Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Ağustos 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Ağustos 1861 Page 6
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*1 1 ( ' glTDATIOSS WAV rRD-FEN&LEH. *4 YOUNG KNOLUU WOMAN WISHES To ACCOM P*uy a lady l,r '" >nily lo England, or any part of < Europe; uuderHlan?iB r reach au<i Italian, und Ih willing to c make hoi self geueru #,y uaeful. Addrebb Mrs. C. M., 16 Spring at. ^ A LADY DViSTRKS A SITUATION AS COMPANION TO !i XL an Invalid lady, or to one about to travel; iacoin- \ pelcut to give inatructiou to young children, and would I not object to asaiet in household I ties and make herself ] generally useful; 1'efcrt'Ucea exchanged. Addront E. F., i Canandalguu, N. Y. ___ ' A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IN A private American family, n* tliambrrinaid or waller. Call at t#6 av. A, third floor. A Sin Alios W.'MIJI?HY A ItlOa'FCTAllI.K Wo man, an cook, washer andIroner, or lo do general housework: no objections to the country; bout of rityvererenco. Call at iOO 10th av., coruw of 42d at., for I wo days. I A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPBCTARLE MAS ried s oman, wtto has just lost her b*hy, iih wot nurse. Cm be soon for two dr.ya ut 29 Amity si., Brook lyn. A situation wam-kd-hy a ?.mi. i- a rtUt rate cook, washer ami ironer; bust city reference. tCatl at 132 Kost Broadway, nrst floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY * BSMBCTARLE young woman, as conk, woshor ami ironer; is u good-bread ami blue ud maker: or weald do general house work in u small private family. Hf -t city reference. Cull for two days ut 125 flienwKti avnur AHONTHU NURSE WISHI'.S Id MaKJB HSR HOkS Willi u family, where sun ires would l>r un apnea lent for board, when disengaged; bust of referouce. Ail dress Nursu, Ultfou wp.ure I*<tsi ottlee. ASII'IMPoN WASH-" -BY A Ki i-i'l < f \ r.l.K young Protestant w oman, to do houovwork ; Is a ; good w'.islicr snd irouvr itnd capable of her work. Any i lady wan ting n girl who is aot alruid to work may apply at Mr. Turin's, Bridge st , corner of Plymouth St., Brook lyn. A SITUATION WANT!??BY A HtSPBCTABLE Woman, to ctw k. wash and iron. Gtuid references from her last place. Call for two days at 133 West 321 St., between 3thand 8th uves. ARKSPECTAUI.K YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tulu ii situation to do general housework; is a good plain cook, washtr and Irnner; hest of city reference Cull st (13 Douglass st., Brooklyn A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRI. WISHES A HITL'Atii n in u small private family; Is a good cook and llrst rale washer and iroiter; ts> object Ions i? the iHiuntry, and has the best of reference from tier last place Call for two days at 198 Pacific st., Brooklyn. Aeun n.iAir.u?n? A titcarrA lAnt.r. mi .m? wi'iuttu, to do general housework m a small private family; alio can preduco the host of city reference. Can be W'-cU for two days at the corner of &3d el. and 1st ave., frame building, ovor the grocery. AfflTUATlON WANT! B?BY A MHP8CTABLK Y01 HQ girl, to do general housework tor a private family, joc?l washer and irouer, good piain cook, good bread and biscuit baker. Best city reference. Call at 29S Atlantic at . between Smith and Hoyt sts., Brooklyn, two days. ABBStaorABU MABBIBD NOIttriHT WOMAN, wishes a place as wot nurse; forced to go as nurse, always used to the care of children. Ilc.-i city reference Call at AtM Howory, for two daya. ARffiPBCTABIN 61RL WANTS A SITUATION; ISA good cook, washer and troner; has no objection to general housework Can ho awn for two days at No. 3*3 JtebermerUorn at., Brooklyn. ASKAMSTKKSS, WHO I'NHKRSTANDS EVERY KIND of sewing work and can cut an I tit dresses, wishes to go out by the day or week, or to take in work. Call on Miss Hauser, 102 f ranklin street. ASITCATMN WANTKi1?BY A REsJ'KCTAIiJ K WO man, to do eliamberwuik ami waiting, or assist with the washing and Ironing, or assist with the care of children, or make herself useful; no objection to the conn try, tejod reference given. Call at ltd West l.Mhat., between Otli and 7tli avs., m the rear. ASITI ATMN WANTKJi?BY A RR-'K.CT.Ufl.E WO man, to cook, wash anu iron; is willingtodo house work in a small lutniiy Inquire at 99 East hist si., between Ije.\:ugton and 4tli avs. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TX> WET NURSE A child. * all at 3S lysex et., rear building, fourth floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RF5PECTAWJC MAR " rted woman, ur wot nurwi: tho bost of city retnraiwo given n require I. n<> objection t<> go iu Ilie country. Call for (wo duyr nt 74 24 tb et., between 6th and 7th uva., la the lie.aemvtir. A SITUATION WANTED?UY A KfMPBCTABia YOUNG wemail, as cook. waaber and irouer; three year*' city reference given if required, nn objection to go m thy country. (All for two day* at 74 24th at., between Out ltd 7tii ave., to the basement. ' A SITUATION WAN'tTD? 1IY A KE->i'E<TABU! WO J\ man, a? lauudreaa. or to naatet in up mairy ar gene rally >UMWOfkj reference from her lart place. C&U tor two day* at 1'27 Wee I 83d nt., between 6th and 7th avn. Actuation wanted?by .an ameiucan girl, to do ehumberworlc and talto rare of children; city or country; no objections to cltlinr. Call for two days at 5Ba 4 Went 18th at., near ttth av. AREKl'ECTAWX YOUNG GIUI. WISHES A SITUATION ?e chambermaid and wailrcs": or wottld assist tn trashing and ironing or do plain sewing and lake care of children flood city pMorenoe. Call at 4W0 Oth ave.. room Mo. 0. A YOUNG WIDOW I.ADY OK REFINEMENT AND IN J\ telHgeuce, who, from reverse of fortune, Is uom polferl to seek her own maintenance, wold he pleased to serure all engagement, either as housekeeper, governess for small children, assistuut teacher In a school, or a* n travelling companion for a lady or family; fcf accustomed to travelling, no ohjectlon* to leave I lie olfj'. The best of roferenrcK given. Address Mr*. R. W., station F, 408 :td avo., N. Y. AS NURSE, AC.?WANTED, A .SITUATION AS Nl'RsE and to do plain setving; has excellent cltv role, renin*. Can bo seen for two duys ut her present employer'.". 244 West 23d St. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH A KKINH BBKAST of milk, wim i a ehild t?> wet nnrse at her residence. Ap|flv at 320 1st av., first floor, hack room. Aam'ATIOV WANTEIl?Itv A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good plain o.ok, washer and i Ironor, or would'do chamherwnrk and waiting or any kind i of plain s -wing. Host city reference for each. Call fur I two days at 40S Wn?l 1HIU st.,between Oth and 10th av*. i A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART. RHSPECTA bin girl, to do general housework, ?r at* good plain ] cook; isaqniet.daserving servant,Uot afraid of work; .iu ! excellent washer and ironvr, und will hire f ir morlorate I wages, el liter in the city or country, references uncx- j ceptionablo. Apply at. 113 Atlantic st., Brooklyn, A respectable protectant girl wishes i -t tuation as nurse and seamstress, in a private fann | ly, or to do chaniberwotk: cuu take charge of a baby from Its infancy, and has no objection to go iu tho country a mall di.