Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1861 Page 2
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tuef<y??r*te Ptatea justices the belief that vour people Br? prepared to utile with us in repelling the oojiauo ?u?>iy of uk South. Virginia needs our aid. 1, '.tie re j*r? -cqiMtt jou 'o farush one regiment of u.fautry ?*b.ut -lelfcy, to rendczvoua at Harper's Kerry, ?ig(ria. li must of ten <y>mp*aic? of not ieee than mty-fcur mm cach. Hie regiment wiU >e ebiiUed to one clonal, on * lieu '>?> out OiWooel, coe major, ore adjutant from the lluo of Hooted "its, ?m M-rgeant-nuyor from the enlUUM men. Kioh ?Mkf>My 1a entitled to one captain, one 3'?t iieutdnaat rwo eef' nd lieutenants, four herg'iuits, four corporal-) end two Bualciars. The offlrern, except iiatl' ottloeri, t > b* aMpalated In the inaiiuur pr?*ir,bed by the law of yew State. Stall ofllecrs are appointed l>> the PrMidcnt. i of service not less th&u twelve mouths, ualesa of c'tpaiture. They will furnish their owu uniforms. By communicating arms and ammunition will be seat to Barper's Ferry, or to such point* as you may lealgnaie. Asrwer, and Fay whether you will comply with tniu re quest and if eo, when. , L. P. WALKER, Secretary of War of Confederate States. IMPORTANT NEWP FROM TEXAS. THE MEXICANS AT WOB*? TOWNS PILLAGED AND BURNED ? 8CRHENDER OF ANOTBKR FORT? FEDE RAL TROOT8 IS TRXA?, BTC. A kiUr ftom Brazos Santiago, data! April 19, to the Saltcoton Cxnlian says: ? A rumor from an authentic Bourco has reached hero that the Mexicans are getting up ano'her guerilla war b?re sgauiat our citizens in the river above Brownsville The town of Roma ban been pillaged and burnt, a id Many American families murdered Brownsville hia a'so feteo threatened. Ii of course assumes theguitoof anotb'-r raid, but it is my rrm conviction that the Mexicin authv r*> ?? are at the foot of it. We have letters and other accountu from K1 fieo to tho Stttti March. Fort BI'b- fcw been ?'irren lered by Col J. ?. He< ve to Col. James W. HoGoffln, tho Oimmustoner act ftp on t."' part of the State, the troops were to warcn on tjic let" of April, or ?s soon a* tho Quarter la* eempiet.H the delivery of the stores, Ac , to the Com m '-r The property consists of fid a large snpp'y ?f flWeii, some arms, two six po';nder?, with a large lot ?i an. munition. The !-"an Antonio Herah' learns fi> u Ve?srs. J. 9. Booth j and B. F. Dye, .just from Fort Ewell, 'hat noma fifty Slexl aaiis attacked Redman'* Ranch about th.< 12<h inm ami * u andm the keya to tho buildings oontalntng gove'd went property and property belonging to the eo-inty. Iti. *e Mexican? are remden's of this it ate, but it ts well known that they are hacked by others in Mexl?. They d*chire that they no logger reepect Texan laws or T-xaa government. The number of federal troopi In Texas is abo it 1 000 wen, Eom.j of when h ul to perform a much <>' 70<> miles Mrra'hth coast. They are abundantly suppllel witn pr^viaionB and mean.-t of transportation. The prcfl'se auAbi r In the neighborhood of Indiarola w* do i> >t yot knew, but it la supposed not to exceed 500 BEGGING FOR TROOPS. "lho Nashville, Tennesseo Bantlrr. a Becenglon rapor, of ifce 34th mst. , says on the night of tbe 22d 'J j*er ??-? Harris, ; f Teacoraee. rccclv. d a deapatob froa Gov. ?Mr Letcher, of Virginia, askibg If tnreo r ' ,'i.nents oeuM be raised in Tennessee for the aid of Virginia. THE WAR SPIRIT IN THE WEST. ?ne it our reporters who has spending n few weeks in the Western Mutes givo* the folio wuxg report of tfca state of aflhirs there ? tbeo in but one burgle sent'.ment per ?a llrg the ecl r(" Meet, in all locality, ftca among b itb sexes and all classes ?f the pe< pi? Even iu places where there was a strong democrat 10 majority last fall, the fame un&n may of foci tag and of acticr, too, prevails. Tarty >ellng isconi nietrly burUd. Party lines arc com pie', y obliterated. Far'v issue* have vanished like an urn uhatantlal pageant, Mid nave left no trace behind. The pcor'e of the est recognise but one party-tha party ol the 1 nlon and of the country. They have but one g? tl' hjnored stirs nnd Str'i e?. They aro moved but by one watchword? "Theft-im, now and forever, one and mteperabl*. and to all traitorr." They ? a. termlueJ that the go vernment and the administration aiiJ! be Boatainod, cv a it ibe sacrifice of personal feeling Ih:? plain d-ity lUey mist and will rerform If the South has supjoaed that ? u:a snuggle ih.y irouid have the ffmprtM* and tl.o Bid of a Urge and influential party , caber in the Northern o, Western States, they have made a grievous m.-tak* to far us the latter are oooceruei. And now far some do talb UiUlluol?it may be said tbn lb* whtfa State none ,?t wnp. in extra seaetonut the l>eg elav ire w^c > ,-1. But without, waiting for this ibe people ol th- Sta.c have meeting*, organized regiments of volon-eera, and ?toh> one end of the State to the other nothing wo lT.e" or heard b,t the dm of preparation, paraphercaiis, and all the prile, pomp and icXtanca of ,:ori. , war ^eee movement* w?ie initlatel on Sunday the 14'. , tLo day tho newa *r?ived there of the Htta?.>- on 1 ort Mimier. ,J- J was to Sabbath in Ch!ca?o. The churches were deserted ?cwds collided at the hotels and in the streets, ~tir ?*? and patriot *c speeches werj made. The national ca stas was dier yed lhe m''3t fr*ut,c ?*cttcmenl It* ode of the "jjtar Fpasgkd Banner ' w?a iung by par ZZ of aer who traversed the struts, and* crow. 3 of bIbp'Th, t'ghining in scores, ended In hundred of ra^ OB ;be next day, a week from J 061 ay, th- wo.k of PTganiitog military companies began, and has been kept up aver since. , . The military organization of tho State l" not pyrfsot^ and an a'.teuipt was mado at the tan tegular session of ttie legts latnrs to remodel me whole syntem-an attempt which was not shen attended with suce-sa. Tho varkms ?.Hilary In tha State bonier, were air?ady to a fair stats of discipline, and theee conatlU.te a nuclcu. ?round win h the military strength of tho Mate will rally. tho wo k filled up tne drilling and a" us arms. The .amous Oni MU?. but U..T l^fce8 aLd wiu'give a good account of themselves. The Artillery with four b.saatteld place*. and STfSi awAmtBt A mon Md horM*1 nr,;l ,ln ^';V grod artlileriat* as any In tha ragular ' lhe^ h." fd t ? tc tent direct to Wash^ton ?n,i mnV- be even now en rou ' Oajwad 2L^Tt tbey w? Dsht well Tha celebrated Cl.lcago TkTht the 'Ul' corps of the city, eonstitutes a iJSl of Ue ^Vtl'th regiment M the State, and w lh ,| ... rp'tm^iit They i>re porfoi't In drill r.'Cd-io".nd a e armed with the Mlnie musket, ?me. th, ll ghi.nd ..nard hav'Wled ibe full cots pi* ment. an4 are drilling all day ana e\ ery dmv coKDi^anle* of cavilry ?r? alpo drlillDK at SL in particular , ibr Chicago Drag k>iw. maklug * Th? ^ncyC"!P^ t|" ncy , Illinois. 100 strong and wAvtfiK ihf i n ited ftatvs unitorm, are ready to m?reu^ ^ ZrlZl \n The llex.ean war. and nre heroes to a J tk0 mlltlary cottpaoi?w of an* full of r^Tttr and have7 tenia .auey challenge to thic??oto ?'J u TVkJ _ her in th" number of tronj* Mf< TTie companies in JackMonvllle. I.* ^llo. Doca ST Mandota P.orla, Naples, aud in thee .untiea of C ?les, l^ w J Du 1-age and Iroqools. are all under arms, asd ibnr rai ks are rapluly up to the full romnle Sit UauCJsant FYederlck Harding. of^.^go.U. ?tMai2#d a new rowtmiif of 100 which hai bew sorted and be has re? ehred hi? rommlaalon ?