Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1861 Page 8
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?rreaU wr made, and the mualclpa litjr hM been di?* lv> -* P.uci ?, April 12, IMI Yhe BohemUn d -t Lla? wrut * deputatLui to in# ta per or to itqu?*t h'm f com? to H/ague for the pur Me of being crowned kits? of Bohemia. ViUIL April 11, 1861. The cosflint ir. H^rzegi -'5a tlu roijtiuues, Several places bare proclaims t ' r t*ie prince "of Uoutenegro April 11, 1861. YestetiiaT iiinr'.vo at U fatallies numbering Ave hundred and atity tie perwas, ewgrateJ to SerrU wilb numerous Hooka Tue Turks stopped their passage and inilicted <jl uuv hi.aure.l and list y of them. The alfeaattot it in .-easing on ihn t rout .era Sunaaaniw, April 11, 18?t The Tagus, with the l'ecUisidar ma.i. b*s brought the roaster, matt* a: ' t a . Ire asanen of the Marl, Xo. 6460, of booth bhields. wti oh baa been alucdorjed at sea in a ainkUi^ condition They were lauded at Liibon by a Dutch CHlloon. He Atranto, with the West India and WiHf mail* wu? ?Oil the Keedlts ai tweatv .aiautes p?st tea >h * A. M. At Ulbon on tbo 7th, fcictutme waa 31 *? . COMMERCIAL IRTtLLHiRMCE. LONDON MONEV MAHaEV. l uut'a were mate la. v :rmer cn U?c I0?h, and oonsols movauceu one quarter'. aiu.ri ctusel leas uneasiness. Hone'- w?s easy. Best bills were takea at ttvo and a quarter C-ie demand at the b ink waa rather mere active, bnt the prevailed n some quarters that a further raauflt'..-.^ of the bank minimum waa iml nent. A riso of one per cent in 1 1 itad btates Uvea too plac*. Consols closed at 91^ i 98^? for money and 91?^ a 91 for uocount. Kew tlret-. S9;\? a S9 , ex dividend. IMSRICAX f?WfR!TIW Met or Illinois Ointra'. shares 26 a 26 dijoount. Brie ?hares 2i a 29. LIVJUtPOOL COTTON MARKET. LtvaixooT,, April 11, I860. Ootton? the aalee Tor three day*, including to day (Wednesday), were 4.) ,000 bales, of which 10.000 were taken by speculators and export* rs Messrs. Jarne ? Hewllt & Co. report ttat the market opened buoyant and active, and price* ac.aiiced 3161. a ;?d . but closed quieter though firm. Ihey quote middling Orleans 7},d , middling Mobiles 7 ;? 10d "ni.diiling upland* 7'Jd. Cottca ? ?a*en of week yS,0?0 bu'ef-. including 19.160 ball's on speculates aod 13 460 ')iles lor export. The quotation of fair art '-.'d. above list Friday's quotations. Stock in port, 876 00' uales. impo. t^ of the week, 28,998 Into. I.?ttat ? Cotton? ?a'e? today will probably reach 10, ? 000 bales 01 more. Tbe xarket is very Arm. STATE. 01 TRADE. The advices from Match, ster are favorable. A slight advance in all detcr'.rt-.oia of goxla had taken place, which, however, checked hasintss MVEltPOOL BRBAI?!?TCKFH MARKET. IKwsi Richsrdson. Sponce ? Oo. report tl -ur dull and all qualities slightly net-Lined sa'es at 2Ss a 31s. Wheat dull aud slightly lower, owing to the favorable weather tor tb? crops: reil. 11= Si. a ICa 101; white, l'Js. 3d a 16s. C;)rn dull ami 6d lower mixud, C6s. 6i.; yellow, 67a. a 07s. Od ; white, est a 3(s. 1.7 VKRVOOL PB0TI310N UARKKT. Bief steady. PojV steady. Bavia dull anJ quotation* barely maintained, lyard ini. Taliow quiet at 6.<s. a 60a. umlkpocl PRorcca market. Sugar flr.ii. Cufiie t'eady, Bicequ>e*. Ashes tirm at 'Us. ?d. for pots', and 351s. for peatl?. R sin dull at 4s. 6d. tor oommcn. Spirits tiirpeiitlue du'l ai ,"0j. I.nrFTCOL COHN MARKKT. There s a fair atttrdanca and as'.oa- c^nsnnptlve de raand for wheat and flour, at about 5M per 100 lbs., and ?id for bbl decline, respectively. Iaiian corn dull and a turn easier in pri;e. I.ONrON MARKET3. Wheat dull aud l? a t>. b sr. Stifftr stetdy. Coffee firm. Tea firm. Rice heavy and 3c lower. Tallow quiet at 63-i 9d. I.'nsred o:' at C8?. thk latest uarket-i. Civiton ? 1 he Bnkers Circular 'ppo:ta the sales of the week at 9a,0t0 ltal-.-a. of which 1,700 tmi^ were to specu> latora and 13,(00 to exporters The uii'ke*. opue! ac tive, ard advanced o?e e'ghtli to one quarter of a penny, >>ut gcbstqueDtly b?cimc quiet, and at the il-ee on rhara (lav quotatlors were barely maintained, the sales of Filtlay were 10 0C0 bales, af which 2,000 were to spec u 1 itors aod exporters, the market cloil-n Bteady. The foliowirg are the authorised quotaMuus: ? Kair <>rleaii8 8d. MfldiiDg Mobile.. 7 6-161. Midoliogdo 7i;d. Fairnplunds 7V<1 Frir Mobile 7 Hd. Middling do 7^d. Tbe stock in poit was estimated at 886 ,CC0 bales, of which 714 cOO warn An?erie?n. Rreadstuffs dull with a declining teudensy Piovisioua steady. Lo.vdox, April 12? Vfternooa. Contois closed at 91 a 01';, fcr money, and 02 a 92' J for account. Illinois Central share' 25 a 24 discount. Frle shares 29 New Vot k Central sharts 72. Waketleld, Nash it Co, report:? Kiour dcclincl 3d. a 61., and corn Arm Arrival of the Steamship City of Wash lagtan. Tlie steamship City of V ashing ton which left Liver pool on the 10th and t^ueeost^wn on the 11th Inst. , ar rived at this port last eveniug. She brings a liont $66,000 In sped*, afrl 837 passengers. Her news has ben anticipated by the Jura at Farther I'vint. . Tbo specie by tbe City of Within: ton is consigned a' Follows. ? Dunham A- Co ?2,686 10 tHur^is, Shaw & On 1,600 Bawlpy k Howe 199 10 Hardy & (to 100 "Walsh, Carver k Cliase 1,386 12 Trerholtn Bro- 3,316 3 7 Adams Fjtpress 6,000 Total S13,036 16 The Klagara at Bottom. Bostos, April 23, 1861. Ihe steam ftigate Niagara Is iiarnalltl on Hull. City Intelligence. Ma. tV.M. B DuKAinwiv called at the H in wt> office yes terday tnd eji Utne i the circumstan^s under which he bad given utteranco to an exclamaticn against the Sevet.lh regiment. From bis statement it appears that lie lia lb' en disappointed In receiving certaiu ai ticles of wearirg spparel, in oonsequtnee of the order for the sud den departure of the Seventh rrgitnent. aud upon return ing to hi? hot* I h'' did ttlve expression to tbe remarks at tributed to Ivtn. but protects that I* wai done on the spur of the moment, without the slightest intention of disrespect to tbo regiment, la which be ?? iys there are a number of bis f rieiMs. When It c i n ? s to tbe question of the I'uioti, be believes be is ss ttrorgl) .ievoted to It as any of hia traducers, in proof of which be .mates that he lias already Joined a raiment to light for it. The B*nimt to Mr Br<h?h ? The complimentary bene fit to this gent|pinan, at the Brooklyn Academy or Ifutlc on Monday last, was a very SMsceMful affair, considering the uupropitious obaracter of tho times for theatrical per formancf i Hie '? dur fpugteU Banner" and the ' Hag ?f our Un!on" were sung In the coune of the evening by Madame Anna B'abop, and, m v. at to be txpec'.od, these appeals to ibe patriotism of the aixHtaot were moat en thusiastically reapplied to. A c*.'l wu male for Mr. Brough, hut b? mg coniined to hia homo by illeefx, a letter wa* read from him, thinking the p ublic for tbs generous manner In which they had ome fo-wtrd on this occasion? a liberality tho more appreciated by him when te took into account the henv\ c?ils mvle up >u their purtes by the polHicaheeceMitlci! or ibe time*. Giun:' Cost srt tx Brooki.,;; ? M.idiib^ E Da VUlers gives a grand musical entert.vnmeut to-morrow t th ira day) e.ening, In tho Brooklyn Allien ? um. She will be ? kl?'d by Madame Anna Mibop aad otb?r artixtM. The programme Is ? varied one and ought to draw a fu>' house. Markets. rnii. apei.tb 1 t stoci in) inn. Km AMD una, 23, 1861 Stocks steady. Pennaylva ita Hiate rives, 93; Re?4in( Rallrmd, 15 V Morris Tin*!. IS Long Ulaod I'.tilroad, <i; Pennsylvania Railroad, .17 Wght essharge .m New York 1 ?t par a 1 10 per cent iliacount .Arrivals and Departures. iMirtu. Ln?l<rooi ? Swamahiu CUv of Waafc'ug.on ? Rev 1 K VThaadier, Mrs Chandler and family, Mrs Ph ten I hurt frtrnd, Mr and Mrs Nweensgr. Miss Durai. Mi? w-Rh it Mra Belae and infant, Mrs Goodwin, child and infant, Mr> Bi >v a, Mrs V?rel, R.i hvsns, .1 Mefcleov G Fyil?, M de Bnmivloi'i L R Sumlev and ?ervant, J Garrett, A Grwgon . A W Say. or J'arlgol, Mr* Parlgot ami family, J HnlK-n. Mr? t'rla. Mr ? PamaintUe. Heath and lady. B Morgan and Mlaa w , lght I Van Nolen, J Burnett, C Vuller, Thornton !???, Robert Bvana, A Roaslrgton, W Tbotnps.