Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1861 Page 1
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hp or 1- n. WHOLE NO. 9102. THE REBELLION. The Latest News from Washington. ? ] Important Letter of Secretary Cameron to Gen. Butler. Fugitive Slaves to be Employed In the Service of the Government* A Record of Them to ko Kept for Faturo Adjudication. THE VISIT OF MRS. LINCOLN TO THE NORTH. THE BLOCKADE Visit of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy to the New York Shipping. t? THE REBEL PRIVATEER YORK BURNED, Recapture of the Schooner George G. Baker. The Schooner Wm. S. Tisdaie, from Fort Pickena, Fired Into by a Pirate. English Vessels Run Ashore to Dispose of Their Cargoes to the Rebels. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS V.uNROE. Liht of the Union Koldiera at Richmond. T1TR KF.AT 07? WAT? TW TTTP HTPST Graphic Description of the Fight at Dag- Spring, fccM ftr., kt. Ot lt SPECIAL WASai\tiTO\ DESPATCHES. ij WismsuTox, August 11,1801. HIV oRTAST FROM SECUETAKY CAMERON TO OK-NFHAT. BlTi.liK. The following letter b is ji'St bceu despatched to <Jen. Bailer by the Secretary of War:? ^ Wahum .ton. Anftunt ?, ISfll. Osnctat.?The important question oftho proper ulspoBitiiip to bo made of fugitives from for vice in the Suites in insurrection a^aitst the federal jjovernmont, to which you have ajmlu directed my attention In your letter of July -i), hug received my in"H attentive cons iteration. Tt huMd . oft6 President that all existing limits in all the States b fully resected ami mainlined. Tin; war now pr'.-ocuti.d ou tho part <f the federal go "crnuifiit is a war for thn 1'niou, for the !*?... rv.^vil Vt' flU COBBUt'itlODal rlfhts of States, and Ilie citizens or the States in th': L'nlou. llcue. no ipies1K-" 'in arKe as to fugiiw from h rvioo within the States "ti l Tc-irUArios In v.l.i"h tho authority of tho ITnMU is fully ackuowiedgod. Tuo ordinary form of nil'', civil authorities alik-' for the enforcement of legal foms. Itut In th > Putts wholly or in ;>art nu.ier injur rociionary control, whero the laws ol Hie United Slates arc so far opposed and resisted that th^y caouot be effectually enforced, It is obvious that the rights dojx-udcMt upon tli" r\.'c itiou of those laws luo-t teni p.?rnrtly rail, and It is equally obvious that the i Ir1' - h dependent on the laws of thc.Stato within which military operations arc conducted must be uecoss&rily subordinate to the military exigence.-* created by the insurrection If l it wholly forfeited by the treasonable conduct of parti'.' claiming thein. To this the general role of right to services forms an exception. Tho act of Congress, npl>rcv<Hi August G, 1S01, declares that, if persons held to service stall bo employed in hoa ilily ti^tho fnitod States, the right to their f-orvices bUu.11 be forfeited, niid such persons shall bo ili?i harged therefrom. It follows, of necessity, that no claim can be rooognlzod by tho military authority of the Union for the services of such persons, when fugitives. A more difficult que.-llon 1? presented In respect to per oonr escaping from the service of loyal masters. It is quite apparent that the laws of t;.e Kta'ie tinder whichVinly th ; service of such fugitives can l>e claimed, must needs b wholly,or almor t wholly, suspended. As to the reme(Ue by the iHRu-rectlon and the military measures necaa eitnted by it, it is equally apparent that the substitution of military lor Judicial measures for the enforcement ?