Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1861 Page 3
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yj M bring It M M ????> (Cries at "Hu| "1 . j i Hanging is too food ftw bias. A aaaveeovore tut certain punishaaenl anouM await htm: hat * single lark Mid it ia all over with hi*. Our aoverMaaat, my -jMcauti, snust nat falter in this hour or oar enter gency. B vtry nsrve must b? brought into ac.tian, sal every ac tion muat deal a Mew of death to every traitor. (Cheers.) Tbe I'oumic should be lined with gunboats, end every i?e that one of those vagabond* appears upon Us banks be should be blown to the devil without mercy, (ibeera and laughter. A Voloe? -'Yea, and without the ferofbl of clergy ") lly friend says, "without the benetlt ?f clergy;" to that 1 ray, Amen' This war may be a Urg <&e but it ia to be a victorious one to you. Some men s?k, "Osn we eoerce tbem back into the Uniou?" 1 oon't say we can, but we can conquer them; and when wo do te, every dollar of property in those Statoe shall be confiscated for the beneiit of the great Northern army. TbO06 fine plantations shall belong to the Northern sol Uier, and wiih Northern men we shall repeople those Statee. lhis may be bold ta'k but it is true, and It la ee/tain to take place. I am still for peace . if It wn be had. We have waited with all patience for It. they have fired upon our Hag, and we will never suffer It to be tired upon with Impunity. We may as well let them know now aa beroaf :er that the reward we will mete out to uuem for their t ronton Khali be. committing their Domes to the flames and their own ciarcaaaea to the eaglea of America, (cheers ) F PKIC 11 OF I1AVID nmi.KY FIELD, ESQ. Mr. TUyid Di dut Kikm> a&'d: ? This is no', a time for words, but f>f dee 'a. Our Un'on is assailed: that Union which was createu after so many years of pa'.ient labor, of common suffering and common glory. Our ranstltu ticn ia tMl.d: that constitution which Washington, Franklin, Maditon, Hamilton and their compatriots nude, ULd ? ticb has served us bo well iu petc-J and In war. Our liber '.log are menaced: those liheitios which we in herited from our bravo aud suffering fathers and which we received as an inheritance to be transmitted lnt cl to ?nr children. The symbol of our country's strength and honor that flag which our countrymen have boineover so btbu) lands and seas, l as been insulted and trampled. Oar fortresses, anennls. mints, custom homes, hoapiUU, have been seized. The r< a 's ti cur nathnal capital have been obstruct! d, sml our own troops, marchiog to its auceor, liio'.csted and slipped: every form of contumely and insul: has been used towards us. The foundations of government and socicty are rocking around us. Truly, my fellow citizens, this is no time for words? we roost act, act now, act together, or we are lost.. This Is no oa raoon to inquire into the causes of this awful state of th:igs. All ban's, all hearts, all thoughts, shoti! I bo concentrated upon tiie one great object or saving our country, our t'nion, our constitution ? 1 had a'most ta>d. car civilization. If wo fail in this great emergency, if we allow a single source of disiord to In trude into our counsels, if we do not give to our glorious land, in this boar of its peril, our subntmcc, our labors aid our blood, we stall prove ourselves inaH degenerate children. A great conspiracy baa boon forming aud ex for many years to overthrow this government; the people have only now believed its existence; i'. was ?uavttbxg b<> monstrous as to bt- incredible, till an armed rebellion has overcome e.ght Stutcs, and s>!> ms to be spreading over more; a military despovsm h'is obtained control of eight miUione oi people, ?nd is knocking at the gates of ihe capital. Tnereforo a-iu yourselve?, for thi* contcft is to be decided by arms; let every ma i arm tin. self. None capable of beam g aTis cm be spired. It is net 00 OCO that this State must grit ready, but 300 000. Arm yourselves by land and so*; prepare for the worst rally to the support of tan government; give jour counsel acd your strength to Mic COiBtl^Ueil autho rities, whom the votes of the people am! the? i of ttie land have p'aced in power. Nevor give up Never de rpair. Never shrink. And from this d irkne?s and gloom, from the smoke atd lltino of battle, we shall, with rod's blessing, come out puritie i as by Are, oar love of justice increased, the fountations of our institutions more Crmly ccmeuted. anil ihc blereUgs: of liberty m >re <-?rta.r!y secured to ourselvir an.l our posterity. Ev.>ry that, can ;nlluei.ce men is present to us th.s d ly ? love cf honor and love of righ: ? the h,8t,>ry of the hcroic past, the vast interests of the present and tlio future of all the million* that for ages slull inhibit lira est lineal. ST EEC 11 01 il'Ct.E THOMSON. Fxs'cw Oot'.NTHVMi!) ? in 18"- the Stilts of ?}i;'h Caro lina attempted to nullify the actim cf the federal gov ernment upon the questions aflectirg our revenue liws. Kcrtunately Andrew Jackson was then President of t*ic I'd : ted States. Himself ti e very Impersonation of re publican democracy, be was also &t that period surround wl ty loyal majoritiis in b<uh the Senate acd ilousn of Tiepnseitativee. In that emergency the oil hero u* ocoe deuraaed to defend the constitution ami uphold i'jj lawa. Ue?tb brarche? cf Tongress t'tond flrmlv bj the *-de oi the people's chosen ch of, wh > proclaimed in w t rill which c-annji die. ? ?* Th'.' I'n.on must anl shtl! be f.rctr ved ' " (T'iajr.-ilous tppla :se.) True, Sou'.h Ciro .ra Lad aided to swell the majority by whioh he p'a ed amoegtt tfce fnrem'""! rule's of the nations of tha etru?^SK t.j fidelity and j atr.otism, hi4 dev > inn t.) the constitution widen ho nxd r vara to support, ra ced h m above the reacU and beyond the stretch of mere partv feelicg, ard prompted l..m to lose sig'il of ?verjttu.g that in.ght teno to red .ee him from the ?<rv!ce of the country he leved so wel' Thos ?t was tkat the prompt, statesmanlike anl energetic acton of the federal autloriti-js Si th'.t memorable and trj tg ciisi* most etfvrt'ialty n.r| iri?xl the sp rit of rebe lion which men menaced the peace of the country and the stability of our i-tier *be<l iDstitut.ons: and the determ.ncd anuoaur.em-nt of .lacks'into praierve the Icion at all hiy-irds, w.i i r? rpoiit ed wo oy the uniteo voke ot every htmiot, village, \own and cit> ttarcughout the limits of our bloned laud. >? we iftrt Columbia ? ? r.s have < ver mudc iha heaveaa i^p with mcsic to tne aspired worcs ? Tnen a cock for > aion ? the watchword recti), Wh cb gave tise rt)K.olic b?r statiou. y I'Li'.ed we itkLd-^tiivioed we fall ? ;t made au 1 prose -ves us a n*' oa. The ua.on cf .akee. the un oa uf lands. The union ?'f states nene can sever; Tie urion cf hearts, the nelon of haods, Aid tfe ;.ag of our Cc ui forever and ever, The a?g of cur I. n.on forever ? (Sieat oneerirg ) A't?? the Ispte it thirty peaceful >ears? yea.-s of uuex amp'ed tat.ona'. prosperity? ^0 000 000 of fre-nr.en, !n tbts be'.r of our country h p^rl, again are cbtunticg t*ie mafic wort's ? The !;?g of cur nion forever aud ever. the liac cf our 1 nioa foiever ? ^Hheera ) Tl<d?;a.vt rt<lv.gor< . pall y or the tero cf New tirlcais save fieace and harmony to the country at once, and proved to the worl 1 th?t, whether cgh: nc under ?Wtsblrg'.oti or Sco'.t ?gi.n-. a foreigt etieroy, t r unler .laokaec or l.intyln tcb''?rs) Hgai'.at doajostic fo?'s, t o people of th e mlighUDCd lard ha^e a government which ia mvir>c!Me sgi sci ataauits and attark'. let tucm cmia from ?lihuut or from with.n. The spirit of rebelli n again rear* its hideous l.<ad smosgst the cit-r.e?a of t^e siuy Stuth aad as r, wr,s met by .laekson thirty years ?gc, so is it tow being m?t by PresitlcnT I. 'e coin. Mwn.) New. as tuet , though we mar d ffor upon ^uetliona of ?' meet ' | oi.t cs ? whether wo favor or ep l**e the internal dTtrincs and p'a'ioims upia which JackMB or Mnon't was elaeteel? ceverthctots, we are all agreed that " The t'n:oa must and shall be oreeervtl!" The speaker proceeded in an e'oquent str.rn, f?vor ng the ?eerget c enfeTcemett of the laws, and the reoatitutton ipe>r, winch they rest Re had al?a>e' been a demo ra'. vet k? would f *?et > e party pro. livit < ??. i.n I >'n h-.rt and h: nd i the wt'rk of suppressiag insurrectloa, and in * .E.oat Dg ti e supreme majesty or the aw H3 cloa^d by nay ,ng ? My hewrfs deeue and prayer to high Heaven W, afcitt at Cort wa* ?n the si le of our fa'liers la the t.