Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1861 Page 9
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held <w Um fourth Thursday la May, are to h?re the privilege of ratifying or rejecting this 1 revolutionary arrangement of seoession. The revolutionists expect to parry it, as they have carried the State Convention, by the sheer force of terrorism. But let the armies of the United States, meantime, move upon Richmond and ocoupy it, and from that point let the General in oooupation, under the authority of the Presi dent of the United States, issue a proclamation guaranteeing full protection to the freedom ot the elective franchise, and a proper punish ment to all offenders against this right, and we predict that the people of Virginia will over throw all these secession contrivances and stick to the Union. Give them a chance; for thus the Old Dominion may be saved, In spite of the folly of her revolutionary mob, mainly composed of men who have little or nothing themselves to lose in hurrying her headlong to destruction. OCB I>A.\OEHi) FROM SoUTUERN PlIUTKH ? Let Us Have an Efkicikm Blockade. ? The general government set up by the revolted StateB has resolved upon letters of marque and from Virginia to New Orleans the r< bt Is are preparing numerous vessel*, steamers and sailing craft, to play the ro If ot piracy against the commerce of the United States ul<>m< our Southern Atlantic seaboard ?nd in the Gulf o" Mexico. Thus, at Richmond, the two Qae sea going steamers York town and Jamestown h ive been seized, and are bticg fitted up for pirati cal purposes The steauier Nashville, at Charleston, and the unfortunate steamers Stir of the West and Habana, at New Orleans, are undergoing the same transformation, from peaceable passenger shipn into prowling Ade lines. Then tbeie are several revenue cutters seized by the Coniederatcs, and all sorts of sailing crntt ready or in course of preparation for tre f-uroe service. The Confederate Con gress reassembled at Montgomery, Alibatua, yesterday, and its first business, no doubt, will be to give to this system ot piracy the forms of legality. Our government at Washington, and each of the lojal States of the Union, and our mercan tile, ship building and ship sailing interest?, should, therefore, co-operate promptly aad liberally to secure an efficient blockade of every Southern port, bay. creek, river or inlet, from the outlet of Chesapeake Bay to the month ot the Rio Grande, in order -to prevent means and munitions of war from going into the revolted States by sea, and in order to prevent their pirates from com ing out. From the scores and hundreds of skilful Southern officers, late of the United States Navy, who have resigned, and who have thns cast themselves loose upon the world, the Montgomery government will be able to find competent officers lor their piratical ships, and the surest way to prevent their contemplated robberies on the sea is to lock them up under an efficient blockade. Our Board of Under writers have taken this subject into considera tion, and onr Chamber of Commerce would do well to proceed at once to some active volun teer assistance to our government in this mat ter. Thi: Families of thk Voixntkers. ? There ia * good deal of uncertainty and tome anxiety about the mode in which the families of the sol diers of the militia and volunteer companies are to be sustained out of the volunteer funds, during the absence of the men. Money has been, and no doubt will be, liberally contributed for this purpose; but some plaa should be promul gated by which ?uch of the wires and children of the absent soldiers a3 may need support, con be regularly supplied with funds, may be that but a few of our gallant volunteer;: leave their families wholly unprovided for; but it would be a great consolation to those who l*ve to do so to know that the dear ones they leave behind them will be taken care of, and their wants supplied with absolute certiioty and as little incouvenieno? as possible, Would it not b? well to organize a General Oistrihuting Committee for this purpose, with branch offices located in different district* of the cUj? The Colonel of every regiment might leave a copy of lus roll with this committee before his departure, and the families of such soloiers as may need sup port could thrs obtain a regular weekly or monthly allowance upon application at the pay office ot their district. Or, in c ues v hero funds hare been raised for particuUr same plan m'jcht be carried out( But we think it is imporia'J thai before fthy more troops leave the ct'y some specific mode of disti ibnting the funds f< r the maintenance of the ftttnilk s of the volunteer should be decided oj oa anu publicly otuounctd. Tho-k Twkxtt Day-' Grack Nkakt.v Ex- . ?iiiKU ? la President Lincoln's war proclaraa- j tion. "done at the city of Washington, on the ! ?flfteenth day of April," the following Import ant parage occurs: ? I rtcptn It pr< jwr to M? that thf Erst iervtw a*-i(rr?t! ' to tbe ffirCK" hereby en ? n torth ntll prob*tjiy b?- Id ro- I |>rfstf!| the forts, pleOW W>d prope ty wine'. b. pu ?e;zed r> a TbIm; (Mini v*< ry *v?it th ? u'm st i tu'p ?t'l b? obMrvrd. c ? ?i?tGutlr wutt the objoeu afoicMio. to iti M <i?cuo?iioa, any dwtruetlo? of or utorWeui :? With pnpMtf, or any disturbance of |>earp- I ful cttiwoR in any p*rtoT tUo country iu,d t hc.pfty cf>jrin?r'i tl>o pr-*no? r mp -(?)? ttw combinations ?nd to d<sp*>riM Hi d retire puMritlf to t&elr respective soocm within twenty day* tiom this dale. The "combinations"' here referred to are tho ho.- tile combinations In tie revolted States against the laws and authority of the Unl'ed States. These ' combination?" are warned to disperse within twenty ria\s from the notice given, a tf rm'of grace which will expire on the f?th of May. The defensive policy of the government cease# a^er that da.