>u, Mr* Enell ?il itfttL Hai a>a ami Wai.?ai ? Steamahji Karnak? Uen I, h swan. Meaara T B Murpbv. H Iiarliaa. B W W'-erb. Va ,i Wt. l. Chat W YVeeeh, il M .Nu'ting, R Gore, K Peosia, fit Bryo?. A B Douilar, f Tamo and servsn'. H A Newlauda. A H Langdr.n, R W liutcbina >n. R Bradlrj, E Fii?ke, Ge'iLaun. M A Onderrti nk. W Rellera. J Buchanan R Wntktnton and servant, Bt(( watklna Mr* Ba'lou and e'tild. Mi and Mrs t O Bhaw, Mlasea Josephine and Bllan hha-v, ('apt a?d M a ?I W Cartion and aoa. cap'. C O Shepherd Dr.l Da* ia, Mr and Mra Jno Neilaon. Mi.a Neilaon. Mlaa E Anllion, Mra bright, Mra Bai tlett, Mr and Mra ? tn Whetten, Mi?a A Whetteu, H C Wood, Jr Mtaaea C B and E B Wood Tot*'. 4fi. Hivipih- si<-?m?idp Florlda?B Molyneui and 'amily 1 Mra Metsuab, Mra R<ia? and tbiw ehllnren, M ? Hcbmldi, infant and turae; .lohn Knight, wife and daughter! B.I Ar noldand wife Mr Paylia, Mra Ltidl ?w, M usTnlla S'orris, M M (bhnaru. L l^ehauin. .1 Roller, T W ? hapnmn, Mra C? IW, ?ll*< 1 Pirowna. F 0 FHittTl MolUstrr. I Biasei. 8 Roiafoid. n WajjD' t, .1 || Wllliama, Mra Cruger, P Vc 'adder, Mra and Mlaa sweet and aenant. N E r*x, A BcUougle, D Manning. MiMBan-T Brown. Wiaa Bayley. Mr? Mnrrn, 8 - g it Pr ?,! 1 <l ?I Molman. W W Plrkeraon. A Gollua, T Owigtaa, "Jt- J B Mara, P Hart. U K0"Tl ?r'<IJfIi'n,,? Mr Talt and wire, .1 M an1 H W (Ilea "I* Wa?A Boht Elba, Mr De la Molargy. R O An- | *mr,V ?0;'"T. A Brown, H Peek and wire. Oeo ! B^Hknap, L II Field, II Benlngrr. W H Heodaon, J Wlnaban, J Out man. Bin Markle and two daiighma. Kiw flainaon, a?n i and aervai.t . Mlaa H.d-ck, Mrs Fit Panafng, Or .I (Iranaer ' ^tHev. W W Ha.h,<l Kr- op, I l" T'fli, J wST worth. B B Ring, J Miller. M H Powd, ( a HroUe, B F Wil liam, L woodman, J Leggett, N Filibrtrk. and 101 ateeiage. ' DfTRArmW. f.tnsFoot? In ateamship (anm lan, from Portland? Mrs ' llambiy and laugh i r, J. dm liavii, Mi.n m Farren. Wil i Ham Ready and wife, Mlfa E Wni?r, l.aclnda Miller. Mar^ ? Oohsrtf and Mm M Field, or Roatun; A| Sherrtak, Jamea Met'oed. A flro-er, John Johnaton, C?or?e Biaann and aon, F Beat. M!a? laaliel Buehaman, ,1 .1 Connell, Wm fharplr* and wire and B 'chard Ccrl>ett, or Ni-w loik; w H Lone, (? W Meei' aad 4?h? .lohnaon, or QltlMI n T Cha?ardei. Chaa OnlgMtr ami F jk- white, of r9rUan'l) ? P lit" TMd. Qf Iftlh, ' OrilT Mnly. O H Holman. W W'Plekeraon, A Gollua, !*??? fJS Craham, <? T Bennett TUmpaen, H C t'o*. 1 VlrSltt ? * Fratt, A It Bf nnrii. L Owylmaa, It J? i77*; w Bnmner, M VV saiff and b re her. AFftIM N MEXICO. Oar City of BtiUo Canrwap?** tare. HBiai Cirr, March 1? IW Fry' i f.'. Ctr.d rvt? of Mnt'em So.itl'. -M* )yi in I Kihlm**? Ik* tA0? Mr. <*gde a l\rk'?Onp ryt' <Va /??<* f"t ? n Awwican< an./ Banditti? TV An -id Cip<ii? AU< \a*?, K. tf. ? Hair fl and PttKtt'inn nf ? Ovtra$et ai 'Itfic t<y Lxa-ia?MurU' whert?Mk turn -ion of M- G cvrniw-nf 6?y ?A' *w.*k JKtMaf-? Co?(i?ton o* S i-iA^n Mtxi&.'?I'i v laM t* !?* Dec .1*1 On. he Tou, of court#, do not h*>p? t< hear of'rr ever beeoavg perfectly (juletad ant sat tir'i?hu if yon do jo~ are doomed to dia&ppaiatmaut. at -Ml wh'lst this- miserable, degraded raca hire th.ijrs tUe.r owa way. Hope for Maxice there assuredly u nana, w/.h Max!.' us to ru.e it. Never alaoa the warld begaa d 1* nat'en hara auch * chati'-e of going ahead aul d ?.{ aoicatV n; asarvell'jua as th'- poor Mes co hM had * aw last Chr'.stmaj Jay. But wait ar; they do.aj wtth the r chancei* The ecormoua wealth of tho cuur<U ? '"ora three to si* hundred million* of doll in ? * ,l,; n4 ?way, aid tl ii certain that nothing wilt be doae to im prove the credit or staadiaj or the ration with *11 t'l.a Tin bickering* of leader* of the liberal part 7 hiva weakened the action or the Executive ao that it h u done littlJ or notl 'uf . and evils thai existed when ths party came in poMe^a.jn of the capital have gone on lacrcasiug and bid fair to prcgreaa in that direction. Uorrais have oema cpoa cj !n the paat fi?rtu'.ght, until we now 'i?> om another, what next ? And with all th1* the preaeut g< rarament it do'nj *1 in ; ? power to aletn tbe tide uud e?ta>lish order; but the fact h, the demoralisation hai joaa to such i pxa*. that no rower eint* in th' land to cheek it. The clergy have thrown their lull uenc? with the low.-st ?kd eus depraTi.t of the pop^'atlor., and mnrler, robbery, 4tc , arc the ore.' er of the day S.n-e I last wrote you Ojden Vorke, '?i, attic' t to the r^ted tStatrs Legation, and bearer of dee patchc3 to Waahiagton, was shot by the vad ban ditti while on lals wit to \ era Cru* Vcuhar? loahtlesi a'rea'iy received ^art'.C'.iUrs of thij iao3'. ru:'aa UV.t ?7eat. Here, whe-e th:3 young gentle-jvja wn wj'l known to many, h'.j death ha.i caused a deep feai u^ of iiucere regret Orders have been sent to bava Uli b-^dy brought to thia capita', for intermeLt ia Vie Aatori.-an cemetery; but on acco uit of th? gtcrH obsta<--.? wh c'i have be?n ra sai l<y the author .ties of Terote, In? ""it yot bees pat oa tlieroa t. It will, however, d ? soon be m traasit, and on its arrival here will receW. a tLe honors tbe foreign population f>r ihi rij tal -an pay it. His P'"o: m'V.hor, wio arrived liere but a suort titne since, baa b?r. P- '-ng? t into the oeepest grief b/ ?.his ntelatcbolj e ent. Ibe gO\->rum?ut to:k vary poS3ib'a notica of Mr. Yoike'ido'.h. aaJ gave a'^urances that the security of tU* higtiroauj aaou'.d be established at once. UaiMU racca w *3 no doubt given with every frel'.ng r>f gool fmih B 't look at the sequel. Th<? very a i" tn whicti tuo per&? a sent for Mr Yorke's oody wm trave, liag wad attacked bj some thirty-3aven tjr.gauia. tiitie haj :>ened to be two Americans on th a oca sion who were well armed. Thre? of tbe robbers were at occo <. :?ai'e<l 0 it of their lie*, and fell d?a ? in tha load. The rest ret.-eatoia bit and commenced a iha-p Are ut>ou t'aa tiavetlcrs. Acoutlict lasted for Over oa-? hour, wh?n th? banditti, leaving two more of then- uiini'.mr deal. ?nd H ia u?t iuw maav in -r ? received the bal'j tf the resolute travellers, who i At to* ot their snots. The Americans were named aul Hsi'ev Mr. McOyo r?ce *ed a ball in his arm tha'. passed | through and lodjed it ht? ?;de Mr. HaMer ipjeari to havf .e.-raped A Frenchman who was ?ith them, but I unwimcd, waa shot through tlie body, anl it 14 b 'Lev *1 j li<t cannot survlvs. Ni-xt in otder comes another moat melancholy art?.r. I Cant. Aldharn. of her Bf.ti&nic Ma eaty ? ship \ a'.orj w, J ana set! tor Brm?h ua-*a. ottlcer in the Oulf o.' Hev. -0, had been in nn rsittithU capital, and was Uera at the settlement of tho aitllculties between and Engiacd. On h.a dept ture he recc-ivfd every aJS iraT-* thai eiC'.rta satulu bo place 1 on thu r \d for , b!a see uity oa this account tw> lam:':ea this city, " i.iclud'.ii^ a n .mber of latin t ?>k 1 advmugo of the occasion to go to \^ra C. .1 Capt. Aidham was aca-m ranted by two of tr.- odJci-i and a hardy sailor, and ail ware well, aroie I Ta.s fare* , alone proa red ev.-r; Mcufity; and vo 1 proved la ba | over that rart of the road usually infes'e i with br'gwla for ueitber ^oveinmont tfi >rts 110: banJuti weie ?eea i.i tlie passage from Puebla toOriraba On leaving tha ? latter plaoe, on the morning of thelCth.the ?la<e was I suddenly attacked, while it was jet dark.u short i.sta--" be ? ond Cordova Capt Aidham and a Krtuch lady, wtia I wa? goiug d< wn to take p?sea>fe f>rKurope we-e 1 wounded seveiely bj shott tired upon the staie by tba 1 bandits Capt. Aldbam received a ball in hi? thigh and the l"i eucli lady a ball in h?r kuee The two oihcora 01 Capt Aidham and the sailor at ctice op.