Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Mayıs 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Mayıs 1861 Page 1
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TTT F. N LVW YOH K II K RAI. I). WHOLE NO. 9002. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1861. PRICK TWO CENTS. THE WAR. Interesting News from Washington. The Military Programme of the Administration. BMade of the Southern Coast from the Chesapeake to the Rio Grande. Arrival of the New York Tire Zouaves at the Capital. Vigilant Blockade of the Mte slsftlppi River. fipitrt of a Cargo ef If anitieas ef War by the Loyalist* at Cairo. m NEUTRAL POSITION OF KENTUCKY. MTJUCIPAL WAft MOVEMENTS. Our Map of Ftrt Pickens and Its Defences, a*, a*, at* NIWS FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. CUB BPECIAL DESPATCHES FBOM WABn. ' tNOTON. WllTAAY FnOCr.iM.KB OF THIS GOV*HN*KNT. WaS^WTU*, Mo/ 8, iMl. Tk? events of the b/t tan days have proved that tho fregraaeine of tha clliUry operations of the government, i tetograp><ed to tfce Bkilild by this correspondent some two wwHn a^o, te being strictly carried out. An army ?T forty thousar^i men wlU bo concentrated t\l and aboot this point, to cfce;k the agrees! vc demonstrations of tho ?MesBtoii fort or upon tho capital, and secure tho costrol ?f the Potomac river and Chesapeake Bay. A oorjma f ml from ten to 111 teon thousand will be statW??d ?t tMlro, and another or equal strength at fct. Louis, to protect tno Hisslssippl river and repel attacks that may bo po-.sifciy made upon exposed points to Southern Illinois, and cuppres" seo^mlun mcv tnents Ib Missouri and Arkansas. A holy of twenty i-.o.isnnd ViH he rmfcarkc.l upon steam transports, under the con voy of jnan of war, at the er.rltofct possible moment, to Mar r si) ihe rebels of tin 0"lf Stales, exhtost tueir ener gies by ?ompolllng '.bom to hurry their forrea from point te poot, and c fleet toaJln^ri for the rr capture of military ycrts. The relief ?f l'ort J'.c?v<3s will doubtioseiy be the At st omoLstrat.oa of tia hoiting army. Thfl precipitation of Virginia, North Oarelim and Ten aser?e into tho secession movement was the imttodlate ?ocatkiu of tho incond ull for an additional forcc of sixty five thousand volunteers. General S:oU was cooUcnt ?f being able to put down tho rebohion in the cotton an. sugar 3U'."? vith the Beventyl'vo thouponl ilrst " ? sailed cut. K-culd the rebellion spread still further In the border slave States, a third call will unquestionably * be ruodo. As it is, tho placing or large roservos upon a war fo-A.rf, a all the free States will enable the gmern a&eBt to nsa the whole of tho ono hundred and sixty thou sand men summoned into servloo for ofonsivo operations, tbe reserve forcos boing more thnc suillclent for horns Aefei ee. The Navy department expects to havo at l^vst fifteen ?s? of- ear put to sea for the blockade of the principal 8outh?m prris in a few days. P- me forty odd more t<* sc.' a will be got In readiness in the course of the next fnr w of k?, and in loss than sixty days every inlet on the Southern coast, from the month of James river to that of tho P!o Grando, will be effectually closed. V a.imlcNtrat.on eooRldere it oltogthor improbable that complicates w'th for.-i^-n Towers will arise fro? the blockade of tin Southern porta. It is true treitloe with European ar<' "irlsli American trovornments exist, nnd- r which a b. o con be made to operate against ?ssseig Mt'"ng under the flag of those Powers only npon the lapso of from two to six mouths after Its declaration; feat theeo stipulations relate to the blockade by the I'nlted ?tales of foroign, and not or its own ports. The right of any government to determine what points shall constitute ports of entry la unquestionably absolute, although the Mittory of nations may not aiford a parallel to the man ner in which it is abjul bom* asserted by the government of this country. Even If a formal blocktde were not es tablished, foroign trade with Son thorn ports could not be ?entlnued, they b?ing no longer parte of entry. The folia* ing Is the staff of the military district of "Washington ?Colonel J. a R. Mansf.oid, Inspector Gone Ml I'nltod Mates Army, Commanding; Capta.u Theo. Thlb"t, Assistant Adjutant General; Lieutenant T. ?. Rvultvan, Plrst Artillery, Acting Assistant Ad * ? # Jatant General; J. H. Drake de Kay, Beq., vol ?slew, Aid decamp; Major J. 8. Barnard, Chief Ifcftneer Captain D. P. Woodbury, lieutenant K. II Prime, ana Llentenant H. H. llobert,asKi?tants, all of the frited Htates Corps of WnglBeere ; Major I). II. Barker, Chief of Quartermaster's iv-pertmeut ; Lieutenant F. H. Ounp, Klghth Infantry, und Lie ; tenant E. Ross. Seventh Infantry, ushlstnuts . 1 ion tenant A. Deck with, First Ar ttUory, Chief of SubeisteBoo Oopartment : lieutenant Melton, btxth inlantry , assistant; ffurreon 0. II. Laub, Dnlted Mates Army, Modieal lUrector , Horgoon R P. Mminon, Cnit >d states Army. In charge of General Has P*tai for tho regular troopi ; Assistant Hurgoon n. L. Ma greder, I'nlted Mates Army, In charge of Guncra! liospl taJ lor volor.teer forces. ?*Pt0>"AT1O,< OF Jt'DOK CAWVFKLI., OF TTTK CNXTBD PT ATCF HL'rjMtWK COl'KT, ETC. WmihHoIuw, May 2, 1S?. Awmelate Juntlee Campbell has r>evgn?d his se.?t on tho bench of tho Snprc me Court of the United flutes, ho bavin,? heretofore announced that ho would follow tho Sortune i of Alabama, th>agh not approving of s>x3essloQ. Tt is known that 600 nftocbMic* are to ?e ompkiyod re pa r rg the daaa,~es to the S\>rthern Orstral Railroad, wit h a euiiiclent nunilx-r of troops to protect them while lb.i work t? progre?sing. f h is the way will be oponed tor U *? trar't of troops and munitions of war, and for 'K? travel. Tho vecsthsr Is delightful to day. The Sixty ninth h*ve notary V"d y?t, but aro expected hourly. Tl.e Seventh wl'l i t i?te camp to day, as tliolr camp ei,nl)vig? Iws nctair.a ?' Their 0", aro b ^y laying oat the samp at It "rVlas Hill. t4?erel,.r> '-.e .fl h- n r hUu.d tiiat ho wJI sand MtiilMers et whether th^ir Dstructlcms aro ready or not. I Ue ?ocs u ??)