Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 5
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Hi Bars?ibg beast w wi<^ t*D<l htm o? h s long Journey |B ? lub 'lix drei?m ojr ?-!>?*? baptrio^B. Ik- |i|af'>rn w a occupied by a nimher * ladies, orstbvrfi of lb# ctorWal a?d mertnai p^?w, *v? a?b?r >bait???t M Tbe Hob. Hannibal B-mun, **? fx ftxtont of the Cnlte^SMUei, . ecuped a soat near Ik* ttuir. . Among I ha clergymen prenent were Rev*. Dra. Be* to**. HetBooe. Pa>krr, and Hiicb?irk. HedV-ai, 1t? toovt Oawtora, Woo^?, Stevens, 9%ttar la?, t'buieb, -^ayje, and Ruft.s H. Gilbert, Brig*dl?r *?* !M ut .ba advance gnaid of CWooel Jmaag cth?r dfctiogn abed pensaw P"*"' w*'? LtauW-iaui Unit (of FWt Sumter), Captain IX-ibleday, ? btatx memorable ip -l aid Pwter lV.oper, >><1 lui I* Batuows called tb? "^sUrg *? 0,<** J* J .|*.?te? b^r, and aomtnafd lb. B?n. Oavid Dnlley T+Hi to Oil the ohair, wniab nomination wae unantmou . ^."Xwlng ??? ? wereaboMmYVoa ~ D, fa a. I'D* *oU, H?? PeM,r U"*"' tov> ** All<WM' y t-k.nQ km , aixl ?'?*? K Williams. lifcq. (kjrowin-ti V. Al*n, K?q , and Benry D. -te-lf wkk, **v, ?_ Or Pt&MXK opened the proceedings in an alo wwnt imo approp ?a?* tabs'' r to lb" Ttt'ooe of tjr.?ce, m Thasfe be brought tbe gt?at \?th<v af iba Inivorae to J?nr e imu anbappy ?nd to iW tranqainity and ?rtaudi WBOB or THE caums rfcn goo D I) Fuujj dun ru=e, ?bj aoureasod the meet the war in which we a-e tn?aa-<l it v nut U..U ate e who havd to act, bwl women have to periom a m-st imp^ta-it m t? r?uv it'll mn?t ta m*'? 'o- uie l*>*'th of ?h Mioier as weU a? for h b exilement and ar a ua*c% */??? and badsb. s of a a.l'.ur, U'a be? I glMN n peta W to ibe climab*, while the havoc ol bat Ma Iniw Heboid only a Iotr iiai of w>|m^<l- ^i pr ? tv a a* <ar a* ir aaibte ag.i. a-. dweaaea, and to a?a of ttU and w?m?d??l fe?t p or?lon Z y effort, are ??<,?> ?i oe maoe It to to ???I r i r" - 't itti' we must io>k for thla. It STXe'^U.^ulUne.M-y ?. h ih? raoeem.uU^ wm, ifce?e rp*??g up eve?> wb-r". m? if by an ??dat^iw (i.r th? ??l>ef aud pr?t?^i'0<? o' "VJ 'frh ' to UbB purp>*e of tha m?*tlug w nrirg togethor * 1 thosfl ... ? . u?t tbay may wm a c XDmoa and ont'iU ?? or>i?r for tbe oou ji? par^oae of a?'f*lug Tit* aitb tbe medlca1 a^afl V he army aod for ?in? lb. em mn and certain .h^nnei lor ihe coetrl l Bikm of tbe b^n^ro'ebt The propa*ail>as ?W are to M Bilo nut be coouneo?a tmtm wi.h the m??n tude of tlie occ^aioo. U. hia>?u eye e?n ?oe ui ?hw ex'^n' this **r will rtxnh, m> ?b?i may b. iW terror ? #e tn?* i?u- th*t it will br aa lU-MHe w th all tb? dwtoyai^ rttates; anl we tnt. we are aewrmme ? that it sJwli laa' u ml tbe ?wuTa wbicb have produced it are ended. (Apolaose I Vli.atoc It) W.ih Wbicb 'b.< ih'B "ountry ba^o mme i?>wa d ii> Una cri-to tfl b?j>oud alipratoa, *n-l wbeu bbabawry oi %b^ ib*U ->e wiitveo it will ?y>rd. B<?t m to tbe npr>auf? ib. tub'ime uo'lawg of tbe P"pi". - i|m) oaober o' tn- couotr* an>i eP r^-lng m L d-b-a. metit a, e fl- g-.g Jt oat from wlMow m??um and tower to all tbe Wli-Ua of huaveo? bat it will -w- r,oo?r that when our mm ro^bod w arma our wo rn ? at tbeir <"ntv ( Appiauoe <rotn tne Udiee ) We a<l tracmb rhow, in tbe Mg-wt Ruror"? tb^hea^ -?B ?a.k a! >b? d?st'?sa of tn?< tor i-h anldier, an i we alt re mtmor-r 'b?' nob e body o? wntnrn wh), under a bright, p.r^culu ??ar, went f nth and ina^e iJietMolv^ tiiaatri^ 1 b?pe It may bi said of more thin ono wewan In *?'?"" that for oor It Bif he writt?n ?a it ba? b??B wnuen by one of tha Ilr8t of our pocta for )<W?bCe N'gh'ltga1# : ? A lady wltn an iunpl? utand In ti>r gr??t bl-toi? of 'h? land: A noble i> ceo: $? od? heroic good. Tbe rhi.ini?u ua< lr g co^ luded, oy mtiwducJig Rev. >i. Batluaa, r?B m?d hl> a?at Bl'EECH Of UB. BILLOWS, Tb? fibxi-iu-ui, oaa rosily m*do it unneeewiwy fr W>* to enter b to detain about tbe o ject of thl* mcot ha. E?ei>b?idy lu?wa not tBi? in New York but Ihraoibmn ibe wboie country , tb^t an enthuaiaam h? be n ra>?Ml withm tbe Q?ari? of oar woaiea W * a,l |0 tbem lies 9* permanouUy a? piesi^w tor Una great and b<c el caiae. (kpp'ajiaeJ v. a.a n My degree c ?un?c?ed wltb it h?a failed to reaet*. from ail pa^u of tne oouotry Mura from la V, becK Bg to be sent as uur*?, and thouaanda of w.mri in ?li ~ruof ti?? t?l*l -i'tvrfl b^n urglag Ca?? ^ deBt'M maat 06 f0,' tow>>ed wlib'B discretion must be acted upou and di n-.ieo by poaitlvo inf?Mrmation and oomo uod?rtboi 1 g?e ee ana control of those who ??? it tttelr apecialty . ^natdi-rM by tbe Wieaof tbe city toat atf ai.ab eoeieti. a fnoura have an aopiODriate head, in order ?pt?u anawera t> tae w n tnon. -id q ?ti?? ?.r. where rtainV ,H?d we kn?wa at tb? time thia oegan that our madxvU frienda lud already SSwS* J??Hged la preparing a -ton of their own, per have beeL.p. al the pain and tooor oT b fT?i a uao'ber this vast a*aambUge; butldouot if, mder* tboee clrcumBtan, N. U?e wmwn of the I2t? w^klbe aati?flea. Hi* mea-ing may Mkd the other part of that great meeting h^ld ?n i 'nit n pouare th? otaer dmy Tb? w nsi oone Ingribt r her now, to p ?ur out their in iW ?*!?? jT^?u*e ' n WM like Ruaal*. In 1813. when every ErZnr, ivSfej^.rssyi.' tr sx?^~ m a' and bu c^Ued the Prlncc to ber dying TTu, a woman I I am a wo ^ dtod ^Ap^rtiae)- N?" waahalt be ob.iged w feylL!iu2?Li.Kemoet araropriate ahaU be mada I^.CB.e ^t?ly th^B^t ajw?p womPn had to be ln the Crimea ? ??' t0 ^ labor re d ^ri^r^AfU^a few other romarU the speaker ?Si-lJdtd by reading tbe tooowlng raaoluttooa, which niSJSTnit it ia highly expedient to concentrate .rri' .TnnMMiia and varied efforw now BMhing by Um cmpalgn, tbo bot'?r to oonevo ^^d that to accomplish thia end it MMMMl ysaf?Tu?ss;?^?l24 <???.?..? ?. ^Uce waa appointed for tbe above objact, who he w- bappr u? ??T tbev haJ^b^mU daVrthe Beond man in all the Uad# bad there, uia? , oay, United "?tatea waa at ttfsrywJaSss ii ^ iwd* i^, aaj^he knew, be waa <^oi*g hii duty and h? wUe doty.. Tha Vice I 'resident waa h re, in the city of ??w *?**? Bb'maiing tte people j to ibe aame great duty, Labor g ?tobtud day to atrengtben , to g-va every useful to -I Wafhit a-on. He now introdocod to tham ^ Vice President of the Cnited BMtea. (Applauae.) BPMtl H OF MR. HAMLIN. A* soon M sllmce had hwo restored the Vice President ado reared the audience aa follows:? Mr Pbvidbdt, aud Vun? op Nkw York? In a time I ke the present, which la one of action mth-r than words, ?no m auch a) presence, there la, Indeed, an embar rassment In the language I might usn to express my thought*, fhe cold I gic or the head woaid hardly seem to do Justice to the occasion, while the warm ur generous impulses of the heirt m<ght be ot noxious to the cnarge of boasti'g, whicn ta neither an evidence of patrloilam nor co trtge. And still. If I cu> My a single word ? for which none bat myaelf will be rtf'pocut.bke ? to aid or cheer you in the riMgnd path way of dotv, 1 am willing to contribute that wiwfi. (Ap plauae ) We preeent to day auch a spectacle aa the world has never witnessed is an* age or cnutry In all tits loyaj 8uu s there bests in men and women 'a bosoms h nt one tingle heart. (Applause) And I oat heart bo-Us to vindication of our common oountry and the liberty we teb?rtted from our fathers. (Applauae.) We have dif fered in opinions upon the passim questions of the hour, for they ars passed, and they are a sealed book. Let the d ran bary the dead. (Applause ) We arc to-day forget fal of the past We lire with the stirring present around as ealy In bright hopes of the future, sod In the dla charge of the dntiea that devolve upon us depends