-^ed a shay. ^-9 upon Ibe robbers, who fell back and contisi ed tb ; r ccwsrilly and murderous flrv upon tha Bta*e, that :oa Ulnod three ladies besides the two wound-* pa?"n?ers It peiug very dark still, alter the contest had iaatel ahcut an ht>ur, the b*ndits tet.rei, with what ever of their numbers who were kH:>J or woucded. Th.? extraordinary attack s bei.eved b? manv 'o have leeo ma l? forth? purr?e of takisyt th* lite if Captain AUham. whoso letter t" Miranioa about the cowardly ; ornbardaient of Vera Cruz has male L.ui many enemies amongst the clergy fac il.'n in Mckhxj Tbe tale ol au'-ther diiig-nce thai left b?re levied w in female.'', in com; any with Captain Aldbam, but wi.icb, account of some m smana^re'ueat In Pueb'a, was deta il? ! there tw > daja, is not yet known The same iii i?nc; that wjj attacked passed on to Vera CtUK rc the li.h. with one of Captain Aidbam's officers aud two >ou n< la lues, the daughters of Mr l.leiinie, British C?cau; in th'i city, and was sga.n attacked and robbed Capt. A'.dhsni acu the wounded lady were t?k*a hi1;'* to Cordova, wh?*re Ihey hive receive*! everj atieut'.a from a surgeoj of Uriiaba, and frt m the surgeon of the ? t aicrcus, who arrived tbere on the l"tb. At U?t dat's it was u l known wl ?thfr amputation would h*"? t? be performed on either or toth of them. Tte woui 1? are said to be very *evero. ?0 much for the read to Vera Cru* J?ear 'ioluca a German mine: and l?.s wi'e has-; Iwea uiurde. ed by a part* or clergy faaatlci, who, while th 7 pern rmed the most heilisb crneUhy and bar'-arities, were crying "Djath to f ireigueis. ' In the valley of Cuant'.a, a li rn>,T.? who wa3 In charge or a hariiuila'was seized one n'ght :ateiv liy 1 pa.iyo' cleigy ouliaws. who tied him, and some half a 1 tea of them violated bis wile b?-'Ofe bU ej ts' lbe\ tbenearr *! him aw.iy wlib them, and djw ask )& "00 ransom for h m j lie U?a now b ?n In captivity tome two weem wd * i hkelv to remain so for some time to come iiniew lie caa make his tscape. The propi ictoi s of the eitata rafnse ta j give the money, shit Id log themselves by a lep'T*. that, ! the money paid, the outlaw.' will bang biai at once, as the? ciiint t coaceiTc how a man can forgive tha w.s?ng? c"u m'tted u|?ou him They ina> be r: rr > 1 but it seems 1 ter 1 ii'le thus to leave a |>i<T c evil to the meicj of a *et ol wretches who make their victim ihe sp rtof th^uiost hellish tortures. From !? pic we be*r of tho most atrocious outrag:i ccmiuitttd ttpen the de'eLCKleiS inhabitar.1* of th?t r; glon by beah parties. Losnda, the clergy s represents live in Ilia' ( ua rter . recently murdered some twenty tire : tfefeiic^'.t s.? labirers in thH hacituda of Tetlllan. Boiaa. a ? liberal cb iff, has been dolr.g pretty rieariy as bad Ha ban whipped lo ilrsth a man L imed Mimas for refusing to pay a .oan of $n 100 An Italian named Bor.tlglto was rccentU tei upon In iht stre< ts or Tepic and cut to piecae I tn a must barbarous mauuer. "ne of bia arms waa backed t!1. At last acrounts he was still alive, slttiO'igh in a dangerous .situation. His only crime 1 was ihnt of being a foreigner, for he was a most <|ulel and Industrious person, meddling neither in tho 1* 'ml atlairs cf the country nor with the business of other* people There area few other cases of blcod and outrage of a rather loose characUr, to say the least, surh as aborting two ser^stls or a family in this city by miatako; the murderirg of various i>e,rions. innre or le?s respectable in the htrro ralier>/i: the robbing of the diligence" on all the h gb ie?ds But thesa sra petty things in these da>s nf en iiement, although In otber countries they would be cons dered irrefragibla proo's of the wildest anarchy, not to say bsrbarism. Theh mentirn may ,-erve as noother ilbistration of Hie truth of what I have 10 oft' * told you? that there Is no hope for lb s poor country out a foreign Intervention Ibe clergy faction, who are the raal author* of all these things sre crying aloud that things are now worse than they * ei e bcfoie The fact is ?o but tbe clergy and the clergy a: ne ere a* the bottom of *11 the atrocities of the day They countenac e and pardon the people who are now waging a merciless war upon foreigners, thinking thus 10 briig down tie vorgeatioe of foreign nations. The gov ernment is certainly <*.oiDg all in its power to check the disoidersof the country: but unfortunately tbe g ivern nunl, with the best Intentions, can do nothing. The 'iberal party, In order to triumph, was forced to make tiee of every element t eonhi lay bold of ? robber*, outlaws slid the worst of society were accepted in their ranks, snd aow tbrse people csr.r.ot be disposed >f. They are tco numerous In local politics wr ha\ r not much news The Kreoeli | Minister hs- at length b< ?n shamed Into the wngnitton j of tbe gov 1 nont ? ires, n' .1 ?ar .? Th" ptlon j ol* eiallyof tbe Krrcch Minister took place on the l#'.b it is said, and I believe with cons derable trutii. that he acted by direst onlers from his government, fki now we bares ieg'timste recognized government A portion of tbe force 01 M a and Maro'iez ind?r | cce ^snta Cruir have be?n b?aton by f;en. Hoblado, at a | jlace called Gityovit.e. )u th* territory of the H.erra | la<ire How gri'^t so (.l.sctage this maybe for law and order is not yet kn an. ?l e ,-onlb reli an t In a n o-t wrel .bed sta Zulo.igs, it is snid, lias p.w.-d down into c; lerrero alone, and will take sdvantntc of a permit tiven him to lesve tbe coun try. A fewda\s sgo V -sno ??kei| for the same, and (ieneral \alie lis* l>een sent to (reel with him but yse terday 11 report cemet of Vu arlo's having acted in bad faith, and beea gnllty of some new outrages Talk ol sti ession I* rife here, and it i* said tbe t>.erra Madre republic is a thing now decided upo*. Tf tbi* be true. shall soon have a delightful state of afislrs here at the centre Ha l faith end the want of iKwr 111 the cei tral anth'Tilies would secure the com rlet" dismemberment of Meair.o, sboal^ tbe ciample of terf mpton he set by one of the SHatea As j ti tns v msglne. Ibe "trongesl confideni e ha* not set been established by the government and I fear It will nut be my dntr or pleasnre to snnounce to you that it ha* been ?er| toon (oitlveneai anel l?end??he Are .last surely rvaK'vrg by using Hollowaj's Pills as It is certain that ntghi das. Frmalsa troubled With habitual eoelo a ne?? anil headache pre particular's related Vo try thete rtmcdira, fUj nrcr fail Oflh-lal Urswlkf* ?f It. Vrmare 4 Ci?.'? Del?wv? Iy>l'e*!?eL ? 4 tKortetd -j" *r ?>{ anaabif pa**->4 Jao tit UM Uttiiu to rua lirmtf rear*. fuawu < '?VS rr? < 'iam V Urvwa V?nl Xt 1401. 11. 40. ?>*. 7i?. .i, *3, 4 r, 2. 41. #t. I. i oa?0Lin*Tvw? 4>: mf. l)~%wn 4** IV 'J6I 19. ?, f. t. 0 \ 6. 40. 17. Co M, 7-J, I J. 0'..t . jji ?.em fret* e' char; ? Sy -t ! Itu jj K. fstUCS 4 U".. Yt??r?r?, W I>sl*w*re. U wd, ltddjr A l? , N?a?(*r? of lh? ? iMtwar, "isiotm. j?r> !>?:?? ><? jr?r* u>rr?w** *i.ihi>r!*<*J by tne iKWia'aUit* fii *ui<#criier ? t. .>njm u-n ?. In ??t:>e*:r,?d ? ua im-ingn: a I?**te*y witka(<w4 l?f In* ..???" A4-.r.- fca ' L j t *.?? .'av aMeoded to * Jraw.og o? Ij<* Kentucky state Lot '<?1 ?? '.ir 'ha b*re#t of the t-.wn of Vraakf >r? Jo kmhr r*r ti'f tba* ia?* ( are u; uaoiVr* wnloa were taia day tlx* ?a from Uie wh* ? ni?. C. >** 1A\ Aortl t\ 1*1 ! 66. 34. 27, 49. 5: 69. 40. ly 47. TO. 74. 69. 1 ru'.<W Aor-;rj 1** 64, 15 45. 74. (M, 48, 70, 47. ?,!?, 6T, 52. 41. w.t.-?a?i>orh?a1i a' Oi. -hijion. Kj., thl*tn??d*/, Aprd j. p. sooxax. ? JVCXcGN -iPARSOW, T Ojta n'ialooera. TH. MAJt BTIO \ <"Vc I'.tr* rr>a'a:t;og * jAmej for tie aoath will be tabled (W ?? ihi-ge by *euJ'. * to WOOD, EDDT 4 CO.. Xy. , St. Lo .N Mo , f?r Wl.mingt. n, Del. f ar.c: ?A! Uctea in th? !>?? iva.a Mtatf Ui i*iy win bereaf ir be dee'ded St tj.-> drawing* of th? KsntiCky it;?te Cj/lattoa, aeatueky. W , E. 4 CO., Manager*. rtfn of Shrt wdnru Kaaw (ha Advan* age ?f >.u>id? direct from th>! maaut'arturer, thereby obtain 13 flneat and moat e ?gaut labrio* la the market bv i ;-rt*?'3g their Drr** aji (oft Fell Hat* cf Edl'EN }C '.iEZD a*. 