\ ; ho that with in the ne^t few days we msiy expect to hear thi General Scott has adopted the offensive system, and has set in motion some twenty or thirty thousand men foi the occupa'ion of Richmond ?r Baltimore. This is the meaning of those twenty days' notice. "Exkc rabuc New Yohh." ? I'nder this sug gestive caption, we publish from the Richmond (Ya.). Ifrspatrh a very ferocions editorial of that ferocious little sece?slt>n orpran. We dare say that New York will survive if; and it is quite possible that our Seventh regiment may com ply with the Invitation to visit Richmond again sooner than they are expected. We predict, too. in this event, that from the people of Rich mond, even as enemies, the men of the Seventh, fro*i their gallantry, bravery and magnanimity, "wit, have such a reception as they will de serve:' Tbey rush to pave Virginia and to restore htr to the tTmon. The great mistake of our Svt'bern revolutionary brethren wa ?, that in appealing to war, to break up the Union, tbey would hnve a united South aslant a divided North. New York city dissipates that aelualcn, and t&aft tells the story. Washington Not Intkndkd to bk Attack - i P.? It is now said that the secessionists never ntended to make an attack on Washington, But doe* any one believe that the men who seized the forts, and arsenals ami money of the government ever hesitated about seizing the federal capital, the archives and property ot the nation, if they were able? They did un doubtedly mean to lake possesion of W ashing ton if they were btiong enough, and, moreover, they still intend to do it If they can. It is for this purpose that they are concentrating troops in Northern Virginia, and they captured Har per's Ferry with the design of moving from that point by the railroad to Baltimore, of which road they hold possession, and thus making Baltimore Ihe bafis of operations, and they mean to try it yet. This piece of Btrategy, therefore, shows how important it i& for the government to take pos session of Baltimore, and to hold all Maryland in subjection with their troops, and, it' needs i be, to pueh the war on to Richmond, and regain possession of Harper's Ferry and the Norfolk Navy Yfcrd, and this, too, promptly ami vigor ously. The assertion that no attack upon Washington ever was or is now Inteaded by the rebel turny is a mere pretence to cover their designs StVEN DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tbr Bremen at tbis Port ami tHe Arabia at Halifax. Mr. Gregory Postpones Lis Motion for a Recognition of the Southern Confederacy. TERRIBLE FLOOD IN JAVA. Spread of tbe Insurrection la Poland, ft 4*1 M?i The steamship Brcrr-en, dipt Wrxsel fHm South *tnp ton oil the 17th 'pst., with thre- days' !at<>r Kurcpr?n ad vices, arrived oil S?atd?" Hook early yesterday ro?rnio<r, and in enter in? the harbor gromdei on th?; e?st b iait about one mile trora Stat en Uiuud iw'.iit, who<e sne wf w lying at last advices. Kflorta were being madu to float her, and It wits thought that with I ho at haul the would be got olf at high tWo at two o'cIojk this morning. Tbe itcamahip Arabia, Captain Stone, from' Liverpool at 3 P. M. of the UO'h.via CJueenstown evening of tbe 21st, arrived at Halifax ?t 2 30 P. II to day. Tbe Arabia bu flfty pas^cngori for Boston and ?6.697 in ppecle fOur Liverpoo' dispatches via QuecrJtoini ?ay? she took ?13, ?00 ] Beveral h-avy failure* are reported In Mars -i'les. with extensive The Bo urge was anlmuUU and higher, rent*# ciojoU on the ll>th at 63f. 20c. The steaicBblp Cltv of BalctraoreJ from Now York, arrived at Liverpool at mldniglit of tbe 18'.h. The steamship North American, from Portland, arrvod at Liverpool early on the morniLg of the 16tU, The steamship Teutonia, from New York, arrived at Ctmea on tbe IStta. Tbe Arago arrival at Oowee on Sunday nfcht , April 11. The Vigo arrived at (fneeirstown April 14 The Kooria Moori*, from Melbourne, with ?80,000, has arrived at Plymouth. Tbe Wave of Lite bad also arrived. The Camden arrived at Qtxca?town ou Monday, 15th, at five o'clock A. >i. tirrat Britain. In the Houpo of l<ord.? on the 19th, I.orl FilleiiborotiKh wtkt'd if the gVraVMMUft was 4MM ? i.'.ii.iiir hnM recoociltbg the question between the Kinp of Italy and the I'ope. Lord Wodehooso Faid tbat the government was ev?gcd In no regctlutlcri- whatever, thoir policy b.iDg uol to in terfere in Roman Catholic queettonH In the Bouse of Commnns. Ix>r<l John Kuss< 11 stated t'-at the Krli!-bC<>r?ul Oneraf of .Tnrin, and the other foreign ministers, with tbe exception ol the Araerioan C< ni il, had left J?'u<!o to be protcctei by thi^p of Mir, In oenee-jurrce of an lnt'ma'ion hiving been <sed to wards tbtm, which tbe Ja)?neae government had not ccdoavored to check. Tbe Ixindon 7fm? editorially reltrrates hopes for tfc-* maintenance of peace, and thinks it ik Mill possible that the wufl'kc irtcntlons of President Lincoln may net be f-arr!c<! otit into civil war. One of ita articles concludes aa follows ? ? We would rother bope that the good tense of the Americans and tb<- peaceful couusols of th e country may bring about u reconciliation before tbe dispute has been too far carried As long as Ibe two feciions of the Union refrain from hostilities, It would be tfc" height of arrogsnoe and f.)llr to interfere but t when tbe soli ami seas of the New World are likely to be i itained with blocd, foreign nations may surely remon ' St r>'c in tbe cense of humanity. Tbe lar.s correspondent of the Daily Sews ra;.B that Ilussiu bu informud FrsMW that in* oonsi^aenr* of the events at Warsaw, It will be laooM>,b)o to .jotn the Krcach in any measure for the ^etllrini nt of the Eastern question. The alleged reason of tb.s is th*t Russia regards stance ae au acoom plice in the t'ctUa disturbances. Mr 0 lads Vir.^'s bo4|at s?hows the ex I pendltnre of Ibe past year to lie over ?600, i COO lew tliaa eetSjnaieo Tbe expenditures of ( Wit year Is cutimiUed at 8lxt>-nine million nine hundred i thousand pot; iios. a?nd tbe receipts at rev only one m.iiioa | fooSdr' J *"<' t* 4nt? tbre? thousand pounds Tb0ta?6li i>rorr,?s 3T0r ?1J0 ta to bo reduced from ' 10 . to 90. ; incomes Ok '??' ?100 pay Che |*per I duty in to b* r#r* ai<xl f?*^? ^ ?t Octobcr n^xt. Tn? ditty on It* sign chworjr' 1' doubled. Iho t<M and eigiT d'lt'rs are re ena< ted foi* another year. The ether pro Visions aro unimportant^ The Bu-'get was generally satisfactory. A report thut i'refrfent |,it coin was JeaU wascxten sively orcnlsied in Kngland , . . American ne?s is anxiously l<x> w? ?< ,T ? Italy. <.ar;balul bad takon his scat in the ltd AU "sf-awncnt, and buo'ne'g was ti mporarll} suiipend'-d b) applause. Tbe action of tbe M i.,?try in eitbaad'sg ti.v' *>' thern a < m; and tbe measure? lakta for ,t* n organ! /at. t'n *er? debated. Garibn'di made a N violent that " '*? cited tutnrlt n tbe Cham tier Be mu<.n oflonstve a If ?:ons to the Ministry , against whieb Count C .vour pro ? tef i d. fbsPrrtMent <f the Chamber pt.t on his nst, auU siting was suspended for a brief inter. at. Gariba'dl n ntnmimg spoke with more moderation. Be defended bis comrades in arms, and said the forma tion of throe divisions of volunteer-, M dccrwd, ass u>t tLfflctsnt *or t? e nattotf' %rr~n rent. tJenera! Btxis mac- a coociltau ry speech C ulI CAviitr ta id he accepted tlu ir.'iJ, of a.uc.Ual' n Garibaldi rxplsined tbe srvorai fseis aUndo?i to by i Count Cavaur, eiprti'sed his belief t^at U.unt Ca\oi.r ! loved Italy. He desl(rt?ted tbe freneh nrmy as the e*e 1 my of Italy, bernuse it occupied flntne | On ihu l!oh iildi again lecelfcd in ;he CliJtn I ber w! ta loid ? ppUtne. a oiscu.