Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1861 Page 7
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?Oahuum ?yp u)Duiiu. i >NU *tFB. oa T?0 aTNOLI OBM b It u a la. ge lUMftoo B"00, with to***. No ?B ?Ht rurtjr se? Hid Street, UU ggjgpS?J?^!?? #? uF fURJIWHBD OS UMFJS ?Uk Monrd, on seeoal floor; tin ?? ??d ihtre Quota, for aiogU ? Lr^.. va HraTh FAfcH.'* LIT TO A USiTLBMAW ??wife a cu- l*?rlor and edroom, with * ?ri hum We-> stntot. between Wfth m4 "i* ^#HT* Icit or n r uuti*a&D boo m, Kaataiaiaa al1 th* modern ooa?enieuoe?, will be lot, bod bMM. u" ?4 irmm terms; tl? * tiuk r sm PSTno iow?. t gfgt^imr rtfth ituut __ ^mamfamil ? ?? ibB u???usar rbbpbuta M wonld !?"? a ew elegantly f urnlabed law 0* ? and fourth uuor? wit* exuutslie Hoard, to aingi gen l??fMika?g ?adhiswJa. Aeply nt*> W?et HuMh 1 Mjgg ft i> j?I mill STSouea. MfiWMi ?*? Mid rfngtiah (no 7 ottAMfcaqr PIO.OB, i* twwbm ?boot, seoond b?u ? TOm fourth uwu ?To lot, to * ?WUrmu, s ur. l?h?e ittla| kootn Wl B"dr>ot? ?v [7 Boom Ami c *?. ?u1 priraw; brankfaot and tea If _ BUT T?|i?iii> a ST "BIT, OORMBR Or fourth aveaue-iJ%odans?? Voosss to let, in suits or to MMM, ?hi> ui aoard, ih a first clue private Tori nom ?? to > ? ,.KTLB?aI? In rta aC'TOHMOOaTHO WITH A Eruiahed Bedroom, ud Mrttol Bo?rd IT required, la a amlly. Inquire f ir Are. Williams, at#* Wayua atreet. City. f loon AMD b OKOOM TO UV-TOA OBMTLB. and his wlfr *ltb Bond; and Hall Rooms to sla Inquire ?i. 333 oaat Tasth street r#w board kVATB rmikT WUL LB T BUIlK Of ?IXN(t ?r angle looms to aaatletoM and their wive* or single bn, on eee >nd or third floor*, with Board. House flr?t Ks all 'he modern lammMM and oon 'anient lo ? etten Call ?t 413 ? eat Twenty third street. So E?**ay EdT HAVINU TaKXM THE FIRiiT CLaH# HOUSE ? aewed avenue. corn-r nt Seventh street, ha* t ft* l Malta, anc also some single RootnA, to dispose oL ' reads to make arrangements. Call at booae, or ? S? Poat (rfttee _UllO AMBRIUAN WIDOW WirHOUT V.MILT Ui let a pleaeaot, aicelr I ornlahed boom u> a lady aad inn, with BomtA fur tbe Udy. Table good, ljoatloa lent, bouM quiet no morlng la May. Inquire at II tree street. nr*r Hie-cker. BITATB ri.Mli... UVIHO IM THBIA O** maa, w nUd like to i?t, with board two or three neatly ied rooms, aultabte 'or two gentlemen, or a geafaeaan fe. Henae baa ?ll the Unuiorementa, aod U onare i ears ?sd iiax a Plnaa> c?ll at a* Iking street. taraM Hetereuoe gtvaa and required. P?ABUB MU1 or rnONT BOOMS to LBr?nm -Tr??,^r' fu" a(*rd' ta "rat olia b^f 0ppo^ie ?' Avenue^ _?TUMaN aMu UiM WirB, OB TWO BiMOUS Kntleman. ran ? aooomtnoaated wtih two iiloaaant ?soma, adjoining, with Board, in a private family Be Ka exohanged. app y at Mo. 170 West Twenty second C^LOR AMD BBO bOOM, BLBOANTLf VOStr fchrd. In a first o'aaa private house near Piftli Avenue Also, a large room and closet on third floor, witboat .o single gonilemen. Keierences tequlred. Address , U mon square f osi oflice hNOUSB KaMILa, aT SIS BSOoNO AVKNCul, ?ar rhliti -seventh afreet, will let, upon tanas to suit Ka, furnlahed or unfurnished Booms, with or without to persons dtalrlng comfort, economy aad perma ? BO? TO OB TUBMAN.? A PARTY, H AVISO A laomeiy furnished house, on riftb avenue, nsar the House, desire - to make an arrangement with a of gentlemen for Rooms and Boara A party of or a small club <v>*lu have the monopoly of tbe house, st clans private tab e, served In the "est style. For era ca.i on or ?ddre?* t urate Club, Care of B. Iiaw |l Baal I ourtaemb atrent UPLB Or PI^AaHAUT ROOM J. 8U1TARLB K0? ntlrman and wife, or a oounle of gen tie men. to let, i or unfutnisbtd, without aoard, In a private family, lerate. Kciercuoes exchanged. Inquire at No I , pear Oread OF HAMtoOlf &LY rURMBHED ROOMS, OK Bond floor, to rant, with Board; Also lerae and small single gentlomen at reaaooable prices, for the e house is ilrst class Apply at M #eat Twelfth Kifth avenue. PAR1LX WOULD RE KT A PARLOR AMD witb or without nals, to a <reallomaa or ?n wife, stooais oontain hot and oold water; Xbt'nlly located for the anmsser. Apply at SS st streeC first new house eaat ot Third avaaue, be Ji and Tenth atreota JiDSOBA LAjtilB BOOK, WITH BOARD, BCITA i for a lady and ^entleautn or two gentlemen, will oe >n tbe 1st if Ms) at "A West Feurleenth street, be fifth and -lath avennea. ?AHT TWRMPT fiBBT 8TRKBT (ORaMSSCY ,i), desirable sod h .ndaomnly furnished Rooms to i Board . alao, t ooms for single gentlemen. Bo mov ay Itei erencee r> qu red. LbD. ? TO FAMILIES AND 8INOLB OBNTLE mi -The house 19 Union square, having been urnlalied tUre.ighout, la now open for the > reoepUoa of s 'i h.s la ackno lMflfitt to bo tue most pleasant lo i the city, being direc.iy 'ranting the aqnare. aTr Kury cab . ac<"; jMOD1Tg OMB oR ?o j r ung m-u WW" a pleuant furnlabed Moum and Hi two ?- %t. or one at ft par week, Including gu*. ?it No. 1W Heat Tenia aireet, between fourth and EKaTB FanILV WiLi. J.BT TO OBWM.E**W. irmgtho*om orta of a quiet home; t*T? large rrv.21 ro m- on the third floor of a amall claaa hauM, all the modern Improvement* Raiereacea Inquire at 18 uaaumoad (treat. |0KT ROOM AMD BBDROOM, AN D EX TBMSION MMk d 11 or, Kl?>.au eiten>lon room and bad the #m? tlour, to be lat, with or without Board, at dge atraat. App y tor oua treat. , '81 HOLE GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLBBEN AND r wr?e?, o?n he ace ?m .dated in a ama>l private fa i pleaauit iwwm- ana Board, irom lat of Bay. u > . 4 Meat l?mij tnnd Hrrwt. Termi maa .oabie |c?e required. Add i eta W. M H.. Herald oflk>*. .. OF PARLOttd, ON FIRST FLO R, WITK p>ate able, ? r wlifc-ut Board. Alao, < hambera, with i If required, may be hau by guntlcui^nat J.'l fourth ? mt?y?-ttf place. ! bT M AriK ?< i'lAi.'E. OPl'OhlTE CJOPER Lte.? A lew neatly furahhad Room* to at, with KaST iWBBTY FIR8T HTKBET. GRAMKBOT k? Jf,lc?*nt Nomm, in aulte or atngle, can be had .atiy h iik* Ural eu?na; ley to park; dinner at an. hare Urge cloaeta, auil every con\ f-nieace. Refe angi-w tatb family havb to let, to ONE OR Tiro tlemen, a hat daotual; furalahed front Room, floor, with all modern Impr i ementi, frith or with i u'lU're at 02 .vnuty atreet. Hi?y, having Takes tub la rob and com bo. u houne No 18 nt. Mark * place, would aoa mmo nenMenteii aud iholr wtvea and a few siuglc gentle. . ? gant and alrv Room* fnrulahed or nnrurnl?bad. Board, at p'loee to ault the Uam. Haferenoea ex J) ? FAMILIES LOOaTIKG POR TUB HUMMER [find pl?aa*ot Kouna, band wmele furn ahed, in aulta , sub modem Improveanen'-a, and good utile, by ap IOC aud lofl bait Fourteenth atreet. Ttrma raaaon i permanent arrangement ' miT OT BOOMH, FUKNIHHED, WITH BATH r Vicltuive. may b* obtained by a party of thrae or iajkdU , with private table if dealred. Apply at lit ?i, a Ww doora treat of Broadway. r DESIRABLE ROOVM, FOR OBKTLEMEN. or with at >*rvafcfa<t at any hottr. Apply at 1*0 Lm', nmr the New Vork Hotel and Broadway. FiJ*Al.Hl>El? PARLOR AND BED ? u. 00 wood (nor. alio two Bedroom t tor alogle B>a to let, la a (1 ret cIa?? h .nee, o cupied