Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1861 Page 2
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llrXut all, 1*4 el Prto i^WSa^"uSrl^ hbT^'tS^ W^'^iSSkiT^ V TrtKTlOK I attmhoh 1 -m,Q00 MBM 4KB A-sss "."wres ssss'.ttjw.siiss twiMllWI i fatigue aap? Jest the article fata wins alia ?to-M if rate <7 ?.0u J a day, wliboat f mil. awl at prvws beyond al oampeUiloa Ws hare on hand *,U00 Zouave scarlet Mm Mtdiowt.taitieiMio k T. BCaJtLnTT B PP., 117 Broadway. A BUT CLOTH -C. JT. L. F. MOBBOW * C*>. , WOOL jBl tea McafMtuMt UllhM m>ai. aM pn-p-ntd Uf make gray Cloths for mi um a* ttaakonaM ?atlas ilso op h^rf .>???*? ?!?<***. Hhawls. lOT or AMnBl > sir's, for ssle at Wall street lorry. T A HBBTIeG of 1HB INDEPENDENT DRMOCRA w tic General ? ommHtee of ttM city of Ne* \ nrk, held it Military H*il >? owarj, on 'edooaday April 21, 18M. tbe folio* it.g iweoluti n? were a*1opiud: - kU ?lkimtug con soiree eiiets ta several (Mates of the 1 nlon threatening the disruption of toe government ana the oountry wit* chrli ?ar, theserwe, l?ed. 'i bat wa tha indcuendeut Democratic General film Ml" cestii g aa de all poll leal diilere ucea, gtvaour cor jjjjsad beany vuMO't lo th* administration In the present erWi and ?Di ? & 1L with a<l onr power, to pot down treaaoa and rebel1!' n In evfcrt form where?er It may appear. *e*o *?i, r b? iw fur her tadamwoo* should ba shown to tkeae who as*? br-ughc oa the present crisis, and ai l ?y al OtUscns *r urge 'he goTernmei i to act p'omp ly andvlgir oualr to c> >:?) out triwson aad rebellion, enforce the ionstl tutica end the laws, az-< preserve the Unkn at all hazards led At is) oc at Resolved '? hat the government should enforce and main tala the r^ht of way (MtougU all the Mtaloaand Ttintorlea of iftic tntoi Be? lved. That w* hall with delight the readiness with whleh oor rlt'rens have >alU"d under the Mam and Stripes for he take it the' to on May they ne inrtnclol- In tbe good cauae ?Dfl never yield nrtii the flag of tba talon ahall float once more over thit whole oc un try (ttiUijH N. HBBBM AN, Chairman. M Ma?tbh. t-ecpetary. AOVMLK?'? l?6.*IRUIl*orvoU7NrS*B NO, BUT prevented >?} * t tiling pecuniary embarrassment which neither h< nor n >r gratitude w II permit b >m to l<;n.-re, would act aa au stitute or any % ere'n who would rellave him there addrrae fir turt-e <Uya K , bera d oliloe CBBaO OORDO LkOlON, . . _ _ ? , ? IA . I nder the atwpicea of Colonel B. D. Baker, United Mataa senator i r. m uregaa. VoLtNTrERN WANTS DJ roa TUB CB*BO OOH.IAJ LBOION. Headquarter* 117 Pitoeeatreet, between Wooetar aad Greone Ihli regtmant will he offioered by able aad competent ?w nff rnn ? bo aarrt'd in the aoilcan war. Veiuateera who wUh to aerve urder experienced oQicert Will pteaae call and enrol thrtr name* The motto of the Cairo Qordo unglrm la, "The Start aad ?trlpea oa every ttagan* from natne lo Teiaa " Boyi aot enllatad, J AMAH i>B J*.T U K HOTTER, Colonel Commaading. 0AIJKOBN1A TtOtrNTBBBS. FfBST RBcIM RNT, CV'.ont-l t> D Baker ? Company I.? The above com paay la aow forming under the c mintnd of C'apltlo it. ?yera. All n Ubiaa to tnliit for the w ar can do ao by <-alilug at 'be heaJquarUa?, No. MO Broadway, corner of Tweaty thiid street GAPrt rOB?tLJ*?RV COMPaNlBS M AD B TO ORDER, at ahor< ro lea apd at reaeoaabie pncea, by D. UK KEN riBl.1), Cap H nii'ariurer. 70 Broadway CAMP KN1VB8, C*BP KMIVBB, M IDE KI PRESET f or the army -Jknlf a a>?d fork In the form ?r t large packet kaife; aim, knife. Ink a id epoon. A most oomoleta * ~ ? ' , euppUed at abort nolloe. Union aolkllled.^ n wj^iyiWB, Bo. SO W*rrn street, up atalri. CATB fob Iiutlkt OOMP?NIBB M vl?B TO ORDER at the ahoruat?o> ce, HAMUBli CORN, ?? Uroadway, Adam'* Bipraaa muldlag. IPBLLOW CITIZENS:? THE UNDERSIGNED BEING r about to organize a regiment t" aerve in tbe i omlng con teat, ta be compoeed eiclualrely of naturalized rltlt?n<i, would raapeetfally latorm those now engaged in foimlngC'impanlee or who would wlah <o Join thi* patiiotlu move In behalf of ovreommuB oouatrr, aad hold commluiona In Mid r?wl meat, ttiel It ia . uil> deieruunod that no roluiueer ?liall Ho accepted who la not aulljeiently strong in frame, Inured to toil and hardship, aa? thereby sapabln of bearing tho fatigue Incident 'O a eamaa'gn; therefore with the now of securing the services ot suitable men for this rrdment, a llbnral boun ty will be paid eaeh volunteer besides the donation* and con tributions of tbe cities of Ken Vork and Brooklyn. Parties wishing Information may addrues the nnderxlgnin, at Bro ik IrDdty ??ost otlice, or call upon bin, at the G Wife Hotel, during ths coming week, al 4 o clock P. U. ANGUS MrDONALD. FLsOe MADE To ORDEB. AT THB EMBROIDERY estebUakmeat of MMB. PBTJtEBCliBN, Mo. I'M Grand street, M. T. TOLAOH, PLAG8.? aM&RICAK ENSIGNS. ALL 8IZEH, W ooastaatly qo hand, and lags of every description made ta eider, at ahoiTnotios, by CHaiUaBB II. PRATT, 8ft South Fi OB, FLAOe.? POB BALE AND MaUB TO ORDER at Ko :? Howery, up stalra. vpUJ FOB laJLB ?AN ALL WOOL DKl.alNK, RN J? tlia y new flag, much brighter aad better colors than buatlB*. niae fsel by sli fe??: price, fit cash. Addresa btars and Stripes, Heralc ottios. JpisAOH, FL4U*. t'LAQB. Bow In str^re. ehesp to the traile r. A DaIJUBV k CO., 'J2 Luaue it rest. In the iiaaameat. r F?i ?La08, FLAQB, K1.AQ8, FLAQB.? FI.Ai 18 OF ai. kmdi for Mir Qheap, ?' wholoaale and retail, at the lerlcan Flag O .mpany e depot, 048 Broad u ay, tinder (he J*lao'?r? Bold PLaU Fllk MaLC.? a BtNrlNU FLAG AND STKB A M ftR, Ute largest ali?; In pet ! eel order. Appeal BAOHBh, ho 7 Meet feUrtnih ?ii>ct. R HALE ? A BBW, FINE Bl'BTINQ FLAG, <34 J, 11 fft long trtdrem Fi*%, hoi 179 Hera'.d oIBcb. U>INQ Cm MP b TOOLS, t IMF CHAIHtf, CLl'B _ Heata and AalUng t mic seata atiltable lor army en campment*, lor tale whol?*ale and retail, ;U?. LUJkWUoU A Cu.'B, Fuiton and 316 Hater atreeta. GN?KNT KNAF8ACK8 ANlt llAVERBACKS FOR ?aie.? l.lttl rejected government Knnpaarka. with strap* ounu?cte. Thiaartiole ?ill anaarer well for the ntnurgeucy. BOKACE H PAY, 91 Liberty ?treet._ BKADO ARTE 118 FIB8T REGIMENT NEW %ORK UaTnlrj, l'ala<-<' t?ardrn. Fourteenth atreet, ApilJ 2?, 1W1 I meeabere of tide regiment will meet for the rurpoae of drilling eeer j morning, at ternoon and eTeninn. By ordr of U. W. Kl< tlAltDnoS. Chairman. TTANO OCT to B BANNER <? XI TllE Bfc.T ASSORTMENT or flao ma rBBiAi. in th? citt 11 at ?l riilfUt AVRMI. J. K 8AUNOKRS MATERIAL FUK A I-aP.dE FL AO, I" FltKP LONO, MILL CO*r ONLt $4. OB. 4H KW LONG, FOR ?L Iwant to join a volunteer cavalry regi awl- Who alll furnish me with a food hor?'r If I l?ro to return 1 will p ay for it W 111 turnlab teetlmony ol my character and reepectabillty. Addreet N. O. W , Her. Id ??;?. KNAP8AUR*. ENAF??a< E*. kNAfMACKN OF EVER* - etyle, manufactured 'o order, in large >|uanUUee, at abort uouc* and rceeoanble pr.orn. J. LaOOWTIT, If Dey at reel. KNA'BACKn' KNAPrtACK*' ? MIUTVRY KNAl* aerka madi-Mp older by KDWAHD GOB*. No. tMur lay Meet, , ______ KNAF4A E<, NLAwRKrB \Nt> H A\ KRH At!KH Knroaerka and nir?|<a, Si OU to $i. complete Ilnv-r aanka ti- -T-]r. OUo.t.1 Tftr raflli. Hut>i<er Blanket*, rr.mi ?< to $! ch. For ?ah- ti> HOKA.-E II IH V. 91 ub rt> at. KfU MIHU Kstfi, aTlIi.V .!?/> ? autE til/AKO. ? . Tb? .? will tr a mf-ftl'ifi of the ab?n<- r ltpt ?t lur M Lmralo ? ! ?Centre ?ir~ thl* K'lrtayi e*> .log, Aj'rill&ai Jj+ c'o.i . My ? rdei-, JutiH CA?l<AAl', t'limrniau W?. I< itt, n?"-r?ta-y. KHAFAtCkB. blTa. BfillRC 1*8 Af?D 8 A DI?I. KRV, AND fardwar* in general. Coven d and i4ne?l I'lated and d WM. W JlTa, UP i;mial ?ire<-t. LIFR I'tiB^KMA KK8 ? S \VR KOLDlRKH.- A SM * I.I lei in more ad?p ed i or nee of njMier* none* Aieo being aanulMiured, H-i'-ber nlauknta, eu> |, V W idhliK, 11 Ulmt; mrrt. LBA iltAK IUK M.LlT ?Ki htjl'li MK.> ? ALL kliwj* o* leather ft? military etjuipn ntx, both patent and ell diea ?rd, i urnikuwi at ahot notion ny 1 1'. huW&ul. a VU , annul* -tu r?ra. WtfWa'k, N .1. T Aiil.ii IL?aa a?U BtWTI8W -FIVE I'W hcTV ONE lj feet Li i "it k 'aga, t?e ? .shie? n feet do do,, i;i pi.' ? a BnnUng, red, ehlteaud bloa, I >t aale Apply t ) Jolt N diL, broker ana r .fninle' ton meiehant. u'l i>arl atr>-.>t. iLnAki oo rn.ejt.niM.ti Can h* riitnu OCT dv ua Wtte Otpe. at eery ahon ooi'.oe. kuu. A Umiw, 90 Broedwa), .V. T M Jn u ^OMltl M' _taR. ttiMHeCiH. _ U J A .i i'ii ILl.i . h. 0* AND 68 BBOADW * V. OsM tbo WUHao' all retreienU f.jrmn.g In n?l .>r th? gvruniaNil o meir . xuiuUte mi -- f'?i i i.n* CtiNlhAt'f S CAF8. Being tke Miyeea rep tuuae lo the lint.'