Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1861 Page 2
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Ugfci with the laat detachment of the Seventh (tfew VorV) regMent on board, ie lying off the dock Tit* Iia/ligbt came directly up (he Potomao, which U opea now, aad had * very plmut and apeody p****ge. The Navy Yari ia a largo quadrangle, containing the work ahop* and offloera' quarter*, *oa tterod here and there, la mmwImiI the style of the Brooklyn yard. In one of thaw Atff and on board the *te*mer Baltimors the Seveoty-ttrat regiment are quartered. The shop 1* fitted up with row* of rough crib*, for Bleeping bunk*, and the passage* between thrno crib* the men hare labelled with the ? oT member* of the regiment. Thu* you hare Traflhrd terraee. and Peodergraat avenue, flomo of the crlba, |j| have higbaonnding name*, auch aa the Hotel ?* de Buk, or the Lard Island House. The men haven't my loo muoh room, and though Tory comfortable, the quarters are not particularly clean, and cannot well be kept *0. rhe men are alt well and In excellent health and spirit*. They are drilled four time* a day, har* full dr**s regimental drill, morning and evening, and, what with drills, guard mounting* and scouting parties, have enoagh to do, and enough to make them tired. All of them complain of their treatment during the passag* here. Ob board the transport they had not room to move. Berths were erected for oaly thirty three men la each company, when one hundred were needed, aad these berths held three, and were placed away down In the hold, away from all ventilation and oomfart On the route from Annapolis here they had'to march far twenty -four hotua with only two pilot biaouit for rations. The lUrylanners refused to give or sell them anything, except at the most exorbitant prioaa-^ twenty - tire oeats for aa egg. for instance ? and in some oases refused to allow the servants to draw water for the men. They hud a hard time of it, but came through like heroes, aad only left one man be hind on account of ratlgue. Be has since rejoined hti regiment. The recruits are learning to drill very rapid ly, aad iQ a few days the regiment will be taught how to handle large cannon. A number of yolunteer3 were practising with rifled cannon to day for the first tlmo, and did splendidly. Whether ibis regiment will bo kept hero or stationed at Georgetown, where the first battle? if any o^cor? Is expected in some quarters, is undeci ded A detachment of eighty men, with howitaers. is stalioted nightly upon the bridge across to the Maryland Shore, near the Navy Yard, and every night scouting parties of from sixty to one hundred men cross over and scour the mountains. Secession scouts are also out in that locality , and the boys expect ti> have a pretty lit tle 8kiro.Uh some of these fine evenings. They will ac quit tbemseh os well, rhe strictest martial law is ob served in approaching the yard at night. last evening ti negro belonging to a Maryland secessionist was arrest ed for trying to pass over ihe bridge without the coun tersign. Ine sentinels at the gate are very much annoyed by workmen In the yard, who secretly iavor secession, and who take every opportunity to insult them. Private Trenor, of Company u, caught one of there fellows the night be'ore laat and secured him in the guard bouse. I mentionod yesterday that some of the workmen had been detected in flillue bomos with sawdust, and had run away to avoid apprehension. One of tbem was pursued by half a dozen marines yes terday, fired upon his pu.Biierg, was chased into a house aear the Navy Yard, auo, attempting to escape, was im mediately shot The Seventy Urst are much compli mented by the Washington papers, and were visited yes terday by the President and Secretary Seward, who seemed in most amiable mood, and shook hands with every one. PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S SPEECH. The President briefly addressed the regiment. lie laid that be was very glad that they had not come through Baltimore. It was the wish of the government that thay shotiil not, and although he knew the sontl ment* of the men upon that subject, he thought the course they had pursued, ana which the Evernmeut had decided upon, the very best which could ve been anopted The government felt assured, and the eveuts of the last few day* justified that assurance, that in a short time Baltimore would be one of the most Union loving and Union defending cities In the country. This they might rely upon and expect. It waa only a question of time, und of a very short time. At Vera Cruz the General In command was asked how long a time he wanted to capture the city. He replied that it could be captured in *lx hours ai the cost of twenty a ve thousand live*, or it could be captured in three weeks, without a *.ngl? life being sacrificed Iho General was allowed to take his three week*, and Vera Cruz became our* without the loss ef a life. So it might be possible to force troop* through Baltimore immediately, by the loa* of many Uvea, but be preferred, with the General referred to, to give Baltimore its tbree weeks and accomplish the same object, if It were desired, oeareably and quietly. Ihe men say that tbe ('resident is one of the most awkward, ungainly men they have ever s??: but they all admired his style of speaking, declaring that he comes at everything In a left handed sort of way. and makes ynn w.lgb everv word and wait till the last syllable bafor9 you can get at hi* meaning. But it Is clear enough wh'a :t cores At the Navy Yard there m not very mjch activity, but the Pvcahontaa ia getting ready for sea TUB SEVENTH REGIMENT la quartet*l in the splendid new Hall of Kepreaentativea, aad ia boarded at the bou-ls. The men have a great deal of guard duty and are drilled almost incessantly. Host of ute sen have had their hair close cropped, and are hardly recognizable The drills take place in the Capitol gardens The Oapitol is closely sentinelled; no persons ars admitted without passes, and It is not safe to be in that aeighorhood after nightfall, eo strict Is the disci pitas observed. The rear of the Capitol Is barricaded with barrels of cement and large platei of Iron, aad howitzers are m muted upon the steps. Inside tbe paaaages are choked with barrels, and barricades meet you st every turn Sentinels sre postsd a'l through the building. In every room and in both the rotundas tro>>(is are quartered, and fieep upon the stone floors The Mssr ichusett* regiments do their owi cooking, and are very well supplied, except ?r:tli mat U esse* a large number of bedtick*, purchased by the government, are held at Baltimore; but Quarter master Ueckwith expects to get hold of them shortly. (be Mwsichusetts troop* suffered much from Uie detention of th#'r 'lag^age, wh>cb they received from Baltimore yes terday They were without (changes of clothing until the ?1 es of Wa?huigu>n pmucred them shirt*. Tbe Bereath have co mattresies. but th* boy* pi'.eem It a great luxury that they have a carpet it floor to snore upon. They expect and dcaire to ?o .alo camp on Wedaeecay, probably at Georgetown leighl* No one c?n ieil "what orders will come, how ever la camp the lioys say they will seem more at home, iieeidei eujoylig for drill and oxer cse I think it prooabie h*t iboy will be ordered upon other vi d more dangerous service, bowevor, no less than TO rit'IIT ar ALEXANDRIA. I am aformed by a government officer tbat the twenty ilays gl;va iy the proclamation of the President hav ng expire*. % demand will be tna .e shortly that ihe Cus tom H Jii^e at Alexandra, sei/ed by the seoessi nists, b? givea up. and tbat ir the Virginians refuse It will be taken at all bawt'ds How true th a may be I o' course. rwunot ieil, but when taken to con nect i>n w th L n?a tliiown out by the aim nitration, and wth Lincoln's tieciaruiion thit he should i i.ik" the government property , it hcems very probable. Aiexa dria is only three mile- distaat. a le'eai tii"re will not be fatal This indication of authority. like charity, should begin at home and may weii beg.u at Alexandria If so, the Seventh will be orders! there anil I am assured w :;he ? pp.irted t>y iwo ahtps-oi war. TQere are only abO'Jt oae thousand secotv-H'iilsts now collected 'n Alex andra. b'Jt General Beauregard was* there yes terday? (this accourts for the rumor that be was in Washing*. >n) ? and nore troops will so .n !>e brought there What tbe goverr.ineut doe* it mutt do quickly. 