Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1861 Page 3
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^HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., TO LIT. > OPPICB TO LBT-THB PBONT KOOM OF t Uw private d??llliig honw iBiigllik turm?il), 1M Went ?tjr-etebth street, txi?eeu Seventh and Bitfluh avenues, table ftr an other ; to l< t with or without Bedroom; Break t It desired. Neighborhood geateeL T lUVIMUT'JN, NEWARK, N J.- TURKS Ml LBS from Newark, and one and a half fr.Wi fcuuth Oranie p?t, and our nlle from Beaton Ball College, a large Dwell I; itu t Oarden, Carnage House and .subline: will he la', k moderate rent. AppivVtJ. B SIMPSON, ? Chatham *l. New York: or to SAMUEL nMl'W, c >roer ?f Plata I Academy itreala, Newark. The farm attached ia of su ive acres, for aale. P'RNISHED HOUSE OR PART OP ONE TO LBT . Ia Twenty first street, netr Fifth avenue. For further titular* apply at JC Welt Twenty third street. THIRD FLOOB TO LET? P1VK ROOMS, WATER and gu, to a small family without children, lit West teenth street, near Sixth avenue LAKUE FINE STOKE TO LBT.-33 BOWERV, ('OR i.f < f Ba\a< d, the best business location in the street it reasonable. It ia well adapted to wholesale and retai le. Apply on the premise* ; ke> on third floor. N ENGLISH VILLA, UNFURNISHED. OR FUU altbcd complete, to let, at New Brighton. a. L? Twelve us. with improvement*; stables, ooaJu and fowl bouses. ;e iruit aud k.uh -n gardrns; several acres of lawn and Hllsnds, Ac. HRaDLEV, HUTCHENS k CO., No ci Kant fourteenth street T HIT LE NECK-TO LET, POR THE SUMMER, A handsome new Collage, well furnished, with kitchen al ied l here ts a stable, outhouse, and a fine well jf water the me ol' oorupa-t. It is bcaailfulli located, on bay, with all the 1'acilltles for bathing and fishing, not riling those 'anion* clsms *nd oysters Neliftab irhood r reipt eta hie. Iixiulr* of SaM J EL AULD, 11 We?t st. PMA LL PAMTLY HaVE A NIOELT FURNISHED SB oond Floor to let, cobshtlng of three (tuoma. The Uoiho ew, and has all the modern improvements Apply at 1M t Fifty third straet, between Seo md and Third avenues PI *STCLAWH BBOWN STONE HOUSE TO LET-NO 71 Went forty hevruUi K'rset. between br tadway and h a< -nue, thrnartorinr and high basement, aud line sub nr. Haa all vtie m xleru imi>rovumeot* is In perfect ur and |Hi*?i'ssion given lrnm" ilaiely hlextut mirrors and lael ers go with the ho i ?e fL-r.l Si' W. App v hi hcu? , or to EDWARD H CLaI.'K, llih Broadway. N ILEOAWr LARCE FURNISHED HoUSB, AND four acres of gr mud, beautifully laid oil to le'., at CUf - Slv.-n li land. Also > line lloiine on B<rt-n 1:11, n rur horse railroad. Apply to P. vl. VoUuHt', No. 4 Pine at FCRNMHED HOUSE TO i.Kr, OH THtJ GREATER curio) one; it U a three stun, high s'oop. lint cisss iae; pieas&iuiv ]o%tH. Apply at No 149 West Fil :een'.u *t, between Sixth (?ud Seventh avenues. N ELEGANT CHANCE.? THE UPPER HALF 01' THE ftret ? U*M, time nUiry, high ?(oop house 23.1 West Tw-u ?Igh'h strie., to let; containing tea rooms .exclusive of broom1, any quantity of cLthita oloaete, w.i or cl .net", *1 ; eod order, gas lixtori* lu eveiy room, and acp irate metres, uire ou the premise* VERT SUPERIOR LARUE SIZED HOUSE TO LET? ? n ta?' Broadway, upiwr part o" the street, Id a g od ition. The House b?H all Improvements, anil t? In ni'ie er Rout reduced to $700. New gaa flx'uree will be pu' in bouse. KlNslITMEK A WILCOX, :ttl Fourth avenue. FO'J R STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, 54 LEON A IIU street, to lei or at a grcit bargain. May t?o bad bearding hoiue or bti?lne"i? pu*po?es. E. tiAW RENCE A CO , t - EaM fourteenth ?tr.>e'.. PARTMF.NTS TO LET? WITil IMMEDIATE PUS session. Two large Rooms, on leemd Boor, with b?ck Mment and attic Room if required; wafr an 1 gas. o-;U thborhooo, ftinl c invlenieut t j all parts of the oily. Kent Icrate. Applj at 2 !> Renwick street, near Sprit g PART OF ? HOUSE TO RBNT, KM GKBENW ICII ?tree'., runt $VM) to a genteel family, two ?arlcm on t floor, with two Has tn.'n'.H and two Room* on third fl'i >r; re. "a< aud ??t>r, or the second and third II on. P. A. ANN'ER. -W Eighth avenue. LADY OK RESPONSIBILITY, HAVING TAKEN A small three story House In a central and reaper- a part of the city, is desirous of letting to ?"in? re*pe::ablo rate family a 1, iciwjit the second story) consisting of ten >mK, nljely I'uruiabe 1, for$15 per week No objections lo ir letting some of the rooms furnished toquietgenllem. n. bout board, would like to board with the family herself , t air price, If agreusble. References cx'-batiged. Ad Art. us v ist. Herald ort'o.-, giving referenc \ ASEMENT TO LET-ON SOUTHEAST CORNER OK Thirty tifth street and Seventh avenue, next to the Arae ; an exoelient position for an oyster, Inl Urd >>r lager bier ton. Also the ibird F!o:>r (six r.iomH) to lei. Apply in the g store on the corner. ROADWAY STORE TO LET.? A nWALL STORK, A few doors be'ow the Hospital, the liest ocality in N-?w ?k for strangers; on the west side of Hroa4?ay, and only hi *k aliove Stewart's, Apply to J. H. TILliIT, No. iiJil tadway. up stairs. ROOKLYN ? TO LET, THE STORE, BA?F.MK.NT and Third Ktoty of the Untitling 147 Pulton avenue. frotv Mac-imber sqnare. Apply on the premises. Also tw > >rs. eijhty ftet in depth, on Delaatb ana Fuliou nues. t.\lR FACTORY -TO LET, THE TWO LA ROE LOFTS on the corner of Halt Broadway ami Chatham square, r orcuieed as n c hair factory, a large lot of Ofllce. \\ to 1 Spmule, hocking and other Chairs, linisli-d and m. shed, for i-ale low. Inquire of S. T WEBSTER, 2iJ ome stieet, or No 4lj East Broadway. HEAP RENT, NEAR MADMON Sot! ARE. ? A FIRST class brown stone four story English basement House, in * twenty. third street, between Madison square and irth avenue, will lie rented at a bargain 1! applied for Im liatelv; usual rent $1,S0U. Inquire ot 1 II Al.L, No. S lover" street, or address bo* 3,52V Post oiltoe. OCTOR'B OFFICE TO LET-A LARGE, HIGH FRONT Haaement, in Twelfth street, between Sixth and Seven'li nuea; a tine location for a phjairian. Inquire of the dent lf:t Sixth avenue. __ EST FLOOR AND BASEMENT TO LET? FOUR OH Ave Bo.mii , to a small, qnle'., responsible fam('y; g->, Iton, dower garden Ae. ; location nr?t eluan; rent ab itil >. Apply at 87 East Twenty-ninth stree', or to Mr B\LL, Broadway, Inmustc store JRNISHED HOUSE 10 LET.? A HANDSOME FOUR story brick House, well furnished, having HI th" m idem rovemeuts and pleasantly located on Thirtieth street, neer tb avenue. Desirable arrangement may be maie by a 1 tenant by applying to J. F. WILLIAMS. 41:' Eighth >v. [JRNISHED HOUSE TO LET-FIRST CLASS, WITH atable. Urge fruit and flower garden, to a private family i. northwest corner of 12Stft street and Math aveuu-. it tL Ml. Apply in Hie pre oisoa, or to BARRETf, Hi ?d street, fr<.m 12 to 1,'_. o'clock. _______ UREISHED BROWN STONE THREE STOUi H01SE ? let? Rent $l2t> a month , elrTi'.ly ainiatod. Apply at 191 it Thirty fourth street, lietwoen Sink and Seventh ave ? ; or at 2S6 Greenwich alreet. L'RNISHED HOUSE TO LET - i DESIRABLE C?>UN tryfSnst U> let, ai Spuyteu Dtiyvil, N. ^ . with modern imv#?TPPnLw and Ht-abic ico>mm(xlniop, locniou | ie Hudson river. Apply U>C. A. RICHMOND, SJ Reade ei. URNISHBD PARLOR AND BEDI.'OOM TO UT front, on second floor, suitable for housekeeping; i.n ei ?nt opportunitv foi those tir> d of b?>arding; root, ?'? pei k gas mclutl's) ; house lurKlern. Apply at I ,'3>1 1'.r .ad r. Vtw een Thirty first and Thirty ee-ond Mr. -en PRMSHED HOUSE TO LET-IN WESTCHESTER eouniy. ten miles on the Harlem Railroad, near a depot; house Is nicely fnrnis'.iea and pleasantly lnested, with ny of Irult. Ac ; rent low. Apply to .1, B. HARRIOT, I3? st Twaaty n I th street. fitlTlL TO LET ? CONGRESS HAIiL, PATBRS"N, N. J. A large ?r. t elaaa Hotel, now In fall operation folio.' boarders, fifteen rallea f rom New York, on the of the New York and Brie KailrAd. located In the most irsl part of the eity Apply to I 8. ROGERS, Paterson l . or H< iMER MORG AX. No J Pine at . N T. OUKE TO LET-ON STUY ^'ESANT PARK, .11 ST painted. In tint rate order: brown atone front Hem <(i per aunuiii. Carpels, lieat quality, for sae cheap; jus. down. Addresa B tr V., box IM Herald ofiiee Oi'SF. 4-.ILIHPKNARD STREET NEAR BROADWAY v ety desiriiMe location, two sto'y. Rent cheap. Ap to JOi P.NEAY, oariie- store :573 Broadway. IIKTS TO LET*? THE SPA IOUS AND DESIRABLE I/ifts No :cu'hami? rs stieet, <m- a part of tliem. In. L. of BOSS A BaLI.aRD, on i he premises. I) ITS TO LET? At 1 rom $1E0 to In store H3 Murray sireei, Hire x*>i90. A RAPELYE, 61 John street. 0KTS1O LET-THIRD tND FOURTH FLOOI!