Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Nisan 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Nisan 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. f " ? HOLE NO. 8995. MORNING BD1T10N- FRIDAY, APRIL 2G, 1861. B PRICE TWO CENTS. HE JW AR. IORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. ?ps Rapidly Gmic^utrAtiug at tbe Capital. Sixtr?, Stvewk, Twelfth aod S^ven irht N?w York Regiments Arrived. Attack on the Capital Hourly Expected. BUSOTISS HSRK STJgPEBDBD Hundred Thousand More [ Troops to be Called For. the XLoad Through Maryland to Washington. ORTiNr FROM THE SOUTH. PL INS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS. lis of Alexaider H. Stephens to the Southern People te Resist the North. rARY PREPARATIONS IN NEW YORK. fenty-one Mare Regiments Called Out. I British Kegiment Forming In An City. V?RY IAT8ST FROM WASHINGTON, hc.y he.) Im. (he seat of war. IPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. OUR HAVRE DE GRACE DESPATCH. Hay kz us Crack, April 36, 1801. *ve Just arrived hire, ha ring driven the entire ce from Washington. South m iozcci a< e b'mrly c*pected to make their unco on the Georgetown Heihis, for the p'i-poeo J>arding the city. Sconta are hourly arriving with 1 of the n.ovcmente of the Southern troapc Seventh regiment of New York aHor a long delay mpo lie, have at last arrived in Washington. The e^t ftBxlety wag experience* by ov?ry on? until poei came thut they were at Annapolis Kial trains are now being run to the later plaoe from )lugton all the time, and the road is well g tar ted. da/s. f of ihe community are seized with o&aterna st the Impending crisis. m the moH authentic ?counts, the Opt til will un .edly bo altackel within a very few days. Tbo :k will be made from Georgetown Heights, th? do ii.ati' n of the leader* of the 3oothern army h"1ng to the city. U Is report*! that Ji ff Davi* will com 1 the a' tack In pen n. This, however, is not lve. ttne*s If entirely suspended Coll it at ar immense ?ium The hotel* will all cl ?e by tbo arly part of week one la anxious to fly, l>nt mar.y h.wc n )t the s' to depart, Oarn?f>. are In gr^at demtod, tbe h?-lng mce tbaii one dollar per mile Pt?op!o form rich ate now bankrupt, and le?v with what they This l? not tbe case in Washington alone. Part.'oe thr. Southern States are continually panug through from the ICorth, nuny in private oon/eraoc*, but t cn root Tbe terrible toCTfiVvuienoes of civil war lt.g felt In earnest. OUR HARRJ8BURG DE8PATCHRS. HinjtOM, April 24 l*dl. i* Hon Win Millward, of tha Eiatern dla i rf I'cdi a? Iran In, bearer of g j*#ameit deapatohea, Waalitagtot] yesterday at aeveno'el ick P. M Hec^ae will ?-xprrM around B*Hlmore, rl-H g ?'*hiy miee to ra "r<*4 Mellon lo tbl* "t?te Arriving tb*re At odd I., be ' ached this city by special train at fire o'o'ook L' ? acamo through Maryland, alooet th? whole dletaaoe, light, and *ai not disturbed. Hia dae pate bee refer imr action* to tb? collectors of caetoas la tba Waat utra, and aiao instruct tone with regard to anppli?a the troope and offlo-ra movtnf toward Waahlagtou. ra be left waabinfton ao Northern tratfa had arrived, road from Aao&polta to Waahiagtoe waa understood e under tbe control of the government tera wea ao present lack of rood at Wash lug ten. The Bay bran la troops there otaad the tralnlag and fatigue re of active military lifo rmj welL The adalaiatn rhowa ao rlgn of 'altering . rf'laMe report earae te Waahtaedc txtfere he loft tbe BaJiimor" military haO?pt guard ovmr the ka all day. ^ \ 10 c?o?d ?t IHJt'.tner; wi? feymntag wire e tact iffy , ng print# pc-mmF && t* <?? rlires and during/ i n ' ? Tfcr paper* inert daro not pabllrh tbe aoeoiattJ b*m oatriiaafbr ie% of Ui? muO, ?a1 are na:er 4 0 tf tn ror. c n troop* re auttoaod at Arlington CIQR THfLhPtl PflfA t)BSPATCH?S. >*hi? *pMl 15, 1*11. dt tbr ^"?ao Tbe Pceel I *o w'H, If he baa alroeJy. .mn'uitWlv xiic a req> a It -o luj^t.tho i! .-Halt j (,r or.e htt'in-d tbonaand mon W^'' i*yl*an>a haa ropi?l>?"<l her qoota? thlrtert" W>u -t? and hKt a raJua' ir rwe NalUei of ovsr t?-n ??n<! mu wti? are lo Uke t)> ? field 1 n oTtb own *? i plrj, at Han <b irg jest' rd iy beeat ic yv rruM not t>o tnr??. r".i to aarvloe %t ooo? A ?otV *i'h Mi M??re regiment. applied to 9 >r?. aor tin yca\ ?o ?? nl'.jiir.l tA rroc?* d ft* f^.-e ti ablaut n.iithoir own eiu>n?< aid to their#-* w\y. 'f<;v<8 i. bad no aut'ior'ty to i o Mt pratnli t m I uj> n th? at the on. * inotBo&t h. oi- t ' ^.'??iveJy do m, ?h?h will after the Le. 'ea ?> Hi"1 ti, If not inquired W To o by tb'1 Pt?al<lect Her. heoi,*nowao doobt that the K, rta^rn*irsy to r? capital to "fend, and will b keptorni. In b ith n la re-Htrd tern tbat (luTer 1- Rirfc at lb# k-i f the - MM troop* of Man land, a* tied t.,.. y . lactte, .NVw 5'o'lr nd other r*gln.*Bt? |t openln, -h f to th? rapila' frob< Aanapdto. Tbia )at? a- two rf r.rrorb ka r ??? wh' : r.r? 'o^ln* a failla? to) X I I* ro ?I ???'d b' re. i %|U net aero Battii*^. te'jitHn le dti *\iiioe*tth t 'TMi is thit eity 11 a<4 vbatmtl the t,atnr ' andn.wt ure t ro ;ta to er.e.tal, i gta -rai f"?'lr.f birt e, that 'lorornor b? wo?H !?# J Mb?>.?ri<) him In Rtl aart I. ? u care of tbe m<ird> roue ro r |ff 't .. kler* f r ? p i'r b(reaMto( k c anJ ?tofgwslvi""tl' " l-K:n ji n-t t *.?/-? , rather ttas to have appeared at Um eleventh boor to he"p aa tray ?h* were powerful enough to help thoaael ?es, la aplto of htm and his d if loyal troops. t There in a report here that eiGovemor Banks, of Massachusetts, who ? as reelfDt-d hi* plane aa refluent director of the TlHnota Orntral Ralroad, has been tuvlted h> the President to Washington, to become one o' bis mtli'ary advisers Aaotner statement la that tbe Presi dent b> about to institute a separate board or military advwers, and that Governor B nks Is to be one of tbi numb . Senator Ehemar , of Ohio, is here, tn rou'e to New York. He was j esterday appoin'.td ujkju Gen. Patterson's staff. light thousand stand of arms arrived here to-day from tUa Pjrugdeld. Mass , armory, for Pennsylvania troops. Tbia will (ready facilitate matters. A t/aim will leave bare .'or Perry vllle, on the Susque hanna river, at- balf pasl five this afternoon. Prom P> rry vile pesseogeis gi by boat to Annapo'is,and thence by rail to Wasbu gton The disUnoe la easily m*de la sitven boors IMPORTANT