-lunce; the best city reference. Can be seen for I three day* at HI 3dlh st., near Broadway. A YOUNG wom an WISHES A ROTATION AS PLAIN , cook, washer and ironor. or would do housework in I a small family. Call at 22.1 21th St., between 8;h and 9th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to cook, wash and iron, or as waiircr-s and to assist with the general homework. Call for two days ut No. 6 Monroe at. A GENERAL BABY'S NURSE?A MIDDLE AGED woman waul* a situation us baby's nurse; sue is fully capable of taking the out ire charge of a baby from its birth, has lived a good many years with a nobleman's rtunih , in the Old Country, iu the above rapacity; four I wo'inf lo 1??? .!?..? ' ? -j 1 ikxi en; reierencc. t ail Kt 51 j 8tli av., corner ot Horatio at. | A GERMAN PRfltUffAHT OIBL wants a STOA- I torn as co >k, washer and ironer; beet city reference 1 givi'U from her last place. Cull for two days at 223 West | iflth at., third floor. l?nck room. Arespbctabue girl wishes a situation as cook, washer and irouer, or to do geaeriU house work; city reference. at 213 Weit 14th I Ays xq POKAN WISHES A >IT! \ii'>N AS 0090 | plain cook and excellent washer atxl irooor; would j 1 <|o the housework in a wnall private fatnilj ; i- willing and | obliging: no objection to go ju the country Three years' city refleretuse Can he seen hw two days at 2-12 Mul ! berry si. I AYOCNG I IDT WH&dCAN CUT AND MAKE SHIRTS to order, ml understands all kinds of family sewing. ; Ut .t Wheeler It Vilxsi* muuhlne, would like a -i uation liv t . k or m no otyectlon to leave the city Can i tie seen Cor three days ut 41 Kmg St., near Varirk, shirt . makers. ' , Astro.1ton wanted?as oook, HY A oomre 1 teut woman, understands Crutch and American j 1 cooking indented fntnlliee would asswi it) washing; good | 1 city reference Call for two cLiys at V2b KnSV 2iKh St., I ' between 2d and 3d a\s., third floor , frond room. I ; A respectable young gffix. wishes a ffltua-1 li "ii t.. do gaicrul houw-work no o' j A <1 to the 1 ] country 01 to work lor low wages, list city 1 ddrence. Appiy ?t No, T <Jth at , in the rear. * 11 a Rsaraci iw e vwnb married won k * bheb J\ a baby to wet nurse, having but her lirrt child ; ii None hut those that can come weil reuotttumbd need ; g apply. Kesideitce No. 170 EuM Sixteenth st . tw<i patrol p stairs, front. Atiply for two dues. A respectable married woman, wwhfs \ ' f\_ baby to wet nurse nt her own residence; has low' 1 t< fier own baby, five tnontlis old. Call ut 420 1st ave . top h" tl'i'ir. r<Hiin No 13. The best or rotereuoe it required It Th" baby shall have a mother s care. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG J\. w"in.tu, to do chumherwork and waiting, and to r< Ueip with the washing; no objection to the rour.try. Th h liest of city referenoe given. Call at 2T8 West 2dlh et. ' tl front basement, tor two days, 1 b J* NEW siti vtiovs Wl ^Ilf)n-1'?IMAL1I?. SIT A RE8PRGTABIA fOtfNt) WOMAN W18HS8 A "ITT A J f\, situation as o^mlteriunld anil laundress. Host of I TT a ?> rtftrssw. for two d?y? ! 1M WmI atlh (. dm#,.? 4 8*?|S5fABLB GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A tloorfrc t\_ unfji pri\ ate family as plain emit; i? a good washer , mil lr-jnur; also understands baiting and pastry, or \JLTA? vouid tin willing to go uh nurse nod plain sower: wnuld ?T nuvv no objection to go a short dh l:uieo In the country. ! private Hob tho host of roferenoe from hor last place, ('suite ' erand i seen for two days at it's Atlantic St., corner of Henry, | couutry Brooklyn, o.-l ih.ur front in. | nenr 1IY' AN A MURK'AN LADY OK RRDPHCTAlllLlTY AND \\fAgenteel deportment wtahee to obtain a situation In YY Lhn rapacity of nout<nkeo|icr or seamstress. Addrcsaor noobier ail it 784Ut iv., for lift, Holooa. JJP Uir AMMPBnrAWJt vol Mi (.mi. W1SSUB A sm A ] . lion to do general housework; la a good plain cook, YY wanner sud ironur ami n good bread and biscuit baker; stand t good city reference; no objection to the country. Apply ret event at iTY Qiimltt it., aacond tyoor. tick room. "lir v A SITUATION WANTED- -BY a GERMAN GIBL, TO VV do general houxewotk or ckuniberwork in a prlvuto and cuu fuinily. Apply at 201 Greene st. "useful; : days at C^onK'S sriT.fflt'N WANTKD?1IY A MOST COMI'Rj tnnt woman, a* head cook In a hotel, olthor city or country; would go tu u watering place for I ho Tow mouths YY y that are to come- io coinpet 'tit in all branchoa of cook takocui iug. deficient iu nr-iliing; a most excellent pastry cook, nil employ kinds ef jellies, mange: . creams; all kinds of meats, soups Clark ai and games. Satisfactory referonc 8 if required, t'allfor two day is 30 Morris it., near Broadway. y\r*v I-bUHSSMAKlNti WAN I'LL)?IfY A YOUNG WOMAN, i general 1 " who understands cutting and tilting ladies' and a short children's drosses; also tine and plain sewing: w ishes tin ("all at t plovment by the day or week. Cull at H3 6th st., near ?"?v. J '_2_ SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED GIRL, Utd Sri thoroughly capable to do general housework lor a has no small family, inquire lor liosa Shannon, 140 Sullivan st.. Can b. in ibe rear, or of her late employer, S. M Price, 7fl Duaqe i-t. TUd S" IWATKMI8 WANTED?BY TWO GERMAN CERU, SMI EM to do general housework and to take charge of children; good rity reference giyen. Call at 10k Houston st., "ITrA roar house, second floor, m ar the llowory, east side Y V two dc SITUATION WANTED?IfY A FIRST CLASs COOK, IN a hotel or large boarding house, or a tlrst elass restau- "ITTA rant; Is a flrat class meat and pastry rook; understands YY fancy desserts and is an experienced linker; no objection refcrem to the country. Can produce the best city references. Hrooklj Call at 77 Weal 2flth st. TWO RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMEN WIBB TWO vS A or three families'washing; good reference If re- to do at quired; no object ion to go out to work Call at IDA West 20tll et., between 7tlt and fitli uvea., rear building, top \Vr A floor I ill t..r two day Y Y i "lyANTED?A SITUATION as NURSE AND CHAM- ! Omb? YY liermaid, hy a respeetublu young woman: best of ; her las reference farnisbed. Apply for three days at her present " employer a, 143 Dean at., Brooklyn. WA "ITTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YoUNtl WOMAN' TO tInn to II iV<> genera: housework . is a omit, wanhor and ironer fily reference. fall at 140 Court at., uear Ber- TUA gen, Brooklyn, for two dAyii, Y \\TAXTEP? A SITUATION AS WKT NURSK. HY A YY youugmarried woman. fall at 118 Eaat 88th si. -! W? TITAVTKI>?HY A ItKSI'Kl r\liI.K OIHI.. A SITUATION' hand ill YY t? <lu general housework is < g'''"I |>luiu i 6'k and flrxl rntn wiiHlx r unit irnunr; slto ik willing ami obliging; \\T A lias no objection to g.i in the rimnlry flood rity rofo- T ' mot. Can be mo.'m fbr two days at at Went Houston at. I""'s''^ T1TANTHD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO YY nu, u natnatroas; k capable of doing all kbtda ol family suwiug; will be willing to assist iu othor work; no objection to tho country, fall at 1U2 7th av., between a M 23dnnd 24th sis. ' _ J\ t ami ho \\T AN'TKP?A SITUATION, HY A KKSI'FXTABIF tthU YY girl, ? chamlieriiiuid an.I waitress; is willing Sowing aud obliging; uo objection to mlu'J children. Best city rtftmm if nfalnd. can be aaca fbr two days at iu:> * ny Amity et., near 8lh avenue. " K(. ti^.v\tkd-thf: wa-iuno of a kkw lamps and JV'"a! YY gentleman, by acoinpeteiit laundress, who thorough- tioncrv ly understands li 'i' business in all its branches, and can jewelry furnish the beat of city references as to capability mid abovet character; lias no objection to go out by by the duy. Call jmrior ou or address Mrs. Brown, 115 15th St., between 6th and agents 7th aves., in the rear. f?r <.irc "1IV AN'TUU?l'.Y A KKSmfAltl*: CTttl. A SITI'V. ? ,e< VY liou as nurse and seamstress, or chambermaid and 1 t waitress: no objections to travel; good city reference paying given, t all at 91 Kx:t lttih St., near 2d av. near 37 "WTANTW*?A SITUATION, ItY A KKSl'MTAHl.E t.'NO- -|>nV YV lisli Proloslaut girl, to do general housework or |) hi cook. wa.