Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1861 Page 4
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W?. H n? 1'iwfiW %<t h'? r?f mm'. ?aid an '*<? nfc'jd (10* b j ? . < ..4 .. j?i.m ; Isdge Cdmomx) auaouu^eu iua tho ?..dsc/id . ,dm no* a unvoted to $,1?00. K J .<S?e Hiito>- We oktux stop there. Mr Prwnxi' Ted, make a* order, Ju Lge, and wi will <Ji obey it. Jw>ig* fmaroUT taid th?t Mr. CW.ea EdwaM* & meaaber of tbe bar, d??:red him to put D a utme dovaYor Masara fbai'Uiat tj?d I. Jtzotk s . -.ri^ei f)0O >fr Andrew Thompson, fioo. ?IW. ?tr. .?udg*fco*oM*,aid r? hat retired tbe followi-* ? 1 'aw ri^ortwr V'0? '|U,p ' w!> iu *"?' ' J ?>" (i JU1 ? I?wr#p>rtw, *50. v J T*-b r.on'' (Cheers. i f.?R' ?T?Jih?TOen. - .t orlbs frosa *n ir*km*u, a m-mber or tti; B?-. Mr. VV. k Kj tlDI< D. f ' 0 Mr H L Cuxro\ roacrib 0 f 100. .? . 'If? -i-'l thu ;i* l i/ic? Vf-'V-cn \\s.a go. up to iba w, Recorder Hohoan fcaa volant rered u> .:ob.e ?i tj in h's kb.-.?-nce. (CVar* ) < tri.f fD.xL ati ii rci d th-?i a f>x;.*oy cupve J '<t (if tie ti'vr ??? aSojt b?-ti g crt*anif.jd, who m i?yJ to proceed m < n * to tbe Sau h ? u. I'pJB the mojectc: m.ltta-y or^auuv t.oh I beg u up ti nay fUa' I -ha 1, bv aud b . rev've >n the recollection <>f mj ?<*lf tl?m 1 w*a once a coioosl of a if giic en I. (Laughter ) 1 am about to tola lu tbe came ?rganizat ioo A Twce ? Three (beers for Co'.one) rdrnooda. (Cii'era ) judge Ei'?fi*u?? Aud tv>a* whoare wil '.njtojjiD u.tb n.c ill such an organUnti >n fer home cj:sunip!*ou w.H o i ?o (rwxl aa to remain a ur ?e a" i.rn and we will ar range mailer*. 1 am sixty odd yrars of age, b..i ic inv ashes glowa a you<h-\il lire. (Chews) Mr. Bw.vrrr, of the ?Superior Ccort. sail that lie w*? an Ffcgliaiiman, and bal trie! to get hi own waU-T in -n t'getb<.r to go (*o? coali rot. HswouUbe the first man to join Judge Kdraonda, and be would C/fct under him. (A Vyice ? rhrce cbevrs fur Bennett.) Mr. ITayx.r r^gret'ed tbai bo wia unabla to'afl'er any th;t g to the anbeirlptioc. lie wa? rea )y ta go to Woh mutoa or anywhere eiae ia defeoce o t this country Be would be ready iu a weei. He baJ a Urge fami'y. bot ?? wTal iS W??u *11.b-.r'keu circ of la bts .ibseace, Be bad an eldrft son who had gooe alrealy, and woavi do hjj dutf In tnie gloi'iout uiuse. J<u)ge Eost'jao? ?Ei,;unceJ a tubaorlption or |25 from rJ?D .^:!2' "Porter, who miemlc<l to leave wi'h h.? w i for the Booth. (Oilers ) ? ff ,S ^e,ulQ?' Bro<*iy u, anbthcried f.J5. He bad C-ttel oat tL:?e joivog n vl fur ;Le ijdth. ^r?f v U" ^'r>PLrt>' ^*'1 out at bis own ezpcc?e a"b8Mi?i8$^r H 9 *" 01 hls He wo., id Attorney General Cutfiirg tioo. It ?M here aenovxwd (ta; tor. Williim Kat'erion h%d tubecrttied $100, and bul al?o gent out two of h'n t.eph??h ? ok- of w _om C",H.ud? one hundred men V10. /?? mi aiuied at bia vwo eiian-e. (I^jid cbe-rr, atid To ree.ocge to a nninimous oill Mr. Fi ilertuii was o?liged to p'? sent himsiif, ) Jttiig* i 'djiom/s ibeo ai.i) jjucea tue ip a ;b. crto li-S'i.T i'.A ; 'tw J,jrtor o; tbe \kw Vui.n i. . i ' 'Tr>a<'ph L. B.'i; idcil (??'?)E0/raph9r. fl<? G Bluut Trans ri, t. 10: C. H. C,h<E, $10. Tb- ,)u?Sre alio ?ate.. I.e had rea red a letter fn>m tor. Mtl.olm \v?^n *?'' ',uieK ^ "e would ue m . wt-k t > dcTO'.e a'l h s poaere io defc^cj ?? bia country fCoeer* ) fc W ?r ?" ?*cri ltlocg *^re here br.Dded lo, tkia repo'T1'08 10 S'V<J * ?'J rect ",l 01 l^a B*u-311 "? % Ifr. ci'rs rev Sham rk h?re announced that tbe aub ttr.ptionr in tbe a Uotoln* r>>um am > n;ed to $1 OCO. J idge I.M.KAiiAii ? Well, from this room we will add to tbat amount f '.,600 (Ix>'id cb^era ) vnmeroua aub^riptiota were then banded In wie accompany iog tbe fol 'owing pertioent note-! The ^ar epiri . b<\ing istned an execution In n?7 caae, and the Sbenii having loan J n?'U Ocm he baa attached my body for tin benefit o* tbe \*e *- Vork I'^ua/ea. (l-aught< r ) The umoimt now collec eJ ? j atLounced at *,23.260. Several gerHemen auggeetcl thtt thoy abou d b^it the Herrhaiit* 8ui>err1pt-on Mr. fii mid wished t:. atata that he had been informed y *"hab)e gentleman, u merchant, thua'tor the me t ;ng of the merchant at tbe Chamber of Comaie-oe ther Imi written to the PreaWent t > ?*y that i<ih>i his ."ernmd ibe uieit-banta of New \o'lf,ail honor to tbex woult fumijh him wiih $.00100 000 if re 4uired. ( hcan ) Jgf Ef-'tosps moved tha'. tbe meeting should ad Mr. hoped not Mr. PcMjnr Kin hoped thit thev woald raise the sib the r ,>reth?*a in I n.ladepbit ih/ti they ha I ra'?ed that a im. fbeaiiuajripnotis ooniinoed to pour in, and sevcai I??tle?MJi who hvl aubacribe douole I them . 1!T!!V **id !hat Mr Uel,,re:'1 -ulth.l'niteflSta'ea Oi?trl?%Att?rB?y . has given $100 to the Firomen'a Bri caoa and he would suhfcrihe now $Un> moie. Mr. jIa riivr > ftatcd Hj%'. C?$oDeJ ILiwkins lial o*can ?1? iD wl'ioh "?'? affi Betta, would he l.teuteriaut >^>nel (Cat-ers > JuriceF.i)M..j.i?, obaerved that there were several re guni nte orgu lzlng. M he H4 L in hi" hlt"' a !o',e" from Mr Uark B Cochrane, of the Albnuy district wlil~b rlr I M?n 's'ckk's hwl nearly or Lnto'? VeV^'k ^oV"?SeeVa )"* ?s:-ss?!??rM"tK"in ?" """"??'"p J Wis Barney , Bitter, I'ara.ona. Koater. Tbompton t*??0LV Ba lajl"r' ''Wewe.! Ib-ir Bohscip' Jadji Dr.ts aaid he won 1. 1 go $100 butler. AIT Kv/ais Rata, lndi .'iilumly , no would go $100 more. <l*ogh^er )' >IO'1il'S_ r'"'1 J""E? i>eiu'? orag .rnicmeu be-e in reiaed tbslr an xierlpliona. nntil tbe amount reached tticajm of $25, 780 *iuoh waj ?ul?cribed in the rpice of au b.-u an.l a hair. Mr. Bi srKKK aa i I ne deemed it a matter of imnvtauco Md one worthy the attention ?I bin ass wia'.ia, to iDoniie whether tt was the intention of the .lodges to adJwn tb?ir courta, In r??pe. t to aU li.ig;it?d and civil t>ustne?r ror a k rm of one or two montha. (Orxw of "Nj, ? s0 "i "ice matter th< n dropped, alter whlcb, the' a-'iouinod. s Tn the Court oi flfygijua room ano'her meatiug was ? rpaaized Ju.lge HbHing presided, and atidreaetd th-? meeting nt considerable leufctj Ho sud thai tho troouj having New Yoilc w re not properly c<?ro.' for or e<i' Ipse 1 , ar.d c illed the attention of the meii'ini lo tho iact that they abonll t>e weil a> mad, elotheii, and have cook* and doctors sent with thain, in order to guard against Jiaetat aria'ng Trom the change of climuo? He referred to the m iniier in which the Mia?a< iiuiet-g men were prorided Tor. and c;naurcd toe autbsritiei in Now >ork :or aruding men Rway in a ich a condition. Mr Cbauncey bhifler and several gentlemen alii eased the meeting, and upwards of $1 600 wore subscribed at thl* tt.eet xg. THE WAR EXCITEMENT IN THE COURTS mTED STATU* DISTRICT ATTORV**'8 Ol I ICE. Aran 22.? Mr. K. Delafleld Smith and Marshal Murray , are employed In investigating various pieces of Informa tion mb' to tbem rrspe ting tral crous designs or cjrtain parties lo equip privaieeis for tbe South to aid la aggros aioni on the North. There bus not been an; tangible or raltsble Information as jet. IH If KD 8TATIS DISTRICT COURT. /j, pursuance of ths notilicUion of the District Attorney, ?mentioned in Sunday's Hr**u>, Judge