FROM ANNAPOLIS. Priladbu>hla , April 25, 1661. An arrival from Anns polls reports that Ave additi >nn regiments had arrived there with sappers and miners, and a corps of fly ing artillery with twelve pieces, and the railroad and locomotive workmen, to attend the repairs of the railroad and machinery Tbe UU'St intelligence from Annapolts stat?s that the roau Is open to Waxhlngton, and that live regiments hid arrived at Annapolis, including the Pennsylvajitaiis THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN WASH INGTON, ANNAPOLIS AND BALTIMORE, Pir'Oviixb, ltd , April 26, 1861. Tbe communication between Washington, Annip^U* and Baltimore is now in a precarious condtOn. ac well i ii that north of the latter city. Tbe papers c mtaln much mrellable information regarding a (Furs at the capital. Tbe Baltimore evening papers yostorday state 1 that ? be federal troops marching aerom had reached tho An uapolis junction, and that the roads wore being repaired >n the route. Ihe news, however, brought by paaaen .sere dissipates the report. The Seventh regtment of New York, and the Eighth <<8<ment, of Massachusetts, were being encamped eight niles above Annapolix. The restcf the troops that arrived are still at Anna, polls. LETTERS FROM THE 6K7ENTH REGIMENT. Ak^apoijs, April 2"2? 0 o'clock. Fwran Castkr? We arrived hr re this morning at sit o'clock, all well, and, so far, in gool spirits. We espe^ to march from hero to Washit gton to day? about thi-ty miles perhaps. It will take two days, and we all look forward to an attack on the way. Wo *p<jke a veisc yesterday firm Norfolk, and tbey informed us that tho recetsionlfcts had taken everything there, and thoy bid to put baok North without entering. I shall look for you when I get to Washington, and hope yon will be on the right side, doing your duty like a man. Wc have bad beautiful weather and no one sick on the passage. There is tha school ship Constitution rlose to us, and tbe oapta'n was on board this morning. Tho Massachusetts reg-m^nt are here at-o, and reported that tbey shot the pilot because he tiled to ran them agrouno on the bug Tbe boys 'a k of nothing but war, and are true to tho Union to a man. J. II AI.LKN. Amurorra, Md. , Tuesday, April 8, 1861 Dkar Fathtu ? Yest? r<lay aftorn ion wtalcft the ste.imer ?nd came ashore, and thankful we were for it, aa we ran <ujt of prov Klons and water. We arc now on secession ground, and ready, at any moment, 'v? in iiUiclf. which we expect. There are ovtr two hundred of our roginflojii on g?art n%ht and ! <y Pome of the c aptaicB are faartored in t^e navy bulldlnga ard ot rers iu he fort, /y rompaiy ts in the fort. lam now sitting tn one o ilit guu bcks writing this. The Ba'tic, with tbo rost of <ho Ni w Yerk militia, in in Tue M itfacbunetts h. >s have i?ndcd. Tb*y hav? h?l an ?wM time or it. Four of their men are era..., from driukiag ih<> suit w^tcr. fV a'r- to sen-, mt some clarr t wine uub'agton, as we ?ar.t it badly. I do not know ho* ?(i e going to pro ? ed. as tbe tracks a L Ul tort ip Tue e xposition Is ?bat we will wait until tbe BuMt< arrives and then, wltb the Itassacbusrtts boys, we v. 1. niroh t i Wa. oi'nu? a dlstaii"? of thirty mi; and n,h?, a'.l the wav tb r.ugh as it is rep ne.. th?t th->re s*ft 10 OCO soldiers ready to oppose us. I a n now fa1.' d to duty, aid malt b;> you farewell. I rMaain your ui'jctl^natc i-on, c. r. sruius'a. If/FORTANT FROM BALTIMORE. OUR HAVRE PE GRACE DESPATCHES. j IIaVF* i>b UBjut, April 2V, 1H31. Tbe Baltimore Sow* of last evening, receive ! h're, apeaka about the eltcfon yeeterdav a* p-ojj'eeataK quietly and tbe numb< r or votee be < g p >ll?d coin pi a tirely email. Tb<re waa do opjv*tt|<n to the iotithorn P ghM tHM, and no contest nnnifeatal, the people ?jtibg or uot aevdir>g to their cnveoien e A bevy moll we* eeut to Waehinjrton at noon ycx paean, rail <ad commnnieaton being ?tot?p?d. The repartad burning of Mr. Cad waller 'a ret !3eac<5 h ?aid to be In ort? t A freight tram at Rlemmcr'a Ran ?iw ??1 d,loe1od with prcvlaiooa, kc , euppoeed to belong to the Eighth UarfuchaeettR reg.ment. Quertermaiter Cook of the Now York 8< rcntb regi ment bad been arrested u a i>pr. Tbe aothorttlra of Baltimore bad *clie< the Bremen abip Admiral loaded for Liverpool There la no Waahlrgton sew*, railroad trarel being tn terrnpted . PnotTSTXlU (Oppoaite Farr# de Oracn) f April 26?0 P M. | Many Baitlmoreena, juat arrived hero, represent the exrl ement there aa lutrnaa In the higheet dofoe, and prevail ii f not among the nob, but among tbe bt*t cltl zens. Maeey la large amour 13 La raised and large bodlea of mili tary are drilling RtCea a*e dlatributed among the citizen*, and will be fired fror* p 'irate bootee If tr?x>r> attempt to march through. {Viva* travel la on interrupted. OUR HARRISBUBO DESPATCH. fUammrao, April 26, 1461. Paaaeitgera who hare arrived here rta the Northern Uali*l r.. 'triad, *04 a'ao by tti Ctamberabnrg route rop<>rt tUAt all *a? quiet hi anoi< v viter<Uv. ?uard? are rtat I 'rw'l -u ail the p -hlic ba:M'n<? ail a ftrlc.t enrvaUkaoe la ke,n orer stranger* p*ai&? through that city. Tbe price of a conveyance by carriage to T?rk, Pa , la eix'j dollars A clerk of a?h'<l<m*lfl hocae fr<m Biltmore reptrta that all 'he wholeaaie hoiiaee are c4><a>d. and clerks an>* * or'h-rti men by birth were being orde/ed ti>enl>et Man; ( n 'h e account were eac ipag care arrived thi* morning *t CbimberxViep, flllod with fam'lle* Dying from Bai'imtre Ail matet ebov* fourteen year* of ago are req ilred 10 volunt*r. Baltimore n<i l*j ta ten per c ut b- lovr ptr there, and r. r.nay ivaci.t mtcey It 6 log ozchan^od for gold and , * Iver. 1 ? ? ? OUR WlLMOiOT OS DESPATCH. Pk.-uuxi iiu, ?p-u 25, Mil. 1 The l'blla?lc1phla, Wllra'pgi >n and Ball'mora Raurwtd Cob. paty are Lfing tlwtr utm-wt endaavui* to ruf iir the br,og?e dcatrny^d upot tneir road, to that tho rgulnr n uto to WaehmgtoB may ba aha'n open j 2. The rra?i .'?i t of th.<^ read, with reference to thliga in g >neral Ul' ft H 'lio . to night that every thing looka enjouragli>g. OCR PHILADELPHIA DESPATCH. PaiMorrrtnA, April M, IMl Il.e BUNW>ro .^wr ? va '" it tbe ? -e-??i ele< lioa In Baltimore aaaamero f rm, ,.<? !i?r? wv ni opp*ltloo f the "JhntHiB l?t.ii n Hifc tf?n'. Only aHmi ?Ighty t hundred rotca w^.i c-tst, rd th." rl* rr >no ?Ida. TTiere la to c car .nation of <ha f nor -d attics On Frrt r cfcei , b?t tb? minor coj/'Uw** 0 tioel. 