-eioo lock place on the organization of the , M'nistry | Tne war '?^rlfrnfi' of ttie mvloti d*,^ bad sr.bsMed j WorJs of oMCord bet * ?-on tiocnt Cartj: r >ud <?? serai 1 Wt ot'rf spptau ec b.v all, and raribMdl expreanel I himself satisfied. An atitmpibd react on had broken ot.t In Calabria, wbl | ther the troops hsd bei n ir?p*ielie4. The town of Vonaaa Had been delivered from tbn Bour | boniatis 1 Continued AusVlan movement" on the To, nr . r Ferrer* 1 are recorder An at tar k on 'ardmiawas cor?ld.>rd po--!ble, com menclra with tb? Invasion of tbe Puchy of Mr?dena, j would not bean lnfractti'n of tbe Villa Franca j treaty. Poland. Warsaw *4lv1erM say tbat matters are daily jrowlng woet, and It was feared tbe exasperation of the people would lead to ff?h dist irbance- The vigourou ? mea sures taken Lad not Intimidated th<m. Prince Gcrtr.bakofl bad acnottnced tbat official comma (cations would be made explaining the extent of the coo ess ions granted Troops were bivoucked in the public iqunrea. The Buss tan fore? in Polacd Is to he raised to 100 0CO | me a. Spal*. Tbe Corrrip.m<irfKia s ?>;. s tbo govertuit nt w ill sceept tn<- annrtation of M Ifmiingo as hoon as it la ronlirmed by a vote of tbe people, if no foreign Cower jroteiswf a^a;. ?t it. _____ Aa<trla. Tbe Bar. nrM ( hmni>er of Heputies bad l?een ileflnlMly (Knstitiited, ar a bell 'ta first aitttri?'. Tbe Pmmsct. '? his opsrln^ sfn-trh. laid stress on the cqcaht. o< rtgbta of uU eitiM&a and vat oaalittra ta Bungu.-y. Twrke). TarV'sb tmtreis hlrx- vvitng Atoania bad '-aptuml a tiii, itudvi lb* Jag it/wieJ ^iiu muhilo ci tsar. Caacr Pact* ?as af :atcd Cmcra'.lM'JM of th: arm/. lBftU. * hombm Irtters to March 27 are received. News gene rally ftUtCl|Ml*d The wbole of the Mad rw i'reellency is now bordering CD famine. Ireightfe were toianhl) tirni. Finunt lal and Coin mere in I. LONDON MOSt. V MAKKET. liOMNMf, April 1?, IMfl . Tbefmoney market wa* generally unchanged. Contois dosed ?' 91 J, ft 93 for m< uoy , and t>2 a 1*2^ for see >uuU lbe wHi.lf return oi tin* lUuk of England nhovs aa In crease id bullion of ?10 000. Baring drotUer* quote bar bii\ ? r ?t 1 J ; UciUro at 4b 11', d., eagles uoiniual at 76e. Od. AMKRIOAN HTOi KH. Boring B ot tiers repot t bu/.nebt checked by theudvloes from tbi> I nl?<'d State*. Quotations are : ? United S',aiea ft'a, 84; Krie shares, 29% ; oo. third mortgage, 84; lliaots t shares, 1U1B c.imuuuI. d?. I'l, New York Geuiral shares, 72 X ; M'cbigau Conual 8'a, 1N69,E0. Belt, Hoc a CV>. r<*|>urt l no market arm and slighlly diarer ? I'nited states ft s fcl> a *ft Kentucky fl's, 1868-T2. . .. ? St a 84 Mfti v Uud 6 B, bunds *6aW M-o-etchui-t its t u, buuou Ohio b a, 1876 #0*?l PeuatiYlvauia 6'a a Hi Do. boLds, 1777 82 a 83 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. The nalee of outlon lor the week tout up 68.600 ba' a iccluuiiig 16.600 to .>|h eulators. aud b !>oO btieo to \ porter# fhe advices from ASMtrica i er st.fimiliip C ty of Baltimore SMtrd an aduom-e of 1 16 a ?,d prujelpv y on the clean, useful qualities. whu-.b arc scarce V ?e sales oil Friday onoti ted b 15 000 baV- including 4 0U bales to speculators snl exporters, the m.irket clojiag ... oi ut the (wtovtBg auth.'i izcd quotations:? Fair. Muitlliiuj. New Orleans 8t'IJ<- 7 9 Ifld. Mobile '.7M 7 ?d Cp.StiJS 7 % d. 7 o 161 r< e total otock If port rwubea h7&,W!C biloe, 712 too bees ot ABcMrsn l.UMION MUtKKTS. BnadfUlb dull, owing to 1 ?> " ible spre*r> ices for or?.pg Wheat? American, 62" a tins : red, 58* a 6t?. Flour 30s 6j a .Via Iron dull; railroad bars, ?6 a ?5 1 s W , Scotch J ig lull e' 4Hs <?d Si gar flrin a^d advanced C<1 G flee <irra. Bice dull. Sprrs tu'peiit at- Ofm, with com ideraaie M)ta at ; 1b. 6 i. Tr ? Urm. com uuu CVng u. Is a If. Id T&J'ow hligtirly advaaoed; i| ndad at fQt. I irvcd c?k-s in b-tter demand; h??t Atnei i in, inbHga^H 16h. <?< nip. Flab oils, gi-m-raliy, ur.chaug ;U, lltatn d qntet at 2,Mr. 3d MA.NCBI..- TKU TRADE REPORT. AdvlcfH fium Miaicbcsier arc lavoiabio, but the ad vance chocks bus u< -a, HAVRK i'OTTON MAHKKT. falesofthcw ek, Ti/tuatcg th?; IUU, 6,000 balen. O' Uasa trts ordinaire 104f ; bai Ob' Tbe iiinrk' l dill but bttad) 1'Be .-t h a It port ais aut- to 205,000 baled. LlVEBiOOl LRKAiSTt 1 P8 MAKKKl' Brea<')-t(iflB nm'ket iu dull with hot little inquiry, and pr - enweuk. Richn?i'.j<M!,t>peoco ft Co , Big'aad, A'h\ ft Co , anc Wak< lie.d & N.isb icport ? l'lmr dull and quotations r-o', at 28.. a IX)* 6J Wheat quiet but ttiady; rod Wi tern, Us 3; a 12-> '.'<1 : .vUitc, 12^.Ui a 14-i. ed Corn d1 !l and quotations barely maintained; mixed, .'J6s 0d. ; vriUw, ;;6<(. 6d n"7s.; white, a 37s-. 6<1. MVKIiPOOt VROTI8IOK MtRKKT. Ihe provi ion market .?> generally ttwidy. Blgland, Aliuja k Co. u\d olhcn rejio t: ? Boef Is steady, with coi i ??l? rable falcs at U,\v pncea Fork sloady. Bicon du'l; Cuniberlan- 4Kb ; Ion? miridlm, -liM l.*rd quiet, ui taster but utichai gi*<i qii'Mations, i? ftis. a 56- -al low slightly declined with more in<tUiiy; Batchem' As?o ciation, 51s iia\ rp: market.1*, For the week Inducing Aprn 17 ?Wheat ftrru with an ndvasctog tend-ncy. Ashes Mm. CoJfro onll Oils tlroojiirg. Bice heavy. Supar firm I.ard h avy. I.ATPST MARKETS. Livuipool, Anril 10 ? Kreuing. r'ott( c ? T!ie sales to day reach s tM) baic i, 2 CC0 to speculators iind expnrte'-s .'uars flcwit ft Co. report the t- arkot quiet but ^irm at the adrance. Br fadstuflp quiet, with uclmportaut transactions. I*10ViaiOL.& bmm, April 20? Afternoon. Consols dosed at 91,'i a 62 (or ni?ne< , and 1/2 for ac count Atrerlcan (.treks? The Utcst r-a'.ee were- Illinois Central sharce, 27^ discount: Erie s' arrs, a i7. Stcmu.?htp llrrmr^i A?horc> The abm o name<l veucl, from B.-t men aud .xuthamp ton, went anhorc, while under :he chsrgo of a pilot, bhortly after nine o'clock, on t'un<iay ovaulo^. A ftrong breezo wn? blowing at tho time. N'otwithstandlng' this, tha shock wis not con sidered etvete when It struck, and it did not c-?use any eerious damage At an early hour yesterday morning intelligence of the steamer's situation was received in this city, catistLg a momentary , unnecessary alarm (or its safety. At about ten o clock A. M., Collector Barney despatched the steamer Mercery, Captain J. C. Ltwbt r, to the assistance of th.