Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1861 Page 3
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WOU8KR, Hoom, ?-Lw?r. . ?tit or rvwiRHiD Ari?ntt*w to in V In Twenty ??st street, near Broadwaj. The Hmn ta % jpictt will alf the iu?d"in Improvemotft Th? best of tefe Jmh raqutraL Fsradirase ?vir to Ma?M square Fesl I ftrictli pbivatb pbbbob family will lit. |L snfurnlshed, Is their English lueminl house No. M set Twenty fifth street, betwsen Math and Seventh ave ica, two Parlor* od flrat Bjot and five Boom* aa second, hk closet*, pantries, bath and gaa flits re*. tot low to a ?1 rahle leMBL Apyl> aa above. . win furnishes house to lbt in a tbry V desirable situation; baa aU the modern ImprevemeMs; it tit, 4 pan u>f the keuae would be ratslned fcy the ?aar. For further particulars apply at Ho 37 Wast Twenty r?? street, between Fifth and Mixta avenues kBTABLB, TO LST? ROOM FOB CABRIAGB ANB Ba (p snd foar Horses, o?llar > Utile Bent ?MX In BUS af rT Baa, at I'nlversity place. a PFLBNDID FUB*IBHBD PARLOR, WITH BHD A rnta attache 1, to la', to a gentleman aad his wi'e, for cssekrepmg, llso a splendid front Parlor for a single urn riuaa, with the ui e of a; also a stogie Koom in a pri ?te baoie, with all the modera Improvemeuls. Apply at K ??li ee street, a few doora weat of Bird way a BANDftOMB THREfi STORY BTONE HOUSE TO flL let? No 114 Thirty fourth street, bat ween Third and oartb avenues. The bouav to In good orde&and uontains all mrroveme.nts. Will be let low t" ? goo< tenant. Appiy to H. BULL lt6 Fifth areane, corner of Twent /-third street. A FIRST CLASS BROWN hTONE HOUSE TO LBT? A. Fa 71 Weat Forty seventh street, between Broadway ud > txth avenue three lU.rieA and high basemen ?. aad fine ab-?ellar. Ha* a 1 the modern improvements, la la perfect rder and possession given immeoUtcly Elegta' mirror* ?ui sbsudellars go with the house Apply at the beuae, or to BtM ARI) B CLABK, 128 Broadway. A' PIPB MODBBJI HOCSB TO LBT IMMBDUT LY Wiib gut fixtures complete; rent eceap. Pt-rlor Mirrors l.rd Hedroou. "v.rnittire for sale cheap for aasb, or would I tall It e a go. d party on e**y terms without the house. Ap 1 Inly at 170 west fortieth street, near highlit avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY OK THRBM GROWN FBRWNS would llhe to let to a gentleman aad hi* wife, or three itlulta tour unfurnished Etorna for housekeeping, In a brlek oouse having ihe modern imirovemen'fl. Situated In mve ef h-? most bealthv and genteel neighborhood* in fersey CUtr, ,4id ? Ithtn eight minutes' walk of the ferry Ae he family^ a abjeet hrtaig only to reduee the rent they will let them for (12 ton tli. Can pasa the door, inquire at 163 Grand street Alabge front room and REORO?>M lO LKr? On first flocr of houae Bo 67 Crosby street, noar Broome Large yard, with every oonrenlenee In perfect erd' r and wUl be let low to a good tenant Inquire on the premises. A1 * HAS NUMBER OF B0UBB8 TO LBT? IN OTTT an J oountrv. at greatly reduced "rental*, to auh the tones tUao Desk' Boom and Oillcat, at 40 Union *<|oare. BRAPLjlT, WaB.?iEB i DAT, 40 Union s juare rH ARMING ENGLISH VILLA, AT NBW BRIGHTON. _ P I , to let? Fum'fhed or unfurni'bed complete wftb tasprovement*, outbuildings, lawns, gardens, wood land*. Be. Bent red need. BKaJDLBT, WARNS R 4 BAT, 40 Union iquare. ?AP BBOP8 AND OFFICES. TO LBT. AT 143 PUL ten street. Bent $?, $4 and $7 per month Geod li^ht r*UEAPPSTRBNr IN NEWTOBK. ONLY $680 POR A \ ' fine three story, high stoop, twenty foot fiwnt houae, on Vnrray Bill, between Fifth and Btxth avenue*; just painted and put In p-rfeet order; poasesaton Immediately. Apply to W. BAkTLiTT, *31 Broadway, or 73,'i East Tweoty-atatk rtroet, without delay. VBBNIBHBD HOUHB AT NBW BRIGHTON TO LBT? r at the high ground, between New Brighton and Quaraa fee ferries, within a few mlnutee' walk ef each; a fully fur ulahed bonne with tkree acres of ground. The situation la aaoa* healthful and the view of the bar and surrounding fisonery nnrorpassed. Address B , bos 323 Poat office. FUBNIVHBD HOUSE TO LBT? THE LARGE POUR story brown *;oue front House, No. SS4 East Thirtieth atraet, remaining s'eara furnace, two baths, three water alone i* , gas, Ac ; will be ren *d, furnished, to a respoaslble tenant, ai the low rent of 0 per annum. Apply on the premises ?r address boi 3,(?7 l'oat oflloe. rlRNISBFD HOUSE TO LBT? 147 BAST EIGHTEENTH utreet: 26 feet front, high ttoop. for six or twelve months. Pa be seen from 10 to 3 dal.y. Apply at 8# Broad street. Formatted house to iet? 42 wyckofp street, Brooklyn: ? good neighborhood; will be let very cheap ?? a family with no small children. Apply BCHF-lbT, No 4 Pla it street, New Voik. FlEMSHtD HOUSE TO LET.? A THRF.E BTORT high basement and attic Houte, with modem improve ments aud neatly furnished, locate.! near WaHhington p^rk, will be let lo a responsible tenmt on mole rate terms. Ap ply to Mr J. C. aNGLLL, -"J Wii.lara street. FDBBISBED BOOM A*D BEDROOM TO LET-A good opportnnlty for lh >*e tired of boarding, with all toe toiivcnlecc-s f r hnnsekeeping; bouse midern; term* Mtly tier week including gas. Auply at 1,203 Broadway, between thirty fl'St and 1 hlrty second street*. Furnished apartmknts on third floor, suitable either for gentlemen without board, or would answer a geotleinau and wife keeping houae; use of kitchen, Aa. ; gas ar d bath in bouse. Terms moderate Inquire at 17 Amity street, sear Washing' ou square FTRNISH'D OR UNFURNISHED? PART OF A HOUSE near Canal street and Broadway, containing all modern improvement*, to let to a family, or newly Turnlahed single hM'w for gentlemen, occupied by an American family. For particular* call at confectionery, 407 Broadway. THBOMT PAKLOR, BACK PARLOR AND BXTENSION I Room, with cloaeta, gas and water, on the first floor, good for a doctor or dentlat's office, to let, unfurnished, at M Weal 1 leventh street. Houae kept by a private family, where there are no other boarders. TTtLOOHS? ELEGANTLY FINISHED, CONTAINING T parlor, kitchen, three bedroom*, bath room, hot and eold water, gas, Ac., to let to imall, respectable families, la the new brown (tone houses 144 and 146 Bast Thirty-first atrest, ar at 168 East Thirty-fifth street. Good apartments-surrounded by open ' lots in view of the oountrv, and only five minutes' walk ' from the ferries. Floor* f 5 to $7; one or jjro smaller apart msntt. Only good reoplo need apply. THOB A. DEVtR, North Tantk aad First streets, Williamsburg. LGFTP, OFFIfBS AND BASEMENTS TO LET- WITH or without steam power. Inquire at Oak Hall, 84 Fulton street. ON FIFTH AYBNUE, NO. 166 ? BLBGANT APART menu, furnished or unfurnished, singly or In suits. Apply on Saturday, between 11 and 3 o'clock. PABT or A HANDSOME BROWN STONB FRONT Hoaaa, 316 Lexington avenue, to let at a low rant to a ?eod tenant. Modern Improvements; chandeliers, gas fix tures, Ac. Apply as above. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE TO LET ? A DESIRABLE LO cation, near Fifth Avenue Hotel. Apply at 36 West Twenty- fourth street First class bosmWf dsslred. TIOOMB, WITH POWEB, IN THE NEW YORK AND J\ New Haven and New fork and Harlem Rallriad Depot ?>u ldmg. Gen1 re street, between Franklin and White. Apply ' to VBOMAB BENNETT, Agent, coruer of Elm and Franklin street*. STtEB TO LET? 91 DIVT8ION STRBET-A FINE store for any aloe business; lease will be given to a good sasnL Apply next do >r, 95 Dlvltlon street. LET-RAILROAD HOTEL, OORNER OF TENTH avenue and Thirty first street. Also two other Stores, satiable for almost any business. Apply at M4 Thirty -first s Tret. FTK) I.ET? FURNISHED, A THREE STORY AND BASE A mi ni high ?U)op brtok house. No. 1.H6 West 2ithstiert, between Seveoth and Eighth avenues; three rooms deep; well finished snd In good order, having the modern con veniences throughout: locatton unexceptionable. Will be re-jted, with the furniture, at a low rent, lo a good tenant. For further particular* apply to WILLIAM H. ROOMK, No. 18R V est Twenty first stre?t Ofiloe hoar* 8 to 10 A. M. and 2 to 6 P. M. nrtO LBT? THE BLEGABT COUNTRY REBIDENCB OF X R. A. Johnson, at Istlp, LI. pleaiantlv situated near the great houth bay and ocean, the family being abroad The hense Is handsomely furnished, good stables and lee house, filled vegetable* will be furnished to the leasee. Apply to RIOUAED HAK1RHORNE. 