Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1861 Page 3
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r morning to bo mustered into the service of the United i 0UiU*8. The news of the defeat at Bull run reached Hurrisburg f M one o'clock ou Monday morning, July 32, when urgent I calls were made u|s>n I'enuaylvania for more troope liy , Uie Com 111.10 ler-in Chi -f und the Secretary of War. At lliai time two ?f iho regiments of the Keaerve Volunteer 1) to. |v were at Hurrisburg, one at West Chester, two at fcu on, one it Urcenoastle, three ut Pittsburg and one I sight miles l> vond Hopewell, which had been ordoretl to b support Col. Biddle. g All of these i. guuenta were concentrated at Itarristiurg and thrown into the cities of Baltimore and Washington * wtthiu the iiicr dibn short period td four d.iys. 'I It is a remarkable fact, too, that of the fifteen regiments rut to Washington witbiu tliut lime from ail the loyai Stat, s ten were from Pennsylvania. t! fetmsylvauia lias now almost ready for the Held? a no regiment oi Cavalry ,oi .... 1,040 Cue regiment of Artillery, of ... 1,040 t Twelve regiiuonls of Infantry, of 1,040 men each.. .12,480 ^ fourteen regiments accepted directly by tho Culled (.ov. rouieut ,ol 1,040 men eaeb, to take the II place of the three mouths' volunteers retiring.. .14,M0 (t t Showing anaggregate<>f v Tn this aggreg ito add the troops already furnished u for three years:? The I'euusylvania Keserve Corps of thirteen Win til-- .. 13,620 li The K'lir regiments ace. pied lor tiree years, as .'iImivi'i .-lei r d to. 4.160 Ibo enli-iui, uis Irom 1"' uiisylvuum lor other tl SlUhS 6.000 t( 22.OHO 11 And we have a grand aggregate of 61,8lio w -bowing that Pennsylvania, within one month, will have (, in liie ileal nearly 62 000 men, should no further requisitmu iiu made up u her hi liy .id liuii ilie forces furnished under the first requisi ui lion for iw uty live regiments, a mount log to 10,620 men, Potiiisylvuuia's csnlrilii.lii'U to the war, wilhiu six ninths, is shewn to be 71,320 nvu fc My this statement it will bo seen that lVnnsylvHdia, taking the men furnish 4 tor three months and those fur Islieil lor three years, lias contributed already a fourth si wto men than the Stale of New York, more than Ihq j-( H'.-w Ki gland slate#combined, and more altogether than _ Ino, Indiana aud Illinois These are fuels, ami we want _ the people of our own State, as well as those of the utli (>J *-yal-t.tlus iu the Uimou, to uaUerst ,nd and appreciate ^ win, not, however, that it Is our desire to question the at'Aotism ol our sister ci uitnotiwen'.lhs engaged in this vmiest lor the I'moii, hut that 'h- y may see aud tee' (a hut the old Keystone state has done, and render to her he meed of praise which is her Just ami honorable due. '' Ve leel that Pennsylvania hue only done her duty, but i. m was uobiy, patrrdically and spontaneously performed Ifr f, el iliat those engaged in this work have devoted their i ne gn s and reputation to its success, and now thai di ,? has s eco ded we would be false to the truth aud re , I'eant to our noble old ci mmonwcnltb.did we refuse to do 1 overnor Curl m and those who so ably seconded his tabors, t me sim e j stica ol thus placing the result at their ifftis in dgti - heiore ibe country. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, August 12?6 P. M. Tbe bank statement of to-day compares as folfcwi witb.that of lust Monday:? IVr*k tndiM) L"am Sftnr Cirmlalion Vrpaiils Aagust 3 $111,7IP.Ill 46.22b, 181 8,686,674 02 220.384 August 10.. . 10!) 083,042 48 630.116 8,730,482 02,016,067 Decrease.. $1,736,160 ? k _ 213,327 lucrease .. ? 2,403,936 144,908 ? The large increase in the specie leserve shows feat the statement of 3d August was very deceptive It is probable that the bankB bold fully $49,000,000 in coiq to-day, and as a California steamer will arrive shortly with tbe usual remit lance, it may be expected that tbe fifty million point will be lurued this week, uulesa tbe pay. tents into tbe Sub-Treasury should prove heavier n wan is anticipated. i ne discounts continue to am down under the influence of the general liquidutio and contraction in business, tlie evidences of which ? surround us on every side. Unless our banks con * ' trive to take a pretty large supply of government *' paper they will not pay very heavy dividends this year. The money market continues dull, without cliangi ^ f quotations. Brokers are borrowing at 4 pei eat, and first class paper?which is very scarce ' would be eagerly taken at 5. No failures are r. ported, though the street is full of rumors. In foreign exchange little or nothing is dolnf,. * Bates seem to be dropping slowly downward. ] a Borne bankers' bills are selling at 107, and goo- * mercantile bills at 106%. When rates fall stii. farther the market will become more active, us l: peculators will be tempted to buy in order to iiu " port specie. * f Stocks were very tame to-day, and prices wcr. ^ Irregular. There was a sale oi the new govern ? meat sixes at an advance of %, nod the Western r ailway shares were generally % a % better, lb t 'j Missouri* and Tenneseees both declined %; Brie m fell off %, Central %, Reading %, Paoiib n Mall %, and the Michigan shares % each. Altai j .v Dm Boarft the market was weak: in the af 2 "r Urooon very little business was done, and tin quotations of the morning were barely maintained. The market closed very dull, the following being tic. u last price*?United States O's,- registered, 1881 * w% a 68; do. 6's, coupons, 1681, S7f4 a 88; de. 5'*, ] 1874, 80% a %; Indiana 6's, 76 a 77; Virginia 6's, **, 6&H a 54; Teunessee 6's, 4514 a 46; North Caroiii .. ' IPs, 67 a 68; Missouri C's, 44% a %; Pacific Mud. 16% a 76%; New York Central, 74% a %; Erie, a 26% a V%'< Hudson River, 30% a 84%; Harlcn. l\ 10 % a 11; do preferred, 25% a 26%; Reading 1 36% a %; Michigan Central, 42 a 42%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 13% a 14; do ti guaranteed, 29 a 29%; Panama, 107 a 108; IHinoi venira.i o *yt a uuicna ana c-nicngo, mil n Cleveland and Toledo, 30% a %; Chicago and Hot, 1 Island, 40% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Qu;r-y, '* tH% a bS; Delaware, Lackawana andbWegtcrii, C6 a 70; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 11 a It Illinois Central bonds. 7's, 69% a DO; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 64 a 84%. Tlie bankers met again Uns morning to receive 'J, the report of their committee on the subject ot tin governmeut loan; but the committee, through theii ^ chairman, Mr. stated that they would net ho prepared to report till Wednesday, and tlr lc bankers' meeting adjourned to that day. Iu the n course of conversation with the bankers on S.ttur ' Sl day Mr, ?has<s stated that the government expen W inures at tiie pvesenl llnu trero not less than a re million dollars per day, and that Reamed it ^ the interest of the banks, as of every other e.ass <, o.