Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1861 Page 2
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m*'" aatbortty fvicr1 'urlf rMaitod. I ?A. xu>, Uu"i, ttU> With <?* I' ?rt, *? lv? -UJ'V*' t 1 S^liav*- tt will art w i 'b ail I be ?<M?rwi?a and it>r;viraa ie wU) ihe P" -tv?' ?* o t ??? gr?*v ?? -???: r miidol Ii?>T i? w) ci?t ? li t but 1 1 aoq?M?-oe <n IWt i-urrrodwr to rendutiouary leader* , or to gtvo n th* itviaij* it p?M? t? <w.r?K*-, for MHt t- eery *i u ??d f? .. -1.1 ?< irtln of its authority , ,t r-apmnible I >r .uo.r legitftnite U?e kV4lnwcil.Br.ih ..-e ?wut t.oforo the ?*' 4ne ol be Father of hut Couui Tlie 1, uj of tne I'moa whioh tl<>aw ??w i\ haUM him whm he j, nsuli .fcovtr the Con vention by wbch thao uctitutton i '."hi> greit Woih U bin life b<> 'jui*a r^jocted, and Ihe ('Wifv* by which bin labor* i* . coonecraMxi utk bean cratnp'od ib Mm du*. If the ttroec* is wtiioli tt - arul >tor hM?titftd ha* llu tge wntM bit . iinun U to the living tot 01 which hid tho armir ? . f the E?VolUtii>U to votary, he wtxud command UH, 1.' ih. nirci* or tha a>-t* of psirioUi Md poiitk-oJ martyr- ?bn h*r?* aou* be'ore, to a'.rfk.i Tor tt? ititeaw of the Union suit the oonaUtutKWL. Kr. 1>ik OtMM but remaVr <unid the mi?t euUim oiUo apoUuae ths < MHHMii 0?#i r* >Mi Uio rofl'twinK r^utlmw, Which were ma. imoimJy ulopted ? Wber*?a, the I'tiion of Ib* Hats*, under the gaidwoe Of Divoe ProvKW-me, ho* beeo t)ie fruitful janw of pi ayu tf uxl doineatic |?.?w u? the o-untry for Ibiw^uwkrK of a onilu-jr; tad Wh rr*M, the counf notion, I rmnM bf our Revolu tionary father*, ooi.t*ii>? withii; itanlf all newdrul pro ?Mom fbr Urn en^mi tee of lo? k ?verntnenl, Hint, iu 1I14 pmgj** of events, p?r nuci uuendiueBtfl a iv n >om~<>sj to meet now ecigenoiea aai? Wberewt, Ad a/Bied c>mt>Ui?ltoB hut b?en furmM to brMk up the Dnlon, b? ibrowiny tr the obllgauoQ* of tbc cuoatHutMin, mmI biui, in ?e?e -0 of the .-'liuAa, oi?r rmd an IU orimtU'tl oiiv*#, iuhI IliuUly, by uihkuHluk Fort tamter, a fbitreoa tf tae United :iut * ocou^i^l oy ? HietMier bat beriiio iivrwa, and capturiag II by Ml overwhelming mro- a'*er n KaJ^nt ile'eose thutt Betting U>e autbnrit> N the loveraiaeut (it d?<tl law, and uuiilt iBfE tbe N?tk>(iiU ] Ug and Wternte, the gove'i meet of lb* Unitnt st.itoti, with ?n ?jwh< (h-Mirv u> Hve.'i. ijie otiIh of civil war, hM si k?U> mibmllted to '.bene aurtmHione mlu! in.uuite with a patient fnrbe*i>at* 'JLpi.r>uielwi in >he aun^ita of biB'.Ory, but tuut at laet j?x di ?i n d'le >o ibe pabl'O honor fuid Baff'ty t?> Mt|?W io ibr 'ieopl? of tbe Union >or 'h- n>. .hj* of mAttitalulEK ith withorliy, ol euforotm' 'he eKiH- iliuu Of tbe W?t<, aiurt of WMri) u oar mtry f'- rtl <1 W'liwn'HV moot and our po4it>c?J it ?Htitutioiut from deetrticiion, IbunlM) RnwlrMl, That lh>< IWIarallin of io>fi'P"n'l'*iioe, i)h War of ihn Kevoluiioo m i the Co?h(i"uwi''U of lh>* U:nt -<1 SLatm have given o. igm to tfais g <v?i t me t, th" m equal k?<) beo<tic?it mtiK<rU> km>?n amon^ m> >, that ntewr it# proteia.ou lb- wi le 0k|>?uHi >n or our ?->rrti(??> , tbe vaot developm-'nt of our wivuUi, our popui'Uioo, i^u I our puww, bB*e bunt ep * ixttiou able to MlutAin aud cteferid ktAw L? wsur il th? pi i? ;iple? "f tl ????> and jua ttoe ".poo wbx'ti tt ?hh f<> ind?xl. that by uvm, wouin ut Of intAreat, ol honor, of an otton a:>d r.f duty , wo we ou KmftHl to pT?m)rv<> unbr\>k>u for our i{?- v mi it , and tj tranMnit io our p<?*? nl> , tho itn-al h?nin^e w havu re cv<i ?*?i frt?n b? ui-: ~t irn, tbM to ihi< ui*uii'>ij.uioe of tbiB aaTert tiuf . we oevote whnev<r w? (xiHaesa, ?.nd whatever we c*u do, au ' in support of that K 'voramnnt uod< r which we nrv h ippy .wi proud to live, we arc pre pard^l to Hbi?i jiir b|.>^i .^nd biy down oar live*. Kee'dvrd , That the founder* of the governmeut of tb>? OniU 'l HlaWv have provided, by tLe iriati .uti of the Huprrjne <Vmii t. * triboual or the p. iccful aetliem- nt of Ml qutjnMoiui ar-nini? ui< '?r tbe <.>>ont i s.ul>- ?.i and tbe iawn ? tbkt it I* the dutv '-f the State* to apiv>al t < l> f >r relief from raeauureN *h>cu they bi lievi> un iitbor'zed ; an'J tfcxt ttMupu to throw oif tbe oi>Ii<uIioiih of ttie con Mitution, and t > obtain reilr.'M* oy on app?al to arm*, oau be oocuilrier?'d I . no other light th.<J] at levying war iuf unit the I'niM Statea. H<?')(red, That tbe constitution of the rTnit<vi "g, | the baew aixl th H? ?'iruaid of th? f?d<'r?i Union, hiring be> n friuneo and rti ft>-d by ihu original an ' ac I OOpMtd by tboMe which ntihM.'q'ieuti]i UfCaJio pt-liee to tt, tB binding ot>'>n *11 . an 'iitl ->n> ro*uiuption by any oue i of Ihem o I th" ngi ?? <K !???? ?ved to the fe ieral .rov'TnniHnl, wHboutttrnt hoekii k > r< e^vt" front ivh obligation* throu/h ! Ute oononrreco <ii the 'im non hjve ti('ity, in riied.uLjuat to all th th: rs.and deetrucUve ofall >oial ! mild pxlttcal t>r<1? r kiaolved, That ?h<? .ri ' authority of Ui" rederai gov ern meat glial! bxvr h' en re-'*htki>iii4h<?l( an 1 p^to^iul oMiono to tbe 'ouHtiM'.loa and itt*? p e*a|i,we BhUi be r?ady to cvm'- r an. c > ,">perat4 with ail loyal Oitiseiia throughout the Uni m. tn Cmg'eeh or in <inv<*aiioa, for the <*HiMidem>.?on o, a. I hiip.x-eed grtevan- Ort, tne ro-lree* Of all wrongs hj-0 th" prou-c'ion of everv rtgnt. yiei<tuig ouiBi'i wa, aud rxpt- til?g >Ul oihe'e to yt<-;d VI the will of th* pei>ple us ix-ne'ituttoniliy in > lawfully ex preened. Jto? ived, Th -t it b the duty of ajl gtxNl cit Z"?8, over looking pa?t dilfxn dc?h of optiion, to cnntrtniiie hv all the b-^mhi le their powi-r to tnaimaiii the Union Of the State* io nefe-d tbe co&eidt'itioa, to p'rt B erve tbe catio<ai II ?g from Insult, and up hold Um> ai i4*'f ity of lb trn^ernuent ag tinul aoui Of (?w liWM who h, if O' ,1"- UU re>.tm. 'I . WO lid >rvit ablv ?ni> In bfv.*mg diwiaii me t>\rrterrt ?r> cto I by our 0>the 8 for th-. pr 'eei .o d* iKe, ii^etj i d |> ? oer tf , and inwtve th>- c ?j;.try In univ><ro<U ana. nb/ aud ottnuiiiMn. Hi- (Ovid, ThalarouianUeen4 tw iOt> dve to b? no mNiated by the Pr MOi-ut, be app i'i U?i bv -bin m <et'<>g to ret nwnt the cit'* or in tbe oileonoo ol luo I* and ihe traroiactKiO Of B' ch o. iv i miHliMWM in aid of tile au >v?v ?Mvte ef the g ve. nment an tbe pubao tn ereeta inay require grntOD OK RON. DaKIKti H. Dli'KlNeoN. Boo. liatruL i Diixi>muii waa thvo iniroiluood. He Bftokear folktw* ? Ciujii* OmikM*- 1 was invited to si? k on thm now BH-fi ? in the lafeguHg** i?r ; tl. c?h ? to ibe p*> pie, without ?iiaiin.<in?i of party .nd I availe<i u> y Ke/t , with alacrity, of the invtinlltMi Ibl* mio-uiug I trave.b, J ?J0 mibM >n oroM to be prtn. nt, ('V-re ) W? ar? owl on periloj* tUun>. Tbe 'U'Tum of oieo. r.i ha* iniugu auvi Iiia lorrble ciairt and It b^vime* ue 1>. a gr. nt ix?.?id to act la a i nuuuner becomi'g tbi* gov 't-inont an1 pe >pm. In a Bu rnt U eiteni!e<i service r have ontertaiiieif my own | view* of what earh auction of tb.e c " - ' '^i -racy owod t*i ( tin otbw tV""? h 14 itoi f<? t??a' nice fra'oruity and fnind?