekham, Preeldedt of the Fire Deportment, Co,ll?3' wharf, (cot of Canal btroc t ana f>4 Smth. A J De.atour, Vice President 2">K Wail street. Ji h:\ R Piatt, Secretary, 79 Murray street. H A. Bust, President of the Board of Trustees, Cliff and Frankfort et;C( la. (,e< rge F N'essbltt, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, j Pearl and Hde strce'a Jto 8. CiUs, Treasurer. CO Klirahoth street. Zopher Mills. Trustee, 144 Front etree .. j A F. Ocfcc" bfi' ?er, Trustee, 21 Hose ttr.>et. James Y. Wutkins, Trustee. 16 Cath' rlne street. Jas. t\t iky, Trustee, 8fl (. hMttn street. 1 Hw rj li \ eon, Trustee, .'H4 lr>wery. fiavid Milllken, Trustee, Kx President of the lire De parwnent Will: am Wi ipbt, of it land a Co. , TU aver street. In connection with the above the follcwiug has been issued.? Fih-t Rzr.iwKKT, Tor.K Xo"U?^ ? lae members ot tie itor* orwtit/ntlon, ? IP. assemble >' tbeir Company'* liekd<|i artrn> this evening, at 7 o'clock, ami j>r ned to Paarg (.ardco, Fourteenth stieet, for tto purpose of final orgaalzs t ion ana eltc'ite of o'l >ers By eider of K E hU>WOK1ll. Colonel Commanding. Company K of tU's R< gimciit, h; is establi-ned their he. .el quart en at the t.oliam, No. Sl?8 Bowery. Open fion. 9 A. 51 to 12 1' M Mohawk (-'xgine C'cmpaay No. 16. is raising an Incl. peti dent company o! SSOO t?en, to be attache i to Co' nel litis ?i ith t- ri gimcut, under i> mniaml of AesUtant Foreman, I Edward Hums. The rnci utting for the regiment has em:e on with great I succtss, und in the neighborhood e>f 1,{00 members of the d'-purtmciit have already been received. The rr cr litmg rous will be distributed to the various stations to day. THE SCOTT LIKE OTVKP. T?i is regiment la nearly complete? mustering last ev< n ing 9?0 m( n. They expect to muster in tho United Slates sir vice on Tuesday of cost week. The regiment will, probul>ly,bc scut to Gcver&or'g Island to receive clothing, g:ms, equipment! Ac. Lieut. Hudson, Third r.rtillery, 1 P. A , who has jvst ret-. mod from rort Pr.mter, will take con man'! oi the rtglmcnt Tlio sVett I .'.fa Guard is intended to bo the (lowe r regiment of this State, its of in crs 1 laying graduated on the (.elus of Mexico. itaw ior r ir w.rt. The printers have 1a1 .4 lit the u at foyer In its severe t form, and ar* recruitir?.' by U .ud>. dg. ?ome twenty of the printers in the Would Office have .ioined tho Scou Life G'.ard. and will be toon at the iieid of action As thi area'! well at piahitod with the ' shoot'ng stick," thete it ^o danger but Hut tiiey v, 'II ^ivo a g iccount oi tii. ??elves, inn NEW iPHX /Ol'AVV. EKflinrSr. Tte National '/ouav s of tlv city "ii3t week temWred th'ir services to tiovoroor kor^ia, who aceipteo them, a. id M-.iggc?t(-' the formation of .? rcglmect. bucU a rogi mer.t la new nearly forme lfrom among the i^dep"iv!OLt 7*)taye ooinpaties in this yicinitj Two Trcv compv.ies - the norjiar. Mite anr. Natiocal '/.onayes ? ba e crrr.e toto the r<};tme?it, making fi re conipiaicK ;b' s fa r The .e CTi'itlrg < Cice is at ihe viorn r House, e< roer of Bn-ome ui..: Mi:cer etri-f-t-, mm No 3 Tha btrvte furnishes ttw It 11 tovc equ (>n.i ut tor the regirrent. The c i??< t to 1 r.vo the eitv wl'lnn a wifk. Cetmpany A, Cniuain W M ney . w dl drill tuls evtnit g, at < i./Ut P. M , at hea.!