8H RET ART CHASE COMMCNIOATl V?. Th.a far the designs of tbe government bare been very wail concealed, and Its officers have been ex ceedingly close mouthed; but recently the admlol* trat.m has not hesitated to express l<* opinion* very freely and paMtciy. ' The remarks of relary .ioward. which I sent you yceterday, and the a Idre** of the P'eside?.t to the Seventy first, are fvroof s of th:* and Seer, tat y Chve aided anotner by mak ing q'.lte a speech at a pr va'e party last evening Us de t^are'i tiiat It was tbe p. hoy of the' government to itarvs out the South, and that for this parpao the iouth^rn porta w'.l. t>e rigidly blockaded an l forces htationed at Cairo III . and other points to prohibit tbe Importation of .sipp.iea He eould not say that any Invasion of lbs .?u u was Intended, b it he firmly believed that If a Northers a/my weie inarched Into ihe sect ded statas it would be a onrleua ,arourd which would gather armie* of Sou toe-. Union men, who would do all the fighting. If any need be done. He would not even except South Caro lina from this assertion. There wss really no such thing aa aeeeesion Tbe term "going out of the Unloo" did not eatiaf: hia idea of the manor " beccmlng traitor* ' wss tbe sxact term to be used m rtoEt.rnr or the arvrv rti Has been impeached by tbe ilaitimoreans. first, by the repoeti which I wrote oul for you yetenlst, that ofDcer* of the Seventh had declared that the regime jt would ?ever flgfat againat Maryiander*. and again, *y the rations -a the Baltimore Sun of to day, that flft? of the bad ref'iaed 10 Like tbe oatb, and that all ha t ra aoivsd net to leave tbe DisUict of Ooiumbia on a war aiaaito There ia no truth whatever in either of thene statements I have taken pain* to inquire *Houl th* cnatter , and find the < fllcer* of th* Seventh never said anything or the kind; that all the m<w were sworn into the of tbe government to d j duty where it order ed thwn aad that when tbe oath waa takeo t'ol. lyfliarta stood a front of earb company and asked , as a mat ?r of forat,lfan> man had not taken the ostn, snd that all ntgn.tod tbat tbey bad been sworn la. Such Ilea as thoso * the It mi cab do no harm to the Seventh, but arc get ting Ttaltimoreans in very bad odor here. The iog of oock taua, which 1 mentioned yesler iay as having been sent from Baltimore as s preaest to the Seventh , wa r*ootv*d to day, but maay of the me* refused to liars to do with II. saying that peop'e who co il t act as *oni ? of tbe Baltlmoreani had were capable of p'tisoa >ag good liquor, and liu.1 anc.h presents, ttxxigh very well between freu<ia. were an > thing but approprinte rroat thoaa wbo avowed themselves enemies. If the Baltimore neeena ion lata count upon any support or comfort fnwi the Seventh, they reckon wnhoot tbeir host. All eeemi?* of th* tMars aad Stripes are enemies of Ihe Hev tith rogt nent, ao matter bow firm friends lUey may hsve bee* heretofore NEW ARRIVALS. Tti* Twelfth regiment. >>t Ni w ^ork, wbloh arrived yesteMa-r, is quartered pa. t!y at the A?emi>ly R<x>m* *n I partly '* a chinch nearly op|s>eU? rhe Pennsyl vaata reg m >nt wbtch c-im? at the asms time Is st tbe ita-if iTitl'-n Hail bund eg The *:e>i?* there ?re very funny Tl>e trope are aim st exhausted , and sleep in poaitewis l.ttSiSry to<rnbsrs write letters, with tbe ,J* s>mrioii-nt comraiia for dstks, and a Sight of the regl neqt in betUr than * roe To d'?y the ltbn le Island troops a thousand strong Tlief are picked men, ' musenUr Ptey wear cowh'de l> ?t*, mi 1,1 t in* ?i,rt ai my leit h-?ia fhey icleni p tree 11* j, whirl was car ?y w ?r Ihe colors *?e Mm fad-d ?aa ma l? au i giy n?nt m uio o u ai.d T atr ke'' mofo tj i .>,u ^ I .'tile Rhody has survar?e.t her ?ue na* Dearly three tho <?end men 41'artkkm A^rr.R bk^k with " I'shlt tt- most iMi*? aid tbe mas* popular man la .- o lf He b*< none a lunt'awork in provi ngfir .m* sr<? b : rjdste<o ao ' *"pportof ?ho* tbou?\t?d? of s?l V e*. * id 'b*t ?!< spife o'e?? ry oNtsrl.< aad of nn nrrai &>l j a ulisfat* allemjj't tc wve o il tbr c lj . U > thinks that he has matters so trrugtd now tint every - Uung will go ob smoothly 41 Atia?p ??:?? there a,e mj quantities of stores, but there u? uo >ua there to oversee matters, and erery one baa, or assumes to bare, supreme co-nmand The place to like a Bedlam. The railroad bstween Anna poll* and Washington Is not yet In good working order, but will be In two or three days KxtenaWe contracts lor army sup plies and for bones era being made dally. _ MIBCELLANKOUH. The telegraph is still working, but the government su pervises the despatches and allows no inlormation of the movements of troops to be trauM&Uted. A lai g? mad arrived front New York to day, witb a great de?l of ex press matter. The mails are now to be sent via Anna polls; but as they depend upon the movements or go vernment transports between Annapolis ana Perry vtile, they are not very regular. Oltisens of Washington declare that no rellanoe is to be placed upon the Washington volunteers many of whom are secessionists, and would rather light against than for the government. The people of Virginia have had to come down te akin plaster a of every denomination, from Ave dollars to twenty five cents. Fredericksburg has issued fifty cent notes. Money must be very scarce by this Indication. Here In Washington the tradespeople are detng a splen did business Tbo oonfsctloners and oystormen are get ting rich vary fast, and as all of the soldiers have some money to spend, and spend It lavishly, war, thus far, has been, imanc tally considered, a great blessing to the capital. THE NEW YOKE EEGIKENTS. THE EIGHTH REGIMENT. LETTKR t'KOM A 8ERQEANT OF THE EN(JINKKR3, B1UHTH R?ti IMKNT ? ARRIVAL OK TROOPS ? AP PEARANCE OF TOT NEW COMERS ? UEALTII OF THE BEO IMF. NTS ? CAMP LIFE ? DIETARY SCALE ? ANNAPOLIS? COST OF PROVISIONS ? A MOllT ALARM, ETC., ETC. Naval Academy, A.vmapomi, April 30 1861. Since my last, and up to last night, nothing of Import ance has taken place. Troops are constantly arriving and departing for different stations on tbo river. It is a laughable sight to view some of the companies which ar rived from the country places, some dreesed with cups, others with an old style dress coat, some with belts and some without, but nevertheless all good, hard listed fel lows, and just the men, with a few weeks' drilling, to cut their way through anything. All the soldiers are la excellent spirits and although our fare is hard for mill' tla men, there is not a murmur Pork, bacon, coffee aad biscuit, with an occasional ration of potatoes, constitutes our daily food. The grounds we are in are magnificent, shaded with trees and lam out with brick walks; the re sidences are also gotten up in the latest improved style, inside and outside. Two tbips (steam ) hive arrived, and lay abont a mile as d a half from here. We have not yet communicated with them. Ouard duty is very heavy, especially in the l'.ightli rc Klnieut; men are forced tj MMd uua:d ut limes for Bix and seven hours without a relief, and then mount again in less thaa four hours <>ue dai< of till Kitfbtb regiment (about 460 men) have been detailed to different |>aru of the surrounding country; also a battery of the Eighth rc giment troop. The strictest military dtsc plme is ob served In the yard, and men are cot allowed out of their quarters alter tattio, when the sentinels are doublet, and the countersign dt manded from all patrolling toe groun Is. I A?t mpht a general alarm wus beaten, and in less thin live mmiius rvery man was armed and equipped, and in ten minutes every regiment was ready to inarch. The greatest pxcitemeut prevailed, aud the men all seemed anxious for tbe attack. Nothing, however, oocurred in the way of lighting We slept fully uniformed and on our arms during the night. Vegetables, except potatoes and such like, are not to bo procured j and bread, which ?? pHM from tbe peillors, stands us in twenty cent* per loaf Kggs, three ami four cent* a piece, according to the conscience of the seller. The few people in the city ? Annapolis Is almost desert ed ? reap a rich harvest from us |>oor soldiers. I fear a great many have already been bankrupted. T. H. T., Sergeant Engineers, Kighth Regiment. THE SEVENTY -FIRST REGIMENT. The following letter has been received by J. Steiner, Esq., of the lirtnof Mogenthall Brothers, from Maucellar F. Roll, ft mom bar of the Seventy Oral regiment ? WatatUKiioff, April 29. 