-. ilaQ Community, that this sum should be provided. ,v The practical question, therefore, which Mr Ste- oh vens' committee have in hand, is how to raise ouc [Jj hundred and twenty million dollars between this si and the meeting of Congress. It is evident that the [u banks oannot take government bonds or notes t, to this amount, unless tie public will take * then off tkeir hands. The entire loans id toe New York banks at the present time are lc- ? Mian $120,000,000; to double them, without a pro *" portionate increase in specie capital and deposit.-, ? srpuld ultimately compel the bnnus to suspend ^ ppecie payments. II it could be made plain re people will take Treasury notes and United States [' booths off the hands of the banks, then there would be no difficulty in floating more than fliO.OCO.Oflo. ?? Bulpthe trouble is that, by the Loan act ot. last ^ essioH, the notes and bo: cannot be - by ' government under par. To s.ive?l :m=elve.- ? <re n| ore, banks subscribing 14 govovoi) ?Bt loans re^ lire to resell 10 the public ft pat, and, to make JJ, .ny profit, at a premium. This id not cislti'lated t< ti ><v,pt bankers to subscribe liberally. Th."-> Ala a..' -i ted to lend money, and to incm a ?pc" / > eii risk, without any oorresponding reruutitration or prospect of p <'H. We trust v' that Mr. Stevens and his c i.mittee may m s.ncc.i ssftal in devising a schem. lor supplying ni /!.u g'i\ i'iiiment with money. The bunkers of Neu York, as a body, nfdebtly attached to the t, Toverniaent, and zealous in support of the policy it'1 >; the present administration. It is their heartfelt les'tre, as well aa their obvious interest, that government should get all tlo money it needs. Bet it is due to truth to say that the igiu -ant n ci K< vho framed and adopted the Loan a"t oMast se?- ^ nndcrtook to borrow money without paying for it?* 1he?r ignorance was so enormous that they did fr00*5" l';at the value of money fiuctu- jj. atcs like th.^ other commodity; and their obstinacy so l',?oi,8t'ouB that they would pot correct their err."*> though they were repeat- 31 cdly warned of 3' 'fttl consequences in time. Ilad they dn>'':- the clause in the Kt Oct prohibiting Mr. Cha*e from accepting bids below par for 1 per cWt, he would now lure got all the money heueetltf, At jtru'e which roald Lave been a mean are of the general mblic coulideuce reposed in the administration, lad the; left Mr. CI use tree to pay any rute of inerest he deemed fair on Treasury notes, he could iuve borrowed tlfty millions a month by calling for lids front the publio. As It is, the government as no money; Mr. Chase does not know where to ;et any; the banks see no ehauce of profit, and oiue prospect of loss in loading themselves with 'reaeury uotes; aud the public, disgusted at their itouey being demanded of tbt'tn at a rate tixed by he borrower alone, haug buck and evince no nxiety to operate in government securities. We rnst that the ingenuity and patriotism of our ankers may contrive to extricate the government rom the predicament in which the ignorance and ttuity'of Senator Fesscnden and the majority of Congress have placed it. If they fail, Mr. Chase rill probably appeal directly to the public for subI'riptious to a national loan. If successful, this >nu would prove very injurious?to use a mild 'rm--to the savings banks, and consequently to all le tliuinciul institutions in the country. Whether te dread of a bank panic, caused by the general ithdruwal of deposits from savings and other anks, for the purchase of United States Treasury otes, will operate to induce our bankers to deal tore liberally with Mr. Chase than the naked rules P sound buiness dealing would dictate, the next w days may show. The following was the busiuesB of the SubTreairy to-day:? >ul receipts $180 479 41 -forcustoms oo Treasury notes ly 700 00 lyments 4U.7&S St ilauce 6,411,302 12 Mr. Chose attended a meeting of the Chamber of ofinnerce at two o'elock, called especially to give iui an opportunity ol exchanging views with the tercU&nts. The course pursued by the Canadian banks in recemiug their circulation in foreigu coin has inaccd the Chicago bankers to discriminate against lem, and at present the notes of the entire list of anaJian banks arc taken only at a discount of 2% er cent. In view of the continued inconvenience ad loss on the various kinds of curtency in >e in Illinois, steps are being taken towards esiblishing banks in that State under the provisions i me pausing law wnuu win go into enect on me ith instant. Under Ibe provisions of this act, the ircolation of all hanks organized under it uiust be . cured by a deposit either in United States or minis State bonds, the notes also to be redeemable i coin, at their face, at the counter of the bank hich issues them, and one-half of one per cent disjtmt in Chicago and Springfield. Under theBe revisions the biliholder will not only be secured gainst the possibility of a loss, but at the same me have a currency which he can convert into jecie at will. The Chicago Tribune of Friday remarks:? In monetary circles business was remarkably quiet, ac supply of currency is fair,but uwii.g to inorcactivity i the movement of graiu and other produce, there was ulier more inquiry for it, and exchange was u stia<W caker. Tlie banks were selling at % per cent premium, at it wub offered on the street at J4 per cent, freely, and imo was sold ut par. Canadian currency Is token at the inks at a discount of 2 per cent, but parties outside ere offering to buy at 1 j>cr cent discount, iu exchange r other currency. lathis connection, wo would si no tat the business community have unbounded couildence, i heretofore, in the Founduofs of the Canada hanks, and to only reHFon that bills are placed at aduuiounl is, i-cuusa they w ill not buy Now York exchange ,u M<>n cal at less than IK percent. The money is tinibjec enable?the only objection being tlml iu taking a dollar ill you get only Use. At Milwaukee on the 8th instant exchange was eld at six per cent pfemium, and the buying rates re one hnlf to one per cent lower. The demand ns'light. The Milwaukee Sentinel says:? By an act of the legislature the banks are exempted uui the obligation or specie redemption until after the 3tof December. The banks of this city, end a few in ther parts of the ?tnto, be it said U> their credit, hava .-fused to tuko advantage of the suspension law, and in t-cry Instance whore their notes have been presented itve willingly redeemed theni tu coin. It is not expected nit all the banks will voluntarily resume specie puy units?though iuch a Step, before the iMsr-ensii o act exires, would certainly do more towards yii ur t ircur ttcy a wide circulation, and tborefmo remove the amoosaf their being colled up to redeem. than any,other mrse they cdTJW pursue?but it is belt- ved that an aringcmcnt to redeem their issues here in New York fjluinge at oiic-eigldh or a quarter below the currr it rate, ould teud to reestablish confidence in the auriuocy outdo of the Stat*, and therefore hare a leorfcticy to keep own the price of earfianga. The Boston Daihj Advertiser of Saturday thas otices tit* business of that city for the past eeta? lire (irospocla for the autumn txyUe we more eoeoorag;g, and couciduocc iu the future is gaming slreugth tu oiinurcial circles. Kwcftanges wt?h the West ure caster, id the large arcipe througltewl that section must Ire ex itutged lor goods. The foreign adviser are favorable lor te