Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 4
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WM MOVEMHIS M THE METROPOLIS. Departure of Cul. Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves. j IDT Lilfil TffSMW OF FIEBOil. TIE W*MBH AID THE WiE, latert*Uef Meetts# ef Ladies at (??per Isstttate. SPEECH OF VICE PRESIDENT HAMLIN. arrival of the Twentieth Regiment from Dieter County, fc<?t a*n a?. movements of troops in the city. DEPASTURE OP THE ELLSWORTH ZOU AFSflL H1W gCKSW AT H?iTHfP?BTKRS? l*?KflKVT4TIOV OF OOIOIW? THS Mtl'CH 1 BKOrflH THE BOWKRV AVO BRAA! War? BNTHUHtAPM OP THK PROPLB? Tl'lttf onr or firkmkn ? bmb ARKAriow ? sp'kuh ok ?AHBTTTfl M. CLAY ON BOARD OP TUB BALTIC. AO. On? of the i?i*i mie-e^ti i#r oeremooiea, in coaaoc'lon wi'U 'he v>liinteer moTtnMt in the e'ty, 'ook pl?on yesterday. Thin *w the present'itinu of three stands of rrtom ?? the F.)lswnr'h or Fire Depu-'inent 7-ouavet, | prtrrfx.g V? their d<imr'.0'e to the Fe1e-al >tpHal It j bad N>en At ftret nTangnd tlat thi ce?-o<n>ny of presen U'i d sboald t.te pint:* 01 Sunlar la t, but in ennse qnenoe or a o< l?y in eq<itppuur and arming tbe men a pn?*.oooemeot wa? wifely ctesi ;e1 up* The fact lliat this truly F re regiment to ertirely co-n powd of volunteers from the several fire oocpTAniee of the jlty attracted a more th%n ordiotry ?hare of pabll) attenti >n With our citizens at large, a i?pc ge'on of flretn"n in ol rays an event of oeasideraMe inier-et; and it is not therefore t-> be woo deredattbata r?g'ment of "Fire Zouave?," enrolled oader th* reran and of the ga'lant Win wortn, and who Were no the point of departure t> the Sonne 'of c inflict, should eaJi forth & popular ovation . irach as that which vm wttofeeed yesterday. And well worthy wee the Zoaaveaof ail the iu'eeest mwi'e<H towards tbem; Bad worthier atO' will they prove themselvea to carry and defend the rich el ken banner of the I'niou ? the glorious flag of their eoontry, with the stars and atripes ? which waa yesterday consigned into their ha"ds The coremmy of presentation wan no holiday act. The flogs, for there vera four of them, are not now to gTace the walls of an arm wy or festive hall, and only to be unfurled in some civic preoeeatoo, hot ther are to be bo ne forward in the day of battle, and enroly whenever the Zouaves pvtlol pete ta tbo ooafliet, their fltg shall never waver, nor thoaa who fight tmler it ever falter before the enemy. Initeod, the recollection of yesterdav's ceremony? the flag* presented to tbcm, the work or fair Udico' bands? Ibe ?aWtnde that tamed oat to d? them honor? the en thwiaatlc cheers which everywhere greets them on their mar?h through Broadway and the Bovory? 'he hope they inapt ed , and the prat e*a that go forth tor their Mooaas, must all tend to render the future career of the Zona res ae dtsttrgiw>hed as their moat ardent admirers cm anticipate tor them. There we*e four different biniers presented to the reg*m<at, besides guide tints rbe ti> at was printed by a oommttu-e of ibe Sow York Fire Department; next In orger *re?e two !1 age. a nation ii flag and retc'tn -iit*l flat. pt it< ntxl by Mrs John iaoob Atdor. and a fourth by the ladies of the ASic House the beedqiiartern of the Zouaviw. on Caaal street, yrwniM a very b' nj ncxuo from au ea'ly hour ta the momtne Ba^sage hud to tx- ioadod, vu? tad oqaiimeota lo be distributed, tae drum cory to be eupplted, farowelM to be rooken. muster roils cU'ed, ooatwxiaefo'-med. t0Kn'.h<*" with all Um- attrriai ii <-ld< nm churactoriiitta of tho hroakisg up of tt>e qnar ers of 1,100 m^u haetilv orgviiz^l and suddenly ordered to the erat or A strong poiico forco early tonfc poeuioo on Btietlaiiiy abd Oetitrf- hi-iioi, where Oa aal street int*n<crui ibem. and all rwed none t? p?.-s with oat an order. In thi< way a ci?ar and ftutli ;ier>t spa ro wae knpt where tho rrgimeu) sub?e<piently frwut< d, and on whiOti the first ceremony of premutation took plane. Tt!K RV'MMKNT FORMKIV H wm after twelve o'clock wbi^n Un regiment formal by compftrM in front of the how (a at tors. Kb the lata oompmy wa* fom'd. the rtmt or Inadmg romjxuiy ma?ch<d atftln into quarters, Mid up to the Ur?o room where the rtUee. which had out ? hbiTt time antTed, were thou retdy fir distribution. C- lenoi KUevrorth i 'per'ntendod this eu'y. and as oacb r< inpary w.s armed th'?v agan marched to the street IM utfk up Uwlr tormor pmitioa It ?u put one bo tore the eatiro regiment whs arm> d; hut tery liitie >ino wan war ted aft*>r ih?t. lbe Oommitwe of ?h" Kiro De nartmeat rw airvaly on tlto ground, with the bannor, and Mm AMor ai.d buorul Uuiue hal bevu ?jmu lime PNMlL TlfE riUtfKNTATIOy. (VAooel BW>vrorth, a'ter ? momentvy aVonce, cwme upon the street, arid the rogimcnt at thi word or rornmwid, hi ?id .octvi ?ir to "uUoation A Kttftrd ot honor wv dit-ulad for 'he oolors, and the ortic-f-a were o'dered to the front. The MMM ut the mo ment in very < xfitm* tiotb aides of the atroet tor the eotir* lei^ih iron B'uadway to Cen'.re street mis liaod with tbe Zouitrt a, who looked exceedingly floe in tnetr brawled uniform, rel c?pi Mil ulilrtx, -li irpe'd rlf)<-s. with wh-oo o\er? man hid been servod. In trontof the frflioetH *?io tUn-c splendid i-Mvo t of ool'? * which in ft few mm ?i"0 t"' he handed < -.or to the rr< imont a?d ooaflrti-d to thetr caro In tb" a'.rife which they want forth u> moot. the reKim< nt cms to the ntu uttoo, the band played ?* 11*11 ( >ia." ftnd M th>- 1 ml s'raiu died aw^y the OMnmHIee of the Kiro UTwtment stepped for war# ?? tbe line of O'U'-or*, Colonel Uigworth b<*Hk|c rlightly in a- i \-aooe Mr. Wtn. h Wick am. the Prerfdont of '.be Department, linn pro coded unh the pr? -??nuti >u of tho h&iw or, tho gill of the Fire Pepar in ut to tuelr old associate* k MMH or TH* FiRK DEI* ASTMVVT. Mr Wk-kham, oa b li.iif "f t b. Kiro Oepirimoot, ppiko ?a follow* ? Cbl'-ool Ploworth rhn B ?r 2 of K>prepcnti ttvea of tbe New York >'ire Depart! nmt ha.-i ? atwed to be prepared this Maud r>f c >lor?. to J>e pree- nted ta yonr rot lmnot, mm pom <] of flmin of Nc a N ork and iu? >clj aten. Aa Pr<aid< nt of ib<- Fire Ik partm^nt I now p-r forrn thit duty. TnJ;<) th^m, pla?'' tli^m In the Bitdht of yc?.r ifVlant band, ftod wti-revor tbti >1gnt la thHk?at, an J btU.eta fly the faa'j-at, Wt thin bai>uer be birn.', ftnd may you an J your ooairftrtfM in tho hour of trul and battle reiaombora tbe (>roud m< ?t.i ?mtii*; ?oo?*d uion tb"n. , " rtio Star Hpanrl'd Kanoe' in triumph ?<iaM wave." I^et thla be ynur war r.ry a* you ra->h to the onso' lot It nervo von1* urni' and (}??? roar ranw-r, aavc It la triumib only; nad do yon brtng It la k, sir. thoufrf, it bfi uiweri'i ail . torn m tho tight. Old amo'.uOm, rvmom ber on erory it- Id *nd ;n ere y trial lb <t I'r1 tn >u?in >a bi le aronnd yio hiv> plir^i in v mr h vn ip a giorio m ohn-ge . t forth from Una hinr an<t -weir > t>/ tltM 0*j{ to lite, .or ih*a <iva ' idw.'' IV>|1> h?v# bmb Mi>pe m y? ' have MtohMxiil ft cbarac or for nnile daring whirl Ij lOtcivcd tboaumir uiou an 1 the trilmto of tnc pe> |>(e Wh. t I ... iri' Hell |U{1 In tho night thooitl^ as rest ?ecu'e f' ifi.'yka '? eft at the Mas* Vn k iircrn-io trc omtlpot< tumfHl the primrcn of d< (i iictiso Voi now go ??irth t'jej'ublt y ?ir ga>lactry and your rnergtc-i ia another Oeid You a rf jafird to <| .".K-d toe tm<vi of rebMltoo . ani we kuo<r ih?t w tothor in tue mid. it of boraiiig c t.eft or In the h?