Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1861 Page 1
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W YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8997. SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 28, 1861. PRICE TURKU CENTS. THE WAR. Highly Important Hews from Washington. The Capital Garrinoiied toy Elgv*te*n Tiiooxaiwl Nortbira rroops. The City Considered Safe from Attack. MORE TROOPS POURING Iff. OUR MAP OF TBE SCAT OF WAS. Discrfjitfon* of the March of the Seldicn ttureagh Maryland.' IMPORTANT NEWS FROM BALTIMORE. Revival of the Union Feeling Among tbe Inhabitants. The Message of Gov. Hicks to the Legislature. REPORTED iKflULHT OF VIRGHIA The War Movements In the Metropolis, IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Reliable Br port of tb? Conditio* of M Mil at lk? C?plt?l-Bl#hice? Thon iMi NwrTtornj Troop* on the Uround Tt>e Capitol Safe, &c. Wif'tTWr.TrtW, (VI* Parrysvttle end Havre do Grace.) Saturday Morning, April 27, 1461. 1 left Washington tbla morning, eborVty after mtdnignt, and bonce am able to furnish you the very latest news from tbe national capita'. Washington Is cafe t No kes than eighteen thousand armed men are at tbla moment congregated within it* Malts. The fearful suspense and apprehenrton under which all lta tnhabltante, from the Presi dent down to the lowlleot citizen, labored, was ended by tbe safe arrival on Thursday afternoon at tbo Seventh rtgiment, and of tbe Fifth and Eighth MatBachusctts regiments, and the Rhode Isltad bifuntry , under command of Governor Fprague and the Seventy-first of New York, safe and sound, on yeeterlay a<tort*oun. Thei e, wlUi the SlaMachusotts and l oan?jl van In rrftocste that precotfou thorn, repreooot an at;gre gate of over six thousand voluntcors from tiio North to nbieh two more regiments from New York ? toe Twelfth and Sixty ninth, and tbe Firth from Pensylvanla, a ride battalion and artillerr from Maesachusets, that bad ar lived at Annapo'ls junction lust evensng, were to be adoed by rail tbis morning. A'l tbe above troops had marchod from Anrapolla to tbe tone t ion. Yesterday aftwtioen tbe breaks in tbe road had been ?It repaired, ar,d a train was sent clear thro-agh to Anno polls io bring ever the remainder of tbe Northern troops, lanced at that point, but after ? had passed tbe track was again torn up by eeoeasloo sympathisers, about two miles from tbo junction , so thnt on the return In the evening, of the train, W ran off, and a Now York oflljer, wbeec name I was unable to learn, was seriously injured by tbe accident. tbe tra.-k was at onoc rclaid , and there is no doulit that ?be communication by rail between Washington and An spoils to perfect to day. tbo road hereafter will bo strictly guarded, and no more secession outrages are Ucely to occur. Most of the Northern troops suffered greatly from wont Of provisions and water while off and at Annapolis; but their sick list Is nevertheless small, and their enthusiasm sum! devotion unaffected. Tbr Trip off tbe Ravcath aad other JUgl mcnta throv|h Maryland. W*sFrmrov, "I (Via PenTravllle and Havre de ti-aee,) > Saturday morning, April 21, 1W1. ) Tbe five days of isolation from the remainder of the world, which to Washington scorned a month, have ?enu+d. Tbe Seventh regiment, reported now to have been cut to pieces ; now to be eomlng up the Potomac in the old Constitution, towed by steam tug i; now to be ?arching across the country; and now to be aground in a vassal tff Annapolis, reached the railroad station here about noun yesterday. The whistle, net beard for ?May hours in oar ko toted p onion, brought an ex Cited crowd to weVwme them to the eity and tbe weteome extended along Pennsylvania avenue to tbe White House. where they were reviewed by the Presi dent and Secretaries Sfeward aad Cameron. is yon win see whan I tell you the history of the pre ?tons thirty -elx hours, It required no UtUe spirit to march tbat b?t, dusty two miles, over heated pavements. One mt the most stalwart men in the regiment, a man who weighs ono hundred and eighty pounds, and has always been a lender In gymnastics aad borvtlng, told me this morning that his feet felt at every step as though knlvos were running through thom. A sergeant's feet were a mass of blisters, aad many others srsra la a bad plight. Yet, with true Uevenlh regiment p'.ock, after such a march as