146 Front street, N. T , or to ABIOfl B. BTILLENWEBF. I*llp Hotel, who will show the pismire* Also a I urnlahod Cottage near the above, with vegetables and Ice. r LBT? THE HOUBB NO. ?7 HENRT STREET, SOUTH Rriwiklyn, three storiea, brown stone front. For further peritouUrs laqulre on the premises. r I.ET-A THREB STORT AND E VSEMBNT HOUBB, with all Improvements, three rooms deep on ea.-h floor, 179 Bast Twenty first street, near Beooud aveuua. Kent low. Inqtsire on the premises. I,BT- TnB TWO LA RGE ROoMS ON SEOONDAND third flcirs of building oorner of Ka*t Broadwsy and rchatbam s<iuare, over Chatham square Poat olBoe, well light ed and adapted for any : manufacturing purpoaes; entrance No 4v, Ka*t Broadway. For term* Inquire of J. W. DWMI NM'K, at Sevmour's haidwaie store, Chatham s>i<iare and Cathn rlne street rpo LET? A TllRLE STORT AND BASEMENT HOUSE, 1 Bo. *16 Fast Brnadaay, In perfect oraer, with all the anodern Iroprtivements and ae* gas fixture*. Bent moderate Apply to ?rs Kl'RLOBU. 19 Clinton place. Eighth atreel; or to JT KENNEDY FIBLONG, No. 7 Beekman street, nxmi? Nea 1 aad 3 TO LET- FOP MANUFACTURING, STORAGE, AC , IN part* to suit tenants, the five story Building comer of rTliaiii. * *tioet nnd Trinity p'are It {* a feet wide, verv strong, and has flne llgnt. Term* low. Apply to H J. OVJ.kMaNN 16 Broad sireet. TO LET? A HOUSE, FI RNIBHED. 17 LOTS. CCLTI I vaied. fruit, pastu ?toble, m a , boat, As., on the iisr lem river, foot of lilst street, fcr th* season or ysar. in iiuiv as above or at the Tombs, of J H. WSLsII lO I ET? THE FRONT PART OF SECOND FLOOR OF *?? Ea?t Thirty fourth street, loag'oteel family; tkres noma pantry and water rent |7; alv\ the fourth (1 >or, ti one or two famille*. $6 an 1 V. y); 'he front part of thirl floor of 3119, $6 AO Apply at KM Spring street TBBpi" LET - A ft KM * 1 1 K It HulSK WITH EltiliT acres of ground, s sble stnl vegeta?i.e gardsn, In Cllf .on, south shore Swten Isla'ttl. Terms m derate. Apply to 1 MBes, ig 'tsiclay street T> Lr T-l j? >rT(T7t"Kl.TN, bice apartnt: fT-t, at 7 Lean atrset; five Hooms, liion"ling PaMor ami tr.,' Basement; gasaii'l water aie Inserted; price $13 per month TO LP* -MROUBD FLOOIl (IHREB BOOMS), BATH Roout, with large Pstloi .tnd Klxheu if required Every re ? t>"t? (i r a sua I ami. ?.? -ia D tt(. In a chel ?H"! Modem Itnpniceri' nts. Hent BIW lu i'ilr" at No ISO West Thirty-fourth stre t T? l;KT-^"R. A HOrBL, BOARDING BOHOOL OR private dweUing. a beautiful Plare n Ihe Iftrleji rlrer, ? ngelher with two acre* o' land covercd with fruit treei; also, steamboat landing In.tuire of GARR1 f VANCI.PEP, No. nrDMfljr. T" LET- I lij: ESTlilE SUIT OF Ro< MS, t>N ,->k 'OND floor, in bouae No. <1 West Thirty seventh street, to a rsrty of four gentlemen -two Toreach- par or wits bedroo-ut adjoining fnrolsh -d or nn'ttrntshad as d*?lr*d. with break fa.l ar dim and dinner on Sunday, l0 . ,!rictly prtTBM Amc rlcan fsmlly Inqulie as above T" LET? "Bl't I> D KIiOOR, Fot-K OK Most k? ows I I'ar.or floor snd ft i- -inents; three ro tm deep- mid-rn f reiprnveisefits Kent*l >w. Also three ? ory si d basement Mouse ; modern linpr ?vemcrt" Beti' liw. All In Teeth e'rert. A^f,ly at 32 ft Tenth "Ireet near Bee nd avenue TBO LET? IN A PINE H'>> SF AHI> \ m\ OOnD >, . bothood att onfur Ished ul I'nrior a Sec->> d Floor, o nststiiM of four ro>tns and h lt.ih> n s. I a gsrret tl or, in sistely ,,r tcgather. Apply "I UJ Motl *ire?4, be'ween tJrand and Broome ttrcfU. hocse*. noons, sc., to let. npr I B T-vS^A SINGLE MtN-LBMAN, I N A P BIT 4TB i t*uM eeatainiaa ail modern lmprwvemtaia. ?ad cltaiiDU) situated at bioyveaant I'vk dm pleasantly furnished from ?. a., With bedroom Miached, without Writ Ruforinas re i.ujiei Apply at Ml Baal Fifteenth street, near Boooad avenue, fO LBT? THE STORE 44 ANN STBBET? A GOOD BC (Idcix looatioa. Apn'y on tbepremt?e?. at the Atlas of tioe, of A. HBRRICK, 44 Abu airoet. r LET? THE BTORB MO. 11 WATBR STRUT; FITS ?tart** and good teller ; wall adapted for Mono or pro duce busiaess. Apply to B. & jAQUBi, 1U Hum street. TO LET-POSBBSSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY A ?nail and complete Houee, with all tee modern Improve ments; will be let lew to a responsible tenant Apply soon, as the owner wanta to Iseve for the country, at Na. W West Twe.? ty- fourth street Wdigbborliood gootf r LBT? TWO FLOOBS, ON NINTH ATENUB. HBAB Twentieth street, at five as d six rooms eash, furnished with Ofcton and gas finun-a wash tuft, water oiaaeL and separate oa meter for each floor, auliabla for saaall and gen i?el fsrr.uiea at moderat* rents. Apply to D A. OUSBMaN, U2 Xmtt avenue, bat ween Twentieth and Twenty-Am streets. rLET-OOTTAGB AT BBRBBN POINT, N. J., OPPO aite the Latear-ite House, near the water, on plank road, containing about one acre, wall sUked wltb every variety of ? l ade and fruit tree*,, berries, sa/uba, no. Time to Now Tork S6 soinuwis, hou -'v by boat Apply to J. B. WATSON, Bergen Point, or te HYDE A CONKLIN. 143 Water street, Kew Tork. rpo LET-TO A RBS?BCTABLE FAMILY WITHOUT J email children in Twenty eighth street, near Lexington avenue, seven or eight rooms Only one small family in the hoaae: one of the most ifcdpeotabie part* of theeity; tbree story bnea house wat?w sua gaa; rent moderate. Apply at ?M Bast Twenty-Eighth street. PO LET- THE UPPBB PART OF THE PRIVATE residence No. 122 West Forty second street. either 'or bouse keeping or wltb Board, if det'rod. Rent $U0 to $.'00. location very pleasant Call and see. r> LET? THE 1WO MOBY B1IOK HOUSE NO. SIS Wen: Twenty fourth s-reet, Cottage row. Rent $.?6lX Apply to t- HcKFM A>, No. 5 Wall street, up stairs. rO LET- PART OF HO'" SB NO. 28J FOURTH ATENCB, rear Twenty -sec no st>ee< Hot and oolii water, bath, gas, Ac Apply to J. HOPKINS. rpo LET? A FURNISHED HOUSE IV FOURTEENTH 1 street, near Fifth aveii.e Contains all the improve ments. hoMueafcion can be had immediately. Appiy to AL HEAT H. N1COLAY A CO., 62 William street. rpo LET? 38 GREAT JONES STREET. A FOUR hTORY i. and basement brown stone House; rent $1 AW. The bouse Is sewly paoered and painted rpo LET? A WBLL FURNI-HED FOUR STORY HOUSE. A incomplete order, with all the mocern lBurovetneutn, to a private family only. Apply on the premises, 1G7 West Twenty fifth street TO LET? THE 8ECOND FLOOR. WITH FRONT BAKE menu of house 134 Thompson street. Has all the iuo ? eru improvements. Rent moderate. Inquire on the pre mie*. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY WITHOUT CHIL diea, at No 11 Gay street, Waverley p ace, near Slith avenuo, two booms on the wt nd fl >or and one on tbe third door, with privilege of k'tcben. If required. Terms $U per month, payable in TO 1ET? FURNIKliF.D, TO A SMALL FAMILY, AS entire Story, suitable lor housekeeping, in afiratclaHa house having all the modern improvements and in one of tbe best locations in the city ; porsesaion immediately. For particulars Inquire on the preinlnes, 132 West Fourteenth st. r LET? THE DKSIRABLE HOUSE 4.^2 BROADWAY? Is admiralty adapted f->r kh English ale hous?- or rrstoo rant. Apply to E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, Wand 21*9 Water street. rpo LET? ?ARTIALLY KORNISHED OH NOT, THE 1 three story Honse !8S West Twenty fourth street, mod 'rn improvemento, gord neighborhood. Rent from $ WJO to 1 1 000. Apjiiy on premises, from 8 to 10 A. M. or 6 to B I'. M., or of J.l). MiEWJNG, 103 Chambers street. r LET? THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF NEW stone fnnt llnuse No 268 Ninth avenue, Ave and fix rioms each; wardrobes, drawers, gas fixtures, Ac. . in good cider; rent $16 to (20 per month, be; ng reduced renuoftne ?oura. Rills up; ixwsesfcion at oaoe. TO LET? TWO OR T1IRKE HAND90MK ROOMS, FUR nished, on second floor, detaene,i if reouirec, with asmaH private famKv House with all the modern Improvements, inquire at 170 West Thirty-fourth street. References ex changed. Sent.?