.: nulea, they win ?IfiiBTi an euwrfi-1" oufply at the aaorteat n .uc aud ai tea low eat rklM UJIami BUCH'MKAin Ti Oanse airret, a fee d utr ?mm of foad^ay J. A A lltiflfl taanul ?piarn'> ol Rd.l H) i;'.>, k?, i ar Irtdge Botee, At., tag a jOQiraoVt tor at.o.e C > aiiaiaiM n f amtah tae abu?e aruole* alcagij at abort notice nuii oh. t l.r?5 Ha a M tUT?Bl blUgi aAtfkldAAu a( ul.Ea.-MtW ittn Lal'IKH mana 'arilowt.n.l imp rU i>r M i/>! mt i n*u taenia at every ee- ripti .n. l*o 'f8 i?rwiid aineet. flew V.irk; Bee* aad ?n?ir j>riun-, rHiska liriua I' ??r.l, H mm .. . I Huij ? "?ad?. binie ?t*jor i>tl>4a. go.. Ac., ron^tenuy on I'aoil and to ?axlar, ebut- aa>< and ir"H I Jf?lera l rem the laterior Piwea^tlj eteootad .>et>d for |.Hce llat. r\B " 1'wfJ r rri'lKT r \I?ET AND OTHE ? Ury Clotbe* f or ante hr A HrCK/EV JI7 Full ? II atreot. /OB *a?4|-.-:,iO) u.tirni? Htxthi rrvty f^r 4rlitf?ry OMd*' I! N 'nnc ^J?Anni,r5r i o# ?. Altai Aanhiiu, <#y, tiers tl M11 M lUtiit mlfuHii Aitmcgemer.ta > llOpavftaa ia) Mi I ng Marehvuae, W h N i ; #l**r* ? ?f r?f t, N*?r ,01 l* Ifgtoo ? to lM?? for M| UiU?. ? . t If I meut wt 1 M _ __ __ . _ . _ _ I 0 Hioedwa r. between"* hiriyjaoaM f?4 fiKijr third me?u, Ciptau Buckingham andoaptofijataldg*, Ml Wa.hlit.toB tiro* andfc hatha? street, Oa,.aU Redy; jun- noii frotdirn u4 Fortythtrd mim, I iSa XTaTIvnal ouard rebebvr. ? rai ii khmii IN of ?ir?t rocpuj, N. 0., wilt m??t at Ui Armory, hi day ? > eaing April *, at 8 o'clock, to perfect the onaaliaUoa aTk hMMreW JAMEH H PaRKER. Cnn?ii<iX Ftralooaapaay M. Q. R. New tout merchant# Battalion.? the cm deraigned are now organizing a battalion undsr the ab vf name All deaiioua to Join tu same mo rrauMted to call at ?o John street Signed? Amos B. Colt, B. warnh fimlfe, CUai. R. Bhel don. C. A Do Moulta, Walter a. Kimball. OHDl K KO. L? NEW YORK LIGHT INFANTBT TO h e u?ed a ? Happen and Minora.- Company U, every man enrolled In th? above company will report UiU d ty at j. eadquarters, KO Broadway JOHN LALOR, Coaamaudat. OUDRR MO. 2. HEADQCARTRRS, <00 BROADWAY. NEW YORK L'OBr INPaXi'RY Commandants of Com pan lea. Will make a re'uiu of all mea recruited And report at tha corner of Broadway and Ninth atrtrt, this evening at (9) nine o'clock. By order _ J McubOD MURPHT. Colonel. Worm L. Oamiit, Adjutant. pld'iCU FOR BALE ?A PAIR OP IPLRNDIO I Pistole made by Devlama, of Paris. They onet origin a'ly $610 and will be disposed of for 1*00. Tula la an eioe. lent opportunity 1 or thoae desiring to make a present of arms. Api ly to or addreaa Mr. Deeoombes, tit Ninth atreet, near Broadway, until notd D BVOLVRBB, PlbTOLB. RI r LBS, MUaKRTft, AMMO l^jiiuon CHAB. PLATH, 'All >4 Division .ueel^aear hVoL\ER8, RRVOLVBBti-600 MIX SHOOTKRH. -A job lot at low pricea. A superior article. WM. R Wa i KINB, 30 Warren atreet. REVOLVER* fOR 8 \ LP. -AT REASONABLE PRICES, M Brradway, up titalra REGIMENTAL ORDER ? THE DRILL OP THE H KlTi.SU VOl.l NTKEtt* v. ul be continued daily till futber noiicu, from 11 X to S r. M , at the nstor Hiding Fehool, 998 Bovery. Recruiting ouioaa, 17 llruadaay , Bugle, 1011 Grand atreet. STATE OK NEW YORK? COMMISSARY GENERAL'S Ofltee, New Vork, April ?3, 1m<1 -.Sealed proposal* will be receded at thia ofllct (corner of Seventh avenue and Thirty tilth ?.trwt', until 11 o'clock M , on the 27th Inst, for tuiniKlitiK the following iirtiolut lanny paltcmri:? 2,1 ( 0 C< III mr n I is X T<t, 2SUWAI.L I'BNTd and FLIER, W illi To e.i asd Hina complete. Proposals will be icciiveil for 1,0(10 ' 8lblev" Tcnta; and the tpiion ol ac?ep'n (T any portion of eiuer kino ii re m rved. Tlie pro pnaalx will atate the t-arl est time at whioh *i en 8 can be I urni- bed. I'roposit'.H will alti'i be received for furnlahln ; aaaoonju prai'tfiHOle: ? V4) llrums and Stick*, ..nd fc liigs and ( ai-rlagea, ?A 0 rtua, 1,000 A sea and Helves, I nm Spsaee, ."?<*> llat- b. ii, 2.S00 Ki ttlex, 6, (Ml M??a I'a a. ? fi00 t ukutrt and llaudle*. Hame qnallty aucl patten. a? are uaed In the Cnited BLa c* Anay. HKNJ. \V KLt'lJ, Ja., Conimlriary (Jeueral. SHOW TOUR COLORS OCR UNION PORSVEB. CM'ON Rf)f(ETTKH In rvery vailoiv, iuolnding the WasHINOTON ROBETTE. A liberal dltoouu: to dealura. H. a HBWflON, M Reade atreet. To THE EXEMPT MEMBltRB OK THE OLD NINTH regiment, B V. 6. M ? the undarilgned would invRc the exempt members of the old Ninth regiment to m?*et iham on Friday ? venlng, at 8 o'clock, at Ml Broad way, lor the purpoee ol organising a Munldfial Guard for our city. Ei Colooei H. W. BUPPRR, Ex (Lionel J. L. CURTIS, Ex Captain W. P WOODCOCK. Ex Captain ? HELM 4, Ex Captala J. 8. H aL->TED. Ki i^ptaln J. B HAYWAKO, Ex Captain A. TUOMPBON. TRtMTT P.UiIBlI.-TIlE L ADIESOF THE COSGREUA tiont of Trinity ehuicb, and of Bt. Paul's, Ht John's and Tiinliy ehapela, art' invited to maet with the Clergy ol' the parish, at Bl. John's cbapcL en Friday, April 26. at 10' . o'cl-ask A. M., to form an n^K taiion to provide artieies tor ivxpttal use for the Cnited Btates Army. WILLIAM BGRRIAN, Rector. TO ARM8. ? WHO WILL BTAT HOME WHEN THE dearest interest ol our eountrv are at ataket Up with the ttar spanglod banuer. Every able bodied man Is welcimc t? the lie Kalb /.ouavea. EMILS DJtSlNG, commander. Head (uarters Jegels Hotel, 17 Barclay street. Other i wipers plea ye eosjr. "/THE UNION MUST AND SHALL BR PRESERVED. ' A JACKSON LIGHT INKANTRT. This regiment is now recruiting at headquarters, 113 Grand street, "Ncao's."' Com|ianles Tormlog and wiehlug to join the regiment must apply i here immediately. Thia regiment will wosr the United Slates uniform, and he armed with Min to rifles. GEO. B. HALL, Brevet Uaj. First Regiment N. Y. Volunteer*. E. R. Roh.xo.n, Acting Adjutant. TnK SERVICES OF A COMPETENT DRILL Ol'FIOER wanted for a few days. One who hns been in the rexu lar aimy preferred. Address Immediately box 4,S?j, New Tork post office. THE CIT /F.FH ( ?F THR BEVB\TKENTH WARD, without reepeci to party, are reituested to me?-t in the gn al hall Of the COOj er Institute, ?t JJ - o'elo' k nn Friday evening, the .'iith Inal. for the purpose of givlnic eipreaaton to their love (or the I'ntou and the Connutti ion, aud also to de viM: k me means for tne relief of the needy I ami lea of those Srson>> w bo have enlixted lu the servioe oi their country, on. Krederiak A. r<nikiln?, Hon John Cochrane, Hon. Oeorae Folsi tu, lion. J. ntnlhron Chandler, Caaun rr Bbxffer, Emj., I>r. John A. h er*-h, E'lioit F shepird, E*i., ami otb>-is will he i>n wnt .mil address the meeting, The L'tiion <>'1 e Club will al-o be puscnt. t harles O. Cornell, Frodeilek Oimatoad Col Joaeph C. Pinekney, j.ti Bro?n!ng, Eon. John Oocbruue, Isaac J. OUvor, John La lor, John N Reynolds, Hon. J. Wintbrop Chandler, William a. Smaller Conim tteeof AriaoRiments. THE EMPIRE CITY REGIMENT WILL HOLD THEIR second m< etiog nt the general headquarters of tbe regl mirt, IS We*t Uuutton strtet, near Meroer, at S o'clock this (Friday) evening. By ord' r, ANHKEW BHEEHAN, Acting colonel. I TP VOLt' .VTSE 118. AND AT THEM? THE MOrKKUM A I regiment organiriHi by otSo ra of tlie Mexican war. Col. Win. 11, Browne, Commanding Tbe Baxter Light uuard. having been asxlgned a position In tbe above regiment, a roll has been opened at the house of Hook and Ladder Company No. 16, at 163 Franklin street Iho roll will be open from 10 A M to 10 P. M. By order ot JOHN McCAULE*, Capt. Uniforms and equipments will be furnished. U?ION DEKKKCB COMMITTEE. 1 ua f'ommltt. e on Collections and Mnbacrti.tlona, formed frr.m the Executive Commute appointed at the grev nuu meeting at I n Ion a<,uare, have prepared books of ?nhcrlp Umd, which arc In ib>- handa if he aevcral member* thereof, vU:? ALEX. T. BTE WaR", WM F. HaVBMEYER. WM E DUDGt, R. A. W1TTHAUS, K. II. McClfUiY. ROVAL f HEM'S. To either of whom knlotcrlptlona and payment may be mad#. All 'hoae who doire to uphold the Constitution and Uo i eminent of the tlnCcd fetal** are earnestly mqneeted to nuke literal auhacrtpttona Immodtately in tha committee, er to Theudore Deb on, Treasurer, lu Wall street AlJtX. T. HTM WART, Chatnnah R. H. Mi ClRur, Secretary. VOLUNTEERS AMD MIUTART MKN, ATTENTION The beat book on toe lei In the school of the aoldter U "The Recruit," by Captain J oka T. Calrna. Bvery recruit -b< old hare one. l'rkx JO cents. U II. KM EBB, publisher, 134 Bowery. VBTEBANS OF IBB WAR OF ISU-YOU ARB respecifullv Invited to Attend divine service at Iks Reformed Dutch clmrrh In Washington ??inare, in a body, on fetinday neit, April ax, at S o'clock P ? Harmon by the he*. Iir (lotion Li t every veteran attend, and meet at the curnerof Waahlugtn *(uare and I on lh atreet. Let ua all attend. H. RAf MONI), Brif Uen. ABRAHAM DaLLV. Cot. WBSTCHEHTBR RBOIMENT. FIRST uARIKaLDIAVS. Any organised company wishing ui join thla regiment muat report ltse>t through Kauaptaln to Cot. O. W. Yt wht. at Ky?