regular troops r.?idom a ake ? a march worse, says one of the band, who nerved la the Mexican war, aad at other times In the rvgular army? than any forced march within bis experience, every man, except three or fear who were sum truck on the prerkms day , and had not then entirely recovered, eras la the ranks. All are well now, And presenting their uveal fine appearance. After dining at WUlard's, Brown's aad the National Betels . they marched to the C?rltol, and wore (Quartered tur the night la tbe ball of the House of Representatives and adjacent eppartmcnut. thto morning they were all at work writing letters open desks which hare never been put to so good a use before, cr cleaning their belts ind other parts of the uniform. They look none tho woree t>day for the touch of sunburn on cheek and nose, and are apparently in the boat poselble spirits and health. tbe history of their journey from Annapolis to Wash tagtee, derived from the best sources, i? this. The regiment left Philadelphia, as you are doubtless aware ?a Saturday afternoon, In the steamer Boston, which barely held thom. On Sunday their Chaptoln performed service on the quarter deck. On Mon lay morning, before daylight, they reor.b? l Annapolis, where they Pound tho Massachusetts troops, under General Pnt>r, aground in lbs *rytand, aad spent the day endeavoring to get them sft Ob Monday evening they disembarked, aad went into tnsrters at tbe Naval School, sleeping on the bare fl Mr, tapping and break (hating from a rather scanty stoo ft of provisions of crack em, bam and raw pork. Tuesday they ip-nt in their quarters, wheaoe they ?sat out swots to lavcetlgnte tbe state of tbe oountry It wae reported that, at a town meeting held on Monday, a As aa polls, the Cltlxens voted to hong the first n.uj wbo harraseed tbe troops on their adranoe, and the eoouu reported rails tors tip, but no signs of a d.eposi In 10 molest them on the part of the c^intry poop'* Soitiorset Gettysburg UaiDTitov WostuuaaHioi \ dove CcmireviUe^im W7fi ..Jit ...SmM 0 ranifc /s^'1'l'1:'Asbiir j' George CambrifK* ?W 0 LT looKout Itttfefl, C<rvfc, gMe^\, MCATH V, KJf EXPLANATION 4? STATE CAPITAL,^. $ VTf HAIL MUDS mi. ? BR'DCES MR fa jtvUle f 0RT 6 # ft*Fl Mimroo 'JfcliPIOH M??S V* LM ?-_! .IL %CALE IT'IRII Lewi* ton Xt about eleven or twelve o'clock i\ius?Uy aunt, j UgliW were reported outside tbo harbor, and tho ro^l ?ntat, was about going to bed, was mustered to >'??. Tbo lights belonged to ?h|? br!n*;:ag mor > federal troops, ?nd the regiment got to bevl vaji at ono i or twoo'ebek At four A. M W.-droediy, Oompauy 2, Oipt*lo CIvk j md Cuirpany 6, OapUln Kevins, IVr.iilrijj tl.o I itnari', nsarcbed to the railway statiou, *horo (.bey loutil an enp'.uo and two or thron pan ??oi ger enrs, ready to start. Tills was tho work of the MarFac hneHts regin.ent. with (?< ueral 13 all ?, who 1 ud It cud tbe engine dismantled. "Who knows bow to ?sake an etglney" asked General Rjtler. Biv p-oe'.ioil a,;!cblni.s*s stepped fr-:ii the ranks, but one Calmed tho prlvll< of making rrpiirs "I made that enKlue,'' eaiJ be, and pulatad out his private mark. Tbo Sixth and Feocnd oom ponies were unablo t> proceed in the cars moro (than three or four miles, be:ai?e tho rails were torn up. Then ruiirtceJ tho mirch. Bcouts and skirmiohms sere thrown oat In front and on each side Ralls urn frcm switches at Ainapolis, too ihort for use and bavlrr te ?! pleecd out with Joist* of tlm?>or, r >f l*eed ilio missing rails, er. iepting where they ould be found ir tbe h,J>h< a besides tho track. The rails and timber were carried on baggage cars, which wore pushed by the tni n Cn the front car was a howitzer, wlUi gnards and ?end gunners. All day they marched, m the track wherever It needed mending, pushing along the car* utt<( r a sun which brought the thermoT .eter up to oighty-nlre, occasionally bcirlag shots Ui Ue difConeo, but In no wife molest*-!. About p. in.?et tb?y reached the remains of the bridge ooar MlUemiUe, twerty feet high and sixteen foot long, which luul boon burnt, and the engineer corj>s of tho regiment, assisted by tbe Mae.