7 ?tdano# In aomr ^nartora. ?h? 1 'tan orith (Va ) of Tueata* firi.? 'Peepat) .-a r>oaired la?< tv! ?. ?l?a lmp>irUG' nnd glortoat newa. f??rt pi. k> ra bae been t .ken by tb ?"utb Tbe lv^ ObJvriUt le *ai ! to _eary. \ despatch flat* the kiss ?e the side of the So lUi at 2 ,00 men, >?lb* victor} Is curt." immediately after the above the Sut sty*, that it to enabled to state 4,ott the authority of a private despatch received In thin city iMt .ft I tit that the report of tho battle la Incorrect " the latest ?dvi?l by Kail from PeuaouU are of tho 17 th. The City Cornells raited the war appropriation tbiH even rg from fifty thousand to two hundred aa<l fifty thousand dollars. IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTH. THE PI.ANS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS. The follow U.g account of the place of tho secessionists we received from a Southern gas tie man who reached this city yesterday. It is cne of the many rumors heard dally In the Southern States, and although not perhaps entitled to be received with Implicit oonfldenco some of tbe stirrir g everts which have recently occurred seem to give a certain amount of probability to tho account. The ultimate secession of Virginia was dec He d upon moro than six weeks Ago, but the movement was to be d< Uyed i>s long as possible, In order to allow JetTer son Pa via time to organize the military fore -a of th South; then tbe secession ordinance would be passed, and four simultaneous attacks were to have been made on the folio t? leg places;? Fort 8umter, Harper's Ferry, the Cos port Navy Yard, and the City of Washington. This plan of operations wis, however, disarranged by the ap pearance of tho federal fleet off Charleston, and compelled them to proceed at once with the bombardment of Fcrt Sumter, wbile tho action of the Unite! States authority e at llarper's Ferry and the Navy Yard has revered aa attack on those places unnecessary. From all that our informant could learn he thinks that Jcderson Davis is now Concentiatlng his forces proparat iry to mak ing an attack on the city of Washington, and thla, it is expoctel. will take place cnor about Saturday next. The Jefferson Davis Guard, of Louisville, Ky , arrlv ed here thir morning, and wore enthusiastically welcomed. Two companies of cltizon soldiery have volunteered to go to Virginia. MOVEMENTS OF VICE PRESIDENT STE m&NS, OF THE SOUTHERN CONFE DERACY. A lady, a resident of Brooklyn, who has been for some time past in Savannah, Georgia, arrived here Wednesday evening. She states that on every hand throughout the line of her travel homeward, especially south of Virginia, tl.e most active preparations for warlike movements were goto* on? everybody was arming, and everybody confidently anticipated that the Southern army, under JeflT. Day is, would be safely installed In Washington before the 1st of May. In fact, this was treated as sti rvent at least more th'.n half accomplished. She was on the some train with Alexander n. Stephens, who addressed the people at every fetation through Virginia, exhortlug them "to arm th> msi Ives to protect their wives, fami lies and hemes from the rapine, murder and incen diary torch of the black republican hordes whotn Presi dent Liboolu had called upon to subjugate them," and stated that be was then on his way to Richmond, by in vitation of 11 true sons of the South, to concert measures for pre mpt and decisive action against Washington, over which, he had no doubt, the flag of the Southern ooofel erary would soon ware in triumph and defiance to the cow ardly North " Be extolled tbe glorious actions of the Bal. timortars, in sacrificing the Massachusetts Invaders, and in'inated e-icb would be the reception of all Northern troops a'ter pa* ng over Mason and Dixon's line. He paid he was proud to count Maryland and Virginia a members of the Southern confederacy, aid considered Keetu Uy and Tcn-^rrrc as unlt3 In tho Southern cause. Mr. Stopbcis was received with marked enthusiasm at munj p aces, but very quietly at otbera Tb<re was mineral complaint all through Virginia abnut the great scarolty of arms, am' ourees were freq c>utly tit u red relative to the burni' g of Hu, > Ferry, auJ thi- l?'"y nys, from tbe rerr -tii nutiU by tiuse in the train wliUe cnmmg through Virginia, toat th<y hid con sicertd it bi.yond a doubt that Ha-pei s Pertf was ? a good us in their posaepnlon until the amouuc ;moa: l it being burned. The most Intense rage wie exhibited ? the action of tho regulars In thu . toi\u# 'hoc,. Anight io Baltimore wus not a v :ry pV aaunt r>.,e, al Uu i<: It j it hii g of special moment occurred. Slid u\irl t; at i he city wis patrolled every night by arjK?l men t > pr< =rrv? order, and several openly express <1 tboir at the c>i cunecce of tbe lut? riot. All ptrKts travehlng North were n*rr >wly wstebed, aid in most places a itrict surveillance Wk. *rcrcHcd over their! movements, wuiher mile or 1, male l>u tbe roaa to rhlladclphla aha heard that tears b?d left for Washington via Balthnare, and thinks, wb-u rta hltg tue latter city, they will have to fight thir way through, i'. from slight romarks she i/erh?iar i wh l? In tbat city, the sloct reiy boliev.s that all profesniort ot lojalty to the Union by Maiylaaders or Virglu'aua an ut terl;. fa're uud tit to be relied upon. i he has b< en atx days aad fix nights in revhiog Br ?k ,;n,frrm Savannah, and now thanks G d ?ue hvt got norne. where t. e eau ace tbe old tlagaad be among an oi de-iy corm alty. Hwi tnanU) April 2?, 1SC1. Ink if tLman to day who left Cliarleafcn, H J., r n T)nr? d i 7 U??t. B? Mya Gen. H< air< gard w?a th o at Cberlfo , taper Intend in ft tbe repa'rtng of fcrt Suoa'ar. wit! tbo fT|xeutioo of an immediate attack upou CUrlNtoi fnm the North; that at that tim? t-vre ?ji ne EKKimnt of tioopa towarde the KorUi, ?td b? belerea th re will not b*. Thta nf-ntlcmaa aaya the perple of th* ft nth are awtnlly mirtuken n^oat the rxiftibsr eUtn of afit a at tbe North. They really believe Uia' they have friends etongb In the NoHh to join to f them complete end epeedy ?"ioe...v Be ftye wbeu tiiey hear tbat aucb men aa rierce ar>'? Buchanan are eipree* ng ("pIod uentiiMBta, t-r.d Cal?b Qiablng ail IVre? hare v 1 lunwered for the Union. an* tbat General Butler, the Breckinridge candidate for Governor of Laa^chaan'te, in at the b?ad of an am>y marrbiog under tb> uag of the t'Dlm, agatut the a'te ? * ben they heur all all tbeae tfc ngf, and, Ina'dltlon, that all pvtiea bare ?.t* c way to oa* loyal ?