Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Nisan 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Nisan 1861 Page 3
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?OiKJDne AJTD LOIW1R6. Furnished ioom-noRT and back pablcbh on flrst floor, with Private Tabic or wtthoat Board, uil CHubw with BrKtliM, If required, dm be fed br nu>. Uraten at 871 Fowtk unci, hu I*faj etlc place and Brut*. TOUBNIBRED BOOMS TO LET.-A FRONT ROOM AND 1 iBedrmiai to 1st, lo om or two gentlemen furnished . pi *J <r lielh, in an excellent aetghborhood, with or wlthost heard. Address aur, Station BTBlghth Wat. WURNTKBED MOO MB -A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, W on second Boor, to let, to a party of gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at 1W Majdoagal street EUMUSBD BOOMS OB BO ITS OF ROOM A- FOR geolWmeu, lu a Aral claaa houea. SI Boad street; break I u required. Referenooe exchanged. FURNISHED BOOM 4 TO LET? TO OENTLKMKN AND wives or to single gentlesarn, with Board In a buuse with all tke modern lai provemsnte, to a central location. No moving at May. Terms reasonable. At 37 Bast Eleventh street Furnished booms TO I.ET-TO a gentleman and lady or two gentlemen, with or without Board, at No 43 Christopher street. opposite Waverley plaee, near With avenue. Oaa through. Alto. a front Parlor, instable far a dtniist. (GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WTVE8, OR SINGLE GEN ] Uewen desiring Board, will And excellent ace iminoda I toss a t N o. 36 Tea til etreet, between Fifth ax.d Sixth av? aues; referencco given and required. (GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SINGLE GEN T Ik men can he accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with Board, at 2J9 West Fourteenth street: terma reaaonahle; dlnn*r at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. GE TLKdEN AND THB1R WIVES, OB A PEW r singiC scnUem-n, oaa obtain pleaaant ilooms, furnished oi unfurnished, with Board. Terma model ate; no moving .n ; ml ei*noes exchanged. Apply at 216 Clinton street, uear Ben 17. HAMILTON HOUSE, CORNER OF BBOADWAT AND Twenty eighth street? Famlllei and single gentlemen can have pleaaant Rooms by immediate application at the ah??e number The houae Is strictly private wllh the com forts of a hoteL Citlsecs and stranger* la qurnt of a home aaa b ere Hod one on moderate terma. Unexceptionable refe snct a required. Dinner at all. HANDSOMELY FDRN1SBBD BOOMS, ON THIRD floor (front), to let, to gentlemen and their wives or stogie gentlemen who would room together, with Bosrd Din ner at ? o'clock. Bathrooms, gas, with other aaeommoda ttona. Na 119 Waverley place, near Waahlagton square. Large ajby rooms? with boabd, at beason. able prices, for a gentleman and wife or single genile man, at a St Mark's plaee (Eighth atreet). Dinner at A MBS. M. B. KPMNEB, NO. B WEST TWENTN NINTH atreet, having made an extensive addition to her honae, can o?Ter two new suits of Roosts. twe single Rao ma, and an entire parlor Floor, all elegantly foraiihed; table and s;yle of hensekee; ng unexceptionable. MA1SON MEUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH etreet, bttween Fifth avenue and Broadway.? To let, elegantly furniabed aeparate Rooms. or whole Floors, with kltehen, oellar and yard; houses new, flrst class. tour itorv brown (tone; common parlor. Meala furnished if itesired. A too fine front Baaement aa physician's office. SO. 121 BLHECKER BTRBET.? FURNISHED OR UN furniiked Rooma, with or without Board. The bouse an the modern improvementa NO. 61 TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND Sixth aveanea, handsomely f urn liked Room*, in suits or aeparately, in Ural claaa house, to let, with Board, to a gentleman cad wife or single gentlemen: dinner at six o'clock. Also a desirable front room, suitable lor a physi cian's office ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES can be genteelly accommodated with Board find pleasant Rooma at No. 1 London terrace, Weat Twenty-tblru street. Dinner at six. Reference given and required. PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS ON SECOND AND T1ICRD floors, with good board, for gentlemen and their wives, or stogie gentlemen, with a neat, pleaaant family, consisting ef a widow ladv and her twofdaughters, at 218 East Broad way, ? Clinton stieet P LEAP ANT AND DESIRABLE ROOMS TO RENT Witb or without Board, at 21 Clinton Placet PLEASANT BOOMB, SUITABLE FOR A FAMILY OR single gentlemen, may be obtained at SI East Twenty - thtfd street. FHVATE BOABD IN BBOOELYK.-A FRW SINGLE gentlemen and a famHy can be accommodated with a front Farior on second floor and a front Bedroom on third floor, ft rain hod to suit, witk Beard, at 211 State street, be tween 8mllh and Hoyt streets. Term* moderate. Pleasant lacatlon. Rooms and bedrooms to let-in the new building 93 Division street. Can have a full floor, six rooms, or three rooms; all tidy. Gas and water all through. A l*o a tire eacape ; the only one In tbe city. Room to let.-a neatly furnished room, with gas and bath, to let. In a private family, tooue or two gentlemen, at 18 Amity plaoe. TJOOK8 AND BOABD-LABGE ROOMS, ON FIRST J V and hee md floors, In a first class house; family smtll and select; dinner at six o'clock. Inquire at 122 Madls'on av. Rooms to let ? fubnishxd or unfurnished, with Board, for famiUea or single gentlemen, st No. 23 West MxMenlh arreet, near Fifth avenue. "DOOMS, WITH BOARD. -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE JV can have a pleasant home and plenty ef room in a small private family, eonaiating of three persons only, if willing 10 pay a liberal price; location west of Broadway and below Fif teenth street. References given and required. Address R. M. F. box 6*4 Post offlee. SOUTH BROOKLYN? A FEW GENTLEMEN. OR A family, can be accommodated with very pleasant Rooms and Hoard, in a house tilth all the modern Improvementa; lo ca> ion very desirable and convenient to the ferries. Apply at 21^ Clinton street, between Harrison and Pegraw. r GENTLEMEN ONLY.? A HANDSOME PARLOR, with Bedroom, all elegantly furnished, with Breakfast If required. In a strictly private family, residing between Eighth and Twentieth streets, and Fourth sod Sixth ave nues. In the house is a superior Billiard Table, the f ree use ?f which will be given. For particulars apply lo Mr. BUR TIB, 141 Broadway. mWO OR THREE ROOMB ON SECOND FLOOR TO A let, furnished or unfurnished, to a small family or three or four gentlemen, with or without Board; good aicommoiU Hons; bath and gas in the bouse. Terms moderate. Apply at 907 Fourth avenue, near Twenty-nlnta atreet. mWO OR THBEE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO A date! with pleaaant Rooms and pal tlal Board, In a pri vate family, at No. 192 Atlantic street, between Court and Clinton, Brooklyn. r LET? TWO FURNISHED BOOMS, WITH OAS, TO one or two single gentlemen, without Board, in a private (anally. Iaquirf at No. 32 Third street, between Ueooud ave ?oe tod Bowery. rUWt' RNISHED APARTMENTS. WITH OB without partial Boaid; house has all modern improve ments. sltaatwn No. 9 Washington plaee. two doors fr"m fork Htflel. Also a liar emeu t suitable for a physi Vlan. mo LET? FURNISHED, A LARGE ROOM. ON SECOND J. Flour, front, suitable fur one or two gentlemen; partial Board, if required Inquire at 15 West Twenty-third street, ?car Fifth Avenue Hotel. r LET? WITH BOARD. IN A ITR8T CLASS HOUSE. Na IN Weet Eighteenth street, between Eighth an l Ninth avenues, a handsomely furnished front Room, on se eoad floor, with Bedroom ad iMning; also closet, with hot m<\ ?