11S Ka??k. at-eel. The Major Andrraom Hat. V'e are t w prepared to offer to the trade thi* entirety new a'jrle J' Sprtagm.! fttmmerHat, poueaaiag all the adran lege*. as to Hahtneae. of the atmv hat to;etb>r with a da It 'fir at ? 1m .ivty aid ourablity never before Intro lueed la aa/ summer aat We aol:?lt an asamlaatloo by the trade. F >r aa.? 6/ tiie ca.<? b . W. ,t. ANBERSOX 4 CO.. IS Bit>adiray. Patriotic Relic*.? Knox. tl?c Popular Fat '.c.', at the corner cf Broa.lway *uJ Fulton atreet, ha* b olen a patriotic uurch upon hi* brt-ihreaU. t.-ada Ha Ua* t2 eihtbiilon In hi* wtadow a pie"1 o! the tlan *taff ol K<?rt f n ter % pl?re of tie flag, au i oue of the l>i\^ken cannoa ' a'. 1 ? f red arnlust it These v* aa :n'ere*tlax and aacred to t; e e;e? of t je cr..wj which tluong* there a* the rel:c? ol the ai'.at* were in th:*a cf th* people cf theXiddle Xgei Flag StalTa and Pole* afall Sizea, and rat -r> uaiplete, cheap. Ingareoll'a Beat Bazaar, 2U ana Jit Sctith *'.-?d;. 500 Klasa of all aizca on Hand at Che Col'cJ State* I'lag Ho; ot, IMsaulh ?tr?et, near Pack *lip Bunting.? 'J ?n Piece* of Kn?li*li llunt ifcgforsa'.ebyt?TUKGE<>, 4C0.7iitu1 74 Murray etrest. Flag; of Onr I'nlon Flannel Bhtrta ? Aa entirely as* actio. ?? to wuich wo lavite.the a'.ieuilon of mUl'.ary ccm^ial'n. P A U. l?EWI3 4 BtO , 119 Chanher* *tre-t. I'nlfoim*.? C. Ritrnuin, Clothing Con t**cV,r for CrlteU P'ate* GoT^tament, 102 Lihorty *U?et. Order* executed 1 rornpt'... . Wheeler Si W Uaon'a Impr*red lewla| Macht'i** a rsducd froea Oai * wi Broadway. ?nplr* Sawing na?hlue-< ? fh? Cheap* ?at, 'xoauaa the heat, la market Otline 33 S Broadway Lliiucr Fla*lc<>, l.i<|Uor FJaaka? A Larie *.'*<i:' 3>P3' try.S'ki ar.i ?o 1 vet 7 Pver^ noMier gnio.T Ho 'h ought to ta'te oue with hint. Kowery drug Iilll, lalmitnble (alter of Hair and Wbl?ke?*. tlo. 1 Barclay *'reet, Htir D.?? V eau, black or btOWD, ?I aid aria Cream Forrea th* Hair and Whl'i^r* to (ti\>w lut irtaal'iy Add at W. A BATCHELOK'8 aewl? la V< 4 lactorj . 16 Boud atreet Batchelor'a Hair Dye ? Uellable and laatat)Ut;M'.a ? B.aok >>r Bro* o Taokirv 91 Barcity atraat. ?>o.l aad app^eJ at W. A. BAICHKLOB'R, 16Boni*'reet Batchelor'a Nenlr Invented Wlgi and Toip?e.? a:v tri'.y woad>-rful *o?oat?Ea of art Ca I aad aoe Utrib a'. IS Boad *tree;, or *?ai f#r a m?a<tire card Soldiers, Attention.? Truaaea, Klaadc P'oc^i'ig- 8t -'<? Hrao**. 8u*peti*rrf Hiniaite' 4c E.< 4 IHl JtN E 1 Ann etreet ftartrtjs ? MtMtua. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. T{7R8.?\r April 2*. r> P. X. The following !?> a comparative statement of the export-. (exel ,nlve of ape ie) fr^m New York to foreign [ orta for the week, ami since January I: ? liso use For the *? ?* ?; -14.-60 1.5C0424 2,085 ?T0 i'revtu;t.j 24 59C 518 Si, ?17,277 Race Januwy t...$u a0.m,087 40 3SS/747 The stock raaiket was all bett.r thU tnonlnf; but fell off la tie aftcrncon. and closed heavy at a i!eeli :e. The feat-., re of tie morning business wa-> an advance of 20 per cent in Kentucky 6'*. oa the st-ena'.'i of tLe Uoii n sentiment in that State. Paciti Mai', ad an e l ">V{ per cent at the morning board: P:<nam.', 3; Sew Vork Central, 2*?; Erie, I yt- Beading, 1*? Hart^rr preferred, 2- Illinois Central, Galena, 2";?: Reck Inland, 2; Michi gan Central, I. lathe afternoon there w a- a de cline of about 1 \\ a:! round. The closing flota tions vere a- follow - ? Tennessee f.'s, 17 a t8: Virginia ('?'?. 4" a t v UUsouri fi's, \V/% a 44: Can ton, C: Pacific Mail. a ? New York ('antral, 72 a ?; Krie, 20J4 a Hu'scn River, , a s?: Harlem. 12% a 3?: do.'nreferred, a \1/, a "2: I'ead ii g. 5S% a U4: Michigan Central. 4 a 41: Mich igan Sonthern and Northern Indiana, 13 a It: do. guarati'eed, 2d 4 a 0: Panama, 100 a 102: Illinois Central. ?0 a *.*? Galena and Chicago, ?"?9,4 a Cleveland and To'.edo. t a :4: Chicago and Bock Mtnd. 38 ^ a SS?: Chi age . Barlington and Quincy. 5G%. In fcrei-rn exchange thefe la very little or nothing doing, leading houses soiling gladly at 106 for Sterling, and o.-'O for francs. Commercial bills go at 104 a 105. There arc not purchaser* for ail ?hat is offered. Bankers and merchants, in tkese days, seem to think less of business than of the prevailing excitement regarding the war. Money still continue- abundant, first clas* single names gi itg readily at C a 7. Very little paper is o!lered. and nothing but first c'a^s paper is tou( li ed. money leader* wailing to sec the ha/e that nirrout dB the country clear off before making a*e to any extent of tht ir funds. The Wisconsin banks have suspended specie payments in conseqneuce cf the fall in border slave Btate stocks. Tne following wa-tbe business of the Sub-Trea snry to-ilay. Tots! rrreipts $90.0(0 to ?For Customs 37.0C0 09 Tsi ruin's II JM SI Italsuce 11 ,071, '27 70 Slock Ruhsnge, trwiMi , April 23, 1961 lOTO FBI'S. '91, sou s? IMsbs Harl<>m RR. . IS MOO Tr<*s 10?,'|* uts 9lt)i ICO (lo I?10 1. COOU Ktatnckt fl'? . lo 200 HarW?m RR pref. . 33 ECOO \ ir*iaH0'sslO 40 2C0 do 3".^ RCOO do sl5 42 5 VHsrenkHartKR 132 7OC0 <k> 41 50 Ketulirg HI!..slS 38 K 2ftOtO Missouri 6's . . 46'; 300 do 33* 10T00 <10 40 600 do 83 % 10C00 do . ,.|>0<> 47 76 Gsleti.i k Chi Ri: It 40CO Brooklyn CWI. 90 MO do 0O*< 7CCO F RRSmbex 04 I* 15 do. #o VCOO E RR 4lDge lids HO 200 do CO , ftCOO Mirh ? 2rtmt?is sa ? lo SO . 9C00 Mil h M s. r. bd? 75 15* do blO OOtf 2C?0 111 Cen RR bds ?s 810 Mich Oeatrat Rlt. 44>* 1000 Bsn&^t .'RR t>s 81 50 do 44 >{ 1C00 Bsrlem ex cer .'15 560 <to 44 6000 f BftQRRSpc t>s !C2 SO do 44'f 40 sbs Back Com.. 15 200 do SlO 41 M Taciflc M*S On 05 75 do 44 ? 18 do 07 60 do Si 3 44 50 do (IS 200 MichSoAN Iod RR I3M 100 Bill R RR. . SlO 8S 5 do 1?', :iftO do 87 ?; r> MirhsoAM g st 31 ?, 100 do 37 160 I'snana RR 102 160 do .10 300 do ?30 09 104i do slO 30 >, 076 III C?n RR scrip. A2 lf)0 N Y C?ntisl RJ< . 73 ICO do SlO 92 ICO do *30 7 2 300 do SlO 01 X 50 do 7;<X 100 ilo s6 0i 110 <10 liCO 7<V fi<* d0 t'lO 02 1010 do 74 *!."? do M'? So do r6 731. 260 do 01 !< 880 io 73?< 30< ISf.OoUCin RR 91 60 do slO 73?< 200CI?v ?i Tol Ri!.., 20 50 do h10 78H 200 do 2SV 200 do 737.' 600 do 26 ?< 60 do .KM) 72)? 360 do 'tit , 1(0 do rt 73\' 100 do *10 26 \ 460 do 73>i 3C0 do 26 '? lfto -lo blO 74 300 do blO 26 !? Mi do 4d 73'; 200 do b5 26^ 760 Erie nr. 23 50 Chi 4 Rock III RR 37 200 do 22 M rs) do SO# 2(0 do 22 1624 do. 40 ISO do SIX '25 do Stl6 40 ISO do ?00 21H 340 Ofel, Bar ft Qu RR 67X 100 do 21 X 250 do *30 57 300 Ilsrlem RR 12? 150 <*o 1.30 57^ 200 <10 lkX saooND hoard. ficoo t H 0's 'Si ,r?f . PO -too sbs Erie RR 20 ',' 1000 U I 0'S 'II .CM. H0 R) do bSO 20>; 3COO Vlrplnls 0's . . . 48 200 llud RIt RR slO JM?'? 50CO do 47 100 do .".0'| f< oo do SlO 43 100 rtarlem RR...M0 12V IWQ (to,. , . , , ,03 15 (0 Uarlem RR pre(,, 31 ^ 167CO MlMOtuI 6'? ? U Uf- 0 d> i.O u 6000 Qb io?s. ltAw. u.. 2<V0 TiiO?u? 5's M , if 0 E RR W>*: 1'CtKfCcnba'TI Iao 2000 M Sr Ekg f4 hi. 76 150 3isi Rciuluf RR . o'.'i; 44 II I4(t A.'! 1M) do (10 6-.'l? 10 do ?i-j 10 H V Cen RR 78 150 do 72 ?; lOu ?!<? 72', )t? do 78 Si'id '. 'rie RR V) 60 do s4o 20 MO da tOtf 100 do cM 20 Ai eoHUiOKi r*.... mm 100 d) 50 d- bUJ 41 410 lij On Rn acr p 60 2*> do. .. .... Wj ?JO*) lij f 10 69^ tOO ilo ?15 W-i UWUaKv ta ?K ... 60tf 100 do W'i i'X) ClOT A loi ISR. . . -* '-'00 do si1; 100 do -V. 2S0 da '-if* SO da o 1 > 24 , "?'*) Chi .v Hk .? RR. . ; s? io .to; 100 d9......tl0 G* 50 do wo r> CITl' COfflMKRllili RKPORT. I'l moat, April 20 ? 0 1*. M. Ra/An?lt w? ? Hi^ur? The market ?U s'.oal , while pt'eea were wltkoit rtnuxe of importing The sa'.es embraced about IS, GOO hoi*, clusin,; w.thiu the fol'.uw I tog ra?g? of price- ? Bu portee State fi CO a 6 24 a Stale . good lo choice 615 ? 626 Superfine Western 6 imj a 6 JO Oommou to choice Wujtera exti % 5 ~v a 7 23 Mixed to straight Southern 6 75 a 6 25 Straight lo good extra do # ?0 a 8 00 Obvtoe extra family and bakers' brands. . . 8 0u a 8 SO Rye flour 8 SO a 4 M Corn meal, Jersey and Braady wine 2 8" a 3 50

