Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 12
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The Privateers of the Con federate States. m BLOCKADE OF THE SOI TDERN FORTS. Letters of Marque Probably la sued Yesterday. She Exploits of the Rebolt on the Misaissippi, kit, *?? Qa the 16th of April, two days after the fall of Vort 8??ort or as soon an the government were made aware ef the f?ct, the PresMant of the United States i?iu'xl his peeclamattoo . culling forth the militia of the several States M the number of 75,000 men, to '?suppreM combinations'' ?fa met the federal laws, and giving tho rube la twenty days to disperse. In consoquence of this proclamation and in two days after Its appearance, .'efTerson Da via Moed a counter proclamation inviting applications for ctters of marque against the merchant marine of tbe United Stales. It la as follows . PROCLAMATION BV TDK PRESIDENT OF TUE CON FEDERATE 8TATKS OF AUBRIC i. Un.vri'.oMaKV, April 17, 1881. Whereas Abraham Lincoln, President of tho ('nite<l (Mates, has, bv proclamation, aunouncul bis Intention of invading tha ocafade/acy with as arme i lorce, for tho pmpoeo of capt'iru g it* fortrewoa and thereby subvert tag its independence, and subjecting tbe free people th?r?H>f tm tbe dominion of a foreign power, and wnereas it has ?few becumo tbe duty of this government to repe the threat* ned invasion, and defend the rights and liber- j Un or the people by all means which tbe laws of nations aad the usages of civtl'ied warfare |>lac? at Us disposal. Now, therefore, 1, Jelleraon itavis, President of the Con federate States of America, do issuo this, ray proclama tion, inviting all those who mty desire, by service In private armed vessels on the high pea*, to aid this gov ernment >n resisting s > won ton and wick el in uggiwsion, to make applic&'ion for comtuUiSious or loiters of marqae and repr sal, to be issued under the seal of tha Confede rate Ptates. and 1 do further notify all persons applying ] for letters of marque to make a statement, In writing, glv iMg the name and suitable description of the character , ton nage and force of the vessel , name of th i place of residence ?f each owner concerned thereto, and the intended num ber of the crew, acid to sign each statement, and Join er the same to the Secretary of State or Collector of the port of entry of the Confederate States, to be by him transmitted to the iSecreiary of State And I do further ?atify all applicants aforesaid, before any commission or letter e' marque is issued to any vessel or the owner or the owners thereof, and the commander for tho time being. .tiiviy will be lequired to give boo 1 to the C >nfe 4nr?te States, wi'h at least two responsible flu>eties not Interested in su< h vepsei, In th'' penal mim of five thou sand dollars; or if such vessel be provided witl more than one hundred on ) fifty men, then, In tho penal sum of toa thoosaod dollars, with tbe condition that the own art, officer* and era* who shall bs employed ? an board sucli commissioned vessel stwll observe j tfie laws of these Confederate Stttes, and tbe lnstruc ttnar i given them for the regulation of their coaduct, that I shall satisfy a'l damages done conWa-y to the tenor ; thereof by such vessel during her commission and deli ver op the same when revoked by the President of the I Oonfederato States , and 1 do further sj> cully enjoin on 1 all persons holding offices, civil and militarv, undxr tbe I authority of tho Oonfede-ate States, thai they be vigi- | hat and &ealotis in tbn discharge of the duties Incident i thereto; and 1 do moreover exhort the good people of the , Confederate states, as ihey love their country, as they ; prize the blessings of free government, as they feel I the wrongs of the past and those now threat mod j hi an aggravate) form by those whose enmity | to more Implacable, b? cause unprovoked, they exert themselves In preserving order, In promollog concord, in aaaintatnirg the authority and Stilcacy ot the laws, and to supporting, in vignra'-iig all the measures which may he art opted For a common de'ence, and by which, under the bleasfag of Pivine Providence, wo may hope for a speely , Just and honorable peacj In witness whereof i have hereunto set my hand, and have c&usod tbe seal of tbe Confederate State* of Ame rica to bs attached, this seventeenth day of April, la the year of ocr Lord one thousand eight h indred an 1 sixty ?ne JEFFERSON DA VII. Rouskt Too htm, Secretary of State. Owing to objections mtde In South Carolina and othc parts of the South against tbe c institutional right of the President to tone on his own responsibility letters of Marque, which is the peculiar prerogative of Congress, (the war making power,) final action was deferred till the saeeUng of Congress j ester day at Montgomery, though It has been stated by the Richmon 1 tin /ut rer that on the 18lb J** the govercm?nt did Issne letters of marque j to three privateers. Meantime the Charleston paper* contained advert iscments wnnting to purchase first das* fast rail oi i; steamer*, whose destination caMM b<5 1 thefresL "!*** tb? prCcl4aUllt0DB of .Jefferson Pava, en of the Lulled su i<~ xggr.od the following ? The Pfe?M? - - tfinmaovM, April 19, 1861. | nM iffnrd a proclamation, stating that ? mrtwctlon agalnH the government ?f the fnlted broken out >D lbe iiuu>s ,,f ^ulh Cuollc?- , Genrcta A'tbama Muwiselppi, Ixjuisiiaa i.? Of the United sutoM. for tb^cl^tfcn of the revenue. executed -here n. oonformubtv to thit , v., nti.nr_ eouftitution which require? tho duties to u* u" . | throofbout the 1'nited fl?ntee. and further a corn *M!J; MB Of persona engaged in such Inrurrectino have ' threatercd to (frant protended return of mar<| ie, to an- ' ifconze the bearers thereof to commit axmult oo the Mves, vessels and property of g(>od citizens of th? country, carefully ergag?d In commerce on thi? high teas, and in the waters ot the United State*. And whereas the Prea! lent Suva an Ftecutlve proc*- j nwtton has already been iMUed, requiring the p?