Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1861 Page 6
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urrr %tk?w? wawW^.pmiai.m. USWilUI |>'jil WW"? trt ?*> A n * uvnpe to ??**** ?? InvoW. or MX m butoo o r lad* a HaM; bMtaltn HW bo*??w; wanldgo or rr?l > ? ?oo?k, tM-m for Urre **a *. A. v., bos 117 MbmM otto*. a. 1,'tr* wrnww? ??o of* k aooo sngiTHUl A ? 4; ? <lr?cU l cook an-1 wait?aa: ka? no 0bjp66w t J ? trtn *>? rnuoi* Jr ?? - ho MOB ?aftro IkOf aro ?*>? Uvlotf, i| ??a2 't* ? UAH OIKL wtht?E8 A piTUAtKMI Mfl OU, a. , *? MtfM SWwpi ** >*??"? ?? <*? *? n lot ?f.; t<r? H A-b,. >vitiiiK i<? fi'i W >*an wants * hit u*. ifn ..'???> I ?**i * a?her and ir uor la a private ,*?.<>' ood c gr refer en* Can b? uen ?? HI Hilary it., I I ookV ' j (TJTr ATION WANT" * ? BV A RBSIJECIaH'jS ?lil, aa rbktobcrmkld'arat ''llWlli * pr'vaie ft.twly, ?r to f aJto are of child' nn; "<? yijftloii to i# ? short d.s uaor in ibo eountrv good .-lty i*.feiedc? tal) tor two da\ a, il bo< engaged, at St# 7'b ar, b-lwwn S8d abU J34 All, Ui ilid 1 zja i. | ? j m tt r*< table varrik,dW?*aj<?'>)cu?tam.'' 3 * Baby ui w?t uurat at bar otn ryalAeoce iior u#u UaOy I* !?< ? rr kr old Call at dM 7tl? ay. , between 32dlp>4 33d ata, to ii? n ar ! ?. J A LADY -OCUBTORBD to tu* cake and eoj. ' cail o of cklloraa, nanUintuiUoini, 'in , I?|M a La lanilly. Addie.a?L. Y., n ull! iltx?J4. OIL.*, f .Ja ?i ? ?w , . ' . ? AUIOa IuN WaNHSD by a UOMPfiiSN'T I'lik- I M.n ui- niyrae ai d a auulreaa; qad boat-fa atfce. preaa&t j .nualloc U> -? I .7th f , , f A MO TlDY OlKU UhSlttiM, A SIl'l'A i, N A9 him^crmald and waiter, or ckitabonnA'd M?d 4oe w? h"r ?nd iromr Can b't mva ut Ar prtMcut piAQ* md< ( k ?i J o ?t ) ? ? . At WHT Muhr&?~+ .1?>a*H|N WvNtKO, ??.* ?' a-ociao, having loi> b?r oaby four ( ??ao'kaiild (>?n i lvn mMmtl ft'ivuw If id<|Ui/od Oailal 41 baAt f'ltb n( (winecu 2' tu M -F AhtBfErTAttvE fuorii r>* r *om?? i *4Np.s-a oiu^uoB a* Duiseaud plmo ?fw?r; h acoo?t?iitfe i to th? ?airrrj ; l'vi> a>* yo?ra lu W l??t ula o. a". 6HH M "i ?V. , D*tw??r. 4?it> and 4'nt am. ; b<j Hern lor thru daro i AilT' AllON W *Sl el> ? BV A K U.1 r*4fcOT <.tTTiB ! i nk( v i?u a-' rhoAttoruMrid. or to o **.&: ... u ion* ? aiaal fantily, woitl to a a'lort dufUaoo lu tua . Obuntry. luqulro at 'IM Hlnaix-t ?. xtixfji > I . G1HL, WHO UaB Kl?K VK\R? ClTV RK<<W>?V8!f: I * ' atlati (mm her Jaxt pi*y, ia druiruux of oKntolng a ' ?Itoa Ion aa enatnbcnnaid and iiutm ir ?*, or m m lai wham' erni?id m ? ?amli fanilly t'?U for two d^jr* at ,47 7'b ?v , brt*>eti '4Kb And 2<at oti. . first Hoor, from roim 'A tODhG Wv MAN, WtiO HAi >^'IHKI<D IV ONE OK j\ the n oal i jb.oDabW' *?UtiU?bmn m 'aula to k<> jut by the day o' month a? drr'winaker; la ? t > id cutter aud du? ?. Call at ICt 7th a? , betweun 'ilat aod ata. A81TOAT1JN W ANTEO? B A , *OUNO (UHls AS ripr"rnocd Burar an1 chamb?r ri&ld; b la uo O 'j-rtlun ta go In iki: rouut 7 for the a mi ner. Apply for two <laya .it fcai prraeot rmpl yer>, Idt AtliOH ai , >i '.;b l(rn k yu. FK ThhTAwT UEftHAN OIKL WaSJ.S A >Iii.'A A IKID to do chamb?rwnrk or take clr? o' willd I la will ing to m-ke Ueraelf generally u>eful-. ba? lived w? n yeura In kor Uat i>ia -e 1 gn tw .teen at h.-r pfea ol employer a, iV7 We* 31et at. bKwren 8th and 9th ava. AT0Uf?0 LADY WISHES TO OBT a Hlf'ArlOV IN B mltHnrtjr or fan:y ato e; nan mak" her-wlf T?ry uaeful In a Biillltie-j ruin': ni or>j*rtjon t?> go to the country. Call 00 or aC dress Misa Taylor, tS SNrst J7 h at . 1 AMSPBC A8LK TOBNO WOHaN WtnflRS A HllLT ail naacoi.k wafher and ir nv Call at 1 1 n$l full at,tli biuaeo her preaen*. emp.ujer, witn wcorn ahe Li? brrn 1*0 1 rara. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A NlC*. Qi iKf OltL, to do thainberwoik uud waliui* <>r ch>ulbnr?ork ana to af'Ui with the waahmg. or would lia willing o do the g?*u< ? a h< u 1* ork of a ?D>all private ' auuly ; the can be tuenu krr pii"". nt t-inpl' yer'a, *1 ore the wi Joe AeUrooumme:;d'.'i. Apply at IS eat :<Uth a ?'<et. Apkotestant omL irAsri) a PirLUTro.^ as plain 000k, waaher Bud lrooer. of to d 1 feAcri! h ) i-.e *?rk oowd reieii uc?. Call al 17 Atlantic at, tfrooklyn, for two dayr: ^ Apituation wanted? h* a ke?pe: table young woman, %a >?aaher and irbn< r, or to ao tr.e tr irk ?t a rmall lainily. Good refarencn fr.'fti her ia>t !'(????, '? ?. r.j a< t hiia lived three ye*> a. ln-iul e for two d .ya a 1 111 East bi'b *r. AREaPkOABLX TODNO WOMAN .VI U .* A ?ifU" auot aaoook; uoderttauda all tori* o' -.mj iah :oik-r jr having lived tn 1 nullah famlllea. Han the beat of city rrfor' caro Can be aoenTor two days at 3tl 2d av , near 2?d at ? Mom No. 11. AB COOK.-A BirOAUON WASTED B V A f'J nO woman aa 000k, and to a?niai la th<; a a til- g end in. Mi or would cook wwb ai.d In n fo' a ama'l urtv?i. funny, la a good baker Br^t oily relereooe iiomher *Ht p.i<?i Call lor two daya at No. 4 Hon 1 at, u a- rait in av , Brooklyn. AaitUATI iN *> ANIkD. TO OtH'K, >V *SH *Nlilt 'N t an i?aeeo at No UH id av , top tlior, fruut r mm, fur two daya tlood dt> retrrence. Actuation wanted, by a iuublv rbhpb^ta bio gUL aau?<V>and ??wuixlreaa. or chimb rataidaitd oeanatrt aa, who can b? wi:4 rs -nnmendcd by b<>" fo.m -r empli jor whoe? byiui? ?fec ?AK hau cl%rs?. cf ChII a! ill *w l#th ai, near 7th af. A YoCN? OIKL WlBUBd A KllljAil.?K AH -IEaU A ttreaa III B private family. I'aodoani klodu* *"'!?? Jerj, crochet, knHllnj or jflMwl |'j?. Vr?m h -r iatt Iuaca Call At So. 2 o^nafvoort at A SITUATION WANTED? BY A R-S^fBOTABLK woman, aa 000k waab>'r aud irouer. in .1 "in ill t un<iy. Call at 27 1 uold at. Brooklyn, l>?tween AUUougliby and Myrtlo ava , two brick houa> a oil ih> at. AKIRI-T TLAMn GERMAN AMi rur. tfll OOiK WITH very good city reference", mil a ?lt??tion in an aw rtcan family. Inquire at U Drabro?*ea at , tb.rd tl'?ir. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A ^Ot'Nii \TuM\S. WliO underatauda her bnaineaa. a? ll'>t c'a?? WMi.reia. Jie*t 01 eity lefereoce can Iw *iven 1 mm her la?l emuloyer Ap. lily for two daya at 142 Eaat 2Wli at , between 2d and Jd ava. >? objection to go in the eountry * SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE I J\ young iriun, to cook. w*ab sod Iron Id :? urail1 in. am * ? "j bee ao obieotlon to gu a ah li t oUt-an* in ibec uniry ; the Ileal of cily reference glrcn. Call at Vi v\ e?t S-t'.A ?U. I : tween Utb aaa Itnh ava. A SITUATION WANTED? TO Oo OIIaMUEHWORK and waiting; no ?b |e -thm to go to the oountr/; good tu^ re/ fence GUI .?14j I'erry it. Am Lip y OF BEPINBMENT AND EDUCATION WISHK1 a situation as touiekecpei in a family lining Smith or it, or would take charge of a widow er i family . gi>od cHv referent* given Addreaa Mrs. De Mott, station Q, Ui?,| wav. bet* ran 31st and S3<1 *1. A SEAMSTRESS WISHED A RirUAIOH; CAN W >BK on ? heeler A Wilson a ??? log m>uhlii{; al*" nod?r B?a"da hair dressing: can do all Vinda of family sewing; ?f city reference given. Can be ???n f ir two days at 3i9 Bowery. | A SITUATION WANTED? AS OHA VBEKM AtD AND | waltrrsaor aa leenlar chambermaid no obi-dlons U> f mind a baby Mne ynara reference If required Call a l Wj 10th at . A N AM h RIf' AN OIBL WANT* A SITUATION Til IK) XjL chamberwork an<l plain aewiug. nan give go>;d cllv re ference from her laat pWe. Mar be se??n for a week at 141 West lath at. , mar 7th ave . third loor back a BOkfltUT PkKBHM al EH WISMBS ro l'in A cure woik by the nay o* week: qan hii and At children * elotkea, and unrTeratands all kind* of family aewing; <*n ?perate on a sewing mactlnr. Oailat or adder** lit otii are , between 'Jl>t ii anil JK'. at* Am situation wantep-bt a tounu woman, to take care of children and do acting, orwiu'd dnclitm berwoik In a private family ; good refi r. nee given May be ?sen In her preaent aituaiVm 37 Eaa* gntli at .for two days A SITUATION WANTED? 8T A RKHPEi. TABLE PER eon aa cook willing to assist In 'he w aching and Inning Good city referent*. Can be aeen lor two days, At 113 West arth ?t. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A VOI'NU A'oMaN.I I'O J\. t og> neral housework. Inquire at 81 Uaaiillon %\ cone, Baotklyn. fnr two days AHRITI'ATION WAMED-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AH oook. waahtr and Irot er Oily reference. Can be aeen At SO kwt 13d st . 