? Canadian was tlrmerfsnd mora active, while sides of ! abc at 1,200 a 1.SC0 bbla. vsero out tie at 95 25 a $7 50, the latter figure for extra. Southern flour wan tinner but less active. The sale- embraced about 2,200 bbU , closing within the raags of the above prices. Rye ilour was steady at our quotations, with sales of about 200 bhls. Corn Meal was in fair demand . Sales of 060 bbls. Brandy w me were made at 93 16. Wheat? Tho market was heavy and about lc. per bushel lowor. the sales embraced about 46,000 biiihels at $1 00 for red State winter, $146 a 91 49 tor fair to good white Canadian, part la store; $1 45 for Zimmertutn siuber, 9165 for prime Kentucky white, 91 ?0 n 91 68 for While MLhigau, 91 41 a 91 *5 for white Indiana, 91 27 a 91 28 for Canada club, $120 a 91 28 for Milwaukee. 91 16 a 91 21 for Chicago spring. Com was unchanged, closing however with tolerable fl.'mnets Tho sales embraced about 70.000 lumuela ut 60c. .for new Western mixed delivered, 04c. for yellow, and 67 >jc a 68c. for old do. dtlivered, 67c. for Southern yellow, and 70c for white do. Barley and oats wore unchanged. Rye was steady, with 6 ilea of 4,100binhels at 6? >iC for Northern Com kx waa quiet and galea limited, au<l prices nomiual. O Tf02< ? The market continued quite tlrni , ? ith s*lej of 4 ,t 10 baks, dosing at about 13>Jc. for mddiin? uplands, at which prices closed still'. Fxjlc its ? hagigvment:' were moderate and rate5 heavy. To Liverpool 4 000 bbM .lour we t e engaged at 2s. 60. a 24 7'jd, 2.010 do at J< I'.d., 20 0C0 oushe's cm ai d wheat, iu bulk and hliip's b?K*, al H .^d a 8"i4.. and ; 00 bbis. laid at 27s. 0 1 , at.d SCO do. more reported at s There w?s noibing cew t? other jiorta. Provi?i^M? ? l'oik? ' The market was lees buoyant, but in fair activity: sales tv- re rt(v rted to the extent of abui.t 1 LC0 bbl.s., closiiti; al $18 iI7 a $1^ 60 for me*3,und at $1" 25 a $10 37 1, for prme Beef was atealy at oM price*. Cut tnea's and bie^ti wer? unchanged. the maiket was steady, with sales of 200 ObU. at O.'^c. a 10c Butter and cheese were uuclian^ed. sia were atea'?v . with aales of S.iO hhds , iaclu 'ed in W;:cu were 280 at auction; patl at private sale l>rcight4'4c ?6'?c Married* IMv ? B\rum. ? Ou 8ucday, April 21, by Rev. Fvan M Jchoson, Lieut W Iu>is, formerly of l'h la tielpi. a, IoCahkiK A , daughter of JoUu U*rlio?, Km , of Bro( k!> a, I., t. Lieut l'?v :rtTN with bis regment oa Sunday text. Hl.ilu 'pliUiu i>*| era plaise cop/. He WK- m.vcm ? nu , Apt il 21, by the Rev. H. OtriUlw, Bitok.yn, Fh?r>i>u< k ilnotm, Jr., to Au 114 l i, adopted daughior of C. K. Urouboim, I.-q , of Mateo Island. Wilsi v? Rarr a ?In ib a city , cn Monday, April 2^, by ? CieKtv Kdwln F Htl!itH, !).!?., H>vKir 3. Wiim.s, to F.uu v F. ]itHii:s,all of tL '<< citjr. Win ? StantA*.? On Ttauroay, April 11, in this city, h) tb<? Rev. J. C. Dtitcher, Mr. Laesaap C. Wain, of Brooklyn, N. V.f to MtSl Anmk M. Swum, of tirec us boio. Cs. Charleston, Savannsh and Aug ist*, and Cleveland and Chicago |?pera pW a:-e copy. filed. Bkucv* ?On Monday *fVmoon, April 22, E/.i/.a Dn i iw), wife of Cbarles Belljws, au1 dabbler of Christo plier I>el .co, in tbe o-'Id year of ber age. Ht r Ir1. . ml?, and those ol tbe, are respectfully invited to '?ttend her funeral, from her late residence, So. ISO West Twsoty umth streot, the (VllMiyr) after nton, at tw-o o'clock, without tifrtber invitrtiou. 11' icr ?On Tttescay, ,\prll atone o'clock, tlAK'.tKvr liuio , -la ghier of Daniel and Aru Itoha.of Kranaa, Ire land. Tuefuceral will take place tliii (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe Sitters' Hospital J'.leieotU street J B\ km ? <}n Tuesday evening, Aj rtl 23, at hta residence, ZOO Mott siifret, Patr;< k B\rns, a native of county We* ford, Irclaiid, seed 77 jeais. I?ne notice of nia funeral in to morrow's p\per. C*an t ?On Tuesday , April 2-?!, after a short illness, Pah u * Cahrou , aged 45 ytarh. ttlbftleLds, ami iboats of hts brothei 8 in-law. FrancU (1:1 A John O'Connor, iieuuis McCawley and William TraalML are respectfully invited to attend the funera ?iile* iarterroon, at 2 o'clock, from his lata res' II' tl sti? ot. |)e fCT.? In Hi la city, on Tuesday, April S3, Aijucamur T. , or ly sod of Alexander T. and barah E. F. Del'uy, at'ed ? > ears. The r ? at'\es and fi iends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the ftoner&l, from the residence of his part ct?, So lt'6 Beclord street , this (Wednesday) after - n .oc. at talf past two o'clock, without further invitation. KKW*.rR:K ?On Monday, April '.'2, MARci.tairri Krhkn cru- . lie of Lewis Krsenprie, aged 31 years, 3 months ana 19 cays. The rt iativ?s and friends of the famiiy are respectfully invite! to attend tbe funeral, from her late residence, 2i'-t West Seventeenth street, this (Wednesday) after cimiu, at two o'clock. I t "'is ?In this city, on Monday, April 22, Thoma- F. Fbrmih, aged 84 ytais. 6 months and 14 ilays. The friends of the family, and those of bis sons, Kd win, .'ohn, Uced and William, are respectfully invited to attend Ins funeral, from his late reaidence, 197 West Twenty Second street, corner of Klghtli avenue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. His remains wi'l Le takea to Greenwood. ? On Tuesday, April Hi', of ccusumptiim, A'.v, wife of Nicholas FitCHimons, aged 34 years ami ti mo:.tla. lLe frit of the family arc rerj>ectfullv Invited to attend the Ir.neial, from her late risidenci', 73 KlUabeth atreet, this day (Wednesday). Fia:. vo*\ ? I.if-asior Fi A.tAi.AV, tli? l>elove<l wife of .Ichc Flanagan, sister to Mirhacl and fbomif Mabcr, a', of Ten: plotouhy , county 1';pperary, Ireland. Ti.e iriec is and ruUtlvts ol the lamiiy .ire .'espfctfully tt.vlted to attend the limerai, this (Wedneaday) after n<< i. at two o'clock, from hor late resilience, Nu. 181 Ihiity ifcrnd street, between Fust and Becoad nvenuea. Caf.'iu ? Od Tuesday, April 21, Avmh, wife oftharies i !>g!. it, 'n the Iflth year "f ber a-;e. Ito le'.atives ami Irirnda are reapertfully invited to iiti nd ibe ftneiul from ber lute rcaideace, l.'jj Houth Th i J street, Wiliiairsburg wlihci t fuitber id\ it?tbn. Geni'W it ? f>n Monday, April 22, M >?r F'i/?K*nt Ooon wi*. nged 11 jea'H 1 month and 12 'lays. the fun. j ft I will take p'ace from the residence of ber ?other, V> >!! Hester street, this (Wcdtomdiy) mornin. at ten o'clock. 0. s.ster, thou art sleeping beneath tbe willow trco, Abd many an e>e ia weeping that iut.k wul weep for thee. Ibe grave doth now enfold tbee within its narrow cell. B loved sister, fare tbee well. H . ma's ?<>u Motidav afternoon Ap'll 23, Ran! C' a Ht ji ix. v.irc Of Henry ifymin, in lice fl'ith year. Her frlrcda and thoie of the fatn; y *ar. re?|M>ctfulIy inrlted t'' itteci ber funeral, from b' r late residence, No 137 Wist tfoui-ton street, this ( Wednesday) morn ug, at mne o'clock. I It ?At Max hisset, I. I., on Mot lay, April 22, l i <\ i .v O. Hit hs. In the 2*tb year of liia age H s remains will bo Interrel at I.ittle '\?ck church, th.a (Weiinodwy) atternoon, a', two o'clock. ku ? ('n Monday, April St.' Curt ?? yotvofest MO of Sjlom u aod l ather Kipp. Tbe frioid* ol the family are respect! uMy uvite<t to at tetsd the fi.ceial service. *t tbe rt sldeace of hie parents, .'aioaira, I I , this (Wednesday) altertooa. at two i 'cleek. His remain ? will be tak' n to Chipptque, West (he te r county, on Thursday. Cars leave l'wenty sixth strt et st eight o clctk. I r>tiv.? In BrwUlyn, on Taisdav, April 2S, Mrs. Cant iwst 1 1 m>/, In the 82d '.ear of ber ag<\ per frienes and aequaiQtanees are i eapectfully invited M> attend htr funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two oi of*, from her late residence. No tfl Tiila'y street, Dtroklyu. Her temaius will be taken to Greenwood C< metery for intermeiit Me Ats*; -On Tuesday, April 2^, 1'?t*r, :n 'ant ion of Pe'erard Mary McAlet r The friends and acquaintances of tbe family sre re- ! i-pectfuily Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe resi- ! denee No. 70 Sherifl street, this ( We lnesday) afteruoon, I at twoo'clork. Mo-ijt r*a ?On Monday, April 22. of congestion of the j brain, PKt>ao I*. Df. -ra , of I'opaynn. ageo 27 years. | Hia frlenda are invitidto attend tbe funeral, which a ill take place th ia (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'clock. His remains will bo taken from (,'ramercy I'ark House to !