Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1861 Page 5
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The Custom Ilonse. THE NEW TARIFF?FITTEE Al l ION OF TF1R COLLECTOR?NAMES OF CLKKK8 REMOVED. The official copy of the new Tariff bill having arrived, the act will go into effect immediately. According to the instructions of the department, ail goods which have arrived At this {?rt since the 5th lust, (the date of the approval of the bill), and dll those which will arrive in future, most ho withdrawn from warehouse, if they have been bonded, within three nvoitlis of the time of arrival, lu ease of non compliance with ties regulation they must juy twenty live per cent additional duty. When the importer desires to send his goods to a foreign country, they may remain in store three yours without additional duty ! being demanded. Goods now arriving are entered under the Morrill land', as the new rates are not to lie levied on , shipped before the 5lh of August, it being uec ssury that the bill of ludmg shall have bocu inTle at u date previous to that. The importations continue to It- very light and (tie re. ccints for duty small. At tlio tune the Turitf lull was before Congress, however, import. ,s of sugar, mi, \e.. fearing that a law would be pass d, to tak" elf i t on th ,r goods in bond, hurriedly w itlulrcw th in, so that at that time, the amount paid was large. Then, us now. how ever, duties were mostly paid in Treasury Notes, the discount on them l> nig sullleieutly great to cause their use. The policy which tiie Collector tins been pursuing of re tabling the faithful in oltlce. notwithstanding their belief, is about to be changed. Tli Albany Itichmond d niocraey havo etf.'ctoally slaughtered their friends of otttce by their recent act 104. and with them all democrats, whether agreeing with them III lioitev or not. Hut in -u dnini/Ihev liaee liroiuslit ihe torn;lit; mi their own brads, for all the Uniou loving demo c.ruts denounce them, and swear, la future, to havo aolli lnjf to do wltli them. It ir scatc ly fair tliat these t hoald s ill n- with the traitors and compromisers. It will bo seen from the following list, that many reuiot .lis have been made, already, though the work has been done -o quietly that it has not boon generally known to ha in progress. Weightrsremoved?J. A. Scaring, J. Sharkey,H. Vandcrwater. M'aturrr /fmnoiwrf?Win. Francis. Ganger*?H. M Nichols, M. 11. Undcrhlll. Warehtluie Cltrkv?(i. S. Heudix, J. Creighton, J. Hoggerty.T. <1. Harrison. W. lteilley, +!. II. Ijtwler. Appraitr.?S. p. Uoldson, T. Smith. Irvpec'orr?T. Ackerson, A. W. Adams, J. !>. Betts, 0. c., N, C. Btauveh, p. Dawson, W. PHapaMek, J. O. Dlnotway, T. Moloney, C. J. Calif, M. B. Mason, N. Klein, A. T. Gallagher, K. N. Coble, A. S. .Miles. C. Livingston, S. l ong, J. I>. McKoe, Jos. McCluskey, A. .1. McCarthy, K, C. McComtel. T. Seamen, \V Ryer, <?. l'yer, K. M. Sicellinger, T. Itotio van, J. Wood, P. Byrnes, !. 11. Worilen, II. H. Wynkoop, J. K. Ward, J. H. Will.ains, (1. C. JVaite. P. Jovce, K. Howe, H. Marsh, T. O Rielh y, W. Burtls, C. It. Childs, M. Chri?ul. J. Iiotialiuc, W. II Vrodenburgh, .lolm Griffin, l> (I'nitbwaitr. J. O'Neill,T l'. rry, M. Savin, M. T. Smith, W S. Willisloil, W. Slokely. la addition to tlcso many of llie clerks in the building have boon r> moved. A large n iiiiIht of inspectors were removod I'd Saturday, but we have not yet received their nam >s Mr (arglll, one of the Deputy Collectors, has also been removed within a few days. Prrsonul Intclllgcnci1. Mrs Lineoln and suite arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel | last evening. Among the passengers who arrived here yost -rday in the steamship Persia, were {flight Rev. Bishop Janes,Rev Dr. Choever and wile and George Vuudt nholf Judge Martin,of Maryland; W. Tucker,of Baltimore; It Bul?iim,of Providoucu; F. Almy, J. It. Punfortli imp II. A. Sounder and wife, of Boston; I, Goodale, of Ohio; (J. Sturgos of Illinois, .1 Kelih.of Chicago, and S. M Felton and wife, of Philadelphia, uro slopping at the Filth Avenue Hotel Thomas I), ami J. F. Sliimmin and families, Ogden Cod' man and W. S. Hooper, of Boston, and William Herman of Knglnnd, are stopping at the Brcvoort House. Ciptain .Jurtklns, of the steamship Persia; P. C, Calhouu, of-Bridgeport, C. II. Wells and S. G. Wood, of Al bauy, Lieutenant (Model Beach and F P.Nash, of Bos- I ton, arc stopping at the Everett House. Hon John Woodruff, of Oinnocticut; Colonel .?. H Smipson, Major Wood, Captuin Mallory, W. Franklin j Slid M. II. StUCV. of til.' l'nil?<l States Armv I Major Webb, of Ohio, and (loorgc Bullock, of Philadelphia, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel John Cotton Smith, of Connect icut; S. If. Thurston and wife, of Fort Edward; James W. Harris, W W. Hill and A. Thompson,of Vow Jersey: S. Babcoctc, of New Haven: W H. Weir, of Philadelphia; T J. Brown, of Harlem, W B Shaw, of Washington, D.JC., and Ellas Hotchki", Jr. aud wife, of Montreal, aro stopping nt the I.afargo H >uso_' Hon. (.'. II. Van Wyck, of Sullivan county; Col Marston, of the Second regiment New Hampshire Volunteers; L. !'rnyn,of Alhaiiv; J. Kemp, of Muscatine; S Kellogg, of CUca; J and W Molllt, of Hulfalo: J T. Antes, of Massachusetts; W Podd, of Cincinnati, and T.J York and It. Field, of Now Jersey, are stopping at llic Astor llouso Hon Thog F. Marshall still remains confined to his bed it'New|)ort, Ky., with a broken arm,Jreceivcd by lading down a flight of stairs. Our War Maps?Colored Ktlition. A new edition of the HERALD War Maps, on calendered pa|HT, beautifully colored, is uow ready. Pize of sheet 40x50 Inches; contains thirty.four maps:?Tim Battle ' Fiklo at Boll Run; A Birp's Eye View or the United States; large maps of Missouri and the Peat or War in run West and tho Peat of War in Virginia, and thirty at hois, showing at a glauce the Whole Seat of War, aud marking clearly and distinctly the armies'movements positions, camps, harbors, forts, &c., printed in superior style, on one sldo of a large sheet, so that thev can be hung up in library, office or workshop, for preservation and reference during the war. These maps were drawn and engraved expressly for the NEW YORK HERALP, and are tho most perfect War Maps issued. Single copies > 25 cents; 6 for $1, 45 for 16 and 100 for f 12 50. Agents wanted everywhere. Address EDWARD F. Ll-OYP k CO , exclusive agents for tho colored odllion, 208 Broad way, Now York. Official Drawlngt of Wood, Eddy & Co.'s KENTUUJY AND MISSOURI STATE LOTTERIES. Kenti'ikv, Extra Class 433?August 13,1861. 77, 53, 3?, 2(5, 54, 78, 24, 44, 71. 56, 1, 04, 46. Kentucky, Class 4-s4?August 13,1861. 22, 43, 70. 31, 13, 58, 62. 61. 26, 46, 48, 38. Khntuckt, Extra Clash 435?Acgu3t 14. 1861 74, 43. 25, 64. 19, 39. 46, 68. 