-y ng days of th? revolution, so may He now *tan 1 by t?ie sacred cause of their eons in taes<- data of dialoyalty anl ??t?eUion' And now that the horrors e>f clvl' sir w r.pon ti, ?aj the conflict continue ti:i the de-iiii rat ie shall tc m upon the palsied throat of dyinr Treaooa and PiruD'or ' (l.r ud appi^use ) anacn of ?:x jcdo* pienKroxT, of buookltv. ibe lollowirg brief and s*irriog address was net', made to the ectbiiMiftic mi; t lu le by e< .Judge Pikkh -hi. of Krooklyn, wbosas intrexluced by the Chairmto ain.J i.'Ud an laute ? F*i 1 1 w t mxa>?? W hat d?ee ail th>s mean. Is it that cur ?outhern brethien have been trarple I i.p-^n aud the.r i gh*s tnvade,ir ( of "No," "my") Let me t?ll you. fi'kiw . ouotryn.eo, what it Is. Every ^oathern tra' tew hat. ? a Northern worktrgmaa anJ tays that ueiiUoold be a na\e. l Ley hale th< nun who wrrk? honestly for ihe t 'ipjcrt of his family, r.nd ray h-j ongbt to be a alava. Th?y mnkewnr upon ycu bscause tbey wart a d.-spotic g< vernmeet snd|>ower. They want to p'ace the po?erin He haa It of a few If they succeed they will aullt up s m .itary despot, em. Nut wul follow an empire, and K*ds acd 'aJlee acd an aristee-ra-y will be (he order. tCVies of ??Never.") They sar that we are nwards, that we wot. I say any thing in reply . but be ready. (Imxrnto applause and cheers ) R r K F C n OF MR. THOMAS C. FIKI.DS. Mr. ThonjsC ftaii# waa the next speaker, and upon I res etiilrg I Imaelf he wu loudly clitered. ile spoke as fouoaa ? Fmiow ftT i s^s? No sighl could more er. liven the heart rf a man aho wi.uld be true to bis country, than thn ore wfaieb is now fretenied around thn sqoare to day. It ia >? tre e:tv oi New York that we find that nverr may la; a as 4e bit hurress and bia prejud.cra anl comes na an terrst mar to lay ':pon the altar of hta coant'y the <(ienng be haa for ita defence. (Cheers^ 1 may ?ay that the great heart of the city of New York threha lively to day when Ibe news cutniia teermng from the telegraph that her citizen soldiers, bera>cs,have r-een wpeded In their progress to the nancnal capital by obstruct iota placed In tbe m ay by rebels to our cointry acd traitors to the <x>tatitut on Kellow citizens, there la hardly one within the sound of my voice hot must feel the re* ;?nsibility wh ? b rasla upoii us us men and aa I ? t.aeie of this greatm*tropo|ia of the natloa. But let ua I |.ot lorget in th.s. the hour of trial to our country, there | an^ild t* but feeling amongst us, an.l that of 4*vct ion, entirely tbe defence of our liag and tbo pro tect ion aad perpetuity i f our government. Will it he said of ea, tbe mo?t enligbtenaa nation on the face of tbe I earth, that In this, the nineteenth oonlnry, we. within almost the i^rlod of a man s lire should be found ungrateful to the recollections <4 tbe pant, unm'iilfui of ? he present, and forgetful of the duty which wo owe to ?ur country' Bellira it net, fellow country men, lhal th.s lonntrv of oura ia nol to endure fur more tban the l fc uaenfamin I believe that it has had a past history 1 and I tell yo<i It la to have a future life. Why! I il. s very govercmeat, as h a been justly ob i aerred, is a kind aid beneiiccnt one, and so i k Ld aad bereflcent In Ita operation that we hardly knew the' we lived under one. There -vas no re straint or restriction npon ua, and we were not hurthenod by taxation, lot ua teach our Southern brethren tbat tbey mutt yield to tbe requlrenteata ot the constitution, U ai they must re<treaa their grievances, If they bave uny, w thm tbe cotititution aad acoordiag t j tbe provisions tabulated and appro, ved of for their redress, and until they we willing to submit to that arhltratloo? untU they are wi'illng to bring their grievance and lay them heforo a IV? f'*,r emmtry . before tbe people of the United r taiea- i say, until that hour th?y are our enomiM, and rf7 *M> trr s'ed as such. Now, felloe cltizooa? and . !* ~ Wague la aayng so? tney are our en a to w/nfwm to i tV/Ulf th*,n tbem ' i- pr i' fb* ?r ???? constit Jti<? vTe bave aadt aak you all to bea r your- I ** *f. . druggie which ia before ua m me<jt- i ^*T* **. T H'-' .' rr*"ue? like yourtslves Tou muat ! iMBWcter i?aL t "iaathat we have but one object in ***? ? ? lay Mi4s tU feenocrs ud ntr jr^ln m> aoocmi'.lsh tbat end which will V,t Mcire to ?;r liberties, atd letd to secure the Hb?l| or all m?0 klo4. W? would b? to ourtoivea ? to the standard wbicH history ku gives us? i( we did ftot at this time co/m* up M om MM in ttw cauae ?f oar country. As I aaid Mora, every ?ouaM?ra-.ioa shwld be laid sside in nwort?( the llsg wbese stripes denote the past of our frssdom aad * hosa stars show the brightness of our future greatness. (LouA cheert ) Press onward, fellow country sa?n, if necessary bat let it be doue qniekly. Let the apirit of our ancestors ? let tbe spirit of freedom in 'the North? awaken up. list them come in ss ooe nan, and let ua crutb out thia monster (Vociferous cheers.) Yea, thia monster rebellion, which geeks to lind a lodgment among our people. (Cheers ) Press th< m out, I ?sy. Preaa tham oat once, and do it well, and that will be their end. (Loud and continued cheers) MR. W. J. A. KCLLKK B SPEECH. Fkllow Cmza??: ? Thia ia no time for set speeches. Fine phrases, rhetorical flourishes and rounded ptir.ods are not what the people waiA. There is more eloquence in the words "I enlist*' thsn in the < omblnei utterances of all the orators in the nation What man, by words, could inspire such military enthusiasm and ardeut pa triotism as did the roll ol? the drum and the treal of the New York "Imperial Guard, " the gal Inn'. Seventh, a* it marched through our street* yesterday!1 But earnest wo/ds are nccewary to incite the government to vigor ous action. 1 am rejoiced at ibis opportunity of address ing jou, because I can through the reported speech at tempt to infuse an energy Into the government corres ponding to ihe enthusiasm of (he people. The govern ment has, by lying supinely on its oack and hugging clotely the delusive phantoms of concession and compro mice, permitted treason to run riot in the land and bind it Land and foot. Sue with what celight tho people haiitd the lirH evidence of action. The proclamation of the President, which was a bravo and good one, wan issued on Monday inom in g lost. Its effect upon a pat lout, forboariog and long sullering people w.?m 1 ?o the blast upon Roderick's bugle born ? 'twis worth a thousand men. I; was like (he presence of Kapolecn at the head of his army, which the ccrubiued df spots uf Kurojie were wont to estimate as n relnioi ?:< Liuut of one hundred thousand men. It was the (1st tiumpet note of freedom. Its echoes re ver oe rsted amor g the hills of peacetul and baptry New Eng land. across tbe fei tile valley a of tbe Suequehannaand the (icLeeco, and over the bxoad prairies of the West, sweep ing them, like their own destructive Iros, until the dyiug i adences were lost, mirgling w ith 'he peans of rejoicing that came answering back to us fiom that last and bright est stir in liberty 'a greatest constellation. Never before was a government so cordially sustained by a peoplo. They have responded to this call upon their patriot! ?m with a loyalty, a devotion and enthusiasm whi-.h h n no linr.illel in history. Nobly have tbe people done their duty, it remnins for the government to do theirs ? to do the will of 'ho people The paper blockade ia well. Let the government we that it immediately becomes ellicient, specially at the mouth of the Mississippi. Let. the govern meet forever discard its "do lltt'o and drift along'' policy, and give the people action, action? prompt, vigorous, ?nergetlc, crushing, bloody and decUive. Let it quit searching musty law tomes f ir preceJents. Make precedents. The idea of the government being harneme.l down by the iron bands of formula and delay wlien dealing with revolutionists, traitors aad rebels. is criminal and absurd. Inter tirma lijn ixlent. When Qea. Ja' kion threatened to hang Calh >un he was told by his Attorney General that there was no Uw for it. LLs reply was, "If you can't 11 u d law for me 1 will appoint an Attorney (?cneral who can." If tho government will adopt a vigorous jiolicy the law Tor everything it does will be found In the hearts of the people. l'he eye* of the people are upon the government. Tbey cannot wait its tardv ac tion. Ihey will reward enorgy, and will hold it to a strict accountability for imbecility. Tie war will bo short and decisive, or long, disastrous and w.tbout permanent reaults, unless tbe government does its whole duly, rho time for defun ? sivo wnrfaie has