that future. Why la It that you, women, tn such vsst numbers from this Kmplre City have gathered rrctn your bumble ana your luxurious b>met<? Why la Itr why la It, but that yju feel aa men fsel, that all that we hav and all that is valuable la life is at stake and ii Imperilled? (Applauae) There is notnlng. from the at r lag marts of commerce up to all the end ^armcnta that cluster around the domestic altar, that la not In the ka-oe Of what use Is com me oe In all Its ramifica tion* ? of what uae la home with all Its endearments, without It * guarded and protected by the law AH Usee are aaaai.od by those who are attempting to sub vert the govertment under which we live The -?tvs, which are tee hopes, ant the ^trtp-e, which are ihe em bieaaof libeity, have been Ignomlalousiy dishonors!; our public property and oar fortifications have been aesaiied and by rebels from their rightful owners; an<t the government under whioh we live is tli-eat ened wt'h subvetslon. These are the Uuogs to at have stirred the hearts of men an* womeo until ail oaired. (Applause ) These are the things that have brought you together here? these the causes whl ih have ?m 'ted as ail as one And let me sar <h ?e ta no other eeurre to pursue now bat the vltdlcation of tbe integrity of ihe government an' er which we live ( tppUuw ) It la a false philanthropy? it i? a false humauity that sha1! falter now In thia trying hour of troab'e (Appplause ) The saf.ty of tho rep ib 10 coin* s In tne energy and efficiency of the government. ( 4pplaunr ) The loyal y of >he p-opte is txnqnesti.Hied. I instruction only la witb th ?? wh> fai<?r. Toeae arc attrrirg times, and now we must t?st tbe question, woe tber we have or have not a government? Te ah<ui ion that great question now I* to ahandoo til. (Apptause ) to one sense of the word there ta some truth in the allegation that the contest is a sec tonal ore On tbs broader and more comprehensive view It is not so. It is a question of government or no go rem mast. That Is the trite question which wfe have IS ?ettk? whether we have a government, whether we re ceived that government from our fathers, and shall per petuate It to those to come alter as? (Applause.) That Is the question, however variously sections may array themselves upon either alas. How we are cbcered along the pathway of our duty by the kind sad cordial aid which woman gives. You have met here for the purpose of perfecting more tho roughly aa organisation whioh ahall be of ince'cuiafble benefit to tbs oanee. Your anas, year h us hands, your hrotbera, who have gone forth to battle for all that you hold dear and valuable to you, will be sustained in the how of ooafiist and Is the hoar of pain, when they know that their mothers aad slaters ars devoting their hast energies to five there comfort, whatever their oondtttoa or wherever taey mav be (Applause ) Oar mad onase, and the prayers that wlU go un to baa for then aad Par their cause, will stimulate them in tho hmrsf battle, aad after it ahall paaa away. (Ap ??*) Ood biesa yoa, woman of New York I Rome In days of bsr ealatlnafiad power never wttas-sed lka world hw mrmmmn Here k-.-. narfcwt are MrMtxi to tho manfhctjre of umTxJ ?? J?#wi artteM *w "*?, bretbsre u4 fot???s, t?^J| r?" M ?v' '?*""??) v? ***? met - Mni,,Mtiwyw?*^w<i wtevim ilh; <*> ?o-> ^Tiw-inf otbrrs lhr??*b>TDl th-? tol. Let dm tell you L, Will rosai from *??y greeo WHWto ?n> every v*l fT -U , ,er N? " 1* gWad , aiv hunx\ aod from eve?y i?\*l etaw>. (band appUuwe.) TTUcy w?U cooparale ?lib ? ou , they will form one fraud central nu'Bt pour ?n their contributions, iuid ev?d to yn? ibnrr ?ty> are -omreienl to alleviate the s iffe?to<? of the ?ick md wounded (tppuuee) They w'M o operate with you, with their tumble hau-m Mid their UH.arf_wi I j-rn with yon >11 their prayers to bnaven, to ?m> U>at hum which all know is taw juet_ And w?U? ? our co? peratiiB ? with your prayers and appealing to t)te God of Hiavn, r<?r tfe reetltiide of our purpo-e aod tb? pu'ity of our mw *e kno? liberty sbali bo p^r pr-tuated u> onr hu d <l/md sop'auiie, In the ml 'it of ? hWb Mr RaniUo U<ofe hie departure from tbo buildintf.) Ir IViVnu, 1 nprewtutim "T ibe Vew York *?>_ dim) Aiforlainm to >oppiv Hot, berOag-s, he , fo tins me <f tbe soldier* stated ?h?t it km said do?o o-nn ?bat the ladvB of tho Confederate 8lV?? wroU sopoly their soldiers with all medical ai<p)lano<? without asking anv appupnation from government Tfce tniioeii g letter from General r>t* to Or. O?aen,oi this oity, was then wad hy the Pres'deut ? D G, April 2fl leel Mv Hu>(lmin-1 need for p?ee?ot bosp1'-*l bm one hood red bedgowns for sick ward* (tvot surg eal). will any ot your la/ v 'ri'ndB contribute tbemV Tbey sh nua be Ova feet ho* on the average, but you know all ibto Ibe siiigeoa s' Beral pniie'S tOM eort 01 garment for the ctaJ oirg rnt h?op>Ule, and I ha -e Been i^iob in the Eu epean bncpllM. I want an indefiai ? quantity tf lint and b*r d gee; six night w*?ch l^uterus, or hotter twelve 1 tb?> li some itentkmen ?1U gtve th-oo I am 'n too 0?ii?n ha?U) to ?ay wby, at ih'? <w??, go ven n? n< <-a' iK>t a-ivani e moony 'or all auppiM* B dei^il I muHt lav* tl??m gameh .w I have ??'* %?o tj Boeton ?nd l'btloueiphia. I thouM lik? ??? hu.-rol doibe etiMip'at) )org dr#B9 1 g ? >wiw all At <?c?-tbat l?, j"Pt aB bo?i a? po^ibie ! an not wilimg an ymy re^ qiHO't n, ?ut 1 am n prewn'. ao t urgent wtnt for ?he Htck men, unt for Kurgiroi ''???. ThaiinGod, tge ^?'h m tu w.Bhinift^i, a' I i*t I' '' UI* ir Wren <f R?llevoe Hvp'tal, stated that hi bad to>n rron>?ted by ir* etwitiw o?m?i'<o? of m-dl ea) grbtieKen who reB0OD?ed to the cal! i*u?d by ihol dk*oB Satnrd?,to sa? hat the ho-pltol he B*d tie bos. r to reverent, or, a', lea-t. tho Comm?-lone? of tb%t in?t'iuM n ct mpowd ?f bu< h tam ?? **. G to DOil, h D l<ra<^r I a*c Bell and <?. Nlcliola ? t"^T" appealeo to tb? prt v oui day , app-op^iated a ward U? the J..VWO if Ibe lad'ee. :bty <oul<i now aoo?.mm<v1ajo flft? nur*?8 at ?he riutOBe ?f the gentlemen wlmee uo'* it was to piovn'e f r the ?oppo?t o' th'tt utaaliatMio Ho wae alBO u s'liic'eo to ?ay tb?t the me4ioal B'an of wl?' vu. Hueiiltal ba<i ree" Ivol to tender their service to the tiovi rn? on'. W) m-et tbo nurs?-B, in active Be'vice when thty should be called upua (AppUuee ) Tne tnstitu 1011 of Bia- kwrh> inaa i ?o jld aWo 00 at their service, md in that iDBtitntl n th? CommiMioue-shai laatruct?d b m to i ffej ih??n a ward for tbo ? m?' purpoM. Drs M"tt d vi dh Having iuade a few r' tnarku Jtlio 0 nimitte whirh hud been ipuo nwd to druw up a plan if orfumistioa retorDO'l, wb?n Dr BeliowB read their rt po t, ot which tbo foiio?ln* ib tbo sutwitnc ? ? The women of New York ber?b? aMociato thomBclvee, a* ???n.miiter of tbo whole, for the fumlshtng of c<m ?or?B ai d medical B?ore?, and iBpelia'ly of nu-?eB, n aid ot ibe itedieal staff or the army duirng >h? present war? ?ho aBkOCuitioB to be calW-d 'the Women's Ointral V*o 0 ation of Krl'cf. " i>e ohjort? vf the aiBocuttion anall h?< to collect and dmiribu e UiformatH?n, obtaiaed rrom < fficlal Boiiroe" cmoe nirg the actual and jrobable waota Of the arm> ; io loUbitBb a recognized reUtioo wHh the (Dfdical Bt ft o' the 'ederal ?nd Siato tro<ipi. and to ait aa iuiar\ to ib ir efforU; to anito with the New \o.