Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8990. SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1861. ' PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR. FThe Monster Meeting Yesterday. Over Fifty Thousand People En Masse. Half a Million of Human Beings in the Streets. The Greatest Demonstration the World Ever Saw. OVATION TO MAJOR ANDERSON. The Still tf the Metropolis Animated by One Impulse. The Patriotic Fla? Scene at Washington's Statue. The Ensign of Fort Sumter Placed in Washington's Hand. The Government to be Over whelmingly Sustained by Men and Money, At.} lMi| &C. GENERAL APPEARANCE OF THE CITY. fho 20th day of April, JStfl, is 4wtM to occupy a pron.inon' p'.ico tn the history of New York fiich en thusiasm. inch ?mwda, mob dt?tiia> t uf burning, Buroly lH?vtir w?re hi no-sod in tbl* rity, :m >, porfcipa, t?l<tom will ?HiifioF'' I ut -in. It wis truly an 1 Uta rai'.y an opt .J.?.g of the peopio Iti their m.ij<-stv, % tro trtoixluuA outpouring ut too popular uit'muj?? of patriot ism, a ?raii(J oenrmstriiion to f ?vor of tbe rv rootinty of Ui'ti ' union of Bta'.rH, un on of t' arts and uoioi Of to nd?," ?b r.h eair.i iuu> botn^ the moat gk>roiH and peri'oc'. of government tiuii Imk ever exwt ? i. No en* wbo btbeid tho nubHivo epect c,!o of >?^>r?Uy Is likely to lot it >1 p cBliy Irotn <uea><>ry. Vo ona can fcenee'nrtb br??tbo a dou*U co?c -ruing -lie loyalty of tbo Umpire City to tbe Ulkid, kit ita pr< -<er-.aVK.n coat whit It will. There was an int- nt> ly of feoll ig exnibttod ?er> * hi're a genoicen'Ea ui tbo ealllBSlaeia, ?ctjx b pit to rout insk-ntly the ilea o? tn :r bo inn merely tho re suit of Idle curiobity, ud at tbe sumo time struck one ? tho natural outburst of a e st'rred to the cor j by th e most noble of ail emjtions? i deep and abldbg love of couctrr. It 1h not too much to any tbntfyepterdny's demonatrUKm ? pe-vc'f'il ordorly and quiet tnouph It wis ? will da aa much L>w\r1* re oattmg the dtfi luted members of th republic as tbo 1b trrpl<> army of |*tr>oVrf wb > have air wly rushed forth to , m*fc>tuin the ln'egrliy ef their c.-> utry. It would b R'.niethlng in tbo way of a llcrcuVvui tank to ittempt a dcscriptioo of the r.ty'o appeir.-w-e y^ter day. Krerj thing safigiwUxi tbo tuea of a grand rala day. ffc.< people poured oat in ihousittds, It may bo <tatd la tninon dsof thaarmds, wl'hoct i parties of e<aggQration. What with thundering ca:non, ?>i.iftg dr nag, bug* ftait *8 fayly in tl.o oreeze, crowd* r vtbtug toward.! 1 akin ?qua>e lrturn op town and irom dowu tswn, gor -<v*i?!y dr? afc.l f oldlo/B parading tlw street" 'n ev. ry diroo'ion, and inu?in buiatir.g npofl* tbe ear bi unceasing ntralnH,a Mranier jnet Btej ping Into our ct y wo ild nurtahuy bo wwlat rt'toi'n ltsi, ^nd ?, few with ami.M-ah'iit tbo va riety , boiutj aiid rovulty of t'10 siwotocin. Only New York ronld got np poch a ttbleuu. Tbc and seemed for the nonce to enjoy tbo faculty of rbo *l%r epvifilod banaor wai vbtquttoua. Scarc ly a hotiflo w is to bo gren In any ct the fcborouyhfaf-t tb*t ba>l not. :t* dc-irati jus, la waich tho nutioml roio's? -ed, wh,to and blue ? bore tbo m.vt prominent pLv*. Brea<!w.>y wm alm->?t hidden In a tt.ou i <if Oaggery. Ni. thing but red, white and bloo, re?l, wM> a/<d blue, grr. t-.-d the eye, turn which way It w.xtl*}. Krery window, every honi>ftnp, every awnitv!, every #u?*c, every rallrmid rur, every botel, every b irro.itn, evrry liberty pfl'o hod Kb Omk navlug g?j iy , or rolled in- | to graceful folda; and e.en tho ;wp o froti tho vmiera- j bio g ay b>. aded old mm to tho prattling In' ant ? mnn, ?i men ;ind children ? de!t?.'iif< I bj the <lt?piuy of the em- H Wen of Airericar MUfUHty. The r> urcho* thotrJ?elvee wor rot ex mot from tbe mania. Kinu'n- ing UM pra'.Si^ | wtir by eian>p:e or the R'^man Ui'hoiic nieuopnf f'hiU deliibit, 'r'ntty ebujrb di?ip!*yed from ?t? e?cer>lo, it an w?r<il^ti W i cfBe two huxx'rf' 1 ar. l forty f et, ' . . ! g f i .he Paten St. Paul's ehurcb, the CliuTti of PuriUcs, J aao other* o* tho '.p town eharr.lios, tti%ii|fcstoJ thotr at i tochm'Xt to .bo ii'i' ibbfl iu a almUar maneor. tn ooripi nroo ? 'th tho n^ne*! M toe coctrntU'v ?'io ! were ch*>g< (1 will tho arranx taouti (or tbo mi*.tin-r. there wia aimorfv a general ibu't *i?j dp of tb ^ itoros, m <roh?iit4 and cl?<.-l? - nllkii Indnig'tig tn \ ^otid&v aud harrying lo?trJ> tbo great foc^ of a trtc'.oa ? tb' ??prnke.-V k'Acdi ?t t'nKin ?i iar \ it <? a C ly ii'i-jfl taxy ui add that ail tbe p . in; ?lit -<'ata, nvtloml a?-d city? worn oloeed. Thiawn-i m ''r bnaln<we was eliikwt g' ro-al, on y the i ???. vi's I'jl" I | V?r -rr - and MttBifc-u>4 el uti ug ?* i'>it ii \oit? ir>*lnt%lu>' ooo? leore, wHs 'Mlo of tlic upp-NtraiH). , bo*av t, o." tf^na.i Ing ?ny rhe evdenccsit mtrl'ttlstn and oco rrijaoo^ if int><r e?t wore ton nniiiormif, of conmo, 'o .v.i jnt?. of atweo iothput ->^011 In oof o,i' i-nnp In front ;ie gaUory ?f Atn?r* ,m and io-, ?a n-iinilu^, in llroadway, a eMeuHd ?. <M mirbie b.-*t nr w^h.uf n, orn<r<>l wlih* erea'hnf ( ?; r t, wae evh^lwi iiabri.iCi fat ftanie, dovora'ea la the M tAatcfui m.ane, , wtt.i rlke, bieuauig with uoe " i.?t the r?,i, wnit<) ?n t Who t "o ?? flrrnuMi ctrt h'OfKij.-i ut p** with ahviketot km Ob*<". iog tho sMtno, th"? maa iio h <art?! ehtM of Ormany r.*at every bubcU of iMr J.iwere at the Vane of 1JM p<vli?ttl on vrh'.'b tbo of the "#a'.hv 'tf Jit# r. iu*.-y'? ra^Nt ?niwttau ars in frr . ve> "ictaMMI ie l?r avtr > tooguo, ? -#od bl<i?i toW tuoiuory." Many ?'jj e/e tha wKne?w?d Una touching Httie epteoda mok*teu?d wtta genome feolmg, *n<l 11 pa tromnloua with eaMUon uttorol a ouil hrartfalt "Amen." Among the irmumeraMo things worthy of special do tloe, vjvi>iW>? ought to be mode of the deonrttioas no Lord & Bay lor '8 establishment, corner of Bruadvruv and (?riuiU itreet. Iksidus its Ums, whicH were Btgnttcwt, une of tb<> wtndo?u W.O J.,0ko.t nl i>, pre senting the red, white and blue in the most dating brilliance The fashionable locations, though profaning ou ordi nary oecask ns U> ignor.) what the kn exalt?<l portion* of humtnity delight in, coodc*cen<led yosteriay to da ?Sy other iolks. That ojcIuhIvo h.inctuary of fashion, the J iith avenue, was particularly lunrkeJ in ita expressions el' ?> nipatny with the cau*e of Pciou. Ita pilatiol resi d< r>e- s rejoiced in American tla<?, and the street alto I g tbiT presented as lively and plcuire ^uo a soeae a-< it ia possible to imagine. Without further multiplying I wor?la wo may Btatc that a similar np-.