Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 13
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U J? li III ii I II' " , I It VIBfcV OLAM aoonk TO LKf-SO <1 bAVBNTU A asrtno*. >mh4 deer . rots Peuruwaalk rireet, IiuiUaheti ?t laalvr&i. hikO, With UU? HiuunU n'Lui Melt lutOjU&U kit M?? tLa c ii asti ooautrj Om bu-ilreo Stcres anil Wit ?(Wmll to re-irtesaKQ street*. N. C BI8HOP, M Irwdwi) (fx Boor.) AmtsKO FTBNifHTD h. it of boom*. with P?f!ro tr* !'?<* and p-.ntnes at' ished, to lei. to a get* lletran k llI km fcr o tseke-p r(, with privHsf of kiltbrn ftiitl laundry; also tingle Rooms, ilka pr.vslw h'vtie, ?i>k ail the modern impri vxems. App y ai9tt frincBstretft, a faw ko re writ o f Brut d way. B WIT 07 POBBMtUBD A PABTMBNTB TO LBT? JL In Yweutviret street. ce*r Broatdway. Tke Ufvm ie npl?ll wilk all Ike miKtwo ia.prevsmewU- Tk? k set ef ?efe f* re?i ulred. For address apply U) Martlaon square root KB! V ATE FAMILY IB BROOKLYN, B. D. WODLD let i art of tneir thiee story and '??aameat knek house, pleasantly located, to a assail, gen teel family- Hrnl arewA tag to robms seleo'ed. Apply at 18 LalayOite place, Booth Fourth street, WtiUantebnrg. Abu it or fivb rooms. ib a firs* class house; rent B1& Also, apartsneo's h the rear , rent from |1 B0t9^ai?* tii.,ni7r<x/ lhe agent, C. A. MAXFIBIaD, on the fwifit 1M Hivlngton street AMU MMW-gPTfA BIB FOB A 811 ALL QENTil^L t$mdj at grown penwna, to let, oa Ike upper "ooro Went t Ifieenib atreet, near Eiahth arme emulating o three rooms, wltk closeta, gas, talk, water, cellar, and yar4 roc?. Only cne family occupy the rest of the house. "WJBOADWAT ST ORB TO LETI-A SMALL 6TOBF, A n frm Com* below the tt capital; the bt?t locality in New lo>k for tUiczeit; ui the west side of Brndway, ami coly one blcek above hiewiit s. App;y w J. 8. TIL Lt, Ma JO J Broadway, up rnixg. kh'LMK^T TO LET ?A VERY F!NF. BASEMENT, suitable for is ,e? ss?r and bulierda '.r oy?:?rs south a?t e< iter t <t Seventh avenue and thirty-fifth stitel, cppteiie t be Arsyral. B* BOOKLTN -AVARTMENTB TO LBT-TBB FIRST OR second tit or of kouieBc. SI H.?jt (treat, bjtweia Ber tan and ? j -koll etreeUi r?at caeap to k ?a*U ia?Uy. In ?u*re on the rremltee. EROOBLTB-TO LET, FULLY FURBI9HBD, A thi*r ?tf.ry Iwkk ilcuni fork re?pcctabl? fknufy; none .o't?ra ne?a apply; eight ai.t rtte' walkTrom Wall aiul rail >n MfnitH Itfiu* ea?j. Apply kt 176 Adisaa atreet, uear Con BAROAHS-LOW REBT8? LOFIS OFFICES AND BavaaaeniB w ,t>!, with i r wltbout ?t?am power. Oak Ball, No. FnlVp >Uee?. N. T. COTTAOB H0U8B TO LBT 01 FOB S4LB-AT NEW Rockalla will be lat for aix mouth* or one year, oontain lag dx iroma a taw mlnutea1 walk to ateambokt or rallroaA. Inquire of 1. P. ROBIBHON, liouak and land agent, Main o r'tfiir HOtT. depot kgnnt. CHEAP RENT NEAR MADISON (SQUARE ? A flRST claF-itronii KtoiJe lour ato/y Englith tft~tment Soon, In Bant Twenty third siren, between KsdMn rqu?re and Fourth areaue, will be ren'ed at .( barg.iin If applied for im n ? d'afly Inr aire of J. HALL, Bo. 8 danover itreet, or ad dim loi 3rCSV Vt>Bt DESIRABLE APABIMBKT8? RKNT $13 OR LBS8 FER m-ntb inhiU?e-4tO HikKob etreet. Locatlan reepecl at<e ; to Set to good ter.anta; gpoa yard, Ac., Ac. FCBNI8HBD TIOU8B AT NEW B EIGHT ON TO LBT? en the high ground, bemeen New Brighton and Ouarnn Itr.e fcrriea, within a few mlnutee' walk of eaeh; a fully fur bit bed bo ate wltk three acre* of ground. The situation ia ' ?i' et healthful aid the view of the bay and surrounding ?tenwry unaurretted. ad fl rets B , box 823 Post oifiee fe-tfUBNISHED B0U8B TO LET? A HANDSOME fOUl etorv brown etone Bou*e. eleg*itiy farnlfh<?d, on the th tide of Thirty fourth strett. near Broiutway. F,r further particu^rfl apply to RA* NOR A BLat'a VFI-L, 1,'jn Btokdway, or to H. BaBTZER, office of (Jeorge Stautoo, No 1 Baeover Buildings. Hanover square Ft RNIFnEL ROOMS TO LET-ON THE FIBST FLOOR. W < u)d be let to a demist, doctcr, dressmaker or m'lliner. App'y'bt Ho. 1 Amity strttt, firat mar ale sioop from flioad way. UTOB Nlt'HED HOUSE TO LET -A MODBRN, OBNTEBL Jp tbr<-e s'ury fcud attic Home, n -itly furn''hoJ. to the iQ-tiirOisle vii nny of Wasliipfian 1'ark, will be Jet to a reironnt'e privai? family on very favouble terms Apply to Mr. J C. AN iELL, S3 Wi' Dam street, or atidrees Wes'ey, T'erald offl? e -BURNISHED HOU6E TO RENT? 48 'EAST THI.1TT P fiifi ttreet, b<tween Madison and Fourth avenues, or tfcond floor, j axlir and b??fment at $I2S FUR5J6HED 1101'SES TO LET IN BSOOELYN.? Tbree well ftirUii<lied and well located, Ave minute* I rota Wall ltd Pulton fe'rtes; every convenience ano rent ) iw. Apply at Bo. 291' Brllge tticet. Brooklyn. F LOCKS ELEGANTLY FIB1S3FD, CONSISTING OF ;ailirr kitchen, bedr.ouit, katlim. m, wardrobe*, t'les, tr.kib:e aoante's. gas, hot ant! told w?'or, wltb pTlihr^ > In Jaucilry, to -et to small respectable families. Apply in the ii< w rrown stone hg<irei, 14* and 144 Last Thirty-brat street, < r at IU Batt Thirty 8ftb street. 0OUSE9 AND 8T0BE8 IB BBOOKLYN TO BENT low,- to Houses and Halves of Hoasea; rent from $IQ() to 8360 yearly. 8 new Btore*, oorner of Myrtle avenue and Rier? n air'ti ; an ext ell^nt lowttion for a --eal <*st?te otBc*, ? ru?gi?L, tukt/, Ac Apply from II to 3 at th? ollice No. I, <vtr ruUcnEank, oorner Fulton and l'eari streets. T ORB 10 LRT*-THB SPA TOTS AND DBSIBABLE JLi Lefts No. 3a Chambers stieet, or a part of them- In q?lt? of ROSS A BaLLaRD, on the | T QB IP LRT IMMBDIAlELY-TdE FIRTT FLOOH JU iR Basemen.', i f 18 Oaoievoort street, each 9C by 45 feet, tnllki :< fir mai.afacturing or storage purposes lo tiuto l Mia EAKOK, CIS Hndaou-street T CFT8 AND OFFICE TO LET IN THE BriLD JU lng 112 fleet eueei, corner Liberty. 1 n; 'lire of S&.MtJisL WII? ON, en the yreruteea. LOWV.R FART OF A HVOSE TO LET-TN T IE ?EV ?ntl' ward, very low. If agreeable the ow^er will take U the gieaier part of tbe rent in lior.rd. Call at 21 Marke ^ e.r.?t, L:Q'OR feTCRE TO LET? ONB OF THE BB-?T bUliIs up town, it tring .n the lmm< dia'e neig iiorho >1 ni fnci.Siles, aberr a )*?ge number of men are daily es tiKyec fcjto a fp.eCiiid Stand fur M .k Uepot and Hurb(?r s ?top Icqtaireot JamES MOOAE, Tenth avenue, corn;rof Tw*nty-t>?th ? .reel. OFFICES TO LET? 1*5 Bt'ILDTSO NO Z3 L'.BKRTr street, betwreo Wtll-am and .\s??*u- App y at ao^ve, to MAhii tLVY. RE*t $3?l-TO LAT AT ? LI 'TON BTATEN IBI.kVD, dw?i;jrg par; o* a brick .haute; f urieen roim*, n;w <itkl< tbs three .taartert of a ml> from the ferrr; rage* j ? every kojT. Inquire cf TAYLOR A CO , lumber yard, s jileRM Landicg, Btaten Islsnd m 8TBAM POBTBR TO LET -TKB WHOLB OR fAHT OF ? new four ttory and base meat Building, on Twenty seventh street, b*tween M1sth and Beven-.h avenue*; s'.se 4ttft6 feet. FacOiuet for ma.i ilacturers unaurptsted. Ap ply at ill West Tweaty-eeventh street. SOVTH BROOELTX -TO LET, TUB HOl'HE NO. IW) Amtty ?;rre'. between Ulli.l -n and Oourt atre- ti w ih n * ? few mibutas' vralk of doutk and ?all street ferries; is ia perfect order; rent $AB. Apply oa tke premleew, or to K. a. BLOBBOM, 19B Front street, N. T. C! FUN DIDLY FCRM8HBD R0U8B TO LBT? IN O Brooklyn, on the Heights, o nvenlent to Wall and Fulton tartee All tke modem improvement*. Everything com pltte for keepiog ho use; ehlna. glass aod silverware. Kent BMBl Address N , hoi D, Brooklyn Poet offloe. IflO LET? FCRN18HEP' COTTAGE. WITH ABOCT J. L' o* an acre, f.VtO p?r yetr. and fnrni?he<t Mansion, with about four acre*, 81111 p:r month, or 8W0 for the summer at a^lstbsm. New Jersey, wltkinafetv minutos' walk of t..e Mor? ? and hisex Ralfroad Apply to FIELD A McLEAN, Auctioneers, No. # Pine street, r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, AT 163 OH A RLE-! Pe.-ond Floor, fly* ftoona Mid b*:* B*??w?nt, B*? Pmctr.M wa;er. <?? (feparate meter \ wMibinw, ok* JUKI, Mr. Otfcor part i* occupied by four adults. Rent low. Kuwloii immediately ' mo LET? ID BBOOKLTN, THE THREE BTOBY AND A bMMNii' brisk Houm on the corner of Clinton and BtMrmerhorn tt>eeta. AH tint modern Impr-wrment* In ?!?<? > 01: m. lent, $9UU Apply t) OE0. W. C11LER, 130;. At lantic atreet. TO LET? IN FELLHAM, WE8TCHE8TEB COCNTT, witbla forty-five minmea of the city, a rary roomy an 1 pretty C ou*ge. Kent, furnlabrd, flOO per wonm Rent, ua!uia>*he.'. $it?i i?*r annum. Perfectly healthy and Tory hcowMfbla. Jtpp<) W OOCDKET BBUTHKEH, 49 Wa 1 ?L TO LET- A NICBLY Fl'BNIPBIBI) ROOM. WITH CLO letr attached. For particular! laiulre on the pretnl?