*e hnsetts men, who h?j done food service throughout the day In repairing the track, rebuilt the bridge and r? laid the rails, so that after a hesry shower, which wet the mnn through, they were enabled to proceed. After nightfall the march ooo. tlnucd, through swamps and mist, out of which chUl Meets come. Company 6 had be>en orderel to roll up Its overcoats, sod bad only blankets Occasional rails had to be replaced. The baggage cars were stUl to be pushed on by men, who had no sJ??p for twenty four he rs, who Lad ^penonced unusual heat and unusual < hllnesa by turr for twenty hours, and who were wot and ex hauited. About three A. M. twenty feet of the railroad or mire? rails, sleepers and all ? were found at tbe bottom of a a high, nppesrlrg to hare been thrown down there very recently. The advance soute, indeed, saw tbe rrcn who did It rrnnlng sway. This * action of railroad was hauled up by the how lUe.r rope^ and re placed. Tuwartb* dayl.gbt tbe odranoe companies halted untl tbe rcr mert closed up. when tho wb>le body marched to within t o mllei; of the Annapolis Junctten, where they awaited the arrival of tho c?rs from Washington. I have described the march of the ndvnnco Corp- fhnt of tbe residue of the: regiment wa f similar. They did not have ?i?e labor of layin,; rails and puslil-jg ears, but mn?c!icd tbe twenty flvo miles, aftor a *l?*pless uUrhi and f -*ntj breakfast, under a broiling sun, la a day so hot that s large portion fell out of the ranks. After the halt the rails of the neighboring fences made sufficient (Ires. In all casos they were paid for. One se j cesrionlst farmer charged f40, and on receiving that sum declared that be hsd always heard that the Seventh re glment wore gentlemen, and now be knew It. A few of the acn managed to breakfast at farm?r>. houses for whRh they nnlfori.ily paid. Thf country peo plecf Maryland, whom some secessionists, h.*4 endes vored to convince that the Northern troops wet* 'Ittle bettor than Indians, and would treat them aooord,ngly, wore agreeably >lis*ppolnted. fvery ono r>\preeses surprise that no on* la tbe m l ment has been attacked with ferer and agne. Envy om is full of admiration at tbe pluck which Um k!d I regiment displayed. Only sheer pluck oovld hare carried them through so mnvb fatigue and erposure. rvery oce In the resglmeat; with whoa 1 hare talked, praises tbo KoMa^t cetU regiment, when services were Invaluable. At about BOOB to day tbe Fifth and Eighth Mae sschusetts regiments, anJ tho Rhode Island regiment, arrived. They had cone by rail to the junction, and bad thenoe marched all nlgbt? as tiiay met no car*-?bo<it twelve mll*w, to within six ? Ilea of the city. They looked hot and fatigued, but, emulat ing tbe flevn'h, marched in review before the Presi dent at tie White Rouse. 1 he Rhode teland regiment usquaitercd ia the Pcteuv Oft'oe. A iiUK b?r of wagon.?, containing tho families of Vir i gir.inD*, who hai-o been driven out beon'ise tiiey refuse t to toko tho oath of allegiance to the State impoaed by ! tho h> catatonia's, nrrived ihia morning Tho othor day ff't y or more from tho pam* no'phborhood camo In. Bom > ! of the women wore forced to loave, if report may bo bo lieved, lu male attire. Such is chivalry. W/, Apr!' 27. (Via Perry vilte, Apt 11 ?T-0 P. M.), 1H81. j Tlso train Uiat rai off the track r.irht before la?t, In cotBrquonco of the removal of aove'al tit* by tho Been Floaiettn oouBiHtnd only of a k>ooia>tlve and one cir. Col. , Vosbur&h wba the person hurt; but bin injury arc not of a rerkma character, aa first supposed. (Jalloiiher, a member of the Provldeac-, R- I., C*deti, broke a leg on the way to Washington. It ia h poeitlve fact that troop* from the Oonfe derate SUtcs, to the rumler of ,>xmt flfteen Imn .'rod, h*vo ! r'?oJ at Norfolk and Richmond 1 letrn, also, from the j very be<t aathorlty, that tho Genorul commanding tho ; rrtiels in Virginia, at Har|?er'e Kerry, baa opplle ! to tho Baltimoro ;uJ Ohio Railroad for moaBB of transportation. But, on tho other ha id, thcro is no truth In tho r?>|>ort Hut btttorlea ore bemg ere. Uvl on tho Virginia aide, | Waalilogton. Too following rtceetly lakuod proclamation ulb: show* anything but a haf-tc for re r>? BY TH* GOVFJINOR Of YlJtfllVTA. Wher'as , volant .era are simultaneously t^nd-Tlng thetr services, in person, frtm all parts of the State nitho t waiting icr orders, as they were required to do by a for mer pre r tarnation, and are repairing to Ri.iimon without prevkma notice, at. great expen*e to the Common w**tth, and b? 