Belts hia ordered a panel of gtani jurors, consisting of thirty Rtx mines, to b* drawn and summoned forthwith, according to law, and to be returned to tbe Circuit Court of tbe L'nlteJ Water for tbs district on Wednesday next, at ten I'. M.,to iaqulre aud Lud acs of piracy, treason or other cflbncee sgsinst the laws of .tbe Inlted Slates have haen committed by any perso n or p-r-ons ia this district or wlthta tbe jurisdiction of tbe Circuit Court. t'WITBD STATM CIRCVIT COIBT. Aran. 22 ? fudge Shipanan announced that tbe only , rase on tbe calendar this morning was one against tbe aollector, but it could not be tried, aa the principal wit L'ss for the claimants bad gone to the war. fbe Court thought that was a good and suffUlent reason for the pcitponcnesi of the trial, (to consultation with Judge Belts the Court bad decldcd that, for the future, public causes should bare tbe preference over private cases. In the prtsent enfusad state of atfiirs, when no many persons were leaving tbe city, it would be necessary for ihe mrors to attend from day to day but if, after a reasonable time, n? business wax rea1y> the jurors would be relieved. Tbe Court then adjourne-t. COMMON PLIAS? <i EN KRAI. TIRM. Present, Hon. Judges Daly (F. J ), Braly nod Hilton. A i bit 'JH ? iudge Daly announce! that In consequence el tbe bar not l*ing prepared to argue the several ca.?es set down on the general term calendar, owing to the ex citiiy; state of tbe times, the Court would adjourn, tint SMS. SOUTHERN SPECIE DEPOSITS. Mr. il. D. Lyman, the Manager of tbe TUtik Clearing House jenurday received the following copy of adit patch ft otn the Attorney i.eueral of the State ? No cej-*>rnt|nti reusing to par spp<-le to hanks la so reded -tales wtfl be proceeded against for such refusal through S. ' "Mice. ?fcTEAMWIS WIIH T HOOPS ON BOARD 8RK V Vhe <-chooB r 8. R. U heeler, of Wilmfug.oo, Del , fross <iaV" eston in fourteen days puss# ?e, arrived yesterday n owing, i spot s ? U2d instant twenty mdes south f Abtfum, saw , three steamer* with troops on botrd: smme (try on Rsavegat. saw tsro otbsrs, nil bound south. Notbtag unuana. going on in Calveston >?ben he l<-r?. f vcrythsyt inile'.. il*10N MkJ'TWJ at BATAVIA. B^Tavia, April *1, 1*81. A lar^e .ind 4?tbun?s%fc? mooting was bold here lA*t right. Is crdor us raise a</j,id ft>r the f.irnn'ea of the ro luntecr? t'i%m aeri' njk'e ?** M"n P. I. Tracy. Hon ffcnsnn J. RedileM, Kttra'il k'eiupaall and other* .About |4.SM ware r*i??d ?t ou.e. THE WAB F HEMS'! AT h'ACi HARBOR. KA <? April J8, 1881. The largest and most en'busbitlle m?*'t!ng ever held in thin pls>? envensd .at nub' *t \\V h ii ?? on Hill to take measures t < provide fcr III" r?m I' M of ih ,*? whoenliit in ilcfetc ? of the ir :n'rv. I: I' Is* "I Hi^'W of tb< ITtsbylenan rhun li pt^-ideu. i no u in "t i>ath. 'Sissm jwrvsile.l. All persons plsdgs*! Ui -,r lives in defc'ito* of Ms CoMMutlon, the I nl <n and the 8l?i? aud stripes. VERT IMPORTANT NEWS. I THE MOSCOW OF AMERICA. Total Destruction of the Gos port Navy Yard by the United States Officers. Important Achievement for the Union. Sieve n Vessels of War Burnt and Bcottled. Terrible ^appointment of the Seee^ionists. PROBAELE LOSS OF LIFE. SAFETY OF THE RATIONAL CAPITAL MARTIAL LAW DECLARED N BALTIMORE. REPOErED CAPITRE OF FORT PICIEJH. Arrival of Northern Troops at Annapolis. The Departure 0/ the Mb, nth, >fh and Hh Regiments Yrstfrday. A Route to be Kept Open to Washington, *?., Ac., JU, THE SEAT OF WAR. The Latest flows from Washington, Baltimore, innspolis, Havre de Grace, Uarrisburg, Phila delphia. &c?, &c. AUTHENTIC NEWS FROM BALTIMORE. interview of the Major of Baltimore it Itn tHe P??M**t-Ttoop? to **??? Aionnil the City? Five Hm n.lre.l TMon MBit Dollars Appropriated for the D?. fence of the City? Military Movementa? Kcl/.are of (?ovtrnuicBt Munition* of ' War. THK PRE 81 MKT 8 DECISION. miKMSNT "K MA. OK I.HOWN At T(> IIW 1NTWIVIKW WWII MR. IINCOLN'. BiLiiMORi, April 21 ? 1\% o'clock 1'. M. Major itrown received a despatch from the President or tbe I nited States a'. three o'clock this morn ing, directed to himself ana Gov. Hicks, revesting them to go U> \\ ash iDL'toD, by special train, in order to consult with Mr. L.n colli for the preservation of the peace o? 11 urylnod. The Mayor replied th*'- Governor Hicks was not m the city, auil inquired if lie shoull go alone. Receding b a answer by telegraph io the affirmative, his H"??[i accompanied by George W. Dobbin, John C. Brune and ... t Willis Ksas.. whim he hvd summonded to attend liun. uiooeei'ed at once to the President's bouse. A long con versation and diJCUHMOU ensued. The I resident ujoa ids DjLrt iec>gntr.od the good faith of the cty and St ite authorities and in*U??d up >n his ow a lie admitted the cv rted s'atc o? fotliug iu Baltimore, and Ul. Retire and duty t'i avoid the fatal consequences or a collision *itb the pi ople. lie urged, on the other h ind, the absaiate, irre'lstlble necessity ?f|?idving transit throv'b the 8<Me for sucli tro>ps as might be ueieasary f"r tb^l'rot .rtloii of th? federal capital. Ihe protection of Wa?hu>gt a>, he , n <w eve rated with creatlomnesioefs, was ihe sole object o e,?ncentr t n? t con? there, aid he protested thH none oi ihr troops ^ooi'ght^ through Maryland were tnt.U te 1 for . an> pu*p<8e hostile to the i=Ute, or aggressive m a,; *.n->t th?ing uo^aualTe'to bring them up the Potomac in fe ciirltv tbe government mu?t either brlug them through | MarvTi'nd e' abandon the coital. He c dl. i on General | wooit for bis opinion, which the General gave at cngtb. ' t:> the effe t thai trooi s Might be brought through Mary- | 1 luid without going through Battiaore, j ! inc them from I>rry svil'c io Aniapolis. and therx* by | 1 rail to Washington, or by orlngir.g them to .he KeUy J lie, so ou the Northern Central 1 tail road, and tn ip Uing j them to the Relay House on ths Washington Railroad, , an 1 therceby rsilto the capital. If the people wmld ; rSnn.t th-m to go bv either of the e r.ute.' uo interrupt edly, the neteisity <f their p^iog tbrough iu um^re v on Id be avoloed If the i^opl 3 would not i?er mil them ; n trrnsit tbi s remote rioin the city, they must stl <t ?beir"wn hot route, and, if need be light th-lr w ar through Biltlmore, a result which the General oarne-tlv | 1 e i're-i'lent evprc Be<l his hearty con. urr. nee .a th? j desire to av "id a eellislon, and said no more troops snaud , l,e order *1 through 11 't.moie ir they were permitted to go uninterrupted by either of the other . ..utes- uggesled. In thib tha Pecrttary of Mai .xp.esied h , ^*1 he ioter\ iew terminated with the distinct assuiau-e on tbe nart of the President that no more troop* would be serf through Baltimore, unless obstructed lu their transit in other directions, and with tho understanding that tbe city authorities should do their best to restrain thOn ? returning' to the ears, and Just about to le*ve kbrnit twi o'clock P. M. , the Mayor received a despatch from Mr Garrett, announcing the approach ol troops to Cockevsville and the excitement consequent upju It in ihe city. Mr Hrcwn and his companioos returned at once to the President, snd asked an immediate aud^"'''. which was promptly given. The Mayor exhibited Mr. ? u^ott s ilKoatcb which gave the Pres: lent grest sur 'p^e He?