^ before Monday evening licit, (the 3Vth). The nsllorm U dark pantaloon*, red flannel ahlrt, felt hat ?Mb fentber. The government will supply arm ?. uniform and accoutre. inenia. Every man most supply hlmaelf with a good rev .leer and strong bowle knlle Tnose uuable to procure such aide a m* will receive ass'stanre t very man muat h? ttrong and healthy, and accost micd to !n\ '(pirating nenl?e. a multitude h?ie *? pli< <1 for the |iost of Surgeon One la atlll needed who la a vuMotc'd lu extracting bull I and tj dreaair g gun nhot Wound*. A p at on the Mat) l? open to one of A merlin n or European military educ*tl( n, who li?a ?reo nervice In war, and la familiar ?with the deulU of enmp polli*. A ?mall ooavwny of experienced aeronauts, with abundance of < ontag<' and other tnaieik i. In aolleilei! A full company of artillery will nc joyfully tcreived. Those who bate l *?t rtp> rt< u.* In Prate* j> elertv I. Every man will be required to take an oath of alla trlanoe to the k isrameut dole being adooue l inio U.e re giment I Li naU< na of Mharp's Riilee, g.-el Revolver* and Row>e Knives, or of tuonci , may l>e aein tj lion JaKKU I'KiIK, oilier of the I'orl Waedi-u*. IOW Wall *tri*,l , to Cll AK>.lii4 Mv HIUNKK A CO , lMitraod etrert, la U. W UKItiti, 6ii broadway; to JA*I. 1 ii. ??K?(inK>, 14 Wn lt#r ttreel; to Mnaara HllP.LI?./?l A Co., Ilk Na*aao atreet; or to Colonel W it l hT, at Bye, or at hie head tuartera, M Walker atreet. New, Yoik. WAXTRO-rOH A VOI.I.MRRK M1IJ TaHV Kill, pany, now orgauutiag. a large i.ovm aultAbta f >r drtlltng purroeea: hotwaea C? and rourlhaimnu, and aner Bioatlaay or d?w 'ry. prai erred. Addrwa, au,uox rent and where Mtnated, Oapiain, Haiaid efllee U' tvi I;i>? NFItwK ANTft, COIK'OKALM, BC?fiUAN? and Drummcra. almi a Drum M ijor ?nd a Kent Hitler, for the Kleventh Kegltn' tH, lii^uiar Voltint. era. Co' A. C lUiin Jvv I' s A. Apply tu MM. L bLlH'M I i KLI> 214 Atlantic atreet, lirrMiklvn. U' A ?C U AH.- 1 LaHUR A>?.H<>Hr.VK>T OK BK*I ? II i;. nifort' r* %n<J. auitabie for army Contra T.i rnnde f. r t amp Mat ax* by the New \ork ? *rpet Llnliig t onipany, 44H I'l arl atn>el. J, K II aKKIMJTON, A*ent. Wot f s t i i n I i?a> i.k" hah met with get er?J at<|<roval Maiuifaetured by WaOK A KORD, eargiral ln? rumtint M?k ra. Ho. Hfl Fultou ?trc?i, mwfMk. 8 Til AMI nil MAHuinijMtHO UK)KIh7 L.BO (<)!?.? Inn ulte van ted for the above regiment at 0 ? lauk atrmtt, i.rar Meeckcr all eel. t ur mtio l?, "lha Ht*n< anditrip:'* on evei> Flag Niall /r,m value to leiae ' ' Xfe i?H' 'AT H I'orittK, Colonel t'on?'nandlni. Ri.OV.NM Hi 'IKaTM, t'aptaln TIN liHilitlM Art httli AN I.ilaiiw" HKAillVK | J young men of >f? >ork wilt have an "piortonlty of permanently atiacUir* themnelvea to laie '?rp><, by p'eaent hi" t^etriwlte" at the Armory. Centre *? -kt-t, thf< evctlnx at 6 o'clock. 'I ?o new eomi'aniea wtli aim fin formed. Col. CI! AH H 1'lhliiUM, Chairman of uritaolxaifoai. 7(TrrH i:?'~yi >r1 I'Mhi.a^d <?0AitD. iittr<?\DK l " Joepeetor, Maj< r latlot having, In ?. mplnm-e witn e|>" Mil I rwr , lnn>0< ???d Ibe roil p?n> mule* llt? en nun mi of captain M??W, ami ?i#t'r< ved In legal tiMllScMnu I of linme dlroi ai aclunent l? the ualtant HeveMj ninth, the ? of thl? ron.i'twty arc hereb> oiden-d to muM<>r IO drill. ?l il e fla?li ? rrn Balk**, b* Fourth ?'r?et, thla day Apr I at ( tie eick. Ml g <xl" lorwurded to I he firm of Sine ton A Km' n, e> rner of t'hutch and iMitiw untls to al l lUe I r. ' tilptnapl o' the no n. w|ll ? ?< j ro^rlv arkrn.' k v, '< i .f ? M*? mm at avi A 1101 fcibrm' ttOBTIMBB OElim A CO , AUOTMMBKaa ???H MAO M LnCBJn Hol'SAlIOU) AjfD tai WOUI 0? ABT, MI^AUCUO^ , e^lmrmrirMvov*. Ob thta day of *?* ?? ?"*? Ko *6 Want lateentA Fifth ui BlxU aveaoes. > *' 11 ?vtlcr&? BoMwood Pianoforte. Botewood Drew,* Boom BuB*^ ^ Cta-#^ Pier and Mantel Milton, Broe-> ^ ^ ourUUu, Artistic Bronte Statuary, PW9 Tabu China, Glass end StSvirwnre. ??>Ie feUAy ^ tu e?w ood and Msfasg?y^tHisyma Famltu* Rosewood Secret sr> Hookcsae. Encolgiurea. Mitraue arte and Sola de Ko. e On ?>! tie's; l*d) ' a WW* Table MH writing ?*?t I Inlaid with pearl, Mndadfc** XffXLfitKi C-enchplate I'ier Ml'tora, Sarbla Blah aaf BHk?U; tfrq ric? Mantel Mirrors, richly oarrsd f rauifli Pill HI ulcered L^-Curtalns, F rencS ?h*? apd Opticas , Suit# Drawing Room I1 In WWMM nlft < brocade, of richest yi.allty, oaned in soUA roaa*<iod.tiro &Wto(1 m*. ror doors and b?ck; King* pal#nt fcec.luCfeJfcM vUu*? yuartelte, Maraud beeslfbes. sdPBKB dBrBW 0?T?rK PIAHOrOMB, ? lined with satlowood. orer-Jruag ^ elegantly ea-^ed toy hw<1 cwft, made b1 ol It mat n , rowwo'id uiuturbu^j, d*>. Stool, covered Id brocade, French doth cow ; OH Paintings, by Legrnad, Russell, floie, iMjri*. BUnw, ttaUma; sup<rb bronze and ormolu Cloak, elegant nronzea, Dresden and Fylfot China Va*>e, Ha?at? ad.T5hairs. i,ile.oih, etalr Oar pets. ixxiewocd acd mahogaty Bureau* Bedsteada Warl robes, lla*r and Burins Mattreaaea, Feaiher Reda, Blaakets. osS Diaing Boom HntreL Extension Table; China, Glass aad Silver Ware Ac Also largt assortment of Iwininl Furni ture, hale peremptory. I'CTION NOTICE? POSITIVE AND CNKEBEBMSD 'V '^MAGNIFICENT HOtbBHOLD FCRNITOBE, aT PUdLlC AUCTIO*. At the elegant resident?, ZW West Fourteenth street near Eighth nsentie. On this day (Fr!4?i, April Mth\ at 10 ^ A. M. The catalogue eompraing the Largest aad richest assortment of Household Furniture and Work* <T Art offered a; auotlon this season. Superb seTi-n octane PUnoforte. Klegunt Drawing Room Bulls, ArtUtio Bionzes. U atuarr. OH P?tLtin*? by eminent aitieU, Bion/eaad ?>nnoluChand'llera Pier and Mant e Mirrors, Brocade and baoe Curtnloa, Ac. ; Oommrnclog nt 10K o clock preoiae>y- the entire eletani Fu) njtu'e ana beautiful Works of Art contained In the above larje dwelling, all of which will be sold without re serve ui. t! must be removed unnudiatalj from the premises, couir rUlug a very large and elegant assortm* nt of everything eueutlai tu a fashionable and curtly furnldied ro>idanoe, la ir?ew<>odt o<*k and mabxtiany Sale will comuicuoe in the dining mi m, with rich liver Ware, of ho ten Brothers' mt tufacit-rt? Urns, Casters, bpojus. Forks, Cake Bank> u, Oinlnghets; superb Krenoh and Bohemian China, crystal cut i.fwi. ruby engrnved Ulaosware, Ivory aad pearl Cutlery. French foicela n, el'Kar.t extension Table, with oak Dtalng tioom Phi iii' we. Farlora-Two richly oarrnd rosewood Par It r 8>. its, covered In three oolortnl brocade, in perfect order, velvet .ihd Willon Carpets, r?s( wood marble top Ktrgw-n, rosewood t rntre. Sofa and Her Tables, two elegant Plsr (ila/fea, with basts; rtamxsk and rich lace Curtains, Krenca Sha.'es, luikish Chairs, with L.ouug?a to matoh; Keceptlon Cbair<i, in brotade. elegant earved rosewood Pianoforte, with wiiid |>etkrl ke\s; Munlo ? ablnet, Ulvans, magnlfleent Mantel \ ss< a hr.-i /.e?. Marble tiroupn of l'arlor Ornaments, with a number of choice and valuable Paintings; v? I vet and Wilton ( arpetx, eli'Kant ( hamber Vurnl ure, In rosewood and m*ho gai.y Ittds and R- ddlng Kitchen Ware, Ac. Also to morr >w (.sa?uruav), at 101, o'clock, genteel Household Furniture, at No. M Market street, near Henry, oonsUtlng of the wh<Je oolite t ts of the above resideace. ? 