Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1861 Page 1
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SiWIflT -IMf .2 YAK .YA(I?*TJTIT TTAJTTH *W>Y -WAS " THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 9001. IMPOHTABT iim I'EOM TIE GOLF. Af rival of tlie JSltum Trails port Atlantic. The Reinforcement of Fort Piokens. BOW IT WAS ACCOMPLISHED. Interesting Report of the Purser ot the Steamer. Tiut of Our l{Keial Correspondent to lh? Charleston Forts. ?IT WEST AID GULF DESPATCHES, feCtj fcc.| AfcC* Iht Ualted States transport steamship Atlantic, Captain A. 0. Gray, ttom Pensacola April 28, arrived at this port jtstarrtay morning. Tbe Atlantic left Pensacola at eleven A- M., Tuesday, April 21, and reached Key West at four A. M. Of tbe 25th. Bare Major Smith, United States Quartermaster, and Lieut. killer, United States Artillery, left to proceed to Tortogas. Not being able to procure coal at Key West the Atlantic left at eleven o'clock A. M , and arrived In Havana at Ibe difficulties In our country were having their effect in favaua. Money was scarce. Charter partloa with Amtioan veaaela were being cancelled, and the rumor that l le steamer Habana had sailed ftom New Orleans a '| ft privateer had created great excitement. Left at Havana the United States steamer Crusader, at Key West the United States steamer Mohawk. AU well on board. The Atlantic loft Havana at half-past one on Saturday, April 27, and arrived at Sandy Hook at eight A. M. May 1, In three days and eighteen hoars. PA88INOKB LIST. She brings U passengers Captain Meigs, United State* Army: Commander Walker, late of United States ship Brooklyn; Lieutenant Abner Read, Mr. R L. Parker, Mr. A. Gordon, Captain Rudd and Colonel 8aint. Captain Walker and limn Road and l'arlcer return home by order of medical surveys. PURSER'S REPORT OP TflE VOYAGE. The stssmshlp Atlantic, A. G. Gray, commanding, left Now Ysrksa Sunday, April 7, under sealed orders from the government. At eight A M. discharged pilot, and st tea A. M shaped her oourse In compliance with ordors. On Monday, tho 8th, at four P.M., the wind suddenly Shifted and bl<w fresh from southeast, and so continued until midnight, when It Increased to a heavy gale. In Order to save the horses the ship was hove to, with her ?wad to southeast. After the gale had abated we pro ceeded on bur ooursei for Key West, having laid to for thirty -stx hours. * Wo arrived and dropped' anohor in the outer roads at Key West, three miles from Fort Taylor, at two P. M. on Saturday, the 13th, when one of our boats was seat to Tort Taylor, conveying OoL Brown and his staff, who had pro fcsgll Interviews with the United States officers, both military and elvli At seven P. M. commenced receiving SiMHUmal troops, ordnance, ordnance sVoree, shells, Ac., Ac., which wore placed on a lighter and towed out to tbe Atlantic by the United States steamer Crusader, Gaptaln Cnvn. This labor was oontlnued without csasation four A. M. of Sunday, the lttb, and at aiz A. M. WO weighed anchor and steered for Tortugas, where wt anchored close to Fort Jefferson at two P. M. same day. At this point we took on board more officers, troops, laborers, howitsers, gun carriages, materials, ko , and at pim. p. m. were under way for Unal destination, which was now known only to Colonel Brown and Captain Meigs, Of the army, and to Captain Gray, of the Atlantic. Dar lag that night and tbe next day ureal curiosity was man! listed, and although tbo ship's oourse seemed to ladicato Port Pickens, yet It was not until the evening of Monday, the 1Mb, that the secret was disclosed and the reinforce ment of Fort Pickens openly announce 1 . Up to this time all ww conjecture; but now the countenances of all on board beamed with the knowledge of an approaching Activity and preparation took the place of supineness sad uncertainty, and the fact that Fort Pickens c >uld be sad should be reinforced was settled that night. On Tuesday, the 16th, at half-past stx oolosk P. M , we aachosed Off Santa Rosa Island (Fort Pickcns being on its wsstern extremity) , four mllee from the shore, close by the frigate Sabtne, the flag ship of the squtdron, Com. Haras After cunmonicattng with the commander and the naval captains present, we took in tow the boats of I the fleet, some twenty io number, and after dark weighed anchor and stood in shire, all lights being eating ulahed, and camo to anchor within a mils of Fort Pickens, and in direct range of the guns of Fort McRae and the water batteries, and three fourths of n salle from the beach, m four fathoms of water. At a quarter-past nine the first boat pushed off for the beach, with Colour 1 Biown and OapUIn Meigs, wbo were the first to saeet and surprise the Intr-pid Slemmer and his oommnnd During the embarkation <t tbe troops in the boats tbe ? Ignal from Fort Ptckeos for an apprehended attack was made by the sending up of rocket^ This signal was repeated, and hastened the operation*. Captain Vogdes and other ofti ?ra in the fort were aatonlabed at the rapidity of the rein forcement. Before midnight the majority of offlsors and soldiers wsre safely In the fort, uid although a heavy surf was rugging during the night, no accident of a i\ kind occurred Tils successful landing took plac three days after the bombardment and surrender or Fort Sumter? a fact well known on the mainland, bat net known at Fort Pickens uor b? the forces afloat. Kanv in the morning of the 17th, tbe remaining tro >pj wersj landed, except! eg tbe artillerymen of Captain itu ry's oompno} , who remaint d to land with their fnrsej. At 8 A. M we again weighed atichir and stood t the ?nstward and anchored about three and a h?" miles from Port Pickens and half a miio from the beacli. Tair point was selocted as tbe best place for landing the hor.wu. This difficult work was cjmin<-mrd in tne afternom, -ontlnued dnrinir tl.e ni?ht ,.i; ... ? ? nth.. o' the 18th. The United States steam frignte Powhatan, omm inde 1 by Captain Pavtd n. Porter, arrived on the afternoon of the 17th, and after communicating the Mag ship, to ,k position Just abead of us in order to cover the future umdlng. In this movement she was followed by the Drssklyn, Ckptaln Poor, which aocb >red under our stern. The Wyandut was cruising about? the Sabine, St. l/wls and Suppif being o*itSide, about th-ee miles distant. Th boats of sll the ships of the squadron were actively en caged In landing troops end stores, *&, from the night of the lSth until the seaming of th i it I. The lUinots, with reinforcements, arrived at midnight on I riday , the l)th. and her troops were landed the next morning. Seven of the horsee were lost; four died on the pvuigi, one was drowned alongside, one had his neck broken in the surf, and one died from exhaustion on reaching th> shore. Tbe forage and Hgbt artillery were landed Imui taneously with thr horses > 'n th.' Is:,- th"; . the general cargo of heavy and light ordnance, ammu nltion, provisions, Ac.. fairly com; lencci and coo tlnuad, with but partial interruption, until tho fureao >n of Tueeday, 2Jfd, when she wae finally dtscbaryed, to IhS great gratification of all concern, d 11?e peeition of tbe Powhatan and Brooklyn wa n h that their gun* could sweep Santa Itosa Island an I pro vent a landing from tho mainland, and at th> --ame time Shielded the hull of the .Atlanta. Atai time was our meam aUnwed to (?o down, so that in case of attaok, or AM^or any emergency, wo wet* ready to go oil shire. r**00*' ?fowa, th* commander or the Lolted states fWcea In riorida, gave to Captain firay, inFortl'ick rns, the neoessary oertlilcato end orders and de?pitch a for Ksy West On Tuesday Captain Meigs, ih > indefatl gabls engineer of tho expedition, came on hoard and at noon ws wsre paaaini{ through the flaot, saiuU>g ail saluted, solar way to Kwffsjt (5 < o?