1 or two days A YOCNO OTRL Wno 11 AS BEEN DKI'IUN KI> OK .A her on'y lemalnlng relative by the war, wmhee in tw eSB|il<>y<d aa traveling sitcndsnt to a lady, nr would re aide in the eltv na child nurae end ?> Cell at or ?ddrena 111 8< b er., *>? w fork Am hituaTion wanted-ht a hbhpk< -table wo man. as nmee . wo'ildprwler a bAhy. Is willing to be neeful , no objection t<i Die country Heal r,f city reference. llell at No. :i 31st st , bntwetn B roadway And Mb af . for two *???_ Aa^m situation wanted? ?v a rkBpb< tabi.k young woman aeg<>"d aook. weaher and irxucr; la willing and obliging. (i'?Q city reference. Call at 34 Columbia at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION wantkh-b* a hkbm \N (JIBI^ ah >ook and u> aaxl-l with tbe waahmg an 1 1roning; go *1 ellv ref erenrs I all for two daya al 7 ft B?vard at. , c irner of Mott. lmjnlrwol Mr (lain, 1n butcner a ah >p. ABM BRTECfARI.B I'lOTEHTANI VOI NO WOMAN wAQ'a a altoatlon aa seamaireaa and chaiubermald, or aa waltrem and cham^rrmald; he* the eery be^t of reieonr ? from rrn elaae latnl.lea. ran be aeen at 2.14th av. AS SBAMBTRI'f'M - W\N hD, A SITUATION AS A thorough aeami-lreaa, can nil untf lit Itiilea dreem; no objoeVoA to fn Into ihe , , mi,h .1 1 moke beraelf generally waaful Can l?e seen al her pr??ent em|,|u,er>, Bo 4)1 4 i <| Std at., any iioie thia week where she ceo get die bnel of . eor m me n Jetton s. a tin ation win'Hi- b* a brhi-E' taule curl. J\ Is a amall private family ; la a g'?td p'aln oook and ei rellrut waab>r anil Irnoer; or eoiM do iniiMienrt ; ha? no <>bj>ctioea to go e abort diataiine In Ike ootl n try; good olty re feree>ya given. Oall al Kl West llHh at, be ween b<h ana i'th utii., (MOM floor, Iront room ? BIIUATION WANTED-BV A RK'I'E'TTAHLE A yottng glr>. as nurae an'' to do U#h? cham^rirork; a < '"4 DOM pi el erred : won id make herself ue?ful. n I na to the e?>untry ln>imre at IgS Weal ?)th st A MTU ATION WANTED Rt A RESPECTABLE oEK /V man g rl. to do general laoueework In e Small American family, ( all at 11V 1st av , between ?: th and 14th eta., encJOd 'mi, front 10. tn with SITUATION MAN ff.D ? BT A RBSPBCT ABLE J'"ir ? girl, at chambermaid and waltr?aa, and to aaelat ? .MP the wMhini and IroOirg, '>r aa nurae and plain eewerj le Willing to make Tiernelf naef at; no ob leciloM to tM WHtntry Beet any reference t all et IV West :*hh at srvtTATio* wanted bv a rkspei table <hrl, aaeriok, *??tn r mid lr<>rter, or aa oook and e.eiat In sveahing; In no objecUnn 10 gn a abort distance In tbeeoun ?ry 11 at of cliy rwferewe given. Call at MB ?th ave ., third ?< sr. A^m SITUATION WBNTBD-BV A ??inilirmil I > iing glr , aa aeamaire?a ren cut and make dree*' a and d0Ulli>n4a f >ewlng. Uond r|ty ref era nee given Call at (I . mli .1- e , 1 ALjPilTU ATION WANTBD-B1 A RBHf MOTABUB OIRL, aa .ad] ' ? maid and aeanaa' rwes : underetaeda Sr"-a?p ?g. Ing. aar orerat< on Wlee:?r ael ?ila>n'e m%.hin<-?; make hi raelf iiaef ul In *fiv e?pv y, ' an ornenre the be?t^H amnwow WAWo?r?MAL>ii. AH PITTATtON i A* OBW | Dermald and to help la waahln* ' Good refflrenie. Oa? at U Want 30th at , lw?w? dU> *v aid rtroadway. A RSAMSTRBBS' HTCATTOM WANfLD*-tY a 'v ! ' U*. ?pactabi? yaung w-?aaa, who th >r .-ighly ,u iJarijtuBr-. all kic*a of famlW arwli*; oaa cui a id nt !??'! ?' *?"? ' ?< dre?'? drtaaea; te?i? competent t*4ik< ue aituaUun In J\ family. lti?io<pUnn*bl- etty refnr?a*< " "? '*?' ?d ' . 5Mb re ?Im baa 1 ved eigni yeau-s. Oall for whwjmiv# Hut Utth it Al OCNft ? ?i?uhb a nlTUtTwn IS * f il ?>..h jiu.iiy i* ll ratcl*' k *-:Jire<aa, -ir to do cbamberwom or line wtablntf ib<d Ironing; no obje i'on to gi t > ti i tar the Siifon-. r. the Iwatof <rtty aaanreiiBe l^ven. Ot"'*) teen for 'bo days at tier la?tpla-i? |57 Henry ?t , * ? A ?OOD, S BaDV, CUMl'STEti j '/i \u WANTS A HtT A uatl >u aa Lurae and ?eaai?tr an<oe, b <. good ci'j jv'erencn- ; no objection to to in the eountty. Apply atlAH Pulton av , Bp ok ya.-ura^tf ti) ?t f A? O^PK ? A iUvtEECTAIILK BttOrBSTABT' VUifrfG ???in waru*?<ii? laU^u, laagbod wa-h'-r aa1 cjsip^ tent baker; beat gf refcrauoe. Call M 15 Pr mt It Hr rokiyn. ' I i WUAtiON WaSTBO-iiY a iTOtWO W6*At, Td A coo? aaAt<*aa??et wlththe wa#bliigar4Jr?) Ui'*. uutl r- , awndi *er buaiueaa perfejtly and la wll recomnntodHd 'r ,m hariVant ewpbrer. wlur- nkn 1,'Vedl t ?o yearn "nil U I Baa; 2iw ?t . U.m ... i. ;??t and I'd ?t? jn 'he grocery Itora. 1 Q"| ACTUATION WA?iTtU-?? I <. # KfV'SiO ' AS LS your? girl Vo do general kouaswark. 1 uquWo a> Si M?p iae 9L, f?r t*? day ; i " ' 1 ? " ". ? ? 1 ? " v "f ' A SITUATION WaNMD? HY * REB-E 1*\3/.E y .nng wunaan In a iai>Ui ifitraM family, t'> cj<ik wi?h an? 'fen ran be *aon at aor ppBamiicmployHr^, wtieri in?* has H%ed four vuara rail at 71 tat place, botitp Brooklyn tor. I WO da) a : l . ) ? . tooi# woman wjaria 1a erpt'ATiON ab ' n ton d Plain cook aa<l KikhT an<l w >n d In hb.neworkdti a arakU prtrite-i'smilf ; is wUUog and ibi ?> UK. would a uDoit. dls'ince inftbe ?luntryjhim f ;ury0irg' n.ty rmu rencc ir m h?r !a?t pl*ca C4U fut two dajia.^j^ k nlbenry ?*reat^riKiia >o. 4. i t ] . , n.\"A*LK 00()D 01th w^NTS A WTPATDS ax co >h, ? i?lwr ?ud ironer, or ta do geaRral h u<m?rurk In a fiu til l rym 'amllv ; thK of e'ty ref??*non a*n no flvi'n ufcH TO i two a?y* at 1!T? NAvy at., bemeeu Wl ? ouglibj- and Ao'^l?ar ?t?,, ?i>ook)yii. T A ' BTTn A.TU)!* WASTEtV-8V A1 COMPETENT WO A man, a? tirat -liiaa la\i"dr??? la a arira'A fuml'y ; i-au do Frenrb tlutl>>g; ??obd rty relcreno.f. Call 'a'. 30 !I<vutoa ?(., pomirot Moftiw In ih<^ dr> Koodn atnr^ |>MA*?E!tMAlD, HE **^TRErt8 0? H'lR^K'j SI'Ua t!on want"'', by a young ?<iinti; h?i IttxJy iirrivfld lit tkla country and ?i?u d g-> for low et^i Apply at 25 state Hlrtal, Brooklyn tb;rd tl wr, front rocia. 0%^. r^TENTAVT OIRL ? fwn'Jy. ?iv# ^JjA indwjuf In ApriTat?? se"1 r 'wo daj a at mi t u?t -ij! , v '"'"^notj r"un n-ar Flr-t aveuie M ** ,lPB?V top floor, front HOI hthKnl-KB ? A LAUY OF RSVlMEME.NT AND rduca'ion p-urna al>itntlon'aahi)UKfke<'p?r In a (??n tlvman s arnily ; t? t u'lt eom|jet< ui to tak? cuargnnf a hou?t bold AddreaK or apply to Mrs. Hurab Haunana, ftUl Atlantic at . v-ro klyn. ^ TArM rb^s - wanted, bi [a re^pe^table J yuiins w.jioan, a *1' nation aa liu^dresH and fnniutrt'Hs, or ?a lau i Ji> ??* nun chnin'K'rmald no onj?cti>jn to tha o iun try; bat- the blgb-at cit> reterenc^ froth tier iaatpla"e, *liere Hh? I1v?i even yeara. r an seen at 826 i? eat Houatoi it., ui -a.r \ ar'ck, tn ibe atoi*. <? V^o fOHH, NO SOUTH AN AMEHIOAN WtDOW, i]V who ia % practical bo?p?koeren de?ir?M ?mplojm"m; liiat d*f? r?ler?*no? fo? any poai l'Ui rMjirtriug A 'tMponalblt, tru-t^orhy imrinn, either in city or1 o*; utry. Addreaa (iray, box 170 tli'iald oflloa VTBSi AND 8EA*?TP.ES8? WANlS a LIGHT HITl' i.\ ati. n. Waica no object Guild re'irenoea given to a r?i?j.jonble faai ly. iddres* B.yrotty, herald offln?i, ^ITOAHON WANTED? IN A FMALL FAMILY, A -1 boiif kfep?r, or lo take charge .jT a houae In tae aiaence ot' lh?> family for the lunim r, or to ti ?,*??] with an Inralll, bv a ui ddle seed female poaaeaaiug a atuall income; a moderate couip? uiutiiiii a"-epi?'tl i u??>'P i?uabic relVrisnoea. Addition .M , bo j * 014, New Vork Poitolllce SLTnAlION WANTED? BV A RKi ECTABLE YOPNG woman aa cb?mb?rmatd and plala xevor. or would take cam of cLlldrun Good reference Call at 45 We?t 41?t at. SiiUAnoN wamkd-bv a hi-. ^i'E'' table *ou*a noaar., as cbamberuiaid \nd n ifae; no objwtlon to do bon>e.?ork. inquire for two dayi at 4 W 8th Si I * 7> W~ i i l>, HlT a 5fc?r*B"r4 -ltE VOUff'i nir\ In a Mna t private a-ull?, te de o)><Mab?rw?rk and I w*H>i/X r cbamVrwrj'k and tak ? c?.r^ of i-h Idren >oo|i jeoil'>n to ri a ibort diatanon In the country Oood "tiy rei>r>i)i<' fan c ?eeu for two dayi, at JOS EaatlSth it., be | iv-exu lxia\ and av. A. CITUAUOM WaNIKD-BT A VO0NG WOMAN, TO DO ^7 t;ene?al houa?-?'