< "IjJa'n. IhTaommanded tha Chicago I4g? t ,!?rv ( ,! and muk'B whrn they were callei nt In actl\ e s rv ?.e. and himself on u a- occasion for his courage. ^llh'Iiels'wtll'off* r to the govtment, not six regiiiK'Dts. whSsh ia har quota, but "reaBiull regiment; of .ixte.n UMoaand men and the whoie will he r- ady to mar,h .n * Tfca faderal tracpa thai have bean stationed in Mtnne( ?wta i utdat various pointa in the Far Northwest, passed EStfcK route for Washlrgton As,bcw int Um< spirit of the people, we mav sUte that tney w?re <*e?rted from one depot to the other by a P?ce* awn of twelve thousand of the best cit.zfua Jf the ,.utf with banners, music and tor<bts, w.ln [Jl ?y i^r'd and shouts of Uod speed. The h >ne*t iellows Ma?<i a little astouiHhed at such a demonsuail^n, but ware evident!* much pleased . nuiie* of Chicago are not behind the men iu ra.n taiy ard?>r. Ttooy ait?n 1 the drill? of th# Wl1ler?, and Inspire lh?*n wtih a double portion of patrljllo ore Ihuy are also ttrgag. d m tnak ug a vario.y of prr m at Ions ror tfce coBiforl of the ll'iuois soldiers cn the min li and while in camp. They do all this cheerfully, but without levity. They ihed tears over the M'paratlon (perhaps forever) from their isisbamts, br?.h< rs ai d soas; but tlwv weep iB secret. One iaily, the m lher of four grown mii sans has Insisted that tu?y should ail go, and every haa' volu?teere?l A b.'uitifui iin-i ac >mpllahad vtinr ,m iadv. only married throe months Uas nut oiJy MBseBted. hot expr.ssed the wish thai b .th her bu. baud mid two bothers would join the trjoiu a-1 U.ey have bone so. And these are by no me?' S so .t; ry .a? anc-?. iLeJarsj too. of almiat evart danominutoB, Lave .Ifteo up th",r voic? s for the war Not ^grdy b.t s.l y io.d rshielsntly . yet firmly. I. h. rin t if ?) ;? ?' r is than ?' mens, they have csllad upon th.> j^>pie to r? uitKCrr .hat tin ir duty fcl'cr 'heir Ju y r Ml, m ih> .r ' ?-tv to their couttry, that tWr ciaawy now 1*1 s i n n at. ts tons for support ?.nd that tj rc.use U ?# tup^ort toa be tiui ii??beit ollt'OCO miu?t ^thcTtUia of th^ Wftterr p ort b?m itrotf aa1 ..tiMi d ? ?uf for thu %?r Tlio rfl pLhilsh a 1 tbe ca?Li fv? vu?uL;atrnv b0ii0?t of UMtliiK* f"f , Tr*m or ch^'se, wnu acc .rnpai y th?.m w.Ji at Iiraig api^als of Vhe.r own. Th?> iLoceyt'i tnen of the *eai have contributed a ?:e fui do fi i' al'?- ml ta'j ext><ns?s >t voiunt'ers, m?"r':h4(."4 uJ vaalara have as i %>r* sent ??i many useful artlch ,si o aa stole, juiit, batik<ts. shoes, sinkings, fm. , alio' whi' h v .11 be vet > c ui' i i*bi* f jr them r.n.piuy> re. -m * ruie, ha?e fcgrsei to continue tiiSSafcri * of tt? .< iiuplM as during tlie'.r ?h?ence, and t k ep sm.a ,"i<s 'or them hi e ftc.i ir'.c >hn Wen'* rtl, a> I**!* to tha youtr wen of MlnoU u h a p*p r, 'frrc-. pow s itta ttinfc lor .Lur "? aableve m uort ,jty . id s dvaUocea tauie thai no men ?<>re afterw.rdi so (s?|iu I*f im-M t'.s'r ct.ntryt??n aa those wbo verved .11 100 M. > can ?i.r am. that It w.ll be so t tb U,o ? who serve in tSi* war aneae ?>r,r that. O'KXi 'or elo *?reJ. lbs u*jJaj of hunt rg 0 the West .? ala >'i as M'rtf 1 eM na it la la New York Tfce American flag floate ?t ery i where? from Mua. tonka ana auaotaui, from Orldgaa I Mid from church aWpiea; fiwm dwwltlng bouaoa, barn* alio blab lea, from Um beads oi bwM ud iu bwjn of I a en; iu every Imaginable form and Oavice, and ill every ????%. bl? plaoa aad position Um Irl ooior la omnipresent Long may it waval In Wisconetn the Legislature, which bad passed a reao lutlcn to adjourn tine rite, reectnded ibe >am** when the news came of the fall of -iumter, and wont straight to work to put that elate on a war footing The citizcnu have promptly responded to the call for volunteers ..urwg the past week, and in a week wore the qaota asslgued to W it- cons in will be under arms and teady to march. In Indiana tbe prompt meaaurea taken by (Jen Lewis Wallace, tbe a.oji taut General of tbe State, have resulted iu rai?ir g the entire quota of troops required ot tbe State, all or whim are now eurollttd. Some more timo will ne required in arming and drilling them properly , but by tbe end of thl* week tb?y will no doubt be ready for the fray. In Ohio tbe note uf preparation oas sounded to some purpose. Tbe militia of thin State werea'ieady ia a pretty |ood state of efficiency , aud volunteers havo tilled up the ranka of all the companies to tbe full complement. Cm r.'&nuli baa some splendid comiiauiea, wnlob, SJ aoon as ihey can he spared from home, will do good service it. behalf of the general government. At present, as there is eume dagger of an attack npon Cincinnati, they will be relumed at homo. On tbe lined of all tbe railroads, at every station where tbe cars stop, companies of Infantry and arttller* are 8>eu drilling on the prairie, and prac ticing ihoac manieuvret which w*U so boob become btem realities. In a word , tbe blood of the West is up! The hardy sow of the prairies are r?'.l;lsg by thousand* to the support ul the government, ai d tbe West a Ions could easily fur nirb enough troops tu Dtiish the war Tbe citj of Cairo, ?t I he southern extremity of 'heSta'o of Illinois, will be ouo oi the strong points to n? guarded (iuriPfc tbe war. Its imwrtance iu a strategical point of view, is very great; but of this more anon. MISSOURI FOR THE UNION. THE ARSENAL ? THE ORGANIZATION OK RBOIMKNTS FIVK KEOIMK.NTS Tv? IIB HOON COUPLErBn. [From the ,-t. l-ouis I). o-ocrat. April 27 ] The precincts and area." of tbe arsenal continue to pre sent a rceno of incrosstng octiv.ty and interest The pn tiiot inm ot" tho people appears :n tho daily augwieti in* numbois who present themselves is ready to defend tro intuited and threatened flag and government or their ountry. Tlie recruits are drilled eight hours of "ach dav, and the scene thus presented ta a moat animated one. Over ail tne exUMtve park the column may hi n en, separated 'u eompiwea, joined in battalion*, or united in regiments, husilyand briskly engaged :n m cch log, wheeling counter nia'.'hiug, pertormir.g tbe mm.i i; vres of tho dr?*a parade, or running nno le'a-pirg in 'be Zcuave ] tac'ice. The. lively panorama accompanied 6y waitiai miii?ic (lowing from all quarters o' the grounds, and varied by throng - of p'omemvl'ng spectator*, ani'og wtom aicr.umeroiB tievlcs cf ladies, afforda a sight o* not ui.pleaaiDg Interests, as well as of mournful sm-'Kosti rbe multitude of the volunteers render the quarter* by lar too straitened to accommodate all with ease. The ? .'(ii lais camp out ia teuts, an'i the new companies are uuarteied iu tho various buildings Tho bedding pr In cii'iil'? cuDcsts simply of straw laid upon tbe floors, and a bia? ket to draw ovor tho person llio oookltg is ex t< r*:ve,'y nerformcd iu the open air, and in genuine e imp R'yle The health and spirits of all the troops ap p?j*r m'?st excellent ... The or; - an i zat ion of the new company Into regimentB ?ooicu neod Thursday evening, wis ctntmued yaaterday, and is still not eomploted New companies are con t'ntislly arriving on tbe ground, and additional recruits k v? en oPment in the c mpaulea formed. Tbe fo! lowing if a list of the regiments, compmles, battalions, ctticeis, kc-, *o far ?s orgwi'ied up tu last ovening ? FIRST R*OI*ENT. 1 ieutenant Krank 1'. Blair, Jr , Colonel; Lieutenant Pcoflcld, of regular I'nitod States Army, Major. Company A ?Captain l^tbrop; First I.loutenant, T. G<Ccmpany B? Captain R Pexton ; First T.leuteuant , Beri?mln Tannrath ; Second Lieutenant, J. L. llat'hui Ot.e hvndred men. Company C CipUIn, G Harry Stone; First Ueuten nn*. Mai b hall ; Sacood Lieutenant, Tiemeyer. Fighty '"(VBoany D? Captain, Cba lea Anderson; First Lieu ten?rt, P. <? Fish, fte end Lieutenant, T. H. Johnson; Grdely" Serjeant T. 11. Oliver. Eighty one men. Comptnv E.? Capuln, R. B. B-tk; First