9, 27, 9, 57. Kentucky, t"LAss 436?August 14, 1861. NOT RECEIVER circular? tcui irce 01 cuargc i y snurcssingoiiner 10 WOOD, EDDY & CO., Covington, Ivy.,or St. Louis, Mo. Boyftl Havana, Lottery?Prize* Cashed and information furnished by CHASE & CO., Hankers, J6 Walt street, New York. Roy?l Havana Lottery?Prizes Cashed. Circulars and information furnished Address Don Rodri gucz, New York Post oilice Twenty-four Card Photographs taken from life for $1 Amhrotypes, Card Visits. Parlor Portraits. fcc., at HOLMES' Park Gallery, 284 Hi midway. Batchelor's Hair Dye?The Best in the world; harmless, reliable and instantaneous Sold and applied at BATCHELOR'S Wig Factory, 16 Bond SVect. Cristadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and TonC, the best in Ibe world; wholesale and retail, and the privately applied nt No 6 Aslor House. Trusses?Marsh & Co.'s Radical Cure Truss, No. Vescy street, Astor House, opposite the church. Barry's Trlcopherous In the Best and Cheapest Article for Dressing, Beautifying, Curling,Cleaning, Preserving and Restoring Ibe Hair. Ladies, try itSold by all Druggists. Beautiful Complexion?Laird's Liquid l'earl has achieved a celebrity as having no equal for preserving uud beautifying the complexion 439 Broadway. Dr. Tumbl-ty's Pimple lianishcr?Price $t per b-itiln. Sent by mail or excess to any address. ? Office 499 Broadway Hill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and wqiskcih, i uarciay biruei iiair aye, oue., oiacic or brown, best lu use. Trusses, Elastic Stockings, Shoulder Braces, Suspensory Bandages, Ac. T>R3. GI.OVEK & THORNE, No 4 Ann street, uirJet Barnum's Museum. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, August 14?G P. M. Wc have pleasure in stating that, after scvera, days' debate, the banks of flie cities of New York, Philidelphia and Boston have at length agreed with the Secretary of the Treasury for the money required by the government. The committee met this morning, and, after some discussion, agreed to report in lavor of the purchase by the banks of 50,000,000 of 7 3-10 per cent Treasury notes, the banks retaining the privilege of subscribing for another 150,000,000 on the 15th of October, and $50,000,000 on the 15th of December: provided, always, that the Secretary issued no other Treasury notes or bonds during the above interval. A strenuous effort had been made by tlio Bank of Commerce to secure permission for the Secretary " to issue demand notes, but a majority of the members of the committee?led by gentlemen whose hostility to the whole negotiation was markedvoted down the proposal. The bankers met at three o'clock P. M., at the American K.vjhangc Bank, to receive the report of the committee. The following portion of the report was proposed, y: debated nud carried, with the amendment '"slated 5 upon by the Hunk of Commerce:? 1( Au immediate is-ne to bo made by the TrotBury 1.#. ?"i partinnnt. tlaivd August 16, 1K61, untl bearing int?*r?*t o'J Iroru that date. c?!' Troasury notes bearing iutcn Ht ill 7 MO, J1 to the extent of lb*y million dollars. The banks of New York. It-sten and Philadelphia x-soclated to take jointly lll( this litly iii:Iii<>i)s at pin , w ith tlio privilege of taking at j,t par an udctdwial till\ milkou (Ktolior 15, liy giving their deoisieii to the Department tlctnlier 1; and nlso at ii j |mr lllty million IVe.-mher 15, by giving their deeislon & I tToniber 1. unless s i id amount shall have b. en previous. m ly Hubs, nhed as a n iiiouul loan, il being underklupd nml , ,( agreed that 1)0 idlu'r government stotts. bonds or lYon- ^ cry notes, exrepl I hose payable on demand. shall tie U0- |( L'oi'Hied or paid out by the government until lebruai> I, j, l-thi. shiiiild the assiH-iatis avail of both |nivd m?a?or j tllilil Herein!) r 15,18?1. should they avail of the first o, only?<>r until Itetoher 15, lkdl. if they tike but tlio o( present fifty million?exe pi thai the govcrniii nt may ue jotialo in Europe, or through suhsei iptii ns to tin* uu tionul loan. ?( On the passage of this resolution, which secures jo the negotiation, a motion to adjourn to eleven ^ o'clock A. M. to morrow was at onoe carried. it The monev market continues dull. Paper is 3d IOC very scarce, and capitalists are content to await 10(] the developcmcnt of the schemes for supplying the IOC government with money. On call, with sound collaterals, the brokers are borrowing at 1 a 5 per lu cent. , TIlP fort'lVn nvt'lifinffo mnvl-nt r>1/?er./l /lull u-illi a downward tendency. Hates must fall lower yet before it can be profitable to import ggld. Bank- ^ ers ask 107 a *4 for sterling and 5.H5 for franca. pt!li Stocks opened this morning with an improving 1 tendency, the battle in Missouri being regarded as tha at least drawn. There was a fair demand for two lotyear Treasury notes at an advance of K per cent. Hoi State stocks were active but irregular. Tonnes- mo sees rose Vb. hut Virginias fell l/t and Missouris It is supposed that some of the sales of Virginias snj were for the account of parties who were in possession of tlic information given below. The >iu general railway share market was better than it was in the street last evening, after the first news in of the figlit in Missouri; but comparing the prices V?i with tlie last authorized quotations of yesterday ^ they show a decline of in New York Central, % urtl in Michigan Central, in Illinois Central and % m" in Rock Island. As the session progressed hew- ^ ever, the better feeling increased, and at the adjournment the decline had been recovered. Re j0* tween the boards the market was firm, n good mi effect having been produced by rumors tbat tlie u<" banks were concluding a satisfactory arrangement t with government. At the second board the whole cl'j market was better, and closed steady, the follow- ,1,, in<? l>eintr the last quotations:?United States 6's, "1" registered, 1881, 87% a %; Virginia 6's, 54 a %; a j Tennessee G's, '45 a %; Missouri (i's, 43% a 44; "a Pacific Mail Steamship Company, 77% a %; New Wj York Central Railroad, 74% a %; Erie, 26% a %; rat Hudson River, "3% a 34; Harlem, 10% a 11; do. ^ preferred, 2(1 a %: Reading, 38% a %; Michigan 8}j Central, 42 a %: Michigan Southern and Northern 'j'Jj Indiana, 13% a 14; do. guaranteed, 28% a 29%; K,l; Panama, 100 a 107; Illinois Central, 04% a 65; <la- J' J lena and Chicago, 66 a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 'joi 30% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 40 a %. ?"!. Letters received here to-day from the South atj,' mention that a hill 1ms been introduced into the $2 Confederate Congress at Richmond, confiscating '''{' all Southern bonds and evidences of Southern km State indebtedness which are not registered by a ' ' certain date as the property of citizens of the Con- tan federate States, or of citizens of nations at peace J with them. It is added by the letter writers that j the bill will probably become a law. We arc thus ~0r enabled to understand the heavy purchases lisj of Southern bonds which have been made ? for Southern account within the past month. ^ The confiscation of Southern bonds held at use the North has evidently been contemplated for some time, and no one who has observed the ti tenor of rebel legislation can doubt but it will be '"jj vieorouslv carried out. It will lie merelv another ...... step iii the career of repudiation and dishonesty mo* which the rebels have chosen. No idea can be p1]! formed of the amount of ..Virginian, Tcnnessees, wei North Carolirius, I.ouisianas and Georgias held at nnjj the North. Perhaps $.15,000,000 will cover the ch? whole amount hold, including the bonds in the ! bands of savings banks here and banks of issue at S the West. The whole must now be considered *'?! valueless. We take pleasure in recalling, in this t connection, the repented warnings we have given av" our readors against purchasing any of the