Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1861 Page 3
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HOtlgKa, miOoS, AC^ TO Lrt. i*aRi io 8 ?i h>M? iO * ""VA... r.M'LV v?ry ea so/ia'de; froni aad t'atk. J^rl ? a bvl buW nHii', o ? or 'wo tv tans oat e; |U or |I4 i?r noalA. Ap |U) at -.7 un 4 ilrws Mnr A Mora j private a ? IllCI, ON 'BB RODAON- TU LET, A H IHSE. & e?gi t r.rmt itt'h earnage kow?, a %rl- *alf ?amor* V iron d g?rin, Ac i Ave oils'itee r m land 04 Re ?! Utt BBsJjUi. ? rill ?<AuO, >41 *u( Vonne-nh J t IluUSa Oa ri?> or >NE TU b?T - Ok In r?n. t? *r?i?ir?i re^r P'Hh a? m Ft (urlha par UUn apply >1 91 *i|l rweatj laird al Mt I ? IITimir 4BW*Rg, M J._tBRS* MIL** A Im Mvvk, ?a4 dm aoaahalf 'rro oittt ?r?o<r ??po4, au? ai r bim ' rum ~>-aUia b *!? OolW? a la'ge Ow?B Im< rru 1 oarUxa <Vnt| aoo* and M?"lh 4 *u) * 1 Ma a** "raw 'vol Ai>p > W1 _B 8' *IP?"N. ? Caajtiaai & "' i,?rw ark ?r to iAM. Ki. Ml U, ? >ramr -f ?'lam o?d my s>r?eu, Newark ?V? Farm attaoed U a' ai> a ? m, '?r aa e feUaK<?t> riMK 4>UKI n> L8*-JO o?? ae-of ?a?ad; Un b?n* Wlo?aa 1 *>?tloo to Ue a'r*-?l li*a?ooable It b wetl ?e.pad to wwljoali *?* "?al p. tpi'ly *m 'ha pr?mfea i.n tal?-d fl <ir 1 f inn.f itOt? to Ul'i Wi 'Hs HUMMtli, A A kaid?<ro* <m? Onf(? wall 'nru sn-d with * -ob'ii ?? C-t-j . har? was able, u 1? uaa. aad a fiut well if wet er h* tb~ a?a nl tumtm < ? l* *a? "u? l-icated, dleae lj 00 It. twr. with el UM> famUltM for bathing**) ftahing a 6?a yiia Ik ?? larno't ? c'?<u* ? nd ojsler* K?||||i .rbuod ^ ) te??prrts*le. iixiulr* o*e*H,t'l.4 LU. 3 * 4 ri?W')L* H|HU#KS u-hll ?iri? IUbEr-?0 Jk ;| Km ro>-ty aer-nib ? f t, b"t*??n H' advay and ilillLtf -iiim tUre? t?rta> ao I bl^b b taMiniai and line v?b atTf- - Baaait ibe m >4ern Imomv-HMU la la p<t-feol "r Lr, ut po-an-st'D mven luiawiia^l; o lav* it miwi^ and iaan <? Uara ??> "lib Iba ko i ? iteot *>' 1 \op y *1 >? aw, or ta Wi 'A?i/ > >*l KIC, IW ?ftalvw ? THIRD rmnS TU l<BT? T H <B* BOOMS, THREE ik ' laa> <a, to a >iuali faiuUy , waur, g^a, Afl Apply a> 91 ? o?>(H aaa. . M EL*i.?NT CBAN>JB*^T A ia0"0?iD RlfT. fi. Calf ->/ lh? flrst rlwK l?? ? nr?, blg*ia?osp noi?l a Waa* T? *?? j a (btk atra>n In lei, noa>ab ing l-n rt> m<, ei akrtx <ef ?ath r-?? ; abr qnan'ny of clv'haa ifw-U ?at ?r iU?'? An. Id $?> d nr? rr ?-? ditura 10 even room, a d ?a a* rata tu*lar ntju'ra 00 t^a pr?ml-tx i , F)R8I rinSd ro^B 8 TOR* aNO B 8 MaNT 4 kM?? atona Bouav ?n 8> ti raal .loba aircat, it lai! wait | ?; paiMd ?t d paparad aU tfcrough, to iba aaai order. A BOO B T ? LBT-ATdlORM ?OtVr H1U Ol TUB A eraao Point plank rn?d, two mllaa from the Jar ?y f By far ? ; aaaj if aoaeaa h? tba ratlr *tai|aat ?h th Etiie beam twn !?!' b< ur 4*y and a?- at g. aqn r? of I H Hall), en iba p- tuia a, or of ?* *a 0, ooruero t itgov>ar> and ? aaluogt a ?tra?ia. Jer*e; City A ?Ba>L SElCB !'a"LJt *AM(LY VAT 8- 801TBD Jk with aupanor apartiaanta raaulaita or bonaakfaplnu S Ir an !'???> IHy b> apply Irg at No 3H0 Watt rUirtv fourth al- a- 1- a<?l?rn impr vtuenta. fcetatfoa ATOWaiKjiKD TBBRE |TORV HOl'-B IN p'aoa, oair Oai<n rqoarw, a t tn mod order aad etna ? r|a ?? lat k>? for als m niba er k-a^er. ti a >mal) rmtttn iibla 'entity apply to ItlffOaA k bOLDfeN, Mo B i'lae W at, aad 1 344 aroadaray An T UaOK HO0MB ?c> L*T-aO 43 SbVitHiH ? vanaa aaooad door from fnortMntk ?rwi, fo'ilt'ied er a f ruiabad, wttb one bundrad o bare will illumed all e?a? iba e i' *? d o^an'ry una bandreo Htora and i?oft4 too*. Will to Kourtoeatb ttraeta. V C. BlHHO'i H4 Broadway (?ur*? floor.) A**Oki KICB? IOW BE?T OB ?*?>. A ??w 'our Mo?y, blgb etorp, brovn ?i..>ne H<mea. with all fbe kta Impr >Tam d>? 'nd g** ?i'ur-?, threa doors Trim fcr >*d<vay, In a b??ut f?l neUbborkood op town, app'y to Era. U ^TB. M brt^dway rr ' ? TfR> PINB, l*A MJR roOB hT >RT 81>?H BtORI A H<?t e <o let? On Bedtaon areuoe. on* Monk f-eet 'be eqae e, now ??r. n< ; *tl b* out <n apkndld o'der and let tow. Bff> It a fine chance for tome one Kip 'UlMfc I* A W'1.001. iKS fourth arenoA, 4 P1I?B ?KV M'HtBB" HO%K to LBT ? P'JR A n|a> t-d or unfnrnla&ed, to one >r two am Ml fa<nUI*a, paa ftj'uaaa eUomaplate; or wwM ae'l or rent tbe Purnltune ? lib- nt tbe b'.u>?. on ea?y larm . to f od partlae. Apa y at 174 Waat I onktb (traet, near Kl.btb arenua. fc ?<>UNTn? FAUV B'>U(tB TO LET? WITH IWMEDI O ate poaaaaaton, Mlgbifnlla >oe?t-<l oaa Paabakl 1, h?lf k>ile from yiau'ry eaa^o< Henrr w ?rd deachar; p'enty of aartfaa tutor d : alro paetnrage for borae and tvw. Particu A8fli<i at #7 r u.lon atrett, * T. BEOADW4T MORI TO UI.-A BMALL ffToRS. A tew d??re b*>ow ike BaeolUI. fie b at 'nc*?*y la Raw V oak fo ?tr?Bnare: on tbe eee* aide of Broad *aj, aid only wee M ck aboaa 8>ewart'e. Apply to J. 4 ilL?t,Mo. KB B'oadaay. at Halra. B BOA D WAV 81-OtE *0 LfcT-RBRT ?l.Mn, WtTB I rata from May I, ibren year* anp'y on ibe premiae*. ^ ?S >f' ad ay. or dar L? T a--g? H^iaa B A0aJN8? kt>? HBfirB-L -r-8 OFFICES AND a??niant? t i lat, wt'h or wlthoat (tea go power. Oak feeB, No. 84 ?o I'm ?Uee',N T. , ._J?0l! 7?> LB7 ? ON THE i'OAJIBR OP PaLIS t E \f av. nue -nd D? Mo'l rt?a?t, W?ei Hobokan. New I -ney ; fOT*' V aeai _ _ I aatl n "Oinrpa^aed f< J b> altb' aii<l baauty. ovarloofeanv tb? ety ?nd barW of f>aw Y.-rt Bm k'yn and rtelee I- aad: A ?tit* n.lrutae' walk from He?lrn farry , atae<w for tbe far y ?e<-? half hour; fine grapa arVir, gojd girdrn and ex aa <?n> water tn tbe bouia; rant $176 CBA1R lACTtiRY ?tO LET, TBE TWO LARGE LOFTS en 'be ei-rner of Baat Broadway aad Chatham enuare, mw eerepted aa a ebalr factory, a large lot of otUoa. Wlnd eor. fplndle, aoellng ard otbar rbairs, Anl had and un Bnwb) d, for aa'a low. Inqulrp of 4. T. WEBBTBasZB (?ronote ?t eat or No 4}% Ea<t Mruadway. I IN* I bHr E BTOdY BOCJHtB TO LET? JU fOE aa'e rcjch ii M * art rorty f. urih street; ftnt f.VX), or prlix fr.WL fl > aal T?e ty.slxlh atraet; rant $CWi, or orlet $8 2W k? .? Houkee are Sre'y located in perfeet o -dar; t> esaesl^n Brmatllat-ly apply to J W Da.UrL?iT, lit Broad a ay, or th? taet ?wenty aUtk street nfQRNlBBBD HODBB TO LB^.