Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1861 Page 3
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* h orpins to let - rrm wont boo* of A lk? an vat* d welltag boom ( * Dg*'?a haeemant), Itf Want flkte*yrWhth MMt, between -wvnntb and Bkgfcth aveaoaa, ?aSahle r?f MM tiffiee te let with or ?uhout Bedroom; Bna fcetii fin? nl. gjgMggfcwj^gNggl 4 MC*i icb.-l? w ahwr on lba*B. ??? J A. new four (lory Ugh itnop brown (V>M Hoaae. with >11 Ee late improvement* ud |u lii'urea, three doors fruas B>eadi>ai, la a beautiful neighborhood ay town. Apply to B?.D He ATH, 647 Broa?l*?y , 4 B blbuast oeancb.? ?hb upper B-ax' ur .A the tot elaaa three auay high stoop House, tt ?n 1 wbiv eighth urttii, to let , ookt&ia ng it) at oa?a eicladve yf bttQ room, u? goiiiUtjf of clotbM cionetH, wil?r cl Mel, !?. j u> g??d order, km flit arm in every rooaa, had **f trnlu 4t IBTUuTiDI, MBWaBK, M J.? TBBBE MILS8 A Hun Hew ark, and one aud a lialf.frJO* < oath Orun CTnot and ooe -*"? from aeatou Halt Callage, a large D??U fta? fra t irtHtr Carnag- Uou-? and e Soling, wll be U ata moderate rent Apply to I. B. 8' Cb%ib*m rmL flaw *ork; or u flAMUBl. Ml U, ciraer >f Plant ap<l Academy ?trreta, Newark. The Farm attached la or alt y-flra aaroe, for *a'e. 4 PART OF A BOUSE To RBNT-TO A SBaL'j A genteel family, on Laraartlne olaro. ( Wtat wan'yu.n h gtoae tj. Fruat Basement and seouud Floor dour rooun), ?nd Ctlege of bath room and ona Houm on fourth fl<nr, prttl la laa*Asy onae a weak. The aouse and neighborhcoi We tery desirable. Kent $373 JABS* B. BBVaIOD, UT Waet TWeny thlrd ?'re?t. V* MACK. OK TSX HUpSON-fu LJCT, A H jUttE, Ji. etgbt roenu, stable carriage faDnaei nearly half aa acre tjr* ^azjrfvfBBiifWi . **" . ? |41 Baal Fourteen vb street Avert small familt. ooCjpyin* a first elate thrfd story aad baamaeat brick Kouae would let ?art to a small genteel lamlly ; a few ininuiee walk rom elthe? or the ferries. Apply at Mo lSlgfayeite place South north street, WUIIamahurg. or it 67 Beehmaa atreet, mew \Otk. AW "BN18BBD HQU8e OB PABr OF ONETO L8T In Twenty flrst straet. netr Fifth avenae. For further particulars apply at MWftTweaty tairjat.eet. 4 BPLEDlD ROtJB mORT BRO^N STONE H"C 8K n in Weat M'hlrty ninth street to let; the oilcloths, chande Mar* aad gaa nitar?a to remain; to a oeatraMe tenant pnoa only ftl.OU) Apnlr lmm*utately to Z. *K "KLL, mil eatate ?See, 1,3M ? roadway, ntar Thirty flfthstreet. AB ENTIRE BFCOND FLOOR, OB PABT OF SBOuND aad Third Floors farnli bed eompletelv ; abjut flvo rooma aad kitehan. In a good house oentrall) 1 cated, below Twen Both atreet; rent about IM) LOOK * PITTMaW, ?? Bond atrewt 4 THIBS FLCOB TO LET? FlVB ROOM?, WATER A and gaa, to a email family without children, lit vVeat Btiteaatb atreet, near alxth avenue 4 LAROB FINE 8TORB TO LET ?33 SOWERT, COB A aerof Baja-d; the beat burlneaa lovatloa In tie atreet Rest reaaonabU. It la wed adap'ed to waoleaale aad ratal Brade. Apply ? a the premiaee: key on third floor A small FaMiLv batb a nioelv ii knihhed sb eond Floor to let, oooal> ting ul Kooms. The bouae la tea, aad haa all the modeia uupruvamarta Apply at 1M La?t Ftf y third atreet, between 8ee nd aid Third arnauia AN ENO T8H VILLA, nNFL'RKislUEC. OR FUR ulahed complete, to let, at New Brighton. 4 i -Tw <lve rooma, with Imp ovementa; stabea, ooacb ana to vl boueea lajge fruit and kitchen gard>-aa; gfterai acoa of lawn aad Wcoalanda, A& BkkaJJLEk. HuTCdhNS 4 CO., Mo 4i tint Fourteenth atreet A SUPERIOR LOWER PART OF A FIRST CLASS Rouee will be vacant on the 1st of 11 y, having all m<i ?torn Improvements; two large parlors with eitenaiun aod ekgan> cb?ndellers in each and pleu>y of clostjU; d.uing r jom In baaement; large kitchen, good l ellar; bata, hot, cold and ahower; room for aervaniatu fourth, ?tory; location central ^ convenient to cars aod utagea to sever*! Harw of the ;iiy , aeigbborhood respectable; only tour iii family; no children; rent $60U per year, nxouihly; without baaeme.ut, tloU, no Mil on. Apply at 136 East Tenth atreet, for one week, l'rom Utoao'ckcA B CHANCE POR CHEAP RBNT.-TO LET A FLOOR JtX o* six rooma, all conneciiag, with all lmprovementa; the B use la new and cn a corner. Appiy at ii Bast Thiiuoih strvet, southwest corner. A PABTBXNT8? SUITABLE POR A SMaLL OBNTEKI. family of grown perso. a, on the upper fl or of three aio ly basement huuae 311) e?t Kiiteentb atreet nearaignh arennc; three Ktoma, with close's, gaa, ?ater, bath, oeilar nan, yard, Ac. In mediate poaseaaloo & TWO SrOBT. ATi TO AND BA4EM*CNT BRICK Bouse to let, In Orand street, near Varick. rent only FunJtu.e >old cbtap, If ??? ,oire<l. A chance f?r new fiaaers, or for a small boarding bouse. Apoiy on the pre No. ? Grand street. A T LITTLE BECK-TO LB*. FOB THE SUMMER, A - ? haadaome new Cottage, well farn ahed. with ki?chen at tached I here la a stable, outhouae. aod a One veil of water for the nee of oocupaut. It is neau'lfttllt ioc.?i<-d, directly oa the bar, with all the faellltlea for bathing ana Uabtng not forg-ntlng those famous clams and oj (iters Nelgbhirhood very reepeeuble. Inquire of HaM . &L At LP, tl *eet sL T>BOOKbYN.? TO LET, THE STOBB, BAHBMBNT jD aad 1 bird 6 to y of the buttdlng 147 Fulton arenue. front log Maomber square. Apply on the prem ae*. Alao two Ptoara, eighty ftet la depth, tronUi.g on IHlLalb and Fulton areaaea 2BAMBBRH STREET STORE NO. t TO LET ? SCITA b e for a law offlne or merchant tail riug establishment. atSAK Apply to J F. M ALCOM, Kaq , on the pretulaea, ST te TTlIUB O. POBLE.83 Prince straet rlOMVBNIENT TO BBOAOWAT AND BOWERY, 399 ) end <01 Fourth street Three single Rooms and an en tire Pint Floor ran aow be had. together or separately. In these spasioaa. pleasaatly altuated boasea. ao well known for the axeeikeoce or thair table* and accommodations. No re moval in May^ Eight or ten rooms in the modern, commo dl< ua and pleasant House, 4t Ores' .lone* atreet to let, to % rsaponsible famlis of adults, halla furnished; gas tliturM In. Beat re aeon able Seen from lu to 2 fVBNiSHBD HOUSE TO LST-FIHHT CLASS, WITH stable, large fruit and Sower garden, to a private family aaly, northwest comer of 12Mh street aad tiiith avenue. Beat SL 300. Apply on the premises, or to BaRKET f , Ki Breadatreet. from 11 to IX o'clock. jMTRNlSBED BOUSE TO RENT, POB THE HUM MB R " | story, modern built, South Brooklyn; rent F^BUBNISBED BOUSE TO RENT, 1 ? season or longer period -Three K^Bwaatly situated In Tompkins place, ?TAddreea box M Herald offiee. Furnished bouse to re*t -3? west t wentt second street, handtomely furnished and to perfect order, having all the modern Improvement*; will be rented for six months or longer, from May 1st Apply at tke house, or to WBLCHMAN A CO., 11 (Allege place. FUBNI8BED HOUSE TO LET? A MODERN, OKN teel thiee story and attic House, desirably situated, with. In a few door* of Washington park, to let, neatly furnished to a reportable private family, on moderate term*. Apply tc j. c. AMOBLLiT M W&llam streot, or to WKSLET, UeraM BTUBBISHBD BROW* HTONB THREE RTORY HOL'RB J to let? Rent 91V * month ; ellylMy situated. Apply at ISO Weet thirty fourth street, between Sixth and Neventh ave auee; or at IB* Qreenwlch street. Furnished hoibb.? as bast thirtieth street. to let; three at ory and ba?ement, brown Mom front, 19 by 48, lot 100 feet, with all the modern ronvenleaoee. and la perfect order, mod of the rent taken In board If deal red. EMDHHOK * OO., ITS Broadway, eorner Cham ben at. TTOUSB TO LET. -HOUSE HO. ?fl WHHT TWBNfY ll tilth atreet, well and newly furnlahed; rent without furniture HJ6, with furniture $67 6. Oall between 10 and U A. B TTOUSE TO LBT? BUILT LAST FALL, SUPPLIED 11 with bath, gas, hot aad eold water, range and heater: aoaafortable In every reaped, altuated one blook from Central Art, weet of fourth avenue, between Blghtv ninth aad ?fciftitl street* Inquire of HILLIOK, agent, Eighty sixth street, between Third aad Fourth aveauea. House to let-on btuyvebant pabe. a beau tlfnl moderate Mxf d houae. newly painted, brown ?tone front. In perfect order; rent fl.OO P<"r annum ; the car peta, beat quality, for sale cheap. Addi-eea B. W. jr., bos ISO Herald oBee. H Hoc KB TO LET? TT1E BROWN STOKE THERE ^OBT ? Honor, English basement modem Improve? sou. first 755 order I. C. MATER A BOW. M Broadway. SHOUBB TO LET AND FUBNITUBB FOR BALE ? OHE ? ot tbe moat comfortable four story. English b*vra?nt ?sea containing 10 n> ?ta, situated In a respectable and | s^jpgSAg^gaar *",m T OPTS iH Ju Lofts fl quire of P?SS frggg B IPACIOUS AND DESIRABLE street, or a pari of them. In D, on the prrmSee. arvangementa may he made with the part ot the rent In board. Inquire J^OTBR FAJWflF A HOUSB TO I.BT-WILl. BB LET 0w*r*to tal gpKg L?m TSt^mfU0 to MM, la store 8> Murray street. Site r.rtO. A. BAPBLYE, #1 John street. 