I.iouUinant, jota Sli'.Foil; Sccoiid IJcutcuaat, iVm. Bowen. i?oe ban '"ornliany F ? Oaptaln, W. C. C.anit; First Lieutenant, Wiij. S. Steward ; Second lieutenant, John D. Baldwin. Oco hundred and twenty men. CV'ZDT^oy O (I.ofayette Guards) ?Oap'ain, J. 8 OlTen der ; 1 trnt l ieutenant, Tbonias D. Maurice. Sevenfy cik'bt rr en. Company H? Captain, ThexJ.ire Yates; Flrat Lici t. uai t. Frank O. Jlanter Seventy-four men. Crmpany J (fiom Cbrondelet)? ^Captain, Madison Mil ler Vnft Lieutenant, L. F. Mrx<?o; Second Lieutenant, Jamew Marr; Orderly Sergeant, E E Furber. F ur additional companies are !u procean ol organm tion lor tbia regiment. BEIOMD REOIMENT. ... Captain Eonry FiOernsteiu, Colonel; Major trelorici fc^ftofler, Lieutenant Criontl ( 11 nuuy A? Captain > t?lcrbauf, First T.ientenaBt, Otto r'budt; Second I.ieu'onint, Aug. (iunscU, Orderly , .Biait, J. Kavscr NU? y men. ' (> miiany B ? ^aptali. Wecherlin; First Lieutenant, > fie > i r Sec I nd 1 jerfnant, Theodore Waller, Orderly , , . i I, loin* Mappot one hundred and one m> n ' Chi. puny C? Oapt-in TrauemicM; First Lieutenant, fj Mave Poerri?tein; pecocd I.ieutonant, Vn?elm 41b i , i hi (in'orly Si rgeant Mil's Lang Viiety eight .nan. (v nil any I* Cap'a'n, flenry Ben tell; Firat Liruiouaot, Jidluh ijmg Second l>u?caant, Cbariea Kaufholdt; Or der'y Ferpeant, Augustas (iiumroo Eighty five men Ci mi>any F-? Captain IV ernsuvn s company The Cap tains election as Color el leiv.aanew capUin to be cluvn for company K 1 1 1 E t LioutenACt, Augustus S. Boe'rn tein Secrnd I ieutenaut, Frink t>ler, Orderly Ser *eant ? Wint-becker ( me hu. dred and ten men. k Hcind Baitalioo ? B I*it>oid, Major and common. 'er; F'tihl l'atl. Captain. Fllkt Lieutenant, Louia Weber; K)Hxind Lieutenant, CI m(ns l-inilgtober One huudred and s? vet teen men . oilier i mt antes are emifted and organlxing lor the ctmp-lionof the battalion TlUBl) REOIMENT. General Franz Si* gel . commtuidiog as Colonel K1RRT BATTALION. Firit A'llUery C mr??j ? Captain Backoff; Firat Llcu tn-aLt Fiai.i Wttg. One bundled men. ootid CV>n>pany ot Artillery, numbarel as Com pan y t_Oititn W itkips; First Lieutenant, A 8. Turneck; u(e, , ,i I ic.i'f nait, Gu6tave Fch iffer. One hundred men. " Compai v a? t?rta'n, Henry Btehop; First Lieutenant .Icbp fcieinor; tVcotd LicuUnunt, William Recmer. Ninety "coajDany B-CapUm, I>. Conrath , First Lieutenant, Whlprmann t?cond Lieutenant, Oeorg Itody. Nlnetj- I f"comi<acv C? Oattai'i Cramrr, Firft Lieutenant, Wll liau Oetttboim; S> ton.l Lieutenant Wuentney. Ninety-' l*Com'vany p? Captain V*is. lieutenant not yet cboeen. One hundred and two men SECOND BATTAIION. fCetiipany F., attiilery, given above.) rctrpany F? Captain Uartminn Lieutenants not yet rli'-tf n K chty men (,'rnpany <i? Captain H<ckmann. Lieutenants not yet eboseti Fifty men. . . . r. ?i?iiy H? Captain John F ?l ; oudtmunn. Lieuten ant ?? as al'ove. Figbtv men. - , r Itegnirntal statl-C. Ut.nrirks. idjutaot Charlea F. Stark, (,'uai let master F. Koemer, dr. 'nance t?hcer: Frc eric K. Sxtrelner. So;relary. FOfRTH BKOtVENT. <;? neral Nlcbolna fchutoer commanitn*. Fiiat c( mtjuiy? CapU.n l'auma One hundr-d Mid ' P- fo^|Uc- mpmr? Captain Reimana One hundred i "'nrd Company ? Chpt. tfchuddtg. ?>ne bundled and j Foutth Company? Oaft N'.emat n t>ne hundre l and U > Uh?0 mpanj? Capt Viahl a< k. ?'ne hundred men. VViMb ;? imeDl is aUo orcaiii/.u - o' whi< h Cimpany Viacn iraii:!edb'- Cap'-iln Nelron Oate First l ieutenant, loiem. F( u?t I leutet;int, Ge I' < overt brevet lejond lie-iteeaPt, Wm 8 Welto f.xtv flvemen. "Ibe rntlrn non-1 er of troops tio? within the arson*l Is estimated at so^ie twenty el( ht huodred. About six : l,i:ndred are qnsrt< red Id bciidii gs in tbe vicinity. Ma ?or S-bkfler s b?C. jll< n at present occupies the Marine Hospital AFMINO THE ST ATP" OV Mt^OfBt WITH THE Jt'I.T INTEHE-'T MONEY. Kroro the St. Louis democrat , April 2a.] We i ii'lerstand that Governor JackFon has proposed to tho banks of ibis city to permit biia to use tbe $.'>00,000 l bat the> wrro to arniah to meet the July Interest on the rtnte debt, to arm the State milltiA. and that the bsnks with one exception, h?ve ac ed.-d to the proposi tion llio Legislature is convened by proclamation ti meet on 'ho ?'u f May snd this tlv? h-mdrel Uwisand do In.s IS to be put into the hands ?.f a s. essum Governor to tbe struggle ml.i -b,ac. to pn tramine, is lcDP.d?tate Mies nurl ?ut of the I Men Th'.s, tho July liiteie-l will "Ot be met, and the already languishing ere, Itcf the State will receive another blow from those cbonn to p-oteet it. In view <T this th ug, there se. ms tot.ri.oU.iig "it t.? utior Ui-autial itu rrace ai.d rapt, d.aton With the bond- of the t?tate now down to t h 1 1 1 v eight rents oi. the dollar mp'OvemeMs of all klnr s o ,. ?.!imI pr^lrato nt ih- teet ot .he Moloch of ain'U.on.and p. pi. "it Ion ?' riven our t bores by tne , t i. io ? oi secetSHC. what fcUire s there in store fer ' ti.u.-f .'apy of a bankrupt Houtbe'n oli u n 1. V It 'S ?-.d lb" bai ks only c .risen t to lh? diversion f, tl. s m. ney if th ' State remains neutral In tbe . . . ii* ire . ns on between the | oven ment and i he - The"', n It I perhipe we'l te? ad the s ... , ro V ,n ? rte.1 , but <et t.?vernor Jaees-.oge t. 'rii t- c th. m ney, and w > will soon eea the te f..? ! w inaVeef it. M n wlo. la an official caiailt?, do n't ?rr ? )? t hixardtho credit CK tbe JU'e b? p'op-ielr g to ' '.'it tVe money s.t sps't to n. et Pa u.'e est to any Oit .r rurts se, will not Stop at the cou''I?|..ds impo-ed b O e buke No 'n bl-p senses can doub". 'ho do ,,n.f ' ttson a d h's c hi t* pi' ft?" "i s -%t| i in'o dml D t. -t ?hit it will, and they who f irni?htho met. s to enny o'.t h's n?'nil"ns s. h-t??? areguttty w tb b Ira of m^at fcl'ow ? The may he vsura t o tho fa. t t : at ' n'ou men ?r? n*g ??tu t i ne f>rn from their alb p ue. to the gn.??al lovernoet t ny an> violent m ?%? ( ? jr. tie Ooveinor a*d bis - i (.porters ? the ha ok* ? ran Inaugurate. For we t..o g? th ^ntb we had a go ?e?r nisnt wortliy <f rtfpret, and on wbtth al' loyal cltl- | s r*l ?al?^J lea-i for -ofctlon. and tbev ars not g>>ing Ic relinquish that secnilt* for th^ tiitbtfiil prottotloa of ? ahi.nd of disnnlTt''!' aBd repudUtors. The art loo of the j l?tk? in ft I" 'r c,,? l" 'sceeeting'.* ?e.v?hea i slnlr ' and pftvrs the way for the dlacedlt of thr r'own ! vee abroad, ard Urn flrane ai worthhr oss of M spou-l currency I* tbe bas <i? ddeo p. rems 1 1 neutral 'n 'h's war for tbe existence of ibe g v??nmen there 'a ni necessity for arming tho 3tate Ti- g >vor nett o' tre l e'ted "t??ea bas not menaced th-s ' ut ? | h d will oov menace t| with an attnrk, until sh,. tak-s u . a nis avainst its r ghtfnl authority aud f Mon meu m ti<. assir'ance from 'be?t*te Tbe^ It follows that th si mlt t of the U'? ro.sns placing weapons in the haa 1 - .n.?rr ip-.'cus dmt'irt>srs of the pnMic harmony, w"i Uvt n. other object in Tlew ttMto brinf about a dentfy collision between (fee citizens of this 8tato. If it is the purp se of our backer* to back MONtian, let 'h-rn men sure ibe depth of ibeir pockets witfe tfee Kastern capitalists w b<> have oflered conntless millions to the general govern meet t" re?iat n bullion Lo> ul citizen* nred no a'min? against tbelr government. The arming of traitor* og*in-<t that govt tun ent will only make them the wore certain mm k of a j nft r< tributlon We ray to the l>ai k? that they have much more interest Id the credit of the .State than they have In ?sec?sai >n, and whether ibey take our anvice or not, tbey wilt tiod to their cost the sustaining of wars upon the government will not pay. ST. LOl'IB AB8KNAL KKIKPOHCKD. [From tho H. Louie Democrat, April 23 ] It will oecarino great relief to oar peaoe loving cit'zers and gratification to tbo friends of tfee government abroad to learn tbat the I nlted States Arsenal In this city has been reinforced Yesurdav .he Deceeaary on Jers having been received by General Uarey, about seven bao<lre>1 athletic young men were sails ted under President I <n coln's rtcent proclamation. They were duly sworn in and piated under command of the arseial officers The enlistment will continue today. We understand mat about fl'teen hundred men have tendered ihelr services, Dud will be accepted. This Ml lies the question about tfee safety of the ars* nal from tho attack* of the ene mics of the government. SECESSION IN MISSOURI. FROM OL'K MISSOURI CORRESPONDENT. St. Joseph, Mo., April 22, 1SC1. A meeting of secessionists took place here on Saturday last, the 20th inst , for the purpose of boteting & ?