?. m wo for foreit,-r> n'.uion or Interferooco, I Virginin f a lilt TV'wah^igvjn in % waak point. No I oyster? rau ? < k ''t ."or hjve or money, as uon< came vp 1 Uke rtrcr thLi w<k V ? A paten; u< aii , '?*' ved n?o l? -jf tr i'nlc* Lorsee was I* flraatod to day to <\ nuaoiloro Uau:els, of Barnwell Cmrt ^ Bo-. .'iC - \ n. *. :? don-j sr nTj-oJi' W t*onsly,'.u l * Ui ii. ? IMiMi, Hwi i.'he had he teryr I t> X?w I ngianJ. IT?^ !'cv ty 1 jv' ' re 'a r> . ur-.ts nre n^t ont ?fter BlKlii t totl.trsk ' th > too auoh i..iorty for o< h timet. _ J nr e . ' i ; si. 1 ' ? ?> ? .K 1 ot) 1.1 r w.y ' i An ?apoli i, and tho ml' tary r <*i w I *x? IX In Ung ri.mi,i; . aider. Ti n g"nM.m' !- irr:,."i ??? i?l .n?\ ?! from Pfrtt, 'v rg I ||? ?!>?? ?nt ;f fvj ptat* ror refi .j'.ng to join tfio rnto amy. Mid oi jressmg inaxi csntiiacnis. JTwj North. N*w York ta bow the a?nvre tt mki, and Washington reeahras more ttmm >our papers klu it oan Mad The aatiencJ t.ig *u bowted netr the Interior Dqnrl nut at mmi to day for the first uao. It ww< cnthoalae tie* ij greeted by the dooae maaa of spectators and by the Rhode laiaad r?giui->nt, whose appearanoo and drii, together with their muiic, clioltad genera) praiee. They vara aaocspanicd by Governor ttpragoe ami satte, at fall or) orm. Tba President and Hecratartea 3e?rard and Pmlth wtira near the eur when the flag waa raised, and, having aatat?d K, th-y were in tarn ^beared. T'.e regi Meat, harlrg re entered the building wiere U?ey aro ?joartared, song "Ou/ KUg Still Wavea." A rmrr rmo* philadklmha to Washington? tct ? ' mi* urnwon at thm biat or w *.a tub yoTomo un obhtuccted ? oo kditxoh or rota m'hihbt, mtc. Wafrcjroron, Kay 2, 1W1. 1 left Phdadelphin at quarter paat ok van A. M. yestor day, retched PerryviDe at half past two P. tt . passing Sherman's bett?ry at nkton? officers and men an wall left Par jvllle, la the fraU steamer Wh^ltn, a h*if past three, and after a bo?terou trip through tha Cheat peakabay, arrived at Annapolis at half paat aeven ? a'oak P. M. The pasauagers passed through I ho unea ?f?kncral Bailor's army, numbering three thousand MaaaaahuaoUfi, New York and Pennsylvania men, to Antral B '8 beadtjnartert, hut found it impaafcbta to ob tain an lnterv >w with his vioeroyahip, who sooma to be svpreaae r Jer of tho Mamchucetta pro ? tote of Annapolia. Wa ware told that thora wmM be no trtin for Waab injtoD until this morning. A stampode wu made for the City Hotel, usually oooupied by the numbers of the Uarjiand legislature, which was soon crowded with lajail1 ts, winch fact shonld have boon hailod with ro spect, at tout by the OitUena or tho anctent towa wtv>ro the patriotic Washington surrendered his commission, rathor than with disroepect or silent oontempt. Wtth worco than *o!dkurs' fare, tho tLro-igu pussengers passed the night, and at a quart t paat s*jven this morn ing left Annapolis, and made a too ran to AnatpolM Jui. ton, whero Cokwel Oorooran's ifiiy-a v.h regi ment, of New York, was < neamped. After an exchange of military despat:!* s Vy oScUj messengers, the train moved on, an1 at half punt a a# wo wore safely landed In th" federal oapKal, when I aeiivered important U<fp?.tchos, handci me by a dietiog^iabei effl cer of the army in Philadelphia, to tbo War Department. Upon our arrival at Annapolis two war voes^is wera .it anchor in the harbor, one tuid to be tho Baltic, with the Mew York 7x>oavo regiment and othors on beard, tho only fnot lcaru<xl of th ) other Kiev or was, that she *-.df a Uritleb morchant "toamcr, and had boea chartered by oar govornment to convey troope. When l delivered some of my (le?pai :1ioh at the boad cuarterrs ef the army, the PrciJent and Secretary of BUM, and Beeretary of War were in ooasultatlon with waaeral Bcott. Ibis meeileg wan heVl at tho Oenoral'H head qufirtcra out of deference to hia age, and In view of the arduous labors he la now undergoing. Tho President never Vxked hatter than now, and soesfcs the man for the crisis. From tho **Rt unofficial calculation that can be mad<>, there are now about fifteen thousand troops in the city, Including the militia of tho lHatriot. Add to this the Eighth New York, Thirteenth Brooklyn,' pJew York Fire men Zouaves, Col. Oorooran's Rtxty ninth Now York regiment, and three regimonts from New JiTsey, all at Anntpolls, or in rente to this city from there, tog''*hor with the sffendld Hying art?jo/y ?> it ' terleH from Iloetoa and lYovidanco, with twelve of Jamea' j i lflol cannon cash, and the number of troops now here, I and withir three ho.ira' traa port, will amount to twenty | four thousand three hundred men. The Provldeneo Marine battery oamc up the Potomac and landed at tho Navy Yard CiL afternoon. Thoy report no obatrnotiona on the ri\er and failed to dtsoover any. The number Of troop* to Virginia haa elthi-r very sud denly faded away, or tbeir number haa been awfully over estimated. Fort MeTlenry , at Baltimore, wtthin the laft few honre lui? been so thoroa;bly rrinfnreod with r>)fftilars, aa to placo it beyond the possibility of snooeasful bombard . mont. K>mo of the most i *twerful instruments of death, ' and plenty of provisious, have ukw been throwu into the I place. , While the fl.ig demonstration at Balrlmore yontorday Is balled