>r such claims must be attended by groat inconveniences, embarrassments nnd Inquiries. Under these circu.nsfances it. seems quite clear that the Bubgtantial rights of local masters are still best protected by ceiving such fugitives, as well as fugitives from dia- I leva! masters, into the servico of the United States, and employing them under nub orgarizations and such occu1 patietis us circnmstnncta may suggest or require. Of cotirsq u rcsord should be kept showing a name end deiscription of lbp fugitives; the name and the character, as loyal or disloyal, of the master, and such laets as may he *it*t i>aiinrv In n iin<lr>r?t j&nrlintf t\f th?* rircnmt-liiiirito ?>f unci) ca^e, after tranquillity .shall have been restored. V(k>ii the return of peace Congress will, doubtless, properly provide for nil the poisons i? ha4 ri c. v".| into th>? :jorvico of the Union, and f"c a just compcL-atlon to loyal master?. In this way o.iljr, H would sc;ni, can the duty and safety of tho gov?!rum"nt und tlio Ju^t rights of till be fully reconciled and haimonta'd, Voi will, therefore, consider youiself instructed to govern your future action in respect to fugitives from service Tiy tlie promises herein stated, auJ will report from time to time, ami at 1 u-t twice In each lie.nth, your action in tL: pren i-' S to this department. You will, however, nr.. her author I/'i nor permit any interference by the t' ops under your e'mnuiwl with tho servants 01' pearef I citlw.". in a lint'.-e or Held. nor ill you in any - %vi y t n-enrage such f crv ;.ni' t i leave the lawful service h( - heir mart rs; nor w ill you, except in cases where tile j.-11'j! v-od may f" om to require It, prevent the voluntary rot-irn of my fufj't n to t he servKo from which he ti 'y li*\-e escaped* I niii, very respectfully, your obedient - . SIMON camkhon, Secretary of War. To V.a>>r General Hctlsb, cotnni.uii'.ing Deijitrtnieut oi VirgiuK, Fortrcsa Monroe. THE VISIT OF KKH. LINCOLN TO I.OKO BEAM'S. ~ The vis*it of Mrf. I.lucoln to the North is postponed tin- t.t iii Wednesday. The beau mondc at I/fog Branch will tl to*-.. to restrain a while longer their impatience to shine lu liie atr?o?phere />f the republican court. kwabtore or rniNOK napoleon, IViciee Jtopoleon took leave of the I'resilient yesterday, H | and ret urned direct to New York. J'; HIE IWMUftON'JLEMI OK HESSE*. M'-^HAW ASb H.UIK1P fr at hk'jimumj. ' Whoa the train Van about to leave Harper's Ferry for Baltimore yesterday, a letter address#! to the wife of Mr. s; McGravr, who is a prisoner at Ulchnwnd, was thrown CI (nto one of the cars by nu unknown person. It proved to ti, be an open letter from bim assuring her that he \w we'l (,i cared for, but wan not allowed to go out cf tlie {face of ti tiie, except when attended by a sentinel, |<t #ui>l that he had no expectation of being re- n / leagod until the termination of the war. There have jo , been various surmises as to tho cause of the detention di of Measi s. McGraw and Harris under tlie circumstances, n< as their sympathy with the rebols was notorious. It is hi Kiipnosnd by some that Ujc imprisonment of Mr. Harris ar Is in punishment for his failure to fulfill a contract he is fr ,u.1 to have midc to furnish a lot of arms to the rebels, Co nnrf for having accepted an interest in a fat beef contract ai with the federal government, when compelled by cir- th cumiitane s to abandon the one for supplying arms t > Pc the rebels. Tlie punishment should have fallen upon cu those who. in tho name of the federal government, made j ex a cor tract with notorious r; uipalbizerj :ritl? rcb*lliou ! lit i" I 4 ? E NEW NEW Y THE SEAT O Sap of the Scene of Operations in I tions of the Rebel Troop Defenc WAJRRENfON COTTLey/LU^a^'^. ?