<ilp, I bad hope not?ntnui iug then m'ght be MjlJ-?taoi I r tail u, lb t 'be healiur Inllueu ? of tun* Mil tbe recdl -..t on '>t the greji. oumna an i grea'.er tM-moni* of the !<? -v-.l'it "t> ?.>ul<) ? -jail bark ail to their duty, that all mifcht be ha. mouized aud to. U we might all miurh on togeth-r u>e ic-tur- o to a g"?v?t anil c. tnuiHi drHUov. (Cbuere ) Bui while we wwe ri'ieMitig in tru-ee d*?<ani< a iO'I'hb- hot own at tached aud rrdii<*i) or ? vn-'iau><1 I'he n <g of ib? mnu trj- bar benn lueu-'ed prtitC property reiA< <1, an-J *wt| war Hint- thu- u?v by ih" n iM?n oi tbnoe wn ? ?h ? iid b-i | and are oui rie ?r ?ia*'*a ? *>y to *e? #fi > ir*? our bretu r< d In thix g ert crWii t iB no tune to inq'iirefor Mtijnee rrtn >te ,.i d dif'ant; it in ?o to lni|di'e who bo de ihe uelm of the t-b p of tat *- ; it in uo Mine to In quirt- whet inta^i-Hi or aectiou piatai him thnre The UI I) qn?*a<Oii m . <*v- be Hteor ibe Bhtp ?etW'?ea th* I la fO iDiw) Iriw viiinli tK ni?u our I'm >n a <mrding to the llnbie ol tb? OiMtltitlonr if he iloee he IS to be kuNt?'t>?d. ('Hmwb > I ahull not purAiie ih a matter in un at^Lf m?li t I would make t-very eff .r? ui brii-g biCk DfW) * atalu tug Until to ibe fold n. 1 would not levy war for -ggreiieioij? I would levy it for ?Won?tvn pove (Ihee-e.) I w >u l u >t 'ki It t t dMipoil othera 1 wo'ild nm, aud that In * mnne* b>< irimii? tbia govervmi-ut m l t?e. pie, u * or aggreealon I n^r *i, but tor d? enae ? r ib-< p-irp .?e of re ieir h<?i-r and d'trmr nolo I* a? li in", b> t imo g tue nt tKH>h of tb-> i-a-tb (0b a ) T'm< Ti"-l n li iuit ?uo cya-hie that i-ver atu>t,. oxJ tbe field of batllo nonid alf ?ru OM> no pleasure, b taiiw I can iot hui r?-lt c . thu evo'v ooe who 'Kile id tbia unnuturaJ atri.e, be it >>n oue nt le or oa Ub other, we muni, in our b .ber mom uw, oxonnm ? AC"ih r a word biui laid him low. Another bud ? n; An tj (hitj hand th\t ili-alt A hi iw ? All , ID* I Il?a?? brother's. Rot ?f art- aju d n|?iu to ut T'ioto m no time for fceeitattoo or inoe^l^n? ni Un? for baete in.1 ? xotle (M l It Ir a time wb"0 lb*- :>e.?pie a** ?uJ I nan tti the ntjMKf of their tu<Khi Itrolcli f'wtb their ptroiiK arm uid ellooce th? an,:y w.-?re* erf uimn.l. It x> tiriM' th" p-o^lw etvouid oomiu.tod p??ie. ^Oli<> r* ) It m a <pi*et'?io hft*M' nmo.i an .marutiy? b>tw?ea taw am disorder All politic* tor the Uino b? tug *r? ami mmmiUI l?e committed to me r^iirr-MV.xio of tlx grata. Tim t^nrau m nhixila h?, -"Our o uulry . our wfc'lr ouuotrv . and [willing but thr oaii.iry " (i linerx ) 'Tm not the whole of life to lire, Nor all of death to die. - W?*hou?1 go f. raani in a in noor 1mt >ming a <-eat pnofiie. But nil nraiUin nlnoe the in?t-*ial eti.m -o'm of owr uwDtr; were never (trutcr. To 6\y m th? rut >f nv'sii# w? ar? plmiri-d in dletree* and tari-au<-w><i with political rata anarchy and aunlhllatim It Oonoinivt n* to ?t?) lb* han t? of thm epi'-it of dwinion The roice Of the tiin; Ire State ra:i oe imf ntiaJ t'na unnatural Hlrlte (Cbrvin ) !*he h?* ni i'Oty power f *? union -<be baa irrfiat wealth and lull <i?OOe ind ehe mmt hriuf forward that wealth ?n I exert that tallowM "h? ha. Dumrrinii- ai>o an . .'lie muet Mi l them to th* tl.-id. an I U> the plm.lla t? of hi* i>o wer comm wid th* public |w? TTlti* U* * gr**t IV (> norma) city? 'We o' tllo rn Mem won demo' the earth <* uh til the nr-i.t >H?m nU that air round her, Willi b?r ci mtn-rci il rooown with her ?rcbt tx.turu mat', ? ' b ber enlerpi i?? aid ene <y, Ihf In CUii'hl.- i f r??r ui? a nighty p.wer fjf M MWHtr.i if the aiury w?v?" of -uriUilira. f'"":?a?rA ) While I wiailil prwtei.'i r ihut w ir n a in inner b?> >m ng a Ctrl llTixl and a Cii'it-t an p>?<ti e, I would do *?? in 10 vlnd ?? II v>- *4>irit 1 wie l i ilo It a- iirnliu" A?t the nigni't to the tleaU a u ran I of hm aon? J " Jjetice ir utlnlN and K une ?? fme. " ( Jhrerw ) I lore my ro'intry ; ,l lure Mita HcMm It tin ib < flr.4i vielon of my mrly year*; H id the U't amhiti'in of my pnhlio life, t.'poti Ite Hilar ( iiare aui ren W"d mi cb>i<; ?t !>i<f?? I hai. I oirttlf W yeo 'l i in e;>iieitaoti'n<( i*e ,l?i to be pui*f my null! ,iy boira *pr. I will eland by H an loan im ItHMe in a Itnloa t? hia id hf? <oUeir?)~ao i wiie i the ehip at Urn Uniot) aI.ii c.uck and f*oau, wh"n U?p ak.e* lowe' i td tin i nt>n ? i'?i the liKuninnn I^a h, the 'Imn thi-K roar , the WAiiie >'At ,.nJ the ?? run nonnliii'i *>u?h, If Ih' eb p o* ? .ic iMiA'ii aid the f*riion pfrt^h~, I would rathi-r ,- rie'i * lu it th. ? n i-nr.. in fioairucUja. (I ind cLhta) i if>*ethu li^.witli iU Mr fUrr aad etripe^ i ?i !i ic of w/ . >Jnt t!ai< that *> kaowti aim b m re4 thro u-hi ?:t ti?. . rib whnr ftur drlliaaHoo lime travelled. ! lo\e it , t | | woiid Key, with the ftrittali p?r "With all tby fniiia 1 |0i? th'*- *1111." Let on, mr frienilr, ata- ? t? thn lion I* ?f f'n '<a men In oilier I* etion-' ef the r.Ounlry How madh Uavo lbe> pu irilio^l of anlranui of nAiiina wenito, ?f political p'l'tB I /el uf .ou i'im id cboar them un liBl a?, rn) f Ilo* nKir>> ??, rail . i "ind li e tiaif t>f our eouotrv . r??ii ilJ'intri' u? by tbe valiant Ao.lor hoe (OhierA ) In tl irpir'tof pev* anil forl>i"? t* waved it fu'er K <>rt. :? mler protended au'b>ri a ea or 'tonUi Carolina j,.< <Uu mher Hnutu.- o Htai"?i ?t tarkxl btm, h"eauM tlioy aeoBO'1 to oinnHler hiin ? kind of ml. rater pleo ooti ali'.'y Lot i.a m ilnlilnotir M u? In the HA.T.C noble apt? it tlial anim ?jH(X him, a <i hover de I' M II kliiif ICI' , N. .A i t lO'll en ) ' I 'KillKl ?? n?y htMi".ui? tore in .dii' H-d ? nd dir'i^ 't ' fnon'rv f?KM more raetwei! >e <|ii et mi i liHim. :a un li?r th we gtorb.ui- ?tar% ai.rt atri|n'A, i i t?ul I tlin I b nwiy to t Jto W?e nan m tle< inf ? i?t d . i er in it<r ? ? ?r j hv?nd Btrnar to ?? mire ? h ? r llvh* tbiaf thm I ,'ioul t m -et ? Of reiarn irim ?in ,-y M.jud ) Ht"KK?; II I ir MkNATOM Rlll'l. Henaior fleam, M urcf n , vrm ne*i law ? It-r-nl, and I ?aid:? # Tho m*)<?4y of Die ,nVl. re to tr ti ?tt*U.a U? mnjiftf t f U r i ? n? (tl. <i - \nC I erine /MTM4?rar tram uie iw rac ??, w raoord a; oath mUmf with ywn? Of ike ?re-?l l-'.mplm ??Ut* (Applause a?* three <*-?"? *m The taaar Ht ??w>t'iu * h * imm >b? gatheim# for battle m> -t '< vu #, i?l the c.aifctr> reqw-wa tb*?. en.ry n.a.- Kb J1 .? hw doty. (l?o4 ehr?rs.> Olttaen*, w??* W ! u tti f 1* 14 Ml o* *li?iii wv <-eau? Im It lh? g'tb' mur of U"i|i|?r f?*>V I- it rnr tniurv ?n<l pomp aud i?ricU?r Sity , mure ti??a 'hi "*? ut It i?.w r aou niiftti iui i u4>f? 1 aioie* " ' >*??? try i* uxiit, lu tuoiv, than .ul tho?e Cha country a-hca iieaiaude our love, oar i?nr i(t? v?u d'wntiee, o r hear "a blaM, It! inorr Ihau Hit the-U ? (lo>i4 ??'**? c ui.'ry ia the hietory of our fatue** ? our ??.?-?o-r} m tao trat-'. ttiwo if our mother* ? our country In p?*t renown? ' our country ta pnweat prtdu &?<i pow<r ? *nr 0">? M*y ifl future hoi* aud .i.-atmy ? .ui country i? ^reat".- *;?? '? truth, oouiititutlooal liberty ? above all. fr"* >?'n ror* ! (tv'h"?>a?tic cfc*>em. ) 1\*?