-?h and iron; is willing and obliging; has no oh nnc, Kl Jnrtion to go a short distance In the country; the best city reference given. Call ?t 27 Priuoe st., near tin- Bowery. T^tiY WANTFJV-A SITUATION, HY A YCKJNG OUU,, AS fogt ?u chambermaid and waitress, or as nurse and seam stress; can come well recommended from her last place. Y Call al Mrs Reyno its', 375 I'Rritlc st , Brooklyn. J J t at liS I WANTED?BY A REsPFXTABI.K YOUNG WOMAN, A Situation as cook; has Isi objection to assist Willi T\Rl the washing and ironing. Best of city reference from 1 / i her last lilacs. Call for two days at 47 tiarkoon at. satisfai \\TANTED?BY A RKSPE'TABI.K YOUNG WOMAN. A basinet YY lituutionto cook, wash andiron; is a good baker; or to do the hoiianwork of a small family Gpod c ity rofe- /AXK rcnec. Call ut 4HS fllh av., second floor, front riaitu. \7 n ? 200 tier WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO (11RIS; ONE Aid or real cook.washer and ironcr. and the other to do chain- dress,' h?rwork and plain sewing, or would lis willing to assist In the washing, or wotild do housework sejiarately. Su T) EC tisfaclory reference from their last place. Can be seen j at 424 Ot'h av., for two days. flrst nla "TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A Klttl'lXTAIIt.E VY widow laity, as housekeeper; has no objection to the rt A1 .I1 country. Can be seen for two days at No. 9 Union place, ^ Yi South Bn*4tlyn. trude ii 3.6s4 P "1 IT A NTK.I)?A SITUATION, HY A KI'XPUCTAHl.K last em YY young girl, tu do goneral housework; can c,sik, wash and Iron. The b?gt of city reference. Call al 358 CJAI.E 7th uv., betweun S8d and 33d sts. ^ bin "Y!TrASHING AMI IRONING ANi) GOING GOT TO j name,' YY days'work. Culi at 11 54th ut., bat ween Oth and i loth avs. j f|VtA1 VI fA NTF.I i? IIY A ItKSPFt TAHI.F. MAKHIKO WOMAN, j r"tiy;"a VV a situation as wrt nurse; lost her baby live weeks 1 Those 11 old. On be seen for two dayb ut 28'2 Kast llitn st., third I g.-s.-Hi floor. ; 11,'AMHM S1TI ATKiN IIV A KK.-TKITAHLI'l PRO. j "W'V' VV testant woman, aa hahy's nurse,or monthly nurse; , (2capll is callable of tilltiiK either places; best of references cua | no h'un b" given. (Vll lie seen for two days al 131 WiWI 2<>(h at., i * Mid Seor, front. ; *17ANTED?A STTUAtiOl?, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS good so W chambermaid or waitress; riui otunc well rocoin- nttlco. mended from lair lust place. (Tan bo soon for two fluys M I2n Rut 1Mb M between 2d and 8d are. w\ TTTANTJ3V?BY A RESPBOTABUt GERMAN C.lltl., A doctor* W situation as S'-aimdrfiS and chambermaid; gmsl 1 burke city reference from bo: last place. Apply at 418 Sid nv os. A "EITANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN WOMAN. "lI,rA: VV * situation an cook ln"a small private family. Oral VV city reference cjin be given ns to character and ca|wihillty, | Apply I If required. Would be willing to do chamberwork ami : noun, al assist in tlio earn of children if st|ch cnuld bo obtained. be wi ll Call lor two days al HU tireetiwioh arc., between 12th and Bnk au. AirANTED?A SITI'ATION, HY A RtSPECTABLF. <1KR huslnew VV mau girl, to do general housework. Call at b.'l Pitt moral, street. ??? "I IT\ SITUATION, HY A KIISI'KITA Itl.K I W" >T Protestant girl, to do chamberwork and waiting or pbotogr plain sewing, good olty reference. Can be seen Tor two pice. f days at 200 Lewis St., second Uisir. : ? wai mm; I\ ?r>3: G.VIAOLA 1UI.>U ttlttL, A j Tl TT situation to cook, wash and Iron or to do general attendt housework In a private family: bust of city roforonro can w?> , to be given. Call at lit Atlantic Bt., corner of Henry St., South Ilrooklyu. 1 wA TITAlfflBM SITUATION, BY A ftESPBCTABLE C.I1U., and to I VV a* cook. or to do geu'erol housework Beat rlty re- renoe ri rereucoa. Con be aeon tor two days at 122 Harrison at., South Brooklyn. \ji \\TAN'TEE?A SITUATION, BY A RBtttXTABLK GIRT., ! ,)u> tV between lb and It) years of age, to take care of 1 wirh au children or do gotn-ml housework In a small family; liar j ? ihe beat of city reference from her last plaoe. A|n?ty at ; W v| 131 7th av., sec.nut fl'wir. IITANTKI)?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLEfilRI,, stamiw. V V as nurse; is capable of taking chnrge of a baby j ~ 'roin II* birth; v?ry desirable to travel and n > olijoction ! iw 1 j ,o what |a?rt. Call for two dava at 17 Domluick st., sec 1 JCJ 1.V ud floor _ | \IfANTKP?BY A Vol Si; MARRIED WOMAN, \ jHlreef.i W lathy to wet nuraa. Call on Cecilia M<Cowan,347 ! J ' K iinh -i , batweea8th and 9th ava. ' "t IT.\ NTI'I'?A SITUATION, BY A Y> 'UNO WoMtN, ] ?V a* good cook; understands all kinds of soups and Address ileseorU., is an excellent baker, and would !wt willing to 1 ^ _ is,-ist in the washing; is willing and obliging. Best of Jfii'N / no ref r. ii e. ( all at 177 East 24th at., between 1st and ! Id ava , toj floor, front room. I WAMi.:-BY A RES I *15'I AIM E SOflCH W(IMA N. ; .V.ho* J V ji child to wet nurse at her own house; she has lost ! Iw-r own baby. Call for two days at 234 Enst 13th ?t.. in Ihe rear " ? | War ANTED?!BY K RESPECTABLE PKOTES TA NT <: I RI., j A oh yfjf a gitiiution as eliniuhermald, or t.t do plain sew : the pus ifc'i underslauds washing and ironing; no objection to do 1 *4tlist. v?l housework for a small ratnilv. (tan be B'*!! for 11 ; - u ,,'avs at lier employer's, N7 l'rosiwrl at.,Brooklyn. , rfio C2 ? X Itn [lr.IN*Pr,-nY * REsPK'TABI E OIRL, A SITUATION ' at the I Tf as lady's maid, or to wait on children; is willing | b'?-s. C i do plain wwltig: wage* not so much an object as a good ] 6?l Maidc >me c?l| tor two day* ?t 308 avc. B, between 15th and j jtu .-ts. 1 "yyAN lI'.iNI -Hi' A RES) E< 1 All I-' WI.MW, \ SITE caie and \\ at ton m gi '"J piui'i 000k t waaber and irooar in a 1 di aaa (bt 'spei table private ,'^niily: the In -i < ,j , \iy reference can j given from her lust a'MpUtyer. where sli.. Igis lived for | llfAN last fli in Cal. fa two dajreat ?19 Weat 89d **., I Vt II twccu bth aud ldth live. * j street. YORK HERALD, THUR TATIONS WASTED- KEM AUS5H. I <TED BY IN KXWMUENCED YOUSO WOMAN, I iiiiunti<?n ns chattihot maid nud vt.uivss, or luuu- V r plain new m# or housework in ft small family; ntn v rclVrooi-o. lall until united at 135Court st.,ono grti utt WickOlT. __ a si ft ED?BY A NEAT, TIDY AND COMPETENT roo permut, a situation tado general housework in a family, i* h good plain cook and a first rate wash Q toner; i? objection to go a short distance :u tho n Heal of city reference. Cull at 17 Bherlir at., wit OHIO. tlol <TD-BY A RESI'MCTAIil.E YOUNG GERMAN IT girt, u situation as acamatnva or chambermaid; J| tion to go to the country, Inquire &i I>\^ *-i y, tbi !> mo sTKI>?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A P1TTAT10X TO ? go travelling with a laity or family, mIi*' under- "11 cutting and fitting children'*; clothe# , good city 56 given. Gun he seen for two days at 20H Grand st. ire tfTED?BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN k situation, is a good plain cook, washer and ironor, buk"good,and is willing to make In rs' lt generally the beat. of city reference if required Tall for two * 188 Ettt 30 tb st? NTEIi?A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE onng girl. chambermaid and waitress, or would I |t re of child: en. Good oily reference from her lust , ^ ern Cull for twoduys tu 2U Monroe place, between id Pierrepont ita., Brooklyn. . S'TKI)?A SITUATION, 1!Y A I'.KSI'Kt TAlil.E j^.| girl,us cook, washer and Ironor. or to do Hie jri, housework of a small family; no objection to no distance tn the country. licet city reference. 16 Henry st , third lloor, front room. S'TKI)?\ SITUATION, 11Y A KKSl'Kt TAllLK (illtl.. A to do general housework; she is h good plain cisik ,1), t rate washer and ironor; is willing and oil (ting; objection lo the country; good city reletcuco. W11 aocn for two days at "s t'arniine i near Varick. pi, VI Kit?A SITUATION BY t YOUNG GERMAN . girl, in a decent family, to do housework, t all at ,1 t 13th st., third floor. ,?!, N lKl?? A SITUATION, ItY A GERMAN GIKI.. TO I *' <!u gcuora) housework or c!iuinherworkN t all lor , i'H at 75 lWi> ui <1 nl. 1 NTKD?A SITUATION AS COOK, [IV A YOUNG woman: is n good wanlcr and irniici: to <[ rily r(1| m. Call at the corner of Chart and Dean aim, tll| rn, over the grocery autre. on NTKIA SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO lehanilii-rwiirk and take eare of children, is willing i v work raqdtred. fall at 15ft Perry at. ^ NTKI)?