0. Kt B BO AD WAY, CORNER OF HOUSTON street.? Two desirable Rooma, Hoe ft and A on tho id floor; rent tow. Apply tn Dolbear's Bookkeeping *ro < XI **** Stand fl< faiwy, SMART Of A SMALL HOt'SE TO LET? 1T2 FIRST arenua, near Twelfth street, either the flr*t or second BLt," gtaaaEgss . E^BRT OF A nOCSB^O l,RT NO 2 a* FOURTH IV* fssffis&fifilk "* **d eold ^ X>ABT of A nit?T CLASS BBOWWJ STONE FRONT r House, With an. taodsm Impror omenta . ohandejiera. jm? Bileiea. M . Ra BM Lavlagtoa a?enue, to let Oaa be seen m aay h? r thwn^ thenar or evening. B^wnt tasa ? second floob (five MM "4(,K Baaement, and one or two Rooms on third floor ii de alr<d, with a small genteel fumlly Bath ?nl gM Couve nleat to ears and stage*. Call at Ml Hudson street. 1ENT t S00 -TO LBT OB LEASE? A FBAMB COTTAUB, 1 In good order, oa north aide rirty fourth at re??, between inth aad Tenth avenoea, with four lota In a garden ; would 1 _ be sultahts for a private telly. Also a Cottage, same place, at $WI; fraata. - ?OPLENDIDCY FURNISHED HOOHB TO LBT? IN fj Brooklyn, Are minutes' walk from Fulton frrrr. All Pie modem Improvements: gu Bldgewood water, bath, Ae ; fJJJlJPjjB neeeaaary for houaakeejilncr Addrr-a N, box D Bfootlfi foul oflkw. QBOOND FLOOR, FIVB ROOMS, AF O KITCHEN IN p the baseman t. of a first claaa house In Waverley plae?. furnlahad rompletely ; rent faux Aleo as Offloe iu Bond Street, furnlahed or unfurnished. . Loos A PTTrtfAN. M Bond street. ?pO LBT?THB UPPBB PAfT OF TIIR HANDtOMK ? a ad epestous houea, RT % arteajstrsat, at a rnaaoaable real, to a respectable family, with aaa aad water. Apply on the premlsea. Also a eol2s?a at rfSar Bookaway, lTt ?TO fcBT-To A SMALL FA MILT FURNISH BD, TWO 1 Parlors, two Bedrooaf, Basement, rery convenient for Bonspusptag, range, gaa, bath, At. Bent moderate. Apply at W> Fourth avenue Ff?0 LBT? TO A BMALL. FAMIL1. THB UPPBB PART ' WfUl I JL of the brown *%tm* Hoiim, TO Wmi forty #ttli ironl, ?MM all modern tnpmrMrntt, hoi and co)4 Ae Wnr ptflmliit upply to wMTLAI^H HOMM, IWMt, ??., TO UTt. rlH-1 00T? AGB BDILT WOVHX MO 8TAJ9LB. The house oontstns ?U U? a*?dar? tuo prmaaiisiita Ou be mi fmm 10 to 4 o'clock, at No 7 West Fifteenth atreet 0?M Iman from firth wwat PLBT-THB 1IOWN SrONB HOUSE HO. U THIirT seventh et-wL between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. AP ?l?.to Mi. CBOMWtLL, 19 WUMam alttct rUT-TEBl LOW, TO SUIT THB TIMB8? ON MUR W mil. tm four atorv bra.u mom frost Houae Na M Mt i hlrtyetghth street, with all th? Modern Improvements, rnafi msszt ? -1 * r> LB'? A THBBB 8TOBY AND BASEMENT HOD8B, with *11 Improvements and In fine order; iw fixtures let w:?h houae. No. 100 t ant Ihirtv second atroet; rant tow. In jUlre of K. 8. A B. 8 B .'RN IIaM, 6U Bod ton street. Hew FLBT- ONB OF TUB ROW OF THB TWO STORY basement and attic bitak boueee, with the ad jntalng lot ' ground. on Eevt-aij third atreet, between the > hlrd aod ourth a??niea Hotihe Ln K?od order with gaa, range bath, c. ajplytoJOBN OALLaBaN, corner orBewntyaeooud - reel and 1 hlid avenue, or of 0. W. BaKBR. 10 Bookman atreet ?ent$M0 O LA T? TWO FLOORS, TO TWO FAMILIES, IN A J house. No 36* West Forty-sixth atreet, oonaiating of Kve rooms each; marble m&ntol aad Crotcn water ou each U< or and plenty cf clone t room. Apply to J. HODUIN8, on he premliws, any time curing the day . LET-IN JEBSBY CIT*, SECOND FLOOR Aim tack Basement of hiuae 67 Steuben ?trem, corner 8r *aahn?ton. Rent f 00 per year. Do. aeeond floor. No. 71 ?ameatreL Inquire at the stone yard eUlce. Rent same, |H0 Oaa and water Id fO LEt IN BROOKLt N-T?0 THREE STORY brli k liouaea. with basements and ^ub-oellar", |Ni'*?ot l? l eated an Ute corner o< tianaon plare and 4t Foils street. r t 111 be rented far the moderate sum of $?<I0 each. Fur par culars app'y to ttred, Brooklyn. ticularsapp^j to 8. HONuLuW, Montague atreet, near Court rpO ro LB* AT MOTT H*."EN? TH IB 8 KXNUTBS' WALK from Third avenua railroad and alnmb-al at Harlem ?nidge; rert tsnu a year, a ? of ace House. containing aevnn noma wlih an ax re large Un. fllled with flower* and fruita pply between i?a I and 4 P. H. to W. H. DB LANOBT, r , ftoa 8 and U) Pine etieet, N. T. WO LBT? THB TWO 8TORT AND ATTIC BRICK I Home 1>0. M) Wa'ta atreet: oontalna gaa and Croton. To ag-4M) tetant It will be rented at a low rata. Apply at 97 Water atreet. r LET? THE BROWN STONE EN0LI3H EASEMENT bouae Na 62 hast thirty- eighth aireet,near fourth ave nue, and nearly on thesumm't or Murray Hill. For further particular* inquire on ths premises. stent cheap. rO 1AT? fHE FOUR STORY FIRST CLASS HIGH ?toop brown atone Bouae, No SI "eai For/y fifth atreet, near Fifth avtnue; 'ull :noaern conveniences. immediate poaweatcn. Rent low to a good tenant. Opes from 8 to II A M. P LBT? THE FBONT HALF OP THE FIRST CLAM four story Dwelling Bouse, no iff eat Twenty aeeond strert. Fir t class atreet Rent low to a small family 1m mediate possession. Inquire of Mr. DURKRN, on Ute pre ?ntaea. LET? A HANDSOME TWO STORY COTTAOE _ bouae, with basement 11 flnbbed rooms, nearly new, en the bank* of the river at Bay Ridge, New Ctreolit, within five nili u'es walk of the Hay nidge branch of the 6ro klyn city hallroad, as< in the vlciulty of good fishing and bathing, laseeslou may be had Immediately Inquire of A/HA L U NN Br, near the premlaee. TO Lf T? FROM TBB 1PT OF MtT, THE FCRN1HHED Bouse No IB hast Thirteenth street, near University plare Address box 712 Poat ofllce TO LBT? AT FORI/HAM, WEtTCUSRTER CO NTT. A . new Houae, complete for a large family; btable, ix, with n bout six actca. Apply to H. H. TAiLOR, 73 West street. rt LBT? NO. IS GRU8B1 MVIkEET, NEAR OBAND, three atorr and basement House, ta good repair, with ?as, chandeliers, hath, range, hot aod ootd waver to aeoontf floor: good yard, Ac Apply on the premlaes TO I JIT ? THE TWO iTORV AND ATTIC BBICK HO08E M Hammond street next to the corner of fourth, oon Uinlng Uc rooms. Rent 86A0. inquire ol K BLaNCHBT, 2<J4 Mxth a?eiiiie before 10 o'clock A. M or after 4PM PO LET? LOW, FOR BUSINESS, STORAOE OB manufacturing In parta to suit tenants, the Are ntory extra stronz Store 18 Thames street, corner cf Trinity place. Dlmci nlons :t?i<57 feet, and haa flue light. Apply to H. J. 0" hHM ANN, 15 Broad atreat. TO LRT-OOOD LOFTH, OR PARTS OF LOFTS; ALHO. Oflice and Desk Room. Apply at *12 o road way, up stairs. TO LET? FBBNIf HED OR CNF 'RNISHRD, A pplenoMi Houae, on Lexington aeen>ie_. brown stone front. In good order A furnished House, on Twenty-sixth atreet; rent $90 . Also, a large number of other Hoasca, at annta very low, as follows:? From tvO to $ftu each, Apply to JOHN PETTRBTCH, ii& Third avenue, or 310 Fo rrth avenue. mo LET? 1 BE FOLLOWING DEsIRaBL HOUSBS:? X 109 Kant Fifteenth st , near Htujveeant square, rent 91,100 house and Store 64 Catharine atreet. 