- ited Uel.u <>i v ir, trri wf cut ta?n your own bvh ri.i>? :nr, nad that lb * luani r t? ill tnrrr wnra m triumph, ?b ><:irh it oe in thoimdHof rutn? uur heartti are wito you at ail uin -e an<l lu e'. jry P*aoe ??prm* witb tb" nioii alacrity to I n? perform iao? v>l duty at Ui ?? cull of the ?n(l? aa rb ?u*'i tho o d fanuli vr out* of tbe hrn irumpot full upon voir oar Im una and uooeed. Ut no mm'* hoart J?iL R-^ Orm, ui ii*d, true Ilav<? ? oi.fld?noe la your commtnler a ad in joorwlrr*. And ? unn you fMnnt ?e will rajoloo WlUi yo? oo ?h? p nrU t vou hive nun, and wivp with you orar tho >rl?'? you bivp eodgnd. KltPLT or ("Ol ONIL KI.LMWOHTU. notoaml Rijxwi>kim. iq ft cu ?r, tuli v .toe, replied is fntt rwn ? Mr I'reai len* and geinlom <n of tu.< tiom n tta ' of tbe ftr" l?apwMK-rit? I do U'K kn iw 'hat aoy of ib? bard duty I b*d to port urm <vttl> n th? laxi na d ?\ -i could o<nipftre to tn? tank bo* before mo tbore ftr.i niwy thic?* I won Id rath' r unrfertak'- Ibnti to <>.tpi-<?a the sou tnn?u of tb? liromen oomixwuiK the regimnut up to to ocoaMtaa like tnta An far mm the duty toromotar >rn i 1 ?a with tbim? ooe in teellug and *eiuiment But I cao not to tbe InllrHt i xtf ot. pariicipato In all tho ft*' tu^J of ple*?iire U?<?y muet fe< ) m tocoivmg the be* i i m Maad of i olora frooi old rompunme. It la po nil my i>ieaidng I ko iw to ti tn. Inarm* bore an the/ ?re ajout to do, to atb>m>t a new and utrod duty, t > r<* lire file token o( Uitoriwt, in prool tb it tnolr r/i rvomoiita ifi!) on watch** tbeu ev. i ? aot I ?*|Ti? r 4od . iftd Ibo pride thit dep*rtBi?ot ?tu t?.we io vrha'oror ttot^y ruay ? ohtovo. ft aoytbii a emilg mi l u? toe ? airornet' vtiih whioli 'bfif do J*PJt opoii ibntr duty . it would be thi' la)t tin. tb ? b??u *?1 ??[T or ttio nre 0 >u ut n at but of ton 0t? Y"'w '' *' u ,ll"rn- ' kr ' * t'i i i1?'. ,h' ?), my a' n '"Intftnco vr t i but b "-r, | ; uliy un ?? ?.?? iu-i Uier f.. iog to-. - - y m""|r 1 'ay for all of th. n Unt , ? ? tlL' "* ,,T^~4W lo*>f hi one nini;le arm in- I to tbe prom|K ? n,,, *r t ..uim (t?K wui not I bo diegreoei by any ac.v ?t th . Now v..,-* yiro /. Mftme Wo abft4 rarey Ibat tin \ nVi hit li* W ? wtj to tko Hold Without ?MH>lir>o. It la tnje, w . iteout ?ri|l bilt niakoix up far all ??*>leociea bo ib? M. f tnndt. <re w < ftll reel to ?M our duty, to i.i-tift tb- bl>Ph ?,p?i,,n enwtr- . Uicod of ua by tbe tt'e defHriui.nt, aod to .u-tdy the ooutidcaMM you hate lop -ted lo im o# oi.hatf ?f I rwgtaieat f will aiy ?h-r, aboofal we e mi hirk. we wnl brtna hack theft# o?to?? aa pur* and oa ?oeuMtod a< ill ?re now. fe Ukr wu ple?ge o>ir lite* 1 a? r.o apo?oh maker at the r,??t, hut n>? 1 am ftlnoat wir? out. and enable to npreao my tbaoiui mi I ong'tt Ac l^pl iUe tb'ick* tf tbe mimes! r : :? ,r - \ tbMi la And when OrtodH r. b< r to"* ibr nooft mm* hvx*'d r? ?<* (???!!* of Uiwor, w fn n? of witom the) ??-r. . d. ru U.g ?u omm?M M rtd?, boarv t-U?, Kb ittcrfptxwi D tot'-i IrUAt ? "Tbe r-ta? 'P 0??r0 B^ne- !? t !?>?.(* etalt war*." UxHi 'br c- D.r..< WiUqwwgKp,, all t*. em bit ?fie Hr<- D-oarti t?i?? >hc -jump** helmet sa girn , buee Q" t bow, b<< k w>4 ladder, ?ivn b?U, 4c. pbk??NT4T.ok ?t Mrs. vhtok. M'? Jobt, J%.on Amor, J| ?, 4 he l?di-w wfco eeeom paute<i ber, 'ben walked forward U frrmt of ttie oemmit "* tt of IhfD two OK|(lltw?l bWDM ??r? coiw-m by two uxmoersor ibo Nmumi Uuard Jaotor, one brtuf in thr biMt of Viftr J ha tKwnl the o*brr to the burs or Mm tor w? istor. Om d* wait computed of rich henry red oilk, Hoed with ? bit*; tbe border* M fif uerp b avy yelowcwd; Um ?*d win hmc tbo fl?(f to lb* staff ra of tbo um* 00 >or, with r-ob ettk teas- Is p> sdut from iho top. Fha staff was surmounted witn iilrrr iptw ui batchet bead. < u tbo (Tag waa emblazoned lo wroegh'. characters con f <1 tilird, tb*< loUmrinf ? A/ #/ f0. ^ I UNIfKD <jrArKS ? ; N A tON *L OC aRX>. j i FIRST REOI ?CN f ZOUaVB), I arrjjjjjj NllW rH,Ut' > tie other was the nat<< nal flat, tbe Storo ui -tt^pon. n>l- wt* oii-oa very b.*ntif.;i flag. i"he staff was bur atovi ted by a gold eagio with outspread wings. t;<M?9iali?x read Mrs. Aator'a addre.?, (which waa u follow >? " < o?M,ei FTewortb, ] bave tbo honor of presenting ?he arc n panyng com.? to the (lr?t regiment ? New Yorfc 7/>uame lit delivering tbo ensign o' our oatioQ t? tbo charge of tbo biave met uodtr joer commute, I am lup p> iii tbo confld* dc** that I in'rust It to moo rhnee bauds are served by a generous patriotism to de'etd *, aud wboee l.mrto feel low, more deeuiy tban cro' bo'n'e, that Ite bopor < f ihwr cwiitrT'i flaur la a? iucrtd and prfclou# to tlu m us tbetr own Accot.u>a>fd u we are to tbink of tbom in dlscht*^ of tboir ordinary dutt?a, with gi*or ui ? tnp*tOy aid wWi fouo '< d mlw, tb'B f col. an gruvrs ?trouper in too ooloorD momotit wboo going (r >m us to ong<go in ? dp w aod ?t<U moio pcrlJ >us aorrtco I bo jo, Btr, tb*t Honvon ? ail potrorful p>e'? tton ru >7 bo over you and tbom to pmwrre vou, and to pmdjou bai-k in ealeiy to tbrpo who ?'?| foil >m yon ovf-rj cay with prayers ?vd witb the bopW il expxcta'ioa of 8^ein? the covin try p ? rwvnx tbrougt) your b icoobs Be'levo roe, with muth r*?p?ct, All H* <fA A-IIOK Col Ejj^worth Sato he wo?ld not reotaro np hi h re ply He would U-ove th*t m?it?>- eultrely lo tbe hmda of b<8 men to t>po?k th'ougb ?bolr nets, im taeir b-h d', however, be accepted the gi't of tbo colon* ?itb heart fi't 'fcai ks Mrt ?. ?vf i'ir and tbo ladt s th^n shook h&ods with the gbllun* Colonel. Tee llags were h?n<Jed to the guard fvl with cheers for M'h. ??to',tbe t ire Deptut mint, Ac., the ci-reoi?ny WfcB brought to u c'Orto TI1K PBOOBB8ION ? 40VMI OH BKOAMTAT. ttro&owa> . Klixiitus Biondvtuy, never 1 oke<l 10 more advantege <h o tt <iu yrelcrdtv. <? the o oanino of the d*p'irtuie of the /oun'ves li'roTi Grace <-.h itcn to oi > Trinity tbe di?p ay ol Qags, hniuers and fl e *pp?rat>iM waa truly aaagnnlcent, aud m<i?t b?ve k> ?i<teo?4 t ie hraiie ol iIm- gallunt troops a? Uiey pstwea aJoog Tne worku v girls, wl'h wnom tbe flre laddie?" were al way? a tavoicd pot. turned out In fall force, In honor of the oo afnun and lined tbe md??