>rBO-* rr* li> thefo disorderly proceeding to teaist, there j fen t calling out a iniiltia force for the purpoee of repress ?g the ssar.e, mid convening Ooogreaa in extraordinary ; se*?M4i, to delineate and determine tbereon. The iTe I sir set, wiih a view to the same purpose before men turned, and to the protection of the public peace wl the tsvn< and p'op?rty cf tu orderly cl'.ixena, pursuing their lawful occupations, until Congress Khali have assembled aid deliberated on me satd unlawful procr^^dinga, or aaul the ?atr>e *>hi.l have ceased, has further d. ojacl . It a<lvifc*')'e to Hit "XI foot a BlflCKAI'l. OF Tll^ | FtiHM within the "tntea aforesaid, in puranuico of the few* of the fluted states aud the laws of nat.oo*, m such cases provided. Kor Ukis purpose a cotDprttil force will be p4ftted si as to pr?V' r; th? i riiuncc and cxitof veesel? from the ports aftrtuM, If, therefore, with a viow to vlola'n such blockade, a ??as 'I shall attempt to Irave any ol the said ports, sho will be du.y warned by the cimmacdor of one of the said IbekiMf Teasels, who will indovM oa her register the ftet and lale of scch warning: and if the suno vessel akall bg in *tl ro,.t to enter or leave the blockaded pJft, she will be CJ.j>turod, end sent to tlie nearest convenient pe?t for siK-h pro-'et dinci against her and h^r cargo as ?a> bo doen;eJ advisable. ABKAH4M I.IS XM..N, President of the 1'nlted States. W*. H. Saw/ ::i>, Herniary flfJ-'tate. SiinUtaceow'.v with this proclamation the Collectors af '.he ports were d.rectcJ by tho Hecrttary of tbe Trea aury to nr.i r clearances to any vessel! bound for parts hi IVatee which twd speeded or which might hereafter moedc Aocordlrgly the line of steamers for Charleston M<t t-*?auiiab dn?i-. ut.ujed their trips, and those which reaam-'d at this port ?cre chartered *yy the government to Gurry troops Th? NathvlQe being at Charles toa, waa Kited by the authorities there to be ?ore ->d Into a prlT?teer on tbe const of Texas The Bur of the Went wltij provisions on board for the ?af'ral troops waa ali o seized by the armed steamer Metrgorda and both will be put to the name use. C>u ?clore !losseiu , of the Confederate Navy, w>w lately ?tting out M a privateer, at New Orleans, tlio Sumter, tak*~i from (be United Fta?e? govemnMint , also a number ?Toth<r ???Mia for a similar hoatilo puriwae Tho Yurktownand JatneitUwn atciuriera were alao aeltwl ton B -diateiy after the wvsslon of Virginia, together with some smaller vessels, which Uore-nor Ix-tcher or dern' to be relearcd, while he retained the two steamers which aie now n) doubt being lilted cut ai< prirateera. Th?> Virginia an horitles. moreover, made an e-lort to get UokI <rf the fine Navy Yard at Norfolk, aud falling In that they arc now trying to raise the voeeel?. which were scuttled with a view to oonrert tijem Into privateer* after bjml>ardtng and capturing fortress Mon/oe, which gi.artfa tho entrance to the .luiiiea rive', !? yeateruaj s pa|?r we publt^hed the s<<-ou ! proc.lamv Um of tbe Preaidcnt, ord?Tlng the blockade to Virginia md North Ckro!:na, and if H,iryt?ud Kbould secede or aa aome a hofltlle atltude, like N<rUi Carolina, the blockade will then bo etteniod to to" whole line of the Ev-nthem coast, from tbe 6aw|uehanr.? ar.d Cb-M.^ak > to the Rio Oraade Aa yet to a great ou -nt the biockiWe i? only on paper, and la not effectual. Four atoamahip have been aelaod In all by the roofed ?rate Btatea, together with half a dozea revenue cutters am! a gTaat mtrabe' of m booners, wljlch, w'th other ves ?ala, are fitted out a a privateers, and aro ready to sail the moment the order lasuca from Moatgomery. Tha aaafnderato Conyrtaa met there yeaterday, and It would aot Uko luJf an hocr to iaaue tbe lettera of ?arque, and la feiir or lire lioura after tbe aeiegrafito conld aend forth from ten to tweaty prirateera te tba <oaan ao aelM <tcr merchant ships wherever they "?y "a"* tbem on th? high aeaa. Home of U?<nn are probacy already seen log their prey. Tba Charlastoo Mwrtiry the Stth '.aatant, in astMpatloa of their auc sirtwes, pabhahea the following notice In tbe most promi aeat part the paper ? Offloera of the army ar.d navy of the Ooarederate latsa, aad oaptalna aalttac under latter* of Barque, will fr*e< Jy oMIge the proprietor of the v^rcvr, by foralah hag ake tehee aad Hicldenta of the aapacted oonSlet be tyrern oar gallant aoldter. aad their eoemlea When asip^itaa everaairaly, a liberal compendium wiQ beat lawed. ta til t%i Cka?ftoo ajfitei 1 b?n ?>Ut abwt ? miUiOR of dollars in bullion from California, there til great anxiety here for tor safety. Another ship, with gvM ' from the name State, will b? due In a few days, and no ' doubt the Southern privateers will make a Mi at her. What the agents and officer* of the Confederate States are doing on the Mississippi river, the subjoined intelligence i will infoim the reader. PIRACY ON THE MISSISSIPPI RIYER. VKS8EI.B BK17.KD AND GOV KRNHKST STORKS CONFI8" ' CATKD BY TBK KKUKL8. The navigation of the Mississippi river is becoming very precarious. The rebels are seizing Northern ves sels and confiscating stores intended for the use of the government. The Cincinnati Gazette a ays ? I A private despatch from captain James Good, of the steamboat Man*, wan received here yesterday, swt ng that the steamers Mum and yueen of the West hvl been seized by the authorities at Helena, Arkansas, and would not he permitted to cone up. The above boau lef ; Sew Orleans on tho 10ih inslaiit for this port, loaded wita sugar, molasses, salt. Ate. The Mars and Queen of the West are worth $'16,000, > nd owned bj parties in this 1 city. Three more of our packes are still below Mum phis, and wll< probably not lie allowed to come up ttiey are ihe Ohio Bfile, silver Wave and Westmoreland; the : latter boat left New Orleans on the 20th. Tho Memphis (Tenn.) Avalanche, of tha 19th instanti hss the following:? The steamer Victoria, of the Memphis and Viekaburg lino, arrived latt night, her otti*erci aid paeeeog re full of enthusiasm for the Southern Coofederacv. From I) ck i l.t^htborne we learn that the steam* r Silver Wave, Ivl ii with government property, from 8?. I/Ouis, destined for FortHmi'h, was seized at Napofeon on We-'seed ty by I Ool. M. W. Johnson, of tho Sixth regiment of ihe Arkan sas mllltla. The commander of the -tilver W%ve refused to show bis manifest. but when the artillery wits bro-.^ht to bear upon the craf he oapttinatod. By trns prompt movement the ISouth has obtained a vast of ser viceable mxteriul to prosecute ine war l?i?n by telegraph from i'ine B:uff, *rkans>is that the citizens of that place stopped the steamer -kvi'irk and to k rvn her tt/ty-otie tons of goverumeut freight, which will be appropriates to the uses of the South, fbe skylark is a St. lx>uis bout POIITK EHH MONROE. THE KEY TO THE CHESAPEAKE. HMUPTM. f ' WM& New that Washington city ii comparatively secure sgainsv any Invasion on the put of the confederate ar my, and that the apparent hopelessness of being able tc redaco Tort Pickens is disheartening and demoralizing the besieging forces there, the n> xt point of lmportasce to which the leaders of the r^MMpovement will mist probably turn their attention is Kortresslftionroe, which 1 controls the comrrorce of Chesapeyprllay and all the great rivers which flow Into It. The subjoined cut, show ing the poeittoB of this fort, will enable our roaders to appreciate atoncc the motives for the Virginia secession ists coveting its poeressfc'B, and the imperative nesesnty of its being held by the govor^ment of the United States. Pon>* \ wK ",1,'JIrtT^rJ0RF0jx X Y?pn>V ? Tl* rclioAxg diatuua ihows the -h*pc of the fort ? ; It will neeu tram the foregoing outline map that Forlrew M'tiroe Id perhaps the moat important rortiU ra tion poHS?ct>ed by the federal government. The power that holds It con nakc Chesspoako Biy what 81 <k>vrn>or Wise proposes to make It, a >nare I c lautum. ami can control tho commerce of Rich mond, Norfolk, Alexaixiria, Washington and Baltimore. The trade of iho .laroos river, the Yirk, tho Happahan nock , the Potomac , tho I'utuxcnt and the ba?