1S81. Wo arrived In Washington y eater day, After suffering like (legs I ami i re you 1 bad no idea that a soldier's lire was so full of hardship. We arrived at Annapolis on Wednesday last, and Thursday morning at half-past three we took tip our line of mtuxli for Washington Junction, a distance of thirty miles, over a hot and dusty road. (t wouid be very hard for me to toll you til my sufforlngs. All we had to eat was three crackers and a little water. We arrived at the Junction caily on Friday morning, the whole regiment worn out with fatigue. Squads of orteen men each were then placed between the Junction and Waahlngton city, to protect the track. The squad I waa In waa composed of young men that I know very well; consequently It was very pleasant. Early on Saturday the tram picked us up and took us to Waahisgton. The regiment then took up their quarters In the building where the Preeldokt's ball was held. After romainiug here a few hoars the regiment was ordered to the Washington Navy Yard, whe<e we are tow. The company I belong to Is quarter ed on a steam boat at the foot of the yard, called the Mount Vernon? the only respect abla pUce we have been in rinre leaving New York. YeaUrday President Un colu and H 8ewaru came on board the steam boat . and th<< bojs all bad to shake hands with them, of comae. I will cudeavor to give you a small idea of our Mifleiings on board the steamer K R. Cuyler Kvery <h ng weit on very fine until we got out of sight of land, ai d ili- u commenced the trouble It was Impossible to set an; tiiitg to eat w Ithout paying a high price, for in huuic? a eup of tea fifty cents a piece ol pie Qfty cents; to fact everything was very high, it was lucky I bad m ar m?aey with me, or I think I ah >uld have starved, for I could not eat aalt junk and crackers, which was the onlj food provided for the regiment. A great many had to take iliit (are, becauae they could get nothing elan, After gettirg out to sea the Bight 1 had wir enough for me. I rhall never forget It a a long as 1 live. The steaser had accommodations for two hundred, and we had nearly a tuouaand on board. Most of them were seasick, aa the ac? was very rough 1 wat very si k for throe hours. The sight between decks was awful; it was impossible to eUnd up; the floor was covered with vomit and other trash, enough to make a well man slrk. However, w? at lam armed a* Vonapolls, thank God, and I waa thaakf-il ?or It Mr. . iner, there Is a great deal mora I could tell >ou, but it la almost impossible to write In this cabin, as it is so full of men that it it imposalble to turn around. *e talk of changing our quarters to one of the store bouseii in the jard. then there will be more room to move about. When jou receive this be sure to writ* and let me know how things are In general but in timoe Ilka tbaae It la lmp -ssibie to tell what la going to happm oae day from the other. I would Inform vou that I am near ly without money, and It la impossible to got along with out a 'ittle, as the rations they give the men are really not lit to eat Moat of the members of our aompaoy are men of means; consequent!) they are Independent of aalt juek and very bad cofleo. Our captain tells us that In a week or two the rations will be better, for winch 1 shall be very thankful However. 1 should like to have a tit tle money: p'Obably It will be the last favor I shall ever ask of you, sa we do not know what may happen one day from the other. Mr. Hteiner, pleaae Ask Mr. Sanger If he win be kind enough to send me some brandy, as it cornea very handy to have In quarters; also, ask Mr. Hrhnalt racber to aend me some segars, for which 1 will be vary thankful. Tou have no Idea how happy 1 will be ta re ceive them. TH* TRIP r*R THR CTTTI.RR TO ANK.1FOL10 ? THK MARCH TO WA8HIXOTON. We left New York at kU o'clock P M la the steamer It. R- Cnyler, and arrived at Annapolis on Wednesday. ?m board the steamer water waa so carce that the men had to pay five cents a glass for it, and provisions cost similar figures. Two eggs were sold for tweoty fire cents, and pies coat fifty cents each. The accommoda tion for sleoping waa very bad oa board. The steamer waa ao crowded that tha bertha that should have baaa occupied by one maa were apportioned to three, aad the? were huddled together like hogs. The march of tweoty four miles from Annapolis to tha Junction waa also very fatiguing. ARRIVAL ot THK REOIMKNT AT WAfiHINOTOV? IN t'll'BNTH Of THB VOYAMK TO ANNAPOI.IM AND MARCH TO THB CAPITAL- PRKPARATIOMH FOR AIT Alt RCRNINO THE OAUNTLBf ? A MIDI'S FUR A FIGHT. W*!un*fm?w Navt Yaiu>, April 2?, IM1. r>RAK Fithw a?t> Monnat?We arrived safely at thdi place yesterday, wUhmit a blow being strut*. We arrived at Annapolis on Wednesday, after a tcdloul voyage, bat still we had a great deal of fun. It waa very amtia'ng tosee the boys, aa oae of their comrades was taken sick, rush, with roars of laughter, some to hold hi8 head, others bis feet, others his a/ma , all atrlvlag to ha the Aral one at bis side, aad those who ooukd not get aaar cracking Joke* at the poor unfortunate's expeaaa, when suddenly they would be lakes the same way ih assnlrsa. so that thoae who laughed the heartiest at others were soon to gel tha worat of It In the end Out of about a dozen that did not get sick 1 figured fortunately We got In Annapolis about three A. M Wednesday, and after going through a short parade w era stationed at the NavaJ Academy, with tnatruettoas ta sleep on our arms, with belts oa, aa It waa feared that aa attack woold be made on the place Tha Seventh regl mert nrrlved there on Tso?dey aad their arrival pre vented the attack that day Rut it was feared that It would come soon, and everything wai held la roadmaaa to reoelve them At ball pant twu o'clock A. M. oa Thursday ihe drums best, aad la live minutes we wees all ready Wo *<?? formed oa the parade ground, and at iv o'clock A M. Plaited oa a march of twenty eight milos to aplaie . ailed the Junction, on me fUltlm-vro an-t Ohm Italic -ad. 1 Ae marched thnu gb ?.u?d aakie deep aad now a b irn 1 mg Kim till half part ten o'clock A M , wtom we I. ul our t eatlrni, ir I after a ooopie of hours' halt rtartorf .?? v , and bi arched till live o clork I*. M , whon wa found we bad mafic but about twnty oillei Via ru?> la"?h at It, l( yon ? P but II ir nwUt^'ll j g eatfeai, under the c,t.c imafanc.ce, t? make two rations , i hoar At u.ts our ?srond camp, *e had ratios* igan, ' i a??. s>a)?d until < ?hi o'clock f M. At e*ves o'-skKt I'. vt o'u scowls bad returned, ard reported am , j ^ i f it, ut ene hundml or one hnad'sd ai l fitly a* ' < < sa oiims ? mile og \ tew wtiiil?e a tor two r>ckote t wn.t up if hi where tb*v were re?e Wo aoiq ; foem?1, wiih<?i ihe lanet oviwi, at-d s hi'e wsi'.lng haarl > M war irh'jppi, aai a?r? .o>*ao *My cn ia ft hoi'.ow equai e, iad each man told to be on btt> ?-j ii4 *ud sot to spetik * word. Westood inthlspoel li>? for about u> boar, Mid thai our CMowl resoi?ed to tt&'t *D) bow *ed run the gauntlet l^e roads are dug ri?h*. cutcf t be moo, with bu.ks twenty Ave to tilt y fw t high, eo that a bundled ocuUl Lave cut ua all to piece* tbat tt why I any gauntht We marched our oilier eight miles without sewing or bea/Ug anything o I tbeni, and reached the Juuctiou aboct twelve o'clock. The only hotel in the place soon ttlied up, bo tbat the rest of us bad to stretch out In a train cf cars that waa there. We atftid here all da; , and after baring another falae alarm started at twelve o'clock , and got away Juat ta time, too, as we have aince found out that at daylight a force or two thousand men was to have attacked ua, and waa under anna all nigbt a few mile* off. On both of these occasions the boys were delighted at tha prospect of a tight. Not one showed the white feather. We reached Washington at aix A. M , and marched up to the inauguration ballroom , which waa to be our quarters. I got leave of abseoennnd went down 10 the National Ho tel, had a good bath, men went to a restaurant and had ft good dinner. On nay return 1 fouttrlha camp all bustle and prepara tion, and at three 1'. K. Ha marched te the Navy Yard, where we are now quartered on board the ateamer Mount Vernon, until oar rtfuiar quarters oa ahore can be got ready . We are all fciwe beat of Bplrtu and apoll iog for a fight. I begin to think that 1 will stand fire a gieat deal bettor than I th? jp I would when I started, as we hear and aee so much, and the aoldler'a Ufa, alto gether, haa worked ua all up to such a state of excite ment that we will fight like demooa when the time cornea. I would have telegraphed yesterday, but thev said ftt the office that they had no communication with New Yark, and that the mftUa had been stopped But as tbeirA la a report that ? mall will leave to morrow, a" the boys are