^iiatel, summoned the Sec retary ofWar snd General feott, who soan appeire 1. other m.m bers of the Cabinet. The despatch was submitted. Ihe President at once, in the most <1eciilea w* . urged the tecall or the troops, wylag that hs hsii no idea thoy wou d be there today, and kit there hould be the sl.ghtert suspicion or ba.. iai.h on hi! part In ramnoulng me Major to w allow irg troops to march on the city diirmg his absence, he desired that tbe troops should, if it were practicable, he rent back at once to "i ork or Harrisburf. adopted the President's views warmly, and an order was accordingly prepared bv the Llenieiwnt General to tha. eitecl snd Torwarded by M?Jor llelgor. of the army, who uoconiDftTiitid the MaTor to tbi-' city. The troops at Cockevsville, tbe Mayor waa assured, wore not brought Ihero for transit through the cltv, but were ?nten<ied to be marched to .he Relay House on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, they will pioceel Io Bar^ rtsburg. from there to Philadelphia, and then'-o by the I l,ct.nKake and D-la^sre rami, or by I srrytwlfe, ss Mnior Geueral Patterson msy direst. A ropy of the Baltimore Ame-ican of T'ster tayj fiitees us io pcwsrsslon of tho flrs* n .ihenti. news I ' nt* since Krida? nitrht That i Ity ?ee?s to l.e in a psr feci state of excitement, and the Inlelhgencecfthe up nroach or Penr-jlvnnia tr.*>ps towards Mary lan 1 iu c?..d it; rest I y A telegraphic despati h was receive 1 I srrKiSsR-.iSff f5 Sr&r? ; b,|n the midst or'\h"? compir .Mve pause j?Jf ? ' reeeivnd that tro->ps were at Cxkejsville marcinn^ niiadilv towards the city. The number was origin ill v I staled a' b'H it row rapidly in the m?. ???> ; of rumor to Ave. e gb> snd ten thoussn I. lo?tan y th^ J street was in an uproar the e-yto srm- ? " singly and in croups with a-rn- or every v .riet) , from | l?tcnt rules 10 comm n row nng pieces ''"'^w wi. . / around lo dluerent rend-rv iu* A fr?sh "?P ' ** 7li?r i. , I cn to the excitement by s second report thai auo.ho. i > l dy of troops were man-bin/ o?. Ihe city by tb? t. .s> town roed, snd wore already a* PlkiSviUe dis'anl. The llirong rusbed ruriously and evUlel ly about. The armed mtn galHred lu sqotos and w. re for trod iuto companies. Tue unarmei clamored ro weaions and rushed to the gmi shop* "" lUltimor street, wl. eh woref|iili kly broken open, and wha arm* they contained passed out indiscriminately t'> any sa > were alert enough to get with n rosch "f tie supp y. The hells or the church en f. cond str <t rsnj: ou ? startling slsrm. communicating the exclb aient to every pad or the city In the churches in which service* wore at <ibe time in progress >r course tbe wildest appre heusions were crested A general attaek uyan the city, ?i lioaibsrdment Ir-tn f ort McHsiu w ith a1 lu-- aldcn.1 1 ot hus.ois thst tbe fertile imagination roulJ ik-plct, pre i>. tiled themselves. Servhes were InUrr ipied, l? ll?i slilhkS* and fsint d. cmgr.- at...Be dtsm s^e- them wives aod tcrrd-ed women n irrietl to their iiom??. From 'all jrctlous of the ? !?> thronj-. of men p .ured . toward the, sntre. seeking Infuinution a? to wha Ju l ' i ^rrsd ao Iding to He general alarm by jopeauog ' tlKii umOTirtrft " ere caught up .uagnlrtH to ths uttw^t i 1 c Stent snd U.W thrown aside for same wer sa^ i tMS-WOXPr ASSKWHt.iv.t or THK Mfl.f i TAgv *ti' rotWNfKW. "t^S'^l'Jader "f M",r ""Jf*' ?? bal led men s#<l l ill alteDUtl*| lh? Of Vh*Ci y ags n th. i~- ltd .avacer?. Compenw mar hed from one p >nt t ? anther, aad thea proceeded i .. the .,j i if liu . where, t(mo if jk^1, the U'.ess i/v a:u. ! were f- rii'Xeu. Tte Southern vo.untcerg. uu-ilcrjif uvr a it . <mo1, :'e -mod on Faycuv and e Our greets, '.-,0 (J.'cr..' wa'd lb alao I 13 the E ie .'-'i 7 n. w : Ury coaspaaiea wore ga'.bceti n the'r re- -ec'ilve ?r mcr.ea, await.Bg the ori'.tr 10 uu?ve. <;cctr*i --.ei?4-- i* tab: .abed bis headquarters ?t No. 31 r*,u! g'.roct. c .r where, a' L tr\ . d* . > ?b: mcm?n.-eri wr:T? -1 b*r:E^ r.mor? of ,Lc in.-e u.fc'.i 01* the reunaylvaaiABs. rm cocunrtruLB caxf. It the absence or u.j reliaule town fu u? iU< 'etca it,-' tie ?.id?t acti mast txtr*va?art ,i.n: .-g el a, > t. <len-e. U wua vu-io ui'.y afjertcd *t C.::.r?L" . -v ? ;h? jay iLui the te t idvuc rj.',?Wr ie thing wth tie country people *<;.% st.'w 1 10 iirpede their ? rogrest by f.itec it .1 ? * frv? I A. - . ? ? dg?g that, panic strr.kenat the torn, iiuio , roui.'u t mi f T (kail raotpiloD.UMp hal c a act *? U c !Li s UBdi-r l) e pilotage of a r?*iU iaiore Do^db^y; ao.4? ?hul li.ey h-d Bvt bujgcd fioni Co.iey<v;?e, b .t i. .J tsir n'hed them so. \ in there, and were *...1 ug V* r>- 1 list} "and" b*f0re aUeirPt-I'f further progre^a vhrou.h Tte ftj?t mentioned rum >r waa by far the mji-'t f i,i :'ar ' ard it u iil tre at the inaction ut the m.iitary & .-horit,*.-s were loud and bitter, especially amoLg the \ o!uat--t.? w'ij havng etlated lor a fight, and haviig 1*1 ihe.r ai, i;e for a " rreat revenge" gtimulateel, were ex-eed ue y I a.;?t.itt at tie delay in !?? gratiCcu.uii A ;ro;. <!?, was for the tormnt'on of vo;i:n' 'er 0 r t ? arm - '< t the pur^xc of :mro*dut?l/ mee'.log the iovader- and of beatint thfBJ bark. Tbi? p-opoBimn met w th a. ?> h Uvor.aud hnndrexts of imporuou<< Biir'ti. ooot lejt 3f 1 beiBg followed by larpe uumbeis, left theclty iu wi/on? I c*rrlaf???, btifgi'i. an! other vehicles, det?rm r-d to ' wa?e a puenlla norfure with the advun -lug for,'? Sot lees than lire hundrod meB, it ib, ieftliilntucre for thic purpo?" aiB!e?t wi'.h th it gjBS and r:(\ ?. At a subsequent period of tte day, whfn the piclCc n'<*nt^-s of the I'mnrylvAitaL* and tbo peaceful pjj.v o" iU.< admiBistratlon be-amo fully kaown, ?:rn?-8t ftar* pro Ta.'td that t!ie-<? h >t and eager m?n wjit'd bej.?;n aa attack upon tha Northern troops, ccd to !e* I to fc' n; ost 1 nceceteary and melancholy was e of hum in life rh<"-e !?>arg. we letrn, wero bipplly not rea'lzei. tho yb th* ??ntanipmect of the renoBylvaaiana was ratted, it u ?ti t;n? haDenged, Wy t-.,ore? of Bait mo-eacu. who were cardi- 1 ally receiTe 1 and eitertaired. i'rom a gentWi an who visitel the camp, we learn thit the recneylvanlanf. to th-s number or 2.?(? were *n ( ?Lm]HHi at Oo:key g Fields, In the vicio ty o" C.5Ca^js vilie, eerenteen mtlcg rroci Baltimore, tbu*. lea vine Bir r'.alurp with no kno^ledKe of the o^poitl'iou o' tho cit' zene of r..?l? to ihe pas^afo 01 Northern triop? through the city, th.