'Core suitable provialon has boon m?dc for the r accooDooaticn, and bo 'ore thel- services are required; therefore this proclamation Is to require all compiol * not now in Richmond, and not ordered bero or elsewhere, to remain at their homes, holding themselves simply la readio'gi for service until ordered by competent an tb'Tlty. Glv?n unde- my hand, he., JOHN LFXHFS. Jeff r%Tin la in Richmond , believed to be on a secret visit Vj the Governors of North Carolina, Virgin ani Tcnnetsce, for purposes of consultation. A secession flag, waving frum a bouaetop In AKxaa lrla, If distinctly v lalble from tho President's room at the White Bouse. THE LATE8T NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. WAsarxi.Tin, April 88? 12JM A. M. Intelligence has Just been promulgated that telegraph!' rommonlcatlon la again oj*>n to New York. It aflor Is the liveliest saturation. The office la besieged with sol diers telograpblng to their frlenda. The city prefeutatbo appearance of at immense 'amp to night Tho fievmth regiment la quit, rcruitel from the fatlguoa o* constructing tbe railway track from An napolis to the Junction. All of them are well, and la fine ?plrlte. They jave a splendid collation to th* Kassachj setta K'tfhth regiment In the Capitol to day, at an expense of seven or eight hundred dollars, which ?nm waaralssd by voluntary contributions from member* of the Seventh. Colm.ol l-efforta and staff maintain adairab'e discipline, although Uie men were at tbe principal hotels, marctUnf ' thither throe timet dally from th?ir quarters in the j Capitol, liis reglm< ut was mustered Into service yciter day for thirty daya. To-?*ay Ool. I efferle despatched Quartermaster Wlnchea ter with the regimental band to tbe White House, In structed to tender his compliments to tho Prealden*. an! Informing him that the band was at his service wben*v?r their muric was desirable In tbe Presidential grounds fhr Quartermaster was presented by Secretary Our. w a and the tender waa moat grackxisly acoeptod, and the band plajed martial and operatic airs to a delighted a.: dienee, the President and family oocnpylrg the front p jr ;i?o the while. Tlta influx of troopa from Annapolis la very slow, owing to the Anglo track being Inadequate. Hose now h-<ro arc all in good health and spirits. The Massachusetts boye **clW Ui** grceteM admiration, by tholr aj.iit .<?? for aJ aorta of labdf. mechanical or oth rwlae, an<i Uif ir won.irrful pov i" Sfd' raoc ' Tb?y loft In R ich ba le that they were insufficiently provisioned, and uq derwrnt much hardship In conjt^'i. nre bef^'i rcachliiv here. Tlie troopa which have arrgred to <lay a'? the Po-?n?y first regiment or New York, n" < hi isnnJ an t ti? n(? etrong, which arrived at seven o'clock ihia morning the Sixth Pennsylvania regiment, and tbe residue of the r.fth and l igbth M'laaarhusette regiments, wlnoh reac.heJ the cHy thla afternoon The Heventy Orft ia quartered In tho inauguration ball room, the Kightli liasaach?aett? In {be rot ir>'? of the CHpltol, aad tho Fifth in the Treasury bund tDg. All rep rt a ? ard Journey 'ron Amm? >i?, tho greater pur t on fcot , with a sc.-anty stock of pror^lons. Th ' Seventy flrnt marched ovor bo turnpike, for the mont port, tear >ho ra lroad to the J new, whore ttmy arrived at (our dock on ^rl ay mo nl i<. They wa'.te4 there for tbo oara vatl four to the afternoon , and were jvr'. sealed whon 'bey wore ea'lod to artai and formed In lino rT bottle. Ycila and about* were heard on all aides, and It wax apprefcondod that th -y had boon BUJTOanded After three honr ' deUy they returned tJ the o*th, but w? re ord< rod to be ready during tho nigbt. urea *oro se< n to *>1 olrectioM.

A put of the Ua*sa> husetti troop* came over the An napoli1! branch by rati, men-lxg tbe rwvJ where it waa irjjuteJ, aLd n many Instances b. tog thrown ? 4ocom-j tlve, cars and a' ?down embank cnim. Tbo spi n bad bvtn drawn and the rail* 'oft. Bat ?m tbo> were going slowly and wero on tbo look out no on-' was rorlotwly Injured, but not a few soldiers still limp In consffiience of tbo bruises then re"- 1 red. Pome of tho officers, who wor) uaac/jailnte'l with tbo Itaaaarbaaottd men, proposed it at tho locomotive nhc-Jd bo left UU inorrmg: but there wore p" nty of vfltunte r?, who soon p*it uie tra'n in runclog order agiin. fbo ruard proved tobelnfj*" a. at duricg yestonUy, sinoe sevorsl tin* a the road was found injured wi;h:a na Iw-ur af?cr It hat born paesed over. The train carry tog only the ti'/rt i