* ks a l along ibe entire route <>f tbe f>roo*s>"on Fifth avenue was well ropre sen'ed In all the botei and stor* wind'xvs, and If the con st ant waving of handkerchiefs denotes nn^thng thev too must h*ve t?koc mo>e 'bau orttlnary tntoost in ttk* pr<n cooinir8 Tn? scone was a very eanveoing one and wi 1 lot g be remembered by all thoee who had the gojd fort 11 1 e to witnees It At o'clock, all being In readlnees, Colonel Ellsworth gave tbe oraer to mar"-h, aod tbe procvoMOn passed up Bioadway In tbe following order: l'l?toon or police, marching eighteen abreast. f'.Dgtne Compont No 42, acting an p'onoora. F.xvmpttnemoers of the Fire JXpartmenl. Band. Chief li>gineer Decker and his MslBtuita. Hock and Larder Ouaapeay No. 1. Rogine Company No 2 Kngme Company No 10 Hook ?nd Ladder Company No. 8. Hook and I Adder Company No. 2. K' gine Ormpany No 21. Hose Com jany No. S. fUigine Company No 11. Zouave Drum dorps Hollow square of flrenveo, from cifl^rrat comptnles, Ids '.0 of wh'ch marobed the entire regiment of Zouaves, with colors flying and drums bea .tng. Engine Company No 13, Engine Company No. 20. En gine Company No 14, Hrok and I Adder Company, No 6, Hose Cut pan y, No. 66, Engine Compasy No. 60, Hise Comp-Dy No 48, Engine Company No CI, Uoee Oomp?ny No. (3, Boer C>mpuny No 61, Engine Oompai y No. 47, Hose Company N<>. 2^, Ftegine Comoanv No. 46, Fngintr Coo pan y No 43, Hose Company No. fi 2. Boee Company No. CI, Hoee Company No. 47, Uouk au1 ladder Company No 13 Kngiue Company no 44, Engine Com pen ^ No 28, Bose Company No. 00, H ?e Uomoany No 49, Kugise Company No. 41, Hoee Company No 31, Hose Company No. 64, Engine (X>mpany No 40. kloae Com pany No 41, Engine Company No 40 Kngine Ownpany No z#, Vigine (tompany No 34, Hoae Company Nj 36, H'.se Own pan v No 29 Hoae Oompany No 27, Hoee Com pant No. 26, Hoee Compaoy No 80, Hoee Comptay No M?, Hoee Company No 24, U ?e Company No 26, Kngme Company No. 24, Hnee Oom|>any No. 21, Engine Company No f9. to k too Company No. 38, i^lne Company No 82, Hose Company No 37, Engine Company No 38, II >se timpany No 30. Hoee Company No. 23, Hoee fV?m paiy S% 31. Eng'no Oomoany No. 30, Hose 0><n nony No. 20, togine Company No. 22, H its < < No. 16, H<?o Oomptny No 19, Eoglne Ccmpnoy No. 17, Hook and I Adder Oomoany No. 16, Hook and adner fompnny No 10, Hoee Oompany No ( Hkk r.iid Ladder Conipaoy No 14, Hose C mpany No. 18, H <ne Cotrpai y No 17,Knglne Company No. 19, Engine Com pany So H, Hwe Onaipany No 7, Hook and tadler Comp-'oiy No 18, Pook an 1 Ladder 0<mpaay No 7, Kn gine Coinpuny No. 16, Hoee Company No. li, Engine Oocn p'Oy No 7. itaggage w ^on. drawn by fire of Adams Ac Oo.'s K.xpreee borfes, driven tn tandem. Tl;? Toaarrs marched twenty tour ab roast, and for the short time th(y were uader military dlsctpltne ? sc treaty a week? thej certainly dir" present a rnanarkaily tioe appt'B'succ They kept time excellently, and marched with ot< mucb precision an any rrglmont that ever left Now York? tbe glorious Seventh excepted, perhtp6 l our teen negro servant!* acoompanied the roglmcnl, a a I took up a jiosition in tbe extreme rear. logins Company No 80 attracted much attention by the a i?plar of a handsome sitk banner, on which was the following appropriate inscription ? *H0 OCR CUrSTKY CAUJt tub hott ami ready The Klre IVrartmeDt never looked better. an.i a ut I cover mote fully represented tbun it wm ?e*torday. ' Tbo men noar&hoil In full uniform, red shirt*, blurt pants. ' belt* and r?fw presenting n very show y app*?ar*Dco, and , eliciting the ? nthuntasm of the spectnto-t wherever they went To tfr Decker, the Chief Kngineor, ud hi* ak*U Unto, belongs groat credit fur the orderly awl hand, tome display. t nr. i'mukntatton at thk astok Hormr ( >b re tching too A* lor Boutte the Zouaves were uffaln bal ed tur the purpose of having prinentcl to inem lldo> her boaut.ful lag, prepared by the ladles of the AJlor IIOOSO. the prereatation was made by Mr SteUon, Jr , on behalf the l/tdjo#, in the following address: ? ? Vhomt Emuwoitth A!ct> (Winw cn> Tim PraiursM Tor ? I am reqiexiel by 'he Indie* of thin hotel to pre neet to your (y>mroa??J ? the Firemen Zouaves of New York? ihla itaad of col>ra. They will bo your bittle flag*. and th. ? wh?-> fair band* 1, > -co-; r.t them know from the pn?t history of the Fire Pepirtinea of N? w York th-tl in the ivrnt c\u*e of llhertT and the in- I tegr'ty of the government they wil be manfully upuld. On behalf of tne ad lev 1 bid you and y our command liod spe?>d. Their eyoe w iJ follow and their prayers be mn deri-d op for jou. Cot Klswrth himix-lf responded , and the order forward wo* again given. TFtK KMBAKKATIOV *CK*II OV HOAKH TH* RAt.TlC. Leaving the A*wr House the Zouave* marched up Ilrutd way , past the City llali, and wheeling to the laft at C* nal street, prn/x>cded toward the North river for the pnr pn*e of emeurking on benrd the ntamabip liUtlc. All along < Htiai strtet, and rnpee'aily In the neighb irbovl of Collins' wha^f, tb? crowd wv> vert great, and It w?* with the utmost ditllculiy that the Zouave* could force their w>y Uitovgb >be livti g mas* By dint of hard work i ano ci-nsuiorabl ' punhlng, however, the police mm tgej , i to keep the gateway cl< ar, and at live o'clock the entire i I bouy of the troops putted on board Arri?lt.g on the up^-r 'he Zouave* we?e met by Covins M Hay, who additsied tbocn in substance as fi4?ws ? ADDRKSd l>t CAfHli:? M. CLAY. first reglm-nt of Sew Yoik Zouaves | b tve been to say a fear w ,rd* to y<m by your colonel, end take this oftpurtonl y row thnt you are all around rae, to mike a lew remit- kit before you depart. When in Kuseia I asked the ipiant.on lio.v It v.o>> that a government at ex t< move t- ours pott d be contracted wuti'vin ine aid of a s'andlrir army "Why," said I, "we have the l*rg<??t fliU'tilng army In tbo world In our oonatry every man ? a soldier, every man is willing to t*ke tip arm < for the defence of the nation '' We are all sold tern bere and ever randy to de fend the honor of the flag under which i we live. Our sold lorn are some htng tilne be?t mere warriors too, they are well versed in the Hclen*e, a?t* anil literature of the day, Vt hen the peoom of H?ry lind tore up the railroad U *<*?*, donlroyet U?e b ulges, Jke.,ihey thoogbt tbey had placed an insur tn >t.nU >le barrier between the Northern twos an j the rtp t tl. But ?? really mistaken tbey were, for &nv>ng the tn-otn wo ba>l en>:tueern, m or, ban is and laborer* in solBoteot nnint?rs to repair all tin- daisugo and make a road ele*' to the sent of the federal govc um'-nt. The promptlmte i with which our trootw removeti ttMipe obtrucii <n* aug< is well for their ultimate s?coens. fbe canae tbuy sre nrgaged in Ina good one, they have right on their side ai.<i totist sjrreed. fhat you will be snoc?s?ful In I the great un^ertAk'tg in whtc.h von ara niw embtriced, I there can be b?t litOe doubt Stand by the Star .Sitiig'o t { liaocer tiuooghout every a<ivor*tty and pwtl L*>t fit I womIs Inscribed on your colors be your mittn, and n brilliant future l* Wore yon. (U>ud and proto ,gsd I cbeerlrg ) Knlly an hour elapned before the mm were fa'ily . embarked and llulr bat:r??" ?to*ed awar n?e? the frtancs of tbe /onnvsa bad to be buat j ed np and warned to Inure the vetsel ?nd Ih s occupied considerable tlm?. At last lbs are- ' men were All fc-ot ashore, tbe order wis ftv?o to ?i<ri tie ( engine*, and Me ilaJtic was uliwvrl to gl'de eraS'iltiliy j Ottl <Jf her slip. Cheer after ebeer fr?.m tne a?