-i, N ). M.S Pike slip, reui $MU Apply in the store, on the ?laes ________ UWER PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? A RARE chance for cheap tent The ownet will take greater t of it in board. Inquire at 17 Market street. A IRON MEUBLEE. 70 AND H WEST THIRTY B1GHTU ?ireet betw.^m Fifth a van tie and Broadway. ?To let, [antly furnished separate Rooms, or whole Floors, with hen. cellar and yard, houses new, first elaaa. fonr siorr wn stone, cunmon parlor Meals furnished If deM red. n tine front Baaeiaeni as phyaidan s olBee. O. ?? BROADWAY. CORNER OK HOUSTON street.? Two desirable Rooms, No* :? and t. on llio >nd floor; rent low. Apply in Dolbear's Bookkeeping Army AKT OV A SMALL HOUSE TO LET ? 172 FIRST avenue, ni*r Twellth str.*t, either the brst or second r All n.Oilern improvements Good neighborhood. Rent Berate. E. LAWRF RCE k CO . t?2 East Konit.-enth street. \RT OK A FIRST CLASS BROWN STOVE FRONT House with all m idem Improvement*, ? hand-oiers, gss urea. A'., No IM Leilngton avenue, lo let. Can be seen my hour through the d.?> or ??venlng, ART up A HOUSE WANTED? IN BROOKLYN. NOT to exceed a mile from Wail or Full >n street ferry, for ?nlleinan and wife In answer state location, terms. Ae ter and gas Indispensable. Address A. M , Herald oflloe. OO.M, OR KOOV AND BEDROOM TO LET, FI R nlsbed or unfurnished, In a three story bouse. In T wenty I mieet, ne..i Third aicnue, wiih s sm*i lamilyab oit ting The house Is furnished with ?a?, uater, line yard, Apply a' I43aien ie A. eorni ? of T- ntli * ref. FNT?"*?1 TO LET OR LEASE? A FR 4MB OOTT M iE, i^ good ord r, on north aide Fitly fourth street, iietn-een th and Tenth avenues, with four lots In n garden , would mtah!e for a pi I vate family Also a Cottage, same place, |IOO; frame. Apji v o i tl. pr> nils'" 1 I.KT l? BEDFORD AVENUE, BETWEEN PAI'.K and Mvrih avanuea, Brooki/n. a handnnne ne? three -y basement and *ui> cellar brick Hona", Phllade'phla nt, high sloop and ba'ooay. elth ualer, gut, hot and Cold ho. Kent $?i pet snnu n I'i |Ulre n the premises. 3 LET? THE SP \< IOUS B VSEMBNT NO. W"i GRAND street, nesr E?*ei mnrket. one of ibe best stand* In the ?et i or a restaurant or an? other business; R??ement 25x70: it feet cmllng; well lighted. \|plytoWM SMITH, Jr.. 276 *t Nineteenth street, or In the shoe store, corner of Grand Nort i .lk streets. I LET-A THREE STORT AND BASEMBNT HOUNE, In perfwt orde- with all the modern Improv-menis and .-as flfture*. Applv t<?.'. KENNEDY KuRI/iNO, No. 7 kman strwK, efllres N ? I ?ud 2. or of Mrs FURLONG, M . mil It p'?? e Eighth Street Rent moderate )~lTf- FIRST' "of MAY, A < OTTAGE llorSR, ON Wkldle stieet, Sonlh Br-oklya. one nendred feet from mm ion of Third and Hamilton avenues Brooklyn Clly lrt?d i-ara pa*s every five minutes to all the ferny : barn ' slat .ni in the rear for four horse* R-at f 110 per tpplv gf tfce eor?er i">f Elfl tcentb street ??d fhtrd kue, Bri oklya. HOI' HISS. ROOMS, MC., TO LKT. n no LET- A TH EBB 8TOBY AMD BABMMHMT HOUSE, 1 with ail l?rnr--n-iMr and In fine order. |u diiaraa let ? ilbbiuM. rfo liio East Thirty eeo?md*r??t; rent low. In quire of B. 8. k B. 8. BUBN1LAM, ill Hudson ttreet, Mew cr rUBT.-ONB OF THE BOW OF THE TWO STORY baieant and attic brick Houses, with the adjoining lut of ground, on Seventy third street, between the ihlrd and Fourth ?Tenors Home in good order, with gaa, range, bath, 4c aduIi to JOHN CALLAHAN, ourner of Seventy aeeond street and Third avenue, or at C. W. BAKKK. V Bookman atreet. Bent $460. rLET IN BROOKLVN-TWO THREE $TORY brick Houses, with basements and sub-cellara, |>l?a?aut It located on tbe censer of Hanson plaee and St Felix street. Will be rented for the moderate aum of $UM each. For par ticulars ?pp'y to 8. HONDLOW, Montague atreet, near Court street, Brooklyn. TO LET? THE BROWN STONE ENGLISH BASEMENT Hon*- No. 62 Eaat Tblrtj eighth ?treet,near Fourth aTe nue, and nearly on lb. suxnm't of Hurray Hill. For further particulars Inquire on the premise* Kent cheap TO LET- AT FORPHAW, WESTC H E8TER CO a NTT, A new llou?o, complete lor a litrge family; Stable, As., with about alt acies. Apply to 11. U. TAW LOU, 73 West atreet mo LKT? NO. 1J CROSBY STREET, VBAK GRAND, A three story and basement House, m gr*<l repair, with Bchaudeliais, bath, range, hot and cold to seound r; good ysrd. Ac Apply on the premises TO LBT-THE TWO HTOBY AND ATTIC BHICK HOUSE M Hammond atreet. next to the corner of fourth, on Ulning ten rooms. Rent $560. Inquire oi F BLANCHE!1, 2H4 sixth avenue, before 10 o'clock a. M or after 4 P M r) LET? GOOL LoFl'F, </R I* ARTB OK LOFTS, ALSO. OUioe and ltcsk Boom. Apply at 412 Broadway, up sta is. TO LET? IN JERSEY CITY, SKYER 4L NEW liOUBE*. In excellent neighborhoods, with gas. baths, Ac. ; Ota mi nutes' walk from New York and Brie Company's ferry, ir eots f roni $2*0 to $560. Apply to J. S. NOV KB, ulSae eor ntref Jersey avenue and Smnh Fourth street. TO LET-A FIRST CLAS8 COMMODIOUS DWELLING House with an aere lot highly cultivated, on nates fcve nue, between Franklin and Bedford Hrcsiklyu; will t>? let io a responsible tenant at the 1 iw rent of $600 for the ensulnc year Applv 10 A l.KXR. KURHUBED f. ^Broad way, N. V 110 LKT? 4 SMALL, NEAT GOTHIC COTTAGE, TO Keiher with the requisite standing furniture, pleasuiUy ?ituai?d on tbe eaat side ot 11 untlngton harbor, i. I : rent $10il lo a g HMl tenant; p* .-session 1st of H i\ For further j ar'.u iiIutk appiy n ? *. K.hMBL>E, Esq., 2t> Broadway, or lo R. n. font, Esq , near the premises. rpo let-as office m i rABLk. for a doctor or I dentist. In an b nauih basement bouse, or for a store, at 14 Leroy place, bleeekcr siieet.. one block west of rituiul ?av It 1>> now oejupiel by a dentist Also, a few furnished Kooms. '-po LKT? A H4SBMENT. SUITABLE FOB A ('LUMBER X oi gas luU-r, or any oi her respectable business. Apply m. tk>' premites, 13 Cairjll pla -e, Bleecker streei. TO IJST-THAT 8I*LK>DII) DWELLING HOD BE. corner ot Laigbt and Vanck streets; has been used as a bearding house fcr the last fire years; tbeVbouse will be put in good repair, and let cheap io a good tenaut. Apply at 174 Hudson MR rpo LET? FUBNJHHBD, A BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED 1 stone Villa, with magnilcsnt lawn of several acres, in . hiding garden, fniit, 'orest and shade trees, stable. Ac , at Ellioitvllle, Noith Shnte. hia'en Island; perfectly healthy; delipbtful neighborhood : half an bonr from New Kork; near Salior s Snug Harbor landing Fare three cents. Inquire at Or Elliott's ellice. No 7 AStor place. El"btb ? reel, orof BaHKETT, BRINSMaDE A BARRETT, No. It Wall street 'rt> |, IT HffW. STORES, SALOONS, KOOMS, I Floors, Hasements. Cheapest yet &13 WasliinK'on, 25 Greeoe, 444 Greenwich, 1 15 Franklm, S4 ^*Ik>r, 6^ and 1m2 fast Broadway, 67 and l.'tl Monroe and S*J Market itreets. Inquire for anv pnrp se a' tl and .16 Last Broadway, or to Mr. /(.'BEL, basement. M7 Walker street. rpo LET? TWO PLEASANT COTTAGER OK THE 1 Newtown pUnk toao, two miles and a half from the Williamsburg fertlen, with from 12 to lii lots ?f ground nt Uched, fruit sml shsde trees. Kent $175 and $2^i. Apply to A R M'KLv'E til .lobii slreeL T> LET? A BASEMENT AND TWO IL(X?R?, ON Eighth avenue, n-ar lhlrty n'.ntb street, suitable for a shoeuiaker or tailor. 110 LET-ON IHE FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. Ill I.psei street, iront Room, back Room and Kuehen, vritb a fin ? dry Cellar. Lent $13. r> LET-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STOItY BKoWN stone front II uuse. high ruiop. ' epl- te with tbe modern improvement*, situated at UU K 1st fhlrty fourth nl-ect, near Lexingten av nue. Inquire of JAMMHH OWENS, builder, 102 East Thirty- ouith street. TO LET? \T NO. 10 ELEVENTH STREET, FOI'R d'lnrs west of ltrosdway, a splendid Hv? mem Otbce, suitaole for a ptnlnna; also, two Rooms on second floor TO LET? AT FOBI'H AM, A DESIRABLY SITUATED Collage, w i >i atwiut one a< re of ground for si? months or s year Board taken for one ih-mou. If agreeable. Ten tnind'es' ?a!k ol Harlem Railroad, Fordbam depot Apply to H. T. ORAT ACAl", 141 Grand street, or on tbe premises. rro LET? FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, THE FURNISHED I House No Fast Thlr eenth street, near University placc Address box 712 Post ollioe TO LET? l'OBBESSION IMMEIilATELV? THB LABOB three story brick House having twenty rooms and ttio modern improvements, No. 164 Waverlev place, near 8iitli a.tnue. Ine whole premises are now being put In rumple le older Rent J'.ifto Apply at No. IM mo LET IN NKWaRK, NEW" JERSEY, A TWO STORY A House, In perfect order; lias gas with Uitures ?? "tnple'.e; aitai lied Is a Urge fruit and >eg? table garden ; locatlun K >od. onl> five minutes walk I rem tlie Market street depot. Ken: 9474 per year. Inquire of K.I k BOND, 296 Kroat strtet, Newark, or oi Mr. ifAMMNG, 2<W Howory, Mew Vork. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILT, THE UPPER PART cf I lie home 66 Sixth aveuue For particular* Inquire Of Dr. ttoakowtt/, 162 Meet Nineteenth street. TO LET? THE HE OKD FLOOR AND Ba?k BASK nient. w 1th bath room. g*". Croton, Ac; first '-.Un bouse, pleasantly situ tied. Aluoafbird Floor, tai stme neighbor hovtl; rent veiv low. Apply on the premises, 47U Second avenue, near Thirtieth street. TO LET-PART OF HOUSE 111 EAST TH1BTT THIRD ?tieet. near Lennn'oa avenue; flr?t floor, with kit shen, n nt $T6, or thu d llour six l ooms, isnt $192. Apply as above. TO LKT? IN BROOKLYN. FOUR WELL FPRNISHBD H'.iises. m central lnoMi>>na: range, t and gas; every conv- nieuee I or goad 'ensnts; large yards, rent low. Apply At 290 llndse sn-eet, Preoklyn. ? rl LBT-A MEDII M. FASHION A H LE BROWN STONE House, has fouiteeu rooms 66 feet d<-ep. good yard, gas, fixture*, batb, Ac , At HW!, Hlghtb street, fct. Mark s place; rent low to a respecable tenan' $?iVh. Inquire at 107 Bt. Mark's pla?': stages pass the bonae every five minutes r) LET? A LARGE BASEMENT IN BROADWAY, UN d?r tbe Howard Hou>e. No. 17-? suitable for a plumber, trank store. Ac H U spsiious, and has attached to It a >ar|i* vault under the walk. rpo LB r- THE LOWBB PaBT OK TIIUKB eTORY 1 bt'ck Houw J*. i 177 Orchard atreet. eomntinn of nine noma. Tlx : front and Hack Parlors ami Tea Boom, front Hod Bark Baaomenta and, and three Boom* on thtrd ioor (ikji and Croton. Brnt, >IUM Apply aiabive TO LET- TOR 81 X OH TWELVE MONTHS. F? OM MAY 1, * lurnlshed House on Filth avenue. upi, Thirty fourth stiwt, hi m low rent, 10 a (mall tamily. Address t o > 1,927 Poet olhee. TO LET? THE MCE HIUH BASEMENT Of THE OEN teol house 33 H?nrv si reel . um.k four rooms, k'-i? and >Urr: rent $i? per month Inquire oi HTaN I ON A CO., ?*$ Canal ?i rwl, w ar Eld ridge ?ttvet TO LET? AT 110 SECOND STREET, WILLI A MSH I ' llt?, In- Second Kluoi neatly furnished lor housekeeping, to u *rai?ll family of adulta; guud rcfeienre required. Inquire si* ab"ve. TO LEI IN THB TOWN OK Ki.ATHUKH, L I, A convenient Cottage Houae with acven room*. eeltai ami two Lots ol Uiound, acai the car roule and Fult<>n lerry. Inquire at the toll gate. Klatbuah road Rent $175 rpo LET? HOUSE UO. 7K WEST TWENTY FOURTH I atreet. near Ninth avenue, with all the modern Improve menu , good neighborhood. In the rear of London lerraee Poaeeaaloc immematelv. For particulara inquire neit door, xo. m rpo I.BT-TUB SECOND OB THIRD FLOOR OF A I cottage Hoiirr, in Firat avenue, between Forty dfth and Korty filth atreet,*, containing live rooms, to a imall family. Bent very low Inquire on the premisa*. TO LET-A ROOM AKD BEDROOM, IN A VUIET, (JEN teel neighborhood, ( niton, liaih and gaa convenient, and wood and Muahhotiac. Inquire on the premises il Kin# strnet. rpo LET? A BURNISHED BEDH<K)M. ON SECOND I floor, with cloaet and water. and Are place; a ainall family of adult*, having n<i boarder*, occupy the houw Apply al No I Harden row, Wnat Eleventh atreet and Suth avenue. TO LET? THE SBCOBD HTORT OF A HOUSE IN HAM mn,l street, with modern Improvement*, front and l>u< k parlor, loMing door* tuirt pantrlt- , and dining r.K.nt mid kitchen, all on the second flour. and one Kootn in the third story, and Cellar. Inquire of \ir. DA Y, 14 llaintnond street, corner of Wavcrle* pr?cc. riu? LET- THB STORE AND DWELLING NO, 347 J Bnome *:reet. Bent $:Utl Alao, a amail Store and Iiwel'lng. No. l'ltt street Ala" a *m?ll Store, back ki...m and Hedrtom. No T.' Ludlow street. Inquire at Bo. Orand street, corner of fcldndge etreei. TO LET-NO ,'Cr TENTH AVENUE, CORNER THIRTY drat *lreet ; Ho. 304 We?t Thirty !lr?t (treat, and a huUdlnf Lot ir. Forty ninth street for at!e. Appb at Ho 261 Weat Thirty (nit -tree*. rpO I.fT-A NICE OOTTAt.E IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, I 'in a line of caia. Within 16 minute* ride of ferry, contain In# an to>nn* pleasantly acttated; garden :t2 by Ml", anlu in Beat rate ord< r. Ken'" $176 per annum. Apply to tt M hOBBH. W Mnuten lane. TO LET? Til BEE HON \M> BASEMENT HOUSE NO, 1* Wast Twetv yflitt atreet The houae wlU b- inn in complete order. Apply to ,l N. l'HII.LII'.S, No. 5 CWper Union rpn LET-TO A I'RIVaTK FAMILY. A WELL FUR I nMied 'otireuirv firs' < '*** 'lou^e with all th? modern uuproremstits, f'T ii or I 'J miaths Sem $l,??t to |l kJU. Apply on the pretmata, lu; Weat twenty flfth stre?t TO LET? IB THE VI l,|, AWE OK JAMAICA, A ' unrenleti' Dwelling House near the railrvtd d"p<H and adjrlniPg thf gmunds of the Jt D ohur-!., tlie hu *i it lilted with gaa inqulre'at tlie Pavt'lon Ho. el. rpo IET? KECt'ND 8 TO It*, NO 116 EAST TWRKTV J elfh'h gtreat. All modern imprnV'-ment* Rent Inuttlre at So. US E?at Twantj seventh street, ol E. F. KOOERS TO I.ET-FROBT AND HACK PARL'iR, BASEMENT,, and two Room i on third floor, of honie No IM Kim avenue. Bent very Int. rpo LET-TO liENTEEL FA Ml LI EH, I RONT PART I Metond Floor, id W Kaat Thirty fourth ?tr-i>t. thte* voomt, tianlry and water: rent $7 Front part of Third Floor, M 90, KlfM Fkor of kC, till Fointh Klour ol ^16, *i> r>aima, pant riea ami water, $11. App'^ at ?'is Spring at, TO LET- A FINE LI01 OR HTORE. FUTUtfs FOIt ?ale. with l.eaee four yeara to run. Apaly al 3111 East Tenth alreet. To be aoid cheap fPO LET - A FURNISHED H0C8E, STABLE AND BINE I Lota of Orourd, at Cllf'.on, Htslon Island g? i, water and f .rnaie in the house; five mlnu'e*' ff'tn vandarb'.lt ?ndinr ?? <7 Merchant* E?"in?rite. ?WW, KOOM, *C., TO UT. TO LKT-THE *I*RT CLASS BOUSES .SOS 341 AND >? W?I Thirty tifth itree'. They contain all the modern I. nvri enoea. are in complete repair, Lung with go d and 1 ea 1 ?. apcra, block marble halls, ha' ilsonie can chandeliers, sp- .iking tubes, Ac.. Ac. They will be rented upon satisfae i j u rma to guod tenants. Apply to the owner, 337 tima st ee TO LBT? TO A SMALL FAMILY, 1HE SBC.tNO STORY of house 76 Adams street, Brooklyn, to & desirable faml )y ; the rent will bo low; near the ferry. rLET? A OOTTAGB AND U4RDKN AT FORDHAM Rent >150. Alao, Cottage, Barn, Garden and four acres near Fo dbam depot; rent $10 J Apply to f b lip DutTy's boit;', Fordham, or CHARLES H. IIINNaU, 106 Broadway TO I BT? TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, 13 REN w ck street . In good order, will be let to one or two 'u'nilna, or will be fumi-hed; rent 1 m. Inquire of D. Bl'i-KE, 1.15 Bowery. qiO LET? A FIVE STORY BRICK BUILUiNG '-'8 BY SO I. tr*t, in Cbarks street, near Hudron, for light manufac luring ui.rpose* or storage; rent AIM. Apply to S. K. IA C.iBH, Jio. 1 New .direct, ctrner of \\ all. r LET -THE ELEGANT FOUR SrORY BROWN STONE House. 229 Weill Thirty-fourth alreet, sixty five feet drep all th? way up, with all improvement; rrnt reduoed. Apply on the piemiM a, or to JOHN 8. KELSO, ttf William slrett. TO LET-HALF OF A SMA LLTflltEK STORY PHIL \ delpiiia brick House, to a small family. Kent $130 App'y al A) West rii'iv I mirth street |r 11X1 Went street rpO LET-FROM 1ST OF MAY, IN A PBIY'AT ?. I aMILY, A two or three furnished Ruuiiu, without Board. House urge anil first class. with water, gat, Ac. Apply al 173 De pau place, Thompson street, a few doors oelow Bleecker. TO LET- A TIIRKE STORY HRTCK STORE AND Dwelling, 22 1 ? '?urt street, ? >.e door frrfm Degrau , Bi.wtk vn A good ttand for anv buslii'-s and gi? d d elliiie In liuire of J. P. loWNKKNU, II l in street, iu ilte Uuem-nt. TO LET.? A FRONT BASEMKNT, I JK A P3Y81CIAVS olbce; has be* u oocupted as such tbe last f.uir veai ?, at No 68 east Tweii tb street, between Broadway and Kouila avenue; reference given and required rno LET- AT FLUSH1N0, T . I , AT YERY LOW KENT I to aatlsi acti ry tenant, a piessant House 50x41, 16 rooms, 12 c'ot. ts, large h tie and piazza. tbre>e quarters of ? mile ' rom Stable if deal red. Very healthy. Large linn and fruit Ireea. WM R. PRINCE. TO I.BT-TI1E MODERN HOl'bE 214 WEST l'OUR teenih street, modern House 91 Ka?t Twenty nlntli street; modi rt House i lh?ni|>aon street; MflS uiodrn House 146 East Twenty seventh street: two-story Home I7 Thompson street; three story House 294 * est Fourteenth street; three story House 126 Ea>.t rbirty. ninth sit -et; three story House 7# Greene Street'. Store 249 Front street. House andva>ant Lot 100 Baa' Thirteenth street; fitsble >reari 2j Bond street House and 7 Isits ihirtietli street nod First avenue; three story house 4S2 Broome, corner of W'ooster street, modern House 103 Second avenue, tie * ur^lero Hniw. Thirty eighth stree". near Br ad iv*y. Apply at 192 dr.iail.vay, from II to IX o'clock, or at 93 East Twenty eeveiuli street, of PETEK A. H. JaCKKON. fpo LET? $17 PER MONTH FOR THE 8E IOND 8TORY I and rear baaemen'. of :i Kenvecl three story brick House. No. 164 W?st thirty third stree'. Bange, hot and >-oL<l water, pas acd pilvileRe of baih room Impute ot M I'O 1 1 A'Kl.1., ^ o. 24'.i W est i hirty second street, third door below Ninth avenue. rpo LET-THE ALL TWO-STORY DWELLI Nt; [JOUSK J .ilM West Twenty fourth street, between Mnth an 1 Teu'ta avenues neut $.tin and Crot n tax. Imiulre of E. HOKF MAN. No. Wall street TO LET-SECOND AND Itll RTH FLOORS IN THE elegant new brown stone house 616 Sixth avenue, noar Thirty seventh street, west side Water, gas, doseta, Ac. Beautiful floors, and to sm^li r?ni?