Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 3
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lul f?ffn cat to pieces to Marylaaf, we bo?x?d ?o*t 1o veutH uut il w*s .roe. Wa ?o?U prefer lite a .ai&iU ? Uu of tuat figured even to Uui of HMMBfeilMtta *>. o*m a man can** b?-p being born on Chpe Cod or "cowntiBt.'' but he o?b Help t "joying your hospitality I w.d ib*u trying tncit joor threat. rte Seventh regi *"?' k?ow? U a ?riy to Riebrannd. IM them com#* bwa I iu -? i. mii o iiiui, ior Uu ir en >'* Atko mu ihoir own, tney thali b*v? ?aUi a reception aa they deeerve. Oue mrrti iUtiftratkm is furnUl t-d by the conservative p?e .? H>n yeeterday debouncing uie Mctional govern Biei. i of i inco ii as oue which the Mou'h could oat and ?ou <1 wit. f bnui to, it la today echoing the war cry of Gi. eiey * Ui an up.-uar that almost drowns the voice of their new leader. MIB< 'CLLANBOU8 ITRMB. STRAHUB IP TRUE. The Richmond Whin sav? ? rbe hrit official act of the re*>*eeat?itve of a foreign government indicating a re e> gnit.ou of >he in< epea >? n e of tho Old Po aiui ion, was w 'irmca vptsierd?T ny Hon Mr. Moore, her British fcUii Hiy'i O. dhmI at tblK port In preparing the u.-raal *>eaiance papers for a British br'g iroin Halifax, N. A, h? erared the prtateo words, " United States of Ameri ca " and wrote ?' Cemnon woalth of Vlrg'uia When #om pi > me tiled for tti a etgnifl'ant o*e of ii,g oiliclal pen, he r*|.lieo he be'ieved 'hat he had only duae his du ty be oorsuis of th* British governmeiK re generally sircnmiipecl geDt.emeo. *nd are no*, likely to do anything at variance with ihe wishes of their jrovemment. DIBilNUl'IBHKD ARRIVALS. Hon. A ? H Stephen*, Vice President of the Cjnfode r?te SUteK of Am-'rira, arr ved in Richmond a Monday morning on th ; pouth-rn train, and took quarters at the ??ri.,L go H-i'< 1 five Hume ?v. utng he was .serenaded by too ciizens, beaded bv a brass baud playing "Dixie" and other ars. nr SUphon* responded in a upeeob, which was received with tremendous ipuia' se. Col Robert E. Lee, late of the Cn'ted ?itates Army, reached Richmond on Monday evening, from Alexandria, ?n the CCntri! train. VOkCNTKER FUND. Nrnnt ? It is iag6-csted that a meeting o' the citizens who wish *o ontMoute to rawing a tuud tor tha relief of thoso members of the volunteer ootnpaiies 6f the nty of Rtchinonl * bo give the r servers to the itato, but wboee l'amilie? are dependent on th-ir personal exertions, will b? hel'f at tbe Merchu.(?' lus>irauco OtUce, oa Wedn< Rday . the 24th Inst. Several wealtbv gentlemen of the city have put down their tames for $500 each, ai su'i-i ripticua '.o this fund. Ai other one offeri-d "to be one of twenty or any larger mni'>?T, *o contribute Mate bonds to the amount of <1 (HiO each to aia ui 'he p'weutton of war. l'uo planters were expected to roepend to the call. THE CALL TO ARMS. Ttio following cill appears in the Virginia papers: ? A?is Y..U R*> nrf ? By y i^ster lay's m?u the wir ieoling wan rapidly ou t^e ui 'reate in oo h bectioas All p*riy 1'nes lave beeu ob i-tra td? ercry in ui reli es -o his sec tion. We are all V'rglnUks. l?t us stand by tho ol(! S'a'" let her caue't be ouri, n a I doierm i.e ' nat wo will (hare, like true sous, her deaijiy, wua.e^cr that may be. fcE12UR? OF STEAMKKS AND 81 N8 AT RICIIMONP. Biiumiivd. April ?0. 1H01. Tbe n!er>ncrR plying befveeu New York and Ricnmond, seized one or two 4ays ?<? by the Virginia trjops.are tied ano lorteo to the wtmrf. ti ?v. iiBt hi r baa M<z<td he gtun lninafaciurod at the Tredtgar Wuike, which aro for ilio Sou thorn confede racy. fliej are to bo ;in'uc ' lau ! * reolaced Some 11 t<-on operatives for Hartford, who had been eegatie^ in Richmond lately lti m inutactiirio^ ??v, ing ma chmt s, lelt this city for 11m N'urih on yc-tordiy. THK NAVT OK VIRGINIA. Hie following gen'Jtimen. wlio hal iormi'rly frwtl with di"t nctiuu tu ibe la1-- United Navy liave re eeiveo tb. lr oomm ssi irn as can am* 'n tho te^y o' V.r gm>a, having previously sent on tholr m-gnatio^s t > tl>e . ?iepar.ment it Wnshiugvm'? U>mmutdaa'-e Hichird L. Arth ir Sijclmr *i ?i I. K Fucker, aad l. eu'.en tute ? F. M. Spottfcwood and Robt. B. i'egram. UTE NEWS FROM TEXAS. FORCING INTO SERVICE. Ujum^tARTKHii, Ualvskton, April 19, 1961. All cStizcns < apuble of bearing arm*, Lot ovor tixty years ot a^e, whu do uot enrol ineoise.vtji into r un one | c?f tb? volunteer cjKioauii s of the city by Um ^>d last, i will be enrolled in the mihtia by ofli 'ers nt>poim J In i each ward for that purpose. In cko of being citlod mt i | ?ervico they will be renUii'eJ tubri' k g .. li ariut thoy | mav have, until they cin hi furaiehed by tbo st'i'o. rho , war hat- begun It may '-*ach cur sbom. Who in Toxas i will shrink from his duty in such a oriH^y We invoke ,the spi'it not only of 1776, but oi 1836. to (^o .bo tro n lis n'utnb'T, and *c?ir iwrt the tadepe*j1e;i'je of Teras. ; Tho mtsrnb or b'ark ropuMicanism wouM 8C?roely be les: ' tatai Hour intr.iestfi th<.n that of Mexican intolerance. ?%> have fhiW"n off the one; le> us manfnBy i-epol the other. S. AN, Cjfnmau-ant. PELF CHOSEN COMMANDERS OF TIIE TKX.vS i )r.t,.s. (iVmiUL tiKOSK MO. I. Sai? A?to>io, TV'* in, April IS, lSdl. Having Of* n directed by L. P. WaUer. Smrotiiy of War of the Oonfederate States of America, to raise a I regiment of mountoo riflcmeu lor tho defonco of t!io | Texas iroQiior, which is now aSM-mbiiug at tUM and other points for immediate service, and hading no cill:er<ui< | signed to the command of this departinuot by thai gov er'.m nt, and there being an Indispensable noctss'ty 'or the active servioe of a commandrnf otli er bore at to ? time 1 hereby, under my authority to laino tha rosrlm?nt ) toid a"tend tho frontier, oesume the contr ol and direction oT all the forces o' the OotJeflorato H'an? Army with- j ku tbe li?i'8 of the State of TcTW v"' ' [ , ters ?re (*'?blithed at ?sn Anton ? until ?ith?rwine dircct cd by the commanding ofB<W. H. fc\ MCwCLuOCU, Oolouol Command, ng Troops Provisions! Army, ! Confederate ^ta^g of Ameries. j UNITED STA^g fBOOrS. "Hie Galveaton VxviH^. fnrnishw the fol'owine lntelli ! 1 rhere wrre at Green Lake, r.ear IndUuola, at ?he last irrounts, t#o oompatte* belonging to tbe First I'nited Btn'i i ttfantrv and ore of the Ligbtb, unaer the com j B,ar. ? .* Major 1 Ark in Smith. On tfie lHh ln.