-t. Stephen's church, ia Twenty ei?bth street, and thence to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Nkwman? In Brooklyn, after a short illness, Mi< iiari Rrtirai, youngest son of Michael and Kllen Newman, aged 1 year, 1 month and 12 days 7be rrlenda of the family are respectfully requeatet to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of his parents. No 148 Court street Hit remains will be taaen to the Cemetery ot tbe Holy Crota, Hatbuah, for Interment. Pati?n ? At Greenpoint, on Monday, April 22. after a long ami painfnl illness, Sirrmrv Ksitos, non of .lotterson and Anna M fatten, sued 9 yearn, 8 months and 10 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at. tenil the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Service at the Church of the Ascension, Kent street, Greenpoint. R?mcA? ?On Tuesday, Apr il 23, M*rt Kbi'Ica.x, only daughter of Timothy Redicsn. sgeil # months and 20 days. Ills frlende, and those of his father In law, John Barry, are respectfully invited to atUnd tbe funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from her fatbor's residence, corner of Cherry and Roosevelt Street*. SiFRiist. ?On Tuesday, April 23, Ajtdrkw WlUWl, ?>.?<) 21 yearn, 8 months and 8 days. Ihe funeral will lake place from hia late residence, 241 West Thirty eighth street, this (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'clcck. to St. Michael's ckureh, West rhirty second* street, where a requiem mass will be offered u|> Tor his sotil.nnd tl euce to Calvary Cemeterv. His friends and these of hia nne'o, John MeGrane, Ksq .and of James Malany, are respectfully invited to attend Rtquiesoat ill pace TliMar, April 53, %x g^uefe Brtukl/j, &,/nn< A>v? T ? j<>?, 5 ? **?, tJ <)*?* H?:t ajra p*p*rt op? Wmtio'"- ? In , on -vilu "la , kpf -0 T *Ti* cu!y a q of James \ igj the IM KIM A. ffMtlMk. ? *ed 4 jeiri ? a. itiis an I 9 Jayg Due notice of Uit fajtral wiil be gir-m. jwiscici.1i a. ?rxoc?. A CARD. fPRINO AM> B0MM3B CLOT'JIHT 3BTITN. HfDSON 1 C. 'M?AJTT bay# x'w rttlr T?r ?? ?p"f'loa t'j* lariat arl (ftat ?Ugaa'. a?*>r.m..-4i Ci?- >.u# oadFuttmhhij fir MSN 1.10 80 V.H ever offered. mannfecured frsm y>: l?p rcbeie4 t' t!?? r? c->?t gr-eet di-elioe, and cut In their eel -or*'. ?' sly!', W-UoH ta'T iffer <?< very 'ow pv'ces l*i* pitb'.K ? * . to rail a?<1 etumlae tie a3v.-!tf*?. Sid, Uf av ? 260 Broe Jw?f, oiraer ol W srrvn ntwi . iJ Ml Broadway, corner of Ur*oi ctrMl. MILITARY CLOTHING ot all DHVOBUTIOifa. l?U? oii?n at til* SHORTUT NOTICE ?a4 at ?"?? VOWMT PRICKS b> DEVLIN. HUDSON A CO . BROADWAY aud GRtMD STREET vi? BROADWAY aad W ABABA O'fRgg)'. At bvamh' BXTKNKIVB CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, 06 and OH TV ton sirMt, Between Gold aad Cliff street*. May >> found one of the large?t aui mutt omprelieoai/e atork* ot Hprlug Clo'.limg la the Uaiou. DC KING THB LAST BIX MONTHS OF PANTO Ihla e*tabUluneot. doing a strict cash buataraj, and there fore, with ample mm* always at ooumaaA. ha* iakea all the advantage* of a low market and those offered by a !r? aa*t>doas depreciation ni labor, and kaa aaoeeeded ' n manu facturing an Insmeuae atook of aprlng aad rammer Clothing full ?? per eent below lest year's priree, at which redaction the whole I* now offered oo the pnbllo at retail Spring Capea $?,$?. $3, $10, $1!. Spring Dliaaghae Overcoat* $8, $19, $12. Bpring Back Overcoats ?>? $* W. $1" CHi&imeiu Bualoeas Ooata $3\i, $5. H, $3v K. $7. $?, $?,$!? $12. Kancj Cloth Drees Fm-k f'oats $S $lu. $13 $1.1. Good black doth Kiook C?*i $?. $6. $7, $*. Flue " " " " $1$, Bit, $12. *lA y ?'ra " " " " .$15. $16, $ld. 1 '.000 fancy caisimcre Buaiaesa Pantt $lt^, $'.'.$''; $ < S'K tine " " r>je*? Panis $1, $( $5, $6. Black caiaimcre, doeekin *nd eloth Vant* J3?. $3. ??. $5 $6. $7. caealntrre Testa ,<H .$1 to $V Rilk and aatiu Ve?tii $2 to $l Complete caadmere Buita to match $<"?.$*, fid. $12. $13, $16. *1V A r , Ac., Ac., lie, A> Plilr'a. ITndnr Oaiinrnla, Tlca, U*nakerc':ii<*'a, A . retaiiej at wholesale prlcc*. At ETAN8', 06 and M Kultan itmet, Between Oold ?nd t'llff ? t T $3? HHOK8 AND OAITERB, A NEW St VLB, A1 . JONEH', It) aad 12 Ann street. N. B.? ('all and *er em. & Army fdppue4-?w cahkh chari.eb' London Coid'al Otn no* on b?ad aad will be j .i J V>w. C E. MENDUM.y C-daratreM. Bbidobwatib paint, Fire v1-1 water pioof Beat eolor for rlllat, citta*ei harna. deckf of veiaela; will (land anT wrtarher orcllina'.e Depot 71 Mald^o lane W. W. HKfrK. Oeueiml Ato?< ClONTRACTOliH KOR THE I'NIltD HTATKH ARMY. / ChONIN, nDRXTH \L A SEARS 118 and I'.t) rttatie (4t:?>et Op! o?it? the h'"|>tt?l, ha. e l u ban l ieadv foi imme<(iate delivery MUX.1 pairaof OKA V AND WHITE BLANKETS. made strong and hear y, exprt-stl y lor army aerviee, at M-mt t eller, Fiatce. "No Ame> Iran or 1 'gl M!snk>>t in the tu ir ket to compare with t lit ni tor Kervlc* iu the catap At so BLUE AND GRAY BLANKETS, in 'aiue RHsor'meut or weights and nualities. (?Em line Mackinac hlankets. N. B.? Will cootrac. tor UNIFORMS In large quantities cn tliort tiuie VMP UTEN8IL8 -TIN CUPS AND I'LATK*. 81'OONB, J iron and atecl Koikt and Bmves, Flaaka. 4c , for h?I? In any required quantity at aholeaale price*, by Wl.NDLE A CO., W MaJJcu ! me CIOAL AND ROSIN GAS WORKH, ) lor public and private bulli<inga, ? reeled by GEO II KITCHEN A CO.. Ml ltroad va., N". Y. _ / 1AM I' UTEN81LH rOMI'LETE. -PLATES. KNIVES, \ ' Fork a, Cups, hpoona, Etna*. Ac , Ac., at whoicjale and le'all, at 692 Broadw ay (10RN8,. BUNIOW8, INVFRTPO NAILS. BNLARGKD J iolntH and all dla^aeeo ot tlie feet cured, without pain oi li c< tireoiauoe to the patient, l>y l>r. /ACHARIE, 8u<-geoa CbiMOcdla'. 7A) Brcadway. Refeis (o physicians and sur geocs cf this city. D EAFNESB CURED. BEAD FRISH TESTIMONY. Diaa Doctoh ? I think It bot'i due to you and to those af flicted with daafnrss, to say that my son lia? heio ileat far a long time, and he la now quite reentered by your treatment. Cear air? You can make use of this as you plnaae. JAMES COX. Wr^TC?r?TKR Co , N. T., April 8, 1861. ? DB. YON MOSCH'/.lf KRR'S 01i?e. 107 CUi too place, ? Between Fifth and fliitli ayenues. GOCRAUD 8 ITALIAN MBDfCATED BOA P. IT U well known, eurea Pimple*. Tetter, Preoklea, Bmpilona. As , b?atde* being the yery baat shaving compound 'r.T la yented. OOUBAuD'S Poudre Subtile uproota hair frond say pait of the bodr. Warranted. Liquid Rouge, Liiy White, At. At the old ealablished depot. 