1,600 161 East Fourteenth street 1,1(10 US West Fortieth atreet ?0U SI btuyrea ant street 780 33 htmreaaat atreet Apply to DANIEL T. MACFARL AN, 180 Tenth atreet, aear Third arena* r LBT? HIE FOLLOWING DBSIRABLB HO J8ES :? Noa 144. 144 and 1U Eaat Uth at., rent each $1,1(0 194K and 110 RAat SOU st ?' MO No. 889 M avenue '? 800 Mo. tlOM avrnne " ICO Na 148 But Uth street ?? J,3u0 Mo. 192 April near Th to THOMAS MACF ABLAN, Ma 180 Tenth street, Ird avenua TO LBT? THB THRBB STOBY AND ATTIO, HIGH stoop brtek Dwelling Houae, No. 800 Weat Twentieth street, oppoefte Chelsea aquare; haa ten bedrooms; alao No 27# Weat Twenty-flrat ataeet, eleven bodiooma; alao 271 Weat Nineteenth atreet, ten bedroo - a. The above houses are of the first claaa aod replete with bathroom, water oloaeta. waah tuba, gaa flxturee, and every eonvenlenoe that can be do aired. Alao the atwre and basement ln the white marble building, Na 181 Ninth avenue; a dealrable atand for a la dles' shoe atore, or the woodeo ware business. Apply to D. A. cnsHMAN, No IU Ninth avenua, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets. mo LET-IN JERSEY CITY, SEVERAL NEW IIOUBB8. 1 In ei eel lent nelglihorhooda, with gaa, hatha, Aa ; Ave ml nntee' walk from New lork and Krla Compaay'a ferry. Rests from ?8M) to BM0. Apply to J. S. NOTEsToffloe cor aar of Jersey avenue aad Sou ih Fourth street. rLET-A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN TWBNTT fourth atreet, between Madlaon and Fourth avenuea; thiee atoiiea, water and gaa on every floor, and elegantly fur nlahed. Rent 8126 monthly. Address J. F. B., b.u WW Poet otlioe. TO LBT-NBAE POBTC H K8TE R DEPOT, WEHTrHES ter county, a House. with eight urat of land, barn, car riage house. liable*, orchard, plenty of fruit and ?haO? trees; rent mode rata B. LAWRENCE A OO , 62 Eaet Fourteenth street. r LET? HOUSE WO. 40 VE8TRV HTEET, CONTAIN in* etcren Booms, |u and water; rmt WO. Inquire aa above. rl LET? TH E LOWER PART OF MM NO 75 Charltoa street. consisting of tiro parlors, t?o baeemente and two or three bedroom*, all large and In good order, tha upper part occupied by a (mall family with bo children. r LET -THE LARGE COTTAGE, STABLE AND BIX lota of bandanmelv shaded ground, near the corner of Broadnayand Fifty f ourth street Auction sale of the fur niture, en Tuesday. Apply on the ) remises. w, J ? H l'EW AST mo LET-A HM AixL, Til REE 8 TORT BASEMENT AND X under cellar brick fiouee. 134 Baat Forty llrst street, near third avenue, with gaa and fixturee, range, hot and cold wa terjbath, Ao., all In good order; rent $S7A Apply oa the pre r LET? THE THREE 8TORT AND ATTIC DWELl? log House No. 38* Fourth street, near Lafayette uiaoe, with aO the modern lmprovementa. Inquire at 71 Maiden ane, up stair*. r LET -THE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS IN house 134 Tbenn peon si reel; the eeeond floor eon elate of four ruome, cloeeta, Ac., to let with front baaement . third lloor, four room*. cloeeU, Ac. , rent moderate. Apply on the premizes. r LET-ON U1TH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AMD Fourth a\ enuea, near the Central Park, a wall finished Cottage llouae. eight loom* and fine yard farillUea, good for getting down town. Rent flOU. Poeseeelot given Immedl ately. inquire SW Pearl street, or on the premlsee. r LET- FOR SIX OB TWELVE MONTHS, FURNISH ed or unfurnished. a handsome House with all the mo dern lmprovementa, elegantly situated on Fifth arena*, Her Irm. flrat Houas north w^ of l.*th street, chotee fruit trees. flowers, garden. Ac. Fd?lture first claaa Or would be eoid or eiebanged for a brain stone beaae In the clt? Inquire of TBOB H. QATNOB, 196 Broadway, or on the praraleee. ELBT-THB BEYOND FLOOR AND BACK BABE nent. with batli room, ga?. Croton, Ac , first olaas house, ?anllv situated Also a Third Floor, la same neighbor bond ; rent rttj low. Apply on the premleee, 470 Seoond avenue, near Thirtieth street. mo LET-AT 3*1 BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME STREW, X a Store on serond floor; also Rooms and Oflleea, suitable for offices and residences, with gun and Croton wat?r. Apply to T. ?. El VETT, on the premls? mo LET-TO A KM ALL G ENTEEL FAMILY. THE CP X per Part of the three sto>y lilgh stoop brick House 111 Weetrorty -sixth street, with modern Unprcvamente ? lower pert oceBjiled by the owner and hl? wife. Apply on the |>re r> LBT? AT TONEEB8, A HANDSOME VILLA, WITH slil .'.sol ground laid out aa a garden, with frail treee, Ac The house contains ten rooms bi-aidee the kitchen. It will be rented with the furniture, for the year, at a reasona ble reat. Apply at Dr Chilton s ollloa, >6 Priuee street, N.T. TO LET-THE THREE STOBT HIOM BASKMKNT Hotiss m dem Im pruvenMnte. 1M Weet Twsnty fourth street If d-sired. Carpet* and P%rl v Furniture for eale. Good neighborhood. Apply on tbe preailee*. .. nrto LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPFEWPART 1 ef the hause M Sixth avenue For particulars Inquire ?f Dr. Boefeowltr, 1M West Nineteenth street T) T.ET? A FIRST CLAM OOMMODIOUB DWELLING House with ?n acre lot highly cultivated, on Gates ave nue, liemeen K rank 'In and Bedford avenu *s. Brooklyn, will br let to a responsible tenant at the I >w r.nt of J?*' for the ensul way. ensuing ^ear. Apply to ALEXR. KUR8HBEDT. 140 Br itd TO LKT? 1 SMALL, NEAT <1 >TIU0 COTTAGE. TO ?ether with the requisite standing furniture, pleasantly M'tated otl tbe east side of Huntington harbor, L. I.: rent tilt) to a good tenant. possession 1st of May. For further particular* apply to WM. KRMBLB, Ren,* Broadway, or loR ?? POST, Esq , near the preealees. TO LET-A NEAT AND CONVENIENT THREE STORV brick House, SOB West Thirtieth street ; rent $318; would be let la apaHmente to small families immediate poeeeeeloa eaa he hssT F. 01: HRT. Si West Thirty third street P LET-IN NBWABK, NEW JEBHET. A TWO STOBT House. In perfect order; has gas with flitune complete; attached Is a large fmtt and vegetable gard'n, location good, onb flve minutes walk from the Market street depot Beat g?W per year. iMaire of I1N A BOND, IW Broat etreet, Rwwt, or of Mr VaUBINO, M? Bowery, hew Tort P LET-A PART OF HOCSE IN AM EXCELLENT aetgbbiwhsnd In Seventeenth ward, e insisting of haek basemen , with hot and eold water and gaa, front and back Parlors no first floor, and three Ronass oa the Ihlfi Boor; piHltege in t?athrorm and cellar; large yard. Apply at hard ware store,*! Bowery. ?OPS?, mow, ?>., TO LIT. rLBT? LOWER PART OP HOOK 14 BBT?CN* street iflrat street below Twtlftbi, near Ablngdnnsqtsare; two farlors, front snd back Baaemsnt, with several slnsoM Rooms : range, bot sad cold water, |w, good yard. Rent f3M per annum. rLET-AT 110 SECOND STREET. WILLIAMSBURG, i be Second Floor neatly furnished for housekeeping, to a small family of adults, good reference required. Inquire as above. TO LET-IN 1 HE TOWN OK FL4TBP8H, L t, A convenient Cutt.ige House wuh seven rooms, cellar ana two Lois of Uiound, near the car route and Pulton serry. Inquire at the toll gate, Klatbush road. Rent $175 TO LET-PaRT OP THE HOCBE 31 J HBNKY BfHBET consisting of aroond story and part of third to a small family ; Croton, !*? and modern Improvements; rent low to a good tensnt. Apply on the premises, from >0 to 4 o clo><k. TO LET? THB NICK UlOU BA8EMKNT OP i UK OEN twl bouse 32 Henry street; baa four rooms, gas ana water; tent $1R per month Inquire of STaNTON A CO., 6i Canal street near hldrldge street. TO LET-IN A BROWN . TONE FRONT HOUSg, WITH ail the modern Improvement*, In Thirty third street, be twee Li Second and Third avenues. the third Hmrv consisting of four rooms, rent $200, or with Parlor on Urtl floor, prioo $220. Apply st 133 East Thirtieth street. TO LET-TWO ROOMS, WITH Oat, IM ? Pri vate family, furnished or unfurnished; would be let for housekeeping to one oi two persons ; terms moderate , refe rence s required. 