.rk, la a good iilaln c >ok, waaberand ir. rn-r; w uld be llllnjj to ao lo tlronkiya or a abort diatanc. )n li e rour.t y TUe be .t of aty re'ercnoe. Apply at 2W 51 av , near 2"ld at MIflTAT10N WANt*r? BT A REMPECTaBLE tOU.NG O ?"man, to do gercral bo>H?'werk in a am ill pnva.e taml ly; !?> a a od w.iahcr and Ironer; good city reference. Call at bi laJlig at. j OlIOAt TO* W_A^LR^ I rn/rd growing rlt.dren ; Pan be well reiwni mended. Call at j her pre eni wnployer'a lt>4 5th ave , near Slat at. ^1T AtiUK WANTED- TO DO KlTOHBN WuKK OS 5 p-inral booaework, by a rvapec table aervant girl , la an 1 1 .< llent wa?ber and lr'ner, neai and obliglaa: reference! un- \o? |i louable. Call at 11 a Atlantic it., Brooklyn; city or cjuury OITI MION WANTED? BY A (TOM P '?".TENT COOK, O who und- re'amla all kind* of t a'nlh cooking; no objec t'OBl t > tbe country ; wo dd a?->i->t with waab:nii if ro>|Ulred; be*t nr rlty reference. Apply until lat of May, at 171) Lei lug ton av ___________________________ LMT' ATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT OIRL. AS v> nnrtw and ao^matreaa, or chambermaid and waitreaa; ia wiPir* u> bi ir the <-<'un*.ry. the be?t of alty reference glT?o. fall at 3WMb av., between J4th and 26lh ata. OITV A1IONS WANiED? Bt 1WO UEBPECTAILE ?W?: one ?g WcellaBt cook and laun1r?*a, the other aa hMiiiwnnald ?n<l 'Ihe beat of city reference* can tK> gtrea. v.ould prefer 11 vim '? on? l'anitly ; no objection to go in the c unir) fonhe iuuiiner. Call at Jod We?t Ktta at. Can be ?f?i until attlted rp?y RKM'RiTaBLE GIRLS WOCLD LIRE 8ITUA J Uona. ous ?.* cook, mlcr and lruner, the other a* chain eniuld aiv w*itre*a. No objection in take cure of a baby < all for two cl.ije at 1W coiigrran at . Brooklyn. TWO RKbl-KCTaBLE GIRLS (BISTRES) WANT MTUA tiona; in", an cook, ? a<her and lroner, and the other aa Tliai iU'iit^id and waiter; haa Uve yaira loootnineodaHon from a flist cla-? -nlva'* family. Cap be aa?n at 39 4th ?t. OTXMED-A HlTtATlOU BY A HRHT CLASS COOK, TT Id a private lami.y. Beat ol clij reference given. Ap (.lj for two '?ya mi JU't Ea*l 17th at. IfANTt-p JtY A WFLBH GIRL, A SITUATION AS vf rluui>cn ud Apoly at 510 sth rv WA.NTED BY A Toi'.va WOMAN. A SITUATION AS ? liwmbarmtod and waitreaa, or ?a ciainoeruiald and to a^air In th" Wishing and Ironing. Can be aeen at her pre Mot employcr'a, it! Iiaat l(uh at. Wr t r nvrsb-wawtbd, a am atioi* a> wet Kiirsc, by a woman who baa ? baby all week* old, who rnn j I ve tin- tout if ? fcn-nce for character and reaped tibllty. Apply ai >o. *h Wc>t Waahington plaoe ?TK1 XIRSE-A SITUATION WANTED, FOR A RES Tf rectal le young woman, aa wot auiaa. Can be aeen to day from 10 ll'l 4 at X) htat *50 at W'aNTRD? BY A RESECTABLE PROrtBTANT GIRL. TT lately *rr|i<<l from the Old Country, a initiation** ahiw r?n a r.ura* or to do cbambeiwoim; no objection to go a cliort iSixtMti ? in it" country. Call for two day a at Uu Lan rt*na at . fourth floor. \lf/lNT?I>-A HT? aIION, EY A RESPECTABLE Tf vun f Bitl. a? chambermaid aa<1 waiter, or t> do plain wwing, or aeaiat in washing ana Ironing. b< at cky reference Ironh. r l??t plam. in<,uire at Ul We*i ;ad at , near 9th are., lop floor, lor two cava WTANTED-BV A RKHPE<' TAHLK OIRL. A HITPA TT Hon aa welter or chambermAi.l and to do line waahlng and Ir nlng. May b?- ?een at M Weal flat at , her preaeta em plot er a. to whom abt rufera. Y*' ANTED? IMMEDIATELY. WITHOUT WAGES, a TT ait nation, by a Herman lady of line ed ir tUnn, to aa*tat the la<l vol tliebouaetn h maekceptiig in a rery line Ameri ran f. mtly. Adilrca* J. W F , Hrraid otiice. \lrANTBU - BY AN INDI 8TRIOI R GIRL, WHO IS A TV ?" >d wtoilinr and Imner, alao a ginid pwin acwar, a al'tiAllon ?- cbauitM-rmalit; baa g'Kxl rci omiurndatltina In ?inlre at 110 * i ?t lt?th at , nt-ar Hleorker ?t WABTI 1J-HITUAUONS, B> TWO RESPECTABLE Tf ?? ir?-n. a* r-ook and w*itn*i?: both ran b^ well reeom m? id> d by the UU? with whom they are now living, they ?re wiping t<i go to the oounlry. Apply at No. II Weat Hat al, YE'ANTKI*? AMTI ATION, BT A RRsPK' 'TIHLE GIUL. Tf ti l d" I hainbei w ork or In '.?k? care ol flitldn-n, or would not mlml doing the kotiaawolft ol a -man family; woit'd like very much togo Ui the country A|(i|ylort*n ilayaatMo. Wl weal Wth at., aitcond floor. WANTED-BY A VOt'NG WnM \N, A BITU tTION 4S ch?inl>?'nnatd nnd lo d.> general MWtnitk; (M cook, waali and iron . no ohjactl >ti to g? a nhori distance In the co intry Oood city re't rence. ('nil a' 2fil Weat W h at. \\T ANTED? A BiroaTION, BY A KKM'K 'f ABt.K f f ? girl, to do > hamherarork and w I ing <r n*l?t In w i?n lug and lr< nirg i.ood i Ity refernic# can be given ('all at ; tr" W e?l Jttb at . near inh av., for ?wf <)aya O' \NTED- A BITT* aTIOK, BY A R4Ht>R<'rAHLR ff ycing woman; la a g "d "Ook, *a*hftr atnl li nno. aMO a go<idliakcr. la Willing and oMi^ig; ni obj- il ma to g.a ?bort <li?tAiice in the riHintry. Heat oi city refe.ri nee. Ap^ly at ITS *th av , between uth ai d i.Hth ata. ar*',T'(I>-A BIT OUT! >K, BY A RRHPEijrMtLE PRO* f T te-.tanl wotnan, ?* mtrne atid ai-HDio/wi*, i ?n i?k<- en lire ehargi of n l>*b- lheb>?lof Rtunim Mi be given. I 'an be ^en foriwodaya at l:il Weatmta at , aejood lloor, fnntroim VV'AHIRD-BT A Rl -t'ETAHLP EN'ILISH WOMtW ff ? Mlaatiati aa child a nurae, or to Attend on MJHH 'gdy, would t'?' el o' go to thg c niiirjr. ? an i>- ae.-n for htee daya, mi ail i i ut atn-et, third floor, back room, Brooklyn. U 'ANTED A |ltCAT:09>, BY 4 RMI'ECTA "LK WO m?n, as co k "r la inilf>#?, ha? the boat of e.ty ra ? ? ren'c from whera ahe liaa herd for ya?r? Oanbcaen fir two d?y? al l#7 fca-?t Thirty owl at. M.ta no abje-tlon t? tta oonutry. ?? . ? ' WANTMD-Bi A III! N? kNULlll WIDOW WO man, a alluatlon aa n "lemd an*rn<tre<a, laanavpc Henaed noree , ba? t>>? br?i o' e'ty reieronce from bar laat a i Can be ?erri ai l.'i K*?l Nii>"<'te?n h at., arnid floor. M?mi far iao day*. \1TAET?I?-A ?f?'Ano? Aa ? nr BDRaE. BT A T f raapeiitaWe mHrriam waman; cab lake full ctiArgi' of a baby. Apply at >? Uy rta.1 plai-a WANTED -A UrTTATlOB AH WEr NI BUS, BT A BE apeetable widow woman; lort her baby two month* oM; caa ml re good rit? reference frmi bar laat plaaa; la will Ing to maiae heraolf naatnl. < 'all till engafad at S7 Warn Itth at., between Ith And dth *v?a. tkT ANTED--Bf A roMPETEKT GIBI,, A SITCaTIOH, ?rrjATKlW WJUrnPB-VBMAI'BS'. WiMID-M a THOHOCGTLl fHJMPlWT L ft?6 p?.MUi, ? s.lnallo* w lads's o>M ?iid^ u^'1?V**Ti V,? fc*4 ^ritt enyo'Unoe la dreaainnk ins ?<u'dr? ",l "J**?1 liU Jubiiv ie? it)* h*a no ohl en utur' '"t"> ?rmv. llln lAtfdWs* k. B , M ? ater at. Good refers ou M grtsn. WA.svj D ?A fcBB4*CT-WJS MUW !">?*? HtiiB a ?? uailou 44 chamSerooald itid ui aaalei Is ?e rubii'ij "?? ihs b?-t of olty r^"er?a?e tram b?J kat place. ' All 0( .*l,dm*l94 fMlSHt. ?/ANT-D-A AlTl'xTUXi FO? AN I??T*IjCI(iRST tt girl of |t y?ar8, the daughter or' ? nvjxK**'' ? wiafl * lAly wbo hu< lAU-ly roet with ?ev?r? revetves -??re?oe''? bW party requlrn* tbe ervlee* o" siivb ? gM, and adto ? -ui 1 er>n ider lb* an ?<|ulTti *u s <?r t?e nou'ort* of a borne, will VMMMfl aJdie-a *ra a , 117 tvl l?ib It , N. a. a ______ WAN ran? A HI UATI ON, Hf * KK4PE TABLE BIO dl? ag- 1 w iiud, a> conk, *. ajtb'.'r and lr >net >?> 1 "Hall ? ly?io family; good ui.y referencf. J?ll a; WJ Bfeenwick t., corner of Beacb tX7AI?tT P? A AITnATION, BV A VO VtJ Gill* " nurse. ?nd seam*tres? : ts wUUn* tad o-jilirtag, *i>J 1 ally eapaile of what she lulorUikn* Apply 41 iil ? AT,, < n? door from list tt rtrANtieu-iiT 4 vorwa woman, a ti rOATUJll ar . TT cook. wirMrmrt tronnr, has iftnA r?>eoM?ac<aM'?l? (V(U for tuo dicys tt Zb tiaM t'Jth , rear room, secoud floor. t . /. ? Xk7AlSfhX>-A BirUArj.N, ?V A RMPE: CaBLF. tt id'l, as flfat clafW chambermaid o# tjt wai'.ar nod Iw-r; In wlll'ng and obliging; no obj wtftjh toigq a sb >rt anitAice m ib? country. t an be n-en for two d l"t Jiulbiirrf a*. , la tb* v*?r '] "? - ; ? ~ ?"*?' *> ? ? ? . 1', ? 1 ? 1 r WAX itl?? A Hi 1 U A'l ION, rtY 'A Kb *e?i :r? rtk?S youus woman, to do ch mborw jrk ?a J wttltU*, or U? do vw'nrf and take > a e of cblUrTn h-? b*~t if fity r. fartwim from ber lArt o'ace wheivi ?he baa llTtxTaU JtuJ% Call A 17(1 Wr?'?t I8tb at., butwi d 7lU sib ?v? ??, ? -( J? ? ^ ? ? WfA&TEl,? BV A KOL AiJ U Kb U'lKTcr N Vr.Un>f IT ?