| we arrfrrd at Ksy Wmt st six A. M. of the Mlh, making thr run ia forty two boors We were hern disappoints in ar?eur> lag coal, as Mr. Tlflt, the only pt'\afo owner of gjsI re issed to soli coal to this or aov other stoa'mar employed by tbe government -he being, of o a secssslonist As the Mohawk sod Grusxiler * ra nhead of ua to ciai at th-< if>- -rnment whirr, and to havs arai'ed irovild bare caosod great .teiay we weighed snrhor, and st -.even ,\. M. paved m I ght, and at sundown pissed MoroChsUs in.l int.. Havana harbor, making the run across in srven and a 'pianer hours. 0 Having ccmpleted coaling, at a i iirtrr tot velre V M , Saturday, '^Tth. *e got ut I t twenty m'a i'aj past noon we p>u>se<i tbe Mero and ? i,aped oar e . irr" f >r Jfew York, n?d ',fter r? pleasi'it p ^igr vrlted off s..n lv t'*k rm InArsW mortilng, m-ikiip the run lu tu ? days and etg'jlcen hours and a half. THE UMTtiD BTATK8 0FFIC.JR8 AT FORT PICKENS. Ao Hi yey Itrowu a .. Uso. I. Bartsufi b . Kutus lugstis Henry F. CI vfce d ? 6 John r<.inj.HpU f . . 0 , Zealous K Tower f fl?t, Colonel Utpl&ltl Af it Surgeon Oapt &Bt tiaj. tisQl if Car}*. J 1 Artillery. a. (i. n. ?j M II. ?tab. o. *. u. I'agiueers. Oi luiu :o. 7 G?o. T. Bakn g '1st Lieut .. Officers keUr-g.ny to Stif 'turps n?t jitjvft.yf to the Depart ment Staff'. rtairle? Sutbe?ii'nd .... Asst. Surgeon Culvw G lJoiienbush.. " Chsuncey B. Reo.o. . . . lJvt. 2.1 Liout. Whiter Mcfcuriand << Com]tany Officer-. M D. Engineers. 12 Horace Brooks Cpt.&BtLtCul. 2J Artl'lery. 13 Israel V< gdws iaptaui 1st Arii'lery. 14 Wm F. hurry " jj Artillery. 16 Henry J. Himt 'apt & ?t Maj. " 16 Harvey A. Aben iJaptain (> 17 Henry B. CTttz " id infantry, 18 Jomce M R-bertsoa... Ut I.iout .... !d Artillery. 18 John C Tldbail " .... " W Ed ward R. Piatt " .... << 21 Adam .1. ^lemmer ?? .... Ut Artillery. 22 lames Thompson " .... 21 Artillery. 23 Ale* J Peri^ " .... " 24 Jatnea C. I)uane " .... Kagfneers 26 Richard C. l)?ryea ... . " .... 1st Artillery. 26 liodfrey Weitzel " .... Kiigineers. 27 LoomisL iABffcoa.... " .... 1st Artulo-y. 2? A lei 8 W<bb 2d I leut 21 Artillery. ?9 (Jul1 ford P Bailey " .... << 30 .lereminh H. Oilman. . . " .... 1st Artlllary. 81 .lohn Mel- Htldt ?< . . . . 3d Infantry. ?2 Alex . N. Shipley ? .... ? 83 las. U. Whlttemore . . . " .... 1st Artillery. 84 Wm. W. slcOresry .... " ..-. . 4thAmtl<;ry. 36 A. C. M. Pennington. . . " .... 2d Artillery. S6 ? Seeley ? .... ?i 07 John A. Tardy Rvt. Sid Lieut Euglaeor" a Con. minding Post and I>epaftm?Bt of Florida. b Assistant Adjutant General. c Chief Quartermaster. d Chief Commissary. e Chief Medical officer. f Chief Engineer. g Ordnance Officer. OCR FEN8ACOLA CORRESPONDENCE. Umtsd Stath Hon 3QUAI-SOK, I Olf Pkx&acola Hakuor, April IB, 1*61. I Brief History of the Army and Aaral Affirmants in the OiUf? Central Bragg, of the Rebel Farces, Dines on Board the Cnited S'ttes Frigate Sabine? The First Rcirifbroemm q)' Fort Pickens ? The Details of its Awmplishment? the Conditi n of Fbrt Pickens for Defence ? 4n Alleged Traitor Arretfeil in the fbrt ? Rrmtral of Gun? from Firt AlcRae by the Secessionists ? I he Armament of Fort Pickers, ife. Thlnklnf that news from this quarter m*y be accept able) to your readora at this time, I send an account, hurriedly penned, of the movements of tho government forces for the past two weeki. On the 31st of March the Brooklyn returned from Key West, where she bad gone ten dayi previously for prorl sioBB, and at once took on board Company A, Flit artillery, which had been temporarily transferred to the Sabine. By the Brooklyn, Oaptaln Vogdee, commanding the United Stiles artillery, received an order from General Scott to put his company in Fort Pickens ; bat Captain Adams' order* of a previous date, from the Navy Department, conflicting with this movement, he (Captain A.) declined to land the troops until he could hear from Waahington? especially since no attack seemed to bo contcmplaW by the Southern forces against the fort. General Bragg and Commodore Ingraham had dined on board the Sabine with Captain Adams the previous day, and Just prior to tbe arrival of the Brooklyn a large party of Southern officers bad visited the Sabine. Among them were ex-Congressman Pugh and Mr. Bulloch (candidate for Governor of his State), now "high privates'' In the Eufaula ?Rules, and stationed near the Navy Yard. Lieutenant J. R. M. Mullany took command of, and Lieutenants M. 1*. Jouee and Alfred Hopkins were ordered to, tbe Wyandot. RZINFOKCEMKNT OF FORT PICKENS. At one o'clock Friday afternoon, April 12, tbe Wyan dot came out of the harbor, having on board Lieutenant John L. Worden, United Statot* Navy, as Nearer of de (patches from Washington to Captain Adams, tbe senior naval officer oil Pensaoola. The nature of tho despatches was not known until J.leu tenant Worden had left the squadron again, In the Wyan dot, for I'ensacola, to proceed thence to Wishing ton. Then It became known that the T'nlte-1 State* troops were to bo landed und Pickens further rstnforco<l to any oxtont thought necessvy by Captain Adam.i. After dark the squadron put "out all boats," and the marines of the squadron (115 rank and flle) were placed en board tho Brooklyn. These Captain Adams determiued to land and put in the fort with the artillerymen. We all firmly believed that the forces under General Bragg would oppose the landing of reinforcements ? thu a force would be put on Santa Kosa If land, some miles east of Pickens, and attack our men if landed, and that Fort McKae would tiro upon any boats attempting to land troops near the mouth of the harbor. We had ' como to tho conclusion ' that It would be "somebody hurt-' before morning. Tne excitement and mxiety of the blue jackets and marines to get on (bore was groat, for their life his beon so dull and inactive here that, however much they might be op pocel to fighting their own countrymen, they were "spi lin for a tight, and with any one. The Wyandot bal been ordered to come out after landing Lieut. Worden. At half past seven F. M. we beard the reports of several guns fired towards the htr bor, and at eight P. M Pensacola light wm extinguished. This made us fear that the Wyandot had been tired upon. The landing party- of blue jickets? collating of 160 fmm the Sab'ne 100 from tue Brooklyn, and fifty from the St. Ix>uls, all picked men? were at once put under arms, read) to go on shore In case the regularx were fired on in landing At a quarter past olght tho Wyandot appcirod, ai.d It turned out that sho had tired the guns we heard, having pot aground at the bar, and was no doubt the cause of the lights being put out Xo*, surely , tho doutbornor^ would b'- on tho alert; tbe hluo jackets were therefore put on board the Wyan dot At ten P. M. the Brooklyn stood In uoder the tsnd and anchored near tbe beach, about