67 Walker street T YON$' MAGNETIC INBBCT POWDER. JJ The original and genu'ue article, will ei'.ermlnall I Roaches, Bug*. Ants and all vermin Free trorn poison LYONS' MAGNETIC I'lLLH are sure death to rata and mioe Hold bv all driggltts erery where. D. B. BARNES, Proprietor, Li Park row, and 4W Broadway. IOOK AT THE SEAT OF WAR -T WENT* FIVE CENTS. J OCR ARMY IIKMVRD IN ILOYD'8 $t RAILROAD MAP KOR IS CTS , Four feet square, colored nicely, snd show ior every foot oi the countiy froui Msine to leias Warranted correct, or money re: united. LLOYD'S, 164 Hi-oaawav Ladies, before bciing silyfb wark and Cutlery, call aad see BahbFORD'8, Cooper In i atlmte, New lork ? p AVL A CURTIS, Import art And atul Re'ah Dealers la ?i jRRoacoru: oooim, 1MATHH. AO No rn ln?iwitT, If. T old s'juid). One of our hoUM being eouraatlr In Kurope, we are in re eeipt weefcly of new uul mIkM iwMi Removal. Paving leased our up town sbo* room i at Ne w Eaai Kourteentb strret and being nw engaged In ttmov ui th. line sleek Of goods to o> r mslo nt.ire, we an* desirous .r re during our rriy large slock at No. 4tS Br<atw*y, ami sbttl' at orcc cffer FO* CASH, flMi.WU WORTH OF THE KIN K-iT WOODS IV Ol.'R LINK AT AN UNFRE< EDENTED REDUCTION IN PRICE. "Ibe *o'k!? are displayed on ourtlrat Huoi for the eonvrmen -e cl the pub'le. eld co*p?l?p par REAL BRON/.Eh, COMPOSITION BRONZES, MANTEL (IRN t MfcNTH. VA*E?. ML . RR I'La I'KD WARE, DaCORA TED Dl NINO lETd, DEC"RATRD TEA SETS, I'LA IK AMD CI'T ULASH WjtllF, And a prior <ild CALLBRY OK OIL AND I'ArtTBL I'AJNTINUS by tulv -iliouse and otliei *ell known artists. Alio, " CHANDBL'ERS AND OAS FIX TUBE ?, A. eiti'mely low pi ires B. T. II AUOHWOUT A UO , Nos. tH?, 190 and 4'C Broad war. '?ornoi of liiome St. COLDISK1 AND VOL<*TIEhRS -?? SHOES AND O <, suitable for marching, at JONES , lu and U Auu ?trcet. ARM, PATRIOTS, ARM? THE < LO<E tjCBOTON Revoleer In ibe very arm foi our soldier* going South light, strong, cheap t omptote with cartridges, H?|t and h >1 ster, for $11 Depot Rainbow Hotel, Reekman street. Ham plea at No. J90 Broadway, haeementj Mer> er Home. Broom* elteet; captain Maison a, corner or ?prlr.g ?nd VnrteV ?? reets, and Uarlbildl Hon?e. Twenty third street and Stuth avenue. ? I. FRASRB, Agent, Springfield Factory. ARMY SHIRTS. ORE Y, I'.LUE A NO RED I I.ANN BL SHIRTS. AT WHOLESALE. LEWIS A CO. 41 Warren street, New Yorl> Army and navy blankets. BLUR, WHITB For Nile t' ORAT. THRRE IS NO MISTAKE or DISKETTE Bl'T DR LANOI.EY 8 Root and Herb .laurdlce BUttrs is the rery rhespest and best spring medicine, ptirlfving. strengthening sndcli anslrg ibe blir??l, and will e ire piles, oosUven* ss, dvs peps St, humors of all kinds, weakuen. I ?? of sppe'ite, coughs s f>l cold* If you wUb to feel well and lo<ik well use a bottle of these Bitter*. Onlv 2ic snd :i7c , large bottles told by all druggists tTBRKCL AND ECONOMICAL -HEOF M AN A 00 * J B?n/lne for the Instant removal of gie?*? spots, palate, tr and for cleaning gli.vm. silk*, ribbons, Ac , equal to new. without l^ury to noior or fabric. Sold by di uggtuts. enlf B cents per bottl* See that you get tbe (en.tiae article. Tiir. \ m. ARMOR?. MBHCRR HOI SB, FIRST COMPANY ItltlH 'andcuard. Seventy nln'.h regiment, N. Y S M, New Tirk, April!*, 1M1 ? K.Tery member of this cam) any uni formed and ununlfotmrdi who goe* with the regiment when they leave the city. Is notified to meet at the Men >r House, this i Wednesday) night, st 7 o'clock, r n ' 'i?ineis of *reat Int p<. nance. By older ol WJI MAN -ON, C*pie.n. .1. R Musies, Ord-rlv s. rt'snt N. B. No tnem>>?r can go with ihi? rf.mpMtijr If not f ?????lit at thi* meeting W. M SOLOMON A II ART, :MM Broadway British voli nti er> The British vf lnnt?er* desire to bare as 'belr cunniand Ing officer a Eentlemao who lias *een serri.-? a* * field otflcer in the British army. Any gentleman qualified Is In el ted to apply fot the loninnckm the hesaqnarters. 17 Broadway. BRITIM! YOLrNTEERS ?DRILL WILL OOMMENt E at heedquarters. 17 Broadway this dav Thefirstsitml will meet at two n'etock P. M. Tte drill will be continued I unlil sin P. M All members now enroll?l are e*B?-ted to I attend. By order. R E. ALFRED HAMPTON, I < otnmander tem. ? T>!UT18H Vjtl.' NTRERS KNtilNF.F.RS COVI'ANV - 1 Jj It la proros< l to raise a eotrpany of Engineer*, under the cfpmmand of a Clsll Rnvineer, to be attached W) Brit iab regtnent now forming Skilled laborer*, oftatomed to earth woik; Afemen, Carpe.wers, Riggers and Smiths are ItiTlled to enrol In tbts company. At< the numnerof men *a ill | necessarily be limited, sn early ai plication is re.iuestcd I IUnd't'mrieri l( ?od IV'J <?r?nJ N. V? T*tr Man. i'v,T yr.A?.*rr? -wHirf ?t. * I 3*ira MUr ?"*! a'?4 ' -.1 Wje*. ?ew 0 ?ete m 1 .t tutu ttf ii'V '^KByB /*?:'* HO 5> VdVtfrvt* (T^?E * ?? ????'* ?' . *.rf. tfuai ??" ?? - **?:#. r*e- ...4 ?. a,1Sf*r * 10v. ?.#' * 'n S7N,H. Ri'iiMEv. - I'll.:; Oardrn I, ciui's wT be t.ilter '*w aiar* i-e-? ?'- * 1 ? . - C^^mrii 0?T. 71. ? . . a? n v. t. u . . ..., S M,lu? .9'i k.' V ~ *'RANCWt, v Hi n i ?. *'.}? F'l.^si si- .fvr?T i Mu.v :c .....i.-r < ; J J n v.,/ ? .> ^ it nr ill nni-n.i ? reil'W 15 1 Hie. tut ' Vito?s<t < ? Uiornfru. a' ' ci \ M C.b i .-. mV-a ,4 f w hi ha e alpp.i.ti tie pITt 7 * ? prnr-n* .: w-i*..' ? C' ? <.. it 1 J v. -,ll i ? la*?* ?**<! #?<i cttieered n.var? man :i;'ei J Bv tiler IV*. ~U4kO>,Co .#?> J. 'I 1"V. Vdj l*Dt . Tj'LAO# ON HaNDaM) MADS "to OA2EZ AT THE r (' ii? South ? 'rce', ':p ?U1("? F _ LAGS. flAOf.-(> VWE COLO.fJ. ?TON XO*tfF*. r Spaars lufPolM. S:ars. at C fyifRfl P! tr Dttprrf ; ; j Paltoa street, icu I'n'i a ferr;-. '<rr%:yr 1 Fuji of a t si.'ts made to older. C ! ?> 1" 1 . : a> ??b.uaj K osnri'.!? I'.wa tad Flags or all OBSORiF'flo.N* ??* ilk ?>* made to t.rderru abort OO'ce, at rTCJ.-iv rnrie'i oppoel'e Bark arret fENERAI. ORDER NO. I.-THV REOfWi XT OP LOJUT AT lufanfry. to acta* a cm-paul vipp ? .< sc. i Aauers U**r*j ber .1 rp-ftl i>v tlieGoeerao o.- ihst'tat - IV. tzctnediato y tainti r ?: the prliu'trat station Nc, 1 >'?? Rruadwav, Wttl? ? eiew to permarent r.,u'pmeat. Hi? Captain* ? ! tae ?^.vr*l Comp anic< wis cuotinue to roritt1' untv ond i*pv.rt to Ilru*. Col. * B O'kte'n ai Citllim a. (MVWV Brtailw.i ?nJ>iiiUi < o'ci.- j :? ><>? nut *i>le boalcd rrev ?rl'i !>? 1 V/ orf.-r o ' JOHN M. LEOD WDRI'HV, t ilinwJ. W. I>. CiMiV| Atlbji adjutant HEADQUAHTF'K'' KirtH COKPAVr '^F'.'EK'T? rr plw^nt N?ti, uul Gumnl ? "li? pns^. jt aai Ufa*, ber* ( Mil* f il tli cjmr?ii.r are re , t < nrt? 1' ti ? ?. ai >? v. 011 Wednesday etealng, April Ji, it bail pa?: s<--rmi j rli>e<. t Is b' jhlr Impel lent 'Uat evar* menbti s be pr^w .. By order ot thr- I'.-tn anv. Kx Lleutriiaat JAM?3 M. M \r.j;tFr?OR B?f'y. KNIl'KLRHO.'TRRS ATTRSirON-HOVE C.r'*Rt? - All tli '?e wh. fe;-i Ue*ir<nt> of formlo^ ? iifjfiueB' f <? sigoated aa the Home (JttarJ, will please ?:teaJ * avatiag o t he afcore eorpi, at the Elilorstlo, K.- l< (!ent?e ?trte; < * Wei uemlav- eveulug, April 2t lKU) at :iai:" t<*v ?n o oluok. Bv order, JOHN CARL AND CapU'n Win Bi ?tn, Becretary. Knapsack*, wnaphackb, knapsacks op bvbkt . a'yle, mnoufacturad to r l- r, 1 lajj, ( .e? at short no. ice anil iaa?i mbU- ptices. J. LAGOWIT/, IJ Ilrt: P RESERVE K9? SAVE BOWER3.? A KV4LL J lot Itt atorn Kitsp'.ni Mrnseof kniiirn ddhm . Al*o, beliiR tni?tufaotnre<1, Bul-lier Bla ik?i>, ?'e K f WAUNER tfl I ibe?r ?(!*?? MILITART TENT8? A KEW- OBLONrt 8otTA.'?R TKN T? maiic for the Crimean war, ju?t r<)rei7eu br tlie tean>-r Kedai Also an o'e?ar.t Portable Teut, aui ? I for fat-den* ha*e l.all an l cricket c'H'iia; ?a?rante?t ?r >of. 'ovsale by OEO. KVPHaEIj. UVi William ?ue,-v n.n AR Y COMPANIES CAN iAK FITTER OUT BT us with Cap#, al vert short nn'.li e. BOLL A HRI!\ ?i) B-nlway. >*. T M MIMTART CONTRA* T8. L.I A I PHILLIPS, 64 ANON BROtDWAT, t'ali the utieution o' all reftrnent< J'onn ? ? la 1 I >r tua federal government 'o their e\t?i?lve 'acli't.i" for SlUnz CONlrtACTh I OR CAPS. Bemg the lirgest e??) house in 'he United 8' iten. th^7 will guarantee aa enormous supply at the ahorteit Uo:ice at. the loirent rates. MILITART EOtni'HnNTS. 7a Duane street, a few doorn east of Broadway. J. h A. BONDY roauutaoturersot Millta: 7 Ke',i?, Ktupfa 'ts Car tr:duc B??ca, Ar., take' contracts for whole e>?panl'*s t'? furnish the aUovi- article* singly at siioi t n <tlee an l cheapest, prices ElSOLimONS Ol' THE NEW YORK IXPTRB CITT 1 Kegimmt: ? Fiitsr ? Kefolved, That a vote of thanks Is pa??" I to Mat* tbcw D. Qrrea, for ihe ability with which he presided a', tat organization of '.he Regiment. Ski om>.? Rmolred, that a rote of thanks h ptaMd t* lames M 11 ruby Of the Fu'ton Iron Work*, for his lib.'r*! co? tributirn of nv<- hur'lred dollars towards defray.. >2 tiio ei> pense of or-i'ani/.atlor . Rubber blankets. HAVl-RSACKH and ( ANTE ENS, tor Volunteer.'