cutitinoawr of huge exports of produce, at such prices i will alford a fair prollt to Qtc producer Buyers have ready appeared iu tic market with the means of paying * large purchased, and iudicuttons favor the belief that to fall business at New Eugkind will yet compare favor lie With previous years Mcaioy matters present no iange Hie suftpty of capital coeimues U) iasreuse and 10 rate? are easier The number of borrowers are gra . ally becoming less.and the demand for bu/hness purines 1? light Government securities ore in quicker iicmnd and advancing, which is talcing much ofihe i lln isitf.1 out of ihe market bui.K specie. |0 4-JC bhb, a gum ' $05,000. The Ontonagon Miner af the Jrtinst furnishes the illowing iutelligeuce relative tc mining matters at ake Superior:? ?hu'*f>ts of foPFKB ?The amo'.int of copper shipped em ill's pert by Wilard K Day?Amount previously ruined, 1,732 tons l.llW pounds July 27?lUinoip, Itallorsn, master?Minnesota Mine, 40 me 225 pounds; Rockland Mine, 22 ions 1,478 pounds, iperior Miui',1 ton 1,311 pounds Inly 30?North .liar, Kweet, master?National Jltnc, 15 ss 525 iiounds Icily 31?II.hern! Rock, Ruler, Mnsler?MliiD"iofs Mine, 8 lor.s 463 pounds, Rockland Mine,32 tune 561 pounds, |XTijr M te, 2 tuns 250 pounds Total, 1.00C ions JW UtilS Rociruftf?Rockland is showing well in popper ternlly tijire-.bumg perhaps as much or more heavr Pfier in'th ' lowb.r levels, especially in the IX, th .n a'l y previous time. ? uoeu mow >n |n<>iumuii mi<i;( is it. thecxlrerrtS wfftcro ec<i of the X level, on the nth lode, where a siionf? vein or some three feet >n null has lieen driven throu^B jhc I"1'1 menib, the Mr? t mns6 yet rained I rom which tveigri^v 1,000 pounds, but ere is one of much greater proportiofla"posed n e crown of the level. The pur woo exposes i- probably x feet It) length, and Iwecty inches thick, ami n? It is und in just met character of vein that usr.a'.iv prsi :<*e? avy mas? copper, it is natural as well as agreeable to an m ate something of this order when it it rn.ned Vale vcl it will lie remmntiered, is under the aait, hence Hs pth is well as approach Uwvards where so much heavy ij |ivr is leund in the same vein Is the Minnesota luily arrai.ts the belief that similar results w ill attend tlio egress of openings ?t ifce Hock land femur. a ? W-.e Superior Is fast regaining the prestige h.:h tie i.ttamed when lbv company was tirst rtr.ed, bei lost again during the period occupied in opene the tninc on the south vein Wo do not, of coarse, >fer to the market price ot the flock, as that isaocnteon hy wuicb to judge of nay mm- yielding such frtuts as e Superior has done for the past two years The vein ill not, rerhaps, average over 20 inches in width, id the drif' ami dope on this the past months may reach, it will not, v.e thick exceed, an average of lour rat hems height E- t mat me the length of this opeuing at 300 e|,wo have200fathoms of ground broken,aPcrding a eld of foriy five tens or nearly 70 per cent mineral m ass ami barrel work ulonc, an ! estimating the stamp ck on hand to yield 10 tons more, we have 56 tons ot ilneral i r 06 tons of eppper as the product of the ilne for that period? equal to about 560 lbs of mlnavai i the cubic tiitb'm or gfct.r,d broken Nov,-, when II is mb'Ti d that this product was cntalntd ratter fr m enitig than working the mine? thai > < am frrm a ton total line of 60 lulhoHis in leneth by 4 *n hciElit on the vra, ami at a level ot some 220 feet ..V v the voilay ol e Filnt Plcel river, it will, we suggest be ecus dere- a - e remut 6 ,lile vielll (,t cn.oer Annexed if. an official Hateir.eni of the move cntu rtJ "ie State Treasury cl Ca.rf;rn:a lor u.e ar cuuiV June 30. lSOl: ?;i'1 June 30.1400 lo'J i.v? at cdjits July 1 , Ja60, toJuut 30, ISC'. I 202 ?!i S3 Total '-? II,632,ITS M KnpeiiJitures, Jul/J-JB80 to ) <r.c 50 i*fli? rreot exjvnsi? l"?t JOS Ob ifietHofi'O 'ilebt.. ? 2f~ 0*0 Do iemr-tioo Of !?. r-t< *, ; 55.Hi "6 irtli.v'eof lioous f?i StiiOOt !JaJ i6.5?c Ou tiueliicg State priaoo contract.. 2T5.ouij oo T.462 690 V. Fafsr.ce ?r. 'iau<! .Irre 30,1S61.. V 1100,4*3 10 littMieil reu:plt Jin/1 lo l>uc 31/J5CI . 900.000 00 Total |To9.4sJ 19 Kit mated exp-uilitures July 1 to Dccciibor , ItOl rrent 'r?t'.s $370.1*0 hi ter<-sl or. a. tit 135.S10 00 tdcGOi'tiOD 01 l>CLiid. be Jl'O :) 9Qi\009 00 Balance on Kar.3 r ?<'<>mt>or 31. IS-3I ilflo.4S# 19 The loiiowi.ig statement allows the average' toil NEW YORE HERALD, TUB ditioo of the MasaachuiieUB banks out of Boston for i five weeks ending the 3d Inst Capital I.$28.082.600 < Discounts 46,640.601 Specie 1 ,T4rS ,406 1 Doe by banks, payable on demand 6,190 0 'J i Total due by banks 6 Altaian Due to banks U.n . 4 > i Deposits 8,114.202 Circulation 1.' SS'.I 431 ( The trustees of the Racine and Mississippi Rail- ' road Ihrniah the following report of the operations ot the road for the year eudiii# May 10,1BG1:? 1 From passengers ? $40,087 60 From freight 168 :>3S "6 From mall and other sources 0,024 26 ^ Total earnings (220.860 04 ; 1'revious year dip jid u;i | Gain $53,034 01 * Operating expenses, 1861 $162,411 48 Do. do. i860 131 TWO 14 Increase $20,621 34 Deduct extraordinary charges to o|>erating account, to wit ? I Damage to persona (Ptlavan acci drill ) (12 ,889 62 t ns any arising ("rem same 1 4 ?>5 llad mouey,depreciation lucaricucy. 1,103 00 18 548 47 I Balance $8,074 87 J Net earning! for year ending May 10.1601.... $08,438 50 ' Do do. do. . 1800 ... 35,138 30 Gain In not receipt* $33,313 67 I Deducting the $15,546 47 put down as "extruor- ? dinary charges" from the operating expenses, 1 shows the actual net earnings for the year to huve been ${>3,085 03. j The following is a statement of the earnings of i the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago liailroad 1 Company during the month of July, compared with the same period of last year, vis: ? I860. 1861 Innrate. De(r?ur From freight $7e 605 103,1?0 24,881 Passengers....... 56.105 57,351 1,056 ? Express 2,6o0 2.7ot) loo ? , I Mails...... ...... 7,*35 7,835 ? ? . Kent of road 7.0*3 7,0*3.. ? ? Miscellaneous..... 1.732 370 ? 1,361 | Total $154,031 178,410 25,737 1,361 r.aruingtM in Jan. < 1 to July 31. .?1,176,327 1,584,813 378,484 ? The Chicago and Northwestern road earned in the last week of July:? ; I 1881 f24.3.19 I 1800 12 7H6 Increase $11 Oih The whole month gives 76 65> ' Do. 1800 30.844 * Increase $36,410 | Stock Exchange, , August 12, 1861 I $1000 USS's, 1867 . 87 50 ebs Erie Rlt .. . 26!-; | 1000 U 8 6 e, '81,coup H8J4 350 Heading KK. . . 110J, MOOU8$'?t'M,oo?ip 80 150 da 30\ 14000 Trea 6 pct2year 06 200 do . .060 36 \ \ 650 do 06'4 60 Mich Central Kit 42>4 25650 do Ml',' 110 Mlcb Si * X I ii ? 20 7000 Kentucky 6's . 77 100 lilt enl KKb.sGO 64', 1 MOO do 771^ 150 (to ... 64 \ I 2000 do 6p ell ha 75 20 (lev, Col & (inltlt 04(, | 3?o?o Tenn S, 6 s, 00 46 II do 04 7000 do. . b5 46 60 lial 4 ( hlc Kit 10000 do 4574 100 do s30 66 lOuoo Virginia 6 6's. 64 60 do 130 65>; i 500 (lo . A3 U All do Us 4 5*100 Virginia 6'e, I b 52 115 ito 65% i 21000 Mra-ouri 8'?. . 44 % loO do 65, i lOOCO ilo . .. 44% 300 do ?.' % I 5000 do i>5 44%' 100 do C 1.6% 6000 McG'SiloH&SJK 40 200 Clove It Toledo UK 30 % lOOOI-otilaiaunOf. 