-e, 180 Orchard ?atre?"t Coiatnunicatlou to all i arte of tb? rttr by car* and . mnibuaea I rLET? CtFLEMDID APARTMENTS ABO FLOORS, with thiee. four and lira Eo?a>a, with gw fltiurrr, ^mb, ar.d iila?a cu- i.k:. B(j do- r?. wa?h Mojm, m;ti i a * aid him dre?Mt?. Tkrnr Rvvna, $7: four Ri?a>>, $9 and $10; five Rooti.a, from lUUWCper mw.b; 1-icat on lo 1 biiti'tfc ?tr??t Vumn eenond and TBlrd avenuea. JAMEd FET1 REICH, 11? En M 1 btnleth a treat TO LET IB IBBOOKLlB-tW HE*BT STREET ? One baodtoir.e. ihr?? a ory. brown it m Hiraw with w ater. aaa Clturca ; batr* w?!l b? put In If r- iulr?d root low to a fio d terant. le^alr* of P. H. FlLVSli 1/4. 1(8 Fr sad way. r'!.?f? rtfcwiiklD OB rNFtRNlSlltD, THE ?B coed floor of houae, 413 Fonrth atre#i, between Bowery ai<" Second nenue; taa a!) modern improvement*, m >r? roc in If r?nB)fd. TO LET? BBOOBD STOBT OF SM BLEBCEER STREET, 1 two rarlria. two Mrwnn fl?e pantrMa, two bawwwe; baa all modem HtrnMla; rant |W, wtll he tat to two email faartUaa Alan NBOBd ?t"?J otf ? Broadway; rant ?*rjlow. laqelre of J. <KlBBt. U6 Biwdway. *? - im. I, r? LET-SB TED Fin >R, WJTE THE FRONT BAKE want ar.J att.c a ore, with al. the modem lui| roramen'a, ai 7-f Ttm.p.rTt tear Waali rjrton aquara. TStwoTi^r?* J;0Cj** 'O .w HEWBT t-TRRpr q ,nrrr rot fSr?J5 I T Tlffnft w ifthtrt*'" APARTMP.!*r<? |'tir .. sr. ? ?Kis:l rl.I1-* AND t ('BTEBlEWr THESE 8TORT M(S Urn**. ?o *0 Wf-at Ibifi.cih (trwi; rant (t'0; wruidt* tat In avarttr.mlr to frnkil faiW.Wa. Imraac^tt itMiiw ca? bt tinl. _ _ TfTBRT, ?9 Wet' T?i!?ir thlr) t'rvt mO L1T-4T 4^1 FBOADWAT. KEtB BBO*)#R I ?U? t. ^ t 114 ^ i-7ll?. rtu< $6 0 Alw . R~ nna tui'a UrMwcStBtd I'M... n t. ai<h e*j nod Cm-)? wain, hl towrrtit Bppyl'T* >1'. KTf, a tbe prair. ?i m-MPL*** M *EST TWENTT FIRM rtrrr 1 IE *"? ' Tw?n?r fowrth ''raat, 1 >4 Twenty a?btb Hr**V Sia Wo<at*r rtrawt lb* ab-Tf arr tt> ?oo<l io.ia itaaa m riialniei Ue iw drrn ,tarT"?eniei.ia, and will hr mwi iow ?a amd ttsaata: ftlar parte of Hooafw For 'urtfearaar S^lmwWy to wiftiAM b eoome Na m w?t rJJwty"" ???^0A.T| Wdllllf M LPT -PART <>F A K>WS KO ? ?A?T TBWr??T. nj-.tb ? rtr '"in'** catt*riifetam HODWM, HOONS, *CM TO LET. J r> lbt-anoffjob hcitaalb'fob a nocroa or IMA la an lagBsb ba*eaoanl h'nse, ar for a at.ire, at M Leiof place, Bleeeher strteL nu block w mi of Braid *t; 11 1* ?ww uwsupied by ? dentist. Alao afew furnished locna. rLBT-'l'HB FOLLOWINO THRBB WTORT AND attl; high atoop briefe dwelling Houses in the vicinity of I Chelae* tquare, vii ? MO WfM Twentieth street, 23? West ; Tweaiy-Am street and 273 Weal Ktnet eath tlreet These qcLKK have tea bedrooma each, arc furnlahed with Crolon and |ka fixtures. waah tobe, water xdaeta and every o ia I Tea lac on that caa be deafcred, and are bow about being put in thorough good repair and painted throughout. Apply t > D. I A- OUSHMAN, 113 Mlnth avenue, betweea Twentieth and | Twenty firet atreeta. r LBT ? FIRST CLAM FLOORS. W1T11 (IAS. HOT water for waahtag la bcaae. Ho. 173 Weal rbiity alnth ?treaty between Seventh and Big nth avenuee. Inquire ou the rUT-A THREE BTORY AND BABKMBNT BOOBB, wHh ail improvements, three rooir-a deep oa each tl oor, 179 Bast Twenty first street, a ear Second aveuo* Rant low. hgnlre on the premises. rUT-A FIRST CLAM COMMODIOUS DWBLL.TNO House with an acre lot highly cultivated. oa Uatee i-ew aee, betweea Franklin and Bedford avenu % Brooklyn. wUI 1 be let to a responsible tenant at the liw rent of t?W for the en* nine sear Apply to AULXH. BOBBHREDT. 140 Broad- . way, 3*. V. rLBT-A NEW COTTAGE AND FLB4BANT (I ROUNDS at Flushing, I. I. Cmtaraa Front and Back Basements, Two Parlors, and Six Bedrooms, tiaa throughout the houee, and water la the baaement Bent t *W Apply to WILLBTT k UABLX, Real Estate Agents. nothing, L I. TO LET? A THREE BTORT HOUSE, CONTAINING 13 room*. situated on Seve?ty-fir*t street, between Ttair.l aad Fourth avenuea; will to lented cheap. Inquire at POT LK'S, 266 Canal street TO LET? FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, THE FURNISHED House No. East Tfcinaroth street, near University place IMrm bo* 712 Feat off eu. . ? 1 ? T? LET- FITRNI?HFD OR UNFUJ4NIKUBD, THR larce Coitste Fouae, Carriage lit. use, and an htrtl?iotu.v !jr Khatled i.ots or ground, situated high, the 3 wner of Broadway and Fifty fourth street Aptiy on the premises, or to W J. KTRWABT, 167 South reet. TO LET? IDE 8PACIOU9 BASEMENT NO M8 ORAND street. near E*anx maiket, one <if the hen stand* la the street fora restaurant oranyother hualne** H t*?meat 25j7?i eUht feel ceiling well lighted Apply to WM. SMITH, Jr., 276 west Nineteen h street, or In the shoe store, eurner of Qrud and Norfolk streets. TO LET-ELE3ANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS AT RBA aeaable terma. Ko 1(5^ Wet' Twenty sixth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. TO LET- VERY LOW, TO SUIT TIMES, ON UUR raj 1IM, the four story brown alone front House No M East Thirty eighth atree', with all the modern Improvements, chandelier <, As. Can be seen between two and four o'eloek F. M. Apply to T. L ROSS A CO., 84 Fearl street. TO LET-FART OF A RICE THREE STORY HOWE (either lfwer or upper part). No 172 Ftr?t avenjn, be tween Tenth and llevenin street*. The House la In (re'. rate order, neighborhood goid; rent mof era.e. E LAWRENCE A CO , 02 use Fourteenth ntresi. TO LET-CHEAP, YERY YF.RT CHEAF, THREE BEAU, tlful tbree story Homes, wltb all modern improvement, and In perfect order. In a row of eleven bouse*, on the nurtli tide of Thirty third itreet. Inquire of JAtf. E. IS II KW, ?1 Nassau streets from 12 'o 4 o'clock. TO LET-YERT CHEAP, TWO FOUR BTOrtT BROWN su of front Hon -ex, frescoed, papered In guld and rich: v ornamented, the sixth and seventh house* weat of Fifth avnue, it ?! e south 1 de oi rorty alxtU ntreet Inquire of ,'A8. E SllAW, P2 Nassau street, from 12 to 4 o'C'ook, or M Weat Frr'.v seventh slree'. momibgH and evenltojs. TO LBT? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE Fcrood Floor tn house 462 West Twenty ti:'th .,un?t, an\r 1en:h Avenue. </ax fixtures, hath room, hot and cold water, with all the latest Improvements Kent cheap. Inquire on tbe pre mieea. or at lift Veat Twenty - tilth street. T^O LET? A S?f *LL THREE STORY H ASEMSNT ANO nivler cellar brtek Hou?e No 134 Ka?t Far.y -tut sirset, el ieen Second and Third avenue*, with gas and 11*'. ires, hoi and cold water, bath, range, Ac , all In gojd order Ben. $3?6 4t f ly on the prern'se* TO LBT? TC A CM ALL FAMILY, TUB HROOND AND rar' of the i bird htcries of Houre 3J4 West FotiV tb'nl street. Has all the mode: n improvementa. Inquire ou the preni>ex TO LBT? A LADY, OCCDPYINO A BTORB IN ON* ot ite business aveauea of Brooklyn, having more room t lit n >he requires, will let it to a reapectMle partv, for a dieasmaklng and millinery buamenN. Terms reii?>nab:e. Auurvss B J. M , Biooklyn P<>s' TO LET? A HA ND^OME RESIDE NOB, CONiWTFBW OF a lii.e commodious House and stable, with eleven Lots. i?f snnird under euiMvati'-n ax a t'irden ; fine fruit trees, giape vines 4r., ?'<'i<t-don the corner of Hu.iiwlek and Ore#ne avenue*. * illikms'iiirg. about 2P inlcntes by oars fr#m tl.e ferry. Apply to W. W. BROWN, 5 t'o-jntlea 8iip, N. f. TO I.ET-A FIRBT CLASS, FOUR STORY. BR' > TN stone front hou>e h gh stoor. reoiete with all the modern lB-pri.vfmenta, and In ex. el'ent ordrr Hltuated at 101 Eart 71. my fonr'.b nueet. next to the eorner of Lexington avenue. Inquire ot the premises. TO LET? STORE NO. 10MEST STREBT, WITH T1IK leaee It is a good stand for ltnunrs or any other bu?l ness lnqalre at No. 1.1 Washington street TO LET-PART OF HOUSE NO. 27 WEJT THIRTY flrsi street, near Rlgkih aveune the bouse contstu* ail tke mrcem iB>(>revem<nui . to let low to a goad tenant; a total) lam tiy prel erred , neighborhood first ciasa. Apply as atove. T( > LET? F(iR 1.0 L'SEKKEI A N fc-AT AN I> A . Hi. i , furBiohea Room, on the fir?? door Alai twjeia?;ant | fy ir isl.ed Ki<uis i n tbe second Ct*r, with a. J lie rr >.iem | :n.provemcLts. Apply at 72 hixu. avenue, near Waver ley I 'at e. TO I BT? ON FIRST FLOOR OF 111 BSKEX STHEET, fient Ki'i m, ht( k Room and Kitchen. it r> a dry cellar; t.n: %>'A Apply to W. A. KhfcV, HI Jackt. u s,rei.t, of touib strtet. TO I JIT? 