Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1861, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1861 Page 11
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the war. .rv-v?U'KD KR 'U F.I TB P>-v ? ' | ^ t ' '" ' - r?ven?te tlie blooi 0 rite." ilafiia ?? '?? ?* -, a ooa> . txpttmti aat-< c? ** *1 , r b#'r^f- 'iw -? p** 1 l6-*?'Ci> T? ? ?>i wa to Wi-h.);pwn: U stroaEJ i^frr rfcivr'.y tacg?tt 1 tH&t tr. J? a ?r?p tho??l* uat >S^rn: *e lb? mUlUry autWil - liLvl It is vary ^nhSfe w i t t. Hie gu'.Uut Oc'.onel (T;ldO?; i- /''T s^Hlced n prep?jiL|; ti ? irtm for tbe sc*no? of mu:*.*?nr **?2. wb?b tfcp/wiU v.r, ?ot.a have to P%*???;^ m.i ,? k* ng no ijm in regard to tneir fui. e<>ipm.nt '^eywppaai to bo a brave an.l u&ut u-ej m-- ^ 0 1 Jd '.i>eu their ardor iM br^iinwfu , ihere can be no doubt -whatomr ??* ?* i-wika terror and dismay into ' U.OT happen to ??M n :mtact *??? expiCl#4 1 Tto corps no* tumt'ii 1,210 men, , ? ^ rie r ; wtUba lBCretawd to 2 *> ?L e beoc g on thit ute.r be.rg too ummu ' H? '. I ?t*j are in future to ren lez\ J" - ? ? . > ,5. Tae. t, Uow- ! ^ inspection cia-n***!*' 0.,:ccre- w W- j ;xg eompanice were reporiej iowa ? . cue "A? Ui Crigh* I Ouoael J?BDes J Hen?v *ur vc Itocr .W - V" .{?.4n;- ,rsS?l- !'. C garter, j gouc, ? - ?; efi . y >i a jury Secretary, John NU *? t" or*Ui ' i-Captaii. James WB.rgces, First Lieut. ? ' i?ir' j} ? f*!Rs irn, V* . 0c'^? ^'jiayB^UpU..., - Maher; Fimt Ktei.ten.uit, Wat. "TiS^wfc-CapUin. .A. F. Whiting. J"meaAi H',?-erty !ir6tTicu S '^c-Honry P-fano I ?itt Lieutenant, iirrniMiaw Vf.?u- - P.obart Uod'iy. t?njMy s -Cap U..L H. a. K.z,-n;oe, Eosign, H. J. Waucu. Oocc puf H? ^aptun^ ">v'h. Dobie, Klret Lleutemnt, ?r.'irprji.v I ? Captain Henry Batss; ririt Lieut. runt, Tat TWM-tL; Fxeijii, Junes En twist lo. Coi p;? y J? "^Pt: -13 f*rville; I irst Lieutenant, Kwry Kofct 1 J3' . .'?? D. ' <rv illo. up .'S! Captain Hud,oB. Wbeifue etb-r ? are formed the remainder >,> tk* nf e'* will l'" e!(r,?1' . , 1 ?n^^^ rc in took pt^e b. -ore>i?enint CMonH ij a Weelrf <?'? tbe Sew York State mil ilia .After nn ir?a? m- .p-'u ti.em tbe o'jl.^ ition tbcy were no w tbSSUives und<-r. tbe oa'U wm ^mlntswre- u L,^e m Ukitg wbicb tbe galiarl fello-vs repeated the worda audibly maatfcniy in a aeriou.s manner: ..j :ue vol-ntefr's i.amc> solemnly fwey lo 8"PPT't; ??,<. vr.t'irt on or the Cnited Statea and of tbe St ua of New Vork. and to aerve the mmc while In the?*?' 1 J? the r to tbe beet of my power and ^'vvsr 'the oath wan almiuistercd tbe return wm ?.ade to General Vater. and It tavlng bfrn au. no'nced that lohn K. Vord, I s<| , hal contri t\t?.l f500 to the funds of th<- regiment, tho men ?>>rf Tf sleJ a rart of th"1 performauce whieli they ap peared loi much relish. A full attendance of th? m Sera of the corps was held in the evening, aid the uon tji-Kt'.on for the election of tho remaining olllcers will com mence this morning at eight o'clock. It ?? ' upon to have a thorough going lot of manly youthi taken fim to Fort Hamilton for driU, Irom whence the7 will iepsr*. as soon ?< [?*sible afterwards to tbe seat of war. THE BRITISH VOLl'NTEEKB. It i? prot^eed to form an Eng. neer Company, tn eon i.ect.os with the regiment, to eonsUt of skillei laborers, axe.nen, carpefers, riggers and smiths; and members o' j ihese trade c^iroua of ,-erviDg the country of their resi- , *.r ; ,in l?r i-emmand of British olTlccrs, should loss no ? me n 'in gth'ii . -elres. (me of the volunteer en k, ed vest'erdav fated his intention to presont ftOO to , -ti< cuu t of his company when be shall be elected. TWO ctmp-niea are already full, and the third nearly ao. i :F.B PErARTUKST ZOUAVES. The foliowicg iceinbers of I rotection Engine Company Ncu f have o ne.' Company B, 1 reZouavee;? Ki bar.i Wilaon, otr K^arUHorrt^, 'ohn Pw.'ct, J*?cs McN* B.chtrd WJ90U, U^Chu ? ^ ? Cc"''S r. Jotn h (.air. 8} : toMinlclt Sl'cot . T im'. tiy Coficy , 1 uKwStca 5petc*, Join Conian, fcrwa, > -???*?> If "?rrlB o Cancfei', ^ ird vrt .te, * "4 o Oo^nali) ?'< hr F nglcatoa. .Tar.i! 0 c:sart, ktiikven's home Grar.D. y t?t >?ry m?otJi>. tJ oican.i'- a Br^adc for L n. e xrotec. "n took place at th - honre of Knf in^Om t. ii- y- * Jt" !av evening, when the following gen- , . ? i i-z. ? nam- '? ae Cun.mittees to perfect tho organl " rttl>:i:rict- : ?r.bertGiv.iihle, S. M iiir" "'4' Bi*:'..ttr 3- Waiton, W. P. Simp . ? :.r ,V M. , lieu. A ?? 1. "/nrville, W m. T i ' TI Atl. -Vrict ? Vr \V ,l|to<-bb\bran?C., -P?'. wtred ' J-CW ' J' l,^VnSt'a2SlU-U C! i.Vi. u. Sc.f. lUylea,Jas.K-.-k. # , .?r> f\ailf er nI*' t6: V ? ^ i'-** EAl mWvo^x lile? K.\ xasl-wut H-v "ey . ugm-er v%" ? t r ( 0 1 I.TBCti - ?' ? K ^ J. 1'. Al>li* r. W'f'-Vl.i-f Aatrttw i ng"1' r?. . U * me c are to ><? recruited or appoint t f nn kJi , r - *v t. v . K' ??>?.*(? table and v.e,l W uow n c."Z'-ns mty be ?i w'tli tt.rt conarnt of lucmbais. ? It v be ? l.o d in the hands of tu ab ?v- c->m n,Uf I -at, ?r iiappo;* tt?? hea. I'tart'^ , u?c:s. an-1 re;x. t to the in t ugt^bMi- . at Kr? * n - Halt ^Oommtasionera' loom), onJlouday n tt, %'V r'cm\ that 1 O'W rr. :?v ti viliv famished to ? Gi-snl. < hoae uniform a to Uf i r?t ,,u!rt, r<' < ? Jac? n tb t belt ?it'l black r,u,!i THF Fll rV-KI4'TH KKii'VfS1:'. Tl ( rpleadid . or^*. with th. ir company of //naves, we Milivc y recruiting to a war footin?. In espectttlin ol irderr for a E,>-td\ uepirt ire to iho seat oi war. The heaJ< .Rr'.eri are . t ii>T Broadway, and romiun ?iw?n -laUy Tt'td biL-e A. ii. to six P. M for tbe purpoae of anroHtog -m - mbei^ The Ijifayctle volunteer--, nn in lepen .r- '\i 7*ti(.n of Frenchmen, have attache 1 th-jn ; V... . ,h>r e wt whi.-b no rtoub- Will parade ,n forn U:lV '.v^ers Abe., tbe orJer ror departure is rt V 1 ttST NBW YOHK LWi'ON. '.tt< al Wo^l has authorised Colonel James I ,ClJrV"; 'r.-m. r ? i f itic l it 'ft regiment to rat*c a regttnen for \rriee to b M?le1 as tbOTe. Tbe h?adMuar tV ^Vient are at No. 4 11 am street. Tbe or ran iat'on " HI to <V bt prove a most eii.c cnt one, M it 2 i?e' mroaed of many We- 1 Point grad .ates. It is itc lntenii(* furtb.r inrrease the legion to a brigUe ( OMMCNICATIOXS. wear' ho many commuoleatlons durlm, this i ice of war exclt- ment th?t It is impissiblc to publish net-: all, erea if our space were much greater than it la; U?r?'ore we hive to pais over many oil subjects that Lave been before referred to and do not contain ne * date We rewlve many lett'ii froj? dlfiisrent parties en tbe lime aubjt. t; in s i h cases an answer to cue muat ?0 for aiL : >r. U F. DW* ofTara his serviOM to any regiment de parting to the fcene of war a* surge h or a^s.stui'. aur f<oc. He may be nddree"e?l at Wert Twenty muvb atreet. Tl:< owiursof the Opera stablea, Noe <IS and CO Fiat TL rtj sec ad street, tcud' r the iree u-e of tu^ir ro-ims to any ompany of V'lunteera who msy with to use .t frr drlll'r.g purpoa??. It is lar^e and comtn'jJioua. Mr. 0. K. Hsbtead rnd wife oiler their aarvloca as at IM to any regiir eut tha' may n'-^d tnem. Tlie;r ad drpst is 211 Can;. I trett. Any cunim inication will be promptly rcs|Hindrd to. Join: H ' < tig and i F. Orown sena ue the following ? Wr ba\!tg resigned trmntbe I rglneer "orps, I'n t<>d Stau'8 Na y, seveial year -ince, now U nder our *< rvl?;e<? to t J- ?> ?-?.% eiDmcnt, or < ther p rttea who m?) be alt iwtd in fit out an armeo vessel to protcct or coavoy trcas ira tj aty NiHllMB pott. H. A. S>imn.Mts. TJ1 I'lgbth avenue, v?isbea to c > as r rgecn s ma'e with soinc regiment Ho has se. \ ed in tnc Ke*! '.an war, and is desirnua of serring agsln. Vr Fdwaid 1? Ratvlor.I. ("< ? (n r luat tut - states that law.! give i. ?a> two h ndred lets of < mp '.tensile. <0Mistltr of katti't, iort?, spi?in>, p'-.v nd cup, to m.y vn' l ifers who pr< i-ent an order from th# esptain of ib? >.m; any t<> wLtcli they belong ? .? Clt /en " adv"catrs the huttia>. up of Mares ?vary Pat Jity jftrrr.erir . ?o to enabl- volunieers to pr? 'n;e i" 'eti ir:li t\ e bivi r<- cive l other coaamumeations on this s . bjact A -orr' - pot dent ^ritei to us urgin? tbcerr.i' nece*iiy Of tUfp'J li>g tha Soldier- with small i^i'Wet resWine|J|i?, and chrr(r-s tKem n se ? loo ker/ strain t r?td tbsm c-?re 1'it' y w ? ts" e i.i ( ppoitunWy 'o ?ir??at the canp Ora, di r'ng l..ilu. A?. Tr. , nn do ibt, will he heartily re ap inuad to ? a> 'or'' sttgfsxtt tin -g i,r u Honif (; ?d to ra coapeaed of m^mbxrs o' his prof e i?. .n. Ur. thmks that if Is the dtty '* e^ery me whocatnot Pare tha 1 < tf to t ike tho p Sees o ' t?|. -e Wh ? have <lon? so. Ife following note is to ih. pur.t. a in! e' plainc its?lf ,\ i w Voat , turil ? , lyii, . ? $ N>w \ orker, sllo? m" to cigg'K |t?e peopt i< j ol ... t .