tm thrown from the trick jccterUay aft->rn *>n, tw > aftor the HaMacbnaetta troops bad come over It. The peird b?t since been doubled to tho J motion, and every bri>l*o be lf?n '.hat potot a>?d tbe city ia protected. There are tow her* betwtm s!.v and *?ven tboonwl volunteers from the North to tho cl'.y. Between Are and sli tlioufcand volunteers from 'ho district anl vicinity, and net far from a ihousand regulars, mnk (of a total of somewhere between twelve and foortoen thoc.i-.ixf troepe, not iachtdtof many who oaa bear arm* on an emer gency. At Annapolis, and between Hat i otot and tho otty, aro between night and ten thcusasd men, Irclndtng the Twelfth from New York, which 1? expecW-d to n ght, the Sixty ninth and Sixth of New York. It Ia Mid that the stesmrs Und some tu'oc tho- .and a day at Annapolis. The only serious accident that hu oecnrred unong tbe troope bere was to the rotundn o' tlie Qapttol, whore tho right h Ma -Haehmetu regiment is quartered. A stack of m.iBkoM was accidentally thrown down, anl throe of the guus dUcharg?d. A ball posrod through the right foot of UoeeB 8. Borrick, of the IViverly company. The foot has been amputated. Captain Clarke, of the Jl *.th Wisnschu Pf tU regiment, received a fie^h wound to hm arm *rora a musket discharged by a private, who foil 'l>,*n wh!!o on drill. Several of the fifth and I .ghth K*eF ^h':eo*t? regl mente were lnjur d by rerolTers accidentally dU herpoit, atd h?vo been soot home. Groat credit la gtven to <<eneral Butler for opening tbe road front Annapolis, and V) tbe Maasscli<teettf< tn-n for tbelr Yankoa faculty , as evince I in repalrto; locomo llv es, brirgns, railroads, ships nod steamboat*. and work tag thrm when repaired. Their energy and fortitude un dcr privations, which with a proper oommlssanat migh hare boen avoided, are greatly commendel. An tiTort is making to obtain tho appointment of Gene ral .Jam?* l?no as Major (}< oeral of tb Western Dl\ ision. I do not tliink think that it wtU suoce d. t.eoral I'oms roy and ether Kansas gentlemen urged lAne upna Ute President this morning. We learn from Virginia t, at &>n#ra' Harney was taken pritcMr at llsrper's lVry,nhUo tnhis ?iyt->Wa?h Often, and a bow a prisoner u war ,o th -t bands of tbe Vbgtala anthorltMc. Tt Is cr> d by reporte-l that the 8c~ent*i New Rerk rr*l m??t, when ?t AnaapoUa, > fierod, b the r Ctolon l,to pnt down a reported slave toirorr ction, avd 0< n?a B itidf baa returned several negroes to el elr re tutors. Danville, Virginia, i red five bnndn -1 1 mi y*t r -day, in honor of the reputed resigua lot f General Hcott. TIIE GUNPOWDER AND BUSH RIVER BRIDGES DESTROYED. Rjj.rjm*?, April 77, 1WI. The remainder of Oerpowd?r brtrtge waa i"elr<T <l last alght. The rspsrt of the 4s?tm? o t ef the n ah river bridge Hc<mdrme4. Our Slap of the Immediate Seat of War. This map sovors on area of somii five hundred bjr four hundr<d mtk-s, embracing the Immediate doll of war.tko operations of which Washington ii the centre The im portunt military points surrounding it, bogianln;? at U>o South and coming round through Virginia aui Mary la n 1, are indicated La the follow ingschodaie; ? TTi^ (roat Fortrofs Monroe, at the outlet of JuOKS river and <'bes?i>o?ko <>?y, on<1 distant from Washington, down the Potomtc and bay 22i From Washington t* Richmond, Va., via IXftomac and railway from Ac^ia erne It 130 From Washington to Aoqnlfc cto<% down tho ?oto tnac. 60 From Washington to Alexandria, btlow WvUlng ton 1 From Washington to Arl'ogton Ho'ghtc, acroffi tho Totcmac from FroHdont's 11<> ise, an tUo b.r I flU 8 From Wapb'ngton to HMper'H Kerry, by ra;i S>>, by way of canal, along Potoaac river CO ILkvie de '-rare, down Ctoesapoaiie bi> and theuce va .'.nnapoM") Ra'L-osl to Washington #0 Do. via lUltlmoro to Wash tog on 61 I rom New York to lUvro do ttraco I01> Ffom Phllatlclptli to Harro do (iraoo 6 from Now York to Washing ton, by rail 'Ai rroca New York to Washington, by ttoa and by Cuo aapeake bay and I 'otomac river direct, about .... 