-A HANDSOME FOUR r story bri'ik House, well furntabed. having al) tha n darn hnpr vaments and pleaaantly looated on Thirtieth street, near Ninth Desirable arrangement may be male b| a pood tenant by applying to J. F. WlbLlABd, 44? algh.b ar. rBNIBHED HODBB TO LET- A DESIRABLE COUN. try"he-t to let, at Bpuyteo Dnyrll, N. T . with modern Mnprovrmaats and stable arooatmodatlon. baautl ally loea ed on t> e Uodaoa nver. Apply to 0. A. RICHMOND, 83 E?ad4 WreeA FURNISHED BOCFB TO LET ?A HANDSOME KOTE storv brown i'ooe Bouse, alegartly fumltbad, on tbe see lb side of Thirty -fourth strao. near t roadway. For Fnrther particulars apply to RADNOR A BLaCCVBLU I.HI Bioadway, o- to II BaSTZF.R office of ueorge Stanton, )>o t Fanover Buildings, Banovar square EBNI'HfD BOOMS TO LET? IN n?ST CLAM style n>ar fifth avenue The faml'y would board with tenat t. about E) rooms, wttb all modern imp ntemanta. A good arrangement oan be matle by 4 responsible party. Addrsaa J. U., Herald ofllce. |t?(TRKI8HeD HOUSES TO LET IN BROOE L*N ? V Faurin central loca lona, range wafr a-d gat; every eoevrn'enca foe ft" d tenanu. large y4*ds; rent lew. Apply 4t EK) Bridge street, Bmotlrn. IRNT FLOOR AND BaBEMENT TO LRTTPi UR OE ?JjMiRHluBfcD bOuHB TO LBT ? A KOCRHTORT HIOII r *l> op Houae, Id go d order. and to 4 * ?.?<?> oon tainlnc all Ilia m"d rn ImproTrmen'A Will be let to ft re tponelble parti on re-aonable term* APp'y 011 the p*emme?, between the Doureof 1 ftod 4 P. II , ol & Twenty dith ?treet. FU OHM TO LET-IN A HANDS >KB HIGH HT H)P Ponae, wlihtall po??|be e nvenlenoee e'one?? gnu. 4e , nt : rimt Floor and basement, with ratum, Ac ; reo ?2fl per mouth bree K< on ? ?n Bathro m ( ? 11 h water etneet*), on eee nd tkvir , rent $14 Konr Room* on third floor; rent pl3 per mon<h. A'l wi 11 eul <V to ema'l e ntael famlllmi. Apoly ?1 6S2 ' emiMl iTftiia rear fLlrtyalith street. X. ? ? Aiao ?Uer f loo n to let elsewhere. HARLRW OOTTAOB-TO BBN', TTIAT V*BT DB8I r?b>e two etnry Cottage, northeast corner of HrO'iul Mm and ISId (feet: haa mtrbl* m otelt t'ro'on water ?> d tee M'nree 'bnmglKnil? to ft sma.1 lamllr Kent low. Apply an tie pnalwt or of O. C. HuiX, 1*4 Pearl at/eot H. P8? l9LHP4tHAR^TRBKI. NBAB BROADWAT ?ery ile-traMe l-OHtton. two r?*T Bent eheep Ap ply te loi'RMBA*, carpet itore. .US Broadway HOUI-R TO WT-JHItr; BROWN BTOWB PtONT, wi h all ifcentr-dem impron menta, d'-alrabl.- f n ? rn Wei family, HaJP **?at rwelMi ?t.eet, near PI th avenue; rm ?edoo'dT?rn $1,400 to ft WO. Apo?y to 0. PaB I DOB, W W?l r Ifteenh street or JW Pearl street. Alao In rent part of rae'nry, with Steam rower, 1.14 Weat Thirty arraath street. Apply c n the premiaea aeeonil atory ? On* to LBT-THB BPA 'IO0B A WD DK*IB4BLE MJ Laf U ?*? S3 < hambers atraei, or ft part of them. la gall > n* ROMS A B ? LL vlW, "d the preautM. on* tJASfcasSfc-w ?srvr??, 4 A. bait or a nBar* laovi BroNR front J H< u?v wuh all m -de** lmpror.m?aU. rhaaoxller*. g*e tstun s,Ae, Wo 114 Let in^ron ????<?, to let. Oanbeaaao Many iser through tha day or erenlng. R?Drt'ri? R?MTe.-TH* LaHdW WB ? RFOBB, NO. 91 RiA erenoe, near .I'fffrwi mark*', with plate (la<* ib w wUdow? , eietLeat MaiK" ?or te tiling cry 4 h dt re.dy a?a4/al- thi' g Ac. ? U , eni?hed t.ofu ahore, VOfeetdoep; tfta Wjn m with epp?r*m? and (lHur-a eonipiete, n it 4a<P;tbr*e modern Uwellli g llon??a, eaeh ?n oo? beta* ant In complete reialt, In Rercrtoy p are, near Hittli ??a?ne LitBAM POW?K TO I.BT -TH? WHOLX I B I'tHfOf ij a new four it ry and baacmeet eul dlKg on Twenty eer'eth (treet, between eli b an I wt'i h tvennw*; dim 4<>W feet FacHi'lea tor man il?e-ur?r? aoturpaaacd. Ap ||| M III ?wl Ta?oiy??ei?'li lUMl. V?WTH KHI ()?L1N ? 1 10 tP.T, TUB HOU^B NJ IW i? Amity street between <? lint n and Joort afeeta within ? wtlkoi south and All ?tr?et ferrlw*; lain pnret arder: rtnt $A 0 Applj on the preml-ee, or u> P A. BiCHBciH, 134 rroetetreet, P. t. C^LR^ntni.t PCBNI4HBD HongB TO LHT-IB p "mak yn, en the Height*, e erenient f' Wall and fu'un Farrlee AH lh? mod>ra ImpeoremenK fceerytblng com at _te for h epteg honae: ehlna, alaa* and aUrerware Beat " ? bo. D, Bmoklya Poet ofllee 1 ,'tL* "P-V>*T OP A PUBMIeBBD H?)U-?B trroSi m ,s ^ ? d ^ T" jflT.~A.j>y.1^A.P.0FA?.J!? f HABILTON PLACB, TW?? arenoe; U rooma. roo impwwaw, rem* tow I a^ aire on the pftwnlaea. 1 ut rixx'BB. wi?n oak, hot w tier for waeh'ngla *0 in Weet Thirty ninth at, between feerenth and BlgiU ftrenaea Inquire on the L. ?1*0 LXT-A TBBBB BTORT AND BAHBMBNT HOUtB, J with all tmpeoremeeu, three reoma deep 00 ea?k floor, y1"! tmt B**uod *TV&a*> n*aM Ww> HOCt?B?, EUOMt, *C., TO LIT. /VV ?v?^AAA^A<W*U*U\\iVV. .yv ?? rth- _o*e or r<M ?o? o? >u? r?? iaj?( b?a.TO*Ql u>4 aul? n (ok ' ouaea Wth the UJ xatng )ot ?' t^KiiaO oo >v*?b'J kl>< ?trw?k b l?Ma (ha "iinl ad oiLrik i'nvi win* *? gnod -"dar aiUiM, ru?e bt'<L ?a tu JOHN 'ibbiHtO.oamr of 8tn?U ??ngd Ir at ?d kfd ewenn* or * a *. bib ? ? . k_~t tUA BK"OKL' N ? T *0 rURKB ttfUllt with taaeman'a aad auS-oellaja. pi- a ..?> h | m>ni on tbo coiner a? hm** p)? ? and *l feiu ? ? l?l be n tiled fot fta * " ? ii| t?> rr mod for la* uaodnnte aum o' f 4i0??cb ?uUilaiHJ at rrti, Bro?l 'MniUi ? M & BOltOBllW. Mgnugue a tree'., near Wurt po usr- im oin, rubral mbw ho -a l 'n e?c?il?nt neighb urbooda, ?rtth fu. ha,b? l v . vi mi >ii>r ?al> rom >a? ioik and era Ooiupaoy'-t (iirry er f tr m $"''0 tofWl apply to J S. Not KM, ifl * ?t an* of leaary avenue *M Hnui Fouitb^ r*at rL?Wl FlitHT CLAaB I0MM0D10U8 O^ELUNQ Boarc with aa anr.' lot felably eultlya ad, <in -.. iUv i. se nna bfi?i?? Krankltn ami wsj'ord av*nu a, Bnmklis; will ?> M ?> a rtaptDKlW -onaDt at tba I >w r>i. I offdOOfi- I > enrol) c J far Apply to aL&IR KUB8HFEDT. 110 Brual *11, N T Ti LB - AN OKKlOB ?CiTaHL.i FOB A DoCiOfl oh detitiai, Id an t ngitab baaaiuant house or for a autre, at 14 t vn.y pit*-* Mieeok>-r i rem oue hlark weat nf ?ioad uy ii ?* IM)" oo upiel by a denUai Aia>, a few furnUhad ftaea.a r) Lai ? PUHBHllKH, A BS^OTIUILI StTCATKD ?ton* *ll.a, with nisfclAo at lawn of aevaral *or?i*, la ludlng raroen, fruit, '???! tud iraaa ataxia. A i , *t ?S'ltoMvma, Mir'h Kkoi*. la i i <al~ad; per'eetj healthy; rl)?bifu1 ae*ab o'kood baJ' en honr from New aork. near r a *-nug Ha- bar landing rare ?dr?