* vlem ?l AMtociatioo (?or tbo supply of lint nandag B, fco ) in BUBtouiInc a central i.epa of Bto ea, aid to siljclt and accept tie aid of all kxvil aBBoclathms ne-BOrele^ where, and e?pe? Wily '0 open a bimau for th*? examlQa II ii and regwt ation of canoidatesfor meiicu in?trtmtioil ib nurnB. an-> to take meas'i'?? lor the supply of well iraiucd nurerg a#aitntaoy uoeeibki de?a?os of ihow*r ibe am-oca'i..n shall be governed by ' Bit? of Mtnagors, cowmtlng of twelve Uj ic-b and twelve gentle men as ii4hiwa: ? M-8 Hamilton Flab, D>r V. Mott, tare H IS*' lie, Jwbu D Wm'e, M'8 N D. ^we'tt, Ho?>tor Morrieen, Mm . ba? Anernetby, T Mlfifi K BiMk ^ -1' Mrs.-CyruB W Fl-H, ?r HartW' M'B. 0. !<? Schuyler, Dr Ma-iBe, Mrs. lyiura lioiemicux, I* l^aper , . MrB Or Hazard, ^ ^ ow,? V.ft-a0: He*. Dr Asa'p' ^mttb, ?he ab.ive W^are' to met fhrno-iow^to the Mntbe matlcai locturo liO'Di atC.oper in^'ttnU? -?.^hara Rev Dr Be'hune Kev l)r Hitcncock and some others, ma ea lew lonuuks, a'tor which the proceedings ter m inatud LADIES ASSISTING fU<? DEFENDERS OP THE UN IOH. xinrrrvn o* ladtw ik pk. chwvek's chxtmjh? aw AH900IATICN KOKMKD TO HKMBVK THB WOU?B*B AM) 1)T1>Q BOUM1HS. There was a meeting of Udles on Monday lart to the Church of the Puritane. It was opened by . Warren. Be said the object of the sneeting wan to take measure* for m in' storing to tho wanu of the soldiers gone to the bottle field in de'ence of the honor and sup po,t of the country and its A*. He announced that I>r Crawford, of Fort Sumter, would attend W-morrow if the meeting wee adjourned tUl then, and suggerted that no more than an o-gaalsitlon be effected tUl ^en. Dr. C aw'ord will m'ocm toe ladies on what thcy may do Tor tbo benefit of the wounded ^d>^n*^dl?Llde whlch Mrs S B Wlckens was call*! upon to preeiae, wnicu -- ^t?n^elStK1UltS? P"JW"! "15; ?rs.2S4ffi .hewt rri V* ^ no^eT leee and had a duty to per ,0 "prayer by Mr. Wabmw, for the success or the move ? AVt^g^^T^r^iuti*B ? fir ?1 tlelailiee Mr W*riim? mformed the meeting that he was ' s>t' " I U ' Union." Tl? m%m concurrM in by Um meeting . A committee of iwelce ladies, from diBermt churches and dil?rent oongrege MoM ibroogboiit the city, with Mm **>??*51 ^^"^U^oTO^e the ladled will have to perform, and submit It for the cob ^ him that to e> to Washington, to attend the woasded ___. "fee proceedings concluded by the singing of a I**1? and prayer. TRK BgCOND MSKTfWO OP LADItfl IK DR- CHIITI* 8 cirr-WWrOULlDlW' UBUtr PN.OK. The meetings of the ladies still continue in thrt church, and the only emulation amongst them Is how they may best provide for the com ort and sustenuwe of th brave hearts who have gone forth to Uke put! ,a the tragic scenco In which they will shortly be ca led on to SngtU'S. The meeting on Tuesdsy wh held at the u*a*J boar, three o'clock, at which time a large number had assem bled. These meetings aro characterised by tbn utmoet unanimity of reeling and sentiment, and the recoTiaien dattons from the I Allies OommliM arc alwafi certain to meet with toe spontsn'wns approbation of those who compose the assemblage When the committee returned into the body r?f the church, after deliberate g some time, their Unliable and praiseworthy proceeding were commenced by ro*dlng a portion of the Word or (<od, after which singing and prayer were gone ihrou^a. The lady who was I "resident on lbs ooca ?lon, previous to tbe reading of the minute* of the previous day addressed tbe meeting in a short and feeling speech, during wbicn ?he stited that their object was to provide comfort for tbe stck and the wounded of those brave soldiers who had went forth to light their battles, and at tbe risk of tbetr lives to sup port tbe constitution of thin great country. Following Is a copy of tbe rules wbch are to govern the meeting . and tho spirit in which itiey are framed tod the benevomnt feelings which they breathe speak for themselves sy-laws akt> *? .rxATtoyp or mr. m rw vor* lams*' uuif ctiint. ArtirV 1? Smw ?Thin soclrty shall be denomiaAtOd tho New York I Ad tee' Relief Union ArtvU ?The object of the Klllef Union shall be to procure funds, send out numes.anl fa-B'nh hospiUl materials, to be used In aid of the soldiers wtio may be oome sick or woaniled during ths presest conflict Arixrif 3?offictrt and thrir ? The oilVisrs shall consist of a First and a Second IHrecress. a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary , and two Corresponding rVcretarion, by whom, with a Bstrd of Managers to he elnct^o by the members, the bustness of tbe ltelnf In ion will be onn ducted. It shall be the duty of the Fi-st Directress to preside at all regnisr meetlagn tn her absence this duty will eevo've upon the ne*t in ord-r. The l>??S'iror shall take charge of all monies belonging to the K<<ltef Union and rubmlt a written rrp >rt of tbe Usances at each regu lar butlnem meeting The duty o? the Reoitrdlngrincreta ry will be to keep tne minuton of all moeting*. and a re cord of the memotrs of the Relief I'nton, and receive all mon>es and pay It over to the <Yev?iirer Any lady who will piedge her Influence in behaJf of theobjecHof the Rnie' Union may become a member by the payment of twnty live ci-iiU .lr vir 4? ?Tbe regular busloeex meeting* tf tbe Relief Union sh-li be he d on Wednesday of ench week . st tlir*'c o'nlo, k I' M. , till otherwise o?<i*rert. The meetiups to bo opened by reading tbe 4orlptures or prayer, and closed with ninplog The following officers w era elected ? First Directress ? M>s .Tame* w I lair tel. S-cond Directress ?Mrs. Wicham Trossurer? Mrs Davis secretary? Mrs Mthony Owrespordtng Secretaries? IIIph Emma L. Thompson, Mis J C. Hall It Is gratifying tt state that the benevolent objects of the meeting are not sectional, hut are eased upon a broad and expansive basis without feepeot to oarty or crsed. Home thrilling and soul stirring addresses were made by tbe todies, and every eentlment uttered breathed tho purest loyalty and patriotism towards the support and consolidation of this great Union, particularly by Ifra. Dr. FaglM, who, to ths conns of her observations, stated that she would soon be at the seat of war, ready to ad minister comfort to ths sink and the dyisg whsre her ssr vices were rs^ulred. After her short pa hsttc and feeling address, wbteh wss marksd by much scripts ral ssntnnent, the organ, under ths direction of Its able conductor, struck up in powerful yet plaintive mejodr, "The Mar tpaagtert Ban nor," during ths staging of which tho lad 1st ?U roos aad joined eflbrtnaily la ths music. Tho >? ? SMSttogB #111 bo hsM mry Wsdnsnday, aad is meet evsry day fw work at ihrse t'aisek. LADIES' MEETING IN ST. JOHN'S QOAP6L. Ya*erd*y afteraoeo a me?tli>g of ib.i I .>.tM ooaaecuKl wMlM. js'bB'M cbspnt, Vt'lek atTMai, Wf h l*1 ID U?1 large iarnstriaistbuol room at the rear of tho'ifiu < h H was very largely and iwiwcttD'y attended, *ud the <M?t fft later est wns rvnted ov all me tea?ai?? ptwouc a* w whom tosJd beet ex?rt ho-a?lf tit so boom to<t uatnutic a eau?e? that of tending a?latary relief to '.ft no giUot men wbo bai left for the m <? or wur to defend their country agitata irearoo and rebellion fbe at**iu>{ wan tunmdBei to ukx plvyi at eleven o'clock, but tbe proofed inga aid o i c mnvioM until aoe, < wii g to Ue p'?h:DiD?"T f>u?iB a*, onc<<p i g? roe tiro in ll e fl? ti b o' a <jn?litied (ternoo 10 111 the th?ir Rev .lohu K Vouig the ? n?t.t fjwou-l"- of *t loin's, wax pri>fiit, aKlti.g uw ladles *lib hie advice tu r-g% -o to i bo routine burin* hp, and ronuerod valuable aervicee to mom A' ii r the i/i.'^t'rr *w ceatl'uted f he p-cc?dta?B wero tborouab y onn?H upon. and era fe<-hog nolv w mod to at mate and pervade tho mioda of aJl pr?-?Bt, *<? ? '>a to thi b-vt invar s of p^ovy'iug the adoasaary oufvtanl rolV?f t i ?b<cn tboir brave nolo M*r> vera entitled la the event of tho cm in* r'gmtw avrnggut. A oc>b>b>hi> ? wax app- ru-d not mUy to carry oot the vaalous proj?c a d?