by a prtra'e Break'a<t will be turntuhed If ra?inired. Terma Ai'(> y at ISO Barer ley place, near M?t h avenne. ftfcOBON F1BST FLOOR, WITH CLOHBT3, HOT cold water and ra*. to let with Board Alan three .. lioome Up in gU04 order. L lnn?r at 6 t'NM at U ? . ?i )i a? en iic, W>W Twelfln au l ihlr mn*. MLKM ran HAVB A I, A ROB NEATLY blebed fn nt <u>om Id a prl rate famflv; terma ot #V p?'r m. rrtb for i gentlamer . ala<>. a amall I or fc per month I'artlal rtra-d If required. AD I week at 118 Ch*r!,>* atreet, earner of HadMK, orer W"" j?TUB?Alt AHO WIPB OB TWO HINOLK OBB ran olitaln large, plea>aat Monmj. with partial la a private ramily il nae with nln Impmrn |Appiy at m We?t Twenty alith atmet, near Eighth >T WIelltB BOARD AND A ROOM, FOR WHICH will glre aa an etiuirale..! In-tntcilor ? on the Plam, H>dlu irg>i?g, or n the Unglnh brmCie*; refereuoea ?eapeetabi ity an I e rxM.ltyaaa teachercan t>e given. ?BF. H., Herai'i ? ATE FA MIL. 7 HaVB A PLS4PANT ROOM OS itid atory tilth pamry, to let t > ?tro gentlemen or a n and wife, hir 'tn e .ntAli.i gaa and water Dinner ck Apnly at or aodreaa Mra. M. Franklin, No M6 atreet, < o'ner of <'b*rt"a. (It AND VERY LEH1RAH1.F. ROOM. WITH ? U1 ei ? nalon K.?im, on xe-or.d No ir, 10 let, Wi:h ?<rnl>bed or nii"urt.lHbed; g%?, bath, c.oaeta, *o. Din ?e l.>>raU'<n p raant, Fo'iah atreet, b?t ?eeu Seoond Ba.aveoDea ?rge and tx-aiiUfitlyard, lamlly ami 1; .iirder* 1 ho neat of refer, noe gl' .>n and reqalfN. Albion pUce ,A( h J ' Bin, oocr -nsa a modern house, I" * r*?ily of adalt* or a few atng.e T k T* aod Room*. Spaniah, tiai RMrU h ^ keo v-piy %| Xo v Wm, Twolim twien fifth !tH(l $ i vth triQUia B LHULaV1 tFA?.,l4T I/hT, CNFI'R. .d, a "plendtd Parlor fl.Htr, all > ?eeon I floor, nleelr I Room* for ?irgl- ?-" .tl men, ,?h ?r ? ,thw, No 410 fourth atrr* ' (N<*. 5 Albi?>n pieo*; hetween and nee nd ivenu.v ' '' nm,[wn I f I.EM AN A I'D HIi W1KB tm TWO NINHI.E lemen, e*n be a or ?rai? d U.-d wi lt a pi.. ,.,nl fm, I, Hoard, at NtJUM i we?ty we.<na ?t. Ithe hoaee In,* eirrn impmtefnenu fin moving CI im tat of Bay. 'BP.N1B.? A BFLRNOlD ir IF RtSrMs <tN t i (1 or of the prl ate ho.tae ?* glf'h avenua to lat ite table ontv; *1*0 a Parlor and .tedr vtm. to a aln lrci|n, alth brenktaat If r^inlred ______ "aTR FaBiLi . o't?nrrvi?Mi * fHifTuM itmrj brnwn aVine h'lti e, ?Hli imcr >? emetit*, ant l?e'i<t|? it< let ihi ihlrdllim to a "nail ?nilly Term i re-i on i i > edit"* 0 11 B , N? ?OAU>nO 4/D bODUIKO. A rrntHCB LADY CaN ? Od\ T ? O.NKOR (?nptu?mra -Ithgond Roomw1 aoard, "d wher* inat.p iion u, F?Mfe u4 wfli t? :*'??. umUmmi wf Ml C n> Perfect tbns? Ivee to K<pncb wfe? "?* ? *?* r?b e op, or unity Inquire at M Bm4 ?, betwe? a MfcdUon and Foarth f?Bm A SMALL AMEBIAN FaMIJUY WILL LBT OW| OS I'Oi ettli rumUh.d Room*, with parMai Scud If IS 'lut red b w MW aud aawljr 'urulahed. Ahp'1 ?* W MAC A ?* A da. Twelfth M o ? ugal atnet ttrat Souse fro?B Bloecker street. tiENTLEMAN AMD W?*t CAW MB AOOOMMO dawrf with J?<Wd. in * private tamlly, at ?86 Wait *d witA 1 J, n BH1BHED BOOM W*NT?D-B Y TWO SINGLl /T gettlrmen, nekr Pullau ferry, Brooklyn. Board for DM ?*T AMWW *or two dar?, slating terat, which must b? moderate, ' nndiw., Herald office. (JOANS -OMmLbLb' BOOMS, LABda AMD SMALL D furniahed or u*fafB<ahML M) beolSalned In a haad ? m< madam bwi Gentlen en aud their wives. and single ga - UHBwn ewklng a piwuaib.mMon the l-t of Say, ^'sFtS^s^-xsri^nsi srss B??aKI>-*JI7PS<IOS ACfXIMMOOAnoMB FOR A PA ? mil; or ategle person ?, In the drat clans house I* East Tw?my eighth WW L, between Madison ?jud M th avenuna Prtoka mmi 1 oimitin b? ?een from 3 to & d'coek F, M. Person* of religious or *trtoUy moral ttanlu preferred. B\a*d -Washington square, south, gnr or _ two f am I 'lee cs* obisfti handsomely furnished Rooms wfh ji' ard at the above dnlightfut Iqcttloa; ai*o, ituomt tor atngV mMm. Inquire at 223 Fourth street, Washing on equate south QOitfU). ? HANDSOMELY F . ANlttllED hOOMM TO *? K separately er together, to ruUemtn onlv, with or ? Ubom partial Board Uouae contains ail modern Improve uwntsa Ma. US West Twenty eecmd street. BOARD ? DE81MABLE ROOMS. LARUE AMD AM ALL. baadawteiy fU'n<shed, may oe obtained In a modern h< uae. 'jUJO Uenry street, near Clinton Term* moderate Din ner at ? ( B1,A;D?iO LttT, BifTs AND MINGLE HOjHif, finely fmniihed on eroond and thi d Hoar*, ia a fltvt elade (m i etoae houae; a beautiful Mimmt-r rna dnnoe. Term* nodrratr. Bo. 6 ? array Hill farfc, between Thlrty fcurtb ai d Thirty fltth atreete BOARD.-rU*NI?HBD OB PSFUSNISUED ROOS8, with Boa<d. f#r gmtlemen anl their wivea, or mhgle ketitlMurn, can be obtained at 11 ft Nark'a Place Houae fir at etas*. Broadway ata|ee paaa the door |>UAttl .- A OKKTLKMAN ?M) WIFE OR TWO BIN I) gie gentlemen aan obtain pleaaant Room* in a modern ben e, with all the Improvement*, at 122 Mln.h itreet, a few ttooie wet of Sroadw ay. DOaBJ) ? * LARUE H AJ4 0HOME FRONT ROOM, Ort J) )>??rd floor, and ball B<-dron<na to let, with Board, fur <1. hed or unfnrmaned at M beveoih avenue. BOaKD-WITH FOhNletlfcl) OR I'NrURNIHHBO Ho rn for lady and child; with a wtdow lady are e rud Addreai, with terms, Mrs. CurUan, ataUon D Pan ortiec BOaSD-CLlMToX I'LAl'S. ? tO LET. WITH BOARD, a furnished l>rlor>uid Hedmnm on necoud floor Al?o t-o very plrft?ant Rooms on third ftoor. ItflMM required. Apply at ol Clinton place, two door* east i.f Fifth avenue JOA D-Sh' fcNAli "Ttftffl CPM* R^OMH CAN O be bad, wltu Board, at 18 Ea?t S.xlepnth stxeet, near nloii t?nu*re. the houne 1* finely loca ed, haw gas. bath, tv.i Mid cola ?vhter, Ac Dinner at 6'? o'clock. Term?, for two persons, $8 to ??? per week, according to rooms. BOAk; .-Wa>-T8D, A NI"E FURNIBlltD ROOM, for a lady and gentleman (with Hoard fur the lady onl>>. t>ot below ' wen lew stre-t or above Thirty-fourth street, ana Ntw^ei rlftb and Eighth avenuee; where them Is no other boarder* w. uld lie preferred, and terms mu?t be moderate, at cress H. H. J., Madlaon square foot otllce BOihD.-ROOMB, EUEOANTLY FU RKI8HED, AND nn. urnisheo. in a gent*el houae. will be let to aing'e gen tletneu > r (am<> t*s vMth or without ooard. i'ossession at ??ice. inquire at U> West Kcurtaenth street. BOAHU ?TO PAHEr.To, A LaD\ RESIDING IN A very healthy part of Brooklvn, would receive two lilt e gin* Into her family to Botrd and educate at $10 a month. tie*t re erenota. Address 116 f ourth place, ccrnerof Mnith street. Board.? iBRBB or foob single gentle meu can be aooommodated with fu I or partial Board, Id a genteel reapeotable family. Apply at M7 Broome street, between Hudson and Variok streets. Location pleasant and convenient to the Sara No moving in May. Bt? D AT 880 FOURTH AVENUE, OoBNBB TWKWTY fifth str?et? Mra Arnold has very desirable Rooma to let, with Board ? *lng'e or la euKa. Alao, Boon-s for sin gle gentlemen. Mo moving la May. Reference etehaaged, Board at *2 blbecker btrebt, east of broad way.? Two or three gentlemen and their wlve< or a party of gentlemen can ootain desirable Rooms, with full or partial Board, and on moderate terms. Reference given. No mov ing at May. OABD? TO LBT, WITH BOARD, AT 137 8B0OND i avenue, between Eigluh and Ninth street*, ro >n>? on Hecond a) d third floors, suitable for gentlemen and their wives or gentlemen. Location very desirable; references ex changed. ]" B PAKD FOR K GENTLEMAN AT BEDFORD? NEAR ?Fulton avenna cars, Brooklyn. Large garden with ao B ^ oraamndatlon for keeping horses, dogs, Ac a private Bng llvh family. No other boarders Home eoeaforta. City and oountry combined. Addrttaa A. B-, M Maiden Lane. Board roB two toumg fbmalbs-with a widow lady, where the oomf irts of home can be had. and where '.here are no other boarders; terms moderate; ua ol piano if required. 