Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 10
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I W "ntJ ii ?t A PMM>* Mttr irm 9omam >?i-.hbs a si c W atlon ap kn>?'r?f? ??w1 wi nee in growl c <.hl dron. or ?????( irav^M 'tig ?ttb a fanni* ban go m) nly re. nrv-uce. Ml at 141 t??l tt i b rt , a 'fw d wi I rmo 2d ar AMTUATIOI ?AIHTl!l>-?t A K>?B<?lC.;rABuK wo man, an Ar t cIsm tanndfeH', li a urreao- f?m ly; tw ne? !'??!?? f 0n? nneMaa, reaittm ntvla <;?li ?t 61 11 om ft* M. >o ohjreuopa to COUBI4T Ke'e-ense gi??u. HH'illUt ?AMEi>? B* A KKeifR JTaBLU V. JoOuf gl", a? ebam rrtbMC and ??lter la A private fa ?My an i.lij-?-|.>i.* to nlty or oo'iutr; ; ba* int jearm' uliy re to hmw ? all at I l), ?? av BIT! Al IO < AANTtU? B\ A YKtvY <:? J? r*Jb TKN r y ninK ?po.?ti,ai> eh?u.b<"B ?ld aod l*Hndr->Mi. no ob jMtiane ui uke ??re of fbr *?n and do jialo g > >d Ay C?ll a* 36 Wekt Wtn ?t l*t aenu Mb AUd litb ??*., M>t> lU'Or, MM room AtOD?0 O Rl. W. NTS A HI I'D A ION AR 01ILDM mi??, ?!>? io rf > plain aewic?, ?bi <? f i)? <oasyet?iit to Mr of ? tb Id *PI? y nt.rpwr'. ?mi>iov?>r'-i jt<J Kaot ??re?i, ?? e-e b- e. u be iw n from 10 1 1 lot Mik . nil. L Ml'bKt A i vA 0< Al CIU*< Jb kermald -iUd ?? ?>ng w> uld out e her?e!. gnn'rallY u-e ta) ban he beat ol dtj refrreoce < all at 'iOi abt o?u teu ?&. *d flo> r APiT-iaTIOM hl>~^v A -H<M'AH|>K wo ?An ton ok waeh alia Iron Jo d rrf-**en.ttt rr?oi her WllbM jnqui-e ilU ""-kt 27th au., top U^ar, b?t*e<'4> 1m m?l ttb ??. - 'o' iwi <!?>? J I HI'jDIi.k *? TeO Bf < K? t'a. :T , Bbti EMU ? Ifcb girl, io do bouM-work i a ??nail rami y. ppiy at I'citoril beia-iHa Ain'iy and Mlo-xter. ?J m-i ti?y ta Ian re . RlTTeTION WAITTBD-nV 4T07N1 ?OHAN, A? \ aalld'a nitree nr ch*Blerni?i'l ; eao no plaiu ?eviog. Cba IvM-en at i 19 Kaat & b it, bel?e?a U anl 3d ara., i Boojr. R TDaTIOH Wan ED-BK A TjT-O OIRL, AR ?urn* ?t.d jbum^croik'd, or tn do eh*<nb*r<ri>rt and f, 1* alllvg log >u Ibe ao'lbtry 'or Ik-* (lull m -*r ; h?? i wi f ?Uy >tf?- eri<?. l"ao be. >?eB for txroatyaat H i9U> it . in the rear. 2 rx m MTFaTION ?ANT"i>? ?r A TOL'NI WOM4N. \g A oBok, Urn rata ? a?h*r ai d n? ?r, good otty refer, uca. (?l ai A 2 haai 21M ?l . for l?o ? RiTrAnon ?antkd-iy a re^pejtajile k o'rk (rri a? chi d a nurre and 'o do ??wmg Can for taro imy* At 1,4* Br adaay, Mtwwa tot a an 4. it ata AbEAMST-sleft' IITCATIO* WaNTEO-IS A PKI TAte family. hT A good Jmmna undcrtUaudi Alt k?4>irf fam'ly eewlnglntbo ueA'eht m timer ; to unjo-itioa "?go In the Aoonlry , would .Ake ore n' graving rtiil r-n; U ?o <? ?>j refer, noe CAtl At 247 Went t&fl at , brlevta VJk ? r d 8>h ATP. k Mil UA HON WaJT'EX#? BV A (H'Nut WOUaI. TO A ?> k, ?uh tiid iron tor a ?m*U family; net'. or city re ?renee given. Inquire ml >73 Adam* atreei, 8r? AJyo, to the ?r ABB'PBCTABLE ?OMAW WmJiT A ?<! 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Bmoiy re'ereuoa. i all for h>< day* ai 4S3 Mb av. , between iUt andi-d Pla. 4 ?ITTATION W4N (f.O? BT A HRHVE'lTA il.E JL yaur g g rl, a< ro k and U> avaUt u<ib oaaung and koahog o aa laundreaa good ally rp<rreD v glvrp. A til/lr at Wt * aet "tb Pt flr^i ('. mt m th> r a'. A6ITUA1IOM * ANTI-.i, ? B '? A 1 (ji N<! OIRL 16 y*Aiacld,tn do kaHIbk And cbam'ie-work, guod !iy t?fererx? ftr*a OWI ai Ao 6 Norfolk at., In the rear, room S*. 2, lor two rtaya, Ahti ion wanted? Rr a ^eh pBor?tni?E w > man. ?bo la Aa tie?l em e?>->k pud a<? 'one and the (>?? t a* allt reference*, In a piira'e famliv, or w aid hare nn o>> JfctUm to A pritate b wrd ?< bouxa. <uwi.| ?ji', | ,?? wwhing If r>'lu red Cail at la Amity In the atgre. for fcmoyi. * A HTI'AIK N WA*TfcD-8V A REkI'SCTABLB P*0 Jn te*tan< gl 1, to do <n klng and ua->m In v anning and kronlAK, In a -ra?Jl fHin ly . K?>od City rvftrenoe given If re ???r>if Call at Z'2 ^6<h ?(..between 8'h Anil 9tn Ars , Uip Bu?r, back r> om lortwodavp. A?-rrrATtoN wan'Bl? b? a R^s??Ecr\KLR wo ?tan. to i*n general bonne v?rk Aim by A litre ijirl. 13 year i> id tod" waiiltigund take rare of "Mul en, brAtui refb Mice given Apfily at LM tint Xtd at . too tt>H>r i RITl 'TlOB WaNT^I>-RV A RhFPE 1TABLB UIkU. A A* ebaubermaiil and w?ltreaa o? la take c?r* of oMI 4wn Heet ?? ol.y refeiene- from l*?t emnl .yer No objoa iMn In ?b? <V'Uslr/. Apply at So. )M kaet HJd Pt , top I wr, back room A COHPf.T>NT fOCNO WOVaN WANT* A 8iTf J\ Hon aa e ok. waaber a- d Ir >n r. in a enia 1 j.rl ^ tie I'tml tf; nr-derat nap all kind* f baking; c*n toin? *?ll <*? .? Winded "om ber laat p uff, hAP iim objection to a ahort # ? tADae in the o iiin<r>. OAil at i:w 71b ave , betareen lihb and ?ti au ABcE ?Ol NO WOMAN WAN t-* A ? U'A lion ?? l'ha?^<?nnald atvl lnundre?p or l? d<g>aara 1 jw. i k In a 'efpei table ihbiIU ; ? l^e ?'-?t of iliv tenar Ca'l a' . H ndaon ?t. , between Cbarilon and Van. 4am Pta. for two daya AH.Tl AT!?il? WaWND-HT A tOl'NO OIR?., AH i ebarulirrmpid In a prfAi* fan lly or pi^tate b n?rd<n< j kaaae no rbjee'lon t? auMpt <n and trcnlrg; go >d Wty r'lerent* ("All 'or ihr*edaT? At*> Monro" at I A HTVaTHN WaNOU-BV A vftCB t WOMAN. AS n ?? k Ip a flrat tale ? wher and Ironer: ?w*i coy re e re?ee no 1 bJ*etlon to i be country. ? 'All at 33 v a>t tlth at , between Mh ai. d I th hv? k RBBrfttTAftLB Ki'MtN IS DUIROIII Of PRO /? e?r tig enhi r ia<l . a' or g?n>l< tneo'a waahlng; ip an e< J ?afle' ?i d 'roner and a ould have no oujcrtlon g i out ! to rti da? p wnrk I all a? ?n K<u?t :u<t ??. ARtSl',1 i ,Hl.r >t)i mi Wi,*UN WaNPW A SJfKA 'l"U ?? 'i d . nu'?e ?, ! t doa*wing i r (^uimlx rwork ; b?a go d iet?-rruiee. Cnu 1 e at lirr prcaent employer'a, 3W H fpl 'lift *1 AMTPAtlOl * 'NrMI-MV V RhHI'B<'f ABtdt |OUI)il kinit cU<mi m t,o ,,,r\ to applet In 'be chamber ?mk i r d> line ?a?"ltig, ?