> Bremen, the former reaching the latter about eleven o'clock. After consider - able difficulty, owing to the force of the wind ami the roughnees of the sea, four revenue ofliier., succeeded in swinging thrmscivcR fr m the bow of the Mercury into the gangway of the Bremen. The Captain of the latter de-llned the proffered maU> afice froa the Collector, through hi* represent stiles, but sta ed he tba: ked Mr. Barney ail the same. A' b*lf pa.?i foar o'clock yester t?> after joon the stevnor otlySon reached thiscity,andf iccef.'fully laud<-d tbeBre m> n's cabin i-astengers and maH-i. an ho ir after vtard, the remain ng i<ortiuii of tho pan- enters wereund cdsalely at Cattle t.tuuou. Ju-t u n t> this the teanit>ij Aihl'icB 'eft with scleral llgbtjr", to .tssist in flrwtlng th? steamer off, tn removing a portion cf It 3 cargo. Ttt I'.i-emen had on bcaid I5W puMcngers and no spe cie. It was coniidt ntly believed that the Bremen would be Fsftly floated oil' about one o c'.ocJc this mormsg. Its b< v was well sgronnd when last heard from, w hile the stem teemed to be perfectly free from oostrucuou. ilux Si-MUN/a'd CoNcairr. ? The complimentary con cert to tlda wet mpiUhod and dctorving young artist takes jiiare at Irrlag Unit on TUn rainy c von 'tig nort. She will be assisted by the following vocalist) anil in strumentalists: ? Madame At^unta Rprranz*, contralto; Fignor Lotti, te&or Sienor }'nrl, Uantonu, Stgoor 8n tin'., l>ai.iD; Mr. Appy , violinist, mil Mr. Villanova, organ - bit. The * hola mdcr tho direction of fc'ignor D 8p? raLza. Villi 1Kb tai nt and a programme coto p< pcd of it lections from the works of tho mcstpjptlar rna>slri, this coiirert promises to bo one of th^ at tract; ?o and 'icressUilof the'oiwon. Wim Ml O^ri k*.? lb? rerJi f of those poonlar two d'ans, llrf. Jcliri Wr?<l and Mr. .'oseph JeQfcrson, diftw a crowded audience to this hou?e last ulgbt. The per formance con.' .atod of ''.leucy I.iod " and tut " t.ov. fiior's R ife." b ill picci* faaiiliar to oar public, and rendered agate w. iecme to thi m, lc?*? by tbetr ?o ; ' in <>c m< rits thai, by the yretesquely liaroorm.s mmier In wh ch the principal pirts arc sustained. A "war giUop," ctrrprecd by Mr. Mnhenhauer. and In which tho n tlonal airs are introduced, was played between the pleoes, an1 furrishtd occarwn for an enthusiast ij demonstration on the part of the audience. Court (airadar-Tbii Day. Fr >>?mk Out i t r iK- ? 't ?"art 2d.? Vos. 2 M, 70*. !*04 "06 t*S, 9W, !ll4. 61H, '?JO. 921, vm. 930, n:. 4, aiis, ,<io Prliea Cathtrt la sill Legalized liotti* '.?? by .'CEtfH BATES Stoker, No. 19 Wall streei, up auvra. StSsr Spangled lint, fcTAR Bl'ANdUED HAT A new iirtUn. Appropriate for ine fn'iodiicod on Monday, April ?.?, By OKN1N. Br**4waf. Wholesale '?nd retail. Hay lonr Broadway 94 Hat for JO at DUGANB, 108 >a*?au street, corner of Ann. 'Zouave rex Capa, In any aaantity and at abort notice. WAatOtX A CO., annt llattera, fit Nicholas Hotel, 619 Broad ?ay Soldier* for the War, for Liberty aad |Var? and SCO acres of Bouttorn aott for *?> *ry aoUller. Pan tcgraphod by 1JULMKB, >96 Broadway. Blelodeon, SSt Broadway. ? |trangrri don't forest to Ttslt ttiia institution. Open evory night, urtr performer* elghily, giving a performanoe froai * until IJ, without lntprmuaioB. Admission 13 cent*. The ?eiodeoo is the greatest reeort for fashion. Wheeler & Wilson's Improved Kt wlng Mai htnea at reduced PTie?a. Oftlos Wfi Hroadway, Batrhelor's Hair Dye.? Reliable and Irstantanecns? Ola k or trown Kactonr 81 Ban-lay utreet. told anu applied at <T A. BATt UlkLOH'S, 10 H<> ,d Street Moldavia Cream Kores the Hair and Wb'ukers tngmw Fold ?i W. A. HA II tll'.U .A B newly ineented Wig factory, 1? Bond ttrt-" llatrheior,? Si wly laTunted Ml*? snd Toupeee are truly wonderful ?p.rlmcf of art t all and M?e hem at It Bond siiret, or *> ad tor a measure carl. Barry's Trlropheroa* b the Beat aad che*i>eJt article fot rtreMing. >? a itifrler enriiac, clfi?o?liuc. pi?fc?rving sad restoring i>.- Itatr. xaaira, try H. Hold hr Ml (lru(gl>ta. Crlstadoro'a Hair Dye. Wigs ;?ad Tna fe" ? 1 T> e l<nt ta the world; wlm.esvl* retail, sal tae br? prirately applied at 6 AsUtr Uuim. Hill? Inimitable t atter sf Hale wad V birke.-s, Ao. 1 Barr?y r'reit. itMr ?*r .? i- utn, bt?e* or brown. TrouM.-llarili A (Vi Rsdiesi Car* Tmsa, No. t Vessj A*', r Hinuie, ojp> ii* the chureh. The 1*Alan H?tS Tlertnr, r, Tambletv, St I)., tn?a CkSlut, ?aay ?<? m* m newest ^ IroMta A1A1LM FOH EUROPE. i (lit S?w York Hrrftld-CrtttUn for Kwoyi. ihe Cima/cJ ma. I iiiuntu.p N^iri, Capt. Moody, wii yave lJostoo oq Wtvlut-aday for Ltvurpnot. TU? maik for hurope wUI ci'xw la this olty this Aftaraooa, at a ;?uK out MMI ai tMi/pkot ? ctucic, to (o by*d. Tui Lirnonu* ? ? n.t* o* .^ra 1?r . ? wilt b*- ytbiit>i?a<l ai eSc?e a o'clu . mUr in cupioo, la ?rr?p pe.*, six cot* The coat?ju;s o! us he ? ? *o s Ruraoa of *i? Hnuj> ; wtl: combine tbi pi hb roo'iTAtl by mat' acit to.ogra >b at Oitt '.Ohm? duruig Uk- pruv nook, up u Usur Ot pnbttoatkNS. HUM K>* mx fUW(. Mevr York H?mM? Calllhrnta Kdltldt The muil ?teauij>h p CUaOipiua, Capvam Seabury, * .11 leave this jmkI to mot row, at noon, fur AtpmiriU The Quill* fur California and elhtM parVi of tao I'ar'Uo K iU CiOaa at t?u u clock to mc rrow morr irif. Tiie Nif If on V?xn Uwuu> ? OaProrn.* sdltioa? un-tstii.iig the Li'.ant uuoll (( from \1) )>aitso.' the wwrld, wrltb k Mr^A quia'.ity of lucid dliil lu'jrultaiitsKM a i'.Wf. will bo piibliPbnj at tialf p?*\ Mfht ovjor* in lha ?om>BK Single copioa tti wrapoora, ra*ay for cum,;;.*, ?,* oeuU. igenu will vloaae #eni ic vbair 01 d?r? atj ?*-iy m pos >ibl? .. OHi U i i*? ?.v? i ?.?? of \v ihh. . r.<t . > iSi Co.'a UM'Ktl AMD Mi-l'-OUfcl -TaIE lot; <? .IP.d. kt&rucki. Kxtua Oi.AHB 2&S? April 29, 1-Vit 08. lft, It, 63, 51, 67, 40, 9, '24, 4. 46, 63. Buim-car, Ola** <54? April Stt, 1861. 20 l>;>, :tli, ;>*. 9. I, 10, J8. 2G, til, 61, 19, 02, Circular* ten' t'rc? of charge by ?<?Sraa?iiur <? '0>rr to " WOOD. bOO* A CO.. I Corlajpon, Ky.. or ?t. Louis, Mo. OflicUl DraMiitga of K K> anr? <V Co.'a p. lav hip Lot 'trie a ? Atiilioriiwl by *c of .xiatimbly, piuwiad Jnuuart. I*W <jranm to rim t ?venty ye%rH bt/s.tx CocsiTy? Ci 4ss 10J, April 2V 1HJ1 56. till. 7?>, ;.7, 11, 14, 63* 20, S'.', 9. 19. 6. Cojisoi.iPtritu? Clam 71. Un?wa April 2V>. 1^61 35, I'-'. 16 !i7. 39 31, 13, N, 1, 76, 15. Clrci'ls4-J??ut irte f ch irgr bj *drtri?