* oontt. Inquire at Or B kmti s ?.fllce. Ma 7 Attorpla^, Klgatb atrext, arof altar rr, BBIH^BaXiB * BaBUBVT, ?a 14 *al) atreot rLBT-HnUxtH, fcTuRBH, *>AL()uNH, BOUtfd, rowra, IwrniU ? b<*ap? -t yet MS Waahln? oo, 23 rcaor, 444 Wtwm1!, 146 Kraakha, M * alk r. ti *nd 182 T? ri ? a?t Hio-dwa;, ti arid <S1 koomnud tt ?ark*t iu?u (a?u re for any parp ?? kt 21 and V <%aat Bmad'**/, or to 4r &BkL kawmrni til *alkcr?i rev TO UlT? tWO PLBAAAtt f ffAoK , U4 TUB i Nawtvwa |d?nk raao, two aalla* aod ? half from ito ? llbuiabmi frr lw, altli imki It to til l ta nf ground ?t irun kat treea Item ?|7k and ISA, Apply to t H ? r AL^ a, oi Jutan aue. I 1 BT-TBB HBOOND bit li^ OF A BOU8R IB BAW ?. nd atiwt, wl k Modem ImprottemeuU front and oerk Mtrtor, io>dtn? 4aur> and pant tea abd dinlag rmm and k<Kb> n, aB aa th? aamid taor ant on* aom In tba third Htory aiid r. Jlar. Ibqalreof Mr DAY, 13 lUntfltond aueet, ?^pt <f ? tftrttj plaoH. f'O L*T->0 A PA'?*TB P4B1LT, A WKLb BUR I nl b-dfnurator* 6ra< daoa tl'on-a with all tn- utoAirn imprint m?at?, f<r 6 or 12 in btba Rent $ ,<U) to $l,3llu ? pply * ii th- pr? mirea, '67 Ikeat ? ?enij ttf h street TO LBl ? BfcOOaD S OR-, SQ. ltd B*8T TWKBTV etgb b street All modern imDro?.-me?t?. Be 1 94M naulie at ho 146 Kant r?eutj nryeath atrect, of B. f, lOOfcM. TO LKT? A rURNlPBBl/ HOUSE, 8XA8L* AND NlfE Lola of Oroord, tt OlKtoo, t<tateo inland: nw, <vt'4r and f u'nace in the h >uae; five mln iiea' fraui VaodarbUt andlog. Appl> at 87 BrrJt-n a Ex Hauge. I UT-t *B* COt i AOS AND PLB'MaVt ORODNBH a* Khiablng, I. 1 r n i<tln? Front ard Ruck Raninen'a, iwo Harlbra, ai>* Six Red room* ?*aa thmogbout tite nonas, ?rd ?atirio the ha "id Dl t>ent$.'fl) Apt>i; to WILuBI# f * >? LL Baal ta'alu agenta Ftoah ng. L L rU'-IJ MtBBtV BILI>, A T1HBK SfOBT ha?-ai)!Dl and Mgb ?toon Rrumi Ni .73 Hast For'loth tr. ft; ange Inrrae, battf and ga? flitnrea all o-m>leU) H?rt vol J low. App'y to C A. DOWMIM4, 206 Lexington avenue rLKT? AT380 PAi. 1-10 8-BUI'T, BBOOKLVN. *ABV at a drat claaa vro?n r tone bonne; p rlo-s fum'shedlf ' alr?d. Aprly to JAt K RU 11 Son, 13 VV a I street. rL* -IN KLZaB&Td, W. J.. A NICB f'O AND A half mo y Dousr- five b-d and five o*ber aojr>p?tate roryne; parlor *1 by Id feet; ma'ble mantel, large garden, g id frux and watnr.and fine l<MaU.>n near d pot lU'ioira of JUU> CtB*l>?, 36 io Ua?4t #treot, mow xork. Rent ?*;A rlfT- A NVTRLY fl WMI-lIPD BAMKWBNT SUIT abeforapkjul'd.n; a'#o. on- or two Booma for riogle ,n.n-m n, tn a ba> daomely fnrolsbed b"0>o atO'Ohma* apply at M Heat Tluity firat oUeet, betwaea Broadway aod f 11 tb avenue TO Ln-tBB FOLLOWING OB-IHABL BOUBBi* ? 1 1 6? K-at Ftttreaih at , arar Mmvaaiil aq>aara.rvul Bl.lBt ? ? ua. and a tor* t* (Utkartno atreot 1 Wl Eaat Fooneeatfe atraat I.HJO ltd I* Hat orileib atr*el glN) N htayvei ant a*rae m 33 t-?u veaait?t'?et tllti a paly t? DaNLBL T. MAOFARLA.S, UU tenth a mot, aear rblrt ay. nae PLB1? 1 HE F?iLI.OW^o DKrlRtSaB HOJHEH;? ^oa 144 I'dand i #4 E -at Lkth at. , rant each fl.l'O *?l i^41ar'dJi0baat2.U?kt ?' yt No ;?wM BNBBd ' ?W No ?10id ar.uue " 9 0 t o. 14? t aat l.Hn rtraot " l,ae No. 192 fca?t Itlb aMeet " 7(0 Apply to rV .UAIt MAOFABIaAX, No. ISO Ttathatreet, atar laird avenue r] ET- NO 0 BANK STREET; HIGH 8TOOP. TIIREB Mtorlea front, feu ? aiorl?a rear; i<i?H fe-t; Aral e'ana Ii o'lfio. ?l<b all the modern Ibidtot menta In perfi-ot ordrr, ? i'h all kub ttitnrea; rrafd to May 1 tor Bl,' 00. will be real ? d lor $7(in Apply at 11 ttanh aireo*. from 8 vo 11 A. M and 4 to 8 P. M. rLET-A TBREE 8Tf>RT B(11)?B, OONT AINIWO 13 rooma. altua'rdua beyen y firat aire *t, between Tbl^d apd toorib avtnnea; wlil i>a rented cheap, tnq aro at lot LL>, 266 Canal atrtel LI" T? K AOM TBB If* OF Mat, TUB FDBNledBD Bouae No 3d kaat Tblr a*ath afaet, near Out varsity Addreaa b?< 7U P aat ofLon TO r, rin- TWO 1.A K'-l. IllOU BaHBMBNT BOOIM, well lighted. fronting no 1'iwr street, three doors above Hprlfg, ?IkKDtiMMton Broadway 26 nj ISU feet deep. K. ni !mh> Apply to Mr. i fibHML tfcB or Mr. OOCMiukN, bti and Ml Broadway rtlT-A NEaT aND OoN VENIBN f TSKKB STORY brick Ho'i.e. SiW Weet ihlrteth street Bent flK). Would be let la aoartmenU to nmali families. lmmsdiate poeseaaloa can be bad. P. CuKKT, 89 Meat Thirty third street. TO LBT? THB UPPEB TaBT OK A LABOR BBOWB none H nse, In eomp ete repair, to a (nsllemcD and wt'e or a >mal< (ami y A food chance for a qu et home with a mall 4 mer ran aa>llf. H?nt accu'dlng to am <unt of rooms takea. Eeigbborbcod tret rate. Oall at any time, aoou, at S36 Bast i Mrtieth ?trect, Phelps place. To Ut-IBl 1I1BKB 6T0BT AMD BA8EMBNT brick Bouse. <93 Br tup street. Apply to P. 4 H. LEW In A Bku.. 119 Chamber* ttnet rLhT? THE IPPBB OB LOWBB P ABT OP HOCOt Mreoond street very genteel i>rlghtH.rhood; rent mo derate to a > n.ail family LAT? AT 54^ WHST Hol'NToN HTttEBT. WITH gas, the ? ee- nd Floor and back B?k?cment; rent fl7A 1'ossessiuo immediately TO LET-ltt WEST TWBBTT PU17BTH ?TB?BT, tkree story, high stoop, bath, gas flrtures, Ac $700 Zu3 W. IVih St., Uiri? story, h'gh stoop b-owu su/ne front HOO I7? W. f?tb *t , three st ry bath, at, Ac , low ?toop 460 ZI6 W 2Mb St., 3 Story, bath, ess flitures Ae , bub stoop ?*) liu W ?im ?t , three story, brown s one. hl*h stoop NJO 1(4 W est Xth st , t-iree rtorv oath, caa, Ac., En* hav . to 0 246 West 3t#t st., four stort, gas bain UdrIisIi basement MO 174 W. 21st st large three story asd attic bath and gas . 750 WUtovest. modern linprovrments, B story, htge stoop. . 800 3 6 ?. iUd st., four stor), gaa ba h, Ac., bog bssetrwut. MO 171 W. 37ih st .four story, bath, ra , Ac . ling baaement fiV) & W 47(1 St., tnree ?t< r>, bath, gas, Ac , nigh skop 710 to. ? 44tb St., near Broadway, la ge 4 story stone front. 