4 R1HUR B. CHAPMAN A CO . AUCTIONEERS. XL Peremptory and attractive Auction Bale of Elegant aud costly Household Furniture, At ibe pi i vale residence of Mark Middleton. Esq , No. 71 West Twentv-sitlh street, near With avenue, Commeticiug tills day (Friday), at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Magniliwnt ri?? ood I'laiioiorte, Rosewood Drawing Room Suits, Bnissols Carpets, Tier and Mantel Mirrors All said l urniturt was made to order only nine months since anil Is liotv In perfect o.der, eonsisUag of two superb full H tilts of i':trlor furniture, richly carved In solid rosewood and coveted with silk broealel; Centra Tables and KUgeres to match the hulls, Secretary and l! xikcaae, lined with satin wood ; Kite's patent recunlnp Chairs, Coach, ormolu Clock, bronze 4. t n& Vases, Oil Paintings by eminent artl*is ; embroidered e Curtains, French Mutdes, Cornices, Brus m )n Carpets, Rugt, Sice and Sofa Tables, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Superb 7>i octave Rosewood PLAMOFRTB, richly caived rosewood corners, made to order for the present owner by Broadway makers, fully guaranteed. French cloth Cover, Stool, Munlc Stand, Book Musio; Hat Stand, Chairs, Oilcloth. Stair Carpet. Kods. Bedrooms Rosea ood and m i bogany Bureaus, Bed* leads. Washstands, Hair and spring Matlreskes Feather Beds, Blankets, Sheets, Counterpanes, Sola*, Rocket*, Chains. Dining room? hi'enalou Tsble. Chalrn. Couch, Oval Mtrror, Armchairs, Ohlna Dinner and Tea Set v Table Outleiy, Knives, Forks, silver plated Hpoons, Castor, Forks, Ae. ; cry Mai and ruby Glassware. AUo, a large ssnortment of Basement and Kltehen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. The above residence lor sale or t > let, inqui>* of the Auctioneer. Bale to commence at S o'clock lu the afternoon. AUCTION NOTICB.?UBNTE.EE HOUSEHOLD FURNI tuie, the effects of a rrlvate family breaking up htose keeploR ? J. W. PoKTBB, Auctioneer, will sell ou Saturday, April *1, at IOH o'clock, tho entire contents ot the houM No. ;?J k'irkct street, near Henry, oomdstin# of a general fcatort mentof mahogany and wa nut Furniture, auch as in ail us any sofas, Chairm Itockers, marble ton centre and Hide/ Tables, Pier and other Mirrors, oil Pamtlnga, Engravings) *u|>erb roteniMxl seven octave ? lanoforie, ro?de by Llgate, i" ABrs liury cost $0W; Sleol and Cuver, Lace Curtis CorniCMi, ManU 1 1 irnameuts. Clocks, Brussels Carpet Kugs, oilcloths, Stair Caneta and Rods, Hall Stand mahof j and walnut Chnuiber Fumltuie Beds atid Bedd n( tresses, Peeretnry Bookcase, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Toilet sets, To?\el Karka ingrain Cari ots, Cot t" wlth a large variety of Kitcnen Lite nails, Oooklu Suive^, ? rocle.-), Ula snare, -il\erw are, Ac , and t.tliers will take notice Hist every artlole m be aold, n the family arv breaking up. Pefi from every purchaser. I ACCHON NOTICE ?9,0W>. -BEAUTIFUL Rosnvrooo, OAK AND I MAHCUANY HOURKIIOLD wUBNITOML MAGNIFICENT BOKI WOOD PIANOFORTE, BlCH CARPETS llRt?K/l H, PAlNTIMliS, AC., AT PUBLIC AUCTION ' This Friday morning at 11 o'clock, n-eclsely, the entire ele | gant Pa'lor, chamber, Library una Dining Boom furniture or the large dwelling house No 152 Twenty first street, be tween Seventh and f.ighih av,nuoe, will be aold without re serve, by R W WE8TC?<Ti , aoctloneer, offering to ho ise keep, ra an opportunity to purchase elegant Furniture and valuab!n still-, at audi' n prices. Ihe Kiirnlture consists In part of tuo elegant atilta of solid rosewood l'arlor c urnlture. one of which lacovered In crimson and tnar jou brooada, and the other lu Ri'een and gold, hub of which are tlrst class and in i>er. i<-t order; one lull Suit In hair ololh, rich Carpets, Mlr ruis nlth Han- tables, silk ai.d I tee t uratnt, Turkish u>un Kest et,i.e and I'ler Tabes. Hrotnea, Paintings, Clocks, with elegant t hamber Furniture of every deaarlptton; '*) lai(!< Hair Mattri'ssea, p.dn Ac .rich China and Sliver Ware. Cutulaea Eitauslon Table with oak Pining furniture. Als > a large \ailety ol *"<xl m hog.ny and Chamber Furni ture? the who e in iklntr a desirable and beautiful assortment ol ever) thing adapted to a fashionable luriiiahed residence. Sale ommenoee at 11 o'clock, preeisel^. AMiDuNAM), Al'CTIONEER, WIT.L 8BI.U THIS . > at. at lOo'cl xk, tb* content* of * Liquor Mt<im oon ataticftiT (Hard Hrandy, Holland Om. Negar*, black walant Coun'era, Mote F'Ulure*. Mlrro-, Hei rldcrn'or, Beer "utnp, Meaaiirr*, i<to\e, 4c Sold * I' bout rMnrra, at 443 Klrtt a?e DM, eon Twenty alxtb ar.d Twrn?y *evii?th atraeU. AU;IIi N NOTICE -A OENRRaL AHHORTBENT OK <rny elegant rosewood Hurl r fm nC.ura, auprrb'y carv?d roaawnd Chamber fceta, Matuvaaea. Heda 4c.. al*o Velvet aid liniaa*)* 3?rpei?, Etrr an<l MinW Mirror* rich Window Drapery, Manicl Clock and bee ration u choice (ill 1'alniluja, o*l 1 luttii Kixtn Hull, Due I at Olu?<, China, aud I>lnner and Tea hct?. Ivory Cutlery. Ae , A'- Ctin he had at prlxate aaie lur tbrea daya, at oae naif lt? valne for ca*b, at No 15 Clin ton In F-lahth atreet, near Broadway opeu fr m 7AM to ; r M I'erann* (leatriUjj anything for b uaekeep lng will Awl It to tbeir prcuniAr> benefit to ?a I b. ("urv p ir ?lia'ltic ?Im? ?hnf N. B. ? vie aupflrb roaewoml (even octare Piano at a great ?aerlfloe. i HUUKKl l HAl.R Of BOOTH AJIO HHOBA--A. M A CBIHTAI-EB. MaUuiirw. will oil. thl* daT, April <0, at 10*, o dor*. at M Dm atreet, the t-nUi*. ?ud ntxnatva mock onatniMd in tAa atdra, baaaowat aud lofta, o >mprt?lti* a l**M aod fea*ral aaaortment of n?n < boya aod joathv Bn^paa i .altera, tibnaa, Bwota, Hipper* ami (X'ord Ilea ladira , mtaaea' aod ohBdma'a Uall* a. hhua* and *lipp*ra, la great variety? together wttk Htor* nvturaa, Oitioe furak tare, At. Uatalogtiea at mm Ht ordar of JACOB aTBlNBB Ami?o*?. A 0CT10N NOTICE J\ II C. BDET, A on ion er. llan<tM>m< llcoaak -id Fmbilurv. Oil I'alnltuga, Hook*. A< I./.RA H 1>I.< iW. ?' R , * III ?etl I'D friday. April M, at 10* ? ? o clix i, at Hi i lluther'onl p'aec, Muyv***m autiare llai i1*' iiic ll' Uaebold Hirnlinre, being the ? mire content* of U mne, ovulating la part of Hruaael* I'arpau. ruaho r t>l I arlor Knit", in liati cl<>th; Muck walnut Chamlier hulla, I rdateada, Bedo n*. Matlr-*a. ?, Ae ; ntalr Carpel*. Mirror*, Ac. : f'lhok walou' Extra lou liinli.a lablc; o?k uio I IB||t bit.rK >l*o, aoni" line old Oil Pani'ii, :h, Kugraxlna*, U<? kf, Ac, Al?o. t'roekerr and <)l***?arr, Cuifiry, A<-' M*o, i.n r.jxt.rtnit til uf kitetuo Kurtlcirr witb which the ?ale will ti.moiinre, AHMVCTlttN BOTK'E ? T!IIH DaV, AT ll?'t OX'UWK, | | Ih- *old, without reaene, ail the furur.nre Rnd other arrarj i o.rnU of Ibe Mew Vork lloiel KeaUuranl and nupiier Booin*. 14V Bower/, near Btoctnc utreel, l<> marhii" tin la ble?, Ikiki' iot Crockery and (Jl?*aware. Cutlery, I'attleclolba Curtail *, hao;<'?, *pl< M.-aoi luble, vlih llmhe* and Ooiera, ttlne.MMl I'tne, tla* Klttlnga, tooklog 01aa?m, and in men o* oihi raniele' l>anip? Men*, ard ibr>-e>e?r?' L*?ar of tbc I'ri mi? bEiL. A INORAHAM Auctlonaera Al l.TKiN BOTH B ? AHH1UBBB H BALE Of 4LL kiu< * of 0?ook?>rjr, Ola^awa"*, China, flalrd, Hnilannla Mar*. I'anoy Oc<x1?, arid all tha i'< itumi of lb* rtnre nhalv Inn (ilaiw Ca*aa, t ountera, Ao., Crlday, April Ai, al IDo'rloek, al ;*?? H .daoii mrral, oy * ?. ' II I K l,h V , AtiotUinecr. A ?ali wor by the noltonof '''a t*ra, Ac. - If: ION HA LB OK KVhNirUB* IN ltUO()KLVH_HT A O A COLE, on I rulay at 10^, * M , at 77 ante utraet c..Bi|Hialii(i a K?iirral awo'lment ..f go id I'arlor and I haml er Kuriillura ?'a?| ?le. ' llaloth, China and (ilaH?? are. Kn< lien KurnUore, Ae. A LIT ON NOU(?E -TJIK riRMri'KB 0? a "Bmilf will be ?old ibl? day. at 2 o'clock At IM >n*l atrcet, eotnpritlnf I arkir H'llta, Hada, Boddlrg, Dialog Boom si id Kin bin Furniture, Ac. A I CHUN at (<r HOI HEHOU) ? HENKV H. U.F1/HA LU., BO. 21 ?H--a'i mnet. will ?t?e their prrwinal atU nUon, ?? tiaital, toaalt* .f n MWh.iid ? 111 nit ore Ae., all be eealdenc*!. of lainllicn; will ?!*>> bold rf-mlar fate ? al am'iii.o rrn ma, aa nbor? BBOTANR A BHiMKES, a 1 i i'lf i \ | h riiuwi ,k"i Na*aau aireet, will ?eil at tbc i nt i'f reaideme, ft.- Fa*. Ii>r?.n lourth atrt* t, lu lwrcn l^-iuigti u and ?imnu ATitiuef m Friday. April It, n? 11" . a i ?* k. al tha ? ornltnte rwtiluil In Mid hou*c, i >u?i?iit,u vf BnHMf ! urn. nn ami Ihrcn ply m< ?? Sola* Ir. l iiir rt.ilh, Cpnirw lain- a linunii Ublea *lr <u* ?*ifirob< ? Hnnmi', follet T*lili"?, 'Vaali-tand* Mitt Ht-t ?lattn*M? Oomf(*trra. Mo*.ml.o 4ar?, laia* ?vMrttnmi ot '? .riii i ii t- iirimiir-, Omn aul i rreki ?j Ware, anil all I hi l .!;? In o l ? iielN, with wlil'b ibi ? .1* will coniiiicnea B BOWSE A MCllOTiB, Al I'TIt iS BhRs April 2t? At IJi, oi . vi, a' 'he private reaiden n4 ? eonn*treM all the rnrAltnre mnialtiM IB aald boo*/. r., . ? '?titt if makogMr Mid hair r.mb Pnratture, BmU, h i ureal ie ?A?*i ?iaai'?, iHtliii Bar., dlclmii, crrcke-rj I >h< v "b A MCIH'LH W UA Hgl i, at ACt rlOR, ON I) a*?nrd?y, |f|b, al I o'oiMk, Ml ImMnf ??ie?(T?>m* No " >'al*hii ?'reei. 'imr.F BrprNrow 01 rwa* cow 4 MI.W A9 AVOVUm.