*!n(i a. fi-A.-iOK 4 'i". M?T)?R-r*, Wihaiugten, l)?-.ttw?re T?ftt ?H Thlrifa nml Kffp tbf lli-sl ? Kmmlrr ti.o pror uctlouaoi ur prouiiueat hatipro. and w. v "?ei yuu v >1 ' nuke j ur ? euttoiu at h: K 118 .stta.ui nuecV. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Honda*, April 29 ? 0 P. M. Tin- b isk ^tatoment of to-day compares as fol lows w iih that of last week: ? U>, k fall I Q. L ont. Vf.n> Cirrnl,..' nm. PDCtVt April SiO. $1U,7OI,S60 10 620, ?70 8 826 057 97 Mi 7Uk April 27 . . I24,bl7,li4 M,l?9l,68a U, 640 476 Ptf,7db,76t* Increase 116 S96 ? 16,419 ? I>ecrca^e ? 1,828,687 ? 616, 90S The decline in specie is larger than was expect ed, as the bank? received nearly a miMion from CaMforuia during the week, and the Sub-Treamry has not gair ed money. The impression prevails that Southern depositors are drawing out their money in coin, and shipping it, by somo means or other, to the South. The District Attorney should look to it. The banks of New York will pay all drafts drawn by parties who huvebalances here to their ctedit; after tLc money is out of their hands it is the District Attorney's province to act. In the loans and deposits there is no change to notice. The money market is very dull, but rates are higher. Seven per cent is now the minimum rate for the best paper, no matter how short. Many names w hich were current a few days ago will not pass now. Failures coutinue to occur both in the dry goods and i n the grocery trade, and capital ists operate with great caution. Southern debt orn announce their fixed determination to pay uo Northern debts so long as the war lasts. Foreign exchange in very dull. Bankers ask 106% for their sterling bills, but there is no de. maud. A few bills were sold at 105 for sterling, nd some francs were placed at5.M7}{. The mar "t looked quite heavy to-day. Stocks improved this morning on the intelligence of the ^fety of Washington, and the probable rc f urn of Maryland to common sense. Strange to r-ay, the border slave State stocks were all better; Virginias rose 7; Tcnnessees, 8; Missouri*, 4; North Carol inas, C. The business at the'ad vance was moderate. A motion was introduced in the Hoard to strike from the list the stocks of all the States proclaimed to be in rebellion. It was ne gatived, on the ground that the daily registration in the stock sales of low quotations for these stocks conveycd a practical rebnke to treason, which was not without usefulness. Some day our people will discover that they have been duped in the matter of these border State stocks. They are absolutely worthless. In a few days the West will begin to pour thorn into our mar ket from the banks. At the first board this morning Central rose Erie, }{; Hud son, /4; Heading, /4; I'anarmi, 1; Michigan Central , 1; guaranteed, '4: Illinois Central, Toledo. Kock Island. 1. Hetw een th" boards priccs IV11 off a fraction; in the Afternoon the mar ket was dull, closing weak, tlovernments were a fraction better to-day. A vigorous blow struck' by l'resident Lincoln at the rebels would improve the price of federal securities; they decline on the apprehension that some settlement or compro mise may be made which will demoralise the coun try, arid prove the ruin of our nativ>ual The following tUv J?fet l^aotatioiu to-duy: United States S's, Wl, 75 a 7G*{; Tennessee G's, 50 a .10; Virginia 6's, 4fi*^ a 17: Missouri 6's, 10 * 40; Canton, 8 a 9; Cumberland Coal preferred, 5 a r.; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 82 a 83; Penr<y1 vania Coal, 72 a 73: Pacific Mail Steam hip, C8% a G9: New York Central. 72i? a 72%; Erie, 20% a 21; Hudson ttiver, 'U',% a .17; Harlem, 12% a do. preferred, 32 a 32J+; Heading, 31% a 32; Michi gan Central, 44% a 4.">; Michigan Southern aud Northern Indiana, 13% a l:i%; do. guaranteed, 28% a Panama, 101 a 103; Illinoie Central, *8% a r?8 4'; Galena and Chiratro, ?>" yt a 57',: Cleveland and Toledo, 2'* ^ a "J; Chicago and 1 Hook Inland, :t7*,<, a :!73,; Chicago. Hurlingtnn and QuJney, .">6 a r>9: Milwaukee and Mi'iiaalppi, 9% a 0 ',: l.aCro-se and Milwaukee land grant, i a 9; Illinois ('? ntral bonds, 89 a 91. The bufeinctM of th? hub-lreaaury aa follow;* , to-day R.k. pit 00 1 ? For customs -m oto 00 In; !i?u I* 00'>,.;7S W6 Balance 10,810 913 ft* The I tooth ( otton Mill*, of Massachusetts, have declared a dividend of two per cent, payable May 1; the tlimk of Montreal, a nemi ?Mtnal dividend of fonr per cent, payable June I. It is understood that the managers of the Krie road contemplate making an a^cssnicnt of 12 50 per share 011 the ?to k, and an equal amount on the untMcnrtd bond- of tlio company, for the pur pose of paying the back Interest on the mortgage bonds. We beg to draw attention to an advertisement in another column respecting coupons of the bonda of the Buffalo and Hew > ork City Railroad. The Chicago Tnbvtu- of Thursday night says:? Tbe Ft raits arc at last open. Twi Chicago propellers Itirolt this miraiBg. But lo spite or tills im t<ir tuni fact , the news from tbe New York *t<> k Board bad a d?fre?.<t dr inflornc* on the tnouey market. auti mx rhanfrs was irrmcr. Hani. ers sola v*ry >p*r>ngly to cus tonier* at l."> per cent premium but 17 per cent wa* t>a,d ouiMdo iii some canoe, rhe buying tmce vta* 14 a 16. The troaev market, like everything fl*?, w very un fettled, anrt embody ( an predict wbat the noit hour will bring forth. Ool'l nominal, buying 16 per cent, aell log -D. The New Orleans !'icoynn< 01 Monday night mvb:? The ami cut of b ielmes transact*! to -lay was vry m ?!?r> flratt.nii'l in * nN departments tVe^wa* hardly the at pearanr <>t 11 trade. Th'> discount broker* only report Clonal ??: ?t>i pa)* v at 1; per coat for strictly ehr.l<e.