|ueiianna paws with m range of lu guua. It Is, In a word, Uo key uf the Cbfxapeake, and' >U rtrrt, : th corresp'mds to the importance of lie ime.tun In the banjo of an oneiny that imm< Me cotnmorco would be shut up. If Virginia, ?lissorerod from the r<*t of the I'nlon, were to hare pos session of It, Mar} Ui.d, ti?Lav.aj-e and I'eniisyivanla wodtt have to pay her tribute. Hnt with lortress Monroe In ' the hands of the foderul goveranw nt, neither Virginia nor Maryland can long allbrd the costly luxury of secession wh'a it can only b? enjoyed at the 1cm of Uicir com merce. it* .mporUuM-e to tho fedenU governmental the present moment cannot be overrate.), for, holding It, we can keep open owr ocean connection with Washington by way Of Aiuioprlls, while another line of connoction la also kept o(ien with Havre de (iracs. With Harre de Grace anil >ortress Monroe we hold utd control the whole extent of Chesapeake liar. The strength of Kortroas Monroe corresponds with the importance of IU position. It is In every respect a first class fortiflcatlon, and Is considered to be the strongest | in the rolled States, it has been rocoatiy reinforced, so that its garrison now consist* Of fully fifteen hundred men, hair or them belonging to the regular service and being skilled artillcrisU. (me of the Massachusetts regt j menu forme part of t^j|gajTlson, and there need bs no fearoftre> wiihln its wails, for it is under the command of a galls Maanarh'isetts officer, The garrison Is ampl/ prov' l witt *rovle!ous to last for a year, and It Is said thai odlcer* a.. . men have united in a aol< mn oath never to surrender It. The Onmbrrtan'! msn of war lies at anrhor under tho guns of the f>rt, ready to participate lu any measure of defence, and the steam sloop 1'awnoe, which towed the Cumberland out of the < Jos port Nary Yard, and carried I the marines who destroyed tho government property | then, is steaming up and down the rotmnac and Ghsaa. pxake Bay, looking out to prevent obstruottons, to convoy | traatpo'ts wMh troops sad provisions on board bound J tor VTasbingtaa, sad to aid In any other work In which bnr sr i vices may bs required. Tbe >strs Una Is uppermost la tho minds of the vtr g:t>ls !s to pMMt th 'icse've". * FortrsW Mosrew. That d-B're tu fr-qiienily express J '.a tije Convention, and ex Governor Wise ofteu dec.^rei tha,t, Ibuiifb the difficulties of the -aterprise were a most itt surmonntab'e, Vl'ginta should tako it at every sacrifice. Tfce attempt, U' r aMblo, will undoubtedly be maie. Ibe troops of the aonfederato army, wiiiwe a-rir?'?t Richmond to the number of I'1 ? or six hundred ??i^"i I st>.h rejoicings there last weok , will probahly, no-v t it the capture of Washington baa ceased to bo easy "f compJaihiuent, bo imploved u the attempt t> re >r" Fortress Mf nroe, but without a fleet to engage In tb ' -1' ? tack, and with the fortress iurronndel *>y & plain that c m bo raked by Its gur.s, there teed be lit'le appreb-ieooo o? over seeing th? .conloderate U,.g(\vave over Us battle, meats rh>re \i an un finish' d fortifloation lying oppo site, catW the Rip Raps, which tlia federal t." ??! ? ' >'?* said to he puttlrg into a atote of defence; but It u quest onable whether H ? >uld be good policy to do to, because the poiiti n would not bo very tenable, and the Viigimaus might, iu taking it, gtln a f ootbold , from which tb> y could better carry on their operations aga'nst Fo? tress Monroe. TV ap'iiin of a sebooncr which arrived In tbU port from Baltimore on Sunday, reported that on Friday l?t he beard heavy cannonading in the direction "f F-irt Mon ro*, and that it continued all the afternoon. It m^y, however, have be< n salutes morely that were n> ur tlrod by the fort, or the of war, 01 vessels wii'u t'jops on board which wre p>awtng. The Ytrgijiaus are erecting sand batteries a', v ?- r i ' > oa points c ear Norfolk, but they bave simp- v reference to the defen ?? of that town , and do not tn any respect me nace Fortress Monro*. Tt Is stated, however, that in the woods opposite the fort they ware aUo preparing to erect batteries, and that it was the intention of the commander of the fort to pass over and dislodge th- m And jet ?ho proclamation recently issuei by tbo over nor 01 Virginia, directing volunteers not to be putt'ng tbe State to expense by coming to Richmond, but to reinun at home nt'.'l they are called for would indicate that a(U'r all there is U) be no attack either on Waahlng'on or Fortress Monroe. rerbapn the? aro beginning to .Jd oat, from the spontaneous uprising at the North in defence of the country's ling, that the game of secession will not I>ay ; and it may be that when !t comei-- to voting on the question ? ai they will do in a month hence? the iieopic of Virginia will refuse to range themselves on the *tdo ot the 8oathem confederacy, but will s'.lU be found tr no to the Union, in spite of ail the reaelllous spirits who would precipitate them into tbe pit of destruction. We hope tbat this may turn out to be so, but in the meantime no repressive measures munt be ab'in<!oi?ed, nor muit the blockade ol the ports be ra^od until tie authorities and people of Virginia return to thi'ir al'o giance, ard deliver up the principal traitors in their midst to be summarily doalt with. Abovo all , the gene ral government must look well to Fortress Monroe, and take care that no flag hut tbe Stars and Striped tball wave over It. THE MILITARY MOVEMENTS. [From tbe Prorldenoe Journal, April 27 ) The followirg record of the movements of troops thus far is or interest. Wo believe it to be su'wtantlallv cor reel, though accounts dlOer respecting tho number of troops at *a*iitngtou and In some of the rogimunta: ? TROOPS IN WASHINGTON OR MOVINO TOWABIW IT. Troops in Washington on Monday A. M., April 22, 'rom Quartermaster'* ration list. s 200 12th regiment, New York, sailed 21st in Baltic.... 1.300 6tb regiment. New York, sailed 21st in Columbia. . 500 71st regiment. New York, saiiod in R R Cuyler 1.000 5th regiment, Massachusetts, sailed 21st inlMSoto. 1,000 :id bHt'aiu.n, Missschus.-tta, pailed '21st in Ariel.. . 300 1st do'acbirent, Rlude Island, sailed 21st in Coat za ? ale < 000 Wth regiwt nt, New York, sailed 23d in Adger.... 1000 Sth regiment, New Yo?k, sailed 23d in Alabama.. . 1,000 13th regimnntj Urookh n , sailed 23d in Marion 1 o h) 26<h ref;iiaei,t. Albany , sailed 23d in I'arkersburg. 1 000 7th reg.mont, New York, now in Washington 1,000 8ih regtmett, Massachusetts, now in Washington. 1,000 1st regiment, Pennsylvania, now in Waahington. . . 1.000 Pennsylvania troops in Psrrysvllle 23d 2 .'>00 I'tnnsylvanta triops in Rarruiburgand Philadelphia. 10 (NX) Pennsylvania troops in steamer Daylight 2.i0, | Norfolk Marines, kc , in Pocahontas tor Washington 370 lit ngiment Indiana troops, en row* 1,000 2d oetai-hment Rhode Island troops in Bienville. . . . 000 Bnt-ton Flying Artillery, 6 pieccs, 90 horses, in steainc April 21 100 Rhode Island Marine Artillery, 6 pieces, 90 horses, at Karlon 160 New York luttery, 6 pteces, In steamer Mont gomery , 23d 100 Pl>erra?ja'3 Battery 76 Total tB round numbers ? k 000 KBtHMKNTH R".rOltrKD KBAI?T K()B TR ANHPOKTal'IliN AND A\T*ITINO OKOERa. Nialh regiment. New York 1,000 liiirJ >e?.nie?t,,New Yo?k (t'hawtcurs), 1,2'W -? " ^-?t.Kew York 1 Kit tn reg.ui. - ? .? tt> In ^|i.