three miles ea.?t of Fort Pickens. At half past eleven P. M the artll ury, eighty flvo rank and tile, loft the Brooklyn in nine bo its, whose crews were armed and pulled for tbe mouth of the harl>or. Lieut. A. N. Smith. United States Navy, led tho way In a whale boat, so ludliig as he wot. the other boils were commanded by Lleuts. J. 11. Newman and G 1C. B<'lknap, United States Navy. ? iff tbe bar a entail Muboat w*s captured, after a ch v*e, in which weru one ut the pilots of the p>rt (Geo Oldnilx on), Lier.t Rr>bt Sweatruan, of the Confederate Sta'. ?i army, and aiicthi r nvui. When asked by Lieut Smith as to -'what they were do'ng theru) ' oidmlxoo replied, that " there *il low a gloat oppot tlon am <ng the pilots, ' and 'he understood there was vessel to tbe eastward, ana was bound down U> het I. lent Smith to'.d him that the P.roikhn was to tbe eastward, and as she, no doubt, wns the vessel be m sevcti of why ho would give tho pilot "a tow'' ? which he did' It was supposed that ibis l>oa< was off tbe bar for tho purpose ot making signals to Fort McKse. but sho had no chance of cscnptng. Tbe boats kept on, and landed tho trnop* at tho wharf at tho north side of Pickens aud by tli > sallyport, attoi.t midnight, after being obliged to pull within half a mile of Fort Mc!Um\ in oonsequence of the shoal which mikes off from the wc?t end of Santa Rosa Island. Tbe troops mtrjhed rapidly Into tho fort, and after tne boats bid rerr>ied the oar oil their way hack to tbe Brooklyn, oldmlxon and his frien ls were p leased. At one A II of the Kith, the Wyandot, with threo bunlred aimed blue jackets on board, stood in ander toe land, and at three A. M. took in tow a string of boats <:oo t.i i n in g the marines from the Brooklyn, wni:h she lot gi shout two miles east of Pickens. These boats, le i by Commandor Poor. In his trig, stood down the coast Lieu tenant R. F. Lewis and two masters' inatos had charge of these tKMta. At Ave A. M.? just at daybreak ? th < mv rlnes were landcl on tbe bench at the south side of Fort Pickens, from whence they proneo 'od around to the silly port. This movement must liave been so-a from Mcitie, and all expected that fort to omu lire. The gun* of Pick cch bearing on It were manned, rsady to return any shot. A fire from McRae would only n.-ivo resulted in tha !<)->? of life, without Fort Pit kens any nearer to being lu the p f-ion of the Southerners and I am pnrsuail<Ml tbit this wss the reason they did not open their h ittorles <.n our men. The whole movement of reinforcing was unmilestrd. It not bring necessary to land the "landtag party ' cf sssmen, they were tsken hsrk to their respective ships, and tbe Brooklyn and Wyan lot were at tbelr au;h>r.ige near the Psblno by night A M. After the first reinforcement of Fort Pickens ths g wrl ion consisted of Kan*, ant Ftle. The old gar rir on S2 Company A, First artillery Fultcd States marines I 11A Total Genera) Bragg has prohibited ail b<mt* from Isn.llng near the Naval Hospital, but has very kindly promised to sond tho mail lotters for the squadron and garrison to Fort Pickens daily. A signal qiisrtsrmaster, with a set of signals, has boon put inrnrt Pickens from the Aiblne, so that co*ntnun!e i tlcm Is kept up In tliai way We fere anchored about thiee and a half milos south southeast of Fort Pickens. It Is suimised from oert.iln little transa< 'ions tint th < Southerners are possessed of a United States V.ivil -'t/n ?' book Provlsious wi rs sent to the fort on the Uth by the Wyandot. Fort Pickens can now make ? good de fence, and unless in boisterous wather, the visfls i>f tbe moadron ein prevent nriy fotce fVerr "T et1ft?' a Lang log or gottiig a fvalioid on Santa Rosa island. We cm at will p'ovteioc or ret??brce the fort uo?r. It.e great itolcg wtf to get tbe first buniriM mna iato it. With that acdilH? toe fort la atrvng eu *i^ti t> drive nacc tui) torce wbH.h tc ght aitacka l?udiu< party or nHLfo ee Itfnlbaud wii?e>ivur to enter the tort will) Ihena I an o ut nc?-<i that the outh ih loi now poj .reu to di<<imie tL? p-?ao?si<*. of lioken*, and further reiufrn . "nrrui c ui be put ID ?l'0 pfOVL-MMlK UHID <iettle<l fcerge?:.t B?ody. whj hub served tvre<it> ?v? fNi in the ul)'. wsa mot on t> ard the H'uokijn aoaic data since, ai d pi. cmi id double ironn He w accus?a of oor rcep edir g *. 1 b p? mora it derate Statei? service, *Mh Intent to permit Flirt IVkma to witUrd at uli'ht, wb'L-t be was sergeant of the guari, by <h? Southern trnope, and thua tan into their hands \ t umber of guua at Tiukeuh Itaw bewi found to contain Hied putty, fat, &r , bell md tbe cartridges, and other* have had tbe loads drawn. Sergeant li la supp ?ed to have done this Pwo etumrn, wbo w?re"orotuarj men" at tbe Navy Yard pievioi.a to i1? fcurrreder, are prisoners oo ttctrd 1U0 P^hiije, from Kcri Ci.*?-ta accuse^ ot muttaovB cm tuct. Ihe guns ut Mc-hue b?v? not bin di-rn juited and re moved. m r?-porv?i in tbe newspapers l'b>- rumor origi t '*<1 fro? the r? m.ivai or nearly a bnc<t ed guns f'oai tbi.i foil, which were lying oa the ground and not re qu-rtd lor lta dclei ce rht-au were placed in mail) g bsUeriee and earthwork* thrown up batween tbe Navy Y?n" and lighthons*,. An Mllwer of K<vt Piekcus s?ya that th< re a<e ovtr taenly of such battarm", av"agmg foil- gui.8 and a inert*, each, between tbe yard aul Furt MfllK, Velar U> to enter the harbor and keep the rh'Otnel (a* yen: will pen?iveliy the plan of Ihe harhnr) must rua marly a mile hea.; oo to Mcltea, aod again irnout tb i f-au.e dlfctai ce, In the a&rte poattion, towirJil iurraucil Foil and tbe ilghthowe battery fhey woui) bw rake I by thoee bstn rles, w Ui st unable to return a B*n?t, and in cicely -nine mm* ou. of a hundred exibk before the> Ci ui' get abreaat of the barrancas, llefore ?h p< can ?? k-r the harf>ur 1'ickonn must knock down the baiteriw ofipoKlu*, and beforu this cau be d?ue Kort Pickens cn>M te< t i vf soifce heavy crcma n"^. There are now a*K>at 100 guns mountrd in Pickens; four ot. ly aie columbiai1*, or e ght and te/j-lm h, an t two tnor tare; tbe balance are tventv elgh' inrli howitzers and eigbieeb a?<i t^ent. -four pounders This battery is uo <"oubt?dly solicit 61 u> prevent its being carried by ta ?Milt, and the work lutelf is aUvcg enough to stand a In rubardment; bm aa an offeoaive work it does not, a a it is at nreteut . atrike me aa very formidable. *he?e ?r* cow 6 000 troepi here under General Bragg pertape more I merely judge by the arrival* and de poi turca aa mentioned la the Peosac >la papers. I .\1T?I> Sr iTRS PtirADRCN, ) 0,'T, ^icuu, April 19, 1861 ^^-'rrWaioftk, *?a?ic - 1 w , r Graphic Account of <Ae r ?d, H?nf<>r? ???t that Worle-Xeneumtn of t h, Co.ftdfau State Trcot.t a t Furl Ba,-raioai-PTn>ara hnut f?r AUa> lc? Arrival of the Powhatan Under MngiUK C nw Droun'i Future Militar,, Poliev?Unr, m^U cf United stc *.? VeueL-Actirt/ a? ???l not e! Qpicm and if n in ihe rUet-Jh, A^arancc vf the f.nrmy t Camp frun the A/twdw,, rfc.. rfc Klnoe my letter of the 13th last we have had quite ttlrrtog t imes here. The war wing of Uie repu.Uioan par iih ir he tr,M'k n?w' w? ??