Too- e who ha\< money pr<t<*r toke*p it and c?irot be remade* to irveat it in the belt Mcurltire. F>cfcange hi. r? h?vc tirtnali> retired trem tbe market. Birao rei; f.od Merit %\ 100, but fo?, lid notikerv. V e Lid fcOt b?ar oT ?OT sale of ! ranee, dtjrht can he bvl aitr^i tt? u. ftrat > 'Vr. h Uttk was ? -id u i atsoocat, nnd et li,? t'.car aome A 1 ch.rts *ere o"tTe<' at It; t laecniLt. . 1!Mt iiJW j,&p?r . .Zdir It j to f- (4* ftaa aay 0 1 U.? meaty ar^e?w at the papers, aa they hare ceased to report I be true condi tio of (hlnpv urd are dlUfd with Ilea ud abuae ?K U*e South. We venture to say that id the whole town or Ni-w Yor\ uot $6,000 of lou -tana cunency caa bo fouod. We mm a uiiur ui i Le 17Ui, in which the writer says tL jl hi made u guod job that day by buyia? $404 New Orleans bank notia tit IV discount. So much for the vo racity of the H?ka .d lu rotoru , we will simply stale that New York bank notes are looked upon hero as next to worthies. Will the Pieoyutit oblige us by publishing the U.-t of Lakers of tlie foul .Iriat 1<>au? The Cincinnati Uazetlr of Friday niglit say*:? The ntaikct tor l.a?iern ^.u> altady at pre vious ^notations. For Ohio and Indiana currency the wne 3, premium laying aud l, premium soiling, ho ftr Kmiuiky, 2V p. eiiuum bus iur mid u 3)? pre mium Hdliug. fhu dva.mus were ch'.etiy lu the UUcr, jH U, le bold in k on to the beitoi currency. Thy volume of Kentucky notes is steadily <iimun*hui?, and at the rat. r which it is being returned, 'lie birden uiust soon be r> mined Itaike'i- ?re tending it Imrae iu> lust us [tun Bible, 'be remand for gold for Kentucky paper was br'sk a' & premium. F'ir Ohio and Indiana it was s il l at 1 )irt mii>m. Nothing d'UO in New Orleans or Baltimore. The backers w.'re t< uav Botiflad by tin exprebs compa mee tbat they will not , hereafter, until further notteo, rar'T mooev |-ackiip? fi r foinia id the seceded HUuw, for Balunorc, or at} place in Virginia except Wheeling. Ihu aiII li.tet'ore witu the dealings in the bai.k uotOK of thohe state* 1-ouihi ma which advanced y.-sterday ti 5 <imroi,jji, tuts (K>lo falleu b ick to 10 cisrount We nu.k? no change In oihir quotations. but it Is dilllcult to ollect ralte, there being a gnii.'ml in.l Imposition to invest in any description of uncurrtnt lends. Stock Kxrhangt. $3f 0*0 U -C'b, '81,r< g j7l00t' *6'?. 'Hi, coup .too t ai> b, 74, coup l;0O0 rti 40O0 l>r:i 12 pn uo<es 16C00 K> ntuck* 0 ?. . tcoort-nm set' 6's, 'i>0 5400 \ .r* tiU6V. .. .KJiiO oo KM 00 do ?000 do sib 600 N Llaiuillia G'd. 1000 do 2(000 M.JW IU1 Of . 7000 oo C1000 do .??000 < Viloruiu U.. 15000 N V 6 b, I HC , 2. . Ht( 0 Br Kik citj w 1 ; O' O Kr:e Kit -4 to o . JfH'C Ki :e Rt: c 1., c.'j 1000 llud K P.l! 1?: tii ttOO do W)00 Haii A. St .lot- .I : 6000 C1 Vol e t Ud? 1000 C R&QRt Hpc I) i>0 slis Cant< n (V m . . 83 '.d "5>i lot <0 SO 4 -i 4U 47 65 r,a 41. -'X l">k 100 05 b& 5'J lOd lor.'.; so 75 P4 (i Monday, April W, lHfil 1(0 bhd IP id K Kit. "00 do loo do a30 50 ''o e^O I0O Harl-m Kit 100 ilarlcffi Kit pro)'.. "00 do b'!0 If.O do ,.v..b10 -it c r.cadinK UK 100 do ... i>0 Panama UK . 46 do fOMkhOn RK.MO sr?o co 'JM do 50 do hIO Vol) do blO 50 M So N U UK. fO llNokS' la tfii* s to lainolu Ct>u lilt su b.'Ki kM do. do. 100 lo<) 100 200 ?J<;0 100 T5 loo '.1)0 do. do. . 010 .*H> do. do. do. do . .*10 . b:to ..flf) ?l& 2f0 do. 7tf Tie!,1.- Hud ( i Oo. r>o l'rclflc v.tN Co s;-o 90 do 10 do 450 New Yoi a Out KB 100 4k0 LOO 10 50 \ 00 do. do sl6 81 u 70% 10X U10 do. do. KlO 4t 0 FjIo BH Rl6 100 10 10 3(0 1:50 :ico do do do. do. do. do. .K30 IS >1 ?21 % 21 .. 21?; .. 215; .. 21 >. .. 21 H .. 21 SKCOKK ffiOOO U 8 6'g, '81, en sr. 1M0 Treaa 12 !??> . . lol 4000 Tenn 0's, 00... 50 1COO doCS tO M-iiO N C 6 a 55 f.OfO Kentucky 6'*.. 7J f OOO Virginia 6'*. . 4H S5000 MiRiwirl 6'S. .. 41 2C00 1 ti's. 56 .. 101 ?000 Brooklyn cw I. 95 lr.OOEtie2r,mo*'7ac lOO ItHOO Krie KK 4 thai \> M KCOCIrvi Tol Hfb. 75 V 10 eh* ltmk of Com. b2}? SO I't iiii Coal Co. .... 72 SO N V Cen RR 73 60 do b30 13 II ?';t?ve tV)lA;rin ItK S'.O (ialcna k Chic RP. 100 do *10 l.'.o do b;w 1(?0 Oo b30 5o do. . . . blO S6 d> KO Clev A' Toledo KK. 050 00 .'.00 do 100 do MO 100 do b.iO t(-0 do .....SlC :.50 <*hlc tKork I si RK 250 Co 45 d'>... 200 do. ?(0 <!<>. 100 do b.IO bl.i .tlO 30-. :ifl 34i '.I ?U>\ 1 ?H ;:i 31 31 32 X :u\ 101 44^ 45 4> V 45 4tV 1 ?'?' 2?>4 60 m 60 V 69 V &t?V 60 V 00 69 V ri> 02 6S M 5H 68 V 6H 5S>i 21 24 V 24 24V 24 '4 24 38 3"',. nm, ys 38 38',. BOARD. 26 sh3.NV0cnRR.M0 UO K-ieRR blO 160 Harlem RK prof., r ) Mich Clin RU .... 50 Mich <4N1 RK U30 110 Mich^^NlgiJ.. 60 I'anttina KK 210 ill Cen UK scrip *8 160 il9. BlO 50 do 20 Hal and Chi RR.. 60 <lo bvO l.r0 do 600 Clev ft Tol KR. 100 do b30 150 do WO 110 Ohl A. Kock I RK . 78V 21 .12 45 13? '29 V 102 69 w Hw 68 6H 6T? 21 2-4 ^ 24 S8 N?w Yoik City Rankc, April '4 7, 1*01. llijtil.i. Loiiru] n. Ihnisitt America .*5?46WU 3 726 150 Am. KAcoauge. . 7,470 i?13 1,075,739 Ai-Bociaticn 750 050 260 61a Atlantic 813 093 Bmcli k Krov . 1 r>l ;,fK6 Bull's Head 4!'l? 902 Croadwuy 3 2Ut Corn Kxcbange. 1.599 W54 Crttral ,2,SI6(4H 10S'i.748 (v.mmonweaith . s?h.t70 238 694 Chatham 747.089 170.H71 City 2137 415 811,660 Chemical 2.043/255 1 698,770 CillztDK' 7?I 0t)2 221 (J.I4 Comiflf rce 13,868.477 3,196.363 78.702 385,094 68,041 871 614 o48 410 Dry Pock 807 723 47.76ft Fact River 822,408 96 084 Fulton 1,123.941 612 882 Grocers' 6.'0S24 111. 1 18 Greenwich 69.; 446 162 015 Hanover 1,649 871 309,015 Irving 750,647 170,722 Imp'irs'AVr'drs' 2 415 010 6J>6 822 le ather Mariuf. . 1,704,740 506 306 Jlar ire !,pl 611 141 866 Motn polltan 7 1?6I)17 2.225,387 Mtrcaniile 2 510,012 686,689 Mcch k Traders' 860 (.65 308,831 Merrh.ints' Kx . . 2 073 631 410 872 MHu.iHi1.1n 4 967, 7v9 1,934 814 6 615 612 1 157,860 M?c!ia&i(?' 3,925 586 1 198,119 Market 1 5.J9.600 3B? 816 Merdi eAManf * . 776,473 224 676 New York 4,701.131 1,494 012 North River.... 5'.?2 Bf6 116,877 New York Kx.. 810 808 22.924 Now York On. . . 3<4 725 122 >99 N Aworlca... 1 868,446 855 383 N iisku^ I 1444 1 48 562 070 National 2,114 639 361 072 Oriental 482.338 97 171 Ocean I.f06,114 381,724 I'aik I'aclBc i'bODIX I'OCple'* Republic Si'vcnth Ward 17U 886 2 2*0 *54 921 702 299.191 ? > 39'2 025 1 '(06 582 642,450 174 I H6 3,088.749 1,802 396 1 017 147 475 049 Stall.- 3 437,092 1,4*4,011 Rt. Nicholas .... 1,061,107 177 867 ^hoe Ai leather. 2,323,350 *24,130 'kadrimen'! ? 1,618 073 268 153 rffr.n 2,588,104 1 202 866 123,798 7 .053,387 176.731 4.Hi?,746 86 699 53? 666 83, DST 260 199 263 476 1.118,433 116,37 1 468.433 286 100 3 430 610 131001 917, 84W 104,206 1,8 0 147 218 997 806.887 104,042 4'.I8 ,996 ' _ 1,796 ,.".08 863 O'.O 3,183 1R2 150. 1914 686 324 1 975 7,849 439 140 897 167,614 87.V43 2ol S12 H?7 3 '26 1 36'' 650 49 404 371 9?4 160 139 499 588 83 094 864 51" 125,111 .'?06,394 19-2, 114 1,689 339 280.442 1.191.634 141 8*1 554 908 238,014 6.488.948 26 553 2 110.282 167.137 7?* 774 120,079 1 220.344 38H '207 4,414 106 175 101 3,991.051 2s8.8?H 3,1*48.0.19 21 '2 649 1,0 .7,163 18i> 672 667 679 437 310 3,506 926 77 686 3*8,139 78 061 245 1.8O 70 844 286,801 06.544 1 218 296 138 366 1,160 085 1*6,043 1,039 127 99 397 34?,728 07,451 1,017 074 160 872 5,679 814 Hi 703 82C,b7'2 13 <778 2,641.494 97,923 606 262 204 749 3 425 669 log fOt 710,733 2.19 >3? 