>v?ed lo? tbis purpoae. bat atoo to cor ren-oni wi'b oiber laotaa' e ramtttoee of tb? various aectioiiH nf ttecnu-ch, u4 a<i pieeeut a.prveo w b( ?ffecio?lly tnp-eaM-d with the coo v to1 loo ina. la ea Kag'ig in em h ?? phikathrupto wo k th?y woe u >t only rind-riBr rMtntiai ge>vton to the gaimut army of toe novitry, bat were only dttcht'iiBC > du y wta.ou would, lo Hp contemplation, iltord tb?m a amwee of U bate railat action, the more they rwwut it ib >ta broad and oumpiebeulve ootrtt of h- uevnlent ua fu ueea. 'he ?*m ctaiwB of xi. >ohn'a ?nll ax busily ??n iK'tee ?b'f opt-ra k?a 1b tho reap4eta r?'err?vi to ? p-o vldirg 111 eoa, lint, drawers ke.,io k. od to Wa?btBgtoa. ^ rio bufiuufH I'flfi* e the la^iea haytag beea goo* thrcogh, they adjoanad iIm dw. TBE LADIES BOMB 81W4RIIAN ASSOCIA TION. This society is tsWratod to ail aot tho aoMier but the family he aaay leave hehlad him. Tlioy meet this after B>on at three o'clock, la room Mo AOIlotoaaali.aud lad tea wbo are ready to afford lymptthy and aid are invited to attend. A CORPS OF FLORENCE NIGHTINGALES. We have rrettved the following eomm iBtoatH>aa from ladle*, which wi 1 bo found to oootain m tny patriotic aad pranoworthy rentimaatM It will be hmd thit tbe t<elf devotion of Mlaa 'iosaanah K Dwyor haa a 'akonoJ a ryni pathetic movement in many a female hevt:? GovtHftOR UoatiAX ? Sib ? \ lady , enauhma of ahartaf In the tiaDKeia of the prinent ilWinlroua c law, ami anxious to alievi .te ih? mifrrmia of her heroic fatkra cltiaenx, an^g> ata to Hoveritor norgao tba advauitaao aad nrcfeity oi ori(aiMsli>f! a corpa of volun o^r attoad atti lor the I'Ck anu wounded. >Tia not wb->n oar brave teUowe are lying ib ext'omit* from the -<l<vui of ihrtr heroic Mif d?v<itKiB anon organiaa ion ?bootd Oe tboag'it of She b*ga to p>aoe ba-aeif at toe i^nveruor'acdftra, aod baa bo d<-uit tb?' a aurti.'i-i' t number of ??fllotmt W'lilnt to he wiitul in the i>am? bub*' o nhi a? found ib twen'y 'oor boars For nern if, rh^ 1 opatWntly awalU the (iovernor'a approval Sh ? ia wllloit to in?ke auv Bac'lllce, euanre ?u> toll, aod la -Kiiy dtairoiw H oe of use to th? common <Mnne ABxioualv aud ? evot* ly MART A 3T&NI.EY, No b3 Went Korty eg tun at. TO TBK IHITOR OP TBI BKKaLD. I bag leave, through tie calama of your pap^r, to offer my aervlcea to tbe government of tbe United States to norao tbe soldiers that may ha woua led In defnue-; of the rlghtH of Americaa cltlseaa, aa? la p other inp ikn A?g o' our Unioo. Ib th? m-aattme I nbail p ?uare Hat aaa bandage*. ?o ihu if I am called up iu I m?y oe Ib re^haesa Very raap-ctfully, AltiA DKr KJHf. 102 Kast Thirty eigh b atreet , N Y. TO TIIS EDITOR OP TBK BBRALD. tocitcd by the praaaiit ooodltloB of oar country, I feel . It say boundea duty as a true Amaric u> , t? offer any aaaia tanse that may he required, ti go either aa aurts to tho b*ave aoldier8 or to make Hat for thd ?a?e; tisewfe' them and, ia fact, to All aay vuoauoo thti a wotn^a onuM till In tblp great and holy cauae Ku '.iiood pleta* lid my ad drees; aad ahouH a cnance p.eieu . iu;.'if whore a woman could nerve In any way, do not beniUte to inform one wao wisax^ ro sfj:vk her oov.'nRT. TO TBI SPITOB OP TBE BBBALO A widow lady and a mother wishes to offor her a?rv ties as nurse to tbe wounded ia the present struggle for unity aad support of that Hag that has ever waved proudly o'er Ubd and sea: yea, and still mist, and shall, by the help of Divine Provl lenoo. It may totter, It may droo.i, but shall never fall. She Is folly capable for the altuatioa ehe so earnestly asks for, sad wishes for your asalsUnon, which ehe doubts not you will kindly grant, in maklnc It known is tbe right quarter CuietWel and tearl-<ae, her otily wlah Is to do go?i, aad share a alaWa affectl in with thoee noble aona of unity who will go forth to pro tect that honored ensign, onaer whone notile itara aod Stripe* some of her happieat years have been pamnd The oeat of refereaoe can be given If nsq ilred tier full name abe wishes to retain lo aaoret from tbe public uatl a be knows tbe result. Her address Is A. 8. , 97 Monroe street, New Yoik oarrisms or mi rwow! Now is tbe time when we oaa, by our encouragement aad ssslslanoe, show bow proud we are of tbe brave sons of liberty wbo are struggling to protect tbe Ktars aad Ptrlpes, our Bat ton aad our homes. We csa be of service to tb*m,and we will- I, for one, offer my ser vices la whatever manner they will be accepted , feeling ooafldent that the b'ood of '70 still flows In my veins and that I dare do anything for my country. I prop ?ee that we form a company of ladles of reepfctability to accompany rome regiment. In a dreae suitable for the ocraston, and let our ban -is be those to cheer aad minister to the sick or wounded who aeed our oaro I eanestly solicit the co operation of all thoee sympa thising with our Union to aid me la my undertaking Tbnee of my slaters desirous of j uning me. and of thoee who will lend their Influence, will ad drew all communlev ttons to the Flag of Sumter, Broadway Toet Offloe, which will meet with lauiediato attention. INTERESTING CEREMONY AT THE OLD MOBTH CHURCH. RAIRINO TBI STAJtK AND 8TRII'?8- UNBOUNDED KN TBTRIAKM OP TBS PkOPLK ? IFUCH OP DR. TEE Mil VI *. ETC. The old North church, corner or Fulton and William streets, ?u yea tor day the scene of a very unusual ex cltcment. An announcement hid been made that the Stan and Strlpea would be raised upon the steeple of the ancient edifice, and an Immense assemblage of ladles and irentlfmm were collected together to witness the inte resting spscUcle. The fact of the church being one of the few surviving memorials of the Revolution add*) an unusual Interest to the eeremony. In the year 1787 the Reformed Protestant Dutch Association founds the struc tore, which was duly dedicated to the serrloe of God two years thereafter. During the subsequent terrible times, when the patriots of America were straggling '<* freedom , the old church planted itself en the side of liberty , and when the British forces invaded this city the congregation were compelled to flee for safety. The building wss thoreupo naetsad by the English andftempo rarily converted into a military hospital. All these facta tended to throw around the proceedings of yesterday a peculiar charm, and la a measure account for the extra ordinary scene which was exhibited. Bhortly after four o'clock in the afternoon the principal men of the church took their positions on a platform erected la the southeaat corner of the yard, and the pro ceedings began. Judge Woodruff was c?Ue<l to the chair, anil delivered a brief but appropriate address; a'tar which the Rev. Mr. Chimper offered up a prayer. The song, "My country, 'tis of thoe," was then cbMted hy the entire audience with great effect. Rev. Dr DeWltt next amuaed the people with some humorous remarks, and, having ccttcluood, Dr. VsrmUyea wss loudly called for. Dr V. Ml<i, when he arrived Uvre that day he was positively forced upon the stand, and told that bo must make a speech. He had not a word to say for secession, bt t be wa* opposed to this kind or crwrci-tn. (laughter.) Alter sll be could not find it in his heart to refuse te say a few words for the old North Church and the flag of his country (Applause) It m'ght appear a para <ox. but yet he would ray he wm giad Fort Sumter had beea taken Gl*d he was, for It had awakened a spirit In the North which would never die until the Insult eflbred to the "Mars and Stripes would be fully avengcl. It ??s just U e thug the country stood in n?e<i of. Homeihtng wss wanting to stir na up, and the bails that rattled around S u m tt r, the shot that t"re away the (lag of our Uulon, called Into lite the right sort of eni4us*'sm. There was no longer division at the North Ail hers were for oae ohJ< ct ? the rereading of the AmeMcan flag some people were opposes to this railing up of pollti * wtlb religion, as they called It. For his part he thought it was the duty of the truest rel'g'on to stand at the ba k of ?ood government in the hour of need. (Applause.) be turn anil Rtrlpcs were the banner or civi: snd rdigtous liberty, and he tlrmly twiierad tb? downfall or civil liberty would be soon rodowed by the enslavlrg of religion This wsa ths extent of the mixing up of his politics snd religion. He hoped that the spirit which had been evoked In the North would go <<n increasing, deepening, extending and li tensirying. un'll ?ot only the grave of seems loo would be >lag, but until secession would be put Into It, Ita knell rung and the earth thrown over It forever. (Tremendous cheering ) At fee conclusion of Dr. V.'