-iUnt, the Arlroea landed at Indianola cotnptnto* a, t and 1 G, rii^- I tufuutry, U. 8- A., under the command of Col. J Back. s, but ie uiw comiuanooJ by *i*j ir Sebloy, and ouR-f-erlrg ?43 rarn rank and <51o Theae trojps were brought trom Braz--s Santiago, and. aa was stated, wcro to bii transported to New Ycrlt on the ate*m.sulp St/ir of tb-> Wt^t Of tbe precise number and descrtpt'on of the o'h*r i Vnifa Sla>ea trcKii'B now at Innnola w > are unadvised. t Tuo San An't.nio Ledger of the 6:h said that, at, 'oat d >te. I there rema.ue d,of ail the tniofw th^' +-m wMttl ha bord rs of D>j s on the any of tbe tr tm-for, e^gt t coin ? I'b^io of the L'k&Mi infantry, atd the regimental stai aod barn! of tbe First and Kiglth regiments of ia'mtry ibe cocipiiniea were all tr. ivuf. from Ei Paso and ttio tipper 'ortfl on that line Lieutenant A. F Coup, t'jc only sui>?!tern with Captain Wallace's coaipany, rc:ti ;aod, while ftt Snn Antonio, b's commission In tho tutted states A'tuy. to tako oce in the ConleCcrato ?t.rvi?,e; ar.d It in a on.. rkaMc f?et that tho First cavalry hi t not a aec-md Lieutenant in the r giroenV-evory commiwUn i>ej)g v? rat- d by re?ignatk>n, promotlou or casualty. Che federal troops ate in poesosWn of l-dhnoia at J hv.c irircJ tbe tteamer F*al 'on anJ at. the.- ? np^jfod to lie tho t>rope>1cr Mobile 1 un wh it w e could mili ar, tho intention of these troopr? was to take tho Hewus, or m<odu other good vauel, bo as to make Ui.<ii way to Key W?6t. TOItT PEFEKCSf OK SALVX3TON. The Gvlvt*ton Asmu, oi the l>vh, *a>s . ? Vo ?.e.-o out on lb1 east erd ot tbe laiawl ywst "doy, an I f i'ind <i?u ?re.l vhfman bujlty engaged preparing to throw up an ?frenchmen* to proi<c.t the heavy ordnaneo hi- b?.s p!?. ?d 'tlWe. In allTnot positions, soa? thoroughly t it .uauiand tho appro icht*B to liie bar, tho channels into tho bay, and ti e t>?y and tlty. Th.xje long tion tw. nty-fojr pmuJer*. tK.witzers and t rass thirty iwo pounders, w'th the piles r<{ shot and she I next tb?v>, lo k formidable: and wb.-n tbe three mortars are put m position, snd the entrench on nta thrown up ? which will be in a d.y or two? we may consider tbe entrance to our Larbor ?a tolerably well Mended. T?CT1K8 ON OOODfl. ill" "rst d titles on rooms from OiKvl 8Utes porta were eellect'.'d at th- custom house on tbe 18th. on imports per fobooeer J.. B My.-rs, from Vaw York. Tb*re wore about, two ibousand pai'kagvs and fortvrouri-onH gneee, makug an eiri iiOt of wurk Tor tbom and tbecuston bouse wht'h pemonc unacquainted with the bus'ncM canuot imtg no. MTPSHII'MKN FROM ANMAPOLIS. The following is a liat of midshipmen brought home by the United States ship Constitution from tbe Naval Academy at Annapolis ? ' KWfT O Am. Frank Davenport, J. fhil p, l.loyd Plianlx, Fred Kodgers, (juo. K. Ryan, Teouaseb .iteece, Krank dtewar t, John Weidtnaa HUCOXO ft.AHS. KUKrt Blske, Kdwto Brower, .Initn Cowsthers, Oeo. A. Oall. Ru.*n? B. I)uer, Morwtu Korreat, Dnnoan Graham, Cbi.? I i!unt.ngd"n, RoVrt R. Huntlnudon . Krank U.g > nst r , l-ew in Kempff, Roswell H. t>ampeon, John McFor Uad. Arrb N. Mitchell, Samuel Preston, Jams* |*. itooert eon, >*mnh Nirbols, Geo W. Sutnner, f. B Hm.tli, Na thad'ei Ibcman, Herbert Tyson, Charles '/imraajrm*n Titran (xase. A. H. McCormtek, Wm. Roes Bridfman, Albert Bvksr, Morten W. Sasde s,Cbaa. H Humphrey, Cbas 8. Golcoo, Henry l,. Johnson, '"has t. BJake, Jamn Wallace, Fre derick I. Nalle. U Reu P Adams, Silas W. Ferry. Vredo rtrk i'earson, lobn Anderson, John J. Read, Adam C Al exander, F? i ward N. Ktllogf.Jobn H. Read, MortiiMr L. Jotasoa. M^ard K. Preble, Henry T. Grafton, Richard CIh>w, Oliver A Bateheller, Henrjr B. Rnmsir, John R. FurM'tt. Jr., David D Wemple, Benjamin Haakln, Ed ward n. Haiiltlne, Btn,|%min H. Porter, John Bradley, Walt. r Abb.H,Fymm*s U. Hnnt,(>o. H Brown, Gouver neur Haawell, George W. Wood, Edwin Woodward, Kdwln M Hbepard, f'billp iowry, Charles Tracy, Merrll Hitler, Bayd^.n French. kw-wth class. ChM J. Bailay, Jamra B BUdack, Wm. O. Boyle, Chan. H. Brantln^bam, Thomas Riddick Brrwka, AUen 1). Browo, Kfceulapiui Muck mast or, Chaa. Greon Bjab, Alfr?1 F. Bradj, Joseph Oallff, Douglass R Oaasel, rbas. Bdgar Clark. John D. Clark, David J. Clark. GS.nrtlawt C. Oaaa?ot. Geo. Wm. Uoftin, Joseph B Cooblaa, Francis A. Oook. Philip H Cooper, Chia. H. Craven, A. Schuyler (Vowlnshield, Ooorpe T. Davis, Ernst: Dlckman, WllUam Duer, William Dunn, Gustavns Kagtiab, Boblss Kvaaa Henry 0. Fultsr. jHenry Glass, Geo. I). B Hlidde*, Chae V. Gridlcy, Ira Harm, Jr.. W. W. Hvndrleks-in, Willlun Ilnnter, William Branbmnn Hoff, Roland C Irvln, Au fustun Kellofc, Geo. Henry l.anphton, Richard I'. Mary was. W. Ifaclay, Fred. McCormlck, Cbas. Me irncrrr, John Clay Mctlvaine, lYancls Mortis. Isaa r Morris. Thomas l.nelen Morris, Denn's W. Mnllan. Al ftnd Sen II Newlln, Varston Nlles, John comb* Psirram, James A. Peters, Charlos H. Pea lletoa, Joseph B. Peyton, Jeflbrton rhtlips, James Ragsdalo, Henry Talfer, Henry Wadlelgh, Wm Henry Wsbb, Wm. lfeaury Whltlnjr, Jr., Frank Wildes, Thos. WlllUms, Wil Hasa Wlas, Arthur Wrtght, Cbas. M. Oavtnn. Wm. Hsm meit, Jr. Nichol Iaidlow, Chan. Poor .James Long, James Mids, Cbas. L If bee, Oeo. Tanee, Wm. C. Dan* , Wm. Crwlg, Samuel BtoBor, Wm. Van Vitok, Wm. Wheelor. Cblby M. Chester, Henry Wyman, Ohnrles MoClnre, Wm. f ?**. NEWS FROM THE SEAT OF WAR Important Intelligence from Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Actiou of Foreign Ministers Respect ing the Blockade* Probable Attack ou the Capital. Vigorous War Measures of the Administration. Important Movements of Troops in Virginia, Maryland, Washington and Pennsylvania. Sixty-Eight Thousand North ern Troops Ready for 3ervice. Secession Voted Down by the Maryland Legislature. Great Union Mass Meeting At East Baltimore. The XUign of Rowdyism in Balti more XVear its Bad. A New Lin* of Communication through Maryland to be Opened* Keporteil Arront ofHenutoi* Munoii, of V irginia. RELEASE OF GENERAL HARNEY, Ac., ftc., Ac. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. THK BLOCKA HE AND OUR TRHATIIS WITH FOREIGN POWERS. Wi.?iiiN iTON, April 27, 1861. a"ine < xcitement has been produced in diplomatic circles, growing out of th< pvdamation of the President ("irrcnga block.nle of the Southern pi-ts. It appear* that ? blockade, to be respected by foreign Powers, must not only b<i effective, but that due net Ice must be given of such intention to their representatives. With Brazil aid all South American governments, a notioe of niroty <iajs ii required under treaty. But this bns not br on given 1 y our government. Heace con slgnirenta of '-oflfee and other natural products do s'grrd for Feu', hern perl:< are delayed In their transposition to that porti?n of the country, the merchants net belrg satisfied of the effects of immediate bloi kade. It has therefore become neoos=ary that sped flc inquiries be mado or the fodtral government in rela tion to this subject, eo that troaty righ's and privlle?