\S|TI \T|oN" TO IX) (,'KN'KltAI. IIOl'SK vork, by a Protestant German nir 1; is a good funk,- s 1 end Imoer, kimt mid obliging, good to children. - wi.'ii till engaged. with three years riTeri uito from V t place at 10 Kink ?t. ,lt NTED?BY \ TIDY GIRL, A 8IT1 ation TO DO general housework lit a small fumi'.y: has no objce Y go in the country, fall at 210 East 23d St. * NTED?BY A YOUNG ?RL A SITUATION TO take care of children and to do light housework. . 1M West jHth St. V Itlv WANTED?BY A KlItsT IT.ASS OPERATOR |h' on Wheeler k Wilson's Machine ; can hew well by so; Apply eft W Rutgers ?t. I,v NTED?A SITUATION, BY A CAPABLE WOMAN, ui nurse and seam)trees, ortoAo up stairs work \ can be coon for two days it 31 Butler it., be- .* t-nith and Court its., Brooklyn. HELP WANTED?MALES. AN WANTED?TO ASSIST IN AN OCT* K: HE \ nnst have $4011 to loan on the very heat security, can have a perm went sltuut ion id a salary of $S00, cj, i weekly. Apply at 6'XJ Broadway, np stairs, Machine Company. "1 NTS WANTED?THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY TO , II the preut New Union Priwi bratinnery and lie r,,, ? a - ' * v? ? '- / (in Ttlcftain, ticncrul Hcott, "."i valuable Recipes, Ktnund Envelopes, |ii int<-<l tu colors; gifts of IIiki l thn most. saleable article m market. The \ Mckage twice the amouti: of articles, mid of dsn gi. quality to any otber, and sold only by us. iiur ti'-e making front $o to $12 per day. Send stamp ular. RICXABmitOO.. 1Q9 NuMu street. NTS WANTED?WITH FROM IS TO |A, TO SELL I & tio now Union Triumphal Hong and Man-h, a wwll { (, clMQCf. Cull at Hi*4 general Hgotil'tj, 244 Will nv?., 1". ill ?t., third floor,front. ^ WANTED ?TO OPEN OYSTERS AND MAKK lr| nisotT useful In ti saloon. Inquire at 4Jiti Sixth ave. **' ttiekerbocker cottage. . gr WANTED?IN A WHOIJCSAI.K ltRY (i(K)HS cj? tore; salary $60 the (Jrat year. Address I six 731 Ice. ^ 10 CLERK.?WANTED, A YOU SO MAN A horoughlv acquainted with the business. Apply / Eighth tiv". f"l JJtT.KRK.-WANTKD.UNK CAI'Alil.l. ill' 1'AK ?n ing charge of the store. None need apply without ? itory inferences. Apply al tin-store corner of 3d t 1 met at.,, ftrooklyn. Also a youth to learn the 2 >a. po AOKNT WANTED IN KYKltY OU NfY ? FOI'R " icw articles, wanted in evciy family; aoll rapidly ; T cent profl |; no humbug a r I Icier; all genuine and X merit, satlsfai iion ttiven or money refunded. Ad- fri with stamp. Rive A Co., 83 Naaaau si. fat Rill INC. AOKNTS.-WA.STKJ), KMART, EN Kit 1 ;clie men to act a. ogestl to obtain rocrutts for u X iaa regiment Ray will Iw given for every man j ex i-d. Call at 401 Broadway, second (loor, ut 6 A. M. j Bo SMEN WANTED?IN TOK FANCY t;t*?l?s OB , jr.ken notion business. With sueh ns have a rash ; T beral arrangements will be mail'!. Address box ; J est office, New York, giving references, name of j lei ployer, and all necessary particulars. BUN WANTED?IN A CASH DRY GOOD8 JOB ! T g house. None need njiply except those having a X cipialntanco with cnah buyers. Address, with j ?. .ivtlitfT last or present situation, box 747 I'oflt office. ! I?. I K" . I'.UJNi; WAX I'K.r?A<T1VK, TIIOKOl'OH i t. linos* men | with $MK) t" Invest on tho lest imchlary $100 |wr mouth and travelling expenses) frai l, j T aving the ready money may apply to U.K. slur- X r Broome ft.,second 1W. j Sit ((TED- AGENTS TO SELL AN ENTIRELY NEW J ** article Jost out; low price, iptlck sale and no risk; : al oul) leipiired; $ "> a ilay can la- canity made and I X bug. IC'lfi Broadway, room 42. j P"i STTK?A MAN OF CHARACTER ANI) IN | sti luetice to take ctvarge of a rhib house, also throe t coud hand billiard tables. Address box 2,000 fottt i ? STICK?CI.IIKK FOR A SIlfl'I'INil OFFICE,T1IKKK id!) toys for trades, 8 porters, 2 expflpse drivers, 2 con- i |<<?' , 2 brakentrn, 2 clerks for grocery stores, 1 valet. <-|H-r, 4 girls to travel, 1 housekeeper, 1 steward- f pply at No. 7 Chatham eipturo. STEP \ STEADY YOUTH TO OPENOYOTER8 m ami make himself generally useful in a saloon, gai leiwocn the hours ol' 2 and 4 o'clock. Ibis altar- sir t 442 6th av.: nouo need apply except tliey can No reconimeudod. i ,-4.) STKD IMMEDIATELY?A MAN WITH $800 IN wt sash, wi I'urtiKT tn mi oataMishod, mouoy nuking iui ?. Apply for two days at No. 71 Nassau Btroot. jMl! STKI1?A MAX OK ENERGY AND GOOD Ml SI- I |* as ability, to canvass this city for aserlosol Dn>s? fur aphs iif tlie sent of war. Deposit required on ram i )?u ipply to D. Applet ttu ts Co.. -143 and 445 Hn adwny. j Iih MTKD?A RESPECTABLE YOCNO MAN, ABM I' 1 twenty your* of , who writes n good hand, to JL dik e end a-slsl in business Ap|dv at H48 Hroud * tvi J. Dugan, between lOund 12 o'clock. | em MM > A WART At fXVE LAD, ABQtfl 10 OR 17 ' \ ye irs of age, to utke rare <4* a horse, to go errands, , make himself UK-fill in ;l grocery store; good rrfo ,ri paired. Apply .ii 880, corner 24th at. and 2d at. ~ *TID?IN A DRUG STORE, A ROT, FIFTEEN OR iixtecn yours old, who lum hud some experience in "I Itioss. Apply at Tarrant k Oo.'s, corner uf Green- ; 1 l Warren atreeta. j nt \ PRR MONTH. AMD M PER CENT ON8ALR8 Yo j made, is paid to local or traveling agent-.. Send <Vi (men instructions, terms, &r., enclosing live red EVERETT .v CH 48k SUUioti A, Mow York. I 11 i/ \ i'KK MONTH AGENTS ABSOLUTELY baj f\f make it soiling otir |-a lent Iletn Voider ami w lUgo siul oil,or nrtiolos of ready sain. Call on or : wa (enclosing -lamp) Joseph ftodin A Co., 22 Dunne I'ri tear Chatham street. New York. 1 roe 'A PKR MONTH MADE HY ENERGETIC Ta U agents soiling Ism tier's Hammer and Shield, d sewing. Sample sent ou receipt of 25 cents. ; dji A. H. Downer, 442 Hrood way. 1 KJj ) - -\ GENTLEMAN Willi WILL I .DAN' HIS , tit employer the above amount, on excellent i val , can obtain a plcnsaiit and pt-rinauent situational bai week Address, giving name and residence, N. E. ! fro 14fl Herald ofllco. j pre - ?.....? I mo THE TRADES. . H.STER WANTS A SITUATION T(? TAKE FULL trge 14 a malt house, having In-en in tliat busilies- ' ^ t ten veers Good reference.* Apply comer of O and 2d av., in the store. ' nm iRPKNTERS.? t HTUATION IN MHW YORK OR : lytklvn wanted by a lad who has served one year j nstneas. Wages not so much an object as a good an giro good recomniendati-sis. Additss A. D.. i I,' 'II lam'. f 1 ted?A SITUATION, BY A SINGLE PHOTOS Sol ant man, as g.ndnor Pud farmer; understands tlie ' Dof management iS' horses: has good referenee. Ad- ' lour days Advert s-.- ;?pi I'ulton st . Hosiklyn. TED?A BRASS FINISHER. NONE HIT \ ourat class workman need apply at }>*> MB Essex ciEl 1 VI01 ,SDAY, AUGUST 15, 18C1., ? - - " SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES, | IOACHMAN ?WAS 1 KiA SITUATION A ;, ,Acn 1 4 I / man. hy a man who portedly unilerstr^jg bis bust- ! 1V ?; has nud several years' experleuco^ |H a iirst rato | the at mm, and a ({nod ami careful driver: no objection to K" ol'oit; hurt di-uanee In the country, beat <?ity reference from sueur last place Call at or address Went Houstou at., ae?C>, m 11, for two days. i '''al A rn'.vrrtiN wantkk?hy a ukntkki. y?h n<; man, j (colored), as light porter or any re?]"itisihln position 4 I or?? honesty anil Integrity are the necoauary ip alniea ?\. us. Address Hamilton, Herald olllee. I . It) DRUGGISTS.?WANTlCfl, IIY A YOUNG MAN, A his en situation; has linen in the drug business in tins city seeou rtee.ii ye?is, best elty rnleronre given fur capability, >itil eharaeter, Ate. A note addressed to Apothecary, Five i f filhiiv., will meet with attention. One e ? One e Vf ANTED?A SITUATION AS UOAt'HMAN. IIY \ j one c young man who thoroughly understands the proper j Thro, atnionl of horses and carriages; call furnish the In'sl of ; Twoy