bonds of the rebel States. hnli As the Vandcrbilt steamers have again been ^4 brought upon the tapis by the agents of the Navy 53} Department, it is worth while to state once more 7^;. the position in which their case stands. Mr. Van- T derbilt has offered them to the government for naval or transport service?for either of which- V they are the most suitable vessels sailing under the """ United States (lag. He is so anxious that the Vandcrbilt should be employed in the national ser- c vice that he has offered to give her, stMr for nothing, to the government; this offor having been informally declined, he offers f? to sell her, the government to appoint three ap. ,.,Ij praisers to fix the sum to be paid for her. He Mr. offers, also, to sell his other steamers to government on the same terms?that is to say, at a price K fixed by the department's own nominees. No steps whatever have been taken by the Navy De- k<t partment to accept those liberal offers. There i3 ,v no ship in the world so well adapted for the chase [ 1 of privateers, ,or the transport of troops, or tlie } blockade of the principal Southern ports, as the Vandcrbilt. She Is the fastest ship afloat, is built 14. with unusual regard to strength, and is so staunch ( ?,L fi oraft flint, lior ntvnor novrr iriouirml lior.*. v i ly armed and manned, she would long ago j "*'J have caught the rchel steamers which have rosi been running out to sea and capturing scores of I J*'1', prizes under the noses of our slow going ships- ^ of-war. The other vessels of Vandcrbilt's flnet would also constitute an invaluable addition to our naval force. Why is it that they have not nis been secured? Can there be any excuse for such 1 shameful neglect of the commercial and shipping interest? Can it be wondered at that people out should conclude that Vanderbilt's vessels have not w,, been bought simply because lie refuses to make T terms with the lobby which controls the Navy Dcpartment? iwc The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows J to-day:? 3m Receipts $130,930 24 Oft ?for customs 5,000 00 I ?Treasury notes , 30,160 00 a|'' Payments 339,784 61 ? '' Balance 5,110,706 18 out The Indemnity Fire Insurance Company lias do- )ir. clarcd a semi-annual dividend of four per ceut, pay- I i able on demand. ?ni The Lenox Fire Insurance Company has declared c<t a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, payable (]l' on demand. nc The Pacific Mail Steamship Company has dc- 14 elared a dividend of five per cent, payable on the < 22d inst. Tu The exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this * , morning were $1Q,436,0GG 91, and the balances $804,011 36. th' The Merrimac Company, in Lowell, will shut Pa down their entire works in about two weeks. The 0 ' Lowell New says that nearly every corporation in i that city has been partially or entirely closed. The annual report of the Pennsylvania Coal Com- ?? pany shows earnings for the year ending May 1, ric 1861, of $291,722, equal to nine per cent on the 0-f capital stock, out of which two dividends of V/t f(. per cent each have been declared. pa Stock F.uhange. no Wk&nfsoay, August 14 1861. 1 $1000 t'S6's, '81,cou 88 20 shsPacilic M PSCo 75)4 th 5000 t! S 5's, 1S65 . 86 73 do 76 ny 1O0O0 Treas 6 p c 2 y 96 50 do ,. . 761J 25500 do 96)4 60 NYCeaRR.exdopg 74 in' 600 do 98'4 100 do pAc 74 sci 3000 Michigan 6's .. 80 200 do bOO 74 fT lOOOTcnn <5 s,'00 .. 45 50 do pAc 73?? 45000 do , 44*4 10 MlchS ft NI BR. 14 esi 12000 do..., ... 44 '4 60 Mich S&NIg s b60 20 11 5000 do 86 44 >4 fiOF.riCFR 26*4 ivTO do 86 IW do,mi;.?3Q <W 1^' EW FORK ItESALD, 1 >000 Virginia fl's .630 62?,' 50 Mlcb O n RR. MO 4} rooo do 5:'. I, 50 do b30 42 &00- Uo 54 130 do 42 000 Missouri fl'x.Sd 43 f>0 do 41 (XX) do M0 4iU, 20 do 41 WW do 43'4 50 do . ..sl5 41 ?00 do bl& 43J, 5 I'aniimn RK 10* Uo 43), 60 111 Central RK scr 64 K)0 Uo 1)10 43^4 100 do s30 63 KlO Uo 441?j 5 (lev,Col li ( In RR 04 KXiMoOsHn 'IIAStJK 45 100G?lAi('ldRR...o 66 100 I .on Is lank 6's.. CI 60 do 06 100 N'l'nrolinaO, Sd C6 50 do slO 05 KM) do 66 lOOClev ti Toledo HI! 20 XX) Georgia 6h .... 70',' 300 do *30 29 too do 70 loo do 2'.?: KXl (nllfornla 7's.. 76', 1000 do 20 lOOMcliCUpclinsffb 97 60 Cliicngo & R IRR. 30 IsbsMelro|nBank 83 150 do. ....... 40 I I KiLuW ludCaualCo 84 loo do 29) 1 IVuOniilCo.ox div 764' 100Clil,BuriQu'cvRK 68 I l'ui iflc .US SCo.sOO 75>,' SKCOND BOARD. XX) I'S6 s,'81. reg 87', lOslis Initi.VTra 111k 78 00 TroaO pct,2yrt? 96', 30 rnciti, Mail SS (<> 77' 00 do 90), 60 do *30 76' 00 Troa 12|)<lnotrs 101 >4 26 do 77' 100 111 Canal bd?,-60 80 100 do SCO 77 K)0 Louisiana 6 a-. 65 10IN YCentRKexd|>\( TP 00 Kentucky 6 s.. 7714 loo lino RR 20' lOOTcnn 8's, 90.. 44', 485 Krlo RR preferred 46' 00 <lo 45 35 III (Vol KR scrip 04 OO Missouri 6 s.. . 44 150 Clove A iol RR 30' 00 do b30 44'4 100 do .. .Mo 80) 00 Erie RR 5inl>sl0 64 1060 do 30> 1 shsGmlinentuirk 69 loo CI11 6 Rock 1 RR. 40' I MttropoiUuiBuik 82 100 ?l ?, 404 UTI tUMMGUClAL HEPODT. Wtiisifii*v, August 14?0 I' M uktrcs ?Sa'es 40 bills at 0.'?c fur pots anil 5,','c. fo iris. Iksadstcfvs ? The supply of flour was limited, and a i demand wits fair, prices were advaucing Th ul sales were 2t> 000 I bis. State ami Western, 1,100 liblilheru an 1 000 bbls Canadian, live flour anil cor ill were quiet Wo quote:? lerliue Stale Flour $4 36 a 4 4 tra State, good to choice 4 55 a 4 7 Kjifliie Western 4 32J?lt 4 4i union to choice Western extra 4 50 a ti ft ir.i t'.ina la 4 05 a 75 ted to straight Southern 5 10 a 5 7 tight to good extra do 5 SO a 8 7 doe extra family and baiters' brands.. 8 70 a 9 0 e flour 2 75 a 11 5 u meal, Jersey unit lirandywine 2 80 a it J Vhual, ui the absence of supplies, was eagerly sough sr. and prices were Higher and unsettled Sales wer do of 141 000 bushels at $1 30 a f I 33 lor whit ' Ken by $1 33 a f 1 33 for wlulu Canadian and Westeri 22 a $1 25 for red and amber winter Western, Mr 1 12 lor Milwaukee club and amber Wisconsin, mid90c 103 for Chicago spring Coin was in demand, uin i.OOO bushels were sold (it 40c a 49c for Wi.derl ted, according toquality Hye and oals were firm, bu active Barley was neglected, though liberal arrival re reported T.." weiu ml ingod 'orro.s ?There was more flrmti ss in ijio market In and prices closed 011 a basis of 18'?c for iiaiddliui lultds, with sales of (UK) hales Vn ?There was more demand for dry cod, at $3 .'IT1 8 60 for St <;< MTge's Bank; but a limited business waj lisacted in nmckercl and berritg at former tpiolaltons ich holders insist on. 