<H| il no t'l ?n? r*^ of the totintry: heel referenc given fall I r two eajpal* W?ft 2Hih at , ftrp' fl->or. ARlTOTltN WacTM>- 8Y A BK-VH rtlli.F, i'Ro i??iant womm who tnoeoiirhty undeiaiund- her hnal I e?P ae O"ok ?Aaher an) inner, in a I" 'I* Ith e |iruat? aw>l*y giK>d elty rcfereer- etren. Apply < >r two di'i a' 71 ?e?t istb pi n> ar n'b ar. _______ mTl'AIIOH WANfRD? BY A ItB'tPK *ta hi,E ** yourg diiD iid, to eo>k *a?h And lr >n. ean -he be?t r'|i? reurer ee if ie'|Ulred Call at ?)? Wreeue at , lit the ??a?. for two dave Anitiaii?>n VAVTID-lt 4 TOgm (Win to Cf k, ?apli andiron g"?d reeemnieodatlenp (rtven Ap ply for t? o dav> at hot preaent employer'*, 63 "to at., be i?~ n lat and 2<l Ar* AflTVATlojl WAbTRU? BT A BERPBCPABLK yn?nt woman, who la oompe'eet to lake chAege of An tefAM fr m I a birth aa Pb- bA? had aipeiienoe; e*n do All kinda of plain pewing; bo ob jw tlon to go to the country 'or fke pnm-aer. bert of eit? re ereiion. fan be a?en for two tfay* ai l? Waverlei nlaoe nenr Mh at 4 PJTPA HiB ?aoTPO-MT A YOI NO JIBIS Ad ehambevnaid and peam-tnwp. or aa nurae and *eAm ? an be aeea at <be ever* it hour, mh* 71. & mtt * now* w y.Trn-rrn *'A??T* t .. m> % Ot it AN use g Irt inhO" 'k?m?r nwx ?lo'j-?Tnl vrKI ? IkOj AU'lj ?t >' >*? ormtd ay ir*> 0?or. . aV> f T|S-"A*T fltttU ?I?W 1 * *lk .<?!(? ? ?? M>M?>b nm <1 A??t or a? r.b an ? ' m? M d 111 I. k' r%f ?t I hll'reo In ? p-Wat unii t?.T) for ua*. at O* > Ml 7th xt . NH ?<? ? Im v ft iu ?'* \ HTOa* <>ai WaHTR ? A*-*** T,^L^ ??R i n t?etanl gtrt iv 1M? i?- w-anatrea; ?.n? ?.(i ? ? t i iln'krw f a rMUM; ?t? ?*??. aa* 4t I -it*" *n<l ??Hit iio' (Uimii f ndrtyr'''1*!** ? ? ) at ?7* 4?b ?? t? ei-n *Mn *??(* ^ ?h (a,(n ihn ?'ji** Ahii %M? i> ? ** ? ioum? t? i- * w?Her " r ? . th beat 'Utr ? ?<? r ? fm Ivutlnji ?? W1 gr ??! ?V Vlortt I and .4 aia Bn> k Ijn A A *-?Ti ?*i? h orAiv'ti - ?> a ?< run uiftu ?o a? ??"? 1i A H<m- * d ! n Ing Kod t-k>w? <?*"? o' eh I | 4re-.;?<> 4 ? tv r?f*r?i> -n ?'all at e< i'<-ugW< at, betveeu fcnt t> ?? f> ? ?*i *nnkh?. 'w ta'o data a ?aNTKI>-?% A *0?'?0 ???* ? %R A IVr** ra'e e Ok, w?h r and iwitaTj n der?'A'i4a b"* twt'i-Mtr *Hlt> hruebra f eJt- ea'eren-einveu ao Nmh ITW?i)|?lun)t VtUTIllMr 141 dm >(!}? Am r a" ok <?A?Trr-H> ? WVM woman as rbmr1 ?i iii> Id tnd In ixiiii tt t<<r ? MklK an< matin, <!????'? ???? u- hj.rt ? D '?> ?h? nrmutry. final it? r?rn I*UC gl^eii t*? II a' 34 * Ml S7*1 ?t. hi t OTl y '? an ' '??-??? a K?HI?eO> A ?L? y cm woman, >? fhtn V'Mti) and ?m'U>r: ? mid ae p-u ?W *? h*' m g arJt 1r?r>?ii* If r?qn rwl, tuk?c?rw ?? intl u ?n *t r< i p aW >? ?4di and Id' rt ? Hj ri'*r lioe. < kit ki ?on ? rut M?t Wh and loth av* A?-h?ni<WA -T >? UKO ?OM AW **?ts * ?M. tmn aH <*r>l el?m r>>ambvrai<ii<l or WAlirvwt; h >? n? if t. In gn in c<it,n>"''. 'I>n?)?ii>l woaiwh %- tf"?l ft??- Uurdrts 8 v? w ulo Vk? t > ko t?s? h.>>; iM.y ' r#- ?? r ? c*> *ddr?<'i?'l* Mnl?>nr*y ?1 , eo?T " o' -prtufc A RlTWA'l" ? A fii A. d> i^r?T>l iwifcwork vn a *m?il taroiiy '"??il a. 120^ ?-?ttr rt _ M-l'?n > *A*r?U-Hf a n vouiii ,^t?l *>u<t>*n , under Unda he - too m ct> y but n> o, Jrrtu n* to go ? ?li rt rttr utoc*- la lh? cnwbt > C'ao b* ??-?D fnrt?? aay? ?tW Wgft ??*l) gi , air 1 1. A n>Tifjirw)w *aNt?<o? b* * n?oSi-* i?fc. h* rv n Ik (!?]?? Piir-p .1.4 to do piM" cew<uc o- cbm er wu> uxtp'oi ?? trig, ks* b?b*'tc/ city rc arc. lis*-. <'ilb br'imr > i* ? d> y? a< "..I* *? <*nrj . hF> PI OrviBlP iO"?? ??N18 A siriT. A ?t ? ti ?e ?U> rk; le a vr. 4 plain enok woatni rat? ? ? Ix r Mid tr rbr ?>a* tb?- ' >??: of ixf l^nn ba trcti lor ti'O P?)> at H? West S^tt-ov. , tx-twrm Hth and !0ib avH AS Jt??TRrFS WHHEH A UtTnA'ilOW, CaS WORK ou 1?- k ???'< ???' g manhVix; also uaa -? n.rn? ?t?r -ip< i?b; t n do all ?*??<?. of f^an't* sewing; **. or ?ltv ruttnei ?e gt^tc Uaa be ?ten for SWO <l?yn ml 3.1 ?0*?T>. ? ? ? est i-pt able v^>r^o ?r?i> watb a h?ti;a A H o? Ih a grHni wnsS?r a?(' lron?r ao<l a K"od pkA.ii ro>'k ; pnot* nty ?tlfrroott gtvev. ?:all At SCO Budtoo ?? , J*riw kljti, *?>r '? o date A UilMIMkl u <*<)??* v?in.iK-i a srT0^?i:4.v A ?<? ?x> <k iii ? nrl'.tp farr>t y, or has n obj cu< ? ic a Kwtd'nd in u-> ; b- ?i of* liven luijiuru at bi ' itiib n., hHuwl M aldfth VI. A tci-M'rfri'Aau* YoCNO WI-HS* a hit; a tu>i> w- chxaberv Vd ??d to ukn oaro of cbtl tr?r. , no obj eiud>u<d yrDeia.] b?ii??ni In a man I f.ulh tc 'h? v i i ? <i. i'T h#?v<>- >ei>'?roo^i??n 'i m her ? t pltca ( ai l~ **??'-> tbin ("ay at l.'M 7th are , corner of Wuat iMth ?t. 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Can b?- ocen for t vo days at *S <-h ?t 19 ti at , m a fiih av. ^ H ?"*.? rALLh ?' MA W UHf.H A nTCiTI H A4 a bi u cke?t*r; ha? tv.i otj-nhci to iatr umot <rilldr-n or g" Ui lb" country Mat tb? tar of city r-f?r?ii v U.ii tai?nr r >b'e? day a ai lit twiJiit at , between 24 ?nd Jd ?Tfn , 1 1 <ifn No, A , 8IU?T|I.N ?aN ? Kit ? ? Y A OK M?N fv> A c..ofc, ?aab ?od iron deal of ,lty r,.fnr.-?i e^tv<in from inT'a"! pi c* ( All lor two daya at Jfl A oat Mitb at , lop tloor. back room htsPHO' \Bt?! r-M.ri.S-AN t.Iit , MOMlTbT .5 ar Wed ? ante A *1 uu'lm ?? cbi. jibtsr ma'd. r rn'o'ul drfn'p mi w; and <o <to )ilain *e?iag Ap^lj at Ml J/> at b? ??i-rn 2m' apd rid ata. AtiT ,vri?iN vv A?.Tti n ? b ? a Rtt-'PactAVi* w.j. m-n an bounekcim ??? tinu'^a- co k; no .ia i<* t'on lo ttsplo ?>tb lb i' wiinbiiiH an1 Ir .n rg Boat t r- i-|i".#'?r. uti j nquiro at tU6 K.a?t 1 1 ih >t , fuurtti tloor, Ir <nv mnui, for two day* I ASiTUa Il>? WaNTIU-B. a tOUAd ulaL, Tu DO obainbnrwcrk And wMti: jr. cr to aaaiiiJo viutltie nd Iro'iud, beat if reforenon lu<iuire at M (iiaAd ?t . .Itraer city AKIU'A'IOM VVA?TKi>- Sir A K?- Pgr A *LK Wi). miii: JUioook, nmh-r and Inner, can vbna el y rcr? leoee inqulie at Mo. 2 r rince at., one door fiom liiliry. Brooklyn. A KITUaTX ib WANTiiU? BY A KBSI'ki > a3LiJ 'Kttl.. OL to trav? witb a lady, or to ai ch t aMrmairt or u oai IreM I'aabeAeenAt M2 6th av , between 15th and Iftb eu., n the rear. it CHILD * M!RSB? A HrtA'I')> WAMfRO, BV A \ highly reppectAblo your* v*u?*n. an ilr?t otaw child i ruree and acamatreaa, or aa CBinribt rmald au t (?