writing and our quarters look m?ro liko a school than anything else. 1 received dear Bill's lotter yoater day , and an very thankful for what he has done for me. 1 would write to nun, but as I have a couple or other let ters to wi Ite, I will have to make this answer for all. So, do not worry about me, as I never fell better In my lire, and am In tip top health and spirits. I) > not worry ir letters do not frequently reach you from mo, as the mails hall the time do not get through Baltimore But write as often as you can, ua I shall feel great anxiety to hearcon ?tantly. THEODORE WALLACt. THE SEVENTH REGIMENT AT ANNAPOLIS. Anmapoi L4, April 23, 18fil. A Detachment Sent on to Washington? An Old Itoonuttoe and c Couple of Cattle Cart Brought into Itequirition for Jrantporhng the Troops, Baggage and Ammunition ? He 1 ?airing the Track ? Journey of the Train, with Scouting I* a' ties in Advance? The Enemy Appearing and Ditav peating on (he Route ? Foraging for t'<od?An Old Country House Iiantacked?PrettrixJ, Fg>jt ani Bacon ? The Fatigue* of the March? Sun Stnkn-A tenting Party Fired On ? A Broken Bridge Repaiirrd?Scenet at the Camp Firet? Ike Soldiers Vie th-ir BiyonrWin Place of Spilt to Cook ' their Food? Arriivl at the Junc tion ? JiAirnry in the Train? Arrival a' Washington ? Re cptun Vy the I*resulent and Quar's-riny in the Itepr^senta tivet' Uall ? ArreU of .Secessionist!, <?c. , <fi' , <tc. I wrote you from Annapolis last Tuesday. I be lieve tt was lu the morning. My letter was com menced on the 8th In Brookl)n. and finished with pencil at Annapolis on the 23d. * * * I will com mence this where I left off. At eleven o'clock we were alarmod by danger rockets from the United Statea frigate Constitution, which lay two miles down the bay. We at once beat to quarters, and in teu and a half minutes the regiment was in lice on the boach; every man, even the sick, turned out, and the time In which the line waa formed waaone third of what It takes when wo forn| for a parade in Now York. With the aid of glasses wa saw four large steamers anchored in the bay , and goon loarned there were more New York troops coming We were then dismissed for the nigbt. At twelve o'clock I re ceived orders to report my wlf in the morning at four o'clock with ft howitzer, ten picked men, three days' rations, and a quantity of shrapnel and canister shot It took me until three o'clock in the morning to get my men, rations and ammunition in readiness, and oue min ute before four o'clock I reported myself and command ready for special duty. The Sixth and Second companies also reported at the sime time, the whole forco under command of Captain Nevins, of the 8lxth, he being tho senior captain. We marched to th? depot which tho Matsachuaetla volunteer militia bad taken possesion of. The whole country here is secession to the back bone, and the r*llroel company had aent all their cars and en gine* to Baltimore. They had a!ao t<>rn up tho track at InU-rvala along the road, torn down bridges and raised mischief generally. The Massachuaetta mliitia is com posed of mechanics, and a very fine intelligent lot of men they are. They had found an old asthmatic engine and bad rei>aired it ao that it was In decont working order. Tbey also supplied engines, firemen, b c There we found two old rickety paaeenger cars and two old cattle care, and bad them Axed as follow*, after sawing ufi the top* of Urn cattle car* ? In the Aral car, llguw' 1 waa my posi tion, where I acved a jft w.ductor, giving the engineer slguala. (At No. 2 a man waa atationed to watoh for oresks in the rond Noa 3, 4, 0, 7, H, 9 and 10 were the puaitions ol my detachment, and Noa. 11 to 16 were the poa.tlons or men picked out aa sharpshooters, with orders to fire cn any parson I piiuled out. In this way we atartod slowly and ran about three miles, passing some 200 of the Maasachuaetts men who had b 'en out for two days doing scout duty. Tbey had not eaten a mouthful In twenty four hours. We gave them our rations, and you never saw men more grateful. They joined us and pushed on until wo got to whore the track was torn up. Here we sent the engluea and paaaenger cars back, put out scouts, found tho rails, replaced them and started on, pushing the two platform cars, with the scouts on either side We soon saw some men, about a mile ahead, prying ? |f gj, | up the track. Wo sent the scouta ahead I ' and waitet, hoping they might get near enough to brlug on an engagement, but thny bad a watch set and we could not get within half a mile of them so that we had to relinquish the proposed plea aure. Arm 27.? I was called away yester day, and will now try to finish my let ter. After we bad been on the march about four hours, we saw a pa. ty of horaeonen moving down on us We c*me to a halt an d -waited lor them to attack, but they went rounl the aide of th<' b!U and we taw no more of them After wailing aome tine we conuludodto halt and I ?ke break ";ist. Having nothing to eat, I took twelve men and went to a house on (he lop of a lull, where we coulJ see *11 around tho country for som>' distance. Saw nothing of the enemy , so we knocked at the door. No answer Opened the door and went In Found the house ompty. Looked in the cupboard and found some pre ? #erves. We ate them in short order. Looked under the bed and found * basket of eggs (hens', ducka' and turkeys'), which we sucked, with the excep tion of one tbat was paat the o|x-rauon. Then we found a arsond cupboard, and in it fume fat bacon This wo sent after the eggs and preaerv**. and were ready for either a fight or ? march Aa we were gotting ready to leav*. ? man came ruthin* in In great haste nod much Beared Wa extended the bo?pitailtiea of tho house to bin , and he took a *e?i We *oo? ascertained tbat ba waa tha proprietor, and that h,s family bad got aoared and run into tha awaaip 3eui bim after them, when they returned. One of the boys had his pantaloons off when they returned The good wlf*, with womanly kindness, offered be* aervices, and they were accepted While *be waa at work we recounted th.- damage we had dooe, and told the old fallow tu tlx his price! Be said we were heartily welcome? we knew he had? and that the thinga were worth probably %? we gave him S10, and he waa the hapni.Ni man in ihe state. By this time the main body of the re? tnent had tome up, and we pushed on. Tt waa awfully hot . and now the march began to aa auate ? bad aapeot The men were overloaded ? the march jm nil wan forty three miles and the men began to droop. Some fell down, and others lay down In the dlteheeand sw ampe, bepging to be left We coul I do nothing elae than leave them until the a?ck car came along and picked them up n>e sun struck onen were sent bark? the others aie with ua? and we have not loel aman.unlee* aome of tho sun struck have since diod. We marohed all day ant! *11 night until five o'clock the next rooming. Just at dusk we found a targe bridge lorn ilawn . we put five hundred mm to w >rk al It, nad had It up in three hours. Wo Lad a Uu-^e scouting pirty out? they were fired on, but no one was hurt on either aide,? the coward* taking g<od care to keep out of the way, having a highly exaggerated opinion at to the vwjne of their liven At live o'clock we halted, built Area and cooked onr hroakfaat on the points ol our bayonet*. After a two h' sirs' reel we puahed on \ and ramr to the Junction. Here, to our surprise, we fouad a train of cam walling for us un ler a guard, and our mart h waa over. The rest of the way we pro needed in tbeoara. Our marrh, which took twenty four hoars, waa but twenty three milex long; the remaining twenty ml Ire we rode, making forty thrw, in all, of ft tourney. In order to make the march , howev or, we had to relay a large portion of the road, acd in some caaea to cut new rails off with an old chsMd m order to get the right Kngth. Tben we had to do the biggeat kind of *0,0111 duty, and, taking it all in all, it wastvpiftl to a flftymilm foroed march at least. Secre'jiry of War Chmcroo says, taking all things Into oonstdoration, It waa the greatest naicn on record. General Hcoll says not one man in ths regiment haa the slightest conception of the good we have *lrmdir done the no>mtry. They say he cried like a rtbild when he wae told that the Hovrbih was marching up to the White House. We have been a long whl'c coming, and hare had much to overcome, the rallroada being out of ordor Itiey bad not h< ar?l one word from ua all** wo Lintled, and the pnpera reported us to have lost TO 11. ee sod kllleti iXK? fhe fact is this Ttiey could have killed ten men before we could have got a *1*4 at them , for nor read lay through gorge* la U>e hills, and d>*i*n woo>l*> and swampe; but they I i ke?l the onurage, *ud we cftme here aaTf. am are <iu*rtnre-l la the r.ew Repre^e||l*Mve Rail You would md know me I think It w*hiWi r, quire an affidavit to cotiv uiec y??i aa to my ideotit* I hope lo become white cne of these day* I waa the first to letre \no*pol|s (my m-lthm. of e?'i??e, kept me oa the right). I aiso ro ' on the tender with the