* ar?? tha waiohw awto un iat whi It Wr> iifita; <uid W? *111 ali.'Ul ih 'JBI 0?t ili< Ml" MVJ ! hp(H?<- US the ek>, III the at- ruwr.-.l hour or fcatU? ! Uwtll ivuirv ttlU *AtU?rtAl ll*4T -V".*mtlU& 1 flag of Kort Humu?f? <C avenged. fl'roloafaJ and -n I tlnuOMKtic okwi*.) it will rvtura *a'* r-?lnj| I traitor* ?ft? taught obedience *D<1 out >0)1.-; "ion ? ' It wlh wh**. it-* i*biU<'?un o(.<of"<lpr>a.* *">-? mufht j that Om North, Iheajih jttlf , are not cowardly ? I though forbearing, are not tear'ul (Ob-?"T? > lint hour of conciliation will c.-me lame wh.-n ? gam the or ! hikii th<< r-pub)io wll ov.?r .tvnry r,'D.?ilioi? i |'oft i>f e?f >y ('i?ru?lcrttU? Su?U' (llotinw-xl rhi'O''^) Th^o ?i?of oi'i, iho of th? p'Mtu in ? |<)*?, *nl ditfniiy and ronrnv, ai.<t ?bs pt"" ? of th^ rfpootio wii rxturii (1/iiid it|>pjtil??i Yo-.ii?<j ui' in'i N? ?* \oi*k -yonau iu< i) of tin Ucii.-<i ^uuw? you u-< t?'l?i thig m not to b * a war of In on?< r'OBa mat is tr??, in un'tbor, oot We have ooiumit mo r^g r?v?i ?P' ? In nil Ux> broml lane lu th?ir rci oi n<-.n, in th?r rajuo'a' > an?p, no truthful o>an can nm kd<1 e?K b>* baa < vor b*?-r, dioUi bi4. ih(W?U tt in. hat fora?'?i#ie moment in Hie. U'*rty, i oJiaraeter, o r hntor. (i h- ?>n> 'ai.'i p*nf?'T"?r??'."< -h..- da.* tlioy b^ran liw latoe. w"k<4. r.-b..l'1-JO.H w^, t4J?ir li v i h ?Mri? mo.. h.TU.-, tueir pn.p-riy ti-rn ?? c?irr by oh Tnof ?>y themnelva, out hy u?|, ( K'u.r?rtfl l*r moil* K'C ir<>l> th'in s??y |?e''|>lo eiw havf> htul th'-ir Uvea anJ proportjT f* rurei Irom the b>?innta??{ o< tho w?n<l (^I? n ?.)??? ) W u have Cimoutte i i.o <>p|>r.".-.ian, b?f br - ?> hi ik) >mpact , li ? n * uiili 4f p#?riv . tiuve li>>?l iiMXifi .l?, oouiiliMui'ii?l and ju?t. W* j. rp y i?! (he Hnloti turirt w? uu garrm <?nr own I o -n a uti.o our owii ci'n "titunon , to juri.wuwa/ (Onus rf >? h ?tvT> " ?od app4'iu**ii.) VVii all ddBdOrtti Wo are aii r-puiilicaii vt'.- ?ick'inw th. hot- mi.' ntv of tb? i> ?* wi'hin 'hi* ru'<> ??< thi? ;"iri '.attun, and iiirl?*r i>i..i muKi lUitK'n and biueith 'h*' H\t, I't fruton beware (lou<1 ol.eorH.) in tbih a--u ?? thon >ouug m?oof New Vork, we arc not to ? w ir of ag?r.*?i mi lUit in *m>U>"v immjw, H|M*ik?r.|5 to* mvnMt ??* oi%n who li?t a Im^d a noldiwf , Hi*d hh on-' wh- ih h -^untor I Hay, ?n tb? H?ni- I am tor a war of a^^n twion I p-oi>'t?i to no row art we did in Vti-noo ? miquer pi r.c ? (lxiud and KiMiOhiHS' ic uppiaiwe ) I pri>pv?e to to Wahhlrig lou. and b?)or. . (Chenrs.) 1 i>o not iVitKn to remftin Ktlen., r:pia?, Inactive? uay. faarfii ? cbiU tb--y (fatow tbeir baUaltOliS and adwanue tholr Lii -a ii I ^ *ii our bofdew or i& **ur aiidMt I ?roi'td ni??-i them u|ion the thr.nnhoid and '.hero, ( ; in the yrry .-**te of th-ir power tn very atmos | j pbere of tbo?r ti ??non, I propon t that tn? pt? flit oi t/rs i I iiion (ltfiiii* to tbiiw reh' Is the '*ttb* of p*?r.r.? (Losd J | rt 4II , it may tak?- 'hily mtfVoo?; u tna? lake Ui--(-o 1 hi.Ddred What theof *e b Mre it (C -ioh of I Hio^xl." *ud a. v'aiiae > 1^ aJy c?l), ?randi> do the mwi luu U ot Now Yotlc n e|? <o'l to tin apL?*m of Uie ftov^ronierl. It miy rost u? e"?ea tlioiisa' d nvm, it Otxy <v*t u? w vaity hvn tnonxa ul meo <a t>aktl?, U t*tt/ ii* H?'Ti4o htiniiroJ and ii".y mim. ^Vhi th<n> He have them. (!<?ir??#"ii oheoriug.) i'ho blood oi ? v^cy U?j al i ltiy. 'U o' bin gpa^-nma i' n- dear ttr ma. 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Dnrward war. {A^ptiune) The sot rtb n?'.ineot oaa *<>??? C^rne clieera for .he ?v>Ttb i. ki inert. ) IM a^venty WMt k^twi moro loil iw (A(?i>'aiu- ) Of Old, HMd a urir t hutniin, be ro am tlx- ' aun? o. th" C' ?* Kurt?c? Pr C pitted td'Mf . ui(. n Ana lV'oe.1 h tho ifctiD f '? i*i* cjloi na'.Kin let tie 11,1*1, of tie I*UM>U pre *:ipl tale ib-Mueolvm upoo dtolo/ai, rebeihoui. Oaii oeiat^ SiMa* ( itoaaMdoaa ipo auw ; A *? w more w.?r 'R, ai.d I liav?? Hooo Jflriai of "iW on,' "Vou'r- the m r. " "He 11 bei r > >u till n ?{bt ") Lai no mat- uu. ?.ia?* ihe danfera of th s ooctr ireray Clnl war tor ih? oeut oi rea?0'/? npm %be oo? mde, u>d tue won't <u* n the '-chor, la aiwayn daogonniB to lihe'tj? al?a/H fearfal, h?wn'>M btoidy, but, Ml w citir m the"' ure >et wor-? thmifs tuui fear, Mian onahtaarf dread, aod dau?-r and Mtod. Dinhnnor u W'.n?? (iT.itoi K?iirh. e?n.> l*erpet?ai ai.archv I* worso. ?.?i?r jur^vi"' <? mg and foreTer ^vorinit lit woive I Keii' Wivi clieiwa ? "tai-n* and *.? <??. .?o? ia a are worw hav> Hiar afte eiar haKt^l out ? ^Ori-? of "Novirl nevert")? to havi at'ipe a'tor alripe ob , m un i'? tcreaof ' No! nol">? u. b?ve gi ?ry after glory dunmed- io haTe our women wo p anil our ?ami t>t .-b lor >-lianiethroU|ibo<n generatiO"a yn. t> oome, t.i a and llioee are li Unitely ?rorne than l?l art <Troi?.?i4oa< ru?-.B ) I'e <ple of N-w Vork, oo tie. eve o batUe al | w Hi,, to i ihmiIi ia a Mjllier Krw of von know an rny (vnvr iia*. lHv>n?lln'-a'.t and obacu e, but l may laanUnn it b'-re to my . with a generou* pi/?le. ili. t it ?i?oe uiy fjftuoe to lead your na!la.>t N.-w V??k n guniwt In tb? veri an?k Of tiattl^. (Appaoee) I *ik lhatr leader aad' upon Jie ? I xhI? hoighta <* Darro i know wen whrt N' w Yo'k can d > wmn her bl.??1 * up (l.aatio . Three ch"?ra for ?ak.^.-) 1J?.'a, ou.? more when we inar. li lei UK ooi m^rh ?or roo ng- \r yotw have i>? bu.g to rev?. g- It ? uot?uant'ial wli^r, i?|i.-ied U.mi waTed , guarde-'i hy a?vwnt< ?a ?i ?i(at *t U-i. llMHiaalid. it ir m* moon atvv ill .n cUM What an enemy c ul l not cmpol. (Proi .ng. d ap plai'im ) H. have .e ft "Mne bug to p?o?h; hut i< bog. or very lilUe, W? ??eu<e lbe I naudent lii ir f...|f ? hero witlwai; kn witi? It? nod I hi? <k f"nu k. ?'.l,.'vi' ba?M>g kn .?n I on. ixivh-a*! ihe n.< d.n- (??-"Tt' 'e?r?w u^^to lie r.? i-?Hal Jrn dy loinr eia-u^b i-ndur?"i " And wo maroh ^ ? bittto an 1 ? . vi. u.-x ??? <?. n?e we do n t . booa to en l .o. thin wr ?i< any In. ger (t'lieera I Hi-y ?io wronKa oo; .ne e ly ag . urt ni- not agalnm ?ou. Mi lr<?iieut not ag unat me, hot n?{-iij.t "0r ??? aim ag.mat our K an'iHniir tbat enrr a.'-d 'W Tney are wron^i. ,-gim t or ??e g.i ? (cri^aof ' ? a .,' ' and a?piaua.d - lhe? are W ^1^-. Hgunat imr Uomiu, <bey ire wr uom Hgainet <ai cooaUtutam. tboy are wion/s ag u.uit h .miu b"i?- ?nd human fr^<d"in. and th ia If it be avenge I, anil ~e It.i ke -ava, "II la a will Juaikjo at I? n. Will revi n?e th-m \Th ^ I -peak, In the Wake of BJ n HO m?|UeBt. ?o c >u-? vatlve ?o mn neut hi loial w. well k?"W,.? *ven while 1 Hpeak. the object <.f jour' lu^nag la n.c -npli h.?l upie ilie ?' the ligbuong it gore oMt ihrHighout il?e v*? II that New York, the very h--a.t of a grat city, w itu h.r wiwited Uieoug'iiarea, by a.weha ia h?* n.auu'acturera, b*r a- tmw. ? that New t.y ocia hundr.'d thooaaad ot her pr^i 4er,ia-ea t? tha (a.uatry a id lo the world that aha will au-.t*P. In a g> vwronteiit (applaiire) t- ih? laat dollar ia hor t .+mu ,7? Utbe laat m-op of yo?r biool (lteoew?<l obeera ) ha lutti.iuxl nann.-m rotn l?u fooaanl w, . *wh 10 y<Mit rtiiT t'.