1,000 Bo. ? ChrtatoiLer ct,n?u Hedford, 8 story br ck Mo ise 430 J. AW. DB?UaM .1th ST aid l?tb st., from 7 A. M to 9P.M. rO LET? IB FROOKLVN, BEAB PCLTOB FKRBT, all or right Kooois In a Bret cKs? bouse, strgsnily fur sl>hed with all the convenience* to ki-ep bouse: china, Mirer glass, Ac. h endow t< a rtsp>o>1ble party. PoseeMSlen at Oi ee Address Owner, bot 179 Herald office. TO LET? THB OI.D B'TaBLIHHED DINlJTl NtbOfiN, M Bbltti street . Nusfcjess Krxmf In M, und Apartments In 6*. M (0 C4, Hti>ndH6 ? hlte sirnot; Apai'uveuK la MS, 1G4, ire and 168 Cfcoivh street; I'pper Part of 18 V arlck street; Apsr'trtnu In ifi Eaat Aro a*, way. Apply to V. M. TEMfim, tO >t bit- s'reet I rIEr-PAKT OP A HOXHB WITH MODERN IW pr< iLincfcU, containing ?evrn ro <m?. Anplv on tha i/^e nlitt, 'J ?'?t Ti.r'j U I'd street, between Pita and Hlxtk a enuee, for ote we?k. If not rootier let LPT? PBO>T AND Back l-ABLOBH, AMD OTIIBK ? fursUhed R> < ms, to fpnt.cnitn, without b^d. Af>i ly I at 11 9 eerker street. rLET? BTOBE 8IXT1I (tVBWt*B, CORNBB OP lourteenth fitrtc. , also an office 'n Kourtermh stre.-t, corner of Hi th aTcnoe. suitable for a doctor or houae -igeat. rLET ? PDBCIsHBD OB CBPI BWIHHED, TnB larg* Oott?ge Buuae. Carrlnge IT ??use, and sli handsome ly nbadMl luots fi> groond, situated blfttt, a. ar thee roerof Broadway and HfTy tonjth street Apply on the preaUre, or to W. J. HThWABT, i?7 Bouih street. rlE'-t vr DIt'M, PA-nioWsBLK B?dt* MfOMB House; has foiuteen room*, 64 feet d?>n'. *?xl ?*rd gse failures,, Ac , at Blghih str?? t, et eark's pistes; r*a< lew to a resp? ruble tenant (|VO . Inquire at 107 HI ? art e plane stag' s puss th? house every fire minntes 'PO Lf? HIE BOl'fB AID R1DBB NO Mi PIARI. I street, h i g o jruptrd as a grocery and sulUbl" for other busliiesa. (??"???- n 1st of Bay. Apply to WllXi&B MMtillT, Bo 4 Uold s'f t rL>T-tT ktlf'OtD HP NTH Til 8 BtHMMT OP HI7 Bioadwa< ; tl.e th'rd floor froni ai>d ry>m? morn on [loertli flior: Ihese'ond floor of 60 Kast Teelfta atree' ; the ihi dflooro! 6J Kast >wrlitb atrm-t. for bnaluis*, soeMUex, Ac JOHN 8 K*LhO, #2 Alllla'a street. rHH LB*? A THBEB HTv,B> AND R?HB?RnT HOIjeB. P" 3**6 I ast Broad' ay, la p?-r Mt '.rd^r, with all the moderr Improve mmr is and aew gas ll.nir-s Appi* to Nra. k> KI.UPO, Po 19 (Mnton p ane, Eighth street. Beat mo derate. rMT-t Bt'TT OP KCBNI-HBD BO<)*H ON THB see otid flror of that erannisillf arranged II >ti?e. Bo 71 W?st He?fnteri th sire- 1, prion > ?? per mon b, qusrterly In acsar re Ini ulre on the .noond lloor, from n>om rLBT ? I" RBD?V>BD AVEPt'B, BETWEEN PABK snd M< rtle avenues, Rmoklyn a rorj basement and sub eoDiir brick llouee, Philadelphia front, high svop and ba oofiy, wVh wat?r, g u>. h >t and oold baths Rent $ ?> per aannm. Inquire on tke prnm'ses. rLFT? i HE BPACIOUS BASBWENT BO. SdH <4R\SD street, near Bsaei market, one of tbe beet Mania In the street for a restanr?n> or any other bustneas. Basemeat 35i7il; eight f??1 celling well lighted Apply to ? B NBITH, Jr., Vk West nineteen b street, or la the shoe store, oortksr ?f Oraad and Norfolk IBreeta ? rt LET- A VOr>BB PI BUT OLAHB POTTB NTOBf, high stoop baaement and sab cellar brick (louse; n^n tains |i rooms, has ail modem imprr.vamsn a, and In go si neigh horMll. tl'oate on Lsmart ne placi. West Tweaty ninth street between Eighth and Ninth avenuea. Beat low. Apply to A 0BKOBANT. U Wall mreet. ? st elaas Botel, kept oa the European plan. _partly nishrd, and doing a first rate bnstnwa Terms moderate. >li for l*< day* at 7*7 Broadway, corner of Ninth street, B & rpo LET? THB BBOOBD NTOBt OP A DWBLLINO, 1 eootleuag at two Boom *nd two Bedrooms, to a faatll t at ahout three persona Location pleasant, la A 'an stree , aoar elaatoa street BofereBoe etehaage* far farther par for Ih'e- days to JABJVJt t ARR, No. i ?uu>U>i T?? I iwum, ro LOT. I ITO LBT -1MB BLMt?A?T POIJh 3 0?\ B1U*N HTOTB I lieu* 2W ? out 1 h'rij fourth itttt, sim five f?-t d??8 ill ih?w?j i?k *itb <ul lmpeo>em D-ai r?at ?d ?*l At ply in He pRuWi, e? to Jutitt *., 63 William ?f?l > ri UT-A TOREK BTOBY BRIOK 8 TORE AND Dmeliioi, V4 Ot u>l street, out) door from [>egraw, truok yn * go- dtlase for ant buwuees and >i g>iod d eilltui n qaire of J . P. lOWMBBSp, 14 rln? street, in the bwciueit r LET? at PfcUFHlNO. U I, AT YBRY LOW lUtHI to bUi'Mli rj tenant. a p>omuI H' W A014I, 14 r o?a. IX ? f s to, U'ge a lis aiid imit, IbrtX' quarter* of a mil* mm depot suable tf deeired Vaty built;. 1-arge lawn and fiuit trs>a *? a Pau?OR T) LI*? 'N BBOOEL1N, TO A BMaLL ib-?o(irttve i onma, 'u flu- nrd*r: g%? ao<1 *au*f up ?ut'?; ? p'?a sat Iwa Ion, ftv or w? minuica' walk to the principal frr-tea . pply a> >H? AiUms s'reut. '? o lat-in nrr riR*t b r re kt, bbtwbbr lbi I tup n ??<? 1 bird aveaiw, two foiy story aod ba>> 0 ert I rewn stone f-onl i<nu> *s with all the m ?dtto Improve " > Dt?. Will he ro" i?J low to one or two s-nall fatnl tea cask bi us j li qi>t>e > n the premises, Ant twe houses vast <kf Lai tag'oi. a<> uue LAY-TUB UPPBB Pa K T ur A OOTtAOE. Ttld AS Boonie, at >o. 'W West hi-ty fourth street, hi a 'am'iy l*o or ' r ree prrmr t 't in a most tfeslr.bin place he locality >a aosun aaaed inquire on Ik* premieea. Bant $M J per m..i>ib r) Lit? TUB > H KD AMI) FvjURIH BroBlL af a flrst eleae bo tse. on 'be north stde of "flity seouad street. am hours west of third avenue, eaoli ? ory o->n?let ?a? of all roon ? **a and ?ai er; rent inoderaui to Uoud tan aau Apply on the seooti story rLB'-OH KB Iff 8 BEET, ORKENPOIN1, 4 TWO Mory ana ^tarut br'cfc U"u#e, high ato p three mlu n ? we k from l?uth and twenty tkird street ferriea in ?o d ord?r with gaa jfluulreof-P i PR >vo IT. at Puai Offloe, or 1L O la?Kt, BruMwar, Mew leak. rLFT- n I8HBD i'B PIfrPRNMHBD. AW BLB rant raaldaMoe with all. ike modern imjn vemeula oa -.Fftk aj>nuo, barl>n, t? t? een 13C hand I) aiatnvi , lo'au or twelve montka; ilo*eraaodea, fruit treue Ac rural t??e ?rat eUaa lo a amali n'ii>otabU fanilr will be reu'ed low apply lolDOa 11. <>?1 ?tiK. W Bi?ad?ay. or on the prem lan, Prat h< uae north- oo nej t?' l.tuib ? rret T> LET?