(,ua.tet?, corner of Drooaae and Mercer MtrsoU. COtOMI, III VKV'S VOWMEEItt, A rr ?t'xg was held lost rught at P'lrceii's, corner of Brcon'o aud Hudson stri ets, for the puii* =ie of enrol. itg voiuiiteejs under the above title. The proceedings did not en mtnee i ntll a '*te hour in the evenir?. The c ill Of tb? meetlE? havltg been puhliibed fertbe first ttmu ti mc-rr lrr . tb? r*> ?:is not n ' ri;e atten' : u e rf those itciii tu te xo Keictii r'np. I im enrolling, howeTtr, was carried on '.n?ii a bta hour and tl.ose *ho were present n.ur. fe?t?d a lively eutbusUsm in the cause of ihoir n untr . Ths ecmi nuie were i.ot r rmeo >or the ofh '?i s app. it t- I vino our r* porte r Itft, but U was un'lrrhtc?>l thit all wcuid !>e cOUjt'.ete l this vening APVAM'I'Ot V.KI', 1'IH-T KF.<> I WENT. At a mcotti g held last evet h g at tlvi l.rv' i^a-tcr-' f the Fifth W aid Volciikera, now formii g, to be uroll' 1 into the "A .varee t.uard" of \ol .nt.-o rr.ii;'ia, to be cnomaniied by e.? Colonel Pt.; re#, of t>?e famous - vtnth ng.m'nt.Mr C be:- \ Lewis was elect d cruman, and !>r. I <' Petit .!< an (fbmerty ni*c<e'i nt ? t rench ?SCTtce), wns < Vv t d H?r(t?r). Tha ? jigte oi tee meet : g v :u- staled by the ch-'iirtnaa to be ti. ? lect * cap tain ot the cotn|?ary . and l >p'.iiu I V.a ??.. "r mcriy (Vpta'n Fifth Conpanj , \ati -rsi. <; utrd, i.oofllc r of tii, i oni.U<d e.xp rte. ie and otto w i:o WWhl stand by the natie>nai tiHg at nil h??arl s. ? p t>omn. ited The uien-.ben j rufiuit vrei i lito . n eletlon, whv h re- Ite.t In the ur.nnur.'itia eieriiou cl ? iptain Wacrfb, v. ho, boi> g Infoini'd o' hi- electioa, nmd ? a stirrii.g n.<i patriot) 3 eptoch, In winch lie remark, : tiiat he w ?ul" ;mc :e hl'n self to stun , by tticttig of ouir country, at I .tfrni- i to lead, n t to Mr c. , ,n the giout sti ig le wi.ah i< feting Inaugurated, Pt'b^Oined ie a call to the IV ile^ lleiiartt>'cnt The n r.ber- of the l''"lce I *epartnient vnoar-? ie eirr'ie cf euroiliog their uanu s in defence oi the 'ia ? and stripes, are n <Hrtliilly tt>vlted to meet at henilq, ar tcrs, 10^ Hut sU'vi, tfr a (Pel if ay t renltg, at half p,>?t ecvrn c clock t'ti > mu return hci r.'.lde. pr?>mnl"n of ye-ar "< ft.blen' " will be granted. This e. -rip / ?, I be attaihf*! to the "adraaco pu?rd." i ? < w n I i. [Htrj eo. J. Ii WAl' fl, Captain. 1 1IUN VOl.t XTERRs, A n.ovfment has bees >et e n fi et ti organ: >? a r im pony of Cubans In this city, and Mr. Joseph viqt i iw me rt bMopsnid a recruiting statinn at No. 72 (acal street, nheir a considerable nr.mb"r l?.ive i^en already enroiie d It is their intention to coraci t ti. ms*-lrrs wliH Colonel Wilfon's battalion of volunteers. MMtn/tTiON cr a ni w Mit.tTvnv covptvr. i ranelg 0> Young Is making ip a ml).tlacomp"iv in one 'f the i-rack regiments of th" city Ths .oil for members tuay be seen at his ofhee in Trinity Heiidiig. REtnriTS eoh the ->naHT> ee'.'wk^t. Ouarterma tor B<'rj,rant 0. l(:.jh- ? -I'ltborUed t<) ! receive all rf^peclnble nj i i|e?i,;j iu the N'uith ward for membership loth Fecond r ment, st Jacks.. n Hill, corner ot (ircenwieh ar l Thirteenth streets After this ??ate a set of new c-iulp' cnts w'll b" furnished eg' h member signing the toil, tree of charge. i jtht HEOiMrsr st.w vork /oi a' em. Captain Wllswi I'etl, ferte.orly of the Heott I.ife tiuir i. It raiding a eomi<ony of /ouavs for the above regiment, with the designation of Company I. The headquarters are located at 4S1 Droadtvar, ami the drill master is C'A|> ta.n B. W. Striker, frrmerly of the Chicago Z/iuaios. >< RW KXGLAKO VOI.t STEER*. The following call las hern issued for Ihe formation of a company from our New Fngiand r>st,'ptite ? Sop u 9t Kgw AncvSfB'.? Cfntlemen to jV)ta ft ccnpur, cotnpoMd or M flay'Mim, U b' t(U(Wt? cxe < t the New VotU can sign tli? rtti >1 tho Pcjt t-ffice, or *t the <MUM|or Hlltj A f>l*i , Keq., No. 7 Wafl et.eet. 6*. NICHOLAS bUAHP. A preliminary meeting for an organ /at ion of Ihe em ployes of the W. N'.eholiti Hotel, ubder the abov e d *ign? tioo, teak place yesterday at the Uote4, and arrange!. *enta liave been made for further perfoction. 