*otia>?ntl aimiitiuieoxaiy ex prr*?*<* by tbe whole pe ople of the North ? ?bey w'Jl be abounded, and be brought to a reahz'og aeune of tb? ter rible raiutfctty ttey bnvt> brought upon ibcRwolren by tbeir a san 1 and tieaeooable plotting. HAHMmc-ao, April IS, iidl Two lfa*racbua<'tte men, fleeing from tb<in.u<vitlei North Carolina, arrived bore aioru n^ fit C?rl ?'* laet aund y moraine l-iO SoaU Q?p>ltiii**u pwvK* Iko Baftvtll*, 00 tbj.r way North, all alta<* tb?l? rout* N'nrtti tioc(. rei feftimj in ibe c*i?, ?u<l th--yh->?i. thaAi tAii. fr oiy, and m?ivl that tb?lr daatiaati'w wa-t a Southern camp twenty -fl? 3 t 'it* eo>?tb of Waab.mttoi.uu Aqula creek. 1>? m#t ' ft Bauimero via tV D fimr aid Ok to Hatfro*<l, ?ol tmlt not g?i g?t any My way They paanl Harper 'a Kerrr, ant taw a nutuh-r of trvp? there ? 'hey J'llge from 3,0?i t 4 0C0? and batteries were erected on tbe iteigfeta ??> r took iig tbe town. The arms tbe tr-x?pa b??.i :>wk?u 1. * at d bright and tbetr '> nti oleau. Tliey bvl no m-'ine a'ceitainiig t!?e accurate nxmb< r at W#|4?ijj Q?r> lira, but i>n? ore man plritdtng i<>r hit !!fe with a ta >b put are nnab e V) atate iba fee !t. Tf.oa* ni^n r?p.<rt tbit they Pal ?" ? il iuleer 0* l*??? Thrj left LoweTfr, an1 qu'?<' tfltfdenl/ Th< f ar<" t"jtb U.W".*|?nt men and bore mterr.. .. will. IMPORTANT FROM AnKANSj!?, 8ETZDRE OP TOKT HMltn. FotT cmni. Aprli 26. I* I ! crt ?mitb la In poanenaimi of the f ? M tr .?>? Abo it twelve o'ck* k 1 '*t night a ' >1 inteer fore"1 tt !e tf fi c^n Tin. ? of C L flot'>n fto, t?- Ipnde l ' t'. w itr fiot , ?be . t"6inbo its Ta*>leq>' ti ao-1 fredei io ' flic cot. n and a "n'oeijJ newiy three biad re ' . <m Abo . a t tiour n'< re ' :>e r ,rri* al ? trgltlet whb h-e e naa 6b ->ti g?f ' to <5*ra'rj :>mp ' a He took aaay the h ?a N I"121or t) fc a ' o> 1 nihil, ai. 1 aueb -''if p 'ea aa L? could ouaport. IK" it falllLg b vc'< on Tort Wat h'r. Tbe j.iat r a fern trlj aurrendered br C>pta'n A Mr ptgemery to flaneral 1*. Rurjeatn, V <J<itnci Guncral H tbe Mill, v. b?> placed Oo'entl Borlant 'n i.ha>gi. capte't lk>(iU'>aiel7 and M^J'-r Gatlin 909 tiicn pri?i>nera. and afterward* rel< l ed oa parole There nbont a- 1 'ti b-ndrfd State tit* ? here today. TH-y ? ire pa ?e' In review la t <> gvrbon pfad-' (Tcmcd. The Confederate Tag wia raiael on I* fe?t at ooleck, aaM Ota flrjg of I canecn a?d the chaws of the people. At ? r thi revkw, three ettera were f ven for the Arkansis c.tiz on t-oidiery , three cheers for Jeff Pa vis, and throe cheers for Gov 11 K Rector. The tUxk and pro,* rty takea pofbcaeion of is etUmattjd to be of the value of # WO. 000. IMPORTANT FROM LOUISIANA. Call for Fitt TttoaMid Addltloustl Troopt-hsrge AppruprUtUm* to d?s|?- ! port Ike Vo)ii?t?ew? The uules Vtuleg I 1m New Vetk Not BtlUvcd In New Or- | 1??M, Ac ?? **? New Orlsa.ns, April 24, 1841. Governor Mooro ban issued oil ad trees, calling for 5,00t) additional L uisiana troops. He says;? The government at Was'alnghin, maddened by de feat aud the succeast'.l male ;?i ance by our p^trto'.io people of their rights and liberties again t ill mercenaries in the harbor of Charleston, and the determination of the (Southern people forever L> sever themselves from the Northern government, bus now thrown off the, and, sustained oy the poo pie of tUe uou slaveholdmg States, w actively engtgod In levying war, by laud and sea, t > subvert your liberties destroy your right*, and to shed jour blood on your own soil. Ii'you have the manhood 'o restst, rise, t.bea, pride ol l/ouisiaua, in >our nngUt, in defence ol' your dearest rights, and drive Ditck ml* insolent, barb trio Toroe. Like yonr brave an 'estry, rt solve to conq ler or perihb in the effort; and the I lag of usur^ttoa ?i.l never fly over Southern so l. , ineu, t? the pr >c:>muUion which Inow make on ths requisition of the Confederate government. A number of parishes In Louisiana have appropriated ten thousand dollars each for the support of the volun teer s, and have pledged themfctlvea to pay Ofty thousind dollars a j ear each as long as the war shall last. Fifteen hundred renneseeeana are czpected here to-day to join the Confederate army. A meeting of live hundred of the 1, idles of New Or leans was held at the 8t. Charles Hotel for the purpose of making arrangements for the holdlcg of a fair t j r.tise money for cloihing the Louisiana volunteers The people here are greatly excited; the m*t un bounded enthusiasm prevails throughout the cny. No confldcnoe Is placed in the despatches which we re celve from the North. Eight vessels of war are reported off Pensacoia, and it is supposed that the federal government have succeeded In rcinforciLg Fort Pickens. The reports rcceivo.he ro respecting a complete re action In the city of New York against the Siuth are not believed. A further despatch contradicts the resignation of C ;n. Scott. INTERESTING FROM VIRGINIA. Northern Schooners Fired Into, A?. The schooner Ooiunierco, Captain Damols, arrived at this port yesterday morning from York rlrer, Va , bring ing home Capt. J, Daniels aud crew 01' si >op ?$>iusliiue, of New York, which vowel was capsized in York river Captain Daniels, of the Sunshine, reports while coming down the river, and when opposite Yorktown,WM flrod Into from tho shore for tlio suppose 1 purpose of m iking him l eave to. Seven shots were Bred. It blowing heavy at the time, took no notice of tliem but kept on our course, when a flaw of wlud strack tho sloop, causing her to cap size. We had hardly time to save ourtelret in the yawl,