. 1U BBEE CLOTH INO CO, 201 Rroadway. CTATECKNEf \ ORK, HE VCQl'ARTFKS, ORl'OT OP v ' Vclunteers and A?si?tant t/'iartermafter s I>"p?r'ment, Oivition Artrorr, corner of White ata Elm 7'ieetj. THE OFFICE FOR THE COMMANDANT OP TUB DB Eot of Voiuntuers uul of the A salt 'ant Quarterm?a'er Muni ? ? beeo cstabli -bed at the Hitv A. mory, comer of While aa* Eire street*, until further orders. The pruvl?iot? of the following Sectl ins of Oeneral Order* Ro. la, ijem (Jeni'tal Beadijuai ters, wtll be ii'ieei ied ? RtcU' n III. The torrr 7olnnte?ring uuder the frsriilOM IP the said act will 'be for the term of two yekra, wa it t? aooner ilUcharged. IV. Pri7ates acd tmi mmmlnvoieii oTirers b?lr>w the ??? of 18 yean, or u^ove the nge of 45 ye?r?. wi'l not be enroll*? hs volunteer*, nor will an\ pers< n ot any age who is not "ta phyi-icial strength and Mgor " B Company rolls, in the form prescribed by the Adjutant General (who upon application ??ltl fumlxh the same), bb'kA be signtd by tbore voluaU-erlng, who nhull indicate upon tkesC rolls the namea of the uemona they tint! desire to be ??? missioned as captains, lieutenant* nod ensigns of their re spectii e companies. The urinous thiii indicated for the seve ral cotmiany oilices will. In like manner, specify upon th? same rolla the namea of the persona as Bald offloera under whom they desire to seiTe. Whenc . er any such ro'u ahal! hav? I fi n slgurd by at leaat thirtv two peraon>. and not morn than seventy seven, inclusive of the indicated coBausdo-ied oil cers'of the oomjMiny. ll aliall be trauamituNl to tha Ailjntaat Oenei ?!, who, ujion Its approval by the C'ouiasadarfu Chlef. will dfreot some proper o.lioor to Insuect ike oomuany making tie ratuin. anil u> preside at an election, to be deter mined bv written ballot, for the choice of (>ersons to dli tha otlioeH <>[ captain, lleutenaut, ensign, four sergesnt* and four eo-poral*. l'i>on the return of such inspection and alaoUon. the Adjutant (leueral will transmit to the ? dicers so el?et?4 their comniisMous and warrants, with a notification that tha company has been ar**-pte>l into the service of tha 8tata suaiu to tlie above mentioned act, and will also dlretfthe commati iai.1 of Hie cnmi sny to rcm.rt b anself anil Ills elm-" maud to sach III igailler dcneral aa he may designate In charga of a depot of vo'tmteerK. 6 I pan assemblir g at any deslgna'ed dtent, of alt or mora c< ni|Mtiies, thus organl/ed, who shall have indicated the same pi raoaa aa tin ir choice for the Held nHlier* Of tlie reglmeat %it wWrh I hry desire to be at ached, the lliim.'.ier '!? n-ral It* charge will direct the aeiembllrg o'' their eemm:iJnafSt lor sn election, at which be ?ha. 1 preside, t ?deter mine By written ballot, tie choice of pmoqs to flli s'leh fit Id "iiiee*. Mioiilil It so bap[>en that cimpanie^ auembted ai snv depot, without hsvltig Inaicate,] a preference t<ir tiielr field ortireie, 011 the ra|>orflrg ot at least afv of euca com auies, the Bi ipiil'er <;?ner*l In chnra^wiU, 'lUike man ntr, dliect tke'a>sembliugo( tht.r commissioned o:lioers fie an eieriii.n to till ihe iteid afltcea of sin h regiment, and utaaa reiurn o! these elei^ioas to the Adjut?ut (jenrral, for tfca eoiuuiisi! ims of tic o.l.ceis sleeted, who will at uuce be as slipped to the 'r icspective tciimcnis. Commsrdants of C .rnpitnles whieU hare b?en or**n'z?ft and ai cepled, acc miing to the fotaaotag ptovisiosa of uenj>ral Oidcra, wlti icpon tin mvlvi-s [ortbwith, witliacopy ot taeir 01 mpauy rolla ne t tbi> rommiaaiona o! their oSicersr ihe Art jut nut Urnenl re^ulrr . that fh? namet. an 1 datealwt written dtmiiictly anil a'phsl>eticai'.v on the muiier rolls, the Drat name o' each man In toll and trlo'ickte roi's A1! pt r?on? lo?vl?.|j large lisl's or vacar.t luiUdlnza, an tablw for such, aie urgently reqiiested to oil er the ?ami *1 once tta t iie A ril-iant <^u?rienns*ter General, at the Dtvlsion A. mory corner 0 White .ind Rim utreets. Saw Vokh, April JO. 1*)1. CH ABI.KS YATF.S, Hrls'r. Gen C? m k Depot for the city of Ntw York. QHOW YOLR ( (?W?as. 0 C?tr Union for ever Cmon Rot. ilea In every Milely, Including the vrathiogtu* R'wtte. A libeial 'line . mil |o deitleis. II. N. HE WHOM, 9? Reaile streot. rpo THE HRiriBH RESIDENTS OF NEW TORK. 1 A PUBLIC M BETING Vlil be held la Hope Chapel, Broadway, on Thursday even - Inif, et 7> . oVloek ti ttike mca> nr a for aiding the movement now in piogicaa for rsis'ng a HHlTf-ill REGIMENT. Hea<'(|<i*rtera 17 broadway. British residents are Invited to 1 nri'i themselves TO COMMAND A NTS OK MILITART COMPABUi -W* have now in steck anil are rn*niifa*ttnrlug a fu'l aaiar* meni of red. hlue and arav llanm 1 Over Hbins, wUiuaaR etiloied Sblrta. fire Preach Travelling (thirts, I'adei niilrts, Ac , 1 or sale at th< loiven possliile figures T A H. LKMIrt A fail . 119 f'hatnhe-a st, TO ARMS. SCANDINAVIAN!-' Tboie who yrt want to inn our Pctnilinavian compsny will have 1 meet ih!i fmt'Doou at tlie armory, corner of Wbita and Elm streets. ? ompsny I, Klr?' regiment of National Huartl I. KALI.ING. Cap sin C. T ? HMlHTtNrlfcN, Lleu'enaat r; THE DRAMA 110 PRr KR.MION. ? I AM RAIHING K t.uipanyoi volunteers to he in.ler the c inmsiid of aa si le military msn, anil a. k t unns to e?|ulp tnv nu n I apnly m tl'st iitote*?n>n, of " hicii for ten yearaj have been a mem ber WALTER A DO<?jfLl>S1N. Koimeily ol the B ?ton theafie, lately of Nlblo'a. TO THE RAVEL Gl'ABM? TO MEMBERH AND EX members of the same We do hcniby notify each aMB ire v one to at:en i a meeting ou fiin.lay, April ML at I .. kck P. M . af &<2 Broadnay Bv 'irder of ,Ia- Co Ki.ii! 1 1 . Kerceaut. JAN HI" N VAN', Captain. Avslktsnt 1 01. man of hnglne Co. N-> 9. a TO THE MRMPERS OK THR NEW TORK REGI ineuts ?All thote who rr.auot go 10 war ceo dad autiati tiiie? br appl ihgtoA WOLFRA *. 23i Bowery. Tin: LAMM OK ST. MARK A I llf'RCH ARE RR Miieated to meet on ihutsday. April .t, at II o'clock, a% ite .Muiday ft a. ol Room, corner of Herond avenue aad I'entls ? ree1, to forin sr. sssoelatlon for preparla ? Lint and Baadaaea f r>r the Cn 'ed States army XTSION I!ANnRRB.-v nLI STEERS WIHHIN'II Tf? join thU reujim, nt will call a' 1T> W eat Broad wav, f'niui IDA. M. tolOP M._ IAS. E. KBRRIG tN, Colea^F VOLUNTEERS ATTBNTION-TOC CAR OBTAlB THK v right kind of Shlrta che%p at the Mecbanles Kh.rt Stare, Wddraod aireti "\TOLUNT?,r R8 ATTENTION, Mi VBR< RK STitEBr, 7 9 Head uertors of Ika Compaay to 1 " attai h.-d to Frade ll< k 1 own?eml s Bailment.? TBe roll of th'S companv la oaant aa above and t he coin t .a 0 . now dr lllug. Tlie i-ompaay wt'.l proceed to Albany, Ne? T< >k, where the legimmit la now a?aembling. In forty nigh' fnuraaftar 'be comnletl ?n of lh>? mil Men who wan. toaee acute M-r> ioe this is ihe companr to jolu thoaewho have 01 rolled theli namea will repot v. ihemxelves at beadti'isrlers wlihoiit delay. ^ ^ BLAKE tMF.n-FfiR A \ OLl'STBBB MILITART COM. vv panj now r.ri:Ki.l/-lBK. a large Room suitable for drlllitg pnn oaes. Vtw n canal aad Vourth i:i?ata,and near BieadwU or B.' ?-I v. preferred. Aili'rava, stating reat an? wbara altnated, cap' 'in, Herald atilre \\'7vTKD xRR'IEANTS. rORPORAItB, MUSICIAN* ?? stid Dion mi rs, for tha llth Regiment. Regular Volun teer* Col A ' R mvay. 0, R. A. Apply Vi WM L. BLOOMFiRLD 819 Atlantic si, Brooklyn. Rf ilIMKRT HIOHLARD GI' ARD. NBW TORE Ktate Mi.i'i* - Tne Iindeislfned ate a|>po(i ted a com mlt ee Ui rn*lve ?nbs. riptiona to properly etpilp this gallaaA rt ginteii', nu t to | lat e th. m on a war footing <0 defend ihet Stars sntf --tilpes Ihey spi'cei to 'he g?nero?ltv of thetr fellow ri'i/t 11 ? for tlo it coniiibutlons, which maybeseatm Peyma?lri H K Rtylea, Everett House; Col. TaoA W Mc teav, U1 Slai< ker street, Lieutenant Ctj'tmel R. M. Klllott, No. 7 CHrimo lla'l , Cap' B. W. Camer'.n, 90 Baaeer streaky C?p HWvti, liSnnilaj jtmk isk'it, j 1, ?Hl'jUi.N'uVi*.. *ccr?uuru w 79?!