>?tu.Ln-?. la ihi rt>MAb y conipeteot for h r buaiurai Four year* flrat ciaa? ntv icierena from her ina! place Can be seen lor two da- a At 1*9 13th at , between Ghtid tttb ara a RESPKOTABIE OI?L * VNTS a 8lT0ApHUf IS A a 'nial) prlrate family, to do qetiv mi hou ev?o?k, t? at ei cellent w anhiT Ard (roller, anil i'*r <io p'.^in cooking j ,id city r> feipDce. Can be aeen for tarn daw a. 1M H'jat .it b at, between <ih and Kth art , top tk?r. H.TCAtlOP WANTED? B* A T?lDN<? WOM*?. a8 dm lourt. AHiTCA^IOI* WAN'ElJ-Bl A YnHN 1 Wt?M ? *, c^amberiDAld and to do fln? na-hinp oraalannd* I ert ot ci'? rccence Call mr t*.' .la, 4 at D nion "0"ity piace, between lith anil ??!# ?is AN.1l. allCN WANTKD-BV A YOHN<? 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Call at Mo 44 I earl M , Hi'N klyn. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ \RFf-l FOTABI.B YOI NO UIRL WUties A ITl'A uon aa iatindre?H and io do oli imo*r*ork b?at of refe renc* Ir tn her laat pla efort o y e* ?; ti t obj ctlnr to the ciointiy orruv ' ao b* att n for one day at <41 \\ ?at IKh at, b. 'w < o Tib and Mb av*. ? SJTVaIION WANlRD-BV A TOl.VU OIRD, Afl % chambermaid and take care nf chlldien. nr to do bottae work in a rniall fxmlly ; no ob lerl'oii lo m a <tiort dlautnce la thi c uiUy, CaII At 64 Cbrjat e at., Mom Wo. 4. ARtbPVt'TABLK OIRL WARTS A HI T A'ljl* AS cook ? Aal er and tniner or to dn h"U?. wo-k, in a prt va'e f?mtly. t -a>d city refi rence c?n at 129 nuflolk at. ? Hi ? I'ATION WA.NTRO-A ' C'< AM BRhM alt) ANO A >?*???*?? and do U' e waar.lng and kroalnu inaort'^te family no objictlon to tbecoun.ry Ke?i ot city re'ereneA. Can at J7 Court at., tn Ihe atore, bat ween ativu.c ai.d Pa Me ia itHyi - M1l'At< >N WAftiKD? BY A I' C )Ie n ored rook . tmd rati n?a her bu<lt>ea? in ail I. a ir nrhea ' Oo"d ie errnce tall at Mm. i mar?'? WMr-t 111 n., Dr. Im eei *th and 7th Ava., In (he rea', or at the at re in front. AL ...V VHO 18 PIlRl" ? T IM MTRUX A.M? KNO lt>.h w'rttli x wlabea ti. get t'tnr pnu?l-? to d > at it <me. Addi>a> W , ore of D 8. uuitck. tiitt'tc at<>ia, ."t 4tb at., W il'.mn ?? uig ? AHic ? Et.TA*LX VOtSO -?*MR?IC*|I WOM lH wbhea tn ttavel wt'h a ia^y nr fa-nily A? rem 'tol in nttrte i r tiivcrn?mi; ran cut a' . I make di ?ne? and irwa? eewtr* n ach tie t'all for one we?k ai I in Atrtb .io at . Wll IIOBIrDUf A b na? wo'k for a t'f'v 'e fam'ly , la a *ood "'?ik, Ural ? ai-lirt at d tmner tlo .' iner i i? if reijn red apply at Z'tfl v.olter'y at., near Prtn", front room no a ata AKiTt ATt'iR ?aNiEO? H * aKh?F( i \ R ij K ??: ? a chamt- rniAtd or aa ekamber>Aa<U anil t > do flne w?. king In a < urate amly, ht llv#t ltr>' >nii t tilf y?ari .? nri a-lplm H. t an b m tifn ttodt f, |f nut rnitAgeit, A' lib 7tb a* , ti?''wrrn ISlh ai.d l?tb aia , tklru flojr, I aat n ont .Newpi.rt, a 1 , pnferr -d -flTl ? * Itfr . . K , ,, t ??"'??n n nur*? and wkm?iri*?? of ?h*m *r,' ?k?in?ii?a ; i?n do all kind* o family a ma* <t- V"<> I and iioillijl, and Oh ki ,t ft ,?j cH? r i Id and Aj [ >J 'uri"oil? * *1 JM |.Ki 2U( *( M i* <?" ft ? lloor , r cm 1 1 , front. .n ?nd?'.i ma ? ? ? ? , ;id av., third A"1TI A'TON * VKf ill i k- c kmN'imftl i and t > -umIt in n iir, or m clikm-vrtmtM mi ? "KTf % II I* It TO JNO ri-j ri''er?nre (r< as kor ikot pi with lh? f Jili'K ?'?? d? > k kt lirr jilTf-Mit riuplm ?t> ?lire**. J.** ??clv?l?f ? ? ? ? . iv '\n loft* . hiTUAT O* W/iNTHT" */>???? Mbil, :)??> *Jav \ K'rl ?? rknaboimr' ? ? __ - ?rvnih r klrd of wnr' ?~.?t A i ?? sHll) r ? Rtii *oU *(i ????? < all f >r tw# J nr *al'f???, *? ?)U|P(< to ak?Wt In kin4 li 1h kvk * Nrkt >it J l*fi r?->oe f?? l*?l ??""!? ? ? ? daya at 2?7 A <v.i ?t . b 'tmf" '*? A HIT' AT ? W>d? t> Call at ko tw W*HTIll?-BV ? RK? Hoi' t B'.K 'i >RI'. outAoork to * 'U??)l family. Cltf rffertw* ^ f , 1 Boii?ar a , "mokitn _ rr tlU?Tf?)N W?nTKI>-Art RIUVIKaM UD A(*D nr rtnrmt- ttiH M ril?tri?? ? . tV kt O' <"ll? rtf" .,<* glvra "call for two a?)? m Kj 'twri n , TWHy a nrn'Atio" wawtko-iiy a *?(,? }<mn$ "">t*a?, M rhuiitirrmiud Mid to ??<?(?? ? h? wa?hli>? and If n n?, or ?nti d d? Rnn?ral a<>n-?<C'?rk In a wall f?n>'l?_n|? ^?x| rdmnn. t^aqnlr-d. Call at AHlTITltlON ?"AlI'TBO? Wt A htraov TOCI?r? *n. man, to <V> k*?*m >rk ?r *. ehamh- rmMd I" a

?? ?t waabtr via lmn?r; la vllllng an I ?hh( OB; Hi* rafa raaee. C*U f?r l?w> da/aat 1M ftiMMik at, neftr ilU ??. 4 arrr'ATiof* w/hteo-^e,u,l'!l. I ARF?'VTaKi F. WOMAH *Q T 4 KK I* nrwtp b?ii i and tain*' wBnk?rig?t i^n * X > i i lAr* for b'-fcctilrjt; or wv,uH go out- "if - -J! j be Htm * two day* ai&7? Oo-umbtA ?t , South Brooklyn. 4 MWaTION v?4^KT)~4H <XK*K M to lb?* wdsbin#. no oojti'tHo *<> e?*y ? co.T'^fif ' y ? twin*. (Ail at .'&! 7 th bv. , bevaean 324 fcOt "** "** Ay<h;?o KOMtn Wants * nrro*Tt >n as hx ,q piAtn on?k and llntt *at? w.iah??r ?ud lroo>sr; baa n ' t ,(t>. )?)ti< n 'o go a ebort diatAiMM In '.be eouury. (; "1 'at L'Ji Hinll oii -L. Br?r Vmlik, La the ntwr. I'K uauajK Uoa u> do genera' liou ew>rk. Atllf U a'H <i VinM BY A YOVlM ?Wi.v? o A< a?wl wNiireu or an <i un-w m.v.1 v>d t i tatr o r>- ui ?bildruu, baa bo objectl"'* i* gu in th? W lu'ry; b#-?lcny n* tVrrn^e. v. ail At ?? 7?h a*., tblril tluor, bjfli r<? m, u ibi' <e?r. a Khc P* CTARt.F YOtTNG 01* WANTS A fltVK 9. >> n to do ?x >K! ng, withtng And I'onlng ??? objection to kluifw k. In * ??)< famila, if oh i?otlon tn ibenmo'rv f ir t> *? ??? id* r 0?l at 11 1 24 h ki , between ti'b and *'.h ava , to ?>'? rear, tt.-M Boor. Oood d;v re ervmee t orn ber la*t p>Aoa . ? ? i j A- ITU *T>ON WaNTKI^-HY A ItK-'PKOTkHL.K WO. man .ikI utdreav; no objection* u? to A *bort al?tinoo i? l be oi mury ; gia.d re ereBcw c*n b< gi'en ?5a'1 furt'o J??a 74 Weal 2t)lh it., between oth anl 7th ava , in th'- rear ? *J1U?TUN WAN<-?D-l.N A 1- MALI. PRIVATE ? '.imllv hy a re?p '-tab e woman who (h :i h<vk1 ?Kilt \nl bak*r a? d aa eirelknt w?i?h?r an1* irow Iias n? -ibjui'tUina lii tn 'lit th?