-uay proclaim vow rovariaiee , ftn the ('Olo?. You will gUber in b?ttaj utta, INtH'Ot of toil IWW* tmnllt >U'nM, Iiiltf xibie id faliA, lOTinoliils in arm*, *r*l dm you gaujir, ent-y ??i?i of prwoni couco.m uij ult uiate p-ar* will fcurmuad ytMj Tif BKilil'T"! of rt?lyl<m th" prl?U ?f lltor Uirn, tb^ Uist?? ims ?" th? paai, l:*> iII.i?u-?io h of th* p*?v |i' D i ap'tal BOtf.x-o. art. lDT?ut">Q, dis, ovxrw . lh? wrfrs o iroiiiUH? kJ I )i< ?> will nit 1 UK in 'hit march hiki w< will ?ucq>M?r Aa<] if, f'on Urn (?' I'Mtlo. a v.i ?> fwif 'li n i?i?- fiwh'ast nitrro'ir up n It* abnr < May lx? heard t- v y f you ?mi mrund Ij v in th" OHitaat, flat *?????? IH v.. urn lo .lay, Mid It ? Mi *41 ?lli?? Oair tn g Tnf , I mho l? woll tilgb worn oui id llir kn.tto ami toll ol I, to, 1 Oi ?v p ?<!?.'? hluuw I.' OB such in ??r>a,4io,i lul l III tu ll to I mnlMii' !??( t>* ???? an iry w>. d, that ?kM, atui'l fbi" tl r alio n*nn' I naw an<i 1*1 lkt> h * ?> of N?? York mi t W'v charged n oonUat upon a fori gu toil for Ihrli'iiiir i>f r<>ur ll^m mi 00 if I' n?vm. mic<- shall will I It. Uil? n?MA hand H iall draw a awnrd, ?.<T?r j at rtl* ! h<aM'f>-?l ? i ?>? hi flith* for diS' ait boor in a ircju ltd, but to light fi.r f*wniiry , for bom ?, for l?w, for ,cui?n tioTt, for ens it'ition for right, f >r frindo n , I or hu inanity UI IK tfl' h>>pe that .lio hiuniv o' my r aintry o at %? i^'aiM''* , and whorworn'r hat b*iin>*r fum tbare K'i'ry may pumiMi Mid fn*4 'in bo ivt thluiml. (loud and |'rnl<>r>?v1 n^'tuw ) LtoutMant Haii.. o? Fort "'imtur, w*a hrro lntr?diicf> ' to '.he auilieooe, and mvir bia ho* ami. 1st eaJiu? iwih chews HON. ROMKK r i. WaLfcKu'rt HI'RKOII. Mr W ' i KrK, <?? being IntroduoA'i, ku I refeiv-'d lb? reqnoel to *4.lm?* )<wi hut % tnw h *ir? slroe, ai?l 'xiiig wtmlly unpreuari-i nh.ili Hi? iifiini it? 'am v ov b it a l< w 'uO'ii nln fbie gruauvt |K?i>'iUr ni'-elnig writ aaKcmblod m ilio his'ory n ui? w ?rl>l ?\ a iWp H'f B'IIcmiii ?. Th? biiikHil til I??aad fm?ai"0 whom t D?>w -? idiii<?, burw aj-v-tii to lion fti' > ('i*| a*id ulorKXif f*ii|i *?" It '? a ?'iniim? t^O"- ai.d tin* rfrcaumt h id ?b? liiH'iiry of ?b" ??" d v'Iik i) wu.? ii?, shall tin* I'ulon N> mal 'IMH'4 an I |W|n?tiiaUvl .ir k'ioJI It bo tiro*- n ami discolT'>dr ii'.h* iif"V??-r. ) N?^ qmwthwi ho IniiKTtajil liaH tm " nr. urr.vl in tun hu to y of on' raw It inv'4*w< nut only tb? 'at? m thin great c-nn'ry fmt th^ quiwilmi c* (Y?^ loxtitnti .in ti mufboat tiio worM Ttm ow of sMi (,?'?! >n n-nt 1 >s tiow f? trial bxfurv tan tornm ol tor ooiat'-t and of lh? world If ?rt> ??coowl afid main'aio .b Iibmmi, fr<? i hi titis, on<W th? ia(wij tar' i of our ??* w.-po a ill uiMoauily b* r*u'ilifc.i??t tlir - iwb i Jl ihj | wi n hut If w* fall, and our *? v - -tin 'lit if- r?h ."I, popular lltx'it* will hav?> rt.i <?? IIn liu t . ?i> r t i-m, 11 d< Kin i (tin will roi^ii Uiiini| 'h'u Ihioc'i 'iii 'ha nil . O r r<>|? n?lbiltttm ara It ari'ul >*<? ha?C a frli "in ly Wpwf rm? w>' aro Uim -.'ay fueling lilntory v?t. \rr wr>uii||. Iior.k wh"-i' t ig N r-UJ ?m-nr !?<? 0 < -I ? it Is ?li< iih-Iiii) of ?<ir i?nnlry anil of rr. uik'i<l l*-?r 0'?n than Kivaty y?*rw Uii' ileum bi* ln-oo T?ii it'll ni.l . in d ii l?u< ? Mr cotiulrjr t>> a pr'Wprrliy uriniral li'lisj hi thf history <>i Mm w <r,d (Appia> ?><> ) I'ua |nrl wam Sut 'f,? fiitum ?hk-ii-'I u.ioii jwi i (??? i* !?</?.>. <i ibt<f-?'-nr in lariciisf to .l??rii i'ki Bu' ulu'f no mo ii ?? Th? v >rld in k* '' wit'i ?> jfa and i i'iKi n tVi h>?' H m mh "1 , u guvorum ji ? i " a ') -i? i. ' i t It it - I ? oaiing kik i ty, or i, mm -..?t ai'tn.ii mot r?U ;? w r b- J|lllOMl tl/l? U.W " Ol ? 1 i li Ult? ' 11.(1, "l; M'll t ,? l',i ii on rnnntiy, no I'ur. 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Ilia aoiiUjni uts cWmued tt* ?J*ui a?*wrb.ii irM Bifet.y ^ ,,a?.?hM, aro lLa> o; Mature 1 ikid l*it_ h.- , for UM P'.IOC u.d B^ainst *t-w?aiir.o, ,.ti*y are n'? U? (^kimjo* ol tbouaaada Uumi oa-o ol cv?a ,T??ih and of Uw*iw ppi. (A|?l ->um^ Tlu?-*' oiilni-. ? ? */e urn hugged, mi* <Vei4> nfi I daptore <xt, pra**.,t tH'i.iKoa, it U my p.ofbai.1 con victim U*m th* wv^ro, w unit uil lir^iKrttj of Uu. KxiA CM rot uor?sl ttoe HMMhlM Aittim or tkft Union. f ae? ic the per o^itil o% oriiui w of ih? Caion tit* ui(?r ru-u of I hi- ' ?"?th , anrt the rnii|ita? proutrvxia or >ii >u.t> hi(. (H*b. I have iUy i fr, tv in,, miln oo-.arw of n I thfir (\.i*muU, n.?l r^ht* ua<1 (tie prtanotUxi of Umir ()i44?a.ebx and w<4lvo. but aooetaioo h. varna aal ue u> oik) i> iiii:i n ru'B. flu, reo ^r.Hioa 0* spell * da? tr'.ne i Tathi to it, i n vnf? o* anr (ovaromanl ? uf ibe th? 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A/jil id tan 'ifyirg ih ?<> nrilclM- bf '>iu tvriik i?i ol (ho (vKutlfiUon ? 17KT, Uh- d?wl?o<1 o??jaot irf wait i4)ati|f? w? to 'ObLk " Uin (Jdmo in iri i> .feet." llm lirnr ujurr (mrlrt, If th-.i Utioa ?*??( nnlii'n'.l n?la ia IT7K, tnil iihiM ui \iiy ndrn iit Ik) at . ilroy* ? a-tv one (>fti?r a t ofiiiia #r thu ri/iiHUtaiU'in' " >, ay coi nit r; ym i n. it m.t r c< ^lt-.ani>'i,.l n? hi *?f ai?? Ojo It In *1 ? n ig rwjlQlion ? ar.J o?o -ol* ?h> j ftiU IiJmIhkj ?' i?i^ ramH <>i >.Ih? coot utoli'xi (kitd <?! (ho Un lor rr.ust rt-hif t nnd I'choue it, or ouri( ?vct) aioat W'll Ih bi.l no ii K?.uivii<t ?..-,\.x)liy , u> Ihi njl"l> KUO oi^xJaxl, lh ?.,.jcli> ever h?jj U<? lie ojllii .ry 'loa- | l*>iu-o: inn ilj.m, my inilow ctUfew, m uio iaai M&u < ?iu?t far the Jiix -t oa of .v,r inuot-y 'J>1 of the ww Id. (Appliui^ ) If vn-nidiWii-iiwl. ' hi< lu' er l""i",?i ?f "?< ?{'ivwroniciit trdl htri fail-4, and we will hitre written with .??? ?v?0 hsvuta th ? i?i?iUm?? oi hi'tjie l.h'r.) 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Tb? t ih lo tim*' for reviaii;^ former ntutroviM ?i?s or ?ii'voto.ioo* W? m-irt m<'i?t tha u inn wuxib is (orcMl I'fmj ut. I<?t ax rim"inb<-r only U?*t w hive r. uNutrjr to Mervo, a coniitiUitioa ti" <lt4nn>!, mid a n t i >u il liui u >o ob?rlhh and np'aol'l. On <*i* >-i j?j w? buhold our ii*.!o<i;<J ?:i>v ? nnueut HLrnK?1inti f>-r tim mini ooanon of its r K?tit<illoi)Hi aotbdfity; on tbn otbor a formi Jablr. c.'iniii' Htion o: .naoon ^' Uxl .4tao ?, arraye I In opmnol ?iwit-yaJ repudiation Wlutonr 'iitf n ?-no<^ of opinion may ? iMt "? ol)i-?< .in? nauw*. o' Uik *tt?<aapi^d Hubvo'Him of tb? to< wal p .w?r I a?n mre you will all n|iroi? uiat th-y urp not Much ax futnlHh a -ullltmy. t jtm'i.i jallou f.-w ib ? tiiiH ^Ijicti M-'-k to roo.Hiiu? and annul the n umn.l I ivniMl <>qi in >?>t tun wi iu <ki> 'LmpU' pr^yuliond fo. Ibn Hid r?nn o< Knurmuw, UJ.<I ?ho nball aay tb U th? 1 pttjfil,- on h dirnt to tfa(or pttrtolfin mil houmh of xitiiioB uotri'i not b? >?Hial faitlilnl to lU pr|r4-if?loH anti trwi to lu Hpirlt aaj doiil^nV Inntahd of rivi 1'i'ion 01 wxtwHtoo wi> hs\n> at Inut b? 1 ri?hi t > rtnni. 01 thai an h>omt ctfm i<bo?IJ be mvl? la a^lti* dim<r?i ck* M>*tbia U?e Union, and .icoorainji to th? prinoipltw m ?h.i oooatiiutiao. Tbw Ih tha only mtdj CDMlsldt w'Ui ri'uxio or ^'?