Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tuesday, April 30?6 P. M. The following U a comparative Htatement of the ftiports, exclusive of specie, from New York to foreign porta for the week and since January 1 IBM. I860. 1841 Per UiO week. $1,714,027 1,666,890 *,?3?,384 l*T3vioual| reported 18 9*8,872 2fl,129,?3T 40,599,747 biamJmwury 1. $20 602*99 27,680,627 42,636,031 There ia do market for paper or foreign bills. For the latter the demand seems to have subsided altogether, even at a considerable decline from the rate current for lant packet. Bankers' bills Irere offered to-day at 105, without buyers. As to paper, the failures of the past few days, Comprising some of the best kuown houses in the dry floods and grocery trade, seem to have fright rued buyers ont of the market, Money is abuuiant on call on suitable collateral, at about 5 per cent; but none but a few very choice names Will pa.-*, on short acceptances, at seven per cent. HUte stocks were better to-day, railway stocks lower. The former advance on the strength of th >ir worthlessnes#. Everybody is so thoroughly Bati^Qed that Virginias are not worth 25 cents on tl<e dollar that everybody sells them short, whence ar a demand which the supply of stock on the itreet ia insufficient to meet. Virginias advanced 1 per cent to-day. Teanessees %, Kentnckics %. Tennessee nay* to-murrow a coupon on one of her ia<ues. ML??ourii> declined 1 per cent. Enormous difference* wire paid for sellers' options of these State stocks. For Virginias for ten days 3% per Cent was allowed. The new government sixes advanced % this morning. The general market was lower. New York Central declined %, Harlem %, Michigan Central %, Illinois Central 1, Galena % , Toledo %, Rock Island ? t Fasilic Mail 3. After the board the market was dull. At the afternoon toard everything was lower, and the closed heavy, the following being thllB quotations-.? United 75% a States 6's, 1874, 75% a 76; Tennessee 6's, 49 a 49; Virginia 6's, 42 a 46: Missouri C's, .19% a 39%; Canton, 8 % a 9; Cumber land Coal preferred, 5 a 6; Delaware and Hnd9on Canal, 82 a 83; Pennsylvania Coal, 72 a 73; Pacific Mail, S3 a 64; New York Central, 72 a 72%; Erie, a 20%; Hudson River, 36% a S6%: Har lem, 12 a 12%; do. preferred, 30 a 30%; Reading, 31 % a 31%; Michigan Central, 44% a 44%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 13%; do. guaranteed, 28% a 28%; Panama, 101% a 102; Illi nois Central, 57% a 57%; Galena and Chicago, 57 ? 57%; Cleveland and Toledo, 23% a 23%; Chi cago and Rock Island, .36% a 36%; Chicago, Bur- I ling too and Quincy, 56 a 58; Milwaukee and Mis aitaippi, 9 a 9%; La Crosse and Milwaukee land grant bonds, 5 a 9; Illinois Central bonds. 88 a 95. The new Erie Railroad Company was organized looay, and the papers forwarded to Albany. The directors are the same as those of the old com pany, w!th the exception that Mr. Piven, of Elmira, and Mr. Wright, of Binghamton, have been added to the board. Mr. Nathaniel Marsh is President. An assessment of 2% per cent has been levied oo the stock. The Adriatic, at St. Johns, N. P., brings ns European advices to 23d. Cotton was active at the advance, the funds unchanged, breadstuff* dull, and provisions steady. American stocks neem to be improving in London; the news of the bombardment of Sumter had not been received. Stock Exehaagt. Nkw York, April 30, 1561. $inO0 TT B fia, ??1 . cn. H6V M> aha NYOenRR.sl5 72 20000 US6?, 74, on. 76.V 10 do 72V 4400 Trees'} lipctn. 101 860 Erie HR 20& 1 1000 Koolufky 6* . . 70',' 100 do BlO 20V 000* Ieoa Oa, 90. .. 60 100 do 20V MOO do 60 V 10 Ilarlcm flit 12'* 10M Virginia Oh.... 47 260 HarlcmKltpM.ilO 30V 1000 da C 47^ 150 Mich CenRR. alt 44 aooo do c 48 aooranamaRK 102 7000 Missouri 6? . . . . JOV 150 III Oon RR scrip c .19 10000 do 40 110 do C 68 V 6000 do siO 39 200 do. 6RS Looomtr &?. 70 .. . oo 100 <io *10 68,v 1000 Hrie RR 1 m b? 103 100 do slO 68 ', 3000 CW*N W S f be 76 60 do C 5?V SOHbaTraileBtuPO'eRk 97 V 460 do 68 v 28 Del ft Hud CI Co. 82V 500 do s30 57'. 100 Caatea Oo 8 V 100 do ?7 58 ICO do 8', 41 Cler, Cilft CmRR 92 10 Pacific M 88 Co. . 60 V 626 Gal ft Cbi RR. . . 67V 2-20 do 6 ?V 100 do 57 '4 50 do *15 65V 260 do s30 67 40 N V Central RR c 72'.t 450 Clov ft Tol RR . . . Z)V I 400 do *30 71 V 350 do 23 60 do *30 71 >, 100 do b30 23V 60 do ....Btwk 72 100 do *10 23',' I 00 do *7 72 75 Chi ft Rock I RR. 37'i 5a do *10 72 100 do 37 V | 160 do s3 72'? 100 do S7\, 500 do C 72',' to MUAMiaflRR... 9 j 8RCOVD BOARD. 91000 Tret 10 V p c n 99'* 60 sbs Erie RR .... 20 V iibOO Kj 0 p c 1 bdi. 67 226 111 Cent RU scrip 67\ I fOOO do 66 200 do slO 67 V KOJO V.rt^in a 6'd ?30 40 200 do ?7 67 V 4000 1 irta un*ecur 'db 62 100 Reading RR 31-, ' 20 an* More Uanta Bk 92 100 Gal ft ? hi RR. . . . 67 ' 5 Park 3a uk 95 50 do *10 o7 5 I??l ft Hud Canal . m 350 do 57 1 50 I'acifc M SU'OfSO 63 664 Cleve ft Tol RR . <%i '/ 60 do *10 64 100 do Hit) _M , 60 N T Cent RR. ?3 72 10 Chi ft Hock 1 Kit . 37 ?, , 00 do 830 71V 290 do 37 ! SO -to 72* 60 do 3?V 5?0 do 7*V tO do sio saw JOOKileRU hSO so iOO do KKripU and Dltlmmmtmli at the llAlrr of the AmIiUbI Trtwartr at New \ ork for April. April 1, 1S61? By balanpe |3,04$,096 00 Rec?tpt3 during the month ? Cti*u>?na $1,444,002 HO Pafatf?-e. 4,457 IS Postoftice Department 816 4W> 37 Mtsr.atlancous...... 64,197 70 L(WQ 6.6UH ,114 00 ? 8,662,261 93 Total 111,700,357 03 Payments? Tr'Wiry draft* *6,S71.8il 16 Cull Oflice drafta 333, 729 45 6,206,661 61 April 30, 1861? Balance f5 494 MW 32 IfeJaace, Ur.,d>aburMog acc'ts. 2.7S6.661 o. Receipts lurirg the month. . .. 4,28~i,6S3 79 7 071 .2". I SI Pay meats 2, 037. MM 16 Balaoce $6,083,728 66 Ha^u.c?, credit, interest accounts 66,805 "fl i'aymsata ,. 8.766 89 Balance. (61 ,649 67 >:?c*ipta fi* customs In April, 1*61 1.644,002 HO 1*0 do. do IH60 2 491.264 01 [kecreaao tn April, 1961 $h37,261 21 Balance Or . bullion and rxpenae account for \May Office $lf<9,629 67 lx>',n received daring th< aiootti $4,727,292 09 1 tne bars, do. . . w 126,608 80 k ?4,863*09 46 total *3,063 529 12 I't m la <-?ln ,$4,H24.929 64 I*. Use bail 142,123 H8 4,967,062 62 Balance $SC,476 60 Coin m biii'i m A ttrtunt Tr?a surer * ollics . ?io/80 082 80 I>0 in Amy office., 1,188,861 97 _ 11,76) 464 47 line bars $6t,9.<0 47 I u parted buliiou MM 613 00 Dul l to* at tite Miut for coiu.i,;c 1 ,831 (KX) 00 2.136.448 47 Total $13 H?? 94 l#fss due depositors 3.111 976 66 Balunc* $10,786,e31 38 llaalarts of t he Hatted main AaaajrOMIre utitw York for April. DepcslU t>r gold? For^'gn rola* f4,S!W <**1 i oteigti b'lUlon 70 000 I n t?*l btaiea huliion (loctadiaf CaitforuU Branch Mint bars) 2,W),?0C Tout ?7 0*?"?0 i><l n*1'" of illTei , ttiludlug parcha^r*? Kor->gn coins *10# owl fore ga bullion oa,o>JU L'nltrd 8tat< s bull ion (contained in gold) 40,000 Tto do. (old coins). 19.000 Waahre 11 000 t aliforntt Mft. T>- .' . 8 OOQ I. JM600 _ TsUl.. ..w... 7... $7,300 000 *ota depcaia, jftr?bie la tars B164Q* i I?a do. coins 7,0#r>,ooo Cold bar? Rtamprd $766 270 69 I Transmitted to V 8 Mint, Philadelphia, for w**9 ?? ? .J v . . . ... .. H I CITY COMMERCIAL Hit PORT. To*?Ar Apr* 30? ? P H A.-hwk vara steady , wlUi United salsa and at unchanged prices BxKAMm'Kra ? iHoor? The market nt h?tvr and tha demand lor Stole and WnMrra brand* vat tew active. Prices closed at ft decline of 60. a 10c. Tbe trasnac tints embraced about U.OW bbla , closing within the range of the following quotations:? Superfine Stole |? 1* a 6 20 Extr* State, good to choice 6 2THa 6 40 Superfine western 6 10 a 6 20 Common choice Weothrn extra 6 90 a TM Mixed to straight Southern ?M a 0 70 straight to good extra do 6 50 a 8 i6 Choice extra family and baker* brands... 