10 this Fj>iio* en u<? atSAU*. Nrw York, April 29, 1W1, Bir? I understand Mr. John I rreodwtii, of the H. K icboias Hotel, lu?a informed bis clerks tbat t*> ?<*> of thein wlw) wish to leave the city u itb any reg1.?*** will bave their situations kopt open for them cn their return, au<t thi > v. lu alto be p*?i<l thetr b^laries. Such /}eaeroslty bt<x,inorf the proprietor cf this Hotel JO as C. BALDWIN, of Boston, hi man. A ( HI Sfc CHAJU'IOM IK Tint til I.U AS A VOL'Jf'THEK. Mr 'lueodoie Lichtenhein, well knows in this city as the mcpt Billful chcrs player in the metropolis, has given up the intellectual bottles of kings, queens, rook*, knights and pawns, and devoted himself to the more solemn U*k of prei?Tit>g to vacqulsb tho f(?>s ol? the T'olon Mr. 1 lerved for ae-rne i lme ?n the Pre ;sisa array as an officer <>! art bit ry , and is at present nursed In organi/.iDg an art. llery c< rps, to consist of picked men, who have scon tervicc before, imd will therefore be the more useful to t?c government. Application has already been made to (loveruor Morgan to enrol the corps amocg the volunteer quota from New York. A JtKdlMKST OF PBIXTFH# WANTED. TO 1HX KM i OK Of IKS HHK4JJ). 3iu For R Hi Bire^t, April 19, 1H61. I have UJ sufficient proof to satisfy me that the printers oi this city are ready and anxious to respond to tho President's call upon tie State for troops. Printers mak? the very best kind of fighting men, as yon know, and righting men are whit wo now want. I sugg at, then, that a regiment of printers, men in symutthy with each other, and who would, therefore, light better in con cert, be at once formed. F. G ADAMS. Tint JOHN BARltr Mt/BKliTEFU*. In our reference to this organ'zaticn yevterday, Patrick J. Burke was mentioned as being treasurer of tho corps. Mr. Burke desires us to state that be is In no way con nected with tho Musketeers. TO -|HK II 't tOR Oh THK IfTCRALn. N*w lORK. April 10, 1^01. In looking over your issue of to-day's paper, 1 was surprised to see ir.y name m: ntioned in connection with a meeting of tho John Harry Mutketeois, suid to bave been held at the Krauklln Square Rotel. Allow me to state through your columns that 1 kno * nothing whatever of any meeting tukiig place. an I th.U the pe rson who pub lished the article did it entirely en his own re poosibnity. THO'MaS J. KKHOK. FOITITH WAKD VOl.t'NTKEK I OKI'S. It iii inuntied to ioim a company of volunte ers out of the young men inhabiting th's ?;ird,to bo eallenl Com puny I ot the National Guard. Ail thrse wishing to join tuo invited to give in tbelr tiikOier at No. 45 James street, bets'. een the hours of 10 A. M. and 10 P. M. THE MOKFEZl'MA BATTALION,* oriiuiil2c?H by officers r?t the xicuu wur, will be in. crested to a full legiment. New coir p nines w.ll bo accepted by reporting at headquarteri", Palace Carden, Fcuiteentb street, near Sixth av.<ijue. By orcer of \VM. 11. BH^WN'K, l.ieut Col. Commanding. Wm. H. Dbaikr, Acting Adjutant. ANOTHER J'Ull.I. ROOM FOB THE VOLUNTEERS. to em: MHioit or i;uu!J>. Skikxth Avdik, corner of Twenty-second street. Allow mo to oiler, tbioTiwh tho columns of your jour nal , to the volunteer reg'ments of our city, now organ isii?in siipficrt of tb' coBPtitutW and the laws, the free me of ChelKa Hall as % place of recdezvoin Apply as above. CflAS. JOHNSON. T1IK WAR J'EF.LINO T\ BROOKLYN. Tho entlitiRiRsm of the people of Brooklyn becomes In tenaliicd every day. During tho whole of yesterday tl?e entire city was draped with the national colors, and miniature jiogs were used to decorate every cur, the headstalls of tho horses, and , in some inat 'wes, evon the LatH of somo individuals. Rosettes, cockades, and Unltn badges of all kirda, were worn by thousands and every iion-ible mean* seomoU to huve been reso-tcd to by the people genera!!