references, Call at or address 171 Grand street. | TUrct - ... . - -...j- , ; | HBItP WANTEO^FKMALBS. j Nl M libit OK <;?><>!? SERVANTS \V AMr.D?AT 1 Mr. v L Metropolitan Institute 89 Sixth avenue, between | urth and Amity streets. In spile of tin* times I pro : to get places as soon us-as at auv other pliii:1' in tlic j ,,nt' y, having been in lite ha-lues- lor a number of wain, j Our ? II nn<l Fee. * o. VON RHK1N, Hro|,riel? r. nm i r? .. Quae U. FAMILIES AND SERVANTS WII.I. KIND THE ^ largest Selei I Institute, at 13H Eleventh slush, cor- 1 A ' ol Stvth avenue, for Herman, Scotch, American ami il ill help; civil anrl capable; wages to suit the tmics; good 1 OIJ .cim always tea ly. All orders liy mall promptly at In gr? id hI. nia, i brou; 1.1. RESPECTABLE H1UI.S Ol'T OK 1.MTT.OYMKNT, goods with good referenti cs, such as cools, laundresses, niauu uiibcrmaidx, waitresses and girls for housework, for y an I country, can always ttud good plac s and good 10(1 ges, at short notice, at Ai'KERM.W S 11 roadway Km- excit yui at Institute, 000 Broadway, up stuirs. r 20(1 WOMAN WANTED?TO WORK IN Till' KID IIKN Wool l in a restaurant; also a small girl to lake arc of Alildrcn. fall at tin) Com Exchange Lunch, 13H linud culls. , near South. {g0 1IKJK WANTED KOIt TDK COl'NTKV?ONK WHO I N ly; a. ) ilcrstands plain rooking making and baking bread, Kiuhi carc oi milk, and is a good washer and ironnr; none and 1 d apply unless with unexceptionable personal rcfc black ices as to character for neattivss, willingness and eapa- Cat it) To such only a most desirable place can tie secured sale, application at til East 12th St., between the hours of i) t to in the morning. TURM5 WANTED?A WOMAN WHO PERFECTLY IN ? ^ dyr.-lands the care of children, uml who isalsoa id seamstress she must he willing and obliging, and idy tu please her employer. Applv at 2tH) West l'.nli it. Bosei VJ AN TEH?A HERMAN filKL, TO HO A SHORT Dis tane.e iu the count)') , for gen ral Uutisev. Jik. Apply Ho; la i Wall st., basement, hit ween 2 and 4 P. M. jug r, \f iNTVD? A ItK.-d'KiT titi.K, TIDY Mil NO WOMAN, gixtn, to airmd to two little giria and do light rhamtcr coiuii irk; wh t hai hemi used to e.hildrcn. Apply, wuh In-. *1 reference, al 12'' Itleeeker street, for lays. Curt a Vr ANTED?A WIT NI'KSK; A YOt'NO HEALTHY ^alc' woman, milk not over six weeks' old. Such a f.( .ll(i isnn may present herself, with physician's ccrtilieato inrni I ref retire as (,o nharnr.tcr. at 14ft West 40th 81. beeen.IIrmnlway and Stliav.. English hasemeiit house, jure' I ween I lie hoars of 10 and 4 this Jay. VrtT NI'RSK WANTED.?WANTED, A RESJ HCTABLE, healthy young w oman, as .vet nurse, who ln>* lost r child- Apply at 30 East K'oui recti th street. southw -t OVKI pr?<?r of I niv**i'sitv n!>?i ? ItHiwooit lln> Itoiiiwnf u ami 1'? sleek a. m. " t \r.v\TK!>?AS NURSE, A PROTESTANT WOMAN, ^5! who cuji f'Mnc well!ecomziieutled :is to character stive il capability f<?r taking the vshole rare of two young norvi ilrlrcn. I'atl from i? till 3 o'clock at ion Wcat 4&1 at. ff ANTED?A RESl'Kt TAR1E GIRL. TO DO THE JSJJ \ general housework of a private family; must bo a p.-,,," it rook eii'l Mi st rate washer utid ircuor; good r?Tc j, ., tec required. Inquire at 160 East 17th st., between liit ' ' * tz VrANTED?A GOOD, 8TBONQ AND HEALTHY We. [fthl man na wet nurse. Apply at ontse at 1211 Heury , Brooklyn. -W?? - . --AL-rr-tr--^?::..r-_-r=r=r Etega SALES OF REAL ESTATE. Limn CI tail i 1'AltM VOR SALE?ON I.ONO ISLAND, THIRTY two L milea I'rum Brooklyn, unit half a mile from farming Silve ;e"depot, riintainkig 7ft oures of land, 50 acres under a mai l rh ati(< of cultivation and lift of woodland; on the farm pu?jt err ia a large dwelling IIoiimo, Barn, outhouse*, Ate., grid _ lit of \arlous kind.--; 1100 pear trees, mostly dwarf; S00 . ueh iroea. the right age to tie in full hearing next yrar: i \ snty Of apples lor Sniljf use. -mall fruits, such as ape*, gone-berries, currants. Ac., asparagus bed sitfll- .,'llr|( nt for family use. fur particulars inipiire of H iWfl.l,, on the" premises. or of JOHN CROSS, 227 South i'-,-"* oond it rent, Win taws burg. rosrr , t'OUNTUY PI.At'E WANTED?ONE WITH \ I IAV ^ acres of laud ami small dwelling, in exchange tor ",H i paid stock of a manufacturing company, In successful ' [ eratUin. I'rlmipuls may address KoS, box U.786 l'ost P_ ii e, New Yorf! " \ ' LFARM OK 146. ONE OK 96 AND ONE OK 60 ACRES, 1X~ 30 mile* ?u I>eig ImImimI, within 4 mil-* of three de ts; good soli, good buildings, pient) of wood. wHter aud Wl tit; term* very easy. R. HI.AKK, . i Chambers sL No. ?l 11.1 UNO 1'I.OT AT SOUTH ltKKUKN low SAKE.? i,?in. j Desirably locatod I'lot (four city lot*), Hi miles end c iui Jersey City, by horse railroad, every ton minutes: e 5 cents. Price 6*00. Apply at 41 Water street. A lidl jViR SAJ.K?REAL ESTATE OK GOOD li.ASS. OR i ( other property, freo from encumbrance, taken m ^Y_ rliauge for $130,009 of first, class first mortgage RHi'road ude. Apply at No. 40 1'ulon square, Fourth aveuue, to y iACLEr, WARNER* DAY. nor SAI.Iv-A fine three story house, not ffl-? ' loo far up town. In perfcqt ropair; open all day; ?,K.C tip rery easy. 407 Fourth street, Albioh place. JOHN WOODWARD. i f nor sale OR exchange?tor city property, Furniture, Carpets, Crockery or Dry Goods, (too j rt res excellent Farming land Id Illinois, 160 acres of Timr land In lot in Duhuqun City, three In t'hleamid two with buildings On til Messiloh, Ohio. Address D.,Herald office. \ jtor sale 08 ex<llANi.k?the two valuable ! gggi ' four story. .7ub.-tinitially built Buildings M ami 2S I "''fit; tth aveuue; will la* sold at u bargain, together or *cpa room le. Inquire at 60 WllHaai street, bassMeat. mapl .to;: sale or exchange?for new york ob Willi Brooklyn property, n beoptttnl and productlyo pro* rty on Mystic river, in the beautiful city of Mystic, A t mi.. ovi-tsting of a splendid. Matwk? built ui the Ituliuu ; J\_ l ie, six cottage Honse* iind about on< aero of Ground. j sins' W. ?. CiODDARD. 86 C?dar si root. ! nl'ur aor^AM; or exchange IN JliVfiKl'yN. ?(Villi 1 ! Covet ii7!pit?v<*<! f'TTy TiMprrt) Vm iiiSL St i'4? ' " h?r ftrv clotliifttf ?>r * 'ucur va?'ntit i a i itiqufru&t 119 Clermont avenue. i j I KEGORVS POINT FOR SALS, AT NOKWAI.K. CON- ' J^jV IT neeticnt?Containing about. :;u acr.-s, two (food : |,,j. <, uses, (me in a (I<>(rl cininjr n good business), with barns [ f_. t'j it othor outhouses, and a gisid dock. The fast and doit steamboat Alice Price leaves the foot of Catharine ' eel, East river, daily at 2 P. M., returning, leaving j Ti'* rwaik every morning at 8'4'o'clock. She lands and re- | .M.3 vex isisseugors ut t (unlock, fare CO cents. A good road "alosi , miles to the town of Nor walk The whole or u i ?l1'' ' II bo soid cheap on easy terms, (.ood gunning. tlsiilug I ntidoj I boating. A|?ply to.I. LOPKR,iit bis flail Stand,Fill- idaud i inarkct, or on the pwniM, .siju i 1KAI, ESTATE WANTED?IN EXCHANGE KiMt A\ "" | assortment ol Furniture, Rosewood, fcc.. suitable horse turnn lung a llrxf class house, at a tmr valuation. Any ?sh". ty wishing to exchange, may a<ldrissWni. W. Ileli- i t'l' d, No. 4 William street, or box 1,88" Port ofllee. Seal estate wantep?in exchange for ' nigv t uwr. handlse, or one or two patents and part enrli, ( Hnd g II bo given in exchange for a small Hons' or Fntm, unlumbcrod. Apply at 60 Nasauu street, room No. 11. \ ,-,.; VfANTKl*?TO IM KfHASW, IN THE VICINITY OF Viwikors, on or uoar the river, several a.-rix of "'I' mind, with n good House containing ten or twelve >tu-'. Hum on the premises. Pritxr from fa,000 to ( iMit t. Address J (.' 