-y bad h ,'tel Lpm tlie tlr? lutla)* t.onof tje h<-gi !e tnteDtions cf the avhirities o'- th'g cit> : and far from ctitorUiain^ any idea of fOr*io? a pushnge through llaltimore, tbey lield our citizjca in ite cuhar and Jm-ndiy regard. One of the companies ejm poring the Torce-a corps fn m Kmctat r? we--' earnest 10 ihur inqinrieg after tbo Baltimore City ? ird w h whom they hare heretofore enjoyed relat ors ,jf inetd th.pmd i.f ploatait boci&l inttrcourae, and t 'an?m!tte<l them manv verbal evidences of their con ic-aa eooo 11 and repvd. only about oue-!hlrd of the whole force were uniform ed and drilled; the remainder were r. wrocruitg. unarmed nnd uniformed. There wae bnt 1 350 stand of armi in the encampment. The rorce is saU to be smierinc mi:b from the want or provlilons. but a meagre supply 01 wb,cb tould be obtained for -love or money," a number of the country peop'e in thit vicinity refngln,' It i) gald, to sell th<*m food upon any terms. 8KIZVRE OF I-Nircn fTATES PROPrRTT. .?????> by an otticer or the Rultimoro city police, that law evening a detachment of the rorce were o-dere<{ 10 seize four or five cars of the Baltimore and Oh 0 ltail I !J*U, c?nli,an) - which conUluod arms and provisions for the l tiled Suue, and which were to have been forward cd to Washington. We lea*n that Governor Hick* sent to Col. Butler a p-o t*'Bt ggmngi the landing of troops at Annnpol s He ac cordingly proceeded to the Naval Acidemy, and l.mded big men there, our which the federal govt-rnmeut ht3 exclusive jurisdiction. Ml'STKRINU OF TUP VOI.t"NTCTR?. Among the mogt gxciting incident of the day wa* tbs enrolment of those who had volunteered lor the dereuoe or the city, these, to the number of -1.000 mee and up wards, alter being divided iato companies 01 about thirty each, and after having p-oper otlicers asatgned them we'e marcbe : to the Old City Sail, where they wero fir niglird with flrearma. rhego were of every pattern and description, rmro the now obtelcte dirt lock ruie and musket to Minie'g improved and tcrribl" arm. A cum ber of volunteers u)fo came from the country, armed with cuinon. NORTHERN TROOPS AT AKNAPOI.II ? Cj REAT EXCITE MKNT. 1 he New Vorlt Sec-nil regimtn! arriwl a'. Pcrrumnt cilh on Saturday afternoon, and ali-r 1,%-ino teu?i th* ferr 1/ Ueamr, Maryland awl all the </h tr Sw-rwhmn* .isomer?, crogged the bay to Ann.i;>olls, where they ar rived on Sunday morning. Tbey are Kaid to be aocorn panied by a lar^0 ton e of Fennsylv^nitng. and ejrpocted to reach nafhington from .tnniipolig l?y railroad. It w:tg however, anno icced yegierdiy that tho track of the tn rapolig branch wag being torn up, and the furth"r liro grefs of the troopg imjiedod. A Rl'JIOK? TIIE MRf.IMA HriflHT^. OPPOSITE W*A?H IKti TON. Tliere were rnmorg Trctn Wasblngtou ves'er lay, to the ?*il 'JJ*1 I-cc, of Virginia, hid '..lken poaaetti-.n ot the Heights or Ariiugton, opposite the w -torn portion or ? aghmpton, with l> dies of Virginia tio..i.s, throwin* up eartliworkg and planting batteries, r-om-; or th 5 ras sungers in the alternoon train r-ipeitf-d the rep <rt as such but others di6credi'"d it, or had net h'Mrd o' !t in '.V*sb! Ingion CX-lonel l<ee reali'.es in the \ !< tnlcy >jf Arlington. T11H t.'KNT til 1 (.- ? I ' t t. 1 be centril'iipa! steam fun of Vr. 1" k ->rg mi on exhibi tion in this city fir soma tlm? past, li.-n -n' p-irch:S"j bv the city, and will be used in Its d Ton Tho g 11 is s.jnething like a stejin lire engine, aal vein thro?v three hundr- i balls per minute It i-. th" n i i.t.on of the au thor itieg to nlii it 1 If giro nt lb" bead >r t!ie streot up which the Invading troo w atteuipt to 1; an i,y nal. to clear the streets of citizen ; and ?wo?p the ranks. TROOPS IN tVASlIIN'TDX. There must be over ei?ht thousand troops In a*ms in tli!? city, or all griidcg, regular. lo;al an 1 the vol-mteora rrom o' States, Including the ann^d c Mzens tcoi iorv rily i>re6ent on busice-ss or pleasure. This i? a most for midable organlration. rn-l will be invinci'jlo a a -oard to repel any invasion of ^ashir gton. A RUN THROUGH HALTISI011B. I'HU AKAIIOMS TO RK'KiVK TUK SEVEN I U ItE'lI JiKNT AT IIAIVTlllORj: WITH cannon a\i> TR^OP* - 8HOOTIM. ?>J A VOI.I'NTRKR BV 1113 OWN" CAP TAIN A I I'ERRVJIAKSX IM.K, OI'POBITt HAVRE HE ?.KA-S TKRRORI8W IN BALTIMORE ANH rnit'>r<.lt ?>t T MARTIAN H SOUTH OF THE SCFQrEH ANN A - IIANUER 1O TRAV1I.I.RRN. We have received the folbwing from u gentleman wlo left Bul'imore on Monday morning at clgnt o'clock. I left New Voik half an hour arter the Seventh rogl uienl . passed them a'. I1I/aheth: arrived at Canton, an outtkirt 01 Baltimore, at four o'clock on Saturday mom ing. Found the bridge* at that place In ll-irnes. The only citizen present beside inyseir was a . friend originally from Baltimore. Tiie Hreing as iu charge or a hook and ladder c.>mpauy, a steam lire company and a com|>any of axemen, the latter numbsrin-. about forty m--n. As soon as the briii ,e fell they marched iu good order up the railroad to destroy the main budges. At this time the Seventh regiment was supposed to be about two hours behind us. The women, children ano passengers were departed wholly by all conncoted ? ith the train, and left to Hod the be?t 01 tbe r way lo Baltimore. My Triend and mjseir walked around the creek, and on our way to the city found the ai tillery rcg.ment, with ten braes pieces, atgemblc-l, even at Ihig unusual hour, four o'elo<'k- In the miming, Ihoir horsen all harnrgsed, their pun? run out Into the street, wait ng ready at 1 moment a call, the object belni: to attack the St\enth regiment, ll.o barricades arrow IVatt street, composed or carts, timber, anchors and other objects, then presented themselves, with bnllet holes and (??her marks of violence plainly digcernsSle < nt imn ed.ateiy t ? the c*pltal. Washington i? n llet though ikere are many ther- who'diggimnUto All other partg or Maryland seem to be as one man for secession. Keturned to ttaltimore on Saturday night. Found the city in the greatest state or excitcmeat. nn euuday all tho churches were dismissM without service Th- streets were cowded wi?h cavalry and troop* all day Sunday. Strangers from the Korth found it Impocaiole to get awav irom the city wltho il [uyng rrom thirty to fifty dollars Tor tomato tike them to Havre d-- <;r?ae. Many peramn suttmitt-d to the extort on through fear. We wee folio wed In the street, watched at the hotele. and even fiolnled out in 1 giup-eione manr-er, with threst-niug look ?, aa we * ?re comini- away on M'-r, iay momlng. Went l-r Havre d-* (.race via Iteltir, Hanoxl count v, Ma-.vland. At this plac weweiein d. rter ? our lives. Am'itaryom pany -.ins rorni"il, and niixloug for a fray Oue c"mr>any < ngigisj -.r .i?,|fc B'air and Mr. 8t?ibu-.k, of Troy. I'roferaor liverson Mr. |/>w? Oomilor Stanton and Mr. ' ro e. nil ->f X V. Clt\ We w* re wat- bed a Ulnnei , feparated Intent onally att. r dinner, under pre tenee ef -re 1 the town and each on" pi e-tged to c >n verge on lh> r liiit topic. Nothing ollenslv-e was ex tracted^ ?otu .t w? left m safety, arriving at llavro de Orsce Monday uigbt. t train arrive ! tbe-e dnrlng the 'nignt. having left a party of troops at every sts'lon he t ?cen \\ iimitiKten and T'ti > mans\ llio to guard the r-?a 1. Moti'Ui.v nl^ht a capta.n ol one 01 tho c impaniea aliot a private lie-,, 1 on tb' r it , witi.'n a liundriil yards of th" pho<- where the writer of this was rhvping. The mun wss un oubtedly intoxicated. Tbe Captsm sr. ? chn lengel by the fentry aid n e th pi "per p.r?s 1 lie msa d' I not undcrftinl'thi word, oe being ogaH> cballenpet the t'iptain did not answer. Thn