? remarks the signal waa given, and the Hag, prepared for the oocaaion, was sud denly pulled out upon the Hsgntaff. f*sten<d in one of the windows of the steeple, and < heer after cheer burst opon

the air The shouting and enthusiasm were literally of the wildest character. The meeting was subsequently addressed by .foanph Hoi Is aad others, altar which the people dispersed. THE SCHOOLS AND THE STARS AND STRIFEB. A large and beautiful American flag wss raised raster day afternoon over the fine aad imposing build tag la Twenty 4UMh atraet, Mar Ninth avenue, la ths rwsati e? wart, known aaMardft hoel Mo. gg, and occupied by a gtarla' gfammar aahaal, of which Mine C. M Kd wards ts tto prlaetpu. nua eaaUj wig bought aa? ty tte ladlea employed M U?Airi to uwu nobool wad tbe primary wbooi m thai bvlllag, ud, on their ' ?H p?rs?btrd by JtBM W. Gerard, Oq , t ) ih? Bofd of T. ukM f?r the w*rd for wham rt na rt?ivoi iy I> ! Waus (X Livings tan. iheir chairsaaa fboir btpp? a>l dreet-'B ?sore |>i?eeiied aud followad by n*',ioo4i wn<', ; and then all Um chlldxy , bui<X'UI( 1,4*0, f* Caw* | f> r? d to tbf ilttet, ?DkIi m Km cm ? Ml. II Hit, ! ? f Kort -timier otiehnty, wbo bait Itvg.^* u a ?*iveu<.i?,ib ward r, r*n up tbn tkg aad imtDedit-uf t'i? ev?iut eua it id by in* i at iai|ji< of a guu, ?<ik:n ? ? r?v >*i? i until ?b*> o< D>b?'?> thlfty-faur. '"hn naimo a <1 tbi ?l>gteg ?>rwt at tb? ' *iar ?fnn?l". Hut- of" "y tie pnpi's abd leartiers of ibe gr?ii>Ui?r ??,!?? I, rune*! llw M>I|IUM4>UI of klw ?<tt 0>Mt>?'tH t>> ton liuii-wt pi rb ib" . li l i en bt'ib* ?luj' til brritM beuiiei?Ha villi ji jr atid P? riulim fee. ?rre tli?n <11- in* ??id Oy I.Mge Wa'e-bury ? or i>r i Ik. dm n ?.?nw h * th? wari, w>u? a '?? r't-arki iio>trat ve o ibn cuuswi nt this |>ui ?>t c oeilHH fclraih i. , arlnnlt b?ft made 111* day "OH I ev-r 0 ?>rt I fit gotuu bv iIih vomb'ui* <*h > pit t o!i*'?i m it eae errfm<'biM H- also italol that the girl* of ihta large graa.B Ar rtbtyU DH(b? t'( fo-ir au'i fl?? bbnuteo, aatW l> ? lead at Mmm tidmon-iH aud um to Itrurtmu o- I >p Ltv bg?t?B, had or<nita-d one of ih ? D <?t ? Ittrbn'. ?Wih tor the r nppfy of lint, n?i>dag-w, fc<*. , to b? 'oond in the eltv. Korilhu g weut off h?|y ly, ( aad with gra-iticatKib to every peraun p^/t ciptiiu*. GKBMAN bCHOOL NO. 13 (17 TH WARD) KAl* iC THB KLa?. Tbe flag of our o int-y waa raieed over Grammar Sctool No 13 to lloiBton i>tr?el, near Bwex, at l?ro ?'c ock jesteroav a'tcsooo Tb? ooc?s oo was duly H'g a) z> d 1 y spe'rhi* and ti e singing of .bo "Air tSpingkd aiuier" by tbo cbiMren. THE NEW YORK TROOPS. THE TRIP OF THB BBVBNTH RKOWBHT. I TBI UVh lO fillLAllKLrilU ? INCIUKNTH (?N HIE ) ROUTE ? lilm >NaTH ATIONH Of TliK PBtii'kK? TUK | KOLUlthH KAUKH TO AVKMH; THIS 81. * To IH>.K OF 1HR MAMaCUP8RrT8 TROOPH? UMBaRK ATION ON | TBK BOHTON ? 1"HM R?TIO>H AND SLEKI'iN.i AR* RAMIKMKnTH ? THIC FAHHaUK UK THB CHKHAI'XAKB ? VlRkWORK H1UNALB ALOMI TIIB RlltiRK ? AR RIVAL at ANNAP0L1R? MKKTINO WITH THE CADrrTS ON BOARO THB CONSTITUTION ? TUB RK4MMBNT QUARTKRKD IN A NHaLL. PORT? AN ALanM AT M4>bT? TUB MARCH TO WAfMUNuTON ? BOOC'TH ANO AHT1LLP H Y IN AUVAhCB ? fl'N HTROKBtt? a HtlOW BROP RAIN? WATCH I NO FOR AMHUHIlaB -ARRIVAL. AT THIt JUNCTION ? 1 UK HOt.DlKRS 8LRIC1' ON Wi?oD 1'ILP.C ? ARRIVAL. AT WtHniNOTOft ? TUB PARAPK TilRUCO H TUB A ITT ANl> PllRHK NT aTION TOOLS ABB ? QUaRTBRJNO IN THB CAPITAc ? I aKIND TMK OaTH-THK RAWIRKNT toOINU INTO CaMI' AT UBl'BttBTOWN, ETC. , BTC , KrC. Tbv foil .wliig (irapbtc and n?UPed aeoouot af tb? trip of tba b> viDth r?g>?Lo? t m con la u?-d in a let or from a ?i?Biber of tba regimaut to a frutud to tarn city ? WaMIMUIVN, April It, 1 Sill. Kbjkmj ljtnaiTM)* ? I gt ppoao vu will vant '? ik'?>w i*nw we got baro. 1 could wuite a blatory ab>>ui. our J mrony. Having left New Yoik on PrMay m >ri? .nn , it may aoem atrai ge to yon that It takee, ur toon na, si\ dnys to come bore. * a bad a #n? tin e ail along ibo few Jtraey roul?; at every Biation crowda wt?e d'awn up to rota?tve ua oy tbe booming of cannon, tb* foorbye of the ol i to kt. lit tle r> meniliraocea, aucb aaroaet'>e?, cards with red, ?h to ano bloc ribbon atttcbed, and all Hirtaof nulo ihu>g? We bad a vt-iy p i nsult tup all tb<ougli to Fni'u. Alptn*? we ware there ^ttippad It waa our iut<-i tiou Ut p oeond olrtctly to Warbiugion by rail; but tbo rating, c "ucuiy would Lot taku uk inrtiugh We hi aid of tnn ?tt?ck oa-if upon tbe Maaracbui-etiR and rbttadelptiui ttoopt, aud <uw a party of I hiiadel^nlana n tu n, alt kovcltcd ao i txuH?<l It ralced oar dauoer and aaaua ua to tpacn luiti ?ore a It mm n ; but aa we e^old get toaro oui> ny marching, we were ol l??c"l to |i to * t?ztngmn eoj>? ctber way. The pe? p e of f'bUai-lphia wr^ I'e i u.i rory well? aone of the chi7.?ob tnyoed ?a tti teeirhiu a* to dinner. One poor widow woman o|>rued her h ituo anu gave ua bread and coffee, hot. In the afternoon "j *> tv formed )bt> line, ana BUrted for? wo diJ njt ko-iw ? bere; but after marching ibroe ra.ifa in a bo<. boo we found ourselves at lb* riyer, where tba ateamer Boston Ltd born ciu'tef?:.l to re ceive ua. Sbe was p-ovtded witn tsroo days' ratlotis, consisting of beef abd bard ^acterH an 1 water, ab>o with tin can tee na and army poacaee or haTernacaa, an (>Hed b*g to CO lam provwloiiij We aaile<i ab-mt nve o'cl<x k down tbe Delaware, leti tbo dock amid the cbner ing of people, Bring ol canon, be. A mau o' *%r to tbe stream m?m?d h?r yarda aa wo paaaed. Wo rat 01 down tbo Dataware river, aud about nine o'< l?tt, afier we had had auppur, wbicboonaiatMi of a piece of meat ano a bard Ci acker , served up in pails eai b mau laku.g a chutik , put unp it on b^ tin plate a most ib? r.ut'vrim o' kb-veaaud forks, we rolleo onraelvee up la our blauut* , used our kLapaacka lor piiows, and laid t.uraolvta ou >he?ofi, uoway platiks oi >be Bua'Ou in regular atyio, tboiiiMt man pulling blu.soif la poaltion, an i eat-b man ckwin^ m with him When we wtntao to take a turn wa w raid all have to wake op and torn togetaer. Wo- woke up ??an/>av morn ing abcut Ave o'o 01 k , ano foiud oar?elvea oo the briny d< ep, or Atlantic ocean We we< e all very aober .Sunday , ooR.mebcltig to su g paaima in tbe morning. We were al alone on tbe ocean, u*-ar an em my 'a l>nd,nn<t did not know but tbat we woulo not again see tnnao friends woo were at tbat viry time at tbe same service with ua. Dr. WtaioB.oar cbap>ain, lerformed tbe service. Ha waa very aoiemn U n a<e me fklriy cry, aa we