Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1861 Page 1
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\ I # * THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9003. fHE WAR. portant News from Washtog toa and Philadelphia. feeted Demonstrations upon Alex andria and Norfolk. i Route to the Capitol Held Ex ivusively fir Military Purposes* other Proclamation by the Preaident. we Troops Called Into tlie Field. Red of tbe Vigorous Measures of the Administration. eat Alarm Among the People of Virginia rftreiee of tbe Border Slave State ^Governors at Montgomery. Ik of an Armistice at Richmond. litary Movements in the Me tropolis. isization of ? Home Guard of Twenty five Thomasd Men. -f eches of Governor Stanton, of Kansas, and Mayor Wood, *?., Ac.) 1m. Important from washinoton. LRM IN VTRGINI A? TALK OF AN AR MIST ICE AT RICHMOND. WA8HHICTO*, May S, 1861 . g< ntleman who has just arrived from Richmond, hav eft theie day before yesterday, states that the poo w< re becoming greatly alarmed. The vigorous and r mined policy of the administration towards the 1i. together with the unanimous feeling throughout S'i th in flw(>taii.lrg and maintaining the government, JS-ed the people to pause and consider whither they u. . He *ays It v.aa understood, before he left, IV r. idei." "*via ^ notified the Governors of all tho *r il%ve ?tau* ?h.; "c Wl'?g with Cjnfederote D rtr , to rspiir trnmortiAtoly MontgoniGrj. 0 :t if this move inert, It 1? sal'l, was for the purpose l. erriujr top ther upon the momentous Issues be tbem. was believed, by the more moderate portion 01 iuo 1 e iu I'ichmoD'l, tlut an effort would be male for an >i ce, witjj fc view of seeing if some plan of Bettle 1 /u!-' u ,t be iig.?ccd upon. Severn! piomir;,flt gOT 11 i'iou lL.r>lsniJ,T'jrglnl4, Kentucky and Tenues wale exerting their good oiiic'-s to bring it about. 1 u. n >i :ncooent lhal the go\ eminent contcmpMeO of the Southern Slates, for the purpose of -,' re Ukmg th'! property which h?l bien 1. from the I'ciied Stales In tho several States, my ribarjt sup caused cous derable consternation. It :out?- 1 to them the condition of affairs in an entirely aspect. rom private sources, believed to be entirely reliable, aecorUinrd that Virgioia herself docs not meditate ulv~nee on Wa?bii<gtoc, that subject being for the alteration of tho Confederate states. Their throwing >1 s icio Virginia is sa.d to be io anticipation of a de mon of war by the Southern Congress, as well aa the ieh< PKioti that the fathering of a lir?e military force e Is designed ultimately to invade the South. barlca Tibbeta, a member of the ithodo Isian ! repi ui, married Sarah Dewtie/, oni 01 the daugmori 01 re> imect, lagi night. . THE POSITION OP APPAIRfl. WAsmvoma, May 3, H61 >*iig lo the interruption of ail intercotirae with thfi tb for n early a week, the President ?u without the u.s of learning the enthusiastic and unanimoi. ip ing of tho people of the free Htates for the maia ai?co of the tntegrlty of the Fnlna. siaqe the re ?ning of rmmuBleathn by rail and telegraph, a owe perusal of the Northern press, and a series of cr> tows with leading men of all parties, has np.ttoly satisfied him aa to the feeling In the ril and being now loapirod with the oonfldeit 1 ' r.rtiest support of rigorous measures by the entire r'bern community, ho !s preparod to act with dec m.b d (Tromptnoca. His want of familiarity with military iltc.-s ? mbarraaaes him considerably, but with bis t .ral prudence and sagacity, and the oooa'/uit benefit Hi- expertn.c of Oer Scott. aa<l the beat com iii. lor*, he is not apt to commit mistaken. rh?i tore of Southern advtcea received kjre during the t few days, clearly tadijstes that the unlw the North upon th? war queetloa, aad the ii .iab!e land end navr?I armaments iciauf iinVd Uy e government . has taken the starch out of the rsvo in u .ry ieadeis at Montgomery to a Urge extent, and at, notwithstanding their previous bonsts, they have t n :p the idea of waging an aggressive warfare, and U i act soMy on the defensive. It In now definitely settled that only volunteers from it Kistem BUtes will be eoncentraied at and about this Irt. . wl that the lerlss from the Western State* will i ? i ployed in operators m tbut s-cii'n of th< country Ie reply to sn Inquiry mado by a foreign Mlolster, the ler.'tary of State has stated that foreign vessels in ickadcd ports will be allowed a returnable litne to do kt aft< i tlif beg i, Lingo* tt? blocka ie. and vftMi'i/ trrylfag emigrants aie advised not to attempt to eater locltaried ports, in order not to subject ttolr passengers ? th'1 tanfrr rs incident to the insuTect onary condition Uho Gulf states. This has special rsferenc to V:w ?*u* He steamer naltimore, one of the arrrW Lr m rt MlM on the 1 otomac, returned with Km ii ' ffrSM V ort Monroe this morning. She reports ? r.n of the fort to be niUien hnudred Strang II aro in the best health Tke vol'iateem nre constantly ractlciiig with heavy ordannce. The m?uat*r gua Floyd ready for service A strict blockade of Pimpton nads and the mouth of Jamrs River ia alreadv ?tal> ?he,! by the Cumberland, Montlceilo, the V ani pial otbrr armed steamtngs. No be. wtes s' ?< jt \ 'sible at any point oa the right l>ank of the river The, appointment, by tho Maryland legislature, of a wnroittes of five rabid secessionists, Inoludina ooe of ?e notorious Wlnaos, to superintend the arming of th* lata, shows fully thst the teoeaslon fire* sre not yet ex latin Msrjlsnd Capt. Meigs ban arrived here. Ool Corcoran and Father Moonev are slopping at Wil r<>i CHitary authorities ualversally proaooncs Oil. File THE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. WiiHINITOM, IUy3,lMt. i One of jour cotemporaries of the abolition school, anil who Las frequently f la attemptei to discredit the ad ministration, in alluding to oontracn made recently by the novcrnment , sp aks n terms of disparagement of tin War Department, and endeavors o *reate the impremtou that ihtro has been n t only avoritism, but corruption. So far from this, I hav? It rom the highest authority thit iht>y have been made on favorable terms to the govoro weut, and that the army otioers making them have don.) so on the belief that from their long exp?