- ?i?.. New York Zouaves 700 Twenty eighth regiment, New York 1 ,000 First regiment, New .Jersey l.OO'i First reg meat, Hartford 1 .WW First regiment, Maine 1 ,000 Illinois troops now at Cairo 4.000 Indiana tr'< p- at Camp Morion 2, 010 Mifsottri trocpn at St. Louis arse ial. 1 000 Ohio troops at Oolnwlius 2 000 New Hampshire a:"! "ernjoBt 2,000 Total lH.flW In all un?ler orders and awuiticg ?/rdert ....54,000 In addition tb tho above we can and from Uat* in tho 5>IUth oflRce ? Advance Cuard, New York 1.000 .Seven' j ninth, nii-hlan.'erR, N> w York 1 ooo Twntioth regiment, Newoa^g 1,000 Second Third ano Fourth regiments of Nor .Te-aejr 3 OOO F Worth's Fir' m in Zonaves, New York 1,100 Additional Ohio troops 1.000 AddiMo&al Missouri Uoope 2,000 L*t as above Total ready .?W,100 77 lS s eic.'ueivo cf MinnesoU, Wlrconaa and ot.?ir Weh'.eru StatcsfwhicU are rapi ly org -u /.r.g their troop*. Plcwn front the Pat lllc. ARRIVAL Ok' Tlllt CaLll'ORNI A PONT KKlltBSS'. Four Kitocnr, April 28, 1*61. Tbe j?ny express passed this point at hatf i?ast eloven o'clock V. M. yesterday, ng tbe following do KpaVhcs: ? 8?.n rm.vav.i April 17, l^dl. Ariivod Arrlll3, ships Roman e or tlie Bortton; TaliS'nac, and Teruv^n, New York, 15t!i, Rosult, (Jreencck. Saile.i 13?h, ships PkylarU. New YotW; Rallant, Cork. Tb^ ship Tal'unrvan is cbarti red to earrv b" ^dstuirfl to r .roi*. Bblp Romance of the flc.i, of 1,783 t-ria register, been chartered to load w:'-h brea'st.itls for Ureat Britain. Th.i principal feature of *ho markat th i week is that tlero we morn tellers than buy"!*, Without change* in I tlie irl< e of leading artlr.lea. Trade with ib* country U? altwiy reviving. Whe>at ileal) at $1 80 for exj?rrt. ? Barley, 90c. a?6c. The pony express arrival at O.raoa Valley on the 1 li ! out fr?m Fort Kearny , with d??Mofthr &th. My thin | expjwM news was receivo"! of tbe uppomtmrat of el* , federal oflV-era for California. The par- ?? d'*!gaated aa j Collector ot the }>ort of *n Froin'l?c>> ani Tub rraaturcr i are vcrr acceptable to the republican j*ir v iod the public ! generally. No particular complain'* ar. .nado concern- I u g tbe other appoiotiruiiUf, ex *pt tsmt it titevetia for 1 tuperlnteadeatof tbe Mint ilie repoblu-ane generally denounce t!i * .ippotnttneut oo U)i ground 'hat Hwenp hel l tbe office c 'RBtaatly i under ibe twit admlalstra' ton a* *n und( xibted democrat. The lima r. republican, xaf ? that the appointment <if >m ui-x raiH to oillce under tbe tou in not a caw ? 1<? general rejoicing amor;; mtuwbu worked for 'iiyl attained He euccoea. (iuron.or I>owrfy has aigoeJ tlic three San Francisco railroad bills. Mrn Fu lly J. Karnh-aii, formerly matron of Flrg Sing (New York) jirinon, ban beou ohm-en tnuVi n of the Call fcni'a Stat* Insane Aaylum. <lav. l?owney has aeut In a m^sa^o concern inf tbe aacatlon of boundary betwoen California and the new Terrt'ory rt Nevada He takes the r -ouad that the boundary of California being rataiilmhed by the '?natitu ti<>n, cam ouly be altered by tbe action of the people of the M?to. A number of petttlooa are before the 1/.^ >iature from the inhabitant# if the disputed Mstrhte, priylcgfor toe eetabtialiinrnl of tbo line according to ;ho bo mdarlca laid iln* n in the Nevoda'terrltorlal hill. H. L. Mtn^r, a reeldent in (Wi forma *1nc?lsW?, com mitted putclde a' Red Muffs, Phaata county on 'he 15th inst. lie was the lea< ing merchant oftbo town And a dim of wealth and respectability. News from Pikt'i Peak. Fort Hmjcivy, April 39, IW1. Tbe ootch of the California Overland Coach and fllto a I'eak Fa pr caa poured here at nnoa yesterday. Dr<mat, April 26, 1861. Porlotta apprehensions of Indian ditlloultioa aro entertained. They can ooiily cut off all the llakw' travel and trade. Col. Botm, Indian a,:int, sent a courier to Fort Wlao ><?t*rday with s. requisition for two ootn pan is of catclry, to hold Uiemaeivoa in roadlneae to march hllhtr at *u aour* notioe. Hhauld innloatlona continue unfavorable, tbuy will be ordered op vcr* HOOD. There la tntenae feeling respecting the war In the State*. A *malT aeceaakm flag waa displayed by a boeineea houn? here yeeterdajr evenlag, bat it waa *o inalgaidcant Uiat no notioe waa taken of It ( moo flap are waving In many porta of the city, and tbe t'nlon feeling !* almost Qnanlmoun. The rnihtary eipresa to the New Mexican fort* bat been dlacoatinned. Nark?U. PHlLADKt.l'HIA FTO01 BOARD. I'ihi *aai.ri<u, April 19. 1M1 Mock* Inactive, feaaaylvaaia 8UU Svea, TSM . Heading Railroad, l?. Moma tteal, 48. Laag lalaao Railroad,*; Peanaylvaaia Railroad, t*\. Might exchange oa New Jerk at par a 1 10 par eeal daoount. Arrival* * mtt Departure*. ABK1VALS. Tin, ?ks? Steamship Bremen. P T de Vom, la<ly and daugh' tr, L L Puub.1 aud family, Fred Wlae, Mr berwirth, Au yimt Kersboff, H Kraaka aud daughter, Captain Klockgeter, Mr Black, t Von Baclilerscbk, Aug Btu warn, H Schroder, John 1 lolle aud lamily, John LMmeier and famil*. Michael Ret tier MUs Le.utz, M.ta t chain nger, / H Hurdlng. Bay, aud daughter, u fi. hu. ll*r. P lielemann ant ladv, win Saehae, Leopold Oast, Ernwl Haafe. J O Pfetter, F V Olatin. le ader Qultneu, F ^etU, Hermann Ll< rmann, Mtrs Th Sobn, Mia* Hammeia Win, W Wilder, Carl Bohlens, W htrohmann, Anton Terwlck, i. U ward Llceu and Uuiliy, h II Emanuel, Walter Libba, Mr i Koss .Vr Bonheling, Mr Johuslon Pelix Boniaseaui. Mr j , Hi r>i ar.d family, Mr Hoffmann and family, Mr EugelalduK, Mr Fiitze, Mr Kesla and family. DVABrrKKS. KOiTiuarrON II t\ it* ? Pteamshlp Kill ton ? Mr W ti Daytou, I niied stves Milliliter to Paris; Mrs and Mia* Day ton and servant; Mr W L Dayton Jr , Aasistaut Secretary of Li gallon; Mr Wm Pennington. Secretary of Legation to Pa rls; Mr Edward Daykn, Mr Uuriingaioe. United States Mi uiHter to Austria; HrU>o f Mareh, L nited 8iat*s Minuter ti Turin. Vr.