/ rLET? A FIRST CLAIMS COMMODIOUS DWELLING House with an acre lot b.ghly cultivated, on (iates ave nue, between Franklin and Bedford arena s, Brooklyn; will be let to a responsible tenant at the 1 iw rent ?f fSXJ for the ensuing year. Apply to ALBXR. KCRSHEE DT, 140 Broad rLET-A FINE BASEMENT STORE, 100 I'KINCE street, near Broadway; a capital place for a barber or boot maker. Apply from 10 to 3 o'clock at 113 Prince street. TO LET ? TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE second story of Dwelling 186 Alien street, with modern improvements Rent very moderate References exchanged. Apply on the premises TO LET? THE DWELLING PART OF NO. 100 PRINOB street, near Broadway, containing fourteen rooms, In eluding bath room, has water and gaa. Apply from 10 te 3 o'clock at 113 Prinoe street. rpo LET? PART OF THE FINE FOUR STORY, ENGLISH 1 basement House 046 Seventh avenue, consisting of dining room, front parlor and front room on the fourth floor, with bedroom smI joining, bouse has all the modern improvements. Inquire en the premises, or of ALEX. MURDOCH, 6t War ren street Rent $226. \kijS?s1Sf,8riN" OF FOUR rpo LET-NO. 1? CHARLES STREET, TO A SMALL JL family .Second Floor (Ave rooms, five pantries; and back Basement ; water, gas, aepernte meter, waab house, nice yard, Ac. Ihe other part la occupied by four adults; rent low; pos session immediately. TO LET-THB FOUR BTORT HO USB. NO. M WEST Twenty-seventh street; furnished or unfurnished. Apply on the premise TO LBT? A FURNISHED HOUBK, STABLE AND NINE Lots of Ground, at Clifton, Staten Island ; gaa, water and furnace in the thou**; f ve salnutes from VanderblU s land ing. Apply at 67 Merchants' Exchange. r LET? THE 8Tb RE AND HOUSE, 256 SPRING street, In first rate condition, and suitable for almost any kind of business Rent (660. mo LET-A FOUR BTORT BROWN STONE HOUSE, IN A a desirable Uxatlon, gas fixtures included. No. 180 Waat Forty third street. Re-u$6.VJ. Al?o a two story Oottage, No. 178 West Forty- bird street. Rent $300 Inquire of J. POT TER, 162 West Forty third street rpo LBT? BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE 78 BAST 1 Thirty eighth street Rent ??*'. Can be seen from 10 A. M. to 6 P. M. Inquire of J. M. BROW.1, 162 Mott street. In the morning lief ore 10 o'clock or evening. TO LET-GENTEEL APARTMENTS, AT Ittf EAST Twenty eighth street, near Third avenuo; five rooms, all on a floor; alsoLower Part of 104 East Twenty eigjtii street; five rooms, with basement ; It has gas water and every on venience, and a*p..raie entrance; no connection wltb npper part KINHHIMER A WII/.QX, ,1C) Fourth avtnue. TO LET-SECOND FLOOR, CoSrilSTINd OF FOUR rooms, one i ontalnieg bath, water el wet Ac. ; rent $tb a month. Inquire ?n the premises, 114 Twelfth street, be tween Hxth and Seventh avenues. r LET? AT NO. 10 ELEVENTH STREET, FOUR doors west of Broadwty, a splend'd itasement Otlioe, suitable for a physician: also t*o Hon mum sooond floir.) rLET? FURNI8HED. A BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED stone Villa, with magnificent lawn of several acres, in eluding garden, fruit, forest snd shsde trees, stable. A-., at EKiottvlfle. >'orth Shore ttaten Island; i*rfeetly heaVhy; delightful ne khberhood half an hour from New York : nwu Pallor s Cnug Harbor lauding Fare three oenta Inquire at Dr. Elliott's nfllee. No. 7 Astorp'a'-e, Eighth stree', or or BARRETf, BH1NI-MA1IV A UAHRETT. No 14 Wall st eel. TO LET? AT long BRANCH. N. J , A WELL IfK nlahed hoii'f, wl;h half an acre or r round attached, *ltuated on the main rond lead'nj to 'hebesK^ and convenient to the howl* and i can It contain* thirteen aleeping r >om?. two parlor*, kitchen and dining room I* convenient to 'he rjtj bv cir or boat, nnd near '.lie depot and landing. Apply at 75 Hammond I II Mi. rpo LET IN BROOK LI N? TWO Fl'RNTBHBD HOrHBB. 1 Southerner* and other* would find thm delightful homo*, they are oool, with large garden* and ikmbboy, bat!., range and gM, and wt;i be Itakd low Fhty air elegantly fur ni<hcd : 10 minute* from Wall *treet and Pulton ferrte* Ap ply at 290 Bridge (trail, Brooklyn r f ET IH EROOBLTN * LOTS, WITH A FTWK Gothic Hou?e cofi:*inti>c 16 liootBK beaidoa I'antrii* aad ?niroundrd I'T ? (tr 'Of f >:e*t tree*. Fulton ferrv ear* run everr four mlnutee. 290 Tarda, and South fer-y fi-a. 40 ?*rd* fimn tlie j'r?ml?ea,if?ie (nrMH), thirty minute* rid*; g *r drn partly plan 'mi; a* kind* of fruit ;a line now antlrh oov and pa?tiire;r??t low. I no u Ire on the promt 'in, In Punlli* ?treet. Brooklyn avenue, or hdireaaC. K B' Hen, No. MM Citato* *tra?t, New York, uimadiately. I'oaaeeiion ?a hoi aa required rLKT I* |B??>OKLTK-T7n HENRY STREET ? One handaomo. three *tory. brown atone Honne. with water. gae flltana; hath* will be pill In II required ; retu low to a g>od tenant. Inquire o' H. M HLVERMAN, 1M 1' roadway. _____ ? ? mm TO RFST? STORF, RASBMENT AND CELLAR OP 18 Hfrnce ?tre?t each flooi a 'tout 90 feet deep h ? k*?. wa ler and (lie proof vault* undo* ?Wew*lt; looatlfn Tery deal* r?ble fur leather, t*p?ror other bualoeaa. Apply to J AM Kd PJR JOE, MO fc ud*oti ?treet. TO RkNT?TllE BROWN "TORE FRONT HOl'KE, 311 Henry atieet, bMwreea Degraw and Hard* m, Brooklyn, particular* known on application to Mr. DE UBOOF, <W ha'l clothing *Uho, SI Fitltou i t->i. New fork. Cheap to a good 'enant. TO PFNT-A It CLE HE AD. AD.TOt*INO HOBOKKV fen v, North river. a'ao the d -red T?t llndaon aiul ??.l Wa^hlne'tr.'it atreeta, and tlie llouae i'U Watt* nr -i, ind ae?o ral Apurtminta. Apply to JAMEH PTlIf'E, DO llndaon it. fltWO SMALL TOTTAOE HOLHE3, NEATLT Pt'WNWIl. 1 e I ; 'ent? $".!*> at. d lit a plen**nt, healthy vllla?? of New Monni' I*. J , near the fllgh'anda and Karltan Bay. *evrt> initiute* f rom railroad and terry lo houm-, nai iena, fruit, An. tn'iiilre at t7 Amit.v ft reel lA/i W4VERLEV PLACE. -THIRD FLOOR. FOUR I UO Room*. Pantry, an Atttn, apertal ooal bou?? and wa tei flra't; water, ?rva. no flit'iree; bill of fa* with mM ('nor pa'd hy hair, bavin* the fame meter. Reference* re quire I. $2<' monthly >h adranoo. ?, i nr. -TO LET, T'fB THREE HTuRT AND flt'ttl ,r | 4^), ba*f mffil hrlrk H nt-e IV W>et Twenty ?Hth atreet, near Ninth a?. nue; ten noma, *aa throujh.<ut, Cro t n. hot and cold, bath uh pi ranee, -liuter oellar, >ud every convenience. vTw, L H UAHBIhON, Boe. A ' ^nd xi Ouaue ftieet. BOA1UMJ* AOT MOOOI?. J t hut ate pabhltT urm m a rnurr olm A buoMh dtJubJ'ullv iMlti in Thirty fourth str?el, oear tlllilM. would <et a krxe, efcsautlj rnreiiM parlor and asa , A LABGB PBONT BOOM? OH BBOOND BTOBT, WITH ! A. puitrji mod |u. to tel. with Board for a gamier? n and wife or a part; of geatlrmem Also. another Boom. Boom and neighborhood genu*!. Term* ssoderate. inquire at HI i Third (treat, near aveaae D. A PBIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A PIRBT GLASS A Houm, win tot furnished, or UB'uraiahed Rooms. with Beud, to aingle gentlemen, or gentlemen and wt*s, family ? nail; location unsurpassed, Mrs and stages jgB the door. Term* moderate Apply at 412 Wort Twenty ijBB (treat APRIYaTB FAMILY, LIVING IN A XflfeKN STOKE fr\ si hoaso, will lot the ao-ond floor rwinr and two bedrooms. with Board, to gsntlemeu o? a imall family. The house i( pleasantly situated on Murray BUI. Refsrenee re qnired Inquire at 2M Lexington avenue. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING TAKEN A LA.RGB AND eommodious bouse, pleasantly iioaled, with all tha modern improvements, wculd like to let either the ilrat or second floir, with or without Board; alao a Room suitable for a physician's office. Torma moderate. Inquire at No. 192 East Twentieth ('-reel. A 8CIT OP HANDSOMELY FURNIallED ROOMS, J\ viz? Bdroom and Parlor, W.tb Breakfast If d?eir?d. at 96 Clinton place. Ret srenoes required. Apply immediately. A DESIRABLE 81' IT OT FRONT ROOMS, ON THE second floor, to 1ft. wlih Hoard, to a K<>tiUem?ii ?nd wife, alto Kournn for (ingle gentlemen. Apply at 6i #c?t Sixteenth street. ReJerenoes required. A LA HUB FRONT B?H>M, FURNIbHED, Wlbt-to a ^cDtl-'man, with, ut Board. Terms moderate. Apply at 212 * tvtrley place, near Perry atreet. A FEW YOUNG GENTLEMKN CAN BE ACOOMMO dated with Board on reasonable terms, with pl?a-,m' Rome, the front of the bouee bit* a view of the Heights and the back of the b?i se ha* a view of the river. Iumlre at Mo. .1 Cottage row, t' .xmac atreet, near Montague street, Brook lyn. A GENTLE BAN AND WIFE OR TWO 81RGLE GRN. . ik-men can find i lessen t Roomi, with Hoard, at 97 t'llu ton street, Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN AND WirE DAN BE ACOOMMO d?tad with Boaad h- Re. 1 t'. Adams street, Brooklyn; room pleasant , fu-aished. with the exception oi Ixvin terms moderate. T? o young gentleiaen, caa also be accommodated witb a neatly f aMM room. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RB8IDING IN TWENT Y-TH I RD street, near Eighth avenue, in a first < lane bouae, can accommodate a few gentlemen and their wlvee or single geu tlen.'-n v. ilh pieasam Rooms and Board, upon reasonable terms. RefetenoM exchanged. Address W. H., box 161 Herald office A FEW ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR GENTLEMEN AND llielr wive* or (ingle gentlemen, to let, with Board, in the first class house bi *e.>t TweUtb street, between Fifth and Muth avenues Referent** given and required AT 36 BAST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD way, a gentleman and wife may obtain a very pleasant luitof Rooms, handsomely furnished, with Boa d 't he Ijca HM is desirabl* as a summer residence Dinner at 0 o'clock. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE ONE OR two gentlemen, with or without Board, where the com foita of hi m? can be enjoyid. Location near Broadw-ay. A; ply st 164 Kim street, between Grand and Broome A SMaLL FRONT ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, in a first clais private bouae, No 2)0 West Thirty se oond street, net ween Eighth and Ninth avenues, tJ a single p e tie man. l'o r $4 per week Dinner at 6 O'clock. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, ON SECOND FLOOR, front, fully furnished, Inducing piano and Pllmptou bedstead, to let, with Board, ;.t No. 38 West Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. A NICELY FI RN18IIED ROOM, WITH GAS, TO LET wtuout board, to one or two gentlemen. Apply at 162 Prince street. a DER'RAflLE SUIT OF SECOND H'ORV FRONT ,'\ Ri oms, or tie wh<de Floor, to let, with f uli Board, in first class tome No a Wwit Twenty- fourth street, ooposiw Fifth Avenue Hotel. Alao a hall Bedroom. An elegant suit of room*, neatly furnish ?d, on sec -Ed Hour; also Kisims on llrst and second floors, for gentlemen and their wlvee and single gentlemen, to rent, una Board, in the firat class bouse i0 West Twelfth street, near Sixth avnue. A WIDOW LADY, FBOM PHILADELPHIA, HAVING A taken a bou*e in this city, desires to l^t two neatiy fur nished Ro>ima to single gentlemen only, where there are no other boarder*. For particulars aJoiess L. L., Broadwiy Post oflice. A HANDSOMELY Fi'RNISHED PARLOR, WTTH TWO . bedrooms, connected on second or third floor, to let, with Bo?rd, in suit it aingle, to a gentleman and wife or sin s> genuemen. Terms to suit the times. Apply at lOd East Fourteenth street. A NICE KBONT ROOM TO LET-FOR TWO GENTLE m?n or to a gentleman and wife, a'so t?-o young It dies can be koc mm>idaied Terms low Call all this week at 271 Broome street, near Allen. ADE8IRA8LB SUIT OF FURNHHBD OR UNFUR clabed Rooms, to l"t, with Board, on second lloor; also front hall Rooms on second and third lloorx. for slnclegen tlimcn. Location unsurpassed. References exenauged. Apply at 12< West 1'orty second atreet. ATODNG GENTLEMAN WIBHBS TO OBTAIN A middle sized, Airy front Bedroom, furnished, In a strict ly pnvate family, for which, Including gas, he ?1U pay $6 per month ; would be permanent If suited. Address, stating locality, which must not be above Tenth street, and near Sixth avenue cars, with full particulars, A K M , Herald ofllc*. BOARD.? TWO CHILDREN OR MORE CAN BR Ac commodated with Board In a pleasant part of the etty In Fourth avenue, between Flfty-alxth and Fifty seventh streeta. Inquire of Mrs. B. 8 K AM AN, as above. BOARD? A PEW ONNTLEBBN, DESIRING WBLL furnished Apartments and a Rood Table, ean be aeoom medated In a strictly private foreign family The terms are set as mo eh an object as the respectability of the applicant*. Address fee particulars MB Wsat Twsnty eighth street. Board -an elegant suit op five rooms, with bathing and all modern convenienses, being the entire third floor of a first Slass boose in Fifth avenue, near Madi son square, will be let, either together or separate. Address for flve days T. B. A , Madison square Post oflios. Board? blegant booms ob entire floors. newly painted Id the best manner, and handsomely fur nished: private table If desired. This is an excellent oppor tunity to secure a first class home in all respects. Permanent parties preferred. Apply at IS University plaoe, corner of Ninth street BOARD- WASHINGTON SqUAR*, SOUTH-HAND somely furnished Booms, in suits or separately, to let, with Board, at the above delightful location ; alao rooms suit able for single gentlemen. Inquire at Na. 223 Fourth street, Washington square south Board? a gbntleman and wipe or two single gentlemen ean have Board at No. 48 Bast fell teenth street, near Union square. Their. use Is finely located, htsgas. bath hot and oold water, Ac Terms for two per. sons $9 to fit per week, according to rooms. References ex charged. Board-one large handsome room, on bb i -Hid floor, front; also hall Bedrooms to let, with Board, f nrnished or unfnrntshed, at 64 Seventh avenue, three doors from Fourteenth street. Board -two single gentlemen can be ac commodated with B"s?rd where the comforts of hyme may be enjoyed, terms moderate. Apply At 231 West Four teenth street. Board-clinton puck -to let, with board. very desirable furnished Apartment* on the <? mj and third floors, (ullage for a imiail family or alngle gentlemen. * wily si No 61 Ollnion place, two door* eaat of Fifth avenue Mimw required. BOARD.-TO LKT. WITH BOARD, AT NO. 137 SECOND ?venue, between Eighth and Mntb streets, nicely fur nished Rooms, suitable rot families or gentlemen; loaatlon very desirable. References rirbanged Board? a gentleman and wife or onb or two alngle grntlnnen, willing to pay llbeially foraurac tire sooon.modatious in Madison avenue, may address K G , Dermd ofbce. BOARD.-IHPERIOR AOOOMMODATIONH FOR A FA mlly or ?ingle i?r?nn?, in the Erat claas house IS East Twrntv-?dghth stree\ between Madison and Fifth avenue* Price* moderate. Persona of religious or strictly moral bv bill preferred Board ?several pleasant and well fur lobed Rooin>, ( n the Meond floor, to let, wl h Board, a, Ho. 88 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at I o'clock^ Board-in a private family, in thirty fourth street; a large Rrom, with Batb Room off, for a single gentieman. Ke'rrencua ie ,ulred. Address box 634 Poet office. Hoard -to let. with or without board, a large front Boom, on the iwmi floor. Also a large I p nt Kooni on the third floor, amiable for gentb men and tkelr wire* or alngle fiEtlerr.i i App t at 4U ('Union plwe, Eighth street. Board -front parlor and bedroom to let with or without Board, furnlahed or unfurnished, In a ? mull private American ramlly Ifouae ha* modem impro.c menu. Inuulre at or addreasSS West Thirty si ith itreet BOJRD.-TWO LAROE ARD ONE HV ALL ROOM, OS tmrd and fourth floors, in ?y be oetnlned on m'xf?rate Mima, In ttie flret r'aas taoi;*e iW" henry street, near CUutou I nexc<*j tlonable reference re , r'red Dinner a' "li. BOARD IN THIRTY. FIFTH STREET, NEAR KIFfll avenue ? sul* of lto? ma, >o w? <ind (1 >or, fruit and reir, and front Rmrni on fourth lioor. bouae and furniture near 1'ilvate table I! desired. Dnnerat6 Apply at 10 West Tfcir ty fifth (ireet. Board fob a iuwliman and wife.? a third story front Koom, with large pantries, water end gaa, *nfunjl>b?*d or partly furnlahed, in a biwn atone fnni hen*.- Price ?8 pee week. Apiily at Itf Ea.t Thirty fifth street, between Second and 1 bird avenue i. SOARD. WHERK THERF. ARE I'BW HOARDERS - Ocatltneo and I he'r wives or a few single nwliri'ii be ace. nmnda>il *Kb nhfsanl Korrn*. fumlsliel or un furnl?fced, wltb ! nil ' r paral Board, nt 212 F.*m Hr >adw?v. Board wantbd-?t>r a gentleman \rd wife. In the titi] ?r ptrt of I' " i lty l? a private family \d dress t K M , b x 1.319 New i ork l'oat ollice. i or two dara. Board wanted.? a single gentleman wants Honrd for the '-oming year in *'.m? quiet 1 r4Mion up town (with a w'dew laity | referred!, and where thnre are but few it any bottrdera. ?or a Comfortable hnm? a r to?l pr ce v, ill !><? paid Address F. C f., Herald oUire, for three d ays. Board Wanted? BY tro gentlemen up town, In s ho'.ie where tliere are but fe v boarders. Commit alcatloTu not prepaid will not be r. tlced. Addreaa 8., box l,Ktr- P'<at o llre Board wanted-?dr a lady and gentleman, | tn a prl- i'<- famt'e; board for the lady only. Locailon between Tenth and Thirty fouf1 h ?treeta ard Fourth and j t .eventh avenues !? rn>s m-xleia e Address f. ?., Ma'llsm I .. Post oflie* I nOitRD WANTRD-ir A PRI 'ATE FAMILY, Wi'EBE i ihe rumfpi .a r>' ,t h mie can (Hi bad. by a gentle man Ad- i drt aa, natlng parti' ulars, (1?|> Ooi i.i4fi Poa! UK-*. L> ! ralliv betwv fl Huua mi and StyortMb b streets preferred, i Bo.tdlpg botiats need not nfplf , I BO VRD ? ANTED,? A f'f)MFOBTABI.E V KIM. WTT I I Bejrorm arljotn'ng, and bnwitfut an?l ft agd dinner on , 1-nn.laja, wanted by a genU-twsn le s pirl/ete ?an> \v H ?u??r truer H frar nla?a lor-Uon nut a^ove i v.r - ? ??> ? ei b*lW"en Fourth and hWth nvenne*. 8<>ar>! in fan.'iy '? b > ; own tkfl borae the- octTipynref T <d. A1(*r eae, <u>- vg t >r i 1 and parrlmlara, M. R , box l,4iC New tort Port Bo^nejuio Loouixe. _ _ BOARDING?A fcTRIOrLY PklVATK FAMILY WILL furnish a quiet ladj wishing 10 live re'ir?d and remote from lii <jui?1 i!ve persons, one ur more Booms, with H.ssrtl and evervr, omfort and MaveB?M? Uaalrabla. t J B. LA. If. RBNCE *rO.,? Bact Foorleeoth streel Boardino ? TWO La ROE front booms, well