> oonl" ; t)>? beat rttr "fereo of e?ui be g ven. IaII at 18A 7'b at , beioeen a*. M aud C PAfclftlAN PfcOritBTAMT LaUV, WHO HA< 'tBKS In * ux iica a few m<'i>ib< d*?ir?a a ?'iu iiio i an 'e*i vat (toveriienf in a family or s.bx.1, ahe wmild b-i *hl ii\g *o vj c- n>i any if in jonu* ladle* ?>- an wld lAdyti c ur p. . b iu,j recuctomrd to umveL kddreiH i. H. H.. tier kl oiiire. PITrATION W??fTED? A RESPt CT4BI.IJ (H1L, * a i-bamtn rmu'd and waKn ??, nr to "1o Hfnen' Im iw wo- k tn * ?niHll faeoll? ; t- ? *<.?! e>r k an 1 A In', rtve ?do I onvr; ha? lo object nn to the oonnlrv: bent 'if el'.v e t>Tf iff. omli lor 1*0 a?yn At 4 HI Ho ?? , between :t5ti and V tb -ta . r t T'lfSWlt "iiHiC^^I'l'AfKH * i-Hv or e n?*ry t>ood le'ereu^ gtvea CaI at lXi Fut UCKn f . t t?i 'A' ? c BnHPH: lAHLb VUU U <v? HAM W ? ?? K ? -lTUA A linn u di rbi?Dh*rwiirk, i>r booae# r? la a rai l ?rl vat?'anilly. ?*'. eity refnrveee fnne her l*s' ??m ilovr. Call at mi. A 'iff?ny plaort bet da*ria>o and We?^.iA' K'a for two da '? - PHI f ? h rA fi r Ul < L> WAfl-r A sirUari'iN A>t 9 ch'inib. roiHiit ai d lino wanler ?n l Irooer ; ta a itood plain conk ; h>a k< oil r rer?. oo l?-r the laat tbrue yr a* Oai Mr ttw u.y? at ? 29tb >t. t.? ' m ??, A bkhPI-C AUK PIMM t. AS' BNfllt.HH WOM*1 A ? a: ta a altuatw o a a (Irat cl *? ?i|i?rten^i'd ?u ??wi . baa f),e ye?.r"' T n<* tr m her l? ? <>1 a? ; ma t?k-? car- o:' % baby ft m it- bl-tb ban no o tou to %n loatautlio. flai he am tor thr < d ya At if 4ib ?v. . elll A' i k WAi?ihl>-*V a W.N > KlPtttuR H'B > a nu t tbly purun ur>d "-atA' da lb* ere f ck Udfa ?ud bt en.en, an ' all k't d of er?ra *0 obj'itW"' a to it > up mi Hy (ioo^ oity re er. o3e? g<\en. ??l at or a>l<lr:?*? 279 S- ut9 6 k ?'. W )lAni?"Urg. A}?i' Hi DIRk "WE-" A ITllVriON AH NtJRsK and a aixa'ie a or ehABtwr %!?? ab4 aeamat.-w-a; fin - it And fl' rhl <r?n'a itreaaei ("An o? C'l;--* good r??'e'-,,>?Cis. In quire at 49 \orkatre t corner tf >da*i?. Brxiklyn .<> K -*al* A blTOAH N a? Ct.t)K. W A^h ' " audtr-ner In ? prnat* 'oinilv. '?o?i n" reu'-?< la cuni'iti nta"d wit irg ?p>>lT at ^o H0W??'2.Vh atreet. HUl Ph M: HP" B ? KlTIUTlOw 4 *rt El> H? A *? ?peeiable woman Id a b c?l or p'irat* 'ATtt'i?; n> oh i?ct <m to >o >o th? <'"un ry, or u> ravel ?l h ? fautly ; r>> ber b?i*. aal'uatl'in n? vb juberintid anl ou.te t'*ll *t *7' t aai ?r>a t aoi ?rw- kk-a ?*iRti wa-tm a Hi>o ri'?x n> do goni-rt;! houaework ?od m-k' her"!' generally u?rf?il. *a ? good arnchT and irotier 4'a>i be e n ?i 4*5 fti.-t 'J?ib ? t.bitm o9tnan4 <r h av*, Qrat tloor, bA<-.k room ti i r Jercuoe ?r? m ler'ai-t p1m?i H? rhKKeFPBR-1? B1DiTH)< w%ntfd hv t nildd e >-gM atnertCAr widow lady ?hi 'I'rf ua' -r a'and- and i* \i 1 Inn to ^rf-^ni or mi y aa a ich !*n ot Jec<iun to ibeoownry. Addroao, for throe d?y a, J O., Hmok Ij n I'oai i fliiv; Aj IB E ANJ. fR \ V8< !?? H*-'-' si DATt-1* v^alfPO i* hy ?? *\i+rirner<i w >01*1, or t>i ?r?<t or. a '??'! v ; o i'i r ??anr1* il-fsimtki- g c-n cl?M ^a-cb vnd d > up line .lne.i?; o oijt" ?" a t" u-ai? ihe ei'y , ???d e>n begirM. Call t< r tb'Or days at 76 r p ton ct ewivf BiowU **y fcT R fc * "fTOAntiN I H ft^PAHt.*! OP P* iBki/|r 'be ??>in*ebA'gwof a? infaiit bu oo o'jjoctli'iiB io jro? log rhlld"?n Ai d ?'*<oc; ?ii*?d "Ity r?ter?H"<' t? ?c n a<. titu av , botwecu iO.ti An I 'ilat Ma , II rat tloor, (a. :"o d#Mt B???lBKr.S HIT- a'low WAK"H>-B? A COW"b ten' person c*n do k rda mf taail'y ?t;w.n< and op: ra e ?,n reeler i| lie- n'? ?e ?in* machine '?? iuH *mt oa )| Ubi l?dle? o- griwn ehlld-i'n Him g od elt? rcte-cn?t t ki> '? wn to r t- o Java at SM iJu?v ry, in tko mil. aery ?f<n*. b>'tw e?'ti Hoiiatrii and Priec* atrae'o SiTI'A 10? WjSfU-AS *t ? K'HK, BV A.\ll(JKU ?? man, wboba* ji.?t loat ber ihiid apply at No. oU K.itt -.iitli M . 'oimi d'ateiT Sl?> *1I"N WANr?-ri_?* TWO RFSP?.?rA?LH fl'U, t-cethir Of aeotirate ; ho h iiuUerdAini jooklng iud rb1 mlieiwai\, and are >'?<rllept latn-lnHKi. I'hh for two dfc' a at ?fn I'd av lb- r*44eQi'? ot tbatr lata nil jloy tr, w ho will gv*? tb- m the barn of ivo m n"o.lailuu? O'TI'ATI' N WaNTtU?B* A Rn-<Ptsr!TABl.E ViH'NO i~ pt i 1, to 6 i rhaniberwo k aod waiting or 1 1 tak- care of Children Mid o > pbiln >e? rg. eat rlty ref?? Ac*' her la t plane Appy At 13C ?V<wt 33d at, betiae-di 7ih Mb atenuea JirrATc w wajrreo- bv a toitpo won tN, a? waitn-a ; oa<' wbo tbonaigbky onderatAnd' her hiietiM-ra: no ob jection t"fla Id thec.unuy iJct city reference. UaU At \2t> <? eat at S~I10?TI< N ?ANTB^-BY A TOPNO ?0?A*. A<* ou*?e and would do plain aewtag. no obj-cM<>o to go a ?Nwt <"l?t>iDee In Uw count y lor thr autnmcr montba \nrr beat ffcy lelen n fi. Ca 1 at l.<5 *e^t 88th at ITl'Aiitii w UHMH A YOHNa AMERICAN x gel. o tak - . .. - . 1.H4 iTamn.Obd fi-1. "o tak'- rha-geof a child. Beat refen ncea. Addiras amaobd >treet CITUaT n< wa>.eo-bv a rkkpeotaalb oirc,, O ne rhambenniill and wal<rt'ai or ruamh^rnuud .-<ni] latin dreaa. i ??t of et-y r?fer?nee from ber laat place Call at 67 W eat 2? h at , 'or t ?o ? aya C11CA 1? B WA^tEO-t* A BRHi'ECTaBUK URU k> todofi-BriAl houaework In a amall prlr*'e famllT .-a tlafacti rv r>t*ietee from ber la t place Call at <1)1 Waah It glon n. , laaenient. for two or three day* S^ITUaIUN wanted? B* A RSHPEOTaBLM OIRii, _ In a prira'ii family aa chair bemild aud w?|i.r-a?. un rerrtanra * attlng thorn ghiv; > r to ttie oare o' rnid-eoand do plain lewmg tai uld go In tneoountrv lor the aummer. Bfet of rete-i nee 4 'n I > at 4 1 Ho* ato et . ror two d?< a Situation wan'ED-ah nurj-e f?R chamreh irab', b a eom|ietent peraon; la rapaMe o' operating on aanwleg nmchine li r ' < ^Ai-y * At p eanni eaipi iy. ????'a, ?h- r. ?he b?a llvtd two ?eB??, 1.1M tfroadway, third ^?nrAHOMS WAH^ED-Bf TWO OEKMaR OtRLt, O honb o' tlemmny i n? a* Phamhe-maid and WAiter. the other to dc gene-*1 hou-ework. B?-nt of el'y ie'?