'KKiuiira?Jlte engagements were light today, am es were a little irregular, To l.lverpool, there weri pped 4.000 burets Hour at Is. 6d. a 2s , 14,000 httsheli eat at it I , in ship's bags, and 12,(KM) bushels corn a Id. n 8J4d., in bulk aud bags To Lotnlon, there wen ; it 2,000 barrels flour at 2s. 9d'., and 12 500 buslieli at ul O'^d a9!,d in ship's bags To Havro, the en [emeiils were 500 barn Is flour at 70c , and iflo.uut diets wheat at 18c. in shipper's bug-c To Antwerp DO bushels rye were engaged at 11V' , in ship s bags Lilasgtiw, 500 barrels flour ou private terras. To lit is ,s 600 barrels flour at 2s 9d., and n boat load of wheal 5<4d., in ship's bags. hi it.?a fair demand existed for raisins at $2 40 i 50 for layers, and $1 65 a $1 75 for btmcb; also for cur ts atCJic. Iav.?Was (pilot, but quoted at 40c. a 62, lor al ds of bale. 11iocs ?Holders were willing sellers, but not dis|iosc< educe prices, and sales were conseipiently uiiutipor t, with a very Icrge stock on band. logs were saleable at 18c. a 26c. lor lest vo..r's growth Artis were in demand at II 15 for .ink.?There was some inquiry for common Rockland a' i., and lump at 80o. Ioi.assks?Hales were made of lOOhlids.. mosily Fug i Island and Porto Itico, ;>( 28c. a 31c i'avai StoreJ.?Crude turpentine was held above tin wg of buyers and was quiet. The sales of spit ds tur itinc weiv S00 bbls. at $1 10a$l 12,'i- Tliere was im tal activity in rosin, and 10,000 bbls. cliungod h inds stly al $1 62';. a #4 87,1, for common, ami }6 a $7 fot I. The re wtis nothing done in tar. ins?11 tlders quoted prices steady, hut reported ut torlunl transactions iu any description. r ivisions.?tT e downward tendency in the market Pn k oontlnned, and 400 bbls. sold at $16 a$16 I2K fon 'S.und $10 12Jj u $10 25 for prime licet was tlrnri <12 25 a $13 25 fur extra mer--, and $1) 25 a $11 25 I'm ackcd mess, with sales of 250 I b'.s. The Rales of lard re 300 pnekagrg, at 8^t.a#14e. Cut meats, bullei I cheese wore unchanged. licit wus unusually active, speculate) s having pur sed freely, and from 1 200 to 1,500 casks wre report sold at from 6c. a 6^e. aud even 7c., establishing at anco of ,kjc. a Ja'e. per lb. 11iaktv?< uou coiisiucrnme aiU'UIIOtl. .1111 M hhdg. changed bands nl GJ^'r a 6V. allow.?There were 25,000 lbs.,gold at Ht^r. a 8>?e has.?The sltle at auction to-day brought together ai rage representation of tlie trade, and the bidding win rlted for all really desirable Iota, the prices of whirl e very flnn. Out of u catalogue of about 3,Off f chests some 1,400 wore sold, Including youni ;on at 04r. u 72c.; hyson Pekoe, 32>$c ; Twa'nkay ?e. n SOljjc.; gunpowder, 62Jic a OP"Jr.; in?|>cml ^c. h 57r.; Jajmn oolong, 4fc. a 50'?e.. Souchong Je. a 38>$c.; Congou, 4S>?c., and Ooolong, 24,'Jc. ii ., usual terms. ouacco.?Owing to the light stoik business was tame htvls. Kentucky were sold at 7c, a 8e. and 187 easel 1 leaf at f?e u 16c. Nothing wis done in Spanish i'uiskry.?The sales amounted to 700 bids, and were ttly at 10!?o., with some small lots at ltPfe Married. UAMUKKMN?Mkrcimjoti.?On Tuesday, August 13, il Stephen's church, by Itight Rev. Archbishop Hughe* John k. CiiAMnEKi.ix, of St. I/iuU, to Miss Ki-Uahkti '.at-Ltorr, of this city, t. Ism is paper? please copy. il'nki.ttY?Reynolds.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, August at St. Mary's church, by the I! v l> V, SI. J> boson. WtuitM UictiARn Dt'vklky, of Northampton, England, rfiss Julia Krancks,second daughter of Harvey RoyIs, ICsq., of this city. ki.i.kk?Kkmo?On Tuesday, August 13. at St. rani's roll, Fourth avenue, by the Rev John It Hnginy hy P. Keller to Mary I., daughthr of the lat i 11. t . np, all of this city. f.wiiochc:?l.aiin,?fu Baltimore, on Tuesday, August at the residence of the bride's fathor. by the Rev. K. iazlewood, Charles Nkwuouku, of New York, to Malv .auk, of Baltimore uiifornia papers please copy. icr?Cotr.-man.-a-iu Brooklyn, on Wednesday, August by Rev. I/trauel Burge, A. T. J. I'.kk to I annis. II riu.N. itkkr.?Beam.?On Tcusday, August 13, by Rev. Hr v.i . Taylor, Thomas B. Tucker to ilrs. 1/ii.wa F iM, both of Brooklyn. /ay?JiMNSo.n.?on Wednesday, August 14, at tin ideiice of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Iv. P. Ileh d, II. Franklin Way to Katharine Hkhiiekd, daughtei " R' """ i m? mill] WICk Uebberrt, all ol Maspetli, Island. Dlcrt. .sdfsson.?Marcarkt Ann, daughter or James and Ag Anderson, aged 2 years, 9 months and 5 days, ho friends and relatives of the family am res|>ectfiill; it'.'d to attend ill funeral, from No. 041 Hudson street i (Thursday) afternoon, at hall pan one oVlock, with further notice. illkx.?On Wednesday, August 14,, daught r o it. K. and Katc'Xllen, uged 2 months, lie relatives mi l friends of the family are r. -p e.tfullj itcd to attend the fuureal, from the residence ol ii ems, lit) Greene street, tins (Thursday) afternoon, a i o'clock. hiladolj Ilia papers please copy. Iaxtuii?On Wednesday, June 14. after a short illness r. Haxtkr. widow of J?amuel Baxter, in the 80th yea i"r age. lie friends of the family arc respectfully invited t end tli- funeral, tins (Thursday) afternoon, at twi lock. from lier late residence. 139 Charles street, with further notice. ion est an ?On Tuesday, August 13, of congestion of th tin John Hokum an aged 42 years. I'lic funeral will take place this (Thursday) afternoon two o'clock, fr? ni his late residence, corner ol .-milI 1 Iicgraw streets, Brooklyn. The friends of the de iscd are respectfully invited to attend. JCRKK ?At No. S7 Kssex street, Jersey City, on Tues y, August 13, at six o'clock in the morning. 11 knk vooneesi son id' Chas. and Henrietta Burke. ace months. rln' fini-tal will take place this 'lay (Thursday). '.'a" At Portchostcr, Westchester county, o esilay, August 13. Am hi I)., Infant son of Uriah K. uu rah K. Carpenter, aged C weeks fl days. I'ansimti ? On Wednesday. August 14, Bcthany Ca> aged id years, (I month* ami 14 days. The friends of the family are hereby invl'cd to atlcn 0 ftineial, from the resideneo of hcrson ln law, Job cker,No 4 Vandatn sheet. on Friday afternoou, ut tw dock, without further notice. I'rovMence papers ph i s ? copy. Crosby?Suddenly, on Sunday morning, August 10, t iriches, Suffolk oounty, L. I.. Fli3sabktii Petty, the h< red wife of Holer Crosby, of this city, aged 31 years, rnths and 8 days. Her remains were interred at Mi lies. PttMrrrv.?On Wednesday morning, August 14, at or dor k, Wu.t.iAM Dkmpcby, son of William and Ann Demy y, aged 10 mouths. i'he funcrulwill take place from the residence of hi rents. No 42 Washington street, this (Thursday) aftei on, at two o'clock. Ki kki ?On Wednesday morning, August 14, Fi.orknoi e beloved daughter of Samuel and lizzie Eckel, aged inths and 20 days. The frt ' relatives of the fnmily arc rospertfull rltt d k Mt. nd the funeral, at their residence In EH ;ht j mud street, between Third and Fourth avenues, ill" hursdav) morn lug, at eleven o'clock FltUiCsox.?"n Wednesday, Aug. 14, Jonx Prax, yoiim 1 sen of John and Kcbecca Ferguson, aged I year at: days. Tlie friends and relatives of the family aro respectful1 ( io Ut'j funeuM, ou Friday afternoon,i "HURSDAY, AUGUST 15, is 1/ x.u'C{' 0 Vli'ck. from the residence of hi.-1 areut.-i, 113 Went i, TweriMe'h stroet ( ? On Tuesday, August 13, Ann Cailaiuiik. >, wife of John (lallaeher. a native of county Is'trim, Iroluu't, ij aged 17 yours <4 Tin- funeral \Cill take place tlii.- (Thursday) afternoon, i, at two o'clock-, from her late rest fence, No. 34'J liegrnw street. llro. kh n The friends of the family, and thes of her aon-., Cat; i James atol Michael (ialla?l?or, ure requested toalieiid. Hi'stko.? M (in cnwleli, Conn ,on Tuesday August 13, ?, Mrs. N inch m , widow of Drake Muted. I The relatui and 111. tills o the family, are respectfully inviti'd to :?llorui ? ? ,**'1 giitionnl church, In* Crct'iiwlrli, Conn., tlitl (Thursday) afternoon, at halt nasi two o'clock, ij IIininman?(in Moniliiy. August 12, of consumption, i' ICnwiN A. II'.m OMAN, aged32 yi are. His rcniuit,.- were interred in <irecnwood. IIkaiv.?On Wedn-s lay, August'14, Catiiahim Hkai.y. aged 1 your, s mouths and 2 days. Tlio friends of iho family aro respectfully Invited to at

