Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 10, 1861 Page 3
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ft ? 4 Many dedaro that the war bas cancelled all debts*. Soido have invested the money they owe in Confederate bonds, thus comprehensively combining private rascalty with treason. A very few preserve their honor and exhibit a proper regard for their credit by remitting either in full or in part when opportunity oftirs. It is to check these rare symptoms of honesty and good faith that the rebel despotism has now established u spy system in the Post Office. The Navy Department calls for proposals for the construction of twelve side wheel war steam, ers, drawing six feet nine inches water; also, for the construction of one or more iron clad vessels-or-war. These building operations will give employment to ill the ship carpenters and machinists who can be hired for many months. Our ship yards will be busier this fall thau they ever were before. So ini ?3 11117 aic wuwusui mcjr **ii? uui iv^u i iuc war. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts $214,.148 18 ?Kor customs 4,000 00 ?Treasury notes 98,000 00 Payments 214.2S3 71 Balance 6,844.602 61 The Ocean Bank lias declared a dividend of three per cent, payable 011 the 12th instant; the New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company have declared a dividend, payable on the 18th inst. The Boston TricceUer of yesterday says:? The railroads in Vow Kngland arc now begining to feel the effects of the stagnut|o?of business caused hy the warThe passenger travel, both through aud local, is quKe Ismail, an I the local fr'-iglit traltlc has almost come to a standstill, indicating the light demand upon Roston for K'"?ls l>y tho kiterlor towns. Such roads as arc out of debt, now ver, feel confident of earning a dividend, though it will probably be smaller than lor several years p*-i. Tho Chicago Tribune of August 6, speaking of the growing cr<y>s, says:? The weather during the greater part of the past week was intenje|y hot, the thermometer ranging from !i0 to 100 degree? >n the shade. It was, however, favorable i'or li*rvesting, and we learn that a very large amount of the upi inn ?Iieiit has been secured. Oats aua barley an; also twing cut all over the Northwest,and theyiuld isroported to b t fair. The spilng wheat ciop, conctrninc which there wa* considerable anxiety two or three weeks ago, is re ported to lie a fair average yield, and If wo ?Te to judge from the samples already sent in, the quality is excellent. The winter wheat is also threshing out much better than wis anticipated, and it is said to tie the best crop secured for live years past. Tho corn crop, undor the heat of last week, is thriving well, and so far as the central aud southern portions of this State and Iowa are concerned, an Illinois an<l Iowa the crop will be Rood, unless early frosts daiuieoit. Tin* far wo have every prospect of a large b.tndar.ce of everything in the shape of breadstuff? tbnn securing to us pleuty to eat, even though money is carer. The Cincinnati Gazette of Tuesday afternoon My*:? Exchange wns dull to-day at par buying and )i pre" miuni Moiling. Tho declina In prices haft not l"d to any in" in business. Gold is dull at % premium srlling' lh<> stock is light, and there being little icquiry for it' there is n>i inducvnvnt to add to the supply; but even as { It is, purchases could probably be made at %. (The increase in canal tolls to August 1, 1861, ?r*r those of I860, is 1293,057 13. TWIs received fourth week in July, 18ri9 #00.737 fiS Tolls received fourth week in July, ISflO 119.630 49 Tolls received fourth week In July, 1801 138,*40 62 Total receipts to July 31, 1 ?.1B 636,2f>0 89 TU.-tl receipts to July 31,1880 1,154.467 14 Total receipts to July 31,1861 1,447,514 27 Sxce6s in ISfil over lHfiO 293.057 14 HIM in 18til ovor 1359 751,2<!3 38 The receipts to August 1, 1661, exceed those of may oioer year ior me same period emcc i#oi. The quantity of flour, wheat, com and barley !lefl t tide water during tlio first week in August, in the yearn I860 and ISfil, is as follows:? tt>ur,ttis>. Whrat. hu*. Corn. bm. HarUy, but. 1M0 11.880 868,762 029,498 ? H61 36,883 306,068 1,047,058 187,420 tocr<JMc...23,863 Doc. 62,664 Inc. 417.588Ire. 187,420 *n>e aggregate quantity of the same articles left ?t tide water from the commencement of navigation to tho 7th of August, inclusive, duriug the years 1?60 and 1661, is as follows:? Flour. Ms. Wheat, brig. Corn, but. Bariev, but. 188 0 363,600 3,9*3 245 7,OR4.890 75,918 188 1 400,129 11,758,700 7,841.981 187,420 Increase. 135,625 7,795,461 757,091 111,607 By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter left at liilc water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows gain of 1,094,615 barrels of flour. The receipts at tide water of the principal articles of produce, from the opening of the canals to and including the 7th of August, have been as follows:? . 1859. I860. 18m. Canal open 15. April 25. May 1. Flour, tibia 204.681 :i6.60rt 490,129 Whent, b'lHli 072.071 3,958,245 11,758,708 Onrn 1,203,138 7,084.890 7,841,981 Barley 147.194 7,593 187.420 Oats 2.282.5.>3 3,453,248 2,410,252 By<! 98.746 11K.VJ1 381,072 Beof, bills 12.005 4,513 482 Pork M 29,575 3,925 3.997 Baron, lUs ..1.717,170 451,564 432,500 Butter 225,200 131,690 118.015 Liird 3,483j040 61o,y85 413.741 Clwwe 170.800 180,500 151 .'>80 Wool 901,971 1,231,935 274,094 The Toledo and Wabash Railroad earned in July:? 1860. 1861. From pAPsr-ngers {19.400 55 $i;>.7S2 05 Bo. freight 65.478 62 77*732 21 Total $84.ST!) 17 91.4i<4 20 Zficrcasr (6.636 09 The Milwaukee and Trairic du Chien Railroad earned the fourth week of July:? Fourth week. ]861 $3S*.;"9o 09 Correspond jug week, 1S60 '.'Mil .;4 Increase 130,238 65 For July, 1861 107,399 00 For July, I860. 37,429 38 Increase $69,970 CO Stock Exchange. FRIDAY, August 9, 1861. SS000 U? 8'f, '81, reg 87'',' 5 shs Ain Ks Hank. , 79 2000 do S7?i HO Pacific'Mail SS Co 74,'j 17000 USB's,'81,cou *8 100Canton Co l)).; KOO U S 6's, 1S57.. f>7 200 Chi Jr. K Isl'd KB. 40Ji 3000 Treaw 12pct nnt, 10112 'to 40 840* Tri-a* 6pct 2 yr 96'., 100 NYCRRes-d.opg 73'~ SOU# Lll coup bds, '62 81 100 Uo opg 73 109000Tenn 6'a, 90. 4nu 200 (to....So. 'c 7G.V 6000 do :.... 4">3i 300 do opg 731{ 45000 VirpiDia 6's... r,4 ISO do pito 73J? 000 do f>4,'? 300 do silul'topr 73\ :?XK) do f>5 54 100 do opg n% 16000 N Caroliua G's. 70 200 Frio RR opg 6000 do 95 69 10 Panama UK 107 >4 6000 MisRouri 6's... 44 1001.. Cent RR scrip. 64 24000 do 43400Ual&ChicRR..aOO 63 lOOOMBsltoHA.-MRsS 37X 30 do 63 2000 Louisiana (i's.. 62 ISO do 63J? 1000 Michigan 6's... 81 150 do 63 1000 Kentu'ckv C'b.. 76100 04 4000 II Riv s f Ms.. 96VJ 400 Clcvc kToledoRR 29K 1000 H Riv 3d in b:-. 7'?',' 700 do 100t)Har2dml>t,sin 92 900 do slO 29,'i aOOOC.U&QRUSpnli 92>4 100 do s30 29 \ 1000 III Cen RR Ms. 90 SECOND>. $5000 t!S6'?.,fll,?,0!ip 88V. 650 shsXYCRRC d op 74\ #000 Treas 6 pc 2 yr 96}.? 350 do p&c 74^ 7000 N Carolina 0>.. 70 150 Eric RR opg 20,'1,' J5Q00 111 coup b?ls, '02 Kljjf S Mich Cen RR? 42 1500 Georgii 0 V 70 BO MlchSo&N Ind RR 13'i lflMOTens 6'?. I860.. 