,-iard, sbe*<l of Uio liMnmotive, fr*>m the Jnncti a to wwhi' g'on, and was the drat New Worker In Washing ten Oae w iril about the evince of this train rh ' tlmore and 0 K?iirn*<i Onnptny have seat all their en gtawn, save ore, to Raitimoro; and the engineer 1 are of'i<? abset t One m*n w? (oil here who hnd formerly a rtted ** fl*>r*i*n He ronseoted to rnn the engine, a'ter a ptnt?d had been ptact d to hi* oar and ?nt? sec >nds B'n Mm lo nonai ler la our march Into ff**b!t>gt<?u I eooiwand of th? artill'-ry oorps, and was ?ho flrat to #AKi t U>< White lio-uc grounds, the ft.~*t to anlute the P-n.drtit, tba first to saiute tin: RepreseetaWv* Hall, t drill to get By ineu ^iurtMtd, Mid the Dr*t ud ooiy ou to i?uUlt?r Uui wu *M ovnr. I got ? btuw on the b?ad at the Junction, tw-t did nut mind it much 'iat 1 my wwk vm owr . tlien it knocked me. bt-M>AT, Apt it 28, P. U ? I wttj again railed oil Bad I will nnaiti catch up to tho present mom cot. Bail close WtU give >ou BsluA at (ue at flv paces tf I cbo write >ou so lo< g a letter again We have lied just now dt vine service by ear Chaplain. The President paid us a visit. Bad has just left, after making us a sp- ?ch He U haadaome ter b bimot-J; man, thai is. Uu Lights up well when animated, but it is b great waste of perpend tcuiBr to put no much of It io as; one man You may rest assured be la sound aad Lib judgment good f Qiuik him the bent man < uaiong the caiididaits (or the place. We have three se cessionists under guard, in the basement, Thoy , or tire of them, are said to have been in government employ, aud were caught filling shell and caauon with saud. rhey are waiting. very fo.lishiy, to try them. Our guards killed two men last night? one fer attempt ing |io foroeftbe Btntry aai drawing a pistol on . tun. I omitted to teil you how we got B brt-akf.iit to cook. We sent out J foragers, 1 with orders to take what they wanted and leave more than its value la ta^Dey , but not to oome back 1 with lees than they could carry . In some cases the poo pie refused to let them have anything on any terms, bat it had to come, and when the straggling parties returned ( it was a curious sight ? one with a calf, another with a j pig, others with chickens, ducks, eggs, milk, 4c. Those wore killed, with the eioeptl?a of the eggs and milk, ooofced aud eatea within an hour. The mails are ' 1 nowhew ' ' now, and wa can only get the Bhuij) of old dates by paying tweuty five to seven- ; ty Ure cents per copy. T B. B. , IMPORTANT OPERATIONS OP THE SIXTY NINTH REGIMENT. We hare the following from an informant who has re cently returned from Annapolis ? On Sunday aflerncon, April 21, tbo Sixty ninth regiment were ordered out to guard the railroad from Annapolis to Annapolis Junction, anil by nine P. M they were posted in parties of eighteen, six and two. The officers ha<l their quarters at the Junction, and a number of the resi dents of the surrounding country showed them the streams, roads, houses and farms throughout the entire lino for twenty miles. By midnight they had built their guard houses, of fence rails and bushes. During the night thoy taw one man attempting to draw the spikes from one of the rails when, in accordance with previous orders, he was immediately shot. later in tbu night a pistil was stolen by a man who crawled up through the bushes, who soon after being dis covered disappeaied from sight. A party of eighteen were immediately sent out in search of the thief, and in a short time they returned with him Opon him was found the stolen pistol and several loiters showing his connec tion with the rebel troops. ?Still later in the night a suspicious character was ob served prowling around; whereupon be was immediately arrested, and upon searching hitn letters containing valuable Information was found respecting the move ments of secessionists in that quarter. n>e Sixty-ninth, in ommon with othor regimonts, have bon o the hardships or the march and camp duty without a single murmur of expression of dissatisfaction, but have seemed determined to outdo their brethren ia arms In thoir strict obedience to orders and ilielr readi mss to serve their country la whatever duty they may bo called upon to perform. On Monday afternoon two trains from Baltimore ar rived at Annapolis Junction, but were detained by lieutenant Colonel Nugent, of the Sixty-ninth regiment, until he couid telegraph to General Scott for orders re epecting them, sad upon the receipt of General Scott's reply they were immediately sent back to Baltimore. INTERESTING FROM MARYLAND. OUB BALTIMORE CORRESPONDEUCE. Baltimore, April SO, 1801. Partial IlatvratUm of Order in Baltimore? IKe Start and Stripu Float Ovtr the PviMc Building*? Duplay of the . National Flag from Private liuildyngt Interdicted? ted img of Ou People Ikefeat ? Derive to Re-ettaUiih Frtt OoMMMicativn for All Purpoies? OariMc College, <S> c. Thank God, tbe crlsia Is over, and wo believe the reign of error, as well m of terror, la nearly at an end in Balti more. Tbe ugly hydra secession his received its death wound, and 1? now trying to hide its deformed head under cover of the law. Our very enemies themselves uow find it necessary, as they think, for their own safety, to enact new and unheard of ordinances, for the alleged purpose of preserving the peace of the city, all the while trying to forget their own treason and violence for ths lost ten or twelve days. How true it is, whom the gods Intend toaleatroy they first make mad This is the only solution 1 can Imagine for the insane act of our bravo Mayor (for b? is brave) and our City Council In passing last evening the following ordinance for the preserva tion of the peaca of the city of Baltimore:? That the Mayor ts hereby authorised and empowered, when in his opinion the name may be required' to prohibit by proclamation fur a limited period the public display of all flags or banners in the city, except on buildings or ves sels of the United States, under a penalty ot having them taken down by the police, and a lino not ezoeeding twen ty dollars # What foolishness! Cannot the Union loving citizens of Baltimore look at their national ensign as It proudly floats from tbe tall flagstaff at McHenry and the Custom House, the l'ost Office and the national vessels in our harbor' ? that bright and beautiful emblem of our country's glory, which is not ouly respected, but feared by all tiatioDs. and under whose ample starry canopy tho humblest Atnorlcan citizen finds protection to the very ends of earth. What the efl'ects of such a proclamation will be, should it be issued, who can tell" It really seems to me ss if the "powers that be are determined to rc cnact another reign of terror. To-morrow (Wednesday) It Is said the national llag Is to bo raise* on all tho national buildings and vessels in Baltimore. I should not be sur prised if a hundred or a thousand, or tlvo thousand Stars and Ptripes were then simultaneously thrown to the breeze what, then, would be the consequence? Either a collision betw . en the Unionists and secessionists, aided by our faithless 1'oilce Marsha: and his large force, quiet submission by the patriots, the payment of twenty dollars line, or be imprisoned, lor ono, as I have no arms nor money . even to purchase a barrel of flour for bread for my beloved wile and children, though once rioh, I shall willingly go to prison. Ho you may expect to see ray next letter dated from the Baltimore City Jail; but I ?