sentry fired, lull mf'-od b'a aim. Tbe Captain immedie stely tirew ln? revolv i-r at;d fired gevoral hal.s in'o the body or the g dd >er, w ' o died loitnedlstc y. I<eft ferry maosvllle ? | half pn?t eleven o'clock on Tuesday m 'rning nd tlinik ij.mi 1 hive \rrlted where I may cxpre*--- my mind without fntlan;-erlng my life. THE LATISr NEWS. AxNue.iiii, April 21 ? 2 I'. M This mornliu tin eteamer Marjlanl, the immense rail read ferry boa- s' II ivre -leiTrace, came Into this pjrt, baxlrg on I card e'gbt hundred Moaerch isett? troapg, romiosnd. d h- OH'-ne' H.itler, r? r?*.'? for Wash ug r?n. The steamer lar '?l her troops at (ho X.aval Academy, ana the frigate CvntlKi-t: 1. is niw be 'tig towed out ot the river lor ih> purp km of Uklng tbe troopa t > Washington. Another ft.- me with troops In lying oil tbo hubor. sopprrjed to be th > Ve\e?ih reglmcat of New Yo*k. lfi? mesi intenae <-m it. mgnt prevails In the city, and ? esseftf ff* have krea tent llrroughoul the country for troop* Ut l oncentrate l.eio. ^ e learn t?.*t Wo\ernor llleks sent to Colonel I! tier a protest gjjamut Jhe Undlti, of bo^pa i.t AnBSpolln. 1> accsrd rjtr preceded to 'he Var\I Allerny and landed item mere. over wfc .*h lie federal g ,v?ntment kM ?? jurMlction. P-tl* n. r.i, Apr.! 23, 1M1. Fiom Axuapo .s the vjy ...teat pr.vate despatches, rt .elvec. in VtM c.'.y : jm\ tig'o: 4' i.ght o'clock, ibtt that the Vfrtheni troops from the steamers Maryland and Bcc'.cc u*?. !aade& at .atipalu without obtraition, and ai?fided to icar .i. immediataly for innapoiis Junction. The eU.z<T? of the town ;iJ neighborhood were pre pira'i 1- I've item t, ilgkt in their inarch. Ike V ruie r. troopn a* wkec horses for ttepi?p3?e of trsE; porting artillery at ?) baggage. i: r ? . k <>?i t', 4rt*J 22, 1'fli. the " .'.llicore pipers cf tn s morning recived tere t*je that the e> '*.??. ett of ?"tidi>.y hal been succeeded bj 00 ib | iri.'.ivc ?, .ice aal ?>*>.? order, t..I tt?t tae i'es ;!? were t. ei of start; eg rvmor*. In ever y d;re ?? ?> 'jbi 1 te*i" san; to g".ard the ? approach of any be 1 t if re en. Nearly all tceb rrovms .n the city were dewed on Monday . ruling the merging (Vloutay) several messengers frcm th? C^ckejfTi c ?: .tap >ro ght into jmavioa of the nuvemcete if the N'-rtL:ru tr op?. It la reported tbtt ! a number of from 2,000 to C.000 tr . >?a w:re i-er.> and bb' rt of prov iaions. Tcoy permitted no Cltiaen of Mary and to pi'S over an/ brills *.;!iv:t a strict exttn inoUOD. Hy order of Marsha'. Kaue lev era I w.tgon loal-. of bread and meat we?e ^ert to tho camn of the Pemsylran;an ?reps, a number beirg s an l s' CVr:n4. Three of them bad died and weie buried withn the encuupment. [ The troons tad abac loned their encampment and were g*,ppnc1 to bewaitin. for the cars to re' rn to Htrris borg or w ith'.n the borders of Pennsytvani*. 1 Only about one half of them were armed. The iio\ cruor of Maryland b >1 Wsuod a proclamation convoking the legislature to meet on the i'fltb. A special clcctton will ho be.l in E^i.ic.j:o to marrow for delegates to fill \ at-mcies. On Monday aitercoon tbe cxci'.civ.ent iu the c ty had \ abated lomew bat. A mail had been despatched north by a wag jb to tho Susiitiehmna rlTer and thecce by railroad. The Ealt:iaorc;u.s compla-tp greatly fur tie watt of mv 1 and telegraph facilit ee. The steadier Locunt I'oint; Wr < tn V. =? r for Little Ro. k, Arkaaiai, ha? been stizod; *.??.> a Ur^e at:t>* of sxli pctreaad britneti ue, frcin Ittu'ourg for CJD-lcaati, at Canton station. No provisions of any k?td arc a'dovol to be trarsferrcd from Baltimore. Violence has been ot'ered to Kctry VT. Bor jiw, the newly appointed 0>- lector of Bi..V.i3aore, at Harper's Kerry, as he was about corn. eg to '.Lit city to takop's sesalon of the offloo. Pevcral Northe- nets have b.iea urristed us wtpKted spies, but discuargud. The city is now well supplie! with arms. The city volunteeis are largely ir-jreasiig FrejL arrSva's are constantly coming u> from the country. Between three anl four hundred colored residents have offered tb*ir servicea. The Southern Rightf Convention hive no-niotted tbe following cnndidatei" for delegates. JohnC Pr ne, Rose Wlnans, H<nryM. Wa 1'eld, Pr. J. liaas >u, Thomis T. rack in, Fcott H. M. Morfctt, 3 Tea.-le Wallls, U. IT. Pitts, \V, ?. Hrrrlson and lawrerce lAr.gston. IIa\ re nr ("rue r. April 2?, ISflt. A paescoger from tialtlmore at 11 o'clock this morning, sa> s that be heard no'hing about lVnascol i when ho left. The city was <i"iet. Martial law was enforced, and tho troops arriving from the country had been sent b.. k,to bold themselves in?eadmcss, there being ?v.f>lc;eut force in tbe city. Havrt. rit Gr.*?i:, April 21?9 P. M. A gentleman just from Washington, at seven o\ jck this morning, via Baltimore at oue o'clock this al'ternoon, ropsrts the aiikirs of both cities as in ttcUu ?/?">? lis heard of tbe capture of Port Pi;ken? and a largo loss of life, on tbe road hot not at Baltimore. Kxtraa were Issued thorc, but none were brought on. A system of martial law exists !n both cities, but il wa? not officially proclaimed. Plt1LM>B' 14, April ?}, l$r'l. Mr. Wendeil, ftnrmerly IVollc I'ri iter, arrive! here t> day, he bavlhg lert Baltimore ycstor<" ay at eleven o'clock. Tbe City isr* completely in thn hands of th 1 mob, and it waa not cafe for auy one to declare his sentiments for j the t^nion. 'Vi.VlfDa'Wi bfS beci pulled from a carriage an l nude to dec aV**" Wfrl \ 05 ill fnvor of scce3p-:lon. V'hon some liiataau-^'froin khe city llr Wendell heard heavy g ns flitaf. Tlie military constitute the worse rirt of the mob Waf-lnrgton is welldcfendel by " 000 troop- a:id L.O'it. Cen. ?coot feels con.ldei t tii it uo force can l?e oroogh'. t-i bear suflic.' nt toi-apture it. Pni.\nn.i .ii?, April 23.1551 H"B I'. P. l'ou,-e, of lllmiis, arriveJ iiere tb ? a''er tj.,. n from Wa'hingt >n. Ho left Wafhlo?"."'i et?ly ? n M< nd?y morning. Ho went by rail to Bxlt.iore, then e in a pr'Tiite conveyance to Vork, 1 a , where he t"jk tho ca;s !Or tliii city. He rejnrts tbe railroad cjnaaoDi ???. tiei bttween Baltimore aud Washington p?rf :'. 1 r nearly thirty mil< s it was guardid by p'.ck'-'.s of anu'l >l.i! luiders. Ho taw noth'nfr either of the Mmi< U? setts rigir&ent, reported to be statlone 1 at Anna >>lls ;ui . .iJu,or of tbe Seventh, bit heard <>n the way t'. t they were both at Annapolis the day before. >lr. l'ouke had an InterviCT w ith the Vres: lent an I the mcnibers of tho Cabine' the e\ecine be'ore he left. They were all hourly rxyM'nir an at tark from th) Virginia siie, b t determined to bold their ground to the last. They man .e?trl ii.noh anxiety to hear from the North, *11 coam' nieat loa with which bad been cut off sioce Saturdsy crtcrnom. Tbe I 'resilient appeared to be especially exeniee'I at the eritiral condition of tbe federal capital. Pim-ADaM-aia, April 23, 1 ? *51. The Philadelphia city ice l oat has been terdcred ti e govnirment by tbe authorities. 