3$ Am street, between Eighth a venus and Hudson street. TO LET- 'OR MX OR TWELVE MONfHS, FSOM MAT 1, a rum tithed House on Fifth avenue, near Thirty fourth street, at a low rent, to * small family. Addreea box 1,627 Post office TO LET-THE THhKB BTORY BRICK HOI HE, NO. 1?I Islington avenue, la good order. Meat $**) Inquire of PISUfcB A HOLDfeN, No. 8 Pine etreet apd 1.244 Broadway 1>0 LET-PROM MAT 1, THE ENTIRE SECOND 8TQRT of bouse No 310 Molt street, near Meecktr, consisting of our rooms, with water and gae; rent moderate. rI.fc.T-A VERV HANDSOME FLOOR ON THIRD aveaue, 479, witb moderntlmprovpuienis, seven n> ms, range, wash tubs, wafer closet, marble ma 'tela gas Oxturea, sliding doors, Ac Apply to JOHN FETTttEiCU4lA Thlra avenue, or 310 Fourth avenue. rJLBT? TMM LuWBR PaRT OP THRBB bTORY briek Heuse No. 177 Orchard street, eoasl sting of niue fonts, vtx ; Vroat aad Hack Parlors anil Tea Room, Front and Rack Basements bad Bedroom, and three Booms en third floor Oaa ssid Croton. Bent, $400. Apply as above. r) LET- A 1BBBE S^ORY AND BAbEMKN f BRICK bouse, all In complete order. Hot and oold water, bath, g?? An nent $M/0. Mo 119 Weat Forty Ui to street, near tilth avenue, inquire on the premises TO LET-A B48EMBNT. BU1TAHLE POM A PLUMBER or gas fitter, or any other respectable business. Apply en the p renin ss, U Carroll pla?, Bieecker street. TO LBf-NO. 14S WEST FORTY vIXTH BTRBBT, near Broadway, a four story English basement House, iu go d order, with ail modern Improvements Rent $000 Ap ply to l/ANIfc L llloMr SON, 1,429 Broadway, near Forty, seoud street. TO IJlT_NO. 107 WEST FORTY SIXTH STREET, NEaR Sixth avenue, a three story Bnglinh basement House, in good o< der, with modern improvements. Rent $400 Apply to DaMEL iHuMPBt/N, 1,429 Broadway, near Forty- seoond street. TO LET- THM THRBE BTORY HOCBE 177 WAVBB ley place, with all modern improvement*, rent $4BU; also. Iloui- at ? onken, garden and stable attached, suitable for a guiteel residence or boarding bouse. Apply to E. BLOOMER, 30 v lne street room No 4. TO LET- T1TB SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSB M STAN ton ttreet, confuting of Parlor, Bedroom and Kitchen, with or without Room on the third fljur; gae and water; rent from $900 to $212. rro let-a La roe basement in broadwat, u n. X der 'he Howard House, l?o 17P? suitable for a plumber, trank store Be it Is spacious, and has attached to It a large vault under the walk TO LET-ON bbnt street. gbbenpoint, a two story and basement brick house . high stoop ; three minutes walk ? rum Troth and .wenty third street ferries; all In good order with gas Inquire or P. C. PROVOST, at Poet oUice,- Ureenpolnt, or of M O. BANKS, 84) Bread way. New York TO LAT? a MtDll'M, FABdIONA *LB BR >WN STONa House baa foujleen rooma M feet deep, good yard, gae, fixture', bath, Ac , at 109, eighth street, at. Mark's plans r?n? low to a respee able tenant i$64U> inquire at 107 81. Mark s ylaoe; stages paas tfre bonee every five miuulea TO LET? HALF OP A SMALL THRBS STORY PHILA delphia brick House, to a small family. Rent $100. Ap ply atxi> - eel Fifty-fourta street, or at in West street. rLBT? NO. SMONROB STREET, Pi BaSANTLY BiTU ated; two stones and attic, front and rear basements; sutlideul .or two families. Kent low to a good tenant. la quire on the premises, or at the carpet store 19 dowery. qno LET? THE WHOLE OR PRINCIPAL PART OP THE X four story first clanablgh storp bro*n stone House Wo. 24 W ent thirty nlnh street, near Fifth avenue. Inquire of P TH AdCHmaN A CO , No 98 Duane street, or at No. M Weat 1 hirly ninth itraeL mo LET? W ITH BOARD, IN A FIRST OLA 48 PRIVATE X heuse. No. X 0 W eat Tblrtv -second street, between Blghth aad Ninth avenues, a targe front Room aad Closet, I to a gentleman aad wife, or to oae or tw? single g Dinner at sis o'clock. reen Blghth I ?ouhbTiW rro LET? A DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSB, _ Inquire on the premises. TO UT? FOR ONE YEAR, A RICHLY FDRNI8HBD House, on full lot containing ten rooms, sub eellar, and all modern Improvements; rent $100 per month, leas B70 per month for the Board or the landlord and wife if preferred ; young children, other boarders and to relet la not allowed; poss' s- k n at onoe; the neighborhood U pleaaant and mtlet Apply at ty drove street, between Bieecker and Bedford streets, from 10 A. M. to fi P. M. TO LBT? WITH BOARD? TO A GENTLEMAN AND wife, a handaome Koom, with large pantry, bath, Ac., on the third floor modern bouae, \M West Fortieth street, near Seventh avenue, leras very reasonable. References ex chang d. TO LET? IN BBOOELYN, FOUR WELL FURNISHED Houses, in central locations; range, water and gas; every oonv. nlence i or good tenants; large yards; rent low. Apply at 290 Bridge ulreet, Brooklyn. rLBT- FROM 1ST OF MAT, IN A FBI V ATE FAMILY, an unfurnished Room and Bedroom, with Board, to a ?eatiemaa and wife or two single gentlemen. Apply at 13i West 1 wenty eighth street. r LIT? PART OF HOUSE 111 EAST THIB'Y THIRD street, Bear Lexington avenue . first floor, with kltshen. p at $276, or third floor, aix rooms, rent $19B. Apply as above mo LIT- A NEW THREE 8TOKT BRIOK HOUSE, X with all the windern Improvements, In Firty-flfth street, e>onnd bouse east of Third avenue, on the north aide of the street; rent $380 per year. Apply at the otllceof French s Hotel. ri LET? THAT B. .KB DID DWELLING HOUSE corner of Lalgbt tod Varlck atreeta; ban been used u a b< arrtlig house for the last fir* yean; Ihejhoune will be put In go- d repair, and let cheap to a good tenant. Apply at 174 Hudson street. r LET-ABOUT HALf OF THE HANDSOME brown atone Dwelling, 207 Went Forty eighth atreet, be twetn fvlghtb ai d Math avenues, with or without Furniture, rent $2&> per annum. Inquire on the premises, of 1L H. LICBTeNwTBIN. 307 West Forty eighth atreet. fHO LET? THE CPPEB PART OF THE HOUSE, 4M Hudson atreet, containing eight Rooma. aul labia for a boarding houae, rent $460. pait taken out I u Board. Ap ply In the bakerv. rLET-PABT OF THE STORE. 156 FULTON itreet, two door* from Broadway. Inquire on the pre mlses. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, AT 1MCHABLES atreet, Second Floor, Ave Rooma, and Back Basement, five Panlrlee, water. fae (separate meter', waahbooee, nloe Sard, Ac. Other part la ooeupted by four adults, Rent tow, '"aaeaalon Immediately r LET-VERT LOW, A FIRST CLASS HIGH STOOP three atory brick Houae, In Kaat Twenty eighth atreet, I Mar Leilngton avenue. All the modern Improvemeata, aaa flitarea, As. Rent $700. EJNSU1MEK A WILOOX, No. 34S Fourth avenue. TO LET- THE LOWER PART OF A NICE HOUSE, ON twenty elghlh atreet, co rotating of first Floor, four Rooma, Ra ement and aervanU' Room. Haa gaa flktureg and water: In nlee order, with aeparate entrasce Rent f 25 per month. EiNbHIMER A WILCOX. >*3 Fourth avenue r LET-FOUR STORY HOUSR NO. 61 HORATIO atreet, with modem Improvemenu Rent (MO. Alao good Attic Rooma. for storage, In the Bowery. Possession May I Inquire or A. M FANNINO MS Bowery _____ fpO LET-A SMALL OENTEEL HOUSE ON TVf ENTT 1 eighth atreet, la gplMdld order, aul table t<n a amall f ami ly of four or lire persons Alao the small Hsu?*6ll Second avenue, with bay wlndews, at $460. J. H. BILL. 1X6 Fifth avenue, corner Twenty third atreet. r LET-IN A NBWLT FINISHED HOUSE, MB WEST Twenty seoond atreet, the eeeond floor, ooaalstlng ef three large Rooma and three Bedrooms, with one attic Bad from, gaa and Croton, and water closet. inquire of A. M< BRIDE, MS Twenty aeaond atreet. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART OF IBhouae 7W Ure. nwi h atreet, near Abingdon squar-, c in slating of three Rooms and I'amrlee. on the aerond. and one front Room on third floor; baa all the modern Improvements. OX) LET? FURNISHED, A REAUTI FULLY SITUATED I A atone Villa, with magnlfloent lawn of aeveral acres, In cluding rarden, fruit, forest aad a had" trees, atable. Ae . at ElllottTine, North Shore, ftta'en Island; per'eetly healthy, ilelightful neighborhood, half an hour from N'-w York; naar I bailor's Snug Harbor landing. Fare three ceota. Inquire at Or Elliott's ollloe. Ne, 7 A a tor place, Blgnth street. or of BARRRTT, BR1NSM ADE A BARRETT, 3aU Wall sire-" ">0 LET-HOUSES, STOKE*, SALOON H. ROOMS, - Floors, Raaement* Cheapest yet 513 Waahlng'on, 29 Oreane, 444 Greenwich, 146 Franklin, J4 Walk' r, 62 and IM2 F.aat Broadway, 67 and Ml Monroe and 89 Market atreet*. Inquire for any anrpoaa. at 3f and M East Broadway, or to Mr /.OREL, basement, H7 Walker atreet. TO LET-IN DOMINICK, NEAR HUDSON STREET Record Floor, thr?e rooma. and bedroom In attle, to a amall genteel family. Rant $2W Apply on the premises, 146 Domlnlck atreet. TO LET-THB SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING TWO ? I'arlora, one Bedroom, bathroom and pantries; one Bed room In the attic, hot and cold water, gaa and other prltl legea Kent $360. Inquire at Ml Canal street. LET-IS MARKET STREET. BACK PARLOR, RE eond floor, with Bedroom adjoining, and one 'ront, with P' 1 v?'?**Mon Immediately. Apply M abore. to rLET-PABT OF A HOUSE ; SECOND FLOOR AND Khene* with ever* eouiealewoa, In perfect order. Pan -Ssas"1 st-ss ,?rE!^vs.'A''8s, Fifteenth street. To a small fasally Without ehlldren rmlj. r""-^T A TBBT LOW BENT. A TUB I MOST biiek House la par feet order; all lmprr*enaenu. One yard ollnlotb, at a bargain If desired Location eteellent, nsar waahington aqnars aad Right h street. Aldress Albert A. Wtaeor, iTotoB sqnars PoateSaa ffO LET? TIB LABOEB HALF Of A THRU STORT 1 House In Twelfth street, hstws? With aad Seventh a ?? adul<a. Doctor, 1M Hnalader of heaai will be unapliil by two or three Netfkkorkaad nasaaapllsaskla Inquire of 'he

? Stufc areaa? ?wbm, room, mc., to wrr. TO JLBT-THE DI1ING ROOM AND IIFCHEN OF A Hotel, kept on U? Buropeiaa plan. B?rOy furnished, ssd doing s first rate business. Term* u?o?le-ele. Apply for two t>j< 4t 767 Broadway, eoraer el Ntoth atreet, room L TO I4?r_ THREE STORY AMD SASBtfBN X HOUSE, ?lth all tie modern impruvtmente, 31 Meat Washington I lew. h*nt $6th. ri O LET-1.N BROOKLYN, NO V6 RRIOGE HrRBBf, J near >'oncord. fi'teea mtaatea from Futon er Wall mr?-el f*?ry, a thrte atory aud ba??meut brick and browu ?Wm House, in perfeet order: g?s and water; r^oiRtSO Apply at <1 e house or at 94 Liberty street, Hew \ orh, up stairs T< I.ET-THB FODRTn FLOOR OF TWH HOISK SSI Tanal street, cnntainlng four R*oats; C?ot'.<n water on floor ; ien> $16 tier mouth Apply at ahov?. TO LfcT-IWO PLKAtUN? i', OR tHB h ew tow u pUok r?>eo, aud a half from tse Williamsburg fer'les, with from li to I* 1 >?? nf ground at tache I fruit snd shade tree*. Kent $176 aud $2tA. Apply to A KArELVH, 61 Jobusiretk TO L?*TA BA.-KMENr ANO 1*0 FLOORS, ON A Eighth avenue, near thirty uiath Itrwt, (tUMMe for a shoemaker or Alio' TO LKT-H0C8R no. 202 ?B(jr TWWRTY POURTH | ?treet, sear Ninth avenue, with all the m deru Improve i mentai good asiahberhood, la the rear of London terrace. Possession immediate^ . For pajtieulara inquire next duor, ; No 290 r, i w ' ? ."? TO LET IN BROOK LV N ? S70 HENRI STREET ; QNE haadanme three etory brown a'one House, with gas At tune, water, Ac , bath will t>e putin If required. Iajuire ? ?I 11 M. SltfhRM^N, '8H Broadway rLET 01UAP- A FlRrtT CLaSH THRKR 8TOAY, high atooo. brewn stoae House, wtth gsa flvturee com plete; rent $660. apply on the premises, 2aB West Fli lieth street. ? ? . r1 LET OR FOH flALB-BROWN 8^VE HOUSE ? West "> hlrly-aevsnth street, between Fifth and Siith avfi ?ue?. Apply to Mr. CROMWELL, 19 William street. To lei ob lease ? for' five ybarh, a small tl>ree*swry brtek House ? tuatod near sixth avenue, No. 67 West Twemy-n'nih street; rent$t<ti, waste pip* aad water la, but no gas. Inquire oa the premises. rLET OR LEA8B? THE TWO FIRST CLASS DWEL Iidj Bouses Noa. 7# and 77 East Fourteenth street, be tween Fourh sveaue and Irvtna vltce They were bul t in the most thoro ugh ?nd substantial manner rje the preeent < ccupants, ? Ith brown stone fronts, -tone oomloea. An . and fitted Inslt'e wl'h all modern impruverasnte. extra large far. nace, flre p'oof vaults and every possible oonve uleuoe Can be used to advantage for a public institution, aa the nalla ad join and oan readily be connected by arcttea If deelred. Ap ply on the piemiaea Rone but responsible parties need ap ply rLET OB LEASE AT A GREAT BaRuAIN ? THE totir story brown stone Hooar M Leonard street, be tween b ircb street and West H road way. Can be had for boarding house or business purposes E. LAWRENCE A CO., 62 Bast Fourteenth street FO LEASH. FOR FIVE YEAR*- SBPAKAI ELY OR TO gfiht r, four Lota oa Attorney and Kidgn streets, between Delanoev and Broome streets, now ooruplea as an Iron found ry by John h. Flatt. to he vacant oa May 1. Apply to C. C. rlRCh NKY, 72 W all aireet TK) RUNT? OR FORTV HROONDBTRBBT, NEAR NINTH X avenue, Noe 2)6 and 118 West Forty second street, >w h three stortea, brie k bkah stoop, 17xfiU feet; rent $000 apply to B B 1,T)L> W A CO.. Na 3 Fine . treei. The cpfbe part of a small tiih.k.; mtor? and baarmeat brick Beuae, ta Thirty tulrd h reel ne&r Broadway nonsla'ing ?' three ntoe Rooms on >erond aad two on third floor, m a small genteel faaslly, vater, gas Ac , In he house : rent $201'. Apply at No 1.27A Broadway, Djit to oorner of Thirty fnnrth -treet. The srcono srottY in a fi^t claim house, ho. (0 tourtk s>reel, to let, eoualstinK of tve room a pant iles, Ac,, sad a bed room In the attls Pi ice $300. Inquire cf WM. NA^OLE, #1* taudaon a treat. Three ktori d*ellin(j us lkxinoton ave nue, eoracr of Thirtieth stree , in good order, with all the modern Im prove iumi- ; resa leable rrtiv to u go Ml tenant aIho H ouse 198 hast len'h street (leeond avenue), furxiabed if desired, and put lt> the beatord?r. Apply at fountain's India atore, 663 Broadway THBFE LaR'IE 1HRBF. STORY BROWN BTORB H<>uaea In 'Aest Forty fourih street, between Seventh avenue and Hriadway. lately built Also to let, the first and fourth M'HTs'of house 2ti2 Ninth avenue, aear 1'weuty third street. Apply >o haMHEL COHF N, 64 S road ? ay. ?r o B1!TtHER?-TO L T, * HLAOIIITER HOCsE. I Inquire of E, BAKBEK, 166 Ninth avenue. Valuable corner phoprrtt th fhltor street tsletar kaaa-la 112 Falton, eoraer Duteb ? aiae ' 26 feet b 81 laquire freas IS ta 3, of P. R. SrR^NO, 7 ? W tUlain street, aeeoad ie-?r roYsF" t^nTy^Tiie? sTt?KT.-Ti letTThb vv very desirable ll'iuva Fos 269 aad 201 ; aUo IM West Twenty fourth street: parties of respectable y will find this an eligible oppor unity Apply to P. IlAkM jMY'd Ntt PHF,?S A t'O . M tireenwtea street, or A. LBAMAN, 217 West Twenty third street fc&lll _A SMALL RROVN STONE UOUdK ON BUlUa Forty seventh street, naar Broadway; largo gar. den front and rear, has ball), gaa, chandeliers, stationary tube, Ac. The Furniture which la new, will be sold al a i bargain. A poly at 820 Hroadway. PuRT A THOMAS. | rr co broal way.? to lft, superior rooms in I do the verv beet fashionable bualneaa location tn the i aMy. Peculiarly adapted foe soana light manufacturing, offlee or sleep' ng. Inqnl re at Mr* LoveU s Parte mUMaery aaub Mahmant toe modem improvements Thirty first street, with all JHWAHC1A JU. AUGUST BELMONT A CO , BANKERS, HO. M WALL ?treat, >ew York, laaue letteie of aredlt to traveller*, araHalla la all pane Bf Europe. through the Meaant. Rntha child, of Parla, London, Prank/art, Vienna, Naplea and (hair eorreepondeata. CITIZEN* ?AB LI (.Mr STOCK OF BROOKLA'N. N, T. ?For aale by JOHN B. ML' UK AT, 39 Naaean itraat, eppolte Poat oAee. Land warrants fob bale ALL T1IB IIZE& TA* LOR BROTHER*. Jt7 Breed waf.oorner of Murray ?t> eat, Ann 70 Wall etreet, corner of Pearl. Remittances to BNOLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALRB. Bight bHle on tb? 1'aion Bask ov Lokdon, Natiosai. Bark or ScotLAirv. Bbltavt BAXama CoarAKT, Iriia>p, Id auau from 11 upwarde, Iaaaad by TAYLOR BROTHERS, Bankrra, M7 BROADWAY, eorner MURRAY STREET, And 76 WALL BTRBBT. SOVEREIGNS. BANK OF BNOLAND NOTES, BOUttHT ABD BOLD. _ TATLOR BROTHERS, 147 BBOADWAT, eoraar MURRk* STREET. And 71 WALL BfRBBT. eorner PEARL. TATLOR BROTHER*, BANKERS, 1 76 WALL STREET, MEW TORE, Have opened a new branch o?