63 764 do 30 s 1000 rrit!KK5lb m b* 03 100 do 80% . )00o Ilir2rtmh^'xint 02% 200 do *16 30 i 10(0 JIlinoirCeulKP.b 80% 106 do 1<30 30% 20 blis Uk Commerce 76 100 do... . l?i>0 30% 5 I el.V.HudCanalCo 84 100 Chic fc Hock 1 KU 40% 100 Pat itlcMlS.-C> s30 75 160 do.... 40% i 50 NYCentRR.exd.c 74% 60 do b30 40% i 160 do .. ,0|>K 74% 200 do *15 40% t 350 do ... . p?C 74% 150 do HoO 40% 1 300 do opg 74% 26Cbic,B'oliQ RK. 67 8ECONB BOARD. $1000 17 S 6'k, 'flS cO'j 00 5 ?hs Ml SoiX I Bp 14 1000 11 ? 5V 74,c?)U 80% 75 Clit,BurftQum Rlt 67 1000 Trea 10% pc do 101 200 III Ceo UK ecrip. 64 % 4400 Trea 6 p < 2 yr 06.% 100 do s30 64 1000 Ti-nn 6's, '90.. 45% 60 Gal k Chi UK.. c 60% lOiO Virginia 6 *. .. 63% 50 do 810 65% 1000 Mich gaii 6's... 8b 100 da........c 66% 3000 * alllrruiu 7'S.. 76% 60 do *3 66% 20,0 N Carebuu 6%.. 67 250 Clev k Toi RR.?30 30 60 slia I'ac M S6 Co. 76 150 do 30% New York City Bank*, August 10,1801. i Hank*. Lmtnt 5)ki>. Cir<ula/ H Of/xmlt. | America. 44,703 861 4,786,058 138.022 7,031,001 Am Exchange.. 6,720,172 2,200,174 197,117 4,.'>97,441 AUunlic 490,478 84,840 101,859 220,424 I Bri-adway 2,761,645 1 078,301 337.782 2,808.674 I j Butch .kDvirv... 1,496,5(3 517A80 291,073 11418H06 I I Bulla Head..... 393,916 76,8(82 119,030 363.AS6 j Citizens' 777,817 171M27 1473*8 630,OW i Corn Exchange.. 1426,824 446,172 146,<?B I,M>4,m* C ntir.eulal 2,456,113 921,847 191485 1465.NC Commonwealth.. 877 439 275,128 211,770 712,490 Chatham 613.IW2 210,694 90462 431 64*; i Commerce 42449,979 3.704,742 1.075 7,869.0V, CO 2,049,024 1,609.8m! ? 2 461.M4 Ctenjlcal 1.877/107 2,991 998 4*2443 4,372 fw Pry Bock 363J276 68.714 118JM 146 9.0, i East River 839.827 73,023 96,627 275.696 I Fed ton 1,122 803 1 603,771 KI9.656 1,(24 966 Greenwich 496.494 374413 HM.trt6 470,tr*) Grocers' 471 070 164,044 92,649 357,081 Mutineer . 1 4f,0 98A O.liueO 81 tuo flo'l nor, I Irving 702 675 199,459 120.024 5.02,311 1 Imp ft Trailers'. 2 115.409 401,147 M2.490 1.204,664 i l,oalh?r Mauuf.. 1,520,042 658.62B '*1512 9*7,681 Manhattan 4*622301 1,900 070 '*4,154 4.036,:',To Merchants' 4 474 3S0 2,111,478 183.?*T 3.647;05.| Mechanic*' 3,382,197 1,364,817 275,005 2.870,308 1 Muri Lautt F.x . 1,674 067 586,301 100,501 1012357 ' Mcc sTratter*'. 744 053 *ifc 204 1 63.055 385,647 Mercantile 2.2C1 431 641,1ml 25,213 1,784377 1 Maiket l,39?,IMrt 486,006 135,014 l.U31.M3ft 1 iUf.ulac*>rers' . 602 183 28.'l,932 163,337 6Tfi I"*. j Hani & Mi ch .. 753,550 193,056 126,946 484 110 ' Metropolitan 0 J 91,3 70 2,611,063 257,616 6,010,4.91 Mcch U'k? ASS'n 735 264 275,615 79.557 694,901 Narib K'ver ... 508 045 152 510 71,115 401",4S6 N Y EjU&ang* 304 485 24 477 75 233 239,533 * N Y County. 241187 175 44 5 04,227 315,227 National .1948 731 832,448 128,493 1,333 U?7 New York . .. 3 943,295 1,015,809 890,225 3,2.52,02* , Nortti America. 1.707,lv?4 493 009 96*372 1,271,7* Na-eau ;. 1480.681 743 512 1412113 7 .247 H-.V 1 (,CC?a 1 644,526 44 7 892 85,154 1,095,245 Omental 50'!,513 747.2.77 96 000 43*. >44 I irk 4.210 184 2 461 :;55 206,383 4,772 069 people*' 605,713 146.037 88,314 468 51' 1'ictie 930.418 340,925 167 635 867,637 ' net) X 3.093,574 1,856,744 234,443 3,267.947 ' Rt'CnCIIC 3,007,343 1,391 *MS 204.767 2,295.844 r Sev'tlh IVarl . 91.8,601 517.785 186 755 712,J2S Slate .. .. 3 290.049 1,768 402 22.8,304 2,811 942 St Nicholas ... 1,003 *47 163 122 "7 587 535,VO Shoe a leather 2 157 335 643 52 1 246,485 1,292 472 Tradesmen** 1 698, elO 252 0*8 291882 733 977 Union....... 2 094 433 1 1 it 431 187 244 2,420,755 fatal $109,983 94240 630,116 8,730 ,48192,010,057 CITK COMNEKCIAL 11EPORT, HosDat, eugnai 12?6 I' M ' Aimas-Sa'es 80 tt.? ?' fc,r ?>4 5#c f?r I pearls i Hrkawtcffs ? Flcu' was eclrco tnday.nnd commoo and mei'um grades w ere 5t a iOc h.gLer, with a fair inquiry, ir. part for ixpcrt. and saies el W 1/00 tibls State and Wet tern, 1.20C I'j.i Southern and CCOhbll Canadian Superfine State $4 SO a 4 4* j. txiri stale, good to choice .. 4 60 a 4 fit j Superfine Western 4 20 a 4 3? Cr mmou to cL: cc Western extra 4 40 a C 3ft Extra Canada 4 50 n 7 50 Mixed to stra.gut Southern 5 to a 5 7fi Straight to good extra oo 5 80 n 8 76 J Choice extra family ocj bakers Brandt.. 8 75* a 0 l ? J* Rye Hour 2 26 a 3 60 Corn meal, Jerrcy ar.fl Hruniiywine. 2 86 a 3 15 ?Wheal w as in very iigfct supply ar.d holder* asked higher T price?, but husiucaa was limited Sales 75,000 bushels at *1 26 a |l 32 for ?vhite Western, |1 19 a 11 22 (or red ? and amber do winter, II II ail 12 for amber Iowa and p Wisconsin,90c.a 11 10 Cur Milwaukee. 87c a |1 02 for Cbicagc s'prtngnud $1 02 lor Canada club Coruadvanced ' lc per bushel, with sales o' 000 bushels at 40<' a 49c l< r unsound to ?ir>ctl}' prime t\ sieru mixed, 48c u 60c fur pre.r to ordinary do yellow Rye was m demand at 60c it <)2c f?r Northern ar.d 48c a 50c for Western (lata a were al?0 saleable and firm at 32)Jc u 33c for State und SIXt: a 32>jC lor Western Nr.ilncg was done iu barley ' tcsptl ? I be market tie u*b lit m was very quiet l<. day aci c important sales were made Omost ? f tie demand was good and at f dl prices, sa."t< havsg 1 een made "I 2 800 a J,000 bale* on a waie iA ] sc. a far sr. J3. t.< ?| ^ Fshj'-it* ?Tl :t^li Ibe tendency was n favor of shiprsrs it:/rrg.igemt-uia to day were Ittntted, uwiuyn pa; 1 w i- scar; r.f C*ejJ?:u.ts To Liverpool there w?c ? \a*?j ' ftOVt.g Bnurnl Is 7X<1. a Is id an t 36 OefJ I; c.i3jayri,i th t2y corn ut sj4"l ;r. ss.j: s bags 1 / _ ucuuto in-re w sre engte'l 4,000 bids, flour at 2? In. * je 1C ;,1. 7r (last * there were ibppod 6,009 V huth.'.i r.ri a', v XJ u c.p's lMg? To Havre 2,Ci?0 * th ? tsu-?ers laxm ai.'.u. .an 124 000 bust us wn at lie irs ' ajs To Antwerp 47 *Cj Vusan.s j1 wheat J? "ve w;r,,>r-j ;ij - *h?. 'j?^s 7o other perts no mpcMau. ih.passu'.* w ere tnade lie* wis s'ery autet. stra:. ss es if North river only twvtcg been made for lora. use. at ?Cc a 65c.. according 7 t quality'or new and out a loss were moderately ucttve. at 17u a 26c lor las: ' year igrcwtn J ,ru.c waa-.uliaul h'tevs *i?? altcje'.her nominal * ..*as ? Tbere waa done is aay, and no shangu on? rr. v tt .r. prices ' ( M;)i.*srm ?ea.ea were very .gr.t. cw r.g :n part to the v Urmcess r l ot. ! nov:i:u:,-s?ortc wis heavy prices were wer with saiesot 6ud bb.s, a! J15' 12ja a ili 3TJJ '.ur ...ess ! v *C'l f?!> 25 tor pr ate per old Beef wa: . a act "< j : 1SDAY, AUGUST 13, 1861. bough ateaity, with SHloHof 275 bbla. ul $1-50 * $13 25 'or extra mess, ami $9 50 a $1125 for repacked do. nub less buoyant, ami 600 pkga. were at 8^i i> 9>4C., ihtctly within trio range. Cut meat* were saleable at i ii>_.. fur ham*, ami 4.t4r. * lo. tot adouliieB* littler was aloaity und iu request at sc. a 14c. furiiuto, ! m l "e ;i 11'' fnr Ohio. Cheese was selling at 4o. ft'III' k?The market was quiet, but Arm- sales OUllorces It 5>,e a tiSO. huuit-' ?'Tbero was less activity n the market, but ' Njuay jjratiHi, with Mies of 806 h s. m ?tly Cuua, tit j