* be not damiged Tho foreign Ministers will insist that the stipulations shall be respected and observed, other wise raval forces will bo despatched hither as a means of foreign piet' ction The delicacy of tho question is appa rent , ucd from what is known may involve serious c on rrquercs ti all concerned, at alt evonta produce trouble now, a? -veil as in the future. I THE PROBABLE ATTACK ON WASHINGTON. Pii:i_aokuhia. April 119, 1881. A gentltman, who has just arrived here from Wilming l9U) North Carolina, hiving left there on Friday, and who was fit Richmond ou Faturday, stites that tho people of North Carolina were all up in arms, and wero prepar j ing to come North peveral thousand troops for tho purpose, as Governor Ellis informed hitn,of nuking an . attack upon Wafchingtou. The day that ho left Gov. Kills . showed him a despatch , which ho had just retired from j Mootgimory, stating th&l sotne Ave thousand troops , were on their way to loin those of North Carolina, which j were about to leave for Richmond, and that It was the purpose of the Confederate government to make an at Wck without a moment's delay , that if they were to at- j Utk it, it must be dene before tho federal govern- ' mciii. hud concentiated a large force at Washington. My informar* states be convert*! with Governor Letcher on Saturday morning, and that Gov. I>etc!ier told him it was tho purpose of tho. Southern States to make the attack at once on the oupital. Fie (Ix>tcher) had ad vised agauist it, but the Cunfodcrato government were for 1 octant attack. He skjs he has no doubt in his own mind that the at tack will be made very soon, ar>d at several points at the fame time, lie rays that every little village was bristling wlih bayonets, and tuat ' the people were per fectly trantlc. He says, further, that Governor Fills showed him a despatch from Pensacola, of th) 26th. from General Bragg, staling that no attack upon Fort Pilk"tt8 up to that time h.?l been made. It was not the purpose of Bragg to moke the attack foi some timo. RBrORTED RELEASE OF GEN. HARNEY. Wasitwiroji, April 29, 18?l. Tho Alexandria G<urtU says that General Ix* has or dered thr release of General Harney, who w m stopped at Harper s Ferry on his way to Washington And mentions as rumor that Jefferson LHvis la to come to ni<'tim<>nd this week, and that Vice President tHophsns hai return ed to Montgomery. A rumor having starts.! thai a battery had been thrown up by the Virginians rn the height* below Fort Washington, on the Potomac river, an actual examination was yesterday ma le of the ground there and for a mile or two all around, and nothing of the k'nd w ? anywhere discoverable. Tne Charleston Mrevry earnestly protests against the advice of cortaln Siuthern journals, which urge an im mediate assault on Washington and its occupa'ion as tho capital of the Confederate States. Among the letters recently received a', the PostOtllie Department was one from a Han th Carolina pistmastsr, countermanding orders for stamps, and refusing to as %k? his returns, saying he wlil attend to this business wbu Postmaster Goneral Reagan shall reach Washington. Many of the official letters sent bltber bear on the c*?T?er a representation of the Confederate tlag. Gentlemen from Vltglnia give It as their opinion that the ordinance of secession will Co affirmed by over one hunored thousand majority. THE WAR MEASURES OF THE A0MLNF8TRA TION. WAMPi.vdron. April 29, 1891. It Is reported tliat the President has carr'nd into effort the purpose of which I advised you last night, by direct ing the enrolment of forty thousand volunteers for three years' service, of twenty Ave thousand regular troops for Ave years, and of eighteen thousand sa.iori for the nmy for Ave years, the usual term This will probably be done, but no order has yet been issued. The flrst In thi field under this new order are two young lawyers of Bos ton, Messrs. Wilder Dwight and G. L. Andrews, a gradu ate of West Point in 1MI. Th<>ee gentlemen, who arrived here last Saturday, left for homo this morning, armed with written authority to raise a regiment In Mawaehu sett* for service daring tho war. It Is to bo o lered forthwith to Fort Independence, or some othir point la Boston harbor, for drill, equtpiuoct, A.J , there to remain for tws months, unless s'ihe exigency requires their ser vices elsewhere M*J*>r J. n. Gordon, a West Point graduate of fourteen years' Stand'Df, will probtbly tako command. Osl J. F. K MaasMeld. one o t the two Insp-ctorsflens ral, General Churchill be-rg ibe other, h<s arrival here, ?nd will exercise a general supervision over the arrange ments fef qnxrterlag and feeding the troop* He al*o takes the command, la place of Gel C. F Hmlth. ordered to Ks* York. This ensnros (thw etfc.escy is tbsso '"i ar'ments, wh'ch trew Important m any the ser vice. Ool. Mansfield enjoys a very high reputation, aud ?l- nalised himself in the Mexican war. A change U also making in the Ordnance Oepartm<?nt. OoL Ripluy hat been iut in charge or that Bareau, in p'ace of 0>1. Craig, reli?ved, who M health is infirm Col. Ripiey, who was formerly In charge of the SpringUeld Armory, is an experienced officer, and will give greater thoroi hL. ss an<l t ftiriency to thu department, lie once had a nephew, Major Ripley by name, who was last heard of at Kort Sumter, where he nerved under ? ion. Be mre gar.t. The government is about to establish an arm >ry, simi lar to that formerly at Harper's Ferry, at Rock Laiuud, niwois. An examination made of the heights at the Whits House betow Mount Vernon and vicinity, dispelled the rumor that formications ha t been erected there. The troops called out by the order of to-day are all ad ditional to the 76,000 already required, bo that the whole cumber called for by the government thus far is? Volorteers, by precoma' ion 75,000 Volunteers lor three years' service 40,000 Regulars for dvo years' Her vice 0C ? Seamen l'or live yearn' sei \ loe 18 000 Total 158,000 ?That if, 75,CC0 the week before list and 85,000 to day. I Even this falls short o( the real number, an several Statts ! send double the number of regiment* u>kt>d for. A largo number of additional volunteers arrived from j Annapolis yesterday and to -day. Carl s'cburz is here. He has obtained three months' ; leave of absence from his mission at Madrid, and will ! soon go West, there to engage in u more active, but na ' le*s efficient service. Ihe committee from Now York city, cotudstin^ of w. M. Evarts, Judge Pierrepont and Judge Vanderpuui, whose business you know, arrived here lost evening, and were closeted with the 1'resident to day. Office