>ct?&le ftmiUes will l> reu'.ed low Apply to J'JH.n KA\ A.N'aGH, northeast corner if For:y tilth street and fclxth avenue. TO LET? A BASEMENT AND TWO FLOOrtS UN Kigtitta avenue, near Thirty ntn'h ^trei-t, sni'n ole for a shoemaker or tailor. Apply to J. F. WILLIAMS, 4 1 Seoond avenue rpo LET? THE SEOOND FLullR, CONTAINING TWO 1 I'Hi-lors, one Bedroom, bathroom and pantries; one Bed room in the sttic. hot and oold water, gas and other privi leges Kent $250. Inquire at SHI Canal street. rLBT-SBilOND STORY Of IM BLEB<TKKU STKEKT, two parlors two bedrooms, five |>aiitrtna, two banements. has all modern ?mimvements ; rent %X3b\ will be let to two small families. Also Second Story of *39 Broadway; rent very low Inquire of J. G1L8RY. 4At Broadway. TO LBT-TO SMALL FAMILIES, FLOORS In HOUSE ltil East Thlrty-iii'th street, with gas light aid ..II the modern Improvements, r> nt$l <snd $16 |>er month Alao a House In Lexington avenue, between Mfty fourth said Fifty fifth streets inquire on the promt <?, or of TCOMEY A ELDER, 212 Grand street rpo LET? IN BROOKLYN, TO A S >1 ALL FAMILY, J three or five Rooms, In fin? order; gss and waterup stsirs; a plea ant loca'lon: live or ten minutes walk u the priucipa' ferries Apply at 184 Adams street. rpo LET? V ESIRaBLE KOOM.SOK THE FIB8' FLOOR. 1 mitsble for any light bu?in<-s^. htving teen occupied fy a dressmaker for reveral years; also siiule Rooms for xentli men. Apply at No. I'j I'I'nton plscc, Eighth street. rpO LET-AT TIIE FOOT OF SIXTY SIXTH STREET, I East river, a Cottage, stable caniaitn lio ise, gu.l n sn<i l ight ai'res of ground, with fruit and forest trees; betutlful location ; will be let cheap. Empire S. M. Co., 336 Broadway, nom No. 1. TO LET-IN FIFTY FIRST STREET, BETW EEN LEX ington and Third aveaues, two four story and l?? i mest brown stone front Houtes wl'.liall the ? pyMNN ments. Will l e rer ted low to one or two small families, each house Inquire on the premises, first two houses east of Lex Ington avenue. TO LET-THE SMALL. GENTEEL HOUSE 11IJ' , BAST Twenty eighth siioel, in tine order, at a low rent. Seen from 10 to II also :i to 4. Also the little marble House ill Second avenue a' Si.'*) .1 H. HILL. 186 Fifth a\enue, oomer Twenty third ?tre#t. TO LET? A WHOLE BASEMENT FLOOR, SUITABLE for an oyster or any light business, opposite the new lompkirs market Apply at No. Wi Ptlnoe street mo LET? THE UPPER I'AItT OF A COTTAGE. THREE I Rooms, at No. 129 W est rhirty fourth stre-t, to a family Ol two or three persons. It is a mist desirable place. Ihe locality is unsurpassed Inquire oa the premises. Rent $16 per month. TO LET-THE IHIltD AND FOURTH STORIES of a first class ho ise, on the north side of Sixty setond street, first house west of Third avenue; eacli s'^iry e.>nsiat lng of six rooms, gas and water; tent moderate to good ten ant- Apply on the aeconl ?t?iry. r> LET-THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK House, IM Thompson street; all the m ?dern iotpr.iv< ments; rent $660 possession of all but one room given Im mediately. Inquire between ten A M. and two. and four and seven P. M.,or at 44.". Broadwav, of THuMas O. Ba KEB. ritO LET-IN THE VICINITY OF EAST BRoAO J way, at low rents, lower parta of Houses and Apirt mrnis, gas and w*t?r. In excellent houses Apply at ItJV i.nst Broadway, rear Market stieet. TO LET? WITH BOARD. IN THE MODERN Bi ILT house 7.1 Macdougal street (St. Cl>-ment's pi toe), a tv> im on se< ond flo r, rlose>s nita:he<t $9 per week fortwo persons Room on third floor $S per week. rpo 1ET-IN BBf>OKLYN? NEAR FULTON KERRY, I six or eight Rooms, in a flr?t c'.sss bou-e. ele antlv lur nished with all the con reniences to keep house cbini. silver, glass, Ac Bent low to a responsible party. Posa?noon at once. Address Owner, oov 179 Hera d oill 3e. TO LET-ON KENT BTREKT, <;REENPOINT, A TWO eiory and taaement brick Ilouac, high at-* p, throe nun u'ea walk from TV nth and Twenty-turd atreet fernea. in good order with gaa. Inquire Of P i! PBOVUf.ll I'm Oflice, or M. O. Ba.NKH, &>?'. Broadway, Men York. TO I.ET-ONE OFTHE BEST BUILT HOUHF.-< ON MI'R raj BU, containing every moder:. improve uem * deaire to mmi to the country on a count ?f ill h?*a|th the owner l<> offer the premlae* extremely lo* Oall Mdati ai No. lift I! aat Thirty eighth Mreet TO LET? TUB SECOND BTORY AND ONE Aim RoOM in the bouae IK Bank atreei, between Fourth a'reet *11 I VTiivi'rlev piare. cn? and liath situation very pleaiant; rent %??* 1. A pply at the houae TO LFT- FURMBHED OR UNFURNISHED, AI F.LK nant realdcnce with all the modern lmpr> "tementa on Flih avenue, Harlem, between iS-h and LVat *treet?, lor an or tweive aontb*; tlowergai.ten, fruit tree* *>? Kami nr. Ar*t rlaa* To a *mall respectable famll* will he rented low Applv t<> THOA. II. OATH OR. iHKi Hraa.lway, or on (lie nrein i*e?, firat houae north weat corner of l.'tnh a< rret TO LET-FLEQANTf.Y FURNISHED ROOMS AT RE * sonable lerma. No. ICH Weal Twenty alitli I ween Seventh and Eighth avenue*. rLET ? ORN'TBEL APARTMENTS. AT NO. 108 Faat Twent? elulith |*tr?ct, Ave Room* on * llx?r, wl h (t?* Rem S12 WJ Al*o lowet part of Houae li)i i-.a*; I win 1 y eighth atreet; separate entrance fr m upper part; *11 R.oma, with ga*. water. Ac. Thin la very de?irable WILOOX A KINSIIlMEIt. 34S K urth avenue T) UV IfOMD FLOOR and BEDROOM I IN ATTI \ in a unall ??nleel lamiiy, plc??ant location . rent 1 w Apply on the premlaaa, <5 Domlnlck street, near Hudann rl.M-A NEW THREE STORY BRI^K HOUSE, with *11 the modern Inior.iTement*, in Fifty-fifth atreet. ?ea nd houae ca?t of Third avenue, on nort >" aide of ih? a'reet. hent $5*1 per year Apply at the ,, Be 01 French * Hotel r) LET? LOWER FART OF HOUSE 11 BBTOUN'R atreet (llrwt atreet below Twelfth), near Abingdon square two rarl?r?, front and back Baeament, ?ith several alee pin, Rooma range, hot and' old w?ler, uaa. ;ood yard Item t A: per animm. LET? THE DRSIEABLB FOUR hTORY BROWN ?tnM Houae, No frt B**t T wenij eighth atrr.-t, flftv-flve feet deep all the way up, with nil Uaprnvemeu'.a; rent re duced Apply t ) .1 OH N H. RRLSO, Wo. fit William atre t. To LET? PA I' T OF HOUSE RO. 61 FoURlH PLA? K PBrookiyn; Haaemeat, with range ^ pari'. ? ? co?d and third floors, *at r in baaem. nt 1 ? . .1 - ? In gi od ord?r and m good locality, convenient 10 feme*, in ?i'llre at the houae, or No. M John *tree'. To LET-AT TONKEP.H, A HANDSOME VILLA WITH <l? lota of Orntind laid out a* a garden, wiih f rti :? feea, Ae. the houae| o .ntaina ten rooma, MaMai th- kitchen. II will be renteil with the furniture, for the y*?' at a retain able rent. Apply at Dr. CHILTON'S "Bee, >'0 yj I'mr > 1 reet, N. T. TO LET -VFRV t/)W, TO SUIT TIME?, ON M?TK ray Hill, the four atory br >wn atone I ronl Houae No ih Rant Thirty rlghtk mreet, with all th? modern lm!"orem?nta, - liandeller*. Aa. Can be aeen between two and ;our 0 <? o<;W P M. Apply to T. L. ROS.- A CO , 8t I'earl at r c. r> LET-AT WIBROtDWAT, NE-tR BROOME STHKBT a Store on ?ecnnd flwjr; alio Room* and , amiable fornflw* and re*ldenoea, with ga* and Oroion water. Ap;>1t to T. R. RIVETT. on the prerniaea TO LET- TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY. TrfK s|ti7((ND llnor and one baaement ef the two ?t"ry lj uaei. K? Oreen wlch atreet, near St Luke'* Church. Home in excellent order; rent reaaonable. Apply on premise* To I.Kr? THE BAi K RA4EMRNT FRtiNT I'tRLOR and Bedroom adjoining, on the flral floor, one H?dro >m In the attle of houae No RU \ andam atreet. Rent $14 per month. Inquire At 3*1 Can*, atr et TO LET-IN FOI RTRENIH STKKEi * E \ K BROAD war, a front Maaement. xntaMe for an ofTI?B Alan a fur nlabed Room to a alngle gentleman l'oaae**ion let of M.,y. Addrea* T. M D , Broadway Foal office. 3H> I.ET-A NEAT AND CON** HIFNT TltfTRP: STORY brick Houae. 10P Weal Thir loth atreet Kent f ?|i onld be let In apaiiinenta to amall famille*. I in media'.' poaacaaien can be had. T. CURRV, S| Wert Thirty third atreet. I T HOUSE*, ROOMS, 4C., TO LBT. mo LET^A PART OK A PBIVATE HOUSE, W . TH ALL X the modern impr iv^menta, ?hm, water, Ac., to a -man family. Am moce room as t? r?ia red can tM hud Hen I tow. Inquire om the prenyaen, U7 Eut Thirty first aueet. C NB^nCHAFEB rLBT-A GOOD STORE, THREE ROOM 8 DEEP, counter and g14*" fixture*, of new none front h. nse iM Ninth avenue; reut ft, per month Also, to let. aawe