630 Via tho sea, the bay and Annapolis IUUruad, abo it the nunc. I rom a glance at tho map, It will bo se^n whll o tho Potomac river forr.i.t an important riefeuiivo line to Washington against \ Irg'.nta, tho "tate of tturj laid, by land and water, is completely at the mercy of the North. IMPORTS FROM BALTIMORE H* \roniut, April 27 , 1951. A gentleman who arrived hero this evening, per stosmor from Havre do Uraeo, r?ports that aboit fovr o'clock this afternoon be saw a -mall, light ?o'ored steamer In pomtt of a stcamtag, or what appeared to be a tog, about flvo miles off. going In tlib dlroction of Kn t spoils, off Bodkin Point. The -toamrr In paranlt Are 1 ?tome twenty times at the tog, which (teamed r.urtly on, and was finally toft Bight of. P o jj^ntlamau could not toll If the ihct teik edcrt. There to no d'rabt about tho rwctlon In Baltimore. Many intelligent gentl men express ronlldoaoe that a bold movement of the government t9susta:n the federal officers who have beon prevented from taking their seals in that city would rccelve tho earnoat sniportof in ion roan , and bo event 'tally mtsUlned If proporly conducted. A thousand well disciplined troops ml^ht bo sufficient. The statement of General Harper regarding the ::oc ? rlty of the capital, that Virginia woull never suffer tut attack from her soil, waa made tocffloers oftLo Qoltlmjre and Ohio Hnllroad while endeavoring to obtain their oo? ?eat to transport provisions to his ctmp (leaeral Scott is reported to have said, on receiving the inteu gon??, tha be would be most hn^py to have It Mafirmed, b?t he would not advise the fovernmint to desist from Its pre sent course in providing for Its sa'-ly. A man jiMt arrived from the .South, was detained at Qunp Pusqt'haitaa this afternoon. Ho Is fr>in NVrUt Carolina, and la chtrgc l with having approached a pow der magaslne with a lighted rrgt r lie was stoppfcl by a sentinel, and his conduct being sorplclooa, h j t ?.? ow ducted to the oommanlsr. Hubs <juentiy threo sk>tr matches were found la the vlelnUy, in all o.b wt ten feet in length. He Is obarged wl'.h having 1 drawn a pistol en the sentinel, but he denies having dote more than pla<? his Land oo tt The soc'is~l earneetly protests that he bad aoy ln famoue porjv^e, and says b'1og entirely inafYjuaiBted with the o-mditl'in of th^ -amp, he>l the mswa sine unawares, which Is very probabto in tho present couftised eoBdltMn of things th re. lie ? a ratr. o of Brwklyn, N. v., but a citizen of North Carolina. nxiNois. Cuso, m., April 26, 1901. The "learner O. F- Hlllman, from U liOuls to yaativtil*, was abandoned by her offloors and crew, while oppovtte this plaoe, to-day. Hm dearrted s' earner was boardod tf Captain Poott of the steamer Swallow, who found on board 1,000 kegs of pvwder, and a large quantity of other oentraNukd |ooda. It Is soppns?.i thst the captain aad i t? of tke HUlman desorted her for fear of ooase^viecoex, ' 1 sanght by the troops at this potat. IMPORTANT FROM MARYLAND. Meeting of the Legislature*? Special Menage of Governor Hitske- Important Action of the Sen&'e. Baliimokk, April n, 1M1. filO YUMFV OV T' ? f?K?*AT? AWT) II' Tlx' o*t' aor.iinary condition of affairs in Maryland toe ta-lcred wo to oxerjtse the constitution d prorgatfvo Ti'etfl to tbo Corortor, to summons lb" legislature tn special *>ciloD In tbo h'>po that yonr wisdom may ???Wo you lo devise prrnipt anil eAcllva meant lo rsetoro p?aro and safety to oar Rtato. I shall detill brieily tho surtili.g e* oat ^ which bate induce. I mo to Bunuaon yon tegcibor, an! whiob b?vo sa suddenly |d'?06d ua in the mate of anarchy, ooofaakm and danger, tVom which I sincerely tru t jou may bo able to extruwte ua. Bu lk-tag It to bo Uie U?si, n of the administration, to f<aSB over our aoll troops for tbo defenca of the cKy of Washington, and foaring that tbe pacaago of auoh troops would rxcite our people and pravoke a collision. I labored earnestly to laduw tha President to forego lila p'.rpoeo. I watted n;i >n htm hi person anil urcoJ tho importance of my rogn??t. 1 sub sequently communicated with lnm and bis Cabinet by special despatches, entreating on atmodoument of Wi de Bljtns. To all iny f< <oo*t/> I ooui.l g?t i?.it tho roylf lhut Vka?Lington was thr tainted with atuek , that tlw go vernment hud resolved to defend It; that there was no othor way of obtaining troops than by pafalcg tb tu over tbo soil of Maryland, and tbit tho military ncccesity of the c*se rendoreJ rt Imp >fl for tho govornmint to at andon Its plans, much as tt d'flrod to avoid tho dangtrtof a collision My corro spocdcnco with the authorities at Ww-hiojrton is thero with Kobm ituid. Tbo consequences aro kn>?m to yoo. On Friday lart a detachment of trioj* from Uaesachu aeitd reached Baliimoro. and was attacked >>y an lrra Bjionalblo mob and sever al perflous ou b?.th sl.lea wero kUlel. Tho Major and l'ollco Beard gave to tho Mas sachusetts Holdlers all tho protection they could atford ailing with the utmost promptness and b'uvory. Bat tboy woie potvorless to rcs raa tho mob. Being in BalU more at the time, 1 co ojK'rated with tho Mayor to the full? ft c.itciit of my power in his eU'Orts. The military of tbo city wore ordered out to aanifit in ibo preservation of tli? |>caro Tbo raibotd oompiDlw were r??i?Mtod by tbo Ma> or ax>?l rnvself to transport no moro troops to HulDnioro city, uud they p.