tcmkalic funeral, lYoni tho residence ot hor parents, 178 Wost Tenth street, tills (Thursday) afternoon, at li.ilf past one o'clock. '' 1>m: ?In Itrooklyn, on Tuesday, August 13, after a long ? | anil p.untnl lllln s, Mam Kvai.KNA, eldest daughter of i Frederick mid Sophia Line, aped 7 years and 2 months. Martin?flu Wednesday, August 14, of dnuwy, Mary " Martin, w ife of John Martin, (Incensed,-aged 51 years. ' Ttie friends of the family, and those of lier son in law. ' CIihi les Neary, are resp'etfully Invited to attend the fn Herat, on Friday afternoon, at nno o'clock, from St. An ? drciv's church, whore solemn high mass will be offered ' for the repose of her soul. The remains w ill lie interred " in Calvary Cemetery. ' Mawtink ?tin Tuesday, August 13, of cliolora: nfnntum, a William I'iikhkiuc, only child of Win. M. and Augusticue I. Marline, aged 11 moiiltis and 2fl days. The relatives and friends of lit i family are invitod to attend the funeral, wiihotft further invitation, from tlio residence el li s grandfather, Captaiu (ieorpe F. Uritton, r Seventy-eighth street, n ar Third avouue, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Nolan.?In ltrooklyn, on Tuesday, August 13, after a s lingering illness, Ann Nolan, w idow of John Nolan, aped e 69 y-nrs. i The friend - and acquaintances of the family are respect fully invil"tl In attend Hie funeral, on Friday morning, at hull past ti n o'clock, from llic Church of tic Assumption, corner of York and Jay struts, Urooklyu. Her icmuiiis 5 will he taken to Ciliary (emetcry for interment. I *- i.i.?On Wednesday, Angi si, 14, Ki.i/.aiikui C. 1'ks 5 cut. wife of Antonio lvsrin,aged 30 years, u The frh hds arc res c tl'ully inviii ii to at tend the fuue li ral, tills (Thursday) afternoon, lit two o'clock, from No. f, 479 1'enrl street. 5 I'RtwKK ?On Wednesday, August 14, Anna C. M. A., I) daughter of John 11. and Autu Calhiiua I'rusor, aged n II months and 10 days. j nie relatives an I friends of the family are respectfully , Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, nt lialf |ia*l one o'cli* It, from the residence of lo r pa e rents, No. 37 Park street. f Revnoi ii.' ?On Tut* lay, Aegi'rt 13,Fkanck< IIkcnoi os, relict ol W in. Reynolds, aged 70 yeais. The relatives and friends of tho family are Invited to attend tlie funeral, from her lata residence In Fin> se . con I street hctween Kloveuth an I Tw dftli amines, this (Thursday) afietnoi n, at two o'c'ock. Her remains will ' he taken tot: u-enwood for I'lteimenl. Hkiii?On Wednesday, August 14 after a short illness, s Maria Rkip, a native of Mouusteruvean, county Kildare, Ireland, agisl 40 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral,on Friday afternoon, at half-past one o'chu k. from the residem e of her mother, 10 Amity place. * Wk:oesmi tier.?on Wednesday, August 11, W'ii.ijam (jrsTAV, eldest son of Frederick and Kli/aheth Weidomnul1 ler, aged 4 years, 10 months and 26 days. * The relatives and friends of the family arc invited to" ' attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one . o'clock, from the residence of his parents, No. 30 itcthuno street, corner of Washin -t. u 8 Yoi no.?On Woducsduy, August 14, Catiikkink Yot'NO) ? aged 34 years. ' The friends and acquaintances of the family are respect ' fully invited to at ten I tic funeral, from her lute resl 1 deuce, 27 Oak street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two ) jjgj BIISCRLIaANBOVB. A T S3. IMU'III.F SOI.l. SllOhX; AI SO AT S3 50. A Qui I toil Cuii ross (outers, a new style, at JONES' 10 and 12 Ann street. A CARD FOR I'll!: I IMi s ?WRITING LS90N8, FIFTY cents. No money in advance. OLIVER 11 (SOLI(SMITH, No. 6 Fourth avenue. C' 10HNS, I'.I'MoVv IS\ I It'll I? SAMS, KN LARCH) ) Joints, and all diseased or the feet, cured without pain or Inconveuleuce to the |>ati.-nt, by l)r ZAQIAKJK, Surgeon Chiropodist, 700 Broadway, ltefers to pliysi I cians and surgeous of this city. nit Bithhis, niK chiropodist, is a wondi riti. operator; his method of treating corns, bunions, i? had nails. &e is perfection itself. Suffer no longer from these terrible evils, hut submit their treatment to the clonos and skill of Dr. IIKIGUS, at No 212 Broadway, , corner of Fulton street. I .EMPIRE SEWING MACHINES?CELEBRATED FOR j simplicity , durability and elllcleucy for families and manufacturers. Agents wanted, at ,r>IO Broadway. TTjVUTS ARK STUBBORN ?ItK.ll>. No H Marion Sirkkt, Nkw York, .Wfy 20, IKfll. I I(kar IXstok?1 havo been nttlictcd with total deafness, r and this morning I was Induced to pay you a visit No one can imagine my delight when, after one operation at your hands, m.v hearing was suddenly, and without pain, restored to me, for which I feel very grateful. Alter i being totally deaf, almost shut out from the pleasure of using so necessary sense, to have it returned, and to hear I so distinctly reflects great credit on you for the immense amount of skill you possess. 1 l> g to thank you for what 1 can so truly api>reciate I am, sir, your obedient sori \ ant EDWARD TEMPLE HARRISON. CROSS EYE CURKlI IN ONE MINUTE?READ I Nkwark, N J., August 14, MM. ) Dear Doctor? r I write to express my thanks for the great difference you have made in iny ap|h-arance by your ojieral ion. 1 have hud a squint or cross eyo since my btrlb, and in less than one minute, and without pain, you made my i eyes perfectly straight and natural Your talent should certainly be known to sufferers everywhere. WILLIAM FIN DELI., i Druggist, corner of Plane and Bleocker streets. 107 Clinton place, Eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues TM10P.TANT. - LETTERS. Letters for New Orleans nnil all places South should be sent bv Express id No 74 Broadway I J ' T YON'S POWDER AND HIS PILLS I j All the insect tribe will kill. All genuine Lyon's Magnetic Insect Powder and Pills bear Hi" !lie Sltnuc 01 r. j.yon. aii miiers arc counterfeits ft base imitations I tenure of uiiprinoiplcd imitators Sold tiy 11 S IIARXES, No. 202 Broadway, and by ail r spec table dealers. TJATKNT UNFERMEN'TED BREAD. J Absolutely pure, made by a process which is declared by the College of Physicians in I.onilon to bo the only [ | true and natural 0110, uiid by which all ilie nutritious and pal,liable iitialili s of I lie wlieul ale preserved; raised with out yeast, baking powders, alkalies or any corrupting ingro.ti sits; keeps mo,st for many da)s, never sours'.conl tains t\\i< e as much notition as any other bread, and warranted the Inst in the world. For sale at tho manufactory, ldl East Fo utocnth street, one door from the Acade- I my of Music. Wild also nt'-I H Sixth av't iie, one door nb hi Twenty sevenlli street: 1120 Fourth avenue, near Twenty fourth street, uud at UT5 Eighth avenue, near , , Twenty ninth street. N. II.?Regularly delivered to families in all parts of the [ city. DAYIB A CO. QTRONG'8 PATENT ARMY TRUNK AND POUTABLI Iledstead coniliined, corner of Warren street and Broadway. Price ?17 nnd $25. COUNTRY BOARD. AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. HUP80N RIVER, ? _l V. forty live minuies by railroad and steamboat from Chambers street, a suit of largo airy Rooms now vacant in 111" Woodland Park House. Tills family mansion, sur ' rounded by thirty acres of picturesque grounds, is be iutifuliy situated on the banks of tho Hudson, w ithin two minutes'walk of the railroad station, I62d street. Fx cellont bathing, boating and fishing. Good stabling. For 1 terms. ki'., apply at the Hotel r't. Germain, coiner of Filth avenue and Twenty second street. . "{BOARD IN THE COUNTRY -AT A FARMHOUSE IN r Connecticut, in an elevated and remarkably healthy 'n / linn Thn tinnirIntor h<? at 112 I'nltt n pt. 1 g : Hoard wanted in the country?for a hentlcman, wife, child ami lmrso, within one or two I hour*' ride ot tin? city: gisid li -n-il ami pleasant location, s Address. stating terms, box 106 Herald oilier. I! TV IK i W A-III NOT-IV ,?TIIE .M-VElUI.