*ern >l.?t mtiHituee rent tbo air a* the vn***< het(in to move, tod a* -lie shot out up n tbe bosom of tbe 'Itfann the ih'id ror of artiUeiy tiam the tumorous ve?*o(? al'iog toe wharf, together w>tb the ringing ot steamboat nmis uon Uibuteo to it alee tbe scene one of the m hi inspiring ?r ever wtmrru -,i Tlie liaitic saiM at a * o'oloeli pereis* ly , and b> ihw time Uie Zouaven a/e wili on in? <r way to Wash n?u>n rwsoutt, *frir\K**fi* or thk 70fTAr?s. At iijrt sptx'ared yesleidat n ? elaas nf me t eiwiM bs betur eaten I Med to gn tiirnogti the fatigue if ae?m ptign Own 'miotiei hii**or'h's ZnwavtM Thick ?st. rug. y ' vH' fi 11' w? urt, ?af iW* jf MfertSg u ? DD>?ii ? of Kw ?ct vtt), hr v?-ry u<l bar 'J b<4? non< Cki> c n put w< h to * ?rv Uik- ixtyv, i?i >' ? h<> mO'i (iv? a (n*1 xwh I iff 'b mfi.l- e* id hi't" it *111 B'* ?ton> a '?i* i>f any of inrw qiitll ih Ihur iniieim c ?#???* ?f a s?ay j? ket, ?ti<t?ro?d w?b blue uuj r?i w??d, fty |?'?a Md rod shirt, i?d <*|i ?i?b ? blue , u a rrf uUlioo ornio>ul. Tbe> ? ? *11 luniH) ?i(h -b?f p1! ?>???* l->?dia? ??n-i' ?K"n KIT ? ptw* , nut bug* bo?lAkmm? wMch e?u h* at'.?cb-?l to be muizktof ibetr riflee to UU*<*"T tbe pu ,ww "i bsj new I* rh< ir ku?i?M.'feK * r or nr.^ cl ?">. hi 111 >n CaM 0 ??'ti tbrt CM> b? i-eo<l ha an to p moil 'h mitre k<1j (<<>111 ib? wrt A b auk'-t tio p \Ui, kat>, fork ai>d var <Mi- otc^r artce- Ciui b* c r (??> la ?? h knapsack without any lui ocreuloooe. * tai g ie c>o ?' ?raj in?l, ann a <(? cup atrapp-d urn *h? ouMiIk of tb-i ksapMfk, aiK aatuot pai' <4 ah"* c 'Oip-.-Uw ?rw o-itm Tbe tmmw'bt l? a ?u> of ib?> oa*T? of the reg m ni ? E. Hirer Ui-woctb Cot.mW N'ah I? * an bam, Lieutenant CWootl John A. Oetger, Major. Or mpany A ? J< hi. Oofle, Captain; Kdward n. Kawx, *1n> I> mer * ? . flvgh H P?w^^ Ko?t? O mparv B ? Kdwtird fttfag i*p"*Tir f.aolus I. Iait* b?e, Fl-?t P>0t?aV?t ; tytvanus "lurta, I'juitgTi tV>to|*ny 1 ? Mtoba*' 0 Vsiphr, OkoUln, g. H Ooales, F1'?t Litu'en*n?. Ia->ac 0 Heine Knmgn. Coauat-y D? John I *> wring. Captt a; Freeman Conn " Kira? Ijroter ant John Oowd, Kna'gu CtopM) E? John B. I?rerirk. Contain, Wm. R. '*? Cbam'vis, Fir?t L*utenant IJoyrt W Berry . Kaalgn. Ocopwij y ? Wm H Burrs. Cfcntstn; Jacob VilLaey, First l.teutenant; Francs CU'k, Kj??ign Company a ? ovbid A l^fea, %o*aia; Frank B. Yat.* nr?t |jeuu-ui>l; Daatel Dirr*. Kotip. Oxopanv R ? William Harkeit, Captain; 0. A- BtU, Klrt-t l.ieui<c?Dl: P. A I'll no KosIrd OoDiaoy I ? J< bn wiu?ay, CapUio; Stephen W Striker, Klr>-< e> ant; Jamea Nelaoa Ko?'?q Umnaoy J ? Andr? w D Pu"ell ^-p *ln; O H. ? guB| K'i>t l.tHK i u>t John Mat1 be**, fcipign. It n>tMition>rg tbe aaae of L.iea*. Oil Re'W. of th-< /'?un*(*, t<*<et<faf , It ?aa B'AU'd ihat be w*< * ? n of h<* I'Liud <t*t<s rVmmlMktner; arheree* L'eut Ctl. lu tta l- htm?e>f (Tnite<< <<taiea Omnm-w nn ?r, and ? n of .fuii^e Betut of Ue Uci'od ritau* Utatilct Ciurt. THE W1LKON ZOUAVE9 AT BTATRN ISLAND. Ibe ^u<b rr* moot of New York V >tunteeia, emmoo ly r%>le<l tbe Wilson ZouaTen, under tbe cummu 4 ol' Co!<d<1 Wii?on, are to comforttMe quarters at Htit'O Ulunit On K'tlog a?oore at tbo Ural landing p'aon, tbe v Ul 'or naiks to tbt ? latunce of about fifty yarn* aJoo^ a Itravrl t>ioe walk when be UoCb btmMlf oppw? a gtlt totberlttbt bui>d. loMde, be oucountora four uontrtt*. <it ow* a a avit t of noodeeortpt uniform, for the proper ubifoito or ibo regiment Is not jot ready. If be is properly u"crcdiied, be Is told to walk In. Sw INttb U an lays through A lane, from wbijh, b?re ?td thee, a r-atb brai cbfs < ff up the hill fide. Ateacb ?>? tbitrtt- p'litis u oooplc o' acLtrn# nre stationed, to wb m i n?> vintoi omft ap?m subml*. bis creot-ntiAia a untrt wmk nk<* bim to tbe beaoqua'tets o' the regiment ? ? ha>hll c t'ag" bui'dti'g ? ?! tbe eofauce o' wb<cb s?H.trii<? u>e nw siatl<>t>Kl ir'Rtoe roa> Imwcen the aijtituitaid a uumb^r <.( ottice^n, deeply lutenet-d in mliitarr m*? teff ? t-xamiulrg a<nib,recol\uw reports, anil performing ot hi r ducii-e iuiuttiK to ibi camp Tlie moii were qu?>t<?ed tn a nu nb?r of det?c)i(<d bnlldiovt*, whicb bave been roughly ItOod up for tboir rf-coptd ti; but during the day i-uoh vam as are oil' do'.v may bo f'cet) l)irg <n mo graaa, under tbe ahtie of tb(> do? burrttig trtwe, Inhaling ihe frngraoce or the aopl-> blorsoii & mud, it may be. the aroma of tobacco at tbe same time. Tbey are generally rough, atalworth now menu oi bomunity, ano ?bow by the tnamer ta wblcii tbey cr*>t rm to 'heir almoet Impromptu aooimmod'itiiios that tb> y a> e n<> lea her b?d aoMiora. but uro able to boar the hardships Icrtcint on a campaign. Their number if* corflsta of about six huodnxl, quite a multitude having been weed o 4 out, leaving Coiour I * anon somethlvg of a !? elect lot Their ut llo? m, ? h' u oompiited, will oonstHt of navy blue treuK<ts, grey sblrt. blue jacket, trimmed with re<l, an! toit b*t. in ?Ii<cb dr? ss tboy will meeeut an appoaranc? at oose Dioturwque and nobler like. The regiment will tie ev< ctua ly offlcored cxolviah oly by olQcore of tbo Cnltcd Htau-ii A?my. tbe commissariat In In admirable working order, and the men are allow to want for cutting in the way of food. i be foilowlrg regimental order, peeled up at the head quarters > encrday , wi 1 afford an Idea of tbe drill and duciplmc of the reg mpot: riii m RnoixstT VoirTrura Mjutu, \ HaArqvABnaw April 28, 1MI. j Coin pan lee wIM be formed, for drill and lnapootlon, op p< >i|te bfnrqiiarter?. at right o'clock A M The reclmeo' wli be formed in line at 10 o'clock AM for bat ti>l on drill. Hcvtew of all tie companies will be held at four o'clock IV M Fvery efllcer win report a comroct roll of bis company. Fach sergi ant will keep h correct roll of hm c >mpuiy . In cafe of ram, tbe paraae und drill will be held tn the barrarka by companies Seigeunt^ wtu have their company's quarters cleaned ami put in o'Uer tittirer of tbe day, Captain Burgees. Lieut. Haggcrty and tkiTgeant Vangeoeon will rtjporlto Captain Bug>.?a lor duty. Hy order W1LUAM WILLI'S, Colonel < Vjcamanains. NKW YORK ZOUAVCT. Victor Kungroehr la tbe entlgh of Company A, 1st IVfr'ment New York /<oaa\es. snd not KloMman, t* kUU'd In our edition of yesterday. IMPERIAL ZOUAVEH. This new volunteer rep ment L* being got np under the t-uperv'Mion of Col. W. Merritt. Tlieir anlfmrm will bo nude after tbe French pattern. All llione d<ielroii? Of joining may cnll at No. 36 Bowery, when roll- are uow ready to be signed. THE FIRST REGIMENT NATION Al. GUARD FN RARRACKft AT QUARANTINE. CAM r DIC1PI.INK 8TU1CT1.Y INKOKCKD ? TOK WILSON VOLINTHUtS Al.HKAVY BKCOMK BfUTUlti. Tbo duties of ramp life ar- earned out to the rory lrtter among the volunto?r regiments now sutlniod at Stolen Ih loud, ?nd' the sound of the drum aad the voice of mmisand a ra hoard from morning until mgbt. Too First rrglnient, Nati'Di) Guard . arc <|iiart?r<*i at the QiiV ontiao buildings, and do no', expect to leavo for the sett of war before the latter part of ne*t week. Hits Mo ment consist* of, at pr?aent, #00 meo. and bof.ire tho departure of tbo corps It Is said that over 1 OUO will be enrolled. Tboy are a tine body of men computing this detachment, and almost every nation uoder the nun la rep'"?u oled. Thore is one comp\ny composed ootlrely of men ol Danish birth, n?; troops arc driiiel six hours per day. and before they pet orders to mar >h to combat they wtl) bo as cflx lent soldiers w we hive yet ? at from the metropolis Moat of tbe vjtuntc* s aro married men, and daily their wl '?i and chil dren vipit theca on the island, si.d encourage, by their alternate rmtt<? nod tears, * stronger entb'jnimTi in the hearts ot tbo?c who are about ti> l!