'IWO FLOORS, ON NINTH A'BNUR. NEAR l aer.tieth street, of fve aid i-ix rooms each, iurolsled with t ruton and caa fixtures, wash tub, water clo<et, at,d ?ei srate tas meter lor eech fio-ir, suitable far am*'.' aril gen '.ee> fsn-ifiex at moderste rents. App'y :o D A SCSUMaN. ! 162 Ninth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty- firet street a rLET-A FRENCH C0TTA9B, ELEVEN ROOMS am'. Twenty fiv? /"res of L*ud, front r>g on the ^oun-\ at By-f.m Point, Port' heater depot. New \ork and New Haver RaiU'<ad. Rent moderate to a good tenant: poiwwdon tmu.ediauly. Apply to BARRISON h WaRlNii, Wil liam <?.r?el TO LET-LOWER PART OF BOCfiE 14 BETH C N S street ('. street be' <w Twelfth), near Atlugdjo square; two Pa'.orx. front and back Pafement, with several sle*v,- g Roon.f; r*nfe, hot and cold water, gaa, good yard RentRjVj per ani.-im. TO LET-CHBAP RESTS-THE ?EW STORE NO. Vf Sixth 'aven-io, Lear Jeftereon Market. Choice t'?nd fjr retailing dry ds, ready made cloth rjr, Ac a;?", i wo de xirab e bou?ex.m; a:.d ll.x Waveriey pi ice, near Pinh averu-. Apply at 18F Waverley place. TO LET-IN HOUSE (M FRANKLIN STREET, A FEW (!orrs west '>f Brnsdway, c n the segnnd flM*, ooe large front Rcom,' with two Bedroom* atta -h< d a:?o, on tbe third flo<>r. thiee R' "ma; Cixitou water on the floor. Apply at -I Frark'ln street. TO LET -LOWER PaKT OF HOUSE 101 RAf-T TWF.S 'Y. eighth ?tr*ef, with aep iraieentran?' <nd noe.nTieetj rw h I upper pert Ga? fixture* wster r oseta a:.d In g>Td'.rd?r; I wi'h two room* and basemen' st $25. Tbl* .? ?*ry <ie?:rf '- 1 H BILL Mi Fifth avemte. corner Twen'y-tbtrn at e?; T^O LET-THB WHOLE OB PART OF A HOUSE, SITU ati d In the rear of 1*4 l-amene siree\ Iaqntre v -he factory nut d> 1^ or of A. BaRhARD. 3ti*< Cfcf.him ?t. t. TO LET-ONR FLOOR. FOUR NIt'E ROOMS. WITH pleniy of pantry and closet rwx; water on the A )n ar.d pr.viiege of the bath. tv:ta aot and cold water; newly rtlDte.i aad clean, n iw vacant. In a nice brick houae, No l77 Bifth avecue, bet?r*n Ihlnj nlnih and Fortieth atreete. R^nt fit) 6t> per isiD'h. in ulre over the store, in the t remtnex fo LET-IN WEST THIRIT FOURTH S TRERT, THE ?en ud > ; ?r r>f a brown none En a i?h v i?emen- honte, with ei'eneion, conldiolni! Jve Booms .tad Kttebea innate ment. Hs* Ue n.odern imnr ven.eiitt Apj ,j or. the pre TT.lne*, TCI w<- t lhlry fourth atr? *1 TO LET-A THREE SToRT AVD SAfRMENT Ho-ts*. a*. 16 Fan Houetea atreet; ih* tors* la fn good repair hav rg s*..n rec<n iy paie rt and papered a- d c n tsln t a:i :te rr.'-le'B tmproven.eLts, ga* (,rM:re?, fiirnics. rsrge, hot and ro.d water fir for aer part, cu.ars 1?; re of All UAM W iTfF.hS, 4.S4 Ctnal etreet To LEr-THE rrriR half or a picon nri.^s 7*n<i>? with ?'.] !b<* no'Hi?rn iaapr thb?eH, "i ab> ne.jbtwkood, t" a int.. finut; ptm 9900l Aptti/tt I* W<?t Ihirty ityfS'h itrtM, iHni frtwi-b ?tdEij>tb HTfouea. TO LKT-A FTORE BACK ROOM. BAPFMEWT a*D e*ii*r rooia ; r?c > >n iwp r pi> i<?i,?nb'-v* ;n th iintb iN, Aypiy om ih? prtaira, 3tf B'.trttvi nriti TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILV. THE CI'PBR PART OF ;?.<? Frit* t Rtk.&rt c* ><>. 123 WmI f jt'.y we i J ?lr?rt. R?-tt. $a<j to $SUQ. fjt r rrtbex itfcrmAtun ?rry "> ;b? To let-f: ve room* at m ea?t rwrtfTTEnaTn nmt, k?. &od ?aur. -t I'iy, a.i? :b? t* ofil toot 'if ' 1 :u(r iXi t.i?i Tw-uiy Mghw * rMt, focr r if *>. at 913 aithj uc?i .0 f-nat Aia> * tmtil I!- ??. Ill (k <nd 4 |4VJ. W'tCCX AC", .'Li FojT'.b ?r? r.'ij. T? HT-.LCVRR part or norsE *0. Jti <iold X ?:r??t, Pm iij?; r* -fr. two Hdeioies, wise tfce b?w ir*i.t ntd wr.'tr. <r.? b,oo* from Fni'oti ;"wy car? t?n mi iut<ik' watt; mtlit tDLEI-TKB S?aLI, GEtfrtXL JlOrsE MB'j EAST T?rt;iy r ?fcth itmt, toMMiS! jf ftwj.'l n At <1 (!!bIb? F'ffc, ifcrft- |?ri r ;,B<. fo ir i r E^e ttMBniui aita'iu at #* I Row )t?t> J. 11. BILL, 18) t.lUi ???T.uf. r-irifr of TWfPty 't':d 'tW. rro j-ET-A cotKrav (?eat. with earn, stable 1 .?#> An.. ?'?..Al'cl In >*?r Jtrwy, !>i? mllM mrtfc ' f rallrt 'rt a~i .>:.!?? It dltBfCiiou ?!?? p?w Tort. A ?o inti;?r'"L Ttim- ie?ur,? Kf. A-,?..J 3 CPA-ILL* W SAP aT, <W EfAdwaj, if tj t: A. 1 HMTLLT,Tli.r Dunn* Mrttt. To LET-THE tlCOMD STCRT AXD 0*E LAR3B Rocm on il? it ir?S fivritbtd ir infn.i.libftl, cm Ultl||tlltl?iDOdMftl ,>r(n ?nj<'ot* %td .11 n firtl oikta '0 ra tt thor?rt)i?iEu< ? v*.j'.i?d h 1 ur,h rr'??!? ti.m ly A tj>,> M ifl1' W'it T ? rt, iirai KrMl. &?t* ?i ?,tb band >h..b A'tL'-W. TIO 1ET-A PEB.'RAnLE BUCK ?0:*HE, IR EIIHTT fff tJ ??M it: 31 a??;if,wl'? c?t. r iBffH atil water. ??<&? in wij i<f ki?ti ?n ?>UW 1 L^ Lctty-tv'bfarret ned fblfd ???* TO L&T-TO A HVkirUII OR DEKH*T AD OFFICE ? at 0 I k >10, i.*riU'i Board, ifreqsl-cl, t a prl rtrii* fA??'.y r?* "> *<"tt h'< nut* rrml, s+twrno f,riU ate ftilli A- ?' r |.Art>fnJ?j? plHM ad?.ri? 1.D M , Ma ?rX. TO LET THE tCOCEA^TIinr ??. <9 BAFT B?<< Ai> wat ba*? Tr.J to a)', ot x>?r? 'if wbtrb, j ?? nid r?ii!?d W i 1 uti if ? irn1 ?"rf ibAii ps? chid, at a ?< dnrtrj rau>, u J f> i*.i $10 U> ?li P> MWA TO LEI? TO A fBALL PAHTI.T WfruorT B1L I drm r? r> ,1?r-.lo ib? t Pi?r f>r L-???r ?"art nf a I t?tdt<?B?iy bnt:*' Jt " rr?y ^ Itl -.tbrr rart* n?arr ltd wlf* H'lu, 't at R&72 Tr Wiy BiikLnt, ill Prrtdway. JPO LBT-R*A?TIFL!.LT FrR\l^H1?D BtlTt OF 1 Fc<to?, Ib t*Mr r.oar V Bo-? ry, aod ?trt> ? "??if' airnM t-r.r, fh'? ??ia>"alim?ril j ITTIIL/T. n'rf?r t fLUtta* Mb:?. Ap | rn ik? p'fi ?nfc, ?aiH#?-J>, of J WABlatfCR, ^ HOVIM, ROOMS, AC., TO 1.1*^ TO LET-TITN FBCOND FLOOR. TWO FRONT ROOMS on the third, back B-aemi lit and plenty of ko.k1 Pantries; L ut 1 h? ail lb* miUi.rn< oe niii.ill American I?pc:lj of adu.ta iotbeh>use. Inquire al 12* West Thirty M" " i.c street, or afier the lit of May at 36C NuiUi avenue. mo UB->0. IS CROHBT STUKBT, NEAR ORAJrD, 1 three story and basement House, in go d repair, with ana, chandeliers, bath, range, hot and aoid water to seeoal loor. good yard. Ac Apply en Uta promises. TO LET-ON 111TH STREET, BRTWBBN THIRD AMD Fourth avenuaa, near the Central Park, a wall finished Cottage House, eight room* sod fine yard facility, good for getting Cu mi town. Rent $2tkj. Powiesaiot given iuimedl kltly. Injure 26$ lYarl street, or on the premise* r LET-IN BRt OELYN, NKAR FULTO* FERRY, a i oi eight Rooms. tn a flrst claaa bouse, eleaanUy fat nitl.t u with a'i the e invsmencea to keep houeotchina. miter, giaes, Ac. Kent low ti a reep nslble party, Possession at oi ce Addre?s Owner, box 179 Hei-tid office. TO LET? A THREE 8T0B1 AND BASEMENT BOUSE, No. 236 Bast Broadway, la perfect order, with ail the n.cdara lpiproressests aad new gaa tilt tires A?>oly to Mrs. FURLONG, No 29 Clinton p)ace, Eighth street. Jieni uw oerate. TO LET-STJRE AND SECOND FLOOR OF bene, 2 6 Wejt Thirty seventh s!ie:t Ic<;ilreat !Ji i Ninth aveuue. rt'O LET? A THREE STORY AND BASEMKNT HHICK 1 Uouie, 160 West F rty ninth street, near Eighth aveane, lo toed order. Has the modern i-JipravemeiU-i Apply in 'he prfcmisea or to E P. YOUNO, 2# Ns.e-.iu atreet r> LET-HOOB ? BA^TTHIRTT EMHTB STREET. ? inquire of JOHN M BROWN. IC2 Jloit Street. Rant low lis small family, with security? $000. Mo others need ?rpo LllT? IN THE COUNTRY, ONB HOlll FROM NEW J Yirk, tie whi le or part of a well I urnlshed * favorable arrangement oeuid be inada by a inna.l faai Iv to board w. tb the present socuphnta. Aiiaice bo* 2 8?2 i' ;st offic?. New Voik. TO licr-A THREE STORY PRICE 0O1'3E, NO. 90 Went thirty- second street, at $3*0 .0 u rwMr.tdbie t? nantonly. Inquire of BaVK R A. BLACK *Kl_L, 1,276 Kroadway. near ILirty-fourtA street. TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE, i'86 WEST TWENTY aerimd street, at a moderate i?n'; ?r if pieferred, the owner, a wi liw lady, would take ajfew genteel bo.irucr* who would be will tg t" pay afnlr puce for reul bgm-i : mforu. llss u'l the mo-lt-ru inpr.ifemeo'i, and cel>;llliorhoo 1 pleat ant ami of ur.doub'ed respectability. Apply ut No. rstib^r s!r'.' iMr Brcadway. TO LF.T-THE LOWIR FART OF UOfSF 2'0 UROJME c^n?:stirg of front t.nitbjiek Parlors, '.wo Eate ments ?ti.1 ?edrO'BM Rent $273 pfr year FiibJ.-i.ii jn I'm ? dlai? I) Inquire at bl L.idl'nv st. ? ot, cor. Br xirne. T( LET? I'A HT OF A HOUSE, 21 BLEECKER STREBT, hack I'aMir.' at aod tlie whole of tbe sejjad floor, toa ift'i aur iiy withtul cbllirea. > 1 ST TO A PMALIi (JBNTEBL FAMILY FROM THE I '^to Vav; the sfwonjartl part of tbe third Eoom of the fcint ilass blf h ?to ip house No. J70 Wf : t twelfUi stare'., with nil 1 e m-Klein niiprovem"ntf Tn^ulre mlhtprrsl ri'O I.ET--IN nCBOREN, TO A SMALL FA MILT, TUB i *ecr>r?U tv.or rf i. Hou'a hav)D?,' Us" m?d?rn iMrr.iTe. rr s*' Ktnl moderate. At'p'7 at No. liV WaabinzDn street, HrtA.n TO LET? IN A HANDSOME IODEKV nODSL. NO. 1 We-t 1 wen'y ?l?th ?'reel, flrst door frmn Fltth avi a.i" f i ,i m> n!s cl Hi" third atd lo irth floors to ?eu 'emen ??.