/ to demonstrate their devotion to the Union. ? 'n the arrival of tho intelligence that one of the Mat&achuJetta regiment:! hud be^u att.ckcd by tha roughs In their jw^atfo through Baltimore, the oxcltem;>rt re*e to fever heat and the cltl/ena of all WiadLs of political opinion vented their indlgiuiti~n ti^ tn>ot? bet h loud and cfecp. The conscpience is th?t a g> eat impetus bai be?n given tithe popular volunteer movement. Crow 'h were thrcpgte^ i., the d.icrent efflcss of enrolment, taking the oath of foalty to the cjnstitu tico of tin- < c!t?.J Hate" sad the SI .to ol Nov Vork, and johi'ng tin several regiment* already organized, us w ell a1- the d;Meri nt volunteer corptt in course of formation in both district* ol the city. 1 it K t IT > ABMoitY. Tl.e bttlldlrg at the corner of Henry and Cranberry street?, occupied as the e ity armory , la one of the prinei 1'al points of .?ttraetiou. Recruiting is infill vigor there. On Thursday night no fewer th in el.rhty names wore then' enrolled of vo'unteoid to tho Fourteenth r'p'.nient, whieh i.? rapioty fiilln:; up and will s 011 c octal a Its full c. mpietnrtt of "even hundred nnd c'?ht v men. The fol lowing JirttCv lias I>CCU jested up in t,5.- building ? T" A"*"' .0 Ah of Rienrir*. Bv.KtriTV? Rmoohh .v Cu n ? ? Ft.- ? r , vn ru Ki <.i.*? Nr ? Ih ie willing to ?sr\e their country can do so by emitting In this rpgWnt e><lie?>rsof the regiment will be in attehdnree tivni .wea t"Un t' M for c nlistmeit ol it,crvit*. ' ' This appeal was wnrml, r-sponded to throughout th? ; whe.'e of jcftcr.iay, and men continued to porinar.d J m;ol thotr tames up to trn o'clo.-rk r. M. A favor :? ccm piety of th ~ corps is CDttpmiy H febas ours). I under ?hecfmmmd ofC<ptain Tturttt. 1 <st night too I n. n who have already joined wore drew-ed iu their jauutv 1 nen iniform, C.nMBttDg t f scar'it peg to,* troo -ers, with I vett of the fame color, orca i^eoted with round silt but | tons, blue (?k kct, faced wi;l* tew let and .StarJet cip. An ? if se number of persons tiirenged the building to ; w itnt*s the otill or this une compute , eomo of the mom 1 bers of wheh are more youth*, and tho ci.tct 1 Unt rrar.aen in whu-U th?y went throcgh their | e\ c-" nt U t??s was toe thec-.o of general admiration, j In another mom the work ot emoimcnt was goio^ 00 briskly, and a vei> largo number of line youig fellow i JO'DCd. j The otlirr rtg'tv :.ts - na-i e]v, the Tnirtecath, the Twenty e .L'hth ax U the Seventieth ? aeo a!so rapidly till ng up. tt 1 nree-ipei ted toeoon have thoir Tud quota. 1 Tlte fe>l owing -t eeiiel order has heun iMucd by Bruudl^r j iienetal Ctexk'-; ? Ei;;i 1 vt ORMtt* .\" 1, 5. >ihii B"o,eoK. Sreovn Dkkiox , 1 (titoo* 1 > .n, April IT, U>01. * Tie o.?'C'" ?. tion c aiimsMOittl oilicer* tint formed brlvate* eiy'teej* ? ? . i mu r.m- r* th?> I t. th flrigade, Hro herein , o/dei iitoHr ( itible si d i^tadc, lal'-y ual'onned, srmed a'id . w?,i f. ?- u: -sj to '?w. for l-vjecii. n, In the citw ot 1 r < . in- <>i). wisg titiiee ami p'.iee*:? 1 oe 'I Uirt' Huh rtciiui.t ?lll ?? n,bin iq the arsenal, eor ? 1 <r l'c bv< toie mil A 'jura plaee, on ths 2^-1 ol />| t'. s! eitbt ui'ulP M. ii.e rou-iecnih je.lmeul will a?eiubie ai ti.e -^me time leil r.?ti on tre?."