*rieEco 1 wis for ho advantage of the ^ government to avail themselves of the propo sitions of purtloa wh ? hafo the ability to ca-ry out the ircoutracts, especially wton it was hard to And otbe>f of equal responsibility to outer uiti such engage moots in such perilous times as wa hive befjro us. I will state that In all matters of this sort, army office hvvo the entire lupervWos and management, aid well kaow what isfCr the intoreat o" tha go.-ern ncnt, aul in the instance alluded to the Secretary of War ine w n )th;ng of it till he wan culled upon to approve, *htch, from the ncccsaitk'8 of tbo cmo, he was obl'ged tj do The government is excoedingl * fortunUe in flu ling contractus who are e.b o to sapp'y the ' inHZM Ji'e ueccs sitles of the tmmoDse force low in Washington One thousand head of cattle are iiow on t'-'C.r w*y from the North. A PROSPECT OF WORK FOR TUB TROOPS. W-iwsim, Msy 3, 1801. The day is rainy, cold ad disagreeable. Pevrnty live men were thrown into Fort llon-oe lost Tuesday niffht, by boats from a steamer Col. WacsfleH, commanding tbe Military Pep*rtmfiat of Washington, assures me that the men will be sent i uto tbo field scon, and that they will hav ? fighting onoujb by and by. War will be opeied in a few days by dem<?nst*atim? upon Alexandria and Norfolk The South h?s undoubt edly decided to act only on the defensive, aad no att xk is i xpected here. Coi, Vofibvgh says the Seventy-first shall fire but ono ? h't I be Pou*h hat made its slaves men by employing tbem In erect ug fortifications, and by orgsn'zlog the-n in com pares: the Northern troops will, therefore, seizoslives as prlsoueis cf war wherever iboy are found. People 1 ore tbiik that the man wbo cut down the United State? f ig at Balt'mero wn* the only hoaest wan io the party Such s".dden conversions as Biltimjre's ge ne'y result lti awful backsl'.dlngs. Tho administration is of the samo opinion, and hence tho advance of the Petes) Ivnnla troops. Col Kilswonb's Zcuvee ought to be anaed with bs.yo nets, aw: not Shrpe's rit'es. Sharp shooting is of no use in ba'tle, ant If it wore the Sfcuth would b*ve greatly tho advantage of us Ttoyontts must do tho work, aad hand to land fighting win the bit ties. Ellsworths iCcnveg are everywhere follorei tad ft-lnired. Tliey are comfortable at tbe Capitol. It is Carious to see ho.v full of figbt the recruits are when th-y first a rive, and how imm'tnn? the ("anger sccars to thorn. In a Tew days they feel Col. Corcoran and a detachment of the Sixty-ninth ar rived at two o'clock this morning, and are chartered in the rear or tho K'rkwood House. Four companies are left on the road, and may come to (lay. The Kighth regiment of Now York will stay at Anna polis. The Fifth are there, at the Naval Academy. Tho .Seventh New York regiment have erected one hundred and fifty tents, and are pretty comfortable, twenty recruits arrived to day, and two hundfud more are c( ming. Tonight cue of the Twenty-fifth regimont, of Albany, begins an engagement, but it Is at the theatro. The Sixty ninth and Zouaves, about which the people here liave been greatly excited, having at last arrived, Wasblrglon will be duller than ever. Col. Mans ield Inspected the arms in the Navy Yard, and instci.d or tbe three thousand stand expected, found no-rly ?l-\ty thousatd. VOLUNTEERS FROM KENTUCKY AND MARY LAND? GEN. HARNEY'S POSITION. Wians' rox, May 3, 1861. r ? ; ? M bighost reepec A j: ' lit of tn, . a. took tib.llty, 1ms just arrived from Harper's Ferry. ~ pftrtic?iiar pains to ascertain the condition of tho Virginia fore. ? at that point. Ue st Ues positively that there are not over fifteen hundred incn C Dgregated there, on'y about two.thlriiof wh m ate a-med Provisions arc exceoc'ingly pcaico, &t.d the troops have had to llvo on short rations. Two prominent Kentuckians arrived here to night, to ask the government to receive two rogiruouts, organ'zod by them in spite of tbo re'utal o? Governor Migoffln to resp^ni to tbe requisition for volunteers, in the North western part of ib"ir State, into s< rvlc". Part es from Bab unore arc here on a similar mission. They offer one regiment. Judge McCunn, cf New York, arrived with the Kixty ninth this evening. Ho has been appointed by Uenoraj Ttutler to assess the damages ari.?ug to the owners of tho Annapolis Railroad from tho uao 'J their property by tlie Government. Bro< Vs J-'Jias Conmr, the Individual that timperf d with grrerrmedt dlfpa'cbw, was fi<vl by Coirt Martial at ASSapcll* jrstetdfcy. snd found gnllt/. floctence ti re (01 uj. Judge MoC'inn acte 1 ? Judge Adxocats. Goreral Harney b*s preparo-l aa ad lr<*s V) tho people of Vl-sourl, urging ibem to star " ii'c ^'n >u B". tolls them that secession will prove I'ao turn vf the'.r SUto, a .d that as to h mself, be Is ready to Mau l to tho last by tbe f ?g to whlcli he saw twea'y stais added since ho entered tl?e service. IMPORTANT MILITARY MOVEMENTS. Phii.4dh i>hu. May 3, 1M1. ( All travil to the tkmth is stopped to- day. No omma nlcntiiQ wtlb Bsltimore or Warhingt<>n ia permitted by the military autboi itiw. General IV.tereon refuses to give travellers htR p.ois, ud holds the roads exclusively for the traccpnrt of troops and munitions of war. Three hundred passengers from Wash ..(ton reached this city to-day. They have occupied thirty hours In the journey from thnt capital to this point. Nineteen members of the Seventh regiment of New York have just arrived hero, and leave Immediately to Join their comrades at Washington, fhey go by way of Perryville and Annapolis. Commodore Gregory, of Rhode Island, accompanies this detachment of tho Seventh Co the cipital. He Intends, notwltbntauding his advanced years, to oflbr b > M?rvlc*s to the government. He has bven In the navy for tl fly two years. REPORTS FROM DELAWARE. WtUUSONM, Del., May 3, 1961. The Corernor's proclamation, mustering the volunteers of the Stale, ha* given a new Impetus to tho war movo ment here. Thre< companies were rworn in yesterday. The Governor has made a requisition for one thsusand rifles. E'ght or nine hundred rilles ind tnusketi are now In Wilmington, which, when added to the cue thousand called for, will phice the state in a condition of defonce. Knights of the Goldon Circle ate plentiful bore, but ate keeping very quiet. A Union meeting will be held in Ceti'getown. In the recession end of the State, Tu<<r lay. The Governor's proclamation was nH signed by the Secretary of fltate, suggesting sutplrions regarding the loyally of that officer. ARRIVAL OF THE FIFTH RHGIM'^NT AT ANNAPOLIS. \Vm. F Cary, F.