parted, and the time for aggressive ac tl< n has come. Tbe strongest defence is counter attack. Carry the war literally irto Africa, by marching "P>u Virginia. Liberate the .Africans, if nee:! be, to crash out this most unnatural rebellion, lake m!ilt try control of all the avenues leiding to Wa^hngtor, north, south, east and we st. In Baltimore are loyal men, but if th-y are not strong enough to quell the rebels in the'r midst, tte govrnnerit mcEt do it for them. The transit through Baltimore must be kept unobstructed, even if it be necessary to lay the c'ty lu ashes ac 1 Inscribe upon its monuments: ? "Fere tood tho V >numental City " If tte government yields to the clamor? ol' a mob or even to the ' u-.g nt request/!'' of th" M*yor and Governor tot to aend trooi* through tbe c iy, it wiP lcse the h?arty confidence am! support of the people which If now cpjoyr, and he ditgra-ed In the eyes of the nation tud the world. suppose u request had bee:i trade to the Kmperor Nspolecn tinker similar c'.rcamstanooi, would be have beee i d It? Fowoild bavesaM,as he did when somewhat Eim.lsrly placed, " Uj soldiers want bieud ?Ld, if you do no-, supply It immediately 1 will." It is hardly nereniry to ado tb;.t tho provisions were supplied The gcvernment should at once plant bat:eri??R aleDg the err ire routh"m bank of th" Potomac, and not wa t ft-r the retell to do .t, and po'nt thsir oau ncn cgaitft the capital. It should lay in ashes those cities, whether on the sea coast or 'n the iruerfo*. whose citizens attempt, in *cy way, to interfere wi'h our navy cr our aimy in the exwut!-'n of th-> cotrm.fBdi of ite go vernment. The mails t'oath should all be st 'ppad. The telegraph, railroad and every leat'pg awenue of comrrvnicatirn to the ?<Mith iliotiM bfl under a mili'ary control e-.itticien'.'y stro^ to et >p all cmmiit'catloQ. Tte rebels should be left in outer Oarknrts to wrang'.e and light among themselves. ( Vrosix.uldat once be made a mi'itary p< st. Kot a wirdof ititolllfence, cot a pound o' provisions, no supplies of any kind should be permuted to pass th- military border w'reb 'be- goverrcn nt i ugbt '. aiincd lately to ostahl's^i ' , Vi?Tiiort, all trans't ucd cofrmun eatoc of every scuthwsrd should be stopped. Rut I will not enlarge ujen su?g?st!rus as to the pohcy of the government. I OLly wi^b ttiat it may kr?w that the people demand ac tisB. Dee<*s ? tot worrit? .'ire whet the people now ex pert The flag which a the emblem of tSeir naf ma'ity has been derided, de 'ied. t'smpfed ami trailed In the duet by trait* rs. ihe honor cf tliat tUfr must be sintallC'i; the n"S? In \v ist.e 1 out in hioe>d Nothltg e'ee can r s oro its tarni h?d lustre. 1 liig is tho represent*' ? of history th"? e^t, iem of ht role dure g and of vra*.e dee.'?, rte r.?s Kilt'lons (.fja liag nkte make it ssc:ed. v ho y, in tie tri enhw o' l>?Gee without thlnk'ng of Napil-o i tud thi army of Italy, of Mtreogo and A' sr. rllts, of Mosetw and Wu-or looV No ei*ii can ron ' o: tbi ?ir!fo of T.ex rgton and Concord whett heart eli'S cot thr.II w th emotion at tbii gleri: us baptira of the St*r? and' tripes. No man c?n see the banrer of th- repub! -, now waving in tri uuth from lmrker'n height, and ti t wi'h startled tar gl wirg treat', h ar ties lin >f th" oor?l ct. be hold the f-erce repulse of si^an"'!^ ?qua-'rons, and the t ames of b irning Char'en .wu. No man, even from tho atony Seutb, CiD be at Sarat g-i an '. not treal w ith ex nltant step and vhreib'i; g b ait th" gr rd where the Star -'pnrg't d "banter flrst s :rr rellel bu.k the tide of llrlttfh powr at i -grre-s or. No man can think of that tacrid eub'eci tiallir^ in ' 'o d through the sr.i wa of Valley K. r^e, ' r ac?* th f '? 7vn Delaware, or ?mid the swamis uf Carolina, aud not we?p that the ratriotitm of tl;>! .lasfvis. the Sumters and the Mtr'oia, no 1 oiger bums .on ihelr n?t vo a'" ?!*; and so ttuougb t\e iotsg .. ddatk l .'jrs of that d<' ??y struggle? tbe gallant defen e o: li 'trie, at Cowpens aad lut?w S^riogt? at a "tiTre wh :!i t : ,i men'n socl^," wtet the strong t*c?m" '"'ak.tlii" h peful despittdeat, the bold gr<*? t m>d. aud tho tj<l'' 1 ena'gn S"<'tned but a rniii-rca< pall or wiod'r.g abeet t. ?i.? . ioptj the i ake.liev! of aforl< rn cause, until o.?v?r' ' as ? th a brill ?ui tie of gi.wj aud rtdeinpt. .0, '.hi. n-w bo: n r. p ibiic at York town ? that sarred llsg was upborne on invahird lemglit field, and carried i , tnutnpli through r.ianv an oeLtes'. Altlu gL not et u the pi i.nti of mtn bocd, 1 have reamed ifcuvu in ' ?> day, ar.i wherever I Lsvebi<u,any a?oo.iti' t? fh.>t awskenod rc<:o!.?otloos eif Ihe land ol mj birth **? j> ulUriy pleisiug. But es pecially were inv feei ng- kirulle.I ia>t- > euthos ism whi'n that silei.t app?al wsa L>i id? t<? mv pat'iotisiM hy heboH irg "the [? rctous or.jig- ?? tin r-fiihi o.'' ??? ong "kcoanax-d to^< rcu thr> i g' i- . t h wcrM WIi >d i gii i t poo .it sir Me fr >, 'lo^tlrg to tbe hreer-,#n-i spre.Miing Ue bread wtugt ?f Its proiec.lioa oxiir'i'ir r.'.tiiv'ns iu rs mot* st mm, i feit ? ttr 1 1 I pieati.rv w aich esporie&oe only crii know and whleh laoi- ?gn w*tild fa'l lAdticrlM. 1 have sum Its *'a r? ard Stripes wav >ng in I der sea?, and b?be -l gi*c< i >1 folds t '.MuitJgin tli<? itgh w r.ds of t* rr id ci m?- . tad a' bone or ?.!<' tl? asl.ere c, r sfl<MU? on tlies!<om> seas ?! high l..'lt de? or heue.?t|i the s i.tb mertk-esof >h<?k topics? wb'ncvtr sr.d wherever ujv e>esbav? be.Le.a toat taa' 1 Kar* upjn it with f< e'.lsi.* of tX'ilUi' v, ilu Of prlie. t.o-1 thiliked -J-h1 , fr< ? ihe 1 f ruj Ikb . thit I was u '.inericin cit)7.en. l.'?e, tt.o* ttia; ever, t >at .-tar -'p*l|l'Kl f<aiit>er' now iha a low of .:s star* are temp ?rani* o'o loured. Mrv I. ' mflnii" to wive O'er tbe land of the fr. *? aj. ' the home if the brave. to acbicts th.s cobs in.matior sodsvoitly to #h-l, the reb- s ate.l tra lore wis; bav ?i*'fleil sed insuitsd mat. fay most be taught ate' ere "SSOC. in th? namo of (jod ano humanitj? iu the ija .e ' , ti .it (iod ?i> '.e us, laying his rtquirementa tip r. u> , *? \ in the ran. e of thai m ! manlty around us. < u>l to in 'iy a r> 'atioasbip which ; nothing can sever or anu .1, tl.e peojX# Cill upja tho gov | err men to muae th.s !? ? cf rebellion fhort , t?*rr it>lo ai d lav ing. nrgl.VE nrKDFII* KAH??f'Ht -FTT" fc'l V I K IM MW YilltK ?'V si v PAY HOltV'*.;, Mr. sail ha ?a1 .rest ?son a despatch f.-in Vu!wh' ?etis statirt- th 1 1 <"ive U>:ndre<I m-n v l be tere t re -o* *r th ut- "L?- leipt'.'i'a wasfr*>m :< \ ?e ncr Andrew, wb ?a tint tae v> hmdr*! men .\nl s. gi< at nutrhsr of cannon ird hor#e? would go w th th -t>. t Three cheers f..r Maaair' art'* ) Hr. Wiint wis ue*t ctrolu'ied. and a'ter ? s'irrirg s;>ttrh ,'rrii l.ini tb? aoetii.g aljoiirneei. STAND NO. FIVE PtaeJ number Are, arti at?J in fr^ut of tb? m Io?i r ? en the lantern aide, b>:nreu I iflo-nili a: ' 1 \ tee nth atreeta, wai set apart ftr ILo ?cuui.u > !*t a of lb} Veteran Of tfco War of 18!2. >!l tho ! r ?#?. o,"fWM w?rt |?liy Jtcoiatrd with tbc aUrt ?r,.;?tr v, ' tery witdow wae fllietf with lall't, noajr of whjjj wora t'lico r aettea. flnuhially tb? trim s? ?? wn' !??l, ? vh Buccecd.rx prf crm on Indcdl^ a bind < f m *i< play I iog patriotic airt? -at J alwc*'. every nm 11 tue rroceftir.n weariaj a I'liOl M l(t ?* Mltf hurge \ ly to the aw cilice c B"f rf fie bjur ap|io nted Icr tb.\ opcuigf ?.f i!.? n ?.? an * lo Ir'M wr? c!"*?iy pt' lml arlth ft Aa tfca timi draw Bi?b tt ? Vat' a. twere oVf. arte I af^v . u:bi?jr In proc'f* on, ewiea*or>t>|i v u;?io tli .r Way tbtOJ(b ! the Ibumdic mi fe t,f aolt< to ???'?? ar ti a. 1 Captain TunboU, who, w.tb a plat n . p ii.*oiiu?, nts appointed U> preoerr* order m t' ? atari !, b i! t? y to In Z'?to that a ;*ar.f? waa r~ ' ..o.l U ?? jv j> tu i <? lily fell b.vk to 1*' t .?? 1 w*rr'< a To r< tnneof "Vanae? iKr*!' tfe^y n a; ;bod uj>n thaa.and, hoarlrf before I ban a I nner ? lib the rapr*MBtfttm of an e#*!o with ?uUtretcl ? r'> ' n?. T?*lrt!:htt? wi it "fho Whole Unlm' were Incrl' ?J. IV < wer? a wit a'^hty of 'h'm, headed ty fulond JUywiuud. Umi u* the fltcxr wid fctrljwa, tb. y rtrrf?