<ri |*d " ? in |i-.rticilv? wiaj ntriod i'in,- our gsPstrt te?r e I .' > > r -? .. ? tfcev ps's tbr 'ugb o ir i ty to Che < i ?t i' w?r. \, t iln Jhn n ni'' rrhi hi" tlht tf irtfrun ' r une , fii ur ? do/> n or luoro men. hafld their otmrt r ? /be C tntimsiigy Gonaril or tha Hsaunoftic?. A ? x giren to m i tcra visit iii|T us ia coa rant law, ? a. What liolier oMia tasn our o?in ry ? Put '? ? I ? li.ere !?? a ro'l of JO 000 lmK? -i.s:- j. TIIOU \ * Jf W; ?V. No f, j \\ ?i I srcnty ae< ;it. liliett, V, V. y.- <v-. ? i i"T?T?'ii|.ger of v | ';tinn tiers street .-d>' t " Uiat i s.-'t'i f i ?> ? iti?Hi by tU me hoMHttg tlio p >si ( t^r.,a&d ?. -a ft" vis ,u iiiinie a- % : II be rt<|Uisite t J p' a'Uier th< *?tlrv oi naekly anouitt off'e r<**e.voJ j r ? i- i a tary i\ii.. baa<is <?: a r< ? ,< .tb'e piri .t'i i -s-d foi suit. Vir,a? ssi iw I a 'tee > vi i est. t . uh r the .u. e?.r of m ' ? i mtry . . \n.- ft,,-, nr? literal b jait.'ec > UriV (ft 'h.r oil/, an 1 tbci' fi s ! ? . i s?c..M, In u a rggrigu- to a c >t .Mer?'> ? s m. ? ti*. t .aepii H'al'l 1?- ??t 1 iitti ' 'Oil <n ? xry su a i,-i Org) ) tiLv viftca \* jvu? thv \ Ud for 1-jt ci aUf trail n .l-rlog fcisttb j IWJ 'or tbe * rp<>*i of h:s rtaallj tiO per moitth, au5 hit attuaU '!< 0? lJf* i et urn. THK QUOTA OF NEW YORK. YKK SUCH Of * ()Ll"NTKKX&? TEN ? 11. 1. KE<1MKNT<< l'OH.iKt? IS THIS SVATC. [From Ihe Albany ! vening Jcmrnal, Kjrn 21.] Tb re ha<l teen. p to twelve o' elect to day, eighty - ou . Liupaoiics repjrtcu to the Adjutant, General a* ready for servw*. Tt'n r giiBMt* Lave been formed, m fo'lows:? Colors Benedict. ^'w York ? Ten compauies. Oilotif ) N . H. Ailec, New York? Ton companies. CoIt . TViu. W.lson, sew York? .Seven Colonel Louis Bccker, Ww York ? Ten Colonel it G. Han kins, Zouaves, New York? Kight c upaaies. Co an< Abrahou Dnryec, New York ? 'Seven companies. Colonel Filsworth, Zouaves, New York? Ttn eompa me*. Scott Ufe < : , rd. New Yerk? Two companies. r.ilo. el Frederick Towneond, Albany ? Ten companies. ColouM Williard, Troy? S* companies. In addition to ti..>se regimeats the following companies are ready : ? Three compare at Vtlca ? Captain lames McQoido, Captain W. H. Prazee r.nd Captain J' Harrer. Cap'ax W S. Gridley, Schenectady. Captain Milo W. Look , On.>c laga county. Captain Terran:e .1. Kenne 'y. Aoburn. Captain Ad-^lphe Nolte an ! .'. S. Jennings, Rochester. A la'ge number of ether are in progress in this cit. apd ? isew here. The war spirit, is up, and tho U tola, assigned to New York could be <juaarup'.ed in a lew d?>s. RECRUITING FOR THE ARMY. There wer< many applicants yesterday, notwithstand ing the counter e.\cit?ment caused by the departure of tbe SiMy nintii regiment, but only few men passed the doctor. ?)ut of twelve men sent up from tho Cnathtun streot oft ce, five we.-e enlisted. Co:lir;ini! Hudson streets hai'twoor three men each, Large numbers of boys, from twelve to sixteen years of age, are anxious to join ne musicians, but cannot be ac .-otnmodated at present. Seveial ''children of a larg"r growth" have also of.'ere?l themselv<n, from tiuc to time, for enlistment as com missioned officers, but they cannot be accommodated j ist yet. As a . onsequence of the rccent extremely brisk re cruiting, disconsolate women are lookiog after husbands, brothers or sons, upon whom they were ilepend&nt, but receive vtry little pomfort at the recruit, ug oil. cos, where tbev c.uiEOt obtain any other information tlmn that their friends may b< on Governor's or B''dloe's islands, or en route to Yrashmgton. While the wives anil families of volunteers are being provided foe by the liberality of a patriotic public, we think that the government can do no less than make tome provision for tho dependent re lat, ?s of those who enrol themselves in the regular army Jr-rlrK th's momenuns struggle. It is true that married men are Lot enlisted if the recruiting oiiiour knows of their marriage, *nd that, therefore, these m> n enter iLe service by a sprues of fraud but under the peculiar circumstances we think tha'. women ami chil dren, left unprovided for, should be tak' n ewe of by th> country . The ieguUtlon respecting the enlistment of marri' d men dot's cot apply ".n time of war; but . so far, ail recruits hav been prrticularly asked if they were mar ried, and WT>' invariably rejected if they answered in tfc af)!rmatiTi\ PUBLIC CONTRIBUTIONS. ADPITIONAI SU H5CRIPTIONS FOR TH E REGI MES'] S LEAVING NEW YORK A.NI> TH8IR FAMJI.IEH. A Hmlngpr k Co. ... J200 New York Tribune As socia! ion 1 OOO Samuel T. fekidraore 100 H. R. Graver 4 Op 500 John 'J. Stearns ICO (IItvIi Jones 100 R. L. Lo d Gilmaa, Son & Oo. . . < iiy pliant , Sons .v Co . . 260 < tjy^hant \ Co., of Can i id, China 500 IVrn. Yornon, Jr 50 T bom is r >eW itt f >0 U'm. A. Freeborn & Co 1*50 Ridl?v Wat's 100 l". J. Smith 100 \V. Proctor 1,030 New York and Sandy Hook Pilots 1,003 ..1,000 Tradesmen's Bank, by .. 260 Kii b'd Perry, Pres. .1,000 Walih. Coulter .V Oo. . 250 P. I. Kevins k Sons . . . 100 O'eo. S. Stephen ton \ Co 250 L. E. Morgan 200 Lcui^S. Levy. John C. Tucker... ) rai. is ?peir Jaintit Steers Jamee !i. liteets. . . IVter Cooper Fmitb x Inwrenee.... James \\ llliamson \ Co Samuel Marsh JO.!. Mien, Jr., lYesi drut Western Trais portit n Company, But! i io ! George licit Sullivan, Randolph .v B id Wilson',. Bunt '" .Win It rtin.ion.. . J. <ireen Paarsou Jol t M. Itodd Joseph Saji/jieon Frederick M. !l1na= & Co H \. IrU.H IVilKril 1'a ?).0f ittljk I t) lip H ihvr y Robert Carnley 100 C. Heydecker 100 G.S Bobbins A coii?.. 1.000 Abacr Peers 100 25 Francis A lo.Tind re. .. . 100 100 Fonler, Kirk 100 luij A Co 300 15 Eii White 1C03 loO White .V; Sheffield 200 henry I>oU:ie d 250 Jfi Mrs Susan XT. Parish. 2>0 100 Edward Delafield.H.D. 100 100 Marcuae A Baltzer.. . . 5 00 G.vr.y.Brigg* i;? John A. R .b:u-on MO K..I. Wools<-y 1000 500 N L. & A. H L 50 ICO Ben i*?in Ay mar 500 Aymar&t'j ."00 5iO JoM Caswell v Co .... 1 .((00 25u Pa'.on, Steaart A, jo.. '-50 100 Ncwb< U1 liiigir 100 50 Arch R isi=e!l 100 2"0 A. Humbert 250 ..l,0C0 J. Woodward Haven. . 200 T. W. C. Moire 10 ) 100 h ?,? il Kutbcrford. 100 Sow Kulbsrford i*tuy vanaut loo 250 Joun Moaroe A Co.... 600 150 lietvn raft 500 WM. S. DODSE, Chairman. Ti!? .??? !? Duios, Treasurer. .'ut: - r ptions reteintd at thi Hj im'icr of t'onmercc, of < eJar ard William streets, by the Treasurer. pjucru al patriotism. tine of the lest tests of patriotism 15 the parse, the ! "eristive point ntfbut the person of most men " wLj wan'. 1 1 show their patr..>ti3m, lnve a ojI opi i- tunity by* .pport!n; th? followii aubsjrlptioa ? We, the undersigned, avreetonontriiiute the respective s< t opposite cur iianor- iov*.t.rds the fittin ost or tbe Fifth re^iii ' u' N"* Vork St ate troops. Colonel C Scbwart waeldnr , for active duty In tbe defence of tbe i . of our co ntrv \od t< r the sujiport of th' fii n.lif g of such members of the raiiU and file at may require it dur iui lu' ii .ibseiU' ? I ranclt >w ;4<ly $-?? Reoauld, Francats k Co 100 M oilers. Il.i^ k Mar leu 2M C. V. Talbot 100 ilu|(b N. Camp II S Fcarii P< ter Mailer Ri?W^il tSiOel William ?"!ler * C" Itobcrt k W R I,, k A Mnart ; A. k A. l.ow KCo ' Bootb k F4?*r C. HtrotLer . I.. W Hot msi, a Oo t'turj.1^ B.nnr-. K Oo. . Cary k *"o Cooillmc k Co ' i ParmsC'dt A Co. B It. -hernni! Vo^tf l ay lor At Co firiniiell Uinturn fcC.), Thi?. 1 ia>u \ S .d John CaawiB A Co (KAcrshausen lt:o?- . . . 250 <i. J<jnef 100 'j.'-o 1'upke \ Thtii'ier 130 .'i00 .St inton . Shol !? >u \ Co. il. Bainstore \ Oo. ... C. Birkhi'ter K. A G. John-tm. .. . J. V. 1 1;: ,t \ . Wm. J. I ram' t Peter V. Kin.^' k Co.... Buritett JmteH \ Co F i. Parker Simian Ite Vls.?er 100 2t>0 K-lward lUiKbt 5o 210 Wm. l.att.mer 100 M isteru-n It l!<'.?mer . . 50 1 inder \ Kiocsii-y . . . . 50 HarxtmanBr s. \ A 1 1 ten 10o Slcinway A .',03 C G. tlunth"rSor-. ./. ioj fVun:ep, l.uers K I nek 100 103 JM) ?2W 100 100 250 100 mo 100 iiOO 100 IfO 260 loO 100 100 100 100 100 100 50 100 100 ??|0 100 1 dey, turnure \ Co. . . 103 Toui ft; sco Addiiona. cubKrrip: .Jns will be rei eive-1 by i.eor' e T. I ?mltoi . In b?h"lf of the regiment at Xj. TO W*li street. We publish th' foi'owing Imerettlnt correspondence, in order to sh> w the fcthnp that exists among our business n o ami the pen roup spirit that animUes there. Th a is by no tntsDs a solit try instance, many others ht> ing il' ue likew ise, some even having pone further but it will aet aa at- ion of ull ? J IT. r.*n !? - ,i . 41 Brcn lway ? ( - 1 ? t v i , j"i ism ? i )?sMd throujli the Mexican war. and tliJUKal tuf serti' e? would tiiere end Bit, alas my own r intrj men are now turning their hands to toir d >irn one of the f -fate*' na.ional fabrics the world bis . vcrwn. My cc nitty ilemind ? m> ser\ iei-s to uphold her ? g. 1 therofor- retire from my position in your empley, aiit! ohey th ' mmons. 1 >a\ u th-ee little'ii no tfaughteri, and for their ? ke,l r- ti'iest yoa n j.l\ e them a little attentim m H. I'ARi -I N, Capt. Co. K,8. I.Q. Nkh Vork , April 19, tMl. Mr W>' B. Pai ?