120 llerald oltlce. The l\i\ lCRES(iOO|i l.ANTl IN" NEW .IKMSKY. Ml i\lt lh,t'" uu WH> h't?m in IVnnnylvanli. freo and dear, lo i 'luingo fen* (liorery or Liquor 8toros?, H??tcN, <*r unv ^1 mI &JO.OOO worth of Rcul LHuto in Now ' . \ rkainl Bnnklui, to *ctl or ttxcluMip'. Apply tit 12 ltmKiroft. ZW1I.IO k HASTINGS. I nA}* . . ^ ..._ ...... i Ihx'k.'i r*i v \CKKS, KU:iiA\T KlllST CI,ASS KAltM, COM ' Ov' pti'U> it) i'very respect, fronting a salt water Sl"x''' r Isdig Island, four hours Ironi the eity. for sale. It j a rich tiluck soil and unsurpassed for fertility, salt T\ lor privileges; good harbor nod scenery magnittoent J/? co $18,000. A house in Brooklyn or N'cw York, not ox rt>>> r*r ding $10,000 in value, would tie tak"n in part payment ' Klonr, dross, fnau principals only. K. M. Pock 170 \V,-t serve! itil street. ~ AAA ?A BEA0TBUL I ACM AND CQtTN Fa try K.eiitrnco for ntlo, near sn,,ih , p,v ai nltar, I. I The farm id in the highert mate >4 cul 1 la, (1 aliou, contains lift) one ?'rof, <4 Winch ion are in street uahlo woodlaud; house newly painted ami decorated; miviti 10, noil-", fences. outhouses, in iHM'I'cct order; lino 1 Hedro it trees, fishing, fowling, shooting, bathing, with liea h ) or thr tr liege scenery ami site uIiH 11 rpit.~>-, t Possession mi- I Frolic! diutoly. Inquire ol Dr. JOHNSON. 14 Dunne street. ' with 1 UliitCVKK AND TOBACCO. KHARS VERY CHKAP.?THE ASMHNEK, AT NO. 17 f 1 E Broadway, must close out tho balauco of iho atnek, ' vJ ' 1 is oiv,-hug great inducements to cash buyers. Please \ at stc I ami examine tlie stock and prices. " i Euroit ispoaTiNo. 4 a8Mc J Burea IIUSCIS 111 TUCR. N<0 .1 PECK CUP, HAS Al.l.TIIK tiv I clmtco Broods 101 slock and sale. Butler's Infallible I age Cure and Pica Kxtciinitiator, 60 cents |>or bottle. | TJ'' ler's "Brooding, Training. Diseases. Ac., of Prigs," $1. | X |_ is hoarded, trained, Ac, Medicines for ail diseases. ; THOU 'ACHTFHK SAI.I-7_S1XTK.KN TONS. CliPPKP. FAST , H> en,-.I. si.siji ringed, very safe, fast and enmnm li j old, pi . and In perl'ei I <vdei: will be sold low. Apply al IN- j com I in V-ol.T s. luges; an 1 eheaiK-st beat bazaar lu Iho , driver Id, 2i'i and Jil South street 1 gale u iliBI AT AUCTION. ^ BERTH NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER, VlLL SILL, T thin day (Thursday) August 16, at '.21. o'clock, at J. ock siilenroom, No. j>2 Willi 'lit Htri'yt, u ^,hm1 variety At f lusorutico flocks, Hunk StotVji, U dels ami other At itlea am table for iu\calln uU. for full particulars Tu airier A Enquirer, News, Kv.niux Post and Cotumer- Kt dvertincr. Catalogue* can be obtuiuod at lie' sales ' au al. 'CTION NOTICE. Ch M. C. KI>EY, Auctioneer. 1 Peremptory Halo of Currlagea, Harness, &e. ! tlu tA I.I HU)W,.lr., will Hell tlitH day, at 12 o'clock, at I i 11.ononis ?.> l.ilterty street, the follow aid nev.- and ha d huud vehicle?onicof oie boat nty nuaknrs:? 1" NEW. ! Sh i ley mi 4 M'tit Light Itockawaya, various pattern*. of leyatit rrltire of Wales Phaeton, for 2 or 4 persons, le.'anl four seated Light Wat on. a ml four i aied I haetoii Wagon, extension fop. eie;..mi Whirling top Buggies. upermr Itepot Wii "ins. two and four seat. superior light Road Wagons. i uu is, iivii Hon ty';-h four w bed Dnm ot kngll.-U Phaeton, built by , 1 m , ?l erv sty lisli Cut iiiwIit turnout 8"nt Phai'tou, with | :<l! fllim lop, built by llrcw-tcr. i rr xneflcnt <' upe Ho kaway, liuiit by Wood. j do. do. " do. MIX. xoellt'ut six H?'at Carriage liockawuv, built liv I.uw- i "ti re. w v client Light Wagon, but t by Parker. I 22 ction SOTl< K. | We will II on Kriilav, August Id, ai ton n'rl el; ; *> ' ask' mkns?. l:i?VS 'ami Vol TUS Sun HATS. i "" a! variety nl sty Icr und colors, couaitdiiig ol Istflhu' j r t Imazoit, .Nutria, Keiilrew. Opera, culled and ft ill \ J[! Prim e of Wales, Ac., Ant. All frtwh and desirable 'I tbe latest my ley, direct trem city and I astern *' ifaetnr a. tn ? iTS AMD SHOES. wl easee liiiute and Si.iirK, i-emprisinit a full nssurtin lit. | ' . d direct from Ewtern manofnclnrora. 1 WOOI.IJCN SHIHTS AND DKAWf KS. ! *' d /.'li [il.l.n alld I lllbud white, blue aiel gray mixed ! 'll lenJShirta and Drawers, i.f various ipiulilics. ' o lift dozen blue mixed Army Shirts, with cellars, and pockets. l" AI.SO " lbs tv- I.. i, - MlMti i&dClothingGool*general 1 a m liable llres i.units, black and colored Prcrs Silks; *' 'oi lefcies. Domestic Uooils of various kinds, Hosiery j 1,1 Woven. Muslin Shirts. Silk Neck Ties and (Tuvalu, i and colored silk Velvets, Ac. Ac. n alngues and samples ready early on the morning of I |1 WIIXJAM TOPPlNti A Co., AKOTIONEKKS, i f Noa. It and II Park place and No. 8 Murray street. j ^t); Mi in n Midi ohiitin .veil,, At'cnoNiKKs. | MAUN I Kit 'ENT IlorSEHoI.I) KCRNtTfP.K i "" At |mtilic auction. On this day (Tliurs lay), August 15. | J? Propertyof a gentleman leaving lire city. ; . ivood seven octave I'tnnoffiric, rosewood Drawing I I'uillll Sllitit, iowixul an i mahogany Uedroom Furniture, oak Pin i u' ami Furniture, l'uiirtuif-s Statuary, Bronzes, Av. the residence of Dr. Phillip Ransom, No. IS We-I i S ruth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Silo j (il iimclng at LI o'clock. ' swing room Suits, Etcgoros, Bookcase, Mirrors, t.ire ^ litis, Vases, Oil Paintings, Statra-y, Velvet ami Itrus 'iu|<ets, Extension Table, Buff-l, Silverware, Table j ry, Wardrobe*, Iluir ami Spnug Mattresses, Bed ' s.Commodes, WarlisKituls, Oilcloth, Stair Carpels, | ' iin Carpets, Sofas. Dockers, Blanket.::. Itedding, Ac. 1 . u large assortment of Ucdroom ami Kitchen Fiirnl- i p Sale peremptory. JCTION NOTM E ? AN" KXTllAi?RI>1 \ARY OPPnUTlTNlTY FOR HOI'SKKKRI'F.ItS AND THE TRADE. I $12,000 WORTH < >F RICH AND Ct*-TLY HOVSE- ! ' HOIJ) FURNITURE, JJ, bis (Thursday) afternoon, at. 2 o'clock, precisely, ^; iris lug the beautiful and costly Furniture contained j ... e Is 'so dwelling house No. 152 West Twenty 11. s! ; o t.near Seventh avonne, the whole for nhsolute mid | ^ nptnry sale, rain or shine, consisting nf'English ' ~ I atui Ta|*'Slry and Ingrain Cai|?d?, el-gan( lose j Parlor Furniture, en suite, comprising three full j w , richly carved. all of which are covered In rich silk j y;, ilel, ami of the host description: roKewood Centre and j fables, Turkish chairs, in blue mid gold satin and j (0 let; Damask and I,see Curtains, Velvet hii 1 Turkish 'in gos. liiantle atui pier Mirrors, line rosewoml F,t'*g'*ri'S, j ieveres ami Dresden inaute! Vases, Artistic Bronzes, i Hll 10 Figures, Parlor Oi'iianieiila, Ac El .Kit ANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, I r MI SIC CABINET, t-Tooi. AND COVER, J" int Bureaus. Bedsteads, twelve Hair Mattresses, tber suits in rosewood, Uruirxu Clock, Spring Seat w s. Mirrors, Beds ami Bedding, oak Kxteusiun Tuble, \ Sifa Bedstrails, rich Cut Class of every description, | r Ware, Forks. Ppoutit!. Castors, Urn, Tea Service, j in >le top Bullet. Ullcluth. rich Chamicliers, Sue.. Sulc ! p] ivc, ruin or shine. R. W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. rt, borion notice?ai,i, the furniture of a ? pri\ ate family w ill be sold at pri\ ale .-ale, at a great Ilea, for rugb.consisting of an elegant solid rosewood k, >r Suit. covered with crimson and maroon brncntel I 1 $225. tt ill be sold I'm $100): one do. green plush, for j R" vnml (v>ntre and Pier tables, Turkish ?"liairw mid m pes, Huri-aut. Hedhlead.i. Waslislamls, Solas. Chain, Cc Mattresses, Bel anil Bedding, Carpet#, Curtains. M, Mirrors, Ac. App)y f'>r three days at 128 Wsrerly ~ i, corner of Sixth avenue. 