-dd water. ? Inner at six o clock. r LET? TWO HANDSOME ROOMS, FURNISHED, ON se<-osd floor, detached if required) tn?als If wished; house with all the modern improvements small private rami ly. I re at 170 West Thirty fourth street. References ex ehangea. r LET? WITH BOABD, IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, 230 West Thirty-second street, between Eighth and Nin'h avennes, a large front Rm ni, furnished, t" a gentleman and wife or one or two single gentlemen. Price moderate. Din ner at 6 o'clock. rRINT? FUBMBIIED, A VERY < OMFO^Ta8LE back Parlor, on second floor; also a large f r^i on fonrth floor Apply at ?77 West Twenty second *trt?t Din ner at o'clock r LET-IN A PRIVATE HOUSE ?) A SIN.;LE<;EN tleman. a bandsome.y f umlsh^ -i he house has VV VT? MM n? j-f ? Itn- piano. Inm.tns .f *? D ^ffllnlek street, between Hudsr>n and Yftrick streets. W ?T? STREET. NO 183. -A BEAUTIFUL f f parlor On aemnd floor, large closets, b 't and "ol?t water, n>ewlv p*tr,ted end papered, new ear;>ets and f nrnlture. ?r un fniWllUad. To a permanent ptitv liberal arrasp me i-.s w 11 be aide DYnn. r at 6. Refrrenoe- exrhan^ed 2AB1NUDON Hgi \RK WFRT STDF> ~?UIT? OF Rooms, with Board, for fattllte*. Also, single R s>ms. Cars and stages pass VC) NEILSON PLACE -MJTR-eIn WAVERtEY AND X& Cllntos |laoea, on" block frfm Broatlsray 1'nrnished Rooms In let, ?llk Board, suitable Tor I amities or ata^e gen tlrwien. Transleal Boarders taken, also, on reasonable terma t )i UNIVBBBITY PLACE, COBNER OF NINTH street? A sail of spartmen's hsudsotnelv f iirnished, with full Board to let; also singie rooms, unexceptionable rrfcrenoee required. Dtnnei at six o clock. 41 TENTH BTREKT. BETWEEN FIKTH AND SIXTH *X J. avenues? A gentleman and wife can obtain v<-ry Die ant Booms with Board: *.? , a lew sincle genMem-n >n ..*? pleasantly nco mmodated The House has all the ni'Mlera improvements. Dinner at six o'clock. J I WEST TWELFTH STREET -BOA ItD -DE1I HA rabie Booms to let, with Bnaril, at *4 West Twelfla s tree i, between Firth and Sixth avenues; ns moving in Msy. References exchanged. C?? ST MARK S PlJtCK NFAP. SECOND AVENUE.? OZ Well furnished and pleasant RfKim-i to rent, with fs!l sir partial Board, to sentiemrn and their wires sr single g?n .Aemer ; house first ilass, dtnnot at one o clock. Hf feiSn es exchanged. EAST TWELFTH STREET. PJRST DOOR V RoM Broadwsy ? A furnished Psrlor and Bedriwrn to let ; also, fnrnish' <l or unfurnished Ro ins for gentlemen, L y? Hon desirable. Terms moiierate. Na moving In Msy. WEST FIKTERNTH PTRFRT ?HANDSOME RiJOMH sJJL to let, to a family elshing to keen house, erlth all the ?s mforts of ? home; this l? sr opp<irtnnlt.v seldoni met w 'h ; furnished or unfurnlahrd; or to single gentlemen. 7f) VAB1CE STREKT BKL^W CANAL. ? 1BNTLE I sr men and tlieir wives or F'.ngle gsntletnec oan obtain Rooms, with or without Hoard, and on mdBrra'e tS'tnt, Honsr pteaaantlv situated, with privnngs of St .Tokn s l*ark <)as ana hath. No moving to Msy. Out fhls ont THQ !W btrbetT" near fifth avenpe. H ** Hsndsomeiv furnished itnnms, with Beard, can be nb tallied by resale -table parties. Rooms single or in suits. On. ner at 6 F. M. House in tine order OQ ORKKK E HTRKET, ABO Vff~S PEI.VO? A Ie8TON EI^?Antly furnifthed miltn of Roonu; kai, erosfi a ml every convenienne (or housekeeping eeononnleaily. Parte narly suf'able for small i-espettable families or sincl# A,-eiMlemea. Reat low to permanent tenants 110 5fAiiD#?r?^ ?TREBT-R,CHMOND MOI-flE JLIU Particular stlanUon is irspeetfull, soliolted to fhe Whose house, ?kich Is now opened as a private (ami v hotel for tie reception of single genu or email fsmllles tired of the vnoretony of boarding Parties desirous of hnuoekeeplng 'een find ev?ry convenient at the ahove establishment. WAVE I LET PLACE, BETWEEN WASHINGTON square and Stath avenue, a ger tleman and wife and p? single geetlemeo can obtain h.indsemdv rnrashs^ Feome, with full or partial BosT-l No moving os |ss .)( g>> J?lce?r si < ; 129 16 ii a?p Mnwwa. CHHTBTIK STREET, TWO DOOR8 A90YK Bicome.? Furniahed Rooms to let, with or without Itlri, also. a few tadi? eaa tee sooomoVKUU-d wtth Board 1QA TBMTH STREET-BOARD IM A FIRBT OLAHg JOU Boom, where >11 the comforts of a bona out be ea jojed; Rooms oa second floor, f jr a parly of gentlemen or family i also back Parlor sad sites sioa, suitable for a i'hysi ciaaor Dentist; location one of the finest la the city, throe doors weat of Broadway. Apply at 130 Eighth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. , 1?JO WEST TWENTY- THIRD STREET, NEAR SIXTH JOO avenue.? Part of Second Floor to let. formatted <>r unfurnished, hath on aame a. or, a large Parlor newly papered and carpeted : dinner at 6 o'clock ; French aad Eng lish spoken at the table. References exchanged. lOP. THOMPSON BTRKET-OOOD BOARD AND It'U iaigs airy Booms, with urivtle^e of bath and gas, far a few resectable young men. turn* Ri aad upward ?. No ma? log la May. m NINTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE WEST OP Broadway ?To let, without board, elegantly fur nished Rooms, single or in suit, suitable for gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. No moving in May. Apply as above. MC TWELFTH STREET, NEAB SECOND AVENUE.? ? J Second Floor, together or separate, with Board, one small Booin connecting with a targe one, at $10 per week for two. Single gentlemen or gentleman and wife will ttnd as coniiuodtions In a private family. 1 XL* PB1NCB ISTREBT ?ST. CLAIB IHOCRH. EUR. luU nantly furnished Booms, with Bedrooms aUaohed, with all U.e convenient** for housekeeping complete, Includ ing iiu and ("ro'.oa water, Jo lei to respectable families or siu gle gentlemen. HI. PECKER STREET, OPPOSITE DKPAU ROW.? 1 1 Ptirniaht'd Rooms to 1st, with Board, on the flist, second nod third floors, suitable lor families. or g-iitb-men willing to room together. House tirat class. References ex changed. No moving in May. I I 7 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S It" I Park.? Furnished Rooms to let, with Breakfast s ud Tea, l-< i;entleuen only, single or in suits , house has all the modem imprr vement*. I QO WEST KOl'RTEENTH STREET, NEAR EIGHTH l'7^j avenue ?An entire Second Floor, unf urn'. shed, suit able lor a family, to let, with Hoiro; a so, Rooms for single IWrtlMWt OlnneratG Hefei frees exchanged om WE8T FOURTEENTH STREET ?LARUE PLEA ill' M sant front and back Ro ml, with Bednw ins at'arbed ; also, a large .rout nail Room U en tinmen and their wives or single gentlemen can be aee< mmudated. Dinner at ail o'clock, breakfast at 7. Kefewnoea exchanged. Q EAST TENTH STREET, CONVENIENT TO Biosdway.? To let, with Hoard, fui-nished or un 1 urn: shed Rooms, on the second floor, together or separately. 1)1(1 ELM STREET, NEAR 8PRINU.? FURNISHED Zil\J Apartments ror immediate oeenpaney. The loweei lents t? the city, considering the convenience at eoooointcal housekeeping. Best bedding and f arnltnre, with range, cook ing utensils and linen complete; gas and Croton. 0??1 FOURTH AVENUE.? TO LET, ROOMS NEATLY 4U\JJ. furnished, single or in salts, to a couple of small gen teel families, with private table, or to single gentlemen, with Sartial Board. The house has all the modern improvement* eli rracea exchanged. enq broomf. street, near broadwat.? ele tJVO santly nirnlahed Rooms to let, on the second floor, for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; small Room* OB the thud floor , modern improvements AND 647 BROADWAY-CLINTON IHOU8E.-A Utu few elegsntly furnished Rooms, for gentlemen, can now be engaged by application to the above house OA Q BROADWAY (PLANTERS' HOTEL) -FAMIUES OtO or single gentlemen looking lor Board will and ele gantly furnished Rooms and a well supplied Table at the asove house. Terms reasonable Southern gentlemen with their families will tind an agreeable home here. Location unsurpassed. Transient boarders one dolUr per day. riL\n BROADWAY? STRANOERS AND FOREIGNERS I U I arriving in New York will tind good accommotmtlons and at a very moderate price. The house is kept on the European plan, and situated in the centie of p lean ore and business COUNTRY BO AH D. C COUNTRY BOARD WANTBD? FOR THE SUMMER, > from 1st of June, by two gentlemen, on the baukx of the II i dson or Long Island Sound, within an hour s ride of the city. Address, stating terms, Ac., A. D. R, box 814 Post ofnee, New York. CIOUNTRY BOARD.? A FEW GENTLEMEN OR A J couple of gentlemen acd wives can be aocouimoilaied with good Board, In a private familv, on Slaten Island, whore they eould teel perfectly at home. Distance about one hour lrom the rlty. Good bulling. References exchanged. Ad drens D. Williamson, Herald oflce. COUNTRY BOARD.