MAiAAU ^^^PHHp|OBUiae<i In <aM ^^?VuruitMtto hair cloth. ele i frame Mirrors, Maa? and Arms tap TbWm, three pJ > Carpets ; mahogany aad black walnut *B?l*teeda, pure curled hair Matlrasaes. Washslaada. I ? ?U*. Hot., Ward | [Tubes, Bureaus, together Wlih all the Crockery, ?laas*er?, atlrer plated Wara Ac Also ail the Kitchen tonsils, with whish the sale wM ooaameaea. BAOWVE * BIOHOLA WILL IIUi 4t ftOCnON. ON aaiurday, 3TUL mi 1 o'clock at N Nassau stseet , * ?Uoe variety or lasported Urape Vine*, la good order.just landed. , In loU to suit purchasers I RBOWNB A MICHOLA AUCTION EB ~B. ? SATO it DAY, ' I> AprlltTth, at l*H o ch?ek, at Mlims A&lfaae-a mA {I alaritiMol elegaoa Household Furniture. PartlciUan lo morrow ? * ' ?LI CMAJLVIW T HAZEN ACOTIO*Ka*.-CArtP?Trtf(13 ? Ollolo'hs, Mattings, Raga. 4a., atsmctioM ?-rrl?ayl'4p3l|5| atl 1 o'clock, the enurs stuck of the Cftrpel BtotpMf ?a* SO, Canal ? treat, near Broadway Alton? ? f ' I AriSlUNEE'b UAL ? Or Ml/PEEE CABINET FUBNI tU*w Belne the atock of one of BLtk* aQiifaoture ? Id the At/. DAMKL A HtiUKWH ft <X> will WU an tiMH. 1)>. oiuer ot the assignee, to norrotr (eaturday) at 10)t o'clock, at their ?aleaiuom, fto 79Nawau sires., ?? lug jaft of tha most ? legal t Furniture aver offer -d at auction nun cltr, 01 aklsUng in pan of magnificat rote wood rartrt euita, ra satin, t>r cade and hroc.tM elegant BBTIBB) avinostd l utklih ta>; Chain and Lounge*, flae Lib rary aw idling hoom uiu, xufierb unoireaUUM, salsadid JUegercs, ele gant roaewo d, walnut and maple Lresslsg Bureau-; aupei# rosewood and ? stout Bedsteads, varptahed and to oil , oak and walnut Duffen. elegajl '?crelar; and Llbra<y Book cases In wa nut, toaawood and oak, iogethei with a la'ge kcxorUurtit of <tlier aiuelea al. of (lie very choral detcnp tion be whole to be prremp'orlqr 'Old, alforCing ?n oppor tun<t> to thoee la want ot superior furniture io suit them aeiv es. Catalogues and goods a jw road/ for examination at our aa earuoma, Mo. 79 Maaaau atreet. Jo?M C. FaLCONBB, Assignee. Immediately after the a ore a few choioe original Oil Paimltiga, b) drat t luita .nlotr; also aamall invoice of Aitia tio Bronzta Clock a, silver f la ted Water i Uchera, Ac. DAMALA. MAIHAWg, Al'CTIOfflSEK. Baiear on 79 ?aa#au atreet, near Fulton aire* t. ASblOUt 1: 'B SaLn or Ai/OOl'lnH, Nl/TK ?, Ao. DaMKL. a- HaT'iKAH A Co. will aeU at auction, tkU d?T at loo'clvKk, at the otUoaof Lincoln Tlfft A dacon, 170 Hroai way, up -lairs, tie N -tea, Aouonnta, Ao , of J. W. Ball. r?u>aiuinM unpaid at tlua date, by order of fAAWJXd L liFf, Ka<t. Ajalgaac. DaMU 4 Ma AUCriOMABB. baldbrooui 79 Aaaaau atreet. n>-ar Fulton atreet. bU&Mbh MAtf. AhO U<a?KM) AT aUCTiUA. DAMr.L a. MAlUbWB A Cu will aeU at auctton. tbla A, j. at 12 o'clock In ront of their > alearoom, a sorrel Mare. 15l, baoda blab, switch tall, good id harueaa or aaddle; ala t, a ??t o' elugle UAUiesa, lu good order , sold only (or want ol uae. UH'AkD BOBBKCK, AuCTiONBBK. LLKOaNT SPAM oF BLACK MOftSBB. PHAETOX, JJAAMAri , Au. E Hv 8. A F H. BCahitCi. M 1'ueaday, April JO. at l1 o clooh, at 'belr sale-room Ho, til Broadway, an elKgan: *p*n ot >>1,:* H'vxei-. one oi Uia team la a Me gaa tiorse, tuemoai ?a.pcrtur saddle hurse, without exception, cither fur a lady or g< uUi4juimi. in the Htate Of Me*r fork, kind, gen la and spiri ted la ever) kind of barneea, and ijul'O last, ihe otksr u a mi* k iiawk mar*, rery hau(l??ne, kind aad gcoue In ail kaineaa, and a vety pleasant and easy saddle beast for laly or k ntlrDiDB 1 hey are ttfteen bands blab, and m?teben tlicl j In I joka aad artloa. The ebteion Ts nearly n?ir, lu pert >ci ooodiuoe, aod the UainM not al all used and equal u new 1 be estabUthoient caa be seau every lair day from 12 o'clock till half paat, in nont of the Meroh <als' Kichaogr, or by calling at tae stable, Moa 23 aad M Wast Thiiieeath BLWaKD 8C8EN0K, AHOTIONBEB. fcLBUAM' HuVBKHUUt FL'ttNITT'KK. By E A *. M bC'UBNCB, this day. Mth InaUnt. at 10X o'clock at 21H West Twenty seennd street, near Eighth aie nub ? all the elegant Ftiraiiure in the house, ooaaiellng wt? lilnlftU KUUM ? BiusseU Carpet, superb earrud oak Buffet, oak Extension LlnlugTable to match, oak Liinlng hoom Chairs, elegant china DUiiier and Tea Sets, (llaaaware, Cutlery. Ac. I'AKUOkb) Superb aardalllo* Oarpet ?>legant roee wood Parlor Suits la hroratel, rosewood Pianoforte, elegant French plate Mlrroti Cornloas and t'urtaina, rosewood bta^eres. Centra and Card Tables, bronze mantel CVook and Oroamsala, secretary, Oil PalntlngK and Angrarlnta, Ac OUaMBEKS. Boeewood and walaut Bedsteads and Bureaus. Brussels Carpets, Easy Chairs, Coosmeeea, Ao. UajlL OllJlotbs, Ball Htand and Chain, Stair Carpets. Ac. Also, the ailobec Furniture, with which the sale will commence ELiWaKU BCHEKCK, A' CTIONBBR BLBUaNT UOUMBUOLO FUKNITUBB. ByB. A If B. BCUMACh, en Saturday, J7th test, at 10J? o'clock, at No 21 Clinton plaee, ail tbe elegant Househoifl Fumtture eoataiaed la the above house, ounsisung la part ot elegant rosea ood Pianoforte, carved rosewood Parlor ttalta, in brosaiei. rosewood marble top Btegsre, Centre aad Pier Tables, French plate Mirrors and CoruTces. alegaut Brocatol and Laoe Otirtains. Oil t'alntlbga bronxe Mantel Clocks and Ornaments; M-daOloa and Ar assets Carpets, etagaat rose wood Bedsteads, marole lop brassing Bureau* Waahttands aad Commodes, Easy <;hafn aad boimaes, follet Artieiea, Ac ; elegant Olnlag Boom Furniture, ohloa Dinner and i'ea .sale, Olaaawara Ac. Also the JUtchen CtenaUa, with which the sale will commence. BE LUDLOW, ADCTIOKBBB.? HOOtBBOLD FOB ? niture. Carpets, Ac., at anotlsa.? B. H. LUDLOW A Co. wtil sell at auotlna, Thursday, April 26, at 10K o'olook, at Ba 12 Bast Thirty foarth street. Mar Fifth areuue, the UnboelB and Vaint Carpets, oilcloths, Oaa Flxturas aod Bedroom Furniture contain ad In said house. Auotioaeer's olllce. Mo. S Pine street EU LfDLO A, AUO riOK Kkk ? BLB 1 AHT HOUBS . hold Furniture, Broaxee, Ac ? A. H. LITDLIW A CO a Hi sell at auctloa on Saturday, April I), IdSL al 10"., o cloak, at Mo Co aast Twenty third street, near Feurth avenue. Household Furniture. he attention of th ? public Is partlca V lariy invited to this nale, as nearly all the Furniture to be sold waa made to order by Alexander Roux, and oomarlaee a fulvarWiyol Parlor. Lining Koom, library and Uhamher Furnliure in rosewood, black walnut aad oak. Also oha<> de lers, Hronaes, Clocks, Carpeta, As Ae Parties about far. uia king would do well to attend this sale, as everything la or flmt rat? quality, and all to be poaluvelv sold without reesrve. Aneiloaeer'a oflloe Ho. 3 Pine atreet, near Braadway. EH LM>LuW, AT CTIOJfEEB? BLEOklfT HOUSE ? hold Furnltur- at auctloa. E H. Lt'DLOW A tJo. wlU sen at auction, on t-rldav, April 26, at 11 o'clock, at No. It) ? W*ht Nineteenth street n?ar Mfth avenue, llouaehold Furnl turv, oonstatlDg ot rosewood Parlor Mutts, in satin, broeatel and pluah; b ack walnut k,xienali>u Table black oalnut Din Irg itoom t hal??. In moiooco, rotewood reven octave t'ian >? forte Diade by f unns A Clarke; rose wo -d and enamelled Bed rotm furniture. Velvet Tape-try Carpet, ihtna and Giasa wari\ rich aatla broratel Window Curtain*, Lace Curtains. Oil Palntlnga, Ae. Also a lot of Kltohen Kurnltire. with whloh the sale will commence. Catalogues at the Auctioneer s oflice, ho. 3 fine *tre?t EH. LUDLOW, ACCTIONEBB. PKBhMPToHI HALE OF VALUABLE 1 KOPEK1 1 oN t KaMKLI.V 81 BEET, By orCer of the Supreme Court, under the dita-tton of John T. lloBmanu, Sau., Aeferee. B. H. LCDLOW ACv.. wtA April 27, at 12 o i York. Franklin street.? 1 he vs'uaWe lot, together wttli the build inn tbereoa. ?onth aide of Franklla street, known as No, Ittl, being 2V.t front. 18 6 rr?r,?36 east aiae, .18 8 we.t ldi more or less t'KrUAn OKMnhHO, Attorney Mapa, Ac., at the oAles, No 3 Mae street. ' Monmann Esq., iwferee. A' A Cc. will se.l. at auction, on -aturday, > clock, at the Merchants' Kxcoanga, Me* Kll LUDLOW, ArCTIOXEF.R-UANDBOME IIOUdF. . b '.d FurnUnr? ? ? II. Ll'ULOW A 0(1. will aril at iiiictUm. on TuradAy. April .10. 1*1, At ll o'clock, at No. 383 tilth Avenue, liouaehn d Fu.nlturr, all the Furniture en tatto d iri raid hotipo, conalatltut in part of h;intl? me Parlor hvlt, liifrnm ii 1, clryan Pier and Mantel Olntr-ee, lace aca brocAlfl Window C urtalm. ro.iwxxl carved nidc boura, black VAltiUt extension IMulng Tabic, black ?ralont Bedrid m Furniture, Armour a Ulate. tt'Ardrot.e*, oureau*. velvet a. '! lupratry Carprta, Ae. ; alao kltrhcn Furniture, l ' aUUoguea at the oilier. .No. S I'loe atreet. Ill T A IliUv ALt'tlONR&K. Cj. M.A, b'? -iBuoULD rciMTiril, BUPRBSOA j lOMhWOOP PI ABO of a private family AadlBlaf houae A KUmWOHTH " 111 Mil oe FrVlav April ?, at : 10i, o'click, at No H W*?t Waahlngton plaaa, mr WAahlog t>? ai|iia>?. without rraerve? , pi y aupBikt and nor Umul roMwood PiMtforW, Bra Hat a < C inx-tJi'it. Ing-wa do . Oliclotaa, Lao* OnrtAlno, ru thorny ] rbaira, licnuon Limn# and other laMaa; uviking ll??am. iu.iii<n?