which W83 towincr 3?tero. The schooner Commerce. Cap tain F. Panlcld, being in sight ahead, and seeing the acci dent, hovo to and took us on board. Captain Daniels, of the Sunrise, is under the impression that, If ho bove hin to, 'lie woull 1 avo befu seized and hlm*elf and crew imprisoned TheOtitmerce aio brings Mme C*pt Edward Brash and grew, of the tcbocner Alice EU is, of New York, who were cimpcl'.nd to their vrssd lo York river, for fear of betrp seized Mi, 1 Imprisoned An F.tstarn schoon er, tan c unknown, La ' beo? seized farther op th ; rivor, ,n<i a'l Land:-. Imprisoned. TUe fethng against Northern 1 en la vary toller. Tin ilorf iknidtr BrUidley, also at _d .j?ipLrom Virginia, Oapt. B. naving jftfor f< <? of w? Tho Arrietta is pirtly own?d In '/rjktDWt, V^^^^^Bcrew are all ^taien Isiaaders. 9b? bringe >l?s Brush, who has be?n ??ugigeit in the oy^^^^^?>?twden this port and Vi^la Utfir tl.e l--"< t-.vs!^rj years Capt. C. ha I between $8 GtiQ abd f'A CCO v>r'b >f o* Vers thore, but wdl prob ?b y loee all !!? considers hi us< If fortunate in g-tting awsy with bis life Both ve?Mla are anchored at Qnr ant ire. 8"! Ea ITERS '.V| H TROOPS OS BOARD 3ER>J Tio scto ae-Con.<rerco, from Virginia, aTivel je?ter ilaj BDO'cmjf, rep rtn se>- ng fo'ir steamers off ?ftu'.'h's U il<1 on T' e.uay 2Sd ;?pt., Suoposed to be the fleet lh?* left tii.s |.ort cv rd v ('he Baltic, H?r let 1a30, R P. Coy i?'r sid Coi :mbK). ?)c,e of th"m they are certain ww. ib'j B Cujler, a? sL haiiod tbem t-> s(m? .heir co Jo h It ?o' !d be but a few boors' run t > Ann*; 1U from where ttiey woi'' ?e?n. Th *?c s'oamers htve sine^j la! -ed tbe'r troojs? tLe Sixti, T<wulXtia and ae/en> nrst reg r entt? at Annspoiis. THE NEW YOKK STATE MILITIA. WFORTANT FB M ALBANY. TWENTY "OWS t lift T; ON A L kM IMt>rS <' IT, LID OCT. A.iitir, A(< u lb tHfji At .t er etl g o* tbfl Sta'O ftlh un, uudur inn ?/<?'?* Mil l.ub btU rc!d > uaterday , ail bel ,g preacut, too follow oig n?? 'ulioti vu adopt < '1 rout im *oou m a *offl ti?nt rumbor of <vm TAtiici* ? f wluni?* m !h< :r Cu; complement, wn-'Uiiy 0lPTi b. .'I P.U'l"" flO'C l?. Ui lb ftktfll Will p. KMOd (o f(y>? liju/ii ti ?< aroopuuc# of nur*i c and ib-u wtiD a i'.flliitOBt b'lTibor 0' COil 1 j.Birs fully o'giblZ"! it a ar<*p.ed, Ih* B.iai'l wii' p r-.-od tndlrtrte them uuo r<ntii><-> <? > d ! UrataoeU th? V'>m| uitea to c mo *e ? icb ir* met t ftLd U>*t ilm ootno met ?co?)pt?t by ibe Go/ i ri or ?ii<cr the aat m< e it j( of ili' flwrd wiii, wn-:D fan, bf i?tribiit?d trto r*gim< iitR hy t volution of Uie Bn?M. Iii Miorrqnctce of ILe a'ove retol'ttkaa tb? follow ug cirr i i?r baa b< en livied to d*y from h' ufq'iarWF ? Ti 1* m ?? - -Muaier roll* ue tho only an uority wln'h tbr Ofpai tmeut will bave of the nun ?ir an I om.'H f ir'u in the Mr vice. They mu?t b-uivie out ? i?b |i?ikct wyiracy ail the ma? b?t< 4 wrlRon ngibi) in ?lplu.b>*t?'al trdw and aumber*d, plaoe of nativity . piar<- whom muttered *rimg to ?'m; fogu tatto- p, ?cc 'be auevi r to'l mnnt c- - U o a fu I c imj-e D.rLtol k?TCDty-*?'vr<n men or tb< y ? til i?ot o? r*o?lv?l. fbcfernflri'p <>f the muiitr roUtD ' -t Oi p acod at U>o batti m of the f? II J. MKKKDTT& RE ID, Ja. , A<?J Uot General. BlDfC laat B'gbt ttlgbtMlt 00* iM ba-o HO"- ?n rolled. Biking tbo total d?BiO ? of ooirp nHa up to aoon one bxodred atdalitjr.B'ne. . jong tu?M w<at red to <1-\? no f"3tn tlio Citj 0! New V ric, ui?l?>r OaptUas tburns U Stone, B. W. -pcHt, C La V-.-rui/, 0. Willi aoi II tram Dor j ca n* fo-OWifcf 'wolut q Wild by tbo Bntrd of | at? ( UM!Cr? to-day? 1M~ <jW?k1, Ttart thf proTinionf ?f gaofrikl o-d? Sj, 11, ?? 1 at u* H alio*' the ?^'rjiViLSe c-.r^ iauiw notfuj, i ii 1 it iM ar aiioAfii i? jIj to tl'? ?l>i - ftii tm rfdt?*'nu? of Haul <?'?; ororidfU itai Ibe 1 11 c 1 * ir rtioa pd for lav n r. ;iao v (>? n >t com nift' Oxl 'in' 1 (hvQcHBpMy m fi.'' r.m< ir 'h-i troops rtroim'i'rr o mihh fr m t.ip r 'Cd' .v > <? fo_ bt'iH' 1' n("Ui'? a.*f t '.!.<? Buard r>*> *?* tb^j ? .... to ' 'I W'l "at* 'he HMptCtlvi, n>inpu?i* <t, act u? oaiwt i>t , r m ultima 1) w ?K.i.on 0' c'"u;anv ojfti- * - iail ? 'M. ui di-r H rt'r?-c 1 -i. oi 1 1 ?? Oo\ i-rmr a'iJ o'.lioci* ?< '? 1 .a ?b*ll rep?tre coiori'i^ .&?, !"( ..L>w*T!OH BT ?1>WIV I HOMilf, QOTKKMult UKTB| i;i?1> ur KW VO'lS n'irr lull ?. rlt, tf th ? tu,t uatittud *'.Vo a?.t t ) *'i b ?rn ? ? 1 a,' s.r 11 a att'" I j ty> 11 r t f 11 vOlnat> r 1 i.i'U, ai. J u pi- ? ij 'or 1 ha pufliu 1 of, u< ??," p.#f) b . tU? I#-K ?? ta'ureal U'V y'?- <11 llw 10 I day >f \jtr I .nut ,mu 1 n cn'i pi; '.ic<- with t ti" J'Wirjutnatoo of tb" offe *rl nan ? 1 ir tbo a#t l 'At, I -> harab\ oa)| f' r t1 mty ono ???fin -t'* if 1' nr til" i* li of 780 mi-n t .' ?>. ? ' a>i d<ikS to lb* ouaabsr atria ix c?.ii<<J for by ? ????!?> na tiiii \ii.' ? ' dtte c! ? e 'i iu_ of ij?r|i ttir t , in ! I do bireby n iti'ri" flint tb<' *-<>.ai.?icr 'Oi'ilU . r< c atiil! I'm "or tic orgmvise mid if*p|..i 1 n viu?r,?n ? ? n .'b . .?! -I T if fin CMMtltntki* of tbl-< rftit*- nui' ? ?b mi ?> ilatiot r3?ora-."K! ia a- ueral 'jfju. V> 7, I 'm 1 ib'. t?.r. In ?rwi ? 10 "t , bTi in'o ?(!!<??! 'bi p r'.f ali.tiliaH' la', h da/ or April miuofii u oir U'fd 1*1 1: It. mil , W. Byt' OfWWcr, I4lCKWfK>!> t, in. t\ _ Pi ivito CMraury. IMPOBTaNT 0B0ER OF OF.KgllAl >ANI?. ro&o, M?j' r C<Tf ral Satttfuf I u I bta al '1 urc ?? >o ib ? bucy a' | reactt La maktc^ *rr*iig?'ai'!i.1 < fv llw ? *? pottatl' ti of tr?r* to th? k % it' v Kl> 1 'bin I btitidr>d tronp?' frnu tbt f r?t ltv "ion n'i i- .i. v " brca ?<at fotward to Wa*blcg*'iii Wlbin n <* ?<. H ti' llii to'al Burnt er from the nllr* dttMa Mo ? ib 1 ?aed mra. 'll if aelodia to* "ixib, ?? ?r h, Eibth rwclfth, Sl.xtj-nirstb an I f??entj flrat from 'bi* f.l.jr, abi tba fLlrtti 1 ih from Brooklyn, aod tr j Tafb'v 'H't from Albany. A cimf or of o?h>-r regiment* wi tM have been for winced it lh?ro h*t ooi Ofrto ? i u ooh dir. u)t> In rqutppli g the a eu E*>n ciuj oim;vuiinn in tbe regiments atreuy room at* ?*i y u iul foTUiP, knapsack*, be. , ai d tho Haj >r ?> m.r*i is ie'.ar iii toed b t to forward any mora no pa wh i ara n t tberrighly tqnlpfet. Tbi. followtrg imp rtar.t ord?ra ?ne issusd frm. the bra (quarters of the Firbt ulvmiun jee'erday:? srwua ?WM ?? 12 PlHfX ClTfrJOl Nrw V ? >HH ?T?T< WlUTM, I Naw York, *otil24 iHol j T*a pcvrr'j nirtb regtm at <F? irtb o <g?le) *'ll bokl tb> mralw * in i- tdtnest o ?tub* k for W.i tun if ton. C>' BcLeay oill report 'or'- with to the W .Jor .)no<-rid the sum >er of ku-i<>a<'k* haversacks. oai,t?en>*,oi.o?