- I'EESONS WISHING TO SPEND the summer In tha uountn nan be acoommoiiated at the Sawkill Honse. Milford, Pike county. Pa Rooms large sad well veu i limed , good trout fishing; pleasant drives Jibe flnoat s-'entry in the country; four hours .rom New Yoi-k city, by New York and Erie Railroad io Port .Ferris. Reference*: ? W H. Armstrong, 16 Na?.-.a.i s.reet; Andrew Snelling, 00 V'a'l street; Frank Wells, X!J Broadway ; Rev. M. Matthews, 19 Weat Twenty fourth s:ree?; E. Ilalidiy, 24 William street. J. B. Ct)RNELll/*8, I'roprleior. DESIRABLE COUNTRY BOARD AT HASTIKGS, ON the Hudfon.? The ho-ise. known asiheCrjwen llou^e, has been taken by a highly responsible person, and will be opened for : be accommodation of boardeison or.tboui tie lath cf May. A few desirable rooms are disengaged. Parties de slrcua o'' nuiktug arrangements for the summer can aoply ii u til i be ltnb of Ms y at U East Twenty-eighth street. Reta i ences exchanred SUMMkH RESORTS. SEA SHORE, LOMJ BRANCH.? ItEAUTlKUL SUMMER Resident*, moely furnished, orchard and garden, siables. Ice and IjatbiDK houses, w.thiu vien and only a few miuute.s oi the ocean. Rent only fiUU. Apply to R, W. BOW VKit, H Nastau ijert, up sutira SUMMER RMOll. ? THE OOLUMBIA SPRINGS House, aear Hudson, If. T., will be opened for visiters on tbe 1st of May. the puhle will And those waters superior to aav In tbe State for the cure o* all erupuons of tbe skin and blood; .also, dyspeusia. rheumatism. geti?ral dsbilitv. loss of appetite, and so forth. l>escnpuve oliculam of toe place ?et i to any adilreea C. B. Nash, Prop: ieuir. Hcnsoa, N. Atrt??. IS?. TOR BALE. A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE? AT A sacrihce on aocount of the pioprietor going to ibe war: mun be s.'ld immeiliaiely. Inquire at 2?l East Twenty-third street. A RETAIL DRUli STORE FOE SALE? ONE OK THE beat locations In the citt , with Ave years' lease; must he old immediately on aeecunt of the owner leaving the ettv ; a ill l>e slid cheap, and none but a cash customer ueod app y. Address A. S. , Herald ofllse A RARE CHANCE. -FOR SALE. MACHINERY (AND t'tensl a lor tbe manufacairing of Cudbear. Paste, Or. ( n.l and Liquid Orchil), with the full secret to make it, with r wliboat the lense of factory. Address Immediately R. \v. V., BrWk'yn Post olHce A CORNER LIQUOR hTORE FOR SALE CIIEAP-FIT ted up in Hi Pi class style, is now doing s good cash basi net*; with Lease. Stock ?nd fixture*. In |ulre on the prequ-i ?e<, 2<SZ Hudson street, corner of Domini'Jt FOR SALE. -A FIRST CLASS SALOON qjj bRhaO wsy. Privste Supper Rooms, By a0o Ten ntn alley* at Uch^d; JWH}1 ^ ii.?* nold cn ?up Inqnim of WEIGHT A UrXA\AH, ^ ad way, up stairs FOR SALE? A CLIPPER SCHOONER. AKOt'T ItJO ions, lite' vessel. Address A It , boa 1.113 Po->. olfloe F'OR SALE-THE FIXTU1KS OF LIQUOR STORE NO *7 iswvi street, with or without stwk. ApplvtoCHAS. MURRAY. No. t* Roosevelt s'.roet ?fcXIR SALE-THE STOCK, FlXTOREH AND LEASE P 1 Hi rse and W?;:on^ of a first ''lass grocery st iro; om- if t>e best locations in Krcoklyn. Will be sold oheap h r caah. Arp'r ai IMCotaaiMa ? reet. Souti Brooklyn. Fob sale? a grocery ano drv hood# store.? The fit.ick aid Fixtures of * countrv ?ro>'(!t> and dry j*00'l' s'ore iprlnctpally eroc?i ies,, sltua'ed on a corner w 'he priactpal th< '^nghrpre In the Tiiisgeof Tompkinsvltta. Stales Islam' ?n'J within ;hreemlnn*e? i!k of the Quarantine fe ry. For rai l i ulars inquire at the Tompkinsville Post offi'S, siaten Island l^OE SALE-THE KTOt K AND FIXTl RE* CF t fiPC r eery and Liquor Store, 418 Elisabeth street, w!'i sold at * iacri#ce, as it man be sold bv '.he 1ft of Stay. la. If far orv r? .son riven for -elling out. Inq'tire In the ?t.v e. TjlOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTUBM OF A J> (ir"oei v and uimt Store, or witiiout stork. Apply at I SI avenue c. "foE SALE? FOUR YEARS LEAHK AND FIXTURES r of * large eoiner Store, a ^srgali ? -ap'tal aKttatl' n for fir?t clas* groeerv Lease will ne s nil with or without tixtures Aprwy f*> 1 67 Bleeckei street uer Sullivan l/OR SALE-THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF THE II Wbrt sale ao-l Retail Lupif' - ire, 6? liouverneur ?tl*l, corner t. he i ry. Must be ?old immediately, as the owner t* in ban health. ,UOR SALE? I OR ONE Qt AKTER WHAT If IS WORTH, P sfltningan ' Wtsrd fslooii, with Lease ot ibe whole hoi se for iwo >ears fr m neit Mav Vs I sm ohllge.l to leave ?he city, I will sell K ' > the Sr?t msn that makes me an offer. In<iuit*at V<; Wntb avenue. l/OR SALE. -THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF A P e.<nwr Lienor Store and Rests rant, eith apart men: s for * : simi. Tlielaler iesve the storv slmost froe; rent low. Apply to P. RAN OIBODE, No. ??, Secoud avenua, for two days. .H PaLf: A rORNKRLWUORSTORI. DOW S TOWM t \n welt flttfd - p an<1 dofr.K n fait for the 1**1 F two y<wis. ih*re isa lease if five vests to run. App/toMr. ?A IT a Juor ?l .re, in s good aelslitu r ipoiL now <iHn? a i mi>< Wusitiena. W in be sold on sin Hint of sicKRess in the fa?rillT PA VTON, fB Dlvison ?treet. R SALK < HEAP? THE STOi K AND FIXTURES OF f: ot Apply lo THOS. NrEVILT, Third avenue, near Thirty f :ih s'roet. T/OR a AIR OR RXt'H t NUE ? THE ' FEED STORE. P Wi hfteyears les?e snd slock In store, at *J2 West snreet, ft r Rar aem lots. In itiir* oi A \IAKTINK r^OR PALE OR TO LET ?THE POUR 1 EARS' LRASE r of 'lie Lltpior More, 201 Soil h street, op^osre Cathsrine fen-y, with or wlibout the stock . betwoR >om? a'wve to let fiorn Ih" 1st of Vav. Apply on ths remises. LIQUOK SfOBE FOR SALE T IRER YEAI S LBA'-E and Rood fixtures of s iisnln >me . nruer store. In tbe Sixth ward, ss ibe owner < annoi attend 10 It himself. In quire st 1 19 Mac!t?> n street ?pURMC HOUSE FOR SALE -THE LEASE Sf K'K X and Futures if t'Urke s H mse, id* oh?tlnim street, comer of .lames, l or ssie, the absence ol the proprietor with the Hlttynln h regiment belnv the <ause For further n formation apply at M Chatbum street HESTACBANT FOR SALE-FfNELY SITUATED IN ibe clly of Brooklvs, comer of Court and Sacke*-. streets, and doing a fine business ihe proprietor wishes to *11 on account or 111 health. In>)iiire on the premises BLAUVELT SEWING MACHINE FOR SALE-ONE OP HOWB'II best Machines, nearly new, at HUNT'S, 00 Rmadway. ** COAL. / tO AL ? PR" PORALU WILL BE Rf? EITRD AT TMB 1 ' idEee of lha Chief oierk of the Metropolltae Pollee. Ns. 411 Broome street, until May 1?. for th- .lellvwr ?*?* of < mel, of l.MO eosind* earh, for Ue use of the depart rasa t. Mr > st?nsaions mas be etamine<l at the oSee ef the thMf <ae?k en and after the Mh lest Argu. M. 4ft, ?, v. IU7V>T* CMC Mt'o. HOU???. WWW, ACh TO Auim FINB STORE TO LET ? ?OVHT, tha bast bnataees InaatJoa iitl* at/vet Hut iMMlllill It I* well liMm k* ?UMi mut rouul trade. Apply oa the premMaa. key uu thud few AN KLMiNT CUANCI AT A REDUCED HBMT. A Emit of Urn iM olaaa, thne story, high Http Howe 03 Waat Tweoiy eighth street 10 1st, couuuaiug mi rooms, ei elusive of bath mom ; 10 y quMttty of clothe* electa, w*wr aloeeia. Ac. Id jojiI infer. km dilutee to every roan, mil ?eparate meter. Inquire on the preaaleea. ATBRT KINK, LA AGE FOUB STORT BROWN STOKE Hume to lav? On Madkaon avenue, one block from the ?snare, new vacant ; will be out ta splendid order and let low. Kerala a flue chance for Mine one. KINSHIMEB A WILCOX. US Fourth avenuei A OOUNTRT FARM HOUSE TO LET? WITH IMMEDI A. ate poeeessjun, ileligtui uliv Wonted near Peekaktll, half mile from country ae at of Henry Ward Beecher; plenty of C-den grouid; alto pasturage for horse and ouw. Partlcu ? given at B7 Fulton ?tr?et, N. y. A SMALL BUT MODERN THREE STORT, HIGH A stoop House te rent, on Weet Twentieth street: one of the beet arranged and convenient ssaall bcusea in the city; freeeoed parlor, gaa inures, Ac Beat from $050 to $6Ua J. B EDWARDS, Ma 177 Weet Twenty third street. AKINB THREE STORT, HIGH STOOP, BROWN ?tone front House, on Weet Thlity first street, baa all modern improvemenu;_bealer, gas diluTO, bay window in the rear; will be rented to an undoubtedly good tenant at ? barga.a , give us sn offer. R. EDWARD' , No 277 West Twenty third street A LARGE FOUR STORT, BBOWN STONE, HIGH stoop House on Weet Twenty fourth street; a spleml d bouse, formerly rented for $1. HID. will b* reuud for (we don't like to put a prioe) at a war rate anyhow; and a number of itker IlouMt sob ? an low an $400, anH some very dutrable Apartments, second floors. Ac., ranging from $160 to $400. JAMAS R EDWARDS, No. 277 West Twenty third street. A THREE 8TORT. HIGH STOOP HOUSE ON WB*T Thirty first street; fine location, all conveniences, will be rented for $W0. price has been $7611. J. R EDWARDS, Wo. 377 West Twenty third street A NEAT TIIRJK HTOBT, HIGH STOOP HOUSE ON Wi st 1 wenty third street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. In good order, modern conveniences; will be rented $K00:e*s than tbeordlrary rent J R EDWARDS, No. 277 West Twenty third street. A CORNER STORE TO LET-IN A POPULOUS neighborhood. No :W6 First avenue, corner of Elgb te?uth street Inquire in the grocery next door. ADK8IKABLE HOUSE IN BOND STREET, RENT $1,100 Furnished llooae 27, and OSleoe In 26 Bend. Also other very desirable Houses aua parts of Houtcs, fur nished and unfurnished, eheap. LOCK A 1'ITTB AM, 25 Bon.1 xtroet. A CHANCE FOB A SMALL FAMILY OK ADULTS? 