*K Among tne number were about forty hon<emen, attired in red woollen shirts, and wearing a blue cockade They bore the appellation of the Buchanan County Rangers. The flag, on which were fifteen stars, was raised at noon, and Fainted with cannon ? a discharge for ca;h star. After bearing a short address, ?h? crowd? which was not very large ? dippers d, to reassemble at two I' v) , wtiere tr?>y were aedrext-ed by Judge (lodging, one ol' the ?tele gates to the State Convention; Mr K Dnnnel, ano'her dek gate; Colonel Scott, a member of the Legi?iat ire aci others. Tbe remarks were more or loss strongly In favor of secession. I.aht Saturday morning the United States Arsenal in Liberty, Clay county, was seized and girrlconod by ouo hundred Wisronria&s. It contained thirteen hundred stund of arm* and about a dozen pieces of artillery, all of which was expected to be distributed In Hay and the ad joining counties, to be us<d in stopping tbe passive of the fecirul troop? which are expected hero In a few davs from above Tbe secession feeling is increasing through out the State during tbe past week Th? Cnioa men are at pr?p<nt very qitiet, as many of them have been bully assaulted. Tbat there are some here mav be ju'Ved from the fact tbat tbe secession (lug was remired th ? same night, brt another was put in its place yesterday, and an additional one on tbe market house. ILLINOIS. TDK FEELINU IN CHICAGO. [Extract from a letter to a business house In New York city from a firm In Chicago, April 23, 1861 ' War feeling beie is intense Nearly $100,000 his been raised In tlie city by priva'o subscription, a free gift to arm tbe people. City bauds hare offered half a million to the State, and more if needed. Chicago scut seven hundred men, who arrived at Springdotd on Sunday nigh'., and last niglit four hundred more to Cairo, armed to the teeth, all roar y to fight. Chicago wjj} send ten thousand and the State seventy five thousand, and c-in furnish flu .0(H) 000 cash to carry on tbe war. add provision enough to keep her aimy at* long as the South want to tittbt. Wo am all Union men here: our motto? "N'ose cession allowed; victory to the Stars and Stripes, or total nunihilatlon to all traitors and pro slavery noun Freedom and our government shtll triumph, though half a continent die Inarms!" This grandest of republics cn which the sun ever sbone ? this temple, stored to universal liberty? Is not to fall yet. ltd mighty mission Is not yet acccmplished. This war, though sad and oevsstatlrg, is for gooo: It will show to tho rising gent- ration the vnluo of liberty and eternal vigi laece in battllr g 'ho foe of humanity. Hiey will realize the glorious privileges we ei\)oy. fhe United states can PDern $100 (K'O 000 ui this war, and be the richer Ave years herre. Our I'nion shall stand, and do star shall tly away South Carol!' a raised the wind, and the whirlwind wi'.l foo ? smooth her fiery disposition down, and she will yet sue for peace, as soou as she realizes the terrible power of the great North when fighting for the right, for GoJ and humanity. OHIO TROOPS. There are new ovor ilx thousand volunteers at Cilum bus, wbich is more than can be properly aooomin edited. No more are to be sent there at present. The factories of On). Oolt a?d the Sharp's Rifle Com pa ny , at Ilartlord, ?'onn ,are very busy On Tuesday 1,600 rilits were rent ofl to the Governor of Ohio, and the day before 82 000 can ridges were sent away. All the work men were busy making more guns. Mr. Oolt has not for come time, nor will he till these troubles aro over, make arms tor tiie South. KKM ALK VOLUNTEERS. The Cincinnati GcurtU giveH the loDovtiug: ? Tb? clerk of one of the steamers which came up the rivertf^ter i'av , repo'ts being hailed from tbe shorn at Leavenworth, ndiann, to lano and take on a couple of pus*eagers for Cincinnati. While at the landing the clerk Informs us 'hat a company of volunteer women, armed wi'h rifles. I marrhed down from the oommons whoro they ha i been drilliuif. and tired a salute. Tboy seemed to haollo the arms wiih ease, and presented a very creditable ap pearance. WAR SPIRIT IN IOWA. A letter from Cedar Falls, dated April 19, says:? Busi ness is almost at a stand still here, and every bo Jy la sp? culatlr g on the war question Dubuque is t i furnish two companies, and already three have offered their ser vices. Iho new company here meet to morrow, to de cide w better they will offer their services to the (fover nor Tbe war spirit is up, and we are moving in ear nest The company at Cedar Falls has since offered its servi ces. FIVE HUSDRRI) CHIPPEWA INDIANS FOR GOVERNMENT. Tbe Jfadutiw (Wis ) I'atriot of the 24tli inst. says ? U M. Samuel, or the Indian Fur l)ep..i at st Croix, Polk county, writes to Gov llatidall that he has at his oom mand ivc hundred braves of the Chippewa tribe, and he offers his own and their cervices in theconilict with the Snath He has lived among the Chippewa* for tweoty years, and wishes to serve in tbe cari?o of tbe Uniou against treason. He has made tbe same oiler to the President of the United States. THE WEST ANI> THE WAR. TllK ENTHtSlASM ON THK INCREASE NORTHWEST ERN M1SSOVRI TRUE ? OHIO ANll WESTERN VIRGI NIA ? 80 VT HERN MIR*OrKI, KTC. MINNESOTA. The troops arc rapidly organizing in this Stale. Oar ex changcs each day give news of th<- formation of compa nics in every inhabited part of tbo Stale. Two young men residing above Shakopee, on learning that It was dcuMful whether a company w >uM be formed In that town, t< ok a row bout and wr nt down to rH. Paul, and joined the Pioneer Guard on Mot day. They were farm i rs, and busily employed, but fell it their duty to offer their services. OHIO AND WESTERN VIRGINIA. A correspondent at Marietta, writing on the 22d says: ? "We arc all right. Ohio blood is up lho Marietta vo lunteers. 