-Ueo I'Manh, ('apt John Hntton. United State* Vi uaul to Southampton. Mr (.'baa L Wilaon. Secretary uf U gatlon to London; Mr W S Campbell, United HlnXm Consul to Botieream; Mr James h 1'ike, Untied State* Minister to the Hague; In Jumea s Pike and MUs i'ike; Mr Win Veaey, ('Mint States Consul to Atx la Chiprllt' Mr i?m?nO Putnam, j IJi.ltrd Slates Consul l? Havre; Mm James O Putnam, two children and servaii' Mr I- Duytr.ert. Bmierof IMv pa tehee; Cmeral Mlramon, wife, l*oehlfdien and twos* rvaniH, M*xt , iv>: Mr t.b?? Mirtuiuo, do; Mia La itaionuess Ueveis, two children and two ne' vanta, New Jerey; Mm W U (Ireenough, Miss L Ureeuoiiph Mr anil Mr* K 0 Oowdln and child, M t; MrKileniv, Mi a E Ucinhart, Havre, Mr and Mrs Arnold, ' Misa Crane, Mia le Kiverend and tour oatldren, Miss K I /?' nz, Mra i,cnz and two children, Mr i en/., Mrs Hunt, N V ; ? Mr and Mrs K M Hunt, N i; Mia Gerurvan, N O; Mr* K F Foot, Mis* D Foot and sen int, Mra <! ar* Brtnker hfti, N w ioik. Rev \ii VI *ial and t .o children, Missui/.zie Ji'Len, Mr A J Dawson, hew Orleans, Mra t, L Good kin and child, Mr Pbilllia, New Voik; Vi? 0 Inn* au l three chfl dri ll, MrQ Eng. New ' ork. Rev 0 M llllla and site, Mr r* j D Hegond, hev H HIIIh, Jr; F W Lowe, do; Miaa Jessie ' Dowa, A OltenlieiiM r. do: Mr and Mra S K Austin, <*o; 1) r 1 La ( nri'te, wife, i hlld anu Bervanl, Havana; Misa La Capeie, do; Xili-a Rererend. do; Mr and >!r? J Avllea aud two aer vanta, do; Miaaea M and J Arties, do; VtotorM (Jtane, e'eter Rrclohep, C Llonnct and lrii'iiil New Grlcuni : Mru ua.itier, ; Dr C (lorden and wile, M:?ien II, J ind L Gord< o, Boston ; Mra A tl Fry, Mobile; X <>oiu, font; Mr LMineroia. * Have nlth, Mr )>e La Peia, Spain, ,) Raspali, Ttavaua. Misa J k Ward, Mew Tork, R Johnston, Mr and Mrs Pavy, New Or leans; Mrand Mra J t lutldAin, Mew Turk. Mlaies R and I. Baldwin, d?: Mr A Ancefgy, Mexico; Mr Aii'"'Kiiv, Ir, do; Mr and Mrs (l W Tuinvr, thn* rl ildi tn and servant, Ne^iork; Mi?a Turner, do; J H Hail. do. C C Loll, do; Mrs Oaba/aa, two daughter and rervaut; KVally, New frltans. B N Bai ley. Pbliadi-lpbia; M i?a H oilman. Mew 10 k; Mrs R M forbea, do; A De I'ejaier, Uoaton; Mr* is C Hall, New fork; Rev Edward Autdon and wife, I? Y; Mrs Dunamel, New Or leans; Mia* Auston, N V; Mrand Mrs Cbaa Sander, threx child ten and two servants. NY; Mrs Wiirmaerand sun, N V : MrsTo Caldwell, child and servant, 1* V; Mrand Mrs Hen ry Lcureneel, child ana aervant; DrJ B Upham, Mr Cbaa Llchtenberg. M V ; Mra Ooarcuea and child, Mrs Jonrgnes, freooo Kueno, Mr V P d'AUnlda, Mr Lembardo, Mr J B Inne, Meilci; Mr I) M Karrum, Mr and Mri toner, three children anil servaDt; Mr I" Jtstoux, Mr H ..aaiom, Mr M Jaatoui, Mr i-aniiauo Ymaz N O; Ml* de VLlal'ie, Mr and Mrs Pedro Harniote, three children, si'nant and child; Mr A Caanrae Mexico: Mr Marcellno Delauusa, Havana; Mr b?nr n I ae i. MrAntoinu Caaal, Mr B Oncbenaon and rtfe, Miaa M J ilall. Mr ti H Moom, t ; ilade'plila; Mr K A Jeaeup, ' do Misa Campbell, Miss K Smith, Maine; Dr J de Wolfe Smith, do; Mr ikordan, Cuba; Mr A Van Henthuvaan, AJh*. ny; Mrs B H Moore, i'lifadi'lplil". ; Misa E C M ore, do; Mr McCaen, do: Mr IS Johnson. L I; Mrlt Bon, Han Francisco ; Mr Isaac Conen. Mr J Frendenatein, Ohio; Mr E Qo'dsmlth, 1 Illinois: Mr M Cohen. Mr s lllmh, Mr K Duncan, Mr Clias J?uadot, Mra h hatlian, Mrs Mason and two children, Mr A Her'schell, New Yotk; Mrs IS Slmonln. Mr i* Oaer, Mrallanel Mr and Mrs B Moiherand child, Mra UalalUe, Mrs K Plat?, Mrs t-Uit/ an* child, llev Ja* MUler Joba ilutlc, Cal; FM fc Mertz, Mr.-out?aud. Mr t) Iteee, Havana; Mr* Hcbowa Cal; Mra V Je<Krd.< VraJ tin In: Nicoloj Vedovalto, Iowa: Mr ?pd M'i Q Andr?e, iimv (/rleaoa; Mr C Pablo, Mulro; MUs K K..bu, "inamii; Mr A Pablo, Mexico; Mra E IJ Morgan, Mr F Haneoz, Mrs Du Mei net and child. Mr Knante wade Mr L Th L Sa Liccbini:, Mr luien Ouvirtin, Mr R (ilatz; Mr A Ccrch, mi Louis: Mr Mattr?itt, Mr A Phil lips Mra L A Wude and son, Mr liaac Weirs, jnrsisamWe trs, Ml?s L *>is?, Mrs DOHI , Mr D Grill, Jr, Mr E Mal berbe MrECreret; Mr Adolphe Boge .New Orleans; Mr H bacbar?eh, New Voik; Mr M.utln, Ml>s 0 Millar,? Total, 283 tp?pl?,$28t Kkmii, N P? Steamship Karnak? Daniel W Meeker, lohn J (toon, N V; l.ieut Col Macdonald. lady aud child Seooni W I regiment; John Floyd, N \. For Havana? Antonl Le ada. Francisco de Lonnz and rorvsct, Havana; Dr Crank M Machulo, ( ienfueg?? ; .losn M ('bs/arri, H^vanna; MrOdo ara. M I inera, M Capt it W Sbu cidt, United Slates ('on snl at Havana; John B >ena. JiV ; Mies Thomasa Lima and servant, <> Asrenaolo, J E de la Cunra, S Panal, lose I'erefte, Cspt J Devereux Masa, loeepb Muf*. R Rde Canera, Kran cisnn Krenandez, Havana; Wm Bailry, Bo don; Migocl de srostlgnl, Port an Prince; Pablo Echereoi* IJHeyt ot.liavuria; I .lames H Bullock, England; J t Orier, Havana; W Briohter,

Hamburg 0 J Osborn. hi ; F de H Hnta, Ma'anzas; Mr ?nd Mrs Jose Casanova, Mr anil Mm J Mar'fng *nd servant, Mra Msnca, two children and two servant'. Henry Blaon, Kng lud; Antonio K Mora,NV; .'ose Mora, ilavana; Mr No- i ineBvee, .1 M tlrat'ix. Bngltnrt; Csntaln Jos Long, NV ; B de , !a llaza, Malan2ua? and $<S9,DM specie, JIRT AND LITERATURE IN THE FIELD. j Gifl'ord and Wlttercdge have ghouldered the knapsaek | and gun to join the Jolly Seventh Kitz James o iVien { marchi d with the same regiment., and F. C. Adime lia* joined the cavalry corps forming at Palace Garden. The ?word has como to be mightier than th s pen just now. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAJIAO roa NKW Tout? THIS DAT. srn R'fxs b Utlt *oos hisbs morn 13 14 sell am 6 frl I hiuh 101 Fort of N'aw k o/i, April '4'J, isgi. CLEARED. Phlp K Jj L.ine. 8ry<r. UvMrt>?ol? T Ri I:ard?on A Co. . hist larler (Ink. \V iiliatu. UlaHgov.'? Neamuli ?* Buna. Baik J Y, Ward, Tlblwtn, l|av?nv-?l b Wart A Co. ? *!r^D Avli***, . K?ncor? N* O ri'lflbury. lUuk WUUara, Lord, Bo?to&~ i: A E I Peiem *iM ?'rlncrti-n, W*) lu, #o#ton-<' & K J fete r a. r?i> ^ Upm. t'*4/ -tfr.tcjilt A Dauciu. MhJjlMriing, r-erJ.T" ' Hchr Abty Biackett, McCobb, A*p?aVr^lI? Met A D'Hi a"rhr Aim* (Br), Curry, Cornwalli*? D TI Pr-wnl f Bchr Armada, Kn<n>le? Peaford? **u Itrrnt & Sl.ifcUt. Hchr Met'ora, Barrett, 8o,t u-C A BJ l'eters. i'iunp W L> Mangum, rbraHhtjr.Tauntou -LmieA. Margliam ARRIVED. _ ? Pteamkiiin Bremen (Nremi, We?*>'K Bremen, via fcowtti. arniiton April 17, with mdkc and >87 , .?>?!?. ,", Keutgcn It Retchelt. '."lli ln?t, <t r v, went avh't - mi the K i dee of the Ba?t H?nk, and rem-u n iher>-. (8ee Miacel) hicair.fhlp .lamt s AflKf r (trw ?port>, I'ailHpa, Ann?v>dl*. r't?ani>blii ? labam* orapcp irt). Si hr-n -K. Aanapollf. Ship EniWvot (ot iioatoni, joan*. ?aa Franc -co, Jan 17, pn?M'd Cape Horn M neh 6 with mil ?), t > Wm T Col man A t o. Marco S\ lat 34 SO 8, Inn 2? +6, kignalixwl *blt> V iptuni N Favorltr, from t'allao for llamjnon Rutds; 7th ln*t, lrn 37, o? the Equator, ppoke ?hlp Roiw'll nprRifi'.P, ;Q8 1a> from t'al lao for Hampton Koadn; 19th, Iv 24, Ion 84, pa'sed a hark MifriiK N, with letter F in; 25th, l?* M W, !? n 7i, algimllicd ship Monte! etlo, fiurn New t'rlean* 27l!i. ljt 'if, Ion 71, apoke bark Chevalier, of and for Cortland flhip * F Hokle (or My*tt< \ Oa.g, fall ???>, 81 day*, r/la r ,ne Henry 24 hour*, with gueno. to B irrell Brn*. '?l!i ' |at (a, Ion 9030. *p?kc Br brig Bothkaye, or and trom J '^V1lr , vl. *; j for Baruaaoe. ' Haik Murlnua (Br), Kmnan, W.aerfOiV jn ^ jj Siuuti 4 f'on. Ea' ..?il7.n- W?oS?S U'ie, ^.imariarotta),<<y, (>i donas, 7 jf'"1 * ^ f ' ' ,o t kh'i, Porterfleld i Oo. 2 >th 'n*t, off ?!a'a'/ar xbr Chief, of )lar?:ch, from l'ortlaud for ni 1 O Ad?n\i (.'f Box ton .Cirvsr. t'ard?na?. 7dr.v?, z. ,. ?ar, i i Brett. Hon A Co. Hai 'd In jompanr wtMi baii.? 5?? ia Anna, lor i'hlladi itihla I* HaB, lor l'ortlr, 1; M 0 . ox, tor Kampe; brig Augeiinc Avery, lor Bostoa; achr A '.'on, fur I hiitdrlphiA. Hnj; Hldafgn (of Vlaehia"), W hitleuom, Itemjdlo*, 11 day, w ith inpr, to himpi-on A .V. hvIv*-*. Brig knona IJ inula (Hr, of Arl<\ I.enolr, I'le'on, NS, It davH, i'li e. ..J to Artlnr laja-y, liai very rough V,-eath?r, W w ind* prevail ng Brli (";??:?'