seekers receive little attention. An applicant for a consulate waa informed by Governor Seward this morning that no more appointments of that clt?s would bo tna lo till travel Northward was less obstructed than at presout. Parades have been going in all day. The Rhode Islaud regiment marched up from the Aaseual, where the men who came in the Bienville remuiue.l over last night, to the Patent Office, where th<y are quartered, followed by their own l irg; baggago wngois, drawn by their own horres, and by led bortes for relays. In the afternoon they were mustered into service, and reviewed by tnc President. The Sixth regiment of tho District militia were mus tered to day. The whole nsmber or the District militia is two thousand seven hundred. The Sixth Massachusetts rogtment paraded this mnrn ing, In their shirt sleeves, carrying murkets butno equip, meuts. Every Saturday there will be music by tho Marine baud, and the other bands now in the city, in the Presi dent's grounds, and every Wednesday in the Capitol grounds at live o'clock. The ground-? behind tho Capitol are used every day for drill by the Seventh of New York, and Sixth of Massachusetts. A day or two since a large quantity of bombshells, re cently manufactured at the Navy Yard, wero found to have been filled with n mixture of sand and sawdust, a pyrotechnist named William Thompson, and the keeper of the magazine, named Ludwlg, rece ntly resigned and went Soutn. A Corporal's Guard from C mpany C., Union regiraont, shet one Cornelius Boyd, at his house on M street, at an' early hour on Sunday morning. B? was charged with endeavoring to raise a company for the S>uthem army. He was a foreman of brlckmakers, ard without property. The testimony respecting the aifair Is con lining, but, on the whole, hears against the soldiers, and the jnry brought in a verdict of simple homicide. T >e corporal .r. H. Murphy, and the men, eleven In number, have bcon arrested for trial, the civl! authorities being assisted by a compaoy oT United States iroops detailod for the pur - rope. The affair is in unfortnnat ? one. Colonel James P. Brlsbin,of the Pennsylvania volun teers, who arrived hereon Saturday morning, 'rom nar risburg, by way of Baltimore, was arrested three times Inthatoity He thinks that there are two thousand se tesrion troops in the city. The Twelfth New York regiment, which Is quartered at the As.-embly rooms, in Louisiana avenuo, dines at Wll lard s to day. Frederic Bailey, a ron of the late Dr Bailey, editor of th ' Xational Era, hat been appointed to a cadotsblp at West Point. A Mary lander, who is employed in one of the public offices here, mailt a good spoculatiou at Alexandria yes terday . He bought twenty thousand pounds of fish, lb ? herring at lour dollars a thousand, and the shal at five dollars and fifty cents per hundred. Tho former this moraine brought, at the same plaae, eight dollars |n-r thousand, and th latter liAd also nearly doublod. This sudd- n rise in pric Ls nttrin itableto an or Jer from the Virginia authorities, forbidding the sale of Psh at or abo\e Alexandria. Droves of cattle, on their way through Virginia to tki City, hav? aLo been stopped. One man r portd that hcjsaw five or six comptnisa, on thoir way from church at Alexandria, drilling. There tray be over a tlioMsand tre.ops there. Haifa dozon brass plcc"S were tui.o. cd in frout of a building, supposed to be a hank. Several of the Seventh Now York regiment, who have not been entirely well, have obtained short furloughs, and teti or C'tuen have ?one to New York. Tney will scon be back . No novo tioops have arrived in the city sinc^lost night, llie Sixty-uinth New York regiment is soon ex pected. A train left for Annapolis a liUfpast welve to-day, carry ltig tho mails and a number of |>o*stngers. It will return with troops in the course if tho uight. So regu lar mail arrangements have yet been perfected . and no nrwr|ia]>ers have b^* n received from tho North, except by private hand, or a later date than Sunday weok. A few Hbraldb oi Saturday, which arrived mysteriously je.stcrd*y, wero sold at prices rung ng iroiu twenty-live cents to two dollars. Tbi mails sometimes go by Anuip uis, aud aornotim 3 by BU'.imorn. The Pust Ofln.e Depa.tmcr.t hoi oniired lo send a steamer to and from Anuapolis and l'erry viUe, if the W?.r Department will run a regilar train, but uo de unite arrangement has yet been perfected. A son ol the late Nicholas Hill, of Albany, has boon ap po'ntod to a Second Lieutenancy In the urmy. A mhapprobenHbn exists reforeno in the procla mation of martial law in this 'ilstrlct. No proclamation is necessary; but tho Prtslder.t, as comm.tnde.- in chief, can om unc a doubtrul conrtitut.inal pawer In cases of neowistty, and cxercise mvtial law without previously proclaiming It. A ?on of Sir Charles Stewart, an officer whosorrod with great d unction '.n tho Peu'n.iuUr war, Is acting as ail de camp to Co) Stone, ?ns]MX;tor Gmeralof the District militia. Winontn, April 2), IW1. | Tho Slity ninth rcgimsnt arrived thin evening. The train alao brought a tiwb?r of txiinong'Ti, among them Attorney General Foster, of Massachusetts, who came by tbn Ma- y land bpat to Annopoll* which brought store* an<l railroad ears The legislature rf Maryland hat voted not to cill a Convention f? tho purpose of secession, and that troops t iay pan through tho ?tato on thctr way to the national capital. I'asptngors by the evening train roport a great chiujgo in Mary lend sentiment. I'ni n (lag* wore flying in net a few, and handkerchief* were fre-ijontly craved from houses along tbn r' ad to tbe troope. Th>-re is reason to believe that preparations are making for the transit of troop* by a more direct route to A'uaii logtoa . Mr. Fvarts' mission la, 1 think, nmecnaaary. The question touching which be camo will b? aojn satlsfac torily KtUed. Wamnr0T0!t, April 20, 1841. | General Beauregard was certainly at Alexandria on Saturday, and it wan rumored be wm In Washington, probably from tho abore fact. Th? railroad from Anoapolis will be In good order In a few days. The Seventy fln>t rofimont are ?till at the Navy Yard, and wll. be practiced In rai>mm firing. Pcoutmg i artles are s*nt over to the Ma-ycnd ibore nightly, and the fecesstiMsts bare also scout* out. I PnaMtit I.*nr*,lo and Mr. Reward visited tho Seventy I first y?Ft?rday. The President made a abort speech, eaytnr he wm glad tbe regiment did *<>t oomo through TW'timire; Ok adralnULral M wtv Mtt?t*d ttw* in a #f .ort time tbat city would be one of the miwt In ion loving in Ui* oonntry. At Vera Cruz, Gerer*! Scott o?clar?d that be could take tbe city in SU b*, hut 1; wonl.l C <et wnty five tb< uwu,d live*, ? at ?>o oouid take it in ib'tf w?m ks wHthmt low. Bu did ao. Let cs give I UI timbre her three w <*eks, ?n-l we Mall have a a ronar r??ut