241 West 4wenty nlnth street Bcard im a fbwnch Family in Brooklyn.? to let, to two gentlemen, a larse Room, with hat and ool4 water, gaa, dl wet, Ac. Dinner At 8 o dock. Apply At ton street, Brooklyn. Board in hobokem.-tbreb or foub gentle T^n Cfctt Ve aooonwwahted partUO, Board. l?a orl vale family In HobCien Inquire of jaMMB T. DSUMGOLD, mi fcuiltb Broth^Pi, corner Broadway and Caoal str^eta. Board wantbd? for two ladies and gkstlk men; board for th? ladltm only, two well furnished ltoomi; in a good location, not Mow Tenth street nor above Thirtieth street. Address J B. J., box 104 Herald office. uoabo wantbd- a?d a comfortable room, Br . man: must he between Sixteenth sod 1 weatleth streets andVeit of B?.- *v*nue Addm., anting term., H.. BR West Fortieth W. BOAPD WaNTED-FC'E A (IKNTIjH MaN ANDWirK; terms J8 tier week for both. Address H. A. Austiu. Broadwav Post office, stattn# ipcatlon. Ac Board wanted? by iitree yocxu gentlemen. between Ksurteenth and Taenty aeventh streets, ana Broadna* and Eighth arena*. Addrea* 11 u ward, bos lift 11 r raid offioa. Board Wanted-a voini gentleman ia o? sirous of obtalolng partial Board In a private fa mil? : a wldo* * preferred ; on the we*t aide of the cliy, b^low Blee^ker street; no boarding house keeper* need answer. Addrow. ?ta lag particulars, B. H , box 176 Herald office. Board *anted-by a yoong lady, in a ke ?t>ectable private family, where there are few or no other >oarders. Price not to eioeed $S a ? nek. Address A. A , station F. Third avenue BCaRIINO? A GENILKMaN and bib wife or two or three single centlemeo can be asoommolated with Board and pleasant K -othi in a private family In Fourth street ; house has all the modern improvement* Term) mode rate Apply at 14 1-erov street, naar Hleecker. BOARItI?0.? FINE LARGS R0?>lt 4, WITH BOARD, ?ul tab's for gentleman and wif* #r singld genlemen Term* eighi and tm dollar* par week HouhHiM claas with all the modern Improvement*, WettTwraUe* street, Mar Ninth avenue lio moving In May. BOvRDING.-A r.VMlLI OR PARTY OF GENTLEMEN cai obtain a auit of Rooms, at a reasonable prion, at 41 fcaat Fifteenth *t , near Union st^iiare. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Boarding? at mo. 79 east hxteknth sik<set, near nt, GeoJge ? church, in a private family; the en tire second fl? r, separate or together, to a party of gentle men or a gentleman and wife, hcferences excli angel. Boarding ?two gentlemen and their wives can lie Korvmrnodated with two pleasant nnfuralahed K>oma and Beiir-oms I! urnUhed If re, in red I, on Seventy *r*t street. flrsr house north of I bird avenue, aouth *ide, and near central Park. Oaa In the house. BSOCKHN ? one or two single oentlembn may obtain * pleasant, large room; with partial Board. In a private horse, convenient vo the Kultoi and "tfail street fer rie*. itelerenoe* reqiilrad. Apply at US CUnton street, Brooklyn. BROOKLT N -AT NO 07 STATE STREET, CORNER OF CUnton htiKt, on* or two furnished or unfurnished ao< mt, together or separately, may now be secured with good Board. Brooklyn board? two beai'TIFcl. large second *t?rv R'" mi; al*o. one is third *t"ry, to let, at at.1 Hick* atreet, I** minute*' walk from ferrta* r lie house command* a fine view oi the bay, and c intaloi all modern improvement*. Dinner at t o'clock Reference* exchanged. a OA RD IN BROO CL TM.? A GENTLEMAN AND WTFR aad two single gentlemen *an be MWmm ?iat??1 with furaUhf d Rooms and Board Ave to seven sil mites' walk to but* and Wall street ferriea Apply at 100 OUntoa street. Rafervnce* saohanged. Board n? b?ooelyn-i? tLiNTON rtr?et.-a ' suit of Rooms ?n tirst floor; also a s<|uare front Room and a single R??m. Board ib Brooklyn? i? a mitt, kktwesn rmtrt and Clin on stieeta,~ a g?n?irman and hi* >vif* i*u obtain board, wuh a pieaaant I nrmstied room . a la g* and a small room also, lor gentlemen. The house is modern and convent ent to car* ana ferrlee. BOabD 7N BROOKLYN -T*" GENTLEMEN AND their wives or foui single gentlemen c tn be scommo dated with large ard small nooms *t No IC<M!ongreM street Ibe Douse I* pleasantly located, hai gss, bath, Ac. Terms moderate Board in brouklyn -plrosait RjOmh, on *r?t and liecond floor*, sulalile for gentlemen and the'r wives or single gentlemen. Modern imp-ovementa Apply *t ll? Pacific si reel Reference* etihanged. Within live minutes of the Atlantic and Wall street (>rries BiARD IN BROOKLYN ? ulNrLhMKN OR rAUiLtK^ can find nve Room* "Ith or wttnout B"*/<1; an> a<*nt location, large purlers, reeept on rr*?., gas, bath, m i , and ? vr rytblns tn nyke h< nv liappy, at very m' derate rat) ? five minute* walk fr< m 'tr wall street ferry. 3CB Ws?h Ington 'treat Rro' kltn ?TOaRD IN BROOKLYN - A TOI nil GENTLKMaN Jj wishf" to procure u plenaant R<v m and goid B'?ari in arme pleamnt part of Wr<>okl>n, If p e?lbi"-. altbaprlrate famtlt ; wonl i pttfer dinner at ?t? e'e'oek Address, stating tern.* and partllu'ar*. W. M , box 180 Herald niics. BOARii IN KRtNtKLYN ? ? \ P.R Y I'LEAtiafir FKONT Cf'iner Rornn on re>> nd iloor, with l^.'roin attached: also me or two ilna'c t o< tna intj bf had. nl>h Bom 4, at 1U8 Clinton ureet, corner of i-tate. itcieteue* r n grilled. B ard on iibightm -a PLSASANt ? location, w|U> modern improvem>'nts and floe Rooms, botlj large and snia'l, furnlahxl or unfurbish?<). fir gent ? men Mil) tbeir wire*, or au.glo geatlomaa. Imiuiraat 2U lit. kf air-eet tlliKAP rt'RNlf)(i&D ROOM* At TUtt 'RaNKfOhT ) llouae, corter ol Frana rort an ?i i ?m at-eet* tl-od hi orua f frtn $| i,. g:) |,t.r w<aa. \/ dglni liom ft i*>nl* to 17 *t>tl par ataht t>fwn all olg' t ?? d n i< - a' 1 a-aaile d I |R'1Ra 'I K *(iiiiik TO Ii *?. had, Firr?^R with or wi'lioul b a-il. bj single g. nl men, at U| Writ ,Ti fffrr {, flfftl ?>" ?l J * f SX |. ' ,'rj' \ t, I moMmpn* wf T^f sibarlb b< >rd If JW^ '"' ? . ' .m*? ???* wife ?? t?ro 4bii?M?:trta?. dw?d?riui.?u Of par.ial SoarriTe. .irt <V, . I ? MM '~oud rniary front. uLe l?rge at,d ? be Mk | ooo??r.lent to 6ou i and Wa!! ?treet fr-rlM o?% I Iwcklt; tunai moderate. Address Hone, t*.? 4 rtM* | office. | T\SSIBaBLB BOOMS TO LBT-^T -q BOa.R0, O* t 1" scoot d and third front, suttaMe fur fscailie* of | single geptV^en. *t Ne % We?Ve laJi stnwt, uiy tVU t/. ELlUAhT FURNIfcHBD KOOSS T.J* FAStLIE &BW at sli.? Wo 1 West Twenty fourth st.ts'., oppo site Sift* Avenue Howl. FIRST CLakS B< aJU>-? TWO OB TQBft* OKNTUB men and their wives, or a family of torn or Ave adult persons can be ?x?