2,567 54;t 84,660 644.269 ?'61 185 1,W?8 484 325 048 760 466 310,634 2,952,473 Total 1124,817,164 38,991,683 8,840,476 96, 788,76'J 1 CITY COHMRRCIAL RRPORf, Mdnhat, April SO ? 6 P. M. Aem -llw market was ijiilet an ! sales unimportant | while price* wore unchanged Biuni-wn km. ? Klour ? The market wa* tolerablv active and opened with tolerable tiimne?n. but al the clone ' Ot mnicD frrado* were lata buoyant. The -ale* footed up I about 12,000 bbla., closing WiihiA tlio following r&uge of prlcr s ? Superfine State }'> 16 a 5 X> Kxtra State, geod to cliolee 6 .'10 a 6 40 Puperfiao We#t?m 6 16 a 5 2ft Common to choice Western extra .'?.?> a 7 M) Hired to Ktra'Kbt Southern C10 a 8 ftO Btralght to good extra oo 6 ft'i a 8 76 ( liok:<: ?Xtr? family ana bakera' bran la. . . H 00 a 8 7-> > Kye Hour .1 :o a 4 00 Com m< al, Joihey and lirandywine 2 SO a i> 30 j ? Canon aa Hour wm leu# buoyant, and e'w-d in fa , or o( i purcb* 'or*. The lalea embraced abont 800 * 400 bbl* al $6 3ft a $7 fO, the Litter fljroro tor gO"d extra quality ! ?oatherii flour waa le^ active, ani the market cloned | quiet. The hhUb etr. braced about I 200 bbla ' i loa.ntj within the roope of the above price* ! Rye flour wa* qatet at our tjguren, with *ale* of 176 bbl*. j at onr quotation* Corn' mo* I waa heavy, while the aalex ! embrace tfiO a 7<?Q bbl*. , part mnraty rn'orie, wltoiu I the range of our flgtire* W beat war In fair demand at | atoedy price*, wlncb at the clone, however, eiluUiicl ben buoyancy tliolre letg of white w?re quite firm | Ihu wile* eml,r#i ,?l about 60 ( 00 buahrl*. part reported i to arrive, Ifec'ii Ing Chi ag" Hpr ng ?iid C?u? :n on pr vate terms. $1 30 a fl 81 tor red rotate f I ril a ?l 82 for Western. II 82 f',r amber, $1 4.'> a #1 !<0 for white i fnokMa, $1 CO for clioloe Michigan, fl W> a fl s'> for I white krntuckv, ard fl 47 fer while Canada in store. llarley ;a unaottled, while kales of 1 100 bunhclfl wore ( made at f5c at t/ie rntlroad depot, nr-rt at Tor for 3,000 I burhelM ( 1 pr nie < alUorn'a. Corn opened Urtn. but w tb a l.inUd u matid. ILo market Cioaod i.?aier > tr ?om" kind* lhe aole* ewbrrw.-d about 89 000 boabeia at <18 r. ? ftHu. for oki Western mixed In store, $3c. i 'Me for new round KcrlWl, ?18c. for hentbern yellow and 70e for Hon i hern ? hite < Mix were dull una heavier and the din and limited at el of Wt|i*tn atiUCarwlian wrre made at [>4 <%c. a cSc., aLd State at 36JiC. a KB;;. 0?rm ? Tfce market was quiet u n'e of 100 lag* Ma raralbo wim trnfle at i;:>{c. and 1(0 do stained Idguay rast p t. OOttoM ? 1 The markot continued tiriile fl m, while sale* were moderate .tad embraced bMtlJKA) bale*, in Iota, at ISVc. ;? 14c Kntiiiirta ? Kogn??menK modwwt" nil rate# to I Ivor pool null and !<>?er a -mali lot of a beat wa* engaced in ah?p a b?ga at 7*3. Hour wa?( ?t fe M. 160 (wckagMt iar<i and iCO bhda tallow at Vi* 6d. Omtoo ?m quiet at 8 19d and ',d. aaked. To i/ ndon, 1,600 bbl?. flour we?e aag?ge<l at 2x. 8d. and 160 LUde. tubareo at 3'A 6d. Khrrr ? Malaga ru'aina were d\ili an<l aaka llmltetl at fl 60 for bunuj and *'i lu a 18,'i for layer*. R?t wa* dull ani. but little doiac for abipmeat, except toibeWeat India inland:--. The nou -tntoromtrfo v* itkt tbo "O'jtli bus cut ft'T tbe lurgeet market for it- -air*. Wo qti'-te It notnlivu at 70r. n 76c , for eTport. *oL^mta-< waa quiet and aalea limlleil to imall lot*, at uncharged prices. Navai Broa.^ ?the hiockado of tbo Po ithem port* and eapK (ally thoae <>t North laroilra tended to aemt up pricr*. Bale* of about 1 100 t>bto of Ro?Hu atfl aOtvtt a|l 85, and 200 do .? go >d No. 3 at ftf. ?nd aocne 9" a SOO btle apu ita turpontli.* uere reported at 76e a*^ lnoMotov* ?Pork? The market cliwed dull, v.hlle aalea etobtaevd about 1.0?t bbl* . at |1 ? a $14 60 Tor me?;.a >d fir -a a $13 .VI Kn f na* in r?"> dnma?d Mid p'taw fi ller, with i-mU;?' of 30'a 100 bf>? ,?t $0 ftOaflliS f * n pwXnJ m? ??, ?tto ft! 7 ft a $12 10 rer wttra. Beef hauia *?<? Bim, with aaieii ef Ifo bb'a . at $16 t**rt n4 in g-*<t rv^naai, wrfli aatea ?if SMkM*. atd mm*, ?\ 1C-. pari wwnu- Cut mM4>4 t>MX? quiet auJ firm. Halt :r aarf ei^eee met DWlrrUo HUl<? I'.n * coiaiinu'id ftim. with tutlue of 250 caakt- at SJ-jf ft 6>,'c. MOiH&-"Thu uiui'\ v?.?* laiv, ct>. i.y ^f*?r rHUULi^ with Hsiet of about 1,400 hh<U , ?? *ily refiG'tij* s?r* "? 4, chielly ? it Lit ib< range <>T ; a ; ,<?,. Wu?.i ki ? 8?l?? uf UX> h oCU |l,bu. were B ut'' *t 1hv,'c, a IS Sc. JUniui, t.KASlKUw? Ml vv.-In Wait HloomBoM Vow UrM_ ? Suncav, April a*. *( Hie ' "r*e7>?" Rev. .1. A. Prle>.t. Mr dfNKi I. Ch?>, " i,. ' V'. b/ , L. I., U> Mich Hamiik J , daughter ot iu.- ut? * Lbq. ot West liluc miicd. 1 h K .)< /'u.a.\ ? ('k.ih.. ? in Brooklyn, J. i., o? Thmedn* ??. nlng, April 3ft. by the K.-v & fc H.nak?, .1 i**, J" , I'A.* to l-oi i.-u Ja.*k, t iil-ht (laughter of iho iavt H I'ratjr, all er Brooklyn. *o??n Mi (.'i.iiik ? I.aho.m ).. - on TburKlay, Aj"-il 25 it toa Rroudwav TaWruaCle, by Kr-v Mr J 1 li m;. Mr Ciukim Mi'Ukm.ok to U-u Ij/Mt. V. Lawk: I , Of Uia city. ' Mauihm ? linvAH ? < to Sun lay, April 28, at the r*rt. dentoofihe bride'a fath.ii-, ly the Iter. Dr. McKmee i"!"i *?' Muovkt, of New ^ ork, to Makv ajwtk, dauuhtw of Jehu Mooas. ?>.| , of Brooklyn I'oi/ikeepMH- uiul Brooklyn pa|x t?8 please copy. sUuuuM, ? SAuiij.r ? By ilic iiwv Mi Mo.ubafg.-r Soro Now Wit*' ' of klT,,r ll, ld' L, to Kiti.i ik d->ui*ni;, of SniftWAY-K.Hw _in Jlv.ii.ilo, V. V. on Tilled*)- ApM or ?he bride's father, by the uUw. "l" "'f^er. Vr Uimmm irsnwav. or ??? Vork, to II -m N V**' ? daughter ?r Jaool* Koob, Knq , ot liultUa, ? J" ?? w'i*K-HAiiiM..N.-!n ?lll'amsburg, on Sunday, KM bv' 1 i it ?"*,'? 1 '' fatb< T> Hr r+<i % l>> tii? |?t-\ lot; ii U r? . C&okihH Vai II ! KJKK, to tUKl A. HutMMMi, b.ith of Ni-w \ ul k, Dlrd. Aii r^._ At Nfwa *k, S ,1 , on Tueeday, VrU8. of ili?. lliutut, (iw'Ali ,T. AivKK^i, M. IV, aged 'd'J yvuiH Caiilotnia i*()eri< co^y. * \iY !' T.V ''"rt Wcstrlir?ter coupty, on Mja Mu'Iti Jlrcii, (laughter ot tb? lute WiUi** lht rclutircs and Mellon of the family are respeetfo'Jr Inv i ten to ntlend the fuuernl. on Weoumday after ui> u 4 tw<> o clock, IrocQ 81. FvUsr'b oDurcli. !'hu-.n ? -Jh BriN-klyc, oa Sunday evening, Aoril 2$. Ij 1 k.n . wlfii of Thomas B-(er , at""t yeare. Iho rei ;tivi'?i aim frienda of tUe latutl/ are reti^ootfuM# juvitod t ? KtU'n i tb fuucriil, from h?r lata renieuse, jl# tultoD aireci, Brooklyn, tbia (tueaduy) morning, at tea o clock, 'A iiiiD.i*. i uriiHT iuv italic*!. u ??r rV" rt|,rl1 '2'4? at U "'clock M , Aatt r, tic wi'0(>t Jnoob l pfteiii. Ill r . it 1. dt uud u) .tni'? are Totpp -.tfuUy invttoj to nt. tci,d 1bi? tiuit rul, at hor lati- n, No 4'.? Grt u#iA a\et.ue tbui ( luicduj ) morning, at tru o'clock. Ih\ II. 1 T ? <>i< w- -no ay, AptU ki>, Vkanz M. Fhv.ii .r apt'd 74 vtarr, aL' 6 inoitlba. " ? ?J ",c the members of the Gnrw w m ' "D1 of htt bmtw. " 11 "fn.UTt.arc ^prcffitUy luv.tfd t.. ;?Ueuti .ii? ?ULW- ? ''i-' -> Uf /ii. x-n at h'Jf r'.st one o'clock fion, Ir.