*i., of 00 Pine street, recoircd the fol lowing despatch yesterday morning ? Av^*pr?iiB May 3, 1*81. Put in the Hkwjh n the sale arrival of the Filth regtoi^nt of mm \ ork. All well. WM. F. CaRt, Ja. Mr Cary, Jr , Is the Commwtary of the r <g Imont. 1IIR CONN1CTICOT I.KHSuATfjRE. Hjurmwn, May 3. 1*61. The t.rglulnturo unanimously pi?sed this morning a bil sppmpr 'atlop |j OOO 0C0 for the organlztt'on and eq ilp Jiient of a roir.nteer mllltka, and tJ provide for the public defcnce It provide* for ten reeiment* of wimtefl, and for the payment of flO per month lo eaoh man in addition te their regnlar pay. LOUISVILLE ARMING. tornvit i ? Ky , Ma y 8, H<1 The ( ommon Omnell appropriate J / WO ,000 for arm Ing PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESIDENT. MORE rRCOt'S CALLED WTO THE FIELD. V AsKLNi'iOK, May 8, 1M1. Bt 1 h Pmwmjivr of ra r*mu wr.tna : Vt i? r< m, exit'ii g exigencies demand immediate aid adcq 'ate m< asurea ror the i r >*? 0' on of ibe national con ?titution aid ibe preservation of tbe national Union t>y the suppression of tbe insurrectionary com on a' tons uow existing is Be vera Stales for opposing tie a?s of tbe Union and obstruct ng the execution thereof, to which end a military force in addi tion to that called forth by my proclamation of tho fifteenth day of April in the present year, ap pears to be ind.spensably necessary, now there fore I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States and Commander In Chief of the Army and Navy thereof , ted of the M.itia of the several Elates w hen called into actual service, do hereby call into the porviuo of the United States forty-two ihouf-nd and thirty four volunteers, to serve for a period of three years unless sooner discharged, and to be mustered into service as infantry acd cav^jy. The proportions of each arm and the details of enrolment and organization will be made through tbe department of war; and I a'so dire;t that the regular a'lny of tbe United states bo . crea.- d by the addition of eight regiments of infantry, one regiment ot cavalry and one regiment of artil lery, making aitogether a maximum aggregate )ncrt-a>e ot twenty-two thousand seven hundred and Court* ea, ofllcer* and enlisted men, the details of which increase will also be mad ? knowu through the Depart raent cf War; and 1 further direst the eo istment lor Lot leas than one nor more than three years of eighteen thousand seamen, in ad dition to the present force, for the naval ser vice of tho I'citel States. Tho details of the enlist mcU and organization will be nride known through the Department of the Navy. Tbe call for volunteers, hore by made, and the direction for the increase oi the regular aimy.andlor the enlistment of seamen heuby given, together with t'ie plan of organization adopted for the volunteers and for th.\ rrg ilar forces hereby tin thorized will be submitted to Congress as soon a* a?so.n blcd. In the meantime I earnestly invoke the co-operatl in of all good citizens in fbe measures hereby a lopto a for the elle:tua! suppression of unlawful vlolenio, for the i partial enforcement o' constitutional Is*e and for tho speediest possible respiration of peace an J order, and, with those, of bappiress and prosperity throughout the country. In testimony whereof, I have hereun'o r< t my hind and caused the seal of tho United States to be tfllxed. D; no at tbe City of Washington this tuird day or May, In tho year of our Lord cne thousand eight huartr-jl and sixty-one, and of tbe Independence of tho Uni'xxl jutes tho eighty fifth. ABltA'l tM L1NC0LV. By the President, William B. S>:wapd, Secretary of State. TREASON JN MARYLAND. I rbtikkk'k , Mil , tUy 3, (861 > (Via Chumbcr^burK, I'l ) ) A bill to create a Mill ary Board of Seven, including (lovemar Lowe and Thomas Winocs, with full power over purso and sword, ta about to pad# the Senate. It virtually supersedes the Governor, though he is to be ono of It. Hie object is to fal'y arm the se cessionists, and cisarm Union men, and put the State ou a war focting. The i NCitemi nt in this city and portion of tho 3tato is intense, temeof thepeople were hardly restrained from violence laet night, and the l ultimore Senators and delo gatesate cpet I threatened witb expulsion from the eity. There is troub'e brewing, as tho passngo of the bill will revolutionize tho State. REPORTS PROM BALTIMORE. Balstvork, May 3, 1861. Union ward meetings w> re held to night throughout tl<e city. Delegates were elected to the City Convention to meet tieit Monday. Tim delegates tncot tomorrow to take action rolativo to the public safety bill. Reeolatlons wer j adopted in all tho wards of tbe following perpjrt. Tint we eherlth tbe coretitulion and laws of tt?o t'nited Siafc#, and will devote our fortunes anl lives to defend their in tegrity agnicBt all rovdutionary or violent a'xaults; tint ' we regret the violent attacks on the 'ronpg of tbe I'nite j wh'le jK-acefr^ marching tbro gl? tn<, city ! to protect the seat of gAvWiiaenl, and tndig | nantly re^adlatc making It a pretext to organise an i antra mob under the dwgr ise of a *p"cfr.l police, to place j the city in a hostile attitude to the general government; declaring abhorrence at the attempt of the legislature | to inaugurate a military despotism by tbe , b'll for the creation of a Kxird of Public ^afoty; that tho j persons nanie 1 for ??ld Board h*vT not the confidence o( tbe people, and we protest against the wliolo measure ai | an invasion on the prerogatives of the Governor and a ! usurpation of the executive power by the Legislature. Tbe meetings were largely at'enJed and very eathu j Plastic. A strong feeling of Indignation w.