<* at U7 BBOAJDWaY, CORNER OF WITEBAT STREET, To wbl?ti we Invite the attenUen of oar op town f rtenUa. The Walt etreet oOae la continued aa naiial TAYLOR BROTHERS, 79 Wall atreet, and M7 Broadvay. corner of Murray "treat. AAA TO LOAM? ON BOND AND MORTOAOE >PDl).UUv In auma of $1,000 and unwarda. for one or mora veara. on productive real huh in tbla elty. Apply to JOHN F. rONRB*. In the o:!loe of the Faopla'a Flra lnau ranee Company. M Wall atreet. iinn nnn^o loan on bobd and mobt ?XUU.UUU gage on productive Real Batate In thla ci It and BrooklynV In auma to aalt apnltoanta JAMBH O BRIEN, 13 Wall atreet, aeoond atory, front oll.oe. LOAW OFF1CEII. ATM CBDAB RTBBBT OPPOBITB TEE POST OF A Ben? HBNBT HYM AN. Diamond and Weteh Broker Oaafc advanced on Diamonda, Watehee and fewelrv, or bnya the anme for aah. Will remove hla oSleetm the 1* of May to 4H0 Broadway. A T II CHAMBERS BTREBT. -MONET TO LOAM, TO A aor amount, on Dtamoade. Watcbaa, JrwehrAe, by ?? well known and old eetahbahed ISAACS, broker and merchant, 11 rhambere etreet N. B ? No fcaM 1 on Batnrday. ATM NASSAU STBBBT -A. HOMIOMAN, DIAMOND A Broker, aaaka* Uberal advaaaee un Diamonda, ffatibea. Jewelry. Aa. or boya theea at fall value. at hie private offlee. No. M Naeeaa etreel, room No. ?, ap atatra. Buatneee eon A T Ml BBOADWAT, COBWEB OF PBINCB STREET, man Na A np atalre. Money advanced from ?1 te Diamond*, Watchaa, Jewelry, Dry Oooda, Kww 'malneaa will be eonfldi>i BAUMGARTBN A CO. $K>,00b on Diamond*. Watchaa, Jewelry, Dry Oooda, Hwara, o* any M?d of mercheadlae. Ail buainaea will be eanfldea ADVAJtCBB MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCH EB Jewelry and Silver Ware, or bought for naab at the htabaat prtoe Old G"ld anil Mirer bought. Applv at the old eeUbllahed offloea of L JACOBS, C7 William atreet. Branch ?07 Broadway. A MOB B. THOMPSON, UM NASBAO NTREBT, ROOM a Do I, aeeond floor, adraneee from tl to fg 000 on DU moada, Datehaa, Jewelry, Se?nra, Dry Ooode and all klada of propeny, or bnya for aaah. Anetloa aalee atum.le.1 to In thla any or Brooklyn. AMOB R THOMPSON, Auctioneer. F arth. I (iBfan u , fniio?, *Pd Won of a v sans. A8TROLO?t. Am BOBA F1DB AlfTB<)UKil?r. THAT 1?HKT 9m | ou 4?jv n<l on, la Miten* WllxoK, who Ml* U* j?J? of tour fMM u anon u icro antar fear ram Madaaw Vlitniilnimmwi aatrr>tap?l llitl rtr tw known. Hha Mr I* ? lhtla UmM though thay imI not faar, for^H pracUana nothing bat what la r*a*an?Hr to phUo*ophai*.H ?Ban Id arm ?n]t thl* mmt wonrtarf ?1 u4 mfaMrVxi* lady BwMMitkHMwkMa known to Fall, and twenty tbaa ?and dollar* reward to nor ona who ana a<iaal b?w la fba abare antraa*. Mim WUaoa la tn poaaaaatan of tha Mi* bmt?d maflr rharma wfclak nra arar atrttia la tbnlr ?ff*A Truly may ah* ba aallad a wondacfnl woman. M> Mlm ??r*?? hotwaaa Hmurton and Htantaa, ovar tha bakary. Pw ?a? India* and jiailMwm. ?> aaata A nonnno a? hoot womtrtrL-iiASAa A lOUOV wrranUt da?i|fcMr. bar* with a aaal aad A a? finikM, WO* how aaaa aad nftan rrm will marry, *ai a* eneaerea of bfa, stw your rary thoathu Aa naraMaai thnaa who *1rft bar will aot narrat V ftaMaaata. Utttmd law, tf* dm* fmm Roaaun ah lit OaotMMa aol admlttad bat. no. m isnnrni ATimm, nkai ?math atraat, anrprlaa* all wha >ldl k?r Tha I aad aaludky ahanld taat bar pawnr. Ma lalla ita, laaky numhara, Inaaaa Ladla* M nam la 1XADAMB H ABTBT.? UBS CAB IBFOBB RBB MABT JP frUnda and tka pubtta of all tb? arxnta tf lira If yaa wfcB Uba tntlgn b#r a nail at BM IMitlm atiwt. a?ar ?fcartfT Udla*?mta OantlaaMn art admitted Baura frMilUUa, SALES or RIAL UTATK. APBRPOM WI9BBR TO BXOBANlflB A Fr*B ?lajw, luur ?lory tenement I "a* U' tltor* ? ""M ma* of this d'T, and pay* u?n per oent, foraunAil ??'i| ? a plAce Is a village bMi a depo'. witbln fr in Ma to 'orty mil** from New York, ?or h fnm At 000 to ?*,<**- A?pl? ?p Will KIaDK, Mercantile Hotel, ItiA Lunac ?treat, n?*r Uua. ? n Atrtel, from 12 to 2 P. M ; or in the evening, after A BMROoSELYN _r?i* HALR. A MB AT T8&BS 8TOBY tkMciueul Uouml lab eallar, |U ttiture*, run. uiarala nian'?U; at nnr 120 feet; excellent garden, with rtei r*o* vtuea, ? >wer?, Ac. 176 Adam* ??m*i d u Coneord, w?o miuuUa' walk from Wall alJ Fult >n feme*. Term* ea?y C1?U?TR? BBaT ON SIaT** InL AND FOR ?<LS J or 1 1 le*. ? On the Bichmocd pUnH road I % mtW fr 'in itrtmbM'. landing At Roaevllle And of U -u In! tod rallroAd, containing 11 acre* at LAad, One Harden, An ; large new House, containing 14 room*, ?ith baih'oom, An Out holloing* oompleu will be tented lov aooI* u> maMUBL F. 1) A n (It K eottoaellor At Iak, 61 bftulty Building*, between U and 1 ?'eiook DhPIRAB'E COUNTRY BEAT FOR 8aI,E OR TO LET? On South Orange avenae, one mile and a quarter from Newark nine mile* front New \qk, oontalning '.'j a~re?; tool! three ?tory brick building, with g <od outbuilding*; ?Uo ?bnndAnoeol rruitand shAde tree*. And tine ?P'-lng >' wAter within A few feet of the houae Aptdv to MaOILIk A B-tO 1UO, lew Liberty afreet, or to Elhti A BONO, Ne*a?k, M.J. Farm for r alb at white plain*? the cnder ?lgntd, executor* ol' Alexander McFnrquhar, d*oea<ted, will *ell at publ is auction, At the dwelling biuaeof the :a? Alexander McFarquhAr, la White Plain*, on the l*t d?? of Mas, lhttl. At 12 o'aloek < , the f Arm formerly owned by John B. uedney, o ntAtolng about >00 Acre* of land the 'arm i? la exealieat condltl a well feuced p> inctoal y ?tth atone wall. 1 be Dwelling Houae bai been built within a few yeAra, And la large And; Al the outbu ldlog* are n-a-ly ne*. and Are In good condition. All the i?nd, except teta awe or woodland , 1* tlllAble. 1 1 1* (ltualed Me m< Ik and a h *?f from W bite 1'lAln*. on tbe New York and Harl*m- K*tl*n?<l a lArge pArt of the purehane nuney can rvmaln ou the plAJe for a tariaa of yuurk. LKonaha Mli.Ua, I k>??u>ia MO.NTUOMEB1T oaDWEY, j Ar?iL 10, 18S1. For bale-two ok the chbapbs* farms in New Jeraey, only twenty onr mile* from thin cl y, on* mile from eenAl, ?ud four and nix mll',? from ?'Ateraon <let>.jt ; one of oln?ty Anre*; bouse, earn, fruit, wood, water, A I : prlo?; $2,600; ASuO CA*h, bti;-.uoe on mortgage; and a api'inlid Farm or flfly *lx acre*; aiiteeu aorta go id wood, ami a Urgn n>An*lon, 78140 feet, verandAh all Around , nontainl nliw teen room, large outbuiidins*. Ac ; price $6,&00; AUtlOcitil), balance can remain. For particular* apply to A. 8bK(;KaN t, 16 Wall * treat J For falb? a kar* of hixt* acre^, within one hAlf ml1* of Nf.w Brun*w1?k, N. J., and overlooking that city, and iron'ing upon thr^e roadx Uoo?l land but oommou baildlnoi. cli ?>1 convenient, and railrotd d? >ot Within thirty yard*, Al?o (teAmboat c mtnunloition to ^e f ^ork. 1 he owner wAnt* money or ad available equivalent, and will sell it tor $4,500 $<,0iM to 91.SOO lu c.??h or (tonka; the balance can rrmalu lor Ave yeara It la An ohje.