-K> Votirs <>r this d4t<- Is at hand. I aosMsr. go uphold tn-' I ig of country, an?i if, to maintain unimpaired our giorhroa conatttutioo and laws ab eb five to u? liberty and protection in life ?nd pro pcrty . it becimes )our duty to fieht, flgbt and Gil de find the right. V<?ur cliilirrn -hail bciar-Hi for. ifyoi return ll etr are yours to rherish and protert. If your ronotry iloman is your life and you do not ngiin meet them 'his side of {he g'a\e, thi n res' a*-ured that they shall ? e wat hed ox er an I provided for with wna?ev.>r of tmiine ami ai lllty 1 |io- -ess. J. H. CARRIS0IUN. BROOKLYN NAVYjrARO. The work at the Navy Yard i- going on more briskly than ever. The Waha'b is so nearl) mutpleted that stie i an he sent tosoa In ? few <liv?. Her Inwer rigging is all up, and n< Jt of her yard* hoiste l In. ller armimcnt is almost all on board, and the guna minted on their ' ar'mges Nearly all th\l Is noccsary to be dore can be attended to at ?e?. TesUcvlay she hai steam up to It) he r etgtne*, which worked admirably. Th' I'srry Is compktrd. Yeatetd >y orders were gnon to btml s. ils, an 1 oi *.x bourn will sufflae to send h?r tot' a. lh? - vaii i:,b 1 . been t ikcu out of tbe dry dOv-k,nnd l ow It ? al' in ide the whart' opptOits the recalling -t' w L< s' w if! he sp?e 1 ly cjmi leti d and figwd. .Sin v. if t.?krn out In order io make room for lb; It it'.l ?. t- * it w?? a ? ei ' : tiiat. ti e iridiii of the 1-itii.r ves ii\ i her k dtr-.i pi? toi i'iei' i'> ad in it of her b<-' i_ lak"n In loo -n < rr? Owwln ant Bibl, an I the tchoW'T Cravi.erd and ?r n, b- . . r. to tie Coui Siie\ >y, f r ps^: ? < i isU r jiMt-'tday ?. ,-n tbe North Oar-'lin*. lit' ^^i hatncl t ii aoin pun' on biard yvvU'r day Tne C trw n hai he n order I to a Point to oiiriitiil all vi ?oola leasing tbrougti 7 .rg ?n.l Sm nd. to fee t 1 .. . t t v toi tam uo'bisi lot-'nt rd t" i?i J the i e-. olttti nUis, ani Iba Mb i is to pr . t > Narrow on thft d'jty# TI.e si'Mv vev??.l?.- ha*re I-, id no order ,\et. but the. an' in eotnmi ? >n ;>i.n.'eriT norklfitO W'teiitti m ..rk ) uttcrday to ;u oroper order the Artillery Park, opt i, Vtthel,y (i , the re- ept.oti <>f the f anion ?' p- -. ?t p. ? U.I.. wu w't 'ttv U/lb- ynid, tkat ti- J a*?> .J9 &c bund v>h?n wanted. Tfcie arrangement will groaUj improve tea' part of the yard. A large number <>f the workmen m the yard Ksve vi i.awered into dit'.erent cor ?f. Tbe entire band on boa'd the North Carolina, consisting of about men, ! mostly Italians, have volunteered. A NEW KIND OV VESSEL OF WAR. Mr. Jo un Joseph Rink, of Staten Island, has nearly completed, In the ship yard of John B. Webb, of thia | city, a screw fleam propeller, constructed under a patent apptied lor in October lan She ia built with water tight I compartments, which, in the opinio* of competent skip ' builders and engineer!, will render her proof against collision or the enemy's lire. Tbe propelling power will, I it is said, produce a rate ol' si>eed equal tosisweuor twenty milea an hour. Mr. Risk says his new vessel is | admirably adapted for war purposes, and he says he will I x ndertake to fit out g'tcto vessels, each armed with two ; breech loading cannvms, ani fully manned and equipped ; for the service of the government, if be can get sub , scriptioiiB to a sufficient amount tu remunerate him. He I claims that the mlssilea with which he proposes loading j his trans will he more destructive than any now known. | Persona wishing to subscribe money, or to contribute i provisions, munitions of war or any other necessaries, aro requested to communicate with Mr. Heslewood, of C'tstleton, Staten Island. THE DN1TFD RTAK8 BRIO PERRY PLACED IN COMMISSION. In consequence of orders frou the N'avy Department at Washington, the I nlted Suites brig Perry wav placed in commission at 1 o'clock yesterday, with tbe following oftlcera : < omniaudcr? J. J. t.iasson. First Lieutenant ? McDermott. Second Lieutenant ? W. 8. Whiting. Passed Assistant 8urg?on? A. L. Gihoo. Lieutenant Voluuteer? E. C. Bowers. Tho Perry received a srew of seventy-live men from the North Carolina. She has taken no marines. Imme diately on the men being shipped, the American ootign was hoistol amilst loud 'hoers onboard and on shore, the moorings were caBt oil", and tbe l'erry orocoodea down the bay and anchored ofT the lUttery. Iler desti nation la unknown. THE CHARLESTOWN NAVY YARD. Bosro.v, April 23, 1S61. Great activity <^>ntiuue? at tbe Navy Yard. The Minnesota baa on board a large proportion of her stores and armament, they being put on board to d#y. The Mississippi is being got in readiness with the great est rapidity. The Colorado will he realy for sea in ten dsys. The Niagara is reportel oil Capo Cad, and wit) probably arrive during ih<: night. Recruits for the navy are continually arriving. The North Knd True Mlue- , eighty men, consisting of ship caulkers and hardy mechanics, have enlisted for tbe war and reported to the Governor to day. FORT TOMPKINS. STAntN I8LAKD JRWOl 8 WANT TO UUAHO IT. i There is a prevalent anticipation among military cir | clee that the guardianship of Fort Tompkins will bo given I to a New York city regiment, which had previously ap ! plied to Governor Morgan for that post of duty ; and the ! members of tbe Seventy third regiment, under the com : mand of Col. Ray Tompkins, it is reported are greatly i exercised thereby. The regiment hold a meeting on Saturday evening, at Burns' House, Quarantine, and re solved to apply to Governor Morgan for permission to do military duty at tho fort. Subscriptions arc pouring in abundantly in aid of tbe movement. They met again laat nlgnt, but at an hour which prevented, by the stop page of tbe boats, publication of the proceedings. THE WAR FEELING IN MORRISAXIA. A very large meeting assembled on Monday evening last at Morrisaniu Hall, wbica was densely crowded. Gou verneur Morris ? as elected President, and several minor officers appointed. After the approval of the call and tbe reading of the resolutions, a veteran of Massachusetts ? Gen. James Appleton? was introduced, who gave In tremulous tones bis patriotic Are, wbicb the lapno of time had not extinguished. He waa followed by Hon. J. B. list Lin, Mr. Fuller, and other gentlemen. A sub script ion list war opened, and over f3,000 subscribe! in a very ahoit time. The excitement was intense, and was only exceeded if possible by that of tlie crowd outiile the hall, who organized another meeting of several thou sand persons which wis prciided over by tbe Hon. Kdnard H-Hght. and addressed by Meems. P. W. Oilley, (isnicr, Milliken. Salmtn, Stillman, CoiDo. &,e Professor .Nash uang the Star ?. spangled Banner," tbe acdlencc join ing in tbe chorus. iiecivits arc^umerouf: ? and one fact w sufficient ? Wa-hin^ion Irpine C?. No. 1 has enrolle.l 72 mem bers C9 of whom have volunteered, and wfll join the rai.k of the American army during this wee" RA\ l COUNSEL TO OUR VOLUNTEER. HOW H> l'RKFARE KOR THE C AMTAIUN -n; YOt'Mi SUriuKH^. ' 1L 1. Remember thai in a campaign mote meur door ah kn< ts thin by the bullet. ?n<l/l 2. -Line your blanket wiih oae thickness othe ft. dnllnp. This adds hut four ouaces ir * th> utiimih. it. Bm a email Ii.dla robber blankot (only $1 la> on the ground or to throw over your hboildorsAshcn or gu.trd <!"iy during n rain norm Most ef tbe t'mtern t roofs arc provided with tli"ie. Straw to lie upon is not alwin h ?o he h <1 ?i The m'litary hit in use is tho ligb'. colore 1 sr.rt felt, the crows being sufficiently high to all >w sjmce for air over the brain. You c in fasten it up an a C 'ntio^ntil in fair weathor, or tur?i it down when it is wet or very sutnr 6. your beard grow, so as to protect the thro it and lungi 6. Keep your entire person clean, th>? prevents fevers and bowel oonitilainte in warm climates. Wash ynnr body each dav if possible. Avo'd stronf eoltee aid oily meat, t.'en. Hcott raid that the too free use ot tli^se (to g? th~r with cglect in keeping the skin clean) c?t miny u soklier his iiie In Mexico, 7 A sudden check of perspiration by < hilly or uight air often rau. es lever and death. tV hen thus oxpjsed do not forgot your hiauket. AN "U> SOI.UIKU. TO THE f.DITOR OF THE HERAI.P. As IheheU of a Southern sou is ouo of tbe hardships O' r men will have to encounter, perm t an old ?ol lier to ttate in what manner the French army in Algiers guard themselves during a march or * hen standing sentry in the day time. Take a yard of thin white ttann?l, foi l it together once and sew up one cud, a ribbon may be in serted, to draw and tie It around the neck. This, thrown over the cap or shako, and falling behind, completely shields the bead and shoulders from tbe rays of tho sun. Woollen is preferable to linen or cottou, is cq ia',ly light, copts lees than tho former, and is easier ?a*hej and kept < leau. NEWS FROM ALBANY. Auusv, \pril 23, IMl. the military department It full or activity thi* morn Irg. Appl cationa for uniforms ami coreminions are ruth ng in rapidly. Some difficulty I* at prc-eat expe rienced in uniforming companies rapMiy enough, but arrangement? are making by which ample supplies will be on barn) in a few day*. Tbe Twntietb regiment, of lister county Ciptata Pratt, received immediate marching order* tir.s morn ng for Washington via New York. The Board, under the $0,000,000 bill are meeting at the prtseot time. NEW YORK. lnucA, April 23, 1M1. The Tompkim County Bank have tendered the go vernment (.'6,000. A volunteer company wn* organized tin.