-s manifested j against the proposed action of the I<egirlat'ire. Rumors are current that the United States troops have crofged the Maryland line, and arc now moving toward the city. Tho la ten accounts from Frederick leave the Semte en tbe Public Safety hill. REPORTS FROM PERRYVILLE. Pbrrvvtu*, May 3?6 F. M Major Anderson Rirlved at Peiryvilleat thrae o'clock tin* afternoon, and embarked oa baard a transit for Anrapolis, tn route for Washington. The troops here were drawn up in two line?, w.Mi presented arms, Jlt^T Anderson walkod botwcci. the UoC* uncovered. Majer Anderson passed quietly through Philadelphia this morning. lhe people there, and at overy station on the route, cheered loudly, and pressed forward to shako the hero by the hand. Two companies of troops wont down on the Whilden as an escort. The Whlken also teok e'ght large boxes, filled with specie, for Washing ton Tie atcamer Maryland, Captain Stea-lman, United Stated Navy, has just arrived at PerryviUc from Anna polls and Baltimore. She brings back the locomotives The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad have furnished all tbe komotivis the government want. Tbe Maryland landed her pasaet ^er cars at Annapolis, took ou board a strong force of Massachusetts troops, and sailed for Baltimore. She landed the treops and a large quantity of ni lltary stores at Fort MeHenry. She sailed inti Baltimore with tbe American flag Hying. Other American Mags were also flying In Baltimore. The city was quiet. Fort Mauiaon, a strong earthwork commanding tbe bar bor and city, la In posst wion of federal '.roopa. Tbe steamers Baltic and Kedar were at AnnapolU last nlgbt, with steam up. The guns in tbe batteries at I'erryvllle completely com manJ Havre de Grace, and this place t? virtually in our pot session. Two companies of tho Fourth regiment United States artillery are among the recent reinforcements of Fort MeHenry. I learn from psenengers wbo left Baltimore to day. and who are dlreit from Virginia, that the Boutb are raising trocps la numliers not dreamed of \>j any one at the Mil. REPORTS FROM CAIRO. Canto, HI., May 3, 1M1. I'ssiengers from below continue it report the assem' hllng of bodies of armed men. It is said they lack arms. The Union feeling Is gaining ground In Western Ken tucky, where disloyalty has been the moat marked. THE BOSTON AND BALTIMORE STEAMKRS. Borrow, May 3,1M1. By pemtseloB o' the Secretary of Ute Treasury . tbe steamer Urn. peford, of the Bost<>a and Baltimore line, will sail to morrow with a fall cargo for Baltimore She Is forbidden to call at Norfolk. THE BLOCK AD1N0 FLEET. Fa?t 1 tar-Mv, May 3, 1MI, Five war vessels p?M"d within two miles of our shore ixiund South aNnit fire o'olack Wednesday evening They Tcrc probaMy the blockading fleet from Boston. REPORTS FROM HARRISBURO. HtRKtsm so, May 3, 1M1. A cold rain, with pome snow, prevails, making It ? wry uncrm for table for the soldiers *1n the tenia The '.over nor left it thrsa o'clock this mott?rg Ilia deetlnitloc IMPORTANT IF TRUE. A LI. KG ED PLOT TO BURN NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA AND BOSTON. MM. KKXDISIlY AI.AHMKII ABOt T THE SAKKTY OK1 TUB CITY. Of tale Superintendent Kennedy, ?f the Potion 0> part nmt has been In r^oeipt of loiters furnishing inform* tiou Hat thore win daring attempt on foot to dmjtiMy tbia ?l<I otbtr I'lti-'B North ami by an association knovn aa tba Knights of tho Golden Circle. Yesterday Mr. Ken t? 1y ?eo-ivd another letter from a party in St l/mts, ?etti.g forth the same f wts ih?t had been previously for wanku to him, "hi- h Mr. Kennedy has every r<?aon to b< In vr mu: tx- attempted should a favorable opportunity dler. It ?eenu that at tbo tlm? a br*ak was made in the Cr< ton i<[ind .et. the city \v'? to be flrcJ in various places by a gang reported to fca\e been hired by ptrtioa South There men have secured \ arious houses tiro igb out the c'tjr. and at a oertua time taey are to simuium ooslj lire the buildup:. The pilico have kept a close wa'tb on ceiuuu men in this city, who are reported to be ctjjasea lb the affair, aud Sir. Kennedy believes that ho wilt be able V> prevent Uie plot being car ried into eflect. Tte follualcj! is a 00J>> of the letter wired by Mr. Kennedy jesterd.y, a porti >u of which is withheld, as it is s*HI it would not be proper to m?ke it public at pre sent: ? Loi isvn.L*, April 00, 1881. S>ik ? 1 have travelled four hiudred miles to be able fafely to mail this letter. A thoroughly organize! plot is now In prog' ess of execution Oburn Vcw York, Phila delphia and Boc.ton. A portion of the men aligned to ) our city ore already in your uiWet. and others are on tb>lrwsv. I know what I gay t>e true. I dare not tell you how I know, for that would lead to my iuev'ta ble detection, tho coD?Ciucnce8 of which you cm readily guess. The intention is to fire three cit'rs Rimultanoouely, at an man; places as pifs.ltle, and at tf?e name hour at night. This la to bo done ib? m^ht bofoio tho attack on Washington. ***??? hai th" d'reotton of the whole plot. One fcundrod and twenty Ave rueu have bicn assigned to your city and Hro?,klyu, md eighty to each of t fie others This >s not a movement of the govern trei t, though kuown toD^vis. At tlrst ho discouraged it, butsinco Lincoln's proola -nation ho liat withdrawn his opposition, 'fho mei entrusted with tho execution of tho plot all belong to the inner temple of the Knights of tbo Golden Ctrc'e. The plan him boon maturlrg for two months, but did r.ot include New York untd within a week or ten day*. The men a. ptgr. d to Boston and I'biladotphl'i bfvo b?onat their posts for a the ('"termination to include New York has caused a (Vliy, aud now tho time wili do iie.Dd upon bow nix n l'aviais to attack Washington. 1 have told you not all that 1 know, but all that 1 can with Safety to myrelf Tito chance:; are you will disregard tho warning but I fool thit I havo at least discharged my duty. * * * 1 am not } our friend ; I am one of the roott unrelenting of your ruemics, but I am an open Hud 1 hope an honorable foe. I expect to light you to tho death, but not with luclfcr nrrtotioc and campbeno. 1X> not do tho peoplo of the rtouth tho Injustice to believe that one oot of ten amorjf theja would for a intmen'

sibct'on this hill begotten scheme. It Is foreign to their nature. PHILADELPHIA PECRUITS FOR COLONEL SICKLES' KEOIMENT. I'lntADrn-niA , Jlay 3, 1861. The nucna Vitta Volunteer corps, lately in General SmaJi's Pivisioo aLd undor command of Captain Powers, held a meeting to night, and, by a unanimous vat*, de cided to leave to morrow night to join Colonel jickles' ieg'n>ont. They go in charge of Pr. A. Ilawlingg. MOVEMENTS OF MAJOR ANDERSON. Major An 'ertrou left the Brevoort Houpo at icven o'clock ;(rterday inorniuR, for Washlii.'