( a* ito.j ?lu>. drinking c i m l <-tfl- r ?n ic)i*e In p.?n.esi"u of b ti [ regtreut, to e:?bu them to take active l'k>ou r? elvu>g ?u<h re -ru tiqulsi lou wal i>i mule for ttio ?appaii- r? <d 1 By order ?,f Uajor Cetieral J irlfnrd. (iKoHOK W. HORVLL, Division Inspector. IRfltL opprR no 18 Fnuir Bmton Nr.w Yomh (*rvr* Mium,! Nkw Yokk, apr'l 86, IHdl / Tbe Oinniuaiiditit of tho ^.onJ, Fnib Ninih, Flevinth. F.ftyitrih io1 s??entv-ointh regtaa.ats an dir> cte?l to ii'p rt Iff th>> M*i>>r tfrneral, at his otilco No 5 Tr von row ?ti?o o'olc* P. M to ujo-row, ifj>> 26th mst , tbe ctaio of inn irmx *n<l equipments of their respective reg menta, and pirticulaily th.i oimi?r of ov? rooats. blankets. haversacks, cant*- no, camp kettlas, and o' her means of coukiag, knives, forks, piates, &c , now i i b< ir | <???' anion By i rdcr of Major Ceneral nn 'ord. GFOKUJC W. MOKRIX, Division In?p-<ctor. SPicui. OknMt, so 14. FikhtDi.w >? View Fosk JT*r? tfrtru 1 N'kw Voku April 4> 1801 j Tbe Seventy third regiment (Flmt ?>, i^ uii-; having ofl?-red tbeir afrvicea f >r amp duty, Rrirwtler (Jeneral 8picar iB alrccted to Imdo aa ordi r to detail one c >m (?anv f?'nj t>aul r ;;.m lit t<? go into inn.) at For: Rk'hli'.on" , Hta'en Island, for five iu s, io be relieved iiy another company at the end of ttve days, and so on unit each c in pan y in tbe nyunent eh?li h iv.? p? fo nied tb? saute tour of duly. Cbry will, durli g their term Of service, protoct the public works and pr o.>r.y ?i that station aid report fntn dav t<> day the number cf men on duty to Hrig.i<11*r Ueuerai Spioor. By order of Mn)or General un'tlord Qt-ORGE W. MOREIX Division Inspector. MOVEMENTS OF TROOPS. THE SEVl^TY NINTH HIGHLAND REGI MENT. Oompany C of the Seventy cintb Qighland regiment numbering 140 musketa, pararfod in WaisUlagton square yesterday forenoon. The greater part of tho men wore destitute of uniform and other military equipments, but Devrtbe'.ess they presented quite a formidable appear ance, and went through the drill in good sty;* About foityof tbe company hive p.oou.ei ai.tfortns, ani the balanco expect totecclve thiir ouMlt b !? re Saturday a', the latest Tho r<,, which is coinra%ndc i by Ool. Mol>fay .uiusters 1 COO men, and h-ipe to be attln to leavo for Wanbingti'B on Sunday next If retired It is B<ii ? that Uio Seventy uinth will tie ti n Or t regiment tbu wui puns throu, h itiiHitnore, and that assurances havo beea received from Albany to thai rfiVct. THE TWENTY- EIGHTH REGIMEN T. Tbls regiment, which was to leave tho city of Brook lyn on Tuesday last for Uio wars, did not start, as the nrtetgjiry preparations were not complete d tjoveral un fortunate circumstances have tttoudod tU<> o gui!zation. A week ago their or-mmftidlng' officer, C>!onel Bennett, was dangeroitfly i'ljttred by a fill from a wig on. Bis skull was fractured aud hia life was for somo time d'^Si aired of. fie is in a critical condition, though It is ?uppoeed that with oare ho will re -over Tbe volunteers have not Uuckod so rapidly Into this re giment as mlgbt haro been expected, as t!ure are not equirtuentB enough for all who rr ty off r, tbe number of men being about 400 Something munt or fb'juld bo done for tho lino fellows, whi are anxious to tave an oi'i*>rtually of defending th'jir co-tatry'a flag, i There art a number of Cormans c uneclod with he regi ment, chiefly residents of Willlatneburg, who are per fect in <1rill, ?nd are reported excellent sbarpsUo./tors Aut.exed ur?i the tiutnes of tho cooun u?0 Lieut CjI. Fdward Htmi', mtumaoJlDg, M^jor Brewster, Actio# Lic,Utet.Mi,. '3oljtn'l; Adjutant, I), a. Biker; SargnoB, 0 Rioe; Ecg t" , r. Vwn Kcm^k"; <inarterm'istor,S"-,t iii,'?r; isewtint yi.?' teriru.^trr, A Verusca; Ctupia:u, W F. ff i>1; Pajni'iMir, ? ? RusmU; fompmtiy A.Cafl "i ew r; Company B, t'apt. \V. Uecker; Oxnpany (7, vacant;Otm p.uiy D. C* pi. Cumpbcll; Company K, Cipf A P Beadle: Cooipany f, Capt. Scbeppcr: Company (X, Oiptalo J.uj i Kenger. Company H, C.'i;it ihmy Uilix, '"taftaayl, CH^t Cba^. Ke'hl, O n piny J, Oiptalu .tacob H-ibbt-r <>no of our reporters piid a vimI t" <h'> ucw ArsiDil yesteiday artenii.on, vliem the Twenty eighth nt II c tn uctie to ti" frtntleB' d; but fcmnd that thdr>' ivim i it ?uy ilkelibot>d of their leuvtrp, as lia l bi en roported. lhere is no b!am<' attach ibi? to tbe oflliwrt, or mv Other {MuIKk cont rcted wltb tlio regiment Th> r.-tl truth If tl .it their full number (400) I <r tb?s tlrat i etach ment is miu!" up, aud they nr.: bkxii unxi'. ; to liu <-n their wnv to where their gallant sorv ecs will sh -t!y be ca'li d inl' TcquiiHloo. lhe scle delay i" oeetiinnod by tV.e 'ar< of k3 ociiiroment- and clolhllig, together with a ??ca'-clty ,f ?iruirim.ltlcn rnd belts, were theee r?q't.t; leiaupp' .d, tbe r'gtmcnt c uld at once proceed to wli r: l it Qw b.a^ orJerr tuay dctermlrc. lhe Areetat ytswday. too, wis tbe a tat rjr m ny plctsing and entertaln'ng ^xpl'il'S among tbe ytmgT mi mbeiH of tbe corjm, w well as of gr.e> w iiaa'iue < Mot Lilt), fathers, wive*, chi:dien, b'otb ri -.uterj . a.-.d relatlv?s wi;re there, Mipod Into the Niter tji^t tn. y we'e going to leave, and to pay tbe;r pitting wuo- ?, and ki g ve, perhap-i, tfielr lunt biesH^ig to tiicr# it jom tho/ lo\<"0 di'arly on r.aib. fboe natural ti'3 of afTectlon wiiir.b arc en'^'n' . renad the hearts o* thot o wo respect, and esiet-ra ritij' late UteatMlvaa oa such occwtoM card t.o* ev -r.. da> occurring; but it to particularly aud peeolltMly r> ia r Miot to t'.i) soldier, v. h i UiU> a h:s I fo ul Laud * f n Fftt'ig >ot t# fig ht tho battles of his connUy. rh s w?s pa'p^i Iv i-viditit yesterday at tne Kro'klyn A'.t ua. ind. a tliov.?,h n aijy ptweut endeavwtd todrowuth'' grief Ui ntr< ng Mj?I pit?or? slnln which told tVjir own soft an t 'ii?b y< t tbe fact cculd not be Uluotu .ut. iua >y pri si' it Hit it m irht be tbe latt h gbt and la t ntgnt th?y wo.ild b?ve with ibose wbctn they ?o revered and ?stwiu?d. It M expected that tbey will be or. lured i flTtli a dif, ?hn b is thn ardent deairo Of the gallaot men them-olvi-e lh?y are fltii k> pt clotely to drill, aud will bo a grea' v, quiaitl'.n n their arrival la Warbir.fton, to tb* o hor r.o"|> ' bo have preieded 'hem. A rue tilling party wji r^n.* r i? Brooklyn for supply tr g tbe Tw -Dt? ei^atb until th re j.m'iit's t"ll quota ol men Oi* oomi>leted. To# r?g!m?'nt up to yesterday had not raceivod any B.