-' morn. ng,n.m beting sixty-five men. A relief fund for the families of volunteers has Ju t been tarted, headed with f 1 ,600 from one mau, Norm WimK Ckkkk, N. V., April 31, i%?vi A grand I nioti meeting was held id Oil Cambridge, Washington county this morning. About ore of the m^at enthusiastic Union meeting wax held in the little white church n tin* place iaat evening B T. McVott was called to the chair, *n I R. K. Crocker, elc< ied|*ecret* ry. Judge Allen and others addreaaed the The Salem Hra*s Band and a glee club enlivened the meeting Thirty Ave volunteer* eurollej iiMer Uaptaia John Vl<-Kte as captain, and the citizen* su'weribed %2 6W for the support of their fUn.ItM r?MU?, April 21, lSflt. A comjmny of eighty volunteer*, unior the command 0< " 'aplain I'omrroy, Ic ivts here imtne 1 lately for the *oat of war This company vol-mteerrd, anil * v or ganised at enre I*1t# ibniititid dollar* have been Mb acrlbed by citi/.en* aid the famine* of volunteer* The grcato-t cxcitemont and enthnnlMm prevail here. NEW JERSEY. I ? v n-.c,. vprd 2:1 1VU. H large nr.d Mthut iantH mc t ng of the citiz-as of this piacc wa? h'-l I la*t night. Tt < roll of the (fee*;* Quard, Capt. Brown, was opMicd Ml n I Ultd. Hm Kxoefator j Guard was also ?pencil and will he 1 lied in a few .uj~ INDIANA. ntixrRM iv mi 1 ask-. No Umi than ten or (lit in pi nler* lute jiined the ni'lltary cumpanle* which g" fr vn I tfayMte Ind, Th?j arc bra' e. plucky felloa * and w .1! r jnde n ginti account of them'elve*. from mum*. I' -v Aprils, 1MI. a pi .rale to fpr*ri:e V On.,* ; I'hilailit'j*!*, state* that ll.C govortmi ni h:n Wtwwi the | traitor 1'. from h*r uhi'ltf t> o>nve> troops livtu 4 ?W?' ?f Xtrjhuid Juyinf gu&rtstecj it* si(e uu.i t ol ?,0M a^-ipt iLroign E?!ti irore daily. A MMr from ? member of the Fourth MugiobtsWt'.g regiment, dated on beard the clearer Stv.e of It* ire, couiir** the attempt to p< iron the regis: est *t"i <ff New York, by pruntc Kid m.ied w.U. biuaiy. A member of the FasVb cpicpxrj bad d!?fl. SHIPPING NEWS. 4I.M4N4C ro? lit* VORk? VH1S DiT. | m-n RISK* ft 071 moo iv MIX! .ere I kin skt* (i 48 1 high waii h mora b 49 Port of Jlcw York. April 43, 1S61. ?UiBD. Skip Meptuae'e Per, sprag ue, Kan FraBc'"??? tutton A Co, BMp Hotspur, Johnson, liong hong (rwlearanoc? F lla'.h aw>y. Ship Star of the Wee:, Morotaon, Liverpool? S Thompson's Nephew*. Ship Aurora. Barker. Liverpool? Holland A 1 rath.njhaiu. Bhip Charlotte, Cousins, BrUWl ? Nesmith Jt Hons. Bark Uneen of Ike Fleet (Br), Hilton, Cork? Bros. Bark Ben Dorrauce, LiBnelL (Jal way? Walsh. Carver A Cheat Bark Victoria (Him). Brr.aeh, Hamburg? Amsinck 4 Co, Bark Edward. Mel ir j re, Monrovia? Yates A Forteriicld. Brig *urf, Mclntyre, < iork ? Jieunitb A Pons. Br'g Helms, Soii'h, Toulon? Trask A Dear' orn. Brig Mfcurlcio (Dut.b), Sohroedor, Cuiacot? Dovale A Co. Kcfcr N Doane, Hall, Oporto? B r SmaH. Bchr B i aanon, Ho unoon, Katburst? E R Ware A Ca Bchr J Q Huntington, Lovell, St Johns, ME? Baker ADiv U'D Schr Peru, Thorndlke, Bt John, NB? D R Dewolf. Bohr 8 J Bright, smith, Wilmington, NO? Master. Schr E Gibson. Ui .en, Baltimore? Benton A Pons. Bchr Three Brother*, Ilcnnesy, Seuford? Master. Scbr Martha Nicked, Sawyer, Philadelphia? Simpson A r Trojan, Tluimas, Philadelphia? Van Brunt A Slight. Marlon, No ilan, .Melville, NJ. Bt hr Robin, Wallace. Klizahethport? Thompson A Hunter. Hehr Cjclone, DaU, Elizabethport? B F Small. Schr T II Thompson, Baker, Gloucester? Master. Hear Joseph, Watts, Boston? Trask A Dearborn. Sloop John Allan i. Halloek, Kew Haven. Slf'Op Vankee, Avorlll, Brad lord. 8teamer J R Thompson, Fowler, Baltimore. Bteamer Bristol. Alien. Philadelphia. ARRIVED Blaamthio Citvef Washington (Br). Jeffrey. Liverpool. April 10, via Queenstown Ukh. ? bO I'M. mdse and 768 *eeiage

rsssrrgrr- to John <i Dale. l?'.h Inst, lat 61 23, Ion 13 32, passed ship Lorenzo, frsm New Orleans for Havre: same day. steamship Europa, hencn for Liverpool; lGth. lat W 07, Ion 37 37, l!r ship Margaret Pollock, bound W : 19th, lat 42 tH, Ion 00 47, ship Lizzie Drew, bound E ; 20th, lat 42, ion 67, Br brier Belle, bound S. Btea mshlp Karnak (Br\ LeMessurier. Havana, April 15, and Nassau, Nl\ lfcth. with mil so ami pnvsenger*, to E Gu nard. Stearnr hip Florida, Crowe'.l. Savannah, witn mdse and pas sengers, to Samuel L Mitrhill A 8on. Ship Consignment (of Bruuswick', B^ysen, Liverpool via Mobiie. in ballast, to Walsh, Carver A Chase. 22d Inst, lat 37. Ion 73. spoke schr .1 W Allen, from < lalveston for Boston. Ship Hohena, Martin, Glaagow and < 1 reenoek, March ill with mdse. to Dunham A Diinou. Saw large quantities of Ice on the N edge of the. Gulf. t hip Rhine (of Bath), Btarkey, Havre, via Mobile 11 days, in ballast, to master. Bark John llowe, Kelton, Port Stanlev, Falkland Islands. 67 days, with copper ore, to order. March 27, lat 11 19 S, Ion ..5 13 W, signalized ship Resolute, from Cardiff for Hong Kong; 13th inat, lat 22 34, Ion 06 17, bark Sea Eagle, of Phila dejpbin, steering B. Bark Dawn. Chase, Bueaos Ayre-i, March 15, with wool Ac, to Reynold* A Cuabman. 2d inat, lat 3 20 8, Ion 36, spoke ship Ino, lrom Valparaiso for Boiton Bark Huntingdon <of Baltimore), White, Buenos Arrea, 61 day*, with wool Ac, to Dowley. Corner* A Co. Has had some veiy heavy w eather. lSriK I'roteur, tlhipman, Matanzaa, 10 day*, with sugar, to J E Waid. Brig Lizabel (of Boston), Mean*, Matanzaa. 9 days, with su gar Ae, toCA E J Peters, bailed in company with bark J Nlokela, Tor Europe; brigs Proteus, for New York; Sarah, for Portland. Brig Flj ing Eagle, Lord, Cardenao, 10 day*, with sugar, to C A b J r<eter? Brig Bpartan <Br, of Halifax, NR), McCulloch, Cardenas, 8 days, with ?ugar, to J S Whitney A Co. Bng Ma/atian. Reed, Sugua, 9 day*, with sugar Ac, to J E Ward A Co. Brig Daniel kiolony (of Philadelphia), Steelmnn. Savannah via Norfolk (where she put in for repair*), with timber, for New liaven. Schr T J iliU (of Providence), Whilden, Hnma^oa, 15 da vs. with sugar Ac, to master. Ilad very heavy weather. 14th iast. off Bermuda, spike schr Virginia Prioe, from Humacoa for New York. . . _ Echr Selena Helm (of Harwich), Taylor, Swan Island, ' A pill 9. with fustic Ac, to Post A Small fcchr OM i'ettit (or Harwich), Burgiss, Cardenas, 8 days, with molasses, to Smith, Jones A Co Schr Pan Jacinto, Anderson, Trinidad, March 30, via St Tho mas A pi il 10. In ballast to master. ichr 8 1' V* heeler (of Wilmington, Del), Glaughlln, Galves ton, 14 days, with cotton Ac, to 0 Coldeu Murray. Schr Czar (o< Bal lmore), Hammond, Otsabaw, Ga, 4 day*, lfas 2.' pa**cii|rert>, live oak chopper". Schr Howard, Howard, Newbern, 3 days. F Burrltt, Balyear. Newbern, 3 days. Schr. I M Taylor, Rue, Newbern Schr Lady Antrim, Thompson, flymooth, MC, 2 day*. SihrSea Blid, McAiOon, Plymouth, NO, 3 days. Schr Matthew Bird. Johnson.Ssnd Shoal, 2 day*. Sr-hr O H Lee, Collins, York River, 2 day* Bi-hr J L Bedcer, Clark. Richmond. 4 div*. Bchr T A French, Newail, Suffolk, 2 davs fchr.T (therwood. William*, Back River, 2 Jays. Schr 1> U Bills, Brown, Elirabetliport f.>r East Boston Schr The* H Sej mour, Kelly, Kiizabetliport for I'amliri.'tge port. Sol r John H Watson. Packer, El'zabeil port for Fall River, i Si> ' Cabot, Tillot, Klizabethport for I' all River. bi lir N Brown, late. Ellzabeih|>ort lor Hartiotd. fi-hr Jane, Kinney, Elizabethport for New Haven. Bchr J Ijiwrence, Roger*, Eliiabethport for Bridgeport. In- Ehn Cl y, Michaels, Ellxabettiport for Newourg Belli- K Hewitt, Bucklin, lli^ktand. & days Rokr Leocadia, Small, Salem, 3 day* Behr Oanlel Wtktttr, Puller, i.loocester, 3 dayn. Schr H Hudson, Lincoln. Boston, 3 davs. Schr Florida, Kelly, HoMon, 3 day SchrOeo L Wal ers. Ha?*?,4>oMin, 4 (lay*. Ichr Vrua Louisa, ('iimming*. Fall River, 2davs. Si-Ill I nart'cr, i'all River 2 days. febr N Baiictt, sianiiard, Albau> for i^ew Haven. Sehr Amanda, Knonlton, Msnhattanviile lor I'embroke. Sloop M ii Bay:es, La* i", Elixabethj) irt for Prnvidenc. Sloop (ii Lament, Carter, Bllaabeth|>oit tor l'rov ideoee. floon A n illo. Freeman, EllzabeUiport fur Mvstic Bridge. Snnp Uipeey, Saondarf, Elizabethport for Bfiagepoi t. Hoop I li Borden, Collins, Fall River. - days Hoop Hen Kosauth, II ay den, Bridgeport, 2 iliys. SteaiuorJ K ih um son. Fowler. Baltimore. Steamer Smah. .lone*. Philadelphia Ktemee:* Albatross. J one*. Providence. Steamer New London. Smith, New London. Stc.iur.tiig \, Ormaln, t'lri' lesion Bar April 15, via Norfolk ^fst, I'M. Had heavy weather on both outward and homeward passages; Iosl smoke*tack. and put into Norfolk for repairs. (See news i olumns.) ?jutli? Bchi g .