> tn 'v r r? ttt a aumfear of old Saga that had titir lo actoai service. Ttay wan dreaaed la their nasal uni form, in addition ta which each maa d lapsed a Union rosette and thna, with aworda drawn , they went npon the platform. iTeciaely at three o'clock Major Anderaon, accompanied by hia offieert. came rrom the raaldance of Mr. Ruggiea oppoalte, and amid the deafening cheers of the pecpie waa conducted to the main atand. He was c.oatlj pressed by an eager crowd, and ua ho pasaed, the booming of the cannon, the lively music from the various Tvanda in the vicinity, and the uninterrupted cheering of the multitude produced a moat marked effect. The meeting on atand uumber five waa organized by he unanimous appointment of Fgbert Bens'n, Hq., M (.ba rman, and Thoa. Williama, a a Secretary. Josim p. Smrsoii, Esq. , waa then introduced aa the first speaker and received with loud applause, lie said ? ,J"W Citi/kbs? 1 am very proud to lie here befere yeu on iris 'ir portent and momentous occasion. I am proi:d that you are here, for I believe you are friends to your country, friends 10 thia noble Union of ours. In the ear of 18ili 1 waa in the active service of our country, and 1 peii<<rme.-d ali toe duty that waa required cf me there. (<. beers ) I bad a brother who wm on bo.ird of Commodore krlionouflh sship.onthe beautiful I,akeCh*tn plaln. and wlio fought bravely and successfully m vindi cation of the cause of freedom. (Applaus? ) 1 see before me here to-day, in thia vast uasembly. many who are bard work'ug men. J^et me say to you, juy Ir lends, that I can aympatbizo with yon all, for 1 have be. n a hard working msn my eelf. More than sixty -four j ojuf ugo J went an apprentice boy into a workshop to earn my i.ving. Tkertforc I know what It is to be a w JtLtng mail : I can i 1 lor a msn who hae to work for hia lir ug; fcEcl 1 te)l jou that in order to secure a living we i .uat' tusiam cur country, (Cheers.) There is no bette* na tion upon eanh than th.a nation. Tner? is no people that have secured turn libe rty and privileges and bleisiUKB aa this poop'o * are enjoyed. And now whit Is it, fellow citizens, that brings ua here? <?h. my heart b'eeds, my spirit mourns that I luivo lived to sew ??y *beu a recaless, unthinking and? I bate to fay the word ? a dif loyal people, a people wbo are untrue jo their eountry, bave raised fbelr arms against the liberty of this great nation. I any fellow oiIi/.olb stand fir n i by your oocntry. At this jioint a tremendous excitement auonp the crowd scd shouts of "Cheers for the hero of Fort, announced that Ma or Anderson was approach ?&? ^rco,Bpan:ed by Simeon Draper and SuiiertQteu dent Kennedy, he was conducted upjn the suo.l and In troduced to t?'e vast assembly amid the wildest cnthu f iifm. , Subsequent. y <~aptain Foever and It. Crawford, from Fort Sumter, were also intodnced and received with gteat cheering i^oon after being presented tney retired irun tbe platform. Mr. PiMi'sow resumed: ? I know, my friends, that I ain net so iLucn an object of interest ap that notile man, llajtr Anderson, who wcl! deserves all thi hooor that is accorded him. l et me gay to you, continue to love the Stars and cirlpes as you have loved that noble ensign in tto past. It is that liar which has floated, and uow (louts over thie cation, and which has carried its faue to every sea and ever viand. Sol say, fellow citizens, cleivo to ?the Stars and Stripes (Crlea of "We will.") AuJ fur ther, let me say, look out for traitors among us, who would sell their birthright for a mess of pottage (Cries of " > es, yes.") b'taad by the honor of your country and jour country s flag, and if needs be, buckle on your armor and go forth to defend It against any and all ts sailcnts, let tiicm <" me from whatever quarter they may and, old as I am? seventy four years of nee? t am realy to go with jou. (Cheers ) SPEECII OF GEN. ATfLETON, OF MASSACHUSETTS. (?eneral .lams Am kton, of Massachusetts, upon being introduced as the seat speaker, was greeted with loud applause. He said ? This mi* bty gathering of the patriotic citi^ its of the pre-at city of New ^ork speaks In no epiivocal Imguige. It is net in my power to give It greater siginticance. It is meet that you should thus assemble, it Is lit and pro per that the multitudes of this great city slnu Id convene together to coisult upon matters concerning tLe public welfare. Lvm thing dear to humanity, everjthin/ dear to our social relations, everything important to. idling our IWFt UisU ry and our national conccrns is iuvolved lo tho issue now before the country. (Cheers.) It is, my frleLds, a matter most deeply to be deplored that a coun try so vabt in its territory, bo graat in all its resources, ao grand in the gior.ouw liberty which Heaven has vouch 'U'*u u> bc placed in peril. Eut such is the fact. The stability or our national government, tbs very eilsunceol our cuuntry is threatened. Because, if you nave no contt'tution, you Lave no couotry thit is worth defend -ng. (Applause.) What is liberty u th out law without order/ 1 know full well that those bUUs which have weeded pretend that tfcoy tiai a right to withdraw from the lnion, au.l to assert ?h<ir separate indepcndetce. tt'eli, if that be true If Mates have the right to go off at their own w rt and j aau'o, thtn the position we ass imo that tho tnion nit divisive, i? wrong, and we have no right to interfere with rhem. Bat mark you, my friends, is not oor givercmcr.l h government of the people of tho whole counrrj? (Crlcaof "Yea/' "Yes ") Wh. d d our futheis l'tidertakr toes.abl'sh cur prcs nt oonrtitution? It \\aa rccauee, i.ndtr the o.<I Confide ration, t'lere sunji a variety of interests in the so\>ral states thoro cou (. be no harmonious acti c for thy benetit ?.{ the whole count r j : and so tbot<e wise and pur; I ?: salesmen of flur earlier li Hory aisemMed together f r the purpnJ^ fuming a more perfect fill in and^ibi^hin/ ? >? foim of goveinnent, which thoulO^ -?verntaen yr tho whole couctiy , fice and ;n?* r It w wirkoftho peop.e cf al! the s< .en me ray to j oo that if tLe gover > w etitab 1th' d, If the ;orstitut on ce nUmpl.tcd any s,:cL cOfct.c,,: a portu n ol the i-eopie, then al. In (raiuirg that ccMi*,ii.^u wot ? mi ?moulted to n j'Lirg pra.tioal at all ?.Applaisc) But tho fact remains true ihu ih s one no vtrnment, one .an t lad, visible. (Uicers.) If.such wore not 'he case, then tbt efforts put /onli up a <f, t .wv oo casiens b> the it no . rtal C ay .u.d Vetsrer to secure tho ptrpetnlty of tbi? goveitment acd all our iniereats and libe. tke were utterly .11 va a. Aid ilcc we were cm stituted I ne goverr.m.f , I ray tho,e tndivid a's whi have broken off ftom u* ai.d praecdcd to hive tstao litheo ut other government are A W i?y? rrai: is Mr. Arrii i ^?s, they are B, and were guilty of a cr mi C. the greatest atrocity. Although I d:d not come forward to ekim ycur a!?ett n for any K-aat liOKtb of nir.e when I ?n * there are ,,tw f p? akers beitir qualified to in en et you there it on' fact to which I with to advert t? at lands 'to i??v?e ine in .on. It .s this -At the they seteied ( nr coui ry was in a state . f ;te ,-.-. aUst pro^ruy therV fore there wss no reason *hci; would s itmfy any ra tiotal tttnd to juau.y Ihu act. ha 1 wenot sLu n.* the liansporUtit n ,.f the n*<>H r c 4 not built Ihe t'-na wh.n their limits, ani m every w*v provided for the.r dt fence, and in the case of ? me act*/ ady iiarctased the r territory,' It was unier ihese f po ULprovckcd, bo un jcsiibable that th#y nave pone off, and now it de?ohea openat] the peopteofot-r land to lend the r Influence X2? LV'V h"'r koaora? to use ail the meaua in to_ I?'l'<-iLa-o our c nsiitution and oar go v rnment. ( heeis ) Roirember, my frieui s, that jo i have inherited from vour fathers a glorious legacy yci have inheriteei from them a constitution ' which j ? coder e<l the most alorious unw. **. i. lbe"" 30r'F m'n before me who have ibt" b'erti ViT.'a I01? wu" b .ve luhented ill erty the y Bej r .cL.y e njoy . let me say. when the stTTnrtk mi^' ''B? J0'"" Pifoft. lend your strength and vigor, lend jour lives if need be to pre serve the bemor and Iniegnty of ,our country, (tairs^ ) be?e old men upon tfci.piatfo.m have all aerved th'ir eonttry In ber hour rf trial iB the p,st - (cbee?)_and J tley now mil upon jou to unite in her defence at tho p#i> sent moment of ber peril. War, I L ? ?re* ovH' ,b"<> ?? ??b<T evil, greate r than war U iwo bet' te r that we shoukt per'sh than sr. enr rloriour"untry de. ro> el forever O. think of it' The loss e.f our hck in ; ; T t", *<? pNv,.ei aLd iiterlies we injeit Mt ute a. I unite, ti,eo. In saTia* lu tfce langusge of John Adams. "Live or die, su.k irswlin fij&y" "ur C0U0lr' t"r .?? bleaaed i.bert^^ nt'KEe II OF A X KTKRaN. M'. Veteian e f iru, ,iR ?,xt , f . . , the multitude, who rece.reel o.m with ioud ilemonatra tl< rB of applause He said mat in the jear 1M2 this *roa' nation rep sed ia quiet They tben ba1 the r ,:S? ? hot out from ariy fore gn Power, un armament of v<B We*ir"h^warT,, e*i ':'T.'h?, ':tTd" ?f a',0,,,od clt z"n' Well, the war He had been everywhere in that wi.r with Oen'ral <ceitt? (cheers)-ce nse.i innti. !, V. } fen the ;ta,s.n, Strlp?