-afg^k/ rM^?W/2fi?0$r <LA ~ ? ? > /^/*- fo." T^vrE i <\V f * \ hillsKBORO^ ^ t^skst-v^ ,y- xsv /)/?! XI* jlW^CAr/ W J) (jU ?s&6/vfs,i(y \\ ^V^^^Jyf/OSAdEw / sS / \v> Xv^^sX J ^S*A // ^ ^ /^raw^ / MOUNTAlNVj; \a*t?, ^ colrC. \ KS7 X?,KTN | LESTERVILL|F V ^ / V?~-f? ^^leao i\[k \ If MINES: .) Wa_ \ j ^N'^IN^NCEv I \ TV i ^ \ y Wk * a \\ n aw\ /t |l \% V ~^JSf Wv \ f\L THOMAS V. I? \ Wfir V i V ) M/SSOUR! &\)ARI<\/LIN? ( \ ^ ^CKS^FttRY C rOURCHCDCM^^p, Jj J? ) POCAHON T A %.yyJ R/K A/ms A id men who liad nlready a contract to furnitsli iiriaa to the, man oii icated to tbo s le traitors, <1oo<b not look well to fee tl F1K VC.vELB CArr'UREH BY PTCBEL TIIIVATEERS A'-T* with a pop. ill times of war. BKNT IX) CIBA. Iiafj j)pen g,,e(j fnr 0|hor Thf Spaui. h WMeter announced to the Secretary of government, and for the sk w !- ?r"""> tlM* government is iMineriug y tho rebel privateer Sumter, and carried into the port great to be mentions!. Sold '('lenftiegOH a? prizes, have been discharged by orders wal. l- a bad role. ?m his government. XBB FOCBTBKCTH MAS8AI WEiST POINT OKAOITATFX IS CtF-lUCAL POSITION'S. THt'SOKI It in W''<1 kaowu that the Etudy of southern statesmen, The city wan favored late I noo the organization of the government, ha? been to dous rain *torm, which affor owd our military and naval schooJs with Southern stu- had boen suffering trom the ;nts. Tiii * is not only so,'but Soul horn politicians have experienced here for eightct ways boon most active to obtain for their ^radnatesat storm, when the rain was |io lege Bel tho earliest and moit rapid promotion to Fourteenth Massachusetts noes of trust ajid power. It is for this reason that so marched up the avenue, i any army and navy officers have lately reeigned and ground. They had been qua Ined the reh.'lliou. On account of the treasonable eon Government Military Recoptl ict oT these cQicers the United State# Army has been wore required to move to n "vrly thinned oat, nntl It is not to be denied that we Their splendid horses and v re boen ami are now deficient in men educated to the^ and tho men inarched stcadll ts of war. In v.ow of this fact is it not surprising that sometimes for nqnares ihrotij uin forty to fifty of tho assistants in the songs, cheers nud shouts n immissary and Quartermaster General's departments thunder, and the vivid floshe c eaid to be the best ortillery and infantry officers in their line of muskets and r earr.iy. They wre all,ocnearly all, educated at West gloom of the night. It was ipt. The i laccs they nro now Oiling could be easily oc- steadiness of tho regiment pied Iry any good practical business man. Tliey aro shows both good discipline ai nelly the duties tint belcm; to the civilian, who, with a of which it is composofl. Tl U? p.-icti;", would be much hcttc "tied for Uichj thtuj rgiraeDt seemed to parltciju YORK ] ORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 1861. >F WAR IN TE Southeastern Missouri, Illinois an is and Portions of the Federal AO {ha M co at van u aiiu un u s xrv/mt. 7 J ~~ GRAFTON ? | / / S5J^DSV. CX^N mf! s * ^ ^ ^ Vvffl ! / C *? e-r . J>~^ RA i!! V -'J f^mSlff 0 BEUEViUEfc J Sflr / rff ^ / f WATERLOO / ^ th -m > , \Sjr< i^Xr ? r </> x# ^FARMINCTONJ (\ PERRYVILLtK. a LOT/KNOT y ^^JgRCDEftlCKTON <\S^ fiat Rt ( // a) _T ~.=:i' CAP ' I |y_/ CIRARjD w rfs^r\f^TTc / V _J / cT uwatkins // ,^/x-r^ Planta(tion^ v\ ^vAf B UUOMf.JF^E kD ) f ' >f^F%^7 ifrflH ^^%sKl?r /ti| jm/{ ^,2* aij j ^ j \S j jz ? *>% 7J* /? R *1 Im I ( 5 *i "| "'L,-!",/1 /Tu> // -4 <to./S|i! I ^)Si' ff/H>/ f -a^'vJ ^ (<*%. f'Xi tfSBURd . :/ J 1 ^ ?ii/-// y m > iiMii//*/? ' >,., ftjjgy fl 5, H?t nil /wmmmmJLrnm i iiibi V\ ? 