'J HTION NOTICE. (> M. KI1EY, And lonaer. hi KINK IIAKK HAY IIIHISK, WACOM, Ac. so EZRA LUWlOW, Ja.. It sell thin day, ut 12 n'clonk, In front of salesroom*, of 86 I.iberty street, one door went of Broadway, a bt superior dark buy Horse, u little over 15 bands liig)i, 1. kind and prutic In nil harness, *piritpdand stylish, .in trot in StM; is like v.iM an bimUMI r iddle horse. T also, J it half spring Koail Wagon, Oity matte, nearly ueiv. i Tins semes. EARTHEN AVn OLA88 WARE, ^ of BY ROBERT UAYDOCX. ^ i iilav, August 10, at 10 o'clock, at bis salesroom. \ ioi UBRRTY ernksr, " rder of executor, for cash, a etook of K.iriInn and "* Waro.comprising a generalassortment of good*, K' and in original package.;. "n CTION NOTICE.?I WILL BELL ON TODAY, THE ,;i 16th iost.. at 12 o'clock, at my oflM, No WIM i I, the Isaac of the promises known as n.. ; * .h>hn i Co I. I'arl.i'iilurs at h.ik'. EDWARi) I'lTriN'tlKH. Aie teuuer. j 1 JCIION SALE?Tills PAY, AT lot; o<ln"K AT I S 95 Eleventh striad, ledween Fifth and Sixth ive . ^,1 , one elegant Piano of splendid tone and finish, eost ! rosewood Parlor Suits, rosewood and mahogany Hod i ? suits. Rockers, Locking Glasses, innhogaiiy and ! ^ c Chairs. Tuhlos, Hnissels and Ingrain Carpets, and j , thing that belongs to a first class house. The Piano j ,,, >. sow nt K4 o'clock proeisoiy. Hile positive. I jp ( HON NlflTCK.?BURN HAM'S FTUNITMtK KX A l>rrt? and rocking Fsjahhshment. ||jj West K'oyeotb wi r. between loth AH'1 .sixtli avohiVs.?iinusetmfd plot. I a boxed and shipped to all parts of the world. fur j f of families boxed with rare. Furniture stored , id wijowfortwwvlDj furniture in to t he country, j 4 :CTION NOTICE.?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL I*QPOSE ' of at private sib', at n great>acrirtce, a'l lib I'ar- ! lumber mid Hilling Room Furniture; 7 octave Mono,cost $500, for $250, including ?tnol and Cover; T*nr- | ft litv for $126; do. $S0. In.piire ill 70 Weal Twenty j ?t reel, near Sixth nventu M MIllI'l.CTiiN. '.ll! S lib ,< iWNK It Nil H01.S. AVI .-n-iNKKltS?THIS It A V. (Vhnrsdny), August 15, at one o'clock, in front of o iiii. 35 Niu-.-uu street, a last bay Horse, eight years j bauds high, very gentle and kind mall harness and "mj the saddle; a pleasant and safe family horse; will wilhout Lying; lias trotted a tniio in I2:33; is as e a galled trotter as there Is in the city; has been I us a family horse; warranted to trot a mile iu 12:40, id It ion. to a light wagon; Is an extraordinary pole "' : is sound, except windgalls; cost the present owner Also, a Wagon and Harness. To be positively sold ?' ,se the concern. ' ! "" AI.SO, v line pair of black Horses, six years old, 15 hands ?''* 'prompt drivers; warranted Bound, kind and gentle, ood travellers. AI^O, m ly Mare, eight years old, lf>}? bunds high: war A 1 sound, kind and gentle; a first rule saddle horse, ^j, ly good in siugle hat uoss or double harness. vm. AU?j i L? ltorse, seven years old, 16lunula high; s hiu i,-j md gentle; a family horse; good every wuy. y will all be sold wi'hout reserve. Illy owner having 1 titer use for thetn. -faijot, ?<. r of Isiy Pony Horses, nine years old. 14 hands ^ haw been driven tog-tlitr for the Inst three years; . , kind and gentle, and good saddle horses. " ~ '' i top and no tup Buggies, iu great variety; two w ways, one Knglieh I'll leton, Concord Spring Wagons, :< . together with ? large assortment of double autl f Hum ' ?s, Slesds, Klv Nols, Ac. ' JL 1 ! *!l BURKS, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 186 BOWERY? ,'r , will sell Otto day, at W)j o'clock, the contents of u oee.-y tuid liipior store (W2 Water street, Including i , Candle*, Soap, Starch, An , all sold without re y_ | Rot COM?N, ACCTHINKER.?l.A'KtJF. KAI*K OF NEW to i >e.<i hand Fut niture, Volvct. BriiNli^ Throe j _ id Ingrain Carpets: French I'lafc Mirrors. Ac. Tins , ' ritiirsday), August 15, at lot, o'clock, at 113 Fulton , . near Nassau. th? o'utlro Furniture of a family re- | ^ g from the city, embracing Parlor, Dining Room. ^ mil and Basement. Several very rich Carpets, two , .j-[ is- French Mate Mirrors, Sofas arid Sofa Bedsteads, i H'j. Ii and Cottago IV*dstetvis, solid onk Cottage Suits, | on hie tops; Bullets, B ?ikenses.Offle? Furniture. Sc. ; yji thiett live Foftlher U mIb and 300 Quilts, with twenty I _? curled maple Chairs. Sale peremptory. wp OROE COOK, AUCTIONEER.?MORTGAGE SALE atf i' line Household Furniture.?Tills day,at llo'ijoek, a re 141 Broadway, a general stock of Hist class j |>r|, urc en,bracing Parlor Soils of various kinds, l,i uini and ldniqg Room Suits, Mogant rosewood Ann m e- ; e, Se.Tetarv and Library Bookcases. Bedsteads.. ' us, Wardrobes. HaH Stands. Tables, ?c. Sale pasI /" ? iash. ^ l) :NRY 11. MtMtlUS. AI'ITTIINKFR, SALESROOMS 87 ues N issau street, opposite the Post olllee.?MINER It unr I'will sell at auction, on Friday. August 16. at 13 It, in front of their store,37 Nassau street. 11 black , 15 hands and 1 inch high, between 7 and 8 years ! rfeetiy sound nnd kmd 111 all harness, and an e\ I 11 gly toe saddle horn Is a very stylish and free I V' and last, lie can lie s en anytime previousWo resl pou application to the auctioneers. I joh f ? . ? i HALES AT A17CTION. IARDWAR AUCTION NwTlt'k ?JNO. K. VAN ANTWERP'S SON' will sell ihis <lu> (Thursday),. u> st lft, alio lots and packages English, Herman ami mrican Hardware, Cutlery, Ac., unbracing in port hie and l'< ckot Cutlery, Htrrw Drivers ami Drawing iiv< s ill' Willougllhy A Do igla.-s' make, uIho. I'HHt steel d cast .-heirs. i ?*i steel Adze, Eye and C'lu v Himni rs; m mat steel' and Claw Hatchets, Millwright d Framing Chisels, also 100 seta ?ugt steel Firmer els,caststeel I iiUs Rules, Ac.; also a lirge lot if ilies; also mating a y Knobs, Chisel I lull-i I. h Panel aiges, Aiarm Hells, Dinner aud Tea Holla, stair Hints, uuilry, Fil< s. Spirit levels, Hoard Measures, bine k sawj,'iiiaiuii l.alelies, Ac. Also26do/,eu bright D mil" Similes, also fto dozen round and ling handle nvi'l Alan, for account of former purchaser, 2l)casks I mneys. T rtus cash, curAnt nuniey, V (,'KKKV. AlTTIONKKR.?THIS DAY, AT 10 k. ut Hie unci ion store. 1114 William street, a i I'lolliing, Coals, i'niiis, Vests, Fancy Hoods gfii) is Ma lilies; also, small lot of Hrocoiics, WlU'e, I.l. ors ami Sugars. 'OIIN M.OYD, AIVIIONFFH?WHJ, SFI.I,. ON TI KS day, August 27, at 101, A M , at No. fib West Fifty till strict, tlie entire Household Furniture, consist!tig ol O'wnod suits covered in crimson hrocatcl, mahogany I eiiaewHcdlfiirniturc,cengikling -if Ik-dsl- a is, Huron s, Mli-lauds, Ac., Ac. Also a large lot of topoatry. velvet I ingrain Carpets, Crockery, Kitchen I't n-i' . Ac., Ac., ! Ih w hich the sale w ill commence. Solo positive, rain shine. rOHN II. BD8UEY, ADCTIOVKEB?WILL .-til. THIS lay, iii tivii o cl< c'i, UI 444 'uuil street. li'iiv.i .a, dstemlH, mahogany and oih"r hairs, Sofa*. ll-ds l.usiou, Centre an I i>ihoi*rihl WnrdrolK r, Washtnds. Hrtisse's, Tlire Ply nn'l other Carp. ts. Oilcloths, lir mill in i it r Ifciiresaos, Feather llmls, Pillow*. I5otr*. Oil Pulutine*, pier, "Vai on I other*. Clocks, ' ves. Ohttia anil U nsswa"?, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., llt'll till' s-llo wtfl continence with. " I". TRAVKK. \CiTUiM I'R?uj-nn: 170 CHATHAM . street, w ill s.-ll this itay, laili iti?l.,at lO'-y o'clock, 407 Kast Houston sheet. h,m the river. 1 Coiiulor, 2 or Pumps, Itar Piuuies,'Pubi s, fttnlrs, Castors, kit en Ktirii it nit*. lift lion Hedsteudu, other Redidi'iida, Mid t-ses, Bedil lug, &e. : iHIN r VAN ANTWKW8' BON, AUCTION KER? I Will includ in his M.i ware role of this day, '40 sks <>t Lip Plumn ys. to h s i on ate >udi-of a former rrluscr Terms. i?: >, ,r nt in?ncy. r llOUUHTY AI TIONfc K- .WILL BH I. THISDAY, ? at ino'clo . at s . . s . o n, Wi NnSsm street, a: (jo tissortin.ail or lirat HUBS Parlor, Chamber ami nme R'om I'lirnmi <, for ts, Mirror*, ir,, ei insisting IHrt of rtgrwo id Par .or t.itu, covered ill brociilel; ilryony do., in hir-oh, v i <.: Telo-a-UtCS. Solas to. I'nrlor uud Hun ptioa I.aim: tuurble tojr funtru hies, lipokcuse.i, i xto.i it li lug Tables, Dressing reins, VVnslisinnds, ieis-als, lltur Mattresses, singe*. Wardrobes, ,v ,.o i lb-.' eiitiro furniture a family declining ho ? Ue. ping, and will he found irtliy the iitt niion o. ho k , its and dealers. t & J. HOGAKT, AH' TIUV'KKKS?WIU. SUM,, ON Thursday, A gn-t U'>. ,i 2 o'clock p. M , hy order the assignee, oh IO'J.1 : . i Highlit anil Ninth unties, the onliie 1st* \ oei i lot ie?of S Twine Munuetory,; tiny ul hales o. Iwine, Hemp, Machinery, hiJh, UuUdiuga, Ac.. Ac. I a ve y iavorutilc lease 11 nut thirteen Lots of ground, r.. \* tt years to ran, at a ry nimlorat, rant. ..oil-. RYAN', Assignee. 