^atiWo tbi pu dii B-'r^ v . Ami ? the prcwont v'lotr;iotiouh anit dauimrH I c >n not but *evl ?bat il w ilie ?Hi'y of rv.iry true <4t to <i|itMM(i nil' i niAiola n tba K 'Vi'rta??l u? 111 * Qiti-l Slvt<-h i>-mi- ?liit may, ?n muat ataiid l?y our MUMry aod nup pw-t thn Uoioo in ltd mU'^iiiy. You aul I, )lr. l'rnM>iei t, havi. t-uriprr niori> than <oo? ?o fupiMirt the oonntit'ltxtii o l tho ( nitod HtaU*. I <v>u?idn' tnat oalh perpetually binrtint' b'i' if <t *?r* bl >tt?<- out th < oMig.i'iw of loy al'? and patrkit ic lldplity 1 1 tho K ?vnroTmnt on I ?r whirb ?n live w 'ii III ?>? m^nd our lx<?.i?ir >rH htr H.< pr?Mrval|j)L v hy nhmiin wo iH>t mippirt tbo c institution/ It Ii-m 0 *.;? or a Kua'. a?.d pi?r>rfU! |K>i|il? ? pitmp "<???( at b.'O^, n-|*ieu<d a>>roai, aad oonferrlog opm ^jr Oiiiieu/> ?linir H large' hhint of IhkwI v an : bappinetw tliaa h?? lal'nii to ih ? I t of nil) otl'?< nation no oar'h Wmlo th?- c > .?'ir > i? uiLvtiWi by ?.ol**Kxi an I di*?oini>on, it ih not |?i>. that lb* r wt umn\, in lU action, hid ilivibiod Uio ooo?tiuitN>iiai n<h'? of n ? of Its meinour*, or y v. n any Meqaa ? cum- for ro^ntinco t? Itx rifbiful arlliority. Ye* m> rap?'l h o< b??n the progriwi oi <tl? htlw ' M?0 that Uia iii?ll ?na o*pit:&l 18 In fluiifir of arme4 o.vwhH. and wmiuio. nr, inn napiWil ot tbia Hole* miixt In- <U7m,l <i at all fcaztrilM, ,nl I kopo to a?? lb?- poHHiti in for that |?|rpm on a noaie fully r.MnmoiiHiiratn wl h the mitfuUudx of the ilMi?{er L -t tbr i (Ho- be 8iiin.4eui., if niy, t* piuvetil, thvi ta "H any AMtiuli oo the nn?t of ifimrnnoal 1 o mk4 ovvo yet 'lellevn th.a the attempt will be tavl*. H?? nu n of tbn Nintt ong it to know lb u ih-* raea of the N.irth ?ll not p>?riaitlb? caoraJ to be wreamdfroai die lr*M rau? i HihKiMi fuooliooanoti wilb >ut a atru?[(lM aaoli Hit thlfc ra?i?u>-<jt ht( nor or at??. If the lime b?t no. ? at* by I whiM make a l?Ht a->p vtl to V rxmla o?? io l">rm. tiuiy hoKtllr lovaMion of the fi?t >!al tigt-ict liiu Hb? forget 'hat it ho?r,< lb^ a ig iat na-n of her nv? Wa?h Ii>KUki, &nd thai It a?ahu a ho dediu .tixl >U noil to lh? nat ofial Union, to ln> hi?u Matt rwi mu t iif the Umtyl M' tU-K io. nvwf It w oo ar-cratod g'oand. It la K<ivde I br Uio H4t aiwirod and rouorabai mcoileotimH l,9i n , impfnni hand n^liid np>utlio uwn.ilo of Amirwa lib ertv and nali'Dallty Airv atuimpl to m ?k? the city of Wa hag . II Urn lbeatrf> of Moo<1? Olrll OMfliOt would b? ft' kM irt-wN'DatMf fratricidal muiI Moriityeioii, ftiid o ifild IlOt fhll H'Onfeim M^'fU of lilt 4li6, l]Q^)})'VbUI>l|v Vn| g* aui<??. wUi vf p>i0?? in ly o >ae I pr*y t * Fffbivna ihit. lb n lai d nixy berpar,. i me woex winch are IneviUtt n II the (>??*.?*. i< the cipltal m U t>e d < terttimcl by tha arb*r<ment of the ?w?r,l I fft ikiiiIi^i the bojm that lh.n lluioo ta to bt< pnrp*ln>U Th>a ho|ie Is oiv.r w to m? la >u Km an I I will be loon.l t''? laat io rt4ui]<iix(i it. w?? may well pvwe bo foin ni ii* iti ii yj iIih Lira that ibo pr>opm ?r the North aai Mtauh lnvr h? a. tomi\bly allenatn l, or ihit ibi-m it- eiich itii> mpatib irty ot in'.ereMt ?.nd toonnir Uiit iho? I Can ihi <ii<iro awi-ll t ^( ?t*nr In p<-ace, unier a onitm irovwiiiii-nt. It w?* h|i aiid ovrr lm inr-?d to the oxsiu a' >n tnai a goparatHwi u laevilable or deairablc. Mirr wn nauNr an t pvtli, to. ui i.ih in wblnh tae ctj?iti.)o lux* Ii' Nolimlt x'il t Ibe p>aiule, in wh >m ihe aovert'on i |i.iWt*r ri*H ilon lor Iheir H-Mxnii ilHi|]i*ratl'iD and verdioi, io vit<? (>? lb i' oiii'?ail >n* io Ui -(nxolviw unJ their p n u*ru? We an- hooi d to make nwy ett ?rt wnlch Wli rtom ran d^v no or p^UMHiatn to avmt thu ca>ami Ml* O a flo*J limiWoi io i oi too Union It a nat.oa ?l con ""'l'* CnH ? be lnvo*?t In a ?in|l rtutloti il mil<aa> n.j?Mo i io >lr<rx<rate in p-*atn>, on 'm''i/beil by the nlaub of arm?, ia It too ftioc.i to hone that it might r?*uit In a natan aotory failninio of oar prxaeut It? ib ?*# 1 '"I l"*w?uait, tliat 1 Imirn Home right to app<?l Ut till- II a too mi<i ot tba South, and to invoke them to join haiwla with uh In one lutHotl. rllorl in p-nsnrre otir common ii .tkioa'lty la theen unhipnv dit)t?rixion< i bavi* Ih<-o an kunb e ai'v.ig tie of mo .orauoi and for boa ani>>; in oiy love of country, dmn*rd r,g all gn?i a'aj-bio.1 diaonotlont, anl cnatanxing for a faitntul oh <he c iuli utiiiual ri^titx of b-ith e onoan ItiHia i.ig fuj *-xl ihai a laTf" p?*ltoa i,f the -louiti' r? po i l<- aitmi-a.nenil) rtwotil to the national oontiiUi ??i mail their oOo-tH lo nplwrld it from ttm aaia illx of Io. ihe w*rm*t air*ctiO'wof m heart hivr Im-ki with UH'ia. t? boo abhorring the apirtt of dmnuiiHi ?|?<I 4ir.m ?, I bav. ? rtUTlKhod and mill (ml an ar leu a ta Imiort |o> ttm lova! Union men of th? toitnern <xli* I ham fcvtxl ti, unt an b xUirrti , aud am ool wili ng In bi> dii|oi i?. I fr ua men now or herxtfiw i>t ?li'finai tb< y are In many of thr -*t?tea by toe ra riei Nta1 KuT.ail of |iHiKil;ir frr .zy anil dolual'ia, may ttiey j atill tttln) fl'wi in tbi lr lova'ty , nan be proparivl to ?.d In the iwiw wo a of paoidctlloa. l^t to on not bnbev.- ibe nous of ihn N >rth *r? paopia am then mmni or desire tboir cmbliwa ta<o. nor Htinill it bn aaaiimnd thai tin* In.,, ral g '-ernment ntenda to mdu ? thoia to diahooora bin an 4n i ?* <on by force of ar<na Not iriihatao lint th? I Irrl atloaa t n? -ndareo by p?t c int-ovHno-n, the nail w\l hi-art id the N rib ia "ti I w-a l, and lla p er ailing deaim. ai ibe p'lvoui moment ix Ui?i oar Uniou iu ty b t pxayrvxl anl p n?-tti.lo\ ta tin* h|h it oi Ihe (athoni, aa a bond I ol poaoe and alt?otion bi twxin too ueon'n of ad the rttatm, lor ihn oom a ?n benelit an I an ?airily ol Ixith reetiouM It W thla iwull m- nt of natl -ua.ity, niw thoroughly arotiwl. w!iioh pion pis ia*r p<? |>le to a?-p f *tu writ patnoiio ard m- ao i nn'hiiM i*? ki p'lxig" ilmir llrea anl toriunna f,?r thaaup l* rt xii i d"tx?'w ot thn f xi?rai Kavnrnment In all ita c iii rttuixmal vigor. While tliey foe! th'-amoli'na bitini by 'he In^t'ini i-<a xr'or iii.xih of p%triotiam to nuatain the Ktrcntrrw ?rm in defi>?< ? ?>f the i*n hi *1 Hitp*vm ?cy , tUoy v>- 11.4 vi'iavxl b> a Np'rlt of agc-eatlo'i loaar-lx h ,r fell^a n? zona of the MouMi tV*y l'*>k t> thH g irnni m.-ni in ant with llrtn uwi <a d <tea><af IU )aiil right* |iren*gati?>-a, ym woh ktndnnxe and mo.i? a' mid lo wirm th-> people of nyory -fcai"; and if row?nilo I t? ?lr?w tbei wo, <! with one ban ! for the pitwirralioa of it? aoi horny, it ?h'?iid i?vi?r b.* randy to ion, lor with the other tnn ollvn brain h of fx w an I o inrlllillon I nmii rt- th?ne ari: the acot ow jta w'ltoh an m*t? yoa "lion Uk) pnvnt oocxnlon, and whirni Uil- irnii^*vo .-n K-m inxtraiieri m tho popular wil. u- m^xi i. -I to < m K?ly aim t-np-nm In maol ei tmg j our attar bnowt to io? kov ertimmt foiicded hy our faltiera, and yo>tr ui dyn,g '??"v 1 1***1 to that r 'it . mat fli?, under wh .in anpln lo'da wa Iviieat -miov inarchm* onwtrtl lo nn one <a'ni?led ca^?>r W t-f- aliK-xr ae.1 r nos'ii, jn> l a>n> oily to ynjr af fer?#.