-'.rc'.ii R o d rn. nor is It drfii itely known wb.'n th?ir ren ral to Wai bington will lai.e p'a ;o fbey still re mtii, nt tbe new arsenal at Cortland avenuo, and are k? p' mtier rig'd military d cipl ne Ord?rs are d?i'y hiid boirly expected for their transportation. l?w t* f | [/'ed r< te-oay that those of tho oorpn wlw are fully eq . t ped wtii be despatched forthwith, and tbat tho re a,aui<N r w II foliew ne soon as p??mbl? aru>rw<'d?. There mvst be mismanagement somM where in regard t> th- gtliuat Twenty eighth. ENCAMPMENT Of THE FIFTH REGIMENT ON THE BATTERY" Tie Fifth regiment (Jefferson Colli), Col ?cbtri?t aeelder, marrbed from lta Armory orer tmex on Wedseiday, and encamped upco he littery, there t) ?wait orders from Washington. 1 t?"o t?r ho aul thirtroD hundred person? have bten eni.Kted iu ID* rx rloue aonnpaijles, and one new coaopar.,. ha to?u I r a<yt Probably only aMtit bide OTBdfW OS'? l)A?t?er, trtt 1 be taken. One ff the <? rrpiuiiea has be ? n en duty :t ttto Uwer A'tcrul Icr liiftt day* p ~t, and i irti % the uu?? t;ne It? ri git or cor pa, wader ma in al of C*i vL: Dodge b<?n !o yrrug'i . (or the ?a T " mtu **?" i^rnd ut tl- > .Armory at luieu'r ck A.M., ar.d ojj# bulla unlf. -ma, blanket? ew o??i ??f* ?or? Fi roMwd to tb? rocri..Ui, who ?rtl. j all beiq-' ' hMnri th> rn?i?i?nt luav>? All tin men were aw ? * <h u^w hfrc;'.: ? m ?? t bnyoti?tn ib> i.oiloirn i'f On meu '..I. ay nn t i ark b'ue ctwt* ?jid > pn, ?r d ?rriy >ear ? a . tue rant acfli^cif i*n|MHitiret'?rMti. Tfca rtftKivat **rr n< M#?i promiiWy at Aw treatat U a e ?'? k* k f. M Tin MHc( r* ?r>' ft) Iowa Coinret, B> tiwartwa'*! It; Kijcr, 'in ,<<"? Fiark; (.iiarVimart'i , rung, .ywiatii t t}*i? trmw Mr, ? ?r< > : I" ti.i.aii'r, *t<?lB?ay : hii'g ??, Ht?>" H'* p. nI m ? <??rd, ?;n for y ; Pi i m M?j">r, Berg>r, a'i?j t eo*y ? l or d . rr tii> t k t< ninnr A? Ctj ' ?' F 0 rrtee ? >rf?t t1 "'ct,.. B. ?. K? '.r fW?.>.d '?outninu' ' it s>r?l aau: Fit tt Mv feait. A 1' (i>o|'iiiy ' ? pi.< ?. n>'?tiniar; Fliat L ? iUrjH,| Bel', f-e<iud Li' it< iW| MirrO'gJ, Ftrst rtui^ rtt, Mf, er. i i n j* i f ''_r?| ti . lb' lyerm ill; >irv fJMMnaai, 5. ? b (I. >? (Oi il i. ? i 'it -!? ui> Brtr> ? ;f.?? C. Mcut. (it r*t j IVCt^' 'i s yer:l*irBt Ltout*u<ikt.?teckr-& fccrff, Jtfivp'i ui i U'k ^?rueeB', 1>p..Ii ini jiai ) I -< ? pt? "1 llrat PM?n* , f <*h ?f i,(! I i iiii iia/it y '? r rat r^ryu> It v. mr. ( ra, n I ? ' lapttilu, H I'i ?? '? 'mcr, V'irat Li-"t" u*nt, <j /IutI, a id Lit fu ' f C Kw^tri; l int >> gr i, . II mal i cM'-n <i? C (tiln I. * i t i It'cb int, 4tu?r; ?i. bd I imiti uaot, k m s, H. '-'al i , j.,r v I ' .i|.ia'i Bai'aglr. !? si ?M.i t Ka'? B ' I "> " ' d I t ut 1 , !/ '? ti f-" it >i. ? ,t. Mi '0 i". V'fy (tew) I? t itp u if mi i 4 I. .-ai ? 7' it *>. In,. ,, t? f*pu'a,J. 2 ^ v. > "oic.\u>l, KuJbV tP'l 111' i, f*0 '^?'Tl. .1' ?t hiloff .ft * trt I / <f li'c Xfi nt 'M Trlwd* ui ' t't ti mh?' ? i f < .? i.jr , teatud C*d 'u H '|> ( ' ? he'i'iar WHh a flue vj i ? bf ??? ?i;t m nth ? ??ru ''rea l* ? i ?t.' B?tt? *y. aid faucd UkC'.r t*n'- ai?aitln(j 't tu "r"^ted M" hundred and iWty-tbrM Shipley Inti and tha CMo. na 'a marque* Tha rtic>s>|mi ot wd# upon tlM 0|>i'D, MgrubBid picie or ground near the toy ihn ud K > k ig toward Governor's laiund. (ti> t?i IB wr laid out la nour'y regular line; tbeae of ? lie i tlx ff *urr i iinnu g that of the G-loQel, at Um a xith rru<iti?mit> of tb? et??mptuent rtie officers are pro v <!?*<! ?Mh iron biuet can h tba tren a lib oia' treses* i"he t?nt wereflon <d Th< r< t? ( I. nty ui ea'. and dr'nk, tie 11 ? it V wive* ami fi in da call m t<> *ee 'hem anl alVwetii #r iney apprar quite at b?me Ail or the members of UtO moment. ato tine, powe'ful, h*idy lookitg fol low, aid n.ui.v or to. m have arm k> rvica b*"ui? They will p'OOxbly ? ait on Friday fir fan: tday Ttie cuiampment pretwDla a very pio untqiie appeai ar c* , una m anrrouuded with c'o*ds of lioktirs on Tt>e r?iu on Wednesday nigh tried the nirb h patienru ai.d tempo* s aomowhat, but Deyond co.da in ibt brad dm |nob?biv liule damage. nieteuuwara not torine" ve> y wai er proof. I t- followu k pt.bucr'p'i r>a bare been reeeived for tha outtiti iti jj or tin men ?nd the support of their families ? llu ion River 'team riugar Kotmery |50 Bowero>?t* Brothers 60 8. 8. Wyrb? IT Jot) GaigtenMer-k 86 Beory 25 P. Tshmag** A Co 35 (jatu ay C fade & Teller loo *t?>tj?-n, Pfk 4 Vhumacher 100 * urrn & ftimm?nn *6 Hewlett and r"rranoe to Chumber of Ci mm* roe fund ? Theo Pehon, Treas.. 2,MK> Previously subscribed 0 MiO frtal 90,360 Yesterday tbe men were in en* llont trim. Captain Hopoerheimer was appointee! of the day, and Kurt Lieu etant J. Hold acted aa oili er or the gutrd. By order of tbe Colon o I the recruit* weie di Hied in tbe Bfbool for soldiers, ai.d the o.u members in lotdiug and firing, t-'entinels are ?tatlnued, an l ail tbe ro itine of ramp lile la olmerved fh>- day was h<> plemunt and bre? zy yrttetday that tbe men could not b it eojoy their aomewbai. rovel mode of lite. They are ra y tuXMioa to start lor Washlnglou, bowevor. Crowds of p-op.e sur round tbo Hotter y ami wuub over/ movtaie^t of the Buldiers aiih interest. T1IB ELEVENTH REGIMENT. Brigadier General Ewen has turned tha following or der:? araruL oamta no. 4. Ha?ngriaaiKHM Koi kth Baioaua, ) Skw York, April 2S, 1881. I rnrauant Pi vision order* of tbn date, tn? Kiev en tb ri gim? lit mil bold ih< mac vea in r> udlree" 10 eonartt for ^iubiig'?o tolooci MtiObi l' ?ll) rupuit i?rtuaitn to the Brigadier (ienernl ih<? number of knap?ack<, haver Ratrke,eant>en<t cook:oii uleisiU, Ui inking ouiia and Other articles loqiitred by ihia eg'.uicut to euunln vnem to take actual tei vice. By oriier of JollM EWEN, Brigadier General. W. F. JaCKBo.f, Brio' Quuriermafltur. THE NEW YORK ZOUAVES QtTARrERED AT CAbTLE GARDfcN. The First regiment New York Zouavea, Colouol Haw kins, is quarttied at CaMtl^ Ctrden, waiting order* to maivb, and will probably leave the lirat of next wm k. Tim regiment was organized about e'ght ni nths ago, tbe memb<rsare m my ?f them pi-aoitaed gyninaHiB, all are between eigbteun and twenty fimr ) i?u a of age, and are ready lor ariy'.biitg i k" fighting. Tbe recruiia are drilled ainiout inc. aaanil/ and a. o ?on dtsrfully expert Tbia regiment la most eacily quarterad, for the members require nothing but spice to li? down. Their blanket 1r tbeir bed, civorlng an 1 roof. ?he regi ment was lnapccud and parsed i.a ^Vc Ines iay. A bet ter ouo in many ret'ptcts dooa not eTiSt. UNION ZOUAVE BATTALIOW. Some six hundred volunteers, known as B lly Wilson's Zouaves, marcbcU from old Tammany yesterday to the barge office pier, where the steamer Kauihon wan trail ing to convey them to Ptaten Island, where quartan bave been temporarily aSRlgoed them Colonel WHaon la ans lows for tbe order to ma*ch to the seat of war, per fectly reliant upon the loyalty of his men to himself and their devotion to the tfni.m to p if'Ktn th?tr part civditalily in the comiug Htr uggle. Wb?u *ll w js r? tbe order nas given, auu tt>e volunteers iUni ee on li ard to the m'isicof ' My viar> Ann'' atid the "U rl 1 i?it t>e bind me." Ilitr* appear* to be no ftrtan?f ia nta male 03 yet for tboOorum sary Pepartmcut. Thi: men *ore It ft in a ntu a of h ?gi?r ou the h 'aud, 'here oe ng ri5 fo ^l n giva them. Ibey were so billy < tl' that t-.c olftceit hud to u uke up a aiibhci iptl n atotig ih' ne-iive ami ?