/iT hj<a- BAiitrl Clock*, Dn-a *i_g Bureau*, vt ard rotxv aaahottaiu laorking Chain. biAck walnut Bedstee4a, MAUieaam, and neddtog. ulaaa rare, t rockery, Tatiri r.t'U. CilTrr 1'latal War*, china n anea, Waahatanda, KHohaa Kurnltua*, I'teMlla, Ac., Ac. BAi* paaUirv. KUWaRu FETTIBURm, AGOflONBRR. HALKBROOMTii ? I'EABL BTRRET , tXJAL YAkDrlALK FDWaRD PE iTfNUh* wUlaall on Morula April J?, ai lb o'clock prt?i?ely, at the coaJ yard, ?H Attorney atreet, all , the HW-ek contained therein, c inalMing of iiora?a, f!arne??, i C<?1 arte, *ag..n, Jtiha. ctweeoa, aoalaa, Olfldo | furniture, Ac. . *1?o, one Ion B>? bale pnaltlre B^UWaRO r JtrTInQEK, AUCTIONEER -M JNOaT, 4 April 39. at I o'ciack. at the Pacific ffoaae IllUrand atreet, all the'Slook. Furniture. Ao. eoniAinrd therein CNEO hokiBRuot, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE. AM I" Breadwav Will aril, ihl* d*y, at i0' . /el >ck, at Vo Mtf Woortrr rtrcei. a general ariortme t or Hovaehold Furnl turt>, ron*latlig ol o ahoaany Mutaa and Uha ra mab genr iteda eada, frhther Ceda, Hofater* and l'lllowa. maliogttny Table*. Wa?h?l*udr, Toilet Beta. Bnn-aua, Bruaaeia ?nd in trreln Onfiet . CllcUtfca, Window Curtama and shade*, Man lei (irnameatJ) oilclothr, uUr* and t blna Ware . nix> rore wood reven ociave I''nrte made i<y <*tiipe, Nr?r Vort, coat t-'W: f"tAtt Carpela and Itoda; ai<o Kltoheo L'tenalia. Aa /^EEAf BARGAIN -THR WELL kNOiTN RAIL \Jf mnd at the entraaoe ot Uneenwood Cametery. ? ii the ? bird aTecu*. Brooklyn, will he aold at aunuoa, at the ( Hy Hall, Bmiklyn, on Mendny. ApiU W, at II ? elo * The Itonae b?r nlWayr done a Root btiatne^ and a rare opporia ? nlty la oflen d ror he eaiobltatunnnt of a la^er beer aaloon ir ih-re !? none in the Ttrlnlt*. Term* of payment ?w; HEKRY li LhHM, At'criOMRER. IIBNKT H LKhlirt A t)U. will aell mk anoticm. Ob Friday, 3btb, ana Matnrdar /7th April, At 10>a o olock each d?), at a Mat ?ourtee?th atrart, near tmon rqaare, LARtlB ABO \ ALL a ALB a ALB OF HOCHEHaLD I t HMTlkH, MALR Hi MREkH AMO OTIIKKH, being tbc entlie furLlture of two lArga four atory houaea, ?omprt ciilt upwaid >1 fltty rin m* aiid parlor* The furnltura la i. in rually elegant ano in Due condition, rti. ? i el ret, medal t.on a to. btu?ai'l?|?t*i maul U>?r pier, raaatel and Oral .Vitiroi*. marble ntAtiiAiy and Bronrea. Ciouiree An. for him a. aerrra > lege'it roaewoud I'arlo hU'.ta, eorttred In me iialll. n n p*. i rlnux n and tanry atlA . brooatei and pluab bait cloib dill , ??i o*? *urr: enire lab'ea, in*i bir t p? a large aa*oruneni ot valuable, handellera, ?ainM and <aa Future*, Hixu rev roaowoua *.r -mgnuie, MMWoed i Inniiforte by Wur i lit i . ulTr* Coiera, t'ur Altia witlt tmrder-, rfik and delaine dit'iO; > rt'*r "Old I Ilnlon ' hAirr, eoiKeotdcred Kii??je< na, ' baka, (illeloth, HaU MauJt, three mahiMAny bltenalon Whie?. v? j- bee*y he?eld I'la M A are, uhlna, itiaae. Ac ; Or* iluf -n i lnltg itoom Cba ra. Extena oa r? <le*. Ac. Ii? di?a mr~ Ki>*e?u<'d, black walnut \uil mahogany, i-n.r'i'ie Mill* MAidrotiee IM'Mf nut a, urtMiia L >ungea, h i i iii|iiiai k I he1'?, rii? erootj It aAca,ea, *od a large i|t:AUti y , f tbtr lalurli e J urti'Hire. own/n# iki. g ?itb Ailchea fur nitnre. nERRV H. L*BLB, AtirTtOHrBH-llRNItr II. LiKDKtlld will tell at ear ion, on Natur lar, April S/, At I01. o'ctoi'k. At Mwu .trart, Itoxeao.d furn' lura iwaftd lot revriiltw nl a?'e, e?ua!*ung of Brimaela hi o fngiaia ijariat*. noaeeevd rude, io er?-d m balroiotb ; viafcogaiiy ?io?kcra huh i bait a, c, yerttl In h*lrr th; v^aho *anr /%rm '-h?li* lo do, malioifaay MnrdroiM; bi?e? WAtniit marble wi< eidiboaid, roaeamu ma b e tup bit H ,r? gut 'rttuie Virrora; nuimmi mini i ,,, Jliireeur; *A?h*t%td*; rrt> ? sudela rt *. it.alglH rain-' Urn ?o?e*o d Hi",?t>? a, man 'g?o/ du -t .gi-tm-r *lt i hair watt ra*4?, FA.ti?*aer, Ae Air ?, a u.rg-' a*io*i*>tat it i ? k y, trl*** ojtUenie ifefe, uliu e h? it 1I/-HK1 l? t KM, ?l ' ' CSl RH. . Siia* ?*Kili I 8/. At H I .'Click A aii'lU^i *t . ? ,?< am > I reel a U?i of i-r firm, ?!:*? i.'i|tter?, ahiti- , "egir*. k> ? .MSiy.f 1?T Itsiil F?ne* Or> "1. H *?, ?*<mr.., to ? J 'Hire rcsewa < m? WmMa, IU? AT APCTOt. r Etffc. ^2f?2aavrf?;*f M 11 o (look, atthe Store i? Br . ne stock of the OaWne auke**' A* woiattog, 1 it reserve, sumptMng mtapgtuy, I and Mack walnut Bedstead*. reee-uod a*. - " " TtklM, Iwna, KmWihiIi, pwM| bonny and>ralnat "arlor rtulu la satin. dai velvet piasL Mid haircloth; flue enamelled Cottage "J^'N Rtegeeia, rwewooi nod mahogany Wardrobse, LHea?v BihiI i it? ud iimnrif ?l?i" luwvcxxL biisk # i1au( mi<1 )** Rilttutoa Dining Tnblee, Oak Lining OhnB?, Couches, la r*^i tad leather; flne oak maeble top Buffettwa, maboeany Caid able*, toitmod and black walnut tlat b lands, Mb, OMce Chairs, ftr As Term*, oaah Cata toga? tsady early on morning "f sale. ?HKT D MIMBB. lUCTlOWBBR-BALBBBOOM ST mnn ?treat, opposite the Post offlee ? tflaBkl * ,_j.vjiaaa SfeSZEE' Stt .?.csrtfi2?ir' ?" "*"* ?"?'??J ? t ' ?" " "" " -* '?! 'T m r 7 ? ? ? - v~, i nifkl D. MINER, Al'CriONKKR-HALBUilOOM H jj Kaatau op|<cstte the Post OUlce ? *jNfc? A i HoKJ\'W?r> sell at auction. on Maturday aprt 1 ?7 (861 at lli'v o click, at toe private residence No 33 Kast Thirteenth street. ie*r<> Diversity plane, uenteei Uousehoid Furaliure, all of which wan made to order, ana but Utile u ?d. euneleUoeef -ru??e!* aud ingrain ''arp- ts. nerved rusewood bull Id moquet; note wood Centre t?ud Hide table*, black walnut fcxuuuon i'?4>le, do. Card. ButteW Lace U ait aim aud Cprnloes, blown Mid gtii ensmellod Bedro?m Stilts, Bsrole lout; maple suit do ; hair Mattreiwes, Bolster* and mlo**, Cilcloibs, u all Mand and Cbmm Dlutng and Bedr mn Crockery, bronze Oo* Chandelios and Braoke's throughout tbe house, Kitchen I'ten 11?, Ac JOBtPII HhOEMA* uatubdaf. Ai'hiL r>. At 9 o'clock A M , at 2M t-e*'a? street, opposite Tompkins place. Bandxom* rosewood marble top *ec etary Hookease, mshe faux otas, arui and Fa lor Chun, w n're Ta iled aUm i n> marble top Dress ng uroeus Waahstanda. hair Mattresses, reether Boiote. s and Pillow s haodmtue en ameJlcc CI amber be a, teu pitcta, with marble tops; tvUaut Hiten-lon 'labln, tirtckerj, (>la?w?r?, Wlrerplat d iff are, li< uwtlk atid in^rala Carp- u, (tat iu?, ^JlulutM, Be batffc IjaY, At 11>? o clyek a. kl at * 1 itrong place, near LMgraw ?trvet, IUnd?ome roaewoed Partor Kuit, ? bwiekteli RnRl'.sh Val vet atd B'tuuieU Carpet*, OllcWUm. witb a rattel; uf other furDltture. cam E D ? I , At 1 o dock P. M., at &* <*UlH?r Miroet. between Crttnburry u: d O-n' it- street*, A large and genera! aaaortnitin'. oi furniture, Rru?^>Uand . Ingram t ari eta til'.f l'-th? i?i i, .>?? waU gany eotaa, mar ble top liremiDg Bureau# Cbu' s * i?hii*etida, BedvteaM, Matueaaea, Beading, Ac. : oak hxt-ni'"n . kMm, '~>a?ira. Lim ner Met*, Ulaaawaxe, fceldenrurg 11 atera and Flxtu/oa, Ac. T r DOKCiN * OA, aC('.fONIMlHK_V UM 0 . xtreet. will acll on fnday, 3Mh lent., at lUo'?lo<A A BL thexloak of ^n ?at, .itdvea a?d fl?o*e ?urnl?b a* Ouo i ia stote SCH Pint areaua The owner's codbtry called aad ha obeyed mflABB WK?T, At.' TlUnt Afc, ?IU. ttBul. W dA. Jjl urday, * prll'7, at lu^i o'clock, the oootMiu of tte M Inoelpbla Hmtaa. l>3 and l'? Peurth Atmi, ??Ult-mnbarg, ??mimatng ear lor and Chain oer furniture, OarpMa. jC oloU?, Miriern, Oil 'aiutln^ five tups' lor Billiard Tables, of Isrgo Mar Ml nor, several marble lop Tablea, with Iraa frame* ; plated Caster*, nar and Oyster Ooonlsns 10? Bos, Crockery, Qiassware, Ac- Ac MDOtOHTt, AC0T1ONKKR. WILL SELL, 'HIS ? day ai 1?J o'olock, at aaUaroom SS Na&atu at reel, a large asaortmeniof second hand Houaebuld furniture at a fsntlly. rsmt'ved to talesroom (or oonvealence of aal<v,c>n slHtltig In p-vrt of msbogan) rio'aa letea trtea, carl or, Arm aid Reception Cbalra, oni??ei? and lugr^ln Car^ieta, Oil clotha. Canton Batting, ''nrttilna mahogaay and rosewood Marble Top C intre Tablex Loodi., mahogany Card lablM, oas Chandeliers, B<x>kcaee?, Hat Htatd*, Extension Lining TaMes, Cutlery, UlftPoware, Dinner aul lea Sits, Buffet*, DreeslDg Bureau*, W substantia, Bedstoa is, Htlr Baltresaes, Lounges, Waro robes, A-; . A. a, the wh le forming an aswrt meal well worth* the attention of housekeepers aad dealers, as every lot will be pe remptoi Uy sold. PAWN sBOKBJtH SALE ? W. C llIiJQI.-S WILL BELL this day, at lU>i o clock, at 194 Meat t veaty first sureet. near the hlghth avenue; a large sssortaent of msn and women's ciotblua; I'lllow*, Quiits, Coats, Pants, Aa By order of O. Biggins. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? .IOHN MORTIMER, AtTO tloneer, will sell this day, April 26. at his h ore li East Broadway, ai 11 o'clock, a large assortment of uamlecmeil pledijea, consisting of seaoorsble Hbawle, nllk, Delaine and Muslin Dresses blioes. ? able Cloths, Ac. By order of !