<ht for tiie hojo^of tbtir oountr) 's ti?v . The m< n <>f th.' National uu.trd are well pri i ulurt for, they get th o ineaU t*jr d i y , consist ing of gcol snbst:Jtiftl tood, rmd thilr <|'iart.>rs in the olft t}'iiv:?otlre bulk ings are clean in ev< ry respect and wi! vi Ltlla-ed It *a^ understood that the Nalrnal ()inr I wvm.'d ?t*?t for tbe seat o? war yi gterda? . bit >t la m.w evtdi ct thut Ibey wdl not be able to do -o before ibe Utter i*> ( of the priei'iit wi i k Tbe olbrcrs were .ill provided *\ h tlmi noce??%ry aocoturenieou nnd ?ni orms <?si?rdiy, but ibe idi'd will not receive tbri< < b. fore to ,n<i ro* (*boy will tarry patent Mime niu?k"t.<, ?bich fl-e off wtuotit being capped, and tbe M>le of area* adoi.tet I' that at present worn by Ibe 1'nited .Ht,it>? itgul r nrnv i lie win have evidently all c?>?ie lr?m tu? hard wnrki r elaciw*. nnd ntn to b<> well i>u-a*. .1 with their ?p.arter ? on tb? island TV stucicet p?jip ruj. cipl ne is enforced, a ?l not a man is flowed to go ou fide the pate* of ih? < <fwnd. Their friends b< wever, sue allow j to *e ? ihom; anil unc"?r tbe foliag* o' a hIih iv tr<<e om? Oue jotng lel)<iw ma? oe ia?l<ffl<\JI? b? t i<?u w |. *lM<r<nr so#t worns of eOOMUtgetnont MMl luve Into the >'&r of a fair I girl be Ik about to |euv?> b <ti.ud hitn rb? efflcer' are iiulte anetln e to Ibe cwml^rt# <4 mo ni<n, nnd n?ke it aptcuU pueibtss to fee tnU ail iht ir ti?rr*?i*i>? ve t?roi' fl> provided 'or. 1bat'o?nis aro United ucoorduig to liarom '* li^ht infantry u t o*. Tbe Wirton r> l'i?t?irs, it K sam, give tu? Firrt regiment e> iiSloe??bb< trtmble, us n<r? liandre i ol the 'attar are kept on gutni tor t h? p?st few rlgl Ik, epuitbenelTe tb?t eot'i? riMons c >n doet wM l?e reeo-ted to by the *'Mw>u iviv? ihj Hatur^ay n'gbt. by bo?mi meats or odinr the wi donn pit a * t(Uitnnt) o? lwpior, en wnich a namb^r pf tbem got in?o?tc?t?vl , ard a prtra'e striking r*?e ot Ui" cflicrs, lh<' lute* ebm Dm oo t ti>< rpot. aerl' osly irjurtig bim The pirates ()f the Klrnt re? nieiit M?ep with th' Ir ni<i?.keu by ther Mde, In ease nay *uddeti algui might .r ,nr; ard this precaution ht* be* n used sine the riotous c induct tf tbe Wiinon nWuotiers ibe ofl e- rs' a'laiters of tbe KlrH reg<ment at* at .Iodsn' Rotel, Quarantue IT?e be? tpinrvera o' tuo ri vim>nt mil leiruitn at tbe corner of *'b\ e a?<d Kim urc is, in ih<srit) and n?o>rs are fa*< 'letug ad'ied i<> tne m l Wben a st?'l is made o?era ?bo>'t?<id oio . In e?p-cl<d to g?) with the eoti*. Ibe lotloiriug are the oU.cere o(' the Urst rcg'inei-t:? 0oi<nei ? Wiilsm fl AlVn. l.W'i.t ColoooJ? G?rrett Dyc^mMi. t?a.ior? .'?nie* w r?i't>**. OompH. y A ? f.iiwit* K<*?rw ao<i Ma-leu*. Umpary It ? Oapt James ,! < isn.-y, lJon|. R, M Iktrfeigh. I 'orai any t? C*A. Tiles. l.leut Shaw. C<tnp?iy IV- l leut Irgnrso*!. < |IU |"U )' IV- t ?pi Wa?4" , I .lent ll'?rgo?s. r"oo?i??ny t ? <*^t. Toomf y , l.l?"ut, H?de. Ont|4M<y (?? aad H ? ?M?t jet il>h?t up fk>aitiai ) I ? tlspt. lulnto;, l.lcut, ( h"i< nen Co? par y K? Oapt l.t?ut. htofliu. H?bt> >1. hoi lelgh ? A'',l'"a?t. THE PEf*NTY NIN I H (HKlHI.AHnRRH ) > T^e *???<?? ty VlnUl KogHnent havu g e.? o aw^p i tnted In Ihotr intended encampn aot I* the Oeutrai I'uk, It wae oertaisly ettproied that they wiailo yetterday ooc t py a portion of ibe barracks in tbe Ctt* 11*11 Park lor a

lew sa>s |irKir lotbelr prop'ie.-d emb?<k*t?09 to rUndf Mook, under Major Henbam, cimmanier of tt?e fart bo' tbat oroer. I ke e<t' h Of ttie oftvea* erde a. has tnn-n i-ointi nn nOid 1 bus tne oftie.i r? u< ttie rt>*irui<i. h ?v? n t row mm poelt'ee laetr eiton> Hiore a>e ano n si* |]i-.a<i.e4 ro noUmn wh > bar* lo't tbair rtrlmn a*oe? tie* it' rifuorrai.oe ? lb <ne re.jmaliioc of th" gorern ri e?l, e; d ?.?? '4 wh tn (*?14 '? tiro to tkotr fwr n or . i n.r<i?, ?beir p ?ce. h*v?g heew MtMl bf eifi-r 1 ? A n<ee*u g o> tbe ofl\e-r? wal MM yeet"' ' ?f "te'to>.*, wIuhi H was e?*vveo to s?nd Owwersl F?i?, 4 hat} tetrqvn* what tbe tcW-nttoas of th-> Military hup' utul >U- t overt** me in imum to lb* it?ioi4 <t, *?o b?e? < n>ee le't U?t evei iog for tbe c<tpit?l. b? ??*?)?< am-brno *or the cwttntermaaeteg of th? o? ? ,<r w?c I hi. i *'l the regulars HUM be tlx prorulol for I ?b?? itH ??? KiilM Hun UM isgimeut tn V tl? Wu< ? i> bow tbey i c it pto>?d, ul m t?Wn bours a'ler tot Ice is giten they wul b? reely to mvoh. THK FIFTY FIFTH (FRENCH) RBGlMgNr. IbMS tUiP MM W?-U-> qU'poAll (MM IS preparing to M csmp ob tbe Battery. The regiment U veil tnowu U New Yorkwf, and its r?mm?*dln* officer, OHouel U (M, bv the reputation of belt g a dl?tiQg?l?ha< eollier. Yns u <d* j then. was only noe rono-my oo th" ground ma king pref*j a- iors tor tbeMg>mttf'Ul ?*eaaapaaMt- Borne <>t 10- icdm ?tre n muvtd.aad the arw-raoon was ooou pw to anw<ly r till i* ih? pe? wcrvits. (fcerewosa ?ood < <tu \* f us?J? mm) activity totelfeM, but no eceoM b> h? t in bg kio<l. as usual Ux r? was a g rat crowd all rat aiouud l be eacMuw vainly wn?lH (Apt In ; *>ut as very few ware admitted tbey bad o i?u<>iit it>< d mcIvhi with tbe srchantment which dis tbi ce Is saio >0 lend t?ih<? lew. at fi*? w'ctock a lv*e army t?l lud't s, wbo umis 1? geth'ine by WhlU>h*ll street, ma e a oit??ur towaros tbe Bat e?y to view tbe daehisg ii&i?o? ma of (be gallant freMSOKt. In * d*y or two, ?lm tbe ?) o? rifineni is encamped, the sight on Mw Bat 4-ry wiU be w- II worth saeiog. a ntpao) F, Captain S. d F?ur, bait a Irtll and medi cal Ui*pe?tif>o at I ji>\yot e Hall U*t evening fho sur gH* wae pull ular in selenttng men w in orifeed feet? pocb ben g beet ad?p od for long m?rohee. fun pnnol pi> <s rul y cwrN out lt> tbe Krou h and KngUxli ?idm, vbne eiii-rwn'o b*s taught Its neoeasity rht* notu puny numbers about sixty p'ckml iwu, all of wb >rn feel eMbutlai-tic ivor tbt-tr exp~ote<t (leptfiii'o oo Wedoen uy . Tbe bnt're regiment gues Into camp to-day at the Battery. FINAL DEPARTURE OF TflE FIFTH REGI MENT. The order for the return oT tbe Fifth regimont, after they bad obbarked oo b <a>d the K(>d<r, w in sitbeequently oontermsnrted in a tnlegrapblc despatch from iJovernw Morgan before the troops ttad >e?t tbo steamer, and they pioteeded on Weir way. It Is unrtorutood tb?t tbe rfgimetit on arriving at Awupotw will be dt<t<iited ta Vt^p cminiuDicaikoo opt-n between th*t city and Vash tbgtcoaitll tbe arrival of tbe next New Yoik regiment which wt'l be deialim rc a sim<lar purpoe*, while the Kit ib will pruoue i on to W ?sbiogt'>B Caa recruits, H?m? two but or?d tu tiunjO(>r, of tbu Vi'tb 'o?iai"ut *r? etiu a c?tpp >>t tbu Buttery, wh>r? tbey are bom*; eqili>p?t hUii o>ii|ed <h y (nil p o?ahly i??re ?