?d of Ajvtl. The Iwecty elshtk regiment ?iU a^em'de, at the name tlm< ne; fee 1 n tte'Ji-th ol *rrii lio h.t-ver>:i< h isglTiieut Will riMemb'e at thenametiuii a; e 1 ;a< ?. or : p I3tit o, April. { ? 'in . ?? ,- of the Tho t. cu'h, V .nrleeuth end Tweoti - ^j"!i b r< 1110 ? 'h *, ill < tilvr tlietr n ensndx 1 H|ipe>-wlih 1 lti>|?v*i ?ui iite-ei a1 1 ( ru , ove> oa'i to lie Kr-ioi Mt 1 "?'i !an?, and n< o eeaml.<-*k.ofd 'tiireio- n. ,1 rrliaiiw over I eents to be roiled ?rd Htlaeht-d the kntp nek Atv? ini/neni^ ? I ieul ,imoeb Mi ot?: v b** H.'yai'eouaiter .1 ast r upfi: 'Din I. U I U,, r t ? . ('. pt itnr. In the I j-f-rtriy lirst r< sl'ii?:i? 1 1 r ' fca. e? iirAlIhtfr 'o tie Br*c .ilc e*i, j^on. *, l'*e Major ; (.-e 0. Hall. rr*gncd. Py oru?r of i lilltp fl Crookc, j Bi 'gai .ir fleneral. W. It. BHKWHI lift. Brigade ln?iieetor. T1 r?e req n t.ts ronptitute.s br'gade, and aru ordered I to to i?a / ?e\ Ice io torfe<la?s. f'OMPVM I, 1-HC0M1 HKtil.MKVr. Ueut. 7h(n ii3 W Pa vis leia opened an e'fl-e ott the f< ,t! ?tt ei rr f r ?>r t'outh Seventh corner of fourth ?tr et, Williamsbu-:;, tor the enlistment of suel? a> lc 1 1 ii w..'H w tu'.y b^ wnltt.x 'o serve in Oratpuv I, ft c i>d rcfcunent, t.i i'er tie co.iiiutn'i eft apt tin .acne* I I'tlsney. a /ofA\r ur.t. isikxt. 1be vcl'ir.teer ctmpan ea are lit lii ing up ra M-'ly. On Ihursdsy r. , ht Captain VcO,pm y,r( me v-tiiooa; Zou a\e.-, bad ati interview with (v.p*a?n Margso, of Cotrpuny (', Tr i tt cnth r' glmi r t. . Mjd iho reeu t is a /oiiito regi n.t nt 'h to bo ra sed en the basis of an c..'"el!enl eomp.Miy f'aptain Vctlieerey hs.i tendevrd to Captain Monraa, who, it is expected, will bo th? colonel of vhe now II x nii nt. i Hpta 11 Mce betin y Is sp ken of bh Lleuunitnt I Oh ne'.acd A T. lH-ege as M^j>r. In addition ti the iter uitirg 1 nice# to be op' acd in New Vork, two will be ojci eel in Prcokl\o. Ol IIS'* VOI.rMF.K* COMTANirs. An arllilery Cvnipan ic being or^snimi bv < s|-lnlu lb n.who, a? e \ it'mmander tf th- Napper Tandy ' lit Ait'llery. haa had coc-'.i'ersbl* oipr t imr" in null Uiy iiairs. In rft^wxe to the eal) of Oipfain f-'t- srs. of ? ttnpsny V.Je Meeniu renlrnent, Ibe c npieauDt < t enr hunirol n 11 ^a? I *fi> m tt 1> completed. i tip'au McCarthy. fi?imer|v of the rb!ohTs (i't?rd. lr>s ?n.-d . eail or the fof mer m mb t* of the c 'iuto?? s ml e 01 the | iirp< ?e of trgntii/.ir* an nde-por 'cnt bat tall' u, l? be csi'o 1 the TC'-e 'n'in Uree?i. The . ? crult iige i e< r < f tlial ni-i Vohintecr*. Krst r<vi. m> in. i.?iv d the l".!ow iug ird- r ? >i .-1 Kl . *k , Voit'Nfi^?v, Xi iff - it 1I<m . \rw V ijV t I B.vmlU.n fiti . a ,n Bn.oklyn. at Wm. Wllioa .eemerof V ^.*" *i V. \f! ?? IMatricM'c dU mrlted i ofme 11 e P c?kl)n batta!|' this i?glaient ts formed ?1 ie.p?.ii.e iothc r? ilslUea ot tlio T.i ?l?fc ut of ih- e n'lcd r .at' h a.l thr j-rol'ima.l.n of tlio fit rei or m the Kt.fx of few 1 0.k Beeriii,Ipe??rr op, r n a'l houis day .isd Bliiht. Hyotde-rof the T xaoi.tir# C ipuilii, i>, IIP'tllBHT AX irVNEX, Rert'i i|pj o r.Of r, Broclrlyn C1uiM n. 1 Aft- liitf tlli^e ti. f vohintcci ? ha-i b( n opvtted hy Adju j lanl A??ei who ?hi ,*d in M tito, it No. (<fand . -treet, Wllllrm.'btJig: ind ho I:- cot, ru m present j indieni l< ns, t'uit he w ill be <julte i-ucce'sfitl In obtaining I re ruits. A NA'I KlSAI (.1 \ttB. 1 A movent' nt m on !oo'. fur Ihc nrgniii/. tl'm of s National . j C iaid, to protect the city tahllo the several tnllliia and j I vobtntfBr rn<,metitB arc ataent. A preliminary meotbig 1 1 tocoiihlder th? matter waa liold la>t night at the King a i j Cctmty llot'd, at wh.cb it w.ts un tti stood that form and Bul l ,teo w ro "tveii to lie mos euu nt, which will 10 fi'ivo greiitcr .publicity hereafter, MOUE /ornviwi row ootoxRt kliawomf. Among the otlur notlceiWd? feat trca e?i th's remark* bletipi ' ing of tho |icople is tho opentcg of a recruiting efflco fct No. 112 Myrtle av into, for the enrol > T.t of an iooiOota! company ? >f voluateora Cor ( oh nel I ilaworth s VO'ia\e eogim'Mit Tl'fc ?