- a BMit'.BDMi and wi;> without cbiMien The owner oftfc.e I, tt, who live* s'.occ la It, will be present from j ! t S.', 1' M ?i.d after 7 in the e^oing u answer uny In.mirlej. TO IET-A MEDIDM FASHIONABLE BUOVn STONE I i l. , L?s fourteen r^wmv, ?S 1' ? C so, j, mi vard; fa* fx i-e? I... tp, A ? , at iCtf'j Riiihtb street, aU Mara s pla ?; reri i wt .n rospe^tabie tenant? t?;u. lupine at 107 Kt. V .'k's i>tgc? stages p**s the l oupb "very uve mini' e. T<> LFf? A OOMFLETS HOUSE, WITH ALL MODEKN '. mj r; vexnei u; nei)th-othjj<l ^ d; p ssaes^iott ately. Apply at 292 We?i T>ventj fo irtc strtet. TO LET. KTBNI8I1ID-A MODERATE SIZED STONE liox.1 Englnh bufeirest Ho if e. In a gentee! ne! ;h*;orfcoo4 io *te npptr j>&rt of the city, w>:. le reu: 1 for to ir to six iii'-'itbs in latorable terttH ;o a 301'd ten ut. A; ply at 8J Ma den lane. fO LIT AT FORT ^A8Hl>(iTON-A HOUSE WITH I in. U'di "ir.s; ail the nudrrn improv* loeat*. ?<!? A<\, i?rri?, e sntl j.uu'n aid I've a:n s of l.ia l. with tiae fi t *i.3 stade ,itri, tljht tninutea' w i'k from .--ilruidde tot. Rem fHO Af * ly ; 1 M. WaKD, 1.'0 Willum slrejt. TO LI AT LOW RESTX-THF. HIGH STOOP HOUSES Ht' Kid H* *Kierley p'- e. near Six'b aveuue havion n.odfn. luptosemen s, ^as 1 xturti .to.; now be'ns ien?lni < .aid put in ?.?n.(.iete orJei and repair. App'.y ai 1 M Waver ley piste TO LET IN BRTOILYN-PART OF HOUSE NO. 87 Po??r? t tree I, being '.wo pa. lors, three ru>m? on Third Bor-r, La?k t??erc? r.i. with range .ras hi lure a, Ac , nr%rto ctj'4 md fames, the other oeeupama m y foor in number; ret : $30ft App:y at 32P At antic sireet, Bro<jk!yn, er at Na 7 <? id street, N. T , np stairs. TO LET OR LEAKE? THE TWO NEW MODEL BNij lish laaemini Uruet'S N01 291', and J93 West Ninn'.eeuih sire" t, between Ninth and TenUi avenue*, wiib all nmdern 1. 1 f ven.e- , hot ati(J r, Id water IsfstmiHriM batlimg iC'i Tij-. water rli acta, lrost aad tear vaalia, front and rear ktairways, n.irrors. Ac, will be rented 10 good tenvnta at nii.deia e arloea. App.y for further particulars la Meeaia. KOCME k WBLIJi. 167 Ninth avenue. rro L?T OR LEASE? CORNER OF BROADWAY AMD A. 1 wenty fir?t stn et, tt.e First Flow over I'a-k A lil'.oru's strr*. cokiauor g nix spavlons roonaa, su.taMe for a ait-'iiner, iettift or talhir. a. in gtav^Trotjn *^<1, A1-, lnijiiire at ri m Ko 11, 92 : Br"i Iw av. fro LET OR LEAFE AT A VERY LOW RENT- THE 1 .arge fi u> st^ ry b *n s't.Le Ho:.?? :.-t Leonard street, uei.r H r laiiway . .s ai:?j tej for a roardine h"n>-? or hu-ineas jtr-poe* t. LA W kEj> < ' tt A CO. <2 east Fcurtcmb St. ter,stswa?ri ^ 1Y.72 * ail ,:ie" t. V*T 1 to C. C. flN ChT rro REN T? FI RNISHED or UNFURKIKHBD. a large 1 Eouee and ore acre of (irottm!, in Yoi.xer-. Mb iiiIbbIiis walk from dei> t acd ? Mni "via I Ui.dlsg?. For pvrticnlair ir-l'tire of HOYT A liRoTBURS. dry ^*oods * or?, Yonkers TO RENT? IN RAHWAY, 9. 3 , ONE HOUR'S RIDE frv rr. New Ycik by rail, aD excellent Jwelling Hoime. In the l?e?t order, suitable for a retpec aale tamilv, c n'ainmg thirteen mi'na ww?r c'.iaiet, baih roi m oei-a'. Ac , with larc? KSr< < n air stable rqlnoiea walk t rom depn. Rei.t $176 ier act.'im Arpli t-i Cf. *. Rahway, or W. MuRHi BON. Fo. 24 Br,iad?-ay. TO RE* T? TV BROOKLYN, TEN MlNC'iES ^HOM Fulton ferry, tfc<; !o?er ? /.rt of Ho .se M 1 .vM?r."e ureet ; ap-irtuier t?, c >0* at og of two basemeLts, two parlors si<: two redr .cms; house furnish* . w.'ji ra. );e, g?s and wa It' Rett $J."i t er sun nr.. TO RENY? IMMEDIATELY, A WELL PrKNIAHBD H :se. :n #e = t Wssbicc'.on >.'?.??, t.^vintf t ub, bit srd e. M wa'?r. Bentrpontnly in advance. Add revs Wa?h tip 'on, Vb'ob it are I'. ?t offie T) B? A S DIN ? ? H0l'?E K E E '*E R 8 ?TO LET, I'AK tla.lj turnisl ?!. a Brar'iri; li aise, at Clifton, Stit^n )?t aad; rent moderate, jatt I whleb would be taken In toard: ot?e or t? 1 1 ?rt1e? now waiting to eni|..^e board. Ap p'.yt'D <\ HLWSoN, lt'5 Eroaui sy, Dty street; room Fo '< THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 16 WEST THIRTY third street, i.esr Br ladway, coi ?> ? ing of flv* ro im?, t > let to a sirall ges?ee1 faat'y IheronriRre newly ruerel and pa!n ? d. ir<? the wh lie hojae. in which there is bat one other fm. w 1 be put in jood rei air; It istalos water, gaa, Ac Afi!y on the rr?m:?ei O FIRST RATE FI.OORB-BUS'NESS OB FRU'ATE ? J To iet in the best part of Bieecher street, 1 door from 1 1 re?Be street. at 106 Bieecher street Ain PER MONTH.-TO LET. IN A BEAUTIFUL AYE 91^ in WUliamsbtirg. a suit of s.x Apartments, eon talnir.g water, gaa, waate pipe, kitchen, all nn one floor; oars three cents. t?s? the door, near the ferry, 4U flrand street, ? .'Hamsburg. {tf'/ifi -TO LET riK FOR EALE, AT CARMAN 3 if'JUVI. ville, o? tbe Hnleon, a Hiae %r.d ?i lotsigii and water 'trtml jut baaettient, two ttirvsn l attic; fine s) ade ai.d vt- w 01 the r.ver. App.y t:i W. H SILLOMaN, No. 7'9 Nlrtt avetue, between Firty third anl K>rty-f jur:h atree AQnn LET, tbe four stort brown OTONB front House, f 7 Eaat Thirty first s'.reeL with ail the modern irr.r r< ven.ents at d a very large yard. For infor mation apply to J AH. T RACHE, Cl East T hi r.y- flrst street, c?e unor fiom the above. ITXAHBOATt. RBMOTAX ?r BOSTON HTBABBRH. On and after WFI'NRHDAY, MAT 1, TUB PTBABKRR Of TUB NORWICH AND WORCBPFBR JJNB Will leave Their lew pier, BO. Sfc FORTH R1VBB, Foot Of *r>trj >lrw Thi new aid 0v*?mli0' tt ttetmen CITY (>F Tostob riTT OF NBW YORK. Now betiif (It t bed. V. 1,1 Mtr Ili> ir place oo tM line IB Jut* Mil R. H MARTIN, A?enl HIMOVa*, or TEE PTATEN !SI.*ltD rP.HRY UNO r? ?-it a Ml after ? fnln'ia.t/, M?y I the f?'ry Draw U? Rr^bl i>. tn-if Rartor, Pa-MrTTii'e aod P ifl h'lhn ad, wiil !na<e N< w tort from iMBR No. 18, FOOT OF C . l>TU>ril utreet n'ftRITlIRB. 4 PEDROCM int OF INAMBlXBO FD BNItDRB A for $St B a i r inrt >f warranted manufacture. Alio ?p'idrteiii t Clao.ber ct)l ?, i bin ornamental. Mil. 1' FARRIROT jh ? MA (.'*Oa. atrwt, jppoa.le W mater. B? *'? ? i ? 1 1n :AiF. ?pjiAKEIXr l? THAMBKN ?cntt OF FOftNITiTBB, IN J_j all colore aid *lj>a at wli.ile?s.l? and reu?il, A; %V> "Ld 'inward*. Alto P ulrimi ? and Pa'llaiaet. WARREN W a to, .17 lanalmrwt, four ioon eaut of Hr.-'.niwif. F IIFHT C,Uk'* FN AMKILKO FtTRlPCRR PLA'N dei inn'ii at'' (fall. "I: f>.id walant and oak Met*, Wat tr?B???. 'Ij lrg Med*, Ac. Ir-m %U and <ipw*rda J. W. FliREH A CO , 3>a.u1actam?, 6tt: :lr udwae, between Flff k?r ht d t ; nd rtreeta EtBBlTTBB BOUGHT TOB BBADY MONBT -A P AIB ?ali.? flew In rwady money for FnmUuTe, CwMta, rka, Ai ., at IK Vlivk i'??ue M*c*r ft. nth and Teitb ilrwu friNfTrRB WAN?ID-tN BXCH4NOB F.>B PIB'f rlate Board and rlffaat &a, In ?n? iwder. by * r? if otiible party. ' >ni Bar L a' a r*aa*>taN? prtne Location I, ' eiftpiii nah;e t ?ar FM tb Mam uO itt atraet. Apply at?H Bread o fiirn "*f*i rro frbt: ?tfSsr Rji ? nnr?*??aanma*. __ -art 'tt If f e??? at war p????; rnee?r* aed aukpay Ad '--re ? , P?reW ?? ?ALK? AT ACCTIO!f. kVCtVM BOTICE? I'OMTIVB AMD UNBBBESVSD A fa'e or maufificibt Bon8r.BnLD furniture, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At the ?'ej?nt residence. "WW. it Fo iritenth ?lree?, n??r Li;hth Mveuue. On tb!* day <Tii> ?<tay, April 10), at 10* A. M. Ihe t n'alojue romprlj'oi the largest snd rti beit a<tor'.ment or Household Furniture and War k* or Art Otlcicd ai ui.ciioo this season. Superb ?even octava Pmnaforte R.'ejput Drawing Room Buita. Arlialie, 8'ittiarv, Oil I'alniitct, by eminent artists, Mi -in/* una Ormolu Chandelier*, Pie* .nd Mantel Mirror*. Br. c 'i do and Ln't CurtalnM, Ac. ; . Commencing at lli'. o'e'ock precisely ? the entire elejuit Furniture *ud beautiful Work* of Art contained in the above large dwelling, all of whi.-h will be 10U) without re serve, anil must be removed immediately from the premise*, C mprinlng a very hug* nod elegant arson me nt of everything essential lo ? fashion .tilt- and costly furnished residence, In riaewoed, oik and m th< g?ny. klegant rosewood ieven xclave Pianoforte, with aolld peart k*><, c )t $ot*l. Music Cabinet, Moot nod tmbrmderel Cover.