house, the elegant ftrat and second tloire; renta reduced; bilia up. T 0 LET-THE BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN _ stone houae Wo. Ml West Forty aeeond iwide) street, with chandeliers an<1 ev- ry improvement*. this month put in complete order, at a v*ry low rent, tJ a reap tutible party not y?t suited. Apply "n tue preml* * TO LET IN BROOKLYN? 370 HENRY STREET . ONE handsome three story bwwn atone House, with pm tlx tores. wfcter, 4c : bnth will on put id if rcquir* iL lujulre ?I II M. KILVKHMaN, IAH Rroadwav. rpo LET IN BBOOKLY N? TWO THRiCE STORY BRICK I Houapa, hlfh su>>p, lit*, m m, nnd-r oellar, 12i?>m? eu-h; 3S to 48 Smith -tree'., with wat-r and gat fixture* com plete, and in gti d neighb >rhood, one block f rom Fuiton ave nue cart, and two bl k-Wh from i ny Hall, will be let low Ap ply to II. BW 1 1 II, norner of nmth auil Kcherm-rhorn street*, or at 247 Pearl atreet, Ne ,\ v i k rpo LET IN THE nil'MHl HAVING MORE BOOB Jl iu my home, at F^rdham, thau I require, 1 iv?ql<t let the upper part ifour room*1, with exclusive uneol b&aeuMlit, to a gentlrinau and wife >vith<iut children, for $IU0 per year. For all t nrticttlara inquire at No 41 third avenue. J. R. SaUNDERS. rLET CUBAP? A FIRST CLASS TIIKKK STORY, hlfti at" -op, brown atone llouae, with ??a fixtures coin pl?te; rent $MK Apply mi the premises, 2i& VVe>t Fiftieth BlMt LBT OR FOR HA LB ? BROWN STONE HOI'SE ? Weat Thirty seventh street, b. ;?wn Fifth and Sixth ave Apply to -Mr. CROMWELL, ly William street. mo T TO LET OR FOR SALE? ON 1 HE HUDSON. FORTT Uve minute* frim f'himbfra atreet, a b-tmrn-ut, two story aitio Hum, large gar Irn, bot ?uil old wa'er. y+?, si ad\ and river view. Apply u> W. 11. Mil. 1.1 MAN. 73? Sixth avenue, bttween frorty thn J and Forty-fourth streets. TO LET <>R FOR BALI, -A VERY NEAT FRAME llonae, No. 40 Vast Thu ietb hire t. near Vtdtun avenne, (lrat rate neighborhood . h.-i- ?! r and gua, and large irult tree lu yard. Apply at U7 Bowery . drug store, rLK'OH FOR HALE- THE MODERN Til REE HIORV English basement Hou*e, browu atone front. No. I'Jl Ea?t Eighteenth *tteei. near Sejoml avenue, in u highlv re Hjie. tiible nelgbborh MXi tb>- house contains all the modern improvemtnu, walls *ih1 i*llings hanilvmiely ot'nted, mult under the walk, and all tn complete oid-r will tie sold very low and on reasonable terms, or let, wi(h g<t? fixtures, to a good tenant. leBi. $>so<l Apph to J. 8. COv'.Km, ltH East cm veuteenth street, near Reeood *retiiw. TO LET OR LEASE-KOR FIVE YEARH, A KM ALL thre?"story brick House, ultuated near With avenue. No. ?7 West Twenty ninth street; rent$4ul; waste pipe anil waier in, but nogs*. Inquire on the, premises. TO LBT OS LEABE-TUE MANSION HOUSE. LATELY oooupied by the subHcriher. It ia suitable for a iarg-t (amlly Hat the mmlern lmprovcmi nti, a g k id tiartlen. sta ble, coatff house, Ac . and aootil twelve acres ot land To a ilestimble tenant it will be re u led low. isituateii n> ar Wust Karma, Westchester county, ten miles from the Oily HalL Inquire of WM WaTHuN, fark pl?'.?. TO I.KASE FOR FIVE YBARH^HEriRATEIA Oil TO vether, four lots on Attorney and Knlp ? stre- ti, between 1 elinoey and Broome stree s, (Dow oe- upied as an iron foun dry by John K PlatL) to be TaiAted on Bay I. Apply to C.C. I IKCkNBY, Ma 72 Wall street 10 RENT? ON FORTY 8EOOND STREET, NEAR NINTH _ avenue, Nos UlC and MM West Forty second str.-et, each three storlua, brick, Iniih stoop, llaAllIeet; rent ^MU. Apply to E H. LUDLOW t <X>.. No 3 Pine itrect r) RENT? IN RA'iW?Y, V. J. ONE HOI RB HIDE from New York by rail, ho excellent dwelling House, In the best order, suitable tor a iv-|H?'u'ile tani'ty, c uiMining thirteen rooms, wnii r clos- 1. bath tooni, cellar. Ai; , with large i-ardcn and stable, live iniLUtes' wulk I ro.n dep ?t. Rent $17'i I er annum. Apply to O. M. lones. llahw i y , or W. MORRI SON, No. 24 Broad * in THE SECOND STORY TN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, HO. 611 * ourth s'reet, to let, consisting ot tjve rooms, pain r i? s, Ac,, and a bedroom in theattic. Price f.*HI. Inquire of \\ M. NAlNiLE, 614 Hudson street. fTIIIE BROWN STONK ENULISH BASEMENT HOUSE I 111 East Thirty mnth street t? let ?- Modern improve irents; in first rate order. Apply to J. C. MA VKri. & HON, Itib Broadway. Three large three story brown stone Houses in Went Forty tourth atreet, between rl<>.veuth avenue nn4Bruadway; lately built. Also to let, the first and fourth Hoors'of house 2U3 Nimh avenue, near Twenty tblnl ?treet. Apply to KAMI > i, llOB)l,B Bromi>ay. rpo MEI HANICS AM) MAMrFACt'CKEKs ? A FINE I Lot snd two story Building, No 62 Greeue atreet. near Bro me, to lease tor a term of yi*ira, for improvement or otherwise, on (O.xl terma. ? bos- deslruua ot moving into a n? w location ba?l better apply at 47 Oouvcrueur strci't tor in formation and may heat ?oinethin? advsntaK?oiia E8T TWENTY-THIRD STRKET-TT IJiT, THE vrry d< slraile Hons-. s Nop. 2511 ami 261; also 1.16 West Twenty fourth stnet: parties ol re?pe< ,j?lilllty wlj tlnd tilts an eligible opiwrtunliy. Apply to P. llARMOrtY'S NE PHEWS A CO, H Greanwlob street, or A. I. RAMAN, 217 West Twenty third -trect 7111 WARD ? TO LET, THE SECOND SIGHT AND ba.ieineDt, if desired, of the modern houxe 47 Gouverneur atreet, now occupied by a very small family ; contains g u?, Ac. Kept only #t.l per month. Apply on the premises. d>Ul|| TO LBT, A PLEASANTLY FU KN'ISilED ?U- House. In one of the mast pleii:int undconve iiient locatione; terms, monthly in advance. Apply at :U8 West I- i' teenth street, between 18 aud 4 o'clock. <bQrWl ?TO LET, THE FOUR BTORY BROWN STONE i|piiU" I. front lions'', 67 East Thirty fii-at street, w ith all the modern improvements and a very large v?rd. Kor Inior mation apply ni l 4 s T BAC1IE. 61 East Tinny-flint streat, (me door liuM ife' above ?ALB! OF BBAL BBTATB. (lOt'NTRY PLAt'E FOR SAI.B ? A OONVKXIENT AND ) tasteful t 'otuge, with nine roomM, five acres ol land, fine garden and orchard, the greatest ibundsnte and variety of (holce fruit, good out nu tiiiigs. everything lu complete order; three miles from Stamford, one minute's walk rram New Tcrk and New llat en Railroad depot Will be sold cheap, and on lavor.ible term No agents need apply. In quite at No. 2' , Wall atree:. In the basement w I VEHIRAKLE COI'MTRT SEAT FOIt KALE OR TOLKT II On South Orange avenue, one mile and a quarter fnmi sewsrk nine tnli :rom New York, oontainuig acres, hotis t three ?tory brhk building, with g ?>d outbulldinga; also abundance of trult and ahade trees, and fine spring it water ? ithln a few feet of the bouse Apply to MACKIb A BBO IHIF.10Q lil b?rty street, or to KINO A BON D, Nea ark. N. J INARMS FOR RALE CHEAP.- OMK OK MNTVKKE ?CTec, Hons*-. Barn, Fruit, Ac , on .Crotun Lntk< , prior $6.11)11. One of fifty iik acre* , llimir,' U:irn, Fin'.t A ? JV.'Otl <'ne ot ten iMK* Ilouae, Hut, Fruit, Ac $1 - ?i Alao. two hundred otb? - Kitnun lur *a!c, 01 MtalMUIga. Mom tl.UUU W S9>MW0 Apiily to A. BRROKA NT, 1"? Wall aire. ,r.|[ f\. HANOK-A KIKE DWBLUNti, W I HI , OK p I I>?D<1, with barn and fruit, In ?? floiiriehln* *11 U. iu low* . u . encumbrance, for peraon* pms mc s rouit and ltont*Kn? aired*. Ilwiklya in.o y xt;n anob? Farm ok w a< keh in oora*. h ue.iT Hertford atation, I I.; fruit of all kind*, atnal! . I.? banjed for Ileal fcniau- or Perianal ? *" "" court. and H<imai{ue utraeta, Bro .klyn. F'OR FMHANUB.-A BEAUTIKUI. COTTAGE, AT It i uiieM Mprtnca, in perfect order; no incumbrance; <,l ?y * meca-ti, in exchange for a 'mmln thl* vicinity, Kurtn at-out ?* ,UJti J. ?). li?uf, Courtjand Moniaifue atreet-.. UionlMi GI'lLKORD PLACK, f'fiRTV FIFTH r ?' ft, o*i ween J<exlngion and Tb.rd avetiuea. flrat claaa bri'i* ? twin* fioiu 1 1 i"i vs. wlili all tbs modem impiwre mint- prtM 9H3S0 alau one in Fiftieth ?treet, bitvuto MtHM Hid tblnl t*mn Apply on the pram lane, Forty fifth atreet. Teiian iwy F'OK SAl.h -A l>E IKABt-EOni NTRV REMlJRNCEIN Weau heater cnunij, twenty four inHe? irom'.iUa ciiy. one mlie from depot, on Hnrlem K?|)road, with >n acrpa o| land. For lull particulars, Inquire ?>: .1 I. >M m! vs. M4 Ho* cry. where map oi property ran be ??? ti FH1R SaLiK ? HKaI", OR TO L.&T-1N BROOKLYN, po?wwion lomi d lately, a nlee thr?*r ?tny irtok H?u?? coraer itanaou piaw and fjrt Uieen plan- ai?> on- lirown ?tone Hotiae in Portland avenue, ueai W *<timgu>n park. T R. JAl'KhOV on Hie premUe*. T,^OR CIIEAI- (iR T?