Ike 10l|c . ?is" oo7 boxes iiavan1 # 1 c< 'i .1: w ?-Ihere were 28.000 lb* ...,| , It StfO. I IUh Wilis***?hales were e.iillnoil to 380bhls., hi lots, at !?e a 17c., mostly within the range. THE Tl'UK. ! i 1KNTUWI1.1.K COURSE, L I ?TROTTING?HATCH O between black gel ling I.anci I ami gray golilh g ! eking!) m. en 1 h irsilay. 15th mat.; 2 mi csuml re (mill, * u narueia. l? 1'atlmai. name* b. g. lancet, ami W. Iinhle r ? ItDekineham BtA'INs a, < nvki iv i,..q 1 - ------- I < IJ10R SAl.fc?THK TKOTHNU HOUSE HONEST PETER. , ; Apply to HIKAM wuohKWr. J \*?ncB-MR lurtEvs system ok who horse T'tintug?The undersigned, win nix bail great ex- I jerience id thesubi giuoti of (lit* in at vicious liurses, iuA bos xisc for li e list two years ho 11 the principal axlistnit to M". J Ra ey.lws tin* honor "f announcing to hi* oiiir. ns ol X'w York, 13r< ok y:i ami Williams!) rg, ^ hit he will sh rt y gn -an exhibition ol bis ski I iu the <1 estrlan luslituie. Williamsburg, of whirl) Outlier no- ' :oe wil. he given Parties having virions or badly broken liesos. who .ire interested in (li abi vr syxtriu ol scbju ration, will confer a favor bv sending tbel address to my Utter, ...;T I nlton Sir n, lliooklj n. W11 I IaM i Hli.l'--. ? ON Hill AY, 16TU INST - M.tTt'H KoU #S00 A SI UK, ? between sorrel gildiDg Albert Krmble ati l b iy ' telding Nutwood; inile, best 3 in ft, iu harness, rloruce K. .lonea names Nutwood, Jas. Tollman nam-.x tlbert Kenbta. iskvins \ QONKL1N,1 roprtclura. N. U?ta a leavo Simlb and V 'ton ferries for East ' x'cw York every Ave minutes, and theuco by railroad to 1 rai k. SI ges leave Williamsburg evoiy ball hour. Stage 1 will leave Twenty fourth xtre'et uud Third avenue direct ' or tho track at two o'clock P. M. Purse uud stake JJ.'iO HUltS KN, CAKlllAUKS, AC. , \L(lNt; T A11. (.HAY MARK, lf?>{ BANDS IIICH. ' young, sound Hid k il l, pleasant driver, and can i (well, a light Tint ting Wagon ami good Harness lor !230. A pluiu Ml of light Double Harness for $1)0, at 9b lust Tliiity second street. A N'fcW CLOSE CARRIAGE FOR SALE?MADK TO order by ? Broadway house baa been uscu u few .in s cost $.'i0(l will sell for $300. Addrcas box 3,997 (Jew York post olhce. VI AIR OF EXCELLENT GRAY PONIES, VERY fasC and quiet in harness, will be sold fur citsh, or rude tor any description of merchandise, Inquire of J. ) C. ISAAC, banker and broker, No. U Chaiubera stroet. VMMBKR OF IIOII-IKD, SI'ITA 171.K FOR FAMILY, saddle or business: also Wagons. Single and Double ' larDPM, cb 'ap to eloae the business. Apply at 72 diaries treet lor three days Carriages for sale, very cheap?two close 1 Carriages, that have been used, but in good order, nade by the best makers, and calcslatcd to bold four Inhie and two outside, one Is a close Rock.iwny. lit lorcourjry use, llie oilier is (11 for city use, with patent axles, nquire at HO Woodier street CARItlAGIS AMI HoRSKS SF.IJ.IS'G tiKK ( HEAP. 100 ' ?: riaecs,Coaches, Brett* and Buggies 25Gio ers', 1 rcss and ilusiuesa Wagon* 60 lb :a ?, la-, trotters anil sin ill |? n es S tood hand Wagons, all kinds, hi good order Factory, 164 Fulton avenue; stables, 10 Nevms street, 1 Brooklyn. FOR RALE ?TROTTING STOCK AND SHETLAND I'ouies, promising Colts of one, two, three ami four 1 .v.irs old, siren by Tom Crib, I y a son of Kembie .lackson I IndntharoalebratadatAHion , dams,(juiy Van Dor n,(thal 1 rolled in 2 32,) Lady Ma y,um. other well hied mares of lie ilicksoriili and Sn H ury stock; also two well bred dares, one<ired by itnpo ted tens tarnation, botli re<ently nvered by the favorite "New Jersey " A variety ol 1 ibetlanda,small and well sha|red,bl,iek, brown and bright iorrel and of all ages, all at greatly redue-d prtc-s For etrlleulars address "'Hie Jay Farm," Katooah, West heater oouuty, New York. Ithhl SALE?a FINE set OF LIGHT DOUBLE tlak ur-si: never been used; was mailt! In lltu vei y best uauaer, lor gentleman who will now sell it cheap as lie ins uo use for it Can be seen at Ciixhead's harness iture 1.1IM Broadway, between Twenty eighth one i wvnty ninth streets. For sale?a fine brown m are, seven yea i s old, 10 bands high, sound and gentle, sullnbU ! >]- a umilv horse. Inquire of L. Ac H , 116 Broadway. For sale.?I will se1.I. vo&h5 v rwo skated Wsgou, with top and ciwhioug, veiy coin)dele and in nood running m der, Ineluding a light "hiruess, wlneli Untie is worm iho money, luquireal Mcbride's stables, Eiftet ntb street, near thirst avenue For KALE?A SPLENDID III.ACK MARE, ABOUT 16 liuuds high, ti years old, fpll blood, unsurpassed Sir b idleness and b '?uty, broke to saddle, single or double utrncss Can be seen at Mr. Dilks' livery stable, 161 liiucer street I710K SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR LOW PRICED Jj ones, three powerful truck Horses, or wouM be valun >le for stevedores, 6 years old each, slout built and font .. avtters, also it handsome bright bay Family Horse; >rtcc$i?6 all warranted. Apply at 10 Esses street, m die lager lie?i saksm. Horse, express, or grocer* wagon and Harness wauled in exchange for a good gold watch ud cash Address Tompkins, Herald office. HaKNFFS WANTFJA-5INfi|,E HARNESS, SUITABLE tor light esprtrsi business, also hgld Doggy Hot >i*s, must ho a good aittcle, m or nearly so. Address II II K , 106 Chambers street. VTEW WAGON F'lK SALE?A PATENT LEATHFK ll top sue borsc Wagon, with putam axles, Dried with Mue cloth, of ribdtnm weight, made by sneof the liest inkers. Iti the t> ri manner, ol the Boston style Inquire in the rear ol 737 Broadway, corner ol Tenth street. Rock a way wanted?one with glass doors and leather curtains, suitable tor one torse, to ?- n our. Address box 4,536 l ost office, stating priee at?d a here to bo seen BPAVIN INFIRMARY, 1,606 BROADWAY?TWO OR three more valuable young horsi s can now he accom mutated at this estatihshment No blistering, oo Or tog, )ut a speedy, easy and effectual cure. WANTED?A GOOD NEW OP. BW'OVT) HAND COUPE at n k>wlf>ric" al-o, Horse ami Harness for the Hue Address Lux 1.T68 Post rrflloIT ,ON WANTED?'I'll Al-'I.E TOP. A COUNTRY VV ptiysician Address Doctor, station A, giving full lescnptioo and lowest casu price MM.1TAHV. IjlNGlNKEK CORES, EIGHTH REGIMENT NEW YORK j Statu Troops?The members of this coratnaad will escn.hle, in citizens' dres.s, lit, No. 6 Plate street, c.n V.-ucesciay, August 12 o clock, lor the l>ui|>uso U r-oe.vicg their pay. By oritur. WM. M. WAl.TON, Capita. T K Trarncu, Sergeant. Headquarters twelfth rkgtmentn y. s. t. fiaJ Broadway August 13,1801. Members of Uns iciuintLd arn barely order oi to meet at the Armory tilts Tuesday) atieriijou, ul 2o dock, for the purpose oi being aid By order Utpiam K. H OLMSTEAD. rjr f.aijqt;arteivs company c, t - lxfth regiment I"X N Y R 1 , August 12, l!)8l ?Thu odloors'mi l lumbers r?l this company will assemble at tho Armoiy' piercer Hr.uK, on Tuesday alter noon, at 3o'clock, tore<ovc their imy Tie i.on comin saior.sJ olHcers will repn t c thf ci ir.iictudaul ut No 540 Pearl street, at U o'clock i M By order, WM FOWLER, Captain. Wm II Imvisis, Orderly. YflLlTARY NOTICE COMPANY B. EIGHTH RE',! 