.tou, havinj; reooivod ordub to that eitect late the previous evening. Tbero waK in ileoiocstrit in of any kind whon the Mvar left, ? ?wil.M U> ll-o ii - . i it wliic D lir -tirt.'d ito t tin' fa'.t I of hm goingfw ail not beiug known until ho wis somo mile* away yh Ins lenrnoy to t\c ctpitsl. Mrs. Aulurso.i i i^ fctill Bt.''"n>'ng at iho Ilrevooft Houtc. la our account of Mo.ior Aodersoi. visit to (he asylum (or young deal mute*, it was slatoJ that Mi a. I) oi oe is a discrndant of Eonjaiuin Kiankho itjrfioulJ liivo li?vn, ili : < rdnnt of Coticn Matlicr. wli? was tlm p-irutrtser of the relic to which (he Major's attention wa.; ualiotl. Pitrt Ait*" rmA, 'fay 3, 1301. Major Anderron pasted through th < city at bo.hi to day efi r<,v('. for Wa'hiog'y n. Ho rec-iguisod in pwic0' from depot to depot , and wai r:ctcd with iutoa'-e en thupiMm. THE TRANSPORTS. Tbo I r it. <1 States steam transport Ches*pciii..c, Vuil tailed last i \ euing, direct for Washington city, tlx hundred bnrirls proylsiotu and one hundred an i twerty bead IIto cattle. Tin steamship Coin in Ma lias niw on board tbiity-two men of the ?3vfntj -irst inglment, who will go n* et :ort to the uniforms frr the volunteers that billed in tin R. R. Cnjler. She has also twelve men of tho Tweit'ui refim<nt,as effort to six hundred suml of arms. Tlac L'u> !er is awaitinR th? Matv regiment. Tre I nlted Hates steam transport Ooatnooalcos, Capt. D B. Beooock, arrived at t)i.<< port jcstenl iy uftcrno >u in thirty fcotrs from the Washington Navy Yard, whore bte landed the l'.hode Island regiment. 8hi roporti on May '2, at half past five 1". It., oil Hamptco I! . ila, apeke fttumcr Quaker City, on a cruise, and Ua a, a'. Iwlf pait f'-'i' A. M , oir ("upe May, two steamers, ?-:p p >'<1 to be the Harriet lane and Star of the SoJi'i TBHHGS8EB FN LEGISLATIVE SB38I0N. 6r * at k On < MRKn, 1 N/-itwj'i, Tcou., April iO, 1801 j We a'e now u socrct *oe.uon at vurk hv>! We or gan ;-ed yct'Tdsy, snd soon went into secrst soeeloa. botli houses arc in socre; session. 1 be.ovo tho i/ glahturo will nearly a tfcil iu lu.or uf derailing our rights inl the Tight* of the South As to the hist mode of doing tills there will likely be some dill -ream of opln'on T'pto this time the very best f feoiing utnonc m ; nbers jiro vai's. All stem to be will1' g jod antUm* to do their duty, From nil I can I cam frox Eoct ro'ineftoc I think nil will be rlgln there. Four hundred troops pawed through hero thir morning trvm l/Mttor'Ile, Ky., to Richmond, \? They wete a Hjjo looking net : cf wen TSBQWKe, t Uunk, Is fully s take, 1 and will Man be ready for the conflict. utve the boys the arms, and wi bet*de the Irtklees enemy that eball croes their path. We must getcl<;?r in | Tennessee of every feeling of acting independent on our | own hoek. The South roust act as a unit, under one I hosd, directed by one Cabinet. With such a unit, and { with a soldiery such as the South can produce, we can b<d defiant e to the world. But if we go into this c-miiict, ; eath State oa its own hook, striking at different points, | the moat casual thinker must see tho great disadvantages I under which we will labor. And I say let none be de ceived. This is no ordinary conflict. The irr< presenile conflict Is in fact upon us. Th South Is to be suhiugated, | her mentations destroyed , and she Is to be made the vas , Pal of the N^rtb, or she Is to cooio out -victorious, main lam b< r independence, establish her equality, domestic institutions, and n Mme become the most happy and pr?*i>ernus people on the face of the earth We hare to | tight for our e ustenoe PROCLAMATION ItY TBI MAYOIt OF NaSUVILM. Ma vox's Onirl April U4.1M1 Where ?s, it is understood that selrronst'tuted com ! mitt<*<e, or Individuals on their own respousibility, have J notified one or more of our North- rn horn ciiizeus to leave N?ihville;'and whereas, it I" tho determination of 1 the rlty authorities to preserve and sustain the peace and Siiet of the city , ttiis is therefore to notify all persons at any com pin lets of suspicion- against persons of ? ! Wot there Wrtt can be lodged with me lor invssMgittou, , ami that everything necessary will bo done And all pencil. - Implicated ran l>e assured that they wdi be pro I tectrd from unfounded rumors *ud stories until property investigated by the proper authorities ' And allg xil (ttlsen are earnestly requested to endeavor to i|?ilet the public mind iu the present state of excitement, and to aid the authorities in preserving the pose of the > ,iy. K. B. CUEAThTvM, Mayor Sf Nashviiis. NEW JERSEY VOLUNTEKRS. V, MH * II* ATION OF THM KOt'HTH ItlOIMBNTa The fourth refrlment of New Jersey volunteer* em barked on t'jc afternoon of the 1st inac , on boird two larg" rrop?H?rs, on their way to Anmrilli rnt? regl Bteat is compose*! of tho following ofhesrs and compa nlee ? Oilonel? Matthew Miller. ? LlMtrBsat Uo onrl? -Rimpson R. Strouet. .VUjor? Robert C. Johns mj. Adjuiant ? Vi'm B Hatch hurgeon s IMc - vlv n KitterthwaltS j Oin>i'??) A, Cock Rifles, ef Bordentown OtptaiS H. A P? ri me. Comply B, National Guard, of Mount Holly, Captain Joreph (J?:e. O mpany C, Stockton CWets. of Cam len, Ctptain 1 0 .torksou. i d mpany D, t'nion Guar J, of t.loucester, Captain .1 II SlrafTi t4 OMipeny r. Camden l ight Artillery, of Camden, Qw taln 1 W M'c.kle Ot-aipaa; F, Wn Kington Crays, of Camdrn, Capfatn i d. r Kent O snpstiy O. Camden 7ouares, of Camden. Cap! tin J. R. Cooeirgham Company H, Acderson <i ardr, of Ctmden. Csptsin .lobn R. van Seer. <> mpsny t, Jobnsen Cpard, of Salem, Captain Hobsi t (1 .ichnsm. Dtmp?ny K, M%rk>n Rifles, of Burllagtoa, Osptaia Crorgs 0. nurlfog . Tr< cxoHsustt Ihrimghout Trenton was Intenss during lbs rar??ge of the troops from the Wats 11 rise to the plaue of embarkation. At about half past six the troops *ere all eo board tho propellers, and at about ssven o'rtrek thet started on their way to Borlestown. Oa arriTle. at tho whole fleet will el?