10 let apartments? two to six Rooms: grat. j, nantrtee, cioton hat Ins, btth, wttsr closet Ac, gaa Included; $10 to $20 i er month. No 616 Second avenue Bbooklyn ? apartments to let-the first or second tic or of house No. 84 H yt street, b*tw?en Ber gen and 1 yckoff streets; tent cheap to a small family. In quire on the premises. Bargains? low rents? lofis, offices and WasemeuU to let, with or without s'.earu power. Oak Han, No. 84 Fulton aueet, N. Y. / 10TTAGE TO LET-AT SEVENTY-FOURTH STRKET, " ' ' nine rent HBBBBHHi, _r,? West Twenty-fourth street, or on the premises. COTTAGE HOU8B TO LET OB FOR SA I JC ? AT NEW Rcchelle- will be let for aix months or one j car, contain ing six ironic a few minutes' walk to steamboat or railroad. Inquire of I. P. ROBINSON, bouse and land agent. Bain street or to Mr. 1IOTT. depot agent. C1B AIR FACTORY. ? TO LET, THE TWO LA ROE LOFTS J on the rimer of Ehm Broadwr.y and Chatham square, now occupied as a chair factory, a largo lot of OOlce, Wind sor, Spindle, Rocking and other Chairs, finished and un wished, for sale low. Inquire of S. T. WEBSTER, 230 Broome street, or No East Broadway. CHEAP? TO LET PART OF A HOUSE, THE UPPER or lower, atootlon, ut.:tni Wesley 1 lace (Mulberry street,) near Hcuston. All '.be modern improvements in the House ; gax, range, hot and cold wate- ; goo,1. yard. Desirable apartments-rent $1:1 or less per month in house 4C0 H tid.son street. Location respect able ; to let to good tenants; good yard, Ac., Ac. CtVKNISHEP HOUSE TO LET.? A HANDftOME FOUR JP story brick House, well 1 urnlshed. having all the modern Improvements and pleasantly located on Thirtieth street, near Ninth avenue L>< sirable good tenant by applying to J. CWTTAUB TO lifc r ? AT UK V KNTY-FUU RTIi S rRE J near Broadway, pleasan .ly lo ated, and cuatums 1 rooms garden attached, containing flowers and fruit; low to a good tenant, tor further particulars apply a rangement may be mu te by a K. WILLIAMS, 44 1 Eighih av. PUBMSIIED HOUSES TO LET IN BROOKLYN ? Four in central locations; range, water and gas; every convenience for good tenants, large vardr; rent low. Apjily at M0 Bridge street, Brooklyn. F>IRST FLOOR AND BASEMBVT TO LET? FOUR OR live Room7, to a small, quiet, rexponslble family; pss, ?tcn, flower ganlen. Ac. ; location first class, rent about , Apply at 67 Bast Twenty-ulntb stree', or U> Mr BaI.L, (roadway, inm islc store IilCENIBHED HOUSE TO LET -A FOUR STORY HIGH ' stoop House, In go id order, ?nd in a rimmI location, 0011 tainlug all the mcd?rn improvements. Will be let to a re ?ponslb\e (Uirtv on ie*son?ble tennx. App!y on the premises, between the hours of 2 and 4 P. M , til ?as'. Twenty sixth street. Furnished house? no. 2H6 west twbnty sb cond street, to let ai a MMl rent, or, if i>reterr<*l, the owner, a widow lady, would take a few gent el b >arders willing to pay a fair price for real home comforts; has the modern Impror err en's and neighborhood pleasant arid of undoubted respectability. Apply at No. 76 Liberty street, mar Broadway. Furnished house at new Brighton to lbt? on the high ground, between New Rrixbton and Ouarin tine ferries, within n lew minutes' walk of each; a fullv fur nished bouse with three scree of Ground. The situation la most healthfnl and the view of the l?sv and surrounding scenery unsurpassed. Address B , box .123 Post oftiee. Hoboken. new jerset? three stoby and Imscment brick Dwelling to let, between Second and Ihlrd streets in tisr^en s're 't. (las and water. Rent very low. Apply at the Post olline, <10 Washington street, H >boken. Harlem cottaoe.-to bent, that very desi rable two stsry Cottage, northeast corner of Second aveaue and I22d street; hns marble mantels, t'roton water ?nd gas flrtures throughout ? to a small family. Rent low. Apply on the premises or of O. C. HULL, 146 rear! stre 't Hotel to lbt.-oomgbbbs ball, fatebbob, N.J. A large Ant olass Hotel, so* In fall operation nd fall of board#ra, fifteen miles from New fork, on tke 3m af the New Turk and Erie Rjulroad, .ooated In (he moat WBtral part of tbe etlv. Apply to J. 8 cMJQEBS, Paterson. B.J.,?'HOMBB MORGAN, N( ? Na S Pine St, N T. Lofts to i,et?? the spt ious and desirable L?ifts No. Chambers stieet, or a part at' them Ic aan* of KOKS A BALI.ARO, on tba promises. Lofts to let At from $1C0 to |:S0, In st?re H3 Murray ay-erf. Sire lit 90. A. BAPELYE, 61 .John street IOFTSIO LBT? THIRD AND FOURTH rLOORS, NO. J k6 Pike slip, rent $200 Apply In the store, on the |rs >uses IOWEH "ART OF A HOUSE TO LET VERT LOW-A I J rnrei I. awe l! agreeable the owner will take the |i eater part of the rent In board Cull at 27 Market street Loftb to let immbdiaiely-the KiRirr floor ar d Basement of 18 Oanai'voon ttrcet, ea>-ta 3U by <[? feet, lultable manufacturing or atorage purposes. In quire of Mrs EASTON, 648 Hniaon atreet LOFT8 AMD OFFICE TO LET IN THE B'?ILD log IC2 Wi'?i rtrwt. corner Liberty. Inquire of HAMUKL WILHON, on the pre n 'den. Ol KICK TO IJCT.-FRONT OFTK E, ON FIUBT FLOOR. No. 7fl l.lbertv street, near Broadway Apply to H. (i. ALKBB, neit <1?or t>AJ?T OF A FIRST CLASH BROWN 8TONE FRONT X Hottte, With all modern Improvements, chandeliers, gat Salute*, k' . No. .TM Lexington avenue, to int. Ou be MM at any bon?r through the day or evening. I>Epr!'BD BBNTB.? TUB LABOR NEW BTOKB NO. II #7 Ruth aviane, near leffersoii Market, with plate ri? ?? .w wiiDdwt, einelleot rand for retailing dry iuenrfs. rea fly maile clothing Ac. Alio, tin tab Ad Lofta above. 10 feet deep; j a (Svmnssium with appaiaeua and future* tomolete, nen ! door; three m*oern Dwelling House* each 21* roomt, now being pin in complete a?p*lr, In Waver ley place, near Slith ?S M ne STEAM POWEB TO LET.? THE WHOI.B OP I'ART OF a new four stciy and bwaevneat Building, on Twentv ?e mth street, between Rii'h ami Seventh avenue*, uze Midfeet. Facilities for manttt t'-tnrer* unsurpassed. Ap ply at 1 M Weet Twenty-*ovanth MiMk SOI TH BBOOKLTN -to LET, THE lOUH NO. W Amity street, beiw en <Uintnn and Oourt atreet*. wtibln a few ramtitea' walk of South and ?all *treet femes, Is In per'ert order; rem ?&? Apply eo the premises, or to F A. BL08M0B, U? Front ttrnet, H. T. Stoke to let-in TBI new BUILOnrati DfTI aiun at.. fin-- Store and two roams, occupied as r ?' re, I will jive flr? year* lease do< d a' anil for any butt ies*. Apply at 91 Division etreet. CTORE TO I.F.T ON BRO ADWAT-RENT ON'LT ?l,irtJ i' No 47C, near lirand street. Apu.v to C. W . W AL.KKR, 494 HfiatlA.iy. TMO LET-AN OFFICE -UITAoLB'VOB A DOCTOR OB Den"s', lo an Fngi sh ha?sm<ut n ".*e, *i f..r a * or* at 14 LerfT place, Bleerker street. one bl.jck west of Broad way It is nuw oooupied by ai.entlti Alto afew famished K*< nts. TO LET? A ME I HI" M FAHHlONAM<K BROWN BTOnB Hnuse. has fourieea doems, Mi feet def p, cnod vkrd g*s r !? i .re <. pub. Ac , at li.1?lt Blihib street. St Xarfc*D?e, reai low io a ie*pei table tenant- -$???. Inquire at 107 hi, Fark s hinge* p?*s ike home every Ave minutea. TO LET? A PI.OOR OK Ft VB ROOMB. IN HOUBB lOftkaat Twenty eighth street, IB line order. han.l**fn? W aai ererl : h%? t:as aad water Hes t only $13 .V) ner month, rills la tert lesiraile. Alto asnall Henseon Hroend avenue tt |4M). KINBH1MFR A WILCOX, J7 IFoarCi avenue, TO LET. ON HROOKLTB BSIUHTft, NK\lt BOOTH ? ferr> . ih?t flr?t ela?s four smry high itoop Houee. So M6 PHtrk* street, romer of Btate; house Is In perfoe' onli-r; i on lain* hot and oold water, gat chandeliers, ti itures, Will be let low to a good tenant. In I'Mre at 14fi avenue A, St w York. ____ TO LET - SECOND FLOOR AND BEDROOM IN *TTIC, at a law rent to a Hmall family. Apply at 45 Domlnick ritreet, near Hudson. rLBT? THB FOLLOW I NO THREE BIORT AND attl: high atoon brick dwel'lna Hon see In the vicinity of M'helnea equare, vt? -J?) Went Twentieth atrwet, 'XV Weet