furnished, to lei, with Board, bouc hasall t?? modern Improvements; family amall and do uhlidren. App'y at W W??t Twenty seventh st,e*t T)?iBDma-i FEW GENTLEMEN CAB HATE GOOD I) Board and nice Booms lo a private family. Apply at U Vestry BOARDING? TWO GENT? EUEN AN D THEIR WIVES can be accommodated with Board la a private family ; rooms f ur nlshed or unf urniahed. Apply at 20 Spring street, near Bowery. BBOOI LYN. ? A GENTLEMAN AMD WT*B OB TWO slaglf gentlemen otui obtain beard a N*. 43 Summit street, South Bfeoklyu. afttr May I, la a private family; a Hrite room and bedroom tad joining on seoond floor. Addresc 1> , box 1,/n hew Tork Pest elHire. BROOKLYN.? FAMILIES AMD 81BGLB GBNTLKMBri can find well I urnlshed Room* and board at 63 Aamaaa street BBOOKLYN BOARD? A FRENCH FAMILY WISH TO accommodate one or two gentlemen with a large R>> >tiv containing hot and cold water, ns closet &>i ; also, a small UiMim Dinner at six o'clock. Apply at 19t) I'Unton ? reel. BOARD IN BROOKLYN, 16 CLINTON STKBBT? A biinarc front Boom on third story , also single rema* Te rma low. Board in brooklyn.-jiarribd and single gentlemen can dm mmoda ed wuh Beard and pleas ant Rooms at 47 Concord street; neighboorhood pleasant and tonvenlenl to the ferries. Board in bbooklyn.? a family can be ac- ; oommodated with pleasant Rooms oommunfcatlng, on the seoenil floor, with large pantry; ul-o a few Hingle ^en.le men ; location pleasant, convenient *o tne ferries Apply at 71 8 tat* street, between Henry and thnuon Board in bbooklyn-at t? state htrbbt. or i posit* Garden street, within five minutes ot South and I Wanstreet ferries. Gentlemen and their wives and slngl-i gentlemen can be accommodated with superior R?*mu?, en 1 KuHe or single, furnish' <1 or unfurnished with first cfa?i Beard AH modern improvements. Dinner at six t> olocs References exohan^ed. Board in bbooklyn.? pleasant roomr on the first and seoond Moors, suitable for gentlemen an I their wivee or single gentlemen; modern Improvements, live ml nutsH irom houtn and Wall street ferries. References ex changed Apply at 110 Pacific ttreet. Board ib bbooklyn -gentlemen or gentle men and their wives can be aarotnmotl.tted with full or partial Hoard, on moderate terms, at 1UU lUant'c ntreet, be tween Clinton and Court. Day boarders will be taken. Board in bbooklin.-a very pleasant front corner Room oh sec , ml floor, with Bedr-utn attached; aim one or two single itooms, may be had, with Board, at lOB Clinton street, corner of State, References required Board in Brooklyn -a ge?tlkman and wifb can obtain p'.easwit Rooms, with Board, In a private fa mily, at 18 Nassau stteel, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn ?desirablb booms to let, with or wlthoni Board, to single geiitlemm or gentle men and their wives; convenient to the ferrjen lltoeede sir ng oomiort and cleanliness may address Clinton, Herald oflioe. Board in Brooklyn -dphirablb rooms, on second floor, in a lirst class bouse, suitable for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. Convenient lo South er Wall street ferry. Dinner at six o'clock. Apply at No. 137 Ainliy street. Board in Brooklyn.? at a private house, no other boarders taken, for two single gentlamon, or gna tl?man and wife without children House, has .ill the modern Improvements, convenient to ferry and 'allroaiL Apuly to yu Thltd placc, or address Board, box 4,197 New York Post on ???. Board in Bouth bbooklyn. -the whole of the seoond Floor of a handsomely furnished house, close in tbe Houtb ferry, will be let to a small family or a party ol Cnllemtn, with or without private table. The bouse has tbs, hot and eold water, aad the other modern Improve ments; no other inmutas taken. Apply at No 9ti Cangiecs street, four doors wes: of Henry street. Board on Brooklyn heights pgr ihe sum mi r. Excellent accommodation and good table can be had at one-half the expanse of hotel life, a. 6li and 6!S Coium bis street, Brooklyn, location unexceptionable; three min utes walk I rum Kultou ferry C1HF.AP FURNISHED BOOMS AT THE FBANKFORT ) House, ooroer or Frankfort and William street* Good Booms 1 rum $1 to t3 per week. Lodgings from A cents to 37 cents per nl^ht. Open all night. Good restaurant attached. DESIBABLE BACK PARLOR TO LET. IN A PRIVATE family, with or without Board, to gentlemen Also a small Boom. Aj ply at 91 f leet street, Brooklyn, ii 'ar Fulton avenue (?rs. DESIRABLE ROOMS MAY BE OBTAINED, ElTllta with or without Board, at 21 Clinton place I, nexcep Uonable references required. T/CONOMY IN BOABDING? VEBY DBnIRaHLE Tj Rooms, large and rmall, furnished aad unf uralshad, In a handsoiie modern house, with every convenience lor com fort, at a reasonable rate to permanent parties. Family pr|. vale. Location high and airy. Dinner at t). Apply at 409 (second avenue, near Twenty-sixth street. ELBOAHTLT FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LET? to gentlemen and ladles, with or without Board; flrst class house with gas, in a private family, at 104 West Houston street. Elegantly furnished rooms to let? to gen tlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, who will room together, with Board. Dinner at six o'elnek. Every accommodation suitable for flrst class boarders, at 119 Wavor ley place, tlear Washington square. Families and obntlembn can obtain hand sanely 'nmlsbed Rooms, with Board, In a private house In Fourteenth street, near Fifth avenue and Union square Apply st XI East Fourteenth street or to E. LAWRENCE A < O , jM Bast Fourteenth street rl'RNLRHBX) BOOMS? FOB GSNTLBMBN, WITH breakfast and tea If desired, near Fifth Avenee HeteL Inquire at 69 West Twenty-third street, between Fifth and Blith avenues. FURNISHED BOOMS TO LBT? TO OBNTLEMBN, AT 30R Fourth street, seeond block west of Broadway, con venient to stages. References req aired. Furnished rooms, with partial or full Board, to let, in a private family, to single gentlemen only. Apply ai 241 Weet Twenty second street. Reference required ana given Fcbnishbd booms? in a two stoby frame house, on tht flrst or seoond floor, with all the conven lenee of cooking, at 110 West Fortieth street, near Broadway. Terms moderate. References exchanged FURNISHED ROOMS? PARLORH AND CHAMBERS connecting, with private table or without meals, also Clumber*, with breakfast If requ'red, may be had by gentle men at In, fourth house from Lafaytte plare. FUBMbHED BOOMS to LET.? a LiBOE FRONT Boom, with closets, gas, Ac , In a very respectable neighborhood, lu a private family. Inquire at 277 Henry street FflURNIfiHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM AND SINGLE 1 Room to let, with or without Board, to gentlemen only, In a first class modern heuse, with all the modern improve ments, gas, bath. Ac. Apply at 176 Bast Fourteenth street, nearSe.-oni1 avenue. GOOP BOARD WITH CHOICE ROOMS -"RUB Iff urlee." Beautiful park tn front. Choice garden in rear Aoo-a easy. Terms reasonable. Apply at 23 Abingdon ??MR (GENTLEMEN AND TIIEIR FAMILIES, OR SINGLE I Rfrit]<-mrn, cao be acoom modated with Room* and BimI room* or Room? aeparaU) at 178 We?t Foarteeth .itr??:t. Re ference* given an) required Dinner at 6. ("* ENTLEMEN AMD THEIR WIYEH OR A FEW SIN T gle gentlemen can be accommodated with K.