<u'h?tl wl UT?. l atiivUB^ -.MU )M?t|Bhk I ONfcud!" at lb*ir teatfoartMT, corner of F urn m| oeueard <? treat* Bronk?;a, at t?a a. M., tuts -Otb c*> of April, lattl. taprx>ed to New i'ojh, u ao cordance with order*. B- order. WD. & I'.MUsEh, Oemau. laig Iko.U/n btattM. New jir&ey? military movements ilKKTINO O. 1 HM BOARI> OPOPFICKRn OJ liiKHIslr ?ON URJOiPB? KVRKY COMPANY USAVMOUB IK TOLtNTKAKINti. A full mcetilg of the Board of Offc^rt of tve Hu iaea Er^ade, New Jersey Mate Militia wtfhcld last *v en ta? at the Hud, on House, Jersey City, Br'gr-iier General Hal jie!d prf-fiding. Gtneia! HiTmi j> stated the object of the ;r?eetXQf< mm to Jake Into consideration th?- rad aade cpen the Mat* for volunteers, to be drafted into immediate service. He l*ail; npretsed his wished on betnlf of l-?s brigaite, or d toped that each und every commandant woild bat ready to rtvpecd to the call. The ra^itakiA of each compacT* composing the bri#*4v reported that their several cerrpan'.ee ha! cTpremea their wish to volunteer, ami were now waiting irderw. Captain Vast Hooioa afckdd if tfco troops wore to !>? properly eqaipperi. General Hatksih said that erorj.bit j to place the men on a war footing wouid be fur. ate?l, and that tb? Adjutant General state* to Him that a<l expenses wottld be puid upon th ? rccelpt of the M/\f*rtier General's* cder. Itb.lcr General Win. ???, b<'ing invited to be present, was lutM'Uuci'd by General H?ttl<id, oud meivid with iLrce hearty cheers, ihe General stated In ? the meetiag that be had received bis e?clai ordera tree* the Gover nor, through the Adjutant General of the State, and would iaa&ed'ately call "J*? h a com tr. Mid for the require* number of ireu? ten corapaniea. Be w ?? hatpy to meet with the brigade, to hear their wishes in v^anteeriag. lie ilso collet tlieir attention to the report circa ,'aieii HK'tiuat him. that hi- -#aa '?ppomxl to a<t*Uietoc the a- ministration. He wished tft*m all to nnii '-ctnad that lie was evrr ready to ?i&nd l?> the -tart and Strides. A motion >\os mad-* to procure the old t'nittu- htatea Am nul at Hud*oo City for tin headquarters of the trocja which w?3 adopu-d. l,ioat< cart Pv>im; morcd IM the whole brigvln ve lnnh or their services, whlcl. wae carried, au. d niinseasa ebieilng. Speeches were then luace by A.dvoc;.tc TTicSeld, Colotel Giegory, Captain Van Hcutou. Captain itokei, end bcieral othets, after which the meeting adjocrneil. On lli' rsduv G dv Ollen c*S'ed together leveral le*<tia* u?cn be ib of ih? njiiitiiot thu i-We, ai d informed them tv.t he ittenrei' t? draft c*. o tttcj-uiud mm f ?. on. -ash ci vision in the State; that after eaeh con,pi.ij wes ttr..?d thi-y should elect their own oiUccts, an I the tiitid olllcerh to telert their Itr gadier General. No "'galar rrjaiiy will be dr<iftei Intt s. rvlce, which is -Iod' wttt a v !ev? if allowing mea to enlist in every section of tW Mute, rhis ikies not kid to meet with general favor utcrcg the btate militia. There are now three times th? numlier rcqiur>'d mho stand ready to leave on twC'.vtt heiup' notice, but they are held baric in order to giva th<te who do not belong lo the militia a