-cUtclo was to be I observed in all the avenues anil side streets of the city. MILITARY AND TRADE PROCESSIONS. Among the interesting features of the grea t demonstra tion was the large turn wut of embryo military organiza tions, and the Impromptu processions of the trules ud beneilt societies. Many of the merchants and manuf*& liners, who closed Uieir planes of business and imtwil operations in their workshops and factories, placed them selves at the head of their employee and proceeded with them in a body to the place of tncoting. this immense turn tiM, of the bone and sinew of the city showed in contestibly that tho working men were in favor of ' supporting the government a. d vindicating the constitu tion and laws of their country. It was no r mpty pv geaat; fhero was very littlo in tho way of mcreshw, and nothing in the form of tio.-wl glitter and gewgaw dis play. With admirable taste, too, there was not. a single party badge, banner or device of any kind. Following the i ecommendation of the Committee of Arrangements, save an occasional motto expressive of a determination to maintain and uphold the Union, rottftog was borne aloft but the American ensign. This national emblem, how ever, was to be seen in profusion, and of ail Hues, from the tiny toy i'sg*, etuck in the fcorsca' heaJ sUi's or tho hatbands of tho men, to the fall grown bunting, requ>rtng a strong man to carry it. Uut what gave the principal eciai to the presence of s > many of our stalwart working men was the fact that many of them bad volunteered to servo their com. try, and were ready to start at a moment's notice to v. herevur danger called and their services w*re required. TUB COKTLANDT BTKEKT DEMONSTRATION. Of these trade processions, bo greates a .d most sig nificant was that got tip by th^ merchant* and others do-s Isr business in CoriLtndt street. For some days past the merchants in this - street have been very de monstrative in their attachment to tho Union, and the national ensign ha? been displayed there pretty froely. It only required an opportunity for a more significant display ?1 their j?triotH; sentiment* to be made, flio great meeting in I'mou square y ostorday wi? embraced as that oppoi timlty. Accordingly, at eight o'clock y ea ten Vuy morning, a movement toward an extemporaneous morster pro< ew-ion was lrpun by Meadai Stowell Oo. , gn c. r?, of N?. 10 t'otU'ibdt ptreot. They were joined oj W. U Lh legston & Co. , No 4 Gortlandt s.reot aad Mr. Ch;iiles M. I!rower,doii> business in the same street. The merchants in tho strn-t responded promjiilv, and subscribed hand ome:y,to havo th>< thing carried out in a proper manner, an<t me whole arrangements pUc *q un der the u.arsl.alship of ilr Bro ?en, wuo is a member of tho New York volunteers, and served tnthe Mexican war, for which he received a modal, which ho wore yesterday. The procession suirteu Cortlau't struct at twr> o'clock, tind passed up Broadway to Union s)>i*re on entertrg which Uiey took up ?neir position in front of tho Cburtb of tlto I'unt .its. On starting, the procession muibred about two thousand men, which wts ajgmented all aKiug tho lmo ot march, i:ll, on euler I>e toe square, it C' uid Lull buvo Uten composed ul? fewer i hin live thou "and, anong whom wcro a very large number of promi nent merchants. A cannon was at the bead of the nokimn, and after it .niurclKil Itobcrtson * full bun ), pltylug u secession o' Irvcly a'rs. Ail the route the proce ion win ch<ered m'xfl 1 istily, and the ladles wavou their baud kertliietg '["tu the windows A'ong with thofe who marched on fort were a l.uf nrmb r us b:.t>iD( a wagons, t>< loeg ng to tie; ?? ins to waieli tbey were BTCr:il<y -.ttarlitd the vjhleloa aad horses were all ,nu,d-oin ,ly deoanttel witu American Ibey w :p? as follow tta W' strrn Hotel carr" tilled with bo-irdera, competed trtti; itaJly o ' lrni'- ri .an outer reseioats i roiu the urtbwes . I v >cta 1kvs?.v? aart carnages; were profusely e'ecora d with the b?' oad ensign A wagon, belOOsftng to low iV Hutu ir 1, tr'it rs in boots a'jt! ;.lw en, liea airf a 1 i ? >? r sritn th'rf iMcri^kMi:? <?w? """" ?> H Tilic <TVI?' AM' TtUl'M ; J Mi : I UK *f.?l TALMCP. ^ III frwt was a b.'iodsomr ] ?? i ? o u t-hnnkw a4 * youth in the (Xnltncnti u. n?>- .. Tuis t ?rn out w>u'. u!> ? hai;dj.'nie)y ornam- 'jf ' * it b th* stars ;>.nd stripes a w apu: .belonging to>airli.u>Kh >V Co., sciiu and batanoi masoftsmurers. A *. j-on, b longln^ to M>;vl, Dcichi,r .ind Titus, tn'ocers, with a 'lanner Uicciiix-d, ^ iOKfl^MrT f<miwr.T < > rott tiik r.sioM. i A w-.-oti . b< '<?o)rlrjj to Miller lid Loin<T. lieaH*.! in foreign i*l domestic truiv, V,L.;iiin{ri)<> str tl EjtcU mor 'bivtit vi1k> Ux k j^in in r- tin," up t)io pracos bio* ? and th' ro w? ro n mmy more UiM thoae bmm* l?vo hwn motiUuiwii? form^h'Hl tui Am rf'Wi ensi n, wiitch ??'? boiuo among tUu lx*t} to wti.c i bit ctujJoyM belonged. Tin: I ROOKB' 6l*AHI>. Tbcre were a Cte lot of jwoigmeo, nKiatwrtnget.crjr. Tb-y ?ro employed ut the ciolhiu ju-k ;.!<??. ? Brcx kn Hrotbern, orrrvr of r?tUiiiU>c iod ? :&??? ry rt/ , and cambered sixty mo. Fach tvuj who mi tiui or"v ihc I nkit Ihw go Some of tbo nmr.bor have v i to gorro th, ir c untry *u U?o proaeut iruggle, uu-tur iL> command of thi'Uiu >'ort. THU MEN OK NASSAU FTTUOTT. Tbo merelumt* and I rt4 rs of Snttaa and Liberty ?tre??t? turned out wl'.b thoir employ?*, under the kud ?r?hip of I). r. William*. numbering OTor Or# bjolred mi!D. 1'r. John Mf/taHflb bore a aplendid Ameri can entlgn. They wtrrm tfioctod quite itWi a?tlcaliy .ill th <5 way up I5ro\ ' #ay , ami tfteir fcutr^uor into LuJ'in r jiure e)kj.t?<i imntcii^u ? >;>Uiu?o. othkr nim niiioramneiffl. Chrpent^r k Plata, machtr'na, of No. 477 First ftveaoe. I'eter II. Jackton, No 107 liaet twenty-eighth street, founder, and Cooper ,V rhomaB, founder a, bcuM a Urge thxJy of workmen in their reapecilYe ofovloys and murcti?vi them to tbo (mind to the lupirithig i trains of the d'uTr and fl'o. f bey were ail tine, ntulxrart fcibws ? men *bo (?bowed, by tlirir phy*iq'ie, that tap., were .vxvia tomeo to hard work ana ab'e to M.uid Ik rue looker oc iouM IwifO'y help, under the troum tonces which br^hi them ttgetbtj, rr .Wrung that in ah encounter with an enemy thej w<?ul ' bobbin to near dt/^r. oanlr M itolf finiltar :/ *Mtb i;"0 anl a? xil. Rtch man woj it' oora'cd witn tbo rrd, wtitto aad b'u" romtte ADotfH<r fnp bony of men. wr t< ?'