as a good omen, yet nnch men as H. Winter Davis I think that the mob rule ought net to bo opposed for at , inn - 1 a week to come. Mr. D.?vl8 had an Interview with ! tho President to day, hut wb<<thor v> ith tho intention of i asking the President to withdraw the Irmps from before Baltimore again or not is not known. I am sure trial tho rresident feels much as tho Northern and Western people do, that all anpearanco of kmporLelng with trai tors must be avoided. The "Rhode Isiand lied Jacket!,' as tho tarantry from . that State is called, made a splendid march cp rennxyl ! vania avcnv.e this afternoon. i The companies of the Seventh re^mont that have 1 eon takir.g their meals at Wlllurd's Hotel during the last i week, w< rc treated to a splendid champagne <ilnner by the hofts of that establishment ho fore marching Into camp. Tho liberality of tbo Mesars. Willarda was ac kn^wledged by thoir military friends after their own pecu liar f.i'hli n. Captain Price arose, after J istloe had boon done to the eatable? and drinkables , and moved Uiat a ror ; petal's ?-u*rd should bessnt aftoroneof their hoeta. Hen ry Willard was accordingly brought, and oompelled to deliver hims' if of a tpe- b, at the conclusion of wbich a . sue w ion of choers and " tigers" to hi* bunor burst i forth thut i> tar Uad the wLnle vtciaity. ARRIVAL OF THE NgW YORK ZOVAVKt. KTC. WvwKmvv, IUy 2, 1861. Coioo' l nirworUTs Zouave New York rerlment, ro? j oft od of (irnncn, arrived hero at halfpust eight r. M , and ill thirty minutes wu tn march mjr oraor np i'enasy! i vtuiui at cdqc. They looked well wad attracted much at | tenti?n. Frame barrack* for the acoomnxxhu ton of troops aro , now crectlng all over city. Croat excitement eiists is the Western count iea of j Maryland In "onsetptenee of the continued incursions o C Virginia sreoaslonlsta, and their arbitrary aoarchlnc of howler for arm*. Rooutltg |<artk? of federal troops aro now fr?x;u' ntly extending their oicarelona upon Virginia ?o'J. The outpoatu of the V Irglnla force* have thug far always boafn a hacty retreat on their approach. One Join Oonnor, a r< alar at of Baltimore, wag w>nt North a few day* Fine* with government u^paWi-n ; White in Baltimore Le open. <2 ti> - envelope* and oommu | nicated th< oontont* to the secession ioadora for a roun-i , sum. n ? treachery was discovered In l'hll?<:otphln, oad I he ie now In custody of i-eneml Bailor at Annapolis. Commodore Aiwtrouf will lose lila pay only during the first half of hta * ^pension from servtje The tkeretarj of the Navy, upon the rocommsn lation of the Court Martial In tho same ca. -, has Issued age ner.i.1 order acknow lodging tb< loyalty of Qi^artermoster William Coaw *y, a-* manifest d at the time of the stir render of Pensaoota ^avy Yard, by roinsinir to haul down the nation^: Hag, although orderod to do so by his supe rior. According to advices from <? neral Patterson, the or ganisation of the anny about marching in two oolumi.8 through M*ryUnd Is ra| i ily progreMjig. it is exported to mo~, o in loss U-io a we> k. TUB ?0U10)I 10WK1UI IN TSIB BI.OCK.tDB OF TO* BOI'IUKR* PORTS. Wi 'inw, May 2, 1M1. A rwetit despatch respecting tue proelamati ? of blockade having excited Invidious lomment in stiem quarters, It is only necessary to repeat li wax prod1c?U< 1 ' or, Information obtained from sonreos at toast as respect- I able and intelligent as, and or rtainJy bettor ad . Is?d, tlvia I tftone mho hive assumed to question I </> reliability. Tho dlploma'.lc o?n>r havo now liern ftrniphod with <opl*i of 1 tho two ons of blockade, against ?hl<-b they ' mak<* no unfriendly m.mifeetatiOD* but sb w ivory dis pfs:ticn to reipoct It. Th" bltxikadiiig f?r-', U" ier Oomttod -? Btrlnabam, | will ccnatot of at least .;f<y war vesnil*, accompanied by a fcameloat amber of ?team tran^pm-t" for the :iocim ?odattoa of a buid forao ?,<?? strong. Tills will be N>o?igb to r d?o .in efToi^ot blockade of evory i >l?t on tbo BNtborn <-on?t, Irto w'i ch any y**el drawing six fort of wat - rntglit othorwlao eat jr. On aprillcation just nnde by some of tho diplomatic ?or re at tha Mate Depart Boat, the follow. points wero mmiWMi* Firtt? Vessel* la blodwded port*, whea tba b'oekale *a$c*, WUI be aliTWtiJ a reaaoo?l<l? l.oa to (k^wl. FBN8AOOLA AND ITS DHFBN0B3. ivMim &*'' g/tig? V? *? . $ SUPPLY ^ BRCOKIY^ Secon-'? Vessels bringing emigrant*, though they hod Do Dotio of the blockade at the time of their departure, will n< t be allowed to enter the blockaded port*. That cluis of persona oome to the United States chieQy to set tie in tl e upper ?tate? of the Mississippi, and It will bo b tier for thew to enter an open port, and mako their way tL< not to <heir destination, than to encounter the dancer* and easualtion incident to the Insurrectionary condition of the <>ult States. J have exoeliont authority for Ftatlng Uiat tl.o adalnlfl tration purpoeos to strike a decisive blow before many days, probab y wit in a fortnight. The .Vorthen line of dofenoe will doubtless be moved further South, In sen ion for tho j?eople of Virginia to have fair play lu votiu ? on tho ordinance, and protection in the enjoyment of their liberty and property. It Is not uiJikely tint tho AtoxAU ilrla Custom Houho, t e 6osport Navy Yard, and |terl\ap>i Harper's Ferry , will be ropoenotssod. It li doubtful whe ther Rich mo i wlT be attacked, a'tiiou^b this stroke is strongly ur ed upoi the u imlni-tration from soveru quarters. llioro la rc.von 10 think, ho werer, that the aJtanco upon Virginia v. HI bo made nom isoverM quarters at oaco with overwhelming forccs. A design or making a demonstration on Horida and Ponth Carolina at tho fame tlmo was once, it Is sakl, en tertalned ; but tills part of the plan ha* probably boon rellnquirtied. T. o policy which hns been most prewed upon the President, within the 1'ift few days, is nubptun tiaiiy as follows ?To hold \ irginla, ne Maryland U held, with a strong h\nj, and await Mr. J rson I>avi? la tho Old Dominion until tho hot weather is over; m^jantlme, to seal bcrmetlca' y every Hov.thern port, and seo what com 9 < ( it, and if, when the cool months begin, Dav^ ond Com pa. y have not been dlspoeed of by their own people, to treat thmn ai they dosorve. Of oourse, tlmo must l>e allowed for properly equipping, arming and d* ctpiinlng the volunteer f?rcos. No General can muster an army and p?t It la the field in a week. I am afraid that the Nor h is in too great a hurry, and expects a do clsive blow to l?