<< (of Boa ton), Dearborn, St Mark.", U diva, with cotton i4> l'-a/ k A I>i? rh. ro llrii; ti Mat Ui two, .^tmpbere, Klliabetbport ior t'harlra town. Krlir M Plat', Baker, fanta Cm.', .Arri! 17, wltli mm kc, to Roche Bioa A Coffey. Hcbi Jam<"< KatU'rthwaite 101 PMUmM 'hla'. Malov, Orlonne, ril 15, with hldca Ac, tn N II ltri^hiun Mail smite atrongv imi?; io'tfoiogalT rchr Sanger, IMnckley, .Incksocvllle, ti days. Hcbr A HaaOD, Corron, Ht Mary, Oa. <d.i>a. Hchr X D Pitta, Coraon, t'harlent m Od?t Zla< 21 fW*?0D g^r*- pa-t n' t'\ i rrvr Of ateamohlp * arhvt;;e. hehr VTent V. ind. Burn -it, WilmiugUM), EC, 4 daya. ffethr Obeida, Warren, Blehmond, ft d..y? Hchr Adriatic, Hall, ktchtnrnd, d 'laj'?. Hchr ?*antni?t, HfiiJion. I'etemli irjr, / day*. Schr Vvp-^ite. Bee be, Atavandr'i, 4 daii fiotlr i'?lrfax, M ott Ijeorgcuiwn, If, 7 <ia]?. I?rhr Angela, I ">?. Faltlnv>re, 4 day*. Jsebr V f Brady, Ball. BUl*Mthp>rt. HrhrWiihtoron, Villa. BlUahethpert Hchr Rototn, ^atiace Kll7ai>"'hnor< for falew. (Vhr Emma Mayo, N iyo, MlaWlhport for Ba'Mn. B<hr.l P .li hnaon, fbiiee, Kl;/ tbe Slum I foi B at<n. 8eh. Tyrone, -, KMraliet!ip.>rt fir Bonl.->n t? hr !? T W Ulrtta, Baldwin, K'nabethport for Fall Rtrer. hrbr f'.rnelLa, M*ckO\. Klizah-ilipor Mr ProrMeoae. hcbr ConneAicut, Pratt, EU/ahethport lor i'rortdence. H?br ?' 1, linlte, MrOar. KU/abethport lor IVirldi-aee Hchr flnnan. Vroman,*bethp"n or ProrWteace. HchrW Kuilahan, Edward*, fellxabethpoft for New Harm 8i hr <' Wllllairk, <!<a!ev. il'X-klaod, ? daya. Mchr N llar^cy, ll>?vge?, Uoa on for Alt any. Srhr Arcliiru*, Cobb, N'-W tlaren, I 'laj*. Hchr A RhO'in, Nlckernon, Portl?r 1, Ot, t daya. P' hr P B Andrraon, , Portland. CI, 1 d?V4. PcJirt t aamborLain, Klurgea, AiOany for Bo?ton. Frhr John Adama, llaich. Hon lout for Boston Hloop '(Old ljeaf, .Turaea, Mltahcthport for New I<onJnv BIO"P Jane Kl'./a, Pen lent, n, LlilfttMHhport for Port Jef ferson iMcamei n Burdon. Loper, Pliilatieipma. Braxjw. Brig Cyclone, from Porto Kksi>. Brig Ini mna Owen, from t. tnedioa. Hchr Adelphi from Rl.> Frbr .Um?* wiLleiiK i.t mc'.K), Alao, two bark* and two brlga, unknow n. RAD.KD. Bteam*h1p Keyatone Htnte: ?hip Java. cjln?gow; bark* Julia lleyn, Belfast; Jtiplter (Nor), <Hou--?eW>r, i m' -lla (R"*>, Pal tnouth, Ae: llv*, Mar.calbo; V'.ruliita, Barbadon; B Oonorl,, Helvetia, hnga Cononnetii (Dntobi, l<aM>wdelVli In duetry (Brl, and Brother* (Br). We*fo?d. Surf, f-llgo, Oonan Belle, Marnnham: Arnlylia, Mtnlli F.vperini''nt. Hava na; Franconla. Bt .l?.:o; 'Ihnmai M Mayhew, Bermuda: l,uey Darling. Naaeau, NP. Wind iurlag the day W I* NW. ninrrllanron*. Ba> *** BTKin*!!!)1 Burma, B'eaanla, from Bremen and HouthampUa, with mdae and paaaengera, to Oelixke, Keutgt n A Reichelt, went aahore during P'inday night on the Eait Bank, about on* n lie from t'oney Ialaud Point. Hhi-head-i about BW, with her atera, and Ue? very eauy. There ia ueavy aea on, but It la doing her no in Jury at present. The ktenmlQB* Achillea, Underwriter, Only Bon and I 1* Seymour i to haul her off, bnt without aoeeem. The Only Bon, Achillea and t'nderwriter ratm* up to the city laat eve Ding with all the paa*enger*, and report that the ahip Ilea nasy lit] IB feet of water forward and atern perfectly free. The AcMllea would return with lighten, and It waa thonght Uio ahlp would be floated off at high wafrl a*t nlgkt. Capt Her' ritt, Cnderwrltera' Agent, proceeded to the steamer with the wreaking aehr Norma, and offered hi* aaataUnw to lighten her Of cargo, whleb wn* declined. Bean Boownk?Tv of and from Machlaeport for New Tori, with lumber, "truck on Black Hock AM of 23th in a log, but waa got off after throwing overboard the derk load, ana ar rived at Newpoita?th, half full of water. The deck load wlH beaaval New* Joww A BrenrM (qf Plymouth, NO), Flntrnta, from Wilmington, for New orleana, with a oargo o* peae, went aabors on th" night of Mb last oo ( aJooa Kay and benaaae a total toe*. S?1 hundred ba?a of peaa tod ben *av*da?d oo? reyt4 W W?m*. NP. Capt Bavh'y, of ?br Bnpbaol* 'r?a P r ;..irtath*t ? on the a(ih Inn, off Cape vi a), paused ?> rough a taiM oumber frf htnrli of fliiur, marked (luppo^d) i L ? ploko? up .10 or | them, Two other veaasli were picking up barrels. Whaltarn Arr at Now Bedford 26th mat, bark Leonldas, Aldrich, At lantic (Vmii, 8t He:en? 60 days, with UK) tpMMhpbk. sent fc? me 16(1 *p KciiiriiDfi'hiiiit. Hid front Bt llo.euj March lit ship Isaac ilicka, t all, for home. At do March J!, berk John A Robb, R?ker, of and for Fair- I haven in all, ?t a ?e, k, fall , brig Leoniuas, of W. stport, U bbls oil, fer Klfch Bay few days Arr at t alparaiso March 2, I. arks < Kpray, (Stanton, SB. Juan Fernandez: Margaret ScoU, Clean-land, i'io, laloatiuaoo. I Arr ati'alia Ma*ch HO, bark I'acltie, ?mitb, NB, 840 spal: told and eld 27ih to crulae). Kid from Tulcabuano murca 4, ship* Kensington. Stetson, and Morning Light. Lure, N B, to cruise At do March 4, bark William A lienry, Parsons, I'll, 225 sp all told (Hot aa belere). At Belle na Bay March iO, ship John How land, Wbelden, of NB, K>00bb,soU ?<t 'ian Cuius In Feb, ships J D Tkonptoi. Crosby, NR, 600 wli on Chile; ,lobn COKgesiiull Dean do, ?*,<) libUall tuel for ifc?- N ; Helen Snow, Nve. do, 1200 Hp 140" ? li do, li> eruUo and bnnie; F< itune Comatonk, NL, 70) wh lacl 14 rnoa for home; MaiHutuaet'.a, u roe tie. No. .*) an IM wh, lor tint N. Spoken, am. 1 b p Mi 17 K Baleh. Kidrldge from Callan fir Valencia. Mi- reh 22, let 2S 54 -i, Inn 28 30 ft . ? hip hi cblarid, I row NOrleans for Liverpool, April 21, lit 29 C5, ion 79 20. Forflun Port*. Antwkhp. April 12? Hd Hrnlumt, nagu, NYork Asji. it, Keo II ? I Meed by ship Kit ' ar-oti. Qorfc 'm, (rod Manila 1 or Eoattn; baik Xoneka McCualUi. from Koo?how loo lor Ixiru on ; Huh, ?bii> Klyluir scud, swlBMrtM, frooi | Wlamp' a for NYork Amoy, Feb 25? In port birk Fruiter, Stone, I rom Shongliae, arr il)tb. AkYAif, Feb 41? Arr Trltnoun'uln, F>'d, 2VH Pui Itppton, tiowet-, t-iiuijai" re; March *, /rank Flint, it .join soli, Madras In port F< b 3d, ship* Wandering Je a-, Staekoole for'iupaMl W tnem Continent, CaUngan, Tor do; Trlmoun.ain, Field, lor do Lapanto, Martin, for do. AWAMAFOO, March 111? In port bark* W*v Queen, Fanning, tine; Warren W hlle, Adarnswn (late Bramble, w ho died Keb 20), lor Hulem about April HI. B HiSTOL ( ?? 111), April Id ? Ait James Welch. Metilll. Havana (arid jpataeil lor Bristol) hid 12tli, Mom Castle, kaowlos, Bkkvkhiiavicw, April 8 ? Vrr Roberta, Chill*, Baltlmoro. Hlrl fith, Br' nicu, Meyer, NOrleana: htella Wulf, and Hduard, Wietlnr, Daltlmon ; Atb> ?a, &-.h!llliiK, NVoik. Buouw k- HUAVkN, April b ? Arr delh Sprsf utj tiilleapi^, Hcl vcet (and *M for N v ork). llOKtikACX, April & Sid SUphide, Ander?