*rd. In the elegant brown atone front bonne, containing all the modern Improvement!, No 2H0 Roc .nd avenue Dlnuer at 6 P. M. nOBOKEN.-A PLEARANT FRONT ROOM TO LET, to one or two gentlemen, with partial Board, at (hi Oar den itreet. Reference* eichanged. HOBOIEN.? A HANDSOME HU1TOF ROOMH TO LET, furnished or unfurnUhcd, with B lard, Lalf a mln He a walk from tbe fern . hmi*e new, with all the modern MIM no nee*. and overlook* river and bay. Apply In Newark r.n et, tblrd new houae oaet of Uudaon street, or at the Land ofllce, opposite the ferry. Horoken, fronting the ferrt.-threb or four gentlemen, ran be accommodated with Hoard and pleaaant Room* . location delightful, with beautiful view ef bay and river, at Ro 6 Hudaon Terrace. _ HOBOKRN? FURNISHED ROOMS, WTTH PARTIAL Board may be hart in the mo*t pleasant pan of the city, liav log ? line view of the river, and four minute*' walk of the ferry. Apply at Mo. 9 River terrace. IMPORTANT TO HINOLE OENTLEMEN. I ELKOaNTLY FURMBHKD RO.jVUJ Can be obtalnr H AT THE RICHMOND HOUSE, 110 Maedougal itreet MRU M. B St'MNER, RO. 22 WRSf TWBNTN NINTH ?treet, having made an e.itenslvi. addition to her h.>uae, ?an offer two new nit* of Room* two *lng:? R?ora? and an entire parlor Floor, all elegantly f urnithed ; table and style uf M? efcsepHig unexceptionable. Northeast corner of ninth avbnch and Twenty third *tre?t. ? a few Bna*l< re wanie<l at that beauufnl oottage. located a* above. Stage* and car* paa* the door. Apply on the premlwe VTOW READV-ELROANT APARTMENTS FOR ONE 11 cr mor-' gentlemen w ith or without partial board, lu a ? trictlv private home, Hlthnltlhe nv dcrn convenience*; no other lrfmrder*. Hefnrencee required. Al?t baaemeot otUoe for a doctor. No We*t Twenty eighth Itreet. N'l.W HOUSE, NEWLY FURNISHED, 1'WlVi All the modern Improvi-iient*, with pleoiant Room* an t good Board, to let to iremlemeri and wive* or ilngl" een'ie n.en. fan be *een every ilav. Apply at lS6Ea*t Fourteenth street, corner Becond avenue. NrO. IfH EAbT FOI RIEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH avHue ? Room to lei, tuml*he<l r iin'urnl*h?d, with full or partial Board. r roper referenee glven%?d required. / tNK OP. TWO PLEASANT ROOMS ON HB'OND AND " 7 ibiul floor* to let, with Board, t^ utnllenien and tt??;r wl e? or (ingle gentlemen Dinner at 2 > clo'k LoeaNnn verj desirable, Reference* gk?n and re ui red. C*llforthr*o day* at 268 West Twenty wmnd utreot. PBRKONS WISIIINO BOA AD, CAN HE PLEAiANTLY a<?otr>mndat?d. in the family of arrofe**l >nai gen'leman, at No I<t7 Em* Thirty ninth stree'. Modern ooivenl -n:ci; good neighborhood; hon??, newly furnished throughout. PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS ON SECOND AND TH'RD fl'ior*, with good W)\rd, for genil"m"n and their whee, or alngle gtntli men, with a neat, pleaiuir.t fattflly, oou*l*Ur>? of a wltow lartv an<! her tw daughter*, aUU MMBroadway, corner Clinton itreet. IjrSAPAYr ROOMS ON HErtilO FLOOR. FOR Sin gle i'e? ?lemeti or fimiillen. With all the m<i<*er;i Improve men;*. Apply at 9 tanda atrtot, Rronu|n. ]^I B*SANT P-inws, HlTITABt.E FOR A FAMILY OR 1 ?iru ;e g> ij-.ieinen, ay be obtained at U Ra*t Twenty thl'U Itree , I)LF,\ft,Nr Knr'MHBD 8 TO L*f-WITH .1 B^-aru, Ap}' y at U Aaveriej j i*M, -ear Broadway. T momMnjn e amp Room* and board.-largb room on FIB?t and und Icon, to a tnl house, am.y y 11 at-d ttk?l Linuer at 6 O'clock. Inquire at 123 Madia in MMMg i ? DX) OE> TLKMFN ONLY.? TO LIST, A PaELOR, WITH 1 B?dm< m < 'uimualeaUjig, both elegant1* famished. with Breakfast aid Dinner on i undaya if re<|tlred, in a strtetl* yrtrale family residing In en elagiani bouse. Blghtb aad Fourteenth ?treei? and K <ar.h at. J lnh'e-enuss; in the hoiire Is & toprrkr billiard table, tbe free use of wblch will be given. Kor particular! apply to Mr. BCKTId, UO Broad *?7. 0 GFNTLBMEN TIRED OP A BOARDING HOUSE.? _ Two reniUmen can be handsomely accommodated In a Eelv&te fumi'y, where there are uo boarder* or children, loui-e b? all tbe lmprnvementa, and ??vary nom'art ihtt tlie Boat fastidious eould desire. Please tall at 34 l*lke Meet I rrwo OKPTLVMl'.N CAR Bit ACOOMMODaTKD WITH 1 single Booms, wl'hout board, by applying at 100 Ninth ; street, r?t?een Broadway and University place mO LET- WITH HOARD, AT NO 87 EAdf TWENTT- ' 1 third street, between Leilngton and Fourth aveo-iea two rooms on tbe *ec>ud floor, haiasome!v fuml?hed; alto, one on the third, (tillable fur familiea the location u minor passed tor pleasant quietness, aid accessible by several lln.-e of etag* s and cars. The bouse la re plate with every conve nience. VERY PI.EABANT ROOMS TO LET TO SINGLE URN il?men, on* Mock from Uadlaon sjiare. Apply to P. P. CHABE, 31 Past MUi at VERT SPACIOUS SUITS OP ROOMS TO LIT? AT 17 Lafayitte place, and Room* for idngie gentlemen: a very desirable location, between Broadway and Bowery, near fourth itreeL VERT PLEASANT UOwMS ON TUB SB >OXD FLOOR, with Hoard, may be obtained by applying at Eaii Tenth street, oonvenlent to Broadway. References ex i.tmaaul WAN TED-BY A VOITNG GENTLE <AN? A BMaLL Iocs and partial Bna.rd, in a private fainHr. Loca'ion be lew Bienker street, (either Htdn of town) address, stating teims. which mu t not exceed $3 AO per week, li. O. H., box 2,070, New York Pottoillee. TVT ANTED ? A WOMAN TO TAKW A CHILD TO W board, fourteen months old. Apply at 33 Eaat 30th St., from 10 to i o'clock WANTED? ON KTaTBN ISLAND OR NEIGHBOR ho<>d, Board for a single gentleman. Address, with full particular*, T. K , box l.ttat* Post office. WAKTED-BK A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A LARGE ard handsomely furnished Room and iedroom, with pan Ac., In a private noose down town Address, stating par titulars, i. LB, kte?alil ollioo 2AI11KGDON SQUARE (WEST SIDB>.? SUITS OP Rooms, with Board, lor 1'amlUea. Alto, single Ro imf. Cars and stage* pv*. ? Q ?GREAT REDITCTION.-GOOD BOARD AND HP A ? )\/. Ho $1 60 to $3 a week and upwarda Lv die* and families mil ed; 48 Uepenard street, nea- Broadway, Parlor wit'i wano. Watchman and lodgings all night. Mar ried person* 60 cents. an ? 'IOOD BOARD AND ROOMS ?OR tlNOLE <?EN <fcO If men to be had a'. .'W Vand.-wate ? ntwe', a cvip'.e of doors t rem I'earl street Termn $'t per week UTH hTREET, NOR J2 AND 2t, EaST, BET^BBN Ftftb avenne ami UntTerslty plao?> ? Hults of KiMini or single, front au<l bat k In even , uriety for families and gun tlemen. Location unsurpassed. IP CARROLL PLAOB?TO LET. WITH BOARD. JLO very desirable furnished Apartra* nta on second nod third floors, suitable for familiew or single gentlemen. Apply as kbove. i)A DNIVERBITY PLA^B, CORNER OP NINTH UiT street? A suit of apartmenta handsomely furnished, wt'h full Hoxrd to let also slugle rooms; unexceptionable referrmiea required. Dinner at six o elock. Oft VNION SQFAKE. ? VERY ELEGANT ROOM*, lit) handsomely rurolabod, may oe obtained, with Board, at 9C l nlun *(niare, rorner ^lxteenth street, (?lonthc. ners and others In waut of mperlor a?i;ommodAtiona, oan obtain purtioularf by applying at tbehouee. ?J7 WEST TH'RTIETH BTREBT, BETWEEN BROAD # > I ? in and Fifth avenue -Ou? or two select families '-an bow be ucoommodxted with eirgan'. * ults of It oms 'in first and second lloors, in one of the most delightful locitioun In the city. Table first oiass. References exchanged. 07 Bank STREET- -A VERY PLEASANT AND t'OM ?? I modloua Room, front or back, seord lloor 10 let, with Poaid; hou'.e gen'-eel and well located, near acveral stagu routes and I iglitb avenue earn liaih, gas, Ac. ? ?Q REACH B1BBET, ST. JOHN'S l'AtK. ? TO ?>0 le', with board, two lar^e Ro?'nr>s, fronting on the Faik; nlso single room* Uoi.i-e contains all the modern A ?? WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, WWHI l") Fifth and Sixth Bvetiuea ? Furnished Booms, in suits or blnnle, for lamiiles >r single gentl"mec, can be bad un rea sonable terms In the ibtn e first class house. ri TENTH BTREfcT, B El WEEN PIPTH AND SIXTH ?)1 aiennea ? llandm'inely fiirnlshad Kooms, In suits or m parately. In a first cla>s hiuse. to let, wl*h Boird, to a gentle man and wife or single gentlemen. Dinner a: six o'clock. Aim an Office for a physician. ZA WEST TWELFTH BTREBT, BETWEEN FIFTH ? )t aiul R 1 x til avenues.? Pleasant furnished Rooms for gentlemen and their wives, or s'tigle gentlemen, where there axe but few boarders; dinner at six. References exchanged 6K EAST TWENTY BIGIITH STREET -ONE SUIT OF ? ) large handsomely furnlahed Rooms, on the first floor of an English haseinent bouse, would be let to a physician, with it without Board; also two or three single and double Rooms, on the third Boor T?rms moderate. Heferenoea ex charged. Very convenient to cara and atagea, being very near rourth frr MADIBON AVENUE-MADISON 1IOUBE.