-hall have abundance of good compauy, and wo shall patiently abide our time. Such at leant is the determination of many good and true citiaeiis, should Major Brown exorcise his authority, nod Kive th 'iu no other alternative, this quiet submis sion may surprue some, when it is remembered that the secessionists do not number one lourth of the voters of Hnltlmore; but It must also be remembered that they are allainv-d organised as military, and that tho au thorit ea and City Council are on their Bide, while we are utamied, and, in this sense, unprotected. Still, as I before said, though we mav have a few days more of terror and tyranny, they will assuredly witness the dy ing struggles of the gust oppression? ths tall soa of Anuk mustjfall. It ha* been said the blood of Christian martyrs is "the seed of theohurch." May it not be asserted with equal Krtinonco that the blood or patriot martyrs is the seed of >ert>? Does not that which was shed In our streets already cry Tor vengeance, and is it not being answered by host* of "armed meui1" But let our enraged Northern fellow citizens remember that no portion of our land regrets that bloody deed more deeply than the loyal majority of the citizens of Baltimore And furthermore, they will do all In their purer to atone for ths otlence of which they are not guilty, and to restore again the facilities of trade and Intercourse between us and them. All this 1 can confidently promise, notwithstand log the paisage of the singular ordinance respecting that naaghty and dangerous thing sometimes called the " Stars . and Stripes." And here Is lbs proof, "And confirmation strong as holy writ." At that very same meeting yeatertlay the very men ! who attempt to suppress that Hag pawed the following resolution:?1 "That the Mayor be and he is hereby, re- 1 queeted to communicate with the Oeneral Assembly of Maryland, now In session, for the purpose of procuring ?neb actk* of that body as may in their Ju tgmon t be moat advisable to bring about early a roeloratlm of tbe communications by the di To rent railroads and other means between tbe city of Baltimore and other parts of the country as may be entirely consistent with ths saiety and welfare of the city and State." There, now, what do you think of that.' Is not that a noble and graceful barking down? I tell you we will rebuild the bridges and restore the rails; and now, so far froea attempting te keep our friends away from our city, we Invite them to pay us a visit. There Is room ptmy at our hotel*? the Keet managed and fdi-nlahed la the w*>rld ? the moat polile landlords and at:entivo servants, and the richest faro that can be found between the pol' *. Our Northern and Eastern friends know all this, and hence, to some extent, the helgbth and depth of their sanguinary wrath. "Ihey of orniren desire to look after tbe welfare of the thousands of their friends, fathers and brother*, mho have and will come here as soldiers, and to be deprived the privilege of visiting the hirgtwt and raoet beautiful city la the .South, containing the most generous and hospitable people in the world, and such angels as are not seen this side of Heaven, was too bad, and could not be endured. It ought not to be, and we are now willing that they may c<>me la any rsn sonable number of tens of thousands. Do not take this for Irony or levity? I never was more in earrset in my life. Not only do our landlords wish to see you, but our merchants and tradesmen especially, even the po.jr me rhan Ib and laborer will hall yeur appearance as tbe har binger of peace and plenty. The expulsion of students from Carlisle was not by the citlrens but the Faculty of the College, and extended k> only a few Southern bloods, who had the temerity to pill1 down tbe American flag from the college builiiag, where II bad floated from us birth. We understand that while some students have gone borne the classes are all >e fell operation, ?qd the best feeling exists between tbe students and cttiaena of Caarllsle. OUB HATRE DE GRACE CORRESPONDENCE Hatok os <1*41-*, Mity 1, 1**11. Kmfi*-/ of IKr tHoral OnjnUU ? Trnum at the .Vt.iy Vart? of AmfVru Tnnpt? TV Road fa (V 'tyn'ol Of*m V m?> fWing in Hviyland ? ffarr* rfe arm v? floamsr Jf an, I ? TSe Camp at PrrryviUe, rtr I learn from two offlcere of the army hist from Wash In n ton that the defences -?f ths capital are now perfect, although they have not b tberto been so The numbers and disposition of the troope are such that no attack on the capital reuld he auooersfM rruASnn at ms Wastokotos saw rasn A atatti.ti| (?M?o\ery jww made ynetemair at tb? Washington N a sry v?r ! A Uzl'.tC SUtk. ,'-.ucar Uok tt into but tHO to draw tbe 104# 01 toi* of tbo Urge pieces Of ouooo mounted in bailor? thurd. Whit win bU Bur prise to And that theto ?w -3 bu. i& the gun, bet | thai a quantity of sawdust haa boon rimmpl into it lu atead. An JiaUot examination aaow i UiU all tbe guns in that battery (which U waa aeppased we-j a*l loaled) were in the dame condition. It r quired a Uug time ana much trouble to get the guu properly ciM&sd out but tbey are now properly loaded. The sawdust flLing *?l | probably put in by some aeceHnoaicOa. mo\ kmknth or sultiiaj .1 r.too.w I learn 'rem passengers wbo cart. b?-? by tbe steamer j laneaater from Baltimore, an I who are just from N'or'.U ; Carol ma and Georgia, that the car 3 on a.1 the raJruad.H are crowdod with companies ol loutueru troooa moving 1 toward# Richmond, and that at a'! tL? I'ttle towns and stations on the route oompanies of soldiers aredrltliag. they hay, however, that in the cars Mm tone of all -toutd era geetleaaeu la one in which mortification and chagrin are perceptible. The successful occupation of Wash.i<gton baa Hied the 8outh with d junay. Tbey calculUed tn an eaay victory there, but now, they say. the golden oppor tunity is loet it may be doubted acw wliethir al! 1 teas of an attack 00 Washington hare no' been abandoaad. THB ROAD ro TUB CAPITAL. I leaned from the oflicera referral to above that the road from Annapolis to Washington, over whtoh they pawed yesterday, is la c?mpiete order, aad that tra.ns are paaslng over it without danger or doientiou. Tbe whole road la well guarded. itmon fxlusg r * n.utrt_i*ti I have taken pains to ascertain tbe real state of fueling inthia part or Maryland, an 1 with the moat gratifying results. The Union aebtiment ii growing everyday la this place, although 1 have ee*o no American Hags, the Union ba3ge la openiy worn, and e rot tee no opposition. ur?Tjm >k or iuvu r>a <iraos. Havre de Grace la certainly one of the prottleat to waa 'a the United States. The scenery, from this point of view at (east, la charming. The] principal str-ets of the town are extremeiy wide, and many of the houses ara built with taste and surrounded with pretty dowur gar dens It baa one or two good bote'* and Ave or aix large churches. As a military position it seems to me better adapted for the purpose than l'erry vtUo, althoaga of course it waa a military necessity to occupy Perryrllle drat. It will, I have no doubt, also soon be oc;upied. THXSTBAMKR MARY! AMI The possession of the steamer Maryland by tbo United States authorities is a meet fortunate circumstance. It waa sucb a aigbt as la .-seldom wltncss&l, to nee her yea ten* ay sailing hence with the Providence Marine Ar tillery, with their guns on board, the three radroad tracks en her tipper dcck crowded with locomotive and cars, and her lower deck cammed full of warlike stores, balm of tents and barrels of provisions, besides her own armament of Wi poundem and crew of regular blue ) ark eta. She is doubtless the most stupendous craft or the kind in the world. TUB C AM!' AT PKRRVVIUJt The camp is all alive to d:.y, Theie are a thousand troop* here , and the commanding officer? Co;. Dare ? makes them toe ihe mark. Many of the companies that have recently arrived here are not so well drilled as they ought to be. They are n?w daily receiving instructions. The tronp.i aro ail well, and in high spirits The railron 1 track in the depot store was all boarded over yestentay, ovinoing the design of ita occupancy for along time. It now ail irds Bleeping accommodation for a large portion of th> force rue food or tbe soldiers Is plentiful and good Besides excel - lent cold boiled ham and bread, tbey oatch fWh and broil them on their tires, and make cotfoe in their kettles There is no doubt some of them, who have been t -cus tomed to a variety at home, feel a little sick at tbe hard ships of a life in camp, but they will awn get seasoned to It. A 8VY ARRESTVn. Yesterday afternoon a man fanusticaL'y d reared in the garb of " Auid Gael'' was found prowliug about tbe camp. Not being ablo to give any good account of himself, he was scut on board the Fairy an 1 told to leave. It is sup posed he was a spy. not troops sun' ojr nieni arks. Last nlgbt, either because an attack was anticipated or because it w?s thought it might be necessary to send re inforcements to Annapolis, the troops al1 slopt on their arms, with muskets loaded. The seven steam transports at the whurr all bad steam up, ready to start. No alarm was given, however. MTHAIUtATtO* or HORSES. Home trouble