>o ji aro L iodr<>d rm pViyt d in SU'ffcr JkCu.'i ?i"*inir m.i htnc iiiriorj*; on< buudrcd and ufty, I'rw'i -d l ? ljpr*aMr dt 0l< '* narrtafc inaking, and tli.i ttawe :maii>i r to Uio poio?,f,jl W?ttioU>?ii Ixxds o^'be- in. Tbeae ro<-ii * I ualt?.j at oa? Nxly, au< vore jneci ucd b> a Pinull caiman, which wan foi sjr>wwl b? WajJ*?'''n Uund, p1. >m?C "ilitl )n|smiHl," aj thpy to?'?k up Uiinr pot n ion by ftand Ha ?>m?i rite tbr Kvrnctt R?w?. On ?uking up thvir ^*rc nod , ttw r ruii tbui itiM out a Lational eaiuto, aiui.iat tbo cbocra oi ?bo Wiembled thouxanda. in* Ttnrn*** ov 1S12. Tain bo?'y, tbo lino Old re . of our last I'trnR'jV* wHh fiiriit iir'tuin, m'-t at tlio Slorc* llo-mo at *b nt omi o'chick. There wan prA?a it < .oneral Raymond, (Xtentl I tally (coram .'idlrv), (XpUin Qaom, ftykHi Oo- j'- *nd UtiitoMSt DaUor, aud A> iot ilfty ?tu re. a* 'h' V r 1.-^0(1 Op r.r- .id*:," U!" '' Old fellow* iftopf* wtth a gait a-* it>nd? >nd beada u-i mtl a< their ft ml a ;? w< uH p-:rml'., wutl ? cheer ? ttor tbotr \?rr*M*l tUu i '.0r>Hii(h3Ut tbo en tre r*'it?? Qlt 'irrhic th ' !? a th?y ',?vn Ikc tio h* "!Pi inu *?>!??? of ih?>Ki train too ? Audio ?i*' fal'i^tly fur th I: ouhtry, th ? m no? t few wlw <n v< ?; th?i tbore v < ; i d jn a them ??? awl one old ginitlemac? ~,u otiinei id lit wto yet able to 1) lend a f ? irraB, adhmivh ?. j ntf x he nnnimmiahl fmmttt more f nx? ou'.r or the i i. mmMh uri'r'ii twlnkl* )i ! i? irrnT ere e md to vtrl't tho i?>nrt on. ?|?h g ,?;?( ro?>i1 aw, ? vt \ ?>! caeiin ndihloet ample to is.?i- imtorr th,1* al'nanyl no other d'-rlco to i>o " irn? oo thw omt i?n?? th s l ? Am m?in . na'^n ? not or^n I heir regime ital oolors t ?? ? 1 1 mm, howevff , bo*fi oa h;~ h-e !, t?ii. (,? t > irhtto and bfw. ^ r' ,|h An- -rem .<!?? 'I h i ivule i lie hul noel-, i fo' f i'kin .ty m aotMi. lb r r #<m j'ftboctaA t>y tbt: drum and life. TIIE 1 .lOlDK. Tn oK 110' "" to icill tntdo Ibr iuchtbo B<sw*nnp'*ra and by '"r-aas of i?'?tWP, onu lundNj and fwty iivio, lowji- lt)^ tba ?<i?ly r.iwod tv! bel#al',) ?arehi?i| to llMgrootid, nnJrf >f (V^'-nn Wwh<ni<t(in K. Uwrttott, la'fl of U)^ l i-iied Stat. ? Navf, afc.1 "*k 'iji ?hi it fvifitloo bt'l* i *?<?. 2 ; id Vo. li ??nda. 'b'* r.T.d brtfade act a fln?, n.i?l krt >mit? ?f act It IVere4i?!ttle tntll. Utia <? rf?*t tha tvlMN ww?* "V ? d in the>h ir' "pa 1 ? r 'o->v ? t> u>?. Trjev .\re t' bsar? ru ftiui io"g ran,;-; ah.' > . iflt-t, und ?* u> mtrtV ?'titer ub short; or on board ah if), as occasion may deter niico T1I1 SCOTT LICK OCiRO. Theso are tald to U*?e numbered its han 'ro* mo si. They lire men recently enrolled, and uiarcftod to the ground without uuuorm Hiey b>re tho \tnericju', and had with them a be-iuttful Uld nrr, r>.'wtiu.< u .i?oui vy tun lauioo ur New* York. They v> roo*tly comp?ed of <*ork iug men, <*>h> mil, no doubt, oo able to 10 ?>ra j batil ugun ig, &n<l eu dure the liirusbiiM ol a soldier's lite. Two other tine bodies of inan wre a delegation <Votn the Fouitb ward and tin- Fourth ward Ituigera ?ho U< tf-r under the r< mound of Kugeno <ull|vM t?d O'lmOt' in*! about two hundrel men. Both 'bog" companies w- re K accx D|t'>iiMt with tUo drum and Hfe, and bail tho Amori can Hag Hying There were, doubths*, other coriinunl M pre * nt, but oa the~ ? won no regular or ( CHmza'vu of the whole, an<! many of th-'n. I Impromptu, while tbo pressure of the erv cm "is cnnv ?ij the square ( 'D.tereo loeom >'i<m duficu t, iud, iu s n p'acea inii.osfiblo, u 1* lU*ly thit several nave ee.ipj j uotice Tho entire turnout was creditable to Uvms vo j er-'aged in It, anu the entue ab^eoco of m re show j evinced a dog; ro of earnestness seldom aeon , and no j * wuys Liicesaury, In our j> pular demonstrations. THE RECEPTION OF MAJOR ANDERSON Firih avenue rarely becomca excited or permit*. |] oxoitemont in Its neighborhood. Iho vicinity oi the. Brevoort House, corner of Filth avenue and Klgh'h street, was as quiet, therefore, and as seclude as if the whole city had not been wild with excitement, or as if the llotel were located in some oleaeint country village, far f rom any metropolis and metropolitan furor ' A few pedofetrions, dotting the street* hure nnd therv ' and a email company of boys, emulating their "elders, and tnorchlug to the music of the afc and drum were the only signs of life la that kvallty when, at t*o o'clo k l*. M., Major ad, ierson, accompanied by Kupglcs, stepped Into hla carriage and drove oil' for l'u> n fquare. The carriage drove through Fourteenth street, whV b was ablaze with flag?, dWplnyod from every w indow f every heuse, and pag ing unnoticed through tho crow which was just beginning to collect in Union aquar-, baited at ihe private entrance to the Everett Hons", who e Sl/ijor Andersen was received by the mom bars of tut committee and escorted to a parlor up u Ihe secon ; :loor. Very few persona were aware that the hero of the hour was at the hotel, and, a? the stall - caso waa well sentinelled, tho ikjor was not intruded cpoa by the usual crowd of euthuaiwtic outsider j. a brief and Informal reception of the m' inhere of tho coir mlttee waa bold , and Major Anderson looked out of the windows upon the crowds of people thai already choked up the frp.aro, and still came pouring in l'rom ever> atr'et In sotid aud in'erminablo prootssions. The soen> wiiS magnlttcint. The vaat mass of people In the s square , the thunders of music, the rustling of count less Hags and baxners. the songH sung by private parties in the tunounding bote's and dwoUin^s, tho cheers, the enthusiasm, the animation are lndoecr - bablo. As the lia^ of Moultrie waved from over the cen tral stand , and aa the Sumter flag? which the hero hidro nobly defended, which he h is promised to replace upon the fort If tho government deeirv it, and which , ribboned by balls, shows at onco how terribly It was a jailed an" how gloriously It was protected ? waa raised upon ti e statue of TVathington, the ehatterod (Ugstall' |>lacod with In hla arms as 11' our Father were calling upon us | to support ai d protect It, Major Anderson w eta so over come with emotion ttiat be could scarcely spook. At three oclock tho committee formod, and, with Major Anderson at their head and tbe police m iking parage lor thom, miuched to ihc central ^tand, tho atatiie. Vol lays of 'heeM saluted the Major as b< passed through tho crowd and took h ..s pliM? upau tie ht.icd. *he crowd urxm the plavform was ho great that Mc jcr Anceruou coulu|Lot b. distlnguiahad by tie people; b j-. his prereure setmed to be lelt like an cloctrlc sIkkIc, UV tiAmo passed rrom moulh to mouji, and In an tnsuir' wavca uAion w..vcs of cliecre saluted him, haU,, an< hac< kcrctiiets wi re thrown into tho air, and the ueople seemed wild with cxcltcment and enthusiasm. The ?.ij< i Uiwad k* iSBjK'i.