110 strong, left this morning A public meet tng was held to day to organize the whole county West em Virginia is trie to the In ion, and looks to Ohio for h*'p, and she will gtt It. Tbe "tarn and stripe* were ran np in Will'amstown, Va , this niorntLg, and salutod cn this side. '' NORTHERN MISSOtRl. There is little sympathy in Northern Missouri with tbe leer csk nlsts The reports that the railr-iads. A;o., are l'kely to be Interfered with are wholly unfounded Tbe tews from the other State* give the same gratify teg Intelligence. THE KENTUCKY HANK LOAN. [From tbe Louisville Journal, April 2 i J If any of oar bank olflcars are still entertaining the thought of Itnd'ng money to Gov Magntlin (who baa not a ?hadow of authority to borrow it) for what he aad his serret couaselk'is rosy choose to consider "thedofenoo of Kentucky," wss?hmnly advise th'-m to dt>mi?s mat tboupht at Mice. The Governor's organs a I contend lbnt it is Ind spei.sable to Keo'ucky's " defence'' nta?i seee< e<atoncc into the Southern confederacy and become a part of it , am) hecce hi* Fxcellency , if h<- wn to use a loan to promote what his frieii' > an'' no ilm i.lmael' think requisite to Kentucky's "oe'ence, ' would devote a portion or the whole of It to the cause of rttsioioa. We sny to onr highly respi-etable bank othceee? what ccitalnly tb<y ought to know alie.idy ? that Kentucky never rrta'ed hanks tog?t h? rself precipitated out of the I mi n by them We say to those ollice.g i|,*t if they loan money to a public functionary who has ro authority to bortcw it and can give no security for Its ii|ia\ m> nt? loau It to a recognised secessionist uf^-n tbe mere verbal and vague condition that he Is to use It at his own dlscret on i>r tbo discretion of his friends for what he or they may decide to be requisite to the State's " defence, ' they will, in tho view at least of very many, be ruilty of a gross mlatiao of the privileges ci?il? lied up"n ibelr institutions by the State, and a Palpable breach of faith to the sto*holdsrs. If onr bark officers have half a million of money to lonn, th?y know that tbeie are hundreds here who would be g'kd to get It, giving ample security , and that It might be made to do much, 'ery ranch to r? vivo easiness nod lelisve a sorrly pressed community lUnks are watchcl with jealous < yrs >ven id the calmist and quietest times tley rhould he very careful to do notho.* to cxe>te pepnlsr teser'n et t or |* pi.lar ruspicloii ana 'hese times sre very fsr frim bstDgcaim aim quiet. :h? bank off! ceig can ot c?itir?e tmirown pMvnt" tuno, for what ever purt>ce?s they piian-, avi with or ?,Ukv v securitv. bu? let tbrm be very careful how they di ;;?*.< -a" the bsrk fnres Wo nndi-rftard th?-re aro disunioolsta sir org tbim. snd ?i'tlo not gainsa) their rlgli-. I < th-<ir op nmns. but ws hope they wnl not m.mtus; their dis i.nien principles in their official action. A FFt ER8ION CI FPOYMAN I* THILIDEL I'HIA. p. v Vr Wise (a son of e* Goverror Wise, of V.-gTlO, wf o s stationed ever ar> FpWenpal church In We . Pn l> de p> 'a, on Patnrday ?vet,|r>(j s eppod Into a ^arh e's to I-, i fbnvrd. R hl'e tbe p?>*ess was advancing he aat.l- ? "t'l.e Virglnts? te worth ?hree Nor>berner?,> a>t ? h >t M the latt? r woulo be whlppoii. At this tho mast*' of t'is ran r strop took edenee, and instantly ejei ted th? mve rri rt g' ntlrmat' >nlo the street half shaved ? one h .if of bis fsee jet lathered, and he in his shirt sis v s A n ? B.'?r of bis tburch. oassing by, pot ? OA-ria/e and ti k> mni?e, s?d b< nged h.m to keep still I- CmI 1 r? i n sch tbe n?at d?| ?m durinf tbe night wm ^sct*

.J .Jr ? THE UNITED VkTtt ABM V AMP NAVY. PAY, RATIONS AMD CLOTHING OP THE ABMT. the following 1b the rank, classification tad monthly income of tbe officers and privates In the various branches of the United mates Army. Members of the volunteer troops receive the same amount during the time that they are mustered into tbe service of the gene ral government:? [Subsistence? 84 cents for each ration. Forego- $8 per mobih for each horse. Servants? Heeeive pay, &c. , of a private ] jf ? f ? I * s * ; * 1 1 ? I r Rank and nullification ?f OJicers. P ? ? Lieutenant General $270 40 340 ? CO Aids decamp and Military Secre tary to Lieutenant General, each 80 5 46 3 34 Major General 230 IS 135 3 24 SeLlor Aia-de camp to General-in Chief 80 1 3? 3 24 Aid de camp, besides pay of Lieu tenant 34 ? ? 18 Brigadier General 124 12 108 3 24 Aid de camp, besides pay of Lleu ttnact 20 ? ? 18 Adjutant i. ? 'olonel 110 fl 64 3 24 A sat. Adj. General? Lieut. Colonel US 5 46 3 24 Do. do. ?Major 80 4 36 3 24 l)o do. ?Captain 70 4 80 18 Judge Advocate ? Major 90 4 36 3 24 'rppector General? Ooionel 110 6 64 3 24 Qua te>max'er Gen ?Brig. Gen.. 124 12 108 3 24 Assist**! do ?Colonel 110 0 54 3 24 Deputy do ? I.ieut. Colonel.... 96 6 46 8 24 Quartermapter? Hajor' 80 4 36 3 24 A*at do.? Captain 70 4 36 18 Com. General of Subsidence ? Col. 110 6 64 3 24 Asst. do ? Lieut Colonel ... US 6 46 3 24 Com. of Sufcsiitenot? Major 80 4 36 3 24 Do do. ?Captain,,.. 70 4 36 18 Aspt. Com'y, besiie*p?y of Lieut. 20 ? ? ? ? Pijm'r General $2,740 per annum ? ? ? ? ? Deputy Paymaster General 96 6 46 3 24 Paymaster 80 4 36 3 24 Mug. General, $8,*40 per annum. ? ? ? ? ? t-'urgecns of 10 y< ars' service 80 8 72 3 2t Do. of less than 10 years' service 80 4 36 3 21 *s?t Surgeons of 10 y ears' service 70 8 72 1 8 Po. do. of 6 years' service. 70 4 34 1 8 Asst. Fnrg of less than 6 yrs. serv 63 4 36 1 8 Eng-nttn and Ordnance Department. Colon* I 110 6 61 3 24 Lieutenant Colonel 96 6 46 3 24 Major 80 4 36 8 24 captain 70 4 36 1 8 First Lieutenant 53 4 36 1 8 Second Lieut. (Brovet the same). 63 4 36 1 8 Mi unitd Dray cm, Cavalry, RijU men and Light Artillery. Colonel 110 0 54 3 24 Lieutenant Colonel 96 6 46 3 24 Maj 80 4 86 3 24 Captain 70 4 36 2 16 First Lieutenant 53 4 36 2 16 Second Lieutenant (Brevet same) 63 4 36 2 16 A' j and Reg. Quarterm'r, besides pa; of Lieutenant 10 ? ? ? Artillery and Infantry. Colonel 05 0 54 3 24 IJeuttnant Colonel 80 6 45 3 24 Major 70 4 36 3 24 Captain 60 4 3d ? ? Fit at Lieutenant 50 4 36 ? ? Second Lieutenant (Brevet same) 46 4 36 ? ? Adj. and Keg. Quarterm'r, besides pay of Lieutenant 10 ? ? 18 ? ! ! J ! Rank and llaitification of Ogletn. If 2: Lieutenant General _ $oo 770 on Alds-ce camp and Military Secretary to lieutenant General, each 2 46 194 OA Msjer General 4 00 460 00 Stnior Aid de-camp to Gen in-^hief. . 2 47 187 00 Aid de-camp, besides pay of Lieut. .. ? aj 00 Br Igsdier General 3 fl7 33350 Aid decamp, be* ides pay of Lieut... ? 28 00 Adjutant General ? Colonel 2 47 235 00 Asst. do. ? Lieut. Colonel ., , 2 47 211 00 Asst. do. ? H^)or 2 47 187 00 Apst. do. ? Qaptaln 1 23 137 60 Judge Advocate ? Major 2 47 187 00 Inspector Gent ra! ? Colonel 2 47 236 00 Quartet master Gen. ? Brig General.. 3 67 323 60 Asat do. ?Colonel. 2 47 2.T6 00 Deputy do. ?Lieut Colonel . 2 47 211 00 Quartermaster?' Major 2 47 1H7 on As?t. do. -Captain 1 J, J2I Com Gen of Subsistence ? Colonel... 2 47 23f> on arst. <0 ?Licnt. Colonel .... 2 47 81 00 Com. of Subsistence? Major 2 47 i?7 on Do do. ? Caotatn { ? f|J $ Asst. Comm'y, besides pay of I.ieut.. ? _ on on I'aj master General, $2,740 per annum ? ? I)etuty Paymaster General 2 47 211 OC Paymaster 2 ... . surgeon General, $2,740 per annum. . ? _ r, ?urgerns of 10) ears service 2 47 2i3 00 ?uig of lets than 10 years' service.. 2 47 187 on asst. Surgeons of 10 years' service. .1 23 173 M 1)0. do. of 6 years' service. . . 1 23 H7 no Apst Surg, of less than 6 years' ssrv. 1 23 l'an ai & ffineert and Ordnance /ipartment Culoiiel 2 47 a>i no Lieutenant Colonel 2 47 ? 00 (LJZto a 41 187 00 Second Lieutenant (Brevet the game) 1 23 120 ks MivrUea Dtagor.m. Cono/ry, Riflemen and Light Artillery. Color (I .., 2 i? nut m Lieutenant Colonel 2 47 211 00 rwlm 2 47 187 &j;uier;nt:::::::;::::::::::: | g ae< ond Lieutenant (Brevet Pame).... 1 23 12? si Ad) and Keg. Quartern) 'r, besides pay of Lieutenant 1ft 00 Artillery aud Ihfantry. Colonel ,,,, 2 45 218 no Lieutenant Colonel 2 45 ins as 2 45 rjh as Captain I o.> ..g .n ? ir st I.ieut enAnt !.!!".!!! 1 22 108 60 tfoond Lieutenant ( Brevet same) .. . 1 22 103 50 Adj. and Keg Quarterns >, besides pay of Lieutenant _ 18 00 The pay of non rommlrslooed officers and privates In atd:tion to clothing and rations, is as follows ' t'RACiOOXB, CAVALRY OR HOl'STS!) Rn KMK V. Sergeant Major P'T Quartermaster Sergeant . ot Chief Bugler i\ FirstSergeant zl Sergeant | f' Corporal i] Busier }* Farrier and blacksmith itivate ..'