was experienced in getting the horaes of tbe Providence Marine Artillery on board or the steamer Kill Von Hull Inst evening; but Anally tbe embarkation was effected without lorS. A gangway plank thr-e times as wide and twice as thick as the one usel would have obviated all the trouble. INTERESTING FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. OUR CHARLESTON CORRESPONDENCE. Cllfl? OS, 8. C., April 23, 1X1, Quiet in Chculeiton? Return qf Tronptfrmn Camp? Da parture Jor Virginia ? Busineu Reviving? Shvet m Plantation!? Ko Peat of lnsun ?Xion?Tke Seventh Refi mmt?Gooernor Letcher and South Carolina Sol&crt ? Social Life ? false Humeri, Ac. , tfc. While the people of the North, at last awakened from their Indifference to passing events, are la a state of turmoil and confusion, here all la comparatively peace. The South Carolina army, aa a body, Is rapidly dissolving into its original elements. The unlfonna of merchants and merchants' clerks are being exchanged for the coats of business men, and the disturbed relations of the paat month are beginning to assume their original chwaels. As far aa regards home defence, their duty has been done, and they are dropping into their accustomed places. It muat not be suppoaed, however, that this sudden subsidence of the external exhibition of military ardor is an indication of a diminution of real spirit la the commu nity. Those who hare returned to tholr homes are that class upon whom the prosperity of the community la a measure depends, and cannot well be spared from their vocations. There is still, howover, a large number under arms. A detachment of several hundred yet remain on the islaud, and a small army of one thousand are now In Virginia waiting for the opening of hostilities promised ia that warlike vicinity. Tliis, by the way, is but a half of those now rapidly preparing to move In the same direction, who will follow within a week. The regiment which has gone is under the command of the following officers, and is called the first regiment South Carolina Volunteers ? Maxcy Gregg, Colonel. 1). H Hamilton, I. leuteoant Colonel Augustus M. Mnith. Major. The i Ulcers who will command this portion of the Smith Carolina volunteers, subservient, of course, to General lleaurrgard, are: ? M L Bonliam, Brigadier General. Col W. C Moragne, Deputy Adjutant Qoneral. Col W. D. Simpson Division Inspeotor Ueneral. Col. A P Aldriob, (Juartermaster Col. K. B Boy leston. Commissary. Col. J. K I ipscomb, Paymaster Col J. McK. G.iston. Brigade Surgeon Major 8 W. Nelson. K. 8. Hammond. Major s. W. Melton. Tlie personnel of these volunteers embraces the bent stock of South Carolina, the genmne fighting men, who have been inured to the privations of camp lifts and are ready to do fettle at the ward Many of them leave fa milies h?IM, bnt a Urge proportion, being well to do, la a pecuniary sense, have left them in the moat comfortable circumstance* Hires of the privates la the Abbeville company alone are worth , betweea thorn, three millions of dollars, and numbers of both officers and privates, In the army generally, repressat from flfty to three hundred thousand dollars each . As far aa wealth ia concerned, therefore, they vstll present a fairer showing than the volunteers of the North. Their Oghtlag capacity muat speak for Itself The qneatlon will arise at the North, '-What will be come of the planting interests of these men la their ab sen a - Probably there will not be a depreciation af Ave per cent. The slaves? ?ach as are aware of the facta of the cane? lul'y sympathise with their masters in the movement , and are working as 'aUlifnlly under the dlrsc tton of competent overseers aa If the eye of their owner visa upon them , and, atrange aa it may appear, In several Instances of which I am personally cognizant, the rami lies ef the absent planters are at the present writing alone in tbetr hemes, provacted only by the faithful ne groes by whom they are surrounded. A slave lasar rectkm is one of the last thoughts which enters ths mind of the people of thn South Thoy entortam no more fear of such an event than they do of an invasion of the State Indeed, in the conntry they seldom look a door at night Considerable excitement L caused hors by russors that the .Seventh regiment had been attacked and several kill ed at Annapolis; and, strange as It may appear, regret la generally expressed that so fine a bo<iy ot men, of whom ti>e people of the HouUi , aa American people, have been almost aa proud na o'ir New Yorkers, ehould have met such a fate. In the sbseneie, however, of any telegraphic dse C tehee or mail from the North? them for several days vtsg been c?i? off ? no reliable Information is at haad Ttxwe who bring newa la person are objects ef the great eat Inlet eat, and ire constantly betot t>y a crowd or an k loos Inquirers. Kvery Item of important news Is like a Hash of llgbtnng and hardly enutnates from a legitimit > source before it l.? Hjlng on the wings of taa wind t > th* remotent oilier of the State The bulletin boards if lt>th the Hirriiry luirt t'rurur a re throng.*! with readers no the appearance ot every new scrap of intelligence. But be y<?d the*- Oo astot <0 evidences of Interest, no one would susnret CYiau leston of having br>en the scene an 1 centre of th< convulsion now going oo throughout the o >untry. In the military depaiwneut everything wears a lively aspect, but not so much so as It has lone until the last three ueys The State Is doing nil In Its power to afford sealstance to those of Its sisters who r?<|inre aid, and troops, runs nnl ammunition are vent away by every tram Lieutenant Hamilton, oommaiider of tht Uniting t ulte ry hss tone to PsHMcola, probably with a v ew u> superintend trie onMrurtion of on? of these "engines of war" there, thou Id It be required And other ofii"er?<H experience have gone to North Carolina on i Virginia Cue enll of Ooverner Letcher, of th" 'atter Hist" for s .Idler., wan n.ade not from want of met. but heeai'se ha believer touth t*roili>a volunteers wold gives toue and c >n ? to Uki Viiginla volunteer* and insj.i ?? them With i iii rc? '>f i m ?p|.roximatiPg lo lb. i eh has h,?m exhibite*' nsre Tnk trill imdoubto^ty be the ca*e Aside fi-m th'?? war ttoiiite there s little stirring In the ommiui.ty. eo. ial hfs la a flnaiM lo revive, th< >.gh Mtotwba* late tn llic sent'?wi. ar>4 lh> ratu tiof husbands sud lathees ffcm the camp his t?oen ths OCcaSiMO' nAny family A mile cttntry to<m eallni , MnMVW, ttnMt Ism mi? e (><?? Oliarlwt' n, is be [ I, tuning to flit np wlUt Its at MMMMi WtafMte during tbe warm moott*, aiu quite a ^-cb<-r it H-irthernera 14 mjocrc g in U>e bimo pleatact local. iat(( tln?? stMpiii;i| at U.cwa'l Uutel ar? fodrt or kijUn*] New /or' ?rs ? ttrn of *hoo? generally kno to ?^ur reader* , are Ed. 0. Wart, , the corrugate i-K e,it acd " i0** of aiia '-Tec") UoveraGr lies Iru) effect of the atriDf , put*, tu allii/, fiae tt^nospaen ?u..i re? on upr*. the ooadUtcuon, ebi?ctniiy of o s*.ajpti*es, is ? ??a^riui. aud hundreds have come b oc their bsrks, expecting 10 be carried out on a baa who, m 'tf course of a ft w weeks, bave been, aa wer* ' bors agam " There are on.y one or two I ?raM trf thu kibcl in the country , and I marei r refer to da ffiervtlle for Ijis benefit of u,^ msalidt at tbe Na who requve a beneficial cJiug^or scene and air. New V o?fc p?oeis of the ISth, lust at hand, ? tain ?t*t< meat* tb*t numbers u ( men were kilied by tre *-oai Fort Sumter Your corr. spondee t bad or laciiity (or seeing person, lea'ntag the faou fro* highest authority . ani was oa the spot during the mg> m<*ot You may therefore ieat aaaured that oet a wag toot during the whole thirty fo>ir hours bambardm between the foice* Anything to the coatrary i* oaa factored out of whale cloth HAVE THE SOUTH PLENTY" OF PR0VT8101 Am there seems to be a mistaken Idea relative te the sour e? of the South la the matter of pr>Ttatona, we t the fallowing letter from the Memphis Appeal ? PROVISION 8 IN THI OOVNTRT. I am just in from a trip through West Tennessee Noriuern Mississippi Pound every neighborhood fai enthusiast* and well organised, ready at the blait o bu?;le and ibei' own concerted signals, to march to protection of Memphis aad the river Made especitl quiry Maoeramg >be quantity of provlstonfi on hand, lound every plai ler confident that the amount of c and tneal is sufficient to last until the new crop co?<* (he greater Dumiier o( them have planted much lew too and mo?e corn than usual I be crops of wheat .ether grains give promise of large yield, and every oo h.ipelut of the prospect. 