( float S pr^Ty'M S?? ' ti'etrpeel ,n smek? while the shot frcm c.nnoM kwk' ej th? efarth from beneath their ft et ( Amntftuse ) R it ne w the question was --hall we have a goverameot? (A voce? And stand by it)_and ?ha? eh gn.",ne,,t be Supported' (;,|r? ?r "Yes y^ , and cbeen ) e,r shall history write the atiacttasi i --f the best govrrnmtnt that has aver existed on thu! earth. ("No no.- and loud ehSr" , ft? them aaswer in tbe negative? /' Yoa Tew ' ? Vrti. h^ M, ,ld .be government be .i LrUd V.t^'.il! . Id (.rave he, rt. < reera.aj^of % hem ) He > aw tbe? before him. eih If u were St I raseary frr h m to go with tbem and fight, olet tJhTwJ* , V v otild not brsitste a single moment <CheJH t bJ!' Bl.koogh bis Lear, waa yo/rg n tha caute. yel his bmba were withered ani aged hut be law smiling, firm rar>a enjuah atvund htm whieh I pr ??Ted fo him 'hat there were men enough im thi'cTty to go cit ai'J buttle wltl the foe. re beera l H. wi.hJt a!! ! r.m- rk to tbem that tbe presTnl 'iasoTli. m J? i f in ? J,,M. Dt"T MW, during Tbe .* . , ^ ? 'h fitretue ?i&thup!a?irii and excitement ptw n,? " VVTflS* hvl ,r"'^ .b,f ley git b ? cJ* lhe&?2 ^irthTSS di.. they wonid ,e with honor. (Cbeera ) ' d'd ' 'Bsr'tJbif' '?*r and 1 r ii t air, n? Jpai.gjed Ramer e cheer* i_ Va j'lT h<)pf<1 4,1 who coaid would I . .J* ?*b then sung by thoj. mli . er. m"M en,hu?ltl?'i ?"d thrilling

u? r !? c ''""'J1 0' MR PMITII. SSwafa! If *t i s r r ir- ' v" 1 1 d,T!d# j oa th ,1 T n oc" *b,re oa I waa bora. hat - Lea. . "UJ'i U*' you may h,? A ,i ?? , ' ?' r ^?' tnd in Oerauny. (f,i<id bo'd ? take ilraa t ,n "?? common brother 2 ! '. i . T > ? t of that giortona ^ v/ . v* * Tt; ""O gh the Revolt!-* ef ( ih r-x< m r? * tv t.' ' ' l "r 'ote'atherw, and aaored ' - - l">pilar hiBt<ttit:otM. Mp ; ? ? ? : ,n,v ' to day, that tbts ia r "a,\ '? , jl"*?i.-a of manhood, of freieeiom, ' - e,p ar t verr ruent. (Obwra i Toe fc, ' * ' ** ,b" uterrtdde. by U.oae , th" BBt flty year* ? ' ' **'7 """meni they tarda are taken frosa the public pocket, prwnae to insult oar flag and try to ooMjuer usf Shall we submit to that? (I-oud or Me of - No, no.") We we not men if we eukmit to it. We would deserve to ke wtot they have driven ell their lives? black Hhw If we submit to It. We won't submit to it. (Several Voloe#?" Bravo, bravo.") We won t aubmit; and to day the common sentiment that thrills the comiuon heart of the North is, cur country and our country a dag. (fremendous cheer ies ) Born on this island, which contains to day one rnilhcn of soule, In all tbe pride of my birthplace? my forefathers ba\ lug fought for that glorious tla<? to day 1 say, 'My country ? one, undivided and Inseparable. I know no North, no South, no East, no West? nothing but my country and my country a flag." (Immense cheering and waving of ladles' hanu kerchiefs.) Tbe here inteiruptcd the speaker to say it had been just stated to him that Washington, their noble capital, ttuB hi danger; and ;ut tho steamship Baltic lay at the foot of Uanal itroet, for the purpose of taking away volunteers to morrow morning, he wanted live thousand of them to go at seven o'clock In the morning. "Now, then, said the speaker, "who will gof ' ( rhe question wse answered by hundreds In a breath , who cried out lustily, "We'll all go; we'll all go.") " There are four regiments, he continued, "to nail to morrow Tor Balti more. Thf fe who went to serve their country, let them cone forward and enrsll themselves to protect the 11 ig of their country.' (Cheers.) Mr. Hmhh resumed? I remember those old gentlemen? (tbe Veteran*) ? and on everv occasion I have met the;n when they appeared in public. They have been pleased t<> call me their young friend. Not so young, perhaps, as to make a great distinction, but yet their friend forever. In these I recognise men who have stood up in the face of tbe British cannon ? who have listened to the whizzing of thousands of bullets, and all for the glory and freedom of our common country. (Ch"ors.) And in these brave old remnants of theRcvohui 1 ' mu proud to say thit 1 have relatives to-day. An uric'i- of mine Is now on tbi* eland who bus fought for the g.ory of his country, and is still ready to render his services, if needs be, in that country's cause. Even Roger A. l'ryor, of Virginia, who got so sick after having taken a brandy cock tail at Fort Sumter ? the scion of one of the noblest families In Virginia? even Roger A. Pryor, with that doic cl' ipecac in bis stomach, dors not boast of such blood in his veins as this common plebeian, born on Manhattan Island. What a ridiculous figure Pryor must hove cut with that magazine of Itwlwi and bowie knives surrounding the upper part of bis hips. Now, we want a geoa square fight this time. Wc h.ive, as I said before, on this It laud one million of souls. Wo have one hundred thousand voters, and every one of them is a fighting man. (Cheers.) if ,i is necessary, then, you and I will leave our wives and families, believing there is public corj>orate spirit enough in this city to sup port them while we are fighting for our couutry. (Cheers.) We will go down South and show tnem that though we were Darn north of Mason and Dixon's line, though we bavo cold winters, we have warm hearts and red blcod in our veins. (Tumultuous cheeriug.) Tli's Is the time to try men's souls. Show mo your trai tor to day, and I will show you the rope that is spun to hang him. (Great applause.) Tnere Is no time now for mealy mouths to talk. The summer soldiers, they mty forsake the cause of freedom, but he who stands up firmly deserves the love and thanks of men and women both. (Cheers.) These were the motives which actua ted tbe Revolutionary patriots. These are the words which exalted every American heart when the sold lei s or tbe Revolution went to New Jersey to fight the battles of Monmouth and Trenton. (Applause) And today the same words thrill every heart. This is no time for mealy-mouths? no time i or milk and water men? no time for summer soldiers? light ing is the business of to day. Who will light? I will. Will youT (Great cheering, and cries of "Yes, yos!") It is not the muse'e In the Btreet brawl that Is now re quired; it is the heart and wil! ? the love of liborty? the leellng that wo are men. (Cheers.) No man who has cracked his whip over a| nigger's| shoulders shall crack it ever. us. ; Cheers ) Thore is no oligarchy here. You men, with your rough felt hats? you with vour cloth caps that cost two and-sixpence? you with your silky hat that cost five dollars ? you with jotir Grand street, Chatham street, or Broadway make of clothe!? there Is no distinction between us. We are all men, we are fighting for our liberty. (Boisterous cheering ) It is rot a question of money nor class, but eneofiree institutions, popular government and man hood. (Cheers.) Let you and 1, then, prove ourse'ves worthy of tbe name of Americans. No matter where yon were born, "We l>elieve these truths tj he self e,vi dint, that a 1 men are created equal ; that they are en dowed by their QreMar with certain inalienable rights, anion gut which arc life, liberty and the pursuit oi bippl ntse." We b??-e a glorious I'nion, cement od with the b!onrt of our fathers, to light for. and we say, as they raid, when they fought tor it? " The Uniou. one and forever? cne and Inseparable." (Loud cheering.) There can be no secession. There Is but one common sen timent actuating the North It is no sectional thing on our part. Major Anderson, though he was forced by un toward circumstance* to yield, did not allow the (lag of bis country t.) be disgraced; and whenever any American thinks of defending that flag, let him remember Mi,;or An derson, and let no influences force him to yield one jot or tittle irom mat (lag, from whloh no star shall be struck, tot a uripe taken. Lrt no circumstances force ^h!m to yield to any domestic traitor or any foreign 'foe. (CLeer* ) ilr Ki.Mosn Bi ?