-tes to th' to salnt&ti as, and aftnr *eve ml mimiu.* tue people iatermit'^ d their cheering fru ehecr'wunt of .J'.re'jj;tb to rheer longer. The ov/Ulxi w.v Rpi ad id, and worlhy of ibo m...u who ha<l cvuned r. Ma Jt'it tN*Dn??ON'3 MTV were, we ?in:'< rstand, Invited and expe -.ted to be pro?e i' with their -.i'IjUI commauder. Tlio fu'e.-. of the roj v kx however, did net allow the oilier and ne ato u "ui! u a lioiiy , mil the ral s are par', 'ihjly strict ar.d obferved at ; uch time a-i the, a. Heveral Of the n 'rom fovertoft Hand were among the crowd, howovei but b? itg ?lrt. e l in tho b'ee arny overeoi' vth c*? i also worn by our nnlitiu, they wi re not .?eoofini/."-! Nooi of Msjor .Vnilrruoa - o (Beers accompanlo<l him upia th platfoim except Captain Dxibleday, of Brooklyn, an ! Lieutenants buj der and MnccJ, who were iiuiuted wild tiemei.doi.s applause. RAISING OF THE FORT SUMTER FUG. At a l>o>it ?? iptr-'.rr before f'-fs o'clock the f.i : ? fricnurh' y ;??ti Hut ?> jn 'nr v < r-* i The one .hi ?? ? ht.oi .?->9 wa'ptiu.U >n tho itatue ol ' '.u 1. .?? pu n, i j- j.i ml of tl>? /a''j4ri dj Country 5 lb ;-?t? ?>lvT.:J flofiutf tbo Otb -r wu<! tied tod imj uTi mm wt ? :lI it v. ib hi*'. i Ho. 1 U.iJ ?>o? i built, mid tlit tr w or*r <}. lit i <? of tiie ? >k, !.??? A- 'fo c.aii ?tf "?rter>es thii' U*g up,v"Jperlu i Cvvm > i ?. vttiK->> to tii. front ?r the platform, .' (l ?:i ,j ? (1. it tut * ho i? fattening up flag iff the ?ttr who tai la Kort Sumter durlAj: ho fi^ht, ar.d who nulled the fag to tho m ist.'' The cld Docnri m?nt w?h received w>Ui loud <.heer/. ACIsr ft vt< ry brW Interval three ch'-em wero promoted for " Mr. Hart," wlitch were feoartily given; three more for'.'* Mr Vetunteur," three for " the miwi who n*'li t tho solo-* to the mam," Mil ? ti?i) throe for " Major \i?ficr*.iw," who had not yet arrived. I>oud crlct were next rai ) for llart, from whom the e row I wuiiedto havo aepoerti. ?nd on hta ttepplr;; upon otf of tli? seat* of tbo pUtforr: and rrueing hi.; ha" , th chew . thru buret foith went Wuo uud nfvrtiwwuH. llo wkl:? I sm> hrrr n jrrr t ri.iay Jklrfotk: heort' Ix-fire nx t*h<> on e:n-li <i y jii vren v, i hin-.; were with u-> at f ort .-'Muter wh?o we w> '* ?ti- tawing th? :!<g of our <;onatr\ :iud our law*. (Trt m. udou-, ebtof '.) By tbu> t rae the tlag that wan being arueiied to th" ?tutue of > *hUigtoQ wag property 0- od, and cb?v>r upoL rlirnr (fre?u?i It a? Its folds were sprruul It the brer. '? th<- ?ih itterej r< m-i'tit" or th* bunl'ng nccmed to draw ?orth :i rj 'nputh<tic *lgh, and a tear for tho fallen, a? well as a thoat for revenge upon the fell dcatruynr. Xidhlrj; could ficeed tho m in.iwtut'on of ooo nentlaieni .ban Uiat n'mli th-?<> lln yi evoked wfru they wire ?Bl?ed. Ard w^.on tho Bp<'*kerw in th'i ooui>o of tfvlr rrnu.rk^ alluded u> thorn, tho rh'juw w*ro lonir, lotid and Cup. The 1't.k.n aentiment wae indood Btrootf SCENES AROUND THE STANDS. Tli?> pcere rrrtind 'he Rtaudn w?b otio that will lfvo Vow: tr? tho mcmorl-* o( tboao who wluwwir t It. No gu'.li .11 taring to^rtbo* of persons of one undivided aeatt Hi at l>.id evor bwore been wltncaacd la Ldk?o apiare. -IgMlcabt ndeed wa* tho t>am? of Uto pUce tiift, Icr united were a'l In feeling for ' "ok n. Tlllv AITKtJtAMCK OK THE RvfCARB. Tb>- appcufniiw of tho buil'lm^s t.uti form th" aq'turo *?? T(f7 (BltHlMtW Ud pretty. M iry of Ibo bulM tn bid tM MMiMod at oarlv morobi;*, iadwiwti' ?rk .lv givf it description of '.bo I fiaro at o?o o olo^k P. M. Oti '?otrring the ?'i*-ftr? from Rroilwny, tiM fl'Ht ' ?ha.?rurfc tho rtalti-r'a obfler vutton vm ih* ; tntoe o* ? ?h -'".ton, Ml whoto hand wa? pU. xlatn'-nU' r? tl? of the I urns Tliw Ka^ *ui *ti5i i lueni ly rarxir J u ivr! }?!?<? to tho i lii ^ fr?.in fori flaint?r,?r I ?Ue *h>rc. 'h ni'tt pre o?>j#v t waji th.- ' r.ioo I'l ?e< Hot' 1, lr<u. evury *'ln 'jw at which oatftbtl Urn nt tb? rc ?%vHI a flr*. and ov??r tho top of the ItiMbii ? or uat'o?>at WWtUig pre*< brnvely lo the hrne?9. f' *? "lie'jt'a, a tet j I&rge fl ig buu* from the window* ot' t* un mr ft nr,. The #nBum?il HcU 1 hid i?i>? Ivg* wwl twn ? mulet fl-ig- . bi*'dc<i about B'ty mlc Mftm 'l*i^ *ar*e '"to IU rr.ut window*. rno Krorott n mho had a Ntrp flag and Pp. onant warm* iroi.i i ? flagataff, her 1*? hi smaller ouei from IM ?u>dow* At n ?h<rt diat*ne> weatward i hoop'- w u f?.t -*?n,id wsth red, wbiV> an hme driiperr Tbo neu hotldiag had a very l?'gt ' 'f i <d lf? "rril i'tnill' r otira. V tbc. oorner of >V(*t j?r?h p'reot. a v?rj U>rgo ili< w w riri> n.'"d fr?oi th ot the boate. At No. 25 a !ar,;j dag w* apicwi out and a ??><* P-"uiant ?eached from (he fourth -firy window t " ?h" * <unl. At CtaNW a cjwtoq the Hid ol vb? I'aioa w*tf wuving from sue uf ibe turret wit ow* O opvr win lows o tie ->piDg!''r Itsti u'?* V>fr? -1 u.*l with atu*ll flags. Vh.? i??xt bou*? t* ia- , l> o mag, the oorner of ?teat rouruwulll 0CUU|Uv4 by Duuuno *? *?><*< vac) pretti'y (IMorwtfld. From tsv*ry window wtt'o 'lags o? the Onir.u. and (Wu gariunds co np***i of mtnit tnre II g* were IMoNM from the four h to the eno xiq -uirj , cmwi' g each other a short dista^cn below the ??oiro Fr.m tin k potnt along West Fourteenth street 0 Fifth avenue the houses t'ormea a handsome bower, . .,1 f iv id ft all hidden by lit^.of all sized from tt><> n rge buntn g to the miaialui t> H'.a'a And strtpca At tho uoiuor of t-i'lh *\<uuo and Fourteenth s troet two very large 11h:s *?re M'-i a<l along Ue front of tho buildtm' -Cf another w.;? Htiapcndoo a-ri?< the rtroet. \i lUog'i ?oi t f a lory p?i uatii reach" i fri>m tUo fourth story mil ilrvw lo tb? gr ?nt<l. where it wan loo|iod ap, au.l t.l?e ono ? ist? d with aiia>i>roua fee toons awug iho whole biloony. ,o pinirs ih>t supported the porch were decorate 1 wi'h the ha- nera ? the "Maugbwout Guard.'' From ml the wmdowe if the building wero exhibited flaga of tU Ovue Uio doorwny waj the following motuv - j" nm i >io? ji.Nu Tut: uahHnrrrioji. f From Um windows of Noe. 40, 48 and 30 were displayed ?arge (tags, and at the corn -r of 1*1x4 way a tke piece of bunting waved aloft, as woH a* another whton was displayed fro a the wuidow. .1 lianner wa? horg 'rem one uf the troca of tho l'ai k w.m the fuhowing iIutIoc ? ? No MOHt'tf. ? ? NO SOUVH. j 1 W* tk) IHR X "H' VS'OS. ^ ^ ^ i Who placed it then >o odd a> emod to know. It oe<~ talnly was not done by tho Committee of Arrangements' Every hout-.e in the uquuro was more or teea decorntea u tu tlagu, Mitiio very nuiuerooely bo. The oppejxanoe ot Uroadway Irt m iho rquare v. .it) brilliant with ilaga and national banuoi a aou penuauta, to partkcularizo which would require moru . puoo than wo oould at thla liinecoM vciuenlly Hparo. THE MONSTER MEETING. The pooplo of S'ew York city yeuterday ratitlod, tfi public conyentioi, tho popular aovemcut which ha-i been uclversa ly axa>le indefence of the Union and institution of tho I'wtti'il States. The t-ma of thoui-ands who r??po^d?d to tho call of ttw ieudci^ of the great rotworvative movement proved bo yond all CAvll that there la but one eouUment in Now Voi k. The united deu\onntrat.