1 found, too, thai the peopi th? city will be w-tcome to the homes of the poop:# the eountry , if provisions here run short, which, bfi by nuoy prouuee oealers arc putt ng un a little to* t is proe. Cannot the c untry m Kentucky aud Tennet wnu uh the pr. vifrtoos we need)" S'mlj th?y will h this much patriotism. J R NAOU la connection with tho above, we quote the foils* fr< m the vlnclnnati Hn qttirer ? CAPACITY OF THE SOBTII TO PBBf> IT8KLP. A great err * that two rcpubllcau p esses are no* stilnog into the Northern tntuo is, that too South cot the capacity to ftod itself They find It sti eowl for food at this time, and therefore couolude 1 such must always b? toe case if cot off rrom Nortl suj'P' es Ihe suvern drought la?t tuuimer in tho c. of the scarcity U food at the -outh. Kausits is sa ing (rom the mup cause Tli? nurthern pvtofOhi few ypara ago, suOer?o from a lika mmoe, aci so sevo tbat cattle died tor want o: p'vvoudur No pirt M widely est* ootd oour.try is ext-mpt from snob a c;d tons visi'aticB. o sh?w that the ctn p-oduce articles nec?M-ary to sustain a piopie in w?r. we I msde the loilow<Lg eahloit from the census table of 1 And it Is only neccsss y for tbe south to ilounle ?l Qyurba, to p>>t undM ouitivatiou only abatil one bait number of act f* oow devoted to cottoa aad tobacco devote tbe other to the r aaine of com. wbeat, pot% kc. The following are rrom the causus sta'istlCo of I of ai(Alei> produced In the olav) Stat as that /ear ? Bui Corn .?4'_ b3i Wheat arjit Oats oj 31x' daeet potatoes 44,41V lru>ti potatoes 0,46? i>J ; Hay l,06t JYi/n Hogg 20 47f Sbeep 6,2T? Uorsea t Of 7 MulM 60' Cows 2,816 Oxen ?u OthM cattle 6 07.' We have not enumerated the rics, rye, barley other products that are largely cultivated in some if i Southern States. We give only a part of the yearly ducts ot the Southern States of such articiea as are quired to support a people in time of nr. The peop ;i tbo*>e Stat* e can, If put to. supply rrom their awn mm |] abundaoce of tho nect-esariea ol life, without being j fxoceot therefor on any other people. Ail thev harfl do to make that oer tain is to devote more land to j cu.tivation of cora, wheit, 4c., and lees to oottoa,"t^ co aDd t>ugar Heretofore the cotton, nee aad a , States have lound it to be more profitable to oulti | those to tbe exctusio j of all pr^duc a, and de '< ujk)c the Northwest for corn, pork, flo*r, &e. rhat fj a matter of choice, uot <?( necessity. Tbe border t J States can su|iply tbe whole rou'b with ail the til pork and flour it can consume, ar.d bave a surplus >1 CAN TUB BOOTH MAKOTA0TUBB rHRIK OWN F ] ARMS?? CASTING OF CANNON AT PbOBINOB, t BAMA. We learn from a gentleman who resides at flart Alabama, that that plan I* preyarad to oast Brat qa * cannoa, at the rata of ahoutfoar par week Weald I be well fbr ear municipal aathnrlttes to oemaaa with those of Ploreare on the aahieot. as ao tisu u lost in poshing forward our preparatieaj of Oafaaoef THE CON FEDERATE AR?T. The Rxhmoad K*qu*rer states that tbe pradlam < of Oo rermor IMcher Iter volunteers la ?trgiula has responded to by over seventy thousand eoldfere ? J Young men from every class and profession ih-onft the State, all of them raised with arm i la th ir b from earliest borhuo.1 form Vlrg'.?i?'? army Chn all aaid to be good marksmen . enured to fatigas by I ing aad farming, tiding and exerci e of ail kinds (o rush to the defence of their homos, facers aait there, rights and liberties? euro a>e the defeaders oi ginla. All of the State has not vet be -a heard from wben It Is, the number will be swelled to one hno thousand of the best soldiers that ever siood forth to fend their country from oppress >a -ucb an ar?y oered from the flower of this late Uait*d -Hates Arsay commaadeo by the brave and gallant !#e tbe aobie of IJght Horse Harry . conquest will he Impnsslse, the invader tbat has tne bsedibood U> tresptM upon soli of Virginia wilt meet wltb a sure aad speedy dot [Ohio has offered eighty -one thousand, aad 0a neoctsary, double that a umber, aad net led by trai j hut true men.] PRIVATEERING COMMBKCSD. The ProvtdeoC" Oa?n Journal, of *Mn?M?r Ust,( the i.illowmg keova inMancm or the cemmeaoemfl. p? ! T?te?-r icg on the part of the South ? A BCHOONKR PIBKO AT Of r TUB VIRGINIA 09 I he tH'Wuar Pnu>k l.<ioaa, tap<aia fay lor, of P deipbia, arrirvd at Pall K<rrr oo Mond>y. Hj? cad r?ports that off the wftt ?ho"> o' Vlrgioi* h> rhud by tbrwe a<iltng reesels Muaketa loaded bails aad bock shat w?ve tired at him. Forty hack faMMt tbioiigh bU m*iiia*il and taratf throogi ax and a muskt-t ball struck toe ataeacle, near whiet raptaia was eland -n* There vera four or Ore c etltooaer* 1a ronnau; with the Frank Lucas Oat Taylor doca not know what became o( them, a sobooner outsailed them ail. A BCItOOKKR rTRKP OH AT CHARI.B9TOM. K schooner b^ioanln^ to Preetowe, Ma? , yeaterda rlred there from rtoarieat'W. H 0. We hear that shr flrad oa when coming out of Ohtrleeton babor (Ha parsed through the bu warka and tha galley aad weu tho cook la H;e leg HKIZURK or TU^KU IN MOBfLI BAT. H?e Uohiiat tkiKaayi ? A Dumber of ciumi learning by te<egraph of seizure of Hon1 bora property by the foiled dtates, d tulued to retaliate by the seizure of all tha Veiled 1i viwsels In part. At a boat tea e'oleek o#the a<?ht a f 44th, a party look ard earned tha Boil* <tf tha Bay, a and beautiful brig, which arrived a few days aloce, I with ice from ffcetna. Hfco now lire at the wharf, the Somber* OoofedaraU? Bag floating at her maiaaa* Another party thea ton k charge of the Daa at t> Mod, which ia from New IT ark, with an assorted Of but balls from New JerMf. Still another party, composed principally of the t Artillery Ooelineatais chartered the eciew steamer nlMo, aad a tar ted la starch of the K. L Uambie. w had cleared the day previously ia ballast for Key W The Oei-nleoo g?.t off about two o'clock a. * k (Ire o'clock the Gamble was aaea under full sail goto, of the harbor the Ouontaon was sosm s<i mtlua t* I' It wai tho- ght by soaae on the Ounoisoa loat, as ah a fair wind, she would get clear Kort Morgan, how came to thetr relief, aad, aotwithat?adtag ahe w?s three mice off, a ooitimbiad shot across her how* aft aad anothor over her meats brought her to Hhr theb taken charge of bv the party on board of the U< son, aad anchored tinder the gtias of the fort. She however, aTerwarda rrlaaaed by orders from the ? saaadant off- be squad Tim aoTTTH wii.i. rtanr? rn lbttbrs or mak A Montgomery Beimap aadsnt says:? (lie Att. General, Mr Iknjaaala , authortsaa me to say that onanmleekme fbr prlraUera are being prepared, aad be leaned aa aeon saOOagrsas stoil aad are war, wbt will undoubtedly da. Tmo&t Intend log to apply for I had better be preparing ihetr bonds, to. The laat lions wll ooniaia a prohibition on the aetmre of <x from Hon there porta, whether In Rrltiah or Amei ?totwonaa. The apnitraUnaa IVir letters of marque an merous at New (V tea as I undeaaiand the block a our lie there porta, ordered by President Liar da, not include cotton rasaels. THE DANIFk WEI18TER OFF NEW ORLfU the New Orleans / v? y?e??, April XT, say* ? ny th* b. ?t Tuecerora which oame op thia m iming from Pa I'tmtre, we lean that the steamship I Ha let Web ( ia plain Minor, from New York toe 16th Inst , am* i he bar about dm o'clock yeeterday morning aad can anchor The Webster was bonad to this city, but ' Iter baring come to anchor (be received order* to . ood immediately to aea agala Oaptein Minor, ho? bavlrg on board about ntnMy pa^-kages of meros to rarkxia imrtlee here, aad aot wleali i*rr.v thorn back hailed tho Tttooarora to oome alo? tod take tliern up Tfca 1" acc.o-lod to the re<|iic*t he mex hitndiee in the act of being taken e of hor, r*rv?iu Minor l.ertame m i"li alarssed b, tTiftiUi on <th ire, au<l weigh ng anchor, put to a-'a Immediately n?e PaolM We >et'r had oloe ( ab's Benders "e r*?*rd four af wbein oame up on the Tiiaca The ri?t be l not ilme to deh*rk before the Webatn? and are, or noorae. at.U oa beard. II AVE WE TRAITORS A MONO ITS' The Portland d-u?Meayi? -We nndrrst.u,} that %( built Mboener, .-<>vp<t fnetenod, mvle for the lr* ! wis New ' irloaiiM ar t ( harlreum hM rec ntly bee, in rhar'o^trn S i fi>t 14 000 more than she n.? an- n m <r? of the aale of one op two oth >r Te?*if? in this Hate ^ader rery ?'iSBtelons rlrrnm Unnm lie re ire'tora ?m wtiT nB the fact eheuld be k io?n, * think tbe TTitlte<l tatee Wstrlrt \tloraey and that Jury rhoeld look let" this mailer at oo?e. [h\r Additional Wnr I^N 8* KightK 1