6be is no.? under stearn for special service. Pnattiiii rm, *p-ll It in reportod by arrivals from Baltimore at six o'clock this morning, that martial law a as |'ro;liiaiei and al' thee'ti.eoB ordered tn tbe'r housoe. A!) tbo piacos of amnsem< nt. kr.., have been closed. A gentleman who arrived from Baltimore this evening, leaving there at nine o'clock this morn ng, sta'.e- that when he left the report wax current tn the hot<'!s, that nesshAd rtocbrd there via Annajiolli. tbi.t Port I'i kens was captured with serious lose of life. It isotiy given as a rumor. He slim gays tha' Bali imor?; ha t been pot un? er regular militia law when he left. Although strong guar''" were on duty, tbe city Is <i"icV Puff.aBrtjm ? , Ap'il 25, 15*1. Cornelias Wendell, with h!i family, of flvc children, has just eome in from Washingt .n. He left >n Mondiy morning, at ten o'clock. There was re*t excit ment i > the city. 1* hen tbe scecsfioulfts found they were bluffid at Bar l^-r s Kerry, tb< y started for AlexanJrta, where four tboi ?and men are encampeil. Tbe number of seoe aionists rear WaehlBgton is rstimated at six th r.saud, of whom four th^'saud Bre at I^mg Bridge and t?o tho isand rear lieigh:s. Hei:vy cannonading was heard on Se'urdny n.ibt, and 1 tow ds were at tbe Washington Navy Vard witboat as ? ertaining anj thing definite beforo Mr. Wendell left. I ai'ies Rnd children are beln/ ?ent away rapidly from : Wafhinvton. The ieo?a?lcni?ts declare their lntertl;>n ot Hcl/ing the CapiUd this week, and Mr Wsode g?ya thai thej reesi deti^alned to try it. He went by railroad to p. Ulmore, and found that c ity In the hands of a mob. No churches have been burned or pr party Injure ! but tremendous excitement pre\ ailed, and no man was safe who di l not agree with the mob. He paid f'100 to get from Baltimore to Xsw York with ?ve children, all un <!rr thirteen )ear* old. The appcarame alon>. the road wh? fiuiereil. I/>ng lines of carriage* and other <ehi:l< a. filled w tli pe pie. iv>r< i Ing from liaitimore, and so great w? ? the crowd that fjniek travel wss imi uasihle. \i:imvai or thi; Baltimore and wash in<;ton mails in philadei pht v. Pint Aiu.t.rBia , ;! itMMl. The letter mail from I '.alum ire and \\a?b ,igton arrived ht r this afterno?in having lefi Baltimo-e yes'erlay af ternoon. our a b iocs from W tailing ton on Souday night s?y that 1 apt CI Aey, of the United M 'lcs Arn.y, had re aigi.i.d. He is a Mary lander, ar.d w ?s In co; rrmloftl.o An. -tw arsenal when il was m rr. n e.rod. sim 3 wh cU hi w if ordered to K.jfti eav MjnroO. I wasrumirel al?o Ilia' ' d. May. of Murj land, h. I also rr? rn' I. Al? - anur a, \ a , wu id great oommotion, cod ??je- 'tin ? ?s er' fljlng In every ili-ectfon, Tlii pwplo were jNe 1 aria r f< r ?ar, and ecruitrng wa* pr'*'-*' ri Tiite ra| o y. fbr-'a i'nion men wer? r l-M to '.nave. rb< . ot ? rrmei t >1 i?i h?er, ?Arcnsttli' r nt Ibe p ?siWon* of li e puKic buildlvge In VUihiDgt o. The Capitol it rjTontde.l wtth tasti'y thrown up de feccee, aad barricades were erected arcund the Treasury Department. Precautionary ntovements were made in M?7 direction. A number of secession Washington!*!* bad left for Virginia. The local trade at Alexandria and down the river was entlrelyjuspen led. Provision* and Cour had advanced in price. An express fron^ Baltimore Is (o be started at tbreo o'clock A. M. NEWS FROM PENNSYLVANIA. Our llarrhbnrg Cutrcspoailcncc. Hauusum, Pa., April '.12, 18fil. M vthitnt I <if rnuujloamix* lrt'Opt? i Ruu.r to bt h p'. Opti\ to Waihing'on , Ac. The recnsylvini* troops that reached Ashland, Mary land, yesterday morning, as I informed you in my last df-p?tcb. were orderei back to this pla '0 la'.e last light, by authority of tho War Department, wilb dirnctioAH to go by way of Pii tdolphia, where they aro to move, in conjunction wMh about Ave thousand others from this State, together with Ne* York and New UngUud forces lbe intention of tho government is to open cominunici t.on with Washington, liy way of Wilmington, Delaware; thence by tho canal t.> llltion, down the Wk river, through ( hesapeawo bay by steamer to Annapo'.W; thenoo by railway to Washington. The mouth of the hirbor to Baltimore, In tho bay, will be guarded by United Staves ?aval ships, i.nd this route to the federal ctpital will be kept opt?n. the feeling of the Siate authorities here is decidedly against withdrawing the troojm from Ashland now that they luve been sent there, and the masse* of u e people arc highly indignant. Caleb CusMng rcachcd here this morning from Hagora town, and to the surprise of evry one who knowK this > t reatile politician he called upon (iov. Curt in aid cm' municated the fact that he heard there were niue or ten IBOusand V irginls troops in that vi:lnity. He said be did not know where they were going, but from tho arrange ments of the cars? a largo number of which were there? l.e should ihitik they w ere intent on Washington, but per il; i s Baltimore. If those troops are really going to Wash irgton there is the mote reason in keeping tho l'ennsyl* vsninn forces at Ashland, which would have i>een. re inforced to<lay by about tlx thousand more, inoluditig f 1 erman's splendid battery. With this force the federa1 authorities could have cut the rebels on at the Keluy House, whereas now, if Mr. fuelling's theory iscorrcct, th y arc \ery likely to reach Washington before tho fede ra' tru )>s can possibly do so by- way of Annapolis. Volcnteerirc Is going on hero with great rapidity, and new companii s are pouring in from every direction hourly. N'e telegraihic or mr I eomm nication from Washing ton ye'.. When I left Wa?l ?n^{ on oa Saturday the wounded men of the Massachusetts Sixth regiment were doing well. Captain Ilyke was also reported quite effort able. Hmivns, April 23, 1MI. Caleb Cusbing arrived here yesterday. He left Wash ingtoc on ti inday. He says that Geu. I.oe with 0 000 Yir g.nift troops was covering Arlington Heights. 1 he rail p at Oockeysvilie Ual broken up and the troops were returning hero to go South via the Soupieliannu river. Lieutenant Jenifer, reported as having desertel tho Carlisle Parracks, hid a full knowiedgoof tho pluus of the government, Despatches for his arrest, have bocn tent in every direction. ('a eb Cashing narrowly escaped injury from tho people of Carlisle and Chamberaburg. He stated that b? was ' on hia w;.y to MassachuFetts to join a regiment for the defence of the Union. He left last evening. The Penr.sylvr.nisn troops have been ordere i bick to 'WW, and Eomo of them have arrived. HaKKi.xiiiac, April 23, 1MH. merchant of Raltlmore has arrived here vial rede rick ami Hagistowii 1 le left fUltimore yosterdey artor noon. There were no I nlon Cage fly ing, and but few I se< eseioc tlsj s. No a rack had been mi-te on Port Mc Henry. He thinks there were no more than two h in died lederal troops there. Ho believe* the fede ral troops can now pass through the city unas safled. Military drilling and nurthlng to the so n 1 of music, wore alone to t>e seen. Business was entirely suspen led, and there w ill not bo a solvent house 'l Baltimore within a week. Virginia money was at thirty i er cent discount yesterday. The irae gentleman whs at Washington oo .? mday eve iilcg. There were no V ir^ mlA troops on Arlington ii igh'.s. Tl. s it one d<y Inter than Cileb < ushinji s report.. ilu says the ilail. mores ns w.U not attack Wellington. lit reports the Kiglith Ma sacbusi Its and .