.V.V.'.V.'.' !!!!'!!" 12 AkTIMMT A! 10 WKA5TRY. Sergeant Major Ptr Quartermaster Sergeant 01 Principal Musician | ,, FirstSergeant r* Sergeant ..!!!!!' 7? f?ro nance Sergeant i' coporai ?? Artifloer of artillery \i Musician " it i vat* The commlrslobed r.mcera are obliged to clothe enulu and arm tb*m*elves (with a sword) at their nwu ex pense the pay receivej by them being intended tj oover * rnUt'r ?r choioe w,th the X "^K'sworr^ 'Dy '"M (P,SU,l,,? > wnwit. Whtn It Is necessary to eo.ploy the armv at work on IZT tto? rnAd" ?nd ovh,,r c? ? hlMl t??" ''ays, tbe n?n com misflort-d eflicera and soldiers so employed are enrolled as r *t?? duty men, and are allowed twenty Ave cents a ?ru i??n'PK0y ?? laborers and teamsters, and forty crr-ts a <? ay when >_\ ?.,l ss mechanics, at all stttloua espt of tbe Kocky Mountains; and thirty Ave and flftv mcn?talo?/*y rWprCl,Ttly ' at ?" ^ of thoso Knhsted m?n of tbe Ordnance and F^igloeer Depirt ts and m tiHcers of artillery , arc noi Entitled to this allowap. e when rmnloyed In their appropriate w>r|r A ?'?> ? *o?k shall not exceed t^n h iurs summer sim. p|Kht in winter Soldiers are paid In proportion for at.ygrc*icr numt er cf hours they are employed each dsy Snniter is ooraidered to cmmence on the 1st of April, slid winter on tbe 1st of (Wooer. twnnwi or soiMssfi A ro'dler allow, d thn uniform clothing stated In tho l? 1 r.w It g table, or articles thereof of eq.j*. ?a'ue. When a I..1-I re 1s d.f him at the end of the year It la a.l<i?,i to h p sUwi ice for th? Boat ? 1st jaar, two cupiefe, one pompon; one eagle u,d ri0((; ,!^e ' ' x , r J* costs; . three pair trowsers; three llannel # LT "" Pair boru-ee (or one | alt of b? ota ami two pair o* l>ooteei); four ju?lr of -t.rM rs nn? leather s?ock, ore gre.t coat, one stsMe r ("r mem, ted men), rue ra r ovotal's (for miri n?rrs p.d oronwe.), one blanket. a?d cne ktansick wlfhat.atP ba>ersaik and cai.teen with straps |o -Jh nsn en ' ' ?*-u dr y PM haitlrlesof clo-hm? as are Indispensable for ?I, irrd a?? Itee will l.? tspned to recripts at the ran lez T.V" b'.1' 'q" r,m^t1wlM be made complete till trrtral sV the Vi pot. u'1>ect'0D ,ub,^u"" K> ihcir RATIOHJI. li e ratten is thrr e quarters of a ponnd of pork or ba rr u, ota and a quarter pounds of of salt f?eef t ' i ?L r '* ur "our. ?r twelve ounres '^ liefd rifto, or rnt st d a quarter pmmds of commeal hi r. ? ?r.? rate to 100 *at-,ns of light quar?a of p?KS or' t esy, or ?r I'tu then of tf P found* of rice, six p. Gn.ra 0f ) we've v?,t n< s of sugar, four qaarts of rlo'irar -rd a U'? ,-iunus of .*il0w, or one sod a q,,.^ , B. p tf a. ????..? or ore pound of pperm candlo. ?i.t.r i tdr of ? oap and two quarts of salt. t n t ram|*:ga,or on m-irrhes, or on board of traas l""' ,to * hf??' *>rea<l (sea biscuit) is one pmind tr !K'S aie e*|?c>d to preserve, distribute and rook ?heir'" i sfbsisttncc AU enlisted meo are ontitied to on* ratii n a say. fVMPUHjm. It will be cotic?l thgt no pro* iskin is m*d? in ths fere Roiag to Um pay of CheeMUae. If tbey ut wt wiUi the T*$1mmu from this Stale, the State Mi"tary Oommtaeion will M?? to Is their rate of oooapansauon make pro visiea for their pojaont by the 8t ?te. The general go JWMMBt recognises no auch officers except under the follow log regulations ? Tbo poete at which Chaplains may be employed will be annoutced by the War Department TbeOouaeu of Administration of the post will report to the Adjutant General, for the approval of the Secretary of ??r' ?' P*y allowed the person they select to officiate aa chaplain and perform the duties of school - master; the decision of the secretary will be notitUnl to the commanding officer of the poat by the AJJutant Gene Whenever the garrlaon is withdrawn from any poat at which a chaplain Is authorized to be employed his pay and > iiiolumrnta shall ceaae on the last day of the mouth next ensuing after the withdrawal of the troopa. The lay matter General will be duly informed from the Ad jutant General a office whenever the appointment and pay of the poet chaplain wUl ceaM under thia regulation. THE OUTFIT ALLOWED A ONI FED STATES SOLDIER IN A SERVICE OF FIVE YEARS. We give the following Ifet of articlea which are Tar nished to thoae enlisted for five years in the regular aer vice of the l/nited States. The alio *111100 of clothing will be apportioned among the Ave years comprising the soldier's te/m of enlistment aa follows:? F1KST TEAR. 1 cap complete, 2 cotton shirts, 1 foi oge cap und letter, 2 flannel do. J c<*' 1 2 pairs drawers, 1 psir epaulettes, 4 ii. boot*, 1 do. shoulder straps, 4 do ttockings, 1 alguilletto, 1 leather s'ock . 1 wool .jacket, 1 great coat, 2 pulra wool rveralls, 1 fatigue frock, 1 cotton jacket , 1 blanket. 3 pairs cotton overalls, SECOND YEAR. 1 wool jacket, I cotton Jacko? , 2 pairs wool overalls, 3 pairs cotUx. overalls, 2 cotton shirtH, 4 p^irs boots, 2 Gunnel shirts, 4 pairs stockings. 1 pair drawers, TIIIBD VEAK. 1 cap complete, 2 cotton shirts, 3 oomt, 2 flannel do , 1 pair epaulettes, 1 pair urawsrs, 1 do p boulder straps, 4 do boots, 1 woo) jacket 4 do. stockings, 1 do. overalls. j stock, 1 cotton jacket, 1 fatigue frock, 3 pairs cotton overalls, 1 blanket. FOURTH VEAK. 1 wool jacket, 2 tunnel shirts, 2 pairs wcol overalls, 2 pairs drawers, 1 cotton .jacket, 4 pairs boo**, 3 pairs cotton overa'ls, 4 pairs stockings, 2 cotton shirts. FIFTH YEAR. 1 Cf*t> 2 cotton shirts, 1 pair epaulettes, 2 flannel shirts, 1 pair shoulder straps, 1 pair drawers, 2 pa<rs wool overalls, 4 pairs stockings, 1 wool jacket, 4 pairs boo?s, 3 pans cotton overalls, l blanket. RATIONS FOR THE ARMY. The intention is good to properly provision our volun f teem, and if no dearth of the tliinga necessary therefor should tako place, the following Is the list of rati >ns: ? For breakfast, at seven o'clock A. JU , there will be furnished for each man proviaions in the following qualities ? one quart of f-od cafiee. Eight ounce* or hi sad Three eighths of a pound of beef. At twelve o'cli* k M. , for dinner: ? Five-eighths of a pound of heel or mutt a, well cooked, with potatoes. ' One quart baked beans to every ten men, and every other day, in lieu o' baked beans, rice, beui or vegetable soup will be furnished at tbo rate of one pint per man. At live o'clock P. 11., for supper.? Three pints of cofiTee One quiu-ter pound of cold beef or mnttm. The coffee to bo furni.^oed will be properly sweetened, and milk in due proportion will also be provided. OFFICERS FOR THE ARMY. THE WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY. The question la repeatedly and earnestly asked, "Why are not the two upper classes at this academy graduated Instantly?" Is the administration ignorant of the 1 t Ion's deficiency in accomplished drllimasters for our volunteers? The senior class has been at the academy flye years, leas two months; the second class nearly four yetrs. The last Southdra cadets have tendered their resignations, and there still remain in these two climes about eighty highly disciplined young men, perfectly competent to as sume command of any body or troops, from a squad of rocrults to a brigade of regulars- And a still more impor tant point for consideration I es la tbs fact ?h it, wi ih soarce ly half a dozen exceptions, these young gentleman are In tensely eager to volunteer their services in any capacity whatever that may tend to servo the cause of tholr co - ? try, and, liko tho rest of their countryman, would work with all the vigor that youtbrul energy Insplrid by a nqble cause can dcvelope They ans both Impatient and indignant