1.71. meat New York State Militia?Ih- members "f til? company are requested to meet si No G State street, lattery, on Thursday morning, ;<l 0,1,' o'clock, In fatigue ;rvgr, with belts, to reeciv Ue'lr pay By order of THOMAS SWaNY, Giplain. tTIUTARY -THE MEMBERS OK COMPANY J, >L Eighth regiment n. Y S. m arc requested to meet i No Osintv street on Wednesday morning, Augu.t J1. t llo'ciock, lb citizen a dress, t > receive their pay. WM aRNOUX. Orderly Sergeant. ivu, MKMBERS OF COMPANY H, F.IC31IT1I I'.FIfU i UitXit.N Y S T , wdl assemble at Regimental Drill- 1 loom this (Tuesday) Inp, August 13. at fe.'j o'clock, i full fat ?ne flrcss, 'CUR for the purpose of being aa-1 off SAML. GREGORY, CiijffMlti. j Geo H, Ot'leriy. I COPARTNERSHIP KOTKJES. 1 a pSvsi<i y, Saving an old established Prup r'tcr.'*, wholesale and retail, doing a sploa , i , '..- n-j*. wool l like to gat a partner t*> attend totbei. I ess -J v- .y , as I e ratiliot rive U liie attention I ui ; . vojht to rete ve tall at I OS Ninth avenue, ftorn t to , Itus ?eng. I jlr'CAI, PARTS"lit WaNTKI) ?AN EXI'EKlliNlKI) 5 W-vt-.-rn man who can command us (I,-si > < or o"? j mitred i'?t Ally thousan 1 c'oflars' worth 'of prop ,-i i-.t* a ;*?-tr.e-- with $10,i?i0, tlr nirn y need he part .< ' r,.y is anrcd hy the busitK it satished ol its < - r .a,ly P,tit.c ;iar? upon an tntviviuw. Ad trc -: I'rod... ' - uii.ii- : at, box 491 t'nst office, N Y. JjOAA ?PAKTN'c.R WANTKI), IN A CASH VAN"^ a'/U h i- tlrvs, p-. i mmently eslHlSivh u -.vt.i i.tii m le-JI exlens'to,i'miiug at rave of $1.oco . s-r annum iaif " orders en han t and oncu'ed, the capital , purccAiQ machines business pnlltuGiu r.nd wiitiunl ft Ayp ) t: T V UviflgiWa, 83 Liberty gt k! 1 /iii.'l sasii /ino a(tivk partner iv.tvr It) 1 ''vv ".I, in k h-o-.ttiuati- brokeragebrs.nera , ,.I\ ? ubii-h?.1 ar. I tv.tta t.* from f? POO t {to,boo !*A ' -ar ev- n in tteve t,tr.ea. I.ocat."t* ami association tin , xc. uanto. PlCtiS k ROJ-'SFTE t f3 Nassau stri ct 2;1 AAA ?A PERSON, 01- GOOD BL'SIN . S aj'o's acl , xrertence. IM* irr ui -n casii, is di? rnr 'verting tt h a so* e. f .it an r?tahliat?1 yrttlat'.j has tt.-s(i. A-td-vW, t ill. r...'l fu pirt :tt,?ra or .He, Morlb t:r, not HT Ucra i cu.ce. t a9% BALKS AT AUCTION. AMOKTIMKK UR1FKIN 4i oo" AUCTIONEERS ? Over f 12 000 worth elegant and costly Household I'uri, to bo peremptorily sold at pultllc auction, this lay,Tuesday,?l 11 o'clock. ui tho private residence 48 VV> si Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Kosewoo.1 sevou ooUve Pianoforte, rosewood lira wing Ituoin seits, resewooil tuul mahogany Dedrouui Furniture, >ak lmiiin,t Itooiu Furnitiiro, l aimlngs. status y, lb oozes rod fctegerea, Bookcase, Mirrors, l.u-e C'ui tiuns, V.i.soa, Lhl 1*21 in11 cm, Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Kx tens ton Ta lee. Hi 11. i, Silverware, Table Cutlery, Wardrehi s, Mid Spring Mattress, s, Itndst ads, Commodes, Wash- I ftauos, uuelotli, Stair Carpels, Solus, Rockcis, Bedding, Sc. Also a lu ge assortment of llutcmeut and kltchuu Furniture. Suie positive rain or shine. AmiOS Ntti'K F. ? Al.l, Till*: I'l ltMlTltK (?F A private will ho (old at private sa.e, at a great i u i iQce. lor rush, consisting f n elegant solid rosewood i'arlor Suit, covered with crnnaun aiul utaroon br. cnt 1 cost f22ft, will lie wild lor Jlutl), one ilo. gn on plush, fur If0 rosewooil Ktcgero (cugt $100, will he sold for $ '>(!), osowood Centre and l'lor 'lab os, Turkish thai.sand > uiiges, llu u s. Bedsteads, tt aahatonds, So as,Chairs, lair Mattress s, IM and lie,ding, Carpets, tie tains, hades, Mirrois, ha. Apply I ihroo days at 128 Waverly ilace, corner of sixth avenue, A S. RICHARIS, Al'tmOXKKR.?600 C'ASV> IIIMITS, /V bit eg and b egins at auction, by Kill | ARCS ti tuillNC, on We neaday, August 14, at lotj o'clock, it store 44 Corlliin t street, ci nipi lsing i good assortment >f Fall Goods. Catalogues on mot mug of sale. VL'C'lltlN NOTICF.- -t litK KKKY, Gl.ASS. CHINA, Keresetie Isimps, Ac.?By J. S. H. HART1.KTT, sec loueor, en Tuesday, August Id, at 10 o'clock, at 281 'ea, I street, a large sit ck of saleable Goods, in lots for -It y aud country dtaiele. Must bo sold to raisocushfor iwnors. VI'cnoN NoncB??'S KOItNITDKK EX |i u.-s .'md iii-k ng K. laliiishtu' nt, 113 Weal Eleventh ureot, between 1 ifih and sixth avenues.?Household fur lituro boxcu una shipped to all parts 01 tho world. Kuruture of families boxed with euro. furniture stored. 'ov'Tiil wagons for removing furniture Into tho country. AnT-.x Nonti.?nn: nimscuiHiH w,n. IM|.i M>,of at pr.vato sale, at agreal sacrifle , nil liitt I'.u tor, t li.utiboi ttiul I iidug Benin furniture; s vn oclut e I'lam forte (cost $000) for }.vi50, iocio.iu.g Stool and Hover; I'm lor S it for 61H6; ( nu do. $S0. Inquire at 70 West Twout> sixth street, near Sixth avoir o. M. MIDDIittDN. VMOKTi.ACK RA1.K Of FMDSEIKd.D EtJKNITl'HK, i urpets, Ate ?II. C, Kl EY, auctioneer.?K'/.KA LUbJr., w..l sell on Tuesday, August 13, at lu'i o'clock, all the Household Furniture, Carpets, sc.. contained In the house 85 West Thirty sixth street, m ar Broadway. HKdwne k Nil ill>1.8, ADOnomeSRS.?TOESOAT, August 13, at one o'clock, in front of salesroom, 35 Nassau street, u fast Bay Horse, eiglit years old, 15 hands high, very gentle iuiU kind in all harness and under the saddl , a ph'Asant an I safe family horse, will stand without tying, has trotted u mile lh t! 311, is us square a nailed trotter as there is in tho city, has hewn used us a family horse, warranted to trot a mile in 'i 40, in condition, to a ligitl wagon; is un extraordinary pole horse. Is so ,-nd exo*pt windgalls, cost the present owner |80tt; also a Wagon and Harness. To be positively sold to close tho concern. Also top arid no top Buggies, in great variety; two Hocka ways, one Engllrh I'haetou, I one. rd Spring Wagons, Ate., Ate, tog otherwith a largo assortment of double and sin gle lloi uess, Sheets, Ely Netts, Ate. BY ItOCKWOOb, HliHITIKKS At UNDiaUIIU,, 46 Mi RRAY HTRE1T, THIS HAY, AT 10 O'CItlflC, A long lino of blue mixed iunl wlntu Shirts and Drawers, plain and ribbed. Also, a l ull line of Woollen and IV)Won Hosiery, uigoiiior win, it uvsiruuie uacurim.iii in ciuine, l 'lutslmerca unit Satincltt. D BURKE, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 135 ROWKRY, , will cell tin Wednesday, August 14. hi 1<h? o'clock, the IA>n.?e, Sli>ck uml Fixtures ul'lbe Enjjiiall Air House, S3 Sprlnn street, lilted up in nmplo uUruotivo style, ami sngroseing u respectable trade. Daniel h. burpett, auctioneer. FURNITURE AT AUCTION UURnFTT, JONES ACo. will cell to. morrow (Wednesday), at 10o'clock,ut "40 B in-1 way, nil tlm Furniture contained in tho above bouse, nearly new. Catalogues on the meriting i* sale. FIREPROOF AAKB>?s. &j. MK;ART, .in m>xw HS, will ceil on Tuesday, August 13, ot lo.'i o'clock, al the uuclion rooois No 3 North William street, by virtue of a bill of sale, live Viropronfyfiufcs, viti?1 J. M. Davison's, ol Albany; 1 Tilton A McFnrliu'g, uml 3 Wilder'*. Also, a lot of straw Drakls, Trimmings, Ac. G1 FORI IE COOK, AWTIONF.FR ?HOUSEHOTTi FURNI I" lure?A largo stock of flrst.elass work, removed for Oiueemenee of nolo to 141 Uroudwuy. '11,ic buy, at 11 O'clock, will be sold the above mi)ierb stock, couslnling of Parlor Suits of varietur kinds, library Suits, Reception and Dining Room Butts, elegant rosewood Armoir utJIuce, Secr.inrWc, Bookcases, Ku-geres, Redst-wis, Bureaus, Win k Tables, Sideboards, Extension Rimug Tables, Centre Tables, (hairs, la lunges. Amti(ue Sets, Ac., oiler org a floe opportunity to Iboce In want. Sale positive for cash. M. SHOWN, Mortgagee. GU'ni.'