Im (1 utebmeut <M ike Sevefc b ehi :h cam U New York hi the Daylight is still on board the veseel, which cmd9 directly np Lb F. tonac. The Seventh expect to go into ramp on Wednesday probablj at Georgetown, acd tbe men are anxious to go. There la bo truth n the re |?rt of the Raltimore Sun thai fifty members of the Seventh refused the oath, or refuted to go out of the Dtatric A jug of gin cock la is arrived from Baltimore today, a* a present to the Seventh; but many declined to drink It, aa it might be poisoned. Tbe Rhode IbI md Ret; i men t which landed to-day, bora a pi e tree Hag uaed during the Revolutionary war, and ?bet thro fib by canon ball. The twi nty days allowed by proclamation being up, tbe President will demand, in a day or two, that Uteoua tom bouse at Alexandria be given up or It will be taken by main force. This is from an otllclal aouroe. Kutipft* lias revived ;bere greatly. In Virginia shin pluf tors are issued Tor amounts aa low aa twenty-five cents. I have seen S"tne at fifty oenta issued in Freder icksburg. A Montgomery correspondent of tb Charleston Courier sa\?: ? Hie Attorney General, Mr. Benjamin, authorizes me to say tbat ihe commissions for privateers are being prepared , an', will be issued as soon as Congress shai' declare war, which it will undoubtedly do. Those in tend tap to apply for thrm had better be preparing their boi. ln, &c. The instructions will contain a prohibition on ih? ^eiaure of cotton from Southern ports, whether in British or American bottoms. Tbe appl ication for letters of marque are numerous at NewO'leans. I understand the blockade of oar Southern ports, orJerei by President 1 incoln, does not include cotton voase's. Tito Montgomery Hat I of Thursday says that a portion of the crcw of the steamer Star of the West, roeent!y taken by tbe Confi derate States as prisoners of war, have arrived at Montgomery for trial. There is good ronson for statin? that tbe Navil Academy Is to be removed, at least temporarily, from Annapolis to Kewpoit, K. I. It was ascertained at tbe State Department to day that no more diplomatic and ronsnlar appointments will be made, and no consideration given l > the subject until all tbe avenues leading to tbe capital are op?nod for the pat sa.';e of citizens and Cnited State* troops. ^ The Navy Department baa ism*. I an order similar to that from the War Department, that amount! due to tha rccent ol fleers from the States claiming to have secede 1, will hereafter be jald them from tho United States funds heretofore pent to or deposited in those State*, ex oept In cases where the Department shall otherwise direct. VIGOROUS PROSECUTION OF THE WAR. Nsw York, April 29, 1801. I am authorized by the ''resident to a ay that bo is de termined to prosecute the war, begun against the gov ernment of i be I'nited States, with all tho energy neces sary to bring it to a successful termination. Ho will call for a large additional fort e, relj ing upon Providence and the loyalty o the people to the govern ment tboy bave established. Washington, on Ssturday evening, wm considered by tboso roost capable o. judging to be eutirely bife from attack. JAkfFM A. IIAMILroN. FOREIGN AII> IN THE WAR. KNOLAND TO FURNISH 300,000 MINIR R!K! Kfl AND A M'.MBRR OP RIFLKD CANNON? AN KNdLIfln AND FKKNCH FLKKT TO CO-OFER ATK WITH UNITED STATES MEN-OF-WAR, ETC. [Despatch to the Philadelphia Press ] W^-HDKiros, April z(S, 1801. It If stated by the best authority that I<ord l.)ona, iho British Minister, sent a special messenger to detain Uio steamer Persia at Now \ork until full ties utches could bo lorwurded by him to the homo government. I/)'d I.jons is advised, 1 uuderktand, to proller to tho United States government, for the suppression of the slave .Stato rebellion, r.rms .md ammunition, and troops from England and Qunda. By tho Persia he sent out orders for ttir o hundred thousand stand of the Improved Mi&le t, aad for u vast number of the celebrated rilled ctnnoa. Orders In future are not to be filed in Kuglandfor the rebel government for arms, or ammunition, or sbtpe-of war. It ia beLcved that an English and French (loot will b sent to the Southern port? at an e-.i-lv day, to eo operate wttb the I nitod sUtos fleet in the blockade of aeoafcslon jK.rts. Louis Napoleon has joined with Queen Victoria t> sup firsss tho slave Slate rebellion. It is s.ati d th it hi. of "re of service to President Linooin are now on tbolr way to Washington. Orders liave been issued, it is reported, to the Gover nor Genaral of Caaada to offer to tbe United Mates men and arm< THE <SUPPLY OF PROVISIONS IN WASH INGTON. The government, says toe Washington of the Uftth irst. , have recently purchased thirteen thoqsa* I barrels of flour here, at prices ranging from $7 to $8 60, scotrdirg to quality. Also, beef, pork, Ac , In Batttmo e (ail of which bas bO'-n delivered hero by rail), in imMeii.w quantities? quite sufficient to sustain all 'he troops tli u will be here for a month to oome. It was up n th: strength of these heavy purch tses of flour lntt certa u persons in the trade cndcrtor k to put the screws to Indl vidusl buyers to the tune of $lf> per barrel a d*y or twj since Tliere are at least IS 000 barrels of flour yet un sold in the District of Columbia. We aidO learn tbit thn damage to the Chosnpeake and Ob'.o Canul is being re pairer with expedition, and na\'g.ition baa already been resumed beyond 8*neca Kills. Several car/iv* :>( floor are on the way . so there ct? j be m> fear of a lack cf j?ro %itions here. come wlial may. PAY OF ARREARAGES D TT3 RESIGNING OF rifi'i. Tlie f.,llow ing letter has been nidr*.", td to tho aocooat ingoflicers of the govercmeut. ? SfSHAt. firui^* ? no. 115. Was D?'arti?ii*t, Aurrit r Gbna^i 'h Oswti, ? WAWLvmaf, April 33, 1H61 f " Tlie amounts found to bo duo resigning offlcers from the States which claim to Lave seceded wila b'1 paid '.In ? from tbe I'nited Htatos funds hi retoforo sent to or do posited in those btaUx. Ky order L. TIIOifAS, A ljuUnt Gocernl. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. Col. Lee, of Arlington, son -In law of the late George Washington I'artce Costls, wbo bu joined tbe ?ecerslon ists, I?as, I learn, sold bis p operty to tb) 'itate of Vir ginin for war p rpoats. It tw he gb!s '.lpoo tb? s? in side of tho Potomac comm.'