-'KIl IIA.- A ' very delightfully located house on the banks of tho I Hudson, with spacious grounds ami elegant garden, ami | would like to makr arratig- monts with parties for the full : | and winter. Address C. E. d.,no. 7 Barclay strcot, up v stair*. rpilE I.A TOURETIK 1 It-USE. llRRtiKN POINT. N J.. I will he kept open utit-I October. Two desirable adits n of Rooms, suitable for families, wrl! bo vacated this work. -1 and may lie scoured if applied for Immediately. Routs leave for the 1a Tourrtte from pier 2 North river, : at 7 20. 11 20. 3:20 and 6:20; from Dry street at 10:30 and 4'30 o'clock. WESLEY W. HILL, Proprietor. " 'TITANTED?COUNTRY BOARD, 'WITHIN ONE HOURS o W sail of th<' city, for a g< ntlcman and wife, two servants and child two years old; also keeping for one borsc. Terms most he modaratc. Address D., Herald office, stating terms. 6 proposals! ) A.-AAAA A . -A...... A-A OFFICE OE CI-ERK OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS? No. 7 Cltv Hall, New York, August 9, 1*01. -c Fealed proposals will bo received at this office until lOlh day of August at 12 M s Eor 260 to 300 tons of the best Anthracite Coal for the r. use of the Courts and Offices of tho County, the luu to bo calculated at 2,200 pounds, it, Also proposals fur 60 cords o' Kindling Wood (pine), 2 cut and split lor use The said Coal and Wood to be de llv-Tcd at such times and placog a3 tlie Committee may y d signate. Tie- CommittQi reserve\Le right to reject any and all 3 propos its JIM.TAH K FURRY, 1 ; WM C CONNER, | 1,1 Com,lliuco' ly .1 AS DAVIS at I ORJsO.S BLUNT, l 61 MF, TIHK. I. [ ?TltOTl'l NCI?MATCH (IKNTKl \ II.I.K (trf i'HK, Ijunfl ami Kriiv Kidding J J botui'vli iti N ?>i; : , 2 iniN .-utnd ruppul, v, Uix-ktiiKlmni, (>ii Thurridtu S u. un'it. > 111 \V. Polite ,' ( iti liarni n.<. |?. I'ullmun num.!* r i. N l'rn|?ri'-torc. :1,l K- g. Uwliin-ham. Ill A l.YS A '" 'M.. _ w, - 'I'M' PETER. 1 17"?H S.\I.! :?THK lltoTTINf! IH1WK t.'X I 4 F A|i|>lv til IHKAM WOOPKl ! '! ,| J] 1'1'I'ITKK.?'111IS < Kf.I'lKItATI.I> TI?miN(i Si"V 1 j i will tli' 11 at i' m.uiT! |? in.iMiiilly ail<-,y ' Columbia iitity, .V. V. at tin' ?< i - !? |i.ivn.'?W ' , v <-t ttdvimci'. > who ilh nut iu'ovo with (' ' will lit* i 1 ma tlod to ncrvl. .'Ilia n xl Mm', r.uti "?i> Klii|>}K'il ?? ?"<I[i.iki' litI'l'i t li_i tlio II -l; m lUllrnud, nr wii la iluilmut' \ f 1 hy, i in' i.r r. i|. Miliar Worth Hoiou, Hud*hi ( b nr further Information tuNrw Jupltor'a 0(0 to ^ _ 4U,? "VTOTICK?MK. KAUKS S SYM'I' M OK WII.P Hi>KHK [ TiUtling.?Tito UU II I.'O^lD'il, v*lm It,in hud gi t'ol i X- ? | |u'i ii'iio* hi llio Mihjm'.i!Ion ol ill. iii' . ; vii'i?ui> ho.". I v Mid ItuH also f?r llti' I At two vnm* l?. ' ii tlio |.rlni'i|.id a I / sistaui to Sir. .1. ltarey.has I lie Honor til .rinooiiriru; to I i~v I lcitizens of New York. Ilrookiyn uud \V illi uu.-l mg. | N. it that ho will shortly give an exhildcioti of his skill in Mio I lli| ues I rum lieliluie. Williamsburg, of which further no. ] ^ tiro will lie givcu. l'm h' Imvirg viesioei or badly broken | ^ horses, who nro tnterosloil in Ilia above system of bubjis gallon, will confer u favor by sending tilo-ir address In in* j ofllrc, 337 Kulton street, Ilrookiyn. Wll.l,1AM CIIII.IiS. I 11 I ?? ,? ?? I 1M* ON KIIIDAY, ltl'll i IN'ST.?MA'll If K?rK $300 A SI UK, i.wn between sorrel gelding Albert Kan bio and bay unl I gelding Niiiwninl: mile heals, host 3 in 3, in harness. Ilorare K. .Ioiiok names NuUvimhI, Jiis. Tnllmiin names Allien Kemtiln. HKV1NS iv I'tiNKI.IN, IToprletors. "XXI N. H?Cars leave Sontli and Knit on lorries for Kust f New York every live minutes, ami tlienee by railroad to I,n o Iraek. Singes leave Williamsburg every half hour. Stage will leave Twenty foni ill street aud Tinrd avetnie direct TK for the traek at two o'clock IV M. 1, j Purse and slake S2.M). on e , , ? Wave IIOHSF.S, CVHIllAUKS, AC. ,l'"'r gnat VI'AIR lit' I Xt'KM.KNT tillAY l'ONIKS, VKUY fast* and unlet in harness, will lie soM for rush, or TK t rade for any descript ion of mereliandise. Inquire of J. 1 I K. ISAAC, banker aud broker, No. 0 Chambers street. and r _____ oomi Vi Asr iitmsi: inn sai.k?<;oks insiue tuf thuke wiU 1 minutes: warranted sound and gentle. Also a Top Muggy aud Harness, city made. Inquire at 373 Canal I atroot. sj a VVKRT 8TYI.1SH KIVK YKAIt OLD I LOOPED MAKE I.'' lor sale?Kree driver and |? rfeetly sound: bright _l\_ bat , black |M>inls and 13 b inds high: or will exchange for 1'ie.u a lower price horse. Apply at 311 Hudson street, in lie- store. I I J, VHOl'SK. CAItT AMI WOKK KOlt SUI.R CHEAP. Japai Inqiiiro al 174 Ctiamhurs street, New York. I > AK(iAJNS.?TWO COl TK ROCKAWAYS, DDT l,IT |\I ) IU? used. for sale very low. Two no top Doggies, -IT* very cheap, Also a splendid assortment of lUs'kiiwuys, Hug"j entirely ui'w. and nun third leas tlmu six 1VT months ago. 11. W. TI1.TON, 450 lliondwuy. .Ill CIARRIAGKS AMI WHISKS SELLING OFF CM MAI'. mil j 100 Carriages, Omuln s, liretts and Ituggios. X 2ft Giwers', Express and llusiness Wagons. cousi 50 lli ig's, fast trotters and small pontes. Hie li Second hand Wagons, all kinds, in good order. oral Kaetory, 184 Kidton avenue; stables, 10 Novins street, llmoklyn. AV I7H)R8ALB?A FINE BROWN MAKE, SEVEN YEARS Wt oi l, 16 hands high, sound and gentle, suitable for a family horse Inquire of I. .v 11.. 11# Broadway. I .TDK SAKE?A HEAHTIIT'L SEVEN YF.aR PONY 1,'r'vi . built sorrel Mare; stylish and free friver; warranted ; in every respect, and will travel twelve miles |>or hour. M?na Price $12S. Als >, I ght Top Wagon and Harness for sale tones cheap. Apidv at .'15 t berry street. mom * IOWU 1,1015 SAI.E?A GOOD DItAY FARM HOUSE. WAR- "io a ranted 8 mud and in good rendition; until Hie 20th arm can he had at hall' price. Impure at the foot of Adams ,[ street, llrisrklyn. W. l'EAHNON. apply j mas i I7I0R SALE?HORsE. Dl'GGY AND HARNESS; Also two second hand Doggies, one new Milk Wagon, one light Express Wagon, one second hand do., two llusiness Wagons, one Iks',tor's llnggV, one double seated Wagon, 1,11 at il'.i East Thirty-second street, between Lexington ami JL Tliird avenues. or eu . Addl I710R SALE?FOR LESS THAN HALE HIS VALUE, A ark, thorough bred Morgan Horse, 15 hands high, 7 years old, snend, kind, handsome and can trot a mile in less T.Ti loan 2 50. Apply at OS llowery. I ? Bf' 1.10K SALE?SEVEN HORSES; THEY ARE ALL FROM . 