* ?rum >ron the h,at Fort ttup',er had been surrendered but u it wos on y tue repct.tion of what waa reported a month ago, little notice wa? taken of it. At Mx P.M., Tuesday April 16, the ot earner Atlantic. Car'ain Cray , arrived and anchored n^r the aquadroo having on board 460 troops. incJudlBg infantry, two oom panics of light artillery and a company of aapp -rs and miners, un^er command of Colooal Bwwn. The squad ron at once hoiated out all bo?U. At nine P. W two rockcta were aent up from Pickena. Tbia was the signal agreed upon in ewe aigia of an attack by the Southerner* were discovered. I afterwards learned that the troops had been called together by the ' long roll- at Barran* is and from the cheering, which waa beard at Picket* It waa supposed speeches were made, &o , and that an in mediate attack was contemplated. This induced Capuin \ogdet to send up rockoit. At ten P. X. the Atlantic atood in under Santa Rosa I aland, and anchored three and a half miles eaat of Pick ens, close to the i?,ch. Fifteen of the largest boats of the squadron took on board 300 troof? from her, and about midnight landed them at the wharf, north side o Pickena. without opposition of any kind. Toe Soutlitm era have usually two nrmeJ sloops and a little propeller cruising arotud, but no boats of any kind were seen On the lTtb moat of the United States marines were sent from Pickens on board their respective reasdls The remaining troops on board the Atlantic were landed and the squadron boat* commenced landing her atorta-! Ihe hones, sixty nine in number, mortars, Ac ?an the betcb. the landing being covered by the Brooklyn and TrL\U^ J\e Av!M,llc ?*P*rlenced a terrillc g,?ie joat after leaving New ^ork, and lost alx horses. Tnre? have bt^n drowned here. Horses and carts are now eugwed aktrg atores. Oeld pieces, &c , from the beach ?Xe the Atlantic up to Fort I'lckBM. oppowte "<??, ,M ? nth, the Cnltcd sutas steun frigate j w m' ''or,er< arrived under l-nk' color*, and the ahlpdiaguiaedasabark So one in the d"-red. however and It is notify thS Com. In graham waa; for once seen, the Powhatan can aTpe^"l^^IaBy 0lh0r ?h"'' excoPt ber sister Tbe IlliLois is now hourly oxpoctc<) (MomI Brown will erect probably a mod hue bitterv oa tanU Rosa, opposite Birrauoaa, and bv means of the tirat end?*Tor|o prevent any' force from get tirg a foothold on any part of the lala&d rh'P will leave tod.y for Key ^Vesi, taking orders for more troop* to be sent her ?o I bear. Tb? squadron is now very 8hnrtfc>f off) '?r* ' cf tho Brooklyn. 1mm been condemned by medlca! survoy and gum bvtno ky first optwrtunity C?'n,tll 'r Pjor now emmands the Brooklyn; O.m" matider Ai?x. Gibson, the St. lx>ula Lieutenant Com Wyl!Ki.tb* aupl, y and ^'tenant WU ham Wyandot and Bupply, raeh a licutenwt ?/ tHrC?'h gr8J!"y n"* thftt ?xtr,? dul7 I* req iirod of SST 5T?mr> 'gbl h" boCD out ? nco ttlc One half nf .1 ow"era of vessel a bound here One half of the crewB of the different vessels i TYi ^?,no w?tcl1) ba\e been kept at their gun-i at bight since the middle of March. This w^- don? to prerent M.r,.rif?, of aa, kind. The Sabine is now thirty two months, tho t<t. I.ouia twenty eight, and the Brook tha y *"T!f ln commission. Tho crew of ,? veefel h*TC h*d liberty onshore but once fand thai for onlv twenty four h ?nrs at Vera Cruz) since leaving New Yort In JuSe, i<?9, and a-Ue" t^ Whv th^e11' '^1 thiriy thres luT Why theso vcs'ols were :cnt hore whilst three othors, recently comnuaaioncd, were sent north from Vera Cruz Is a mystery to us. ii T?? s*olnu. ^ nov(?r licen out of sight ot J'eosaooia iglit since her arrival here ou the eth of February though for the first two or thr-e weeka bad weather %ni w*av# ?ndWd?d prc,T,U^' firing the ahipa to kcop under 1 Ihe nort al rm? 1 1 ^i?f (',D0 * BU,??cr) away from z:r^dfct.r ''r. rJ0- or avo ?pe?ns ror i??w* lh*1 government could have bid no ^cr?c L?: in command here rhm ,tTrt ot Provislona and water. to({||lhelacka wTh. ^ve,bf'>n ?? "?bt as to be forced w nii the tanks with ialtwat<.T to keep tbom "on lh-3lr C.r*W ,of "** ^ ^ now over their and ilflT d or? will nHMiili, Aome one baud r*d ?. . ^ ftJded to tha list. 1 ? iP el] tfeeeo vmmeh i will r-kjii b.? r? | lieved by others with freah crews. ? ^??ZrUf,T ,?fti l? a6"Ut P?"*C0la Poit aince 'llav n? 1^?' ?r?mon hav? rocelved letter, aince leaving \ era Cruz. Thla should at |.>a?t hn reme. IheNwlh' thta nf1* * TV ,teamer oicaaiooally fro? Int.r^^.i i . place, giving the public notice of tb-ir 17lh from ?liUw' . r "2"" ,tfl"nPr '>f tho ibThii ?.,h.?T k ' f?r.Now <ll'l hot arrive, i be baa probably been withdrawn. th? 17Ui ? J1** of truo, 10 General lii agg on ahoi Id^i^n^.i 2 11 Uken coran>i*r'J here, and abould act merely on the defensive. I understand that I the (.eneral merely repllol that he was sorrv we h id broken the armiatice {without intimating what he should j It waa reported by the Atlantic that the Powha'-m i commander had orders to proceed iu.medaZs y I " t e harbor on hia arrival here. " Apmi. 20, 1W1, I Kie inited States ship St. I outs sailed yeau-rday after. | r^ooufor Key West. l ast night, just bef >re mt.Inlght, ! the ateamer Hllnoia, Captain , arrived with 340 troop*, under [Ihe oommand of brevet Cdon , Brooka, of the artillery. Pho airh.,red near the At! lantic, and will discharge a* toon k clrcumHtanws wu permit. Commander Poor, of the Brooklyn, haa immediate charge of tho landing of tho store ammunition, kc.j from Ibe steomera, on board f w Ic two lit urMfota of tbe navy remain to superintend the loading of boat*. *c lh# h^ry ^ |##| armdron are en?, ge? In tha 1 uaineasof landing the army stores. The s?a!,ine fumlshe.1 yeaterday a bo?t. with a ? wa,k"s "'lno,,Thr^rtw'-'<l beav/ w^aiinr, at re I., I riar, ? ss Tir^/'nVe'MeR^^ ^rT^flr II" garriPoo to lire m fhe larre Imn m- - ..r.r SirnM, and m r.ise Pf threat, ne t t?ta* i.i , . .mm, was ever ^pcCtd frop, ti e <?'.?, /r' M^'r i LrJL' !SKl! W " co" ' i>?- iU'o,-u ta,? ? , . J hinarlre In en V it | ? tu n t .a i Had Ibcy material foi n *.-t?r? ;< i ? 1^; u ( vl? i.< no* r*>om in the fort to erect smfttve foe I.'OOch* In to lit chai^te in r*ti aeri miCjin * : sanuy *ri?ud t should ibmk tents w in d tin ?? uo <r te?, nn5 ttiat tfc< mm would likol) d.e fn?m f#??r. tf-mi J str?o?i* rne white leots (/ the Oosfe-le-ate trc.?o>i are to be seen totlsy, covering the groi-u.i m toa vioimsy of i'?e lighthouse. N< doubi trix^ps bav? been rcvr-tiy antvlng, Dun.b*r? ?? kc w a d, all ooaimumo ?tl-WK boiug put ill" ? iihib" mainland, excepting tan d?'lr sautl b >*t seat by (hi ce Biagp to Pickea?, and by to x ?*?c?n;wir