8 25 a 8 75 Rye flour 3 30 a 4(0 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 80 a 3 20 ? Canadian flour waa in fair demand, and the low graJea were easier. The sales embrace J about 450 bbla., nt W ?0 a $7 CO for extra. Southern llo?u was rather lower and the demand light. Salt's of 600 bbU. were reported, ? losing within the range of the above quotations Bye llour was heavy at oar tig urea, white the sales embraced about 160 bbla Corn meal waa steady at quotations, with sales of 300 bbls. Wheat was heavy and less sale able, and prices closed in favor of purchasers. TUe transactlona embraced 'A 000 a SO, 000 bushels, at $1|S4 for Canadian while, 41 4* a $1 03 for fair to choice white iilcbigan, $1 25 for good Canada club. $1 33 for choice red Western, In store and $1 20 for Milwaukee club. Corn wai dull and boavy, while the sales cmbrac ed about 25,000 bushelsi at 07c. for new mixed, and old Western mixed, at depot, at 09c ; Southern > eUow at 70c. and white do. at 73c., and old Western mixed at 08c. Kyc was steady and the demand modorate, sales of 2 (00 bushels were made at 68c , afloat. Hurley was dull; saliB of 400 bushels State, at depot, at 56' ,c. Malt nominal. Oats wero heavy and lower, with salon of Western and Canadian at 34c. a ."Sc., an I SUte at 35o. C hrb w as quiet and 8*1 rs limited. 300 bias ' .iguay ra were sold at 14c. a 14 ' ,c. , HO do U&rac?iboat 13^0. a 14c., and 1C0 do at p. t liesvrs Scott Sons give the following account of stocks: ? Stock of Rio on th? ttd of April, lf61, 36 646 bags; reoeivod siuco te daw, 14,738 bujjf? loial, 61 r.*4. Sale 1 lor onsumpt Ion estimated at 3 3C3. Stock of I'.io on the 30th day of April, 1S01, 48,431 bags ; Muj acaibo, 6,6,1-';; l.-iguayra, 3 386; Java, iu*t?, 1,100; govcrMiicnt ba^s W.0, St. l>.>miogo, 3 200, Costa Rica, ?25? tetal baga and mats 6?,: *6. Tbo stock of Rio on April 23. at New Orleans, waa 5,000 bag* 27th, at Italtimore, II! 000; at Philadelphia, 0,r>00; 30th, at New Yotk, 18 Oil ? total, 72 531. Ottos. ? The market was quiet. The spinners and cheap purchasers were holding p(l , while tho low ratoa of Stirling tended to check speculation Holders, however, were Arm. Tbe sales embraced 600 a bOO bales, in lots, closing on the basis of 13%c a 14c. tor middling uplands, with lew it any even lots to be had at the ltiM-.e llgures. The following is a statement of the movoment in oottoa since the let September last, as compared with the pre vious three veats ? 1858. 1859. 1860. 1861. Rec. at ports ?-'711,000 ? ,466,000 4,211.000 8,U58,000 Kxpd to G. B. .1 .283 000 1 642 0O0 2,258 000 1,912,000 " I ran? . .".14 <>00 367 000 629 000 643,000 " other F.l\ 863 000 469,000 4CO.OOO S 20 ,000 Towl exports.. 1,860 COO 2 368,000 3,187 000 2,785 000 Slock on hand. 630 000 559 COO 618,000 286,000 ? <>f which during the past week, included In the above. Rcc. at iiorts. . . 66,000 46, COO 40.CC0 47,000 l?xp'd to G. U. . 47,000 t3.000 75,000 43,000 ?' France... 5,000 1 OCO 11,000 8,000 " other F.P. 14,000 15, COO 13.000 9,090 ToUl exports. 66,Ct0 99,000 99 000 60,009 Fxsiuinx weie duil and lower; to Liverpool 10 000 bushels of corn were engaged, in bulk, at 6d.; 3.000 a 4.000 bu>he!s of wheat were taken for 7d., in bags, and about 20,000 do. do. at 6d. do.; BO hh?i. ttllow at 90s.; 2,000 bbla. flour at 2s , and 150 packages lard at 22s. Bd. , and 500 salted hid<s at 22s. To Loudon and Glasgow ICO bbls. allies were engaged at 80s. Moi At*j? ?Sales ol 70 bbU. New Orleans were made at 32c. Naval Stokw. ? The market was quite firm. A sale of spirits? some 68 bb's ?was made at HOc. ; SCO bbls No. 1 rosin, afloat, were sold at $2, and 2(0 do., line, *4 50. 4(0 low No. 2, at S2 per 310 lb. , delivered, and 1,000 bbls. do. . strained, at fl 90 a $2. 1'rovimons. ? Pork? The market waa heavy, with sales reported of about 1,800 bbls., Including mess at $18, and at $17 76 cash to day, and prime at $13 26 a $13 37!.;. llvef was firm, and in steady demand, with sales reported of 4f 0 bblx. at $9 50 a $11 25 for repacked mess, and at $11 50 a $12 for extra. Beer hams were steady, with sales of 69 bbls at $16. Cut moats wore lower and In moderate request, with sales of 326 hhda at 6>g'c. a 6 Vc. for shoulders, and at 8c. a 8>?C for hams. iArd was lower, while the sales were fair, embracing 660 bbls and tierccs at 9c. a 97,c. Uutter and cheese were in falrdemanC. Rii k was firm but qulot. St'oasx were hoary, but in good request for refining at low rates of prices. Tbe rales footed up about 2,000 hbds , chiefly Cuba refining goods, part at 4c. a 4\c . and 300 bhds. Porto Rico were oflered at auction, but the sale dragged and ft large portion wan withdrawn. Wiiiskky was dull and lower, with sales of 326 bbla at lSe. a 18><c SHIPPING NEWS ALMAItAO TO* HWW TOW? THIS DAT. ?tm mim 4 as* I hook bisks nun* 13 40 son irn I 06 1 man watkb era I 67 Port of H?w York, April 30, 1M1. CLKARKP. Steanisfclp PAikcisburg, Staanard, Portland? II 8 Crom w eil A Co. Hhjii D?vk1 Crockett, Burgees, Baa Francisco? Win T Cole is ah A Co. Hhip Hairy of the Weil, Cotton. Valparaiso and C'allso? Fabbrl A Channcey. Ship E Z, Hodges, Coik And a market? Zerega A Co. Ship K W Bnme. Land is, Havre? Boyd A Hinckea. Ship Ada, Tucket ham. Kt Tbouia.s-C C Duncan A Co. 8hip Rhine, Btarkev, Bbedlar? C C Duncan A Ce. Bark Pathfinder, Sleoper, Sllgo? Bnow * Burgess. Bar A Brothers. Alania, Belfast? Ba^aett, Baoon A Co. Bark ? You Beaulieu (Olden), Schilling. Bremen? Ruger Bro*. Hark Rebecca, Michercr, Montevideo, Ac? J Norton A Co. Bark M K Trout, Maddock, fit Pierre? MetcA.f k Duncan. Bark William, l.rrd, Philadelphia? C A K J Peter*. Brig Wil'lam k Mary, Norton. Ouantenamo -Brett, Son k Co. Brig Went, Roger*, Fort Monrce? D C Murray. Hrlg Umpire, Hlgeins, Eliiabetbport? Thompson k Tlun'er. Brig Meteor, Carman, Baton? Thompson A H'mter. Brig J H Jonrs, Mill*. Cold Hpring? Master D Holmea, Holmes, Havana? Tmjlllo A Ruaaetl Bchr H L TU>y Bi >. Maswell, Bt Joint, NK-P I Netlui A Sou. S'chr M Plater, Bll/rard, Wilmington? J W VcKae. Fclir Model, A-rerv, Philadelphia ? W T Coleman k Co. t*hr Almlra, Hart. Providence ? II 8 Rackeu. 8:hr F Brow n, Carr. Pi-ovldenre? L Kennv ARRIVED. Rti araxblp HaumonU Ham), Bchwensen, Hamburg. April IS, via Southampton 18th, 5 PM.wllhmdse and 446 paiwn gers, to Kunharift A Co. Airtved off the Battery at 9 36 AM. 18th lust, in Cowwi K( ada, apt >ke Ham steamship Teutonia, Iwnce Ifith. Ut 48 11, Ion 40, passed several large IMP Ihe II had atnEg W wluda In latter part nf passage. nvramehli' Parkcrabur^ (trau?poru, bianuard. Annapolis, 36 ho ur?. 8te?mrhip Marion (transport*. Cole, inuapolis, with U S brig Perry .n tow. 8'PHmnhip i;heaapeuke 'tianapout, Croweli, Old Point Com fort. Va. Whip Arctic (of Fstrhaven-, Phillip*. Raker a It. nul. 102 <lay?, with gu: no, to C 8 Man-hail. ~Mh mat lat 31 42. Ion lit] i4, a|ioke bark Kawln, from West Coast of Atrloa for Boaton ; -iame ("ay, spoke sehr Witch Queen. 11 days from Portland for Havana. Whip Neptune's Favorite, Entmertoo, Cailao, Feb 5, with guano, to II A Kelly. 27th Inat, sighted Cape Henry and made i-isnul for a pilot, bu' none *- pearinf. stood in aud anchored In Lyntihartn H jidf . and aalled again 2Sth there no H?ht on Cap<> Hen?y nlglit ol 27th 1he Bremen bark Amnrarth aiTl'rdtn Lynn haven Road* night of 27th, and started neit mot tiintr lor Baltimore. March 12. latitH. Ion 46. apoke slilp < I ' Me win. from < allao for New ^oik; 1 M in?t. lat I0M H, loti31 (tt, ?t,'<kt- Brahip Iji^ -cU'e. aud baik Orion, tvxli sieei . ins B\V , 3d, lat 7 !H s, Ion ,tf M, 'poke bark I^atua Campbell, SteeHni-' sw. Ship Conatella' 'on. ilni'Iner, L.vernool, ST data, with radae ar.d MlpMMOfers, to (' Cirev ISth tnn. lat 19 M, !o? l? 41. alicnallzeid ahip Constitution, bound W. ISth, lat 40 02, Ion 64 Hi i naard ?hlp A no, bin m I Vi . Ship t'ttT n( New York, Salter, Liverpool. Marca 27, with i coal, to 1) A Kin^iUid A Bnttoti Ship Earor:, Whitman, Llrrrpool, 21 daya, wl'.h eedae and |viaa?BK?ra, to !