File will commence in the dining room, with rich 8tlver Waie, of Roger* Brmbfr*' manu'aeMre; Urn*, Cistern, fcpi'OB*. Forks, Cako Basket*, Dining Beta; superb French nail b< b<n>i*n Cliina, cry ? til Cut Ola**, ?uby Kngrtvcd Ul.taa Who, Ivory aid pearl i .i'lerj, f rencb I'oroe'eln, elegant Ex '.(?Bit- u Telle, With oa* iJir. in ; Boom F iron ore. Piarlor*? two richly esrved rct-wood Parlor Fans. c lvered In three colored br iade, u per'-vt o der; Velve and Wilton Carp it*. r> sewood marble top B'eierc*, rosewood Centre, Sofa and Fitr tables; two e re int 1'ier Ula?H<ra, with bases; diuiuk and rich Lace Curiam*, Kiouch i-bade*. Turkish Chura. with Loimgca 19 match; itn.-pton thiiicr. In Brocade; elegtnt carvid ronewtod Pianoforte, with solid peirl key*. Mimic cabinet, magnificent M.ntol Vases, Hr mies, nitride Grnups of Parlor Ori/'iUiio.,?, * tb a - ameer of choice anil val'.able 1'nlLiiEgt, Velvet and Wilton Cm pet* e'egant Cham ber Furniture in rm.'oi tiid mahogany ; B' d* and H - 1 ling, Kitchen ware. Ac. > artxeu in attendance to can, ifclp or a:, re t f-r [ ircbaae.s. An bxibaobdinart OFFORTlMtV FO* HOUSEKEEPERS And the trade To por'haae elegant Household Futu tire. Tbia dav ( ru?*i day) at two o'clock. Poaltive unreserved auction aile of the entire maen'Heeut Boaewou furniture superb rosewood Parlor fcuitH. rnagnui cent roses ood Pianoforte, laln;in?", Artistic Broii/*?, with many rare and untune eurtoaitlee, rich ( 'hai.deliem, Ac , c m ta)n?d In the tetidenoe ;5a Twenty tim street, between Seventh and Eighth aven iei the oircumKtiineeB of ts? ?Ale nutXe it Impel auve that the whole shall be sold without re naive, rain or ahlne CATALOOCBfl AT BtlfSE. y AKL 'HK. CdNTtlNINU two beeutifui |f ull Ji.aita of naiid Rosewood FiirnliTire, '. rio/ a a, iwo Arm Chaim, fight oval back Chalia, two wep'i -in Chain m bi'HMd ", both mdu aie new, having v *.ui recently made, two ro!>ewood Ktefii rea, atjle Lo'in XIV ;rn?ewoia t'entre and Pier TaMen elegant Mantle, Oval and Pier Mir ror*; lurkiah and Ke eption Chair*, rich T*v?!*'ry and tt'ii ton Carpet*- Biik and La ?e <'nitatn?,ljacretoire?, 'Tieilloniarg, Ottoman*, Velvet Rug", eiepmt Va*oit and Ora amenta. DIKUili KOUM. Oak Entenalon Tabie. oak ?. halra, marble top BuJet, rich French an-1 India < hina, s'h er ware, Umlng ana Tea Servloe, Crn?, CMt?r*, Forks, Spo na, Ac., ruby and crju'al cui Uld?, Ac CHAMBERS. Elegant rosewood Dressing b in a m, marble Wash <und* carved B*duea<1?, 'a'ge hair MaHreanes, Hed* and Bed ding. Wardrobes, fetf-a-Tetes, miparb Walnut Huit In hair cloib. Velvet Carpeta Ox a) ( Mirrors, Bronze t lacks, French DngntvUig*. Flench Chairs, Kockers, Arm <" hair* two hand soii.e fola Be<l?iea(li. with over four hundred yards of tine ingrain and Bmssets Ctrpt I s Alan, a large varietv o* ha id some Bah. gauy Furnuui**; one Wilder'a Hale, Oile.lo'hs, Htair Carpet*. Ac. Mo postponement; cammencing at two o'clock preetaely. M. w WBirCOfT. auctioneer Auction notice. M. P. Bi>FY, Auctioneer. El.EOANT BFRTAURAWT, BAH FIXTCKKS FJaiNI TCRfc, Ac, MyUORH, sEiiArt*, Ac EZRA LUDLOA', jr, Will aell on Wednesday, May 1, at I0)i o'clock, at 111 .N'asnau street, between ann and Beek man atit-eta, as above, comprising tnarb'.e top liar. Lunch an 1 Begar Counlera B..r i ,ir>. marble top Tables, cushlon-Hi Armcha'ra and Htools, d.nnask Curtain*, I'lcfirt ?, Ohar.i'.u Iter*, Ae , Refrigerai' r?, Kangea. copper Steam Bollerc, ic. ; atoo a very line stock of Wiue* liquor* scJ Kegare. Auction notice - a i/>t of blrqant bousb hold Furniture, nmovea for convenience of sale to my store, 72 Filth avenue, one door below Wavmley place, will be sold at private sale, this day, at a great eocriiloe for cash c< asietlng ol a double solid i uaewimd Parlor Suit, c impriNing two Tete ?Tetea, one Arm, one Rec?ptiou, and rour medal lion back Cfcafre, cowered in French satin brooatel, oont ?li month* ago BMW, will be i old for $i60; one alngle solid nn wtxxl l'arlor Suit, consisting of one large Sofa, t ne Aral, one Reception, and lour medalil n back Chair*, oove.-ed in ele gant th.-ee culorec French broeatel will be aoid for rosewood Btagere, Centre and Pier Tables, Re.vp'.ion Ohatr* covered In at tin. 1urki*h (hair and Lounges, e.ogtnt rue wind Bedsteads, B.-.reaus, Washstand*, spring Ma'treaiea, black walnut Chairs I?iiDKea covered 1 1 re pa, one b'a:k wal nut Eitesslon 'I i.l> e. Buffet, bide fable. Dining k Him Clialr* to match, An , Ac. Ail of lUa Fornrure ia in p-rfe< order, and will he tx.ld at a gnat harpain K. KODl. UCtlON NOTICf ? ILEOANT BALE OF HOUSE as. hold Puniiure at tbe 'ate resitteu'-e of H P, Esq. Fi.'lh avenue. ?HBeHT H. LEKOri A CO. wlllsel'at ailHion, on Tuesday, April :?i, at IUU O'clock, at No. i&i i'lfth avtnue, between Twenty Arm and Twenty *treef, a Urge and valuable ass Tt merit of elegant first class Furni lur^. consoling nf Wilt. >n and Bruscei* Carpets, fcufcl centre Tab,e, Indies' cylinder carved Eeoretiry and o'.hir Fui nlture, made b<' heller, t nil of Parlor, spring neat, e>ver?d In bins raiin; cn , In orange mttn; damaak Curtains to; large Pier ai.d Mamel Glasses Vases, ormolu Chaooeiier an I Bracked, g-*nd action i'ianoforte, rirtly carved, <'-ntre lab!* flocks Ac. Dining room ? Rosewood oarv<-l Tatiin, Bulfoti/nd Chaira, covered 'n reps; reps Curtain*, "h.nasni il?a?s, (da* Klxtures. Palming* and Engraving*, carve-l rue* wr,fd Bedstead, amour a lilarn. dressing Buresna. vvar.1 rot**, J He* I Od Canopy, fine BVtreeaea, rae* Hult, orangitVj'sh, rti^w od " Bookcase roaewood crimson Fult Frec^V>iaiti* bult and Curtain- to match. Cottage Huit and it.~ ? .',ic r ?, all n.ade to order. To be add sntbo it re Ml . ? . ? cHion. BvOWNB A NICHOI/H will (ell thl* dar, April .10. at 1 o clock, In from ef salesrooms, 3i st rcei, A t i at 11 'ill pair if Florsea. A Crsi rate Barouche. A set of silver plaud Hameee The he csee are jet black, Morgan breed, C years ( id, 15'. hards high, wi.'rantea Bound, kiod and gtnt'e, u**d to ail kind* o! nc;*e?, prompt and of .y traveller*, trila fan aril of ^reat endurante Ti e present owner has us"d tn-m two yeaia, arid is rcw about leaving for Bnrope. No o'.her reason wcnild n.cuce him to sell them. A I.S< i, A city bulit Buroucte, bv Wi*>d Bros , but utile u-ed a .0 n go?,d or<:- r. Alio, city iua?le aiivi r plated Barnes*, a ai .'y new. AIBO, A f.iie pair of black >Ior*-s. I0yea?* old, 15 hands high, e* dri\er?, per'e Uy klni asi g' ntie (itels a trailed sadole horse. Itey ar? equaoy goal In single a- well as doutl* ta-ieea will be sold without reaerve, ibe *n?r 'eeving for 1 urope Auction saib of hakda _>be household i vr niture ? It. LEV*, auctioneer, will s^ll on Tuesday, A) nl ( ai 10-, n'cloik, at the privs e residen-e. No V) West Tenth meet (formerly Amos), near corner of Waverley t,.a. e, th< entire ri uleMs of sa.dl"U*<', consisting in |iarl of Tape* rv and Pmasele carpets, l el?gat; H octave 1'iabo rose<' t>>d Parlor Bnlt* inuocatei; ni.arble top Centre Tables Eiten iion ta*"le. Lace Curtalnn and I lklng", Mirrors. Siair Ca*pe*. OUclotha, B'defac*. Battreeses. painted t hamher i-eta, Kitchen Utensil* and l urniiure, Ac Dep<<ait required. O. ' ds to be rincvec same day AU( TION NOTICE -JOHN K. OAKLET A CI. AUC tioneers, will sell n Tuesday, Aj :il Hi. at lOo dock A M .at No It Court street. Brooklyn, a large aisirtm-nt of B( ustho'd Fnrnltnre. black wa'inut Parlor Bni'.s, in hv cloth mahogany and bla<k walnni marble lop Bn-nvj* and *asbsian !s, n.ab gany Krench and Cottage hed?levl<, Mir rotr, Filers', n Dicing TaMes, oak and bluk walnut liming no- m t halts mht.i.g-nv spring seat Chaira, nan" sea' map e do , Br . selt. Tbr?- jl? and Rug Carpeta, some ll'imn in all. and of dlffe em p%iterne;Oil l'aintlnga, i hlna,i r okery and .,!s?s#are Fea'.her Bee*. HairMattreaaea Ho'a?. What Hot*. i'rih*, Ac. ; ne tub o.' ( o k ng Butter, half barrel of Oorne* Beef. A' AIV'IIOW KOTH'B? A GB*ERAL ASSORTMENT OK v?ry tlegtni roaewo-d Parlor Furniture, euperbly ckrvod r? ttv ? J Obi-mber Bet*. Vtiir>n?. lied*, A: , *ito ?e.r?st ki.d ilri.tteli < arpett l'ler and Man'el Mirro-a, rl<-h Win<Io? [raptry, Mantel n<?k and Deoorttlont, choice Oil I'aioUiin, o?( I) Mi * H -oin Mill foe Cut lilaat ( tit.*, tea Dti nt .-run i Tea Fete. Ivor- CtrtlOf, Ai. A \ Can '?* hal hi pr, rate for three day*, at rne half ite ral ue for catb, at No. lb CttalM flaee. In Eighth H'<-e's tea' H.-oidwuv. l)oo-? open U.iilT.W. f'er?>n> rettr.rift anythln; for h ?iv I'flirg wlJJ find It to iheir pe .ciarv benefit Hi c? i h?fore j. ,jfh?