-ytnptly accesdotf to our request. H^ai lug of the atf.xok upm the tohlius ibo tvar r*Oj.artmcut i^'iod order* (bat to more troop i would |t.xc i ihrouxb Balntnore City provided t hey were aJlowo t to pflna outetdo Its llmit& 8tib? qn?ctly a detachment of troops were aacorulned to be euaumpod at or nearOockoypvUie, in rialtimore oounty. On belt c Informed of this the War Apartment ordered them b>ck. Before leaving Baltimore, Colonel Huger, who wis In command of tho L'uitod States uaonal at Plkfsville, lnformcl me that ho had resigned his ttPifflt^flioD. Bctn? advised of tho probability that tho mob rolrht attempt the deeiruclton of UHs property , Mid tl'e'oby con plicated our diflRcoliios with tbo author ltics at WimhluKton. 1 ordered Colonel Pethor bridge to proceed with s'tlllcle .t force and occupy tho prcmici s In the name of tho I'ni'ed Mates government, of which proceeding I Imufdntoly nollfled the War De jnrfment. on Sunday morning list 1 discovered that a dotacbtmut of troo|?, under command of Brigadier 0?ne ral k'Ujamln F. Bull, r, had rea:h.d Annapolis In & steamir, and had taken pom-Bsion of tho prftcttoe ihln Constitution, which during that day they Bucce oiled In getting onUldo of tho harbor, of Atuapolln, where fho now lies. After getting tbe ship oil, tho steamer laid outside tbo harbor, and was aeon joined by another stealer having on board the 6*v?nth regiment, Irom New York city. Brlgad'er Getioial Builw ailireBced ms. asking for i?enaUwKn to lakd his r. rotB. It will bo seen from tho correspondenco herewith submitted, that I refasod my consent. 11,0 Mli)OI oT Aui mi viln wluw Out OVWI p.'etani r? roon afterwards l*ndel an. I put off with tie troops Subsequently other Irugo b*Hos of ti oo^s rt.ubod hire tn tranipcrf, and wor.? 1 edid. 1 rotlfiou tiiat tlie tro-jp3 w ro to bo trim fed ?o WifhU/gton. Tfiey dc= ired to m vvltbou o'?i,lriiet' i? irom our pooph?, but tboy b 1 1 orders to ,<o t W afb'o^'iori, nod were Outcrmlae>) toohev ibo"'* ord?-rs. In fortbernme of tbeir dwlfiM ihev took mll?'*ry p.* grn.trr of tho Annnpolta and Klk Ktitffo Uiileoad, in rrgarfi t-> ublcji net I t<r*mrdnl to K'lgvlier (ieu'-'al Butler tho pro?e?t, nrid s^e tho reply Jjcrowtb suhmit?ed <?n Wein^doy m*rr,log tho w> de*achiu' tit<? landed took up tb? lino o( m>?icn for Wash iugu>n Die poop'o of Aunapolts, tboagn groitly oxaa peraUd, aemg t n,:er coun?(;l of the ra-wt prudent ctll zct f , r-'fralni i from moVntm^ or oVtna*Mng tbo p*a fcj,go of the :nw pa through tho ctt?. *?rl"usly impres?vt with ti..' ? ctxiltlea of afi'air .m.u uxj.x* -hi ?o avoid a r?^> till n ol ev? ntrf similar to th~fo wtt h bat tr^eeplrcd to Baitimoto, I 'c wd it, niy duty to 'na-ire another aj>p?al nt Wvhir^'on. actor i id i. ly I nt aap cWd m - wentorto VM>rlni>g'!>u, with a defpatcb to the ;wj tnuil <lra'.K>n, ud v'sirg that no more tfoopr> bo rent t;irout;n tlarytaHl: that tli" t?copu at Annapolis to p^nt rbv* h-ire, and urn ig 'htt a tnice I o ? t.ired With n view of a peaceful am I- mint of esfetiog dlllfultlcs by mediation. I sug pi*) a lord I >OLH, tbe IJrtti-h tfmisier, ne r?r|nest ? d to ai > as nv d'ator between tbo c/>nt'>ndin': parties. Tbo ii Bull M tbf mis3.on will bo soon trom tho (err. -i -ti ietcob ? vlth -"imlt'ed. Th->st< erenta havo Bat* tie t ibo War iiiiurtm^ijt ha? conoludea to m .ko tnuiipoiis the r* ^t for i.nding tr>M)p?, and has re solved to ep 5 an.t maintain own uni. ation he' ?<vm till* piac" sou Wa?htn;r on. In tho Uriel time alliwoi it la lnit>es?i!?lo for mi 1 1 jio mrro Into detail. Rio documents QCtoepa'jyiex ?bis met i#e plaera h->'? ro yo.i all tho ltilorn!it?m po?.s?eJ by me. I shaP pro?nptly n.uiRii.i ???ato se ll 0? >er ir.f .rma'.ion us may r? ch an". N<dri'.h*t?n''.ln^ Uie lact our rrort Itaitod and InU i ir.oU cltizons a'. t?w right of tbo (Javrfcnicn'. to tran.