>a?id CK?en. April 17. lat 41 irt. on .4), apoke tark Iniako, !rom Pnineu for New York. Ilaa had twa i btrlb* and oue infant dl- d Hblp EUen An ??tin. Osrilck, Lirerpool, March 3S, with mds? and t aaeengers, t I KpolToid, Tllealon A t'o. lias had light ' haWIng wind< irem the Qrand Hani.", have beta 21 daya from tbenoe. Maich .U, lat 47 M, Ion 14 11, Henry Jackson, i a colored ?? anmn, of Uro kl?n, ? i?<t of i ms<ini|itlon. Ship Helm nt iHr, of Ht John, Nh), Qraat, l.lTerpool, Man 'i 24. with salt, to RlehaiJ Irwin A ("o. Hus had heavy we<t erlv weather. 1 Hilp Tlisnt '* rBr, of London), Mlilei , London. U days, la bal'a?t, to Buchanan A Co. Khlp Jennie W Pa:ue (of OaitiMr\ Oearborn, ('ardlfl, 14 day-, with iron Ac. to Traek A Dearborn '^<1 inat, lat 1112. Ion ox ;V). ?|xi*e ship london, bene# tor London. hark An: a Mai la Sorar Or genaen. Newport, S3 day*, with iron, to order Bark 'irphoa. Smith, llawe, 34 days, in ballast, to W'.lllam Tvotj. Bark Lern (of K*mport\ I-arkW, V-aalna, 47 daya paaaed Othraltar March 1, with fruit, Mi .1 W Hire | A Co. 22d mat. otl Bal'le Island apoke HV ing ?rln E Ever -tt of tltoiire?ter? pored Ash ararce. 2,'d, lat ?2 .12 Ion 62 X2, Br ahlp Sir I?aac Mandevllle, from Portland for Liveniool Bark vid (Br, of Brl?t"l), FMwan(?. Rio Janeiro, March 2t, mth ee, to order. 1st inat lat II 9i) H, kn .t4 4*) 'pokxHhlp Mandarin, '.V> >ts>s hence for t hlna. Bark \ Ivld I.l^ht (oi Boaton* Blanehar<l Rio ,T*!ieir >, M ?>rh 1, with coffee, to Neamith A Hons Mhrch 7, in a heavy nk ca'.e, apt'ins malntnsat , lilh, ap> ke Brcilpperi 'k Marr K Rat. f.S ilaya from )<ondon foi Poit t dalalde; (3d Inst, ,!K?ke 1 ' rig Trania. < ooniba, 7 daja fi. m PUI.adelphia ? or Matann.ia, with loaa if llbbo m In a bravy Nff (ale. Bark Atrrnam, Prtnre. Cemaraia. % May*. wUh aalt Ac, to J M smith A Co Bark Laroy (Of Bos'on , Coleman, Havana, 9 4mj?, w ith su ' gar. to tnastei Park O W Hall. P it er, Cii'nl uegos, 14 day*, with <ugar, to master. Kaik Noriimhrga, Halim, OalvMton. 18 day*, with cotton Ac. to J II Brower A Co. Raik Alton Tarlton, Tl'itton B--ton, In Mlast, tom?**.er, l 8 hrlg Peiry, ? Aananoil*. Hm Man A rOrTNt, Olllcapte. Rio Janeiro, Man It 24. with ooffew, to u?o ge Moke A t:o Bailed I* company with brtg E kutter. for >cw urleau* Bark t lianucieer, for Phllaael ph.a. and hr1* T W Bowlaad, for Constantino p'e, aailed three d?j? previous 2d lnsi,iat;lt IM?ii .14 m. apoke whaling i baik Ya par?i>i0 .1 tno? out, ,?JI we^ltound to New Bedford; M, lat t. 8, Ion .'Wttt Hr 'mrk Eatella, from Newfoundland for Permit, bit. Hi. 16th. lat ?'U8, ion ft) aaw whaling h..rk Mil ltnokrt, crt', l|?l not vaut to apeak; M?h, was ia company i W,tha baik boiid't N, wltb letter In fore toraall. March SI, Is 12 8. .oil \t IS, V, unali/ed ahlp Woodstock, bound N. . itrig iu<tng America of Plymouth, Maaa), Poole. Rio i Maith jo, wlib hide* ke, to maater. B; ig < >ck ue. MeCai y, l'oat e, with aoga t Ac, .o Thcmpson Sew ' folk. ,B CCm pany wlib schr JtiTla Bdauage, for Brig Bgtmhh Ri , i f Maitlaad, NB), Crow. Maian/aa, 11 days, Wltli swMti to mssMr. I'etli'UtU Neuilva*. April i . I 10 1 hoirt|>aop A Hunter. of Tlllev. Nenvltss, II d?v*. | with *ugar A1, to 1 l is Often A boa iflT U *\KrrrulJL ' * T-- Wttk potatoes AC. U McCall A lfntk No dM?. 1st M Ti l .n ?a w, .poke bark Bcticna, 96 ilays fiom Calde.a (or BotVin I Brig lavaca fo< Weat?i1y Rt , Pirker, Matagor<la BtlaK tla Keyft'itst 8 dsy<, witbcott'ii A*,toJ M BmoarilOn. Brig Fight (Br), Slocnnt. Boatoti, 4 days, In .a.iast, toCO iJ' iwan k C?; to load f<?r Cork ? 8t hr W T t mmerjon. Uiasa, Rio Haehe. 'H daye wkh log. wood, to H r Bnek k Co. Schr t ?rlon (Br*, Randei s. Pom e, |( taya, with sugar Ac to Bturgea k t.'o. 8efir pgimett*, Brandon, CardfnAa, V day*. Wltb molaaaea. to C AIJ rtlart. ReVr Ad^le, Snow, Rs|UA, 10 >l?, w.i'i suat A e. too WhnelwrtgM. HchrtJiieanaPtMN'tiMt, Rllweert M ; lie Sohf II \ nmluaen, ( rati. Wilmington, NO, 4 dsrs Bent II A ikfit, K ogerp Wi ^tlngton NC. ftdAy* Mht ? ?n*?. yvf?M * ^ oawNPtri' I tort Me. Sclir J T WUi'am*. (Hj.-tU, Wlnia|lM, kO.iltr* titrUB Built-*. Rotxaaoo, Wtlailngtoa. NO. * day*. tchr R h Met-loira, Kane, Plymouth, NO. i 1?.<h Srlir Art I ldrtdge hoow, Plymouth. NO, I day*. totn Krbcoea, Meaee, Kiebmi>n<<, t da; a. tchr B?o Bloaanm. Vtrxtnia. Sviir Oeotgia. Morris tmyraa, IM. I day a Hrbr J 1* Jobnaok, Chaae, Eltiebethport (W Auguata, Sc fcr tiokLuu Went IxMiiiUi, Blixabetfcpurt for rialem. Kchr Mayflower Henderaua, EUzabethport for dalem. Be hr Mecca, Kd*?*l, KUaabethport for Oubridipport. Srbr Fakir, Heath. BUzabethport for Fall Hirer Hrbr AJmira T Brigga, KUaoaethport for Piurtdeooe Sctu M F Webb. Buckingham, Eltiabetfcport for Pruvldencs. Schr Belle. OuptiU, RUiabetbport for Mediord. Belli- MadagaacarTMoore. BUawarth. Bchr 0?a? William*, Hprott, Po Land for BondoaU Schr Fannie Kraung. buow, Hieklaad. 4 day. Schr Abb* Bracketi, -.Bondou- for Aaj> awaU. Bio ip M ? Ha v lea, i-arta, Elizaheibport tor I tuvldeuc i Hlo 'P Agent, Dameix Rlla%bethoort for I'rovtdenoo. Sloop Pearl, Coblelgh Bllaabcthaort for Newport. Sloop Lad/ Waahingtoa, Wheeler, Elirabethport for New I aveu. 8i o Rwan S r< or. Elirabethport for BayTtll?. 8 < o:> Empire Phlulpa. HUzabeth* >rt foe Pari Morris. Steamer Saian Jonea. PhllaantDhia. Hieamer 8 Seymour, Wilson. PMifclphli. i teener PelMaa. Itker, hendtMs. BELOW. .-hip PU;, Daley. from Liverpool, March N SAILED :>hip As' lie*, Melbourne; bark* Brother*, Belfast; M E T">ut, AJ>pin*alL John Artie*, Ba cor; biur* Aoh He tJ*r thtf, GuUette, ltotteidam. Wind at Buurlae BE ; meridian BE, fteaU ; auc. iet K W, d ,. HER?aDAa,A<?,r,?fiL!!i"t. Cofr? ?PO?drner. JJr?v?5jrWI 10 ,,re#trire " fro? deatructSn *?2 MUcellaaeoiu. ?5 ue "rteannhip Bremer, before rep. rted anhore ca the Ka-,1 Became off at high water ycetetday morning without d;. in He and i? needed to her wharf. tnuTyi.w uxtown Ap/ifSl J*? "rerpeol ,or *>? Vork, put . (fpnkeu, ate.. M rVb for Pern. mb, oo, Eorrlca Porta. (a drremMulC'n?l?h*1'1 * s??l>wn, Hepburn, NTcrk S.SSSV unc Bark ftS bin fiuui?, y Queen, Krenniiif, ?' ae?IU ftom Botu 0,'uieg 1 brig Monte Crtrto, Norttmp, uno IUlC ' U~lu ?*>" teaj Stauna.d, Petry. .Ioh?.C fOr?.^l^vS*l2ll4T<.tor?0rtb4rk ?Ml",r 0rtlk H ,ker., for S1?mu$ fr!^O^.n" foAr,yli,ii^ILC4p* CIetr e.^0 ^ M0nUDS UuW?. r>?m Baltimore fo,L,v. c"w 2T, J ?ewu>n- >n. NYerk. a i if/ if r 1 of the BtfiL Brvi.nt A1 ii, ith^Uon. Cooper, Vateaeia; ?tb, SSSSF?S! Thoi^"brti n {ihristl?- St &;? ? h Vork; m"wCMS A1^;.,?^ ^ ^kdo;br^ i^auusket Duntar. M faCaa 1?h tark ' : Hilton ; 15th, C i> Roll, hbAckelforil dn- mm **"?S s^zsr' * ^ ?*? .mI? L *P5L,^hrTiiT,1?R,h,U*; I-nlon for If Tort; La^iS^^^ At^. """oi l?, 'M1'. Maryland. Bamo^d^flLrtit^rSi iMnSA."!?;/ Sv^&iaiJKSsS 'sfc te iBKryte Ocean Herald. Fuller, <5r*eeT^f!oie^2oHG' i/?^ "?a? <^?r"e^r*Hf0Pd? Wt0fk-C.r? (Br,. OL<rd, M ork, ?ta eaSS Wn j *? I P,"M: ??"????>. N^Tllai, brtga & i ny a*T' WrmJ? L I* aSnow. .Smith, do and Mcl'Arlmid, Sim; HiiirH Kb Hajav Ortolan, Volunteer, kowia, ^o Ouuii !^ J^y,1)'i2T4 M??rena i Jonea, Portland ; Monica, PliUiipe 8ai;ua "' Jonea, M'fco^ ,?dti "(Jen ktrk; Pacific, Hall, and C "fj't V^^.f0' ?un WoidM' Or otto! Mn N Ham?, liirmot, B ui Sn^th?!^' 5Tkr^!?r,^e"t,,n' Sperrow- 1 Irginla 4 EaWUIna, wilki^ii u'vi-^T George 'j homaa. Lewla Ikiw iiii, , V . *'r' Raynea: Ch.whiU, lr?u, Li rr FranrM u^b"Ul- U???U; ?' M cheater; VllotFlah ifoyt^SSlu^.1 Win OrwB, At well , Hamilton? Harmon w'elkii?7til,I*i, (>Tl"'r,kl PhilppB in?