< ptruck before the national arm has been fairly raised. General Scott is renewing his youth. A great nec.Mlon is required thoroughly to the veteran; then ho shows that he is rtill the same nun woo jtlannoi the earnpaigi. of Mexico. Tho Seventh regiment, of Now York, went into carcp on Meridian EU1 tbi. afternoon. Tb?y m i r .hod down Pennnylvania avenue from the Cupitoi with full rank* , after exchanging enthusiastic adletw with fie Mas?uchu trite n-glmont, and wore cheered all along the route. In front of tho National Ustol (njvercor -'pnwuo'H rngi ment wan drawn up, presenting trmg. A d- icriftion of tlx location of the camp ?i* ?1veo In any dispatch of ytstordny. Military tnen prooounco it a very fine position, and the ImlHlngs on the m ? afibrd excellent accommortation for storos. Tbo regiment presented ft Hi :e appe&ranoe u It mar ed along, followed by a king train of bngpag' wagons, A fine Providence battery arrived to day, with a por tion sf the Sixty-ninth rogtment of New York. The bat tery was reviewed by President Lincoln, who made a brief speesb, saying? 'Gentlemen, 1 am glad to see jv. This 1s the prettiest battery I Lav ever howl ' ' Tbe Bevent y-flret regiment will bo marcbod to ttw Capitol at three o'clock to morrow, atui sworn In . If th? be done, over two hundred men will have to be left at the Navy Yard on guard, and Colonel VoebvrgU in aiu ** - to have the tremor y performed th-rc, asd U>') lYanident present. The gunt oat rhUadnlphla Marts nit on a erclse down the Potomae to night, with a detachment or tlie Her -nty tret on board. In psseln^ Alexandria these l*oats go no near the abate that the men oan poo tho aeeanMl troops drilling, and even talk to them, t xchan.'lng any-thai but complimentary remarks. Tho gamer* staid ready to lire at the leant api?nra?c? of atUrk. Tbe men repr-t that no larj. e body of man is seen there, and no batteries along shore. No ramp can he w^en at Doafrtes, though It tuay be there. Dumfries was c nSKlerabie of a seaport In colonial times. The banks of the creek- are very high there, and the place is udm rably calculated ford'Tens* and far camp. Company 0 of the Seventy first Is now quAriered ia the Marines eh* pel. The Ithode island regiment wm sworn In thlsafteranra, In the ea?t capital n, by Major Mellow)!. The me ? we re Inspected hJtcoa^Mhf , and t.^n formod In a boilo - square, the Amtii-iran and Revolutionary !!?gs wer brought to the centre, and then, holding up their r:?ht hand*, the twelve bnndrad men rr i eater' tho oats after <.on, Ibcuias. a maslstrnteof the ?iistrttt> Thes?-n? was very Imposing, end the netting Min, lightly up the front of tho Dipitol, NM|ljr relieving tho statues agUnet the gTee?kward, and glancing from bayenets, nw 'e tho (sii.' en?emMe most beautifol. Then, bremking tat. odimn, and wearing thotr red bianketeM o\>rcmts,tht regiment matched back to quarters, Cortmor -tfrrw; o hoa^iieg them on hon r bick. FJinworth's Z' M?ve? left WiUard's and marcheo to the Oil tol to ni^ht, takln ? pens mion of U.clr quart rn. The old HetuUe Chamber Ims been flttod up a-1 a hospital for the Massaeh'jiotts troops, ondor charge of a committee of Udles and gintlemen residing here, but belonging to Massachusetts. M'rs Uudor, the sealptrefs, suporintonds the hos pital, and her womanly earo lu<a h?en most grate ful, even already, to the wounded told an there, who have hitherto been kindly hut roughly cared ft. The Kighth Munich ueetts rcjinent oeoupy the Bouse of R- presentatlt es. A gentl men d.Vrett fr m Rlchaaond reports that one thovnaad troops arrived ti-re, and wUl OMsf ?t Lj nch barf. Pryort regiment win H UM4 tnm UM vwbiI , seised In North Carolina. The Twelfth regiment *f Vew York wcro sworn in for thry months. A few men declined to toko the oath, <m the gTaund that they oooid not remain away from homo ! so long. The ordinance or secession, it is now ascertained , w&s paseeJ through the Odd v on t ton of Virginia by a vow of 80 yeas to 63 nays. Accompanying the ordinance is a | schedule authorising a poll to bo opened in each military ; ramp of Virginia volunteers, whether in or oat of tho ? Bute, to ascertain tho sense of he voters there assoa?- | bled upon the qaoetlon of ratifying or renting tho or<U- ; nanoo by tho people. It is also provVlod that the elec- | lion for members of Oongross or Virginia to Um Boom or Koprosentoilves of the Congress of the United Htatea, required by law to tie held on the fourth Tuesday In kUy res' . bo suspended ustll other wit> ? ordained by tho Oou verj y* IMPORTANT FROM MARYLAND. TREASONABLE ATTITUDSJ OP THU UXJL8 LA TO RE. lU'Tuuou, May 2, 1MI. The fears) expressed, that lb-: address of Die Miryivul Hecate, unnocnclng that no act of wwjasion would bo passed, was no' In jood faith a proclamation that a mu jorlty of tho Senate were cot sccot^ioaleU, iboijr>> m tot.ded to q? et public apprehension, tta\o bsen jasUUel by the proceed lugs of to-day. . The report of the committee on F? dera'. Itolnt'ons on tfc:" ib)ectcf reopening ourr munlaation between HuHI