>SAjnodal*d at *0 41 tfest Fertyattih k rent In* private family , Rooms f u -tutted ; uuejuvptiona bie reference given and r?iulr d Apply for oh Mtk a* | above bat Yaw Fifth aU Sixth mum Fir.WiSbKD PABLOB AND RBDROOM AVDIIKiLS Room to let, with or without Boad, to irulieta n ?ui y, \ to a Are' else* modern house, with all tlx- oi det n oiavu DktDOM, gas bath. Ac No moving In Ma/ Apply i?t 1 rfl Bast Fourteenth Mmt sear Second avrnue PlEMaUH) feOOMH TO LH>? WITH Ho/taU. IN A plm-anl and desirable looa-log ; oa a tlsge and car route. Ai p y a< iUt Fourth avenue. Dinner at aU. Pnseessioti can be had immediately PlitNIMlfcD ROOM ? A PR1VATB FaMILT, HaVINU more nom tban tliey require. wi I let to a alng e ironus msn wlt-hlng a quiet home, a wcli tunlfch?d Ro an, wlthou h< mil telirebce given aid requlrrd. Apply at 107 #eei Twenty Wth street Fill boa&d wanteo-by two yoi mi okktlb men, below Cgnal street. l?rnu fPawvek, tucludlusi gaa Aatmi A. B. 0 , box 1.557 Post ottiee U'VhhlHHED ROOMS OB SlITs OK li'lOV**? VOU, r gentlemen, in a first class house. *2 Bond street; break l a t It required. Heterenoea exchanged f' v'BM^lltD ROOMS TO LET. WIl U BO \RD,vS rflK attnond and third tliore, with la f paatrtea. 0*U for three dajaat 110 "-est 1'aent; ir*t street LUIlM>lltP BOOMS TO LET? TO UKNIl.tMlN r vrlthom Board Kel'< rencr? ?l?en and re.|ulr?d. Apply at No. 4 Ninth airvtt, betweeu Hill' and rUxtb aietuK'a IpCrNISHED HOWWS TO I.ET -ONE O. TIuST 1 floor, with yr with >ut board Pl? n po.iplc who want a e< ni'.ir.abluji1 immn botae, would bd xiateU' lerina vt ry modoate. Oa)l at 1^1 f.enrj- atree', f(. If tIEMLEMEN AMD TWEIR WlVU-t OR A FEW 81* J gie Kentleinea can obtain pleaaant It'xima, fumiahed or unf urnlKhtMl with Board. Xrrme mi -e?Atc Nomtmugta May Keferenoea uchAupeiL Apday at lift CUnton at, near U?Bir. /^rameiic^ Park, ho eawt twksty fir it VI <.lrc?t ? To lot, a or ?nndwitnely furmnhed Hoouia, i i n ai cood floor t>' nouae ierontl> occnyled bi Mr, Cei"t? iiua Duboii- . bui able for a liml i !;.?? '.Htnl'v !noati 'n ouc of the b?;> t In the Dity, between l,riineton anil Fourth uTt-uuea. eANDfOVLLV Ki KMiSHKL) HOUMm, VTl TU liOAttl). for aiLflr gcBtlemrn or Kontlemeti and th?ir wlrei, will be let al WJ w i>at fourteenth ?tror-t, at bMp rate pri ?oa nn moTing il May. Boiert-ntoa luoitacged Dinner at 0 n o'oot CIAhLKOIHELV JJBjn-tHED, EOoM.S TO LBT^-OR O ttlrd floor, wltff Hoard, to gentlemen and their wive* or atDgle geniletneu; bathro m, ;a? and uater. Dlnnet at # o clock ll# Waverlev plaoe, roar >Vaebiu*ton ajpMM IAR1.E AIKY hOoMK? WITn BOARD, AT KJCASOlf j able pricei, fir? gent'emaa and nt e or alngte keutle n an, at 29 8t Murk's pla:e (Klghth atreet). Dinner at 6. MRS. M. B 8UMN1H Ro SI Weet Twen'y-nlnth afreet, harlrg made a* nttenatre addition to her hinue, can aoconi- i mcKlateafew mo? boatdera on or before May 1. twu new i Huita of Bo' ma, three alngle Boom* and an entire parior Floor, all eleaanllT farnlahed, are yet to bo dlapoeed of. ; lsble and style or housekeeping aneieepttooable i \T0, 240 WEHT TWENTIETH BtREET-FCRMSnKD l\ Rooms t > lei, with Bi><ttd, to guntlutueu and their wives or ainirle gentltmtn. fco mimug in May. NOtlCB.? AN aCOOMPIJ UED TO UNO LADY*, AND ' connect) d vtlth the first 'am Hies In the i-oantrr, it de sirous of residing In r ew i ork, and wiehri to meet with a ; we>l known family in this riu to reside with By a reicrao of pecuniary fortune she will be enabled to aflonl a vr*ry moderate allowaiire for he' support Keterenccs if the high est character furnished frc.m leading families In several fetatua. Address C, bos S.TS3 N. 1 . Post otuoe. j PB1VATF BOARD IN BROORLYN.? A FEW S1NULE i gentlemen and a larolly can beaor .mmodalcd with a front ? Parlor on secmnd floor, and ivdrooni on third Hoor, fiinnlalied to suit, with Board, at 2il State street, tatweeu Hmith and iioyt sts. Terms low. Pleasant location Rooms to ubt? flrni^ubd or chfurmsbbd, with Board for <amllle< or single geutletuen, at 2 S West Sixteenth street, pear Fifth avenue Room to lot -a neatly* purnibhed room to ! let, with gas and bath, to one or tu o geutloineu. Apply at No. 18 Amltv p!?t<'. Small private family will lkt a parlob and Bod r Kim on second floor, elegantly furnished, with bathing room eonnseting. to a gentleman who will pay a libe ral prior for Aral class anoommodatloiui Breakfast If re quired. For parti cuiars inquire at W Bast Twelf th street. TWO PLBASAUT FUBNIBI1ED BOOMS, 8 'U TABLE FOB ! a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, may be 1 obta n. d, with good Board, in a respectable family, in a de- I lifthif ul locatir n Apply at 3fii> W est rweuty first street. fr? ncesMehS^ *v#?ue. mo LB*? with boabd m a firnti'Lahspbivatk ? no, we No. 230 West lhlrtv second streiet, bet ween Btgbth aLd Ninth aventtfw. a la.rcr front aootn closet, fttruiBUed, toagettlemansndwlfe, or t? nneortwo single ?asttkasMs. Dinner at sl? o elodk. TIT ANTED- BV a TO0NO OENfliEMAN, A NI02.LV W famished Boom and B"?rd, wits a private fajn y; dinner at als o'clock, referenoes evchanend Address, wttn pjrilculari. Including terms, whleii miwt be moderate, A F. O , bo* 1,012 foet ntu se. N. V. WANTED-A HANDWMB BO-EWOO? PARLOR Bull, iTlmnon brocatel), in primo or-.',' ,v AB> one htv tag inch t'? sell at a tacr '.flea. f lurosa hoi 3,&9 font uUce. 2 OR 1BBEE VERY PLEASANT ROOMS TO BENT, furnish" <1 or unfurnlsbtd, wlih or without Cm tltfiui ana tea, Id aimatl family. batb, put, Ac. 5& Twenty lour li alrret, between Leilngl iu ana rounh avcnuci, iauui> late po ?us ?Ion. <tO -OBKAT RhVVCTlOU -OOOD BOARD ?T fci tv"? and Rooms $2 W to |.i a work Families and ladles mated, Parlor w It# pianoforte, 4H Lla^enard street. Pv*r Broadway. \S atchmaa and inOfciDS. all ni^bl. 7 IB WAHD.-TO LET. HIE 8ECONO R'lORV OF THE modern built Home N >. 47 Gouveruaur ulreet. n. l^bUir baod good; premise* in good ooDdi'ion. MkIik .u, ?a.<r, *<? : rant only 913 per month; ttnclly private. Apply on t'ae praatlwa. 8REILSOR PLACE, ONE tLOCK ' ROM BROADWAY, near the Few lorfc Hotel.? To 1st, t to it of hamlaortvly rnrnlihed R? ma, an drat 0 >or, to a tnaUomao an<l wife, with fnl' (>?nl 'or the lady and ptnial for the gentleman ; alio (Ingle Rooms to gentlemen. without board WEHT ELBVEltTH tTsmr, TUIBR DOOIJH from Broadway.? furnished Room* to let, with or with out partial B?srt. itt TO $12 I'BR MONTH FOR PLEASANT FPRWI.tHED hootp* lor two peraoiis r;i' loe, tided. Alsvanueutr Dished front Ro tim on second flo"r House etona front ex cellrnt 1'ieatlon. Inquire at No 17 Lute a place. Le*oy street, between Hudson and Bedford. Dentist on the door ? 1(1 CLINTOK PLACK ? PLBAflART FCRBlHflKD L Ld Rooms, single or In lulls, for famtllM or aiugle gentle men, to let, with Board. Kofer-neea required. 8 *?*? BRAOH STREET, OPPoBIlE HT. JOHN-* PAR* - ?\J (JenteeJ ercommorlations for a family or <tln?l? gentle men Band'omfly l umlsh>d tkixnna, with or without Board. 