.VMI-.ll'i. ?TUKSRA Y, Ai d 13, 1M01, WILL HE brld a public auction of Lots situated In OoUen berp. Tim sale will eoniniciwe at 1 o'clock P. M , at tho (iutvtibcrg llrewcry. The place Is within ten minutes' walk from the lYechawkcu and Forty-second street ferries, ana in'- stcumnoai note w rmnnug irom spring Strr< I to the CuUetibcrg dock stx Mmiw a <|?y. forms easy. JOHN lJWYhR, Auctioneer. HEN'UY GRWN, ADrfriOFKBR?WEDNESDAY, AU gUHl 14, at 1 ll% o'clock, at the auction Flora MM William ulrcrd, a large and general assortment ul t.p#e rue, Wkii-n, LxiJirx and Segars, removed for dbiiventeoee of aale. MiiouGirnr, atwioneer?will sell this 0 day, at 10% (Seteck, at salesroom, HA Nassau f*?t, a gesiosul Hwrtimw ?f first class Household furnltare, Curjii<?, nmJnypciy Parlor Soils, covered in ImtroMli. rosewood ilo., In broQStel, marble ?"P Out/-'' Tables Bsikmsw, Tete-u/Teyra, Sofas, Parlor ami Arm i Lairs, flirts an, Rxbuskm lining Thbtra, Dressing Bureaus, Wa,<l?t.ujds, Bedsteads, Hair NaUrvsdN, Lnnagwi, Wardrobes. fce., Ac. fli" wlsite will be found worthy tlx1 attention of dcaks's upii hounekdvpers Kt iuzeta, ADCTfONKKR. . WHITTEMOKE A; HA?XL. will sell tills rtny (Tuesday). August 13, at 10^ o'clock, at llieir bales room, No 139 Uroadway; MARDWARF. AND CIJTLF.RY. A largo and variod assortment 4f heavy and shelf goods, musicting io pari of English and American Tulrie and Pocket Cutlery. Drawing Knaves, Chisels and Gouges, Hand, Panel and llip Saws, Shingling, Claw and IxUie lirtohots, Krass Hand Befls, Shovels, Hammers, Ihty anu Manure Forks, Plckaxvs, Ac Also Plated Ware. Sa j. mm;art, arcrioin,*v:ks.?this day ctves . day),at 10X o'clock,at :ii<- audttonroom* No. 1 North William street. Assignee's sale. Largo kit << Straw Trimmings, Hruids, Hats; lot of Side and Back laimbs. Also, MM) galkjus Burgundy IT ma, 127 doaen liouie do., foor Iron Safes. bfxlahl, AiRfilON1~ltS.?WEDNESDAY, . August 14, at 12 o'clock, at i Livejoy Hotel, No. 1WJ Greenwich street, near Cortliun.t street, live entire Fuiniluro <? attained In tire iilmv* tv-SoC, consisting of Stuns. Boruaua, Wtudistaii'is, Looking (Jiasaes, Hedbteuds, llair M-attress.R, Feather lioiUt and ltoddiug, Diniiig Ta Lies, Chairs, Carpets. thlcloUi, Crockery una Glassware, Kltche* Utensils. Also, the barroom Furmturo and Frx tules. ?k"j. HODAT:^ AI.T"HONKERS?WIIX SELL, ON 0 Thursday, August 1-6, at 2o'clo.-k l'.M.,hy order id' the assignee, on ItrJd street,'tyetivcen Eighth nrni Ninth avenues, the entire Smelt and Flxturos of a Ttvinc Mann factory, (insisting of haJea of Twine, Hemp. Machinery, Tools. Bui I'Hugs, Ac., Ac. Also a veiy favorable lease of about tblrte'di Isits of ground, seven years to run, at a very moderate rout. JOHN RYAN, Assignee. S H ER I Ft \-f MAIXr?STATIONERY. CHAMBERS A KA1RCHILD, Acctionecrs, Salesroom 113 Nassau street, Will sell, this day (Tuenday), August If, at 11 o'clock, at 23 Beektnan st;"ei, itial also At 31 Sprt.ce street, all iho rii ht, title and In' ac t of Noah Obson, Samuel I). Crosby nidi (jeniya koodiiu , e-nicu tucy nan on tin- tuui way or May, 1861, or at any timo afterwards, in arid to the following do-scrihcd prop. y, to wit: a Very large and ox tensive assortment of Writing Paper. JO/f.V KF.U.Y, Sheriff. u'^HiFrs SAW:.?AGKicrLxCh Xi7~ IMPU^'INTS, ^ tseda,ke.,ke. CHAMBERS k FAIRCHT1J1, Auctioneers, Will sell, on W slnesday, August 14, at 10 o'clock, at 180 Nassau street, a large arxl extensive) armurtmeiit of patent Agri< Vtaral Implcm Ms, suchas Mowing Mavhinvg, Heap Ing Machines, Corn Flinders, Grain Ctcum-is, Home i'ower I'lon :li*. I ink' a. 11' or', Majvclo, Planters, bril's.Ox Yokes, mil every known useful fanning implement: also .seed, all known grume, Corn, Garde* Truck, He. rs. As: , C. .1 >4' I I I.l.'t i wW | Ol HEKlt F S^ilfZwT** ,\y SH V i d-> *cT ~ " ^ CHAVIT.'W &, Auctioned s, tV"111 sell. at tboi Y-sroom, 118 Nassau street, Pa T en j lay, August / " i' il /clock, n large assortment of TVln In.> Shales,,' v lures, Comic :-',Cord,T ts.-'.'is. 1'uper ibodeft, Ac., tut. JOHN KKl.i.Y, Sbeiiir. LtHrlK'TT ; SAi -J IlT'kT Nl.A ~1(amrkrs >; I ill, r"T f' audi i " .?, Will sell at llicir sale 'oem 1IT vi>>..-i .-1:cm ou Tucr'lay, August I.'), at 11 o'clock, |i,f j ic'o ifw ' ' 'ric* i rcliM.-i-rs, a'luuallty '4 Ttirec ply , train 1 'civet ''arp?i- itsu a iotol Rag Carp?l. JOHN KF.I.LY, Sheriff. ! |?7 i ' ffdNEfcR?OFFICE NO. 4 \ V East Mm . u - il mi thm day , to lite highest j.i , at.. . . i .touts ol ihe laay Barroom s . 1.1 It -.eei -i .ne Connter, Boer pumps, oil' lli,Cham i igs.and nite r Hxtur?s, .V*. 11 rXuAif ur; AttnioNEKF-omcB no. 4 \ V Kant !!'n 1r , sells on Wednesday, at 10 ? o'clock, up fiicti,;! ot ilie l.lquor Stero No. 1 Now Canal street, in;i- Hal -J. r Hisi'tine of splendid Counter, two Baer I Pomps,f tnAe-, K'7?,pemiy!ins line Vo Chest, l/ie*- s,ftc. umAtaAiiTg. r i ; 18 A TIDE IN TflR AFFAIRS Of MAN, which taken at ihe floo ' leadi t 3 lo fortune ? livery II arho l?l;c? a glt?s of Spacer's three rent Alt takes t HtirtevUb" lineal No 2 Cort-andl streei, nnrlbwcit j nu-tier <f Broadway. ' SPKNCKK. ! I t l-.M'tt I til. ! V BEDROOM 8UIT OF ENAMI :.r i c ITUBK j f r j'J4 in nil color-, ?f wan rit" u J 1 e lure j im mmQmtuitCktmlMr Sana,pta . am: or n'.a" ! 11 F. F *RKI.V?TGN"S, So. IW< CtCkl'ilrtr .opptali? I iVooktcr. total'listed in 1S48. 1 3 - ... -i- ?- i ii ???? ^ PHVAWCIAt. AUGUST HKUMONT V (U, BANK Kits, NO. 50 WAIJj Hi roe t, New York, issue letters oi credit to travellers available in all paris of Europe, through llio Messrs. Kolhsclnlil of I'arts, Loudon,ITauklm t, Vienna, Naples aud their correspondents C1 ill ... .1 INN I IN A!l> oK THK ) Kami in ol Vol ilitoor Soldi Td I, em tin-city of Netv Yo.k Kug.tgcd in Dvleudiiig tlio Integrity of the Nalioual I!, .ion. lined* if the Corporation for the above pnr|Kige, In mms oi {lull itinl il|iw irds, Will he issued hy lliiN di partiio iit on ii|>pli<:iii.iit f i Hi s um' at pur, redeem.ih o on the 1st day of July, lHii'J, Willi inlereHt at h veil per c oil pur aunuiii, KOHUtT T. HAWS, Comptroller. I'llV UK New VoRK, 1'KI'AlttSI-INT OK KlSANON, CtlMITHOL. IIHr Omi'K , Annual fl, 1401 >T|'AV Yintlv AND MOW HAVEN llAII.IMAIi COM I'A N uy, corner of Fourth avenue an Iw nty seventh str ut, Treasurer's Ottlce, August 10, 18111.?A dividend of three dollars per share has hern ileci n . d on the cap! tal stock ol' this company, and is puyablc at this olll; nit and after Mnnduy, tliu l'Jth Hist. Hy eider ol the Hoard of Directors. \V. DEMENT, Treasurer. No. 14 niANKI'lir.l'STI'.K' T, NKW YOl'K, AUGUST I'd, lHftl?Dividend.? I he Trcslecs of the N wtoD Copper Type Company have ilee.luuil a semi annual divitletnl of four per cent, on the cu,iti at stock "i the company, payable at the olllce uf the company on i\<-irvtiitl. SAMUl'.l. UiUllAilD, Secretary. 01 FKT. OK THK SfKYVKSAN I' IN -UHAM K. COM. panv, P-U llowory (Oriental Rank building) N w ViM'k, Aimist H, 1K0| ?Dividend?The Romd 111 l factors have HiiB day declared a.s<'irii annual divi etui of six per cent, pavable to tile stockholders mi an I alter t? 20th iUBt. Transfer books will be closed mini thai date. UKN'JAMIN J. I'KNT52, Secretory mil LOAN?ON R0N1) AND MOKTC.AUK ON TMVUOVA oil city property, for a t Tin ?