mori' and ti e North was jwu-isod. lis atlltodo is hostile to the foderal government and Its l&ngnage oTonsivn in tho extreme, and Its p-issago wan a tlttlag forormt* r to th 9 climax of treasonable legislation whi<,h followed, In tb" act reported to appoint a Committee of Safety, which pu> ed to a third rouitrg by s vote of fourteen to oi^bt, nftf r a severe struggle. Of the s.x members of tho proposed Oommlttee only ono? Gov. Ili ks? Is a Union man. .Fudge Charr, tiers, though a counrvatlvc. If! suspected of seres* on proclivi ties, and he ha* publicly rmnouacod that he shall go w'ilchevor way tho Slate >?*? Tho other fo.r aro aro- -"d r-cesskmlf n or th" mo* t ultra school. TV i?wfrs gT anted to the cotnmltteo are e lalviJetst ti derpottc sway over the entire i-iate, agwrvn which only Uie frd? rsl government, or th" rlsl ?of the p. vpie, oaa prevail, The military aro entirely within their ooatrol, together with the power cf appclntiuer.t and removal of It of! oers. In case a Convention shoul 1 be callod, they ran establish a relf n of terror, and prevent tho sentiment of the pcple from l>r .ag h-*rd in electing member*; and the Convention, if It ho nailed, M It will be, aro granted tt- i?war to ren.orP any member ?f the eomm.t tee cf sev n who, not? itlmtandtng tho proc.w'>)?M tokoe, may still object to precipitating tho Stat > Into r< .or.'.ioa. A fund, not fixed by the repurt, in p 1*0*1 at the dispo mi of the committee, to he paid by the Treasurer opon a draft "l/ced by any two member* of tho oommlUee. n>e report is stU' undor dieevjnion, but will, without doubt, pass both houses. If It does events will be has tened, and civil war be inaugxra'ed between tho citlsens of Maryland. Among the Union men there the news has created the f.;reat<?t astonishment. It Is Bald Gov. Hicks has 1> >"n iipeet-ng the mov-me: t, aad has been perfecting hix arrangements to meet tt. lYf.m the private secretory of ?evmor Hicks, I lean that Maryland Kill hardly call a Oonvontlou. Ths seces sion > ts dare not use U>e power suddenly acquired. They say that all Is lost, and that the Ptato has born sold by the Governor, A requbittiof) will in time he made for volunteers. An order for the same waa drawn up when Uie eitbrftak iHK-srr'xl n ndtlmcre. Two rniui flags, raised to-day on acArpentor'sshop, were taken down by the police, aad the oQerxW arrest ed. PH(KJEK)!Rr.B OP THE MARYLAND liW? LATUKB. rnsnuu'T, M?l. , M*y 2, 1M1. In thf. (?naie Mr. ZeUott reported a bill to provide for the safety and peaco of the people of Maryland .? Whereas, t*e present extracrdlnary state of the oouniry and distnrbwl oonditlen of the people d? m nd that promj-t and eflleknt men-ures sliou.d he adepted by the General Assomblv to semro tho psar* ami safety of tho people, to avoid the t.v','" and horrors of civil war, Uiereibro ho It enacted by the Geneva! Asnombly tha? Eseklel r. (."hambers, of K?ut couiity, .'ohn V. L, MeMehna^TTiomns Wluans. of IWtl m?re'cny,Thpm:n ? frstt, of Aim* iirandJe noantr, ' Doch t owe, ef KTSd<-rlek county, and Walter Mlt-iieU. of Charles wmnty tog -thor with the Governor of thodtat>< of Mary land ^or th<^ t&ne being ,or whoever maybe lawfully acting in the ovpacltr, be, nnd tbey ?r? hereby appnlatod a board of publir aafoty in .nd for the Mate or Maryland, a majority of v i om m iy act In any oaso wherein the sai . board may be auth^rlred to art, under tt?o provi *>' nr of thli or m y siipr 1< raenUl act. And be 't enacted ttuit the Board of Public ^ety so eciiftitcted ar<d appola'ei, shall h?ro tail po<*r.r Mid authority to provide for th' better nrifse! suaion, ariring and r gulatloa of the mili'ta of Ui.? UtnU', ard may remove or appoint ony effieer cf tt e nlUtla ahoie the rank of cai taln, and mny commtss'on sny such arp^tntee in the nuae and nn 'erthe great seal of tho mate of Maryland; and the said Board of Itbl'.r Hafety "ball have full ptwer to pro vide for tho protection, safety , peace and defeooe at the Wto. And bo M enacts th%t if a-iy vvianey shall oeew In th? es^d Beard It m >r bo Hi ed ny a mufirtiy of the re mak >rg members of thesn'.d Bf .ird. and t!ie person or perrons so sppoii t?<d shall holl his o?oe uoti one month of tie commencement of fbe next regular session of the General AsesmMy of Maryland; provided, never theiess, in the event or a sovereign ?iin rent ion In Inn etrcted by the V' tes of Maryuuwl In pnreuaarn at a oall of the prewsnt ?r cf any rxoeedlng General ueesahty . lk*n>< iMiiitf Pu>le (W?lj ibU ft* n*Mtii?Db MMMlfiOaivaftn wkicb OnaalMo tlkJk ftrro power to Mk??? ?ny rn ftU tte MKtira ef tte <uwd fluard jf Publ* Safety. and ft? >1 mmM, Ail ik? mm ltoerd ef PaMs Ha'e!v iball report >Df m iii ?r ttenr mmu4 proceed 1bi.-? to tbv (ikuerai ?( Ainkad vkttovir repaired ro to do, by >v *er er rrseictiea atfepted ay a aw/.tr ty or All tte members ef iMk kiMlk VAe/ecf , u?l Umi bad bwi of sa'd fcird el Pu tt tiaMy. kt'art eiaeriOK Upon I bo daties of tbe? ?ftk? tbuli tabo ai.d suhacr: U> 15 tte foUowir g sr attl? ur.-?on ? Tt>.i ^ t.iy i id ?very appemimeat Or >emcval ;<j tvi la&de by tho Board at PafttlO tilt tj, M?U?r 16. kOU.jr.ty |!?*? to them sy taw, Imlam sase, aal ucaer ao prttext, appemt or rtawrve u; otQ ? of .bo miiVia or ?iter |Mrxoa for or *? ace* anl #f hi* palKieai ep^ioc* or for any m ter mui sr r uwb itea im?ms or inkBMM jf (Mb y*r?*B ta my beeljadgru?at tor :te place te w'> ch be 'tell Wo appolaiod, vr fresa wtiJj te r^u iw ro ?ml Aid ft? it , :btt iSs svsaters lb <3 atui B-v.