- laic rtvMeutc. No VOrf Wcat 1'orUoth am .1 Lei twec/a Kiuii! b Klu NlUlh ftTUUIkl, U.K ? oi, m.i.j.y thtrnuig . April '.'8, Kdww Ixyiua ' , vm.ic 1 fi< 11 of l)rp0 \\ aml Anjj w j, ut-td 10 nicijti h nt'd 18 daj? ' y? Jhr- rcla'iTO) ..nd trlvnct of tho family arp reatxyif im I Iumuu to ktti -,d ihe funeral, Jrom the refcUenc- or lS pare oi i, -\o lor 4iouM.o meet, thij (Tuejdmy) nru? ?ot>D, at ihreo o'clock, to the place of lutormcDt. (.'reca wooa Ccxnett ry. ' l"""i a 6"'Ld,y . APrU ?? tbildlM*. HitRMKr, tlie bfk'VPd wife <?t ChArlcs B Forrest iler it.m&tiit- t gei'icr with iiioae of her Infant, wlli b* removed uom hit late reildcuc?. ldn Kuit Ih.r,; -four* btri^it, this (lui siUy) al;c<uoon, at two o'clock. . . \ ' Alu'! -^1 of c'jnaumptiou, Mrt. t?^A> , in the C9t?v \icw ci htr ugfl. Xl?v rf'aVi'.v* uud 11 11 nds of tho family are In rited !? altc Ld the (ul. ra\, In m the tusidcuuoot her brother In Uw, Alexander Mrl.'ibuld. fi8 Kapt Thirty hrat etreet <m Wi outaday altcrncou, at two o'clock. JaCohr on Monday moruiug, April 'Jfl, of consumi? t.en, 1>a\ 10 1., Ja'ohk aj;td '^4, Ills frl"nr!!> nnd rolaiivi 1 tre renpectfnlly in.itwi ta ?? tend the tuixra' fron. ?s 1 udlow Street, ih? (rSitort n>o, nit at half pa&t nine o'clock. C*7b^Vf'?alnK B'R, r:' J*Ugbt0r of J'r ?* Ihe furp-al f ill take place this (TuArtay) aftemw-. 1. & ? "?J[, frorn tho residence ol her iwrenta, No. 'ji Wen 1 Twenty Kvotith stn^t. IIaktw ?t-u SuucUy ovening, Apr.I 28, Kirs Rnnrrji^ iufaot daughter of VN uIibiu Irwm aad Kate Martin ani I month itn^l la! (fayg. ^ The relatives and frleudM cf tho fturiily a to rosDoctfuJ^ invited -o attend the funeral, this ^aTaylS^T tn %! ?r ' W 10 r'JuJ"nc? ot her grand parJ?2* No 2?d Carlton avi nue, Brooklyn. ^ ^H'Uji.A.v?At char I. . Ion, 8 C , on Monday, April U Mr. W* E. Mnjii;?x, in tho 4Uh year of hU- ago. Uiiiaakt ? On Kuu day evening, April 28 Jamw Kbi miy, Bfced &4yta?B. ' y Tlie fnendb or tho family are reepectfully invited U attiLd tho fuucral, this (Tneeday) morning at Im o clock, from hla mte roiidonco, 61C Groenwic'h tiruH wi'hi ut ftirtuer notice. sireea, Buffalo and rMladnlphla paper* j- tense cepr. Mian ? in Biooklyn, r.n Monday morning, April 2? at wilal r { ' aJ a *horl 1 ' l0?*? , Jt u? Hv Maos M 1 is, u v { ^nydam My era and only daughter df Dr *? y Burfte, ngoo 23 years, (J months and 1 day Mi Lrhl' i"! 'l?1'7 *"* 'nvit.yl to attend tnefnna ral from her late residence, No. 107 SUto street, una ?ftenjoon, at three o'cloclt. Broo4,Jrn? on Saturday morning, Aprfl ? fJlJJK M-> daughter of * ill lam C. and Mary Prankarl aged 1 yenr 8 nioiitds and 7 days. rrannari, Tbo relatives aim friends of the family ?? ^..>..11. ?'?! V" W sjrass tDiIlm'sirt^u^''1 p' ' Ai>r" *?' of '"""wnmatory rlieo ijpi ,,i,clen' ^ ' to il l i BoB,aii-d ?^"^?uacee are respectfully In rited H ashfngton bu ietl* fr0m bor "t0 ^denj. No. U ofUwrv^Rvef^ ^Vk M0Dd5y' APr" a8' naA> " ~y Kyer , in tbo Otfth year of her aae aaSsS^wsarys frotn hlg lathe 1 t. n .lltuce, 117 Iktekman atfe?t. ' "n April ">H, nfter a utiort aud palnfiit lilne?? ARi. iUith, in tho 27th year of hi* a*. nirHir "yl- iT' 1 'kB l.>l"C" Ir'"n thB rw"dr'Ue. ?f 0. A> Blchtcr, 216 liteaiicoy street. th*s fTiiwiav ) aftcm ^n twu "'clock. KeUtlvcs aad frlcnL of the doceased are I tioc "'jested to atf nd without further Invito .'^7 Mfndar, April 29. M?vta Uaubkta daurt twof Marten and Anna tieijon, aged 10 mouths and? the rclaiires snd frionda of tho family are i-enDcctrullv v'ted to attend tho fnn. ral, tn m th, ro Id/nTo h* w:s:ac' ^ rmmn- ? The fricnriii ana Titativoo are rupoctfully Invited 10 attend the fnneral from liell-vxte H.?p<tal, foot of Tv?a ty Mith Btro?Jt, thin (lueai'at ) ateruooe, at two o crock. mfSCKMjAMKOt'N. Paper Nreh Tie, red-white and Nn*. w ith i?n; oUH| a ai U)uVml a .piled for. Unuut ft< turrd only bf SMITH A MROuVBB, W wren *Ut<t, N. V . , at whr.l?**le caiy; j rloe $1 pa d07en. Any cruletriRn pan wear them. APPl.ETONB MAP OK THE BEaT OF WaR. I'rioe Jft '-eat*. PfBt free by mail >n receipt ot pr'cr A 111* rat 4u> -ouai W dealers. D. APPLRTo/n In), Pabluih"!*, ho*. 44.) -i nd u.'> Hrcadwar. rmy sirppUKR-MO cats rn.KHi.9n- i,o\do? l Cmdixi Olti now on lund I.nd ? III He ?ot<l Ion U. K. M UNO KM. VU ?d?r KlrWC At e ekdf.m/8? wrbDiRDrAUc -tbbbm blb bratad K'i?n?< ed Ct'ilii, (Old ony Hi ?? BtoaJwny, corner inane m-wl . ATTjsvrioit? a great nnvturr. 1HB I Nt"K CAPER NE< k riKB. Rf;p WlllTK AND BLOB, Willi 8TABK Patent nrpicd for. Banuf*ctured,ooIy by SMITH A MOUW1I, Warren tlree., N. t. At whi<l wale only Prlre ft pr don*n. Any featteman can wear theaa. BR1DUEWATBR fAINT. fire ami w atrr proof Beet color for rtUaa, nMtaML larn?, drcta of WU! atand any w**ib?r or allMl& Depot 74 Balden lane W. W BRIT*, General AgmL CORN?, R0NION4, INVERTED NAILS, SNLARMM Joint* and all <il??aw? of the fuet rami, without pats or Inoonveolrnoe to Ut patient by Dr. /.aOHaKIE, vurg?aa ChhvpodUt. 7t*> Broadway Befara to phyalctan* aU m* foot of tbla city. D EAFNESB CUBED. BEAD AGAIN TEBTIHONT, allilrtad with dea'neu, to ?ai that my aon has been due a lo?? time, and be 1* no w quite rerw?ered l-y your lrr-?? Iw-ar *lr ? You tun make uae of til* aa you WurcnHTkK Co., V. V , April 8, IBM. db. von noaciiimB'g oaioa 107 Clinton plaoe, Between Fifth and With arenne*. Dp BaRNSB' WHDLUHaUE A WD KRTAJL , dne Depot baa retnured from Park row to BB war, between r'nlton and Johaatraata. Attention la t.> the retad department. DR LANULETB ROOT AND HEBB BtTTBBM.-TM* irreo> mrdletne for th#aur? of Mi Ion* txnaplala'.*, )au? dir. . torpid lirer, dyepepata, burner*, dlaardrred boweia, baB Hood. and all * and wmoM oomalaint*. Moid eeari m nan- ai S6 and 3B aeata LYONS' MAONBTTO INSECT POWDSU tbe ortftaal an l ?er un? arUcto ?U| e term aa?l kna< he*. Aflt* and a.l renain Krwe fma -iter.. Ln?NH< m aim ki h hiM nre??re d?ath to rat- and .nWm, lold hi k'l.'rw Ua'ftrj abera ?> B BARNBB, Pr pdatatv lllS Ramlri brtwaw? ,t.>hn and k i.iu.n ntn-nta. PAB1R DIAMOND*, W Mm reanahla real Piaaaoii'L* ao akawb' I' M ^?w ?ar tall 'be ^ltfer?ace. In CA* ki*u4. riSR, ! J.LZ2. ? i vd tr.K, J cat rwceUrd and ft>t ** ? ?7 _ ^ C^OBtaB 0. iUtf,lHlNMn(