oo'Uirg of Cbelr vuvi niiintt, of co'jr*,. l.'eut ?u'Siit Abuer Kead, of the W,ttndot, tin oeen rwsrte notel ->y me<"i<al survey a txi frotM homo. Lieutenant (Minna wrto a passt nger by tbe Illinois. tbo steurnerti ail ui ?ve t cp nearer to Pickets to-day, which will facilitate the operie. t ton of tauaug ?u>n-8. Aj uii 23, H61. Tbe news of the secession of Virginia ww received here en the 2l?t, whereupon throe oiftcers #f the ??jumlrco re-igc-d. All newspapers having neea stopped during the past week, much anxiety I lam b??>n fsit by Montbera offlc* rj to learn the artiou of iboir reepi-ciiNe -4at<w. It is, I hear, the intention of Colonel Rrown to f>r? an eotrencned cna |. on Santa ltoaa i?l uJ, opposite Utu-ran CUM. Tbe Atlantic brought from Tortugas a number of ' iicx'oes, to MM-iit In otscharg ng the steamer. \inosK ?beta L.i ore ow n?d by Mr, Jla'iory docrvtary of the Con :eflerate hiateo Navy. V o have >t >et mere rumors regard-trig the capture of umtvr Wh?t the feaa?co'a papers publish must be taken i inn i/rann talis The habine is now ut anchor close In to the beach of ^anta Kcsa Inlaid, with tbo other vcsse'sof the squadron. I.K"i1?RS FROM PKNSACOLA, I ROM A MAR1ME IN TUB I'NITkl) ST ATKS FU1UATK riAIHSK. ()?>? Fort I*ii kwiw, Pnucou, Ap-ll IS, 1M1. Mv 1>r.vk Kaktvts ? I am anxious to bear from yeu, aid ?-ant to know bow you ate getting alon^ In theeo trouble Mime times We h?ve been lying here about two months | ?nd a half, and we ml^ht as well have be?n at eea. aa no con munication bus parsed between u? and those on shore or the la*t m<<nth Wo have got twelve days later news from New York, he latest p?{?r on board being the HKKAiD Of the 6th of April. The Atlantic arrived two days since, and brought n t>op? for Fort Pickens. About four hours afterwards, ?iwii g to the exertioDS of our captain (Adams), there were three or four hondied troops In the fort, which wo lemioiceti under tbe guns of sevora' ot th? secednrs' ihDd bat'or es and thcr fort (licRta). Thero was not a -hot tired on either side. Thine ;s a vow large fleet of our men of war concen trating hire, and everything liM>ks like a lii;bt; but we ?re all hoping lor a settlement one way or another, a* we ?ire not pai ticula- whit h A great many o<* oar men's t<>rrn of seiviCA hw expired, aud we are anxious to go home or else take I'ensacola. This state of iiiaciien is miserable, although thills look very excited hero .iusi now. We h?ve had no Ireeh food of auv description for the last three tuotitbs . so we are all on the fair way of ha\ lng the semvy if not soon ou the move. 1 wish you would try and write, and lot me know how you all aie gettirg along. The on I v chance ofsetdlnga letter to me will be tor you to watch the papers cicely, and you will see seme vessel alvertisod for b>*e. I or (iect picntv of t learners will soon lie leaving New York scr ibis place. Wive my love to all friends. Your affec tionate son, J'lK ]'. j ?You can take this letter to soma paper for pub lication, If you with I.KTTER NO. 2. The" following Is from the -tame person, oil (tort I'lckcns, and dated April 22 ? Mv IfeAR I'ark.nth ? As the Atlantic will sail from this place to day or to morrow, I thought I should send you a few lines. I wrote a note to you on the 18th of this month, bnt ttxs will probably reach yon Orst, as this steamer goes direct. It la now live months since I re ceived a letter from you, and I am most anxious to hear from you how you are getting on, and malting nattier a do In th?ee troublous timea. We ha-ve just received news here that Virginia has se ceded, and It has caused quite an excitement, as thxre are several "lilt era in the lieet who will ics'gn tn caae the news la trun; but if all U>e Kteteu go, wa are still ready to receive '?rlwa from go vwnmont, no matter who Is at Ms head, there is not, in army or navy, a man wbo would obey orders ni ne strictly to the letter than our captain. Wo have bud convincing proof of It, as he has risked our lives In opposition to the elements, to keep nothing a certain distance oft' tbls port. We will cheerfully obey him In any tiling he chooses to order, as we all like Him f have been In very good health since F left New York; but living on salt victuals an leng a a we have done will not agree with any hoc y ; so there are ono or two here down with the scurvy. Do not forgst to write me tho first opportunity you have. Direct for me ou board this ship, at Pensacola. Fla , or elsewhore. (live my love to ah my friends, and particularly the children. Your adectionate eon , ?!< ?E. LATER NEWS FROM TORT PICKENS. [Correspondence of the Mobile Advertiser ] PoaAiwA, April 25, 1801. A pilot told me to day that a boat from tho ITnlted -Mate* tleet visited every merchantman that left port yesterday. Their visit, of course, was of a friendly nature ? as none of tho vessels wsro delayed. I'robably tbev wanted a little tperitt or a few old newspapers. The Yankees are still busy both In and around Fort I'lckens. They have removed some of the barbette guns, for what purpose Is *11 coajecture. I was tolJ this morn ing by an old sailor In these m ttters that the federalists have erected and plaitel niae gun battterloa outside 'r'tckebs. Tbe guns were likely takon from the fleet, as was tbe cat-e at Vera Cruz. They will be troublesome, worked by old tars. OUR FORT JEFFERSON CORRESPONDENCE. Fort Jmkcrhos, Town. *?< (Kla ), April 17, 1M1. Ordnomc* SwpjAiet Kn nvd from the NtrtX ? KMhutin^n Amtmg tks Rtijultr 9nidi<r? ? Preparing iKe Furl for Ac tion ? Ilea] ky Condition of (K? Iiland ? Rumore l R xig nation <>f Dr. Eagle, of the Army, cfc. There is great activity manifested hers at present, con sequent on the arrival of or<lnance supplies from the North. The Island presents one continued scene of bustle and ex cltemrnt from morning till night. It Is surprising to see with what alacrity tbe sol?Mers carry oil the various bur ihcns sssigned then. Balls, shells, Jto , dl (appear nearly as rapidly as powder could make them . and eight- inoh co lumblad guns, weighing some nlna thousand and old rounds, though not aa sammarlly dealt with, are never ibeiess removed In double quick time. tJuarterniMter Henson indulges in rather an amusing phrase by ordering the men to " pick tbem up and run away with thorn." We are all auxious to get these rebels in position as soon ss possible, laboring under tbe painful impression that our beloved uncle is going " To tske up arm? agmlnit a s<*e ot troubles." \U snwbik-. in tho difforeiit bastions, tho officers remain quietly Fuj-ernt ending the rood work of mounting, heed I'-se ot the shouting and hallooing of the men as they rush lo and fro along tbo cassmttos, with barrows full of Heath telling intsslles. Lieutenants Robinson, Morris, Jackson miaiirahim ars always seen busy at their posts. In both off! sets and men there Is no apparent ltek of tho skill and energy requisite to carry out tbe ends of fori defend*. On Sunday, the 14th Inst., a steamer with largo num bers of men on board anchored a short distance off the fort Her appearance at tbe time was an enigma ? whence she came from and where she was going to. A number of army officers, however, landing from her In a small boat, served to clear up a portion of the mystery which her appevance created After a brief Interview with Maior Arnold they left, taking with them several boxes ot ammunition and a number of men. A large pile of brick was also observed in tow on* or the soldiers jestingly t< marked that they were taking flwm along fo pelt tho secessionist* from Pensacola. Kxoeptlng tbe offi cers, there was not one perhaps that knew her exact des tinatlon. She put out to sua three hours after her arrival. Tbe present healthy oonditton of the island may be In ferred from tbe small number of patients In the hospital. The scarcity of fresh meat, however, renders the exist ence of this state of affairs a matter of uncertainty. II has been rumor od of late, occasioning much regret, that Dr. D. Engle had sent In his resignation If tbe soldiers here bad less occasion to grumble about their rations, the "busy notes of preparation" would sound much more musical in their ears. OUU KEY WEST CORRESPONDENCE. Kit Wnrr, April 26, 1M1. Arrival of l\e Skamthip Atlantic