\v m/s then presented himself amidst applause Ee came there, be said, as a looker oo but w) mi ho heard the ritrlotlc s ;e,ich?s ot old men, ready to flie for ihtir country, he had to say something. With b.s fellow citizens he had a strong right arm to use al I wa> s for his ceuutrv and its ling. (Cheers ) He usked them, his frlenfs? be asked the lad'es present, who were 1 there in that ntsembUge, who did not love the glorious nd MtlpetT ( App'-u:e and cries of "None, none.") . ? ? , uretbren or tM? South might say that they would the to asbc?, but In return toth"mhe said ?bl?? Let tbaui do their spite? let them level the city to Ao ground ? let them despoil its beautiful odi tcc-al let them, if they would, pull down thi*. mag nificent statue of their Washington, and he sail, thn>. frr ni the ashes of our ruins would arise the glorious and great constitution of our forefathers, phoenix like, in all its integrity? the safeguard and protection of our future posterity. After an eloquent appeal to the patriotism of the *ir.e?ican people, the speaker closed his remarks, and the proceedings terminated. SCENES AROUND THE STANDS. The excitement that existed In the ne.ghborhood of the speakers' sUndR was intecee throughout the whole of the afternoon. Bach an assembly of persons of one undi vided feeling never before was known in this city. Union wa* the spirit of th* meeting. Union s<i ir.' wai the name of the meeting placo. United in seul.ment waa all of that body for the defence or the hjnor o' the Vnion. We believ - scene will be remembered by all who raw It till tin t! eir days. Th< liouf** of th' <ju. were all beautifully deco-ated, as d< scribed in our issue of Sunday. TH* CROWD ARRIVING. EXmtly after < ne o'clock the crowd begwi at flrst gradual y to arrive. The workmen had not yet completed the stands, and many amused themselves with watchlQg th'ir labors. In the park itself and along the sidewalks IsdUs were to be seen decorate J with miniature Tags and rosettes, carrying in tteir hands small flags or ptrasols decorated with re.) white and blue ribbons. Tlio gentle r.en i bat were arriving were alas decorated with their colore, either in the shape of roaettes, fags. Union pins, ribbons, sb elds or neckties of the same primary colors? that Is, if artis's will allow white to be a primary cilor? though several persona assert it is "no color at all.'' It to say, it canr.e In rcr ta share of patron.ige on galurday. Cn ldrcu were fitted ont in military at tire of a sr.. nature character, come being armed with a musket ar.d having a knapsack strapped behind, with the well ktown letters "N. G.." otters haviag a sword fastened tt the;r fides Moretbnn one mtnia'.ure Continental was to be seen, and eacb aeemed in bla own little way to expreaa "he waa for the Union." THt POLICE. Shortly before two o'clock tbe police began to arrive, to tbe Lumi-er of over two hundred and seventy men. The Fighteenth ward bad rorty men preeeat, under Captain Oamenn, and eleven other wards sent each twenty men and a sergeant. These officera were mora or 'sea decorated with roaettes, flags or parti colored rib buns. Superintendent Kennedy and his two inspectors were on the grcuid, aa? , aa usual, were vary xdera'.'ga ble In their endeav?re to have every thing peso off orderly. They principally occupied poeitlon on the main atanJ, but were also moving about among tbe other parte of the square. A large number of (fleers .n plain clothsa and detectives were on the ground, doubtless to tne terror of tbeee who Uke advantage of excitements to practise their nefarioaa callinga. THR ARRIVAL OF HOCI1TIH, ETC. It tweaty minutes to two a large body or men, preen ded by a brass band, were to be seen coming along West Fourteenth s'r wt. Aa they Beared the square it was round that they carried the banner of the Scott l.ifa Guard, and the large flog that was presented to that mi lltary body, besides a comber of smaller flags. Several members of tbe^uard were among tbe people, apparent ly keeping them in tne proper marching order. From twa o'clock till long after three, these bod es arrived from all parte of the > ty and took up their various posi tions In tbe square. It would have taken the eyss of a doatn Arguses to hate time I all their arrivals, f<r they came eo rapidly and from ail poesiole pla:es as to defy ci.r effort* to do eo. Suffice it to say tbsy cams, and kept on cornmg, aad yet tha cry was? 8t.ll they come. ARRIVAL or TBI MAIN BOOT OF THE CROWD. Tbe crowd now carre nocking Into the square at so ra p!d a rata that by half- paat two it required all tbestrangtb the police cr "Id bring to bear to pravsat the crowd from rastalrg too closely to tbe mala stand, and so endaagsring Its lafety. At about thia ihe Committee i f Arrange ments and the police begaa scattering among ibe crowd cop'ea of tbe "Star Pr aag'ed Banner," sat to muaio, re ar ranged and brongbt within aa easy com naaa for chorus angiBg by Wm. ? Bradbury. The follow. sg are tbe wotcssa piiuted on the sleets <!!strlbuted, ai.d aa ausg dcrirg the proceedings ? Ob, say can yon see by tbe <:?wa'? early Ight. trha) ao proudly ae hailed at the twilight a last gieam irg, Wj)? ?e bread stripe satd hrlgl.t stars, tbr< gh the perilous fgkl, O n the riapvti ?? watehsd wtn m pUaatly dreaming; Ami lbs rockets' red glare, bomb* burning in air. Gave poof through tbe nifbi that our flag was still there, Oh, say docs the Bur Spangled Banner yet ware O'er the laud of the free and the home of the brave. , 2. On l be shore, d*miy Men through the mista of tha deep, Where the foe's haughty bout in cread silence reposes, What Is that which the breoze o'er the towering sweep, Aa It fltrully blows, half conceals, half discloses? Now it catches the gieam of the morning's first beam, In full glory reflected, now shinea on the stream. Tla the Star Spangled Banner? oh, long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. 3. And where Is Ibat bund who so Tauntingly swore, Mid the havoc of war, and the battle's confusion, A home and a countiy they'd leave us no more? Their blood has washed eut their foul footsteps' pollu tion. No refuge could save the hireling and slave, from the terror of light, or the gloom of the grave. <uonra. And the SUr Spangled Banner In triumph doth wave, O'er the land 01 tha free and the home of the brave. 4. O, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand, Between their loved homes and war's desolation! Blessed with victory and peace, may the Heaven- rescued land, I'raise the 1'owcr that hath made and preserved ub ft nation. Then conquer we must, when our cause it Is just, And this be our motto: ? "In God is our trust!" mows. And the .Star Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. As these were bein; dlbiributed, a great deal of excre ment was evinced by the crowd to obtain copies. The sheets were sent into the air in quantities of about twenty at a time, and aa they separated they looked like so many birds Hying over the heads of tho crowd. The usual "hi! hi's!" "hand them over," "this way,-' '-here," lie., greeled each scattering, and as the back ward ones would struggle forwurd to obtain one or more of the coveted bheetg, the swaying and surging was fear ful to behold. From the principal stand the awaying motion could be perceived long before it was felt by those in front, and coula only be compared to tbe sppcur&nce of large waves as they roll upon the beach. Sometimes this motion would be so powerful as to overcome the oflOrta of the strong body of police stationed around the fronts of the stand, and fears would be entertained by those thereon that the Rtondn would give way and precipitate those upon it to the ground. But such a disaster did not occur. At a quarter to three o'clock tho Hags from Sum ter wore hoisted, as elsewhere described. TUB EAKLE, OUB NATIONAL BIKD. Abont this time a man on the grand stand held aloft a stuffed eagle, with the wings sptead, and holding in its bill a miniature edition Of our national flag. The raising or this bird caused three hearty cheers to burst almost involuntarily from tbe throats and lungs of the crowd. The action of the people >vaa very exciting and enthusias tic to behold. T1IK VETEKAN8. At live minutes to three the Veterans made their ap pearance, accompanied by their well known musical in struments, and beariDg aloft a motto of Ornamented with emblematical devices. The cheers that greeted them were long and loud, and tho crowd even made a passage way to let tho brave old fellows pass to the staid devoted to their use. OLD AND YOUNG, MALE AND FEMALE. To show that futhoslssm touched young and old, male and female, we need but give two instances, and these are:? First, at the foot of the grand stand sat a man wbobe hair was silvered by time, whose appearance denoted at least the passage over his head of three score years and ten, and whoso hearing was so impaired that he had to use an ear trumpet to catch tbe acccnts of tbe speakers. In the etcoid Instance, an old