> L.BT-A K* ROOMBD I; rnttafc and two l^ita; plenty of fruit and gr?ne? c*r? to all the terrlea witbm half a blo> k luiulteio Kift-enth atrerr sou?b Brooklyn, next In aehooi No. hi Ofti,T01M?-$l,<UU < AHH DOWN, K>ll A KaKM OK ninety ncrea with liouie, barn, fruit, running water, good wood, Ar Twenty one mile? from New Vork city, ami iii-?r1drpo! !n Nrw Jcr?ey. Appl, to A. HBR' K. VN'T, IJ Wall atrart. AQCfl Wit!. BI T * I' VNDSOMF ilOOHK 'N 01 ?7*ii?>U on hiaten I "land, near Clifton p*rk. with ulcr (*rdrn and g wl well of water, la a Itwlthf pluc ? live; n??r the ?e?; onlv a few mnnitrn fio*the 6o?t, n?li ?v?h, or will 1 1 ?de tor n t'an.iliK?a' Applv Ui P tf TE V 9S Olvulon atr?ei, fi* w Vork. c mill A B K A I T 1 1 i ' 1 1 FARM ANH d iOXTBT Remdenrr are for aale, nrar HmlthPiwn Rny, Hull ',k?<unty, L i. The Karm ootiialnt Oft' -one aec**, of wblrli irn ?rr valuable wood l>nd, thr rr?t in the hl?h' ?t utate of i uitivmlon ; bouee lately d?< iratert In Kuginh n.v le, lim ii . ?. fmr >a. wella. A' , Iti ueifert order; tinn fralt tree*, inod H'Ii.ik alMMitinc ">athmf. ?r u> r?- ?n l *ite ur?i.ri'a???ea. iPoaeeaaMin tnnuedUte In purr of Dr. ,li?!lN?<'K. Ro. 14 Uuane atrret. New Vork. IIOTF.I.H. nta IV Mji K V! HOTBU Mil. FORD PIKE COVtrT H Pa - I'hl* well known Hotel in open lor inm nir vu.turn. The v ill of Ml foid i? al n?te loa I iiei >wa ? mflfifroin l 1 Hi.- .lew York and i Kt id Mltlni) ! itir hour? of New 1 ork I lie drlrea tn th? e'elni y ar? b auii ' l ai.d the aotner* u'nurpaea? l tr ut 'i?t- i * ?h?wittfik i 'nvenl?nl to the *Hi?b?. xpfer* 10 llev. Hugh H t arpeti'i . Bto k tn, .1 w Plnchm, Ran , No 0<'ortl?n l I. MaVti Mr r... tv. ii Cork, K< , ivilr . way New Tnik . t:. W. IHMMIi'K I'ropplflor. I M PK KlAb HtiTBL, CORK, IKRLAWO.-THIX lAitf* I e?!*'>U?hrd an-1 wall known Hotel It cn-id irted on 'ha nirei .?pp"'?*d t) ?te?n A Urge and elegant C.iffee HootB l? aH a pan for 'h' uae *,f ?amlllna who urafer ll*Uiit a la Kran oetw A lable d'Hota ererr day at half i?at ?1* o'eliask. Tl?* liDW'rlal "mtiibu" awalta the arrlyal anil ilafMrmra of eaeh iralti lint, ? Id and ahowrr bath* alwaya ready Rtflit p >r ter In al ea la nea A COTTOR A SON, rmprtetor* IMPORTANT TO SINULE ORNTLRMB.N - I HE AT f K t I Hon of the above rUia u rallr.t u, ? a#w notel, noi- open named Ihe Richmond Jlouae, 110 Matdougal atreet, in whlab a Parlor and Bedroom, elegantly fitrnUhed, r%n be engaged far the ?tn?ll ?um of per week, Indullnt arr* ant * alien lion and no egtraoaarge 'or two gentlemen ffnen l* owti pyiog the jame apart men* Braakfnat served ta rooma II re<iiitre'l The Bl?eekar aireet ? Hgei *n l Huth a?. ttue r*i? i an cloae by TTRT ? HOTBU OOIAEO* ORRRN. DUBJ-TK -THIB <1 Hotal l? ?ent mi, cheap and oomaiodW>'ia. K*ary^? tintlon paid ?? <*? ??">'"*? *o<-U l'rl?ata ?ltU?? n*m.. iAh)? d'hotii hot md ?old bfttliP, At. UWI WILLIAM jvnr, rm wr?#W?f ^ Hr III TNR* HOl-HK KKW ARD RLBtMNT * ARBLiB VV hnililtng. Rniaidwa*, c irnerof Iwe.fth ?tre<'t. conduct on the Kumpeiin t'laa. Baal* wrved tn prirate roam* wlthmit ejtr^^arje^ ^ ,j%l# 0I Baa FraatlacJ\ rr>prtetof, . FOR SALE. .inn All 0T8TEB AND DINING SALOON FOR SALE. IN quire il TO twh Uiwt, fniui 9 to 12 o'clock. Akakk chancb.-onb or tab best cobvH* Beatauranta and Supper Booma for Mint making iu ?? .ir tiin?i clear profit fao per week Must be gold. Apply U? u (). K I SNKY, Ho. 7 Broat street, up ililw. Akakk CHANCB -VDR BB HOLD, A B1CB, COM pat t Kafliah Sbadea. now doing a good bualu-as; long lease; rent low ; reason for telling, ill liMtitn Ap"|y imme dlately at the Byron Sliadea, third atreet, near Houtlk Sc> entb street, Peck alip,|Wlllian>sbu:g ArOBNBR Llgl OR STORE FOR SALE OHBAP? ? Kitted op id tint ciaw >tyle; now doing u g ""I 'ash busi ness. with l?a*e xtojk and fixture* Inquire in the at' ire, ifefc.' Hudson street, cjruer of Dominlck. Bakery fob sai.e.-lsahe and fixtikrs Excellent lo''?tlon; doing a good ca^h buaineSM, a'l ovor the ctinter Will xell v> ry low , as tke propi ieto baa m ire j linen ess limn he can attend to inquire of .Mr. \ oung It'iuri, I 11A Broad street, hew Vork city. Book stoke for sale? a hook amp station erv Mii'e, doing a good uayli < buainexa, will be no'd at a aa< rillce If apulied lor soon, aa the owner la induiii to join hill regiment (Ike twelfth) at Waahiugt'ju, Addre?* D. S, Herald olUee (VH'NTER FOR HALE? A VERT HANDSOME CODN- | I ter for sale cl eap, mlltbh for a fashionable ba 'uom or renlaurant. Inquire at XI Wa;er a' met, ap HU?'r?. DBI'G STOBB POB SALE, *ITI ATRD ON A CORVKR of one of the leidlug avenues up town, haiidw mety fitted up and doing a g?>d retail and prescript! m h'lalriax*. Bent low. Price about $3,11)0 ?a*h Addi.'v> Anderaou, Herald ortloe. DllUO STORE FOR SAI.E? LONtl E8TAHLIHIIKD, BIT. sineaa \ cry g jod, icnt low. A rare ciianoe, ax the | re Kent proprietor wiahes to leave the city Termi riwh In i|Ulre of It. L. B1LLIN JE, al Okas. W. |Samt-.'or I *, No. b Tryon |row, ]J?OB 8AI.E-THE Fl.XTI RB8 OF A FIRST CLASS BB8 " tan runt. the l>e?t location In the city do* n uia o. Will la- wild at a g:eat aaortlioe by applying to UcnRY McCLEL LAN, 20 Him reet, basement. Fob sai.e.-tbk lease and iixtuhkh of liqi or fctoie, itu'ehor Shop and Tenant Apajtuieuix wi.l be Hold, very rli- ap, imiiicdUti ;y. Apply to I . B. HoVVHS i CO., No Broudway. IilOlt SALE? THK l.AUOK HKKK AND HIEI.IAKD SA 1 loon, 18 Sixth avenue. 1 lie reason for ael III lit, the pro prieUf hax nerved ill the regular army mid Ik auxioua to join a volunteer rei;imenL Call and you wi'i ?ee tliat hu h is the MM. "|7?OR 8ALE? FOR ONB THIRD IfHVALCB. THE HBST F down town Haloon in the city; one. hall' caali and 'he ba lance in aix mon t ii h it desired. I all iu the wholeaaie Li quor Rtore, Nu 23 l.iberty atreet "yCK BAI.W-A BUS WERY, IN FULL OI'KltATION, ! P with llrat ?l.wn trade. Can turnout over I0>J lib' a. p-r I Wfea Everything In enmpleU order Kent low. Apply at I or addrea* Brewery, 34) Weat Forty ninth xtreet. "L-'OH SALE? AN EXCELLENT CORNER OROt^BKY P el. ire, wtth leane and lixtnre^, Im'a'ed In n?n i ir, ii atreet. No better Kiand for grocery and Honor a'on-. Will >? *<ld at a bargain either v. it h or without the aU-'k. Applyto F. KIT/.NIMBONK, No IS Centre atreet "l/OR SALE? STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A WHOL" r nale and retail flro erv Store leaae it' requl?d houth e:>at rorner ol I'eaal nut Vtuter aire-la. Bio iklvn H-.ih m i t fellirg, tke owner la a aingle man. and wiai:ea to join th>> Lulled K atea Navy, Inquire for live day* JOHN BARL LM)R HALE ?A BKOADWA\ ?*Kl! OllNt'KKl SAL )ON P for aale eheap, on ocouni of the war In atlon iu the l it > Oood baxinex . dnne now. A rare ehani e to make ,i bargain. Inquire at l<ro?dw*^, IxiK meut. Tr?oR BALB-A CABD BMORATTNO BTOBS, VTAl 1 llahed lifteeo yoaiM <nd in Hii'i aia' ill,. n II will b-t ?o!d 1 w lor raxh, it app'led for lnmedl.i'alv Ixia rent Addle , a U. V , broidway Poat olliee, and It '?ili be p omptly attended 10. TT'OR PALE-ONE i'LATFoRM ><'\\I.E AND TIIRKF, P Counter Sealea; a lot of elegant Oat Fixture*, in uae but a xhort t'm? . four large tin nflee tlana, and one Awning in complete order. Apptv at .'>17 Ninth av nue. F^Olt KALE-A TEA AND OOFKKE STOal , NEATI-Y Uiled up ai d doing a good bnatneai, in n thicklv - -ttled nelghtiorli xjd . will be ftold v?-ry low; a eomp etc I) ? igi'n tht-i ix a rare chance f >r a good bualnoat man ; ri uon lorxelUng, thenwneria going lo lie mat oi ihe leln lllou Apply to I. W. DODD, WVexey atreet. FH)II BALK TIIK CHEAPEST STEAM EMHNBS AND B'diera In New YorE, new and a- <ind h ind, trotnone lo a hundred horae poner, and eve'vihtng appertaining lo the same. Alto, a new meant Sa?ht, of 'Jo hone power Applyto JaMES W * LIE, 34 tianMivoo: i ?treei bet neen Oroenwteh and Washington. Ninth avenue r,ir-> pavs the d > r going (IllWIl. I ?'OR -ALE -THE HXTOBM Of UQUUftlfOUlM ?7 .lamex atieet, wi h or wlthou*. ato< k. a pply to CH AS. MI'KHA Y, No. ."i4i Hoonevelt a'.roe.t I ''OF SALK FOK CASH? A OROCEKY WITH A HOOD ?i<x k, and doing a due eaah buaipean, aituati d aboul JU miles liom thia city Kent Tery low. Apply to Mr J. t'A NO Bl'KN, No 3 flnealreti, up ataira. lj^OK SALE CHEAP.? A LHJUOR HTOKB AND KIX P turex, with two room*, a 1 uig leaae and 1 i>v r -nt IV 111 be aold chean ax the owner haa other h.ialneaa to attend to. Apply at 127 Eaat Eleventh atreet, all next week. (> OOD SH ELY I NO AND COUNTERS FOR SALE 1 eheap, Inqalre in store i.' < WlNtam atreet. / ' ROCBRY FOK SALE? VERY CHE A P AND ON EASY " J teima, and leaae at kiw r^nt; choice aiock doing a llrat clasa rath nuatneas and situated on a principal avenne A good chance BOUTHWICK A WOOD, No Hi Ka*>an -treeL CtKO. EKY AND LIQ'.'OK XTORE FOR S.M.K? WIT'I f a 1 irge back room til a good location Kenl eheap, Iu quire in the xtore 6t Knukfoii aireeU Sold in c .na^quenw of the owner having nther btuintwa to attend to Hardware and oi.vebal (looda and Store for a?le: a bargain, on a prominent corner and avenue ; well eata'ilialied . ehoicv ctrcfully aelee r<l atock and doing a go Ml hualneaa. Would lake a farm for l>art. NOL'TIIWIl K A WOOD, No Kl Naa>a i atreet. PROPELLEK AND HUB '?WIKKi. BilAlH F'JR SALE. 1 he caloric nropeller Grace Irving, SO Tea* Ion? tad !tf leet beam on dee* ; Alan the llule pleaaure yarht Hennera, 4<J feet long and 12 leet Warn on deck. Hoth boala are re*>|y lor Imuiediaie aervloe. For particular* apply at the Cal >ric Engine Agency. 