Twenty t rat street and 373 Weet Nineteenth etreet These tfouaee have ten bndrooins eaeh, am furnished with Oroton and gnt flitnrwt. wash tnbn, water nolaeta and every con venient that ? an be deatred, and am now about being put In thoronfb gowl repair and painted Ibroughont Apply to D. A- CI'IhIaH, &U Ninth avenue, between Twentieth ami Twenty flrat streeta. rH LET-THIRD FLOOB OP HOCHB Bll BIOIITH ?venue, to a renperUble family, or wonld be divided for rtwo ?mall famlllen wMhoui ehlldmn; gae and vater on the Srs: afvm.r*""T '? hon~- on tfee premise* T ' LBT-A THBEBHTOBT AND BABBMEBT HOCBE, 2* Bast Broadway, in perfect order, wftb ail the mo<lnm Improvement*, and nww na flit urea. Apply to Mr* FUB LQHH, H CiUitoo plftce, ftifht* ?ir??t. JUnl motor** BOOTM, ROOMS, AO., TO LIT. rJ?W? A BE ICE BOUSE, WO. S HAITIJON PLACI, Eighty second street, Bear Third tmut; M rooms, mc ImwmnMBU; nut low. lixjum uo the pnuuaam. rim.? rim class floors, with gar, hot water for washing in hoaa*. Ho. ITS Wast Thirty alnUi street, between Seventh and Eighth svenues. l?qalf? aa the premiss* fJH) LBT-A TIIHKK STORY AND BAHKJfBNT HOU8B, I 1 with all improvement*, thrae rooms deep oa SMh tloor, 179 East Twren|ar first street, aaar UeiaD* aveoun. Kant low. | Inquire ou thfc premise*. T? LET IB BROOKLYN? TWO THRRB BTOBT I bitch Houses, with basements and suhccllare, pleasant- | ly located od the earner of Hanson place and St KslU street. Will be rented for the moderate aam of $*00 each For par- I Ocular* apply to h. liONDLU W, Montagus street, nsar Court street, Brooklyn. rLET-A K1R8T CLABS (X MMODIOCH DWELLING | House with an acre lot highly cultivated, on Gates tva- i nue, between Franklin and Bedford nvenu<a, Brooklyn; will j he let io a responsible tenant at the I wr real of MUO for Ibe ensuing rear. Apply to ALE2R. kt 1.111 KELT. 140 Broad- , way, N. V. | rpo LET? FURBISHED, A BEAUT1FU LL Y SITUATED I atone Villa, with magnificent lawn of several acre*, In cluding garden, fruit, foreat and shade traea, stable. he , at i ElUuttvlUe, North Shoie. bta^n Inland; perfectly healthy; I delightful nelglit or hood, half an hour from New lark; uear XaUpr'x Snug Harbor lauding. rare three cents. Inquire at Dr. Ei Holt's office, Ne. 7 Aator place, Bluoth ntre??, or of BARRETT, BlUNSMADE A BARRETT. * o. 14 Wail (treat rpo LET? HOUSES, 8TORBH, SALOONS. BOOMS, X Floor*, Basement*. Cheapest yet MS Washington, 25 Greene, 444 Greenwich, 14& Prsnkhn, 34 Walker, 62 and 1KI Paul Broadway, 67 and 131 Monro* and H9 Market itreeta Inqu're, for any pari""* at 23 and 3b Past Broadway, or to Mr ZOBKL, bsarment, 87 Walker *U wi. r LET? TWO PLEASANT COTTAGE;-, Of Tl/B Newtown v^v.k fv>a6, twomilea and a hair from lite Williamsburg ferries, with I ruin U to >6 lota of ground at tached, frn't and Hlisde ii'*n. Kent $176 and $22& Appiy to A. RAl'ELYE, 61 John ?* reet. TOLEXs-TWESKCOKDHTOAYOP A BOUSE IB BAM- J round street, with modern improvement*; front and baek paj lor, foili ng daprs und pauL iek, and dining room and kitehcii, all on ihe Mmil floor, and one Room m the third story, and Cellar. Inquire of Mr. DAY, 13 Hammond street, coner of Waverley pl.ioe. TO LET? SECOND STORY, NO. 146 EAST TVTB1TTY. eighth r treat. Ail modern tin) roveme Is. Bent $2tM Inquire at No. 140 East twenty <tt \ enth street, of E. P. rLET-A NEW COTTAGE AND PLB48ANT GROUNDS at Flushing, L I. Cmtalna Front and Bank Bum inert*. Two I'arlore, aao Sli Bcdrooma <)aa .hro^tibout the houaa. and water in the bas> m? Lt. HeutJ.ltW Apply to W I LLBTf A OARLL, Real Batata A fair Khtah itg, LI. rlET-A NKIBLY PDBB18HBD BA8BMSNT, SUIT able for a pbvstsian, also, one or two Room* for single gentlemt a. In a oandM.nwIy iurnishi^ brown sloitebiuaa. Apply at 34 West Tbtrty flrat street, bal wuen Broadway aud Fifth avenne. TO LET- NO. 9 BAHK BTR8BT; HI1H STOOP. TI1RBK stories front, foil- morlea rear; feet; first rinaa Hon**, with all the moi'- rn imnrovmenta. In pcrfi?t ord-r, with all KtM tints i t-*; rented to May 1 for $i,(100. will be iv. j t ed lor $70(1. A|>c>ly at 11 Bank street, from 8 to 11 A. M and i to 8 1*. kf. rLBT? A THREE STORY llOl'KB, CONT4INP G 13 rooinc Kituatrd rn 8?'veuty first stre;t, belwaed Third snd fourth nvenueu; will o? rented cheap. :i.qu.? at LOYLE'8, 2S6 Canal street TO LBT? FROM THE 18T OF MAT, TiiE fUANWHED Bousp No :ifl East Thir-eaiitb st wi, orar Vnivenlty place. Address b?i 712 Pact olttee. TO LET ? THE THREE RTOKY AND BABriMRNf brick Houw, 49:1 Broome atreeV Apply to P. A H. LEWli A BKO.. 119 Cbumbers stiret TO LET- 185 WEST TWXRTT-POUBTH STREET thn-osuiry, hlRh nuxqi, bath, go*fiitur?n, Ac S7U0 2 f.2 W. llith St., three nory, high stoop, brown sUine front fHI 176 W. ;iptb st , tkree sfry. batli, ki*, Ac., low stoop ?.'j0 ?16 W 26to st., story, batb gas flnurea, Ac , high stoop MX) las W. ;iUt st . -i.rc?- story, brown r.on<!, high stoop. ... 800 1(>4 W put 21th st , three story, bath, (an, Ac., E?g l??e AfiO 'lest .11 rt St., lour storv, Kaa, bath, Bncllah buaemcnt 660 174 W. 21 st St., liirge,' suit ac<l attlfl bai.h and kiis . 760 to Grove st., modern improvements, 3 story, b'go stoop. . 800 316 W 22d st., four story, gas, bath, Ac., Eng basement. :>50 171 W. .57 ill iL, four story, bath, gai, Ac , Eng. bas< inent M0 Hb W. A'td st., ttiifie rtury, bath, eaa, Ao , high stoop 760 Mo. ? 44ih st , near Broadway. Wge 4 story, stone front 1,000 No ? Chris(onher st , ne%r Bedford, 3 story brtck Ho .?? 4S0 J. AW DENHaM Mth ?v and 16ih st , from 7 M to9P.M. fTMl LET-KRONT A NO BACK PARLORS, ANO OTHER 1 fuiniFlied Ki i>uis to grnucmcn, without board. Ap,<ly at II Jieeck^r street. To ur-mnnu or onwimm thk lar^fi Cnlsge House, I atrlaii'' li-iuse, t.tid su hn.nd unne Iv shaded Lot* of gronod, situated high, near I io c rner of Kr<?d\va> and r ilty lourtli street Ain'y un tiie iiren.l ics, or to W. J. STEWART, l.W t'ouih street TO LET-TTIE HOV.-K AND STORE <*0 82S I'EABL street, lung o:unpe d as a gr-icery, and sui.ibi" for other business. I'oscession 1st <?f May. Apply to WILLIAM WRIGHT, Na 4 Gold street ri I.BT-I* BEOFORD AVENUE, BETWEEN PARK Knd Mjrtle avenues, llr' okiyn. a handsome new tin >?? srtory basement and eui> eeiliir briek Hous.i, i'bilad iphla front, high stoop ani la'rory, wfh water, pis, h"t. -mrt c Id baths R? nt $'fi0 p?