.ndiep Warhiiigtoo. But the War Department lias been ahead of Virginia, for it bus hau skilful officers examining those beigats and ill grounds lor fortiiicatioui! PASSENGER ROUTE TO WASHINGTON. DKflPATCM H1CK1VSD HY THE NltW >OHK POST MAHTBR. f'iease. correct, over your own signature, in newtpi per* seat of my despatch to you of the 25th lost. I nit rely nut.fled you that tho mall could be pent by cars tj Wushiiglon. Troops, provisions, Ac., for government, have been extensively sent by mo tor several days. S. M. FKLTOW, Prasident Pblladelph a, WtlmingUr./ and Baltimore iia>uoad MOVEMENT OF VIRGINIA TROOPS ON THE POTOMAC. A Richmond paper cay? Compary F, Captiln Ciry, am! tb? FIluf?, CapUn Wise, were ordiTtd to*. ma p.iutou llic Potomac yesterday, and left by tho Krodnrlcteburg train Hi Seven o'clock. The otj< ?;t of their trip ten n <t transpired. The papor nd(!?:? ?inro the above win written, wo V-arn that tho two companies w<;ro onirre J t'> FrodorKki burg, wh. nco they would prnoeoi down the lUpp-'.haii cork river to prevent any of the troops from laoi'int! In that section, Ir.f'irmaion b"in\- r<><;nlred that (. icb wa? their purpose. A passenger Informs ns ?h*t ti,o troops who ted g^ne down from Fredericksburg we>e r.sti nine, and It was supped that tho Richmond treopn would follow. This, however, depends upon clr corr?t?n-ne. Fven If there Is no enemy there now, there iray tit-, and tho host policy would bo to bo there to meet tbtn. SENATOR MAHON NOT ARRESTED. PraK, v:ms. Md , April 29, IM. Senator Ma?on was not ar rented, but some other parties were arrested for an eiamlnatioo merely. AFFAIRS AT ANNAPOLIS. AmiAMtJN, April i8 ? 10 A M. Tso hnrdred and fifty mon of the Eighth Maf<*neh'^et?i reglrrent have Just Ik on ordered to *nna^o'H Jane Mon, where travellers, just arrived from Washington, report the Twelfth regiment. as now sta?.i7ne1. The current report of two men being b'ing yesterday on board the brig Perry Is false. The troop* expccted to reach h*ro Ivt nifht hva not arrived. An immense mill has just arrived from Wa?h!rgton tn<l core to I'errysviUo by the transport Comm-rcs. New York papers bring flfty Mil In Washington. Tho wi wither ts very w*rm and a ra>* Horn in threatening. Tetnjwary barrn? ks are \ f erec I for tb? trjoj * it pleco of t^nta. IDE PENNSYLVANIA LKGISL \TUHE. Vannnwrao, April 29, 1M1. Tho senators and representative* are arriving. All will '-e here at noon to morrow, when the Immature a?sen hies. The <4ov. mor will apportion the troops, nn der the new requisition, according to number of popaln tWi at d the soldiers air. ady In (he fiald, In order to pre vt-nt a too great depopulation of the agricultural and m'ntng oonrtlsn. P A Mr re iltn has hern appointed Colonel of Ibe Tcsth rrg molt, to plaoe of Oftoosl McJtil, declined. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM MARYLAND. 8ECKS8I0N1SM KIU J2D IN THE LET.ISLAUR^. CbawuuMm*au, Pa., April 39, 1861. A test vc a tv Maryland Legislature. at Frederick, to day , on secession, resulted yeas 13, nays 63. SEC E& ION DEFUCNT IN BALTIMORE. i a won April K9, 1861. ^ec"?sior b (tefnnc id Raltlmor , and the Union sentl mf i.! >.g ;n triump aat. But f?w men are will ng to day t > announce theniseive* s>ces or. tat a. Oaa week's oon tag'^n h*ji ov.rahlmod tie eencplrators, and the Pnlon sentiment is no* >-'ro ger and deeper than ever, n.o day of rtckoning has come, and th^se wfca lust w.ek, aiiB'atnrd by the police, disgraoed our cftv . sbrh k rom toe p ibl'c yaw Tho ro action ix ovt r?b' lm:n< ir .ti> par's it. Sta e,uul wo are prepared to meet tbe issue at the ballot bos. Had a* w ere '.ht doi "s ? i i be past ten days they have forever sc tiled the st vi of itowkniD Maryland. On Wed uetda> , our . ? s? m H -us , which baa been the den in winch n oft i tne treason has bee. hatchcd, will be cleared of its traitors, and tho new appointee! will take tbeir placet The American t'.ag will be immediately hoisted over the Custom House , ami responded to through out tbe city, d'gp'.to the prohibition of oar dictators, 'lite bojK are eell.og mima.ure ilags on tb o streets. The t< cession flag has disappeared, It bcin^ regarded as tho emblem of our terrible wroegs. UNION MEETING IN BALTIMORE COMMU NICATION WITH PHILADkXt'HlA HE ESTABLISHED. , ? ,ft Butmokk, April 29, lSdl. A spoutauoouB Union meeting waa held to-uight ;a East Baltimore. 1 ,500 to 2 000 persous were present, and great eu'-busiasm was mao.festod. Strong, straight out Colon roaolutlona were adopted, and the aatioaal banner was unfurled. Kegular daily communication with Philadelphia is nnw re ri-tabluhed. SitamcrB will run regularly between this city and Perrsyvllle, connecting all trains on tho Fhtladelphla railroad. PROCEEDINGS ok THE MARYLAND LEGIS LATURE. Frbdihp k, Apr 1 20, 1S61 The House met at the canal hour. Mr. Moalton presented tho petition of 210 v 'tors of Prince Ceorge's county , prtying the legislature to pas* an act ef secession mmediately. Referred to tho Com mittee on Federal Relation*. Mr. Paran obtalm d leavo to rep>rt a bll'to authorlr ) the Ounnty Conimissiouers of the State to levy on tho accessible property of tho counties to such amount as ihey may d. em necessary for the defence of their re spective connties. The bih authorizing tbe banks of the State to issue ouo dollar notes wa< referred to the Oommltte. on Currency. Mr. Hollaxd offorei an order that the Governor and Adjuta: t C^nerai be r?qu red to r. poit early to the House what amount of the ?70 OOO approbated at the last ses. sionof the l egislature to arm tho SUto.lias b*sn expand ed and by wh?m expended, whether any e?ent has been apjolntei by the Governor and Adjutant General tj d < buise Mr. EVorr reported a bill to pwntle for the call or a sovereign convectioh oi tho people, on Thursday, tho 30th or May. On motion tbe b'll w xc referred to the Committee on Federal R< Utiocs. Mr. Firr* asked leave to report, a bill to auttoriso tho Major and City Council of Baltimore to issue stnill noted to a limited amount, 1 1 be nse 1 as a currency. Mr. Si .tt rep rted a bill lo repeal those sections of the public lo. al laws which provide lor return days for original and judicial proc'. -s in the Superior Court u.ul the Court of Common I'leus in Ba.timore city, other tha i, and in addition to, the regular terms of said courts, so that no p.octss original or judicial, or contract, shall >? made returnable except to the next term day of t>a d gout IB respectively. The law to elTeclfrom IU pan Uge, which was referred to the Committee on ludtci try. Mr. Jacosh o tiered an ?rdor that the coiumittoo of wa. s and means be requested to take into consideration t>ia ptoprlety of reporting a blU tot a new a ..ih^Jieiit of pro.i erty in the State. Adopted. Mr. Waixih offered an order that the Governor be r > i|uestel