*?? CasS A CO., 197 Orand street. D T. BAZELL, AUCTICNEKR. Ev. W HUTEMCBk A H a/is LL, will sell at auction TH1HDA1. PKIDa?. at 10>a o'clock, at their * tie* room, 1M Broadway. Hardware, Cutierv, i'lated Wair Ac , Ac. Also, Haad, Panel and Rip Baws, (by order of the Receiver,) an In voice of Derringer I'lstols, Rifles, Ac., Also, 8 barrel* Old Bourbon Wblakry, 4 casks and M demijohn Brandy, :#l Maskel* Cham;jnsns. 2 (**> (' M-oa Nut*. SB J. fOOART, ACOnOMBERB ? TRIB DAT. AT ? It V o'ekek , at N<\ US Rivlngion street, genteel floune bold Furnitm e, oomUsttng of rosewood 1' .trior hult, I' trier Easy and Rocking Chairs marble top Centra ? aoles, Mirrors, Brussels, Three p.y and Ingrain Carpets oilcloth, Bedsteads Battn uses. Bedding. Dining room furniture. Tables, Chairs, Bureaus, washitands, Kitchen Pugmture, Aa ?SL& OH ion rooms ?rr6.;.^j v:rto7rtuTt tonsil! 1 1'isno, rosewood marble . Oil ralntinsa, Looking lr> waahatauds mahogany ttofsa, LPTmges, splninlU rosea o<d Bedsteads, lino Feather Bede, tlalr Mattmsei, Refrigerators. Also, at twelve o'ulock, 39 Brussels, i hree ply ana Ic^rsla Csncu. st 10>s o clock. In front of the auction rcoms, mortgage e*l? 9[ *?? Hor?e?, three Cart^ three sets Ca t l.nrn-s<, tw> Bleds. Il&>'n\ WEaT, Attorney for Mortg-'tgee SHERIFF'S BALE OP hllOARB. CliAABEKN A CAlttCHlLD, ACOTIOEEERS, ealesr-im 113 Nasstu siraet. Will tell, lhl ? d?> (f i. 'day i. April 'M, at llo'eloek at No. tit West Pourteentb *tre, t comer oi tiudoon, 1 WXi eegar*. also, all the right, title and Interest of A ?. Wr.ur, which he hsd April 17, Wfll, or any time therea "t#r. In a' d to the stock ana futures of the drug store on said praittKcx. JOHN KLLLV, Hherlff, SHBRIPF 8 BALB.-RV VIRTCK OF BEVERaL WRITS of execution, to toe directed and delivered, 1 will expose i2 "1?' ?' Pu"'l,t' vendue, on Monday, tho ^?d day of April, at S Mt no" n' 'n h.att for.y third street l>ctw.t>n Fouae f?d r'lith srenues, Horse*. Carle, rt aeons, haru-sa. Trucks, Contractor si oo:?, A 3 JOHN K^LuV, nheriff. The above sale t* postponed until U o'clock M. of Friday the a?th day of April, Intji JuuN k&U.i. Bhcrtff. CAT' HDaT, APB1L !7. 0 At on? o clock, at nalearoom, 3? Kasbtu stieet. Urge lot of very floe Orape Vines, Just imputed, lu lots U suit pur chaser*. Also, three extra fine Durham Cow*, and one Heifer. BftOWNa A NICHOLS. TBOMaB t'BITOH, Af'OEIOaBBtB ? HaLlldAt>OM, M Peail street ?Public adiuluislrat >r * sale of ru'Oitara, Bo. Oo Krtdsy April Jo, W6l at A. M , at /-l lihn etraet, soasittiog of Parlor furaltu m (siuuus < 'ard Tablea 'J9*0* ?<***" *1 "T Aanlrobea, Vast* and t ier wisasaa, Tate'Uv, Brtuee.s and In^ratr '? ? tt*? in i Heir Mattreasea, (jrnlth, Btankots, rtheeta ^ am wit sod Lam 1 urtmss. Btirean*, AaahBtonds. Orooihirr, altcoaa Kara* ture, Ac.. Ac , being .he elects of thi- lute Mary ?soegaat B- P. MUMBiv, PabU J Aomluistrater. SA J. bo a art, adctionebbb? will i . b at urday, April *7, at 10^ o'oioaa, at th? auction i mahogany bockers chair*, ohc I top centra T.oV>., ! 01a*?ee. B urea i s, marble top *a*hsti W X. H. WIUOUT, AOt'Tl Jfi tthR ? WILL 8 I'LL ON *?nday, April IV. at H)', Demit it '.?! i.llatoa trrrt nrooliyn htrionl ttnuaahoid Kuruitum. ttinM tog of rueeauod 1 lebolorW', ro??wiK>d tailor riuu la mmwn bro?te ; nth ij oarrrd rueearood K(# .ere, Unii-aclA. lapeatry and 1 hr?? ply Parpen, ??> Oil ralntinga, i arlan MartMe Klgu'*''. Vaawanr! Mantel or ??anient*. Lf r Cnriuni, baadroiue ?ilt I iatrn- I'lnr alrrur*, with 'I Aum to n>atah mail ?iai , and Uack i durvaua, ea<l? Ai d *aah?tand ?,*!, ;md ,,m .n* ?? ? oak -ldeooard and hi'pnMoo . >\bti> ana v hura, Out *l*a?, <!hi?a 1 Inner and Ti n .Seta, Aitcht* t iwtila tc t atalog ii?m at ilia Of the atirrloawr. Ml I'ulton atraet, Brooklyn. 11/ M W1 iTKUi*. .IL,r,1o>r ,K.v. WluL -?Ki.L TrilK f? day. at IP* 6 clock, at 4S4 .anal ?ire?-?, all the grn teel V" imliute. *r.?f a ainUy bre?k <>u up houiekcepibg, vU:- tin* ailor Fum.1?bi?, C?imUr miIu, Mrda and Had ding, pi er and u an *1 Mtrrox, 1*0* ?lry, ? urt? ply and other lai|*i<, oilcloths, Beoanad*. lair ^aurv-oa, obeeu ?, bpr ad a Dining imxhu and K.tchen Pnrn'iurr. Jkr, Kamlllaa ai.d ottit ** ought l? at'end n*ie p #1ii<*?. U'lLU.M Altorr, AUOTlONKoft ? con 1AHL&'* *T ??!?? id Saturday, at U a ckwfc, the content* of ?he Llqu r fiotv 3U armue A, Corner of twenty flint rnrwi, bi.'vto I'tati Kegs, Headers. i?itatfr>. 8> ?r 1'itapa, Uijuort, l*w *'id hut L<ua l> bit i AM i, nonstable. ll'tl.LlaM *BB(.TT, AUCTION KKtt ? ?<>HT.?AUK V? saie. on thla day, at I0l; ocb?lt, at no ? t>aat Bioad way, a t.Mstinp i f Cailor i i ntra and Hoiaa i'aintiaita, o?k Uflice Chatra, *?arji , Mum otaud, and other furniture; t?c Hang*** suitable for a fcota 1 ; aleti rt*lit boie? oJ l'acka. IVbTliY k FAina, Attorneys for Mortgagee COPARTNK1INHIP NOTKiKi AYOl'WO AND PFKPO.idKHMNO WIDOW LADT^ 0? education, elalw to mm wlib a party who Mould j? n hw in a no d P"""* luialiioaa. Avciy aauala 'ttor pnru, in bond <>r uth r aa an p<|Ui\-aleM AMdoai Mailauie Hlakrvtnc, Matton O, Broadaa*, o??t*re*n Thirty Oral nod Thirty aecona iwlv VOIIOK-THK COfAKIN*K(ilUP HBHRMPOIta i.1 Okiallng ln-iwir.i rx l. ?? n r<?ttA and L. Tt <? Ciartaa andfTttc ttrta of Mmltfe A Clarke. U tAU day diaaolrad mutual aonarot Naw aOKk, April 4, 1N!L dOUJMON HVITll. LUVl O Oi.ArtKlt PAKTShlt W ANTF.i>? iN A CAHH BL'AIN KM, WdlCII pay* ln>ra *?? to ?t?M?r cent propiietor ?1il either take a paruier vs., a addiUi'tial capita. ora<-lli>u In* Interest . Mniifitl man pretcrrod. Apply to f. Ht'a.VUrS. no. 2 J.ihn niieti, toom i> 4: VI II I ?PAKfhfcH Id A RNTI KI'IIMK $.H" ? I a'toer nanl?dlu ? Hiond?a.v ll>|i)or flt'TD. -Unnar wanted in a m .tiuluciu'iuu am >o|aiiy. f2,Mk. ?I a'toer aantrd In a billiaid ana ii'inor ?al<?>a. ? A t!v> *IJ ?rt>a<iw*y, corner I ui on r?H?in 20. -r*RTVK* * P.VRTXKR iPOtJ"* wi.h the nboTe xm uni in api-AMi>*nt ?ndprollU>>tr bu.lnea . and will fire blin per?ori,<l prnp-rtv d > ib e tne I an.i nnt No funht-r enptuii r*> ititred Apply' t i .iiir ml way, room alt. Chilli -w N'fci'. a Man with TRH AWOL'nr, Witw. to 40 the .xlrrrtlaer to t l)lCM?. to opt >1 a I)UH!1H? m Which t.l.uai can be r-a ired In >lx m mtha N.? or Mti) other huntbuga ocHcefl. Appl\ at AtU and 5'<t b-oadwaj, room ho *. IIYM RMCB, OrrioE tf uir, ms# v .Kk Lirs m^uk imoi raaiaair, in and '|a Hradaay? At an olaoilon for lira . mateva ol the Kuarlb Cia ??, kald April 19, tha f?l low lag ?er- ?i? ted: ? ?m i.uiaM H APPtRTOK. U\?.tku *. Miui.aU, H eMttJa liaaf, llJMtt I at a? A.t, Mil hhhis* 1 b. . . .. .^ he H-hi'ii fan u h-ret .10 e dwlW to par In full IW ??rip 01 ima 7, *rt and <1, i/.rlualv ?iav? ??>? repair- d to f'ltifceti'" tire re'Vftipilor of a?i nirtdrttill rtaeiaf* d tr.nn latal I Da, It?-Ia> ?? , b, i-ajrlngt'i |w>r crat in prrfirtalu n of cert raj ai tbia aibrt, or in "e*l aet'lameut of (ii? nib nia and A? i*r e?. 1 am iaity b"e?After on tho flrat ?->? i'a? in *<a . Hy .rd?r tne ?o?n1 Ui..> (ftU.'U.'i, Uvw/. mWIOAJU QUOOUOIO 4 BOB'S ?*4J?bqua*b in anu.a?T BOLB MlHifi Of BOBOB at Sfudrmi ItkMdMtf uSt 1 ???" HS S&SS&SBfcS sjruii3iiR,~*""*?1""' "ssnsiars rflWS w ^ ???'*?* ??.?* 'a^^ra^"^MP?3Ki-" BMMrtanef Bum? inonlwu, Vtotlaa. ?wS^KSt.'Bfc T loan A BUNVIttl' ^NUMl?^' ffi SnLuhMM MUJID ABB tig OA. It B PlAJIOrOR E8, (Mnmimm. VMohtm) aaya ra'iM be true. wtqrMi m ka Me thebeat; IbeMforeUjay maet bo the HH 07 ??IaMOF08TB8 ft WITH PEABIi SETS) UB ? ^ I M?I?d oa- to let? At ( ', $2 Ml $X ft* *0. ft ?, *? aad |T ? tty ntb ?Mfc or for aale Ue oh*?pe*t ta Hair t nrfc MuMe tAuaht in a <** leat-on* aid panos tuned by Prof. DPMB 1>*V, MX) ur<tl Urift HfSTHC/'CTIOir. BDC^tnos-il aWD BEFOBMaTOBY SCHOOL r?l JPi bo . K Douse of the ?ogal (toiMit*. Trraoa oireeet, BoiK , a ?t ort walk fr m WaaX? Peat OMae. "?Ui ta a* ? a- luaa tar a vh*n o - wayward Roya? a new aad span >u* ti'Mlii >ou?f iiiai heea oompietad? e rery wag adapted to 0>e haa'tb aud comfort of the h ya. The OKtaM rvr pi?v grounds are pr>?-vied with ?be mo- 1 approved awaai for ?<kirUe ?oo<ia Thia ta a ilatbolle Inait ? loa, and tfca lovernDwtii n d fit?t..u* loxtrueUna are ouaftded twoUrgp. ?rn <f known experience >cd ability oWj?et la vo aara Caiboi<? yo'i'-b, ?