-r anntiin. Inquire <<n the premise*. TO LET? TUB SPACIOUS BASEMENT NO. 368 GRAND street, near Esaei market, one of the best stands in th-i ?tiwet for a restauran' or any other bnslness ; Hisi-ment 26?7i|; eight feet oeiliiiK; well linhled. Apply to W M RM If II, Jr., 276 West Nineteenth street, or In the shoe store, otrner of Grai d and Norfolk streets. FIIO LET? THE DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN OK \ | 1 (est class Hotel, kept on the European plan, partly furnished, and doings flrst rate bvlness. Terms modemtn. Apply for two days at 7#7 Broadwsy, corner of Ninth street, room J. I fpo L*T? A THREE NTORY BRfOK STORE AND A Dwelling, 224 Court street, ene door from Degiax, Brook lvn. A goi 'I ilsnd for *nv business and u go>*l duelling. In quire of J. P. lOW .N.sEVD, 14 Pine street, in tiie basement. TO LET? IN FIFTY FIE8T STREET, BETWEEN LEX Ington and Third avenues, two four story and base ment l town stone front Home*, with all the mi dem Improve nsi't. Will l? rertedlow to one or two small lamilk-a, e?cA house. Inqutre on the premises, first two houses east of Lei ingiao avenue. TO LET? TEE THIRD AND FOI'BTH 8TORIES of a llrtt class house, on the north side of 8isty s<"*nd street, first bouse west of Third avenne; each s ory consist Ing of sir rooms gas and water; rent moderate to good ten ants. A pi ly on the second ?Viry. TO LET? ELEGANTLY FURBISHED ROOMS AT RP.A sonable terms. No 118 West Twenty sixth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. rLEf? THE DB *>IRABI.E FOUR 8TORY BROWN stone House, No. M East Twenty eighth sir* -t, fifty-live feet deep all the wav np, with all Improvement*; rant re duced. Apply to JOHN H. KELBO, No. 62 William street. TO LET-VERT LOW, TO 801T TIMES, OB MUR ray 1111), the four story brown stone tront llouae No. W East Thirty etgulk street, with all the modern Improvements, rhandelieri, Aa Oan be seen between two and four o clock P. M. Apply to T. L. BQ88 A CO., 84 Pearl s^eet. rl LEf-THE LOWER OK UPPBIt I'ABT OF THB House 90 Kevins street, Biooklyn, three houses from At lantlr street. Apply at 278 Atlantic street. TO LET LOW-TO A GOOD TENANT, THB THRBB ?tory and biMmfot liotue, with improrempnu, ho, IW Went ?nty *?Tentb Btmet. Inquire on th? pi em tit i. TO LRT-PART or A HICK TI1UE 8TORV HOPSE (either lcw?r or upper part). No 172 Flrat hfenue, be tween Tenth anil Eleventh itreeu Tin- lloue i? In On' rate ordar neighborhood gocd ; rent moderate. R. LAWRENCE A CO., W lu , Fourteenth street. TO LET? IE BROOKLYN. TIIE PPPRR PART OF NO. Wl Tlllary Atreet, four Hoom?; rent 111 pfr month In adTamc . (even lulnirtea walk to lemea. No children in the fcoune. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR. TWO FRONT BOOM on tt'e thrt, bark Ba?mnt and plenty of good Panlr.e*. house li?a al< tb?' modern Improvement*-,!"!!!1 ?m*JI American lamily of adult* In the houae. Inq'ilreat 128 Weet Thlrty ?ooonC rtieet, or alter the lat of Hay at S66 Ninth avenue. r> LET-CHEAP, VERY VERT CHEAP. Til REK BEAU, tif'u I three aiory Home*, with all modern improvement*, and In perfect order, In a n>w of eleven home*. on the Berth ? de <>f Thirty third ?met. Inquire of J A*, E. 811AW, HJ Naaeau atieet, < ion 12 to 4 a clock. TO LET-VERY CHEAP, TWO FOCR STORY BROWN ?torn front Iloi.w, frescoed, papered In g"id and richly ornamented, the >lith and -event* ,ho'i*e? WOR M Firth avenue, on the ncutb litem Forty '? xth ?trer*. inot'lreof JAfc. E. HHAW, *2 Naeaatt aireet, i rom IS to 4 o'clock. w H Weet Forty ?ev< iitli street, morniwn and evening*. rro LET? THE THREE BTORV DRAB STONE FRONT 1 Hon**, No*. M, 71 and 7S Went P<Tty fifth *'ree<, In food order *nd with all the m< d> rn iinprurenieata; tea; 17UU. Hor particular* apply to A1.IIKRT HORN, 46 B< aver street. 'I''. LKT Tli IUI HPI.EMIID IIOl'ShH IN THTRTYt I ae*?nth alieet, between eccond and Third avenuea; ren very low. only ?60n One in Thirty aeoond a'reet. near Fourth nvetuie One fnrnlah. d Ho*w In Twenty fourth atr-n?, near Koorth avenue. Appiy to JOHN KErrhhTi)U, 416 rh.rd avenue and 311 Fourth avenue. rLKT-THK SECOND HTORY OF THE BROWN at?ne front Honor ?i;b modern lmpm> anient*, aiutatod In EaM Kerty ninth ?trret. Heat $176. Inquire at 170 Eaat Forty ninth atreet. TO LET- A OOOD RTORF., TIIRKP ROOHB DERP, counter arid ga* dtturea, of new atone frort houae 266 Ninth avenue; r-mt $2i> per itinnth. Alao, to let. name house, the ? lento t tlrat and necond floors; rent* reduced; bills lip. r LET? HOIJBE NO. 311 RTI YVEKANT HTRERr. CON I |l. Iniiik all the modern Improvement#, and In a g'od loca tlon aI?o cartel' Houae No 62 Third *traet. with modern Improvement*. Term* moderate A|>plytoC. U CARPEN TER, 24 Third arenne, Hible House. TO JUT- UIIRTT I. E? ONUS' REM. HK ; v\ KEN IHTII avenue and Hroadway. a ?mall Houiw, *11 rnmpWo, wlih [Sot and colli a aier. and will h?- pui In perfect, order for a c>od t#nant; rent #6.'<l, ftn< *t local ion in the city. The owner can bo ?e?n on Monday morning, al E. U Lawrcne.- '*, 1,261 Broadway. rpo LET? A TflKEB KT??Kr AND BACK HINT HOVE J In p?-rf?rcl ordei wlih ail the miKleri. iiapi orennnt* and !i"? I a? i.,t.i rt- A i | I v ? , > ' Kf.NNEOT Ft 1 ft ? -? 1 ? so ! kman *tree< o(ii,<? | ?nd 2. or of Mr* FCRl/ONO, Ne 29 Cltalon place. Eighth itreet. Rent niwlirate TIBHO UPT-FIRirr OF HAT, A COTTAQR HOUSE, on Mlddl* *t reet. South Brooklyn, one hwndred f?i 'r?>m tke kunrtkm of Third and Hamilton areanoe Brooklya Oily Railroad cara paaa every lire minute* to all the feerie*: bar* and atabllnx '? th? rear for l>nr boraaa. Rent ?110 p?r annum Apply at the corner of EtMb teeo ih ?? reet and Third avenue, Brmhlyn TO LHT? A SMAIJs NEAT OOTHIC COTTAGE, TO. mmib-r with tba rvqaUt* ?Undla* f imltarr, nleaa\?tlr ?l I Mated on th? aaM aide of HnniW.|rt1.n hartwr. i r , rent fMO to a (nod teaant, poeaeealne lat of Hat Fer farther rVO LET-THB BROOND OB THIRD FLOOE OF A I ' fiuaan Hoiite, In Flrat avenue. Wwmb Forty llfth and Fef y alith atreeta, aontalalnc fl?e ponma, to a email family. Reef very tow Inquire rm the praME LET- TO SHALL FAHltnes. FI/iftR" IN HOI ?K l?4 Raat Thirty fifth atreet, with r** h*tit and all the modern Improveaeate; real Sliand f 16 pw month Aleoa Npeae in t>*ttac?oti arewoe, Ketweeo rlftv fourth ami Ifiv filth Mreeta Tn*|nire oa the inaix, * af Tt'OEEY A E^>ER 21 J ?raod mm rpo Ilt-IT WO. N IUTBTB WW. fOW 1 ?wr? nil of Broadway, a splendid BmwwI Otto, s^takta far ate, foht o? aaeeaA l?o?. rUTt-TH* MODMBJI HOCBB W WWft FOCB lasoth MrM, sawdara Bom* SI Kaet Tw amty utath ?Jreet; sukri Boom 193 Thompson Kraat; sinaM modsan ?mm MO Baal seventh staoe?itwwta?y House 131 Thoa^aon street; three story Houae IN Waal Fourteenth street. three skiry Hoaae lM East Tturta-ahstfe street, thrwv M an House 70 Oreeae street; Stare 340 Fruat street, House ?' vacant Let 100 Baat Thirteenth (treat; Btabie M 28 Bend street; llauaa and 7 Lata Thirtieth street and Firet aeaBtie; threo-atery houae 483 Imoaa, oormr of Wooeter street. modem Honae 106 Second arenue; new modern House Thirty eighth atreat near Bruadwav. Apply at I'JU Broadway, from II to 13 o'elask. or at IB Baat Twenty- scveutb street, of FETBB A. H. JACE8QB. rLBT ? ONB OF TUB BEST BUILT HOUBBH UN HUB ray Hill, containing every modern Improvement A lldll to move to the country on aroouai of ill health IiiImws the owner to offer tha premises extremely low OaU and *<j at No. 100 East Thirty-eighth street. TO LBT-A WORKSHOP, ON SECOND FLOOR, WKLL lighted, S3 by 96 frout. Nice Dwelling Apartments If re quired. Kent B'OO a war. Apply on the premises, 548 1'earl ?treat, near Broadway. TO LBT-TO A SMALL OKNTEEL FAMILY, TUB Fecond Floor in houte 44U West Twenty fifth stn-et. Truth averiuet Omi Sit area, bath room, hot and cold water, with all the latest improvements Kent cheap. Inquire on the premises, urat lib Weal Tweuty-flfth street. r LET-A HMALL IDB STORY KABBMKNT AND timier .filer buck K<,u>? .No, 134 Baat Forty drat street, between Second and Thiril avenue*, with (U and fixtures, hot and cold water, bath, tange, Ac , all in goal order. Kent $374 Apply on the premises TO LBT-TO A MM ALL FAMILY, THE SECOND AND part of the 1 hird Mort?a of Hor.n- .I04 Weal Forty- third itrneL Has aU the modem improvements. Inquire on tho premises, TO LET-A LADY, OCCUPTINO A RTORE IN ONB of the business avenues ot' Brooklyn, having mora morn than "he requires, will let it vo a respectable party, for a drensmnklng and mll'tnery business. Terms reasonable. Address B J.- M. , Biooklyn Poet OtllCC. TO LET- THE MODERN HOUSE 214 WEST KUUB tenth itreet; modem House 91 Bust Twenty ninth ntn-eet: modern Eotite 133 Thompson street, small m Hlem Hi u?i 106 Ka?t 1 treaty w enth street; two story House 17 Ibompsen street; three story House 294 tfett' Fourteenth street; three story House 128 East thirty ninth street; three storv Bouse 79 Oreene street; More 349 Front street; House and vacant Lot 100 East Thirteenth street; Stable (rear) 25 Bond utreet; House and 7 Lots Thirtieth street and First avenue; three story House ?K2 Broome, comer of Wooater ? trret, modern llou?e lUi> SDeocdavuntM'.; nesrtnodern llpnse Ihlrty eighth street near Broadway. Apn'.y at 192 liroadTvav, fn m 11 to 13 o'clock, or at W) Kast Twenty at^venih street, of FfcTt R A. H. JACKSOM. T riH) LET-THB UPPER PART OK HOU8K NO. 37 HU A bert i'.reet. near Rt lohn'a Park, wl'.h front Masemont. aad hoom in <ha third story .