to fiimlsh the House, at his earliest convention with a copy of bis letter to the Secretary of War, t which the letter of the latter beurln^ date April 17, 1S61 , s a reply , ami ul. . cop es of all oilior correipoud.mcc which may bavo tnken place between himself and any I otber c lltcer or oillcera of tho general government, since the 4tii o( March test. Adopted Mr. Wains, front the majority of tho Oomnittee on Fe'eral Relations, to whom wut referred the momtrUl o a16 votes of Prince George's county, praying thj Uk'is la.uie, it in its Judgment it poe?e:-s tbe powir , ti pass an ordiu-tnc" of se^efsion wi'l. iut dolay, reported that hi the r Judgment tho Legislature does not powsesithe power to j a-s such au ordinance as is prayed, and that (tie i raj er of th j sa.d memorialise cannot, therefore, be graiited. This was signed by Ucists. Wallls, Ung, Den nis, It'.sooe and Com p too. Mes-rs i: or con and C.oH^borough of the Committee on Vederai lUlation til- red a minority r -port, Stating that th? ' r? i'or. ui'la* ora'ilo to tho prayer of .laid memorial ists. Mr. ]>enn ston moved tbat the mmor.ty report be sab stltutea lor tho minority re|A<rt. Tbe motion was di?c<i?sM by Messrs. Wallis. (^rdon) Denote, Ccmpton, I .its, .hapUiu, Uriscoo, Long aud i?ou nisi en Mr. Wai.i m s?ld the motion presented the direct tpiw tl n to the House cf tte constitution! I pc-woro. t!:o I^gis lUure to )??s any a' t > t sec sulon. He ?a< mffc\urif !mme-...i?ely l ik ng tbi sense of the Ho ?" on tlie sub jeet, trd sett. Jig 11" P' bllc n..: d ..s t) t':o .- ntlmert and act in "f the U-gislature. Mr Cmtww said it pre- anted only tlis question of the expediency of t mtltig tbe prayer of the potttlom rs. The rote was rrgard 'd by mont of tho members as Indicating iho views ot m- mb^rs ui??n the censtltiit onsl qiestlon. I.o m' >t ion was r.j.ct -d, 13 ayes 10 63 niys, M<* -s Worthin>W.?, I??nnl8on, Chaplain, Bryan, Women, J nor' of Pr irce (ier>rg? s, .la< olis, Killer, Gol luborough , Hrif (lib. <3'rdon, Bernard iu,d Mills vr/.mg In iht. ainrmitivo Mr. Bbtak sskeo t<> ba ex.,'ise.l from voting, but the House refused. Tho majority rep:rt was then adopted without ad:vi tion b<"Jig ta.led. The Hcuje adj- urte 1 till four o'clock THROUGH BALlIMORE OR DIE. Noswi. r? , V. Y., April 30, 1S61. 1 leave here with a e tnpar.y of volunteers this morn |Pg. We shall carry the -tars an I Stripes to rough Haiti * . _ J. T. , OipUin. more of <ita. 9 1 NEW YOllK STATK WAR MOVEMENTS. Anniv, April 29, 1H01. Four full volunteer comprmlee lef;, tb I city at a '|U*r tcr p?pt t#o thin aftemon lor Era ra. Tli )y wee escort ed to th"; ilotx?? by tbo Old Oiard aud Mlilird (Juard. An Immi'tM coD?v>ar*" of our cltizcnii ti; out to <<o.i the eonipame uk? their doi?artur<5. They left am.d the ro?r of e-i ron, tbo wuving of Uaudkerchiofti and tbnhiu/t'ift of the multlt'ide. The rom| iol"? ?m commanded b / ( aptaiiis Baker, KcnnMy, Sthcnck ud Gacgau. BtTATU, April 39. 1M1. At Warnaw, Wyoming county, a 'Dieting hu been hel l. A com;iany ?u formed at ' nee, and $3 000 ?ubicrib?d I fo* the ftmlliea of the Tolnntoort. Two more com|.*nle? will bo rained immediately. At ferry, In the same county, a company hu been formed, and othorr are about to be Id the remaining towns. Tbo most intcnaa feeling oust*. A company of volunteer! numbering HO men, undor r imiaand of CapUln A'lfttxtua J. Root, loft here for tholr place of rendezvous at .-yracue* today. Tooy belong t< the Fifty flr?t regiment Three rthcr companies are or ga.ii ted aid nearly ready to learo thl* placo. Au Ira write crowd gathered at the depot to wltoom the depar ture of tbo volunteer*. Amon*. the crowd were many of the relatives of member* of the oompany, a number o whom deemed in very bigb spirits. n. T., April 2?, 1M1. A large crowd, including many ladiea, aajeju'dod at tbo station on waiuruay aftorfcocn !?> * IU)->?a the ratsiug dt tie ti'.g on a tall htr?lx:k from .he old Jay farm. Lp'.Mt td np?wh?K. from th? IU*?. r>r. Henrj , of Uio I'pisocpal churob; Robirtton am <>tb?ri, wire rocalvrd with grrat api<tnu??. Notice W'ta ii, |h? 1 ,? ?cipal cKr< h ys#U?r<?ay by the Her. Mr Hnggs of a ?i??tto?r of lidtew at the .'ay l Hon>'?ua4 Taw da? to prepare hoepittl it. pplM. Oa *?t ir'-ty next, at two r M , a general gather..** i? e*. peeled at the Bedford 'V>or? ll.jti ?e to aid the en t?t?n',nt of Toliirtrem, 'he estibHthmeot of a I riori fund en I tb* ?Jfmailon of a Home Qtiard. .tui mr the g*nM?tr>?n on the comfMtl?e to aol'rit fi ?rlpt?uiM. *c are Win. y Wo n?m<?n ,i ' An.' ;<-r, A I' Di k'.n* .r, Win fi Ro'iertenn, Optra ?<ard :ie?, nr. #b'?v*y, Jamoa Lirjuabrrry. . IMPORTANT FROM TTARHTSBTTRO. MKETTN'Q OF THK LKOIHI.arUKK ? IMiOKJ' AtiT Hfll' ronr muvkhents. 01 R UUIUI'Ki, (OKUatrosDaNCS, Hamusw mi, April V>, 1861 The I^nlolAtfUf codyodwi to morrow iioou t > jv sroof Curtln's message will be sent in immediately after Its assembling. He will recommend an additional appro priation for war purposes, the formation of ten regi ments on a reserve for tbe protection of the b-irder oous tles against Southorn forays, the establishment of a State bartacks, Stale military hospital, ko. The general government has mode another call npoa l'cnns ) i vania for twenty regiments of infantry and oua of cavalry. More than that number have already offered their isc r vices to Gov. Cnrtin. The city of Ilultimore will be occupied by the federal troops before forty-eight hours. Important movement* are immediately to be made, tbe nature of which I dare not disclose our city is filled with loyal Virginiana and Maryland ers, who have fled from those regions of terror and mob oorocy. Some are enlisting on tbe side of the Union. The Fourteenth regiment leaves to-night for Clamp Scott, near York. The N'lnth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth remain here for the present. Capt. Johnson's company of United States cavalry arrived at noon from Carlisle. They will be furnished bon es au<1 equipment* here, and pricoed immediately 10 Join the force at Cump Scott. A l irgc quantity of ammunition and ten brass flekl pieces were taken to Chamber* burg this morning. Tba force there is ready for any hostilo attack. It is authoritatively said that the Baltimoreana will att<mpt to prevent the i'mnsylvania troope marching through their city, notwithstanding the reported reac tionary movement. Be this as it may, our men are well prepared, and if an attack Is made upon them the city will be doomed. Hume-mati, Pa , April 23, IM1. The Chief Justice ot the Supreme Court of Vermont arrived here today, lie has been residing in NortU Carolina, in consequence of bad health, for