1 erms reasons Qfl CLIRTOBt PLACE -PLRAHiNT BOOM-. WITH Ol ' Board f*r one er two famillea. Also, a single room. Satisfactory reference required. ??*? OiriOIl i KJC ARE? VRfcy ELEtl ART BOOMB, OU hardsomely furnished with Hnari. may be obtained at .?VI i nlor sonar*, oorner oi hlit?r.nth street; aia Ivnns tor single gentlemen Persons In want of superior tljns ran obtain purUclar* by applying at the bonne. J1 TEN! H PtRBET, RETWEBN PIFTn AND SIXTH T I s^ en nes -?Very desirable er* res, In suits or singly, cau he eb'atiied rn the first and second floors with Itoard, bygen tl?t?en and their wl\ es or single gentlemen Also a few ?ln gle ho. ms. n<rtem Improvement* ft) vvixttwvrv pla<e -n vnobomelv run ntshed Hotmis, en suite or single, with unefreptloiuihle Board; location pleasant , hon*r first class; referenoes ex changed. MWfeHT t?Al?HIN(l?ON PLACE.? noOH.H WfTtt ? Board, la a li.iune deairaMy located: cotitttnlng sll the modern Im jrowMn* nts K' T> noes ex Laugt d. Apply at No. 4? West W sat Ing'on play MWMT fWEL>Tll HTRl.ET? BOaKI) a HEHIR able Rom on the third ?lory to et. with Boird. at 14 \te*t Twelfth stieet, b< .?eeu Fifth und sixth avenues, also a Hall Badroem lteferenc* exchanged A Q NINTH KT BERT -PLEASANT ROOM^, H1NOLE OB JO 111 suits, for f am lies of single g'tolltmeo, f irnlfhe l or unfarDl?b?a. to let on reaaonaofe erm*. n .nse ims all tbe modern laproretaenU Dlnt er at 6 o cloek Rcferanoes eirbanged. CI 1ENTII H1kthhT-BET*E?N riKfll AND hl\TII ? II aiennea liaudnomelv fur Mie I Kootns aan Oeobisltux'. with poaid an suite or ?lngle, In n llrst elasa hoi;s?; dinner at 6 o clock. AUo a handsome burenient, (tiititbla for a phy sio an's office WK-T rw EliFTH ?? HKBT ? PLKartANT RooM-?, i)t w'th Hf aril, r or gentlemen and tl.etr wires or a few ?tug e |entlt roe?. Terms rao<Jeraln; dinner at h ./el ok. /(I ?F?T FIFTEENTH HTRfBT, BETWEEN KITH ")1 snd ?ItUi aveanea llnndsonse roMns, fttrnlaiied or unltirnished, In a private family, wttlr *11 toe ci?*n!orts of a home: will b< i?t at a very moderate i>riee, as omr abjaet Is on y to rednee our rent 7(1 OOtmHI* Hf (? y.t T, |! lotiK l,V N HRIOHTi*.? I ?" One or two R^iomi. n<H be varan t early In May, <ot faml'lea or gentlemen. Apply a? above, ftefermosa re quired (1?) OBEENE HTBMITV A Nov* H P<tTR(?- A lilt ON ?7?? Ho*iaa ?Elegantly furnished "nils of Hwrnt; Rta, ? irotofi and every oo ir?n>eree for hottsekeaflng*?i>noniioa l?; partimt'arly au'tab a fo* small, re peeuMe famillea or tingle geotiemen <toet low to t^rnianeot tenanta. mHf VtiK/MMt Hlltl M -? O HfH F'lh SlSdf.t geiit'nmon and gentl?m?n an. I their wrlvoe, with R?atd fe-tns mt ilera e <4hh snd batii In ih Uouao. No ?i vlt g In May lltU MNI 11 oTRKrT A HI IT OK HANDHOMELIT iUO fnrnlsted eootna. on see nd Moor, also a sintrlo aontn, lo let, eitt> nl Bp'ird Al the mrslrrn eonrenieB<?<. Uoc it too very (tealratle, between Hr tat! aay and Culver ?lty plfiee nr.*''T FCBTVSIvIH PTREF.T.? FtTRNIBHKn ?? and aifumlstied Keoms w th nneteeptlonabla h' ?id. 'oi a gentl) m< t ai d hi* wt e and t'.ngle g' rtlemi n. betweeo rlith s et tie aid I i-oei|?av, tiorlli Ids, all mo ft ' Ittij tot-em' nts, wl'h ft'entv . i r'-wet rrv-m ? ?* v fej&jMisirrtt. t^-eriuW ? til u'.h i.i> : n a ieb qard>.v ? >> Tthweuli I MB * ?m u:.r uu F*R*Wi. LI, BENEFIT, I Mii. ?*?( pnt'.'.lrtilj hi* LA61 Al'K&ARAIlCl Ov which oociuBor b>> will Apyesr in lr . Lrwim fei'ltrrsrauog balk usagex-v t>n vuock PETBUOniQ Fauirda/, tup ' 'i aa ?ft T1ifc hbachaht or rmnoe, ?A.N II Aj Monday, CATHERINE AMU fKTB'JCBIO. LAST MIOHT or MB EDWiN BOOTH, ai.iI 01 the er4 iou MBS John wood MB JOSEPH "l?F FBRBOM, LAURA KBEKB 4 TILKA 'BE. .CHI KEEnB'S TMJU1BE. l.Al'RA ERrNh'S TUB*TtlR U*B H LNVUb-O APU PlKFY-ONJt MI3HT*. TWO HUNDBtiD A ND FORTV TSoWaBD PEOPLE. TO-MuIlT. A>D KVKfr Nll.Hr IHUtlliU 1UJ. KkU, ii? bBVKM .I.s.Ek-J. ) TSB 8BVVX KI-TijIW. TlB StVfcS BIHTftHg. UWCLB SAB'S S?OH! LaNThkN I M'lJt MM'O HauU?! U>lKnS, uncle sam s Mauic Las eru NEW I NlOSi TABLEAUX. M*. W t "ION TamL?a('x! NEW TABMUUX, cuilrtl , TIIB. WAKlMJ ? F O.'l.l'MBU*. Tin rofB fciwrtOH* or tin bniov THE EAB1 AND U?kK .HaM Ka? n ttBn, il<B WihT AMD HB<i AGhICnI.?U aE, ? THB NoBTH A S\> IlhK OliMMcK OK, TUB BOLtU AND Ileal t'.jnuN K1KLD8. Wa 'HINGYoN OfUif-tHiQ Till, li i'La a a . K, COLUMBIA AND QOLrMRUS a r WASHINGTON'S TOMB, THE HAl'PV PLANTATION HOM*, it rr>vR bTacko in unun, ALtiOl X'S DRh AM I AH II

K ABM > AT V ALLEY FMRGK, OLaTION OK TMK UNION, Al'OTMEOSIS OF WASHINGTON. AM) THV t Mud. And foncluU^ng with the area! ttceue, THE BlBTH OK lilt. Bl TlKttKLY I in inn BOWKB OK KERNS. Ores* circle neftU may b? secured one week in advauc*. Door* open ?t ?? oommcnae hi 7A? o'clcck. Performauc '< termitiA'e ai 10 o'clock. IlilM'll'H AMfKlOAN MI'SK"* ? XJ is the rsTOi-itejvs 'rt Wcse ntirring tlme^ for, not only li It Hi* m< Hi ceEtini *n<t therefore, >l>o RES. fLACK IK ru*. <1 1 * TO rhE THE MILITARY, wbVD nvailea BrofcJway doll/; lit m.h tliuui on thnir ?a?' to cmbArk i or thr I'KOTJiCTlON OPTlE PJ.AflOroi'K UWION, but.H ui(mI*o, thoi >i?*t i4ac?> of * nu??'Tnfnt, either lu tkU ut?, or on ttU (0'ijinenl. GlV?.(i A UREATEH VARIETY th?n any other rttiblUbnn nt knoA-n, viiiln Tith t'Kl !h J? ONLt HALF tlikt of ot>ent wi'ti Ifien ' hA' a miArti r thr luinrtlon*. THE DBaMA('TIi) 1'ERFiiBVAkIOBB ALuttB AT ' ovory ? ny rqiikl to tho* ? Klrrn ul otliAr plAcru, whore 'ho jjrlco ol AdmUai'fi in Just duublf to my, nothing of ho multHudr of Uvliid wimurrti at)<lriiii"H'ttt>? which now Includt IIKRR ))1iK.SUACU. Tilt, UON 1 AVER, With Ola Adams' California Mcnngrrto. KVISCH BEAR <, Ol' VARIOUS KINDS, wli'oh hu |Krf?nnii In th? most AUnring manner. Perannoltng ah P id M?vl, a Mntrau, noldler, l'Atrtot, Ac. tub great ar-twiA 11,01 moth heau ham ion, III B GIlE AT 1 IV INU Ui.Al K HEALION, THE OELBBRATOD oWISS BBAltDBD LADY, Ml|B E BE EL. T IE LILIKITAINQCEEV, THE REMARK aJi.K ALBINO FAMILY. TUHCUKIOUH AND AMUHING WHAT IS ITT THE WONLLKKj/'L LIVING HAf'I'k 'AUUA, TIIE DEN OF LIVING MONSTEB SNAKES, MIMRDAWROHraJoHBLE VOICED VOCALIST. 1 1IB I.iYlJiG SEAL, AQUARIA, WAX FIGURES, And ^.WJOt'IiRiO-ITIEH. The dSmA DON f VKAR DE BAZAK. This Afternoon ai S o'clock. THE NHW DBA M A, " CAKITULA;'' 08. THE IIkIkEmBOF rilE HIDDEN HOOttB, Ihl* evening nt 7', o'clock. Admisniou 9 cents; Ohlidrea under ten, 15 sonU. >n 35 cents ; Mt fclC H . Amebic an ml' tic hall. 414 441 414 BBOADWAT. 444 444 414 BIO AD WAY. 444 UKEAT ENTHU8I VR M. GKEaT KNlIIIIHIAhM. GREAT KNIUUSIAMM. GENERAL Bl'TiKR GENKBAL BUTLER GBNEKAL HUTLEIt GENERAL HUTI.BB GENERAL Mtf'LER GENERAL BUtLBB IN TUB FIELD. IVo imlwt eotertsliimeni m tho world. The fir?nte?tentertAinm'-ni In the world. 444 Ha* dlstABord tho lArgoat thMirm la the country hi tho pro. dnotlon of DOT?It|e?. 1 M4 (Hrm A (ymtimed eritArtAlnnient, without tlto l?Mt t?t?raiU sk>o, for four tujl a hulf hours 414 Aboorho All tho best lAlent In the ooantry. 44 1 Hoabeoo onlnrgod. 444 Is tho lorgoot plsee the Dn^Mo tho ooantry. I* onopprooehAUlc In orory fmrUculAr. . 