wi iA Troop* em routs far Fbrt Pickent ? Movements of the t 'nited Mate* Ste&mert Cruradtr and Powhatan ? Arrival qf the Mm mihtp Wi nnie from Sew York, with Tronpt for tbri 7 aytor?Aetiri ty of the United State* Officer* in the Onlf ? Marine Newt, ?fr . ?fc. Tbe steamship Atlantic. Captain Gray, arrived at tbe outer anchorage of this harbor at noon of the 13th. Colonel Harvey Brown , la command of the I tilted Htatcs forces on board, accompanied by Captain M. C. Mci<s, of tbe (Engineers, communicated with Fort Taylor, and pro cured an addition to their troops by drawing a number from each of the companies stationed st the fort and the barracks, a detachment amounting to fifty men. Tbey nlso mad* a reqalaition for a park of artillery and a number of mortars A supply of ordnance w is also ?sken. The steam gunboat Crusader I leuten mt Craven, was on hand ready to assist, and, taking tba recritti and or i nance, placed the* on board the Atlantic during the nipht Atdsyligbtof thclithsbe left tho harbir and trued westward. v e bar# ?inw learned that she teuche-1 at Tirtii j is. wb? re <y H rid Brows secure ! tfn serricfl* of a number ( u ibd mechsiiH'.st and ndJuo Hum to his Oom ? n . I c.lMiant NcflMrtand, of tbe F.ugin?srs,|?lii<^ t> i t <9* ii ioR| Mtd also l.iniuuni iltw, the aujiti*nt ??f I. lea tenant Mo?ton ??t For' Jo wjo . rti < Atlantic Mt mo Florida reefs oa t o lbth inst,, sai boa l<vt for parta urknowr. Tbe fultert t'Ut. g B'otim frlgats Po*ua'.v? sppesred off Um? tuo^ivr at ?a early hour ou tbo m >rntng A tue lltu tux. Arb?u>ged ol^vaiM with tho Unt'ed <Utos swam g iu { buttl C.tie.xder. Sih> was returuiug uortb<vaid. IhnRtutiWrV C. Atwster, A leo, arrived from Apa uu*iic<>Vi on tbo Ids'., to tm d?st Tho QuartermaHier j kl thb ?''**>, Lie., rna^t a. C. GU'.eo, chartered her f <r the sum of ?fiO. U> Uku u cargo of lumber, under so*l> d | order* mi Ve rte*; laatwu, rot to bo opened until ut ?? a. She filled u? >u>d vailed oo tbo 20th lout. Tbe Unite * States traasi.ort schooner Tortugaa, Kills arrived Irern Havana Ou ttio 1Mb, with the inulU tr jiu N?w York ot April 6 TtiC United f ^ate* reverie cutter W. S. Appleton Lieu tenant iKincon commanding asded for Unc-toa, with Si*iu!ctw? from uomibxider of Fort Taylor, oa the Jft'h. iho retui ?od with i mi 1 oc the 'JOtn. ??IjO Untied Sis W? B'#atr?b.i> Idioms, Capt. Torry, from Wow York, with t 'oops and munitions of war, nrrtvu i otf Fori Tayior tbo ni sniug ol the l7to Colonel llroolcs. in coxomnd of the lotted Suites trooi* on board, Cino afhore, acootnienie. t b7 1 in tod Spates Dlstr-.e' Vttorney Bojtt. li. Ia?a-1> api" O.lort tor tl?lh<)tatr.ct. ftia Illinois re maiaed but a few hoi u"*. a* auo was leaving tbo inrb .r a salute was tired I'r #m t<?t Tavlor by Major Froneh, which wasacknowledg. wlbj n.e steamer gracefully dlnping her Hag Tbo Illinois p MOted ber prow tow ard;- tho teed! and mh'D disappeared Tbe Hurgi i n lately in fiia/ ge of the United states Ma rino Hospital, I)r r C K hriue, of tiharl-tttou, having resigned, the oommandtu T :rr of Fort Taylor took p -s session ol the oundtng, i r.d placed H in tho custody o' I)r. W. F. Cormtclc, as*. vl*ut Surgeon, Unitjd Stater Arm) , on the 17 J> Inst. Tbe New York Underwriters' tcbooner Oriental, 'lap lain Uo) t, baa been charter. by the United Stateo ,-ik v defcpttch vtM?l She aallod on the 18th, under Mated orders. Tbo United state* mall etoanablp ti?Ivest Hi, IJuteblno, arrlvo?i on tho ttlat, from Ni>w CHmm and Florida port ? fhe brought ua the news of the toumhardm-nl and mi r render of Fort Sumter, also the rw.aort that Virgtum bad cecetled, and that General Scott 1 Jut roatgned. fbo nown waa received l>y tho g-y.owiouut? wltb manifeat plea sure while the Cn.onis'B wore mu<dk <tMheurto?e<t. Tbe Bteamabip Daniel WehKtor, i^ptam Minor, from Now Yoik, paeeei the city tbe 22d at aeon, ffow Y.vk papers of tbo lflth were received by thid vemoL Tbe Webster paused Sued Key, and coiit.nued on towards Tjr tu gtn. l.ioatenant A. C. (illlon, yuurtormRater of this pent, h.ia pun buiMxl, by older of M.ijor Froncl.) the >aeht Nmp-i i ell, lately own d by Ami F. Tift, and ;mid j-5,00 >. She i to he used us a ues.iatch vt b'< 1 On tbe 22d, in commnnd of i.ieulenraA Duncan, of tie Crot-ador, the wi>? Kent in roari.h of imtoien smitcic. Lion teiiaut li. Huccoe<'cd iu overhauling t^e vessel, which preyed to bo tho smack rrlnrma. or this jwrt. she wiu: btoUn from the w hart. The pirates live Iu n'tinoer have been arrested by the State authorities, and tire now uniirfgoing an examination Nineteen sailors were landed at tbo u.per ond of this Irland on the night of tbo 2-ld from u Spanish dinack. They are tow being examined by aconuaisiitou Thoy are sup)K>8ed to be the crow of tho ship rcr>wa, w hlcli vessel has lately landed a cargo of slaves on tlio- Cuban coast. Tho etcamthtp Atlonilc, Capt. t;ray, anrtvod this n;)ru lng at daylight, from Fort Pickens. :-he leavot this morning lor Now Yoik. Capt. tf. C. Mol.p, I'nitud StUe FJ)glne.era, Is on board Tbo sloop of w ar St. Louis It In the bitrbor, from I'ensacoia. Tho Unite v States steamer Crusader. Lieut. Com. Graven, towod tbo St. I xjai<* to tho anchorage, under the guna of Fort Tiij !?r. She sails to day for Pei Facola, with a number of incc^anli s from Fort Taylor. we learn tbat Fort l'lckens baa lioer. reinforced, and there are now over 700 United Staien troops Inside the walla. In port , sloop of war St. Louis, itoairahips Mohawk, Crurader, Atlantic and Galvoston. Ibo schooner Mary Porter hts landed a largo cargo of ' ordnance at Fort jeMerson. F.vorytbing quiot at Key West and Tortugaa. Garrisons in perfcct health. L ATK8T NEWB I- ROM KEY WEST. Kbt West, April 25,1861. Tho Crusader goes to Havana tonight. Tbe Mohawk, I .lout. Strong commanding, tikes stores, laborers and mechanics to Fort I'tckena. INTERESTING FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. I Visit to the Cbnrlesum Forts after I be I Bombardment of Sositer. Om CHART, KSTON COKItBSHON OK VCK. OMRiijfrn.v, S. C. , April 19, iHfll. " Virit to Morris Island and /?'art Sum t. r ? Etfrcu of lite Hat lie ? Camp Lift? Providential Eicaprs? Inridentt, etc, >fr. In oompany with Mr. W. H. P.ussiJI, correspondent of tbe I/oodon Timet: Hon. J. I.. Manning, ex-Goyernor o South Carolina; Hon. JamesChesnut,Jr.,ex United States Senator; Hon. W. Porcher Miles, ex. member of Congress aids of General Beauregard; Colonel J. J. I.uoas,of th Governor's stair, and Major Wbiilng, of tho army of th? Southern confederacy, your oornsp-mdont yosterd.iy on Joyed the pleasure of a careful visit among the CortiP.c.'i lions on Morris Island and tho ruins ? for such tbey mty now be called? of Fort ?nmtor, a special steamer being detached for tbe pur|ioso 1 / the kindness of tha Com mn&der In-Cbief. Passing the old fashioned Outlo l'inckncy, lha r'oatiug battery, enlllado. and n'^Mtar batteries #n Sullivan * Island, and Fort Moultrie, tbe l.ady Davis stotmel around Fort Sumter, arji made her way to Morris Island, on tbe opposite shore. Horo tbe party landed in a flat boat, and were received by a guard X soldiers who ars always on duty at this point to kenp ofl? intruders and infpest tbe permits hjr which itraugerr. obtain a> cesa to this now thoroughly military localitv. Tbo scone from this point, whllo llrol? and intorsstlng for tbe momont. cannot but strike evory visiter with it utterly dreary and deaolato chara- tur. Commencing a your feet, a bread, white beach, upon w hlch tho surf of tbo ocean is uver dashing, runs either way until Its con tour la lost in the curvsa of tho isUn.l. Afowrolilo advance tbe first objoctx which attract tho attention are tbe immense hills of sand thrown up, ton, twniy and thirty feet high, as breastworks to receive tho onomy. Tbo next Inataat tho eye takes In a c implete picture of the pageantry of war." Florro losing gum jut out from dozens of crov Ices where one would !"ast oxpe-U to find them. Huge pilos of ba.