->o\ New York rrglruint.' at Annapolis, gome fighting hid or curred, butt te is unable Uigive any particulars Savothi' they ar <s aWe to protect themacivoa. >Ury laud money was refused entirely by th ? banks o' Harr.tburg ycf.torday at any price. The brokers buy l < a h- avy discount. Th'i ttwtrau, April 20, HOI. Treasurer Moo.-e to the city todny in re la ticu to the half million loan for the war. The banks to", it all it par. A do.iole amount was ousted. IMPORTANT FROM NORFOLK. Arrival of I lie Stearatng Ynnhcr, from Charleston? The Srhoontri !>*?!< t llnlr m ml Tnnll Bodlnr, from Norfolk, n n<l tlir KrhooNrr Wllrer II. Lrr, from Vork Rlvtr? The Une-of-Ilattle Hhlp Penn sylvania, the Sirrw Frigate Merrimack and Mine Other Vencli of War Humeri? Aruis and Ammunition Drmnllthnl-tn Eastern Captain Hong bjr the ttecea ilonliti, Ac., &c. ARRIVAL OF THE SXEJLMTI'G YANKEE, FROM rH.MU.ESTON. El KMMi OK THE NAVY YAIUI ^XD WAR PDirS AT NOKFOI.K. The .ftcamtug Yankee, Captain Gormalne, from Charles ten, arrivel at this }iort yeeti'rday afternoon, after pane lug through aorcwhat stormy and boisterous scenes, she bar three passengers from the Goaport Navy Yard. She pnt Id at pier No. 10 IXat river, and afterwards re moved to the foot of Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, where she bow liea. She presents a very dilapidated appearance, her smoke pipe being bltwii away, baring lost It at se* in a heavy gale of wind. The stoamtt:g Y&nkse. it wilt be remembered, went with the fleet sent to relieve Fort Sumter, and on her homeward trip put into Notfolk ibort of coal. The Yankee took t ho Cumberland in tow tj 1-ortresa Monroe, on the way she grounded on Orris Island, and fu two bor.ra getting on'. Jhe ?e< ?-aaionirt?, observing the escape of the Cumber land, lommeocel obstructing the cbinuel below bar. MU r towing, the r> proceeded to .Vow York. Tfce l'uwnee left tVn?liln^to? last Friday night witb au extra detachment of officers, men and marine, with 11a Officer Paulding on board, and proceeded to Fortran lion roe, w here ihe received the Third Massachusetts regiment, just arrived I ence for tie Navy Yard at Go# port. Mere it waa found th-it the oil -erg in 'barge had commenced discharging the p iblic pro perty, finding It would fall into Ihe handa of the enemy. Tbe\ bad scuttled all the p. hips ? the Oinbtriali belrg the only ahlp in commiaiion? cut do an the ih'ars, and rendered moat of the other prop*.r uaeleas. The object of the rioter* having been partly frustrated by the ecuttfing of the sblpi, it was Intended the icdoral fo.-cea aho>ld leave. Preparations were made to make the i ' m plete, to blow up the dock and bum the property ? all limps to be ready at daylight. The Pawnee. with tli? Cun berlaml in tow, assisted by the Yankee 'tart* I, unl after pof- ing the N ivy Yard sent up a ro'ket a pr*. cei:certel signal to apply the much? and in at in staat -hips, ubipbotiKen and at >rei >usp* mvrc in .'lames, .- nd t?o rapid were they that Cum. I: >pers, of the Navy, and Oapt. Wright, of the Knginoera were nnable to resell the point of rendezvous, wiiere the boat waa in waiting. and were neces?tr|iv lof* beh id. They have not been h wrd of aio< e an I it \e prolmblt that tbev peiUhed. All the ahlp* wet- doetroyed except the Cumberland. large <p antltle* of provisions, e irdage and Hii'.lt nery J were aiao doetrojed. beai-i?-? building* 01' great v .1 i | hiit it It not known that tLe dock was bloua up I The bun cir "f th" Na\ y \ ard at Norfolk waa dor. ? bv the Fnl"n mm, wlm are m a ini|orlt\ , b .t ootnpxrn'.lvelv ' enaimad. | Tlie C .mberlatul was sixty short of h?r eorni>len<en' w hei the Pawnee came ?p tj the Nary Yard betb the I Cumberland and Merrlmac lt| broedgi.le to her, with giuca loaded, thinking the was in the hind- r tin- n ?? slori ft*. I'll board the T'awnec an opinion p*e<? !c l#?hat d similar st<?te of a(Thlf? on l>irl th 'ta ship , ard *be w*? r?ady nccx>i<ling>y. When the 0* m her land lulled, 'What ttoamsr la the**" the aimer wa* the L'rited Jtate* >t?M&cr Taai.ce. The cheering on board Ue veeaela an J oh afeor* told bow ?Uft? *?ct?ry thia rsply nt . Tba Ink* an employed la lk? N mrj Yard oat dOW? tbe flag naff, w tt could not bo osad by tfeo enemy. Tba ?um in ttw Niry Yard and at at. n?l? wdW spiked. TBI FOLLOWWO IS nrf ST A tSMHST Or BAUVU. OrrTSIR, OtlKIT KX< IMBBR OK THB TAJIK n We arrived in Norfolk on the 18th mat. , abort Of toil, when we found there wan a movement on foot to HiM the Yankee; and upon this becoming known, the esittro crew of the steaming ran torn on board, and proccei^if to the Mary Yard, to put them Ml vea under too protec tion of Commodore Mc Can ley. of Norfolk. TheCoouno dore came down to where the Yankee lay, with a fore* of sixty marines, saying to the mob, " Take him if you can; I will blow her out of the water Q<-st." Two boat* were manned from the frigate Cumberland, and bawl is readiness to give aid to the attacked steamer, hut did not enter into any active service. After a while the mob dispersed, when all remained quiet until laat Satur day afternoon. Il?e Navy Yard waa then set on fire by the federal troops, the cannons run ciear from their positions and > *st into the mire, at> 1 every thing ccnnccted with the yard dcatroyed, inclining tho Mcrrimao, which lay aloogsldo the Cumber .and. Th<> Pawnee arrived with ?00 volunteers on board on Satur day night. The Merrtma1; and Jamestown were already burned and sunk when the raw nee arrived. Batweert three and four o'clock, on Sunday morning, the govern ment troops set f re to all the ships rem*iniog in the Navy Yard. The Yankee then left for New York. To* Pawnee left the Cumberland at Navy lnHnd, an I th"? Yankee took her In tow and forced her over tho obstruction* at the sunken \ossols wht h wero placed there to block her in; aud when tbe Yajs keo got out shu towed one oi' the sunken vcsvIh into deep water. a'?o brought down the Commcooro and otiicers (ram the yard to the Cumberland. Tho Merrimac. German town, Pennsylvania, I Hi it ware, C >lum bus, and Boston were burned, and the granite dry dock warf blown up, and tho entire vtrd aciumly I ivelied by the lire, seme houses being burnt In Portsmouth. "? 1'riilay night the lmgazine at the navy yard wis broken opt n by the rebels nnd all ihe powder stole i Tta Yankee left the Rhodes on Sunday morning. She left be hind her the Cumberlaiui and Pawnee, ui.d came on at oiioc to Now York. The following is a list of the vessela of war deatroyed, where and when built, lhe:r tonnage aud ihe number oC tuns which the> carried ? Aamr?. Wt cu and 1'ihcrt ini ill 'lo.mair GutU l euntylvauu Philadelphia, 1837 3 2(1 12? Columbus Wat-lilBRicri lellk 2!4KO - 80 Delaware Gosport, 1320 ItS >(* .New York On the Blocks 2,083 (44 I'd ited States I InWdelphia, 1797 I.C(j7 Columbia Norfolk. laJO l,72fi (0 Haiitan Philadelphia, 1813 \,tM M? Merrimac r'harlestowe, 1H65 3,200 40 llj mouth Uiai udou, 1H43 2d '?'ermalitown Philadelphia, 184b 'J89 2 ? lMphin Brooklyn, X. Y.,1834. .. 