> ? W<^om ay in -nflipany wi*h the Fifty tlftb (Ooaruea l.if^yette,) aad torn Uiuir regiment at Washing -ob THB TWELFTH RKflMKN T. A new cotDiiany ik fortnbig iu this city to fill n vacancy oxtMirK in the Twelfth tegtmeat. A mentlog wm u-l<1 )<6totday tvenuig at their ok) headquarters. 591 Broad way, tor the pu*poee of drill and to witness tbe protesta tion of a s* or d to Lieut William F. Guduer. rhs sword was preeented by Mr. Richard Vuitee, ai compuniod with mi Hj.jirop* la o h pooch an > waa reoeired by ex- blent. Cji Weeks, wb ? r pued in tltting D-rms. rin company iiunbttra ooe b indrod men, and is nom tnai.ded by tbe foilowtbg otUoo 8 ? kptain, K 11. O.m rtr*d; lieutenant, WMtau F. U*rdo?r; Kwog'i, I atn *i A INwin rhey will follow tbe regiment to Washington In a tow days. NINTH BEGIHEVT. Ibis reg'raent received oroers ? mo time since to fill op to a war footing, and oxpeoud to leave to Ant, bat no rtx-clal crriets to tbe latter etl-ot hav? been issited f? ibt m as yet The m< tnlxws feH njihc what lenp?tKMit at toe delay , as they were among tbe tlret to t uilor tbei' borvicee ?o tbo noyirnun-nt. Uncruitiaf, bowover, has vigorously proceoded, and the regiment potwusees its full complement. THE TWENTY-EIGHTH (BROOKLYN) REGI MENT. This flue corps, now fully equipped, was to have loft the Brooklyn Arsenal this morning, at tea o'clock, for the Nary Yard, to be conveyed In some transport net sport for that purpose to Washington ? it Is stated tbe filar of the fionth. A reporter wag despatched from this office for the pur pose or notirg tbeir departure, and who was Is waiting until one o'clock, but op to that hour tbey had not re oeived tbeir marching orders. An immense crowd bad congregated on tbo occasion, and it was truly Imposing ta see tbe troop of Lutoers of tbe Seventieth regiment, who, with the poltce of tbe Fourtn procinct, under ('aptaia Powell wore to form an cecort tor the gal'ant ? wont? eighth In thn a^asao* ol C looel Bennett .iom duty,tbi?ogh lnd'is>>?itloo, tbe eommand dereives upon l.ieuiesatit 0?!oooi H/ims, who bad tbe ngtaieet put tnrougb th ir mtnoiuvres yentor day tbornaig before a large crowd of the resp-vtabibty of Brooklyn city. Tbo h?I iters perforaMM tbeir tsrioun evoiutHios with an aptntMs and prectsiou that would reflect credit on any regiment in tbe United Hates Army In conseiitiettro of ibo certainty of th? body m oving, the friends and relatives of tbe men assombled In large uum ten : and it was very affecting to witness tbo wives ano children of many of the nr?ve follows wiping on tbe eve of parting with tbotr buebanda and lather* Fathers and mothers, brothers and si?ters too, were tbore, to take a long aiid perhaps I .tat tarevrell of thoee wliem i boy i>??te<*mei and lovd Ibe band or the reg>meat at Interva's playiMsome enliv<nisg alrt<, such as " rhe Star ityiMiglcd Btnne'," " Pixie's 1 ami," " fbo Red, White and Bine," ho. >ae regimen prm n>? .1 Uiie martial I'ke itppi vauH, nud i? composed of <Wot?g, btrUy athletic vuun?; nn, and when ar> aug<M beswie thono who Have preceded It <r m No* York and Brooklyn, trill aas-ime aa equally imposing aun xolok-r I'ke puili 111 Their loyally and va'or towards the Union and < >nsti tut ion a-e well known, whilst their unDiuch.iig mtrepidi ty will moke them lavtaclbio o mbtUnU w ith *nv one my who may tn?v t th' o> 10 th* battle hold. rhetr mxi cty to depart to nhsre ta tbe glories tbat m ly await then# In tb? piams ot' Maryland, on tha H?ighM of \ri.nKioa, or along tho shore* of the Ch*aap?ake, is of aa intense nature, no tncrJi no, tb it Seine of tbe oiric.-ru and mon stated to our toporier that "they tuoiight ovary day a wetk, and every hour a d?t ," ??> st.?p ?m< at ihi arao oal It is hope 1 their expectations oa this punt wilt #0 fnity realiM<o to day . DiuliH I bo ?Jmo tho rwonty ei?hth rog'm >nt wore on gag ihI at theu drill, Colon-I iSjoneti wm p. naout, roat-i d on a obalr in the mioole of hi* toon, wbo luriant a ^nvc around him <>u his return to perfect health tho gallon odloer wtll proceed 10 hi'adiv-art -ra, and Uke tt? com mawt of bis recurrent, wh?th. r they he engaged In the (kid or at camp duty ARRIVAL OF THE TWENTIETH REGIMENT FROM ULSTER OOCJNTV. At halfpnst nine o'clock on Siiaday evening, Twentieth regiment, Third In vision New York Militia, CMonol Ueorgo W. Pratt, belonging to fist ?r county, arrived in this city on beard the steamboat Mao hnttan and a barge, on tholr wr\) to the national capital Theu arrival not being generally known In the oity, bat vnry little <lr monstralioc wan made when the rryimocl maichcd to ihoir asrdgaed renderro :* In this euy. tjnartermas'er Ge??raJ Arthur ol mte<t the arnorle? of the Sixth and I ighlb rrg'mft.U, over the Ceolr* marke', to tbe tegimcnt, as UmpTrary quarters, Insimneh as th> rrquiaite trauunt tf equipment for them Iim nit yet come to hand. The Twentieth p igment is the moat popular military organ 'ratten In 'ho stv'o, ranking in the rtiird division a1' out an hi^h nn onr own Seventh doe* id tho First, utidor (iencrai Samlfo ;1. The appearanr ? of tho men 1a J Irate* their bravery; and thur aturdy baild, hardy ap luarhnro and sunhortit browr, indicate Uie reaoluto furmi'r, not to be despised by an opp-wing enemy. Having had their snppor on board nt thesioamor that transported thorn to tbe metropolis, the reginieut, en their raining tho armor? at once bivouacked, b?irg K?n?? hit fttigned with 'boir Journey. Ye*te?d?y m?? tihig Ui-y break! vited at trie City ArunaJ corner nt IJorand A'nite str>H?te, and in tbo evening tii-v hK'k po**eesi >a of tiio new a..d < r.R mo" ions burracK!" in thel'tty Halt Parte. t'otoni I ("ratt rep 1 uthit the regiment left Hondout on Sunoa) n?o I'Iok mi ten o'rlo k, and thr fort well th > y r<> reived ma to a la. ting irap'evsiin on their mmus. The oeigy o< the puoe nss -mh ?J ne^r the ?barf, th'rly iu?u*a> d sp< cl.\t its bring preei'nt, and religion norvi.** wc?e tb?o and there oonu or, e>t in a m hi solemn manner, iiivokrntr the aid of the Alin'phty In nehaif of the depurt inn mt'iwiry, who are called up in towna in tirof -ting the badow^d nae. and aavo the country from Inv ?ai >a b f dirisMtistted reb<"S. Tho entire Are department and r.lvlc soeie4|rw p\raded in honor of the redrmnt .>ad a hen the venant left tha pti>r tbe wi'brrsiaem was without hoaod Oooer trpatt cl < w ran?; u|hib the air, hatdkorc hr?fs were waved, nor ,? >d the tan well greeting o?"tso until th ? b"4?s were ??it of sight. A'l ai<>ng the route the name decree of eLiAasl4sm Wks araoit) s'^ii The 'i a mi nt ha. iU full compiement of jlilo< ra, whtoh are as lnt.OHS ? riKtn ornrmui. fv?mre'? <j<v rge w f ait. I?< ut' unlit CUonel ? ilir <m tiivHunak or. Major ? 1 Dmk ore U V at< <<. HTAKf orruiHiui. Adjutant ? J. It Hard?iihu gll. 1 4 gieeei -I' T VrMI fUireo. >?