1') Bm /I *1" th J //^ A n4BS // ^ <?//>,. r^// A 'Pfo#r ": . >>/ ^ \ viaXv'".^ y'^.,3.*""" T / i?mM s a dt m item realities of the field. it thunder and terrible rush of waters, startled th i? soldier sitting at a desk from their houses, who, as soon as tliey'leftrnud tl doing cl<iricnl work, when be of the demonstration, inspired by the patriotim duties at tlio expense of the gallant Massachusetts Itoys. rushed into the st, ilfnl performance of which greeted the troops with loud cheer-. to an extent altogether too r\ TtrK CONTftAt r IN'VESTIOATINV) COMMT'fTl iers in peace and civilian- lu Mr V(Uj Wyck-, C(m,,aet ?lvegtiKutlng (>tlllll| l'br^rrt^ hii(rim) mt in a little opportunity to priwtniw its lalnirs during l STOr.M. sion. us nearly all the members of It were also ti thi? afternoon with a tremen of regular committees, to which they were r<?f iled groat relief to all who give l heir chief attention. They will now appl heat during the hottest day selves .seriously auil without intermission to the n years. In the midst Of tho of this special committe, w hich has hern autlio Hiring down in torrents, the sit during the recess. Kverytlilng in the lisp regiment, Colonel Devcns, tracts in tho Army and Navy Devilments will tn route for their camping roughly examined, wheresoever they m.i rtered since last nig..t at the been executed, and any wilful conc ion House, at the depot, but of frauds by any officer of the government will t>e 1aIce room for new arrivals, as complicity In the fraud itself. U is probable t vagons 1^1 preooded them, investigations of the committee may require so:n y through the driving storm, sessions to be held in New Yjjjlc and Phllad?li>hl; jh water twofeet deep. Their gentlemen who are interested In tho contract^ to llngled with the roll of the aniined into need not e\pcct to inilucnce the dee! s of lightning gleamed along the committee by brilliant Jetn and ^raud dinner? evealed thoir forms in the is not intended to allow its sessions' to degener,a spirit stirring scene. The simples immer exercises; and bc3klcc, the Chni under the circumstances proof agamst such seductions, as he is a tetotallor n<l good grit, in the material "p the potter committee lelr songs, which H.o whole Tlie Potter Comm.tte have aim been very active MO in, heard above Ho loi.d /, number of the old clerks iu fariouB HER AI IM! [E WEST. -s V Cl Thi d Tennessee, with the PosiForces, and the "? / lint 9>io rvbvl |a|aMBIlaaaBMaaMBaMaBBaHBIaHMppap_ boar' y htato

J . Um I her / iurcd \ of Uo 1 k*r 0 / hiuiilt C a-IHI J fc'lnia, III I . II) uu EXPLANATIONS I Ti I to Ill.l HON OR rCDflRAL TROOPS. .1B u.. y. 0/? CONEEDERA TE TROOPS....wm 1 ^" \/L ROADS. . a. *0 I MMOMfiOADS. . mm W.i t . ' It t ( SCALE or MILES , pcuet I 1 r- ?~i ami ii | 3?rSP-T?7>a / J Oiuie JkM ?? m tliizo *y uwt i J ' Jk f Hill 3 y I moiit V^\ I / m \ I f tioS i w. ?j ai f of I'h /m comp ? tb. ( W well i x* , i tpr ,o / / I ;iD to' V If r.voU A J * ro1'-"" r c l c*> t 3 5 litH r * I on til r i / | reRii _ ^ I lin.vo 1 V miutl O I f "> " / H[/^ mail' ^ovl rQsr-V"^ / |j1 jy1 _ # r.,? CI Jy* *? A tu.uu! v Mic > ~ \ \rWA' <A ^ \ V% / */ J 1 iv & nl^ burg h ip 'eauwifs r. s/ ""lic "4,ll2e0es ?/ 9^ ? r^wl $/ A wor? f& %$l*W n ii?^? % ": jtra t, &fe-' "msr Jik~. & "Viiv.CT - r" riff/ ? <<s fl"yh< I lUV'^'V ^' ' v vtljm f rg\ otlicr ilfelr ?/ % ss w mj4, * ?5 3l?| wolfs i.ofv%% s: M% W;?%% ffi. /.pip yf,:.-i fx hl'r? fl I MJf ^ vcii' ls b#'* - hs"j Z: IV Hi I 7MI SW CAMP \s\ ^ sJ*ft3ncm 01 UNIOJ^pciTY mUe . /T EftM E/s see ? ?