*-, A ailu?liou A* or u> Iq nny ll^tat work. tCbli ai."6.H HcaM6tb at, bsinufla ttib And aib ?v?. Cau b? inu until ?ng?g d , t*rANTf!U? BY 4 Raa 'ECTaHLiK QlRI' A"?ir ATIOK If sa ebAmburaiAiA 4nd M;irtiHtr?M. niu ti'i obJ?'U m <s> <'hlldr<:n Ciu oooookln# tor A ?m?ll lAm iy rai Jaat city refereuce can be |{1v?d. ( All at. 67 liaal l(i a ?t. WANTH>? A HIT'IAIIOM HV ^ YoL'NU JWoMAN, to co k, wish and lr?o. 0> d rufnr?iir ? gnea OaI- for two d?y? .tt at Ungraw n , otitb WET NMTKhlS ? ?A tfcO, B7 4 aBHJ'K rAHtlS M \? rled. a'i man. with go nl jty reteream a ltan- ..<n *?? w-i nurce baa a tre?o lirttuot of m. A cuJ lor iww afcjaAtt?a8 titUAve., U/f) Uo a-, b? k room a N tt.l> ? A nmUTlOJf Tl n^VfcL A i tiA^Y'o .. B><ud i lit A-.vorc ncr ul d?n at >utln di e ?* an i :n.? i tills making And f.unlly acwlbu in vi nrriti <Voui<i |ir'' or H?nag toiiUiopd Call At or Addicaa Mxa U l^i MAh at., n?ru 3d uve WANTEi>? f?* a RKtLfftC'lAilLik UittK a -IfOA tl n >a cha'nbr rmiu J and w*itr?? i and -o a m? in tb? vtAAAlng .iud irotuug eatlnf> >;tory rt'.o uni->; Iron) bor bus-. plA<A ijl V, eat liih at., wbt re ?bo c&u >e ?? efl. w Wanted-by a respectable giri., a siTr.v ti in u I'buui. i-rmaid ?nd iu do Ha wa^litag, or to with ( L.niborwoik, p am sewing itn I embr >ld"ry. Ap <ly At ber unicot place, Mi Js?st loth at, wbr<: ?a? h,M livod elgliiern tnonibs. Ut'AN tn-A fclfl AUON, BY A Rlirtt'KJi'AH-lt *T Proiea'Aot girl, as cotuptjt >nt uurtw and ck?inberoialtt Best city relei>noea C'4a be seen at Ko U 7(b av w .NTliD-A .BITI aIION B? A Vr:K? KHt'F.rrA bl? young woman, ah wtutr m or would do vht- bin berwatk Aiid tvaiUng of a ymate f4in lj . ao?b<e Hon l> mi countiy. Beat city rofereuc ? tiota nor ia*t paue. >'iu be i.wn for two day* At 11 7 t? sr. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY * RK'PBCCaBUS girl, to do general housework in 4 in li prUstn t'.im'iy. Bwat of ret er?n^ea given. Apply at her prowut emp.oyci .h, 130 U eat afetb at. WANTED? A HIOATIOW, BY A sKSi'KC ' A t l.h young woman, us uu-sti and aoAmttr's', or asnimn bermald au'l aeam"'.r>'tia t;an b? s> ? ti tor i?o d iy ? t ttai house of her present imol jo. 's, id tsait <TM at., ne?r Hh ?v WANTfeD-HY A RRtPKOUtUS *MJin (WOVAN. a situation a* cbanib?nn*id. In w Utng to a j 8n- <V4*n tt< op plain ae vlng fan be aeea for tour days At 1G9 Allen at , In im rear. ^ 'aNTBD ? A HH'UAII N, B* A HA PaHLiI VO NM . 1 girl As chl'i -s nn xnand seAto t e^a, >r um eb?tubefiu uj and wal'.r"<a In ? small tamliy . ibi very b-?t ot t iiy rjfor etioe cAn b? gi*?n. Ca 1 lor twi days A? 1.17 Weit Win ?t. v\ w AN ? Ei. ?A BlTLAdON, B * A UK P&C TABl.B yotingw w?o, as fba tiVrmal't ; 'sa v?>r, ??>%t s^?r<r; or do waltlug au<l a sist with w?sblug ami Ironing . Is coinp?ten ai d ob.ig'Lg. has tbo n? it of uiv refe onte t'ruin ber Ust p S" Can be tcau lor 1 *o duy a At X/J i lb a , . , btiwten -"9 b at. .1 X'lU ats. TITA>TED ? HTUAl IONS, Bi T'O VtH'N^l vfo*-S; VV olo as nurse a jd s Aiustreaa; <-a? 'Ake charge of a i*by f r .n? U? birtb. 1 lie oth"r as cnuu <?t Aiald aud walu^aa; hts the bPSt "t citv reference and uo o'tj-ciloi t> ?? to itn' ?un try Iti'ioire for two oajs At 81 \> eat ^tlt at. flrai tljor, front "VX'ANTiD-UT A REJECT vH^E ^R'> -HNT \i young woman a il'iiauoo 4> ft?t?f **?a ?Ld e atreaa. o*n opua'e on tne m.Jhmei ma a lel'erencf (,a1 ai or Addreis UV L.:.<4-J"tb a'., thlrv? room 12, for two days. / W^mr^^W, ^ erioal.r Of , children; has giH>d oltr rc er, roe (. ?U for two days a: v5 t?st 1Mb st . third tlonr, front room. WANTED? A SH0ATK N AS CBlUl'ri NUKdB, BY A I yo\itig girl, fully com|ie'<>nl. Can be a??n at the real deuce of ber employer, 8C Kemacn st , Brooklyn WASTED? A SITUATION, BV A RKrfrBJTABLE young woman Ax rhambi rmald And WAitreaa, and to assist In the wK-l.tog aiut Imtiing; Klcy -ars rel'ereti ?<? Iron lo r last place. Can be seen at No 9 V ,'udoiu at., irom room. TIT ANTED ? BY A RRSPKt fARU: WOMAN, A SlTfA" Tf lion as oook, waaberoad irowr is a good orcatl imker; has good d'.y ref--rem e from hei last place. Cal, at 43U Co lumiiiast., honth ttrooklvn Wanted.? a lkayiso the t;irY, wi?u to piocurea >-lttiatioii tor a falthi ui woman, who has Uved with tlicm ten years; "he Ik a Eitod plain c tok, and A'tll ln? o a*slM in the waatuiir, and lruittng Appo at ill West ltth at. lor tiro days. HELP WANTKO-rENALES. ACOOI WANT* D. ? W ApTfcD, IK A PMALL PHI i ate family, a young woman, as cook and >o jaAlft In the weaning aixl taming the mu*t thoroughly mi<fiWEan.i her Imainr ta, aud to m\c irvublc iiecmotaiiply uoMetabeton turnUh uneineid'onable rtf?mie-* a* u> chiiraeter, Ac. Ap ply at M>. U Lcxiugion av., befoic iu la Uie uwriuug and at tor 7 in the evening N ELDERLY MAN, LIVING IS A PLAIN WAY, .X wa*i? ? nrat, qnlri fn.iiti.-, ?.r ti nine httbtte, to do hi* work, a ix<r?on loi kltitf for a home *o?M liu<l a good ?ttutlion ; w ?grs moderate. AddrM* l?.r two o?> ? J. Huller. nation O. t-\ OOK WANTED- A VIDD1 K AGED WOMAN, TO OO V' a*h?rt dUiAiux: in the eouutrv. onr who umler?t?ind? her bnalne? and l? villi ([to >"s|atln ih? anliing Mtd lroniug. Apply at S7 fca*t lln'otoo street, from 10 to 12 AM, LACfuDRI'BH ? RANTKD, A STEADY WOMaN, AS lai.r.dic-*; ott who understand* her buatneea thorough l. and M wlUlnft W> render hereelf other Ntee nwfnl In a fa mily ; be*t of elt? relt r.'<*? renulnd Apply, between the hour* off and <2 A. M.,at I Jkfavfttc plaoe. WK& ORPKN * AGKWCY FOR EMPLOYMENT, E8 | U*>lii?hed ISI.1 ? An exjierlcncc of ?ov-enteen yearn In tht* oily, enable ? Mr*. Orrou to a*?u?e her patrons and thn public 'hat a' bur e?tablUliraeot the in'M competent employ ee* are provided Entrance c orner ol Hili at., and 3d a?. 1 1 I l.LI N h Its M ANtKU-^OMR H1MT CLA SH HANDS; JYI alio a aale?wotn*n : wni-i'd no . Apply at law ti h !? r. o ? ii I . ?? t - "HJ Krul :lj )/ Mii.lmci r wanted ?none hi t a first bate I ?u I need apply at 1?M Atlantic ?t . Brooklyn, any tline alter I0o'ul<*k, A * CAl*HWOM\N WANTED? ONI WELL acqcaiNTED O ? I'h m lllnery k<vi.1?. Apply beiore lu o Cloak, A. M., to Ihot A .1 G Jo!iii?o , 3o# i lii al ?t Wan'Ku? rw?? good trimmer*. none hut com petent hand* need apply. t nil at 1M Atlantic at . Brooklyn. TV'ANTED-A FEW GOOD SALESWOMEN TO HELL YY ladle*' go>.iN in New \ ork *toroe Good reference re qulred. NIlKKMAN A ?'<*., Iff Broalwav. W'AfTED-TWO <HEW WWI HITUAtloNN AN Y f chambermaid ?nd Ui do W(Utii(i, Ae ; ha?n llvfid In the prr-eent famllr aeren yoara Be?i i^rommendatton* (ft van rHH ?t their prenent employer'*, US link* ?t., Itrnoklya, for two or three day*. fV' ANTED ? A YOt NO GIRL, To Do TDK ORNKRVL Y? hi)H*??nrk of a *mall lanillv . on a*t lie a food nwfc, ?a*hrr and troner, and r?>me * rli reo inruoud-d wTi h nlty ra feri'ooe Apply at V9 We*t iA'h * ., bet? ten it and 12 o'clock. ?rAVtED? ATKESTAI'RANTI16BROADWAY,THRKE YY or foot gen toe, I looking ulrl*. A cply between ? and 10 O'aioNk. _ tF.B. HfOtVt*. WANTED? A OIRU TO DOOEVtRAI. IIOt'NE WORK. A|it>ly at No. 23 itftfayi'ita aTetote, Brooklyn, una door from Raymond *v n; anted? a oirl, to do oenkral hochewoek YY in a prlvat-' family. Applv bet?r?. i, tl and 3 o olook at 2UT> Writ Sd *t., *e?'onn door east of Hih avenue. Wanted- \ hood, honest German oiel. to eonk and do g< t ern! h'iii?e?ork; mini come well re tomwi iided; wage* $7 per nvmh Ajiply at Eaat 48th at., nlp'h bonne wed from Yd aeentra. U'ANTfcO- A WOMAN to rotiK, WaMI AND IRON. Al*o. one *< nurie *ud ohamb'Mn.ilil and wtllliia t-> make herself geiierally u*efol, to it in the nountry, near Now York, tor the sunnier. Apply to Mr* Hunt, No. It) We?t :?th at tATAITEHS WART I'D -TWf? WAITERS AND A FIRE Yr loan Ooly tho- liavltig n kin,iv|. .iuo of <beek? nwl npply at Van Dyke * Hotel, No si, ?a failmrlne * lp WANIKD- !WO ? fHOTfNi ANT WOMEN, ONE AS l?ini rlitu*. the other a* < hxmtieriaald In * uracil private family; both inu*i >todri?t?tul their dime* pe.tee |v, and h*?e good refeienc". I all U >o. t Madison avenue, from II to li o 1 1 ok, ' Ti"i '!*? ?. ANTED? TWO RMfF.OTABt R GIRLH; ONE At ctok and laundrera, the otbar a* mime; none n""<l an Iiale*a well reroumo u<Ud and wIlllBg to go Into th" ooun Applv for two day* *t 171 Leilngton ave., nea' t?4 *t WANTED-FORA HKHPht tahi.e private b >ard Ing honae. a German o*>k, who nud?r*'aod~ her l?i*t nea*, and la wlllleg to *??1?t in ihewaahttig ami Ironing. Apply at H Weat lith it , between Mh and fitli av* fir AVTBD IJIMiDI ATBLY? THEER EI RHT CLA^S YY c?ik?, at $12 per month, and al*o a Krat claa* waltr*** at to par mo*?h, with be?t of eltt reference*. ln<|iilreou Friday, be' ? re II o'et rk, ot M O Galllaid, ,M ilt'i *v ANTED? IN A "Matt, PHI YAT E FA MIL . , A Ul-tl. who under*t*nd? how to e >ok, waah and Iron and to "o general bminework, jood raferenoe rvinlrad Apply at Hit inord *t , third houae from Fnl'o* av , towards Fori Green, Bro^klvn. ANTED-A SMART, IWDl'RTRIoO fUBUTO WaiH, - - - ?' w firy w JL ?nrnAWOM wmaP-HM'H. A OBH i I.BMj N, F R MaMV 1BAR BNt>*OBO IN ji D"ilofM( but now out, tkrou^h our mli*1*1"1 troikas, d**Wntia of an wg&jfffintiut u aji'mk mini#'" or to kioio ('K irromnltiibif Mfenneei (unbilled. Address U. H.,