stood tbere, and tb'tiking of borne In tbe afternoon we arrived at tbe Cbea?peitke Hay We first thought of going op the Po tomac river, but It would have been vert to have dune so, as one shot would have sunk on We tbere fore kept op tbe Chesapeake A splendid sail we bad. It la a spendid country, the banks full of green trees, grass, fte ? aooot a month abrad of New York In the evening we were oouauauy star .led by akyrrcketa, fired from tbe shore as we supp-ised by the enemy, to tall of our approach, but Bathing touch**! us. Wo retban aa before at nine o'clock. We w -ire expecting a war v easel to meet as, and stopped every vohbdi to in qolre about M, but oould get bo tldlnga of one We aw <ke nest Morning to find airaelvea in front of Aonapulta, tbe rapttal of Man Land It Is a imall city, the uruictpal at traction beuig tbe naval kciool Weloundhrre the war veMel Oooatliution, which had been moorel out from \n aapt lla, for tear of an attack Sbe had 40 UOrt pounds of powder on board, and waa manned by tbe cadets Also a railroad ateamboat token by tbo Massachusetts trorps, that left New York tbe same day wHn us. aa a prlM. rbey took bar at Havre da Grac*, and brought her ar.iuudtoAB napolis the pilot was a reoeaaou'St, and run them aground. They put Mm in Irona Tbe crew and engt beers were alao secesaloouita. They cWan-d to em out and subrtitu ed some of tbatr own men, who were engl oeers. Tbe government has now poasesaioo of tbe boat, and have manned ber with I'n'ted 6tatea marimn an' aorne cannon They uae It aa a transport Tbny ware agro<uid snd bad nothing to aat. We pulled them ofl and gave them what we could. Ia the afternoon we landed an1 quartered in a small for* b> lotigibg to tbe scb?>i, aff rding only very ck?eqiia/ter? Tbeeadets wereoverjo edtosee ua, aa tbey anticipated an attack and bad jeon uudor arms. We acted aa guar 1. I waa on the first night, aud was stattotifd at tbo extreme end of tbe yard, 'bree or four bandied yards from any of tbe guard; they ex pected an attack fr m that en I, being nearest tbe city. I kept my eye open The next day all tne mtw niggers of the city brought in cakes, pl"S, leinoon at lea mnU each, and other things they charged, ior what you ?uid bt.y tn New York (or one ceH. U){ ceota or a tip bad two mtala a day : a breakfast at seven o'clo? k, din nor and supi?r at four o'clock taring ttiia, rwsiay, night we wei/t to sleep armed, our muakuts n> our si Jo*. ree< y at a moment a Lotioe for an a tack I w<mt to <m) I at nine o'clock. At sleven o'clock an alarm was sounded ; in w?eB mwu'-es we were op ai.d bad form. ii line lor an attack Ibe alarm came from ablpa in ib? baroor. They Signalled tbe approach of a (teat, wbiob proved to bo some ol our N?w York vessels We ih?a returned u< bod At three o'clock Be*t morning my company (locoed) ?od the !*lxth wwre arous< <1 and preparsd for aurclhng 0 r ra k>d? ? c< naiating of raw aa t pork, bard bin . ait aod water? were eerved. We tben ata'ted, with a howitzer, aa skirmishers, to preooce U>e main 'ore*, on a journey of twenty ml lea. ibe Roaton trr.opa bad taken puanneaion of the railroad and rut ion, and had pat together a loco motive wh ch had been all samo laiied It a<> hap pened that tbe very man who built the luoomo tire waa among the sfsssachjaetts troo^e It did not take him long to put It together aga n and lay down tbe rat)a which ha<i been torn up for four miler ubrad We put our koapeaf ka in the train and started on our Jonr ney at fire o'cock, the ceoond company taku^ tbo lead. Our duty waa to send acout a a mile ahead an.i t?U of any ambuarado or gathering. We were told by tn? pe 'pie of Ai aapo w tbat we never could get ten tniies Die c intry I* a very desolate one. giving ux ao chance of ro' reehing ourselves, theie being about ten bourns between Anoapo I if and Washington. Tbe day waa very hot, and neveral of the men were aun a truck Noming of interest hap pened exoe*,t a ahower caught us and aotk 'd ua. About i n e o'clock the ma n b"?y caught oa, too mil'-s from a place called Junction, where wc were told (I to tbo laaod tr<*.|is had gathered to oppose na. The boys were s) tired that when we stopped ibey fell down to -icep aa If tbey were dead? tbey wvre ao tired witb tbe d-tv'a tat gu lug march. I waa in Ute advance guard. Toe aioet ol ua were building a bridge wbxh h^ l>een ??>rn doon I went back to our company and found only a Mw mamiero. A few feet ahead I aiiw itbout twenty-live bUnk i'e, A< throws on tbe ground. 1 at ooos M* th?,.?'tno ot <h no had advanced for aome reaa*B I th'ew my clothea oo the ground and alone advanced to meet i li?m and aoe wbai waa the matter. I met them, twei.ty tiv men, ad vaeclBg cautiouaiy, with their fingers oo toelr trig pen. 1 fell in and advanced with thorn, ae.> lag there waa aome deaperate work ah?ad We went a mile on tbe track. On both sides wta a f<>' at of buabee and tree*. It aeems our Ueutenait, who la a very courageous man, waa in sovanoo with ono or taro men, when he aaw aome men tearing up the truck, and tbe twenty -Ave had advanced to rout them, without any one In the regiment knowing It. I eipected an attack from about aeventy five to ote hundred men, and bad given up all hopes of ever reaching ctmp again . Imagine ua one mile from any help, in an fn?mv'a country, surrounded, in tbe dead of night, by buibes, trying to And some one to light. After advtaolac a mil* oa oar blankets and thmga, nod again started alone for ibe Junction, where we annotated to meet I, *00. Weil, we advanced (that la about seventy - ive of the Second company) We bad to go throagh woods, deep guinea, Jkr The reat of the namp waa fast ??leap. We advaaoed with our Angers oa our musk eta We ware spoiling for a fight, and expected to be oat to pieces; bat oar object waa to ptoaeer New York State to Wsabtnftoa. sad opsa eoaMaunicatioa, aa all other routes were r.Vwed After a half hoar's march we found oar selves at the fsmsns Jsnattoo, but were dleappotated in fcsdlag no saasaji bat inaaslit ouiaaltss with the M?a of isrhf oaptarad this fhaasas place. W o took passes' ??.** mH *??( to M m a ptl. ?T EZirvv^ ar* "'"r* ? u?r*?** w a? J", ,h" ??'???? ibfl mm* h-xJy guwd u* U- ?oontrr , .up tb*? r ?^to 'h^r .^l.rm ??<! Ml, *|M |? >f><m bT *h cti ??!?<! remru-d *? toe fi<? ?/(Li?.L J ** "*? "awning, a tram **n Mat - s^?sls?;e ?' E\?ri#i i h.m vt C't.i " t?"?'d Abt*'" U"?r , bet I slept. w. bar,, nrnln'., a 1,1 rr,;rr'rm^r? *>" ? ?" ?????; ?hey hea. j ??X^,T*4r.tU>E?\? ??{"*' J"111"' Bt* hundred and lo?t tifiy rb?_ a ?? rwarri- h-aj'd we were rented no tbo way >,om ?nnZ KLrV11 m,,r??, ??? >?*? *? h"ve be?? tbe drl?t nTt thf' 1 ?k ?? u* ?* *h??U a r ?..n f (I'D m?u?S ^ "e,e "" "V "" ?o remain for a ?e^t mustered before tU? Pre?i. ?? C,lrtL?t 5* rf 10 ?W* tb?i h r tbinv f ? DolUHl States, tie fl?g ?i??M Ih^' ?l ?i the coHtitoMou. u M^shi 1 ^ i 'h? ?*???> a' u>r u>4 do i,ot want r ,?Q?? ? ''o'tfrd State. ?>'.rtt0r. I from (Vb.i ' , * home before thirty -four atar* f y * }ou * d"U11, <1 ?ciountdf the p'v-e rfc '^ Uw-"D ""Dd4' ? ???" ?? '*P?* ii b?j? ? ?Wp" your humb.e . -J??. TRIP 0F TWKLPTff RKGruryr. t7? "" ? ?**??*- 0?h8IP ABOPT J.^o rnK HBVI'NT". ??VBNTY KIKHT m?bV^ ;rL,T" ? r,,KM * ???5^ akp anot ? rm >w TWBLrrH ik'I'MKnt sun hpruck 2Tl! ,>4B" TWO M"RR ?CCII>*NT *?<**<' ?>?? TK.)0.-8 f KOjI h ilai klhdh L> KK on B<M ft!>, Krc , BTr. I fwnmi Kn.muT on t(*'d 1 | ?iaAMNHip Oiunto.A o?? ' off Askajnius April 25 lstjl. | We ?re rtlll on th? water, a.tbon?b we ,rr>?e<l b?re on TH?M?y ?U the "I her troupe that came afi? m, lao ed be ore na l*?t night ?? Went on b<?r.l th ? twm, u ?he <kfK not d aw a. much water, and cao thereto,, taki n? * shore Whether the other troope h tvo fc- me 00 to WMb,"?u>D nr nul. I ?? ??