15)'} to 16 hands high; they are all from six to T ( seven years old^and also one low priced Mare, $50; tli y l j are warranted in every rospocl. To lie seen at 61 )? l'orry to 4S street. ONE I'Allt OF HOUSES WANTED?IN EXCHANGE L for ciglit city lots two miles from Harlem; or n horse, Slieri wagon and harm ss of llrst quality. Call at 256 Grocnwicli dolla street, or address C. 11., same place. Mai ii , and SPAVIN INFIRMARY, 1,500 HROADWAY ?'TWO OR ' I'"'! three more vahinhlo yonug h a s s can now bo ace,out- "J1'1' modaled at this establishment No blistering, no tiring, Troy 1114f :l annodv p isv utiil t'lloptiiiil nirn HUIIU' MILITARY. J"}' ATTENTION?COMPANY H, TWELFTH REGIMENT, 1 l,:lr N. Y. S. M.?The members of the above company Jvlw will meet at their Armory, over Jefferson nwtrket, fit 1 o'clock P. M., tins (Thursday), to rcccivo their puy. Tho ? officers :iiifi lion commissioned officers will assemble at 12 Elov M precisely. liy order of Win. H. McCORMACK, Captain. QT William Kkclt, Orderly Sergeant. IO Commandants of coupanob will meet at the lu'iy Division Armory on Thursday, 16t!i Inst., at 9 o'clock drav in the forenoon, with tlielr muster rolls can plot'". Jty dolls oider. I.iout. OoL ROBERT NUGENT, live Commanding .Sixtynluth regiment. Mee.? COMPANY I, TWELFTH REGIMENT NKW YORK STATE JlX, Troops.?New York, August 14. IStll. The officers (lira and meinlmrsrof this command nro directed to assemble, in citixens' dress, at headi(tiarters, i?04 ilroadwtiy, on Friday, tho 10th msf., at 9 o'clock A. M., to receive their pay due from llio Cniiol States government. Itv prtler tftja of WM. ltAYN'OK, Onptain. J. Aooax,Ordorly .Sergeant. p. (k Headquartrks company r, nnsurm regiment, ? .p New York Stale Troops ?The officers ami members ol Company K, are hereby ordered to meet .at their drill i < m an. over Jeirerson M irke', this morning, at nine o'clock, lust and to deliver up all gova rum nt property,, such us Dees I blankets, overcoats, ktiupso "k , caps, pouches, belts, Ac., prew and to receive their pnynieiits which is due them. """ u JAMES (,'KOMIK, Captain Company F. Thomas Hoistox, O. s. Military notice.-pom pa ny h, eighth kkoi $1 ment New York State Militia.?The members of Hunt this company arc rtspiesled to m "d nl No. fi State street, valm Hattcry, oti Thursday morning, at 8)^ o'clock, in fatigue wan! dress, with Istlts, to receive their pay. Ity order of Win. THOMAS SWANY, Captain. CtOMR REGIMENT WHO MAY DESIRE THE SERVICES ^ of a young man having brains and nothing else, in a the capacity of hospital steward, adjutant's or colonel's J\_ ! cl"rk, may hear of such an one, recommendod from inere.aelile sources, by addressing C. (I. it., hog 131 Herald THE office. - ? - Or CliOTHXMO. W"n vahl V LARGE ORDER ?foots I WORTH OF OKNTI.K.MEN'S cast oil t'in'hue; wonted fbr tie-1Sollfotnla market.? I Oentleinen, I will i?ay fifty iw cent more than any other I AI ?t Weil i(>K' miIU wtHillon :iim1 Tinwlin I )r? ? the highest prices giim-anteed paid, by calling tit or nd- and dressing the now establishment or It. MINT7,, 131 .Sixth the avenue,corner of Tenth street. I jut its attended to by to tl Mrs. .Mint/.. ' V I K'/.KKIKI.'S ( STAND, I.ADIKS AMI i.KVTS ,X V con obtain the usual prices l'or their east nil war- -pi ing Apparel, Cirjiets. Furniture, Jewelry, .Ve. A nett Hob< by post punctually attemlol to bv K., 134 Seventh avenue, jM between Nlnet eiith and Twentieth streets. Indies at ,1|ri, tended to by Mrs. E. / f,,r j V GREAT DEMAND I 'd: CLOTHING.?-I.ADIK.sAMD *',* lentlom i having any Coat Olf Clothing, Farnttars, f, ' Carpets and .b web y. will r. ceivo the highest price by .a,. , calling on or ad-lii ssiiijt A. HARRIS, 68H Third avenue. ']>, Indies atlendod to by Mrs. Harris. _ ,Bt A RARE ' MAN' K ? LADIES AN'lt GENTLEMEN, I {jjjjj want a lot of cost olf Clothing, Carpets and Furni- '' tore, for the Wostern market. I |>romise to pay I tie high ,M:?? est price for them by calling on or addressing a mite to M. , " i'd Sevt nth avonue, b 'tween tMstesntb and Ssven \ teentli streets, t.-idles attended to by Mrs. Mils ' i tain V GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND ">,vil gentlemen having any Cast offdlotbing. Furniture, lnel Carpets and Jewelry to dispose of. wiil recoprp tha high- ! est prion ill cash. by calling on or addressing C. Mish, 302 "ec Seventh avenue, between Twenty-ninth in*l Thirtieth :us ' streets I Ad rttonded to lijt Mrs. Mtsb. l LOAN orncB*. j?J AX iv> BROADWAY ?HENRY HTOAN, Dl \M< ?>;t> lau and Watch Ureter, udvaiKi* on IXmnondg, f f*. or 1 unset: Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or buys the s? at l?'ri their full value lor cash, at H- UVMAX^480 Bros ^livay, * second ft or, andtouowt and MokM * v at guani> j-tHKrr, thuks i<'ohsw,v-t <<*' hl oadw.av.?Moiwy advanced on Watches, I /unionds, wh Jew Iry, 1'late. I?ty Goods and ihtss*ihI projiertje^ every l"1 ,1-- rrptfn.or height ami soM hy JIMED'H A. 'i.V.'KStlN, ' atcttonedt and broker. ? tai VT N<> 9 CHAMBERS STRUT?M<KNT/ TO LOAN IM to any amount, on diamonds, watches, jewelry, Ate., Dh hy i lit* well known and old esiabh?ned TSAA <*8^ broker and tl" cot'jtniron merchant, No 0 Chambers st: eel. N. It.?No ty business transacted M Saturday. IUIIS A NUN 11 Id", lllhi.W'W \Y ( i XT?i:it T1IK V! \V j York Hotel, offers to pay the oiliest cash price for lhatnouds, Watch's, old Gold and Silver, or hbcrnl ad,eep llMde. ? | REST AI ,H A NTS. TO SAT THAT A Y ?T.ATr. MAY AT l?l EA-'t.'RK SK W cede from iho l'n on>( ,s p ?ay mat the United States it not a nat.on My ?P .r.lon exsetiy 1 have also another ~l on tiion That my A .. n . cants, is superior to ail otbsrfc l Nj 'I C" st' eel, northwest corner Broadway t'h srtNt'Ut. V' I 5 pj'nwoivAr,. V* 4 Yi?pN(i woman* ta Vru Mvi: n n \ lull brother?u Iu'hIhuiiip, lnl"lllg'tiC Ivy, j:v. I "r|ii:in-t" nnv family Wl*i luu . ill! Ill III ' t? :> 1-j.l lurn . their .... II. I'll .1-0 t'llll oil ,.| ilrnsM -I ( . 11,ml..i 111 C tnliihulou ? roet. I'er e;i.? ieW. i R HAS Ul'lTKM I) Wll.l, KXl'Ki r TO .?( >: Vol I. oil S:?ttir'ln\ OM pi.i t |v,It. 7 Tit*" n. iiocsf.?h it .this ArnutNooN a* k. ' ouo. i .* IAU four <? I'm - p e y. It not , ., ueiit, *eo l5un. .Sum time and pi i< now noon. IHAItl.on MOnt.T WOI K .\IISI- Si I I I'.l ' presented yon nt III. winlie's fiuieral. It i- of llie ' e-i e.iti. I' ctie tlnit Mill rliotu ' f 'n llial lllppnpo i- . Mho witiv When hi town, let i.'V *<:>ow it an w .y. t Kl- m r iii:Wi ' ?i WA8 ONLY six Hot BS oV 9HER0AD .j Mir)<V'v liliitoMl ilrowneil 111 I lie ,[(??... (live orelo-tlM. I"'IIimo| l.oke Miitio|ine M:.-H I.' !* , M ' Vlie- e . a. >'1 ,l,*ar little (inx Smash ft. K. j 1! A ? . -'1 OVKKNoA Wn I.I..UA?THMtK is a I.I-.TTKK ."H? jrouM lh#B4*4ldfth Nil. Al.K PAST K.IJTKt' oY'UM'K A M. ANI> HALF I'AS*! twelve odilhrk ? After mature rvnwiilerallouof wlnii. 'pMMod, I ?!lltik i?tny duty, ik' m-cenary for your IntoreHt. imI i i kioany fm "titer. I*'..r the moat serious honorable r?H?u?na f ?>.?%???<? wani at??? i'MJON SQI'AIIK. IXMMATIONf WANTED?OK .LWIH nONAItl) ,\ Kroiirliiiian !>.r birth, weaver In? trade Addrows A. igaton, box 3,aW Post olttee. THE TWO I.APII'N Wllflt K'<0oi;s//,KD TWO gvutlemon in Fiftfeowtmae, ami also' lit Sixth nveinie, imilay evening laaB, and wlio entered n botise m rty plnee about eight ii rlft k, will aHKwe it note tn Y Allison, Ixi.x a.lHCl'd.H ofliec, they \vtll owfer a favor. GKOROE HICK, FORMERLY ?R<H!KR AT PLY month, Kngland, and left thirt plane about ttvo year* i half sinr.e. supposed now U> to in N'ew Ykirk, will nnniente with W. P., 77 UraeeChtireh stre?