* LBUAJ^1 L.V rUBNlBRBO BOOUH AT BRA aocai>le ternae ho 1A8 Weat Twenty aUth street, be In een Seventh and Eighth avenuea. TO LB'? TIB Da'ikUBLB fOPI ATOBT BR')WR ?t< n<i Bouae, ?o 09 naat r?eni-< -whth atr?et, flftr-B*e f?et dtep all the wav upL with all laproveneove: ivnt re dnced Apply to JullN' a. ABL8U, Ha 62 *ulam aurecl. TO LAT-VIBT LCW, TO BC1T T1MBH. OR MOB raj lliu, the four rwtj br iwl ntone fnmt tlooae No M Ia?t thirty elgfeU etree', with all tha 'nodern Improvement* rhandolWri, Aa. Oan be aeon bet-vrnu two aod '<?ur o'clock r. M. apply to T. L. H()*H A Ou , H4 Pearl atreet. TO LBT?PABT or A HOl'BB ; oEOOjtD PLtlOB AMD Kl ohen, with every convenience. In per'ect oritur p*u trlea. hot and eold wa'er. >aib, ftaa, Ac ; netghborbj-d unei erpiioLtbla Tew d- orr ea- 1 of i-U.yv?a?nt t*?rk, 190 Baat Fit u-rnib atr?e'. To ? amali family without children only. | O IM-'O A 8MALL FAMILt, rOHNHSBD, TWO 1 Parlor*, two Bedroom*, naaemon', very oo venU nt tor |r*nek*e> In?; range, gaa, both, A . Bent moderate Appto a ?? K lurtb averue. 10 LBT-riUlRT AND BACH PA KLO R, B 4SEMERT and two R ami on third floor, of hotue So. 174 K ret a enue. bent very l>w TU LIT? TO OBNIBBL FaMIIJBB, FRONT PART, "'c.icd Kloo-, of 309 Baat Th rty fourth atr-rt, three roouie, j aotry and ?ator; rent $7. fro ft part of third rioor, *> M) Flrat Fhor of itj, *10 Fourth PlO'ir of 906, all room a, panuWa a? d water, $11 Applj at 218 spring atreet r) LET-MO. SKJ TENTH AVRMOB, OORNKR THIBTT flrxt atrett, fo 364 4 est Thirty flrat atreet, inda building lot in Poity rlDth atrtet for alio, apply at ao 361 Weal Ibl'iy lif ?tun O l.tT-^Bv>0??U AMD roL'KTH Fl-(H>K8 IN TIB e'egant new brown atone houae 64ft ttixih avenue, near Thirty nvt nth atreet, aaet eide *?Ur, ill, cloteU, Ac Be.uti'ul floora. and to email reanectaitle r tmlllee will be ranted low. Apply to JuBB I AVAN aQH, northeeat eoraer tf ror y fifth *t?e? t and flxth avenue fTM) LET-THE FiHHT CLitft HOUSEfl Nus 341 AND X .1*3 W rat 1 blrty A> tb atr?;c'. They contain all the modern convriiVnoea, are In e mplete repair, huug wlthgod and pea'l i apere, tiloek marbk Dal la, ha deome jtaa ehandeiiera, a peaking tube*, A'.. Ac. Thay will ho rented upon a.ibHiao t- ra terme to good teaaata Apply to the owner, 357 aaox utiebl. TO UT.-A rBONT B?HBNBnT, PoR a Pu NMUMf oflict ; baa been jocapied an aucu the l?et four vara, at Mo OS i aat Tael'th ?t>eni, between Broad?ay and Fotuta avtnoc, re erence given and required rLE*? A TORB* mrOBV AMD BA8BWBNT HODBK, ?ith all Unprovetnen'a and In line or<<cr gas Hitqrea let wtb house Mo. UK) / aat Ihtrty-aocon I atreet: rent i.?w. in inlre of E. 8 A B S B. BNHAJU, CU Uad?Mi atroet. Men r rx r\ LE'? THE LtiWk R OB UPPER PABT OP THE Hovse 90 I evlna e'reet, Brooklyn, three houaes from At lan?'c atreet. App'y at 178 Atlantic etreet. T?. 1>U Uil ? A PBAMOU COTTAOE, BlEVKM BOOMS and i wentv Ave Airee of Lai d, fronting on the fcoooi*, at Byrtm Point, Pnrtrbe?ter depot, haw York and New Haven hall-oed. Font moderate to a a nd tenant. poaaeaMoo Immediately. Apply to b AhRtbOM A W^JUNul, 14 WU lum atreet fPO LET LOW-TO A OOOD TBMAMT, TUB THOBB J ?tory acd haeement It u uae, with Impr >vementa, ho. M0 * cat mcnty aeventh a reel. Inquire cm the premiaea. rflET? 4F TOMKBB8, k HOUAE OP BLRVRN Room a: four lo>a of ttiound; one via w of tAelludaon fclvi r; (tardea of frn>t treea ; flowere, graperr, Ac. near cerot or Iludaan Blver nailroad. apply to T. ffOjl1, at lonkera, or 138 Pulton atreet 'Mew York. rlET-v*Rf OF ? NICE TH ABB BTORT HOC*E (either k wer or upper partv Bo ir<! Flrat avenue, be tween Tu b and AleveMb atreeta. The Iloaae la In flrat rate ori*er; neighborhood go* d; rent moderate. B iaAWBBNOS A CO . 62 Aaa . Fourteenth Htroet. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, THB UPPRR PART OP NO. 88 Hilary atreet, four Room-, rent $11 per month In advance, seven minutes' walk to ferries. Mo children In the house. TO LET? THB SECOND FLOOR. TWO FRONT BOOBS on the third, back Basement and plenty of good Pantnee b^me has all the modern improvements Jone email American iamlly of adulta in the houae. Inquire kl 138 West Thirty MM nd atreet, or alter the let of Bay at M6 Ninth avenue Ta LBT-TBB SECOND BTOBT OP HOUSE NO. 92 Greene atreet, two doom above Hprlng It has alt rooms on the floor with Croton water. None bat a email famny without < hllaren need apply. Inquire at 83 jreene street rLFT? CHEAP, VERY VJRT CHEAP. THREE BEAU, tltul thiee story iloutea, wRh ?11 modern Improvement* and in rierfect order, In a row of eleven bouaee, ou the north aide of li.lrty third atreet. Inquire of J A*. B. 8 HAW, 88 Mar tan st ect from 13 ?? 4 e'cloa.k. rO LET? \ERY CHEAP, TWO POUR PTORT BROWN atone front Houses, frescoed, papered In gold And richly ornamented, the aixlh and aerentb houses ? est of Pifth a veil ue, on the south side o! Forty all' h street. Inquire of JAB. E SHAW, Kl Nasaau street, from 13 tw 4 o elock, or 9# Weet Forty seventh atreet, moniu>Ka and evenings. HE THREB BTOBT AMD BASEMENT a brick House, 3f? Wen Twenty-fourtk street: rent ouly $400: aJ?n brown si.n.e Houses in Thin ie'h. Forty third, rortv elflith. Forty ninth, Klfty first, KUiy second, Pifty third and PI tt rlgath streets, at any rents that g md tenants mi t offt r . ulso Htorea :.nd handsome FUsirs, ot sli rooms, in Hi. use* well loeateo <n Third avenue A)>ply to JutiB'H Mt Ut lRB, 777 Third avenue, near Fifty first street, nod ?? Bevtmh street. r LET? PA BT OP THE POUR BTOBT BNOL1SB baM-mmt House, M seventh avenue, eoisiatlnj of Dicing Room, front Parlor, and frjnt boom on fourth Aoor, with ?e<?r< oan adjoining. House baa all the modern improve ments. Bent, $216. TO L> T-TO A SMALL raMILT, TIIK THIRD PL.HIR ot s honse mar at John's park, Fifth ward, has all the nuderr Iniprovrniett* For particulars address A R, bos 5.464 Si* vork Poa> ofllce. fTO LET? TBE THREE BTOBY DRAB BTONB FRONT I Iiousee, Bos ft* 71 at e 73 Rest Fortv fifth street. In giod order nnd with all the modem lanprovemeots: rent $790. Fur particulars apply Ut ALBBhT HORN, 46 Beaver street. r LET-TUB UPPRR PART CP A HOUSE. C INSIST lng of sec< ad flo r. with bath and k*". ud part of third floor; rent $12 per m mth No. 187 Bast Thirty tAird street, nrsr Heeond avenue rL*T? AT THE FOOT OF H1XTT BIXTH S RUB*, t aet river, a Cottage; stable, r.rrlage b >use, garden and right acrea of ground, with and forest fruit treea, beauuiul lorailon and rent cbrap to k good tenant Apply to the Umpire Kewing fc achine Oompaa), 385 Broauiway, room Mo L TO LRT-A OROCBRY AMD DWBLLINO