46' { 100 MtohSoAN fed g 1 2 , 7000 do 45"i 100 III CenRRecp ..MiO 64 10000 Misfjort #V.... 44'1 6 Galcua ttCllic Ril 64 100O do 44,;, f.O do 65 inonoo do .u'1.: no <u>. 00 ? 375 Chic&Bk IktKB 41* loo do ..... .sio r-v: 60 lU> '11 Jk 176 do ?> > >2' 4000 Virginia ?'8? #3& i>0 Jo . i;.v4 100 ;-l> PacVSi?Co.s30 75 .'."0 d<> itrt 60 do 7a 50 <lo 360 ilri 7fl tOOCicv tTnledoUK :iO', HO NYCBKexdivopjj 7t?? ]0ii do boo :?i >; rrxi iio 7-1*3 1260 <io :io,i4 200 do cp? T\y, SOlt do :;o , 30 do opg 74H ' 50Chic,BurJ6QeyKB 68,'? CITY COillDllilR 1AL REPORT. l'RIDAT, Augu::! 0?0 P. M. Asms.?Sales of 40 bbls. wero made at 0,\'c. for pots au.t 6,',c. for pearls. BMunsmro.?Flour opened flrmly, with light receipts, liut as tlw demand was not active liie market exhibited Iocs buoyancy towards the closo, and prices leaned in favor or buyer?. Sales IS,260 bbls. State and Western, 1,000 bl>K Southern and 800 bbls. Cunadn. Wc quote:? Superfine State $4 25 a 4 35 Extra Stale, good to choice 4 40 a 4 BO Superfine Western 4 'JO a 4 ."!0 Common to choice Western extra a. 4 45 a 0 35 KxtraCanr.da 4 15 a 7 5d Mixed to straight Southern 5 10 a 5 75 Straight to pood extra do 6 80 a 8 75 Choice extra family and bakers' brands... 8 75 a 9 00 Eye Hour 2 25 a 3 So Corn meal,.Jersey and Hrandywine i! 85 a 3 tj ?Wheat?There was a scarcity of prime samples en Change to-day, and tbo market for these was very * *... ' ** M Arm; but other kinds were not in as much request and wore heavy. Sales 118,000 bushels, at JI 30 a $1 35 for whito Kentucky, fl 22 a f 1 32 for whlto Western, $1 25 a $1 27 for whito Kentucky, $1 17 a fl 20 for red Jersey, Western anil Keutueky; $1 08 all 11 for amber Wisconsin and Ohio, oac. u $107 i'nr Milwaukee club, $1 a $1 02 for Canada club, $1 02 a $103 for Racine spring, 84c. a $1 01 for Chicago spring. Corn was firmer, au.l 175,000 bushels were sold, chleUy Western, at 37>ic. ? 47c. for unsound to strictly prime mixed, mid 48c. a 50c. for yelUnv. Rye was steady ut 60c a 62c. for State, 52c. f?r Canada, nlid 47c. a 19c. for Western, with sales of 10,iioO bush Is. Barley was dull and nominal. Oats were very liim, but not active. Other articles were unaltered. < |jin?K.?Kio was in demand, and 2,100 bags were sold lit I3c. a 15c.: also 100 mats Java at 19^c., uud 50 bags Lageayra at ltt^c. COTTON was in much better request, chiefly on speculation, and at improved prices. The total sales were 4 500 bales, on a basis of 17^c. a 18c. per lb. for middling up lauds. Freights.?There wns decidedly lees activity in the market to day. To Liverpool there were shipped 18,000 bushels who it, in bags, at 9d. To l/milon 1,700 bbls. dour were engaged at 2s. 0.1., and 10,000 bushels gram on p. t. To (iiasgow 6,000 bushels corn were taken, in ship's bags, at To Antwerp 5,000 bushels rye were shipped at 10d , hi ship's bags. To Havre the engagements included 12,000 bushels wheat at 18c., in ship's bags. A foreign bark was chartered to take a cargo uf corn at lid., m bu:k, to Cork, for orders, and if to the Comment, 10 per cent extra. 1 Kt it.?Moderate sales were made at $2 45 a $2 50 for layer raisins, and $1 55 a fl oo for bunch. Hay.?Prices were steady fur North river, but the demand was Dot active; old crop was quoted at 50c. a 76c. .aid new at 40c. a 60c. Hops.?Small sales were reported of last year's growth at lsc. a 26c. per pound. Holders were very firm, and pi line lots were scarce. Ikon.?No movements of any itaportonco transpired tn..1uv Laths With light receipts and sale^, Eastorn were quoted at $1 12% |K:r thousand. Lkaji.?The llfiiiiicss of holders preveuted any operai> na iif moment. Ijmk.?Common Rockland was ii|i to 75c. a 77o., and in denuml, while lump was dull ut SOc. Molassks?There were sales to day of 20 bbl?. New Orleans at 40c., tad 80 bleis Port* Kico at 38c. ? SOc. Naval Storks.?Rosiu and spirits turpentine woro in good demand, with sales of .'5.-00 bbls. rosin at $4 lor common an I (4 S2 a (S lor i w No. 1 to virgin, also ttuO bbls. spirits turpentine at $1 0& a $1 10. Nothing new in crude turpentine was reported to day. Oils.?Linseed and tlsh oils were in request, the latter at full rules aud the Connor ut 6Se. a <30c. 1'kovim?xs. ?'There was very little <'ono in cork, although it declined to (15 50 for mess and (10 50 a #") mostly $10 60, lor prime. Total sales 400 hhls. Heef continued flrm, with sales of 500 bbls. at (12 2ft u $13 25 lor extra mess aud (U 50 a (11 50 lor ri p-.ckod mess. Lard was more active; sales 600 packages at h^e. a ?Xc. Other articles were unchanged. ltiil.?Sales 176 tierce* at (5 50 a (6 37>.?. Spicks Sales were made of 60 bags pimento at 73\c. a 8c.; 75 bags pepper at lOJ^c. a 11c., cash. tit'CAKs.?Buyers were operating freely and at prices. Total sales 2,170 hhds. at 5)io. a'ti^o. for tuba, and 6)?c. ii 8c. for Porto Kico. TALi.ow.-Tbu soles to-day reached 25,000 lbs., at 8c. a H>;c. Teas.?Holders were very firm, and the demand was fair. Tobacco.?There was more activity In the market, arising mainly from purchases made to till foreign orders. Sales were reported of 704 bhds. Kentucky at 7c. a 9 fir., 101 bales Cuba on p. t., und 232 cases suedleaf at 6>?c. a 6}?c. Whiskey ?Sites of 150 bbls. at l(j}?e. Wool.?The market continues about the same as last week. There is a good demand for army wool. Sale* f?ince our last 83 bales pulled California, 23c. a 81c., and 127 bales of the higher grudee sheared wool at 20c. a 20c.., six months. There has been considerable done among dealers, ami the feeling is belter generally. We have have heard of uo sales of foreign. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL WISHES A SITt ATION AS nurse, in a pnvat" family; no objection to the country or to travel. Address M. C. K., Herald olllce. A SITUATION WANTKI)?BY A RESECTABLE ENG. lish girl, to cook, wash, iron or to d>> general housework. Call at herpresent employer's, 138 West 3Vth St.. for two days. A PERFECT GERMAN (FEMALE) COOK, WELL ACquainted with confectionerlex, wants- a situation iu a line private house or hutcl. tall lor two days at hor present place, 404 West 23d St. A SITUATION WANTi 1)?BY A RESPRXTABI .E AND KMiui-U truMworty American lady; a situation ad housekeeper t'or a wealthy elderly gentleman. To save further trouble none others need address. Address for two days Mrs. L., West Troy Post ofllce. A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN WISHES TO HAVE A child <>f resectable parentage to wet nurse at In r own rcRidenoe. Inquire at 349 East 9lh hi. No children in the 1-amHy. A situation wanted?by a young woman, as wet nurse. Can be seen f?r two daj s at 146 East 3d at., In the roar. Asm Win A WANTED-?J'.Y A YOUNG MAlilllKI) wmian, as wet nurse. Apply for two days at No. 3 extra place, in the rear of No. 10 1st St., between Bowery and SM avenue. WANTED?A FAMILY'S fill A FEW GENTLEMEN'S washing; will be dono in the neatol manner, either by the week if mouth. Good city reference given. Call at 154 East 31ft St., in the basement. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, Vf a situation as housekeeper inn priva'e family, either In the city or country. Cull ou Mrs. Net on, 10 Mi netta St. WANTED?BY A YOUNG (ilia., A SITUATION TO take care of children, do chamherwork and make herself'useful. Apply at 12!? Court st., near Pacillc st.. South Brooklyn. "WTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A Y . NG MARRIED TV woman, as wet nurse iu a private family;' >st her baby three mouths old. Apply for two day - at "i!i7 3d av. 