('n of th < 20lh of Afarll will live forever lu the world's history, fciuce the fouii datii n of the republic by our patriot -ilrce there has never been t;uch a gathering of frooncn, moved by cne common Imjiriiae, aa was seen in tlie Fjnpiro City yesterday. tXimj?rL<i ms with pre vious |?H'uLh dWi>Ukji. would not only bo odkxM, they would he ubfcord. The spirit of tho whole people wm yes tci dny arcased The danger which throatena the caiL-;o ot order and good government u|ipealed to every heart, and Mtba i'D)ir,in.ity unnori>u"od in the<innais oi any na'.lon tho c< mmuuiiy it-so up on<> m:in to proclaim th<'ir ve:* diet in favor uf law 'against .anarch j , of const ilutiouaJ tlbei fy figuinst dastardly t >?son and rebellion. The great muss moa'ng of yesterday was call <h1 by a tmmber of tho loailtng merohanb. of New York crtv, who appeal ? J t-i thi>l? ??ell'j# < itiwim of N. w Vork mil i's vicini'.y , witho'it rw gard to prevK,us p> l Ik'aI opinioa-i or association1*, tu met t to exp.nrts tn tr sontun?iitH in tho present ori'm iu otvr catiouil alVi'rs, ard 'heir do'.orm'na'.ion to 'ii>ti A(l t?.e govt:n>Bieut of tho cO'iutr;,and tho au iherlty of tt? cocstittitl in ai d li^-a. Ihi OhU wc.s *!gn>:'i by hundred! of our mn-chinji .nioi g w.'u m -v sit no fotaei r.aut s r.sf?infiur *s Ho le "old wouii. ?crj coo o" wtiinii a x p.o.i-?e Ui*t uio^ a% ? au> tn oi ?u a raiuiwirt cf (i.c a. omd the ka?a. *Pt> cl joui tho or'Ktml call UNION MflfTTING.

Tkr dtl*'r? of ??? To?k and tt?? vicinity, wtthn-it rrgard i fi'i'H i nil lr?i rjmwn iT >i m* art' n ? ar< i?Wf4 iu mi?-.t Art'uui. tb? KiATTB OF WABPIV JrOX, I'/tlilN AHH, KAIUhIiaY, Arttli.-jO.H6l, AT t I*** P M , ? rTpr"*" Uirlr ?*Bilm*nta iii iho prwobt filial in oti? ** i inti ?r,,l J.uir c> r.rriliit Ion tn ipho|/t Hrrrrn u uto ii' lr > ?nittry, ami n ulMtl'i tlv\ aulnorHy of II* UOAM >1 V - ION Mttu ITS .John A D!\, Akss*nJt:r l?uor?ii, K. A wHthaia, i filatiab r>rit, Myron U. i.liu-k. i ix'h <*, V in 1 . bavn i'JWI, Hlnoart Kro?'i), A. * ' ??. II Maiahall, Hlit" >n I>r-.p?rt W'm Apyl^/m "? hi?"n..aj, hhwpbcrd KiMpp, 1 1? ? . H ^UHrwta. .'in a Kin;, Wre r. ? < ) nutii, Wm ^.fellnoa. Win. M. A* tor, Jo, <j|iii H ixm, J'hut l'oos*r, ?o n Taylor, trnhSy, K. A. t'orik'ir.^, -*)fl T -UttAjt, .lohn Lnvid V.'olfr, laaa : DolapltlnA, ? ohum. Br luobt, .!? 1m I Fbf.lps, CIma. A. mn ???il, i< n tkan > ta ftrn, Hltmrd (?.hull, u i> r Unai, AUJafc f. I'uidy I la mil ?n - lah, Pavld '!o?:l?j, loot 1'. -tlLluro. U<o:((t IU 111 r jft, J?u>< 1 C v. K. Unci'rtf t L?ili< r Hf ullch, li.Hw", Bfi*j h. * Iritbr-ni, nrtiiu in, v\ in M. Deform*, , V . rrih KMcJjum, W m I'. linfM, fm. M.KvAt'?, r V. ?>KiUi, f!..t>i ri i. MMiut, ?. hotl r '?uik*?. "ojf' m. Mmqi'u I SI>?.d w. Wh.i tvrtfM ir., ? m h. I'tdg", J*A "? .)? bn <i. f'i?ro. .("tin i"' r.:,i>nr, ? m. A Surah, ii.i */. n, John A. Stow 'm, /tow H koo, AI>onO lli.nt. K llohf V BhnooB ilafcl?rlB, Kf'M M SicCordy, Hoy it I Pb^Idk, J> h X I'rj^n, R K. tocvan, A. A l.?? lr? H. I)a<rt?, . Ijrirn I- iiif, Win V itmiv, Charlea pAn?ln#B, F. 8, WtiMVin, And anvrral b<iMra4 oi*?ra 71 o n.r?Uii? was t"ov in' (J for ibroo o but *!ih vbo aoii'H nivi at to Ui? m<r?lMH th' '? *<v? Umvi f liou-'.iivJ# oo tkfl Hpot tli it 1a hnnorod by ?io pr?' mco ot A 'u-ti.aticn h niatuif. tr-jn irtrj pw l of tlic rlty , fr>?oi *o"ki)n. WUlutntabiirR, Ilo?i?rn iumJ Ji'r ?y City, th-? *at in on trrpAuit^w ti<lo of eiti* u a. I bwinU for Ibt ;il?co of njpptUi?. 8u' b it mulfwtil oo i ? ? l.*if of tto In/ n arntiiiiact of tin |?>< iilo W? iho b pr itf tn?? 'h' conntitut.(?al liberty ?>f ilua U'i4 w to be protfirv* U u. In lnt?'grity. Kion ^viry hotu? U'P fuft stocpio, from I ?vorjr j-ortlio at.4 b*l'i-tra<l ?, U><>ro tl'it'/'roi <to uisalt. J bat uMftuqu r>d o t Ui i' public. Tlio toir'a a/.d [TtvAto rorJenwa ? ? cKiPiotr il? ?(jimro *ito xlorwl, from fo>itK?*?H>, to coping b oo<?, with myrifl* *r hL"'*a/:iio^ bmnum I "jB uvrrj opon winikm - - ?n'l tborn w.?ro IMMM ? ? !irr? app^arol lair foe" ??TUig ?*i?f H?vifc<xcbiof? *b?l m ib la*. urn rt.v?. Tbo nj?i ?f tn * bw"*i o->?ri? i? ntitch thr Dg> (1 An iIk- grvat i*|u?jh Hy oo** n'ci *.k thvo wfin ov'-r ten Ufc>'i?<l> po> p"> o?i lln and jet tlior? w?ro t?ro * oio kovit ttr t!i?< nj' Ot to bo orKuxtZ' d. Tho qo*- '. n ? WfeaMM oiiuid ho a ao; oon'ti* Hi) ip oi'y ?liroo'xrR with all tho |nvorf?l |HiVi kjw <M '?< Uihy i|ff; no branch of bnn? * ??%???* tt?i <o i/ MO^rAitirA >a? for a mumout Iniwrrt p?r t it-i t d" ip tr.idr aiifl o t m"rc^ rto??tl ou to Ita r-v.'xritv , ?ad )"t thtro wt a moo m?o- * \ t o 'oirn ?n *r?ny c?|t?Mn of < tiR i% fortitlMt d?> At two o'ct'iok U? ' <i - i* f ?a? ti irly d "jolcd, mi *t '.brt*o too ? 'j j.'J of Ciioo *qtn?'p, '-Tth ii ???% liu tippor jvt of Bratd^ay, tb i urt.h av i i?, tbo ? ?if tb? f'*rk fci tio Kva tt Hie f>, was ^ira,! -lod by acrTvl to tljict .uj t fnnvtiv ? l,. it It ?*?* n-a. iv it lib 6 V> , wis ?Rw?<?n iho Aurr ?r nicititui a Tim Ui'rliM'"'! Ht'-t p- >r?l!' l is a "o,";'OAr onoara! ? l?J. 0* ihwtltA t ic* 1 io? iho a<' >'nmolatf n of ?bo pubit ?, aod n 'f(- Mpwtall / of lh i or?' m of ihA ?ii' o. i nli o*.? i> u? tli'<d <o ov mf, noil thi r (J C"rd m init W?r?u ??? f?1 tli fn *,i'? p !? ? <d ja rtoJOly ?i hi, im ii h^ingA 'Xwl'i ? xiat r.i i -oa iiv uwr. !)<? tt.oa of thr ??vvng i ? noir i w*!i tbair fltiila al ih? f,.wi 't Swine, utiorn all '?