-i-.?tie ? i r>m vt p aee, two < eAra. lnqure in tr.e groocry, 291 Weat 'ijxb ? t , ro ner If b Ave. %I?1 ATTONt W,*VtiD-<VY TWO HEf-t'E'.' Air.E f^i !? ; one A* go d plain rook And la an excvlle it waaber and troner orw .nld oo hnaa-wtk In a ana. I family, the > tt'er a* ? hkiubeini'.tii and waltreea or t) do bo<ia>>*ork la a ?ni?ll lam! % ho ol?.|"rtt >n tv the c untry <k?>l rt'< nft rime i all at .Vi ?? 17th at , beitreen 7th and sth b?m , third Qorr, I rent rain HI t ' 'A1 IOW WAN 'BP? BY A l'HO O ti-atant yrniig woman tind"rat*mia a I family tawing, fcblr' *ji'' d'ea.inrk'ng; would go hy bt d*y. week or m imli; baa elgbi yi'ar?' icfep'orc ran or pare tor ae?lng marblnn atul rti>lah (all at 146 wiat Jl.t at, between 7ui and rtth ?T. iniea, SITlAll'iN WANTBt-THY t>R COnNTRY. 8 V A au.ait, tninwr'hy f'rl aa lood plain Cook or grbrral aer^aai l? erfnoniliuiit^ titl ti"at. a >iifpnor ?aaher and Irtir, acd hWtily recomm-ndeg. Apply A' US AtlAti'lc a*. , Prook I j n Cl'UAlIt'J^ WM?tKI?? 9* TWO KKi-Ei ffiuK O V'>ung glrla; ow aa first claaa nook, umlfrat aiida all klt.di o# (Ant v fnc other aa obarnhe maid and to aaita in wkib'vgfmt t'onlnr, or aa WAlUraa Call At 277 A' eat l.'th ?t.. In tl.e baeensert ClTt ATH)N WAN-FO? BV A Vttp* 0 wm- r , a' ** ok, wa?h?r and I TUP ST, or to d ? rha i**! work and aa-i t 'n w. -hinr and tronl g baa iro^id at' ^bir inre. i an he Men at HI itroomr at., comer ol / iw'er on r the II' |tn r atore, Any dAy th a week. OhiumblA, SITCATTON '?a??TEI?-BT A OERBA* apii.kaihe Ge<*i*an nnd l'tigltah lam* * l.lFtj, WHO n'*m?l'e?? and lAily'a maid ; nan? a- and Ila'ntly at df^n'a dreMM-a do all klno? tf famll' [_ ' *die?' And ck'l d'eaehal'; baa no ? -h j> etlon t ? travrl ij l, ?l?? neat Y, and 1 le- rail tor twodtjr at peeaent rn,0j " irop ? or e|a?"*h'fe /er'tv S* K?gt '-'at at. S-1TI'AT10|? W,MEI> ?y A Y ? _~~ cut' , i?- k hit ?> ri to taka UNO Ui- wo ctmi'lfl t> ni;.k? ilrr ?o?. natt rir a nt rhiiiir?n, ia em.?i-y, lob tern MIS Wat* t<?? no ?hj*o?loo 'o thi" 7U ????. I3ib at , br-.wwn 6th ???< t QitUAtiiMi Wtfiyi fiirtr t* _ H* ? Kfc ?!"h<' r * Hl-K Kut'f ,.l for ???! ???!? ?* U # . , br"? of rU% wffrWf gtv in. AO ply _ ? _ Mr>t ju* r. lp^r* ru m onr?iH'N 9 ? i! h u??li??' , *.MKO? * ?A?1LT B*K Kl>^> UP *iih*r?*pt' m wUflttt ?*V h"??.>for a <rat?t ?Womnii, m?i<* jiK"1 in C' k, 1,1 *????"' ?"'?* "W * ? ' . waMiotta wMbUg Apr/ lor l*? *?>'? * 1M (k| ai , ra?iuf 7tto a*. nVATlON W*>TKO- H-ST A It- ?'*(]- A Ml, 1 (j RL * to .1 >? n<*ral k >n ? . m?H f*nr t; . " i ...,i ? ?.(,d ?. nfiu-r Kurt ipiiiit u*?llrvt'.m>'** d Can be ?<??*?? * of l?'? di?* at iw. M lUlarjrat, Krimlilff. ____________________ OlfU-ArloM ?AWlT-l tw > t'R Tcs'^ST ?or?a ?on.n ore *? en petVr cod rhiM a nur? or Ml ?dy'a malt; hi d- retai <1? b?lr die-airit t?#e o(he? ?? tir* t e a?? ?. *>? or rhawiN rmi d (!*b rui alve "It, re.erenre*. v hi at tr , mrnri .'1Mb *t , for t*i <laj< TWO MBHI'f C? AHI?r. 'II?L< V * N r SIT ATI >1P; nvK for <*o<>k Mid one <o- rtiam cmnMi one beln? % k v.d r f k > ad a K'i"d * aabe r nt <1 t*Hi< r h*? be?t o' cu referent* t r<xn bor laal pture I Ml for two d??? at iB Monroe atreet Two MS?**CTABMt t.l*M WHil TO OVrAlV -II tnnt'i n> t n?th?r, In * amtll private 'am tjr ; onn 'o< toil, ???h and troti toe o'her'n <l? cfi?ral> r?- rk aid ?ali'n?; hoih *?illv tird> mtfti.o thnr bnitne-m and h*T? Ihi b*U of c.l'i r?f*ren> e; "n<- or four?ni ? n? If j car*. the o hor for five \ ear? full at 1>I Wrat n<| m . between tfth and 7th ava.. Oral floor, from mom, for t*u 1*y?. ThO 10 NO #<>I*EK W AWT MTr*.TiOf*?: Off* aa eiok, waahnr and lron-r, lh? o her la 'ha nb^rtniud and ? atter, or to tak* 1 are of rnildrrn and do chamber*' rk ? refer il?lnu tnfeincr Have the mi n' elty ref^ren. e. Call at Jl* W? ?t 16th at , between 7lh and Mh arl. to torn* I W?**N WtJH RHT4TIOVS-ONF. A* ? oalter an'l etaml>ero.ald , the oth<r a? neama'rnaa ajul rnr?e ; ??!? en' and fl .Irtw.M Cttt refnr?tn?e *1veo i? r? nufrrd l> II oSju-tmri to tha oiimiry. Call for t?o da>? at II *. - . M I T*< TwobTOT^liToihL. ?roA?iti(?*_ .mn a* cook aaaher and tmoer; the other an ?ha nbermakd and ??lvr !??? Id Ohjer-tina to |i a ahw tUUnea I* the amiatrv. il?*e lha beat of tl) refarwee. Call at 17H Run ?tHH BIT' yjlTIOItS WillTRU-rBHAIJH. AV-' ?r>i BV a ?VAT, Tin* einL, a ?itoattom " ?? ?*?? berixaid *a?tres?, >r to tak" c.+m of eoll ?rrr t aed <x> pU'u ae'ing; beat <f ?aty -Ve -u ? given. Gall I la "<>n av . ta. i Mrookivp ?I'UaHOh, ?ir a *H>?PB?rrAtLB frLtodogeueial frouwwor* Call at Ml Haunt oi >t , Brooklyn, bei ore*, nt situation, whom the ?U1 bo *?Ui* eeojojeutiod. 1J4 aHH^-A H.U?*JO.N, MV A B * Hi'g'TTASI.B ww y urg f ri, to ro"k ?*>h a-d Irou or u> do g'-iveral b<>nsewo>k: baa un objection to go a short dialAone In tm c ul'iv ; b Kl of at) rruruiio* given Call (or iwo days at 3M ???' l'<Xh >t HK in-A HI'UaTK'N. BY * BESPttCTAH .E i Pftc?t? J' ,r<'l, '? t ke care nf a bahy ; ih a gnod plain ww?r; .t t.n d<- \> ? v llglit rb?uib*-rwork M willing ?..r| oblig ing; tiest of r+tft-i ew, J' reqnlred Call at 87 *yc*off rt. W AM H?A '?7 ATH-N, BV A ?*??*?? TvH'.S y udb g i', as ehllW tnrw, ?? light enamberwork, n> objection to it>M couuiry; tuu good city refereooe. Cat at V7'b >t C|7aN?BD-A -nUATt??K< BY A RRSPBCTABLB VY t n?IHb p?rimn aa '.dy ? maid lo a geotl?m*u ? family ; wuld 1'ke to travel: ?.j> ? re'errnce given ap^ly at 41 Uem hi , near court, eouto Brooklyn IA/*N?fcP-B? A k8?PK0lARlB *O0NO OiHL, A *v -ituat'oo asonkina Doatli ng li iuw . baa llv?<l the UhI ?ev. ii >ear? in a bo-rdog bo-imj. the best oi c ty re e rvbi'e can be gtvm il required call at 49 Chrtstopbir at WANTEfc? a 8I*DATiuN, BY A YOHIO HHt AS <?>8111 ermu'd inrt waUr?M, or would go as nur?e; no objection io go * rhi.n din- n^e ID me couutr*. ''an be ae *n fi r two da> ? at b? r pi?a?Dt employer a 473 2d ave , rlog llitrd bcIL WAWll)- A IT A IO", K< A RUHPKlTV )L8 girl m d ' plil" ciuiluii, wa?bing an l I oa'ug; nio i?r?