lady , with silvered locks, was to be s 'en In the very centre of the crowd, and the bonnets and parasols of young damsel* dotted here and there tbe mats of black and felt bats. At this time the balconies and windows of all the houtes and tbe stoops in flront thereof were literally crowded witb people of both sexes, but mostly ladles. At about three o'clock tne band on stand N"o. 1 struck up the well known martial air of "Hail Co lumbia," which was greo'ed witb three cheers, followed by the "Star fpangled Banner" and "Yankee Doodle." At this time the processions arriving along Broadway and Fourth atenue were numerous, and the quantities of American flags displayed by them almost became dazzling to the eyes Several large oars, decorated with flags, and preceded by a brans baud, were to be seen among this man, and vainly tried to work their way to the grand stard. One bor e the motto of CORTI_OI>T f THEKT FOR TH* UNlO!f. $ and auottur. > TJir Kl> 118 AM) MTtUI IW Mm HK MAI.VTAINICI). } And ibe cheera or those arnunx were only drowned by those of the I ten cngrejratod mtn. fne square seemed a'nii 8*. at this part to be rull;buton the pedestrians c*me, and found places somewhere. Very shortly after this Major Acuertoii arrUed. THE TMION TARK. The greet gates of the puk had by this time been thrown open to the public, and some thousands of persona took advantage thereof to get oat of the greater crush. The ordir to "keep off the grass ' was certainly entirely n< glected, and many persons took advantage of the oppor ti nity to throw themselves on the verdant sod, as well as to walk across its velvet like carpet. In the trees were nests of human hemps instead of birds, doubtless think ing (key could see more if they could not hear. These elevated beings shouted whenevor they saw others shoot ing, snd waved their hats under similar circumstances. One enthusiastic individual kept on crying out, " That's so," " Brsvo"' " HI' hi! hi!'' Ato. , and when asked what he was app'auding or if he liad heard It, answered that be "bad iiut heard it, hut be knew the orator wa4 not s (cak ing tr evasion, else others wouldn't cheer." ANDERSON SHOWS HIMSELF. When Mujor Anderson shewed himself 03 platform Xo. 1 to the people In the park, he was greeted with "Three cheers for the Hero of ?umter I" His olilcers stayed on the principal stand, conversing on the subject of the sttsck on Sumter. The committee, being desirous that all the people *h x;ld nee the one who had fought for bis countiy 's flag took Anderson from one stand to an other. At each stand be was most enthusiastically received. As he moved a'ong, surrounded by the police, under Inspector I>eooard, the crowd followed In large numbers, snd those on the side walks tried to gra?p his hand, and, foiling therein, pattei him enthusiast <-allyonihe shoulder* As he reached each Hard the band struck up the soul stirring strains of "Hail to the Chief '' opposite Cheerer's church were drawn up several hottl coaches, dec watcd with the flags of the Cii-n. which were enthusiastically wared by these who held them as tie Major ascended the steps of the stand located near tbem, and all the time he was to bo seen. Major Anderson wss then again eioortsd to the principal stand, followed by the surging crowd, who reallv "kicke-J ?p a pretty dual,'" clouds of which floated over thetr heads Iiutirg the whole of the meeting men moved among the crowd with shoulder boards, on which were placards statirg that "volui teers were wanted." After a short interval, when It was found the crowd, who Lad not seen Anderson, were pressing forward in Uo foimidable a mass, Superintendent Kennedy es corted the "Hero of Sumter'' once more around to the (Jinferecit Hands, and Major Anderson showed himaelfto the people on sll sides, so that they might have the chance to gate upon his race This movement diverted the crowd, who flocked after the Major and his party. The Major also shows 1 himself on the balcony of the house at the corner of Sixteenth street. ' 8 PONT AN ROUS ORATORS. These In the park , not betsg able to hear the speaker* on the platforms, b?gan organizing themselves into va rious special meetings, and several energetic individuals addressed these assemblies. One of the bands waa also on the ground , snd between the speeches enlivened the proceedings with music, and soega of a patriotic charac ter were sung enthusiastically by the crowd. On the granite gate posts speskers elevated themselves and ad dressed the crowd, truth In and outside the park. Even on the ha conies of bouses, on the stoops, on the sidewalks, In fact everywhere about the iqnare, speskers, many of them very good ones, sprang up like mushrooms and addressed those In their vicinity. At twenty minutes past five o'clock the "Ptar f?pangled Banner, as before given, wss sung at stand No. 1 by a choir of singers, ssslsted by the whole crowd. The same thing took pla*? at all the standi during some portion of their proceedings At the clone or the speeches tbe following hymn, com 1 posed and arranged by Pr. BetbuBe, was sung by the choir and tbe crowd ? Ood's blessing be upon Our own, our natite land, The land our fathers won By the strong heirt and hand, The keen axe and the brand , When they feli'd the forest's pride, And tbs '.yrant foe defied. The free, the rich, the wide; fiod for oar native land! I p with tbe starrv sign , The red stripe* and the white, Where er its glories shine, In peace or in tbe Oght, We own Its high command ; Tor the flag our fa'beis gave, O er cur children's beads shall war*, And their children ? children'* grave , fk-d for oar native land' Who doth that flag defy, We challenge as oar foe; Who will not for It dla, Oat from as he mast gol *0 let them nederetaol, Who that dear fit* dtsc'alm, which won their father * fans*. We brand with endless sham*. Hod for our natlv* land. Oar natlv* land, to thee, Tn one united vttw, To keep thee atrr eg and free, And gkmona as now; We pie* g?? ?*ch heart and band , By the blood our father's shed, By the ashe* of ear deed, By the sacred soil we tread, for uor native laid. This w*a followed by the arng VTJRBA FOB THE UNION. rr a emu* mnockat. _ Am? '< Wait for ihs Wsgoa." brokers, all nalts with as, come join ub one asd a!] ? Csttad ws mum conquer, but divided we shall fall; Our flag la for the Uniun, and we have a gallant crew , Who have raised It, and who love it? 'lis the Red, White and Blue. taoii't-? Then hurra for the Union? hurra for the Union ? Hurra tar the Union, and the Red, White and Blue. Our ship'a the Constitution, and good patriots at the helm Will bring us Into action, and our foes we'll overwhelm. They 'll find that we'll be wide awake enough to put i hem through. Let our watchword be " The Union'' and tha Red, White and Blue. Then hurra for the Union, &c. Our flag shall l>e respected? not trampled in the dost? The Stars and Stripes (hall not .come down, though traitois say they must. Thank God, we have a captain, to hla country ever true, We will Bland by Wicfleld Scott, and by tbw Red, White and Blue. Then hurra fbr the Union, to. Come, then, all good and true men, and let ui all ualte, With such a gallant leader we are sure to win the Oghi; Political distinctions late to the winda we threw; We light but for the Union, and the Red, White and Blue. Then hurra (or the Union, to. We fight to RMre the Union, and Qod la oo our side; We tight 'o put down traitors who the Union would di vide; And millions rally round our flag, which no power can aubdue, We can die? but we cannot pull down the Red, White and Blue. Then hurra for the Union, to. THE WAR FEELING IN THE LAW COURTS. The Judiciary and Bar of New Yorla and tH? Crlaia? B^paaaiaatic M?*tla? Over #0.000 8ubac*l??ed la aa Hour and a Half? THe Lawyers not only Subacrifee but will Backle on tbc Armor-The Seniors to ffake Cars of their Families and Buainesa in tlieir Absence? Proposition to Adjourn the Courts?' The Troops to be Properly Equipped and Armed Before Leaving- j &C., d?C? 1 One of the largest and most enthusiastic meetings 0 the judiciary and mcmbei3 of the New York bar which bas ae yet taken place, was held on Monday afternoon in l'art 1 of the Superior Court. Although tho meetiog srai s only called on Sunday morning, long previous to Ihe hour named the room was crowded by leading members of the bar and the several officers of the Courts, who, as our report will show, not only emulated the merchants oj I Yoik In their subsciptlons for the equipment of 1 volunteers, but also evinced a burning and patriotic desire to take part In tho struggle now being enacted for the preservation of the Stars and Stripe! and our glorious constitution. The meeting was called for tbs purjiose ' of consulting as to their special duties in the defence of the Union.