><? pmitm i irii>n ?f tbo drttiovrfai'oti ????o ariannnd. rh? #atl? !?' i-m l'?t pnrca lo4 w.a m cord,.il m It <rw fn""r?t ' Irtl" lb? mi I'.ininii'y rtrli a' m? w /i to ><? ;*o?a Mr 5 i r i i .ttD" f)r*.i I an I ttq i rA<l If m MCotlM tt I ii'i ttm wbvro IV il*n th*t -i< I "Mid >vor a mil ho ocuist^, a< !??? bid No* a ;\h r if (J to get It and to place It in the bands a f the statue of Wasbingtcm In front of the mtaare. Tbo proportion mot with g inerml approval, both from tbe ooBiiulitet tnd p?apl? After a little dirtleu'ty 1 the Uag was fount*, and hundreds of people took* 1 iff- r to see i; plaoed in the bands of tbe Fatbur of hut Uiua try. As simple as this ceremony might appear Vo be to thoee Hbo read of It, there was no ouo w"?o aa? It tUat c-w forget tho solemnity of the ocumKm. The statue of Wiu-b ic'ton recalled to the mind the eventful eseDoa of | the early republic, and iho tlag nf Sumter, glorious in 1U tAtti rs, as it UuUed from tbo lirazou aaiid reuun led the peo ple th*t no lorg ?a tbo m-tuory of Washington sur vives there cuu bj do dau^jr for l bo frwkwi of tbo world. ? As the smoke-be^rlmmed flag wm extended to the fv v orwg bioi zo Jie people r.iiaod a n-jfle *ud % thr'l hog cry. ?' There's Fort Hunger's il?g," they or led; '* Mtreo oho' h for ibo who defended it '' it is uoodieae to bay that these were given with a will. It was nearly three o'clock before the Increased oxcito input of the croud, and tho vigorous waving of band kerohlcfs and II' ga from tho windows of surrjuniing bouses, announced a newer and moro controlling at traction. Prom the balconies of tho Everett House, where hundreds of fair ladles wero orsemblcd, there suddenly aro ?o a loud .md pro longed about of applause. It was caueht ap by tbo peo pio, like an ocbo among the rooks, and carried to the farthest extremity of tbo vast concourse At drst th<nn at a distance did not know what was the meaning of tho hubbub and confusion; but it very R wn became known that Major Anderson and h<s gaiiant officers wcro being t*i cor tod to tlie platform. Tho cheers and vocife ; rations of one hundred thousand men thon rent tlie fky . Cheer after cheer arose, aod w ut rn peated at varying distances like the murmuring waves of the sea. Tbo vafct multitudo opened by instinct to mako a passage for the progress of toe faithful servant of tho country. And there be was, a simple aud unpre tending man, unaccustomed to tbo rough bat true hearted greetings of the people, bo overcome wttb bis emotion and the eventfnlness of the occasion as to be uaablo to utter a word. If ever such a man had a detractor, bo need but sro him once to retract every unkind thought, word or suspicion ever entertained against him At all events Major Audersun must be proud of the ovation hi received from tie poo pie of New York, and tho publia endorsement of his con duct to which they yc^Way subscribed. When tho M^jor reached tho flrst stand, to which be was conducted by John C. Hamilton, tho people rerjmed their noisy aconmation. Three cheers were given with determined vigor for .Sumior, follow jd by three mere or Anderson. For upwards of twenty micrtai 'be roar of voices Bounded moro like the oas lungs of distant waters than articulation ol' human spoeib. Major Anderson was visibly affected. At tbe sail of the crowd bo wib forced to a stand, wuere be re^ottedly bowed in all simplicity and earnest thankful aoss. Ho seemed then liko one who was fully repaid for all that ho bad suflfcrei and endured, llts silence was by far tbo most eloquent oration of the (lay; ami, if wo mistake not, spoke moro forcibly th .n words to tbo hearts of too a? win bled tbo ? who greeted bin appearance. Captain Foster, of tho Kngineer Ourps, one of the <le fenders of Sumter, who accompanied tbo tt\jor, was tbo next o|Dc it introduced to the people. Bo was saluted with thrvc hearty cheers. I)r. Crawford , tho surgeon of Major Anderson In Fort s'uin'.or, also received tbo cordial greetings of tho people The prtsetico of tbe distinguished defenders of Fart -nm'er, en stand No 1, naturally mode that tin chief IKiint of attraction. Rvery oo ly waniel to g'tnc < at Uu | b*ro SSi bis bravo oflloers, and whenever agicnpH* of ilie'r i ape or their fe uur< s could be obtained, new iti.mtd and cheers were bint up. In tbo mean time there was a variety of excite -Bents for ancb ol' tlio v af t crowd as could not como near tho plat! 'im. t iuall oands of red cn ptxxl /. ?i*ves ? i aform ?:d soldiers, wib bayonets, ronn-ng here and tb?re? earta \ ied with m- ii carrying tho Union i!ig iud s'lglDK i ti on fe gr ? . c ..TAKnUly ?ilcifod cheers and appiause 'rum (bo crowd. At Irngib tho clock to'lo l the hour of three. At thu * no there waa a e .iyr>'ir'it' >" aroux?l au I i?b >a i ' u ion n/u/ite xi baa never bo ore boui nm-ri In .\>,v Veik 'he .pp?ar u>ee of tho !ri)a>ei> o nvilt tn-je at ml .?norm nt, and the i;r,uid clinux which the pipoUr m. nt re w h' eiiSMit bo described by o>ir feeble jwo ".'urns u general are i>u* ibstatitial things, gil ung Uie ?>utt? i fly ut tin oh krd again 'ailing to nyvnlfi it tho rca'i ty of tbiDv *. Id ttus cane they vo i, together p iweri.?* It mi. t rufllco (i '? i> that over ono h iKlred thvuiu t m^n were tli ? e ^|> i with <rao vo n and ono p'i"po- ?, -? oeUw o<l thenisolvos willing and re-wiv t< ? ?u?l '?y tuo grrs.t / n<er c>n conro icration of Washington ioi J \ t ?iii and that tlio mode in whx-h they g?vo expression totbeir feeliUjfs or patriotisiu was far above the i>>* t of i.irigiuigo ?o t ipri f n. It vas long bc'ore the meving mar* emild lx; mrlo (/? understand th t tho blessing of ileaven wss to be invok-v' on the proceedings; but by the te|?>gr4pbJc motion of iian fi and h ads they at length roeeived tho lntvniiW>u. The IUiv. Dr. Si ir.NO, of the Brttk Cknvch , ono of tbe vot-rans of tho <'hrL-:tnn ministry of tbe city, wiw | un n?d to ufft r tlie open ng pr*yer. The venerable ?aa tl< man, txforo elferini; tbe pray it, #a.?l : ? I ihttik myaolf vrry happy, ?!r. !*ro*ldent, *n-t follow tin/ iw,lhtl,u a tw. -ivo bora icnn, vth'i of <h.o ? ii I ho r y o/tti;on, ad a nx'iirxjr nf Can . :i rbun ii and tor oi' I1 1 ambaet a ?.??*, I am pcinil iod >u txar my tea'.inioiiv in favo. of ibla 1.0010 caw -o *fy i j<t ?o the uglb-itcd <|u? attoiut of tbo f a. " wijll l.uown k> th< #o of yO'i who arc iimiliir w tti trio pn'ts. I p.ito do occuRkm to a'ti r tiiom; I alh-m u> Hum now. Ilut Uie ounilon bow t< iMit M#?M -Uvrry ami t;n?n- bttwoon rnpub loan-Kir: ?> il &m<wy, it is tiotwcen .aw ann Mtaruby ? t> v iii ft end moro pliauf'tnn. that .jin* mt> no u < in:w> o> lupare.t #llli the n.aiti ;u?*tiou of ft tvomnv?: to g 'xriinx'Ut In tbU' fa-.-orix) rvamtry And, Ir, II is that my bic to)-,o, in tbo belialf ol ttru onurr.h vhi.-n ( r?'pr<" i m, may bo lic?.rd to <l>y '.hat 1 aoocpt the idtiimk n io open thi< ni<M'tn.