*!E(t elaewtere. fl. B? One riper!) rue wo id cciave Plato at a gre*' tacnf.*. Avcrrow. BROWNE A KICBOLS will *11, at a .ctloa. ? ii?y, April 50, at one <> clock in Imtt of ttieeronmt Mo '55 Pteaao *treet. a Terr flu.' I.'. catkin Hor*e, f Id t and t big h, warranted * <und. kmit and gectit, a firet rate traveller ?r.d family hcree. Ai to A thlf 'JTg front Bockawa*, built by Brew iter, !e gor>d nrd< r, togrtler w?Ui Hirer plated Ilamvaa, the n?Mr baring AO further nee fur them. Alt*. a v>-ry light top Wagon. Ai < no* _ hkowii a nichols wTllmeix iiiT' (iM.r. Apr.l ,^1. at one n cloclt. In front if *v'.e* i , ,m a rrtr ttylitb Mack Home Gjetrtold, 1AU batdn high, qui e ?ait;, kicdastl gentle; any lacy c;?u drre c m a^ tin' gh ipliiled, _ _ ALtO. A T"P B'.fgy. r.tarly new, in perfect order; together with i.jrt r ; )llt4 HariM Any fvntleaaa wnntii g a a tig!* geo Ktl 'tifth]i?km?Bt, cannot d?> b;ti? r. A CCT10N KOTICB. M. C. BDBT, ACCTIONEEB. OFNTEBL HOUSEHOLD Ft'RNlTl'Rlv To rloee ?n ettate, by order of adminltratrii * * . Will Mil, * FZKA LUDUilf, Jr., will Mil, on Tueeday, April SO, a II W oilctk, at the raaidenrs, rornef of Tbirty. third ?treet tri I.?ii[,i;'..ti a?eiioe, t&e content* of e*!d Iioum>? t'eror, Cbanibtr, I'litof R om and Kitchen F irnitnre. I'artic lar< the n > ri.lng of aaie. AVCIIOH HOTICR.-CRXKBRT, iLAiSWARB, AO, A. of all kimle, by J. R H. BARTLBTf. e'litioneer. >n 1i r?(.ar, agrli *t, at 1C o clo?k, M 2*1 fiarl rtrt*-. AM lull tne ti n-tn< n Ware, in lota for dafticra, for cath , [rioea ?p?tby tie tckt o' tbcae b?Tleg c?ab. Arninji jKmcB-BCOTf khof.< avd filffSI I'l' urg < ot ia,e t rej>??au ry to moring. H. <VIL<K>B vii<t.<m?r, wl l nil for tie a?t time, a" 4? De? ?tre??, on. Tutfay, Apu: :?? at K) or'wk A >!., abontMiii cmm BuiU kBC tl i e? ; ai?o. i tore Plit'irea, pon%i*tir.g of Hhe'ring, Draw ?i?, Trail, ttom. i ' anlart, Ofl.ea ('bain, I. aula, Ac. Nuit b? ?' ld to ??rat? tba atorfc Aptnon BOTICB ? TUB FTXTCREf, PTO< K AID l.eaae ol ibe grr iwrt ard Uqnnr nore No. 5* Kldrtdge rtreet. corn? of Hatter, will be poaitiT?;y nold at aueUon, on TaaMfy, tb? Wtb mil., at la o'e'ock A. M..hy order of J*. WKBu. Tbe itore It la a fii.e location and doing a good boataaaa. H T1o> HaLb OKOLAHh AND BAKtHENW AttB^ BF.NKT (i. EVaVP will tell, for cnh on delivery. In lot* :o tult dealer*, tbit day . Tm ?m?i . at ten > clock, at 89 K? '!?n '.*ti", a full a^aof.mer.t of oe?". sort ??cond* White .,rar,1'r and ?'! kmile . 1 "Oinm ii w*.r", Q'ttmn, Ac , A". A (?II d cbnii' e f^r, at the go>ti* :nu?i be told, ilooda carefully re)t- t?d for t>irr'?6. ACCTIOB.-BBOWWB A BICHOL8, or'H'B NO, ? Naeeau itrrst, will taU. '.bit iay, Arrll 10, at 11 o'clock, al N<- 171 Baree* ttrart, fonr U?r and ao top Wacwa, donbla a r. J r.i.*ie bamaaa, Baro?M C!oWa, Feed Bint, uai and tfl ee P iimee Stable Tool*, At. Mr. ____ A CCTiON NOTICB. rABPBOBB HO^B6iKnFrW^iTORB>!ER* MSA LM?LOW7 .'r.wln tell, rm Tueeday, April ?, ai IfV r'eleek. at tbe prtra4e raetdenee. No flf ??* Twenty :i. in. nweet. ' etweeti Kiebtb and Bluth irennee, all tbe ha?d e .nt Household Fnnillara **lal*ed in ?aid booto, oontttl rg in I?tl of Brmwes aed legra* Oerrw, met wood and nulioeaay Tarlor Fernttare, elegant French plate Pier iiaeiee. laee Oi Lounge*, laey Cbatr*. A*, alee b ttk ?a!nui "baabee FaraUnre. Ae 1 t 7c rwrr rwi ? a imail i' knii'y of t?edt?we Frinrttnre, at gy>d aa oe? ? ?? ? pi] ??r? ? WW Obaaber FaraMaie, I a. ?> ttj R.tehea |r ? ' ?? t ,.??a' H IALB8 AT AVCTIOW. Browne a nii-holb. au< tion fbr*-^wtll hell tb'a day (Til' daj \ A on! 30, at 1f\< o'c'ivk, all the W> Uel Furniture ontain.d in the private re-idence 1A1 Bait Iblilv r? -ond street, between e>ec?nd ard Third avenues. eon Billing .if rich Bruasel* Carpet, e.egant carved roaawood Par lor K iilt. In ii)k btoc.itel i :ch car. "d ron'wicd Etejere; ?'*? gart carved rorewood Centre Table. m.\rble top rlrh bronze ? ad ormolu Mantel 01 tk and CaiuloHbraa, t>ilk Yaiaeeei and Cornices, rcsewoi d Chamber Furniture, Matr?aeej, F??tber Pillows, rieh Toilet fit*. Ac Ac, ; toother with all the Bus ncent nod Kitchen Furniture, witb which the sale will MB' Ul? DC?. Browne a njchoi swill hell on wkdnekday, Mayi. at on* o'clock, tn front or oilice M Na'jau s'.eo', two anpertor Durham Cowa. Pai llcttlar* at otlke. (1 H. LETT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 11)7 MACDO0O AL alreet, will tell, this day, at twe o'clock precisely, at 16 Clinton place. In Bightb street, near Broadway a h iperb aa aortment of Heuaehold Furniture of every de*<-ripllon, tbe ntne being tbe entire ?ontcnte of a well furnished houae, oonrfa<lrgln par of elegant rosewood i'artor Butts and Par lor Furniture, Pier and Mantel U leasee, elegant Window Drapery, Mantel Ornament*, seven octave rofowood Piano, velvet and other Carpeta, auperbly carved roeewood Bedroom Bulla, fine Hair Mattreaae*, Feather Bed*, Ac. ; two set* of enamelled Furniture, line cut Qlaaa and Silverware; aim the K tmhen l' leoxlla. Catnloguea at tbe bouM. T7DNABD MCHBNCK, ADC flONBBK.? BLEQANT Pi Household rtn uitura-E. A F H. BOHBNOK will sell, tLla da;, 30th mat., at Mo S7 Ninth ?'.reet, near I'ulveraily place, at 10^ o'clock, all tbe elegant Furniture conUlupJ in tald huuse.? Boaewjod Pianoforte. 'an ed ro?e*ood Hal's. in ilch brocattl: roeewood Pnok'Jiee, rosewood mar >le {top K'e gere; Centre ;uid P1er" ablet, Fret oh plate mantel and pter Olaiaea, rich gilt frame*. elegant Lace i urtalns, Oil PKlnt inf?, JBrooaee, flock*, China and l'arian Fig urea, itch Car pete, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, ttunam, Waah aland, Cemmodea, Hair Mattresaee, Extension Dlnuig Table, *ofa nnd Chairs in hair cloth, i one wood Hautaad, Diuner aid Ita Scti, oiaaiware, Oilcloths, Stair Carpet* Rod*, Ac, Ac Edward bcbknck. auctioneer, ELBOAHr SPaN OK HLaCE aoHflEf, PHAETON, 1IARNB3B, AO By B. A F. H. 8CHBNCX, this day, April ?, tt 1 0 akx-k. s.' i be) i aalcer^om No 141 Broadway, an e'^janl h( %c uf B!aek ltoraea. one ol :.l?e team >? a Morgan Hor?e, .he luost kupetktr aadd." liorie, without tlMI Uoo, either 'or a lady r SnCeojaa, In tnn of Mew lork, kind, xentle and astrl d in i very kind of i^rneas, and quite rani. Thootberlaa Black Bawk Mare, v?r? handsome, kind and een'le in a'l 1 arneaa. and a verv (??t.-ant and eaxy wddle i>*W. for lady or jMBtlrman. They aro fit teen band* high, and match en tirely in looka and ricn .n. Tbe Phaeton 1h Ma>ly ne?, In rerffot a ndltlon, and the llarneei uDt at all need and wjiial ioaaw. Tba eatahltahment can be aoen every fair day from 12 o'rli ck nil kal: rna', In front of the Merchants Biooance, or by calling at ibt ..tatle J?os. 23 and 21 Weal Thlrteciitb ?turt Edward rc^encr, acctionkbr Bl.BtlAN f 11 A V liuiiSE, tXlDPB ROCKAWAY AN3 r1 AKNKS8, By B & F. H. ?C'lEKi'K, ib>a day, SOth imu, at ">ne O'clock, fct then ?ale?r>. ioi. No. HI Hivadway? A c?v Heine, 16 3 hard! bleb, eight j ear* old, wairantedperO' tly ao iml, kli.d ard genvTe innvr.yway; a'ao, elnjtle Karneraniade by tralnor, cut littJe 'j.-ed, and Cou^e RocOtaway, city built, Blonket, Whip. Ac.' Edward ochenok, aootionfbr. MAONH'Ii'IjNT CABINET K RNirrBB, The macufai lure a> d Inmortalion o. Alexia PoiUer, By E A F H. SCMRNCK, thin day. April SB. at S o'eloek P. W . at No. (?!?'! Broadway, tbe enilra atock of ele ftat Otblnet Furniture, conaiatlu^ of biai k w<md ami gilt arlor Suite, meeaood do., elegant black wood and fft't Bte grtea, inlaid with p ircclains: clegautly carved roeewood d-x, rohtuaod and b ack and gill (Vntre anil PmrTablea. au>t\iary satble tcpe; ladlea' eleontit b!a.:k and gilt Work Table*, aid oibtr elegant farlor JFm n'ture, roeewood and Uled walnut < fan.ttr Fi. ri.. tore, elegttn'h curved round corne.reu Bed ? tiada, <? ega'.t marble tcp t Huraaue, Wuststauda m il < . MMtdee, el>>g?i,i .died ? ,ini" blbrarv rurnil'ire. con ?iaiirg of secretary and I lbr?ry t?'iok.;?*oi, tablce, RecliniLf! and bxtenaiuu t'halre, uph.datered ba k * 'lia.ra, K o?aavi j f, hi<-ka. Ac , and a lirse a-aoU^iect ol o'hi r elegtnt Furni 'ure 1 be above wll I T, ? >u ?*l. b'tiutt on Mi.ud.y, a'l! I r. die are re?p?ctfiil]y invited to tiainim It, a? it wUJ D? l ?r?ir j>t(,r!ly ro.d wlthoir. reeerve. Ij'DWARD KOHE It'K, AOOTIONEEH-PalK OF II lintned (Ji atx - Ity K A F. U. MCllENCK, this day, St'thlnvt. at one o'tl k, at Ukelr (a'.e?roon>, ill Bron-i v?v a pair ol litbij- trained 'ioat>; w 111 g i in either ungle or I hi tiebarae'a: have x? n driven together I r :hn-e yean, el? ^ant double eprtrg Wtgcn and Itamaaa c nnplete. EH LCDLUW, AVCTIOXEt- B -HANDBOMrt IlOteE . hold Furniture. ~B 1!. Li'DLOW .