*ovr unr hnou a ? ? n BUDChtrd. And Altai. (lute ( Br i, for Baltimore' H K Fmppt,1?,''wi'r ^ ort^,IM'! art, W llaoo ; J M Crow TnUo ) 'av,^/. ^'kiM;? 8,p'"r huntreae, Dnncan . C 11 Kroat Hi' i.knV Teller; rllle , Wabaab, BI?Jey, Kredoni , /JiFd a a ?-h rle,f?. *"? rent , Adele, Snow. Huniiiiirt Bird f "t Xmu Panndera; Charlee Edward, bViie, BautOu rr^?C ^*"Un'' Rog' r*, Ror era; Pnigresaivr A?e iinmh.^f' Fl.irenoe Pierce and T homaa Arhorn, HiJK'. lireyhound, Foater, and lr phraim A Ansa 1j. , ?' in, \ *} Mtroilt> KUney. f<r hljiladr.lpbia, llanatene Do^^'ri; H'MUitain Aveuue, Htiryy ,1 w HbIi' k* Antwerp; Wllilame; Jcba Faraiim Hail H di'i **r*hman; H Benr, ??r, ht^i'Ie; K lliil. fcylveAter- u MbhokI 5: ^ Widdleion., Kow<l ,mTF A Albert de Ruaiey, NelU; and M r^ramhail. Ba^ l*i' '??"*' ?mm'e ?isfsi""' >"?" ?i?s??i b ?... ssssiar- 1 ??s "'k^rasrr,; ?s? "w delpbla: John h rj nnt, (iardn .*r NY? rk ii- i ,na* man. Wancheater, I'. a?k, ?nd New \v\ r j "'i'1 T>u Ml-Ia, ball fas, ,*,n'',,,? Utch- hl WB; Alexander) ^"loutU^te^f ta,TuVl2'u|Jlloa7: "<*? r^krri.te^u(iidr. ? ?''Id fr in Hrarereud l?lb, ,'o# Kt?h IUrn.^a r, . _ ^cnaa. 1Mb. Gowper. Btev,^ ?* Aphl U-oid Oraafurrla c.tbartaA. Baae.ow, April Hid Jehu, flmith. Boeton MATiNiAH, April 17? Ait hri?i 4' lmri#* M ' . jana.huah B?bbige, si Ra,?t iVh W m L ^ ,'0"d? IU Penaaoota; Minnie HobifTer, l"nna^i,,on Uarana, ( nrtla Havana. uu?u?i"on, i r0T douois ?th, . Mdm*. ichr Gro Harm, RteTro* Parrt... , ? 18th, bark A Mandemon, lhuini*nn \>1 v \ *cwTo*i brig, B'i?an Duncan. Drlnkw^?/ ^0" \1,?ta?81?,,a; Penaaoola.wAia ? at roll. Crow ell, no,,n*". few ^ ork; 19th, bark Pallaa, BUldla N..- .AH.hrm "r?wa, mah Br-, 6rtSTN.w TwkjTn?!? brl?* ^ ibrrm bave been r . ported aaae<l Mrltf if,' * <*"tland ihuit do. la alao reported In port m ; ?>tlt hirk l^if^ 2 In poit t2l, abipa MaUldk. NichoUa. tor KalmouUi Id*; llemy Clark, Brown, dodo; A.lnl>uu Cartla f,.r lire mon. do. Urnr*. hirret, for (inwneck (?r Gorki do barn e Annla Hylpr. fur Kalm iMh do J M linrMOti i?iika>, do; IK liHMltioe, Coomb,, and oirMttn, Parkl for Cork, do, Mi 'inialo Ka#lr, *ate?. M?r1lia J Ward Cbaao tiajao, Ball?y ; Oood*|Kfd, Uuntop, an I Law* Kuaa, Kuaa, for York, do; lonlr, llutchlaion. *i? btuca Amatf Dana Windward, Oulnn; *ioni? S.h:(f,.r, . J< . n nangktoa and Kivim, Olt lla, tor K. w Y ork, l,l?. ultra, I hureh; .lane* Oatta, HtulM. Unoola, HMoklnaon; Alf? atta. Bib b?r, and Uidg* ?Iaiu?y, Coo?b?, lor Porllaad, du- Cliarlma Maana. for Sottp^dtag; Ukkn Ware. Mor.CH. f?W Hoi mum llole, I**: VMh Bern r<\ C!ajk?, and hie. ,u*? liranl. lor f-hlladi-liihMi, d"(nr Baltlmot"' . Mt,!m Mow* Pike for Bal tlmore, do; ( baj|*a Hralb Loud, '01 Savannah d<? Th >m%? Tllealor, seamen Moonlight, fcnull; Prankiin, Klnanaa: J R lt> nMfa, l? Boat t Helle Bet! ant Ooomba, II II Modll vary, Clillord; Iharlea We?\?v, Kurd; Hmb, Bating*, and (Id J*b bn?a AU?ialta. Hlhii#r. PortUndj chaHana, Memo*. Bo* urn. Minnie Miiffer t ooimttfitnn Ntnrk' Ha vana, ? nrtla, do: rkrlloUn Kla^a, Hall do - *1" Brown, Il?n-.mond, WaU-r. fi,rd MdTciaprat WbHjhWj Rio l.'iiiBirn, Alliance, i.eflero, <'harl?f>u>n; ( allfornta, llatVorn. Ht Tbomaa. Sam it*?, April IS? Kid brig .1 R Nerlna, tilley NY ork PimorjH, /VJCU <b? Rddrsone, Elect Ho Hiwrk, ( aidero, fltMn NTo? k for Harre l*ai.?m?o, April B? Arr Hartiabtir*, \t tawo.i Oanoa lid life, XliaatwUi Marfcf. PentrraU. Nlork ?<"><?? ?'? yiransrw*, Aprtl l.V-Arr Ida. NOrleajia. LafarMta m> all, Caltao; 1Mb, Lora#*o Mmtlmem f.'M i?tii Vfavar'r *-mall H??ra; rliamptoti. Hrrwn. II am bn ? l.ttb Vnna! Hrmptoo toad*. Ki o?, If, April 15? rut la Adjust, D||I> fro* xarannab for Barva. RioJaniiX". Maiph l?~In con i,,p dtag, t>arka Pat ana, I<*w?ll, and kclndrer rnlM I or llYorS Mg. Oen Huleker, lrf?otiard. for Paranaaua nixt dar II K ? P^amg. Ko?ra forfiortrunt ld| Krthlaa, Miliar,' from Pabla diaj; ? Wlillamai.n. rh<iffanoi:h dl.?t{ ; Mary, Wll <i<m, M*; l-?-ifbU>o, hp^nblij, bailla Magic, .-ou.o; .1 B Qtmaa ftpwd; hnK, <<ra??' AC AdntaTnnS^ ^3# Oavta; Canaiia, troweil, Wheatland Oamx-k; IHor-ata' Wrlah: W H 7fr*mai^ Warn, ...d ,!u-tina. Maraha.L wu; Uitgpa l' '>'o, WrtlfH for NYort !d)r; !? M f^nk#. jflaHlala Fc^h P*ni, Mu?h >-pno , I rUx" M M Jordan WkMldaa. aril f* l.waaT^a'Pr. d<<* r>nx,:T Wla achu ! *?? 1? I virrv. Men rra, frr m Klrhnu m rla Bahla, w U; Ya ,? i Dtoaoaaay, trum K?ckuwt?d, "Uag, fWe?< M??, I'Bnf, 1 jkuw, Htl<t 10? la port brig ?oUtu. Aug; Kir Z*t* Pun L1>?, April 14 ? Bid Harvest, Loriag, wJ Ghat tee, Mi tntyre, kinij Unem Boatoo. Bamakamg, Krb U ? Art Carrie LeUnd, Smith, Amoy Bikcu Lun, March 21? In port bark Oriaodo, Mttem*. iinf- Mdlfth, brig Puc mao, Uoei>aMw Ialasdebaa. hi. IThoba* April 1? Air bark Juliua Oauaaer', Buck. mum, Maute video (and aid HI for Cianfuegasi; brig Ballet, ferry, Rio JanWr j (nod aid 9d for MayagueA*. did tU, barque r en. ticket, Lcicbloo, '-fMnkMi In portA|?rU4^ (ftdtfatMhly Ooaleat, ftteeia, froaa Hew Tork for Han Kranoiaoa, leaking badly , ImIwIIi, CotLu, for Kllmouth, repg, barks Charles Kdwln, UtUejohii, from Buanoa Ayi-oa, Mr 17 th nil; Brunetta, Btone, from l'ort BpaJa air Slit, bilgs B K Huh bumlell, from Bum' a Ayrea. a r Stat; Indus, andecaoa from New York, air 1st luat. achra Mary Alice, Welch, from do; Ann Inn, 40 da. dia? . Southern 'HUr, Partridge, from Hi Vincent, do; Red Win*. Klrwaa, from AuUgua Arr ?d Kllloo't, Duncan, fr.ia Dtmarara. arr ith; Amy Chswe, (Benjamin, from he# tork for Ouadaloupe, rrpg. Br Michael, Karen tV-Arr Horteaae, Jam*. Ftnl Iit J auo. April 11? Arr bark Linda htcwan. Dam, KYork; brig Orient (Brt, Walters. do; #cfcr I ate Ma-gvnA Brown, do. Tkxkl, April#? Air John Brous, Bouman, N York 1 Kim had, April II? Arr bark kambler. Paokaid, A?pln wall, bnga Chesapeake, Evans. do. lith, Jotui Welsh, Ml St, Philadelphia (I'M HTMA. onr Adkiatic. at 8t Johns. NF? ' IkWMinN 1 Arr fn.m N York i'd, Crnheua, at -"ortamouth ; C Hill, and Mnratbou. in the Clyde; Phakspeare, at Torquay; Wareriey, at lliTt; Nightingale, at Ileal Arr from M'rieana, Kate Dyer, at Ham; Senator, And Hy Cot k, at Liverpool Ait f rom Baltimore, Kerdlnuiid, at Ia'e of Wight. Air from PhJiad.-iphia, C C Hum, at Queeoatown Arr from Pavauuah, Harmony, at Liverpool. Arrfrrm Mofclle Harnomdes at Liverpool Atr from Bail Kriuctaco, Winged Arrow, at Liverpool. Amerltan Porta* ALEXANDRIA, April 17? .ild heirs B J lick up. Ptckuo'

Norwich; Anna B Haya, Bobinaoo, troy ; Hamilton, Ogdea, hVork. BChTON, April 27? Arr aieamablp Colttmbia (Br), Leltoh, Glasgow via St Johns, NF, and Halifax; aliip Anna r Schmidt ftiuiiikea. Havre via Pass L'Ouire. baikaBinmaF Chase. Otliey Mafaozaa, Oot-aa Biide, Bi:rgesa,Cnrit n?