-t lor gardem ri). farmen or *pe> >ilat >ra. Apply to W. ll.vHOaN bhKUH No 68 wall atreet, rear baaemnnt For ?ale-on ooilford flacb, FORry rirrn ?trret, e< ween Lexington and Third avenu-'* ilrat cl?M brown *t. no front Uou*?ia, *1 h all the modern Improve m>nt?; pn -e alao one in Fiftieth ?lrent, b twmn Becund and I bird avenue*. Apply on the prem< *e*. Forty fifth atreet. Irnr.t eauy. {ROB HaLB CBEAP, OR TO L T-iN BH ' )n L ? N, " poMenalon iojuu diatel ?, a ulae tbr- e ?t ry orlck >low oorn?r llanaon plAie And K rt Ur? n pl?ce aNo one brown ?tone Hou*e in Portland a* nue onar Waahlugton park. T 0. JACKSON, on the premise*. POH MLK OR 1> X' BBWw A FaKM OF ONB HCN dred And for'y oni acr *, t.\- n i one mliea from New lork In New .ler?ev; dwelling rtnall, itrxe barn, plenty of fruit, Ac. Tbe land I* good, and froe from atone very pro ductive, beautiful y lora rri.and convenient to chur-hea and ncbonl*. Termavery favoraole; good atoekn or city prooerty would be taken In payme nt Apply to W UARbKNB&iliiH, B(q., No. 6H Wall street , rear batemnnt j>OI KALE OB BTOUANQB? A HOUSE tND LAUOE r ' Lot la the e!ly ">f Hyracu*e'. Anelt located, w'th ahni1! b?ry. 4e Will axrhajiije for_g od properly la thlaclty or Brookloa. W. F. JoKO&n, IM Wall ?tr*--'. r>om2U. UOB KALE OR TO LRT-AT ROS-tVILLE, KTATBN r Island, a two s'oiy and at'lo 'ramed H >une, Barn. Ac., together with four ocrnt of land, very pleaa^ntw located ne r the" village, in the Woolrnw k a<?, l??dinn to the depot. The bouite U rearlv new, in g^>-l repair, Tbe?,- la I'ma rope walk ni> n tke M inNee. ab'.ti halt tlie purohaae mi neji an remain on bono and mortgw For t"rm?, to , apply to JOHN MAt >ili> <>OH A CO., l.vt Pearl atreet, or to P. L. ROalELYOU, Roaaville. 701 South *t.e?t, oppoaite i AlbArlne ferry with or with out tbe Ht'ick the two Hiomi above M let (torn tno latof **y. Apply on the prrm'MM /\Ai| ? A BB?< TlFC'L FARM tNI) fOUNTRV ?p'i t/Vf"' Re??denee are for Mle. nea*- Mnttht ivvn Bay, Suffolk C'ltiMy, 1> L The Faem ermtAlOH fiftwoue n:r?*. of wMnb ten are valuable ? iod laud, t*e rmt in tbe bignest KlAtn of euttlvatlon; hou*o lately dtv irated ill t. ntfli'b atvle; barn, outbouaea fenc a, wella, Ac, In perfect order; fine fruit tree*, oocfl flihtng *hootlnt{, iiathtng; ?ceaerv and *iie in ruriiarmed. j^oMoaalon Immediate lu iuire of ht. JOH.NrON, Bo. 14 UuAiie street, New York. Oil nnn -kkai, ehtatb bo admirably ?P LOU?' " locAt?d in thla city, that It will henee foitb ? tea Ally IncreAK* la VAlne, will be atiid at 'air prima, and one third I hereof taken up to 30th ln*t. In bond* o* Kna loeky, M1?onii And lenneeaee At pAr, or o' the two lAtier btAtee at W par cent. Addrara T. J A , box 873 1'oit oilicn. Qui let tit com mod um, ?entire deliet et onua, at com lleet fngcre ne gavre litem. FOR SALM. Auquob store rod sale obbap-ftt'bd up In ant claaa a.yle, with urea year*' leaae from the let ol ?*r . w ill *ell the l.ea?e and Fixture* with or without the Auffk, Inquire At 904 Avenue A. eornar Twentieth *tra*t. 'r'.* 3 1 g? JauAg A JIBATLI FITTED VP LTyUOK STOBK, Wit M U+Vm. A room Mid two Bedro- in*, with stock and (M flimrw*, brer pumpa, Ac , all In good order. To be sold cheap. la quire at 4J? West Thirty tilth street, near Mute avenue. FOR HALE? THE FIXTURES OF A FIRST OLAHH laurant; the beat looatlon In the city down tosro. Will be aold at a great sacrifloe by applying to HMNRY MuCLE It LAN, 29 Wall si reel, basemenl R SALE? HORIZONTAL STEAM ENGINE. BIX home power, In good order. for $100; alao one pair etr eelar hhrara, pair jeweller's Boiler* ; alao some small I.athi* and Jeweller* Tools Inquire a'. 170 Kim street, between Urand and Broome, In basement For rale-tbe lease and fitrnitcre of a tlrat claa* Hotel, influencing a large business, on tbts Inland, will be ?old at a low figure. For terms spply ut 2tw Front street. FiHlR KALE? A LOT OF FIRST CLaHH SECOND HAND 1 Furniture, eonslHtliiK of all the articles required for boiniekrepiiiK and ? ill be sold at ball' their value a* the par ty mint leave the cttv Immediately. Address J. B. C., Herald oflice. Fob hale? the stock and fixtures of the well known Old Tiee Hniim, No. 3D Bowery, earner of I eil ii reel Inquire at 311 Bowery. For hale? a small dbuo stoke, in the oirr of hew Brunswick. N. J frtoe $**. Easy terms will be (ri?en; must be sold within Qve days t> tore with gaa and fixtures and a store room, nan be had for $14 per month, If required, is tn a Rood location and a chance for a begtuner Apply Immediately for particulars, at Ho. TO Cort landt street, this day, from 8 A. M. to 4 F. M., and Tuesday next, from K A. M to V *. For rale? for one third its talcs, the beht down town Haloon In the city; one-haJf cash anil the ba lance in sli months. If desired. Call la the wholesale Li quor Store, No. 23 LlberU street. Eor hale? the stock and fixture* of the Fnbllc Bouse, No 187 Chatham street corner of James, p further Information apply at No. H Chatham street, or No. 176 Weet street FOR RALK-9X0 WILL Bt'T A QOOD BILLIARD RA loon, with two mahogany Tables, marble beds: the res son for telling so cheap wul be ei plained by tVM. ABBOTT, No. 4 Bast Broadway, or At M7 Budaun street; or will trade for merchandise. Good chance -for sale, foe half ioht, tne Bar and Lunch Boom, No 7 Broad atreet opposite the Pnblii Rtore. a few doors from the Custom House, must be sold, as the proprietor la About leaving forth* wai. ClOOD HilELVINO AND COUNTERS FOR SALE r cheap. Inquire in store KJ8 William street. T IQCOR BTORE FOR HALE? WITH ROOMS, AC , TO 1j let Apply at $f Market street, heventb ward. A 1? i?? will be given. T IQUOR HTORB TO LET-IB THE VlOINlfT OF THE Jj City Hall, with ail the necessary fixtures attached : there * a large boarding bona* over the store. Apply 'or farther particulars to MICHAEL DOOD1 , No. 8 Chambers street. OLD ESTABLISHED' DININO RALOON-FOR SALE at a bargain A capital chance foranv perMn wlahlng to engag?| :n the business. Apply to E. B. JOHNSON, 2T0 Canal street . ? ; : f . L . . PROI'FLLBR AND HUE WHEEL BOATH FOB HALE. The caloric propeller Oraoe Irving, MO fee' toag *n1 H feat beam on deck ; alao the little pleasure yacht (lennaiia, 40 feet long and 12 feet beam on deck. Both boats are ready for Immediate servloe. For i .articular* apply at the Calorie Engine sgeucy. 164 Daane street. PLEDGE TICKET FOB H?LF. FOR A SPLENDID (JOLD Hunilsgtlb muometer; also a Tick* I for a splendid Da mond I' in. The owner h?vlng to go |o Washington alth his alment the tickets will be 1?M M?M Address 0 B , box lit raid oXc\ stating when and where an interview may b* had. QT7ABTZ BOCK MILLS AND PATENT FOR RALE? Conceded at the mines the very b'-st for reducing rock mid other haril suhsttri. ?i to Impalpable powilar, w oh bar dened shifting grinding surfaces, easily changed HOUTH WICK k WOOD, *3 Nassau street. STBAMBRH rom HALM ror.t hide whirl sniMRm Tonnage varyinj from 100 In 900 loka. Api>ly to CHAM. W. CUI'HJ jlND, la Broadway, M. T STEAMBOAT .JOH5 H ART, A LI All C0SF1DEN0S, fU* R?kl CHEAP. Hull Iff) f??t long, M rnt beam, hv, reel hold Engine :H ln< h cylinder 9 feat ?iroke; to (nod eonditi n *n1 no* run ning. Apply U) OMAS W. OOPEL.AND. IM Broadway, Hew Tork. STOm AND FIXTTJf ES OF A NE \TI<V FITTEI> VP Liquor more. dolnfaaond tmgineea, will ha no?d, ?? the owner bee other buaineea to attend to. Ia<juire at Ho. ??? , Baat*r nrwl, U. T. ________ WHOLE* VLB AND RETAIL L1UCOR AFORE. IE Brooklyn for gain, finely ?tuatea, aatMMB w two principal trpnuee. U now doing * fond hot? ).>n? leaee m prm,lw; will he dltp.?ed of on m*f termawnh of with out (lock The d la-* I* offered for m? NMf h ? ?