221 ? Total 21,394 CO# ARRIVAL OI' THE SCHOONER DAVTO HALB FROM NORFOLK. AKOTHER ACCOUNT OP THB DEWRl'CTfON OF VH? siurH and the natv yard. The schooner David IloJe left New York about two weeks ago with government stores for the Qosport Navy Yard, and in compliance with the orders of the shipper* tho captain arrived at this port yesterday with bin schooner and cargo, tho policy of the government ven turing further supplies unnecessary. Tho captain gtvea tho following statement: ? STATEMENT OF CAPTAIN CONkl.IW, OF THE SCHOONER . DAVID HAI.E. We left New York on the 11th mst. with a cargo of sereu hundred barrels of bef, government stores, bound for tho Sotport Navy Yard, Norfolk. We arrived them early on Friday morning, the 19(b inst , and ha Jed In about seven o'clock. About an hour afterwards Comrao ?lore McOauley came dowi and said to me, "Captain, j on must take your stores ba de to New York, they want them there, and get. out ?* soon a* you can." He hid re ceived a despatch from Cragi'J ft Co. dated tho 13th , stating, "Ship our b;'c.r back to New York without load ing, we paying freight '' I then went into tbe city of Norfolk for tho purpose of engaging a tugboat to haul tho schooner out, but 1 was told that they all had been taken .by the authorities of the State, and that I could not ge> one. I returned to tho rcboonor. and on Saturday mn n ing went with one of tho members of the company w.i<? had come there in tbe ii ??anllme, to the Custom Hou?e? and asked the Deputy Collect >r of the port why we oauld not procure a tugboat to i> it ua out. Ho re plied that be d.d not knmr. We i?;ed ajain bu were unable t> micccel. About eleven o'clo ;k we croesod over the ferry to the Navy Y.trd in 1' >rts mouth . and I left him aid went abnrJthi ?cb*:oner Mgain. We found the people In Norfolk in tbe wl) lost s'ate of excitement? men, women and children haUoiug is though thoy were crazy. There ia neither law n )r wr iter in Norfolk .About noon on Saturday tho g ivemuvot c mployeeti in the Navy Yard ?cutt!ed the Merr.;n*e. Shft tilled hlowly, and rank In the co irse ol tbe aft - -isoon. Tho anchors of the sloop of wnrCcrman'.on'n wre ItfOAn overboard, tbe rigging waa cut away, ami she di'roasted. While seme were thus employed, otheis wero b i?y rolling tield p'tccs into the river, break mus kets, and throwing them ovcilxxtrd, si as t) render th<m useless to tue secessionists. Aliout nne o'clock in the evening the ravvneo cunetn andwlndc l Tbopo in the Navy > ard were csnstantly at work all tho ev ning destro) ing the prop< rty and makiog prepare tions for the lirlng of the premises, whila many boats trom the city were horeiing ariund, endeavoring to leain what they were about. At h.ilf pv>t three o'clock en Sunday morning ihe Pawn, e stood abreast of ua, near one of the buojs. She was tow ing out IV: Cumberland, wbieb get safely over the obstruction in the channel. As soon ns tb<> ( umbetltnd had gott>'U out clear of tho do< k the Pawtif'' ?ent up a roeket, and iti a few moment after everything .n the 3 ard, and all the eh pa, were in a bla/e. From the lime the ro. ket appeared not more than lifteen minutes bad elapeed bef are the roof fell in. Wb> n the man of war had passi-d the dick I j'b bed up Immediately, but co qn'ckly did the llamea spread that tho sparks caught my rnalnstll before I ?o .Id ^et out of their reach. Two bon ? w Itb muffled oars bad been left to Ore the j ard aud the ships as aoon a the signal should have been given. The cou fiagratkm w.ieagr*od spectacle and everything but tbe C>im'>erluid nn l the Pawnee was completely de'royed. f then sailed away lor New York. ARRIVAL OP THE g< HOOXEB OUVER H. ' I .IE FRO II YOBK RJVKB. riMRiL FAMILIES COVII'CLMCn TO f.KAVR VIROI MA? VMM Ht'NK IV THi: BASSO* THIS CAr TA1N OK AN lASrKRN SCHOONER HI- NO 1Y THR ?ECEFSIONIMT*, FTC. lhe Fch'xmer Oliver It. J,oe. Captain (.eorgo Co, line from a point on the York river, in the vicinity of Wil l.amsburg, Virginia, arrived at this ptrt ye->ter< ay, and! is now at the <lry <<>ck !n .Teney City. Fh>' . s pa? 8Aogcr? Mr. F. W. K?ans and family, Mr. TerwiUiger an?l family, Mr. Ctokh ,id<I family Mr. and Mr*. 8outhwortb, Mr. John t rosby, Mr. 0. I . 1'erlne and Mr. Charles Var oer, who were compelled to leave the State b<:.*eate they would not bympatl ire with the ruisc of tie Southern revolutionist*. Toe fsots connected wttb the seizure of the fd.omer and the expulsion of the fnmlll<^ are the e:? v'otne yein tijeo Mi . .Taines Hitler, el Noah ir> , N. V., hccame engaged in the limber bwiMM on tho bask! of the York rite-, M* n.lie frcm Will amabiirg, Ya. , where a poet .*ID:e w?b established, and <| ite .1 little village sprung up, which received the name of Higler q Mills. The ?-ho ner had ( in a load of lumber, and was hauled out from the wharf, ready to start for New York, when, on Saturday the JO1I1 lout., a t: op of ca\nlry ? about forty in Bum be 1 armed to the teeth with musketa, pi*t>le, ah irk swords inl from Williamsburg, immediately l arded her. instituted a thorough search, anl then sei?4 her. The truth was that she had Uj gat arm* fiom the North to be used against the Siuth; but tin- report was entirely unfounded. Mr. 1'etlne and 11 . Warner, who were already on be\rd the eeVoner. bound for New York, were ord-re. * here, where they were courtmartlftled. They wor subjected to a very rigid inquisitorial examination, bu they did not hesitate to frankly own that their sympa thies wero with the North, and they might have b?wi severely handled hul It uot been for the recommenda tle.ns of more moderate measures by Mr. Curtis, a lawyer of Willlnms-burg through whore Influence, after co? atderable con.'ultatioB, the schooner was permitted to fail. Aft? r she ha. been examined the fallowing dear aii' ? w** furnished the < ?ptain ? \ 1 hk Rives, April 20,1*41. Ibi ?.t- an ? r oilier H. ? ?<? U?p?aln Co'irge Ooli.t*, was thm i':>i bearded by a <wib a sergeint aud aixprivelfw. I ii, Wk'B in char- ". We ? vn:ne.| her pttperaOB4 fouBd she WW from .ter^ey fttv The?e fact" were r- ported to I < ?] tatn e'ai.nn . ??( Ui<> ? illiemsbnrg, Va , Home -^uadron, umter ?h<??>ei i-it ' hi I pio: ceded. On eonaaHation of th'M i t Ptf+i ?iusd'OP, l? w 1.? determined to relet. ?? Ibn i ? h-wner ?* <? 1* V lrgtniane ?lo not deetra to I anblecl Mtvate BN.tie* to lots, If the'amecan beaveldod. : M ' .c ">tJl/, I*. ain. Mie uow iwted fr?m the ga.iant | Mi'. el New lertev -hr. h** prove. I to be true hereto <? r- we 1>tli< ve i tie will *1 ill pro\ e a friocd /. It. O 'UN AM AM, I .lent, 1 1 ?i? Taiiai ?a<>. i ltd ^ngeant. Kf I t I t ?>' (>? V| ..i>, . Alter .eaMe tin n ?to ner. the membe * ftbeWi' j Hem Imrg ll<?ie uoertf wrnttoth<' iiors o- Mr, wiill, in th?' v dUg<?, h id to?Be emvereitMm uMi hi n< ami Mr. I'vars t e> (. r,\n? ?ir WV?tB"??> f the prof- ? >r* in Hie W.ItUm an I M?ry eVkge, w*?