-u 1 a s>ul bout 10 vie city for provision* Thit ih ng noouid be a? cnii?atoai ince. he n.en *b old nm be i?ti. wtaeut proper atteLtion Wo tru??. tha the meitWn "f \h? oar CunieUOice will ui sate a move iu tha rigut q>urUr. THE FT RE I>*I?ABT#FVT ZCXT ITE8 Ob 'Ml FJIewortfe en bow aongratalat? U m u f upon the ncO'fs wh ' h b?? attended feta off'rts In n-^*n zing a ff WO'- Iroaa the bravo foil')*? nbuMi. ?. . ./? our f r? D' parimmt Vitrei day the u>?prctlon t?xc pi c? Two tkougacd three Lnndii d bad Mgni ;n - tol>, ao* it njam c?u?c of mi :b 10 the I ib.t'. Loea I ' .. t 1 ilt tfcrni all. Oirc Uioui-tiLd <>no butimd picv?i n. -i wer? Mlrcted, and the ritnalni er. in the event >i tn^ir b< mg riq'ilred, will bo ergABtaed lot *&otb' rfiatuui Tae 7, u?Mf ?r? now ! atod at * '.III'* R iiM'ic "> Can? etre?l,*blcb Vb?7 * ccupy duj an-tm, bt _t.itY..rdo pvttmcaS t ? i d ay a' tarn* >u . Arruornaon'* t.*?eb??n Bf'e for ct?ktaf lu tb? baaein nnd an ftair? each fltor in | rovid* d witb m ttr? aaa. * . .a hundred utnf iroia, re iii. r.i iray f'%> nv!, t?1 ? i 'I with rod , ?w? fare .t had jee'.rd /,?nd tlio remi aitf atxbmdred will no r?u)y U) >;?" All tlio am ... I" been nap lied, and the entire r.n<MLlig iq iprsietta win bo <lo.ivi.riU on *at urd?y ?israuig V. m U. Tweed, of tLe Fitd Toonii a >>ue) ? , and ' tf i l'alwi hw? well 0'iutUMth- r?*! Brut f '.0 Pi? Zuuavttf at>? rt iHlf? e ?bwfmni?, al <1 r.ekc tb? I' no* li^ ?, >?iiil Ui Utu gMtfUlll) ol our C U;'."-! ~ til i w timrsi? Tl ,s r'll'ji lI of f "otnt men. n fr'ju' the fl' *'?.*r " t!iO *??* i< rk Ii men, .'?ri unit -h"ft if fnf f .1: <u. -ban u ~>i Hiiu that th*** m- c * bo b it? i'laru. a ymif ptopuri) kl lm?? tio-n td.i .l? vov.r i g t'Wffl !0t, ?l'u i ?? j|)t?l o you m \ nn, lb UiU, tin) h ?>r ? f tfj<ir or" titry ? tun tb?? ore Kmnif (MlbtOdi lNlki r K 'tl "? * ?' J Mtn.wV ?? arn ri.i iirit i t )bal % |K< j n it friki- ku >wt> tneir w to eutur* a ^(Lcroi t. o .'|k.iihi k <>' niouev, "l.< u ng or ?hme??T i-Im .tiny >r mm tu f.ft It ir> ia.p>?f>tbM, ttiui at tt? BUJitiXari' i s <i':v*i-a i.f tin Omimlttc?, t ?i t. ?fcau call ujr ii ?i>u prraocn l> , iu,-i wy bi ?<< you t?? ? ?nd la y ur r- utniM.ii"! h t. Hum r>mi fund.-, W'n I material b for i.i) l?r 1 1?? bli g, kb ? ?, l?ii*i l< ke, <\il wf I ??? a x -pt ab'o; out kriI, ii. d ibat <4111 kly Th? m -n htua *~Hh pit out ^ru woo ir> aiixiuua u> be off, aj .htt k ?|M tn?aa d? R if the la i of m?t??ri>il aid Ini not let tb-iu w?it a Uhv, rrit glvo 1 ?giT? it? giv? itptuBtiUy aaJ frt ?ly C<*jirtbntl"cn of ui cut cloib'ng, itc. .nan ??? ^?nt to Iievliii h urw bui.diOK, CaoiJ auJ i-u xcipuma IT n?> u? > ? til 0? r? ?-iv .<l by ?*i b?r of Ui? ?o l- ?xn c<m Birtei* n? bohait w* tb> N<*w Yoik ?' r? uepn rt iient ? jubn Li- cK? r.< Uifl Fencer, 21 L1 1 *?";th etro %. W. M Wlchb. ro, r*t-Biii<-ni (nn fx p >r loilul. fool of Cunal nr> ft or M ninth unit. A J liilmUjjr. Viu? froric-bt F\r?|r)i'ptrtm?at. 16 H Wall Kt'Pet Johk. K. I'lalt, S Fir" rViM'tmrnf, 79 tfurray ttrtt. Jol.n ?*. G'l a, Treasurer of tb? Kir? tiepartoMBt, 31 C;uMbitrMt. lu-i ry A H'irr, PrrM' ent Board of Tru?to??, t iroor of Clifl' uti! Frar klort ?l ?? ?f?ory? K Ni pi.itt, trr ??urcr Hoard of rrwto?* enw of Fr-an and I'm? ?tr.^u 7. 1 b*r M l.r, Trun??e. 114 Front ?ti?>r* A F. Ookf^li.iunr , im?ie?, 'il R tm it.ort T Wntkina, tri>t"?, 19 C?U>?>ld? abeet DftT'd M'.U ' eu. ** I t?tl t-uta Hrnry !> :iS4 ?ij??r>-. Jari f ? Krllv , bSl ham* ?. i> ntr<w>? and Urlof ^tacO. H '''?M, M. itiaixi AC.'., B<aver?trr>r J. bo A Mc,ctM'tl ? ^? jrarc? Qaopmy, & V ml ? v. W Biruah, M v,"**4 ?nrt M I1 ai MSlTlhO t - THfc nOAnD or A-'D *N9f. MFIf-Tni rmit NrAkTMUll TO *A?4I>? Olf flAimtiAT an an >Bt mHT 1U 1UB VJHiT tUOLMKNT riKt" MVAVH, 11.? Doird of Ern't>"rr >nd Fr>rrmon h?!d a ?p'Clal meotltig Mut iiWlBg at Flr? ui<-n ? Hall, Chi?f Eegm'*r i ukr'r in Hi* < b?lr. fn thi- airaem? of tb*, .^?cret?ry Mr. TlMaa*, fbrwaan of No lu Hosj, ?u appointed S?cr? te y pr?um. fto inadirg of th? ininu ?? of Uio pro e1 r a, rn<" tto< bolog diFti?bko4 with the Cbl*f ingin?er ? ia'?l ibit the ol ;ot?. of Ut? mr-tllug to lak>; luto fit 'Irratiofl tb? d?psrt?ire of a largo BUBsbfr of th? m rut i r? ryrn,-; i?pvt?* tit with the Moment of f 'je 7/1 v ?, and to OQBMdBT tbp rrrrpr.r ly of t<. '.ir '? ? Ibi a n ?i xrt ftfiir 0 ur l<1 >i able o?bat? it <*aa afioed hit f e 'VyatMri rt turt. outaqta ?tc?rt, untf rt. *?! la nil flr drets, * r. !>li'-|i |?niiN, rr^l cbir!# and lir? capf, WlthoM upj irai w; that th?ChWE?*'n??rao' ?r' atma *l *or tlh? ??c*?!on ft" p**?d?wlB take laii i? 1 ; k rtMitk1! prxtni?1 ? to b? a Ab# < Up ii C' hi ? f"r|, .;r >i -r y jin? ? <it p*n? V" 42, r> ^ * w ? Hwt . . n., n.ei tirv to twisUnt Fagt> < t or, ? Aikvi ?" h? lembeaof lb? da> ...ui . ?b' na?e vi-.|u?.t?erad far the war, and wiabiaf h- ni ' tb> <r rp?il? 1 in. 1 m !.. ? ?ta?r? 1 bat hi u ^ -id b? far* a I '! '?>?' ? ?l, fcf " .| Oil nut 1 ? ?iu ? 1 1 ' 1 .? i ? ai. ili" 1 mt nb nthtktff I..H ii. <re 1 ' f) hi *'"11 ??? rrfir'.'! th? -nhj#?t of Ii ? f-p ??????.< I iat C "ti'l,. ?- t*ry V> . x ia?Hf. .r.: J * utri- ?? <!r 1< r fi j .jrl d ii-.i m-r, O'drrm 10 b .7? . t , *?i ( 1 ?* rl> > 1 1 ?riu nod pn-'iiUd to Mr. Cr?gi?i ou '<?| .'I ? r h,< lk?.r. T'.i I if? ai ? "rrni m tii?ir m r-t'ng. rco'tart ?t ? v U"' w ...I ? 1 ' tba d??p?i t-nent ?tKi b ? 1 toiua ?wH iHt in- i? ?i, _ *|? ?c?> of the Star- aud -tripn, ??op'.d 1 ?? . *? 'I *h?- t n ? a' tma'oa du i>;< <h#ir a?? ?rr? M H ' ry Nr*.?i, i btttmaB I tb" hh'1, mW? puta a it 1 " ' ' ? ir m?ir?r*rvr 1 u? d>*i.a< t l? '^nitJE# on '."tpm pack j