\ I x (^ / man 1 Ti $ F J I II $\! h"" r I f *95 fl"'11 J jj I ?! r>w? X ( \*!tK4T?AS Se SOU. p?in '' \\ ? r?.n near Ills 8 ? )iC <-| I ' - ??? m()r( epeople ments, whoso loyally is undoubted, havo been rcffU- Snb>In" cause larly summoned to testify before it, mil a deterafif the I initiation In*- been manifested to wood out dinloyal j PR( eet and t> from ?very branch of the government service. The investigations of Oil" committee have occasioned the use _ EE ^ of the guillotine iu \ ral iiii'tanco*, and probably lial r,.ga u . more to do with rtcent rnetenatiotiH hi tho civil depart- com ttf*? ban i menu of tlie jrovornmentf than the law of tho rebels de- -V,' tue 80s- ,. will . ! lining treason and expitriiitiiH: all who continued to laid ur,v I ,iu>Vr the i{0\ori.intlit of the tinted .-taW-a afti r a,.,, Hired to July 01.1881. y thim DKPAKTtV.E OF f-ENAT?U3. j?g t hnMUi'ss Senator Wilinol. has gone to Atlantic City, and Senator T?>.a i Ized tn H*'c 18 K?ckawaf, e n h to inhalo u?a air. I""-1' c or cAti AprotKTMBrrg. i tl Minian W. Edward.*, brotfif-r in law of President I in- , , I, ,,coin, 'm* been appointed on the stall'of General Mctlollau aurei , , with the runic of C'aptaiu, to act tu-: Commissary to tho l"'"lv ealmcnt . ' war treated j Meat hat the THi; PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. | o of its Phii.adeij'BU, AukubiII, 1?m51. oornt i_ lint Tho Navy XSsf prevBU bn?y au4 busrtlni? sce?.\ | tc"'_ i>o ex- AbOtu 1.7no ha'tita are emjifilJ'c$ tUoyclflj'twd alx*ut 109 i s;ons of fresh hands will bo taken in to tcoiro'v. i b'.'Ut) i, for it The steamer Tuscnrora is drawiug towards completion. { ue .ato She W a second class 8toatner, will mount ckc guns, and rman is will be launched in a week or ten days. | . Tho steam frigate Susquehanna I.s receiving a now shaft 1 ] ( u( ' She mounts f.fleea guns, and will l>? ready in a week. th.. r of late. The gunboat* Albatross and Flag are beiag overhauled -pi,,., depart, and will depart for tbc South in less than two weeks. i whic A D. PKICE TWO CENTS. ?0RTANT FRf.'M FORTRESS MONROE. ithrr I'lrutn Humeri? ttcruiitnre of rlzv Ncliooii ' * <?'?>??. (J. J'uKi i?Kii^llnh mm! in Order to dull tl*? i'K? to Urliclt, k -bsh monroic, a W l jo. i VI# IIm.tuwkk, Auguit II, 1801. J s Qtink'T City th> li.orniii/ brought up the >ner C?h). (I. IV !?or, m' r.,;v. ton. au-l tier rebel urew nr men in . I'btt gi hocuor w.?s ciptiirnd by ouo e I "nit< 'I St u?.? lil- 1 nli" - tloot < iY C .Iv?'jt"U, ami U>Now York with n I 'nit.-.l State* orew on board, w.m caj lin ed y ttt rilay olV (-niu IliU"ia8 by tlio privauxr York, who put four 01' liar own men on 1. M itinvhilo tho V'irk w in wen by tUo Oulted h gunboat J.'nioB, who Kft*? chaso and burned privateer, but not until the crew hint l>?a<Ued nn>1 < viipcd. Tlio I'nlon tUcu recap tb? prlzo. TUo JSaker maile prinonors . ..... I Hit lit 1<> UUjr l? UIO Ity. The Unitod States prisso orcw are still in tho irf i!io rebel*. names nukuown. jt. Crosby's expedition to th KasUrn Phoroof Vir now iib vnl four days, has not hceu heard from. Ilo.l wltli :m f'di i tlvo forcn and tiii' O days provi\o ;>]?]*1 ln iiHiniiM ism yet lult ai to his safety. UK of ini -i' i-.irno lown tills morning from Norfolk k'i iriei* concern ing v> \-. at rebel ofllcers, whom lupposcd to lie >miv 'otsod here, among others Co*. m. f' W l\ i, ?.