* Ct). will aell nt hi cm n, on 1 ieed?y, April ?\ I -til, r.t !i oY'oo.k, nl No 3R3 filth r, venue, llou-eho'd fumlinre, all the ForuiHire C'O tallied it. raid brute. eon?t? Inn in | nt of U.n;d?nn.^ l-arlor Roll. In i rtiuaon br< rat- 1 : elegant lier and alantel (?l.'fsea, lace ana biocaiel Window . urialna, rote-v >d c?n'. d wide N.ard, tlai k ? ulciit estwataA li ning Tai4% black wain it bull, i m I mi in; re, Armour a <>Uue, Warurobea, d'.reai.*, renet ard tupeetry Caipeta. Ac.; aian t^lohen Fi.rmturt i a'alogcea at the >r, i Ine street. 1/LVVABD PET riNf)EH, A t CTIONE LK. WILL FELL l"n Tueeday, Apill at ?o clrvk. at lie (iwe-i^nn ho..*e V- i Uiann airar-, o> of f brvstle a'ree', all the luaiture, or naie'.bg tl Parlor Dmtr.g n.otu and KIic.'.kc ? tvaimer : v with ike i Inter* t>ale p lamve. Edward pkii ijifiEH. auctioneei:, wi^l sell tbi* day duerday. Vpr i Ml, at 0 o cl?t'k tbe ? ntactecf tte ir.vAte dwelllti: .M utiiLd rtre.-t, c roerof hr.s \ far'rr, Dining ard hltcliiu 1 r.ii ue, w.tb <. at itMtto. ULWABD PBTT1NOBB. ACCflONBEB. A'l LI. S.ELL the content* o it' ; ailt.c h nine, tint day < ? e?:*y, a* ? o'clock, p Mttponed itoir yM'erdav. Par 1 xiurea. P out ire* ? ar^*te, ?nl.lo be, f'karaber Ftiro'l .re. A' , A ?. Fn'a pcsliive Bverjtktnr wn> be aoldwliboot a.- .Le iindlady 1't.vta lcr < alllornta 0 K.T/.t?IXUON? AUCTIOBEER.OIF, E '? iSTRE f ? street, will a?H, on WedtMtday Nlay I, at Hil Ea'.t Frity-tlghih, a chofc- aa?'>r'm nt ' Gro rie>, Brandtee, Utne, Wine*, Ac ; alao tb- i -* r'.t ire . viz . Cotinti-ra, Sealer, Beei P.iuij j, A&, to i . ? ' neae. Fale roeltive f'varriu? tin-red, da*\ it d? JOHN B. VAN ANf VKItP ? N'lN, AUttlTBtar- *11 ?e" (a l bnieday, May 2, at 10 O'rloak, at tae ?* > No " William "tree', a Itrge Involiv of Fr> :i Tie i.el Ware, ejo branlng rev* ral cm ?-*, o r*i.n slightly .la nag :d ori the r ?age of importation from Antwerp. fe;ma casii, turren' n: r > (>BO?;FRlE?, L.QUOB-I, II ?B*i:, A' AT A Iio.n,? T JAM EH CUbHi>0. an.'', noei ..u.ce .'? ?! ie t '? i em;*, will sell thl< <!i y, > prli :H), at I<i'a t duck A M , t'.e k' . k an.. Pixtutea of the gro'.: ry aad !i.|Uor (tore ?? t..v<-c i. re! Mmb avef ie aad Forty f<n;rin re i : n . , ., ? plcee, ap and t'an ! >? . ? ur Urc'i. I . f ?. in ?n I . h ? i K*alea. K> g?, B< er Pun i n i . . ,?i. Btelvlrg, large til.. - t ?>?- ra-r* e. t.ut - A A ' a a very tine i*y Horse, Wagon, ha-u tu . r.*, > . <? I oil'ive. BB>RV H LEEDS, AUCTION EE K -HEN At II. LKBD? A CO will a?U at aucliwt, on i i.ea.Uv, Aj r.l at lf3? ocl' i k, at No WtatTtotv elgutb eveet Bi .? ?e a arc. Tngiaii. < arpeta rnabrcany fitm. tna . *a'.y arm i hairs Farlor Arm < ha.'a, Kockeri-, A". , ail o vercfi u. ha r (kith; irahogani enreuij Bitkesr*. oorr,er Kteg- re, oma a.i i.!ed f> tUge Pull, hslr t^attreeee* l eather Beda. Bote) era ai.e tiflawa, Ingralr carjeia u.ahiganr rinrea'ji. w., ^ (lands, Lonrfe n Delaine. ? ak Bitenalon Dinir.r Tat .e, Hew Irg 1 haire, in-t' g?n\ H#de^a(J?, eprlrg Mattre?ee?, A' a eo an aesortmeni of fcrchen furniture, with which the 'ill cc n menc e, HB*IiY H. LJETt, Al'CTlONBER HBNRT H. l.KEDS A CO . will m :: a1 auctn.n, oj T ueeday, Ap*i; ?l at 1! o il'jck, at No 2<'ottafe row, Baveoaond, ^ofipMNle tAe hur'b) I'rues* la and Icgraip ' kr; e'a, Window i U'tairi* hi.d fij'urer, tnail le t p Iireaalng Woreeua. rmewoo.l |-?r| r ?mt, ii.eieo !n Pluah I'ail ?lar.d Muac Htacd. Sofa Sew^ri< Cbalra, Nim rr, He screen, res* WMOtl ^eeeeui-y, W irk T? ble. Piterislnii lab'e mat gai.v e. !ebo?rd, high h ck i baire, Ollelothe. laceWlidow " ' ir'aiu* p llfram'* *irr'.r#, mulctary and hla< k wall it Bedatea-ia, tair Vaitrisk^a, Paiiaaeee. Bo'alera and PHlota, k Itches Farnltor*, Ac. Hteainbca' Mattano lea*** Fmton market slip, a V .> el >r* a. M ten j ai Uurit-ate, Eighty alxtb atrtet, croaae* ? \erv ten nitiiulee, HBhRV E. BROWNF, OROAB1>T<.? T'lE MF.V jBI aL chi.NB of I>r. Ambon, Weat f(i ty eigh'h nrat la pre pared to g ?e pupils Ira. .id'.* ou th? 1'isnofoi'.* Fjr teirr.s, Ac., inquire at WeM< A A'len'a in ?i r ore, Aatir plwe. Jr. WILEIAVH, A rcriONtEB? WILL HBI.L >N . Tuesday, April SU, at 10' orlock, at IU Wea fl.i'iy a'nb atieet. an aaatirtirenl of liouaeholil Furniture, for far lor, Bedr om and Kluhen /.1?j, I'icttirea, C arpeta, Ac JOHN K OAKLEY. AI ITIONEER, W1I I, - ELL, ON Wednerday, U .* ), at 10 o'clock a M . at 2j<S B.e- lee e'feft. New T?ik, a larg" aeortmen' of ll jiiae C jn .ihn.g Ooo4?, Rummer Hnng'a, K'ov a, Tin, Japan Kiel K lolen ware, Platrd to , Bto.e. Fix' irep, A MDOI OHTT. ArcTlONEBR. WILL BEU OM TTkD . nriH*y, Mh) 1, *1(10 o>lock, a*. U i .% t , :,i ata.ra, all the bklra. Kram ?? and Malarial* be.i.jj :h? 6,. i ?? fj( rtcck of tha M*ir< politnu rklrt Ban<i'.v ta<iog ' > nj tr hale without revive PAWBBBOKBRB' MAI. fc'.- W. N LEWI t. AUCTION KHFl, will acll, at 10J, o'clock, on HtMii, April :?U, at lw bowery, a larf* k*r?r1m?nl of wwb ? v% rartsu Apt>.r?l FimoaoU, Hed*. Oulita Blank*!*, Bheea, <Ja i?r?, ao?f ? ao, at 12 o'clock, a Whatler A ttllioo'a fcie'n.t, Machine By tider of W. A K Kinrmis. PawnVokera. 19} Bowe*?. 8 A J. BOt.ART, AUCTIONEERS. WILL HHLI., By . rirtuo ?f a rhallel mortis**, oo Tnetday, April AO, at 12 o'clock V.. altSft Bro*<lwa?, our aplendid fcn^ lah four piill Beer Pump, with ro<*?oo<l caae ar,d m.rror. one ittftlator Clock, caa* aeat and wood bottom Arm Cham, rmied and Tahlea, cocoa Matting Ttimt.lera and Wio??, ar^r tonri'er and back liar, A? , *l*o a lot of a?*or'.ed I .riora SA J. BO.iART, AVOriOBEKRA storb B.? 1 Bcnb William itreel. Household and Bar lioom K >rr . tute, thla day (Tneaday , at 2 o'clock P M., at No3? ^r^r*' >rt ?trcet, about 9U Bfd?tead? M Feather Bede, B<>.e era am I*!llow?, Quilt*. Bbeete, Mauraaaea, Ac ; faMea, Ch*lra, Lc k log Olaaaa*, Crockery and Ulaaa War*, large Cookie* Kai.g Ce utter and Claa* < aa*. Bark Bar, I Bagttelie I ante, h?)i? and ru?a; 3 Casaa bluffed Bird*, Ki(r? >|< ?r* Tumnlara, Ac., As. SOLOMON PTNOIE, A I'Cn JKtEB DION BOC ?.< K aLI.I'H ILEOABT BOl'HBBtLD FURNITURE AT Al'CTION liIKOKK A IluLDEN, will I'll U Auction jb MtjNiA) , MAI ft, ai 10 A M . at NO *> EA?if KIFTkiNTIl STREET, K> ar I'nlon a<iu?re, the r*-ld?T,ce of DIO.t HOlRCICAtLT, Whoa# present iucceaa la LdMOB will prevent bis ret .ro' > tiilw country for?om" jeara W* now offer Ma large aaaw ment or lio -.atli'i'd Faftitti -e, crnnnrrllng in pari, fcraid grand *c(k>n Pianoforte, R?c*.,a(! Pailor K.iTtM In rrd M grr?n raoa. l/)n ik -a. ?c?w* an. I Writn g Desk*. BecliniuE, furkl'b aad M?TJ > b.t r? B?< at**da, C*rpe;a Ollclmha, Clocks \ aa< ? and tadoiv lur t*lna, nitmlre Mau ?4?nd Pl?r OI' ?ca Aid. th* KJicbrn Fnrnltur*, with wbicb ?*!? wi'l --'u.meiioc CaHlTfuea a: the eflice of anc,tlon*?ra, Ho. S Pine alr*et, i c l Bo 12?l Bri^adway. OHBBIKF'P BALE Of BOOKS. BTATlOMEBT. JEWEL 3 rr, Ac -Being tha mtlr* coo lent* of tb? MftropotttM Olft Book Conc?ra,on Towdsy, April Si, at lu A M . on tha preaalae*, Bo. :U6 Fn.ton ?*i*e?, Rrx*.jr?, PEED A COLE. Auctioneer* Conalatlngoi ? andaid and mwcellaneooa work* la raiiona "tjlea of binding. Bible* Pr*T?r Book*. Ac. Alao oa* laii* Jiwlto'i safe, one LUlle'a cbllM Iron do., Hbaw Ca?a?, Btor* and Oftice rurmitur?, Flilurea, gold and pl*i*d Jewelry. Ac , Me. By orAar AKTHOST F. CAMPBELL, Sb*riff. J. W. Bununi, Deputy. SREBIFF I BALE-LIQUOR ATOEE. CHAMBhRR a KtlRCIHLD, Aa<- sua lira, aalerroam 113 Nawau alreat, will aall ihla day, al 11 o clock, at It (liaaawick atrart, a quantity of L: iti >n and Feuara, lOIIB KKLI.T, ?l riff. WILLIAM ABBOIT, ATCTIORMER- BBLLB OB TUB* _ lay aiarwooa ait o clock, the Leaae. ?to*k a*d Fli tare* of tha Oroaarraad Uquor Htara, tit T*nik a*?au?, MaajalM of Puma* and Conatara. cMaa Part aad Hbarry Wi?a. WnmUm and allFlitnrea, A*. i TTTittuii wotr Aurrrnymm, office to jack T 1* MarM, will aaiL by order of aaalanej. oa Tuajda* I ArrB ? at 1 o eh?ek. at 1 ? Cbarrj atraet, Wl riaek Wiria a ad 'lark I la*?**f *t Arc**ow. Sassr ? *?r He Bo w ar/. D? ~a?? S"A,nTX' ;? ?i5?5 Fh MALES OF Itfc.VJL KHT VTK. A beautiful f arm m ber^en cooim*Ti*x* 49 acre*. $1,200; 41 acre* In Rockland c >unty. %i miv ti <io., 91,700; 120 aerea. do , $10,000: 2*1 acre, neir Uke^li bupac, $1JsWj0. All have good BuildlnT*, Fruits. Ac _ W E MEUCK. 