444 lo the wonder of Mew York. , 4M Bouts threo tkoi^W^ f*0'' Is the moot oiVUHtre pis."* cou'juy !? sn institution that wauld tAi* t week's writing lo decorihe. 444 r*yi the lilghefl* Aalor^ea in the country. Actually ?trlko? with udmlrAilon thoM who Uori I tomtd All IkfSr ih os to the l'r?" eu* thcAtroo, iiT 1Ia? tho lonswt Hu of ptrformow that hnr? f "?^',u?r m ?n? one nia?o of AjnusootouU ADMISSION. PorquM 7$ cen!s | OAliory. 10 eMla BOBEttT W BUTLER. Propria. Mons LA THORNS, Stage Manager. P. YAM ALUM, mWca) Direct NJ New vokkik htadt theatre, .17-99 bowbry.? Bt nell of ?bxh nod for the Hniiport of the Kmnlllen of Volunteer* for the War W A LLKN VI KINK LA (IRK, bj Fr. CchllW 1)1 h M \nk ETKNUEIUNNER DER RHI*l/. 1<1KK, Yauderijje, by Friedrich. CHURCH 8 URB .T riimBW. THB HBART OP TUB AND KB," Xj bow on aiblblll in tn LOW 'a Bt'lLDUtO, corner of Oomr'. and Jora'einon ll-xU. BROOKLYN, from J 1 II. to ST. M.. and fn/in 7 to 9 1*. M. AdmlaMon ID tenia. Meaaoa UrktU 80 oen i. a*7oi*al ACADKirt or design -ttte thirty al*Ji Annual Inhibition o f the National Aoademy of IToalrn omUMtlag of original *orki by bring artlnu. Barer before exhibited, I* no* opaa for the wmdii, at tho QaJienea, hi lenth >. I' ret, near Broad we). Mhm tlekeca, 0U caoU. blnolu ailrilTf'"", i K> cenia. t. ADulmjH RICHARDS, Cor. Bee. N A. ??fT?E SORT*." 1 OHCBOHH PICTURE ICSBBK0*. Exhibited I'or tin. benefit of tlie rati lotu Paud, a' Oounll'a. 77i Bmaawav. J. McCLCBE. PuMlaber. BIMBDlUfl AMP UODCIWO. ~ lin MA<ID<HJ<IVL HTRBBT? RICH HON D HOtfHB ? liU CarUcnlAraitenUoa la reepaotfnllT boIMUmJ to the nrwive bman. which la now opmied aa a iirlrete family hoiW, for the UM )*to?of (ingle f*ata or omall fannllea U/e l of (be monotony of N*rdtn?. Part lee Oealron* of houa> one And every ogavonienoa at Lha a bora aatafrlinl.mect (On PHlKf'^ BTRRBT, THitRB BLOOE8 WBHT OP L LOU Bniadw#.? Plaaeant lloomr, with ei?e.l?ni lloaril, j 'mm IS tn $i fftr weak Breatfaat fmm ( to t); Inn* at ' \t%; dipper at qo'cloch. 1 4-Jfl TEBTH NTltEKT.-A LADT BAYING TAKKN A lOU b?iii--e la Tenth atreet, between Hroad-.ay and t'nl ri'mity place l? ??? prepared tn make arrangemeata with famine* and aitigle f-nUemen d'?lrln?' Hoard Water and <m thrunirto'it < &<? no'iae. Keferenoea emiiai.Rtxi 130 MADIBOV AVENUE? A GENTLEMAN A*D wife w ..... ~JU And at th"lr dtapoaa! two handi*>me front norma t n let. * ?h BuaJ-1, tn a Oral cUaa home. KafeNBOM KiTen atd wi'ilyl. THi'MfSOH HTRBBT ? OOOD BOARU AMD 136 _ large a rr H o ma for a faw r?w|>?n?nla young m?n. with p??Tti?ge "I bath and gaa. Tortna Irum $J upend*. H?> Biofinn In M|y 1?J7 MNTT1 OTKBET, MtaONn HOUSE \VK*T OF Lo I Br' ad T?y ? 10 let, without Boanl, ele-(antlr lurtii'ib e I hcKim*. Wt <iren nnlia, tollable for ?eijilem(.-ii ; n w iam ?? In Apy y oa al?>ra. 1 a C EI 111 IV STREET, HEAD OP LAFATBlTB ) piace, one <4 the uio?t deilniitrul ln*tlon< tn tha oily Pnrnlfcted Kooma to rent In vtlt or ulnjle, with af wmhoiit Boar*, U) KenUrnnen only. Retarennw rei'iired. | A r TWH I'TIl BTRP.KT, WEAR SKOOHO AVUNUP. J ft) Kfond Itonr, togefh'-r r arpamte. Willi B<??rd. one ? ma 1 Rorm '?.(nt.eci'n* with a larg- one. at ?IOpcr?HHk 'or two. Mng e g<wleiBi?n or (??ntli'mnn anJ wife will find aeotimmod?tl"D? In ?? prlrat<i family. _ | Cii 1-RlNOE IHTRKET? hT. CLAIK ?Ho|T#K PLP XOO ran'ly fnnilihad R noma, wit B llennetm* a-lirhed, with al the ronrcnleneea for houeekentiliKt eompl^'e. inolmi ln? gae and 1'iotoa wntar, to let to rea|i?rtat>le famlil'-* or aln gl> fen -lemMi. IQi) It Lilt CB* R HTRKPT, PPAR *A< P'UMaL L?7^ Bofiaa, n'Mdy lurnialind. with fu!l Hoard, for the ?timmer or bj lh?- jear or otherwla* , altuatl'-n plaaaant and oonvet lent; ninner at alxo'clock; no morlog In Hay. Acp.y after I P. 1ll?> WKFT POI RTPEhT>l RTRKt T, XE*R RK1HTR I i'w ateou*- An entire s*e mil Clnor, iinriirnlabeil. ?'ilta tilr fir a family, 'o let with lt >arrt; a! ItKi-n* lor atngle gi n ilrrnfi. Cionerat? Kefere n>iea esolMnged. WK?T TWK>TT THIRD ?T tP,RT._/k gflT OP 4VU furvi?hed hoom* on the ?er< r.rt liC'ir (>? M, with Hoard, for a grntloman and amll> . Dtnner at 6 o'oloek. Be fotetoarvchaoged. ?nil **?* "TRPWr, NEAR PfRINO -Pl'RMItMf.n Lil\' A nartai';n!? for liwmMhill oermaney. The low?et r~nl? In <he e'tji, oonJderltia the eonvonleuee of e? ou<nnift?l hoiia?keeiitn? Meet brvHtng and fnraltore, with rantre, nook i tig ntetialla and In en complete. . gax and 'roton. ij/<l roCETB I -In I, IT, B<v>MM NEATI.V ^nj fnrnlabel, MhigV ?r In atilla a 'oupl . of <riall 7<-n leel (amllle" with prtra'c inWe, or to alngl" gemleroen, with iiiirlla! P ?rd Th h ttu^ I >\* oil the mo<lrni Improvement Itefi r?feea <-xehani?d. 7i'7 BBOADW .?A PAR'MP.NTH, K |ri^[HHKD OR fl T I i ?m umlali'-'l, m 'tuitir* urnl ? i, r <>m? lor genthtnen a gocd IteUA imi la gttasbed ti the hnt?" ret ir a ntojeralr aUililARIMi PBM.l I t Ki> TAHLKfl Al*n COMBINATION Ct'HHIONN, Pi r fftle at mlareJ pirn Por ogle < rl* by I WE LAN ,1 . OLI.EM ER. ?7 fmihy ?tr?e<, N T. N* AOTimmcarri LO'8 0 ARDfc N ? ntxow (Tiii\ar:T. BlXON'B HIMtriT. NIXuN'8 BBNBFiT. NIKOITB BENEFIT. ll'IOWM MptlM. Ill XoN'fl KRRhUT NIXuN'ri KEeEFlT. NIXON'B BENEFIT. NIXONtt BRNtFrf nixoh-b benefit. NIXON ? BENEFIT stiitmim MlUIlT OH*MOU mi t NIGHT CBANOBO KlUdt CHANGED MWBT CHANGED ' ?t??S MttHT I IU.M1EI1} From Friday to BATPBDAT, APRIL 3T, SATURDAY, APRIL 17. BArCBDAf, APRIL ST. BATTEL AY, APRIL 17, BAtXRDAY, Af&IL ST. BAT I RDAY, Al'RIL iff, BATCKDA >, A"RlL ft, BAT UJU>.\V, APRIL BAll KtMY, APRIL RATURD.t *[ APRIL . HA'I URDAY, APRIL ST, Is ordf r to afford time to preaeat I FRESH ATTRACTIONS. KKFbU ATTEAimONS. KRRbB ATTRACTION*, KKhSB ATrtlACTlONH, FREbII A -Tn.\cnoNB, ' FKKBti ATTB AC 'IoNa! IU* "j'ftar'1* THB BUT! RE EQ0B8TR1AN PBOFEftSIOW THE KnTlKK EUcESTRlAN V .OKudiUON 1HB BNTIRS EuUENTRIaN PRorRdmolT lira BHCIKK EQMRBrKlAN PROVoBriluM TUB BN TIRE EQUBStBlAJf PBOKS&AtOX lUre, lit tbe very klfule-i nunnerT . VOLUNTARILY Tendered tbplr m-i-rloe* to rirf ?1 AMES ?f. WlX-OW JaMNB M hkXuS JaMj-.H m nixon JAMKH M. NtXOK JAB&8 H. NIXON JAMES M. NlXO.T COMPLIMENTAR^DBKONSTBAnON i Oti the oocMlon of HIM ONLY BENRFIT HIB ONLY BuNRKIT nil ONLT BENEFIT BIS OKLJ BtfNfcFIT HIB OWL* BENE PIT BlB ONLY BENEFIT Dui'iiljf Ulf luokt (UcrMsful ami HnlLLlANT HEAJBON HRiLLiAhC B1S.AMUN BRILLIANT BEAHON BRILLIANT BEaBOM BiULLlAnT SEABOB BRILLIANT BE *hON OF MX TERM MONTHS. OK BlXlRhN MwNTMU, or sixteen month x, OK BiXiEEN MuNTH S, QP BlXiEhN MONtuS of sixteen months, AT ALB 8EABONB OE THE TEAR, HKVBB Ha VINO OLoftED THE Bl'ILirtNO. NOR RF.TDIai ED AN OBLIGATION, WHh ill thf> wlu'lo ot thai R\ENkFUL l'EKlOD. Detenu iked to m?k<> the Dem>iuiraUo? ON SATURDAY ! ON SA11KDAY ON .MAT I UDAY ON BATURI'aT ON BATCBDAT ON MATURDiT the Birat brilliant and nrerwheJmfoc, THE FkIAMH OK J M. NIXON VMS EICIBNDK or J. M. NIXON 1HB ERIENDB OF J. M. NiXoN THE ERiENDB OF J. H. NIXON THB ERIENDri OK J. M. NIXON TUB FBIEADB OK J. B, NIXON iteVt: TA1 UN rftlWKMIOK Or NIBLO'B UAUOKN. NIBLO'B OaRLEN, NIBLO'H UaROBN, for tb*l (J?J. And In order to n nder the oocMton A oonor aTU la toby ovation of the gre?:??rt mifiniiude, Til* MkUSKKI Of EOUB kEVBn-l, fc.yi EoTRlAN OOMPANIEd HAVB NOBLY COME KORWARO, Offering their nratuttoua aid UNSOLICITED AND SPON1 ANEOI BLT. THB GRAND FESTIVAL Will occupy AFTERNOON AND eVRNINO OF hATUADAY. It wU? einbrare ererr TA/irtr of BQUBHTRlAMnM, The most itnpeodntu FF.ATH OP TUB OIMNaSIUM, Vark-d asJ (X'Ktitiful dli>p'?ri of TERI'iiiORoKi! AN OUaCB, The fatrif jile of OINDRREULA. Illaatrated By aoreotv ttvr oh'ld'en, lii auperb mlolaturo ejurt drviMa. K()l>V,AM'b ORaND, Including the oelrbraud PALL BRILLIANT. With the beautiful OALLBTTI. The Anetrnt ami daaalc Bporta of VBa K1ADIUM. In whleh fifty <>t tbe ftne?t ACMOBATIO AN] AND OTMNAKTIO AKTIBTB Will e^ntend fur the *??entUoey. 