>t yea. s. $12 (tOO; also, $'2,600. Apply to J AS. PUPE, lioo Hudson sired. Q| A/VA RONIt AND M<? ITil.Vll \M'I.\ HI kj L V ' V/ V' cured, on real estate, to exchange for (I iriibU' fancy or staple g oils. Has., grocery 01 any isUot good business; will give a liberal Ira te. SOUTHWICK it WOOD, 8'2 Nassau stroet. C: ~ r i W W I TO 1,K I" VII'M > .$li!.IM?o, $10,000. 0-)f )#' " M ' $8,1100, $7,AOO, $#,000, $.j.00o, $.' 1 ooo. $2,600 unit various smaller sums to lead on m >ri>; igu o? approved city or Brooklyn Krai Pa tale. Also oi> Karnis. Apply to K. KA1.TON8TALJ., 11 Wall street,second glory, front. ^ ' ___ LOAN OFF1CKS. 4T (Mi NASHAIJ STIUIKT ?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, cites, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at (all value, at Ins private oillco, 60 Nassau street, room No. 'J, up stairs. Business coulldenliai. AT 77 BfiKKCKKR RTRKKT?MONEY ADVANl'K.D Tlj any amount en Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Sugars, Dry (lends, fcc. N. 11.?Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Menkerstreet, upstairs. A T 480 BROADWAY.?HENRY HYMAV.- DIAMOND A un<t Watch Broker, advances on Diamonds, gel or nuM't' Wamlien, I'late ami Jewelry, or buys ilie game al their lull value tor cash, ut II. HYMAN'S, 4S0 Broadway second Hour, auctioneer and broker. ADVANCES UN DIAMONDS, IT.ATK, WAP HIS, AC. or will buy Hie mime for cash, at WIh private rooms. J. H. HARBINGER, 212 13, up glairs. X. 11.?The tun heat price paid l'or diamonds, lootie or gut. ATA. H. THOMSON'S BROKERAGE AND C0MMT3J\_ shin house, 79 Nassau gtioct, second floor, r<?H No 3. Advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, aud . D all kinds of property, or buys out for cash. Auction unlet utteuded to in New York or Brooklyn. AMOS K. THOMPSON, Auctioneer. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST <)? Broadway.?Money advaneod on Wutcbcs, Diamond* Jewelry, l'lalo, Dry Goods and personal property of evert description, or bo ught and sold by JoSEl'll A. JACKSON nuclionoor and broker. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO I/IAN to any amouut, on diamonds, walcbes, jewelry, &<\ by the well known ar.d oM established ISAACS, broker and commlton nvrrrliant, No. u Chamber* street. N. B.?N? business transacted on Salnrday. T OAN OFFICES.?A GENTUiMAN OF STRICT IN I i togrity and fair dealtug, but not regularly in th. business, will make loans on watches, diamonds, ftc. Indies or gentlemen disliking to call at public <Slice# please address, with real name and residence, N. M. B. S. station G l'oetofllce. , IOC1S AN RICH, 723 BROADWAY, UNDER THE NEW J York llpte!, oflers to pay llie highest cash pr ?- fo? Diamonds, Watches, old Gold and Silver, ur liberal sc. vauces tumle. A Q CEDAR STREET.?ADVANCER MADE IN SUMS TrO to suit on Watches, Jewelry, Dlamomte and oths pereiaisl property, or bought for cash. Oltloe hours from 9 till 6. I.. JACOBS, Auctiomier and Broker, 43 Cedar struct, branch otflce 407 Broadway. Assortment unequalled. Tiro large addition* made to our itock during the past week ol' NEW AND FREPTI Gouls, enables us to ray, without Tear of contradiction, thut we have at Iho prcAcnl moment tbo moat compitM tunl varied assortment r< HollaE FURNISHING ARTICLES In pur lino that turn bo (puod to New York. Tbo price* of a few writ be '?? IWWh JtEADV RF-ADI" Wlnte French Chin* IHtiw-r Flap*, the druen ft 6* White Preach I tihta Breakfast l'fcu??t Mai -Pram 1 AC White Ftetich China Tea Hutas, pei dozen 9ft White FlVovb ( hint beeps! fashes, each 66 Whilo Fpurtt China high Fruit Baskets, each ttfi MhiteVr ucli Chum fctoup Tur cot, each 2 * White Ki '!><*i Chlun Tea But*, 44 itteaea 3 75 Cald fand French China lea Sot*, 44 idoces 6 HO Fancy French China ten Sole, 41 pteoc* 0 '10 Gold I'.unl French China Ihuner Seta, 191 ptcncs.... 49 oa Fancy French China Dinner SclH 60 00 Cat Cl.uA Goblets, the dozen 1 05 A'ait <iln?B la cant.irs the pair 1 M> Odur<?l iloliemian Gluts Finger Bowls, the dozen.. 1 8ft Ivory Handled Dinner Knives, tho dozen 4 5fj 1 vny llaixtHHlTea Koivef, tho itazen 4 0* Silver Plated Yea Spoons,tbo dozen 1 25 rtilver elated 'itthle Simons. the dozen 3 Si) Silver I'taled Table Forks, the dozen 3 60 Silver Mated Castots and Cut Bottles' 4 60 Silver Haled Cakelfi?*k?4* 4 SO Silver Mated Ten Sets, 0 pieces 16 <4 SilverJtlaU-.IT.uiKeiths 8 < Stiver plated ColP-e I'mu 8 09 $5 Silver plated fee Ditchers, $ targe?t size handsomely engraved. $6 best quality of Plato $6 reduced to 15 fS ?S $6. The fullowiug articles in IRON STONE CHINA are or Haddock's best "double thick" goods:? Iron Stone China Dinner Plates, the dozen 95 Iron Stone China Soup Plates, the dozen t5 Iron Stone China llrckrost plates, the dozen Hi Iron P'nne China Tea Plates, the dozen 63 Iron Stone China Soup Tureens, each 1 60 Iron Atone China Toilet Be lit, I'd piece* 3 60 An immense choice in GAS FIXTURES, at about one-half i!?; asuul price. CUT OCT THIS LIST and twine it with you. Orders" from the country muvt encloae the cash, with the addition ..r a sufficient smn to pay for packages. Pa* funds only taken. \V. J F. DAI LEY ft CO., No. '331 Broadway, between Houston and Biceckt-ajjreuts. CHEAPEST FLOUR STORE ?K^TRA AND DOUMI.K KXIra Family Fionr, wurrantwl gxiJ, $4 60 to $660, delivered in New Yoik ?r Brooklyn. W. II. GILLETTE, CN-Ddl,CASH-PARTIES H WING 1 RY GOOD!?, FANCY j Goods jul oilier inerchi disc they wish to cioso out cheap, may addressGash, Ii1;raid office. . G1 AYETTVS PILE PASTE-A SURE CURE FOR INT tcnial piles. P ice 50 cents per box, sent Leo by unti "ii roceli t of 65 cento. AIoo Gnyctty's celf bralcd Medicated Fryer. G. B. WILLIAMS AGO., No. 2 Bcekman street. Tops- W BHrDOEN, APOTHECARY AND DISPENSING i . ne-1, J63 Bowery, cmucr of Fourth street, Sew York. Iettt lU written 0nf1dentally A>t)rf\sonj ably. Also copying don", at 313 "len.kcr sip- t. Old ENGRAVED CO 'PERFLATES BOUGHT.?LAlu" hi prefer :d. Apply to KAKSMJ1H, 71 Nathan fill cot I I*XPP.ES;' I.Y Vi'f> NOW RJKtl'Y AND jt_ for sa c at our o(F v. WFJ.LS, FARGO ,v CO. Wanted?moveable fixtures, shelving, with drawers attached. Address G. M. \V., Wiiliamshurt, Po t ijlin , : iviw lowest c?S'. p- ice. Wanted?a large size jewellers' fire proof Safe, cheat. Must be perfectly dry. burglar it <t Ore prix I Aourcss T. J. M., Herald office, slating ui&kvr'l nam-, (timenskir.3 an 1 pri e. T V TAN rV.I) TO PURCHASE?A HITTER, TEA OR (lr?, W eery Store, or woV.d lire asmall Store with fixt.irii eaitah'cTcr u grocery, in a good location. Address, t^alu g particulate, tor -.roC days, Johnson, BU--n >4 I.'ew Y rk. flF.NTlSTHYY \ RftfPTAL WINK PILLING ?VK "DECAYED TEEHJ uiMirt.-d while iu.fl, vrthout pleasure or |>*inJ /. in .ft teeth or ncre sht.118 < r.n no AIR? an* preserve* t.y Die discoverer JAMES PE/.KvON. M. D. Rooms " Broad* y.wcilsWo, ne door above Seven ecnlli stre#T BlLLIARrL H;: .. ft-RTAPLLTGNLAi'DIN'GATLNISLAT^ Tbri'i tiist cat.i G tocforu TabK?, ov? r Von Riper a Martin'*" Ccf CTCCtrj '' By CHAR LORD, long with liaatf rd, 149 Pallor L. MBVauettbc old?V

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