*i fur the Unl .a, nor vim Jutw ii imm ?n to ataod by ' our f- onrj', and voar ?b?>lo opnutrv, .-on and Indivlxl b to K? r n y-wli I ovn ooly aay Mi a m y wh Me h iart u 'v th yiei, in cvi-^i iifliwt lortlie mmnt ouion of onr na tional l.nkm nml ccoxiUntloa 1*1 er?*ry puriat la thla trying b'nir raRgn'' on the milt- of hl< oouctry aa1 gtvr* t pr ^^t 'ind che-rfal aupport tnorory lumi'ir* if govM-en.i'P'., whion i ly lie ux j ?,uy to vlnllcate lin r (ib'.fnl I >?nr lU'd law-mty My fellow ol'-*-na, we ipi'nt uC doritlt of Um r> public. I pniy that ihe lod of ?mr 'ivtlirra, wbo ln.?n.? gially farore i ao l a ixla a??.I ? air e mr.try In tinnv (?**t, may di>p?*lthe rbm In whicb .j-ilxn t>< horiy fi, m? ov.-r tron'ioun mi p'ofcl luo m* ertm It..brlr- of Aio*<r<o?o Union aeii nnn ooaiity. pruuca op m*. hvahm. Mr- K*? ..r * m> o< *? iulrnlucad. HoMld;? Nr. Chmmi ? <? /m> 1iv*T) jfwipi: ! r*>**r 1 Uil* mi ? b i?f ?MmMlK iltmiTIMMflt UW ||iniki?IHt trfttiMOtMID l* tl Ml>? KtwralMMi ?f titi to iTi? w?'B We Mft'rtt h?'i? ikn n u >i?l UnnffMMi f*"in Ihc inn vbtMMl '<?r H I- ii-wi i ??* ?, tMgtlt the h? tl>>H itf t(K" fWoHllon m l fr?m> t oar r >n Nlivitinn T|?? li t> |nr in. ti dvllo ill ?rh<?ilim- w-. *r# w ith; th,Mr?ii of mioh mm - iwr <t??v?a il?r U Mltill cnn-* ' >? Ml ?c ?>l<*w ovr rm.?j.>rw fO>Mr? ) (.xr<U< m?ti, j"u l>*vo r?t ?> ?r> Mtitnt m?r* to do I hao r?''> hiri' 'jmf h4tfi< rt<v-w>ni"ith>ii* aorr Lb Ml n-mlf to (1*1 U.e gtariow history <A Me t>Mi; jroe U?re |?4 te wrIM ? hwtory Mr the tata.e that f*mr eMdrWi wW either ftafy t> cr HMk lor <Um4 abeam ) *h * Krondeno* pan t.igrttMHr Uu l?t* of ApilL, 1IW, wti.w Uw \rA klw4 m ?*??! ?l LNungUMi, i?ad luf IWlh of April, 1461, ?|M? the II mi b*oo4 WlkO HbT'l at S?ln asore, ( W'U yr>? It ooiw aoaathlBg. ("Lo id ****** ) Whut th-a auka of Wnthtiflloo auHtwna in t* firm huilb Iho IU<MUir of K'>ri >0 tutor , ] tutt ?oi 't nwiuw aoiaeUimg. ( three olieor* were n?re <iT?o for ihr (U? and Msjor Am1, mod < Tliere it IkiI 'Hi- qo??tioa MX, and thai U?, whether y hi mt*aa aoia^i h i cjt (Clw>w?, and ? of "Yen w# If yoa m.<M ""in ithutg, do yo?i atei *m eaouglir Do yy uj??u ?u j of Uom>, uf Ikbur, 01 mauiy, .if mmi. of blond, to wu i ?Kl HlUlCtlxl the IflorMH of the future Of AaMTtCH? ) Vour aaowtorv fouKHl fur aoi #dcm?d pe??ieuoe, liberty hju! equal rights Krory of liberty, m<1i (.on ,whvi ?o ! eqinu rights hta told you th>t thoee Meaa are inc rjnintrot with povnrnmMlt. It ut for yoa to ftbu? that K'lVHftuneat <? the p?s>j>?r nww lhal like people Bluill ooey the m>v?m?neiit. (Stow*.) H%* log *ho?n wtul itie> world uerer haw UU tho Dedication Ci f <n4?peiid< ii c? WW nia-ln? wbjfcl a peoiit i which govern* ibwir ? *. tm r-? . r?? are to abew what a people wbuib giv> iriui truly me?&? to aooompiirth, wh< a it wagVM war M?alu*t traitor* ao<l reb?l* (Chaer*.; Kaoh miut her? m hi* own quarrel iod protecting tne future of hiH oliildren. With the*e aeatimi*uui, you nmwl ix> arg'jiuMit and rto traggMtioa to can y yvu through Una ouofUot. You are to remember your fithoca nod tn*rt for ywir rJUUrM. (Cheer*.) UWTM? OF TH8 BON itHH T. Ititr. "lite following letter mwm hero read. from Jamea T 8<aJy>? ' < 0?mu? 8ranu Cutrwrr Cooar, ) u _ PHiLAWOrau, April Id, in?i. f m.2 ^ ? Mr Kir ? I bum beea la , * y*? f<iturrt?> OtlfVlfi' ah OUIHSel 10 ? CA40 the u.rti W ,nh * p?w*lln? while I wrrtf, an* there i* UUte prospect of ftsNsj UnHb?4 until aOout .Veduea _ ,'wiUwh? impossible for mi' to utlend the niwttwg in New Yo* lo- morrow, which I an invited to tC^uTL^ , ... m.U,!t ?""?? wlb eiprtMStng briefly wbi*t I thirds in reference to the proseiit crista. 1 aw nam that no .mm* mum doeply than 1 dopiarwi the Pnwoi.t c ritical iui > conditio!!*! of tho OuilUlry. m oommui iwiih nidli >u ol our penplo I mourn ovor pnepecl of a flrvil war, thn occurrence of wli:oh o<ui ? awaken the most poignaal Borrow in tan l?ar\ of every man who demia* tbe aaeendanoy of doiuncratio firint ipiif an J lln coutlnnod e*\?l?iKe of free government. Ii is uaelnw to ?peouUte airout Jin nauMtw.wti u>i have p.isluoed tblc umeutat>(? state ot t'U tsu qv?vtioos iu, to iafori.>r polituyil Hubjuats can uow lie dt baled, anJ all other consideration! aru inferior to t^e tuquiry a- to wh it id the duty of the Iran-man people tU this idvtui:i|j juncture. I ciniiot, wilbin tbe limit* ol a letter Minx hastily written, give ruy* view* of llie iimvu.k adopted or omitted In any qiarter, by wliiuh our preiMi cunaiuou lias been produced or might uave u**? hut ' rwp-ai what on reo?ot in-caaioiLS I ??"?? U? mat. , that my counu-y w tbe (Milted i States of America?by that ua'no I ln.pi? nud be lieve It will ever bi known? to It, by that name, my alVgiance is entirely due, Mid shall always be ch erfully <iv?j. aud I can imagine no cuntlngouoy which could iiver lead me to wtli.iraw one pa,-tu,l? of my I va or lovotion from tiiat (1.4; which ware. I nvor mo boad of Wasfiuigt^o in tbe graoue* m>rotMit8 of hif <r?ii?li'Ht trmtiph, ait <4 upon whiob no ix?wor on i>artb li!u< lnwieit, biv>n abl. to aJII* ilaieat oi diabonor. f lut.-r. always tha ^utix-ro p.*> ' p". relied nitty mm w-U hk naturally ?>m[i iUuzo4 *rh th. m.auil bo. n ev\?r r?*.jy and willi.vtf, wito *!.? u<4D'?4 ? ai ai.d ability, to :.?<l in rn ? alu-iio*' all th?ir I rl((atii ui our coiifailArscy under ihe feaeral cnailtutloo. I I I'.ra not p.'t (wil d to ail m it that oven ti>e u.iMt ? xi. ut ftoo of .-o.i tii oarolwit coul., m ihw nw.twH, U?vu Iw ' rnoM. nine re or tju-nent ihait I. but iu no view evna of U?? di ctriiM-e HSei ried by tluU Mtate, b.ive I heea able to tlati'ovivr iijij jiirt caiute f? the ^?<>*.oon movement now I'Kunwu.K ti'Klor circomstaiioeM ho daw^t-roua and d* plorabfc ir pmdent and w in* o iunci;* bad ^r,v?'ld 1 tLU movement wovld nevot hav? at ainnd iu |>?iv mv,i |N? nt, but itie l jjt oaaaol bndl^iiia^i or evmiefl that xevtra I of our 4jue?. have, ho far a- tii. y oould effeot mat result, withdrawn Ir^ii, ibe IJcioj aim formed a xtuiiK.-u ootiiixleraoy. Tbo g, eat que<jt.ii?n. worthy tbe mom c?i tiou? reli.o'ii.i. of all oui sCaUtunen,iui.l ar<uis'nr tlj? rjix lety of our whole peo|>le i#, how oa:i the Ujion t?eroMi,^.Ml t-> Ite iu(<yn > , atHl ittt old alti:-4)th>u? l>e .eprodme^r i *K'",ev,hr ? wioBt ilenu ai?ln rotrnli oiuiuot lie iccom plvrbul and the new roufxU'raoy ImorlH iipjo itn eot>e rale orKmiiizatHii, it IH very |M\in tbe loyal hliould and must continue their awo.-.iat win and ailler* ii u? r?"F'lu'tRl". UHo and pur|>OneH o( the Unli? e?un teheil t?v th.. great, yood nan paUimki moo of tlio p,?t. ir tho Southoru people inaln upon kavlug acouatrt- and a naine? 1 KOvi^nm??t and atieetiny diSiinot rrora o?rs Iiad uo J "Hi meaeuree can prevent Uim OoOK^l'ienc" l' , onr'i Kubmit to the event, bowuvcr Umeotviie. U?t 1 o-'iieot git with (he .lOUkh, aw vf Irr.ra m< bome and oNtltntlHw ? away from idle govern mini'. iumJ c-in-titu l<o?, a;ia I c.mnot ixinient ;lvn4 any p,irtiou of our Ur rllory , pM?p -fty or honor xball oe wt.^mUhI from us by . * Beyo^' thl#. at pr?