*?, m I can ih,d out no h:o? ?m "?? o0lc?? S?"?? My that tno *v?utb, riev .u'.y flr?t, Hiith and Twelfth r"g mean, a-e U>furai * U-Uidj and that we are to brtn< tne artiU^ry sorin In the retr Thrre was a ruaor ailoat yent^rdaf, ?h<n the \'*ti ,nal Ouard, which wa. U> k-ep the ,,?i open bo- ?. .0 ;b ? pUce aad Wwhington. were uuable 10 do s<>. and tha tho i track wos torn up and b-t ^ d^etro.ed We w t| pro babl, land so?e tim.. u>- av, an sltn? ?ay wo wM ^ to wait the arr.val of ihe M*t, ?!ntn ?<l the Ne# Vork ?r? brigade, which are t i'>oc'?d ior?ay. A men tor of ih? r,?inint (I am ULao% to awwi* a ?hat company he tolongrd to) wua .,ln ?t uc? th.. <Uy before ,e.ferda?, and It .? r,p. r'^o r.hat he died .hom, ?rter, while dr)U, ?g another fei| owbo?r,J ymterdty '\C?" ""i 'txsvrjrjz owTrtr*1^' - to stati ,hat 5. y^ZT^ll ';r -thtr^ X41 ^^'T, rr!f ?* ! To clra"P?^uurr0,r" ,"TeU by U,B,r omoe^: ?ound THE TRIP OF THB HftVENTT-PIRST RfiG[ M-sr. WiwnvcTtnr, April 27, ISM. We arrived at Washington at h*if pa? ?u th- mjrn V??faTe ail the parfc ,1am ot cmbarkauon ul wrltal at Aan.polit, ai,d 1 will not repeal thorn. We lert Annapelis, ltd , at ibr?? o'clock on Ih-irada, mornl K oa our march for Ann.pong Junction, diataut. aa noar a* 1 ?n calculate, about thirt* miles. It wa. hard march.ut tte loada bemg yerj rough and muddy but not ,m? * r.; srjrn. ????'-'??"? ?? >? r? ?.?? hS??tM 71 rtJi 2; WIXHIR an und tbe riwaa We he ? / ? ? 10 ,tl0 a'arutstr^ wsaw Oold roairt beer sine <Uf* ,?d Two pilot blicuit, bftid aa a Doiiti fci"."' LVri" 10 "???? . I W6 loaded OUT plCCM and 3rrnf?f??<l ?A J * 9Q'iW6j I They did not ^ ^ me" 'h* uaora' ton Vtlr/ wh'lfue JU*^ g0t ,n r?r W^hln tumbled out or tbe oar* and to the rencu' r?P ? an attack on the road; b,a it did not wme"*' Wr Tl^ a? 1 have aald. at Waahington at half ">? ^SJ B,r?A,m,,I,' Ci vlbr, April 22, 1ML At fifteen minutes to .U P. U. we we.ghed auchor, and In company w,th tbe .U^Mhlp aiumbla, with the 9it.b reg-ment, and the Harriet Lane, we started on our w?y Three cboera were gl, en for the Union.thrao more the (thJ' ty lour) Stars and (13) Stripe., and another trio 'or theclty ! tI,Wc lhC b0,B f0lJowlll? with the national anthem Tho fi ar Hpar gied Banner ? At seven P ||. the ordor V'wL tl>C Mrrr"U to ihow lh? ?*? their bunk, they looked like a three-story Bhoep-peo-each bunk mw-' urmg five feet si, by three fret, accommodating three th?M first ciaM (juartera being for the b?. of the regl-' ment the recruit, aleepirg oo oock. <mr ratk>n? wTro bread, eat In quarter poun I chunk., and meat pwt freab and the re.t aalt. The men have to form ln slng.o file march around and get their ration, frvm rery dirt, cooki. Whatever you purcha* muxt be weU p^id for for Instance, a lemon ooeu ten rents, apple, ten emu for a pie seventy Ire. ' At right P M the doctor had hit hinds full. About fifty were m sick, end a number of the recruit* here ? piece of pork golLg the round! in tbo usual way .oonsoll/ig the nick onee. Nine P M. AO's well. The flergsaut of the guard i? k'iIiik hiH romd Twelve P M One migtn art well be tu cmpeny with the gentleman In black u> hero? the boat la rorkuig and do c banco to steep. after some two bourn of card playing, the boye are having a trial ey jury on the sleepy b?ad? The verdict ta return? I, tbe criminals arc convicted, and the penalty (settled by the jury) la that they must make love to the cook and get hi tue good food Tuesday morning, off Cape Charles, marched the squad to breakfast, which, by the way, consists of two places of bread, or pilot biscuit. a cup of? wed, they cill It coffee, it la unacullerateJ by such unbalances m milk or sugar. Tbo lane unl the Columbia are ahead. A schooner saluted us here (nff Gape Henry), by dipping her colore, Uji' 8 tar a aid -tripes. Tliey call the roll at nine A M., <n ibe hurricane deck: O'mpany A commence* The weather I* very pleasant 'ibe Htltlc and Giatsaooalooa are In sight, what uo you tbnk of tun cents for a glass of water? That's what It rosia here. And that la not all, but ten cents more for Uio hire of a cup to get It in. F ifty cents fo> so< a water. At a quarter past nine A M. entei od the month ot the Chesapeake bay, and arc two hundred miles from Washington. Ibe steamers have all stopped, so that the sq'tadron nay get together rbe Ha rl?'t l*u< takes Ibe lead rbo ships are tbo Harriet l<ane, R. R Cuyler (Heveuty first reg'mert), llalt'c (Twelfth tegtmeat), Columbia (4titb ngimtnti. Onatzaoi'Alos (Rhode Iaianiers). The steam er* ate all In a line, ami are now stemming uo the b*y. It is as hot as o< tnt arable for tbe people of this world. Fight P. M.? Arrived off <mntpolM. P. B ?Have been compelled to pay the very moderate price of fifty cents per meal or "go It" mi ral'. horse. We look like anvtn ug bu'. the -erenty llrst. Imagine the boys wlih their pints out at tne knees. Mina are to. I want another pur THE RETURN TRANSPORTS. WHAT T11JCT II*VK ImjnK, aND WnO TIIKT n k*~M MtOrtlHT BAC'k? t0K Hit! l.HT? tfENBKAL NEWH, ?TO. Tb> e'eswiabp James Adger, Captain Phillips, arrived from Annapolis yesterday, having landed tbe Sixty ninth regiment, numbering 1,487 men. She brings borne sore ral Invalids of tbe regiment. Captain Pb.lllps says t?f the gallant ftrtyMnth, he d?ems It his duty to ei press his high gratlficatl m of the manner In which they conductor themselves during tbo passage. Although there were nearly 1.600 of them on board, there wsa the tuitne order and discipline as when making a voyage with the ordinary number of |>*ea?iig- rs. aa<l when It Is fe numbered that this vessel is calculated to a:c ><nm >dei? but 300 men It speaka more for the duty ninth tnaa many days o( parade duty. We regret to say that two of the number were drowned In tbe Chesapeake. (in tbe 38th. at eleven A. M , pvsed the steamers Ala bama and I'arkersburg. for Ne? York fbe Martoa was to ssii on tbe Mth for New York with the Called (Ha tea br.a Perry In tow. Mrs Oiptaln I,vn> h, of the fluty ninth, J F X *) gait, of the tinned mates brig *erry, Captain Joseph Hpragne. of rhirteeeth regiment. , Robert J lane? bearers of deapetcbs*. TTte foil" wirt pi rsoas return boms sick John O. Maboay, Thomas Bolbert, Penais Renatn, I Jamea Crefts, ? WmiMi, *?? Maaamg J???h HoO*ay?w JuOa Bmke, ? *Ji of ?be ?nxtyntath. jl B^ST** dp,HV*' 01 ** **????*. ? ?? *1 *<*, W. V PbeTWlD, % illtam Pardee, T B. :Vbuliz, B a Mn totmack, 0. Atw. od, Wm Welab. ? *U?f i be Twelfth. John Howell, First Rhode Island rng*mri.. Jam*s Rtrwir. cam* on board b* m"iake. Amor g tboee re uining In tbe rtr k?u i aaepnrw t ram Jnaapo iB there la du i Iflorenoe of <pia*a ?t 10 um HKomii pern. veranc? aod pluck of our Me* Yetk and U ? Faster d ?m meets. Mat > irnvdub ? a-? told of th<it' adapting tbe-naetren to the oceialon ? for liiHt-tno* , thit of our Sovooth pnaa trifr railroad earn twelve mil?'? on a trank , and rebuilding tbe ra Iroad irom Annapolia th? j<i< eti ? And we have it trnm a person c n*ei?aot with t*>ch affeim that It In In better running ort er now to '? Is ?W WM before Outers) Rutier, of the ttamacnuaetta rertaaso* M per frctiy oi home on land or water, he ae v* risunwi, lonea the eiglneer and eeptaia to do bw bid" lug, CuWa cut fpgatr*. and, In laot, lx generally arwad wbeo aay tbii g is ui bo Ibia la tbe materia: of oar North em arirj Tbe funic sailed yeale'day afternoon wttfe (Wool Kl ir worth 'a 7.. uav- a. Tbe K* v Store Hiate also aalird under geakd ordert. The pteatnrblp AUb*n?