bos 121 IKruld ofliM Acinous tonsa man wa"t? a situation as r .ash mm or >? -o m *ltb eome f oileman by the y ?r. a vnj mudrn trt ?"a??a; imder*t*tid? ihoeareof Wjegaad c irrtk^* ofrfeotlv. Good r?como>cu<it'.tnn *" to bonc.<*y. ?3 b.?e^ and capability Apply ?t 1S5 ateuue D., ne?r the coi Bf o Teithnt. f.| A tOUNU VABKlBn MAN WANT* A HlffTATlO* AS ?%. <? i-rk a-.M-Lua 1) oklucpor, or other employ n^tit la ? !??, Industrious and a good ?a><M?uin 0?odrei>r* nc<?; *? r.t? if ivnttlrm A bonus ?o sin) on - retling. Address B. M. U , b"i >18 Herald oftlc?. Cl CATION WANTED? BY A YOCNfl MAN, AN O AiiMKinui), >'l<.hci aa porter in a noro or to drive a hor?? ai,i cart. Can bs scon for two days ut l'Ji^ franklin ?t. up ? ??' ?? - . 21TDAT10N WANTED? B i A COLOKKO MAN, AS 3 porn f, wader or bottler, ia willing to auk? himself 'lie fa!; 6c <i c?t? re'ereqaj given Auplf IS or ad tress for three 4wa J. F. ff., 67 Went > ih at w ~ li09D? BY A HKSPR? TAU|.H VOI N'i > iN OF ... good iddierA, A situation ?s cl>fk pr ?ssl-<uut bookkeep er, or a- gait ?njau In the lamund embroidery departmeut of a dry gooda store; IJ( u..d*iy prWerrfd. Cau produce tun hiAho i rt-feVenf M in thl* city os to character, Six A'ldrcsJ (i. fc.ii., hu*l,tlV?'0Bt7fll''?. I , . . ' - ~ ? ' ' i HKiP WAWTKp I mu TlX ? AOfcVld CAB MeKB **OM $."> 'TO ?? DATLT, BY ? ?? llii.g hte>jr> |>at#Dt to ptnveot thieves and burglars fraoa opening door lock* wltu false keysand a'ppors N thing ?cga go rnyidly. Apply alioJ and 4o.'? Dioadaay, room u. AUFNTR' WAKTtO-Tf) HKLli JllC BARD'S PRIZE Jewelry bnvekrpee which contain m^re articles iC st% Uoneiv and jewelry,, of a b**ter quality, than all other* id ?e-il?' J. fcii<l.Pt*mi.tor cfrrulir< Agents are matin# iroui $A >o $<0 pot ?1 >y. hi K Ai>rt k CO., 102 .Nafuu xtroot. G SIR *ANTilD? TO fcELIi l)oMErH Nil NK^T, . V ?b ch has uc^fr ?<in bc'ore th? public. Call and ex amine at ??. SUCortUndt iilreet., Ag"*tu can muki from |5 tDfOperday. . ABa>K? BPBK WANTbO -ONB A?!Q ;Af?TKD vVUH tb? h'i?lue?? Plewi a ate ag?. r^ferenoe, oountrr of in ih ai d n' maj rted or aini)le Ad r??a B B , Herald ofllce BO* WaTTED? IN A iO* pT >RU INQJIBB AT 870 H road way poaltWe y not before 'J o'clock !???> *aKi Eli ? FnOM f'KLVg Ijo KlVlBRN YKAK'1 D at ago lO'iuire at the bank bal ajb, SI East ltouuin at. Bov WantK' -to wuiiE at thb de-IB. kmtic.k g(MMla, coUcct blllii and make bimaelf generally ur?tul; he niUHt bi- n good pt-iiuian and uunvol ai figures, and i- ime well rtcomme. c ta aodretH P., box I7U Hera.d omce, atailng ? a ary ciprated, ag<>, ref ereucea, Ac. DHiOC'tHK *Af TED ? A aiMlLK YOilKO MaN, ?bo uuderaianda iheolty rcla i and pr aerlpUuu bind u- ann with gooo any re'ertnee. Aojiny after v u'cloj* a M In tlin drug etore *69 :v.?rl at , n-ar i (i i nam Unl ibtKK - ANlEU? A Ct>*l'B r,M > ol'Nii uian, who understand* ibe cay trade, and can bring g od -ity ?coinm mKtioDH None others need apply at the vtoie, corn' r ot IVarlttnd ttoae gta nt.Lr (V^J>Tji1>- Wil ?'*!>, A nK?PbC(AUl.a tA^N with $'M), to take liaif Inu,je<t' in a gcat- ?l bu ? n ^a; ?. r enubeolearrd raontniy A1A> other good i' 'a . Ma ai vi M.I.B k CO.'u, Broadway, corner oi Kultou at., nun 20. \H ""'tU-W A tiUCMRY rtlOA , A VOUNO MtN, YV 10 or 18 y ara oi age. who apcaka Engllan and (iepmani or o who hue had experience In the retail grocery buxlnaaa (referred W E Ft'BMAN, ? e*to*n, L. I at'IBD-A SaLEh ? aN ; UAuTaT OR AOORB-ie, eocloaing atainp, 3('8 Broadway room No A^T1?.U- I'Mo/lrBI <Xa<H HKl'A L UltV U JUOH aie^meii; one for the i iu. mug Jepartmcat, andanet l#nc' d bilk window ureaHer. l'IEiii30I? & LAKE, *71 Broad any. an'bd-a iibbt ciiAt s waterman behi cik ctiv rr.ferenooa ivqulrial tia'l at .W #>*?t ifitli at w w l?ll w IA AW llll- ?UUK'i'e to ?r.UL< -'A KAUfct of Ui'l f ? t'oi ery ana Jewelry at pneeg ot? third ieaa than c to hi purchase 1 ?1. e? Her- ( all on >.r a>l<lr? Ha oilam,) enclomxl, J. L B.. Uy, 1(4 Court street, ri wton Ban?. T| fZ*t+l>?A Cl.EHK k 7h a M'E t M KH, f iVO D!tr' V? go< di aalcnmf n, a young roan for a j mn'ry atore, and ? oo'lreior. Apply at the MerchAi.ia'ii^lerk's Kegntir oill e, H -a. m1| Ktiee.t sltuat ena urooured. no oainilsaion iu ad THtiee K'tcreuoe to llrat claaa h "i?t? appllcanU by in nl must ticU te two stamp" t atablKhed ih.>^ O. KAWLifiiH, iMiperintenJoa'. WJ A hi * t>? A M aHRIKL MAN Ti?i TaBB UbVrok <>*? , Yf ? li.|i.or ttcie; otM wbo u?d' r?' inda 'he business, wltli good dty ref< rei;cca Apply at 4tfi Pf ?ri at. ia/aTti.u v^Nfii.::r A0>IV|{ man, VPJIO YY undci ?' uiux nAi logo.. private aelea. ran aooly u* the PotM At tjrermulQ, cirn ir of 3*b at. and - 'd at ou wn ai?'>krj French *ud Oerman preferr d \jr ahh>- A~m>* Tt; A?.;vr i.N a Vmsr ulas^ Yf Uqiu>r and gt'g-u atorc; one with lbs t riant uity reler^u m prefercd Apply to 12b Canal corner <lh<ystle at., afier 9 o'clock, A. M. In.HU-A CuMl'BibNr DRliii CIJaB8. AiM'luY a> 189 8<h av iwwi *VKN WANTED? TO HBLL. TlPrfW HCPERIOR Z'lt ' dlnmoBd o?in?nt; HI Tien Winte 1 tor I'unaila; ager.u arc (raving fi. m $ii to SJfiperwrtJi. Call at 10 J Nmuu at. , i oom No. 7. THE l'BADBH. A lady *VISHK8 TO find nuHR nSO if willing to teach her /falter Ottlna and shoe blnd'ng, or would like a.iinatlon aa copybt or to ittond atore In ? bake y or any Otbel' lU'bt bvuwtcas. Addre as Ulaa C. B , Broadway Port oflioe (lONPECTIOFEB WANTED? ONE WHO UNDER. J i tan l? making candiea for a retail randy atore. Apply uitnedialcly at trihona', 3 76 4th at. l/'AKBFR < ?R OARL'BWfeR'fl SI rPATION WANTED? BY r a married man, without lucumlira. ce; thoroughly under ui.ind" hi? bualnera ?nd ibe care and management of boraea any way: the woman. If reouir? d, 1# a tirai claaa cook and tinderntanda Ike care of milk Ilea', ot rvfereoce aatocha larterand eapabl ity i an be mn tbla day at 73 VVeal AHh et. , or a note addrecaed to T. f . , as above, will be attended to until engaged. U'AfcTPD.? A Hill AHOW WAN1BD AH OaRDBNRM, 1 > a capable. Indnatrioiia at d n*r man; haa been la hia last employ two years, nnderitianda every branch of gar deniDg and farm ng, ard oan oume well recommended. Ad drexa L. R. , Uersld oOlce. WAN1KD? A VRINTER, IN A BAG MANUFACTORY: nta> ?, ? inohMiK* b iy. Apply lit Mo 7 eonth *t , South terry. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY K FIRST flL*?3K OAR W dener, unde mauds Us prof^swoo In all u? >1 ranches; ?Inn iliawing plat.* end iAjlog 6tu groiinus. Ad4jSW tfOrti culturlst, lltiald office. t AN TBl>? A SITUATION, BY AM EXPKRIENCRD draftsman and engineer Addr?- * box 7<S# I'on odire. TITaNTI D? A < UTTER, ON COsTOM PANTS AND ?T reels; one who 1* llrst dass , no other need apply at ?7ti Kotrtry A' A VIED- IN THE rOJIPECTIONEBr S'OKE, NO 1 avenue I), a neat, cl-nn and active gfl, one who ha* been nrsd to the wholesale ttnd retail trad<-, must ootae wall recommt tided. FRKHKII ADVERTISEMENTS. ON DEEANDE ? UN" VALET DE PIED OONNAISiANT Men ?on serve* 11 dolt eompmndra 1 anglala et avoir d>- tx linen reromroaudatioas. S'adresser dhtre II et 3 heures no bureau dn li? raid LfNB PH ANCAIhE. PEMMK DE CHAM HUE, DESIRE Irtmver une pl*i'? p jur aller en Europe. 