'TKTKt NUR8E.?A WOMAN WITH V "FRESH BREASB VV of milk wants a baby to wet nursu at her own re iidence, 94 10th ave., near 17th st. Wanted?a situation as coos; i nderstanuri all kinds of soups, jellies, creams and | i ;try; also a pood bread and biscuit baker: no objection to tincountry. Good reference. Call at or address 11 Ciii.t., near the Bowery, till engaged. HELP WAITEIMIALB?. A YOUNG MAN WANTED K) ATTEND BAR AND XX. open oysters. None but those understanding their business need .-vpply. Apply at 40tt Sixth aveu uo, liofrvreen Twenty seventh nnd Twenty-eighth street j. Agents can clear flq every day, vlung old Doctor Thorp's Piles Knler: warranted to i ure. The doctor will forfeit $100 If it'fai's iu any one ease. Rwuil price $1. Depot 00U Broadway, second floor, back ofllce of book store. Agents wanted?throughout the country, to sell the ureal " New Union Prize Stationery and Recipe Package,'' containing; a superb print (fixlOi of tho great chieftain,Gen. Scott, seventy-live valuable recipe", stationery and envelopes printed in colors, gilts of line jewelry, &c., &c., tho most saleable article in market. The above packago contains twice the amount of art icles nnd of a superior <|iinlity to ?nv other, and is sold oplv bv* I1Q Cjuinlrv ununfu t . 1.. ?10 .1... c ...'.I stamp for circular. RICHARDS A; CO., 102 Sr. san st. a GENT3.?SOMETHING NEW?ONE AGENT WANTED, J\_ in every county to Foil four new and valuable a: tides wanted In every family, 200 per cent profit. Satisfaction given or money refunded. Samples 25 cents each. Address, with stamp, Darling & Co., hil Nassau street. Drit. ci.krk waxtkk?a yoi Nt; max. iiavixk some k* wledgoof the business. Address, sla'ing references &c., and amount of salary required, Pharmacy, box 177 Herald oltlce. WANTKit-IN A f'llIPPINC ovriri;. A HOY tocus tomed to general otllce*work. Address J. S. At Co., box 4,723 Pest office, in handwriting of applh.-int. "1KTINTED? v GENTEEI"COLOREDBOT, ASGENER< VV servant in a gentleman's family, a! New Brighton;, must l>" competent to take charge of I lie dining room and also a horse. Address box 3 ,t)51 Post office. "TTTANTEtV?T1IK FKRVICKS OK A I'KRSOX V(.'VV qualifteil with tho hatching of cjgs by artificial procoi Addi'flts Poultry, Herald office, giving name and address. Wanted?roRrauN in a hoop .?kjht pack >ky. None but a first cltwn man nwd appU Inquire at UG Church street, up stairs. "^TrANTED?A YOPNG KAN FROM THE OOCNTRY, V? who I- well known, and lias experience In tlm ;:ro eery bus inefs. Anyone thus qualified, with good reference, will And steady emi>ioyni'>nt. Addre.-s, with j>ostage s':'inp enclosed. 11. M. Hamilton k t o., X. Y. EJTANTED?A BOY IN v BROK R 011III HI til VV write a go'i'i hsnd and < 'Uie v.tII ri'cointne., leii salary first year, $60. Addr<-s= it. M. I.., 118 Wall sueoi. *VXTANTI '--A VA1 ET TO TRAY1 WITH \ GENTLE W nian, two boys to learn trades, clerk for a strain er. two r' . ks l'oi stores, three porter , two orukeymen. two conductors, two express drivers, one stewarde.- ^ one honsekeeper. one govertwas and one teaiaitre; <. Appl*?it Xo. 7 Chatham square. WAVUKU? AUEVTS TO SCI I, OUt I NiON" PACK ar" of Ftationory. also the prize packages for the Im'.i 'C: e.>rh containing a ptft. Senl rt.iinp l'?r circular or 40 occ..-' fur -ample. I'RKN'OTT k <'O., 429 Broi'lway. Wantto-twosmart, active or id ad ilr. KH, to wjrW <>u a commission. Callltt -f-t Hrourao nll'l ItXJf. j WANTED?A RESPECTABLE MAN, WHO SPEAKS the Spanish luBiiiar very well, as intcrpr-ter I > n Spanish gentleman. Inquire instantly at I'arlc Hotel, West FU'ty sixth street, north corner Kightli avenue. (jljl AA PER MONTH TO ENERGETIC AGENTS Hj) LUv everywhere.?Scllr.g the ingenious pa lenteit articles of the age. 300 per cant profit, and universal satisfaction. Call on or address (inclosing stamp) JOSEPH HOUIN CO.,'jg Duane stroct, near CtuMbun, New York. EW YORK HERALD, SA'l SITtTATIOWS WANTED-WALKS. A young m an Ties!res a situation as clerk in u grocery store, who perfectly understands the busin ess, tlu t o years in Ins liihi place and lias (lie best ol" recommendations from Lis last employer. Address J. M , box 224 Herald oflice. W\mi p?vn i. or partial employment to keep, p .st ur balance books, or any k id J ol' writing, by an experienced bookkeeper and expert writer. Address d. Williams, Herald otlice. YOUNU MAN WANTED?WHO WRITES a (i(H)l) band and is willing to make liimseli gouerally useful; one wbo resides with bis pareuts and can produce good recommendations. Apply on Monday, between U and 10 o'clock, at 360 Madron at. h k LP W a m '1 k d-mil ai.ks. A IX EMPLOY! us AND SERVANTS CAN BE W1TRD i V at tile Metropolitan Institute. 32 tit li ave., between and Amity sts. American, German, Irish, ice., servants on hand, well recommended and at low wag.-H. immediate and careful attention |mid to order# by mail. a F. TON RHEJN, Proprietor. AU, KAMI I.IKS ASH SERVANTS Wil l. KIND THE largest .-elect Institute, at 138 Eleventh street, cor n-r of .Sixth avenue, for German, scotch, American and Irifhhelp; civil and ca|u?b:e; wages to suit the times; places always ready. All ordurs by mail promptly attended. Employment.?able and industrious ser vants, American and foreign, with good recommendations, can at all times be furnished good situations at the Lukiu Employment Otllce, 113 ucw I anal st., near QK1RT AND CORSET MAKERS.?ONK ACQUAINTED n with the making of tb<' diamond IM skirt, ami I | practical corset maker, can hour of situations by apply | n>K !'t 373 llroadway, up stairs, first fi?.or. Noue but (list rate workmen need apply. j Ti/\\vn:ii?a coon hand, to work \j torMilitarygoods,to|0 to Boston,Mum. Apply I for two days, between the hours of 12 and 2, at 78 Nassau i street, room No. 1, tlrat floor, aud bring .sample of work for inspection. WANTF.1>?A RESl'ECTARLE MARRIED WOMAN TO take a baby to wet nurse at her residence, in Rrook lyn preferred. Apply at 103 Water St., lirooklyn. Call for tliroo days. TiriCT NURSE WANTED.?A YOUNG. HEAI.THY, VV strong woman, with a fresh breast of milk. Apply to Dr. Coojier, 346 At av., from 8 to 11 A. M., with certificate of coutluoment aud character. WANTI'lk?AS I.AI'NDRKSS AND HIAMIiKiai MD, A person fully competent to 1111 such situation. Apply at 17 West 19th st., from 2 to 4 1*. M. Noue wi.l bo seen before the appointed time. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE FEMALE, TO A(T IN the capacity of wet nurse to an infant four months old; unquestionable references as to character will be required. Apply bntwoen the hours of 10 and 11 o'clock at 163 IVarl street, tins day. WANTED?IN A GENTLEMAN'S FAMB.Y, A SHORT distanco in the country, an experienced housekeeper; Protestant preferred; must ceme well recommended; good salary to a suitable party. Apply at 378 6th av., llrBt "tloor, front room. WANTED?A WET NURSE; A YOUNG 1'ROTKSTANT woman, with a full breast of milk, not Iosr than three months old. Best of reference required. AddressWet Nurse, Herald oillce. WANTED?A GERMAN GI11L, WHO IS A GOOD COOK, washer and 1 roller, in a small private family. Wages $8 per month. Best of references required. Call at 38 Grove St. ^ _ _ _ THE TRAPES. _ ^ _ WANTED?THIS DAY, 12 WOOD ENGRAVERS. WAters & Son, 9(1 Fuiton st. W' ANTED?A SMART CANDLE MAKER; ONE WHO hasbeen accustomed to Basking sperm caudles, noue need apply unless well recommended. Apply between 1 and 3 I'. M., at 626 Water street. Wanted?from ten to twenty 12 barter I'ower Ijooms. for heavy wisileu work, iu good running ordor. Address box 2,780, Now York font olllce, stating price. LOST AMD KOINI*. FOUND?A POCKKTBOOK. WHICH THF. OWNER MAY have by proving property ami paying charges, by calling ?t 110 WilHa:u street, comer of John. ITViUNP?A MfBWIM WOT BOAT; BY Pim\'TN<; . properly and ownership im.l payuu: expenses, iv.n be by applying at tho packing yanl fool of Van Hrunt street, Brooklyn. ]f nut, called for withtu ono week will bit Willi to pay expenses. Lota?ON THU1WDAY NIGHT, ELEVEN O'CIOTK, from 91 (irei.Uo street, a white Poodle Dog; fox >'< ! low cars; uuswers to tho name of Charley. Anyone re turning saiil dog will receive a liberal reward. LOST?$2 REWARD.?A NEWFOL'NDI-AND I (T.GEN'iv i al caior red, breast white, nose black, tip of the ea-s black, front feet white. Call al 310 Ka-l Fifth dreet, room No. J. Lost?in wall stkfkt, ak;i>t 7, a uor.u headed Caue, marked J. II. The tinder, by returning it to John Hodden, 241 Seventh ire. t, will be suitably rewarded. IOST?ON THURSDAY AnUHNOON, ' :H ; A i l-.N 4 j and 0 o'clock, in a Madison avenue stage or near \V tier's restaurant, a tortoise shell band Brae -|et. inlaid with golden stone. The Under will be suitably p warded by returning the same to 130 Madi/.m avenue. JOST?DROPPED IN A MADISON AVENUE STAGE, j between Twenty sixth street and Stewart's, on Friday morning, a Portemonnuio, containing a ipiartcr enpi" and several bill*. The'iiti ier will suitably rewarded by leaving the s line at the ofllce of the Manhattan l..lo Insurance Company, 31 N-. sau . treet. RHWAllDS. ?> REWARD FOR A BLACK AND TAN DOG.?LOST. ||)0 obUmdv Dla| of th< 1st in t., in tie neigbbo b od ul Third aveii , >t;id 119th sir'ei; an-wers to the name of .lack; had on a leather collar with a plain brass plate set iu. Any person returning him to Uhris. Slmudley's, corner Third avenue and 126th street, will receive the ?bo\o reward. (JH REWARD.?LOOT, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, An. ust 3, iu going through Thirty-third street., i'lom Eiehtli t'i Ninth avenue, iu a Fourteenth street stage. 01' iii Fourteenth stroet, between lik'hth ami Ninth avcuie .', a Ooid Bracelet. The Under will receive ilie iiimie reward and thank $ of the t .vie r l >\"V. turning the same to No. 3 lleorman place, We.-t Thirty-tliird street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. tJS ? REWARD.?LOST, FROM 339 WEST TWENTYMO second street. i> small Mark ami Tan Terrier Slut; answers to ilie name of Tinev; lias u sear over life bit eye and has been Injured m the loins. The above reward will be paid for her r'lurn. (fill'A REGARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY, AUGUST I Hlf l \J t iling oy steamer uraii. i , irum incw v -i k to l.on.4 Branch, a canvisH overcd Trunk; had ou card mark ''1 Hid<1 If; aluo R 1;. label, Yonkers. Tne finder will please a-idrep? Henry M. Alexander, Lotig Branch, ore;. H. Vroom. l-i Beaver street, N. V. 4ii11 \ beward.-iwux pay ths above amount llP.l ' J fur the return of PajierF in the |x>cl<? t of n new <; ray Kroelc Coat fltolen from buildings corner of Fifty first street and Second avenue. THOf. DL'FFY, 305 Ninth street, or at the building. cl->a reward.?loot or stolen, from the f"ibi;crlber, on yesterday afternoon, a goM hunting Watch and Chain; Jan. Nardin, maker; No. 0.497. Jeweller;! and pawnbrokers are requested to ."top said watch if olwred. The above reward i!l be paid and no question? nuked, by leaving it at 8W .. :.'i Seventh istreet, Williamsburg. (jhqff reward.?lost, on thursday evening, wO near the corner of Pearl street and Broadway, a gold patent lever Watch, made by John Monca?, Liverpool. No. 4.6A3. The above reward will be paid for it by K. Brown & Mars-tors, 112 Chatham street. ! (fieri reward.?loot, a diamond breaotpin, 1 KpOvr single stone. Whoever will return the same to Cupta'n Waterman. corner of Canul and Yarick streets, will receive 1 he above reward. MILITARY. \TTENTION, SN^TES?THE SNUTB GUARD WILL hold a special meeting on J-'aturday, \?sust 10.1 St>l I at i o'clock, lor election of oilier.-, at KS S.uth street, 1 corner of Burimg Blip. Hy ord-T. M. W. P. COOK, Captain. , "TrkTLRANS OF THE WAR OF 1812.?YOU ARE RE\ ipwtfully IsTited to attoitd jUvinwttw, in a hod.* . at the Mare; :rs' church, 'S'A Cherry Ptrcet, (" morrow i Sunday). Sermon by oue or our chaplain*. Rn . tra It. Steward. I."t every veteran attend., and meet ou the earner of Pike and Cherry street*, at 2>? o'olc.t k M. 1 f RAYM(>NP. Brit;. On. I. M I'llvin. Adjt. ABM. DAIJ.Y, Colonel. i.oa \ offices. j at buoa;?\vav ? m::.m iiym\n i>iam"Ni> J\ aid W i' ' H .k-T. mivanrp.; mi Dianvniit. sotor him . Wuitiios, J !." ?n 1 .l< u-l:y,or buy- the sumoat ;li' ,r ti.!l rai ic tor c u- . ,tf 11. HYMAN'S i80 Brnurlwajr, I fi'cnnil iloiir. uncttorioer :i4 broker i nvan<*s on H"amonix, l'l,ATr. WATTHEP, \< or will hu) lh" s:imc for ivtf ' hi- |>"lvnte iooiin. I .1. ft. R \RH1KOCR, 218 Br -adwiy. room 13, t'l? .>?*ir*. ! N. K?Vlio ti>; Uct. pi ic yaVLfor (li.imonilt--. )<w or sot. V' T < i N.V*Af S':T.KEt?A. ITO\K;M*N, DIAMOND Br it >oakM liberal I'lvati'iv ?n iKiiuotvl.-. WatJlM. ifi.wrlr>'. Acc.. or bin lliciri it I ill valve .it Ills private orti' rtfi Nii- s 4 i gtrcet, rof.ii No. 2. :,t sisir*. Burnt)"*? c >r.(t 1>Lt .*1. Oi.i) 00U> AND HLTER JEWKLftT, ?0M> DWT, ?* as, M<> ia!?, IMamnpii . iris a..J .uhc. . ?j ?ton . ' i s' Ufl.'a Chntliir.i -:t.;pt. Hue OoM ami rullc Silver, fir plater*. onsUnti.v <"> it , Chatham ("trn't. A. BARNAKl't, Ascnyr .ml K tinrr. I A Q CKDAK >T!'.K!T,? AI'VAYCKS MAI'K IN SI-MS *+0 to ? :U ott Wtlclips, .Icwi lry. Iiia'r Hid" and oilier 1 porgoca! property, or bought for cuxli. < tfllei- hours from u till 6. t. JACOBS, Atteuonoor and Broker, i 4C Certai street, fcranr'a office 107 BfO?dway. URDAY, AUGUST 10, 1861.