<; I 111 h K ktr.s, I futum, tagua ichra J W Allen, Do*,:", Ualvraton. L W i rati, Chipniin, I'enaaooU; llaltie M Mayo, Ward Jacksonville; Louisa, IlaUrtt, savannah; R H (Til 1011, Colaoo, a ad Chailej Carroll, Cnlpman, Baltimore; 8 L frtevma. Studley RcHkonab :toae, Burgi-ik, H A M?g?e, Ma |fo; n O'-d' rpy, ltiiM>cll; ?eptun?. Mayo; fc B T ThomtMnn, .itw iii io. mid Buitowh (', l. lurk, Philadelphia ; R L ouow, ( ooaiy; t ruacc. Foat?r, Kmprena. Ka< niiworih ; l^ady 'uf folk, ctudley; Aualin, ParM>n?; Adelaide, Coleman, and Ueoigc & fcmily, Hknta, Rli/ab<^bport; Delaware Manuing. HokIoiiI Samuel Gllmtu, tlrowell, Nlork IMdbarkHar vet-t Moon. Heny, blettui; brig Delaware. Cobb. FbiUdel l>hiu; Hcurs F.fl/ tbetb Engllrh. RoglUh. and Treasurer, I'iAher, hbllaJelpbi*; AuuCatoilue, bac >o, and James Law 1 core, Allen, N\i?k. i8ih ? Arr bark laland Ci'y, KHIey, Qalve tnn; brig Marine. Co'ik, Cieufuegon; tchra Johu hlltott, W'tod, Aux CayiM; H W lerry, ramix>ou J ackaonville ; H N Kuraum, Lorell, Wil liunutOD, NC, via Norfolk; Ada Herbert, Purvere, Tao,?i?r, Willow Harp, llulao. I h lad-l].liLa, D W Bill*, Brown, hlim lietbuort; H10 (Jraade, Allen, New York. 29tli? Arr ahip M locka, Norton, Liverpool . whii S H Wil eon, Davis, and I Rlcb. Ciowell. rhlladelpnla In the Bay, fluu Ujndcatan, from Oaleutta. Cld nblp North America, Collier, t>t John, NH, to I' ad 'or Liverpool barka Major Nor ton (Hri, (Jerrior. Martiiuqne Ac; Youdk Turk, Harding, lit Jchn to load for England; tinea St Mai >a, Bn-vo >r. W Comi ul Africa: H O Heny, Raoe, Havaua; ttchr llanover, Hodg don, Aquln, Hayti IfUtb? Arr (by tel. ahipa Moaea Davenport. NOrleana; Bridge water, Mobile; batk L/fctnder, Trindml; brig Daulel Cook, Jeremie. BALTIMORE, April 27 a 28-Arr s?bra N J Braxton. Mllli ken, froviderre; JusiiLa Handel. Peiera, and Arc >la, l?"wis, < hiu leaton. Old Br bri? yucca Victoria, lla'ch. Weal Indiea; acbi-a Ji'bn Ctitnth, Conllin, Sagua; Elate, t'uccmire, aud I J lull. Cooper, New York. Sid barka Julie (Kui), Bjoikmau, Queeii5(t(<wn and a uikt; Waltliam. Brown, Bremen. HELKAHT, April 18? Arr acbr KloHwood, Patttraon, Nor Tolk JUt, hrlK Webkler Keilev. Heagan, Cardenas; 23d, DK arev, Brier, UaliUDoie hAbTI'liKI', Apiil 18 -Cld bark Statlra, Bourne, Olakgowj 2J^, scbr C K Buck, Redman. Jamaici KBANEIIl'NK, April T,~ hid alilp Uncoto (new, 11W tonal, Mason, 1'bilacelpiiia, to load for jLoaugo, Afnci. MOB1IJE, Apiil '23 ? Art acbr Edward Barnard, Wright, l'ort au iTlnce. Cld bark R H (lamble, Powoil, Key Weal; Uig Hette (Italian). Fratelli, Cbighizola, (Jenoa. NEW OKLEihS. April El? Arr ateamahip Matagorda, WU kou, (Jalveaton and Saijiue Paaa . ahips Aithur (lira vYattoa, IJverpool; Niagara Lawrence, Beaton Cld ahln Rjlaaa iBiem), 9i icka, Loudon Ht char-lea, Conway, Llrerpool. 'lowed to ?e* 17th luat alilp Moaea Davenport, and bark Lei p boa At tbe bar 17th inat ahipa Friaoeton and HarreU 3uteu. iu d to aea liark Mimc . 7o aea i!2d inat bark Keroiu un and brig M A bteveua. To tbe bar 18th Inst ahip Young Eagle. 2itli- Arr atfan?hlp Texas, Fowler, Tndianola Ac, Br ahip Moi.n.on, I Lire, Liverpool ; fclir Wm Abbott, Hmllh, Ruataa. Cld ateamahip Caaawba, Smith, NYork via Havana; Bremen rhip Senator Ikeu. Becnken, Bn-men ; Klc bark Conoettina, Oaidina, Coik and mkt; acbraA C Leverett, Squire*, NYork; Anna 1 aylor, Hawca, U?lve?Uin Also towed to sea 19th, ship Robeit Cualiman; to the bar, rhip Levi Woodbuiy. >EW BRDFOBO, April t7-Arr bark Bhering, QUIiat, Honolulu; achrt E II Aoams, Hinckley, Baltimore PRNsACOLA, Aptil 13? Arr aehr D N Richards, Joy. Mo bile. Cld acbr Klla, Kleoeieen. Tampico. PORliiAND, April 27? Arr snip John A Albert. Oorham, Boaton; achrOun Kook, Parker, Philadelphia Cld ateam ahi)' North Briton (Br), Borland, Liverpool via Ijondonderry 8 id ild;; bark Havland, Kulton, Havana; Oatalpa, Huxlora, iUdkaa. ^stb? Arr achra Valetu, Mean a, Cardenas; W H Mailler, Colby, Siera Moiena via Cardenas; Dasile. Veazle, Cardenas. I'RoYIDENCK, A mil 28? Arr alo. p Kitty Ann Baker, Delaware Bay. bid ?chr.< Wm 1'axson, Stevenaon, Wilmlng ton. Del, WP Ritchie, Fieaihey, Philadelphia (01 Calaiai; Banner, Bicker, NYork. HaN FKaRUIBCO. April 15? Arr ahipa Romance of the Fen. Clough. Boaton ; Talisman, Thomaa, and 1'cruviau, Ho belts, NYork; Revenue, Lea k, llreenock I SALE M, April 26? Arr brig Elizabeth. Laaaan, Cayenne; S8tb, bark Tidal Wave, Nelson, Perguela, v'a Ht Helena ; brig Paulina, A hrtna, Bissau, WC Africa, via Port Prava. HOIJ8K8, ROOMS, 4C., TO laKT. I A SUIT OF FUBMIHHBn APABTM8NT8 TO LBT? ; A I11 Twenty Aral street, uear Broadway. The Honae la I seplete with all the modern improremanta. The beat of refe 1 fences required. For address apply to Madiaon square Post 1 oAae. PremCJ jjRl^on itreiT?"' ?" A' *^i2?d' o^tb'e A COZY IJTTLB HOUSE FOB $3CU PER YEAR; haa all tbe modern Improvements; email family and beat of references required; a bargain for mme one. Apply at CSS Eighth avenua, corner of Forty eighth atreet. A GENTEEL FAMILY, IN A RESPECTABLE PART of Jetsey City, have two or three rooms to snare. Would let them for flu per month Apply at IW soutfc Pouith street, < Ity NEAT ?? KOWN STONE FRONT NEW HOl'SE, ?<>"*> Emi Twenty-?eventh street, to let: has all the im. lorn improvements ?nd In In food order Rent $7110; poeseaslou Immediately. Apply to JOUR FOLEY, Ootd I'eu Maker, 103 Broadway. A FURNISHED COTTAGE TO LBT AT YOXKER9? with alx Iota of grour.d. embracing a garden, with I'rtilt tree*. Ac t<un and w atcr tn the houte. The house has eleven ioum? and kitcheu. Apply to Dr. CHILTON, No. 9J l'tiuce atieet, New York. A HANDSOME STONE KRONT HOUSE, NO. 114 EAST TUirtr-fouitb street, gool nelghborh'xjd ; house ingnod o?d? r; will be let cheap to a resp< ntlble tenant Apply to J. H. BILL, \M Fifth avenue, c rner of Twenty-third street. A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN A VERT ?L de?:rable situation; has all the modern Improvements. Ifdralr^d part (of the bonne would be retained by th? owner. For ftiither parti<mlara apiiiy at No 37 Weal Twenty, first ill eet, 'between Fifth ami Sluh avenues ABPLENPIDLY FURNIB1IKD FRONT ROOM AND HBD r omti let-lo? gentleman and hla wife, for h 'U?e ktailrg, alio a single Room In a private liouee. win all ttie modern Improvements. Apply at #6 Prince ativet, a few drots weat of Broadway. A FI* P. MODERN HOME ON EAST HHOADWAf TO let. located in the beat i upper' part of the atieet; h*a all itopr vemeuis; new gas li xtun-a will be put in: reot very luw, $0": has let for 1600. K1NHHIMBR A WILCOX, MS Fourth avenue. AN OFFIOS TO LET? SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN or dentist; alto large well lurnlahed Rcoms t> be let, without boatd, to gent If men only. Looau m desu.ible. Ap p'y at 30 Bond street be let aet,aj?T.'? to let, |? . ? ?Jtb ronre. Broadway stork to let- -a small stork, a few doors b?low the Hospital; the beat locality to New York for strangers; on the weat side of Broadway, and only ?ne ble. k above mewart'a. Apply ta J. 8 TILLY. No. W Broadway, up stairs. Brooklyn -apartments to let-thk first or second flror of house No. H4 Hoyt atreet, bit* eon Bet gen and Wyekofl" streets; rent cheap to a small family In gnlre on the premises. Desirable a i' abimbnts? rknt bis or less prr month, tn house 101) Hudson atreet. Location respect able; to let to gnod tenants, good yard. Ar , Ac. FB AfTORY to LET OR LEASE-IN a < BNTRAL PO ?illon in the city, very sultaMe for a carnage factory. or aay other kind of manufacturing business. "I be main build log la lOTiItf fe? t, three stoi lea and baaement. with plenty of light There la a large yard welt pared, a p irtlon of whl Ij isonveiedbv a lirlok sh>d Unroof, SJi?S feet Alao stable on the piemlses, with stalls for four horsas, carriage h MM and bay loft ?oi further parttculaia apply on the pr-mlses, 7l> and 78 fculNvan street. ROBERT C a, VANS fj'C RN 1 rtll Bl> HOUSE AT NEW HRIOHTONTO LRl^ P on the hfc;h sro-ind lietwoeti New Brighton and Qtiarsn ttoie ferries, wlthla a few minutee' walk of each; a full* fur utfhed house with three arras of ground. The aititaU n >a Moat haalthful and the view of the bay and surrounding scenery tmiur|iaesed. Address B , hoi :uJ Fost othre. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET -THE LARQK FOUR story brown stone front House. No. :t W East Thirtieth street, o ixalntng steam furnane. two haths, three watei rlnaets, gaa. Ac , will be rented, t urniahMl, to a responsible t< nant, a the low rent of o |>er arnum. Apply on the premises cr address b<i* .'l.tBT Post oflire FURNHHF1) HOUSE Mil EAST THIRTIETH STHERT, tn lev? Three story and i.wment, high stoop brown Move, l?