-PLP.A OO tant Rooms, with Roard, for gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen Terms to suit the times. Din ner at 6 Transient boarders at reduced prices. TQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROAD tl way and Union square.? Families and single gen tie men acsommodated transiently or permanently with desirable Rooms and Board; terms moderate; dinner at 0*4. Refe exchanged QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING? ALSTON 1 70 House. Elegantly furnished ealte of Rooms; gaa, Croton and every convenience for honsekeeping eeonoinically. Particularly suitable for small respectable families or single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent teoanta ? lOr BLEHCKEB STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAIJ ROW ? AOti Furnished Ro<ims lo let, with Board, on the first, se cord and third floors The house has all the modern Improve ments. References exchanged. mT MADISON AVEMUE, SEOOND DOOB ABOVE J.U I Thirtieth street ?Boarding.? Thoee who wish ele gant Booms In a delightful location, will do Well to call as above, where they win And suits of Rooms, 1 urniahed and unfurillshed; also Rooms for single gentlemen. I HQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET ? LARGB AND HI J well furnished Booms to let, with first c'aas Board. House and local Ion one of the finest In the city Dinner at six o'clock A billiard table In the bouae for the use of tbe guests. First class relerence required. II fl MACDOUOAL STREET? RICHMOND HOUBE. 11U Particular attention la respectfully solicited to the above house, which Is now opened as a private lamlly hotel for the re' eptlon of single gents or small families Ured of the monotony or boarding. Parties desirous of houaekeeping,?an tnd every convenience at the above establishment. mVABfCK BTRERT, NBAR BROOM8.? FUBNISHBO Farlor. on tbe first floor, to let, suitable for a doctor s office or for one or two gentlemen, with i>artlal Board If re quired -ion THOMPSON BTREBT, NEAR PRINCE, TO LET lO" furnished Booms; everything new; all modern Im provemenm. Also a Doctor's otiioft*, a good neighborhood and wlli be rented very low to ree|>ect*bl? person*, In suits or slngli r>K>mj to hint A ' hotee or rooms can be had by ap plying early to (lay, a a above. _____ 1 Of\ PJUN( E KTBEET, THREE BLOCKS WEST OK J.OU H roadway ?Pleasant Room* for iramtiles, Rotm* for single gen lem<?, from $:> to $.'> per week. 1 OH M ADTBON AVENl'E.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIH lO" wifecan find at their dlniioeAl two handsome front Rooms to let, with Board, In it firei Claaa bouse. References eickangtd. , m NINTH BTREBT, SECOND HOt'XE WBHT Of Broadway ?To let, without board elegantlr fur nished Room*, single or In suit. suitable for gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. Apply aa above. 1 JC EIGHTH B1BHET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE 111) plane ?Large airy Room* to rent, to gentlemen, with or wlthotit Board en suite or singly. Reference required. 1J IT TWELFTH HTREET, NBAB HBCOND ATENUB - lTU Becerid Floor, together or separate with Board, on* ?mall Room connecting with a large one, at $10 |>er week for twe. Single gentlemen or gentleman and wile will find as conimodatiotis In a private family. 1 Zfi PRtNOE IfiTREKT. ? BT 01. AIR |HOUBE ELB ltJO K?ntly furnished Room*, with Bedrooms attached, with all the eonvenlf neea for house v.* ping complete, Includ ing m* and Croton water, to let to respectable f ami lies or sin gie gentlemen. |)Ai WASHINGTON STREET H080KEN? TO LET, ZU'r a pl-'ai-ant hn'l Room, with partial Board, to a (Ingle gentUmen, *t $3 SO p*-r week. OWk ELM HTREET, NEAR ?PBING.-rURN ISHKD ?1'' for Immediate oocupar.'y, Th? lowest leoU In the city, oonptdertng the eonvcnkmre of ?oooomlcal bouxeket ping. B' tt heddli'j and furniture, with range, cook ing utensil* and linen eompiete; una and On Urn. nqn east broauwat. -board, with h hxmh ^wO ed Boons, suitable for.grnlIem"n and their wlv. n tr slnjsle gentl*men House contains all the modern Imp ovr meets. Apply aa above. EAST TENTH stbeet-to let rVMUUB ?iO?) I'asior, newly c%rj>-ied, gaa and water, Caraps's bedstead Id the r 'nB. Rent 910 |>er mouth. 7 ("J ftBOADV,AY, HKTWBEN EIGHTH AND NINTH I ' > -J >t lets ? Knnilsbed Ro ms to let, to gentlemen j h us" ncwy furnished, an 1 has all the modern Improve m nts; location pleasant. Apply as above. 7tl7 HpOADWAT.-HTRANdEBfl AND FOREIGNER* I'M afnvlng in New York *111 ttnd good ?ooommoaatiorui sndatn very moderate price. The h ?Me li kept on the >nro;?Mn p an, and situated In the centre of pioaditre and bustneee. yUHIWTtllK.. t BBC ROOM HI.-IT OF ESAMFI.LM) Ft RNTTI'RE J\ f?r In all Ci lors, of warranted T\ami'artiire. Aleo ?olldch f ,n ut 1 hnmher suits, pjtln and ornamental, at II. F FARelNQTON'8, W Cannl street, opp-mlte Mroo*t?r. Es'sMlxbe.l In I'm A LOT OF FINE PARTITION, BR.rMHF.L-t ( \RPKT, Bkow Cases ?rrk<. ''ofas. Cbande'ler. Ac , to be sold it once, very cheap. Apply thle day to Novelty Bewlng Machine 1'wpMfi 419 l^rra'twa5?, oorpcr of Canal ?tree1, second door L'VAMr LED CHAMBER ?(TtrSOF FURNITURE, IN I.Hj all "...,rs mu| styiea ot wholeeale and retail, 1," At |'tt and uuwsids. Also Miutri>'*?a and Pa'llasaee. WARRBN WARD. 277 Caasi strw-t. Fonr dr> irs ea?t of llro? l*?v. LMBBT CLABH KNAMKLLKD KJRHIf, RB. PLAIB | I' d'-eor^u-d srd irralneil ; solid walnn' sna o?* Seta, Mat tr?s"'f, Spring b< ds, Ao. . sutia from $<ft an I upws"U. J. ! W VI^IIFR A 00 , mannrMtnrers, ??> Bnad var. between Blnrker and Road tit eet* FV B>rrt'RE, OARPEl*. HOOEB. AC - B' i , Oil T Ft I B resdy imney at 133 nil til avenue, between Ninth ?na | T? ntk metlA -,..r ... SP*CIAX. NOTirES. M * - "^rTAN U) r>? " . HO 62. ? T8 e B 8 WIU. be A evei ina^2t' ''*? Rw?h?t tan bsdfla, No <i oc Friiay wtsi corner H?* -odg? roMD, ourUi yj? ifj /*'urlh "4 straw* for w A Thd insu rers in hereby re<(.u?U4 to aUead By or dor w. f. vTjointtrr w. m. 2ST?ito^ EX Elmo? hi;1.0 wlH K OW">lu' OF THE Bsrwa^^r-f Sr s :iia 5 worx. ? oinanriaa. J. a. 4 p. b H< >BxZu? N*W YOBK il(D HitLEV RAIuROaD OOd'AMT? Treasurer's o flea, eoraar o' r0,.nh *r?nu*an. ? ????*_ alj'h street. Mew York, liny L ls?|. 1 lw .anu' , tZl?,. uf stock h< iders lor the elecuua of ill) Thirtaea nw be held til the otlloe of Ike oompa,., JT. ?i 1 ha i olln id be opened from lSo'eloakat ?.> ,T& P M. The Transrer Hooka of tbe old *ol jii,/, will be elqsed from 4 o'clock P. M.,of ih? 8th, uo.( a vj?L A M. of Chsadlast W n. fcMlHHH.tna, ami vjotice ? wonoa-wwrTKHN hoi-kl. no. soort. 1Y landt street, Now York, at few dMT? from Broadway in Lhe centre of the business part of the etty. rhe r ibmi ib-.r moat cheerfully Inform* hla Ir lends patrons and im putli: reneralJy that thin Bote) la in com plate order ba!uanetn sntlrely refltted and refurnished amoe the lite t re. Aaun lin nance of the patronage ao libera' ly beatjwed In anst veaia M solicited. I). D. WINCHJBSTBJL luos D. Wiitcntsm. Notice -the ntockholdahh of tbe law rencevllle Manufacturing Cement Company are hereby notified that the annual meeting for el'Ctl n "f Trustees >ad odlerra for the ensuing year, will ne held <>n 'uesday, May 21. at 12 M., at tbe Comij&ny'a oilloe, Mo M ?Vail street, By unlet WM h. UK\C8, President. OFFICE OF TUB ILLINOIS 'KNTRaL BAJLBOAD Company, New York, May 1 iHdl. lhe annual meeting of lh? nhareholdari of the Tluocla Cen tral BaUroud Company, f<IT the else ton r?f Directors and tb tranaacuon of any other bnainnaa, wt',1 he held * loe olboe oi' tbe company, In th? city of Cbioagj, on W.dneaday, May 29. 