1U the ()BLBBi?ATaD BIDEBfi wm appear 1? V^^bbem anhhip. ALL tHB GREAl Va tfLTE BP, ALL t HE WHEAT HuMHi' KBaDLTBBB. ALL THE ORRAT TITBBLBBB. ALL tUE UBEAT rOolURERrf, Jp ^Tpry UefarlBMl of U'la art. XW? H' L,..wi0 brass bands, , Coaw<UduleiI Inin one, Will refprhh the atid(i>nre with BOOL sTiBRiNu National aibs A( Jfttirva.* of thejp rlormaaoo. ???id?(i a BAQKIEIONT ORCHEflTRA Will Mooiupaiiy exercise*. THE INTERIOR OF TFK THEATRE Will bo ffaliy rpitonniu) with fUE NTaBB and BTRlPE.S. THE DAY AND NIUUT wr.l pri hcn; one l>Uie<>f TALENT, EaTkH^TISM A N D^tir LENDOR, Buuh at may nnrer be ?i*>n agitiri wltoin (he ?a!N of thiaor anv othfr Tboair* on tbe Aiueru an Ooniinanl. FIVE (.-fcOWNo Will appear In the ring, and anion* otheia the faiuoua K(jHT IVALlfhi. Of tb* Maiiehetler, Ene'anii, (Urenx, The mo?i dr?U and original rom.c gcni i? ever intmdonod In tbe rlD*. II 1 1 lirMt apiv aranco, hat lug just arrl>*>>d from EnplanU. Three gieateat Femnle F nieatrtaua living. rU:? ? Mile. 14)1 ALB, T.t great rarUleaoe. Mile. ELLA /.OVA RA, l be 'atnoua Stmniah Rider. Mile. UM.OI.SE, The Tuiing Am -rick. TIIE U.o'tt WS Mr. WQLOOTT, Tho Pnb?T Hum ilut JOUR DAVENPORT, The H'eatrrn Momoi. 8i?nor CARLO, Tli- Ita ian Trick Clown Thegrra' Intlr.n TufgrW. DK HiLaB SAM LONG, Tit* Slicing Clown. MASTER ROBKRTO, Tb? Cuban Juvenile RMer. 8IONOB iRBANTUN, The hi>na*tt>n Rarehaek Rider. THE LAWRENCK nit. TfiKittl, , Known u ilie tlymnait* ad<1 Orotaa<iur Pgalurara. T. KINO. W. SMITH, The Calll'ornlan Leaper. Id hit terrifla he. AP fob urn W. RINCAOE, 1 The Champion Tumbler Supports! by an IrutMRM ntirntwr of other arUata TUB KVR MStiH FMKi:iaIM?FVT Will cloee with a nou IMvertUiviiieat by the RONJ^NI BALLET TROUPE imlied ? FKih OANPEUHE. Inlrodurtinn, Corpade Maili-4 H<.hpnil .ii fi<ka. Mm T .int.. M> m Paul Brilliant (who hat kindly Volud'eeredi. Urand i'aade "Jroia, ly Flffnonna <>al"tta, lie leneaud Blgnor T< uhoff P 'lka Maoniki, Ballet '-'oi| a Pan de Dan*, hig 1o| liofl . ?MiM Tyrolean, tMH<*'ta io?r<f" and Paul Rrflllant. F1NAJ *. I'ltl.Nfll Ai H AM) i-uKl H Hh H VIXRT. Thr aflPnuwn entertainment will e Wiaenee wlili Uie mag uiftcoal nuraery legauil CIBDERBRELLA ; Ob, Tin I. ith. i (iuii Bureau By an ltifi.;.illo .oUnieei Cur)*. at l.* n o'clock, Wllh a Lilliputian Kiiulp t.", f>.-w 0<-o. rjr, i basgea, Mi iA m eea A<" i liamrt?-ra and lnn<.< ut? Hi pr. ..-tited ClmlerWto , hIim Frank Ihr Prim* Ml?? Laekay ha mn rnmpolluo \0 'u? Unnerto tUuilnda ?!'?< Kraut* Thl'l* *la? A l l ?? l* ilrun (jahrrs... Mt> ?r<". Ktrllb, K. (Mbit, 1* Mcformle and lam- *e?'onnle ?;.*rbman M* tei <1 i<-ury Dandlm- hi aa .stout l'.-dro Maeter kili'igbanj Old BirJiekif ... Na?'ei wlltiafeuoa Oi<l *?i?l . Kate llonry footmen Mast- r A. .".-yandV baj- int tl.ieaN . . . By ffty Maatrra aad Mlacaa Hub'" weaaaortiag In thecryataf atr ?m? Paplllo, the fa trotltr aprit<\ M*n flontiui; on a atoll -Bile laoda ami aumniuu* the ?| rtt' a? Tl ey aj j < ar through Howera of Roara Arrival of t!i? Fair. ',>"??? 0, In a i*r ilrnwn by awara l>be lnati'iuu tu m *..?11 tip. .n tha I'rlno#? lie arrlree. Clnderr4la aptirRia In a iranaparer.t foimta'n The Pr'a<f. nvettx m?; t'.T the fa4ljfn*"< of ih? <t*y, al^ panii a bank of ri""*a -< loud* 1 1>* tw the ?rfw. wl.?? tli y dt<?.. llio ao-ne la '?hauitod to an Apartment ir. thp t a*Mn <?? tha Ban ?; I he > IK hanted Kttehrn Pumpkin chancfl bf 'he Fairy lht<> a < tw b, Mt<v' rharifd to P> rt. ? . K?t rhnnfed to a l^jarhmm: Llxardx tr*nalormi d Into ???.tm. n Cinderella 'a t>nu (?litn."! Into a mlendld Ball < otttini.t, Thr Fully ftvea her n pali- "I <Ha*a : pfdi-0 ni'ta iiR?rpfcoa< dinlo a UiJ, tbc fed fairy 'a injunction; ?ton m't?t com'1 botii*' l?!"i" 'hi"'" n a?itlip?twi l*a," ( ttidprella a Umnd Proreaefcm , t'oaeo Ifrawn by Poniaa; Footmen and t- au'limcn in full Lttrry. l? 1LL.L'? IVATRD PAL4CK Arr1' al or ' t??- Pr?<r>-a?IOB. Keane 4 - I'KIS. K H I'Al.aCK. The (Jrand Batj farnot? HAI.L li? baRiih ?rAxri.*, Tt^e l-rleoe * rrorimrrntkit? "Will Mat rv the Lad> who nan Itnt i n the O'aoa Htpo^r. a r van. ic fAint bitutro, Iliawtrnlr j! Fiji'.!.' t'tl|?lda and HOnlia, dial lave I to bi-*ittlfnl *r"tr.i ?.?, Mi..rlotf ni with a (fit Anl) PaIM tAKi.KAV The Kairr i)< w-n lot .? fit I wn la ui Ui"1 Pi I tier *r I Cla d?te a AlVIMim. Nu,'.: ?iiou. ^ ^ -A^O !#?;???? AAti i cm ? US? MUtlT B? ONE ??*' MR. ec* is for&Ejt. LAST Rtl-a?r* Of MK.*ko**. ^EXI.N*, *** * wUl h. ^ * RFTAMOBA; 0* *n* LAkT or Til ? * M?TA M0BA . . (LmI tia??).... .MIL M0W1H FOR Tomorrow (SATUjy)AY) TWO SUPERB BNTSRTAnrMRWM AFTERNOON AND kYENINO, ITOR t\lB BENEFIT OF ttJS M*. JaMKSM. N1X0V, I'pon which occasion ALL THE REAL TELE NT la the profe*?too have roluateoreA to play for hln. t>ame?o' the h^a'a of artiata will ha announced to TIT ALLAt'K'S THBATRE TT LAST KOL a NIGHTS or THE BEABOM, AMP LAST SEASON MR WALLACE'S I'BBSONAL VANAQEMBNT OF THE ABOVE B3f A BLIttHMKNT. NOTIUB. To meet Hi# e iprrM will and deetre of Hl.tDKEDB Ok HIS PaTRONS, MR WALLACE baa arranged lo give on EACH EVENING cue of U>e ftt-e OLD COMEDIES . So h.gMy oelt brated for the Perfection of their i'a?t< and Appotn menu la thi* Theatie TO NK1HT. <Tt/ESDAY>, April 26, Column'* celebrutt d Comedy of the Hhlit AT LAW. Lord Dnber!y Mr Blaka ?r Pangioa* Mr Iom Dick l)< W.a? tM /?k 'el Homeepntt Mr Nortaw Btmdfaat Mr. Rayn U? Morelaud Mr. Fiord K? nrVk Mr. Moora Waiter at Hotel Mr. Panto* Waiter at the Blue Boar Inn Mr. robot* John Mr. Oliver Cicely Hi m??pun Mra How Lady Duboily Mra. Vnrnoat t iiroiinr Dernier Mr?. Keavea haturda;, 27th? Hberlrtau'i BCHOi'L KOU SI'aNDAL. Mccday, ?