< pt>at fairgooo (iuw ghe.l to duty In the brigade)? A. (> 1 H. ir???Hi? ? I-eonard It.gnM.I Ajoiwiaut Murgooi? tiornitt Uingl^tm. tjiiidoiniMili'r ? JetaH tiirtln. I m\ mmhi< t ?IV f tl. er hau?*. OmnnNuui-*. rtowoa^y. t* ipi?n.? lie* II. H ileynnMa NOh C4IMMIHSIONIV HTAPP. Quart''?masti r Hargr ant ? P. I' H*?bro?nk. "erginni of la'anuy? *. Welter Hhiflir. |iit>m Mmjoi? tk><> Myers. Klfe tlaj .r- A. Utikr. 1 ink oryirp.RM, (Inmpnny A, ??f Caoo, tJntr e r "innty? Flnrt le.MiP ?? ant a. u. lUrkor. coaraan nng.rteouad l.ienieoaai, l*?e< .-Hover i?. imp* y n, of K ngsron? PaptalB, 0 II Hbaepe, Kirst I Nn uan?, .Isoon ^harpa, cvrond l.n utoMuit, t<)orn. Itus H?*gt.t>ncg ? t an aa> 0, of KlnK<>to?--OaptAta, J Kedolph rap>im: fi'tl 1, enVaatit. Walter W. Tin Rinsetaer, Soeon I I N titecwtit, liter h Vorwh.-c* fkMHi*ny II cf -hi kiui. (T ier oonnly? Captain, IHvis w ii? Kurt I 'Mitiaal, John IlwaS) . Hecnad l.teuter ant, J't-'X -he ?**. r. r> near) R. of rPfn?-^n?, Wer ?ean*T? Oap*a*, liurn i?ti; (KitlknkMil, Jaoob a Blackmas; tMC ? L > ?M &?(?' ; Ntehrt'S sj??. (ooipaar r, or Run H*.t ouur coaat?? Captala, *. J P*>u>, Kitst Lieatec*it, f?>?rwd u'Ketily, M -id L*-i I. utnt, .Mm ||u?k)>. ( rail. hb y 0, or Sangatte ?CayUm, J. 8. 0?< ??. FV?t J. itltaik<|? UtMrHkl; Ss? ?' L ruUkut, S/Ivmiuk *. Mi.ler. O B pBiijr d, or Hoci out, I'U-iw County ? Oaptain, I n It>t*,boier, First Ll?ut >uM, Jcrrtt Mc mitre, He: 10 Ututecabt, L*wr?bce wt eker. Curtrpasj K (rttftot ft*' k noraoany )? Captain, -Jam ' WoA/olo, first I Jtuieca&t, Warrec A. MaastleUJ; tkc, ganuel W. Greece, Ju? LUuMaaat " ijurlXucutham Tbe AiiJ'i'aot's rrpnrt U> the Qvi'ioei ?? tkl 28 > lD^Ubt tU'Wi the uunuu ic?l utrvsgui u( liie regiment fHlfiwh'? yvii iittMrt 3 P' rf** at ...... ** Kail 8 C. r|nn <1 Noo < omBiaeKifted 1 % unic'itoa. 11 r?pu.ij> 8 MfiW> I.ientecants...,, IT - ? *?*?! T>4 Tbej are apportioned w follows ? Gcmphny A Mi Company 0 *8 rmpuL; B IXt ftom D M Oo'txioy C I'll Comp?n? XI '*6 <'on'psi>y D 7H Kagiut?fi lit Company K W ? C'rmpat y V 6* Tot I 7*S The tnii at>d Mad oiUeers wer- mounted on *p?eo ut chargrr* which tbry imetid to uUre along to Wasbtu<t hi. Tb ? troops, u i wboiu nearly tnreo buujr^d are r<-orai'?, ?r? unietg^lrg reoea'ed oril'n uotonet Pratt being det?r Burn ? but hi* command nh*ll u<>t la to art too uai-M they bave ob'slneo i fflofoany In the maioal of arm 4 At 'he last fall IcrpeoMoa of the Twentieth regiastt, tbo Inspector reporm tue on' ire uu.nitor to hive on* four bundled aid eignty on i, heuos, io about ton d y<t hey have rrornitni ihm hundred um! Ufee men, wtuch (.peaks voiumea for the poUiotl-m of 0 later county. HhjO' General .lime* Tt.yor Ia>om(, ihi ounmaaitit of the Third iT'uiou, to *b>CH tni? rrg'tneot In aittcaod, may bo proud of hj valuable anil etllcieut a cor(w. FIR6T RKdlMKNT OF INFANTRY OF THE OKRMAN BIUOADE. At a netting latit ?e?K. -a iut U.>wery, It ?w r??oivo1 to fo>m immeoiateiy a 'ioratan rrgluieat, aud if ponuibld a Ue>iuait brtgaie, ooositttloc of two or three regm?nti of i?fan>ry , o?e rwimoot ol cavalry , tb^te c i tup mi <? of eappnh au'l alue'H ana two Katt?riee of artillery. Tfcuy will be tooiinaadril i>y otllcere ?uo have wm-o Uold aer vice rbe lln-t r<-K't?n?.t . if n"t nil. wiU i>e ?<iup ? ce<l mi <raii('f<>frMl to Uke govtrnaieot. aod equipptKl Of (iermta nier-htibts, etu.h aa It A. ?Vl'lhtnn and otiiers 'uo i ilwei. ate W(x-i?r?. I)e OiUi, Sihet'i, KrHh l>i/)htrijf , KaJke, K/ehbi?l. Dp u> venter Jay a ?'Hit to ir buiM'nd aod ailty wt<rc enrolled. H?e h?w 'qutrUKU are arc at Hold'a fiotel, oorucr ol Bo?rery and bayard atroot. THE HUNGABIAN REOIME.VT. Tin* OiullialdJ liuurd hat imoivd! wotner axst-mloa to Mb ntmboi-a In the ouiou with it of ibe tluoga-ita rtgi uif??t, which ha?> buen orgauixinc Repaately lor s i ne t<me p?t t. Tue Gaii>nU<i| -in rd p oin >8ee to b<> an or Cac/ut I* of Kraut nunieri'Ml btrtiiiglb, and may iio able to co(u?tlUite a brigade by itaoif. THE METROPOLITAN H0M1 0UA1D. Purouant to ndj Hirumeo ' , tt? oommiUeeor twentv fire, having In charge the a/TaonrtneO'S for eAtabluhiag a Hoaie Raard, net y?*terday at the A?tor Ilouao, at tea ?'clock, OhatiRoe) Hhall. r, Kaq., preaidtOK. The mlnuU? of tho former meeting wore real ana approved. Mr. IIarwmll Kovs was deputl/M to convoy an invita tion to the organization in Brooklyn, airealy eeUbliahed for a similar purpose, to Mnd delegates, and with a new to coBtfoUdation. The Twelfth ward not being fully represent <d, on motion. ttr. RobertO. Olover w? aided to a oomolttee or the above ward. Home arose on tho suhjnst b >lng bi o*chod , that ov. ing to the large extent of grotind oorereo by the Twolftfc ward, Ite number of the comvlttee repre senting the muse was eutlrv'y t.m snail, and ? mKloa prevai od that the wanl bo divided Into an eaatern and western district, e*oh district to be permitted t? erect two delegates. The names of Hi Try W Genet, I'resdiDt of the Hoard of AJdern>en, and William Leonard were then a id 4-1 to the oommitoe by the <ieieg?tos iroia that ward, which Oils the ootlte number ollowod. The following preambles and n?o>atlon offered by Hm Joh.v Oobraav, were unscim ttfiiy adopted : ? Whereas, Harwell R?)S h m reported to tht (Metropolitan Home Guard, at their headq lorteru. an organization or one hundred men in R.-ookiya, under h? special direction fur purpaaei umiiar to thi^s au i horned by this orgaoixation , auU Whereas, Mr. Roys also repur ?d the eiiRtenco la the same city of a genernl organization uf Citizens for the same object; there ore, Resolved, ThU the organixittioa ro presented by Mr. IUivh lie aoc?>pted. Jcdge Kdnionds, from the 'Vlace Gartlon Bomo Gaard, submitted the follosrieg n ttoe ? HONS Ol'ARB, Artil. 29, 1M1. The various organizuiooa In thU city for li .me |irs tcction, by whatever t>ame known, are reipiwu^l tn sead two delrgateH f r?in ouch association, to meet at th? Cooper Institute on Butuiday eveniUK next, a', snvea o clock lor the purpose of produciDg c mcert of action and unioa. J. w K1>H0NI> -, FRED'K A. FALL <1*0 IK, Committee of liome 'inatt ?v P J^o* r'.arden. T1I0MA8 W J0BS30S, J W. KVAPI*. JOttV COGURaNT., unmiuiuoe or Votrop iitan Ho.nn 0'itrd. Tte following; rcpon.< wi re in ?lo u> the t.ltteo ? **m J. O'Rryan, ot Hie Twmt> ho oud warl, rep irtod eighty men reacy, whi*e dilll room m at the l'Wt of forty wooDd street, Kafct rlvor. Daniel S. Mann ?U'e<i thai Mlchtel rhelan , , hi? oOrol I ho freo ubo of tan billiard room n< toe oo nc of HroaOway and ronU> *ireet. Otiiorti ^uirsu han Qvo liiii drod meu enrol ed, nt lb" service of Uie com m' tec. (]f w>r?l 1 loyd d bin Berviou in ua j way too com mittee D? deem pr<>por. Artcr Uje transaction of father rontino b<winemi. the reirmittee adjourned tor tbo day. Tli ?/, howorcr, m una hold it g cm y wwibwn*. ?>AF8 VltH THX UOMK ?JUAKI?. A curator of young l*dio? real > in/ n itrtii avenue bare a***Kiate<i theni*elv?e together 'or tbo i?