>ii ?? th*aa to vttue and industry by Mad and gentle mean* vb? Wtri, are for board. taMioa and aakoal baoca:? Tor n?b*D? ....ftftaaaaa* Fm J. ? " To b? paid in a^vanoe for at Inaat thre* MM. Bev. G? rge P HaakiBA, Po I North anu?ra, InMA tfhB*t)ll AND OKBMAfi LvNO-'AUE*.? "BOP. V iBl.i,Bfc?NO, HIV oroadway, corner of Twelfth at i I (pstaMlah'd WJi -111 re ?ivc on ? applications 'or prtrata Instruction ai d oaovni?atian In Ue atwres-ld and r'a-wloat Unguagea, and luAkd tran lati na of aorrnop anaaee, t i FENCiMI ~l.i*8. ? <Iji trN"iBO W NTttO PIH I can to hi. el fpM-o able Lcrma Address ileorge Arm atrrng ttBM ( '*? aKs'rrct 1BrTBUCTla?]lN Of rtMaN -A LAD! PKOM BatLlfl ? Hi irv? la nana ta Unrutaa or Mimic to ladtaa ?ad ohB d'ta at rnry 1. ?t p?1"M dartaa the Mn<MT moaiba Har a"draaaaar be rfnod at Um* ?iBc.-or Or 'ioi ?ml, to wknm abe ta pennllirift >o refer, Hi is.Mt T tdtf-wnaA atriK't, a ar Madlaen avenue l)r n. ii at hums frota lk' ta fS ^ 1 R?VBfUWO?.t> OWl'IITP^ U I ? M&h. WM. <OMBB oootlnuar to moatra lata her -amlly a fa? ynwax NM ?o wboaa foroudb cultivation by m'-atal and obydaal traM* U| tba aiteou n *f heraal' and aooomptiah'd a atat^aafla e?n?t*D'lv devoxid HupaHor adraaiaffta art hit atutuhn At laaututiona <-t< aurh ktibnr preteoaiuaa TWni ftH| ftf aaaum. t;tsiulara at Mr. Brown a, 8it? Broadway. HOV8H#, BOOMS, AC., WAITIO. r*0P?TBV B^HIDBBOB WAHTBD? PB >M P0BT TO V aeren'T aalla* up >ha Harlem or UnditOB hirer B?Ut?ad: a food alzed lt< uae ia a ptaanAut 1> wtioo, wltk a few aorea ar land, a tabie. Ac Ac. A.ddre?a. atating rent and foil par iea lan. J. W. B., c^re of Mr^ Wabater, So. I UepAa pUoa. M.J. FrKKISHTDIHOnar; WaHTKD-RB fWRBV T8IAO and herrmbiavenneaand tleeokeraatd Twentieth streets; unncepiionablrj r?fer?nw? Rtren: rent In advaor *, If re quired Arfdreed with full particular* and luWnat price, r Pay, bo| 13b Herald omce Roou WAhTEn-x brvsctabi4( p&milt db airoiui of lettlnfi u ?ocd Room on aecond floor, near Broadway, betivften roii th and Fourteenth atreeta to a quiet icrntleaaen, will blcaae addreaa B. P. II , Herald oOioa, atallng location and tema. Room -wantpd, a o^oo huk paout bbobook. fully fum(ah?*l for alx ?(*;ka. without b<*rd, by % aia (lr gentleman of good character. Haul wwfkly la adraaee. If oeeirrd yiddrnfo, uub alze of room, tarmi and fall partlCtt lan, J. J. W., tix IKS Herald otToa ABTBO? 4* rflB TiOtl'Irr OPBKW VOaK (NORTH ahore tatflb Uland prafemd). t wo RttMft*, pArtially fur nlebed, without Board, by a anuul famUp. ABdreat f. 1+ White. 430 Kroonie airaet AJ? HEMT BT THB^MOB fH -AI* tTPPBB floor ta aiprtvaie houae to store f urnltare In. Apidy Imn edlataly lojt B. WOOP, 17 Waaaaw at. WABTPD? BY tHK KlBBT OP MAX, B( A PAJDUT If or adultr, part of a *"nieel heuae, oonalating of tiro rooaia and two or three bedro ma, on the w?ot aide 01 the city, bent mt toexoOtd flat) per HBua Addreaa P. 1^, box l^sfl Poat o flier. j ABThO-BN TUB PI HUT OP MAT. BP A LADY, an unfunMthod Boom In a private family, not aoora Twentieth atrr*4, bnvrren Mecsad and fourth arenuaa. Ad dreaaC. H . , bot ltU Merald ofltea. AN ikD-i* TBB bBVBMTH OB TBHTB WARDS, or in W1 tamabura. near ferrr throe or fonrunfui nlahed Roonia < > aecond floor, oonranteal for touaelp?pag: rent Dttat be m d' raie Addreaa for tKree day*, Mating rail 1?rtioulAra, Wi i W., box 803 Herald otUoe. BKBTAUllAWTS. f?NOUBH 8 >i?BH ABO BNOUBH MUfTOM PO* Ei dinner to tuy. For aaie, BnplWh Hpiata, Mutton, Ba t'DO Kami, Fifnon Haddock, f<orhfine He ring, Plekied Bit men tic per lb , Ounlop a AM in floe ooudlUon, on drat'. T BlCa ARdONTAgent, <6 Maldaa lane, cornei WMlaa at. NEW PBAtUBK-HCOBBSL 17 HrRUCB rtTBBBT, haa added to b? Bar a Lunch Counter where Cold Beat* aad dome made Pot Pi* t?C?? ?P h"**1. andatprlcca to null th* timed. raauwwod Cream Ale al a aya on hand. RQO BBS, IT Hprafe ^ SPEKOER*8 DEHPATCBE8 PBOM Hid FBtBlTDff tit Bev.-nth, Bieventh iwnlfth and *>lxty nlath rfwtneou. nee fall of m'litary ardor. Hpemeer 1* dolac hla du.y ?? wards the country by aelilag Maaaey Colli oj A Co. 'a Ala for S ivnta a (taaa. Bo 2 C'ortiandt afrtot, north weetoornor of Broadway. HfUMOMK. DEHTI8TRT. AHRT1PICIAL BOMB PUiLlBO BOB 0BOA ? Teeth? I ut In while aoft, without preaaure or pat*. lag teeth or More J AH. rtjLatxj*. M e. aide, above Union t-quare. n aort, without preaaare or pala. AaM eaa bollllec wjlh k by the dlwartM Maaovod to Bo. DM Broadway, wS LMDHhTU. ? ^ obadtawd aunanoK omw, MO. M Heat Twoaip-ulath atiwet, Betweee Broadway Aad birth area?, WE AHK MaNCFaOTuBIkQ AAO IB4BBI1MO BBAV Wul aa.a of real mineral Incorruptible Teeth, at fraai aoutBMl peraot m?laaa AmlUdal feaU> Ooapaay. m Bowary, oopodlte PU th atroet. OMO. PaBBOB. a |aaA RAULROABS. ~ HVDfdh RIVER BAiLBOAO?FOR ALB AM T AMB Trap, coane-Hug with train* Borth and Wont Trataa Lnnre ? vaoa wimia ?iu**r raoa sth? a*. Expires, , and II A M , aad 7:Vl II K a. M., 3:M aad 3*1 and 6 P M. b it P. M Troy a?? Albany (with ateep 10.46 P. M (Sasday* Uata-' tu?rua , lti-.IA P. M. Aed ) rmtS*?p'm * tA-*' M., 13>4t aad 4* P. I'eektkill bald. #:30 p M 5 M P M. m?* ^ *? uii* x *? < Plebkilt tr la^y 1*. M. 7:36 P M. i A. P bMITH, ftaporlntaadeat. NKW 1<>rK, fl AK ..f.M AMD ALAANT RAILRO \D. trrM|i>nriil i KMMlllin Monday, April IA ?H6I ?or tlbai.jr mix Trot, oonuanHoJ wltk ilia ?< ?r kit t antral Katirnatd fnr all p. trta *nt, North araat and rtaath ? fat; ?l<i> ih? Jiottharn battruad for Saratoga, "H1 ? <. ilutUi.gvou. rfciuuurg, aouae a 1'oait, Ogdrm Uurg Mil Mm Mil THRf.X FAHt.BXr&BR* TRAIN* DAILY. miMin inn.. t.r?v* twkntt ?i<th ?r??rr 7 and II a m* n. .! 6 r M 7 XI, U 1ft a ? an I ft: 16 1' ?. Pur M'llllxnubiU^a, "?hiie Plat na, borer PLOaa, u4 a* >ocal ir*in? ??? ilrrif- uMa An < xpreat train will Ira v a oiW of tvctj aanda; morning, tit A E Ju n,> KooOdlUU. Aaalntaat WnpedBlendet HH ldmois kivup. kaiiummd Hxrrmiim numra? In Mild Inmi caw Va?A. and all atatloDa aouth <tf atl lUBUitaft Uutiwin, tnU at gn-aUj rednjad rataa TtflkfU t# mo In m I'm k?UL a*d siaUoia Mlt to Ul'lMO, gat4 far I(n4nji huM at Urktl office ooly. a r. mtrrn. m^rhn-odrm*. MKD1CAL. An important wou-a odidb tor nra mar n*d, or tkoa* < ?tlug li -tUcalM o<l,ocoi. naiad I or nL-eaae4 ?han.a no tnarrj or adopt all/ ? Tat uwui ill! thay ha>r infoimetf id- Oiwlvr* of Ibe troth opto f-n*d la ur. LAHMi iM'n P?iu Loudon anil torfc *'??? -a. -vrt> i?.-r ai a Martitgr OnM*. fur Rit'll Mvl)-.Oa, Haw 1 \ ra?y rtri 1 1 ; jr. T >> oK? . W NaB an Blr??t, AAW Ti rk. and I'ftl B*?<,N, .*.? ? hcatm.^rcat. I'a Ud-.phia. Th* dortor run* alfpurb affections rroou, or 1 in* >i>nJ aL cipw)lliou?l) ?inl^h*irn ?<ior raw* ?*?*> ?? <*7 dual war. op ?ta i a. hR I'OHHArtr II Ah RJiMuVltU >ai)M NO ?? OjANB | atr??ttoh6 *) c'rotr* at. art, n??r i'h unt> ?!> whrrr be na bee n?nlt*drf pruaioij on iHrtum M. H - J* > I* a ip?mt*r < f u?- > ork Lnireralty ( g?dtc*l Ooir?a). ?"a hU diploma la bin office Prtrate <n."rAnc? at No < t.1-/ pUm. Dm. ward, 12 i.aiubt hirrrt, ooRNKRor ca)?al *trert, lira ? all i rmitlr inlut? ?ttb a.>?|ipr.iac?"d ?<?'"<? ? m.K.,i 1 rnpfx or Monthly PHU, prlco f I DR KLnri<A uu t\.B TH1H11 IkAl" UUNflMK? bla aitanlion to dlaea*** ol a rartala el*", lu which h? baa irratrd < ? Inoa Ik^^rir ta'MUW .4 <m*a wiuinat an la ?uumv ol lai ur?. U^Baat rrmotij, Dr. Hiiataf '? Rati ur p. ear*t oitiaIb diMHU^a Vlum r*?nU trti.tmeni a <d all > kar r< modi- a fall, miraa wttknoi iifc-tlnf or raairtn-hia la ?M hablu of ib. patl#al. otuna witbooi itu> . Iigua uig *ud ftu._oa inxwirroMot ail tHhar "???*!(<?? . ewrai la iK " In i?a? iboa ??* h? o?a it th? p 4*oooua taint tka bloat M ?iirr to aba. rti nnlf <? tkr raaa dj w uaarf. t la #1 a na!, a?d raonot ka obtalowj *ranln? anrwkara tkan at tka <>?a atlaa, I?o, S Ulruli n >u? t. Bo<k for aotkiaft that tuaata of Ika >Tll efftrta of ?al<B bn?a DP WARD. II UR*1BT HrRRKt. WOIJI.D RRdl'Blir* fulls r*'l altaaBk to hi* un|'?r?U?lad, ?pr?d>r atd par gaaantr' ro* wtiatwn ti^ -rant n? laaioaw yannlfa. D? COOfBR, u wAm^THMMr, HaT bb oof ?nlu d OB kit diiwtaK of a^T^. _ ..*mt* T wanly atgM tears rirliie v< I) dPToiMl lo tlii ??c 'I?|iiatuia <>ralili'4 lii.n to Wariant a rnrr in all rata** Ihrtlrtiai* of uilaplaoad n?n# itoiKrli' maiic.ii | ratantlara ran na 1, allk aa rtalDtj ol being radtaall> enn d, or no |>aj. !?' WaRI I'KhAl k^lli.K AKR AN ItlMRDI U at. r.,-- or a'l ri-ri ?l ar . ?? i l.u gkt itraal lbc Oopioi In tvmutnl aiin da i<v tlti P. M On R.Ai.fii ? t rrirf 1.1.1 rnomtv piT?KEr iioi'Ra ll>H la 1 ami 9 to (. Mnndat-a Mrpptrd. 1 I r*l M MP.fffOftD Hi COn(?I I. ISJ I?R. WARD. I I t2 I ai(tb' atn 1 1 (fat y afj .it. ail n I? him will ?a?r musk in1 int. ' naaoitanei n-?? \l K" f. M. v?.,R -<IAL.VAar?.y API'I 1RO TOR fU 1*1 riial?i?.mp nl* .jcalaian.lna !""a, fr .m )? it II 4, fit 1* 1 I ?rl n ?t#f r r ?:?i "?> 7 ?<a?t d of to Viuiea. piuirrsnil. RJr^lKLIa h'l WJ''BABRBBi STRKuT, I rat) ?? rr... h. Mm uvial, rlij^irf ? t !,'? |!o?. |aa ' P^is .Nu i tial1U"0 awatia.