-d, ?step; tte tJovrraor of il>e State alxul jo ercitied to ?mps?sat>on i. ttervsef ? dollars por math, pay able woUil? , Bad thai ihe ?um of ? dot We as ion tin g?Li tasd be awraarlatr j to carry rot too i-rrvismasof this low, and all orders drawn *ry the Bort i of Public Haf?ty ob '-bo TVeasnier ef Maryland atv*l 03 pa.d o>it ?f tho raid app-opriatieB; saca r-den" no drawn to be atteated by tho a .gnat area of at itast iwj as- xbar* of tbo Board. tbta law shall toko effect *rw tte date of It* pv?sa*o All laws relatiag '*3 tte auiUto *1 ? te cxle of publio and geseral lava, a? far a? ttey are in any tiaa-or 1o?.>.h Mat wUh tte pro>i(!^u? of tb,s aot, ba sad aro r?poai "l Tte bill ?u a treason* fy ftppoaed by Meaar* ^atltb and KtBtMl. :t was ?rd?r?d k> a sftocsd ???<; ing by ayoa 14, ?aj h I. Tte UbCB (uljoorafti till e^ht o oio k, when tho btl, aa lBdk)*t?d by tba abeva rototwUl probably pans tbe Bcnato. Mr. Wall*, froaa tte Commits ? Felrral Rciatloon, Hiado a roport, tbal ttey I-ava duly a&l oarefnlly cm Biterfd tbo ooaamuulc.ltoa fr.m tbo Mayor of Qaltloaoro, eaetoakig a ocpy of a Jciot reeolutloB of tbo Oily Council, for tbr purpose of prootrlog aooh action moat advisable to bring aboat an early restoration of oomtncjkW^uion lty tbc OiOV'iwt railroads ar ? ovbrr means, buiwovn tbo city of Baltimore and otber par'H of tbo oca try, r.uiy bi; ?'Btlreky onairtoD*. wktb tbe safety ami welfare of the ?'.Ity ?Ld sta 0. The eotnaittos ?ay it * UcpoHFibto to overrate tbe inportanOM W tbe tubject to wbich tbe at tosalon of the (. corral Afietubly lt<B beta iU.ib dlroctod. The almvDt total iaiorrupl oL 0' d.roct coauiuuic<Ui<>n betntra ail<iM'ire and Uo ^ortb, by bridges v.i-on tbn N?i?tb'i u Crutra) and Phliadelph'.* Kalir iads, in an evil very aggravated to l*s cb^ra c!t?r, not only iu nio'f, but Is it* mati'.fi tt hcanu^B u(wn tho pi'*i,>or:i,y of tbo Htalo and its r xnro?'c ni 5BrtroTCl!? On tbo o'iicr hanl, in tbe face of a ilar ger wblcb would n<>?m inoviutblo, if facilities f> r inTasioa *, ere affc e4 to te fanatical and Meted muhltu l.>i of tbi> NorLiern iit'ta, ntvosa aaituosi ty te Halt. raoro and liiry'.aivi .? SMwarei by no hIuvI ard, iis'l whop"hlicly tbr^aton our d<;?-ri.ot?in wltlwut ral)j'Jin.i;'OD, even t> *ba frderal autbertty. It coal' 1 bardly b 1 con^ieiejt r itb tb? comraonest prtut iico to ro ?p*s tV) iiT'sii'M wbicb would br Jig litem ? oar very Soar*. In. ood, if It wore tbe p*a rc of 11:0 tlonnra! AKi>rmb'y to pronde tor sr. b a met* >, no scwlty Dtmli ccrta'nly rTist f r It? pertr.arn-iit enfo"vin.?nt dar mf tbo < ano? of iho natk nal exoltement whlcb aow ?t*tr.rbH tb-i peop'ie. The inetxct 01" s?;i preeervi tkm is far more ptwarfol tban any na?*) of o^d.once to law; a> d 80'T.iU d. ae it in iB too o?#e, witb ivt-ry premptlrn of rfi'Sto-ice to yli'l?noe would te *sr-* to overnln a'l oraiaary rceir-ts:' 1 wh ch a free geyerum?tit in -r, able of toiMxtiag. It wou! 1 be of small avail to ;.oo state of I'ac^s furtbrr Uiitn -0 Bay it srjts, and racst be dealt with osref ly and w?wly. The ehabneto of irtoiCTurso with the Nirtn 'rn ^tatSB cannot be ?"octu*U> ro i-H-ao; su?M witbc;t a gua:-ani?io from (loan quartor of tbe iw'ety and p^'va if Vtrj laad. Your comniittee am not able V> seo b iw tb 1 result cm !> ? atutied without some eoxmanica'.iaa witb tho foioral authorities at WMbingtOB; ud !a t^eir j j.Jgment it In duo to the r-'opl 3 0." tii u Sta" 0, wr *0 lives and rf ?P>-r' are involved no d eply in tbo soatiogeii^icB of tho unbtp l>y strife wbich has * jnJoren tbo -.public, t!utt Bemo ?ucli c?<mmi nKat.^n an jnld be forthwith opened by tho ?Jeno ra) A-s/mbly. Tioro ars otfc;r tsdopea lent roanor wbicli ronorn- tueb a co irsi .ad-s;" osablo at this tltno t'> the dignity nad U ??rr?ts >t the t- -ato Two works of In tern-l iini?rovemoBt la which at < '.r, largely later-s^l, bir. c be.'u aeir.M in whole or in pa-t bv l'io general ??> rnment, for mliitar-? j-'ir^e^e, to tho extinction of tho rigtits of ti?e State asu bor c Ui>aa. lV<a one of ih +: works (the WaalUngtan '..ransb sf ?bi UUtimore snd Ohi> lUllroad) tabarioi passngSTB.aeTsb' aci^'.as ospsetoUy to tbo ^Ute, and coBStltotlBg aa >n-por"jii ivsrt. "i of th. revenue, hvt o en diver ^1 from >te ljgHtsaai4 cu<t .ol>i hy the atront; tend of powor. Part cf tb" aijllof tho Slate hiw been .tpj-opr '*? .? i to tte ere-tloii of formica tion*, feithmil ftven tbo f"rn> of as ktoi? ter eouaoBt. Har > at of *e.' Mi? 'ik i.iui boon oaaiettvl jito a mllltuy depo , (- ?1 sue. .? ou cf ifto n prMNaMrsa cf hor yv.ijiie. KU' sw '?eea pro la m-*i and tte Jar isdletioc of he' Tsurjs o-.eted aio?g tte wt/Aa lino of rotd, which bax b<">i dsli'iiol to fo..ora' ptirpHOM tl^ he.- ter;* -ory, si Ur u lie oc.n(r ::l"o i.-j al vir d. Khohaj ! " 'ii Jeali *i h In th->ee regard* wi concriere'i (*->-? in *, wttteat any r whatever to tte ' relation wl. 'h ?he v!arB to the I'nljn, ?r to the conBtltu tional and kgil rl<h*s wt'cK thai >n -wafers upon her eituus. '.is, tbsrefors, the ax'alfiwt duty of tais LtgMBMirft to ao-vrUiii, by dir-<:t lD<iu'ry, thro .gh lntol ll*ent aril ac edtod a**u>. tie \ ro- i?o portion whe h tho r rneral /'ivrao-Bt lias d':t?rxilned to occupy towardn thin hta'e, anl to souk, hy all bkmdb <:on*>*. m:' with eQleAl aad r-Tsorial aotf rs epert, to moilfy tbe "abarrafam^aw and ditc.nlaU tl." ikt Is a 11I1 which t*i 1 e ut,ia# stale of thiogs is f?aagbt. The comm.tte.- would f?ln perscad] t!icn?elvo that sac'i an apporation ./ill b? reor: ,<vi with tho rsuiMytful consid^Tiitlon it d< pervrs; b it at a'l oven'Ji it w.U have EUce-! the te?]^T| iibilHlcs of ttt fntvre wbero tboy bo n r They th.