*4 flilei with ' mathor earth"' loom up blgb In atr and glisten In tbe sunshine, defylr.K id their well tram i>od s?lldlt> the ho?Mc*t shot. S'srrow paths pursue anion.- them thei' ?ig/*ir rjnrae to nfloid protection to those who hivo orislou to move from point to point, while in the u'istince, ovor tbe Irregular surfai-e of the island, ore ?catteri4 tho wb'H tetts of tho various campM ? tbe "coft Lr>r,-.eV' of tb ' Midlers? lm|K!i!0trfbl0 marshes, | of ?ug ant w '."r aid now and then a tree, :t bo' -e or i low h ??? , ? ? ? with a stur.ted growth of vegetation, w'i! li relieves tba monotony of the set te. To a stranirer tho topograplik. il ehtracWr of iho kxytli ty tsnot by any moans cbartr^ i. . Py r. . n ? but a x)uth Carollia soldier would It bo tboi lit r<~m' -t> -'tr ble. Yet, to a certain oxtent, it has boon ma le "o\ en go."' With a cheerful adaptability t clrc imatanoes worthy of tbo French /ouwes, these b.-a^ o felhiws hav dropped int" their places as contentedly oa if they had been accusl 'tned to them all their live Wito n' thing but canvass for their roofs? frequently nothin- but tho rpen air? planks and straw for tbe.r b Is, h-re th?y have eat. n. Crunk, slept, drilled and fought like men Inuro dto hardship. A few of the most dollcatel^n rtured b?ro suTero?l. It ?s true, from colds and rboumatisma, but n >no have gl\ en up tbeir dutr disabled, whllo tho hron/*l and nig ged features, hard hands and robust forms .if fb" la-go proportion, Indicate the beneficial physloal ellbot of the severe training which has been undorgono TVi return to our starting point, b >wever. I'aasln.- up tbo beach . a few stopa carry onr party Into shat la c tllod THK POI.NT HATTKKIIX. These are mounted with three ten iooh mortars and two forty two poundara, between which was pla ol tho rifle cannon Heneatb your feet Is a plank floor, In frcnt a plank wall, say twelve feet high, on the other aide of which lies tbe mountain of sand, which coastltutee Ita strength while a little way distant la tbe maffaziae, also Impenetrably covered with the same abundant material. It wae here tbat Capt. Jones, of tbe ordnance, while standing with hie back against the parapet, re^eiyel a thirty two pound ball upon bia shoulder*, which struck out* ids, bounded oyer and rolled down upon him. Luckily its only effect was to prostrate him for a moment, and 1h> was sooo at doty again. I beer that the captain oMerve-l tbat ho would "much rather carry the ptll upon his itouldei s than In ble stomach ' within a few roda of these batter lee, looking seaward, lr tbe HTKYlNa' IRON BATTRBT, Which liaa lieen ao thoroughly described br you that a repetition la unnecessary Certainly nothing could be more unique than this lngeni >ue combination or Iroi, wood and sandbags as a stronghold and protection fro n tbe enemy a guns 1 could llkon tbe "suimal ' to notbi-i( better then a huk " Iras wodse laid on lie side. Six tu dentations upon Tu surface now tbo force of Aiidors-m a guna. One of these la on the door covering a port, and noerly went through. Numbers of others struck tho tand at Ita foot, aad many guanoed and ricocbette l h ilf a mile away In the swamps Tho latter are filled with marsh bens, and every time a ball passed over they set up their peculiar cackling, wbl^h Induced V Ixija lo saj? "Anderson't shooting marsh hens again " ' These ?wt>trps are full of balla thus llred. Oonld the (If 1 tviTi bsrbeate gi.nt or Fort ?to?nf?r have been brmght ti bear? an impossibility , because of the rapil ll/e tim uU .. - ho i'0* meat ha-* ?>v*>n di*%;M m J ?utii* or th*U?tca of the baitle, bowe^i ts roe rt , ?h. M IL *C? some of which arc 0/ Un Uaa.-.i*t th* > tr r ."*1- ?>L,t>le '"??' Wf ftxrt , anil soon after the ofdaVn.eir >ja? < w.,? ?" nearly effect** t? to rendi i lh? TOit ii t t- of S'Tll ' Jult ?>*h im w vo* battery 8 tfa 4aod prrtec m?r >/ no u?d the ' rat ho>e*," a? they a? termod, whera tho uinu were t<> ri^t're In case of shelling 4_^ Ail tb< bu?te-ie* ??htch I have thus tar n*m?l W mamcd nil kmi e."?ct?-nt;y worttnd by t-:e< PalmoJU Cuard, Captain Cuthbe.'t, a crack corps, coiapo*ei o? t.., flue of tV'j city ct Otajiesto*. Thfee profeoews of the CitiniM At <kipoi\ ? Mnjor -fceveca, OuTtala .1 . T Thomas, ncf! l.leut* naot Arnr.strGig--wore alac with them ana a? r at the Ono of tA** m^tabcwof thlf, iviitpiujr , Mr Arthur f l.iniag. narrowi' ebC*peO death from ?Ujer Anderson's fl'St sun upon tluit point. U? waa upon tu iianipet . pTiming tte palmetto Cag srhec tUe ??? wltl tn a tew inches of his bead rvstting dauatoa, still retaii/li g bis est*#*"' pceition.he w?rsd tne <)y aloft tw.d then i.mia the cheers of bis comr?rfss proceed ud wuh but acik and retired behind tie battery. Only lilt J \aids diMai.* from this phce is THE TKA7IKR BATTK*V, consisting of three Wu inch mortars. Tbrta is a m*n? m-ut of engineering science and energy, a ' ?* , hto uw others, is a combination of maaa'.ve toxins #M ***** b?K8 It hai< the usuai bombproof placeu ol retreat rot the relav b and wounded Tbr battery wae .?erlon Artillery, f'apt King, who were aaatated later p i he bombardment by th" Quieter Guard, t-apt. ? rhe instance from this point to A'" besieged left ia thirteen hutdred yards . A little further on wo paws in oacc?wslon beh .no najorai mid arti?cialbrea?twoiks, which are known by qiiwtama leitcrh in ihe alptahet. ihotr uuui-e being mjirlfiea up? the bt. ech of the gur.n or neatly pf luted upoo 'He ?<** woik of ihe p?rapn*. Ata ng Hwm waa tLe (Mneu? ?a?^ uwyl-PUrof the Weat." Theao works^rontalniagoua, l?* <,r ihrce gima ewch. skirt the sl.ore l*r several ml'*, y* ? Ifoctually proiecitog ihe liar bo r agaiAst the approaea^w an ereiny from iliat quarter. As tbey are all Mame in anwarance ?nd surroundings the lntere^aMJ* cd to Ujcqi was not su'tlclfnt to temy t the party w ? longer walk. c*?rr i.x Ft. ; Returning, w? passed through seren* of the #???*?? Saving roa<i In tho Ohfl*i*t<>n correspon teaoe of ??'?? w \our cotemporarli'S tho siirtiing accu-.ts >>f thedajW t ut Ion and misery of the -wHlters, I wasnew exj>erience a moderate te?Ji?atk>u of tte? ldea, but_a< we walked along what was my surprise at saslig tered on every side, liall bcMod la the MJ*d. empty ^ ^ Hoe, '>earloK most suspi itoM er fences on their Im??? w i he Sygone glories of lloid tick, green setl^ Chatsan l? litte, pale ale. porter, and, is Ca*t. every other kfcd m .iquof known to the b on rivatt bu* water * of tlw tests lay piles of obmpens baak H^alsoj live Ij'tbi'lr ooiHmitP. while f ?ptytheeBc,oraag?, ralHin, ilg aurt other boxes, ertdcnce o< a cwmf?rt? ble, n' t t?HU> hJ*urious, fare, wh A , would make a French or KuglLih' s*4dier tblL t be wa? ha ' J1T^''*n.p of the I'almetto 9iar?l, which nuntoeee ene hu jd??d and e.ghty men, these juenhar emW-ms of content, U atr.ktng .a aaatmsr wpcct (? every Unt Is a a fQ-whiob gives Its ?a^. lu'cordli % w> tbe fan. y of the secupwits , and on^ airejr table staa?!s a bottle, which is empty. item is ixtirative or the very moderate use wW(* m> is a list or these n?nes - 1A VWamliere. (This la ' Society Hall, cSSWJhSi. __ KnncUaof tl,e Mfflerltes, ^'^two Pounds, Gasde? Castle, i"^L^Tl^ uedniram' The Capital, t^j!?ilV Tht25l^, How^f the Vai^, iri?k0htU<,'Ujg,rUMlt' S^ve,4' {^^Knotts, Btar of the douMi, Dixie's Hotel, geauregard. Ii?