-ior to do houMe* oik U'-ixi eiiy rt-fe'e'-i* Call at 65ft HadvoB at , b?tw?tii l'-th and UaDievnort *ta. \\ aMM-A ? lTl'Al I ?? BV A RSMPBOTa (ihE ? yourg ? man; ma no d pla'n cook, waJb?r and lr'U?? ; woulo g?' f> 'b*' '? iii.' ry : is willing andoblig'og ? ooo ?ef? rfucf ? all at lu w'b (t., b?tweiin Spring and troome. WAfffU- A HTOAttv .V, BY A Co* 'ETfcNT FOif* ? *onn n. ?? M' -ni?tr or rri Voider! ( g. o- la ? aoa'>le of bou*rlir*p">K. m "<>y refcrfn* from Hw 1*1' place wl rrei rbr livMi fi-ui ji lirn Call at 1V7 Ue'lngton ave., be i? e?-n M atol *4w HlTH.fluS, b V A KB 4 BCV&BoB ?* jout k sir', a# chMmb?!i m-ld and wilu>r H*?ih-brt*t of e*ly rrlerfi'Dc i'rom ber 'a?t place, wbera (be b t? lived t ?<> iia s (tlla 2S7 'lb a?? bet,veen 26 b aud Jftb ? e., ne mod iBoor i?on? r> nm WANllb? A rllltiloi), a" A Ke.He&CiABij'' OIKU, to do ' I uoioe work < r llirht Loutteitiirk hr u oi' city refere>? r K'ver. pplj t^r two day* *33 l.'oDgroka at., b; luw Columbia, bmoklyn i*,' ANTID-a HK ATKiN, BV A TODNO WjM.S.Tl ? do cb iBkerwai k and wait'Dg, or ubacab-ruo k ant wwipf lias ?i> d . ty re rreniv fr < a her 1 hi p ace Caa be Men at 'ivy tlh a'., door 'roin Wasolngton i?|ui re. tJU ANTKD ? HY a HEHPECTA?LE PaOTKS "AH r OI *% ? a Miu."ii'>n lo a i-mall f^inliy, to co >k waah an 1 lruo, or do g nrral hutuework. Apply lo her preheat employer, IJ9 W ?? 2&tk *t WAflTtV-A NITtaTlO ? AS 3iK>K, WaSBK-i ?NO lrn-er in a vrlv le family . has Uvea lo olb plsre niu? yo?rs mi- b?n go d rliy re Ifn-nn ?<f to (aoibnity aud tH'D?r>y Appl- at the fruit st'ire, LKy4tj st one aocr fr in llm bli-gt ir nqtiaie WriKtBIMl A Kfcd fc :i A Bi.E 1 0"Nt? WtNUV, * ?lt"a 1 n as Mi-e,t cl-?n r ,k , uudinitai.dn ner bnaini'^i perfectly ; bus th- be. t i o i> re'en nee ? cau be ?eeu at h?r (.rvrent em !? y?r>, IIA 2Ut fl . n?-.r ;<d avf. WiMH-ii *it^ 1-tChAaLK VUIJAQ *wMAW, A ^ltuatluu lo il > co* king *nd a ?lst lo the waablng and In Ding, i r wouid be willing to a<> ibe whole wanning la a uraU Itirnl). u?*l city rvfereate >r*>m h^r las' p'aoe. Jail at 'M ? hth arenu*, t <o floor, bai k room, '?* two days jA' ANTED- BV A Kk 'l-HI'TABL* OIBL, 1 SIT TA *V tv,n s?co< k aB> to aiulxt in <he washing and Ironing; it ao ex<*ll?nt t i?il and bucult baker Haagiod eitv re n jenei- fi *n> b ria l plane i'ltatue call at 130 WettJutQ at , In tie baek hat i nmrt. WANTED? BY A VERY BFS-'ECTaBLB VODKU tltKI. a iltuattoo iu? eb<niberoiHld and Ktumntmss, or waltrcm; ia an *.xc- He t emb oideror, aud would b ; willing o I av- 1 ' al' a' 117 West 21?t Ht , between 7th an* 8 b avi \l* Ai^'m - A ?1>UaHO*, BY a BBUPBOTAjILB Y* young HWill. t' d'? gene ul hoti?ewo t ; la a plain cook si<d 40 id ? a>-hi r and iiouer ; can be well r oo iuiw tided firm ber laxt -1 iimi.n. Cull lor two day* at Mo 6 urta it , ?pori'm rt, hrookiyn. WANTED -A MlHIaTION A kESpEC A '.LI *0 D>aii to do geneial tiou"? ?ork In a ?mi. II private family. g'Kid city tefereiKX' given. Cuil at 16ft Aeit 18th it , lor two . ai? TITaN El- ?!"( KaSPr (' T ABliE YODNQ WOMB*. TV sl'uatloD*. one to ciok, wa?b au ir n, in aiao a told baiter the other t" do tip ttal'S work and aaalat lo the vad? itg aud lr<> Jnti ^oohj>Ttlon logo a ? bait diataoco lot > *ha oourt.y good e|- y refeii noe ran be given 0*n be ?mnfor uomj" at 4327 b av., between ,'6th aud .'57th ata. , Ihl.d flxjr, back to m. IS/ AS^eD? A PHDAIION. BT A TOCTNO fllRL, AS fv ih mViniMd ai.d waltrcaa, or chain leimald nd nune; b- ? K""d city leferenee Ifo o-)j?ctton? to ga 4 th iM distance In tbe connt-v. Can be aeea for two days at I At id ave. lu the >hr? store. 4Aj aNTI" D ? AN IMTANT 10 *ET NORSK. BY A VBttY VV 1* pe? <a le wom?o, ? ito a good freah brea t o' muk she batvlng juet l'-at her own child References given and required ? p lv at "'ft irw-nwieh at , in t eito *. 44, AfrTfcD-BV A COM KlfcHT ?i?MAN, A H(TUA V? tk.n todo Bl?iD euokln* nn<l ??.?<?? I~ ?> ... - .. be 1 day - ? Um? todo pl?in rooking and* aeslst lo the w>,log oan l>e ?een a. ber last employer's, 11?>, jtast Uth at , 1 or twS WANTBt? % kl*U ATIOS AS* COOK, WA8BBB AND ironer, by a mpee able girl. Pieate call at thL .S.i dene of ber empl- veTlIt wSt 2?th st . wb^'She hi b< en for tk? |wat two years. sue naa rr-ANrED jIY TWO COMPETE*? OIRIS WIT8 EX VT cedent diy refercne-s sltua ions in iberity oroliiin try . one as x?k ?-.d laundr -at, does ap !ia?n lu stjle Und-r stands meats, porl'ry baking and perry" wa?stat? ??.t er as w ? I trass ao^ partor maid: can do SneViVw aSd Ironing in atyle, wafea $7. Call sU Ka-t 23d st. A *B"PFOTABLK OIRL, A f ITDAYlOll /' At ?K,k or latindieas, has no fbj* tlon 1 1 go to the conn try Alsoasttnail. n wanted bv a girl to 00 chimSiS X 2 i# bM 110 ? t0?? ? ?hojt dJftt&nc* in the country. Can t*s seen for two daya at 92 Kront st., Brook WAN,I.I?7BY A TABLE protectant OIB ? /M 17 venra, actuation to take B*r?o' a child ? ? U Kord . wfr Oooc cl.v r-fe-enw give. Can beW ? ! thi?? day* hi at* Pa?t ]?tb ft , top floor. tor WAftl&C ? 4 SITUATION B? A RESPECTABLE^ aalaundrcMor o i-akrcarr of children and d 0<*I? aewieg, and c?u r?br ider. tian he ?,.n Tor t?r > ? P'*ln No. J IB 10th ??., between ITth and IMih itreeta. a poor <U;* at ? ______ ? ? ,4 floor. fXT ANTED? A SITUATION. HT A RB3F f T young ?irl, M m objection to ir BCTABLB btrwork rleaae call at JflT W eat !??(, m , light ch?ui WAMHB-* HTUATiON A8 COOt: 19 aMiht wlih thft <tuhinni.H>>.. ? n#ton piac ? '' aseiMwltb the wanhingand Imntag, r WIuLINO TO o'k o' a *m?ll fajnlh ; no object i n irtt y gf neral hottN) K"pd dly rtfe-ctoe. < aP at 64 Wrat * uhi ;o In the c <untry } WANYEI-A M' PATIO*. bV A*< (CI|0 WO MAM, JO V> do *erer?l bott?e*?rt lna?na , private t untly; l? ? on nltln 'ind lr?n?T'. y feferrtiT riven; lt?ed ' our noutea in ber l*"> X". ??U for two <1h>* ? >? ?' ,4 15th at . between 6U? and "th ava. ?ra'AMTD-A MTVVrlON, BT ? wlDOlK 40EP PRO tcKiant worna- , a? r nw" ?n-m-oeaa; can hrtn(t up , l,?bv <roni H? b.Hb. c.n op*' ^ on ? ^wtng n?