chance to ecuat. Thus it ecetXiS that New Jersey will U- about the last State who- n trrops will fcc ready to report for duty, wa.le, if ttw.fco loiDiwijitB who stand -tadv iiitiitho reqitira* nomtcrof m< n vere iniwuStaioij ca ledupcc, N\-w Jersey wouid De iepr evented, tn-duy. A great strife ts aa tlclpatrd as to who will he ielertci un- [Jrigidler General. General P.unnion is ftungly jfJifs of :vs likeiv to UMt with favor; also Brigadier (iuneral Bntiietd, or trs Hid den Brigade. There is a strong eflorl l>emg mod e tu ia cuce the t'cveruor to m?>e U.e jppoininaeiit btmMt',aa it is the wish of the military of tLi- State to see ?ooa petent offlcer at the head ot the t?o"|>s. The ri-cruillrn bnsinem seems to prcgreai rapicly, and in Jcrtej City and Robrken ther? nre more on the roll* than are ni.uted. Chief of I'ol ."e, Ktank McBcnough, of I!oboii(n, has opened a rocruitir.gollice at Odd FeUawa' Hall, Holtf.ken, where a large number hare ccl'.stod. O* IhurMJuy night ihero was quie a tively time about the little city. ltECRl'ITTNO! FOR THP AfttlY. Recruiting continues Tory thocgh the number of men accepted to tiny was scarcely up to ifce avenge of the ttast week. Odar itrcot tart live or eitmcn.aail CLailium btrcot egbt men, a&u three drummers aa< lifers. Mao, volunteer* And their way to the regular oftloea. at. il upon beiig told tLat ttey got to the wrong place a conn'rpatio a sotneUiicg like tt> foil ws ? Von-M. iR? Don't 'Hat for vcluntcor companies, ehP Wall, wliai do you 'list for? Skki.?.?kt? For Uie tegular army. v?i i vn'M'? How long lias a f*Low to serve? ? Vkki Vive jewa. Voi i .vtttk ? W?u, | didn't tfciek of 'listing for bo !eog as tliut . but what's tbo ocU'c 1 at av imto de?u. Atr.e-i<g tbe applicants at eie or the oiDcca wo:. a ?*et?sr mined U tkii'g umn, vn ho excluln-t i ns it crossed the threshold: ? "1 want to eultat r'ght oil. I wuf ;n a situation, g'tt'B^mj flxttin dollars a week, out th *o t-araed in cte.-iw itts knocked 'u> bufi'.ere into a cocLcd hit, so I. w,.nt to go down couth aui have my revenge." "1 ain't haul u|. ' ? continued tLc applicant, Uxk'rg mill th* office at otl*r appl?*nts, wa.m no evidently tncughk mit lit be so? "I ain't hard up; l're a few dollars left; T Ki.i't lorcoa to tnlutt; but I wait to light " Another applicant, aprart-ntly d^obt ig hla cr.taugfci ptowc-ri, muiiUJ to know, lioiote i^mi. muting b.tnself, w hether ho wouli bo tliorougdly drIUod be; ore being eaiW'd into active set vice Dieton continue.* to wnd, ru ac /;ve-a;.e, twelve* men pei dieiu. Tu elvo men arrived ye-etcroa;', a..d thirteen to day . THK BROOKLYN* NAVY YAW). llic work ou the Vatatih is prutueaiog with great ra pidity. Ihe tops lure been ringed, and the lower ehroi'dft attached: topmasts hiVe befHi holateu ;.ad stay* adjusted. A large foice is at v. oik on tbe fr g?te, and the eiui : o rctdy for se-.i within two weeks. Yesterday a u? mber of gnn carriages were pieced on board, tat tbi foi unliable nine and eleven inch Ihililgrea 'tuna which are now Ijing alongside will soon follow. lh? workmen bavnbe?n fcelzed with the p' avail, ng euthufu asm, and each man uses hi; utmost emrtions to get thi on ju the largest possible amount of work eacti day. Th ? fame a? llvtty pri valig on tbe ltoanoke uud the "ftviU'iiaU. The upper portion of tho capper of t'-.e latter vttsel which had been ripped oil for tho purpose of re <au k eg the t ,. ? ma wan replaced yesterday, with new ebeathirg to the d >ptli of itbout four feet. Tbe I'crry m>*.) bo . aid to be ready, and Is only awaiting whatevor or> t rh o;?j be trantnilttecl from Washington. Tb' l'eoahontus, which