>n, and Buena VU ta, Ayre?, N York : 11th. (> W Bourne, t d ,7inu, Oadi/. B itjivja Keb 21 ? Arr *hlp Coring*, Ward, .Ho- too. 814 19th, bark Homer, Rows, Melbourne. Cakpifk, April Sk - Air Our 1'nlou, Packard, and E Stewart, Ilowe, Loudon; (ieorue "eubody, Uowe, Havre,, ll.lh, VVa> e , Creat, Harmon, Rotterdam, bid Uth. Omw t act. i, I'ercy. list b. Me. CaviWNc, March 26 -In port bark Alice Tariton, R.iwe. from Boston March 4, just arr; brig Elizabeth, Uaxsen. for Sal^m i) or 10 daya. Colombo, March ft? Hid (ieo Kendall, Farley, Tutooorln and Qncenatown; 9th, L'ncowah Klrby, London Calcutta, March H-- In fjort shloe Belle 01' the Wi"<t, Howes, for Colombo; linlon, Hklllings, from Ualle, arr feb 2.V lor Bombay; Union, "mail, from Hoc ton, str Feb 24. for M'idraa; t' B Hazel urn-, ? Jilkev, from Liverpool, ai r Feb t% <"or "'York; I'artlunla, lllnlou. Biandina Dudley, A'wood and tCamern Oii'-en llancoek, for Bof Ion ldg; Sagamore Tnadwoll aud Clarissa Currier, Knapp, for Lmdon do L iak^ard, KMtoiin, for Hamburg, do; Orion Libbv, [or China do; Ullr.a, Re n meillng, for Mauritius do- liei ksh ire, Willi ims for Sotno'iy do; Clarissa Bird, Bird, from Bombay, arr K?b 25, for do; Wild Katiutr, Ch"?o liom Melbourne, arr ."eb ii; l-a-ex, liartz, from Liverpool, arr i-'eb 2S>\ East Indian, Lwraur, from do. arr Keb 28: We?t< rn Oc<i?n elmtn iti", from Maoritlua, ai r March 2; Jane D Cooper. Howard, t -t in K urrachee, arr March 3, and Southern Ea?le, Cad ft>l), from Meibo'irne, irr Mareu 5, unc. I'rocef ding down the river March M, ship Gem of lha Ocean, Williams, for Mauritius. Went to sea from Saugor Feb 25, ?bipi Oaitli'an, v'oc or, Boston; March 2, Sonora, Brtard London; 6th, Menlmac. Hitirstoii, Stng?!>ore and China; 7th, Como, Cobb-. London CArit Co .March 8? In port bark Kedar, Johnston, for Dlx Cove IIkal, April 10? Arr Gertrude, Opeddiusj, Iiondu for Csl- j cutta (nnd patsed Kortsmonth llthi; Nhiu-'SIm, t iderlieh, d^> , for NYork (?n i sid) nld 10th, Hit rru >evada, Foster (from , K.'o Janeiro), Hamburg. Falmouth, April 12? An- Then Curtis, Brizler, Matanz'* ! Sid 12tb, Pi) nee Arthur, Williamson, feufiai'a Off do 9th, Kegina, llooker, irom NOrleam for Hamburg; ! 11th Klora McDonald Kulier from Mobilr for !Ia>re FltKKVA^TL^:, Feb 14 ? tiretly Martin, Mauritius Ohukoci, April C? Ait United futes ts). Me.kelrcld, I'urt laai. Gibiiai.tar, March 27? ArrMendl, Yales, NYork; 291b. Mary ! Renlley, Beutley. Iteaslria (aud aid Aprii 1 for F'hilaielpniai, 1 I'll t's Brlae, Cuker, Havana yoih. Celestl*. Ho Area, Ka lermo (and aid April 1 for Boston): 31at, f'roedacll, Ilowe.s : NVork; API, (Br). Lartiry, >?York In port April ', bark MendL Yates, diasr, for ft Thomis ne,xt cay; ?ehr Pllot'r Bride, Colter, for Naplna uevt day. ^Id .Hd, bark 8p<-edivell, Howea, Malta. Wind uast since April I, and (-till continues. Passed to the East 1st, a bark, supposed Die Bounding Bil low, Harding Irom NYork for tienoa; 3d, brig i'axsune, Rogers, from Palermo for NYork. Oakki cha, Aprt) 3? Kid #ard"er. NYork Qallx, Manh 1 ? sid Hteuben Clover. Maibon, Catautta Havuk, April A? 61d KatU-ir. 4lmy N York; l.uoin ta, Hmlth, 1 do; North America, Lii<*h, do; Irfnusa Raton Maxim Cleti fnegos; Geo I'eabody. Howe*. Cardiff and Pan Krancisoo;6ih, | Maid of Orleans Oenals, NYork; 7th, SHai (Jreen-nan, *eb- I ber, do; New Hampahire, Lord, Sunderland and NYork; Cza rina, lJwyer, KOiieana; Emily 0 Mar. Fair'owl, C^nden, i NJ ; Harraf>eeket, W aito, Cardiff ar.d United (states; New Bra- I pire Randall. Havana. 8td 9th, John Potter, Balh, Me; 10th. Boekaway, fnrkins. ' Csriiff and I'Statea; K M Mills, Sturgea, Newport aud do; 11th, ?m Nelcon, Cheever, NYork; H Ilazulflne, Orink water, Newport and rotates. Clo 6th, Owego. Stevens. Sunderland and NYo?k; Porfs mouth, Borland, do and do: .H.b. Flight, Hawks, Cardiff : 10th, Reiulua, Thompson, aad Chaa Uavenpor Kully, NOrleans; lltb, William Wither lee, Atwood, B<?ton; Shamrock, Weeks, Bath, Me, Naples, Htrout, Sunderland and N Haven. Ha*siir?, April 4? Arr Holland, White, Matanzas. Sid 10th, Forest city, Crosby, San Krapclaco Hklvort, April j-^Arr Ca-<llda, 4MTord, Biltimore Kowc, Feb !&_.*? bp.rk Blral, Bo*??, Vhampoa (srd ?lo .'l"t for Baagkok); ISHo k!^? IwoerUl, Sninpinn. do find rid 2r.'h for Manila); 21-t B?t?s, Clarke, Mel bourne (an< lid Wth f..r Manila, to 10?. for Hid 13th, ships J^vnatcr, Brown, Vh?ngb^, Morgan, Bangki k: l?l, knn sn's Bride, WvmaO, tw>, 1*rra 1, JohiuJ&y, Doly, Hnigoa, ?o return ., In port March 1, ahTi s B-ld Lagle. NIckles, uud Fran'k'-J raven. Sears for San Francisco; Southern < 'mss, Uowei, fof ' Saigon and back; Me merger, Manton for Havini. J C Hum ' phreys, P'lov n j.g Zlijg.ul, Ne-v begin for fr ight or ch'vr t*'ri Freniier, Mc'jllvery: Mermaid, seudder Jumna, Tucker, I ard J W White O flood, unc; Norwester, A linv, rrom ^an 1 Fracrisoo, arr Keb 25 do; While Swallo v, Cnso , from Mel honrre arr Keb Jf>, do; barks Early Bird, Cook 'rom -lan 1 FraiiCWCp, Arr Keb 21, t/tk-n up to return; Bertha. Vj.pley, lrom Sydney, NSW, nrr Feb 28, unc brlcs Emmi, Nlokerson, 1 um\ .la-nes Marsh ill , Jenw-n, for Bangkok. Humacoa, April ti ? In inirt brig E A Kcod, Crane, for NLon don in 6 days. Havana, April 14 ? AirGeo Washington, 'SichW'*'"" 1 hd?; lftu. ka Bootton. Chase, c;.iU.?.on; llm* "7;,CiT '< Ll.'Uct, NOrleara; br*? P A p?l;-e. I.?wis, W<- j 1 tdw.rd, Shnte, Belfast ; 16th, fhlo Bo'tiec .jca??> l; ( , brlgf.I A H I'limlct, Dr'sk >, Portland- ' , Rec?, Liverpool; | Laurent, NOrleans; ?"?rg?ret (Br), I< . t7th, A A UhApiuiin, 1 fid l4ib a 1Mb, ba' ki LIH1*?, .slifax, , Falmontb: brig A O Mer?yr- ^.arore, Antwerp; 31'zab^th. , dler, >ir,.hnm. do; Cba> Ferry, Sagua; Henry A l>\d- 1 stltution S trout, ;i -tfeath, Loud. Matanzas fr irs Con Houi; Kute 8to? _.tS M r,u^; Mountain Avenu'\ Bcry, Mkh hark He r, do; Anna I^-wis, Bu; h i*?ork; Howe* ?<**. Lord, tjagua and NYork; brig Waiter , -. i*!offe, Boaton ; lieu ry Nntt, llsker, 8?gua; Handy Kwwn, do; ' ba?t(>liiln, ilsndv, NYork via Ha?ua;Rebr Francis Artliemlus, klgelow, Charleston; 17th, haiks Wlnd w ard. Emerson, crnnstadt; Gl->n, Bell, *V ork via "agua Cld 16ih, brig LouUa 1' Spew. Smith, Blerra Morena via Cardenan: scbr Volunteer, Brown, Hlerru Morent; 16th. barks Bogota I.ord. NYork via rsgua. 1/th, Bt laco. Berry. Mattel ; W A Pktlcniita, Bennett, falrroutb; brig Wlnyaw, Wyman. . schr K M Haley, HaJejr, Sierra .tlorena In port !Sth. steamship Empire Cl'y, Brown, from Indlan I ola. arr 17th, fur NYck lOtn Halifax. April IS? Arr Wig* Mary Ann Halcom. New York; ' Standard, Card, do: X<d, Nor ?hlp HainM, 1 -tudersoB, Savan nah for (jueenstewn, put in itakv ' .Iahvjs lyxMi, 1 CD i'J ? Hid ablp hiiui. Rice, Hampton I Beads. v a?a<iawa, Kab 2 \it lark Mary A Louisa Jon??, Bbang ' nm>. in r>ort Fell 4, ship Coqulmbo, Kn pe, from Hong K ing for ?? > Kramtaco. LivKarooi, April 6? Arr rMling Cloud, Steele, N York ; 7tb. hbafcapeare, N irero*?, Bomtwij Mh, [ndiau, Areriil, M>r1c?n?; vtb, Arn'.iiit (* . Stone. NVwik; 'A;>*Hiugt 11, Mo I Mloand Fermi; Iul?eo, Janaen, Han F rand <00 I KldSth, Mont< r, ). Norton, !-avar?n*U; tHh I.n; in, Trott, 1 Mataj rn?; 7Ut, 8ybll, Freeman, Oft rrtnlc; rinl*nlt l<.n?*. Afukuhloola; Jamea v, ntt, Kimtnond, N k"o? k ; Kunmlito, "fork, K<m>:oo ; Ninorab, Rabln?oa, t lart! tun, uth, Mod tutor, FJItner HI.