two months past. He called on the Governor, lie hal from Governors Mils and Iaitcher. lie says the t'uion senti ment prevailed largely two months since in North Caro lina , now it is almost unanimous for secession. Uncalled at the house ot llou. George K Badger, ex-.'ouator from North Carolina, and found his wife and dauglik r? scrap, or lint. One of his Bom, had enlisted. Mr Badger, until tecntly, was a leading Union mtu of North Carolina. General Small received his commission this morning; also Col. Hush Van Dyke and Lieutenant Colonel Casper Berry. An Old School Pres by tor Ian clergyman, who left Kost ern Mississippi, near Mobile, last Monday, arrived here to-day. lie came through by the Tennessee and Vir ginia Railroad. He reports that there wero one hundred nr.d Cf y i>asscngcrs with him from the Gulf States fleeing North They left him at Chattanooga, sac rificing their thrcugh tickets rather than coma through Washington and Baltimore, beliovlng both cities to bo under martial law. Ke cays he saw troops at every station, and that their destination was all northward, lie heard them wow that tliey weio going on to attack and burn Washington. A Maryland planter who left Frederick yesterday reports that he hvl a full conference with the members of tho Legislature of that State, and that tliey will not pa-s a secession ordinance, but submit that question to tho people. He saw no flags fly Ing at Frederick but seoesalos. A clergyman say s he saw numbers of troap* at Alex an Iria, Virginia, shipped back to the interior of Vir ginia, because there wore no arms for them. A passenger saw General Harney after his capture at Harper's Ferry at Winchester. The General was then on hi- way to Richmond, and nee me J on the best terms with his escort, and in high spirits. All tho passengers of the extreme South say that tbe people are universally of the opinion that Lincoln has been drunk continually since his Inauguration, ;uid that when he goes out in Washington he goes disguised for fear ot assassination by the rapublicans. A thousand other such oxtravagant statements are flying inesery direc tion. INDIANA AND THE WAR. 1!(I)iajiai?lih April 29, 1361. The blH appropriat'ng ?6000,000 for thedtata pasted both Houses to day. Indiana's quota? six regiments ? are now fully organ IzeJ , and four regiments, It is understood, will march soon. Six n'ore regiments will bo mostcrod Into the ser vice of the State. OHIO VOLUNTEERS. Cr>r< mvATj, April 29. lHfll. Seventy one thonaaud volunteers have Glared their ser vice* to Governor Petonisou, cf Oh.o, to till tin thirteen regiments required. THE ILLINOIS TROOPS. Cairo, IU , April ^0, 1861. One thousand additional troops arrived hii-j at two P. M. yesterday. All is quiet. The peop'e of Helena, Ajk.. seized the steamer Mart and a Cmcintali packet on Friday, and took from her four b i wired barrels of miiawH ?, large quantity of su gar, roaio and turpentine, all 'or Cincinnati. Tne boat i* tl?'d up there, w'.'b a r,tu.coa placed on the -h?re directly oppof ite her. The Helena folks lay the Ciucionui people nan have the boat when they take her, and rot untl' then. A tno^t ut' jnititlab'e attack was en vie on the steamer Went Wood I ir. J, a New Orleans packot, at Napoleon, Ark. , en Tlmrsday niizht 11 a ?poars from th i st .wm int of the captain that he rounded to at that place for tha p irpose of taking hi freight. As ? ion as 'he h was tied up, the clerk went adhere. In a n. im.nt he re turned and said the wbr^fmaater informed htn that the mob wns going io tiko 11k- tviat. This lu'Vtnxt.on was immediately followed by a \ oil ?> from klie g mi and pi Ude of a crowd ef iifty or si \ ?.y pernons. The b<?t ra* crowded w:th pate- ;Tr?, n '.ny of wtiora were ladle:-. A p;. enger named Henry Hammer, of Memphis, was ?1 ot through the heart ar I died Imta.itly. One ttr* m:m was wounded The raj 'a in h..d tne wheel k set goicp, breaking th< line, and got off. A s'raggilcg lira wits k< pt up for some tun \ Tho boat arrived hero last night The holes In her look as It' made by t.rape hot i'.r dfrom a cannon. BEFORTED ADOI'TION OF TTIF. SECEhSION ORDINANCE IN TENNESSEE. Hnrr*LO, April 29, 1W1, Me loaro from >'r. F. A. Hustley, for.nnrly of tbm city . vi ho pas?ea ll.rongh Naahvllle on .Jatur lay after ne'iij, that be was informed by a member of the Tennes see Co.. ventlon thrt tho ordinance of secssion was passed that aft? rnoon, In secret oeasl'in The t act was not to be poHlely proclaimed until tfie result of tha attack upen Waahltigtoc, which whi ejpocted to take place on Satur diy, was known. TOE BOSTON NAVY YARD. Borrow, April 39, 1861. Twenty five huBdrM men wore at work throughout Panda) at the Navy Yard. IJeut. R. Knot has been ap pointed commaaUsr of the steamer Massachusetts. NEWS FROM CHARLESTON. The k hoon? r D. B Pitta, Captain Corson, from Ch&Tlaa toc.ariiwd yc?U>rday, having twenty one pnaaangera, among thorn the craw or the ship NaafevUle. Thar* M hUso a man umixl Junta Tracy, wire and Sr? children . T rary came from D aland to one yean since, and declercd bla Intentions to becoase a elUsen. He bad bc.oti e the poeeeeeor of a small farm of twenty ?t?, well stxked In trary partioular, all nf which haa been oonflamtad for refusaJ to tgfct attains! th<- liag he had sworn to protect. He waa eelaed and tied up to a fence, hia handa over hta head, and given ?l?e hundred laahea. Bla Wife WW 111 aaed? baaten, hi ked, and mlanaed In other waya. Tracy fought in the M'-xic-tn war, under General Hoott. Being eirtir?'y dwll tute cept. (larvm will allow him end bla family I? "??J? or hoerd Cor a few days, at pier 10 North rlrer. nm bmk prefcuta a frightful appearance. THE CIlARLFSTONIANfi AFRAID OF THEIR POWDER. The Cl?arle?ton Mtrrury recmmenda their rliai and the inlah ante of the encoded stale* "not to waate any mcr" i' a.!?r la painter, aa it m..? be wan tad otherwise *? f , h ?e d< Mies* found out that tbetr supply from Ik* Nor th ia cut off QUARTERING THE WASHINGTON TROOPS. Nearly 1?, 000 tro f>* wo now stationed In Wnahlagteo, ?nd a gr.?r ? portion of than ara without proper abater. rb"p':b'ic bulldlefi ??"<? orcupled, an l lh? ar y*nmoda tiubfi ft>r quartering IImi aoUk>n are now entirely ex tnueted. The eb rcnea seem to be the only reaouree left and the clti/et^of ^'*Ah"r'*T\ , who have rawed the federal fl Jig ot! tVedWi>* t d \ >ne w .r^nip. ?n ?ld not h.ei' ite to ? r'er.d tbe'r rstrtt t to a practical point aid tin ? <+?* f-r or M.(i!?rry bj Iroopg. The bra^o ffllowa who b*-> rS(!?reil ill the (fctlg-tee of rp?rrbtrr ?>< ' travel1 tr f>r.i?#rt the n?Hoeal eapttnl re rUuiy -er, tK-tm^t :it Ihe hirda ?f IM f%? aid aula.