8 n.lreseer au ??a turf aveaue. CMI'KTHV BOARD. Boardipo at a farm house.- families wish. Ins to obtain Board for the spring -m l summer month*, r*n (lnd denlrnhle a- rommodatlona Immediately on nu na ble term*, in the large MM of the Uto Cb\rles Underhill. ne?r ?ilen fore. L. I. All eommtinlcailon* addree-ed to Mr* Etirabetb Underhill, Glen Core, L I , will have prompt at ten (ton / lOUNTRT BOARD -TWO GENTLEMEN AND TliKIR " wives, or a few *iugle gentlemen, oao be anoommodatM with loard In a private remit* ; flrst ulae* h>n>e. on itfth itrwt stable, large fruit and flower garden Apply at IK East Thirtieth street. tlOl nIKV BOARD ? A *RW AND H AN D -OMELY PUR ) tilsbed Horn* opened In Greenwich, Conn , for ton ac commodation of summer b< ardera intji.ire of John Millot, il.een?1ih depot, who wUl take parties u> I he bouse, owned by IMlna Mead. (lOl NIRV BOARD -TWO FAMILIES. CONSISTING OK J *|x or eight pernone ea.-h, can be accommodated with Cod Hourd Inarriva e family, resldtngon the new York and rie Railroad. .hh oitle* irom hew Y'irk; way tratu leaving In the morning aad returning in Die evening, slops at the bouse Km particulars add-r**, lor oue weea, M. P , Sloataburf, Rockland nounty N Y. C10I NTRY HOARD ?WANTED, ON STATEN island. J in a private family, pleeeanl Room*. with partial Board, neai any of the lamllna* for two y.pung (rent emen. Tirm* to he ne derate. Address (with particularly K, bo I l.lJft Po*t (lOUS TRY BOARD.? A PEW GENTLE MEN Oil GEN J tinmen and wive* can obtain B<>%rd at A?orla; location el? vat ?d, hi ilthy, ar.d convenient tithe boat. Addres* Mrs. M T M , A*t. rta I. I. tlOLNTRV BOARD AT A P,RM HOOJK-A PA1ILY ! t. ituirlag I'oard and fouro-flve K*a*.as. bearcim wodntti. at cTarkatowu, Hockland oiuntv iMuon henltay and |>li a' ant /dlr??? ID. IDra'd oflu-e. IIOrNlEY HOARD aT lllu< >uM PTELD, NEW JERSEY ? \J t ne, .e two > miu famllle* onn be aocommxlated with go, ii Hoard in a ptivate f*milv; gooil wrut, pleat* of frntt, reicteble* A' ; f rnm mmln a1*, c iinniut lOHil' n evnry luior. l or f nr?li* r partl< u<ars apply 1 1 Tutr. I k TilOMaS, So. HA1 Biodf ?y. __ (1f)I mTRY P'iaHj WANTED -T1IB ADVERTMRR j W I*hr* to nhlAtn Ho-.rrt for hineieir, wtte and daughter, (1:1 jeer* old) Mtete *i'uatioii ami arm*, which mint tie ?mlernte Addr-*" .lehu, box ><ol fo*t of -e rtOl NThV B<? RD ' (HEll I'.sK.IES WtSiltNG \ I boarders will i !? i e , i I and reai-ier their name* *t the Country Itrri Agt ncy, i* W HMirf* >y, Se We hnvr rtr?t ^l?** fnt'dile* now wh. tlig rhHTA Til' ' W At>, KAI ltro*d?ray. y OBT WASI INuTO.N, i AH'lES uESlRIStl Pi|?,T - "'?? hc - rrniod o| .ft , td k niAn 1 n, ei^ht inlnu ttf' walk frt ui rteout, attd e mimnud M a floe fl"? ?f the tl<M< "i, n.** < ell at 7) W'lt b'fyeghiB nrwt, HiiMtlnr all-y, in tne hou*e t?eter> i.twt ??< hi el 8~ li?? ER *0 < hi' 1 1 i JN H'? Ti?fc II * *S it I, 1 ? tJentlen en de*l log t > pU a 'li ir '*tul le* I t a otil> t 4it| ple*r*nt re*n a', of e y * eej* fem the eity, wti*re ti*ililng, 1l*htng *od Kvittlns an be h?d, Aowell to apply at Hi band* a rr et Bro liiyn, before 1st Mav DMHMKIi KMililTI. F ^AIRFIELD, OOSN.? FAlRflKL.i HAS POK *ANV year*li'?tie favorite ?timttfr resort Th" lo a'l 'n It on the mo*t beautiful portion of the ?hure< of i*;,md Sou' d and fibont iw.3 hour*' rl<te frwn N?w Vorn o? the Ni w York ?nd New lUven Halln-ad The P*irfl 'd 'ou*e I* a new family bote , Ilghteo wl'h g<* fut nl >h? Is ike ?-?t manner, itid wM be -ead.v tor MtlWltl May I, lftl. For tutiher i ^nlcular* sddrssa ? '? S. Htil'l d, ?'al'Seld. Donn SARATiitA S| k|NUS_. i ' i K bAMIK TSiVaTK Hoarding Hen*e, tmi m t o: arr ?* |t*an^? ?nd m mno.-i 'ii mmwmwm rntvAin on-" , We htngton Hall, oe Hrowlwa*, he rid Kmpire 8prinv?, Wpl be open lM Of Mav ell gr iut)(*? rendrrit diractlve for SPECIAL. SOTICE8. ALL HOLD FAST TO THE CMION.-BTILL ANOtHBK l*ew. Agent la the fiald. F. U MOPS, haviag Ju* opm, eo the old eitftblMbtd H6wi amooj form J aU ?, 1* bow prepared to till all order4 W ou'/m'J Having bten for majuy vesrs c idu"*I "1th some o' Uw loading tiwin De? tfo'k it to*""** ??? to hare a tb roa?b knowledge of Um Shrine" in all Its different branch*. Terms. uuh ao*omi>aav'"i< orders, which ? ill be f u-xard ed at 'ia shortest ??"!* Imaginable. K. L . HJPE, New* Agen', Ma 1QC* essau ttreet, ftew > ork. /~1 ACTION.? ALL PaRTIES ARE HBREHr CATTIONRD " ' against negotiating draft No. 8 006 of the North w?.te-n Bask < f Virginia at Wheeling, on the 8?fck of America, ham York, for $140 10- 100 >o o de of Armstrong A Foster, en d ?>ed i j them aad B .Smyth A f!o., and certified, same hav ing tuMu lost aad payment Mtopped. Ni.w Unit, ittih spill, 1)161. Democratic republican gcnkral commit toe, Tammany (Jail. ?The members ?r? request"*! o at to f.d a meeting of this committee, to be held on Krldiy cvon ing, April 2d, at half-past seren o Clock. BlJJau F. PURDY, Chairman TTlflEK CHURCH OF THE REDEMPTION. I* EAST fourteenth street, between Ibl'd and I'ourthi " It conseiuen>e of tho unavoidable presence of the Bishop In Albany, the Right of otflruuU n trill be administered on friuntar evening, lh? J8?h Inst., at 7, 'a o'clock, and net oa frl ? day evening as announced. MASONIC? THE MEMBERS OK BAVAL LOOOE NO. M, and Concord ledgt Bo. SO, are hereby summoned to meet at the lodge now earner or oroadway and Bleecaer i-tret't, on Friday, April 24, at 1 o'clock P. M. precisely, or the purpose of attending the funeral Af brother Or J. K. Adams. The fraternity are cam.-rtly Invited to attend. By Older. L T tO?VNH>VBN,M N*ral, ?#. A. P. M JRIARTY, ?. Concord. SO. KOT1CE -THE MBMBBB" OF KEY fflONB LODuE, No, 23S F. A M am hereby sifnmoaeJ to attend a i.p c'al meeting tbla (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'c'ock, for work in K. C. and J?. M O ? By order. Wti lu* yuAti., Secretary. EDMI ND HAYS, W. M. i *. Notice to b jumpers -shippsbb or KBRoaAN dlse Intended fo steamship Yorktown, which wan ti have sailed on last qamnlay. are requested u present their receipts and bills of laolti^ tor and take away the same from pier No IS North river No clearance* being allowed to Boa them ports, our steamers have ceased running f?* the present Ll'HLAM A HB1NLKBN, Aganif, 1U Broadway. Armi.23, 1861. Ik] OTICE.-NEW YORK > ACHT CLUB? THE SPECIAL ?\ me-tlng o the members of the New fork ^ achi Club, ordered by Commodore IS. A Stevens to be held at ins ?)lui Mouse Elynlan Fields, on the 21th Inst , was dulv adjourned to meet again, at the tirevoort House, corner of Fifth avenue and fcigbia street, on Tueadar next, tbe amh inst , at 7 o clxjk r. M. By order. U. MoRfON, iteereU'y. SUV DAT NEWSPAPER FXPBE8S THAI*.- FOB THE better a< commi'datlon of the people living on the Une of the Hudson Kiver itaiiroad the on erstgned has made an ar rargeuient to run a sp*o<al train, which will leave 1 htrtlelh strort station at7:3ft ?. M , carrying on* passenger a lach and will mat* the following "topi for passengers and the deliv-ry of Newspaper*:? Peetsklll. Ftsbklll, i'oughk-^psia, Hhlne beck, > arrytown, llvoll, Hudson. Aibauv and ' roy At all stations where the train does not stop newspapers will he de livered fr >m tbe platform of the tear car. Toe Herald and the l>ally Times t which will continue to publish a Bunriav edi lion during the war excitement), as well as all the rtuoday pa. pe>?, will ue carried on this train. Newq dealers and all othera who wish papers by this train will please address all orders, either pe?s'n>all; or through tbmr agents In this eiiy, to L. N HHV.Aw, 14il Cbambera street, N Y Wholesale price of all papers by this train three oents per eopy. OKI GOODS, <KC. AT M ACT'S LADIES VJ81TINQ NE% YORK WILL FIND AS R. H MaOY'S, Sixth avenue and Fourtee^ta street a1 oompiete sUwk or Uwi Under Linen made a best maaner, 26 per cent loss than Broadway prices. A full assorted Hook of Uwlles', Gents' and Children's Uer man aad Bng'isk HurtlERY AJfD CTBDEBWEAB, SO per mi to s than Broadway prices. A magnificent stock of Ribbons, (latest styles), line FrvniA viewers, Roches labs. Headdresses, Ac., roll Bfty per sent leex th?n Broadway prteea. A o mpietc stock of REAL AND