1*4 Duane atreet. Quart/, rock kills and patent won kale.? Pnnoiincrd by mlnera tke v?ry beet for reducing i *-k and other hard anbManer-i to lmi?lpa'ilx powder, ? .th harden (d xhlltlpg grinding sttrfrtcea .asllv changed. sOUtMwH'E A WtJf)D, No. HJ Nas?an a>r.*et. RESTAI BANr l(>R HiLB? IN A ?H)OD LOCATfON for Ihe buafneaf for any one aequalo'ed with i'. apply In the basement, 48 Cortlauilt street. Sbcovd hand muuutim. wkll adapted to ulnio*> any Imalne**. lot <h|i* ebi-ip, hi It inu?- hi- r< inoyetl by Monday evening. Apply to ri. <V. H vl.K, :Vi7 I'earl *tr?et THE STOCK and riXTUREH OK V FIRST OLASV grocery on .1 leiulinir aytiuf, n"w ?iuliiar ? rood ? trade, lor ptrticuUra untune of M. M. DECKER, ly?; Chambers Micel. TO HI. HOLD ? A1>L THE I TKN8ILX OOW gel KD with the m tnnfuettire of o?ndiea kiwi, u k'kIh water lotinlaln, 'I'd do/, n (lux* |iiri Ac . A' . Apply at 19.' tjienl str?et, W illianiniiiirg, for<,ii>' wcm. TO BAKRRS.? A BARBRY AND IAUOR IN KROOK lyn, mm In full operation, for sale. AU", a R*k<;ry in a go ml location to let. Appl* lit 1IIOMAK I.H l/l., 170 At lantic Mn-rt, eorner of Clinton ?tre"', Brooklyn, KIXK AKTN. Ij'IN K ARTH.-J OPITCK MY OOLLRCflON Of AN V i '#m k " jrmv lngi and 1- irhiiiK* "ver KM pi?x-< ? -In pi>i I folloe; Ktrhmi(i) tiy all tbe great ma*ti>ra, mwiaH nD draw Intr paper ? great many of them eolicod in 1817. Many of ?.In m cannot b?' purchaaed at any prl"?\ ma?inj 11 a Tamable collection. I'rlce $? 1*1 i-oa' hut $l,l'<>. A'ldm* s Willi* Ooii)d?on, If* haul lloiuton * ree: MI8CELLANEUVS. /ikkap novpon pou tnnLUOH. at m vnd \ X Ilgbunlk itre*l; mk ilMiigjhtertng amlpa'k Ing Mtlbli'biiHmt cit' cured Ham*, llK: Nbouldern, * ; l ui Heada, [:>>,? Pign ^ J' IS per ?0U; Spare Klbi Sc.; Trfmrn'mja, 4? . ; Corned Reel 5c Romt'ng Beef. He. t'< 10c. ; Mutton, ic. to7.r>c . Vi al 4c to #e. , cl> ar Pork, * ; Turk li*~k ftt,k : tlluirorSe.; Lard 9? N B Bn'ok-ra ?ippii<-d with 'prime Hi?f, and occoiiunolatinn for ilau Mitering 'in lavotable term*. T|IAMOND I'lN WANTJ50. ? \NY ON K 11 A V INfJ A SEf I / on . hand or r.ew pin that t-iev an- willing to dl-i1""^ of ch'-ap, can find a customer y colling upm AM aKli tli'NT, iso howevj. in t** jmlri c ore H^oR lit* MJI'RRIOR KooriMi I'LATKH OP TUB Eagle hla'e Company, apply at their vard, cornerof Twelfth mreel and Ten'h OTnuue, or to U Pl'RMAM, Ajent, J7 Cortland itwi T -rlt. HIIOMPR, MACHINtHT AND DKAI.RR IN NEW AND ? *e? , nd band lnola. Lathi-*, \ lr?a Ant II*. M-rew and l?ro*n Pre?*'?, .) ewallrr*' Tool*, and a k n^ral a'aor-trm-nt of Tool" of all kind*, at No 6 K Iza'ieth street, rear Of the lk>? ery theatie. I TA I.I AN l!b.PH KOR -AJUK I Having Imp .r:ej per xieanirr Ne? V01 k a lot of gvnulae Italian Ke*?, wbteh ,?n Ifrt in a remarkably K'i?d *tat" I eh all lie abl<' 'o furnish amateur* with |nire genuine Ita'lai. gueeiin ?i h i a nb"rt limp Korptice and other loiorma'ioii apply I t WM KOHl'.t, F.irbange plac<- Agi-nui warned IOND0N St'KATb, 40 CTS P|R I,B J Pldtli'd Sauiion, vi 1 v flat'. 'i"?. |>?r lb h 1 -g'.iah Mnitou, H.if 11, llattm, t'h'i-e, l ilban- KujMk IladiliHl. Ac T RICH \KD"oV, A i-n if, X^liienlK conn-r \\ I Main *li*ei. I?A l!l? I NOTAR1.R TRAT'EKMBN M 4i*4Mi D*' 111. a, pauntMl oy tb- Tiiipr*** an4 tb? y i?mi? Of T. ugland and hnllaml N ) B BoaieraH rjipinlne*. faeirie nn! de I* l?al? KIU*, Il?i1l? aod Pr.-ne.b ''luibrii^re I Hbawlc, l ace, Lln??rl?, Maotle?. i anoy u??ii?, Wadding 1 Suite. < ourt and Pali Dn**ee i;n*?n*<**a? Maiaon ?'ai.-et, 4 rue Mooa-?. Th? Hriotilivstin MfMiSimT of Mile ^i'W W n? | beuve fit Augtaatln rwjireaenl an truly lh? type nf dwtin?ttnn tbat **Teral foreign noart* tu whom *h* baa bean *|.f?>l?u d I the patentee In the moat MHrtnu terma, hare ailnpMi tb' m. \ Lai i Viot.Alto? KT?ry r?qtil?ll?i for Wedding Holla, PlIM J oa?l>' nnd Krenloa flreaaea. At , 4 rye de CholwMil I ami Ho ?wi.*. Lacs ? Aa Perden, 71 r<ie RiobiUeu JniUITnf M Kniti'r ?. M me Neuve *t AngimtMi Kos 1, hii iiin- 1 Hmnre, China aud \noletlt Pirnltnre 1 The wareroom* are n-mo- ed ui l?nio a* Heidi*. Cnnoi?o?rTirH? Aat> OiomA-Lc Boy and PU?, makara 10 the noty PaJala Rnyat, IS and 14 Oalerle Mon p*naier Optkiar? 1 The bouae of the Infiinl? r I'heraUw. Ing'aletir Dm ray CbevaSller. *i?e aucoMaor, foundod by hi* family In I7?t Tour da I HrrWe dti PaiALi at imaoat ritwte do Pont N?raf, faHrur the iiatfM of Ernry IT. Inalruaenu for Optloa. Natural Fnlluooiifcr, Mathematlca, the Nary and MA nemlocy I hmii Cm* A? China, Cryatol*. Dinner derrteaa. Boullany. Palatal Royal. (Merle Montpenator. U and "B Wm*?, Tin A*n aaocara* of tbafina of h. OarBBar.Mraa de la Palt, Proprietor of vineyarda In Bordaaui and Cham pagne Order* for Ajnerlna eaoeniad. n-mrwAi* Pwmil 1 by opiwlntnaenl, J roe Oaumanta. Tha Ban ff or laotCK, oa Pi.acair* Lr* frrr Iki 1 iim4>* toa Till <x*maw? betiiii one of the naoat raw read preSee ! Itaoa for th? V4lal, glrea the *kln the mippleMea andW* of ro?.0t, and ImsaMa a vhlkM of trrafNochahlo paflr PBU.IIAM mDUm POTATOKII 'OR NAl-K ~1 >IRV X we, IB* "arllaBl known, white, ai-nly, atnl ia throughout the year, Alaa, r. fined ('Mer land Vlnwr, t? y rfcolee. Apply at ibe Ageary, Nw 4 Brie Bali.Hega, D iane fimS RAJ. LHIC4. T ..... KHIPPINU. VOMOV tJO< CALIKORH|A 811 1 I'PERH Pier H N< nh uro1* steamers will In future leave 'rem the oid lociuon *e *?>? <?"??" there instead of i,K*lu,a- WKLlJi, FABOO k OO. town, Ireland. TheT"?p^,^2\^n5"7k*o SHEX Steamship Company InUn? SL..TT JS? fuU^jHSS Clyde built Iron steamships aafoiloW, - pownpa? crnror WASBiwoToii.".'.:;;:.;; V? ? vi0t) 2?, '? ?' * *i>4 every Saturday, at noon, n-om pier U MorSTnw11*1 11 BATtn Of PA^MAUM ? ' First Cabin $78 | Kimrtif da to London HO I do. to Um too Ml bleerage return tickets, good for sti m.iuttaa, Ug ' ' Passengers forwarded to rtrn, Havre, Hamburg. Bre men, Rotterdam, Anwerp, Ac , at ri-<l?nd through fart*. Pernors washing to bring out their frxmds m buy Uaketa here at the following rates, to New * ork :? From Liverpool or Sueenstown flrmt i ahln, $711, $MB and $ "6, steerage I rom iverpool, $411; from yueenstowra, $30. These steuniers have superior accommoiMlonx f> i punt gers, arid carry eiperlenohd surgeons They are built is water tight Iron sections, and hare patent Are annlhilators on Kor farther information apply in Liverpool to WTLLIAM 1 NM AN, agent, 231 Water street In Glasgow, to WM. INN AN, No. t Hi. Enoch Miliar)'; in yneenslown. to C k * . D. ?Bf MOl'RACO ; In London, to EIVRH k MACK), 61 King Vil lain street, in Paris, loJI'LCN IUSCuB, No. 6 Plaoe da la Bourse; III Philadelphia, to lOHN O DALE, 100 Walnut street , or at the I '<> v '* olllces Full p G. DAliK. Agent. 18 SriadwaT. .1. T. HE BTKAMHHIP GBEAT EASTERN, ro* LI V Kit POOL, la Intended te leave New York on or about May ML Pjhsauu noNnr. Mrat Cabin $m Second Cabin (with very superior accommodations! TV STEAM FROM NEW YORK AND BOSTON TO 1MB land, England and Scotland, via (ialway ?The AUantM Royal Mali Hteam Navigation Company will despatch from Boston, on TUBS DAT, April 30, thelrlnew and magnificent uaidle wheel iteamshlp ' COLUMBIA, Robert l^lLch Commander. touching at St. Johna to land passengers ana mat la. HaTks or pji.hma<;k racia nsw tons ob bo*ton. First rabln io (lalway, Dublin or Liverpool $76 and fM First cabin to St Johns, N. F $M Third cabin to ftalway, Lhrarpool, Glasgow, or any town In Ireland on a railway $M Perm ns taking passage in New \ ork fur the above sblpwtB receive free pannage I rom New York to Boston NOTICE.