10', o'clock a. K 1 be tiantfer b<iok? will be ol'taed on tbe 21(t day of Kay and opentd on tbe lat of J una. W. M. PfflLUPB. Secretary. PIATT LODGE NO. 1W, F A<I> ?. M.? THE MEtf ber* of tbta lodge are he-eby n unmoned ta m?et thia af trrn<on at 2 o'clock, at ?l*) Allen atteei for the ( urpoie-O attending the luneral of our late bn>ther lame* o Hmilb By order of (iao UHAKBB, W U. FINANCIAL. Al'Ginr BELMONT A CO. ?aN4.ML<*, ??0. M VAIL ?treet, Hew York, iimn !e lU-ra offredltte **Tl|a_ atallab ? In all nirta of Eup-w, ihrongh tbe Meavn. AoSa cMld, "f Parla, London, Frankfort, Vienna, Napuea and their oorreapondenta. LAN? WAKBANT8 FOE SAiJS. ALL TUB Silk*. TAY LOB BROTHBBP. U1 Broadway, corner of tlurntj auort, And 7# wall ?t'?*t, oori>er o? FMm. Money to loan? in small ?l bb, on imp/icvbd Bro k!yn Property. Apply at OA. ION A J0SE8' Property t.xch ingo, 81 Naxaau aireet -pao^xALB fob saoo.iiuo 'central pabb iu Jl prorrniri.t Fund Hunk of ifl76 ' ? ^aaled prnpoeala will beroreivad at the Comptroller a itffloa, until Taeeda*. tbe ?th day of May, IHC.l, at two o'clock P M . when th? aanao will ka publicly opened for tbe wUoWt or any aart af the amuunt of two hundred and Afty tboueand dollar* of the "< antral Park Imprornmant fund rttoak, ' authonud by chapter PS, of the lawa of IfiMJ, and by an ordluaaoe of tbe Common i.onrcil, app'ovid by tbe Mayor, rabroary 28 iML. Tbe aald atork will bear Internal at the rate of aim per cent pet am im, payable quai tar yearly from laxa Uao, and the principal he redeemable. Nevemtier 1, IH7B, from the "(Milking Fund for the Kedemp lon of tfee City IVbt. ' Tbe pr poeala vtili atate the amount of atoik dim. red, and the price i er one bnndred dollara thereof and the peraona wbore propoealaaieacsepted will be reoulmd to deposit witb tbe ChaiiilH-i lain of tbe cltv, wubln tau aaya a' tar the cpouta# of the hldH, the ?umi awarded to tbem reape tlvuiy Inelcdtag tbe premiums on tbe aama. On prearntiiiit to the Comptroller the reeetpta of the Ofeam barlaln forau' b depoalia, thitj^riiea *111 l>? ratitan u. rreoivo oertiiloat?H foreqoai amauota of tha par ralnc of tbe etock beaifrg Interest from tbe ilatea of |M(meata. fcaoh preposition ahwuld t-e nea.ed and lnd<ir?e?l. "FrapO aald for Central l'ark Improrement Fund, anil the aama put In a aacond envelope adilrnaaed to tbe Comptroller. Tbe light ,r rmi rved on the part of the ?.oinptiiil!er to re ject any or a 1 of the blda. If considered necaaaury to protect or promote ibe interests of the dir. BOBT. T HAWK, Comptroller. City of New York, D'lartintjiit of Ftaaaoe. < umptroDer'a Ofliee April 27, W1 RBMirrANCEH TO BNOI/AND, 1KEL4ND, hCOi l.ANO AND WALE-. Might bil'H on the Union Bank orLonnoN, National Bank or Bcotlaitp, Beiwt IUnkini; Cotci Ajrr, IKSLlNr, 1c sums from il upwards, Iasued by TaTIOR BROTBBRP, eatkera, 217 BROAUYV A Y', corner MCB?AY 8THBET, And 76 W ALL STRBET. REM1TTANCER to BNOLANO, IRELAND, AC.? TAl'bCOTT Jt CO , No. Hd Ronth a:re<". New To/k, for nirbttrbftH for any anjonnt, payable on damaud throcghoct Great Britain and Ireland, at tbe 1 iweat rate". SOVebeionb, bank ov enuland notes, BOD OUT AND SOLD TAY'LOR BROTHERS, 247 PBOADWAY, otrnerof MURRAY RTBKBT. And 76 WA1.L BIRfckT. comer of PEAB3U Tay lor bbotbebr, rankbbr, 76 WALL HTBBET, NEW YOBB. Have opened a new branch oflice at 247 BROADWAY, CORNER OF MURRAY BTRBBT, To which we Invite the attention of our up town friends. The Wall street oQlce ia continued aa uaual TAYLOR BROTHERS, 76 Wall aireet, and 2l7 Broad wav, corner of Murray street. d>0 OR A' ,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST BOND iP^iOUVI and mortgage on real estate in iLla city. >o commlraion charged. Brokers need not apply. Address, stating particulars, b T., Berald oliioe. tf-Q rrnn 1RHT MORTGAGE ON NBW YOBK CITY fO.tlUU Property for aala or exchange for Merchan alio. Hotiae and Lot or Farm Inquire of N. W. BOtiTUD. No. t IVaJl street, ollice Commonwealth Insurance Com pan/. LOAIt OFFICB8. AT II CILAMBEBS BTRBBT ? MONEY TO LOAN, TO any amount, on Diamond a, Walikec, Jewelry, Aa, by the well known and old eatabliaaad IHAaCH, broker and oommiaakm nyrenant, 11 Chambers street B. B.? Bo bcat aeaa transact*! on Hatarday. A| T M6 BBOADWAY, OOBNBB OF PB1BCB room No. A up atalrs. ?Money advanced from $1 i* $20,000 on Dlamonda, Watcbea, Jewelry, Dry Oaoda, ^rgsn. and every kind of merchandise. All tranaacslnna will be con fidential BAUMUARTEV A CO. AHT M NAfMIAU STREET? A. BOBIGMAM, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advance* on Diamond*. * aleAea, Jeweiry, Ac, er buys them at full value, at bia private eflpa, No. 66 Nassau street, room Ma 3, up ataira. Buursw aoafl deatiaL AT 4*1 BROADWAY, HKNRT II Y MAM, DIAMOND AND Watch Br ker, advance* money on Diamonds, 'Vac-hee and Ji welry, or buy* the name for oa<b. lJENRf HYXAN, Auctioneer and Broker, 490 Broadway. Amor r. Thompson, it a nassac btrbet boom l*o. 2, aecoud floor, acrancea from $1 to 96.000 or Dia monds, Watches. Jewelry, Began, Dry Good* and all kin<:a of prnpertr, or buys for <-a?n Auction sales attended to in this city or Brookljn. AMOS R. TliOBPBOS, AoCjCi.eer. MISCELLANEOI7I. A HIGHLT KF.HPECTABIE MARRIED C )^FLE, A. altbout family, wutb to take care of a house for a fami ly f ing to Kurnpe or to the country. Beat of reference given. Aildieaa 117 Wei<t2ltk a.. f10B NEWEST STY r.BB OF UNION GOODS 6ENB TO 11EAD0I ARTKR?. NEW UNION STATIONERY'. The Peacemaker Envelope. The de*'gn represents a 76 pouuder pourlpg forth grape, with the Htarn ?nd btripea floiitiDK over it, and bearmi? the motto, " Our Comi '' > ? The I'll hnreli pe. The *ame di ?lgu with DU m< !to, The first man that attempts to haul down the Am -Tmu. Lag. shoot him on the spot ' THB BOLD MOLDlhi' HOV ENVELOPE All hanJccinciy executed in colors; pnoe each it}*, 9) Par hundred : ?< nl post paid. aLHO now RFADT, I'NION NOTE AMD I.KITKK "APER. The (toddcas ol Li'icrty tbe Boid Soldier Boy , '.be Pea-e maker, Ac Price from $5 to $8 per ream, according to '.naiity of paper. lhe trade aupplird with cxkadea. Badges, P'ns, aad everytlilng la the Unlou Line, at the lows*, rates. Ad dress 3. O. WELLS, Corner Park Row and Boekman atrey, N. Y. For the superior booking plates of thk Fagle Blate Company, airily at their yard. r?raVot Twelfth street and Tenth avenne, or to G. FwKMAN. Afei t, 27 Cortlandt atreet, New York. ITALIAN REBS FOB SALE I Having imported par ?teairer New York a let of fenolaa Italian Bees, which arrived in a remarkably good stata, I ahall be *h'e to fnrnbh amateura with pure genult.e "talian Viueeu* within a >bort time. Kor prtae and other ini naattcn apply U C. W M ROSE, (3 E (change plane. Agent* wasted IF *OC WANT TO BlTV FIRST CLASH SILY'E<IPLaTED 1 Wkr<* <?4> TO BA^ r<iRD S. TABLK CUTLERY, GO TO BABMFJRD*. RBFBIOBBATOBS, GO TO BAWKOBD'B TEA TRAYS, GO TO BAS;f^RD'S. An Immense at -ck of House Furnishing GoocU, at a great reduction in prior a, ai E. D. B ASSFORD S, Cooper Inst.: r.e, N. Y. YriNDLTKd WOOD- KJ CETr -'TT Non MOB.B HO HEN, JV "ak and pin" f 2 %> per load delivered. Addreate C >L LINH. foot East Twenty third vr??t \\" ANTED - A TT'RNIMG LATHE, A P RT4SLE It | nKe and a atnall Anvil State the prtoe ana acuross C. C H., 'i-rald oflce. AMFD-A 'RCOND HAND MEDIUM SIZED BAFB. Addri ia F. A L , #7 North Moon aurcel ry 7 BROADWAY? OEFIOE FOR THE S- ALL t>r 'tO I George's patent Hatr Crimper, for waviog !*<?1as hair In the latcat laal ionabln style ? Agenta war.'-i d far every city and ttiwn in the Union. b"th naale and female Pr * one dellnr; a liberal diKcnirat to thoae who p*ISkiSS rj IM doien or gr ?* Kend for elrc ilar* V-'B. F. OIORUK, I'at-ntee and Maaafac: rv. _ OOtlNTHI HOARD _ I>CAR!> AT YONIBRK-ro'tTIIK SUMMKR.-A SMALL J) family having a fitrnlabed Uoitsa, at tVA"-*, unutr pa??ed Inr idiiatloa would take a lew boarder* for I'ta auniiner, '-r i.'ulna e family. Add ieaa furoa- w*?'k f->nher? Msdison s<j'iare l^>at oBlee. (lOUNTRV BOARD FAR 8 NTH WISHING T'M J iheli i !ilM-? n In tl?c c untrv, whrre ihey win the comfoita of a home; coitcnientto a* liool < rl**s, will plea*-- address V M. rwrln, P. M, Mr Cm a . for one wr' k. /"louNTBY board wanted? fob a \J cbS I In s farm hoii?e loca''tv !8 to'JO ti'v, on the line of ralln ad. 'iear iha *'*? C" uty prefrncd, Adcreas, with fnl! va i nlon aquaie Post oflice. ( ' ' IHT P< tARD WANTED? FOB T'.Y. Vv 'L" (,T '."r ,h'fr from th. tnll^r < n thr not Votli^A or nn t?ourf?r rnmr r ton 4^1 jrlih :r?ro?, paiitcnUn and rtrertocf*. E i*ott utiim ^