IMITATION LACKS, Mantilla Laoea Mas til !a Centrea, Laae MaotlUas and Shawia, BmbrJldartes ot every df seription and price. PAfcASoLfc, AO., mccB below the east of Importation. A desirable st< ?k of lack Curtains, vestibule laces, drapemi MUSLINS. AO.. Lissn Uooda. Linen naadkerohlefs. Boos oheopmg CModa, Be , cheaper than any otltsr house in the aty. A fnll stocs of NotlqM Tapes, Braids, Ae., snmplils Al ways a full asaortaaeat or our LaDIEH' OMLBMBArkD PAkiff KID ULUVES, AS Cents a Pals. NONE BETTER tM Tut. CITY AT ANY PRIOE M.H. MAtn , 3M *a4 XI Sixth aveno* BrNTINO-?n PIECE8 RED, WHITE AND BLCE filLK Bunting for Flxgs For ta e t>y O H. GORDON i CO., 135 Maiden Lane. 17DWAKD LAMBERT A CO. l j Continue to offer unasual indoeemenis to WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL BUYEB8 of STAPLE AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS. A large snd extensive ?v * k of 1-LAIN A.N U FANCY SILKS, including all the popular sty lea at about half price. $100,040 worth of Dress Uooda at B0 oents oa the dollar. SDWAItO LAMBERT A OO., (in liquidation), _At?T Broadway, Between Howard and Orand streeta. II A 1 aM ISAACS, IMPORTER AND MaNUFAOTuKBB lYl of the latest and most fashionable styles of Parisian Mllllnert, announce* that la addition to the above aha has made Mourning Mi Unary a "spsciallte." Tn city and country bujfru of patten. Bonneta a great Inducement will be offend, and ska aordiailr invites asi Inspection of har stock before purchasing eisr where, confident that la renpoct to sttle, price and fashion bar establishment will be found unrivalled. IN Hroadway, betwe? n spring and Prinse streeta, In nlnaa praz imlty to ike priadpal hotels. Madam ISAACS, CM Broadway. CLOTHING. A |OB8|f Dllii'Sn""" ? ?Wanted?. ItADI*a> ivenh^el^lXrT5t"n ^'^SsX'r ?tie need Sift* ^ ninth and'^cT,^* A DEMAND FOR CLOTHING ?L ADIEU AXD GEN II e.n> en, wanted, ? loc or omi off Clothing. Furniture, Carpeta Mid Jewelry 1 gnarantee to pay the beet price In th? Pity by culling on or addieaaing M. AbrnhAma, HS Seventh *v?nae, between Tw only-fifth ud Twenty ?lxth ttresw. Ladle* attended to by Mra A. A QP.E AT QUANTITY Of CAST OFF CLOTHIM0, furniture. Car; eta, Ac , wantcl, to (upply the tWeeiern oiirktk 1 pay aa fol cwi Prom $10 to $.46 for 811k P A "gate, from i< to $30; 'ante, rrom $2 to $$ Call on or ad Jre*? A. 2Lg laTWth avenue, between Twenty-fourth ?nd twenty fiftb atreat*. wtU be punctually attended to. I*. dtfs attended to by Mra D AHF.TTKR CHANCR STILL.? LADIES AND GENTLR men, 1 have a great demand for caat off Clothing. Furnl tu -e. ' 'arpeta. Jewelry Ac , tor the Weatern market. 1 will mi the following prleee: ? For Mlk Dreaaai. from ft* to $86 for Coata, from #3 to fid; for Paata, from $1 to ft Pleaae call on or addraaa J. Anhalt, IBS Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-Am atraeta. Punctually attended. Ladle* attended to by Era Anhalt. Attention ?ladien awo obntlrmkn rr you want to get the full value of vour caat off Clothing ?ntture, Carpet* and Jewelry, the bent you can .10 In to a-nd a note to F. HaKRIw, 1M Seventh avenue There you may be convinced you will be dealt with to your ?atla' action, For Rtlk dr***c*, rrom $7 to $30. for Coata, from $.1 to $13; for Pant* and Veet*, from $1 upwarda. Pleaae don't forget, l&d Seventh avenue, near Twenty Brat itreet. Ladlea attended to by Mra. Harrla. RARE CHANCE -LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I have Juat reoelved ?AIM to purAaae raat off Clothing, Carpeta, Furniture, for the California market. I uromlae to pav the htaheat prloe f or them, by callleg on or addreaalnx M. EtLTH. W Seventh avenue, near Seventeenth street. Utdlee attended by Mra. E1IU. A demand TOR CLOTHING.? ladirs and gentlemen having any caat off Clothing, Furniture, (Jar peta and Jewelry, will receive the higheat price by Calling on or ad rlmea<ng A. 1IaRRI8, 6H8 Third avenue. Ladine at ten. led to by Mra. Harrla. ABETTER PRICE PAID FOR LADIER' AND (MINTS' eaat off Clithlng than elaewhere. on account of the panic. I guarantee to par the following prloea:? From 17 to (36 for Hint L reaaca, ft om $3 to $18 for Coata, and from $1 80 to $d lor fanta. Aluo, Carpeta, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac A note by poet punrtttally attended to by R.. 164 Seventh ave nue between Nineteenth and Twen* leth etreeta. Ladlea at tended to by Mra. R. Lautioh to van Puilio.? I have nn connection with any other peraoo in the aame bualaeea. AOREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING, Kurnltnre, carpet* Ac. wanted? T<- aupplv the *f eat era market. I pay ** follows:? Fr>?? $10 to $36 for 811k OrvMra; Coata. from $d to $*>; Pant* from $t to f& Call on or ???>ire?a A. Dueae, 21H Jeventh avenue, between Twen ?t fourth and 1 went* fifth ?treeU; will b* punctually attend. ad to. Ladlea attenuc.1 to by Mra. P. ALAROR DHDER RRCElVRD _#R,000 WORTH OF caat . ff Clothing wanted for the Weaurn Kutea 1+. dW ? and gentlemen wishing to dlapne or any can obtaina high' t p tee than ever waa paid be ore, although the prtcea arc not upeelfled In thla adi ertiaement; but by calling on or Hdcreaeii.g H IIAKHlf. JU Bowery, you will ttml, la Ilea and gentlemen, that you will receive Ihe Toll value for your artl rlca. Also, Furniture, Carpet* and Jewe.ry b >ught. I<adtee attended by Mr* llanla, at 363 Bowery, oppoalte Fourth and Orcat Jonea atraeta. AT til SRVKNTH AVFNl'R LAHIFH ANI> URNTLE men can dlapoac of their Caat tiff Clothing, Furniture, Carp. i? and Jewelry at tbe lilghc*t price*, an the advortlaer kM i ngagt d a large order, to i>end ihe ?ante to WlaooMtn By calling on or addt.-aaln^t I* II. you will be convinced, ladlea and gentlf m"n. to your eallmartien Ladlea attended by Mr.? R. II. Ill 1 Mcvenih avenue, second door above Twenty fourth atrcct eaat ?tde a tARCK ORDER FOR $><,000 CAST OFF CU)TIIIN??.? 'V Wanted to purrhaea, for San Franclaco, California. Ijiili .?? and gcnllcmen. if yoa ? lnh t<> ?et a fi?tr price for y.uir t !? >tbe*, (Virpel*, Fnrnitnre and Jewelry, the l?eet you c?n do la to aend a note to It. *INi/ 7H il?th avenue, where y.?n irnx h? i unt inc. .1 jnu ? ill b* de*lt wit h to your aatiaiactlon. I.n.lif. all. Ml. .! to b> Mi* Mini* No ft) Sixth aveuun, bo wien I- luhtb /ttrct iunl VV.ivutl. y plate, oroRTirvo. If RANCIH BPTtiER, NO 3 PF.CK HL1P, HAH ALL. THR 1 cb< ice hr< ? >1* for >ale and etock. Butler'* Infallible arge Pnrc and f lea K t terminator, 61 erata per bottl* tint lare 'B'efding, Training, Dtaeaaee. da , of Doge," $1. Dog* b larded, Trained, da MHdjclnaa for all INK F 10 R HALR-A IIOKBIAN BLfM iDHOOND, JB?T IM _ por *d from Ku**1n, nine month* old; well trained, goc<l watchdog, wll lie mid ebrap on account of going to the war Apt'li at No. I CarlUle atreet between tirwenwtah and "aahlngton atreeta I iOArk,-*v am tiu, a PAiM or iraINb.0 ooai'm, \T Wigon and.Rarne**. A.ldreta X., boa 1,891 N. T. Poet ofllee, etatlng prlne which muat oe Mm. TA.IHT RfiRRCoX FOR BALE -^11 R CAN BR KEEN at Oretrp. Ir t T_ ACHT ft>* *.NA FOR BALE - THR "LBWUTD ?K?v vaeht lto?ena, 40 ton* bnrtheu, now lying at W?t port Coan. tendered for aate, tapther with h?r taakja, a* par el and furniture. Nhe wa? imtln drat rata order Ivy har lata owner, fc R #ta jow, Be>i. dur*ag 'he pat aaaarm. ia completely and aleganflv furnlahed In erery reepa* and wUl "ju pit En," wiin^H ti??Zbj*i | feassans j ?**+ ?? ??**?'