UOI/SBS, ROOMS, AC., TO I.ET, A IRIVAIE FAHI.Y, IV A CENTRAL IvOC'ATlON, who vv.-ii lu lot. to .i g nt.eman a:.d wile, four ur Uvu nil!' gashed Ki>'nm, w ih modem .mproverooutfi, at a mo le aicr l.c n I a gnodopportuuily,by addnssiug l>. t... UmU U)co. TJWKMSHK1) liOOUSTO [>T?!'() A FAMIl-Y WITHOUT J[ ohi'ili i'ii, con.?isnpg or flvi'?three largo and two b droom*. everything f>r ho is keeping, "ii first floor, H37 sixth avcuuo, uear Thlity suveuth street. lieut per nii'iatli. i:\i-II! :!> HOUSE -TWO EIDERLY WOMEN OC17 cup In^r a *mull threo story house down towu, wish to It'i tliu unoccupied i?irtlon to some private family lor (40 <i month. Has modern improvement*. Addrcai Sinclair. Herald ottiue. I7M.OORS TO I.KT?TN A I'E-IKAHI.K NKIOIIMORHOOP, ; lour or live Kootnl, Parlor, Kitchen and Bedrooms; bath tub on each lloor, will bo routed very low lo small families. Apply at 140 West Nineteenth street, from 9 to 1*2 o'clock. NO. 1 MONROK STREET, CORNER OF CATHARINE ? Furnished Rooms to lot, to small reap ciabie fitmiII a, with facilities for economical housekeeping;-also Ren ins for llliglo gentlemeu. House has gas, liath, &?., and price very moderate. I > ART OK A IIOUSK To I.KT.?A PHYSICIAN, IK VI I'Y ing an F.uglish btBcincuL house, up towu, will let to , a genteel private family, I'urlor, 'Ihlrd and Fourth Floor* ail.I Kitchen. House Iiiih all the modern conveniences. H nln st references will he required and given. Rent $10 Iter month Address Alpha, stuliou K I'obt olllce. /^Tll 'L' *IV1 I IT WVTITAIjI V L'i III L'tvm. fllftlic ,111 I 0 liny clean busui ss, with lower part of li'iho ]us 1 i vision street. Inquire at ilio private door on the pro mis 8. TO I .FT?A FIRST CLASS HOCBE, PARTTAJXT FDRmxti -it in oi K'ini style, with immediate p session. R ill moderate to a responsible |*rty. Apply to I)r. I.l< HTH'I.I.. 34 Si. Mark's pluoo. between 12 and 2 1'. M. mo I.KT?THK TWO STORY AND BASKMF.NT BRU'K J. Ho..go 218 Smith strict, corner Hi tier, Brooklyn, complete with water ami gas, a very desirable location for a phys'Clan: will be re: toil low to ? Rood tenant. Apply to SAMl'KL KROsT. 30 South William street, N. Y. mo LET?WKI.l. FI'RNISIIKH ROOMS, IN liKOWN X stoue honse No. 33 Bowery, qlugle or in suits to accommodate lamnl>is Amu, similar rooms at 814,ia Broad wiy, noar Houston street, aud a Une Saloon or Store. In quiro on Uio premises. Pricos in accordance with the times. mo I.I T?FROM NOW TIIJ, HAY NEXT, AND A Nl'M J. bor of years thereafter, a well and healthy located Hwi 11111<- Ho :se in S<> iih Brooklyn, with a un l sha ly yard and an excellent tfrape vine piazza; Has, w.iter closets, hatli ami wash tubs in the house; ten or Uftccn minutes' rule by cars to South, Wall or Fulton sttoet ferry. The outiro Furniture for sale at a bargain, everytiling new elKhlii-i montiis since, house Urst class; rent $4Ml per annum. Please direct M., box 1,980 New York Postotllco, for three weeks. mo LET?THE OLD EST A BUSHED n.OTWN'i STAND. _I_ SI<X<MIU<1 Dwelling a'Jo t.rand street, also small Stores an I Rooms In Rtvingion .strict, and the bas'iinnt Store uml link ry ?0 Ridge street. Inquire at 2W (.rand struct, or of JOHN NEIL, lol I'ltt street. To 1.1.T?ROOMS IN 1101 SK Slifi BROADWAY, NEAR Union sq uire, cither for a residence or for business purposes; it is 11 tip top locution for any kind of light bust neat*. Apply at the alxivo l umber. mo LEV-WE DOUBLE House, 16 WEST twenty1 seventh street, containing twenty four rooms,suit Mbfor :i boardinghouaa. Rout fToo a year, <>r win ba let separately If desired. Possession given immediately. Apply to J. W. coluns, 1,103 Ilroadway, corner Twantyseventh street. rno i.kt?kiic-t floor OVER store soh EIGHTH J. uvenue, corner Twenty-sixth street, consisting of two large Parlors and Hall Room, for business purpoaea or family; alw>front Hasemeut, suitable for a plumber. In quire on the premtees. r|10 I.I I?A RESTAURANT, NO. 3 THIRD AVENUE, 1 near Tompkins Mariccb, with all HxtiUMS complete; rent low, a Rood cbance f??r an enterprising man. Apply to A. HALL, 12 Warren street. rpo let?dwelijnu house no. 5i lispenard JL struat. Apply to A. JUURNKAY, Jr., 373 Ilroadway. rpo IJT, FURM3HED?1THE LARGE COTTAGE HOUSE. 1 Carriage House anil Oroumls, corner of Ilroadway ami Hilly-fourth nUuiL The premises are iu good order, furnished In handsome style, and will be rented low to a cash tenant. ROBERT SCOTT, 101 South street. TO I I-rr LOW?FURMSiir.II OR UNFrRMSliKI>,TO A llrst class tenant, froin September 1 lo April 1, a brown stone House on Murray hill, corner of ljcxlngton avetiue and Thirty-ninth street, lately relltt"d; price, f.iri.islied, $700; not furuiaiicu $000 lor the term, not ouebaif III value. mo IJCT OR LEASE?CHEAP. A OOCOTRT HOUBB, I with four acres of land unit outhouses, half a mi.o from Williainshridge on the Harlem Kailroad, twelve miles from the city. Inquire at 16 and 18 Chambers street, New York. rpo BfEWERft AND M\LTSTEBS.?THE WELL KNOWN I l'oint -Brewery. at Pittsburg, I'a., lately occupied by tieorge W. Stnitli, will ho rented on easo'.uible t? rms. Tlii.' brewery, lonu-d In a large manufacturing cetnmunity. and with an i-.-ti bhslied reputation, pres. tits 'nit able persons, pe s -sini; a capital of fS.OOO or $10,000, a rare opportunity for a succ s-ful business. There are liui nulling d iors, with u rapacity lor linking 75.000 bushels of malt. Address George Sturas, #0 Fourth street, I'iltshurg, Pa. (hi a \ M'lVI'tl < : I-\<. I HOUSE, .-I VKN ROOMS, LI' del ithllully and healthily -Hunted, Willi op n lielis and vu-\v of the bay, convenient to the cart) and ferries. Api !y an29 < olumbln sicret, Brooklyn. (jhl < ?TO LOT, THE SECOND FLOOR OF CHE I *+? House 173 Rivington street, < ?? istlng <r 11out an' bark Purler and t wo lleiirooms ',&c. Appiy "ii th'i premises orto E. H. CON1.1N 10'i How. ry. References exchanged. BROOMK STRKICf ?I/)WER PARI' "F A NEW )Ov' II'i'iH i to lei: ceitains va and llxntreH, range, j liaib, stulionary tuba. S?. Rent $L)SO the y. ,ir. mkw pvbi.1catioii8. t d;:m'ikest's quarterly mirror or i ash jLU. I?>NS.?Oral improvements will he presented In tti< next volume. Kali iiuuilwr ready in September. Pi ic? It) cents; yearly, -i'l cents. Also the above illustrated wiih largo el< /ant colored St ?] Fashion Plates, Urge plate of Cloaks,an I three lull-sized patterns of New <; ired Dress Sleeves and Hoys' Zouave Jacket. 'Jo cents p i copy . yearly. >1. Sfenl po tpaid on receipt of price. Addi ?a !>fE*uu!l most reliable Fashion Magazine* ever publiahod. Vftw u tin.' timo u> subscribe to receive it as soon as issued. PEHSOSAU ? V-l WILL BK AT T.'S, A8 DIRECTED.MONDAY. C. Y.. l>4 0OM.Y.?K. P. L. R. | "TAOIJ.Y?VOfJ WUL KIND A I.KTTKK KKOM DIDO 1 ' (it SprirtK street, rtatVn. A. DOM.Y?I W1IJ, B|? TIIKKK AT i~lX TUKSHAY pvmit;^ sure, raia or t-hine DOLLY. I |vi?A-yor WILL PARDON MY SEEMING NEC | Jj leet mul w: it of interest in you have henn very j ei< It t-.riro that wulk in Walker sti t et, and oould not call. Ixtter for von i:i Brooklyn Post o(lii:c explaining all. tVn:n 1 your devoted CHARLiu*. I .TOR ADOPTION.?A FINKl'KALTIIY FKMAI.K CfHIJi. . prveii W"k.-i olU. %ui lm had by ..oj . *{? ruble lamily hiving ?ulU( imt mcatn;. Address C. li., station K for on? wi*lt, ?i\ inu nw,w and address. 2JU5ANK, CAM, AT 63.?J AM ALONF, AMI ANXIOUS ! to -ee you. I INFORMATION WANTKf?OF II.LEN LONNAKGAN, J 15 year* old. who left her home last February. ib* , j duvk hair and blue < ye.j. Any information wll be thank- i ! fullj wlvj by h r rar-nt. IVuiiel l.oiiiiHieat), j T?' Utieth -ireet, betwreu Third a'id Fourth avenue.-", I OovUMi If I. j WAR THERE AT &JWEN, AND WILL BE THERE I at tbe hahh! timo tnis MwtHtng,Httlof ithtne,"If 1 do not heur from you before. BIRDIE. | T!' AIJKKIt HEYMOI I! WILL 8)\fl 11! S AHDRE.-STO , 1 .1. J', b"X J01 Herald oflic. lit, w.ll hear of something I to lii-< advantage. | oIINNIK.- (iKOl'.f.F. IS lit IMF; AITNI Wil l. LEAVE l t ff lor (,'al on the 1 'it. o! ,s ptetuber. -I;e bale;, j liu.inl from unek>. >ud i? wiihout. lecsns to ?o anything j j for us. a n? w r^ 11 truRiediately. M. W. j j I I.?-PLEASE CALL AT iMT WOOSTKP. STREET , |? th;i evening. A. S. j "VKIHtY.?VVflY 1)0 YOI .NOT WIUTK.' ( AM NEARLY ' : IV. v,T.t? aa<l 11 hw toy iuu..