-- Persons wishing to bring out their frlenda from lb i' Old Country, ean obtain return tlnkeuat very low ralaa. T he uteanior aDklATIc will follow the Columbia, willii from New I ork on Tueadny, May U. F"r tutaMige or further Information apply to WM II WlCKHAM, At the Oflioe of the ("omaany, on the wharf, foot of Canal atnct. North Klver. UOWLAND k ASrrVWALL, AgentJL Agent* In Rontnn. NA/.ltO HROS k 8WBBNBT. STKAM KK OK TI'BHDAT, MAY 14, TO IKhUAMD, KM?1, M) OK UCUTLAJfD, VI 4 OA IAS AY The Atlantic Royal Mail Hioam Navigation Company'* mac Biflretil ittamer ADRIATIC. (Formerly oi itic Collins ttne), Jurr. Jtj Hint, Commander, will lewve from pier No 11, to 1 of Canal street, on the above date, touching at St John* to laml malle anil pueeengerB raaaeng.'ra by thl* ateanier will liave a froe ticket from Oalway to innnv of Nie < itiee in th>- motn llnea of railway In i! i eat Hrllainard Ireiaml. tliu* milking It the moat plea sant route for iieiwina going V> Kiirnpe, enabling them to a ea a good portion of lre>an<: wl hout extra cat, avoiding tkn di.nger of elixnnel navigiitlon. t h>- iletav and eipenae at Uvar jioot, and Rboriened aea v oyu^es, at very low ralea. For paaaa^e or f urffier mformatlon apply to WM. II VlCKIIAM, At the otlice of the omipany, on the wharf. Foot of ( Html ? i reel. North river. HOWLAND k ANgPIN W4ltLs Agenu. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND . ouihairnV>n. 'I he IIA^hlRO AMbillCxN PACKET OCMPAN'T'S Iron MfHmxhlp BAVARIA. E. Meier C-Mnmander carrying the United .<tH.te? mail, wrll leave from pier 21 North mar, foot ol h niton street, 8 ATI' KDA7, Vay 4, at niNitt, tor liauibtiig. via|.ioo, taking paaaengera f or Havre, LonCon, l-ouibaimpton and Hamburg 1 Imt cabin, $11*1; aecond imtilu, $&, steerage, $W 'Ibe hu aintii of tbla I'ue will leave every a.ternale Bator day, ais?u>i< (airvlng the United States tiiHtl i he nteainahlp llAMMONlA will meowed the Bavarta an May 18. U. 15. UICllAitD A BOAS, _ 1M Hroadway. IflOK BOlTTTlAMtTON AND HAVRK ? <)h HATURDAT 1 Apill 27 ?The I'nib'd H?u>s mnll steamer KULtOH, J. A. Walton, ? mni?ider, will sail from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Uraeb atniet, on Katurday, April ?7 at noon, ftila ateamer. unaurpaaMed for sal-iy ami roinfort, hat drnbto ennluea under d>v,k, em loa. ii by wi>ti';Ught raurpurtmenta, which, levities other reaulia, tea.'. In the event of ei ILiaion or strunoing, to keep the |iuiuo<i fie u> k .r?, anil ?eeuee the safely or ??p| and jianaengei-a r?r u-e abi >r sage ap. ply to aA M t' I1 H L?. rOX and 'ilif). UlAl'KKN^lk, Agutu, Mi 7 Hro?dway The rteam or aKAUO will aail May V>. THK NORTB OEHMASi U/lYt'N ATT aMSHIP liRPKfcN. H. Weaaeln commander, earryinK l?? i nited Rtate? niall, will Fail from i?le.i -*1 North river, foci of Chaw bera street, on SATURDAY, May U, at 12 o'alo,"k M , rou lUifc V EN via SOUTHAMPfON, taaing pu-seri fern to LONOtiN, liAVKE, SOUTH AMVT<^N AND BREMEN, at the following rtle*:? Flrvt cabin. $101), second eubiu, $iiO; ateerage, $30. For freigiit oi oaiu-age apt'ly u. OEuPCKe. RBUTiiEN k REICHELf, a2 Rrnadway. up aialni. T.-'CK 1.1 \ KHPOOIa? THE KflURTKEN DaV CUPPER P ahip Henry Clay, Captain Caulking, poaittvely aalls to morroa. A few more ttiat and seiviid tlaaa ean be araommoda'ed For paasage, at lowest rates, apply on bourd or to h. ? OI.L1NS k Co.. at the oAice on pier b. North river J^OR LIVERPOOL? TAPKCOTT8 tINE "-AII.S ON 1* Monday, .Vp'll :1<, a' I- o'olOr:k ? 1 be fast faiilag dlp|ier ship R(iBTT U La Mr. Capt Brvei Ho? twstge anply on IxMird, pier No. ti. North river, or to lAreCOff k OO., .10 Krulh street. Passage from or to ltterpool by the black Bnl' line,? The JA.MKH FOSTKB. JK . aaiii 1st ..t May. the IIARVtST on the Kith For passage apply m boa-il, pier No. 23, East river, or In JACOB W i LeiuN, iW South < r>4l. OLD BLACK HALL LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, salling-punrttially on tbelsi and 15th of every month. For past-age to au<l from Liver|>iH>l, at lovveni prl'-es, aptly to liOClIK BK'i". A C?i|p FKY, ?iM South *tieot. New York. XI.INK POB t-ONDON-SAILS MAY THE KAVO nte pa ket shin VICTORIA, Capt Anderson, wUI<all on Thursday. II er aecommodailun* are uoaurps*?' d. For pnssage apply on bard, at pier No. id. East river, rl(otof Catharine street, or to TAPHCorT k CO., WShouU sieoet. 1/OK CAl. rOHNiA \ I* PANAMA. I A ("it hi ' 1*> 1 at>amer v. Ill lUTf new Vork no the I at, llth Rnd'JIatof each mouth, except ? ben tbete ilatoa fall on Sun day ? hen ilj" Jay ?.f (li-pui ture will be ua (he Monday fol low Inn. For I r< .phi or pansine apply at the only i>fll"e No. ? Rowl ing Orern. D It ALLEN, Agent. ADKTRAMA? ^OBMFRCIaL LIKE FOB HKL li'nrne ? 1 The aupeitor A 1 la*' anting nhip AKTBRa, Cm.iiw.i. Inamrr local' in a few diiva Fur ;rev?ht or paa !<???? apt>ly to ('II A>H K !?' KH.-ihNl'hN, 1)4 Wall atreet Cob. elgnee* In krl!nuiM, WILK1NMIN, ilKuTUKKK A CO. PAHHEM.F.RH H?K MTKAMKHIP KARNAK K'R 11 A iati?, via Naveu, N P . a*r re-imar <1 ti b?- rm board taliuday, '.Ttn in?t , at 12 o r nek Ail letter* both for Kava ni anil Na'aau muei pa?a lluough the Pnal o'lioe. It. CUNaRD, No 4 Howling .reen I > KM IT TA Nf 'EH TO IRBLAND, .11' TA P8< OTT A CO. II oontlnoe to drae ilrafta a< tn?-y burr d ne lor the paxi (WMMv-Pv* yrarn 'hime embing > < ? r. nut tnon?y .<> in nil friendn ran be nippl'nl with draft* lor any ainiunt, paynbU on demand in any |>*rt of 'in at Hrilain or Ireland aid IMM rertMcate* "f paiaagit by their mi?<| nailed llu? oi parketa iron or to Lleerpoolor L ? n < t - r> For further particulars apply ai their oM eatalilialied plane ol bualnesa, >o *6 o > Lt> tlree'. New ) ork HTKAHHOAT<t. LM)|! NKW\RK *N0 RKHOEN POINT ? ON AND I lifter Katorday, April 27, the new, ?wlft and aiegaut. ateatnhoat Til >M vs r WAV, will leave pier No .'0 North rurr, fool of Oe\ atreet .it 10, ' a A M and 4 . ?* .M. .laiiy, In eluding Hundaya. IIKIIII \l.. AKKHClF.Il RKffToRKO? lONOHAM'E EXI'OBED? Pall?'-.ea unma'ked.? Or LAKkiiM N r aria, I on.ton and New Vnrk Medina! Advlaer and M ir lage Guide, ruoinn Ihr debilitated and di?*a?ed, 1m ludiug t how win ?r-- Itnoraal of til -anne of their III lieitl li, and a bo hav Iwen dieap |n Inuid In their tihi xli'lan, oi the mo*: irrtain ami lonvrnient modi! of < lire Mailed for SI by Ri C H a KDBON, No. I Veaey alt-eel. DfcXTKK i iO, 11.1 Nm^au ?? eel, New Vork, and .IuIINmoN, 70 htatr al'eei, f'kiiwgo nr thranthor, <47 Hrotd ? ? >y, upntilra Hour* of treatment dally, and 7 to !? Thurs day rvetilng. WARD TKKiTH ALI. FRMAltR < ? >M I'l.A INTS w lib iiiie |iiailri| mic *?. Hi* (real Henrfact.'r, * irrhly fllll, pruetl Oltlee 12 Uatghl atreet. e irnern v'ar.aJ I VP COBBBTT HAH RKMoVRO I H ?M NO 1 9 D.'ANK 1 " alreet Ui No. 30 Centre m.eet, Chamb-tra where he rail be oonaiilted privately on diaeaora N. 8 ? Jr U la a ?MBher i f tl" Ne \'?k l'n. verity . ??<li ? .-el nee lila diploma in hi* olhce l'rlraie entrance at No 6 0ty Mall yl? ?. T|R. WMtDK (iREAT UEMEDIEH ARK AN ISRTANT J I i0r um tU alle'tioua O I re 13 Ui(li: ntreei. Tlir ikmkit ?; e.<v-t w ?M?ilaiif?' t'll III P. M R. RALPH.? Of VICE* I ?? OROKBT STREET HOURS 10' ut 2 and ?? to 9 Kitnday* eic pted DR HUNTBR HAH r. Ilt Till RTV rBAB* - ive.nn.o kin attention to dkaeaa-v of a ra-etaln claaa. In whinh be has treated no laaa than fifty ih -u?a:.d i?*rn without an in ? Liner of failure Ilia *reat rr*ji"i> , Or. Ilnnte- ? Re* prop, enrea onrtain dl*eaa>-a wheti reKiiPu ireai'nont a- il ail o.bvr reniodtaa fall, cure* without dlelln* or reetrie ion In i*? liaMta of the patient , eurea with, uv Uia i^guk mg an . atrkea li'd effeeu of aU other riumtin raraa In ne w .aart | j ,-aa thoo all hfiiirk. It root* out th' p un iniia laiut the b owl la I. i r?* to abwirb unleaa Ui? remedy i? ua?d it la ?t. , ind raninit be obt?ll.ed Kruulue any whem Uian at the >ld '.Ire, No. 8 lilvieen Ureal R? .k |or noihiut, tka*. trtau of i?? eTll ellerta of early akuae DHK. COOPBK, It D'' aNE RTREKT. mat IK C')N mil 'ed oo all dteaar* ol a oertatn nann*. Twrntv "mht y Wr* eielualTelr fcrol*< in ih>ae <? .Bipialnui iia > him t<? I HHirnnl a ente In all mi The rtctmn of miap a ???'! ejnfl ?lrn<*' III ' ' ed Ira I i r !>? ,nd r ? >? m ra , ? 1 i a "? iiaii " ' ' radically cured, or no puy I \R WtKD, U LAIOHT >TRKET, WO'ILD R?M*E.:r \t fully rail attention to km unpita a(?-e?1y ao-l per manent coree wilhnut interrupting oual.ieka pura i.f. n* WAWON. BEMRBB or TUB EOT A!. C OUJW1 I I Of Cuneonii l/ondin, may ?>? ooneu ted on all dlaeaw* oTa private aatare. la whieh he haa had a va*t eip.-r eooa, a* well In hoapltal aa In prlrate prart ee Patl?nt? nay eely nn a aa/e and ?L>eed? rurr, without detention fn.m liadrieae or rbarti-e of illet Al'endanoe fmm 8 A M. to ? T. M , ai 419 H roe me tir?>t, eeoond block aeetof flnadwaf Mralth hbrt< i r r d by i oniultini; dr w\rd 12 La!(ht alreet, e-mer of Can?l atroet Earir app li-a tun to him may -are intfb *ulferlng ??JBH. B MHNROE -I4ALVABIRM APPL1BM r(?* PB 1TI male rompialnU, al?i phrenolontealexamlna jona, t rim 10 mtll 4, at 4H ('harlton atieet. room No. 7. neit door to *arick. PROFBRH'iR RBRtfl.L NO HI2 CHAMBER-) ' iR*hr ? ean be eoneiiHed aa uauai, or by letter to box i.JjO, H.m ~ Nu. I Mairieoa ateauf, I)