#cnt, I am not prnpvod lo I dena II ahaurd to liop? for any wrong to >u U?tnpi any eoercion of tho HeoMln* -taUv loi?iem<tni in* , with i iu?; bot al tbe earn e lim>, I vhink wob.v.'a rUht to the lorle and all other lawful pro^rty of .initeu Mr.te?i of America, and IHat tbe fbroibi* h ? ttujv *"J ?"'m by the .+>uth wha without ?ay iuetltiC.MloB wtl tU<ver. 1 am aorry to o>)eervt< in preHHfti of d irerent pollticM ooIdiot.k, expi*ri?ioiii< ^ ? ca.nnUte.1, a?1 in Minn cw>?? I finr, lme?.i?.| to fwcoot between the S-Hiiii and the North a .^n?r> nud xai.Kiimai y le ^in* Ui.u alret-ly i ximId Wbi>r w? nhould ei?tert jn {and ecpiven, wlln p?op?r lrin; W< , Hue apfireoiiUHHi of the doito' whidi tbe naii<? bu< a rijbt to se.. tut iHa ii%rne, we should as ? be ar>rfiil u H mtin^ase the diflloulty uif rixnoviai lh<> p?>?t t . a rt atorat ion o ( Kou<l -eelmr aauiot ihe vartowi StaUw. I do not Halt.* myenlf that thas? n?wn have ih< i^aoo't HUCh.W^'l^ Boa"' frM,D<la to think my opinion* niiKht at Ihl^ moment p?<sew. H it in the priMont, ae in J'.^Pr, rlT.,m',UaH",H my course m p.Wio.l fiwiy and fully ditlai ray pisitlo*. I pr?- h.-.wn tli!* " *'"*** m*r yM |K' l<> prevr-ni our bre'Ji? ti himlduif. each otb m l>|o?l aad tbu all of tin wh > i-eil le ? >n American mhi m-?y be res^red U. cmdition Ua-i puy expn*?*?l hy tbe greU in?u wtai diMDamtmi ?n pr?. ^ ,'""B4ry. ot'fl dOUHtlUitloo, mo dfetmy JhU thw bene k)?tit issue oiayocour ihiouxh tbe ho|> |?. Muif?es of (e'ace mid the Itlurily olHw-a ol fraiemlti is ?oy (irtitonrd asp.ratma. Hnt wl .bin tho limns and U ti e OKleat, <-rUd..|y K|ated in wbU I have alreuly wi^tlen I say te ttv lellow citi7' <is of New Vofk eu, th U I skill' ol n?( whne li(.< rouitinn U the name ami f .tn,, of ih I nited stau* i.f A/nerio*. sb?mK (ts KJ-ornmrnit ??J K .wy ,mid abldti? with reeie.iat ,0 v.y p. or ^|i<WBI ty that n.ay fall ,14), >? h,,,^n< t,ver ,ilia froU) ^ i'. 11 Ilu,lrol'n,', fcth With no pari ol it. rtf?it? 1 n 1 1 .air < ?1 , Mid no portion ?f it? p .wer o> in?hV',tT",nj;.' 1. ^ a U,U 1,0 ,h" seullweiit of ? II lh< Ut-HhUII kiyal to lio lloi m, anO aerve as their KuKta lo ail the suture, u lh? forviml h >pe a ,d 01 nci.mi ??xpeitation ol him who, withsii d pirn g ,, ? h ^ t Irom Ibe polttioaJ prtnoipkM h- h i? ever e.*.<r ^ ^ "n daty lo av-.w uow.^itu au^ undying Udslity U> hM oountry. JAMKS T. IIIAIlY J T1x> IHKNioorr aijjouno.Ml, in pur?uanoe of tbe ro^rxa *?00 Ui afip .iiit a 'Jomnniteo of l^iuwoo, the following poreooe as tat?tbera Of that ccmimUofv itorfes ^>>bv, dem. R iwa -da nerrefmnt. deaa. Mosoa II l.rtaiiell, np. Kuvianl M lii uomor 1 ren lv?yal , b.?|n, di-m Ale?an.ler r Stewart. d?m Allium K. I tsige, rep. Hamilton Kish Ur~a: c. Krone. ?*., iW<*. K?mo<s| .Hiomi, item . ' . * Kv?rt*. .hihii lamb Aittor. wo J1XH1 J Catoo, tkmi. Wta K. rlav?inev er, .lent ?laWM T llrmlj.dHi. (Iiarl ? H Rnwli rep iv.ii.oo Draper , rw Kan*!* A. Wittbt.M d.-w J utw S Wedawwlh, rep. Chtriea H Maithai!, rep Isa-vo He?l , dem. IY',?|?er M. W uio no?> .?auw? I lorn man, den. Robert H. reo Abiel A I x?w , rep Oo mNioD, the name of Hoo. John A. Di* wa* a U> the ('?mm'ttre. Mr. K a 'fcilutiilea oITstmI the fnUowlne resaluUon, whicb was uniaimoaely adopted amid hearty cheers ? . Tb*1 N?w York adopts the widow* *nd chll dr?ai her clicena wbo May fail In dolbaneof the Union. Kl'KKOII of mil hoiirnoe, or OHIO. Rotinrr 0 NHW*, or Ohio, name forward aad ra ro nelvr-t with ilraAmatg Hiudita by the deuiie aiMemttUir^ I tie spoke as fbUowa, ? * , Mks or Nkw VintR ? I/>t toe Inform you that I meet rou ber? to day, an It were, hy aroideiit, bot tbai d ie? not at U>e aim., time . lobar me from the prlrtle?e of helu( ? of >o?ir*..|ve?, Ihereforw, I have no apology U m?k? 00 this he*d (llivtr, hear f I also m <ot you as an aid > rieau, and In thv rem?eet I am one of voaiwele.w, a. I nanl beAiie (Applsuso) On this gr.>nnl I kuow you and in know log you, hau flulltig m^^lf in )OOr company, 1 fn4 at h. m??, yoa, |K?rf.?tiy -a home. (Ixm.l |A??"S ? I live m Ohio, bat It |? not New V.nk or tihio wt> are now tr>ing? that is niH toe q ,ea ism- that Is not tho subject wMoh ha' hro.^iiv 11a ti*e !ier this day The great rjuiv una ? th vitally ? iriieil ?i? which we hare to consider is, whoih r we are citizens ?:* not; and 'a l?,n* , w i aw also i? inquire wb><ti<er we hare become re V aoi >ry ?nd have neeii of rhtsaisement (l^ud oa-?rs tail ori<w of ??fb..-?ti?' the ? ith") Yt?a are aware of tnerhti titono r.t that was en loavored to b? alminisii'red to the 1 tutt! of MtMSAChuaette Tfceee bravo nt -n bid ptwvi tbnsigh your street-i to tho capital' you nee r,uoh mm pae> ill* thr.Higli ev*y day as Uiey dl(i, aad m m aie yet to ItMiow. I was iu llimtoa when those hrnv j men, who wore no batharoualy axs^M>v|, |,/t foi ' tlu-Hosl war; I wiiai?uv?I l*.?r populatkm bP^-nng th?in, j anil uhI II. a ibem i.,tl H|?rod, :u?U ceidlaily mwhi u- ?? ic' c sa te lb"ir brar? aitilliry. fl oud ch -ere ) rberef.ira I I cannot ?p? ak of New Verk Bo-wtlm. of another The llne? are now hrnk.u, ye? we le?l here, ta citrous board Ui enfipori tbe M ? . Ood aeod tiat ihia m .y be I the cine, but, before wo turn against th c. "i Ion I ?et tte Mtfuwi np i'Ol>,y s.hI die, aud il b?H?i natural ly ra'iet flow lot II Now In rtefemv of Ihe Uo >u (i.r.'a' I cb' ere ) Iberi- le no middle gnirrd r w 'i -t "..??? the I psr*?e?. Tb -y have neaumed the offeiisivr, and wo raimt I so t>o th. d.i. tw vt> (i.'urv>n? nrd r h ,i| ' v.? will ' 1 I tte musl be either on the ono ride or ih<- otbcrl It has come lo that, and we rann -t ao a evaded. fi( ?? hotr.) ' Phe r>apot iliility la now upoo yoj te viadlijU? tim hon 01 and ui. m y of poor InstituUT*!!" and from lias you c.aji I n'>t?acape .-ho?e fltite# trhlcb otxtv the law, are thn an,) risw now ]*u wri' b -und le maiatain . ji.I l??o Wo ar? here trilcy m ln?lr bnhalf, aiwl I am c'ad t > stnte 'hal wi. sra hero witboul distinct i.hi tif pv y (tp p' iure ) We know neither repulilicaits, tien sv.ts, full Krereti men, or any other; b it we fire l?er>, to Hta's, and lo pn .claim ntf<ai<iy and l>i?liy, that wesl'ali sun t by the to tin IshI, nod sin ifswt Itagtlnit th.v.i Kb ) would attemid to overthrow It. (IahuI and linn OM tiijued rhtars ) Ttiia plattVvmi wo sra d'-lermtuoi to Maud npai, and ull other platforma plnc<*d ia anlai^in rm lo It s' nil be hmkeii aaay like th* rr?"s ho fore Uie lire nf tho monmaln pralrVf. (fmmiM, loua cheete ) I ask yau to look i\l th we thl l.?n s.rlpns ^minting Ui thf Sac no the bum of Waah Iir'ton) <bl' h *nve ii. v<Mir ml'sL. thoy an- Ibe tnirt-??n ,1'a.n. j i.u ire nellett epot. thii. rtay ai ? '.in.1 on. and l.'o I R'Aol 'hit 1 may bo made an luiiiiirlng plat *o'?i, whore cm nil i-tsnil t ?oiIhv (Hear aad otteera ) 1 aboil lo re ??in tolls' -t late ol 1*110, or 100 Ht.a'* lb-<y n .1' Riifisey?. (l/wd Isugh't-r > I have not tim" 1 1 f ar nau 4i mon> ci r?m n. w (Lead one* ?' "(Jo 00. we ant ll/t'd of voq r ") Talk Is not lira mattei in Lh w. tim^, w MUca. (Applause ) Vhea I tail on jt>? 