>tltla ? Satu Smxl, Brandy PeacheB. I found the latter quite meUow. . ^ WitJ^n tbolr touts these brave fe.lows hare m*di TM nu?i of everything. A few have cotc, tut the I . He up* a plank Hoor, with nothing but straw belaw < K above them. Ths kltchea is In a tent bir It**, mid tho cooking, as Is usual, Is done In messes. ft?? ??? ' log is as good as the drluklng, and with a doeeo or iwm ty blask her\ ants, who belong to ndiv pany , lly lug actively around, I could, with a I tUo StwWJ of Its agination, almost forget that ' wss in a waitl* faking of these servants, while as a m^torltj thg sru the most arraut cowards In the world, ttoy ???<??*? for ihofle who own thorn ia such that In some insUiM thoy have voIunUrlly left their SfSJJJJl an j, without the knowledge of t^ inaelere. fetiew* i'u?m to the llold. I was Informed tfcat one of tftsas. mm ic-mItk tol.leut. Ithett.statlonodat Fort Moultrie, hsarksg Ih^ft he ha.l been wounded, procured a boat, and, rowJJC tkrough tho thickest ofthedre, to the "urprise of tte I.leutenant , walko.1 into his nrcseace. FortunaUiy tte rumor was Value, but the faithful slavo refuted to Isava his master, and remaned througl^tthe actlolL Tkmm are the negroes who, according to the Northeru._pSJS??, '?will rise In Insurrection in case of clfll war, sad te? terror to the Houth.'' FrtllT fit'MTSR. ? A 1/ravlDK Morris Island, we proceeded to Fort SumMr, sleamlDK around, while a tine opportunity ^as aSnrdsw of examining the eilect of the bombardment. JflthyA bclng mateflally Injured th. walk , givej mMC?. ? mfiflt terrific nriiptTlDC. The several faoes. wpOMi w fire are so thoroughly pittod that the Btrongh^ looltaaa if It bad but just recovered from an attack of the smaJl pox. I'very place where a ball struck tho h. tck wortt KJ ' besn torn away by tbs bush. Portion of U? Of the pin ? pet are crumbling In 'ulna. The there ei-'Cte-i to prevent the raking Ore ofj J't M?ultrt? upon the guliS m barl*i/* stems just ready to fall. fra roents of morUr, granite, brick and bursted shell Iw u|)on the water washed rocks ""tslde In only one place wss a breach commencod, and %I*L was at the baao of the narrow or southeast angle, whicto wu exVised to the tl.e from Cummlng s Point. Tbim would liave r?pitred at least two days to compVeta TanilinR at Uis wharf . we found workmen busy mUklnj u p the m?ue wh ich had been Pm?rsd for ? tn?5? an attempt U. land And nov., entering the fort, tte iloerie prcwonted Is beyond all ^crlptlon( convey tha picture of black and battered lerra- ea, asd the debris of battle and of ftrs every wtm* V T?Mr* a nosltlon about tlis -entre of the parade ground, U, tort lW around , .found ^ newlj covered grave of one of Ui/> men killed i>y tne ea plosion while nalutlcg the Us? Two eannonhahssup portcd a small ntlck which raarkod t je ' Laiiist those wsh a temporary granite slab a foot squw*. with the simple Inscription upon it ? i DAN 1 IX HOWE, ^ mid a part 14, 1M1. w i n A ne 'a grave bad been built of brick, another neono ment will be erected, and there the poor fellow Ilea after bis iorg imprtsor ment and brave light, cat short tn his glowing anticipations of a "welcome home." Near this reminis~ence, saddest of all of the peat ight? KUmis an immeDHe ten u rh columhlad, pointed towards the city of Charleston, a wall built around It for rotreat. whenever it wia llred, lest It should burat. It la related of this gun that l.ieuUnant Foster three tlmss wont across tho ground to discharge it, and three times was driven bark by tte shells falling around bim. Ihe -iiot a '.ere tho lire broke out is on the right haadl of ihe gato??iy, in tho unkwrs' quarters, u>d the perfo r ?. t ;or .- of the r?4 tut shot through the still standing Walla th?rA may counted by hundrede. From thta point th * :)ro spread in either dlrectlos until aU that could he burned was in flames The llag staff, shot away about seventy live feet fronl the ground, bears several marks of g raring balls upom it* sides PsFMing up the Iron stairways which lead tm the parspet. another -rene of desolation preeents itself. Aside Trom the destruction by Ore balls hare struck everywhere. The parnp< t Is torn away In nutnbars of [Aac/*. sa<l the guns are knocked into all poslttoaa Ima ginable game lie on their sides, others are driven fr im their plnecs: several point upward tn the air, while tte few that doggedly retained their places are marked and rrueked an ss to <>e utterly usel-sa The largeat gun oa the |<iriipet. an i one which wns mo*t feared , was dk> mouttod by lis own recoil, at the first fire, and thua Pra vldenee interposed to prevent the destruction whlclt might hare resulted from its use. {land -renames, shells, balls, fragment* of mtssilMr rammers and swabber", ind other piraphernalla of tte battle atlll lay around in profusion, just as they had beea left, but thi marred and rngg'd rent urea of "everything U|ioti whl< b the eye resV1!! showed ?t a glance how otter - ly imp i??ibla u was for anything human to resist the tre mendous fire inured into the devoted fortress In the magi/lne there still remains a large * mount of powder, but it was only " by the grace of <5od " that it dtd*nt blow tho place to atoms 1 was permitted by I .leu ? trntnt Itheu, one of the oflk-er? In commind, to examlno the spot, ncd there, wondwf il u? relate, wm a hole mate by a red hot shot, which had pi*'"d through the nelgh borlag brick, burrowed half way into the walla of th?r tnaga/ino, and iten fallen ro the ground. Within ten feet of it s ninety Hx pound shell had d? scended through a granite block, shattered It in fragments, spent the force of ita explosion on th* aur roo tiding walls, and rendered the Iron door so useleae ttek H cannot b? sbut. While we were there, powder wa? even then visible upon the floor within three fiset of th% moga/ine and leadiug Into it, so thai had It gone off aect dcntaiiy . ) our correspondent would Iiav? been compelled to defer Ihla Mtor until another oocaaton. Nothing but a painted picture, or a daguerreotype can oon\ ey an adequate' i lea of the deatructlon. Thla, by tte way, had been done by one of tho artiste of the city, who was permitted the day after th* battle to vlalt tn* fort for the purpnae. * If facts such as t liave relai?4, both now and hareto forn are not sufttclent to eatabllah the beltsf I* the mind* of the Northern public that Najor Andersen and hla me? fought ss long and aa well a* tbey could, aethlag cam satisfy them but a peraonal inspection of the place. MPORTAMT ORPRR from th| jwcj )2???J f?F WAR OF THE shUTHKK.V C'ONtBDK ^ ? , .tjprU 82, IM1 Boo. P Macoi ng, Frai.t f rt ? o-r? Veer rat'Mie r.#t*>nse t.? the rmjnlsltle" nf th flMMWItfltelfeited :t*tv Ti* troupe W tviffle tU