*, Otpt. *c|?eofik, arrt?#d ya> tirday P. II 'torn ai capolm havng landed her troops Id g <od health and they a ari?d fur Wiuiblngvta. Oo 'VI da> mot nli g at fx o ctuc?, ?n tbe b*U ?? e, nanai d th? rtean abin Quaker City aud a propeller (prooaby UM Ke dar) bun nil *?>atb fno steamer Kill vi>o KuU was unpaged IruaporUng tioopn rwtwi-na Minupoli* and Harre re ijraa, Ibe acb? -rer W?a' <V?d, ?1.p hu? B'irnaU from Wll ml' g'on. North Ct oliu*. 2*'b lui>t-ut ?epo>te the a-eana fr I'rc'ti B' tj bad heen t ken aa ? p- i*, ber e??w uurnwa into t/i ikou n tbe etM'geo' r?e ?? hoW-h of the fede ?f ruMMn nt Tbn Ke?rwl i.lma ?u?ho?t bad annK T?tela In N>w In1*', blerkl'-g up "be ebv sol The auamer Vti ion wl-b the United dUMO krlg Parry In tow, W'll be duo ibta uxirnu g. TBANRPORTATION OF ARUYlUGQ&GE. Mr K Vogell formally an offlwr to ib? frtank assay, has anggcateo >bo roitn>ttkin "f compwee, to be ?t>aobeJ to tbe army, wboao roie d ?t> aha<i be tue trtw^irMtWD of tbu baiiK^g" anil camp equip^gee uii ui a t as araaa rem unit > oa>anaHui tee I'Dia ?u?g-vtl >n l< m- ie la r?? cl' tbe c< n'ltfli n which peoerally utti-n a mieb natters, and b< p <>p< cea tb*< own g pl<u for "rgan SAtwa:? Facb c '?!>)?? y ib to nwnter tl tv tH'-u tocKi in? a c?p tail- , lientei unt. a r.Qiff mirthal of tb?< c?m>, btark aml'bx, uia>m a, b?korg ai.o b i;c '<-a T>>,e ber wnh tbef-e th->e Hl<all bo If y-ono >>oraen ior e,?r? vl.ig t^fa^e, Oteii?l>a a> d tools It W th "ig??t. mat ? ne of ta?ee oJSi pun i a will bo attached to the Fifty -Win raiment. CAB DEN AM) A?m>Y RUl.ROAO COM PAN V. In a paragraph hi our pifier y>>at--day we untaten ttoual'y reflected 'ipon tbla corporitlun hy c.aun? that la tliu t-.'inaporutiiin of tioopathny wotiid not trduoe the tare oi e rent. In tho 8?iti? p-toer, however. It wlU be ?>?rte<1 bat the rornoari) b v> giv-n <*u tbouaaod Ool l?'B k>< tb? aid - f ibuao to vant, ?-ii nffu 04 oeetdos to )< an iho| taio o(sNow Jeraey a Ui go sum. Tenth THst Wait. ? ? t>va^'*js oi)A?i?-rot, uuv-ifvrt H?^i?iirr. 1 Tkia n'(t1m-ni. statioe*d at rort "cnuyW, mm rt*er, coMlnue? to n rol men for i tin <i*y-< ml ta-? r-iwaiB ?( ??eaocl' a are ll'led Mnne bat *ble uodi-d vd mtelilaeat m?n ?UI he rr?>tv<*d. lh?? ^ppoituoltj ia t*ken ui ??p->?e e< ii?rulnl?tloDH io ih- saerabca of the <?g1'n?D'- f'>r their ?ii?* g> n'l-man'v h^n?/ior and a'tenv a to t?ete 1QWS. I 'i bt? reglmetn being In servt<? p?v ooinmenu?s to aesabara of | tin old .'Oiripanle* ft am IB* dale e ??ie pi ini -e'trtoa. t >ei?lti?K ou.o?? &ii Mioadea), and ouraer uf autaofoaoo and leotb a'reet . t> APP-/L '> O T" fc Pa RlllT ?J.? a K<>K<NrO? 1 u I* In HMM ?. lo-rnml n, ?n I ?wi ?te Oa?i l?lol liuard c inp'n-d of men who fwr* mrr-d in tne rarHos i u "'pean ar?? W. ?rd nr p?ri?uH>r d Hy fml?iM i o* ei perl n-? I be undRoi^i' d having been aoii i'nvnd i e<HW of tbi< organl/allon wuuld r-?pect/u U a>k for nruw j rtflaa and p'Klo* II H No-ili i . rr*amrer, irrlni Boitd Irg MM and /4fl Hro.dvay Com mi line I'ber D'U nary, A. R? p? t'l, ' h- rlea B for on 4 IKOT'K, or T IB M 1ST iX?K?HINa HiKK, F flJi ?L aire, ahix'tlni; twenit t me*, Urg- h4l ?Itb ao e?wa barrel f< r Rbot wlib pimp aod ?U HuIok-. enur^lr biw, In ca># prlC' $ 10, cmt$21V AadiMl H aoi ?4g N * rost oBloe F??. 1KB HfcVKJLvBM?U.UIIl AND HUH OitlT nia^e afco<t'nR D*?-ly b<U' on'-c* nail >Dn ilait, rtllo harral, with raient mould, all new, In ??e. prlie $Wl Alan, large kn?l<ab twist ?lngl> barrel tun* nun now; prtr? |B, Aaaraaa.l b"i <6rt n. T . Poat n?oi IpLAU^ AbO B? KTlN'l ? 81 X UaKOM 'e|0<? PuaOA, r >? ^unllim. T> p'e^?a fcn?ll>th Run Itg lOnaeea Maa'a China ?na? I'W; U>i piece* Oantoa Floor Muvac; S oaaa* i r?Mi- tb . rrult*. id tin*. JOHa MiiiLkH, Commission Ktmbut, 121 f*art street. r HY SA DM Ir ad ineirtw-re or fw ?Ulia? aire's *? Mofkoej 2rU;ilS?g 1HMPBRIAL Zon*V?- -UIH Nit * VwL"frrglR I ri-gtBtent la sow being reernlted nnd?r IW wapei ?i?|ja Of C'i.1. ?. Ve-rlf, whole determined to it, a paint at elUdenev di?e pline and drill, equal to auy at tbe aerrtsa. Great onre will be tak"Q i la- aeiee'lon of nrtleera aad oaaa. ilio unifina, with alight modincaUoaa, wli be after ike French i rntlemen a>? requeeiei to rail aa<l enr J tbelr naaaaa forthwith. Iieadquarters at ho. 3b Bo eery, where oonpaay rolla are n< w ready. KNlCkF.fcB i KKa llOtllt UHaHU. - llaHB WILL, be a meeting of the alKi-e oorpa at t-e eldorado. Ha. ? Centre a'roet oo Toeedaj er-nlag, S tn In* , at 7)4 o'aleek. Puretnal a1 erdanw la mjueeted. "y order, ?i Hl.ih, Bearrtnry tiUltr Ci l I ~IT r'uliaaas M N LLI.aRV *KU NAVAL UNIFORMS AT THE HHOBT eat notice. GEO. A H i?T?B A HO . Boa. N >M 2V1 -y. fcW V>BK BRITISH VoLt7MIA?*R EEO MFN I Al7 ORDERS mil will take place at the Klmn* -n 1 -oi, rea r a t 398 Bowe rr . *t hour* of 11 M , ? P M and 7 ** . M. r?wry naill further noUoe. by Aider of commanding n'ttner J 'HN IllZLB Adjntaat OE?-<?N0 KEG1VEKT HUTJ ?*UARD MEW TOBK J hi l? Light Infantry ?At the r?-nn *t of tlol O W. E. lotnkin* l' ?<?! m<Bih"n of ll>' wrowl erlil meet ?t the fti'tiov nUI a rmnr> on tM* (Tom iayi fvoalng at aigkt o>lock, (? r the purpnaeo' farming >i bom- tfturd, v< or??ft the etmory nrd proueny of the r glirent wh'-a ebeeat def *ad ? h>K tb? ."torn and Mlripea aa to- rtgimen' u aader ardent b> m*rrb for ? aafci . ? ? u I' la iwxwj that All Ibeei nienibi i * ad 1 fnetida or ibe ref meet nvel line eve 'lac 1IE>K< KOHIN V N eg Ootoeal. .Jrbn f'lArke, ei Lieut Col . ChArlee uoodtven, pi Captain I bit ii< ere; Alexander Denmark. Aob? i* trwta, ei dajor; lleai j oracy, ei Lieutenant ; Major ruorapaoa, aod 4,<JUQ othe a. T H'hD Ward HOMB o< ARD-A ME Brian Of ? tkl roe* pen y will be ke Id at 77 J reaawlTA ?tn? erory alglit tkla week l Itlzeni of tb? vara are Invitee m ? Ilea A *j erder of ii. OOAAbNEodH, Oaptala. P Roneaown, i rder?y. TOO LATR Mill <'I,\MSIPI('ATKM. f 1 I.I I.N 't flRTLB kOUP A?x> riTR*K.?, AMU BMxLiMH IT a uttoti for dinner io da? fcngliab root beef aad plaaa puddw g tsv morrow, alar boiled EnglUh las of <n Hum aad irlnimmga. For aale Knglttb dutt >o, ? arm i-un Stoatera, l.i'ixVwi Hfrate. Plkl'd -almm, Haeon, uua? C-teeen. Aa. Lititl"ji ? Al? in One ooDdltlou on dra'tghu T HIC 1 >KOiHJ4, agent, (0 Maiden lan- . cornet of WllUaai at real. Madame 0. meaEE ??i>ii*ii aRdtu tngiub. trench And Spanish Roa'diu And Day *ekaol to' f ting ladle*. removed 'o age tit and Bi Radlaja aveatta, comer of haat Thirty eighth aireet A"TPI R W>NTEl?-WlrH A CASH CAPITAL Of _ $au00or ElO.uOO, tn the anal boat aa*. ia an old eatah lltbed o al vara, doing an evtena ea oaak lcialn??a Aputr to or a<lrlrea? J. D. fA\ LOE for Uirae day a, Irialty EaLttag, 111 hp ad wat room* *2 and 70. Thf. advivrtistr wishes to meet vira a part* who will ftirt.lab eapttal to introdtMW A naw mili tary tent, ao eonatrueted that loe anfdter can r--rt aa >ad and have .11 lb* oomlorta of donieaths llf? In < a <aai aa w*U aa at borne Kor i*raw|p(pi and a vtew of tka modal. ??<*??> W. B WEWMaW. AO dTeat JOtk atreat. WeN'KD-A LADT MITII ?0? ?J.O'O To AtOOV, TO lake rharje and half talereat In a Hetel a enapla of ml'ee f'oni tte cl'y. Any 1 dy wi< in* a ??d lovtw.mamt at d e pleeeant home will o'eaae a<Hr?a? Humav HiWaa, Ma ra,! on.o?, alt the weak. appolnutiK an Intervie#. P FINANCIAL. . ^ ^ dill l ,/tl | 111 UIAN t<N 0<l?D ANO MOaTttAflS, 9^1 In attm* to aalt iioeka, M?wd* Vtplmai aid nnalreaa Caper bought aad aold I^kaI bualneaa pfucapt ty attended t? A PIT TH A Law, Col'ratlon aad Eeal EalKte, 15 Road atrtM. _______ T.tOCPD? 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