407 Broadway. S BA1B-A 11IOH STOOP AND FOUR ?T017 II juk in Thlrvynlaih street, between Fourth >a 1 Leitag ten avenues, containing all the Improvement* wlU be ao>.I low. For Itimi m?julr? on the premie? FOB hale? A HUMMUS residbbcb, situated at C ml, kill. Dutche s county, five mile* from Pattergaa ?tatlon. on the Harlem B'llroad, conslatlngof ten and a hiif acres of Laud, nine aoret o> Huh growing young timber, the balance under cultivation. The buildings we in the beat re pair, Mutating of Hou?e B?.-n, C triia ;o Home, Ac. , there la a never failing spring of water. also an abandonee of fruit ? in1 1 and hbrui tbery Most oi tbe purchase money can ra matn im I ond and mor? ;.v.'" No attests need apuly, For far ther particulars apply to t,lRL> ll BO*D, IW Bowery, Hew Yok. Fob hale? a lot on fourteenth &tbe2t, onk hundred Mid twenty Uvo feet we?t of t iitb avenue; aiie I lot twenty live by hundred and litres feet; or ? on'd e* hnnge for a three or four atory hlnb aiooo ho-re a a LOOd ccatfoo Apply to MARK LEV*, No 21 Liberty atrre'. For pale-a long lease, at low kbup. fcud tfc? i, wbicft la entirely new, a in,rth ? Hotel in N'W York, nfw rtoln< a *?< d t. mine j. > ickn -es tie cnuie lor Mlltng. Apply to U. brAU LU1N ), 207 B, ,il *ay tuecenL " FOB ElCHANaB-TARM OF H) ACRES, AT COHAW; als > 90 acre Farui .it hoiHnporl, I nun Inland fair hn'ld. Incv. irult <>f ell kludn; will ea^ f.r personal property of any kind, or city property J. O HO IT, Montague and Court lUeets. Br < kljn. Fob exciiawof~cood farmihg land* and City P roper 'y in the Western Stati.a for ftoatb Brooklyn or o^her property . wlllput with llie !and? a fair pwp rtirn of >-ash l O. HOfT, over Mechanics' Bank, Mon ??<?? ?treet, Brooklyn. FOl'. SALE OR EXCHANGE? A FARM. 73 ACBKB, Aral class laud, sltwa od in the town of Westpoit, r"alr ??td county, r -nn< i-llcut, -ne mile pleasure vrousd. i. fr<<m fortT to aeventy fret wide, with propar turns, deUghi fnl drive for p'eaaure or biereltloc horaea. 90 per eeotran remain on motwaiie. Apply from 1 to 3 P M at ibe itirard llonae. H. WAKt-MAJ*. For sale or FxniANoE? eleven ,vrar? of Kuod (lardrn l.ind, on Northern R tllmad of !*??> *era*f, 1C mi1'* 'f m tbe rlty, to d-|>"t; Ivd hiiib and d>iliab'e f<r buildir i plots " Apply to 81 WW lETUOl'B, :}1 fine ft OB PA IK Oh EXCHANGE KOR OITT, BROOKLYN I* orJeiity Ciry projierJv? Sev< ra 1 P?tin* n??r thia c."/, , frf1 en? .imbriTict'j; v irlnua piir-i and >0'JticiD<; id a K\tv ard Grlat Mill. AT. 11 MbLICK, <07 Brjatl v?y. Fob bale, exchawok or to let. -a small ob n?m''nt?d eot'age. and ouo to live acrei of land at I Bajonie, near Bergen Point, abundance of frui. -nd ever I cre?u ireei tine view*, drivea, aportiiiK, (UIiIdk As. B J. 1 El: I B, No. 31 I'inealrret, froui two to fouroY'o ?*. If OR SALE (IK TO LET? THE KIRST CLASS STONK a* fror.t Hocite 42 Moutaj.'C aii.-et Brooklyn He ?b<?, to getber with the rum ctln.{ i.Jt on Remr?n a ri*t. Iceboi ae ia i'tl fee : hv 02' ., and ii I urniabr.d with ull thorn dern >n prriremeu.'s, ron;i!nlp < m.r.orr ?i fixtures, Ac. The |. , a litn ia inioti'j tbe mnat i'i nible in Br okltn Tbe toute wo. ild besom or let with i.iih lot or b th. Hie loton B'in ren nr< et ao.i'd be fold b\ Itretf If deilrable For fTther ; ir'li i.' .in apply to JOHN ij HATDJ.iH J'outh atr?.L Cjr ner "f ?*all, >. Y VTE?, HABUBOME \FD DKjIBABLE TOI NTRT RES for n!o, nforlj Qnl htil; value about $4 010, In el^idli)? l?r(ie judtii; lo-tllty elevated and remarkably lie* :t'v. r ?ar the advent <er'alt<Mr e, seven year* a teal (lent of J 1 iflntv tic inlnu'.ej fiom depot bv rtapg'd walk, and fifty rii'inria ficai Kult.n Orry; halt ine purcliaae mji-ty can ren aln o* ltortgage. K de in d This liouae ia in'e.d^a a? a m le I irotketa ?. I lie Imllt on ad j'dtthag pron-^rty. and 1* scupied for the mod?rn c>lv? niencea of water, Ac. .Ap;)j tj I, U WAI.Kfc.!t, 7."> 1 Iberty street. TH& FIRST v LAHK BROWN STONE FRONT HOCPB, No CI Ea?t Thirty fourth atrvet., replete with all tin modern Improvement*; terma to ?ui. imivharera. Apply en ike rremtatt, I' rem aeven A M. toa'x P. M , to MATfUE^ BVRNkx. A A Cfin POBBAIJt, NEARLT FIN19HBO, A FINK T7.0''U. Prrach Villa Uba'oau, on IMth atrer.t, JJ reel ro i tare, two rtory, bow eitenainn. apleiid>d view of tbe KufJ. between Boaton road and Port Monta, twodty loU, mi re land ii "ranted ; terms easy HW) feet, avenne runiuag In IT Mott H".?en Ma-ion to baat Hirer Apple fo KLTilN'B, 34 Get k man an eat, from 12 to 1 P. M oron the premUea. Alao, r.tar.y llnlahed, a ruitic Oottaf.-. aams location; price $:i,(0); re? .v fur ocrupancy middle ot nen moDth. I'eck Blip ferry to l anern, ?e>. nd, 1'hlrd, and l'our'a aveo ie c^ra witkla wa kinn (ilaiaix e. At ft /Vni\ -CITY PROPERTY KOR BALE OR BX ' vr. cbargt f r nierj-liaudia-!. a aplerd d b>iM c??i tit p. i ty tltiiatei) in one o? t'.ie In at tb -rough Tar?e ia ?Le elly, ? I'D mo"eiaie Ineiuabiam e, will be fticharK>d ft>r t-.. p-e |!di il?, elotluiiK <r 'jenerjl mt-rehardiae, aril lr ia f .MO' t" $19 I'll) <aah addtd If re ,ulreu. Alii': a Merchant, I ? a 2,'. <0 i'liH jitee. A I>l? Y (.?K?I?S. ,Vt . T V ACT'S. 1.AL1EH \IS1T1N0 NEW YORK WILL FIND \T H. 11 MAOV H, K.ath avenue a?d Koun*enlh afreet, a c. B-.piete >twl of lAdiua' L'nder l.'uen m?> In be beat war re?. 2!> jei rent l< fa than Broartway prioee. a fall ?i.ii'.l?ukiti Lad ea , Genta' and ChlJiirec'e Ger rta L nd taclsli IIONTKK V AID I'NPKHWKA R, tc f?t rent :eee tl aa Br Midway pnoea A ita^i.ilj- rot ?U ek ol Ki*>lwua (lateat atylea), fee f-Vench 1 ??i? hi. elea, Tata. Ilracdieef e.-. A:, lull fifty perrroi >'? ll an Hnadwav (i:ce,a. A (i IS | le le ?|t rk ot Rial. AND IMITATION LA* 'EX. Nki.oK lace a ktantllU Online, I?ie MantMfaaand Khaa'a, I MCI i .e? < f ever* ile?cr Ipiitio ai.d pr^e. I'akasolh, a ;3 , :i i (I b ? "le n -at nf Importailoo. A O ?l?al !e a . I k I.f Lai t < CKfAtNrt, VBBTIBC1 I' La )/.*, ERAI'fiRT MlMJM*. A ? I. ret. Gecd*. Llaen HantlWi-rcliUfa llouaek.-ep eg Gor#a, Ae.'^eapir ban any other home la lie tit a fi. . ?ti ? ? oi Nitleaa lapet, Braida. Aa, comp'ele. 41 v m > : ' u.i bcnii'iiii I t ef . i,r laImh; < klksratko Paris kid gloves, (3 Oetis a Pair KM BETrI. K ia> T'lK Olf^ aT a NT PBICB. M 11 M ?(' f , 2t 1 and 204 Hlith a<eu ja. K A*l> VAMILlA MOME, 7?i RSOADWAT J "| |s a;te tlie f'e* ^ urk hot?l Via. A J AU flFRT ?>?? .tea to it form ker iiinm aad ladlea of New York that ahe baa ? >' rermed ine la'e t V a^hlena of the 1r<n of Gtr j H of >a'ta firtioata V hi. tilaa, Haeipt 'and >aek?. A TrrmJk !ai'? I ?? eharge or th- drea-innk rg d? partnent. f <?KD A I A \ l.OR Kg* HI, 4C<, 4*5 and <67 BROADWAY, W ill ON MONDAY, APHIL *J ATRKTAIL, ru* rtfu.vwt-"?? (Hah LKhS't dOviDX: K? t.icf? < Hki'fc UK UAl'UA. M Inrbra widt, tt ZU O-lU ?*?/ ja/tC <U idi ! e* ?ld?, at a can'a p?r yard. WC r*<*? J'i- * ID i-RENADINI. HAKBOK, at lactam* Aito at afire* No*. J.V1 to Ml Oraod itrret. And Noa. 4" and <9 ratfcanoe "tratl, j istfAiiM Noa. 481 to 467 BROADWAY. KLW PARIS HHAPEH vantTllar. FI LL AND II-IUAXT ASSORTMENT nowrradt A lAC at BTORE* Noa. JM to K1 GRAND STREET, And No. 47 and 49 CATHA RIWE BTRKBT. j|?P. WHITE AND BLUE DE LAINBH AND BILEN, FOR KLAOB A LEO, MILITARY BLANKETS LORD A T At LOR, Foe 4?1. 4?3 4tft and~467 BROADWAY, Foe MB, 167, 2341 and Ml ORANO STRUT, And No* 47 aad~49 CATHARINE BTRMT gl'El IAL Ah JICVN'KMBAT EDWARD LAMBERT A 00. W 111 open on MONDAY. XHh In at , NEW ARil HKaITIFI'L DF.XIORE, IN KILE MANTLES, Bijlea n*r*r belor* offered. Aii*> the n?w noloiimc la PLAID AND < HKCK PRKNull tlLOTH CIRCCLART, Beautiful garment* for the pre* at aeaaoa. At prteea Ui ault the moat pconomlrat EDWARD LAMBERT A OA. I? llQohUIln*. At N* 447 Broad xraj , Betanaa Uoward and U and airae* ?PORTIX0. JffOR BALI? A" CLIPPKR SCHOONER. AR<*0* m r toaa. heel feeael. Ad<lio?? A. B , fc>* I.IUPcat off w. TAOHT REBECCA FOB BALE ? 'HE OAR B> IXKX at Green point ' ACET EOWENA FOE ?ALR TME frLRWR* c-i^'vr>j&"ErEggSr^ " enaaletalr and elegantly fur-1 t* mM eheap fw terai" Weetport, Ooaa., ar taR A. Tori. BILLIARDR-FOE BALE. OWE new and ?eooml hand Tahlr*, aa<1 everrthing eomplcte Table* to let. W it. QR CHELAN B BILLIARD TAELM AND comrinatto* cvtmiom, ? wita? rrtuStiXirff.'". TET AN TED? A MARBLB BED BILLIARD TABLE, ff Coca, Ball a. Maihera, Aa , mmolete. *?d tn ro~t ?? der A?!dr?a? bo? 1,1*3 Poat o?ae, with after. Wliteh tPM?< 1.8 reaiorabla.