*^h'n" ^ obj-eiton io the countr> , oer ^ reference. App?T at iu %e?t'3th?t. w AfcTID? A S1TPAT yiiB* cirl. a* char ION BY A RESPFCTa ^LB v n?bi' g arid ironing. fc?f Ahermald and to anoint wtth the 1Mb ht i rity reference. Apply at 1$'S Weai tnaamml . ELDFRil noVtl) A i CATION do fen> >?l hour* J ate ' iral'v to cook, wa?h and i>?. or to ac> to I kf car" Jf rk Ala*> bj ? 70111 k Kirl Nlxfen v*?n of work ban no ^ rli.ldnn an.1 do <??? lig 1 r In an chamber. In*' on ?tree' ft ,>etjon to the eoiintry. Inquire at mil >v?*h |!'"n. * , the botchu-'a atore. tiood diy rcferenoa W -f/^5 ?A SniATTON BY A R8.8PBC:ABLB d- ? "ST nonan to do i-ham^erwork; haa ni obje^i in to J K'j' hou?e?ork- ha* Rind ntr reference Oan be .?o da) a at 217 (n< w number, 211 old number) I f treet. W'Al1 TED-A .MllDATIO* "Y A rjRKtnLASa <'OOK' k ,n * private tamlly: undi-mUinda all ktndi of * <up?* J" ** paxtrj and de> ?ert?; la a int rate bread and ?tieeutt ba *'*> do objection to a larae ramilj t'?n furntah bent of city ?e<e retire; Inquire at VI lata* tew IHthit. in thedmg nton. T ifAMTKI*? A MTV ATI OK BT A ?B*PBC 'AtlLK ?0 if MAN, a* chamlcrmal'l and la'tndf?*?, four ye ?ra' ref * rence from too laxt iilacea Call al .<64 Went Itkh at . be t*?en 8th and 9th a?a for two day*. ~\\r aMF.D? A 'ITU A ION BT A TOON'* WOMAN, AS ?T miri? aixl ?f?m?'pr?o' t/> do I'rtat rhMnfwwor* *-id M?w; no <>bj?ctton to ih* coortry f r th? aumtnnr; tMwtclty ro r.rcnee ?'aii At 2*1 6th a? , for two <l? a. **7A?Tin^A NIDATION. HT a BBB I'K'T A?I.< ?? gill, ? ? wikrtMtr to do ch>un'wr*nrk and ?*|itoj(; bf?? rlfy [("fettle*- ( 'Ml !>? for tiro d*j? at 9U Wet h lit Mcoad tloor, r ront rootn I TTtTAMFD? A PIT" ATION BT A RKMI'KCT* BLB 1 *? yoiA| WWIT a" eti?mbe:m>ild ind >*Mn in **?Qin? urd I rot lug, or iw f cblt<w>n; la? MM city i*<>rwi cy. and ran bf* ?eei, for two At 39* 7th ir. WANfKO? A*K I BiTaBLKOIkL, a -ITl.aTI a* ohimtr'M'il, ? d to do flip w?*hlnir, or to n?<?t ?uh (kram*i?l p alii ?ewu g ?nd cmiiroidery ran be ?een lor two d??? At In r pte>ent p *<r, 1*8 h??t liltb ?t., whom ibe hM> ll?Pd for ?UJhiWi mun h. | "IV' A NT f: 0 ? PI* 1 A lOMT BT TW" <HTF,Bt?. OH* IS A f f flriit r*'? cook, ntd wonli aa?i?t In w*?hlng nnd irot Inir, ! and the other a* nnraaaod C*l?Mb*nnatd, iinrt would **? w'f I lit r o go a ?bo-t dip %noe In th*' Mumry < ho m<?t of r. if ief' rent* c?n ha glaan for lira jear* /row ih* Im< placa. i ?i| at :t*2 ?d ??., ii?nr2W ?t , r?>om >4 I W AM > D? MT A RMf AoTaRLB Wom an a HIT 'A. " il? n m Bona Mid li wlil'ng to ??nl?t In the waKhlug and > Ifiuiltl ; ll i>n Mtf .itl In k?r ot biond ?nd pnnlry n nl>J?o Wb? io go to the country ; Iro bMl ot clt? referent* ran b# given. Call *t H.'i l- Ant l.ltb ?t , between I*t and 2d ATA, for I tWO Oil}*. | WaNTM.-HV A hKi rkCTABLBtllRL A SITUATION TT A* cook or wmilo do ibr mk* honaewo-k of A pH 1 rite futiillj ha? no nttee'lcro the country: baa thn best of eny ret er I nre OaU At nl Mian tin *1, tiro iklrn. U'AMBD-A HTUATION BT A TO 'NO <II*L Al <-h?mberm*ld in.t waltreaa; ban no objection to taka rat-eof cblldret . or to do llfnt bouiw-work; )ro d r?fn*ni* from h?r la.t pUr* ail at Ml Wmt Mtb at , kturwn 7th And Mtb an WaNTHD? A bITUAtlOH, RT aN B X PRRi RNCF.D woman, an cook an<l to a?nli? wl'h th? waahlng and Irontry, pbr thorongh y n? |<?m?nd? b?- buatnaaa andean | fnmiab tba iwat of Hty r?-f?r?n< ? I own f?mill?? whnrnha ha? ll*?-d kaa no o^jortlon to go a abort dl-tan#. iB the man try Call lor t*o da?? at 134 Kaat 2.W at., third floor, Irani I room 117 AWT* D? R% A YOI NU OIRU A MiriiATION AH ? rbaia^frmald and i^aartrnaa, or nn-w and ?*ara*tr<>a<? ? oanent and It rblldtvn ? el -'hr*; no ohl potto f,? to trarrl for tka 'f*? n Tba h*m% of rlt) r*f*T??c+ fr,(rn ?,?r |k,t ot|WM_ wharc nba Vaa lt?*d for Uma yaara OaU for two 4a*a at Bt'l Dm ?t, Brooklyn. WHlATIOm ? A* T ?? 1>? ??fcjn*la? * ?g Kk av., lodeg aad lo mor-ow ? XkiAwnu-A um*TiM a? ratMguit 01 '' w.lfena buliiir elibl nut lu ber toft ?Hanttoo ha? no ?>")?ctl n to y a roauiry C%n he ?"??> fo* at Bo. to Anil) place, ae xmd alert, back IirA>ThD-BV A RBSrKT*H?,B 10 ?<J ?OdA*T? " srna'lan ?? ourw ai d l>> d > iiltin ?**1og ?w ah J"*'*"* woik; would make IieraeU generally useful Apply ?l **? 7 4 st. intra tlo r. f ?HTaNiED-A BX4PB0Ta>LR W man WHFB1 I ?? Kiinmljo m cook: und*ra'so<ia o ak'ng to ail 14 br?nib<-n * -il r? com mended Apply lor two <toj? Mill 7>b ave.. entrance id lstli at. two ?? _ Irootnj P?"t e iy i?fe enoa. Call at M tut aid at , uird tkwr, froul HTaJITAD? A sn rAfWlR JO DO IhaIIB ?*' " and u aicbg wea'd ? satet In tba aukiw ?ad tmnti ,a, ANT D? a HTCaIK* ? tl> *HAttBdH*">Rf| ** In a kdll or private 'airily. O^od efcy refe Cal for two dayaat No. ? Ami y place, in tba raw. a MWHjI.K AflhD AMVHKI4N vV.'H inao, a altoallon to lake <>v?r? o' >u tav-liu l*dv or wgiumat; no object! >n to the oouo'ry Uend rvfon ??? tl reqmred. Call 'or two day* ?? 1*8 atlat?t?e?t, awrn-r ? henry at , Pooth Mrooklvu fli?t floor 'root n?>a. Wan**i>-b? * RM'M'f/iHu mm, tWSAroil toco k, waab and 1 on In a ?mall p?lv-ta 'amih . N ? hierili n to go In tb? ooon'r. Ke?i t ty wtmnai rv?" Cm br Men for two day*. ? leaae call at 111 7lb a*., corner r 8<b at WaNTf D-A HTUATI'IM. b *n kxpbuikhih food cok. wbo undera'and^ be' *>u 'aeea hi a'l I'j b aocbra: undera'atda all knd of - aoe ?o<1 deee r ?. lei gone l ak?r Oii^d city r?'?-r* >ee given. apply at 1U MuyvoB aant at , In tbc rear, for two day* I f*TA>T*n-A SI'lTaTIOW BV A TO**? 0?RW4ll I " girl aa chambermaid. Of t" do g* ? era.' t?u-t*0'k( Country j referred a pply at 8U a*. ?, n?t-r fcb at . th I floor WiNnu-A HTUATlOR H? a O ?rtrr?Nr BB1 a a. ax special oooh und ratanda ber baa<n>aa la al ' brare* ea; to a apli did hak*-ror b>?td u>d a<aaQ't; twa tbfl ben of env r?fe'eDr?a from b?r last p'?o a; <a a pood p??tr| cook. < all for tuve daya a? 162 7ib av , tlrr II ior, nek rojrn.l 07AW "FI-A *H*I7 4*TOI? BT A \OVH* WOK A-, AV ? ?at reaa, oraa cbamberm?ld an 4 waltnML in a am? H S'lvtte 'a -ily eioelleDi rtfervuors JaJ! at <M 7tk ar , tbin| oor ro< m f o. 7 WAV1FD? A t ITC t ilOlf, ?V A ???PBCrA^L! young wo nan, to do houacwork la ? "malt faintly ; t o o* jeetioo \o Ukr a lauodreaa' place p*h1 r .far?aeeri ber laat plaen. Oall at 251 Grand at , ? il:lana burg, up tain] Wi M BO? 