? "hi, with Lady * ondtiff and LuM trotfd in i M to a wagon. for pedigtea. see ihw bUia < t qpoRowTo c antr ' '?the s aluow "tou I Chief th# OOBllBf Mftim wtD roMla on f a bis owner at P'ushing Long 1i)h4 i'?mnaikMli)M beaddreseed to P. P ll?nt.a fup-rtnieii<le?t h HOR8K8, CARRIAGBit, mT| A UBQDCHK, CABB80UT*, B ?MME1 el A Coach , 00a pair large and sty liah *r%y Hohm, oaf of aream Ponies. one gray ouupe Home#, oh light I B< r*a. ?addle or harneas; oue single anrrni Hone, twJ h'ary double Parosea. aad two aata light d ubia Harms] foriale at private sUNe Be. 88 West Bint* street, near] I A BaRGAlN - A PAIR OK PINE DARK BAT DR41 1 Xk. Honest well matched, suite <le 1 or a brewer aclv imb: for sale at a bargain. Apply to GttU&OB W. D I 7*?T|>lfd avenue. I A "PEN DID HA DC LB HOBMV POh -.ALB AT A 8, . A See. borrol c<lor, la^ hand' high 8 years old. H l*A BIliLBB, private stable, ?orth (met, ooruer of 0?l Ah tabt trotting bobsb for ?alb-a ? I lallaorrcl, 7 yea's old. 18 hands b gb kind, and ranted sound, oan tret in 2:30 or 1cm. Any child who I bow to guide a horse can drive him In less than 2:40l owner is cbitgei to go South; will be aold at half his I Addross Hone, herald office. A HUKBBB Of BOBSBB-JUST PRO* THB d A try for sale 1 oung. sound and gentle; good driM forrei tlarr, can trot in 3 minute*; good saddle Horaean EHI.POaNT SPAN or BLACK HORBE8, PHOTON, I ? To be sold at auction, by B A P 1. SCHSMq Tuesday, April 30, at their aftlearoom, 141 Broadway! particulars see auction notice, FMOK "ALB ? A SPAN OP BlTcJ^aAW^Mo] ? Horses; styilsh drivers, 8 year* old, sound aad| alao a Barouche and Coeeh, made by 5K"e | ood Brothers, for Karoee. Weat nlxteenth street, front A E?OB BALB? A BBAOTirOl. TBaM OP BOl r Nana, i?>; band* high. ? and 7 yea Ml old; trot a J three minutes to the pole; perfectly sound and hind. A faet?ty trial will be vol Inquire eT a ? OBITS, Thirty flret street. rR HAi-B? two pair or carriage horbbiJ pair of browns. Id hands high, 8 years old: one I sorreliI7 18.3 hands hlfb, 8 years tld. Both pair kill sound. To he seen at Pel ion a stables, 1,012 Broedwa] quire of C. B. POriT. rR HALE? A TBRT HTYLI tH BHOWK HORsl bands high, 7 years old, sound and kind. Alao I shifting top wagon and Harness. Inquire at the M Thirteenth street, rear ef <6 Fifth avenue ' r>R 8 ALB? TWO SADDLE FOB-BS, PBTBKl eight years old, color bay and brown UV end Is 3l high both amble, gallop and trot, of fine style and aetid be seen at J. Peltou'* Stables. No 5 Bast Twenty- rirst| until sold. fitOR BALE ? A VBRT HANDBOOK LIGHT ROAl " got' ; will be sold for half coat. Been used bul times. Apply at >07 Wtoth street FOK SaliR? A LOT OP VAL' AKLE H tKMKH thena are thJee Iron Ora*?, and two other* not sol over ),?U)eai:b Also a superior Bare with foal Onl bui't Mare handsome for a wagon "r farm piiee BifiJ a 'ast walking * art Horse. All warranted, and will I changed for small Horses. Apply at No 8 Essex f near canal. FOR balk- a first rate young barhI Wagon; can trot In ; will be sold oheup rol also a second hand Coach. Apply to JAMM8 GOBI tUb ? ashington street FOR HALE ? A SUPERIOR bAKK BAT n f'orse, weighing 1 400 pound*, black mane and tail,! 16 bands high, la sound and kind, and for style and el af movement cannot be excelled he Is the property of tlemeo just starting for Europe and will be sold eha be >eeu at Byerson A Brewn'e bvery stable, PnlrerjJ 4.--OW BALK? A HPLB>D)I) t*A H ()K BAY HC_ F 1 ng tails; about 1A 3 h??ds high.: well matched a | styli h: warranted sound and kind Id every rflhpeet; 1 seven vean old Can be seen from 8 1 ? It o'clock in ton av> nue three stables below rwe?t* -fourth street. Mid P ALB ?A 8PLF%DI > GR Y MhhSKNGBB r 15 hapde, loDg and heavy tali, d tears old, wa without a bieml h ; oan trottnl:M); Ih an exoell nt p->l Also, a cui^Ttor fad. le Bide t-adole and ndles, and single II nniess made by Wood Ulbsoo; all nearly new, a l*fet shi tmg top <Vsgon, made by .-tevene A Smith, seen at the sianle M Mercer street ffOR BALE? A PEW EXlB* BottNrB FRQMl P moat, l ast trotters, elegant saddle Borsea, Ao , f me], ll/ty miles from New Cork by Harlem Railroad. I J. J. BMAlJ FOR BALE? A SPLENDID PAIR OP GRAY, . tailed Carriage Horses, C vnar* ''id. Id hauds hia sound and kind Apply at Hovey's 11 \ cry stable. c3 vll'e, >ew I ork. EUR HALB-A BAY MARK 15 H a?Di HIGH, 7 '_ old, long tail, perfectly gentle and kind; oan beuJ y or children either In harness or under the saddl all safety; warranted to stand wlthou tying; Is veryT and very pretty, ' an be teen tor two days, or unB nt 203 Third avenue. Fob balk-a lady r saddle aittT *A Horn ; one of the best In Mew i >rk ; 15 hands ta years old. gentle snd pretty Inquire at Taylor'si Broadway and seventh avenue. I rpOR PA LB ? A STYLI"!! PaHILY Tf AM Of (J r nut . orrels, well inaUbed live and six years, sotT kind, coil steppers; at hall their value, ft&O. Can] at IH* ater street, from 3 to 8 P M. Fob balb? a baddlb borbb vert hani| if-een hands high; perfectly gentl > for a lady I o ride; ean trot in tnive minutes canters ani trotl saddle; price $178 Tall at 498 Water street, after f A M Aoy warrantee and trial for one waek will be | For balb? a lov or bxphe^r waoonsl 1 ble for government onrpuse. Apply at BtudM press, com?r of Pourvh avenue and Twenty seventh ? Fob uav-ror* bobbfs: amongst thkb (wo aplendld dapple irv H?raaa, and one pniB gray Mare. The ?hoT? p? horaea am splendid family! Alto one (plendld bob tall Nora*, flt for any ftuaifceafl 176. alao one pony both bro?n Hone; be la tbe nine ?one In liia city ; p>kie $76 ? key a r? all warrants 1 #eepect Alao one leather top Wagon and ailver plats neaa ; price 1 86. Can be *e*n at 31>^ Perry > treat. | Eon ait.* ni BBCBAMOB-a> KOPwg B<1 Juat from Canada Tdat, from Mliloll haate jaT m * to 7 yeara old; all aonnd and kind laenlral blackamlth akop ISO |t?rfoUk dtrfef ? Funutur# | H ORHB8.-TEA* AND (7 ART HORHK8 FOB by CROOIN * CO. , J 88 Weat Twelfth *traet HHORHRB? roB 8AJUB. AT BROWN'R HTaBLEB ? oar of Mate and B< arum atreeu Brooklyn, tfl tnatebe 1 and four ilnale Horaaa twa of sale bond ooder the aaddle and Tout of them faat trottera. M and genue. One pair will be exahanged for liquor ? LHIQHT WAGON*.? 4 L* RGB AJMORTMBNT Q ? goo*. with aad without top*. weigtlag fw>m 19* upward*, made of the beat ael??ted aaatniala and ol pa 'term and will be aa d at prleee to rait the Umea, foaad at I be old eatabllnhed u*a? faatu* j. Ita 114 *1 (treat. deaUemen are Invltad to aall and aaaaalne tl en haad. Order* for anr atyle af Waaoaa promptly ad. J08BPB n. OOOWW, IltB&ayika LHGHT WAOO*. WITH BHIFTIRG TOP. rOB| H cheap: baa been uaed bat little, and la la Antral^ Can be aeen at Tenth ?Ueet nnttl enld. F^h.mbk -hktv moke i.pft sub ?and Welch Ponlea. of all ?Ues; alio llaroeaa and ? to match, for ?ale at Forty aeeoutl utreet. between IHfl Blith arennea. OBO. T. <] RBM PC* rwyceai nted ; you WQI I tlela aad no delay ; you will nod thlf plaoe aa favonfl any that aan bo fount RTBWHRi'a Wa<|on Factory? aecond ?treet, near Blfbth BTenua. Alao aome mmmM Wagona, In good order. TTTAOOII WARTBD-OHB NEARLY newqoJ TT make preferred. Addraaa O. ? C , Herald olj SC^^B^n^fci.Ao -wKuni-.a nullII | .Irr ?u ? Iwifmti ? fCS Report of Wha^^kUilip*' magnificent oratWlJ port or the war io^^Hpre*ldent IJneoio, (wMl publican paper* of ^?Kh wira afraid to publlah), ? pear, unabridged, prfnt*<1 tro?a tae orator * notee, ln| g\o African of tbia Weak #ora aleby tbe newa doalaiM where, aa Thuraday morslag, 1Mb tit agonb-ft* for evert ilMnn TT onnrtaatly oo hand, or made to orler; every bare warraated to be aa rearaaeatad; M1ICB1XAR10CI. A OABD ?I, TBB DWMIMOH1D, MARUFAOTB A aa art trie called Button Rote ana -wwlnggl Twlat having adopted for my trade ate a, aad tbe worda "trade letter oT twlat thereon. Am Liyrin rouau n>R ? i.baying H nl Tad foraale oa?T by GOJBR k OR* it AM, *Md J kcr. I r Dual ? .irt.1, nr at 'h? paint *iore mmw aad fweatb -third IIWC ? .-??* t ii k ?i i-brttib Rxx.rrv., i i.atr^tI LrKr, ar^sviiw&a 17 Cortland' ami Nieti.ik itauan BRrfl 1 Having Imp rtcd per utramer Raw Vork a lot of ? Italian H>*?, whlnb nrrlTed in a rcaarkahiv good ? r ball be able to fni nl?h am?teun with put* mntilnel un*eti* wlthla a short time. Pnrprtee and other InfoiB apply U- C. WM BOHB, CI Bichange plw. agentefl NHKff gfKIMl B'TTF.R ? REOBIVKI) DaII.tH pr?'?? Irom I he oboloeet dalrie* of (Portland, Ohfl <;iM>mitng nnd Krooaie coanttee New Butter, In puB tub*, for ?alr by MILi.BR * CABR, 47 Pearl and 34| atraata, Maw lork M aides laae. ? DAT RBBOBBRR' TICBBTi WA.RTBD? AT >06 ll PHB1XHAM RBBTVtifBG POTATOB* FOR RALB - J ? are the earlte^ known, white, mealy and tn| through eo? the ym?r A'ao, refined Older aad vin<?l ebolee. ArP'y ?? tbe agency, Ho. 4 Brie Building, ? etreet H. A. XTtJ rfBB XT* TOBB DTK TWO A WD PRINTING H X HbaMat ??I m nea.1T fS?. ?<lL.TFi'J^ir^,-- B