> v family is ouly three adults. B. F ( LARK. Mo. 0 Erie riuildings. TO LKT? A llANDHOMK HESIDENCE, COVHI^TING OK a One commodious House and ntnble, with eleven Lots of ground under cultivation as a garden; Sine fruit trees, grspr vines he., xl'uvted on the corner of Bu?liwiek anil Oreenn avenues. Williamsburg about 26 minut<<s by cars from the ierry. Apply to W. W. lillOWJi, 6 OoeI>ties, Blip, N. Y. r LBT-A NEW THKRB BTORT BRICK HOUSE, with all the modern improvements, in Fifty fifth str.iet, a?-onil house eaat of Third avenue, north side of the stioei. Bent $.160 per year. Apply at the oi Krenrh's HoteL rLET-A t MALL HOL'SB, MARBLE FRONT, 611 Second avenue, wl b bay window; will baput in splen did order Kent only A!*o, Ibe small House lU2t. Baal '1 wenty e Ightb stieet; $M?l. Will be put in splendid order. J. H. BILL, 1MO I lfth av , cwner of Twenty- third at. O LET? A FIRST CLASH, FOUR STORY, BROWN stone front bouse hi* b stoic, i irp.ete with all the modern immovementa, and In e??e, 'lent order Situated at 102 Kast Thirty fourth street. n>*xt to I he corner of Leiington avenue. Imirilre on the premises TO LBT? THE U1PKB PART OK A LOUSE IN SOUTH Bergen, on the Comuinniiinw road, firtt house acrojs the canal bridge next to Van Wiokle s gro *ry Mans four rooms, large open garret anil cellar privUegi r. Rent $10l?. The I. a fayeita and Oommunipaw cars leave leisey City terry every fifteen minuses, morn'rg and evening. TO LET? STORE NO. t(??EST BTBERf, WITH WIK lease. It ia a gf>od Mimd for liouors or any other bust neat. Inquire at No. 1 tVsuMrgton itreet. TO LBT? UPPER I'ART OK HOUSE NO. 131 MAC. detiga street, between Amity and Kourtli streets, con sisting or two larie Itr .mn with hoim between, on second fl/Hir. and large at'iu room; gas, hot and cold water. r LET- HOUSES NOS. !*?; WH8T TWENTY FIBVT street, 122 Wen rwenty-fourth street, 174 West Twenty eighth Rtreet, 212 Wooster str?e". The ab~ve in: In good looa tlons, obiitaining the mcdern improvements, anil w ill he rented lowtogcwd terants; al?o iwrts ot Houses, for further par tlcuUrs apply dally to WII.LIAM H. KOOMK, No. li,S West Twenty Drat street, ft m B to 10 A. M. and 3 to 0 I*. M. mo LET-PABT OK HIHT8E NO. 2117 WEST THIRTV 1 first street, Kear Eighth aveune; the house mtaltis all the modern improvements; to let low to a good t' uaut; a small family pi eferred , n' ighborhood lint class Apply abave. TO LET-A SMALL. NEAT HOI'SE, IN TIIK BEST portion of ft Mark's place. Also the very dwtrable Hoioe Mo. 44 Kaat Twenty krventb street, and Dwelling No. 39i Fourth avenue. faqulMofC. PITTA. at)N, No. 60 La fayette place, near Eighth srreet and Broadway. TO LET-TO A T"K1 YATB FAMILY, A FURNISHED Hoiuie. with all tlie modern imi>rovements; the owner wishing to txiard in the faintly. Inquire of JOHN KOBS, No. 48 hifbth avenue. mo LKT? PART OK A HOUSE, SECOND FLOOR AND A Kitchen, with every conxenlence, in perfect order. Pan no, hot ana oold water, Lath, gaa, Ac. Neighborhood uneii ceptiotable. Kew di ors east of Rtuvvnaarit Park, IIM Kast Fl'Uentk Ktroet. in email fan, t!y without children i.nly TO LET-THB SECOND FLOOR OK NO. 20? WB8T f orty-eighth street; price, $9per month Thr?? Rooms at 3<>2 West Nineteenth street; pitoe, $7 SO. And also a Stable, with three stalls; price $S Imialre of C. SCHU MANN, .'*12 West Nineteenth street, or JOB West Korty-elghih ?treat. Tl LET-FOR HOUSKKKEPINO, A NKAT AN I) NIOBLY lu nlnbed Room, oa the first floor Alao two elegant f urnlahnd Rooina on the aecond Boor, with all the modern Improvements. Apply at 72 Sixth avenue, near Wavcriey place. TO LET-TO SMALL FAMILIES, DESIRABLE APART, nients. constating of lour Rooms, first, aecond and third floors. Water, he. <laa in entry. Rent from S9 to fit) per month. Impure > n l..-st floor of hotiae 121 F-aM Twenty ninth strtet. SAMl^ J. POTB. TOLET-THK HOUBEON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER of Leiinguia avenue and 1 btrtv third street. Rent very low. Apply at No. l99Le?lngton avenua. TO LBT-FURNIFHED OR 1'NFUHMSHED, THE Second K:o?r of I >use 41.1 Koni\h street, between Bowery aLd Second avenue has all the modern Improve ment*; more room If recurred TO I*T? IN HOUSE 47 KINO STHF-I.T. MEAH \ ARICK, firtt Floor, er nristlng of 1-ront and Back Parlors, twa Redrooinn, Batsmen; ami Attic Bedroom, together er sepa tale.y. O LET? FUBN1K1IKD OB INICBNIHIILI), TUB laige and desirable Country Residence, with five ai res of T ? _ _ ground, stable aad rosch house attached. >lelightfnliv situated oa the banks of the East river, foot of Filty foarth street, on very moderate terms Apply '?n tbe premises. But forty live minutes from Ofly Hail, by SeouMor Thi.d avenue cam. TO LET-A HECOMD FLOOR IN HOUSE 411 FOURTH street, between Bowery sn<) Second avenue, with all mo dern Improvements; wll' be let low to a g^od tenant. rpi LBT- ON FIRST FLOOR OF 111 BHsKX STREBT, I 1 front |{>e,m. back Room and Kitchen, with a fine dry* cellar; rent $13. Apply to W. A. KfeBV, 87 Jackson street, 1 corner of Boutfc street m TO LET-SECOND FI-OOR OK HOI SE ISO sPRINfl street, between W OOStaT ?nd Ijiurens strrets, conBlstlng [of front and back Parlors, ball Bedroom and cloeets, gas and Croton w ater on tl.e floor ; rent tH6 TO LET-TWO FLOORS, ON NINTH AVBNUB. NEAR I wentletb street, o' five and six rooms each, furnished with Croton and gas t xtnrea, wa?b tub, water closet, and separate gas meter Tor each floor, suitable for small and gen. I eel lanuUes, at moderate rents Applv 'o D A. CUSIIMaN, 1M Nln^h Kvenue, between Twentieth and Twenty Srst ?t rtets. rLF.T IN BRTOhLVN? PART OK HOUSE NO. ?7 Pnwtrs sti-eet, being two parlora, three ro-nns on Third , floor, htii baaement. with range. |a" futures, Ac , near to cars and feiiles. the other oec iiiariU only four In number , rent 9300. Apply at ?? Atlantic sn-eet, Brooklyn, or at No. 7 Qi .Id street, N. Y, up staira. TO LET IN YORK V1LLE? A VERY NICE TWO STORT irsmellousr, ten rooms, gas. water. Jti., on Blghty tblrd street, between Third and Fourth avenues, rent $!/?. Also two neat two story Houses, Just finishing, ou Eighty se cond street, near fc< ond avenue, ient$27ft. Apply to JOHN TI RNER, Eighty sluh street aad Third avenue. T> LBT OB FOR SALE-BROWN STONE HOU*<K Ci West Thirty ae\enth street, betweea Fifth and Blub ave nues. Apply to Mr. CROM WELL, 19 William street. rro LBT OB FOR SALE -THE MODERN THREE STORV 1 English basement House, brown atone front. Bo. 191 Baat Eighteenth street near He:o?d a%enue, m a hignir re speetable neighborhood , the hriose enniares all the modern 'aipn.venieBts walls and eellingK handa-me'v t*s nted, vault ander the walk, and allln ei.mpleue order Will be sold very low and on reasonable terms, oe iti, w, k gne ftitiree, ui a good tenant, rent MOM Appir to J. S. C<>CKM, IBi East Btnenteen'.b street, near Sieond avenne. TO LET OB IJIAHB ? THE MANSION HOUSB, LATBLT ? oocuptad by '.he e'il<aerlfeer It is suitable ror a Largs family. Has the n>.?iera IMNMI4 a r > -I rarrtsa, ?L? hle, <*?sh ho<ise, Ac , and ahent twelve aur*s o' land To a desirable tenant It wUl be rallied low. Situated near Wee f arm a. Westcheeter wmr.ty tea miiea froas the Oilj Bail. Inquire of WM W aTHON 3V Park piaee TO LET OK LKASE? THE TWtt NEW MODEL KNtt ? llsb baeeiU'-nt Houses No? 291 ? ?n<! Wl West Nineteenth street, between Ninth and resth avennee, with all modem improveniants, hot an I isild water to fourth stones, batnlug naims, water nlosets, front snd rear < salts, front sml rear atalrwajs, mirrors, Ae . wd be rested to good tenants at mislera e nrioe? apply for further pifticuttfl ta Messrs. ItOOME X WKLI.h, It.,' Ninth svemie. fPO L?;T OR LEAbF Af A ERV I/iW RENT I HE I arge fou'S ry br-iwn sfone House, ftl l.?onanl street, near Bmedviaj , la adapt?