-irpo*o of tntk in* a Itfibt Ctip to bo ???. i? by tb-? B (Jua-il d?n ig tb ? combf w:?r, Mid wi-uid liko to have tbo uaanMiec of oUietn. Hie cap is quit* a U'ty one, being m/ido of pr*y oloih, with a Uanoxome white fe&tb?r running round I be r ? \ A"oi ? motif tiurtt rw;i urntk on<; \Nizw<i. A Iwg" and influential meeting o' lrisb men wan hold tact evflt-lrg at No. 42 lYInoe Btre*4, to Oiuke the neoee naj-y prrti3>lnttuy *rr lavements for organming a new re Cir.rr.t of vi^unt<< ra. A Tory unanimous feeling pre vailed In favor of fanning another oorps of I rlnh .ncn ar ter ih? modal of the Sixty ninth regiment, to take ihe Held riH aoao td ciri umaOm. <? will permit. Jud?l-g from the nppiwraiuv ami enthiiinn.-m of tho tlaiw or p-iople who oompw-ed the meeting the water ml of the new r'gnnnat will be of Uic lirft order. Muacle. apirtt and will wwo tmprepwd on every lyHintetiaace, and where Murk i|iwiiitR<i are pro<?i.t li tie clan t* needed U uti lid tip a apirndid corps of Madiera. <>u> l??h follow clt'zens ,.ptM ar to be IT tcklDg around the tlag of frred-m wuh ;ui alacrity wb'Ch tuu*l Hllenoe fo ever the whippe'teg* of ooubl aud Miaplctoa Beelile* iIh- Bitty n ntb. ?hvh la air-adv ai the ?e?t of wtr, fo'ir oiber rr?iaac<>)? ar- being lormod wiih the minorti cilerl t? , to w It: ? CoUwl T. F. iba^hor '8 Irl-rfi Atoavea, Olio ix I Kioh^nl Barry a refine nt, the Ht. I'atruk'* Hrma le and tin Irtah Vuluntw-rB. It ehowld ha a ud to the okvIU o< AkbTmiii llar'y,tbat be lia< borne the brunt of all the ? *(>' ?>** ineorrvd In puttli^g hm r ?minaod l?t?a pre-<?tabk< r??vl t|i-n The g<trwri.n)?nt ou^bt to b? n.orv p orapt i i uUendlnK to tae cq'ilpiiu nt aud aruttatt ?if rolutitre'ii In tho Commu?uiaA l>'pirtmoiit alea, xrrat ioipn *t mi nut art' ilemuaued. T>n? WAHHINOTf?N VOI JTWTRJ'I'S. Mr. Sam .el Wi-eneH m rawnr a o ?ni>>nr to Juia the I lift reaimeot of Wijdnrtt ?o Vol'io*e<v^. Ool Chirk* II Tli mm. ihe hcaJ<|ii*f of the Kl*t ompiiiy are at the oorn< r of Oenui ui I l/t?aard ntree*e. THE CONTRIBUTIONS IN NEW YORK. UNION DKPF.NC1 COMMIT TRK OP THS CITI ZKB8 OK NKW YOKK. Thl8 pemmittce, which na? under IU 8ur?ell1anr.< an< ao.t everyiiilo* roquWIte to ptit the oilu a* of New York in a de'ecairt aitiitnlo for tbo proteo ton or thomaelvrff and their property, hold thuir moetm^a dally at their oDce, No. :iu I'ine street. Ail ?uut?>re ftlfectin#r the ?U(e ef aifHira In the p^w>nt warrrlaia ooaic undi-r their oognUance. and one of toe lir*t ac'? of b? ncirrdence whk*h tbey will be c UM on to Cwfurnt will "i U> Bt wit a eorp* of mimw to proco*! 1 1 (uhii gUin, to anmni^ter ?xm? ilutloo and reilef to the ?h K are ti.<> wotmilod in ihe event of a battle enmtlng, vbk h now ecrlniifliv roi>lempl*t?<d. At Uv ir m? < ung ot ye leiday Uiih anhiect was brought be 'ore them, ?no Mr iTaper, the Chairman, nod tne other mrmbor* Of the oimmitlee will rtevife th-?T ear 'leal <,itr?iiiia ui the matter? one wbtob m of mich vital impoitatce to tht tir^ve wtiiiM<ie who have gone for h to i-hto ihtir blo.xl and liak Ihoir lives la (lcfenoo ol the oountr< . *1 MTIONAI. KI'BXfRltTIOKS - A?Ttll. '2!?, 1M1. t HrROteb $100 A N Ptvl<?i?..l V> AiMftynKHi* tor the acMteti r. ?I t?. M*rt?m.... 21*! *m, T\hJh* 100 K h. Wan- k too ''?rnllioti f~ic.ll 1 Wllllem '"tW M< Iikmn, Vn k A Mttllti 'i'lrt lten,?.nio I) lain New for k Mirual lam ranee Oompany S.WtO W n. i ted wood I'*> Acton 1*0 l?wr?noc, U4jen U Co Hm U Mw newborn.. Mie. A Hd?e? merhoi-n Wirt Ji hi .l?w? DhurnKrlmii M* Kdwarc k Ot m f Read 'jno ntMI*t ham fto?t k Thr ekn?nrt.->n ico K^rl k HaniK'iofww got sihecrlptioi .f reoeiire<* at yo .'to i"ne?trc' t room Mr? H. TiitoOt" ? pr:rT'iN*( Trw nrer Tins RRITIBH TOUWCM. I\te aua? b?t? boa OMfUthtMi to t ? '.<m Totk Brix?k V< lmn? *%??>.? J. ft I. cUwi ft U? .......W Kirok k8u i-> rlttllluW M. t > I t H ? M ? b?r?rt Ke >e? M G.wg' fl. * On 1 Haliiitd "h im V *>> 'N U e?U? , I KM tt<- It CV> s Iktrn fi, <Aiawn t fc Oo ? PevWi I tnu? l?* k On.,, ft Wutl * <~f*? k ?* II* IlOlt, Spr?JH# & Ol -% Kitn & Hugh AuoburvtQM* k Co ?% Bulkb y & ? v.. Mk Gl'ltltao \ R><? t> l oo AJS?-t W Murgte, k CO M Al'twc* ft Vll'or tl n?jfn<ioo brt. I proprietor*., ? Cli'iff I'mwo X? .1. R. 'Htfrm K V ru>k & Hoeeiv, |R'??oort ttoaae) 41 *ratT "m'* ft OeoruP "*ar/v K Hn ? ' Ufbi' *b*at Krr?tft U ooknortoa * Or*** m* d'eno * V R ?a<*gf ft r>? I.tndftnv f^liiksti A (V> n* r ft" flarM?*? ft Co F k1w(v & ? hlkmi" . Rub ? o'd k Co ? A. Hwmtxwt . .... <?, nrw I. i iui? a Co m rw.lHr , ?*?!>?? k Co '? Cr?ig it N'ch<4 ? .lobo H??bw?t?no It r*vio W Win. l-x'b, (?Oi ? ?Hd ? Pant Meade., " ,1<>hw 0 Pn-c* w HHtreffekt* " rbwl'? *a?-r 1? P N. r ??oo ft Co ?* Vf H ? Hrt? b ft AHm M 0 K?JT?h 1' I/-w<8 KuMctrt " Ch' *. F'more. ? II. Clewto ? TV*i?1 fl.lfl* BubfrmpM. DA ?IIH>e rec*tv*1 at It R-*"i4w?r, i ? -"o' ortMP, lr?*?*?r pm ?*!*., or at tho itrtwn1 Batkitg A^aof iatioa N#? Ywfc THE POLISH UNIOH LfWOT. 1Tx' rornit i'tee acfem-wle'l^e the receipt of tne foMow lor roau (button* >? iw??rdt>f Br<*?8 JttJW JtmffltHttlf..! t** f*<aB a Mdga !<? J B??wi m 1/>c*wo<ki kOo ]flO <Kn 0. I,' mu M ,\ch'm * Ni# ii )M Hte??bie? C. K ft ???**? )00 ?ir'?kK<ni _ 1ft M |||<T he left vl'K Uw onnKtl to?: ? Al'*. 'xyl'-r, Khj., banket, 247 Rro?<l*tf t? Btrfc-; ' (ih-Vr A. MHim, <aq. , b?ok?r, St KjibMft p *oo; Ju Ua A.l -u, Esq mMok<iit, 13* fttor kims rBOTIDISG FOB THE VOLUATERR^ Pft? l.tRH. lHI'OBTAST I.ETTW FROM Till r&TMaSTIg OIM H*L. TO TffW RUtrult ?r TBK RM4I1I. Nbw Tiki, ?p'tl 99 1M(. Iforlng UMrtakieil that oua* of the nflom of 4h? roliatfert IN?U)|! f?r th? aeatof *%r ?<*( ? to p u<i i fi<<? their p*y for the support of tMr ffeutliea dmrwi lien nb^nc**, ?a? kbowinc that them ar? maaf pill rw y to a>ake aa vanorc lor the po> p ?e, <u order to pea ride ag ileal any difficulty ArfMOg fr'tn oum aliy, I ad<lx?aed a letter to th? 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THR MX or 7HK IIIHiH HaM?BIT*N Tl) HB IMITAIMi* ? OUB HA LI ANT SOLDIBHH tO KH HdOTMaK IN TIIMIB 11 AKI'HBI fS, AND THKIR WOtTNl'H tiRKrtHKP B* tlKIICATX HANI^- IMlVfttANr airRC'll Of THB TICK t'RUm'RNr OP THR ONIHD MtTU, RTU. (tor of the grandeet tad moot noble rt^ata tb it it It l?eait>le for the eye to reat on, w?q prc-?in'?d at elerea o'clock voaterday mcrauig In the Iwga hall of IbA 0>*pw Inatltule, whete upward* of iMO brave aad ph lmtara pic ladhf ai-?ert.b?d for the porpo*e of adnpting a pl?a of ootiorrlod actidb, by whioh taey migbt bo ?u?bt 4 la doro'a <bem>elTMi to tbe rasae of the aofT-trtof aalalur f ?t; I li? krartl irlHthea and Meade lb tbe pr??*et la mutable c UIh at which our country h <* *rrl?xC Am< i'K Uk?<> tuoueaada of Rpartaa wotnea were ibaae ?li<*e .Hlk-.ry of pSi/tvpi* *howoJ that they bad bow* notif ied In the lap of luiury. What a noble *tgbi tha *?? il to N?r thoae ladlea oflVr la* '? plaoa UieiuariT?M ta tlir immlm at per l)? of tbe b?tt]? Held? 1>|? imiilai tbe roar ef rannm aad the rioter o( ewurda to Attend to the wxt.U of ike bulk Mtkrtckea and eword.plerod aotdlar, and ? ben all hope I* ????? whm bte life l? on the wia* fri m a Ar id of rarnagfi to a railey at peace? to le* over htwi lik^ * at'' ??t' r(ti|f aafel and nonr each b*lm bit*