-port trr^jpn across our s<l!, It la evidett t; it a portion of ibepoopteor Marvlatid are (1 to tho ft. icwft ol tbo right. i bavo ai <n my pjwer to prot. :t tho ritizons of Man I i'd ar t to pr "astro peace within our boner*. Iaw Icbh cciirrcn e a wi;' he r< pouted J foar ?wde 'S prompt oriion t o ink on by you. It is my -'uty to advlao yoo of rr.y o .. ii ronvlotions of tho pmpar rnuj> to bo paraoed by Uai tlaid ic tbe'; nerg aci lui b is ap-n m Itofnoooe Bco a ncero v tortl?. >s the causer wbk ^i h.?ve indooed our tio o'los l^t ns Kit to our d is treating present and io our t->i lentous future, the fate of Mary land, and per bap of Lor alitor IJori'srStivv states, Will 'Uidoubtedly bo fr ously aloCted by th ictoa ?if your hooorabl: body Then for< shonld ovory goxl rlti/^a brca ail his energies to the t?; * WutR . -., and h efer" should tbo tnimoattlos and b rk p;uth forgotten and all strik.0 hand# iu the hold c ?ii?? "( r rtoritg reace to o-ir rc?*o and to our country. 1 bou: tiy ar.t mont '?arni^Uy entertain the Cui .aation that tlie ??ly aafety of MarjiUnd lies tn pro^c.fTUiR ft mutrt! pitllHuk bttw. %i brolbronof the North and of ti 'Sou-h We have v'','awl no rtgh. of either locti' n Wo '> va b^n lotal to the ' nkm. tbe ULKki p; vent ',b. t#f"B the t wo noetkms ha* not b<'< u cenjii. Tice-i or i nooarsf' 1 by us alttonah we havo auiVrcd from I uj th- port Tbo impr ndlug *tr baa ??* come by any act or any w -h of oora. Wo havo don; all we 1 mid to avert it. Wo havo l ei d i'^t Miuyiand ani otli r inrrdor atavo Stat'-a ' y th' Ir conervativo j*?ti?oii atid lovo for too Crli n tttiftt luve acied as m'-otater^ fxtwe.m the ex - trem< h of both sooti. na. and thus h?-. e proventod tbe tern 1" * vl j of a prol >nged civil war Enwrtaioln* tnsae \ ie?r, I cannot C ' in*. ! Mar? 'and to tike sides against tbo tumoral govt iumcnt nn'tl tt -hall oommtt outrages on ui* wh'.-b would laatlff iu? in reamf ing iu au?.nority. As a cmst'iuerco l c^iu.give no other oo insel than taat wo shall array 'ur'ilros for Cn'on and poace, in,, t 1 e.a prwrvo eur soil ft jid being poUnte.1 ?vlth the bl<? a or brethren. This, If war rnu?t be be tw n the Nor'b and "cilb. we m?y fere* tbe coateod 1ns parties to trunt fer tho Held ol battle f'o? our eo'l, so tb?t onr II vfp aid property miy secure. It seama ta> ma thM in^ep-n.oenilv of ail oth' r cojiBloeratlooa, wir ifeegraphiciil joaition fo ooes os to this, utile*? we aro willing to tee our Hate the 1 h'>atro of a long an i bloody et?U war, an t tha c<-nw<4 -oat ut'*r dcetr-iotion os every materia* of our peopl ?, to say nothing of the hi jod of br'.vo men and innocent wotnon and Chll drcn, wbJcb will cry out trom our soil for veofaaaco upr n n" if w e fatl to do all that in ca lies to avert the imjundtrg eulamlty. Tbe ?wme I *ugg*st h.a? all the wiiiii l>e?n the sole ground aurk of my p-ilicy; anl hot for Ihe e ciument provri'lUig a- ^g e :r peopia durlrg tbo p<?t few day", I helievn Ujo objout ? have kr pt ateadHy In view durl'g my ad ministration would have been oooa .eiroatei'. V it his ralad, I ha\o tlio ful eonacloran'^s tl.*t mrougaoot the wbelr. of my narraesmg and iaUif"l lacf BSacy er thr? guhernatonal chair, l have la pored honeaUy Md faithfully for thn peace, the aafety and the mtereata or Mary'an 1 . otid ot our cxminirs i country 2Id iSSi SSSf 'S2 TSA "rS&jjSSs S mvr'll^ r"y 'Thav'e".^ ocomfnrt In Uio oonvlctK* tK 'v b in ,n;Btaln. d by a Ir.rgs imyorltf ? tho 2LK ami tfcot t?r truc-plrM ?lnee the reeeat CKt u'-srro I'^es within eur Wave baa ahakaa tha* ,rTrS-i ^ A momoutary frantic excttemoat took tha ?a.r,\V res si n aid good judgment, and men for tha Uom Sv.ldea'1 prud?ut thou^bu of ihe Mturt la the ngrinat desire to avenge what they e.^>BWerM WTOMa. i a< ' mit my -tjnost.ots to your wl?do?, and I appeal to ,ou not only aa devotad citlaenii of Maryland, tat aa h-atUnds and fibers, to alljir that pradeaoe niid rbrlattarliko temper, an honorable lo all man to guide jour oocnaem, and I implore > on art U ha ?wayod by tio paaaknia which acera to be aa falfr aroused tn our mi^aito do what tbe reeratioee ?eoee? ?rur ua will tver deplore In eoncloetoa. fOa?en, i wi yonv indult'-iwe if 1 ha?o omitted to l"***1.*" d1 onv ether matter of inter ?wt in connection w I ta tae m 1 (OONTTNtTO OH KWKTM PM9*1