-t.\. t.l/'/,Y | T>ACHKL ROCSBKAtT?1 WROTE 1/ONG .v WHY '? It li'l >o? nw' t:? in?! ' U 11 .u t n of < .>!n?> v 11 vv l,t ' VITii i. miss s ?- l oKwnki) i:.T. AJCT'.K-.-i l \Y in ili' ntl 'iimn who met ter "!. I; '.'nv ufiernoi'ii. I i..| il'-i. iilt.l who tt'i- i>ali!c 1 > lllld her ! ' ItiO pbiei after Mon<lav, tin* ' i ins!. \ t'Jr-- Will. lit rulil ' ! ntnci'. F! RSITVUK. 4 riiiikimm si it ok knAMKT.i.v.n KCRvrmu; J\, til a!! rn'in -i, < wvmnlrd in iiiuf u lnr alt" ^ iliii <*} -Hint <?li!?iiil.'r>r Suits, jilnhi j?n<l uriiHmrr'.Ul, ii H ! . rARIIIN't. I.'final street. Woo* lt>r. r Ub::-li->t III ls4*. Vi.t, KIKIS ?.r FPRXITTRK, I/MKIKG GI?A*>?:8, ' Matlro'-'.;, He; ^r.. i lie*j,er Iter al unelioti, ! w I' Tinlol, aii'l deliver I free. i ill alfi. W. PNEDEVS, ! \ 15 .very b il?;vn J-'latilon aii'l Ho': ton ftreet*. Von | w save rhor.i y and bo served 1 :iorabljr and promptly. Ni-te I'm' ii-...,1".-. Kep.v-i;'y u ;,i'. ' TaUKXITURS WANTED?SUITABLE TO Fl RJttSH lj fonr or live rooms, by .? sn.all family, ooinnvnclnR . h itv:"k' epiii^ S'ptember 1. Any person ti?vtug *uch to | i dispone of, wbo will iseli at a prue c?rriwponding with the ; | lime-, may hear of u purchaser by uaiireesiug box * ] ii ouklyu l\ist oUiea } % tub WAR. ATKHTION.CAVAI By 1?FOR(UU 0NKTH0C8IND broach loading Carbines, with oilier Arms, tlio best q ality In the country, al 302 Broadway, room 4. CAVALRY CAPTAIN I.YON ISAAC WILL CONTINUE lo accept recruits for tho Ira lUrrls (luard, lo which hi* company is attached. Thin is tho best company that has yut beeu organized., ax most of tho men have seen setvice and are excellent horsemou. Thoso wishing lo join Htiould apply imm . diatoly at tho recruiting offices, Nob. bU4, 6o'J, and S64 Hroadway, and No. 6 Division street. 1TMFTY KIFTII RBIIMI NT, N. Y H. M., ((iAKUK LA; fayette.) IlKAIKJI AinTKH, CAMf LAFAYKITK, > New Dour, SrAreN Island, August 3,18111. / Colonel De Trobrlnnd, cortiinimiini! the Kitty Ilfth reglmcnt N. Y. W. M., hereby notitl n tin* few olllce:Rol the regiment who. not yet luivHig decided to Ic.ivc for tlios at of war, h.ive not mude their appearance at C'amp I-a fayette, Now liorp, Suten Island. that tUey are required to resist their pi sitlons iut oOicers within eight da>? from Monday. the fttii of August If tbo above demand is not complied with within I lie specified Utile, charges will be brought agalnsl them and they will be tried by a court martial for refusal of service, according to law. Notice is also hereby given to the non commissioned officer* aud privates of the Fifly fifth regiment N. Y.S. >1 , who do not Intend to depart with tho regiment, that they are re pnred immediately to deliver up al the headquarters of the regiment. Ijifayett* llall. all the uniforms and equipment* now in llielr possession which have not been paid for, they being wanted for the recruits which are daily arriving in camp. By order of R. l>k TK'iHIUA.ND, Oolouel ConituauJIug P A Gkrdy, Adjutant T7<(?K SALE?MILITARY 8ADDU AND BRIDLE, L fully equipped and is new. Apply at the Mercer itoiise, comer (ii Mercer ana Broome streets. McCLELLAN rifles, Colonel Fl'OENE I,E GAL. inm crnek regiment, now organizing under the above ablo command, will accept .1 few three months volunteers. For information apply at headquarters, H4 Nas ?aii street. Subscriptions will be received 1>> the Paymaster, Thoa. K. Davis, Jr., at his cilice, 34 Naisau street. Mcskfts, muskets, muskets A small 1X)T of Muskets, witb percussion locks and Imyoneta, ad. urn ably adapted for drilling or guard duty, for tale at half cost. Address box 1 ,4^7 Post office. Musicians wanted?for tiie twelfth meiit United Stalls iufuiitry. Pay from $H to :f34 pei mouth. Ratious, clothing, Jfco. Apply to S. l.o Ni^ro, IHU Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. OFFICERS oi i'OMrAMK.- HAVING MEN ENROLLED and wauting aid, pecuniary or otherwise. can have It and their position" secured lliein. In n lir.H die; rcyimeut, with a graduate of West I'olut in couuuuml, b} addressing Regiment, bt.x IBS Herald office. "T > AMSEY'8 REGIMENT. IN ("AMP AT COBB'S FERRY. 1\ Recruits wanted immediately, and sent to camp every al l . noon upon signing the roll. Clothing, pro visions and ai ins supplied at once. OtDce No. 246 Broome street. Ehll'RMU Vol rVTIIKKS AND ol.l' Si .1 IMi lls UK. siring to return to sei ve their country, unlor cxpe, ri. need officers, are invited to call ut the Federal Hold 143 Oreene street. 8K< ONI) REOIWI'NT FIRE ZOUAVES, COL FAIRMAN'.? A lew men wanted to join this ae. nple 1 regiment. Will go to Washington soon. Uniforms. quarters and rations I'uru:shed immediately. Apply in Lieut. CHARLES A HOPKINS, at R rgen's,44 Whitehall street. Sil.K AM. lUMINi; r:.Ai . ALL M/.i.-', I i'N5l'AN I' ly on hand; Regimental Ensigns and standi of'Color* on hand and to ordor at :liort notice, Nations! and Man time Ela>,s and Signals, Fancy Flags, Stalls, Carved Eagli s. Spear Heads ami Mountings, \c , Ac. (KlJER At GRAHAM, manufacturers. 97 Puauost. UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION UUARifc?A Ml El liig Of the Board of OlM" rs 'f ill - u'.ovc regiment will be li 'ld at the headquarters, 349 William Street, at I o'clock 1'. M. to day. Every member in e:.pcol*d to l.o present, as important n .-.i.e ,-s i:< i" be transacted^. B> or tor of I II BltANLK, I Lionel. EmmiNAxn Lrvv, Acting -ocretary. UNION LIFE OfAiii" ? COLONEL, .n I IAN ALLEN; Lieutenant Colonel Mepheti A. Loage. Headquarter* Dili Water street; regno nt acoepfd mid ordered t" be mustered in. (Jurler', ratious. clothing and arms furnishe.1 immediately. All naiiotialHIes received. Country companies, or pa, 1.4 i.f cui,gallics, w.lli their own officers, I II,.H lVO? .1 ..I A "lir MBtlXOTOM ZOlTAVRs^UEADQCAHTERS SO. T( YV Vuri'k tr<iut.?Tin* members of Oipt. Beamnn'i ''ompany who aro absent will report at ??n<v*. for tLiu |?iirpom* ol being imifioroil into nervSro tills day. Auy per son of aipnritv for ufllt;<i will call * alK>v?t. Hv order ol DDI. JAKES ROkilNE \i- .I1: SI.I:VI< ??t .IN I.V-rKITTOR in VV the West I'oinl M.jti>"ii and Jb ill of l,i::ht or Flyi:>K Artlkrv. AW' t i'oint <r:nla!i' preferred. Mu.'t Ihi l! opillK'ilV Ai"irCcd i'. J-, rootu -IS Aht'ir Hwm, New York. \\rANTFJ--KOM A CW.M.KY COMVANY ATJIEADY 'nuut'Ti-il iuto t!) -Stilted service and now in i .1111)1, an ordei seiyant, who in ui nvry way qualified I".- ilia poHlion. Apply at Hiding Acado mv. i'iftli a-. nun corn" of Thirty ninth sir< et, betweot the lionrs of H and 12 I hW A.M. A bugler wanted. 1*7 m - v, v 11 - lat :st hai rus. W \ !' 'MUD, ftliolr-n't Paper lieiler, 44 Hook'nm MhI, is mHUb Note, Lottery Cap, twimtt iurftopo Wrapping .inn I'up-r of <n>Ty kiud, at l?s.% lliuu pri. i'.j. for i-ci-li. Von -?v nearly hall'from fennel pi t '. A. P. HARIi. 'i'.-n'H-or lo taisjii it liard, 4i H.i.l r I.ii ' . \\r INn D?2 ? SltKATOS I OR \i>\ OOMMT.?fflOXRt V* is'imdlnu ii-iaw'i* sv.oril.i; fiflO 11> I) ck-llv'red in twelve liny*. biilac?"- iu tweut;- days. iddre&s Russell, I)i>\ 104 IJ.'riil'l oftlie. RI\ A % <' IA ii. AUtil.'ST KH.MOST * ' 0 BANKKRS, NO *0 W'AIJ, street. Nr.t Y'h k i*suo letters of credit " travellers in i'l .'til |nr't of i'uropn, thrnuirli tho M' r.rn. of i'iiri.