at.bolcg low restrained in inglorious Inactivity, at tho very moment that an opportunity is afforded them of rerving efiectually a government t> wh * they owo ail that they are. ' The "(Dior class should be graduated and commissioned without a moment s 'inntceesary delay. The second class hould have every superfluous branch ?.f>tudy in thoir emalnicg course eliminated ? th' no exclusively military being alone retained? acd be sent tj duty at the earliest possible mernent. lbe professors have unanimously agTwd that tho first c'ajs could s?My be graduated in twenty four hour*. and tho second in two months moro. 80 highly are Weft Potnt graduHtcn apprecitted am o n* our adversaries thst Jeffernon Davis is offering them every Inducement to enliit In hia oau?e. No price seen to him too high to pay for their services, lie Is himself a graduate, an?i can therefore properiv estimate their value Even those cadets who have resigned from the lowest classes ha\e received tho commissions of lieutc*. and captain iu the rebel army. Ihe presence of these eighty young mon among our un <Mfcipllncd soldiery would then bo an acquisition of incal culsble value; and It cannot be too fo-cioiy urged upon the attention or the Secretary of War ho* important it is that the nation should have the immediate and rull bene fit of their services. THE STUDENTS AT WE3T POINT EAGER FOR ACTION. TO TIIE EDITOR OF THE I1ERALD. Wast IVjwt, N. Y., tpril 28, imi Our country Is in daugef ! Volunteers are being called out by tens of thousands! llrave hearts ire mailing with praiseworthy ardor to enroll themselves under the stars and Stripes to maintain the dignity aud honor cf our government. That government calls for soldiers. One hundred thousand have been called for, In addition to the seventy five thousand already askei. We want soldiers, and not an unorganized mob. The more perfect th?ir drill and discipline the greater service they can do. The Se;ro tary of Warfeems toforget that w haveamllitary aeade my? that there are three classes at W est Point that woul-l be of great use in drilling the volunteers, and when wanted every man of them w'll be found re.idy t> do his duty on the Held of battle The flrst of the* .? three classes w<!l graduate In June The aeoond class has s'-udied every portion of tho military course except engineering, and Is proficient in everything necessary to make goodartll'erv infantry or cavalry officers It should be graduated at ence lhe third class has been at tbe academy ?hr?e years, studying practically Infantry and light artll.ery tactics. It Is proficient In the school of the soldier, and a few weeks applied to theoretical military studies would be sufficient to qualify It for the duties of infantry office's. It is impossible for men to devote themaoives t4> ery mathematics when the whole c .untrv is In sneh a slate of excitement. Then why don't th . rteeretary of War send 1 heat where they can be user ir They onie ask to be doing something towards organising the ar Ay and an opportunity to light In it 1' he does not choo-e to c^irm ssK n them, let him at least send them aa cadets to their olllerent States to aid In drilling the vnlmite.-rs Every rae of tbem would be perfectly willing to do it and to return to their studies after tbo war. anytning' they sav, for sn opportunity to prove that tbe people do rot look In vain lo West Point Tor men wh i are ever ready to die in ibelr conntry a service, and men who oao he of reel practical benefit to It. We wleh In this letter wetely to give you some Idea of tn? sentiments of the torpe of Qidets, and bring them to the notice of tbs authorities at Washington. MAN V CADZfj ARMY OFFICERS 11R8IONRD. [From the Washing no "'tar, April J4 ] The followlrg named Army officer* have resigned in tl e couth* of the htt two ot three days ? General Joseph K. Johuton. Quartermaster General. Colonel Robert K I-ee, First oavalry. Itr > v< t Tuli Del Charles A. May. Captain W. I.. Oabell, Assistant Quartermaster. Llfiilei not .1. B Hood. Second cavalry. l.ieuienant ti. It. Cafby , Second cavalry. I.leoi'psnt 1,. I, Lommr, First cavalry. Brevet, lieutenant Colonel John B. Magnaler, First wliHirf. I.-,* ut< tail (?. B Andi rson, Pecmd drng'tona. t attain K K Mcl*ui. A??lsunt guarteraiaater. I. e (tenant . I Maniiaiiiike. Seventh Infantry. < attain ?? "Min i Ioim-s, First artillery. li.. vet l. euln.Riit ( < lonol John H Winder, Third artil l??y. l.?? ?it?-? ir.t W. P. '?'m'th ropogrjiohhal KflRiaeers. 1 ,?? ilf ?.??? iMi i. * >Minn, Orfciiw Ixpartaxmt. Militant i^tirftcn Clunlri H >Taith. NAVY RfcHONiTlONS. Itie foll?n?n 'lire rs of Ihe nayy hivo resigned within th- jisst ft* rcjrs ? ( ?I vi> Cfo A. K'aimirter (nary), Chief of Bureau of | I'tdr-fMihj rif>it>iiV'?rVI!r Whr.i an, of Maryland, Commander rf VkTf \ar>?. C l tr''. V - v cf Maryland, itatloned at *Mh ?? ct n >'a.-j Va <. l.'euti t>ar<t T w ffrmeU, of Maryland, stationed at Na' ai Ofr'erratcry. LMvttaaM fdwurd t.loyd Winder, of Mu^land, sta tl6Vr<tnt ' o. I euteur* ? Robert D Minor, o? Virginia, stationed atdo. tienlei ?n: ?<t>t. Broele Miary), rf Vlrfnla j.?.n ? *? I. Priwell (navy), of Vlrgmla. 1 < n i rant Hetry A. T*wl?, of Virginia, Washington ffa*} nant Charlta C. S'mms, of Virg cia, do. wire reeelwd ?4 UM Hmrj 9$? *w *y-?wo Acting tUdshipmen at the Naval ?'?i resigned yesterday. Ah 'Ui hiUf vl the cieritt of' tbe Navy DeparUMBt re aigne i this mormcg. LI8T 0? THE K E8ION ATIOMI AT TBI NATAL ACJbKMY. When tbe Massachusetts troon arrived at the Neva. Academy , tn rout* for Waahingioc, the loUowtag S*mir and Midabipmtn tendered their resignation* and M-day are in trailing to De paid oil ? W. H I'arker, Virginia, Lieutenant. W. P. Buckuer, Arkansas, do J. T. Wood, Mary lvatid. de. Wm. H. Harwood. Mar ? laud, Profaaaor. J. E. l'ibke, Veirouot, drat class MidshipotML J. il. fpencer. Maryland, do. do. H. B 77 eon, feunsy lvania, second claaa MMtUp Q. A. Howard, rernessee, do. do. If. M. Benton, Kentucky, do. to, J. H. Roland, do. do. to. B B. I.utlepage. Virginia, do. to T. L. Moore, North Carolina. do. to B. 8. Floyd, Tennessee, third clua Midshipman. W. W. Hutler, Virginit, do. do. H. C. Holt. Tennotaee, do. do. A. S. Worth, Virginia, da do. ; R. A. Ganim, do. do. do. F. T. Chew, Missouri, do. do. .1. P. Uaybrook, Missouri, do. do. D. Carroll, Maryland, da do. I>. Trigg, Virginia, fourth claee do. H. Cock, do. do. do. O. A. Braiun, do. do. do. ? Mayo, do. do. do. Midshipman Flske la going Soti'h, together with others, to Join the Southern army. They will leave Baltimore to morrow or Wednesday. CONTENTS OP THE ALLEGHENY ARSENAL, AT PITTSBUBO. PA. [From the PWabnrg 1'ost | We were furnlthed jest- , , ili~ough ibe courtesy of Major John K. Butier, tiiu uilli'ary ator Weeper at Al legheny Arsenal, with th^ following list of vrma bad am munition now on hand tbere ? ord.nuice. 24 forty two ponrdera. 47 thirty two pounders. .""i tweniy-foi'r pcundors. 4a ten Inch Columbus. 6S eight Inch columhlads. St! twenty -four pounier Hank defence iron bowiia art. 3 twelve pound brass Sold pieces. 2 twenty-four poun -er braes howits er?. shot ivD ami i.. 710 ten inch shot. 3'0 eight inoh shot. 3,4*9 forty -two pounder shot. 11 U9 thirty -two pounder shot. 091 twenty fop r pounder shot. (I.?0 twelve pound-T shot. 216 spherical twelve pounder case abot. 1,0*0 spherical six pounder case abot. 4, HIS tbiity pounder grape shot. 0,426 iwenty f"iir rounder shot. 13,768 twelve pounder canister shot? loose. 2,304 six pounder canister shot. 3,0(0 twenty-four pounner howMiar abot. 493 six pounder solid shot, strapped. riki.13, Mrsxara nsrois, arc. 1,046 rifle mns^e.a, new model. 