-rf ore rsooitmcnJ tlo adoptioa of tbe folkrwinc rcHOlutioo ? Renolve.1, That Otlo -?oott, Robert U. V'-lAnc and Wi! ilaro J. Pvos* te. uod are h'>r?by .ippoir.ted (jomml'wion'jrB on the part cf the -tate of Maryland, to coaaman.calo .m men lately In person with tbo Prss'deot of tho United Rtntcs, In regard to tbe prr??at scd any proposed mi.i tary n?e or occipation of the soil and oraporty of tlie Plate by the g' neral goversment, ?nd they arc dlr<?to<i to autv rta n and report to tt* Himsral Aawrubly forth with, for !ts cons. 1erat>oa, whetbor anr becoming ar raof '.oeate with the gonerrd gcverameut a re practlcabM la that onnectioa for tbe aiai i>n*uoe of the poaoe and boner of the Ptate anl tte secorMy of Its inhabitants. Tbe resort was adopted by tho Ejtjw ted H?n..t< . REPORTS FROM BALTIMOHB. Bj. runovB, Kay 2, 1S61. A ateasaer of tte Horfol line, which left hire on Tues day with tte malls aad pnst4Bg?rs, sxpectiag to te per mitted to eater Norfolk barter, waa not allowed to do so, and had to land tte malls and passengers at Old Point. A steamer which le.*t here yesterday afteraoao has also returned without got ng to Norfelk. Tte blockade 1s evi dently being vtgoroosly enforoed agalant Virginia. Tte steamers nay that the Norfolk bay is dotted rr??r with government transports, goisg aad coming. A large aasctlsg waa held at the Oorn Eichiogs thU mora in g, attended by saerefcaata aad otters. JVwolutioos la fovor of tbe Immedlato rftsoziatractioa of tte brv'.go" destroyed were adopted, aad a petition to tblseSoato tbe tegakUere waa largely signed. REPORTS PROM ANNATOLIB. Amurtnx, EL, May 1-4 P. X. Ti.e etnamahlp BaJtk baa armed, with tfco Now York Flra Zouavei en beard. A great aemorjitratkm TO made ob 11m is leading. Tbe Pirw of Ujo Baltic report* they had a lively tnx rm bowl. Tbo //>uaven wore greatly dfeapt*lntod is nut being permitted t? rleit Bal timore. Tbo fifth regiment, fro-n New York, bee not yet landed from tbe eteamahlv h -?Ur. The Cttallne baa just arrived from New York will. pro v*lone. The Baltic report* Ml quiet tu tb 1 Iky. Ganboala enil*e up ud -town eonataatly. Tli ?? weather le clear uM th? wind north, bioertng a JTfU#. Tbo Fhode Maud Artillery hare not yet Ian led. TVy we -Jkler order* for Important eervko bolow Waelidig lea. Tbe Maryland and Kill Vo> Kull hare joat arrlvod from RerryvUle, with l?-ometlv?e, oar*. Ac. Tbe saty ninth regiment, of New York, ia etaUooed all i.long tbe road to Waxbingloa m t-q^ada, within ball ',ng distance of aacb other. A C?j uin of tb<> H.*ty alatli arrested a ?py the aJgbt before Urt at Am .a poll) Juaetioo, Joat from Montgomery, ? Mb Important paper*. He gave hla namn an Henry Granral,a brother of tbe?racval, of Uobokoo, N. J., klil' l by a Cuban ?om<) Umo ago. I am InfonMd at boadqtiartcra that he w ll probably b> burg. A eoa ol an tniiueutlal fkunlty here la alao under arreat u a *py. 11 : opened denputcl** delivered him at Waah tngtun. Tbe torrcApoaArnl of the O&lUmore Bun baa left, fear lag arret t. The poptiMt war* aunoet rea-iy to iy?ch bin. TV alarm tbe nig bt before kat tu doubtlom a ruM to try the (ohltera. I leai n at lb" Plate Doom that the TagleiAture wb> deubtleia order a OrnveaUon. Fbe tone propooed for beidiag tt la May 30. A gentleman from tbe later lor of Maryland eaya Uiat tbe Colon la gaining gr<roni Uliy One week of eea *toa rule baa dl*>; ated many of tta former advo catta. AinriWTja, Ety t? rvnifltf. Colonel Sjicwortb'a Zouave hare laa lad, amid great enthrataom, and proceeded ti Weahingteo by railroad. The rift* Maw York r?gia?at hare alao km led, aaj Kill r. Iter* the Sixty ninth *.Xj ^ pUia junction. *" *?**" The Providence Vtarb><> Artluery in detailed lor n? ele) service rn the The feroe on tho opposite s'.de of the Severn river ,, greatly increased lost night. *>. ni 8. C Heed, of th* Seventy-first ni- i<t, just arrived by the ittUMr K v!7yfl|^K Ui>: touched at Port M >nroe. The guilao^C3Ha one tbou*and or the Ma. sar hasett* re* moot, iT^pTr h-ndred regular*. n ve ! bocaand Virginian* were m the oppo?itn t bore. Tbo h dtr loaded twenty Mtoato tor tbo garrison, who had beta ion, Un, out ^ provisions. Hhe wilJ probably return UftrtMoiim w Mh ?twee. RErORTB FROM PERRTVTLLE. ,, P*?aTTnxn, May g_$ p, ^ I havo jwt returned from a visit to the bwaed nu road bridge over Bush river, ten m*a from Barred* Oroc, In oompany w ;th aa experienced bridge baikter The damage in not so grea uuab tn ramect gomoof tho pdea have been burn, d to h ? water 'a edge an J the superstructure for perhaps sovera' i n i.Jr '4 feet la destroyed; bnt th whole airectnre an be repaired awl put In running order by a few da, a vigurona work of a hundrod men. I oredlbly inform d ibr. thia br,dge ia by far the m<*t damaged cf the three on thia road. Theoontract lor repairing thia bridge and the two cm tfco Gunpowder rivr baa be?n awarded, and tne weak will bo e< on commenced imd<r military protection and will nil bo Uiii- hod by lharada, nex ; t la road to will then be op'n. Itibhi ngcrs frtm Ba'timoro thia if'a?noon stale that the Union meeting thia morning la a tar L dicaUon of the state of feeling In that city. Rssotatlora were pm*ed provldirg for tbo reconstruction o' the brldgte on the Northern O ntral Railroad, rhe I'nicn foeling all thxougb Maryland continues to increase. I loam frctu some oBIm-ib of the Fl'ghth New \ montjuetfrom Annapolis, tint tho steamer MaryMod will not return to Perry vllle at prrpeot bat will preeeed to Wnshbgtt n Tbo IlboJo Island Vumi ArtlJWy, wfb their brass field pieces and lionet, had 'oft Ann*iii>tta tor Washington, other regiment* at Vnmpoiia are .'