*m dow i t bs I >ela ware to t hs Delaware and Chesapeake Canal , a id ?bfn:e to A?cspoi;s. Bscb propeller n arm^d with t to MOVEMENT OF TROOPS. NEW KORK. Ai Hi ny , May 3, Ufll. Governor Morgan has received communion iouh from tbe War Department expressing obligations for tbo prompted* and despatch wild which the tro ps we*o tent from New York for the defense of tho capital, but requesting that uj rnoro may be forwarded to that point until further orders arc received from the department all bolng deemed now safe at Washington. Knowing tbo d aappolntoient this will occasion, tbo Governor earnestly dealroa that ono or two regi. monta of the present uniformed foroo which have alrealy been ordered to Washington, but have uot jet left th) State, may be received by tho national authorl'ios, with whom ho hu communicated on tho subject ; but nnle&a the department will consent thoto regiments will have to be diechargcd. Abraham Van Vechten is a^tirg a1* Assistant Adjutar.t General of tbe volunteer militia only Duiicu Camp >ell, who has been Assistant Adjutant Genera! of the So* York *tate MUltJa under Governor King and suc;eeJ.n< administrations, retain-: his old position. RoctntsriCB, May 3, 1801. Nine companies of tlio Rochester reglmeit, uniiei com mand of Col. tjuimby, left this morning for Kimira, via Oanandaigtia. An Innnente crowd of people turned out to see the voiimtee-s depart, and the Fifty-fourth regi ment, Deportment and others gave tbira an escort to the depot. About two thousand spectators cot lected about the depot, and the greatest enthusiasm pre vailed. The companies were all full, and a number more lire re&dy to 'oave as soou as they get orders. One regiment bis boen ro:rult e'l here, and it is understood thit Colonel J. I!. Martlndale intends to got another ready, it' the -Hato wants their services. The city his approprii'od ten thousand dollars to tit out '.ho regiment which bin :;ow, and the citizens havo eubscribod forty tlnimud dollars for the family relief ftinl. Thero is bat ona feeling h jre, which ia for vigorous war to put down secw-iijn, in I to carry out this policy Rochester wilt furnish her full phar 1 of mon and means. one full company left Dansvllte this morning for Fimtre. A splendid bannor was prescut-d to the company by tU ? Iodic*. Over seventy carriages acoompanled tho volan teers to the depot. Brrraio, May 3, 1861. Four companies of volunteers left this afternoon for tb ? rendezvous at FJmira. They were oscortod to the lepot by the Home Guard, Major Millard Fll!moro,o\ President, com man ling in person. Tho llomo Guard is comp^ed of retired oiilccrs of tbe Stato Militia, and is being tho roughly drilled by Major Fillmore. About one hundred and tifty members aro alrealy enrolled. Ithaca, May 3, 1801. Tho first com [any of Ithaca volunteers, about ono huu drcd strong, loft for Now York thtJ evening amid tho huzzatt of flvo thousand people. Tho second company is orfianlzed and awaiting orders $10,000 have bocn suV scribed to the soldiers' families. E;.mira, May 3, 1S01. TIkso are stirring times here. The arrival of troops gives quite a military appcaranco to the pUco, G?ueril Van Vaikenburg and Assistant Quartermaster lieno ral Walker having all they can possibly no to provide for tbe large number of troops arriving. TIi-mo are now cue thousand eight hunlrod and forty elg'it troopK qmiteiod at this rendezvous, four hundred of which arrived to-day. The nuandug* regiment, an 1 a company from Waterloo, arrived last night. Two coni panloe from Utica,and one each from Bath, l>annvillo and Cuba', arrived to day. Tho Caucgaragns, > u 9t<-phen, of Iionsvill*. have just arrlvod. Yuey will 1 e temporarily quartored in tho Central Baptist church. Tl>3 Pev. Thomas K. Bcesher has ten leve l il.e iso of h ; church also. Nine eompsniiii from Hoclioster, now iu CaoatidAi^u t i aro expected In th j morning. Tbo o/floors of the varloi h coirpani' s hrlw in ? t ???".!{ that their men, wlth<> it t notable e* cp? ion. arc well satisflod with their quieter* am' fare. The health of the troop* is excellent, and tho men are In ti?e Kst quri s, esp-eer ng anx'et.- tab" or dered to the <? ^t of w&r is s kid as p v<sioij. NEW JERSEY. ruKNT.TO, M?7 , lSul Tie Fir ft regiment, Col. JuUnson; the Seood, Col. B',I;er- the Third, Ool. Naptoa, w 11 embark hero by mid day, and., joining ths Fourth, Col. M.'ler, at, B irilent] ? it, w'U leave that p'jyvi at four o'ol- ak t ti .i a'. teruojn, will P i^aiiasr 6 ">?ral Puny on an I stiff pr.? ;?e : g dovn th i PeUa.tre (tn-i vis UK Dotow .ro > a i Che up?ilco ? ' i al I , A:;raj?aHg and TCasli'ngton. The troops an.l >ro , ire In a fl> ot of fourteen at' am propsllorE? the W. Woviwird, ran y Ca-'?vaHader,Octoraid, T>e!a.rurc, R.ritaa, fronton, Pairoon, F. W. Bruno, Elisabeth, Fraaklln, Famer, I. It. Molloion, Eur<ka and Funny Gardner. They will probably piss Philadelphia bofore ton th!l evening. Col. J. Wallen, C H , r jos witi, tho i.oatln,; ut, as tjuartcrmaitcr Genera!, an fh.r as Washington. TRiTf)*, May 3, 1861. Tha fleet >f propellers, with the New Jersey voUiu'oern, have past- 1 thro i^'h tha < anat, a&d will prooeod no fur ttarr th.a oveLing than ilomct) where tho Ileet ivill anchor, and to tnoirow lcj?.ve In tv.o doUchmeuts. ' >"e of the pronel!en will take ammunition aboard before <*t-e p-issus I'hiladnlpbls. ft Is very probable th?t four regi merits of votattaers will be mutterel into the Stato rer vice wltliln twenty days, armrd, ? -quipped sad drlllcl, and placed on doty In tiie dilitrtnt sections of the State. MAINE. Puiinjixii, Me., Slay 9, SMI. Kn order has been laced to muster our flnl regiment ,uto tte Ui iWd s'v.cs serv-ce'to morrow morning at eight o'clock, but they will &jt leave immediately. MISSOURI LEGISLATURE. s?t. Loru, Uiy 2, 1501. I The Legislature met at Jefferson City ta-day, aud the | Senate organized by electing it* old officer* The Co rer cor's message will be read to morrow THE HONORABLE DANIELS. DICKINSON ON THE WAR. ntftcRAXTPv, May 1, 1811. l)*m ?ir ? T am favored with yours of numerous pages, calling my attention to a newspaper artlol- par* p< rtlng to contain bo ne reccnt expressions of mice upon the exciting questions of the day, and inquiring terioui ly, whether I really ha I w?id, as therein alleged, that in the pres<nt contest "I would, if necessary, wipu the South from the Taco of the earth " The paper yon quota deer not, however, state, as I think it should have done, nor do you lnquiro, whether this extraordinary feut was to be accomplished socially, politically or geogrsphlca1 ly. I am only surprised that any one, and ospec 1*1 y your w?lf, With the record of my sentim' nts, public and pri vate, for many yours befr> e you, up to an<i. Ineluding the jreaimsetiag rcosntly hold in New Yoik, should have takct. tho trouble to Inquire whether, tn ih<- lace of these views, concede! by ni<*t, 1 iie'leve, lo be just and mode rate, I bod at thi s?mo t'mc entertained am) publicly ex pressed th<*o of a character exactly opposite. I ran fur nish ) on with an>w>r In loEswirds than you havo employed to name tho Iboulry, My views are mature, Sim and resolute, but neither heated nor extravagant. 