-. t.'.u .on, l-Yaiikfor 1, Y:enu?, Naplesaud their correspondent*. ('lORI'ORATION I.OAN' OK ?.',00.000 IV ATD Oh' THE Kiuuiljeii uf Volunteer Soldiers from tin: city of New York hng*g"U m Defending tho [jiti grity of the National I'nlon. Hocds of the Corjioratiou for the above pnrpeso, in sums ol $100 and upwards, will be issued by t!ii.i depart ment on applkatl in for thcsainoat par, redeemable on the l?l <lay of Jui>, 1&H2, wiih int?reHt at : ven per cent per annum. HoRI'RT T. 11AW8, f/on>)J,roller. I 'm' o? Nkw.Ywk. l'i" ?nTMr:wri>ir Ki.naxck, ('oMiTKOf.. IJ<K s UWIC y. \aguvl 8, 1S81. JOHN H. MI'HRAY, BANKKR, o9 NASSAU HTRKKT, corner Liberty. SecurHic.-, bought and sold. Advatuie. made upon ail financial securities bavins acurrent VllliiO. 1>ROPOBAT* FOR $100,000 OK Tfflt CROTON WATSH ttoek of the i'ity of New York.?Scaiod Proposals willVe re ,<4vedat the t'omptrol>r'a office until Friday, September ?' . at 'wo o'clock P. M., when the >mo Will b' pnblnl.v opened for llm whole or any part of tho sum of tin* Hundred Thou. and is,liars of the ' roton Wator Stock of the City of New York, authoi i/ed by chapter ;?7l! oi tf.pi. ti.j Ji?0 and by an ordinance of the < omnion approved 1 v the Mayor August 9,1*00 lor in,to.i.-In:; ih- supply of tiroton water, and extending the itetoR-'ary woik.- tori accumulating and distributing tbe name. The paid Stock will bej.r interest at the rate of six per eeut |?r annum, pavablo quarter yearly, and .the prin *11 be redeemable- on tl; - Kt day of November. 18SI The proposals will - tale U o amount of stock desired and^the price per one hundred dollars thereof . and t'i persitw who."* pro|K*ials arn u i-i-pted will be required deoo,it with tjieChamberlain of .in- city. v. itbln ton day.nftnr tiie o|ienitiKof the bid", m -sum? awarded to them res|>ect1vely, Immdlnp the pr? : . -itns oa th<- . ante. on presenting to the Codi--- !!? the ree Ipts oi the Chamberlain for such do}** . ,i" parties w 'I be entitled to receive " rilllea'te? for eo ,!;ioiitit?of the par valtto of the slock, bearing mt-ic i the dates of |uymeuts. proposition slioeij!,- il,-d .itid endorsed "pr?. pons!- for C'roton Water >*toi, ' the Cltv of Now York,'' and the name unclosed iu a , lid envelope, uddrtsaed to ihe ( orupti idler. 'Ibe rl-fht l-i reserved on the part 1 ' th" Comptrolli r to a'v or alio; the bids, if,,,: ieivd ucccjiMry to protect (ii- promote the iiitereats o city. lfOBKKT'i . VS. t,'omptroller. city "f New York Oepurtmt-ui Y'itiancc, (Aimptroller s ouice August. 7.1W1. yij I r (\l V WANTED?ON HON 15 AND MoKTrt.MJK, 3 ?;)' M.' hi right I-Its in li 'rl' ir, cm .-rveiilh fti* i nillk IVWM MM 14M <lw(. Addr < in-,i.-nr \\\ t*. j'i.i. of J T.Robin, k?h*iw.-1 corner ol' N.imuu and ' sire*?* Cl 4 jiAA W V NTH I?ON ROM) AND MOHT J) ::lu . <>i> improved property up town, ,\ it'i <r. ?lit" .(,!>!.- $1,000 b!ll:i:ie>? pro. fierty hi WeMritc tsrconntj', North rivor, wsrtb 912,000. now renUu i<? Qm Ji.loo per aaaavi Interest |i:iv:iiu- in Ml it}. Vldlv - I "X'_'.10o Vbst offlCC. /w\A 111 i.OAN?ON HON 11 AND MOKi 1k)vv?v' " ' n Mimf "f $1,000 and onwards ml imj-roviM real . *!<? in tlii* city or Brooklya; ?Ihi, #:;u,<i0'i to inrMt i>i por< made mortgages. Apph H 1 "KlWii'AM , IS VTj!! -tret!. (flit AA AAA nawESSEE, Virginia ane n |U\ /* t\J North Carolina State ffcmds can in | !(: i \uiti i-ufLrc .-:if >1} : <> ms In yield bo to 100 cents witU.niw ? four yi'.ir.i. This is a remarkable opportunity, rr-iRtai' 'ii iorgc mutual beauilts. The advertiser I'.-f-T- by periOL- - wn to.1. T. Smttor, Esq.,and Jlr. J. T. Vim Vii- fc bunk'-r, No, i Broad f-treet, ami ran be neon daily ?' the .!! ? T Me;^i 5. 3. Dingee and Wm. Clarke, No. b I'iue tr , from 12*to 2 o'clock. Nout: but |>riackimV iicimI apply. RUTAtRAITR. Ir A INS MV DESIRE TO U.WAY9 KEEP Till' K08T parlor Liquors tint r-.m obtafcsd, I be* to Mtrn nil lo\ x M lino A.- Uiat l am thawing Hammer a fre?k br w? yUampajj'ie AN-, tbo qualitv <4 which will apeak f ir itsctr. .IOUN K. KARIS. G92 Broadway. mHET WHO WERE BORN TO ' E BUKG WII L NEV1, X be drowned; but to be drowned in Massey. Collins* Co.'* three ( rut Ale, iti bliss never dreamt of in mogi p^uplo's philosophy. No. 2 Cortlandl street, northwe-i corucr of Broadway. SPENCER. 3 T11K TT'RP. T7i?R SAI.k?tin; Titonivii mokse uonhst I'irrEft. X; Apply to ULUAM WuODRl>K HOUSKW, CARRIA&Kg, <U'. VitKW close carriage for sai.k?mam i? ordfr by a Broadway hoimm hi . been used a Cow tunes; <: ?>t |."i00; will Koll'fur AdtlreM box a,U?t Now York IW olike. HUGtiY WA.VThU.?WANIKO, A i-HnXIl HAND Buggy, suitable for one or two b ines, v iti xhaftH and polu Any poia<>u having the artiele to diKp'MO of at a chttap rate may hear of a giving dvtiuripIt'ni mi l price td'c., box 3.'J4fl \ Y. I'ost oifloo. Carriages for sale, vkry cheap.?two cum Carriages, thai have been nsmt, but in good order, made liy tin: bent inukem ami calculated to hoi 1 fuui inside and i wo oijUMo. oue is .1 clono Kook i-iy. lit lor country use; the othin- ih lit ,nr city use, with patent axlot. Inquire at OH Wooster street. (lAURIAt.k-. AMI htikhicf uxuns (ift, chup. J 100 t-'arriaj:. h, i a.-li iin-ttx au : liugg < <*. lift (irocer, l!\'i a i l ItiifUn' s \Vagou.s. SO Moines. K.I ' H 'It'T- Hul |'i Second liiiitil Wagoas, all kmdx. m good order. Factory 184 Kultou avenue and lu Nuvlus-trout, Brook lyn. IT^nitSAI.K?\1KY l.tiW, A (iKNTI.KM Ws C.UMIAOH ; 11'?'?< *, Uan paii- ol wll mut lied tny . 15\ bands hull. II j at e arr iii;. it mi. I and ' ?nd, |>r.. fUm) il d 'Hiro i also Cat nag and Manic**. A'tdrot; A. 1"., lie raid ollire It^oi: sai.r:?a -tumhh hi.ack mark, about k " bands In-.ti. ?l \ 11s Id. lull Id'iod, uu?iirpii*Htd for g.-i;i 'in'.-s an 1 h.Mui v. br 'I.. .. .11" mii.'Io or iloutiln bainiv-". Can bo wu it Mr. Dil.'.- livery Blab to, lul Mercer utrcet. TJJOR 8a! I ?A vkry FINK hair ot horse*; WIU ' be aoid low tor on b. o n nga4 for merohaixl w a Aiidro- - bo* Post oilier. ITVt!'. SAl.K AT liAI.K I F- V Al.l'K?A l'HYSKIA.*. ?JKJ ; H"' ton-tyle and iu l -i order. Can bo s at any!.mi at It. fill's .- :u?r Ilarr^on and Uii to Fiivt'is, Brooklyn. HOllSM W \Yt; I -a (ikm IJ:MAN, AT YOKKvlllc. havb..' t 'ti-'jit ..nd a lajrgo quantity of gooii twin . u'. . a l:(irsi-.- tor tnolr use; is n nod . mi- ! i in..ii, iui i v .11 ( i 11,' r.v |-on-1t>U- for them; wants to have tti< li.ij 'ton tin* preiniM'M. Addrens 0. C.. Ii raid olllce. nORSK WANTRI).?W.VSTKD, \ C.00D SOUND Horso ki cxclian<>i> lor i good two peat, comfortill;,!1 family inrrlngr. Al>I>'.V at 11 Hamilton street. HoKSKS WANT!:".?Wil l, uxor 'iNUK A I?KSIRAM.Y located i jty lot lor a perfectly niiiiihI and gentle lluiec, Saddle, I'aiTiaifu tinil ll.iriie."*: would preler a span it Well matched. Adilre.