(j w tb pnviir Wh.n I Iblttfc ot ibe little band of men ?im took 1 kJi % ?ot>in part 'D tho slrui Rlo at Fort fltimter, mainu umf; tbo Uar? oi their country w hilo burunR rtr. * w ro uIhxh thera (rr'OTTiti* to Major Aodannn aid tti? rlhor w present)? 1 fool rh'rod fCttuwa.) Your 'acr>* to day cbcerf ?e. Iho dr. id ll[m of th-J, FatlMT ot U < Or mi try to you a??j to me) ,M?I what <v> in, y ?ay/ ? ? Tinted wo rtm< ? dmdrd wo fall" It iu? lift >V oor h< arta to Aimi^oty Oci tor Hm praMO"* and bit -all g. rr\im. Aimlgbty Ood, Creator <>f Uio hnvrw and tho earth, lh- I l tin lie One, re *fc fliy cr??*uree, fiiou tho Lninlio a?> Kwrtial Creator, tlm Kine ^tiiifti, Immor- U and In rteihio; tfio 'iroat I'mpprnrof %u<: of o-irtb. 'lo Wf by ouiuwi in 'b ?jm'w of IIohtou and nini l all th-; loh i'jiuiitt of ihw Mnr<-r U> k'iow v ar?' 'invoftoy ; a pcopi" w? hnvn 1 1 '^?f.iuM <xir Hir,* bo* loro Itioo and coin? to rh/ ttar ?>? m lh" nwac u' Jo -in t>,r*t tbe trrnat MKlii,lor, wbi< in I it. wolf iho lYUacc of ?ht> Kuik^ '>i the earth, thai wo ml?h< txtvo InMr vl In fby [wrdoni R m'tt-y , and under il.o hi wnit.^ >X <xi r (knl and our faihora' (?;><!, we nijft?a o\ir i?'v?fl to i bo o*cr<:w?oii of thi< dj?y an J H the ?tr W- to whiob Tliy n ilr f*ro??louco cail'i u? 'lb. (Jod of our fa'.aaf" rotwrnnor tb ? favorod bid W o bate t oaiiun to Uiank TIxm for U?e -jt'.ul uiiJ ?nt/jraa Hb>rJi Tb .'i ilid>t tuiiuit to our fatix n 14 tbo inrolutlooary 'tr m/glt , inn tiuy eotno of that npir t i^f our r?%er? d t?iha ?a;!l ?a!jtei in itborn CifO .!?> ?o < ? 1 tbotr <te?o? ndobt, op mirti uo occn*l<>o n? lh p: and i u? ' that portion of the ff opie of tbi land who, In lh "pit it ] of revolt, hav g' im f'o-n ua nndnrvAnd that we .iro nuv , one p4 0p o it (y d. w? f mfcit uie n?'ia" tn ?tn> b tna Lobl. ti,. it? ii?n and men of mi'ldla aw? ;u?*0 got fot lb Vi fl-httho biutV* of ' i|?<r^riry uil re-u,i inn ?fK * lotie o the inr, t.i vjt", '/?' I'by favor, to Tity P'f. id? nc, to iby pro: c'lon. m'le upon 'hom ,'M ?iixiij n?, ibr'ivh ? brint our Kolisinor. Annan, (ito '!poR!^8"f ") Wbilo 'bo rovfrend dortor w^n olV 'in* b n j rn>-e-, ! >1 r ,t.n .' t- n r' f' . riJy |v*?l h'? h< ? J ut> n b I ?hi d. aiid Uie whole *i.rnmn lltig acsombly wa ; mov?< | by tb-' ao rnuiity o' tho oreiutioo. \r???n.r; ih'Hto pro alneot on th'.a orc-vi'ti wre tN Vfrar ? of 1?13 Tlii tot?ln of w vr ?ot mo>l to refill t!i?m to their ruir ''fa of narfulix^ In tfioir c-ioi,try ? c-in""; and, Uiough t>"t a?> vg wcxrn ur?r :ji ,i!tt!0 tbon^nila of youru; boarta iironnd tho^i, ?.bcy in?rcb?.l with tho flrmoe** of oontoiouit !i/tiliy ?hit b cnaraaterla-i tn' n who know tbey tM/o d'To' Uiair Juty. n>at toc'r ittanioio win not without <9'.U"t * tw 'ii ;ti tbo ? hr?*t ?. who b hrooU d tton on ;b ? r ?p o?ir?n ?> i't? >n tho k mind, ai d ae ,u, .-fc, n I to>k ibeir ?tai? Mil tbo v'atfnra: und tbo pre -n^.i of ito v raolo ui^n mho bail t i^oionootl t*o r?>ir??h'pii m war in man>. a touted floid, ?orvt?d, doabtlOHf, to iu'P ro this > nil* nion p-os?ut wt'.h p'ttr-otwu Wtf'h i4 Ui" Htiiflof which bortior are ri&oo Vniorif ibo ?po?k#ri? a tl?? mretlng imtfil Jasiw A" liMtio, of Ip?t?ich, wiw a hi vtt*. atir??;tod tnunh a.t< u tion n? ?w (hi ? i'fi No. '.imiiwui rooo?to-i y i-Vor <k> by the ^?opte. Dmocni Appio rumaaafldoii a ragl ? n>?nt In Gloufloator, MaftsarbnReUa, during the nm Of 1M2-15. A hriiirb privateer nbatwd au \ra-r, aa tw<l ashore near <i'ouo>U r, *nd tot k (>? >? ** m oo of bar, 4rtv* iog tb? new Ufhoro. (Jrncrai Apple too Vo.ight ami ? slvpcuntler ficm ihe Gkmrossor Artillery retook the ves sel, restored it to ib? crew wud jwi, without Mkv?t(0 or cos. (Mr**' ion, *u<1 ?' lit Hie prize c n? to -felon aa pri miiuwi of Ai d to Una oav h?p bii.l uo otbur reward ihuD tbo egaarkwtncMi of buvinK ovuv a*. ct ??if, ejoct art (be a> n on whcni tbe country now depend*. Tkepe pm)\3 bivlii.: been arranged, the mooting wuti formally oi^ojii/.oo oh follow*:? Mr. UoC< iu>x put In oodiumjiou lor Pmrldont M? Jo ha A. IUs. Ih.- folo\vin? I hit. of oClcora was than put la nomina tion, ana accudtd to ? Peter Ooopfr, S|f*M u * . ? am >r W M Kvki Lh, W (' hryaat, Jviauah r, ill, i <>f limoruK I John a King, j tr<?ra f ay lor, ,'t m< r H". m an, Rte* art Frown, Jobn J. Phelpa, K B Minium. Henry Orient li, 0. h. P Ur^Lt, w. K. Ptdgf, Wan* KBnTr*n Edwin ( roM<*ell, 1. O B, . an noli. J. bn U W ol I e, f eib B fiii I, tdwlli Di t l)K, J.fiuh Mu?rt, It. H. vcMuidy, Jorenh W A nr.p, 1 . C, Morgan. VWI'i. Bltu ketone, Math. Iluyriea, John l.lujd, Chan. U. K tue all, J. Pmt'h 'lemnrm, John Bi^elnw, JohnT John- ton, hh? ppard .lardy, VUTB VnKMIDENTH. Hot t l<ay. lt- iij. U. tiwmn, .1 tin ij JotMrt, 1j? id tl' adlrjr, It bt J 1' >yl .r, J m N. Fbripa, J on, Jobu turn, Ja-. A. Brora, Suhn D onea, Wm 0. Hryna, Ifmry C V.ll, Kra<t'i? Hro- ka, I *'pi ?oh flrinxn, Sobuyler ijTin^itun, W. d. t hi born, A a Vaadf-rpO'l, W. W. Ve Dorset, A. ?. llaylta, Hu?Uiaii i heme, 'A. <t aaanlajr, Pre ! Kaon, Aitxon llerriek, IbrvNiore Po trier. Krfderlek Hromon, t*auel Lt*rov, P A t'or-kiiiut j u alusb r. A. J miiluinKOO, V. 11. Aranld, t<t*? Kola m Anfpiatiu N bfili; Chin. obrtDtmaa, J B Varnom, Atoilrew ('arrlmn, Vn Mall, A O klrsmiaixi, Irano fe rts, J r ucMi <? oaa, M. Kiaualln, D R Martin, Wm Chauttory, Ii 11. C Ratlin, Wni Bryre, a. . l awitt, S. H ahaoiui*, Peter Lort third. C>?a. A heiwr, Jslni f Uoirman, Booilt'on Clin, Lu ber iiradlafe, Fernando Wood, A i. i levari, Morru <tntebum, JouaLb'iu SuirH' ti, J. J aalor, Jokn Ooebraoe, Alex. Ouocan. HKCIirT VKIBH. n. 1) Lord OeoiW<* A Vo??l, O. Ii. Morsball, Jr., Kletehnr Wuuny, Jaa. O. L>q rorruat. Chut La* a. Mortou, BiBixn op Tnn noN. .torn a. six. On tok ng the i hair, tho l'noiinHrr aald 1'nrDw ririyiCNH: Wo havo come together to oxpreen our determination to uphold tho authority of the goverameni ana to maintain Inviolate tho honor of the country. Tho elrcuawtaect-.t uader which wuare ae> umhlo.l areeakn? lateo tu til) my patriotic heart with tbe deepeet concern. For tho Oral t'ino In our ?a> civil atrl'o has broken oat la tho rorMiui 01 our prosperous ami Imppy C-iiuitry, ud baa been puybed by tiu<-c> up i ious u<on to the oxuemlty of war mo id- odabe.d. 11 b n.? provocati >n what war from the federal fovrrnmont they turneo thxlr arras iu frater nal bat rt'il upaliiBt it, cvon v h"Q It wtB administered by tboui! who were actnutod by the moxt friendly dlepoHl Houh toward them. Hut 1 do not doubt, when iho pre Mat eiultemeiit shaU havo |n?aort away, when tboM who have tbun arrayed tbefoselve* ag&inat um govern ment of the country shall hive leari.oi) f-om a dlsa* trouri t-ipvrienca that tneir iruu internet lies la peace, all wilt ooLodo, on a rovtew of tho (>001 In * Rpirii of falrnew* and moderat ton , thai there *?a no jur-t >jr"iiod for aliena tion. ;fhoers ) But. frilow i ltlKujM, 1 feel that all eocta coulileratHii S are inappropriate to iho h >ur. Rm Uma for ucilon baa com lYacticni uhhich are upon ua, 10 bo dealt with under ajuet hcu.j? of tbe reaimn.