<i !or s siardlBg bouse or business (orp'Ses K 1? t W ?' K> <'B A CO., 6J MM Kourteenth si Tfi LE4SE FOR P1VE VE 4 RK? SEPAR tTELT OR TO I gether, tour Lots en At ornej and Rirlg ? streets, between IV la nee. snd Hmome, now occupied a an iron foundry by John R. Piatt, to be meant on May I Aaply to C. C. PINCK. NBV, 72 Wall st THO BENT FURNISHED ' <B Un FC BN I * H E D 4 L4R7ii House snd one acre of tironnd, In Vonkers, tea m.nums walk from de,..t an-' steamh,*, |,.0dln?s. For pirticulan. taeulre oi HOIT A BROI It hRS, dry goods store. Vonknes r>r55.1a^IvJtteWuTe *? ONE HOUBB RIDB from hew Tflrt J? nti\ an Ow^i ir.f flouts in .behest order, suitable for a reepee'?aia family, eootalsiag thWeen roe ma, water e|)iw,. bath room, eella-. Ae , etth large garden and stable, five mlentee' walk I ma depot Rent $r>i Iv to " - ~ Tr fway THE REVT liOCATFON IW TUB BOWEBT TO I.KT OH lease ? The Store, Bssement aad S ub oellar of marble ?rimJ W Bowery Aprly t? I BRKIVS A BRO 7 BE H, OS Bowery. WEST TW RMTY-THIRD STREET ?TO I BT, THE TWO Houses. Roa. 241 rndJM. also Mo I3f> \Tesf Twenty Mi irth ??reet Rents low to gcd teraats A poly to F. II AB ; ? NT e n?PI!?w?a co .si t^reeewich ? reel, cr A. LKA I V A V, 117 W*t fwiaiy ibtrd at^. jer^aaanar ^Arpl^Ui a. * ones, Bshway.'er W MORRI ?ovsm, ROOMS, ?C., TOUt. W ',LL1A "??Dlfl.-tO lit' part ok a nur CLASS JV,"." "!?1'Xbntk Hon*. In om of the no* pies as at p im nimrit hln'V. M ? ' ***" *?* STeTT convenience for ? re vpectible fmmUjr, within Arc niiat?i' wmJM of Aii tit /g and I.,i(lire * 86 Baw^ST*,^ * P. 9 l?PJ.f'??T.MOWM HTONK HOOBE8 ON VHP 3p&Jtt\?!rxt!&8tg uSSTwwS. "?T?- swm? FI1IT JUTE FLOORS? BUHINK88 OR PRIVATM^ To 1*1 In the beet pari of Ble?ek? ,t~i i ?L1T5Z ?t Tnnuir. at IM Bl? 1 Greene street. Inquir* at 106 Blerck*r ?t?eet. <!? I Q PBR MONTH.? TO LET, IM A IKAl'TlfUL ATL $ J A nueln Williamsburg. a suit of ali Ipa^^nri! tan d( waiar, gas. waste pipe, kite lien, all ?? oae ttoJT. __ (ihr, e cents) pais Ums door, near the ferry, tsa (Jrand slraet ** i anil burg. $900. SALES or REAL E8TAT1. #M)UNTRY PLACE FOR BALE? A CONVENIENT AMU I uutei ul Cottage, with nine room*, Are acres of laud, tine garden and orchard, the greatest abundanse and variety of cbulw fruit, good outbuildings; everything In MMwtoM order, three miles from Htaml'ord, one minute's walk from. New York and New Haven Railroad depot. Will be sold cheap, and ou favorable term* Mo agents Dead app4y. In quire at No. 2>, Wall street, In the bnie-ment. For bale -a hiuu btoop and foue stoet lliuse tn Thlrtr .ninth street, between Fourth and Lextng tou avenues, nontalninK all the improvements, will be sold low, for tenna inquire ou the premises. rR EXCHANGE ? GOOD FARMING LANDS AND t'lty frroper<y In the Weetern HtaPa for South Brooklyn or other property . will put wiSi tlie lands a fair proportion of <a?h. J. C. Ill) VI, over Mechanic*' Bank, Montagus sweet, Brooklyn. For kale cheap, or to lrt-in Brooklyn, possession Immediately, a nlon three story brisk House corner Hanson plaw and Port Oreen place : also one brown stone Hauae !la Portland annua, near Washington park. T. 1). JACKSON, on the premises. OR BALK OK EXCHANGE ? A FARM, 73 ACRES. Ural clans land, situated la the town of Westport, fair F field county, fount client, one mile pleasure ground, level, from forty to seventy feet wide, with proper turns, delight ful drive for pleasure or eieniislnt; horses. 90 per eenlean remain ou mortgage. Apply from 1 to 3 P. M. at the Glrard House. H. WAKt.ll AN. For hale or exchange for loth oe farm? A lar^e four story brown stone House In Brooklyn, wllll all midern Improvements. Mo* lot value to remain oa mort KHgo Address Thompson, Herald oBten. THK KlltHTCLABB BROWN HTONK FRONT IIOUBE, Mo. HI East Thirty. fourth street, replete with all th? modern Improvements; terms to suit i urohasera. Apply oa tbe premise a, from seven A. M. to six 1*. M , to MATTHEW BYKNfcB. ' (fr 4 ton -FOR SALE, NEARLY FINISHED, A PINK UU. French Villa Chaienu, on l3Mth street, 3S feet square, two story, bow eilenalon. splendid view of tbo Bound, between Roeton road and I'nrt Mori la, twodty lota, more laud If wanted ; terms easy. 100 feet, avenue itmnlng fro m Molt Haven station to East Elver. Anplv to ELTON'S, 34 Bi'ikmaii street, from 12 to 1 P. M., or on the premlsea. Alio, nearly finished, a rustic Cottage; same location; price $1,100; ready lor occupancy middle or next mouth. I'eck CHp ferry tn harlem, He< oud, Third, and Fourth avenue can withla walking distance. MlSCEIiLANROVI. J-'OR THE SUPERIOR BOOFINO PLATES OF TBB Baglt Hlita Company, at their vara, earmar K 1 welfth street ?D<1 Tenth avenue, or to (J. FV K VI AN, A*eut_ "7 Cortlaudt str>"*i, New York. ITALIAN HKBH FOB SALE. I Having Imported per m earner New York a tot af genuine Italian Bees, which arrived In a remarkably good eta'?. 1 ah ail he able to furnish amateurs with pure genuine Italian Vueena within a short time. Forprloe and other In; omatton apply t? C. WM. KOrtB, S3 Kichan?f place. Agent* wasted KINDLING WOOD- 30 CUNTS TUN OR MORE BOXR8. oak mid pine $2 2T> per load delivered. Add rev C. C'jL Ll NS, foot East Twenty third atreet. * AILLAHD'B CBLEHBATKC CHOCOLATE. Family chocolates. 25 cents. CHOCOLATE 1>K 8 ANTE i'KRt ECTIONNE. CHOCOLATE A La VANTLLA. CHOCOLATE BOURLE VANULi. CHOCOLACT? PAR EXCELLENCE. CHOCOLATE CREAM DKOF8. CHOCOLATE CARAMELS. All ih>' *b^ve Chocolate" arc made of the best material*, and Mummied pure. !? or sale wholesale and retail by IIKNRY MATLLABD, 621 Broadway, and l&H and 1(X1 Mercer i Royal Havana lottery. OFFICIAL 0KAW1NGB OP AFRIL 20, 1MI. M JVn. r, Ai de 1UDU0I mut . 1TU0 . . C0.I 17111 1 17012 APPROXIMATION I'RTZF.C. JVs Prtm- K" Prim IJTn. p, tl de MOOO A I de VK* | A ' de 2IWjO. 1600) $4W 20(145 $4111 77.W %UU iMKil 401) 2fHM? . 4??i!77?I .400 60il|itil?.l. . . ?J0|2jt?trt 4(A) 77t2 ..400tKQ4 anniw?4 400!w?9 4001774 1 4noimM CHASE A <?<>. Kanurn, 16 Wall (treat, N. T. Ifu. Frist. AI de worn mil ..*0> K322 ?U0 40H The iibeat English rembdy fob gout and Hh>' imaONin. ? Ail sufferer* I mm the abore complaint*, either of recent or long "landing, are advlaed to am Walr'a Gout and Hheumatic Pills. Th-y can be relied npoo aa the moat sal e and effectual remedy erer offered the pnhtfe aad have been universally used in Europe for many years for the above or mpiainta. I'rtoeSi and 7floeiiU per bo*, nmii by Prom A llaraanl, London, England, and sold by their agent, Milton llaraanl. lift* third atreet and Broadway, aad bv F C. Wei's A Co., 114 Frstiklin street. N. T. Ker M*)ee tj k Commlsrton'rs have authorised the name and addraa* of "Thomas Prout, 229 Strand. London," to be Impressed mob the government tutopi atln*d to each doi of the teas tag ItlNlCiM. , Ap5yM*314lSrty?tiJJ^ND B0<iABDl'8 MILL FR0M^~ro? ITEAMBOATM. FOP. ALHANY ? OONNEC1INO AT ALBANV WITH THE Ssw York < entral Baliroad. I'aBETWKNTV five cent*. The large and commodious steamer RIP VAN WINKLE, Captain Wm. H. M alien, will leave steamboat tier fo-.i <?f l-n' k Piareand Robinson street every Monday. Wedaeedav and Fnday, at to clock F. M. ASTRULOBY. A BONA FIDE AHTBOLOOIST, THAT EVRJIY ONE ran depend on, U Madame W I L?ON, w ho talis the ob ject or your visit as soon as you eater her nr*m. Mad*? Wilson is the i e?test virologist that ever was known Hhe win invoke I lie poaers of the wonderful setevicn, aad tell all tke events ?f your whole life Her pr?dK'i lona *re sa traa that ibey surprise every one thai consults her. Roma >Adie? ii. i y ret a little timid, though t hay need not far, far aha prei'ti^es nothing but what l? reasonable to phUOMpMN. All should ropmilt this m.?st wonderf il and lualanoua lady. Her advir* tia < never l?-*a known to fail, ana twenty thou sand dollar* reward to anv one who caa equal bar la the ahovi stienee Mmn? Wilson Is In |?s*eesKt) >f 'he eele hrMad msgie rharma? whtrh are evar certain la their eBeeu Truly rnay she be "ailed a wonderful wnman. 1M Allen street between Houston and Stas.oa, rjver thabaherj Fee lor ladies anl gentlrtuen Mima's. A MTOMIHIIINO A|t|* MOM W?iSDBR?' L-MABAMM ji MoRK'iW seventh daoghter. bora wMb a caol aad nir of foreslgh'. tells how wion and often yon will marry. aa< ail nonaeraa <iC life, even ynurverv th nib ?. fhe g ?ran>eee those who vl?lt her will not regret It. Kee 25 centa. IA4 Lad low, all loots Irun Houston street tfentlernea nc! admttud f-tLAIRVCYAhT -MRS t-K'. ? ' " ' ALCIUIB \ J vftyant. 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