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KV a H6?P?CT .BL?fl girt, aa o'?tn oo^k w*?h?r a d Iron"-, n- cbn.<n nrP work and wal'ln^ Go d rafen-ica Call at 209 Weal 13d at | la ?W1ED-4 t JT A'l ON W? A BRftPBOTABt* " ynuDggtrl, aa eban>b< rm*ld and wattreaa aad la log 'o acalat in tlie wnxbtt g and i^iolnu H>> g *? ' ci y nice ran be aaen al Vtf Weat 28 h at., betaurn #tb aad 7U iv nnea 11/ AN ED ? A MTUA'tO", t>? 4 R*?p*CTABLI ww youn< woman. fooo?k, waah ?n1 ?ri?n or la Ai geuora b' uaework ior a >mal| f< Boat ..i>v ra'areuoe Caa t* a*enat 'M ^Dil b it Bro k'jn. 'or ti? o daya WaNTPD ? By A BfHPJ-C'aBoB PROnt^tAfl young (flrl, a attuattoa aa 'ooa *mah?r and lrtmar, aacbam ernr aid and floe aaaber io aa-nall fami y. Can R" ii a her pre?ttit etnplo. er a for la > d->ya, at N . 10 28th at. fXTAbTFD? B? A*BS***STARi.?' P?G KIVaK^OIRT. " g atti a'lon as w?l-Tfaa or ?'l a-ntwnnatd anl ?an._ re*#, A? iMt* no n to 7??" J n 2d av , nrar H. u toa ^aj h" Vf m WANJED-UV A A, SPKCI.BUK Iwt'MO OlaL. alttiatlon 14 f ^ rote > a bar and lron-r, aid pla._ c ?king (,a? glV'.fjd heat of city re nreuoe. Gall !?r two day> at *14 weal tf h ai %MT M B 'EP ? ti HITI'ATION >t? IKK; A NOOOl ~ waaber ?, ad irf ner; la an nwllmt bread aad Maeuifl makpr; undir'- .anpa h--r bualoea* in all br? eb a "an b aeea for t?otn, at 16 Eaat 28tb at , n-ar Badtaoa avenue. W AW BP _bt A BtGHliT RSsPtf TaBLB T00?< ? w92f o. ? ?' nation a* ? et nu- ? e Caa b. a?*en fur la cay? at 1W ^eat 53a at'eet, betwe? n 7t? and 8?b avenoei. WAK* ."BD - A PITFAT O* AS KRa* TBBW KWtM ' nrae, by 4 thnroughlv boneat, c?pa>te girl; haa g ?<? "J** freice f o objection to aaamtn ltgbl aiamp-rwc-"" r *? In tbe country. App'y for two daya at 14 Foli w> ue, Brooklyn VVAfrTBD ? A SITUA?tO?t rT A RBiJPBC'AB': ' V yotirg won an to cook, waab aad Iron tn aa-nall 0'Wa'Al ami) - t-l?' la a go- d o<ok, and a flrat rate waahcx and Iroaer^ an glva fool etty rafe'ence fan be seen fur two days al 78 Weat SOth ?t , over the liquor stoie &SK2 Mra 55 ?sS3 ifflg 5B5r ,or ssgreggga WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A tOPNO WOMA!f.TC| do c> amberwcrk In a email family. Call at St Dltll ?loo ?t., up ktaira I WAI-TAL? A 'ITUAII'.N A* WBT N17B4B, ?? M leaoectable widow won-an, who ha* loot bar baby 'on? month ? old ; In t in ng and healthy - n<* an ftrf good medical reference*. Call at '47 M'b at , between Mtii'l .Id ?*i 1 WANTrl.? A 8t ? I'aTION 8Y A R**PR'TTaBL,? joong woman aa rook waaher and Ironer, or to ddl genera* homework In a email fnrai y; do noJerU"n to go M ab?.r d'n-anc* 1 1 the c uttrj. Beat city reference given, Call a* SM Tth av 1 XfANtrD-A BMCAMOW, Br A BpHPBCf ABLB ? f young * oman. to do the !?n ral tmvwwork of a *11*11 family or lo do chamberworkfrd waiting , la ? go?l o ok, ??ah?*r and Ironer. Good dij reference. Oai) at SA Hicki at., for two ("ay* ilaX'Jev' n tt'&VXBZ. ?d at. Jj WAN TD-A 8ITU * riON, HT A RK <PROTABI<<1 American girl. In a amal family, a* ahilda on ae or ehamberma d ; b *i of city mfcr-noe glv?n: anokijn pr? f? ired. Call for three day! at Ho 11 Thro op ar , Bro <kl? ?. WABTBD-A B1TTA It N, BV k BB^BOTaBLB yoi n? gl 1 a* < hambenn Jd nod waiter, and to a*?lat In the MMfeng an ironing: haa tb* ne.t 'f nttv .efer?nofl froir. her Nat rmoloyer. where *Se ? %? lived a ?e?%i yea Call at 261 Columbia st , bctaeen Bute and, for two day* WAN>KD? A R1TUATTON, ?T A ?OMAN. AS f?P*?E and chambermaid, who haa 1 v?d Inheelaat place f'* tha pa?t hre- y.-ar* . ran f?e the beat of city raferen* Ap \> v for two daya If not auiud, at 129 t nilth at, ne*r Deao. Brooklyn WaMKD-BT A BBM'BO'aBLB WuBk", A 8fT'7A? Hob aacl ambe m?ld and to **?tat In waehlng. a'ao, ? yoom girl wlahta a altual'on aa nur?e and f> do plain erwtng. Apply at Si3 Weat 1Mb at., bet *een 7 b and Mth ava CITAB^ED? A 8IT0ATI0B, BT ? toDNO OIBU *f> ?y do chnmb?rwr>rk ai d light waiting or general hona?? wrrk 'n a Mr all prt? ate fxml.v, can rive beat of from her p eaent Moyer. where , be haa lived g logon f nr jear*. at 7b hudatn ft C n be aaen for too da>* WaN'ED-A HITtAlI ?M Ah LAl.T H Jf AIB AVQ *eim?tre?* o? aa mime ard ?ei, nv>fe?; and*r-< ?tarda doing upall kind* of Brrry'ir rH?mner? ork ; w?(fin|f tr be grnerallT naefnl Th? hi?he?t eliy T> girea. Call at fl ? eat i#th at , near Jth ?? Wanted- bv a voi'no u bu a -ituat on to do gen ra1 boti?ewi<rfc 'n a amall private t- mil* ; be it of ' rrfnirnre given Call at J71 Hloka at , droaklyi, In tfce ei p^et * ofllee. \AT ANTED? BT A RB l'BCTAB. B O KU A8tTD\ ?f tlon ? a ch*mbe?mald and ? %lter, 'W t'i Mteod an Inva lid; la a very givwt m r?c heat o" refeeenre. Call at (In 6lb h between Wth and .17th at*., third fl or 07ANTED-A STTrATTOB, B? A HEnPKCt *BL8 W % tran, aa A<at cia?a c-fk, waaher aixf ?-m<T Can bg *ren for two d*ya at OMiaxt Sth at , b-l iw ?d %?. ABTBD-BV r?r . Rh?l'ECTA8i>B"o? ?L8. ?|vr4~ tli na one a* cook. w%*h r ao.l irone', Lne other njt I ntirae and*? o? ihamherirald ?n1 actmatre.a 4e?t city tk< ereneee . no obj>etion to go iti the c ?iatr? Call a' Hi ?e?t 1Mb at, between Mb and 7tb ava , rear building, fir* floor. < AMI At ? a ?ITI'ATION AH WAIT rM? r,(r . ,, of el'y reference frooi her laat ptaen Call fori*., da; a at .lill 7th aie., bi tween Wi an" .itfui a a QC -OOBBBB ilKAW AMI) A w >m.~ CUt want* a attiiat'on av pr?fe? e,| co,,k ?l h-a lake a part In w aahlng and Irr.nlng ?? he heat of alt y refer** ~ rBKStH advkhtisk hknth. 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UBB OODTUAIK.BB VBAB0A18B DBAItiB BB PIACIB rouime frnuae de rbambre; alle aalt eoopar et, falre d?a robea. B'a4raaaar foar deui Joan au Bo M 4?e av.