nOl'BE IN Tn mont, at tAc dspot. Apply to JO UN B. PBaBAB, t ? ? mont. rro LET-IN HOV HE 47 BINO BTRBBf, NEAR VARICB, 1 F rat Floor, ronalst lng of freut and bark Pailora, two bedrnoma. Basement nnd attic Bedroom, together or aepe rslrly. fPO LBT? TBRBB BPLBMDID HOUSE* IN THlitTTt J. a?v. nth stre-t, between second and Third avenues, ren vi ry low, only $NB tne In Thirty second street, near Fourth uii-ntie t ne furnished Houae In iwenty feurth etre-t, nea In)' rib avenue. Applv to JolIN PBTrBBTCH, AU fblrd avrnne and :tl? Fourth avenue. rpo I KT-UK'O^D FLOOR. lO A OBMTLBNAN AND 1 wile. Bent $3i.V House eoctales modern improvemeate heferenees ri'taiged Apply to H. L. kLOiR, Mo. Md Alien street, or at Mo 03 fulu.n street rLKT? A COUNTRY PLAOB, PITBNIBHRD OR UN ram bed 1 he large double ?ouse at Harlem, on Be ci nd avenue and 136ib street aRbfli^ lawn. Urge ga den, I v tilt ire**, sta' le Ids house, filled, and a t vo story eot'aS" h use. W Uid h? let f r sti months if dselred Apjly lo tfl ohOR CHkkTkbMAM, No OU fcaaaau street. rl.Bf? 111" Hfct'trMD BTt'BY OP 1 HE BHt??N stoee front H^uae with modern Improvementa. situated In Faction) nti tb street Kent $176. Inquire at 170 Bast Forty t it th aiieet TO LET? PURNIHHRD HOUSE WITH ALL THB MO d?m Improvements, situated In West Twelfth street: nr Furniture for sale and H"u*e to rent For further pnrtlou la a louuire at 411 Broadway, on second fi-ior. TO LET? IN POURTH STREBT, NEAR BROADWAT, a front Basem?nt, suitable lor an ofllce Alan a'lr nlsbe<< R om to a single (ienileman. Possession 1st of May. A<dr>*a T. k D., Broadway Post ofllce. r LIT -THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC BHICC House HO Rsits street, o> in tains gaa and Croton To a ?rwd tenant It will be rented at n low rate. Apply at ft water street, rLBT? LOWER PABT OF HOUSE 14 BETH CNB street (flrat street below Twelfth.! near Abingdon square; twe Parlors, front and hack Maeement, with several steeaaag B i oms: range, het end eokl water, gas, good yard. Rent $580 per annua. ______ rl?Mf? SBOOND PLOOB, WITH TBB FRONT BASE meat and atUe Boom fwtth all the Modern Improve, menu). Bo llftlhompeon street, near Washington square. A genteel family without chlldiwn preferred rl.ET? Fl'RWIPHED OB UNFURNISHED, THB SE coatd Floor of house, 413 Fourth street, beaareen Bowery and Beoond avenue; has all modern InuiroWmente; more room if required.

CI JIT? THB SECOND BTOBT OP HOUSE Hi S ItLf ?an street, containing two Parlors, two Bedr oms and i m attic ifsth. gas, hot and old water and other mm ??M| m. Apvtr at W Canal atieet TO LET. rUl-4 O I D ft'Ugg illUk M<lfn oounU-r and g%? 8iinre?, of e? ? st-iae iron I kiU' M* Mr th "it lit p*r aiwVi il?i, tj let. ?rn? bo??r tho elegant ttr.t a/.d second flows; nslt r?d?wed, Mil an ' rlB'-' 'PBFB 8' OR B*SBMBNT FOtlf*. "ITl ?J] ib* modern Improvement*. No 31 *o?l Washington plaee fceatftMOl u d. ruf- *5 * ""Mall pavily. tH? cm part 0" !>???? Wo I S *??? wt>uty till 4 > t Ml nqulreo' JfH* ? I Lf ? 371 It b aTMiU , tMwvtjaa f<?Dlv sMjIhI and 1w*nty->blrd iree'e ri*T? iHh u wm j a*t i r pocmk m wb?t r< rty fniink ttreei. o?tr 6l>tk avenue. bw? in'Dt, i?r lore. pan n a to bkll . b%nd- ha ? f-.rul<u'e Ac , ??th MM icui a fourth ?u rv; i? ut $27 ft or if profemd th<i ?roood ator> at Bf V s pp } on tb? rremUi* f0 LIT? (IB 1 I'PBR PAtr ?K TRK HOPS* 608 1 axel ??rert, o?'n<>r of tenwtek ?rha>lttom di'a int provMrrnt.., and twwly u?o?r?d aod ptuku, Inoitlrv on tUe pirail?? from 10 o clwt nil 4 rl.*T? *0?*E NO. S3 irri'lVESANt flrB'BT OOH lain log al Ibe in<Vuri? iinp-tnenwiu, and n a m>od <oov lion. al?o pari of HimM No. Q I bird stre-l, with m drm jBg*yB?*[* T?idi? u <l> rate Apply to ?). Ei CiHi'ftN TER. 94 1 bird av?nu? H>b>* f rLIlT? THi bT' -H>0t,ND ?T"ERT, WTWBB** FIFTH avaurend Broad way, a small hHM all ooniutete with Hot and cold ? a'er and will b" put la par 'eel order for a go >4 t uant. rem Ban) flixwt location in the city ibe owner can ??* tero on Monday morning, at B. u Lawrence*, l.JU Broadway. rLlTTlT YORF KRH A UA"DSOttK VILH-WPII ri? to' ? of Umuod laid out a* a g? dee ?Hn fr-ifl trees, Be. tke bon#?i w i>ta>n? trn room.. b**id? ?he k! ch<*n It will be tented, ?Uh ihr- fumt urn 'or l"* ??a'. at treason ablyelil /pl'ly at Ur ClIlLrOfc'B otlloe, ?3 Piluee atreet, rthl-AT 2< 1 W>DT rWfcL?ni TH ? Parlor Floor and baak Bukbphi, *ilk two Hod'ooma ard panicle*; rent $300. < >r tho Hoc m ri P oor? two Hnotun, wo Botrooau, with pamrtee, rtnt $3UQ. M. B.? Waier, TO LET IN RBOOHLY N? S70 HKffH 8TRE*T; OWE baiidaoine tbrv* atnry brown a ' u? House. wHb a-m 6* t"rea WBtrr, Ac , bath will be pot la If reguin d In mire ?' H M. "Tuv kV?M?W. '69 ">oaH ?>?. ^ rJLBt IN BBcKjKj VN-rwo taB^B MtOBi Bol'IK Bjiuwt blah atorp, baxm-nt, unU^r enllar, I1r>v>ma ra^JJ, 88 U> 4% Hniltb Uvet, alit vit'TAitda^ flitur?a com plrtc and In go d ne'ghb-'rbood. one binck fro n Koitoa avo nue ran-, and tovo bl ok* f inn I Vy llall; will b- lei k)w Ap |h to H. B*l * II, oom**r of HMilk and -^rnmrli irn ?Uweta. or M 347 "aarl a'rrei New York ^ ro LBf IN Ili^B KIi?? TWO WP'iRY, A iTI I aWD buarmi'iit hou r, altuaUd on the -ouinwea' oo-n<T of Iltidaon and t-ro nd atrreu, ir niii>g ibo rlvur, Mdna oni of tb? fliirnt l call" n* to ibe place ai dooly fl?e mtaiuw' walk from ibe lrrr>. Kent low. Aoply to UK H. b t .Td, >0 K)1 ?*?t atreet, i ?w ?oik, up ataira TO tET I? T11K OO'^BY ? bAViNO MOKK H'V)< In my bou<ie at f'Tdhitm, than I rnqnt'e, I ? "|M I lth? urp*r port 'four room?\ with earl'itWe lift b?a?in?'it, to a gi-nt* man and Wlfn with >ot ohtloren, for | l)fl ver ju?r >or all pArtloolara Inquire at Mo 41 .bird av?uue J. a. iaU?0?E*. rLET 0HAAP-A Pi RUT 0L*?B THB-vB ?TO*l, btgb *t<Hio brown rtono Ueuae, wtlb |>a tliturea r?m plrt?; n-.nt$AMJl apply OB (lie (mml> u, fit Writ K' iMih alr??t IH) LVT OR LEAHB? rBB 1*0 NE?V U. 1>KL KN i li*b ba.rmt'nt ' ouaee No* 291)^ v d 193 Wet1 Ninetepii'h ?tin t, bet ww n Ninth and TeoUk ajenu<>, wfh al nio>l- rn ? nipri vrnw nia, bo> rol<l ?ater to fonrtb ?i<ine? iMthloA km ma aa'rr loaeta front and rear va iIih, frout *n<l near ?ta'rwa^*, mtrr ra, Ae , will be rvut-d to go<d '?n?n? ?l m< d?ia ? p?k?a. Apply 'or far ber pa tkuulara to 8am. Ill * ME A ? ?LL?, 167 Ninth arrtmc riLBf OR lOtt BaLK- MH?