**^. In perfect order; roost of the rent taken In basrd tl deeirmi. Also, for sale at a sacrlSee. House and Harden, 0. rner of Washington avmoe st.d Moms >ireet, Tt?m .n , Up per Morrlsanla. HENDBRf-ON A CO., 37 > Bruadwar. nM Ot'HE AND tlARDRN TO LET? AT WILLI IM*. I biidge. -House e< nt'ons eight rooms and $1(10 tier year: r as? a?ton Inimediateiv Inquire of B. VaL RKT1NK, WllUamalMidge Staimn, Harlem Railroad. HOUSE TO RUNT ? ON HTATRN ISLAND. A SHORT distant' fro? the f'aatleton landing. Situ at |. m vrr de aira|>le and location healthy, lnoulre of A. W. SEX CON, No. S Maiden lane. H HOUSE A>D STOKE TO LET - THE TWO 8TURT ? attle and baa*ment brick House, No. 9 tlrand street, near Varlek , rent |JMJ per yiar. Also the Storey Oanai street; rent 9IM per jwr. Apply to A. UNDt?, 410 Canal g&Wt ' " T -ff ?mfO lM I M M BDI ATKLY? TRK rfiwt ftO#* Jj and Baaement ?t W Oanaevoort atreet, oauh W by 46 feat, airttaMe for mannfar'niing or storage pun>Osea. ln gnlreer Mrs. K/VaiON, g4S Madarm street T IQUOB STORK TO LBT-ONK OF THE BEST J J stsads up town, it betag In the tmwrdtat* n<dfbHnrlio?t ?f fosndi lee, where a large num ber of men are daily na p'.ijnd al"i a Sl ier. lid Stand '* rtepo' and Rarber's Mbep Inquire ot JAMES MO( ' KB, TaaU avenue, cnrMr of Twenty slith street TIW BRKillT N -FT'^NlitiKD HOl'htTO LKT FOB three ntonlhs. with rardea and use of ?nw, ad. niog Htt chti -eh. Api>ly on the premiaee ?ril M fWie street OART OF A HANDM.MB B?t)WN ^TONK MHINT X Honae, 111 I?iln?UMi avenne, to let at a low rent to a bSw Sgj5^*: _ notHCf, ROOM*, <fcC ., TO LOT ? _ Part or a rrown stone hckt^b to let-tr;*? Boor or put of' aeoood, L> Fiftieth st'eet, o ?'? H*th aveous; ehf^p rem to a fl-sr claas small Isimly Root nWtt ??> ^pp?y ?i m rtrtiMk atreet 5i!srK* e?w/2L1tr ?_<lu*r'wi of . uulir? ro*ns. oi? "e'o^ !r Tm 't ^^JKT S^' TO LRT? TOR BROWN STOMR FRONT ROUSH NO TH Bast thirty eighth street. ren; lOUi (a a ainall lAmiiT. Cm be mm from ID A M la* P.M. ?pply to J. M. BRoW*. it? Mott mwt, ui ihe evening or annual. r LET-RaILROAD HOTEL, OORNEB OK tit 9TB avetrue aud Thirty first lUrn Also tiro nUxr Stored, suitable for rtmost any business. Apply at 2*4 thirty first s.reet. THU LBT?THR rOL.i.OWIhO THRBB 8TORY ?Ml | atU: high sloop brick dwelling Uouaea to the vsctni'/ at TTeleen square, vf? ?160 WestTwentietk atreet, 2J& ?v eni Ttesiy Im atreet aud 173 Wnat Nineteenth atreet. IUm mouses have tea bedroom* eaoh, an furnUued with Oietan and ga* Ixtures, wash tnba, water solaeta and every oon VeaUace that oaa be desired, and are now about boko* pmt In thorough flood repair and painted throughout Apply to D. A Ol'hU MAN, 1 it NlnlB avenue, between Tweauoth aad Twenty first streets TO LBT? RLBGANY LT FURNISHED ROOMS AT RB t aooable terms. Mo. 118 Weat Twenty-sixth street, be Ik era Seventh and Eighth avenues. rLKT-A HANDSOME RESIDENCE, OONSIHTINQ OK a fiue commodious House and Stable, with eleven Lota of ground under cultivation aa a garden; Sine fruit trees, grape vines Ac., situated on the oorner of Bush wick and Wreeue aveuuen Williamsburg. about 26 minutes by oani from the terry. Apply to W. W. BROWN. 6 Corn ilea 8Up, N. T. TO LET? TWO FLOORS, ON NINTH AYKNUE. NBAS Twentieth street, or fire aid six roonu eaoh, t urnished with Orotou aud gas fixtures, wash tub, water closet, aad se. arate gas meter Tor eaoh Boor, suitable for saull aad gen t<? 1 families. at moderate rem*. Apply to O A QUSHBaN. l..? Ninth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty first Streets. rLBT-BEADTIFDLLY KURNI.SHKD SUITS OK Booms, in bionn c tone houte Si Bow ry, sad single Rw ms; furniture new. This eatabltahmrnt It kept in fine order. Kent ressonab.e. Apply on the premises, third story , of J WA.By.VroN. mo LET? ALL OR A PAST OK THE NEW STORK. 1 '262 Csual street, near Broasway; Albert s'.ine front; fim.liul up id beat man use , arranged tor three touauu. Ap ply on the premises. r> LBT-NO. M CROSBY STREET, NBAB ORAND, thrt e story aud basement House, la go id repair, with gas, obaudeUeia, bath, range, hot and eold water to aeeond Dour -, good yard, to Apply on the premises TO LBT? ON 11 ITU 8TRSBT. BETWEEN THIRD AND Kourth avenues, near the Central Park, a well finished Cottage llortae, elglit room* and fine yard faculties; good for putting down town. Rent $20u. I'ossessios giveu Immedi ately. Inqnire 269 Pearl street, or ou the premises. rno LET? A THREE .STORY AND BA8BMMNT HOUtB, 1 ho rCBast Broadway, In perfect order, witU all the mode m Improve Bent* and new gas flit urea Apo'y to Mrs. Kt. KLON0.No 29 Cllutou place, Eighth street. Bent Mo derate. TO LET-THK SECOND KLOOR OF NO. a* WEST Kortv^lghth atreet; price, $9 per month. Tbree Roimi at 3(12 Wrst Mne'eenth atrent: tirloe, $7 M And nisi a ii'abln wl'h three (.tails: price $3 Inqslie of C SOS 11 Ma>N, MTl Weat Nineteenth street, or RB W as' Korty-elghth street TO LET-SPLENDID APARTURNTS AND FLOORS, with three, four and five Boom?. with gaa fixtures, bfth, and glass cut slldiig doors; wash houie, marble mau toisand gluas dressers. Three Rooms, $7; lour Boom*, S9 atd $J0; five Rooms, fiom tl2u>').0per m>nth; l ication in Thirtieth street, between Second and Third avenues. JAMBS FKTT REICH, 217 Bast Ihirtietli atreet THO LET-A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BHfOK ? iMiuoe 1GU West Forty ninth street, near Ei?Uth avenue, in good order. Han the modej-n improremenU Apply on Ihe premises or to B 8. YOUNO, 26 Nassau street TO LET- A COMPLETE HOUSE, WITH ALL MODERN improvements; neiAborhord good ; pnasrssion immedi ately. Apijf at 292 West Twanty fourth street. rl TET? AN ELEGANT THREE STORY AND BASE mem brick House on Fifty fourth atreet, near Broadway Inquire of A. J. BiXKh LL, 9s Bast Thirteenth street, from 8 till 9 o'clock A M., and from 6 to 7 o'clock r. M rLBT? A THBEE STORY AND BASEMENT House, at 46 Bast Houston street; the hovse is In good n i>aii'. having been reoen'ly palmed and papereil a -Mi c>n tainiall the modern Improvements, gas Hx'ures, f^rntej, ra ge, bot and cold water. For further partloUars inquire of B ILLIAM WITTERS, 464 Canal street. TO t|ET ? THE Ul'PIB HALF OK A SECOND CLASS Iloure with ail the.modem Improvement ?, in a reapeot ab'e neighborhood, to a small family; rent $300. A poly at 168 W<-st thirty seventh strtet, between Seventh aad Eighth Kveauaa. TO LBT? A STORE, BACK ROOM, BASEMENT AND cellar room; rent f.!30 Also two uiec Tencmeo's in the same house. Apply on the premises. Mi Bleecker street. TO LBT? IN THE TOWN OF KLATBUSH, OONVBNI en l to the rtycara, a Gne brick House, containing six rooms; heal -ay location aud aocomroodationa for a horse aad wagon Bent moderate. Inquiie at the Flalbush plank rond toll ?ate, or address L Lazles. Flatbush Post office rpo LET ? THE TWO STOKY AND ATTIC HOU8R 11 X Renwlek street ; eon venient room for two or toree fami lies; will be f urr lshud if required, or let for a boarding house. Inquire of D. BUKKE, auctioneer, 136 Bowery. TO LET -PART OF a FOUR STORY HOUSE, NO. 15.: West Thirty first street, thoroughly furnished, rent (409. Inquire on the premises -'4 TO LET? FUBNI8HED, A THREE STORY AND BAMU. inent high stoop brick house, No. 1H< Wi st 2tth street, Ik ?! wren Seventh and Eighth nvenui;s; three rooms deep; well Unisherl snd in good order, ha' Ing th<- modern con veniences throughout . location unexceptionable. Will be rented, with the furniture, at a low rent, to a good l?nsni For luitlier particular* apply to WILLIAM 11. RODMK, No. ltfi Wist Twenty (list stieet Ofilce hours 8 to IDA. M. and 2 to 6 P. M. r LET-IN BROOKLYN, THE DPI'ER PART OF dwelling bouse No. ,Vt Tlllaiy street; four roainH, high studded; rent $11 per month, in advance; no children ta house Seven mi nates' walk t3 ferries. TO LET? AT 466 WEST TWENTY-KlKfH STREBT, A T hlrd Floor, containing front and back parlor*, two bed rooms hliI kitchen, wa?h h mse ?nd bs li, gas and water. Bent to a small family $14 per month fTK) LET? COTTAQE AT BBROKN POINT, N. J., OPI'O 1 site the Latourette House, near the water, on plank road, containing about one acre/well ate ked with every variety of sharle and fiuit trees, berries, shrubs, Hk Time to New York 38 minutes, hourly by boat Apply to .1. H. WATSON, Bergen Point, or to HYDE k C0NKL1N 145 Water Street, New York. rLET-VBKT LOW. ON MURRAY HILL. THE FOUR toiy brown a'.one front house, No 04 East Thirty-eighth street. All Ihe modem Improvements-chandeliers, Ac. Ap ply to T. L. ROSS A CO , No, H4 Pearl streol. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OK A HOUSE. WITH all ihe modern lmprovemoius, in one of the most deal in the cliy. Kent reasons trie Aoply at 231 \\ e?t Thirty-fourth street. . : rLBT? THE SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASE ment of No 22 Third street, went of Second avenue; one ?mall family occupies ths house. Alio the I. pper Part of a new House in Newsrk, N. .1., nesr s depot; pleasant location, Meat very moderate Apply at 22 Third atreet. rLBT? THE GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, 49 President street, Brooklyn, will be let I iw to h g >od te oant. In oonae<|uence of the death of the propnetor. Alan eioellent Aimrtments in the same house. Apply to D. O'CoNOB, 4J Weat Seventeenth street rLBT? TUB ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE OF E. A. Jtibneon. at lalip, L I., pieuaatlv Mutated near the great South bty and ocean, the ratuily b<*ing abroad The house Is hin<t*?av-lv i iirnifhn<l. g srd . 1 1 m-s and Ion houie, tilled; vegetables wfll be furnished to the lessee. Apply to RICHARD IIAR1SIIOBNB, 1 46 Front street, N V , or to AMOS B. STILLENWftBF Isllp Hotel, who will show the premises Also a furnished Cottage near the above, with vegetables and ice. TO I.BT-THE TWO HTORT BRICK HOUHB. lift Amity sirre'. with *11 the m<>4ein iiupnv ementa, to a hood tenaat the ienl will be moderate. Apply on the pre mWv ikt-an old establihh 8D~ DI NINO AND Drinking Pal .on, 06 White atreet, noo dour we* of Irotdwtr Alro Apartmeaia in XI, 8? *W and 01 Whit* ?treet, third Hoor in IH Van<-k aireet , ??v>n<t Floor in <11 Baat Broadway , Horn* and Hadnioma in idl, I'll Itki and io4 Churt h atreet. Inquire of P. M TEMPLE, ?) White street r) LBT? TIIB HOl'HE NO. SV7 HENRY 8 TREK r, SOUTH Brooklyn, three ?toriea, brown atoae front. Kor faitker 1 ? la ? 11 on tlw prrmiiM>* To 1.KT-T0 obbti.bmbn. tite recond floor, with u*? And ba'h, lurnlabed or nnfurniafaed. together ?>r arparairty Piivaie family. No chlldiru. Apply at 14# Hoiiatcn utrrel. near Maedonntl. TO LET ? IX) WE It PART Or HOV8E II RBTHUBB aireet (tirat atn-et below Twelfth), near Abingdon square, two Par'ora, fr> m and bar* Ha?earni. with aeTeral aleeping Ri? m?. range, lint and cold water, ga*. good juil Reut re dured 10 $Jtrt? per annum TO LET? A BVTT OF FURNISHED RtX'MH, ON TUF. ?rood Hoot If that 0O0M??lecUT arranged home 5? 71 Weat .-^erenm-nth at/eat Trine |16 per mouth, qiunorty la adrenre Inquire 01 a-cond floor, fiont. ffc*> LBT-AT tow BENT, THE DWELLING PARI OF 1 Hour* II# Powery. near (liaml atreet, go<"l location for biiemr** ..r dwelling; mill let kepai ?te >r tog?lh*r. For par Ik ularn apply in ibe drug more. above number. TO LKT-PART OF HOUtB NO. SB WK?I FIl'fKBNTH atraet, <onaUUng of 1 wo large Rooms with lolding door*, and two ftedrooma on the ?m >ail floor an I om oa ilia third, and back ilaj'tneat natar aud a*. Kent $J7?pe? anniiaa. Tj> I.BT- TO A *81 NIILeT) 8 NT LB MAN. I N A I'RIVATR honae 1 ntainiigalJ modem ImprovmenuL and ple.ntantly altuaied at hto??eaai.t Park, ooe aierfaatly tuiaiiUad trout M< m, with bed room at'hnhad, without W<>*fd Kcfrmaoe re quired Apply at IM Kaat llfteemu ?t<e?i. near Hocoad avenue , t r LBT? WITH PHIVATB TABLB, A HANIMOMB Hult of room* 00 'ne aeuond Boor, in an eligible kwatioA, between Broadway and Fbtirth ar?nn*. B?at at refer-now ' given and required Apply ai H Kaat I wan tie th atreet. TO I BT? PURBI8HRI> OB 0NFUBNIRHED, TTIB laiga Cottage liouee. t.arr.age HwiM, and all band*.* roe It -b*<l><j lot* >r ground, sit iaied li.?h, a ear thao'rnorof Broadway and Kit ty fourth atreai. Apply on Ui* premia?a, ot to W J. 8 TEW ART, IM Boirtk gUw-t. r LET-TO SMALL PAMtUBhT FLOORS IB HOUSll IM Bul laltyCrll atreat, arfth m iigl.t and all tka modern Imprmremeatt; r*at til and flJpermni'h Alsia Uourein Letinixiu aernuc, a?twe*n illy fo-ii.A aud Fifi j flf?h atraeia InTnIra on tka prami*"*, '* of TO'JMKT A F.LDEK, 211 grand ?r*H TO LIT-TW* PI^-FR PA!?T OF mr TfOWE Mi Canal atreet, ?"-tiei of Benwleh, wl'kaB like m?der* Im pror?i,eni?, an l newly j'Ugrrti ?ud panned, iaqulra oa laa premtara fmii lOo'eloeg ifll ? rro lbt-tuB nur ABofmrAnt) ^lOobs or hkw i ateno f rnat llooae No ?W N?l? ???>????. H?? *?<< *1* rnqpM each. *ardr<>b?a. drawer*, gat giturea, ?fl-a,n S"?' order ; rant f1? ? |JU par naonth, hem* rad'ioed renu of the Ooora IliUaup. p<> ' ? r.VT -f* InRVTrLTN. tABT OP A Nl'^B ITOO^E, V u?, I'nmin. ?- .to to a awftll 1 ami It o?J> other family hi tbe houae: Hght m.natea' wala imrn the far ry. Oara paaa the Moak, Bent CM'-ale, aoaaraetoa at oo?w. wi*piuor? mwv vwn m iv<* T? t5t~rAJrI 0F howbb, m*. ar rou rra HH A . *? 1 *w?i>-mii ?< Mrwi hoi aad mid wtar.l b^painb. _? T?,.Ly.TA ??IOK. IglLDlBO. FOUR BfOBUUl H Bt mmll ;a?J?S ***?*? elgbili'etreet uiwtm a ?eniML 5u,Ht 251 "^(Mturiof biuuaeaa, being lb<3 " & BBLV ^ *>"+ T. IB1-T1IBB1 BOOMB AND FANTBY IN BOBWB kOl bighth avenue to ? a mail reapectable ' out chUdiaa Gu and water on the tluor NooUUmiiZb houte. Inquire on the premlae* of a DBVLIN^^^ To let? cppbb i'abt or noose, us blmumb atreet PcaaoMiaa immediately. Oat aad water m Bte pruniaea r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY TUB 8BOOMV i t-utrj and one Baaement of the a* at two atorv 8 Ma t 650 QfeenwKh atiML Ujui" lu food jrdar. NetghhoaAeil good. Beat MOO. Apply oa the premise a. rLRT ?PART OP A HOUSE. SECOND FLOOR ABV Kitchen. with every convenience, la port act ordar; pu trie*, hot and eold water, bath and gaa; neighborhood ?n ? ceptlonabte. A few doora muh of Ktuyveaaut purk, UO Baat Fifteenth atreet. rLBT ? THB UPPBB PABT OP THB TWO 8TOK houae 175 Beat Honateo atreet, oppoeite Colta** plaaa. contain* bath room, hot and cold water. ga? ka . *lthe?eef coaveutf noe Inquire aa abjve, of J A ML* ROo-> rpo LET? HIS DIKING BOOM AND KITCHBM OP A 1 fl -at etaMi Hotel, kept aa the Buropeaa p?n. parMp furntabed, and doing a Brat rate buMnaaa fer>u< nsdmta Appl? for t*? day* at JSl Bond a ay. oorner of Ninth atrwt, room X mo LET? THE STORE AND HO'JSH NO. 245 81'gim X ati*et, in flrat rate condition and lu.tao.*- I or ilruMt uar kind of buaiueaa Bent $450 rut- A B ABB BENT AND TWO PLOOBB, OK Eighth avenue, near llurtyalvb aired, a ji aSte Cr ' ahoetnaler or tailor. Apply to J. P WILLlAMa, tUT avenue rLET IN fnROOK(.tN-.-HV BBNRT HTKBBT ? " One bandaome. tbr-e a ory brown atone B mae, with water, gaa fbturea, batba will be put to if required rent lew to a go'd tenant. Inquire of d M ML/BttMAN. IM Broad way . rLET IN BRM?kLfti-FABT OP HOUOB NO. AT rowtn atreet, being two parlor*. thrne room on IkM floor, back baaement, with range, gaa Hxturea, to near la cara and ferrlea; the other oocupanu auiy four ia uumheri rent?