1 entertain tho idea that whit'-ver may bo, or may have bteu, tho wronus of the South. th<- remedy sought by force I* Bet suited to tnc case, but t is calculated to aggravato the disease tenfold, and tliat the overihiow of tiie /ovt i ni'. nt of tho I n.tad states by for any of the reus >cs, or under any of th- pre tenc<s surged, would be one.if the greatest oal-.mitict that bss evor l??fallfiii i ivllly<"t man I have neither en tertaiued nor express* -d the cro 'e aul ab^^rU ;entlmonti attributed 10 me. nor any thing of tho klal. I b?v# ex pr'.'srd the oplnien t:,?t, aftei i!! efforU at rwu'-o hvl failed, a vigorous rcafl'ct wl speed/ settleuimt wts , ssoro humane than a p'OtraCteil sucf.lla war. th*t Iho quarrel wns the f/iuli an I folly of toe pr>?rnt genocatrci, and Itti a M'lSttMni f'.ould n< t be eowardlv tu?n<?d over to I an InrTent future; ti ?t, if pr*tract?d. ft would (lw?t1y produce a* lie a* well as rivil war, and lor a timo de stroy the pro parity of both siction: ? the c rnwci of the Ncrth and ihe li stitutions of the foath?hat that tho j South hail lets rco |k>tiT;vp f n ugy than toe North end : wooid tt"ef.*f Olid reconsiroctloo more dlflljult, and be the rrts*e?t ?>',i 'rrr: r.: d t.l?at, m oomiiarlton wltii the .! and leal found atleus of our rrnstit.ilton ami gf(mSK? nt, Ite pi.ser.t materia i mtei ests of both ??< tltns were i-f Mile vs'ue. and that It would he IsUtr I they ill, 1 re swept from th" earth, b*,th N*ith and , With, than that the tf(rr?rsr?ient of otir fathers should be ovcrtli.own bv vlflsooe, fhet < n and MkIIIio, and made to give |, lice 10 Inal^vi O) si sod anarel.y, I said I was for s\ pporttag the eons' itutioc In its tri;e spirit, and for IttMrv'tfMitViKi; for upbokltag the government in the r)(h:lul extrdse cf ail lawful auihorlty. rigartlier-s of oomrquere%s aad at any cost. 1 am quite willing thost who'o patrlstitm imp* Is them In t?tb a itredlon should arliiri/e tlxse vltw< at tholr leisure. I shall publish this note, sot to correct the report yr? mention, for I long sinoe loan *4 better thas to ^ive ' ^uiei|iianc? and eurren ry to a mlsrepressotatlon >y a.trmpt'ng to head itcIT, hut that I msy answer all tn.|uirl?s at ouse -<ine?rely yonrs, D. s. DKJKIN jOX. THE WESTERN WAR FEELING. MINNESOTA. lu tbc various portion* of tbe -Tite o f Minnesota troops are rspllly organizing. The 81. Anthony coir puny '?enrolled some ninety men in a f?V rair utOB " In Wright oounty tho volunteers have a tlof , with these wi'ru*? "Wrigbt county rebels ? no sympathy with Smtherr truito?s." A large meeting wm held at 8t. Anthony, at whlcli Governor (lor man made a patriotic address. The war spirit seems th .roughly aroused. So ma; ? b? li n?ing t > the i . Charles Hotel enlisted thut tfie ln uto bus to clone up for want of help. It la understood tbnt the volunteers will rendezvous at Port ftr.tlllng. lu Minneapolis the feeling In quite ae strong as at St. I'aul and St Autli ny Tho uniform* and equipments of tbe commissioned officers of tho volunteers wore pre sented to them by the c.tiyens Several St. I.oui? ut > nls have v Isltivt these cities with in a few weeko 'or the purpose <>r aollctlng cons'gn men's. They very ?oon RSiMita ne'i that fbe merchiut3 did not feel <iitp>?e<l to solid i'romht m that direction. 1 be MUiiustta merchants are all true Lot 'n men. In St I'aul the V">ur.toeis are irganiztog with a will. Companies or a but d' w raou eu:b a-e ratted In a day or two. A iar:e portion of th' ?e co np?n ea are substtnttal ci> is ens, who leave their ii MMB Mqi luo a stem sense of duty to their country. The tit I'aul (Minnesota) Pitm^r amtt twti of the U8th, gives the following: ? '<>iii[iaiiv K, un or command of Major Morris. ?-% itii Captvn LKt Horsey, uil U-iutenaats ntrgham and Weeks and fifty seven ui--n ar- ivod from Kort Kldply on Saturday morning en r *4* fo<- Washing ton, via liilwoikoe The> arrlve.1 heM ahout lire o'clock, and left at seven The n. n lo kid tltio'y, and wore glad to bo on tho way to bo purt;<. ipitors in ibo etirriog events ct tbe day. ILLINOIS. Tbe news that conies from this guto Ik more and mora encouraging The quoU b is been rapidly tilled, and a luge surplus left. Chicago Is liko a military camp. WISCONSIN. The scenes of excitement in tho neighborhood of tho ramps resemble more tbe appearance of a holiday fes tival than the preparation for asangulnary coalllct. In Milwaukee tbe ladies turn out in their be*t ho: May cos tume, but those who have frlrndn or r-Jlatlves on raged lo the cause can be easily detected by their aaxious ooun. tenanccs. At Madison a still greater excitement exists. A full legintert? the Second? aro in the coirso of arriving there lo rendezvous. Two ccmiiauies were eximr.t- d on tho 1st, two more on tbe 2d, two on tho 4ih (to 'lay), and the lemalnder on M 'Udiy next, the 6th. The <i>vernor baa ordi red from this citv, by telegraph, 1,800 pair of I'nited states blankets. 1 he Governor baa itsuui orders authorizing commanders of companies in the rhlrd and Vouith regiments to plaoo sucti oi their men an are en listed out m do of the town ol headquarters to board at State expense till 9th May. INTERESTING FROM FORT MONROE. FoRTRIH) lloSROR, April 28, 1861. Vetrelt Hrrtl ItU? ly the fort ? StC'we of a Scho tur w'.k Cannon on Hoard Utundfor Xorth Carolina ? AU Vetttlt to he Examined? IK fSolilirr> Htady for an Attack, 4c. Yceterdny morning before I got up I beard * gun lire, and upon geUin;: up, found '.bit', tbo Colonel tud fired at a steamer which wus pawing. JTu thought it wan the Balti more boat, and did so to muko her como to the w barf, but she did not m nd Iho lirrt *h >t, ?> he !????