-nbilitlos they hiivo brought with toem. Toe constitution of tbe Uaketl btates lias been xpu nod and repudiated Tbe autbori y of the government ban been roeiaUxi by milltiry feroe. The Hap. ?f iho Union baa been in?ulto<l, in 'O >ro thin ana Inntatco torn down, au<! 1 va trarupioi uodor loot. Host of uh wero born, anu all of us have lived, la prosperity and pear.e uiider the prou ciion of toe eooHtiintioo; we > have rej urd'Ml our ?U< ?la;.cc to ibe Union second only | '.o our religion In tho - iiu iity of He obligations; and wa 1 hav.i venerated th? nauouol standard, tindor which ! Washington and Jackaon nod tbo l**>t of gtllant men 1 who Wore ihoir cornriaiiloca In ajuis, or who follawed In I ih? ir IooIhti lie, achi'ved ur dviiid nonors for the twelve 11 I and their country . (Kutbual?iuic apjiltuxe.) tYYohonlaba ! m< / ? or men II we couM 1 on w th kadifT-.'reaoe on tbea? outrages on- ail we bold most- dear. There la no justification for tbe cauao 01 tbo Cinfodorito tate* In overturning within thul- llratti the aiWiurit? rC the tnlerol government. They have no axea04 for It. rb.? if no itibo 1 or dab" !i?c a >'11111 ni. h'k mo w?y hi a word tbat no teapectaPIo <lete,u'-o of -lie rlgh~ of cene^ton l'un ? v r la len miner ~i> i?il oa N mau coiiMsu'Ih ibit tlkoru in any warr?kt tor it m too ruu-;t<tuti in. IlMra la but 01 e w.i y 1 <>? ? Male to go nut of tno Union ? ?Jie way In which all cane in ? o> tna c. ucuri"nce of the ooramen au'h rity. In no auic mant.<x can Hie Ur mi <>f wpara I lion ? o iigfoeil ou I fo 'wil l vant mi kr'?>., n ) WUat 1 ever (11 "> mlnary action there may no, oiu? odd to I ili.p ?v ne.l'i- w>n at unl. It in m omlui'd <*?no n on r | )i >li!.iuit oonpacL The 'rtuii ri of trw .wtlon lid i - 1 c nt? nipUi ' 'li.- hi. .otutimi of the Tnlrn. Hi y ii .it' a tiiu g"v? .-i tno. i. t ?> r th. uitiulvss a- .I tboir poa uiii). rno repn ii;i w o of l 3 mub >rry by oije of 'ta ui< bi<*>cra was i i>c f< n f-n or prorti'^d for It w a cafe J winch ranimt he roadie i n> itvi powora vested In Om ph?b or in tiio I.xq kivc and ta > tttateg *ra M0< wily i O'BiHihi to i.|? uofuha if ibeir unl/e : a jv.rt>i T'.i/ fir . ?tio i ilution of u pri hiejj ? h ch c nci -nn ti>o < im'mim I of ail li v/.ia for li 3 reu;.iKt in it a O'mii .te"*, of I wti < b ( >. i* ftviirm 11 in an t> our ->< ithi)m I r,r? ihu n, auot im <t a im t iu Pine Mn et, hi Docom her U i, reoun.u uitwl tli it tbo S<?it'"<i sn ? ill nuv-t , tou? th?f 'or c- nan '. a>"u, urn if ibey oxiH rvit set lo 1 tv Ir 1 lincultii >uii'''abty aal pr?Hv.rvn tbo Unoo, tbat th.y ahnaid urruit',i thnUnta ef H'.wiiim, aud aavn tli ? e'i'.nirv from too burrotu ?/ r \ it wtr. 111 thoiLi m? (MUM, 111 on e to give ub i iaa 1 r iu - on to 1 1 tare hartnooy aaii It t'onial tooting. V i 4. ? ! ui tt.-e.n 11 ' u guago ?.f i', wbhsh wo 1 1 hi 1 iKdM h' lailitiing ii H iiad no l>< n u.dreiw J t'> 0 -?-tl?. u of thii p ?!#( pi.htical lain 1 > To tuw appal, enforoed by the aoni'iirrenco el um ent, ci iaeaa of '?m Sttte, wb<> ? . id aiw*>8 ht-<n the mi., 'tretiuotH advenatoeef ?Vjuth ? n righta ih< Mau n u> -.vhtub It w in :idd> (??n-H napjad 1 l :?y '?>t.tiai| lb' auti oni> of ibe Di wn a' do'laoee, ny ' f'-'inu : thu publle tori-- tud arm-na a, by Rid'iclng fej rt ti otbee' 8 from 'belr a r^ituru, an . in o-io Instaaoe by i ..u oa?.tng thetroifuir.,.,! ihoi-iovernmeut (\ir rauet 11 thrte ei- wt r 1 1 ut;rnti cd to, * th no - ,/ort on th'> p?rt of iho guv?'riiu.ciii. to indent or pun't'.'i Caeta, in I'm h' j a (iiut ander ihe :udiu j of N:' t i>> 10 eM tin ?>? w 10 ' omnnt.r'd th- in wnul<i rel.ira to their allegiance, tklg fo- 1 araaoo, tucumiH -i in the kin ' torj ol natioM, at.d falacly liiterpretod low % ixmilUni ' nioua Huiranc er of I us authority hy tha Mtrai gov ; v 1 an.' u'. h ul ot.! tbu t of mviioral r.g ilie spirit ->f j rtioHtalii:^, untn . >1 lw>t tho ri'^odor for. u tu fort Hunn. r , *i:< n!.w? k" ' ? mine ti (,00 or 7 l*;0 mcti .i - tiott 1>0 ? l.vl I ooniiu'lKd, a' rr a hp. - rgi latinrn to cv tt. (t r? !or FortSnuiU r ? Tt>- wiit eotaiWiMd^r of that Lan< 1 ill ol !ie nl w "U vf t .. I' rl "w I vti ount at in you. (JVf.-.i. in 1 ?' ^11 'ra hrlmnrAnMua lb T'- hatgti the :hg u r wh.oh tb? nph id tbe looor ol tt.i irrmmtry ;ano l? ' veered ooouliio i iliow. trie 'i<<>ipe r/?tie defi nce they tna if (fi.tiio.iui?<i v cVerin^ ) Kfonn ] ?U r thi fa eire\m;'l.'jiK'i ? itiui to" gc notal ;ovorunaeut hafl I .. .1* .i1' 1 to tli ? ret ntrv t'. <'me t<i it- a i|.j>>r'. (HowiD. *1 will ) It would h'i7cb( i'3 1 r?"ichoro n to it* iruot if 1 It h?id not eetcr*i '.i 1 to npk od tbe aiitoortttae - miidoi 1 ton And ber<\ fellow (.liin-ae, It hi imn irtaoi Utat wo W.onld i-liwirly umitr tu'i ibe position ol lh>' laVl a tmln n-tru' ot., on thw '.em. It w duo to thfci admlu !?lra?iou <w wed a*: tbe tiM, that wo i-bo'ild all na< I derntind it. ] nbail Im very b'le!, but 1 m Mt aak yonr ' ' at- 'btion lor U f' v, nymivui t'-jki il. i?e neeie>t. i 1I11 tlir 3d of IVceniiirr lii?i, in In 1 tuntul Minaije to . t>nngn the tat'- I'renuteU mtvi % atrvin^ ?i 1 rian awerkbMi argrni nt ngau.: 1 ttie right of sc ^?a->n. (le alpo indir .ticl hla iiurroeo tueWioct toe revenue and do I I'ltJ' ? >rta iu houUk ( Wniiaa. in a "P* cial Ti' im iifo 10 j 1 >r,gr( f on iho Sth Ot .l?r.u?ry 1 o 04 j- J 'I one tbo Wi -runge of the mr vip , "ilin n/.bt ocd tho daty lo <we , 11 lit: v I'm co cei'i.ralv ;y BfaiBit th<?e ?ho r niat the I >< <i. r.d ftVvr'i n tbo elocution of tfeeir le*il fincljona i anu ;ig in et thou.- who iwfiail the jirefwjty 01 ibo f<*leral corernni.'j 1 ih nlaar .ii ' u?<)< out'-u." ?>'rtoe of "Hco> I 1 r hi.ii," and loud eh- rlci ) Th'* aatbnritiet of , j>alh Carolina were rrfal dly Warned tb/it it rhiy .?Miaile>l j 1 ortHnintcr >i woiiU 1" the e<aa :r.pnr?ruoBt ,4 m^r, ' Hiel tl-i wcuH (m rr'.p< brttnie for the ewni'Mea, ' (( h era ) rb' iiu<t and r.i ?t < .npb.kt.e of 'h?)i .> w^rnmge j 1 < or Ptaiii"d ta tlM adniiraN'o armweref il' 1 lo?t, <+?erii tar> of H ar, to Mr liniae Ibd Oxaa'Amw from I ^ < iri'Iltia, 0:1 t/ie lit/I f Keoruary. Jt ie III th?a# wonta ? 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