#i r( "nn.'n(j in U mpton on Thursday tiK hnve put v I it destr >yed by tho rebels, who ivr li 'tir lli/ M' i' 1. Ono white woman, uu invalid, ^ i.irii'i tod atli m thoj?r?atlionfli^rntion. s reported that one of tieieral Magrndor'a fajitain* rated w thin our lino of pickets at Newport Now*, or'nrud the pi; ? too strong to bo atta< kod. i hundred ratio 'are now i nod to tho contraband!) I 1'oint. Their service* are tnvulualile to tho <lunr" ister, who provides for tholr various wants. They with alacrity. * captain an l males of tho n ecked bark Glory, from ani Iro to Baltimore, with a liirtfo cargo of coltoe, fr n Norfolk with the tin,; of truce. They sympaatrongly with the rebel*. It is nmro than probable the tilery wan purposely lout, as the car^o wan saved old at twice the ordinary price. As an oncurngcfor this manner of avoiding the blockade, tho rebein promptly.and treated tho captain with cousMor?' "i . * EWS FROM GpNERAL BANKS' ARMV. Sandy Hook, Md., Aug. 10. t*81. tain Charles IT. F. Collins, of tho JComvea d'Alirlque, iludclphia, P iiere with a tender of bis compuny, ust:d entirely, it Ik said, of soldiers who served in "l iui' ou war. T?j states that bin proposition waa eoei\ud by Uci I Hanks, who promised him a letthe Secretary tVur, requesting bis acceptance as lepcudent corjw. CoggcsbaU, agent of tho 81 ate of Peanfylvauia, arhere with supplies of overcoats, shoes, kc., for id Mann Pennsylvania itMcrve regiment. >iniu n >:i't vMiiiunii*, .winaiii Adjutant uenoraJ, eturneU from Washington ?r<?l resumed hw iu bUiod if; stall" >tain Geary, of tlic Twenty-eighth IViti&ylfMiia uent, has bwn notified that one or mem . o iipiuiteg been sworn in ok aMitlons to hisrcftuieiH, already erring 1,040 men; but It is to '.?> incita yd to i,560 Tliis regiment, with ltd experience and ablo oml*r, promixcj to i-o ono of thum^i cul of litis tin. J,>utsiiant t'<>! t."l it Gabriel To Korponuy, tl>? er part of v. hoj- 1 potivu life has l>ei n *p -ut :n camp ii the battlo o'm of Kurope .md America, an<lcoiuir of the U.-ltlf-li foreign brigade iu tbo Crimeao . Murphy's T*cW; ninth rnnn?ylv?nia rcghi.ent imper.ed (In inurol'i; by (enora/ l-r*/. John I'orter ct>>r General of Hut ks dtvis on. i ml I'orter lr>ai)"tyc<. ixteu a. -u.:c I to any sepac itninauJ. r. JOSEPIf llOl.T. EX-SECRETARY OP WAR. IN OSWEGO. Ohvkoo K. Y., Augiiht 10, 1861. n. .Uv.rpli Holt, o. K' uiui-ky, arrived in Uii? ?;ity on tenner Cataract, a' eleven this evening, on bin lour i tliij lake and rr. r St. Lawrence. Although brief e of hif! coming v?s- given, more than Ave thousand iIih, including the entir" military of the city. u*remupon the wharf to welcome him, while ih i nreeis illuminated with liroworks. On making his appeal he nag welcomed to tie rity by Hon. Win I Hi'.-r . Holt, admld deafening cheers. replied'? low Orrnsrss:? miii to Lm- as-iti d I -ini quite "v 1 ?helmed by ilio ,ivr anil brill;'ti '.' ?t this hii-'N|>"''I- l wclc ,i?m to tho r.' ;lnt"?a w?dc "for\.hir!i every pubaiion <>f . nrl is grateful. I kn-w, ii, iliaL tiiid JVolcome ?> ntyavlf pei'noiiaUy, but ' > ratli r given because misjiiier in n lojal man from a loyal Siat.i), denoted I i.touand tlito v. re it and benede-'it government. >rn.) Hut I am not going to make anything like a cat r li. The tli "i pet riot i.- m are now burning O'.er tli a great State with stieli a glow that need neither fuel nor kindling at my hain't?. I may a k yon li.n e you In ii. d tlie news I'roni the toiiiiiii'liw. aiUl of Kentucky/ /('lien of "VV't havo." 'Three cheers for Kt'! tia'ky.'') That Down hM been :d over i'io wires from one etui of the country to tlio . .km,' a determination which noihi: n ran elialco . rv? all lint MHjlIi. ru traltoit, w.tuld destroy??11 S'u: i Ixru patriots wnild save. It In a del. rininntion i! !