</.London loar of something to his advantage. C Q ALL WB I. NO MEH8 i? r o. ATE?HOW IT RAINED. WTl.r, NEXT WHINES day at the same time and plMO wo llrst meisult! i answer. t LAUKATK. r WOULD LIKE TO SEE JIM AND BJLU WHO , rod* up in a Fifth avenue stbge the day of the iieso arrival, and wild tliey hailed front the Seventh. 121 Croc by si reel. i: THEODORE HUNT IS REQUESTED TO GALL AT the foot of 121st street. Ilnrletn river. FISS MARY S.I.I .IS. OS WILLIAMSBURG.?THF.RE IS a letter in the Williamsburg Post ottteo for you. IK YOUNG MAN Wllo l.KST HIS UOMS.ON KIIIPAY morning last,Otli Inst., aud who 8"parMcd from his ,11 at the corner of Fulton street, and Broaiiwav, at u.v i- u ? , .. ....... <MK'? " lOlUIU IniL-t notify them of Iiih safety. ' <?K NI.W V(?KK ?( 11MK TO Ml/] OH whit: . In'foro i am I. I t penniless by your ptr, K. T. stern i>u|wi s please ropy. M. 0. f\(\ Ul AVAlt!WIU. ISK f VII > I'llR TIIK l!lv V/V/ c >very of the body of .lohli Isxisey, who pttatod liitnsrlf from Ibo (lurk of tlie steamboat ThoHunt, while on an excursion to Cltll'wood Orove, on lay, Allium 12, and lias nut been urn <x heard ol i, loot about three or four miles lielowPort Hu b 1. Whoever recovers lite body will receive Clieulmvi nl, ami break the gloom tlial lianas over bis sorrow lothor. He is live fort and seven inches in height hont ID years; liis name Is writtoh in fullon iiis left ? and on Hie hack of his right hand are the initials ot umr iti India iuk. The above ri ward will be paid by inn to the t'onghlin Hoard, 10H Cedar street. The I'leary, 11. Conkliu, Wm. Sauter, committee. I.OST ASiI> FOUND. ?UND?ON THK l<T OT AUUU8T, AT CONKT island, a lady's valitabio Krcast I'm, which tlie own n hare by paying expenses 'and (Moving property era .lames H. Irvin, box 7150 Newark Host office, New N. J. R7ND?A GKNTLEJOfN'8 WATOH CHAIN, WHICH the owner may have by proving property and pay iharges. Call at I OH West Twenty seventh street. 1ST?AUGUST 5, A SUIT, SPOTTED COACH INKS: IiTt eye mill ear lilack. Any one returning the sam< 1 Canal street will ho liberally rewarded. )<T ON Tl'EHDAY, IN GOING UtoM WHITK, ??">? ris k Co.'s exchange olllc in Wall street, t? linnrMi, man & Co.'h, orner nf I lurauil Nassau streets, a lifty r lull on Hank of Commonwealth, a live ilollar lull oil un lUnk, a two dollar hill en City Hank of Brooklyn a 0110 ilollar bill on New York County I tank; also a no for ten hollars, signed by Moore k Nitns.poy to I'aul k (Air I is, ami endorsed by them, payabi* at The Under will be amply rewarded by leaving tlie lit 570 H'oadwuy , I/indon Stereoscopic Co. BAYER AWAY OR STOLEN?ON THE EVENING OP. Saturday, the 10th Inst., a Mack and tan Kiii| les spaniel Hog; answers to the name of Jenny; stu very highly valued by her owner, ha vine bees ght up by her ami been in Iter possession nine years eral reward will be paid for hor return to 44 East euth street. OLEN CR I-OST WHILE PASSING BALE, HI.ACK At Co, s jewelry store, Broadway, Wednesday eveuing list 14, during the visit, there of l*riuce llouaparte ami , a Pocket Iksik, containing $7 in mutiny, one check rn on City Rank by W. 11. McNeil for live hundred irs.lo the order of K. Claypool; one eheek, seventj dollars, drawn by Williams & Aalmry, to order ol longer, (illicit Ac Co., due ltttli August; and some othei tk of no value to any ou<? but the owner. If the esser will send pap us ami wallott to the Clerk of (lie rd House, ho can keep tlw money. HEW1HDH. )i v REWARD.?STOLEN, A GOLD HCNTlNb 5 V/ three ipiartor plate lover Watch.No- 4,153, E mper, maker. Any one returning it to John Man . tkj Kim street, will receive (lie above reward anf .estious asked. 'A REWARD.?STOLEN, t HEAVY GOBO IICNT ing patent lever Watch, hard dial, 1^. Ac U ly. No. 23,157. If returned by a pawubrekor n limn in additmn to the above reward will be paid by lUdorKlgtlcd mill 11(1 qucstil 111.1 Hiked. (.'HAS. 11. l'JKRriON, 71. emit h s'.rcot. | KKWARtl.?I.OST. ON ONK OK THE KOL'KTH avenue cars, on Wednesday afternoon. a gold ing Case Wul' li. Jiileadline iiKen-ttiaknr. It is chielly d nr; the gilt of a deceased iriund. 1 lie above re I will lie paid, and mi questions aeluri, on returning to Herrick, 75 John street. KEW CTBLlClaWBS. ORKAT NATIONAL WORK. SOMETIIINO KOR KVl'HY CITIZEN, EVERY TiRKSIDE, I.VKItY RKADKR. ONLY CORRWT AND COMJ'l.l.TK HISTORY Of TIIR WAR. i Wednesday, August 21il, will die published, the tlrst her of a grout popular national work, of inestimable c toall, viz: ? ^I'HE SOUTHERN REBtfLLION uo en WAR KOI! THE UNION: History of the Rine mid Progress of tho Rciiellion, consecutive narrative of events und Iticid Mils, fioui tlrst stag' *of the treiuwi against thg Keilnhlii: down ie oloflo of t.lie eunllk't, together with the Important imerits and extracts from remarkable speeches. I'KKKI.Y J'ARTS J'J PAGES-IARUK 8VO. 1THCE 10 CUNTS. tie wan; of an tiiitl'Alitic aiid ^thorough 'vtdory of tha illion, for present reference end future preservation, e suh|&'l of go." oral remark. No wm.f of thut ii.i Inert yit been offered to ftp. public, m it ail who wish nfor'1111111111 are compelled.'.. grope thr logh the mazes ie rumors, reports,.despatghos, l 'tte fl and editorials lie daily newspi^Hirs, to . gorecipitate, from their coni. ........ the. f'iicl A unrt mcii'soiAU nf tlui Rtrilif. or Die Union mx-t tliw v?ut, ami *> product vworf of porma <ulue an wi I ua m' present intent, the t??bliithcr arranged for the Issue of the history us above set t. in i for-o,.anil at a price \?.h??U sha)1;, render it ( table to a J. lis history will tell 'i?e story ce it is, giv ?g a clear eoutlve narrative of the entiraaovcm ?A, including he incidents ami cvsats in the r exact order, noil coning the important doeumattts and exorapts from rotable syecjios. It will not Dy a,, mem diary, nor a :c enumeration of <ry and united (later , nor a Compilai of slips from newspaper*, but will portray in contod an i inti resti <g narratate, the re xolutiouury, stops, well as. I lie mea-ures of thy government, t will, thus prove deetraUo, nvailu tic mul satiafactory every citizen, every family, every otflce, and is given the public it? the full asstiranee that it wll',eompi;m 1 a [probation of every j?s>d cltlaiu iu our s'-j" glorious d. o, bs bad of all news ieaiors, iiseUoaaWrijiid booksel* i very where. iitMcrihers studm^ cnc dollaj in a good, sill or posbv1 nips to Kli'K. GERHARD, General Agent for the rublipuWui, Nassau street (post box 4.901), New York tity ' iotn all orders are to bo directed, will receive Uy tju-itl, <t paid, teu nutubeis. 'arties wishing to furnish tb< r frlcmls lit Great Brin, California, Otnada tuwl Australia with the pnbtl'rt n, ]<>st puid|by steamer, will send (for ion nuiuheis), iluding the postage, to tin at Itntain. f-J ill; to t alifoi i.fl 10; to Australia. I'd 20; to Canada, $1 to Inorriug copies the full and exact address. with town, coon* mid Mate, should be given in every instance. JA51V> 1?. TORRKY, Publisher. Id .spruce street, N. Y. FVRNITUfUC* I bedroom sun or bjam&jo furniture i tort'dd ;n all colors, ol warranted mamtfacl , ... soli l Chestnut CI. unbef S tit.-', plant and, II K. rAUK'.ViTo.NX. No diii Canal street. opp..aiW nortcr established in ls4X Vr tJTTEIi SECOND HANI) SCH<X)l. V' RNll'l'RE; 111 ..-t be iii goo.l Oti lition: lie S;j. u i i '.i s a.el airs .x-i-'re-s, sutiug party. lar*. ? 0 >* 9.*00 Ne>* rk I'ost oUice.

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