.to Marching crdus for Washington. Two companies of tho Eighth regiment of Now Yarn are > ntrencbed at a battery on the north fldo of tfevnrn river, t< n miles from / nnapolie. Thsy hare a ?-*ttery of cunnrn sufllclent to protect tho road to Baltimore. Th? tnvp? at tnnapollx aro In wast of neoevtariee. Tho Ta'lihanee PloritUtn, of April 37, ?? y? r?wf Pi "ken'- wnc to havo boon a' tacked on the night at um i!4ib,tiot largo reinforcements having been tarown in, the attar k was abandoned, anl tho riouioern iroofw are now waiting for larger guns and erecting battenea for a reeuUr Bioge. There were ten thonsaad Sootlwva troeya thero. CAl'TURE OF UNITED STATES TROOPS IH tbxab. Kfw OftL?A*a, May 2, IS?1. t'ol. Van Dorn, with 800 T ixajis, has oaptured ?r>0 fede ral troops, under Major f. Siblo/, who were at '" '-rfk utd nttcmptod to escapa In two sailing Teraole. Vaa Hoi n purroed them in thro im ill steamer*, and sbcrtly after their route seaward was cut otf by a r.toaoior frvm Calveeton, with 120 men and three piece* of art JVry, when Major Sibley surr.-nJerod. The oOloers ar? eo pa role, nnd the arms havo li- on turnel ovir to tho T?r*an* prl-.-nto prop<Tty excepted. The men will bo aiiowed either to join the army of tho Confederation or to take bu oath not U> serve against it. JFFFERSON DAVIS WIIJ, OOVIMAND THB SOUTHERN ARMY. Wi?u(,roii, May a, mi Tlio ("harl^ton Courier or Tueaday ra>a: ?? We learn from the most reliable source thai l*resiiient DavM will take ottrituand in person a* Otueral in ahief of tbo hr?er gathering la Virginia." TIIE WAR FEEIJNU IN NORTH CAROLINA Wxsmc row, Mly 3, 1M1. A despatch from Itttluigb says the l?g.?iuture ia >t ye*. ter-lay. The -\sppmhly sp?wdUy org-jiiz .d. A bill call big a ?opv -n!' >n wai p.vwod uaacW .mfy, to ? "bio on the SO b. Ther- was no ref-rocee of H* ao I tlor to I ho people. TL? Soul.iern Cbufedera y tk*r l* ."y ing over tho ( ?pilol. North Carolina U virtually out of the TaK?. n?o Covert or bar organirod a camp of instruct wo ai .'JaJelBb. llo recti Ui-Ldeu the rulshg and try, uUzlng ot' ten re^l menif to servo durlnp Uio war Ho ai^a tho ?Mwtbeni povorrmrrt li now concntratln* a Utr?e foroo io uv? District of Colurrbla. OHlensibly to protee'. ihttsater goverunirnt. Bnt such a force cannot be alio *od to ro ma. i: w ithin the limits of Miry i*nd and on tno border* of \i.ginia without ao-^usly ea'laagerjg u?. bertles U the people of those .State*. if ikej bo cfnuocred iwd ovorrun, North Otroiin* wlli j bojemo the 1)13'. pr..y f?r tho invader* rotkv tb- u. It w. il aa syrrpathy, and a feeiUiR of bro tberbood fD^. i red by a -on mon !nt? reft, r?viulre n* ;o *?<?ri < .r . r< r, ::i tb Her. n e of *a^ Mod an I Vlr? t.\?ry bfittlo foight th- r > *il! t?e a Uti.i fo *nt m bo B'l.i ??f Nona OmtoUiui, sndtlMHro our vtoom invrnid hn D A'l utaut ij"0> ra' t'olte In an army order ciJ' o* ont t r., luients, : : J. ?e-'. oi war .s :< .|^? an-, .ir^ln^, in all prob .hiljty, *11 b-< tnc Or-t bau.e grsr^mi KI.rORTS I ROM VIRGINIA. Wasiiwni ii, Miy 2, 1M1. Tb" r-tersb-irg F-jra- U lay sa,4 It l? po*Kl*e Utei a Kentucky regtuiciil of 400 m- n oie en rxti> or I yaeb burg. Tbo f.o\ < mor li 'l?t- rL..neJ to ftitKm . iar-.. D..atl>f. Of men at Potersb :.r*. | A private leMer ftate- tliat a on'S; lmt!?n ni troop* * [ I?i mfrieg, Va. , about forty Oto mile* from W vikuigtee. has boeo determined "o The Virginians a battery at tho en'rijwvi of Hampton Rawls. the "ti.jost viglUuo.? was raptojel but the oomman.laut felt sec re. ^ ' PENSACOLA AND ITS DEFEWCE1. Wo pibllah to- day an acrnrato and oarafnlly preparer, map of Ptnsacola and its defence*, a* sketched by maa special oorrespendent, wbo had jost retornnd by tbo Atlantic. Tbo map Illustration will be feusd mlfrtj Interesting, from the fart that it abows by draws Hnee the extreme range of the rorks near Penaaeoia and th*? of Fort Picked*. Not tbo lea t interietirg part U? map la that part showing tho pomta at which UdNtn forcemont* for Fort Pi.keus were landed. Tho eUier toporraphlca' ?ad geographical point* of the dtolrtct ?f Perms cola will be fomd extremely interesting, a* aim tb* position of the United State.; mao-of war veaaeie no-op* rating wltb Port i'lekena. TEXAS. free. Phennan ha* given ln?tructioaa to the pi tot* that will provont vara vis of an uknown or boatU* ntiafiolai eominf Into tlie harbor of Caiveatoa, at leaat wMfe tk* pilot? <is-l?tane*. He wlU doobt'e** take steya la have the lighthouse light stopped, giving due Mtloe to tb* ad jaooat porta. intere&tim; from the matwjul cipitil OUR WASHINGTON CORRBHPOND1NCB. April 9, HQ 1h4 & -i*/i frsfr? rrnident Lincoln' t %imoA ?t\t tmm* Ktgiwni ? l^retaUe FigVai Alsjaadrttt Gtcrrimry OUl Cbinmtmtoabw The tidtUtyof 'M BntnA .VfW Arri vaii ? yuarterrnaiicr IhckwJ) ,<6c.,dc, Va hlngtos may well be called the "city of magnifleea'. dlstanrea," as any one who la obliged to remain hero Par any time and to move about much can aafe y testify. Tho noareat place la "about a mile" away, aaJ U*e Navy Yai-1, Capitol, War Depart ?ont and Post OtlM flMH which Jnet at thia time ev- ry one ia obliged to vlatv? at* ro far romovad that they might almMtaa will to la ds rent ooentrlea. Th1 stagea run with oomet ijre /*T / ty wltb comet like Inter- aie between their ap->*-.r? but by no means wlthcomot-llke speed. TTie ti no one who hiaevor ridden ln?n*ahla|t? haf** be told what they are, and those who hav ) hero had better not know. The trognl?V5J tuer^f' r*, breomo mo*t sane**. It take* so long to other that the soldier'a laav^^f^ rv, ,mm* thsy b.gln to enjoy tham, months, rmm th. , S?*F T?, .k S2 a days, might Juat aa we'? and reftreneea, B. kll the td>?. TBI nva. Ia tba only full regiment at Uia s? liosa of Oiher regtm nta are there, ar > il?? j