- Robert I'rel I.irrabec Atl?tr%l'a, 1 owart, nnu l<oui?a Haith, Bartleit, N". nrk; E D rrien, t urti ?, yuobcc; II Von r.agetn, Hrlmm, vGrl <aiu; 10- b. < rodiwrdo 'u, Co racron; tmplre. l.c?rnw. Cbalinsger, Wtemr; .inn mtt'c*, CtiWmi, n.d Medihtor, Kll.ner, ti iork; Fiauk .'loult, Vorw, Kaatport and F t John, NR. T P Parke, flinltl>, Detroit; Crl r.ea, Baker. HtJaao \ Ilopklna, Murray, M.iUnta", MK l.udaig, Miller, unit Sulem. Au?t?a Quebec !l('i,.i 0 Haker, 1 Kwi Fort'tind; Addlw n, 1'tk?- Rto Jeiielro I'lti H Pinker, j AiK-nie' tiv, M,mni?h. ('ne> .'oe. fink nam, Fiiiln4elpata , Wm K HoamMl, Scare, Bto<k Jonnle Bra a, Crooiter, ?nrt | fiteaji Breeze, Lciihloa. KewfouMDaud; MlddJoae*, Merrill, 1 Buy of Fund> 1 Hd 6th, Frmoe Albert, V'huni, N"tork, lttb TTirr'ock, 1 Tooag Boeton; P?djmlon, William*. C*r<ltit at.d Emtpojt; Ariniir?l, <, New ork , llctuy Br.;Jiitn, Pot'.er, Kan , F ranclaoo f nt oM flth, CmiiimI Hoard, Calrat'n ; Mameluke, I'orter. Naroleon, Cawing, t,a.ruii?; A'Ina, Jiiitau*, mork, H H Boc?Iy, B*iljter, Portland; Conqueror. boo telle, Quebec; I /.ephyr, tfipall, ?.lbr\I>?r M?o JiwiMn. t nttim. Hoatou; Fear I Rot, Paneon, on; Mallna, Fonnar U?aen*?, Kad/mlon, W'l llama, f antcort anil Ht A lurewi* Unden, Norton, NYork; ! John Bright, Cutting, do 91.'., Kampd. 11, Huliuan, Uo-ton, M?(trnta, Janrrln: W B 1'iavie, IJnoolti; City ?t Maiirh?MU>r (*>, ? rQiilgan, and Frk'oru Webb, Frarmaa, NTixti H"U? Uonr.a, TiinnH*.>n. l'hiUMlrlpV'fc; Indian. Avo-IU, Hlo.lanplro; I B*thiali Thay. r, Mum'*, HI .tobn. NB; Martha ?'ro?by Var 1 raculh, HH, KHh, Ifno-lao'l, ij?liner*. ;4*ltlm>n>. tki? Lan? ' don, ")trnn, Bn<;iin; "fic?.kaway. O'Neil, aad iltrfd"? Htate, Hepburn, N>.? York; < icrtrudr, IVwnc. Van'.Nr and Montiwl: t'haa Wan!, Oould, KtJobn, NB; lltb, Arabia 1*1, Boatun and ; Hallfai; Lory Tbompaoti, Crocker: f>aml Adam*, Mo*d and Florence ^IcnUngaU' Holmea, Nvork; Kioet lor. .louta, m I .l?.hn, Ml, liib, Aug'-U Hrr.tnr. Hirer, Boaton; StOhHM' i 1'roolno. Work; IHortd*, Morttmcr, and Preeldi nt, Km e, I Pbiiadclpbla. Lo> noft April 6- Vrr IJmta, Hewitt, Clenru??oe; Sth, I Ocoritco. Maffiin", ( :irdrna? I < Id <Wh, Tlionu?i> V? lilt rir, Xcllv, Boetnn (uil p??*cd 0. >1 Pth), t'benMre Reed, Calnuta: H<-inn Fort ! Philip ("kl cl?*ar?nrr>, MctMr HundcrlaLd rnd r?l | culta; Kuskfl, Hnutli, nhicld* and NYork; Mth. I,acia, Cr1? : talk), do; Criminal Rath Brand, NebcnJall. d >, ??umm?r I rK/Ud, AbNit, IlaltlmoTe. 10th Cn.nof, Ka -tlctt, Knllrc (and 1 *ld from Deal llth); tV-wper. fltaven*. ('alfii.ta; (t'ar of Hope, I car* in, 4u land *l<l trom Uril l'_'ih) ; lltb, M lord, M < vu*., Alg'.a Fay; Mtir-fla, CbrtaUcn, Hundi rlatid ani HYnrk, 1 itb, ' Khlt/i' Moore, Nkork. > ntd out Mh, l.'?erprol, Kearney. NYork; nth. Inland Cncen, Con?r>, 1J' namra, ?th, Harry HviUrtx*, Col, mau, , Cal' Uit"; lltb, Old Dominion, Hampaon, Hoeton. Md from Orateeend Kith, Kitten. Kn-plm, Hnndrrlaiid and Nlork; Hummer Cloud, Abbott, Kaltmiore (and from Deal IVb ; Uedwa/. Kennedy. Newport und NVw York (and 'roin Ileal iuh?; Meteor, Meltille, Hnnderiand; lith, ChMblre, Reed, Calcutta (' ndfrom Deal lith); Jlclen MetlaW, FUneeo, 1 Port rbl'ip (and ,'rom Deal 1210), | Liakau it, April <> Art Frey, Bout Trie, and Iaabeila Uay, Iludnpeth. New York. | I. niHOwa, April 1? Arr Zone FtiUrrton, (Hcoa. Loando. .I'tn lb- Arr ln-k ,Tohn (Mlpln, Miu^ na, B oaum | ^and kid Fatxfi far ambrDettei. Hark H*/*rd. Ki*??, would ! IcaTe the cona lor B mion ubout Marr b 14. Hid .Ian !W, bara* HwaUoa'jJtaam'unr. tuihrD ; Fob II, 'lidal Ware, Melaon, da lem via BemeAi atd et llcletut Ma***iii.v*, April 4? Hid Liberty, ArefT, Palermo M at.aha, March , HI? Arr fiarmen", (Joaorerdo, ILtuaiTtcK, Mairh6- Inp'^C H L int, Moore, dl??; Jnriah ti Hale, (iravaa, do; Rowan Tree. Worwcil, from t'alcutta tor NOrtean*, leaky Ht Bvmird, Brown, unc; Warran uoddard. Buhl, for Melt.onme ld?. . Maphak, March 1J? ait Bea Kin*, Barker. Boeton. Hid f' 8th. Mary i-onl I'a'teraon, Idrerpool _ , II MAr.*o, Peb i?~ Arr bark Albwa, Oregory, Whampna for j MiMfujt, Feb 3t? In port sbijia Albion, JTUllam*, for Llrer. Kl id*; Queen of ib* Eaal, lieaMy. fordo do; 4 H Talbot, ??<??, from Hydney, arr Feb ?1, to reti.Tp to do Hid Jan 1 m *hipe KM Camon, ?o?bam, Roewn; Feb 1 Fannr Mc Fcory, Hmith. London or tJrerport: ?**?, 7"rT>p(<\ ?ml tit, Brd ney, RHW ; git, Hwrm King, C?Sla#?, BoeU.n; jtb, Memnon, Truman. Ban Pranelaaix . . . . _ ^ Mataot ai.*, Peb 17-Arr Adirondack, Bur?el?ter , KTork; 21 ?t. Wirt. Bower. Boatan Hid Peb 4, Lonlg t Topham, Ban Praadaeo. 14vh, K ebar, P ?et >w. Ixm lon Ra*le -ir?od, Ptekerltut, ouam; Boaette, Pearea, Batarla, HM, Dclrult, Ciiftla. vil ls*K MomwriA. March 5- In port brig flannel Ch rciiman, ' Woody, for the Hontb aoaai 4 la port 11UL ?ehr Clarlnda, Btodder, for Vscward ' Maiascbs. April ]?-!? port brliJaaot KidaiontBr), Clark; iZh K-i?nia?r ,oth w ^ *???*??. ciim, 4>.*? h, urte^nr ^'i (^lw"D> ,or Baltimore II*. ad*. I'had &*CTO?L '?r *?^?STm* ^4gTjohn' jmmiIuI ' &?? s-^'wtSo^cSSS; feJirrs ?Vlfil,ll^b^!L,L8 r??V'V Hand, NOrt^iS.^ftZT'te S^fiettftaa, s^u-sra Hid, 12th, brU'H Pmtroi; Chlpmao. NYork- winit?.rd ?i Jia Portland 13th. P. K Curtia. Norwood NYork- ia&*hJi" Mrara do; Kb 0 II l?tk*d to load ; Will of the Wlap (Br), inr do id? Kkwron, April ?-Arr Mary L?*v Kendrlck. Umdon t-? toad for StThom**. Sid titb, lapwing. Ora^ntfa^La. s^?8tJ5x#DHd i-rrBbee^t^- ?*???&; 8^S^kn^L1t,I"?o,m?"Up ^ Town^ad' {J-""' llJ> ?AR"l SJ? In | ort ship Edlnto tor llmm ]y I. Inhn'l'"^' tr^b ?*? A" Loyal Hcraoton, U)w<Un. LtoaU; r^??. aSS?^?, ???na: Slat, vvildlir.-, I'erkina, Glo raHar. April 2, J L Dana, PMrchili On? ^ 0 ri HANG. Marrh l~Arr r?rq utli, Hmith Calcutta 14.hV. xwT Au?lr^ ^y. S?matrA da?7Jr?Ko?Yorfc Api" I2-Iu Dort br!g T B W""t,?1'. *,,a i ?* * few i dS?ioSChr ?nent r"r Nrork ld?- ,n* JjJSS S^tir f0,tUU'' Wclarw.-lSMl, lllM^?,C>tK,?liZn8W^,e0 Mkriden. Roblnai.n. HYork. pmfi reb 2.%?At Pioneer, fccbt?om?ry Hinr.rwrf iJnycK? 2S^fV^ brt?, ?un* *m?r?? *?u rl* KM . 'a j '?lro^Ii?t arr * **"???. from I aoe Verd :,Upds B M StoB^ 8???r. **?*; !?;h,h"rk'' Z'rtoo. Fo?U?r, for Boaton soot S&^YS^rsKaSi""' J * rr. t oocer. Bjaton 12tb, Courier, Hanuev ?f? ff hltt out {*tb J C Kulio, .?!(?(?, ?? Vurk ' Joiilan Kobaon, N><r York ' ^ ' ?"y, 4s??,iBillll ? aid 'IoniH*r. Pi>rkin?, Oalla fid Varch'i' for VkTahV Uwb iVh^? ^WWe 'and YmklnS" WlttVpuf r.!n,,!"^0?.W*r:1 'J^klna, Tor N W#?ii ami wiiti iJii? . ' tOP *? IA Vt?IOQa Cro Enirrj-, from S?n frapeiwo arr l*th for Ti * * i? f?S^SiSr"u' S3 l.vli rtu "lellta, Htrnltoo lor Hong lZn T^7'r,,m N1:;r* . \iritt 55* -w ?2 V ^ brorl,,man? rhompwm, PI York birfc %Arvkn/i ^hr' V?r?n, RarkiulnaU' r, Sh* ??,h ' Jorrt'*n 'ie-p no ? aTK,rs5.s,","r;? ? ^ ?sr;s.*r!W?&^i'i?g? *??-. - ?? ../.K.'-aVi.Sr&SK"^RBk 'V;Xl^,nrPOrt ^ F"ln^ to r^H r^jA J K1^!ar><'. f'T Areotio, wlnd?-o ..?J, -,c!im ) trrles?. fordod-^; RfKiic. wt*; C K Vlcknrv NVork iTiVt a's r ,ni8|lL* "Cllr *un* f""" "oauia. Vmk in ,.W n'l 7 rt" ? ,'*rk 'ame* (;.?}k Arrfy, for Hi -y *oik in Knout 7 cl^.yn; bri^f Andrew Po^ni Mo' Uo.parr Uta. gid l/lh, K5S Youn.^S, S, ^ 6 day*** 1 ir"' :7? Iu ''ort brig George, for Vew Uavan T.ikbkt, Api?i?? 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