- WortMey, Worthley, Eli/abethport forRej Bank Schr Maiv Jane. I.lddsll, Kllxabetkport l'or Perth Ambov. Si br Maaeppa, V vis, Elirahetliport for Anguata S'chr George A Emily, UaiTta. Bltzatieihport or Boutin. Hehr Crusoe, Foster, Elizabethport lor Cambi idge. gchr yuakcr t'ity. Benjamin, Elizaliet li port for ^rtvv Haven. S>hr k.lba. Brad v, Elizalietiiport tor tndgeport. Schr Harriet A liannah, Vallancc. K izain thp. rt for Hast ings, MY. Klcon Exertion. Shadbolt, Elizabethport fer New Haven BEIX3W. Bark R \ Ellema, from (VirdenaH Bntr V 1) lotrev, from Cardenas. SAILS). Br steamship i nlted Kingdom, Glasgow; barks A/elia. Per- , namimco: Edgar, Monrovia; Ssm Shepherd, and Express, I Havana; brig-' Richmond, Cail'z; Isadora, St John*, PR, | Echo, Port au I'riu e; 11 St*tkon. .Ncuvitaa; schi Chief. Ms- ) tan /as; anil others. Wind at sunrise calm, at meriillau BW ; at sunset SW. Ilt-mlH ,>lurlitc < orra-sponile lire. KKN WES i. April 12? i he U S Maish?l lor the Bouiliern district oi Florida having resigned his olllce, and rune other being appoint, d, the Artinlraltv Court Is withou* the legsl aiipointees sad uiaMiW ?gjMtaUe salvage caaea; for this ( I est on the salvage of ship Poeahonias could not be arranfffld by the I S Court, and theaalvors. anxious to be paid for their I serviced, and the captain desirous to ( ontlnue his voyage, lo getbei agried to 'ail upon Judge Man In as arbitrator and Mi e tha care di elded. At ibeir request Jodg- Msrvln listen ed to the teatimony of those Intertsted, and a ljudged salvsge on a* equitable terms as if the case had gone through in* court lleawaidcd the wrecker* the sum of g'.'l>J0. i he total i xpenfes .nioi iiied to 'J 2 The ship sailed on Hie Vth for Liverp ool. the nchr Sootliei ner, Smith, hai-inij paid the * ilroge .|eii-ee<l I bv Judge Marvin las arbitrator1, satlcl for Mobile on tltttMh Biilvage anil expen*e? ffijyi TheacDf log 'mar. Cap' Irelanl, arrived the tttli iromUai \e*ton In di?ti?ss? both nuiti* sprung, she is receiving lem porary icpaira? lislilng the foremast and putting la a new bos sprit, and will sail soou for bew Vor*. The schi Mary Porter, Porter, arrived on the -tt h i rom New York, with rdnanee and ordnance stores for Fort Jefferson. I'he aehr 8tag, Smlili, wttn cargo tor this city and Pensaeo la. arrived the 7th mat lftib? The schr Joseph Orlce, Snow, sails to day for New ; York. Bbe i* hound to Fa. month, Kng I A bark loaded with ice. from Boston, has arrived here, ; and is now dlrcliarglng ? argo. llie schr Mary I" HU ison, having di*cliai xed hei cargo of j ordnance and ordnance s' res a', l ort Taylor, sailed on .be I llth for Cardenas | The ?tfiim?hip Atlantic, Crewtll, arrive 1 the minting Of 1 the Mb from New Orleans W>- have nothinglater from Pen ?acola than jnu hare alrt sdy reeeived NlarrllMiirovis. Heir Ft Nttoi as? By telegraph to Meears Boyd A Hlnokeu1 of thlscit) ? "Ailchat. April 19? Ship BtNtc'lai, B a(don, from listif Merch 14, and Port-ui nth 24th, w is totally lot; on Sable Uland IWh mat. The cicw left in :'ie Mm, and the aecoi.d mstesn.' 4 men have artlved here Another des pa: h, dated Planter t'ove, April IV, aais ? " Konrteen men ; are sate, the capl.oii aud ? me > noi hear.l fr in. The gt N waa built in thia rlly in l*?l bv Weatervelt A Co, 797 t tit, A2, and valued at $.t0.iini. she w?a in i>al.;i?t. Bt?i?** on Fi*?? The steamer Petrel, which left'hiseliy on Frhley evening lor Pro* iiienoe, when off Things Point took ffre in her deck load of cotton, which, btit for the titnaly asaiatance rendered i.y the aUa ulug F Gri.'in (then on ihe wav fr> in Mamarooack to this city wlt'i tts ? barges n tow^, noiild no ibmbt have been entirely destroyed. Ttie tog ran ainrgaide the atesmer, and all tismis set to work wtttiawill, thrualngoreiboard some ot the burning ut ton and placing a pertton on the barges, thus removing the re. Th- petrel was I iben taken in tow antl brought to this Cuv. Lac*rt?? The splemlil pilot Vx at Marv E Fish, .niaiideil for the New Jersey and samlv Hook pilots, was latinchel on Sunday fioiu the yaul of her builder, Mr E F Williams, at (arret* point, iiwlng to an unl< ie?ecn occurrence, at the llrsi I *tl?mpt- made on Sat trday? *be moved hut a part of the lenath of tlie *n>s. The pt'ot Iwaia or New Yoik known i atul )u*tiy ei lebfated Ihe world over lot their model, speed, 1 . legsnre and si a goine i|uaiilie? 1 nej hive b?eu seen in ihe ' Irish Channel, the eatera ol Franco the Sandwich Islands, Honduras, at d the old New York, No *, ,s now In Japsn: an l it is eonfidentlv asserted ihat the pre??nt nudetiaklng ot Mr H illlama vs til surpass all previous eflons He I,*- built, dttt Irg a rear pest, the celebra'ed mail pu lret achr Netile \ter ' ill", tlie baik James Welsh, the steani>lil,i Mouticdio and the , pii"l heats Fannie, and Maty A WiiIishih, mitli the la'ter of wideli rank at the head of the "led. f lie dimension* of an 1 msterisls mud !? the ?onstructlon of the M fc F ii-e? lemrth t, I km I. df' feet ; length on deck, 75 feet; extreme length, HI feet ; breadth of tteam, "Jl feet; drp'li of 1 old, 7 I'cet 9 inoh<*s; snd ntea* in es lm ions Per frame Is ol locus', oak and luck n etai . She liaa a pl ink ci mah psnv the entire let eth of hei rtrik, 3 feet wide tnrt'td'n'i < nt panlnsi way. skvngtlt. part , acrs, l.atrh kr Her oltts and tinnier heads are o! locim ? i the f?st? toni!s sli i . t't er, i rom kiel lo rati . desks of W?*^ ein pine, w ithO''* b'?tts or v-nofs. roreniA- 1, ii*i teet ; m un mast, 70 le? . ti liwhes -both of whi e pttie. Her standing . iigelrgtsof w lie. l-ivit c all the latest and most valuable im provements inever> partteulrr, and wnen wr say tlia' her i onstroctlon hss Iwcn nndir t h? immediate uipcrvMou <>r , the will ki own i and yachtsman, Csnt Richard Biivn ? , he wh" ?*Wed the Antencs ?t the Cowea rs rstt'i when there wss 'no Mcoitl b a i - i* wit; te en dlfed, il etjieiienis I* i vefite, 'hat the Mary E Fish c.m liave no sopen ?r. Her .-t hin I* fitted ti| in a manner e mhlmng eb nanee with com j t fi rt, the trneoriiiK ?"cingof Mse, satin anil tulip wood" niie < t b'srs ihe name ol the e lie of a South *i reel nw rnlinnt. She ) I w di prneeeii on a ti tal It ip in a few day* sun llarn I'll, a' I'h'ladel^hia, report* ?April It, 1st ' I S5?s, longMitt. saw n ess-el ahnndonan, but wss very light; i h?d two nouses on de< k. ope lorwardsnd ime a!i,iutnled I vijtiie, RaUsBiiui ?>s?iuJli .'w .yiest goi<e, bull i>hia;v<l ' i?cw. litul. t'ne had bean but a ?h'rt us? -n '.fiat a'i -non ; i aw net tar from her torje 4 .umtle* of khda, raxia 01 caaka aid bundles af ibook*. Dakc Rat* U?u>. ftcarlea, at Boaton from A*oa Bay. us the 1Kb inat, Is. 1 31 in. Ion to W. aaw tbe wreck o? brig Ban guela, of 6(' ckton, dismasted, ru" of water snil ahan ioi.ea. <>? the 19th, at i o'clock. 6 mll'i outside of B utton Light the & H bowfprir, f< >r?'maai head and all aaov?, by collision h ith kcir 1'ili more, which auaiained but Utile damage Baaa Mooubkam, Dow, from Liverpool for 6an Kraneisco, lot k tire at wa Feb 7, mutt 34, Ion 41. Caught dre boisreeu 0-rka about midships, badly burning the vessel a port bide froiu I'ontNu-d house, ma> uinau, partner b?ann, kianoli.' >ns, batch, combluga, ho. After 12 hours' exertions the tire wa* put out. Fart rr caggo. bale" of cotton, 4e, damaged and on ftve, were itirowu overboard. The veaaei wou.d proceed on her voyage around Cape Horn. Brig Bi. ?cr Sqita!.!., of ?nd for Philadelphia, from St Jsgo, wltn a cargo of 250 bhda and 1<X> barrels angat a, encounter*! a violent gale from NE on the 9th Inst, and wi.s lost off Oera coke Inlet at 2:*0 ucxt rooming. Cat- Klncand two of the MMIM each had a leg broken. A passenger named Win mien, of N lion's omnia company, nnd a seaman. John Han ton colored), were drowned. \ easel and cargo a total loss, ; Several vessels are reported by Capt King as being ashore 1 tear hK wreck, among wbloh the acnr Ueorgr A Tittle, from Matatgas, all bunds saved; suhr Mary A Hammond, ol Pbila 1 d'-Ipliia. 1 rom Jacksonville, Fla all hands saved. UitiR Aiiston, Smith, at Philadelphia from Cardenas, on 1 tfce !?!h mat, CO mMes S ot Cape Henlop^o, lost a portion of 1 d' ek lead or moliugca. ? 