--H |?. box I I'bst olflce. ? ...... - ? g "TTOR.SK KKI'T WITHOUT t'HAKtiK.?AW I'KRtfON ri having a good Horse and I'gltt Wagon. for which tney lia.i no use di.riii< ne*t m- nlb, can have tlicni nell l.ept iu oountry, an.l <:ar>'?ully used, by a responsible party. Address Ma\. Herald otliee. rMl'ORT.WT TO OKI !i KllS.?Knit SAI.K, AN KXOKI li'tit charger, a bright brown Mali inn, II y ars old; over Hi l.andti high; uet,;ht, l,22.'i lbs., porfwi in uvery renpeet. Anply at l'!2 Kroadway , room No. 4. XT KW WAGON FOR SAI.K?A LATENT IJCATHKR .1^ top one hor^o Wagon. w ilh patent axles, lined will) bliio cloth, of nuxlfitiii * eight. mad'1 by oneW the, makers, in the be?t m.niier. of the IV>.hLO11 .slyle. liuptlro in the rear of 787 Broadway, corner of Tenth stioet. SPAVIN INFIRMARY, l.fiOO IIROADWAV?TWO OR* more valu ibto young bow rati uo.v bnaeeoin ti "lilted it thin e. talilMme nl. No blistering, no tirtug, but a speedy, eaay and otl'eotual euro. mo FIELD AffO STAFF 0FHCEB8 FOR SAI.K, A L dark gray Mare, perfectly and kind; la u sp'.'itdn) saddle horn ; liai ciimod the owner ((in odlC"' i f the Twelfth regiment.) all through tin- I tie campaign in Virginia, standing the fatigue o|' ihe lot)/ marches mml admirably; a government 'addle, now and compute, Willi Ojiuikt'ip . ?i*j. c [MicKfi', 101 ..o , inj*', ar . wuii norsr. Apply at 1- tii t Twentieth -treil. WINKS AND LUillORS. mHR ATTENTION OK TAVKUSKKWKR.S ASK I.lgl'OK 1_ dealirs in ?<?ii?rat w respectfully miliriW to the huperiiii- quality ?f Uamnwr'ii lreali breuud Champagne All-. Till* alo is hrt'wc.l fr< ,~!i ul all se.isi.tiM of tlio year, ami tlin kv ping quality of it, o*|x'ola)lv nl' sn?'.li brr.Tod rturinetbi! m oxwiire itot wear her, in guu; utiU-r-il fur any length oft.roe. i"iwrn"$12 |*:r lilid . l$t; [k-i lib!., ; delivered lit my part of t!><> my nl' Now V l're.' of ex i Payment.oaib on delivery. (irJere sent to I faunluer's Brewery, in liirlein, will bo attended to with do spati.h. Strawberhy wine, strawberry WINK.?fOB .sail', about 2o gallons W pure St ru wherry VV'ne, lour y< ars old. Tit IJ indeed i.M u rare ehaiieo U) ueouro tbi* f irco and delightful wmc. l-'rice only $1 per gallon. For h iinple uillruhSfor two da>, K. G., lleraM oflluc. FORTZBG. VM (XXI Nit B1UIJ EOH rtAI.K?ONK YEAR OLD, AND a splendid singer; * arson tod; prico $L2. Inquire at 424 Sev ilh iivenm , ' Vi.r tho bakery. 1 MTROLOOT. 4 bova ftde aptrot>ogct. ?mapamk wimtik j?m. tliiMitiJei t < ! your visit, magic 'tfiartmi k ami good iui'k for life, I'reoof <barge; toils nil fronts of lifc-.past, present nxnl future; uiisultntious on l>;ttjln??i, j sii'kt!' -J, marriage, ruirlship, travelling, &c. f'lui irftliu most wonderful 'rokiglst of the (Jive her a rail; . you will not regivt it. 1S9 Allen street,six doors from St?:it.'n: nnni' on th'1 iloor. Chargo for ladies aad gentle V' *T(>VISIilNf;.? MAPAMK AIOIIBOW, SEVENTH diui r'H'T, b:i-! ii fcil'f of foresight. tells how soon ami often you will marry, nttd :i!l you wi^h to Uiiow,uvon y??ji- viTy Ili'MU'hlf. no p .y: lucky chariot, free; her equal is nut to be fouli'l : J i r ti. fits inri/e isnow in riill Of>0 . rati-1'. 1H4 l.udioWstree-f, h, low IIuiiihou. I'rle?5cml8 <; rtlii.ien not admitted. I" <>0K AT Till.-!?THK ?>M,Y TKT'K MEDICAL AND j "4 riairv > ..nt in tl?? I niU'tl . If you w "-'.i to obtain correct. iuiiirniallon on ov nts through life, particularly ahKt-nt friend . I< 'I or "tolcn properly, you .xliniuil coi nil her. N. !' - Mrs. >111,ION lit no humbug, inii jf vrs the Kroiiteft 'jitM.w.tion to all who visit her. ?he manufactures ;i wat-h thai Is warranted to euro and rnmovo f'ei kin*, la'i and sunburn, aud render the6klu perfectly ,-ni'ioth. Ladles, try it. Mr -. Mfl.TON, M61 Broomo street. XT' B.?WHO HAS NOT HEARD OPTHB CKI.KBRATKD j3l Mine. I'BKWSKKK, who has Ixjeu consulted by thousands in this mid itthi>r cities with ?*ntiro satisfaction. She feci.; confident slio luc- no <k|mu1. Slit* ioIIk the name offuturo wil'oor lui' bund, and that of her visiter. If you wish truth, give her 11 call, at 251 Third itvnue. nbovo Twi nty Or.-1 street. Irelies. 50 cents, gentlemen, (1. rpilK (Jl'.KATKST WONDKK IN TIH-: WOULD IS THE J yunni; aud accomplished Madame BYliON, from Parte, vi b" ran bo consulted with the strictest confidence on all ;il!-drs of life, embracing love, unurtshlp, busme?>8 and i.icknes?; restorer, drunken anil unfaithful husbands; has uaucret to make you beloved by your heart's ideal, aud briupe t/iRctyer those long sepi,rated. Ladles 26 cents; gents '0 cents. Kcaidence No. WO Third avouue, abov? Twelfth street. MKDICAli. i A VnjCTKD KKSTDHKII?IGNOKANCK KXPOflED?' i\ Fa'tvies unmarked.?Dr. LAUMONT'S Paris, I>>n (ton aud New York Medical Adviser ami Marriage (iuidn informs the debilitated find diseased, including those who are ictioraut oi the cause of their ill health, and who hav? been (li.-ui'iiointed in their physicians, of the most certain ' m?l convenient moduof cure. Mailed for $1 by 1MCH ; AKI>.-<>N, No. 1 V" : |?EXTKB As CO., US Nassau *t., . X. V., and JOHNSON. 6(5 State ft., Chicago; or the author, | 647 Broadway, up stairs. TVS. R. COBBETT HA8 REMOVED FROM 19 1)1'ANK \J street. to 'M Ceutre -tree, between Chambers anil K.ade streets, whore ho can be consilium privately oil eertnin diseases. N'. M.?Dr. C. i' a member of tho New York'I'Diversity (Modioli Coilepe). Sec hi.? diploma in hid ottlre. Private entrance at No. O'Clty Hall place. Dr.. H. A. BARROW 104 BLEEGKER STREET, FOI R doot from .M.H 'IohimI treef. New York, author of that pop lur medical work "Human l'rallty." maybe consulted a.-i usual. from 11 to 2, and from.4 to S. buudays till 2. | \U. COOPER, Nt?. 14 1)1 ANK STREET, M \Y BE CON J ' . ulted on all diseases of a certain nature Twenty ye irs exclusivolj do voted to these complaintpenablo him to warrant a cure in ull rases. Tho vi'tiin'3 of misplaced eontlile'. m Ini iiv; I pretenders ran tall, with a curta.iity of luting radically cured or no pay. TVIt. WARD TREATS Sl'tX ! H-'M ELY AI.I, DISEASES J " of f inales. His f.'ie it lien f : t. r. infallible for llio inmiediuti, removal of ob trw ted meii?lruiit iou, price $1 OlIV 12 I .light reel, near i anal. Oil. HUNTER il. i.ill THIRTY YEARS} CONFINED bis at teat liin to diseases of a certain cla.-ji. in which I ho has treated Bo le-\. than lit'iy thou.-ai. 1 cases, without i an instance of failure. (Its creat remedy, (>r. Hunter's j itwii Jir p. c'lren.i.eri.tiu disoa.- ? '.vUeu r -gular treatment. I and .all other remedies fail; cures without dieting or ro' ' strict ion in the habits of the patiout; cures without tho ' j di'fru tiny and sick' nlng ellfccls of all other remedies; , i-urcf in new cases in less than si-' hours. It root* out llio i iK)i.-onoun the blond is surf to absorb unless the i remedy W ns'-d. It, i; $1 a vial, and cannot bo obtained j Kenuiuo anywhere than at the old wflice, No. :i Division street. Bonk for nothini; that tr ats of the offsets of early I abase. | T\K. RALPH'S OFKIlVS, 189 CROHHY f-TiUC'T, CORJ| J ner of Uou*ton. Kr<'ni 10>? to i! and 6 till 9 P. M. BEAT 8D0GBB OF i>!:. WARD 13LAIGHTSTRffct VT All alP '-f'ons canf"<l by mercury or di?ens?. cured by him in half the usual time, ami ul llic usual i '.larjes. Hr\*f>KEt'? ARK DISAPPOINTED TILL FINDINO DR WARDS oflk-. 1.' Laif(ht street,(Hid giving his J <Sr it R?nnvli"? a, tbey am Insuntly cured Cur? gunrantei'd. Doct'ir attcU'lii till 101'. M. Hammond w nervous, special diseases, Marriage, &c., $1. IIK'ILVRDSON, No. 1 Wccy l ! ?tr<W. PROKiyfOR i:F-TFM., 162 CHAMRERS STREfTT, can be i instilled a: usual, or by lettw,** bos. 2,309. BoeI touoflks, No. SHun-sdn avenufe.

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