> tplo of that old M i'.u to Ktsnil'te. ably and er lor tho Sutrs and trip" >. (Vociferous cheering.) ii li i.? il.'tiMii iih' I. and by tlx' rec-nt election she N"iw York that ln.'i'i'aftir he w'll stand with her by side. Hut 1 a??iii)t detain you longor. of '-go iiu.'' 1 \vi I only t>ay that Kentucky never imI, although her politicians did; but in tlin ilo^th of ( Ml -lie has b-eii dMirmined to stand by the llnieQ. w citizen, 1 thank you again for this g. nwoim w?l mo uni-xpi i't ila:'1 so undeserved. Tho concluding on of Mr. II ill's i marks were rendered teauuibie by n i-iMpin^ from tho online. lie retired ;imidapcr how r ot lirewoi l;s r ic demonstration was entirely nniplu, but was such a welcome as Oav. go lias ever I any oih?r man." NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Ixicihvh.uj, Ky., Angus' 11. 1801. i the 91111lie steanu r Massachusetts was about eight s off'hi]) Island. special (1 spatcli to the Nat Iivillo Uttuitt, dated 10tl), that General Butler hail burned Hampton, io Richmond pupers learn that tho captured Foutfor:; wore to be handcuffed and made breastworks of I fERAL BEAUREGARD CLAIMED BY THE CANADIANS. e CnurrUr <hi Cnnn la " I a late di>te contains tho fol ng parugraph lelativo to fie commander of tho rebel ,'ih? grandfather of Honors I Hes'iregard, oomller of tho South" hi army, was a Caaadlau. His name IM<rre Toulon, and he i m grated to New Orleans from Ji nn, in the di-'i ct of fl:r< eRivers. At New Orleans i lea fortune and uipklly acquired considerable Inie< anung the French popuUllMi of Liuit-iauii. Ah u servic , ho obtained for his son II n I- on as .** en lit into tU Hillary Academy nt West i. Hie son iienrcs in the I' its under the name of -! <;. Toulon. In the meantime lie puii bat d an estate New Orli'ntm, whim In1 call< d iioaurexard. Win n i n obtained I,is itimmission a. an oilVer in tho unny ml hrfidi- tin' hiiiiiiiln hi no l.i ronton.and adontod tho ' iirintocriiMc one of <!? I'-'imr x-i >1,3>i'i thenceforth crilfl hiuiwlf ri'-rr?Tou:.-i!d< .taurcgw. '.???? ? _ .. |V? JCIAMATION OF TilB OOVKTJIOK OF' -rrr - 'It'.XiS. r. Edvanl fl u ice, who - ^ih .iiin ?jIT Governor r{ i?. luut lmuod u ??r?? :uu??tion,<!>. faring that It v 11 tto riled a? tre.^on 1'or ;yiv eiti/. ii of Toxus to hoiil any rnori liil inwri-'iurii' with rlu' Inhabitants of nny of r':o 5ta'r? i'i' Termor" without m^tal perml-*1on. It it!-o be !r. aseniib]- f<.r ury ntlzen of TVxau to pny debts now ow'n;-to .my uitizeu or ritizma of huhI or T''rritori"ii Iur'ti_ the war. Tlio statute or limi>ns will <'''??' tn run. in<l interi-at will cot aei.ruo durhat period. 'Dm .V'tlnj,' Oovrtior th"n ? 'ggi sts that im owing debt* to citizens of 111# United States dotho amount nt t!ie*e i'i thi' Triiiaiiror a oiiice, to bo tied until the United fc'tati s *iiali pay to T< xas the amuint ii"w di:o her. In c- irn for these. tho parw ill nv iv a cortMlca'o of rii?jvgit from fho TVt>aWe people are ?!- " warned ogainst [.jrcbasing ert> in Ti.x'ih ui'w b"M hy residents oQ^tho Statefl at with her. a? tin' l."?l viture ntov proviso for tbo woLion of all -'h h prop"rt>. ''?j0 t of treuron, whether ?v i:on?i*t o| aid md < pi fort to the enemy, ?r In Ian e written, printed or ?poken. wlileb is intended to ort <>r em "ir 'tfe them, will b? knowingly permit' (.'iti/.ii ''of the loyri! will no longer be por d to visit Texas- or if.anv such #r?' now within her 5. they 'tr wuraed to depart within twenty fi nr iAFKTY OF' Ot*R SQLOlpn.5' IvF, ITERS. TO I UK FlIITOU of" Tllfc Vuf&AtB. is .1 nniorlouK fm ' 'bat many letter- eontaiuing v, fnrwnn'. d lij tu n' tlv oldlers in the army by frh-nd1 -it h' " ?-'v r ri'a> li tU-ir destination. 1 are Tin ner. - en-, v. here fr'. 1:1# 1 ? cut money bMBiv? . iTKw

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