returued from Charli ston *ith ? he bte.'iin tiateport iiaitlc. was tnkeo iirto >h? Na vj Yard je*tc!d:?y, wh"re tbe received a supply of oonl, pre paritoty to iicr return : outhward The Pocahontas mi ed last ovcnlng. Ti c Lumber it rcamen who bavy entered tho Bervloa is suHtciently 'arge to ?lk)w of two hundred men beiog ?eiit < n to Norfolk to day, but in wb it tcpm-I doe* n<>t ;ip|wAj-. The < ll'oor.j of the rorenue cutter HuflH* liuve received -rdcrs to hold thcmsclvis in reactors* to tail wsthiri to nty f.nir boura. UNION MEETING OF Ml RCHANTS. Special Meeting of 'he Chamber of Commerce? Enthusiasm of the Merchants- Subscription of J Ovti Twenty-Two Thousand Dollars to Aid Oiir Volunteer#? Rerolntions Adopted Unanimoualr, Ac., Ac., Ac. A very large and enthuaiastlc meeting of merchant* tor I. place in the ro^mg of Uic Chamber of Omnaro* yesterday, commi'ticing at one r'cVick P. M. All tb* roi ms v ?"re tbt own Into < ac no tho oCoar Um. Mr. ! '. I'krit occupied tho chair, awl f lited that as this w .f a fpecial mcetlcg the reading of tnc mirutoa would be dispel)' rd with. TV,> Hf ?> i \rt then rend the c*ll for tho meeting. 1fte Pk? rowt thin mmle the fell iwiug remarks:? W* fire afhemblnl to day in tpeclal meetirg at the wiittea rttpieet oi many of our members, according to the re quirements of cur by-la w?. it h# - been the h*blt of thte Beard not to IctTmedcPe with tho political queeticoa which s^ttate tbe eonntr\ . but there are ocrwions oe wbieli tbe ordinary rnlifi of proceed^gt mint give way to pteulbr ftnergeceicii, and such an oecaaiou has arise* , t tr lay. Ttie nation ha*, in the csnrte of events >wd 'ton and|.octe<l, reached a crista tin precedents J n our history, whi n the aaletj of .the governm?nt L? tliri atcin d , and when the ("resident of tbe United vt?tre, compel'' J by this alarming s'?te of thlrge, has < ailed >>n thecltl/eus t> rally to the defence of tbe Korcrntnrot. i A r an uiiiuential body of men in this ? un nereis 1 r< i.tre, nn are bound to respond hiaitlly to tin* call. (Chaws ) I trust, geotWrnen, that in the dls c. rk? of this racrn'ftg we shall lTT?et all party dls tii.i'tloop, and with utiammity and warm hearts rally In support of a <-or; tituti<ro and gororomnnt the best tn tis? w< il<! andtmd' r which wc hare lived and prospered sinon the cloee ef the Rerob tjonary war (AppUcre) AB which lias been eurs In time past and wnicb constitute* our hope for time to rome Is at stak". tnderthesn? ciens osme of aeceftlMl traitors have setred the pcbilo property. Imvc attacked the national forts, and are now tbreati ting the Da Mom I caplttl. Tho prime of ouryou? men are marching to Its defence. lAt as mret the criala like patriots and men Tl.erc can bo no ucitrality now? we are oithor for tin' emintry or for it enemies. (Qreat apftauit.) Mr. 6k>. flt-t>T a theft >-a!d? Mr I "resident, T hold la my hand a -erie -? of ri rtoltstioris, which 1 bTpe wlii meet with tbe hciuty ronenrri nee of every rnembor of the ( hi nib r. I li' y bavt be<?n eu ef.ily oomplled, and I wilt oow rMtd Uicm ? Whereas, oof country ha*, in tho course of oventp. reoche?l a en in anptcec<i> nted in it? past nistory . ?xp it to eclre rae dangers, a> d ir.voiv mg tbe uv st ninmenu ,,u results, and v. hcreas, the rt'SaMeat of tb* I ftttel tt'Ad ' has, by bis I'reclanmtlt.o made known tbe da\K,?r* which threa'rii the stability of geiremment, aod 4 toed ti|Kin the pcplo to ralb ta support of tne eoesAju tion and laws; and wli< mas, ?be mi rcbinU of Now \eiw, ro r*<*' old in thin c?'i mh?r, have a deep stake la tho ft (gONTLMU) yN WtiaiH l'\G?.]