8ahik*, Lane, from Jacksonville for Antigua. wan I w recked DigL'. of Marc 11 4 on tlie N ? Bai bu la Red, 8 miles from land. Tbe crew lemaiued 4* hourj ou the wreck, with I tfce sea sweeping continually over bar The ma*.. having W en car.iod away ami tuo sea covering the veaaat, ahe could I not l>e seen from the laud, The crew were finely reicued, iu 1 an e?ba isted and deaiitute condition, by boatifr om the Inland, 1 after having floated over tho reef on a raft Thev were. kindly ! supplied w ith CiOtblng by the people of tha island. Capt L ine : was badly injured by coming .n contact with tbe reef. The I \ e*M*l anil cargo were totally Tost; the wreck had entirely dis . appeared the next morning. The w *as a good A3 schr. W I tone renter, and owned by the captain. No li.surau w on the j vetssl or freight money, bu? tbe cargc was p. obablv insured in this city. Semi STarHRji Duncan? The schr before reporte 1 ashore 1 a* Cape Hal terns proves to be the Stephen Duncan. from ! Mobile for Boston, with cotton oou signed 10 Bow1. end Jt Kiel ois. K. nil (is o A Tittli', from Matanzas, was lost In the gtle of 9ib .nut. All bauds saved. Hrim A IThhmohp, of Philadelphia, was lost about 9th lnat, on the voyage from Jacksonville. All hinds saved. 80111 Et.i;-a (J BrssKLL? lieaufort, April 16? Hchr Eliza G Russell of Elizabeth City. NO, from ileirgetow 11 SO, with lumber for hhiiadelpbli!, came ashore on the I f ii, about li Kites N of this Inlet, and will he a total ijas. A part of the lumber baa been landed ou the beach. Kchr M H Keit. at New Bedford from B -.lti more, was obliged to throw ovei board deck loud, consisting of 1VJ bt>ls Hour. 8cbb Whitf Croon, Nelson, at BaVimore from Attskapas, was run into on the 7th Inst when off Carysfort Iteef. Flori da, about 2 AM, by a large cotton loaded ship painted black; carried awav one *lde of mizen rigging, snllt mainsail, iprung mainmast head and damaged hull so much as to spring a'eak. Hailed the captain of tne ship after she struck to liy by us, but she sheertd oil' as soon as possible. Schr Treasvrv, Baeon, from Nantucket, in ba'lmt, struck on a sunken rock while entering the harbor of Clinton, Ct, a few days since, and sunk; crew saved. Boir*', as she now lies on Tybee Beach, was Hold at auction on tbe 15ib inat for $1U0. Barhkcat, April 17? The crew of schr Jamea P Burroughs (before reported wiecfced) were saved by the aasistanee of Oapt Amos Grant, keeper of station house Noll; and the crews of the others (reported yesterday) by the nnlst ince of Capt lirant and Capt Edward Jennings, proprlet ir of the Island Home, and the men in their employ. BRCWKnjus*N, April 4? The bark Holland, White, from Matanzas, got on shore below this place, off tiratt Toft, ycj terday, but baa got off, probably by the assistance 01 the Vorwarta and Concordia steamers, and proceeded up the liver thia morning in tow of the steamer Concordia. LrvERrooi., April ?? The Dr Kane, from XOrleaui. ? hi-li arrived here yesterday, reports having been lu eolUi-i iu off Holyhead, night of the 4th ot Anril, with a ligh* ship, wheu she loat bow sprit aud had her forecastle damaged. Macritics, March 5? We have had two very heavy gales tfce heaviest known for many years The whaling b?rk f II Duvall put in dismasted The snip Ocean Eagle, from Cnlcit ta for Loudon, put in lat inat with rudderheati gone aud other dainsge to hull and rigging; she waa making 1 Inch of water per hour, but during tne gale of 2d aad 3d she grounded and remained for 4 or 5 bou s, and it la l'eartd she has sustiined considerable damage, aa she now makes 3 inches of water per hour at anchor in smooth water She will discharge a part ol her cargo 10 repair.? (By letter to Ell wood Walter, Esi|, Secre tary of the Board of Underwritera ) Notice to Marineri. Steamship Ben DeFetd, at Boston from Baltimore, reports that all the Buoyain theOhaunel leading to Norfo'k liave been i-emovcd. ? Notice is hereby given that the Bell Buoy off the Hen and Chickens Leoge, Buzzards Bay, is missing from its siation. It will be leplaced or another substituted with as little de lav as posaihie. Bv order ot the Lighthouse Board. J. A. WIN8LOW Cora. IHS., Boston, April 19, 1861. Lightfeouae Inspector 2d dist. Whalemen. 4 rr at Eilgartowu 17tb Inst, ship American, Pease, N Pivi fio Ocean, WO bbls Jtb oil and OOIW lba bono. Pent hum* 110 bb'a sp 4d0 ilo wh off and 4J10 lbs bone; tSth. Ocmulgee, tJi'cn, N I'aciCe Ocean. 3C0 bbls sp and 2700 do wh oil. Sent home 80 bblasp "|i and 22, UN lba hone A rr at Holmes Hole lath, ship Oomi.'gee, Orecu, Honolulu, of i.dd for E Igai town, with 2700 wl ; 00 sp. Arrat New B< dford l?ih ins , ship William C Nye, 8oul?, Arcti: (. 1 can, Honolulu (Xt 12, Mcngacul, NZ, ,lai< t?, with Ml bbls sp, KKlOdo v hot! and lz.tH-o lbs bono. Bju: home 40 bbls sp, li'sU do wh oil and 27, crxj lba b jne. R:por;s, sroke Oct Z\ off Three Kings, b?k Wavorley. Vina'., NB, ;)>i sp, 4(1(1 wb : 24th, ships towift, Worth, ''oltiUsp; 26th. Bart Oos nold, t lata, rioSUbbla ainms leaving SandwuJl Ialan<ts At Moctami .'an 2, baik Oeorge, M va, SB, 3Wsp, lO) wb, tirticfied for rec.nilts snd men. At B*y of Isfatids tan 6, sWps Navy, Karvent, dotlO sp since l?avi;ig s-'nmlwich J\lanih L?ft at Monrtnui ,lan l>, Martha, Mnncheater, FH, "6 sn Mn<-? do do. Sjvke.'an it, lat 40, Ion IJ9 20E, bark Hudson, ri?b, K.-i, li-OU sp who reported two .'ays previous, )?*. 1. :Jeiii<?, tmlth, NB. 6fi*p,C0 *h. Last night, ship Ocmulge-s. 1 >e'M, of aid for E'lgnr'iwn, took a pilot ofl" B!oo? Island, taken >,otl:lni.' leaving Sandwich Islauos; cnilset* fi . w. ks 1 ?l H;\i r of Mate, but saw notbtntf t Id from eati"ort lhth Inst, brig Kate Cory, Flanrte s, At lsntl ? ( 'i-ean. i-bip .lefferson Hunttlng, at Sag Harbor, reports S'pi 17 sad 2H, la 19 J5 1?, ion 157 SO W, sperm wbatea, too) ;o ii'da; air t n New X<-.ilan't 'grounds Nor i, saw wha!*s in iv 1' . S, lor. 167'k W, very wild, took but one; kept off for Chile cieuuda: Dec 12. in Ial4i -ufi, iou 15J49W, took 3 rig'it w bates ; tot 44* .. Ion 86?s< ?aw other wt.aiea, but took none Bi it rkneed a succession of western n*!"S on Chile; put awav for Cape Horn; paaied the Cape Jsn it; '.a'. 4" 15 5>, lou o4 I 1 ff, saw ,'igbt ?liales Jan 2.S tM>k on". Cruired >?ff the Kner o.' Plate all the til nth of February, saw nothing, put a ray for hi me. At St Thomas Maich If, bark N' D fhaae, Hamlin, of Bever ly? no rejs 11 of oil. In t,> 1I1. ei Pay, Lower Cal1 ornia. bark a I'a?itic, How land, NB, J'JO hb.s" dcvi.tiah oil; limerald Pierce, NB, about ,'ioO do. A letter ftcm Capt Ho?sla?.d, f'f bark Pacific, XR, report* he- at V" in ten Bay la>?< r 1 allfornto.Feb 25, b&vtng taken 11 whs? would f ill March 10 for the Sandwich IsUnd?. Ceports faik lmei#ld, Pleioc, NB, 12 wh. A le "er tn m Cap' Oifford of ship Oce^n, NB, reports her st Huabctne Feb 7, with COO bbls sp oil? to >all -sine Jay on a cri i?e. ships B.rt (losnud.and Bwift, nnd bark Wav< ; 'ey, re jot ted sp aen by ship vVUltom C Nye in Oct, should h ive read Spolcen, iSn-. tbip Arey. Wilaon, : rom Baltimoree Nov JO f.n San Fran rtno, Jan lti. In t 10 li, Ion 56. f- bip KloKa, 2t3 days trom Manibi for Boston, sh in of pro vislons.and wlthloaaot rudder, mlzen topmau, fire topgal lar maat and jibb on, April 21, WJ miles E ol Ca| a Cxi. Ship Natioiml Eagle, Matthews, trom Boston March 11 for Madras and Calcutta. Maich 21. l?t 59 N. Ion ?'? W. ship Marengo, Doughty, :<2 dayafiom Liverpool for ilavnua, April 11, lat 26 47. inn 65 (K> s'hlt Golden Light, Vaughn, from Liverpool for KOrleans, March 10, lat 48 40, Ion 8 56 Hhip S. uaior, Cotfin, from NOrleans for Liverpool, March 3), no lat, 4c. Ship Loienzo, from NOileansfor Havre, April 4, lat 12 1\ Ion 4ft 11. Sbip llclmont, fiom Liverpool for NVork, March 29, >at 47 4tl, Ion II 58 Ship (.en Now tit, Nowcl!, from Liverpool for Bo -ton, April 3, off fuak.T Ship Arnie Bow en, from Baltimore Feb 5 for Rio Janeiro, March 19, lat J 12 8, Ion 32 40. Bark 'Ullon, Bradfoid, from for Key West, March 30.1a 4S ft), ion 8 16. Bart J M Hicks, from ? for NVork, April 13, la'. 3d 30, Ion 68 41. An Am batk ateering SE, showing red signal with h ttsr I' in wh i' e, having horaca on deck, was ?cen April 10, hit J'J27, Ion 67 1*6. Biig ilundova, of and for Providence, April 17, B?rrieg.?i W bv 8 i.' mllra? by pilot la?t Geo Steer- N06 Biig hast, hence fer Mobile, April 17, lat 3S, Ion 73. Knrrign Porla. 4i>.rn Hav, Ctill, Feb 27? No Am vessel in port. Ai > I'svrs, Marcb 27 ? In port a.-lira Ma/eppa, for NVork lilp John Elliot, Wood, for Boston do. Biti-101 April 4? Ofl, Wllhelinine, Brown, from New >ork. s'lo 4th, t ? 11 torn ta, Hathorn, nowport. At tne j'ill 4th. Jos I'eabody, H bi ney, for sliaoghae ldg; Mo 9 Cattle, Knowles, for N*ork. Binimoix, A pi 11 1 ? Arr Anna, Baltimore; 2d. C dutn bia, hlehmond ; ?d, Hlehrird Cobden, Charleaton. H?Oi?ih>h?ha, April 3? Arr Caailda, btiifford, Bslti Bom iArx, Match 30? Arr Pilgrim, Ilallock, Havre. Hid Arril 1, Biiena Msta, A\ae?, NVork. Bafikio: >, Marcb :W? Arr Carmen, N Orleans t Han'A Fe, do. Bomsav, Van h 13 - In port ships Clifton Belle, 4!ori>ett. from Livei pool. arT 2d; Isaac II B.atnlman, Brown, for Liverpool Idt', nearly full Maree'lus, Hallctt, tor do do; Mln nebah.i , Besu 'hMmp. and Oriental, Bsllarrt, lor lo ld{; Ala.v Itower, Chatl'eltl, tor do do; Barn bier, t.oihrp, for do log. IM.