* '^fnce of i be death of thm owner. * PJP'/vH'.wi. i - ^ H F'lHoe evonue, or Mi* haTI'BB, M Hacked etreet, Brooklyn. I *1 Cft WILL BUT A FINE UBAT HOHHR, !? HANM ?TlOU high, emin? ted kind; en tirellent flad lle Horee, end en I table for ear k mrj ?orh ; aleo, Top Wagon end Har aeee. Aprly m fruit ?tore ttSS Uudeon etrret, near (irova, , hafoca M.Iial efler ? P ?. AilFA -THE LIARS, "TOTE AND FIXTTJB1H OF A ir^UV. Bnitfr, Gfceaae and Orooery Store, with famUy apartnenie. for eaM; location unetirpatoaa; low rent; doiag a good b'ulneee ; muet b> eold hi two day*. Apply la O B HOWBS * CO., m Broad* *. KOTI'B TO AALITOBMIa BH1PPBBB A* the Calif irula ?t un?r? will in futur* lam fr*H r 1 N. rib rltrr, we shall receive freight there a# the old location WKLLM, PAIUJO B CO. rru bbjtibb awd bob rm ambrioajt martMt I mail. m?r*hhhi ?. ? mou >i? rou ro utivml Chief Cabin tge M| ?mom cabin fum? .m S_ _ "*>? aoaro* to urwooi ___ ilef Cabin finn fUB Oufid CiOill ^l?IM6 . W$ Ibr ahipa from *f? Turk rail at Cork hortor The ?hlp* from Botnu <wl at HaMfai aad Pork karknr. ? PfciulA, Capt. iadkina I A'KJCe, Capt tklMMt ARABIA, Cut t. Btoaa. I CAKaDa Owi A ItaMi APIA Cap,, fi 0 Loll I aMKKU;a, Capt MaAuiar. ADfeTRALABlAN, ( NI AOas a, neat MoodMi Oapi B. M. Hocklay. | B' R > 'A. Cap*. J. Cook. SCO I IA (h* bul'iMa#) Three tnmIi carry a ol? ar white XJjciil at aaaat bead; greaw on atarboard hsw , red on port bow. AJnilCi.Cook, Imth Rfwion, Vt4Mtd*r, A|rt IT PbRfciA. Tadhtna, Hk* lerk, W*dne*d-y, iM M BIaOaRA. Mtodle, Boston, W J 401a, UhL " New York, Wedeeedey, 85 i ARAB. A, Hoc A " Bonton, Wednesday. W U AWHWa, Hbtnnon, ? Daw fork, Wednesday, Bar 9 Bertbr not ?? cored until Mid for Ad ei perlenc* d Mu rg? m on br ard tike owner* of ih?w ahloa wt 1 not be tMoiaUbU tm Wi, Silver, Bniiion. ftpenie, Jewelry, Prnioac MaM o* Hatnia, unless bllla ur lading are atgned therefor a ad Ik* flkM thereof therein eiprnaaed For freight or iiidf Ifftr ?? B CTHARDTBo. riowltHf iwWL OThaM WBKhU BKT'BRN MB* 1UBB iin 3 Liverpool, landing and embarkiag pmiligiii at QaMaa* town, Ireland The! Iverpool, NawYork and I'btlll ?!?>!? htean aklp Uompeny Intend 'l-xpa'ebiag Ihelr full |fMM Clyde bad' iron steamahip* aa foUawa:? OA AMUOW. . . Batarday, Afrt 9 C1TT OP VAflSIMOrOB Saturday, Ma? 4 VlOO ..Haiardhy, Maf II mm* every Saturday , at noon rrom pier 14 North it rm. _ iut*b or ruHtua ? _ Pint Oabin $76 | tUaarwa M da to i.ondon . .. 80 | datounta I - t>'cr?ge return tickets, g? d for all montae. MB _ Paasenge's 'orwa'drd to Parte, Havre, oemberg, Br?. men, Rotterdam, ? n worp. Be at r daned through fwe* Pento' s wishing I" b'tng out their fne"d? aaa bay <B?H here at tba following raua, to New Vork:- Prom Uverpeot ?r gneen'towr, Br?t i aMn, $75, $86 and $ Ud; eloaraf* frvaa lverpool, fin iron. Qneenatowa, $! ? Tbeee ateamera have ?uperlor aceommodatlona fNMIM* gera. and earry ripert>-aaed aargeoaa They are Milt ia water tight iron sectloua, and have patent Bra aanlBHalnn am board. for further information apply ia Liven JNban agent M e ater a reel ia Qlaego K". { Pt. a MOflB * Uam aire ?treet ; i?r at the Oompauy'a olttoea "? " Jt>H? t>. DAJ, Ageat, II Broadway, B. T. "JlUK BTBABUBIP QBE AT KABTBBH, POB LIPBBPOBL, Ia Intended to laave h aw Tark oa or about Bay rAMUOB MORKV Betond ? abin rwtth very superior aeeommor aii?na) , PIrat Cabin f^| OTBaU ntOM Nhv% ViiBK AND HtMiOr TO TBI 7j iHnd, t n?land and ?'entiand, via Ual?av ?The AUaatM Kojai M-ilt-teaoa Navigation Uampaay will rtaapaub fiM) B< num. oa TtTBSDaY. AprU 90, thairlnaw and roagnlfleent na^d a ?heal ?teamahip UOLUHBlA, Mohflrt Lelieb Conuaaadar, touehirg at Ht Johna to laud paaaengere and aiafla, ?atki or rtxaAor. ?h>m e?w toaa oa aoflTOH. PIrat c.bin io Oalwav, i>obHn at Liverpool |7t aad M Pira exbie to Ht John*. >. r Bit ikird niiiD to Qtlway Liverpool, (haagow. or any town in Ireland en a railway. I'erwnn taking uaa^ane In lftw - ork for tha above I receive free peerage fr< m Bew Tark to Bo* ton Nut ICt Panuina w taking to bring out their fr the (0d Country, ean obtain return ttaketa at ver? low I he ateamer a Itr I at I ? i will follow the ')oiuaiMa, from New ork on Tneaday, May i| For paaaage or further iofonaatiou apply to VI d mOBHAH, At the Office of the Company, on tha wharf, foal of Oaaal Miaet, Forth klvnr. nowUABD A ABPWWALL. Ajpatdl Aganta la Boa ton NaBRO BHOB A SwkuBT. STEAMER OP TDB8DAT, MAT 14, TO IXKLaNI), a*?L?NO OB 8COTLABB, Via OALWAT The AUantle Royal Mall Stean Navigation Oompaay'a au# nlfluent ateamor ADRIATIC, (Ponaerjy oOkeoUlkMttie^ I will iei?ve from pier eo 41, f.> tot <)anal alreet oa UteH dat4> KMU'bli k m 9? .loiaa to land malia aud pew ngera ra?ma<ta by thla ate-aaar wlU Kara a #rea Makat turn Oalway toman* of Mte HUea cm the main Uaaa at railway In t'reat Biltaln ard Ireland, thna making It tha aaaet plaa ?mi route for p? raona g"lng to Narupe, enabling them to aaa a g< nd imrtlon of Ireland wi boat eilra ooat. avatdlaa tha danrnr of ahacnal navigation the delay and expeaaa at Ujw p<><>l. and ahnrtenrd aea vojagee, at very low Por paanage or further lafornuitoa apply I* WM. H wlCKnAB, At the offloe of the vnapany, on taa wharf, Foot of Canal atrea*, north rmr. HOWLAND k AJfdPlNWAiaLs Aganta. STEAM TO 1IAMBCRO, HAVRE, LONSOM AKB 1 rotitbaaaptnn. Tha HAMfiURO ABBBKIAM PACBBT COlfPAKT'B troa ateamablp BAVARIA. B. MMer Commander, iiiijlag the United Htatee mail, will leave from pier 31 Narth river, foot of Pulton atrevt, frATuBDAT, May A At noon, for Banburg. via eootbaaataa, taking paiaengen for Bavra London, nouthempton and liamburg. Flrat cabin, $1 00; aaeood eaMn. MB. aiaeraa*. I Tba ataamera of thla l'ae will leave ovary alter State* aaafi 1 aueneed the Bavaria B1CHAMD B BOAB, Bay. ahraye aarrying the Onllad Blata ^-rt^Haamahlp HAMMUMA or puHM iron new fork, flrat alam, iMaraln|loMHah? gallon* ffiS Mid $*u, eteernge, rouod With cooked pmMM BO Certlfleetoe leaned for twinging out MMtiiwi rna il (be principal lowna of Groat Britain, and Ireland at ran low ratea. For paaaago apply at SS Broadway, Mow Tort AaABL * UUIil, General Aon ML wob bodthamftom and havbe-om batukdat jP April 17 -The United t-tataa aail aleamer FULTON, J, A. Walton, ?m man dor, will aall from plar No. ?7 North rtvor. font of Peach atreet, on Beturdar, April IT, at Man. lUi ateamer. onaiupaaaed for aafaty and eooafort, ha* Orahin engtnee under d-ek, eneloeed by watertight ignulanla which, lieeldca other reenlta, land, la the tnatof Ualia m atiandiaj. to kaop the pom pa free to work, aad eaanre ifca aafrty of reaarl and paa?*ngere For freight or naaaa go w i>ly to "ABVkL L. FOX and OBO. "a?nrfl. IB Jo. Mo T Broadway The ? tee mar aRAQO wUl aall May m rl NORTH OIBMAN LLOTD'B BTBAMffKF BREMEN. H. W'aaela nonunander, earrylng the Palled State* mail, will aall fion pier W Bonk rtvor, fool af Okaa ban atreot, on RaTI'EDAV, May 11, at U o'otaok 1L, roa BBEMEM via BOCTHAMPfON, taking paeoaagera to LOElrON, HAvBE, BOUTIIABFTON AMD IBBXBM, at the following ratee Hr?i oaMn, $luu. iiaaond oabln, 900; ateoraga^N. For freight or paaeage apply to OilufVMM, BBOTeBM A UtOHILr, m Broadway, ap aiafcn. rpo* LI VBR POOL? TAPBOOTTB Ufk OF FAOllTt r racket Mm of April. Tbe faal aaJttng attpav aha ROBERT U LAMB podUv aly Mlkaaa a bora. PorjLaago apt>ly on board, at plar < North river. or to TAPMOOTl' A PP., M Booth at wt POK LIVERPOOL,? THE FOURTEEN DAT CLIPPER abip Henry Clay, Captain Caulking, poaltlrely aalla to morrow A few more flrat and aaeond elaaa ? lie aocommodeied For paaaage, at lowaat ratea, apnly oa board or to E C01<UHfe A Co., at the offioo on plar A North river OLD BLACE BALL LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACEETB, Bailing punctually on lb? lat arid Iftth of every moalh. For pa?-Hgr to and from Liverpool, at loweet prieea, apply to ROCHE BHOrf. A COKKKY, m Bonth etroot,MewTorfc UfOR LONDON.? H 41 LH APBIL M. BllII* (7HRIBT1AMA. r tweoad nabln and found, fit Bhlp aJH BURTON, tm Llrerpool? Fare $18 Paaaenaera brought eut froa Ike Oin Country at liw ratea Apply to THOM. Q ROCHE, Ma. jf Bmuli atrart. 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