%.; her an other, which hionpht her too He (til not intonl to hit her, but tire (J uhi.vl of heir. About noon a stoamtug, wiilch torn running towards a vessel which livi been making some private Mgnali.', wa-n?ut a'ter by tho (lag olllcer of tho ('"mberlaad. Mm b . t Ilrcd a shot at her, but as she would not stop, lie lirod a nino mob -d ot it her and struck her ,iui-t above the /luck . a', which *ho quickly showed a white flsg. Th( y citptorod hor, and thc-D mado for the icbooner, find found ou board of her Rome gun Carriages, ami ther< lore seized ber. Shorn n-it yet ua loadcd, but la beliived to have two full Hold batte ries en board Sho pretctide 1 to be bound to North <Uro Una; but :>s all'" sailed front New York s 1 >uk ago aa the 2d of April, 1 tli lb k comet htiif In wrong ab jut her. Atanv rate alic will loo*.' her guns. rhe Oolone.l'i tumily is still bore, but exycctl to leave <n tho tl'St ti >iit far Now York. All veneia puKS'op here will 1h? thoroughly searofcd bo fore tboy art' allowed to pass 1 think the Southern troops are cr.nccntrntlog solely wlib a vie* of attacking Ws ihtngton, aad will lei alone ! for tho prrreot at any ra?e, and by tho time they get I reo 'i \ to come lioro wo will have troops enough to scoupy [ all thia jotik.n of oouLt y. CAPTURE8 ftf-VPE ilY TIIE FRIGATE CUM HERLASD IN HAMl'TON ROADS. The S' rfolk Iftrabl of Ap-.l *o, gim iho following ac count of the enptu u.? Tho at. amtug Ycong Aii>? ilea, belonging to Qltlssnf of Nortolk, wwi e.mpio\cd by ono of our m ri h-iati jb Wea trsduy latt, I" go down to lUmoOin K >a1s to to-v up a fclioutiT ca'ltd tho Ann Colby, iuhi af ire I from tho West Indies with i> . urgo of sit^a* nud m>laf?oa on bjard, oonsl"ied to Norfolk. Th't ooBceut of Gommoiore Fir rent, of thu \ ir^iou .S'avy, -,vv? obtained to the una of tho eteam i tit; On getting to the Road:*, tho tug co- H not tlnd th? echot n' r Ci Iby, aa fho hai barfl aivixoi by Oftl".or rend. rgragt, I J. N . c^i/imandlng |>ha frigate ConiHr Uu?u, to prooerd to N> v Y irk ,iti l iia l accordingly left llampt' n Roads; the adrico of t'om-rrxlore Poud-'r^rant, tinder the chcumsui.cea, having il the forco *od eitoct, of ac o-der. After liH'kiugari urd fo; Iho Oilbv In T?in, tho st**m tug diacovcM'd a nh oi>cr a ancbir hiving bor :l?g hoirtcd with the I'm n : a Kvnul of disirsw. Tho ti g proceed o<l tov arils bcr to reader m?i-ttncs; aV>ut tbo tune a boit from tho'i 'riand was des patched to the -cb"Oi>^r. Iho tug, bi fever DCU'it to the fehtooer, arid v hen about ::o<) y?r 1* oil' from tho schooner, *nd about tbe fnmo din -.nee frotn tho boat, and about a mllo or nearer from th ( Combe.' land, a t-hoi was liiod from a gun In the boat at the n:g, wWei pa??ed tvrrhtr. Ihct ig thenrtopped b rr enirme ijimedU'ely aftei war^e a f-li'.t wan lintl at her by the ?,'uniberi*ti'l iKrsoir, struck the tug ne^r tho tnrward ?anc?iy, sad parked tbroajih her bulwarks both sldos, h U foau tiately killed of ber crc.v. Tbe boat 'hen took p'*st ;rlon o" both tho tng and iho rrh.jc-n'r, and ordered the tug alung?l<.'? tbi fr giio: iiiotr ere w were made premiers and put undof a gu:r' on beard tho Ouniberl.-ioit, and nro nt III dettinod as prison er!'. At the time or tbo ca nnre there were :?o p??ot. giin on beard of tli- tog, ono o' whom w?? a harbor mis t<'r of t!>e port of Niirfcilk ( Mr H'm T$f, of Portsmojtb). Those two pssrcg^cis wore do'H'nod ai prls <asrs oatll tbo next day, wlioii they were set asbors at Olt Point, with liberty 10 ftt :?n homo t,r best * iy .h"? cmld. I pot i beat iog "f V c enp'.ijro of the to? a flag of truco was rietpati bed by General '?fwyrti to Oolonol D-m'.V, ceimniao(i??K at Fortress ll trw, to demand an e r plane tlejn. In hie ar^wer, which w ?? reocived UteH'e lee^iay evening, he repl'od that the e ipu ro wan made bv Klag (?fllcer l'i se'ergraat 'ihc next mo altig anothor Hag of trice was deepatcbe l to l iag 'iillcer I'enoergrnsc, to de mud of him sn esp'aaatlou luLissciwer he justlUca this tijgrart ivt of war, upon the i^oiird c'liefly that the s< ho?ine' (whleh proved to be th- <? >1 .?'rotth, ejf Broolc Ilsren, O nn. ), w?? l.uien with monitions of w?r. Tht- manifest of tho srho >uor, however, phew no Boch muDl'.l'.ns of wer. except "ton earriage"?," and although the resrei bas since he< r. searelicd, nothing b*e been found that ear bo caili-el ''munitions of war," esocpt these "ten carriage*," wh en Comaodore 'endor greet ln sifts were fOr lig'it artillery guns, but wbiob may well be used for other purposes No guns oi weapons of sny sou were found aboard of ber. Tho fieo. W t^mltb was regularly cleared from Ne\* Yotk, April 2, 1H61, for Wliminjton, N C., and she wse detained em her voyage by luavy weather. Mie bud on boerdarargo e>f general mereiiuidlse, ohlellr herrtrga and sen imn. pl' jrhn, farioing .ti'nslla Aj., all ci otijvcJ to merebaiil In Wilmington, N. C. One of the principal mjiives ?iigfc?eated for tfce deteo tlcn of the t ig wns no doubt to umi ner a- a guard bee* , In whtrh service "he has employed since her cap ture. CONNECTICUT. rot R BE01MKKT8 H'tl.- A PI KTH COMING. The narttonl Timer of the M says The wholo ThlM regiment, Col l*vi Woodbouae, being now foil, to-day went into barrsek - at tbe "tate Arsons;, in Ihle city. The entire Kourth regiment Is oiBcere l and ace-epted ; aad of the Ktfth.tcn comi>anl?'s had offered up to one o'clock^. 51. to -'ay . Mav 2. They will be accepted a. soon oa the mat . tor can b>> brought into proper iliapo. TtlF. IN8n?ORDINtT10K IN TltR FIRST RROTVKVT. The New Haven Journal of May 2, glrcs tbe follow icg ?The principal m'-mbn-s of the Ftr^t regiment, C. V.. -vho broke guard to get breaVfsst, on Tneeday, were < uiy tried b> (Viurt Martial < n tho afternoon of thesanio daj? Meior Chatdeld nod Cnotaln flawley romposing tb* (.''?art tfome Of Iht m plead guil'y, and thoso who pleal tot guilty wtie found guilty of ?eo4aet unhscoming a soldier. Iho non eem missioned oilieers were ?ent?nc<vl to I e r< *uced to tht mtiVi and the prlntei were dle he.nwsbly dlrniisseel. The ? ntence was aiprerved by tho Cole tiel, b it rem.tted euept In two or three ''wsa of privates, wiioae uoi forms were tsken from them an! th?y w re sent out of eatnpi though some of tbenv hegged baid to be taken hsck. governor ?pn\nn;a a dpbehs to thk I'llOl'I K OF I(HOl>K ISLAND. Covet ner t'prague. of UIiimIo li-land, bas laaued the fol lowing *'ldr?u ?" iho peopls of his Slate ? TOTriE PEOri.K OK RTDDK IflLANT*. The ej ,<irt iLe arrival of the Rhode Island and other trrop" . iVa?hlngton ha^ saveel ths capital. The go ret i n j? do all that Is n?-ee?sary to protect ibem sol- 'lull " the I'nioo, sod will not sell upon Rhole Isisnd to exiuMMt refo irces until ne< ?seitv compels It. The ntst and serr.nd d?ta< limente have arrived and re rslrei the ucriallfled praise of tbe ('resident and the Geteral n Cblel. The light battery of artlMery wt'l ar rive to morrow. there ?? no Immodlat) neoeasity for wy pretence he re T shall s<>oa return to Rhoele FslafJ. Miantar.e no further enrolmint or e^oendltnrsa are ne crsasry. The Secretary ef War dsalroa m / looeptaaoe of tbe posstlon of general, hot eur e nstltunon problbltH It I am desirtms cf i>e(ug where f csi hsst ssrre the eenntry. Tbe cll'irers and men of the Rhode Island regl ment bare condnctcd tbemselrea like trno soldiera. WU. WRACCK. For fit/i/ tionnl War Neva 9tt Fifth and