(a? Fourclcautt ? LOVE AND MONBT. Tue*oa) , ai>ih? Laat nlgbt of the eeMon, and BRNBKIT t?F MR LES1ER WaLLAIK. Boi book now op-n jKiora open ttt 7l , ; commence at R o'oloek. New bpwrrt thfatbe Sole Proprietor* Mrxn O. L. For A J. W. Llngard. FRIDAY. APRIL Ml IM1 HRNEHI OV MR J /NUN A*. the deeply (nu-reattog drama of HAROLD Ha?K: t>R, TUB, t^NVlOTH REVENGE, 'the petite comedy of CHARLES THF. Hit ONI); OK. I HE MBBKY MONARCH, t'berln the Second (wltb the Ming of ''Simon the Cellarer" ...Mr. 1. Nunaa. Captain Copp....f .Mr U. 0. BonnUaaa. And the romantic melo drama of Hlf TWO HlOH WAV MBN ; OB. DICK Tl'BPlW AND TOM KING. BRVANT8' MINHTSJLS. Mechanic*' Hall *72 Broadway, above (Irani atreet. Monday, April 22, a.d every night during the weak. D?N BR^aST. The popriar Come iiin. HI* tint appearance alnee hla la dlapoalt'on EI'H HORN. ATNHLBT CODE. la hla eccentricities the great Baritone. JA^AMFKR TOMMY *i the Black Swan, Power ol Muaia Trackers Oraperine T? !?t stump Speech. Loora open at 7 ; curtain rlaea at S o clock Ticket! tirenta. MBLODEON, M9 BROADWAY.? MRLODBON. M KI.ODEON.K18 B'way MBLODEON, Oi',9 Beoadww. MBLODKON, 619 Broadway. MELODBON, M8 Hmadway. Mr IiODEON, MB Broadway. MBLODEON, AW B'way. MRLODE<N. 6*9 MELODEoN, KM B'way. MELOUION MB Broadway MEIajDEON, M. MELODEuN, if# Broadway. MKlAWKoK, AW. MKLl.DEuN, 6!1? Broadway. MhLuDBON, MM. MEI/'kBON, A18 Broadway MtSLoDEON, US. MEL >DBON, US Broadway. MBLODBOM. Mi:i.OUEON, AW Broadway. MbLODBOM. MKLODEON, MB Broadway. MKbODBOM. MEi oDEuN. Kt9 Broadway. USl ME1<<<DE0N, K*9 Broadway. Hi MPl.ODKOK, K? Broadway. US. MIRTti, MELODY, MUSIC, MIRTH. MtiLODY, MUSIC. MLRTH, MELODi, ML' 810. TOVTH, BEAUT V, >01 Til, RBAUTT. fUt'TU, BEAUTY, TALENT, TALENT, TA I.KKT, EVERT I'BRFORMF.R A STAR, fcltkl iUHiKSLKA star, FVErV PERFORMER A STAB. MELODBON, KW bROADWAT, KKJWt.I tt i ASV rniHCK 8TK1KT5, la the principal RENDEZVOUS OF 1UE NfcW tORK VOLITNTEERH, l.'eim eri the hear* of 7 and U, every night. WHEN TllfcK ASSEMBLE TO WITNBHm THE M.^r ax!) nr AtrriiL'L IAHI.EaUX, Allegorical, metaphorical and living pioturea, illiiatrattng tM hiatotv o< the Involution ihe Rebellion of Idol, and the maroM of the nob'.e \ olUi teera. In whoae honor MTSh fANNY VORRE8T, Aailated by tho whole of thl* mammoth company, will alnC 1 HE STAB SPANULED BANNER, In character. A m w nation*! Ballet, charastertatle of the npontan?oM noticing of tlie yorth to defend the nation'* ttag, and tha f, trtottom of the whole people, will be nrearnu d by the tm menae Ballet Troupe of lovely young laatea, embracing lit aad teautll ul NATIONAL DAN0B8 _ wl_ bv Ml?a Ka?? Frnnoje*. Mt? A^^a Calla, MlM Sophia Walton, Aa. Aa the World renowned lnAudi <-xr? i'an^r lure.'' ' -uw romlc Cantomlme entitled I And a perfonoanee of F^t versatility Uao ?U ?f I h'ThTSSSS^ "*>> '? Pall Clonal* and other natl_Bal plece?, and tae who e pwiy will aiBg the National Anthem VfB SAM OOWELL'S XWL FOFULAR DRA *IN1 ROOM COiCERTF, AT (HE BOUDOIR fANTMBON, e?"3 BroaAway. opnod'e Bond itreot, ATftOrawdnd night I v by I.ADIEH AND FAM1UEB OF THB OIKCLES OF TASTB AN0 FARHIOV. MR hAM COWELL I* Ihe ?*.*?' P?J and moat or'gioal MlJtU AtCi.MB. lAN AND COMIC TOCALtBT the world baa <-ver producnL J>< or? open at 7- 1 ha Concept begin* at ? preclaely. A'lraOotlon ilMi'i, litldran under ten half prtw, A few lasarved ?eat? ?' aeiita STitWET .1. NEWSHAM. Mana? riMIE OREAT CASTBRIC^RT MUSIC nALL, 1 oa PAUrE OK M1RROIR. _ (the moil niagiil&eent place or amutront In tka war*#, FITTED UP AT AN EXPBNHE or *?,?*? Tbe ( anterocn, give* the moat varied and contlnuoua M talnm' ut over aeeo The talent engagtd a-e all Aral claaA J H. OODEN, the Irtib AmkaaaaCor. la the moat versatile performer la Line in the world. mow OR ABROtfO, thr rhI Tew r in Sail on*! Song*. every night, Mlaa A'?NE9 NCTHBRLAND, the Kcottlah M?htlrgal?, ipp**" la tha Orand Na*taaal Tableau and ruga iMe Star e Dangled Hui?, a/ary i'g*n III XR xllRlETTA, Late leading Danaew e of the Kavell troupe, In noma of fee moat jioi'U w NiaoUb Dwn every night. The popular Ethiopian Comedian. BY EON CHBIkTT WhkM hi* flr? *rp*"*'>r<- itt this b?itM to-night la a rariatv of cbwistrra, id*1"* hi* oris In* I hi amp Npo?rh, dat h wiiat'h db ma rr e r. Third arpearane* of O. r BROW!** ** 'be Yaukre Tolauteer, greeted each night with thunder* at appUune IMMFN6? ATTRArTfOif TOR MR XT WERE. The proj'rletcr* have great pieaaure In aunounclaf the ar rival of i MR. AID MM HWRBNBT, The oelebrated com In duM ilngera, from hmdon. who wll' make f heir flrat appearance In ibl* eountrv on la. i)*vne(t in * mrlety of pleaalog entertainment*. Partteu lar*ln fu'ure announcement* Alio the ttrat appeal ?a<e, name night, of the womdarfMI |) OTUK HhKKK.'O KJTNUCARDO AND I. R. II ANKIRIf. In exjunction With the oeletorated BUR DRAM RROTIIBML who bare Jn*t arrived from Par**, forming one of MM elliclent 0>mndatic notnpanlea ever aeon in thi* dty. A!*o, flrat auaearenee, ?*me night, of MIX t DORA DAWROJf, Th? wonderful double voload alngar, whoa* parfnrntaaeea hat* elicited if highaat enmmil? 1 r pa the puUllo preaa of Europe and America 7>e IHii' Orrtipairm. un'ler the leadership of Mr. David ka< h*m. numbering otghli eu pieces, makee It equal to ear other In the country 1 he great Balet Trout*, under tha miprrrlMmj of Meaa. A nt' 'Ql > tamaal. la Ue neat ever wn on an jr aiaga. ? None* ? U'efct ooveltle* In preparation. Kcnu-v - fllaaor rario md family are encaged and *? khortly appear at thla buune, ?j which duu notice wtB ha Klven. KOX A CCKRAM, Proprietor*. Lloyd s minhtkei.h, LLOYD 8 Mr.**TRFL??, LLOYD'B MINriTRBLB. NIBI/1 ? 8ALOOB, NIBLO'S 8 K LOOK, M' n.lav, A|"U tl. anil every nl?h? "luring the week, f. Y K It Y NltiUT Tills WEEK, Tilt '.UBaT CMlolf OK AKMtTff, IN A NEW A*D PATRIOTIC i'ROORAMMK. NEW ANDPATKIOlIC PIIOORAMMB, ??II A II- TO me BANNER OK THg PRKK ' ? "Bull; lor All, " "Tlva 1' Amertaa," "lh? Noiay Family.'* "The Blval Trage-Uana." FORREST AND BOOTH. FOR HI1 NT a.VD BOOTH, "The Thr> e hunter*," "Down In Old Fj , By." I.LOYDK MtNSTRRLH LLOYD'S MINSTRBLB. D"or* open at 7; commence at B Tinketa, 25 cent* TJOUKM1AN TROUl'B.? THE BOHEMIAN TROUPE OT lj (ilxita Blowers are now glylng their popnlar entertala menu tlwi ? o?p*r tn*tt'uto. K n trance oO Eighth ?tre?4. lioura>? eUuUU'iii i torn 10 to U A. M , fr"m Jlo ? and 1 tw <? P. M The beautiful LOtf PRE-fSUtE STEAM F.NOiNE, made c ntlrf ly of gia?a and the only one In tbe world, will ba ? tiHt.t np^tHiion ittn .t glfei boon 'I ??ih.wu-.n. In ooa ntc'lon with Ola>u> Woiklug In all It* *arle'i.-a, by a fompaar of Artl*1* M'le<V(l I mm difem t auarter* of the world. ** the In their line A ralvable >-i,il<>rf?on of beatitlful Vorkr of Art, of their oi*p njutchle** production, will he dla tijluilrd errry arenlng it V > clock, mid on We.lne?da? *a? Hklurday attemooo^, at 4 o'clock Toe public i?r>- re?p^WuUF Inform' 'I t? at thi* I* the only erhlhltton Morlfl a dm 'nr. n 15 cent*; n ' half |rl<<<. Day rl?lter* eaaR pHMfi with a ?pMHB) ' of tb? work. K<IKA MR iJffttWiU Hci'* t<> aneo'inre iliat lii* BKNKfIT aoil _ _ I, A IT Al I'FARANi'E In ' he ol'l 1 he*t re i* II t?U for Tl'hFPAY, APRIL :??. I.*L . ? . , *,r ncitt will be j. ven P"rnprt*lag THR ?Vi T't w BTVKNOHI OF IHE COBPANT. Bo* H ok now open NAWOKTH S MIUTRBU ABt> Bhah* BAUD. 1'IWtnifR, BrffEBR .? D'-ffiKE*, frrnnetorm. thi* ee'ebm'Kl ' m|>an>, citi-boaed of tbe Hral ' *" I Tki* ee'?'"*'Ki r ni|i*n>, cm !??>?' the moi*tr?l rwitpwmon, t a no? . n their tatntti frum tht mc?? mare* Tt)l tour* 'Mrongh ike Putted state* ??wr *?' d. rial' n bv mi* m'n*t?ei >t,; n'r?1lnn in the wi rld Tta Witt anarar Id Alhan on the iW? and ?Tlh lual , In Troy ?? th? ?"tb *i * I'l'tb I" I'. 'i*l.Kee ?*! ?. Mar 1; In Ni atrk, II J Ma* 57 I' f. T , ila* 1 and 4.