-igi., Im. iT. tr on B.'Ston, nearly full, harks KAttlesnake, Vendee, foi CalcU'ia ldg; schr Frank, Very, fMm /.anzihar. srr 4th, urc, disc sid March 1, ships Tnroad >. Murn'ord, Liverpool: <th, Oransda. Miller. Calcutta; Wb, llanlel s-hsrp, Cusbing, Mo iOth. Autelove, Cole, Llvertiool. Bi ino- wnn, Man h 15? In port ship ltambl?r, Ba'cs, lor \\ Indlea few .lavs; barks Eliaabelh Ijeavltt, Hallett. lor New Ve.k di*g; rt#h. Millar, from do via P >?.orlo KcrlOtb; ,1 A tre. chrfit'Sii from NVork; ("onto*, \\ c>odwar.|. from Cadi* for S' iliomas, rliag; Melden, Drink water, from roitland, d ?; .1 1 hi une, (o.vie, t mm Ba"im re arr 13th, tine; brig?Ca'hu Mne Jobiiton, Carsta r?. sold at auction 6W, by ivjwr or tl.e T rlbu 1 hi ol I onimeree; Mary Wllk'ns, Wood, tor NVork.iUa ., Bot?ronl, urc; senr l.mfty Keith, l.ockwoo I, f -i N VJ'caM.A, April 12? In p"lt bi Ig Peerless (Bi I, I' NVork. an ?'th, lor i'o iwh. Cota. Apill V-Air MitaUff lnruh, N\oik Ciiivvi , Ma-eh li-In 1 tl bark Zotoff, Claik, dlsg; biln F.iizabeit , l ara?en, <0', March 2H- Arr En eh Tfatn, Burwell, Liverpool; Pat ir. 1. May. . NTorfc: kfh, Ma.tba ?v rightlngtiin lhatcber. do 31111. I ion. 10 >pei, and ljevon#hli?, Calbni", NOrletna. C(. March 2i ? Arr Eleanor, Iloamer, H10 Ja nf.ii o. Cotoveo. Mi.reh 12? Mil prtv Memphis, Connor, Tullooi In '.t rt'i'i ? Feb -Arr Wild Hsi gei . ('hAie, Melbourn. D 1- tis7ciiuic ciikev. I.lrerpnot ?4th. Union, Sm ill Mosion, 2Mh, ClaiVa Itlrd, BtM, Honib?y; Ece* llariz, Liverpool; Jfih F aa' Indian, l.eeraw, do. na.garet Jane, Ruvll, Bom hav. Bid Mareb ?>, son ua. Bliard, London. B! iii.?>a? 4pnl!i \rr ship B R Mllatn, Ellis, T.iverp??ol; "lis bill* rce, Vouns, Portland; Marlon, Fowler. Snran nah Fan1 Kerny llavvoa; brigs ,1 V Sawyer, Itiadly, Vw Totk ce .igis. sh : man B stoo; schra M Kinoev, ug cr, Phi ade'pMa; ! ?rC' Pendleton, Haraii; 9th hrt*? Fannie. Ro?s, sni Mai'hii. Anlerson, I'm 'land ; t Dion, Tripp, New Vnik' s I f >?rah < nl'.en. ( tnlcn, do bid 1th, bat li* Sarah A Nickels Nickels, NYoik; Bat ah A Biai?itell F.a n, t ioa; bliss K 1' I'atKraon, Heard, and lo a. i h, i ah ?. I'lilladelphhi ; Mechanic, Look Portland; Heot land. Lit ? mr B.eton; *lpli e. Klllman, New Orleans; 12th, hail R ' a ?r, I'a'ten, N w >< rk; sehrs H l,?wl?, Wtltlitma, snd O V Petto, 1 lark. B.^ion; ftlla, Packard, ?'ba>'es on. tuNftr. >-. April, Air bark Cbas Edwin, Littlejohn, Rt Thorn ? : "'n. ? dn fns<>n K .'a>ll?. Dehorn, Kingston. Sid 6th ?? is III .>atl. stnali, I'Mlaadphla; Byrnn (Bi , Cree tnnr Portland . In p- "t 7m. baiks C C B< II, Phackford, for Boston , days; M It r, J 'i 'im. fr< m ilo; brlj; Centaur, for do 4 days (in,, v pi i mi Mary B Rich. Rich, London for Malstt ??a; vin-ens, Howe Jo ' or t ubn (and both aneh??redl; ti'i, ng' Maaiine, cnrdcoaa. Hid 4th, ciiyof H-wioii, 4'atney (li<>n? Antwerp', Havana. . It. tf D 111 < 4ili, Wave Treat, Harmon, from Rot erdam lor raiiiifl, _ . y. , i n 11, v ixii i? >lrt Ccie?, Httmphrev. Ftvannab. F ? ?ano A 1 1 1 "4 -In poll sctirs Res Itanger, or Orleans. ;nr NV. -k k day* ; I gen- A Reed, for Hun ord. A In In nort brig I **n*, ft ' N Yr>fK _ _ , r- . OiasM.tAS A pi 11 % Ip p'.it brig R L Ivind y, fr m N. ? .'!?H*|.rP 2 a I r Jain. ? Miller. Carbon"!, NOrlenna Hs?a* AnrUI! Id l.uetnda. Bm th, R\ ork : F < Starr, jai/ivfi cuiHien, ??> ; JiAa l'aiiee, laiica. Batn; Olarina, Dw^er. KOrkiiiit; . Xcw Hu&f <*t -&% Cull; Fmny, WHi*?DM.<fAp?a :5? Sid S-. Eo>-T. : ee. NYork (and from ^An^Uuikaveu^d, HoUau*. Wi!>, Maiaiii*.!, HamtaMt, ? Houacoa, April 7? In port brig Wave. for Nforkldg * laans Islamp, ieb fi-ild ?** ?'=?. HampWa Ronds, with 1 100 tun* guana. _ . . . . Jii iiL, Much 27? In port brlr J W Coll hirst. for Geno? ltte; schr \rtiu, toi NYork. kmuabkb.'h 7? An- prev '.Ysstern ocean, Simmon*. Mauritius for Calcutta. Ki.vumtoh, J a, April 2? Arr brlij Alamo. Foster. Montoga Bay. Sid finish W, sehrs fluasn Jane, Philadelphia; ils'. D P William*. Williams, St Tbomu. sea Lark, Bangor. Livkwool, April i? Arr Newsboy, Uoane, Kuva'. ; 4ih, Prin ? cess, Hearse, For folk; 3th, Fanny, Herrlck. Cardsnia; Dr Kane, McKay, NOrleans; Floating Cloud, steel, NYorE (with foretopniaat cut away and pan of cargo thrown overboard lit a hurricane March V). fid 2d, Charles Hill, Small, Calcutta; llAdower, Emereou, NYork; 4th, Pagle. Curling, Boston; Mb, Josepkua, Hol bruok, do: Sarah Park, IVudfeton, NYork; Beplun*. T'aabodv. do: Growler Watts, t i mden; WiU'.aih linger, Farley, Hall fax; 6th, Abby Blaueliaid, \Naltu, Shedluc; Beaton MbitIu. Ki'lleran, Halifax Heroa, Michaels. MOrteans. Cld 4th. K re?fb, Robineou, r&rd nvs; 5th, Prank Bool'. Morse, St John, NB: Sir Robert Peel. Larrabee, NYork. Entered for ldg 4th, Beiv.dere, Jackson, tor Boston; K Creigbtoo, CreighlOD, do rihanjf i from St John, NB); News buy. Doane, Fayal and Bio Janeiro; City ot W aahingtcn (aj. NTork; New World, Knight, do;, W Weor Fownt, Cartis, Quebec : 5tb, Parliament, Lea'tb, fit John.NB; Enoch Bai i?rd, Uoea. Halifax; Middlesex, ii?rnU, Ka.tport , U^onna. Mucloon, Savannah; Southerner, gonle, NYork; Marttana, ^ A^^hfjuratSTfor Quebec 1 1 Oi ; Arabia UXf or Roston loth; City of Wa.-birgton '?), for NTork 10th: Aria si,ford? 13th; J O Baker, Kotw, fur Portland #tn; Calhouu, Tniman, f< r NYork l.'lth L'utle Joe, PiDkhaia, for Phliade.phia lUtU ; Bamberg, Wlloer. for NOrleaus 12th. I ok no*, April i? Arr Oonttaen*- Gibbe, Callao: MissNlghu Ingule, Inutus. NVoik. Cid 5th, Helen McGaw, Harrow, Mel, bourne; Amazon. lluvey, NYork. . ? L iglayha, II si eh 31? In port v-hrs Charlie A Willie, from N fork, dlsg; Clara, Crow ell, to load lor do. MiLronK, April S? Bid Madawaska, Thomas (from 8av*n n*MK>?tKA,^Aprll 1? In i?rt bark Daniel Webster, Rvder.i? 'oad for Bnaton. Bid March 25, brlgx W B Nash, small, and A W Hauls, Bttthuiirn. NYork; JHtb, Samowt, Bnggs, do. Malta, March 29? Sid R Goddard, Hurd, btnjma. MAUiiiTitK, F. b 27? Arr C II Lunt, Moons, CalcutU; 28th. J L Hale, (lo: Ma.t h I, Ocean Fagle, Chlom, Calcut ta Bid 8th. H iJ Clover, Kellnm, Calcitt*. Momtkvidxo, March li ? In }Kjrt harks Edlsto, FIIbd, fronr Baaton tor Buenos Ayres 14th ; Wessacumonn, Welilon, from Baltimore, tins, dls-B; Jaladtn. Wilton, from Bumoa Ayre% do, waiting for packet; brias M unco Park. Gill, from (jadiz, do, dlsg; J W Siiencer, Bpeuoer, from NTork, do, do; Pulaski, llathorne, from Penwcola, do, do. Matagvcx, Apri' 0? In nort trigs Rainbow. BTine, roe NHavrn M?; Ada. t'liadburn, for NTork do Calmuck, John son, for Kwmouth do _ M atanzas, April 7- Arr barks Ooidspeed, Dutton, Charles ton- Ionic, fautchlnson, Fbiladelpbla; brgs Charlsna, Means, do; Alfarctta. Bigger, Norfolk; W:nd?ard, (ilnn. Nnorki echrs TI Newtll, lErm*#, and Maxon Roge-a, Farren, do; Hth, A Farut worth, tiich, do; W Menhon, 4-ol*v 8%vaonah; 9tb, brigs Jas I?fc\ i?, St.iples, and Cceau Wave, M?ioo, Bo? ton: Lincoln Hutchinson, Portland. Moonlight, Small. Balti more; Prentiss Hohbe, Park-!, Havana; <ebrs \ elma, Touutf, NToik; H E B?ll, Philadelphia: 11th brig* Frankl n. Kins msn, Havana; ISth. Rhodlas, Bennett, Chirleiton; sobr Ocean Bangor, Lewis, Havana. . hid 9th, bark W W.ison, OoU ns, NTork: bng Mary, Moor bouie, Charleston; llth, barks Josie Nlahoias, Ntoholae, Fal uiouth ; VumiiK AndtrsoD, NYork; Uiw tiirnh, Hose, ahq i tistillan, Marwlck, Portland: sakr Biulrash. Bennett New York; lith, brigs Pro'.eaa, Chipmau, do; Windward, Bllia. PlNv.wroBT, April 6- Arr CallfornU, Hathorn, Bristol. Nkuviyas, April 14? In i>ort sblp a.oasuth, Qooding, lor Amstsrtfam Ida: brigs ocean Trave w, Sargent, for N Vork 16th, do, Tiios Own. Peitlugill, for dodo; A Wa'von, Wat son, tor do 181b, do; J R Nevins, l.Iley, lor dolith; luaci. Cooler, fordo. Sldd'h, schr Tec E IHojmh, Thayer, NYork. Qut-KN.STOWX, April 6 ? Vrr Aroosv ok, Pierce. Matanaaa. Bid 3d, llcglua, Booker, Hamburg ? Rio Jaukibo, March lt>-Arr bark W H Newman, Gavet. Balua; brigs T W Lucia, Perkins, r :n.andlna; 12th, Fairfax, ( 'lay poll, Montevideo. 13th. bsrk R-e.ndeer, t foutts, P?Tn\m - buw- brigs Bohto, Banlet?. NYork ; ^ry A Forrent, Gi!l^s Pi8\<f ICt'bT bark Virginian. .Lew ery, ^'*5 : (Br) Oiirwcn. 8av?nn?h: barJc t IsraH&xaJl, Diitton, NTork, 13th, I^ncaktriaiBr), Edmpnston, do. -SSVa'Ji: iSTc'nrrii JportKo?k '.Ve^ern SWaylor. from S t*R? nam! Maivhr sk^-Vn port barks Vanr Briughton, Ilei' rlck.dlFg; Wvinsn, Lincoln, wig cargo: brig Cronstadt, Hig ^STTSoBA^Al^lli-rt P?? !