1 the mm ar Nmt To** to m r*? taw aw tak Hapten )NUIM? MD> y??r Oaif M mm* and ic ywarvolvaa. H ware no<Nia4. *?*l ak qumo* la to b- found ? ?*a? aambera. ?* Ml^i ?unr sthk I mw km baAm n?- (Lml om*n flfe 11 rv thtt m pr>?HDi bursa la iou patriots hi me thai yau wiU a?m p-rn it the ooo*t.i<ittoa of M lii<M HteHi u bt ifttMwd toy. ilMeBiwrt.alai at ''No, mtw ") In ^nthK homo u ?"?"* ? ??*?i?urUb th*- gloru-ue flag af our Uoi l , tbal baouer wtuou +*am?m ft larnlapetl: ud If poatfioio to raunito lb* Uottod ?*??* ufAaorlti. l^'tW mi) oliMrii,) (a oouot laioa, I nrf Ki) . let un ba <te <ermla<*l tu b? a a*U?a of frtw*; m II it bo tbal wo nuaoi a?aia b? a anited pHi>i??o, I ha* UuU. we rhOl nwm boM d'aaiy aod a virelly tha priaolpfc ?>f our glorioua nourtlluikia aa framed ami aeiaoated k f hiaa who ?w? tbe bum of taia kfw! and ateM liuioo I he aoeaaar oaaoUo?d amid ruuaia of a|?pl?a? The Oaikm-ji htce e*mu toward aod aatd h? bad r oe vt*l a le??riq>Mo deauatob fr-m i^wmt U ***?* whhit he would revd to toe awtn^ Mr. nw*ai kh II Kwwau. ab?> preheated himaeir U ft* ntnrtUitt, ko<1 *Uh?l thai bt W4 (er??v?d a M , from tloreroor Morgaa, caBmg upua tlwa < anpply four additional reg Juoul*, tu two hLm at (da Mora. The Ottawa i? read another telegraphic daap atab, wM* Htated that it* ?iermnit regiment oad reacaad i'hhada phta id ealety ; that wura ?? tbalr w ay to Aanapatt and wooM p. > x)Me<l ffuai iheace at oma ta Waahiagtp Dot bwohtag ai ail at Hal'.imura. Tbla latotligmao m rooeived trWh deafening |itauillU u. ORirnmiit hpbroh Hww-b B. Cuitrmaaa, Ifrq., ni the oert (*?? Be said; ? Kukiw Otiim am Vnut'W Ootnn*nta?? My awa wa? not on Uta prxvnimuie ol Una gn-a; meeting aa peakei , and coiiaoqueally I have no right here. 9i n vhtf I do Hay to ?tm I wtil not ooounf jroar Iti ?tore toaa twn<?r thr*? aaiuutea (Sear. b< %r.) I kn b?-?a, for the la?t Heventeen yearn, an humble m?mlW in >txir olljr, amoDg the grrat nu<rrhaaU of N?w Tort and wlitie -er I Nave v hH'twl during (how eereatai ye-iTB I cm willing to (Hiruia to the graat uaua? wbw line brouatil iw all (ofeth' r here IhU dny. ( frt?nina>l * nheering ) I Innlt u|kiu this epO".h tu t>>? hUtarv af 4k K"'jUC'Kin?r> HKnofof the otoat important whiebhitaofi hoc irre?i oo <Jm ntoe of the earth I auk w aa tbtue a?? each a meeting mm thut tamniMil hwrt'ro ia 'lefeaoa i Uie Ubicxi ti gr Whtt ?n* all the groat m<<? of New Ta here fort ? oa? hi.ndr?d th<HO.and m?af Of what am <0* th<> tn .i oy Id 'ho h.vnvy *hf, theae are, oan|?af Uvt<l> Mi' Bkui#, nothing wheti contruftiMl wttb tUedt ttw whxb ti?? h?4?ixiii <i to the linltud .-Katea of ta rtca. (''mr,h r ) 'he Dni<i?, nnw-.trer, w iuuA 4 teud, a. <1 altbuogh future g '.-eratione may have tar fat to (bo hi^utry of tot, . lay, it wll be with prMa m grHtiticat<ou thui they wiU l'iaio that wk met t* ile^a the Msg at our Union. (Ixxtd ohnera.) The mtrobwi ?>( Nt>? York ?w? e'jtt^rumg tnan, antf kb awvohhnta ot New York, waen they :<pakt< out, It w<a a> without ivnson. Hi. y hare the ed-ewn ol war, anil thr h?ri' p>rptnH! to wtPiugly rtunributo IC (Ap^ut I'he N'<*tan.*r rtatkic will an A.*t an i>om.?i?? convey Hia hrsve m?a to th? aoeneot at.litn? to the Oatl'f licijj an their bjel.>imn womw. and children will be loft b"Mn Ih'Hc notiM* and galiant men In vo all behtad tbem Tor U eood Ol their rxmiitry. Rut !h?f leave ua icaowing thi their mvt# and olnidrwi will be taken r.* ro of fl.n ohet^H.) Thoae wore the c-o? of tl?e New Tat (Hopli , h i I am proud i.M i;la4 to bay tbal r? <x>r*t?<g ta the r>*ol<i> i?:i whie.b yea haira juat a UU ttm l?.ur i ri.'.d, the |?e-?p a ot New York will tulu|M Ihea (lltimiTMl ami h-ug o??itiaii?--l ap(il:uL&> ) MK, LVOh'fc HI'IKCn. Caiki I.TOv, of Lfonsdale, Ui.n canto t tr?ir4, uril hurst of MithiiHitMn. When mien ?? vm rwujcod t * fcfc follow* ? Kmu<>? OwtiTHtMim Aim Mvtt >w m? Kmpikji )M? U jforti ui?* I >r? Ui ' ua,?i -Uj Rtna of thioo wt? a rnndy an<1 witlm* *ta lav .btvr llvu? nowa in behalf < Uut lii? or a.'?<t duiiiiy <>i yttor country. V<?, yo? a. willing to KtCriuo* yoi r tiv?? <?i Uio ulur of fit Oouatrj- for your ooimtry'ff ikw Mauy ywi ar there nl forth u ervtU. U'im<J<\ wha pretext a OMir?jtc to tli'> people He citdoarorad t iHtw- IihIowki* to h* ?>* ane"-, b it after two y?v pnwchli!# hn did uu<. rmtu. one of Um mo ha n ip'lred to <b ? Holy soputo hrtt. (Hoar. M clown.) I titer, the Hermit, |u"ael?*l Tor two yeao .?<< in p>tuuuuw ku at tiMt auootxMtod m rataing an ?to? for the rcacue atid itolawv of the uepulrhre at UhriH ami aow it oevolr<M uuoa ua, to our iut?, to lake * part III tbl* great elruggle b??e tlie h.">jlal?r? ? V\ >Khi?gt?.ii .??>!? d?aK?>i*t?oa. i -Uproarious obe?rt Yuu are tailed on to Hiop the parricidal hue and rit*> in your horojlcao might to am thai aepuldiru and ywir country. (AppiaaMw) He of New York, lliw Ik a proa 4 d ty f ir yix > 'Mi cheer* wll atrtke terror to the awHIera af Ik -J ..Alp kuiI l- I ih?m Chut yoa a.-tj tv-u?tiii'i>ed ta mr port that Union ?bmt your f lrefathera brnlt oa eo Im it.*! a '.nek. (I ami J ) Tt?e moo o Miumehaaot fi.?n Uewt- n. wi r? ti ml at by the iafariate* in?b, wait* 11 by mi n ?h > h;.d boieted for the luo t??. yours tb ti.e* woat.i rotoer "rule m hefl inau ta bea*?a, , I ?.(?! iM\xhU-+ and oiwera ) Ueuerai JaofcM*. la h day, regretted that bo (Ut not hsig O-iomik, and w ?orty kthal he wait not the m m to ner?'o the prwow to hi r??t hua. (Loud and continued oh?ore. I W? ai iiow callmJ u,k? to U-Hitb the paupie ut tlie 'dmitk ? hmhi, rim* I hv>t>e u will h? a wUalary o?t(i ? MM whw th<-y will not B'toa foritot, tout thav thoy w>U roaaiMaV hc. |i>n(( mm the atari) burn in th? ak> (^pplaoM ) Ttilr* com liidwl the itn^imrod oa Htand lit f 11 h ui (ft** niovnd nil ' IM the ibairfM : 'li.i im?".iiig be ^rate'ull) livulinsi to tbt< Oh?iM*i wliithawe ffiixn w'b aeotamatlee Th . ? miral Ifeinea having then t-liimk ha-dn with eaoh otaar, Iki lyMM 01 toe pio wtluy broke up. STAND NO. TWO. Sftvrhmi of Ht'Uavrraar KUIt, H?a. Mu^ Ovrhraa, Illraaa Kttrbuia, Hrary ,t f Kaynaad, Hlrhard O'Utiiaaa, Ira f Darl?, r>of. IHitsh?il, Ham dot UutiJla; nail Mauai4 HaHttt. Ihn Htaad No. two ?u lacalwl oppoalU the HiiwI ilo< be, >01 (u adorn?d by our cati jdal flag. bi'forr the pr<yy-4?ilng? wrr? romneiMH a wntU wm p'atb<1 at a rhnrt dlatxooo fr?i a the alaad, and lk? was tiri'4; a! inUrrala uatd tha m'ittila<ki eepanttodL Mb ain-tiiig waa raited to order by Mr HaaaaaJ tioaae, wh a'woitwtted Kx t?>verunr K>h (or l'"v?l.ieat, whioh >Ml nattoa wh* ratiHed witD great rathiuU^a. The (dlmda V?oe ri?~i<i?tit* were apaotated ? W. B A. pia?n l, Wm ?? b?VM*. Jr , O. H Wedfard, onrnb. v Kialto b it, h. uodUna, Win M. kinb%?A^ Jaan#a T Hntdy, J J. |.n?-??lt, Vf. il. .'\hiue aad?%i 0??W Uid. ba<a iHrnwr, '1 li wu THIiiww. kmpp, J M aiirpby, Jnu. a. Kmnad|^ **ni A H oth, A it. WHiam* (I A- Ani'doa, ' HO y Hotu-r?t?i-th,Win (I t. un Iw rl, ,l*< Vf 1 11*1 il lUi f. Wlnaon, A. ?. Kr?i.ord, Hnrnard Knlty t ? no C. Hitinlitna, ?. 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