- All the Judges were present, and so largely was the Bar represented that the court icom was unable to accommodate the members attend iBC and a second meeting was organized in the room de voted to tbe Court of Sessions. Ex Judge cslled the meeting to order, and nominated the Hon. Daniel I . !r?S?ofthe Supreme Court, as President of the lnfeLiru. His Honor took his seat amid loud cheers. Mr <?har!EB Edmubds nominated the folio gentle meii as Vice Presidents and Secretaries of the meeting; Samuel R- Belts, I nited tita-ss D.s t_ ict Judge Thomas W. Clerke, Presiding Justice ^u ^?JS' Joseph S. Besworth, Ctuef Justice SupariJT Oouit Cnaries 1' lialy , First J udge Common Pisaa; John I HoteM, Recorder; Greene C. Brouaon, Corporation "SSWaiSSSftiaw M>. BMiMi A l enbody, Riohard O. Gorman, and E. W. Sto igbton. Mr. Will'.om Allen Butler was appointed seorw.ary to "tTSHU Biarsin ? Mr. President, will you slot* me to propose that the tint order of business b< three cbeers for the American llag. (Thecal wua re I iponded to by enthusiastic cheering, which United fo.l '"f* Judge Ei '.mows then addressed the meeting a? fo. I lows ? Mr. President, on behalf of the Committee 01 Ar | rangements, 1 hold In my hand some resolutions I intend to otter lor the consideration of ttio meeting, anil 1 am admontebsd by the committee that T muitmkeEcl soeech The time fbr speaking has gone by, and the t.m<| for acting has arrived. 1 am tnerefcre instructed to ca 1 noon this meeting, iutell'gent, patriotic and Jutructiv asU Is to act, and not to talk. I therefore ofler for yoaj corside'ration these icsolutions. Judge Edmonds in forcible manner then read the following ? In all pertoda of 'be Matory of our people the lawj?rt have beennreemlnently true to the cause p. elfllUjiity , thH aumtmacy^r the law/and the 'nt ipdv* of commotions. ami It Src nee* the mrinbfra of 'hi- UoleMlon, who ter o.;-upant| of the Bench, practitioner# at die J?r, or .r itu.len m aul clerks to rally In tbe defence of our dearly cherisaed n? ' 'i| Irna against the felonious aaaaulU no*' m;H;i upo-i ihem| Chterai And the members of the profusion la he ? Kew York. s?d those eonp'vt'd with them In th" tdmln W lion of mitlce, acknowledging tlie high obligations )t fd<;. ? 1 othe t nl" nand lie constitution, Tn every emerceoey a: 'gainst every aaasinU, and .eeling th. lmperatire call un| them in tbe impending crisis to take Immedla.e andeOecl.. ict?n saspSSSaton. flxiud cheers.)! th by ttem K? solved, That an Eiecuttve Commit ee be appolcud t co.lect and receive iub#crtpii<-n* t mm the meowert of tb orofestlon and all #onnect??d with th?n?, to be app.i'd ? tbem for the putpeses of national deferce, and 1 In ado 1 tote of our brethren who are or may be called Into artiw iervlci" or the families of tiose who fall orssay hsdliab.e In the service, and generally to do every act In Lieha- of tb Bar that maybe neoewary to carry Into effeet the gencr? PbS2K ThIt^?ho& ourselves In nadlnew, wbsnsve rroueeted. in bebalf of any member of thlj Bw, who nity b in fiervioe in IbeiriBT or na\ y of the United States 10 Mtutn Imd perform for hi* benefit any i?rofe?ss mai buslr.wa he mi kbrn in charge and without ex pet ?e to him. .. Rcfolved, That themnnbera of the profeulon in the c-tyo New York will stand by tho Cnl'n. the ronstltution snd it SKSFS 'he laws .n every and any smergenrT a,, to that they pledge their mean* and persona. ? ^ortf.^ s well aea'oet sg?re??i<'n from abroad a* SEalnit effoitssl hOTte^nd tbJy hold It to be their solemn duty il this emergency to co o]>erate with the Publle antiJ rttiee State or national, dvll and ssllitary <L preferring peace and good otder. In maintaining good cover: | m,nt |a lustalnlog the constitution and the leaal autn Tltl of the land In prouctlrg the homes snd the flrea.desof ^1 ^Siofved. That we rctvgnlse in the contest In which we ?-J ah samd no parallel In the history of tho world A.m..' ?' ? no aequlsltlOT of territory, piom,.ted by no amblUin ^or tlnctlou or towtr, snd Imvelled by no angry passions, t . p? ople of the I'nlted States are warring tor ' tresicm oo> siaiDSt wanton sggreasl ms upon r 11 the Institutions wbtc have secured thatfreedo* !o us. In such a cutest, where ihe wisdsm of the past cvn alio, us no ade<iuate gulds, It bfwmes the lawyer, regy'.l-s* " the obscurity which so often fettles upon mora, ju ar smld the blsre of material rsno* n, to be firm, true, oil x an attlve tn every emergency, and by a genenms *elf-*a.-r;lM evince at once the ardor and the purity of his 1 atno.ism H To such a line of eonduot we dedlsats ourselree. ar.d 1svi L our breihren throughout 'lie Btute to associate . na co oper^tl with us. (Enthn?li>sUe cheers ) I Mr. David Dcplsy 1'ikji movid the adoption of tl<| reiolutiots .... , Mr. Chabijs P. Kirki ?xi> desired lo gay a few a or i before the resolutions wtro adopted. Tno meeting ?eeJ ed to know him well, and he would not dcta'n them mj than one moment. He a^retid with Judge Edmonds t' the time bsd comc for actluu. uot for words. By t nruvldence of God, sb'.ut si* month* ago he lost h e > er| dear eldest son. He had but two left, the youngest n . >| teen years of sge and yestordii; that young sf^t" in theSsventj Brst regiment, as a private, lor the city Washington. (ChfotB.) ? Th? resolutions having tieen "occnle^, were unac| Bj"'ge^?*o?Wta-I hold In my subscription :n: which will be distributed smong tb? meet og. v..* >1 tste the Frenchman , and sb?w !>ow mn h you are b irrj (Laughter.) The lists were heae dlitrlbnted. The following gentlemen were t'uen named as the M ecutlve Committee - lohn W. l.duiouda, William H. I* n aid Jesepb 3. Bosworth. Henry Hilton, IHn'.sl Kdward Pierrepolnt Henry Mcol, Hormui B. K*ton. Wi Allen Butler, Wllllai.. l ullertnn .lohn C. T. S btm t Klchard O'Gorasn, l,uther H. Marsh, Alexander Ham u n, Jr , Gilbert ftran. Judco Ingrsham. Mr. Ri<n*si> Brmaii -May I ml; whether It hvs tf contemplated by gentleman who have prepared tie nsr.lutions, lo which mrli n hearty and genuine ocse has been given, whether It has eute(ed into their d temptation, the necessity and propriety of su?r?i<l civil business In nur courts for any slated time? . Judge Eomom s ? We did not calculate that It is H to tbe dbcrellonof tlisj d ,es. Mr. Ousise Kikklavii wsrs stated that M would BU scribe fCCO. Mr. Bt Knin called for threo cheers foe Mr Kirkint It was an botoreo nsme (1 wl 'heers ) . Jnrtpe Billon ' 'Ti'ed $:C0 Or llew*r?. F?ftcrl T^be*subsci!ption lisawer- handed to the Chair* I in pucii vnpio iucccw ion thai it was ImpoM.bie to all the |*riies t u'.' -r!binr. 'I'es^ were lat' 1 ?v is A (alien tfOO ' >V S ougMon flOO; Ba\ by Field, WCO Rtrney, Butler \ "arsor.s, |M)0. Feii N llT Fiiui! said I list one of his rloikf, Mr. Van Keov ?rr iitf [iti him to subscribe Mr I'arlel P 1 ord, $?00 -J. VV. Edwards ISOO Yx -r gcilliaeit A Create. ,''00; ??????" $V Ti ac? 1 lowers k Tai.madge, ?MC. F. K T.liou, U~ ludke fierrepont ?000, P-ibsrd o'Gortnan. ?100; El V willett, f.'OO. Edward t: Geery. tl(rt. _ Ea Jp< gs Cua ibh ssidlhat he Had a member of tl family who hsd slroady proceeded to Washington 1 won d give f 100. I Judie I'linnroT salt! that, ?* one of the c-mmitU a ?uhsTlpllO? had been just p'aeed !n his bands from j. . p. OwtBS.Jr.,flCO, md who had sent his son toWi lliakr st Ms own expttlM. Mr HA. Gardiner, of Cullfornia. s member of N< w Yolk Bar. nbtcrlbed $M0. 1 % .IOiIki' Prabody, 1 1.'?0 Mr H F. Marburv. f2?> ? V k .'I'dge Si. .-.-ON sa:d that he was anu'rg an I en <1 ti e mJj F.-.n that lie had, who would fatlti morr I of course, at his exper.te. rTIs firm would snbicrJ 1210, snd Ijidividnslly, he would put down hi?m?ci ?IOO. lie bad also three nephews already engaged *outh. 1 1 ml 1 bet-is ) Mr. P.. Pi fcTWP said that he bad no so*> old en n-gt. figbt He bad sent a nephew in tbe Pcventy tint r. mett, whom, of course, be equip, at his own i>r I Us w mid mil r |t50 to tho sul#rrlptlon. . Jut ge Ei MOSUI announced tbst tns .ludgts bal s i fcribed tho amout t of Mr Hi >irp'- tv. it, Mr Pre ddenl . I w'll add sec sir it to tnako trie Judges' subscription fi #00. ^Cbev Mr CRsmn saM ho Vp-otied to sute ihst ho hv4 IWO to five. Ills only son and pirtner bad in 1 S?rfnlT first r?gTmrnt, Isat ing h s wife and fam ly in rare Tbat was h'.f P?'t- (rVerH.) 1 u.ige Ft*' ' ' John n, Mr 'unn (ctty Jadge^wy