1 & J. ItoijAKT, At ITION'I KIIS.?SATt IIHAY, AUgnsl IT, ul 10,'j o'clo k7u tie-auction rooms. No. 1 irlli William street, II' .s. hul l Furniture?mahogany las, do. t'hub's, Itoekeis,' nv.blo top.Centre Tables, rge French plats M.rro s, I .sseis. three ply and lutill Cai'|iels, lim i nor, Toil , Tables, Caigl Tables, flocks, alioguuy and hlaek wall ill k' i.eli lSotisleuils. Hair Mat i'smi'B, Iteiis ami Redding, Parlor and felt igo Suits, liingitsimfhiiiis, Oillee lie,Us ami Chuirs, Kiluliuh Fur lure. Also one Mehsiemt, lot Counters, Ice Dotes, Ac. SHERIFF'S BALL. ) HI.ADY MA I if fl.iHIIIN'li, CLOTHS. Ac. tllAMllKIM A PA'ilIfll'l.l', AUGliONKKRS, Salesroom ll.'t street, ill se,11 on Tnursday, August 16, at in o'elerk A. M., nt ".110 Fulton street. ID' bn.aiico Of the entire stock, imprisiug a large ass > tutcm of Coats, Pants aud Vests - summer and winter is,' oths, C.issimeres, Vestings iininings, together with h variety of (i. tits' Puriit*hi?||. mds. fata login's will lu. reaiyon the niornlng of the ,lo. JOHN KKI.I.Y. Sheriff Uli'.KUT's &ALK.?AuilicTl.TlliAI. IMI'lJCMKN'if ,? } Seoda, Ac., ,v.. t II Witt; Its .V I*1 AI It-, Auctioneers, ill soil, oil Ft I'l.iv , A'lg -i 10, Ht ID o'clock, At MO Hssau siroot, m In 'in*l * \t i slve as 'irtnu'iitof patent grictilliteal Impl '.".n uts, surli as Mowing M.u liiui'S. Reap A Ma*, ('.irn Stir il* i s, t..'.nn C.ounurB, Horse I'owor *nu,b*, link' s, ll-<->, Sbotr's, I'lsiileiH, llrills,Ox Yokre ni every kui'wn useful fa miug iiuiDsment; also Heeds ail known grains, Com, Gar on Truck, Flowers, fit. it. Jul IN' KFU.Y, Sheriff. lllMltlM'H Htl.l WINlmW 8IIADFM. W.?CHAM ^ KKftS k FAlRCHll.ll, Auction**!'P, will soil at thru losrootns. ll.'t Nassau str. ct. on at:inlay, August U, 11 o'clock, ?^i-.\l**iis**< S!*sk"f W milow SUimI, both iislin and pupc : Shitrl Fixtures, Window unci Picture* ITrt, Tassels, OnriiMvns, White I .cut , kc.,kr. 0 .iiHIN kkl.l.V, site riff [1 WOn, U rrmNtt IklWKRY ANIl ?.lL# v?*r street, ? Hi ? II **iiTii.,i>.l?y. AuguM 111, at 1*S clock, al No. 1 Ikillolk str. I, corner of Hlvlal.iu, the esn nls of a groco.-y sn.t tea sUiro. mi.aisik.g o: a good is rtmcntot 'loos. sugars, t ?,tf. s, Flour, Meal. Raising "ij>, R 'tiue. Stnrcli. 200 fan live of Rseplfet ry Syrup, JBO' tiin. 200 of Brandy. 2uu o." Arm tell Billets. 200 or Ber ior Kiminnl,, t ii nt rs, one $f>0 Ofloo Roaster, i*l a variety of ?irt..:tos t.*> numerous to montion. II UAFFXEY, ACCTI. .V! ' R-OFF1CK 170 CHAT [ hum street?will s?* 1. on Ki idat . August IP. ut 10>J clock. Qiflsiuue, Stock an. Fixuiua of tin* wbulvraW .(I retail li-pinr A?*t grnc. v etoro 2.14 Tenth avoaiio i'**, I'ariK and Harm as. a so the Hoi Heboid Furniture the lumilr. TTM. WITTER?. AI C1IONKER. WII.L &E1J. ON FKF ' V day, ui 2 o'clock, ai 464 Omul street, by order ot slgnee, the entire 1'mlor, < hainhor, Dining KO'maud Irlo-ii Furniture, Ac., ?!' a !? go, g.uted hoarding iisa, from ( man place?tlr.oCur|>ct.s. Rods, Redding, tin aus, China, Liars, silver, So'as, Sola II 'dstoads. Vi I asses, i tutidclicrr, Lace t'.i tains, el Rant carved Bed ttts, Wardrobn;. marliln top tabs s. My order of John Ivin. Esq., assignee. Tfll.i.IAM Aoll'.TT, AI t-rn.NKEH.? c< INSTABLE> ' \ sale Hi is <t-?y , ui to;.; ?' k, at No. 4 Fast Itroul ty?Large French pale Mirror, luce Curtains, m\juhus, Kegs, Casks, Co ni- is. ITntforin So ilea, Bagn tie Table, Canisters. RAM EL FREIL. Constable. VrIIJ.1AM AM* AT. AICTIONEER?OEFICF NO. J East Broadway, will sell, <-n Friday, at 10o'clock 0 onlire. Furniture, (guise t.-ra ami Fixtures rf the I,rv lion restaurant, corner n: t'wciitv seventh street anrf ird uremic, thirt. n double at d single Chauclebers. pttngas, walnut Tabl*"ji,-Cnr|?tg, intrloth, in' Coulterm i hail!#, Hangs, a splendid cc Chest, Crockery, tikoa'* !TV^l y ? A8THOUK1T. 1 STKOI.'MiY.?PHOKSMBOK W I.o.N.THK CH.KSRA J ted Astrel'wr. tnav be ciisu ted on uli event* o". i. at la Henry Act. near Fulton struct, Brooklyn: t 90 cents. Time of birth required. L HON'A FIDE ASTKOUKi 1ST.?MADAME WILSON. L His tliu object of your visit, gives magic charms 1 Rood luck for life, free of cliurgu; tells ull events ol ?gas', ?r,i?' nt an.l future; consultations on business, km-as, limriugr, e. ul Ullip, travelling, Ac. She Is lbs. #st wonderful iwtftnogtst of tlie age. Dive lier a citftu will not regret it. 189 Allen street, six doors from uiton; name on th - door Charge for lad us aiul gentle u 60 eeuts. Beware of imposition. (M1K AT THIS?THE ONLY TRUE MEDICAL AMI J business Clairvoyant in the Cnitod States. If yon sli to obtain coi reel information on events through life, runimriy aosent i rlonus, ic st or stolen properly* yon ?uld consult her. N. II.?Mis. MILTON in no humbug, t given the greatest sulirfaction to all whovisfthcr o manufactures a wash that is warranted to cure uples itud remove freckles, tau and gillihum, ami udcr the skin i>erfeet!y smooth. ladies, try it. Mrs. MIl.TojJ, tun Broomo street. I'APAMF. RAY, .??!) SEVENTH AVENt'Ej NEAR Twenty seventh street, surprises all who visit her. e sick, troubled ami utiloeky should test her powers e tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses ilios, 2S cents; geutleinun, SO cunts. T R.?WHO HAS NOT HEARD OK THE CKLEBRATKI ? a Mill '. ljil.Wst EU, who has heen eonsiilteil hjr msands in this arid other cities with etilire satisfaction, t fuels conflilent she lu?s no equal. She tells the natnt tilure wile or hnshaud, ami that of Iter visiter. If you di truth, gfve her a call, at Jul Third avenue, above enty-Orst street. IjwIIcs, (10 cents; gentlemrn, $1. > EAD THIS.?A rilRKNOMXHST AND ATRtll/XJINl that beats the world, ami $6,000 reward for any oue o can equal Miss WKl.LlNO'loN, who is acknowledged he the only lady In this city who truthfully gives in niution concerning losses, luwsuIts, journeys, absent mis. love, etmrtkhip, marriage, health, wealth, am) o w ill reclaim <lr.:nk< ri and unfaithful huslutmlx. Miss is the only person in this city who has the genuine nun aud Arabian talismans for love, good luck and all ilnosts affairs, and are guarantees for llf". Delay not t< suit this naturally gifted and beautiful young lady, rky numbers given. Highly respectable elty reh: ' cog can he seen at her residence, 101 isixUi uvenuo. ITKITCALISM.?MR (XiLCllESTER, TIliT, MED1CA1 \ and IU stness Medium, can be consulte>l at his rooms i Fourth street, near Lafayette place; hmiis y A. M. to 1 . M. I l|IK ORKATKXk WtiNDKU IN THE WORI.I) IS TIIF i young and aerr.mpheiiod Madame HYRON, from Pari" noon t*e consulted with the strictest ronltdcnce on alt jrs of life, emliraring love, courtship, Imsiness and tocos; restore* druukon ao l unfaithful husbands; has oret to make yon beloved l>y your heart's ideal, aud ags together those loug se|>ara"tod. Loins 26 cents ts 60 conts. Residence No. 00 Third avenue, above sifth street. OELPRII (IF STItKKT?MADAME W1DHKR. CLAIR vovarit ami gifted 8)>anlah lady, unveils the mvs los of futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, siek s. prejiariF medicines for all diseases, tolls lucky niters. property lost or stolen, kc. WIMOS \N1> U4CMU. I I'AVfi D Til BUY?A LOT OF COGNAC BRANDY j r cheap for rash. Direct, with samples, prire ami t donee, to Mr. S. Steinfold, 00 Nassau slret t. corner of i 1 u, from 4 to 6 o'clock. t J

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