>*n ??? Nh duOdc (4 Haat *hlrty-a?Teiith airert, betwea Mftb aod 41 lib eve ?sea. Apply to Mr. OKUUWfcuL, 19 ADOaiu ftrnek rLfeAHB POR ?iVB YB4RP ? ik PaHATELV OH TO f eibrr, four Lots on Atlorn- y and Mil# ?tre> t?, tMiion-o Delaacay and U oone now oo:up ? 1 a? an imo foundry by R. Hitt to bv vacant on Nay 1 AtpiytoC 0 finOil HBY 71 'frail a< mt rUBhT-Pi HNiHMBO OR VHruH ? 1HHKO, a LaROH Bout* and o< c Mre of Ground, In fooker*. w? auaatm' ?a)k trorr d?p t an1 ilmjnum ltrr'toga For p?rtieu ara tti qu Irn ol BdlT A HHuTiihBM, dry good* astr*, V n.ker? fTO R1 NT ? a PiMB ?01T OP ROOM 4, Ol rUH P R-4? I and ?er rd floxra, at rite art ? ??*?>, N > 3 ?<?? t Twriitr-fl'tb ?l i? t, roro?r of l?ro*d ?av and opposite #nrk moniiib?ni Prtrate lablea fumi*bed if preferred 8 -at <f rrfeiruw re.julr.d r) RENT? IN HA-i?*Y, *. J, out. UOIU'M liiDh fr m ' ew > ork o> rail, an eic llent -wfl'iog ?iou e. la th'? beri ord?-r, ?ulti?Ne for a re 'i?-e a tarn l> . em .tit g ibtrirto rooma wu'irclowl. baib ?ooiu.o.l'a . An , wltb Unto (aidcn *td ?ta> If ft' e mlnntea' walk f torn d?p > . itml $ 'ri Kir aaiiuiu *pply to Q. M. Jomw, K*b ? a>, or W M .K tl P. Jko. 34 Broadway. ? Tat 8t? oBOBfORi in a fiA*- ii toaa, i . 60 1 ourtb B'rerl, io lrt. cy>nn?tiog of B?e moui? puiit rlea, Ac,, and a b?Cro on In tbe attic Prtoa I30U. Inquire ?< N8. BA? OUB, 81* Uuda ia rroet THE BEAT LOCATION ? THE *0"BRT TO L?r OR Irimc ?Tbe Mtore. HaMm-ut an b uh o-ltar of -nt'ir e front building. > o 94 Bowery. Apply to rBRBiNa A 8RO 1B>R, 9B Bowery. rCAkUIN- aPARTdBBIB TO LET, WlTd A brick Btabte. >ct?b i*alK g?a and Croton wa er on tbe pr> nta> a anu t ata tub. to lei ebeap to a good u*ba>iu I o^uire at 2a0 Weat blitoeaUi atreet, bct?ecn oereolh and Elgbttt Mesura THMEB I^aROB IBRBM BTORT BROWN 8TONE A B i uaaelu <t?at Purur fonrtb aireet, between t?ventb art'oun and Broadway . lately built alaoM lot, the Oral aud fourth Hoon'af bouae X2 Ninib araoixv aear twenty-third Itiwl. Ap|ily to WAMUBL OOBtW, 84BitM?l?'ay. Hf EBT TWENTY- THI?D STREET -TO LET, THE T?T0 ? Booatia, ?oa 381 and Wt; alao No 136 Waat ?wenty fourth atreet hrntB low to good t>nanla. A poly to P HA A MONY H NAPBEWH AOO .81 Ureaawleh at ect tr A. LEA MAN, >17 West Twenty IMrd atreet ?-|rk PEE M0NTB.? 4JOTT AOE, OONTAININO SB^BN if 1U rooma eltglblt and healthily situate* In HroidUya frco'lns on the eltj railroad en m<nu ea' from ferry Ap ply at he Frankfort Hotel, 302 it IlIMm street, N. 1., room 1 up rlalrs. THOMPSON STREET.? TO LET, PURNI8BED, A beautlfcl Ral< of I'ortora, new carpata p operand gas; ti a pe>manent tenant will be ?vn'rd low. all the upp-.r I e r t. alao In ro* mi to suit ; everyth ag new aud M lo w rente. Apply any time this week. ?TO LET, THE FODB ITOR* BROWN BTONR front House, 67 East Thirty flrst ttreet. with all 130 $900 Ci/UU. front House, 67 East Thin* flrst itreec with all the modern Improvements aod a vary large y wd For Infor mation apply to ? AS T BACHK, (I Ea*t I hlrty -flrst atraet, eue doer (tarn the a Sore DKt ?KWI?, ?U. At rimre?'? CUUT EMBBQIDBRT aNP MIL.LINF.HV HTORB, ><-a 281 and 323 Blfktb ar?uun KXTRAOhDlNAM* kiiJk F .ml. N.J OOOD& MONuAY MURNI *0, April W, JCbT OI'EHKD IN JU14UNU, A* Kin My'*, for Rlbbona, Sa., 4o., 6c At Alriav'a, lor HlbSoo*. da, "Oo At klnrey'a, for fctab Hlblwi.t ltk& At Klaafy**, tor wtM nbb- on, lac., Mr , ?V. At ? Into. V, for hArh irrrm Trimming*. At lluq'l, hr ?wh Drt?? Buiou. BONWETH, BONKRT? At ktaxey*A for ? traw Ronneta, le., Mc , 26c At Klnzey'A for Fin* Ppllt ritraw Ounna'a, ?K, 7Jc , |L At k Inzey 'a, tor fcllt Cr?p? And Fancy U nneta. At 1 Inzey'*, fur ftkakar*. 2fe At Rlr zay'a, fnr new (bap* Hata And Bloomaea Bl*RAO*l>ll?ARk HaMOAI^H IN KM BROIDERIES, EXTRAORDINARY MAKOAlMR IK LaCR IKtOM. Baigalna In Collai*, tr , lie Bargaltia In Collara, tec , Ve. bargain* In new *b*p? ( oil ?m, 60r , 7V , 81. prick Lmr op ya-aRR M.?ri 'i*?. Klnzey'* Spool cvtnn. In ; ? lark d Spool ttottnn, 9* ; beat Fin*. Sr.; beat Ne-dlen, 3e. ; Hook* A.d fjM 2c ; tailed Tata le ; * ork In* 'lap#, la; ftorklag Cotton 2e. , Bowing flit, 9c 4oifn. rtlrt Braid 2c ; beat rearl buuona, Or dozen Fancy Oooda of all ? kida Kinrey aella Financed > ar?a 1? 78c kl? ti j a- 1 la largo -inn mh (Due tl 75. Elc lay a*Ua naw at) lea Karawle cb?ao At HloZ'T'a for Bilk Mita, lis., Wt. Al Bingeyt for mlk M u, 2flc . 3 a At Ktnzaya for Milk Mil* 38o , Ma JO* l/>T ROnltn* aj>1> MbUVae. LA/*taa' Hnw>, K,|c b Lad tea' Moae.10e.l2c .lia Mleeea' Hoaa, ??..>* , lOo. Mlaaea' Erfcll*h Boat, I2e , lie., 18e fleata* Hoaa, Ao , to., Re Uanta' Haae, Me, 19a 'fie Fine Utile Oloraa, 4a , 8% Rne LNa Wloraa i2i , IV. Be Mat* Matioi eta, l?i , Ifie , IM. Extra L.t?le toaon'MA 25c., SI& Beet Pale Kids Mc Bbatt rill O.orae, 2Ae B*bro4da*ed f K1RTS lob, f >, tl 23. 600 Pi?broldo?ed f K 1 RT , lob, tl At Kins j'a lor "lab Freocb ?V>wrra At Kl< ley a for Buebea, ?,??., 6o At Kteaey'e far Millinery <) wdi of All klndA " ikAn l"h ere' p loaa. AILLIaM kin/, by. Mo*. Ml and 221 tlabth arena*. Between n'y Heat and t weniy nd ?treeu J^T MAOYR. tADIBS TIBniNO NRW YORK WILt FIND A* R. H MAOY'd, Rlxth Arenne and Paartetmth Mrnet, A ootntilete at??k of LAdlt-a' Under Liti> n n>*da In tb* boat niauner 25 per cent l<>?* than Rr prtne* A foil *>wort> d atork of Ladtaa'. OeDia aad CbUdrW'* Oer nan and t nxii-h 1IORIERT A*D ITWDF.RWEAR, M per ml loa* thu Broad arar pnoee A n armfl' rat Pt< ck ot Rmbnne ilateat Rtrlea), fin* Frenah Fl r?er?, hiichea. Tab?, Ileaodraaaea, As, full fifty |*ir oral leaa than Hr< adaay i<neea. A o> mpbte etiek of RAaL AND IMITArtON LAfBR, Mantilla Lanea, ManUlla Oentrea 1 m<v Mantillai And Hbawla, bnibndclenea of every description and prxw. FaKAHiM, AO, ?ueb below the nnat *f ImportaUon. A <l<altalile mock of LACE CUMfAiNM, VRMTint'LF. LA0E9, DRAPERY M ' hLlRR. tl l inen 0'Oda, Lin*n IlondkercbUfii flnnaekeeptng OoMla, Ae , a^eaper than any other hnu?e In ti<* < It . A full atock of h' (leaa rape*, Bra Ida Aa. oompletA Al waye a fall aaao-tmn.t of i or UAblRr CRLEHRATRO PARIR KID 0U)VE4, At Tent* * |'a?r BOMB BETTER LN TdR Cim AT AM* PRIOR. A II M %Of, ?4 and 2IM Mlitk araniia. A KMY AMD MaVY BLARKETH, i>. WHITE, BLUE, ORAT aad BROWN. At Popular PrtoaA AT BTBWART A OO. A *"?