*U0 Apply at S2S Atlantic atreit, Brook-yu. or at ft* F gold atreet. W. T , up atelm. ' rH IET IB BROOKLYN -3t LOTS. WITH A PfBB Gothic house, conialalag l? Hon? bo?Woa PMtrten, aad aurrounded by a grore of fortet iieea; Fulton ferry cara rua every four mXnutea, 200 yarda, aad south ferry cara, 40 jarta fxotn the pie?li*a,(f&re four cental, thirty minutea' ride, &t~ dtn partly plan led; ail ktnda oi 'rxlt ; a fine new milch ?ow and pasture; rent low. loquue on the jueoraea, ta PaMfta aueet, aear Brooklyn avenue, or addrenaC B Betde*. MA Iff Cl'.nton atreet. New Yotk, Iniuiedlatel/. Poaaeaa.oa aa aoM a* required LET OB FOB BALS-A CO NTBt BEilDBNOfc in Orecuwich, Conn , tea minu'en' walk fr>m (he raB road depot Loeatkm pleaMBt and healthy Inquire of JOHt! MAt:KJtNZUt, 4WUraad ttrtM, Mem Mori.. TO LBT OB LKAHB ? TUB MaBBIOM HOUoB. LATBMT oecuplad by the aubearlber It la aullaMe for alaaga , I family. Baa the modern ImptwveaaeuU. a g >od cardan, a? t hie, euaah houae, Ac , and abeut twelve aeraa of land Ba a dealrable tenant 11 will be rented low. tfltnated near IFaat Farma, W rate heater oouMy, tea mUra from Ihi Olty BML Inquire If WM. WATBOBf b Park pUoe. ^ r BENT? IN BAHWAT. ?. i , OKB HOUB'I BIDB from few York by rail, an excellent Dwelling Hoaaa la the best order, aultable for a reapeo table family, < " r RENT? A FINB. LA RUB BBIOK DWELUBC Iiouae, aituated oa the Hudaon ilver, at Olenwooi, Yoa kera Bent very low Apply to aBAAHAM BrtLL'S BONA 'ii Patk row, M. X. Poeata?loa given iinmedti'jaly. TO BENT? A FUBKIBUED BEDRODM, WITU9BT board, ta gentlemen. Call at Mo. 1 Aahlaad place rBBNT? STOBE, BASEMENT AND CELLAR OF U Spruce atreet, each flo w about 90 fee t deep haa gaa, wa in and lie prool vaulta uaoer aide walk; location very dart- I PMCB^W nSaSS?t 0<,ler ApplyteJAMBB > Baat Twenty- eighth atreet; alao the amall marble Hovae Oil Second avenue ; $M0. All are deal' able. WILOOX A CO.. 343 Fourth i rLKAW FOR FTYE TBARB? BEPARA.TKLT OB together, four Lota on Attorney and Ridge atrseta, he ween Mlanoev aad Broome etreeta (bow oocupUd aa an lrea lo-.ndry by John R. Plait), to ta mxtii I thU dafaJfap fc Apply to C. C. PiaOMEr, 7 1 Wall at TO BOABDIMC. HO USB BBBPBBB ?TO LBT, PAJB tlally fumlahed a Boarding Honae, at Clifton, Malta . aland; rent moderate, part or wbloh would be taken la board; oue or two parvlea now waiting te engage board. Aa ply W D O. HBWBOH, IN BroMway, ooroer Day atrMt. room ho. 3. r JOBBERS, BABKBBB AND INSORANOB OOB panlea? ' To let, the well lighted marble Store and Baee ment *5*100 feet, well located for aay buaiaeaa. at Me. SB Broadway, oppoalta the Park. Apply at M0 Broadway, SOLOMON A HAB*. WEST TWENTY THIBD BTRERT -TO LBT, THB TWO Houaa, Boa. Ml and MB; alao Bo. 136 Weet Tweatr fourth atreaL Bent a low to apod tenant* Apply te P. HAB MOMY'S NBFHBWR A OO , BlOreeawlch A. LBA. 1 MAN, BI7 Weet Twenty third atreet. >| (f? C7 fT ?TO RBNT, A SMALL ST7HD POOR HTOBY ?I>?J I O, aad baaement brick Houae, with all the modern mprovementa, til Baat Ninth atreet, flrat houae from Heoend i venue. Apply next door. (Jf-fin -TO l^T OB FOR SAI.R AT RARMABB ? JUoU. vllle, on the Huleon, a Houae aad aix lota; gaa and watei throughout : baaement, two atorj and attie; flae (?hade and view o? the Mver. Apply to W. H. BILLOBAM, No. TjS Sixth avenue, between Forty third aad Forty-foam atreet*. I raasowAi., NO ONB TO BBN1 Will do ao ao aoon aa poaa Ibte. A. F. B. WOOD, 10 O'CLOCK. i F -I HAVB HO ONB TO SBND I M M F 1)1 ATBta T A. WOl ' B. U?OB iDOfTIOH? A rm HBAC.THT ORTLO. TWO r week* old, of ImIm parentage. Aay HT omLI. TWO Aij one wuMtl ta a note to Mtilggg er baa onllatoA G, J. A.? TOURS OF THB J7TH BF.OKIVJSD, IDT . have mialaid addreaa. Baoloae your card ud I wl* J lia>,ea to you. Do not delay, u my time hero U brief. adopt ouch a one can do ao by add renal ng a note te Mad Met aid allien, for one week. OhUd'a father ha* onllatoA BBOIIfBD, or card aad I here U brief. OOBWOTIOBT. GO\ BRNER8.-MRS M. V. WOULD BB MtfOM oNlpd to L E. L If he would gtre ber an answer aa aor>n an poealble. If U B. L applies to tbe J'oat oiliaa a t tka rtty In which be realded at the thne h? wrote to ker four let t<ta will be doUverel to hint. IF JAMB* HBNRT OILL, OF BARBADOS, WBST TN dies, will apply by letter to II. Irowbridge a Hotu, Now Haven, he will nod aomethlag to hU advantage IF 1HB I'RRMiN THAT LKKT A PAROEL AT SM Houatoo atnvt (new number 86*. will call at 156 atrrot, and (at U, he will oblige Mm. Irvlo I HN FORMATION WANTED? OK LOUISE VICTOBINB ? Roger, ?ho*e . ? den name wan BlagU Alibenl oom |.eo*atlon will be |>?id for Information which ?ill aad t? bar illacorery. Safer to Baoka A Aador ton, :a Wall street, M. T. ?ATC 8.? I PKKHU M K YOITaRB THB IUKNMUAL1 ' ? one^.Mighi alter Tina P M? 4 o'clock. Union aqaare. K Mrs. jrnnie n ? r, lately op mo. aa vbbtbb atreet, call at tbe New York Foot oflice for a let tor fraa na old friend. Reply aa raqnaatad. M* ? ? ? N HTRBET.? J. C. KB FT TH BAFFOINT meni on Thursday la*L Where waa M. WT Ha baa ?tnee written. Will aba fire a meeting for Friday* Tiib tocno lady in' mournino, mbt by a obm i tie man on tbe comer of Oaaal mirel aad H road war, ?ouih *eet corner, on U>e oocaalnn of tbe leaving of the Fir* Kottarea on Monday aftefnoon, win ploate aend beraddraaa to C. H , Herald otlioe, if agreeable. W' ILL aNNIB W DS. LI VINO AT MRS. T B'M. ... in flrr: 0 Jfef. ker addreaa to Mr. WHtia?a. atatloa A roat office, appointing a plaoa of meal Ingr RRWARUa. LORT-OB THR WTII INSTANT, AT OK NEAR TVS corner of Bowery aad Doyer utrect, a plain faced gaM watch. markea I. V. upon the bark of tbecaae; lb" 1ader by re'urnlniihe aaae to I Vredenburg. N ? ll Doyer (real. w| I lecwve 9-3 reward for bta trouble aad no <iueati?oi iked ? C BEWARD -LOST. FROM WEST TWBljPTII O meet, btlween Fifth and Math avenue*. a small blaot aadtaa Terrier lladoa a leather oollar, covsrvd with r*4 velvet, with red. wbl'e aad blue roeeue The above reward will be pal+wa al? delivery at 35 Park plai* a>r dollar* rrward -lort or stolen from a ?T?)?asoa oa Tnaaday, April It, between ia<1 and Bigktletb aireew. T ini avenue, a |<laln Whue ?'rap- Sbtwl, la a Herald paporaa a parcel. On retorninc it to No AX Beak ma a atreet, the a'vove reward will be paid and no unealla? .>akad. f.5. RAWAJ!D-LO?IT, ON TRB WTH, BBTWBMI Omul ??, eet ferry aod loot of Canal atrae^a Fookot k, roDUiaiag about 9.W and awao pagan will rareive ike aNire reward iivlearlag the Cil AH. ( < ?BTMR'M, No i Broome itniaL $5 5.K Dog. with REWABD.? LOST, ON MONDAY, PROM M Be*t Pllteenth atreet, a young Newfoundlaad bla?|l ith browa rpotaorar hla erea, A4a faet are browa. with i br? green an kite breant, forming a croaa,and had on a varv large rather rollai , with pbUmtbunkjA. RI WARD.? LOOT, TBOTEBOAT APT8RNOON, A ?Tv 1 -mall white poodle Dog. anawaring ta tlia aama o t Ha?aaou?e: one eye la white and the oth?r raddlah i>r >wa. Any pet-aon flndlng lilm and brtii?iag Mm to Berthind *ra her*. 3l< WUUam aUaat, wtU raoelva The a bora reward aad the thank a of the owner n rbward -ixjot, from ei Bast thirtt fibv 9 LU aireevaaar the oornei of Fnoith avenue, oa Moadf muralng. ikf ?th of April, between ? and 7 o eioek, t wo ??*; ter Dag* white and retlow eolor; It air on tall a vary V+*i eaeh bad a leather attap aa w!,ea loat. The ab we ie?V wlllbepa.d on their return, or $? lut alt her, by Jaoa* *. Baeha, w Ban Thirty-first atreet A-JA REWARD. -LOST, A FOCKBTBOQE OQ*l'A'fl dMU k* d'tt't on i >?eaa Rank forCWBTl, ?aa*2J*3 and .wo aow? Jn demand of $li? and A?M Tkaar, * no value eiC) t to the owner, aa payment haa beet ? No gueatli naaoked. Onll at <11 barren *tre?t^' P "*a?a B. Y. 1'irpKT A QO.t odma O. W U F. Mnr?? ? "*? dh?lC EKWARD-LOST, A OOLD Jl PNfWO ^ A SB? ffa'-tt ,*te?ii lover, R. AO. BoaaW vertx^l, Be JC HTl, the name of the -wne lnalde of eaaa. Any person r?tnt niitg life# fffttn* UN ollnw *' MlifcuHii Oai Wc*! foot of Weai Blghi,?inh al'iivf reward and no irteatlona aaked wnbrokfia art fl i|iuiate?i to atoi< it matevi to WII.L bb fatd fc?* inforva. JiJvU Hon eh It k will ra? *e the arreat and oonvlc'ion ut the pe> ?ou iw i>erarn? who lelonloualr fire I > and 'mrned the Im tiding formerly known a? Mbrtwr Hall, tKl Hr>ad wav Ay^r U rir? Mi rtoal igiTtr, UM??r C?alr?