10 366 percussion muxkets, modal of 1842. 2,836 n nt lock muskets. 1 ,182 percussion rlfl'S 84 rides long range, model Of 1866. 867 new pei cut-sun piatola. . 40 pistols. Adarna patent. 8,133 altered from flint lock to percussion. 63 cavalry sabres. 63 horse artillery sabrea. 24 non-commissioned officers' swords. 61 musicians' sworda. 1,270 pistol cartridge bozea. 1 083 pairs or holsters, old pattern. Full appendages cr all small arms. Dwmnov 88,300 i rands of cannot) powder. 18,000 poinds of inus! et powder. 28.900 pounds of rifle powdsr. ? 784 000 musket, bucksh ot and ball cartridge*, to 000 musket 61MOO tnch elaatratad ballet cartridges. < 00 rifle uiupket *8-100 inch elongated ballets. .'0.000 rifle 64 100 Inch elongated bullets. OO.OfO pistol 68 100 in h elongated bullets. 86.647 pounds of musket round bails. 32 600 rifle elongated bullets. 66 770 pistol 68-100 inch elongated ballets. 6,638 rltle musket e'on?al?d ballets. 1,283 000 Maynard primers. 1,498 6C0 percussion -aps for small arma. 3,700 priming tubes tilled for cannon. S 400 port f usee 63,000 iriction tubes for cannon. SERMONS ON THE WAR. SERMON BY THE REV. If. HALE 81IITH, CHAPLAIN OF THE TWELFTH REGIMENT. The Bey. Mr. Smith, who aooompanied the Twelfth regiment In the opacity of Chaplain as far as Aaaapolls, en route to the capital, preaehed on Sunday, noon and evening, In the chipel, Thlrty fourth street and Broadway. Aa the reverend gentleman was expected to give some inter- ?ting details In connection with the movement# and incidents of the gal'aut troops who left our olty last Funday week, daring thoir trip to, and their snbssqueut halt st Aiuapoile, the roim where the services were I eld was crowded to oversowing. After the preliminary Fervlcrs the preacher gave, as his text, the tairteeutb tnd part or the fourteenth v#r?es of the fourth chapter of fit her, aa follows:? Th-n Mordeoal demanded to answer Father, think not with thyself tbo.t tbou 1 Quit escape la tho King's home, ir->re than all t -e jo*s For If thou altogether hoVest " . peace at tb's time then ahall enhargetient aa<l deliverance arise to the Jew* from another place, bat tbou and thy fathei 'e bouse shall b* destroyed. The test was chosen to afcow that st this tins it was the sacred duty of nil men to declare themselves, that it would be as unaafu as it would be nnpatrto'.ie to waver, and that, 'n fact, the position of the time server or ths neutral man would not avail to shield him from danger, but would rather etitail inevitable disgrace and ignominy upon all who xh mid tako that ground, homo Interesting incidents to mark the uncertainly and precarkiusuets and ihc aluioft certain danger which at teiiicd those who strove to trim their sa 11a to every Droeze during stormy political periods were gives, not the least interesting of which was oik- connected w".h the politi cal troubles which bronght Charles I. of RngHUid to the scaffold. A certain colonel, who had been much In debted to the King for favors and benefits, deemed It bis b<at policy to simulate a dev Jtioo to tho Parliamen tary*, but, In ('o;ng an. he looked but for a position in which he hoped be wonld not come in cjoLael with tho adherents ot the King so that, la the event of the royal cause triumphing, be would meet with no condemnation. Tbuswaverlng between loyalty and disloyalty, tmagln log himself t curc in any event, be obtained from Cromwell the command of t be Isie of Wight, but to this very island did the unioriuuaM King fly. hoping protec tion from the man who thus most unexpeotoflly found h tnFrl' compelled to take side against his king There was ao i-afetj f<r the wavirer in tho distant laian i, and tbere was no tafety for any man now tn neutrality. All must declare theinselvts. There was uo half way. It was Union or disunion. The preacher gav - some account of the f? el lag of the men haltel at Annapolis when they beard that he was about returning to New York. Every cmclvable article at all calculated for the pttrpoVe was turned into a writirg desk, and every ssrap of paper was *oiz?<i ar.d used to transmit some word home. The men of the various reglmenta, ho said, were tn the best pomble spirits and ai<&imia lor the fray, which seemed it i \ liable Much of the warlike ardor in the South was due to the Ignorance of the Southern people with regard to ibe feeling In the North. Bnferrlng to th? arrest of Ceietal Hsrney, he said il was but a ruse, ai thsPresi dt ut had positive Information, for some time ptat, that It was the design of General Harney to transfer hie alle g'ancp to the ><oiiili and t<> betray bis coontr/. The war, f? said, had bctn forced upon the North, and sow that lb- y had entered upon it II would be pr<*ecut?d with a < r -r and succees which would utter) v overthrow the <ub Tb? tnevit.ib'c consequences or the war would bo to temo\ e the *uin of slavery from the flag of oar coun try? tbat stain which the wutid had so long pointed at would becltansed awav.aaMJhc country would bold a more glorious position In twfbiure than It had held in the past. SERVICF8 AT CASTLE GARDES, (m Sunday, for the fit ft time him* Um day a of the ww or the Revolution. religious aervleet were hed with in the walla of Owtl? Garden. Tim New York Zo wem. . nine regmirut of joung men, under Um o*tnmand [of Colonel Rush C. .Hawkins? occupy the cwttoM their head quarter*, and the accotnm<>datlons It tarnishes are far from being uncomfortable. At nine o'clock v. M. tha regiment formed and marched to the ?eat? provided for them. Upward* of Ore hundred troop*, besl lea a large number of their friend*, were preeent, an I tbe moat per fect order prevailed throughout the exerol***. Tfce aer Tlcca were conducted by Rev. T. W. Oonway chaplain of the regiment, and commrnoed by Invoking the bleanin^ of (iod. A portion of tbe alith chapter of tha fi wp*| hy Matthew was then read, and whan tho reverend geatfe tnap came to 'he !,orda prayer, beginning at tbe ninth v*r?e,t.he member* of tne regiment repeated It With him. Tbe veriee read formod the ba*la of hla remark*, and the auhject deducad from them waa doty? duty lo God a* tb*lr Maker, their Father. their Redeemer, be Ail Wvaa and Merctfnl, in whn*? hands ?ro all oir doa i ii.U* duty to tbelr c.ui.tfy n patrvu, euty to then ?elv?.? and to each other aa men and biethien. tV> tbe ii unite Go?? tlx J ?e e dl'iot -d to to?k for guidance, for <t c ?r*gm>et.' and for ?n?eaa. rr*t?r, he aaid, was B: >ght? . aid under ail clrcimMapoes would prove a aourre ol c< in'ort. Th< gr>a aMgoxi (VaaMng'4>n waa a man if p?ay?r. and ocr Nth'iia <>r \he Revolution were mea of pnjerg, to God 'b?y l" ked in time* of advera'ta, and GO waa with ihen. nun tfeem. He urged Ml- m to to forth u> a twifoii a a eotdlera fir God md f'.r ?l eir cruntiy. Iieir ro infy 'a the glurtoua ftar* and stnne?? tbe emblem tha* mean* not merely canvas*, M.i ? n?hti.?trn .le^ifpoti, ,|n?ti<v. Il ?erty and a nation'* b"tif r, ihta the? aife to raiao tb> Ir e>?* to, and It would irrptrctb m with ?rdor lo the great cauae wnich they bad b?en called to fui pert. Wreu that (lag waa trammel np?ii,nay, e*ei't?nch?d by unhallowed nandf, a nation ?(<iarg to lt? feet to avei ge the liaalt, knowing veil that llbMty.our covntry nod 'he memory of a Washington t ad been outraged 1he?e bon*hta, he said, ?0'lid nnrre h? m '0 tbe honr of ^-meet and lit them for it* trying c?n*a As a ml?iater of the g'oriooa (Joapeth* had en tated with tbun a? tb'lr chaplain, and a* one of thai), be u'ged ibim to ceme freely to htm for ad rtoe anrt (onu at'oti He would he wth ibem iu (he ramp and an tbe battle feld. lo otckaea and in health, and hj