& v? Bn?Uab Talro*. TN, - MatUnflA *D ( t *?? ' * 71^"? iJ?l WWW, ?w. . T O. J CL?HaA?'S Nr.* HT I* U" SiXTH (CTB) 1 >wti a. in-Drr ol ??<-u y w nb'b rtiw', ??!!' *V"* oo M- nu?y, * pril VII, a .|ik-udk< k.1 cl fu>? itib ?*ie *Wllo*' ??? j>Imi i '?>(* Una !??. Go"d> and ?? inbraileriaa / >?? , ? ne >? I i I ? iraw *uiid> w Alro, a new Wil b Idr ??? Mtad i"i a ? e? Im< lli'nWn ?? d ?? Ol ? li ? A N ??ll- B. I.n.t klbtx.ii* at 4&. fa . do. c., )0e., 12u . t?n . ItW ?|e fto ;tln , t7 i and W>~. a j?rd fc KA ? lk<*W, CI1 H? Wl1* I 1 luhri.WlPrV' tl>d 1 ir'ry the > nl daye ?? ihi^v ?>?>' e>m re . ? A fc< r In l-BP.'a K?> ?, I nltare, laaibrH t Jgtl I*. t UI? CltlgB, V Mitt WaTOalir, AO , Ac Udlr. ?cn b ??' Kuttitmr**, L?*H* G?HBl kr-a, l.V? u, <7". Llo*n %fi <? <t?ii7o iiullot lot > ui'"-o d r*w jia re: |i m - th- y A'? <troal"?. ? 'bH ie*, Utftc %i?rU I'lM a'apxl nt of r lt> xi .a tu tb<* fit A T 111 fa CllfcAl'fc' T hTtjkfc IN TIIE CI Y. M. W GOulH FROM THE liATB AUCTION SALBa The groateet bargains ever offered In ENGLIHB CARPEIIN-'H OlH LoTIl*, 4e., FUENOW PAPER BANoInGR. WINDOW hllAl ES, OIL* OOBNIT*>, MaT-TInO, MATS, Al'08, k\ Beat qoa'liy Fn glial Velvet Carp^ti at f 1 JT, mually aold ftt $1 7f> per yard ? quality fcngRab Bme*ela Oa-pe'a, Ife., ueually *old a'. 91 at par yard. ' Fin* 1 h^e ply Carpet*. (Wo . usually ?<>ld at ft 10 All wool Ingnalaa, We., uaually aold at 76c ij.kmI OaroeW 30c. vtt yard. AL O, 6.1 00 YARD8 TEBI TUJCK OILCU'Tllfl, REMNANTS, From one tot went* yarda, 10 be ?'M eery e1 rap. Alao, a Cargo a^armi-nt 0/ mi AOLD AND FBLMfc r PAPER HANGINGS, At #0e Mr roll. uaaally wld a> $1 2ft; flue H*tln Paper*, ('>?. per ro'f, uaualh ?old al 'Ac ft.iOlr nalra fine Wold Hl>..d*a, at 9' par pa's nmn'ly a.) Id it ttW, flue Velvet and 'aold r-harttc fifai, iiaiiai'y *>l?l a ?*> AtOOATfeH'914 hrt 11 at. mi four do >ra atxrye Mp lag Papar Faogtuga bung by exporlenc*! ?orkmaD at par AT iMBVK#VN> ?X?RNK<t UK TWBITt T-4BDOND tirmi and -Ixtb aytae. I ma aue'ton, (AaUilMi IN Lu c. Uim .Mb tH 4ROIL BBV, Dur? IfalMMlNUN, bUNNHT HiHttuna KO it yfitd Tu?M b *> r PkiHa. GHEAT BaROa'Ni IN nIKAW (H.out, KROH AOOtiOH. LO K A k>H l'*L:k~:_ Beau'l'ul i-nnu- ?* for *7 eeolft. wo?lB |U bray Naapnlt>aua 76e<-D<t, worlu |> 6", I b *e> '?rnl e Ata Boolavard* for SO oenla. aorth $1 tV ? liit^aiia and ?!' ktu la of Atraw oocda, from AActUn, far !<?? <b(t> bai' p?k* Hew rti mid F?n?, Infanta' Medallion napa. JOBBER'S STOCK fOH HaLE at nmr cbm~? tcb dollar. Bay leg removed our entire wholeaile ato k fruaaMDoAua atraet tn oor pr nJaea At 110 fIXTll AVENU#, BBAR tLKVHfi'rH STREET, We AW now pret Ar>d t-i offer to the publlo O' KR tlOO,C< 0 4V0BTU . iif POPPLaR kTn?tj goods at FIFTY 0B> Tf. ON Tl'K DOLLAV. ARM4THON ?* A nnTT*RL?, 14" Nxth tHllC A1C. t. 0 ?H?AN'fi. CIM.M .H l-^Ua UADIEK' HTR.W <*ONSKTS. fa'r>H?AN ? la l*a*ta>-' ln??< Ronn-U ?r ?p. ?<il? *e? AtalA UA? rOiMMUi C PHWAD) "ella Fimi I' - ki ? > * * K.H. V/'D b ??f Hel'a Rl Hon- in ??ery mt?l<ty Cl hl' VAh Sella w'H' < 'ov w, H.>.p "ktrtrt. O -II wan h?n? ' t?rea? r"iu niiiija. Oi|Bu*AN'nl? e'v ?? K|bbon< t^o be<v Oil S ll M N t clla H ok ?D'i -??Im Mn -'Inn. CI BWMaN H?'Ib ?!<??. and ll^wo Mi.lliw. 0 hllMaN Nel.a t k-KH CmPMAN aella all Me ?<<ode it y ry 'et?on*hla prWa, at bla t ee (lore 463 hi] lb av. nu', eo'nnr of ? wenty elgbtb aur^t. * . T fikWITU al.t. ?!i * -Oil I I *0, HIR; ?B AHB A At wa> ?lU> our 1 mbroi' fry and law (liiwl< al-nk It niut Km avid At ehtKftr pom we ean git for It. Ladfea. w? ?re t loalng 0?i All oor > aobwWea, CI ?iu out ? II a?r l<n Cl- a'na nut alt ou' Uvndke.ebWfa, C Oatng out all <xir > >br? n? Owing out All owr Ho a* H<>nn?ti, t'kwlng oui all our L ln?- tiikxla, Cloaiug out irrerj artke'a 'n - ur atota, IbAt we may aunt It rradlLaaa to Sgbt FtaM for <*bai7 I n- dtara aad BtrlpA that 1 u ui long wAved enr akolon ?vlb mna. NO <A3 bUtA ATaau% eorwor Twaa ly eWntb atr??L 0 J nUeHMaN. BARtiAlNSATO J. ni'HBMAR'o, 463 81X TB A VBN (78, wmr <wenty e4ahtb a|r?t G IMa Fiber Alria $ < <6 bBRTt ' Fine Boaoma 12c to 37<v GANTd' Neck lie-. ?<rj <-a?ap. Oh NTf I Inen H dk'f., loo to3i?L GfaNTa' Sock a, fie lu 2Nv GfaNTb' Kid wl?i?e?. 7 So utNTH' LI le G1 >vea, t2c to 20*. fakNTH' Fine blrta SI. Bunting? joo*"}bcm red, whitb and blue rilc Banting lor ''?? For iae by O B GOKDoN k CO., 166 Maiden Laqa COB8BTS ADD HKIHTH- TUB NEW UNION HKIRr, AT Mra BI GBn'S bar own make, warrant- d Ala?. baaii KtJl Biting Coraeta 91; and tlcb mnbr-itdere'l UoA Kronla, ?1 26 Coraaia and nklrta made to nrdar. K??l rrcnoh fa lent Coraela, afcaap, at 1MU faroadway, near Nineteenth at. 0LOABB AND MaNTIi LAH. A full aa> o tmeat of all THfa ra liiONARLB STYLER, AT l'NPRBCfaDBNTEDL? LuW I'HICBR, AT FXTTolfS POPULAR OLOiK STORE, 364 BOWBRT, Near Boaetoa atreit ULOAK AND MANTILLA NT11RB. 796 BhCaDWAT <n jwalie the New lork bot?l Mra. A. J aUBEKTdtalrri lo Inform ler pairna* aud ladl*-a of New Vnrk taat ah? baa liiat neelred >be lateat Kaahloua ol the Arm nf Ga? 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I. ?i?>n Ri'l'aorr, AMI Broadway, < ppo?lte Metmpolltaa UvUl. ap >Wra. HOTELII. TIbIOR PRIVATE PAMILt H TEL ARD ROAROIRO A Donee.? Pleaaant aad well ft<ralilMt4 Roaaaa, laiUli i (V married or alog e fetit^meo; t-rme andnaM ?e?m ?i>?in? a eh ?eae and tk ?; *Mtlaf ike city wtllOatf a qulH asd de?lrab.e place. AW Hudaon etreet^gTyy efORejrtea. TRPC.RTAICT TO PIRflLE ORRTLBWER.? THE ATTER 1 iloa of tbe abe?e eleae te aalle4 to a mm BaM, a?w open, aan>ed the Biehymd Eopea. I'O Raadmcal etreat, la wCak namad the Rkikeeond nooea. I'? aaeonacai eueaa, ia w?? a Parlor aad RadmnM. aleffaatly farataked eaa M aaa?<ed| lor th- .mall ania of ?4 r?* week. la<da<Hr,? I tloa anil ro eitraaRatfa foe two geotleaaen C.rieada) <^*0^ bsim* K-taarAetsSaSSAsssi *?t cim# by TTTHTTmrt HOPP-EB* ARP t^AR* ' ?AR^S If btiUdtna. Rrnalwav. eonter of twelfth ?tmeteaaanet ad on tbe Bnropeaa plan. Real a (BftjUUuSSSL