>riS y""'"k':''|P'tlt,jr' f")U' Bayaen, ieloadlng. would be re&dy In about .10 Ji y?; bark Pcntucket, leigl ton, for London aer d i* ; rchr Mary Alice, Welch, from NYork, on 30th, disc; ar. l othes. BtJaco, March 29? arr schrs Seancso t Bride (Br), l-nrlong, Boston: Anrrlia, Choatham, Savannah. Kavanh i * MAivh 29? No Am in p^ri. St Jons, NB, Apt 11 14? Arr brig A shby. ? right Ne w Tmjk; schrCofiri'r. Keoliei*. ^avannfrb. *;ld Idih. #obr Mr Pwrw, Dodge, PLIladelpti- : Htfc, bark ? aMianne. Croeker. do. Tut'. WiciiT, Ajirii t ? Off, 0 unrinfl- !, spencer, from Loo - ('0,Tv \?ki?1' Innl'f- Sid Jail* Cobb, Staples, Gen>m. Tbinid'ai 3? air sctr As-rea, Falmouth, 7th, brlR tl Doa nes, Jajxeson, (iuadaloupe; ?--r harlte A Willie, H'^op ervi,*^y?cst Coast of Mex'co, Var^fc 2-In port ship Ring leader, Matthew s, ldg, to sail t.o .t ,\; ril 1 .or U?.ates or EyTk*octd, NH, April S? Cld br.g B.oomer. Goudy. Sa vannsh. IPvp sncAWMiir Jt'sA orr Firnrr. "oiwT-Trrr.injrRtc.T Air from NYork Aprtl 5. ArstniU,at Cork; Wi, Hora, do; Humboldt, at Hamburg; Ttfc, Joan M-dJes at Dover. Arr I rom NOrlears, Carmen, at V t' -ga Arr from Baltimore 8tb, Jatnes, at i^amOuUi. Arr from Mobile ?. th, Washing! m, at I.ive-p >ol. Sid for NYork ?th, t ?nn:aik,:r-m - nderland ; Con ?ena tore, Cardiff; 4th, Buena \Tsta, B .rdea. x; 9th, J P Wheeler. Deal: Med Is tor, Auatia<la, Lo as hatab, via Bir R Peei, Liverpool ; 10. b, ftinretdeen. an Fmp'?s?, do. fid for Boston tilh. Kecliab.te from \r ro^an Sid for h Orleans 10th. II V<r sger-, .'rom Uveipool. (Viu L? n^nos-ry ' . , . . , ^ Arr from NTork, Isabella liav, uil Pr y, it l.imerlek; John ceddes, at Hull. Arr from Boa ton. El Dorado, at Qoee s??<rn. Atr from NOrleans, Keaiua. at c -Ma The ship Mar^ustie, from MOr.eana i a Llvei P'sjI, is asl.o-4 on the Biubo Beuk, at me m ..h ot th? -lei se> Anirrlran port*. BOSTON, Ai*ii H-.Vrr s'eRm?is Jos Wh'tney. I.ovelaud, Baltimore viu Noil oik ; Kwn1 ins v>n, -.ker, I'/u.a.Vlphla; Br brig i nn Lovf ii, IVWolfe. C!inlu?^ >*; 3r fehr Anna, Lenora, Mallett, Ea- 1 Uarb. <r, rt ? tgaal :~n a ;r g < d t hips l.iver pool Packet* er lei- lor IJrwpool; cnarg ?r. Hatch, Han KranUoeo: D a h rig * rt"bropt. Hotter dam; sohrs flu a King. Putrldge, M i igau^; Belle. %?-rtll, Bermuda; R ? Mttler. Olfford PbiUdrlphls : Oeor(*L Green, Rich, NTork. Sid, wind W. goodbreeie, st-smer > R spau.d Ing: Varka Amy, flu- vest Queen aud tlonuaretl; b.icn Ade line, >?iai,topol H >ber Wir.g: and fr m Pre*;. lent H<*<ls. '"inth-^Arr Br'stesmAtr Niagara. Mrrlfe L verp>-)',Qrteeus. towannd Halifax; br'j?" Pilot l'lsb. Heard, Mlraroare: <e^ iand, Ln?H>trl>, *'?r lenas; s<-tar? A hlam. Ifty. Jaoks-'risllte, K<; Wiieldt n, >??), t hi' .?? a Old aip Miustrei, C afford, V a) pa i also: brigs I irllti., H.gdns, i ape Haytlen; Foster, Mower?, tionalvee __.w 2l?t? arr l?rigs Avai.'ie (Nor), Condr p, M?rs?Mes; Iredk Wording, flerruik rtiiiluam: sot r L B i sber. Liars. Ban . a Crux hid Saiurdaj . w Inu W S W t ? - a. Ch srger. Liver pool Packet Bo t'?n; brigs Foster. La ii .n. BRAZOS, April l:i-lu P'irt brig obn Jewett, for N\o.K ldg s.-hr J A Y. ooilh juse, for d., do. . _ BANOOR. \^ril 17? Arr ?chrs Defi-Jice, Boynum, iun Oreiitt, Small, NTork; lPtb, O ean Stsr, LoveUnd, Norfolk. Cld 19th, rchi \V Lee, Gray, l'bUadelphl*. BRIS'lOl., April 18? Arr scfcrs Hen.y Lemiwl. Ve.str Port Ewen, Elei^il.', ffaid. NYork ^Id sclira W W B.ainaid, Bowditch. and champion, Klsler, NY vrk. FALL BIN Elt. April 18-Arr orig ' - >n J?v a, Johnson, Alex - audria: srhrs Boi.bla Ann, Weaver, Petersburg: W C Nelson, Smith, Philadelphia; Oeo Hoffman, Benne I. do; M Betts, Endlctitt. Baltimore lorflomorset; llth. ttfdla Ann, Weavrr, ' G ALvIbItON. April 8-Arr - ark A H Klmlmll, Paekartl, Htskiand; cld 10th, bark Norumhega, Haling, NVork; l*n, scbr Bldney Price, Qjdfrey, Floitd*. In I'ort 17th, barks Maria Bartiet, for Bremen, ldg; Alamo, and T W House, lor Llverpao!, do; Trinity, for Boston, do; starlight, A H Blmbs'l, and Port tea, dug: brigs J P Hoooer, ? tg; Yetta, and cimes, difg; sohraEC Hownrd, and J M rr?Ahl?INEB, April 13-Arr schr EJ/abmh. Bak*. KYork. JACKSONVILLE, April 9- In port s^a Jherw* O. fnr Richmond 12th : J Bennett, Ireland, fiv m N ^ ork ( 4 MM Ktruek h? H?htn?nf ??n il?e 7th, iind fc.* : matnm^ti daatrny^A. KkXShBi kkl'oK'l, Aprii 21? Arr sehr Joeeph l ain, Oilcht 1st, Hampton noada. - MOBILL. ApVBM-Arr schr B F Reere^^m*!^ T?a delphla; 1T> b. bark R H ?. amble, Powe.l, NVork cld Itth. nchri Mjrovcr, rbvladclphia; l?tn, Faani Bi.#:ga, lift* '"maCHIAB, vpril 10-Arr brig Natxac, Sawyer, Naw York; srbr W H Sargent, Sargeet, do. Sid 8tb, brig ioi-em, Fiister, Nloik: vrhrs K I i Nash, Eaton, do; lOtk, Tycoon, P.nkhain, **NBW O^LBaJIR, April ld-< Id steamships Ttwm****, Foioes, \ era Crtu: Mobile. Teal, Lnraca: shlpe ArkwjSght, I >a\ Is, Liverpool: to ingSani, Men>m..n do; ?orway. Major, do; bark Ssritllo. Cole, fit Petersburg: >*V) Barcelona: Felicia, Faiegers, do, ' bint to, (iolpl, do, schr K. W Toll, Towneend, PhiladelpBia. 17th? Arr ateamshlj>a Chas Morgan, Ltwlesa, Indian >la an<* Gaivcstou ; Austin, Smith, Lavaca ant Indianola; shtp (Br* Advice, Dick. Liverpool; bark Sp> Maino, tiasijroUv Ha*?M cld shine Bold Cusbman, Otis, and <>ler>n, Orr, Bath, Me r Nation al. Small; Western Empire, Soule: Bnt ll. and Ocean 6cu<", Ja?k, A Ha... W est, L"t;don; Yonng Ragle, Little, Prort denes , Susan m. T'rI^e^?oT^.hruh!XiM Kate Hnnwsr, Jos Hg?nt?. and ?? Paul: l?ai k C^pbn* Hterrctl; brig Cygnet. ^ Washington, liickiand, Llxxle Moaea. and dln.,nds, pre "lousiv reported as having been towed to the bar, w?nt t jaea ?n the llth. 1 he shin Bpn k the Oc?n. Kinney, from Lirer i^nl Vh'ch at rived at (he bir on the l:?h, sylieJ psurdaj, [or Bt'-ion. Ihe sldp Frank Pierce. Brooks, hence lor Llvor ' "new' BL'liFtJRD. April IS? Ait acbrs Geo W ('ummtnisa, Wheidm, I'hiladelphla. Nnumtuzk. Kelly. N^l*; lWhVGulk ilr I S), Pertv, Galveston ; R b Warren, Warren, and Mil Head, Kelly. So: 2"th, Harriet, fi'inwrn. Tligln .*?. Bo^>x , B rower I'Diltde^phln ; V enoa. Davis, fclisabethpon; 2I*?, fiatah bcn?OB, Mattopolsett for JIYofk sld Jlat, echre o Vt Cntrm ngs.Jt igiioa, I'hiWdelpL a: .-arah. Benson, > NRW fil m' PORT, Ar.rtl -**? Ajt_ sehw John C Baiter. Mart riark, snd Hsnnt.1 Grant. Philadelphia. NEW TORI Ajrll 17? Air sebrs Mary Auua, t.lbba Phlls itelt hla fur Po?t< n . Fly. CheeswuAn. do l Tor . rls Francis, Clsrk, Neweasfie, Del, for jortlnnd. B^DeAn, rook, Klln.tx thp .rt for Narrafansett ller (ard all sld it '"'"th -Atr stbi ? t rade Win.!, BjitT X 8 1.1 ilwy <Br>, Maiftald, Por-oTtioo for NVSB, * "J1' lord. t aariest. n for Pnyldenenj Armada, Kpovjea,. Me'tl more (or Taunt, n Wm Bobl^, I'W-w'J niiraT, Rnrgs. Lli/abe?hpon. Sld sckrs hsrak, Minnehaha, 41ft .lolin at.U o'bers , _ ? ?_ NEW LONDON. April '^Arr schrs Ann El PWlgre' e. Delaware Bat: Th. ma- Potter. Racket f>'la?ejfkm |tld srhrs Chief, t hsmplain, Philadelphia; Hudson, watermsn, RNBW U^ EN. Aoril 19? Arr ^hrs Get W ^'7, Jr Pfiikrr V> taints, 2> ih, T?,?*e !5J[TanaSHJ5h?' I Ih. ichrs 1 Od /.ark, and Dr W H ' ,,1* rc^ms fi 1'HNS aCOLA. Apt II 11? Arr imrk Caroline Ellens, El lem?, N Orleans; cld l?-ljt ?" Maaon, Gsr^luer, _ . PORTLAND, April 17? Arr schr Nimrod Bridges, NTork fiit *e irsporl ' Id Br ?blp loca. F tew art, Liverpool; b-ig finest Stete, ll..i?.n?.nd, llavsnn. .... .lk_ 1 th- Atr biigs ? "msnx 1 Url, Chlsho.m, Ma.agaeg. jita I'rtsby \ ? a/ le. Caid?ns*s eohr Mslne, Bronn, RohbmUon I . r > k < Id >or hut Ntptun* Christen ?o?. Lie don. )"ih- vrr brigs Resolute, HU1. ITarana ; Mat Queen, MoT ?m and Pgnohecot, Bdgerjy. Ms sn/as; schr 'k-ear, Collins, Nc ncastle, l?el CIJ 1 ark Perl, Th?e?r?r, Havana. SHli Arr lia k Helen Maria, gnriMM,. t2-n'-.egoe; kltehaete. Loeke. Havana: schrs Fre.1 Ree l, M Ca mo u, Wil li ngt.n Nt 1 otter Roek. Lane, NT irk; .'1st, HattleRoss, Poland Vfilm nston, NC, via Boslofi; K 0 Latl an. Barnard, !nd I I'lVtmiin. Kt ewna'n, Tangier, rid 2<lth, Dsrki:B Ha milton, Chaee, Hsvsna. Bid ?i ?>, Br ?'esm*i |p 4>nadisn, ' PoTiV-'moITH, Apill 17? An scV F \> ewbr .?? >k, Strout, * PRo'vlDI'NCE, v prll lP-Ai:' *. :.r >Vm Pgxwn, 8t?t Charliston; llriii'd. Knliihi, L.t' lu-jrc. I ndii j.B'.*ff; Ben Wltrb. Tyler, and 4ary Tlce.1V>, rhlis1-t| h a. S1 1 b-?t* Haihl t'otsv e'.l. ll nnMin. Pldla'leipliia, scbrs 'la.nh >w, Bloe, Ndrfo'k ; Mall, kellr. an?! EmpfrA Adams I'h '??l?<r"^ HO< KI.ANH, Apt II? -"U bark Otetli Hani*. Jfcn?*Meer Ornsns: sthrs MnrPdtfl, < iraj. N \??it ; li>?<. "tfi'iii,, tlj' do. lWh. Kloreni ? . Jaio??.u, 1I0: H areiilaims, Hawaii, mi lade pbts: le'h. R M< wltt, Bti.-kiin. Sooth. SAVANNAH, Apri' 1!?- < M at^Mcsfctu Po -miv . Hetoher, Baltlmoie; wfcni ftahsui, Gilee, BatM L -ui<e. Ha let, ?<?? stLR.W. April It.- An ariir GsmaUol, Wl I nr Ma> QneVn. Morton, CmlemsJ rXa'-iVw^ Palni. ilntoaon Jr. WhMnorn, fM'ndeiy'iia^ l?kf L vTal_h, la , .lack nvillei Hist, iirlg HHIt +SL a!L Ne? W ARHl \M. Apr" lt-s d sckro Lana. tine. '? 'tr^?1?M1* York) *vuitor, ?v?,r. ttiwkle,,